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x gyw SQL - y ' S , I A ,. F 1 is X Q kilt! l xi- iv 'zivgf-5 'Xxx'-V! -.X 5-A N- 5 .1 , -T S 7.7, r- ' A QQQ?B5U?'AQf 55 hgif ' a ig .2 If -QQ - I 'Q O Q9 Xgxfigf-wxfjvf .XD , ,,, gQ'-fJ mlm f H Xe MN fN A f fw 4 AY x I , 1 f U' N 'QR , V3 gb 2 NJ G " X: f 1 J' JN ' L fl f X, kg V7 V . ff 1 xfxlff ix ' N H 7 , lb Q 0 JLM, LMA q Xmtlii Q 7. Cp fig' vi N' col? In 4 W LLLUJ meal QQ 4 .Ak " , .Q-'f':1.Fr .Q .fx 4 1, 'gr JL " 1 'L 5' 'IT4 . 4 ,f '. e N. - 1 '- f 'V ,,nu. ff' . . ' IA 'x ,Q . st, A v A F ln . i. ix fwffffw W f ,sg viva? j ,,,w vp 1 J ft? S' H MM Xwwf Q OQUATW Wy Q9 Q6 ,gwpbl-ff x D4 Av' wa 25 wb MSW E EYE QJSZOQM JW' M 'nh ' . V 0 W MM awww I 6 fxgx , X' :SDpH.765? N2p KP YVQQ so ' ADJ NW Xyfxl 5 FX, if A . WY .. 53 . I M X N, my lb V SIL- Q45 CZ I 1 A mf "p V I . ' -rw -' ' . ,ff f S44 ibm" ,O -:OHWT ,. L ' L mae ,X 26,4 r"h u ,n..M., ..., .,....... . .W.---,-f W w-A-m - ,,,, . , 4 , Y .mn .... .. .. lk, AUV? bww .Mwfwwm QQMWWMMMQ TI-III E GLB Mission High School, Mission, Texas Nineteen Hundred and Sixty'-Eight FOBEWORD Mission High School's spotlight is on 1967-68, a year of success, of triumph. As rays fall on its extensive campus, faces of youth come into view. Energetic youth f 1,213 of them X fill its corridors with the prospect of success, fulfillment. Stealing a c1ose-up of the year's memorable events, it becomes evident that the expression on every face is individually symbolic. Therein lies the key to enrichment, self-expression. Capturing the natural glow of M1-1Sers throughout all phases of academic and social life is the purpose of the Eagle. Each sprinkle of color paints a unique picture of young adults preparing for the future, providing Mission with an adequate snapshot for the scrapbook of their lives. lndividually, these faces signify originality and creativity. Each registers an inner pride and self-dignity so typical of enthusiastic youth. As expressions define personalities, the Eagle finds a unifying thread, a focal point, binding students to conformity. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors collectively conform in- convey ing this spirit. Spirit becomes the center beam, radiantly touching every student and vividly renewing enthusiasm and vitality. Cast a light in this direction as the Eagle presents a FOCUS ON FACES. FOCUS ON FACES ...c,. FACES OF MHS DEDICATION .... STUDENT LIFE ....................... .. CLUBS 84 ORGANIZATIONS ........... 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 3 Pages..4-5 Page 6 Pages .7-40 . Pages 41-68 FAVORITES ..... - ATHLETICS ...,........i... ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ..c......r... ADVERTISING .... Pages 69-82 . Pages 83-118 Pages 119-130 Pages 131-192 Pages 193-216 4 ff H L 4 v. , Wk', - xf gf' ,V-. , ,M v VW Y Q fa- ? , .12 f if' Z Y "X 2. " 4 ' in 4 , W X , ff ff!! , WWQ7W,7,,,,, ' - Lf :rif f 0 on 2 FACES Aw 'B' Da 5, +-.A 'f"x -Q .1 qu 4- in ,f-...A -1- 6 DISTRICT I6-AAA LITERARY CI-IAMPIGNS For the fifth time in six years Mission High School has won sweepstakes honors in the District 'I6-AAA Literary Contest. Mission walked away with the literary meet by scoring 'I99 points. MHS sent 12 students to the Regional Contest in Corpus Christi. They were seated left to right Janelle Burleson, girls persuasive speaking, Nora de la Garza, girls prose reading, Mr. Ray Myers, meet director, Carolyn Kawamoto, girls extemporaneous speaking, Linda Ray, typing. Standing left to right Thelma Sanchez, shorthand, Leo Ramirez, number sense, Ruben Garza, boys poetry reading, John Compton, science, Donald Ellis, science, Fernando Rendon, number sense, Tommy Beachum, boys extemporaneous speaking, and Alice Mac- phee, readywriting. al 5 iff' E rf' J L X V 'S 1 ,-V, While the Eagles played, they had plenty of support on the sidelines. Here Randy Sweeten, a second team all-district defensive player, cheers the offense. Eagles to victory. Left to right are Arturo Nlnnoz, Eddie Sanchez and Bohbv Jack VVright. ' Bill Valverde and Dr. Pat llilr-y watch the action on the ficlcl as the Eagles play. They took care of lmrnisvs and other injuries for the fezim. Q59 Q Sophomore quarterback Terry Lankford guts a last-minute word from Coach Lum Wright before he goes in to direct the Eagles on nf- fense against Weslaco. 7 4 XX l V' 5.-5f:".T" 'xv fx ' .1 w r .- '- 'W ' it' Personality - that elusive yet conclusive com- bination of qualities which make a name an in- dividual - finds itself on this page. Everybody knows this man. No one on the 3 campus is more highly regarded. ln the twelve years he has been at MHS, he and his deport- ment have brought much honor to both school and community. A tireless worker, he demands the best of his students iust as he gives his best. The Mission Eagle Band is proof that he gets the best. His sense of humor is the spice that makes the hard work palatable, and as he drills his group into expert performance, he molds them also in the fine ideals ot ambition, industry, perserverance, and pleasure ot achievement. The music he has taught them will long enrich their lives. To the unforgettable Mr. Mac, with love and respect, we dedicate the Eagle ot 1968. STUDENT LIFE Student Life - activities, learning, ma- turing - all of the things that bring each Mission High School student closer to his ultimate goal - the goal of graduation, the beginning ot a new way of life for each graduating senior. These activities constitute a major part of each student's life at Mission High. Working, studying, making announcements, rehearsing tor class plays, the concerts, cheering vigor- ously with llO per cent spirit, and cram- ming madly tor semester exams all repre- sent the madcap yet captivating days of high school lite. Come with us through the Student Lite section of the EAGLE as these pages "FOCUS ON FACES" ot happiness, ac- complishment, surprise and sadness. These faces register the joy and pride of students Who invest their time and talent to become an integral part ot their school. 7' Cora Lea Harper types up her story for a weekly issue of the Eagle, school newspaper. Nlary Lou Pena, a member of A weary Lee Fisher, first team all-district guard, gets a rest the active Pep Club, Shouts en. from the action as the Eagles opened up a 28-8 edge over -Ray- couragemenf to players on the mondville. Fisher was second team all-district on defense. field. ,wg Bobby lack Wright gets assist from Coach Calvin Brewer in putting on his letterman jacket. Y W 'Y' -.1 Celia Menill and cheer as the Eagles mov . 5 is one of their opponents. Mary Casas and Mr. Forrest Hood examine a copy of autograpliecl book she received from author Iessie Stuart. A t.,,,,,,., A The Eagles had their worst night of the season a ainst the Donna F-edskins, losing a 17-8 decision tha? cost them Sole P0556-9Si0n of the district championship. Coach Lum Wright reflects the feeling of all Mission glllgslignille Eagles fumbled and sputtered against the A proud Charlene Caldwell gets congratulationsr from Barbie Ludwig after being named Homecoming Queen of MHS. l These loyal Engle fans turned out in the rain to cheer Mission against Edinburg. A ' 2 9 Freshmen Get Traditional Initiation During Early Days Of School Year Freshmen initiation is an annual event in MHS. On this day the freshmen are initiated as full-fledged members of the high school student body. Under the direction ot the Senior Class, the Fish are required to do simple tasks such as pushing pennies with their noses, wearing funny clothing, and a dozen pigtails in their hair, and carry- ing signs rooting for thc seniors and Mission Eagles. Carol Lasley does jumping jacks as a group of seniors look on, 1- . QSM Janis Miller and Patsi Hartisty are given instructions by senior Rene Farias. 1 day are to , . he annual on A group of freshmen pause to have their picture - - - n initiation day. Left to right are joey de la Fuent , f - a obby Garza, Susan Bennett, james Stewart, Linda Edwards, niz, Jaime Garcia and Debbie Hamilton. Linda Stafford, Rene Ala- ' .lg r5'1z.mu::zQL,,3 ,,,i,.:,.X ffm f .earaw-,,,41..,,4g11,333-,?7,vf5:w.f-ff' "-- -,tsp-,!. we ia vfff i:-. - s M . it I if VW ' E, sf 73" if 5 - 5 'S G 1 . V 9 .. . .- Sm 'Lis . '::'f'-1'fi"f'?2.- i nf' ' I 'I'-is .e " 'L X ' , "' ' .. Wt X314 se rf le fre.. J N ii SAW Q? 1 .WM -- , Q -Q 3 t- ig ' . A ' f 4. f Sw X JH N, X A J ,Q Q- ' if 'QA 1, t f S 4 , M , M Q K- egg, f' in :I 3 Y .. It 1 is ' l , ,,.., t .Y lg A 4 at tx 1 t S' JZ X at X, ,s . if ' 1 , i f in 1 ' JW -Y Y: 3 ., rs, ,a E at . . 5 aa sr gif ' Y - 'i-' 9 " .. - f 5 i'ii 1 stti s f' ',,".' '12 -"' 5 2 ' '- T: . 'S - ' ii-- ' S 5 ggi ff, i, , f r is-.,,. "'-get ' V Y Senior Class resident Larr Garza leads a oun of freshmen in a P Y gf l yell for the Eagles. Mission And The Entire Valley Feel The Effects Of Hurricane Beulah Hurricanlc licnlnh slaunlnccl fllfflllgll tht Ilio Crunclc Yxxllcy lutc in Scptcinbcr and rcsiclc-nts will long rcrncinbcr it. Mission schools wcrc closccl for fivc cluys and cvcn ut that Worr- rnnch more fortunate than most other Vallcy schools. -Q., cl L- Clnvcrnnr john Connully uncl U. S. Congrcssinun Kiku lar Caxrzn czunc to the Valley to personally survey the clu mage. President Lyndon johnson and Congressrnan Kikn cle la Garza are shown discussing the problems resulting from the hurricane. fgfgk jf' ni i l Xie V 4, gb ,fi fi Q, PM .Wy In . A , 9 Tv - ri r 4 L u i, - g' 3 Ni X Q. . ,' Q A . jg. 'V ,Q b v A sn , Q A SIZQ - I xg I A95 ,lg K its-H Y. r L:-1 if - l ., K ., . il 2 l" 1 X, B Q 45 ' ., . nf, ,La k is is K? fr. . Eff? 'gr , W' 43 " .ix 5 A ' fr 2-' 4 U W riss s ' 'ws my r: ' ' , " ,, s . . l s ,, 1 ' I d fd b ' t b ha led off are Annu Hernandez, Pearl 2222? Z-,lvl1?rlg'l'l'?g Garza? I'?gI'fgllCil Mtg-Ildel, Ulld Elvil P'0d"'1-5l'CZ- Ol' fhe 10 tractor are Pablo Castaneda and Arturo Esquivel. lc-rzltion Cllcaxnupl' was ll projcct Xlission school sturlcnts. ln this pictu john Compton nnrl Carolyn Corpstc are clcnning up clvbris lr-tt by thc Hurt camo. ,f i7f2'l5 5, "K .LL'i11l,Qf'E' Hx h ,, . -4 -- 1' 11, 'iii if K ., Y . t iff' X 1 Z E , Q ,E , , 3 ,Q , ,W K 2 sf Q i 1 ,- ff few A N5 i ., 5' 1s,,5"5?w41:s' : ff-' ,'ssY'iw if 'f3r4F" These palm trees in Mission show the strength of the 100-mile-per-hour winds that accompanied the hurricane. l 1 Pictured with u loud of branches arc lr-ft to rig in front Leo Rznnirez, Billy Hyde and Anflil H6 nandcz. On the trailer are Penny VVard, Dax: Nlerrill, john Compton and Carolyn Corpstel f Q E " sg 1 1 . X Y W.. . K ef,gi,.. ,Q-2.frf55iieff.-Si 'A Fixx ' ir' QW? 'fsxiea . 65.951, ,... , X . I 1 ,, a yard after the storm are these students. Left to right are Malcom Castaneda, Medarclo de Leon and Arturo Esquivel. Others working in "Operation Cleanup" are shown here left to right Elva Rodri- guez, Anna Hernandez, Leo Ramirez, Hortencia Mendez, Irma de la Garza, and Alice Macphee. In the back are George Cruz and David Merrill. .. K. , 1.. Ni. 'Fm-,""" -I ll r f kin- 'RUQ if Taking a trailer loud of tri-es to he emptiecl are Bill Lyles, jim lVnod, Hubert Thompson Calvin Xlcfllnin and T1-rry Stuart. ll Student Council this year.A . if r M ..,,, ,tg Wmwemiem , The Student Council sponsored an orientation assembly early in the year to ac- quaint students with the various phases of council work. The assembly took place in the gymnasium. Barbara Stuart, john Compton, Pearl Garza, Henry Fankhauser and Mrs. Dorothy Suter, sponsor, get ready to leave for the Student Council workshop this past summer at Trinity University in San Antonio. Eight delegates froin Nlission lligh School tluivvlt-tl to Austin to tht- At torney Generals Youth Coi1t's-re-in-e. From lt-ft to right are Dennis VVil- liams, Donald Ellis, Ellen Blankenlnxka-r, David Merrill, Beth Ann XVat- l2 kins and Nora do la Garza, Not pit-tim-cl are jack Kal-tnzla and llc-nry, l7llI1lil1LlllSt'l'. RN ,s r . Governing Body Of Mission High School ls Active, Hord-Working Student Council Mission students select their representatives to serve on the student council each year and this organization serves as the governing body and voice of the stu- dents, Officers are elected by popular vote and the council sponsors many worth-While projects during the year. i xttg 5 5 2 I ' if S i AVAV ,A Q . f styy A P tstt ' i t - eittss ytir ssiss X. These four students lcd the Student Council actviitics this year. Left to right art' john Compton. president, Pearl Garza. vice- prosiclent, Barbara Stuart, sec- retary. and jack Kakuda, trt-asnrer, Otln-rs slit- me-t 'xt the pirtx' 'irv sliown limi' loft tn 1" lt ' A Wil l l B A I ' ' ' H l V h- . 1. ,, uf ,, ., .H .4 , ,. ..K . A lxllli, Sylilzi Slminnsli. Sumn Xlkrocl .incl Lintla lizivlkl M IL 'Ll 'mug l l Am' Vvll lm M du Mmm lm hu 'um ll In nu X lull Sylvia Shamash, Mission's Foreign Exchange Student, Active In All School Activities This Year Missionis seventh foreign excliangv student, Sylvia Shamasli, arrived in the 'Rio Grande Valley Aug. 22. She made lim' home this year with the Roscoe Wut- kins family. Sylvia attended regular classes at MHS and took part in almost all of the school activities. Sylvia. is all smiles as she watches hi-r first .-'uiiericnii football grunt W. . aegis' 'awe' i . M... 'gifsvwei ifiqigygrifmlgiief l i Riding in the Homecoming parade, Sylvia is driven by Kenneth jones. Slic participated in the Homecoming Queen contest. At a party given by Beth NVntk'ins, her American sister, Sylvia niet nmny of her American friends for the first time. Left to right are Pam Brewer, Sylvia and Both Ann. 'xlr llost-ov llntltiiis. lim-r -Xniviic-.in lntlit-r. gli-i'tccl byl- K. WW - kk x H it ' li Lily Ester Garcia and Cora Lea Harper lead a yell during a spirited pep rally. Rainy weather didn't keep the cheerleaders from doiing their job or dimpen ' ' A I nhnrg game are Candy Fiedler, Cora Lea Harper, Ros:-anna Gonzales, Lily Ester Garcia, Carolyn Kawamoto and Cyndy XVaitz. spirits of Mission students. Left to right here keepinu clrv at the Edi it """,,,f gg, ,,n...,, at iff My 57"""'f'-V.. , . . l A .- .. A N ' in , 5 I mp 1 SEE V I A I ' ' . S : 'N,,:.- 1 . V I N5 1 , F .. l .- ' s' i i ,-. , ,. 2 M X will -i sg r. ' 1 y I , ' - V . . 2 :maximum 'I X - we ,..., frf e3.s,. - ' ii i A ' ' ' - la, A r -fr ' i 2, f' H J' A .. .,, i .- 5. so ig 4 i A M I i . at -if -- ..f. f---' '--, e 1 ' ., A2 ' N . Riding on the fire truck that led the Homecoming parade are these cheerleaders Carolyn Kawamoto, Candy Fiedler and alternates Cynthia C'n'7'1 and K1 sti . . .. . 'y Buckley. R-oseanna Gonzales and Cora Lea Harper lcad an enthusiastic Friday night crowd in a yell for the Eagles. Stirring Up School Spirit Is Moiior Task Of MHS Cheerleaders During the school year the Mission High School var- sity cheerleaders are in charge of creating school spirit and enthusiasm at the various pep rallies and during the Friday night foothall and basketball games, These pictures show the cheerleaders in various stages of performing their tasks. l Varsity cheerleaders at thi- lloini-cunning pep rally arc lt-it to right Krysti Bnc-kln-y, Carolyn Ka- wznnoto, Candy Fiedler. C15-ndy XVaitz. Dolores dc los Santos and. not shown Iicrc, Cynthia Carla. Mission girls had their turn on the gridiron again this year as the Good Guys and the Antillians clashed in a powder puff foot- ball game at Burnett Stadium. All proceeds from the game went to the Rio Grande Childrens Home and the Good Guys eked out an 8-0 victory. Antillian cheerleaders Dickie Niehis and Terry Lankford lead fGood Guys' Defeof Anfillions In MHS Powder Puff Football l ,MW r ,,V . . X751 . 'JHVKS L I i. fe.,M,f,lef , f fr' 'ilk'-?2.'f Good Cllff running back jan Houston romped for good yardage on this p ny. Coming on for the Antillians to make the stop are Ellen Blankebaker and Teresa Seitz a rousing cheer on the sidelines. Cheerleaders jack Kik l. R ' ' " - 1101. ene Farias TOITIIIIY Hear-hum and Larrv Garza cheer lor the Good Guvs. THANKSGIVING PROGRAM presented by ' THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Wednesday, November 22, 1967 Some of the National Honor Society officers and their sponsor are shown he-rc with Mr. Hank Page, KRGV-TV news slircctor, who was guest speaker for the animal Patriotic Assembly the clay before Thanksgiving. Left to right are Alice Macpliee. Mrs. Verne XVodricl1, NHS sponsor, Donald Ellis, Mr. Page, Gail Brady, Cora Lea Harper, and Irma de la Garza. PRESENTATION OF COLORS , , Jeff Howell, Lee Lyles PLEDGE . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,, Gail Brady INVOCATION L ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,s,,,,, ,,,, . , ,,,,, ....,,,, ,,,, . ..., A 1 i ce Macpliee AMERICA fparticipation of audience? ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 1 ed by Cora Lca Harper M. H. S. SENIOR CHOIR M J- We Thank Thee Lord Bortniansky JK We Plough The Fields .,,.,. ....... ......, , S chulz-Rhea 'X Thanksgiving Hymn .i., ,, , ,, . L ,,,,,,,,, Williams INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKER ....,. . ...........,..., Donald Ellis SPEAKER ..,,.,.. ..................... .,.. , AM ERICA THE BEAUTIFUL .,,,.,,,, L .......,. Mr. Hank Page Cora Lea Harper Mr. Hank Page addresses the MHS student body at the annual Pa- triotic Assembly, sponsored by the National Honor Society. -..... .f-"Z Itlllxlllg over tlxe pxogram for thc asscinluly arc It-ft to rlglit Gall Tln- Mission SL-lliln' Cflnmir sang ss-u'x'.ll' mmlmii' milfs at Ilia' NHS ass:-lnlily. XII. Ki-lnlcllx Bmfly, lfmil di' lil CHVZ3, MVS' VVVW' lVWl"lL'h mul JDM Hflwvll- 16 ,. . . . . l lrn-sc-ln, clion' cllrvctor, lnnuls tln' vlmir. These biology studs-nts ure looking through the micro! scope at plant lift- in Mrs. Ve-rue XVodrich's class. They are left to right Ricky Hidalgo and Rene Vega, MHS Students Have Top Facilities For Studies In Wonders Of Science VVhcn the new Mission High School was planned, administrators took into consideration the facilities to accommodate students interested in science. MHS has the best of facilities for those students who are interested in physical science, chemistry, biology, physics and advanced science. : M .ki .f f it ' T . isis sg- 'f , s Q: . .,gs,..4f st ' ., A . 1 ,,.siL,, , - f . 1 Q K 4 E. Myra Langley :ind Iunelle Burleson ure working with Cll6'Illll'1ll5 in their fifth period chen1istTy class. M irlt Wood 'md Delii Solis 'ue shown here loolum., it chemical compounds for then experiment. f .,kt fgiifiivi' Ai . L2gvwlw.Q'f- . . :W i 'N""""14.4..,., Av George Flores, Steve Martinez and Celia Merrill are shown Juan Jimenez and Homer lhlllflllll are busy on :ui cxpvriim-ut for Xlr. Bill Case working on :in experiment. ton's fifth period chemistry class. 17 ,Mama, played by Ianelle Burleson, comforts her daughter, played by Fam Brewer. Directors were Mrs. Constance Haugarth and Mr. Dennis Cuion, here watching intently as the cast perfonns on stage. "I Remember Mama" by Mission High School Speech Club Proves Big Hit With Students ond Parents Alike Each ear the Speech Club of Mission High School presents a play as a money-making project for tlie year. This year, the play "I Remember Mama," by Io Van Druten, adapt from Kathryn Forbeshbook, "Mama's Bank Account," was highy successful. Morgan Audi- torium was completely packed for the showing by the cast of 22. y od? Janelle Burleson is shown at one of the numerous rehearsals held by the cast. 18 Ieaane Valverde studies her lines before going on stage during rehearsal. CL ,ww A family sccnc included Ianelle Burleson, Donnie McClain, Pam Brewer, Penny Ward, and Martin Hutchinson. Standing are Donald Ellis, Myra Langley and Debbie Burgoon. 'I The play comes to life at the final performance. In this hospital scene, left to right are Wayne Hyde, jc-anne Valverde, Susan NVo0d, Beatriz Reyna and Myra Langley. Pearl Horbor Doy Observed By Mission High Students Mission High School students held a brief ceremony Dec. 7 in observance of Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 7, 1941. Mr. Ted Glinnan, social studies teacher, gave a brief talk about the significance of the day when the japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the United States entered World War II. we Leff Howell, center, and Joe Walsh, right raise the American a g as Robelino Gutierrez plays taps. l Mr, Crinnan talks to the students as they line up along Iaclcie Kakuda leads the Pledge of Allegiance the walk in front of the library. to The flag' Students listen closely as Mr. Crinnan talks about Pearl Harbor Day. ts- 5 3 ffiii fagv Homecoming, 1967 - A Big Event For MHS Mission students put everything they had into Homecoming this year. After weeks of planning, the activities got underway on a Thursday night , with the annual Snake Dance and Bonfire. The pictures on this page were taken during the Thursday events. Cheerleaders Roseanna Gonzales, Cora Lea Harper and Candy Fiedler stir up enthusiasm at the bonfire. This group participates in the snake dance to the site of the bonfire. I i I Billie jane Pritchard, Kathy Fennell and Nancy Lane snake dance 5 to the bonfire site. ' E I , e K , Susan Roth and Carolyn Corpstein. ln back are a- 'n at th bonfire are front row left to right P-itricia ommy Wilson, Terry Lankford, Dee Dee Blnnkenlmker Chief of Police Cinuclin Cusiniictln nnrl Mr. Bill Croogan, high school principal watch as some of the XiIISvrs snake dance by. wifi' W ,.......,W Q 5 i .,..W, w 0 . ,,.. . . N ' '-My l K I VA r K 4 V,kk K K t Q ..i . i . 5917251 .t,s,f-gjgu 1f,f,,,.gEfiirwgsig- Sturlcnts lc-aLl a musing vc-ll for the Em' A...,L,,, ., . '1 :- in tlw llmnt-coming pei! rally. E 'Vwn of illt'-llllL'l'll canrliclntcs, lioseanna Gonzales and Lily Ester Garcia, ride in il con- xcrtllile :luring tln' llrnneccnning paracle. l Homecoming, 1967 Is Another Big Event For All Mission High Schoolr Students , , Mission students lmcl a rousing Homecoming ini limmg ' I Wm 1967, capped off with Z1 convincing victory ovcri the Mercedes Tigers on thc football field. Clmr-l lene Caldwell. pretty MHS senior, was crowned' F queen of the activities this ycar. l Bcth Ann WVatkins rcprcsentc-cl the Senior Band in the Homecoming Parade. i i t ..,, . Q -' 2' 1 ' ' 6 -- leee , t s Q ' . P. ' K '. ' .2 .. li: -. .rc mei: ,sur Hi - ', -' ? " Q w ,Q ,gif r -' Wi- "'-new W,-f ffgwi Q . , " 4 X ' r ' 5, . g. . - an Q it. 3: 1 I Q-1555512233 M' . 4, jf fir . .Q - il ', l L . lu'-A f . W i i' ' ,, 5 ff . . . r 1 'H . i s iaif-Za ny. ., ' : i , 9 7 f ' ' fx' , .V f. 4 T .' 'i Y f: W . - ' 5 I A ' . ' "t 9 r ' l W7 ' Q 'T W1 i s-if " I i. V. fl. ' I f P X -Wfffirf 3. I? riff-rf: 2- W if - , ' ' i 1? if' ' W. ,M W, ,.,, VV V ,. Q 5.5, L K V K M xyyyg , Q f L - . I 5. ' 'il ' -V 2 f I if X -f 'f it 1 L .. if ,L L Tl: iier A - H J, A .,,. fn ,f -3. . ::. Tlwrt- were 23 Nlission girls representing various clulis anal mgaiiizntiniis in the Hoinccoming Queen contest. Left to right front row arc Lana Calloway, Cnil Brady, Pi-nrl Garza, lineclina clc la Garza. Barliara Stuart, Alice Nlacplicc. Xlaria Estcla Quintanilla, Dora Valverrle, and Sancly cle la Fuente. Second :uw loft to riglit are Xlaria lilvia llirns. Xlary Alice Villarreal. San jnanita Olivarez, Susan NV00cl. Clurlene Caldwell, Mary Ann Garcia, Irma Llc la Garza, Gloria Ilernnnrlex. Diana Carzn anrl Nnrinzi llainirez. Back row left to riglit LarryCarZa.esc01't, Host-ainia Gonzalez, Lilia Ester Garcia, Lincla Zamora, Susan ltotlr. Carolyn Cforpsh-in, -Iolni Coiriptuli. can-cn't, Penny XVarcl. Cora Lea Harper, BL-tli Ann XVntlcins. Sylvia Slmmush antl Ramiro Pena, cscnrt. Spirits wore high during the went on to smash Mercedes i i pep rally und thc Eagles Friday night. 'F Francis Currie, Penny YVard, and Maria Reyna and Diana Esquivel prepare Homecoming mums to be distributed Friday afternoon. r m ' ' iii Tile National Honor Socivty hosted un EWS Ten the Fridny afternoon for Home- coming. Shnwn in tin- waritinq line ure iiOSl'21lIllLl Gonzales, Lily Abbott, Dvbbie Burgoon and Clnil Brandy. Syixin Siinlnnsii is in the imckggronnd. gf x f iff' 23 321513egKl3gEE1Llsheseo1'ted across the tootbnll tield hy Iohn Compton, president Royalty Reigns Over Mission's Homecoming For 1967 Three finalists were selected from 28 pretty Mission girls who were can- didates for Homecoming Queen. From the three finalists, Charlene Cald- well was crowned 1967 queen. Q1 The new queen is congratulated hy lust yenrls queen us the rest ot the eourt looks on. P4 Lust year's queen, Barbie Ludwig. plnces the crown on the 1967 queen, Charlene Caldwell. bl X 1 The Hornewming Court ineludes Roseanim Gonzalez, Queen Charlene Cnld well, and Corn Len Harper, und standing left to right Larry Cnrza, John Comp ton and Ramiro Pena. Y . f Looking on at the pinata left to right Norma Ram Serving Nlexican food to those at- tending are these PAC members. Loft to right are Hilda Salinas, Li- lia Cucrrero, Linda Rivera and Al- ma Aniaga. at A , ,ln . which was doivned, are irvz, Rene Farias, Ramon Huerta, Lauro Rios, Benito Flores, Paula Pitoncs and Dora Rodriguez, Getting a liite of tamalu from two clulm inemlwrs is Tony Carcia. while doing tht- teeding air- linelcla Ramirez and Anita Alauiz. Annual Pan American Club Posada Offers Fun, Gaiety for All A traditional event at Mission High School is thc Pan American Club's Christmas Posada, held just befou the holidays. This year several hundred persons turnc d out to see the skit put on by the club, and to watch thz singing and dancing and breaking of the pinata Rocking the Christ child to sleep at the posada are these members of the Pan American Club. Left to right are Benito Flnrcs, Thel- ma Alvarez, Dora Rodriguez, Paula Pitoncs, San Juanita Hi- nojosa, Rita Pitones, Isabcl Or- tiz, Dora Femat, Maria Rodri- guez, Maria Ramirez, Israel Rios. Mission Bond Again Rates Tops In UIL Music Evenfs The Mission Eagle Band, a triple winner in con' tition last year, rated tops again this year under l Sunil- of tlic Sgnior Buncrl menilners who reccivcd juckcts at tlw first football gzunc of ilu' sc-zisun arc slunvn direction of Mr' D' P' Mchallcn' lu-ri-. LL-ft to right urv Billy Blllfflllll, Cz-urge Cruz, Hannon Sivrru, Hilda Salinas, Bc-tli Ann XVntkins, David lguloy. nnrl joe Alvzmulo. In front is Xlr. D. P. McNullcn. lmnd Llircctor. Drum Major was Buudeliu Guerra. Cnil Brzicly was fmiturcd twirler for the band this your. S 1 is wirlers for Senior Band ure left f right Myra Rhync, Twinkle ackli-y, Lzma Calloway, Kathy ennell and Paula Reynolds, head virler. Thr- hand was pe-rfurnlillg on the fir-ld when tht- schonl pllotogmplmcl' snapped al pichm- of Xlr. D. P, tXICN21llk'll und his son watching. The phntogrzxpher also shot a footlmll uctinn whul rm the sannv film. resulting in thv double exposure shown here-. Engle Band lm-unln-rx IIITYIIIQIL' school Sllll'Il nlurmg ax pop rullv. 