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As the oldest institution of higher learning in Mississippi and the state’s largest private liberal arts college, Mississippi College enjoys a rich heri- tage steeped in tradition. Chartered by the state legislature in 1826 as Hampstead Academy, it was named Mississippi College in 1830 and in 1850 came under the operation of the Mississippi Baptist Convention. Al- though M.C. is proud of its history and traditions, it definitely is not a college of the past, but has built on this strong foundation to keep up with our modem world of progress. New buildings, an ever-expanding enroll- ment, and increased academic prestige show M.C. to be a college of the future as well as of the past. Though nothing can bring back the hour Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower; We will grieve not, rather find Strength in what remains behind. — William Wordsworth CONTENTS . . . FEATURES ACTIVITIES SPORTS ACADEMICS 3 IN DEDICATION . . . For his outstanding service to Mississippi College, the 1968 edition of the Tribesman is respectfully dedicated to Dr. Howard E. Spell, Dean of the College. During his 34 years of association with Mississippi College, he has served loyally, devoting his time and energy in numerous capacities. In 1941, Dr. Spell became the Head of the Department of Christianity, a position which he held until 1947, when he became the Dean of the College. To an outstanding leader, an admirable professor, and a Christian gentleman of whom M.C. is proud, we dedicate this book. 6 “FROSH” INITIATION Freshman initiation is three weeks of shorn heads, thirteen pigtails with no make-up, Indian costumes, hikes to Garaywa and to the Torch, and red lipsticked noses. It is wizards, orientation meetings, pep rallies, subservience to upperclassmen, and closed week-ends. It is initiation. Traditional thirteen pigtails. “ You stupid Freshmen walk; Vm riding with that cop!” ATLANTIC CITY Av Mississippi College watched with pride as one of its coeds, Miss Joan Myers, effectively combined beauty, poise, and talent to win the Miss Mississippi College and Miss Mississippi of 1967 contest honors. Being the only two-time winner in the state contest, her winning ways continued at Atlantic City when she was named first alternate in the Miss America Pageant. These pages tell the exciting story in pictures of this pageant and her triumphant return home. CARNIVAL A picnic supper, computer date night, club- sponsored booths selling various treats, for- tune-telling, tricycle races, pie throws, a cake walk, and a slave sale — all were a part of this year’s very successful S.B.A. Carnival. “Go get a manicure and come back tomorrow” ■I i Wj ' ■ ■ ' Jt m .li ' PM M ££ -. — -n ESP • “FIRSTS” at M. C. Laura Green and Gail Cope set a record of 56 hours of continuous radio broadcasting. Ft 4. A) r- ' -j Wally’s Fairies? Elves? Leprechauns? Wizards? Delta Sig sponsored MC’s first “function ’ WIZARDS! L PI COLLfctofc k Presents... FaiHAAt JIW MISS MISSISSIPPI 1967 1st ALTERNATE MISS AMERICA % Need we say more? c amsml 5 Competition gets rough at first Derby Day. Anything for a trophy! Ooo, if I weren ' t a pledge DERBY DAY HHM Da Winnahs! The girl that finds the engagement ring marries Larry. “And where did you work before you played for the i rAs? ■ What ever happened to the good old American $1.75 haircut? If those chimes don ' t stop soon. CHAPEL PROGRAMS Packers ?” Rubel in ' 68? ' 72? 76? “Sorry son, we don’t have that on this campus : HIGH SCHOOL DAY Mr. Boswell’s Latin Class presents “Antigone.” Future Choctaws invade MC on High School Day. ANTIGONE ' ay. B. S. U. HAPPENINGS A new out-look and spirit invaded the campus with a more active and alert B.S.U. organization. Happenings, a new idea in reaching more students, provided an informal time for a little music, a thought-provoking idea, and usually a good laugh or two all in a half-hour. r Miss Nelly entertains at ulloween Happening. The Treble Teens. Our Dean of Women “bewitches” the audience. Y eah, it went on — except for Friday morning, thanks to the Sophomores! School spirit skyrocketing, laughter and reminiscence, old friendships renewed, thrill of crowning, elation of beating — this was Homecoming 1968. HOMECOMING WITH “FLAMES OF TRADITION” First place to the Sophomores. lO Michael and Michelle Elliott assist President McLemore in ceremony. Maid of Honor Eva. Queen Bari. i Mr. Lytal as Master of Ceremonies for the “Have I Stayed Too Long at the Fair?” Carnival of Favorites. Morrison’s Refreshment Extension Service. “ Hubert , don’t take my pict. . . .” The Court of Favorites. Weren ' t the Wayfarers great!!! Especially those jokes! The Happenings socked it to us. LYCEUM PROGRAMS A scene from Cyrano de Bergerac. The Inspiration Players of Santa Monica, California. The Mitchell Trio — Terrific! Will the real master please step forward ? “Fie, doth this habit shame your estate ” THE TAMING OF THE SHREW The eighty-four voice Oratorio Chorus presented its first concert November 9th. VOICES OF M. C. And Shakey’s afterwards? Chorale Choir presentation of “ The Messiah” as dedicated to Mrs. R. A. McLemore. Steady, Glen. M.C. Concert and Chapel Choirs composed opera chorus for ( Tl Trovatore” CHRISTMAS AT M. C. Dr. Mac begins annual Christmas Tree sing. Gailey-decorated doors, mistletoe, the annual Christmas tree sing, scent of cedar, the Children’s Village Christmas party, open house, anticipation of the holidays, and a surge in diamond sales — this was Christmas, 1967. Going once, going twice . . Happiness is a bag of popcorn. Daily depression. “ Come up and see me sometime A motley crew. Hederman Science Building — a welcome addition to the campus. now sweet it is! Maybe if we sit here long enough, SOMEBODY will notice us. 9 “Oh, John, you say the funniest things! ' Watch out, Sarge, that spray smells awfuir Our M.C. Misses. Li ,, . B| f Fairest of all is our dear Mississippi Rising in state as the crest of a hill; Staunch as a rock is our dear Alma Mater, Round her so noble our hopes ever live. When, in the future, our hearts may be yearning for the bright scenes of our dear college youth. Back to thy portals our memories turning, Clear, gleams the beacon of virtue and truth. M. C., We hail thee, our dear Mississippi Queen of our hearts, no foe shall alarm; Faithful and loyal thy children will ever Cherish thy mem’ry acknowledge thy charm. Years come and go and are filled with varied activities and changes, but certain things serve to remind us of the lasting influence of the past on our traditions and ideals. ■r ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY EDITED BY CHARLOTTE JONES CLASSES EDITED BY BETSY ARMOUR Mississippi College is proud of the high quality of its faculty and students, for it is in these that the true excellence of a school is measured. Mississippi College is dedicated to the maintenance of high scholastic standards in a Christian framework and seeks to achieve this goal through effective teaching, proper stress on learning, and good student-teacher relationships. 3 6 Dr. McLemore’s 11 years as President of M.C. have witnessed a phenomenal growth in all areas of the college. Dr. Mac wholeheartedly supports student activities. OUR PRESIDENT The 142nd year of Mississippi College has been another good one. This Annual will be a permanent record of the accomplishments and the joys of these priceless days. It will be an inspiration to turn these pages in the years ahead and recall the exciting events of this action-packed year. Mississippi College has achieved a high pinnacle but we look forward to even greater accomplishments in the future. I hope that as we move into our respective spheres of life, we will constantly remember and support this great Christian institution as it seeks to fulfill its mission. G? 0 37 Howard E. Spell Dean of the College ADMINISTRATION D. Gray Miley Director of the Evening Division F. D. Hewitt, Jr. Director of Public Relations J. W. Lee Dean of the Graduate Division Charles W. Scott Dean of Students 38 L. M. Lanier Business Manager Troy Mohon Registrar Norman Gough Director of Public Information J. B. Howell Librarian Bradley Pope Director of Religious Activities Clarice Mooney Assistant Registrar Ted E. Smith Director of Computer Center Larry Grantham Director of Student Activities DIVISION OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS D. Gray Miley, Ph.D. Chairman Iva Ball Jackson, M.B.E. Frances Skulley, M.A. Lawrence C. Smith, Jr., M.S. DIVISION OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY John H. Blair, Ed.D Chairman Ann W. Clark, M.Ed. Mildred M. Crider, Ed.D. Eugene I. Farr, Ed.D. Albert E. Freathy, M.S.W. Ruth B. Hopkins, M.A. Linuel D. Jayroe, M.Ed. Gale G. Keith, M.A. Frances McGuffee, Ph.D. Nellie Ford Smith, M.L.S. Rosemary Thompson, M.Ed. Van Dyke Quick, M.Ed. 40 DIVISION OF FINE ARTS Mary Berner, M.M. Ralph Carroll, M.M. Gerald Claxton, M.M. B. Allan Dunnaway, B.S. Allan Riggs Fuller, M.M. Samuel M. Gore, M.A. Jack L. Lyall, Ed.D. Chairman Robert Spencer, M.A. Ralph M. Taylor, M.M. Billy R. Trotter, M.M. Patricia May Walston, M.M. Bernard Blackwell, B.S. James M. Coleman, M.A Leo P. Jones, M.A. Hazel Newman, M. Ed. James Q. Allen, M.A. DIVISION OF HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Hartwell McPhail, M.A DIVISI ON OF HUMANITIES Sarah A. Rouse, Ph.D. Chairman Linda M. Lane, M.A. Gertrude Lippert, Ph.D. Sue P. Lipsey, M.A. Verbie Ann Lovorn, M.A. Billy D. Lytal, M.A. Charles E. Martin, Ph.D. Kenneth T. Rainey, Th.D. Hollis B. Todd, Ph.D. Julia M. Todd, Ph.D. Thomas T. Boswell, M.A. Sandra Boyd, B.A. Ed Hewlett, M.A. Marion Hutto, B.A. Grad. Asst. Grad. Asst. Philips R. McCarty, D.R.E. Norman E. E. R. Pinson, Th.D. Howard E. Spell, Ph D O’Neal, D.R.E. DIVISION OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS James Burnside, M.Ed. Henry A. Carlock, M.S. Marvin E. Elliott, M.S. John W. Legg, Ph.D. W. 0. Sadler, Ph.D. A. H. Germany, Ph.D. Chairman W. E. Strange, M.Ed. Louis C Temple, M.A. Robert H. Waller, B.S. Macon M. Weaver, M.S. DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Martha M. Bigelow Ph.D. N. W. Carpenter, Th.D. C. Conrad Di Michele B.A. Grad. Asst. C. D. Galloway, M.A. Billy R. Hicks, M.A. Stan Rushing, B.A. R. R. Pearce, Ed.D. Chairman 43 STAFF First Row: Hazel K. Anthony, Secretary to Business Manager; Ned T. Barrett, Supervisor, Janitorial Services; Terry Beilis, Director of Off-Campus Housing; Neal Brashier, Secretary to the President; Georgia Byers, Student Accounts and Loans. Second Row: Hilda M. Calhoun, Head Resident, Latimer- Webb; Judy Chance, Campus Head Nurse; Dot Chisolm, Secretary to Director of Public Relations; Ruth Cody, Secretary to Dean of Graduate Division; Fleda M. Collins, Order Librarian. Third Row: Lottye G. Cook, Head Resident, Jennings; Judy Cummins, Records Clerk, Registrar’s Office; Wood- ard B. Davis, Stockroom Manager; A. B. DeLozier, Building Maintenance Supervisor; Arie P. Farr, Catalog Librarian. Fourth Row: Sam Hall, Supervisor of Grounds; Bryant Hazlip, Director, Campus Security; Mary Hendry, Mana- ger, Wigwam; Kathryn M. Holland, Head Resident, Hederman - Gunter; Carl Howorth, Manager of Trading Post. Fifth Row: Johnnie Ruth Hudson, Secretary to Director of Admissions; Marion Hutto, Assistant Counselor, Mary Nelson; Marsha Jordan, Secretary to Guid- ance Center; Grace Keena, Bookkeeper, Trading Post; Jane Mangum, Assistant to the Dean of Women. Sixth Row: Martha P. Martin, Library Assistant; C. Paul Mas- sey, Director of V.A. Guidance Center; Ethelyn Mayfield, Secretary, Division of Business and Economics; Tywana Minton, Secretary to Dean of Students; Jimmy L. Morrison, Admissions Coun- selor. Seventh Row: Bob Newell, Grad. Asst., Religious Activities; Teresa Olive, Secretary to Registrar; Victoria Oweis, Campus Nurse; James Parks, Jr., Circula- tion Librarian; M. T. Peters, Mechanical and Elec- trical Engineer. Eighth Row: Virginia Powell, Transcript and Veteran’s Clerk, Registrar’s Office; Mary B. Ritter, PBX Operator; Sarah N. Spencer, Bookkeeper, Business Office; Sue Tackett, Cashier, Business Office; Jane Trim- ble, Campus Nurse. 44 THE 1968 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Cindy McGraw, Reporter; Betty Shirley, Chaplain; Suzan Bailey, Secretary. Second Row: Jerry Patterson, Vice President; Larry Franklin, Presi- dent; Richard Roper, Treasurer. First Row: VIRGINIA ABEL, Jackson; B.M. Voice; Delta Omicron; Concert Choir; Banks Award Scholarship; Delta Omicron Annual Summer Study Scholarship; Opera Workshop. TERRY ANDREWS, Marianna, Fla.; B.M. Ed.; Sinfonia; Chapel Choir. EVA CAROLYN AULTMAN, Columbia; B.M. Ed. Voice; Delta Omicron Pres.; Cap and Gown; Kissi- mee Vice-Pres.; Circle K Sweetheart; Soph, and Jr. Class Favorite. SUZAN BAILEY, Atlanta, Ga.; B.A. English; Laguna President; Circle K Sweetheart; Jr. Homecoming Maid; BSU Secretary; Sr. Class Sec. Second Row: ROSIE BAIN, Grenada; B.S.Ed.; Laguna Social Tribe Pres.; Co.-pres. Intertribal Council; Cheerleader; Circle K Spon- sor; Soph. Class Treas. MARGARET BALL, Brookhaven; BS. Mathematics; Math Club; Phi Beta Lambda; Business Education Club; BSU; YWA. PAT BALLARD, Clinton; B.M.Ed. Piano; Delta Omicron; MENC; Alpha Lambda Delta. BETTY BARFIELD, Kosciusko; B.A. Religious Ed.; Nenamoosha Social Tribe; Band; Chorale Choir; Tribesman staff. Third Row: BETTY BARNES, Hattiesburg; B.S. Business Ed.; Kissimee Social Tribe Secretary; Miss. Intercollegiate Council Sec.; Pi Omega Pi Vice-Pres.; SBA Sec.; Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. NED T. BARRETT, Clinton; B.S.Ed. Speech. ROBERT A. BARRON, Corinth; B.A. Psy- chology. JACK BAUSERMAN, Hampton, Va.; B.S. Eco- nomics and Mathematics; Delta Sigma Phi; Math Club; Dor- mitory Council; Wesley Foundation. i SENIORS First Row: ELIZABETH BAYLIS, Hattiesburg; B.S. Business Ed.; Alpha Lambda; SEA; Psychology Club; Nenamoosha Social Tribe; Kappa Delta Pi. JON MICHAEL BEALL, Clinton; B.S. Biology; Alpha Epsilon Delta; President’s Cabinet; Collegiate Civitan; Marching and Concert Bands; Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universi- ties. CHERAN SPENCE BEASLEY, New Albany; B.A. English. TERRY BELLIS, Vidolia, La.; B.S. Gen. Business. Second Row: JOHN A. BERGMAN, Jackson; B.S. Biology. DANNY L. BISHOP, Baldwyn; B.S.Ed. Physical Education. PATSY BISHOP, Baldwyn; B.S.Ed. History. FREDA BLACK, Jackson; B.S.Ed.; Swannanoa Social Tribe Pres.; Freshman Counselor; Kappa Delta Pi; Cap and Gown; S.E.A. His- torian. Third Row: CHARLES E. BLACKMON, JR., New Orleans, La.; B.A. Speech; O.D.K.; Pi Kappa Delta; Circle K. VIRGINIA BLACKWELL, Tylertown; B.S. Ma th; Math Club; B.S.U.; Y.W.A. EDITH BOOTH, Jackson; B.A. Religious Education. RONNIE BOSWELL, Noxapater; B.A. Bible and Religious Eld.; B.S.U. Choir; M.A. Pres.; B.S.U. Executive Council. Fourth Row: DONALD BOZEMAN, Magnolia; B.S. Chemistry; B.S.U.; F.C.A. Sec. MARTHA ANN BRAMLETT, McComb; B.A. English; Collegian Staff; S.E.A. BONNIE BREEDLOVE, Charleston; B.S. Speech; Pres. Pi Kappa Delta; Pres. Alpha Psi Omega; S.B.A. Director of Special Activities; Drum Ma- jorette; Kissimee Historian. L. J. BREWER, Pelahatchie; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed. Fifth Row: JANIECE BRICKER, Morton; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; Y.W.A.; B.S.U.; S.E.A.; Delta Pi; part-time Student Counselor. ROY BRIDGES, Corinth; B.S.Ed.; “M” Club; Track; Cross- Country; “M” Club officer. JO ANN BRITT, Brookhaven; B.S.Ed. Bus. Eld.; Phi Beta Lambda Vice-Pres. SHARON ANNE BROOMALL, Apopka, Fla.; BA.. English; Laguna; Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta Pi Sec.; B.S.U. Executive Council; Student Counselor. Sixth Row: JOHN BROOKSHIRE, Jackson; B.S. Phy sics. SALLY KAY BROWN, Kentwood, La.; B.S. Eld. Ellem. Eld.; B.S.U. Greater Council; Laguna Historian; S.E.A. STE1VE N. BROWN, Belzoni; B.A. Psychology; B.S.U. Executive Council. DIANNE BURGE1SS, Leland; B.A. Speech; Pres. Women’s Affairs Board, Cap and Gown; B.S.U. Elxecutive Council; Varsity Debate and Pi Kappa Delta; Alpha Chi. 46 SENIORS First Row: JOE BULLOCK, Moss Point; B.S. Chemistry; Circle K. WOODROW BURT, JR., Newton; B.A. Bible. GUS BY- NUM, Hattiesburg; B.S. Biology. MARIE CARAWAY, Hickory; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; Laguna Social Tribe; S.E.A. Second Row: JAMES DAVID CARTER, Florence; B.A. Bible. JAMES RONALD CHAPMAN, Jackson; B.S. Business; Delta Sigma Pi Vice-Pres.; Circle K Treas. JERRY LYNN CLARK, Pelahatchie; B.A. Bible. BOB COGGIN, Columbus, Ga.; B.S. Zoology; Collegiate Civitan Treas.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Student Welfare Committee; B.S.U. Greater Council; Marching and Concert Bands. Third Row: GEORGE COKER, Columbia; B.S. Math and Physics; Pres. Math Club; Sigma Pi Sigma. SHARON CONRAD, Talla- hassee, Fla.; B.A. Physical Ed.; Nenamoosha, W.R.A. Vice- Pres.; Dorm Social Chairman; S.E.A. GAIL COSTILOW, Newton; B.S. Elem. Ed.; S.E.A.; B.S.U. ; Laguna. BILLY CRANFORD, Pascagoula; B.S. Physical Ed.; Baseball. Fourth Row: GLENN DAVIS, Houston; B.M. Church Music; Freshman Brave; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Chapel Choir; Concert Choir; Oratorio Chorus. JEANNE DAVIS, Baton Rouge, La.; B.S.Ed. BILLY RAY DILL, Forest; B.A. Physical Ed.; Football; Track; “M” Club. VIRGINIA DILLARD, Pensa- cola, Fla.; B.A. English; Laguna Social Tribe; S.E.A. Fifth Row: DORIS DIXON, Nettleton; B.S. Math; Concert Choir; Opera Workshop; Math Club; Chorale Choir. DAVID E. DON- ALDSON, Ewa Beach. Hawaii; B.S. Accounting. OWEN KIRK DUKE. Meridian; B.A. Physical Ed.; Circle K; S.B.A. Senate; B.S.U. Summer Executive Council; B.S.U. Greater Council. CAROL DURHAM, Columbia; B.A. Art; Soph. Class Officer; Y.W.A. Council; Kappa Pi Pres.; Tribesman division editor; Kissimee. Sixth Row: LARRY EARNEST, Columbus; B.S. Recreation; Treas. Jr. Class; Pres. R.E. Club; Vice-Pres. Circle K; Treas. of Tribal Players; B.S.U. Executive Council. DALE EASLEY, Slate Springs; B.A. Bible; Freshman Basketball, Eta Sigma Pi; M.A. DELL EDWARDS, Jackson; B.S. Home Ec. Ed.; Home Ec. Club. MARSHALL JOHN ELEUTERIUS, Houma, La.; B.A. History; Football; “M” Club. 47 SENIORS First Row: CARY EMBREY, Coldwater; B.S. Gen. Business; Collegiate Civitan Officer; F.C.A. MYRA FAYE ENFINGER, Mari- anna, Fla.; B.S.Ed. JAMES M. FANNING, Hickory; B.S. Business and Physical Ed.; Delta Sigma Pi. RAYMOND FAULKNER, Clarksdale; B.S. Math; “M” Club; F.C.A.; Football. Second Row: LINDA FELTEN, Jackson; B.A. English; Kissimee; Tribes- man Staff. JANIE SELBY FIELDS, Clinton; B.A. English; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Tau Delta. M. GEORGE FIELDS, Ferriday, La.; B.S. Business; Football; “M” Club; Circle K; F.C.A. GLADYS M. FORESTER, Jackson; B.A. Elem. Ed.; S.E.A. Third Row: CLAUDE EARL FOX, III, Charleston; B.S. Zoology; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Judicial Council; Collegiate Civitan; B.S.U. Choir; Pre-Med Club. LARRY P. FRANKLIN, Clarksdale; B.S. Bus. Administration; Pres. Delta Sigma Pi; Pres. Sr. Class.; Treas and Vice- Pres. Collegiate Civitan; President’s Cabinet; Soph, and Jr. Class Favorite. MALEE ELIZA- BETH FURLOW, Jackson; B.S. Bus. Ed.; Kissimee Tribe Officer; S.E.A. ; Tribesman Staff; Business Education Club; Sec. Phi Beta Lambda. JUDI GEORGE, Indianapolis, Ind.; B.A. Elem. Ed.; S.E.A.; W.R.A. Fourth Row: JEAN GERMANY MOSLEY, Clinton; B.M.Ed. Music; Delta Omicron; MENC. BETTY GILCHRIST, Pensacola, Fla.; B.A. R.E.; Vesper Choir; B.S.U. Greater Council; Publicity Chr. R.E. Club; Y.W.A. officer; Summer B.S.U. Sec. WAYNE GOODMAN, Alexander City, Ala.; B.S. Chemistry; Fresh- man Chemistry Award; Alpha Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Judicial Council; Collegiate Civitan. CHERYL GORE, Chi- cago, 111.; B.A.Ed.; M.C. Misses; Kappa Delta Pi; Nena- moosha; S.E.A. Fifth Row: PEGGY GUNTER, Marks; B.S.Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi Vice- Pres.; S.E.A. Sec.; Cap and Gown Reporter; Y.W.A. ; B.S.U. Greater Council. MICHAEL HALEY, Bogalusa, La.; B.A. R.E. RONNIE HANKINS, Shubuta; B.A. History; Football; Basketball; Pres. F.C.A.; Vice-Pres. “M” Club. FRANK HARMON, Meridian; B.A. Bible and Philosophy. Sixth Row: DELORES HARP, Clinton; B.A. Speech Ed. GARY O. HARP, Clinton; B.S.Ed. Physical Ed.; Basketball. MARY EVELYN HARPER, Jackson; B.M.Ed.; Opera Workshop; Concert Choir; Chapel Choir; Concert Choir Trio; Delta Omicron. ROSS V. HART, Jackson; B.S. Chemistry; Alpha Chi Omega; Pres. Ratliff Dorm; Collegiate Civitan; Men’s Affairs Board. 48 SENIORS First Row: JOHN F. HASSELL, Moss Point; B.S. Zoology; Vice-Pres. Circle K; “M” Club; Baseball; Kissimee Beau. MICHAEL HATAWAY, Jackson; B.S.Ed. Art; Art Club; Kappa Pi. MONNIE S. HATCHER, Ponce de Leon, Fla.; B.M.Ed. Voice; Phi Theta Kappa; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Kappa Delta Pi; MENC; Winford Hasty Memorial Music Award. JANICE HATTOX, Philadelphia; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; Lagu- na Social Tribe Officer; Kappa Delta Pi; Beauty; Jr. Class Officer; S.E.A. Second Row: LEE ROY HAZLITT, Jackson; B.S. Physics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; A A- Degree; National Physics Honor Society. BRYANT HAZLIP, Natchez; B.A. Bible. ELEANOR HED- ERMAN, Jackson; B.A. Art; Nenamoosha Treas.; S.E.A. MILDRED R. HELTON, Vicksburg; B.S.Ed. Bus. Ed.; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi. Third Row: JOHN R. HENDERSON, Jackson; B.S. Business; Senator. CYNTHIA HEWITT, Clinton; B.A. Art; Kappa Pi; Art Club; Alpha Psi Ome a Officer; Tribal Players Officer. GEORGE HILL, Meridian; B.S.Ed. Art; Art Club Officer, ' Kappa Pi; Circle K Officer. MARY HILL, Jackson; B.S. Sec. Science; Laguna Tribe; B.S.U. Greater Council. Fourth Row: BETTY HITT, Jackson; B.S.Ed. Speech; Laguna; S.E.A.; Senator; B.S.U. ; Youth Congress Representative. JANEY HOGUE, Vicksburg; B.S. Art; Nenamoosha Social Tribe. ROSE MARY HOLLEY, Clinton; B.S. Chemistry -Biology; Feature Twirl er; Miss. State Science Academy; Orchestra. FRANCES HOOKER, Jackson; B.S.Ed.; B.S.U. Choir; Swannanoa Sec. Fifth Row: NANCY HOPPERTON, Grenada; B.A. History; Phi Alpha Theta Pres.; Pi Gamma Mu Historian; Kappa Delta Pi; Laguna officer; Senator. LOUISE HUFFMAN, Jackson; B.S. Chemistry; Alpha Epsilon Delta officer; Pi Kappa Delta officer; Senate Parliamentarian; Varsity Debate Team; Swannanoa. MARIE H. INGRAM, Jackson; B.S.Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A. ELIZABETH ISHEE, Washington, D.C.; B.S. Gen. Business; Freshman Maid; Nenamoosha. Sixth Row: TOMMY COBLE ISHEE, JR., Washington, D.C.; B.S. Gen. Business; “M” Club; Cross Country; Track. VIOLET JEN- NINGS, Yazoo City; B.A. R.E.; R.E. Club. WILLIAM CUR- TIS JERNBERG, Sumner; B.S. Zoology; Omicron Delta Kappa Pres.; Alpha Epsilon Delta Pres, and Sec.; Men’s Affairs Board Vice-Chr.; Judicial Council; Collegiate Civi- tan Sec. and Dist. Treas. JO ANN JOHNSON, Forest; B.S. Home Ec.; Laguna; Home Ec. Club Vice-Pres.; Senator. 49 SENIORS First Row: LARRY K. JOHNSON, Jackson; B.S. Gen. Business. NAN- CY JOHNSON, Philadelphia; B.S. Elem. Ed. WILLIAM HAROLD JOHNSON, Jackson; B.S. Zoology; Circle K Sec.; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Vice-Pres.; Sophomore Class Vice- Pres.; Varsity Basketball; Class Officer. BOB JAMES Puckett; B.S. Chemistry. Second Row: HARRY E. JONES, JR., Senatobia; B.S. Business. DOUG- LAS LEWIS KELLUM, Tutwiler; B.A. History; Collegiate Civitan Pres, State Gov.; O.D.K.; B S.U. Exec. Council State Vice-Pres.; Judicial Council; B.S.U. Choir Pres! RONALD KIMBRO, Natchez; B.S. Math Ed.; B.S.U. BAR- BARA KNIGHT, Columbia; B.S. Ed. Home Economics Home Ec. Club Officer; Laguna; S.E.A. Third Row: BARBARA LADNER, Wiggins; B.S. Biology; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Alpha Theta; Arrow- head Staff. SYBIL LAMBRIGHT, Brookhaven; B.S. Elem. Ed.; S.E.A. ; B.S.U.; Laguna. LYNN LANGSTON, Jackson; B.S. Ed.; S.E.A.; Swannanoa. CARROL LEAVELL, Gren- ada; B.S. Elem. Ed.; S.E.A.; Laguna. Fourth Row: MARION ANN LEDBETTER, Benton; B.S. Ed. BARI LYNN LEE, Moss Point; B.S. Elem. Ed.; Freshman Coun- selor; Majorette; Class Officer; Senate; Editor of Tomahawk. JAMES LEE, Tampa, Fla.; B.A. History; Pre-Law Club Freshman Basketball. MARTHA NOBLE LEE, Forest; B.s’. Elem. Ed.; Kissimee Pres.; Cheerleader; Circle K Sponsor; S.E.A.; Student Personnel Guidance and Service Comm. Fifth Row: BARBARA L. LEWIS, Greenwood; B.A. French and Eng- lish; Cap and Gown Pres.; Sigma Tau Delta Vice-Pres.; Judicial Council; Circle K Sponsor; Kissimee. WILLIAM LEWIS, Clinton; B.S. Physical Ed.; Basketball; M Club Officer; President Whittington; Men’s Aifairs Board; Circle K. DOROTHY LIFER, Jackson; B.A. R.E. IVO W. LIV- INGSTON, JR, Montgomery, Ala.; B.A. Bible. Sixth Row: PATRICIA LILLY, Holly Springs; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; Kap- pa Delta Pi Pres.; Laguna Tribe; Cap and Gown Sec, Treas.; S.E.A Program Chr.; Tribesman Staff. CHARLES H. LOCKLIN, Gulfport; B.A. Sociology; Football; Track; M.A. LILLIAN LOE, Tallulah, La.; B.M.Ed. Voice; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Alpha Iota; MENC; Concert Choir Opera Workshop. ROBERT LOWE, Clinton; B.S. Business. 50 SENIORS First Row: JESSE LOVORN, Carthage; B.S.Ed. Elem Ed.; S.E.A. LARRY H. LYNCH, Memphis, Tenn.; B.A. Psychology; Collegian Business Manager; Psychology Club. BENNIE J. McBRIDE, Jackson; B.M. Church Music. TOMMY Mc- CURLY, Clinton; B.A. Bible. Second Row: KENNETH RAY McDANIEL, Collins; B.S. Gen. Business; Delta Sigma Pi. PEGGY JEAN McDANIEL, Jackson; B.S. Business Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Omega Pi. BEE McDONALD, Clinton; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; Laguna Social Tribe; Women’s Affairs Board; Pres. Mary Nelson Dorm; S.E.A.; Civitan Sweetheart. JUDITH McELVEEN, Bogalusa, La.; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; S.E.A.; R.E. Club. Third Row: GAYLE McGEE, Kosciusko; B.S. Eld.; Freshman Home- coming Maid; Soph- Favorite; Jr. Favorite; Sec. Jr. Class; Sec. Laguna Tribe. CYNTHIA ELLEN McGRAW, Louis- ville; B.S. Elem. Ed.; Sr. Class Officer; Treas. Laguna So- cial Tribe; B.S.U. Executive Council; News Editor of Collegian; Student Counselor. ALBERT H. McMULLEN, Meridian; B.A. Bible. SHERRILL MALONE, Meridian; B.S.Ed. Fourth Row: MARY MANNING, Yazoo City; B.S. Home Ec.; Home Ec. Club Officer; Swannanoa Social Tribe Officer. CAROLYN MARTIN, Hazlehurst; B.S.Ed.; Swannanoa; S.E.A. BAR- BARA MASSEY, Laurel; B.S. Elem. Ed.; Laguna Social Tribe; S.E.A. JOLLY MATTHEWS, Hattiesburg; B.S. Eco- nomics; Pres, and Lt. Gov. Circle K; B.S.U. Executive Council; Delta Sigma Pi Chancellor; Who’s Who Among Students of American Colleges and Universities; Omicron Delta Kappa. Fifth Row: EDDIE MEDLOCK, Tupelo; B.S.Ed. Physical Ed.; Baseball. DENNIS MEILSTRUP, Orlando, Fla.; B.M.Ed. and Gen. Science; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Vice-Pres.; “M” Club; Concert Choir; Cross Country; Track. ESTHER MILLER, Melbourne, Fla.; B.A. English; Y.W.A.; R. E. Club Pub- licity Chr.; S.E.A.; Secretary and Pres. Latimer- Webb Y.W.A. THERESA HUDSON MILLER, Clinton; B.S.Ed. Math; Kappa Delta Pi; Math Club. Sixth Row: KATHRYN JEANETTE MITCHELL, Sherman; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; Kissimee; S.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi. CYNTHIA MOFFETT, Laurel; B.M.Ed.; Concert Choir; S.B.A. musical “The Music Man”; Chorale Choir; Opera “Nonna”; MENC. ROLAND GENE MOODY, Natchez; B.S.Ed. History; B.S.U.; Circle K. ANN MOORE, Austin, Texas; B.S. Chemistry; Senator; S.B.A. Sec.; Exchange Student to Germany; Cap and Gown; Alpha Epsilon Delta. 5 1 SENIORS First Row: BETTY MOORE, New Orleans, La.; B.A. English; Sigma Tau Delta; S.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Chi. LINDA MORRISON, Jackson; B.S. Elem. Ed.; S.E.A Officer. MICHAEL LEWIS MOSLEY, Clinton; B.S. Chemistry; Al- phi Chi Vice-pres.; Chemistry Lab Instructor; Band Chess Club. CAROLYN RUTH MOTLEY, Vinton, Va.; B.S.Ed. Mathematics; Band; B.S.U. Choir; Greater Council. Second Row: GEORGIANNE H. MUIRHEAD, Jackson; B.A. English; Sigma Tau Delta. WAYNE A. NEAL, JR., Flora; B.A. Art; Art Club; Kappa Pi. JASPER NEEL, Belzoni; B.A. Eng- lish; Sigma Tau Delta; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Band Cap- tain; Concert Choir. DIANNE NELSON, Newton; B.S.Ed.; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A. Third Row: TOM NETTLES, Brandon; B.A. Spanish; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Who’s Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Universities; President Concert Choir. JANICE NEWELL, Quitman; B.M. Organ; Alpha Lamda Delta; Delta Omicron; Alpha Chi; B.S.U. Choir; American Guild of Organists. JOHN NICHOLAS, Raymond; B.S. Accounting; S.B.A. Treas.; Business Mgr. of Tribesman and Collegian; Treasurer Omicron Delta Kappa; Sec. Delta Sigma Pi. ROBERT OATSVALL, Zion, 111.; B.A. Psychology; President’s Cabinet; Senator; Collegiate Civitan; “M” Club; M.I.C. Delegate. Fourth Row: JAMES TODD O’BRIEN, Mullins, S.C.; B.S. Bus. Admin- istration. JAMES B. ODOM, Jackson; B.A. Sociology. ANNETTE O’NEAL, Laurel; B.S. Biology; Delta Omicron; Alpha Epsilon Delta. TERRY C. OSWALT, Columbus; B.M. Ed. Voice; Chapel Choir; Choral Choir; Concert Choir; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Officer; MENC. Fifth Row: STEVE OWEN, Clinton; B.A. English; Pres. Sigma Tau Delta; Vice-pres. Eta Sigma Phi; Arrowhead Editor; Chr. Wesley Foundation; Publication Council. LAURA ELIZABETH OWENS, Greenville; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; Kissimee; S.E.A. JERRY ALBERT PATTERSON, Lewis- burg, Penn.; B.S. Physical Ed.; Vice-pres. Sr. Class; Foot- ball; Circle K Treas.; Baseball; “M” Club. WILLIAM E. PAYNE, JR., Clinton; B.S.Ed. History. Sixth Row: DIANNE PEARSON, Clinton; B.S. Math; Math Club; Bible Club. LOIS ANN PECKMAN, Purvis; B.S. Gen. Business; Senator; Kissimee; Pi Kappa Delta Sec.-Tres.; President’s Cabinet; Executive Sec. M.I.C. LEWIS PEN- FIELD, Birmingham, Ala.; B.S. Accounting. DONALD H. PENNINGTON, Morton; B.S. Physical Ed.; Football; “M” Club. S ' 1 SENIORS First Row: LARRY PERKINS, Jackson; B.S. Chemistry and Biology; Collegian staff. MARTHA-ANNE PHILLIPS, Brookhaven; B.A. Art; Art Club; W.R.A.; Director of MC Aqua Maids; Kappa Pi. GLADYS PICKARD, Jackson; B.S. Elem. Ed. LINDA PIGOTT, Magnolia; B.S.Ed. Physical Ed.; W.R.A. President; Laguna. Second Row: MARY CATHERINE PITTS, Ecru; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; Nenamoosha; S.EA.; R.E. Club. MINNIE PORCH, Jack- son; B.S.Ed. Mat h; Phi Theta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi. ELLEN PORTER, Leland; B.A. English; Pres. Latimer Webb; Business Mgr. Tribesman; Senator; Alpha Chi Sec.; Sigma Tau Delta. RANDOLPH POSEY, Simsboro; B.M. Third Row CARL PRANGE, JR., Tampa Fla.; B.S. Business; Tennis; Delta Sigma Pi. TOM E. PREVOST, Hazlehurst; B.A. His- tory; Omicron Delta Kappa; Chief Justice S.B.A.; B.S.U. President; Junior Class Pres.; Freshman Class Pres. MAR- GARET ANNE PULLIN, Terry; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed. KAY GARALYN RAYBORN, Jayess; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; S.E.A. officer; Dormitory Counselor. Fourth Row: SUSANNE BRYANT REEVES, Crystal Springs; B.S. Elem. Ed. MELVIN C. RHODES, Brandon; B.S. Acrounting; Ac- counting Club; Wesley Foundation. SHERRY RHODES, Knoxville, Tenn.; B.A. Sociology; Cheerleader; Pi Gamma Mu; Chorale Choir; Kissimee. KARYL ROBERTS, New Orleans, La.; B.A. English; Kissimee. Fifth Row: WAYNE ROBERTSON, Thousand Oaks, Calif.; B.A. Music; Concert Choir; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Solo Finalist MMTA; Freshman Class Officer; “Music Man.” RONNY ROBINSON, Brookhaven; B.A. Bible; M.A.; Football. BAR- BARA JANE ROCHINSKI, Columbia; B.A. R.E.; Chapel Choir; Concert Choir Sec.; Delta Omicron Treas.; Tribes- man staff; Kissimee. BECKY RODGERS, Houston, Tex.; B.M.Ed.; Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi; Miss Congeniality; Vice-pres. Jennings Dorm; Asst. Accompanist for Concert Choir. Sixth Row: MARGARET ROEBUCK, Hazlehurst; B.S. Elem. Ed.; Delta Omicron; Laguna Officer; Pres. Y.W.A.; S.E.A.; Concert Choir. CURTIS ROLAND, Pulaski; B.A. English; M.A. DORIS ROLAND, Baltimore, Md.; B.A. R.E. RICHARD ROPER, Moss Point; B.A. History; Circle K. Vice-pres.; Delta Sigma Pi Vice-pres.; Sr. Class Treas.; Senator; Con- cert Choir. 53 SENIORS First Row: HILDA ROSS, Florence; B.S.ISd. Elem. FkL; S.E.A. MAR- SHA GAIL ROWLAND, Cincinnati, Ohio; B.S.ISd. Math. DINA RUSHING, Clinton, B.S.Fki. Mathematics; Math Club; Laguna. JOY SUMRALL RUSHING, Clinton; B.S. Elem. Fid.; S.E.A.; Swannanoa. Second Row: ERNEST RYALE, Crystal Springs; B.A. Music. CONNIE SALTER, Hazlehurst; B.S. Bus. Ed.; Delta Omicron; Sec. Women’s Affairs Board; Cap Gown; Student Counselor; Miss MC Pageant. BILL SAVELL, Chattanooga, Term.; B.S. Biology; Alpha Epsilon Delta; B.S.U. Executive Coun- cil; B.S.U. Choir. RONNIE SAUER, Jackson; B.A. History; Phi Alpha Theta; Vice-pres. Pi Gamma Mu. Third Row: FRANCES SCOTT, Jackson; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; Cap Gown; Treas. Women’s Affairs Board; Kappa Delta Pi; Treas. Psychology Club; Laguna. JAMES LOYD SCOTT, Brookhaven; B.S. Zoology; Pre-Med Club; Pi Kappa Delta; Debate. DIANNE SIGREST, Jackson; B.S.Ed. English and Elem. Ed. BETTY ANN SHIRLEY, West Point; B.A. English; Kissimee; B.S.U. Greater Council; Chorale Choir; Chaplain Sr. Class; S.E.A. Fourth Row: BRENDA JO SHORT, East Point, Ga.; B.A. Sociology; Y.W.A.; B.S.U. JE RRY WAYNE SISTRUNK, Jackson; B.S.Ed. History. INA SLADE, Terry; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed. BEVERLY JAN SMITH, Columbia; B.S. Elem. Ed. Fifth Row: DALE SMITH, Lloyd Star; B.S. Chemistry. DANNY SMITH, Pascagoula; B.A. Political Science; S.B.A. At- torney; Senator; Track; FYesident’s Cabinet; Circle K. JO SMITH, Fayette, Ala.; B.A. Speech and English; B.S.U. Greater Council and Vesper Choir; Y.W.A. Dorm Pres.; S.E.A. ; Student Counselor; Chorale Choir. MARITA SMITH, Clinton; B.S.Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi.; S.E.A. Sixth Row: SANDRA SMITH, Hazlehurst; B.S. Home Ec. JAMES QUITMAN SONES, Eupora; B.S. Zoology; Pres. S.B.A. ; Pres. M.I.C.; Pres. Soph. Class; Vice-pres. B.S.U.; Senator. DONALD SPIRES, Orlando, Fla.; B.A. R.E. GEORGE STEVE STANLEY, Orlando, Fla.; B.A. Political Science; Pre-Law Society. 54 SENIORS First Row: DOUG STARKEY, Jackson; B.S. Bus.; B.S.U. Choir; Track; Cross-Country. CAROL J. STEVENS, Pensacola, Fla.; B.S. Elem. Ed.; Laguna; S.N.E.A. VIRGINIA STEWART, Jack- son; B.S. Physical Ed.; Sec. W.R.A. PHILIP STONE, Vicks- burg; B.A. Modern Languages; Chess Club. Second Row: CONNIE STRINGER, B.M. Piano; Alpha Lambda Delta Historian; Delta Omicron Sec.; Laguna; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Sweetheart; Music Award. LARRY " SUCHY, Heidelberg; B.S. Bus.; Football; Baseball. ALICE SUD- BECK, Jackson; B.S.Ed. MARGARET SULLIVAN, Jack- son; B.S.Ed.; Sec. Soph. B.S.U. Council; Sec. Tri-College Council: Drill Team; Kissimee. Third Row: REBA TANKESLY, Clinton; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; Kissimee Tribe; S.E.A.; R.E. Club; Chorale Choir; B.S.U. RONNIE TAYLOR, Union; B.M. Church Music; Choral Choir; Madrigal Singers. DALE THOMAS, Jackson; B.A. Psy- chology. THOMAS TACKETT, Clinton; B.A. Psychology. Fourth Row: ANNE THOMPSON, Corinth; B.A. Home Ec.; S.E.A. Historian; Pres. Home Ec. Club; Debate; Tribesman Staff. DOUGLAS WAYNE THORNTON, Raleigh; B.S. History. PAULA TILLMAN, Union; B.S.Ed. Speech and Drama; Pi Kappa Delta; Alpha Psi Omega. SUE TRAYLOR, Blountstown, Fla.; B.M.Ed.; Concert Choir; Chorale Choir; Nenamoosha. Fifth Row: CATHY TUCK, Pascagoula; B.S. Biology; Alpha Chi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Laguna. SID- NETTE TULLOS, Port Gibson; B.S. Elem. Ed.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A. ALLEN TYNER, Indianola, B.A. Bible and R.E.; Vice-Pres. Omicron Delta Kappa; Pres. Alpha Chi; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; M.A.; Men’s Affairs Board. CAROLYN LOUISE ULRICH, Athens, Ala.; B.A. Psychology; B.S.U. Choir; R.E. Club; Psychology Club; Sigma Tau Delta. Sixth Row: LEIGH VAN HOOSE, JR., Natchez; B.S. General Business. BEVERLY VAN NORMAN, Greenville; B.S. Gen. Busi- ness; Laguna; Delta Omicron. PEGGY WADDLE, Fulton; B.S.Ed. MARGARET WALLER, Clinton; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed. 55 SENIORS First Row: DWIGHT WARD, Wilmer, Ala.; B.S. Business; Delta Sigma Pi Historian. TERRY WARD, Philadelphia; BA. History. STEVEN WARREN, Columbia; B.A. Psychology; B.S.U. Executive Council; Football. NANCY WASSON, Seattle, Wash.; B.A. English; Collegian Staff; Arrowhead Sec.; Sigma Tau Delta Sec.; MC Misses; S.EA. Second Row: ELLYN WEAVER, Troy, Ala.; B.A. Sociology; Laguna; Tribesman Staff. KENNETH H. WEAVER, Clinton; B.S. Accounting; Vice-pres. Accounting Club. MARY GAYE WEBB, Live Oak, Fla.; B.S. Elem. Ed.; Kissimee; S.E.A. BOBBY WHITE, Jackson; B.M. Church Music; Chapel Choir; Chorale Choir. Third Row: MARVIN (SONNY) WHITE, Moss Point; B.A. History; Chairman Men’s Affairs Board; Circle K; Pre-Law Club Pres.; Phi Alpha Theta; Pi ' Gamma Mu. MARY LYN WHITE, St. Louis, Mo.; B.S.Ed. History; Pi Gamma Mu Pres.; S.N.E.A.; Y.W.A.; Vesper Choir. RUBY DORIS WHITE, Anguilla; B.M.Ed. Piano; Concert Choir; MENC Pres.; Delta Omicron Second Vice-pres.; Kappa Delta Pi Historian; Chapel Choir. JANIE V. WILLIAMS, Vicksburg; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; Laguna; S.E.A. ; Chorale Choir. Fourth Row: JIMMY WILLIAMS, Grenada; B.A. Bible; B.S.U. Executive Council; M.A. Sec. CAROLYN WILLOUGHBY, Bogalusa, La.; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; Freshman Counselor; B.S.U. Execu- tive Council; S.E.A.; R.E. Club; Nenamoosha. CHARLOTTE MAC WINGO, Columbus; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; S.N.E.A.; Laguna; Tribesman Staff. ANN CRANFORD WOMACK, Clinton; B.S. Elem. Ed.; Concert Choir; Chapel Choir; Swannanoa. Fifth Row: JANIECE WOOTEN, Jackson; B.S. Elem. Ed.; S.E.A. ALVIN WORD III, Jackson; B.S. Economics; Pres. Delta Sigma Pi; Vice-pres. Delta Sigma Pi Pledge Class; Treas. Phi Beta Lambda; “The Music Man”. RUTH YARBER, Clarksdale; B.S.Ed. Elem. Ed.; S.E.A.; Nenamoosha; MC Misses Captain. BECKY YATES, Eupora; B.A. English; Pres. Hederman- Gunter Dorm; Women’s Affairs Board; Kissimee; Delta Omicron; Sigma Tau Delta. Sixth Row: DAVID YOUNG, Jackson; B.S.Ed. History. KIELY YOUNG, Meridian; B.S.Ed. Math; Circle K Officer; B.S.U.; M.A.; R.E.; Track. 