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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1933 volume:

K v ■ s ' ) ■ • • V;) ■ 1 ■ ‘ i 5 , JlU jo . v, V; ' ' • h If vi VA ,■ . • i V • ' • • ' • ' %Y , V U - ■ . t ■ , " , • w ■ ]. ' i • fi ; , ■ i r ; 1 ; , V . ' V 1 , ' ’ • ' v . H i - ; . , ; f I ' t ' i 7 s?(V ' ■ i , r ‘ • A V ; - ; V ViV ■ ' ; . VA V ■ ‘ - •• •• )•» i . ? ,Vy s . , .. M Wi ' k ■ : V. v f -V ■M to-i . r+je: ' a v. -J ;•!••• r ' ■ fi i .. ' h ' , • .?» ' f - « A- ; v ; a, . . U ' jMiViilgii MONF OLO 1933 Usos- af J s c? S ia j-e oe s-e- FOREWORD . . . To set forth the spirit of beauty and inspi¬ ration purveyed by the theatre, to reca II the faith and courage of those, who in the face of all obstacles, have contributed so gener¬ ously to its demands, and to form a tangible background of memories of four years hap- pily spent, we bui id th is book. THE CLASSES OF JANUARY AND JUNE 1933 PRESENT MONROLOG A BOOK IN FIVE ACTS MONROLOG TABLE OF CONTENTS.. ACT 1 DIRECTORS • ACT II THE CAST ACT III BEHIND SCENES ACT IV STAGE HANDS ACT V THE BULLETIN BOARD DEDICATION . . . We, the classes of January and June, 1933 , in the spirit of the theatre dedicate this, our Monrolog, to Hazel C. Parker and to Harold G. Sliker, dramatics directors for the junior and the senior high schools. R L ' HAWLEY " ADMINISTRATION ILGAM E. HAWLEY. V. JAMES MORGAN. 0 . . . , JANE F. CAMERON . WALTER J. WILLIS. HELEN A. BARNUM. ELEANOR M. RATCLIFFE. ELENORA MARTIN, JOHN S. WILES .... MILDRED WEISS. VIRGINIA BAGLIN. Vice-Principal Girls’ Advisor Boys’ Advisor . Secretary Assistant Secretary Attendance Stenographer-Clerk Stenographer-Clerk Christobel Abbott Mrs. Frances Bass Doris Derrenbach er Lois H. Dildine Grace Keim Ida E. Kurzrock FI orence Farl ENGLISH Charles H. Carver May A. Leary Elizabeth Middaugh Mrs. Winona E. Moore Mrs. Marjorie Morrison Helen O’Connell Elizabeth Schleyer LATIN Olive H. Maxwell Grace Keim Harold G. Sliker Al ice Stevenson Mrs. Jennie Stolbrand Mrs. Ruby Tallmadge Mrs. Katherine Weidmil er Charlotte Westcptt Sayde Furlong May A. Leary MODERN LANGUAGE Rena C. Dumas Mrs. Ruby Tallmadge A. Harold Bagg Mrs. Lucille Carter Flora J. Rizzo Helen G. Bradley Marion E. Clarkson Alice Sparks Edith Bueg Henry A. Patterson SOCIAL STUDIES M. Grace Schneeberger Evelyn M. Waugh Mrs. Margaret Bennett Catherine B. Clark Florence Schminke Lucile Bowen Una Hutchinson Mrs. Jeannette B. Strayer Ida M. Campbell MATHEMATICS Earl J. Burnett Claude L. Wallace Edith Bueg Ethel M. Gordon Mrs. Florence B. Ramph Burr D. Coe Mrs. Nellie C. Kates Lucile Reuschle Frederick Coots Madeline A. Madigan Edgar A. Rose John Ferner C. V. Otis Laura E. Spurr EIGHT R L C. Lee Ackley Herbert T. Comfort Marian Cummings Edwin C. Andrews Mary T. Farrell Cl arence W. Gadway George F. Albrecht Harry P. Bohrer Clayton J. Dudley Edward W. Hartel Louis G. Hofmann Lelia H. Ashley Mrs. Grace Babcock 7 z FACULTY (concluded) SCIENCE Avery C. Bacon Irving Fitch Willi am M. Hutch inson Margaret King Howard D. Minchin COMMERCIAL Bernice E. Gigee Nancy E. Hause Paul Matheis Mrs. Carrie S. Moore INDUSTRIAL Bion R. Jones Frank E. Hosic Herbert W. Ludwig Elmer P. Meulendyke Raymond Murphy Arthur W. Neff HEALTH EDUCATION Lewis A. Michelsen Carl L. Beghold Ralph C. Blair MUSIC Eva L. Wan nemacher Grace L. M urray Laura M. O’Neil Harold B. Saunders Florence Rapp Mrs. Frances Smith Mrs. Lola M. Smith Herbert M. Reed Glenn H. Rockcastle Philip J. Schneider Ralph N. Seely Marion R. Trew Anne L. Cummings, Nurse Mabel Pooler iv ' Clarence P. Bilhorn Alice M. Payne John S. Livermore George Troup HOUSEHOLD ARTS Cecelia R. Carey Lulu C. Coveil Anna L. Jackman Margaret L. Stewart ART Florence Cramer John Reynolds Evelyn D. Osborn Lee N. Sherwood LIBRARY Clara L. Curtiss Margaret Easton DRAMATICS Hazel Parker Harold G. Sliker GUIDANCE Charles Gates Mildred Lincoln John S. Wiles PSYCHOLOGIST Dr. Lenoir Burnside 7B GRADE Kathleen Brady NINE MONRO 1 O ARTHUR ROSENBLOOM JANUARY KATHERINE STACKEL January ARTHUR ROSENBLOOM. . Standard Bearer KATHERINE STACKEL . . . Custodian . June RUSSELL PHELPS . HELENE BERMAN RUSSELL PHELPS JUNE HELENE BERMAN TEN MONROLOG JANUARY ROGER REPP . . KATHERINE STACKEL JOHN PECK . . LEA LEVIN . . . CLASS OFFICERS .President .Vice-President .Secretary .Social Chairman JOHN PECK LEA LEVIN TWELVE MONROLOG ELEANOR ALEXANDER “Ellie” 514 Beach Avenue Ellie is so athletic And so very energetic. ty 4; Monroe 2,3,4-Sfecir Vice • 2,3,4-Capt.; Athletic Representative-3; tions Club 4. Soc. apt. 2, Swimming Roll 2,3,4; 4; Hockey M; Girl’s Int. Rela- No. 23 Vassar GEORGE C. AMARANDOS “Nick” 36 Girton Place Quite a golfer is Nick But when he dubs—look out! Hi-Y; Golf Team 4; Runner up cup in Dean Tournament 3. No. 23 Johnstown Law School DORIS BOHACHEK “Do” 164 Pinnacle Road Blonde and smal And loved by a I Hi-Y 3 3 ? 4 ; Sr . Chair.; G.S.A. Skidmore GEORGE GORDON BUSH “Gordie” 493 Averill Ave nue Why worry? Attendance Awards 2,3,4. Leicester Undecided EDNA CLARKE “Eddie” 41 University Avenue “Eddie” is a baseball player And doesn’t let the boys dismay her. Deputy force 4; Basketball 2,4; Base¬ ball 3,4. No. 31 Undecided ELEANOR ZIEGLER DOMINE “Ellie” 175 Nunda Boulevard Always chewing gum And having some for everyone. Student Forum 2,3; G.S.A. 2,3,4 Leadership Club 3. East High Wells jRVING DRUCKER “Drux” 373 Park Avenue The mainstay of the track team. Monroe Life 2; Deputy Force 2; Track 2,3,4; 60 Word Shorthand Award 3; 80 Word Shorthand Award 3; Cross Country 2,3,4; Sen¬ ior High Glee Club; Wearer of “M”. No. 23 University of Pennsylvania ROY LEWIS DUNNETT 359 Parsells Avenue If it’s athletics Roy Dunnett Hi-Y; Basketball 2,3; Track 3; Atten¬ dance Awards 3; Soccer 4; Wearer of “M” Home Room Athletics,- Home Room Pres. 2. No. 33 Undecided MURIEL VIRGINIA COLE “Geia” 19 Amherst Street Some birds sing in the spring, Some in the fall, But Muriel sings any time at all. G.S.A. 3,4; Sr. Chorus 3,4. Nazareth Academy Finishing School KATHERINE B. COOK “Kay” 244 Edgerton Street Everyday Kay is so happy and gay. No. 23 Skidmore THIRTEEN LAURENCE EDELSTEIN " Larry” 100 Harvard Street Always a smile for everyone Always his work so perfectly done. Nat’l Honor Society 4-Pres.; Student Forum 2; Sr. Chorus 3,4; Asora 3,4,- Monrolog 4-Portrait Editor; Adel- phians 4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Corridor Aide 4; Jr. Standard Bearer. No. 23 Cornell HELEN FRITZ " Fritz” 31 Washburn Park Fritz quite a small name may be, But remember the fame of the oak tree. Sr. Chorus 4; Swimming 2; Attend¬ ance Awards 2,3. No. 24 Undecided MILTON G. FULLER " Milt” 93 Bedford Street So the Fuller men have a new line—singing. Honor roll 2,3,4; Industrial Boys’ Glee Club 2,3,4,- Band 2. No. 11 Undecided JAMES EDWARD T. GUMMERE " Jim " 8 Argyle Street There are smiles that make us happy— Hi-Y 2.3,4-Pres.; French Club 3,4; Baseball 2,3; Sw imming 3; Honor Roll 3,4. Mohawk School Haverford College ILA M. HAUSS " I la ” 162 Cypress Street 11 a has but to smile— And you watch the proceedings. Mon. Life H.R. Rep. 2; Student Forum 2,- G.S.A. 4,- Tennis 2.3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Honor Guard 1; Attendance Awards 2; Girls Reserve Pres. 2; Kaleidoscope Rep. 3. t4o. 13 Undecided ALBERT T. HECKMAN “Dago” 345 Benton Street Where would Monroe be without Al on the wrestling team? Wrestling 3,4,- Track 2; Cross Country 2,3. No. 24 Tulane University ALBERT E. HENZ " Albie” 1 5 Goebel Place Here’s hoping that he Won’t be sick at sea. Sr. Orchestra 2,3; Sr. Chorus 3; At¬ tendance Awards 2; Bowling 2,3,4. No. 13 Merch. Marine Acad. WINNIFRED B. HOEFFLIN " Winnie” 61 Richland Street In every act and every thought She behaves just as she ought. Sr. Chorus 2,3; Deputy Force 2. No. 23 Brockport Normal GERTRUDE ETHEL HOFFMAN " Bunnie” 622 Monroe Avenue A charming personality That made for popularity. Student Forum,- G.S.A. 3,4; Sr. Chorus 3,4; Alpha-Roe-Y 3,4,- Honor Roll 3,4. Nazareth Academy Bus. College MILDRED E. JACKSON " Milly " 38 Columbia Avenue Good things come in little packages. G.S.A. 4; Sr. Chorus 4; Swimming 4,- Honor Roll 3,4. Madison Eastern Nazarine College FOURTEEN MARIAN A. McCARROLL " Mar’on” 1 8 Tracy Street A quiet girl she may be But gifted with versatility. Tri-Y 4,- Leadership Club 4; Alpha- Roe-Y 3,4-Vice-Pres.; Basketball 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Swimming 2,3,4; Soccer 3,4; Hockey 3. Irondequoit Undecided EURIE MARIE McWILLIAMS " Marie” 538 Linder jility if id ability! to cU anything N«4Honor Society 4; M-Y 2,3,4; G.S.A. 3,4; Dramatic Club 2,3,4; Leadership Club 4; Bookshelf 2; Alpha-Roe-Y 2,3; Basketball 3; Swim¬ ming 2; Oral Topic Award 4. No. 24 Cornell GEORGE A. MIRCH “Pinky” 155 FJamilton Street Very business like For such a little tike. Nat’l Honor Society 4; Monroe Life Circulation Mgr. 4; Adv. Mgr. Mon- rolog 4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Honor Guard; Attendance Awards 2,3; Corridor Aide 4. No. 13 Undecided J MARION EAO’CONNELL “Ree” t l 528 Linden Street Let cfyhdrs work I’ll do the rest. G.S.A 4; Basketball 2; Baseball 2; Honor Roll 2. No. 24 University of Rochester JEAN HARRIET ”Harry { 139«- BAKER As to The office nods assent For as shbWivrby her awards She’s ver jk4khfrrT bs€nt. G.S.A. 4; Basketball 2; Baseball 3; Swimming 2,4; Honor Roll 2,3; At¬ tendance Awards 2,3. No. 24 University of Rochester ALPHA DELINDA JOHNSON AI Fi e ” 1 40 George Street A merry heart and a winning way. G.S.A. 4; Swimming 3,4; Honor Roll 2; Attendance Awards 2. No. 12 Albany State Teachers WILLIAM G. JOYCE “Bill” 8 Adwen Place Well liked was Joyce By girls and boys. H-Y 3-Pres. 4; Deputy Force 3; Basketball 2; Wrestling 3; Attendance Awards 2. No. 35 Northwestern MARION LOUISE KARLE “Karlie” 75 Crosman Terrace Free from worry And free from ca e When she starts talking She says her share. Tri-Y 3, 4-Soc. Chair.; G.S.A. 4; Swimming 4; Attendance Awards 2,3, 4; Riding Club 2,3. No. 35 Russell Sage STANLEY V. LEVEY “Stan” 71 Canterbury Road Call h im “Ookie” Call him Monroe’s greatest punster Call him our foremost histp.pyMtudent Stan has Hampden worried already! Nat’l Honor Society 4; Stud. Forum 3; Mon. Life-Reporter 2, Sports Ed. 3, News Ed. 4, Editor-inChief 4; Dra¬ matic Club 3 , 4; Pres. 4; Pencil Pushers 4; Mont ' olog Editor-in-Chief 4; Kalei¬ doscope Contributor,-Corridor Aide- 4 Honor Roll 3,4; Assembly Programs 2,3,4; Adelphians, Pres. 4; Interna¬ tional Relations, 4. No. 35 University of Rochester LEA LEVIN " Lee” j 7 Sumner Park For the past few years She’s had quite a career. Student Fotum 4; G.S A. 2,8,4; Sr. Chorus 2,3,4Hjlbokshelf 4; Ejasketball ' 2,3; Baseball 2,3;,Swimming 2; HonoK Roll 2,3,4; Penmanship Award 1; German Honor Society — Sec’y, 4; Social Chairman of (Slyass-3 . No. 35 University of Rochester FIFTEEN MONROLOG ALICE BERYL OVENDEN “Sally” 376 Culver Apts. She’s a world in herself. G.S.A. 4; Swim 2,4; Attendance Awards 1. Out-of-town Genesee Hospital MYRA JANE PAIGE “Shrimpie’’ 59 Bengel Terrace “Shrimpie’’ is quite an athlete, And bigger girls she can beat. G.S.A. 2; Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Attendance Awards 2; Girls’ Hockey 2,3; Girls’ Soccer 3,4. East Undecided GEORGE T. PARKER “Ted " 256 Alexander Street As an athlete: fleet on his feet As a “Stude " : a powerful skull. Monroe Life 4; Sr. Chorus 2,3,4; Engr. Club 3,4; Wrest. 2,3,4; Track 2,3; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Attendance Awards 2,3,4; Honor Soc . 4. Madison Mechanics ELLEN S. PATMAN “Ebpie 663 East Avantie Serious in all her studied Yet always a smile for her buddies M-Y 3,4; Soc. Chair. Alpha 4; G.S.A. 2,3,4; ep 3,4; Leadership Club 3,4; Alphft-Roe-Y 2,3,4,- Basket¬ ball 3,4; ¥jto nor Roll 2; Attendance Awards 3,- Riding Club 2; Corridor Aide 4. No. 23 University of Rochester JOHN FRANKLIN PECK “Pecky " . 1555 East Avenue As a stuchent bri He’s the jt acher; National H nbpSociety,- Monroe Life CircX3,4; Cbrridor Aide 4; Honor oJI ,3,4; Honor Guard 1; Atten¬ dee Awards 4,- Sec., Class 4. N(c ] University of Rochester DONALD PHILP “Don " 8 Cayuga Street While here, he ’philp’ed from the well of knowledge. Monroe Life 4; Track 3; Honor Roll 2; Attendance Awards 2,3. No. 13 University of Rochester ROBERT W. REED “Bob” 49 Vick Park B His record will expl What heights he did attain. Monroe Life, Reporter 2,3,- Ass’t Circ. Mgr. 3,- Circ. Mgr. 3; Adv. Salesman 3; News Ed. 4,- Pub. Mgr. 4,- Agora 2,3,- Bookshelf 2,3,- Sr. Band 2,- Cor¬ ridor Aide 4; Honor Roll; Honor Guard; Bus. Mgr. Jr. Play. No. 23 University of Rochester ROGER DANIEL REPP “Rog” 34H Rowley Street Here’s the boy with the big sports “rep”. Student Council 4; Student Forum 3; Hi-Y 2,3; Vice-Pres.-Treasurer 2,3; Deputy Force 2,3; Swimming 1; Track 2,3,4; Tennis 2; Country 2,3,4,- Class Pres. No. 4 Undecided ARTHUR ROSENBLOOM “Art” 907 Harvard Street Rating highest in his ciass Is this lad who loves no lass. Monroe Life Edita 4n-Chief 4 ' Asso. Ed. 4,- ReporterwAL Adv. Salesman 2; Features Ed.; P.en®jl Pushers 4,- Agora 2,3,4; Monrolmg Sr. Ed. 4; Kaleido¬ scope Mgr. E®. A, Adelphians 4,- CorridoixAidlRV; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Honor Ou oO; Standard Bearer 4,- All A’sy International Relations Club, Pre v4; Rensaeleer Award 4. No. 1 K Harvard j£ SIXTEEN IRMA HARRIET RUBENS " Boots” 262 Berkeley Street Always noticed yet not tall With a word of cheer for all. G.S.A.; Honor Roll. No. 23 Simmons ROGER A. RUTH " Rog " 2258 Main Street East No, this youth Is no relation of " Babe " Ruth. Honor Roll 4; Bowling 2. No. 28 Antioch FREDERICK SCHLEBER " Fred " 22 Summer Park Fred’s always in a hurry, He has a business mind Now, we all are wondering Will we find another of his kind. Hi-Y 3,4; Sr. Orchestra 2,3,4,- Basket¬ ball 3,4; Track 4; Honor Guard 1; Attendance Awards 3. No. 35 Rochester Business Inst. 1 a f BLANCHE SERCU " Blanche " 58 Bloomfield Place How Blanche brightens ’ The room with her preseno No. 24 r -QJndecided INE SIMPSON " Marje” n Avenue voiceUoCdTy rang Tn me’thorus she sang. Sr. Chorus 2,3,4; Deputy Force 2. No. 13 Rochester Business Inst. MAXINE SOLOMON " Max " 483 Benton Street Truly endowed With Solomon’s wisdom Although very seldom does she use it aloud. Monroe Life 4; Sr. Chorus 1,2,3,4,- Home Room Basketball 1,2; Swimming 1 , 2 . No. 35 Undecided KATHERINE R. STACKEL " Kay " 68 Crosman Terrace Kay has played an active part in nearly everything—and made a success of it all, too. Nat’l Hon6r Society 3,4,- Student Council 4; Student Fprum 4; M-Y 2, M; G ' .S.A: 2,3,4;K. Chorus 2,3,4,- French Club-3,4 ' Leadership Club 3; Bobkshelf 2,3y4; Mo nrolog 4; Swim¬ ming 2,3,- Honor Roll 2,3,4; Honor Guard; Inter-High Choir 4; Girls’ Double Quartet 3,4,- Riding Club 3; Assembly Programs 2,3; Finance Com¬ missioner 4; Custodian 4; Student Aide 4; Pres. French City-Wide Council 4,- Class Day Banquet Chair¬ man 4. No. 35 Ohio University ELEANOR M. SULLIVAN " Peg " - A A 34 Savannah Stree Monrbe’s o Tti-Yi 4; 2) ,4; Hoi} No. 12 rtrude Ederle. Roe-Y 2; Swimming ' oil 4. University of Rochester HARRIET ELIZABETH THOMPSON “Hat " • 222 Westminster Road Here’s one Hat that’s always in style. Student Forum 1,2; G.S.A. 3. No. 23 RUTH ARABELLE VICK " Bubbles " 142 Harvard Street Pratt A pleasant girl We like to have aboljt, )s.£f_ G.S.A. 2,4; Sr. cforLl 2 3,4; Basket¬ ball 2,3; Honor ' Rolf :,- Attendance Awards 2,3. No. 23 Keuka College SEVENTEEN WILLIAM VONHOF " Mike’’ 506 Merchants Road A man that is a man. Hi-Y 3,4; Honor Roll 3,4; Atten¬ dance Awards 3. East Oswego State Normal GEORGE K WAITE 101 Hehrfefta Street master bowler! wling 2,3,4; Aviation Undecided EMIL F. WALTER “Walt” tf Rpckyigham Street h r$fi toned,” dy-stricken maiden moaned. 