2 Donn NlcNullz-n ht-lps Llucl nlira-rt tht- lmncl clurinu ll fmvtlnxll unumnz mg Beth Ann WVatkins was presented as sweetheart of the 1967-68 band. Norma Longoria, last year's queen, presented her with a bouquet of roses. Over 31,000 Raised By MHSers For March of Dimes Campaign MHS students swing in a groovy MOD dance held in the gymnasium. Shown in the foreground are George Penn, Tony Reyna and john Simon. W Tffw 1 ff ' -in M Sandy de la F 1 - - resenting the Pan American Club, an representing the Y-Teens, joined Fa h weeten m t e NValk-a-Thou, where MHS placed ourt . .lm Mant! Bl QIMIS . David Merrill gets "held upv by MOD teen chairman Gail Brady, left, and Susan Roth. 1-""".w' ' hr was egg "' 1 f R A s 1 ' 4 my s fi iv 2 19' 6 W' ""' L A Q 1 Kiystl Buckley X Tenn member ucenes a donation in the bucket ,Ji brig.,ade conducted in downtown Mission. Pan American Club members sell peanuts in downtown Mission to aid the March of Dimes, Left to right are Anita Alaniz, Norma Ramirez and Irma Salinas. 28 D igg. u .,4'f4?-5 .- 27, f , mg. O. N Ax S.x'5l2tXi1'753f'e'2 E fe VZ Q 'Ny-411' my 31 '9 Og- K QQQJ dy, fcuiri 9 Kenai, I Rio Grande Valley District dlnnuall Cganquet Some of tht- district officers art- shown here during the opening cert monies of the Rio Grande Valley District Sweetheart Banquet in Harlingen. They are left to right Frank Thompson of Harlingen, presi- 5. Y it if lf Standing with john Leidner of Mission, District Vice-President, are the finalists in the se- lection of District Sweetheart. They are, left to right, Dee Dee Brown, Harlingeng Sharon Aciy, Sharylandg Billie Ann Knox, PSjAg john Leidner, Cora Lea Harper, Missiong and Bridget Hnser, Donna. Qfutune Qpannens 06 tflwlenica RIO GRANDE VALLEY DISTRICT CHAPTERS Brownsville P.S.J.A. Donna Roymondville Edinburg Rio Grande City Edcouch-Elsa Rio Hondo Harlingen San Isidro Lo JOYG Son Benito Los Fresnos Sqn Perliyo Lyffrfd Santo Roso MefCedeS Sharylond MiSSiOf1 Weslaco McAllen Roma dent, Mr. Don NVaters of Harlingen, advisor, john Leidner of Mission. vice-president ancl David Saenz of San Isiclro, secretary. Cue-sts of the Mission Future Fariners of Arncrica at tht' banquet wr-rc left to right Mr. liay Myers, MHS assistant principal, Nlr, Kenneth iVhite, Mission Snpvrintentls-nt of Schools and Mr. Bill Croogan, MHS principal. CHALLEIVGINL' YQFEWH IN AGRICULTURE ,A s Mfg ,sf his 1, fs, Talking with Mr. joe Correa, Mission FFA advisor, are lvl to right, Mctlardo de Leon, Randy Powell, Mike Ballarrl Mike Mann and Bill Lvitlner. Shown lit-re talking with ntln-1' H ff? Qt. ,E Valley FFAers are. It-ft to riglit, it ix 'ii ,,,,' . V , w T Mfg fini. llnlwrt Olivarvz anrl Sahas San- 7 ,,,W,,gg- , . - ,, s,-"'Sa,, , rlnval. i , ,'f , i rf ' ' 29 -at t Parents gave their full attention as teachers and students put on a demonstration. This group watches a skit by students in the English Dep,u'tment. These parents look on in a social studies 1.-lass. i"' 3.53, '- V I I S ' '... t 1 " ': A ,K .11 ' 'Q r - l'. I .V x. gf, ,. V K 3 o 4 '521 i gf i 4:l.55?7 2, f l. f ,f.- V , , - ii I spies' s ' "D: -,, : if "bi if ' - -' ' V .ii fi ' ' ' rl:,:5?i 5:23 fmisw f. ,M ,f - Thomas Popplewell 'md Randy Sweeten resident of . ,p , explain the use of the slide rule to interested parents. Everyone Gets In The Act As Parents Attend Open House Activities got underway at 7:30 p.m. on Parents' Night and there were more than 500 parents at Mission High School for the first session in the gymnasium area. Physical Education classes put on a demonstration, the band, choir and shop had open house and the boys in Agriculture put on a leadership dem- onstration. At 8 p.m,, the action shifted to VVing "A" where Spanish, Developmental Reading. English, Social Studies and the jour- nalism Departments all had special programs planned. Between 8:30 p.m. and 9 p.m., Wing "B" was open and there were exhibits in the Science Lab, Math Department, Homemaking, Commercial Department. f - ' fsft, ' me " sf: r ,Af 2. t Q e V? 2 K' E. A Xl S Q , s, VZ,, r it s s stes I ii f me W Z is the Slide Rule Club. il 30 Hilda Guerra and Velma Arcc, sophomores, explain geometric figures to parents. so 1 Q ,Q , 4 its NW :4ft3e??2Sf,- g sas . '-"gi, , xf s ii I "L S . , ,, , '- ': t1f4i-as-'L- ' 5.-if -- f r f - - A ip ' A , I . " rf-l -: s , , .sei --ll L v Vp Q , Y s Q ' V 3 2 pf... prl.,t , fugnslas +R 5 'wx 1 Home Economics girls demonstrat home plans for parents. The girls ar left to right Marina Longoria, Susa Roth and Sandy de la Fuente. iS demonstrating one of the physical science experiments for parents. Lea Harper, senior, dem- the moehrus strip dur- trigonometry class. Mrs. Helen Ibbotson, development- al reading teacher, explains some of her class work to parents. George Mehis, Merced Solis and janice Miller are counting os- cillations in :x physical science class. Physical education boys do an exercise on the exer-genie. They are left to right jesus Becho, Randy Sweeten, Lee Lyles. Second row left to right are juan Mo- reno, Francis Currie, Tommy Hcllc and Dickie Mehis, In hack with the weights are johnny Groves and Lee Fisher. Sylvia Shalmash, in ai biology class MHS exchange student, explains to parents the different parts nf a fro Porents Visit Mission Schools During Americon Education Week Mission high school stuch-nts rnlle-cl out thi- rm-cl L-arpot for parents during 'Open House" Nov. 10 in observance of .-Xmurican Education XVe-ck. This yeafs ohscrvancv was changed from pu-viuus years as each tlvpartmcnt in the school planned a special 30-minute prograin to show the parents what takes place in the school. ents visited the school and saw many phases of school lite. Norma Ramirez, a senior, demonstrates the use of thc sewing machine to parents touring the Homcrnaking Department. Q . Parents listen in on the earphones in Spanish Laboratory along with some of the students in Miss Amparo Pena's classes. I 2 3 Ida Casas and Cindy Cibb rc working in the Science Lab as parents visit tlw facilities. The program proved to hc highly succ:vssl'ul as moro than 500 par- N:n'1U'r0, of thi- Library Club, mc-mhur, are shuw- Mrs. through the Lihrnry -ff ' - ls in Pliysicul Ecluuntion ulxissvs put un an cul- ,ll Cll'IHUllStYlliiOlI of physicnl lihn-ss ns the-x cl n giant pnrnulnm- for mrious Lhills. Qurolyn Corpstein, Ellen Blankenbaker and Susan Both are showing parents how pages of the Lmnual are made np. These girls are tinikling in front while those in back are jumping, rope for the parents. Anna Ortiz, Alicia Sandoval, Maria Reyna and Diana Hernandez are the tiniklers while Linda Rivera, Maricela Saenz, Kathy jeffries and Norma Sauceda arc the rope jumpers. w K ln. iid," Enedinn de ln Garza, Elvin Rivas and - - ' ' ' re shown demonstrating the nvw selcctrlc typewrih-rs tn parents. Physical Education Classes Provide Varied Activities , --.V -is u 4 , 9' ' W - , - - Q 1 A , 2 if t V L' lc is - I S 3 - Q . 1 . fr, ft :E I ' fi 1 K V 9 .a,,,.,. , - :. r 5 g 5 5 ,A . 'Y--. .'Y1IIf,X ' t - ' 5' 5 x is t r "l?ll i-lr 'L 3 r V 5: X5 f Q .V ' f ,se . i.f1:Qiz,.. 71 N ' , 1 " ' ' ' - ff V' M 1 viii. H V Q' 5 , u f ir. .qt 3515515 2 fit. A 2 . ffi., t'f,- "77 . r ' - , V' - gg ' , ' e 3 c- 'fs it iiii .' c V V ,V fl ir' 1 1,i' ci,' . V , V t' 'gs at A A V' ' ' Mission High School boys in physical education classes go through a number of difficult exercising techniques. Here these boys are doing chin-ups. Left to right are jerry Rivera, Eloy Becho, Brad Bentsen, jose Moreno, Antonio Garcia and Fernando Hendon. ww at-rt Uliaua is lifting wt-iglits as Arturo Esquiwl and Lupe Xlorcuu wait their l I . VN Tumbling is a popular exercise with the boys in P.E. Mike Ballard, Eli Borrego and Joe Alvarez come through as other i 9 E I 2 3 A boys look on. O 5 if es 529. 4 H. 545 F .. ,J W Ffa' Sr.: Q 2 5 Q 2 fb 'T' US ti, D V, D5 'D Z." I 4: 2 ,ig',+fTV2-Vw' " 17 1 i-'- -' fn , ' lf' 59 . 1 A p . 1 :. I ,,,e ff Q , r ,,,., I, Zfgg 4 Aww' , , , H :rj :Ld 1 ATU . ,.v. , 5 X V' 1' Ll, ,, l 72 3 2 f M1 ' QQ : ,.V5,fn ' V Q... , , - , . V , , O Q VZ, I Vf"7"""""7'f"'!,,.'1Q. ' . '- in H I 1 f f -7 ., ,C 1, it F53 -'?:i,rf5fKiV-QQ, U , 1 ' V 4 .V ,H ' Q 3 F l ? 'r 1 'if 1 I X ' .' M' I ' I .5j,Q'r1l,w if X N , M Iqlll 1 -' 5,5 S- f J. - , 1 A A' f A fm . . H asf- 2.42 N ' ffflf 32 ' 'V V -Mt, 1 ' C -- :nv , .-w:1'11w 555531 'bf . -iff' N , X Ms- ' ' 1 0 M' ,, MW V, am.. , rm. F. zap, , 1. V. .wg 'igfl-'if 1 " l fr : rv if we-isgfz, af' :Vs :V Y LV? r- A rf V Y V .. 1 A r ' +21 .1 V-Y f ,, El , f '- l - : 'r -,arm ay, - ,- f " 1 .Iv ,', . .... , 3 Q , is-, vs I Q 14, wg. , - - h ' 5 5511: mefji-4 Q ' X ' ,' dl 5 Q21 r ,, I I gg Q . , - . 1 I , ,t f-1 ,.,g:F:ii,g,s - 5 ' , vs - 5 ?c - 1 'E V' , 5 5 E f' ' , 1, A A , as pm - :Z - to g,gVSs51g-- , 5 -V ' ' .,, .L l UE QQ f t ' , . T' 5 2 c ,f"'j' -'ill f siiliwfifsff .. A s,,. 1 ' r- -4 ' iVw?ffsigf1V'4-' ,V ff , ' 1 ' ' 1 M. Vi - . L - as cc. , t. 1 ,, fs, , --2f2wfr:k 'f o Vt ,M ,U , 4 , -i52f'ew-'Ff:t ,Q . - . -' iff-,,s2VVw,V, -'sh H : ' m'fw:Q. it ' ws - rf... 'xrvv-Fr !5".?f15???'aiz4 ' " ,-Vw - ffV?lii??i'?lf N 3 Vi 5.3 if 444' 'Wim' ' ,Z iff- 4-f ' r Vf 'VR 951522--vS?'Z"U VQVQ2!'gZ 'ei . , .. s X ,,,, ,, ,. sg fu A ,, ,Zip ,.VV 4 , , , ,, V 1V . ., . 5 :f N: L P . W Wi- 2 .. f..,.,t.. .. V. Wea "" " E 0 if 72fis.2?s2sL5s2fVVJ1fV2.EV:1z , 3 gf' 5 X 'Q X l si f it ,, , Qs' im' ' . -1 'S' .fx J ,,., ff 2114 if , 2, iilhsfffksvi . ' V VV sri V A rf . 2 ,E it-2, rlfffzfi-N f Q t f Y ' H" fi-' - ' he ' ' .- V 3,5 4.5 N , 'X ' '. "- ' ' as Q V 5 ? , V iq N 1 3 EFL pig' I ,, s its wif, , - V wee, ' V. M ' ' , :fa'?Q'w?,g,W5:-?Imf- 1 db, f- N was V 34? 'Q' fr Q ' - " ' 51,LLf?E'zf'fu:?i5:11QrW7 'WW' ' if'g"lsr3, lifts, A ,V 1 '. ,, , , ,, 4, ,J gems, Q5 L f 1 , Y s V- tl:.rztGf,iws1.:gV-rw:-9 1 ,VW H-wV:f4V,,sz,V ' 'N . ,111 Q wff' A -fW,Vi27,W,L3-,-, Q- 92 z-gf Q 7' , 'T 2 YS 5 1 se 'J F 'T 7 , I1 Active Physical Educotion Program Keeps MHS Girls In Top Condition All girls in MHS are required to take phvsicul education unless they nrt- in lmnd or have a doctors excuse. In the phv- sicul cclucutinn classes they lc,-urn how to play sc-vvrul sports. get dimly exercise and clevvlop skills. Xvilllllll lo take tht-ir turn ut bowling are It-it to right, llclelinirn Cnrxzi, Ham-i-lu Esquivcl, Linda Luc Adnlns, Lucy Gnirizl, und koi-ping score is lrvnc Curzax. 4- X? ' -ri, Y K ' ,.,. x .,,, , Q5 X , ,. rwfrsfffgm A i ' A W? fr " :rm ' J 1- its k t ff' v. , 1 1 l f """!"liaKv,gg,w'N Thcso girls try their skill nit hand tunnis. Serving is Connie Powell. Flilll' ntlier players from left to right nrt' Ofcliu Caisnnuva, Nlnrgnret Speer und Lnulsc lctty. Fighting lmrcl to get their hands on the volleyball arc' left to right Bc-utriz Guerra, Irma Cantn, and Susan Bennett. F is PM fr- , , X. K . V X iifgf V f ' V, ' M 1 ' ,. ng 1, 27 4, 3 0 Q: I MQ ,, - i "wr . 1 j ' , Q ' 4 f I yi L i 5 ,i N . 3 ' ' 'ig ' H U ,.i2.f,, gg' R iii 2. 35" " 3-fffri' ,. TQ wif -QS", Refi 1' N - rl , rffwgmgi W"' - 1 1 L - , X f - fr ,--.f F ll - sw K ,p K X-'k jg::zws1f.L1 ig Nl f , V ' Q MK r Y ' - -V A is I Lk I ,... V74 -1 ' X i 1 N Mg. V -. H 1 U . .- ,R N is A .L t H 4- A-l-h , The Physical Education girls do their regular culistheuics' at the beginning of lmiljltilluxlltlftlfsilslluilllagvllwuzgTH :lr Yah? Klimlilngrvmft the period. Left to right are Rita Pitnnes, with buck to oauneru, Iinelclu Limon. l' ' ' f, ' ' Irene Izaguirre, Celia Munoz, Rosurin Gll6l'l'2l, Camclclnrin Cnntu. lszllvvl Ortiz. and Dchlm' Bmy' Iklaliignritzi jirnm-ncz and Sylvia Moreno. Forty-Second Annual Convention-Clinic: mms Haul PRESS H X IIITIUII TEXAS VVOMAN'S UNIVERSITY DENTON, TEXAS Nov. so, DEC. 1, 2, 1967 Shown at the Saturday morning general assembly are left to right Penny Ward, Celia Merrill, Tommy Beachum, David Nelson, Dickie Mehis, Rena Gray and Judi Moroles. In back are Carolyn Corpstein, john Compton and Melinda Mills. gvliown here are voting delegates from Mission picking their choices for the new HS " ' . PA officers, Left to right are David lit-rrill, Susan lioth and Xi:-linda Nlills. Student Journalists Attend THSPA Convention In Denton On December l-2, fourteen Mission High School journalism students at- tended the Texas High School Press Association Convention in Denton While there, they attended various sessions on newspaper and animal work, The Mission Eagle received an 'iAll-Texasv rating as one of the top weaklies in the state, and the annual received a Certificate of Merit Award. Also attending the convention were six junior High journalism students and their sponsor, Miss Connie Fennell. The junior lli-Light received top honors as one of the best newspapers in its class. fe-sway.-., Looking over the list of award-winning newspapers are these members of the Eagle Staff. Left to right in front are Gloria Hernandez, Rena Cray, Carolyn Corpstein, judi Moroles, and Sylvia Shamash. Second row left to right Dickie Mehis, Penny WVard, Susan Roth, Cora Lea Harper. Back row left to right David Merrill, john Compton, Tommy Beachum, Gail Brady and Celia Merrill. FRIDAY NOON, DEC. 1 Luncheon for all sponsors, hosted by Taylor Publishing Co., at the Holiday Inn, on Dallas Highway. Short TAJD meeting will be held at the conclusion of the luncheon. FRIDAY AFTERNOON, DEC. 1 1:15-All student panelists meet in Main Auditorium with Steve Breed- love. 1:45-Nominations of Officers. fNominations will be accepted by Nomina- tions Committee in Ticket Booth until just before session closes- not later than 2:40.J SECTIONAL MEETINGS 2:45-4:30-For Newspaper Workers and Sponsors, Redbud Auditorium. Miss Hazel Presson, discussion leader. Introduction by Kent Foster. 2:45-4:30-For Photographers Choth newspaper and yearbookj, Journal- ism Building 211. Jerry McNeill, United Press International News. picture manager, Southwest division, Dallas. Introduction by Marvin Ellis. 2:45-4:30-For Yearbook Workers and Sponsors, Main Auditorium, Col. Murphy, discussion leader. Introduction by Miss Hankins, FRIDAY NIGHT, DEC. 1 THSPA Dance, Student Union Building Ballroom ton Bell Ave,J 7:30 to 10:30 or ll. Music by The Sllokesmen- , TWU Concert and Drama Series presentation, 8 p.m., Main Auditorium. National Players in Chinese classic, "Lute Song." THSPA delegates will be admitted on presentation oi registration identification card, Eagle Staff Has Tc1skOf Putting Out Weekly Newspaper The Mission Eagle staff has a close schedule to follow each week in publishing a newspaper for Mission High School. jour- nulism students write the stories, edit them, write headlines and make up pages of the newspaper. In addition, they sell ad- vertising to progressive merchants in Mission to help pay for the newspaper. Shown here are members of the Eagle staff who took a field trip to the Times Publishing Company to see how the school newspaper is printed each week. Members of the fourth period class look on as some of the pages are prepared for the press run. Left to right are Ellen Blanken- baker, Susan Roth, Carolyn Corpstein, Penny Ward, judi Moroles. Phil Tyler, Dick Mehis, Mr. Bob Smith, Mr. Catarino Cruz, both Times em' ployes, joe Balderas, Cenaro Vela, Adolfo Alvarado and Tommy Beachum. 4 Susan Roth types her story for the week while other i0lll'Ullll5t5, Didi Nlfhis Blankenhaker wait their turn. i .. 4 - and Ellen Three journalism ll students are preparing ff My A--. ,W- torial page of the Eagle. Left to right are Gloria Cathy Vavra and Gloria Hernandez. gn Ia! Corn Lea Harper and David Merrill are putting inserts in the newspaper tnllw sold. There are 31 issues of the Eagle printed during the 36 weeks ol se iool. Nidia Longoria and Linrlu Zamora fnlrl newspapers uncl insert thi-ni as they prepurl- lor ilu- weekly sales c-uinpuiun on Friiluy. 37 The Future Farmers ot America shown here participated in district leadership contests this year. All qualified for area con- tests at Kingsvillc. Left to right kneeling are Bert Neugebauer, john Mann, Chuck Davis, Mike Perryrnau, Albert Villarreal, Ray Trdla, and Arturo Esquivel. Standing left to right are Mr, joe Correa, chapter sponsor, john Leidner, David Martin, Randy Powell, Tommy Schuckenhrock, Medardo de Leon, Hubert Thompson, Mike NVarshak and Gilbert Esqueda. r 1.753 Mr. joe Correa, FFA sponsor, receives the keys to a new Dodge truck from Mr. Al Lud- wig of Ludwig Motors. Kneeling left to right are Pablo Castaneda, Arturo Esquivel, joel Alvarez, Medardo de Leon, john Leidner. Standing in the truck are left to right Malcom Moses, Bert Neugenbauer, Lupe Serna, Mike Ballard and Tommy Schucken- brock. jose Luis Nlontulvo, Mike Mann and Gene Cowan are welding in agri- culture shop class, .W,e,f73, r Sweethearts of the Mission FFA this year were Pam Brew- er, left, the Creenhand Sweetheart, and Cora Lea Harper Chapter Sweetheart. if tions on howwto and Carolyn Corpstein. i tt W Q P " J '61, -Efl Y - 'ws' , if L. J ll-1 I . LJ. '151 ' 4 y A , , 53 if fi 1 .- mir 5 QQ si i x W L " Q s f 8 C 'uf Q S "1 'Q 2, 61 i I r' - tif' ff f , l 1 Q! t . . --.', 7 - 1 L V 1 - '. 1.. v P . ,f P . i iiifi ,suis f in . F ' H ,L , ,A 1 Vg, F W fy. ' - K ity Manager Galvin Gibson explains the city's water systems! to einhers of Mission High School who participated in thc kids av" elections. Thi-v are from left to right Mr. Gibson, Larry Garza, 'eye Xlartin, Tominv Be-achuin, Dick Nlehis. Penny VVard, Peggy lhite, Susan XVootl, Nora de la Garza and Celia Morrill. i an ' , a ,ni im WJ' ws Mission High Students 'Run City' For A Day A Once again this year the Key Club of Mix. Sl0Il',HIgh School sponsorcd its annual "Kids Day with a slate of city officers elected from the student body. The mayor. muncil. men and department heads tool: a tour nf the city's municipal facilities and then met with the regular City Council in a weekly' session. ' 2 I Shown here are the elected officials in kids are councilman: Celia to right, Tommy Bcachuni, senior Larry Garza, mayorg Peggy man councilman. Back Seitz, policc chiefg Kim Dick Mehis. fire chiefg lef VVl1ite I i U Nlartin, fresh- councilmang Diana Esquivel, city treasurerg jo Annc attorneyg Randy Sweeten, city managcrg fire marshalg Nora cle la Garza, public works dircctor, and Penny city secretary. NIHYUI' Virgil Bllllmd mul l1"l'lU C""""5' Uxlllilil' IWW ilu' HW' d0l7i'ri"l"'t Mr Calvin Gibson Mission City hltlll3l7l1'I'. cxplains thi- operation: of thi' , ki-cps ready for ernergcncii-s tn sonic uf the sturli-nts taking thc tnur ui City WMU. plant' SLH,di,,u lr-fr fry riiflrtf Pcilllv lVhitc. Nora clc la Garza, 39 city facilities. Shown here arc Dick Nh-his anal l,arry Garza. Swv? Martin INN, Uilwil Pcnm, ufml mRl'Ml.- Cirmml ' Seni Herr Rob one 1 gr' i t Haul 40 Industrial Arts Classes Turn Out Some Top Proiects Boys in Industrial Arts classes in Mission High School start curly in the year in learning how to use the basic hand tools. From thcre they go on to use of the intricate power tools and by thc end of thc first semester they are turning out some first class furniture nncl other household projects. or shop boys flvft to rightl Danny Lopez. Hay Rodriguez. linhen iandez, and Ray Garcia are hnsy slicing boards. Mr. Bill Ibbotson, shop instructor, aids Danny Lopcz and Esh-luur Garza in measuring the lcngth of the-ir bookcase. ert Garcia puts thc finishing touches on of his shop projects. M1U'iiI1BZ and Hillwu II1""W"dL'Z me shown Sumllng ilwir prollldsi lose Espinoza and Mr, llmhotson look on as xvllllillll Dc Fort-st cuts in hlock of wood. CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS There is something for everyone at Mission High School. No matter whether his interest is in agriculture, homemaking, library science, vocational education, ath- letics, the sciences, journalism, or any one of a number ol other activities, Mission High School has a place for any student. There are 26 clubs and organizations in Mission High School actively working tor the betterment of the school and the individual. Some meet at noon, others at- ter school and some hold meetings at night, but all offer students a chance to "belong" and feel they are a part of the school life. Every club and organization serves a definite purpose in the school community. Some perform service tasks: others help the student in the area which he is most interest. fu ELECTION COMMISSION if D 3 W , 1- af' , E 5 I 1 5 Q1 K we ist r fi' ig, Q f2'fH,.e, fi? A fx 1 iffy, ,l i rw Shown here are Election Commissioners for each of the four classes and the Chief Election Commissioner. Left to right are Yolanda Guerrero, Freshman Classg Dee D ' enbaker Southomore Class, David Mer- rill, Chief Commissionerg Dalia Rivera, Junior Class, isan 0 , Class. L.,.....II,,,......I rr tml , NIL-inlwrs ofkthc Election Commission are seated, left to right ' David Merrill, Dalia Rivera, and Susan Roth , Standing, lm-It to right are llilrla Guerra, Velma Arce. Sylvia arza, ancy le. a Sanchez, Maricela Limon, Gloria Hernandez ' llosezmnu Gonzales :incl Peggy YVl1ite.!Ly,L,QQ, LIpIb47LLZIfA 43 KEY CLUB .l- H 3 O 5- It lufg Officers of the Key Club are left to right, bottom, Mr. Gene Davis, sponsor, Dennis Williams, sophomore director, Larry Garza, senior director, Steve Martinez, treasurer, and Mr. Kenneth Treisch, sponsor. Top row, David Merrill, vice president, John Compton, reporter, and jack Kakuda, president. we , E f 'N Q Members of the Key Club are, bottom row: Bill Lyles, john llodges, Bill Johnston, Tony Kcnnard, Dennis XVilliams, Mark Mills, john Compton, Larry Garza, Randy Powell, Mike Mills, Gordon Bird, Gregg Holbrook, Arthur VVeber, George Flores and Donald Ellis. 1 Seeond row: Mr, Gene Davis, Hit-ky Pierce, Tryg Minier, Adrian Arriaga, jackie Edwards, Kenneth Jones, Steve Martinez, Glenn Burleson, Tommy Popplewell, Ilubert Thompson, Dale Compton, Lon Minier arTd"Mrf Kenneth Triesch. Top row: Wayne llyde, Henry Fankhauser, Tony Garcia, David Merrill, Francis Currie, Randy Sweeten, Sandy Riley, Lee Lyles, Jim Later, Rene I'2ll'lilS, Jack Kakuda, Ioe Walsh and john Simon. 4-1 w Y-TEENS f , -H 1 1 vi Q ha1rman Susan Off f the Y Teens are l to ri ht Beth Watkins treasurer Rebecca M1 program C Wobcderspgesident rma Sc roe er vice president Charlene Cal secre lry icky Parnsh f1naI1C9 Cha-lf man ! H' QQQGQDQQ 6,4 55 arm W a 0952 3 5 fa 'gui 6 wha t Nlembers of the Y Teens 'ire left to right first row lill Bodine Ellen Blanlcenbaker Gail Brady Rena Gray Penny Ward Susan Roth Cirolvn Corpstem Anna Hernandez Martha Kelly une illiams Carla Aldridge Nano Lan Vicky Parrish Myra Langley Dottie Nlorris Debbie Guenzel Alice Ahrens and Marie Mann. Second row le t to rig it Cora Lew Harper Esmeralda Reyna Cvnthm Girzl iaron Duncan Kandi Bryant Nomrl Femat Judi Moroles josephina Olivarez Gloria Ortiz Lily Garcia Carolyn lXlWlIHOtl M irgot Dominguez Diana Gmrza , r'a andez oanne Seitz Dtbbie Ludwi K and Dora Valverde. Third WW left to flbllf Beth YV' "ni os Patric-i'1 ra am yvia elia Merrill Janelle Burle- son Lid Wm e Ruckle - ' ' Cathy Fennell Suzanne Gibbs Ellen Fredrichs Sandy Roth unne 'nerr . 'mcy uson Jfzney Gonzfi es and Miss Diane Rehfeld. Fourth row left to right Charlene a wc RIINPSU- Shel-igh jones Linda Ray Susan Martin Nora de la Garza Peggy Gallagher Candy Feidler Cyndy tl Cith C cl Peggy XVliite Dorothy Berry Grace Perez Cindy Sanford lxristi Buckley Pam Hammond Lorene Neugebauer llost lun 1 onzx is 45 ' V - ' L ' , 5 k . C . I r ' 2 I 3 I . ' I 3 S , 1 5 , , ----.-...- if l wgmbla- i - Q H ' we if C G l A' fiei ji f 55' r f V"' 3 ' A K ' , , 7 I 'Y -' . if 4 Y S . , ruff 1 5 Q ' 1 N - f f- i-t13n"',,. 'ig , Q ' nik Qi f -de is ' f I 3 , 9, f If K Ki I X 1 . " , Rx if '- if-. A A H ' 7 9 an fb' .'- '- if af. Q- H I I . ' Q H ' , S - , - 5 ' Y ' l K k V, Q .W .A wr H iw. , Q 37 xii T X, , , if ,fs L if , f k . 4 2 4 Q ZF - , H - f T ,, , 2, . . . f . a ., - , ' V- ' L" igiilfw- B ' Q Q I , is f if ,Q 2 9' f a " f , i 1 ,j tg: i. , -p ,X K 37 4 in 1 K Ve . I N 'i K ' Ig ' 2 A - - . , 1 , , . , , , 1 'I J , . X , . . , . , , . , . , - , f ' 'X' 'T A l , K K 3 ! j. 1 i 3 y ' 1 , 'K , 1 v 1 1 Q y , r 1 1, z , . . 