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IIIUU JIU UIHUI1 JBGIDUI DJMJ i 1 J lv ,x HBHDEIIIY PIIESEIINB Q3 I r N Q onfenfs Adrmmrsfrcmon Dedwccmom Faculty Froslw JL WCTIOIW ioph VII e Semor Cm! Acfwmes Smops Prospective M U A :TGC .I . , , X Y ' F Mlumor' Town I Sc ENCE Fl T IIDIIJIIIIJI.-fif1l'lUI1 Bnbl Pc K MT ENC! SH MHWLH CQNXQN X xg, Nlocnf oN ROCK I" 'N '-X lj Lcmcu I-ls+n Lo K0 Wu Q Vxvkg f ll' I' I' ' I ' H . 2 , 5 R AGE Hill i 0 0 u 4.4. , -. t A-.-" ' ' .-H , Tx ,A -T' Niki , i qi ' +.l""' AXKX ,,....- SQ -?L ' ' e ccafcon ISAEELLA TAYLCDR Tsdom of Mrs TayTor who To The kind uwdersmnamng and The amd humbTe W from The recesses of her mana Hacked so many of The brTghT Ideas whrch haxe made Thus yearbook These pages wnh gramude and appreclahon are deducaTed She has been o True frwehd and a help To The members of The annuaT sTafT as They have worked Toward The goo! of achneyung a good hook The many Tong hours she has sperTT and The Concern and worry si e has express d have meam a Tot To us I I Sw , T3 y,e, . . - li h gif? 1 e , -. 'LKWCI G S ZSSCZ 8 ELDERA J OLSON Pruncupal A few years ago l spent some tame In Delhu the old Mogul capital of lndua Among the palaces and other archltectural glories of a colorful past the thang whuch Interested me most was the throne room or Hall of Speclal Auduence Thus beautiful snowy vvhute marble pavllron stands on a raised platform nts flat roof supported by engrauled arches and plllars Inland vvlth flowers ID green serpentine and many colored agate and other prectous stones ln the ceullng ID letters of gold IS the world famous rnscrup tl n If there be a paradtse on earth It IS this It IS t rs As l stood there and pondered this strllang lnscrlptuon I notrced all about me ey: dences of ruxn and decay These men had spent th riches of Indra and sacrlfrced hundreds of ltves to create a "paradlse" vvhach would not last Today, people In all walks of llfe are looking for the Pearl of great prrce Many are spendung whole llfetrmes of energy and means to create some paradrse vvhuch wall perlsh But today, more than ever, the world needs young men and women, honest, sincere, forguvung, large hearted, Chrlstllke who are building structures of eternal value It needs those who are fanthful to the enduring pruncnples and :deals that have been held before us IH this Chrrstlan school during the year vvhlch IS now dravvlng to a close A J OLSON v U l I 3 9 fg13gf5t 'P1vfx r A5ir,1rqg:fg5w.,:gf:A1 A r . - - M A , I - - , , f - L . . . . . . , I ' I - I . . . . ,, . 1 . . . . . . . ,, , . ,, , , . . . , . ,, o , , , h . - , - . I J S . . . . ev A. J. Olson, M.A. Principal American History Bonnie Chinn, B.A. Registrar Bookkeeping Typing l, ll Physical Education D. H. Moxson, B.A. Accountant Spanish I, ll ifzec 'iiaculfml Herbert Work, P.U.C. Band, Band instruments ii viw --s i x. Geraldine Hamilton Cafeteria Director Home Economics and gf Kurtz-Jacobson, B. Mus., M. Mus. Organ, Voice, Choir Venona Dyer Cafeteria Director out pall: all John W. McConnell, B.A. Biology, Geometry, Algebra Practical Mathematics, Chemistry, Physical Education lsobella Taylor, M.A. English I, ll, Ill Librarian Robert Schwindt M A New Testament, Old Testament Denominational History, Youth Problems, Bible Doctrines World History, Woodwork, Mechanical Drawing aculfy 5 '-L- g 1. if 1 W 32? Kb P' ,fa 3k?Q-:HMT t-"Y" I if Conference visifors S..-f"'9"e' X was SGWWQ P6 ,, :rg 8 ok! O me be QQOCAYF? O Everybody busy? This is very impowonrf 5 S fi f Sm O52 X gi? Wgfch me r SUCH O17-X one Gnd fwo 01701 .X JJ- f A Q E x Yds? sou , Y' eV D pxnxl 3 om' ' Buenos Dios, Senor 1-139511 JUN' IIUI1 dm TxES v3fWkYl'?" if r' r 3 I 1 I J J :-lxwxx P259 I l ii? Q "' Y g QQ: .- X ,Jw-fav ' m 5 if 'F , -7- B h-Vk Richard Rouhe ,A- President XL e XOOC Q,-60 . 5006? N S 'O ' 21326 Vw 6969 ecfefoiuffvfo' Mrs Jacobson Mr Mqxgon Sponsor Spgnsor 1 'Meir fvffk ai ,',V e .. 5 o gov .5 ms 90 Barbara Dyer Treasurer REAL Waller S ESTATE Photo Studlo Camera Shop D' 14-4530 23 We 1 M ' Compliments to the be X, Q Class of 55 Qkog. Q' ' Photo Flnlshrng Movue Equipment 9 9 03' Wenell Pontiac Sales lt s Pontiac s Year to Star 231 Center Phone 4-6638 Ceres Empire Hughson Denalr Turlock Districts . . IR . Turlock California R L O C K C A PHONE 3 5646 Compliments to the Class of 55 SALAS BROS MOORE FUNERAL CHAPEL 419 SCENIC DRI MODESTO CALIFORNIA I IQ S Gln Turlock, Calif xi Q 5 9 0 7 . . . . . . V .s '9 , X xf' 44 'P C 0 o o . . n 1 ' 1 H o . . o . 