5r. Chorus 2,3,4; German Chorus 4. No. 24 Undecided KARL FREDERICK WALTON " Buck” 828 So. Goodman Street Names don’t seem to mean a thing Cause " Buck " never bucks at anything. Hi-Y 4,- Deputy Force 3; Swimming 1,- Wrestling 4; FHonor Guard 1; Atten¬ dance Awards 2. No. 24 Undecided DOROTHY GIBSON WEINER " Dot " 17 Werner Park Efficient and But unkind- Sod tyJ4; Monroe Life -Y 3 4, G.S.A. 3; Sr. nattc Club 3,4; Book- lonojpNptl; Honor Guard 1; jnce Awards 1,2; Pinafore 4; Play 3; Gj|ls’ Double Quartette 3; Assembly Programs,- Pres. Dramatic Club 4; General Chairman for Class Day. No. 23 Vassar JOHN GORDON WHITE " John” 604 Garson Avenue John may be quiet, but just the same We know he’s a bowler of no little fame. Baseball 4; Honor Roll 3; Attendance Awards 2; Bowling 3,4; Shop Award 4. East Mechanics GLA IRE WILL 21 Edmonds Street There’s no doubt about it—Claire Will make good. G.S.A. 2; Attendance Awards 2. Out of Town Mechanics ALBERT ELLOIT WOODHEAD “Al” West Henrietta Road Woodhead is no blockhead No, sir! No. 24 Mechanics ANNE ELIZABETH YEISLEY " Anne " 370 Westminster Road A conscientious worker And a good friend. G.S.A. 4; Attendance Awards 2,3,4,- Student Aide 4. No. 35 Park Ave. School of Nursing J. BENJAMIN ZIEGLER " Ben” Norman Road R.F.D. No. 2 He’ll be a Big Ben some day. Bookshelf 2,- Deputy Force 4. EIGHTEEN CHESTER DELL ADKIN “Chet” 103 Grand Avenue All great men are dying And I feel sick myself. Baseball 3,4; Honor Roll 3; Shop Award 4. East Undecided EDWARD BOEHEME “Eddie” 47 Woodland Park When I sat down at the piano— Hi-Y 2,3; Dramatic Club 2,3. No. 10 Undecided BARBARA A. BURD “Birdie” 962 Monroe Avenue When joy and duty clash, Let duty go to smash. G.S.A. 3,4. East Rochester Business Inst. KATHLEEN JANE BURNS “Kay” 27 Hickory Street The lass with the toothpaste ad smile. Basketball 2; Swimming 2. No. 13 Rochester Business Inst. MARY GRACE CANTABENE “Mary” 414 Lyell Avenue She always has the answer right, And in her teachers find delight. Monroe Life 4; G.S.A. 4; Honor Roll 3,4,- Attendance Awards 1. Jefferson Undecided R JOHN DE KOKER “John” 109 Tryon Park What’s in a name? John is no dope. East Undecided MILDRED GORDON “Millie” 185 Edgerton Street Small and observing— Of more than this she is deserving. Monroe Life Typist 4,- G.S.A. 4; Bookshelf 2,3; Gregg Shorthand A- wards 3; Typing Awards 4. No. 20 Undecided MILTON H. JOFFE “Milt” 55 Audubon Street Some may sow, and some may reap, But as for me, just let me sleep. Science Club 4; Aviation Club 4; International Relations Club 4. No. 23 University of Rochester FREDERICK C. SILLIfC “Fred” 39 Bengel Terrace Silent people, so they say Pass for philosophers any day. Student Forum 3,4; Baseball Reserve 4; Wrestling 2. East Undecided MARION L. SLAUSON “Marion” 521 Oxford Street Haste makes waste. G.S.A. 2; Attendance Awards 2. No. 23 Mechanics MARYLEAH MELEN “Mary” 85 Park Avenue Sweet in laughter, gentle in speech, Everyone says, she’s just a peach. But “just a peach” she cannot be, For she is a Melen, isn’t she? G.S.A. 2,3,4,- Swimming 3,4; Gregg 60 Word Award 3; Gregg 80 Word Award 3. No. 23 Undecided HAROLD FRANK LORTZ “Hal” 1900 East Avenue Well known in sports Is Hal Lortz. Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,- Honor Roll 2,3; Soccer Team 4; Reserve Soccer 2,3; Industrial Glee Club 4. East Ohio State MARION E. TOWNSEND “Marion” 609 Cedarwood Terrace The best girls make the least noise— And leave the best impression with the nicest boys. Student Forum 4; Attendance Awards 2 . No. 12 Undecided GLADYS M. YARD “Happy” 259 So. Clinton Avenue We’re Glad when she’s around. Basketball 2; Swimming 2,3; Honor Roll 2; Attendance Awards 2. No. 24 Undecided NINETEEN O N R O L O THE PROGRAM CLASS HISTORY, JANUARY CLASS 1927 A red-letter day early in September heralded the first curtain of the class of January, 1933. Local and out-of-town newspapers made little mention of the fact. Now we were full-fledged Monroites,- we sported shiny brief cases (not discarded until senior high) short pants, and yo yos (or weren’t yo yos invented then?) According to the Monroe Life, two seventh graders were found in the basement look¬ ing for Room 500, and a State School Board inspected the new cafeteria building and praised it highly about this time. We saw our first senior play on November 18, when " It Pays to Advertise " was pre¬ sented with Jack Kimble and Marguerite Weiner in the leads. Do you remember when the first of our many revised constitutions was adopted in December? According to its authors, the new document " gave students control of every student activity in Monroe. " 1929 Well, well, how time flies! Here we are in September, 1929, members of the Junior Corps already. (The editor forbid us to make any cracks about the " Junior Corpse " . Moreover, if you were writing a class history, you might skip a couple years too.) We had our Junior Corps elections after a quorum was dragged around to the meet¬ ing. For the boys, John Chapman was chosen president, Donald Lewis, vice-president, Jack Park, secretary, and Ralph Sullivan, Social Chairman. The girls elected Margaret Kellner, president; Jean Cannon, vice-president; Marie McWill iams, secretary,- and Dorothy Weiner, social chairman (or is it. charwoman?) Students’ Association elections also: MacRussell, president; Louis Teall, vice-presi¬ dent,- (do you recall Hal Young’s nomination speech?) Nat Arnot, secretary,- Bob Burnam and John Keeler, cheer leaders. We held our first Junior Corps dance October 25 in the boys’ gym, after a series of dancing lessons. Cider and doughnuts were served,- it was estimated Tom Plumb drank thirteen glasses of the former. Preparations for publishing the " little red book " , otherwise the Monroe Handbook, were under way. The little red book contained information about just everything in Monroe. A few more of our aspiring classmates achieved fame about this time: Laurence Edel- stein as standard bearer, Lila Benedict as daughter of the flag, and Stan Levey as a Monroe Life reporter. Three new societies were formed in October and November: A Committee to Devise Ways and Means for Girls to Powder their Noses, the Committee for the Reinstatement of High School Football, and a club formed by Bob Reed and Art Rosenbloom whose pledges carried around the members’ brief cases for two or three weeks. 1930 We presented a " gala and sparkling revue " before Junior Assembly on Moving-Up Day in January. The program featured several novelty numbers and " a bevy of beautiful girls " as a chorus. Our big day came on Janu ary 24, when we graduated before a throng of parents and friends. (Do you remember walking across the stage foryour diploma? What an ordeal!) A play The Bellman of Mons " , a speech of welcome by Margaret Kellner, and pre¬ sentation of the class gift (an institution now in hazy memory) featured the event. TWENTY O N R O L O THE PROGRAM (concluded) Once more we visited the voting booths, with these results for our 10B officers: John Ch apman, president Stan Levey, vice-president Donald Lewis, secretary,- (he’s never been the same since he started collecting dues) and Jane Lowell, social chairman. We witnessed the presentation of " Les Americans Chez Nous”, Monroe’s fifth annual French play, with Shirley Olsan and Jerry Brown in the leads. Hal Young’s great socio-political epic, ' ' The Heart of a Gangster”, began its run in Monroe Life Monroe Life revolutions in September, with Laurence Luescher editor and Hal Young running the paper. At this time Margaret Kellner, Art Rosenbloom, and Stan Levey graced the staff as reporters. About now it was reported that Jack Peck passed the four foot mark and was on his way to greater heights. Ben Greet and his Shakespearean players came to school presenting " As You Like It” and " Macbeth”. In February Monroe wiped the floor with East High’s basketball team for the first time, 31-22, with Fine, Meyer, Zutes, Walter, and Winslow in the lineup. In March our class began to break into the higher arts. Lee Geismar, Dorothy Weiner, and Stan Levey joined the Dramatics Club shortly after Margaret Kellner was voted into Pencil Pushers. Our 11B Dramatists b roke into the big time as they trod the boards in " The Youngest”. In the cast were Eleanor Alexander, Dorothy Weiner, Margaret Kellner. May 1 5 Delibert coaxes Burns into buying new font of type for Monroe Life June: Delibert discards new font: Burns breaks down and weeps. SEPTEMBER-JUNE 1931-1933 Class of January 1933 goes along its merry way taking time out to allow Art Rosen¬ bloom to be Managing Editor of Kaleidoscope and Standard Bearer, Stan Levey editor- in-chief of Monroe Life and Monrolog, Kay Stackel Custodian, Al Henz Master Bowler, Laurie Edelstein President of the Honor Society, Bob Reed a handwriting expert, and Marie McWilliams the leading candidate for Marie Dressler’s position as famous comedienne. Then came the last great week of school with class-day programs, and banquets and Art Murrell-Wright subbing for Stan Levey at three hours’ notice. And then graduation with a play ' The Game of Chess” moving everyone to tears. Then six months of P-G’ing and G-P’ing (grand-punnin g) to s ummer vacation—then goodbye to ’ole Monroe after electing Miss Charlotte Wescott beauty queen of parts near and far. A little sentiment does not harm,—so " Hold fast to the wheel, boys Without a sound of noise For soon the harbor lights are seen And so—toodle-oo—ole bean” -—Yevel THE END TWENTY-ONE MONROLOG JOSEPH BARNES ROBERT MANUEL JUNE CLASS OFFICERS JOSEPH BARNES. ROBERT MANUEL. SUSAN VOGT. ANN RUSSELL. President Vice-President Secretary Social Chairman TWENTY-TWO MONROLOG GEORGE ADAMS " Sparky” 26 Hartsen Street Work is work and must be done, But as I work I have my fun. Honor Roll 2,3,4; Attendance A- wards 3; Reserve Soccer 4. No. 1 Undecided WILLIAM HENDEN ALLEN " Bill” 243 Illinois Street If titan locks a sign of anger be, Then to this rule Bill’s manner is contrary. Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Attendance A- wards 1,2. No. 33 Oswego Normal HARRY R. BALDWIN " Baldy” 161 Berkeley Street I don’t mind the fuzz On peaches, but when I Eat apples, they have to Be Baldwin’s. Sr. Chorus 3,4; Wrestling 3; Track 3, 4. Canandaigua Undecided MYLDRED BARETT " Larry” 777 South Avenue Is there brilliancy in Milly? And beauty? Oh, yes, don’t be silly. G.S.A.; Basketball; Swimming. No. 24 Highland Hospital JOSEPH EDWARD BARNES " Joe " 310 Mulberry Street ,he ought to do, and did it, iere are very few, lgly admit it. Council 2,4; Student Forum 3,4; French Club 3,4; Deputy Force 2; Honor attendance Awards 2,3. University of Rochester We w BETTY ADLAM " Betty” 82 Rockingham Street le noblest gift of Monroe Life 2,3,4, Assoc. Ed. 4; G.S.A. 2,3; Sr. Chorus 3; Pencil Pushers 4,- Bookshelf 2; Alpha-Roe-Y 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2,4. No. 24 University of Rochester JOHN GRAY ADLER " Johnny” 35 Beverly Street Twelve men and John Adler under¬ stand Einstein’s Theory. Student Forum 2,3,4; Monroe Life 3; Dramatic Club 2,3,4,- Agora 2,3,4; Engineering Club 3,4; Science Club ,4; Chess Club 3,4; Deputy Force 2; Swimming 3,4; Honor Roll 4. No. 1 Hamilton JEANNETTE AIKEN " Jeanie” 135 Merchants Road If she has any faults, She has left us in doubt. G.S.A. 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2; Atten¬ dance Awards 2,3. East Undecided (j ' 1 f u ' 7 SL ARD ALLEN NGEVINE " Dick” 507 Laurelton Road The world is good, and the people are good, And we are all good fellows to¬ gether. French Club 4; Engineering Club-Sec. 3; Vice-Pres.-4,- Deputy Force 3; Wrestling 3; Honor Roll 3; Reserve Soccer 3; Fencing Club 4. Undecided ELEANOR G. BAILEY " El” 739 So. Goodman Street S I Slow ancj steady wins the race. ’ No. 24 Undecided • TWENTY-THREE M O N R O L O RUSSELL ALFRED BAUM " Russ” 20 James S treet He’s sensible, but has the punch To act courageously on a hunch Student Forum 3,4; Deputy Force 3,4; Wrestling 3; Honor Roll 2,3,4. No. 12 Undecided RUTH BECKER " Ruth” 260 Laburnum Crescent All we need is a friend or two Whatever the rest may say and do. Bookshelf 2; Honor Roll 2. No. 35 Syracuse University DORIS HELENE BERGER - " Dodo” 584 Monroe Avenue Such a bright little Slight little Light little Trim little lass,. G.S.A. 3,4; Sr. Chorus 2,3; Leader¬ ship Club 3,- Dramatic Club 4; Book- shelr 2,3,4; Basketball ' 2,3,4; Swim¬ ming 2,3,4. No. 35 University of Rochester ' HELENE RUTH BERMAN " Helene” Brighton Helene est une bonne amie Et el Ie est aussi tres jolie National Honor Society 3,4; Monroe LifeJ%3 4 ; Frendb Club.4; Bookshelf lb 3,4 5fegi 3,4; Attendance Awards Z; Corridor Aide 4; Inter. Rela. Club 4; Custodian of the Flag 4; Monroe Life 4. No. 24 University of Rochester ETTE-.BICKSLER y " Unie” 534 Meigs Street _ rA. 3ft; s, 2Hono Award—Silver. uces Fine orus 2,3,4; Tennis 2,3; Attendance No. 24 University of Rochester JOHN A. BISHOP " Max” 163 Cedarwood Terrace- asketba11 4; Base- University of Rochester WHEELER BISHOf " Wheeler” 55».Reserv tai-pld M. be a boy WitH ability! Ten ’ ' ‘Bishop ' gets there ne ' fy t fe6rz . iih tru« nobility! Jtude ' nt horiifty 2; Hff-Y 2,3,4; Sr. Ihorus 2; Engineering Club 3; Deputy -orce 4; Fencing Club 4; Honor Roll. No. 24 M. I. T. ROBERT J. BLOOR " Bob” , Bxp fne isfa worker! This no pfie Will 1 deny. And he’s Tfie bne who gets results, For he kriows how to try! Hi-Y 4; Engineering Club 3,4; (Pres. 4;) German Chorus 4; Fencing Club 4. No. 24 t- Uft cf e cici e d ff. LESTER DANT BOLTON " Bus” 419 Sp. Goodman Street Fooling has its time and place— That I surely see— But just let me find the time, And the place won’t bother me. Hi-Y 4; Honor Roll 3. Madison High Undecided RICHARD E. " Dick” BORDER 581 Dewey Avenue We’ve often wofrderepuMiy it is Our Dick’s sbVefy qul€p ixilm t ' e people would iCTOugh to try it. Club 4; Honor Roll 2. . 23 University of Rochester TWENTY-FOUR MONROLOG PAULINE ELLENOR BRIGHAM “Ellie” Forest Lawn, New York She charms us more and more When indulging in the terpsichore M-Y 3,4; G.S.A. 2; Dramatics Club 3,4; Swimming Medal 2. No. 24 Columbia University CHARLES ARTHUR Happy pm I. From caffeUY, Why airerrtall The rest like me? Basketball 3,4; Baseball Reserve 3,4; Honor Roll 4; Attendance Awards 2,3. No. 35 Undecided DOROTHY BROWN ' Dot” 23 Crawford Street Daseball swim ?ives aJJ throwing. i; Sr. Chorus 2; Alpha-Roe- Basketball 2,3; Baseball 2; Swimming 2,3; Wrestling 2; Tennis 3; Attendance Award 2. No. 35 Genesee Hospital nee MARY ELIZABETH BROWN ‘B ty” SheparcKSlreet friend in rveljcJ fs a - friend indeed. G ' .SLA. 3,1 Awards , 3. Ng. 35 Unwel f?y of Rochester RAYMOND BROWN " Brownie” 261 Mulberry Street Ray is not a quitter, This about him we all say, For once we saw him knocked out, And jump right up and play. Basketball 2,3; Wrestling 3; Soccer No. 24 ?OWNE ij- - Lcn DONALD REICb BR " Brownie” 297 Park Avenue I worry not, For what’s the use? To worry bores One like the deuce. Student Forum 2; Hi-Y 4; Dramatic Club 3; Golf 3,4; Honor Roll 2,3; Honor Guard 1. No. 23 Mass. Inst, of Technology DOMINIC A. EMjj)JO 23 Wet come in little packages. ui uiis iaed ” withoyt a doubt!) h Student Forum 3; Good ffTir Sr. ChcVus 2,3,4; Deputy Force 2,4; Swinging 4; Wrestling 2,4; Honor RofM 2, 3; Attendance Awards 2; Country 4; Second Boys’Glee lub 2,3,4. 