1 , L . , ' . ' I 1 . s , . , , as , , . ' . , , l D 3 I 7 L S 3 7 S 7 ' ' ' ' - ' 'L . , . , . . . . l V L ' 7 " 1 7 L 5 7 I Y L 7 I 7 , . , , , , .u ., . .1 1 Y f H, , , , , , , , .' -1 1 ' 1 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ,N W it gi Q ff L A lm" 'A as Officers of the National Honor Society are left to right front row Susan VVood, student council representative, Irma de la Garza, presidentg and John Compton, reporter. Back row left to right Randy Sweeten, vice-presidentg Cora Lea Harper, secretaryg and Mrs. Verne Wodrich, sponsor. Members of the National Honor Society :ire left to right front row Janelle Burleson, Celia Merrill, Myra Langley, Joanne Seitz, Beatriz Reyna, Susan Wood, Alice Macphee, Vicki Parrish, Imia de la Garza, Randy Sweeten, Gail Brady, Sandy Riley and Sylvia Shamash. Back row left to right Debbi Burgoon, Rosie Hinojosa, Nora de la Garza, Margot Dominguez, Carolyn Kawa- moto, Cora Lea Harper, Lily Garcia, Larry Garza, John Compton, Steve Martinez, Roseanna Gonzalez, Jack Kakuda, Donald Ellis, Mike Mills and Mrs. Veme Wodrich, sponsor. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA It 5 ,fm iv- . ,gli M,-1 -f'- , . . ' ! , "W ,ri Officers of the FFA are left to right front row Mr. joe Correa, sponsor, john Mann, vice president, Medardo de Leon, secretary, Albert Villarreal, sentinel. Back row left to right are john Leidner, student council rep- resentative, Adrian Arriaga, chaplaing David Trevino, president, and Ramiro Olivarez, reporter. up lln A T ,T i P i f3?i je' f 5 fi F QA Fii f l S f ii Q l Members of the Future Farmers of America are left to right front row Martin Currie, Mario Pena, Efrain Rodriguez, Calvin McClain, Randy Powell, David Martin, Malcom Moses, Ventura Guerra, jose Alfredo Garza. Second row left to right Ramiro Olivares, Albert Villarreal, David Trevino, john Mann, Adrian Arriaga, Lupe Sema, Bill Leidner, Sabas Sandoval, Bert Neugebauer, Arturo Esquivel, juan Lopez, Pedro Segundo, Larry Mortenson, john Young and Tommy Sehuekenbrock. Third row left to right john Leidner, Hubert Thompson, Mike Mann, Gene Cowan, Mike Ballard, Tommy Wfaggoner, joe Torres, Kledardo de Leon, llennan Speer, joe Ortiz, Craig Davis, Slack Randolph, Dennis Holbrook, Steve jeter, Mike Warshak, jose Luis Montalvo and David W'haley. Fourth row left to right Klike Perryman, Terry Lankford, George Valadez, Martin Castaneda, Facundo Saenz, Robert Olivarez, Lauro Rios, Ismael Gonzales, Frank Davis, Eugenio Munguia, joe Navarro, Pablo Castaneda, john Hiller, Adelaiclo Rodriguez, Ray Trdla, Isidro Torres and Gilbert Esqueda. 47 SL DER LE CLUB gig ,. SB Officers of the- Slide Rule Club are left to right Clara Garza, reporterg Randy Sweeten, presi- dentg Hortencia Mendez, secretary-treasurerg Larry Garza, vice president, and Mrs. Patsy Gossett, sponsor. 5135 f l Sl l R l Cl l are front row left to right Rrmiro Rodriguez Terry Stuart Arturo Hidalgo, Randy Swcetcn olm NIL-mlwrs o tic .' ic v ll c UD ' x 1 K ,, L , Compton, Lurrv Garza, Ruben Ortiz and Lydro Perez. Second row lclt to right Nora Penn, Anna Hcmandez, Clara Garza Dalia Solis A ' - ' - 4 1 - B. -k l ft to ri ht Bewtriz Reynl Billy Blllmm Selma l7L'l'i'Z, Pearl Garza, llortcncia Hcndez, Elvia Garcia .md Mrs. Patsy Gossctt. 'ig row e g X A U J Tommy Popplewull, Antonio Garcia, Adrian Arriaga, Rolando Ortiz, Danny Kzxlincc, and Isidoro Gomez. N- 'ff 45 50 MU ALPHA THETA CLUB Officers of the Mu Alpha Theta Math Club are left to right front row Hortencia Mendez, vice president, Debbi Burgoon, reporter, Pearl Garza, president, Elvia Rivas, secretary-treas- urer. Back row left to right are David Trevino, student council representative, and Mr. Jim Smith,and Mrs. Patsy Gossett, sponsors. Members of the Mu Alpha Theta Math Club are left to right front row Andy Garza, Larry Balli, Leo Ramirez, Jesus Guerra, Lydro Perez, Donald Ellis, Ruben Ortiz and Billy Billman. Second row left to right Mr. Jim Smith, s o 'or D 'd T ' D bb G l p ns , avi revmo, e ie uenze , Debbi Burgoon, Hortencia Mendez, Pearl Garza, Liz Davis, Elvia Rivas, Iohn Simon and Mrs. Patsy Gosseit, sponsor. Back row left to right Femando Rendon, Ramiro Pena, Ricardo Hidalgo, Kathy Miller, Emestina Rodriguez, Adrian Arriaga and Tony Garcia. 51 SCIENCE CLUB Officers of the Science Club are left to right David Merrill, president, Gelia Merrill, secretary-treasurer, John Compton, reporter, Mr. Bill Gaston. sponsor, George Flores, student council representative, Mike Mills, historian, and Donald Ellis, vice president. Members of the Science Club are left to right front row Richard Mehis, Mark Mills, John Compton, Donald Ellis, Mike Mills, Rolando Ortiz and Mr. Bill Gaston, sponsor. Buck row left to right are Mark Wood, Carlos Hidalgo, john Mikels, Steve Martinez, Richard Hidalgo, George Flores, john Garza, Glenn Burleson, Ruben Ortiz and David Merrill. 52 PARA-MED CLUB s is Officers of the Para-Med Club are left to right Arturo Hidalgo, vice president, Sandy de la Fuente, presx dent: Gloria Hemandez, secretary-treasurer, and Mr. John Patterson, sponsor. SE 15 4- Members of the Para-Med Club are left to right front row Sandy de la Fuente, Gloria Her- nandez, Peggy Gallegher, Imelda Reyna and Mr. john Patterson, sponsor. Back row left to right are Mike Morales, Arturo Hidalgo, Larry Garza, Rafael Saenz and Israel Rios. 1 W L ips s fff f f , Z L2 za. f. FUTURE TEACHERS Officers of the Future Teachers of America are left to right Diana Esquivel, historian, Hortencia Mendez, secretary, Alice Macphee, president, Pearl Garza, vice president, and Selma Perez, student council repre- sentative. 'K l l l ,, .,. , S - 'ul' . ,Q .. , iff Vi, ,M-, sw-ez , ug, 2, Members of the Future Teachers of America are left to right front row Nidia Longoria, Alice Macphce, Norma Ramirez, Rosie Hino- josa, Benita Villcgas, Cathy McClain. Second row left to right Mary Alvarado, Diana Balderas, Maria Reyna, Diana Esquivel, Pearl Garza, .Selma Perez, Maricelcla Limon, Nomia Saucccla, Cecilia Yharra and Dora Garcia. Back row left to right Donnie McClain, Sylvia Longoria, Hortencia Mendez, Beatriz Reyna, Mary Lou Pena, Delia Solis, Anna Ortiz, Marta Ortiz and Paul Niemctz. 54 PAN AMERICAN CLUB gffgcer? of the Pan American Club are left to right front row Rosie Hinojosa, third vice president, Sandy e a uentii presidentg' Norma Ramirez, second vicer president, Diana Esquivel, reporter, Dalia Rivera, treasurer, an Hilda Salinas, secretary. Second row let to right Rene Farias, parliamentarian- Miss Lydia gziyino, Mrs. Maria Lydia Rodriguez and Miss Amparo Pena, sponsors, and George Flores, first vice presi- Members of the Pan American Club are left to right Dora Femat, Diana Balderas, Estela Quintanilla, Anita Alaniz, Elizabeth Ramirez, Elva Rodriguez, Anna Hernandez, Hilda Salinas, Gloria Hernandez, Margie Olivarez, Norma Villarreal, Diana Esquivel, Dalia Rivera, and Diana Guerra. Second row left to right Hilda Vela, janie Gonzalez, Maria Ella Alaniz, Maria Alaniz, Linda Rivera, Rosie Hinojosa, Sandy de la Fuente, Norma Ramirez, Elvia Sanchez, Benita Villegas, Antonia Contreras, Nora Pena and Miss Amparo Pena, sponsor. Third row left to right Mrs. Maria Lydia Rodriguez, sponsor, Rosalva Farias, Anna Ortiz, Martha Ortiz, Lily Guerrero, Maria Elena Rivera, Yolanda Guerrero, San Juanita Alvarado, Beatriz Alvarado, Enedina Rodriguez, Rosa Navarro, Rosalva Hinojosa, Lily Ester Garcia, Nora Lee Villarreal, Olga Contreras, Ruby Duran, and Miss Lydia Trevino, sponsor. Back row left to right Freddie Galvan, Ricky Casas, Gilbert Moreno, Israel Rey Rios, George Flores, Reynaldo Candelaria, Felix Ramirez, David Villarreal, Rogelio Farias, Tony Garcia, Rene Farias, Lucilla Guajardo, Robert de la Fuente, Mary Alvarado, Ruben Lopez, Leo Garza and joe de la Fuente. 55 GENERAL CHOIR II First row left to right are Gloria Salinas, San Juanita Aguirre, Rosalinda Saldivar, Sue Ellen Wicks, Cynthia Mayes, Patricia Graham. Second row left to right Manuel Cavazos, Salvador Gutierrez, Mary Ann Alaniz, Hilda Cavazos, Maria Ramos, Elena del Angel Magda- lena Ramos, jose R. Bnentello, Albino Diaz. Third row left to iight Mi nel Chavez, Roberto Lopez, Mike Myers, Ruben F emat, Roberto Garza, Ruben Hemandez, juan Ortega, David, Silva, Jose Mendoza, Tomas Anzaldua. Fourth row left to right Jose' Luis Garza Luis Or5eE1,lbEenevIAlaniz, Noe Ochoa, johnny Groves, Charles Needham, Rafael Salas, Danny Espinosa, Rumaldo Sanchez, Israel Rlores, an i rt oreno. BOYS' CHOIR First row left to right are Rolando Renteria, Ventura Guerra, Hector Rivera and Ricardo Montalvo. Second row left to right joe Navarro, Javier Villarreal, and Valentin Ortega. Back row left to right Matias Cavazos, Albert O'Cana, Inan Lopez and Gilbert Perez. 56 SENIOR CHOIR , 5 'at fi 5 , , "J F ' di 'Mig vii ' if L If 'i 7 me It I ' ' 42 ifi , ,. 4. - lf - - , I. ... First row left to right are Bobby Marmaduke, Janie Gallegos, Antonia Contreras, Diana Garza, Yolanda Canales, Mary Alice Villar- real, Lydia de Luna, Candy Fiedler, I ' '- Jean LaForge. Second row left to right Esmerelda Venecia, Sandy Sanders, Tana Bouchard, Cathy Vavra, Olga Contreras, Tommy Thompson, Lee Fisher, David Barnett, Sharon Blankenbaker, Dorothy Berry, Linda Zumwalt. Third row left to right San Juanita Garcia, Elma Escarlante, Esther Gonzalez, Irma Gaytan, Adela Ybarra, Eulalia Ramos, Johnny Vasquez, Manuel Anzaldua, Hugo Rodriguez, Rogelio Sanchez, Cecila Ybarra, June Engstrom. Fourth row left to right Jesse Becho, Amaldo Martinez, Ramon Navarro, Frank Davis, Raul Martinez, John Simon, Pat McPherson, Eddie Sanchez, Leon Zamora, Robert Solis, Jose Alvarez and Larry Forquer. GENERAL CHOIR I Left to right front row are Gloria L. Salinas, Cathy Jeffries, Maria Elva Venecia, Maria Alicia Salinas, Lupita Murillo, Ruby Duran, and Alma Pena. Second row left to right Juan Longoria, Susanna Ojeda, Arcelia Gonzalez, Alicia Becho, Yolanda Rodriguez, Dalia Rod- riguez, Alicia Borrego. Third row left to right Manuel Lerma, Jose A. Garza, Guadalupe Salinas, Julio Cervantes, Jose Luis Alvarez, Robert Castaneda, Antonio Salinas, Robert Murillo. Fourth row left to right Pete Luna, Tom Connell, Tim Connell, Johnny Alaniz, George O'Cana, Gilbert Cavazos, Pedro Segundo, Marcelino Farias, Arturo Santana. 57 MISSION EAGLE TWIRLERS U . fn aw K XXZQ1 i X My ,,.,fQ 4-:Sify V -'L7 i -my Mn, The Mission Twirlers for this year were left to right: Kathy Fennell, Lana Galloway, Paula Reynolds cHC2lll Twirlcrj, Twinkle Rackley, and Myra Rhyne. 58 MISSION EAGLE BAND rv-uv' Officers of the Senior Band are left to right seated Mike Morales, quartermasterg Paula Re olds, secretary, Hilda Salinas, president, and Celia Merrill, reporter. Standing left to riglill are David Lasley, quartermaster, David Trevino, chaplain, Nora Pena, student council representative, and Lon Minier, quartermaster. Not shown are David Merrill, vice president, and Alma Arriaga, treasurer. at 5 L R 5 E T ., LTi57L.... J ...,.,- ma We Members of the Mission Eagle Band are left to right front row Irma Salinas, Billy Jane Prichard, Dottie Morris, Barbara Garza, l0dQ' Ridling, Richard Garza and Lida Garrett. Second row left to right,'Janie Gonzalez, Freddie Galan, Beth Watkins, Rosie Hrnojosa, Phyllis Davis, Alma Arriaga, Gregg Holbrook, Johnny Jimenez, Bobby Gonzalez, Norma Lopez, Dina Mae Carr, ea , Carolyn Chastain and Hilda Salinas. Third row left to right, Hilda Vela, Baudelia Cavazos, Blanca Barrera, Ricky Casas, ro a Pena, Jaime Reyna, Alicia Cavazos, Pam McNallen, Elizabeth Sanchez, Diana Corpus, Nora Pena, Carmen Gonzalez, Lon Minier,XGloria. Salinas, Eloisa Cavazos, George Cruz, Pat Chastain and Yolanda Rodriguez. Fourth row left to right, Blanca Silva, Brenda Stuart, Zada Barlow, San Juanita Vclasquez, Celia Merrill, Luis Ortiz, ' ' Joe Hemandez, Robert Montalvo, Albert Gonzalez, Emma Hemandez, Dora Garcia, Billy Hyde, Porfeirio Gonzalez, Juan Ybarra, Raymond Herbert, Reynaldo Solis, Chuck Suter, Sebby Gonzalez, Juan Farias and Linda Rivera. Fifth row left to right, Diana Flores, Norma Acevedo, Shary Sooter, Rosalinda Jimenez, Nora Sandoval, Johnny Rodriguez, Eloy Reyna, Richard Davis, Don Shibi, Ramon Sierra, Ramiro Olivarez, David Trevino, Robelino Gutierrez, David Merrill, Jack Kakuda, Billy Billman, Johnny Hodgin, David Lasley, Malcolm Moses, Mike Morales, Raul Zapata, Jessie Munoz, Robert Hemandez, Raymundo Del Bosque. Sixth row left to right, Bobby Kelch, Rueben Garza, Dennis Bell, Ray Candelaria, Johnny Garza, Adrian Arriaga, Gail Brady, Myra Rhyne, Twinkle Rackley, Lana Galloway, Kathy Fennell, Paul Reynolds, Baudelia Guerra, Phil Tyler, Mario Salas, Ricky cle la Garza, Tryg Minier, Charles Flinclt and George Villarreal. 59 DRUM MAJOR FEATURE TWIRLER The Drum Major for this year was Baudeiia Guvrru and thc Feature Twirler was Gail Brady. Shown performing at a half-time show, Gail Brady, Feature Twirler, twirls a hoop baton. PEIP SQUAD Sllllfllflllill A Officers of the Pep Club are left to right Liz Davis, secretaryg San Juanita Olivarez, president, Mary Lou Pena, student council representative, Mericelda Limon, reporter, Diana Esquivel, vice president, Anna Ramirez, treasurer. Members of the Pep Club are left to right first row Maria Alaniz, San Juanita Olivarez, Diana Esquivel, Elizabeth Davis, Mary Lou Pena, Eileen Walsh. Second row left to iight Emestina Rodriguez, Dalia Rivera, Benita Villegas, Elva Sanchez, Thelma Sanchez, Sylvia Longoria, Gloria Rodriguez. Third row left to right Juanita Vera, Tina Iglesias, Nidia Longoria, Marina Longoria, Lydia Gonzalez, Maria Kelly, Juanita Munoz. Fourth row left to right Margot Dominguez, Nora de la Garza, Elvia Rivas, Sylvia Garza, Delia Solis, ' oril Velma Arce. Fifth row left to right Josephine Alvarez, Sylvia Garza, Alva Diaz, Linda Rivera, Lucy Guajardo, Esmeralda Trevino, Lilia Guerrero. Sixth row left to right Louise Petty, Cathy Jeffries, Adela Ybarra, Norma Sauceda, a Salinas, Irene Gonzalez. Seventh row left to right Mary Lou Esquivel, Lisa Ramirez, Judy Pena, Kathleen McClain, Esperanza Saenz, Maria Rodriguez. Eighth row left to right Yolanda Guerrero, Rita Garza. Rosa Navarro, Anita Navarro, Estella Gonzalez, Rena Gutierrez, Maria Elena Alaniz, Anna He-mandez. Ninth row left to right Linda Helle, Connie Powell, Debbie White, T A Seitz, Lindy Hakes, Sandy Froughton, Martha McClain. Tenth row left to right, Miss Lydia Trevino, sponsor, Maria Elena Rivefa, Belinda Lopez, Janice Miller, Diana Guerra, Mary Colin, Regina Moreno, Nomia Rodriguez, Mrs. Teresa Wegcncr, sponsor. 61 LETTERMEN CLUB U g L ccce E Officers of the Letterrnen Club are left to right Coach Bob Hollowa , sponsor, Steve Martinez, student council representative, Eliseo Pompa, vice president, Bobby Jack Wright, committee chairman, Francis Cur- rie, president, Randy Sweeten, secretary, Tommy Helle, treasurer, Lee Lyles, committee chairman- and Coach Calvin Brewer. , Members of the Lettermen Club are left to right front row Tony Kennard, Eliseo Pompa, Tommy Thompson, Roy Ramirez, john Groves. Sandy Riley, jim Later, Trinidad Baldcras, Iosc Hinoiosa, Arthur Weber, Ricky Pieroe and Francis Currie. Second row left to right Coach Calvin Brewer, Hubert Thompson, Richard Mehis, Mike Perryman, Doug Brooks, Tommy Wilson, Mike Myers, Lee Lyles, Steve Martinez, Randy Sweeten, David Alaniz, Coach Bob Holloway and Coach Bill Elsey. Back row left to right Juan Moreno, Terry Lank- ford, Tommy Beachum, Bruno Cavazos, Tony Reyna, john Simon, David Lopez, Tommy. Helle, Bobby jack Wright, Jesus Becho, Rene Farias, Manuel Hinoiosa and Lee Fisher. 62 MISSION CHEERLEADERS E1 Leading the yells for the Eagles this year were left to right front row Lily Ester Garcia, Roseanna Gonzales and Cora Lea Harper. Back row left to ri ht are Cyndy Waitz, Carolyn Kawamoto and Candy F iegler. ALTERNATES Alternate cheerleaders were left to right Dolores de los Santos, Cynthia Garza and Krysti Buckley. VOCATIONAL OFFICE EDUCATION CLUB Q5 Officers of the Vocational Office Education Club are left to right seated Dina Chavez, presidentg Mary Rod- riguez, vice president. Standing left to right are Mr. Ray Pickens, sponsorg Lydia de la Garza, girl council representativeg Mary Ig-les-ias, secretaryg and Barbara Stuart, treasurer. i MW ,,,,.,--'- Members of the VOE arc sc-ated lc-ft to right Lydia Ortiz, low Espinosa, Barbara Stuart and Mary Rodriguez. Second row left to right Beatriz Alvarado, Yolanda do Loon, Dina Gliavcz, Holuluy Marmadukc, jualnita Ycra and Mary Iglesias. Third row left to right Eugenia Mercado, Lydia dc la Garza, Alicia Alaniz. Standing loft to riglit are Mr. Ray Pickens, sponsorg Joyce Miemictz, Enedina de la Garza, lilvia llivas and Lily Almlvott. 64 LIBRARY CLUB gy!!! iiffiif i -,wfme as 3 Sunni? t A ffffsi:-fefgfai-fs 555,33 Q 755833, at Vizziiiiaair L Officers of the Library Club are left to right front row Diana Hernandez, vice presidentg Alicia Navarro, president, Gertrude Cavazos, parliamentariang Estela Quintanilla, -reporter. Back row .left to right, Mrs. Johnnie Wright, sponsorg Miss Nora Wilmer, sponsor, Mary Alice Villarreal, bulletin board chairman, Anita Alaniz, secretary, Irene Garza, student council representative. 4 . , . Members of the Library Club are left to right front row Diana Alaniz, Yolanda de Leon, Estela Quintanilla, Mary Lou Garcia, Yolanda Rodriguez and Eloisa Cavazos. Second row left to right Irene Garza, Diana Hemandez, Imelda Buentello, Alicia Na- varro, Gertrude Cavazos, Olivia Lopez, Barbara Seiger, Dalia Saldivar and Dalia Rodriguez. Third row left to right arc Anita Alaniz, Gloria Garza, Mary Garcia, Juanita Martinez, Alicia Borrego, Blanca Olivarez, Lucy Garcia, Celia Garcia, Juanita Gon- zalez. Fourth row left to right are Miss Nora Wilmer, sponsor, Cathy Grant, Yolanda Vasquez, Silva Salas, Maria Eliza Olivarez, Anita Jimenez, Nora Lee Villarreal, and Mrs. Johnnie Wright, Sponsor. Fifth row left to right Mary Alice Villarreal, Delia Gon- zalez, Gloria Barrera, Antonia Contreras, Lupe de la Garza, Anita Gaytan, Rosalincla Solis and Aida Ramirez. OFFICE GIRLS These Office Girls are recording six weeks grades from grade sheets tumed in by teachers. They are being assisted by Miss Adela Mendoza, office aide. Left to right are Marina Longoria, Imelda Hinojosa, Judy de la Garza, Miss Mendoza, and Selma Perez. Girls working in the office this year are left to right front row jean LaForge, Iam-llc Burleson, Cora Lea Harper, Rc a Martix , Debby Guenzel, Mrs. Marjory VVright, office secretary, Sandy cle la Fuente, Canady, cggy a agicr and Kathy Miller. Back row left to right are Ellen Blankcnhakcr, Elvia Garcia, Cavazos, Judy de la Garza, Selma Perez, Mary Lou Pena, Estela Quintanilla, Debbie Burgoon, Dalia Rivera, and Gloria Hernandez. l , EAGLE STAFF .X ,. Elected staff members of the Eagle are seated left to right David Merrill, editor, and Penny Ward, fea- ture editor. Standing left to right are Nora de la Garza, circulation manager, Celia Merrill, editorial assistant, Dick Mehis, assistant sports editor, Tommy Beachum, sports editor, Rena Gray, business mana- ger, and Donald Ellis, picture editor. 'ww M' """ ag W ew? if-as-Z' As. Nlcmlwrs of the newspaper staff are sr-ated left to right john Compton, Tommy Bcaclnnn, David Merrill, Penny Ward, Donald Ellis, Cora Lea Harper. Standing left to right are Carolyn Corpstcin, Susan Roth, Sylvia Shamash, Gloria Hernandez, Gloria Rodriguez, Judy Nloroles, Nidia Longoria, Cathy Vavra, Carolyn Kawainoto, Gail Brady and Ellen Blankunbaker. In back left to right are jose Alvarado, Phil Tyler. Ted Braun, Genaro Vela and jose Baldcras. 67 ANNUAL STAFF 5 if Officers of the Annual Staff are left to right Tommy Beachum, sports editor, Rebecca Martin, circulation manager, Cindy Waitz, student life editor, Susan Roth, editor, Carolyn Corpstein, assistant editor, Beth Watkins, class editor, Celia Merrill, business manager, Iimmy Later, assistant sports editor, and Donald Ellis, picture editor. Q Members of the Annual Staff are front row left to right Krysti Buckley, Patricia Graham, Penny Ward, Rebecca Martin, Ellen Blank- enbaker, Rena Gray, Gail Brady, Ted Brann, Randy Powell, Hubert Thompson, Dickie Mehis, Chuck Davis, Susan Roth, Carolyn Corp- stein, Larry Schaffer, Charlene Caldwell, Sandy de la Fuente and Tommy Wilson. Second row: Ellen Fredricks, Celia Merrill, Cynthia Garza, Yolanda Guerrero, Cyndyb:YVaitz,,Cora',I,ea Harper, Iudy Moroles, Gloria Hemandez, Dee Dee Blankenbaker, Joanne Seitz, Mike Perryman, Cindy SanfordQ'QNorma Schroeder, 'Beth Watkins, Margot Dominguez, Debby Ludwig, Nidia Longoria and Kathy McClain. Back row are Ruby Duran, Rerie"Faria?'ILirida Helle, Donald Ellis, Anna Hemandez, Carmen Ramirez, Susan Martin, Betty Perez, Sandy Roth, Pam Hammond, Shelagh jones, Lorene Neugebauer, Doug Brooks, Candy Fiedler, Jimmy Later, Carolyn Kawamoto, Peggy Gallagher, Tommy Beachum, Kathy Miller, Suzanne Gibbs, Estela Quintanilla and Marsha Woods. 68 FAVGRITES Familiar faces at Mission High School are those who are selected by their class- mates as the favorites for the year. This year's favorites typify the out- standing students who Walk the halls of MHS. Thirteen seniors were selected among Whos Who in MHS, While 24 oth- ers received recognition as class favorites in their respective classes, The Homecoming Royalty for 1967 is presented along with Mission students who participated in the colorful XXXI Tex- as Citrus Fiesta in Mission. Mr. and Miss MHS LARRY GARZA IRMA DE LA GARZA Most Popular Senior Class 1 'I NORM A RAMIREZ RENE FARIAS 71 Best Looking Senior Class CHARLENE CALDWELL EDDIE SANCHEZ is if r ,,,. V. A 13.3 . , -5 ag - ,A Most Likely to Succeed Senior Class ARCELIA GONZALEZ JOHN COMPTON Best All Around Junior Class l ELISEO POMPA MARCELLA HINOJOSA 75 Best Looking Junior Class ' XQ l Most Popular V Junior Class TOMMY THOMPSON IRMA sAL1NAs TRINIDAD BALDERAS DALIA RIVERA 76 Best Looking Sophomore Class Most Popular Sophomore Class HUGO P.oDR1c:UEz MARTA KELLY BRUNO cAvAzos CELIA Muwoz Best Looking I I 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 Aw! Most Popular Freshman Class sABAs SANDOVAL III NORMA LOPEZ JAIME REYNA NELDA GUTIERREZ WHO'S WHO IN MISSION HIGH SCHOOL ,, 1..f3ff. JOHN COMPTON John is president of the Student Council, associated editor of the Eag- le, and National Honor Society re- porter. He has been Student Council reporter, Eagle editor, junior Class president, and parliamentarian for the Speech Club. john is also Key Club reporter. He is also active in Science Club, Slide Rule Club and Debate Club. John has been awarded the Texas AcSrM Scholarship, was second in the state in editorial writing, and is a National Merit Scholarship semi- finalist. He was first in district for Persuasive Speaking while fourth in regional. john was also second in dis- trict for Extemporaneous Speaking and held the office of city attorney in MHS Kid's Day. -N-ju-1-v-wr, PEARL GARZA Pearl was Freshman Class parliamen- tarian and class vice-president her sophomore and junior years. She is President of Mu Alpha Theta and vice-president of the Student Council and Future Teachers of America. Pearl is a two-year Speech Club and Slide Rule member. She is also a de- bator on this year's debate team. Pearl has received the Perfect Attendance Award for two years and was junior Councilman for Kids' Day. She was also Slide Rule Club Homecoming Queen candidate. LARRY CARZA Larry is president of the Senior Class, 'Was Student Council boy representa- tive his sophomore and junior year and has been Homecoming chairman for two years. He is presently chair- man of Members for the Teens' Elks Club, chairman of Constitution for the Para-Medical Club and was Ser- geant at Arms of the Senate at Boys' State. Larry is a member of Slide Rule Club, Student Council, Pan American Club, Key Club and National Honor Societ . He has received the Perfect Attendiance Award three ears, was delegate to Boys' State andywas most popular his sophomore and junior years. This year Larry was also chosen Lions Club Youth-0f-the- Month. I . jig-Q 'Wx K 3 Randy is president of the Slide Rule Club, vice-president of National Ilonor Society and treasurer of the Lettermen Club. He was vice-presi- dent of Slide Rule Club his junior year and was junior advisor for the Key Club. Ile was captain of the tennis team his junior year and was public works director his sophomore year in Kid's Day Elections. Randy is also a member of Student Council and was chosen best looking his jun- ior year. llc placed first in district pole vault and third in regional. He was named Outstanding Teenager of l96T. PENNY VVARD Her freshman year, Penny was Span- ish Club point secretary. She was vice-president of the Spanish Club her junior year and participated in the Speech Club play this year. She is a member of Y-Teens, Mu Alpha Theta, Eagle and Annual Staff, and is Fea- ture Editor for the Eagle. Penny was chosen Best All Around her junior year and was named Key Club Sweet- heart this year. She received an award as Outstanding Teenager for 1967. DAVID MERRILL David was treasurer of the Key Club his junior year and band quarter mas- ter. He is Eagle editor, president of the Science Club, Band vice-president and has been Science Club Student Council representative for two years. He is also president of the Mission Youth Conference. David has been an active member of the Annual Staff for three years and is president of the Election Commission. llc is a delegate to the Texas Youth Conference and is County Chairman of Hidalgo County Youth Conference. He is also a mem- ber of the board of directors for Dis-- trict 12. WHO'S WHO ALICE MACPHEE This year Alice is president of Future Teachers of America. She was vice- president her junior year. Alice has also been a member of Slide Rule Club, Cardenefs Club, Pan American Club, Pep Squad and was a varsity cheerleader her 'unior year. She has' been in National Honor Societv two year and is active this year in Speech Club. Alice placed third in district ready-writing, and second on the local level while also placing second in Spanish prose on the local level. Alice was an alternate to Girls' State and received Balfour Medals for English and English fundamentals her fresh- man an junior years. par'- ,ar 169 , Mu if D' 33: JACK KAKUDA lack was junior Class treasurer and sophomore director for the Key Club. He has been an active member of Stu- dent Council for two years. His jun- ior year, Iack was Student Council boy representative for the Key Club. This year he is Student Council treas- urer. Iack has been a member of Na- tional Honor Society for two years. 