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WILBRAHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY r I WILBRAHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY Lio » L . Co U 79 4 Introduction | m Academics J e Seniors 39 Activities 89 Sports 115 Underclassmen 157 Ads 181 1979 Falcon • Minnechaug Regional High School • Wilbraham, Massachusetts occer Team Re scued from Andes • Bradford Kearney • Reverend Moon Tonasun Park • Alaskan Pineline m cm mm® ' Smile. In 1975, a new face suddenly broke into the political scene. People finally stopped saying " Jimmy who? " Political cartoonists had a field day. The soft-spoken Georgia democrat just kept smiling through the primaries and into the Democratic National Con- vention. Riding a wave of favorable public opinion polls, this smiling exam- ple of the New South eased past the divided Republican Party under Ger- ald Ford. Suddenly, " Jimmy who? " had become the 39th President of the United States. The smile fades. Inflation and unem- ployment soar. The Arabs are fighting the Israelis, the Christians are fighting the Moslems, the Irish are fighting the British, the Whites are fighting the Blacks, the Iranians are fighting each other, the Cubans are fighting every- one. The Russians are threatening Eu- rope, China is re-arming, the dollar is down, the coal miners are on strike. " Human rights " is an empty echo, Helsinki is ignored, terrorism runs rampant, and the U.N. ignores Cambo- dia. The smile is replaced with determi- nation. Begin and Sadat are talking. Arafat is upset. The B-l and the neu- tron bomb are vetoed. The Crown of St. Stephen is returned. Turkey is pla- cated and returns to N.A.T.O. The final drive for E.R.A. is started. The search for new energy sources is start- ed slowly, but started. The Rus- sians have met with a firm stance from the president. The president has be- gun to measure up. Tricky Dicky • Jostled Jerry Are You Still Reading This?! • Coal Miners Strike 4 " My grandfather always said that living is like licking honey off a thorn. " Louis Adamic " Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen. " Mark Twain " Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. " Soren Kierkegaard rt tube baby • Drinking age up, down, up?! • Golda Meir • Ted Kennedy Jr. SALT talks • Taylor and Burton again and agair " I once said cynically of a politician, ' He ' ll doublecross that bridge when he comes to it ' . " Oscar Levant " Our task now is not to fix the blame for the past, but to fix the course for the future. " John F. Kennedy " Nobody believes a rumor here in Washington until it ' s officially denied. " Edward Cheyfitz MINNECHAUG REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT DRIVER COURTESY OF ' MEDEIROS -WILLIAMS CHEVROLET HHHHUHHHiUHHHi HBMMhBwI rnational Women ' s Year ' 75 • Legionnaire ' s Disease • Haldeman • Erlichman • Middle East Peace Treaty? • Wounded Knee Ward Hughes Jim Crocc dies • Apollo 13 • Energy Crisis • Kent State • Suez Canal • Jimmy Hoffa • E. Howard Hun " Save Our Children! " was the battle cry of the anti-gay rights movement, led by the vocal Anita Bryant. After defeating a Gay Rights ordinance in Dade County, Florida, she decided to bring her campaign nation- wide in a widely publicized appeal to the parents of school children. Opposition to her was organized almost immediately, with con- tributions coming from several organiza- tions. Her opponents claimed that Miss Bryant was trying to violate their constitutional rights. Miss Bryant, however, claims that she is only trying to save the young school chil- dren from the influences of homosexual teachers. Additionally, she is setting up " re- habilitation " centers for those who wish to be " cured " . Miss Bryant survived attacks of all kinds, including one by a man wielding a cream pie. Said Miss Bryant afterwards, " I was only glad it wasn ' t a fruit pie. " Arab Oil Embarao • Watergate • Anita Bryant Gay Rights • Pope John Paul I and II • Spiro Agnew • Bicentennial 8 " Avoid revolution or expect to get shot. Mother and I will grieve, but we will gladly buy dinner for the guardsman who shot you. " Dr. Paul Williamson, father of a Kent State student " It ' s the inherent right of the government to lie to save itself. " Arthur D. Sylvester " Voters quickly forget what a man says. " Richard M. Nixon rfj il — _ L. G.M recalls 3.7 million cars • Barbara Walters hits a million • POWs • Bing Crosby • Amy Carter • Taxes Up. Up. Up " Life is a progress from want to want, not from