'I I 0 N F ST ST ' T U , A I. I F ll ' 1 77 VE F 1 VILL.. OQCA SCORE. 50 51 in fl I- I ri EJ J JJ I r I 7' X 'fp96Zf44J,Y- X x ,439 f 5 , 'fl X,CSX56 wesx NN' Mrs Toylor Sponsor 'Ml p o,, ' O Bill Green President F01 .wee Meg.-N , 4: 0 X06 I7 . QC. K S Q gd .50 ec-re Z per Q ,Ury Bettie Hobbs Treasurer 52? 30 Mr Work Sponsor X O o mx c. ,V SQ " Joyce Gaines Carol Smith lFursT Sernesterl Linda Renslow No Pat Dyer rman Herman James Dyer Myrna Dolllnger Dale lsaeff Barbara Hamilton Kathy Woodard Arlene Satferlee H' Herman Hamulton Paul West V Ile Wlssne A41 it Va' ,WA Jgfm :s Q' . ii -if 4 La e ' .r .,, L 3. . Afa a 3, -V' 7 A A' :9 A' ' b ij: VA? diff y A f 1. l J. , xl ' I Dr. Keiih G. Musgrave California Flowers 81 OPTOMETRIST Glfi Shqp Turlock 123 WEST MAIN STREET PI'Il1'1'Il1g Nqrdeeh S ,p 229 W MAIN ST Company Body Shop rf Phone A 4592 Prmfers 4 9133 and Publishing Body work and 247 W MAIN Pa"'f"'9 PHONE 4 5510 153 SOUTH BROADWAY PHONE 2 0193 TURLOCK CALIFORNIA TURLOCK CALIFORNIA Cenfer MEN s SHOP ,9 CONN BAND INSTRUMENTS COMPUMENT5 X TO CLASS 0 Q O SCHOOL BANDS ORGANIZED OF 55 Q- fo Appliances di Q X Umfed Houseware MUSIC STUDIOS X ov I I f Sporting Goods P W MAIN 0 nsu C1 lon I HONE 3 5326 PHONE an Df"'Y Supp 'es 133 BURNEY ST 4 6233 V SL- -? 0 Maferlals COMPLETE N0 O LINE OF O QQ-N HARDWARE 0 A v Don Pedro 2017 Yosemlte Blvd Hardware Co Phone 2 9004 5 E Mann Street Turlock Callfornla I O I j O . . O? KO Phone 44 O . X . N n - Lf' C7 L-' 9 D KX O . . 04, QQ-N - '11, fx ' '7 Goffschalk Music Guy and Sliger S v O H H Q0 . Q0 " 44 . 'XO 221 6' X' . . 4 - CJ . . - 'bo x d ax ' ' ' A O Q Co. Ap 9 ,Lx JUIIIDB IDUJI1 N fx X X Xxx D r ' SW xg 43 Fw Q55 '11 N Q 7 lx xXx ff fffkxf E... A I' A A e ??i?f'-rw X WANDA KENNEDY STEVEN HAMILTON Vice President Presidenf Wx ELEANOR SHULTZ LENARD HEFFNER Secretory Posfor MR, SCHWINDT LIDA PAGE JACK COLVVELL Sponsor Treosurer Sgr.-of-Arms hz . 1-1 . .9 'J'.', LI P. . ' 15 Stanley Bigel Delores Anderson x Q Marion Buss Lois Dow 'Twp I f' 'VS 55...-J a. - ' ". . ran Jr.. Roy Hirsclwkorn Velmo Herman Mrs, Hamilton, Sponsor Q , 5 J Class Moifo Chrisf our Companion Class Aim "His life, our life" Jaime Jories Irving Logan mae , -as Fred Mafhiesen Joyce Maihiesen m y Cv e .. , 4 ' H 1 Fx 'WN if A, i " C K ' 1 CC1 s.C1: K 1 Q I , George Schumacher Be-Hy Maxwell Hobart Rogers iFirsf Semester! Class Colors Cherry and Light Blue Class Flower Red Rose Phyllis Maxwell - his Clark Rowland fs Phyllis Vickers Jean Shy lFirsf Semesferl Wolfe' S5077 James Showalter Hardware Houseware Gifts Toys Paint l 250 Market Turlock S 81 H Green Stamps ZIMMERMAN Jswnsns The Diamond Store of Turlock Use Your Credit Year to Pay 121 W Mann St Turlock Callfornua THIMSEN S SERVICE W Mann and Lander Turlock Phone 2 0400 Lube Washing Pollshlng WeG eGeenSta p CRANE AVE PRESCRIPTION CENTER LEONARD ELLEFSON Complete Baby Dept ' Health Needs o e 2 3181 FREE PARKING TURLOCK CALIFORNIA FREE DELIVERY 401 C ane A e ROSE OF SHARON SANITARIUM For nervous and mentally disturbed patients A mce comfortable home at reasonable rates 'sfqbf Instruments Pianos Muslc Accessorles Repalrln g M odesto Music Store 91 9 th Street Come ln and see OLDSMOBILE Prescrlptlons r cAmLLAc o""""" C K SANDERS SALES and SERVICE Compliments to the Class of Phone 4 5605 219 N Broadway TURLOCK CALIFORNIA Drugs Phone 4 9207 Q 25 O North Broadway TURLOCK CALIFORNIA PO 0 r.v. ' 4' Go . ' 4 6 . lr . . Ph n - I . . 9364? 'I . I I .ll Qf6'7FA2o"o o - 0 O . . . . . 046 JSA ll 0 ll - - H5577 4 - 13 1 .P .J IHJJ1 I Class Aim Heavenly Harbor Chrusf our Capfam f LOUISE VVALTMAN Treasurer RONNIE MARXMILLER Sgt.