Miramonte High School - Mirada Yearbook (Orinda, CA)

 - Class of 1960

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Q WW W is Sf? "1 W x Gil Wwifgiliifi Q56 . QQ ' X Q , Q fvfh up ik Q nf gag? X ?iiQ? 53X W 35355 'ggi SQQES, 513 M55 58351 3333533 figa3' Ei'3i?3553Q53J 'w Q03 3 NN Q 5 , we M, gg? Q W 21 SQ Kiklxgigggri fv 4 . , xg W. X N, N, Slf K v:fJxXN '. Q Q5 gg Q I X5 385313 MB, T 'Y , 4!l!lSl"-.4.,.,.,,, L- 1 ffpff' 5523? 262 yy-91 if ' Nc -if 412527 ski? 5 'J 5 1 f' g If , gfd'Al7"cT xdLk'!4:? Q ' ' 1 L' J L' . ,L jJj' w ig ,fl'fc4,11'7UnL3!yurf 5 R ff:1"' f 1-K" LU' W' x flff' A '. ' Li 1 Hf'L, Ld nf ,fhgij ,QLI , fi " 5,17 'fig' " M if , ,fl V Qf K L' 'p',QQ,Ll11 vjfkfgbwl J Martini! , JL, if . ., X F, nv,-r,,fg I ff2.ffL'L fp! 'ff ffmtllf A g' xg! V. Tb L 'YL' 1 . KQV fp 'VL ,V f wifi? X IWM6 l in ' Q FF W Q M ff + wi ,e15 XL H I, gf ' f M S' Elf! , ly! , XL Q9 X W W7 HL f -fl pf WZM1zM 5 , ' M? f wr O ,wh , M I ,p . V Rf' rf , 1-f 4 . 1 'I I!-7 -1 v Q v f f f , X " . .4 ' w.. ' f' wfsff lv M3 3 f y qi TT? 312323 ix ?El55 5 X Sli QD ggfi CN SW? 5558253 gg EN ,WVU J xii K M, 4, Q N A X, -5522? X N ?5if?X3Qg,Zi FN Q 225 ypgsy ax ' 'QQ A 1 S xg ,M Mriibgg Q vMyiP kW 5259 , 2, M WW Bw 32215 ,Rf-5,2 N gzzgmmw W fA5?f H wi2QQ OS V K gl 'X-A J' S W g,:f gm ff 1 , I :JM :,,k. vw., 5 fj P 5 ,,, .X E. HQ- F, . R P' Q-. K g 2251.5 EF? M' I W QB ff fQff A JQU06 Darin 6205 ' R551 C'41. gQ 5? b Dfw f yay' 3351? hi pf- My ,ww f M WW www - ' ' , A Q Pk 14 l,, , N, XV X ,7 . N R' vw' X 1 fx M J ,- AJ, W 3 i .1 1 J Sb, x vf W Ln ix M1 Mf ,W '-.X W 1.4 w V xx NUR r 7 X, :V -1 . K b .f M1 ik' A 'x ' x xr' .Xb Xf X Xxxxfv -Rf A . J , KX - ' , S., NX- , 's.X ML' Y rw X , In, 37 N 77, .v , X xv, f . x , , X1 'az Y' XA x 'XX 1 V A gd XC ki v. LX, .xg- ff ,X , N N1 X ,' ' gy ' --U. x :W ,xv Q N I X 5. M '13 , 32' X X 'U' 5 V KA ' N NT 1' nip S J J T N ,N Lf M. . K N- 'vm J' W fr-qufk"'d ,Lf Qu' xv, -L F! A 'x N4 K F0 -' gr . 31 -. tg ks-.4 X . N V' " .K 525313 X KVQ km X -'M ' UM . I '4 , ' f MM . A J '- f' f Ill X x W . N2 . . X X I Q fRXw'f kf"2wi 3. NY. V5 .L -3 k nf' 1 X ,X 9 :N ww- k x m,,Lgqx'2fw-ff - gigffgy - Q ww-Ee . N -X 5 , ww gg 3 We D We the 1960 MIRADA staff dedicate this year- book to you, the "l 2th Man." Your enthusiasm, spirit, and dedication to our football team brought Miramonte the great honor of winning the Foothill League Sportsmanship Trophy. You were equally sincere and faithful when they suffered a loss, as you were in their first vic- tory, in which they defeated San Ramon High School 13-O. The two car caravans showed the "l2th Man" in action. The fantastic turnout of people and the painstaking work done in decorating the cars, typifies the school's enthusiasm for their team. We sincerely believe that the "l2th Man is something which our team, school and commun- ity can really be proud of. We hope this tradition will carry on through the years and that the "l2th Man" will always stand behind its team and seevthem through many more victories. fi W W lifwfff fra W MM amfenw 6 D KATHIE CALHOUN, VEEP g MARIO GUARNERI PRESIDENT RUTH THOMPSON, TREASURER 6 BARB SYVERUD, SOCIAL SECRETARY BETTY DE FRANCO, SECRETARY JEFF NEIGHBOR, YELL-LEADER il- ii- ,-Lanai f 3 DISPLAY COMMITTEE ASSEMBLIES COMMITTEE Q lj ,,I. ...E ' I TOP ROW: C. Oliphant, C. Gilmore, R. McCosker, S. Lahti, K. Rigor, T. Ferguson, J. Noller. SITTING: S. Campbell, H. Harris, K. Calhoun, D. Cook. TOP: B. Nickerson, B. Bozek. SITTING: T. Clarke, J. Hopkins, B. Syverud, F. Neighbor. FINANCE COMMITTEE STUDENT CONTROL COMMITTEE TOP ROW: B. Williams, J. Lewis, M. Howe, D. Stark. SITTING B. DeFranco, B. Guarneri, E. Lopez-Bruno, J. Lucas. C. Mossoffo, R. Thompson, J. Knudsen, B. Klopfer. GROUNDS AND CAFETERIA COMMITTEE fr J L TOP ROW: J. Neighbor, B. Brown, R. Thaman, J. Miller, C Pedersen. SITTING: B. Thrailkill, K. Williams, B. Brush, C. Cline fx 1' 4 Jef Q v ' Qwwiaazee ' 4 N In 155 4 4 fi J' on Yi! JK :st . Y 1 ' if V 'C' 4 4 fra? J K x X h I' ' Q + K f sz A . zif- f 1 J f 'E of ,I ' M1 ffm Q J 5C 141 L12 7 'Q az f x., ffl .C ,f' 609 Oiif! CL? QL? Ili! f, 9 44,1 E'-O WJMM 6 K QD 'Z ' 'ZI79 11 f 7942 mf, f -fo C' vw 1 Q ,Q ff gfvcffy, Q A 9 71 Lf! QL . LV J f Q5-NV JCL 4 yy f1,"'! 2 236141 1 , Q 1v7V .,1W ' . X 'Exp J 1 f f lx L ' . X lk rc? If Q1 m1 M . 1"1:a. W- 1-af ng-vi - r vW:i11-va. -W wf,fm,,,,,,Q,,,,. l PRESIDENT Milt Howe xoim E5 SEC vyc 12535046 Many iETApy .h Maeyer TREASURER SOCIAL SECRETARY Carol McChesney Enid Hennessey Mr. Anderson Charles Blue Judy Ageno Jeff Neighbor Mr. Tutton DEVRA ABEND1 Trans. from Acalanes I1 French Club I, 21 Drama Club I1 Ar? Club I, 2, 3, 41 Likes books, Dislikes raIlies1 going Io Cal. LONNIE ANDERSON: G.A.A. I1 Frosh V.P.1 Rally Comm. 21 Sfudenl' Council 21 Assl. Yell Leader 31 Pom-pon Girl 41 Likes bubble gum, gislikes Taffic 1icke'rs1 going fo San Jose fafe. BOB BAILEY1 Block "M" 21 Likes cars and hunfing1 going lo U. of California al' Davis or Fresno Slafe. JUDY AGENO1 Sludenl Body Sec. 31 Sludenf Council I, 31 A,F.S. 21 Girls' League Council I1 Jr. and Sr. Council rep.1 may go 'ro Holy Names or S.F. Stale. MICHELE ANGELO1 GAA I, 2, 3, 41 CSF I, 2, 3, 41 Spanish Club 2, 31 AFS 2, 31 Ski Club 2, 41 Rally Comrn. 3, 41 Pom-pon Girl 31 Assf. Yell Leader 41 Annual 41 DAR Awardg Going lo college. JUDY BAKER: Math Club I1 Photography Club I, 21 Spanish Ckub I, 21 FTA I, 21 GAA I, 3, 41 AFS 31 Business Club 31 Ski Club 3, 41 going lo Diablo Valley College. VIRGINIA ALLEN, "Ginny"1 Trans. from Sacramenlo 41 A.F.S. 41 Likes Jaguars, Dis- likes unnalural blonde hairg going lo Sacra- menlo SIaIe1 Upelile blonde." CAROLYN ARCHER, "Arch"1 Rally Comm. I1 GAA I1 Ski Club 2, 41 Business Club 31 French Club 3, 41 Likes Ioodg Dislikes SnObS, going Io San Jose Slafe. KATHRYN BAKER, "Kaly"1 Frosh Sec.1 Rally Comm. 2, 31 Rally Comm. Sec. 31 Ski Club 2, 3, 41 Likes wafer skiing and fralernily par- Iies1 going fo Cal. REG BARRETT, Lalin Club I, 25 Pholo Club GARY BLACK, AFS 3, Ski Club l, 2, 3, 42 CHARLES BLUE, "Charlie", Spanish Club lg I, 21 Wreglling 45 likcs qunf, Dislikcs Eno- Likes L-ongo parlics, Dislikes lorciqn cars: Rally Cornrn, 2, 33 VP Rally Con-rn, 3, Fool l'sh and TVg going lo Oregon Slalev. going 'o Sl. Mary's3 "daddy cool," ball Z, 4, Wreslling 3g Block "M" 2, 3, 43 Sr. Council, going lo Cal: "one of Ihv liinidoclsfl EDGAR BOEGLR, "Bud", Block "M" I, 2 WILLIAM BOEGER, "Willie"g Likes ranch- ROBERT SOLE: CSF lg Mnlh Club 2, L'kes 3, 47 Chorus l, 2, 3, Track I, 2, 4, Foolball ing one srudying rocksg going lo Diablo loolball qarncs, Diilikes wrecklcas driyingj qo- 2. 3. 43 Wrcsllinn 2, 3, 42 Qffino 'o Dhhlo Valley Collcgc, "rho easy going lypcf' ing lo Diablo Valley College. Valley Collcgcj "Joe Sporlf' SYIVIA BQLMAN, "Sy", Ski Club I, 2, 3, 4, Pl-llL BORGESj Trans, from Son Lorenzo I, JAMES BOTTO, ".lirri"g Band l, 2, Chorus GAA I, 2, 35 AFS l, 2, 3, 45 French Club 3i Foofball 43 Truck 2, 33 Wrcslling 2, 3, 4, I, 2, 3, 4, Drama Club I, 2, 3, 4, Aff Club Block "M" I, 2, 3, 45 Likes sporrs, Dislikrs 2, 31 Likes College "Men," Dislikes Ger- PlYmOUlll5I QOVIQ 70 COllCC1'?- rivan Shepard puppies, going lo College. I2 MARGARET BOWLER, "Peggy", Trans. from Los Angeles, Business Club 3, Journalisrn Slaff 4, Likes clorlies, Dislikes Iardies, going Io Inc U. of Oregon. RUSSELL BRIGGS, Main Club 2, 33 Main Club Treas. 25 Audio Visual I, 2, 33 Elec- Ironics Club 2, 3, 4, Likes sailing, Dislikes foreign languages, going Io Cal. HILARY O. BROWN, Lalin Club I, 23 Drarna Club l, 2, Mafh Club l, 2, Cliorus I, 2 FTA 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensernble 3, 41 AFS I ' Cross I ' 2, 3, 4, gf. Red , 2, 3, 4, CSP I, 2, 3, 4, going To Sfanford, Meri? Scliolarsnip Semi-Finalisr. JAMES BOYD, "Jim", Trans. from Bellarr mine, Block "M" 3, 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Ski Club Pres. 4, Spanish Club 4, Sr. V.P., Foorball 3, 4, go'ng To Davis, "liero." KATHIE BROBECK, GAA I, Jr. Red Cross I, Ari Club I, AFS 3, 4, Lalin Club I, 2, French Club 3, 4, Likes swirnrning, Dislikes srudying, going To an Easlern College, LEONARD BROWN, "Carl", Fooiball I, Bas- kelball I, 2, Likes ham radio, Dislikes school, going fo Diablo Valley College, STEPHEN BRADLEY, "Sieve", Trans. Irorw Sanla Rosa 4, L'kes money Dislikes lrowe work, going Io Cal. BRUCE BROMLEY, Malh Club I, 2, Baseball Manager 3, Likes food, going Io San Jose Slafe. WILLIAM BROWN, "Bill", Larin Club I, 2, Foofball 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 4, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Block "M" 2, 3, 4, Sfudenl Council I, 2, 3, 41 Jr, Class Pres, Wlieel Club 2, 3, 4, Wheel Club Pres. 4, Sopn. Class Treas., Block "M" Pres. 4, going Io Sianlord, Meril' Scholar- slnip SerriifFinalisI. LARRY BUTIITR, Tmnw, 'row' Bcrkr-Im' IIIQI 3, CIwrr.s I 7, Y, 4, I'Ifs ',In"'pf' r1f1I'Iq I O.1kIAnI CII, CWIII-r1f'. MICHAEL CAIN,I'IvIIkO"1pInnsIo work aIIcr Link ff1'o::Ij 'nm GO on To College, JIM CARTERQ Tuma. Irorn CITED Ig BnfPbQfI JUD CARTER, SkI CIub I, 2, Golf 3, L7kes I 33 Ihw Iwmv- Lund wfxrrxr ckffnn, DIsIIkf'f, wwrrkfrnffs and xsknnll, DIsIikes drIvInq IwI KW'HK'IP WIN f0fv1r'ninj GOING In DILxbIo VJI b'oIlsnr's car' is InInIng IIN: Na'rIonaI Guard. KATHLEEN CAI-IOUN "Kmn'r"'g Trans. I N- Y- 2? S'IV1Pn' Bofiv V.P, 43 Pom Dfw VMI J' S'IIi1f-nr COL.n"I 4, SkI Chix Y, 3, 41 Lxfrn Qnb 2 ISvc,Ig RQIIV Corrvn. 43 Lrkos rkn I f- rr - , O SIX JQIJ voacnvrrcn 1 qc nq In U. 0' QPVI. JOE CAYTING, Ckorus 3, BIock "M" 2 3 43 BnsnbaII I, 21 CrOs5Cm1nIrv 2, Trwr L'kes IwnIInr1 an'I Ifskinq. IwCoIInc1w. BARBARA CHAMPION, "I3dfbII' SIU CIUQ I. JERRY CLARK, Trans. from Van Nuys: AES JOAN CLARK, Spanish CIIII3 2, 3, 41 Likes 2, 47 IWW Tnnor' and Corvrrfrrxs, DIfIrkOs 41 Ckorus 43 LIkes Imning, DIsIikes "doing Ianqnamns and arr, DIsIIkQs 'noIIw und sc'vr'fv vvqvInLuIf1s, q0In:1 In San Jwr' SIAIC. nQIIvI'q I, IOIFIHG Inc Army. I4 JOHN COAIES, SzmivsI' Club I, Iiooibaii I, DAVE COKER, Ski Ciub 2, CI'ofu. I, 3, 4' Basn-baII I, Likes work, Disiikes foreign cars, Likes niris, DisIikes Freshmeiw. qoinq In Dinbin Va"m' Colieqe, View Io CGI. I I R ws, BRIAN COLLINS, Biock "M" I, 2, Pooibaii LESLIE COMPTON. "Les", Giris' Emsembie 3' Y, Basobail I, 2, 4, Likes bonis, Goiriq Io Band I, 2, 3, AFS 2 3, 4, FTA 43 Chorus Oreqon Siaie. 