'Q' 415 ...Y 1 IN MISSION HIGH SCHOOL aj, Y I fi . ,, I 3 , I SANDY RILEY Sandy is a member of National Hon- or Society, Lettennen Club and Key Club. He has been active in these clubs for two years. His junior year, Sandy saritcipated in track and foot- ball an received honorable mention. He was also district champion in track in the 440 Hard dash. This year he was one of t e captains of the varsity squad. DONALD ELLIS Donald is vice-president of the Science Club, president of the Elks Teen Club and student photographer for the Eagle and the Annual. He is also a mem- ber of the Math Club and Na- tional Honor Socicty and has participated in Speech Club and Band. Donald was a Na- tional Blerit Scholarship Semi- finalist and placed first and second in the regional science contest. He placed first in the district science contest his soph- omore and junior year. Donald is also a Minnie Stevens Piper lfounclation Scholarship Semi- finalist. 80 CORA LEA HARPER Cora Lea is secretary-treasurer of National Honor Society and a Y-Teen Cabinet member. She is a Young Woman of the South Texas Youth Congress and is an American Field Service Youth Advisor. She has been a varsity cheerleader for two years and was a member of the Pep Squad for' three years. Cora Lea was chosen Chapter Sweetheart by the Future Farmers of America and Creenhand Sweet- heart. She is a member of thc Eaglc and Annual Staff, Stu- dent Council and was a Home- coming princcss this year. TOMMY BEACHUM Tommy is Senior Class treasur- er, president of the Speech Club and Sports Editor for the Eagle and Annual. He is a member of the Lettermen Club, and on the Election Commis- sion. Tommy placed first in dis- trict for Exteniporaneous Speak- ing his sophomore and junior year and also third place in regional. SUSAN WOOD Susan is president of the Y- Teens and was Y-Teen finance chairman last year. She is Na- tional Honor Society Student Council representative and is a thrcc-year member of the tennis team. Susan is team captain this year. She has been a member of Speech Club, Math Club, and Future Teachers of Amer- ica. She received the Balfour Medal for biology and was a delegate to Girls' State last year. 6 :E I The 1968 Citrus Fiesta Court was left to right Nancy james, Princess of Grapefruit Blossomg Lana Galloway, Lady- in-YVaitingg Robin Sue MeKeever, Queen Citriana XXXI5 Sir. V. F. Neuhaus, King Citrus, and Gail Brady, Princess of Orange Blossom. 1 ,dir N 5 fi We ix ' 1 S Q As it has for the past 31 years, Mission was host again this year for the very color- ful Texas Citrus Fiesta. The theme was A'Fiesta de las Amerieasf' and Mission High School students took an active part in all phases of the fiesta. Several students were recognized in the Queen's Court, while others modeled color- ful costumes in the style show and still others participated in the fruit judging and art exhibits. Many students entered the Parade of Oranges, both the junior and Senior Bands marched and the three duch- esses from Mission rode in the parade. MHS had the champion in the Golden Grapefruit Golf Tournament. Y Ellen Blimkfubakel' WHS DUCIWSS of Sylvia Shamash was Duchess of ll1tC1'1l21tl0ll'1l Candv Fiedler W is D l1 fXI W4 'Y . . . .I Q -A-hs 1, RUbY Rfll Cflilileffulfl HH 35909 was Goodwill. Her escort was Sirivat Voravetvuthikun less Grapefruit. Hehe cihogt Deciig Bffbbl' lack Vlflght- of Thailand. Sylvia is MHS,s foreign exchange stu- Brooks. dent from Iran. is 1 v 5 5 J mx These Xlission lligh School students exliihited prize work in the Citrus Fiesta Art Show. Kneeling left to right are Nlanuel Hinojosa. first in water color work in the adult division: and Genaro Vela, second in collage. Standing. left to right. are airs. Dorothy Suter, art instructor: Pray Rodriguez, first in pastelg Carla llainilton. third in graphicsg and Oscar Oehoa, second in water eolors. ii i A x i i i 'l'lit-se int-inhers of the Xlission FFA chapter took honors in the citrus judging contest, Lett to right are Gillwrt Esqueda, Arturo lisquivel. Gary llentsen, first place in senior citrus judging, and john Leidner. Bert Na-uqehauer and Xlike XVarshak, second in senior citrus jlulyling. S1 U' Qin? Debbie Lud ' modeled this "La ucateca costume in the Fiesta Style Show. show. ,Qynthia Gibbs models a colorful Mexican costume in the style F' .eg Qt..- 3' 1 x This colorful costume was modeled by Dalia Garza and wns made by the Future Homemakers of America in the style show. W,n ,,,e, we QWW M king' Litius and uc-en Citrnuia and thc-ir loyal court rode on this colorful float in tln parade. MHS3 Cail Brady and Lana Calloway were in the royal court. Charlene Caldwell modeled the costume, "La Polleraf' from Panama for the Mission Garden Club. 82 MHS ' l- d'ff '- t flmats in the parade. Shown riding the First State gzlldl-cr float gs rlfllgilaj Coin-won, Louanne Corpstein, Susan Roth, Carolyn Corpstein and john Compton. l 4 - .. if ' . V 'f -. . 5 QQfemww4. Hel. 'L . . Pin, ic t ggi bg 3352? 'Y F We T 5 my ig! We L SN I ft 4 et , 1: f .nb 8 ' 2 '31 af rye. X 1, fuk. Y . fl 2 e4da,v t ga an K gr . 552 1, lyk siyiii fi ff 5 QQEWQEEQ asv 4 .'-1 1 ' -Q ' " , wav Dee Dee Blankenbaker modeled "El Quetzalf' a costume from Mexico. It was sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. .lim Blankenbaker. A Y .Jas , .249 sf X Susan VVood models this color- ful costume which is the native Tehucan costume of the Isthmus of Teliuantepec in Mexico. ATHLETICS Forming a strong toundation tor Mis- sion's llU per cent spirit and participa- tion in many other areas, athletics pro- vide a valuable-asset to the entire school. There is an area in athletics available tor anyone at Mission. Whether it he intramural or interscho- lastic league participation, the main oh- jective ot Missions athletic program is to promote teamwork and good sportsman- ship. Sports also provide the spectators with entertainment and a chance to prove they will continue to support Missions teams and to cheer them on to victory by main- taining the traditional pep and spirit char- acteristic ot Missions followers. Whether it is the most important toot- ball game in District i6-AAA or a girls' intramural volleyball match, the participa- tion in sports is proot that every Eagle is striving to make Mission High the loest. Captains ot thc 1967 District co-champion Eagle team were left to right Ernie Barrera, Lee Lyles, Lee Fisher and Sandy Riley. 1 Coaching the- Eagles this year were Coach Bill Elsey, Freshmeng Coach Robert Capello, B-Toning Plz-nfl Couch Lum VVright, and assistants Calvin Brewer and Robert Holloway. N THE MISSION EAGLES to right front row are Ricky Pierce manager, Tommy Thompson, Mike Perryman, juan Moreno, Roy Ramirez. Pompa, Trinidad Balderas, Bobby jack VVright, Manuel Hinojosa, Arthur Weber, manager. Second row left to H Hubert Thompson, manager, Tony Reyna, Lee Fisher, Francis Ciu'rie, Tommy Beachum, Tommy Helle, David laniz, Jesus Becho, Jose Hinojosa, Einie Barrera, Terry Lankford, jim Later, Tony Kennarcl, manager. Third row ft to right Randy Sweeten, Steve Martinez, Dickie Mehis, johnny Groves, Sandy Riley, Lee Lyles, David Lopez. 'like Myers, Doug Brooks, Tommy Wilson, Arturo Munoz. In back are the coaches, left to right. Bill Elsey, Robert Eapello, Lum NVright, Robert Holloway and Calvin Brewer. fi. , x ,wma 4' H, It ,A Shown here are the team managers for this year. Left to right are Tony Kennard. Arthur VVe-ber, Rene Farias, Ricky Pierce and Hubert Thompson, 85 Ernie Barrera 1251 goes around left end for good yardage as Dickie Mehis comes up to help with a block. The Eagles opened the season with a 35-0 victory over Los F resnos. Sandy Riley Senior Two Letters MISSION 35, LOS FRESNOS O The Mission Eagles started the 1967 football sea- son off on a winning note by running past the Los Fresnos Falcons, 35-0, at Bumett Stadium. Eliseo Pompa was the leading scorer for Mis- sion with three touchdowns. Quarterback Mike Myers started the scoring with a quarterback sneak, then Pompa intercepted a Los Fresnos pass and returned it all the way for the touch- down. Myers tossed a 21-yard pass to Pompa for an- other tally and Doug Brooks converted. The Eagles drove 70 yards in the fourth quar- ter for a touchdown with Pompa running the last 14 yards. Ernie Barrera added still another on an 18-yard run and Terry Lankford set up still another with a pass interception he returned to the Falcon 12. Myers hit Pompa for the final touchdown pass. Tommy Wilson i841 pulled in a pass from quarter- 51" Francis Cunie Senior Two Letters ire' 'EXW Mg,,,,.z....11f I Tfilli BQld6l'aS back Mike Myers and made 14 yards against the F al- Bobbyftliitrwright Ogggfeogter cons' One Letter Eagle defenders come up to stop a Los Fresnos pass completion. No. 31 is Tommy Thompson and 61 is Rimdl' Sweden- A pileup for a loose ball as the dark-jersey:-cl Eagles recover their own fumble in this action 86 against Los Fresnos. EDINBURG 22, MISSION 0 The Edinburg Bobcats handed the Eagles their first loss of the season in a non-conference game. 22-0, in Edinburg. Edinburg took advantage of Mission miscues to score in the first, second and foLu'th quarters. Dong Brooks fumbled while at- tempting to punt to set up the first Edinburg score. In the second quarter Edinburis Lupe Salinas intercepted a pass and returned it to the Bobcat 45-yard line. One play later the Bobcats added another touchdown. The Bobcats picked np another touchdown and a two-ooint safety when the ball was snapped on Mike Myers' head while he was attempting to punt deep in Mission territory, gqgiilgalgigoks is hit by an unidentified Edinburg tackler as he picks up short yardage for ,Maw This pass was intended for Arturo Requenez of Edinburg, but Iuan Moreno CZOJ comes up - to defend on the play. Davld Lopez Senior Two Letters First All-District Offense rc,.t, , H ...-,Ng Jose Hinojosa Manuel Hinojosa Senior Senior One Letter Two Letters First All-District Defense After catching a pass from Mike Myers, Tommy YVilson 1841 adds a few yards before lgfglnslgigggngcllgggtll is pulled down on this punt return being brought down. Ernie Barrera is inobbt-rl by rt-d-sliirti-d Edinburg Bobcats as Mission dropped its first game of the season, 22-0 Tom Be-lchum to the Bobcats. Senior One Letter 87 Bruno Cuvazos goes through u hole for good yarclngelugainst the Donnn Redskins :is Dick Mehis QGOJ gets ready to assist with Il block. Mike Myers f10j, Mission quarterback, is dumped by two Don- na Redskins on a keeper play. DONNA 17, MISSION 8 Everything went wrong for the Euules in their first dis- trict gume atgninst Donna and the Redskins went on to take 11 17-8 decision. It proved to he a eostlv loss for the Engles as they tied with Donnn for the district clinmpion- ship, but Donna Won the riuht to advance to state playoffs by virtue of the win over Mission, On the first series for Mission, Doug Brooks fumbled ai punt attempt and Donna took over at the Fzirrle 10-yard line. In three nlnvs the Redskins went ahead. 8-0. Mission tied the score in the second oiuirter when Roh- lvv Iack Wright recovered ai Donna fumble at the Redskin 29. A pass from Mike Mvers was cauvht hv Eliseo Povnna for the touchdown and Myers passed to Tommy Wilson for the two-point conversion. Ernie Barrera Senior Three Letters ' ' in M5999 se 2 ,annum :ffl ,iii John Groves Roy Ramirez Cilj powers for short yni'clz1g,e ziquinst the rugged Donna defense. Senior , one Letter Myers is pulled down by the Jersey by 11 Donna da fender on an attempted quarterback sweep. Mum PX' ' :gs 3 ,zfffff ' , f I -troo or ryytt .f r 5-2 Elisco Pompa Sr M r' l""fU' Evilngz, mu Two Letters one Letter First All-District ' Offense and Defense :X piss diol ' ipod in ln-txveoii this intr-nd:-cl Donna iw-ceiu-i' and Xiissionls Randy Sweeten as two other ' ' ' up to help wh 88 ite-slnrted lmiglc-s eoine ' MISSION I2, RIO GRANDE CITY 7 Stubborn Rio Grande City finally fell to the Mission Eagles, who snapped a two-game losing streak with the victory at Bumett Stadium. In the closing minutes of the second rfuarter Tommy Wilson recov- ered a Rio Grande City fumble at the Ratt er 24. With only two seconds left on the clock in the first half, Mike Myers passed for 24 yards to Eliseo Pompa. for a touchdown. The extra point attempt was no good and the Eagles had a 6-0 lead at halftime. Myers hit Pom a with a 40-yard touchdown ass for the second score to climax a 62-yardp drive after Rio Grande City lllad taken a 7-6 lead late in the third rfuarter. The Eag es had 15 first downs to seven for Rio Grande City. Mike Myers 1101 circles right end for a 25-yard gain against Rio Grande City and helped the Eagles win a close one, 12-7. Jim Later Torruny Thompson Junior I unior One Letter One Letter Sophomore tailback Bruno Cuvazos powers up the middle for valuable yardage before he IS stopped. louchdown bound is fullb ink DOUS BIOORS to the Mission right side TWO Letters . '25 A Off and running for good 5 irdige is Bruno Cavazos C325 as the Eagles defeated Laredo MISSION 15, LAREDO NIXON 0 Back on the winning track, the Eagles chalked up their second consecutive dis- trict victory by defeating the Laredo Nixon Mustangs, 15-0, in Laredo. Bruno Cavazos, Eagle tailback, broke loose for a 68-yard run to sct up the first touchdown at the Mustang 27-yard line. Doug Brooks went the final 11 yards for the touchdown and also convened to make it 7-0. Mission mounted :mother scoring threat with Mike Myers hitting Eddie Sanchez and Eliseo Pompa on long passes, but n 15-yard penalty killed the drive. In the third quarter the Eagles march- ed to the Laredo 20-yard line, but were stalled again. Late in the final quarter Cavazos went over from the two-yard line after a sustained Mission drive car- ried to that point. A fake extra point at- tempt followed and Myers passed to Tommy Wilson for the two points. The Eagles had 18 first downs and 377 yards rushing to Laredo Nixon's five first downs and 97 yards tot: ' offense. Qu,,,,a..Y,.,,N , Kms, -we-A .. um Terry Lankford S ophmnofe One Letter MISSION 54, MERCEDES 0 Riding ll tllrec-game winning sirn-uk, the Mission Eagles thrilled zx Homvcoming crowd hy smusliing the Mvrcctles Tigers, 5-l-0, :it Burnett Stadium. unrtvrlmck Mike Myvrs scored two touchdowns an Doug Brooks had ar touchdown and fivv extm points to loud the Eaglcs. Iilisco Pompu, 'Il-rry Lank- ford, Mika- Pcrrymun, Tommy XVils0n :xml Roy Rn- mirez all got info thc scoring uct for the Eagles. Pompn wvnt 45 yards for thv first touclulown and Brooks converted. The Euglf-S kicked off and Herce- des let ihe lmll roll dead in thi- und zone whore Lank- ford fell on it for a Mission sumre. Myers thvn went five yards for il tally and Brooks picked up unotlu-r on il five-yard run. IPerryman went in from thx- six and XVilson we-ut seven for still :mother score. Ramirez ran nim- yards for his touchdown and than Myers sneaks-cl ovvr for iseo Pompu QZTW has ch-zu' sailing on this play for the liaiglvs that went for long yardage. the final touchdown. 7 A happy Mission hench Clll'1'l'5 for sophomore Terry Lank- jesus Bm-ho ford, who scorccl om- of thc' lOllK'llClONVl1S in u 54-0 slaughter Senior of Mercedes. Three Lcttvrs 45 is p iss from Xlilw Xlyx-rs to liliss-o Pompn wunt ovvr his hr-zul :mul out of ll1l"flYSW"""" -mf Eliseo Pompu 1275 goes in for the touchdown for om of Missiolfs scores in the' 54,0 wiv rwm' Xlcrcvdos. ,rm x K Q ,, . S A' 4 cf - JF .R :UNL S ' 1' 'fxvrflliitlc-1's TUNE' WWI'-1 Svc-ond All-District junior QI D4,ft.,W, Om' Imtkc-1' nnmg sion's Eliseo Pom a, an trict first team selllection on fense and defense. MISSION 30, WESLACO 0 Defense was the key factor as the Eagles rolled to an easy 30-0 decision over the Weslaco Panthers in Weslaco. Put on the spot when Bruno Cavazos fumbled the opening kickoff and Weslaco recovered at the Mission 35, the Eagle de- gelnse held the Panthers to one yard and never gave ground after ali. Eliseo Pompa scored the first touchdown after Mike Myers hit Ecniidie Sanchez and Pompa for long passes. Doug Brooks con- verte . Pompa recovered a Weslaco fumble and then ran 20 yards on the next lay for a Mission score. The fourth quarter saw Pom- pa go over Bom the three to climax a 55-yard drive. Tommy Wil- son ran over the two points. The final touchdovim came late on the fourth quarter when Bobby lack Wright intercepted a Weslaco pass and Myers tossed a 40-yard strike to Wilson for the touchdown. Mike Perryman ran over the two points to make the final score 30-0. One of many first downs the Mission Eagles made in their 30-0 rout of Weslaco is being measured here by officials as Lee Lyles Q51l, Eagle captain, looks on. Lee Fisher Eliseo Pompa C275 looks like he has two sets of arms as he is down Seflwf by a Weslaco defender after catching a Mike Myers pass. Three Letters First All-District Offense, Second Defense ff, ,M .. ,.. ., Lee Lyles junior Two Letters First All-District Offense 'WG 4'-.M jcsus Becho C-40D lowers his head and bumps into n YVeSlaco hnllcan-ier as the Eagle defense proved too much for the Panthers. 92 Arturo Munoz Junior One Letter l I , Eddie Sanchez of Mission battles an Edcoueh-Elsa player for this pass from quarterback Mike Myers Manuel Hinojosa, all-district defensive lineman, cheers the offensive unit on for Mission against Edeouch-Elsa. MISSION l6, EDCOUCH-ELSA 0 Holding only a slim 3-0 lead going into the final quarter. the Mission Eagles picked up two quick touchdowns to extend their winning streak to four and defeat the Edcouch-Elsa Yel- lowjackets, 16-0, at Burnett Stadium. It was a defensive lmttle for most of the game with a steady rain falling throughout the battle, Doug Brooks kicked a 274 yard field goal for the only points until the Eagles added an- other on a 19-yard run hy Tommy XVilson in the fourth quar- ter, Brooks kicked the extra point. Edcouch-Elsa went to the air and Eliseo Pompa intercepted a pass and returned it to the 10-yard line to set un the final touchdown, Brooks carried it over from there and the final score was 16-O in favor of the Eagles. Tonnny lVilson QSM is surrounded hy Yellowjacket players after he carried for nine yards on i this play. L 'M 4 .M-t Q Mike Pcrrymau I unior One Letter W 4.. TL krrr , L iw-A-Sa ' f-4--Y A' Bill Valverde gets damp as he watches the Dickie Mehis E' I ' Edcouch-Elsa in the rain. Eagle players watch from the sidelines as action takes place on SEMO, ag GS Wm Over the field. One Letter 93 Eliseo Poinpa 4271 - and this Falfurrias Iersey defender battle for the football but it fell incomplete on a pass from Mike Myers. Shaking loose from a tackler, Eliseo Pompa H271 picks up short yardage for the Eagles. is--. 1' f" l Senior One Letter ts if W,,,..,zs::2!l:'kf- KW si Doug Brooks Q-HJ finds a hole and goes over for a touehdown as the Eagles ripped Falfurrias, 26-0. MISSION 26, FALFURRIAS 0 VVith the defense getting stronger each week, the Eagle offense came into its own at Falfurrias and Mission took a convincing 2641 decision over the jerseys for their fifth straight win. A 64-yard romp hy Tommy VVilson on the first play of the ganvl started the onslaught. Throughout the first two quarters that was all the scoring until Mike Myers tossed a pass to Eliseo Poinpa on the Fal- furrias 21 with nine seconds remaining. Falfurrias was called for pass interference as the clock ran out, so Mission got one more play, Nvcrs tossed a strike to Pompa and the Eagles had a 13-0 advantage at half- time. In the third quarter Pompa went over from the five to climax a 71-vard march. Doug Brooks broke loose for 20 yards to the lersey 15, and in three plays went over for the touchdown to make the final score 26-0 in favor of Mission. David Alaniz junior One Letter Brooks is hit hard by two Falfnrrias defenders on this play from scrimmage at Eliseo Pompa CZTQ is pushed out of hounds after a gain against the Rnvvrv-v-Jville Bearkaits. MISSION 28, RAYMONDVILLE 3 Mission won a share of the District 16-AAA chamnionshin by defeating the Raymondville Bearkats, 28-3, in the season finale at Burnett Stadium. Raymondville kicked a field goal in the second nnarter and held a 3-0 lead until Mission picked up four touchdowns in the final period of play to put the game on ice. Fullback Doug Brooks rammed over from the one for the first touchdown and kicked the extra point to give Mission a 7-3 lead. Minutes later Eliseo Pompa intercepted a pass and returned it 50 vards for a touchdown and Brooks again converted to give the Eagles a 14-3 lead. Another pass interception by Pompa gave the Eagles a scoring oppor- tunity nnd Tommy Wilson took it over from the four. Bruno Cavazos rinned 38 yards for a touchdown after Lee Lyles intercepted a pass and returned it to the 88. Mission went to the Raymondville 16 on still another drive, but the Bear- kats held as time mn out. .wht li pf' t -Q 9 if -me Eddie Sanchez BH1110 CHVHZOS Senior Sophomore One Letter one Leffel' juan Moreno ot Mission nmkcs gi good dt-fensive play as he hangs down this Raymondville runner. ln for a touchdown goes Doug Brooks as the Eagles close out the season with an 8-2 record hy whipping thi- Raiyinondvillc Bcarkats, 28-3, Steve Blzirtinn-z, Engle alt-fmisivc halfbziclc, rides a Raymond- ville l'llIlllL'l' to the ground as Mission went on to defeat the 95 Bezirkats, 28-3. COACHES AND oFFrcrALs All-Dlsfrlkf Banquet The Valley Chapter of the Southwest Football Officials Association honored first team nll-dis- trict players from the four Valley districts with a banquet Dee. 12. Three of Mission's five allidistriet players are shown here with Mr. C. L. 'Smokey' Boyle, who was the featured speak- er. Left to right are Lee Fisher, Mr. Boyle, Dtvid Lopez and Manuel Hinojosa. 7:00 P.M. MCALLEN CIVIC CENTER McAllen Two all-district players unable to attend the banquet because Mr: 'Smokey' Boyle, n veteran ot 33 years of they were playing basketball the same night are Lee Lyles and Offlclitfmtl f00fball games, was the main speaker. Elisco Pompa, shown here with Coach Lum Wright. ge ITHNSCI Illlmor with some serious thoughts about 1 e. PROGRAM Invocation ......... .,,J. C. Allen Introduction New Officers .... ...Mott Gorges Introduction Master of Ceremonies ...Mott Goroes Master of Ceremonies .,.... ...........,.. J rm Coson Sports Director , KGBT Dinner.. . ,.... .....,.., , . .. McAllen Civic Center Introduction of Special Guests ....,.,., Jim Cosorr Introduction of All-District 'Ieorrrs .....,...... Bot: Lonlon Sports Director , Valley Newspapers 32-A 32-AA I6'AAA I4-AAAA All-District 3-AA, 'I.C,I.I.. Sportsman Award .....,,... ............, I :y Bot Yooker Courtesy of llre Sportsvncrrr Stores Special Award .......,.,....... ...Ly Mutt Gorges Introduction ot Speoler , , ,njgg t-fqmrigk Address ..........., , lg L. ggyre Announcements f-..f"" Coaches Lum IVright and Bob Holloway ot Mission, seated, chat with Coach john Linville of Alice before the banquet. rt' . MISSION B-TEAM The only unbeaten and unticd team in Mission this year was the B-Team, which finished with a perfect 10-0 record. Left to right front row are Dale Compton, Danny Fiivas, Danny Harper, john Leidner, juan Becho, and Nike XVarShak. Second row left to right are Robert Quintanilla, Terry Stuart. jimmy Barlow, Ignacio Guerra, juan Martinez, joe VVaIsh, Bert Neugcbaner, and Pat McPherson. Back row left to right are Robert Goodwin, Leoncl Salas, Ernesto dc la Cruz, Kiki Carrizales, Kim Albrecht, Ruben Femat, Mario Acvvedo and Coach Robert Capella. MISSION FRESHMEN The Mission Freshmen posted a good T-1-1 record for the season. Loft to right front row are juan Klarmali-jo, Xlartin Currie, Cid Dominguez, Duke Pena. joe cle la Fuente, Mack Randolph, Craig Davis, Bill Li-idner, jimmy Reyna, Felix Ramirez. Second row left to right arc Alex Ayala, Cary Rob- bins, Eliazar Reyna, Mi-reed Solis. Lane Carrett. james Str-wart, Tony Ayala, Rafael Guerra, jeff Howell, Salvador Hinojosa and Terry King. Back rovi left to right Sabino Soto. Tommy Stastny. Luis Canales, George Mehis, Leonvl Garza, Arthur Tarhutton, Natividad Iglesias, Mike Mann, Teodoso Ces- pedes. Kito Rodriguez and Coach Bill lilsey. 