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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1948 volume:

5 I3 AV, Ljupi, Y 1 xx-'XML . "KCI Lfgv'4,5!!. ' I L-, T f, ,Q fLV ,, 1 ,f,wx--5 l R ,.f I j , f M A I 'X K THE DOCTRINE NINETEEN FORTY-EIGHT THE PASSING MO ROI I I I 1 LEONARD MARASCUILO - - Editor ROBERT LAING - - Business Mcmoger PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS - - - MONROE HIGH SCHOOL OF SAINT PAUL PARADE... . . . IS REVIEWED HERE by The ediTors os o soiuTe To The senior closs of 1948. We couldn'T c:opTUre The whole porode from our review- ing srond, buT we've Tried To give you repre- senToTive somples-The good ones you'd like To remember. Here, Then, ore our Teochers ond clossmoTes os The DocTrine found Them in Their closses ond speciol ocTiviTies. WITH A LONG ROLL on The drums, we proudly dip our 1948 bonner To Mrs. Effie Hogenson, The senior closs od- viser. As we drop ouT of The Monroe porode, we pouse To express our Thonks for her leodership. She hos lcepi our heorTs beoTing in morch Time ond our feeT from folTering on The rood To groduoTion, she hos been o genuine leoder, olwoys cheerful ond inspiring. VVe're obouT To Toke our ploces in oi bigger porode, eiTher by going on To school or by enTering The business world, ond we'll Toke Those ploces wiTh o greoTer confidence becouse of her influence. To her ond To The spiriT of leoder- ship which she symbolizes, we soy once ogoin-Thonks. 4 f 5 I-IE REVIEWINC STAND FACULTY ACTIVITIES SEN IORS . SPORTS . 6 is 451' Q 1 MR. FRANKLYN L. BLUME, Prmclpol IN COMMAND of our parade and at the head of the marching column is Mr. Franklyn L. Blume, the principal of Monroe Csee preceding pagel. Although it has been only a little more than a year since he assumed his present duties, he is already well known to everyone in the school community. Besides making an effort to maintain close per- sonal contacts with all students and the faculty, Mr. Blume is active in the PTA, working to establish a firmer relationship between parents and teachers in the interest of the student body. As part of his program to know all of Monroe first hand, he often takes time from his administrative duties to speak to groups of students or make brief visits to classrooms, and is rarely absent from an athletic or social event. Mr. Blume has served in the city school system for 25 years, both in executive capacities and as a teacher and coach. He encourages students and teachers to visit him at his office whether it is to discuss a mutual problem, seek advice, or merely chat. QQ-X 'I 531 J 1 ,2- OUR ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL, Mr. Richard J. A. Hallen, is second in command of the passing Mon- roe parade. Mr. Hallen, who is just completing his first year here, brings to the school not only a back- ground of training for educational administration, but also experience as a veterans' adviser for the federal government. As his title implies, his duties and interests are closely tied to those of the princi- pal, and he assumes full responsibility for the con- duct of Monroe affairs in Mr. Blume's absence. Act- ing also in the capacity of chief counselor, Mr. Hal- len helps arrange unusual or difficult class sched- ules for students. Besides carrying out his varied duties during the school day, he finds time to at- tend most of our dances and other social affairs, and is almost always in the stands for an athletic contest. AMONG the busiest leaders of our passing parade are Miss Esther Munson and Mr. William Fuhrmann. Besides teaching world history to the sophomores and American history to the juniors, Miss Munson finds time to supervise the activities of our student council. Mr. Fuhrmann teaches freshman social science, American history and economic geography. It is he who directs the stage crew for our plays and operettas. Miss Helen Walsh and Mr. Eugene Gentry are also very active. Miss Walsh makes iunior American history interesting by means of movies, surveys and special reports. Mr. Gentry, who former- ly taught freshman and senior social science along with coach- ing the football backfield, hockey and baseball squads, has left Monroe to take a coaching position at the University of Colorado. Maintaining and interpreting a complicated group of tests de- signed for the vocational guidance of Monroe students is Mrs. Eleanor Conant. She can determine by scientific methods the areas in which we are most interested and where our talents lie, then suggest a likely occupation for each of us. Two other parade captains are Miss Mary Jo Sommer and Mr. Charles Simmer. Miss Sommer, our school librarian, is always on hand to help find reading material, whether it is for refer- ence or pleasure. Mr. Simmer teaches world history and fresh- man social science, and is a member of the basketball and football coaching staffs. Miss Leila Asher, head of the social science department, does most of her class work with seniors. She is active in extra-curric- ular student civic projects. Mr. Bruce Wilson, who has been a member of the Monroe faculty only a part of the year, teaches social science and coaches baseball. THE PICTURES-Top: Mr. William Fuhrmann, Miss Esther Munson. Second from top: Mr. Eugene Gentry, Miss Helen Walsh. Third: Mrs. Eleanor Conant. Bottom right: Miss Mary Jo Sommer, Mr. Charles Simmer. Below: Miss Leila Asher, Mr. Bruce Wilson. .sw .Mi . ,, IN addition to teaching sophomore English and courses journalism, Miss Sara Myers is adviser to the Quill and Scr Club and the Monitor. Miss Dorothy Mahood teaches iuni English and speech, Besides this, she is adviser to the Masq and Gavel Society and is our play director. Two other English teachers are Miss Muriel Korthage and M Gretchen Schampel. Along with this, however, Miss Korfhai has classes in Latin, and special groups who need additior coaching in English. Mrs. Schampel teaches English at tres man, sophomore and junior levels. Among our newer teachers are Miss Jenny-Ann Kloet ai Mrs. Joyce Garrett. Miss Kloet teaches freshman and juni English, and is adviser to the iunior class. Mrs, Garrett, wl has classes in sophomore and senior English, has advised tl staff ot the i948 Doctrine. Miss Lucy Stettanus and Mr. Leonard Powderly also are command of English squads marching in the Monroe parac Miss Steftanus works mostly with freshmen, but teaches one clc ot senior business English. She hnds time, too, to help coat GAA swimmers. Mr. Powderly teaches sophomore and juni English and is usually on hand to take tickets and hand finances at social aftairs. Miss Grace Cook, who is head of the English departmer has taught only senior classes this year. Her primary conce is to prepare seniors tor college English. THE PICTURES-Top: Miss Sara Myers, Miss Dorothy Mohoocl. Second fr: top: Mrs. Gretchen Schumpel, Miss Muriel Korfhcige. Third: Miss Jenny-A Kloet, Mrs. Joyce Garrett. Bottom left: Miss Lucy Steffonus, Mr. Leona Powderly. Below: Miss Grace Cook. MISS Rose McLeer is in charge of Monroe's musiceorchestra and choir. In addition to this, she teaches one class in English. Miss Minette Para, who was a newcomer to Monroe this year, is our art instructor. Mrs. Effie Hogenson and Miss Elsa Obst are two of our home economics teachers. Mrs. Hogenson is in charge of the cooking department and was adviser to the T948 senior class, and Miss Obst teaches sewing courses along with supervising the nursery school. Two members of the manual art department are Mr. Claudius Wilken and Mr. Elmer Swanson. The former is in charge of the metal shop, and Mr. Swanson teaches classes in the machine shop and in mechanical drawing. Part of the task of keeping Monroe marchers in good physical condition falls to Miss Evelyn Haskell and Mr. Francis Zucco. Coaching football, wrestling, golf, and the apparatus teams is a full-time job for Mr. Zucco, and Miss Haskell has, in addition to gym classes, the responsibility for advising the GAA. Miss Grace Jacobs, the third member of our home economics department, teaches sewing and other domestic subjects. Mr. Willis Burwell has charge of the wood shop, where students turn out furniture and Woodcraft novelties. THE PICTURES-Top: Miss Minette Poro, Miss Rose Mcleer. Second from top: Mrs. Effie Hogenson, Miss Elsa Obst. Third: Mr. Claudius Wilken, Mr. Elmer Swanson. Bottom right: Mr. Francis Zucco, Miss Evelyn Haskell. Below: Miss Grace Jacobs, Mr. Willis Burwell. K, x iX,.,......e 'ww'-1 MATHEMATICIANS are a necessity in our parade. Miss Marie Doyle teaches algebra and geometry. Mr. Emil Berger, besides teaching mathematics and two classes in senior social science, advised the business staff of the 1948 Doctrine. Mrs. Martha Hartwell, in addition to her regular classes in modified mathematics and plane geometry, coaches a special group in mathematics. Mrs, Andee Kukler teaches bookkeeping and Spanish, and she also acts as our school's bursar. With weights, charts, and diagrams, Miss Edith Brocker teaches her students general science, biology, and physics. Miss Helen Sullivan teaches chemistry and is adviser to the science club. Business training and human biology are the two subjects taught by Mr. Charles Wallblom. He is also basketball, track, golf and tennis coach. Mrs. Ruth Peterson, through her classes in stenography and typing, teaches her students to meet the demands of the business world. Even though she has spent only a part of the school year as school secretary, Miss Blanche Dvorak very competently per- forms her daily ofhce tasks. Miss Ruth Liese teaches stenography, office practice, and typing. ln addition to teaching business ex- perience, Mr. Adrian Baril spends part of his time supervising study periods. THE PICTURES: Top: Miss Marie Doyle, Mr. Emil Berger. Second from top: Mrs, Andree Kukler, Mrs. Martha Hartwell. Third: Miss Edith Brocker, Miss Helen Sullivan. Bottom left: Mr. Charles Wullblom, Mrs. Ruth Peterson. Below: Miss Ruth Liese, Mr. Adrian Baril, Miss Blanche Dvorak. THE PICTURES-Above: Student Delores Muellner, Nurse Calla Clemens. Top right: The maintenance personnel are Cleft to rightj Mrs. Emma Justin, Mr. Ted Fettinger, Mr. Mel Kittleson, Mr. James Kane, Mr. Louis Heroff. Second from top: Cooks Cleft to rightj Mrs. Adelaide Anderson, Mrs. Marie Bodlak, Mrs. Martha Neilson, Mrs. Cecelia O'NeiI, Mrs. Rose Sokol, Mrs. Christine McCarthy. Third: Ottice personnel are Cleft to rightj Mrs. Katherine Kehborn, student Marie Kollofski, student Geraldine Fren. Bottom: Student cafeteria staff Cleft to rightl Vivian Gabrio, Anne Stemig, Leonard Marascuilo, George Johnson, William Eiden, Dennis Murray. QUE SCHOOL NURSE, Miss Calla Clemens, is confronted each morning with a long rovv of Monroe students who have been absent due to illness. lt is she who must check over each one to see that he is ready to return to classes. The responsibility tor keeping our building always present- able talls to our maintenance personnel. They are Mrs. Emma Justin, Mr. Ted Fettinger, Mr. Mel Kittleson, Mr. Louis Herolt and Mr. James Kane. A stall ot six cooks, under the supervision of Mrs. Adelaide Anderson, is charged with the preparation of noon meals for Monroe students and faculty members. They are Mrs. Marie Bodlalc, Mrs. Cecelia O'Neil, Mrs. Christine McCarthy, Mrs. Rose Sokol, Mrs. Martha Neilson and Mrs. Anderson. The maintenance ol records and general supervision of Mon- roe's clerical work are in the hands ot the ottice personnel. This staFf includes Students Marie Kollofslci and Geraldine Fren. Mrs. Katherine Kehborn, former school secretary, resigned her post at the end of the Hrst semester. A group of eight students helps in the ethcient operation of the school cafeteria in its effort to serve large numbers quickly. They are Leonard Marascuilo, Vivian Gabrio, Dennis Murray, Bill Faricy, Pat Bogie, George Johnson, William Eiden and Anne Stemig. 