10 University of Illinois CHARLES DAVIS BURNHAM " Charlie” Girton Place lulk’s” ouf bashful lilltle h ero, WFio Jiever’witH a girl gobfout. jet me opposite of this idea Well that’s " Ch ck” 1 Student Council 3) H ' i-Y 2,3,4; (Sec. 3, Pres. 4,) Mgr. Reserve Basketball 3; Mgr. Baseball 4; Golf 2; Honor Roll 1; Attendance Awards,- Cheerleader 2. No. 23 University of Michigan MARTHA JANE CALDWELL " Martha” 1100 South Avenue Good cheer, a lot of fun, And a smile for everyone. Student Forum 2; Senior Band 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2,3. No. 24 Mechanics Institute RAY CALLAHAN " Moose” 62 Salisbury Street Since good ol’ Moose to Monroe came, Baseball records haven’t stayed the same. Baseball 1,2,4. East Undecided =C« M O N R O L O G WALTER DOUGLAS COOK " Douglas” 53 Nunda Boulevard Smile and the world smiles with you. National Honor Society 4; Honor Guard 1. No. 1 University of Rochester CARL COUVRETTE “Carr 55 Henrietta Street Carl is the best of boys And never does he lose his poise. Madison High Undecided JACK CAUDLE “Jack” 82 Belmont Street hate to be bored. Mechanics Institute MAX COHEN “Der Moxie” 105 Pinnacle Road Cohen, Max Must shave with an axe For his cheek lacks A razor’s smooth tracks. No. 35 University of Rochester BARBARA SATTERLEE CURTIS “Barb” 130 Vassar Street What’ is her secret of success to be o well liked? Monroe Life 3,4; M-Y Beta 2,3,4; (Social Chairman 4,-) G.S.A. 2,3,4; Corridor Akfe 4; Production Staff- Junior Play 3. No. 23 University of Rochester MARJORIE J. CROWLEY “Marge” 19 Tracy Street She is wealthy in her friends. G.S.A. 3,4. East Undecided VIRGINIA LOUISE DART “Pat” 123 Benton Street A scholar and athlete, That’s a record hard to beat. Student Forum 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Tennis 3,4; Honor Roll 2,3; Atten¬ dance Award 3; Gregg Awards. No. 24 Rochester Business Inst. IRVING J. DAVIS “ I rv ” 50 Werner Park Irv knows his st 1 ?u get that i i.nroe L ' ife £,? 4; (Adv. Mgr. Bus. Chorus 2; Dramatic Club Club 3,4; Adelphians 3,4; r Play 3; Assembly Programs 2, No. 23 Ohio State JOHN J. De FRANCISCO “Nigger” 28 Beaufort Street He’s an athlete, And fleet On his feet! Engineering Club 3; Wrestling 1,2,3, 4; Captain 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2,3; Attendance Awards 8-A; Cross County 2,3,4; Skating 2; Indus¬ trial Boy’s Glee Club 2,3,4. No. 24 Mechanics Institute TWENTY-SIX MONROLOG DONALD A. De HOLLANDER " Dutch " Landing Road, Brighton Let others work; I’ll do the rest. Honor Roll 3. Brighton Undecided PETER De KRAMER " Pete” 60 Brentwood Street What won’t the women do For Pete’s sake! Hi-Y 4; Track-Cross Country 3,4; Attendance Awards 2,3. No. 1 - Mechanics Institute 1 L V } sf I A DGE . S ' e” Avenue i presi dent -.—V— to be a With Daragidras sten G.S.A. S Deputy Force 2; Basket¬ ball 2; Gregg Awards. No. 13 Rochester Business Inst. ANDREW J. DOLES ? " Andy” IjipharglpStreet A student quib£ dc Honor Roll 3,4. St. Boniface Undecided WILBUR DOSER i " Bill” J " 4 Pappert Place We wonder ifTie was born On the.-first of the month Track; Honor Roll; Attendance Awards. Blessed Sacrament Cornell Univ. 7L r LILIANE DREXLER " Lil” 60 Hinsdale Street X W Lil’s an athlete,- Lil can sing Lil can do ’most anythirjg. Sr. Chorus 2; French Ctufc 4, Basket¬ ball 2,- Tennis 2; Honor Roll 3. No. 35 Eastman School of Music RUCKER q—Art has en his ears. r.fef ,4; Tennis 2, Honor Roll 3,4; Honor Guard 1. No. 23 Undecided DORIS DUDLEY 175 Clintqrr k iue North In tennis and swimtopng She is constantly G.S.A. 4; Swimming 4; Tennis 4. Out of Town University of Chicago RICHARD HUGH DUDL " Dick " 39 Collamer Drive And does he play? Oh, chess! Hi-Y 4; Engineering Club 4; Science Club 3,4; Chess Club 1,2,3; (Pres. 4,-) Honor Roll 1,- Attendance Awards 2 . Seneca School Univ. of Rochester LOUIS, HENRY DURKEE " Louis” 359 Roxborough Road You wjatft ' nother Paddock? Nqw you’re talkin-g turkey Trending Monroe’s cprridors Is the one and only Durkee. Track(j2,3 , ,4; Honor Roll 2; Atten¬ dance Awards ,2; Soccer 2,3,4,- New Yorlc ' Sfate Sedtional 440 Yd. Cham¬ pion Interscholastic 440 Yd. Cham¬ pion. No. 24 Michigan TWENTY-SEVEN MONROLOG GEORGE F. DUTTON “George” A . 61 Field Streets Dutton—Dutton who’s got the Dhtton? Adv. Salesman Monroe -ife ' 3; Adv. Mgr Monrolog : jF; 1 " Science Club; Chess,- Cluo; nlonor Roll 1,2,3 a; French Play, Stage Mgr. 3; Cast 3; Cor. Aide Sup. 4,- FHonor Soc. 4,- Eng. Club 4. No. 35 University of Rochester ELIZABEIHADA EGGIMAN “Liz” 6 Rundel Park Student i-orurn 2,3H; ..G.S.A. 2,3,4,- -Leadership Club4;A$ ra 3,4,-Basket¬ ball 2; Baseball 2; Swimrhlng 2; Flonor Roji 2,3A; Attendance Award (siI- verpt; Int. Relations 4. No. 3l Rochester General HospitaI k AIRBAIRN “Claudia” £ 4 Windemere Road ' ofmayWn hair, sty Iy, pretty shoulders, care I? G.S.A. 4. Out of Town Mechanics Institute (M again . Gone again Flanigan St. Mary’s RAYMOND W. FLANIGAN “Ray” 68 Savannah Street again Undecided A- GERALDINE ROSEMARY FOLEY “Gerie” 72 Browncroft Boulevard Oh, how changed Monroe would be If all the deputies were like “Gerie” G.S.A. 3,4; Deputy Force 3. Our Lady of Mercy Univ. of Roch. RICHARD C. FOWLER “Dick " 37 Vick Park A The honor roll was sure his goal. Sr. Chorus 3,4,- Eng. Club Sec. 3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Attendance A- LEMOYNE FRANK “Lemoyne” 616 North Goodman Street No angler ever cast a line like this. Monroe Jr. Undecided VlAKy ALie_t oAlot ✓ “Pat” 413 MtSVernon Avenue - ' A r al ykorker in schb l and out And b all she’s con dped d n awfully qood 01 A. H- i Monroe LireMqjG.S. AY 3; Bookshelf 2,- Alpha-Roe-Y 2,3,4; FHonor Roll 2,3,4,- Deputy Force 4. No. 24 University of Rochester RICHARD W. GALE " Dick” 42 Harlem Street Lucky Dick to have his pick of friends. Swimming 4,- Attendance Awards 2. No. 23 Undecided GENEVIEVE " Gen” West Henri I wish I were a little - " 11 A settin’ on a hill And doing nothing al ; long But just a-settin’ stil Swimming 2,3; Gregg Aw ' ards. Out of Town Njndecided TWENTY-EIGHT R L GIBSON ' Joan " 144 Ali ix Street 1 e boys G.S.A. 2; Lea ball 2,3,4. No. 24 lip Club 3; Basket- Undecided ELIZABETH JEAN GILRAY " Betty” 136 Frankland Road So full of fun and cheer That’s why we like Betty near. M-Y-Gamma 2; Soc. Chairman 3; G.S. A. 2,3,4, Publicity Mgr.,- H.R. Rep. 3; Sr. Chorus 2,3,4,- " Pinafore”, Leader¬ ship Club 2 Life Saving 2,3; Riding Club 3. . C? — ' I No. 4 JEROME B. 36 Labur Undecided RDON Jert School is work Undecided BONITA GRAUER " Bonnie” 110 Raleigh Street A scintillating, captivating, devastat¬ ing miss! West High Cornell University HOWARD J. GRESENS " Howie” 36 Midvale Terrace The grandaddy of us all. Hi-Y; Baseball 3,4,- Wrestling 3; Honor Roll 3,4; Soccer 3; Manager 4; Industrial Arts Club, President. East Buffalo Teachers College JOHN HENRY GROSSMAN " Johnee " 385 Broadway Here’s a man to depend upon. Wrestling 4; Manager; Honor Roll 3, 4,- Attendance Awards 4. No. 24 University of Rochester JUNE ( H. GROUT " Un-ie” T lOq Chffpirt street Quiet yet witty Wise yet pretty. G.S.A. 4; Sr. Chorus Honor Roll 3. No. 39 vQw Basketball 2; Strong Memorial KARL EDWARD GRUNDHOFER " Grundy” 89 Mayfield Street A serious face indicates thought. Swimming 4; German Honor Society 4. East High Undecided WILMA GUCKER " Wilma” 14 Penfield Road Mt. Vernon has given us more than one person to cherish. G.S.A. Mt. Vernon Undecided RUTH GUP " Ruthie” 1057 Monroe Ruthie swing a mea It comes TWENTY-NINE BERTHA G. HtNDERSO “Bertne” Jy 42 Poplar Street . ' ETH OJ5TAFSON Os ' “Ruthie” fzwashbum Park Always go v the omer fel and FfelpJi-ffTJ M rfroe UU Alpha 2,3.4 Rq y i Jp Monorl Guaj ;d, J rj or cietypAjj ENDERSON nue WrnowYn ‘now. so No i-y ha- 4; Play 3; Nat. echanics Institute NIE MAY HALE “Min” 40 Richard Street In many a basketball game She has won undying fame. Basketball 2. East High Gregg School JACK D. HARBY “Jack” 450 Cobbs Hill Drive Napoleon too Met his Waterloo— When heTcwad a Josec hine National Forum Hon 4 Cheer, Interschola ti Out of Town ; Student ack 3,4; ountry Captain eer-Master 4; e Champion 3. U.SCNaval Academy FRANK HAYNES . “Curly” 1 5 Bloomfield Place 3; Vice-Pres. 374 3Dutside Safety trial Boys’ Glee Club. D.W. Flying School AGNES LOUISE HEINRICK “Aggie " 200 Mt. Vernon Avenue As a swimming star, May her fame spread far. Swimming 3. St. Boniface Undecided _horus 2,3,4; l(Treas.;) Basketball Tnter-High Scnodl Choir, Sec- .; German Chorus,- Pinafore. No. 13 Eastman School of Music EDWARD B “Eddy” 1360 South As a scriooRsoiriNartret s a wow , aoout that 3A; Hi-Y ; Cross Coun- Mechanics Baske Institute JACK JRGINIA A. MOWLAND “Ginnie” 268 Rockingham S eet There’s a lottafi kick in This G+n (ni.e). G.S.A. 2,3,- Alpha-Roe- .3 ' ball 3; Basebal No. k 4 Mecha HOMER ALEXAND “Ajax” 290 Crosman Terrace Comrades all (alas, alack!) Are Lenin, Marx, and HoiWr Jack. 2,3; Monroe Life 2,3; Orchestra 2,3jP encil 4; Agora 4; Engineering -fan 3,4; Kaleidoscope- ice Club-Pres. 4; Sr. Band nb 4,- Honor Roll 2,3,4. Yale University ECKHART A. JACOBSEN “Eckie” 126 Brookfield Rc Eckie ig(a UnionjMjan. OftLhestra 2,3,4; t fidance A- Union dent Fo lub br en ess f THIRTY MONROLOG ROBERT LAWRENCE JENSEN " Buck” 629 jfwood Terrace Iroodequoit ELEANO Honor Roll 2; Indus- 2,3,4. Eastman School of Music V FRIEND V JOHNSON ' “Ellie " 80 Savannah Street Juiet,- r at, calm, ' petite ,N|a airF running. has ier beat! ' Stucent Forum JA Alpha-Roe-Y 4; Basketball, Captain 2,3,4,- Honor Roll 3,4; Attendance Awards 2,3; Wear¬ er of " M’ - ; Shorthand Awards, Swimming 3. Out of Town Rochester Business Inst. MARJORIE R-.KARLE " Marg” 15 7 Benton Street Joy is not in things, it is in us. Basketball 2,3,4; Attendance Awards 2,3; Shorthand Awards. No. 24 Rochester Business Inst. S KASINER , " Kay” Crawford Street By Studeqt Bookshe ( No. 24 sdom at others say. ouncil 2,3; G.S.A. 2,3; University of Rochester GEORGE T. KELLER " Spook " 1592 Highlartflytyen eorg e ' rJueT ' ' sure to take to wing. ent Forum 2,3; H-Y 4; Baseball 3; Golf 3,4; Business Manager Jr. Play 3. Baltimore, Md. Cornell University FRANK K. KELLY " Dud” 1194 East Avenue When Irish eyes are smiling— Honor Roll 3,4. Aquinas Undecided ANNE GETTY KLINE " Anne” 297 Linden Street Our Anne Kline » Knows wel the language of the Rhine German Chorus 4; German Club 4. f No. 13 University of Roch MIRIAM EL$A KU RlCK " Mim” 28 EricssonVbtfc£et Without Mim s pleasing personality! Unpiided ' oy her versatility Ed librs Would Mqnroe Life 3; Pres. 4; G.S.A. 2,3,4; Sr.NQrchestra 2; Ed. Monrolog Af; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Honor Guard 1; German Chorus 4; Wardrobe Mistress Junior Play 3; Corridor Aide 4; Honor Society 4. No. 1 Vas GLORIA MILDRED K, “TuWcC „ Edgewoo Wherleve Gfphia shi les out a G.S.A. 1; Out of To put to a true test Hon vn THIRTY-ONE N R O L O RUTH MARIE KOERNER ' Ruth ' ' 906 South Avenue Ruth is a staunch friend And enjoys a good joke. Leadership Club 3; Basketball 3. No. 24 University of Rochester YRTICE KOON " Rhode” rwood Terrace a pair Mechanics Institute JEAN KORNDOERFER " Jean” 87 Sanford Street How I’d love to be a patient, If Jean’d be my nurse! No. 13 General Hospital ts BEATRICE KROLL " Bea” 85 Park Ave nue Undecided MARIETTA KUOLT " Gigs” 21 San Gabriel Drive I love to play, I love to dance, But most of all I love romance. Student Forum 4; M-Y 2,3,4 Soc. Chairman 2; G.S.A. 3,4 H.R. Rep. 4 Swimming 2 Social Chair-Class 2 Riding Club 3,4 Junior Play,- H.R. Pres. 4. No. 11 Mount Holyoke NORMAN KYLE " Worm” 20 Richard Street The man who trusts men will make fewer mistakes than he who distrusts them. Forum 3 Deputy Force 3 Honor Roll 3,4. No. 24 Undecided EUG?F e_CLARK LA VIER “Gi Souttf venue Alegebra, i aTjKG11 are to Gene, As easy to take s a afluimer day-dream. Monroe Life Honor Roll 2,3, wards 3. West echanics ESTELLE LAVNER " Stell " 12 Palisade Park The bosses yell, " Business before Pleasure” But always to Stell Business is Pleasure. Monroe Life Salesman 4 G.S.A. 2,4; Bookshelf 2 Deputy Force 2; Gregg Awards,- Monrolog Typist 4. No. 35 Syracuse University bite at Monroe Yu The J 5v4 ivA esteem Jo it Hortff Sc eernig Club Nationa Pres. 4; Engiffe Honor R; wprds 2i N ADELE M. LEVY " Adele’ 22 LaburnurtKCresg Of chorus A ' A fine m ’endanpe A- T U. of R. I Sr. Chorus 2 3,4 3; Inter-High Chorus nan Chorus 4. ester Business Inst. THIRTY-TWO N R O L O G M O J THELMA K. LUEHM “Thef” 449 Clinton Avenue So. Little care I if little I am, I can do just as much as a bigger girl can. Basketball 2; Baseball 2 Gregg Awards. No. 24 Undecided Senior Orchestra 4. Brighton University of Rochester RY ADELL MacFARLANE “Mary” 1600 Highland Avenue en the teachers were a little sore let h« dimples show, and they M-Y 2f ,4; G.S.A. 2,3,4-Rep; Riding No. 23 Undecided MARJORIE ELIZABETH MACK “Marge” 12 Benton Street How Marge could brighten a room with ease She’s always happy, as everyone sees. Swimming 2. No. 24 , Undecided ( ALICE MARGARET MacLAREN “Al” 677 South Avenue ( We’re expecting to See you at the op fa, Alice! Mo Cho 3,4; Ati blies 2,3; I No. 13 ;e Awards 2; Assem- jjh Choir 3,4. ix Business Inst. THERESE A. MANCUSO “Trixie” 200 North Union Street Just a little bundle of Trixie. Honor Roll 2,3,4; Attendance A- wards. No. 10 Cornell MIRIAM RUTH MANSON “Mim” 99 Pinnacle Road With jet black curls This maiden doe£ Sr. Chorus 2,3,4; S Roll 1,2. „ No. 35 University Roll 1,2,3; Honor Guard; Attendance Awards 1,2. No. 35 Undecided ETHEL L. McCOWAN “Mac” .y ' 162 Maxwell Aven ' iue Dur dash are filled wfth so much strife et ‘‘ ' Mac” is always full of life. donor Roll 1,2, — n 31 Undecided THIRTY-THREE o N R O L O RALPH HOWARD MARSH “Howie” 135 Eugene Street, Coldwater, N. Y. If anyone should ask, “And what did Howard do? " We’d answer doggone quick, “He spoke French—and you?” French Club 4; Honor Roll 3,4. Out of Town Undecided WILFRID FRANCIS MARTIN “Bill” 44 Lafayette Road Bill cannot the backward heed. For Bill is always in the lead. Aquinas Institute Rutgers JOHN E. MASON “Jack” 67 Quentin Road By different methods,. - different men excel, But here is one who can do all things well. Nat. Honor Society, Vice-Pres. 4; udent Council 4; Student Forum 2,3, 4-Vice-President; Hi-Y 4; Sr. Orches¬ tra 3,4; French Club 4; Monrolog 4- Sport’s Editor,- Baseball 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Honor Guard 1; Atten¬ dance Awards 2,3,4; Cheering 3,4; res. Students’ Association 4; Pres. French Honor Society 4. No. 23 University of Rochester JEROME STOLID Me INTEE “Jerry” 347 Culver Road “A lion among ladies is a dangerous thing.” Sr. Chorus 2,3,4; Wrestling 2; Assem¬ bly Programs 2,3. Na reth Hall Harvard University MARY EDWIN K. McLAUGHLIN “Mary” 152 Barrington Street Tempe ramental Rochester climate Will lose The sunshine of her smile To sunny California— Worse luck! Deputy Force 4; Attendance Awards 3,4; Penmanship Award. Out of Town Univ. of So. California S MONQENET to take a stroll the honor roll. ce 3; Track 2; Honor Roll 3. of Victory Undecided LOUISE ELEANOR MORGAN “Weezie” 36 Edgemont Road Louise can do Morgan anyone else her size. Nat. Honor Society 3,4;Student Forum 2; M-XS 3 ( 4 L©o. A. 2,3,4;Sr. Chorus npruen Club 3,4; Bookshelf 2, 3’ 4; ' T jbJtrolog-4; Organization Ed.; HonorRol 12,3,4; Attendance Awards 2,3; Pinafore A ; Corridor Aide 4. No. 24 University of Rochester ROSE MARIE MORMINO “Roily” 382 Scio Street “Rose Marie, we love you We’ll always be thinking of you.” H. R. Sec t. 3; G.S.A. 3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Attendance Awards. 