Monroe High School - Monrolog Yearbook (Rochester, NY)

 - Class of 1947

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Monroe High School - Monrolog Yearbook (Rochester, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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.14 '. 7 Ii4 ww' Q DM' WM AKLJ Qwmj ,QAM UJM UH 'Ziff giant ' J' - ' - AUA, R X Y ' Q' 'KW QM RJ PN- ' I A E!ZL'fz,f:1- deja S , L A NJ Vw- X5594, I 'ji b" 57 , N': 4"f1m 3 X?-3,201-- 94,60 Qxfgfa X LY' fre . H AQ! J XZ 4, J DAQ ,141-ayrq x1R,4,.y,Ln Vffm., x Q ' if Vt V Cf. fl W W M S 'bf ,K 'A v BX, . tL.u,n "gj1A5,QQiY ' ,, Wufw f N H 'xipmnjf-3E ohm ,NJN fx? C'S ,1AfwfX?gSM X wvw 'iggajx fklfvfy Q 3 5MYwA', U CNE Lx ,X b ' C'l3QkZmQCiL.L5,5, , 4 Sgr' df 4 ,. 3 SL,.4.,4-M0 ' Lyg, A WL4W"2ffU . W' 'Rl' f ' - f ' .WJ f J .fm ,XQIVM .fi I5 fm W ff M xp, ,f , ' f f . , . F' fiifwii if ' ,f ' 1 W 21:1 x gykfg Wm A 7 Y f i ix? W 5 wi, W ,Ji 'QXLP-:,i,l2x! cr gfxwgk Ea'-' -1 fv A ' x vfi2wu'W0M,,., p Q25 ffjq , M MPWM 70 fgfif 'fMi35fl5W E AA jvc 'wligj 01.423 K 'MQ' ' 1 f .V .W "-Z WT l WML N QA ' V' fwff b 'lf' Q:gq:. 5-Xkiajv I-,ff A Q Iii! ,Llp ' X WYE ': ' X Jlffff WUYQ uf!!!-f 2 M1 ,Mm Q' I lfaw1,Qlff'f,.Lf,W,l fvlf'!f,1Q.7 f.fd,,!g,ff, LL?-,ala ' , ' Q fwfholb vfj, ,,,!, 1,f'! ' A y,:,fsw,mfi W H, ww i M 1 57 MXH? f5,fHgwJ,,w MX KB . . LMI,-,,A,a J I x M59 ff 0 W , sl, , ,ff DJHW. WML As wWM, PM ff Mfmbww J j Y K If , -w L. WV,,.,,2,.,,,4,i,.,,..,,,,, , ,, , ,,, , ,... ,...,,,V, ,,,... , ,, , . .,... ,,,q,,,,, ,,,,. , ... A,..7ql,,,, .. , H NL 5015 W jjjjgfwwf gydbffrijfgtgfgpiog, , X Wg? ff mgfffQMjfy wyffw W f WfM'f f5f wfzff 9-,fi,f" Wfgijgwm X WW f?,'l2fM E223 W gff2W?3ff,v5 ii? SM WWWWQQW 4-cv! ' "7 L wwf 1-Q41 7:-Q., Ou!" P1 J' ,ff E o N R0 Lora W. P gf 2 U ,jj Q 194 7 ' 9 , E R i "IT HAPPENED HERE" N f1w35?' v.,E ! QW EE 'ww ffxwy WA., 3 Kdfiyso' ' 'fx' lqferienfecl Ly 'R 'E ' QW f THE SENIC E s MONROE HIGH L ROCHESTER f NEW YORK X f . ,orfl Ag, 3.5 A Q 6? ,f J .O .FIT-Tm .,.,.,.., J 53 A Y' E E 65 N ,,,,.A,:A , , A3 1 ,,.:,,: ,.A,,,,A,,,A, . z V' 'E 'S X EE EE EE E E -s-:E-.Q 45 OE E E 0 "'?gf-:QT W 4 ia: 89 V +31 J 'E E111-.JQEEEE E J-.E-?.-QS.-35232-E.-EEC-3: ' ' 1 'Q M Z:'-1'-:3:'-'2.' :?-"::'-E YY? E fi, E , .Ei E ,E 0 Q-ip MYWQQSS E fxvr- N1 vga, TO 51-low WE THE me mmss Tw V SE TO E V.:.. , E , M How AND WHENE THESE ARE THE 1 E fx ...E 5 QE E THESE ARE M - 7' ' E E ,. ' E 4 V I fo 4 ' I! E I 'oi V E ' ' . 'KAE , K A 'i k'kA' V ' V, A V V 1 ' .. .,, . I 15-15-!Nuv" --,,.,......----1 ,. 'Nf V -gun EQ? : 5. ' 'P"4i.:-.::-'.1""E X 'n E-':""' ,L A G g 5 4 miami:-E, - , 1:2-.mesa-E-E H H E -.:.r..e':.-1-:5-e..-1.3 , 513154525 E V E asf: ui . N:-:.:ll sr: E V an ii E X o X? E QUR OYNN E QT ,., 5 -' EGG , . My of E, QGPPENED I-EEQ 2 S f NE- T:-umes AND Cy 6 , E wg, ,,,, ig YHx!'?pHDfEDNPEEDN?S.D ff , .-,1-" :: ' , ff 5 ww comm - E WANT TG REMEMBER. EEE EE E EE2 - I P '5" .Vn. + , "1 679 Miss HAZEL PARKER MR. HAROLD SLIKER For the imagination, the originality, the long, tedious hours of Work which they have devoted to the assembly programs which We have too often taken for granted, for their vital, winning qualities as teachers, and most of all, for their personal charm which makes us like them as real people, We, the Senior Class of Monroe High School, dedicate this book to MISS HAZEL PARKER and MR. HAROLD SLIKER 4 , , Rf f I I -by f ga WF , K 4 i LX, 1 S -. , ,J 1 mf - M 1 , J .y,,i g , 9651 I Illbn e Q V . ,f W Q 0 S0 X I f X! H .E Qsyxb 2 lbal ay A . 0 , Pm C9 60" A 'ik M. f In R- . I """T"" b A ,., ia, . Laxtid , K ----."f"""-' 9 A ' ,,.J'f"'9' .. 940 C96 . 4 r . 32 H, ., . ., . .J f -" X2 QCD mf, R I I III!! , s .1 Q ' " ly ' . jf' l U5 ,I ,fi . .J ,. ' .. bwf Aw, , ' I. jjj. , J ' 'M , MU' . f A fmt: . V J K L 11 Wg' H ' ' ff f mx if ., ., ,1 WQ ff. ,I Q, X , 6 swf? QQ? H ' N ' THEY TAUGHT U5 TO MAKE H' ' HAPPEN HERE 5 MISS MARY A. SHEEHAN Vice-Principal Congratulations and every good wish to the Class of 1947. As you leave Monroe High School, take into a troubled world the spirit of equality and justice you have lived here. May you always seek to achieve the honorable! MARY A. SHEEHAN Dear Miss Sheehan, We feel that if anyone can follow Mr. Hawley and take up the responsibility of guiding Monroe High School, strong in the confidence and respect of parents, teachers and pupils, you are that person. In the years you have been with us, we have found you unfailingly resourceful, helpful, and friendly, a progressive leader. We, being about to graduate, salute you and wish you all success at the helm of our Alma Mater! Yours very cordially, THE CLASS OF 1947 6 Tl l MH. W. li. HAWLEY Pycipal .945 To the Members of Monroe Highf?School Class of J une, 1917: GREETINGS! In the same year that the first enemy bombs fell on Pearl Harbor you entered Monroe High School. You have thus been its pupils through one of the nation's most critical periods. This period has been an extremely difficult one for young people, also. You have had responsibility for avoiding extreme emotionalism to which young people have been subjected and for taking a leading part in maintaining school morale during these historic and trying times. You have met your obligations magnificently and now at the time of your graduation it is my pleasure, on behalf of the students and faculty of the school, to congratulate you upon your gradu- ation. Your past record predicts splendid success for the future and we all wish that for you. You will be held to Monroe High School by a strong tie of filial loyalty for the remainder of your lives and Monroe will always be proud to acclaim you among its graduates. My personal best wishes to each. May all good attend you. W. li. H. Dear Mr. Hawley, liver since it was established in 1923, you have been at the head of Monroe High School. In a sense you have come to mean Monroe to us. Your friendliness, your tact, your integrity have been an important part of our school life. We shall never forget your understanding, your sane judgment, your gracious kindliness. Vie want you to know, Mr. Hawley, that we are grateful to you. You have been not only a wonder- ful school lcader, but a community leader in many projects. Our parents, our teachers-all have felt confident and secure under your wise leadership. We are not saying Hfflood-bye." You are, in a way, graduating with us this June from Monroe High School, and we feel that you belong to us. Therefore we, the Seniors of M. H. S., wish to bestow upon you Honorary Membership in the Class of 19-17. And now, so long and good luck! Yours most sincerely, THE CLASS or 1947 7 1 l ,. 'N YM lx , I ., . , A, , 4, ..,,- ,V ,e ., -.L , , .,. ,-5 'J , ln ww u-,. -1 LANGUAGES First Row: Miss Helen 0'Con- nell, Mrs. lluhy Tallmadge, Miss Olive Maxwell. Head of Latin Department, Charles Carver, Head ol' English Department, Mrs. Rena kI'll'lllbilllIH, Head ol' Modern Language Department, Mrs. Marion llarison, Mrs. Katherine M'cidmiller. Second How: Mrs. .lcnnie Stolhrand, Miss Ida liurzrock, .Mrs Miinona Moore, Miss Sayde Furlong, Miss Elizalrclh Middaugh, Mrs. Frances Bass. Lust How: Miss Evelyn xxamgi., Carl Lang, Miss Florence lfarlow. N06 Present: Mrs. Lucille Carter, Mrs. Lois Harrison, llaymond Saxagc, Miss Elizabeth Schleyer. Harold Sliker, Miss Alice Stevenson. ADMIN ISTIKATION Firsf How: Miss Dorothy An- drews, Miss Bernice Gigee, Mrs. Rena Krichlvaum, llliss Lenoir Burnside, Miss .lane Cameron, Miss Elnora Martin, Miss .lose- phone Marocco. Second limp: Miss Ewa Mannemacher, Miss Doris Lamorcc, Miss Olive Max- well, Miilliam IC. Hanley, Princi- pal, llliss Clara Curtis, Bliss Mildred VH-iss, Mrs. Agnes NValters. Las! How: John Wiles, Earl Burnett, Louis Michelson, Arthur Nell. Avery Bacon, Wal- tcrclliillis. Charles Carver. Noi Preseni: Miss Mary Sheehan, Mrs. Mary Clement. PRACTICAL ARTS Front Row: Gerald Gregory, Harry Bohrer, Arthur Neif, De- partment Head, Elmer Meulen- dyke, llay mond Holcomb, George Albrecht. Second Row: Samuel Bloom, Lee Sherwood, Miss Carolyn Cushman, Miss Anne Jackman, Miss Irene Kelly, .lohn Reynolds, Raymond Mohr. Last Row: Herbert Comfort Frank Hosic, Harold Delllay Norman Mueller. Noi Presenl: Glen llockcastle. 9 s SCIENCE Nliss Nlurian fllIlIlII1lHQS. Mrs. liauru Quinlzixin, lice M-klvy, llalwmlfl S2ll1INll'l'?4. Avery ,li30llIl. Head ul' Dvparlnwnt, Nl iss Grzwv Murray, Miss Alice SIIHNN. Nm' Presenl: Miss Ilazvl l'au'ker. SOCIAL STUDI ICS Sealed: Nliss lima Illlll'lllI1SOIl, Hrs. lxatlils-vii lillrlolf. Miss Lucille Bmwn, Miss l'll0l'0IlL'0 Schminkv, Bliss lithcl fl2l!'2igllCI'. Slumling: .lfrllll NN ilvs. Curl Lang, lJayton Fleming. Noi Preseni: Claudv WN'allaC1'. MATH EMATICS Sealed: Miss Lucille Hcuschlc, Mrs. Celia llutcrhirisim, Miss Madx,-line Madigan, Mrs. Flor- ence Tiurnph, Miss Laura Spurr. Slamling: Herbert Comfrrrt, Earl Burnvlt. Hefzul of lJOIDZlI'tIll0Ili-, Louis lloIl'mzm, Edgar Bose, John Fernvr. MUSIC and ART Nlrs. Ann Nlusica. Miss Eva hhV2lI1Ilt'IllHChPI', lload ol' Depart- nwnl. .lohn l,iwrinor0, Mrs. Sarah llvnnngs, Mrs. Louise Ls-- fglllfli No! Presenl: Mrs. Norton. HEALTH EDUCATION Sealed: Miss Loc Ashley, Mrs. Grace Babcock, Miss Mabe-I Poolor. Slanding: Ralph Blair. Carl Be-gllold. Louis Michelson. He-ad ol' Dcpartinvnt. N01 Pres- enl: Mrs. Elsiv Burritl. COMMERCIAL Miss Xancy Hausa: Miss Bar- nicrv fligve, Paul Nlatheis. Dv- partnwnl Chairman, Mrs. Fran- ces Smith. Mrs. Carrie Nloorv. Nu! Presenf: Clarvmfv Gadxsay. 5 J 3' J' ' ' J 'XJ X fx 1-Fx 9? ...f .' K, xf Q ' up I Albqlvv :,: V ..,.. A,,A. ,P , , 1 f 2 2 JI ga V4 Q 0 . W k "' 5 2 2 2, ' l Xe aa A .J Zig T I N 1 .A V A E ,P ' 5 , V .1.V.E. A' cf " i l .:..g 2 V a M P " ' A . , "'::V"' QEEV A 1 ::,. qf. .. , V,, ,, . A:f:,:Q 255 "-f1--:- W 3 fWW vlwx ,:VE: 1 . 