-af-Arms EDDIE ROUHE Pastor Closs Flower Yellow Cornofion Closs Colors Yellow ond Light Blue Borboro Moclsooc Mr. McConnell, Sponsor Miss Chinn, Sponsor Velmo Cook Bloine Johnson Marjorie Dollinger Ze eh Y xii M -Q .Nm ' H ' 1 l X X fli +119 , 1 1 Burfon Maxwell all 'g Hans Tll0mP50n Morgof Sponghogen Janice Sobo -'W M E Loyd Wolfman Arlene Walker NAME Thomas Blsel Velma Cook Marlorle Dollmger Blame Johnson Barbara Maclsaac Ronme Marxmlller Burton Maxwell Eddie Rouhe Janrce Sabo Marilyn Sperlrng Margot Sponghagen Hans Thompson Arlene Walker Louise Waltman Loyd Waltman AMBITION Evangelist Office Nurse Nurse Dental Tech Doctor Dentist Mmlster M Llve In Texas Dletlclan Nurse Laywer Secretary To be a good housewlte Kia 'zap KI PET PEEVE Commlttees Da e Boys who thunk they know It all Quiet cars Mlsspellmg of my name Burro' Red Pedalpushers People who keep secrets from me School lStudymgl Translating Spanish Chemistry People who don t act the part Pesty llttle boys Concerted people Tune up specialist Hot cars SAYING Forsooth Snatch you bald headed Honest? No Kuddmg That s the way lt goes Fiddle dee dee Oh yeah' Shucks toot' My cow' Beg your pardon'9 Hn Dear' Oh shoot' Good nrght' You don t know do you'9 Maggie Now how do ya like that? Eat lt' FAVORITE PASTIME Unrcycle Sandy Sailors Skatmg Reading Women' lBettue'l Loatm Harvey E le' Calvin Eating Travelmg Delores Wrltmg letters Lynn Jollne ' 9' Roberta Maxwell ,,,,.... Accountant ,.,.......... Nosy people ....,...... .................. ' ,,,..,.,,4,,,,, . D,......... 711 pfzoplz LI OE THE CLASS OE T955 TO YEARS HENCE Our TursT sTop us Dr Ron Marxmuller s denTal oTTuce where he us very busy workung on ThaT paTuenTs TeeTh Ron us known Tor Tl e besT TeeTh un Tovvn Who us ThaT un The background as hus assusTanT'9 lTs none oTher Than Januce Sabo l ll beT she unas and ThaTs all uT Takes To puT The paTuenTs un uusT The rughT mood Tor havung Therr TeeTh pulled Jan s name us changed oT course and she has ouuTe a srzable Tamuly Now for a qurck TlughT To ATruca To Dr Ed Rouhes mussuon hospuTal He cerTaunly has a long Tune wauTung Tor hum He musT be as popular as he used o be wuTh The gurls and h well wuTh The Teachers Too Back un The sTaTes we fund Robe a Maxwell who marruea soon aTTer graduaTuon from M U A and Took accoun ung Now he us busy wuTh her Tamuly of Three luTTle boys Nearby u e louuse VValTman anoTher one who marrued The summer of 55 ATTer her marruage she worked Tou awhule as a leaal secreTary Now Louuse rs home wuTh her Tamuly Teachung her luTTle gurl Now a Tc sT Trup To The hospuTal To see Blarne Johnson ATTcr graduarung from M U A he became a denTal Tech nucuan From There To here aT The ho pural he goes abouT wrTh zesT' I see why he was un a hurry To eaT Blaune always was eaTung a TavoruTe pasTume Ano her member of The cla s Marulyn Sperhng us head dueTucuan aT Thus ho puTal She always was a good cook and very good aT rememberung Thungs especually people and daTes Now Tor a change oT scenery we are aT Velma Cook s home wh re she us srngung as always Velma worked as a secreTary for awhule Then marrued Her Tour luTTle boys keep her busy SToppung aT anoTher home we Tund ThaT no one answers The door Tum Eusel us un deep concenTraTuon on hus s mon Tor SabbaTh H always could lose hrmself un a book back un academy classes especually when The book was more unTeresTung Than The TexT book Tume To check The car aT Loyd VValTman s AuTo Repaur Shop Takung mechanucs abouT 3 years ago Lloyd opened hus own shop where h us known Tor hus dependable work l wonder IT he sTull Tears hus own car down so oTTen'P lT probably runs smooTher Than IT uT were a cloud A long Trup To UTah Tunds Barbara Maclsaac an M D DonT geT un her way Shes hurryung To beaT The sork Wowl Shes oTT un a cloud of smoke AT The hospuTal Maruorue Dollunger R N us There wufh everyThung ready She loves The excurrng rouTune oT The hospuTal Especually one oT The young docTors ah hum' To a mall mud wesuern Town where There us an evangelusTuc eTTorT un progress we Tund BurTon Maxwell as The munusTer un charge He no longer has The habuT oT sleepuna when he suTs down as he had back un The academy un husTory cla s A good speaker BurTon us doung a Tune uob NorTh To The sTaTe of Munne oTcu MargoT Sponghagen us a nurse un a hospuTal un one of The small Towns where she us known for her good humor even when The uoke us on herself All her paTuenTs say she rs Truly The Angel un VVhuTe In Colorado we sTop aT Arlene Walkers home Arlene wenT To busuness college aTTer academy worked un an offuce a year or Two marrued and moved here To Colorado where she luves un an old sTyle ranch house My us she busy wuTh her Twuns' AT Tre end of our Trup we have reTurned To Calufornua guvung back To Hans Thompson The Tune car he loaned us Hans us an auTo mechanuc buT somerumes he does a luTTle buyung and sellung oT cars Thanks Hans Tor The use of your car To make Thus Trup unTo The TuTure of The class of 55 1 .I . . , . . . . , . u . , . T . .. . W . I . . . . , , , u . . , Q. , . , . . k. . . , I f T ' . , f. , . . . . . .. . + . . YG g . . a , , . . . 