4 No. 10 Mechanics Institute RITA PATRICIA MORRISSEY “Pat” 300 Pearl Street If Pat The Morrissey ft The more I t wa|Vt to see. , Basketball 2; Swimmibg 2; 40 Word Typing Award. Blessed Sacrament Mercy Hospital ALICE MORSE “Al” 192 Genesee btreet O! to be.P.rV aept For Alice ' vsn b G.S.A. 2,3 ship Award Allen Creek Secretary, r Roll 2,3; Penman- Rochester Business Inst. THIRTY-FOUR M £ N R O L O G MYRA MOSTKOV " My” 68 Vassar Street Some have beauty, om brains. Whe. M xYth,Avhat else wrote tiite d,4,• ' G.S.A. 2,3 Science Club j,4,- Honor Roll 4. Geneva I—Iish University of Rochester MURIEL LOUISE MULL " Me-Me " 55 Mulberry Street " Me-Me you funny little sunny of a Me-Me, You’re aimin’ high.” Basketball 2,- Honor Roll 4. St. Boniface Undecided Q ewi Broadway, here MURRELLWRIGHT " Fantail” 21 Girton Place come! rpgrams 2,3,4, Monroe ic Club 3,4. CHESTER M. NITCHIE " Chet” Ddman Street " Chet’s " Travel ma —among Forum 4; Out of Town 1 gr. Junior Play 3. Cornel EVELYN NOLAN " Evvie” 72 Mulberry Street Evvie is different. We all try to please. But only Evvie can do so with ease. Nazareth Academy Mechanics THOMAS OWEN " Tom” Henrietta, N. Y. The Clark Gable of this year’s basketball team. Forum 2 Hi-Y 2,3,4 Basketball 3,4 Reserve 2 Baseball 2,3,4. Out of Town Colgate MARCIA WARRANT PARCE " Mart” Oak Lane, Brighton A winning smile, a laughing eye, Glad to help and not ask why. M-Y 4; G.S.A. 4 French Club 4; Honor Roll 3. Fairport High Mt. Holyoke RICHARD BALLOU PARKS “Wolf” 47 Landing Road Cann Monspe- Life 2f3,fl4 hefepQub 2 ( 2,3| tk dclr Honor _ k 3 Attendance A- _ Jross-Country, Mgr. 4 Honor Roll 3,4 Bus. Mgr. Jr. Play Wrestling 4 Nat. Honor Society 4 St. Council 4. Allen’s Creek ' S Tufts Collet r ELEANOR £ARL PARTRID " El lie” qJt 318 Hurst soume A fleeting tc dh upbr( the keys JdeKin rmonies. Associate Editor 4; _ -ChreJ 4 M-Y 3,4; G.S.A. 3,4 H. R. Rep. 3 Sr. Chorus 3,4; Pencil Pushers 3,4; Bookshelf 3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4,- Pinafore 4 Honor Society 4. East Eastman School of Music ELIZABETH VanM. PARTRIDGE " Betty " 33 Cornell Street " Miss Phelps”—she always helps. Out of Town Skidmore T H I R T Y - F I V E HELEN LOUISE .PATTERSON Pat” 16S0TEast Avenue When she’s aroui d; What’s the irse? J onroe ramatic lay. of Tov n 1 3,4; G.S.A. 3,4; Alpha-Roe-Y 3; Strong Memorial THOMAS GIBSON PAYNE " Tom” 810 South Avenue Once a poet asked " What’s in a name?” Nothing, in this case For Tom’s not a “Payne” Sr. Chorus 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Honor Guard 1; Attendance Awards 2,3,4. No. 13 University of Rochester L-Some day ' soon a young man is going f to appreciate his lucky “Penny” Student Forum,- Deputy Force; Basket¬ ball; Attendance Awards. ' JEAN PENNINGTON , ' “Penny” l 1 ' Ll 72 Cypress Street No. 13 Rochester Business Inst. C. RUSSELL PHELPS “Russ” 73 Cathaway Park Quite a manager is Russ Of things both large and small; ’s not a question of how or when, Russ can manage them all. Nat’l. Honor Society 3,4; Standard Bearer 1,4; Les Babi I lards 3,4,- Soc. Chairman 4, Treas. 4; Monroe Life 2, 3,- Editorials 3, Bus. Mgr. 4; Bus. Mgr. Kaleidoscope 3,4; Bus. Mgr. Monro- log 4 ; Chess Club 1,2,3,4; Sec. 2, Pres. 3, Chess Team 3,4; Sr. Orches¬ tra 2,3,4; Interhigh Orchestra 2,3,4; Sen ior Chorus 2,3; Engineering Club 3,4,- Vice-Pres. 3; Hi-Y 3,4; Sec. 3; nch Play 2,3; Bus. Mgr. 3; Class Day Chairman 4; Corridor Aide 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. whern Parkway No. 28 sheik so sleek. ring ISABEL P( “Izzy” 331 Field Street An effervescent personality Combined with much ability. G.S.A. 3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Honor Guard 1. No. 35 Undecided X- xAj |RA g AFjfor 151 Canterbury Road “What town is this, anyhow? " Monroe Life 2,3; Sr. Chorus 2,3,4; Engineering Club 3,4; Kaleidoscope 4. No. 35 Brown University WILLIAM DALY POWERS J? “Bill” 364 Barringtorf Street Others can work— £ But I know how to play.. ' Swimming 3,4. Nazareth Hall Qrf Cornell FRED PULS “Seymour” 25 Nelson Street Only two letters in the alphebet Does our Freddy ever get- on his report card The First two! Deputy Force,- Honor Roll; Atten¬ dance Awards. No. 35 Mech amcs JANET REMINGTON “Remedy” 1019 Park Avenue And women are the weaker sex? G.S.A. 2,4; Sr. Chorus 2,3,4; Alpha- Roe-Y 2,3; Basketball 2; Baseball 2; Swimming 2,3,4; Riding Club 2,3. No. 23 University of Wisconsin T H I R T Y - S I X MONROLOG W. REVIER " Lemon” 431 GaYline Street • dsks no odds or any man e is not one,-j:h 4t follows’ sway. He is the .source of his rewards,- He does his work eadn ' d ay. Wrestling 3$; Industrial Glee Club 3, 4; Outs?ie No. 24 W; Stage Electrician. Undecided WALTER HUGH ROBINSON " Walt” 63 Hickory Street Some people draw checks Other draw flies But Walt draws well. Attendance Awards. No. 13 Mechanics LEONARD SAUL ROSENBERG “Lenny” 41 Audubon Street The original Smith Brother (He shaved for this picture) Science Club 3,4; Aviation Club 3,4- No. 1 University of Rochester BENJAMIN A. ROSENTHAL " Roxbury” 86 Shepard Street Ben Slow? Hardly ' So! Forum 1; H.R. Pres. 2; Monroe Life Sports Editor 3 Reporter 2,- Sr. Chorus 2; Junior Play 3; " Dramatics Club 4; Adelphians 3; (Pres. 4); Basketball Reserve 3,-.Baseball Reserve 2; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Winner of Lew Sherman Trophy; Assembly Programs. No. 35 University of Rochester ERMA DORIS ROSENTHAL " Erm” 224 Canterbury Road LAWRENCE WILLIAM ROWDEN " Larry” Kimbark Road, Brighton He is sincere, And that is all We ask of anyone. Sr. Chorus 2; Honor Roll 2,3; Indus¬ trial Boys’ Glee Club 3,4; East Undecided A ress Stree od-looking Good-heart -Good Student Forum 2,3,4; Monroe Life 3; Kaleidoscope 2; Hondr Roll 2,3,- Honor Guard; Attendance Awards 2. No. 13 Columbia ANN RANCE USSELL il ifiTQ k TigWand Avenue _ , Girls you may as wgli- ' tfepart When Ann tufni -the corner, Because she touches every heart, And yoilj oe just a mourner. M-y‘ 3 ; Pres. 3; G.S.A. 2,3,4,- Pres. 4. Harl ey Undecided VIVIAN C. RYAN " Viv” 80 East Avenue Never a frown And full of fun u • And very fond ‘ Of everyone | v-V 1 Monroe Life (Salesman) A; G.S.A. 3; Baseball 3; Honor Roll 3. Nazareth Academy Mechanics CHARLES O. SAFHJ " Chuck” 194 Culver Road In his own eyes Unimportant But in the eyes of other gu) Too darned importaf Hi-Y 3,4, (Sec.),- Track 4; Hockey 2,4. No. 23 University of Rochester THIRTY-SEVEN M O N RUTH L. CHtjCSBURG Sniff” _abumum Crescent t£ ifchool appl late to leave e beft way to save time, I believe. 13,4; Bookshelf 1,2,3; 5ess Club 3,4; Honor ior Guard; Attendance Awards 2; Honor Society 4; Corri¬ dor Aide 4; Inter. Rela. Club 4; Monroe Life, Rep. 3; Assoc. Ed. 4; Fr. Club 4. No. 35 University of Rochester MILDRED C. SCHOENHEIT “Sem” ) , 328 Field Street ovely and dignified— hat more can one ask? ming 2; Honor Guard; Atten¬ dee Awards 2. No. 24 Rochester Business Inst. DOLO The practical CHULZ Dolores” nd Street pled with Monrolog Typist; Deputy Force 3,4; Honor Roll 4; Attendance Awards 2,3; Penmanship AwaFd; Shorthand Awards; G.S.A. 2. No. 24 Rochest ; Inst. merry heart, argeC rn kes ' onrolofl IVpi Honoj RplJ 3,4 3; Shorthand (Aw. manship AWards,- No. 24 Roc| JANE SALLY .SCOTT “Scotty " 14 Castlebar Road Jane Scott “it” ,3,4; £LS A. ,4 Rep; Tennis Co rnel R O HARO “Ha 28 Ros Undecided LAWRENCE JACKSON SHEFFIELD “Jack " 100 Highlandl IWenue Oh, Jad4 ft£ t|uiely can respect called intellect! fi-Y 4; Swimming 2; Honor 2 Fencing Club 4, Pres. Dartmouth S. STANTON SINGER “Stan” 52 Atlanjrfc . Anyway S ar loc like Eddie Car icity 3; Photogra¬ pher ; ©3Fe%nfefi 3;) Adelphians 4, CoWdor Aide 4; Monrolog, Snap¬ shots 4. East Am. Acad, of App. Dramatics RUTH SHEIL 208 Rockingham Street Come what may I’ll have my way. Of course it all depends Upon the individual. Undecided St. Boniface VIOLET SIVOLA “Vi” 4 Adwen Place How loves our Vi Her violin— And how we love To hear our Vi And violin! Sr. Orchestra 2,3,4; Sr. Chorus 2; Leadership Club 3,4; Alpha-Roe-Y 3; Basketball 2,3,4; Swimming 2; Honor Guard; Attendance Awards 4,- Soccer 2. No. 35 University of Rochester P THIRTY-EIGHT M O N R O 4 y R. ,1 ALAN SMITH “Al” ' I J 60 M Lfnt Vernon Ayenue h+ probably hailed frp Londbn Where a man h$s a f ' yj rtcf live in fog. Monroe Life 4; Science pHA) 3,4. No. 24 Cornell HOWARD EUGENE i SMITH “Smitty” 1029 Arnett Boulevard Cheerfulness is his mostfamiliarquality. Attendance Awards 2,3,4- No. 49 Mechanics Institute VIOLA EDITH SMITH “Vi- 203 Magnolia Street Her looks mighl well be pn the screen— Yet she is nodest—and, oh ,-so s«rrenp! If Mdpjroe ' Life Salesman 3; Deputy Force J; Attendance Awards 2,3. No. 23 Undecided ELENORE M. SMOROL “Ellie” 325 Hurstbourne Road Laureltbn Marjorie 30: Undecided SNIDER " Marge” ke View Park Tn Marshall sense. 3,- Swimming 3. Undecided 2; Swimming Undecided ALVIN MILTON STENZ “Milt” 430 Merchants Road Our intelligentsia. Is much too quiet. Deputy Force 3,4,- Bookshelf 2; At¬ tendance Awards 2. Private University of Rochester MARYSTEVENER " Mary” 61 Mulberry St. Her motto is: " Do all the good you can In every way you can.” Student Forum 2,4; Tri-Y 3; G.S.A. 2; Bookshelf 2; Basketball 3; Swimming ,2,3; Honor Roll 4; Attendance Award 3. No. 24 Undecided MARTHA McC. STUBBLEFIELD " Stub” 328 Rockingham Street Art is more divine thin Science— for Art creates, Sci te discovers. M-Y Gamma 4rmctfiroLqg, Ar JNEZ L. SUCKLE “Iney” 171 Field Street She gazes happily on life With eyes untroubled by strife. Sr. Chorus 2,3; Bookshelf 2,3; Deputy Force 4. No. 35 Rochester Business Inst. THIRTY-NINE FRANK LENARD VALYEAR “Hank” 50 Elmhurst Street It is always Hank Who stands well up ii rank. Student Foru m 4; Fdi-Y 3,4. No. 24 Undecided STEPHEN J. Van CURAN " Van” 129 Hillside Avenue Wisdom in silence. No. 1 Undecided SUSAN VOGT “Sue” 63 Benton Street In the “Life” and “Log” lingers The skillful work of “Sue’s” fingers National Honor Society 3,4; Student Forum 2,3; Monroe Life 4 , G.S.A. 2; Monrolog Typist 4; Honor Roll 2,3; German Club 4; Shorthand Awards. No. 24 University of Rochester KATHLEEN C. WABNITZ “Kay” 29 Asbury Street Kay has no more to learn about instructing— J She ' s an expert now! Basketball 2; Baseball 4; Swimmirfg 2, 3,4, (Student Director); Tennis 4; Honor Roll 3,4; Sr. Life Saving, (Assistant Director) 3,4; Hockey 2,3; Soccer 2,3,4. No. 24 Mechanics Institute BENNETT C. WARNER i g h I a ixdP f k way To live isHoynjoy oae’s self Monroe Life K£ -4r 4;HTeputy Force 2; A wards 2,3; German Chorus No. 24 ing Club e A- HY TATELBAUM “Dotty” 324 Field Street ntrated into a little. onor Roll 2,3,4; German ' ty 4} Soc. Chairman; Ger- ■; Int. Rel. Club. ut-of-Jown University of Rochester i MJ ELMER EDWARD (TAYLOR JR. I V ■ f L Ay “Al " i , - ‘ 15 Savdnnah Street ' hr AI c4n boot, a soccer ball Alon vkjtfi the jozsl of them all. Basketball ReserVe 3; Baseball 3,4; Sv fmming 2; Whestlir{g 2,3,4; Honor Roll S ' 3; Socq£t ' 3,4. Rochester Business Inst. THEDA TEKLIN “Ted” 124 Field treet A gp 5cl sporran athletetert? supp Srt$ erf the ' ed ' jfd clue. GfS.A. 3 AC eddership Club 2,3,4; Monrp4t5g Typist; p lputy Force 4; Baseball 2,3,4; Ten- Roll 3; Wearer of •M”. Monrprog Typi :; 1 Basketba 2£3( " ;Bc nis 2,3,4; THonor F No. 35 Rochester Business Inst. KATHLEEN TOMLIN “Kay " 396} Plymouth Avenue All work and no play Isn’t the thing with Kay Swimming 2; 1 Typing Award; 3 Shorthand Awards. No. 24 Mercy Hospital EDWARD CHARLES TRAX “Eddie” 461 Linden Street Who has not succumbed to Eddie’s ded at the sound of infectious laugh? Pres. Student Assoc. 4; Student Forum 3,4; Monroe Life 4; Pres. Hi-Y 3,4; Sr. Chorus 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 2,3, 4; Bookshelf 2,3; Assem. Programs 2, 3, 4. No. 24 niversity- af Rochester FORTY N R O L O G JANE D. WEAVER " Jane " 38 Berkshire Street Ah, the lucky bum Who gets our Jane To hold his hand To ease his pain! Forum 4; Monroe Life 3; M-Y Sec.- Treas. 4; Vice Pres. 3; G.S.A. Rep. 4; Sr. Chorus; Swimming 3,- Attendance Awards 2,3,4; Pinafore 4. Out-of-Town Genesee Hospital HELEN iELI ' The face that ships burned tower; No. 28 No. 28 Where there’s a There’s a way Sr. Orchestra 2; Sr ball 2,- Baseball 2; Tennis 3 Roll 2,3,4. No. 35 Mechanics Institute GLADYS EVELYN iP 52 Bfoomfield Place lad” about everything Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 2,- Swim¬ ming 2,- Attendance Awards,- Gregg Awards. No. 24 Undecided H WENCK elen” Rs aeL, North thousand Undecided VIRGINIA ROSEMARY.WENCK " Ginnie” 166 Winton Road, North Ginny’s greatest talents are To get things done, yet not to go too far. Tri-Y 3; Honor Roll 3; Attendance Awards 2. Undecided MARIAN " Non 148 Othemray But Nonnie a G.S.A. 4,- Basketball 2,3,4,- Baseball 2, 3,4,- Swimming 2,3; Honor 2. East Rochester Rochester Bus. Inst. WILLIAMS Why pardon Pardon? There is nothing to pardon Pardon for. Sr. Chorus 3,4; Engineering Club 3, 4,- Chess Club 2,3; German Chorus 4,- Fencing Club 4. No. 13 Carnegie Tech. LOIS A. WILLSEA " Loey” 47‘Culver Road 4; Hon py No. 23 2; Swimming 2, Undecided LOUISEQXOLFE er Stre« There Pittsford k you chance to ound to be. Sarah Lawrence College EDWARD FRANCIS WOOD “Ed” 39 Rosedale Street Ed could and Ed “Wood”. Hi-Y 4; Baseball 3; Track 2. No. 35 University of Rochester F O R T Y - O N E R L ' KATHRYN VIRGINIA WOOD " Ginny” 40 Calumet Street Virgini| should Virginia could But Virginia Woodn’t Study. G.S.A. Swimming. Out of Town Wells College ESTHER COPELAND. ALLYN ‘Wester . r±Jb7 Pari r . There is a of becom , we University of Rochester MORTIMER R. ANSTICE JR. " Mort” 8 East Boulevard He soon will yell for Yale Out-of-Town Yale ALICE BAILEY , . “Al " 3t) Asbury Street “Miss Bailey please tike a letter.” “Yes sir, I’ll do so right away.” " It seems you type much better Than the other girls I pay.” Shorthand Awards,- Attendance Awards. No. 24 Undecided DOUGLAS D. BEERS " Doug” Glen Road R.D. No. 3 Monroe hasn’t light wines, But here comes " Beers”. Hi-Y 3,-— 1 -President H-Y 4; Deputy Force 2,3. Allen’s Creek Cornell DOROTHEA BENTLEY • " Dottie” 3 2 Newcastle Road 4 have afArfpifijon ; $3dLt 3vkeep it, fals ° M-y 4; G.S Out of Town Street It’s simply uncanny The way the boys Surround our Franny G.S.A. 1; Swimming 1,2; Honor Roll 4. No. 20 University of Rochester DON WILLIAM BERRY " Don’ 698 Melvill Street. A man we all admire With many princelyfeatures Hi ' s only limitation ry His norrwnating speeches. Student Council 2,4; Student Forum 2,3,4; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Swimming 3,4; (Captain) Track 2,3; Honor Roll 1; Soccer 4.. No. 11 University of Rochester NORBERT HENRY YOUNG " Norb” 328 Canterbury Road His hair so wavy and so dark, Among the girls he sets a mark. Aquinas Institute Syracuse University HELEN M. HATCH " Jimmy” 56 Nicholson Street It is pretty hard to tell In just what she does excel. G.S.A. 2,3; Monrolog Typist 4; Deputy Force 4,- Honor Roll Atten¬ dance Award 2; Gregg Award; Pen¬ manship Award. No. 13 University of Buffalo DOROTHY L. CANDOW " Dot” 161 Rutgers Street A " Dot” with much dash. Monroe Life 2; M-Y Vice-Pres. 4; G.S.A. 2,3,4. Sacred Heart Convent Undecided BERTRAM COHEN " Bert” 11 Edgerton Street In tracking He’s not lacking. He chooses to run. Deputy Force 4; Basketball-Reserve,- Swimming 2; Tfack 2; Golf 2,3,4; Tennis 2. No. 23 Wharl School of Finance KATHRYN FRANCES BEST " Kate” West Henrietta, N. Y. Good, better, Best Kate hasn’t let it rest Basketball; Baseball; Swimming. Henrietta High University of Mich. FRANK BOAS G sie ” » 829 SoJfcSoodman Street ' ' An .parn si-man Who kn ows whale’s about! Sr elwus .3 4 f• ' B asketball 2; Wrest¬ ling 3(;ptac )2 ,- Honor Roll 2 . No. 2 - Undecided HENRY RAWSON BROWN " Heinie” 808 South Avenue Deep rivers move in silence. Madison Undecided h Y he sjs a ' inkle Trbher eyes » ' Rochester Business Inst. RANDALL MILNE DUB£0 163 Westmmistet-Road Despite the wimples Har and energetic dramatic Club 4; French Swimming 4; Fencing Clu Paris, France ADELAIDE ELL " Addie” Club 109 Asbur An athret That c ti int )e Bookshe(f[2; B Attendance A 4,- Shorthand A No. 35 Ta fypist expert, escribes ( r ' t Adelaide 2,- Baseball 2; ; Typing Award 4. Undecided F O R T Y - T W O LOG M O N ARTHUR WM. El SEN BERG “Arthur " 9 Diem Street Still waters run deep Well, well, well. Outside Patrol No. 24 „ J fl! jt ) ' 1 Undecided a r ELLEN AGNES FLYNN “Bunny” 142 E. Henrietta Road Her feminine charms Bring masculine swarms v j Nazareth Academy Undecided it jorus 2; Deputy J-o ce sH ' 2 3 4; Baseball 2‘,3; mflayifl 2; Tennis- ,3 Honor Roll Attendance Awards 2,3; 2; Tap Dancing 2; Junior M; fgton Award; Gregg Award 3; :er 2; Penmanship Awards Deputy 3. No. 24 • Undecided LOIS elayne lXnni “Lonny " 7 Milburn Street When Stan Levey forgets to make puns When Sahara’s sands grow muddy When Phil Betette says, “Throw away your guns,” That’s when I like to study. Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Swimming ,2,3; Wearer of “M”. ELIZABET, and Marshall CLARTY land Avenue igh our Betty came, oss and all our gain. endance Awards 3; 4. Undecided CHARLES RICHARD HARRIS “Chuck” 431 Monroe Avenue In the Junior play M 7 He made you gay. CyU+c il Hi-Y Delta 3,4; Honor Roll 3, 4; Jun¬ ior Play. No. 24 University of Rochester WILHELMINA JANSEN “Mfenie” 678 Meigs Street • fv Some are clever with the tljfimble But Jtls “Menie’s” fingers that are ' nimble. ' f Basketball 1 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Swimming 2,3; Soccer 2,3,4; Wearer ’MCr-Greas Awards. Undecided ARIA KRUECK “Willy " 67 Asbury Park a whisper., , WILLIAM MEOtHlG c ' n ' Fc V 143 Gregory Street Fancy MetdiiiVVou hbre! Sf 2, 3, 4; Attendance Undecided FREDERIC CLIFFORD MOLL “Dick” 2057 East Avenue “Dick’s always so bright That it just doesn’t seem right” Out of Town Cornell Univ. PAULINE EDNA OLDS “Polly” 941 E. Main Street Music in her heart doth dwell. Sr. Chorus 2,3,4. City Normal Eastman School of Music CHESTER FRANKLIN PADDOCK “Chet” 30 Salina Street Chet’s good-natured grin Goes ’way under the skin— Brockport High University of Penn. PAUL RICE “Paul” 226 Sar fprd Street Paul takes out of school what he puts in—and He’s been here every day. Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Attendance Awards 2,3,4. No. 24 Nat. Baseball School Calif. ERNESTINE MABLE RUHE “Ernie Benernie” Henrietta A big help to our s Standard. Basketball 2,3,Baseball 3,4; Tennis 4,- Attendance Awards 4. Henrietta High Undecided MARION ANNA RUHE “Muntzy” W. Henrietta Road The most convincing ad Palmolive eveF had. BasketbaKl 2,3,4,- BaspjSafl 3,4; Swim¬ ming 3 -2; Honor Roll 4,-2; Atten¬ dance Awards 4. Henrietta High General Hospital ARTHUR JACKSON SANDERS “Jack” 213 Alexander Street Lord help the ladies with a Knight like this! Chess Club 2; Honor Roll 4. No. 23 Undecided MARTHA RITA SAGBINY “Mil ly” 1 Field Street The less people speak of their great¬ ness, the more we think of it. Nazareth Academy Undecided, REVA MAE SCHOENB£R( “Reva” j , . AG 43 Morris Street J v Sheljust wgrk l arid works, and works, Witlya hte jy heart TWo spaces, and a co jple of |ubs. National Honor Socie .3, -Student Forum 3; Monroe Life ' Reporter, Assoc. Ed. 3; Mgr. Ed. £• fe.S.A. 2,3; Sr. Chorus 2,3; French Club 4,- Pencil Pushers 3,4; Vice-Pres. 3; Monrolog; Senior Section Ed. 4,- Life Saving Award 3; Tennis 3,4; Honor 3,4,- Corridor Aide 4. No. 9 ELMN Sis 8 Whalen Stre Contentment LtKe best fortune, SwimmingL2; CorrN No. 11 FORTY-THREE M O N R O L O ) ? )f M NORMAN MARVIN GALLANT I 1 fV " Norm " 36 Edgerton Street Reserve Soccer 2,3,4; Deputy Force 1; Monroe Life Salesman 2,3. No. 23 ; Business VELLA SEGAL " Babs " 70 Belmont Street If you v bt a girl who reads, A pdte-eand an artist, too One who will be always willing, Vella is the friend for you No. 20 Undecided LLE THOMPSON " Helen " 8 Canterbury Road e of the Ball. t of Town Undecided JANET M. TIBBILS " Jan " 42 Thayer Street Jan seems to be getting gray, But it doesn’t keep her from being gay. Honor Roll 4. Genesee Wesleyan Seminary Mechanics Institute CATHERINE M. VIRGO " Kay” 78 Boardman Street ’Tis true Our Kay learns something each day By listening to what others say. Attendance Awards 3; Shorthand Awards 3. Out of Town Undecided ROMA WHITMAN " Rowa” 35 Girton Place If silence were golden Rowa would be a mint M-y 4. Sacred Heart Convent Undecided JOHN ROGER WOOLFORD " Johnnie " 62 Greenview Drive With hair so red and eyes so bright Johnnie is always a welcome sight. Student Forum 2,- Dramatic Club 4; Int. Rela. Club 4. No. 1 Undecided MINAWYDLER " Mike " 240 Rockingham Street , She azeilcomplacentJy on seething “ v ' . 3,4; PreV chi Club 4; Honor R IIW 4; Attendance Awards 2; Honbr Society 4. No. 24 U. of Michigan F O R T Y - F O U R MONROLOG F. BETTETTE “Phil " Jefferson Avenue Beer is back; nave you had your Phil? Agora 4; Riding Club; International Relations 4. No. 4 Undecided S WALTER HOLM “Andy " verill Avenue Hy rnarming Made music t Sr. Chorus 2,3. No. 13 rejoice. Mechanics CANDIDATES RAD U ATI O N IN FOR AUGUST DOLORES MILDRED BROWN 1174 Clinton Avenuef - Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings. Tri-y 3,4; Basketball 2; Baseball 2. No. 24 Rochester Business Institute LEONARD DAVIS SHAVLAN “Len " 126 Vassar Street • Monroe Life 2,3,4; (Sports Ed. 3, News Editor 4,-) Basketball 2; Honor Roll 4. No. 23 University of Michigan F O R T y - F I V E MONROLOG THE PROGRAM 1929 Sept.—We stepped into the wings to become understudy for the class of January, 1933, then the Jr. Corps. 1930 Jan.-—We became the Jr. Corps with C. Russell Phelps as Standard Bearer and Louise Morgan as Custodian of the flag. The officers for the boys were Frank Butts, Joe Barnes, Fred Schulhafer, and Carter Gardner. Those for the girls were Carol Horton, Sue Vogt, Elizabeth De Rouy, and Ruth Gup. April—First signs of agitation for separate Junior and Senior High officers. Mac Russell discovered why Monroeites sleep during classes. June—One hundred and thirty-eight students cast ballots for designs for the Mural Decorations; the rest couldn’t decide what they wanted. June 16—Exams—our first Regents. June 20—Graduation, featuring " A Spanish Fiesta.” We contributed our class gift to the M ural Decoration Fund. Sept.—No more Jr. Corps ties on Wednesday—real seniors! The student handbook first appeared. October—Don W. Berry (then D. W. Berry) was elected Class President. The other officers were Bob Manuel, Sue Vogt, and Marietta Kuolt. 1931 Feb.—Fred Meyer, Joe Delibert, and Claire Meyer chosen school officers after a close count in which the adding machine was broken. June—Exams, nice hot weather, and then some exams—and then vacation. Sept.—Mr. Carver became head of the English Department, taking the place of George Carhart. Monroe took thirteen state scholarships (what a record for us to try to beat). Nov.—A couple of homerooms forgot to vote for class officers, and our elections gave the Monroe Life something to write about. It all ended with Bob Manuel, Jack Mason, Louise Morgan, and Jim Geraghty as our officers. 1932 Jan.—The new school constitution was drawn up and voted on, and then everyone got out dictionaries to see what referendum and recall were. Feb.—A new Monroe Life staff with us a part of it. Stan Levey, chief scribbler,- Marg Kellner, his assistant; Reva Schoenberg and Art Rosenbloom, associate scribblers,- Bob Reed, scribbler in charge of news,- Ben Rosenthal, sports scribbler, and C. Russell Phelps, scribbler of editorials. Mar.—Mr. Hawley as Anthony Absolute in " The Rivals”, Miss Abbott as Mrs. Malaprop, scrambling her language. April—Our Jr. play, " Skidding”. Ted Cox and Marietta Kuolt in the leads,- Scott Sterling, Irving Davis, Gladys Sobie, Joann Guggenheimer, Ben Rosenthal, Ruth Gustafson, Mildred Taylor, and Charles Harris also acted. Eight members of our class were taken into National Honor Society. F O R T Y - S I X 1 R THE PROGRAM (Continued) June—New school officers with two, Jack Mason, vice-president, and Bob Manuel, secretary, from our class. The others were Ed Trax and Jack Harby. June 21—Some more exams, followed by a long vacation in which to get ready for our final year. Sept.—At last, 12 B ' s, all rested, almost ready for the final curtain. Oct.—Corridor Aides were instituted to be a cross between a policeman and an infor¬ mation bureau. Joe Barnes, Bob Manuel, Sue Vogt, and Anne Russell elected our senior class officers. Jan.—C. Russell Phelps and Helene Berman, Standard Bearer and Custodian of the flag respectively (or is it respectably?). Someone began to analyze the cafeteria food. Feb.—At last— WE are the Seniors! It’s funny, we don’t feel any different than last month. School elections, more work for the adding machine. Jack Mason, president, Ted Cox, vice-president, Bill Hoot, secretary. Eleanor Partridge the second girl editor-in- chief of the Monroe Life. March—Something was wrong with citizenship marks and no one knew what, so they didn’t give us any. Someone renewed the annual cap-and-gown-for-graduation idea. April— " The Swan”, first all-school production, with Esther Williams and Stan Levey in the leading roles, and Jane Sullivan doing the most talking. The Experimental Theater presented Betsy Lane’s " Coronation”, and Bill Sanderson did look like Napoleon! June 15—Class Day, with an assembly program in the morning and a dinner dance at the Sagamore at night. Did someone mention exams next week? June 19—EXAMS—why say more? June 27-CURTAIN I FORTY-SEVEN O N R O L O G LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Class of January 1933 Class of June 1933 To Whom It may Concern: WHEREAS: We, the 1933 graduates of Monroe High School, in spite of our long sojourn here, are still of sound mind; WHEREAS: Our graduation from Monroe marks the end of an era of (1) disgusting daily distur¬ bances in the library, (2) profuse platitudinous punning, (3) heated harangues on recog¬ nition of Russia. WHEREAS: The publication of the Monrolog has at last brought to a close the eight months Reign of Terror in Mr. Carver’s office; We, therefore, graduates and P.G. s (Privileged Graduates), do hereby declare that the contents of the following paragraphs constitute our last will and testament: (1) To Industrious Latin Students (who are skilled in reading between the lines) We beq ueath our Caesars and Ciceros—guaranteed to please (our writinq is legible). (2) To King Carver We restore (1) one office—No. 221, (2) The use of his swivel chair and private telephone (confiscated during the Reign of Terror by the Monrolog Staff). (3) To the administration in the Main Office We restore uninterrupted use of the personnel card file. (4) To the Outside Patrol One brand new set of cross-walks. (5) To the Deputy Force A Maxim Silencer for quiet corridors. (6) To the Girls’ Gym A bushel of star-dust for future dances. (7) To Ted Cox’s Orchestra Ad ozen feather-dusters. (8) To Mr. Sliker A hearty round of applause (9) To the International Relations Club We turn over all our Foreign Policies. (10) To the Students at large One Library where you may get a book if you know the right people. Approved—V. J. Morgan FORTY-EIGHT t NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS January Office June LAURENCE EDELSTEIN . . President .... JOSEPH BARNES JACK MASON .... . Vice-President . .... YUEN NONG LEE DOUGLAS COOK . . . Secretary-Treasurer .... ROBERT MANUEL MISS CAMERON . . . Advisors MEMBERS JANUARY ' 33 ..... MR. WILLIS Eleanor Alexander Marie McWilliams Donald Simpson Laurence Edelstein George Mirch Katherine Stackel Winifred Hoefflin T. George Parker Eleanor Sullivan Stanley Levey Ellen Patman Dorothy Weiner Lea Levin John Peck Arthur Rosenbloom JUNE ' 33 Benjamin Ziegler Richard Angevine Richard Fowler Richard Parks Joseph Barnes Ruth Gustafson Eleanor Partridge Helene Berman Jack Harby Russell Phelps Robert Bloor Yuen Nong Lee Reva Schoenberg Douglas Cook Miriam Klonick Ruth Schlosburg Richard Dudley Robert Manuel Susan Vogt George Dutton Jack Mason Louise Morgan JANUARY ' 34 Mina Wydler Margaret Brunssen Nathan Jones Esther Williams Betty Bullen Stuart Phelps Purpose: To create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character. FIFTY L STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS January Office June EDWARD TRAX JACK MASON ROBERT MANUEL MISS CAMERON President.JACK MASON .Vice-President. EDWIN COX Secretary WILLIAM HOOT Advisor.MR. WILLIS MEMBERS January JOANN GUGGENHEIMER FRED DIEHL. DON BERRY .... KATHERINE R. STACKEL . ROGER REPP .... JOSEPH BARNES . EDWARD COX . . . CLAIRMOND HOWLAND WILLIAM HOOT . . . THOMAS BURKE . EMILY LITTLE ... WILLIAM ANDERSON . Office Com. of Social Welfare Com. of Public Safety Com. of Athletics Com. of Finance . President of 12A Class. .President of 12B Class. . President of 11A Class. .President of 11 B Class. .President of 10A Class. President of 10B Class. President of Girls’ Jr. Corps President of Boys’ Jr. Corps June . . . ANN RUSSELL . . DICK PARKS PAUL FROESCHLE . . . JACK HARBY . . JOSEPH BARNES HARRY KITTRIDGE CLAIRMOND HOWLAND .... TOM MOHR . THOMAS BURKE .... EMILY LITTLE lois McClelland . . BOB REDDING Days of Meetings: 1st and 3rd Monday of each month Purpose: To conduct any business that may arise in the student government. F I F T Y - O N E R L STUDENT FORUM OFFICERS January Office JACK MASON . . . President ROBERT MANUEL . . Secretary ADVISORS MR. WILLIS MISS CAMERON HONORARY MEMBE Edward Trax Frederick Diehls Donald Berry Joann Guggenhei MEMBERS Joe Adams Jack Gallagher John Adler Marjorie Gil ray John Austin Victoria Grygrov Margaret Barry Barbara Gummere Russell Baum Donald Hart Raymond Benard William Hawley Patricia Brennan Frank Haynes Charles Brower Alex Henderson Stearns Bullen Arthur Herbst Thomas Burke Gertrude Hoffmar Charles Burnham Jack Hosking Betty Chambers Clairmond Howie D. Chase Warren Johnson Ivan Conklin Ruth Kilman Hester Corner Willard Kitts Phyllis Creore Marietta Kuolt Betty Dennis Rooert Larson Madele Dermody Jacob Legeer Jane Dibble Dan Levin Edward Dugan Carol McNally Warner Edson Ruth Medcalf E. Eggiman Charles Metherel John Eggleston Thomas Mohr Richard Fantara Chester Nitchie Helen Foster Frances Norton Joseph Franklin Chester Paddock Hazel Fredericks Willis Page June . EDWIN COX WILLIAM HOOT Katherine Stackel Lucy Plumb Wellington Potter Jane Rauber Virginia Roworth Francis Robinson Verne Rockcastle William Rockwood Richard Rush Richard Samuels George Schreiner Marvin Shavian Feme Silco Fred Sillitoe Dorothy Smith Mortimer Stevenson Marion Townsend Frank Valyear Susan Vogt John Walker Jack Weaver ' Jane Weaver Charles Weniger Donald White Esther Williams William Winslow Robert Worthy Charles Wray Grah am Wright F I F T Y - T W O R L MONROE LIFE EDITORIAL STAFF January Office June ARTHUR ROSENBLOOM . Editor-in-Chief . . ELEANOR PARTRIDGE REVA SCHOENBERG Managing . . BORIS BITTKER BETTY ADLAM. . Associate . RUTH SCHLOSBURG BORIS BITTKER. Associate . . FRED SHAPERO STANLEY LEVEY . News . . LEONARD SHAVLAN ELEANOR PARTRIDGE Proof Reader EDWARD HENDERSON Cartoonist LEONARD SHAVLAN . Sports .... DANIEL COHEN EDNA SMITH. Exchanges . ALAN SMITH Junior High Advisor . . . CHARLES NIXON ADVISORS MR. CHARLES CARVER MR. EDWIN ANDREWS MR. CLARENCE GADWAY BUSINESS STAFF January Office June Business Manager . . . C. RUSSELL PHELPS GEORGE MIRCH .... . Circulation Manager . .JOHN PECK JOHN PECK. .Assistant Circulation Manager. . . . STEWART ROBSON RICHARD SAMUELS . . . Publicity Manager . . WILLIAM ROCKWOOD IRVING DAVIS ... . Advertising Manager SUSAN VOGT .... . Bookkeeper .... SUSAN VOGT MILDRED GORDON . . . Typists | .... VIRGINIA DART . . . MARJORIE KARLE REPORTERS Eleanor Alexander Alan Smith Homer Jack Helene Berman Stanley Klein Margaret Meagher Paul Froeschle Mary Gage Charles Nixon Mary Rush Gertrude Hubscher Elizabeth Partridge Barbara Curtis Jeanette Fink Feme Pauli Howard Williams Ruth Lunger Gordon Present Marjorie Adams Richard Parks Janet Remington Phyllis Creore Robert