56 THE 1968 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Buddy Wagner, Vice President; Buddy Huff, President. Second Row: Deborah Davis, Treas- urer; Linda Anderson, Secretary. Third Row: Sharon Minks, Reporter; Nathan Saucier, Chaplain. SUZY LYNN ADCOCK, Jackson; BOB ALLEN, Brookhaven; LYNDA RUTH ALLEN, Marianna, Fla.; LINDA ANDERSON, Cleveland; MARY ANDERSON, Jackson. BONNIE ARMSTRONG, Wesson; BILL ARNOLD, Memphis, Tenn.; PHYLLIS ASHCRAFT, Clinton; GAYLE AVANTS, Metairie, La.; KATHY AVERY, Whiting, Ind. NORMA BAGGETT, Clinton; RUSSELL LEE BAI- LEY, Tunica; PHIL BALASKI, Picayune; CAL BALLENTINE, Clewiston, Fla.; WAYNE K. BARBER, Jackson. FRANCES BEALL, Vicksburg; NANCY BEAVER, McCordsville, Ind.; LINDA BENEFIELD, Florence; BILLY BLANTON, Vicksburg; LINDA BLOOM, Yazoo City. 57 JUNIORS DOUG BOBITT, Amory; DON BOONE, Tylertown; JOY BOONE, Escatawpa; MIKE BOTELER, Florence; GAIL BRADFORD, Warner Robins, Georgia. SUSAN BRIGHAM, Yazoo City; JAMES NOLAN BRISTER, Jackson; DIANNE BROWN, Meridian; JUANITA BRUCE, Saltillo; BRUCE BRYANT, Clinton. JANET BRYANT, Crystal Springs; SUSAN BRYANT, Clinton; DARLYN BUTLER, Pensacola, Fla.; JOYCE CALENDER, Jackson; HARRIS CALLUM, Pompano Beach, Fla. SUSAN CAMERON, Purvis; CARROLL CAMP, Jack- son; DRUANNE CANTERBURY, Jackson; RICHARD CANTY, JR., Meridian; MARGARET CAPERTON, Greenwood. GLYNDA CARR, Pompano Beach, Fla.; CAROLYN CARTRETT, Gulfport; MARY PATRICIA CHANNEL, Crystal Springs; CHRIS CHILES, Memphis, Tenn .; IRVIN CLACK, Jackson. MIKE CLARK, Brookhaven; RICHARD COLE, Cleve- land; BECKY COLEMAN, Mendenhall; CONNIE CONERLY, McComb; RICK COPELAND, Pompano Beach, Fla. LARRY COSTILOW, Newton; PHILLIP CRAFT, Clinton; BECKY CRISLER, Jackson; SANDRA CROCKETT, Jackson; JIM DALE, Prentiss. CARLA DAVES, Merigold; MAVIS MURIELL DAVES, Fulton; CHIP DAVIS, Clinton; DEBORAH DAVIS, Mendenhall; MICHAEL LEE DAVIS, Indian- ola. MARY SUE DEAR, Bay Springs; KANSAS DeLUCA, Gulfport; REBA DENLEY, Grenada; BOB DENLIN- GER, Lancaster, Penn.; LIBBY DERRYBERRY, Brookhaven. JUNIORS JUDITH DONAHOE, Crystal Springs; JIM DOWDLE, Caledonia; MILTON DOWDY, Vinton, Va.; PATRICIA DUNAWAY, Hollandale; MARVIN EARNHEART, Tunica. MILTON EDWARDS, Leland; WILLIAM ELK, Mont- gomery, Ala.; THOMAS H. ELLIS, West; LUTHER ELMORE, Apopka, Fla.; RONNIE ESTES, Laurel. MARY EVANS, Crystal Springs; LARRY FARLOW, Hattiesburg; MOLLY FILLINGAME, Hattiesburg; ROBERT FIORETTI, Peckville, Pa.; JEANETTE FISCHER, Jackson. JOYCE FITZGERALD. McComb; GERALD P. FRAI- SER, Yazoo City; JOHN FRANKLIN, Alcoa, Tenn.; TRENTON FRANKS, Clinton; MARGARET FRA- ZIER, Jackson. KATHY FULTON, Union; GEORGE FURR, Wesson; RITA GARRETT, Kilmichael; PEGGY GAULT, Booneville; MARILYN GILBERT, Thomaston, Ga. BENTON GOODMAN, Carthage; JOE GORDON, Meridian; MARTHA GORDON, Mobile, Ala.; JUDY GRANT, Poplarville; CHARLIE GRANTHAM, Clin- ton. CHRISTY GRAVES, Slidell, La.; LINDA M. GRAVES, Jackson; DENNIS GREER, Rome, Ga.; TIM GREER, Monroe, La.; ANDY GRIFFIN, Leland. HILLY GRIFFIN, Coffeeville; MIKE GULLEDGE, Meridian; MARGARET HALE, Mobile, Ala.; SARAH HAMLIN, Tallahassee, Fla.; WREN HAMMACK, Flora. NANCY HAND, Jackson; ROBERT HAND, Green- ville; MARK A. HARDIN, Chunky; BOBBY HARDI- SON, Apopka, Fla.; BETTY HARPOLE, Jackson. 59 I JUNIORS ANN HARRIS, Vicksburg; BONNIE HAUGHTON, Mt. Olive; JOYCE HILL, Jackson; KENNETH L. HODGES, Columbus; REBEKAH LEE HOLLAND, Clinton. JAMES HOWARD, Crystal Springs; BUDDY HUFF, Pascagoula; ANNA REE JONES, Vicksburg; DOYLE JONES, Benton; JAMES JONES, Vicksburg. THOMAS KEARNS, Pompano Beach, Fla.; CHERYL KEATHLEY, Memphis, Term.; DANNY KELLUM, Clinton; DEENA KELLUM, Sumner; BUTCH KIRK- LAND, Liberty. JOHN F. KRAMER, Miami, Fla.; MARY SUE KYLE, Sil ver Spring, Md.; RANDELL LACK, Jackson; CA- MILLE LAMBRIGHT, Brookhaven; LINDA LAND, Jackson. ROBERT LANDRUM, Magee; CHALMERS KEITH LANE, JR., Ellisville; SUSIE LEE, Forest; ROGER LEGGETT, Bogue Chitto; CHUCK LEWIS, Meridian. NANCY LEWIS, Union; JUDIE LIDE, Pascagoula; MARSHA LOPER, Gulfport; MARTHA LYLE, Nat- chez; HERBERT GEER McCARRIAR, Baltimore, Md. TOMMY McDonald. Jackson; JANE McGINNIS, Jacksonville, Fla.; WILLARD McILWAIN, Greenville; MARY LOU McKENZIE, Miami, Fla.; DOUGLAS RAY McKINLEY, Jackson. RICHARD C. McMILLAN. Tampa, Fla.; CHARLYNE McNEER, Durant; ELLEN McNUTT, Coldwater; CHARLES A. MADDOX, Mobile, Ala.; SQUEAKIE MAKAMSON, Meridian. BOB MANNING, Jackson; JO ANN MARTIN, Yazoo City; TERRY L. MARTIN, Lancaster, Pa.; SAMMY MAXWELL, Drew; BETTY MILLER, Jackson. 60 JUNIORS HERMAN A. MILNER, JR., Jackson; SHARON SUE MINKS, Liberty; PHIL D. MOCK, Senatobia; SUSAN DIANE MOODY, Nashville, Tenn.; BETTY SUE MOR- GAN, Liberty. RICHARD MORGAN, Flora; KENNY MORTON, Amory; BOB MOULTON, Key Largo, Fla.; JOY MURRY, Vancleave; LINDA LOVE MYERS, Holly Springs. MIRIAM MYRICK, Kosciusko; KEN NOLAN, Fernan- dina Beach, Fla.; JIM OATSVALL, Zion, 111.; GAYE PARKS, Houston; MILEY PARRISH, Pompano Beach, Fla. PATRICIA PATTERSON, Merigold; TOMMY PAT- TERSON, Ripley; BETH PERKINS, Greenwood; RICHARD PITTMAN, Baton Rouge, La.; JOEL POW- ELL, Richton. BILLIE PRESLEY, Jackson; HUBERT PREVOST, Alexandria, La.; DOUG PRICE, Raymond; WALTER A PRICE, Amory; ROSEMARY PYLE, Jackson. BOBBY QUINN, Poquoson, Va.; JAMES THOMAS RANDALL, Lavonia, Ga.; GWENDA RANKIN, Ma- gee; STEVE RANKIN, Natchez; SANDRA RAWLS, Indianola. HAYWOOD REEVES, Walnut Grove; BETTY REN- FROE, Alvin, Texas; CAROL REYNOLDS, St. Peters- burg, Fla.; DALE RICHARDS, Birmingham, Ala.; WAYNE RICHEY, Waynesboro. ELAINE ROARK, Yazoo City; JOHN ROBERTS, Jackson; WILLIAM EDWIN ROBINSON, JR., French Camp; MARTHA ROCHESTER, Raymond; BEN ROGEIRS, Morton. JUDY ROGERS, Moss Point; LEE ROSS, Pelahatchie; DONNA ROUND, Laurel; MARTHA ROWE, Memphis, Tenn.; SHIRLEY RUTLAND, Jayess. JUNIORS KEIKO SAGISAKA, Tokyo, Japan; KENNETH SAN- DERS, Memphis, Term.; NATHAN SAUCIER, Kinston, N.C.; RICK SEABROOK, State Line; JIMMY SHAN- NON, Honolulu, Hawaii. RICHARD A. SHAW, Jackson; LARRY SHIRLEY, Pensacola, Fla.; RONNIE SILLS, Jackson; FRANK SIMMONS, Kosciusko; JERRY SIMMONS, Meridian. BILL SIMS, Canton; DICK SKEEN, Pompano Beach, Fla.; PEGGY SLAY, Jackson; CHARLES SMITH, Pearl; DEANNA SMITH, Sandersville. DIANNE SMITH, Brookhaven; GLORIA SMITH, Pompano Beach, Fla.; JOHN H. SMITH, Jackson; KENNY SMITH, Natchez. MARLISE SMITH, Jackson; RICHARD L. SMITH, New Orleans, La.; SUE ANNE SMITH, Jackson; TAL- MADGE SMITH, Clinton; TRICIA SMITH, Vero Beach, Fla. CHERRY SMYLY, Clinton; LELAND SPIVEY, Lake- land, Fla.; JOHN ERIC SPROLES, Clinton; MARK STEELE, Natchez; DAVID STEVENS, Clinton. PAT STIMATZE, Hutchinson, Kans.; SAM STOCK- ETT, Jackson; FRANK STOKES, Gloster; JILL STONE, Gulfport; MACK CRAIG STRANGE, Pasca- goula. BARBARA STRICKLAND, Memphis, Term.; THOM- AS STRICKLAND, Corinth; GEORGE ALAN STROUD, West Point; BILLY STRUM, Morton; DIANA TAYLOR, Hazelhurst. DON A. TAYLOR, Senatobia; LYNDA KAY TAYLOR, Crystal Springs; JO ANN TERWILLIGER, Jackson; RAMELLE THATCH, Jackson; EVELYN KAYE THOMAS, Gulfport. JUNIORS SHERRY THOMPSON, Vicksburg; GLO TOWNSEND, Jackson; EDWARD TREHERN, Pascagoula; SCOTT TURNER, Jackson; LYDIA VEST, Greenville. BUDDY WAGNER, Isola; JOE P. WALKER, JR., Jackson; DAVID WALL, Jackson; BILL WATSON, Clinton; JANN WEAVER, Gulfport. JIM WEBB, Jackson; GLENDA WEEKS, Nettleton; JOHN M. WELLONS, JR., Florence, S.C.; BOBBY WEST, Brookhaven; SUZANNE WHATLEY, Clinton. CHERYL WHITE, Flushing, Mich.; MARGARETTE WILLIAMS, Holly Springs; HENRY M. WILLING- HAM, Grenada; DAPHNE WILSON, Greenville; BOB WILSON, Memphis, Tenn. ROGER WISE, Clinton; BARRY WOONTON, Pom- pano Beach, Fla.; JO ETTA WYNNE, Panama City, Fla.; SANDRA YARBROUGH, Jackson; DIANE YOUNG, Amory. KATHY ZELT, St. Petersburg, Fla. V THE 1968 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: John Lockhart, President; Mike Pinion, Reporter; Bar- ney Guyton, Vice President; Larry Cox, Treasurer. Second Row: Carol Herr, Chaplain; Kathy Bay, Secretary. EARL ADAIR, Jackson; BOBBY ALLEN, Memphis, Tenn.; RICHARD ALLEN, Jackson; SUSAN ALLEN, Monticello; JILL ALMOND, Atlanta, Ga. BETSY ARMOUR, Collierville, Tenn.; RANDALL ARMSTRONG. Jackson; JERRY ASKEW, Tokyo, Ja- pan; JOHN H. BALLARD. Jackson; ANDY BAR- NETT, Bay Springs. KATHY BAY, Hicksville, N.Y.; JAMES BEASLEY, Jackson; DEBORAH BENNETT, Lamar; RALPH B ETHEA, Jackson; ANNE BLACKLEDGE, Laurel. BERNARD B. BLACKWELL, Clinton; LINDA BLAN- CF.TT, Meridian; CHARLIE BOGGAN, Amory; PA- TRICIA BRADLEY, Natchez; CINDY BRANTLEY, Newton. SOPHOMORES CAROL BRASWELL. Gulfport; NANCY BRIDGES, Durant; MARTHA LOU BRINGLE, Covington, Tenn.; GEORGE THOMAS BRISTER, Jackson; RUTH ANN BROOME, Clinton. DIANE BROWN, Saraland, Ala.; PENNY ' BROWN, Jackson; GAYLE BUGG, Grenada; BILL BURGESS, Leland; CAROLYN BUSH, Columbia. ROBERT E. BUSH, DeKalb; JENNIE BUTLER, Lau- rel; PENNY BUTLER. Pensacola, Fla.; TOM CAL- HOUN, Greenwood; ELIZABETH CARTER, Biloxi. GREG CHANDLER, West Caldwell, N.J.; DIANA CHILES, Memphis, Tenn.; PHILIP CHISOLM, Merid- ian; CHARLENE CHURCH, Memphis, Tenn.; BECCA CLEMONS, Amite, La. STEVE CLOUD, Tampa, Fla.; OLIVIA COLLIER, Le- land; AUTHOR R. COMANS, Jackson; DON CONER- LY, Osyka; KAREN C. COOPER, Jacksonville, Fla. MARY ANN COOPER. Carthage; JODIE COTHEN, Jackson; JOHN C. COTTEN, New Orleans, La.; SAM- MY CRAWFORD, Isola; GAYE NELL COX, Jackson. J. LARRY COX, Greenwood; JERRY CUNNINGHAM, Baldwyn; CARL CUMMINS, Clinton; MARY DAUGH- ERTY, Bastrop, La.; TOM DeLAUGHTER, New Or- Orleans, La. SHEILA DICKEY, Monticelio; LINDA SUE DON- NELLY, Crystal Springs; AMYLOU DOUGLAS, Clin- ton; SALLY DYESS, Tutwiler; JAMES LYLE EAST, Zachary, La. CONNIE ELLIS, West Point; GEORGE DALE ENG- LAND, Baldwyn; JEANIE EVANS, Cincinnati, Ohio; DAVID FAIRCHILD, Louisville; REBECCA FORTEN- BERRY, Brookhaven. 6 5 SOPHOMORES BRENDA FREEMAN, Bastrop, La.; BETTY GER- MANY, Clinton; GEORGE GILLESPIE, Greenwood; SANDRA GODFREY, Pontotoc; JEFF GOODRICH, Jackson. GARY GOOGE, Pompano Beach, Fla.; RUSSELL GRIFFIN, Memphis, Tenn.; PATRICK GRAHAM, Jackson; CAROL GRESHAM, Jackson; DONNA KAY GRIFFITH, Aberdeen. BARBARA GROTH, Hannover, Germany; KIRK GUL- LEDGE, Grenada; BARNEY GUYTON, Blue Mountain; GEORGE HAMMACK, Clinton; KAY HANKINS, Moss Point. NANCY HARRIS, Moss Point; MARY HAWKINS, Weir; MARSHALENE HAZLIP. Clinton; ZACH HED- ERMAN, Jackson; JOHNNIE NELL HENRY, Union. HENRI SUE HERBISON, Shaw; CAROL HERR, Pas- cagoula; PHYLLIS HERREN, Tupelo; SUE ANN HER- RING, Meridian; CHERYL HERRINGTON, Dunn, La. DALE HEWETT, Lake City, Fla.; JOHNNY KAY HICKS, Waynesboro; CHERYL HORN, Ridge- land; MARILYN HUFFMAN, Greenwood; BOBBIE HUGHES, Jackson. LYDIA IRBY, Brandon; JULIE IVERS, Yazoo City; JAMES CAREY JETER, West Point; VAN JOHNSON, Atlanta, Ga.; SHARON SUE JOHNSTON, Monticello. WALTER JOHNSTON, Vicksburg; CAROL JOHN- STONE, Tupelo; ALAN JONES, Memphis, Tenn.; CHARLOTTE JONES, Brandon; MARY BETH JONES, Kosciusko. SARAH LOU JONES, Greenville; BECKY JORDAN, Greenville; KATHY JORDAN, Biloxi; LINDA KEITH, Hollandale; CAROL KELLY, Clinton. 66 SOPHOMORES PRISCILLA KERST, Vicksburg; JAMAE KIRBY, Houston; MARTHA LACEY, Weir; VIVIAN LAND- rAR TVTJorr,; FI n • .TTM LANDRUM. St. Louis, Mo. LOU LANE, Flora; EMILY LANSDELL, Jackson; GAINES LEE, Tampa, Fla.; MERCER LEE, Forest; WARREN LEVY, Trumbauersville, Pa. JAN LEWIS, Los Angeles, Calif.; JOHN LOCKHART, Jackson; DAVID LUNCEFORD, Sardis; LORRAINE LUTRICK, Jackson; SANDY LYNAM, Jackson. MIKE McCOLLUM, Clinton; BONNIE McKENZIE, Durant; CAROL MARSH, Cleveland; JERRY MAR- TIN, Jackson; MARGARET MATHIS, Yazoo City. PAULA ANN MATHEWSON, Pensacola, Fla.; ALLEN MAY, Jackson; TAN MAYHALL, Port Gibson; HUGH MIDDLETON, JR., Greenwood; KATHY METTS, Benton. ANITA MILLER, Rolling Fork; BOBBY MILLER, Tutwiler; H. B. MILLER, JR., Mendenhall; GLORIA MITCHELL, Clinton; JAMES MOORE, New Orleans, La. JUDY MORRISON, Greenwood; BARBARA ELLEN NEAL, Clinton; DELORES NEAL, Memphis, Tenn.; DAVID NIEMAN, Hattiesburg; LINDA NOBLES, Jackson. JERRY NORM AN, Canton; LONN OSWALT, Ham- mond La.; SHARON PACKER, Chattanooga, Tenn.; BARB PARISH, Zion, 111.; ANN PATTERSON, Mem- phis, Tenn. PATRICIA PATTERSON, Abita Springs, La.; PAUL PATTERSON, Laurel; BYRON PHILLIPS, Jackson; MIKE PINION, Lambert; CINDY POWELL, Baton Rouge, La. SOPHOMORES JOHN PRICE, McComb; LINDA RAINEY, Gulfport- ROGER WAYNE RATCLIFF, Natchez; KATHY REYNOLDS, Cantonment, Fla.; SUSAN REYNOLDS, New Orleans, La. MARCIA RHODES, Knoxville, Tenn.; JOANN ROB- ERTS, Baton Rouge, La.; LEE ROBERTS, Baldwyn- JANE ROBERTSON, Thousand Oaks, Calif.; THERE- SIA ROGERS, Brookhaven. LYNDA ROWLEY, Foxworth; RANDY SCAR- BROUGH, Kenner, La.; DIANNE SCHNEELOCH Bay Shore, N.Y.; DAVID SCREWS, Jackson; CARL SHEDD, Pelahatchie. JAMES HARDIN SHOEMAKER, Houston; LOR- RAINE SIMPSON, Canton; ALTON DENNY SMITH, Brookhaven; ANNA SMITH, Tampa, Fla.; BEDFORD SMITH, Brookhaven. DANNIE L. SMITH, Jackson; JIMMY SMITH, Jack- son; SHARON SMITH, Grenada; LULA ANN SNOWE, Waynesboro; JEAN MARIE STANLEY, Orlando Fla JOHN L. STEVENS, JR., Natchez; LOU STOKES, McComb; ROSEMARY SUDDUTH, Tinsley; GERI LEA SULLIVAN, Jackson; BARBARA TATE, Kil- michael. BERNARDEAN TAYLOR, Senatobia; PAUL TRIP- LETT, Wedowee, Ala.; JUDI TULLOS, Jackson; NANCY WALDEN, Pompano Beach, Fla.; LINDA KAY WALKER, Eupora. SHERRIE WALKER, Flora; JANN WALL, Inverness; KAY WALLACE, Jackson; BILLY WEBB, Memphis, Tenn.; MEREDITH REBECCA WEBB, Brandon. SANDRA WEBB, Louisville; SYLVIA WEISZ, Clin- ton; BEVERLY WELCH, Bogalusa, La.; KATHRYN WHEELER, Thomas ville, Ga.; DAVID RAY WHIT- AKER, Jacksonville, Fla. SOPHOMORES JACK WHITE, JR., McComb; LIBBY WILSON, Pica- yune; JEAN WOMACK, Magee; LYNDA WORD, Jackson; HUBERT WORLEY, Jackson. MARGARET WORLEY, Senatobia; MARZELL WOR- SHOM, Grenada. 69 OFFICERS: Kathy Davis, Reporter; Margaret Rochinski, Vice Pres- ident; Danny Bout well, President; Barbara Irby, Secretary. Second Row: Mitchell Ferguson, Treasurer; Danny Fraiser, Chaplain. THE 1968 FRESHMAN CLASS AMELIA ABERNATHY, Shannon; JULIA ADAMS, Amory; LORRAINE ALEXANDER, Mobile, Ala.; JERRY ALLEN, Cleveland; BECKY APPLEWHITE, Kediri, Indonesia. M. S. (BUDDY) ARRINGTON, Jackson; DAVID AS- WELL, Slidell, La.; SUSAN AYCOCK, Rosedale; BARRY BACKUS, Pompano Beach, Fla.; LARRY BAIN, Pearl. JIM BAIRD, Greenwood; SANDY BULLARD, Jack- son; EDWINA BARDIN, Flora; JANE BARFIELD, Kosciusko; BUDDY BEAM, Jackson. ROBERT W. BEASLEY, Lumberton; DAVE BELL, Springfield, 111.; RUTH BILBO, Pensacola, Fla.; LARRY BLANCETT, Meridian; PHILLIP L. BLOUNT, Pass Christian. 7 ° t FRESHMEN W. H. (DANNY) BOUTWELL, JR., Moss Point; BAR- BARA BOYLES, Jackson; PAT BRAKE, Pensacola, Fla.; CAR LOTTA BROADUS, Jackson; CHARLOTTE BROWN, Newton. RILEY LEE BROWN, Lake Providence, La.; BONNIE BRUECK, Vicksburg; FRAN BUGG, Forest Hill, Tenn.; SANDY BURNETT, Meridian; MICHAEL WAYNE BURNS, Columbus. TRICIA BURNS, Vicksburg; JERRY BURRIS, Brook- haven; PATSY BURRIS, Summit; JEAN CALENDER, Jackson; STEVE CALVERT, Jackson. JOHN EDWARD CAMPBELL III, Tavares, Fla.; DEB- BIE CARR, Slidell, La.; PAT CARITHERS, Jackson; CINDY CARTER, Bogalusa, La.; BUDDY CASEY, Jackson. CAROL ANN CASSELS. Tampa, Fla.; BRAD CAS- TLEBERRY, Newburgh, N.Y.; LINDA CASTON, Jackson: LYDIA CHANNEL, Ft. Myers, Fla.; DORIS CHEATHAM, Jackson. MIKE CHITTOM, Inverness; PEGGY CLAYTON, Jackson; MARY LIL COGGIN, Columbus, Ga.; JACK COHEN, Philadelphia, Pa.; BETTY COLE, Amory. SONNY COLE, Jackson; ROGER W. BONNER III, Tavares. Fla.; CHRYSTIE COOK, Yazoo City; CHET COOKE, Metairie, La.; LARRY COOKE, Memphis, Tenn. KAY COOPER, Clinton; MIKE COREY, Lake Worth, Fla.; DIXI E CAROL CRAIG, Oxford; MILDRED CRAWFORD, Jackson; RUTH ELLEN DACUS, Can- ton. KATHY DAVIS, Brookhaven; ROBERT EARL DA- VIS, Morton; ROBERT DEAL, Slidell, La.; MERLEEN DENSON, Jackson; NINA DICKARD, Jackson. FRESHMEN BRENDA DICKEY, Pompano Beach, Fla.; SHERRILL DILLON, Meadville; ELIZABETH DOLLARHIDE, Oxford; DEBBIE DOOLITTLE, Eupora; MARY EL- LEN DORMAN, Quitman. MIKE DURHAM, Holly Springs; GAIL EDWARDS. Philadelphia; JANE EDWARDS, Canton; SUE EVANS, Canton; KAY EVERETT, Greensboro, N.C. JANET EZELL, Dallas, Tex.; KAREN FAULK Vicks- burg; JOHN DANIEL FERGUSON, Brandon; MIT- CHELL FERGUSON, Pittsboro; KAY FLYNT, Phoe- nix, Ariz. PEGE FOWLKES, Amory; MICHAEL GLEN FOX, Charleston; DANNY FRAISER, Canton; JOE GAU- TIER, Biloxi; PAULA GILL. Tucson, Ariz. CHERIE GLASS, Atlanta, Ga.; DAVID GLOVER Memphis, Tenn.; JOSEPH GODFREY, West Palm Beach, Fla.; JIMMY GOOLSBY, Canton; MARY JANE GORE, Clinton. BILL GORMAN, Corinth; KAREN GRAHAM, Jack- son; DAVID GRAY, Columbia; LINDA GRAY, Phila- delphia; MARILYN GRAVES, Ripley. BARBARA GRILLOT. Crystal Springs; HENRY G. GUESS, Pensacola, Fla.; DAVID G. GULLEDGE, Natchez: MARIANNA GUNTER, Clinton; DIANE HALEY, Bogalusa, La. CAROLYN FAYE HALL, Jackson; JENNIFER HAR- POLE, Canton; JOANN HARRISON, Amory; SHEILA HART, Meridian; SUE HARTLEY, Quincy, Fla. KENNETH HARVEY, Picayune; JANE HATCH, Sli- dell, La.; PHYLLIS HAWKINS, Amory; SUZIE HEARN, Nashville, Tenn.; JIMMY HENDERSON, Newport News, Va. FRESHMEN SUE HENSLEY, Clinton; HARRY BUTLER HILL- MAN, Richton; CARLA HINDS, Destin, Fla.; MARI- LYN HODGE, Asheville, N.C.; DIXIE HODGES, Brookhaven. JOHN HODGES, Pass Christian; SHEILA HOPE, Le- land; DEAN HUBBARD, Natchez; EMILY HUCKA- BAY, Maxie; HARRY LEROY HUGHES, West Palm Beach, Fla. MARY HUGHES, Louisville; EDDIE HUHN, Jackson; JOY CE HUNT, Louisville; SANDRA HUTCHISON, Sallis; BARBARA IRBY, Meridian. JAN JACKSON, Jackson; DAN JOHNSON, Ventura, Calif.; TONI JOHNSON, Tunica; DAN JONES, Vicks- burg; JANICE JONES, Columbus. JEANIE JONTZ, Memphis, Tenn.; CAROLYN JOR- DAN, Greenville; KENNETH JORDAN. Tallaluah, La.; DEBORAH KEE, Woodville; TOM KEITH, Hol- landale. MONA KRAEER, Pompano Beach, Fla.; ELIZABETH LACY, Yazoo City; ANN LAMBERT, Yazoo City; JAMES LANDRETH, Columbia; ROBERT LEE. Tam- pa, Fla. RORY LEE, Prentiss; MARGARET LeGRAND, New Orleans, La.; BERLITA LEONARD, Jackson; PAT LEWIS, Woodville; DAVID LINTON, Soonchun, Korea. MARTHA LITTLE, Crystal Springs; ROBERT LOE, Natchez; BILL LOFTON, Brookhaven; LITA FAYE LOPEZ, Memphis, Tenn.; W. A. (DICK) LOVE, Gi- rard, Kans. CAROL LUM, Jackson; JANICE LYNK, Hollandale; JUDY LYNN McDONALD, Jackson; GEORGE Mc- FATTER, Baton Rouge, La.; LINDA FAYE McGEE, Meridian. 