Modesto Union Academy - El Capitan Yearbook (Modesto, CA)

 - Class of 1961

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Modesto Union Academy - El Capitan Yearbook (Modesto, CA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 110 of the 1961 volume:

presented by the associated student body of modesto union academy ,gf ri v :JY a , ,fff .w i',f,i,1JM, j ,A an , , ' .I V Q f lf' 1 WI, a V - a if ,ff - in l""',N.! k g V f ,f , ' . ,, l ' 1 P I ' f Si?" ' ' f as 5 ff - J ,. K J. ,L L ,. ,, , S 1 ,. , .IV .-, -'IA . - 1, 4-5 7 .47 A Q? .f-J A' A :A-. , 7. if R 1, Rf ii k X E.: Mx-'fw' 5 'gmw We .47'0':!.,.. fi sf' I f S -.H f v . . 'Y if . - A. N J: ' . s a W i, 422. . . A ' K d 4 ' 4 d .swat ' - . x' ' . 'L ,.,. 1 I , I'--,ffl J ,FB f f f' ., fi 1 e a 1 Q, 4 4 . I . L ' 42 K 1, h V , EL CAPITAN 4-Q 1 w ,..i 1 K 3 wwf - J .hr We .S W A K 5 K 'Q 5 N5 53 ff' li ,ix 3 of R, Q B 3 QT, is EQ 3,3 as fi? isis 5553, um gal Nw bg X mrs. lois sfoops sponsor mr. gordon deleon sponsor photographer sharon bullarcl layout editor is 4 in ., ? ,K fm ioene bgwman circulation manager winong scott business manager , in 2? iii ws? 5, if X K in is ii? iz f' ,fx eg: 1 donna whitidll tggglsf . A :fr tml: - is'Wif' ieanne dlqlgehfiwiiti' ri ist gp ie:- i '4s7-.,.i N' 35,4 gs f yi stanley rouhe campaign manager carolynn solos ad manager k N 'T 1-11-3 fi 0 o , , o c 9 Q a ' .0 U. C x n I ' . v I 0 ' I . I 0 .' f 'lsoo.s.s- .n.., ,' I --s------Q------ . ., 'I - v I I ' .ua ' , Q -.4 , Q .,' .- ---' 3 f . ' 1 A -, . 1 - ,' Q ,.,. U u 'I 1 U. , vga' . Q 4 l ' 1 ' I . O ' O . . - . . .l ' l . . I ---. ,..- - I 1 it 'I Z CD' ' x D' x ' . Ns ' ' v .. L sssQo ' . . . ' ,t : .. .- ' v . . I A l . l n l . . ,' I 1 - p- U. ' u . , . 1 .v l . . 5 . 1 . I 1 . ' ' 0 'n I g q I Q . .n' ' -' D .b A . ' I ' . ' o Q ' Q ' . U. . , .u 1 .1 Q , o Q U' 0' Q' . ' .0 ' ' Q., ' A 0 ' Q a .' 0 v n . I , I . . , . . .U v 0 U ' " ', I we, the annual staff of modesto umon academy, publish the ' - v 'Q n. ' u Z 0 ' ' Z 5 I ' 1 ' el ca ifan as a record of our work our la , our accom lush- . O . I Q ' 0 q 0 ' . . Q 0 5 g 0 . ' ' . O . U . ments, and our ndeals. we are proud of our school and our I H . . . . H Q I D . ' . - ' H. . standards, and we hope that the friends we've made and the I 1' ' ' ' . ' Q U . . n Q u a 0 . v .,. . . knowledge we've gained will always remain wnh us. I , I ': . 9' 1 : , ' . ,. t . .s U Q .'c ' . I : ' O I '. ' . . . ,: 0 , ' 0 I 1 D . q . 'O n 0 . C . c 0 , : : . .' o ' O 0 U. Q . . . . l , 5 Q Q 'ou' q o....l 4 'QQO' o....o . a .' . . , . conlenls 0 XX Ulu u-. 'ln -. A E5 l-l S? B2 E 75 lu""'1,U a bible teacher on a christian campus has a tremendous responsi- lasses and seek his counsel he must bility. To the youth who sit in his c be a constant exponent of true consecration. such a man was elder ' ' h h t we Winston dennis. It is to this real friend and beloved teac er t a dedicate our yearbook of l96O. may the lord continue to bless him in all that he does. PRINCIPAL 9 MESSAGE Teaching True education is the objective of all seventh-day adventist schools. this is the "harmonious development of The physical, the men- tal, and the spiritual power's. it prepares the student for The ioy ot service in This World, and for the higher ioy ot wider service in The world to come." iT has been and will continue To be The attempt of the faculty To put forth such a program. this cannot be done alone, it can come only by god's guidance Through prayer and The combined efforts of parents and students. modesto union academy has experi- enced The above co-operative efforts Through The years. only in The heavenly kingdom will we be able to understand Tully and appreciate the value of this true education. d. d. lake 7 .ow , .1 ,Xi .NV jf . , 555, . . wwf' , . ,:. im. A 4, ,,,. ,V .M H , fl D -afiL4?5?f3?vi5?i2f yi E153 i ' 'ffibfi i RON SQUIER "Hg . X gy. ,711 1 , fiif 553:53 : ,. if W? U V," iqmigfu A 1- W' ' 5? ' V 'Riffs A S A iw 91 'NU 35 Y mfs , 4:1,f"'A W X A 1 sf' ' 3 1 hw - ,, KTED DENT BODY e ii 2? x second semester G+ president iucly riffer, vice presiclenfg mcirfi hodge, secreicry-ireasurer, richard lo touretre, sgf.