Barhite Allan Rosenbloom Robert Manuel Betty Dennis William Smith Lucile Drennan Jane Dibble Esther Williams Myra Mostkov Myron Rosenblatt Rhea Yalowich Virginia Roworth Robert Edgerton Harold Katz Eugene LaVier Sylvia Frank Mark Sloman Jean Backus Winifred Hoefflin Evangelos Livadas Elmer Teklin Leon Hollerman Myron Rosenblatt i F I F T y - T H R E E R L MONROLOG January STANLEY V. LEVEY . ARTHUR ROSENBLOOM LAURENCE EDELSTEIN KATHERINE STACKEL. ELMER MEULENDYKE C. RUSSELL PHELPS GEORGE MIRCH . BORIS BITTKER LUCILE DRENNAN Office .Editor-in-Chief. . Senior Section Editor . . Senior Photo Editors . . Organization Editors . Art Editor Sports Editor . Advisors BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager . Advertising Managers . Typist ASSISTANTS June STANLEY V. LEVEY REVA SCHOENBERG . . MIRIAM KLONICK . . LOUISE MORGAN . MARTHA STUBBLEFIELD . . . JACK MASON . . CHARLES CARVER C. RUSSELL PHELPS GEORGE DUTTON SUSAN VOGT FRED SHAPERO ESTHER WILLIAMS With this edition, MONROLOG again becomes an annual. This change is made in the interests of the clubs which bore the brunt of expenses in the publication of a semi¬ annual book. In editing MONROLOG the board of editors has attempted to record an accurate picture of the school’s history during the past year. The theme of the book is significant of the rapid strides made by the students along theatrical lines, as is evidenced by several night plays, and the success of the Experimental Theatre. F I F T Y - F O U R January DOROTHY WEINER EDWARD TRAX ESTHER WILLIAMS STANLEY LEVEY . HAROLD G. SUKER DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS Office President .Vice-President. Secretary Social Chairman Advisor MEMBERS June STANLEY V. LEVEY . . . MARY RUSH ARTHUR MURRELL-WRIGHT . . LUCILE DRENNAN . . HAROLD G. SUKER John Adler Doris Berger Eleanor Brigham Irving Davis Lucile Drennan Carol Eddy Rachel Emanuel Edith Foth Sylvia Garelick Clara Henderson Stanley Levey Marie McWilliams Arthur Murrell-Wright John Woolford Helen Patterson Henry Pickens Belle Roman Ben Rosenthal Mary Rush William Sanderson Charles Sherwood Helen Snow Thomas Stapleton Jane Sullivan Edward Trax Dorothy Weiner Esther Williams Days of Meeting: Tuesday Afternoon. Purpose: The Dramatic Club, organized in 1929, is composed of students chosen for their ability. The club presented the plays given during the assembly programs this year, and sponsored the first all-school play ; The SwanA F I F T Y - F I V E R L January KATHERINE R. STACKEL JOSEPH BARNES . . PEGGY MASON . . ROBERT MANUEL . LOUISE MORGAN . RUSSELL PHELPS . . RENA DUMAS . . Richard Angevine Margaret Bacon Helene Berman Betty Bullen Lillian Drexler Helen Foster Joann Guggenheimer Alice Johnston Nathan Jones Betty Kilmer Betty Knight Leah Levin LES BABILLARDS OFFICERS Office President Vice-President. Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Social Chairman Advisor MEMBERS Howard Marsh Jack Mason Josephine Mazzucco Doris Munroe Norman Nadel Richard Parks Marcia Parce Eleanor Partridge Stewart Phelps Edna Jean Pooley Catherine Prouty David Rodger June . . . . JACK MASON . . . . PEGGY MASON .MARY RUSH . . . . RUSSELL PHELPS . . . . BETTY BULLEN . . . . DAVID RODGER . . . . RENA DUMAS Mary Rush Ruth Schlosburg Reva Schoenberg George Schreiner Seth Shaver Connie Tomlinson Dorothy Weiner M ina Wydler Esther Williams Beatrice Du Bois Randall Du Bois Day of Meetings: Every othier Tuesday Purpose: ' Les Babillards , the French Honor Society, was formed to promote interest in the French language. At meetings held every other week, French is spoken entirely. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, personality, and interest in French. F I F T Y - S I X PENCIL PUSHERS OFFICERS January Office June ESTHER WILLIAMS .... President . . . ESTHER WILLIAMS REVA SCHOENBERG . . . .Vice-President. .... HOMER JACK PHYLLIS JEANNE CREORE . . Secretary . . LEON HOLLERMAN CHARLES H. CARVER . . . Advisor . . CHARLES H. CARVER MEMBERS Betty Adlam Esther Allyn Boris Bittker Phyllis Creore Homer Jack Leon Hollerman Betsy Lane Stanley Levey Doris Munro Eleanor Partridge Virginia Potter Arthur Rosenbloom Charles Sherwood Ruth Schlosburg Reva Schoenberg Wilfred Schulhafer Esther Willi ams Days of Meeting: Friday Evening—every two weeks Purpose: To promote an interest in writing and literature in general among the students. F I F T Y - S E V E N R L The Monroe Players present Ferenc Molnar’s Romantic Comedy The Swan Directed by Harold G. Sliker The cast in order of their appearance: Dr. Hans Agi. George. Arsene. Princess Beatrice. Alexandra. Father Hyacinth. Symphorosa. Prince Albert. Colonel Wunderlich ..... Count Lutzen. Alfred, a butler. Caesar, a butler. Lackeys. Ladies-in-waiting. Maid. Princess Maria Dominica .... Wi Stanley V. Levey Charles Sherwood Jack Fahy Jane Sullivan Esther Williams . Seth Shaver Marie McWilliams Thomas Stapleton Allen Walker Edward Trax Harold Hoffman Clarence Clift iam Munger and Richard Samuels . Barbara Cook, Lucile Drennan . Betty Gil ray Helen Patterson Concerning the play: Ferenc Molnar, Hungary’s most distinguished dramatist, was first introduced to the American theater by the late David Belasco. But his real acclaim in this country came with the New York Theater Guild’s presentations of two of his plays, " The Guardsman’’ and Lilliom”. " The Swan’’, his first play following the World War, received almost im¬ mediate international recognition,- upon its presentation in Paris, Molnar was awarded the Cross of the Legion of Honor. The play is a bitter and unrelenting satire upon royalty and outworn court-customs,- and is admitted by even George Bernard Shaw to be dramatically important. F I F T Y - E I G H T MONROLOG The Senior Opera Chorus H. M. S. Pinafore A Comic Opera, by W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan Directed by Eva L. Wannemacher and Harold G. Sliker DRAMATIS PERSONAE The Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter, K. C. B. ' James Robinson Capt. Corcoran. Edward Trax Ralph Rackstraw. Donald Simpson Dick Deadeye.Clarence Clift Boatswain.William Sanderson Boatswain s Mate.Edward Henderson Josephine.Mary Jane Fouts Hebe.Bertha Henderson Little Buttercup. Dorothy Weiner And a Chorus of Sixty. Concerning the Opera: Perhaps the best known of the Gilbert and Sullivan collaborations, " Pinafore” is a tuneful, pleasing opera. Its presentation at Monroe was marked by the excellence of the cast and the fine performance of the large chorus. The story of the Admiral who worked his way into Parliament by polishing door knobs ’til they shone was well received by a large and appreciative audience. Numbered in the cast were James Robinson, prize schoolboy baritone in the eastern states, and Clarence Clift, third in the same class. F I F T Y - N I N E R L G. S. A. CLUB OFFICERS January Office June ANN RUSSELL . . . President .... . . SUSAN VOGT marie McWilliams . . Vice President .... . . MARIE DUBELBEIS ELEANOR ALEXANDER .Secretary. . . .LEA COLLINS LEA LEVIN .... . Treasurer . DOROTHY BENHAM MARJORIE MATHES . . Social Chairman .... . . MARCIA PARCE MARGARET BRUNSSEN . Socia Welfare BETTY GILRAY . . . .Pu olicity MEMBERS Constance Ackerly Jane Carhart Daisy Levin Lucy Plumb Ruth Asmuth Lucile Drennan Jean Lewis Janet Remington Margaret Bacon Ruth Edmund Lois Lanne Catherine Sturla Mary Lee Bagley Barbara Fish Sylvia Lang Maxine Solomon Alma Baird Edith Foth Aurora La Placa Muriel Sheffield Gloria Boothby Dixie Frank Laura Long Pearl Spohr Dorothy Bowie Mary Furhnam Emily Little Margaret Stloder Katherine Bradstreet Margaret Goebel Lea Levin Evelyn Steinburg Patricia Brennan Ruth Gustafson Thelma Lewis Katherine Stackle Dorothy Brown Joann Guggenheimer Adele Levy Eleanor Stewart Jane Burnes Lois Harmon Virginia Means Janet Stewart Dorothea Bentley Dorothy Hinkle Ruth Newell Sylvia Stone Belle Cadmus Janet Hoot Peggy Aster Reah Straube Barbara Cook Virginia Howland Helen Peck Marion Taylor Irene Collins Grace Johnson Pauline Parce Charlotte Vaughan Marge Clark Olive Kennedy Elinor Potter Elizabeth Watson Pauline Craggs Dorothy Kleinberg Helen Patterson Jerry Williamson Phyllis Creore Patsy Levin Eleanor Partridge Eleanor Yeckel Days of Meeting: Monday Purpose: The purposes of the Girls’ Service Association, an organization made up of girls from the Senior department of Monroe, are to serve the school and the community and to promote friendship and cooperation among the girls. SIXTY MONROLOG SENIOR MIXED CHORUS OFFICERS January JAMES ROBINSON . . . ROBERT MARRIOTT . . JOANN GUGGENHEIMER . BERTHA HENDERSON . JACK HARBY. MISS EVA WANNEMACHER Office President - Vice-President. Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Advisor June . . . ROBERT MARRIOTT .... JACK HARBY JOANN GUGGENHEIMER . EDWARD HENDERSON . . JAMES ROBINSON MISS EVA WANNEMACHER MEMBERS Janet Ailing Jean Edgecumbe Ruth Landers Alice Reynolds Deanett Auerbach Evan Evans Beatrice Lashier James Robinson Clyde Baker Marjorie Ewell Mary Leach William Rockwood Jack Banning Ruth Field Caroline Livadas Norman Sayens Charles Barron Mary Jane Fouts Miriam Manson Helen Schugars Grace Barton Richard Fowler Jane MacDonald Lila Schulhafer Dorothea Bently Dicksie Frank Robert Marriott Elmer Seel Eunice Bicksler George Franklin Alice Miller Donald Simpson Frank Boas Ruth Griffith Alice Mosher Harriet Slauson Jane Boehme Robert Griswold Helen Mosher Wayne Smith Dorothy Bowie Jane Go snell William Munger Maxine Solomon Betty Brown Joann Guggenheimer Pauline Olds Hazel Spencer Betty Bullen Ned Hammond Ralph Palmer Catherine Sturla Stearns Bullen Jack Harby George Parker Josephine Sultan Phyllis Tayler Jack Caudle Albert Heckman Thomas Payne Clarence Clift Bertha Henderson Ruth Pekarsky Anne Taylor Clayton Cornell Jane Holland Byron Pierce Mary Taylor Phyllis Creore Janet Hoot Elinor Potter Ada Thayer Lois Culver Lydia Howard Sarah Price Ruth Vick Jean Curtis Elizabeth Johnson George Prietz Emil Walter Madonna Dolan Alice Johnston Janet Remington Tom Welsh Arthur Drucker Friedhelm Kaiser Lenford Renner Rosetta Wilcox Laurence Edelstein ys of Meetings: M Betty Kilmer onday and Thursday Edna Reese Pardon Williams Glenn Wilson ' S I X T y - O N E R DIE KAMERADEN, GERMAN HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS January Office June THOMAS PAYNE.President.SUSAN VOGT PEGGY MASON .Vice-President DOROTHY TATELBAUM LEAH LEVIN.Secretary.ANNE KLINE JEAN GRISWOLD.Treasurer.THOMAS PAYNE DOROTHY TATELBAUM . . Social Chairman.MARJORIE ADAMS THOMAS PAYNE, Song Leader EVELYN M. WAUGH, Faculty Advisor Marjorie Adams Eleanor Bailey Helene Berman Mary Elizabeth Brown Margaret Brunnsen Peter De Kramer Thurlow Eichler Ruth Field Jeanette Fink MEMBERS Jean Griswold Karl Grundhofer Anne G. Kl ine Lea Levin Ruth Lunger Peggy Mason Thomas Payne Mary Rush Fred Shapero Dorothy Tatelbaum John Utz Susan Vogt HONORARY MEMBERS A. Harold Bagg Paul Froeschle Dr. C. Holzworth Meetings: Alternate Mondays. S I X T Y - T W O AGORA January Office JOANN GUGGENHEIMER SETH SHAVER . . . BETTY BULLEN HAROLD BAGG . . . President . Vice-President. Secretary-Treasurer Advisor June RICHARD LANSING . . BETTSY LANE BETTY BULLEN . HAROLD BAGG MEMBERS Philip Bettete Boris Bittker James Brown Betty Bullen Richard Dudley Warner Edson Paul Froeschle Jean Griswold Joann Guggenheimer Homer Jack Betsy Lane Richard Lansing Jane Meyers Stewart Robson William Rockwood Arthur Rosen ' oloom George Schreiner Seth Shaver Paul Wolk Fred Zwick Days of Meeting: Tuesday afternoon Purpose: The purpose of the Agora is to help its members to improve themselves in the arts of elocution and debate, to increase their knowledge of parliamentary procedure and their funds of general information, and to arouse interest in debating at Monroe High School. SIXTY-THREE R L G MARY RUSH. BOOKSHELF OFFICERS January and June President MADELE DERMODY Vice -President MARJORIE MATHES Secretary JANE SULLIVAN . Treasurer LOUISE MORGAN Social Chairman MISS CLARA CURTISS Advisor MISS MARGARET EASTON . . Advisor Richard Ahlheim MEMBERS Betty Geraghty Lois Me Clelland Margaret Bacon Gertrude Haur Evelyn Me Keller Thomas Barron Molley Hoffman Goldie Millstone Coylyn Barry Lydia Howard Margaret Moll Doris Berger Gloria Kane Louise Morgan Helene Berman Agnes Kirkpatrick William Munger Sarah Flateau Dorothy Kleinberg Betty Neal Wilma Cooney Betty Knight Eleanor Partridge Jane Culking Jean Krouse Sally Pearlman Lois Dale Evelyn La Combe Eleanor Potter Madele Dermody Sylvia Lang Katherine Prouty Evangelin De Veaux Bernice Lempert Mary Rush Katherine Donnelly Lea Levin Katherine Stackel Margaret Donnelly Lorraine Leiberman Jane Sullivan Warner Edson Carolyn Livadas Charlotte Tuke Marcella Eidam Harriett Lungard Alice Van Dusen Edith Foth Marion Mac Arthur Marguerite Walker Paul Froeschle June Marshall Doris Weaver Salome Garelick Bettie Mason Barbara Wearing Janet Gates Peggy Mason Rhea Yalowitch Days of Meetings: First Tuesday Marjorie Mathes in each month Purpose: The L i bra ry Club is made up of volunteer students who are interested in giving service in library work. The members are only those whose scholarship permits time for this work. SIXTY-FOUR R L January ROBERT J. BLOOR RICHARD ANGEVINE RICHARD FOWLER STUART PHELPS . CARROLL V. OTIS . Richard Angevine Robert Bloor Richard Border Edwin Bowerman Jack Caudle William Clark Elton Corlett George Davis Richard Dudley George Dutton ENGINEERING CLUB OFFICERS Office President .Vice-President. Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Advisor MEMBERS Richard Fowler Gordon Goldstein Homer Jack Nathan Jones Robert Kahse Yuen Nong Lee John Me Iver George Parker Warren Pease Russell Phelps Stuart Phelps June RICHARD ANGEVINE RICHARD FOWLER BYRON PIERCE YUEN NONG LEE CARROLL V. OTIS Byron Pierce Charles Remein William Schall Elmer Teklin Paul Trepanier John Utz Peter Van Dilst Bennett Warner Robert Weaver Fred Zwick Days of Meeting: Friday—directly after school Purpose: To assist members of Monroe I—Iigh in deciding whether they will become engineers, and in deciding on their college. S I X T Y - F I V E ALPHA Hl-y OFFICERS January Office June TED COX President . . TED COX WHEELER BISHOP. . . Vice-President. WHEELER BISHOP CHARLES SAHLER Secretary JACK SHEFFIELD CLARK SCHAEFfER . . Treasurer Advisor CLAIRE POTTER MEMBERS Donald Berry Wheeler Bishop Fred Bloom Robert Bloor kichard Dudley Darwin Dunning Warner Edson Tom Mohr Charles Nixon Russell Phelps Fred Zwick Charles Sahler Clark Schaeffer Fred Schleber George Schreiner Wilfred Schulhafer Jack Sheffield Rooert Redding William Rockwood Robert Taylor Bill Williamson Days of Meetings: Wednesday 5:00 P. M. s i x t y - s i x GAMMA Hl-y OFFICERS January Office June EDWARD TRAX . . . GEORGE NEWTON . . CHARLES ZONNEVYLLE MR. ARTHUR NEFF . . President . Vice-President. Secretary Faculty Advisor MEMBERS RAYMOND BENARD EDWIN OLSAN . ROBERT BRICE MR. ARTHUR NEFF Joseph Barnes Raymond Benard Robert Brice Charles Carson George Donavan Donald Fletcher Russell Forsyth William Griffin Herbert Hastings Donald Hook Harry Kittredge Robert Manuel Jack Mason John Mason Elwood Morgen George Newton Richard Oglesbey Edwin Olsan Byron Pierce Niel Regan Dick Samuels Carl Schlegel Philip Skehan Thomas Stapleton Mortimor Stevenson Edward Trax Frank Valyear Allen Walker Walter Williams Edward Wood Westcott Wright Charles Zonnevylle Days of Meetings: Wednesday, 7:30, at the Y.M.C.A. Purpose: An informal group for discussion of any topic of interest. SIXTY-SEVEN DELTA Hl-Y OFFICERS January Office June DOUGLAS BEERS President DOUGLAS BEERS ROGER REPP . .Vice-President. ROGER REPP PAUL TAYLOR Secretary PAUL TAYLOR EMERSON DOELL Advisor EMERSON DOELL MEMBERS Douglas Beers Lester Bolton Ray Bolton William Cook Donald Darrohn Edwin Dodley Kenneth Fisher Robert Graham Daniel Wing Charles Harris Robert Hill William Joyce Richford McCaffery Bernard McGrath Roger Repp Paul Taylor Frederick Trieber Days of Meetings: Friday Evening at Monroe-Y SIXTY-EIGHT R L ADELPHIANS OFFICERS January Office June BEN ROSENTHAL. President .... LAURENCE EDELSTEIN WILLIAM ROSENBERG .... . Vice-President. .BORIS BITTKER LEONARD SHAVLAN .... Secretary Advisors .STANTON SINGER AARON ROSE . . . .J.y.M.A. EDGAR PRESENT . . . MEMBERS . UNIVERSITY OF PENN. Boris Bittker Daniel Cohen Irving Davis Laurence Edelstein Stanley Klein Stanley Levey Paul Wolk William Rosenberg Arthur Rosenbloom Ben Rosenthal Richard Samuels Leonard Shavian Stanton Singer Days of Meetings: Every other Tuesday S I X T y - N I N E January BETTY BULLEN . . HELEN ENGERT . . KATHERINE BRADSTREET ESTHER WILLIAMS . ELLEN PATMAN . . UNA HUTCHINSON Mary Lee Bagley Jane Belt Dorothy Bowie Katherine Bowie Elinor Brigham Betty Bullen Jane Carhart Lois Culver ALPHA M-y OFFICERS Office President . Vice-President. Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Advisor MEMBERS Lucile Drennan Beatrice Du Bois Helen Engert Sylvia Frank Mary Fulton Joann Guggenheimer Janet Hoot Betsy Lane Emily Little June . . HELEN ENGERT KATHERINE BRADSTREET . . MARCIA PARCE HARRIET STANSON . . .HELEN SNOW UNA HUTCHINSON Jane Meyers Marcia Parce Ellen Patman Helen Snow Harriet Stanson Janet Stolorand Josephine Sutton Esther Wi lliams Days of Meeting: Wednesday afternoon Purpose: The purpose of M-Y is fourfold: namely the development of leaderships, friendships, character building and loyalty. SEVENTY M O N R O L O G BETA M-Y January MIRIAM KLONICK . DOROTHY CANDOW MARY TAYLOR . . LEAH COLLINS . . BARBARA CURTIS MISS O ' NEIL . . . OFFICERS Office President .Vice-President. Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Social Chairman Advisor June ALICE GREENE . . JEAN CURTIS ANN TAYLOR ALICE JOHNSTON JEANETTE EWELL Janet Ailing Esther Allyn Dorothea Bentley Frances Bingeman Dorothy Candow Betty Chambers Leah Coll ins Barbara Curtis Jean Curtis MEMBERS Aleen Doyle Carol Eddy Jane Ewell Alice Greene Betty Gucker Wilma Gucker Jane Holland Alice Johnston Margaret Keller Miriam Klonick Sarah Price Jane Rauber Ann Russell Estelle Saunders Rita Smith Ann Taylor Mary Taylor Roma Whitman Days of Meetings: Every otFier Wednesday SEVENTY-ONE I GAMMA M-Y OFFICERS January PEGGY MASON . . LOUISE MORGAN . JANE WEAVER . . MARJORIE MATHES . MARIAN CLARKSON Margaret Bacon Dorothy Benham Nancy Billinghurst Doris Bohachek Margaret Brunsson Mariett Corrington Phyllis Creore Marie Dubelbeiss Marcella Eidam Ann Gifford Marjory Gilray Office President . Vice-President. Secretary-Treasurer Social Chairman Advisor MEMBERS Betty Gilray Jean Griswold Marietta Kuolt Grace Loysen Mary MacFarlane Marie MacWilliams Peggy Mason Marjorie Mathes Louise Morgan Ruth Newell Eleanor Partridge June . . . BETTY GILRAY . . . PEGGY BACON . . MARJORIE MATHES . . ELEANOR POTTER MARIAN CLARKSON Elinor Potter Virginia Potter Catherine Prouty Virginia Roworth Jane Scott Katherine Stackel Martha Stubblefield Ada Thayer Jane Weaver Dorothy Weiner Mina Wydler Days of Meetings: Wednesday of every two weeks SEVENTY-TWO FENCING CLUB OFFICERS January ARMAND GOLDSTEIN . JACK SHEFFIELD DR. ROLAND GOLDSTEIN Office June . Captain, foil.ARMAND GOLDSTEIN Captain, sabre.JACK SHEFFIELD Secretary-Treasurer.JOHN UTZ Advisor .... DR. ROLAND GOLDSTEIN MEMBERS John Adler Richard Angevine Fredrick Beelby Wheeler Bishop Robert Bloor Randall DuBois Armand Goldstein Townsend Hopkins Stewart Phelps Clifford Ruffner Chari es Sahler Jack Sheffield John Utz Days of Meetings: Thursday Purpose: To train students in the art of Fencing. SEVENTY-THREE January MARY RUSH . BETTY DENNIS WILMA COONEY MARIAN KARLE Evelyn Berry Margaret Brennan Patricia Brennan Dolores Brown Dolly Ann Clair Wilma Cooney Betty Dennis Jane Dibble Jean Edgecumbe ALPHA TRI-Y OFFICERS Office President . Vice-President. Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Advisor MEMBERS Virginia Grover Ruth Gustafson Virginia Hart Arlene Jacobs Marion Karle Doris Munro Doris Peifer Marion Phillipsen t June . . . MARY RUSH . JEAN EDGECUMBE . . . .JANE DIBBLE MARION PHILLIPPSEN . RUTH QUSTAFSON . . . LOIS DILDINE Edna Reese Georgia Rehberg Ruby Rogers Mary Rush Anne Schumacker Muriel Sheffield Joema Thayer Helen Wenck Alice Whittaker Meets every other Monday Purpose: Alpha Tri-Y was formed in the spring of 1931 to give girls training in leader¬ ship, responsibility, and initiative. SEVENTY-FOUR BETA TRI-Y OFFICERS Office President .Vice-President. Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Advisor June JANE SULLIVAN . ANN WOODBURY . BETTY MacDONALD MARGARET DONNELLY . PEGGY SULLIVAN . CATHERINE CLARK JNELLY [RSON. DOROTHY WEINBERG jane Yuliwan . . JANE SMJ AN . . CATHERINE CLARK . MEMBERS Eleanor Alexander Alice Bardo Barbara Borah Madele Derrnody Margaret Donnelly Marjorie Ewell Clara Henderson Dorothy Kleinberg Betty MacDonald Elizabeth McClarty Antoinette Melville Janet Sabourn Jane Sullivan Eleanor Sullivan Alice Van Dusen Anna Woodbury Days of Meeting: Every otFier Monday Purpose: To train in friendship, responsibility, initiative, and high ideals of youth. SEVENTY-FIVE L CORRIDOR AIDES Corridor Aide Representatives on Safety Counci C. RUSSELL PHELPS MIRIAM KLONICK MEMBERS Betty Ad lam Armand Goldstein Stuart Phelps Alma Baird June Grout Isabel Posner Joe Barnes Helen Hatch Gordon Puffer Kenneth Barons Carl Hoffman Thelma Robinson Helene Berman Anne Hotchkiss Charles Sahler Eunice Bicksler George Keller Reva Schoenberg Wheeler Bishop Richard Lansing Ruth Schlosburg Robert Bloor Estelle Lavner Evelyn Schulz Dorothy Brown Adele Levy Jack Sheffield Jerome Collens Jane Mac Donald Maxine Soloman Irving Drucker Mary Me Laughlin Scott Sterling Marie Dubelbeiss George Mirch Theda Teklin George Dutton Louise Morgan John Utz Sylvia Fitzsimons Janet Osterman Irving Weisbuch Mary Alice Gage Richard Parks Paul Wolk Sidney Garelick Elizabeth Partridge Mina Wydler Betty Gilray Ellen Patman Benjamin Ziegler John Peck SEVENTY-SIX January ELEANOR ALEXANDER . MARY RUSH . . . . ALICE JOHNSTON . JANE HOLLAND . . . MRS. GRACE BABCOCK. Eleanor Alexander Janet Ailing Ruth Asmuth Mary Lee Bagley Thelma Batzel Dorothy Bowie Margaret Brunson Leah Coll ins Hester Corner Peggy Covel Harriet Davis Jane Dibble Marie Dubelbeiss LEADERSHIP CLUB OFFICERS Office President .Vice-President. Secretary Social Chairman . Faculty Advisor. MEMBERS Jean Edgecumbe Elizabeth Eggiman Ruth Findlay Ruth Frank Virginia Grover Jane Holland Alice Johnston Peggy Mason Marion McCarol Marie McWilli ams Ruth Medcalf Helen Mosher Ruth Newell Eleanor Norton June . . VIOLET SIVOLA MARGARET BRUNSON JANE HOLLAND . MARIE DUBELBEISS MRS. GRACE BABCOCK Francis Norton Ellen Patman Lucy Plumb Mary Rush Muriel Sheffield Lillian Sivola Violet Sivola Eleanor Stewart Catherine Sturla Jane Sullivan Mary Taylor Theda Teklin Jane Van Atta Days of Meetings: Thursday SEVENTY-SEVEN ALPHA ROE-Y JANUARY AND JUNE OFFICERS ELEANOR ALEXANDER. MARIAN MacCARROLL. BETTY ADLAM. PHYLLIS JEANNE CREORE. MISS ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON. President Vice-President Secretary Social Chairman Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Betty Adlam Eleanor Alexander Dorothy Brown Adelaide Coll ins Irene Collins Marjorie Crowley Ardith Doe Mary Alice Gage Gertrude Hoffman Virginia Howland Eleanor Johnson Jeanette Keeler Ellen Patman Mary Regan Janet Remington Jeanette Schoenheit Days of Meetings: Friday Purpose: To find life, to live it sincerely, and to have faith in all the world. SEVENTY-EIGHT M O N R O L O Present " CES DAMES AUX CHAPEAUX VERTS " Directed by Miss Rena Dumas Arlette Marie Telcide Rosalie Jeanne Ernestine M. Hyacinth Jacques . M. de Fleurvie M. Le Doyen Augustin . • Peggy Mason Jane Dibble Lillian Kaplan Helene Berman . . Al ce Johnson Joann Guggenheimer . Will am Sanderson Thomas Mohr Richard Angevine Richard Dudley Richard Parks SEVENTY-NINE R L James Brown Vincent Davies Walter Doe George Freido Richard Fdofman OUTSIDE PATROL William More, Chief Martin Hylkema David Millstone Kenneth Mitchell Hugh Mosher William Munger Peter Pavia Robert R ice Robert Shade George Schreiner George Schutt Robert Wahl Formed last year through the cooperation of Officer Elmer Irish, the Outside Patrol has proved of invaluable service to the school. In a prominent education magazine the Mo nroe system was praised highly. EIGHTY O N R O L O INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB ARTHUR ROSENBLOOM . . .President HOMER JACK. . Vice-President ESTHER WILLIAMS . . Secretary-Treasurer RICHARD POSNER . . . Corresponding Secretary MISS UNA HUTCHINSON . .Advisor MEMBERS John Adler Norman Gallant Seldon Ring Eleanor Alexander Homer Jack Leonard Rosenberg Marvin Arent Milton Joffe Arthur Rosenbloom Doris Berger Betsy Lane Irving Saud Helene Berman Richard Lansing Ruth Schlosburg Philip Betette Nathalie Levey Reva Schoenberg Boris Bittker Stanley Levey Seth Shaver James Brown Lea Levin Gladys Sobie Irving Davis Marie McWilliams Maxine Solomon Leonard Dorfman Louise Morgan Dorothy Tatelbaum Marie Dubelbeiss Myra Mostkov Elmer Teklin Jean Edgecumbe Charles Nixon Esther Williams Laurence Edelstein Mortimer Alderman Paul Wolk Elizabeth Eggiman Arthur Posner John Woolford Rachel Emanuel Isabel Posner Mina Wydler Helen Engert Richard Posner Frederick Zwick January KALEIDOSCOPE EDITORS Office June ARTHUR ROSENBLOOM Managing Editor . . . HOMER JACK HOMER JACK .... Assistant Managing Editor . . ESTHER WILLIAMS MARJORIE ADAMS . . . . Prose Editor . . . LUCILE DRENNAN LUCILE DRENNAN . . . . Assistant Prose Editor . . . . SETH SHAVER ESTHER WILLIAMS . . . . Poetry Editor . . . LEON HOLLERMAN LEON HOLLERMAN . . . .Assistant Poetry Editor. . . . PHYLLIS CREORE RUSSELL PHELPS .... Business Manager . . PAUL FROESCHLE PAUL FROESCHLE . . . Assistant Business Manager . . . . BORIS BITTKER Advertising . ( . DON BERRY } WILFRED SHULHAFER ADVISORS MISS LOIS DILDINE MISS HELEN O ' CONNELL Kaleidoscope is published every year and contains numerous selected poems, short stories, and plays. Rejected material is always commented on so that the writer may know why his manuscript has been turned down. The publication is a school wide project. EIGHTY-ONE MONROLOG SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS January Office June HOMER A. JACK.President. FREDERICK SHAPERO EDGAR SCHANTZ.Vice-President BORIS BITTKER.Secretary.LEONARD ROSENBERG AVERY BACON.Advisor.AVERY BACON MEMBERS Frederick Shapero Boris Bittker Leonard Rosenberg Milton Joffee Jack Laird Ellis Hormatz Peter Van Dilst Richard Bidwell Purpose: The Science Club is founded for the purpose of allowing those pupils inter¬ ested in Science a means of practicing and perfecting their knowledge. Experiments of some o f the more famous chemical discoveries are demonstrated and explained. Edwin T. Cox Mabel Kysor Milton Drexler Nathan Jones Helen Foster Charles Klein Robert Brice Warren Pease Edwin Bowerman Rita McLean Marvin Jacobstein Richard Schaeffer SENIOR BAND Director: JOHN S. LIVERMORE President: EDWIN T. COX MEMBERS Bernard Mitchell Joseph De Vitt Robert Larson James Bellingham Lenford Renner William Fleig Laverne Palser Jack Eckhardt Harold Senzel Donald Ross Herman Eggiman George Burdick Richard Hastings Donald Posner Edwin T. Cox Jack Park Earl Fish Martha Caldwell Clarence Bechle George Dech Jack Fischer Cortland Hartung Willis Page Gordon Blakeslee Justin Price Seen but seldom, yet when present always popular, the Senior band comprises a peppy, snappy aggregation. The band represented Monroe in the annual Memorial Day parade. EIGHTY-TWO MONROLOG GIRLS ' JR. CORPS OFFICERS January Office June EMILY LITTLE. President . lois McClelland PATRICIA BRENNAN . . .Vice-President. . DOROTHEA LAING MARGARET GOEBEL . . Secretary . . EDITH DOMINE OLIVE WYGANT .... Social Chairman . FRANCES NORTON MISS CAMERON .... Advisor . . MISS CAMPBELL Days of Meetings: Friday after scliool Purpose: To give girls a chance to exhibit talents and for experience in school activities. The Girls’ Junior Corps is composed of 9A girls. SENIOR ORCHESTRA Director: JOHN S. LIVERMORE Concertmeister: CARROLL BLAKESLEE MEMBERS Carroll Blakeslee Paul Smith Margaret Brunssen Violet Sivola Eckhart Jacobsen Leah Coll ins Frederick Schleber Karl Lemperle Leon Hollerman Craig Penrose Josephine Sutton Marvin Jacobstein Jack Mason Jack Banning Russell Phelps Irene Shea Elsie Sivola William Young William Ebert Lillian Kaplan Clara Henderson Mabel Kysor Milton Drexler Nathan Jones Helen Foster Charles Klein George Burdick Donald Pozner Robert Larson William Fleig Joseph De Vitt Earl Fish Clarence Bechle Cortland Hartung Justin Price Richard Hastings Always ready to perform at plays, assemblies or lectures, the Senior Orchestra is one of the hardest working groups in the school. An annual feature of their season is a con¬ cert either on a music night or during an assembly program. EIGHTY-THREE O N R O L O INK SLINGERS OFFICERS January Office June STANLEY FENYVESSY . . President .HOBART LERNER MORTIMER PYE . . . . .Vice-President. .... HELEN MORELAND JANE SANGER .... lois McClelland . . . Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS .SHIRLEY BRIDGE Julius Becker Stanley Fenyvessy Mortimer Pye Shirley Bridge Hobart Lerner Seldon Ring Sumner Cominsky Lois McClelland Jane Sanger Virginia Crump Dorothy Meyer Sobyl Stein Helen De Lelys Helen Moreland Marjorie Moreland Earl Stover The Ink SIingers, despite their name, are not a printing organization, but merely the Junior I—Iigh writing club, formed last year to encourage authorship and originality among the younger students. Several of the Ink Slingers have placed material in Kaleidoscope. INDUSTRIAL BOYS’ GLEE CLUB GEORGE TROUP Faculty Advisor. CLARENCE BILHORN Russell Baum William Bell John Borges James Burgess William Chippendale Terrence De Garmo Fred Diehl George Eadie Edward Flint Harold Foreman John Gleichauf Stanley Hampson Kenneth Hinton Victor Hook Paul Hotchkiss Willi am Meding Ray Plotzker John Reichert Walter Robinson Alfred Rohr Lawrence Rowden Jack Ryan Floyd Sanders George Satter George Schutt Fred Trieber Clarence Vander Brooke Carlton Volkmuth The Industrial Boys’ Glee Club is composed of members from the Industrial Courses of the School. A yearly assembly concert is the feature of their program. The chorus is com¬ posed of about thirty-five men, and is one of the most popular singing groups in Monroe. EIGHTY-FOUR R L AVIATION CLUB OFFICERS January Office June PAUL TAYLOR .... President .... PAUL TAYLOR FRANK HAYNES .... .Vice-President. . . . ROBERT WEAVER ELEANOR NORTON . Secretary . ELEANOR NORTON Treasurer .... HUGH WELSCH Advisor .... EDWARD HARTEL MEMBERS Deanette Auerback Dick Bidwell Jack Banning Bill Clark Edward Clark Ted Cox Robert Edgerton Charles Green Frank Haynes Alfred Harrott Richarcl Kline Stanley Klein John Mclver Thomas Mitchell Eleanor Norton Jack Ostrander William Pemberton John Remein Ernest Roberson Byron Robinson Frederick Shapero Clarence Spall William Sullivan Paul Taylor Jane Van Atta Robert Wahl Robert Weaver Hugh Welch Composed of those students interested in aereonautics, the Aviation Club has suc¬ ceeded in bringing to its meetings several noted aviators and aviation authorities. Plane designs and types have been demonstrated and explained, and some members have con¬ structed model ships of their own. BOYS ' JUNIOR CORPS OFFICERS January Office June WILLIAM ANDERSON . President . . . ROBERT REDDING RODGER DAVIS . . . .Vice-President. . . LEONARD DORFMAN KIRK