4, Likes iennis, Disiikes bad grades, cgoiriq io Nurs'riQ Sdiooi. CAROLYN COOK, GAA I, 2, Chorus 2, 4, DANA COOK, Laiin CIu'n I, 2, GAA I, 2 Spanish Club I, 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3, CSF I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Ciub I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Ciub 4, FTA I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. FTA 21 Likes waier- Pres. 2, Sfuderif Couricii 4, Girls' League skiiriq, DisIiIcss sriobf, qciriq Io Whiiiier. Pres. 4, qdriq Io college. Lifyfwmq, Y , ,ME ELIZABETH COILINS 'Bfi'Iw"g Trans, Imivi Phiiippines 3, Lmiri CMI: 3, 4, Ciicrus 3, 4, Spanish Ciub 4, Drawn Ciub 4, rwiriq Io ccIIcgc. ROBERT CONNOLLY, "Bob", Block "M" Z 3, BasebaII I, 2, 3, 43 Likes sprwrif., Disiike work, noinq Io Diabio VQIICV CoIIeqc, L MARILYN COOK, Spanish Ciub 3, 4, Trees Spanish Ciub 4: Arf CIub 2, 3, 4, Likes sum r-"cr vacaiiori, Dislikes spiders, going Io Cal ff' , BOB COOPER, Baskeiball I, 3, 4, Likes mod- ern jazz, Dislikes iunky cars, going lo Diablo Valley College. GAYE CRUZ, Trans. from Oakland 3, Chorus 3, 4, Drama Club 4, Likes lo sil and do nofhing, Dislikes lesis, going lo Diablo Vale ley College. CAROLINE DANIELS, AFS I, 2, Latin Club I, 2, Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3, Business Club 3, FTA I, 2, 3, 4, Likes banana cream pies, Dis' likes noisy people, going lo Brigham Young. I6 l LYNDA COPP, Drama Club 4, Chorus 4, Likes skiing, maybe going io Diablo Valley College, CAROLYN CULLEN, French Club I, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, Ari Club 3, 4, Likes sfeak, Dislikes spinach: going lo San Jose Slale. ROBERT M. DAVIES, Track Manager 3, Wresa 'fling Manager 3, 4, Likes alrnosl' everylhing, Dislikes ilaihead 6's, going lo Diablo Valley College. JUDITH COURTRIGHT, "Judy", Maiorelle 2, 3, 4, AFS I, Band 4, Sludenl' Council 2, Business Club 3, 4, Drama Club Sec, 4, Likes big, big dances, going 'ro Business School. DAVE DALL, re-enlered from Madison, Wlsc. 3, CSF I, Chorus I3 French Club I, Mafh Club lg Foolball l, Golf 3, Wheel Club 4, AFS 3, 4, Exchange Sfudenl lo Germany During Summer, going lo Rice. BARBARA DAVIS, GAA I, Business Club 3, Chorus 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, FTA 2, 3, 4, going io San Francisco Slale or Davis. ROBERT M, DAVIS 'IBOIJIIQ Ski Ciub Band 43 Journalism Staff Exchange Edifor 43 Likes money, Disiikes maIh3 going Io colIcgQ3 "one of Ihe Tr'nidads." GAIL DISI-IONG3 BIock "M" 2, 3, 43 Track 3, 43 WresIIing 2, 3, 43 Likes sporfs cars, Disiikes oiher schooIs3 going To Diabio Vaiiev CoIf Inge. SUZY EUBANK3 Spanish Ciub I, 43 Chorus 236-irIs En bI 34 PS4 AI 2,43L ' ' sem e , 3A 3GA ikes singing, DisIikes maIh3 going coIlege. BETTY DE FRANCO3 GAA I, 23 Siudenf Coun- ciI I, 43 Spanish CIub I, 2 43 Pormpon G-irI 33 Sfudeni Body Sec. 43 Likes converiibici going Io San Jose Siaiv. HETTY DUTRA3 Business Club 33 AFS 33 Jour- nalism Sfaif 3, 43 Spanish Club I, 2, 3, 43 Likes horses, DisIikes puddIes3 going Io Sian- Iord or Pomona. FRANK FELDMAN3 CSF If RaIIy Comm. I, 23 Journaiism Sfaff 43 BIock "M" I, 2, 3, 43 Fooi- baII I3 BaskeIbaII 2, 3, 43 Basebali I, 2, 43 GOI? 33 going Io Oregon Siaie. MARTY De MAEYER3 Rf' onfcrofi Irom Snnia Rosa 33 Rgilv Comm, Trf-as. I3 V,P, GirIs' League I3 Sr. CInss 505.3 going Io U. of Oregon. BETTY EDLUND3 Trans, from Onkiand I'Iiqh3 Oroanizafions Ediiof of AnnuaI 43 Spanish CIub 43 Drarna Chib 43 going Io CnI. FRED FLENNEFQ Trans, from Acalanes 4 Likes moiorcyclcs, Dislikcs lower Iockcrsj go ing io San Jose Sfaic. PATRICIA FLINT, l'PaT": CSF I, 21 Ski Club 2, 43 AFS I, 23 Lalin Club I, 2, Span- ish Club 3, GAA l, 2, 3, 43 Girls' League Sec. 4g going To Slanford or U.C.L.A.g "P.J,B." SOUIRE FRIDELL, Trans. from San Maleo 35 Block "M" 3, 47 Rally Comm. 43 Assl. Yell Leader 45 Track 3, 4, Likes yell leading and '40 Fords, Dislikes people who don'I go lo gamesp going lo C.O.P. s ALLEN GEISSLER, Ski Club I, 23 Wheel Club 21 Block "M" I, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 4, Foolball I, 2, 3, 47 Baseball 2: Track I, 45 Sfudenl Council I, 2, Likes skiing, Dislikes pickles: going fo U. of Colorado, CAROL FRElTASg Business Club 33 Chorus nl, 4, Likes popular music, Dislikes gelling up early, going info Secrelarial work. CAROLINE GALLATINg GAA lg Journalism Stall 3, 45 Likes arl, Dislikes shoes lhaf don'+ lil, going Io San Jose Siale. SHARON GILLESPIEQ Drama Club I, 2, Span- ish Club 2: AFS 3, 47 Ski Club 4, Likes swim- ming, Dislikes hol dogs, going Io Diablo Valley College, ERNA FRIBERG, Trans. from San Ramon 33 Likes swimming and vacalions, Dislikes nag- ging people, going Io Diablo Valley College. JERILYNN GANIATSQ Re-enlered from San Francisco 31 Ski Club I, 47 GAA 33 French Club 3, 43 Drama Club 43 V.P. Girls' League: Annual Staff 43 going Io Calf likes skiing and dances. MICI-IEAL GILLIVAN, "Mike", Band I, 2, 3, 41 Block "M" I, 2, 4: AFS 43 Foolball lg Track 45 Golf l, 23 going lo Ohio Slale. PATRICK GILMORE "RAI", SRI CIub I, 2 3, 43 SIRI CIIII1 P-'05, 3, FrmIbaII I, BasIccIbaII I, Z3 BaswIm'I If Tcwnfz 2, IIIcos Cars, DIS IIIcr-5 wcmwr' rI'Ixwr'j ncfnq Io Sdn? INAJVVIF. NANCY GRAI-Ig Lnfn CIIIID I, Z, Drama CIub I, 4, GAA I, 23 CSF 2, 33 AFS 2, 3, 4, Gorman Cub 4, LIIIPQ IvowIImq, DISIIIQPQ QIIIP1, qoinq Io CAI, MARIO GUARLERI, "BuIcIw"g Band I, 2, 3, 43 CSF 2, Dance Band 2 3, 41 BIocIc "M" I, 2, 3, 41 Sfudenf CounciI I, 2, 3, 43 SIudenI Body Pres. 4, RnIIv Comm. I, Z, 3, 43 JourrIaIIsm 41 BasIucIbaII I, 2, 3, BascbaII I, 23 going Io U.S.C., "WaII." KAREN CIASKYQ AFS I, Chome I 4, Bm? NANCY GOSCHQIJQ Chi, S9547 QQIIV Cm,,,,,- new CIub 3, 45 Drama CIIIb 41 LIIce5 QCII Z, 41 Pom-now GrI 43 SII CIUII 47 Iwkfs Iwx DISIIIQCS 'MIWQSZ fJ0"vf1 Io DIaI3'o VJIIr-Xu CDI vwfnvfz DVIYWK, UNI frm' fwlnfl In S. J, INIP, SMIQ 0' U,C,L,A, KAREN GREEN, GAA I, 2 SpamIsI1 CIuIv I, 2, Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3, FTA 2, 3, 43 V,P, of FTA 23 qoInq Io Dav's. AL GREGERSENQ BnnkcIbaII Ig LIIQS IIsIvinq, fvoIo'ryfIcs and MmIIfmg nohwq Io CnI. RICHARD I-IAEFELH Ski CIub I3 Football I, BRUCE HANCOCK "I-IAM", BIwrIr "M" I, WresIIInq 21 Likes T-bone sIeaIc, DIsIIkcs peafg 2, 31 FooIbaII I, 2, 3, 4g Bn:,IrnIIwnII 3, 4, qoIr-ng Io Oregon SIaIc or CAI, Basr2baII I, 3, 43 IIIN mmhs DIsIIIccs yard' work, qdnq To roIIa'1r. I9 Wll.LlAM I-IARMON, "BiIl"3 Frvncli Club I, 73 Malli Club I3 Wncrl Club 33 Ski Club 43 Foolball I3 Baseball I, 23 Track 43 Wrcsa Ilinq 23 likvs snorls cars, Dislikcf inililicrencet qoinq In rollfagn. ...wig ROBERT HECOCKS, "Bob"3 Lalin Club I, in g RICHARD I-IARRINGTON3 Audio-V'suaI I, 2, 3, 43 Eleclronics Club l, 2, 3, 43 Pres. Elec- Ironks 33 qoinq lo San MaIeo3 "Toning l..2..3..4.,TcsIinq." ws, .si THOMAS I-IEISER, "Tom"3 Lalin Club I3 23 Plioloomplw Club I, 23 CSF 3, 43 Block Eleclronics Club 23 AudiofVisual Z, 3, 43 "M" 3, 43 Wrcsllfnq 33 Likes llallicads, D'S- Businrss Club 43 Chofus l, 2, 3, 43 qdnq likcs sikr'53 going Io Slanlord. GARY HENDERSON, "Spider"3 Audio Visual I, 2, 3, 43 Elnclronics Club I, 2, 3, 43 Base- ball l, 23 Baskclball I3 going lo Diablo Val- lcv Colleqc. 20 Io Diablo Valley College. ENID HENNESSY3 Trans. from Walerford, Conn. 23 Ari Club 2, 3, 43 Lalin Club 23 AFS 43 GAA 3, 43 Jr. Red Cross 3, 43 Ski Club 43 FTA 2, 3, 43 Journalism 43 Drama Club 43 going Io college. JEEEERY HARRIS, lluleillli Trans. from San Diego 43 going Io Universily of Cal, MARGARET HEMPSTEAD3 Trans. from Clov- Ion Valley 33 GAA 43 AFS 43 Spanish Club 43 goiriq Io college. SUSAN HENRY, "Sue"3 AFS I, 23 GAA I, 2 3 4' CSF I' Spanish Club I 2 3' Rally Cornin. 43 Dralma Club 43 Girls' Iealquel Coun cil 43 Pom-pon Girl 33 Assf, Yell Leader 4 qoinq To Sari Jose Slale. STEPHEN I-IICKS "5'Qxo"1 Bnnul 41 Vuollmll SUSAN IIICIIIOWER1 "SusIc"1 Rally Ccrnrn, "CS wr 3 4 Rall SQ 4 u I I1 21Trnrk I, 21 Lw . -1 1 1 I v Convnv. C. 1 B slnf-ss C ub 31 pon' pon C-lrl 41 Likes TAIIOO1 Dlsllkci cafr Ilml dow? rung qo'nQ lo San Joan Shale. ,l .IOAN IIERNI1 Inns,-lfgnw lllfnsnnf Illll 31 Llwnrug 31 Lllcm Amvrwfnn P'ol1lQ'nf1 Dlslllws "l3lllf nrfnq lo D'nls'n Valley Collcqn. MIIT l-IOWK1 CSF I 21 Block "M" 21 31 41 Sfuclvnl Council I 41 Wl1Pr'l Club 2 31 41 Rally Cornrn, 21 Fonllnall I1 Baslcrllmll 21 41 Crum Crxunlrv 41 Trwflc I1 21 31 41 Sf. Claes Prrwj Frnflw Claw PVFSIT GOIWC1 Io COIIPQC, GEORGE l-IOLLIDGE1 Mqllv Club I1 21 AFS 31 Slcl C'ulN I 21 31 41 Slcf Club Planning Convn, 21 31 41 Foolball I1 21 Wrcsll'ng 31 Golnq To C3l.1 'llns' lnuqnf' SYLVIA IIOWES1 GAA I1 2' Jf. Red Cross 3141 Drama Cluln 41 BnnrI11213 41qolnc1Io Mr1rrlIScl1ool clNursl'1q. JAMES IIILDRICTII1 ".l7m"1 Tmnm. Iwunw Gulf land l-Ilan 21 Foollmll 21 Clfnrus 31 Slfl Club 21 31 L'lfr' fl"f' D'clllvnQ l7vnr1 nolnq In Cofloqv. JUDIIH HOPKINS, l'Jucl1,f"1 GAA I121Dmrna Club3141SlslCIulw l1213141SlflCIub Trrtcls. 41 Llkca nnnmlwy D7 Illffz lllllf- lvollw-m1 qo fn:1lO r'rwllPf1r', JACK l-IUGHES1 Band I1 Mallv Club I1 Lalln Club I1 Blnrlc "M" 'I' Slfl Club I 21 31 41 qolnq Io col'e'qb. STEPHEN l-IURST, "Sleve"3 Trans. from Pied- monl 43 Foolball 4: Likes boals, Dislikes cucumbers and cal killers3 going lo college. SUSAN JENSEN, "Sue"3 Re-enlered from Mi- ami Beach 33 GAA I3 Lalin Club I3 Business Club 33 Likes fallening food, Dislikes val- ences3 going lo San Jose Slale, DE LOMA I-IUTTON, "Del"3 GAA I, 2, 33 Chorus l, 2, 3, 43 Likes dancing and hiking, Dislikes his'lorv3 going lo Business'School. NOEL JONES3 CSF l, 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 2, 3, 43 Ski Club Sec. 43 Lalin Club I, 23 Spanish Club 43 Drama Club 43 Girls' League Council going lo Cal. ROBERT JONES, "Bob": Malh Cfub I3 Ger- man Club 43 Drama Club 3, 43 Choir 43 Audio-Visual I, Z, 3, 43 Foolball Manager l, 2, 3, 43 Baseball Manager lg going lo College. 22 CRIS KAMMEIJER, Trans, frorn New York 23 Likes swimming and baseball, Dislikes bas- kelbaIl3 going lo Diablo Valley College. MARY INGRIM3 Trans. from San Marino 33 Ski Club 3, 43 GAA 3, 43 AFS 3 43 French Club QE 43 Chorus 3, 43 going lo Slevens and lheri avis. Lg' NORITA JONES: csr I, 2, 3, 4, ca-AA i, 2, FTA 3, 43 AFS 2, 43 Spanish Club l, 2, 3, 43 Journalism 43 going lo Sanla Barbara. GEORGE KIMBALL3 Sludenl Council I3 Likes American lrucks, cars and molorcycles, Dis- likes new CGVSQ going lo college. RITA KING-HAM: Lalin Club Ig fir. Rod Cross I, 2, Drarna Club Z, 3, 43 Likes Rick B.Q going lo Business Scliool. ROGER KLINEQ Pliolograpliy Club 23 Wres' fling 45 Likes parlies, Dislikes cold weallier, going lo College. CORBETT KROLL3 AFS 33 Ski Club 2, 4 Block "M" 41 Rally Comm. 4: Foolball 2, 3 45 Baskelball 25 Baseball lg going lo Diablo Valley College. SUSAN KISNER,"Sue", Trans. from Palo Allo 2, Ski Club 2, 3, 4g Jr, Red Cross 2, Busi ness Club Z3 Arl Club 23 Likes eyeryllwingg going lo Business College. CAROL JO KNUDSENQ Jr. Red Cross lg GAA l, 2, 3g Girls' League Council 31 Ski Club 3, 4g CSF I, 2, 3, 43 AFS l, 2, 3, 4, Spanisli Club I, 2, 3, 43 Spanisli Club Pres, 45 going lo Williarnelle. FRANCIS KYLE, GAA IgSpanisl1 Club I1 Arl Club 2, Ski Club I, 2, Drama Club 45 Likes people lboysl, Dislikes llie perfume "Inli- rna1e"g going To Ulalw Slale, PAMELA KITT, "Pain", Trans. 'roni Skokie, Ill., 33 Cliorus 4g Likes bowl'ng danong anzl swirnrnngg going lo college. 3 5. RONALD KOOYMAN, "Ron"g Baseball 41 Likes lisliing and baseball, Dislikes nolliingg going lo college, SUZANNE LAHTI, "Susie"g Trans. from Palo Allo 25 CSF 23 AFS 2, 33 Rally Comm. 3, 41 Rally V.P. 4, French Club 3, 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 Sludenl Council 3, 43 Sludenl Body Soc. Sec. 3, Yearbook Eclilor 43 going lo Sanla Barbara or U.C.L.A. LUZANNE LANG, GAA I, 2, Jr. Red Cross I 2' Drama Club I 2' French Club I 2 3' AFS I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club I, 2, 3, 4, Likes bowling, going Io a college in Oregon. SANDRA LEHNER, Trans. from Oakland High 4, Likes fishing, archery, and Mr. T., Dislikes spiders, going 'io Denial College. CAROL LASTRUCCI, Annual Slall 2, CSF I, EDWARD LEE, "Ed", Chorus I, 2, Likes 2, Math Club I, Phoiography Club I, Ar? Merc's, Dislikes nolhing, going fo Diablo Club I, 2, 3, Likes sleeping,' Dislikes rock Valley College and Ihen Cal. 