-at-arms: gerri lee burge religious vice president, mr. mc connell, sponsorg corolynn solos, orgonish lorry hoewing, social vice presi- denfg winona scott, pianist 1 1 standing - ron squier, sharon bullard, mrs. stoops, mr, mcconnell, resentatives from each class - freshmen: ed stump, Iorna turner, carolynn salas, mr. lake, mr. de leon, elder webb, stanley rouhe, sophomores: ernie annofsky, ieonne dickens, iuniors: leslie isaeft, claudia green, lorry hoewing, gerri lee burge. seated are the rep- iudy ritter, seniors: lyndie proctcr, winona scott. the student-faculty council is an organization in which ideas from students and faculty merge into useful suggestions that govern the various problems which arise during the school year. two representa- tives from each class are chosen to serve in the organization. other members of the group are: the principal, a.s.b. advisor, yearbook editor and ad- visor, bible teacher, english teacher, and the president and religious and social vice-presidents of the a.s.b. 10 I . standing - mr. harold donaldson, mr. don perry, mr. iack boyson mr. harvey brizendine, dr. p, c. byington, mr. everette gaines, mr r. hawe, dr. ivan martin, dr. george paullus, mr. frank salas, dr robert hamer, dr. d. p. la tourette, mr. william hull, mr. a. e. bull- OF ard, mr. douglas brown, mr. victor anderson, elder e. g. annofsky, mr. paul rice. seated -- c. f. lickey, elder e. f. heim, elder r. l. rasmussen, elder r. h. libby, elder cl. e. venden, mr. d. d. lake, elder w. o. baldwin, elder r. l. stretter, elder r. k. krick, elder I. e. bynum. these are the men who plan and support our school year. to guide us in the paths that become christian young people is their aim. by their faithful service through the school year our academy continually grows "in favor with god and man." donald d. lake, m.a. pacific union college, i959 principal manager albert e. stoops, b.a. pacific union college, 1950 history industrial arts helen lake pacific union college girls' physical education registrar lois stoops, b.a. pacific union college, I946 english 12 dorothy forsytlwe, atlantic union college, commercial home economics l959 gordon de leon, b.o. pic no, organ voice, choir don no de leon voice elder w. l. Webb, b.c bible speech 13 ' ,muy 1 f , herberf work instruments bond iohn w. mc Connell, m.o. college of the pacific, 1959 vice principal science mathematics bla nche polmer, m.a. spanish chorles smith, b,a. pacific union college, 1959 accountant bookkeeping boys' physical education :Qi librarian robert gordon cusfodian 14 l + -Hilli- P W li: fX 1 U-f' X if x, if X i know what he wants! 6 i suspected something 7 the food - wonderful, the company - 8 the subiect is a little out of focus. 9 what was that again? IO. 15 y.. i don't understand it eitherl never again will i sponsor. smile prettyl there you are, you little rascal 41100 worth of 34 stamps 'fr 3 dm 'iii' gf W V tv W ,Q -13255 2"'45X .... ...QA Al AJ. l'4q,49"7m'tQ1ffN 'eflj Z,lll.i5!'.ix7Q A- Q 'QWTW i r -s..........., 4 f if rr is the theme of the el capitan is, 'fever climbing to obtain the high standards bl physical, mental, and spiritual activity." we must ever work for this goal as does the true mountaineer. thus we have pictured the christian student as a mountaineer climbing ever upward to meet these high standards with his tools, the bible and his faith in God. s fi- l ,Q I 'ill 1191, -:W gf' gli 'Ii' 1' X ' 4 vw "1 mt , ' , Y t-Vg 4 ' is . Q V 'rr-.,,..,.,ff-wi 9' "' , Q uw 1 7' ' ' Ni, 5: 3? dpp eoloiion as editor of the l96l el Capitan, i wish to express my deep grati- tude and thanks to those who hcive worked so hard in the prepara- tion af this annual. to mr. cle leon, our sponsor, who has given much time in the preparing of the pictures . . . to the staff who has co-operated in many ways by fulfilling their duties . . . to mrs. eagan, our photographer who has given us much time and patience , . , ond to you, the subscribers, for your co-operation and interest in our school and the annual . .. to all of you i would like to soy, "thank-you!" sincerely, Claudia green editor V dr. and mrs. byington dr. and mrs. mountain dr. and mrs. chomn dr. and mrs. nelson dr. Gnd h1l'S. dedderer dr, und mrs, pqullus dr. and mrs. henry dr. and mrs. rouhe dr. and mrs. iumieson dr. and mrs. Schumacher dr. and mrs. lord dr. and mrs. semmens dr. and mrs. la tourette dr, and my-5, fqnge dr. and mrs. meade dr, and mrs. waldorf buck row - dennis luke - sgt. cs? arms john olspuugh - president sfon rouhe - pastor front row - winonu scoff - vice presidenf lorry hoewing - Treasure clcudio green - secretory ENIOR .ruff 4 12" Q5 9-X wig?-R N rn 5 .N -Aww ... A I ,yfifff W NE I, , sf M 24-S' H ,., 'F' s , 6 9- Q 'v .W rw ,A 1 '3 My A an tUTEfE3f:' J , HQ. L: , john olspcugh president 1 5 cloudla g reen secretory wmonc scott vlce president lorry hoewmg treasurer 2' ' 'Qf i g -,'.',,,. ., ,, MHSV MS stanley rouhe pastor dennis lake sgf. of arms darline bell joene bowmcln 21 VR K "" shczron bullord gerri lee burge EW 'Li' lorry bunning charlotte co ne 22 , s- -rr""" .5 ooron Helder or? francis Iillion hamilton morti hoclge 23 Hn. ..:.3:,..g, . ' pv- S, ffx xx, . 5 7U. Qi, . A john molone donno mc clurkcn dcrlene morgan lyndle proctor bernord mundoll pcouline rice ron squier 'S 1 fred wolfmon co rolynn solos Iois sfoops SPODSOI' ffifki' 'f' :E Q 6 . V113 :ff ff. K wa. VH, ' -ei. xi ,feisty Q5 - . - , -V X A 2 ' rex ,A 'Fx X i A :" 444, "' 1-'.,n-J 'ST I. :TTI A ,..