'T . u . A- u , , , .1 u . Q , . . . . um, ' ' f f -r ' - uv ,s f , f . 'U , , . 1 I, X. . V I A . - , ,A Q , . Y , . 7 , 5 Q . . . f . . . . F . u 5 , u I J , , , . , D , . . , , ,C , , . , . . . . . . . . QF , . or Q . . . , . C I H . , , . . . A r , C . . ,. , , . , . A . , , , . . C . Y 1 . . . . . - r , V ' , T . Q . . . . 5. , . . YQ t A r 1 , . . A 1 r r . , 1 . ' , ' '. - - k T TT r r - J will Y Q U wear? You have a right to expect that college will prepare you to DO something. What you are prepared to do depends on you and on the educational choices you make. P.U.C. with its three-school organization offers you a wider range of choice in your training than any other Seventh-day Adventist College. Technical School Ten specific 2-year courses of study for students who want immediate, practical training. Examples: Agriculture, Office Management, Radio and Elec- tronics. Professional School Fifteen curricula leading to the Bachelor of Science de gree at the end of four years. Examples: Chemistry, Elemen tary Education, Public Rela- tions. Liberal Arts School Fourteen four-year curricula leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. Examples: Busi- ness Administration, History, German, English, Theology. For full details and a new P.U.C. bulletin write to: The Registrar, PACIFIC UNION COLLEGE ANGWIN CALIFORNIA r Q' Q it 3 Q Y' Q! Q L V3 . Ph 0 Q 2' S 81 s Q G aw of N 5 -c H!3TlVl'l'lEi3 .F T0 N 314, WE if Wi- .5f3 .sa 3 4 1' D 0' 1' 52 -L RONALD MARXMILLER Ist Semester A.S.B. President It was my privilege to be chosen president of the Associated Student Body of Modesto Union Academy for the first semester. It is here that I wish to extend my appre- ciation to a fine office staff, the sponsor-Mr. Schwindt-, faculty and especially the student body as a whole. I am sure as God looked down on our meetings, parties, and assemblies He was very much pleased with the attitude of all. We all know a crisis is coming in the last days. We here at Modesto Union Acad- emy have discovered and learned many things that will make us stand true tothe ideals of Christ. Many will leave this year, including myself, and I am sure they will always look back at good old M.U.A. as a place of true Christian association, Ronald Marxmiller IRVING LOGAN 2nd Semester A.S.B. President The school spirit of M.U.A. is greatly promoted by the Student Association. The second semester has proved no exception to this statement. The Student Association serves to draw the students together, and to bring out their talents, They were given a chance to do this in the Amateur Hour, which was the first one put on at M.U.A. Other activities included several chapel pro- grams and the annual spring picnic. With the loyal support and cooperation of each student, we bring this successful year to a close, thanking all for their part. Irving Logan QND SEMESTER ASB. OFFICERS President Irving Logan Vice President Wanda Kennedy Secretary , ,,,,, Joyce Mathiesen Treaiurer George Schumacher Pianist , Joline Jones Pastor Richard Rouhe Sgt.-at-arms, Dale Isaett Sponson , , ,, , Mr. Schvvindt IST SEMESTER ASB. OFFICERS President, , Ronnie Marxmiller Vice President ,,,,,, 7, ,, Bill Oreen Secretary I ,, or Arlene Walker Treasurer Blaine Johnson Pianist Barbara Bullard Pastor Clark Rowland Sgt,-at-arms , Jack Colvvell Sponsor , Mr, Schvvindt NOMINATING COMMITTEE Back row: Steve Hamilton, Dale Isaeff, Mr. Schwindt, Loyd Waltman, Richard Rouhe. Front rowt Joyce Mathiesen, LaVeIIe Wiss- ner, Marilyn Sperling, Erma Baurnback. , '- - ' - y Y 22'-1, -cf 1- .me - . -HA - ff ,, ,Q aft' i . .T 'f' 'iv-I fu " - -1 .z..