'n' roll, going Io Cal. SUZANNE LINDSAY, "Sue", Sludenl Coun- Cll 3' Ski Club l 2 3 4' GAA l 2 3' Jr. ,Red Cross I, l 2,l 3,' 4,I Jr. Recll Cross Pres. 3, FTA I, 2, 3, 4, AFS I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, French Club I, 2, 3, 4, going Io Cal. ENRIOUE LOPEZABRUNO, Foreign Exchange Sludenr from Madrid, Spain, Sfudenl Coun- cil 4, AFS 4, Wheel Club 4, Likes iusf aboui eyerylhing, going Io Madrid Uniyersiiy, "al- ways singing." 24 JANE LOWMAN, Ski Club I, 2, GAA I, 2, Drarna Club 4, Likes converlibles and sum- mer vacafion, Dislikes Iaking noles, going Io be a sfewardess. WILLIAM LONG, "Bill", Tennis 2, going Io Universiiy ol California or Sl, Mary's. KURT LUNDBLAD, Block "M" 2, 3, 4, Ski Club I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Rally Comm. 4, Foolball I, Golf I, Z, 3, 4, going Io Col- orado, "a person nor sure of wha? he wanls buf becoming more learned while frying lo find il." VICKI MCCOSKER3 French Cub I, 2, 33 Dra- ma Club Z, 43 Sludenl Coi.nciI 2, 33 Rally Cornrri. 2, 3, 43 GAA I, 2, 3, 43 Head Yell Leader 2, 3: qoinq lo Cal. CAROLE MCCI-IESNEY, "McChes"3 Trans. from Berkeley Hich 2: Chorus 23 FTA 33 Spanish Club Z3 Ski Club 2, 3, 43 Annual Slaff 43 Sr. Class Treas.3 Goins lo Whilmaw "owner llfgl Broolcb:1nl4SDecial." BONNIE McLAVERTY, "Bon"3 Girls' League Council I3 Soph, Clnis Soc. Sec.3 Assl. Yell Leader 33 Annual Slalf 43 qolnfl lo San Jose Slnle3 "eincs-fe." DONALD MCMACKEN, IIDOFIH3 Block "M" 23 3, musk: Club I, 2, 3, 4, romban 2, 33 I-lIfe5 SIUIVICI. Dislikes worlc3 goino lo Diablo Valley College. i ROLLIN MACK3 Block "M" 2, 33 Wheel- Club TOM MANN, "C.W."3 Block "M" 3, 43 Z, 3, 43 Rally Comm, 2, 43 Dance Band 3, Rally Comm. 43 Ski Club 2, 3, 43 Traclc 3, 43 Band I, 2, 3, 43 Wreslling 2, 33 going lo 43 Cross-Counlry 2, 3, 43 qoing lo San Jose Cal.3 "one of lhe Trinidadsf' Slafe. WILLIAM MCGUIRE, "Bill"3 CSF 23 Rally Comm. 2, 43 Wheel Club 3, 43 V.P. Wheel Club 43 Jr. Class IVCGS3 qo7nq lo Stanford. KATY McQUAlD3 Trans. from Carlrnonl 33 FTA 33 French Club 43 Pom-pon C-irl 43 Lilies bov vell leaders, D'slilces wriling speeches: qainq lo Cal. CAROL MARCI-I3 GAA I3 Sludenl Council 23 AFS I, 23 Spanish Club I, 23 Jr. Red Cross 33 going Io college, ELIZABETH MARK, "Liz", GAA I, AFS 3, TOM MILES, Lalin Club I, French Club 2, Spanish Club I, Chorus 3, 4, qoino lo C,O.P. Jr. Red Cross Z, Ski Club I, 3, 4, Drama Club I, Z, 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, AFS 4, goino lo Awhcrsl. DONALD MINOR, "Don", Dance Band 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3, Block "M" 2, 3, 4, Golf I, 2, 3, 4, Likes qoll, qolnq inlo The Air Forte. PATRICIA MOORE, "Pal", GAA I, 2, Dra- rna Club 4, Chorus 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Likes chocolale rnalis, Dislikes slrawberry ice creorn, going lo U.C.L.A. or Davis, 26 BARBARA MOLOFSKY, Annual Slalf 2, Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, AFS 4, Span' ish Club 4, Spanish Club V.P. 4, going ro Sanla Barbara. KATHLEEN MOSSOTTO, "Ka'rhie", GAA I, Spanish Club 3, 4, Arl Club 2, 3, 4, going lo college. RICHARD MILLER, "Dick", Ski Club 4, Base- ball 2, Golf I, Likes hunting and lishinqg qo- inq lo Davis. JOE MOORE, Likes cars and parlies, Dislikes school, going lo Diablo Valley College. S51 RICHARD NEDDERSEN, "Rich", Audio-Visual I, Chorus I, 2, Pholography Club 2, Journal- isrn Slafl 3, Annual Slaff 4, goinq lo college. JEFFREY NEIGHBOR, "Jeff", Band 1, 2, 3 Block M 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Dance Band l, 2, 3, Wheel Club 2, 3, 4, Rally Comm. l, 2, 3, 4, Head yell-leader 4, Cross-country 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, going to college, if El an s BVRON NELSON, "Skip4', Band l, 2, French ROBERT NEWMAN, "Bob", trans from Palo Club l, 2, Block M l, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club l, Alla 2, Band l, 2, 3, 4, CSF l, 3, Skt Club l, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, likes sports, going to 2, Dance Band 3: AFS 4, French Club 3, AFS college. exchange student to Italy 4, going to college. , ""'::- C I JUDlTH NICOLAYSEN, "Judy", Ski Club 2, Likes MARSHA NICOLET, GAA l, 2, AFS l, Latin ALLAN NILMEIER, Math Club l, Photography being with people, Dislikes mathematics, going Club l, Spanish Club 2, 4, Likes apples, Dis- Club l, 2, French Club l, 2, German Club 4, to college. likes arguing, going to Son .lose State, Wheel Club 4, Annual Stall 2, 4, CSF l, 2, 3, 4, Crosslcountry 3, Track 3, going to Cal. 'iff' JULE NOLLER, GAA l, Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, FTA 2, 3, Spanish Club l, 2, 3, Drama Club 4, Journalism 3, 4, Annual 4, Ski Club l, 2, 3, 4, MIRADOR Editor 4, Likes sailing and skiing, going to the U, of Oregon. BRADFORD OLSEN, "Brad", Block M 2, 3, Rally Comm. 2, Basketball 3, Baseball 2, going lo college, Ma-+V v 'rv .K GERALD OVERAA, "Jerry", Trans. from Harry Ells 2, Ski Club 2, Block M 2, 3, 4, CSF l, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Golf 2, 3, 4, Likes loat- ing, Dislikes regulations, going to college, 27 JOHN PAUL, Trans. Palm Springs 33 may enler Air Force, Likes flying. JUDY POOLE, Trans, "soulhwesl"' Allanlaj GAA 2, Annual Sfaff 3, Journalism 4, Choir 43 going fo San Jose SI., Likes shrimp, Johnny Malhis. JO ANN PUTNAM, GAA I, 2, Spanish Club Ig Chorus 47 going Io San Jose Slafeg Likes good records, bowling. 28 DALE PlLGRlM, Malh Club lj Ski Club 2, 3. 45 going Io Ml. Diablo Jr. College: Likes parries, sports. BONNE PIMENTAL, "Bunny", GAA I, 27 go- ing lo be a beauiy operalorg Likes lips, Chevys, Dislikes maih, foreign cars. BOB POTI-llERg Trans. from Berkeley 4, going Io S.F. Slale or San Jose Sfalei Likes par- ries, cars, dislikes fickle girls, progress ree ports. PATRICIA RAHMEYER, "Paf"g Chorus Ig GAA I, 21 Ski Club 2, Drama Club 2, Span- DOROTHY POTTERQ GAA I, 2, 35 Business Club 3, Chorus 33 A.F.S. 3, going To San Jose SI. or S.F. Sfaleg Likes sleeping Iale, picnics. DAVID RHODA, "Dave"1 Track lj Block "M' 2, 3, 41 Foolball l, 33 Baskeiball l, 2, Base ish Club 23 Jr. Red Cross 2, 33 FTA 3, 4, ball l, Z, 3, 4, Likes I946 Ford Coupes, apple going ro be a dress designer. pie a la mode, "mixed up." LINDA RIVERS3 Ski Club lg GAA I3 AFS Z3 Spanish Club I3 Dunn Club 43 qoinq lo Sanla Bnrbafng L'kcs niolsrcvcles. JOAN ROBlNSON3 CSF I, 2, 3, 43 iki Club NADYA ROEGILRS3 Ski Club 33 Fu'urC Tcach l, 2, 3, 43 GAA l, 2, 43 Jr. Rod Cfoss li ers Club Z3 Aft Club 2, 3, 43 qoinq lo Cal, AFS 2, 3, 43 German Club 4. likes books mio musk.. .41 SRl WlDIATl SAEBANL "Widy"3 Foreign Exchange Slndonl lfoni lnoons-sia3 Sfudcni Council 43 Girls' Eniernble 43 Fufurc Teachers 43 AFS 43 GO-UG lo College 'n lndonssia. MlKE SAMONI TVGVWS- lVOVVl SGW Ramon: Likes RON SANDERS, Busincss Club 3,143 Football sporfs and ouidoor aciiviliQs3 going To C,O.P, lg qoinq inlo sefvicej likes ropinq, sporis and paflicf. 2, 33 Likes cars, sporlsg going io Cal. JOHN SATTERTHWAITE3 Foolball lg Tennis TERRY SCHEFFER3 C.S.F. l, 2, 3, 43 Elleclronics PEQGY SCHEWLI-7 GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Jr, Red Club 2, 33 WhECl Club 2, 3. 'll Likes CGW Cross 3, 43 Spanish Club l, 2, 3, 43 Drarna rnonevj qcfnq lo Cal. or Reed. Club 43 qoinq lo Sania Barham or Cal.: Likes walersk'inq. PAUL SCliOlBlERf3f Llrffironifs Club l, 23 Audio'Visunl l, 23 Trnck l, 23 Likes hoi-rods Dislikes '40 Fcriisj going io Mnfiinre Acad- Lny CAROLYN SCHULER3 Ski Club lg Likes sw-irnrning3 going lo collcge3 'Olynnpic Bound." KATHLEEN SHURTLEFF, "Karhic"3 Chorus 2, 43 Spanish Club l, 23 GAA l, 2, 33 Ski Club l, 2, 3, 43 Porn-pon Girl Z, 43 Likes skiinq3 going io Colorado or CQI3 "Hey, Shuril" 30 RONALD SCHOLIN, "Ron"3 Band 23 Likes sporis and cars, Dislikes Monday lo Friday from 8 fo 33 going 'ro ioin ihe Navy. MARK SCHUTTENHELM3 Maih Club I3 Laiin Club 1, 23 Likes lood and rnoney, Dislikes running3 going lo U.C.L.A. BRENT SCHOPPE3 Trans, from Berkeley High 33 Likes To ear and sleep3 going info ine Afwftd Servirc. MlCHELE SEE, "Shelly"3 Laiin Club l3 Cho- rus l, 2, 43 French Club 43 Ski Club 43 Likes ski swecfers, Dislikes rricssy looking boys3 qoinq fo U. of Colorado. SYLVIA SlLVA3 Trans. lrorn Fresno 43 Jr. Red Cross 43 FTA 3, 43 Spanish Club 41 Cho- rus 43 Likes singing and Skiing: going fo Fresno Siale. SUSAN SKINNER3 Trans. from Si. Louis, Mo. 33 Ski Club 3, 43 Girls' Ensemble 43 French Club 3, 43 Chorus 43 Drarna 43 AFS 43 Likes male l'EdCl1EfSQ going lo Cal, BARBARA SMITH, "Barb", Ski Club 2, 3, GAA I, 2, 3, AFS 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 4, French Club I, 2, 3, 4, French Club Treas. 4, going lo U. of California. LYNN SOLOMAN, GAA l, 2, 3, AFS 4, Drama Club 4, French Club I, 2, 3, 4, going Io San Jose Sfale or Cal. KATHLEEN TESMAN, "KaIhie", GAA I, 2, Jr. Red Cross I, 2, AFS l, 2, 3, Spanish Club I, 2, Drama Club 4, Likes wafer skiing, going Io Arnhersr. JAMES SMITH, "Jim", Trans, from Albany 3, Football 3, Likes money and food, Dis- likes homework, going Io Cal. SARAH SPOTT, "Sally", CSF I, 2, Sfudenl Council 3, AFS 3, FTA 2, 3, Lalin Club I, 2, Chorus 2, Rally Comm. 3, Ski Club l, 2, 3, 4, Pornfpon Girl 4, going Io Colorado or Dernison U. BARBARA THOMAS, Trans. from MI. Diablo I, CSF -I, Band I, 2, AFS 3, Spanish 3, Jr, Red Cross 3, 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2, 3, going Io Cal. SUSAN SNOW, "Sue", GAA I, Business Club 3, Porn-pon Girl 4, Likes candy apples and Johnny Malhis, Dislikes arguing, going lo Willis Business College, "gabby." SUZANNE THARP, "Sue", AFS 2, GAA l, 4, Math Club I, Arl Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Ski Club l, 2, 3, 4, Likes horses, going Io Davis. SUELLEN THOMAS, Trans. lrorn Piedmonl 2, Ski Club 2, GAA 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, Drama Club 4, Arr Club 2, 3, 4, French 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, AFS 2, 3, 4, going Io U. of Wash- inglon. 3l RUTH THOMPSON, GAA l, Chorus I, Lalln Club l, 2, Drama Club l, 4, French Club 3, 4, Skl Club 3, 4, Annual 2, CSF 2, 3, 4, Srudcnl Councll 4, S.B. Trcas, 4, qolnq lo Cal. SAUNDRA THURSTON, "Sandy", French Club l, 2, AFS 2, 3, Drama Club 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 3, Business Club 3, 4, Skl Club 2, 3, golng lo San Jose Slale. WlLLlAM VAN VOORHlS, "Blll", Trans. from Hunllnqlon Park 2, Spanlsh Club 2, Audio'Vlsual 2, Slamp Club 2, Block "M" 3, 4, Tennls 3, qolng lo Arnnsfrong Buslness College. 