-.I -' -1 - ,, 'I 'HZ K gin.: ',.., ',-v Z .. , , 6 ylg, ff' , , ,Q s, 2, 5 .5 5' in 3 54. 11 ,+f-:Law X -vi' if ' 55.6 'I SENIORS muu muus and lava lavas punch yachting rowing on pinecrest lake "south of cebu" . . . robes . . . caps and tassels . . . "pomp and circumstance" . . oh, the memories that will flood the minds of the seniors in the years to come! our iunior year holds many memories also: choosing our colors - beige and brown - for our class sweaters, our motto, "each for another," and our aim, "all for god", our flower -the yellow carnation, our "caveman" outing, and our lovely banquet. yes, the years will swirl together and we shall frequently recall our academy days and the people we knew. iohn alspaugh - our class president, a stalwart gentleman and a real scholar. darline bell - food coordinator for the iunior-senior picnic. ioene bowman - quietly courteous, and a very efficient worker sharon bullard - our class organist, slender, dark-haired, and determined. larry bunning - the tall boy with his mind on jeeps, ranches, and the quiet life. gerri lee burge - short and fiery, a real menace on the ball field. charlotte cone - another shortie, with a friendly smile and composed manner. aaron fielder - competent, artistic, and always ready to help. arthur francis - impressive in size, with a passion for taking the opposite point of view. claudia green - a peppery blonde whose lack of stature doesn't stop her from doing a multitude of things well. lillian hamilton - tall and slender, another pool of calmness in our turbulent class. marti hodge - vivacious, with an outstanding gift of humor, and an unforgettable laugh. lorry hoewing - the financial wizard of the class, with blushing cheeks and a winning smile. dennis lake - the lad with a deep-roaring laugh, whose hardworking ways team up with a love of mischief. iohn malone - the deep silent type, with a gift for making machines work - be they ieeps or player pianos. donna mcclurken - red-haired, tempestuous, and artistic, with a way of being sweetly outspoken. darlene morgan - dark-haired, blue-eyed, a lass with a ready smile and friendly ways bernard mundall - our quiet lad from oakdale who cannot manage to make an enemy. lynden proctor - the senior with the smile-, whose quips will go down in history. pauline rice - dark-eyed and serious, but really fun-loving when in her own circle. stanley rouhe - our aristocrat and world traveller, a master at the loaded remark and the 'fdonitiholdit-against-mei' smile. carolyn salas - diminutive and dainty, with musical gifts anyone could envy. winona scott - our lover of literature, with a sharp mind and the determination to succeed. ronald squier - well-liked master of the smooth statement and well-turned compliment. fred waltman - our automotive genius, whose quiet friendliness make him a favorite. - these are the friends who have been together a long time, and their memories of each other and their school life will be cherished as long as they live. good luck and god's guidance to all. 27 leslie iscmeff, president alice rogers, vice president iudy ritter, secretory ccurol turner, treasurer henry reid, pastor richard lu tourette, sgt.-ot-orms JUNIORS .X ""' ,f""' 'M Q wiht 'lm K -1 wfsxzg,-' A ,.-- W3 UWM., 11, , - V L-f,,, cliioe rogers vice president judy rifter secretory lesiie isoeti president carol turner treasurer henry reid pastor 30 richard lo tourette sgt, ot arms elder Webb sponsor eddie cone norma conner 'uf' 4,1-"Y A haf' X if W , Vg? david cifwood m L - A Y 4: lf 'lx 'N A M Z Y fi Sit 4' X W i f" A gf f 15 . 7.77 I J., " L - a-H .. wi E pg :gQwg I ,.-' K i i is Wk' E' is A virginia davis , linda foster ' Z.,.4li x -- 31 A if pot bcze iim brizendine 1 'Wm "'U"'K Y:"""'f"' '-..,,,,,hq, A ' Q H., ' 'Y' goil homer candy lord 4 -. as , PCI m monfeifh lorry mundoll joan peurles lee mc :oy cc rol potfs Iorrc ine raymond mf-moi dwg u, :W f gig zz' 'A 32 "Ks-I' ff., TY iv ,fx L 553 . rebekch renslow pf!!! 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' L - Y 1 4 ,. 2 mg X Fil, 'X' , ' wubii ' -5: 119. 4 ,i . vw , dcnfe muscio rowena neml cheryl parker l l ken mc culloch jim nelson donald perry 38 4 allen furbyflll bonnie webber 'L A 4 1 ' 4' re 5 Y' J lynden wxllloms , C bonnle woodord 'Fi .,, fv- fil gf 1 FF. QB 1-av? X 5 ls., ,x . 5 1 ,-,Q ml' - f '1 5 L' I ,f,,5,- ,,,., W3 1 2?3Jfh?. ii ff iomes ritfer evonell rogers morilynn sfouf laurel roberts harriet smorf daniel fompkins 39 WJ! 