4 Y ag Q X i i v f, Q J me Simons HELPED ar u HAPPEN HERE ' 11 W 1 .1 4' SENIOR OFFICERS Homiwl' KANE, l're.vidP11i Louis .XLEXANIJIQR IQLUNE Klmfu 1712-e-l'residenl Secrelu r y xI.'XllILYN Wtxmzn lhmcarilx XIf1gXl.1s'1'rgR Girls' Social ChllI'l'lIlIUl Boys' Social! f,'l1111'rmurL 12 MARLIN K. ACKER 138 Raleigh Street Field and Steam 4. CAROL ADAM 182 Gregory Hill Hoad .Iunior Corps 1, Theta Tri-Y 1, 2, Choir 2, 3, 4, Basketball Club 2, Swimming Club 3, 4, Bridge Club 3, 4, Bookshelf 1, Cheerleading 4, Vice-President 3. JAMES ADAMS 50 Mount Vernon Avenue H. R. President 1, Bookshelf 1, Choir 1, 4, Soccer 3, 4, Alpha Hi-Y 4: Monrolog 4, LOUIS A. ALEXANDER 127 Rockingham Street H. R. President 1, 3, 4, Baseball l, 3. 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Capt. of Team 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, Comm. of Athletics 4, Vice-Presi- dent. of Senior Class 4. GERTRUDE ALLEN ' 122 Hamilton Street H. R. Secretary 2, Basketball 3, Baseball 3, Ping-pong 4. PHYLLIS ALTMAN 240 Cobbs Hill Drive Junior Corps 1, Theta Tri-Y 2, Junior Choir 2, Baseball Club 3, 4, H. R. Secretary 3, Riding Club 3, Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4. W SALLY ANDERSON 7 5 Furman Crescent Junior Corps 1, Basketball 1, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4, H. B. President 3, Secretary of Presidents' Forum 3, Bridge Club 3, 4, Theta Tri-Y 3, Senior Choir 1, Comm. of Social Welfare 4, Spanish Club 3, Monro- log Staff. 1 . . mast f 2 urnur Crescent ,lf MARY PAT AYRAULT 880 Monroe Avenue JEAN C. BACON 134 Selye Terrace Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Fencing 1, Badmin- ton 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Base- ball 3, 4, Monroe Life 3, 4, Int. Relations Club 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, H. R. Secretary 4, MAR.lORlE BACON 1087 Clinton Avenue South RUTH BAHN 80 Crosman Terrace Basketball Club 1. 2, 3. 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming 2, 3. 4, Art Club l, 3, Vice-President of H. R. 2, Spanish Club 3. 13 .K LELAND BARBER 58 Oakland Street JAMES A. BARNARD 995 University Avenue ANN J. BARTLETT 53 Edmonds Street Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4, Riding 4, Science Club 4, Speedball 4, Latin Club 4. CAROLYN BECKER 20 Overdale Park Monrolog 4. DOLORES BELL 59 Gregory Street Volleyball Club 3, 4. RICHARD BERDYCH 273 Rosedale Street Swimming 2, 3, 4, Archery Club 4. 14 RICHARD BERL 53 Wilmington Street LEE MICHAEL BERMAN 174 Crosman Terrace H. R. Secretary 1, Junior French Club, Int. Relations Club, Swim- ming 3, 4, Field and Stream, Sports Editor for Monrolog 4, Archery Club. JAMES BESLEY 146 Nunda Boulevard Football 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Beta Hi-Y 3, 4. LUCY BIANCHI 843 Jefferson Avenue CLAUDE W. BIGELOW 359 Clinton Avenue South H. R. President 1, National Honor Society 4. EARL BIRMINGHAM 22 Park Avenue Debate Club. MARILYN A. BLOCK 930 Monroe Avenue Red Cross Ig Theta Tri-Y Ig Swim- ming 1, 2g Volleyball 33 Monrolog 4. BEVERLY JANE BLOHM 50 Southview Terrace Monrolog 4. FAYGA BLOOM 245 Crosman Terrace Swimmingg Senior Choirg Junior Corpsg Art Clubg Theta Tri-Y. BEATRICE J. BRAVE 578 Monroe Avenue ELAINE BRENNAN 242 Lyell Avenue Baseball 3, 43 Volleyball 4g Stage- craft 4. SHIRLEY BRYANT 178 Westmoreland Drive' ' Thet Tri-Y 1, 23 .Iunior Cor 23 ELLISON S. BURTON 85 Park Avenue H. R. President 3, 43 Int. Relations Club 33 Monroe Life 3, 4: National Honor Society 45 Monrolog 4. CLEO BYERS 1339 Mount Hope Avenue Corridor Patrol 2, 3, 4. BARBARA CAGNAZZO 21 Norris Drive ' Choir 2, 3, 4QNKl? we I U I Upyvlzv pAQ,w"KJJr MARY LOU CARDOT 51 Sycamore Street Volleyball Club 3, 43 Baseball 45 Basketball 4. JOHN LOUIS CATTEAU 494 Clinton Avenue South Track 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 2, 3, 4. SUSAN CHARLESWORTH 1869 East Avenue Swimming 19 Junior Corps 1, 2: Bowl R. Secretary3g 'R. Baseball 3, 4- Vice: res l ent 3g Sigma lfri-Y'X3,Q 43 K ,lgon e4LSfe4. xy -V . r 1 v ! v ,X Ig X . vm v Q, NQ v E ,X,3 s3Ai S. X 'Yi 1 W 4 ' "x 3 X " JY' N Q xi lmfxl: buffy f ,X 'x 2 . ' N A x a .xlixgxqj Xxx QAQX 15 N x i J MARVIN J. CHASE 126 Field Street Bed Cross 3, 4, H. B. Secretary 4. GARETH D. CHASEY 102 Alliance Aw enue Spanish Club 2, 3, 43 Swimming 3, 43 H. B. Vice-President, 4. EDNYARD CHARLES CHATT 479 South Avenue National Honor Society 4. MABCELLINE CHESHER 761 Meigs Street W , . , f' ja Ll lffllyy A " If .jf .EL EN CLSAREJV 1133,QflirQiYn Afenue South fllpkior Cozggg-.'1'lnet?1'Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, Book Stor VSV4. , . if, . js.: ELAINE COC-HLAN 131 Crawford Street Ping-pong 2, 3: Badminton 2, 33 Bowling 2, 3: Swimming 43 Basket- ball 4-Q llonroe Life 3, 43 Blonrolog, Typing Editor 4, National Honor Society 4. 16 NELSON S. COHEN 2 Alliance Avenue Visual Aid 2, 33 Adelphians 3, 4. .f 4 Q ,pf -.ff - A M 13 i' 1 if , Mo JF4. J . ln, ONIILQ IJLV if ff A Jiflg SHIRLEY COLBERT 6 Karges Place Zeta Tri-Y. MAR Y MARGARET CONCANNON 122 Linden Street CAROL A. CONNUR 48 Asbury Street Zeta Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, 4g Bowling 23 Baseball 3g Basketball 3g H. B. Secretary 4. CAROL CONWAY 985 South Avenue President ol' H. B. 1, Basketball Club 4: Badminton Club 4. EVELYN COOK 108 Wilmington Street H. R. Secretary 1, 2, Baseball Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading 3, 4, Class Secretary 1, 3, H. R. Vice-President 1, 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary of the Student Association 4. ROBERT JAMES COOK 565 Monroe Avenue Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4, H. R. President 1, 2. ARTHUR R. COWDERY 158 Winton Road South Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, H. R. Vice-President 2, 4, H. R. President 4, Inter-High Band, Football 4, Student Council 4. PHYLLIS CRANCE 1556 Town Line Road, Brighton Zeta Tri-Y. SHIRLEY CRETELLE 648 Linden Street CLAUDE H. DRAKE 1208 East Main Street French Club 1, Kappa Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, H. R. President 2, Social Chair- man 2. R. BRUCE DAVEY 218 Laburnum Crescent H. R. President 3, Class President 3, Harvard Book Award 3, Beta Hi-Y 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Basketball 4, President of the Student Association 4. MARGUERITE DAVIDSON 22 Edmonds Street MICHAEL DAVIN 14 Faraday Street Booksehlf 1, H. R. Vice-President 2, 3, Alpha Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice- President of the Student Association 4. ANNE MARSHALL DAVISON 103 Reservoir Avenue Junior Corps 13 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, H. R. Secretary 2, Theta Tri-Y 1, 2, Bookshelf 2, Pencil Pushers 2 9 National Honor Society 4. DOROTHY ANN DEMALLIE 157 Hillside Avenue H. R. Secretary 2, H. R. Vice-Presi- dent 3, Secretary of Vice-Presidents Forum 3. ROBERT DeWOLF 232 Merriman Street Archery Club 1, Stagecraft, Man- ager of Track Team. 17 RENA E. DIAMOND 39M Vick Park A Senior Latin Club 3, Dramatics Club 3, Bowling Club 2, 33 Pencil Pushers 4g Monroe Life Reporter 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. DOLORES DICK 1220 Clinton Avenue South THOMAS DIMMICK 763 Clinton Avenue South H. R. President 25 National Honor Society 3g Int. Relations Club 3, Visual Aid Corps 4. LORE DINKELSPIEL 59 Morningside Park Bookshelf 1, 2, 3, 43 H. R. President 3g H. R. Secretary 2g Bridge Club 3, Philharmonic Club 3, 49 Drama Club 33 Choir 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 4, Custodian of the Flag 1, 4g French Honor Society 43 Pencil Pushers 23 OfHce Service 3, 4. ANTHONY DISTEFANO 1014 Harvard Street Gamma Hi-Y 2, Kappa Hi-Y 3, 4g Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country Team 3, 4g Archery Club. FRANCIS DiSTEFANO 1016 Harvard Street 18 JOAN DOBBERTIN 1 Rockwood Street H. R. Secretary 4. GORDON DONAHUE 1012 Clinton Avenue South Delta Hi-Y 2g Kappa Hi-Y 3, 4: Archery Club, Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 3, 4. DEAN DOUGLASS 56 Boardman Street Delta Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 H. R. President 2, 3, Archery Club: Track Team, Manager 3g National Honor Society 4. JOHN E. DOYLE 43 Hickory Street Football 3, 4, Baseball 3, Veterans Club 4. VIRGINIA DRAGT 218 Sanford Street Swimming 1g Volleyball 3, 4, Base- ball 3g Basketball 3, 4, Ping-pong 43 National Honor Society 4. DCB? .'1"'fk1,'1: -714 LKS7' of Q-sv:-41'M'u,, fl O jc'.'J1Jv'i1:-1'. 7 :L ,Le,g,, an 6 I I1 A ROGER DREXLEP. 2' 165 Benton Street Bowling Team 2, 3, 43 Choir 19 Stagecraft 4g National Honor Socie- ty 4. wmstcl .' fa. '53 Ldv! - rn N 93' Xb? N II F lr QBQV . A lyfSin A Ju Cor g Botvl ' gg Swimming 5,.91lHl1 kl? 1 ll, N Nw Cl ,Dx L .X .If , S 5 K eg ei f X, ' JP ' ' l yffryww - X, t ,- DONALD DUNN 1270 Park Avenue Veterans Club 4. BARBARA DURFEY 63 Brighton Street Junior Corps 23 Theta Tri-Y 2' Baseballg Basketball: Swimming. JEAN MARIE ENRIGHT 849 Clinton Avenue South , f X' .in-,, V- v .Swv N V5 My QA NO! JANE FAC-AN 290 Post Avenue HAROLD SANFORD FEINBLOOM 197 Keeler Street J OHN F ERBY 118 Gregory Street Il. ll. Secretary lg H. Pm. Vice- President 33 Visual Aid Corps 3, 4. - 3 Syl-APG", iX'c1NlAllGARE'1' TEN? Da Street' X 2 3-f heta '- ,27 Rota lrl-1 . ' - 19-f of' S , aww IELIZABETH FILLMAN 65 Marshall Street Swimming 1, 2, 3g Baseball 1, 2, 35 Stageeraft 1, 2, 3, 45 Bowling Club, ll. R. Secretary 3. ZANE FINKELSTEIN 446 Alexander Street Swimming 3g Int. Relations Cluh 3, 43 Advlphians 3, 4. lf-VVICN LENOBE FISHELL .lc-lllvrson Road, Pittsford, N. Y. H. R. Vice-President lg Choir 2, 3, 4. GERARD .I. FLY 33 Richard Street Corridor Patrol 2, 3g Football 2, H. R. Vice-President 4g Veterans Cluhft. 19 fd? my QJ JJ V JAMES M. FLYNN 12 Vick Park B SHIRLEY JUNE FLYNN 45 Rutgers Street JOHN W. GATES 304 Averill Avenue PETER GELDOF 59 Wisconsin Street Choir: Track Team, Soccer Team' RAOUL GERSTEN 18 Vassar Street Pencil Pushers 1, 2, 3, 43 Music Club 1, 2, 3g National Honor Society 3, 51, Monroe Life 2g Drama Club WESLEY GHYZEL 163 Klink Road 20 RELLA GLASER 731 Park Avenue Monroe Life 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY M. GOETZ 42 Paul Place H. R. Secret,ary'4. .' wg , I i rn I 1.4, 'X Q.