enjoyment to enjoyment. " Samuel Johnson " Children are unpredictable. You never know what inconsistency they ' re going to catch you in next. " Franklin P. Jones " Why should any country continue, forever, to be ' great ' ? " William F. Buckley Jr. Neutron bomb • Washington Sex Scandals • Aristotle Onassis • Angela Davis • Impeachment proceedings • Prince Juan Carlos jreme Court abolishes Capital Punishment • Nixon visits ' reposition 13 • Vietnam • Chiang Kai-shek • King Tut • In an emotion charged campaign, the Equal Rights Amendment received a thirty-nine month deadline exten- sion. Despite bitter opposition by several congressmen, both friends and foes of the amendment agreed that the measure would pass, even before a final vote was taken. Arising from the Civil Rights activism of the sixties, the amendment received tremendous support in its first three years. The initial enthusiasm has diminshed, however, to the point where three states are considering rescinding the measure. The major opponent of the measure is Phyllis Schafly. Waging her campaign on traditional values of " motherhood and apple pie " , Mrs. Schafly attempts to emotionalize the campaign, threatening women with military conscription and unisex restrooms. Her opposition is led by Gloria Steinem, who feels that men and women should be treated as equals. The fight for the E.R.A. will probably continue into the 1980 ' s, with as much debate over its relative merits. 11 Mitchell resigns Charles Manson • Patty Hearst • Cigarette commercials outlawed on TV and radio 12 " You know children are growing up when they start asking questions that have answers. " John J. Plomp " Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve. " Roger Levin " What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge and not knowledge in pursuit of the child. " George Bernard Shaw Vest Point Women • Bermuda Triangle • Nuclear Power Plants • Solar Energy • Floating Oil • Red " Remember when your mother used to say, ' Go to your room ' - this was a terrible penalty. Now when a mother says the same thing, a kid goes to his room. There he ' s got an air conditioner, a T.V. set, an intercom, a short wave radio - he ' s better off than he was in the first place. " Sam Levenson " The modern child will answer you back before you ' ve said anything. " Lawrence J. Peter ' Everyone is the child of his past. " 13 Edna G. Rostow ■ — — « X 1 yk Solar Eclipse • Kidnappings • Airplane crashes • Double Eagle Two • Queen ' s Silver Anniversary • End of Draft 14 U ill T c jcu Pioneer 10 launches for Jupiter • Nicaraauan Revolution • Muskie • Summit meetings in Moscow • Ronald Reagan • 15 " Gerald Ford is the first President of the United States to be elected by a majority of one - and nobody demanded a recount. " Laurence J. Peter When Nixon resigned from office on August 9, 1974, what remained was the image of a man who caused public distrust in the presiden- cy. He left behind the wreckage of several po- litical careers, and it was Gerald Ford who was left to put the pieces back together. One of the first things that President Ford did was to par- don Richard Nixon for his part in the Watergate scandal. Although Ford was the one to replace Nixon, he followed in the former president ' s footsteps by keeping up diplomatic relations with China. Ford will always be remembered as the man who restored public trust in the presidency. par dons Nixon • Mars landing • Anwar Sadat • Black Panthers • Hubert Humphrey • Henry Kissinger • 18 year olds vote 1 16 The seventies. Radically different from the sixties, but remarkably the same, nonetheless. The decade has had its share of world events and crises, but it has still maintained the human considerations of the previous decade. Although some claim that the seventies is a decade without a person- ality, the seventies is rather a development away from the chaos of the sixties toward the positive social development of the future. The seventies have an identity, that is not as readily apparent as that of previous decades, but is just as real. The people of the seventies have endured the break- ing of a president, the rigors of a foreign war, and the growth of terrorism with the pragmitism that typifies the decade. The children of the decade reflect this, trading the wild activism and rebellion of the sixties for a more conservative attitude toward politics and change. Indicative of this change is the recent rash of Proposition 13 style proposals and the active effort toward non-violence