32 JOHN THUNE, Band 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 3, Wreslllng 2, Llkes skflnq, Dlsllkes readlng, golnq lo leach ski school. DlANE TRAVERSO, "Dee", CSF 2, 3, Sludenl Councll 3, Skl Club l, 4, GAA l, Lalin Club 4, Rally Cor-rm. 2, 3, Rally Comm. Pres. 3, qolng lo Sanla Barbara. IRENE WASCHMIRTH, C-AA l, 2, Chorus' 3, Drama 4, AFS l, 2, 3, Ski Club l, 2, 4, qoxng To Dlablo Valley College. HEATHER THURSTON, "Heath", Skl Club 2, Bus'ness Club 3, Drama Club 3, 4, Chorui 4, qolnq ro Dlablo Valley and lhen lo Cal. JANICE TWINING, GAA l, 2, AFS 4, French Club 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, Spanlsh Club l, 2, 3, 4, Llkes rennls, qofng lo C.O.P. SUSAN WELDON, Trans. from Florlda 4, Llkes dancing and clolhes, Dislikes alarm clocks, going lo San Jose or Sanla Barbara. .QF LEE WENDELBO3 Business Club 23 Likes M-ech. Drawing3 going lo U. of Caliiornia al River- side or Redlands. MARGE WILLIAMSQ GAA I3 Pom-pon Girl 23 Rally Comm. 23 Likes fooiball games and happy people3 Dislikes cowboy movies3 going fo San Jose Sfale. SARAH YOUNG, "SaIIy"3 GAA 2, 33 Ski Club 43 Spanish Club 23 Likes swimming and dancing, Dislikes lecluresg going fo Stephens or Armslrong. BERNARD WILBER, "Mickey"3 Band I, 23 Block "M" 3, 43 Elecironics 2, 3, 43 German Club 43 French I, 3, 43 Malh Club l, 23 Wheel Club 43 Likes maih and eleclronics3 going lo MIT or Princeion. RICHARD WILLIAMSQ Pholo Club l, 23 French Club 2, 3, 43 Audio-Visual I, 2, 3 43 Eleclronics l, 2, 3, 43 Likes hunling and fishing3 going lo Diablo Valley. LINDA WILLIAMSQ Trans. from Sir Francis Drake 33 CSF 3, 43 FTA 33 AFS 33 Spanish Club 33 Drama Club 33 Rally Comm. 43 Assl. Yell Leader 43 going io one of ihe Cal. Uniyersilies. HAMPTON YOUNG: Ski Club 23 Band Z, 3, 43 Lafin Club 2, 33 going To University of Nevada. I I I SUZANNE RICE3 Arroyo High School, San Lorenzo. CAROYN PALADINO3 Cherry Creek High School, Englewood, Colorado. 33 Zena 64-Z4 and We 644492 LINDA WILLIAMS and MILT HOWE Scuba GAIL DISHCNG and VICKI MCCOSKER B JEFF N Wiodleielq :JS EIGHBOR and MICHELE ANGELO BILL BROWN and HILARY BROWN Zeal 794qecgue and Zee: eyme JIM BOYD and BETTY DeFRANCO SKIP NELSON and JERILYNN GANIATS MARIO GUARNERI and CAROLYN SCHULER may wr 70:-zz DAVE RHODA and NANCY GOSCH Q 4 Moments of roy and happrness Rrdrng bukes to school on Sadie Hawkrns Day The unforgettable Battle ofthe Hull with the Junrors The party after the Prom Skung the snow packed slopes of Edelwerss The boot shrnlng wagon pulling Slave Day The success of Annue Get Your Gun The coming of Sprung Trying out for the Senlor Assembly Seeung movres of the years actrvxtles at the Then the long awaited arrlval of June Deciding at last where to go to college Wearing bermudas to school on the day ofthe Sensor PICDIC The beautrful orchid corsage A memorable evennng At last Gradualron Pomp and Clrcumstance The feellng of leaving though funding part of yourself The tears The Sensor All Nrght The frnal curtasn on four years of studying making friends having fun and growing up X ' I O I I Senior Banquet . . . A . . . X . A. ls I 39 4 --..".-2-ul""' " sms wb D - X Xa QW C J -,-F-X X X , 1 S -X Sig Magi k ? E Y QQ E S X , C 5 2 Q W 5 Fi - f W ii' 'Q xi Q1 N K I ww , . N X 04410 ag '61 MISS VAN DAM Um Connie Cook Secretary 0 MR. BOB CAMPBELL FIRST ROW: L to R: A. Blount, L. Axel son, L. Anderson, L. Bickersfaff, S. Arighi L. Barker, K. Baldwin, K. Bekedam. SEC OND ROW, L to R: E. Anderson, R Bagley, J. Bailey, L. Bargones, P. Barnes M. Albo, S. Abbott. THIRD ROW, L fo R W. Altofer, R. Babcock, C. Aberham, R Aldrich, W. Beatty, D. Allen, B, Adams. FIRST ROW, L To R: V. Brunk, B Boyd, L. Blumer, R. Brown, S Cary, P. Canfield, M. Case. SECOND ROW, L to R: B. Carpen ter, M. Calhoun, R. Boyle, B. Cald well, B. Bowles, T. Brock, S Campbell. THIRD ROW, L To R: B. Carr, L Burde, L. Bowers, T. Brooks, A Breed, B. Bole. FIRST ROW, L Yo R: P. Curtis, C Cline, L. Davis, G. Currier, P. Coe M. Clarke, M. Corona, D. Cristi SECOND ROW, L 90 R: R. Clark, S Croci, S. Cox, G. Clark, P. Craw ford, C. Cook, C. Ciancurulo. THIRD ROW, L to R: A. Clough B. Christiansen, B. Chew, V. Clark R. Corsi, S. DeFranco, T. Comee S. Corbett. FIRST ROW, L lo R: P. Devin, J Fowler, J. Fagliano, L. Dierkes, A Flores, K. Fernsten, V. Elmore. SECOND ROW, L to R: J. Doane T. Ferguson, J. Denning, G. Dierks, P. Dermit, S. Dunshee, C. Dunne THIRD ROW, L to R: J. Drafh, D. Chase, B. Adams, A. DeGrassi, R Flores, K. Elsfon, J. Gibbs. 1 1 r FIRST ROW, L To R: C. Harmon, N Hartanov, M. Hickman, B. Hamil ton, D. Hallslead, S. Heller, W Gordon. SECOND ROW, L fo R: J. Harper, S Gloy, J. Hall, B. Harper, D. Gran berg, E. Guinther. THIRD ROW, Lfo R: D. Hazelton, F Haughton, M. Haslam, J. Gilwee J. Googins, L. Hafner. FIRST ROW, L to R: P. Humphreys, V. lndig, M. Hinde, S. Jones, M. Hunter, D. Hotchkiss, L. Holmgren. SECOND ROW, L to R: L. Hink, R. Hoyer, B. Hilger, S. Holabird, B. Howard, T. Hudson, F. Honnold. FIRST ROW, L to R: J. Larson, B. Kendall, D. Krog, H. Moylan, J. Lemp, A. Laurenson, D. Lamoure, L. Loveland. SECOND ROW, L fo R: S. Levy, C Kimball, D. Kersten, S. Levy, K Long, G. Kocher, S. Kronke. THIRD ROW, L To R: S. Kylie, R Keating, K. Larsen, M. LaPlant, M. Laurence, R. Layne, G. Koch. 1 ...ww 451 FlRST ROW, L fo R: J. Miller, L Mather, B. McCready, M. Moore head, J, Macri, S. Nelsen, L. Mit chell. SECOND ROW, L to R: R. Lyman D. Madison, C. Nielsen, P. Oakes J. Lucas, N. Neighbor, S. Mul lin, F. Marsh. THIRD ROW, L To R: G. McClurg G. Mulks, D. Miles, R. McLeod, D Nelson, C. McDonald, P. Marron FlRST ROW, L fo R: P. O'Connor, B. Palatine, P. Putnam, M, Painfer, M. Oakley, P. Philibosian, C. Ped- EI'5OI'1. SECOND ROW: H. O'Hara, C. Prince, D. Palafino, J. Odenthal, J. Radonich, R. Pearson, S. Reed. THIRD ROW: B. Powell, J. Putnam, J. Rinne, G. Pinkley, P. Pfeifer, D. Ramef. FIRST ROW, L To R: N. Schmidt, M. Spicer, D. Rutherford, C. Smiih, W. Shuey, R. Srarkman, K. Stafford. SECOND ROW: D. Shally, L. shirey, S. Smith, C. Soule, D. Saxon, P. Sfillson, B. Schaefer. 0 . FIRST ROW, L to R: M. Thompson D. Young, B. Willes, D. Walker, E Van Voorhis, B. Syverud, K Weatherbee. SECOND ROW: W Webster, B. Woodward, P. Yedidia D. Workman, J. Winfree, E. Young MRS. CALHOUN 060224 MR. GUZZO X N X X iw -W 4 EY X . 5 .Q ,ww ga R 1 v NN .Q 'Q' fx 5 .. Q. ,, -A K fr 5' 1 X .. . K Q N V X. , R : ff .- S 'N Vw . ,F ,., - 7, 4 - Q K V. x . S, QQ . . -. if , if N A - . 5 ' ff., . 1' S ,W ...lf + 'r X . . vi Q wg, ' Q. Q X. YP-X . ,. . X . M.. 5 ' : . U . ' x N ' Q- SQ Q51 X 'Q -iff x -gig. -,. 'f X. :wp . Q 7 'W ' A . A .A , . , . QNX S I A . K I Q k Nw X ff - ' A s .f K ai 41' W Y' 2' 1 Nm, 'Q q,.w...,. 2 " kr 'X' S 'mx Qs we 'S . . X f A Q ' , 91' . 3 S S 3 2 - 2 - I Q . X F xiN g-N . Yi -AN.. . A x Q ' . ... A A XX.... is if Sw 5 5 2 E 3 3 e . , 5 .7 F: S N. ,fs 9 :lx we Q . . Y if M, 5,,.k f i" 1:, -A gm 59 ,ig . 9' V K 2 Lf. gg A 'Lf N it 4 we kg gf if qv - . 2 S r 2 . , H f ,- . F12 mi xii Y iw.: .5533 ASQ. f K -, h f iggg. Q .. AW, . 'Q 's if ig- as W . . ,, f E 1gifgf r , 23534 X 'Q' -wu z Le .V x . 5 ,W 1? wq, K FIRST ROW: L to R: R. Niosi, S Mossotto, S. Ostrander, S. Oden thal, S. Nicolaysen, S. Nattress, P Pearson, S. Nielsen. SECOND ROW, L to R: J. Pearce, K. Olsen, A. M0991 J. O'FIying, J. Patten, C. Oliphant, M. Neff, H. Newhouse. THIRDJROW, L to R: D. Palmer, B. Nicolai, C. Pauli, R. Orr, K. Norback, H. Ady, D. Pederson, K. Nelson, R. Neuhouse. FIRST ROW, L to R: S. Pollaczek L. Roberts, C. Rich, S. Richarz,'S Poulsen, S. Portello, D. Pothier, J Reynolds. SECOND ROW, L to R: M. Rolley B. Rahmeyer, D. Phillips, B. Ross: S. Sage, K. Rigor, B. Peter, M Saputo. THIRD ROW, L to R: D. Rasmussen, J. Salter, A. Roegiers, D. Robinson, G. Peterson, R. Roos, J. Rose. FIRST ROW, L to R: S. Starkman, J. Suardi, J. Scholberg, B. Schoppe T. Scott, K. Satterthwaite, D Stahle, L. Sears, P. Smallwood. SECOND ROW, L to R: D. Scarff, G. Staff, D. Shore, T. Strong, B. Stiles, M. Smyth, R. Schelling, J. Taylor. THIRD ROW, L to R: B. Schwarck, J. Shepherd, O. Schafer, J. Taugh- inbaugh, D. Sutliffe, S. Silva. 49 4,465 0 0' FIRST ROW, L to R: D. Thornton L. Tiefel, L. Thompson, R. Whitney L. VanSickIe, S. Wagner, L. Trefts W. -Wilcox, V. Tessman. SECOND ROW, L to R: B. Viale, B. Wilke, R. Vivrefte, B. Traynor B. Young, D. Winthers, C. Wilson J. Wilson. THIRD ROW, L To R: J. Trelut, S. Williams, D. Weber, D. Thompson, F. Walker, ,B. Trzaskowski, G Wolf. 'ww L Y Sue Hickcoiilil ' L' L ,VVLL MISS HENRIQUES l ill L1 :LA 2 . A -k,. 3 , I A' ' i',X, f' , gill i .,", i',-., 1 . K ,,f, Q Q ,,.fj 5 f I M ,sss my cw is SECRETARY Wm? BM iiii fl fi NNW ,, . ,W -M-QW'mfL1sf+fgfn'if5W535 ' K 5571525 e1?ff?'f5fWtt1f w K ai2f's2I.,2ig!9i,":. K .,f.f..f.,..ggggg35g QL FM ' "ffl i P F. V111 J A f 1 -040:24 ' MR. FRIDELL 1 I vf hi ' N F,g -if 5. sf. " Haw? . . 5 , e5,!..,9,,,5a vqfi - Q32 Qi? S x X, ii iss? Ni E . I QQ gm X kg, .. L Y A 59 5 KQW 432 S KM? -V, ' X gage 2 'K' xg: K wr N, 9 S X5 t K Q3 lv S 1 Q ,Q A + f sag' 5 "'11'1' f ,FFYK if M V 5 ...Af 3 FIRST ROW, L 10 R: C. Gravelle, N. Guinther, L. Edlund, L. Edlund, S. Fernsten, C. Hackler, C. Fergu- son, K. Friberg, P. Evans: SECOND ROW, L 10 R: K. Fiiz- gerald, D. Gregory, E. Grah, J. Ehle,,L. Finley, P. Gardener, T. Eggertson, T. Flenner. THIRD ROW, L to R: S. Great- house, B. Easterly, A. Griffiths, B. Hamilton, M. Fallenfine, D. French, D. Gregensen, B. Hallange. FIRST ROW, L To R: S. Hickcox, A. lvanetich, M. Hecathorn, S. Hen- drickson, J. Hempsted, C. Hauer- ken, P. Herlihy, P. Hoffman. SECOND ROW, L to R: G. Hopper, N. Hjelmervik, K. Harneit, D. Hughes, G. Hauer, D. Hilger, M. Hansen, L. Hupp. THIRD ROW, L to R: G. Hopkins, B. Hu1chison, B. Hawks, C. Hidy, S. Huntley, G. Hudelson, G. Har- lander. FIRST ROW, L to R: N. Jeppson K. Knudsen, K. Leland, Y. Lapiana C. Kroll, L. Lee, C. Jackson, T Kohler, M, Leslie. SECOND ROW, L to R: K. Jones K. Lambright, P. Kingham, K. Jones J. Kelley, M. Leahy, J. Jeffrey, J Lackey, L. Lahmann. THIRD ROW, L 10 R: L. Konkin E. Kahl, D. Kiernan, T. Kinser, P Lamb, D. Knudsen, P. Kooyman D. Johnson, R. Joiner. FIRST ROW, L fo R: S. Mitchell, C. Milburn, M. Loomis, W. Miner, T. Loveland, M. Miolsnes, M. Mc- Manus, C. Messersmith, C. McCole. SECOND ROW, L to R: C. Meredith, A. Meader, G. Miller, D. Mauzey, D. Marsh, W. Maehler, S. Mann, S. Mitfell. THIRD ROW, L to R: T. McComas, A. Mills, B. Lester, J. Lewis, K. Miller, D. Lirtlefon, C. Lowther, P. Locklin. FIRST ROW, L Yo R: N. Pearson R. Nlcholes, L. Nilmejer, C. Nelson P. Munsierer, B. Palmer, P. Moore J. Newman. SECOND ROW, L 10 R: R. Mowdy R. Nickerson, D, Mossoto, R. Olf man, S. Painler, S. Paul, M. New field, L. Moxness. THIRD ROW, L fo R: B. Nickerson S. Parry, Moore, G. Paine, J O'Hara, F. Neighbor, D. Munroe J. Osborn. FlRST ROW, L Yo R: L. Russel, L. Rene, R. Rasmussen, V. Renwick, S. Skaggs, S. Rochester, M. Ramet, C. Powell. SECOND ROW, L To R: B. Reynolds, J. Seaman, F. Pelller, P. Phillips, M. Simmons, G. Phair, S. Sanders. THlRD ROW, L To R: B. Rohrer, J. Ricketts, R. Robinson, M. Rasmus- sen, J. Schuman, B. Rudolph. I 1 FIRST ROW, L to R: R. Smith, M Smith, B. Smith, K. Strong, G Smith, S. Spencer, P. Sullivan. SECOND ROW, L to R: D. Stark- man, S. Smith, K. Stafford, S. Stampley, A. Stampley, B. Smith, M. Sweeney. THIRD ROW, L to R: M. Skinner, R. Stevenson, B. Souza, R. Spott, C. Smith, J. Spinola, M. Sorem. FIRST ROW, L to R: K. Taylor, K VanVoorhis, C. Telfer, S. Trimble G. Tonascia, L. Wallace, J. Villota J. Warner. SECOND ROW, L to R: B. Temps G. Tobias, B. Trounce, C. Thomp son, R. Tess, B. Thrailkill, D. Wal ton. THIRD ROW, L to R: J. Valpreda P. Thomas-Stahle, F. Thaxter, B B. Tiemqnn, K. Wagner, D. Tarpley E. Un' -lu, B, Walling, T. Thompson FIRST ROW, L to R: D. Williams, N. Young, J. Wolff, Y. Winkworth, K. Wilson, M. Miller, B. Winters, P. Winquist. SECOND ROW, L To R: M. McMillan, K. Williams, S. Wilson, J. Ady, D. Williams, B, Yost, K. White, R. Wendorf. THIRD ROW, L to R: R. Winkler, D. Woodcock, B. Williams, B. Young, N. Widener, F. Wright, S. Scott, C. White. 