'W ,f fa, 415 Q,-.W r -,'.' ' 4 ' ,iff craig bowmon ln ierry brizendine W' ,- . . -"'- , bob brown H ' v E f- michoil brown f i 1, m r x a e charles' cook linda Cowon M., L. duo ne fielder beverly ghoner 'FA -fr " :ES '57-lffxliribs Q .M 'lin-vigrx? .Ls +ve , 1 sf Y s Q.35a?5,S5f, 2 L .W SX vw - 51 f'-f ag 40 03,7 - 1. K 2125.1 12 1551" 1. , A .93 , .12 . L 4, , ,af-1 .41-hub. carolyn hall beverly hamilton mike hamilton mary ann hlacl donald iordan barbara la tourelfe bill malone linda marsh ioy morrenson david mc clurken marvis mc coy cyndie nelson ',?, Y w H5567 wffwhp ,4- If air! Yroy rcssm ussen beth reimche rcymoh renslow Odell richburg dorothy schumocher vondu scull richard skcxdsheim du nccm sfeodmcm 42 eddie stump pot temple robert Trotter lornc turner 401 -41' ieor! wolloce H.. lorry warren A-"'-'Q' 43 MTV' xw R if ,ff-4 K , SPRING brad brcxley, or FALL .H ni 'J 'Nr'-'iff' H?--... Q-'fTT"l'V 'Isl row - beth reimche, ioene bawman, linda Cowan, adell richburg, beverly hamilton, carolynn cook, ellawyn hirschkorn. 2nd row - miss forsyfhe, mary ann hlad, cheryl parker, karran kirkle, laurel roberts, beverly ghaner. 3rd row - raymah renslow, sharon montgomery, pau- line rice, lorelta mountain, vonda scull, carol ports, ken mc culloch. gf . P' NURSING CLUB officers pauline rice, president loretfa mountain, secretary sharon monfgomery, v.p sponsor - miss forsyfhe .X A Q. oflicers marti hodge, v.p. loan pearles, secretary david aiwood, presidenf sponsor - mr. de leon ART CLUB members -- charles cook, ernie annofsky, mczrvis mc coy, richard skodsheim, ieonette beckwith, croig bowmcm, eddie stump, don jordan, jock boyson, jerry brizendine, lorry worron, icy morfenson, ieorl wolloce, bill molone, Tom hillier, sfon rouhe, earl furmon, bob brown, mr. mc Connell. Ofkersr , ernie dnnofsky +-fpresidenf ed stump - vicelpresident l fray mqgjtgnson -5, r e,w crefary-treasurer tom hillier - sgfgidf-arms sponsor- mr. mc connell 5 'ax F' F 9 3 X 4 X2 ,353 ya W wg? , .. ,. W ' 'rmi 1i,':ss':g?s7m ' ' ' 'H gf. Q S mr. herbert work director BAND 5 3 1 2 J if directed by mr. herbert work, the band ofters its members an opportunity to increase their appreciation of good music. its main functions are to share its music with the student body and pro- grams given bythe school. ' . MEDICAL CADET CORPS e qc C O D Q Q I 47 D Q , Cf D I'l'k 1.1: 1 V gp QP' m, :KVM v A h ' ...f+s"'.' " L CHORUS mr. lake, dennis luke, henry reid, iohn olspcnugh, iudy skcdsheim, lorry hoewing, ron squier, david mwood, mr. hull, elder webb. VOICE OF YOUTH Fi 45 ,," Z if ? N X Z g 7 9 Z 4 X-r Z X Z back row - aaron fielder, dennis lake, eddie cone, leslie isaelt, john alspaugh, david atwood, ron squier, lynden williams, don iordan, daniel Tompkins, henry reid, richard la tourette, jim lorizedine, ierry brizedine. second row - Claudia green, gerrie lee burge, lorette mountain, cheryl parker, pauline rice, lo-rry hoewing, marti hodge, donna whitmill, ioan pearles, winona scott, bonnie webber, evonelle rogers, front row - carolynn salas, karan kirkle, jeanne diclcens, gail hamer, carol potts, mr. gordon de leon, sharon bullard, laurel roberts, donna mcclurlcen, carolynn cook, joene bowman, cheryl green. - modesto union academy proudly presents this group as the first musical organization to tour. two tours were taken - one in southern california and the other around the bay area. third row, l fo rg dennis lake, sgf.-af-arms ron squire, pres., john alspaugh, pastor 2nd row, donna whifmill, social v. p., sharon bullard, secretary, joan pearles, li- brarian fronf, claudia green, vice-pres. the oflicers THE "the melody of praise . . . is The aTmosphere of heaven . . ." ...ellen g. whife ,VI l W rrhr l 5 4 l ,if ,QV as l fi - V l 2 ' ? 4? S the 151 row - corolynn salas, gerri burge, loreffa mountain, karran lcirkle, carol ports, mr. de leon, sharon bullard, winona scoff, laurel roberts, carolynn cook, ioene bowman 2nd row - Claudio green, bonnie Webber, cheryl parker, marti hodge, lorry hoewing, ioan pearles, donna mcclurken, donna whitmill, evonell rogers, cheryl green 3rd row - ierry 56 ALTISSIMOS A , ff' 1 E 1 v ,3?'?,, fm, Y ig ic a lfissimos brizendine, aaron fielder, ken mcculloch, john alspaugh, lynden williams, ken morgan, ron squier, henry reid, don iordan, dan Tompkins, eddie cone, richard la fournefie, dennis lake, lim brizendine, tom young. not shown - gail homer, ieanne dickens, david atwood, leslie isaeff, pouline rice. 57 "52- 'sw- , V . :L Vkkk .,:f , , ii if mr. gordon de leon, director T. 0. T. officers marsha western, president charloife cone, secretory sponsor -- elder webb back row - elder webb, pot temple. fron? row - iudy brown, marshc western, char Iotte cone. M Business cLuB members - richard lu fourefie, donna whifmill, duncan sfeadman sponsor - mr. smith , Y members - I-r candy lord alice rogers carol Turner winona scoff virginia davis iudy ritter bcirbcircz lc Tourehe lornc Turner iudy skcldsheim goil homer standing - leslie isoeff mrs. sfoops 'EJ LITERARY GUILD lx officers ' mrs: sioops, sponsor ,W i A leshe ISGBH, president W , . Q, N, lornu iurner, v.p. ,kv BICYCLING CLUB ofificers candy lord, president iudy skudsheim, v.p. leslie isceff, sgf. of arms sponsor, mr. mc Connell Knot showni pat baze, secretory members - i- Iorncz Turner ciice rogers carol Turner gcil homer mr. mc Connell lelond rice candy lord iudy skcxdsheim leslie isaeff craig bowmcm eddie stump v-...N W4 fm -n .Nz-:M 4-gy fn, ,,,sw.vf.