- V , 1 gfqn- '- . , U ' 1'-.. ' ' .K 1 ' 55, f 5' . 4 -AV ,Q NIV, ?o, 1 1 DOLORES GOOD 17 Winton Road North H. R. Secretary 1, 2, 3. GLORIA L. GOTTLIEB 1199 Park Avenue Monroe Life 4. DONALD GRAHANI 437 Caroline Street ERWIN GROAT 18 Whitmore Street Swimming. -Rb s.x.x.9.. FRANCIS GROSS 1 Rising Place Safety Patrol 2, 3, 43 H. R. Basket- ball 2. LLOYD HAAK 1185 Monroe Avenue Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball Team, Manager 3, 4. STEPHEN HAHN 1694 Highland Avenue H. R. President 2g Alpha Hi-Yg Field and Stream, H. R. Vice- iysident 3, 43 Soccer 43 Monroe e. HELEN HALL 51 Seager Street H. R. President 15 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Swimming 43 National Honor Society 4. MARY LOUISE HALL 150 George Street ANN HALLORAN 66 Wilmington Street 30 YXSBAYTBCS-Q 'QT--Tai'-A-ls-5-.z?' THELMA C. HANSEN 38 Rockingham Street H. R. Vice-President lg H. R. President 2. EDWARD R. HASBROUCK 93 Winton Road South CARL HAUSMAN 81 Cypress Street Football 3, 43 Senior Choir 3, 4g Alpha Hi-Y 4g Archeryg Monroe Life. PHYLLIS HAYFLINGER 616 Goodman Street South Senior Choir 2, 3, 4. MAURICE N. HELLER 247 Brunswick Street RICHARD HENDERSON 89 Redfern Drive Senior Choir 2g Baseball 33 H. R. Vice-President 43 Modeling Club 23 Kappa Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. 21 wj Y 7 fe- 4 JOHN HENNESSEY 521 Garson Avenue Football 3, 4. JOHN HILL 1085 WVinton Road South Science Clubg Debating Clubg Rifle Clubg Veterans Club 4. ' IRENE E. HITZKE 141 Mount Vernon Avenue MARY LOU HOFFMAN 25 Hickory Street Theta Tri-Y 13 Junior Corps 13 Junior Choir 13 Baseball 2, 33 Basketball 3g Senior Advisor for Junior CUFPSQ National Honor So- ciety 3, 43 French Honor Society 4. DAVID HOWELL 141 Gregory Hill Road Swimming 1, 2, 3, 43 Soccer 3, 43 Capt. of Swimming Team 33 Class President 23 H. B. President 2, 43 Alpha Hi-Y 1, 2. JOHN HOWELL 141 Greogory Hill Road Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 43 H. ll. Secretary 4: Soccer 43 Alpha Hi-Y 23 National Honor Society 4. 22 ..., ,kv 4 10,1 ,facet ALICIA HUNKA 111 Hillside Avenue Theta Tri-Y 1, 23 Orchestra 2, 33 , H. R. Vice-President 23 National Honor Society 4. BOSALIE J. HYMAN 7 Engel Place Choir 2, 3, 4g Theta Tri-Y3 Office Servicc3 Monrolog 4. .JOYCE INGHAHAM 52 Asbury Street Choir 3, 4. MAUBICE W. ISNER 25 Colby Street H. R. President 23 Basketball 2, 3, 4g Capt. of Basketball Team 3g Baseball 4. BETTY JAMES 200 Eastman Avenue Junior Choir 1, 2g Volleyball 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 23 Riding Club 33 Senior Choir 3. Quai' M 'Ag G, 2.!...f-aff, 1 Q1 " 44 ,Lf ROBERT KANE 165 Shepard Street Basketball 2, 3, 4g Baseball 3, 4g Capt. of Basketball Team 43 H. R. President 33 Class President 4. gl ,-4 WILLIAM KASE 41 Alexander Street GEORGENE KATZ 28 Sylvan Road Theta Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 33 Junior Corps 23 Spanish Club 3, 43 Swimming 3, 43 Nlonrolog 4. IRVIN KATZ 44 Belmont Street Choir 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 3, 43 Monroe Life 4. LOISMAE KELLMANSON 276 Crosman Terrace Theta Tri-YQ .lunior Corps3 Spanish Club 43 Swimming 33 Art Club 33 Monrolog 4. ff.'. DELPHINE 'M. KEfl'CHUM 42 YVoodlawn 'Street Hu . Secretary 3, 43 Volleyball 4. ,f 1 A ' 1 x '- 5 4" WARD A. KIPP West Henrietta Corridor Patrol 2, 33 Assistant Manager of the Football Team 3. ROSEMARIE KIRCHER 474 Monroe Avenue NANCY KNIFFIN 210 Culver Road Photo,fzraphy3 Science Clubg Swim- mingg Beta Hi-Y. ELSIE KOPPEI. 40 Shepard Street Monroe Life 1. 2, 3, 43 French Honor Society 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 BHfiIlliHtfJHQ Ping-pong, Discussion Group 4: Senior Choir 43 II. R. Secretary 2, 33 Monrolog 4. MARION KRAMER 26 Nicholson Street Volleyballg Basketball 3. 4-3 H. R. President 3, 4. JOHN ALAN KRIEGER 3265 East Avenue Visual Aid Corps 2. MARY KREUZER 206 Field Street Baseball 2, 3, 43 Swimming 23 Basketball 3, 43 Volleyball 3g Bad- minton 4. 23 ROBERT H. KROEMER, JR. 999 Meigs Street Basketball. ELAINE KROHA 159 Ellingwood Drive Swimming 2, 3, 4-g Cheerleading 3, 4, Red Crossg National Honor Society 49 Class Secretary 4, Monroe Life. JERRY KROVETZ 42 Thayer Street Latin Honor Society 23 German Honor Society 2, Cross Country 35 Track 2, 3, 45 Visual Aid 4g Tum- bling, National Honor Society 4. CAROLYN KUHLS 106 Genesee Park Boulevard Tri-Y 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3. MARGERY KUPFER 31 Westview Terrace Art Club 3g Swimming 4, Basket- ball 4g H. R. Secretary 4. THELMA M. LaBARR 226 Hamilton Street Volleyballg Ping-pong, Basketball. 24 ROBERT E. LaBORE 119 Asbury Street Captain of Fire Detailg Captain of Corridor Patrol. JOAN LANNIN 370 Rockingham Street Theta Tri-Y 2, 3g Junior French Club 2g Junior Corps 2g Art Club 4. MARY JANE LANPHERE 43 Vick Park A Monroe Life 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Badminton 1. 2, 43 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4g Ping-pong 1, 25 Volleyball 2, 35 Bookshelf 1, 2, Art Club 1, 2. FLORENCE J. LaPINE 87 Hickory Street IIAROLD WM. LEARCH 194 Broadway CLAIRE LeBEYO 63 Norris Drive Bookshclfg Senior Choir, Theta Tri-Y. LLOYD L. LEMBCKE 43M Nicholson Street H. R. Secretary. EVA RUTH LEPEHNE 98 Argyle Street BERNICE LESSORD 46 Westwood Drive, E. Rochester Basketball lg Volleyball 15 Red Cross lg Latin Club 1, 2. DEAN LEVE 528 Benton Street Gamma Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 H. R. Presi- dent 2g H. R. Vice-President 3, Swimming Team 1, 23 Archery Club lg Cheerleading 4. MARILYN LEWIS 50 Colby Street Tri-YQ Stage Craft 1. JOAN LINDBLOOM 86 Savannah Street JERROLD M. LIPSKY 1055 Park Avenue H. R. Secretary 1, H. R. Vice- President 2, H. R. President 4: Adelphians 3, 43 Visual Aid 43 Monrolog 4. BARBARA R. LISSON 111 Colby Street Junior Corps 13 Junior Choir 13 Greenhouse Club lg Theta Tri-Y 1, 2, 35 H. R. Secretary 1, 29 Monroe Life 35 Monrolog 4. JOHN W. LOEBS 473 Landing Road North JOAN LONG 572 Monroe Avenue Choir 3, 4. JOHN F. LONG 267 Penhurst Road SALLY LORRAINE LONG 572 Monroe Avenue 25 WILLIAM LOTOSKY 97 Hamilton Street Archery Club 1, Band and Orches- tra. EVELYN LUCAS 892 Crittenden Road, Henrietta Dancing 1, 2, 3, 4, Zeta Tri-Y 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4. MARY FRANCES LUCK 41 Faraday Street Bookshelf I, Volleyball, Basketball. DAVID LURIE 11 Edgerton Street Bookshelf, Music Club, Senior Band and Orchestra, French Honor So- ciety. ROBERT MACKAY 327 Rosedale Street H. R. President I, Basketball 3, 4, Beta Hi-Y 3, 4. RAYMOND MAGIN 182 Lake Avenue Visual Aid 4. 26 ROBERT MAHER 96 South View Terrace Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4. JAMES R. MAID 7 Edmonds Street Outside Patrol 1, 2. 3, 4, H. R. Vice-President 1, Baseball 2. 3, Soccer Team 2. 3: Manager of the Soccer Team 4, Stage Electrician 2, 3, Veterans Club 4. DOROTHY NIANZLER 818 Meigs Street Bowling Club. BEVERLY MARTELL 643 Park Avenue Theta Tri-Y 1, 2, Basketball 4, Swimming Club 1, Riding Club 2, Baseball 3, Volleyball 4, H. R. Vice-President 2, H. R. Secretary 3, 4. KENNETH MATTICE 10 Bly Street LILLIAN MAUER 20 Wilmington Street Volleyball 3, 4. his yi? tx BETTY MAYEMURA 3940 East Avenue ROGER C. MCALISTER Brightford Heights Baseball 3, 4g Basketball 3, 43 President Field and Stream 43 Na- tional Honor Society 4g Boys' Social Chairman of Student Council. PATRICIA MCCORMACK 40 Crawford Street French Club lg Theta Tri-Y 1, 2, 33 H. R. Secretary 1, 33 Beta Tri-Y 2, 33 Monroe Life 3, 43 Monrolog 43 Senior Latin Club 3, 43 Tri-Y Council 3. CAMERON MCGILL 109 Rutgers Street LLOYD E. MCKEOWN 35 Probert Street Track 4. ROBERT MCVEA 1050 Winton Road North KLXSS-DSX MARY MEMMEL 23 Asbury Street Modeling Club lg Ping-pong Choir 3, 4. MARJORIE MERCEL 56 Wall Street Bet Tri-Y 3, 4. ,Q-46 , Jdnu BETTY MER L Ionia, N. Y. President 4-H 2g Senior Choir 2 3 . r ,,, ,.,.. f 1 ,-. , v , , - , v, ,-Ai, f-1 1 . 1 f-"' 1' f YVETTE ANNE METZGER 256 Brunswick Street Theta Tri-Y 1, 23 Junior Corps 1 Ping-pong 3g Choir 1, 43 Monroe Life 43 H. R. Secretary 4g Monrolog BERNARD G. MEYE S 1183 Monroe Avenue Cross Country 2, 3, 4g Track 3 Baseball 3. CHARLES FREDERICK MILLER 877 South Goodman Street Choir 1, 2, 3, 4g Greenhouse 1 Corridor Patrol 2, 33 Cross Country 2g Fire Patrol 33 Philharmonic Club 3. ,LDGS-LxkQu.r und-Or A- bog onr? Life 4. I y FRED MILLER 675 Linden Street ROBERT VVILLIAM MILLER 4 Regent Street ISIIH Aid 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 lm 39 Vick Park A Theta Tri-Y I3 Art Club lg Secretary of H. R. 43 Spanish Club 2, 33 Stage Craft 3. MARCIA MIX 266 Hillside Avenue Theta Tri-Y 13 H. R. Vice-President 3g Alpha M. Y. 3. PATRICIA MOCK 21 Arnold Park Ping-pong3 Senior Choirg Theta Tri-Y. JOAN MOGGE 22 Menlo Place Social Chairman 13 Swimming 2, 3, 43 Monroe Life 43 Monrolog 4. 28 SYLVIA CLARE MOLNER 427 Meigs Street GWENDOLYN E. MONROE 273 Averill Avenue ARLENE YVONNE MOORE 25 Harvard Street Junior Choir lg Senior Choir 2. 3, 4g Theta Tri-Y3 Beta Tri-M3 H. R. Secretary 2, 3. AUDREY B. MOORE 940 Mount Hope Avenue Junior Orchestra I, 2, 33 Choir I, 2, 3, 43 Senior Orchestra 43 French Club I: Basketball 4g Spanish Club 4. JULIAN MOOREHOUSE 184 Laburnum Crescent Baseball 2, 3, 43 H. R. Treasurer 43 Ping-pong 3, 4. VIVIAN MARIE MOOREHOUSE 184 Laburnum Crescent NORMAN LEE MORGAN 54 Wilcox Street LEONA V. NECASTER 253 Richard Street Greenhouse Club 1, Baseball 2, Basketball Club 2, 4, H. Ri Secretary. MARY MIRIAM NEIL 143 Sanford Street Senior Choir 2, 3, 4. BEVERLEY NETZEN 97 Gregory Street WAUNETA ROSE NORRIS 25 Alexander Street Baseball 33 Volleyball 4. BARBARA NOYES 348 Meigs Street ANNE OGDEN 32 Castlebar Road Badminton 23 H. R. Secretary 19 Choir 2g Office Serviceg Bookshelf 1, 45 .lunior Corps, Advisor 4g French Honor Society 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. JACK R. OTTO VVest Henrietta Football 35 VVrestling 3, 4. DONALD G. PAGE 59 Glen Road Football 45 Senior Orchestra 3, 45 Senior Band 3, 4, H. R. Social Chairman 3g Field and Stream Club 4. MARCIA PALEY 170 Laburnum Crescent . Greenhouse 2, Senior Latin Club 3g Spanish Club 3g Monroe Life 45 National Honor Society 4. JUDSON A. PARSONS 2176 VVestfall Road Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Pencil Pushers 1g Bookshelf 1, H. R. President 1, 45 Junior and Senior Standard Bearerg National Honor Society 3, 43 Editor-in-Chief of Monrolog 4g Football 43 Alpha Hi-Y LORRAINE S. PARSONS 250 Gregory Street 29 WILMEB PATLOW 24 Laburnum Crescent Int. Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Adegmhians 2, 3, 4g Spanish Club 2, 3, ross Country 3g Comm. of Publicity 43 Monrolog Editor 45 Field and Stream 4, Monroe Life, Sports Editor 1, 2, 3. ALICE PAYNE 222 Sanford Street ARNOLD PAYNE 93 Williston Road Gamma Hi-Y 3, 4. JOHN PFLUKE 548 Allen's Creek Road H. R. President 3, Monroe Life 45 National Honor Society 4. BARBARA PHILP 8 Cayuga Street Monroe Life 3g Co-Editor, Monroe Life 4. LOUIS T. PINES 270 Cypress Street Soccer 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Basket- ball 3, 4g Social Chairman 3g H.fR. Vice-President 3. 30 XM JAMES PIPER 620 Westfall Road Corridor Patrol 2, 3, 43 Football 35 Swimming Team 4. MARIANNE POINIER 253 Alexander Street H. R. Secretary 4, Senior Forum President 3. BEVERLY ANN POWERS 250 Gregory Street Theta Tri-Y 15 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4-g Riding Club 3. DORIS PUTNAM 30 Paul Place ALBERT E. PUTZIG 1978 South Avenue EUGENE A. RADELL 40 Sanford Street Bookshelf 1, 2, 3, 4g Delta Hi-Y 2, 3, 49 H. R.'.President 1. !!,f,7 SALLY RAPP 27 Berkshire Street Smming 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4, Mon- roe Life 4, Basketball 4, French HonorlSoeiety. RICHARD RAZ 14 Audubon Street HILDA REETZ 183 Brunswick Street Baseball Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Volleyball 43 ROBERT REINHARDT 246 Mulberry Street Bowling Team 3, 43 Baseball 3, 4, Outside Patrol 2, 3, 4. ROBERT F. REININGER 95 Mount Vernon Avenue Bowling 3, 4. SHIRLEY ANN REMILLARD 275 Park Avenue Badminton, Hockey. DOLORES M. RIBAS 71 Alexander Street Monroe Life 2, 3, 4, Junior Choir 1, .I unior Corps, Spanish Club 3, 43 National Honor Society 4. ELVVOOD A. RICKLESS 1061 Monroe Avenue Int. Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pencil Pushers 1, 2, 3, Bookshelf 1, 2, 3, French Honor Society 3, 4, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Adelph- ians 2, 3, 4, Monroe Life 1, 2, 3, Editor of Monroe Life 3, Creative Writing 3, 4. ALBERT RITTENHOUSE 207 Crosman Terrace MARGARET ANN ROBINSON 460 Harvard Street WILLIAM ROCKOWITZ 31 Overdale Park Adelphians 2, 3, 4, Visual Aid 43 Stagecraftg Monrolog 4. BARBARA ROSE 1190 Park Avenue .lunior Corps 1, French Honor So- ciety 4, Pencil Pushers 2, 3, Bridge Club 4, Senior Latin Club 2, 3, Monroe Life 3, 4, Feature Editor 4, Greenhouse Club 2, Stagecraft 4, Drama Club 3. 31 CHARLES ROSENBARKEH 774 Clinton Avenue South Basketball 3, Football 3, 4. ALICE HOSENFELD 1035 blonroe Avenue Theta Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, Junior Corps 2, Spanish Club 3, 4. HUBEBT E. ROSENTHAL 141 Rosedale Street Int. Relations Club 13 Greenhouse 1, 2, Tumbling 4, Visual Edueatoin 2, 3, 4. MERTON BUBENS 244 Barrington Street H. R. Vice-President 1, Adelphians 2, 3, 4. ARTHUR HUDIN 31 Edgerton Street Visual Aid. KATHLEEN M. RYAN 75 South Union Street Junior Corps 1, Art Club lg Dancing 1, Baseball 3, Senior Choir 2, Theta Tri-Y 1, 23 Beta Tri-Y 1, 2g National Honor Society 4. 32 RUTH SALTZBURG 2 Werner Park H. R. Vice-President lg Greenhouse 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, H. B. Secre- tary 23 Monroe Life 3,45 Science Club 3, Choir 4. MARTIN SALZMAN 282 Crosman Terrace Archery Club 1, 2, Basketball 3. ANITA SAUH 238 River Boulevard Theta Tri-Y 1, 23 Baseball 23 Basketball 2, Junior Corps 2, Rid- ing Club 2g H. H. President 2. HETTY SAUTEB 300 Hamilton Street Theta Tri-Y 1, 21 Junior Corps 1, French Club 13 Senior Basketball 1, 2, 3, 49 Swimming Club 1, 4g Homeroom President 2. RICHARD SCHLEYER 104 Belmont Street HELEN SCHMIEDEKE West Henrietta Baseball 3, 4, Modeling Club 3, Honor Society 45 Basketball 4, Volleyball 4. fi?92,32f ROGER SCHNELL 71 Linden Street Delta Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Swimming Team 2, 43 H. R. Secretary 3. FRANK GEORGE SCHOTT 50 Oxford Street BURTON SCHREIBER 291 Laburnum Crescent Choir 1, 23 Stagecraft 1, 23 Track 3, 43 Int. Relations Club 3, 43 Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4g Ping-pong 3, 43 Adelphians 2, 3, 4. 40 ANNE SCHWARZENBACH 116K Sanford Street French Honor Society 43 Senior Latin Club 4. JULIA SCORRANO 45 Boardman Street Senior Choir 3, 4. JOAN D. SCOTT 107 Pinnacle Road Vice-President 13 H. R. Secretary 23 Junior Corps 13 Art Club 2, 33 Theta Tri-Y 2, 33 Cheerleading 3, 43 Senior Choir 4. ROBERT E. SEAGER 147 Crawford Street Mode-ling Club. CHARLES SECKER 554 Linden Street AVADNA SEWARD 108 Castlebar Road Theta Tri-Y 1, 2, 33 Bookshelf 1, 23 Bridge Club 3, 43 Social Chairman 33 Office Service 3, 43 H. R. President 23 Senior Advisor for Junior Corps 43 National Honor Society 43 Mon- rolog 4. EUGENE SHAW 3000 VVinton Road South Visual Aid 1, 2, 33 Radio 2, 33 Soccer 3, 4g Safety Patrol 3g Choir 3. MARGARET SHEEHAN 112 Hillside Avenue H. R. President 3g Baseball. 33 MARTHA SEIPER 721 Monroe Avenue Greenhouse 2g Modeling 2. DORIS SIMPSON 12 Marshall Street Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball I, 2. 3, 43 Swimming l3 Bowling 3g Alpha Tri-Y 2, 3. KAY SLOAN 143 lNIilburn Street Greenhouse Club 33 Swimming 2, 33 Volleyball 2, 3, 4g Basketball 2, 3, 43 Speedhall 3, 4. HAROLD SMITH 175 Orange Street Bookshelf 1, 23 Visual Aid 1, 2, 3g Corridor Patrol 2. VIRGINIA LEE SMITH 28 Berkshire Street H. R. President 1, 43 Stage Crew, Social Chairman 3, 4g Monroe Life. DAVID SOBLE 15 Harwood Street H. R. Vice-President3 Baseball 3, 4: Int. Relations Club 2, 3, 43 Soccer 43 Field and Stream 4. 34 7 E LEWIS ROBERT SPARKS 314 Merrill Street Corridor Patrol3 Wrestling Team. RICHARD E. SPONG 22 Presque Street Baseball 3g H. R. President 3g Gamma Hi-Y. KATHLEEN SPOTTS 90 Hamilton Street Bridge Club3 .Iunior Corps I3 Mon- roe Lifeg Junior French Clubg Theta Tri-Y3 Baseballg Swimming. EVA L. STEINHARDT 286 Rutgers Street Basketballg Baseballg Ping-pongg Volleyball. ESTHER JANE STEITZ 54 Darwin Street Swimming 3, 43 Baseball 3, 43 Monrolog 4. RODERICK STEPHENSON 295 Alexander Street Cross Country 33 Track 1, 23 Choir. JANICE STEUBING 193 Elmcroft Road Choir 3, 4, Baseball Club 3, Swim- ming 2, 3, 4. MARCIA LOU STONE 143 Castlebar Road Bookshelf 1, 2, 3, 4, Theta Tri-Y 1, 2, 3. 4, H. R. President 2, Class Secretary 2, Junior Corps 2. ROBERT STYLES 97 Tryon Park Stagedraft 2, 3, 4, Visual Aid 4. ,yn .. P Z 1 1 . U F C: LOOWENNA SUTFINf ,jf U' quare, 'Dancing 1', Kffonrol V, Monroe Life 3, 47. j . . ff Jag Tfeyerstfmpgul V402 if ,L l. IL . f Lv 1? nf . ,1 1 ffl , LV 1 ' ,ff 1 , 1 i ' li A - .. ' ,gf A ,MYOSELEAH TEED 543 Averill Avenue Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3. 4, Volleyball 4. ROBERT TEMKIN 26 Palisade Park H. R. President 1, 2, Bookshelf 1, Int. Relations Club 2, 3, Adelphians 2, 3, 4, Monrolog 4. MARGARET TUCKER 555 Webster Avenue H. R. Secretary, H. R 2. Vice- President 3, 4, Basketball 3, i4, Baseball 3. SHIRLEY ULMER 45 Birch Crescent Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3. ALAN UNDERBERG 74 Hinsdale Street Monroe Life 2, Golf Team 3, 4' Adelphians 1, 2, 3, 4, Comm. o Social Wlelfare 4, H. R. Viee-Presi- dent 4, President of National Honor Society 4, Copy Editor, Nlonrolog 4. i' LOIS VAN BELL 306 Caroline Street Volleyball Club 4, Basketball 3. 0 MARCIA VAN DE CARR 61 Norris Drive Class President 1, H. R. President 1, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Theta Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, Junior Corps 1. 4, Choir 3, Bridge Club 3, 4, Philharmonic Club 3,4, National Honor Society 3, 4, French Honor Society 4, Basketball 4, H. R. President 4. ROY VAN DUSEN 182 Hillside Avenue Baseball 2, Football 3. 35 LORRAINE VAN HALL 331 South Goodman Street Swimming 25 Senior Choir 1, 3, 45 H. R. Secretary 25 National Honor Society 45 Theta Tri-Y5 Monroe Lifeg Monrolog 4. BETTY VERSAGE 33 Pearl Street CARL E. VOSS 186 Grand Avenue Veterans Club 4. JAMES M. WALKER 61M Brighton Street ARTHUR B. WARD 46 Joslyn Place MARION WARNER 541 Benton Street Ping-pong 1, 25 Volleyball 45 Base- ball 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 H. R. Vice-Presi- dent 4. 36 M RICHARD J. WATERSTREET 58 South Union Street Veterans Club 4. SALLY WEAVER 375 Highland Avenue Theta Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Junior Corps 25 Swimming 45 Baseball 45 Bookshelf 2, 35 H. R. President 1. JOANNE WEBB 240 Rockingham Street Junior Choir 15 Senior Latin Club 2, 3, 4. GEORGINE WEBBER 238 Gregory Street Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 2, 35 Volleyball Club 1. 3201444 -f I " I if JOHN L. VVEIENER -gf 23 Anson Place JEAN WEIS 505 Caroline Street Art Club. A9,a,aAJ . ,YAJ-IA! cu QLQAMJ BERNICE WELTMAN 254 Field Street Bowling, H. R. Vice-President 1. ,unf Agua! NANCY 33 Rutgers Street Choir 2, 3, 43 Junior Corps 1, Theta Tri-Y 1: Baseball 3. 4, Swimming 3, 43 Spanish Club 33 Bridge Club 3, 4. FRAZER D. WHITE 1062 South Avenue Bed Cross 1, 2, 3, Camera Club 2, 33 French Club 2, Senior Choir 4. FREDERICK WICKMAN 2626 Monroe Avenue Greenhouse 1, 2, 3, Visual Aid 2, 3, 4. DORIS M. WILLIAMS 90 Belmont Street JEANNE WILSON 1045 Clinton Avenue South Theta Tri-Y 13 Swimming lg Base- ball 2g Basketball 45 Badminton 4. BEVERLY WINTER 408 Broadway Orchestra 13 Baseball 3, 4: Volley- ball 3g Choir 4. GERARD J. WOLF 225 Cypress Street H. B. President 2g H. B. Vice- President 3, 45 Visual Aid 4. NEAL WOLIN 93 Culver Road H. B. Vice-President 1, 3, H. B. President 4, Visual Aid 2, 3. GERALDINE WOOD 1045 Clinton Avenue South DONALD WOODRUFF 134 Raleigh Street MARILYN WUNDER 315 Highland Avenue Theta Tri-Y 1, 23 Bridge Club 3. 