- uf Ig 4 , - . ..4. . .. t- ,,. ,- ,,, .1116 f qttisf cruz, Under the capable leadership of their president, LaVelle Wissner, and her able assistants: Delores Anderson, Roberta Maxwell, and Joyce Mathiesen, the Girls' Club of Modesto Union Academy was off to a good beginning for the new year. Many activities were planned for the year and the girls had some wonderful times together. First, they gave a talent program on November 20, which was a good representation of the Club. Then came the biggest event of all- their formal banquet. The auditorium was beautifully decorated with streamers coming down to a lighted Christmas tree which truly gave it a Christmas atmosphere. The girls also sponsored two interesting films on .iaturday evenings and sold refreshments in order to help raise money for their proiect, which was, draw drapes for the chapel rostrum, which will add much to its usability and appearance. Of course, there were things they would have liked to have done had there been more time in which to work them in. Our sponsor, Miss Chinn, brought together the girls more closely through her love and helpful guidance. OFHCERS President .,,c.. ,,c, ,Ac. , ,,,,,c, ,,,c,, , , , , ,, LaVelle Wissner Vice President ,, ,,,s,,,,, ,, Delores Anderson Secretary-Treasurer , Roberta Maxwell Sgt.-at-Arms ..,,c,s.,, , , Joyce Mathiesen Sponsor ,-AA,g ,, Miss Chinn 0,5 Cl ly The MU A Boys Club IS one of the most octave and progressive In the school It lncludes all the boys and rs organized to promote school sparlt school Improvement and healthy socral relatronshups It has proved an excellent medium for student action and glves tralnmg rn leadershnp and character development The Boys Club has sponsored Improvement of school facllltles such as athletic equipment and the gradlng and fencing of the school grounds This year the Club presented a Saturday nlght dramatic program entitled This ls Hrs Llfe whnch was a lute sketch of our beloved prrncrpal A J Olson Another event that was looked forward to by both boys and gurls was the annual Boys Club banquet Thus year a western them was followed rn decoratuon food and program At the end of the year a week end camping trap was enyoyed by all who went OFFICERS President Steven Hamulton Vice President Jack Colwell Secretary Treasurer Fred Mothnesen Sgt at Arms Eddie Rouhe Sponsor Mr McConnell I , . . . . . . I I ' ' . . . . ,, . . . ,, . . , , , . Q . . . - , , . Pastor Y7,...........A...s,.,,,,,, s.,,,Y,,,,,..,YY.,,...........,,.,,, .YYYsss,.,77...........,.... A .,,.,....,,.,c B l aine Johnson J f P A A C , A A , 9 V . x - A T " ,F W . . ,. Q' 4 ' Xl . , 1 I ,H r-X " . ff K f -P-v . .l ,-Q U Music plays a very important part in our school life here at M.U,A. 772. gan i 2 BAND OFFICERS President ,, , ,,,, ,, , . , Roy Hirschkorn Vice President , .. Delores Anderson Secretary .. ,. .. . , Mariorie Dollinger Treasurer YY,, ,,,,,,, . Dole lsaeit Sgt.-at-Arms . , . Jack Colwell BAND HISTORY - T955 We started this school year with a band membership ot thirty. The second semester raised it to forty. There are two bass horn players, three on baritones, two trombones, two horns, ten trumpets and cornets, four drummers itwo snares, one bass, one cymbalsl, one bell lyra, three flutes, seven clarinets and six saxophones. While we had several experienced players, because ot the preponderance of the "new crop" members it was necessary to play easy music, the Bennett Band Book KNO il, particularly, The second semester we' concentrated upon music "over our heads", in order to take part with older and more experienced groups at the great massed band festival at Pacific Union College, April 3. Some of these numbers included symphonic arrangements ot Bach. So, this year's music library might well be captioned, "From Bennett to Bach." Students, faculty, and community have cooperated with unusual enthusiasm in order to help develop a pro- gressive organization. The merit system has been a boost to industry on the part of individuals. The band has taken part in several musical programs. At the festival our own feature number of K. L. King's "The Iron Count Overture", a melodious number of medium difficulty. It is our sincere wish that our Modesto Union Academy Band continue to add its measure to a harmonious school spirit. Herbert Work, bandleader. 71.12 elf!-O'Z.GlZZl'Z.S 'I A ,, 3. 