'I3 .1-wit' QF TO THE GRADUATES . . . SOON THE PARADE of the class of T948 will be a memory -a memory of lessons well learned, of wholesome partici- pation in athletics, of achievement in music and speech, of fun, laughter, favorite teachers, social events, senior day, the class play and finally . . . commencement. But what comes after high school? Certainly there should be broader horizons for you. There must be higher goals. You have been exposed to a philosophy of what consti- tutes a good life and good living. You alone must decide what your future life will be, then set about reaching the goal you set for yourself. lf you need a college education to reach your destination, find out if you have the ability and capacity to go through with it. Once you determine this, stay with your decision. lf you're going into the business world, choose your vocation carefully, be sure you like it and can remain interested in it. Be sure, too, that is has challenged all your ability. Then remember that success comes to those who do a little more than is expected of them. Strive to make yourself efficient, understanding, better liked, punctual, more considerate of others. Take part in civic affairs, work for a better standard of living for yourself and everyone else. Don't GRIPE about a situation, DO something about it! If you do things well, it will be recognized and you will develop self-confidence. This will reflect in your home and your family-there will always be charm and beauty and warm affection. Everyone must feel secure to be happy, and wise planning and good work will provide the satis- faction that means security in your heart and ioy in living Mrs. Eleanor Conant Guidance Instructor 'I4 it i --... Ex Mi v N f 1 3 I 'X I 'S Q 5 4 The senior class olticers are pictured here with their adviser. Standing: Pat Haas, secretary, and Tom Poucher, treasurer. Seated lleft to rightj: Mrs. Eltie Hogenson, cdviserp Bob Laing, president, and Dick Fredette, vice president. HONOR ROLL Robert Adams Margaret Allen Henry Amon Betty Anderson Cecelia Arvanitis Dorothy Baker Darlene Battern Grace Bodlak Mary Ann Borman Lois Bowman Genevieve Busch Lorraine Callan Roger Capp Rosemary Cavanagh Jean Chute Marjorie Carlson Jean Continelli Polly Culver Guydon Dandrea Rita Donnay John Dougherty Phyllis Driscoll Claire Fisher Kathleen Flaherty Robert Fletcher Mary Frantz Geraldine Fren Kathleen Friemann Bertha Fuchs Amilou Gerst Eugene Gimler Betty Lou Gosselin Joan Gruber Donna Haider Andrew Hein John Hermann Warren Hickey James Horning Robert Huna Marilyn Jellinek Patricia Kaiser Margaret Kane Herman Kaufer Shirley Kislenger William Koutek Delores Kulhanek Robert Laing Eustelle Lauer Shirley Leyk Priscilla Lindmeyer Geraldine Liska Leila Lissack Audrey Lowe Rosanne Lysne Leonard Marascuilo Dorothy Mausser Norma Milnar Wayne Nelson Irene Nistl Dorothy Peterson Yvonne Peterson Donald Quinlivan Marilyn Roth Mary Royce Gloria Schaefer Carroll Skara Delores Skoglund Patricia Stahlman Janet Stenborg Jean Stryk Arpine Tateosian Katherine Thorne Alice Toenies Shirley Vandersypt Robert Vanyo Donald Wagner Patricia Ward Edward Weinhagen Rita Weinzettel Margaret York Richard Zocher Harold Albrecht-"Harry" . . . science club . . . "M" club . . . football . . . Minnesota Junior Academy of Science . . . radio engineer . . . "Oh, for a bed in study hall" . . . Margaret Allen-"Dolly" . . . wants to be a secretary . . . Henry Amon-"Hotshot" . . . hopes to amount to something . , . likes hunting. Betty Anderson-"Betts" , . . wants to be a private secretary , , . likes cooking . . . Cecelia Arvanitis- "Nicky" . . . Masque and Gavel . . . annual staff . . . chemistry club . . . Macs . . . wants to be a journalist . . . Dorothy Baker-"Dottie" . . . treasurer of Masque and Gavel . . . recreation secretary of GAA . . . student council . . . cheerleader . . . senior class play . . . annual staFl . . . intends to study nursing. Darlene Battern-"Punky" . . . Macs . . . "I'd like to get the guy l want and keep him" . . . Laurita Becker -"Rec-xt" . . . hall study . . . Y-Teens . . . a record fan . . . would like to go to California . . . doesn't like people who tease . . . Leonard Bedahl-"Butch" . . . "M" Club , . . gym team . . .science club . . . an- nual staff . . . hall study . . . belongs to a local rifle club. Richard Bendorf-"Li'l Joe" . . . gymnastics . . . track . . . wrestling . . . to be a mechanic is his ambition . . . collects guns . . . no love for the women . . . John Berry-"Jack" . . . very quiet . . . Alice Bertrand-"iust call me 'Alice'." Anthony Blaha-"Tony" . . . Grace Bodlak-"Bubbles" . . . science club . . . "A" choir . . . Latin club . . . Y-Teens . . . doesn't like people who talk too much . . . Patrick Bogie-"Bog" . . . basketball . . . track . . . sports editor of Monitor . . . would like to see the i world. l Beverly Bohn-"Beaver" . . . would like to be a typist collects recipes . . . "What a blow" . . . Betty x , '-.'. .Q UL. I Booth-"Bee" . . . Monitor staff . . . is a roller skating fan at the "Col" . . . doesn't like boys who don't do their homework . . . Mary Borman. 1' wx- . ,W - sn", 'i lx' Q. pi Ng ' 'Q lx Q s it J l flu, I L ' Robert Bour-"Bob" . . . Lois Bowman-"Lo" . . . Ma I . . . Masque and Gavel . . . Latin club . . . GAA . . M 8' senior class play . . . science club . . . girl reserv 'K 4 st '55 K' :., 3 1 E ...D il, T . . . Thanksgiving play . . . assemblies . . . annu stat? . . . dislikes annotated bibliographies . . . Ma Brennanf"Mickey" . . . CYC council . . . hates write letters . . . to go to California is her intentio Donald Britt-"Cuddles" . . . Hi-Y . . . will he be second Harry James? . . . when will he fly that spam ship? . . . Clyde Britton-"Brit" . . . ace geometi student . . . likes hunting, fishing and snooker . . . h pet peeve is a late street car . . .Patricia Bronec -"Pat" . . . Monitor staff . . . likes sewing. Ruth Burger-"Duchess" .. . TWM choir . . . orchesti . . . operetta . . . a 1952 graduate of UCLA . . . Stc Kenton records are a "must" . . . Genevieve Busch- "Gen" . . . Library club . . . reads good books . . dislikes boys in general . . . need a good stenographei . . . Genevieve Byrne-"Genny" . . . operetta . . . "A choir .... Masque and Gavel . . . science clu . . . Y-Teens . . . senior class play , . . assemblies . . CYC council . . . is a dancing fan. Beverly Cable-"Bev" . . . "A" choir . . . a domest life . . . "Oh, fudge!" . . . Lois Cable-likes dancin and shorthand . . , pet peeve: people who don't kee dates . . . Dorothy Cadwell-"Dottie" . . . GAA . . girl reserves . . . ambition is to see New York . interest: Loren Deering. Lorraine Callan-"Cal" . . . will she be a "steno" . . . passes time listening to records . . . dislikes sa castic boys . . . Roger Capp-"Cap" . . . football . . "M" club . . . wrestling . . . an electrical engineer t be . . . hobby is fixing cars . . . detests girls with lon dresses . . . Joseph Cascolenda-"Joe" . . . footba . . . hockey . . . baseball . . . iunior class presider . . . "M" club . . . Monitor staft . . . hopes to be i college graduate . . . likes to be with the boys. Rosemary Cavanagh-"Rosie" . . . cheerleader . . GAA . . . Quill and Scroll . . . Latin club . . . annuc staff . . . Monitor stat? . . . Masque and Gavel pla . . . Christmas play . . . hall study . . . Jean Chute- secretary of student council . . . DAR representative . . hall study . . . stationery shop . . . likes dancing wit Tom . . . Maxine Clark-"Max" . . . GAA . . . gi: reserves . . . choir . . . collects postal cards . . . he ambition is to be an alumna of Gustavus Adolphus. Merrill Clark-apparatus team . . . choir . . . Spanish club . . . hopes to attend Macalester . . . ministry . . . Gwendolyn Condifi-"Gwenn" . . . collects stamps . . . pet peeve is being called Gwendolyn . . . wants to be good housewife . . . Joyce Connor-likes parties . . . plans to marry young . . . dislikes smoking, drink- ing, profanity. Jean Continelli-student council . . . choir . . . GAA . . . iunior class representative . . . George Cullen- the Burl lyes of Monroe, git-tar and all . . . Polly Culver-Latin club . . . hall study . . . orchestra . . . operetta . . . science club . . . hopes to spend sum- mer in England. Leonard Dahlin-"Len" . . , basketball fan . . . Guydon Dandrea-"Guy" . . . operetta . . . track . . . boys' quartet . . . would like to sing in Metropolitan opera . . . Richard Darsie-"Dick" . . . track . . . Monitor stall. Betty Darveaux-can't wait to get through school . . . dancing enthusiast . . . Katherine Datwyler-"Curly" . , . tries to skate like Sonia Henle . . . plays ac- cordion . . . Suzanne Davies-"Sue" . . . glee club . . . Spanish club . . . girls' sextet . . . wants to sing at the "Met". Lynn Davisvhockey . . . track . . . Loren Deering- hockey . . . wrestling . . . "M" club . . . wants to fly . . . likes to hunt . . . Dorla Deilke-wants to sell . . . likes sports. Donald Delmedico-"Metz" . . . collects trinkets . . . George DeSmidt-"Georgie" . . . Joan Dickson-hall study . . . Doctrine circulation staff . . . "Joannie". i K X l g S cfs xx , X iliil sf!! i """"' X i 5 4' - 5 ..,,., t S l it t K H .-.- MWA l -l is , l il 1 l it i l t F W xy Eg A, L s if :PW vvv W-H. L.. :wage zz. , xl 1 fi ,M Wh i i K A lg! A l as f ,gif 5, . Rita Donnay-"Reet" . . . ambition is to graduate wi honors . . . passes time playing the piano . . . Jol Donnelly-"Fats" . . . next destination is business ci lege . . . likes reading books . . . John Dougherty 'Kissy" . . . his hobby is reading. Charles Driscoll-"Chuck" . . . football . . . "M" clL . . . equipment manager . . . his ambition is to bot 300 . . . dislikes impatient people . . . Phyllis Driscc -"Phyl" . . . Macs . . . Monitor staff . . . wishes to fly ' California . . . pet peeve is a ioke cracked by Se Widman or George Tillson . . . Kenneth Drost-"Ker . . . heavy eater. Paul Duren-"Bud" . . . football . . . track . . . "M club . . . Latin club . . . assemblies . . . stage for: . . . hopes to play pro football . . . finds it hard 1 get used to the women with the new look . . . Richar Eller-"Dick" . . . football . . . hockey . . . "M" clu , . . Frank Eppolito-"Epp" . . . if he hopes to be a eligible bachelor in l958, how can he hope to be bum? . . . hates dancing. William Faeth-"Bill" . . . student council . . . stag f . orce . . . wants to travel , . . collects pictures . . dislikes "catty" women . . . Robert Falvey-"Bob" . . football . . . track .. . science club . . . "A" choir . . operetta . . . HiAY . . .CYC council . . . Masque ani Gavel . . . likes to dance . . . would like to have at experimental laboratory . . . William Faricy-"Rai: bits" . . . basketball . . . track . . . Monitor staff . . lunch traffic . . . hall traffic . . . "M" club. Norman Few-"Big-a-Norm" . . . "M" club . . . iun ior representative . . . track . . . Monitor staff . . student council . . . science club . . . movie crew . . likes to sleep . . . William Finch-"Bill" . . . Clairi Fisher-"Bug" . . . Latin club . . . wants to go tx H .. . . await this summer . . . likes to play the piano . . dislikes hillbilly music. Richard Fletcher-"Fletch" . . . hockey . . . "M" club . . . golf . . . snooker . . . wants to get out ol Minnesota . . . Robert Fletcher-"Fletch" . . . football . . . hockey . . . track . . . wrestling . . . "M" clul: . . . Latin club . . . senior representative . . . hangs around with the boys i?J . . . wants to be a civil engineer . . . William Fox-"Fuz" . . . basketball . . . wrestling . . . diesel engineer . . . pet peeve is English. Mary Jane Frantz-"Mare" . . . GAA . . . Macs . . . wants to go on a swell vacation . . . likes to dance . . . gets peeved with record breakers . . . Richard Fredette-"Dick" . . . vice president of the senior class . . . sergeant at arms of Masque and Gavel . . . foot- ball . . . basketball . . . wrestling . . . swimming . . . "M" club . . , student council . . . Macs . . . operetta . . . senior class play . . . "A" choir . . . Geraldine Fren -annual staff . . . office staff . . . would like to fly to San Francisco . . . likes to dance. Beverly Frick-"Bev" . . . would like a trip to "Frisco" . . . loves house parties . . . hates boys who bluff . . . Kathleen Friemann-"Katie" . . . GAA . . . Latin club . . . wants to be a private secretary . . . collects pic- tures . . . becomes disgusted with long-winded talkers . . , Frank Fruci-"Juice" . . . basketball . , . football . . . track . . . "M" club . . , Monitor staff . . . Lorraine is chief interest. Bertha Fuchsvannual staff . . , likes to read . . . ambition is to go out West . . . her pet peeve is sing- ing commercials . . . Stephen Furchner-"Steve" . . Christmas play . . . is anxious to be a radio technician . . . Vivian Gabriovlibrary club . . . cafeteria staff. Mary Gage-"lt's a grand old name" . . . Suzanne Gates-"Sue" . . . likes to help people play solitaire . . . hopes to be a dietitian . . . hates having to stand while eating in the cafeteria . . , Ferdinand Gaul- "Ferdy" . . . raises pigeons . . . collects old tire-arms . . . wants to be an herbalist. Amilou Gerst-"Amy" . . . the tall, very blonde girl who knows all the answers in SSS . . . Eugene Gimler -"Gene" . . . the tall, dark fellow we see with Don Britt . . . Eugene Gonsowski-"Gene" . . . track . . . "M" club . . . his pet peeve is little freshmen. Betty Lou Gosselin-GAA . . . student council . . . Macs . . . Monitor staff . . , girls' "M" club . . . is still trying to skate like John Lettingarver . . . Robert Gosselin-"Bob" . . . Monitor staff . . . track . . . is going to raise potatoes in Idaho after graduation . . . .Ioan Gruber-"Jeanie" , . . wants to be a private secretary . . . collects Frankie Carle records . . . doesn't like boys who show off. l xx if 62 we X 1.12 We : use-'2-I' if sg . . 