1 1 I YN fixxxxg N045 W5 woe' W 3.1 tfoqa C,YXfX5xdxa5 tx xbxe xxxxoxbcifx WW' Ness 'xoxxwaxe xese,xx'ix0Q ones I I I Coke, Ps Xeas dx K0 Q 6 a qaixov u ,q6xfix0Q,Q -W xggfxaxe eoQXe . . . xx.c,ee 'x0Q. O0 ,X Z O5 Oxy 5'xa06N0Q, 0 Qxxexlea ...x w'xf'O0 '-K ooixxq ww ef 3' ew 4 1 6 c. oo Boxxx Y X355 55 U , . 3 , . - esxxxixk xxx xxx 'f ko bi 6, Q Nixqxg axxd 9409 'W3' so B 'ox ea - . - awe KOZNX . 0- G axxoxx' C505 X0 vox Cfe ea h SS rf7' e in f ' Q an U . '. 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O Q K 'I Y 'P a h h a, bf 6 fu a If S 6 e fr S p Q, 9 cks - h Q r I' 6 -. he D I7 I I7 h Q Gr O 51-AN , QW X Q CJ 6 305xYXi0x x dx fx x 'KG 90 6 O M X YN ,XOQ 3 Q' oe Y OC' Ps xox ab 0 C50 xoqoeqei Xa 0 K 9506 Qpxaxqx ' X 4 Q Y 'dx xx xc, eoxvxe x'LO - L J P fp fh l Ca hen blng . rh S b h be mb I' ofxxgapxx dx x xe axfxdxxs 'x s Cvx we Xxqdxa 0O'oXg . wee xxx Q go a 'x e X xg s ceoxa '04 .c, 'x e QYK xox e," dxcl' fx 9 e X fx ox Ga P-gf: Xoxq 0 C7 mi? W3 Lcrx g lg,4 5 664:54 N- NE- A 2, is .. 3, W N ,. A 5 X k . S is S S X g S ig k X ,L Q Q A . sf Q -R W 1' Qs Q: X. X x i , Q. 'la Q IR G Nw S. Sl- Mr. Mack ADVISOR Suzie Lahti 11 Jerilyn Ganiais BeTIy Edlund SENIOR EDITOR ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR EDITOR Rich Neddersen PHOTOGRAPHER -1 iii - Michele Angelo ART and FACULTY EDITOR AI Nilmeier BUSINESS MANAGER Jule NOIIBI' Carole McCI'1esney Bonnie McCIaver1y Sue Schilling COPY EDITOR ACTIVITIES EDITOR CLASS EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR M1 Butgh Caroline BUSINESS MANAGER FEATURE EDITOR MIRADOR STAFF JULE NOLLER Editor-in-Chief "Most skilled at passing off jobs on other people." HETTY DUTRA News Editor "Best at losing important front page stories." JUDY POOLE Society Editor "Most well-informed on who's who and what's what around school." CAROLINE GALLATIN Feature Editor "Expert typist and speller f?J of the cIass." 'I DOR T? . ff -3? f f' hx it , -'Q-,. ' I ff I is . ' 4' Jule Hetty Judy Frank EDITOR-IN-CHIEF NEWS EDITOR SOCIETY EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR FRANK FELDMAN Sports Editor "Most adept at creating games out of scratch paper, scotch tape holders and rulers." BUTCH GUARNERI Business Manager "Also manages the Triumph Taxi Service." TOWNE COMEE Photographer "Most congenial member of the class until the day before the deadline." BOB DAVIS Exchange Editor "Com- missioner of Coast to Coast Girl-Friends Incorporated." ENID HENNESSEY Ad Manager "AI- ways busy, but never doing anything." HILARY BROWN MUSE Editor "The staff's only remaining sane person." PEGGY BOWLER "Hottest Heap" Col- Iumnist "The only car mechanic on the Staff." NORITA JONES Student Handbook Editor and Subscription Editor "The only dependable member of the staff." ROBIN BROWN, LANCE CHILTON ANN LINCOLN, and JIM ROSE "Sec: retaries to Butch Guarnerif' 1.. -- . . ..m,ssL-.-.s,.,.. is af 1 -1 Mr."-1. 1. xnw ,. FIRST ROW, L to R: P. Philibosian, M. Oakley, K. Shurtleff, S. Skinner, M. Hollidge, R. Niosi, C. Oliphant, J. Hall. SECOND ROW: H. Harris, K. Fernsten, M. Ingrim, J. Barnes, J. Larson, B. Collins, A. Laurenson, C. Cook. THIRD ROW: J. Newman, L. Mark, R. Orr, P. Mann, D. Shore, T. Heiser, M. French, N. Neighbor, S, Kronke. FOURTH ROW: L. Thompson, N. Englehard, J. Ayres, J. Calderwood, B. Jones, L. Butler, J. Clark, N. Wool, L. Davis, D. Davidson, S. See. ' - ' 'z C. Oliphant, S. Hancock, I. Scott, Mr. Mallory, B. Syverud, J. Court- FIRST ROW, L to R: M. Oakley, L. Thompson, S. Eubank, R. Niosi, right, B. Bergen, B. Bole, C. Ogden. Kettle, J. Lapiana, SECOND ROW: M. Nevvfield, S. Skinner, C. Baker Pettler, I. Scott. 60 W' FIRST ROW, L to R: W. Saebani, B. Horne, C. Messersmith, S. Eubank, J, DuBois, M. Newfield, H. Newhouse, C. Rich, C. Kettle, P. Putnam. SECOND ROW: S. Hammond, E. Nelson, J. Currier, S. Rice, S. Levy, I. Scott, M. Anthonisen, P. Evans, C. Meredith, S Farnum, M. Hempstead. THIRD ROW: J. Lapiana, J. Putnam, C. Freitas, S. Steward, H. Thurston, S. Campbell, C. Baker, F. Pettler, P Barnes, S. Hancock, B. Boyd. Not Pictured: S. Kisner, D. Hutton, S. Pardini. Remembrances of the biggest The Pep Band with its original musical success of the year, the costumes playing at basketball 1959 MIRAMA . .. games... The presentation of the annual The maiorettes in green Christmas Program . . . and white . . . The marching band performing The mid-season CONCERT highlighting during halftime of football games . . The final notes of "Pomp and Circumstance" on Graduation Night . . . 'zeal FIRST ROW, L to R: P. Sullivan, S. Spencer, A. Flores, M. Collins, M. Ramet. SECOND ROW: L. Copp, S. Bolster, P. Kitt, C. Wilson, P. Moore, J. Cockburn. THIRD ROW: K. Glasky, C. Block, P. Crawford, S. Mann, L. Hupp, J. Fowler, S. Croci, J. Hirni. FOURTH ROW: M. Kazar, A. Giessler, B. Courant, D. Coker, T. Hudson, M. Caine, D. Robinson, D. Frakes, J. Spinola, C. White. Not Pictured: J. Carter, C. Doxie, J. Buchter, J. Gesinger, R. Cline, J. Pinkley, R. Stiles, C. Soule. .xx 4- . L to R: Darnelle Palatino, Barb Syverud Judy Courtright. 7709 Zami FIRST ROW, L to R: B. Bergen, PI Hicks, D. Stahle, J, Lemp, D. Saxton. SECOND' ROW, L fo R: Mr. Mallory, R. Aldrich, B., Adams, J. Schuman, C. Low- ther, R. Winkler, B. Bole. THIRD ROW, L to R: R. Gusfavson, M. Rolley, P. Gardner, B. Anderson. Not Pictured: G. Smith, T. Brooks, J. Thune, B. Carr. gdltd FRONT, L to R: J. Courtright, B. Syverud, D. Palatine. FIRST ROW, L to R: B. Bergen, M. Jacobs, T. Brooks, D. Saxton, P. Hicks, R. Guslavson, R. Aldrich, R. Mack, M. Guarneri. SECOND ROW: L to R: D. Stahle, J. Lemp, F. Thaxter, R. Stevenson, J. Schuman, C. Sowther, E. Unruh, B. Adams, D. Weber, D. Bcodale, C. Ogden, H. Young, J. Lewis, G. Smith. THIRD ROW, L to R: D. Tarpley, C. Dunn, B. Tiemann, A. Meader, D. Flenner, B. Anderson, M. Gillivan, F. Chilton, S. Mayhew, B. Carr, S. Howes, S. Hicks, B. Schaefer, B. Bole, R. Winkler, T. Eggertson. FOURTH ROW, L to R: M. Rolley, P. Gardner, R. Scholin, B. Traskowski. NOT PICTURED: A. Mills, R. Newman, J. Thune, B. Hutchinson, C. White, 62 , 1 coftlt Dana ENT P9390 "Big and Little Sister Day" . . . Ushering in the freshmen and new students . Free ice cream and entertainment at noon . . . The annual "Hen Party" in December . . . Making Christmas decorations for the school . . . A night of fun and work with the. other girls . . . Slave Day . . . Defying Lincoln and bonding Miramonte girls in slavery . . . Boot-shining, wagon-pulling, and errand-running . . . The Father-Daughter Dinner . . . Honoring Dads for a banquet and variety show . . . The Mother-Daughter Tea . . . Ending the year with a fashion show and tea . . . ' K Pal Flmwl SECRET PN tone' Noel ER tvxihsua 15 Game 1 MY NE Sue He ENT P5 5ENl0R REVRES 8 Dow SF-N1 NNE T87 gi e REP ONKOR sOPl'l -was ve sveg:t?tleseNl All iz NWO . Gtddlngs Nlisgov EOR These students have qualified for the California Scholarship Federation on the merits of their outstanding semester grades at Miramonte. 1 U 74665 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: M. Wilber, L. Williams, M. Angelo, R. Niosi, J. Robin- son, P. Philibosian, C. Knudsen, N. McKee, B. Graham, L. Sears, D. Traver- so, N. Jones, C. Harmon. SECOND ROW: B. Newman, B. Harper, T. Fergu- son, B. Johnson, R. Parks, D. Deubner, D. Wright, M. Eaton, J. Ayres, L. Chilton, K. Olson, N. Hartanov, S. Nel- son. THIRD ROW: A. Nilmeier, T. Scheffer, J. Tonascia, B. Caldwell, B. Corbett, S. Abbott, W. Altorfer, D. Miles, C. Cline, S. Arighi. Sp-zany 5 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: J. Pearce, S. Buehler, T. Doty, L, Lindsay, C. Kettle, K. Juckter, B. Graham, R. Winkler, J. Knudsen, L. Chilton, B. Johnson. SEC- OND ROW: J. Donlon, B. Winters, C. Coates, K. Williams, K. Knudsen, P. Finn, J. Taylor, B. Erickson, M. Dauphinee, M. Eaton, J. Ayres, R. Niosl. THIRD ROW: K. White, F. Wright, J. Calderwood, R. Gallagher, D. Sutliffe, M. Sorem, T. Hutton, M. Leahy, G. Cook, D. Deubner, N. Mc- Kee. Spfuizq FIRST ROW, L. to R.: C. Harmon, D. Miles, L. Williams, D. Christie, N Jones, D. Traverso, D. Cook, B. Sy- verud, S. Hightower, B. Edlund. SEC- OND ROW: S. Corbett, W. Altorfer, M. Angelo, L. Shirey, K. Fernsten, M. Corona, C. March, D. Abend, S. span, D. wright. THIRD ROW: J. Tonascia, J. Robinson, B. Bergen, N. Hartanov, D. Saxton, D. Dail, M. Wilber, T. Scheffer, K. Long. 5.5 I - in ua-1 :wich-644445 'I 0 -J The members of the Audio- Visual Club rendered their serv- ices th-rough the year by setting up proiectors for movies and other audio-visual aids for classroom use. They also set up lighting equip- ment for school dances, plays, and assemblies. The officers were Brian Traynor, President, Rich Har- rington, Vice President, Bob Jones, Stage Crew Vice President, and Marty Mieger, Secretary-Treasurer. The advisor was F. R. Davis. FIRST ROW, L to R: S. Cantrill, M. Mieger, K. White, R. Mowdy. SECOND ROW: R. Parks, R. Edmark, B. Traynor, B. Jones, R. Harrington, F, R. Davis. O FIRST ROW, L to R: C. Dana, T. Hutton, M. Mieger, S. Cantrill, K. White. SECOND ROW: B. Traynor, M. Wilber, D. Stillson, R. Parks, R. Harrington. "Es The activities pursued by the Electronics Club during the year included visiting the FM radio station KJAZ, making a school television system, building a two meter transceiver, and listening to lectures on electronics. The of- ficers were Mickey Wilber, Presi- dent, Marty Mieger, Vice Presi- dent, Tom Hutton, Secretary, and Dave Stillson, Treasurer. The ad- visor was F. R. Davis. 1442 " ' Learning about the Spanish-speaking people ' ? ? g , 4 through experiencing their customs . . . T ' Seeing movies in espanol . . . The intrigue and excitement of La Bal Mascarada . . . i I Q Dancing the cha-ch-a-cha . . . .H Av. Breaking the traditional Christmas pinata . . . ' ' 4' Traveling to view Carlos Montoya and Jose Greco . . Enioying the final Mexican dinner prepared by the club members in May . . . OFFICERS President: Carol Knudsen Vice President-Secretary: Barbara Molofsky Treasurer: Marilyn Cook Advisor: Miss Doris Van Dam FIRST 'ROW, L to R: L. Loveland, V. Elmore, G. Clark, C. Pederson, S. Cox, B. Edlund, L. Edlund, L.Edlund, C. Knudsen, K. Mossotto, N Henry, J. Twining, A. Stampley. SECOND ROW, L to R: M. Hempstead, S. Rochester, T. Brothers, N. Jones, S. Steward, N. McKee, C. Rich P. Kelly, L. Sears, K. Statterthwaite, J. Eberhart, R. Starkman. THIRD ROW, L to R: K. Wilson, D. Thornton, S. Silva, P. Moore, P. Schevill P. O'Connor, D. Shally, C. Harmon, B. Johnson, P. Curtis, H. Newhouse. FOURTH ROW, L to R: C. McColl, C. Barnett, J. Lemp, V. lndig B. Bergen, M. Neff, L. Kooreman, L. Roberts, J. O'Flyng, J. Denning. FIFTH ROW, L to R: P. Oakes, K. Baldwin, J. Clark, A. Blount, C Lowther, M. Leahy, S. Smith, K. Long, D. Wright, D. Bowne. 