7 s Coach Bob Holloway gives al Word of advice: to Eziglv qimrterbzick Miko Myers before he gnvs in to dirvct thv offensv. Conch Calvin Brewer is on the phono and infumgcr Hulivrt Thoxnpsnn stands behind him. This is ai vii-xv nf tht- Euqlv hvnt-li sis action 'els thick on thi- iiclcl. In iron! is Fnnic-is Ci . l- LGSU, wliilv nt tht- right is Bnlxlmy .lurk XVrigl1t, tl llL'f,t'I1SiX't' spi-rinlist, li' L"i The Band plays the Mission Alma Ma- ter as the Eagles retum to the field after halftime and went on to defeat Los Fresnos, 35-0, before :1 large hometown crowd. l 1 Injuries hit scvrrral ut the Engle players this year. XVatching from the sidelines ns action tzikvs plncc on the field are left to right Sundv Rill-V. Tommy Thompson and Ernie Barrera. ' ' ' l i Zi irriv Q i X , T "H , KN 5...-4" ll-Tmun plziyzfrs Kiln ixll7ll'C'lli. If-ft, annl Rohm-rt Cnmls win kr-vp stntistivs for thi- vairsity gzinu-s. MISSION EAGLES - . - Martmez Tony M b ,' f th 1967-68 Eagle basketball team are left to r1ght. Ehseo Pompa, Terry Lankford, Steve Reigaflliflilce Nllyers, John'Simon, Lee Lyles, Tommy Wilson, Eddie Sanchez, Iesus Becho and juan Moreno Kneel ing in the center is Coach Calvin Brewer. Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission La Joya Premont Port Isabel La Feria Robstown Brownsville Falturrias Weslaco Donna Refugio Corpus Chr Flour Bluff Laredo San Benito Edinburg Mission Eagles i967-68 Results isti Academy Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission La Feria P.S..l.A. Mercedes Edcouch-Elsa Rio Grande City Raymondville Falfurrias Weslaco Donna Laredo Mercedes Edcoucl1-Elsa- Rio Grande City Raymondville AAUIDL Shown here are five Eagle roundballers who saw considerable action this year. Left to right are Eliseo Pompa, L L I . , . ee y es, John Simon, Mike Myers and Eddie Sanchez. 8' 1: mv: ' 21 'iw- tslg -X., S mmasw??f:::i,, .fa Iiclclie Sanchez goes up high while attempting to block a shot in the Merced gunna The Eagles won the game to remain in contention for the title. fem CS Steve Martinez, junior 1 A Eddie Sanchez, senior , I . I two letters Missions John Sunon goes up for two points ln a contest against Mercedes. Mission won the game 59-49. ICSUS BCC1101 5l'ni0f Couch Calvin Brew:-r, head basketball coaxcli, gm-s over the ganna plan with three of the starters. Left to right are Eliss-0 Pompn, vlohn Simon :md Edcliv Sanchez. 2 I f ' . Myfe-,Z . 1 V Q53-1fg'fi1'-M, fs , V, Q A Tony Reyna, junior John Simon 4253 uses his height to good advantage as he brings down a rebound. Terry Lankford C121 looks on. Eddie Sanchez K2-41 and Elisco Pompa C135 go up to retrieve a M - missed shot by john Simon. Mike Myers QZOQ waits for the ball. Juan Ongriiggteiemor Tommy VVi1son, Iunior Three Eagle cagers go up to block a shot in practice. Left to right are Lee Lyles, Mike Myers and Dong Brooks. if"'Gaff:: Terry Lankford, sophomore one letter Elise-0 Pompn makes snrc he-'s go! the ball in a gznne ngainst Rio Grande City. juan Moreno looks nn, Mission won S1-70. Lee Lyles goes up for a shot ein ri crowd of Falfurrias players. Eddie Sanchez and john Simon wait for the rebound. 'Mike Myers Junior One Letter juan Moreno f10j outraces his opponent to make this layup against the Ierseys. The Eagles won the game 66-51. ' Eddie Sanchez, Eagle scoring ace, makes two of his 28 points that led the Eagles to this district win. Lee Lyles lunior One Letter 104 Mike Myers 1205 and john Simon f25j got up for a rebound in the Laredo game with Myers coming down with the ball. Eliseo Pompa Junior Two Letters Mike Myers C201 defends against a Laredo player. The Mus- tangs won the high-scoring affair, 103-88. juan Moreno C101 looks like he's going to throw the ball at a Laredo player, but hc-'s just passing the ball off to a teammate. Terry Lankford CIZJ looks ou. john Simon, Senior Two Letters l 105 -nth rM'55'ONB'TEAM Shown here are members of the Mission Eagle B-Team. Left to right kneeling are Robert Goodwin, Raul Vasquez, Pat McPherson, Ruben Femat, jim Later and Ignacio Guerra. Standing left to right are Coach Robert Capello, Iuan Becho, Bobby Jack Wright, Kim Albrecht, Bill Lyles, Leo Ramirez and Trini Balderas. MISSION FRESHMEN V7 Shown here are members of the Mission Freshman team. Left to right kneeling are Elizar Reyna, Martin Castanecla, Salvador Hinojosa, Merced Solis, Gary Robbins and Lane Garrett. Standing left to right are George Mehis, manager, Sabino Soto, Kito Rodriguez, Mack Randolph, Felix Ramirez, juan Mannalejo, Tommy Stastny and Coach Bill Elsey. 106 MISSION SWEEPS FOUR DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS IN ONE DAY Mission High School and Junior High had a banner day Won four district championships and finished second in another. 6, at the District 16-AAA athletic contests, On that day the Mission athletes VARSITY TRACK CHAMPIONS Hollowrys XIISSIUII Eagles non the touted District 16 AAA Track and Field -4. '11 by 1 bi mu 'in oxer setond :lice l rltinims Lttt to right ue Corth Hollo E H l o Lily EsttrGirci1 Lit Fisher ltosc rnna Conriles S'mdx Rilex Cora Lea .V 1, ' A L, 2' . . .Hz ' v .L ., t 1 ,lg Harper, Randy Sweeten, and john Simon. They are shown with the championship trophy. FRESHMAN TRACK CHAMPIONS Coach Bill Elsey's Freshmen scored a team victory in the Freslnnan Division of the 16-AAA meet. Left to right are Merced Solis, Coach Elsey, Teodoso Cespedes, Lily Ester Garcia, Martin Castanecla, David Ortiz and Lane Garrett. QS SIU4, Ii. H155 Coach Luis Sanchezls lnnior High Eaglcts scored a lopsided victory in their divi- sion of the District 16-AAA meet. Left to right are -lainie Nlata. Paul Wolfe, joe Espint, Roseanna Gonzalez, Coach Sanchez. Cora Lea Harper, Florrntino Garza and Ioe Gonzalez. SECOND IN TENNIS Mission placed second to Falfnrrias in the District 16-AAA Tennis Meet. Shown here are Indy Tenery, girls' singles champion, and Coach Gus Zapata. Charles Needham and Tim Barlow won the boys, singles championship. Q ,ii 4, DISTRICT GOLF CHAMPIONS Coach BlICli Spent-er's Mission liagle Golf Team won the District Iii-AAA ehampionsllip and the right to advance to the reigionnl meet. Ia-It to right are Coach Spencer, Jody Innes, Steve llolernnh, Arnie Ulivarez, David Martixfand jim XVood, 107 1 13' 3 H' X EAGLE GOLF TEAM 1 4 I 5 Members of the Eagle Golf Team are left to right kneeling Rumaldo Sanchez, Mark Millsglflddyfjones, Arnie Olivarez, and Steve Holcomb. Standing left to right are Coach Buck Spencer, Mike Mills, Butch Smith, Willie Griffin, Edgar Walsh, David Martin, Cary Putz and Bobby johnson. 1 1 1 1 l w l l 1 1 l l 108 nl Siwi w A X -. f' xii of Steve Holcomb, champion in the Colden Grapefruit Golf Tournament this year, gets ready to hit one as Amie Olivarez and Coach Buck Spencer look on. ' -1 i nf L V ,jg , , ,, . 5,6 'ff 5 52' , - 1 " :fa-r ,, A 7 19 " Q Ji., f ,K r Q41 " Q, JSR 5- A, x , ' I LA, 1. 'MQ- i'gi""i1'3i pf ef ' 552 'Z tn "fl ig fu Q' Y U Gas", 4 We Howl ii QM' aa- M M - W fr 's "r , x New rex , N ki. Q K .. .rf, ' f ix- 2 A K y ix , i L ' Risk 'N 1? , I J. I K 5 .y R Q ..M.,gf I '.,, A ' ff' , ' Q pu. , L L :Z,A ,, L if , 5 ' 1- fi H V , fi, It i. 4 , ' i gif' Q Tommy Thompson, pro at the Mission-Shary Golf Course, gives some tips ou putting to Mark Mills. Ready to drive down the fairway is jody jones as David Martin waits his turn. Coach Spencer is shown here with three of his prospects. Left to right are Mark Mills, Mike Mills and Rumaldo Sanchez. 109 EAGLE TEN NIS TEAM Members of the Eagle tennis team are left to right kneeling Margaret Speer, Melissa Norman, Sue Ellen Wicks, Laura Reynolds, Sandra Broughton, Billy Hyde and Garland Tenery. Standing left to right are Coach Gus Zapata, Marsha Wood, Cath Gra , Joe Walsh, Linda Ray, jimmy Barlow, Susan Wood, Eileen Walsh, Judy Tenery, Charles Need .m Cott Zweifel. . YQ - ,, uusyy ' f E E. iw, 'ess ,:1- 'fig' 2-y, 3 , Qi- 'gl -- i w aff, Ewiii ' C 12352 'iw' Thr-se tennis prospects talking with Coach Gus Zapata are left to right Melissa Norman, Marsha VVood and Margaret Speer. WJ thu ? 1 K K - , , zfsiiizf "2 f . .1 :T -:fi S 7 ' 5' 7 4' , ,, Q," 1 K 3 5 , we ,fi ' Sffi w I lisesil s E W ' - i f iell s ,JL f 1 K VVVV ji I ,V , - A my I .tg kkrr H 4 l e sll 4 W ,,,. . Lg Mi V gf' V :M i ' il? Senior division players are left to right kneeling Charles Needham and Jud Tenery, while standing left to right are Eileen Walsh, Susan Wood, -loe NValsh and jim Barlow. 'f 35' Getting some tips on serving is joe Walsh as his doubles partner Iim Barlow looks on with Coach Gus Zapata. Coach Zapata and his senior singles entries are sho h They are Charles Needham andrpludy Tenery. Wu ere' 'V ia-it Left to right are Billy llytle, Laura Runnels, Suv Ellen X'Vicks and Sandra Broughton, all in the junior division. :Pi l c These doubles division enlxies are and Linda Ray kneeling, and Eileen Walsh and Susan Oo standing. mf , if K f EAGLE BASEBALL TEAM 5 i T i 5 L , 3 Q, ' ---'- MM ..,. W,a.W .W,, L'. L... ' ',"L , L l l 'G I "J l - i w g- ' ,.,- f I ' W ,, tg ' 1 P' -. -- 553 5 712.gif .VL 1 - s K KV i n ' I Q 22 ' 5 : li , , V .tc f lg . I --sal i f V --- x , ,.., .- i ' Ll ll i -f -M WK Shown hcrc are 1Hi:'I'I1lJC1' of the 1958 Eagle varsity baseball tcam. Sz-ated lctt to right are Bobby Jack xxvfiglit, Jost- Vela, Tonnny Ulilson, Mike Nflyers, Bruno Cavazos, Ignacio Guerra, Steve Martinez and Ricky de la Garza. Standing lc-tt to right art- Arturo Esquivel, Eliseo Pompa, juan Martinez, Luis Flores, Francis Currie, Eddie Sanchez, Ramiro Pena, Efrain Arispv, Larry Balli, Sc-bby Gonzales, and Coach Robert Capcllo. 3 E Y Q i y Q 5 -,W Getting tips on hunting from Coach Capcllo is Eddie Sanchez, Eagle first baseman. Behind the plate is catcher 112 Bobby jack Wrighti i 5 ' r 3 K fm , H Q View K Ia. Q as K 4, f' yew X , . K .K Q Rea 'd ' 2 3 f ' is - 5 ' " , , r , - . 3 M . . K , K K f e Catching for the Ea les this year were left to KK KK ,K ' It ' 1 '--" right Arturo rgsquive , and Bobby jack Wright M f . --'ff - ' i 1 iff: ' , ' ',1.i,i,Qfi,v-f-v""'s-rf? TQQKK, -' ' L"LLL 33.25555 , Kw M f ', .Kf-i 'Ki if -1 is Q - A" 1 l 1 . f , 5 f av 1 . . A " A . 5 ., ' ' .,,. 4 M., -V" rf' -I I - - . Ka , ' H L 2 A f ' H is -.44 ' - , iv I .,.. -iff 1,-,fffns1'bi:-sw--.2 A fee,-zi., 5 L ,- ' ' A -' i.:-H+ 5, Kii-,115an.igiaiifmiigiieg f - K - -s ea I I I- I 1 ' 113! K' , fx,-fi i-,reef f ' - 4 Carrying heavy hats are these Eagle uutfrelders. 'xwtx --i, Q K l - ' , 'W f Left to right are juan Martinez. Arturo Esnlnvel. 3 A7 f , ,M .K KK l . rancis Currie, Steve Martinez and Tommy Wilson. - F K , S MKWQ, Ki M KK- f 4 " ' " 1 " :fill ' A ' 'V "5 A . L f 'Q 5 K7 KK, : ,,s 's-342:21 Km I K , ...K K Kg ' , e - ' ' 'wer s'-iff "" r '- or F Hg ', i - ' 'W ' ll g . . ., f ra' f " ' -i ' - " . i 'V '- - ' wwf ,f ' i 1, if-wvfjsfi - ' - - . H Sis- "W "We 42w:?' 212g L'i' ' .si Sl, ,f xi: K g,-1',z1f , K - , 1: 1' . . The Mission Eagle. pitching staff this year included five boys shown here. Left to right are Eliseo Pompa, Ignacio Guerra, Bruno Cavazos, Mike Myers and Ricky de la Garza. K L:"T'?' ' mi.. X AQ N sz ' -V sr i A X arg H ' - fi Q A K J. Y' -: ,fry ' ff'::-M 5: K .sw ri- --i. 55' ,, N, K, '- f f r -' ' - ' , W' Q , Q f , S 1 rr 7 X K K K K def ,ig K, ,K ,K K. K ri KK Ki 7 1 , -,. a I ii , if . , Y, I 'fi " 4 lv 71,6 ' - - -4 :-. i .1 , if, K A wr -i 'Lew 1' 1 I ww. ' '- G we N e w M , 'X KK ,gKxg1iK 'fsfagg-ff . . . . . . , 2 ---- Shown warmm u wlth a er ractice before a ame are left to rx ht Ramiro Pena Ely f l , ' - X- -fish seo Pompa. Eddie Sanchez and Bruno Cavazos. 7, ', ,, , at i. L.-fan fi fi.:-,E ,affix ' 1 i Angry , 5 ,1- as , , aww' M ., '2,gir?'1E-gms.: -:fi 'V Taking infield practice are left to right Efrain Arispe,- Sehby Gonzales, jose Vela and Larry Balli. 1-,vw .. . , , 4' A s.wK,iM,, si QW A Luis Flores. 113 EAGLE TRACK TEAM ir. J2 JA.: J M ,, U, Members of the Eagle varsity track team are shown here. Left to right front row are Armando Cespcdcs, Roy Ramirez, Dennis XVilliams, Danny Harper, Tommy Thompson, Eliseo Pompa, juan Moreno, Lee Fisher, Tony Martinez and Manuel Hinojosa. Second row left to right are Terry Lankford, Doug Brooks, Ignacio Guerra, Tommy XVilson, Mike Myers, john Simon, Lce Lyles, Sandy Riley, Steve Martinez, Arturo Munoz, and Tony Kennard, manager. Back row left to right Coach Bob Holloway, Arthur VVeber, manager, Mario Munoz, Kenneth jones, Arnulfo Urive, Dale Compton, Robert Goodwin, Mike Perryman, Davicl Alaniz, Juan Martinez, David Davila, Rene Farias, manager, and Coach Calvin Brewer. FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM 4, Alera, .. EWS' . ,,,. .ji WVA, W! N T. so 1 A ' V . ' 2 ' .Q M f S, 4- M-V f Y 2633 TJTQ 1253 fn? Members of the Frcslunan Track Team are left to right front row Merced Solis, Tony Ayala, Arthur Tarbutton, Gary Robbins, Lane Garrett, Tcodoso Cespedes, juan Marmalejo and Daniel Villarreal. Standing left to right are Tommy Stastney, Luis Canales, Felix Martinez, David Ortiz, George Mehis, Rafael Guerra, Leonel Garza and Coach Bill Elsey. 114 fir 5 K V ff VI, 1 X'-Q...-in , W f in mf- a f . .gr 5, r' fkfivf- l j .5 I K ,,x,,.w K, if- Q er Q ,I i ,K X. ' , 5, , ' -it -fm f fi2?ifh-' , K 4 ig: A - y' ff' A2255 , , ,Qfj . , sr . 5, 3 ,gg ' 12' r , -, Q .yffp muff , A gn wf l2'1'i Q51 f T - , . 'fl' ' ' WV, H A 'Q 5 'el ' ' -, ' - g.i,.::: Qf i " , f Z A V High jumpers Miki' Myers, Tommy XVilsun and David Davila wntcll us Artlu'o Munoz clears the ban' in in practice session. 'i' Ez, 'W 7 Making up the Eagle sprint relay team were left to right Tommy Thompson, Terry Lankford, Stove Martinez and Eliseo Pompi Eliseo Ponxpa ran third in the 100-ynrcl Llnsli at thc Sun Benito Relays. Here he i is shown il step bchincl Lupe Vasquez of Hnrlinqen. who won the event. 1 I Hurdlers for the Eagles this yean' " 1 are shown here during a prac- tice run. Left to right are Roy Ramirez, Tommy Wilson. Nlikc Myers and Innn Moreno. an f, ,, ,X lc . t I 4-11:1 W' 77,3 E 77,51 . ,W T:-i ,L H rr,V MTN, , .. vw.. 5, ,.. W. H Q i l it 1 i Q iii, e j or it r eroo 1 X X 'M il M . .A, 74 1 V'r7 f , i i i it x x y c n 9 W -.c ff.,-.Q-min 1.- '-gvzzn-1. i i ' A-W ff- . H ,,Vf -Viz . -. vp...--, I : ,, W ..,..wJ.. in "N-Q4., ii The Eagles took chimpionship honors in the San Benito Quar- terback Club Relxys Shown here left to right are Steve Klar- tinez hlgh point man in the meet with 28 points, juan Moreno. member of the first place Mill- Relay team, Sandy Riley, holding the big first place trophy, Minerva Villarreal, Relays Queen from San Benito, and Coach Bob Holloway of Mission. Lupe man in 1S shown race. place in the 440-yard relay at San Benito a step ahead of Eliseo Pompa, the Eagles' anchor H i.. f - .,,. j ov... K X . Running on the mile relay ti-:un were Sandy llilvy, Tommy Thompson, Iuan Moreno, Danny Harper alternate 'incl lohn Simon i l Two of the pole vaulters for Coach Bob Holloways Eagles were left to right Tony Martinez and IgllElCi0 C-Uefliiir Entering in the weight events for the Eagles were left to right David Alaniz, Terry Lankford, Doug Brooks, Lee Lyles and Lee Fisher. Steve Martinez broad jumped 20 feet. 3V2 inches to win first place in this event at the San Benito Quairterback Relays. He was high point man in the meet with 28 points as the Eagles won the championship trophy. Q Randy Sweeten earned po' this year for the Eagles ' the P0l6 lt event. 4. Distance men for the Eagles this ear are left t "h , ' Kenneth jones Dale Cvmpfon, Armando Cespedes, R ly 't C d ' O rig t .- - ' , man, Dennis Williams and Marioollfiiinozfm Wm, Amulfo Ulwei Mlke Peuiy- 117 -,K C' for next ear's Ea le football team are sllibvifhplyefs with Iackylaardee, lgnebaclcer for the L05 Angeles Rams and speaker at the Lions Club bati- quet. Left to right are Lee Lyles, Bobby Iack Wflg ff Pardee and Eliseo Pornpa. At, , f' 'X Vu' ' Annual Football B on n q u et March 18, 1968 Mission Community 7:00 P. M. Center lack Pardee gave an inspiring talk to the Eagle players and guests at the banquet. Shown here are trophy winners, tri-captains and Lions Club officials at the banquet. Left to right are Hurrv Bjork, Lions Club president, juan Moreno, jack Pardee, guest speaker, jesus Becho, Eliseo Pompa, Lee Lyles, Bobby jack ivright, Tommy YVilson, Manuel Hinojosu, Lee Fisher and Conch Lum Wright. NQHQG as "Outstanding Athlete" for the year was Elzseo Pompa, shown here with Coach Wright. Lee Fisher, left, and Manuel Hinojosai tied for honors as i'Outstanding Lincmnni' of the your. Iuan Moreno, left, and Iesus Becho received the plaque for the K'Spirit and Desirei' Award. Tommy Wilson was named "Outstanding Backl' of the year. ADMINISTRATION Mission's position among the truly out- standing schools in the state is not by ac- cident. Hard-Working and dedicated men and Women Work many hours to give Mis- sion an excellent school system. The School Board is comprised of seven business and professional men who spend many hours each month making certain that the school children of Mission have the very best in facilities and in- struction. Mission students are often recognized for the many fine honors they so deserved! ly Win: but far too often those largely re- sponsible for the successes of these MHS students are overlooked. These administrators and faculty mem- bers have given many dedicated years to Mission, while others are just beginning their careers here. All Mission faculty members have in common a dedication to knowledge, a responsibility to the fu- ture, and a faith, perhaps even a love for the young people they teach. Mission students have the advantage of Working with these teachers in all phases of the academic program f in mathematics, the natural and social sci- ences, languages and vocational courses. This wide variety of courses under the ad- ministrations capable direction allows each student to develop his talents and himself to the utmost. FOCUS ON FACES s. MISSION SCHOOL BOARD Mr. Pedro Barrera 4 M1. Edgar Walsh President Mr. C. Y. Mills Dr. Gerald Livengood Mr. Miguel Olivarez Mr. Hollis Rankin II l x ' i xkx Q Mr. David Dovalina 1 N I ig.. Mr. Kenneth White Superintendent of Schools Mrs. Ollie O'Crady School Nurse Mr. Robert Wicks Business Manager Mr. I. C. Hinton Coordinator of Guidance and Curriculum ,,,, .fi I.. f yf' V ,.:,, K ,VVy. at P rrr 32 31' Sl.. S I.. Q iii- . r ri -1- 'frr '1'1F2111f+ '---: "', S, ,,'iii ,i," ' S 1 S iii, ,lrri 3 , :f u-if --,'f ,S 7 I I kk.V orre f S i'-' sexi ,:.,, S t,,..f :Q-flmfifli S S irrr P S trfi errr rri - S, ' S ,K S H ' T' Ne-' ' if ' - W Mr. Lowell E. Thorn Mr. Robert Gossett Tax Assessor-Collector Supervisor of Special Services Mr. Bill Croogan Mf- Rai' MYCTS High School Principal A-W'5'f0nt Pfifwipal Mrs. Marjory Wright Office Secretary RQ , ,mnww Miss Adela Mendoza Office Assistant M ' l Mr. Clarence Mayes High School Counselor THE FAC LTY K . L ..,N,...,S,V,..-... is ,Q in 45 .fm ,ze ., ',- 1, H -so f , gg nies., 'l l 1 . 0 .--fiilx. ' '.'. X. , ,, ' K ...V if .- A u . , , , - - ,-i-Rjm , I. t A S. - 'ffgi-,' 1 .,, 1 .' - . ' ' -'gi , . 'iff 1-.n'.' -uv" .. .-w e 9 ' . M Nl I 3, E195 Q N E 4 gi 1 , 3, is il., ,,,, L :gi is 5 E 4 S it 2 Sz 3 ,Z 4 ' is f ,,,, .43 53 ss Fe ly. , . ,, f Q, ff sg J QQ 'gif . W 'gs is 1 'Q ,K M 4x Q E. Q, f S L .- rg M Ye gig Rv l' Q l in. , .1 ,W A 3 A, ..,, .,. Q., - dr. Bill Croogan, high school principal, and Mrs. Constance Haugarth and llrs. Reba Showers chat with Dr. Royal Embree, counseloring instructor lt the University of Texas, who was one of thc speakers ut the pre-school vorkshop for Mission teachers. . x l Ir, Doug johnson. BA. English, Hivtory xiiehigixlf'fi?'slEi.5,' ' ' H , i i "'. " D ' - f f . - 'Y .:f2f,11f" :lf 'I l - . F ff, . Z .., . s .. y gi Q i Mrs. Patricia Ellis, B.S. English a ,... , ' , .k.. Ji 2 1 If 'Sf 1 gf 1 w ,ff M s x 'H f is , Q, 'fi -4 Q55 f 13, ,. , is 5 ,Q K xv . X 4. Mrs. Helen Ibbotson, B.S. Developmental Reading Mr. Harlan Woods, B.S. journalism .S . I in X "li 3 Mrs. Annie Laurie NVolfrum, BA., M.A. English Mr. Forrest L. Hood, B.A., M.A. English Mrs. Reba Showers, B,B,A Dc'u'Ivpmr'ntuI Reading -7 8 8, K is E i Miss Anne Nzichod, B.A. English MTS--lohnnl? Wrlght Miss Nora Wilmer, B.S. L. S. ASS!-Want Lfbffman Library Science , 1 f E kt, kj? 'R'-wr , Mrs. Constance Haugzuth, 13-A- Speech, English 'X' WW, ,,i. 0... . s W1 -sf'ie f"fq..+: , ,K f , ,.,. .s 1 ,, . i ' 1 -"' A 5 '35 Fa milie s we i T z K J X We 3. . Qi 1 , 5 ., Q Q.. -t if X. 'ws q X v ,t Q Cel 1155: ,,,,Q"f41 g alas. ii P' ' U -fi F if- f I Mr. Dennis Guion, B.A. English Faculty Faces Are Familiar To MHS Students Mission High School has an ac- tive, and interested faculty that participates in all activities con- f ceming students. The pictures f - on these pages show .the faculty members in many different sit- uations. Miss Rose Hart Dale, B.A. English New teachers tothe faculty this your are shown here. Left to right in front are Miss Anne Naicliod, Mrs: Janice Willeford, and Miss Diane Iichfelcl. Second row left to right are Mr. Huy Pickens, Mr. Pat Kelley. Mr. john Patterson, Mr. Doug Johnson, Mr. Clarence Mayes, liigli scliuol couiist-lor, Mr, floslinngsliailx Edllllcee Kumi. Not shown is Mr. Gus Zapata, Mr. Pat Kelly, B.A. Mathenuztics ...M eiii , ' ws Mr 3 'L -ffl' .wigs LX: fs s ,,,g' I . : ' J Q , fam , , . , Wrwsw P?5'l3??5 if . wi sn., .. Q. 14,-,M iw. 3 ,. , . T.. T am g gk . , ir gms 93 f as 4 ri 5? im K X rv' 4 il 5. 1 H5 ff -2 , . . K Mr. Hoshangshah Edulkee Kami, B.S. gg: 22 '-11. mm K if li x Q K, -fm 6 'su gg ff 35:12 H fl 4 K K Y we ,QI , 6 5 5 , a w 2 ff 2 X, s V55 if Y K ii Q K A 2 sf 'l Y U eb , gf bmi 5: er , . f n., , .,-56.-., 3 A , Q. . X s Jael W . W Mrs. Rose Zapata, B.A. Related Math Muthemalics, Science' Mrs. Pat Gossett, B.S. Algebra, Trigonometry, Mr james T. Smith B.S., M.A. Elementary Analysis Mrs. jane Lee Stuart, B.A. ' Geomewy, Algebra Related Math .nv I Mr. H. T. Nance, B.S., M.A. Algebra . U ri :Lr K, krrkizlu M QQ it l ' -6- 9' T? U ' - 'L ' ' --. , , ff ' f if . "'.' V JA? . , , , 4. ., k,, 1' re.. , ..,, . , r V , . T ,. ,... ...., 6 . .. . . .. ,,, , 1 X 3 -. V 52 xg W -1 ' . 1 EZ ' if 2 ' ff T Q rx' . . , HE fag, .F fl S, , 5 Q if lg 1 ay 9 ,E :YG X Whig! aiijywgu Ke 3,5334 Q l l i ii ,. xv 'X w K xl if 11 5 r. 'R 2 Q, 1 5 we am Q 5 R 55 S Qi? 5 ge fr gl 2 , ., .. Q 1,-W '?,r.,'A ' L., . f A 1 K ,V .W " ' . 'G l . :' '- ' i ' :.."' nh Y M ll - Q' f 5 ,, I .. ' . 1 if-1, fr ' , me Q, I Y . is K . ,rf'Kx"l -N xl? if., , - " - 4,- ..ag. ,L , I ' -eff -E . M if i. .gf V, 3 . K. .... ,, , .. , if 3 g'j-,Y fi . - , V M V'-' m K if s' i ,f,:: ' if V A 7 i H X F ' .,.' fs I . if ..f:',' 41 'ff ' K ' f . f l K- W , ' ' 'QA . ' Following the activities at the Homecoming pep rally are these faculty members. The faculty members are Mr. john Patterson, Mrs. Johnnie Wright, Miss Nora Wilmer and Mrs. Consfance Haugarth. E . ,. ...J ik Mr. Iohn H. Forthma Physical Sciefw W 2 ' if .Nm k 1 A - R ,AAA W f V Mr. Bill Gaston, B.S. Clzemirtry, Physws n, B.A. ULF? Mr. Bill Elsey, B.S. Physical Science, Athletws Mrs. Vemice Wodrich, B.A., M.A. Biology ' Mr. Iflllll Patterson, BA. Ml, Robert Capeuo BS. Ph!!-9iCl1l Science Biology, Athletics, Spanish ? 2 Faculty members were introduced to the student body at the first as- sembly of the year. Mr. Ray Myers, assistant principal, is shoum here introducing Miss Diane Rehfeld. w I 'M if Three of the high school teachers chat over a cup of coffee in the teachers lounge- Left to right are Mrsxjanice VViI1efQrd, Miss Diane Rehfeld and Mr. Howard Sooter. Mrs. Suter, Art , Mr. XV. H. lbbotson, B.S., M.Ed. Mr, jose Correa, Ir., B.S., M.S. Shop, Dfdffing Vocational Agriculfufll T , I i K r i r Mrs. Nan Dyer, B.S., M.S. HUWFWIUHWE Mrs. Mary Brewer, B.S. H mnzmaking . . x H55 sux PQ C3 E R ' ' . gh I f LW. Z 41 1 R' Qs 1 W... A, 4' . ,gf F Y V MMQ if Mrs. Emma Guerrero, B.S. VUCU!f07lUII'f0IIIC1l1l1kfYlg year with a at the M1s- sion Community Lindsey, a representative Oil teachers how to motivate students to do extra work. He used some of teachers and administrators in a skit to the tune of "If You Knew Susie Like I Know Susie." In the chorus were Mrs. Lida Garrett, Mr. I. C. Hinton, Mrs. Ester Sheridan, Mr. Bill Groogan, high school principal, Mr. V Ralph Cantu, Sister Benedicta, and Mr. Oton Mr. HOWHTC1 S00f0f, B-5- Cuerrero. Business Administration Q X -.............,.,..... Mr. Hay Pickens, B.B.A. N Q - H kkrik ' Business Education ' -"h ' A . gk, 7:7 fipjgi iss Diane Relifclrl, B.A. In K W ':" ' Business Ezlumtimi Mrs. Evelyn Kiefer, B.A. Typinff, Genera! Business "' 1 Miss Ampnm Pena, BA- Mrs. Maria Lydia Rodriguez, B.,-X. Spanyg-h Spanish il 5 A W ' ' ,,, .,s,1if . fs.. H I- "'2iiT3Q K .X Q lf? uQk,i.i72eNX 3-is e1 "i'w.Q'iA -ffl-a 5 ,fix 5' or ,N f . Q 55,1394 1 Y s X A 'S Q '- wx, www . :r.. --,ww Q l ' if E TWT: if i , 1' H' , - P 1 is 6 fl ?. .if 5 .. :lf .Z V 9 , 'mgf-lug 1 - ..,. .1---fx 1 R' "2" 1' - zzz: --, . 5 ,4,-1-Q . i - ...fi K , f T...-355.2 P21 School board members and their wives attenchng open house during Amerlcan Education Week saw one of the machines used for developmental reading. At left are Mr. and Mrs. C. Y. Mills, while at right are Mr. and Mrs Edgar NValsh. Mr. Gus Zapata. B.A., NLS. Social S turlics Mr. Charles Aherrmthy, B.S.,M,Ed. Social Sluflies History ii. ' Mr. Ted Crinnan, BS., M5- American History Q E17 , i' . - - ,, ' WW 5: was H -: we ." K 15,32 51731 "M L N" : .': 5. v-'96 ' ' fl ,-9' QQ, '5' " Hi m H125 s . s U , gi' if Sf' 2 K 57 ? A 'fi 5: L : ' " " ., U . . gW.w, ,5'is. . H i' .2 23352: it 1 NE-"''2f'!27'iK':-A 'fi J , SZ' , ' i A f5i2ais:ffi,r'f-3'f22ei- iw :' f ' A"" . ifwxgsafi- V l?5i-llf2s':1z:: L f uw , 25 2, wiH.f 1 wW:sm..i,l.4f5ff as U, f -Kia .E K-,9 wgeigijyi igyxggfgfsv'n-'-'il--im gfrsfifyfi z. ' Y A i si lf .if'-326 ifliiififiis T I Mr. Gene E. Davis, B.S. Anuzrican History, lVorld History A nu. Mr. Robert L. Holloway, B.S. Driver Education, Physwal Education, Athletics as ' K I Miss Lydia Trevino, B.S. Physical Educatfkm s .. iff. , .sz?1.