1 S is-r 5 5 Eli 1 Y '- JL saw' " its .sr 2231 were Lorraine Gruber-operetta . . . glee club . . . G! . . . Homecoming queen . . . present interest: Fra Fruci . . . Marilyn Haas-"Lynn" . . . library club . Macs . . . science club . . . Latin club . , . is terested in nursing . . . would like to travel . . Patricia Haas-"Pat" . . . secretary of senior class . . GAA board . . . girls' "M" club . . . rifle club . . annual staff . . . Masque and Gavel play . . . Collet pennies . . . wonder why she doesn't like thin boys. Donna Haider-cheerleader . . . vice president of GA . . . secretary of Masque and Gavel . . . girls' "lv club . . . choir . . . Latin club . . . student council . . Richard Halverson-"Dick" ...rifleclub...Hi-Y.. choir . . . camera club . . . Doctrine staff . . . w enroll in St. Olaf college study . . . annual staff , . . has the desire to live California. . . . Joanne Hanson-hc Roy Hanson-Monitor stat? . . . will continue his schoa ing after graduation from high school . . . his hobl: is woodwork . . . Donald Havlish-Monitor editor . . is interested in photography . . , would like to fl . . . Alice Heffelfinger. Andrew Hein-"Andy" , . . iunior town meeting . . science club . . . wonders what kind of iob he will fini . . . hopes to be a bookkeeper . . . Irene Henning- collects stamps and photos . . . another would-b secretary . . . John Hermannehis hobby is photograph . . . dislikes school in general. Warren Hickey-circulation staff . . . William Hickey- Bill , . . Monitor staff . . . California bound . , John Hinderscheid-"Jack" . . wants to be an en gineer. Gwendolyn Hoeflin-"Gwen" . . . chemistry club . Latin club . . . girl reserves . . . Masque and Gave . . . camera club . . . Spanish club . . . Jacqueline Hoffman-"Jackie" . . . library club . . . operetta plans to make a career of nursing . . . James Horning -business manager of the Monitor . . . Quill and Scrol . . . track . . . will study engineering. Joseph Hosch-"Joey" . . . track . . . avoids girls . . . wants to become famous . . . Robert Hovorka-"Bob is what l'm usually called" . . . William Hoy-"Bill" . . . his pet peeve is women . . . main interests are boating and Indian lore. Robert Huna-"Mac" . . . Latin club . . . student coun- cil . . . science club . . . radio is his hobby . . . Donald Jansen-"Don" . . . his greatest trial is keeping quiet during study . . . Frank Jaskulka-"Jazz" . . . is kept busy iust attending school . . . an easy iob is what l1e's yearning for. Marilyn Jellinek-science club . . . library club . . . Spanish . . . plans to study medicine . . . Robert Johnson-"Bob" . . . track . . . "M" club . . Hi-Y . . . Quill and Scroll . . . sports editor on the Monitor . . . C gymnastics . . . Patricia Kaiser-student council . . . collects records . . . to hook o certain someone is her heart's desire. Margaret Kane-"Marge" . . . GAA . . . glee club . . . student council . , . choir . . . cheerleader . . . annual staff . . . hall study . . . Herman Kaufer-Macs . . . annual staff . . . hall traffic . . . Hi-Y . . . girls are his pastime . . . Joan Keller-GAA . . . hall study . . . choir . . . operetta . . . becomes disgusted with people who are always late. Dona Kilroy-hall study . . . CYC council . . . is a Tyrone Power fan . . . collects Cretin pins . . . Shirley Kislengerf-cheerleader . . . GAA . . . Christmas play . . . likes Washington sweaters . . . is thinking of be- coming a model . . . Betty Klainert-Masque and Gavel . . . choir . . . operetta . . , to be an artist is her wish. Edward Knippenberg-"Ed" . . . Robert Knippenberg -"Knip" . . . football . . . hockey . . . "M" club . . . wrestling . . . he will be a fireman , . . Marie Kollofski -helps in the office . . . after graduation she intends to be a receptionist. Q'-w ... ,shy ,',x v 1 s "i1q."u, und 4 '. .mm Q -of "ir . Q.: ' 0 "-.,:. .i ss it of i X Yan Q ,. , fx -vs ,. 5. :, 'FC - ,..,. ,- . .fr mf H ' i I' -0 1 11, lfn,o1" is 'M his Q sa nu ,, ar ' 'y iv X Qi' c ligfg ' Y tts 1 R sc NS. NIV R.. ny: X . , Q 44- mg si. ' 5 4 IX f 5 Q s its if N. .' J: 'Q F-de' Q t 1 K J G- fa Q g Lzl. 1 ,, ' V , 'f s ' all lli. . All Audrey Koran-choir . . . likes dancing at CYC . , calls sarcastic people her pet peeve . . . Richa Kostohryz-choir . . . visual education . . . opere' . . . hopes to remain a bachelor . . . William Koutel Macs . . . annual staff . . . Y-Forum . . . "M" cl . . . senior class play . . . wants to be an announci Robert Kratochvil-Monitor staFf . . . his one wish to see graduation day . . . Dolores Kulhanek-seni representative . . . California, here she comes . . bowling fan . . . Robert Laing-senior class preside . . . annual staff . . . "M" club . . . track . . . gyi nastics . . . Masque and Gavel play . . . prince chart ing. Tony LaManna-choir . . . senior representative . . Hi-Y . . . wants to be a radio announcer . . . Richai Larsen-football . . . a-hunting he will go . . . to ri. a grocery store is his ambition . . . Eustelle Lauer "Dell" . . . would like to spend a summer in Californ . . . likes to play cards occasionally. Shirley Leyk-Latin club . . . her desire is to have a enjoyable graduation party . . . lsodore Linden-"Izzy . . . cross country . . . track . . , wrestling . . . go . . . gymnastics . . . can't decide whether girls are h pet peeve or hobby . . . Priscilla Lindmeyer-"Lindy . . . enioys swimming and horseback riding . . . wan to travel. Geraldine Liska-"Gerry" . . . student council . . library staff . . . cheerleader . . . she'd like Hawa . . . Leila Lissack-annual staff . . . choir . . . wan' to go through college . . . plays piano . . . Audra Lowe-senior class play . . . choir . . . associate ed tor of annual . . . GAA . . . Masque and Gavel. Laurence Lynch-"Larry" . . . Rosanne Lysne-iunio town meeting . . . GAA . . . Latin club . . . she wi be a good wife . . . Leonard Morascuilo-Doctrine ed tor . . . student council . . . science club . . . cafeterii cashier. Forrest Mars-hockey . , . baseball . . . likes to hunt and fish . . . wants to see the world . . . Jean Masten- brook-Quill and Scroll . . . Monitor staff . . . likes dancing . . . pet peeve: men in general . . . Dorothy Muusser-annual staff . . , library club . . . "Should I be a school teacher?" Loretta McDonald-is sportsminded . . . hopes to be an airline hostess . . . Mary Jane Mertes-"Janie" . . . wants a boy friend who can't talk . . . Richard Michel -"M" club . . . hockey . . . bookkeeping is his great- est misery . . , "a policeman's life for me." Mary Mikle-"Mike" . . . GAA . . . girl reserves . . . has dancing feet . . . her biggest difticulty is getting to school on time . . . Cecelia Milnar-student council . . . CYC . . . dreams of Peter Lawford . . . Norma Milnarhher desire is to learn how to drive. Norman Morse-"Norm" . . . football . . . basketball . . . "M" club . . . tennis . . . Bernie Mosner-hunting, fishing and sleeping are his hobbies . . . Patricia Muckle -book worm . . . hates washing dishes . . . listens to radio in her spare time. Donna Mudrick-library club . . . her ambition is to be a filing clerk and typist . . . George Nagel-science club . . . senior class representative . . , "l want sleep, sleep and more sleep" . . . Betty Nelson-wants an easy, good-paying iob. Wayne Nelson-Hi-Y . . . science club . . . spends ma- iority of his time working on his car . . . Gloria Neu -dislikes conceited people . . . enjoys reading maga- zines . . . Opal Nicholson-library club . . . GAA . . . wants to be nursery teacher. . S- xg Xi str X f lf df Bi x J lf l S SX R Ku K .X vt X . vi X 5 is ss ":' FQ -, Q me c -is I , gif gs' . r -1 , g ,M ,..., ., ,. .,.,,to,,., .M ':' ' . .fsinif as iw' if Z lrene Nistl-is annoyed by "last minute" customers . . John Noha-baseball . . . "M" club . . . hopes to be an electrician . . . his hobby: women . . . Marilyr Novack-library club . . . would like to go back tc Luck, Wisconsin. Delwin Nutzman-"Dell" . . . works on cars . . . his ambition is to learn a trade . . . Donald Obbarius- would like to work in a chemistry lab . . . reading i: his hobby . . . Mary Ann O'Connor-Monitor editor . . . Quill and Scroll . . . dreams of a happy summer vacation. Robert Olmstead-"Archie" . . . football . . . "M" cluk . . . basketball . . . baseball . . . president of Masque and Gavel . . . Monitor staff . . . sergeant at arms ot student council . . . stage force . . . hall tratiic . . likes to eat . . . Florence Oscarson-"Oskie" . . . like: Michigan , . . Elaine Page-"Shorty" . . . annual . . GAA . . . likes to dance and to skate . . . a future member of the "Homework Denouncers" club. A Roger Palewicz-"Pal" . . . stage force . . . skating Club . . . is just a man about town . . . "Oh, those ff - Central women!" . . . George Palm-"Georgie" . . 3 makes a big hit with the women . . . wants to pass . . up Leonard Parlin-"Parlin" . . . likes home room perioc 25.3 A r best. Sf ii : E L 5 K Gerald Patterson-"Jerry" . . . football . . . "M" cluk . . . basketball . . . co-captain of baseball . . . Mon- itor staff . . . operetta . . . hall traffic . . . likes play- 4-gg 15,0 ing snooker . . . intends to complete four years of col J lege . . . Nylene Perham-"Lee" . . . Macs . . . library ""' M club . . . Y-Teens . . . her ambition is to be a concert pianist . . . would like to travel around the the worlc i . . . Robert Pesek-"Bob" . . . "M" club . . . basebal . . . his ambition is to get into professional baseball Dorothy Peterson-"Pete" . . . Latin club . . . GAA . . 1 girl reserves . . . her ambition is to get through one quarter of a college year . . . Yvonne Peterson-library club . . . annual staff . . . Monitor staff . . . hopes tc sleep one complete week end . . . Joan Pierce-"Jo' . . . her ambition is to type 35 words per minute . . becomes disgusted with nosey neighbors. Hugh Pilkinton-"Bud" . . . Macs . . . intends to be a mechanic . . . dislikes sitting at home . . . Thomas Poucher-football . . . track . . . hockey . . . wrestling . . . "M" club . . . art club . . . treasurer of senior class . . . sergeant at arms of student council . . . hall study . . . hall traffic . . . Mary Rehak-"Rae" . . . roller skater . . . speed skating . . . would like to see California and Chicago . . . dislikes males with active tongues. Eugene Reische-"Gene" . . . Macs . . . "M" club . . . apparatus co-captain . . . likes to read . . . Gordon Richardson-"Rich" . . . literary editor of '48 Doctrine . . . track . . . "M" club . . . Masque and Gavel . . . cheerleader . . , Y-Forum . . . library . . . Latin club . . . 'adio workshop . . . Pioneer Day chairman . . . Hi-Y . . . hall traffic . . . wants to be a lawyer . . . Clarice Richot-"Jimmie" . . . Macs . . . likes piano and cooking . . . may find a mate in '48, R .1 1:1-z.-I-I-N:-zy:-. H .: -Wes 5, -.. -i,Q-.'..,.:?v.,, we tim, Gordon Robinette-"Gordy" . . . football . . . base! ' ball . . . "M" club . . . annual . . . Marilyn Roth- "Snoose" . . . choir . . . girls glee club . . . candidate 3 y A for Homecoming queen . . . Monitor staff . . . likes 'l it to sing, collect records . . . Mary Royce-"Spood" . . . 3 s - GAA board . . . student council . . . girls' "M" club. . . . all-city GAA . . . likes basketball . . . wants to be a nurse. X s X i X Me?" Joan Runyon-"Onions" . . . chemistry club . . . girl reserves . . . Macs . . . hall study . . . likes drawing and school . . . wants to be a commercial artist . . . Patrick Ryan-"Pot" . . . Robert Sanft-"Bob" . . . sleeping, eating and girls are his likes . . . wants to travel. John Sauro-"Snooker" . . . football . . . "M" club . . . Gloria Schaefer-office staff , . . annual staff . . . stu- dent council . . . GAA . . . wants to see world . . . likes to dance at CYC . . . Donna Shibonski-"Dee" . . . annual staff . . . Masque and Gavel . . . contata . . . spring concert . . .operetta . . . choir . . . would like to be a singer . . . is an amateur photographer. Russell Schmidt-"Russ" . . . wonders if he'll ever get "AA" in chemistry . . . he enioys reading western stories during art class . . . Dolores Schoenher-"Flossy" . . . Y-Teens . . . "A" choir . . . operetta . . . library club . . . is looking forward to convent life . . . dis- likes getting up in the morning . . . James Schroeder -"Jim". is Wm T' Q an we ' Q' t 0 i itfwx i I R QWQH att .533 It x . t xg. ,,....,:,: -.51,:.,f,f,, ..y-vm wr -.