+4 ' ""1m1,,fff' .N an A H.. 5. 4 Q -w"'?'1'?9"M'12- '..'7'A7 J" , ,. Y -- -- ua, 6 l'f1.:' H : qi. -1 12 f , r F25 !2J'6I,E1fq?"' AV' ' 'gow' 'aff Q. 'Q in . I , Sf members - back row - fred herzer, janice ken- dricks, hcirriet smart, iim nelson, bob garrett, sharon montgomery, mr. deleon, duncan stead man, bonnie webber, larry warren, cyndie nelson ernie annofsky, stanley rouhe, carolynn solos front row - dante muscio, gory faber, henry reid robert Trotter, eddie cone. ':. :L-19.155,-e'5gi,,kQ' ra. g'ary faber, v.p. officers stun roul1e, president gary faber, v.p. sharon montgomery, secretary sponsor - mr. de leon the enthusiasts 1 1 E-E x , fa ,. -L fp is K if ' A 'ill r -A 3333 if 1 f A YV AQ V l ,,A Ain , in gn in C.S.F S E M E 9 T E R QND S E M E 9 T E R i illhr 'I' QOPHOMORE OFFICERS iudy brown, secretary-treasurer dante muscio, president cheryl green, vice-president L, , .1 I' 1. 7 fue ' 'F vo A' s -V 'a,gi.L FRESHMAN OFFICERS ed stump, president larry warren, vice-president ierry brizendine, treasurer carolyn hall, secretary - being an underclassman means the opportunity of being able ta take driver training and receive a permit. here, Ioretta moun- tain and cheryl green demonstrate a woman's view point on the proper way of preparing to signal. DRIVER TRAINING top - bottom - charles cook, pat temple, carolyn cook, earl furman, beverly lian hamilton, burch, ellawyn marilynn stout. hamilton, adell richburg, marvis mc coy, lil- raymah renslow, marsha western, brenda hirschkorn. on heads - mrs. lake, sponsor, T5 A Tulvisumc cLuB y l l l 3rd row - beverly hamilton, pat temple, carolyn cook, mari- l lynn stout. 2nd row - ellawyn hirschkorn, marsha western, charles cook, lillian hamilton, brenda burch. 'Ist row - mar- vis mc coy, adell richburg, mrs. lake, raymah renslow, earl furman. l on rail - woran deckard, arley mathwig, mike hamilton, bob brown. l standing -- linda Cowan, mary ann hlad, laurel roberts, ieanne dick- ens, raylene howe, miss torsythe. sponsor - miss forsythe sponsor -- mrs. lake SADDLE CLUB ff members back row - dennis lake, gerri lee burge, winoncl scott. standing - luck boyson, richard Io ioureffe, evonell rogers, mr. lake, cheryl parker, lyndon williams, torn hillier, ron squier, lyndie procfor. sponsor - mr. lake A , Q ,. 3 :Ii A I ' - ' 1 'G V K. w ., -.3 , P X3 ik fx lx i - N, f' X' FLYING CLUB officers winona scott, vice president gerri lee burge, secretory dennis luke, president lst award organ solo "festival toccatan EVENING IN presented by a. s. b. trumpet trio BAGDAD stan rouhe m.c.c. accompanist 2nd award "triolets" guest artist carolynn salas henry reid 3rd award vocal solo "ol'e man river" Rim 4 'H db fd - 3008 Ac gl fN AE. 1 F, V W- if V .659 nk .ff l I4 W ANNUAL CAMPAIGN they were led by their mighty chief, leslie, and his squaw, I there once lived in the grassy valley, known as mua valley, the fierce mua indians. here in the valley they could provide there tribe with game from the "forest fair." but the pioneers were moving westward, led by their brave leader, dennis lake, and the brave pioneer woman, marti orry. hodge Knot shownl. 68 INDIANS VS. PIONEER9 the brave pioneers made their fort on the other side of the "forest fair." but as westerns go, the indians and the pioneers met ond clashed over hunting grounds. but the calvalry to the rescue, in olde treaty." 1 , - '-"Q fa-vital 'ff fhe nick gf qimel wifh "ye terms set by the treaty were carried out between mighty leslie and brave dennis in the fashion of a watertight. 69 i A S A , ,X , J' V .N i 1 J. 'ik "5 YLQQQQ A-.,,.,,,,,.,,,.g,,,.f.w H a -fm, K W s 2 yi ,, , J Ay JW, K ,Nw an 'X ffm' 544 '14 G NWS 'V xv ce" c00 ow x90 Q01 Sn! this can prove quite Tiring.? ELEMENTARY furlock principal i. I. thompson esculon principal mr. perry modesto principal v. anderson oukdale principal I. g. hillman in r J 1 K R x e like 'nazi'-'v"'i -': 1. X l I 'T-fu? v" '2clAr....,v'I'nK:A fx ,ii kK,.+' X' A r , J Q 229 2 its we , Q an .., A me f ri f i i, ,. . r - ,ll 5 ,.-V H 1 .Q lx. . i. . 'I All Q 5 .Q l my 'A '25 -y B, N X Q Q., my ' i '.f-:,- fl -.... 'es' N y -A fur- I. 4 1 ,-,a i .ff , . """ pQ 6 M , K :L 1'- ,L 'W , Z Q iv if-Sir" ' Hfil-7' -fy A ff . A A1 . 'Q' , - wi 1 . ' if. we , sw- ' 1., ,FYI 1, My W I - FUTURE FRESHMEN 75 y fi!