4 , 1 -wr - .A.,, - f , its - 1 of' ' , .1 X T' G Ag V-, 9 x ff " I9 1-Q , sm Front row: Eleanor Shultz, Doris Maxwell, Joline Jones, pianisi, Bettie l-lobbs. Second row: Barbara lvlaclsaac, Geraldine DeHart, Lois Reimche, Velma Cook, laVelle Wissner, Phyllis Vickers. Back row: Audrey Thompson, Marian Buss, Barbara Bullard, Arlene Sarferlee, Edna Luper, Velma Herman, Barbara Hamilfon, Mrs. Jacobson. Nor shown: Margo1Sponghagen, Linda Renslovv. The Choraleers, under The direc1ion ol Ellen-Kurtz Jacobson, is a new musical organization at Modesro Union Academy, If is composed ol eighieen chosen girls who have sung ar Manteca, Hughson, Mode o Turlock Escalon Oakdale, and af The YouTh's Congress at Fresno, All Their music has been sung from memory pep gan Back row: Jean Shy,Janice Sabo, . l"i I 5- Y James Dyer, Dale lsaell. Fron? row: Roy Hirschkorn, Clark Rowland, Eddie Rouhe, Sieve Hamilton. Noi shown: James Schowalter, drums. 455 SAXOPHONE TRIQ Delores Anderson Sharon Tesfmon Corolee Fisher TURLOCK QUARTET Thomos Blsel Steve Homllfon Clark Rowlond Roy Hlrschkorn TRUMPET TRIO Eddie Rouhe Sfeve Homulfon Jock Colwell OAKDALE CQUARTET Bull Green Donoid Wear Burfon Moxwell Nick Otto germ: Days M55 Back row: Mrs. Taylor, sponsor, Clark Rowland, snap editor, Dale Isaeft, campaign manager, Edna Luper, artist, Velma Cook, typist, Diane Barbour, artist, first semester, Marilyn Sperling, secretary, LaVelle Wissner, ad manager, Steve Hamilton, assistant ad manager. Front row: Stanley Bisel, assistant snap editor, Louise Waltman, typist, Thomas Bisel, co-editor, Marian Buss, co-editor, Irving Logan, assistant editor. ln our yearbook of T955 we have endeavored to portray to you, parents, friends, and classmates, an inside glimpse of our school lite and activity here at M,U.A. This is your school, we have presented it to you in pictures and verse as it really is. With the many long hours ot Wednesday night sessions in the student room-layout, pictures, scissors, ruler, glue, pencils, etc.-we have worked hard to make this book the best ever.- Copy and pictures all in .... so are . . . The Editors. is 'Xl F 7 2 J ,NU X Q -I Rf e cmnuol compolgn for SCHOOL DAYS was hort and peppy belng corrned along by the emhus :asm and lnterest of the Gold Dnqgers heocled by Lido Pug? and the Ho? Rockers by Roy Hlrschkorn Gnd Ndncy Bray Sforllng on Monday October lSTh under 1he drrecfxon of the compolgn leoder Dole lsoef everyone rollled To has side A held day ln creobed The close compefmon The comporgn cloeed offer Thonksglvlng ycxcotlon wnfh excllement runnlrg hugh the lust few mmufes of The chapel perlod when subs were be-:ng Turned ln Fnnol count showed that The Gold Duggers hod won by one po nl Hlghest number of subs was reported by Gold Dlgger Frank John Solos wrth Lc1Velle Wlssner Hof Rocker o close second Thus nded one of the most successful com pongn ln the hxstory of the yearbook Q-,- fx w 1 C. 'N If u UWl0,Z an UWIOIZ Back row Lynell Bishop reporter Miss Chinn Typist Jack Waldorf artist Mrs Taylor advisor Barbara Bullard Typist Front row Stanley Bisel business manager lean Shy Typist Janice Sabo editor Ronnie Marxmiller assistant editor Joyce Gaines reporter As a means ot expressing the daily activities and opinions of students a school paper has no equal With this cnglish period As a result Two persons were selected by each class to represent them in This new proiect A meeting of these individuals resulted in the choosing among them ot the various staff otlicers A name for this newest member ot The academy family was carried on in a little contest The winning name Humor and Rumor was submitted by Tim Bisel Before the school year was over each of the classes had the privilege of producing one issue ot Humor and Humor making it distinctly their very own This promoted cooperation and class spirit Prospects Tor another year of Humor and Rumor are bright with The hope that it may progress from a mimeo graphed sheet To a really truly printed school paper With the loyal support ot each student and friend this will be possible 2 ' , 2 ' ' , ' 1 , ' 2 - , 1 , . 