+ :-f::::- sf!! 1 W K if 26- tis i lyai i , i "-' ffl 3' si Dvd' James Schwartz-"Sway" . . . orchestra . . . '48 spring concert . . . Musical Fantasies . . . spends much of hi: time listening to the radio . . . engages in giddy tall- about his new Olds . . . Dolores Sebesta-"Dolly" . . collects snapshots . . . is anxious to become housewife . . . Carroll Skara-"Car-oil" . . . GAA . . . guidance helper . . . enjoys reading good novels and sewing . . . her ambition is to get "AA" from Miss Asher. Delores Slcoglund-"Dee" . . . Y-Forum . . . senior nominating committee . . . enioys bowling on Sunday . . . Patricia Stahlman-"Pete" . . . Latin club . . . student council . . . Quill and through college . , . is distracted by people who crack gum . . . Joseph Steigauf-"Joe" . . . he is still trying to get an "A" from Mr. Berger. Scroll . . . hopes to get Richard Stein-"Dick" . . . his ambition is to become certified public accountant . . . likes horses . . . de tests street cars . . . Thomas Stein-"Tom" . . . Janet Stenborg-"Jan" . . . always friendly. Lais Strom-"Lo" . . . GAA . . . guidance helper . . wants to be a linotype operator . . . enioys sewing . . . Jean Stryk-"Spike" . . . Masque and Gavel . . . science club . . . Doctrine . . . Latin club . . . Y-Teens . . . Macs . . . GAA . . . will go into social work . . . Gerald Sullivan-"Jerry" . . . Latin club . . . Spanish club . . . pet peeve is the 8:30 bell. Katherine Thorne-"Katy" . . . Masque and Gavel . . . annual . . . intends to be an airline hostess . . . hates alarm clocks . , . George Tillson-golf . . . swim . . . operetta . . . Masque and Gavel play . . . boys' quar- tet . . . "A" choir . . . Monitor . . . "M" club . . . student council alternate . . . Raymond Tobritzhofer- "Teel" . , . his ambition is to be a night watchman on a sun dial. Teresa Todora-"Terrie" . . . GAA . . . "A" choir . . . operetta . . . would like to study music . . . enioys dancing . . . Alice Toenies-Christmas play . . . GAA . . . her ambition is to get her yo-yo back from Mr. Berger . . . pet peeve is Art Ripley . . . James Tynan -"Jim" . . . "M" club . . . co-captain of track . . . hall study and traffic . . . president of CYC council . . Quill and Scroll . . . Monitor staff. Shirley Vandersypt-"Shirl" . . . GAA . . . ambition is to see a Kentucky derby . . . her hobby is horseback riding . . . pet peeve is "people who tell me to do something I've already started" . . . Robert Vanyo- "Big Gopher" . . . gym team . . . home room repre- sentative . . . wants to be a great mon someday . . . Curtiss Velure-"Curt" . . . track . . . would like 'to play pro basketball. Annie Villelli-"Anna" . . . wants to be a typist or a clerk . . . hates to hear people complain . . . Thomas Vitek-"Tom" . . . hopes to be an electrician . . . dis- likes getting up in the morning . . . Donald Wagner- vice president of Masque and Gavel . . . gymnastics . . . track . . . "M" club . . . orchestra . . . student council alternate . . . Doctrine . . . science club . . . Latin club . . . hopes to see the world. Walter Walz-"Wall" . . . football . . . track . . sports editor on annual . . . hall traflic . . . Macs . . . prom committee . . . would like to meet Fearless Fos- dick . . . pet peeve is to see a girl wearing her hair up in school . . . Patricia Ward-"Pat" . . . girls' sports editor of the annual . . . "A" choir . . . student coun- cil . . . GAA president and vice president . . . operetta . . . hopes to be a teacher . . . Lowell Watson- "Wattie" . . . loves his car. Robert Wegleitner-"Hoosier" . . . football . . . track . . , "M" club . . . his ambition is to be a bachelor . . . his pet peeve is girls . . . Edward Weinhagen- "Ed" . . . is ci member of the Norton Junior Toast- masters club . . . Rita Weinzettel-"Snooky" . . . science club. Richard Wichtl-"Dick" . . . wants to be a cook . . . left school . . . Robert Wilhelmy-"Willy" . . . "M" club . . . track . . . gym team . . . Hi-Y . . .'Monitor . . . Quill and Scroll . . . pet peeves are homework and Mrs. Garrett's tests . . . Donald Witt-"Don" . . . rifle club . . . orchestra . . . likes skiing and swimming . . . wants to go on to college. Marion Wood-"Shorty" . . . wants to travel . . . hates homework . . . Donald Wright-"Fog" . . . his ambition is to get through high school . . . Margaret York- "Marg" . . . GAA . . . Macs . . . dislikes a girl who STOVBS. 1 Ray Zelinski-basketball . . . football . . . track . . wrestling . . . wants to go into business with Gene Lauer . . . Richard Zocher-"Otto" . . . "M" club . . Masque and Gavel . . . student council . . . cheerleadei . . . boys' quartet . . . "A" choir . . . Hi-Y presiden' . . . hall study . . . his hobby is Linwood park . . Robert Adams-"Bob" . . . annual photographer. Mariorie Carlson-"Marge" . . . Latin club . . . GAP . . . student council . . . Masque and Gavel . . . an- nual . . . hall study . . . ambition is to be a college graduate . . . Joseph Conley-"Joe" . . . stage force . . . Kathleen Flaherty-"Kathy" . . . annual staff . . . Monitor staff . . . becomes tired of people who are always late. A James Frederickson-"Fred" . . . golf . . . hockey . . . J' track . . . is going into law . . . Phoebe Hostrawser- "Phebs" . . . won't be single long . . . Arpine Tateosian -"Taddie" . . . GAA . . . Latin club . . . her ambition is to complete two years at the University of Minnesota. A as t.wwwmfr 5ti3.vll lf NOT PICTURED John Bazal-football . . . hockey . . . president of stu- dent council . . . hall traffic . . . hall study . . . I947 prom committee . . . enioys going out with the boys , . . Joseph Conley-"Jose" . . . hall study . . . science club . . . a camera fiend . . . enioys football . . . his ambition is to travel far away . . . Emma DeGidio- operetta . . . spring concert . . . GAA . . . "A" Choir . . . library club . . . Y-Teens . . . hopes to be a singer . . . Joseph Doran-"Joe" . . . football . . . captain of gymnastics "B" . . . captain of swimming team . . . wrestling . . . track . . . cross country . . . Macs . . . likes to fish . . . hates to be called "Muscles" . . . wants to be a city fireman . . . John Frascone-"Moose" . . . stage force . . . operetta . . . Masque and Gavel play . . . baseball . . . football . . . "M" club . . . rifle club . . dislikes the new look . . . "Marines, here I come!" . . . Jane Knudson-"Janie" . . . GAA . . . library club . . . dislikes mannerless boys . . . plans to go to college to take up photography . , . Gerald Kurtz-golf . . . wrestling . . . enjoys puttering with cars . . . dislikes Mr. Wilson's tests . . . hopes to be a commercial artist . . . Patrick McCarthy-"Pat" . . . basketball . . . baseball . . . dislikes English . . . hopes to be a teacher . . . Donald Quinlivan-"Don" . . . loves music . . . hopes to be a successful lawyer . . . Donald Zwirn- "Don" . . . swimming . . . rifle club . . . likes to fly . . . dislikes long skirts . . . hopes to ioiri the marines. 30 JOVIAL JUNIORS Junior clan officers are ileft to right, Don Dougherty, president, AI Kellnor vice president Miss Kloet, adviser, Vivian Fabio, treasurer, and Arlene Liska, secretary NEXT YEAR'S LEADERS of the passing parade, the class of 1949, have had an eventful year. Two outstanding social events were sponsored during the school year by the iuniors to help raise funds for the Junior-Senior Prom. They were the Harvest Moon Ball, held November 21, and the St. Pat's Dance, which took place March 17. The Prom was held May 8 at the Leamington Hotel, Minneapolis. Two members of the class deserve mention for their personal achievements in the course of the school year. Janet Jefferson placed third in the an- nual district Christmas seal composition contest and won third place in the National Oratorical contest. Arlene Liska was chosen by the faculty to represent the junior class at the Minnesota Girls State spon- sored by the American Legion Auxiliary. Adviser to the junior class was Miss Jenny-Ann Kloet. 31 TOP ROW-Jack Healy, Richard Williams, Melvin Mayer, Donald Dougherty, Miroslav Verner, Ray Maas, Richard Ruecker, Larry Harned, Douglas Heidenreich. THIRD ROW-Carlyle MacVey, Jean LeClaire, John Banks, Richard Wedell Tom Poucher, James T nan J F ' , y , erome earing, Rose Marie Gregory, Mary Ann Horak. SECOND ROW-Dolly Johnson, Janel Carr, Mary Ann Deinema, Jo Ann Gales, Joanne Ecklund, Dorolhy Derks, Dimilri Kalfas, Beverly Linaman, Belly Peck. FIRST ROW-Beverly Wilkins, Janice Oeslreich, Earl Mahowald, Mary Ellen McCarthy, Belsy Egan, Belly Donovan, Eileen Brown, Florence Krall, Marie Hau. TOP ROW-Thomas Au er, Do Id BI k E g na oc , ugene Lauer, William Pilcal, Ben Sousler, Tad Voss, Milne Sirelc. THIRD ROW-Jacqueline Coulure, Beverly Wellerhus, June Morgan, Arlene Lislca, Lyanne Valenline, Lorraine Pream, Elizabelh YIVISQkEI'. SECOND ROW-Mary Sullivan, Janel Vogl, Dorolhy Rose, Karen M . . . . . ary Lou Trlerweiler, Shirley Finley. FIRST ROW-Donna Anger, Donine Mersch, Janel Je-Herson, Hazel, Phyllis Pykel, Janel Boucher, Mary Weimer. 2 I ei TOP ROW-Ronald Awsumb, Bernard Klasen, Stan Dzilc, Maurice Meyer, Pat Gaughan, John O'Hearn, Bob Arlcins, Don Delmedico. THIRD ROW-Lee Schneider, Raymond Reck, Eugene Stackhart, Herb Barott, Donald Loude, James Cane, David Prolcop. SECOND ROW-Gloria Stackland, Elaine EIIer, Beverly Sundsmo, Mary Ann Machovec, Donald Peters, John Wheeler, Mary Ann Traynor. FIRST ROW-Chester Larson, Louise Milligan, Beverly Smith, Kathleen Gruber, Gerry McMahon, Betty Lou Skrukrud, Alice Melbostad, Rita Prazak. TOP ROW-Donald Jung, Phil Bennett, Jerry Bertram, Lloyd Velure, Joe Turning, Donald Hutchinson, Fritz Jellinels, Edward Kaufhold. THIRD ROW-Darlene Stromeyer, Shirley Svoboda, Ronald Skarda, Kenneth Reich, Margaret Dandal, Carl Williams, Carole Hinderager, Lenore Mudgette. SECOND ROW- Beverly Strom, Rose Deziel, Antoinette Colucci, James Carroll, Lois Reinhardt, Mary Ernster, Lucille Wichtl. FIRST ROW-Jean Sauro, Betty Vesely, Robert McAIeese, Robert Borman, Betty Ricci, Patricia Bland, Marian Winkler. 2 E X- : s Q 'S It 1, 1 I ' L s MQW Q TOP ROW-Frank Boucher, Howard Smith, Gerald Fontaine, Joseph Zislcovsky, John Kelley, Robert Duerr, David McKenna. THIRD ROW-James Connolly, Barbara Krammer, Michael Latessa, Charles Fisher, How' ard Huber, Delores Muellner, Patricia Foster. SECOND ROW-Margaret Petschl, Joan Krupich, Donna Marston, Shirley Finnegan, Patricia Then, Ramona Duren, Frances Keller. FIRST ROW-Joan Marcotte, Margaret O'NeiII, Florence Pesina, Lorraine Skubina, Margaret O'Connor, Louise Bergman. TOP ROW-Bill White, Jerry Goulah, Ken Ellison, Ronald Kuehn, Jerome Reiter, James Staricha, Ronald Lee. FOURTH ROW-LaVonne Jarchow, Joan Olmstead, Delores Lee, Donha Lou Johns, Francis LaForte, Barbara Strait, Emil Baker. THIRD ROW-Marlys Deeg, Jean Lenzmeier, Helen Bergstrom, John Cramsie, Tom Wanzong, Dolores Omansky, Irene Dotty. SECOND ROW-Catherine Roesen, Sylvia Eischens, Ruth Kaisersatt, Joseph Alfonso, Henry Kramm, Jean Breidel, Betty Manning. FIRST ROW-Shirley Fruscello, Beverly Ashley, Catherine Plumbo, Lois Herriges, Virginia Exner, Vivian Fabio, Marge Pekarek. 34 TOP ROW-Carl Wiseman, Keith Nelson, Robert Deeg, Ogden Carlson, Arthur Nilsson, Albert Kellner. Martin DesLauriers, Dean Holm. THIRD ROW-Walter Larsen, Robert Wiftman, Raymond Gerst, Jack Rowsen, John Kubesh, Michael Atarian, Richard Post, Gloria Anderson. SECOND ROW-Rene Thul, Marce- lain Martin, Thomas Kluegel, Mary Chlian, Marilyn Jensen, Ramona Dickey, Kathleen Seymour, Richard Steichen. FIRST ROW-June Gardiner, Louise Super, Catherine Kosar, Carol Kunz, Martha Dabruzzi, Janette Kislenger, LeRoy Bryant. TOP ROW-Dick Ryan, Ronald Hanzal, James Gagnier, Roger Ostermann, William Wortman, Dan Trier- weier, Wayne Boerger, Carl Marlrell. THIRD ROW-Janet Vance, Jeanne Lauer, Joyce Rader, Robert Stangl, Marie Strobel, Nancy Knauft, Gerry Callan. SECOND ROW-Maureen McGonagIe, Marianne Baker, Margaret Raymond, Dick Paul, Camilla Flynn, Margaret Brennan, Marian Gelhaye. FIRST ROW -Mary Bovy, Carol Schermerhorn, Audrey Terwedow. S f Q SOBER SOPHOMORES THE CLASS OF l95O is headed by Tom McCarthy, president, Virginia Ferraro, vice president, Sue Lar- sen, secretary, Tom Hielm, treasurer, and Jerome Kaufler and Edward Morse, sergeants-at-arms. The class adviser is Miss Muriel Korfhage. In an effort to help raise money for the Junior- Senior Prom of 1949, the sophomores played the freshman class in a basketball tournament, winning the series. Many members of the class have taken an active part in extra-curricular functions, forming a basis for the kind of leadership which will be expected of them as seniors. TOP ROW-Richard Aronson, Eugene Gearaton, Jack Wardell, Robert Schowalter Marlorie Libby SECOND ROW-Mariorie Choloian, Patricia Thomas, Betty Oman, Lois Burg, Marilyn Suhr FIRST ROW Angela Alfonso, William Eiden, Rosemary Bledig, Gertrude St. Sauver. n- TOP ROW-Roger Solheid, James McAtee, Marvin Ellison, Richard Mandel, Clifford Sundsma, Lowell Marlowe, John Hosley. THIRD ROW-Elaine Ethier, Marjorie Jaeger, Kenneth Fisher, Lorraine Poucher, Mary Ann Garvey, Patricia Boundale, Loretta Strobel. SECOND ROW-Phillip Keeling, Sharon French, Loretta Wolf, Marian Kostroski, James Nilsson, Charles Gerner. FIRST ROW-Carol Wheeler, Eugene McDonough, Elmer Jones, Leo Vanyo, Roy Gonsowski, Charles Guetschoft, Virginia Sperling. TOP ROW-Ronald McAfee, Gordon Schramm, Daniel Christensen, Dennis Murray, Richard Gimler, Michael Dandrea. THIRD ROW-Donna Nicholson, Elizabeth Morrisette, Vernona Newman, Doris Taubert, Carol Kane. SECOND ROW-Marilyn Lynch, Sara Jean McKenna, Lorraine Schuster, Betty Van Lith, Jean Geng. FIRST ROW-Pearl Reiierson, Jackie Forslund, Marion Kopecky, Beverly Pracak, Peggy Stephens. 