-.,i'f::1wg-o':- 'i f - ,w i sevmi fi' A he .-, . ' aFE:fi5EEf"EEM'E' Vfmllit A2 ' 'A zf' 5l??fF':' - 3l'1af'igS5 s it 5.51.3 g -- N ' ' .-me '.-L.sf',29EQ?x2f' 'S ziiilzw if if -- - f V ' - sfsfeiysezz u Z!!'Wa. fwg..f.f1. if9,a5i..z.ems is-1:-v ,.-Sgwf 1..we-isswaalg.,-if ., fisyiif . ...s-.W . sa.- ,, 1..- . .. 3'-.wifi-vs, ' S 1 ii! "5UEf'5' Lflflfi ' ' afiiimyifm ' in 'K s 1- K . M. is l' Mr. Lum Wright, B.S. Physical Educatirm, Athletics Mrs. Teresa Wegencr, B.S. Physical Educrmkm ...vis X Mr. Calvin Brewer, B.S. World Geography, Physical Education, Athletics Mr. Kenneth Tricsch, B.S., M. Ed. Choir Mr. and Mrs. Bill lbbotson, both high school teachers in Mission, wcrc- strictly parents when this picture was taken as they watched their son, Billy, use the language lub var- Mr D P' MCNHHBD, B,M,E., MlM.E phones in Mrs, Annie Siegel's developmental reading class at Mission junior High School. ' ' Bgyui CLASSES The heart and soul oi any school is its student body. There are l,2l3 students in Mission High School, making up the tour classes f Seniors, luniors, Sophomores and Freshmen. Extra-curricular activities are important to any school, but the real purpose tor at- tending an educational institution is to ac- quire knowledge and this is done in the classroom under the guidance of com- petent teachers. Mission l-ligh School students get a Well-rounded education in the arts and sciences and leave here prepared to take their place in society. Whether they go on to college or find work and settle down to the task ot raising a family, all leave MHS, knowing they can stand with the best. I I, at T5 Q- ' S W5-we 191.1 SENIOR CLASS UW ABBOTT Officers of the Senior Class this year are, seated left to right, Larry Garza, president and Irma de la Garza, vice-president. Standing, left to right, Tommy Beachum, treasurerg Hor- tencia Mendez, parliamentariang Nora Pena, reporterg Estella Quintanilla, girl representativeg Norma Ramirez, secretaxyg and Ramiro Pena, boy representative. 'free ALICIA ALANIZ 132 BEATRIZ ALVARADO was 'fri 'f 3, W e-,W .M-""" lil ANITA ALANIZ JOHNNY ALANIZ ADOLFO ALVARADO '25, NN. In W, 'Q' ..s3-7" JOSE ALVARADO JOSE T. ALVAREZ JOSE L. ALVAREZ f"?' lg- ,Qi 41755 riiN -,, .-', " ., . Y 7, ' . .fifxf ' 52 D I 2 vm 1' ' X ,r 91 fjfigv I f MARGARITO DE ANDA ELENA DEL ANGEL ADRIAN ARRIAGA ALMA ARRIAGA 'fv"""'v, M g JOSE BALDERAS ANNA BARRERA GLORIA BARRERA ERNIE BARRERA .fy 1, Y. -flux 1495... yQ'x Left to right are john Compton, Penny VVarcI and Dax'icI Mlciriiill receiving special coigmwndations from thc Inter- sc 0 astic League Press con crcnce for their coverage of 133 DAVID Hurricane Beulah in the school newspaper. ff Seniors are shovsm he Ie ordering their graduation invitations. W, W :. .. I K. M L' 151 fi 2 1 1,.+'F,,QZIjfi ,zzz ' .- Q W ,ia I ll- gs IR' IJ Q Q .-V' 1 53' ,K k,..-' V, 4, I if . if if . 114- .V . fsjaggjgi ,,K:.,:','1, TOMMY BEACHUM if ' 111 I I A N- HI ALICIA BECHO JESUS BECHO BILLY BILLMAN ANTONIO BOTELLO ,IX ,wx IU? wiv" A F? +11 ' '11, I . ' if '.L14. ALICIA BORREGO GAIL BRADY TED BRANN IMELDA BUENTELLO 134 I 'fu , DEBBI BURGOON GLENN BURLESON CHARLENE CALDWELL YOLANDA CANALES K9 L I YOLANDA CANDELARIA MARIA IRMA CANTU ORALIA CASARES JUANITA CASAS 'J rx' fn These English students in Miss Anne Nachod's class are acting out a scene from Macbeth us an class project. 135 Left to right arc Jaime Hcrrianclcz, Eddie Sanchez, Sylvia Trcvino, Anita Iimcncz uncl Gloria Ortiz. Mission Supcrintendcnt Kenneth Wfhitc Was one of the gucsts at the Key Cluh Lead- ership Banquet. Ho is shown going through the serving linu with Pearl Garza, Larry Garza, Frvd Curric Roseanna Gonzales, and Lily Ester Garcia. V " S gym , .-.al-F"' ROBERT CASTANEDA GERTRUDE CAVAZOS JOSE ALFREDO CAVAZO ARMANDINA CHAVEZ JOHN COMPTON TIM CON'NELL 136 S OFELIA CASANOVA MATIAS CAVAZOS Ill TOM CONNELL ANTONIA CONTRERAS JOSE JUAN CORTEZ, JR. DONALD ELLIS OLGA CONTRERAS CAROLYN CORPSTEIN RODOLFO CORPUS 4 . fr. :. :wiipf . 'f'2ff'f1' .Yfhm 115' ' Q. .- Q3 Q-N M J . GEORGE CRUZ FRANCIS CURRIE FRANK DAVIS JUNE ENGSTROM Anna Barrera and Mrs. Nan Dyer, 'Homemaking tcucher look over fruit cakes made by the Homemaking classes. Anna sont 1 some fruit cakes to her husband who is stationed in Cuba. JOSE ESPINOZA Dora Valverde and Rolando Ortiz are demonstrating a science projcct to the parents on Parents, Night. MARIA ELIA ESPINOZA JOE ED ESQUIVEL DORA HILDA FEMAT JUAN FARIAS M HW 138 RENE FARIAS LEE FISHER BENITO FLORES ISRAEL ELORES ,dy M,a-nv QF WILLIAM DE FOREST LARRY FORQUER DAVID FORQUER SANDY DE LA FUENTE LANA GALLOWAY TONY GARCIA ISMAEL GARCIA, JR. LILIA ESTER GARCIA 'hai G1 Hd,,Rb Ot',DzVI dad,S2dR'l El MARY ANN GARCIA REYNALDO GARCIA Shia? Wiffingllmerfm ZQfwfi,ff2f1f iaxfnvlal-r.eBiR cnffimys CLK. re 139 wp. Library club members attending their Christmas Party are left to right, Alma Rosa Reyna, Ida Ramirez, Dalia Rodriguez, Gloria Garza, Yolanda Vasquez, Alicia Navarro, Alicia Borro- go, and Anita Aluniz. I . J11 'fri Hfjkfklf ENEDINA DE LA GARZA GUADALUPE DE LA GARZA LYDIA DE LA GARZA VALENTIN DE LA GARZA DIANA GARZA GLORIA GARZA 140 W E9 ANTONIO DE LA GARZA 'wa NOELIA DE LA GARZA ,ri-ii IRENE GARZA IRMA DE LA GARZA OSCAR GARZA PEARL GARZA LARRY GARZA AMALIA GAYTAN ISIDORO GOMEZ ROSEANNA GONZALEZ SAMUEL GONZALEZ RENA GRAY These Y-Teens are working at the Y-'I'cen's March of Dime Dance, Left to right are Bctli Watkins, Rena Cray, Charlene Caldwell, Rebecca Martin and Ellen Blankenbaker. 141 JOHNNY GROVES Frank Davis poses for his senior class picture. Taking the picture is Mr. Felix Ramirez. 495 fvi VENTURA GUERRA JOSE GUERRERO ROLANDO GUTIERREZ PAM HAMMOND ,, af' 6, 4 1 ,,,ii TOMMY HELLE GLORIA HERNANDEZ JUAN HERNANDEZ JAIME HERNANDEZ 142 RUBEN HERNANDEZ JOSE HINOJOSA 455 CORA LEA HARPER ARTURO HIDALGO CHRIS HINOJOSA MANUEL HINOJOSA ROSIE HINOJOSA STEVEN HOLCOMB CARLA HAMILTON Rubeh. Cardenas,dIr., left, and Adolfo Alvarado, both of Mission High School, killed these deer uring the hunting season. 143 5 by 4. X, X Manuel Hinojosa, one of Mrs. Dorothy Sutefs Art II students, mono print he curved out of Wood with a razor blade. .J 21 ,, "22Q:5"42-M ,wwe v,---- r::3Q,m,,,5 ' W5 jf? gf, r k,.- v RAMON HUERTA CHARLES GLENN HYDE MARIA JASSO JODY JONES 144 x,:'3V" noor E orrr JAN HGUSTON demonstrates his MARY IGLESIAS ANITA JIMENEZ ,, Ma .J SHELEGH JONES JACK KAKUDA NEAL KING .dv fn M Wm --nv' DAVID LASLEY YOLANDA DE LEON NIDIA LONGORIA 'UN EiD1l MARINA LONGORIA ,ff flflfif DANIEL LOPEZ DAVID LOPEZ JUAN LOPEZ, JR. I.-..., 4-f"'X 'Qui' -'QM ALICE MACPHEE Handy SWL-L-ten and Penny Ward received certificate-s from Mr. Bill Crocrgun uftvr thcy were named among the '4OutSI'uncIing Teenagers" in the country. 145 , ' - ,gf -G I BOBBIE MARMADUKE Dora Vulverde was named recipient .of the Betty Crocker -"Home maker of Tomorrow" award in Missron Hlgh School wrth Mrs. Nun Dyer, homemaking teacher. ARNOLDO MARTINEZ p"'un.'! ,Y K", ,fa 4 I Yi 79 .A-'4' , , fx' 1 1 K I ,r,- 4' ,Y ri ' 3 HORTENCIA MENDEZ 146 I an vdfr 'J ,:'1'.11'7 rr i ' LOURDES MARTINEZ DONALD MCCLAIN RICHARD MEHIS it DAVID MERRILL KATHY MILLER RICARDO MONTALVO 5.1,,,.f4w"vaw , , JUDY MOROLES EUGENIO MUNGUIA ALICIA MURILLO JOYCE NIEMIETZ Mm, vwq, :S . .,f' ' :Y , C ff X LORENE NEUGEBAUER CHARLES NEEDHAM RAMON NAVARRO ALBERTO O'CANA RAMIRO OLIVAREZ Linda Zamora gm-ts ready for final exams by hitting the books hard and curly. 147 5 148 .sr D M IQ fw Wil rm xii P K ..., U Ii I' I I - SAN JUANITA OLIVAREZ Normal Rzuuircz gets thi- noodle from Nurse Ollic O'Crz1cly as Mission Sen- iors took tuberculosis tests. GLORIA ORTIZ ROLANDO ORTIZ N pffx' MARIA GLORIA ORTIZ MARIA LYDIA ORTIZ RUBEN ORTIZ ROSENDO ORTIZ GILBERT PEREZ JOSE PENA MARIA LOURDES PENA PAULA PITONES , " :.- . - 'FUN ,Q .N . ,,, .,,, f , , ..,, , . . 1 .:-f .,,.,. -fi . - 1.-w.t-f.. is . . .f CARMEN RAMIREZ .J i vs- ,N K f xy! 24.5 iQ.g'F14s f M, 1. .f.-,rw 'ie :X Y .- -wh.: hw:-'znf.M -- Mm i -if A w :mah ' : , .s ,.... , W.. ,, ,, .M 45 my 2 Q J 1:5 L NORA PENA RAMIRO PENA .V . ,:-g ETH! M-5gi1Q.J'M "W ff.:-+f'5.f5'f:: :-.:: ':L55: ' ,gg yas. J iss.. 5 f-iw we f 32 . tffgssgi WE' Q it if - ' is ,i.,,, j,,,,. WE.. N.. .i. , . A In . wiki, ff' Q W. 4. -i 'M-...f R ,Xi MARIA ESTELLA QUINTANILLA SELMA PEREZ ANNA sYLvlA RAMIREZ AURORA RAMIREZ lA 3' it 'K These beginning art students in Mrs. Dorothy - 's art classes were sketching campus scenes. Left to right are Mrs. Suter, arina Longoria, Judy cle la Garza and Susan Wood. 1 49 NORMA RAMIREZ Mr. Clarence Mayes, MHS counselor, talks to seniors, Gloria Hernandez, Gloria Rodri- guez, Nidia Longoria, and Kethy Vavra about their ACT scores. 143' LINDA RAY SANDY RILEY ELVIA RIVAS HECTOR RIVERA NOE RIVERA ISMELDA REYNA DALIA RODRIGUEZ ERNESTINA RODRIGUEZ 150 FLORA RODRIGUEZ 9 RAYMUNDO RODRIGUEZ EQ'-vv Rf ANTONIO SALINAS 9 fb GLORIA RODRIGUEZ x 1 LEOPOLDO ROJAS iv' IIISZ: V fi .gif f 5' wwf fk. 4 ' ,Q JUAN ANTONIO RODRIGUEZ SUSAN ROTH MARIA RODRIGUEZ JUAN SAENZ Those Future Homcmakers of Am Aiifx :ghd M ,M 1 w+E,,,,, , fWA...,f'f.-M'i erica are making a costume to be wom in the annual Texas Citrus Fiesta held in Mission. 151 GLORIA LANELLE sAuNAs garfy Garza, Anna Hernandez, Judy Moroles, Norma Ramirez, Cafmen Ramirez, and Sandy e a Fuente nde on the Pan Amerxcan Club Hoat m the M1ss1on FICSHI. . His Y 'KWX 'FY' -17 . 1 awp vX 'P HILDA SALINAS MARIA ANGELA SALINAS EDDIE SANCHEZ ELEAZAR SANCHEZ L32 XIX ' -i, J 3 ARTURO SANTANA JUAN JOSE SANTANA PEDRO SEGUNDO NORMA SCHROEDER 152 117'- 5--...,..wf7"I SYLVIA SHAMASH BARBARA SIEGER RAMON SIERRA JOHN SIMON wfigiy 1:1 - . f ,. .1 53i:, . you 2-'Q V K L, "2 nv W 31 DELIA SOLIS ROSALINDA SOLIS RAFAEL SALAS MONICO SARABIA LP- x RL . ,X A A A A 'fn RR e '92 -cf , ,yn , K, ,- M 194, In ,Y , A . -M. 1 X, wfbxw ,, fglflvhg A I Tu 1 4- . 6 .- A Y, , A BARBARA STUART DALIA SALDIVAR o -Q jx XX Cathy Vavra and Nidia Longoria look over sonme of the many school papers that come to Mission's Ioumallsm department 153 from other schools in Texas. 1 SUZANN SUMMERS .44 Mr. Donnie Whitlock, representative of the Neighborhood Youth Corps, is shown here sign- ing up Mission High School students who applied for work in NYC. Left to right are Emes- tine Rodriguez, Gracie Gonzalez, Ida Ramirez, Joe Moreno, Bemie Pena and Teodoso Solis, Seated are Yolanda Rodriguez and Gloria Hemandez. kv' ,AK ,,...wly SWEETEN SYLVIA TREVINO ISMELDA TREVINO DAVID TREVINO 'S if CATHERINE VAVRA DORA VALVERDE GENARO VELA JUANITA VERA 154 MW , gi' 1 ff? I 1- I :flax 1 .f I 1 i I A Hi 5 9 gi 1 -,-L fi ,, f '- . JOSE VILLARREAL MARIA ALICIA VILLARREAL NOE VILLARREAL YOLANDA VILLARREAL 'TIN I can 4-cf' PENNY WARD BETH WATKINS VIRGINIA WOLF SUSAN WOOD WM Wav , , X, Z5 'H A I 1 BRAD WOOD MARIA YBARRA LINDA ZAMORA SCOTT ZWEIFEL 155 MHS seniors got the needle from Nurse Ollie O'Grady as Mission seniors took the tuberculosis skin test. Shown waiting their tum are Sylvia Shamash, MHS foreign exchange student, Margarito dc Andu and jose Hinojosa. vi' ,,,, , a M asf lv-, r Larry Garza and Irma de la Garza were chosen as Mr. and Miss MHS of 1968 at the Favorites Dance. Corn Len llnrper sn-1'vt's punch to Ivft to right jo,-Xnne Seiiz. 7' dv Tricsch Tlmmus Poppla-wr-ll, Tony Kcnnurcl, lrnm de la Garza at he Nnfionn Honor Soeietyls thircl six weeks ten. Shown :irc sornv ol tln- seniors who l'et-ciu-cl their footlmll jnclcets. They :irc livl- FlSlll'l', lfrnit' linl'rt'l':i, :mtl Iesus llc-cho. All were flirce-yearn' leth'rrm'n. 156 ,Q-H Mrs. Nlnrjoriu XVright, office secretary, and lrmu Llc ln Garza, office girl, take clown rm-zisrxrunvrits of Cunnan Ramirez, left and Gloria Hernu-nclez as SL'niOl'S Orilcretl their c-:ips :incl gowns for g!'2ldllk1ti011, tzrisn rszr esnee, , .G ' W... ' , 4 I :gf I-' 1 :-. 1 -,-r, 2,4 H , . ,,e. V . . I ykk, jx, is k,:.,,. .,,EfgZl,Vm 5 V, W ,- ,M 1 5, v.7. 5 ,Z I, .,,,.. f ,A X- I , ii Wi,.. ,ii ' ' N i ii' l n seee 'l f elr G I iff- i, eg, I .,k, ,V ,ir QV- " ,glii , . 'ix x Q .1- fl r-,- H' .V fffr' . ' Q . -2 ' 1 ,"-'f Q lf? l. G n no ffiv G if? 5 X , 1,wfi'f?- .f ef f f gg. . X A ii eenr ,f Q r Xi ., , A -- A 'Q rf - Q V5 ' K f Mr-rnhers of lln: l'uturc- 'l'L'LlL'ilCl'5 of Arnericn helped out nt the various elernen- r tnry schools. 'lhcy took over classes for art teachers at Brvun while the teaclivrs attended n three-clay workshop. Shown are three FTA seniors Pt-nrl Garza, Hortuneiu Mendez, and Alice Nlacphee. K , ,. . .- a,MWf..wl,. . W iw ,.,, like JUNIOR CLASS Officers of the Junior Class are seated left to right Diana Esquivel, presi- dent, Albert Villarreal, vice- mresideutg Mary Casas, secretary. Standing left to right are Leo Ramirez, lboy representativeg Irma Hinojosa, treasurer, Clara Garza, parliamentariang Celia Merrill, reporter, and jamie Gonza- lesg girl representative. -ff gg fi 1 ? i 'A Qi i 7 I 4. - 4 . gg A iw- 2? , z ,ff-M 3 Y 'F' , :. , " :" f , A I 'A l if' ' ' .L ie- , ef A,,,,, 2 K If ' ' -lli f" 'A vp 'N V ' ' l: f ,, Pff5, V , sp 7-,- ge ii ' A -ye ' " X Susano Aguilar Q K ' . Blanca Barrera f ' , A -L 4 A Harry Beall . -V W H' Dalia Becho I F1721-43 " K -y ' ' A fgi.,g5-"i'k'?fi'yg iggjqg, fr, -55 'fi , im ' Mfg " 5 Jiri? " f K ll fgsii C in ' if emi llaymunilti del Bosque Versic Bray Pam Brower Doug Brcxiks Jani-llv Burleson s iitt - 35, X at is X Y' M-ifief' ' A if . 0 ' V 'MT JM. 5 Q In fiwffn ,,. 'iw-f .K ,,, M Q. R , K s , 7 . 'ffl i gf me Ns .Eff .' li! 'A 9132? C ew. -. , . Q . .Nm ww? ff vp hi' W .fr ., lla 5 Alice Ahrens Diana Alaniz 2"""q my . ' rail I " -f -rf. A .2 1. 1' it ,, ., A A , ,V K' 3 - A . ,V 5. if .Q E u f ,f .E 1 'yi-5 a JG M.. 'L ttsi ll Mfr? .nge . ,,,r 5 A ' ,,i' li 2 Ei "i" , r, ,, 5 at tt, C. . ff, -.,,- A W fi "r 1 Si" C, , . xy! new -w , Q '-Aster Ames- A f ug -5 f s K SS .ev X ,. 1 K, A - X ' ig Q ra W' X 'Rims Sig, U . - 1 ff L, V Y , Q S - 'N W 44- .iff Y E 'ss l r Mario Acevedo Raul Acevedo David Alaniz Kim Albrecht Ruben Alvarez Francisco Anzaldua Manuel Anzaldua I . ,. Y 'iff-7 A .,.,VV .MM C , x , 5. ' Nfl.. K We , 1 i Cary Bentsen Dorothy Berry Cordon Bird Ellen Blankenbakcr jill Bodine 5 , I gferg? "",? A if e eir ss ' A my iii , :- ' ' K ' A t 1 yd 1 lir fr 157 Mzuy Casas Eloisn Cavazos Alicia Cavazos Manuel Cavazos Carolyn Chastain Margot Dominguez Esmeralda Elizondo Richard Elliot Danny Espinoza Maria Escalante 4 1. M. R gi, 5 Rosa Fnrias Ruben Femat f v - L ky, .. ,,'. 1 5 T 1 f C, I -. :He 512 i 1 91 3 . ., , . V QM K ,QQ t i xiii 2 39' mg as li K t ia N Q E L Ei .W Hx Q. ,, X S fu gf ,W , K 4 Lk A 43, A I ' g, 2 if , S f D 1 ' 'Ez , , fum . My wi 1 ug, was ,, 4 sm ,sz 15 zrsswx aw .rmaif sf'1Q21.ffn Q 5-07 s,,, as any K, If Q ,gk at N -, Q- isis? i 4 ll if 1 Qkginhi 7 me . , Af 'swf X , I , av , is E an vw ' -,,. A 4 oinoll v,JL f!.gggaf,,fnyl an I Hi, r .MW , it f sg' api-fi' 'Wig R, it 3 SPV' " UA 9 Q9 , i.glj-,gigkggsz Us A N 4 , as I '-A 'fee Y if Cliff s, H 5. . 'tt I W , ,wuuf sides f r 0, rv , ii! .ez ,M K: ,V ff , Arturo Esquivel Diana Esquivel . '-,V -112 'Biz-W is 'W-W? 55 ,M L., ' ' I if J' 1 is 'fi 5 s s Cathy Caumdy cs Ruben Curilenas Kiki Carrizales Thomas Casares a 'AH ,ans ' . 337 iNgiiifX7 ill ,iwimwk kmvg ' - Mike Chavez 1 Daniel Cortez W K "', - Chuck Davis Elizabeth Davis , 1 :V Phyllis Davis S: 1: -X a r f I C Q. I 5 ,K ffm,- -ff' M... Q., YYSM 5 : '2EE-'l:, fi: 'I ,sf" .a-Yi? ,ay. V- f"r iiffflf 1' 5 . ' L, fe 'F ' I-'I 6' .. y rss, .. ,s,r..sm - rf, -1 rr mama M., ur .wifi . ,, ' -7'."KW2fww.i,, , ,. ,M.,,,..,,l,M x we Tiniklers of the girls physical education classes demonstrated for the parents on Parents Night. They are left to right Debbie WVhitu, Eileen YValsh and jo Anne Seitz. . '- -' -v " -lass are slmwu here par' St l-nts of Nix. Ted Cainiiaiis Aiiieiiraii history L I V I I N trrliilltinz in an oral quiz contest. Shown licrc left to right arc Sylvan? ShQ?Yi1if11- Porfirio Gonzales, Kim Albrecht, Candy Piccllcr, johnny Garza zinc i ary AASAS. Nli. Grinnan is in the front giving the question. A B M A fr r W I tw, if L ..x,. 3, ,r M Aj 9' .ge , new r Wk. ar. . , .1,k,A,, ,ef i l 'fix' 'Ai . K' EACH, W Iuanitn Garcia Marcela. Garcia Clara E. Garza Clemencia Garza Diana Garza Yolanda Garza Carol Gawlick Irma Gaytan Tom Gessncr Aluano Gonzalez ii' .2551 will s Qs X En, .sw if fi, 4 Q I r A f ' V5r.k 2232 r 1r if rr agiigg irr .wx zri Y L lhr.. Wx.. 1:4 f vui- f gr. i nf ' y ,nc ...A J ?A"'A 1 'k', J, rrr r rr , if EBM as X, . 45. W George Flores Ricardo Flores ffl Q i':'. .f K, Q 5 A , 3535145 V. MQ. yi, ,L ,gig A Y ., ,W if . iw Candy Fiedler Wayne Fletcher Peggy Gallagher Indy de la Garza Nora de la Garza Janie Gallegos Elida Garcia lffw, Esteban Garza johnny Garza Richard Garza Robert Garza Ruben Garza X X' ., if 4 ,, W PQ f , "5 3 Mfr -Y san W M' I f: . rr ,cr, E , ,..1, i Li 15 Janie Gonzalez Martha Gonzalez Porfirio Gonzalez Roberto Gonzalez San jnanita Gonzalez Robelino Gutierrez Raymond Herbert Anna Hemandez Diana Hernandez Esmelda Hernandez 'V 717, 1 uw...-e' Irma llinojosa Marieela Hinojosa was Q 3 , gl E, 4,5 EQ V ra H - ,M 11.5 r' rf ' . wrikl 'Kg .',L1?,5!gf, . . rr - f 1: 4 -Q f, .s 1 . f 4 ' ',',5k . 1 - + 1 . - 3 0: , H , , - -A '.,Q".' . . .N om, . ,VL if ii 'K 2 , V. lrll r ara z z r -2 - 4 X on fr E r ,. mi r f l r ,fr ik QQ, a , hw. 2- 37 4 rg ., . 343- J V Q ? 5 7 af 4 gs W 54, gs 1 f ,.'- -us--fv. my 4 5' .. ,i l w . . -7.5.73 V V w.a1..gr,,.5w 1 if 'Y fi Q W,-fi i '-FQ ,. , ,W ll., . 1 L i g ,fi -1. a 3 'l an 1' r 1 w . . lrol if , . Y "fn, K VW K iff - 'fs 8 J MX , Y 9 .ri iq Carlos Hidalgo Imelda Hinojosa 41" 'wa K Xa K V QQQEQ gli if J L ..f. ?g:f.?,E5 E " " ' 'bil 2.-, X " Q ,',' 6-A 'eg A gil' ,, 3 fe 'ro -aff? sliflw Q New as .Wg "rua f , :Q .V , 1.r "'. . -- 5-lfV'M 5 , :Q 'elm , V, Q.. Aj Away Mgr K K Q ' V ' K K Vk.. as K fi' 1 -. Egfr - 7 f ri ,, 5 ,- ff! za 'TT ' L. ' H gk I K 7 HM 1 . rr Ester Gonzalez Juanita Gonzalez Maria A. Gonzalez Carmen Gonzalez Dalia Gonzalez I gli Sebby Gonzalez Debby Guenzel Baudelia Guerra Jesus Guerra Lupe Guerra he E 1 mil 'Q f Tommy Beachum, Ellen Blankenbaker, Sylvia Slxarnaslr and Adolfo Alvarado, members of the Eagle Staff, are shownselling the "Eagle" newspaper on Friday. Debby Cncnzcl and Rv Nl' " 'irc working with Xlr. llay Xlyr-rs, assistant principal. OI . . vi' schedulvs. -i - jimmy Later Nleclarclo cle Loon Kluricclcln Limon Gilbert Longoria Sylvia Longoria I 4-X. ...XP Il X: N Lee Lylr-S john Nlunn Xlarix- Xlzinn Aclvlairla xlllllflfllli Susan Martin Q11- A A. fm I.. ., .Q , .. . f M i fi in ,. A k ie -. E? fi? . . Y I -.., f f ' g ' . ki V ., ,I iw' Q , 45 H .5 5' leg Q--R' - f ' I 5 Lf K Q ig.. K f Z V 'If' N' --' 4 A , f ,S 1' . Wi E' L 3 ,Ml E N KS Irene Izriguirrc A Cricelda -Iasso W ,NA i ., f . 2 L1 K A ' 'js , , -, K rf., in ": gg5a.f,g1L K-'-..' 1,-W. 1 -,,,- Aalfwi 5 .X , nnnn .1 p--, f ' , .. 1 ,mf Q., , ,,ff.f avr' i ...L QQ? fha ,, ,. Hx, , 1 V I if VVaym- H yclc Tina Iglesias Iuan Iimcnez Paulvtti- Iones Carolyn Kawamoto lean La Forge Myra Langley Alicia Lopuz jose Lopez Lydia dv Luna Ruben cle- Luna Pedro Luna I 35? - ef E Am, , fy lt' :Y 'W ,,,A i- 'Q' xxx si ' I 161 'uf 34" Tony Martinez Velia Mauricio Adelfa Mercado Ruben Mercado Celia Merrill g 4 7 3 K ff? 5 ,W .,. ff f- ? 4 X Pedro Moreno Mike Moralez Dottie Morris Larry Mortenson Arturo Munoz Mike Myers Alicia Navarro 11 gy .- i ill. X Q WE ilu, 1 . 1 , 3 M, L aw ..,. f ,, A-, ,f K " in " 9 A ww gy I is 9 E ' ' e is ' i :ii 5'3- if X, Q or iii, sl . , .,,. Q- . E 27 , ff- 1 ,bye I f fir- -fe C 5 ag wx A Q, S, 1 i' W l QW gl rf' .F J' rg iv' X. , ' 1 'E r H R, ,Q v his ' l ' 5 iii 1 4 f 4 I X 1 im 2 f-wi NQ. , .MH vi NW, if-f lose Martinez Maria Mantim-z joe Murtinvz Haul Martins-Z Steve Martinez , i,.. A , R ve- fn H15 ff 'JN . i", .Ag ' t gl I ry: g,,, "', f L'-- f ici, i:.r. f Wi? Mike Mills Lon Minjcr Guadalupe Mor Juan Moreno Rr-gina Moreno G , 5 5 iiir i iilrr i ii f A A y., . V s A I 2' ' K7 MQviflQ.W 5 kiwi? ? 5515 "Swv R . , 4 J iifrnxvflz 5 my-iQ I M M 4 iiii3V f Misfit 1 if , M 5 . wg,-M-V-H fr Mario Munoz Homer Murillo nr Mr Bill Gioogm high school prmcipil ttkes deposit monev from some of the IUIIIDTS who ordered diss llHgS for next VL n Lt tt to iight ne Cor- don Bird Bobby Conzalez johnny Vasquez Richxrd Plx ind Bindelizi Cuel r 1 .ww Bobby -I finnl Q-mins and Inriu Elena Oliunwv zxlcntin Ortvqu Xnna Ortiz nis Ortiz icki Pawrish 'Z . ,U 'II . t 7 i S sr ,A Y 6 i s I 1 Q te Elisoo Pompu Randy Powi-ll Maria Puente Leo Iianiirvz Roy Humira-Z i 's UP Oll . w., f, .X.. KS 6?Q5ifW Q Q i . . , 4 in A, Qi .Ar Ig' ff ,Z H is i . . . f + 3 3 , V yfiirs, ' a f f ' L Q? Hikwwsgs moi a? I- ii Minerva Lopez Dull' Nixon is if r PS4 ig G E X sip? f , j 5 1 ' X ME 0 I ' 4 g , 1 a t, A 'Q nv- 4' fy 11 s' 4,2 s. 1 4 rl 'is 0' X is ., M ,ik I George O'Cunu Arnie Olivzxrcz Bcmardo Pena George Pena Lydro Perez Maria C. Perez Mike Pcrryman ,k., ,1, .K if ww ff X' - .Ave "13gf'5'E g' +iff if ,iff V A F .14 K X5 33 Q. ,ff ff Qi, I Q JR ,Q K-L+ g ,4 . f,., I .v .rx If fir, if k ,M , r : Et- ,. ,i? iEA.j:',f Q,' vi,? i s-if -.ff ,135 -f J. Enlalia Ramos ,lose Ramos juan Ramos Magdalena Ramos Rita Ramos '- 3 i g: , 2 " 'L yi 4. ' ' ' 5 1 QM ii 5 , L L i-M 5 Q TW Y? 4 M, a - Q ig M W' K ' i 441. .. V Q iii H L .a .. - 25521. ,ww ' . Pnul Rankin Raul Hs-uclou liuiumlo Reutvrian .-Klum Rosa Rvyiui Bn-utriz Reyuu i. 3 i 'Ms S LM . V W5 he mh,, i M y - fi' Cen . ,2l. :, I -- 'L-'S Q1 L,..:g-mf, f .meme --- ' 55193 E27 5' - f :,,g.?a,t , ' SW 4 'f"Y ww V V "-bb 4 Q' 'H 1 Q 1 'ji Q, Delia Reyna Marin Reyna Hoya Nc-lin Hcyna Tony Reyna Paula Reynolds , ' - It ff. rv . .4 ' ' ., ,ff " -v ft ' an . i A-T .. 1 ' " YQ " . " 2- Emif? Deiuus Rhyue K L EC K X , Pablo Rivns i 'fi , , - W .. Y i jim. , . . -sf , Q, -rv x -zgygzr . . .1 Amelia Rivera V- ,WJ-f , " ' ' x f if - K L- ki K , - . I ii, Bering Hmm " ,, I D211121 Rwem 'A if f we 1 . Y Z EQ ff- it 4 "f"f' F" , it 1 ' ' "wb, ' .--ff, V- , I fi 1.1, s . 1 : ,A K Q4-gf . Z Estella Rivera ,' 9' .v" ' ' 1 - If T5 ' 55 - . W " 5 ,, E. ti Linda Rivera - ggi .,,. ., it ' we Q ,f W i -we gg f- , A " if twbffjll Dora Rodriguez ' " ,'zi2gZ, . ' f " in ii N Enedinu Rodriguez I V, 4, K t Johnny Rodriguez iff-'J'fi'f'z 'K-fi if ev ' 1, ' --" i y l r ,, , i v +?.2?'1'31"'iQ . - yi ' f' , gl- ' "1 A , " 'CE -V i-24.12 i , . , " L 3 'fz - .' 1 ' gi,-yf .: -,u, -, . f 4 , ,fi - fd . ,.,.,,."-'-'22'-:fit E , i tg S3 , ' i r ,eM,.,v,t1g,,:. fgigaigzgaa , - ,gi , mi" -4 'ufemnsL,,- ., ,Q I , - ,+L Victoria Rodriguez Ynlumln Rodriguez 0 nf Q -fr? X i -i f - it .f f L 'wif 5' 4- Ni- I zt' ,fi n ff 6 :v ,f i,,, B WNW 5 ti -v-W.-4. Norma Rodriguez Fucundo Suenz KQV , iam -- Sandy de la Fuente and Ted Brnnu, student council un-inlu'l's, :uw- selliug tickets to students for a recent pay assi-mhly in tin- gyuum- sium. M Q, ,g i ie? M .MM 15? m4 X- 25 s ' L lift: Xa. Teodoso Solis x I Coach Bob Holloway, Drivers Education lnstructor, is shown lu-11' giving some driving tips to Elizabeth Davis. E X 15 Oy Sanchez udy Sanchez n Juanita C. Sanchez an Juanita C. Sanchez 'helma Sanchez 'QR IV' Y ..., W' 'Q fagffd A upe bema bby Smith obert Solis uhta Soto 1 , 'if' f t r s tttts X s i ff 'f 2. ffilf 1, V ' ,i.. 'f ,r 4 Q w N '5 is 'lk Tiff?-1 'Mt ,E , an A V K Q gyy ii 11? , f ,.,, J. .1 6 J: ' . K ' V. . I K L Y Y , I ommy Schuckenbrnck A .. 5 1 ' , . ...nm ,gr-15s. Guadalupe Salinas gig?-'Q , ai. .M ,, f f . v ig' ,I ,, . 4 f e lf' ,P ,M , it 8 5 ' Wa -if yr, K ,,,.: ' Leonel Salas Sylvia Salas 'Q' , iiss t KLV' tttt Jose Francisco Salinas Irina Salinas Magda Salinas Elva Sanchez Ramon Sanchez 1- .,, T f Vw, ' in la 'ff s. .sf e jk V. Sandy Sanders Maria Alicia Sandoval Fernando Sarabia joe Anne Seitz Blanca Silva I my ga, . V , EE ' A K. V if ii F I If, " 1 . 1. 1 1- , is 1 "if ll "' Q l' S E1 ' ess . l S an Q r M " ..- Y fix' ...M ' E . I , ' "' ' .l x S , isss' S i . M is fi-2 3. fi .r '- S 9, 1 'W' ' s , is if I A ' ' EI! ' - J ' I 7' Q X w Q fl K X 4 ' " ' A V 1 i V fa! , , U 'Q , w SL A fl H ' - Ki .Alf 1 ' 5 5. ,A ff' . Sv, 1 - -M I 4 K ., AJ, k It , , I S , as .... it il 'W wi 165 .VA ,pl N 3 1 1 Q 2 f l f 2 ee 9 , Y g X VE .I -mg, - i 1.55.2- , R , 2 ef A l X Q 5-2: A ,Q A312 . . A ... v iz A 1 ii Irma Trevinu George Vlxlaulcz johnny XVHSIIIIPZ Omar Vl1SL1llL'Z joe Vela -ff px, W- 2 f f, , ff V A L S 5 j . , VA,, V is U f' 1 ' ' V1 i H" Q1 ,,'-- Z 'E 'Wi ilk Vkr' ' iii me ries fawllei Nvwa Javier Villarreal Dora Lee. Villarreal Benita Villegas Cyndy XVaitz Eileen Walsh m,W+ fi 5 P Q Adelu Ylmrru -Iolm Young Loon Zamora Paul Zapata Linclil Zumwult uh. 'D nm, 2 Q gl Ig ,Q I V VVV' 5, JQMM1 fn . ,, If 5,2 e 4 x Q gag? 5 it 5' Q gl af 2 iix I V 9 2 wa: A m 'k A .V 4 fmm h ' : ' W fy f N lr ' f Y . 1 ii MQ: Y M r ff fy? 5 li M M I ?, , wp.-W M, .aan wma 2 fl A L v em e avi! , ':- 4' .H .. -Indy Tenery Hubert Thompson Tommy Thompson Huy Trdln Carlos Trevino y if I 2 fl ,qt 4 an . if i z :' V 2-5 5 5? ug f rler ' ll JXVK I z i V. fel w-ff 5, ,:- ' 5321 frpilfif-5'3VQ2f ' if l ' 4 Hilda Vela Esmeralda Venecia Alvaro Vera Sylvia Vera Alberto Villarreal 'ww 'Y' 55 QQ? M he . . W H? . fy "' e i gf? ,?... A IL A I H ,W ksg K K :eg ...r Q e l X ll Q l..W,4 gy 3, fir' ' ', '-'mfg 'Sf ,, - 2 + -A X .