73 FRESHMEN LYNN McINTOSH, Magee; TOMMY McINTYRE, Jackson; SUZANNE McLELLAN, Lexington; BEN MAGEE. Charleston; ELIZABETH MAHER, Jackson. SHERYL MAKAMSON, Durant; JIMMIE MAR- SHALL, Greenville; NELDA MARTIN, Noxapater; ELEANOR MASHBURN, Pearl; SUZANNE METTS, Oxford. KITTY MITCHELL, Tutwiler; JO ANNE MOORE, Holly Bluff; MARK MORGAN, Cincinnati, Ohio; MILES MORGAN, Jackson; JOE MOSS, Raymond. CHARLES MOUNT, Tampa, Fla.; PAULA MULLEN, Pascagoula; JAMES BRIAN NICHOLS, Memphis, Tenn.; CLAUDIA NICHOLSON, Pascagoula; ANN NORMAN, Meridian. SUE NUTT, Benton; SCOTTY OBERSCHMIDT, Brookhaven; PHIL ODOM, Wiggins; BUD O’HARA, Tallahassee, Fla.; JANICE PARFITT, Greenwood. DON PATTERSON, Jackson; PAT PATTERSON, West Palm Beach, Fla.; WINSTON PICKENS, Memphis, Tenn.; KATHERINE PITCHFORD, Canton; BAR- BARA POLK, Jackson. KAY PONDER, Brandon; TOMMY PRATHER, Bald- wyn; RONNIE PREVOST. Hazlehurst; LA VON PUR- VIS, Morton; ELIZABETH QUIN, Jackson. CHERIE QUINN, Flora; NELDA RANKIN, Clinton; KEN RAY, Pompano Beach, Fla.; LOUISE REED, Louisville; REBECCA REEVES, Summit. ORA FAY RENFROE, Jackson; DEBBIE REYNOLDS, Clinton; RICHARD RITCHIE, Baton Rouge, La.; RUTH ROBERTS, Brookhaven; JAMES ROBERTSON, Natchez. FRESHMEN ROBERT McDANIEL ROBERTSON, Thousand Oaks, Calif ; SUSAN LORRAINE ROGERS, Walnut Grove; ROLANDA ROULAINE, Prentiss; PATRICIA ROW- ELL, Jackson; ANN RYE, Tampa, Fla. MARGARET ROCHINSKI, Columbia; NANCY SCOTT, Houston; GAINES SHAMBURGER, Jackson; KAREN SHARPE, Mims, Fla.; BRUCE SHAW, Louisville. RITA SHEFFIELD, Jackson; KITTY SHELBY, Vicks- burg; DALE SHEPHERD, Clinton; SHERI SIMMER- MAN, Pascagoula; PATTY SLAY, Jackson. GARY SMITH, Laurel; MICHAEL HOUSTON SMITH, Aberdeen; SUSAN SMITH, Jackson; THAD SMITH, Tampa, Fla.; JANE SPEED, Collins. RACHEL LOVE STEVENS, Noxapater; CYNTHIA STOVER, Purvis; BERNARDEENE SULLIVAN, Pearl; MARTHA SULLIVAN, Winona; ANDY SUMRALL, Jackson. TIM TAYLOR, Canton; CAROLYN TEDFORD, West Point; JOHN GRAEME THOMPSON, JR., Madison; CHERYL TILLMAN, Crystal Springs; DOROTHY TURNER, Pompano Beach, Fla. RICHARD NORRIS VEST, Greenville; JUDITH UN- DERWOOD, Metairie, La.; ALTON WAGGENER, Jackson; BILLY WALKER, Suffolk, Va.; JOHNNY WALKER, Waynesboro. KAREN WALKER, Jackson; DAVID WALLACE, En- terprise; JOYCELYN WALTERS, Magee; MARGIE WARD, Leland; RANDY WARD, Birmingham, Ala. 75 BEKKI WEAVER, Clinton; JANE WEBB, Jackson; MAX IE WELLS, Clinton; ZENO RANDALL WELLS, Prichard, Ala.; CHARLES WESLEY, Rolling Fork. GARY WILLIS, Denver, Colo.; NANCY WILLIS, Pas- cagoula; JEAN WILSON, Grenada; WILEY WINDERS Nettleton; CECIL R. WORKS, Clinton. TERESA WOODRUFF, Houston, Texas; DANNY WOOLDRIDGE, West Point; WESLEY R. YATES, Clinton; MARY YONKERS, Clinton; GUY YOUNCE, Del City, Okla. FRESHMEN MARILU WHITE, Nashville, Term.; HELEN WHIT- TEN, Madrid, Spain; HARLAN WHITTINGTON, Greenwood; DENE WILLIAMS, Grenada; RALPH EDWARD WILLIAMSON, Jackson. Room check in 5 minutes! CAMPUS LIFE Sing it, Trisha! Bull’s-eye! i EDITED BY DONNA ROUND “Fairest of all” is a phrase which describes the beauty, charm, and talent found on the Mississippi College campus. Winners of the Parade of Favorites are chosen by the student body and are formally presented in a special program in the fall. Outstanding achievement and service are recognized on the campus level by selection to the Hall of Fame and on the national level by selection to Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. HOMECOMING QUEEN AND COURT Queen Bari Lee. HOMECOMING COURT: Seated: Eva Aultman, Maid of omore Maid; Lee Ross, Junior Maid; Gayle McGee, Senior Honor; Queen Bari Lee. Standing: Mary Beth Jones, Soph- Maid; Carolyn Tedford, Freshman Maid. 85 Lydia Vest, Olivia Collier, Sandra Force. Second Row: Linda Caston, Carol Lum. Third Row: Delores Neal, Janice Hattox, Trisha Channel, Karen Graham. Not Pictured: Linda Mabry. BEAUTY NOMINEES 86 MOST BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY BEAUTY beauty JU, ISS ua ‘Uest 9 1 MR. M. C. Towi r jf evost 93 CLASS FAVORITES FRESHMAN FAVORITES — Dick Love of Girard, Kansas, and Mary Jane Gore of Clinton. . 1 j FRESHMAN FAVORITES — Ken Ray of Pompano Beach, Flor- ida, and Martha Little of Crystal Springs. SOPHOMORE FAVORITES — John Lockhart of Jackson and Penny Brown of Jackson. SOPHOMORE FAVORITES — David Fairchild of Louisville and Marilyn Huff- man of Greenwood. SENIOR FAVORITES— Gayle McGee of Kosciusko and Billy Jernberg of Sumner. SENIOR FAVORITES — Bari Lee of Moss Point and John Hassell of Moss Point. CLASS FAVORITES 95 I HALL OF FAME a om It is sublime to feel and say of another, 1 need never meet, or speak, or write to him . . . if he did thus or thus, I know it was right. The integrity of Tom Prevost is admired by all who know him. His friendliness and true spirit of Christian concern and leadership led others to invest him with positions of trust and authority. Serving as Freshman and Junior Class President, Secretary of the Men’s Affairs Board, Chief Justice of the Judicial Council, and B.S.U. President, he has led nobly and selflessly, always striving to attain the highest standards. Chosen as a Freshman Favorite, a member of O.D.K., and participating in intramural sports, his college career was highlighted by his being chosen Mr. Mississippi College, To one who has embodied the true ideals of Mississippi College, we offer a position of distinction in the Mississippi College Hall of Fame. £ va c arolyvi tman Our lives are songs; God writes the words And we set them to music at pleasure; And the song grows glad, or sweet, or sad, As we choose to fashion the measure. The life of Eva Carolyn Aultman is literally filled with song, for her great musical talent is known to many through her use of it in countless ways. Serving as president of Delta Omicron, a member of the Concert Choir, Music Ch airman of the B.S.U., and having roles in The Music Man and The Student Prince attest to the generous use of her talents. Many honors have come to Eva, for she was chosen Circle K Sweetheart, Sophomore and Junior Class Favorite, Maid of Honor in the Homecoming Court, and perhaps the greatest honor of all, Miss Mississippi College. For one whose vivacious personality and versatile talents are an inspiration to others, we extend an honored place in the Mississippi College Hall of Fame. 96 HALL OF FAME ones To character and success , two things, contradictory as they may seem, must go together — humble dependence and manly independence ; humble dependence on God, and manly independence on self. Jim Sones truly manifests these qualities for he has independently sought better means of leadership while depending on Divine Wisdom for ultimate guidance. His concern for students at Mississippi College and his awareness of student needs led to his election as President of the Mississippi Intercollegiate Council. Chosen as the O.D.K. Freshman of the Year and Sophomore Class President, and elected to the Senate and Vice-Presidency of the B.S.U., Jim has served as this year’s Student Body President, putting to good use those abilities developed in past experiences. For outstanding and understanding leadership, and in recognition of his achievements, we honor Jim Sones with a place in the Mississippi College Hall of Fame. ara X evv s Happiness is possible only when one is busy. The body must toil, the mind must be occupied, and the heart must be satisfied. Those who do good as opportunity offers are sowing seed all the time, and they need not doubt the harvest. Barbara Lewis is truly one who finds happiness in service. One never ceases to be amazed at her many activities and contributions to Mississippi College as she maintains an excellent scholastic record. Giving her best efforts wholeheartedly, she has been President of Cap and Gown, Vice-President of Sigma Tau Delta, and Sponsor of Circle K. She has served on the Judicial Council, Presidents Cabinet, and the Tribesman Staff, and has been co-chairman of High School Day and of the Brochure Committee for Religious Emphasis Week. For her willing and unselfish service in the true Christian spirit, we proudly add the name of Barbara Lewis to the Mississippi College Hall of Fame. 97 WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN The students recognized in Who’s Who each year are nominated from over 750 colleges and universities, and are selected on t he basis of scholarship, citizenship, participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, service, and general promise of future usefulness. College juniors, seniors and students enrolled in graduate courses are eligible for nomination. Selection of nominees is conducted by campus committees and involves student-faculty administration participation. Participation in Who’s Who increases through the year as its worth and need is more and more appreciated. The college accords a great honor to these students by selecting them to appear in this year’s WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. EVA AULTMAN, Columbia; B.M.Ed.; Voice; Circle K Sweetheart; Soph, and Jr. Class Favorite; Maid of Honor, Homecoming Court; Miss Mis- sissippi College; Delta Omicron, President; Kissimee, Vice-Pres- ident; Kappa Delta Pi; Cap and Gown; Intertribal Council; President’s Cabinet; Concert Choir; The Music Man; Dean’s List; SCOPE Delegate; Cheer- leader; B.S.U. Council, Music Chairman; The Student Prince. SUZAN BAILEY, Atlanta, Ga.; B.A. English; Laguna, Vice- President and President; Inter- tribal Council, Reporter and Vice-President; B.S.U. Secre- tary; Soph. Class Secretary; Circle K Sweetheart; Collegian Staff; Junior Class Homecom- ing Maid; Senior Class Secre- tary. ROSIE BAIN, Grenada; B.S. Elem. Ed.; Cheerleader; Circle K Sponsor; Soph. Class Officer; Laguna, Vice-President and President; Intertribal Council, Secretary and Co-President; Tomahawk , Co-editor; S.E.A., Vice-President and Social Chairman; Student Personnel Committee; The Music Man. BETTY BARNES, Hattiesburg; B.S.Bus.Ed.; Kissimee, Record- ing Sectary; M.I.C. Secretary; Pi Omega Pi, Vice-President; S.B.A. Secretary; President’s Cabinet. MIKE BEALL, Clinton; B.S. Biology; Alpha Epsilon Delta, President; B.S.U. Executive Council, Training Union Rep- resentative; Civitan; Gavel Club; Commuter Council; Band; President’s Cabmet, Campus Communications; O.D.K. BONNIE BREEDLOVE, Charleston; B.S. Speech; Pi Kappa Delta, Vice-President and President; Alpha Psi Omega, Reporter and President; Kissimee, Publicity Chairman and Historian; Tribal Players, Reporter; Band, Feature and Drum Majorette; Musical Cast, Asst. Director; S.B.A. Cabinet, Director of Special Activities. DIANNE BURGESS, Leland; B.A. Speech; Women’s Student Association, President and Vice-President; Cap and Gown; Alpha Chi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Kappa Delta, Vice- President and Secretary; De- bating; B.S.U. Executive Coun- cil; Kissimee; Senate Clerk; M.I. Executive Secretary; Southern University Student Govt. Association Representa- tive; Murder in the Cathedral; College Student Bulletin, Editor. DAVID WAYNE GOODMAN, Alexander City, Ala.; B.S. Chemistry; Alpha Chi; O.D.K. ; Freshman Chemistry Award; Judicial Council, Election Com- mittee; Civitan; Chess Club, President. AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES a r PEGGY GUNTER, Marks; B.S. S.E.A., Secretary; Y.W.A.; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-Presi- c e nt; Cap and Gown, Reporter; B.S.U. Greater Council, Stew- ardship Committee; Freshman Counselor. JOHN HASSELL, Moss Point; B.S. Zoology; Circle K, 3rd Vice-President, 1st Vice-Presi-« dent; Delta Sigma Pi; M Club; Baseball; Kissimee Beau; A.E.D.; Senior Favorite. BILLY JERNBERG, Sumner; B.S. Zoology; ODK Pres.; AED Pres, and Sec.; Civitan sec., Dis- trict Treas.; Phi Mu Alpha Vice- Pres., BSU Choir Pres., Organ- ist; Band Sergeant; Men’s Af- fairs Board, Vice-Chr.; Judicial Council. HAROLD JOHNSON, JR., Jackson; B.S. Zoology; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Vice-President; Circle K, Secretary; President’s Cabinet. Commuter Chairman; Class Officer; Civitan Scholar- ship; Citizenship Scholarship; College Basketball. DOUG KELLUM, Tutwiler; B.A. History; ODK; Civitan Pres., District Gov., Historian; State BSU Vice-Pres.; BSU Choir Pres.; Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia; Chapel Choir; Concert Choir; Band; Judicial Council; Pre-Law Club; Phi Alpha Theta. MARTHA LEE, Forest; B.S. Elem. Eld.; Cheerleader; Circle K. Sponsor; Kissimee, Presi- dent; Intertribal Council, Co- President; S.E.A.; The Music Man; Committee Religious Em- phasis Week; Student Person- nel Services Committee. BARBARA LEWIS, Greenwood; B.A. English and French; Sigma Tau Delta, Vice-Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi; Kissimee; Cap and Gown Pres.; Judicial Council; President’s Cabinet; B.S.U. Greater Council; Tribesman Staff; Circle K Sponsor; S.E.A. LILLIAN LOE, Tallulah, La.; B.M.Ed. Voice; Kissimee; Con- cert Choir; M.E.N.C.; The Music Man; Opera Workshop; Kappa Delta Pi; Scholarship to Seagle Colony, New York; 2nd place M.M.T.A. Voice Contest; The Student Prince. JOLLY MATTHEWS, Hatties- burg; B.S. Economics; Circle K Lt. Gov., Pres., Historian; BSU Exec. Council; Delta Sigma Pi, Chancellor; Pre-Law Club; ODK; Dorm Mgr. Chrestman; Jr. Favorite; SB A Scholarship; President’s Cabinet. ANN MOORE, Austin, Texas; B.S. Chemistry; M.I.C. Sec.; M.W.S.G.A. Vice-Pres. and Sec.; Senator, SB A Sec.; Chapel Choir Trio; Madrigals; AED; Kappa Delta Pi; Cap and Gown; Exchange Student to Univ. of Mainz, West Germany. TOM NETTLES, Brandon; B.A. Spanish; O.D.K.; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Pledge Master and Alumni Secretary; Concert Choir, President; B.S.U. Execu- tive Council; The Music Man, Best Actor for Major Produc- tion; The Student Prince. JOHN NICHOLAS, Clinton; B.S. Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi, Secretary; Busines Manager of Collegian; Business Manager of Tribesman; O.D.K., Treas- urer; Accounting Club; S.B.A. Treasurer; Intramurals; Alpha Chi. TOM PREVOST, Hazelhurst; B.A. History; Freshman Class, President and Favorite; Men’s Affairs Board, Secretary; Circle K District Secretary; Judicial Council, Chief Justice; Junior Class, President; B.S.U. Presi- dent; Circle K Intramurals, Captain-Softball and Basket- ball; Mr. Mississippi College; O.D.K. SUSAN ROSS, Pelahatchie; BA. English; Cap and Gown, Historian; Senate, Chairman Student Action Committee; Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; President’s Cabinet; Laguna, Publicity Chairman; S.E.A.; Homecoming Activities Com- mittee; Tribesman , Organiza- tions Editor, and Leaderships and Honoraries Editor; Lati- mer-Webb Vice-President. ELLEN PORTER, Leland; B.A. English; Laguna; Alpha Chi, Secretary; Alpha Lambda Del- ta, Vice-President; Sigma Tau Ddta; Cap and Gown; Tribes- man Business Manager; Lati- mer-Webb Dorm. President; Kappa Delta Pi; Freshman History Award; S.E.A. STEVE OWEN, Clinton; B.A. English; Wesley Foundation, President; Sigma Tau Delta, President; Eta Sigma Phi, Vice- President; Publications Coun- cil; The Bellamann Creative Writing Award; 1st Place Poem Arrowhead Contest; Arrow- head Poetry Editor, Business Manager, and Editor; Alpha Chi Chapel Award, 1st Place Poetry, Southern Literary Festival; The Touchstone Creative Writ- ing Award. CONNIE SALTER, Hazlehurst; B.S. Bus.Ed.; Women’s Affairs Board, Secretary; Dorm. Coun- selor - Mary Nelson; Repre- sented Soph. Class in Miss M.C. Pageant; Cap and Gown; Delta Omicron, Secretary; Kissimee. FRANCES SCOTT, Jackson; B.S. Elem.Ed.; B.S.U. Vesper Choir, Greater Council; Psy- chology Club, Treasurer; La- guna, Service Projects; Wom- en’s Affairs Board, Treasurer; S.B.A. Scholarship; Tribesman, Classes Editor; Cap and Gown, Vice-President; S.E.A.; Kappa Delta Pi. JIM SONES, Eupora; B.S. Zool- ogy; Merit Scholarship; Fresh- man Basketball; Soph. Class President; Senate; Delegate SCOPE; Delegate SUSGA; Del- egate MIC; O.D.K. Freshman of the Year; B.S.U. Vice-Presi- dent; President’s Cabinet; M.I.C. President; S.B.A. Presi- dent; A.E.D.; Sigma Tau Delta. ALLEN TYNER, Indianola; B.A. Bible and R.E.; Ministerial Association, President; Band; Chapel Choir; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Secretary; Alpha Chi, President; O.D.K., Vice-Presi- dent; Circle K, Chaplain; Men’s Affairs Board, Treasurer; B.S.U. Choir; H.M. King Scholarship. WHO’S WHO 100 LEADERSHIP AND HONORARIES EDITED BY SUSAN ROSS ORGANIZATIONS EDITED BY MARGARET WORLEY M.C. is a hub of activity for those who want to become involved. It offers a diverse program of activities to provide a place for those enthusiastic enough to seek others with similar interests. Through the student government and various organizations, students seek to work together effectively and to develop leadership abilities. These activities further provide for the recognition of outstanding achievement and for social growth. 