37 llil T Wt , e TOP ROW-Judy Anderson, Ed Hampl, Sue Melbostad, Phil Form, Dick Adams, Pat McGroder, Gloria Bodlak, Dennis Schwab, THIRD ROW-Carol Bruber, Janine Elafson, Dick Lowe, Maude Veach, Elaine Peterson, Elizabeth Sandowitz, Jacque Swinder, Laurel Lystead. SECOND ROW-Phylis Rose, Alice Bauer, Katherine Berger, Darlene Passila, Joy Johnson, Barbara Bodene, Gerry Van Beck, Don Yevisuher. FIRST ROW-Mary Hamilton, Lois Laythem, Marjorie Ensley, Dick Owen, Shirley Cardinal, Mary Ann Kratochvil, Jean Halverson, Theresa O'Conner. TOP ROW-Bill Witt, Bob Levi, Luella Mertes, Jarold Verner, Harvey Afflerbaugh, Donald Deering. THIRD ROW-Edward Cornilissens, Roger Denne, Robert Yankovec, Donald Ziskovsky, John Klein, SECOND ROW-Phyllis Nistl, Howard Salisbury, Emma Lou Mitchell, Bruce Jansen, Jacqueline Ramsey, Rita Conroy. FIRST ROW-James Duffy, Beverly Sandquist, Irene Kanduth, Arlene Nechodom, Sue Sorensen. 4 34 Q 5 ! P . 3 ' L 'trol . I T L y i Q t 1 ,S S I . , F . 2 G 1 t f i it 'A I . ,s .X I 5 TOP ROW-Richard Malecka, Hugh Frazier, Richard Durdee, Richard Schwenlxer, David Moechel, Charles Nadeau, Gene Cilek. SECOND ROW-Rose Marie Colonna, Donna Evanson, Lucille Hansen, George Sterbo, Richard Wiggin, Shirley Busson, Robert Anderson. FIRST ROW-Francis Wilhelmy, Lilly Lichtenberg, Bev- erly Culbertson, Ruth Gay, Jean King, Wayne Hickey. TOP ROW-Bob Leaf, Bob Saloma, .lim Green, Dick Weber, Carl McLay, Larry Schultz, Carl Olson. THIRD ROW-Rosemary Boher, Betty Smithknecht, Jack Mersh, Len Matykiewicz, Fred Valentine, Shirley Hen- niger, Joan State. SECOND ROW-Winnie Crawford, Barbara Paul, Lorraine Schwartz, Mariorie Kenoul, Marian Haesler, Ardith Jellinelx, Phyllis Coty, FIRST ROW-Tommy Winkler, Marilyn Nelson, Gerry Corn, Olelen Schniedeo, Mary Drummond, Donna Lee Mahoney, Billy Knippenberg. fr,-N ii wwf, T Q ,Y - S l ir Y sr Ld- Q0 ! seznniiaiv 3 ' - .. .. . . . - g ,, . 3 1' : : : : ' 3 -5 5 L X E: 5. 'E E E. " ' 5 - ,? . 11:22 -wi 1 '1it7 sXf" z: 1 -1 3 - A Q 3 - lgf e-P' ,, 1 - "3 ' T dials . 'E X 1' -Z ' Q ' I ' A in -' - ' A f fi J. 1 . IW',x p- .' ,Iii-53 a ,ef- Nw 11- -:52!E:' ' 6 f a':F2u::' - .iiinggl Qlnllg 'lul- M 5 '19 Q - ' '---, - ' J- ,I -- ' 'F - Q.- nf W Mgr wa-'glhl' .1 'k'25g TOP ROW-Nolan Baker, Bill Carroll, Ken Shoen, Don Mead, Fred Peferka, Jerry Kasmirski, Jack Milchell. THIRD ROW-Douglas Johnson, Marjorie Menard, Chuckie McGuire, Agnes Shriner, Dolores Maslowski, Eugene Edwards, Gordon Panushka. SECOND ROW-Angeline Ricci, Darlene Whaley, Sally Friemann, Janet Schaefer, Phyllis Samec, Virginia Farraro, Rose Marie Fruci. FIRST ROW-Catherine Barnes, Wil- liam Merlz, Phyllis Peier D ' ' son, onna Mattock, Eileen Greene, Douglas McKinnon. 1 Lx S 4 E X v z KX. TOP ROW-Bob Geehan, John Hickey, Don Rudenick, Roland Furchner, John Wilmer, Tom McCarthy, Dick Durgin. THIRD ROW-Wilma Ehnstrom, Colleen Moore, Naomi Lofgren, Charles Hammett, Dick Henninger, Betty Coates, Eleanor Hendry. SECOND ROW-Betty Stein, Sue Larsen, John Pfeifer, George Burke, Tom Frid, Beverly Busson, Joan Reber. FIRST ROW-Barbara Haas, John Dickson, Gerald Schotik, Leonard Carlson, Clarence Nohava, Gary Kobilka, Barbara Berglund, Norma Heck. TOP ROW-Mary Ruth Doyle, Jerome Prokop, Francis Marentic, Donald Paar, Felton Mathison, larry Selin, Gene Vorlicky, Mary Ann Peterson. THIRD ROW-Shirley Steichen, Nancy Knapton, Mary Ellen Stutzman, Marie Schnelle, Hildegard Graves, Betty Weigel, Catherine Barrett, Marlene Carskaden. SEC4 OND ROW-Elizabeth Hinton, Jeannine Fischback, Gerald Kramm, Allen Davis, Thomas Hielm, Edward Morse, Beverly Schultz, Joe Schwartz. FIRST ROW-Jacquelyn Bragdon, Lois Bohn, Jim Manula, James Taylor, Carole Coy, Georgene Landshut, Barbara Stackhart. 41 it fi C I 'f 5 Q i 4 I FEARFLIL FRESHME New 6' I t' TOP ROW-Rose Marie Mary, Edward Conway, James Diehl, Daniel Todora, James Stodolu, James Mertz, James Schwartz, Bob Foster. THIRD ROW-Dorcas Nosch, Geraldine Kascl, Jay Rippberger, George John- son, Gerald Saver, Jim Kane, Lorraine Eckstrom, Marlene Sepanski. SECOND ROW-Bob Ficcadenti, Walter Gustafson, Phyllis Elli, Anne Stemig, Bob Quinn, Eileen Grant, Harry Linden, Eileen Graaf. FIRST ROW-Anthony Latessa, Gertrude St. Sauver, Patricia Plumbo, Patricia Chaffee, Bob Schmidt, Marcia Ramsey, Mary Anderson. TOP ROW-Arthur Dwelly, Eugene Parlin, Darrell Wolfe, Dave Horton, Richard Hadd, Robert Condiff, Laurence Peterson, Jerry Palkontch, Richard St. Marie. THIRD ROW-Richard Matylciewicz, Marilyn Mar- shall, Lorraine Opatrny, Tom Lenzbeier, Kenneth Bandelin, Dorothy Rutkoslcy, James Baker, Don Blaclc. SECOND ROW-Bradford Lovelace, Joan Haley, Jean Lanik, Darlene Larson, Janet Urbanski, Margaret Miller, Joan Pedalty, William Roesler, Joanne Frantz. FIRST ROW-Raymond Svoboda, Shirley Miller, Barbara Meyer, Richard Connelly, Robert Urban, Harold Taylor, Jean Choloian, Claude Evangelist. sq' TOP ROW-Ray Kislenger, Juanita Nelson, Ralph Haucon, George Hayek, Bob Wesell, Thomas Kellner, Patricia Anderson, Barbara Ausumb, THIRD ROW-Marlys Grapp, Delores Mariano, Harriet Getterz, Lorraine Pikal, Joe O'Brien, Nancy Gabeau, Marlene McMahon, Beverly Crawley. SECOND ROW-Irene Spangenburg, Laurel Benson, John Alden, Bob Reidell, Delores Kelly, Ethel Matri, Ronald Lofgren, Jack Leuben, FIRST ROW-Howard Marcotte, Betty Johnson, Patricia Walsh, Bob Prokop, Shirley McKay, Amy Barron, Joe Sauro, Shirley Cunrath. TOP ROW-Mary Ann Garvie, Gloria Felstow, Joan Daemer, Lorraine Peich, Dick Hawkins, Mary Ann Rutherford, June Preem, Elaine Dunbar, Eileen Madagan. THIRD ROW-George Meyers, Virginia Gill- man, Salvatore Carlone, Richard Owens, Richard Griswold, Jack Baronski, Ronald Beckstrom, Robert McDonald. SECOND ROW-Dick Toenies, Pete Letch, Eileen Hagan, Rheta Peron, Jerry Klien, Richard Ackerman, Frank Vanyo, Donna LeCIair, Dorothy Erickson. FIRST ROW-Ray Schuveller, Lee Schofler, Gwen Noonan, Leona Schuveller, Mary Delmedico, Joyce DeGrau, Eileen Branum, Barbara Oletski. A3 l l i , 1 L ew L ef J 1 TOP ROW-Edevin Frong, Dorothy Engel, Eileen Kodada, John Kalalis, Russell Sinclt, Anthony Espaner, George Pesik, Marie Palecek, Harold Athen. THIRD ROW-Artys Craltue, Lorraine Keller, Rose Morrissey, Marlys Goodhue, Beverly Ellison, Josephine Rehak, Janice Healy, Marilyn Foster. SECOND ROW-Donald Terwedow, Richard Wade, Wesley Shur, Mfchel Continelli, Ross Martin, Audry Kruger, Bob Reinsbery, Jay Hamilton, FIRST ROW-Mariory Pfeifer, Richard Huofl, Eugene Thielen, John Halter, Gerald Cashill, Bill Weniger, Robert Thompson, Irene O'Conner. TOP ROW-George Albers, Eugene Auclc, Edward Lue h Ed d sc en, war Winters, Gary Hage, Frank Horali, Donald Anderson. THIRD ROW-Nancy Brown, Orrin Finck, Roy Woodhouse, William O'Kasick, Thomas Olson, Patricia Moran, Ann Guse. SECOND ROW-Josephine Thein, Marie Bour, Lynn Elofun, Leona Lind- way, Mary Lcu Troian, Beverly McDonough, Donna Phillips. FlRST ROW-Frank Weistofler, Beverly Bursh- ten, Geraldine Bronealc, Betty Miller, Connie Nadon, Marlene Paviclc, Ray Marsh. ! l Q J , A 'B 1 r TOP ROW-Ronald Swenson, Robert Pence, Gene Vodicko, Wm. Keelor, Sam Cascalenda, Peier Kuehn, Robert Chambers, Richard Klawitier. FOURTH ROW-Marvin Vinnes, Theodore Schramm, Theodore AI- brecht, Kenneth Hunf, Willard Herrold, Gilbert Baroil, Wm. Heller, Donald Rock. THIRD ROW-Francis Krall, Robert Bvbired, John Morrenson, Joan Howe, Caryl Nelson, Phoebe Spiclca, Leonard Preiner. SEC- OND ROW-James Keller, Nadine Lang, Gordon Keitner, Joanne Kubesh, Palricia Bilek, Lorraine Sebesfa, Arnold Koeck. FIRST ROW-Marlene Siude, Jeanne Youngwerth, Marilyn Nicholson, Donald Wanner, Walter York, Marlene Rogers, Constunie McCarion, Jean Fabio. TOP ROW Joan Havlish, Delnar Srangohr, Joseph Bauman, Richard Haugen, Charles Donahae, Gerald Tillquisf, Warren Solheid, Joanne Falconer. THIRD ROW-Arihur Thorson, Donna Le May, Joan Mudrick, Bill Mandel, Sidney Cadry, Richard Gillmaster, Jerry Glaser, Don Kelly. SECOND ROW-Thomas Baran, Barbara Dahn, Jack Henninger, Bill Holmbeck, Bill Boar, Noreen Kehoe, Beverly Darveaux, Fred Ziemer. FIRST ROW-Thomas Pelerson, Jeonelle Hamilion, Theresa Weinzeftel, Joanne McKay, Eunia Baroil, Elaine Leilner, Barbara Blaskenship, Delores lnhofer. Mff' A .gf A v it "' X lf' N... 3 I vu- , ,,,n.,M ,M A . , -W-. v-, f.,,,,,..-.1 ROW ONE Cleft to rightj-l. That little man. 2. Which is which? 3. Cold shoulder. 4, The poisoned apple, ROW TWO Cleft to rightl-l. Paiama parade. 2. Marine identification pictures. ROW THREE Cleft to rightj-'l, "Well for Pete's sake!" 2, Casey at bat. 3. Mary Royce. 4. Big Wheels-little cogs. ROW FOUR Cleft to rightj-'l. Beauty and the beast. 2. Phyllis. 3. Classy chassis, lassie, 4. That Zocher look. ROW FIVE-Big man mountain. ROW SIX Cleft to rightj-1. Sunday best. 2. Nature boy. 3. The three musketeers. 4. Ann Nonymous. 46 ROW ONE fleft to righfl-'I. Dream Time. 2. Miser at work. 3. Children at play. ROW TWO lleff to righll-l. War paint. 2. Food for thought 3. Long, long ago. 4. Where's fhat male? ROW THREE Cleft fo righll-1. Max and Mer- rill. 2. Bow-calcher. 3. "Baby-doll" Hoffman. 4. Wee Willie Winkie. ROW FOUR fleft lo rightl-l. Happy Hobos. 2. Ladder of lugs. 3. Woof-wolf. 4. Street brawl. 5. Sky above Michigan Avenue? 47 CLASS WILL OF I948 Dorothy Peterson leaves her position as empty-bottle carrier to Rosemarie Hawley. Alice Toenies leaves her lunch table with all its chairs. Dorothy Baker leaves-at last! Frank Eppolito gives his ability to carve to Lowe Marlowe. Don Wright gives to Gene Cilek his seat in lO6 seventh period. Dick Halverson wills to Mary Ann Overland his ability to stay out of the oftice. Opal Nickolsen leaves to Jackie Coulture her ability to keep the '48 Nash parked at the cafeteria door. Mary Brennan wills to Marge Petschl her jar of pennies. Rosanne Lysne leaves to her sister, Eileen, her ability to capture the best husband on the west side. Gene Gonsowski wills to his brother, Jerry, his chewed-up drawing pencil. Gerry Liska leaves to her brother, Bob, her "beat out" hall pass that she has used for the past year. Phyllis Driscoll leaves her dress and withered birthday corsage to Mary Sullivan, who said she liked them. Priscilla Lindmeyer leaves the ability to get ahead to Wally Larson-he needs one. Amilou Gerst leaves a pair of size l2 dancing shoes to her brother, Ray, for the future dances at Monroe. Patricia Ward, being of sound mindf?D, leaves the school for manhandling by future seniors and the faculty for abuseyby same. Donna Haider leaves her ioke-telling ability to anyone who is crazy enough to want it. Patricia Broneak leaves her faithful lunch stool to Bev Sandquist. Lorraine Callan wills to her sister one beat-up shorthand book and chewed-up pen so that she can sweat out her shorthand next year. Gloria Neu wills to anyone who wants it her ability to do the wrong things at the right time. Carroll Skara bequeaths to Jerry Callan her ability to get out at 2 o'clock. Lois Strom leaves her ever-loving sister and gang her True Story magazines in her locker on first floor. Kathie Thorne bequeaths her famous bowling curve to Rosie Hawley. Annie Villelli leaves to Joannie Marcott the ability to catch the street car on Randolph and Davern without running for it every time. Dick Darsie leaves to Gene Vorlicky his will power to finish school. Marilyn Roth wills to Marie Schnelle her private elevator. Audrey Lowe bequeaths to her brother, Richard, all the desks in 305 with her name on them. Kathleen Flaherty gives to all stenography students all the dictation she never got. Jean Chute wills Pat Thomas her place at the lunch table and all that she would eat. Leonard Bedahl leaves one broken pen to any freshman who needs one for English. Beverly Bohn leaves to her sister, Lois, the seat next to the radiator in lO5. Ken Drost leaves the "hot seat" in 207 to any unwary Englishman. Leonard Marascuilo leaves to Jerome Fearing his ability to come to school at lO:30 every Monday and get away with it, and to any junior the headaches of being editor of the Doctrine. ' E M ' 48 x .ff wan ' s BF fl P.. 1 a 'Q I! R tx Q x 'Q X Q n I X J .. . g .f -- .Nu . - ,. -M.f,w,:n:.L, sms.