-'V Q A 'Q Q , A T' Qirrffiv ,Q- ricky blum ccrolynn boyson diane brooks iohn colwell charles Crandall wayne deckard ridge eagan ioan francis allen hczrwood sherry hillman roselynn hobbs corla howard david lord lenola lynley sandy miller ianef monrgomery raymond monenson raymond mundall pamela ney dorofhy pappas linda perry ianice pofls bennie prodor lorry proctor june rassmussen toni seals danny souza russel swanson linda falberf Connie tlwron carol todd carol ward iearold western sherry wilkins 4th grade mrs. erwin 3rd grade miss fowler 5th grade miss o'dell 76 MDDESTO- ELE MEN SALIDA 'ARY l 6th grade mrs. anderson Bfh grade mr. powell 77 7th grade mr. peterson hm 15.5 grades 3,4 mrs. davis grades I-3 mrs. moxon grades 5,6 mr. Thompson 78 TURLOCK ELEMENTARY OAKDALE ELEMENTARY grades I-4 miss bernocchi grades I-4 miss spenst grades 5-8 hillman ESCALON ELEMENTARY Offau Zoe A.S. degree in nursing areas areas areas areas B.A. degree in 19 B.S. degree in 16 M.A. degree in 8 M.S. degree in 2 8 terminal courses 13 preprofessional courses X S as K P Compliments of 0. D. FISK NORTON ELECTRIC " RESIDENTIAL "' MORTUARY COMMERICAL 286 W. Main WIRING Turlock, California Specializing in Better Homes MEcury 4-4904 24 hour ambulance service KI 5-0823 Modesto The Gothic Beauty of South Chapel Lends Dignity to Campus Servic lx F I I" IRIX lx I" I" Lr S nr r r Cf LL:-.Ga '!Where Progress ix a Tradition" Central California - - - con erence 0 the golden gate DEE ANN PARISIENNE 1012 - 15th St. Modesto Bridal Gowns Brides Maides Dresses Mother of the Bride Dresses Sizes 5 thru 20 DEE ANN PARISIENNE bldg. Balcony Modesto branch of the House of Charm Year round classes in charm, fashion and modeling DE ANN SPORT SHOP 1503 J. se. Modesto Phone LA 4-6631 RAY STARN, INC. WHEEL ALIGNING - WHEEL BALANCING 10th 8. E Streets Modesto, California - LOWEST RATES - Latest Model Cassel Sheller, Precleaner, Destoner, 8. Forsberg Meat Cleaner N. Crane Road VI 7-0476 Oakdale ALMOND SHELLING "More People Buy Wurlitzer Pianos Than Any Other Make" GILBERT ROACH PIANO CO. wunurzsiz AND GULBRANSON SPECIALIZING IN PIRELLI SPORT CAR RETREADING TRUCK RECAPPING Organs 115 McHenry LA 3-7767 401 Tenth Street LA 4-9601 Russ Reis 954 Tenth St. Manager Modesto, Calif. SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY HOUSE OF FABRICS, INC. COMPLETE sELEcTloN or FASHION IN BUSINESS FOR 75 YEARS FABRICS, COTTONS, SYNTHETICS, LE . Tenth and K St. LA 2-9071 SILKS' AND WOO NS Custom Draperies LA 2-3328 BROOKS AND SON, INC. Distributors of - SIERRA BARK - HIGHEST QUALITY - FOR PATIO OR GARDEN 1020 Florence Avenue LA 3-0948 Modesto, California SALAS BROTHERS FUNERAL CHAPEL 419 Scenic Drive Modesto LAmbert 3-5646 FRANK SALAS FRED SAI-A5 CERES DRUG STORE FRICKE PRESCRIPTION sPEclAusTs --YOUR ,EWELER5 KE 7-0718 IN CERESU 4th 5 L 2 C WATCH REPAIRING WE DEUVER 2934 - Ath sf. Dom ocEANlc Pnonucrs Salon DISTRIBUTING COMPANY of CHARLOTTE MEYER Styles Phone LA LA 3-7587 P.O. B 4-2771 Modesto, Colif. 530 Fourteenth St. 1 OCEANIC PRODUCTS FOOD CONCENTRATES NATURAL ORGANIC VEGETABLE Vitamins and Minerals Based on Plants of the Sea SUPPLEMENT YOUR DIET THE NATURAL WAY BE KIND TO YOURSELF Use Natures Methods SCENIC FLORAL "Say It with Flowers - ELLIS DISTRIBUTING CO. CT Let Them Be Ours" LA 4-5032 LA 49436 2017 Yosemite Blvd. Modesto 605 Scenic Dr. Modesto BILSON'S SPORT SHOP V E I 1s,. MN 1 2908 4th St. Ceres FLORENCE DRESS SHOP 2959 4th St. Ceres COTTAGE CAKERY 2946 4th Sf. KE 7-T548 Ceres LELA'S SMART SHOP 306 E. Main ME 2-3027 Turlock LEX "WheIher in foreign missions or ihe homeiield, all missionaries, both men and women, will gain much more ready access to the people . . . if they are able ro minister lo the sick." PARADISE VALLEY SCHOOL OF NURSING National Cily California TQ spur LWQQ QQ? V 4974 of 'db High school diploma, Including chemistry, required. ,, fi .mwfw-WWW .Claw -' - ' Maw -We A Mwfzfflf 'HU' 5 L f, l Cr rlr Frank Chong Corner of Central 8g C Ceres aswell ORANGE JULIUS DRIVE-IN 'Over a quarter century coast to coast" 222 McHenry DRINK FOSTER FARMS ALL JERSEY MILK - The Milk With All The Extras - FOSTER FARMS JERSEY DAIRY 1717 McHenry Ave. Modesto Modesto, California LA 2-7041 GALLII'IER'S Color Schemes Upholstering Draperies Carpeting Furniture French Provencial - Traditional Easy Credit 1033 11th Street LA 3-7107 724 - 14th St. Modesto LA 2-9301 B-J AUTO WRECKERS 432 S. 99 Hwy. - Modesto LAmbert 4-7314 Used and New Parts of All Kinds Used Cars Complete, Accurate Description of Parts Available Procurement Arrangements Made in Minutes At No Cost To You 608 10th Street HEATH AND THEIL MOTORS "Studebaker Lark" MG - Austin-Healey - Sprib Jaguar - Rolls Royce Aston - Martin Sales 8. Services for all makes. A I Pkncnlp nan CE NTR E W CRANE PRESCRIPTION CENTER -'www-www ,,.. -.,:.f. : :fr 1 :z:s:z:2Esis25 .ECC A -e ' x - , , .... ,.-W. .. .-.-.-.-.-.-2-I-Z'Z'I-I-2'?A-ji-'-75-92+ 1-1-1'3325225535252-mf -,i..