104 LEADERSHIP AND HONOR ARIES i°5 Jim Sones President STUDENT BODY ASSOCIATION Rick Copeland Vice-President A little over a decade ago the administration of Mississippi College saw a need for harnessing the exuberance and energy of students by allowing them to take a more direct, active part in the operations of our institution. This need resulted in a reorganizing of the student government into a framework which has now developed into the Student Body Association of Mississippi College. Our SBA is recognized across the South as one of the most ideal and effective student governments and is unique among student governments in Mississippi in that it has voting representatives on every major administrative-faculty committee. The student at M. C. is given a great opportunity to grow in maturity and wisdom as he takes on the responsibilities of making his own rules and regulations through the Student Senate, in handling infractions of regulations and discipline cases through the judicial system, and in coordinating these and many other activities and services through the executive branch of the SBA. Betty Barnes Secretary John Nicholas Treasurer Walter Price Attorney iari 106 1 i JUDICIAL COUNCIL Seated: Barbara Lewis, Tom Prevost, Margaret Hale. Standing: Kenny Smith, Billy Jernborg, Earl Fox. Not Pictured: Kenny Morton. The Judicial Council, composed of a Chief Justice elected by the student body and six Associate Justices appointed by the President of the student body, has authority to enforce standards of citizenship and decorum, reviews and takes action on disciplinary problems affecting the established regulations of the college, and interprets the Student Body Association Constitution. PRESIDENT’S CABINET Appointment to the President’s Cabinet is an honor which entails responsibility, for each member has specific executive duties. Working together as an advisory group to the president and individually as directors of intercollegiate activities, entertainment, school spirit, student welfare, chapel programs, film series, publicity, as well as other special activities, the cabinet has rendered outstanding service to the Student Body Association. i ° 7 Seated: Betty Barnes, Jim Sones. Standing: Jolly Matthews, B. C. Rogers, Lois Ann Peckham, Don Nichols, Bonnie Breed- love, Bob Oatsvall, Susan Ross, Mike Beall. Not Pictured Larry Franklin, Buddy Wagner. THE SENATE 1967-1968 The Legislative powers of the Student Body Association are vested in the Senate, which is composed of students elected on an apportionment basis from the students living on campus and from the commuting students. Led by the Vice President of the Student Body, this year’s Senate enacted important legislation in respect to regulating traffic laws and fines, providing more parking space for the students, electing the chairmen of the WAB and MAB, lowering library fines, and extending the Christmas Holidays. Meeting twice monthly, the Senate coordinates its efforts with those of the student body and of the administration. Senator Ballentine speculates as Senator Peckham presents an important bill. OFFICERS OF THE SENATE: Seated, Louise Huffman, Parlia- mentarian; and Rick Copeland, President. Standing, Jim Hen- derson, Sergeant At Arms; and Bob Allen, President Pro Tempore. Not Pictured: Donna Round, Clerk of the Senate. First Row: Tom Prather, Robert Yonkers, Betty Jean Hitt, Reba Denley. Second Row: Cal Ballentine, David Kelly, Debbie Reyn- olds, Sue Evans, Mary Yonkers. Third Row: Sandra Yarbrough, Bob Allen, Lois Ann Peckham, Johnny Myrick, Nancy Hopper- ton. Fourth Row: Debbie Buck, Ann Rye, Barbara Boyles, Terry Sharpe. Fifth Row: Roddy Conner, Dan Jones, Richard Roper, Hugh Ingram, Dianne Young. Not Pictured: Susan Ross. i The Men’s Affairs Board, consisting of a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, and treasurer and the presidents of the male dormitories, has as its principal function the judication of all disciplinary matters involving male students of Mississippi College. Promoting the betterment of individuals in accordance with the principles of the school is another of its primary aims. Established in order that the men may assume the privileges and responsibilities of self government, the board also functions diligently in clarifying the regulations as well as serving as the communications link between the administration and the male students. Seated: George England, Vice Chairman; Bob Coggin, Secretary; Jamie Jones, Treasurer. Stand- ing: Chip Davis, President -Chrestman; William Lewis, President- Whittington; Ross Hart, President- Ratliff MEN’S AFFAIRS BOARD Sonny White, Chairman Seated: Daphne Wilson, Vice-Chairman; Dianne Burgess, Chairman. Standing: Christy Graves, President- Jennings; Bee McDonald, President-Mary Nelson; Peggy Fowlks, President-Hedennan- Gunter; Margaret Worley, Secretary; Ellen Porter, President-Latimer-Webb; Frances Scott, Treas- urer. WOMEN’S AFFAIRS BOARD The Women’s Affairs Board is composed of the officers of the Women’s Student Association and the president’s of the women’s residence halls. The board serves as a part of the judicial branch of the Student Body Association; it encourages each student to maintain the highest standard of honor in every phase of college life. Meeting once each week, the Board sponsors periodic Dean’s Con ferences and also such miscellaneous activities for the women students as Penny -a -Minute-Night, the annual Christmas Sing, the GLAMOUR Best -Dressed Contest, MC entries in the Maid of Cotton Contest, and receptions for new officers. 109 First Row: Mrs. Hazel L. Newman, John Nicholas, Mrs. Sue P. Lipsey. Second Row: Bill Arnold, Ellen McNutt, Dr. Norman O’Neal, Richard Morgan. Third Row: Mr. Robert Waller, Steve Owen, Mr. L. C. Smith, Dr. Charles Martin, Dr. Kenneth Rainey. Not Pictured: Dr. Joe Cooper, Miss Frances Skulley, Jim Sones, Rick Copeland. PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL The Publications Council is composed of a faculty committee named by the president of the college, the officers of the three student publications, and the president and vice president of the Student Body Association. It is the council’s responsibility to handle all business concerned with the student publications of the college. Under the leadership of Dr. Charles Martin, the council members cooperate in the attempt to learn new and better methods of creating representative and qualitative publications. ARROWHEAD The Arrowhead, Mississippi College’s literary magazine, recognizes creative ability and helps strengthen the literary and cultural atmosphere on campus. Printed three times a year, it is written, published, and paid for by the students. Students may submit poems, short stories, essays, art work, or plays to the staff and if the work is original, interesting, and of suitable quality, it will be published. Seated: Betty Moore, Essay Editor; Nancy Wasson, Secretary; Dac Dur- ham, Art Editor. Standing: Richard Morgan, Business Manager; Steve Owen, Editor; Bonnie Brueck, Freshman Assistant. Not Pictured: Noel Hollyfield, Fiction Editor; Walton Paddelford. Poetry Editor; Ginger Price, Assistant. TOMAHAWK The Tomahawk, under the direction of the Student Body Association, is a major publication of Mississippi College. It is designed especially to acquaint freshmen and transfers with Mississippi College— its customs, traditions, and ideals. The Tomahawk serves as an excellent introduction into all areas of activity and aids the student in selecting his college program. Bari Lee and Rosie Bain, Co-Editors. m THE 1968 TRIBESMAN STAFF Developing last minute pictures . . . staging mock play rehearsals due to early deadlines . . . remaking class pictures because of bad film . . . counting Parade of Favorites votes with bleary eyes and then keeping the results an agonizing secret until the big night . . . typing all night to try to make at least one deadline — these are just a few of the temporary panics weathered by the Tribesman staff this year. We of the Tribesman staff have endeavored to make this annual truly representative of the many phases of M.C. If in the future it may serve you as a stimulus in recalling the many memories of this year 1967-68, we will feel that our purpose has been accomplished. John Nicholas, Business Manager; Ellen McNutt , Editor. t I Photography Hubert Worley Secretary Nancy Beaver Administration Charlotte Jones Athletics Hugh Prevost John Nicholas Classes Betsy Armour Features Donna Round Leadership and Honoraries Susan Ross Organizations Margaret Worley First Row: Linda Felton, Margaret Worley, Hugh Prevost, Don- na Round, Betsy Armour, Charlotte Jones. Second Row: Ellyn Weaver, Diane Young, Nancy Hopperton, Sue Dear, Donna Griffith, Judy Underwood, Mary Dougherty, Patsy Patterson. Third Row: John Nicholas, Gale Harrell, Roger Wise, Lou McKenzie, Charlotte Wingo, Carol Johnstone, Judi Tullos, Nancy Beaver. Not Pictured: Myra Enfinger, Bob Oatsvall, Mike Pinion, Susan Ross, Mildred Crawford, Merleen Denson, Jane Speed, Libby Derryberry, Margaret Caperton, Susan Moody, Carol Herr, Nancy Walden, Monnie Hatcher, Barbara Lewis, Teresa Woodruff, Janice Hattox. i a First Row: Peggy Slay, Lorraine Alexander, Connie Conerly, Sue Evans. Second Row: Daphne Wilson, Bee McDonald, Kenny Sanders. Third Row: George Hammock, Carolyn Cartrett. Fourth Row: Miles Morgan, Margaret Hale. Not Pictured: Jann Weaver, Sammy Maxwell, Ray Burke, David Fairchild, Bob Wilson, Cindy McGraw, Sharon Broomall, Buz Campbell, John Price, Larry Farlow, Terry Sharpe, Kay Hankins, Karyl Rob- erts, Margaret Worley, Sharon Minks, Lou Stokes, Barbara Grill ot, Judy Tullos. ’ a ynV V wXWV»lK V TWt Jack White , Business Manager ; Bill Arnold , Editor. THE MISSISSIPPI COLLEGIAN Humor, religion, world-wide interests and local news all played significant parts in this year’s Collegian. A new masthead, a new staff, a new group of students to work for, to plan for, and to get an edition out for each week — all of these are reflected in the copies of the Collegian. The forty-ninth year of our paper showed improvements over the past, and the hard-working staff looked forward always to the future — toward new ways of improving the voice of the students on campus, The Mississippi Collegian. STAFF Editorial Editor Margaret Hale News Editor Daphne Wilson Features Editors Carolyn Cartrett Connie Connerly Sports Editor Kenny Sanders Hi a Alpha Chi recognizes students with truly outstanding academic records. Requirements for membership are a 3.5 average, 70 per cent A’s over the last 30 hours of work at MC, and acceptable character traits. It sponsors Honors Day and the annual banquet for students on the Dean’s List. Seated: Ellen Porter, Dianne Burgess, Janice Newell, Becky Rodgers, Betty Moore. Standing: Dr. Germany, Faculty Secretary; Ross Hart, Allen Tyner, Dr. Cooper, Sponsor; Mike Mosley. Not Pictured: Cathy Tuck, John Nicholas, Wayne Goodman, Dr. Martin, Sponsor. ALPHA CHI OFFICERS President — Allen Tyner Vice-President — Mike Mosley Secretary — Ellen Porter £ 2 ] OFFICERS President — Billy Jernberg Vice-President — Harold Johnson Secretary — Christy Graves Treasurer — Sammy Maxwell ALPHA EPSILON DELTA First Row: Sammy Maxwell, Harold Johnson, Billy Jernberg, Christy Graves, Dr. Sadler, Faculty Advisor. Second Row: Kenny Smith, Cathy Tuck, Andy Griffin, Annette O’Neal, Louise Huffman, Ann Moore, Dr. Legg. Third Row: Mr. Temple, Earl Fox, Bill Saveli, Phil Balaski, Jim Sones, Glenn Raley, Bob Coggin, Mike Beall, Jerry Billingsley. Not Pictured: Ken Jones, Barbara Ladner, Dr. Germany, Rodney Hunt. This honorary society encourages and recognizes excellence in premedical scholarship and stimulates an appreciation of the importance of premedical education in the study of medicine. The Mississippi College Zeta Chapter was organized in the spring of 1965. Alpha Lambda Delta, an honor society for women making a 3.5 or higher average their freshman year, encourages superior scholastic attainment and promotes intelligent living with a high standard of learning among the freshman women at Mississippi College. Seated: Joann Roberts, Charlotte Jones, Beverly Welch, Jennie Butler. Standing: Sarah Lou Jones, Brenda Freeman, Connie Ellis, Gayle Bugg, Marsha Fleming. Not Pictured: Becky Jordan, Dr. Rouse and Mrs. Grantham, Advisors; Ellen Por- ter, Senior Advisor; Lorraine Lutrick, Susan Allen, Lou Hughes. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA OFFICERS Pres. — Joann Roberts Vice-Pres. — Becky Jordan Sec.-Tl eas.— Charlotte Jones Reporter — Beverly Welch Historian — Jennie Butler OFFICERS Pres. — Bonnie Breedlove Vice-Pres. — Donna Round Sec. -Treas.— Paula Tillman ALPHA PSI OMEGA Seated: Cynthia Hewitt, Bonnie Breedlove, Donna Round. Standing: Mr. Lytal, Sponsor, Kenny Sanders, Rick Copeland. Not Pictured: Paula Tillman, Jim Register. Alpha Psi Omega is a dramatic fraternity designed to develop dramatic talent, to give drama distinction as a creative art, and to foster the cultural values developed through drama. This year, it co-sponsored The Taming of the Shrew. 114 ■ CAP AND GOWN Cap and Gown is an honor society composed of senior women who are outstanding in the areas of leadership, scholarship, and service. Limited to a membership of twelve, it sponsors such activities as “Penny-a-Minute Night” and Freshman Girl of the Year award. Seated: Peggy Gunter, Patricia Lilly, Barbara Lewis, Susan Ross, Mrs. Dee Grantham, Sponsor. Standing: Ann Moore, Freda Black, Ellen Porter, Dianne Burgess, Eva Aultman. Not Pictured: Mrs. R. A. McLemore, Sponsor; Frances Scott, Connie Ivy Salter. OFFICERS President — Eva Aultman First Vice -Pres. — Ellen McNutt Second Vice-Pres. — Ruby Doris White Sec.— Connie Stringer Treas. — Barbara Rochinski DELTA OMICRON Seated: Connie Stringer, Barbara Rochinski, Ruby Doris White, Eva Aultman, Ellen McNutt, Sandra Rawls. Standing: Joann Roberts, Pat Ballard, Susan Cam- eron, Beverly Van Norman, Margaret Frazier, Bobbie Hughes, Terrell Yonkers, Virginia Abel, Sherry Thompson, Glo Townsend, Gaye Parks, Cheryl Keathley, Cindy Brantley. Not Pictured: Margaret Roebuck, Becky Yates, Jean Mosley, Mrs. Sarah Williams, Chapter Advisor; Miss Mary Berner, Faculty Advisor. Delta Omicron encourages a high degree of scholarship and musicianship among women students at Mississippi College. Activities include Alumni Luncheons at Homecoming, service projects with Sinfonia, a scholarship award, and various musical programs for clubs in the area. OFFICERS President — Barbara Lewis Vice-Pres. — Frances Scott Sec.-Treas. — Patricia Lilly Reporter — Peggy Gunter Historian — Susan Ross Eta Sigma Phi, a national fraternity for students interested in Greek and Latin, seeks to stimulate interest in the study of the classics and to increase the knowledge of art and literature in ancient Greece and Rome. ETA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS Pres. — Buddy Wagner Vice-Pres. — Steve Owen Seated: Brenda Freeman, Linda Felton, Sandy Lynam, Susie Lee. Standing: Steve Warren, Steve Owen, Mr. Boswell, Advisor; Richard Morgan, Nathan Saucier, Danny Smith. Not Pictured: Buddy Wagner. Kappa Delta Pi invites to membership such persons as exhibit commend- able personal qualities, worthy educational ideas, and sound scholarship. It endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members and to honor educational achievement. Seated: Patricia Lilly, Peggy Gunter, Sharon Broomall, Ruby Doris White, Dr. Farr, Advisor; Susan Ross, Freda Black, Ellen Porter. Standing: Mrs. Clark, Ad- visor; Nancy Hopperton, Mildred Helton, Monnie Hatcher, Druanne Canterbury, Barbara Lewis, Eva Aultman, Janiece Bricker, Liz Baylis, Sybil Bourne, Frances Scott, Patricia Dunaway, Jeanette Mitchell, Betty Moore, Ann Moore, Nancy Johnson. OFFICERS Pres. — Patricia Lilly Vice-Pres. — Peggy Gunter Sec. — Sharon Broomall Treas. — Charlotte Davis Historian — Ruby D. White KAPPA DELTA PI KAPPA PI OFFICERS Pres. — Dac Durham OFFICERS Pres. — Billy Jernberg Vice-Pres. — Allen Tyner Treas. — John Nicholas OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Seated: Dr. McLemore, Sponsor; Allen Tyner, Billy Jernberg, John Nicholas, Dr. Legg, Faculty Secretary. Standing: Doug Kellum, Tom Prevost, Tom Nettles, Dr. Ken Rainey, Charles Blackmon, Wayne Goodman. Not Pictured: Dr. McCarty. Omicron Delta Kappa recognizes men who have excelled in scholarship, student government, religious affairs, athletics, publications, and fine arts. Membership in ODK is the highest honor which can come to a male student at M.C. “7 Kappa Pi, national honorary art fraternity, promotes art interest among college students, stimulates higher scholarship, and brings art departments of various colleges closer together. A member must be an art major or minor with a 3.0 average. Seated: Charles Young, Dac Durham, Sandy Lynam, Martha Anne Phillips. Standing: Mr. Gore, Sponsor; Ann Parker, George Hill, Squeakie Makamson, Mike Hataway. Not Pictured: Joan Myers, Linda Graves, Wayne Neal, Henry Gentry. Phi Alpha Theta is a national history fraternity whose membership is limited to those having a specific scholastic record and at least 15 hours in this field. Its purpose is to further interest in history. PHI ALPHA THETA OFFICERS Pres. — Nancy Hopperton Vice-Pres. — Charlotte Davis Seated: Dr. Martha Bigelow, Advisor; Nancy Hopperton, C. D. Galloway, Advisor. Standing: Jimmy Shannon, Tom Prevost, Barbara Ladner, Marvin White, Doug Kellum, Ron Sauer, Danny Smith. Not Pictured: Charlotte Davis, Suzanna Orr, Mary Brooks, Jimmy Morrison. First Row: Terry Oswalt, Glenn Davis, Dennis Meilstrup, Connie Stringer, Sweet- heart; Monnie Hatcher, Dick Brown, Kirk Gulledge. Second Row : Harry Lyall, John Lockheart, Mike Davis, Richard Cole, Jimmy Landrum, Terry Andrews, Jerry Simmons, Phil Lowe, Mike Pinion, Randy Posey. Third Row: H. B. Miller, Jim Hawkins, Ray Burke, Wayne Robertson, James Moore, Tom Nettles, Walter Price, Lee Spivey, Herman Milner, John Stevens, Mr Shaw, Advisor. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, men’s national honorary professional music fraternity, seeks to advance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of music students, and to develop the highest possible professional achievements. OFFICERS Pres. — Glen Davis Vice-Pres. — Dennis Meilstrup Sec. — Monnie Hatcher Treas. — Dick Brown Warden — Kirk Gulledge PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA The purpose of this organization is to encourage scholarship and leadership in the social sciences with an ultimate end of improving human relationships in the world society through an intelligent approach to social problems. Seated: Mary Lyn White, Ronnie Sauer. Standing: Nancy Hopperton, Marvin White, Sherry Rhodes. Not Pictured: Mr. Freathy, Sponsor. PI GAMMA MU OFFICERS Pres. — Mary Lynn White Vice-Pres. — Ronnie Sauer Sec. — Sherry Rhodes Historian — Nancy Hopperton Publicity — Marvin White OFFICERS Pres. — Bonnie Breedlove Vice-Pres. — Dianne Burgess Sec. — Donna Round pi KAPPA DELTA Seated: Carol Braswell, Donna Round, Bonnie Breedlove, Dianne Burgess, Pege Foulkes. Standing: Charles Blackmon, Rick Copeland, Dr. Todd, Advisor; David Kelly, Chuck Lewis, Jodie Cauthen. Not Pictured: Dr. Julia Todd, Advisor; Louise Huffman, Bill Cagle, Paula Tillman, Jim Walters, Jud Meadows, Larry Shirley. Pi Kappa Delta is an honorary fraternal organization for intercollegiate debators, orators, and instructors teaching debate and forensic speaking. Its purpose is to promote scholarship, especially in this field. 11 9 Pi Omega Pi strives to create and encourage interest and scholarship in business education; to aid in civic betterment in colleges and universities; to teach the ideal of service; and to create fellowship among teachers of business subjects. pi OMEGA PI OFFICERS Pres. — Lee Ross Vice-Pres.— Betty Barnes Sec.— Mildred Helton Treas. — Molly Fillingame Reporter-Historian — Dianne Nelson Seated: Dianne Nelson, Mildred Helton, Lee Ross, Betty Barnes. Standing: Mrs. Jackson, Advisor; Peggy McDaniel, Molly Fillingame, Liz Baylis, Miss Skulley. Not Pictured: Nancy Bridges, Jo Ann Britt. First Row: Brenda Freeman, Mr. Hewlett, Richard Morgan, Steve Owen, Nancy Wasson, Sandra Boyd, Anna Reynolds, Jill Stone. Second Row: Dr. Rouse and Dr. Rainey, Sponsors; Linda Allen, Ellen McNutt, Herbert McCarrier, Betty Moore, Betsy Moore, Martha Lou Bringle, Gaye Parks. Sigma Tau Delta seeks to promote written expression, encourage worthwhile reading, and foster fellowship among men and women specializing in English. This year it sponsored trips to New Orleans to see The Crucible and A Midsummer Night ' s Dream. OFFICERS Pres. — Steve Owen Vice-Pres. — Richard Morgan Sec. -Treas. — Nancy Wasson SIGMA TAU DELTA ORGANIZATIONS Seated: Mr. Bradley Pope, Director; Tom Prevost, B.S.U. Presi- dent. Standing: Dr. Russell Mclntire, Pastor Advisor. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union seeks to train Baptist students for creative Christian discipleship. Activities include tutoring children at the Baptist Children’s Village, a literacy program, 80 action teams involving 250 students, and 5 share groups which meet once a week. Over 180 students attended the State B.S.U. Convention in Greenville. Religious Emphasis Week featured Robert Short, author of THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO PEANUTS, “Good News,” a folk musical presentation, and “Christ in the Concrete City by the B.S.U. Drama Group. Other activities include vesper services, campus and church fellowships, student summer missions, and encouragement of each student to participate in the program of the local churches. Seated: Elaine Roark, Dianne Burgess, Tom Prevost, Patricia Dunaway, Sharon Broomall, Cheryl Keathley. Standing: Larry Earnest, Connie Conerly, Chari yne McNeer, Ronnie Boswell, Jimmy Dowdle, Mr. Bradley Pope, Kenny Morton, Bobby Newell, Sandy Lynam, Steve Brown, Bill Saveli, Mike Beall, Steve Warren, Jimmy Williams. HOUR OF POWER CHOIR The Hour of Power Choir sponsored by the BSU sings each Wednesday evening at the prayer meeting of the Clinton Baptist Church. An active part of the abundant music program at MC, the HOP Choir is directed by Ray Pople. OFFICERS Pres. — Bill Sims Sec. — Cindy McGraw Librarians — Doug Kellum Sharon Broomall B. S. U. VESPER CHOIR This BSU sponsored choir under the leadership of Mr. Tanner Riley and Van Johnson sings for two evening services each month at Clinton Baptist Church and at Morrison Heights Baptist Church. They also sing at Vespers each week. OFFICERS Pres. — Milton Dowdy Vice-Pres. — Nancy Walden Sec. — Nancy Lewis Social Chmn. — David Wallace Librarians — Mary Jane Gore Mary Hughes Ix 3 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Ministerial Association gives the ministerial students of the college an opportunity for service through M.A. mission trips, and an opportunity for fellowship, training, and inspiration through regularly scheduled meetings. First Row: Harry Hughes, Sherrie Dillon, Tan Mayhall, Ronnie Boswell, Jimmie Williams, Dr. Joe Cooper, Sponsor. Second Row: Bobby Newell, Van Johnson, Charles Mount, Nathan Saucier, Don Bozeman, Bob Hardison. Third Row: Jehu Brabham, Rory Lee, Kiely Young, Frank Harmon, Mitchell Owens, Gary Smith, David Neiman, Allen Tyner. OFFICERS Pres. — Ronnie Boswell Vice-Pres— Don Nichols Sec. — Jimmy Williams First Row: Jann Weaver, Patsy Burris, Dr. Phillips McCarty, Sponsor; Violet ennings, Betty Gilchrist, Peggy Gault, Larry Earnest, Jerry Simmons. Second Row: Judy McElveen, Keiko Sagisaka, Rolanda Roulaine, Bonnie Haughton, Margie Ward, Sheryl Malone, Jane McGinnis. Third Row: Janiece Bricker Joe Gordon, Connie Conerly, Gail Bradford, Glenda Weeks, BUI Watson Milton Dowdy. In its fifteenth year of existence, the Religious Education Club promotes fellowship, inspiration, and information pertinent to the field of Religious Education for those interested in any type of church- related work other than the ministry. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS Pres. — Larry Earnest Vice-Pres— Peggy Gault Sec.-Treas. — Violet Jennings Chorister — Jerry Simmons Publicity Chmn. — Betty Gilchrist Young Women’s Auxiliary is a Southern Baptist organization concerned with missions. Its members seek to discover the purpose, the people, and the procedure of the world mission task, and translate their findings to active participation. Seated: Linda Sue Donnelly, Stewardship Chairman; Jill Almond, Connie Con- erly, Jann Weaver, Betsy Armour, Mission Action Chairman. Standing: Cindy Powell, Charlotte Jones, Pin-Point Editor; Carolyn Cartrett, President-Mary Nelson; Esther Miller, President-Latimer-Webb; Becky Yates, Mission Study Chairman; Jennie Butler, Publicity Chairman. Not Pictured: Lois Ann Peckham, Prayer Chairman; Jo Smith, President -Jennings; Barbara Grillot, President- Hederman- Gunter; Mrs. F. D. Hewitt, Sponsor. YOUNG WOMEN’S AUXILIARY OFFICERS Pres— Connie Conerly Vice-Pres. — Jann Weaver Sec. — Jill Almond Program Chmn. — Cindy Powell FELLOWSHIP of CHRISTIAN ATHLETES OFFICERS Pres. — Buddy Wagner Vice-Pres. — Henry Gentry Sec. — Donald Bozeman Treas. — Bobby Allen Reporter — Jamie Jones First Row: Donald Bozeman, Buddy Wagner, Henry Gentry, Bobby Allen. Second Row: Joe Walker, Bobby Miller, Billy Ray Dill, John Wellons. Third Row: Danny Boutwell, Danny Fergerson, Cary Embrey, Gary Smith. Not Pictured: Ronnie Hankins, Jehu Brabham, Jamie Jones, John Hodges, Riley Brown, Phil Blount, George Fields, Mike Whiddon, Don Nichols, Ralph Bethea, Billy Strom, Lonn Os- walt, Doug Starky. The purpose of FCA is to confront athletes and coaches, and through them to confront the youth of our nation, with the challenge and adventure of following Christ, participating in His Church, and serving Him through our vocations. 1 15 WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Foundation is the organization for Methodist students attending Mississippi College. Through regular meetings it helps the student confront the major issues of the day as they relate to the Church and the Gospel. Seated: Kathryn Pitchford, Betty Harpole, Bonnie McKenzie, Nancy Wasson, Linda Nobles. Standing: Miss Skulley, Steve Owen, Melvin Rhodes, Jerry Martin, Rev. John Case, Sponsor. Not Pictured: Ken Nolan. OFFICERS Chairman— Steve Owen Sec. — Ken Nolan Treas. — Nancy Wasson Seated: Jennifer Harpole, Tricia Burns, Patsy Burris, Ruth Ellen Dacus. Standing: James Hawkins, Jann Wall, Sue Ann Herring, Patricia Dunaway, Maxie Wells, Billy R. Trotter, Sponsor. Not Pictured: Janice Newell. AMERICAN GUILD of ORGANISTS OFFICERS: Pres. — Tricia Bums Vice-Pres. — Jennifer Harpole Sec. -Treas. — Patsy Burris The Mississippi College Guild of the American Guild of Organists is composed of those interested in organ and church music. Various aspects of the instrument and of service playing are involved in the study programs. ix6 I l I MUSIC Music Educators National Conference is designed to provide an opportunity for professional development for those entering the area of music education. Its program seeks to give insight into the field of teaching music. EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE OFFICERS Pres. — Ruby D. White Vice-Pres. — Pat Ballard Sec.-Treas. — Terrell Yonkers Program Chmn. — Becky Rodgers Jean Mosley Seated: Lillian Loe, Terrell Yonkers, Pat Ballard, Ruby Doris White, Glo Town- send. Standing: Alan Jones, Terry Andrews, Susan Cameron, Sandra Rawls, Eva Aultman, Cheryl Keathley, Mike Pinion, Terry Oswalt. Not Pictured: Becky Rodgers, Jean Mosley, Dianne Gerrard, Monnie Hatcher, Phil Lowe, Mr. Ralph Carroll, Sponsor. «or MADRIGAL SINGERS First Row: Maxie Wells, Olivia Collier, Suzie Hearn, Carol Reynolds, Ann Moore. Second Row: Ronnie Taylor, Gerald Rogers, Lauren Coates, Herbert McCarriar. The Madrigal Singers is a newly organized group under the leadership of Mr. Robert Spencer. This group was organized to provide entertainment for civic groups in this area and performs in period costumes. 1 7 This choir, under the direction of Rolland Shaw, provides music for weekly chapel programs and for other special events during the year. The choir presented concerts in northwest Mississippi during their annual tour. CHAPEL CHOIR OFFICERS Pres. — Larry Cox Vice-Pres. — Jerry Norman Sec. — Carolyn Bush Treas. — Judy L. McDonald Accom. — Cheryl Keathley Janice Newell ACCOMPANISTS Patsy Burris Jennifer Harpole Maxie Wells Guy Younce CHORALE CHOIR C The Chorale Choir, under the leadership of Dr. Jack Lyall, is composed of volunteer students representing all departments of the college. This year the choir presented THE MESSIAH which was dedicated to the First Lady of the college, Mrs. R. A. McLemore. Under the direction of Dr. Jack Lyall, this choir is composed of forty selected students. Since its organization in 1959, the Concert Choir has appeared in 12 states and continues to bring honor to Mississippi College by the quality of its performances. CONCERT CHOIR OFFICERS Pres. — Tom Nettles Vice-Pres. — Randy Posey Sec.— Barbara Rochinski Treas. — Cynthia Moffett Accom. — Connie Stringer CHAMBER ORCHESTRA First Row: Dick Brown, Alton Waggener, Mrs. Ann Mason, Jimmy Goolsby, Har- ry Lyall, Lorraine Simpson, Mary Ann Cooper, Bill Lamkin, Nancy Hand, Phil Lowe. Second Row: Cindy Brantley, Jerry Norman, Jane Barfield, Mike Pinion, Dan Johnson, Steve Miller, Jimmy Beemon, Mac Cochran, Rosemary Holly, Jo- anne Roberts, Billy Walker, Tony Kinton, David Danley, Sandra Rawls, Allan Fuller, Conductor. Not Pictured: Stanley Harper, Jeanne Evans. A new endeavor of the Music Department, the orchestra conducted by Allan Fuller is composed of Mississippi College students and faculty. It performed for the “Portals of Melody ’ program in November, out-of-town concerts, and the spring concerto program. MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE MARCHING BAND Under the direction of John Paul Jones, the Marching Band is open to qualified students from all major fields. It takes the limelight each fall with its halftime shows on the football field. Majorettes — Rosemary Holly, Mary Jane Gore, and Becky Rodgers. Drum Major — Mike Pinion. 130 First Row: J. Parfitt, D. Craig, T. Johnson, M. Williams, C. Daves, H. Herbison, L. Myers, P. Brake, R. Dacus, C. Glass. Second Row: B. Boyels, M. Kraeer. S. Simmerman, D. Turner, C. Carter, J. Jackson, F. Hall, L. McGee, D. Smith. Third Row: N. Scott, B. Brueck, M. LeGrand, L. Nobles, K. Davis, K. Graham, C. Lum, J. Lynk, C. Cassels, L. Alexander, L. Irby. MC MISSES OFFICERS First Lt. — Linda Myers Captain — Carla Daves Second Lt. — Margarette Williams Second Lt. — Henri Sue Herbison CONCERT BAND The Concert Band under the direction of Mr. Ralph Carrol offers the students an opportunity to continue the enjoyment of instrumental playing during the second semester. m ACCOUNTING CLUB Requirements for membership in the Accounting Club include at least 8 hours completed in the accounting field and an overall C average. Its purpose is to discuss problems concerning the profession of accounting. First Row: Dale Rogers, Susan Moody, Melvin Rhodes, Ken Weaver. Second Row: Mike Clark, John Nicholas, Barbara Grillot, Buddy Huff, Jamie Jones. Third Row: Dave Donaldson, Lloyd Marberry. Not Pictured: Irvin Clack, Mr. Roger Calcote, Sponsor. OFFICERS Pres. — Melvin Rhodes Vice-Pres. — Ken Weaver Sec. — Susan Moody Treas. — Irvin Clack First Row: Debbie Reynolds, Sandy Lynam, Gay Nell Cox, Emily Huckabay. Second Row: Charles Young, Jan Lewis, Henry Gentry, Mike Hataway, Squeakie Makamson, Mr. Dunaway, Sponsor. Third Row: Becky Webb, Ann Rye, Diane Bliss, Martha Rochester. Fourth Row: Hubert Worley, Terry Stenzel, George Hill, Carroll Camp, Dac Durham. Seeking to stimulate an interest and appreciation for art around us, the Art Club is composed of all students interested in art. Activities include programs by local artists, trips to art galleries, and art exhibits. OFFICERS Pres. — George Hill Vice-Pres. — Hubert Worley Sec. — Dac Durham ART CLUB 3 r » y The Home Economics Club is composed of Home Economics majors and minors and any other girls interested in this field. Its purpose is the provision of professional development of college home economic students. First Row: Mrs. Carpenter, Sponsor; Reba Denley, Dell Edwards, Gail Bradford, Deborah Bennett, Barbara Knight. Second Row: Mary Manning, Jean Womack, Martha Gordon, Henri Sue Herbison, Martha Rowe, Ann Thompson. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Pres— Ann Thompson First Vice-Pres. — Martha Rowe Second Vice-Pres. — Henri S. Herbison Sec.-Treas. — Martha Gordon Reporter— Mary Manning MATH CLUB OFFICERS Pres. — George Coker Vice-Pres. — David Screws Sec.-Treas. — Lou Stokes First Row: Margaret Ball, Deborah Davis, David Screws, George Coker, Robert Waller, Sponsor; Lou Stokes, Virginia Blackwell. Second Row: Don Nelson, George Stroud, Mike Willoughby, Dina Rushing, Dianne Pearson, Linda Land, Noel Hollyfield, Andy Griffin, James East. Third Row: Steve Therrell, James Brister, Peter Pee, Wayne Richey, Michael Barber, Kenny Morton, John Bal- lard, Mike McCollum, Haywood Reeves. Not Pictured: Doris Dixon. The Mathematics Club is an organization for math majors and minors, as well for all students interested in this subject. Its purpose is to acquaint them with the professional opportunities and modern trends in the world of mathematics. PHI BETA LAMBDA OFFICERS Pres. — Mike Clark Vice-Pres. — Nancy Beaver Sec.-Treas. — Jann Weaver Kappa Beta Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda encourages members to develop leadership for business and business education. Activities included a tour of the Federal Reserve Branch in New Orleans, a business activities newsletter, and tours of data processing centers. First Row: Nancy Beaver, Mike Clark, Jann Weaver, Miss Frances Skulley, Spon- sor; Bonnie McKenzie. Second Row: Martha Lyle, Linda Blancett, Linda Bloom, Miriam Myrick, Kathy Fulton, Jo Ann Martin. Third Row: Gaines Lee, Peter Pee, Barbara Grillot, Barbara Strickland, Melvin C. Rhodes. Not Pictured: Beth Furlow, Jim Webb. Merleen Denson, Mary Manning, Jane Speed, Mrs. Iva Jack- son, Sponsor. First Row: Anita Miller, Marvin White, Carol Braswell, Bruce Bryant. Second Row: Bemie Blackwell, Jimmie Shannon, Buz Campbell. Third Row: Mr. Billy Hicks, Sponsor; Lee Bailey, John Price. OFFICERS Pres.— Marvin White Vice-Pres. — Bruce Bryant Sec. — Carol Braswell PRE-LEGAL SOCIETY Designed to benefit those students preparing for the legal profession, this organization sponsors outstanding lawyers and prominent businessmen as speakers at its meetings. Members also observe actual courtroom scenes to gain a larger perspective of the profession. 34 The Psychology Club explores vocational possibilities and promotes understanding of the field and related fields. It sponsors regular trips to Whitfield where the members help in various activities. First Row: Mack Strange, Theresia Rogers, Mrs. Keith, Sponsor; Judy Morrison, Bob Wilson, George Hammack. Second Row: Buddy Shoemaker, Tommy Tackett, Liz Baylis, Chris Chiles, Carolyn Ulrich, Jeannie Butler, Linda Kay Taylor, Mike Davis. Third Row: Sammy Crawford, Don Cain, Kenny Sanders, Louis Burghard, Wayne Robertson, Larry Lynch, David Neiman. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB OFFICERS Pres. — Bill Sims Vice-Pres. — George Hammack Sec.-Treas. — Bob Wilson OFFICERS Pres. — Charlyne McNeer Vice-Pres. — Rosie Bain Sec.— Brenda Williams Treas. — Kay Ray born Historian — Ann Thompson STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOC Judy McElveen and Mary Lyn White, Program Chairman; Hilda Ross and Gail Cope, Publicity Chairmen; Nancy Lewis and Susan Brigham, Social Chairmen; Drucy Canterberry and Barbara Massey, Enlistment Chairmen; Judy George and Karen Culver, Projects Chairmen. As the professional association for college and university students preparing to teach, the S.E.A. has as its main objective for this year the improvement of the Teacher Education Programs. Bari Lee was elected state secretary for 1967-68. 35 Tribal Players is composed of students interested in any phase of drama who want to improve theatre skills and sponsor varied drama productions. This year it sponsored Spoon-River Anthology and The Taming of the Shrew. First Row: Margaret Worley, Jim Register, Joy Boone, Kenny Sanders. Second Kow. Cjmthia Hewitt, Kay Hankins, Donna Round, Gail Cope, Peggy Slay Jeff Goodnch, Paula Tillman. Third Row: Mike Pinion, Ann Slay, Cheryl Herrington, iricia Smith, Lula Snowe, Sue Evans, Paul Gowland. Fourth Row: Mr Billy Lytal, Sponsor; Bob Oyer, Barry Backus, Ned Barrett, Walter Price. Not Pictured- J an Lewis TRIBAL PLAYERS OFFICERS Pres. — Jim Register Vice-Pres. — Margaret Worley Sec. — Joy Boone Program Chr. — Kenny Sanders I 7 Fm 1 itV ' ' " A I y fm i IS ' ' ■1 11 sA 1 Judy George, Lydia Irby, Martha Little, Patricia Bradley, Carla Daves, Linda Pigott, Mrs. Newman, Sponsor; Jenta Stewart, Sharon Conrad, Juanita Bruce, Deana Smith, Cheryl Horn. OFFICERS Pres.— Linda Pigott Vice-Pres. — Sharon Conrad Sec. — Virginia Stewart Treas. — Judy Donahoe Reporter — Dot Nixon WOMEN’S RECREATION ASSOC The Womens Recreational Association is an activity organization designed to provide recreational opportunities for the Mississippi College Coeds. It sponsors intramural activities for its members to break the monotony and pressure of school life. Barbara Lewis, Circle K Sponsor; Gaye Parks, Circle K Sweetheart; Delores Neal, Circle K Sponsor. Kenny Smith, President; John Hassell, First Vice-President; Mike Gulledge, Second Vice-President. Second Row: Chip Davis, Secretary; David Fairchild, Historian; Walter Price, Board Member; Danny Smith, Board Member. Not Pictured: Larry Earnest, Third Vice-President; Richard Roper, Treas- urer; Kiely Young, Chaplain; George Hill, Reporter; Jolly Matthews, Board Member. Circle K International is a service organization for college men which develops future leaders and citizens whose philosophy is founded on freedom, initiative, the American and Canadian heritage, and unselfish service to others. The Circle K motto, “We Build”, incorporates sincere Christian service and character development in each of its members. CIRCLE K First Row: Jerry Askew, Charles Blackmon, Bernard Black- well, Joe Bullock, Bill Burgess. Second Row: Chip Davis, Larry Earnest, David Fairchild, George Fields, Rusty Griffin. Third Row: Mike Gulledge, John Hassell, George Hill, Buddy Huff, Mercer Lee. Fourth Row: Chuck Lewis, William Lewis, Jolly Mathews, Dan O’Hara, Jerry Patterson. Fifth Row: Hugh Prevost, Tom Prevost, Walter Price, Steve Rankin, B. C. Rogers. Sixth Row: Richard Roper, Danny Smith, Kenny Smith, David Stevens, Edward Trehern. Seventh Row: Allen Tyner, Marvin White, Kiely Young. Not Pictured: Jerry Billingsley, Hugh Ingram, Terry Sharpe. Don Nichols, Chaplain, Barney Guyton, Vice-President; Cary Embrey, President; Bill Sims, Secretary; Bob Coggin, Treas- urer. Second Row: Larry Franklin, Enlistment; Earl Fox, Serv- ice Projects; Doug Kellum, Historian; Lee Roberts, Intramurals. Bee McDonald and Sandra Webb, Sweet- hearts of Collegiate Civitan. COLLEGIATE CIVITAN Collegiate Civitan is a service organization which promotes fellowship, high scholarship, and provides an opportunity for leadership training through service to others. Some projects to promote school spirit were to furnish a cannon at ballgames, a car for the cheerleaders, and to help get the Samford bulldog. Other projects were a meeting board to announce all school meetings, providing eight stage chairs for Nelson Auditorium, and taking children from the Baptist Children’s Village trick-or-treating. First Row: Bill Arnold, Mike Beall, Bob Coggin, Don Con- erly, Rick Copeland. Second Row: Larry Cox, Jerry Cunningham, Cary Embrey, George England, Earl Fox. Third Row: Larry Franklin, Joe Gordon, Hilly Griffin, Barney Guyton, George Hammock. Fourth Row: Ross Hart, Billy Jernberg, Doug Kellum, Tan Mayhall, Bobby Miller. Fifth Row: Kenny Morton, Bob Oatsvall, Lee Roberts, Bill Sims, Jim Sones. Sixth Row: Buddy Wagner, Joe Walker. Not Pictured: Don Nichols. V Joan Myers, Sweetheart Ron Chapman, Senior Vice-President; Larry Franklin, Presi- dent; Alvin Word, Junior Vice-President. Standing: John Nicholas, Secretary; Dwight Ward, Historian; Walton