-wi-Y-ww -. mm, i 'Q FROM SEPTEMBER to November, skits, assemblies, dances and musical shows lent an atmosphere and gaiety to our school. The Harvest Moon Ball and the Homecoming Dance were highlights of the tall social season, setting oft the spark of fun for all students at Monroe. As usual, a group ot hopeful beauties, picked from the cream of Monroe girls, waited anxiously along with everyone else to see who would be chosen queen to reign over the Homecoming Dance. Dark-haired Lorraine Gruber was finally picked, and 50 FALLING INTO ruled from her maiesTic Throne wiTh The aid of her escorT, Frank Fruci. POT Ward, general chairman, wiTh The assisTance of June Morgan, was responsible Tor Homecoming arrangemenTs. Shortly aTTer Homecoming, The senior class spon- sored a well-aTTended Halloween Dance. Bob Laing and Tom Poucher were in charge. Finally, The HarvesT Moon Ball, sponsored by The iuniors, aTTracTed a gymlul oT fun-loving, dancing Monroe sTudenTs. In The special enTerTainmenT line, we saw the acT of Mr. Emil Leirs and his peT oTTers. The Tiny animals performed boTh on The screen and as live TalenT, swimming like Tish and running like rabbiTs. FALL SEATED-Miss Leila Asher, Polly Culver. STANDING-Tony l.amano, Gordon Richardson, William Koutek. TOP ROW-Beverly Wilkins, Lois Herriges, Jean Stryk, Beverly Wetterhus, Beverly Linomen, Mary Ann Horak. SECOND ROW-Karen Hazel, Phyllis Rykel, Mary Ellen Stutzman, Sue Sorenson, Pat Bland, Patsy Chaffee. FRONT ROW-Shirley Fruscello, Beverly Ashley, Miss Korfhage, Marian Winkler, Barbara Berglund, Joan Marcotte. SEATED-Jean Mostenbroolc, Phyllis Driscoll, Patricia Stahlman, Mary Ann O'Connor. STANDING-James Horning, James Tynan, Rosemary Cava- nagh, Robert Johnson, Alice Hefhlfinger, Don Havlish. 52 Y-FORUM was designed to bring timely subiects into the limelight for discussion. The all-city organization sponsors panels composed of one representative from each high school. Participants answer questions trom the floor following the formal session. Monroe's representatives for i948 were Tony LaManna, Delores Skogland, Gordon Richardson and George Tillson. Miss Leila Asher advised the group, and Bill Koutek handled publicity. Y-TEENS is an organization whose prim- ary purpose is planning worthy social func- tions. Meeting twice a month under the guidance ot Miss Muriel Korthage, the group this year sponsored a number of par- ties and other social events. Perhaps most prominent of these was the Christmas party given at St. Joseph's Orphanage. QUILL 8. SCROLL is an international honor- ary society of high school iournalists. To quality tor membership, an applicant must have the recommendation of the adviser, Miss Sara Myers, must have a B average scholastically, and must have had at least 50 inches of his material in print. A majority of the editorial staff of the Monitor belong to Quill 8. Scroll. PTA COUNCIL is the executive body which considers all matters affecting the member- ship and the school community. From time to time during the school year this group also sponsors social activities, the proceeds of which it donates to some worth-while cause at Monroe. This year, one of the outstanding functions was a dance held for seniors. CYC COUNCIL members from Monroe are Genny Byrnes, Mary Ernster, Jim Tynan. Bob Falvey, Dick Fredette, Jack Rosen, Shirley Cardinal and Jackie Hoffman. They help, along with representatives from other St. Paul high schools, in planning the long schedule of events sponsored each year by the organization. JUNIOR TOWN MEETING is iust what the name implies-a town meeting for citizens in the lower age brackets. The Town Meet- ing is broadcast by WTCN, under the direc- tion and moderatorship of Max Karl, prom-- inent local radio figure. Participating in the discussion which ernanated from Monroe's auditorium were Rosanne Lysne, Lois Bow- man, Andy Hein and Bob Laing. i i l i i E. YQ! . 3 , X SEATED-Mrs. Percy Mars, Mrs. Danial Sebesta, Mr. Franklyn L. Blume Mrs. Edward LaPointe, Mrs. Harold Kensinger. STANDING-Mrs. W Haeusler, Mrs. Robert Patterson, Mr. Adrian Baril, Mrs. A. J. Gardner Mrs. Ronald Hazal, Mrs, Robert Olmstead. SEATED-Jack Rosen, Jackie Hoftman, Donna Marston, Shirley Cardinal STANDING-Mary Ernster, Genny Brynes, Delores McGuire, Mary Brennan Left to right are Miss Dorothy Mahood, Lois Bowman, Robert Laing, An drew Hein, Miss Leila Asher. 53 g l TOP ROW-Sam Cascalencla, Marvin Ellison, Dick Weber, Bill Faeth, Bob Olmstead, Frank Fruci, John Bazal, Richard Aclams, Anthony Ehsponner. THIRD ROW-Carmen Palos, Jerome Prokop, Richard Henninger, Nor- man Few, Bill White, Robert Arkins, Tom Frid, Arlene Liska. SECOND ROW-Patricia Stahlman, Stella Lanik, Rose Deziel, Orrin Finck, Geraldine Liska, Marge Kane, Karen Hazel, Gloria Felstow, Miss Munson. FIRST ROW- Vivian Fabio, Beverly Wilkins, Earl Mahowald, Betty Gosselin, Rosemarie Hawley, Jean Chute, Patricia Bland, Thomas Winkler, TOP ROW-David Prokop, Gerry Bertram, Joe Turning, Bob Duerr, Don Wagner, Roger Palewicz. THIRD ROW -Donna LeMay, Carol Gruber, Gloria Schaefer, Sue Melbostad, Patricia McGroder, Patty Ward. SECOND ROW -Jean Continelli, Lois Bohn, Mary Royce, Helen Bergstrom, Shirley Finley, Geraldine Kasal. FIRST ROW- Jean Halvorson, Winifred Crawford, Ardith Jellinek, Jean Fabio. STUDENT COUNCIL olticers for the 1947-48 school year were John Bazal, president, Bill Vlfhite, vice president, Jean Chute, secretary, Arlene Liska, treasurer, and Bob Olmstead, sergeant at arms. Under the guidance of Miss Esther Munson, the council made advances not only in the area at student government, but also sponsored the drive to send packages to needy Europeans via the CARE organization. The council has now assumed responsibility tor controlling lunch and hall traffic this year, and was instrumental in installing the new sta- tionery shop near the nurse's ottice. 54 I I an FIRST ROW-Carol Wheeler, Marion Winkler, Miss Mary Jo Sommer, Librarian, Opal Nicholson, Morlys Deeg, SECOND ROW-Dorothy Mausser, Roger Palewicz, Audrey Koran, Donna Mudriclu, Mary Ellen McCarthy, Mary Borman. TOP ROW-Gerry Liska, Marilyn Jellinek, Jacqueline Hoffman, Jerry Patterson, Marilyn Novack, Danna Johns, Marilyn Jensen. LIBRARY CLUB members spend their study periods assisting Miss Mary Jo Sommer, our librarian. They help check books in and out, assist in finding reference material, and replace books at the period's end. LATIN CLUB officers are Donald Dougherty, president, Karen Hazel, vice presi- dent, Jo Anne Eclclund, secretary, and Sue Gates, treasurer. The club was com- pletely recognized this year under Miss Muriel Korfhage, its adviser, TOP ROW-Douglas Heidenreich, Dennis Schwab, Kenneth Ellison, Keith Nelson, Donald Dougherty, Jarold Verner, William Pilxal, Richard Adams, Sue Melbostad, Pat McGroder. FOURTH ROW-De- Iores McQuire, Karen Hazel, Mary Ruth Doyle, Mary Ann Horak, Dimitri Kalfas, James Taylor, Eliza- beth Sanlxovitz, Elisabeth Ylvisalxer, Eileen Grant, Eleanor Henclry. THIRD ROW-Janet Vogt, JaAnn Ecklund, Marie Schnelle, Sylvia Eischens, Sue Gates, Helen Bergstrom, Nancy Knapton, Catherine Bar- rett, William Mertz. SECOND ROW-Miss Korfhage, Mary Ann Kratochvil, Patsy Chaffee, Beverly Ashmore, Donald Ylvisaller, Chester Larson, Ray Marsh, Barbara Pahl, Phyllis Rose. FIRST ROW- Barbara Berglund, Marcia Ramsey, Mary Drummond, Winifred Crawford, Marjorie Ensley, Mary Weimer, Barbara Hass, Shirley Fruscello. TOP ROW-Don Wagner, Bob Laing, Dick Fredett B SE e, ob Olmstead, John Dougherty. COND ROW-'Jean Stryk, Donna Haider, Gordy Richardson, Pat Ward, Dorothy Baker, Lois Bowman. FIRST ROW--Cecelia Arvanitis, Audrey Lowe, Miss Mahood, Genny Byrnes, Katy Thorne. MASQUE 81 GAVEL Club is the extra-curricular organization of speech students. Its members make up most of the cast ot each Monroe play, and some of them are active in the Norton Junior Toastmasters Club. Masque 81 Gavel members also participated in the Junior Town Meeting ot the Air and the Golden Story Hour. The adviser is Miss Dorothy Mahood, The club was responsible tor a parody on "The Courtship of Miles Standish" and presented "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Masque 8. Gavel worked with the music department to produce the Christmas cantata. Always instru- mental in getting a stage production under way and making it run smoothly is the stage crew. This small group of students builds ' I. . props, paints scenery and keeps the ights and curtain operating on schedule. STANDING-Dick Schwanker, Arthur Nilsson, Mr. Fuhr- A scene from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". mann, Bill Faith, Gerald Fontaine. SEATED-Bob Laing, John Frascone, Dick Fredette, Keith Nelson. 56 h J' T nan Richard Ruecker Harold Al- TOP ROW-Jerry Fontaine, Tom Pouc er, im y , , brecht, Wally Wall, Dick Fredette, Bob Olmstead, John Kelly, Richard Williams, Ray Maas, Jerome Bertram. FOURTH ROW-Dimitri Kalfas, Roger Palewitz, Joe Doran, Pat McGroder, Gene Reische, Jerome Fearing, Donald Rudenick, Sue Melbostad, Marilyn Haas, Gordon Richardson, Carl Markell, Jim Taylor, Miss Para. THIRD ROW-Carol Schermerhorn, Bill Koutelc, Lois Bowman, Judy Anderson, Gordon Panushka, Dick Henninger, Richard Lowe, Robert Yankovec, Earl Oscarson, Carole Olson, Jean Stryk, Joan Runyon, Helen Bergstrom, Mary Ann Gelhaye. SECOND ROW-Janie Moe, Betty Lou Gosselin, Phyllis Driscoll, Janet Boucher, Cecelia Ar- " Sh o French Lenore Mudgette John Cramsie, Lorraine Skubina, Barbara vanitis, ar n , , Bodene, Caroline Harloff, Kathryn Burger, Lucille Wichtl, Margaret York, FIRST . M . ROW-Catherine Barnes, Beverly Ashley, June Morgan, Beverly Smith, Rose arie Colanna, Jean Breidel, Janet Vogt, Betty Lou Shrukrud, Joseph Alfonso, LeRoy . . . . . . H Bryant, Doris Ferguson, Mary Weimer, Angeline Ricci, Marian Win er. ll Id artist's alette. lvlacs have long been known tor their cl a be identitied by the MONROE ART Club members are lcnovvn as "Macs", an m y pm they vvear a sma go p h f tl vvon citations tor their individual achievements outstanding Work, aving requen y h k ot this ublication Our student motion picture Typical of their work is t e ma e-up p l h ' ' h o erate the movie equipment which is used so proiectionists are tie tec nlcians vv o p olten in visual education. Mac club olticers are Cleft to rightl Helen Bergstrom, Proiectionists are Ccloclcwise from leftja Norman Few Richard Rueclrer Jerry Fontaine Betty Lou Gosselin. John Dougherty, Richard Adams, Mr. Swanson, adviser Richard Eller, Richard Kostorhryz, Donald Rock, Charles Driscoll. FROM NOVEMBER to spring, the special activities of Monroe students go along at a feverish pace. Winter brings its holiday season with appropriate festivities, and the same period is popular for its sports schedule of basketball and hockey. The student council gave a Christmas dance this year, complete with decorations in keeping with the season. Two massive trees stood in the gym that night, carrying out the theme. A large group of top-flight Monroe musicians held 58 WENDING INTO WINTER the spotlight during the stage production, "Musical Phantasies of l948," the first musical show seen here in a long time. Produced by the staff of the 1948 Doctrine, purpose of the show was to earn funds for publishing the book, Pioneer Day, described as one of the best fun- making projects given at Monroe in a coon's age, was a custom-made safety valve for those of us born IOO years too late to ride in covered wagons and battle injuns. Festivities of the day were climaxed by an informal dance in the gym, with prizes being awarded to the two persons considered by the judges to be wearing the most original costumes. Winners were Mr. Emil Berger and Bob Falvey. The juniors led the way St. Patrick's Day with an all-green dance. Music of favorite entertainers was provided by a julqe box. DCCTRIN E GETTING AN ANNUAL into the works and oft the presses on sched- ule takes the combined effort ot a great many persons with diverse talents. Our stat? was headed by Leonard Marascuilo, editor, and Audrey Lowe, associate editor. Gordon Richardson was responsible tor the book's literary side, while Bill Koutek was in charge of make- up. The art editor was Tom Pouch- er and chief photographer was 4 F 5 i del. 'E STAFF Bob Adams. In the sports division, the girls' games were covered by Pat Ward and the boys' by Wally Walz. Mrs. Joyce Garrett was ad- viser to the Doctrine staff. Balanc- ing the books was the responsibil- ity of Business Manager Bob Laing, who was counseled by Mr. Emil Berger. Wei if il 2 TOP ROW-George Tillson, Richard Aronson, Robert Duerr, Joseph Ziskovslcy, Jerry Patterson, Richard Fredette, Robert Falvey, Guyden Dundrea, Anthony laManna, Richard Kostohryz, John Healy. FOURTH ROW-Margaret Kane, Donna Marston, Carole Hinderager, Richard Zocher, Joyce Rader, lacquelyn Hoff- man, Ruth Burger, Peter Sorenson, Polly Culver, Genevieve Byrne, Nancy Knauft, Gloria Anderson, Miss McLeer, THIRD ROW-Joan Keller, Donna Haider, Janet Carr, Mary Ellen McCarthy, Vivian Gabrio, Shirley Finnagan, Mary Gage, Grace Bodlak, Lorraine Gruber, Janet Jefferson, Patricia Ward, Camilla Flynn. SECOND ROW-Janette Kisslinger, Donna Schibanski, Barbara Strait, Ramona Dickey, Lorraine Skubinna, Patricia O'NeiII, Emma De Giclio, Phyllis Rykel, Dolores Schoenher, lane Denault, Rene Thul, Marilyn Roth. FIRST ROW'-Suzanne Davies, Beverly Cable, Patricia Blond, Ruth Koisersatt, Jean Sciuro, Virginia Exner, Betty Klainert, Jean Continelli, Teresa Todora. MUSIC VERY PARADE must have music. Witiw Miss Rose Mcleer as director, the "A" choir, the orchestra, and the girls' and boys' f aloe clolus lurnish the rhythm for the pass- ing Momoo parade. Besides appearing at ,ft thi: Municipal Choral pageant, American legion Christmas party, City Planning Ex- Itiluit, MEA Conventions and Community e . Chest luncheons, these groups have also , . . , X taken part in assemblies, school plays, var- ,QU iety shows and other forms ot entertain- I' f ,- 'k-, . . 