-- :f4r:2gg'2?" m H 'fL 12:22-:-1:-:-:-:-:A1-24:-:-:-:7:f:7:1:1:33:5:1:f:f:5:f:5:2:5f:f:1:1i1't5'i3'i'5'5'535Q5'i':"5'N3Q-: -: ,:::'::::::::31:13:55:5:51,:,:-:-:ge-:-:-:-:-:-zizf:-S:-:izygzkiz5-2s:'2:'!:1:14:-Nz.: :-: ' 'QS . ' ' :5:3S2?iS:21:5:1:Y:IS:2SE35:i1i1i2iTifffiligiiiiiiiicis-'5f:2i32Q9 1' QM S' QI:I:15115:I:2:2EIiC3S552Z3:3?E:S:E:i:ii-.1-"':f'1:2Lb-EE-:IJ-2291, :I'f'f - 'fc' 401 Crane Ave. TURLOCK ME 2-3181 BARKER 8. BRANDT 930 11th Street LA 3-3589 Hardware, Houseware 8. Gifts MODESTO YOSEMITE BAKERY The Finest in Wedding Cakes and Decorated Cakes Free Delivery 112 N. Santa Cruz, Modesto LA 2-7053 NOAH'S HOF BRAH Home of French Dips 917 J Street Modesto, California LA 4-2076 WORTH B. HARDESTY Licensed Real Estate Broker Homes, Ranches Business Opportunities Office - ME 4-5667 620 Ma Residence - ME 2-0730 Turlock, California in Eat Polly Ann Bread For Health POLLY ANN BAKERY 120 North Center Street TURLOCK MODESTO MORTUARY Gordon O. Jaroch Phone LAmbert 4-4671 McHenry Ave. at Palm Modesto, California WO0DWORTH'S INTERIORS INTERIOR DECORATORS Fine Furniture Draperies 8g Slip Covers Carpeting 8. Upholstering CONSULTATION SERVICE EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT CALL LA 2-3478 215 McHenry Ave. Modesto 25 years experience CENTRAL READY-MIX, INC. .form , .. 'W-salsa, J. HARVY BRIZENDINE Home Phone - KE 7-l5ll OFtice Phone -- LA 2-7244 P. O. Box T667 Culpepper Ave. Modesto, California Prescriptions Cosmetics - Drugs OLSON'S PHARMACY 605 Main Street Turlock REES' JEWELRY STORE Escalon, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Rees extend their best wishes to the class of 1961. BILL AND HUBS BARBER'S BILL- HUB - CURT 708 Ninth Street Modesto, California LA 4-0421 SMITH 8. GILBRETH Super Douglas Service 402 Downey Ave. 1555 Tully Ave. Tune-ups, Wheel Balancing LA 3 3135 LA A-4581 Modesto HERNDON ROAD MARKET 1125 Herndon Road Modesto, California Phone LA 2-3025 tCourtesy is our best advertisementlj SORENSEN AND WIELAND Industrial Construction 920-A 13th Street Modesto, California LA 2-5354 4551, ' 1fflif 0 g F Ill 4'-lgu.h I 1' 050 'x 1" ' " ' K I Q ' f '.'I2'.'g'Qa'-v,., I f ' - , 4 -7 t, 2-t-:-A ,f X ,f ' .:,' -'Q ' - - -'-.J-- ! I - j 'f , iqvg' - 5 u 45 ' Q I ' I v . 5 f I U V fo - I ' ' 1 6 , ,,..-.--.-.-1... ' U I I I l I 1:ill'Tl-Qlllu-we - ,ge www,-1, --,-,-.n,fr- -I .--7v,,,:.,. . 7..,. , 3 , . 1,,,sY4'Z' 'WZIMQQLQ I'w-'KZf'.'ol'.'-' . fb. An.-I 'l,':.'!,p''v2faf"f'.:' 5 f. 1 ...41vzT,.,-.,,Al93, .I-4.0.-.N ,, Aw, .U-.,-, QL. Il?-wig '. -4. is tn, I ,J L g,,..,,,,., ,N , ,l,,. ,.. , . . as R 1, ' -lr.61,g..1,y,f 3a,,I,,q,ogo ' 43... '- '- A glad i "The Knowledge of the Holy is understanding" ELLEN G. WHITE MODESTO CITY HOSPITAL 730 Seventeenth Street, Modesto, California WILSHIRE ANDREWS Lu Loma Service Station ELECTRIC MOTOR WORKS CECILSWANN LA 2-1585 DON R. ANDREWS 1810 - H Sffeef Modesto, Calif. Owner 600 11th Street SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! Modesto, Cflllf. On Nationally Branded Shoes for the Entire Family Business Phone LA 2-0814 ASHER BROS' SHOES Residence Phone KE 7-1578 V05 lolh Street Modesto, California ... CHARLES V- JFFFFR5 . .,-- REALTOR DEVELOPER - STRATI-IMORE SUBDIVISION ' : , HOME sPECIALIsTs ' - Z -" FARMS, INCOME PROPERTY ' i'i4 325 Downey Avenue ff' If '2 ' - LA 4-7751 'T ' Modesto, California AUTO SEAT COVER CROW MOTORS CENTER LINCOLN CONTINENTAL READY MADE, CUSTOM MADE MERCURY COMET COMPLETE UPHOLSTERY 8. REPAIR 1018 9th Street 211 So. Center ME 4-3538 l-A 415416 Modesto, California Turlock, California THE COUSIN'S MEN SHOP LA 4-69455 469 Paradise Road Paradise Village THE MODESTO FLORAL ALLEN MORTUARY FLOWERS WIRED EVERYWHERE 247 N. Broadway FLOWERS - PLANTS - GIFT PLANTERS Turlock, California ERNEST DARPINIAN 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE LA 2-5211 ME 4-5829 T121 I ST. Modesto 'llllill liqil PAINTING 'Phone "FOR BETTER BUYS" W. T. GRANT CO. - KNOWN FOR VALUES - McHenry Village Shopping Center DECORATING KI 5-0982 Modem LA M35 PAPER Modesto, Calif. GRAHAM5 FURNITURE 8. APPLIANCE HANGING STORE I5II J Street FORREST F. WISSNER Modesto I30 N. 3rd Street Oakdale RED D STATIONS BEACON GAsouNE SUNDIAL CONOCO MOTOR OIL Modesto Turlock Sfocron DUNLAP'S McHenry Village 1700 McHenry Ave. PH. LA 4-9221 Offers Finest Quality of Foods To Please Each Person and Every Occasion - For Reservations Call - LA 4-44376 806 McHenry Modesto "Good Service Since 1934" L. W. ZIMMERMAN 1021 McHenry Ave. Modesto, California GORDAN HAM Photographer - For Portrait - Wedding - School Photography LA 3-4511 1624 Joy sfrooe Modesto, Calif. JOHNNIE'S SERVICE "We Are Not Satisfied Unless You Are!" TUNE-UP AND BRAKE SERVICE MARFAK AND SKY-CHIEF GASOLINE SALES 8- SERVICE OF B. F. GOODRICH TIRES NATIONALLY-ADVERTISED BATTERIES 1700 McHenry LA 3-9289 JOHNNY GRAHAM - Owner GENERAL CONTRACTOR T. W. SEYBOLD Phone LA 3-4630 P. O. Box 1841 Modesto DICKS BARBER SHOP 122 McHenry Ave. Modesto, California Closed Saturday Sun, Thru Fri, Open Sundays Hours 8 to 6 "For gifts that will ALWAYS be remembered . . SHOEMAKE .IEWELERS 1323 Joy sffoor . . . Modesto, Calif. Telephone