Padel- ford, Treasurer; Jolly Matthews, Chancellor. The purpose of Delta Sigma Pi is to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and the students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics, culture, and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. Activities of the Zeta Iota Chapter include professional tours of prominent business firms, service projects on campus, and promotion of social functions. DELTA SIGMA PI First Row: Wayne Barber, Jack Bauserman, Ron Chapman, Mike Clark. Second Row: Chip Davis, Bill Elk, Mac Fanning, Larry Frank- lin. Third Row: Zach Hederman, Jamie Jones, Jolly Matthews, Ken McDaniel. Fourth Row: John Nicholas, Paul Patterson, Carl Prange, Jr., Ben Rogers. Fifth Row: David Stevens, Dwight Ward, Alvin Word. Not Pictured: Thornton Emmons, Walton Pad el - ford, Kenny Gee, Dr. Gray Miley, Advisor. KISSIMEE Kissimee is ... a Maltese cross with a sword of steel . . . blushing pink and sparkling silver ... a shimmering crescent ... a chain that links friends. The fall luncheon . . . the Christmas Party . . . silver tinsel, lots of love ... a banquet in spring with flowers and songs ... a Kissimee house party . . . what can go wrong? . . . sand and sun . . . blistered backs — nothing lacks. Friendships true . . . love and fun . . . another year gone ... its only begun . . . new Kissimee pledges . . . pink ribbons with K’s . . . memories always . . . beauty honored in Kissimee Tribe . . . but each girl with beauty inside . . . Kissimee is this . . . and all the rest . . . a KT feels . . . but can’t express. Martha Lee Eva Aultman President Vice-President Susie Lee Beth Furlow Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Of course I’ve got PLAYING- AN-ORG AN -IN- A-ROCK’N’ ROLL-BAND-FOR-A-K.T. -RUSH-PARTY permission! Sandra Yarbrough Treasurer This music makes you want to f N First Row: Julia Adams, Lorraine Alexander, Susan Allen, Becky Applewhite, Kathy Avery, Sandy Ballard, Ed- wina Bardin, Jane Barfield, Betty Barnes, Carol Braswell. Second Row: Bonnie Breedlove, Martha Lou Bringle, Penny Brown, Dianne Burgess, Carolyn Bush, Druanne Canterbury, Margaret Caperton, Glynda Carr, Linda Caston, Patricia Channel. Third Row: Chris Chiles, Diana Chiles, Betty Cole, Olivia Collier, Connie Con- erly, Kay Cooper, Ruth Ellen Dacus, Deborah Davis, Kathy Davis, Reba Denley. Fourth Row: Sheila Dickey, Jane Edwards, Sue Evans, Linda Felten, Pege Fowlkes, Betty Germany, Mary Jane Gore, Karen Graham, Judy Grant, Donna Kay Griffith. Fifth Row: Marianne Gunter, Saranne Hamlin, Jennifer Harpole, Joann Harrison, Phyllis Hawkins, Johnnie Nell Henry, Carol Herr, Phyllis Herren, Dixie Hodges, Becky Holland. Sixth Row: Marilyn Huffman, Julie Ivers, Sharon Johnston, Sarah Jones, Jeanie Jontz, Becky Jordan, Carolyn Jordon, Kathy Jordan, Linda Keith, Carol Kelly. Seventh Row: Mona Kraeer, Camille Lambright, Lou Lane, Emily Landsdell, Bar- bara Lewis, Jan Lewis, Martha Little, Lillian Loe, Carol Lum, Lor- raine Lutrick. Eiqhth Row: Sandy Lynam, Judy Lynn Mc- Donald, Lynn McIntosh, Margaret Mathis, Kathy Metts, Gloria Mitchel, Jeanette Mitchell, Jo Anne Moore, Barbara Neal, Delores Neal. Ninth Row: Sue Nutt, Elizabeth Owens, Sharon Packer, Gaye Parks, Billie Presley, Linda Rainey, Nelda Rankin, Kathy Reynolds, Marcia Rhodes, Sherry Rhodes. Tenth Row: Karyl Roberts, Barbara Rochinski, Margaret Rochinski, Becky Rodgers, Nancy Scott, Kitty Shelby, Betty Ann Shirley, Sheri Simmerman, Sandra Smith, Susan Smith. Eleventh Row: Rosemary Sudduth, Margaret Sulli- van, Reba Tanksley, Carolyn Ted- ford. Cheryl Tillman, Lydia Vest, Jann Wall, Joycelyn Walters, Sylvia Weisz, Maxie Wells. Twelfth Row: Kathryn Wheeler, Jean Womack, Jo Etta Wynne, Becky Yates, Diane Young. Not Pictured: Diane Cohen, Vivian Stuart, Karen Cargill, Shelia Crider, Judy Bourland, Nan Lambert, Judy Lucas, Linda Mabry, Judy Moon, Bebe Smith, Gloria Whitlock, Brenda Wilson, Donna Austin, Beth Blount, Anne Deas, Linda Johnson, Sharon King. LAGUNA A Laguna . . . Loyal, Active, Gracious, Unselfish, Noble, and Ascending. A blue monogrammed shirt . . . a silver challenge . . . plans . . . hard work . . . a spirit of unity . . . Rush . . . “our party” . . . Squeal night . . . Bids . . . each has its own meaning. New pledges . . . new girls to know and love . . . Big-Sisters— Little Sisters . . . Well-deserved and proudly worn Pledge-pins . . . Blue “L’s” . . . Halloween “trick-or-treat” . . . Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt for the needy . . . Christmas glitter . . . carols and cheer . . . the sleepless slumber parties at the lodge . . . Luncheons . . . the big formal banquet . . . and the year climaxed with fun in the sun ... a well-done sunburn . . . New Orleans and Houseparty on the coast! And then, finally, graduation . . . and all the little becomes big and takes on new meaning as a Laguna girl finds her place of service in life ... as the years in Laguna have developed her . . . bringing poise, personality, grace, leadership, and enrichment of Christian ideals — all a part of Laguna’s purpose. Rosie Bain Bari Lee President Vice-President Gayle McGee Cindy McGraw Secretary Treasurer 1 I ■ ( Is First Row: Amelia Abernathy, Suzan Bailey, Kathy Bay, Frances Beall, Ann Blackledge, Sharon Broomall, Di- anne Brown, Sally Kay Brown, Bonnie Brueck, Fran Bugg. Second Row: Gayle Bugg, Tricia Burns, Darlyn Butler. Jennie Butler, Penny Butler, Marie Caraway, Cindy Carter, Doris Cheatham, Charlene Church, Mary Lil Coggin. Third Row: Karen Cooper, Mary Ann Cooper, Gail Costilow, Dixie Craig, Becky Crisler. Sandra Crockett, Carla Daves, Sue Dear, Virginia Dillard, Elizabeth Dollarhide. Fourth Row: Judy Donah oe, Debbie Doolittle, Mary Daugherty, Amylou Douglas, Margaret Frazier, Kathy Fulton, Peggy Gault, Marilyn Gilbert, Cherie G lass, Martha Gordon. Fifth Row: Faye Hall, Kay Hankins, Nancy Harris, Sheila Hart, Jane Hatch, Janice Hattox, Sue Ann Herring, Cheryl Herrington, Joyce Hill, Mary Hill. Sixth Row: Betty Hitt, Nancy Hopperton, Cheryl Horn, Mary Hughes, Barbara Irby, Nancy Johnson, Toni Johnson, Carol Johnstone, Anna Ree Jones, Cheryl Keathley. Seventh Row: Debrah Kee, Barbara Knight, Nancy Lewis, Judy Lide, Lita Fay Lopez, Janice Lynk, Bee McDonald, Linda Kay McGee, Jane McGinnis, Ellen McNutt. Eighth Row: Carol Marsh, Barbara Massey, Su- zanne Metts, Sharon Minks, Kitty Mitchell, Cynthia Moffett, Judy Morrison, Paula Mullen, Linda Love Myers, Ann Norman. Ninth Row: Janice Parfitt, Patricia Patterson, Linda Pigott, Sandra Rawls, Ora Fay Renfroe, Carol Reynolds, Mar- tha Rochester, Margaret Roebuck, Donna Round, Karen Sharpe. Tenth Row: Rita Sheffield, Patty Slay, Peggy Slay, Deanna Smith, Cherry Smyley, Carol Stevens, Rachel Stevens, Con- nie Stringer, Geri Lea Sullivan, Linda Kay Taylor. Eleventh Row: Judi Tullos, Karen Walker, Kay Wallace, Ellyn Weaver, Becky Webb, Sandra Webb, Beverly Welch, Marilu White, Dene Williams, Mar- garette Williams. Twelfth Row: Nancy Willis, Daphne Wilson, Libby Wilson, Charlotte Wingo, Margaret Worley, Marzell Worsham. Not Pictured: Marsha Fleming, Alice Hodge, Brenda Harrison, Norma Hogue, Joan Myers, Carol Smith, Janice Tatum. NENAMOOSHA Nenamoosha ... a socially confident girl . . . poised and gracious . . . striving to know, love, and appreciate each Tribe sister . . . rush party . . . pledge week . . . big-little sis tea . . . red roses . . . football banners . . . apples and tom-toms ... a new welcome banner . . . Thanksgiving baskets . . . Christmas caroling ... a cookie sale ... a formal banquet . . . singing for the talent review . . . sweatshirts . . . and to end the year, a houseparty at Six Flags. Carolyn Cartrett Rosemary Pyle President Vice-President Margaret Hale Becky Fortenberry Secretary Treasurer First Row: Linda Allen, Norma Baggett, Eliza- beth Baylis, Nancy Beaver, Linda Benefield, Deborah Bennett. Second Row: Joy Boone, Barbara Boyles, Diane Brown, Sharon Conrad, Merleen Denson, Linda Sue Donnelly. Third Row: Gail Edwards, Connie Ellis, Marilyn Graves, Linda Gray, Barbara Gril- lot, Diane Haley. i Fourth Row: Mary Hawkins, Carla Hinds, Mari- lyn Hodge, Janey Hogue, Shelia Hope, Sandra Hutchinson. 4 Fifth Row: Mary Beth Jone s, Vivian Landfair, Margaret LeGrand, Martha Lyle, Bonnie McKenzie, Susan Deane Moody. Sixth Row: Miriam Myrick, Barbara Parish, Beth Perkins, Elizabeth Quinn, Gwenda Rankin, Susan Rogers. Seventh Row: Martha Rowe, Patricia Rowell, Linda Rowley, Keiko Sagisaka, Lula Ann Snowe, Jane Speed. Eighth Row: Pat Stimatz, Sherry Thompson, Sue Traylor, Judith Underwood, Jann Weaver, Glenda Weeks. SWANN ANOA Swannanoa . . . high ideals . . . spiritual, social, and intellectual growth . . . green and white ... a crysanthemum for purity and a crescent moon. A Swannanoa girl . . . friendly, sincere, and willing to serve. Service projects ... a winter luncheon . . . Christmas caroling . . . date night . . . the spring banquet . . . house party on the coast . . . meaningful experiences forming friendships never to be forgotten. Linda Anderson Mary Sue Kyle President Vice-President Nelda Martin Lou Stokes Secretary Treasurer Jill Almond Reporter 1 thought sure SOMEBODY would come! Steve Cloud Swannanoa Squire David Wallace Pledge Squire Give me another sip of dat stuff , Elvinie! First Row: Susan Aycock, Patricia Bradley, Patsy Burris, Debbie Carr, Carol Ann Cassels. Second Row: Chrystie Cook, Gaye Nell Cox, Mil- dred Crawford, Sally Dyess, Sue Hartley. Third Row: Henri Sue Herbison, Johnny Kay Hicks, Louise Huffman, Joyce Hunt, Lydia Irby. Fourth Row: Charlotte Jones, Janice Jones, Elizabeth Lacy, Elizabeth Maher, Mary Manning. Fifth Row: Paula Ann Mathewson, Claudia Nicholson, Linda Nobles, Kathrine Pitchford, Kay Ponder. Cindy Powell, Louise Heed, The- resia Rogers, Rolanda Roulaine, Sharon Smith. Barbara Strickland, Bernardean Sullivan, Martha Sullivan, Barbara Tate, Kaye Thomas. INTERTRIBAL COUNCIL Seated: Carolyn Cartrett, Secretary: Rosie Bain and Martha Lee, Co-Presidents; Linda Anderson, Treasurer. Standing: Mary Sue Kyle, Rosemary Pyle, .Bari Lee, Reporter. Not Pictured: Eva Aultman, Social Chairman; Mrs. Stevens, Sponsor. The Intertribal Council, consisting of the Presidents and Rush Chairmen from each social tribe, initiates and sponsors all the activities of these four social organizations. With Mrs. William Stevens serving as sponsor, the rush activities of Preference Day and Squeal Night are climaxed by the Intertribal Banquet. The Council also participates in Student Body functions, such as hosting the reception for the Parade of Favorites. EDITED BY JOHN NICHOLAS AND HUGH PREVOST “Fight for the Choctaws, fight . . thus goes the song familiar to each Choc who has represented his school in various sports events. Participation through intercollegiate competition or the intramural sports program is open to each member of the student body. Through the incomparable taste of well-earned victories as well as the pride of a team standing together in defeat, valuable lessons of sportsmanship, friendship, and teamwork are learned, and the physical fitness of each player is increased. ■ 1967 COACHING STAFF: Bernard Blackwell, defensive line coach; Hartwell McPhail, head coach and athletic director; Leo Jones, offensive line coach; James Coleman, backfield coach. 1967 CHOCTAW FOOTBALL SEASON S STATISTICS FORWARD PASSING Name Suchy Rutledge Dill Name Carr Pope King Amis Dill Thornton Name Thornton King Bozeman Stovall Yarborough Pennington Johnston England Lee Att. 126 5 1 Comp. 60 2 0 PUNT RETURNS No. Ret. 6 5 3 1 1 1 INTERCEPTIONS No. Int. 5 5 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 Int. 7 0 0 Yds. 30 28 17 23 20 0 Yds. Ret. 96 78 29 47 0 8 5 8 Net Yds. 1047 20 0 Ave. 5 5.6 5.4 23.0 20.0 0 TD’s 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 HARTWELL McPHAIL, Head Coach and Athletic Director. Amis 1 11 0 Carr 1 13 0 RUSHING PUNTING Name T.C. Gain Loss Net Avg. Name Times Yds. Avg. Suchy 184 1036 117 919 4.94 Hankins 49 1960 40.0 Dill 115 505 20 485 4.2 White 84 351 9 343 4.1 SCORING Pope 24 97 14 83 3.3 Name TD’s Conv. F.G. Pts. Amis 17 83 1 82 4.8 Dill 10 2 0 64 Eldridge 13 43 4 39 3.0 Suchy 10 2 0 60 Cox 9 36 0 36 4.0 Fields 0 23 3 32 Rutledge 8 26 18 8 1.0 White 2 0 0 12 Lofton 6 13 3 10 1.7 Amis 1 0 0 6 Jones 2 0 0 12 RECEIVING Corbin 1 0 0 6 Name Caught Gain Avg. TD’s Sumerall 0 0 1 3 Dill 24 393 16.4 4 Eldridge 1 0 0 6 Jones 15 286 18.7 2 Cox 1 0 0 6 Carr 5 123 24.0 6 Roberts 5 64 12.8 0 KICK-OFF RETURNS Amis 3 95 31.7 1 Name No. Ret. Yds. Avg. Corbin 3 52 17.3 J Pope 11 281 25.6 Eldridge 3 12 4.0 Q Dill 7 105 15.0 Pope 2 24 12.0 0 Amis 5 138 27.6 Shepherd 1 14 14.0 0 King 1 0 0 153 White 1 4 4.0 0 First Row: L. Suchy, J. Rutledge, B. Lofton, D. Hewett, J. Jones, M. Sharpe, J. Yarbrough, T. Eldridge, C. Pope. Second Row: W. Corbin, T. Patterson, R. Hankins, B. Dill. E. Amis, J. Walker, D. Carruth, D. Bozeman, C. King. Third Row: L. Cox, D. Penning- ton, H. White, C. Davis, B. O’Hara, W. Griffin, D. Greer, D. Johnston, E. Trehem. Fourth Row: B. Walker, R. England, S. Oberschmidt, D. Hutcherson, G. Fields, M. Whiddon, F. Stokes, J. Thompson, B. Luter. Fifth Row: M. Walters, R. Armstrong, CHOCS HAVE WINNING SEASON The Mississippi College Choctaws, under the direction of Coach Hartwell McPhail, finished the 1967 campaign with a successful mark of six wins and three losses. For McPhail, this ended a two-year losing streak and enabled the Braves to post their best winning percentage since the 1963 season. Leading the Choctaws afield was honorable mention little All-American quarterback, Larry Suchy. The senior signal caller from Heidelberg, Mississippi, finished the year atop three statistical categories. Suchy led in rushing with 919 yards, passing with 60 completions, out of 128 attempts for 1047 yards, and in total offense with 1966 yards. Larry also garnered the most valuable player award for the second straight year. Leading the pass receivers was halfback Billy Ray Dill with 24 catches for 393 yards. Dill also led in scoring with 10 touchdowns and 4 extra points for 64 points. Ronnie Hankins led the punting department with an average of 40.0 yards per kick. Team statistics found the Choctaws leading their opponents in every category except net forward gain passing. 54 R. Eleuterius, H. Gentry, R. Maddox, C. Lee, D. Stovall, J. Brooks. Sixth Row: J. Carr, R. Beasley, D. Shepherd, K. Rob- erts, R. Faulkner, W. Thornton, J. Johnson. Seventh Row: D. Jones, J. Patterson, H. McPhail, J. Coleman, L. Jones, B. Black- well, T. Mayhall, T. Franks. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Class Hometown 10 Larry Suchy QB 5-10 175 Sr. Heidelberg 11 Joe Rutledge QB 5-10 170 Fr. Jackson 12 Bill Lofton QB 5-9 165 Fr. Brookhaven 13 Dale Hewett QB 6 170 Fr. Lake City, Fla. 14 Jamie Jones E 6 155 Jr. Vicksburg 15 Marc Sharpe HB 6- 189 Fr. Madison 20 Tommy Henry HB 5-10 170 Jr. Crystal Springs 21 Travis Eldridge HB 5-7 162 Fr. Jackson 22 Carl Pope HB 5-10 180 Jr. Belzoni 23 Wendell Corbin S 6 180 Jr. Trenton, Fla. 24 Tommy Patterson HB 5-11 170 Jr. Ripley 25 Ronnie Hankins K 5-11 170 Jr. Shubuta 31 Billy Ray Dill HB 5-11 185 Sr. Forest 33 Ed Amis HB 5-7 163 Sr. Sebastopol 34 Johnny Walker HB 5-9 165 Fr. Waynesboro 35 Donnie Carruth FB 5-8 165 Fr. Jackson 40 Donald Bozeman FB 5-10 175 Sr. Magnolia 41 Cleo King HB 6 188 Soph. Brookhaven 42 Larry Cox FB 6-1 190 Fr. Greenville 43 Donald Pennington LB 5-10 180 Sr. Morton 44 Hulon White FB 5-7 210 Fr. Memphis, Tenn. 50 Chip Davis C 6-3 210 Soph. Clinton 51 Bud O’Hara C 5-10 195 Fr. Tallahassee, Fla. 52 Wayne Griffin C 6 211 Jr. Houston 54 Dennis Gregg c 5-10 Vz 180 Jr. Rome, Ga. 56 Don Johnston LB 5-6Vfe 195 Jr. Waynesboro 60 Ed Trehern G 5-10 188 Jr. Pascagoula 61 Ben Walker G 5-9M 185 Soph. Jackson 62 Robert England LB 5-10 194 Soph. Grenada 63 Scotty Oberschmidt G 5-10 175 Fr. Brookhaven 64 Don Hutcherson G 5-11 180 Fr. Meridian 66 George Fields G 5-11M 207 Sr. Ferriday, La. 67 Mike Whiddon T 5-11 225 Fr. Biloxi 68 Frank Stokes G 5-10 195 Jr. Gloster 70 Jackie Thompson T 6-2 200 Fr. Madison 71 Boyd Luter, Jr. T 6-1 210 Fr. Raymond 72 Mike Walters T 6-2 225 Jr. Petal 74 Randall Armstrong T 6 230 Soph. Jackson 75 Rocky Eleuterius T 6 220 Sr. Biloxi 76 Henry Gentry T 6 210 Sr. Columbus 78 Raymond Maddox T 6-1 220 Jr. Jackson 79 Curtis Lee G 6-1 214 Fr. Georgetown 80 Doug Stovall E 5-11 180 Soph. Morton 83 Jimmy Carr E 5-11 165 Soph. Jackson 84 Robert Beasley E 6 185 Fr. Lumberton 85 Dale Shepherd E 5-11 185 Fr. Clinton 86 Kelly Roberts E 6-3 225 Jr. Magee 87 Raymond Faulkner E 6-4 195 Sr. Clarksdale 88 Wayne Thornton S 6-1 175 Sr. Raleigh m? Fields hits for three against Livingston State. Dill sweeps end behind interference provided by Hulon White and Larry Suchy. 156 F The long trip to Greenville, South Carolina, proved to be in vain as the Choctaws dropped their opening game to the Furman Paladins by the score of 15 to 6. Although leading at the half by a 6 to 3 count and finishing ahead in total yardage, the Braves could not get the vital points they needed. Billy Ray Dill led the rushing attack with 139 yards while Larry Suchy scored the only touchdown with a four yard scamper. The Tribe found the home field much friendlier as they romped to a 28 to 0 decision over Southeastern Oklahoma in the second game of the season. Larry Suchy led the attack with 67 yards on the ground and 167 more passing, accounting for 224 total yards and two touchdowns, while Dill scored the other two touchdowns. Mississippi College again found the road to be unfriendly, dropping their third game of the young season to Arkansas A M by the score of 6 to 0. MC again won the statistical battle, paced by Billy Ray Dill with 89 yards rushing, but could not punch the ball over the goal. MC FLORENCE STATE 28 22 MC OUACHITA BAPTIST 41 21 The Florence State ballgame finally found the Choctaws winning one on the road. MC edged the homestanding Lions 28 to 22 by virtue of a tremendous defensive stand on the one yard line as time ran out. Fullback Hulon White paced the offense with 104 yards rushing while Rocky Eleuterius and Ed Trehern, standouts on defense all year, anchored the decisive goal line stand. The reservation also proved to be a happy hunting ground, but not before there were anxious moments as the Ouachita Tigers were defeated 41 to 21. The visitors jumped into a 14 to 0 lead before Suchy rallied his team with scoring passes to Dill, Jamie Jones, Wendell Corbin, and Ed Amis. Hulon White and Joe Rutledge accounted for two scores via the ground route in building up a 41 to 14 lead. Suchy had 325 total yards for the night as the Choctaws brought their record to 3-2. Jamie Jones hauls one in! 57 Hitting the road for the last time the Braves next defeated Louisiana College 27 to 9. Larry Suchy again led the club with 118 yards rushing and 230 passing. Billy Ray Dill paced the receivers with 5 receptions for 85 yards and one touchdown. Jamie Jones was also on the scoring end of a Suchy aerial, and Larry scored the other touchdown himself. A field goal by George Fields and a safety accounted for the other Choctaw points. Returning home to face arch-rival Samford proved to be an unrewarding experience as the Tribe was felled 28 to 21. Samford jumped to a quick 7 to 0 lead, and then spent the rest of the night being tied and then going back ahead. Suchy scored two touchdowns and Larry Cox added the third. The brighest spot of the game for the home fans was the fact that Larry Suchy broke his own record for total offense for the year set in 1966. MC 27 LOUISIANA COLLEGE 9 MC 21 SAMFORD UNIVERSITY 28 The homecoming game with Southern Arkansas State left the partisan crowd happy as the Choctaws triumphed by a score of 33 to 10. Once again Larry Suchy paved the way with 142 yards passing, 149 yards rushing, and one touchdown. Billy Ray Dill also sparkled, scoring three touchdowns. George Fields and Andy Sumrall both booted field goals for the Tribe to account for the remainder of the scoring. MC dominated the statistics with 458 total yards to 282 as the win upped the season record to 5-3 with only the High School Day game with Livingston State remaining. The season ended on a pleasant note as Livingston State was soundly defeated 31 to 13 with some 700 high-schoolers looking on. The Choctaws were impressive indeed as Billy Ray Dill led the way with two touchdowns, and Suchy and Travis Eldridge notched one apiece. George Fields added a field goal to complete the Tribe’s scoring. Suchy accounted for 154 yards on the ground and 140 in the air to bring his season total offense to 1966 yards, a new Choctaw record. No, George! I’d rather do it myself. Has anybody seen the ball? ! 