01, mont. The spring concert, which was pre- sented in May, was considered the major . 'F wont ot the year. AND vit B ON ' f, -'X-:inn nr 62 sf' 'n TOP ROW-James Schwartz, Jarold Verner, Miss McLeer, John Herman Marian Haeusler. SECOND ROW-Donald Wag- ner, Wayne Boerger, Robert Duerr, James Cane, Larry Schultz. FIRST ROW-Sally Freeman, Carole Cay, Howard Salisbury, Lorraine Pilcal, Morlys Goodhue. TOP ROW-Patricia Ward, Margaret Kane, Nancy Knauft, Jacquelyn Hoffman, Joyce Rader, Gloria Anderson, Polly Culver, Shirley Finnegan. THIRD ROW-Rene Thul, Lorraine Gruber, Lorraine Skubinna, Joan Keller, Donna Haider, Camilla Flynn, Ramona Dickey, Beverly Linaman. SECOND ROW-Patricia Bland, Marilyn Roth, Janette Kisslinger, Janet Carr, Mary Lou Trierweiler, Janet JefTerson, Carol Bruber, Suzanne Larson, FIRST ROW-Teresa Todora, Beverly Sandquist, Suzanne Davies, Sue Sorenson, Jean Sauro, Shirley Cardinal, Jean Continelli. TOP ROW-Robert Duerr, Joseph Zislxovslxy, Daniel Christenson, Richard Fredette, Jack Wardell, Guydon Dandrea. THIRD ROW-Richard Aronson, John Healy, Jerry Patterson, George Tillson, Marvin Ellison, Miss McLeer. SECOND ROW-Howard Salisbury, Richard Kostoryz, Anthony LoManna, Donald Mead, Richard Zocher, FIRST ROW-Douglas McKinnon, Michal Dan- drea, Polly Culver, accompanist, William Heutmaker, Richard Durgin, John Wheeler. ,-l Club officers are, seated, Andy Hein, president, Lois Bowman, acting secretary, Don Wagner, publicity. Standing, Dick Post, vice president, Rita Weinzettel, librarian, Leonard Marascu- ilo, treasurer. 1-rf SCIENCE CLUB this year became afihliated with the Minnesota Junior Academy ot Science, and was represented at a number ot interscholastic scientific meetings. Each member concentrates in a certain area of science study, and reports to the entire or- ganization at least once during the year on his progress. They meet twice monthly under the guidance of Miss Helen Sullivan TOP ROW-Leonard Parlin, Harold Albrecht, Miroslav Verner, .loe Turning, Robert Olmstead, Andrew Hein, George Nagel, Joe Doran. THIRD ROW-Joan Runyan, Tom Poucher, Don Quinlivan, Don Wagner, Robert Huna, Norman Few, Eugene Stackhart, Polly Culver, Marilyn Jellinek. SECOND ROW-Roger Palewicz, Robert Stangl, Richard Post, Richard Wedell, Leonard Bedahl, Jerome Bertram, Gwendolyn Hoeflin, Wayne Nelson, Miss Sullivan. FIRST ROW-Chester Larson, Cecelia Arvanitis, Grace Bodlalm, Jean Strylz, Genevieve Byrne, Lois Bowman, Audrey Lowe, Rita Weinzettel, Leonard Marascuilo. 64 Q.. B'll Hicke Dick Ruecker Bob TOP ROW-Joe Cascalenda, Bill Faricy, Dick Darsie, Bob Johnson, Jerry Patterson, I y, , Gosselin, Jim Gagnier, Doug Heidenreich. THIRD ROW-Bob Wilhelmy, Bill Fox, Norm Morse, Norm Few, Jack Rosen, Jim Tynan, Tom Poucher, Pat Bogie, Bob Stangl, Bob Kratochvil, Alice Heffelfinger. SECOND ROW-Pat Stahlman, Jean Mastenbrook, Lyane Valentine, Jackie Coutourc, Donna Hakarine, Betty Donovan, Mary Sullivan, Betty Ylvisaker, Janet Vogt, Rosemary Cavanagh. FIRST ROW-Miss Sara Myers, Marilyn Roth, Betty GOSSellnf Yvonne Peterson, Marge Petschel, Frances Keller, Mary Weimer, Mary Ann O'Connor, Phyllis Driscoll. MONITOR STAFF writers are re' sponsible for gathering material, preparing and getting it into form for the printer, then getting out the Monitor on its monthly schedule. Their training in the field ot iour- nalism is under the supervision of Miss Sara Myers. Editors are, standing, Mary Ann O'Connor, Patricia Stahlman. Seated, Don Havlish, Bob Johnson, Miss Sara Myers, adviser, Pat Bogie. 65 l llll aa E 1 1 .1--F 'UWC -an l V --4 TOP ROW-Leonard Bedahl, Don Quinlivan, Joe Conley, William Pikal, Ken Ellson, Richard Fiedette, Kieth Nelson, Robert Laing, Jerome Goulah, Jerry Fontaine, Herb Barrot. THIRD ROW-Marge Petschl, Arlene Liska, Dimitri Kalfas, Richard Post, William White, Richard Zocher, Carlyle McVey, Robert Arkins, Delores Muellner, Donna Kilroy, Beverly Frick, James Nilsson. SECOND ROW-Carl Wisemar, Rosemary Cavanagh, Betty Ylvisaker, Joan Runyon, Mary Ann Horak, Beverly Sundsmo, Geraldine Callan, Lorraine Slmubina, Karen Hazel, Janet Vogt, Janet Jefferson, Lorretto Becker. FRONT ROW-Miss Munson, Chester Larson, Earl Mahawald, Betsy Egan, Helen Bergstrom, June Morgan, Barbara Krammer, Rose Marie Hawley, Mary Ann Gillmaster, Joan Dickson, Lorraine Gruber. STANDING-Richard Smith, Jerry Patterson, Joe Cascalenda, John Bazal, Robert Laing, Albert Kellner, Phil Bennett, Doug- las Hiedenrich, Carlyle MacVey, Roger Palewicz, Gerald Mcl.ay, David Prokop. KNEELING-Donald Dougherty, Richard Fredette, Robert Olmstead, Miroslav Verner, Herman Kaufer, Wally Walz, Robert Adams, Kieth Nelson, Kenneth Ellison, Gordon Richardson, Joe Doran. HALL DUTY for students falls into two categories: study and trattic. Hall study members are respon- sible tor keeping the halls clear ot unnecessary travelers during Class periods, and tramc squads are assigned the task ot supervising passage in the halls when Classes Change, or during other rush hours, 66 'WA .-fp ,. - Q .f fu Q ,gy W FGOTBALL Left fo righi, Frank Fruci, Bob Wegleiiner, Bob Flet- cher, Herb Barotf, Ari Neil- SOD. THE SCOREBOARD Monroe ,.... ........... 1 9 Cenfrol ...,.. .. M13 Monroe ........ I2 Humboldt ..... ........ O Monroe ........ I3 Wilson ......., ......A. 7 Monroe .....,.. I3 Morshcll .,..... 6 Monroe .,...,.. 0 Murroy ......... ,....,.. 2 0 Monroe .,...,.. 6 Washington ....,......... 6 Monroe ,,....., I4 Mechanic Arts .,.i ..,., 7 ur ke A 69 r Left to righi, Joe Cascal on da, Tom Poucher, Jerry Pot ferson, Bob Knippenberg Roger Capp, Doug Heiden- reich. Left fo right ure Coaches Francis Zucco and Eugene Gent ry. 1 FIRST CONFERE played this year against Central, resultlng in a I9-I3 vvln tor the Green Vvave NCE GAME of the season was and setting a pattern tor continuous victories that vvasn't broken until an tnturyftidden Monroe squad dropped a tough con- test to Murray by 20 points, The gante which tol- lovved, vvith VVashington, found the Monroenten on the way back vvith a tie, and they recovered suttt- ciently tor the tlnal contest to run over I-luntboldt l2fO. Sparked by Co-captains Joe Cascalenda and F. n . . rank Frucr, along vvlth Bob Fletcher, Herb Barott, Roger Capp, Joe Doran and Jerry Mclay, the teant rounded out a season vveli ahead ot its opponents' total scores. Head coach is lvlr. Frank Zucco. BASKETBALL AFTER A SLOW ST to Washington, Monroe's courtrnen coached b M , y r. Charles Wallblom, came up last and lost only one other match, placing second in the conference at se ' ason s end, Jerry Patterson and Pat McCarthy, co- captains, led the green hoopers to victories over H d' ar ing, Central, Johnson, Humboldt, Mechanic Arts, Wilson and Murray, They lost to Marshall. Pat McCarthy not only was high point man tor the sea- son, but broke the Monroe individual scoring record with llll. Red Dougherty, center, made a showing vvhich landed him a berth on an all-city lineup. ART in the loop when they lost THE SCOREBOARD Monroe Washington Monroe Harding Monroe Central Monroe Johnson Monroe Humboldt Monroe Marshall Monroe Mechanics Monroe Wilson Monroe Murray 72 TOP ROW-Manager Jim Cane, Ray Zelinski, Carl Wiseman, Donald Dougherty, Coach Charles Wallblom, Robert Olmsfead, Frank Fruci, Eugene Vorlicky, Howard Huber. FIRST ROW-Bill Fox, Charles Nodeau, Tom McCarlhy, Pa? McCarthy, Gerald Patterson, Bill Faricy, Pa? Bogie, Norman Morse. TOP ROW-Jay Rippberger, Howard Huber, Bob Geehan, Coach Charles Simmer, Bill Wifi, Gene Vodiclsa, Gerald ' W-Jack Miichell, Jerome Kaufer, Edward Morse, Charles Donohau, Bill Mandell, Bob Reinsberg. casual. FIRST RO 73 . qllllllf Mlilvj b Johngcfh A ii couch w.,iib'0""a: Klslenger' . k Man eu, Jones. . ea icuufholdf PW am WWW' Elmer funding, Ccplam team gre, 5 McDonough, F the f-'oss Counlblls Krall, Fugene . n MFm5Zl':orlls. Kneeling, Fff' A Members of ihe track feam are, STANDING, Bob Schusier, Pol Bogie, Frank Fruci, caplain Dick Darsie, Coach Charles Wall blom, Donald Wagner, Bob Johnson, James Tynan, Joe Doran, Tom Poucher, Guydon Dandrea, Ed Kaufhold. KNEELING, Bob Laing, Bob Fletcher, Bob Duerr, Norman Few, Bill White, Gerald Mclay. NOT PICTURED, Jack Hawle , I. ' ier, Joe Sodelx, Herb Olson, Eugene Lauer, Ronald Lee, George Morrison, Char ' y ynn Davis, .lack Car- les Bibeau. 74 STANDING, Richard Eller, Pat Bogie, Bob Wedell, Dick Michel, Jerry Fontaine, Al Kellner, Douglas Heidenreich, Richard Hene ninger, Donald Black, Coach Gentry. KNEELING, Dick Wedell, Donald Deering, Joe Cascalenda, Forrest Mars, Loren Deering, Herb Barott, Wally Larson. NOT PICTURED, Bruce Jansen. HOCKEY men for Monroe this year had the short end of scores in all but tvvo games, in spite of the push of Captain Joe Cascalenda. They won over Marshall and tied Wilson. Starting men on the squad were Cascalenda, center, Dick Wedell, goalie, Loren Deering and Herb Barott, defense, Forrest Mars and Dick Michel, wings. CROSS COUNTRY Ctop opposite paget team, under the eyes of Coach Charles Wallblom, made the finest record in the history of Mon- roe long-distance squads this year. Unde- feated in dual meet competition the entire season, they went on to place third in the city-wide meet. Bill White and Bob Johnson were cited for outstanding individual work. TRACK tbottom opposite pagel potential of the Monroe cindermen this year was the best in history. With I5 lettermen back from the team which took fifth place in the city last year, Coach Wallblom had an experienced performer in nearly every phase of track and field competition. They included Bob Johnson, captain and long-distance specialist. . N K. Q, x .D st' 11356 N 'X Na-as TOP ROW - Donald Zwirn, Howard Smith, Bob Puriea, Leonard Matylreiwicz, Dimitri Kalfcs, Roy Gonsowski, FRONT ROW-R o g e r Ostermon, Keith Nelson. larry Horned, .I a r old Verner, Edward Fong, James Taylor. SWIMMING to third ploce in city com- petition, Monroe's tonkmen not only functioned smoothly os o team, but captured individual honors os well. l-iovvord Smith placed fourth in the stote meet ond first in the city tussle on the strength of his prowess in the breast stroke. Don Zvvirn was second in the city in the SOO-meter free style splosh. Coptoin wos Keith Nelson. TENNIS, olthough played by ci srnoll squod ot Monroe, is o sport in which we ore well represented, ond Coach Chorles Simmer expects the i948 rocqueteers to molce on excellent showing, GOLF is coached by Mr. Francis Zuc- co. As in tennis, the teoni is o small one, but this yeor's squod of tour in- cludes three lettermen, ond the end ot the seoson should find the Green linksmen high up in competition. Donald Dougherty, Keith Nelson, Bolo Stangl, Norman Morse, .loe Alfonso, Coach Charles Wallblom. Coach Charles Wallblom, Dick Flet- cher, Marvin Ellison, Edward Hompl. Not pictured, James Fredericltson, Lar- ry Harned, George Tillson, Marvin Widness. GYMNASTSfall three teams of them made an exceptional show- ing during the past year. The "B" team took second place in the city meet, with Joe Doran placing sec- ond in horizontal bar competition and third on the parallel bars. Hen- ry Kramm was second in horse maneuvers. The squad placed second in the Northwest meet. The "C" benders finished the season in tourth place in the northwest gymnastics meet and third in the city. Co-captains of the team were Bob Johnson and Gene Cilek. Members ot the "D" team copped the city championship and top honors in the northwest meet, al- though they placed only sixth in the state meet. This was the tourth year in which they captured the City title. WRESTLING is not only a sport at Monroe, intended to be ot benetil to the participants as is any other form ot athletics, but it has been serving a civic and humane tunc- tion as well. Each year the Green matmen, under Coach Zucco, put on an exhibition for the Red Cross drive. Left to right are Henry Kramm, Joe Doran and Eugene Reische, coecaptains, Gerald Mclay, TOP ROW-Bob Laing, Bob Vanyo, Clar- ence Nohava, Charles Guettschoft, Joe Alfonso, Donald Wagner. SECOND ROW- Coach