2 ' , ' 1- , ' 2 ' , ' z ' , 1 , . in mind, early in the school year The matter ot organizing a statt was presented To the various classes during the u- - - . I - ' - I ' ll ll ' ' ' , . - - - - H , ,, . . . . . . . .. U ,, - - . - - . , ff was '1a4'4,1w' .N - 9 r gpanislfm Nancy Bray, Secretary, Mrs. Taylor, Sponsor, Bill Green, Treasurer Front row: Jean Shy, Secre- tary, Burton Maxwell, Presi' dent, Wanda Kennedy, Vice President OFFICERS President, Stanley Bisel Vice President, Marilyn Sperling Secretary-Treasurer, Jean Shy First Semester, Wanda Ken nedy, Second Semester Sergeant-at-Arms, Joyce Matltiesen Sponsor, Mr. Maxson empefzance Glzapfefz Ollgicefzs 696662 Non comm ssnoned offucers Thomas Blsel Tech Sergeant Leslle Fromm Statt Sergeant Fred Mathlesen Corporal Eddle Rouhe Corporal James Showalter Corporal John VV McConnell First Lreufenant Sandy Reed Second Lieutenant Ed Rodemeyer Top Sergeant I ' l 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 I , - - 1 1 1 Gadef Gofzps . Aj? The Modesto Medical Cadet Corps is organized as a part of the national program to provide an introduction in military traditions, discipline, and courtesy to those looking forward to the draft, lt is designed to provide instruction in basic drill and medical services, and to develop self-discipline, military bearing, respect for authority, ability to tollow directions and leadership. lt is available to junior and senior boys in alternate years for academic credit. MEMBERS OF THE M.C.C. Flag, Thomas Bisel, Tech Sergeant, lst row, Leslie Fromm, Staff Sergeant, George Schu- maker, Cadet, Gary Davidson, Cadet, Burton Maxwell, Cadet, Blaine Johnson, Cadet, Irving Logan, Private, James Showalter, Corporal. 2nd row, Fred Mathiesen, Corporal- Walter Scott, Cadet, Roy Hirschkorn, Cadet, Loyd Waltman, Cadet, Herman Hamilton Cadet, Steve Hamilton, Private. 3rd row, Eddie Rouhe, Corporal, Clark Rowland, Cadet- Jack Colwell, Cadet, Ronnie Marxmiller, Cadet, Paul West, Cadet, Stanley Bisel, Cadet 1 1 GILBERT ROACH PIANO CO. "Home of the Hammond Organ" More People Bought New FORD cars in I954 than any other make S E E W H Y I I I GRISWOLD and WIGHT 9th 8. L Street, Modesto, California 1617 Jay Street Phone 4-4258 Phone 2 5849 MODESTO CALIFORNIA HAMMOND SHOES TURLOCK M ced I 42 West Mann E 28 nrtnn illlnriuarg L O fir, LOC , Also In er f . M , 1 4XtVx f' H'-I .- ff' -.H L1 Mex an ch , Uwe Qnrafiinigf U ' . 1 W Wf,.,,0N,m f '-Em' f--iw 4 il 'ul 1 PM :n t t 'M ,, 1 ' - 4' 1 ll ' " ' mu In , .I A54 , 'I It , A 'r 1 'MHFMHTIW ' I 1 tgee 'I 1Qjg!'SE?:' I Slew II tm. ...N mm 5 - V. f f. L51 ,wmwpeftr "N g5qQ1mx iIQ:vxvmts1W'S35H42Y2'E'? NJN W --fa-swtugri Y'j,, ,, .1 ggxgqx?-Ffx'EfITXVj3'.'??1-5-.-. K,-K? w,1t:C,3:-.,.- Y if "-., OWEST MAIN ST....IUR IC " lk JBHDUI 3.1.1, Qx 'xv-fum J3'3 :E l :: iii' 1-4-5- Foofball baseball eating resting or walking by The raver we all had lots of fun af The flrsf Sfudenf Assoclallon acflvnfy of the year the fall school plcmc aww Ijjl wig' S ig, wmlfggmm "'WN'ltn xqmwmm 3 r J ' I d I 1 . ' , Ri' . ,193 7 N A-,Q 9, A jgwx ,' - "ff ,,bb All IM il A - .f 'f V V ' zakry :diff , . l moz l I a V f .X.: I 'ff 7?f f "n, 1 f,-,. ,V -I V xx -. . fi5eE:.',.' , N' io ' M . l ,W u 'A a AV Vtkx Ja M m l , l in . 11, 4 X 2'+,43xf: - ,,. ' b T? " -Q A h W- ' 4 5 T3 Q A -alfa - - , --OW . ' .' ' ' A, .- . , 1 ' ' 4' +1 W W 11' f S t ' f 4 . Q K 1 ' bf . f M AKC ' " l 5?-S ' l -.. 3 , E, M ' l Qbll A Qlllhpril E51-f' ww sl'-9, no LQ'i5'5' mv Wy' rr' --...N-ha X53 7 1 2 for 1 or 'P Bucycle built for Three llfTle buf loud He we-nf ThoT o woy Dogwood Whof s The loke-'P Subshfufe Teocher be xlib! I JP Sfffi-w of '?"'2fg if-as an rg MP- ond mv gofs Where To next? Coy In o Thoughtful mood AmbITIOUSlOI'1ITOI'S!?I' Our Svedlsh svenska Morgof End of the Chow hne lww-fa 4 4 ,fit fa Q5 P. 0. Box 1425 Modesto, Calif. Tel. 3-0749 EO. H. REED Frankly, we canit predict such a long-lived future for all . . . but we can fill in some of the ways. For example . . . you'vc a head start if your ancestors had a long lifeline. Plenty of sleep is important, too . . . exercise, in modera- tion, of course. And, be sure to throw worry out the window. All easier said than done . . . but there is one urule" you can control . . . your diet. Too many of us feed our appetite while starving our body. Some- times the cause is Hgct slim" diets . . . often it's too little time to eat . . . and a poor selection of foods. Thus, we often deprive our bodies of the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals needed for that glow of good nutritional health. Sup TllAT'S WIIY Vim WW F000 SUPPLEMENT TRADE HARKE SPECIAL F00llSUPTqJMWEN17 IS S0 IMPUIITANT T0 YOU! Supra-Vite eliminates the guesswork - supplies you with the proper proportions of the essential vitamins and minerals 1 helps make a healthier you. Here's why: . . . 