66 x 0 Forgetting homework and sleep to catch a French movie and dinner on a school night . . . Seeing "An Eye for an Eye" at the Presidio Theater . . . Enioying French delicacies-such as sweet breads . . . . X ox Q 1, X The cultural outings to San Francisco . . . ' I E A Helping the Spanish Club to plan La Bal Mascarada . . . OFFICERS President: Suellen Thomas Vice President: Cathy Cline Treasurer: Barbara Smith Secretary: Larie Axelson Sergeant-at-Arms: Mickey Wilber Advisor: Mr. Morel FIRST ROW, L to R: N. Neighbor, M. Ingrim, M. Colwell, P. Evans, D. Madden, L. Lindsay, B. Graham, L. Carrieres, S. Lahti, B. Smith, L. Solomon 1. Robinson, S. Lindsay, A. Lincoln, N. McKee. SECOND ROW: S. See, G. Harper, S. Buehler, R. Whitney, L. Bargones, L. Axelson, K. Mc Quaid, S, Bolman, K. Stafford, J. Hopkins, J. Reynolds, A. Ivanetich, P. Anderson, C. Gravelle, J. White. THIRD ROW: M. Hunt, S. Cary N Hartanov, C. Cline, B. Schoppe, P. Canfield, R. Keating, M. Wilber, B. Anderson, T. Strong, E. Hennessy, J. Ganiats, J. Twining, J. Pearce FOURTH ROW: C. Thompson, K. Knudsen, K. Williams, C. Gilmore, J. Gleason, R. Anderson, M. Haslam, R. Williams, B. Neuhaus, B. Newman B. Bole, B. Harper, B. Howard, W. Wilcox. 67 The trip to San Francisco for University of California . . . a German dinner and movie . . . Spending the hard-earned money Hearing Dave Dail speak on his gained from cake sales . . . W OFFICERS trip to West Berlin . . . The final "lustige Gesellschaft" President: Joe Ayres The dinner and meeting with at tHe end of the year , , , Vice President: Mike Eaton German students from the S Sa 5 n .lilsl QA Eaton, T, Hutton, J. Ayres, D. Denning, K. Wagner. The educational gains of the field trips . . . Armstrong Automation Institute . . . Kaiser . . Metropolitan Life . . . Having guest speakers and machine demonstrators . . . Switching to a lighter note to celebrate the year's end at the Business Club Banquet in June. . . Secretary: Lynn Loveland Advisor: Mrs. E. Peters FIRST ROW: L to R: J. Robinson, K. Olson, J. Taylor, L. Loveland, P. Humphreys, L. Davis, L. Hupp R Nicker son, S. Cantrill, J. Larson. SECOND: Brobeck, D. Saxton, N. Grah, N. Bekeclam, J. Kelly, D. Nelson L Chilton C. Dana, K. White, R. Cannon. THIRD: D. Miles, A. Hill, M. Wilber, A. Nilmeier, B. Jones, R Gallaghe BOARD OF DIRECTORS Sandy Thurston Bill VanVoorhis Karen Glasky Lynn Bowers Wes Beatty Advisor: Mr. Donald Foster X f 2 j 5 FIRST ROW, L to R: S. Nelsen, G. Brunk, N. Schmidt, S. Weldon, P. Coe, B. VanVoorhis, K. Glasky S Thurston W. Beatty, K. Bekedam. SECOND: S. Read, D. Hotchkiss, S. Hightower, K. Mossotto, B. Davis L Shirey D Palatino, I. Scott, J. Gesinger, N. Kalivas. THIRD: J. Fagliano, S. Campbell, E. VanVoorhis, T. Heiser D Shore D. Weber, C. Felchin, L. Bowers, D. Fields. I OFFICERS President-Fred Wright Vice President-Mimi Loomis Secretary-Treasurer-Dwight Thompson Advisor-Mrs. Calhoon FIRST ROW, L to R: D. Munroe, R. Borden, M. Corona, L. Wallace, W. Maehler, J. Donlon, D. Traverso, S G. Tonascia, R. Tess, D. Gregory, S. Bray, K. Creighton, V, Gilbert, G. Kocher, D. Thompson. OFFICERS ' President-Doug Scarff Vice President-Jeff Knudsen Secretary-Treasurer-Tara Dora FIRST ROW, L to R: R. Alvarez, D. Granberg, S. Wagner, N. Kalivas, J. Hennessy, C. Wilson, R. Vivrette, J. Calderwood. SECOND: B. Hilger, T. Dofy, N. Goebel, N. McKee, N. Hildebrand, J. Knuclsen, J. Doane. THIRD: S. Kronke, D. Hazellon, B. Klopfer, M. Smyth, S. Heller, B. Harlan, D. Winlhers. JP Skaggs, B. Horne, M. Chance, L. Hunn. SECOND ROW: S. Mayhew, M. Neff, L. Chrisfie, E. Grah, M. Miller, C. Block, J. Seaman, B. Wilke, K. Harnetl, E. Anderson. THIRD ROW: D. Pederson, M. Ozeroff, L. Wright, E. Kalnl, 2 JIU 'slllbiblf . gn- ull 69 o oo This year the Drama Club received the privilege of seeing the dress rehearsals of plays at Diablo Valley College and San Francisco State College. Other activi- . , , , , OFFICERS ties included helping with theproduction President Saundra Thumon of the Christmas Program and giving aid to vice President: Jule Nalter the various classes in giving their as- Tmasureri Irene WasCh.m"'h , Secretary: Judy Courtright Semblles for the School- Advisor: Miss Margaret Jacobsen FIRST ROW, L to R: N. Neighbor, W. Maehler, K. Fitzgerald, L. Wallace, K. Glasky, J. Courtright, P. Moore T. Cole, J. Ganiats, S. Thurston, B. Smith. SECOND: K. Wilson, C. Barnett, K. Calhoun, N. Jones, M. Angelo P. Canfield, F. Kyle, L. Edlund, L. Edlund, L. Davis, I. Waschmirth. THIRD: B. Jones, L. Solomon, P. Schevill, L Williams, S. Henry, S. Gillespie, P. Flint, L. Rivers, J. Taylor, J. Noller, S. Lahti. FOURTH: K. Tesman, S. Cox, S Howes, C. Gallatin, K. Olsen, J. Cockburn, E. Hennessy, V. McCosker, B. Edlund, C. McColl. O OFFICERS President: Linda Lindsay Vice President: Hilary Brown Secretary: Barb Thomas Treasurer: Sylvia Howes Advisor: Miss Buttars The Junior Red Cross Club of Miramonte did a great deal of work this year in con- nection with the Walnut Creek Red Cross Chapter House. Their Services included making braille covers for the blind and sending toys to children overseas and in hospitals. Left to right: Carol McColl, Widy Saebani, Hilary Brown. OFFICERS President: Sharon Heller Vice President: Hilary Brown Secretary. Suzanne Lindsay Treasurer: Barb Thomas Advisor: Miss Moser These future teachers tasted the re- sponsibilities involved in instructing gram- mar school students by student-teaching at a local grammar school. They carried out this program and their various field trips with the money they gained from cake sales and from selling refreshments at athletic events. FIRST ROW, L to R: S, Kronl-ce, J. Macri, B. Thomas, S. Heller, L. Lindsay, J. Twining, E. Hennessy. SECOND: B. Bergen, N. Englehard, J. Lemp, B. Davis, N. Jones, G. Kocher, D. Christie, C. McColl. THIRD: D. Stahle, H. Brown, S. Lindsay, W. Saebani, C. Cook, K. Green, K. Olson. I ' x T9 all I-...es-tr Beginning the year with enthusiasm and anticipation for the snow season . . . Viewing movies and hearing lectures on skiing . . . Seeing yourself as you skiecl the year before in the club's own movies . . . Signing up forthe coming trips to Dodge Ridge and Sugar Bowl . . . The sun-tanned faces, broken bones, and aching muscles. . . The melting of the snow and the final depressing end ofthe 1960 ski season . . SKI CLUB PLANNING COMMITTEE-FIRST ROW, L To R: S. Holabird, N, Jones, J. Hopkins, SECOND: R. Boyle, J. Boyd, S. Nelson. THIRD: B. Hilger, K. Shurtleff, P. Gilmore. NOT PICTURED: C. McChesney, M. Calhoun. 72 gk f if X ac ' i f 1 Y 'Ks K ik ? W 1 'N' 'asf I I I President-Suzanne Lindsay Vice President-Larrie Axelson Treasurer-Sylvia Bolman Secretary-Leslie Compton r Publicity-Tara Doty lv fs ,., Advisor-Mrs. Powell Miramonte's American Field Service Program has al- ways carried out the theme of promoting world under- standing through the exchange student program. Their I96O program sent Dave Dail to West Berlin, Bob Newman to Italy and brought Enrique Lopez-Bruno from Spain and Sri Widiati Saebani from Indonesia. The year's activities included their annual Fund Rais- ing Drive, Open House, a Fashion Show, and a trip to China Town. FIRST ROW, L to R: N. Jones, N. Grah, J. DuBois, S. Pollaczek, M. Marsh, B. Graham, C. Cline, C. Harmon, J. Robinson, K. Brobeck, L Compton, I. Scott, K. Olson, W. Saebani. SECOND: B. Thomas, K. Stafford, P. Pearson, C. Kimball, M. lngrim, S. Bonds, D. Kersten, D. Miles E. Lopez-Bruno, T. Miles, M. Neff, J. Newman, L. Wallace, J. Twining. THIRD: C. Knudsen, N. Bregar, S. Nattress, J. Hall, J. Miller, K. Stafford L. Burde, D. Wright, S. Bolman, L. Axelson, C. Prince, K. Baldwin, L. Lindsay, H. Brown. FOURTH: K. Williams, K. Knudsen, S. Dunshee, T Doty, C. Gilmore, J. Scholberg, C. Coburn, B. Newman, M. Baker, K. Mika, D. Dail, S. Lindsay, J. Cockburn, L. Davis. 74 I fs? xc ,gl if S X if it :Sgr ff? A Wit:- Q K wit .gel .ista- Q. X ,A 97' t ff Sri Widiati "Widy" Saebani of Indonesia pictured with her Ameri- XR can sister Hilary Brown. 'Q Dave Dail pictured with his "family" the Ernst Wegners in West Berlin. 2 Q mf . ,K ,M 5 ix ns- , iy"iYX,W Enrique Lopez-Bruno of Spain pictured with his American brother Tom Miles. Bob Newman pictured with his "family" the Francesco Meschis ln Lecco, italy. 75 30:46 The main efforts of the Block M Society centered around their free dance given in January. The officers included Bill Brown, President, Steve Abbott, Vice Presi- dent, Jim Tonascia, Secretary-Treasurer, and Bud. Boeger, Sergeant-at-arms. 704ee6 The Wheel Club is an honorary service club which works in coordination with the Orinda Rotary Club. The officers for the year were Bill Brown, President, Bill McGuire, Vice President, Bill Caldwell, Secretary, Terry Scheffer, Treasurer, and Bob Welch, Sergeant-at-arms. FIRST ROW, L to R: M. Wilbcr, R. Mack, B. Newman, M. Howe, D. Dail, B. McGuire, J. Rinne, T, Ferguson. SEC- OND: A. Nilmeier, T. Scheffer, E. Lopez-Bruno, D. Wright, M. Fries, B, Wilmar, B. Caldwell, R. Gallagher, B. Klopfer. THIRD: B. Welch, R. Bagley, W. Altorfer, J. Neighbor, D. Deubner, S. Mullin, J. Knuclsen. ni sf, 3 'Otani I 1 I 6 I4 I4 M gr, . --mg . Bowling, modern dance, basketball, tennis, bad- minton, and other sports were among the activities that the Girls' Athletic Association participated in this year. Their money-raising activities included the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance in November and the sale of pom-pons for football and basketball games. The girls represented Miramonte in inter-school playdays at San Francisco State and at the University of California and at the G.A.A. Leadership Con- ference. At the end of the year, the girls were awarded their G.A.A. emblems and celebrated with a picnic at the beach. G.A.A. officers were Cathy Cline, President, Karen Fernsten, Vice President: Jeanne Reynolds, Secretary: Cathy Oliphant, Treas- urer: and Marc Jacobs, Publicity. The advisors were Mrs. Grant and Miss McPheeters. 1 N. -QW HM iw 1 . ,Y 5-f an x t t fi ,E FIRST ROW, L to R: P. Ambler, J. Reynolds, C, Cline, V. McCosker, K. Fernsten, S. Coker, C. Courant, M. Hecathorn. SEC- OND ROW: R. Nichols, S. Mittell, P. Herlihy, S. Fernsten, N. Hartanov, C. Harmon, K. Beconcini, J. Macri. THIRD ROW: B. Hagle, S. Nelsen, S. Bolster, S. Pollaczek, S. Lee, J. DuBois, H. Mayhew, J. Larson, N. Pearson. FOURTH ROW: J. Suardi, P. Finn, N. Henry, J. Hopkins, M. Marsh, L. Davis, S. Silva, J. Robinson, J. Wolff, C. Dawson. 