F. J. Zucco, Bob Stagl, Co-captain Bob Johnson, Bob Wilhelmy, Jarold Ver- ner. FIRST ROW-Miroslav Verner, Co- captain Gene Cilek, Earl Oscarson, Ray Reels, Ronald Skarda, TOP ROW-Tom Frid, Martin Ross, Bill O'KGsiclx, Dennis Murray, Richard Gill- master, Dennis Schwab. THIRD ROW- Coach F. J. Zucco, Wayne Hickey, Gary Kobillca, Billy Eiden. SECOND ROW-Jim Nilsson, Bob Ficadenti, Bill Mertz, Richard Wiggins. FIRST ROW-Jim Hunt, Richard Adams, Jerome Prokop, Richard Lowe, Pot Gaughan. STANDING-Earl Oscarson, Ed Koufhold, Bill White, Tom Fried, Bob Falvey, Bob Geehon, Miroslav Verner, Tom Poucher. KNEELING-Coach F. J. Zucco, Bob .John- son, Bill Mertz, Joe Doran, Bob Fletcher. STANDING, Bill Knippenberg, scorer, Gordon Robinette, Dave Prokop, manager, Bob Olmstead, John Noha, Gerald Cashill Coach Ernie Goulet. KNEELING, Gordon Johnson, Gerald PQHGFSOH, Jerome Faricy, Dale Mars, C0PlCIlnf Bob PeSf2l4 JOE Cascalenda. NOT PICTURED, Al Unise, Jim Brahy, Dell Schusfef, TON KellY, Und Mike 5Cl1U5l9V- Dale Mars 78 BASEBALL in l947 was coached by Mr. Ernest Goulet, and the team was captained by Dale Mars. Mars was a third baseman and not only well known for his aggressive in- field work, but was recognized as a threat when at bat. Manager of the squad was Dave Prokop and the scorer was Bill Knippenberg. Mr. Bruce Wilson, who ioined the faculty of Monroe in mid-year, will take over coaching reigns this year, ge "M club members are, TOP ROW-Bob Flelcher, Roger Copp, Gerald Patterson, Donald Dougheriy, Roger Osler- man, Dick Fredefle, Paul Duren. THIRD ROW-Tom Poucher, John Sauro, Harold Albrecht, Keith Nelson, Miroslav Verner, Jarold Verner, John Bazal, Bob Johnson. SECOND ROW-Mr. Zucco, adviser, Herb Barotf, Bill Faricy, Pot Bogie, Dick Darsie, Tony Blaha, Frank Fruci, Bob Knippenberg, Joe Cascalendo, Mr. Baril, adviser. FIRST ROW- Bob Stangl, Bob Vanyo, Bob Duerr, Dick Fletcher, Dick Michel, Jerry Fonlaine, Bob Pesek, Jim Tynan. TOP ROW-Donald Wagner, Jim Cane, Richard Zocher, Eugene Reische, Charles Driscoll, Bob Laing, Dick Fredelle, Dick Zwirn, Dick Wedell, Gordon Robinelle. THIRD ROW-Bob Wilhelmy, Forrest Mars, Norman Morse, Jack Rosen, Douglas Heidenreich, Norman Few, Dimitri Kalfas, Phil Bennefl, Gerald McPoy, Bill While. SECOND ROW-Clarence Nohava, Bill Knippenberg, Ray Reck, Dave Prokop, Ed Hampl, Loren Deering, Ed Kaufhold, Leonard Bedahl, Wayne Reische, Gene Gonsowski. FIRST ROW-Charles GueHschofT, Bill Koutek, John Frascone, Gene Cilek, Joe Doran, Henry Kramm, Ronald Skarda, Leonard Malykiewicz, Joe Alfonso, Jim Taylor. 79 4- I IL td M ' Clark Joanne Falconner Shirley Svoboda Maude TOP ROW-Sara Jean McKenna, Pat Ward, Rita Conroy, Laure ysa , axine , , , Veach, Betty Weigel, Dorothy Baker, Colleen Moore, Lorraine Pikal. THIRD ROW-Sharon French, Rosemary Cavanagh, Joan Perlalty, Ardith Jelinek, Audrey Lowe, Jean Stryk, Lois Bowman, Cecelia Arvanitis, Beverly Linaman, Lorraine Gruber, Marge Carlson, .lean Lanik. SECOND ROW-Angie Ricci, Doris Ferguson, Shirley Vanclersypt, Marilyn Suhr, Lone Denault, Josephine Rehak Rene Thule, Phyllis Rose, Winifred Crawford, Margie Ensley, Delores McKinney, Phyllis Elli. FIRST ROW-Norma Heck, II C ldi B on ak, Vivian Fabio, Barbara Meyer, Beverly Ashley, Mary Bovy, Mary Delmeclico, Miss Evelyn Haskell, Delores Ke y, -era ine I e Lois Latham, Jean Halvorson, Gwen Noonan, Betty Johnson, Joan Marcotte, Shirley Fruscello, TOP ROW-'Sue Melbostad, Joan Keller, Daren Hazel, Judy Anderson, Arlene Liska, Gloria Bodlak, Lorraine Poucher, Carmen Polos, Naomi Lofgren, Marge Kane, June Morgan, Janet Vogt, Pat McGroder. FOURTH ROW-Kathryn Burger, Gloria Felstow, Rose Deziel, Jackie Couture, Barbara Krammer, Camilla Flynn, Sally Friemann, Mary Ann Traynor, Helen Bergstrom, Danna Mattix, Gerry McMahon, Pat Thomas, Nadine Lang. THIRD ROW-Mary Ellen McCarthy, Rose Morrissey, Leona Lendway, Kathleen Flaherty, Shirley Kislenger, Janice Healy, Carolyn Harlofl, Audrey Terwedow, Pat Haas, Lorraine Opatrny, Marian Haeusler, Barbara Pahl. SECOND ROW-Margaret York, Janet Kislenger, Joanne Frantz, Lorraine Keller, Mariorie Jaeger, Mary Royce, Lorraine Slcubinna, Betty Donovan, Beverly Strom, Nancy Knapton, Barbara Dahn, Danna Phillips, Pat Walsh. FIRST ROW-Beverly Prazak, Vivian ' ' L 'Il M ' Fabio, Lois Bohn, Mary Drummond, Rose Marie Colonna, Pat Bland, Carol Schermerhorn, Betty Gosselln, Sue Gates, ucl e enter, 80 G. A. A. THIS TIME OF YEAR there can always be found a couple ot girls lamenting the tact that they must be graduated next month and leave the four years ol pleasure they have had in the GAA at Monroe. Perhaps the size of the organization is some indication ol the place it occupies in our parade and the value placed on it by the girls who are in the march. The GAA's social year got off to a bang-up start in October with the Halloween dance, and was followed shortly by the outstanding homecoming celebration in November. In the latter, Lorraine Gruber was crowned queen ot festivities by football Co-captains Joe Casca- londa and Frank Fruci. Nearly the entire membership turned out lo" the Christmas party which was held just prior Club omcers, left to right are Donna Haider vice presidentg Marge Carlson, secretary-treasurer Dorothy Baker, recording secretaryg Pat Ward president, and Miss Haskell, adviser. is CHEERLEADERS STANDING-Rosemary Cavcnagh Dorothy Baker, Donna Haider, and Shirley Kms lenger, SEATED-D'lx Z ic ocher, Geraldine Liskci Gordon Richardson, and Marge Kane. to the lueginning ol vocation, at which gittf o were sont to Europe's needy instead of dis triluutocl cimong members as is traditional. In January We played hostess to the entire city high school system tor a play-day, win nors ol which were the girls from VVashington. lhrvre was on "M" club banquet in April, well nttendorl lay crlumnao as well as present stu- dents, and many of our predecessors were in- troclucocl to the group. Finally, another play-- clay was hold in May, during which girls par4 tiripcrtod in softball, tennis, volleyball and turnhling, This event was t d tt b oppe o y dancing and refreshments. The Monroe GAA is presided over by Pat Wrrirl, irnrl the orlvisor is Miss Evelyn Haskell. Pot, who was also an other ot the organiza- tion lost your, says, owe a great deal to Miss Haskell tor her understanding and guid- rrnow, rincl know that those who succeed us in the GAA will henefit just as much from her super vision." 4' W u' MW ' .7 4 f Lx 5. M.. .1 V, 'JS' 1' T is 4 LQ ,,. K, , 1. T.B. or not T.B. 2. After graduation. 3. Their shoes are different. 4. Two little girls in white. 5. Looka there, ain't she purty! 6. Look Ma, no feet! 7. Nice car. 8. Sleepy time gal. 9. That Oxydol sparkle! TO. Robbing the cradle, Lois? ll. Patricia and Thomas. 12. The beginning of . . . 13. What do you have? 14. Mary Jane and Sue. 'l5. Two loves have l. 'I6 .... The End! 84 THERE THEY GO . . . . THE MONRCE PARADE has passed our reviewing stand for 1948. Most ot The march- ers and commanders of the parading units will be back next year To pass in review, but To the seniors-Those stalwarts who are leaving us To Take Their places as citizens of a larger world-we must say goodby. We hope that This edition of The Doctrine will serve as a digest of memorable moments for Them, providing a reasonably complete pic- torial history. We urge our readers to patron- ize our fellow-citizens, the businessmen who have advertised in The l948 Doctrine. -The Editors 85 Congratulations Senior Class 1948 STUDIO 5th Floor Midland Building 8 East Sixth Street 86 JO,STEN'S Since 1897 Creators of Fine -Class Rings, Announcements, Awards Representative: H. A. Petersen IOSTEN'S, Foshay Tower Arcade, Minneapolis, Minn. TYPEWRITERS RENTED BOUGHT REPAIRED SOLD Special Rates to Students N0 DEPOSIT REQUIRED CEdar 1717 WAGER OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 107 E. 5th Street Cnear Roberth A BETTER POSITION FOR YOU The future is bright with promise for business- trained ycung men and women. Calls for secretaries, accountants, and other office per- sonnel far exceed the supply. Business positions provide interesting work, pleasant associations and higher salaries than ever before. Open all year. 48th year. Free bulletin. No solicitors. O Start any Monday after graduation. 63 E. Fifth St. Paul Street Minn. Near Cedar CEdar 6333 PRACTICAL BUSINESS SCHOOL 87 000l'EIlATE T0 EARIEST POSSE WITH Y0 !4..A'-'lA fy f Flnf PRIHTIHG PLHTES f U05 I.lV1llYI IIIIOA 0Il!IV3A 'ld 88 Don and I-IoWie's Sandwich Shop 718 West 7th Street Iohn W. Dornbach Pharmacy Telephone EMerson 2858 Randolph at Cleveland ST. PAUL, MINN. T l ph e DAle 7836 1385 West 7th Str t l , Your Neighborhood Florist Martm Glesen H , 8, as if fa i All o ' Costumes or ccasions .V 0 K, Q, ' 'nf 207 Midland Building fN"1?? 9f,,oW' Telephone: GArfield 3621 SPECIALIZING IN CORSAGES WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS x COMPLIMEN TS of Mashek 6: Schunke Compliments of IACICS BARBER SHOP 864 Randolph Avenue WEST END LUMBER 6 OIL CO. PAINT - HARDWARE - ROOFING GET YOUR NEW MAYTAG WASHER From the West Seventh 84 Toronto Streets ' ST' PAUL, MINN, West End Repair Shop ELkhurst 1024-25 EMerson 6780 1085 West 7th DAle 0192 F RANICS GROCERY COLD MEATS, FROZEN FOODS and ICE CREAM EM. 8768 433 So. Cleveland BEN FRANKLIN STORE HIGHLAND VILLAGE Variety Store Coiiey's "GB" Service 7th and Webster fAt Schmidt's Breweryl Compliments of G. A. A. Compliments of Village Barber Shop 783 South Cleveland STEINER'S GROCERY 893 Randolph Avenue WILLARD STEINER, Proprietor Compliments of Shei's Confectionery 633 South Cleveland WEST END VARIETY 945 West 7th Street sALEs and SERVICE GRAFF an CUMMINGS DEPT. CE 9326 STORE CHUCK LANDE Clothing, Dry Goods and Shoes The Workmg Mans Fnend 953-951 wesc nh su-ees DA1e 7345 QIIGYXBQQQED CARS Slgggulhglgiqi Ethel's Beauty Shop ALL BEAUTY SERVICES Specializing in PERMANENT WAVING 895 Randolph Ave. ELkhurst 1274 Maher Cash Grocery PALACE at VIEW STREET Phone DA1e 7027 IIIVI ci ANDY'S SHELL SERVICE SIMONIZING - GREASING - LUBRICATION TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES Changing and Testing Batteries Our Specialty Randolph at Cleveland EMerson 7271 90 Dr. Emil Vlasek Dentist 1013 West 7th Street DAle 4437 Roy T. Iohnson Grocery WE DELIVER 919 Armstrong Ave. -:- Telephone DA1e 9881 Schuster's Bake Shop 920 Randolph Ave. Tel. ELkhurst 256 O Specializing in WEDDING cmd BIRTHDAY CAKES 8 Remer's Drug Store EDWIN A. REMER 989 West 7th St. St. Paul, 2, Minn. E. A. Dannecker GROCERIES, FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES FRESH MEAT Telephone DAle 7871 793 Randolph Street Doyle's Service Jefferson and Pleasant tOne block from Monroel MOTOR TUNE-UP and AUTO ELECTRIC WORK Felger's Cut Price Bakery Randolph and View Streets Specializing in WEDDING and BIRTHDAY CAKES ELkhurst 0951 Compliments of Brunner Drugs Randolph and Hamline Masque and Gavel Monroe Chapter 'Speech for Use' The Sugar Bowl 1 for Tops in Quality SANDWICHES - COFFEE VANDER BIE'S ICE CREAM Open Every Evening Till 11:30 P.M. MEET AND TREAT WITH US STEW and HELEN F rank 6 Iverson Cash Grocery 868 Randolph Avenue Telephone DA1e 1719 Randolph Shoe Hospital 907 Randolph H. NOVAK Genevieve and Rose Marie Mann BEAUTY SHOPPE 947 West 7th Street EL. 1734 Open Tuesday and Friday Evenings by Appointment OTTO'S GROCERY Quality Groceries and Meats DA1e 3164 979 Randolph Ave. Ellison's Caramel Crisp 'Popcorn at It's Best' 420 Wabasha CEdar 9764 Beco Laboratories Manufacturers of Cosmetics WAVE SET FINGERNAIL POLISH REMOVER HAIR OIL At Your Corner Drugstore Samec's Confectionery GROCERIES and COLD MEATS ICE CREAM and POP 764 West 7th Street CE. 9456 COMPLIMENT S of Dearborne Dime Store Schmidt's Tailor Shop We Also Sell SUITS, OVERCOATS and TOPCOATS 1173 West 7th St. ELkhurst 7792 lqinferg 0 1948 Q 9341 to 0 to PPQSSPQ w A1 just push a button and watch the printed pages roll by. At North Central the printed pages may be from a yearbook, a newspaper, a direct mail promotion folder-the forms are as varied as the appeals. 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Suggestions in the Monroe High School - Doctrine Yearbook (St Paul, MN) collection:

Monroe High School - Doctrine Yearbook (St Paul, MN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Monroe High School - Doctrine Yearbook (St Paul, MN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Monroe High School - Doctrine Yearbook (St Paul, MN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Monroe High School - Doctrine Yearbook (St Paul, MN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Monroe High School - Doctrine Yearbook (St Paul, MN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Monroe High School - Doctrine Yearbook (St Paul, MN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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