- - I' -fi : V ,kd .V W - U D wx. my Kiss? Xa .A I A gy. , i i -fi! e ,P la k 1-23 Hy5,,4' ",'k 7 JA ifaizlgy +r+f wma loc XValsh joe VVl1itley I Tommy VVilson Marc WVood Bobby .luck XVright, SOPHOMORE CLASS Wi, Q.. E I i i I I ! I I .Pin 'A . - g Q 'L , ew ,'L, 'LT-A I' ' A I up Q' 375' ' 139919 "' - , . Ji' . i -I - v' 1 v P ' K Ngo 1 'Y 'I Lg' ' 'Qi2.AW"" r ri r , a ' gfiigpv lr , Y , R f u ' ' ' . 7 - K V ' A gg ifgw ' f f .r Z '. .' .L " " ' H' T535 . ir. 6 -3 1 2- f,,: A , , -y 1. l .1 K If H A 77141 75' T A 'L 3' ' if ,fl 3 VQSQQQ 1 I A K E-j' 1, My 9 ,, Lg ' -' i'zigg?:ggg Argelio Acevedo 11,1 , ,7A A i if -51 x ra' Conrzido Acevedo Sophomore class officers are left to right: Peggy NVhite, secretaryg Velma Arce, treasurerg Henry Fankhauser, boy student council representativeg Debbie Ri- vera, girl student council representatii eg Elva Rodriguez, parliamentariang Lvdia Gonzalez, reporterg sitting are Bertha Reyes, presidentg Martha Kelly, vice- president. . I 0, all fe rv- f 'K W' T' 1.4 1 if 5 '-Ni f W rl I ' 0 dna' i fm ,J Us I' I 'F3zMl"W' GY, , lfNa935lZ'g,i like Ioscfiua Alvarez , joel Alvarez lose Alvarez Anastacio Charles Guadalupe Anaya 2 1 HF' -0 , ll ' 4 T .WJ K ,sf A Yolanda Baldems Beatriz Barrera Jaime Barrera Larry Balli J L 2, ,.E, we gr- E ,J Q! , , . .,,- W,- M 4 A 'fe : v, .. W , ge s ff 555 , ig 1 , s Q - - v 41 2 1,1 r :fwx:' -- V 4 X 5253 I rip 5 , ii Yi-Q ? sz A 'Vi VY A M V' Tl ? y 1- ulue g it A I l A - h Z 43 .. ,, .fi if -ill iee A er"l A, K ,-r i A 3 ..sA".f'-S., E If ke- wmuvlwwgq Hb" Qi if Diana Abbott Richard Abbott K- ff f i n A 1 if ee.r J' 'UW Linda Adams K Mary Ann Alaniz f 'A Rene Alaniz "M-+' Carla Aldridge , Mary Alvarado RTL S 1 1 i if , , M3 4 5 'ag ' an K 'N .- i n ,K 1,.,,i,n f Q, ff-Mi' ,MW V ,A lg wg x sf ' , , k,J ,, K W: I In A' ' r .,,.. . A . e A' A if 4 EYZQTQ El ,L if r 'Q al it Q ili f h g v Velma Arce Efrain Arizpe Norma Lee Asebedo Manuel Avila Diana Balderas fi Q Q L N I f 'ff 'H Q J 5 . . 1 f X, 2" Charlotte Bray f ' rf 'K ' Debby Bray " ,, Kandi Bryant fiv K H Krysti Buckley my Anna Buentello "fn , ,K ., ! YWQQE. ,fa rf . VVL-nceslado Cantu -l Rigoberto Cardenas ,Ga t "'1 f ,T '5 ' Eliborio Borrego Yolanda Borrcgo lleymnndo del Bosqx 1. 5.,. , . , - H 100 Bntcllo CWM. K V, l ge a Y ggi! V f I Tana Bouchard A 'Q Sv Q W... .. . .r g s , B. .V K 1 S R, lf Q fx All Q, K5 , .. , gqQ,, K 15 fu I r Q wr 'aah V. ,,.. , If X F 12 yi ,B ii 'A B if ha F EE It may WM? ng' A 'V Rey Candelaria Carolina Cantu Carolina Cantu Dalia Cantu Grcgoria Cantn flvggffl' M? f 5 ix f S: X ,I Esperanza Casas 1, ,C 'V 'K i M -A Pablo Castaneda 5 I ' Q " K' V ,fi K Paul I. Castillo I ' Q , K lrli' 'f F I SW C " ff ii., A 1- l W .. 5 -ww Li 'asv A V: "V 1 ff . 53 W B Q lj ? if . Q , v C ' f K f' Z '3' 1 A . 'V B if , f ' ' :S I J Q " 'Y Bruno Cavazos .lffruin Cavazos I ' I I w 1lIl10 Cc-rvznltos f I An a Marie Castro .W,w,,Q if ton Catlctt 2 My fnny Cavazos Y f I 4 . .v A M fi B' r rv 'ru' QQ Qi ' i ' ' , f- . , W ,,,, 1.-nw In ik-Wi 51 5 My ' fa- M - 5855: I Cheryl de Forrest is clenmn:-trating usa' of the :Iow- 7 1 .,L' ing machine for parents :luring open house at . .xiii f' ' V-2 :NE mg la as B S.. ,lust fr I -'NW in 3 C i ! X X2 L pp... ,A 4 5 . .. .. i , . Q,fxA,n, . . 1 i a f 1 'if M ,- A ' ' ' .W gy ' ' i , V 7 I 1 , - 5 , .- . W i,iis?iiEQ'm 2 " i, 1 K S' 5 A 5 ,.,A .. ,frgsgg5fg5:,fglE5:?i .35 1-- fe . fe .V Q ' I R, 2222 i P' , . T 4 . , ' I .. L,,, l H.: . Spanish skit wa - .vm-Q gg . Smith, Peggy White, Kandi Bryant, Marsha Wood and Bill Leidner. an o cm-nj Gum? Antonio Delgado Laurentina Diaz Gloria Dillard Dennis Dooley ,. Marlene Dudley .i.-:ln ,ffm -A Q . '- fvv IK. it 'V ls! 4 E s da... f gh M 'Q . ff. ,,,..,.f- 5. ir x , in 2 6 wx , 1 Lf' 2 I students presented a skit for parents during open house. The s entirely in Spanish. Left to right are Rudy Nordmeyer, Melissa .M ,V Rafael Chavez Diana Corpus 'W ,l .wmv "Yi , . r"' . H My ,QQ I "W" f ' ' ' " "" 1 "5 . V - .f i r f ig., f il. ' - . ,A-iw ...r 1 1'.' .ni 52: 2 sipp U 5 A es i ,W 2 , - l a- -,V Q' . K 'ji 1, Q Si .9 . ' iil A . A ' , . ' if ir Q w 2 r f . .ff Mu f" .S I r' Tf,YL:1 'M 6 I- ' V n ' L I, f ' K K ,- . , . .5'aam4f'!!h- ,QT liz. 4 . 43 . . ,...,,..., E' , 1 c r ' 'Q 6 df M " 4 .ffgffi , 'X , Q 0 G 'B 9 '9 Qi' f s'.. M, A .i-e. A CN ' fffv 09 0 '94 i. 'al' 1 S s 5 fi Z Q e a c 9 !?-Q 1 1,1 7 ,sf 'ii' ' , f it fit' i X - .JA .-Q - - Q ' F. .L ' ' Bruce Esquivel A 5 Santos Estrada I Henry Fnnkhnuser ry Roberto Farias If gf' my Rufino Fnrias .g ym .geek I ..' 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' - 9: ' 44,J: Qf3a 1 ' K: 3 at ,K , ,.,. .L My is 5 A ,KV Q,-. fam, sf .5 5, -ww-f A We ,ev r ' rlqkllll R i 1:. ' - 'f-, w ,,1sz,. X X as auf' : S' y,- f- 'ff f' 1:5 ff' 'i rf, X. . Norma Femat Kathy Fenncll Charles Flindt Adalberto F lorcs Diana. Flores 1 G - 5 :'k G l ' if ,Q ,MW is r W W4 . V l- lsa 5: Q ..,, ,, V H K W '55-2 if 'VV ' Y 'mil' . f V lf. B-,' , 13' - gg N 5,5 -. H ,S I A . 21, M . G -. - . ' ,1-- - Jw 1" 1 gf. Q55 1 s Fernando Galan Dodson Galloway :gm-.-.f I Dora Elia Garcia i' K - 'J r .r Irene Garcla l U ,. H 'Q X juan Garcia ,ffl I by -SYM fy, ,pblixx r ' QW sw? WG' I f 5 s fn t Y -I Q-4,11 -nm sl . - V W' M Q' 'wi f k - ., l Lucy Garc1aA . rw an F is I Marcos Carcxa , f Q: V Arm' ,A A ,ig Nacario Garcia b A f, ..gV -- Rudy Garcia r or a gg A , W g. I , I E 1 , an QQ., I s In N , ws N Y, , my 2 , A' ' ' ' f f rf , M , f ff . 'ig 1 Sara Garcia , 1 X . " K ik, Am., 'Ll a Ga 1 1' -sf L A , Y AV,I Andy Garza .if . ,I P i , n l -V s "' 'ii ,A 5 'VLVL :L 'H A-5 ' iii 9 ,rw ---' , u 0 " V H "?" g f r,,, l :ww A In s n s ' Ei ali? It elle: G - r f' L I , 15? xi Carlos Gazrm lf ,,,. M, W 5 ,ii L. A kk ' K Citu Garza wr . I Cynthia GMM W wi ll El , We , "Il's a hopeless case," says Uuh Flinclt us he prepare-s ' ' A ,,f' Q F for final exams. Dub says the lwst way out is to e-url . ,,,: , , 4, a wsfffw ir nu. 3. ,J 5,4 170 K ' W . 66-7' ra-"" Mission students used a voting machine to pick officials for Kids' Day. Left to right waiting to vote are Ellen Blankenbaker, Fernando de la Garza, Susan Martin, Pedro Moreno, Luis Ortiz, Krysti Buckley, Jaime Barrera, Mark Rami- rez and joe Solis. 'T Nancy Gibson Armando Gonzalez Emilia Gonzalez Gloria Gonzalez Graciela Gonzalez P . . v--f ? fb if-er -1, XM.. Cathy Grant George Guerra Hilda Guerra Ignacio Gu Lucila Gue SITQ. ITU. ff 1 Y . 4: f , As -'wx ..., ,- Qlilllia Maria M. Garza Rosezmna Garza Herman Garza 4 Laura Irma Garza . -f 5 ' K if 4- t L , 5 ww K U , M ,. ,, . . - .-JEEEU ' 35575 R- -f V W K 5 fl 'E Vilifrtw ?l5?Ei?5?F55'45WV55Vf .3 ezfzszxxs, , 1i"iflf'i:7Z5ii?.A , 4 illlilusilix. iaffilff' ' , . ,r5:.,,,:- ras -we . f ,Q -If. --,gf:e1:12,,:..1 if s G S as ig u ,, - 1. r www- A - L.. 5 or if M- Y a X H -1 if A: ,J fr s X. s f ji ,A 1 i n A E ... ,J ? J fs 'F 4 L F F ' an M ilk, M , 4 5 r gg if Q xi f 1 aft -viii J - , S r- s i at Wi XV I we is f i, ' ia ' Qi .15 - si -ff! 1 1 GAME, if '1 15 M...+.A 'E ,r2i,s Sylvia Garza Femando de la Garza Hilaria de la Garza Ricardo de la Garza Suzanne Gibbs Irene Gonzalez Ismael Gonzalez Lydia Gonzalez Robert Goodwin Patricia Graham "Nas 'vw s r rr" N uzario Hernandez San juanita Hernandez Ricardo Hidalgo Gilbert Hinojosa San juanita Hinojosa 45 ,gf ,,,, - fkf. AV rv' V Sharon jetci' NIarg.iritri jimenez Ruth jimenez Bill johnson Kenneth jones Nancy Lune 'l'i-rry Lnnkforcl Luonor Leul 172 -1 1:1 .. - 53 ., ., i if L-fe' me 'M . it My Q, NAV, I . ..., t :M . 1 sf - ff f ' 5. 1 ' or X111 E frfff or r M if 1 H, do Ye- ' 1- awww ? ,V A I ,,:Z?iy,,. X .f -he --7 if , 'I QM A us- gp if sis ' 2" 16. jf ,Qsf ,f ' ii'-im-K Effff' 'xv 4- f -ir,-' il. y H me - 4 N, ' , . 1 Danny Kalinec Martha Kelly Tony Kennard i 9'-e . ICN fit. A 'fn' , 'mf' G Q, - 1453- A 'M -15: my ,' Q -nga? iw F 10 'Sn ig .,, j 1 ix K uwvgvkzg, -W: ll.l G 'r We-'fiiif - 1 .an F X U Q 'IW 'i ' E- F- f g mf i fffvw , U. .71- F, fx , Rachel Gutierrez Danny Harper Diana Hernandez joe Hernandez Lidiu Hernandez john Hodgin Gregg Holbrook Keith Hoover Refugio Huerta i Martin Hutchinson si as 'el we Registering to vote are left to righfxjirn Later, lull! Tenery, Manuel Moroles, Hugo R riguez. Sllelllllll jones, Mike Perryman, Celia Munoz, and joe Bal- dems. i ii 5 41 S 0'9" if Driver Eclneation stnilents in HHS took wrilten exanls to prepare them Start ol Llrlvillf' leswns. Shown going mu tln list risulh with Patro man lim 1 of . 35 L, 1' r San luanita de Leon ki' if K Yolanda de Leon lllater, left, Allil Il1ltl'0ll1lQlll Lawrrnel' Drake are left to right Cita Garza, Iesus Guerra, luan Longoria .mil Nlr, Bull llollimav, Lliiving inst1'uet01'. ' . lr or ' ee or jf I ' i f " J ,s fi, Wi .. ' fl " i 'V "M . z KA J ..,hV, ,, he rn , U K it x LEA' 5 Mig ibiza? ' lf! gg 353 A W if K M, was Z1 iii ,b - ' ii Q 3, lf , t W ln! il' Roberto Lopez ' V ' li - A Yolanda Lopez V, ,f ,. '- losefa Lopez ,wx ig' f W V. Qglghie Ludwig " All Dora Liuia ,nh i X 5 l gg: -'q' 3 in, , M an L A L r as A Q,-Q A412 . i I N X p H ji r " ' if - M Wzf- uf- ' 'W' ' ' Y L., ' .. V V 1 z1-, ,J - fl 'kk- Q 'krz 3 I I 'M ' ' 2 5' -' fc r San Inanita Martinez :gym llermelinda Nlanricio V W A I Coleen Nlclllain 5571? ' 'J ,,.' 17" Kathleen McClain Pat McPherson John Leidncr San juanita de Leon Manuel Lerma Limlgi Longoria Belinda Lopez Carlos Lopez Olivia Lopez L oL'i jo iwf 'X if .fm -IN in 1 ll as E Bill Lyles Emilio Maldonado David Xlartin Carlos lXiart1nc-z juan Nlzwtinez 'lim' www fo 'Wi'-s 1 IE 2 I ' si ,, V J X' wif ' '75 'Q J ,, ' 5 ' " ,. ir F- . 3' il" " -, 4 -. if - 2' g '-fi' . 'fl J Nh ' M "-1' 'I ir-3: l lfl ,L M L 2 43 1. -r -Q, 3 5? JSR fe 5 4 J S si 3' ' Yi X J 5353 -5 M, MSL K, ,ii Sli Q X r ME! ,S Q, Q ' gk. Tryg xllIlll'l' Alina lX4ontulvo Evaingr-linzi Molitoyri Manuel Morales Ciuulnlilpu lXlori-no Celia Munoz Elvil Munoz Juanita Munoz Guudalupc Nlurillo Ken Nutrnss Pzull Nivxnictz Mt-lissa Norman lf 1 wus? 'gs ia EL L3 -. FEL 5 L i f ,QT x" f i I M M . was , ' 5 M. ,L H' " , 'M iv gg .,,, 9 jim , . , k xii ,fill .9 ii if' .-M., ii L . as og LM '52 if Mt 233 YSWM 551: .ef 'jim ' RL I get-Qu-45 Mlefw , AML 3, . if ,L i?'i'WV tg?-rf3l,'i2'i i ' MM 'I-, , K Lei , sv S b. , , ' if L- fxf I 'Z5mf7jf74 f L ,,.- K K . L W- gf, ,L ,,," fx L.'.v M' 1 ,,,, MM - L L M L as if M L L f 7"- M -: '52 ii W il ' gf L nM n'nn L J L M , ., , ' M 5? Z' Q L' ,L ' J- . . .L LLLQ Vs , M , f-fk' L I I A Y . , i :-MILLS 1 . 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Q , Q I N xt , 4 Major Robert Qzlrny of Sun Antonio, left, visltccl .Mission torpreseiut svwclu if ,WLLM sk' if medals to the parents of VValter Merl Lamkforcl, il former Mission High School student who was killed in Viet Nam. Shown with his parents receiving the mvdnls is MHS sophomore' Hcrry Lnnkforcl, ln'otlu'r uf the Viet Naun hero. with if" we , The kevs to al new Clicvrolt-t were presented to Mr. Bob Hollowgiy, HHS driving instructor, by Mr. Bill Randolph, general mnnnger of Tipton Chevrolet in Mission. lfVaiting to start driving lessons urs' Leo Ramirez and Hilda Salinas. Exiqnio Perez V XVNV V Grace Perez I jose Luis Perez Ricky Pierce Hilrln Pinon I. Xp - - n' sf 5484 N . 'fi K' mn ' ,K ,,, O. vi 'T , iff 1" ff 3 ' i s ff Lili 'il l s E x 1-sf... A - ..,,,.,,, N isis: O .'."Ee1 ' 3 ill! 55331 ' fur! -,V Q ' a ff' , lliil mari T K K 'f l u W -- ff . T. , ., Twinltlv llnckle WX' liar nnnrm-Z Clrrriax llxnnirvv lim-lcln llznnirvz Nlzxrlf llniniri-2 -'Y' ' I if Vlll 'f fi f ,iq A A ' . sw ' n V I .. ,WM 'Q , ,- Q We l l 1 Q " wx 3 1 , l ' ,K i f 3' 56 - MH, ' 35: yi' w4f2f :2f fg ,Pf,f.s wg'-,,::,,:f-lst: if.: :I 1: 1f.e,e-ft-- we if ' ,m m , - f f 1- 5 EA .rf lg 7 af 4 .fl if-.5Y2: a S -E55-,,1 . saigaikg . ,, 2, J 5+ Q 3 Q Q f fi ,,. , ,YY VN .lg f , 3 f'-O W, ' 4. D V as 55 X , 3? va no U 1 'I I . ll 1 . UI.. "- 1. 'lo, ff , o,' o -.1 ' "Il I , ,arab t al ies -, lii ilu? is sess ii. I , , It 'xii 4 it 'WMM ., 2 :AW ,A . , ' N fl f L f y g-: V Sf ' 2 Ziff? i Nr? 'W' llzunim O'Cnnu Eliza Ortiz Isabel Ortiz f Rosa Ortiz Maria Irma Palacios Alma Penn juan Pena Viola Pena 1k Rita Pitones Tommy Popplcwell Billie jane Priclizird Francisco Qnintnnilln lloln-110 Qnintnnilla f "S, N. A x J Y ' Q Gloria Reyna Bertha Ruynu Myra Rhym- lsruel Rios Luuro Rios g x My H M-ew A ..,, miie! K xi X W' ri Q Q Q wi? 5515, 3 . is 5 Erasmo Rodriguez Eulogio Rodriguez George Rodriguez Carlos Hugo Rodriguez Marcos Rodriguez JI . 'W'-'rw' ' 1444 176 Norma Rodriguez Ramiro Rodriguez . ,M 'HW' Q gb' 2 Rumrm Rauuirez L- I Ramiro Ri-mlou I Rudy Ri-nclon Alf frzri A ,W ,--'iL Eloy RL-yiui --'f'f V , f Esiuerailrlu Rr-yum ,ll . , V I gi f - W f R ,A V R 5 J. ' A 3 1 X i,iu his , 1 I, fs W . . e ,uu I K I - -N, li ' V .V I V i'iii L f S ' f rl ,pb ' - 'Q J i V ,wa-1 .1 P K Qu: J M. ,, ,, .A , '7"f"" i ' ' - 'mln f 'fww' Ig 5' 'S f' R ' - rzsiggf' in iw R We X if 3 ' ' V S' If 'EV 'R ' if , I R if ' 1gQgeg5k.yys:,Eff img ff., Z , , gf., ,t , H fr ' F . 3 V5 "-'fi' ' 5 1, Q it IEW - I 9 I A , , 5 Danny RiV21S V W 'V' . X Debby Rivera f, '- L4 ii' 7'k'i Adelaido Roch'ig.1iu-z 4 Efruin Rodrigium I. 4 23, A ' xg R, ,ixf-A Elvu Rodriguez .1-ff ., is 1 if 'K H R R ff -W . , 1 - ,, sf,- . .wi yy R y r his Ps. W' K' ?f ' "' gnu iirsziifi hd : imap , kb -A 5 :W W ' I Q s is Lk wi 5 Maria M. Rodriguez Mary Rodriguez Shoes, shoes everywhere. ' r, member of the Y-Teens tries to fit Chuck Davis wi a pair 0 s oes a e Y-Teen March of Dimes sock hop in Mission Gymnasium. iciief' 0' V-JP' L YE wi-mfg . gizigxtiifgs. One of the colorful floats in the Mission Texas Citrus Fiesta was sponsored by Central Power 61 Light Company and featured Debbie Ludwi MHS sophomore, along with two younger gn- s. , ,QQ " 'if it " ' X' -1 , - . E ' A 'Q' ., t . np 191 :t.:2:.g1.,dY i 53 Q 4 Tis'--2, b Nilcla Salinas l lg. , r- Thelma Salinas 1 Pi Mk Raul Salazar I - if Elizabeth Sanchez , Gilberto Sanchez , f, , xi I pai ' ' ' ' we H V f -' 55 5 , Q. - t . ,.. .W H . L 7,7 I ' .V Q un: ,. -5, ,gr :.v'o3,"1-'-2,4-2f3.v.,5 wt, vi ?z'2'2 waoza 4, ggi.-,.-oQ':',,fQL'i ' -was 44- '-.5'ta'5:i.-W rv if uzbivaif 'ig 'M.g."" S Rf? 05' 0 50. ' 76- 6-' ' QE?-59,00 ew 10' 9' 'sl ' '. i f i ' ?' " fag avi Larry Schaefer Efrain Sierra Rolando Sarahia Buy Smith Melissa Smith ,yi i s fr , .- ul: .4 .af Wig 1 Us ,A Q ,N- Arturo Roscl Sandra Roth Mario Saenz X ,Q 6 3' X A t ii r W ty,1,: ,J X 4 V 'V' i-.i ams- ,sf 4 1 ,ig ,ax , ixgfigr 2 if me i sglg yi , 35? F 1 CK if ...Q K 5519 Q., Q www, 5 i limi all ssi of gm 3 lil: fs.. iv 'i I J ft 'lx in 2 .4 " ' ' it P I 1 all ' X lii. A V' f i Q it ff s A. VM? , 11 as t t ,L fr, , Q is . fi 4' K x. qw :Q- ep, Raquel Rodriguez Zoila Rodriguez Victor Rodriguez W e ? f Reynaldo Salas Gilberto Salinas Elva Salinas Gloria Salinas Maria Alicia Salinas r . J Runialrlo Sanchez Cindy Sanford Iuan Santana Olga Santos Dolores do los Santos I Eliza Valdez Rosario Valle eanne Valver e 0 a asquez Rene Vega 'fij' f - f ' ,yy-5, KK ii Y ' , ,H if :2 g 7 r . . W' . V r ' . V ,A - -f fi i'5!'?miW'f E, ,, . . - ff, l.,, . , :.' 'f , V wil l ' me X ip igfwwe . , D, 5 Af' I , ,.., EEK A , - 4, I I im e ws, he rf ":i l if ' , 3 Ice Villarreal 'X I I Norma Villarreal f " - K Mike Wnrshak 'if L.,k 'lm - Arthvf Weber V Davicl Whaley f A VJ W A limi kii, :,' - it 9- Y 53 , X 33 x 'H H K W' s Marsha Wood Cecilia Yburra luzm Yburra , lzivier Zuinoru 'Dorothy Zumwalt 1 Y ,Q Q, M, v fu- f 'L K in li: 'rf 4? ' .,,' ' s ' 1 V Y 4 1: 1,-K 'ln i ' l We D? V ,M ,,,,, 42, A V' -ff Je if eii iie iei ei l .4 fill D- " Q fe W llkii Y Fi. , Nomm Sauceda Iose Luis Ortiz Margret Speer Terry Stuart Wendy Triesch lim iw , :fa . I A HI- yt' 5 lrilfeifs, Isabel Chrislina Vela Alba Villarreal Francisco Villarreal Francisco Villarreal George Villarreal A' W., -rs 'V 5 .Q f -' -. fa, -Q 4 K. - uf' l .I :ff -gin? -' any l eggy White Dennis Williams Diane Williams jim Wood 4 H Y wma ,, 4 . M y Zyy A , V.. Z? Vy.fl , ,FM ' V ' ,I I 'S W f ' V s isss V+ Q-4 V My .. V. , F K X... .,. ' , ' ' , 4 ZA ef W, .. W -, vw .. - 4 , ,ig vi N W ' - M . I s"'-i,- ,-yr, 'MI A I D D N 'ffl 4 ' :-f'll??91iFfYJ V f3f. 1f I,ln QL! 5-. f f . N '. P 1 wi? ,, f i ....g'Q,, ..,,.:,, - .D Q FRESHMAN CLASS J Q 2 r ,i rrm'Wm Q! A A , krrh t , irh, Charles Abbott Arnoldo Aceve-do Officers of the Freshman Class this year are, seated left to right, Indy Pena. secretaryg Nelda Gutierrez, presidcntg Rita Mae Garza, vice president. Stand ing, left to right, Yolanda Guerrero, treasurerg Maria Elena Rivera, reporter . . , , . . . ' QA Jlllllllfil Alvaraclog parllamentarlang Margie Ollvarez, girl council representa- tiveg Guillermo Garza, boy council representative. 5 4- fi, Norma Ahrens I ' Alberto Alaniz ' Q' - A 9 1. t . ,, vu, Elena Alaniz 5' QT- Mary Alaniz A Iuanita Alvarado I i 7, N ' fail . ,uoflln ' e .ffi .gf Q -sk ry 2 'A i -5. - ,rfgfh -'ff' we ray. . ., Mg : . I 9-Q K ry 4 53' V L v M' as ff f Ai Thomas Anzaldnzi ' if ' ' 'N 1 Alma Rosa Arn-zola G, Flora Est:-lla Arrczola tif I Maria Aviles -45:52, loc Alex Ayala 5 ,fi' ,fa f f - , 4' SFR 5. j s if.. 'Y I 1 if rx ,, , xi Eg gg K A fling J PEW Q' 5 gil lil Xe 4 is ff E Bluff Olga ACEVCJO V Rosalva Acevedo X 'f'f"'f'.' 157 : A B' YC':lt.:r-W z , H . Elva Alvarez Joe Alvarez Thelma Alvarez Alisa Andrade Eloisa Andrade .f "'-.-s' 5 ' we--?.,.....,-N. f Q 2 . I 72 A 5 W' H. ,. T RQLK .. vi? fx? 2 .Y 3- 5: 35. , : Q ,y"Ny's 1 I E ,7V., Tony Ayala G Mikf Bullard f k w f i i Zada Barlow A rrkh Dora Beclm 'iii Eloy Becho ,Ax K2 , all 1, X :-. -N .Pg Bobby Boures Melinda Brann Tommy Bray john Bremer Sandra Broughton V r ,,., . ,, ,. . H rr, . W' r'Q y M :.. , ,. 7 : San Juanita Canale Eliza Cantu Flora Cantu Petra Caratachea Dinna Mae Carr S rn Martin Castancda Aida Cavazos 180 2 X iii i i Vkk. f r x ' S nw an vw , :Z ff,W i is Xiyy 74 illiizfi ' , M s ' . A - ' H Q I SV A ,i-'r af ' gy L in A 5 iss. fi , iifiw, I M .W i ii ,Mr Marilyn Carr 'i"" Ida Casas r W r ,I - A-grill , A xxgiruvl 'AM-,b .Wi V W , wfezffiii all S , ,J 'mfr , Q. ,A ,i iw- -M Q fig? R I 1 Dennis Bell Susan Bennett Brand Bentsen Anna Borrego Elva Borrego Iose Romeo Bucntello Roy Bullard y Adela Caclena Alma Canales Luis Canales K Lk,,.. . riin i o K, .,,,,. ,ir W, ,mf f Q ww- Linda Helle, left, and Ellen Gallagher use the earpliones for a class exercise in the Spanish Language Lab. i , 1 I ga -V ? ...d.. . in AN, E . ,, Hg 3,7 J Ralacl Lavazos ' ' fly 'lboclrmsir ffvspede-s 'Q . Apolouiu Contreras H gi-lg, in . .-Xun Corpstcin MW' S Herniila Cortuz " ' Y s Q in es 1 i ff 'J X' if Q. K K K ,k.. I l I jf., -at .A myg,,a:,.',,-HK 1 ,. -. -.fy i f IOS de la Fuente Freddy clcl Angel N I Margarita de la Rosa 2- f Q Blanca do Leon A' K ' 4' Ruben dv Leon IQ s mhz f - ..--i" Kathy Fuller takers notes in Misx Rose Hart Dtll8lSfl'l'ShID1lI1 English claxs, -fi - MM if - gg ..w'Qf.:1 59 in Q MS' iff ff " D at J Lia! ,- , ,E I M,-K ag, f, A ,. 1.3 .,,- ff' N i If 5 L- lllr 3 llln'll ff "" ' c n 3' M t..a f 4 44 f A vpV"N 'E ,i"'h-gr I 5 af!-.X li5i'f'-s...,.- 5 D fzzf 121 . ""h 1 rw ,sy in - , i ,.,,- ' 2 W , -if af' I' T I t i ' y M 'sv 2 iii? 5 M02 as iz hw . 6 is " ii '- f :fir if .- f,:gQ55gigw ,, 'f 'gsiwi'ltifaisgfawxiwi fm: ws Q wt n.nnlr a Albino Diaz Cid Dominguez . '24 -f ,STH 7, 'Q it .Q Q, I af ,, .., ,rf - 1. S :E l ff . 5 X K gli.. A za 9 s f ba X Q yt, I :man ,' ,ii., ll D .i 5 Alejandro Cavazos Alicia Cavazos Elizabeth Cavazos Hilda L. Cavazos Irma Cavazos Gene Cowan Juanita Cruz Martin Currie Craig Davis David Davila ll 'K ma l l Alva Diaz Roberto Diaz D' Q '- 4 l Lf- it .1 .,-- X 251, , - -' ' 'fl I 3 if l 'L K- t ttii fix , a ian . 7 w'ff,,w 2' , ' g ' , ,ry lim Dooley liuby Duran ' s f G mr... kk f fab' 'ff f :ffl rigi..g Nlarcela Esquivel Feliciauo Farias Rogelio Farias Kathy F eller lrma Flores A. , 2 -ir., 'ia aww-Q-W if gp-f 4' Estclla Garcia lainie Garcia Maria Elena Garcia Maria Elena Garcia 5lZIflllE'l Garcia aww, rn'- vi iii, ,,, , . - - 4 5 Vri . ryrr a ia l il. . , . ,r Hi. W L L ,W ,tx , s , ww 5 is irri iir g , 3 1 la 7 1 1 Q. f..- ,, .25 g 1 nf .- ...- I f!,f,,, , f , . L -H" 5 . K.. .! ll W kiiuiu Edwilgs Leticia de la Garza and Maria Salinas work on the Frcslimnn A F "" '- - 'cm 550 0 Class pages of the annual. Yolanda Espinosa if . M . 4 . iris -all r' V .r ' r . FTF 5 j iixg ' if 2 - . l Richard Flores Ellen Gallagher San vluanita Gamboa Clara Garanzua Alicia Garcia Fw A "' A I V. if , 1 . r M. l..., ,,,,, 43 'Pg Q My , M. , ., i Irkk f R W xx- ' i .L ,iffwri 'l Placido Garcia Ricardo Garcia Sylvia Garcia Lanc Garreti K A , 1 Edelmira Garza Sk Miss Diane Rehfa-ld's beginning hnsinc-ss class visited thc- First National Bank nn a fit-lcl trip. Shown hc-re with Xlrs, Pat Gibson, bank employer-, are loft in right Kliss Rellfcld, Susan Bennett, Maria Theresa Rivas, Linda Eclwarfls, Yr:- landa Espinosa, Lonne McFarland, Maria Olg- " - ' ' ' lc-y, Ricliarcl Kemp and Mrs. Gibson. i Sylvia Garza Sylvia Garza Alicia Gaytan Gaytan a Salas, Alicia Garua, jim Dno- 5 , W U , 'ha - ' wifi.:- , - J,-f,,1'55, f aa . G 5 35 ffgir r gift? ' 'Q mjffif ' , Y ft 'iff xii fr aw H aig b .:QnP"'Wm I- , ,, K X f 4 , Lilia Gonzalvs l Lucinda Gonzales L, ..,,f .. E Olga Gonzales V' J A Oralia Gonzales Lucila Gnajarclo .AML-' I . Q ,. ,-it f V.,- gif. 1 B . f f 1. arbara Carla Q .- ' ' I .- .k M f Bobby Garza v ara-"Mg K: F . i ,i if V :iz ' L , . ' 54 i f J, TRY , L .ki ,jk WX , i V I Q x l' fm? it ff if ' H Dahlia Garza I " W, lose Luis Garza , .m'v ' tffih . A QSQK 52 s Q' , ,.,,, . '-. ,Aa- -QMS 3,3-K+-few Leticia de la Garza Leo Garza Lionel Garza Mirella Garza Rita Mae Garza wr! Frank Gilbrg ith Antonio Gonziles Estell Gonz iles Israel Gonz iles jose Gonzales at K Yolanda Guerrero Nelda Gutierrez Rina Gutierrez Salvador Gutierrez Lindy Hakes s, , ., n l,ll e i KJ. W '1'l if W , ,wif W5 if-V 4 Emma Hernandez Hector Hemandez San Juanita Hernandez Rosario Hernandez John Hiller ,J 1 s .,Q:" " fn . ,M 525 F , I .,.-.. by it 1 We W WV! E 55, .9 3 'Q If gi? L, ll ,gy . Q if 1, J, . ei' it , V f gg! K V Y fi ,f -3:5 7712: ,f if, fi. f . , -ff, in Diana Guerra Manuel Guerra Rosario Cucrru Rositu Guerra Liliu Guerrero I' ' ' L "" 2 is , Debra Hamilton Richard Harris L' f ndrezi Hernandez Cristela Hernandez si Q P f, . : r "fa I -W dv Noel Hinojosa Rosalba Hinojosa .0-x 16 r" .. :TS NY Salvador Hinojosa Q I Zuragosa Hinojosu I ..'k i I 1 f 184 listens closely as Miss Dale explains un English is in back of her, and Theresa Seitz is at the left. . , 'S V L L f l L 1 '43-if qv- '. ww' 3 N KT, -' ,,gg .H L bf . , - ,q li i f. K k 'Eng l 1. , , i I A' I " 'f -:.i . 1 m' , X - :if gf' , 1, he gs 1 g Y ,Y , 1 521.4 5 , - g ltvgfliiu' , g al ig X ' . M 4 V ,"k in 4 w - -- -. 2' 4 , 1 gfiisgfgygmpe' A im .Q H QV- d i., X V ,x .K , , Sf if :gi-mi "pw -5 fi ' 'li if .-f ff' " ' W. af, . , ,www 1 Nlatividud Iglesias 1 ' lobcrto Iznguirre JV We sk W I I Inriu Hosulindn Jimenez :vw H- ' X? ,zxthy Ieffries -w I .ydia jeffrey , . ' Ai! i I ' , 'M i A. L e L ,Q '--- ' .. ws ,..-W - ,. Z 1 Q 'Uv J ik ti' 3 . T-X rf if K Vi V 'Nz K K Liv ie W n ig: Q M 5 N-A LVM 7"hL i 5 if? ' .- K A . H f- X ij 'G L K ,ff jf, , V ' W 1 .:.' i ,lQ..,a5xggESi,, l "" " 7 "5 'V x 'K i L' , if V , V 0 JVM, W ky .2 -giki he gk-I , I . 3 5 J e e e eeie eiiee if V. 'fl ' Cliff King ,s W ig 155 Terry King 1 ,, L 5 3 , . - . - A ff-' , f . , . .Io Ann kopecki in MW Yiwu, A 3 kwkiyw Y , X ew 3 Ann Later K.. ' ' ' Bill Leidner 1' Y ,V ' ,, ..,. ,if 5 5,557 I 1 -i--A A -A i These Stucleuts in Hr. john Pattcrsoifs physical Science class are conducting an experiment in gravity. At left is Ricardo Olivarez, while in back of liim are Hosn- nneliu Ortiz, Cc-urge Nlehis, and Carmen Gonzalez. On the other sicle are Paulette jones, Estellxi Garcia unil In-:sus Cruz. X X 2' if K a i,ni.,, 5 il,,, 5 i . he ,. , , fl f , A gg Wm lwfyn q gr ,Q 'N 55 E 9 if E M fi A V 'fee flu U it Carol Lasley Herlinda Lerma Ismelda Limon if -1lfH,LQ'g.'. . ' if -2H?.'E':7 ,Q any, . .1 6 ' 4 4 'K ,gk K -'al hits fi ie 32 1 . if 1 pi, 1 1 1,515.4 5 - is I ' Y i i a-ia! - 1 2 H J 5 L 5 5 Q is ? '-5: 214' Dennis Hnllmxnk Jeff Howell NVurd Hutchinson Billy Hyde Irma Ilmrm t fk- 2 ' Steve Ieter Burt Kaufman jo Ann Kawamoto Robert Kelch Richard Kemp if at in Ukyvsl t G , L A it R, . km vs fe w ,WV E L i Liz Livengood Berta Lopez 185 e ,:"'S5 4 ' 2 . K E 1 I I -' Rafaela Lopez Rebecca Lopez 5 ,gg ,Lf f- Vi 4 w fp Alicia Martinez Carmen Martinez Jesse Martinez Theresa .Martinez Cyllillizl Mayes Pam McNallen Ceorge Mehis Cristina Marin Mercado Nelda Merccr Janis Miller 186 K W ,S - " 'V .. V ii' ., wr- A P ,xi i i I JSI' fi ya E V, ji? xiwmff xi, . K: ,K if j ' :fri 1 , , 5 :Why an 1 I Q I liivgww 3 , i Q Q12 - 1 Q A is u . -U 35 A i xnxx W' 5 in bm, Si 4 4 N N 5 1. +1 gf WN! af'WaAf's11g Q S 'Sig fig Kwai., WSW ii l Q ni 42 F L E i X -N x Ae 5, 49 f W we -V Q1 1--H ---' 1-,L 3- Francisco Lopez Norma Lopez 46 Wie wp? 1 K . fm in I Y , , W.. Q VZ' Illlsgman Speer, T0mmy Waggoner and Don Schibi are working in Agriculture Q I Ruben Lopez Ruben Lopez "' 'W' I yr Iuan Felix Maldonado ,." ii , eww Mike Mann i i 5 up ,L p i "if, eval.. 3 kzi, i 'L gs y if sf'- ile Liwiifr' 'Q -V -1- i- f for e Vp igifili igi "Wil 1 M i ma.-. ,. fi hi ii 2 1. ' i p-my 'T 1 1 H4 i.. - eino Isl? I .. "iv ff 3 Q ,- X E S 1 'l xgn, . 2, ,, ' 3 fl ' " . f J il? i . Q 1 -xl : Y 1 'si . - i Ismelda McAllen ,V , Calvin McClain .. . ' Martha McClain V I Lonnie McFarland ev Marsha McFarland 1 'W' , I ...i W, i ,1 A 5,53 dj 1 'V -jf, A ri ' ., 0 , f i r W :ar 1 -in ,Ma-G , 3 2. hi. 