LA 2-5021 BARBOUR'S SUPER SERVICE FEATURES QUAKER STATE OIL Whitmore 8. Mitchell HENDY'S DRIVE-IN 99 Hiway Ceres Greetings from EH-EEN,s CENTRAL DRUG STORE Robert B. Ayres and Wm. A. Rose SPOT T333 Paradise Road Modesto, California LAmbert 4-0767 Evenings 81 Sundays by Appointment 901 Tenth Street Corner Eye California Building Dial LA 3-3217 Modesto, Calif PERRY'S AUTO WRECKING s u o cs E s T s Y o u TRY OUR USED PARTS 99 Hwy. 8: Service Rd. Ceres KE 7-T682 BURGE'S DRIVE-IN l5l4 9th Street MODESTO EXPERT MECHANICS Will Give Your Car A Thorough Checkup Putting lt ln Sound Shape For Thousands of Miles of Trouble Free Driving DRIVE IN TODAY HANCOCK'S GARAGE on 5th Street - Modesto Rolla Honcock, Owner HEALTHWAY FOOD CENTER Special Discount on Case Lots T616 Jay Street Modesto LA 4-0478 TOWN HOUSE LODGE Refrigerated Air - Phones - Complimentary Television - Heated Pool 16th 8. l Streets l.Ambert 4-7261 Modesto RICHLAND MARKET PALLios BROS. Ceres, California 2515 Whitmore Ave. T805 Richland Ave. JOHNNIE'S WAFFLE SHOP MINER'S OPEN AROUND THE CLOCK WHITE OR WHOLE WHEAT "Major Quality at Miner Prices' WAFFLES 626 9th SL Modesto, Calif' 3030 4th Street Phone 7-T689 LA 2-2871 Ceres 1. 1 A 1 f 'WX .H .Vg .fm I We ' fi w ifi? Vg, 3 ,fa fre ,?iQ.a A 'EFS " , X115 px m,p"5 . 'WPI gif 1 1 ,. vfv., + , "JW .' fl? 2 . - Q. . ,ii Alspaugh, John Annofsky, Ernie Atwood, David Baze, Pat Beckwith, Jeannette Bell, Darlene Bowman, Craig Bowman, Joene Boyson, Jack Brizendine, Jerry Brizendine, Jim Brown, Bob Brown, Judy Brown, Michail Bullard, Sharon Bunning, Dennis Bunning, Larry Burch, Brenda Burge, Gerri Lee Cone, Charlotte -Cone, Eddie ' Conner, Norma Cook, Carolynn Cook, Charles Cowan, Linda Davis, Janet Davis, Virginia Deckard, Woran Dickens, Jeanne Faber, Gary Fielder, Aaron Fielder, Duane Foster, Linda Francis, Arthur Francis, Dale Furman, Earl Garrett, Bob Ghaner, Beverly Green, Cheryl Green, Claudia Hall, Carolynn Hamer, Gail Hamilton, Beverly Hamilton, Lillian Hamilton, Michael Herzer, Fred Hillier, Tom Hirschkorn, Ellawyn Hlad, Mary Ann Hobbs, Douglas Hodge, Marti Hoewing, Lorry Howe, Raylene lsaeft, Leslie Jordan, Donald Kendrick, Janice Kirkle, Karran Lake, Dennis La Tourette, Barbara La Tourette, Richard Lord, Candy Malone, Billy Malone, John Marsh, Linda 1437 Roosevelt P.O. Box 96 Modesto State Hospital 118 Almond Ave. 2161 Coley Ave. P.O. Box 354 Rt. 1, Box 30-B Rt. 1, Box 30-B 113 Claradell Ave. 2408 Caswell 2408 Caswell Rt. 2, BOX 2745 Rt. 1, Box 470 Rt. 1, Box 470 Rt. 1, Box 160 1840 U Street 1840 U Street 402 North Yosemite Rt. 8, Box 1008 1316 Colorado 1316 Colorado Rt. 2, Box 852-A 1662 Lois Way 1662 Lois Way Rt. 3, Box 5045 Rt. 2, Box 887 1213 Joyce Ave. Rt. 3, Box 3100 Rt. 6, Box 805 1630 Bronson Ave. 2829 Dale Ave. 2829 Dale Ave. 1300 Magnolia 401 Birdwell 401 Birdwell Rt. 3, Box 1174 621 Annilane 1957 Sequoia 1791 Arbor 1791 Arbor 1791 Arbor 1435 lris Ave. 1751 Margaret Way 2417 Coffee Rd. Rt. 4, Box 1872 145 Norweigian 2117 Davis Way 513 Palm 494 Wayside Dr. 862 So. Rose 1208 Pecardy Dr. Rt. 5, Box 2229-B 1663 N. Central 1001 El Paso 1573 N. Central 1437 Pearl St. 229 Santa Rita 2500 Caswell 2401 River Rd. 2401 River Rd. 1209 N. 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Morris Rt. 3, Box 1339 Rt. 3, Box 1421 1040 McHenry 620 La Loma 620 La Loma Rt. 1, Box 156-A Rt. 1, Box 459 Rt. 3, Box 1155-BB Rt. 2, Box 865 213 Corson 311 High St. Rt. 8, Box 978 7070 Broadway P.O. Box 488 754 Walnut Ave. 754 Walnut Ave. 120 Oak Ave. 120 Oak Ave. 311 Hinkly St. 5501 9th St. 5501 9th St. Rt. 1, Box 30 128 Spencer Ave. 402 Alturas Ave. Rt. 1, Box 703 1525 River Rd. 712 Hatch Rd. 1136 El Paso Rt. 3, Box 1251 1005 S. Santa Cruz 930 Loletta Ave. 930 Loletta Ave. Rt. 1, Box 1300-M 1235 Paradise Rt. 2, Box 852 Rt. 2, Box 864-A 2021 2nd St. 325 Colorado 107 Elmwood 3016 S. Central Rt. 1, Box 466 920 S. Rose 1306 Payne 1306 Payne 1405 Grandview Rt. 1, Box 99 - T 2016 Vista Dr. 1308 Trombetta 3015 Cottee Rd. P.O. 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Suggestions in the Modesto Union Academy - El Capitan Yearbook (Modesto, CA) collection:

Modesto Union Academy - El Capitan Yearbook (Modesto, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Modesto Union Academy - El Capitan Yearbook (Modesto, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Modesto Union Academy - El Capitan Yearbook (Modesto, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Modesto Union Academy - El Capitan Yearbook (Modesto, CA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Modesto Union Academy - El Capitan Yearbook (Modesto, CA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 71

1961, pg 71

Modesto Union Academy - El Capitan Yearbook (Modesto, CA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 28

1961, pg 28

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