5 8 MC SOUTHERN ARKANSAS STATE 33 10 " The Impossible Dream” (of all linemen). MC 31 LIVINGSTON STATE 13 59 “He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. . ■ Please ref, make them leave me alone! Kneeling: Bruce, Byrd, Clay, Chancellor, Hartley, Black, Bishop Standing: Coach Allen, Walley, Dalton, Wilkinson, Powell, Harp, Gripp, Boteler, Walker, Moss. 1967-68 BASKETBALL 1967-68 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Dec. 1 Magnolia Tournament Dec. 2 Magnolia Tournament Dec. 5 Birmingham Southern Dec. 8 Millsaps Tournament Dec. 9 Millsaps Tournament Dec. 11 Nichols State Dec. 15 Livingston State Dec. 18 Southeastern La. Jan. 8 Denominational Tournament Jan. 9 Denominational Tournament Jan. 13 Louisiana College Jan. 15 Southeastern La. Jan. 27 Livingston State Jan. 30 Huntington Feb. 2 Delta State Feb. 3 Birmingham Southern Feb. 10 Nichols State Feb. 15 William Carey Feb. 17 Louisiana College Feb. 24 Delta State Coach Allen looks things over calmly. l6o i Walley fights his way into the open. The Braves finished the 1966-67 season on a disappointing note, closing out the year with 15 straight losses. Danny Bishop led the team both in scoring and in rebounding. Although the season record was a dismal 6-20, the scoring punch returns with lettermen Danny Bishop and Darrel Chancellor and transfer Glenn Hartley. The 1967-68 season opened triumphantly with a 132-99 decision over Millsaps in the Magnolia Tournament in Jackson. However, the Choctaws lost the championship game to the Belhaven Clansmen by a score of 102-88. Birmingham Southern was the next opponent to fall followed by conquests over Austin College and Nichols State. The Tribe split two home games over the Christmas holidays, winning over Livingston State and falling to Southeastern Louisiana. With the student body back to cheer them on the Choctaws took their own Denominational Tournament with a 92-91 overtime thriller against William Carey and a 72-57 romp over Belhaven for the championship and a measure of revenge for two earlier defeats by the Clansmen. Ed Walley and Slim Hartley continued to lead the scoring in compiling a 7-3 record in early season play. Ralph Bruce practices his ballet against Nichols State. Bishop tries for rebound against Belhaven. Chancellor dunks one — even though it is illegal. l6l i i6 3 i 1967-68 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The Mississippi College Freshman Basketball squad found the early season going rough indeed as they dropped their first four ball games. The baby Braves, under the guidance of Coach William Lewis, played excellent ball most of the time and were usually in a position to win before bowing out in the final few minutes. Leading scorers for the first few games were Jehu Brabham, Bill Gorman and Jimmy Marshall, while Marshall and Mike Black were strong on the boards. As the squad begins to gain experience and eliminate mistakes, the record should improve, with a winning season still definitely within reach. Coach William Lewis. First Row: Fogg, Marshall, Allen, Black, Morgan, Gillespie, Cook. Second Row: Bell, Gorman, Davis, Prather, Calhoun, Brabham. i First Row: Whitfield, Campbell, Proffer, Warren, Rhodes, Suchy, Brock. Second Row: Patterson, Prescott, White, Moore, Hewett, Middleton, Shirley. Third Row: Coach Coleman, Freeman, Michael, Steele, Mitchell, Claywell, Henry, Farlow. 1967 BASEBALL The 1967 edition of the Mississippi College baseball team finished the season with a fine record of 15 wins and 7 losses. The Choctaws, under the guidance of Coach James Coleman, were led by Melvin Whitfield at the plate and Larry Farlow on the mound. Whitfield paced the hitters with a .388 batting average on 19 hits in 49 times at bat. Other regulars going over the .300 mark were Larry Henry with a .342 mark; Van Michael at .316; Dwight Middleton at .309; and Oscar Moore at .306. Middleton and Moore led the slugging department with four home runs apiece. Middleton had 22 RBI’s to lead that department with Moore driving to place second. Larry Farlow led the pitching with a 7-2 mark, followed by Steve Proffer at 6-2. Farlow finished with an ERA of 2.14 while Proffer finished at 2.36. Proffer led the team in strikeouts with 57. Other team leaders included Larry Suchy with 9 stolen bases and 18 walks, Moore and Ronnie Prescott with two triples, and Pete Campbell with 6 doubles. Key victories during the year were scored over arch-rivals Samford, Belhaven, and William Carey. Prospects are bright for another successful season with both Whitfield and Farlow returning for the 1968 campaign Coach James Coleman views the prospects jor the oncoming baseb season. 166 1968 BASEBALL SCHEDULE Prescott makes the putout. Mar. 12 Belhaven Mar. 20 North Park Mar. 21 North Park Mar. 22 Northeast Missouri Mar. 23 Northeast Missouri Mar. 26 William Carey Mar. 27 William Carey Mar. 29 Delta State Mar. 30 Delta State Apr. 3 Mississippi Southern Apr. 9 Belhaven Apr. 15 Tulane Apr. 16 Belhaven Apr. 20 Huntington Apr. 22 William Carey Apr. 23 William Carey Apr. 26 Southwestern Apr. 27 Southwestern Apr. 30 Northeast La. May 2 Huntington May 3 Samford May 4 Samford May 6 Belhaven May 11 Southern 167 Oscar Moore demonstrates the classic hatting stance. " Not had . . . Now try it with a hall ” 168 ■ First Row: Walker, Wagner, Blancett. Second Row: Allen, Woodworth, Starkey, Sharpe, Miller. 1967 CROSS COUNTRY The 1967 cross country team turned in another successful season, running up a 3-2 record. After dropping the opening meet of the season, the Choctaws rang up impressive victories over Southeastern Louisiana and Delta State, dropped a close one to Mississippi State, and finished with a strong win over the University of South Alabama. The Braves were paced all season by freshman sensation Larry Blancett whose time of 19: 12 against South Alabama was the best mark of the year. Other top runners for the squad were returning lettermen Doug Starkey, Terry Sharpe, and Buddy Wagner and transfer Joe Walker. Warren Levy and Terry Sharpe take a few warm-up laps. 169 ■ VV c » track 4 C TRACK B C 41 TRACK 4 C ■ RACK vi c TRACK M C T f l TPACK M C r rack 4 c «0 TRACK vv c iLI track H ? A C i RACK First Rotu: Levy, Price, Mclntire, Jones, Wagner, McClure. Second Row: Bridges, Jones, Thornton, Miller, Horn, Dill, Pennington. Third Row: Stovall, Starkey, Sharpe, Young, Chan- cellor, Byrd, Clack, Smith, Wellons, Eamhart. To the winners go the trophies. 1967 TRACK The 1967 track team posted another winning mark, finishing with a 3-2-1 record under Coach Leo Jones. Several new school records were established by the Choctaw runners. In the triple jump James Horn bettered his own record with a new distance of 43 ' 4 V 2 " . Doug Starkey turned in a time of 1.56.5 for a new mark in the 880-yard run, and Wayne Thornton established the standard for the 440-yard intermediate hurdles with a best time of 54.8 in the first year the event has been run. The team record for the 440-yard relay of 43.0 was also tied by the foursome of Jamie Jones, Wayne Thornton, Irwin Clack, and Danny Smith. Other top tracksters included Walter Price in the hurdles, Terry Sharpe and Warren Levy in the distance events, and Marvin Eamhart, Billy Ray Dill, Darrell Chancellor, and Ron Byrd in the field events. l 7° Something ' s got to give. “Toad” Smith breaks the tape. “ Richmond Flowers , here I cornel” 1 7 1 i “Look, up in the sky; it’s a bird; it’s a plane . . . No, it’s just Carl Prange. 1967 TENNIS The 1967 Choctaw tennis team suffered somewhat of a letdown from the 1966 squad that went to the NCAA Small College Tournament. The ’67 ledger showed a 5-6 record at season’s end. Four of the defeats came at the hands of Ole Miss and Mississippi Southern with both schools notching two victories. Key victories were scored over Belhaven and Delta State. The Choctaw netters showed well in tournaments with a second place finish in the Millsaps College Tournament and a tie for third in the Mississippi State College Tournament held on the local courts. Leading the squad throughout the year at the number one singles spot was Walton Padelford, who teamed with Bobby Hand for the number two doubles team. Carl Prange and Ricky Shaw combined for the number one doubles team. The 1968 season promises to be a good one as most of the lettermen return for another season. “ Where’d that ball go?” 1 7 m Seated: Bozeman, Suchy. Standing: Trehern, Jones, Stokes. Howard Godfrey Danny Bishop Oscar Moore James Horn Walton Padelford 1967-68 AWARDS On this year’s award page we would like to honor not only those who took the football honors but also the recipients of the year-end recognition given by the Collegian in May, 1967, to the person who contributed most to his particular sport. Howard Godfrey was chosen for football, Danny Bishop for basketball, Oscar Moore in baseball, Walton Padelford for tennis, and James Horn for track. At the 1968 football banquet awards were given to Larry Suchy for Most Valuable Player and also permanent co-captain with Raymond Faulkner. Others cited were Jamie Jones, Most Improved; Ed Trehern, Best Defensive; Frank Stokes, Best Blocker; and Don Bozeman, Sportsmanship. l 7 3 CHEERLEADERS RAISE SCHOOL SPIRIT Kneeling: Linda Keith, Marilyn Huffman, Head Cheerleader; Becky Applewhite, Penny Brown, Kathy Avery, Ann Patterson. Standing: Danny W ooldridge, Randy Pople, David Fairchild, Jeff Goodrich. 74 M CLUB The M Club has as its purpose the following pledge: “We, the students of Mississippi College, who have earned the varsity ‘M’ for participation in one or more major sports, in order to form a closer fellowship among the athletes on our campus, to encourage the principles of good sportsmanship among ourselves and other students, and to promote the general welfare of every student attending this institution.” Linda Keith and Susan Allen are the club sweethearts. OFFICERS: Seated — Buddy Wagner, Vice-President; Kenry Gentry, President; George Fields, Secretary. Standing — Terry Sharpe, Treasurer; Ronnie Hankins, Reporter; Dennis Greer. Sergeant-at-Arms. First Row: Greer, Eleuterius, Keith, Gentry, Allen, Fields, Stovall. Second Row: Dill, Hassell, Hankins, Patterson, Davis, Miller, Bridges. Third Row: Pennington, Trehem, Stokes, Wei- Ions, King, Ishee, Woodworth. Fourth Row: Sharpe, Mayhall, England, Patterson, Smith, Wagner, Amis, Oatsvall. l 75 « ) INTRAMURAL ACTIVITIES In the 1967 intramural football season, Circle K emerged victorious by defeating an all-star team and one of their players, John Hassell, was voted the most valuable player. The basketball tournament was taken by Circle K over Whittington at the end of last year, but this year the Juniors took the pre-season tournament and looks like a good bet to end the Circle K domination. % ( % A 1 6 DIRECTORY OF ADVERTISERS Albritons Bank of Clinton Bill Will Motel Cafeteria and Wigwam Capital Paint and Glass City of Clinton Clinton Drugs Clinton Realty Company Clinton Savings Loan Coca-Cola College Cleaners Colonial Baking Company Cowan Insurance Agency First Federal Green Derby Hederman Brothers Hester-Stone Ins. Agency Howard O. Pippen Jackson Typewriter Co. Jack Wertz Lane-Moak Pontiac McRae ' s Miller ' s Citgo Miss. Power and Light Mooreco Pevey’s Fairway Supermarket Primos Restaurants Quik-Stop Ratliff Motor Company Reid McGee Insurance Agency Robert Gandy Insurance Agency Seale-Lily Shoney ' s Southern Pipe Supply Co. Standard Life Ins. Agency Standard Photo Strauss Stallings Stuart C. Irby Company Trading Post Tucker Printing Company Vogue Walker Farms Wilson Wholesale Distributors Shop The For Mississippi ' s Largest Selection of Ladies Ready-to-Wear ® o u m 144-146 E. Capitol COLLEGE CLEANERS 305 Clinton Blvd. and 207 E. College St. B. E. MARTIN, Owner Insured Storage Phones 924-5373 or 924-5245 CLINTON DRUG COMPANY PANGBURN ' S CANDIES P.O. Box 65 Prescriptions A Specialty SUNDRIES AND TOBACCOS Cosmetics A Specialty SODAS, ICE CREAM CLINTON, MISSISSIPPI McRAE’S COMPLIMENTS OF “A Mississippi T radition of Quality . . . Since 1902” . . . Geared to the Tastes of the Collegiate Man and Woman three convenient locations DOWNTOWN • MEADOWBROOK • WESTLAND CLINTON SAVINGS LOAN 77 COMPLIMENTS of PEVEY’S FAIRWAY SUPERMARKET MILLER ' S CITGO SERVICE Everybody Goes to . . . SHONEY’S America ' s Favorite Family Restaurant and Drive-In also Complete Take Out Service Meet Me At . . . SHONEY ' S WESTLAND PLAZA Phone: 352-5453 STANDARD Life Insurance Company of the South Home Office: Jackson, Miss. " Helping Develop the South ' " Standard Photo Co. 513 East Capitol Street Cameras — Photo Equipment — Supplies — Finishing JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 39201 PHONE 948-2847 Ratliff Motor Co., Inc. Phone 924-6603 IddemorieA of IddiAAiAAippi CJL r • Car Tags • Class Rings • Jackets • Sweat Shirts • Stationery • Glasses • Jewelry • Jr. Jackets • Cups alumni stickers mailed free to you upon written request Jlte Look and Aupphj on the C ampuA cen ter Mail orders filled promptly Phone 924-5 131, Ext. 241 Box 67 CLINTON 39056 compliments of THE CITY OF CLINTON A good place to live CLINTON, MISSISSIPPI OFFICIALS DR. A. E. WOOD Mayor JOE H. PRICE City Clerk ALDERMEN CHARLES G. BLASS E. O. BUFKIN PAUL N. JORGENSEN C. C. (Cliff) LANDRUM HUBERT G. STREET IT IS A PLEASURE All Faculty and Students Welcomed to Shop at WILSON WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS, INC. TO SERVE YOU Jewelry Sporting Goods Silver Diamonds Radios, Stereos Luggage Appliances 9 A.M.-9 P.M. Monday-Friday Open to 6 P.M. Saturday 4040 Nor+hview Drive, Jackson, Mississippi retail division Compliments of the CAFETERIA AND WIGWAM Operated By MORRISON FOOD SERVICES, INC. 79 Jackson, Miss. PRIMOS RESTAURANTS Where all Mississippi College students meet in Jackson MOORECO PHOTO SHOP Everything Photographic for the Amateur or Professional open ' til 1 1 p.m. every night I 757 Terry Road For Lighting Fixtures see STUART C. IRBY CO. 815 S. State St. JACKSON Insure . . . COWAN INSURANCE AGENCY Suite 332-36 First National Bank Bldg. Phone FL 3-4744 DALLAS H. COWAN R. DOUGLAS HUDGINS BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY Jackson Coca-Cola Bottling Company 180 rRA Dg MA RK Colonial H£oo4 BA of good bread STATE FARM JACK WERTZ ROBERT GANDY INSURANCE AGENCY 1416 First National Bank Bldg. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI HOWARD O. PIPPEN for the best in portrait photography Compliments of WALKER FARMS producers of Golden Guernsey Milk Products Sjealed»ih YOU EAT IT WITH A SMILE a cordial welcome awaits you at the BILL WILL MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Highway 80 mile from campus Phone 924-5313 - HEDERMAN BROTHERS HAS ALL OF YOUR -NEEDS IN QUALITY SOCIAL STATIONERY WEDDING INVITATIONS PARTY INVITATIONS SCHOOL SUPPUES JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI CAPITAL PAINT GLASS CO. ESTABLISHED 1924 JACKSON, MISS. PAINT— WALLPAPER— GLASS Compliments The TUCKER PRINTING HOUSE " Genuine Copperplate Engravers " 1 3 North State Jackson HESTER-STONE INSURANCE AGENCY 470 Petroleum Building P.O. Box 489 Phone FL 3-4603 JACKSON 5, MISSISSIPPI St ' iaaA ■ Staffing 1 JEWELERS " The Silver Stores of Mississippi " Jackson Vicksburg 242 E. Capitol St. 1408 Washington St. ALBRITONS ' HOUSE OF FINE DIAMONDS " REID McGEE INSURANCE AGENCY 625 N. State Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI FL 3-1629 366-4426 418 East Capitol Street Northwood Shopping Center JACKSON TYPEWRITER COMPANY . . . distributor of products bv r gm Standard — Electrics — Portables compliments of CLINTON REALTY COMPANY 108 West Leake Street Farms Residential Property You’ll Graduate to a world made better by ELECTRICITY MISSISSIPPI POWER LIGHT CO. SOUTHERN PIPE SUPPLY CO. 630 North Mill Street QUIK-STOP Jackson, Mississippi 948-0861 Highway 80 West Clinton, Miss. Compliments of friend COMPLIMENTS of a FRIEND The Tribesman would like to thank the following for their help in publication of the 1968 Tribesman: Student Body Association for the color picture of Joan Myers. State Historical Museum for background of Favorites pictures. New Capitol for background of Who’s Who pictures. Governor’s Mansion for background of Beauties pictures. Dean Spell, Mr. Norman Gough, and Mr. Elliot for contribution of pictures. Dac Durham for art work on division pages. i8 3 As a yearbook editor, wouldn’t you like — complete creative art assistance in planning and designing your book actual known production performances (by rec- ords) of substantially less than 10 weeks, as required by most yearbook manufacturers. No contract claims, cither , of an additional 4 days on delivery for each 1 day any deadline is missed i V an association with a firm who has specialized in designing yearbooks perhaps longer than any other company our insistence of your reading and checking page proofs to avoid (or at least minimize) possible glaring errors in the completed edition V an all out effort to please you in design, quality, and service at competitive prices What more could you ask? BENSON Nashville PRINTING CO. Tennessee 184

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Mississippi College - Tribesman Yearbook (Clinton, MS) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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