43 H. B. President 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary of Senior Class 4. 37 JANE LOUISE YATES 240 Culver Rozul H. R. President 4. HENE ll. ZNNIUS 293 Canterbury limul Badminton lg Bowling 2, 33 Frcruwh Club 2. KFINNETII G. ZULLVVEG 1183 Munmu Avenue :5zmel1all3gSm'cvr Varsity 4g Basket null 4. GLENN ZVIAUF H325 Blount llupv Avenuv Art Clubg Frmtballz Baseball. ARTHUR NN ll,l,l.'N'Nl BAILEY CIAUDE NOX ICS 30 Asbury Struct T Summit Drive JAMES l"lA'll'l' DOUGLAS NVAIJIC 2905 VVUSL Ill'llI'l1'll2l lluacl 2793 Townlim' Iiuacl EDYYIN .IUILYYISON .IUSICPIIINE XYILLIATNIS T5 Poplar Slrm-t 4101 Parsclls :Xu-11110 KENNFI'l'll Il. 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Q Giwclfi wmmW Wx LD Quin, Qxoiin. ,W 41 last will anh estament In The Name of GOD AMEN WE, the Senior Class of Monroe Higl1 School, having in mind the fraility of all things human and being of sound mind and disposing memory and wishing to provide as far as possible for the con- tinuance and preservation of the good things of life undirninished in a world of controversy and uncertainty do hereby make, publish, and declare this our class WILL AND TESTAMENT in the manner following, that is to say: V FIRST-We direct that all the faults and shortcomings of the Class of 1947 be forever interred in the depths of the earth without marker or other memorial to bring them ever to remembrance. SECOND-We give, bequeath, and bestow upon the next senior class the hopes and expectations of our teachers which we never fulfilled, hoping that they will do better. THIRD-We give, bequeath, and bestow upon all future Junior classes the right to admire and receive inspiration from the senior class ahead of them. FOURTH-We give, bequeath, and bestow upon all future members of the Junior School of Monroe High School the right to be gay and carefree and to be an eternal nuisance to the Seniors. FIFTH-We give, bequeath, and bestow upon the faculty the right to enjoy whatever pleasure there is in their work with deserved promotions, adequate salary increases, the four freedoms, and serenity in their declining years Cwhen they shall arrivej. SIXTH-We hereby give, devise, bequeath, bestow, and confer to end upon each and every our successors as students in Monroe High School the right to share with us, and each of us, for- ever and in perpetuity, the spirit and practice of American Democracy which pervades this school and we charge you with the eternal preservation of the same. LASTLY-We hereby appoint the Class of 1948, Monroe High School, executor of this our class WILL AND TESTAMENT: hereby revoking all former wills by us made. IN WITNESS THEREOF, We have hereunto set the hand of our class president the 10th day of May, in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-seven. EOLBIJ Jgane Class President Witnesses: Judson paraona, yr. 'lflhfmef Paffow 42 - :Sai A.: 2:f flf lgglbiiiall qliq Z in ,. , ,. .,,,,., ,,.A, . , Vg ,E ,A.,,, 4 I A ff 5 2 f K 1 f K 9 nf EJ i . D bi .l .l Pi : : 1 7 ph, .1 A V A V A 7 ,, ,, ' ii . Q f HA9F3?NgEH0Ofm f, 43 l2VELYN Coox BRUCE DAN-:Y MICHAEL IJAYIN l i l Advisors: Mr. Hawley, Miss Cameron, Mr. Willis. Presidenlr ll. Bruce Davey. Vice-President: Michael Davin. Secre- fary: lixvlyn Cook. Uonznz. qfF1'nance: llogur McAlistCr. Conmz. :gf Publ1'cily.' Wilmer Patlow, Art Cowclsrry. Comm. QfSa1riul lV8U'Ill'6.' Alan Umlvrlwrg. Sally Anclorson, Comm, ry' .1ll1lf'lics.' Lou Alvxalldvr. Cumm. qfSufely: ,Bob LaBor0. E!lIi,llf-I'I1-f:,1I.Qf- Qf .llmzrne Life: Elsie Koppvl. Pres. Qf IYII1 firafle: Robert Kano. Pres. of lllh Gl'!l!fl?.' Jerry Dunn. Pres. of Illlh Grade: Polly Ogden. Pres. qf 9111 Grade: Harold Lang. Pres. Qf Xllz flrarle: Patrivia lfislu-r. Refi Cross Hepresenh1li1'es: Elaine Kflillfi, Dave Howell. COUNCIL PRESlDENT'S FORUM Advisor: Miss O'Connell. Preszfdenl: Bruce Davey. 81h Grade: A. Abronowitz, D. Bowen, C. Costen, P. Dames, G. Dangler, P. Fisher, P. Jones, C. Pieciotti, B. Phillips, D. Siegel. 9111 Grade: B. Barringer, .l. Bartholomew, B. Cole, N. Dunkleberg, A. Laney, 1. Metzger, B. Ogden, N. Reynolds, G. Wolfanger. 10111 Grade: M. Beach, H. Fishherg, S. Holl'man, G. Kroemer, F. Lim, M. Lomb, L. Peachey, S. lioekolf, N. Rubens, T. Taber, E. Terry, W. Van Arx. Mih Grade: V. Cushing, J. Dunn, .l. Goodman, D. Higgins, E. Hondorf, A. Murdock, II. Ogden, C. Ricard, E. Humm- ler, J. Shoemaker, C. Sortino. Nth Grade: L. Alexander, E. Burton, .l. Ferry, D. Howell, M. Kramer, J. Lipsky, H. McAlister, .l. Parsons, M. Sheehan, V. Smith, N. Wolin, J. Yates. 1-idrfsor: Miss Bowen. Presidenl: Michael Davin. 8111 Grade: M. Adams. R. Black: B. Cone, .l. Cook, D. Lewis, M. iNlcDonald, K. hlullen. J. Peck. P. Prinsen, .l. Wasson. 9111 Grade: M. Allen. .l. Cameron, Ii. Hollock, XY. Hudnut, H, Long. J. McGrody, B, lielin, H. Shaw, S. Shaw. 10111 Grade: B. Bailey, G. Bergy, N. Cornery, ll. Crain, L. Gidlow, S. Goebel, L. Hutchinson, T. Lennox, P. McCarthy, ll. Miller, J. llondash. li. Tracy. 11111 Grade: S, Davis, B. Doud, S. Doud, E. Eastman, VV. Grace, P. Hagstrom, J. Levin, .l. Owens, S. Piazza, C. llhodes, ll. Stoetzel. 19111 Grade: S. Bryant, G. Chasey, A. Cowdery, .l. Fly, L. Haak, S. Hahn, D. llenderson, G. Schroeder, .l. Tucker, A. Underherg, Ni. Van De Carr, G. Wolf. VICE-PRESIDENT'S FORUM 45, SECRETARIES' FORUM Advisor: Miss Gigce. Presidenl: Exelyn Cook. 81h Grade: S. Boyatzies. II. Gregorian. A. Herkins. D. Holt, M. Meyer, M. Miller, B. Roeger, P. Rubens, S. Smith, F. NYigmore. 91h Grade: I.. Auer. E. Enright, A. Gentile, M. Knox, li Nesbitt, D. Smith. V. Howina. J. Vlvilliams. 10111 Grade: D. Birch. P. Carson, S. Gray, B. Harding, G. Marshall. P Ogden, H. Ollara, N. Ord. H. Rosenlalatt. E. Schlegel. V. NM-iger, A. Woodams. 11111 Grade: C. Bufano, .l. Cole, B. Dude, A. Goldstein, S. Helgvrman, E. Jager, B. Liicas. K. Marine, L. Peek, C. Wendt. IPU1 Grade: .l. Bacon, M Chase, C. Connor, D. Dick. .l. Doblmertin, Al. Holfman. J. Howell. D. Ketchum, M. Kupfer, B. hlartell, Y. Metzger L. Necaster. M. Poinicr. CLASS OFFICERS Hfh Grade: President, Jerry Dunn, Vice-President, Paul Skarlatosg Secretary, Joan Goodman, Social Chairmen, Joan Shoemaker, Val Cushing. 10111 Grade: President, Polly Ogden, Vice-President, James Hudson, Secretary, Eleanor Terryg Social Chairmen, Betsy Harding, Hugh McNair. 9th Grade: President, Harold Lang: Vice-President, Richard Rosenbloomg Secrctry, Ester Seeglerg Social Chairmen, Nancy Reynolds, Ted Grimes. Slh Grade: President, Patricia Fisher, Vice-President, Priscilla Dames, Secretary, Carol Davison, Social Chairmen, Cornelia Anderson, John Peck. 46 v . . BOOKSHELF Advisor: Miss Curtis. President: Lore Dinkelspiel. Vice-President, Joan Durfee. Secretary: Anne Ogden. Treasurer. Betty Cornish. Social Chairmen: Judy Gregorian, Randall Cole. Members: S. Altman, B. Benson, P. Boulay, J. Button N. Carter, R. Cole, B. Cornish, J. Crone, L. Dinkelspiel, I. Dobbertin, R. Dobbertin, J. Durfee, F. Eastman, M Ekas, H. Fink, M. Freiderioh, A. Gentile, E. Goodwin, J. Gregorian, A. Hcnnings, B. Holcombe, L. Klehammer R. Kleiman, Knight, H. Kominz, R. Kominz, K. Marine, D. Meyer, .l. Moore, NV. McCoy, B. Nusbaum, A Ogden, R. Pagenar, J. Pulsifer, E. Radell, J. Robbins, S. Hockoff, J. Rondash, J. Sehroy, S. Sellinger, E. Shean ' P. Stabins, C. Stewart, M. Thomas, M. Tiekner, A. Traynor, R. Vtlarren. MONROE LIFE Adzvisors: Editorial, Mr. Raymond Savage, Business, Mr. Paul Matheis. Editorial Staff: Sept. to Jan., D. Ribas, B. Philp, Co-Editors, E. Koppel, News Editor and Business Manager, B. Rose, Features Editor, H. Beckler, D. Mc- Garvey, M. Turnquist, Sports Editors, J. VVilbur, Exchange Editor, R. Glaser, Typing Editor, J. Pfluke, R. Mos- kowitz, R. Miller, Photographers, .l. Bacon, Promotion Manager, E. Steinharclt, Circulation Manager, G. Weil Advertising Manager. Reporters: S. Altman, L. Barber, H. Bloom, E. Burton, M. Cardot, E. Coghlan, R. Falkenstein, D. Good, G. Gottlieb, E. Hurwitz, L. Isaacs, l. Katz, M. Knight, E. Kroha, C. Kuhne, R. LaBore, H. Levy, V. McCabe, P. McCormick, B. Merkel, Y. Metzger, M. Myers, P. Natalie, M. Paley, S. Rapp, S. Rubens, R. Saltzburg, .l. Schaeffer, G. Schroeder, S. Schwartz, J. Solomon, K. Spotts, L. Sutfin, B. Swift, T. Taber, J. Tucker, S. Ulmer, D. Williams. Editorial Staff: Jan. to June, E. Koppel, Editor-in-Chief, H. Bloom, News Editor, B. Rose, Features Editor, E. Hurwitz, T. Taber, M. Turnquist, Sports Editors, R. Glaser, Typing Editor, J. Plluke, R. Bergman, R. Moskowitz, Photographers, H. Levy, Business Manager, E. Steinhardt, Circulation Manager, J. Bacon, Promotion Manager, H. Levy, Advertising Manager. 447 , f - s OFFICE SERVICE Anderson, P. Bergvr. K. Brown. L. Dinkolspiel. B. Doud. NI, Iirm-sl. . . Ircgor I ' Ii. fNIiIIm-r. II. Parker. A. Pilling. U. Svllrucflor, Bl. lxellrnanson, B. Kirchnm-r. .l. Fagan. I.. Lieberman. L. .1-wus, Seollrirlclcr. A. Svwarc I. A. Shuckow, D. Slvin. Ii. Stella-, I.. Sutiin, NI. Yan D0 Carr. I , I Advisor: Mr. Gadway. Me BCOK EXCHANGE mhers: II. Baker, H. Bergman. M. Brown. If. Clare, Ii. Cook, R. Cohen. B. Iipsloin, I Kensil, Ii. Ogden, P. Baz, V. IIiIms, A. Traynor. 48 CORRIDOR PATROL Ojicers: Bobert LaBore, James Piper, Gordon Stenzel. Nlembers: A. Bainbridge, B. Boatman, D. Bowen, M. Clapp G. Cluse, S. Constantine, VV. Emerson, VV. Ellis, J. Ellwanger, B. Fabris, B. Gilbert, W. Grace, B. Green, F. Hands T. Harrity, VV. Heyer, W. Kaiser, D. Kemp, C. Knilf, P. Kober, H. Kramer, C. Payne, J. Perdue, F. Reed, . ger YV. Smith, E. Troicke, Nl. Wlallace, B. Wilkinson, G. VVolfanger. L. Zelter. iw f J O effmf OUTSIDE PATROL Advisor: Mr. C. Beghold. Captain: Bobert Beinhardt. L1'eutemmt.' Herbert WVarren, Arthur Beinhardt. Ivlembers. E. Binnert, VV. Bittner, B. Bradley, B. Burch, Pm. Busse, J. Maid, B. Bushlow, W. VVillison. 