34- scientifically balanced ingredients . . . a concentrated natural food base . . . hermetically sealed and packaged to guarantee freshness, full potency. Supra- Vite is not just a uvitamin pill", it's a complete food supplement . . . high in potency, pure in quality . . . at a price you can afford. 1 as rlillullllflu A S B PARTY Santa and his helpers are busy on the last day before Christmas vacation Following were scenes of some decorated students the mess on the floor and our teachers wishing everyone Merry Christmas GIRLS' CLUB BANQUET Do you know how to ski? lf not, you should have been at the Girls' Club banquet where Dr. Paullus, the guest speaker, told all about it. Christmas tree, lor- mal dress, delicious dinner by Candle light, and soft music made it a delightful and mem- orable occasion. Q i f 'hx M Y I uv V s ,W 1 e g I1 I r Q1 ' r rl J l l sky Q, ,. I If "" g b i is ,Xa V V Q J' V . g gs . . 1 is g ,jlr ysi, ' i'tl 5 AMATEUR HOUR At M U A s tlrst amateur Hour Mr Q Hardesty was the master of ceremonies. First prize winner was the quartet sing- Q - ing "I've Been Working on the Rail- g road. V is IFA P13 J IHHIUII 5-N iff ye- S -,4 QV.- ft 551 is 'B 1 emi Senior class vvrlls to lunnors Gift to Mr Ofson Corsages for mothers ot sensors Party at Rouhe s after ward 13 ,Ii o. m 4,4 Www 9 r,-n..hun f Q , ,, 'H 'K ,, . MR' "M-.K ' A ' ' , ,. , XJ ' . I ' , V J P 1 r r rl 1 I r ' r - , V . , A V ., ' A V . V K 1 t If ,Q -, ff - U-. f",f?Sw.: -if-if Y r. Z. , or fb , QV rr ,-img. V- . V11 :sn W' S? - V 'R ' V4 , V 4. A win.. lzgsgzggk, 1, . M' ti .' 'f Q-1 ' 'V . ' isle' ft, ' 's'-5 ' " 'Y if we ' - A A - 'J' 121 f ,. -'Z -VHA? f.'1.'li5,...- ' ' ' K," ' ' f:t:31':'f f V 7 Vg . . . . . 1.111-,.:5 A 'V Q , I -, .... . . . . . fi rf: - 1 1 iff .. .-J H 1 :- V X' r3f.n52,Li13,!" 'iuzrfiiv r '- . r R' ' ' its V A - - ' ' ,:, . ,W K 1.13 , , ' - ' ' .. ,A 7 , , , f Q V R ' ., , i , V if 31, . " 54 is gy f' i .H , 5 ' . -. rr . 1 , ' r W .2379 -"wr K1 I ',-f ' ' 2 f ft ' ' 5 ' I Q , "T exit! 11 . 'i'ffiG,1.V ' P ' A if - 462 9 5,342 i t y '55 - H31 Q , ik, A 4 4 ,K N .V V , V , Vw Vw: A , W I 7,7 Vt V Y 1 , A -K X. ' , "2 V 1 . ' V554 4, V 5- , V V , .., , 'fn i.351VVvV3,jQ.g,, M: , -, , 3 ji V ,-it H - '71-'rm f, 535 , V .V -" x' . K? 'A 'Q :Sa V'-"L+-f1.w +51 kg 1.2-.X CPA K f 3 if Excitement Noise un A Ulu BIHQU I I 'iw 'Sill Turlock February AU fi WI Presidents Speaker Sponsor 1 X 'Wye W 4? l T, CZLUGIQCZ Here we come 'UST like o Com of sordmes Evem so eoch one of The 56 sTudenTs who were There agrees ThoT IT was worTh working Tor Those sux School Doys subs ME' 5-. "1-. F5 'f flap. Q 'S we Nw- fzospecfwe 772 G cfes MODESTO SALIDA EIGHTH GRADE Back row Carol Shultz Shlrley Elwess Mary Helen Sanford Patrlcua Christian Carol Huff Anuta Maxson Doris Ftsk Marllyn Venden Norma Schroeder Allen Stout Gerald MCCullock Eugene DeHart Stanley Ross Front row Daryl Lutz pastor Shirley Dolllnger treasurer Carolee Fisher vtce president Harvey LaTourette prestdent Sharon Testman secretary Vernon Stout sgt at arms TURLOCK EIGHTH GRADE Back row Roy Rogers presrdent Jtm All: sgt at arms Jerry Capargno Lavan Caldwell pastor Front row Maureen Murphy secretary Carol Games vice president Helen Phnlltps Ruthle Henry treasurer OAKDALE EIGHTH GRADE Sharon Rmger I tl 1 O O O : I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 I 1 I 1 ' I 1 1 1 - I 1 -' ' - 3 1 I , -' ' I 1 1 - 7 1 I 1 ' 1 1 1 . We The annual sfaff of 7955 wish To extend our apprecraflon fo fhe following persons for helping fo make our annual a success and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs D W Semmens Mervm Choffrn Robert Perry John Bsrdwell Eugene Sabo Dr and Mrs George Schumoker Dr and Mrs l'owarcl Conley Turlock Mecllcal Cllmc Modesto Cnty Hospital Dr. . . . Dr. . ' ' Mr. . Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Wissner Mr. . ' Mr. .

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