77 Suzie Lahti VICE PRESIDENT Miramonte's Rally Committee was the chief instigator of school enthusiasm and loyalty during the year 1960. They were also one of the hardest working groups on campus. Rally members in their green and white caps were seen selling game tickets and programs and posting game schedules Throughout the year. They were also the organizers and participators in all rallies and postgame skits. These original and enthusiastic programs never failed to boost the school spirit before our football and basket- ball games. Without the tremendous effort shown by the Rally Committee, Miramonte's sportsmanship and school spirit would never have been rated as best in the Foothill League. ADVISORS Mr. Darrah Mrs. Grant Mr. Callan Dick Stark PRESIDENT f if ammdzftee 'SF I h . t o ' ... l- .... RALLY COMMITTEE MEMBERS-FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Dermit, C. Pederson, B. Thrailkill, K. Stafford, R. Smith, J. Miller, S. Hightower N. Gosch, K. Williams, N. Baker. SECOND ROW: S. Dunshee, K. Rigor, N. Englehard, M. Jacobs, J. Hennessy, K. Calhoun, J. Villata, B. Reynolds B. Boyle. THIRD ROW: M. McGuire, J. Cooper, S. Kronke, V. McCosker, S. Henry, L. Williams, M. Angelo, S. Lahti, T. Ferguson, D. Stark J. Neighbor. FOURTH ROW: R. Layne, M. Calhoun, T. Mann, C. Kroll, K. Lundblad, R. Mack, S. Fridell, B. Guarneri, B. McGuire, R. McCosker. 79 ff ow Q R 3 le N u Q K R x X I 4 YELL LEADERS: Sue Henry, Squire Fridell, Linda Williams, Jeff Neighbor, Michele Angelo. mee. .1 80 When you think of the words "enthusiasm," "energy" and "loyalty," Miramonte's yell leaders always come to mind. Their never failing loyalty to the team and their enthusiasm and energy were a tremendous asset to the team and school. As we re-read our yearbooks through the years, we will always have fond memories of this dedi- cated team of yell-leaders. ,...a POM-PON GIRLS: Sue Snow, Sue Hightower, Tina Cole, Sally Spott, Kathie Shurtleff, Lonnie Anderson Katy McQuaid, Nancy Gosch, if Miramon're's eight pretty and perky pom-pon girls represented our school spirit well by performing at all football games, rallies and basketball games throughout the year. Their hard work in organizing themselves and their routines was apparent whenever they performed. They, along with the yell-leaders, were one of the main rea- sons that Miramonte won the Sportsmanship Trophy. Fam- PM SPAM , .. F N-'H ,iv S .2 , . .X me in 1:1 +-fav-1 ' K f J 4 'ff f 1, ' A -N if ,J 4 il s, X V' ,f w 5 Q an ig, if -1' ig Wh- W D Z i' K Qg ggi. fl aff! wk , s . A ,KLL '-. 1, 1 I , 1, LV if is , M 5xf E if Q as s fk.' fx , ' 3 Wt Z J, ,ks FE , . mf R Li l -Q.' A.':Q g .,, .,,,,. if NW ,Air if? f S P I 4 - gxdxx H :X Ai :5,n i sm E zi, . Q 5-9 5 Xi " "X zb if is ,i" I N L R Y W N, M' 43' , Y . 'R ...W 84 W ...W w--w""""""H if 6 E? l X S X Q X IT? , Y Q We .Nw I wil 15' 3123 -., San Ramon Acalanes wwdtef?aatZ4ZZ FIRST ROW, L to R: B. Hancock, R. Thaman, R. Corsi, B. Boeger, J. Putnam, S. Abbott, B, Brown, R. Woodward, R. McLeod. SECOND ROW: S. Hurst, M. Albo, J. Boyd, W. Webster, R. Boyle, J. Botto, D. Scarff, C. Blue, B. Kent. THIRD ROW: Mr. Brooks, Mr. Phillips, C. Pfeifer, B. Welch, G. Holtwick, M. Fries, R. Haywood, C. Kroll, J. Rinne, A. Geissler. Captains: S. Hurst, J. Boyd, B. Boeger, C. Kroll, B. drown, J. Botto, B. Hancock, A. Geissler, R. Thaman, Coach Brooks. so A.. The Matador's '59 football season left many people amazed at the results Overriding the pessimistic predictions of the sportwriters, the team and its coaches, Mr. Bob Brooks and Mr. Don Phillips, came thro-ugh with Miramonte's first varsity victory. This was a hard-fought battle over the San Ramon Wolves, ending in a T3-O victory for the Mataclors. The Prep of the Week Award was won by Bruce Hancock for his tremendous talent shown in the San Ramon game. Bruce was also honored by being chosen for the Foothill Division All-League Team along with tackle, Jim Boyd. Mason Fries and Corbett Kroll were given honorable mention awards on the All-League Team also. Although the scoreboard points didn't add up to a winning team, the spirit and effort put forth by the Matadors and their coaches brought well-deserved credit to the team and school. sw' Q . - M M know ,Av Kr Q Lykl NM wwf i' j4'5 g ,W H i', .:., , g""F 3 wax W Mx My M E NN is -f SM f asm N3 ,Am "MT-'L 3 1-,N , , 7 ,H ll Q 1L w..Q i f v 4 , ? M 'Y Q -,.,V AQ ' H " M W' l f as K av . VV ii. E 5, K 4 X-f-R. QW AR S i' Q ' F , ,X 3. M AL-- Q- ' f f MM PM W-3-ma.. W MH M :UWM ,ff 22-is? ,-gf,fig.A ' 1 X A W A X ...,,M.M.,,. 1-Mg. V M Y AWN M A W5 ,X bi L M TTY-1:7 Tfr ff., , jg Q , - --W-ww q 4 RQ k Q K V 'QQ 'gg , but lm' N W mwmmwmsu 3, lqdmmm-,W in W""" J X my WW, A . ' T ,L A :sr .Q M f 5 . 1 M W fm A 'fm f , N 4 , 7 A , , x ,.-P"". :.,, Q . K if F ' SYN M , i W Q If k -. ,, . iq in . , 5 ai S . y rg 5 2 A V as ff ' sfiixgnii v--Mi.. K -N5-1-m g!!! Vp, Q5 4,6 1- ,, .W , 5 . 3 :fix Q Q -, 5 A-1 WbAhW' - -M -be -'- 2 -, . 5 by Q? A W- gf AMW 3 A A A I K 5 ., x y jx 3 ::- ' M... ik I Q ' I A ' .. V psi gy swf X fix . A,,. E is K am FIRST ROW, L to R: B. Clifford, D. Deubner, C. Aberham, J. Neighbor. SECOND ROW, L to R: A. Nilmeier, M. Howe, T. Mann, Coach Bob Campbell. Honors and trophies were piled high for The Harriers, Miramonte's Cross Country team. They captured 29 trophies in Two weeks, gained the title of league champions for the second year, and attained the position of 2nd in The county. For two years They remained undefeated in dual-meets and also gained The title of ist in The North Coast Division ot small schools. Jeff Neighbor, The number one man on The Team, placed first in league and county standings. The outstanding performance of the arriers cou without the inspiration and expert coaching given by their coach, Mr. Bob Campbell. H ' ld never have been possible my mf WM gan QL, 4 fx "W ,Jil Y ,LQ Ravings A F 19 ff, ii ,, 45 V R X N ,ff , 'fa if f 29+ aaM If was 'M X A ,. X Q if an 4 ..l 41 95 .M ,Q 7957-7?60 S WE THEY 28 ALBANY .V,,, ..... 4 2 34 AMADOR .,,,.,. ,,,.4 2 7 47 DE ANZA ,..., ,... 3 4 42 ALHAMBRA .,,... ,,,. 3 O 28 LIVERMORE ,,,,,.. ,,,,,,,,, 3 1 37 SAN RAMON ,.,..., ,,,,,,,, 3 9 35 LAS LOMAS .,,,,, ,..,.,,, 5 5 33 BERKELEY .....,, ,,,,,,,, 3 4 18 ACALANES .......v A,... 3 l 45 PIEDMONT ,.,..... ,,,,, 4 2 43 SAN RAMON ,,,,,.. ,.,.,,,, 3 9 33 LAS LOMAS ,..... ,..,..,. 4 O 39 PLEASANT HILL ....,,, ,.,,,,,. 3 3 32 ACALANES ,,...,.. ,,,,,,,. 4 5 45 PIEDMONT ,...,.. .,.,.,. 3 9 41 SAN RAMON ...... ,,,,,,,- A 7 47 LAS LOMAS ....., ...,,,., 5 8 54 PIEDMONT ,..,..,, ,,,,, 5 2 29 ACALANES ,,L,... .,.,... 3 O 94 This year's varsity Team made a good showing despite The fact that they were an inexperienced team. They improved steadily Throughout the season and finished third in The league. Moreover, Their spirit and courage stood as an example to The whole league. In the individual rankings Bill Caldwell made The first string All-League Foothill Division Team, Jack Gilbert, the second string Team, and Milt Howe received an Honorable Men- tion award. Next year's team, with the able coach- ing of Mr. Grah, and many of The same Team members, will certainly have a good chance for The League Trophy. ,gf I f s 'TS 5 if - 23? S Q P X In 5 ,, ' 1' 1' l 2. l "2" 2 FIRST ROW, L to R: R. Shelling, B. Nickerson, J. Lewis, M. Smith, B. Bozek, B. Williams. SECOND ROW: J. Shepherd, M. McQuaid, D. Scarff, R. Kay, B. Peters. 96 League Champs was the title awarded to Miramonte's "B" Basketball Team for their outstanding T1 win, 1 loss record. Their loyalty, team spirit and cooperation throughout the games led to their final success. Doug Scarff stood out as the high-point man of the season. This praiseworthy record would never have been ac- complished without the guidance and enthusiasm shown by their coach, Mr. Stan Onderdonk. ?'m45g FIRST ROW, L to R: R. Robinson, B. Smith, B. Hutchinson. SECOND ROW: E. Unruh, B. Young, G. Tobias, C. DeWitt. HOME vssnoks e' .A 1 fv " , H -- f 'V ' .9 ,Q Q, fi' FIRST ROW, left to right: R. Cannon, R. Gutherson, V. Clarke, C. Ward, K. Thrailkell, S. Abbott, B. Kent, C. Pheifer, G. Dishong, M. Fries, C Ogden, B. Boeger. SECOND ROW: M. McGuire, J. Cooper, B. Abbot, B. Wilmar, N. Widner, T. Strong, D. Hilger, J. Bozack, R. Barret, B. Clark T. Brooks. THIRD ROW: S. Perry, G. Hauer, J. Drath, P. Parrish, R. Merriam, T. Thompson, G. Peterson, B. Traskowsky, P. Stevens, P. Rigoi J. Osborn, B. Davies. FOURTH ROW: H. Clement, F. Wright, K. Sax, D. Hughes, D. Wright, S. Cantrill, P. Locklin, B. Temps, G. Harlander, E Pilgrim, Mr. Brooks. 98 I 4 L to R: G. Knoph, J. Lackey, B. Guarneri, B. Tiemann. SECOND ROW: D. Bradley, S. Baker, M. Rasmussen, K. Lundblad, D. Dail J. Spinola, T. Doolittle. Jud Ca,-fer Paul Brazzalora 2 X. lx Kurt Lundblad Butch Guarneri Mark Rasmussen 99 O O W ...L fwgiym ' FIRST ROW, L To R: R. Pearson, C. Lowther, R. Spotf, D. Sutliffe, P. Mann, G. Peterson, H. Libby, M. McGuire, K. Harnett, B. McGuire. SEC OND ROW: L, Konkin, B. Carr, F. Thaxfer, R. Layne, A. DeGrassi, B. Boyle, W. Webster, J. Gibbs, R. Vivrette, S. Abbott, M. Flagg, P. Sorem S. Bradley. THIRD ROW: B. Jones, D. Miles, S. Mullen, R. Bowles, B. Olsen, J. Rinne, D. Hazellon, B. Hamilton, D. Frakes, C. Sax. f L to R, FIRST ROW: E. Khal, M. Sapufo, J. Ady, D. Cook, J. Hopkins. SECOND: B. Pothier, B. Collins, K. Long, S Smith, B. Harper, R. Merriam, R. Martin. THIRD ROW: N. Graveson, D. Stark, B. Howard, D. Hudson, S. Corbeit, J. Gilwee P. Barren. Jerry Hopkins Dick Stark Mike Saputo ' 2 ..,,,.-NNN-x -e lllai xi il Allis . l If T J COACH FOSTER FIRST ROW, L to R: J. Tonescia, M. Albo, V. Clarke, B. Connolly, P. Yedidia, T. Brock, B. Welch, Coach Foster. SECOND ROW: J. Gilbert, W. Altofer, F. Feldman, P. Pfeifer, B. Peters, B. Hancock, B. Hilger. Q ff.--A. K-ar-wsmwmwwasamsuzwmmrmz gm ' - - - -- - ,g .. fwQf.fw:r-wmmmwaawm- 0 W - iw. ...S . K ...f w A- 4 .?'w. N. MM: COACH ZUNICH FIRST ROW, L To R: R. Kay, J, Butler, T. Sirong, D. Bound, D. Knudsen, M. Fallenfine, B. Nickerson, S. Perry, B. Souza, SECOND ROW: D Shore, R. Cannon, G. Tobias, D. Winthers, B. Lester, C. DeWitt, M. Smith, B. Baker. fi 5,-56' VARSITY-FIRST ROW, L to R: B. Caldwell, R, Wilson, G. Dishong, R McCosker, B. Traskowski. SECOND ROW: B. Woodward, B. Kent, M. Howe B. Harmon, D, Ramet, M. Haslam, P. Ginsberg. THIRD ROW: J. Warner O. Schafer, D. Dubner, B. Newman, J. Neighbor, C. W. Mann, F. Haughton 1,5 i 5 mba J.V.-FIRST ROW, L to R: M. Skinner, B, Bowles, S. Cutler, F. Neighbor, B. Hallenger, N. Widener, J. Bozek. SECOND ROW: D. Littleton, R, Borden, J. Kelly, J. Doane, B. Abbott, D. Palmer, J. Lewis, C. Felchin, C. Smith, B. Bozek. THIRD ROW: D. Hilger, K. Miller, G. Holtwick, D. Gregerson, B. Temps, S. Scotts, B. Carroll, B. Harland, G. Gallager, D. Souza. IO4 X Spam mm! I I I mx, r h fw ef ' K ,.aa.1. , u-my -: f 4, , v, S k.A,. ,. I x' 'f 2 4 E?ff f.ig: -. 'W 1' 7 be g SSX iii 5 Jgj. u- Q f P 5 , fr x uv A-x ""'-4-HHN-4-an-. Wim ,4w4fw 2' 9 1? me W Q Mfgf ,Q 1 Sw' ,E ! I' 4 I nl- ff ,lym as 1 ww x + 5.Xf,.- . xxws-fg.gQt,Qfj Wy, + 'ik Sy 'L 5 . - lie f -rx iv? f ' ' M , fjfbk t Al-f ,K ,Q". ia " X X fs Q KM wx. .- .X .A xx X ' N"7fx3.gQ9!3iLPx Q EM Y? s X 11' ,J A K, . ,111 , , Fmqmcw, panda and F-5 Hx 4537 J vw ' Aa. fav! S 'R .E emi? X' 1 N, : 's 1 I ...mm e M "Buf1hey told me There were BOYS at this school!" I y , Q - f lx'3iif'WH-wie -, y ew., "Ali the "she's" gather to hear their leader speak!" 