49 STAGECRAFT CLUB ,11drz'sur.' Miss Parker. Presidenl: Robert Styles. Secretary: Elizahoth Fillman. Vice-I'resir1efr1I.' Terri Hcmings. Social Chairman: Virginia Lee Smith, James Tyson. rllembers: A. Bainbridge. F. Barkor, D. Barman. .l. Bartlett, G. Beisheim, L. Beisheim. M. Biencnstock, C. Bufano. P. Carson. N. Carter, P. Dames. li. Dvming. A. DcWnll', ll. DeVVulf, R. Drexler. E. Glaherman, D. Holt. H. Hurly. E. Hurwitz, L. Hutchinson, M. Lapidvs. L. Lewis, B. McFrain, B. Metzger, M. Meyer, D. Mitchell, T. lWUlin6t, Bl. Ott, L. Painting. B. Phillips, P. Pontius. IC. Pushua, D. Ramsey, B. Roger, B. Ruse, R. Scelbinder, C. Sehm. J. Shamus. L. Smith. M. Starr. S. 'l'i:'kne-r, S. Warren, S. Young. VISUAL AUDIO AIDES A111'1'sur.' lVlr. Carver. fW0ml1ers.' ll. Barnes. B. Bcrch, B. Bcrgman. B. Braclforcl, .l. Cziusuy. ll. Colbert, C. Cushing, C. DaPriz, T. Dimmicla, C. Drchcr, N. Drchcr, J. Dunn. 'l'. lficlicllmrgur. .l. Furry. ll. Fiwlilmrg. F. Francis, B. Gooclricll, F. llnlssur. VV. Grace. A. Guess, H. Hall. J. Hull, E. Hargrove-. .l. Hart. VV. llcllor, T. llolman, l.. Hutchin- son. li. Isaacs. D. Kemp. R. Kenyon. VV. Kipp, li. Kohn. .l. Kreigar, .I. Kruwtz, C. lim-hnu. J. Linsky, ll. Magin, L. Nlzirhlu. V. lVlasl,randia, B. lvlfifillilf, B. Miller, L. Nlnnctt. L. Newman. ll. Painting, F. l'roscott, V. llibas, VV. llockwitz, ll. lluscnhloorn, M. Rosenthal, H. Boss. A. Rothstein, A. lludin, Il. llush. F. Iiushluw. J. Schopler, C. Sharp, S. Skarlatos, N. Smith, G. Snelgrove, H. Steuher, .l. Stewart, E. Sturn, Jr., A. Stolhorg, D. Stokes, ll. Styles, li. Truicke, M. W'eil, F. Vllickman, J. NVilson, D. Wlylic, U. VVoll', ll. Young. 50 Director: .lohn S. Livermore. Solo Trurnpel: Arnold Shafer. Solo Clarinel: Edgar Ilummler. Flale and Piccolo: li. Drexler W. Mcllrath, J. Piotrow, P. Cantor, G. Dangler, V. Ogden. Oboe: D. Ribas, C. Kohls, M. Weiss, R. Mason, A. Gold- man, C. Kniff, H. Nagan, R. Harrison. Saxophone: .l. VVhite, ll. Swick, P. Adams. Trarnpel: A. Shafer, D. Page A. Rittenhouse, D. White, VV. Lotosky, G. Stenzel, ll. Eastman, E. Ashworth, T. Auer, ll. Brayer, J. Bartholomew D. Sutton, C. Payne. French Ilorns: lf. Coghill, P. Silverson, L. Peachey, li. Hurwitz, ll. Moskowitz. Baritone: ll VVolfe. Tuba: E. Troicke. Tympani and Drums: D. Foster, .l. Plluke, L. llartwig, H. Lawrence, H. Host-nblatt. SENIOR ORCHESTRA Direclor: John S. Livermore. Concerlrnasler: Marcia Van De Carr. Violins: M. Van De Carr, M. L. Tickner, J. Jerris M. Blair, J. Bohrod, H. Gitelman, J. Mullner, S. Helgerman, C. M. Stewart, A. Bittlxer, A. Moore, V. Mihalyi, R Kleiman, J. Schaffer, A. Cherry, N. Abernathy, ll. Ackerman, Ii. Hallock, W. McCoy, B. lielin, G. Wolfanger, H Davis. Cello: P. Cantor, E. Oliver. D. Burch. Bass Viol: W. Merle, E. Troicke, A. Rudin. Piano: G. Kroemer. Flute. R. Drexler, W. Mcllrath, J. Piotrow, V. Ogden. Oboe: D. Lurie. Bassoon: A. Zwcig, T. Grimes. Clarinel: E. liummler V. Ribas, C. Kohls, M. Weiss, Pu. Mason. Trumpet: A. Shafer, D. Page, A. Rittenhouse, NV. Lotosky. French Horn? E. Coghill, P. Siverson, L. Peachey. Trombone: P. Van De Carr, M. Goodman. Tympani and Drains: D. Foster J. Plluke, L. Hartwig, H. Lawrence. 51 fi. PENCIL PUSHERS Advisor: Mrs. Stolbrand. President: Elwood Iiiekless. Secretary: Rena Diamond. Members.' Il. Berch, M. Berman, P. Dworski, B. Epstein, H. Gersten, A. Goldman, M. Kaufman, B. Meisel, C. Noyes, A. llamm, S. Ruben, B. Rose, D. Boyce, A. Zweig. , . W , , ,.. . . .sf - fe, , P . 1 i I 5 L 1 F 3 1 l l L , , I wwfsfefm - INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Advisor: Miss Hutchinson. President: Burton Schreiber. Vice-President: Wilmer Patlow. Secretary: .lean Bacon Publicity: Joyce Temperato. Members: D. Bergman, L. Berman, T. Dimmick, J. Lowe, H. Paley, D. Soble, M. Rosen thal, S. Bosenzweig. 52 M ' ' - ' me--e H I f GIRL'S BOWLING CLUB .11flr'ixur.' Miss IIUIISCIIIP. l,l'l'SlAllI'Ilff Dnris Iluflgzvn, I'irff'-I"rffsirlf'r1l: Dorothy lin-nm-r. Sf'4fr'1'lr1ry.' Ifluinc- Nlillc-r, Trmsurffr. I'ruuIvm-e- Irlgrrzawia. .IIl6'VIIIN'I'S.'xy..ASIiiIl. Ii. Calm-nm. NI. Ummm. B, Ilude-. .I. IIHIIIIIIHINI. II, Ilznnmimcl. I.. I.e-uk .-X. I.iccnw, Ii. Parlwr. .I. FaI'iurv. S. Smith. Y. Suninn-rs. S. Tillnlwn. H, IN vllmzm. . I-,X t av ,,...., i I . f- L . - I FIELD AND STREAM CLUB .f1rl1'ixur.' Mr. C. Wall:-lcv. l're's1'1ler1l.' Iiogvr Mr'AIisIvr. V1'c'0-l'r0s1'11enl.' llharlvs Iiivzwcl. Scfcrclrzryf Foo Lim. 7'rf'asurf'r Druid I'IIuIw, .IIIFIIIIPPVSI NI. Avkvr, I.. lie-rman, Ii. Danglvr. F. Gai-ssn-r, D. liumlxsin. ID. Hull. IC. Knapp. I.. Klum-II A. Pulzig, D. Sublv, II. Spit-gvl. 53 JUNIOR CHOIR Aal1risur.' Miss VVar1l1e-inaclwr. N. Alwrnathy. Ii. Adams. D. Anderson, I., Aux-r, A. llainlrridge. N. Iiardych. IJ. Ilarnard J. liassvlt. F. Bvacli. Ii. Bvadls-. ll. Iical. NI. Bieliviislovk. B. Bran-rman. fl. Iiruvvkcl. C. Burrf-II. .I. Ilullon. J Carson. D. Coll-groxv. C. Costa-n. Nl. Critiv. P. Dann-s. ll. Dangle-r. D. Darling. C. Daxison. .I. D1-Bvll. A. D4'WoII' .I. Die-k. N. Eatlnornv. D. Iilwr. Nl. Elias. IC. Ifnriglil. N. lfislunan. NI. liarling. .I. Iialos. A. llvntilv. N. Illiti-Il. E Goodwin. H. firm-gorian. L. Iiui-Rl. A.. Haag. .I. Harrison. II. llarrison. II. Hari. Il. Ilausman. N. Ilm-rkvns. N. Hen- nings. NI. Higgins, IT. Holt. li. Hurwitz. II. .lolle-5, P. Jonvs, IC. Kaisvr. M. Kasv. C. Kaufman. IJ. Kaymfr. Ii. K1-Ily P. K1-rsliaw, Ii. KI:-inman. NI. Knight. I3. Knopl. M. Knox. P. Koln-r, II. Krauhwrsl.. .I. Krim-gi-r, H. Lang, Il. Lee D. I.1-isis. .I. l.1-mis. .I. I.ow0. .I. Luriv. NX. Nlai-Donald. C. Nlarasro. I.. Nlariv. W. N11-Coy. M. M1-Donald. li. .Ili-Grain JN. Nlvllralli. B. Nlvlnlosll. Y. Nlilialyi. Nl. Nm-Ison. P. Norman. C. Uaiman. Y. Ugdvn. L. Painting. .I. IM-Ii. F llainvy. D. Ilapp. .I. Ilapp. Ii. Ilvvse. P. IJUIIIMIIIS. J. llovlwastlv. If. Ilomfkolli. Il. Iiolminwon. P. Ilollvy. J. SIIZUIIZ li. Slim-an. M. Silxvrman. 5. Sloan. li. Soulligali-. NI. Slarlx. C. SIvI':unid4-s. li. Stn-wart, A. Talwvn. L. Tzuxzuian. S 'llivl-gm-V. J. Tonnsc-ml. C. Nan Urol, P. Yan Ilorn. J. Valium S. VNarrn-n. T. xx1'2iIIlI'l'IlU4f. J. IM-idingur. K. Wvincr F. xY6lIlQII'I'llIIi. S. VYs'Iliu:ui, J. Wllilv. N. Wiillizuns. C SENIOR CHOIR C. Adam. J. Adams, B. Aronstrom. J. Bacon, F. Barkvr. G. Beislu-im. P. Bell, F. Bennett, P. Berger, .I. Bc-rl, F Bloom, H. Broadrililx, C. Burrell, B. Cagnazzo. P. Cantor. .I. Cattcau. Ii. Coyne. II. Culver, A. Davison, li. Dvming B. Divkvns, L. Dinkc-lspiel, B. Dodson, S. Dodson, 13. Doud. S. Doud, V. Dubois. B. Dudv, L. lismay, I.. Fagan R. Falzone, J. Frist, D. Faro. J. Ferstcad. IC. Fillman, Il. Fishell, N. Frederickson, M. Frivdcrick, NI. Iilitvh, N Gitelman, IC. Hamann, J. Hammond, E. llarding, C. llausman, P. Ilayllinger, .I. llcnnings, M. Ilcnry, D. Higgins .I. lludson, A. Hughes, H. Husncy, Il. Hyman, .I. Ingrahm, I. Katz. M. Kaufman, L. Klvhammcr, li. Koppel, li. Kruger C. l.c-liayo, A. lA5llCIll'I', F. Le-xinson, B. Lisanti. J. Long. L. MacDonald, NY. Mavllonald, Marazfle, Marhatta J. Marks, T. Marolta. G. Marshall. S. Mason. B. Nl2lbt'IllllI'3, K. Alayer, B. lNIc'AIpin0. Il. Mm'Cannc. ll. NIL-rkel C. Nlillvr, P. Monk. .I. Moore-. .I. Moore. Y. Moore. fl. Nloorehousc. J. Nlullnvr. A. Murdock. Al. Neill. ll. Powers B. Prvntice, V. Ililmas. D. Ilitzvl. .I. Hondasli, .I. lloutlvy. Il. Salzburg, J. Sctorrano, J. Scott., .I. Shamus. li. Smith C. Sortino, H. Stephenson, ll. Statler, .I. Stuulming, K. Swift, .I. Tasuhl, J. 'I'emperat.o, M. Turk. J. Tyson, II. Vulcore L. Van Hall, S. VVakCman, J. Wialkvr, T. Weltman, N. VVl1itcraI'I,, F. VVhiL1-, .I. VVright, D. Yee, A. Zink. JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Direclor: John S. Livermore-. Crmcerlmasler: Phyllis Dames. Violins: P, Damvs. H. Levy, H. Kominz, li. Schloss, M. Francis, P. Van Horn, H. Diamond. S. Isaacs, V. Southgate, E. Fisher, B. Palmatier, E. Jansen, R. Ycllcn, B. Reese, J. Rowland. Bass Viol: D. Siegel. Piano: P. Dames. Flule: C. Bruockol. Oboe: l'. Dean. Clarinels: G. Evans, P. Kober, B. Mori-ss, B. J. Miller, R. Ritu-nhause. Trumpets: T. Harrity, li. Brown, A. Fishvll, B. Clark, J. Peck, ll. Falkcnstein, K. VVvim-r, BI. Caylvy. French Horn: B. Cowin. Trombone: P. Granger. Drums: N. Haldoupis, ll. Wvilkinson, D. Lippens. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Advisors: Miss Canwron, Mr. Willis. .-llarnbers: T. Amdursky. li. Arnold. F. Aronowilz, .l. Bacon, ll. Bergman, C. Bigelow. S. Brayvr. lf. Burton. li. Chatt, li. Coglilan. li. Cook, B. Cornish. B. Davay, A. Davison, ll. Diamond, T. Dimmii-k, L. Dinlwlspivl. D. Douglass. Y. Dragt, ll. Drcxlvr. F. Francis. ll. Gerslvn. .l. Grflgorian, H. Hall. C. Hausman, NI. Hollman, J. llowl-ll, A. Ilunka, J. Jvrris. li. Kendig. E. Koppvl. li. Kftlllii, J. Krovctz, A. License, H. Loclu-, li. lVlc'Alisl.ur. A. Ugdvn, Nl. Palvy, ll. Parkvr, J. Parsons, l.. Peck, J. Plluke, D. llilnas, V. llilms, li. Bicklcss, K, Ryan, H. Sc-hmivdoke. B. Schreiber, A. Seward. P. Skarlatos, S. Swankcr, J. Taschl, ll. Titus, A. Underberg, 31. Yan De Carr, l.. Yah Hall. M. Warnvr, C. XYBIIKII-, M. YYumlcr. 55 PHILHARMONIC CLUB Advisor: Miss xY2iIHlf'Ill2ll'lll'I'. Clzairnzlm: IA-sliv llurwitz. .llrnzlnersi A. Gentilv. D. Rayner. Nl. klllgllll, .l. Lurie. .l. Rainey, A. llzumn. N. Sl'llHlAl. Nl. Silverman. li. Spvigvl. E l V -iwxvrlm v 1 .. , JUNIOR CORPS Ad1,'1'sor: Miss Cameron. Senior Advisors: Mary Lou Hoffman, Marilyn VVundf-r, A. Ogden. Presidenl: Carol Davison Vice-Presidenl: Dolores Craven. Secrelury: Beverly Vick. Treasurer: Beverly Andrews. Wlembers: S. Cohen, B. Cole C.llClliotL, A. DeYYoll'. J. Frity. H. Gregorian, Nl. House, Nl. lsner, H. Levy. M. McDonald, C. Morvss, W. Morris E. Neelin, B. Hodley, L. Hoot. B. Stephens, S. Tickner, N. XNTllllHII1S, C. WYo0drufl', H. Ycllen. 56 SPANISH CLUB Ad1'is0r.' Hana Dumas lil'lt'lllD8llIIl. Presialenh' AI'Illlll'ZW0lg'. VIAFE'-lJI'f?SI'118llf.' Betty Cornish. Serrelrlryf: Lina Lon Pack. 7'I'61lSIlf'Pl'.' David Lnriu. SOFIDIII Clzairnzen: Elwoncl Rivkluss. Mary Lnn Ilnllnlan. 