'ho-fi" I The-se interested business students look on as the employes of the First Na- tional Bank go through their work routine. Luft to right are Yolanda Espi- nosa, Donnie KIcFarlaml, Teri-sa Rivas, Rosemary Villarreal, Richard Kemp, lim Dooley, Olga Salas, Alicia Garcia, San junnita Canales, Miss Diane- Reli- eld Elois'1 -Xndrule Iind-1 Edwards Susan Be-nnctt 9 lwia Cuniz Be lx , .. . ,, . . ,.. ,.yf' aiu, c'y Lopez and Olga Gonzalez. Gilbert Moreno Vivtoria Moreno jimmy Morris Maria Olivia Moya Diana Munoz . .2 I N ' I 8 f as hwy' 5 1 'vw-...f if 1 ,- ith Ramon Oclioa Noe Ochoa Oscar Ochoa Alma - Olivarez ' Anna Maria Olivarez as sf , 'O ,,- 1 ,Q - V F R ,Sf Q 6 :ef if wiki J is is gw'i,,9-Q gfvlt A .1 v.. ii ...' ras, u 'x X-V, L, of ,fr - ,rl MK. is -sf . i K K my l Q, . gk. " ' v . ' ' fv- Iose Luis Montalvo 'K ' Robert Montalvo R e-ff R KU 4 'ix k i W" ii ' so : 'Q 6 f . - , ,Q .Jig f-3: 1, """'f-Q. ix as E Qi Y? i N Q ' , N Ek 1 - Er' If 5 R Srl!! " ' f' s 24. xi -' 'i . R f s ' Q - -1 A" is .i..,,, . J. . Q, X W fs '.h- 4 ,, -f ' u A 'Ea s v fo-'mi i y 7 Y use gms K . f' fe, fwljpwf Wi J, if r f t ... ,.., ,.,. Q Q ff A , i K i 1 if . i ' X , :A,s I A,NE ,, si My fs il 9 if , R Maria Elena Montemayor Carmen Montova Robert Murillo lose Arturo Munoz Rosa Navarro Rosario Nevarez Rudy Nordmeyer I' V Blanca Olivarez Margie Olivarez Nydia. Olivarez Ricardo Olivarez Sara Alicia Olivarez 187 5 gs my Carolyn Petty Anna Iudith Pena Duke Pena Nilda Pena Sandra Pena Y ,,.Ab y H ,' ,, . f -i ix 1 'W is 3 .P . , ,Mfg -1? ta We if i is 4. P We af' ,fm fi' R -if .Jimi bfi, 5 'ara i' 'ff e Daniel Ramirez Edelia Ramirez Felix Ramirez Lisa Ramirez Maria Elena Ramirez 1 me 1 Q 2, ,L -,+- S., A. 4 ,- 'W as nf ,u e H fl? ev" v 14 , i is 4 milfs ,439 if f i ,,.- -of Ai lax ! ' ei' fr?" 43: D ?,'2'VQ1 , : Q' 4 F: is 'F u A . eel ,. iz M .,i , , , i if if 'J , Qi 1 Wi xy l ' P I", ' at 1, W, 4.- V? ' 1. . ,r-W' 4 .J ww, . Aw af-def is R I N, if ,f-V v' ks in I 'Sf 5 'AY' i i R R ii iri 5 R Ai " Wx it '51, " K f i T .Q 3 ,, asia T .,,-- 6 P w ,B Q r Q K 'RM 'H lv. ya tv. Q 5 9? ,id 'li 5 K vi ' ' L ii L iii is iii R or s .. , i 4 V, i i'5Tj It Suzanna Ojeda David Ortiz Juan Manuel Ortiz Rose Nelia Ortiz Luis Ortega - Connie Powell Veronica Prukop Lupita Puente Lucia Quintanilla Baldomero Ramirez Maria del jesus Ramirez Santos Ramirez Maria Ramos Mission Lions Club had the first place float in the Texas .Citrus Fiesta parade. Riding thi- float ff ,af l X X x from MHS were I ' od'1e and atli f' ' -, A731 1 Q Q From junior high were in y Do y and ,Invier Faustino Ramos V H K 1 - I I Mac Randolph 1 X M-Q " J ' u Barbara Reeves , 1' Q H ,- iqifsgw I ,z 0 ' is , I , f -' f W, 'fri ' gf' sf , - if ' we 5. W, D ,, K '. i f if -" :ff Vi' 1 C-intu , r -' f a- ik' f r i wxQ Q, T1 ' ' .im ' g- x A. -, - is 188 1 -,F U ,--' I .Q k5jiP"f,'NL'?f5V J if "L W, -I V F 1-K V . R ,. IAKE J Q 1 V V , X,A,, 1 X A K L'LL f 1 5, I3 .fs .. -1, Q ' ly - Iody Riddling Robert Rivas Terry Rivera Teresa Rivas Linda Rivera r,r 5 y Ti v J 1 'nu ., I A ' ageiff' az J A ' n- , l Norma Lee Rodriguez Ramona Rodriguez Marie Rosales Laura Runnells Esperai Juanita Cunales, left, and Laura Runnels look on Nlrs Bill Ibbotson, developmental reading teacher, the controlled reader. In back is Eclelmiru yi S522 . 5 , K Q 1 1 -s VV 5 V K Saenz A V f 'is I' 1 Xl "' f .rtl if 9 fuul a jfgiflg N A Rosalinda Saldivar Andres Salinas Mario Salinas Beatrice Rendon Eleazar Reyna Iaimc Reyna jimmy Reyna Maria Elena Reyna K 2 af 'TE ' Mfg ii Malia Elena Rivera Cary Robbins Juan Rocha Diana Rodriguez Cloria Rodriguez 1 k A iw I' ww' v H- f Marion-la Saenz Maria Olga Salas Noel Salazar xg ASGQ IW C 10 K 5 idx Q' 5-'H T- ' .fu ffm? Ji Lt. V 'ms i David Sanchez Valentin Sanchez jesus Sandoval Theresa Sgjtz Mike Segundo Sylvia Shiltz Edwardo Sieger Armandina Solis Tommy Stzisny james Stewart Brenda Stuart Joyce Stuhhle-field Chuck Suter Q Gilberto Salinas Gloria Salinas Maria Piedad Salinas f - V if-5 " L h iff " ii I The Greenhand Chapter Conducting Team prac- , as i:'-' , H K tices for Area Leadership Contests. Left to right are Rolando Renteria, Martin Currie, Gilbert pg: Ortiz, Mack Randolph, Bill Leidner, Mike Mann, " Q Terry Lankford. K. N . T - if , N, 5 Ji, Norma Linda Sandova G if, Norma Sandoval , ffk' . 3- Sabas Sandoval 1, 7 Maria Sarabia 'i " , ,, D011 Schibi F 5- 1 fl S M' ' A fm -'v .1 1 ' t ' K f 'f U 7 X My Q , Y r ,Q iv i All 7 I gf .' 4' J ZS K ll, , A f ' RKHIY Z' is ?"il'lr. l ' Jgsfil ' , A , K W . I p or , 1 1 I A V Y W V1 ?'ln"'g fi-3 7 f i Amp w i yy W , it . 4 Maria Solis W y or I Merced sous K My fx Vkikh I I 'mt T , 4"f X Sabino Soto 'K ., gi f -' J ,J Herman Speer Q K ' Linda Stafford dklr W F A L It A I ip, ' A w . S f "7::i!r M I eww O U ii- we ,, 5 A f, ff ,V WE.. 4. g i 2, R mf -Q ,fr - K eft to right are Creenliands initiated into the FA chapter, Larry Schaefer, joe Torres, Calvin McClain, Dennis Holbrook, john Hiller, Steve Ieter, Tommy Waggoner, Aclelaido Rodriguez, David XVhaley, jose Luis Montalvo, Ruben Her- nandez, Don Schibi. Mike Ballard Mabel Vasquez av- zu - Oscar Vasquez . . Alicia xx-ga ' .Zi Hor-tencia Vega A Antonio Vela f ,N V rr,, 'lf ' ' N, W. I kr K . i 4 1 -rf' Q. i. ff . 1. . .if , ' -1-, . ,V ' M-ffqf' " 4. a 1.4. , sg. L 2, . . i ff -A W ' M 221. V-f' jg Xie, ' 'fsxsff X va fn -rm-.4,if... x 1. U if "fir - i S Daniel Villarreal 5 W. l i David Villarreal 1' ' ,- Q ap if loel Villarreal " jg-... Ramiro Villarreal I , ,lax AL,, 'V Ramiro Villarreal i il ii ..' .,,-7.,y 5 ' " A H if rrr 2 ,,,,, K ,' .W H - j - is ' gi. + . H1 . . Agri, 539, .' ifuif M f 'Z R13 il' Q 1. if 353 . 1 P XM . in 'fn 52: D. , "AX: A' - ' . iff' . I H 2- 2 ,a i 4 2 'W ,fr , fb' I if 'T' r- V '- Agp E 5 I x w K ni Q . r qi, E MN .,. L 5' we A ,i i X 2, 2 iff l l firi X 4 ig ,W K. V 'Q 'BM i . .' ' . .i i i. 5 l'l --..' i , f - 93 2 ,r .ll N 1 , i W ' , W Ul f f - . Vx.. Staww ii K M' li" ff iff ,A V, A..g,jiAjl 125 1 Sherrie Sntor Arthur Turbnttun Peggy Tarbutton Robert Tijerina Octavio Trcvino Ioe Torres Sylvia Valadez . Q' 4 S ff-..,. rl.. a a . l N5 sl Rl We l 1 V sw! 5152 IBM KE . Blklflll Este-lla Vela g li San Juanita Velasquez i i""'W ,, . ' , ' " Q Elva Venecia ' ' .K Inanita Venecia Alnan Vera 1 in f 1 anii 5 f. K iff. gel: giefl. 5.1 f . - A ,5 f if ' 1 if 1 i..',.i , .-. A25-:w,2,,2g3Y fl .S f iid fi Rosemary Villarreal Rosa Maria Villegas Debbie XVl1ite Sue Ellen XVielcx Inanita Ybarra 191 192 Registration Ot Students Is A Must To Get The School Yeor Ott Right First task facing school administrators each year is getting students properly registered and in the classes where the belong. As each up- perclassmen goes over his schedule with Mr. Bi1llGroog:m, high school principal, Mr. Ray Myers, assistant principal, or Mr. Clarence Mayes, high school counselor, he is given individual attention as to which grad- uation plan is best for him. p . These girls are helping the principals with schedules. Left to right are Diana Esquivel, Marina Longoria and Gloria Rodriguez while David Bar- nett has his back to the camera. WVorking on schedules with Mr. Myers :irc left to right Esta-lu Quintzuiillu, lXIiu'ina Longo- ria, Diana Esquivel and Gloria Rodriguez, Mr. Myers fills out a schedule for David Burnett as Mr. Groogan works on an- other schedule at the end of the table. Mr. Myers goes over the schedule with Lana Galloway while Vicl Parrish and Gloria Rodriguez wait their turn. i MWMHS-it 5 ADVERTISERS The progressive and civic-minded busi- nessmen and women of Mission have al- ways supported the many activities of the Mission lndependent School District. Many, many times they are called up- on during the school year to help finance activities conducted by the school and have yet to refuse. Without the support ot the merchants and businessmen listed on the following pages, Mission High School would not have a yearbook or school newspaper. We are indebted to them for their con- tinuing support. FOCUS ON FACES 193 W yera's Supply Company , mi K JJ ,XJ U JS Distributors of: , . ' 'i 9 'lannsfield Tires Exide Batteries fl of Lion Oil 61 Grease Remington Arms f DSN Imperial-Eastman Fittings Arvin Radios I GL lp Nm rv3ll21lTlfJlOIl Plugs Purolator Filters X 5. Victor Caskets WValker Mufflers 'Yx' F i N55 Congrotulotes X The 1967-68 Seniors , ,x - ii of H X Mission High School 500 Conway MlssioN, TExAs Jus-1661 194 1967-68 SENIOR CLASS I W5 4 A " flxiiifcsel f . .-I THE NussloN uoNs CLUB rl g Congratulates The Graduating Class September of Larry Garza aaa MISSION HIGH SCHOOL mfr' The nine outstanding young men shown here were recognized as Lions Club Youths-of-the-Month during the 1967-68 school year. The Lions Club honored Eagle Football players with a Banquet. October May John Compton If Francis Currie Sandy Riley N -A ' , u ' 19" :lv N ouember February I A arch Lee Fisher Helle David Merrill Donald Ellis WW S Jaw, ' Dg IN'SU 0' It 9 0 frmam--ffJ4.ULjQ,' af cnnu1nu,nuuLfu, fncu E E Y 'fl-U did. , .:'::::E::z::i, M,SS,ON X, ,,., ,. W GREEN STAMPS W'::5ZU2iH:::E0F J Sooner or Later Phone JUstice 5-1683 Shop at Latefs 1313 Conway Mission 196 - ELLIOT OM WOODS C c vu JI Ol J R. LEHM vlc5.PRss1D BLAIN , VVNEY D WINSTON O I . OF I JE ETTER O ' O O oe,wFLe46Pafldng Q ME BER DIC D I B k g -fav-N A X vftxcp W D X 15" 'two 9' Vxv? 9' X194 Congratulations Seniors: grow. X dx 'QW 1968 03" u", 'XF 900 Conway JU5-1618 FIRST STATE BANK Sf TRUST COMPANY l CONCRATULA1 IONS SENIORS med Supply 1968 'IO6 South Broadway MU 6-6579 MCALLEN, TEXAS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY -0- I Mission, Texas JUS-3388 KEN HEALY, Sales Manager 1 - I -'T BORDER THEATER I Extends Congratulations ' Y E t rtainment Headquarters' in Mission to I O Seniors Mission JU5-1637 COMPLIMENTS .' I OF .' C.. G. DE LA GARZA CO. J ' . ' , NVHOLESALE GROCERS 'W 'W' 115 East 8th Ju 5-1362 J"-QP J -1 1 W. l , 0 MISSION J if J i al gf f - Qivx Ccrmpliments of . . . 9 V 531' MTG L RIC sLovER PHARMACY . 9 U lghway 83 -I -1654 :um MISSION, TEXAS B y Park Shopping Plaza 1127 East 9th St. BEN CAVAZOS Owner I MISSION CONGRATULATIONS I 'R S in ui ' Q CENTRAL PIJWER AND LIGHT COMPANY BRYAN PARK HUMBLE BUFORD LARY 1211 E. 9TH MISSION, TEXAS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 1968 .Jfame Qufuuktfxavi Since f906 L Easy 1012 Conway U5-3281 Terms Mission, Texas ' U5-1531 I f- I , I ' 'Si' I J Y BRITTUNS I - if I 4 g .IJN3 I :1'.P.I5LRY , K I. N 1 QW ' '17 ivjsv ' HE 2.5. fi II, 1' ,. 'I " X- T X A ' ' .5 'I C I REGISTERED DIAMONDS 0 1 1 I WATCHES - GIFTS - SILVER ,V , , A t I PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES a. . I , X 4 EQUIPMENT . ' I: N A zoo s. Main Mem.. ..... MU6.8332 X I I 3 I I ' , ,Y 4 I , . CONGHAI ULATIONS ' g The Valley Since 1924 SENIOHS OF '68 ' 0 'A' 924 Conway Ave. JU 5-2691 TIPTON CHEVROLET CO. MISSION MISSION 199 E59 i QQ. Q4 K Vik hu ymmuwgq 9, fM wfwwmix , "Helping MHS Build Men" cnnus BRYAN PARA' SHOPPING PLAZA MnwMuM PPIOE MAXIMUM 0uAc1fr and TH E .I EW EL BUX Z I 1 i 1 A 1 I 0 CASH 0 CREDIT 11I TAAA A 2 1 ? . ,1' Irrgrh kk Ml T Two Locations to Serve You . . L b 1 A fi?-'tivw' I t .,f., . own own u 1 3 K I2 S. Mom St. IH,if'?z1Ff 'X o.io I 1 1 I A I I I ' I I Suburbia . . . ZJo S11,1 h 2213 N. IOth o u 5 Compliments of 721: . ,Jawa 1 qfwciwn The Showplace of the Valley LADIES' EASHIONABLE APPAREL YOUNG GIRLS' LATEST LOOKS Use Our Convenient Lay-a-way or One of Our Generous Charge Plans. CONGRATULATIONS fvfli ' -"f' 'ah 'SI ,4 ij?'- , . S E N I O R S fm A A IRMA'S BEAUTY SALON to f3s'ii? 31If+I'I3M5-Fifi LE 121 11. IZTH ST. 111 5-1233 JQTYVVJ I Mfjf OW Jfiitokww M THE MISSION TIMES IS YOUR HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER Keep Up with Activities of Present ond Future Interest to MHS Students in THE MISSION TIMES FOR ALL YOU UTUR5,4.P",Qj I I5 SAN BORN'S AIRLINES - TOURS RESERVATIONS MEXICO AUTO INSURANCE 2001 South 10th McAllen MU2-S401 TRAVEL? ANS . . . CA 201 I I , Your John Deere Tractor and Farm Implement Dealer Parts and Service E IIIIAKS IIIARIIN 11111111 EUMPINI, 11. I ' I MISSION TEXAS JEMQWQQIWW We are proud To be working with The Mission Independent Schools through R Future Farmers of America. we KSXMARTIN, President Le 42,610 Z5 ROSC E. WATKINS, Vice-Presiden'r W JOH LANE, Secretory 81 Treasurer , 1 IN IY K m n S of I ongratu zons . I x ce ' SEN' ons! ' I DAQ ' 'UI LII X 31 11 I' 1?3I W x." 3 ' OI? ' G 62450 o . 5 L I L I J P. as 3 f QW X ial nl s X N Q1 I SSI , ar 21 v 9 ' I I I A II I Gwjpk , I I I LI I ww N3 1138 E, Highway 83 JU 5-9191 I I 'bi IIQHII A 5 X ' A PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY SALON Our Specialty - Hair Shaping MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS 1312 Conway IU5-2312 202 Campliments of . . . I BOB HOWELL'S INTERSTATE FURNITURE CO. "Serving Upper Valley Since 1947, 1005-07 Conway Ave. MISSION 9 WX Dm WW A I 4322? iii tifzw M 9 I gif ffyy kink 09 nf .Mission l Extends Sincere Congratulations to the ,. ,Q .Qs SENIORS OF 1968 .b Q' OF I-'ICERS LLOYD M. BENTSEN, PRESIDENT L. A. BUESCHER, EXECUTIVE VICE PRES. H. D. GARRETT, VICE PRESIDENT MRS. DORIS WARD, CASIIIER MRS. CLARA CHAMPION, ASS'T. CASHIER MRS. MARY RAMEY, ASS'T. CASHIER EZEQUIEL ACEVEDO, ASS'T. CASHIER C. E. LANGSTON, TR., ASS'T. CASHIER msu 9 0 7 R W QQ 1 M' S' Q ., nuxnuun Q' Q q nusunuucz . Q C! , Folk um X ul ton E 0 S a ' I -Q DIRECTORS ELMER C. BENTSEN LLOYD M. BENTSEN I. M. BLANKENBAKER L. A. BUESCHER H. D. GARRETT C. B. DE LA GARZA DR. I. C. MARTIN FELIX T. MARTINEZ W. R. PARRISH '7 D. G. WOOD, JR. JAMES A. WOOD Cwnplimenfs Of Compliments of I MISSION HARDWARE AND I Wood Bros. Drilling Co. SUPPLY COMPANY I JUs'rice 5-1321 'k I X Mission, Texas 78572 JU 5-2341 MISSION f ,f I 'I I l I i i fi X Q '. 1 I . I X fj II Seniors - 1968, I5 I I j Com li nts . . , , I is VII GOOD UCKI I P Dwi -- n Your I mey ff .. RADIATOR SERVICE Thmu Life! ' MISSION I I fg I Kenneth White, Suptf of Schools I 307 W. 10th JU 5-3461 Bin Omogang High ch 1 Pxfincipa Ray Myers, Assi t Prin 'pal I Phone MU 5-3351 I C0"wII"'mS of CONGRATULATIONS ,X 9C1M- OJe 8UMiy dO!O7l av w OWNER BILLY TILLER I PHONE .1U5.2331 Inc- Ladies, Ready to Wear II2I E. HWY. 83 MISSION TEXAS 78572 101 S. Main McAllen Tex Y A CONGRATULATIONS Bestwzshes I E A G L E S A I I I .Q 'a w -,---,,.:.h RADIO INTERNATIONAL 'I uire 51, NORTH TENTH K I R T . A SHOPPINO ' If 3. CENTER 1000 Watts - 1580 KC z ff IN MCALLEN I . I J ' ' I L Y ' S1 SVC CSS! I' X 1 T1,,xSSc SS I , H LU I Compliments of . . . HARMONY HGUSE Valley Home of Baldwin Organs and Pianos X ' A Sales - Service - Rentals 708 N Sf' 41 EjU1iY?65?3 ' ION Mission Harlingen I . CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS I 1 X LU RIVE- 1967-68 I I Congrotulclfes I MISSION ICE AND GROCERY ' MISSION 5 N 1001 Dunlap 8 MISSION, TEXAS I ' I ' My-S I , Si C0ng"f1fUIf1fi0m fl'QSs1m 415537901 ' " ITSCIIOOI, to SENIORS A, . Cn ' I , Q '68 yu? Nag? -I 9225553 7 65993 . f ' c. MARTIN, M, . ' . S. LIVENGOOD, M.D. A. F. NORDMEYER, .D. Vw M I MISSION AUTO SUPPLY RAY L' YOUNG' MD' I MISSION Extend Wishes to the Board of Education Mission Independent School District . v Vp MISSION SENIORS memS Q 1968 yd of .SAX X'-as L bb' . P ANA MATERIALS Congratulations from 3 uq uf' I 60 STOVER'S CABINET SHOP MISSION ir Mission, Texas - I Harmon Bodine 2 05 Compliments of . ,. . ALLEN BRUNE CO. The Only Exclusive F armall Dealer in the Valley RIO CLAY PRODUCTS CO. Division Pozzolana. Inc. 'llvlcplmm' IU 5-371482 117 IC. 12111 1'. U. llmx 949 MISSION, TEXAS 785722 M1ll1lll'z1c'll1rr'rs Ola Red Clam? N I . K Jus-1696 Mission, Texas . VNV so Cmigmlulrzlinns to Class of 196-S X 53 T CIF I-U . from 3 , 1 I s - 0 was gg 968 will so X I QRS Z I 3? Q34 , Qt? FN 'J Q XQ QSM N? S from Q S is W Q D? e ss wg I ' MISSION, TEXAS "Serves You Better and Serves You More" QESWUROP R'S of Mission 'CONGRATULATIONS CLASS RINGS . . ' Bur Youn cuss nme IN me Monsnu MANNER 'AG N EW I 'LUMBER COMPANY , . HiWH!HQIIHIHHHHHWHIHHIHW I E ,. s,xYEsAiqI1, ,f,z I Eresdnf rules permif you 'X if ' -if 1,2-if ? E l K ' A Io seieci' your own ring E ' ' with s choice sf- MISSION. - 0 Semi-precious sfones ' I O Diamond fop , Q 1 . E ' gn gsffikg . 0 While or yeliow gold 1 ' I Encrusiecl iniiials VI nfynvdg- mb Q Armcando Flores Gro. 8s Mkt. qi,,m 9 L ALL of 'ihese exlras al' I lllllnmllillllliliii I I COM"ET'l'VE "NCES- GROCERIES, MEATS and FRESH VEGETABLES EAGLES 0,9 Best Prices - Highest Quality H Y A T T 1 S J E W E L E R S Service Firsl 716 Conway Niissiony Texas JU5,230l 1315 Austin MU 6-6451 McAllen, Texas Wi 1 AN .T .x,x.. ,-,ff W NM-15,1-V 1 . ' . . 1 CUNGRATULATIONS SENIURS ywb ni n J 25 N, f LW.tj,L,d,ufCfcM,0Z mO Mi4,gZfJM0 VMBEN F RANtKLlN STORK75 CQLQJ MR. AND MRS. S. C. ROTH Xgdxifajsj Not'onoIIy Known - Locally Owned Ll' yi Q? Compliments of . . . Q Q Home Room A MISSION HUMBIE SERVICE Hen lf5?f235,D9eq! STATION ggi kg, QQ Jig? "24-Hour Servicev 2322 N- 10th St' I MC 921 Dunlop Mission, Texas MU 6-10 I 1 Findley Bodine ff I Io! MISSION FEED 81 SEED STORE Phone IU 5-1511 704 S. Conway MISSION, TEXAS We Appreciate Your Business 4 1 Compliments of . . . MANHATTAN CAFE A "Next To Your Home The Best Place To Eat" JACK PICKLE W. C. MORRIS Portraits - Commercial - Passports Weddings: Black and White Natural Colors FELIX STUDIO 712 Conway Ave., Mission, Texas Phone IU5-1578 Color Photography by Mr. and Mrs. Felix Ramirez lift I IW CONGRATULATIONS ev!!! 'f WWMIQQATUL 1oNs MHS SENIORS It-rlpfl L f from ,'6l I N WILLIAMS PLUMBING KESW AN SHOP COMPANY Mission, Texos V I MCALLEN - MISSION W. W TEXAS I C0'f1gfl1?fUlllfi0H-S' Congratulations To M .H .S . to Senims SHERWIN-WILLIAMS ' COMPANY MISSION PAVING . COMPANY' INC' 1008 Conway Ave. JU 5-S121 MISSION HARLINGEN MISSION Congratulations to Seniors MISSION GULF SERVICE 1019 North Conway H.E.B. FOOD STORE Best in Quality Friendliness and Service MISSION, TEXAS II4 W. 9th St. Mission VV. T. Haugarth CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Exclusive A. B. Dick Distributors 1968 With OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 1324 East Highway RIO GRANDE VALLEY GAS COMPANY Call MUG-8315 for Fast Service McAllen, Texas Serving You Since 1927 e s Caia VALLEY TRANSIT co., Inc 'WM S M M I Q "A Friendly Valley Service" - -4'X.3Cw-N M GOOD LUCK SENIORS J Q Q P. O. Box 1870 Harlingen Texas ,, - ..... .,.,. ,. 5-4-: ., ,. """ " -"" A -"- 1 ...A ....:-,mf-1f'f"" ' I 52552211 .. , a2.EE?Ea23, i .nz--jf ,.g,'.1.j-1 I' e' ,. . 5 ,xg-1:51011 55:51 Q - 1525251315 15 ,v 2153: 5,U..,15:,., " ,1 yy . gig:-E. .-.giziua d EEE ... 1352523523 " 1" 1-' 4 V-T21 1 . .,fE2"f'fQ' H -' 1 I ' 351252 ii? 'E52EiE:? 21F1Eig2 .EE 222' --1 if ' 5 S1323 w af , .4--32321 I-A-- - '-'- '- ' " - ,E 122-2.'.f I EH wewf-I-?'4 11- 1, -112 11-1' -H , .- --1-S:- 'x 1 1 --IE' ' Pi- Q 2:1' , -' ' .,- , fgr":7 4 ':-:.::.gr,.I2E1.i , S1311 " "" " -. 1. 51 aq liziz. li-VS 'NF ' ' 'F' "" " 1:- .. er:z:a:e'.f .-M5223-.J .jileliiif-' :ami - , x :rgfg5ig:g,I.,,::2,q' ,, 45:gi52222'2gag:ggagieggegzggggagaiigqg , gs '- , 112218 . ia uits2?'2:a2e2fL-Q1:-2253255525211522222222222222ia?a222i2a2e2a2iz222Ei2EzS2 , 22 V55 '51-""" f3:2L"75:ZgC4'3. ' fi 1-4 'g2513f0:1'7I.'1:5i252 2 -13' :1,"C'l:1:5Z5: giglgklifrit ii , ,'. H ,,... I f . ,. ' I ' M' 1 MMO co. my 0WuEhq Ford Dealer WW Extends Best Wilvhes to MISSION SENIORS OF T968 SEE US ABOUT A NEW FORD - v C,1n,,mml11 Lf1f1 .Q to the 6,111.5-.Q of 1968 T H E B A T H E Y S GIFTS AND FLOWERS 1201 Dolm-fy MISSION HIGHLAND PARK DUNCAN INSURANCE CO. 218 E. 10th JU 5-1641 TELEVISION ' A r COIICZITIUIIIITQ and Rcfrigerrztio EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS To PHONE JUS-3945 MISSION "EAGLES" . 1007 Hlghlund Park AVC NI Texqs WZVMW1 W' WEE' isrfiiwrfiw BENTSEN DEVELOPMEJIIT C0. vw. M1 l3F2lXF3EIFIQIJI'T EIEJVVI. SPORTS cENTER,1Nc. if Bowling -k Billiards Route 1, BOX 276 Phone Ju 5-2041 ir Archery if Skciting SNACK BAR MISSION, TEXAS . . vb-Qi' Mx 4175 ,CQ S 5SVQ5QyX'lf51xi3jTgfVi455'v' Sgiofx M5 We 'igfifiiiyx I exp C I Rofs Qiwfgg. GIQQAT UNATQE. gif! rv 3915 .QP 5" Q R I SIMM v5 9 -. By -L . 05 BARBER SHOP BEAUTY SHOP Kg ilk! I I 909 Conway 1418 Conway 19 . 655 B' P IESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS C' 8' 5' Lips Gifts and Accessories re phone Ju 5-1685 53,13 Q ww W1-IQ, R x . will I . 6: I Sy ' 601 L0 "Eat Lunch At Our F ountainv I Q 0,0 gi .ml I - L I ,X I , ,C -in UARY Io .91 I XQIXN 'A' 1 IQ I MISSION W of MISSION MOBIL TREE-HEET The New and Better Kind of Solid Fuel Frost Freeze Protection Mobil Oil Corporation 718 Holland Ave. P. O. Box MISSION, TEXAS 96 COMPLIMENTS OF T. FEMAT 8. COMPANY WHOLESALE SCHOOL SUPPLIES P. O. Iiox S89 Mission, Texas I. M. BIANKENBIIKER 'lr GOODYEAR TIRES SINCLAIR OILS 'A' 812 Miller MISSION E8 DODGE CHARGER RIT A 'Em wifi 'rlAc,Da9ccSc0f946, W ei? X 0 COMPLIMENTS OF LLLlMLl.Ci. Moron coMPANY Your Dependable DODGE Dealer , 513 East Highway N99 J -lU5'27'l5 1- lX,KjqiJig!x9T JGAUJ' I V051 W' , IN AQ 1 I V U48 lmgnfs, -, DE LOS SANTOS 1 " C . . .wiv Y L f xt' XJ -' I flv-AA.Ai,i.kjxlk'1i , f.,n,,, F K' PHILLIPS 66 'W wg Aeeee Q Q ee-1e L SJW? ..-,, . ,--.f - '--.gg. V "1' "S -' Al - D Q Gai 1 , f ermce ways 0, MARIO DE Los SANTOS flip A ' ' jU5-9001 C0n,gratuIati0n.s In Clz1.s'.s' of 1968 3. - Y ,, f -. 3- ,fr ' . E1 s-- "' o . - ,, WNW. -.4 .. ... . .. N. .. McAllen, Texas ANDREWS CLEANING AND LAUNDRY I CENTER Pickup and Delivery 17 Phono jU5-2021 1500 Conway MU Air Conditioned - Coin Operated I S I' C C E S S .7 TO THE CLASS OF 1968 EW E FSIIEZN aff' South Main 6-2192 MGALLEN 9 I ' 526 f 5 .III .I I x 6 IR 1 K 1 31 xg' O x,. If -3: OF 68 ,I .I. C. Balli H. C. Jeffries, Ir. I S ,A ' , f I 1 I I MISSION REXALL DRUG I B UM I EQ Lib STORE I 1 T 0 I MMI " I X JU 5-1532 MISSION V 15451 U5' J - It Pleases Us To Please You I I . CONGRATULATIONS om limens . . . t GRADUATES OF T968 'I' T OMPSON'S E TRIC SERVICE from Pat Thompson I MISSION CLEANERS 911 Mlller Ave. IU 5-2142 MISSION 1627 CONWAY JUS-3462 FONTANA MOTOR HOTEL CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 1968 P. O. Box 966 Conmpliments of IM'IETSffH'I1 83 'e as G e 'Q ways LANKFORD'S GROCERY IU 52785 Mission, Texas Fashion Center of Mission DONDLINGER'S For Ladies and Children O Bensqm RCA G. E. - Friedrwh F rnit 913 Conway Ave. Phone IU 5-2511 . MISSION, TEXAS MISSION Q Cold Beer Q Picnic Supplies Q Ice Q Cold Cuts MISSION ESQUIRE DRIVE-IN GROCERY Q ' I Air Conditioned Specializing in Mexican Foods - fx' Q - I W8 Mile N01-th Conway C I T R U S C A F E Mission, Texas '- 'Z I I Telephone TU5-9104 1 'IPIOP' Refugflo Alelos I Owners .Ioan 81 Travis Vollinering 709 Conway IU5-9053 I k l i' 1 l CASANOVA RADIO 8g TV SERVICE We Do All Kinds of Repairs With all good wishes for a happy future VALLEY MERCANTILE CO., INC. 700 S. Conway Ave. Mission, Texas MCALLEN, XAS 6 - I I j I Congratulations MHS Seniors ,67-68 xp W G e eeee 2712 NO. IOTH - MCALLEN OP 1 Cash rs Inc. MISSION, TEXAS : M8iH BEAUTY SHOP VALLEY BRICK 8g TILE - Maria and Hilda I 'A' Mission, Texas I 216 MaYbeTrY Rd- JU 5-1287 1'What the Valley Makes, A Makes the Valleyl' MISSION 214 Congratulations Seniors! ofa ollomifa E-,gona C L U B Pita Flores lst Vice-Pres. Arturo Montes 2nd Vice-Pres. Javier Femat Srd Vice-Pres. A. C. Gorena President Arturo Gonzalez Sec.-Treas. J. C. Chapa Tail Twister Ezequiel Acevedo Lion Tamer Success to the Class of T968 S. N. DE MEX. HARVEY A. BRUNS BRUNS WORLD CGIN CENTER 15 s. 15TH - MCALLEN, TEXAS Specializing In Coins Of Mexico dy Central America Bus. MU 2-8612 Res. JU 5-2247 Mailing Address P. O. Box 93 MISSION, TEXAS 78572 LIFE MEMBER LIFE MEMBER A. N. A. T. N. A. COMPLIMENTS OF CITRUS MANAGEMENT INC. 5M North Conway, 23A West JU5-1031 coNoRATuLAnoNs TO CLASS or '68 BENTSEN 81 BENTSEN GROVE CARE 1708 North Conway Mission, Texas Phone JU5-3314 Phone JU5-1570 215 J lggloz, wi, 9155 Z2 Lanai mime may mmf 2 Www, ebeqwwfo ww ,jpg Awmffw m doeelewc bllnv... ,acl-2fQfQ"" 'T .f we HQVTM PROMPT PERSONAL ATTENTION to YOUR ORDER af C-Q6 I K QVI O A X' If fo 9 I I., , . 'L - 1' ,sa -f -5 ,,, . .2 xx ..r" ' 'N No matter how large or how small your prmtmg order SL lt recelves detarled personal attentnon from our skrlled K craftsmen Tunes Pubhslnng Company customers are a sured servloe and ualxty when they lace thelr prmtm 94 X orders Call us to y at IU5 1631 or any commercl xc pnntmg or 0fflC6 supply need .Q Y -Q qt TIMES PUBLISHING CO T-'T U PRINTERS - PUBLISHERS - STATIONERS ' r R 3 . . I J -A N- ll'l7 Conway Phone JU 5-1631 Mlssnon, Texas Q-L ' s E - c x Q L5 ' IL 5 Q 'Q ' W " Q.: Q -Q ls K lislwrs of the weekly Mission Eagle newspaper and the I C 1968 Mission Eagle H igh School Annual. Q X 5 x I 'S if 'ss lin C 1 P C " 216 W V. Q Vx' 'f L 'I' ,AK 'Q , N ' ,4 !gf"'Nf- iw Wx .. A "3 QQ 'Q 'Y I' wma . 1 -5 JD f- 11?-W2 mi 'WW ,X ..,. -- wg if ,',f Q ,,X, xfj 'L N VN? W 'P ITEQTQFQ f W.- A E-.4-xxillqivn, ,W-".1 2-I fy V rVyiLxfA A -M' QQRR W 5,5 Y A 5, , 'W J ,A 'K 35, Wh ggi? 'M '91 X IEEE, fi' 'QF xx w X 1 .:: gg!! fi ., , - , -q-Q., , MU? 4 M' J: Q an 2' cf' . MQW! ff jf ., A 'S --'- .--, ' ' RV. .' if NJ fx 117115-' P H5"i' V Efx-.4 1 fi " ff "S . ' xi H N Q ee if-H fifplb WW if f W ,J Mxixmlxxf ir: iw ff gbR?,:.,,. -hui u,.E,L.qp + . if J J ,J 'C 1: x flak J fn- W M ff if f 'H Tr' . ,fw U f 7 Q xv 1 W LN YIQEJQVJ A -I'-QFXF, ,Q N?-xff' K x'ff1f, ' lb :J-,AQ J., 'Y-...iq In rm fi 'J f -' X, N JJ K , O W v ' ? -1 X xx A fi ' A NX r X 0 ,f f X rj-Q5-I L 1' fx I M 33 aww , 3 X 5 ',, 3-IU, 5, w .f 1 VN l Q' , y I 'ku Q N W N M 1 . y i 4 ,Lr Q Wy " , 1? f - 'w Y

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