'Q lit! S641 Dag ws Ron and Jackie . . . King and Queen MD M 0 Hiking club takes breather before attempt- And as the band played on . . . ing dangerous stairs . . . Do you think the arsenic will be effective? Bang! i llb Mg , VF? 5 E L , M is ,W I 5 , A one and a iwo and a three . . . Oh, when the saints . . . Hey, Charlie , . ." "Once in love with Amy" The Trinidads 7716 This is called a music concert? The days of vaudeville have returned . . ,,f 4 w Af last-conquered . . . Here we come, boys! 0 9 f Chorus line? Wheeee 'fz am Don't let the stars get in your eyes . . . The gang . . . After the party . . . l2I x Do you think he noticed when I put the pickles in his ice cream??? l22 G Family portrai1??? O 0: o s "OSI '. dy, 190 ' 0 0 Go. . . Gary . . . Go . .. Now, Enrique w r . x v f L 1 . . . I Z 'WD What do I do when I get to the top? Okay, who's on my foot? I 2 i 6 I I v n ' ' ' v Q P Get 'em shiny, Slaves! G F M N Giddy-UP!! And they're off . . . k ihe Knife" "Memphis Blues' fr ng, ?aajcc l .f X.. xx 95 sv 4332 K Q X A 2 g4, ,, 1 Q 2 als K . Q- P ,- , . gm , .si , u A '- .F S 1 6 1 gg K- fi - A 33? ' ig g-3721 7 .. ,gg lm 35 x E 2 is X Q! : if E ' 3 5 5 E, E 2 Q M: ,N :. X N iss ,gag E . TNQ ,I A ' x SWF' U1-W1 ' ' Hof 5 gs. A QS LS? . - HB5 j, 19' ff ,1 .ff Q f 33 5 5 f X 1 "1 X L. " A I if Q S .,... ,, . .Q ,.ti,i,,.M.2,R,k i Q S K , X 'ni x Rigid? 3 g me ix I X' M iw 1, in Q .Q Z! SSR fr 25 X 2 '. l S4 f .- f ff? 'Qu Annie Oakley ,,,,,, Frank Butler , Dolly Tate ,,..,.,,,.,, Charlie Davenport Buffalo Bill .,,,,,,,, Pawnee Bill .,..,, Winnie ,,,,,, Tommy ,,,,,,,,,, Sitting Bull ,,,,,. Mac ,,,Y,.., ,, Wilson ,,,, ,, Little Jake .,,,, Minnie Jessie .,..., ,A-vjvlf' a HEZL ,, ,, Sylvia Silva ,, Jim Botto Linda Williams Kurt Lundblad Bill Van Voorhis Squire Fridell , Joan Robinson Tom Miles Bob Jones Dale Pilgrim Skip Nelson Bruce Bromley Sylvia Howes , Sue Tharp The Senior Class of 1960 presented "Annie Get Your Gun" on March 25 and 26 to a very enthusiastic and large audience. The cast worked hard with their advisor, Miss Margaret Jacobsen, for six weeks before the performances. A gross profit of 5850 for the Senior Class was made from the .sale of tickets. After presenting the play at Miramonte, they discussed staging a benefit perform- ance in a Berkeley theater. The profits from this performance would be donated to the Childrens' Hospital of Oakland. The seniors who worked hard behind the scenes in the play were Caroline Galla- tin, Barbara Thomas, Michele Angelo, Ruth Thompson, Rich Harrington, Sue Rice, Bob Jones, Rich Haefele, Ed Lee, and Mike Samon. l29 an Allen and Sue Gary and Nancy Corbett and Joan kv mij., aw--:p,L. 4-: -... M, Greg and Denise 'N W ,Qi- L r 1 f -'Q N-www I 1 I I for roasting . v .Qi P La, will you Take that but of your mouth? ...S f.t2i 'fg ., " , -A . Z 'J V gr 44 'Af-. R wh .-Q , H35 I 2 "" i . - .znz A Tk" f '4 Km A4 'vw .. x The beach towel, Irene? ,,, -a"'2 ,, M 6 .,-,, , Vh:- Q ..., it Lk A is S l- :.- Wi B19 Five f if, house so xx CENSORED S il A '14 Refreshing dips , , . i , Sf , .. : 5 fag 1. - 4 1' They iust don't build them like they used to! , , Q5 WE NX KW w 3 5 Wf ' i Sb X-f- 4 Q 1. X ,, j FOIMFBH pretty, Pat. I ,.M.M., NW ,Hi C' f fail QQ., JU, 'Cf h M iiiiv Nh ' 'v ,fi ug," , an-'ii Wh ffm ,2 5 h 4 XX yy f W im Mf.cAMPssLu '33 S var Down the hall. First door to the left. lSh'f She cute when she's asleep? 3 Going on a safari, Nancy? llP"" Come on, gang! f gl l l boys ggby h 'f P.:.N-E- G-R-o-v-E RAH! RAH! RAH?? Hello, James - ' - Hello, down there . . . I34 "The Claw" 53 W l kiss it, Paul. It be all right. Pul-leeeez! I I I But I don't wanna have my piciure Yaken!" And Then what did she say? ff- 's f Even our shadows match . . Looks like a dead pariy! Go Ricky!! Watch i1,Robbiel Boy, those grammar school parties were Swingin' . . Mfwf' wolf if-If Jawa 624,41 , guna ot. fwuxw A2 cfnxwfvwwb '6zz490UD H1405 FUN! fpfixu. wi' 76464674 Mus. X x X Al Q ax X we-: - 41 y A 4 i ww vi 'A MSB 'fm Mr. James A. Lewis, Principal Miss Naomi Giddings, Dean of Girls Mr. Robert Callan, Dean of Boys l COUNSELORS Robert Campbell Lloyd Hun? No,-ma Moser William Teufschel Harry TUHOH Robert Anderson Jean Armstrong Donald Black I WW f Q- Marion Calhoon William Teutschel HBVVY TUNUY1 Doris Van Dam 95 George Zunich Q9 t Q V This gray spirit yearning in desire To follow Knowledge like a sinking star, fikiflb' JZ Q Beyond the utmost bound of human thought S Left to right Verna Glenn Wilhelmina Schimmel Trude Manton Jane Cole O Left to Right Bill Walters Doug Wertman Herb Hoagland Bob Lowe Absent Albert Nelson, gardner Left to Right, TOP ROW Velma North Gertrude Jorgensen Josephine Hurley Dolores Hayward 'Left to Right, BOTTOM ROW Lillian Rossi Marie Lock Josephine Hutsey mb HJK4 CBM-f Yam Cigyfdg MA EMM Y Q KZMGCGLJ 4D5vp, Ag? 'Am al 5 EHJZZZ'-ZW ! ,HW I3 Aa nw. ' swgsgix-ifimbq l A- N ffsazf. LX h 9-Ms x 5 X X S'ffgg:3gf N K A x A Q EN' A .95 . Aw-E .F Q -- 4 Sv- M N X 6 Mak ' ww Q25 wg Q.,Q..M...- As . f .QN i - .- sf M . k .k N- . 5 1 any i A . .55 ww Wm Vw ef M i1 ..,,-, .'q. I LW!-':,, f ' 11: A y .Q L ?Q',QQ , -F PM 5 ,fri-1 ,J '. fp, .' A if Aff, ' 'Q' . ' iA1J?'ff,g ffz i ,fn ' M1 gf 'z 514,53 " ,gh ,W V , 4733 Q 1 G Q ' 45 . ,V . I t r Q , x ty-Vit, , 1 . V54 Hp gi W 5.4-A. 0, un. A L .fr sf .X Wh K' . M L M5 Mg 5 iw Yiffa' fl , ' 3? f V -out V I xi Q , fx I if-1 ,K ,Q Q, , .. ' .9 v V1 X .w , Ak ... .M ...M diff 4 D 4 , MMMW. . V il XL I 1 'We 5' QQ ' H E ' as -A 3 if 'L , N . . - - , K A 7" " , 1 0..- . M, Ag - j Ai V ' 4 M V , """525K.Y, vi K wx AK KV. 'ifiw W U , Y TOY VILLA 2I Orinda Highway 'Cl 4-5700 ORINDA PHARMACY 50 Moraga Highway CI 4-4956 ROSS AND KNIGHT REAL ESTATE Orinda Crossroads CI 4-8250 TROY FLYING A Tunnel Road and Moraga Highway CI 6-99II Orinda WORDEN TRAVEL AGENCY 9 Moraga Highway CI 4-2090 ORINDA VILLAGE REALTY Real EsIaI'e-Insurance IO5 Orinda Way CI 4-43l9 SPORTS UNLIMITED I7 Orinda Highway TOMMIE HORTON CLEANERS 235 Brockwood Road Orinda . . . when you wanf someI'hing really nice . . finer 'Fashion apparel I5 Moraga Way Across From Ihe Orinda Thearer OGDEN'S 2l Orinda Highway Orinda CI 4-3448 W. S. SIMPSON INTERIORS I24 Camino Pablo Orinda Ci 4-8585 COUNTRY CLUB BARBER SHOP 2I E. Orinda Way Orinda Cl 4-9906 LA VERNE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 43 Moraga Way Orinda Ci 4-27l5 JUDY LEE APPARELS 228 Broolcwood Road Orinda Ci 4-360i ORINDA THEATER I6 Moraga Highway Orinda Cl 4-2233 Special Thanks fo . . . DR. J. C. WASLEY, D.D.S. ORINDA PIXIE SHOP 55 Orinda Highway VILLAGE SHOE SHOP Il Orinda Highway BERKELEY FARMS 4550 San Pablo Ave Oakland 8 Callfornla COUNTRY Toes Olympic 2-9924 IOI Orinda Highway Orinda Lf: r ML t is irri rr,rr L g Complimenfs I N of "' aalii iaalri 5 rai, emi? 4 'i r MASSIE 8. UNDERWOOD fi 1 1' fi J, if REALTORS 3 3 3 BLACICS iiii iiiiii Orinda Crossroads ' Clifford 4-4322 63 Moraga Way Clifford 4-4366 TOBIAS ORINDA JEWELRY Experf Wafch and Jewelry I4 Moraga Highway . Orinda, California CL 4-3844 LOARD'S Offers You 30 FLAVORS of Top Qualify Ice Cream Measured by Weighf Across From Posf Office CL 4-3434 MARIE ROSE EXPERIENCED MODISTE l28 Orinda Way Orinda Village Clifford 4-8420 TAILORING DRESSMAKING ALTERATIONS FITTINGS FWYQ DICK MCINTYRES UNION STATION Moraga Highway and Norfhwood Dr. MARGARET JOSEPH'S I9 Orinda Way 'I' Orinda sPRousE I STORE -REITZ 64 Moraga Highway Orinda WRIGHT'S VILLAGE PHARMACY 79 Orinda Highway ' Orinda Clifford 4-524I Complimenfs of MORINDA CORPORATION REAL ESTATE FINANCING GEORGE DODGE JOE DUFFEL 72 Moraga Way Clifford 4-4300 A Paddock Buill' Pool PADDOCK POOLS 3690 M+. Diablo LafayeHe 'Wonder wha+ makes i+ +as+e so IOTHIDRDDIAUWOIIWOI 3-Qi 'P' F ppl 221793, pal ep JOHN H. MCCOSKER, Inc. Engineering Conslruclion I 50 I Easfshore Highway Berkeley IO, California LAndscape 5-47I7 KJV W- ' ,Wx Q wg K 'fig W, fix Z X . ig 7 . ,X , ix I ' Q X K, , rm M ,l. .e A E. L Special thanks from ihe students at Miramonte Yo our gardener Mr. Albert Nelson. D fdeew Quia RHEEM THEATER ff ' as RHEEM CENTER BARBER sr-lop MASON McDUFFIE COMPANY SILVER SHEARS KING NURSERY CARROLL RANCH MORAGA BOOTERY DESIGN CENTER MORAGA CASUALS PATIO MUSIC STORE EDWARD'S CLEANERS CHARLES DRUGS NELDAMS BAKERY CENTER HARDWARE T81D LIOUORS SAFEWAY A ANDREW'S UNION STATION T-BONE'S This space donaiecl by Miramonfe Paren+s' Club ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Miss Gidclings For lhe mos+ able assisiance in ihe com- MF- Callan plefion of ihis book, ihe l960 MlRADA Ml'-l-9WlS slaff would like 'lo express fheir sincere MTS- Campbell 'lhanlcs 'lo 'Phe 'lacully and: MVS- COIS Mrs. Glenn Mrs. Schimmel Hal Maison TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY s.,,..,, s..s,V,.. PI'lI1lel'S S. K. SMITH COMPANY .ss...vs,.V.......,. .ssV...V...s.s... C 0VerS BEEM STUDIO A, sss,w,, , ,,,,,,sss,s.,,,ss,sss, ,..s P h olographers 4-MA-f U Vaddavivvlufvfd yy: LMQZZ? 567. MM ,A,.4,'i'2,,?ff! v: . 2327 Z4,I7g,4mfMf'W4w"'7 ' -5 Q2fww Z,4f',44,,,w-J' ,W-g,g,,,, iam EMM' vw W ' UG Z5 c,,,3g' ...Fr 54442 C4 : Z 5Hw Lia Afafvamf Z34""0' Z.i1-".7f.f!.x-vvv-J Q MVN-of-LM M44-af J?Li'5w r. 3 A I 3 as H ' Qu ?4Li1Q,g H ' fQ' '2'-: W .- iqu I -- Q ggi . ,-46 S .,:: 3' .45 -Q , 3 Q is Asn.. , ww W M S5 5 iam E' at NS,- SEQ N fb-'S X ag NS JA , I 1 , IX 5' , , x . 9: mv +, ,. A A ' Q.g is 5 ai sr X 'Q L 1 ly XV: x x ,xg x at . R: f , N .N x fx'-QN I "KA wx VX 7 1 blyfff JL, LL xl' I ' , .' I I 1 1 4. 1 v' A 1 1 U x - ' 1 ' w 1 , X' l .4 ! L x 1. J N? UI. H Y" I I mu 1 x Q, L A X ' g , 5 I J I ' l Y i, " i f' ff .4 L J Y H N LL ? .'. 'lx k fm wk K , T J, x :J- , x. A 5 ".. my I ' . N' A J ,,,, .. 7 X LJ , K X, .9 " , V' , N. J f 1 x g- 1, K I K I X I E. 4. 1 4 I Q x ,,, D .N Q 1 J -f . A 'J 'Q N N x F' X Q' I U ,J M 'R '- 1 ' s u xx! V .Q ff' X I 1 X' ' , K F N l U ,X . fx w L XT-1' .aa - y 5 X, I .qx N f LEX -1, , l 2 ' Q' wg ' , I- , Q 1 ,A Nei Y A n ' X 1, Us 1 X5 QE V' x ,. . 1 "N-Q A JX' X5 x X -N :ij x X Xgl, 5 4 - 9 a- 1 x rx Q " X ' gg Q xj S ZAX -'llxh P3 ,gs x . -f, Q ' Ce- N :D Q 'QTQ ix X KX 3 ' lv f 4? Q ' J ' -2 4 K 1' Us 2 , A Q.. X 'b,.f- -- QQ H QQ, ,X 3 sk as H K Q -x -X 5? . XA' xf, y? J ch C f Lb X 1.3 Q ffl f,-- ,gk , A S 1 X X is 23 X , X-Q A-fx P' "' X , cf, 1, ,RQ , X N, -.i f- 'Jil CH 'fda x ij-f X -Bk AR: if ' X E - 5 X -A ' -- X ,,, v A . 'fb C3 'E 5:3 f-9 il-55. "fn Qi QA xr' CX? I1 . .X Q QR ., , ' ZX - 5' N 8' X il-I uf? vb ' Q V 'X 19 - K' 'ix '92 ax 93 F -95 f YA 3 fi Y VX lug Cx In v? '3 I x A-R A X ' -N HING COMPANY S RX TAYI:RRwu:a9E!:lEfb.-,ou Av. 1avl0v""d"' I60 Z2 7 bin! . -J ewwyddoabgf QM. W? X0 A U .XJ 3335 u5w '3M My Eiyfglggg x if M M ig wif SEQQQWQ W jamffx fi! 1 Vx wjVifL'W4??,g94f1gJ,wL6iJMfUf Qt? NMQWWN 5 A iQ5EQggmSi3gi, W 'MAKE XWXWP M5 Ei Nayw Wipy Mwwx V APA X9 9 S A 'J 9 vxfYQiyiw,,ff'1f4 If sg 5 A Jw 5 X Kiwi W Vw YN ww flaw, 35315 wZDjj3W ,ifQi3J35,1UiUffQ'5f , fy vfpv Q UKL5?yNX6?i?WikWfW1 3 gi? '0lQ,0'fQffyi Wa fwgjg X is ' ,Q J f6A gg 21355 QW X' Mfiil ,fb 'ui' f Lf inf WQESSQ 52 W ff? fy X J 54 2 , ff S ' : .1 QQ Lf A, ' ' ff WJ mr aiu. . .. ,Q L ' .s,, Q I , ,,v ., Z-ML ,...g........-: HT- AMW' ,M .wb ' 00,1 VQQQSWQ Mfliffjf V Joyyx , V XR 935W ,ML 59 5 9 ' If 1, 3 5 i7j4'?mVZ5ffWf I cn ,A 16 .AL J I E! x I 255577 fZ!5fAwf6M'W ' 1 W -if V! M W7 5 A A MK 79? . , , f 'T ..V .KH "mf A A 4f Q .ga f

Suggestions in the Miramonte High School - Mirada Yearbook (Orinda, CA) collection:

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