5W01nl:ers.' Batty Cornish. l.nr0 Dinkvlspiol. Barbara Dnncl. .Indy f,iI'0gUI'lliIl. Mary Lou Hllllilfliill, Evelyn Kuhn. Elsie Knppvl. David l,nriP, Anno Ogden. Lina Lon Peck. Sally Rapp. Elxyoufl llickless, Barbara Hose. .lose-l' Sulmmnn. Sue Sn ankcr. Marcia Van De Carr, Arnnll' Zwvig. .s E 3 l FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY Advisor: Mrs. H. Krfchbaum. President: Martin Mannheirner. Vice-Presidenl: Barbara Cagnazzu. Secretary: Mary Beach. Treasurer: James Jvrris. Social Chairrnen: Cachita Mulinct, Betty' Cornish. Zllembers: M. Beach. J. Bolinder, B. Cagnazzo, B. Cornish, .l. Crane. M. Dodge, D. Foster, .l. Jvrris, P. LaFlan1e, M. Mannheimar. H. Miller, C. Mulinct. D. Ribas. C. Selnn, D. Silverherg, .l. Sartorc. 57 J UNIOR LATIN CLUB S 'ba' David Bellucci. Curile Aediles: Adl3l.S0l'.' Miss Farlow. First Consul: Irwin Metzger. Consul: Hiram Paley. A cri . , Hillel Gitelman, Esther Rockolf. Nlembers: D. Bellucci, P. Bowen, M. Criticos, H. Fink, H. Gitelman, C. Kaufman, D. Levine, .I. Lowe, .I.Marsh, l. Metzger, P. Norman. ll. Paley, J. Rapp, B. Beger, E. Rockolf, L. Root, D. Rosen- ' ' ' S' I 2 ' M. Seyfert, J. Sumhvrg, J. Wlallle. bloom, S. Iiosenzwelg, A. a ny, I l i L , - I u , . ,M- .,,v ,ww- E115 SENIOR LATIN CLUB T d A ndursky Ouaeslor' Hose Marie Husney Advisor: Miss Maxwvll. Consuls: Kay Marine, Edgar Ilummlur. Scriba: c I . I . K , . Aedile: Jack Bernstein. Members: P. Burger, S. Davidson, A. Goldstein, S. Helgerman, M. Kaufman, S. Kluger ' ' ' ' ' - A. Sl oukow, .I. Tcmperato, ll. Titus, G. Wagner, J. Webb. Il k III, A. Rothstein, 5. btllmgnr, 1 G. Iiavine, S. oc o 58 A D E L P H IA N S Advisor' I ee- Aldvrman I'rPs':'denl ll rr I i nk V' P Al , . ., ,,.., : . 2 y . ps y. Lce- rvslf ent: Bill Iim:kmviI,x. Secrelary:Zane Finkelstein. Treasurer: Jerry Daxidsun. ilI'IBHlIl6l'S.' 'l'. Amflursky. H. lim-ukler. J. B9I'IlSI,l'IIl, G. Bergvr, XI. Cohvn. ll. Dwursky. R. Gulclstein S. IIUIIIIIIHII. Z. Finkvlstvirl. J. Dzivimlsun. l.. lsaavs, .l. Lux ine. J. Lipsky. J. II. Lipsky Nl. NI3IlIlll4'lII18I', D. Muntcr W. Patlow. li. li :k " ' '- ' ' ' cn mutz, D. Hmulbauln. l. IIOSGIIIIIUUIII, B. Dl7llI'9llJCI'. M. Salzman. lf. Pnickloss J. Sa I 'VI , x uv, . hmue, F. Weinthal, .I. Wagner, A. Undezrborg. F.. .. v l K L V P l l l l l . . . . M--. ...J ALPHA HI-Y Presidenl: Stove Hahn. Vive-Presi1le'r1l.' Ted Auer. Secrelary: .larnus Adams. sllembers: li. Aslmurlll. D. Be-rdyvk, D. Campbell, P. Chasvy. T. Crawford. M. Davin, J. Dunn. I.. lfllinwuud. D. Foro. C. Hausman, G. I'IllIllI1lI'l'. D. Luche, J. Nl:-G d N. M, k, ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ra 5. Pr el. J. Moore, lx. Nelmn, J. Parsons, 5. Piazza, L. Pierce, H. Stvuber, W. Van Arx. 59 .4 .3 BETA HI-Y President: Bob Locke. V ice-President: Val Cushing. Secrelary: Paul Skarlatos. Treasurer: J lm Bvslcy. Social Chairmen: Bob Stoetzvl, George Snulgrove. lllemhers: D. Anderson, J. Baker, E. Beslcy, B. Burnham, B. Davey, ll. Ellis, D. Higgins, B. Macliay, E. Rummlvr, J. Schoplvr, P. Van D0 Carr, D. Zolmol. ...W M L., V 4 me -, wig uk.: ,ef ,g . 1 DELTA HI-Y -----...Ig x 'soy NL QQ Hirk 1.1044-I! ' W! N ,4,,f,,.-,Q.?,, 'fa 1 r FL'-Wi' 1".4-,' ffrifl-nv K ' 1 I I L N Presidenl: Bob Kendig. Vice-Presidenl: Eugene liudcll. Secreiary: Maurice Howlings. .Uenzbers: .l. Bohrod, li. Cole D. Divhl, D. Douglas, L. Ellinwood, D. Gooscns, .l. Lowe, ll. Svhncll, D. Souls. 60 KAPPA.HLY Advisor: Mr. Sherwood. Presirlenl: Diek Henderson. Vice-Pres1'r1enl.' Don Page. Serrelary: Sheldon Brayer. Treasurer. Dohald VVoodwort,li. fwembers: .l. Baird, J. Cole, G. Donahue, C. Drake, D. liastrnan, F. Frmlvis, VV. Fitzgerald, J. Henderson, D. llettig, R. Painting, l.. Peachy, D. Plluke, H. Ross, G. Stiekley, J. Wicdncr. l Q BETA TRLY Presirlenl: Dol. Eastman. lrllff'-I7f'8Sl'fl0I1f.' Dot Nlitn-hell. Recording Secrelary: Nlary Yarean. f.'orrespor11I1'ng Secrefary Marge Dodge. Treasurer: live-lyn Jager. .lIembers: I.. Broome. C. Bufano, E. Cole, l.. Esrnay, NI. FQ-tturly. .l. Harris E. Kensel, B. Kirchner, L. McDonald, C. Molina-L, B. Morrison, B. Philip, J. P1-glow, C. Rhodes, C. Sehrn, J. Shoe- maker, Il. W'elch. 61 GIRL'S VOLLEY BALL CLUB Ad1lI.SOl'.' Miss Beuschle. Members: D. Barnard, G. Beal, D. Bell, B. Benson, V. Budgen, M. Blair, B. Bohanan M. Cardot-Captain, N. Cardot, B. Cornish, B. Diefenbach, V. Dragt-Captain, T. DuBois, .l. Fisher, P. Fisher .l, Fritz, M. Carling, A. Heerkens, D. Holt, li. Husney, E. Kellar, D. Ketchum, M. Kramer, M. Kremheller. 'I' LaBarr, C. Lomb, M. Loucks. L. Marie, B. Martel, L. Mailer, M. Mernmel, V. Mihalyi, NY. Norris, C. Gatlnan .l. 0'Brien, B. Ogden, H. Ugden-Captain, P. Ogden. V. Ogden-Captain, B. Page, .l. Phelps, L. Putzig, H. Beetz M. Robinson, H. Schiniedeke. J. Seeker, E. Seegler. J. Sheffel. K. Sloan-Captain, S. Sloan. li. Sleinhardt. B. 'l'eed- Captain, B. Tesch, E. Tesrfh, J. Thompson, .l. Townsend, J. Treiher, l.. Yan Bell, M. Warner, .l. VN illiarns. G. Wlitnlan K. Witz, A. Wvoodanxs. RIDING CLUB Advisor: Mrs. Babcock. filernbers: L. Auer. A. Bartlett. J. Bills, A. Cherry, E. Coles, P. DiNatali, E. Enright, B. Epstein, L. Esmay, P. Fisher, WV. Gerber, .l. Harrison. A. Heerkens, H. Hurley, E. Kaiser. B. Kennedy, B. Knopf, B. Krautwurst, M. Isner, H. Mantel, C. Maraseo, VV. McCoy, B. MeGrain, G. Messinger, I.. Painting, .I. Peglow, D. Recklinghausen, B. Belin, C. Bhodes, J. Robbins, C. Sehrn, M. Stark, V. Summers, M. Tabone, E. White. 62 Advisors: Miss Maxwell, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. LeQuire, Mr. Meulendyke, Mr. Matheis, Mr. Bohrer. J. Parsons, W Patlow, Editors-in-Chief. K. Katz, Advertising. H. Bahn, Art. A. Underberg, Copy. K. Spotts, Organizations. A Seward, Pictures. L. Berman, Sports. E. Coghlan, Typing. Staff: C. Adam, S. Anderson, M. Block, B. Blohrn, E Burton, S. Cohen,A.Cowdery, M. Hoffman, R. Hyman, L. Kellmanson, J. Lannin, J. Lipsky, B. Lisson, B. Martell Y. Metzger, J. Mogge, J. Pfluke, A. Rosenfeld, H. Schmiedeke, J. Seorrano, M. Stone, L. Sutfln, R. Temkin, L Van Hall, S. VVeaver, M. VVunder, B. Zamos. Pk MONROLOG STAFF EE, E. M ,m n .- E, yu, ' 551. X X im: f f fQxg,,,1Q we Qs-,G r X012 1 QE Q E , E EEEE E EE E E f E A .W EEE E EEE xx idff E W ' E E l EE E i , EE U WE ALL HELPED IT W HAPPEN HERE SPORTS T CHEERLEADERS U1lff0ll', I,fjf'!luI?iyl1l:E. krul1u.C- -'x'hi"l,-I-S1'11ll. li. Cook. .l. SllUL'Illilkl'l', S. llm-lgvrnmall. Iiullum Im'n11'.'VV.Mm1lrus .l. Lux img ll. fiUlflS1UiIl..I. l,ilXi1lSflIl. H. ij'Sll2illQIllll1'SSj. D. Lcu'. 66 E I 1 ' A I i r- A flvofqxz .fbi ' ff T J' ls' have 'f B A s K E T B,.A1f1:L1r'EAf6A fyfffff1.fWJfQfl f - . J Q .,J4f'.... I Coach: Mr. Beghold. Team-Front Row: L. Pines, J. Schopler, R. MacKay, L. Alexander, G. Coghill, B. Davey. Second Row: R. McAlister, G. Snelgrove, R. Kane, R. Stoetzel, M. Isner, R. Kroemer, J. Savlov, Manager. h Coach Beghold's basketball aggregation has again come out on top to win the city title. This chalks up 4 out of 5 for the Monroe oopsters. Despite the injuries suffered by two members of the team, early in the season, putting them out of the lineup for a number of contests, the Monroites at the end of the first half were in a three way tie for second place. In the second half, the Redjackets overpowered all league competition with a record of' no losses. Then we defeated Madison, first half champion, once again placing the city crown in our possession and gaining a sectional berth. In two non-league games with Brighton High, our neighbors from the twelve corners, the Monroe five brought another pair of victories, in real championship style. Our team placed two members on the 1946-47 all-scholastic starting Hve, in addition to winning a good representation on the second team. SCORES FIRST HALF SECOND HALF Monroe . . 23 West . . . 39 Monroe . . 49 West . . 41 Monroe . N 36 Jefferson . . 56 Monroe . . 6 1 J efferson . . 46 Monroe . . 42 East . . . 43 Monroe . . 46 East . . 33 Monroe . . 34 Edison . . . 20 Monroe . . 37 Edison . . 31 Monroe . . 45 Charlotte . . 25 Monroe . . 47 Charlotte . . 28 Monroe . . 41 Franklin . . 27 Monroe . . 40 Franklin . . 34 Monroe . . 45 Madison . . 40 Monroe . . 33 Madison . . 30 Monroe . . 43 Marshall . . 27 Monroe . . 35 Marshall . . 30 CITY CHAMPIONSHIP Monroe . . 31 Madison . . 27 SECTIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Monroe . . 46 Geneva . . 37 Monroe . . 66 Madison . . 40 67 FOOTBALL Top Row, Left to Right: C. Sobie, Assistant Coach, J. Pingleton, VVater Boy, D. Woodworth, E. Srnythe, T. Marotta, G. Zulauf, A. DiStefano, J. Hennessey, C. Beisheim, D. Rosenbaum, J. Besley, E. Rummler, H. McNair, C. Pierce, Manager, R. Blair, Coach. Middle Row: D. Higgins, C. Bosenbarker, D. Goodwin, A. Cowdery, F. Backus, V. Cush- ing, J. Doyle, Captain, H. Baxter, Pi. Berl, D. Sehleyer, J. 0'Shaughnessy, H. Stueher. Bottom Row: S. Skarlatos, E. Besley, J. Wiedner, B. Ellis, D. Luck, P. McCarthy, J. Ittel, NVater Boy, R. Burnham, G. Boyatsies, J. Parsons, R. Painting. Also Team Members: P. Skarlatos, D. O'Shaughnessy. Although they didn't show up too well as far as score, the 1946- 47 team had the real lighting spirit. The squad, largely made up of new boys, under the di- rection of coaches Blair and Sobie should be a real threat next year. They dropped their games with J eiferson 32-0, Charlotte 19- 0, East 12-6, Franklin 18-0, Madison 38-0, Tech 42-0, and to Nlarshall 13-0. 