NEAL. Secretary .... STANLEY DYE WILLIS PAGE .... Treasurer . . NORMAN ECKHARDT DAN LEVIN .... Social Chairman WALTER J. WILLIS . . Advisors .... JOHN S. WILES E I G H T Y - F I V E O N R O L O CHESS CLUB OFFICERS January Office June RICHARD DUDLEY.President.RICHARD DUDLEY WARNER EDSON.Vice-President.WARNER EDSON CLARA HENDERSON.Secretary.BARBARA FISH WILLIAM HUTCHINSON . . . . Faculty Advisor. . . . WILLIAM HUTCHINSON MEMBERS John Adler Eleanor Alexander John Barber Robert Barnes Helene Berman Howard Berson Boris Bittker Sumner Cominsky Roland Cotton Irving Davis Rodger Davis Richard Dudley Warner Edson Edith Foth Paul Froeschle Leonard Gallant Clara Henderson Homer Jack Nathan Jones Lillian Kaplan Herman Katz Eugene La Vier John Lowe, Jr. Francis McArthur Russell Milner Robert Morris Millard Palmer Russell Phelps Arthur Posner Floyd Purvin Frances Ransom William Rockwood Virginia Roworth Ruth Schlosburg Frederick Shapero Seth Shaver Jane Sullivan Ada Thayer Katherine Williams Harzell Whiffin Max Wolferts Fred Zwick Meets Monday after School in Room 230-G Purpose: To promote an interest in Chess and learn more of the game. Chess Tournaments: Nov. 28, Monroe 18, Faculty 14 Dec. 5, Monroe 22, Madison 14; Dec. 13, Monroe 19, Franklin 9,- Jan. 11, Monroe 9, Franklin 23; Feb. 21, Monroe 11, Madison 9; Mar. 1, Monroe 12, West 12; Mar. 18, Monroe 8, West 12. Won 4, Tied 1, Lost 2. Chess Team: Phelps, chairman,- Dudley, Zwick, Fish, Adler, Jones, LaVier, Shaver, Edson, Bittker, and Wolferts. GERMAN CHORUS PAUL FROESCHLE . BETTY BROWN . . MIRIAM KLONICK . KATHERINE STACKLE BERTHA HENDERSON THOMAS PAYNE A. HAROLD BAGG MEMBERS Marjorie Adams Robert Bloor Frank Boas Betty Brown Mary Elizabeth Brown Harriet de Calesta Arthur Drucker Ruth Field Jeanette Fink Paul Froeschle Ruth Gordon Bertha Henderson Margaret Holfoth Gertrude Hubscher Alpha Johnson Marian Karle Anne Kline Miriam Klonick Jean Korndorffer Kurt Kuhnt Norton Kurlansky Aurora La Placa Lea Levin Helen Patterson Thomas Payne Russell Phelps Maxine Soloman President Secretary-Treasurer Accompanyists . Librarians Director Katherine Stackel Carolyn Suter Dorothy Tatelbaum Edward Trax Susan Vogt Emil Walter Janet Webster Dorothy Wei ner Pardon Williams Max Wolforts Meetings: Every Friday in Room 230-C The German Chorus, organized this year by Mr. Bagg, has been quite active. The Chorus sang over WHEC several times and sang in a Holy Week service at South Con¬ gregational Church. A play, " Gemischte Li be I e i ”, written by Thomas Payne and Paul Froeschle, was presented in assembly April 12. The Chorus supported a cast composed of Ed Trax, Dorothy Weiner, Betty Brown, Thomas Payne, Helen Patterson, Norton Kurlansky, Ruth Gordon, and Pardon Williams. E I G H T Y - S I X S3 5 ? 2 LOG BASKETBALL ROBERT SULLIVAN.Captain DON MacCALLUM . ... Manager LEWIS MICHELSEN.Coach TEAM Forwards Harold Lortz Herman Salitan Hugh MacMillan Roy Dunnett Centers Clark Schaeffer William Rosenberg RESULTS Guards Robert Sullivan Thomas Owen Edward Carson Charles Dettman Monroe Opponent Monroe 24 West 22 Monroe 20 Brighton 16 Monroe 31 Charlotte 19 Monroe 22 East 14 Monroe 20 Ben Franklin 16 Monroe 30 Edison-Tech 19 Monroe 31 Madison 25 Monroe 27 Ben Franklin 33 Monroe 43 Brighton 26 Monroe 17 West 19 Monroe 19 Canandaigua 21 Monroe 27 Sodus 21 Monroe 34 Irondequoit 22 Monroe 25 Madison 16 Monroe 27 John Marshall 32 Monroe 20 John Marshall 29 Monroe 20 Canandaigua 22 Monroe 24 Newark 27 Monroe 34 Charlotte 22 Monroe 31 Edison-Tech 29 Monroe 26 East 24 Total Points ! 552 Opp. Points 474 Won 1 4 Lost 7 Starting with an inexperienced team Coach Michelsen developed an aggregation which in the second half race bowled over a majority of its foes. Outstanding were the two victories over East and the first win to be gained over Franklin. EIGHTY-EIGHT VICTOR HOOK ED TRAX . . RALPH C. BLAIR Pitchers Ray Plotzker Jack Mason John Ryan Catchers Hugh MacWilliam Wm. Humbert BASEBALL SQUAD First Base Howard Moore Elmer Taylor Second Base Thomas Owens Joe Tutty Third Base Laverne Nash SCHEDULE May 12 May 19 May 24 May 26 May 31 June 2 June 7 June 9 Captain Manager . Coach Shortstop Victor Hook OutFielders Ray Calahan Irvin Snyder John Bishop Don Neff East at Cobbs Hill Tech at Edgerton Playground Marshall at John Marshall Charlotte at Charlotte . West at Cobbs Hill Canandaigua at Canandaigua . Madison at Cobbs Hill Franklin at Cobbs Hill As we go to press, the Redjacket baseball team seems to have all that is necessary for a championship team. In several pre-season games, the outfit has shown a power both offensively and defensively which bodes no good for the opposition. EIGHTY-NINE R L SOCCER LAVERNE NASH.Captain HOWARD GRESENS.Manager CARL BEGHOLD.Coach SQUAD Harold Lortz Albert Grundman Elmer Taylor Louis Durkee Laverne Nash Monroe Billings Roy D unnett Roy Vragel Charles Flutts Victor H ook Ralph DuBois Norton Kurlansky RECORD FOR 1932 Sept. 30 Monroe 1 East 1 Oct. 11 Monroe 1 Franklin 0 Oct. 19 Monroe 1 Can. 1 Oct. 27 Monroe 2 Madison 3 Nov. 2 Monroe 0 Marsh. 4 Nov. 4 Monroe 0 West 0 Nov. 9 Monroe 2 Tech 5 Nov. 11 Monroe 1 Chari. 5 Monroe 8 Opp. 19 The Redjackets started the season off in a manner which gave their followers hope for a championship, but following tie games placed the team out of the race. A more successful season is expected next year. NINETY CROSS COUNTRY JACK HARBY DICK PARKS. LEE ACKLEY Louis Barlow Dominic Bruno Stearns Bullen Fred Byrne Peter De Kramer SQUAD Arthur Drucker Irving Drucker Paul Froechle Jack FHarby Richard I—lart Eugene Levin SEASON RESULTS Captain Manager . Coach Kenneth Mitchell Donald Sanger Kenneth Simmons Willi am Wi nslow Dougl as Wygant (Low Score W ins) Monroe 23 Monroe 26 Monroe 1 5 Monroe 20 Monroe 51 West 32 Franklin 30 East 61 Marshall 44 Tech 20 Totals 135 187 With a team of practically all new material Coach Ackley developed a strong squad which finished second in the scholastic league suffering but one defeat in the entire season. Next year the team ought to come out on top. NINETY-ONE R TRACK JACK HARBY . . JAMES ROBINSON LEWIS MICHELSEN William McKeon Norman Trottenberg Joseph De Leterre Dominic Bruno Edward Hendrickson Donald Kallock Phillip Skeehan Stearns Bullen Jack Harby Nelson Poirer James Robinson, Mgr. George Newton Robert Sullivan Phillip Chamberlain Carl Goldenshuh Captain Manager Coach Louis Durkee Clark Schaeffer Clairmond Howland William Rogers William Rosenberg Ted Cox Th omas Stapleton Jimmy Burgess As we go to press the track team looks to be the Class of the league. It already holds one league win and with two interscholastic champions in the lineup we can look for many more. NINETY-TWO monrolog DON BERRY . . HARRY JANSEN . CLAUDE WALLACE John Adler Ray Bernard Don Berry Ted Cox Teal Cox Paul Froeschle Jim Gummere Monroe Monroe Total The Pin-shakers enjoyed a successful season, winning both their league meets and plac¬ ing third in the scholastic meet. A better score for the Red and Blue might have resulted had Coach Wallace been able to muster his entire team strength from the exam rooms. SWIMMING TEAM 60 50 110 SQUAD Art Geil Jack Harby Bob Hill Art Harris Harry Jansen Ralph Johnston Harry Kittredge Karl Lemperle RESULTS Captain Manager Coach Dave Millstone Richard Netson George Newton Bill Powers Tom Stapleton John Waugh Dave Wilder East Tech 8 18 26 NINETY-THREE MONROLOG GOLF TEAM PAUL LEIGHT.Manager PHILLIP SCHNEIDER. Coach Don Browne Wilder Clapp Walt Cowan SQUAD George Keller John Merchant Paul Leight Verne Merle Karl Schlegal A Feature of the golf season is the annual Dean trophy tournament. Last years winner was John Merchant. Outside of the regular inter-scholastic schedule, a number of meets have been arranged with out-of-town teams including Newark, Canandaigua, Dansville and Sodus. TENNIS TEAM BILL WINSLOW LEE ACKLEY . No. 1 Man Coach SQUAD Dick Samuels Arthur Drucker Clark Schaeffer Byron Pierce Charles Sherwood Edwin Olsan Bill Winslow Gene Greenwald Ed Martin Walter Williams Bill Winslow, No. 1 Man, was the victor in the National Boys’ Tennis Tournament doubles event and runner-up in the singles match. It is expected that Winslow will receive a high rating in the boys’ list. The Monroe team with four verterans back should place high in the league standing. NINETY-FOUR IV —. • 1 -. ' w lv— V 3: ■ V jJ riAl- •vVS5!+‘ . MONROLOG HERE ' S JACK THINKIN’ OF SUTTON OR OTHER A BUNCH OF THE BOYS WERE WHOOPING IT UP FOR MONROE MONRO¬ LOG SNOOPER FOTOS SCOOP THEM ALL " THE MAN WITH THE HOE " ... OR IS IT A RAKE? NOTORIOUS MURDERER AND EX-CONVICT MODESTLY SHIELDS FACE AS HE LEAVES COURTHOUSE AFTER RECEIVING DEATH SENTENCE ... NOTICE HANDCUFFS THE MAD SCIENTIST PRE¬ PARING NEW, TASTELESS PEPPERMINT FOR THE NURSE THE MONROE MOUNTED POLICE DISMOUNTED IN THE GUTTER... OR IS HE MERELY STUDYING FOR AN EXAM? N I N E T Y - S I X R “CLASPMATES” Being the story of a youth who gave up his love and honor for the glory of the Red and Blue (or was it the Black and Blue?) The characters are a man named Herman and his other self, called Philomelia. (You will note that this drama already bears a startling O’neiIlian (or Onion?) atmosphere), not to mention the heroine Eucalyptus called Eucalyptus by some, and Anastatia Cornelia Winterbottom " Schnozzola” Eucalyptus by others for short. We think it best to ring in a door bell for a property and to throw a little light on the play with a flashlight which may be used as a lamp or as a cucumber in the dinner scene. For the best purposes of the play and to insure safety to the actors, it would be best to perpetrate the masterpiece on a completely dark stage, and since all the talking is done by pantomime you will readily realize the effect on the audience. Or better still if you have a deserted barn you may attempt the drama there by charging one pin, and if this is not forthcoming, try bribing the pigs to stick around and see it. The second scene of the rendition has too many characters for the stage. In this case the authors advise staging it in the audience and allowing the latter the free run of the platform. The play which was written to run for six days, 17 and one-half hours can, by inconsiderate cutting be lopped off to a comprehensive thirteen minute drama. This however will entail leaving out a majority of the characters, making the hero a Canadian Northwest Mounted Police instead of a rum runner, and changing the heroine from a social worker to a dairy maid in a Swiss cheese factory (holy smokes). With a little inge¬ nuity something tangible and satisfying can be gleaned out of the accomplishment. In one of the latter scenes the heroine is visited by seven maiden aunts. If, for any reasons, seven maiden aunts are not available, ordinary ants may be imported (we are sure the audience will not notice the discrepancy in spelling) and the play changed in to a super-animal production. As for makeup, it should be thoroughly understood that as conscientious purists and moralists, the authors will refuse permission to any company to present their achievement if makeup of any sort is to be used. However in the event that the hero at any time feels in the need of a cigarette he is encouraged and urged to smoke (providing he uses only Lucky Chesters). Enough of these directions, then, and on to the play. Scene I: An opium den, otherwise known as the " men’s room’’ or " Pirate Roost’’ at Monroe High School. The place is clouded with smoke and perfume vapor. A man gropes his way to the footlights reeling in a thoroughly naughtical (or is it naughty) fashion. He speaks (you will notice of course that all dialogue is in verse). Herman: Being on the faculty is not much fun It’s with difficulty That I make any mon (abbreviation for money) at this point another figure enters, approaches the first man and says Eucalyptus: I really see your plight my dearest hubby. Your bow tie is a sight and your collar is rather grubby. This really has nothing to do with the play, but is inserted for euphony. Editor s note (The Editors regret cutting short this sure-fire drama but it is time to turn the page, and since no provision has been made for this emergency we leave you with the hope that you will turn the page and forget the play) or have you read it at all? NINETY-SEVEN UNDERSTOOD THAT BABY PICTURE EDITOR WORRYING PREMATURE AGE IT SHOULD BE THIS IS NOT A BUT MERELY OUR HIMSELF INTO OLD 1 i ; MR. WALLACE LATE FOR SCHOOL! Ed. note: We knew we’d get him sooner or later WHERE THEY LEARN TO TYPE RIGHT WRITE... OR DO THEY NINETY-EIGHT M O N R O L O G G X HE MONROLOG staff wishes to express here its appreciation to the following concerns for their support in making this publication possible. f It is to the students’ advantage to make it a point to patronize these advertisers, justifying the existence of their advertisements, which in turn have pro¬ duced for the students a finer MONROLOG; and in general, strengthening the delightful connections between the schoo I and the community. Monday is Progress Day Make it count by saving something ROCHESTER SAVINGS BANK Two Offices Main Street West, Corner South Fitzhugh Franklin Street, Corner North 1831 Rochester’s Oldest Financial Institution 1933 NINETY-NINE M O N R O L O Book Lovers ' Novelty Shoppe The 675 Monroe Avenue Books 3c per day—No minimum charge School of Commerce East Avenue at Alexander Street Show Your School Spirit. . . Patronize Our Advertisers for Charles E. Ratcliffe Advanced Business Training Printer ❖ Highest Quality Low Cost 395 Meigs Street Stone 1 497 Call Main 5530 FURLONG STUDIO You PAY for it ... Portrait Why not OWN it? Pho tographers • • The money lost by using old or inefficient refrigeration would buy an ELECTRIC REFRIG¬ ERATOR. The average family actually pays for electrical refrigeration through losses in foods improperly kept, through food wasted and through small-quantity buying. See our line of tested electrical refrigerators. Begin saving on foods now. Buy while prices are low, and be prepared for the coming hot weather. Terms. 27 Clinton Avenue South Opposite Hotel Seneca Stone 21 ROCHESTER GAS AND ELECTRIC CORPORATION ONE HUNDRED MONROLOG Seeds and Plants HART and VICK Stone and Ely Streets A. FRANKEL Chenile and Felt Lettering 412 Cox Building Main 2802 When Patronizing Advertisers . . . mention the Monrolog C. S. MACKEY 260 Averill Avenue Monroe 4431 Carting Coal N. SINGER Merchant Tailor 52 Atlantic Avenue Special Prices to Students Monroe 3262 Selected Milk H. E. WILSON Florist Brighton Place Dairy HENRY SIEBERT SONS The Students’ Stores 162 Andrews St. School Supplies—Books • Fountain Pens—Brief Cases Social Stationery Stoves, Furnaces and Engraving—Sporting Goods Refrigerators SCRANTOMS ’ 49 ' 5l Worif? ‘tidier Sireei J5ior)e 5316 oc ester, N. f. ONE HUNDRED ONE M O N R O L O The Monro log this year was printed by hart 11 ® LEO HART comnanu npagu WHAT A DIFFERENCE A LITTLE THOUC»IIT AXD OKIGIAALITY HAKE e of The Leo Hart Co. pride ourselves on the fact that the Year Books bearing our imprint are a little finer, a LITTLE MORE OUT-OF-THE-ORDINARY, A LITTLE BETTER DONE than the average , and we strive to maintain that standard in ALL OF OUR WORK . . . The PERSONAL THOUGHT and CARE¬ FUL study given each individual book , in addition to fine TYPOGRAPHY, HIGH GRADE PRESSWORK and SKILLFUL HAND¬ LING thruout , cannot help but show in the finished product . .. And the Editorial Staff which turns its book over to us has a right to expect an Annual that is distinctively different. This issue of the Monrolog was engraved and printed complete in the plants of The Leo Hart Co. ffhe Leo H art Co. EjesLfjners, Engravers (rurders of FINE BOOKS •

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