68 SOCCER Coach Mr Beghold Marzaqer J Maid Co Capfams' l Pines I Alexander. Front How, Left to Right: T Lennox F Franus lf Shaw W Hudnut D Soble S0f'on1lRow D Constantine, P. Geldorf, L. Alexander, L. Pines D Howell I Howell Thzrfl Hou D Woodruff lx Yollwig, J. Maid, S. Hahn, VV. Miller. hlonroe got off to a rip-roaring start in the 19-16-IT Campaign. They booted their way to victory over both Charlotte and VVest to the tune of 4-0 and 8-2. This put them at the top of the league. They lost. the next four games, bowing lo Madison, Edison, Franklin, and Jeflerson, T-2, 6-0, 3-2, and T--1, then eznne baela lo erush Marshall, 6-2. ln their linal interscholastic meeting they were edged by ,East High -l-3. SWIMMING TEAM Coach: Mr. C. VVallace. Team-Front Row: J. Bartlett, P. Hall, H. McNair, Managerg ll. VVolfe, W. Nicely. Second Row: D. Holt, H. Cook, H. Burdick, D. Howell, J. Howell, L. Berman. Last Row: G. Chasey, .A Cowdery, L. Peachey, G. Donahue, F. Francis. Monroe finmen stand fourth in the interscholastic league with four wins and two losses, at this writing. A number of last year's men are back and there is an ex- cellent turn out of new members. Under tl1e skillful coaching of Mr. Wallace and the co-captain- ship of Howell and Cooke the team is enjoying a successful season. SCORES Monroe . 110 Franklin 16 Monroe . 32 West. . 34 Monroe . 29 Edison . 38 Monroe . 39 Charlotte 19 Monroe . 36 Jefferson 30 . Monroe. -12 Marshall 2-L 70 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Front Row, Left to Right: H. Nagan, L. Ellingwood, B. Bloom, P. Chasey, B. Lawrence, L. Day, V. Bibas. Second Row: J. Scovel, J. Catteau, C. Blake, A. Aldrich, A. Stolberg, VV. Van Arx, E. Hondorf. Third How: A. Saney, A. Bellucci, J. Solomon, T. Taber, J. Nesbitt, B. Myers, D. Bellncci. Also Members of the Team: G. Donahue, L. Haak. Although they lost their meets to East and Edison, Coach Ack- ley's well trained team showed its excellence by winning the meets from West, Madison, Marshall, Franklin, and Jefferson. The team's ability was also shown by placing third in the city contest and second in the sectional meet. 71 WRESTLING Top Row: lf. Tlnnnas. H. Dilmhlv, l.. Baxter, Dreher, T. XYl'll.lllEiIl, Manager. fllifldle How: S. Constantine, C. Walker, J. Arlankas, Coach, li, Parent, J. Otto, .l. Hart. First If0Il'.' Nl. Blontallmano, li. Frati. li. Sortino. N01 in Picture: B. Daxis, M. Clapp, N. Drake. E. SIllj'LllC, E. Thomas. D. Ellis, B. MacDonald. D. Lindsay. D. Ford, J. Yates, J. Bernstein. To date the wrestling teanl has suffered five losses to one win. The losses were handed out in the Edison, Madison, Charlotte, .lef- ferson, and East matches, while the win was achieved in the Franklin meet. To four of the team go special recognition for their mat, ability. Steve Constan- tine, undefeated this year, is a favorite for the 175 lb. class c-hanlpionship. Lon Baxter last year held the In-ary weight title and is favored to repeat, the feat. .lat-k Otto and Bernie Frati are noted for their speed and de- m-eption on the eanvas. T2 BOWLING Sfflfllifllflf ll. Dl'1-xllfr, L. Gridluw, D, Brown, G. knoll. SPale'1i.' R Relllhdrlll 1 Iiellllnger 1 lpl llll 'l'l11-Mollrlw liuwlillg TCHIII has llald il fairly Sl1I,'L't'SSflll season llllbllllln lll slx 1 all 1 ll lll 1011 QZIIIICS. The lligll ilYl'l'2lgt'S 011 thc L1-zllll vvcrre bowled by Bob li9lll1llQl I0 .ls 1 5 1 gg 1 1111 I'2lllkS ninth ill H10 scllool leaguug Sl3i'Ulld place gm-s to HUQICI' DfLXll'l who lllxb a H9 6 lul 11 all I'2lIlkS Hli1'tcvl1ll1 ill the lea-lgllc. Higglu-sl, QHIIIO was rollvd by Leu fllldlow 7 NIUIIVUK XIUIIITIU . 1xIOIlI'01 AIUIIYUK .Nl0llI'0l xlUllI'Ut NIUIIFU4 Xlolllwlc XIUIIFOQ XIUIIVIN NIUIIHN SCORES 3 Cllzlrlolfe 3 .'XfIlIiIllIS 3 IQIISI . 0 ,NIZIIHSOII 0 Iidisull 3 lfdisllll 0 Cllz1l'lnH1- 0 Wvvsl . 0 lizlsl 3 H1151 . 0 .l1stI'1rl's1ll1 'A' nk 'A' 'A' B1-1-111150 this 1-clilioll of XIUIIFOIUQ gm-s tu pu-ss ill XIZIITII. NIOIIFOL 1.1115 wlll l11ls5 thy plc tlllls 0 lllv lvllllls z1l11l H10 l'1-a'ol'ds of thc zlvllim-vclllellts ill SpI'illgI spl s 1 , .1 , PIII ls lllll g,1 'I'Il1- plwleselll stall N0lllllI'CS to SllgIQl'Sl1 lllzlt our succllssors lllig 1 w 1- 11111514 lr llln lll lll Ills Nl llr 5 Qprillg sporls ill lllc 19118 AIOIIITJIUQ. T3 Steadv Ball ' 5. Beautv and the Beast 9. Heads Up!! Red and White 6. 0uch?Let Go! 10. But Shes Only a Dream Brr! T. Got a fag? Hang on Tight Three's a Crowd 8. Zippity Do Da! 74 Contact I. UI' llocking Chair ZZ, 'l'hvm Again? 3. Spvevll--Speecll 1, Buddies 'l'hrv0 Iw1llSkl3Li't'l'S 10. One Way Trailiu The Ilmzkctius ll. YYho Dat? Wvhat ya' dibillv, Nlikei' III. Use your fvvt, Lou Pride ul' thc Force 13. Gtr-Fight!!! Un ion W ages E' T5 . ,Pa it GUESS WHO ULIIIJQI pun ,mol -f uuslgM uunl' 'L mnmlg .ivy uosJ.xpunH xpgu 'gg AU X.I.l0fj -9 uupmg, pm: qsgd uoong mmf 'g 5.19qJapull W 'S Anyl puu .muulxv umpy lonely 'L midnu .inns 76 gi lL..Q DUUFDR mu E5-'TE24 VICE PRES. 0, HM iii. UM. Cm, :Annu PAB!-T 59, nf' A 9.-A3 :I ,,..w-fm-wfw ww wal' 1. xIl1SCi0S 44. Merry Christmas T. Ye-S, VVvav0r 2. Battle Stallion 5. Post No Bills 8. Slam-ping Bcauiy 3. 'l'empt,atiim 6. Hi, Bahn! 9. Trash 77 These are the things that happened. We worked, We played, We lived, we learned Wle grew up here. The Class of 1947 T9 .KL Ll x l A xnxx x.' N xr A X' Anti lg S . ' xl. 5,4 V V 1 .3 V I x' e x if fi - v 1 ' l 1 i. ll ' will U W by I? x 2 fill' Moaafxu ammo 'H J HOTEL SENECA Mezzanine Floor Phone Stone 5169 BOWKER DAIRY STORE 800 Clinton Ave. South TRY OUR SUPER-SPLIT PARK AVE. CANDY SHOP 650 Park Ave. MONROE RECORD SHOP Compliments of 772 MONROE Avis. MONROE 642 Y Popular and Classical Records Radio Radio Phonographs Record Accessorie "Personalized Service" is Our Note to Your Musical Enjoyment Compliments of A FRIEND Complimenls of L. S. 4 and... Coke for all .xxx ' BOVTLED UNDER AUTH OCA-COLA COMPANY BY Rochester Coca-Cola Bottling Corporation A. L. ANDERSON SONS ROCHESTER , N. Y. DEPE DABLE EED for your flower or vegetable garden 0 H a r t 81 Vick Seeds men 55 Stone Street You Get the Best Bargain Right in Your Own Home Nowhere do you get value like the electric service you enjoy at home. Cozy lighting, soft music' are yours for pennies. Electricity is ai servant that works day and night for your comfort and convenience. lt does dozens ofjohs that save time and work for the whole family. And yetfthe cost of electricity is very little. lt is the one item in your budget that keeps going down instead of up. Rochester Gas 81 Electric Your Friendly Service Company RABIN BROS. Monroe 1467 Monroe 3342 - o A 680 Park Ave. Philco Bendix Eureka Speed Queen American Kitchens All Small Appliances BOYLAN'S HOME APPLIANCES 1851 East Avenue H. J. BOYLAN MoNRoE 7393 Complimenls Qf W'ilson,s Leading Jewelers 151 E. Main St. JUNIOR FOOTWEAR Slyles for Casual Wear Loafers, Saddles, Oxfords 44 EAST AVENUE MAIN 2160 IM M, 1, W, .M , , Complimenls Of J. HUNGERFORD SMITH CO. Complimenls Of ROCHESTER ATLAS WRECKING CO. SOL COHEN and SONS, Inc. MEATS PoU1JrnY FISH MARKET You All Know Phone Us-We Deliver Free '4WEBER7S99 854 Monroe Avenue Phone Monroe 8385-86 LAA CO. Cornplimenis gf PnEsCn1PTioNs LL ANN 5 Phone Monroe 1733 1800 East Avenue ClREETINfl CARD AND LIIIWI' SHQJIJ Rf'CheS'fl'f' N' Y' 184 Monroe Ave. Rochester 7, N. Y. Repairing and Accessories Childrens VVheel Goods Lawn Mowers Sharpened and Repaired Pick Up and Delivery FRANK COURT SL SONS Schwinn - BICYCLES - All-American Monroe 8490 1792 East Avenue VALENTPS FOOD STORE It's AlwaysHLOUIS WOLF,S For lhe Finest K In Fruits, Vegetables, and Groceries 809 East Ave. iMonroe 2335 DELI VERY Complimenis of ALPHA BETA GAMMA ,IOIN THE POPULAR 3-WAY SAVINGS PLAN CLUB You'll go a long Way to find a better buy than the 3-Way Savings Plan One Regular Deposit Brings You- CASH-IN-TI-IE-BANK U. S. SAVINGS BONDS SAVINGS BANK LIFE INSURANCE Come in, phone or write for free booklets ROCHESTER SAVINGS BANK Stone 1425 47 Main Street West 40 Franklin Street Member F.D.I.C. BE A SUCCESS! R. B. I. Can Help You Trained career and vocational consult- ants Will help you determine your natural abilities. PHONE MAIN 3869 for information. BUS INESS ROCHESTER INSTITUTE 172 Clinton Ave. S. ROCHESTER 4. N. Y. Blauw's Pharmacy So. Clinton at Goodman Hallmark Greeting Cards for All Occasions EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL GENERAL WASHING MACHINE SERVICE Telephone: Monroe 7488 758 South Avenue Rochester 7, N. Y. Compliments of SIGMA TAU OMICRON Compliments of BECK'S FOOD MARKET T43 South Ave. Rousso's Confectionery 953 So. Clinton Ave. Monroe 9162 ORDER NOW-PHONE MAIN 170 F R E D R. L A R G E LUMBER COMPANY Hudson Ave. and Harrison St. Pres-lo-logs 91 For Your Fireplace Burning Time-Approx. 2 Hours Each Log A Complimenis of CLINTON AVENUE HARDWARE STORE Compliments Qf J. LEO KEATING Compliments of CORA,S SMOKE SHOP Complimenls of HOME ROOM 271 Compliments Qf CHAMPION ATHLETIC and SPORTSWEAR CO. T1 St. Paul St. Rochester 4, N. I 'Wlonfwn ,iclwnl Emi: "FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE" Hours: 8:30-8:45 Daily - Both Lunch Periods - 3:00-3:30 Daily lcv. - r .w 'K A ,I 1 ' ' fw d . - , ., N -- - 1 - - f f- A 5-717-"'r " -was if ' yi -P+ :R ,L ff, M K ,..1ag,a-5.x f 2 N Q V ' ..- ',:'- Sf' ' ' ' , ' mf',l5f " " "s- V 4-A " ' ' ' ' . If ":..-M1gs-qi?lfxf:'Ef1f'r,-1 Lf "-mf . . . t , r .Am-5-,,,,1..,i5. irq'-55? -g f , " , ' A 1 'f.:, :V 1, 5,3 ' A , , "ff x Blu 'Z' .,t,6C! . iii ,G 'C' ' ' , E , U M ,, , - 'T ' . , ' rf I ' ' ' " :C 1 ' f f Z, ' ,Y , , . ., . , - , ,, A F, . ., h V ., J V I , I A Q, . 'fij h ' I ' 1 7 f P-f Q -.wiv g , 1 ' A 1 ,Q , lflf A f . 4 f frf. L - 0 . K - , 4 .. ' 'Mix pg ,A-1 1 LM- 5 , , ' - , it . f . 132, . , x . xx ff Q ' 4 ' 'h , ' ' ' -rf... . , 3-12 , . V '- .V 'Af' 'fy' f':-L ,, k . , ,f '1 7 1 V ff- .Q I f 2 f:,,L:f.,xf 'bf' Q N K . -' li, Sf' ' -J - xgs-,T if - , . . ' :iw fa: . ' . ly 1 , -ff? ,P , . Tv:-1 P , , ' Va a ,, f - mmgifrifi' -g f ' Wi?" H' fr, ' . X fiifvilq?-'Lf' D X. X' yifr' ':fv1?""-X' i' Q,. X -' ' ' . :..-S f W N ? wf?":' K,-QL 5' ' ,j , 7.143 Ei- 2f5.'3:ff, . - A - rr5: 'g Egg.: , ' . . pfiw wif. , j'- ,, V - ' ' ' lie-iff -' f , -I . - -4 mi ' f . ,qiiffizv I - 5 X' ' v 'ffl 55: ' i, 1 I I ,L ' ' V ' ,,..... , ilfiii I .X 11,23 3. t N - , ' :ff . , . f r ' H " T- F. , 1 ' ' 3 , .- .,-fggff: NK , AV V . 51' L 4 -Lf x,', - +1 :J VM E

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