among protest groups. While open rebellion is still present, as in the threatened secession of Nantucket and Martha ' s Vineyard, the real battles have been fought in the courts and legisla- tures, as opposed to the city streets and college campuses of the sixties. a V11U Btt KM irTijfiTiiiKiaiii 17 ACADEMICS :ADEMICS • ACADEMICS • ACADEMICS • ACADEMICS • ACADEMICS • ACADEMICS • ACADEMICS • AC AD E M1 Discipline • Sex Education Back to Basics • Penmanship Class • IQ Debate • Race Quotas • ROTC Program Career Guidance • -Higher Education Bill • Student Loans • Achievem ent Tests • West Point cheating scandal • - • 1 .Li SS «. • f M V V i . ► ' ■ ' - R. Brodsky English R. Brown Science T fi S L ? 1 Programmed Learning • Term Papers for Sale! • Financial Aid • Open Campus • Standard English • Food Stamps • RIF « Teacher: Surplus to Shortage d! • Evolution The Great Exam Rip - C School Prayer Flash Cards • College costs up 77% in last decade • Budgets • Rotating Schedule • Cooperative Education • Desegregation s m W. Eakins Science J. Emerson Special Education " You wouldn ' t believe what those kids were doing in there today. They were actually having a fork fight! " " This is what I earned a degree in education for " Watching those people eat lunch is enough to make your stomach turn ... " The teachers who made these comments were all referring to one thing - cafeteria duty. Cafeteria duty consists of watching students discover new and ingen- ious ways to act disgusting,. to leave one ' s litter be- hind, or simply to pelt a classmate with one ' s peas. Various teachers assigned to this duty find different ways to handle those unpleasant minutes. One paces calmly back and forth, remaining unruffled even as applesauce flies overhead. Another keeps a hawklike vigil and a running tally of those creating trouble. And a third simply sighs, wondering why students act like this and remembering how his own days in school were calm in comparison. The dislike of this duty is universal, however, and those teachers who are stuck with it merely wonder if it ' s worth it and wait for next semester. Sister Mary Elephant • The Student Shortage • Third Age College • Snack Break • Learning Machines • Sunshine Law P. Gartner Special Education P. Gaynor Home Economics J. Girotti Physical Education JV. j m V. French English S. Futterleib Industrial Arts P. Gagnon Science CUSTODIANS, SEATED: S. Strycharz, G. Stocks. J. Kijak, J. Norman STANDING: B Kaczowka. L. Silverl, L. Gosciminski. E. Lewickl, P. Sagan, T. Szczepanlk, E. Ordynowicz MISSING: P. Corrlveau, M Grlse, S Kllmkowicz, R. Ross, L. Stejna lights for Retarded IOWA Tests • Vocational Education • Summer School • Project Blueberry • Pilot Program • Tutorphon ft m - M { j« ' J. Guziec Business D. Hamelin Social Studies D. Hanscom Social Studies ore vs. Busing • Mon.-A BCD EFG • Elective Co urses • Metric System • Marine Academy admits Women ' pii WT WT7U.JJ.lll,U.UIIUIf.T!n CAFETERIA STAFF, SEATED: A. Ross, L. Schieding, N. Hansen, H. Beleski, M. Lopata, G. Whitehill, B. Szanderowski. STANDING: C. Perkins, P. Ross, J. Cyr A. Godfrey, T. Mazza, J. Braz, A. O ' Neil, Y. Craig, P. Webber, S. Bready, K. Wilk. MISSING: I. Chmura. Fire Drills • Bilingual Program • Maternity Leaves Brown vs. Board of Education • Suspension EX ONLY NOT ENTER M. Kibbe Industrial Arts £} R. Kirschllng Guidance W. Kober Physical Education E. Kennedy Guidance J. Kennedy Foteign Language t M. Kibbe Industrial Arts Gym Suit Changes • Busing • Fri.- ACDBEFG • Mrs. Towne Retires • Mid Year Exams • SRA ' s • l -W !WIK t i » -«• ' G. LaFlamme Foreign Language P. LaFlamme Science I ,.-: R. Latino English A. Lagunowtch Science - fe ,1 a -.- ,i1»v r •• ' z£ . JLJ •; ' , ' « 1 7 - ' v ' V ? ■._. lb C. Levesque Science C. Ligarski Math v 60 M. Moloney Reading Every spring there is a certain occurence that is as regular as the tide or the setting of the sun. Actually, you could call it a form of sickness. No, it ' s not the flu, it ' s the " Boy, wait until you hear what happened to me in arena last year " syndrome. What candy is to Halloween and eggs arc to Easter, so are horror stories to arena. It seems everyone has a tale to tell, and they ' re more than willing to tell it. Some day some ambitious young student will write a book about his experience in arena. I can see it now: Escape from Arena or " I spent three hours in arena and lived to tell about it " . After that will come the sequel, Return to Arena, and the movie rights. I wonder if the movie will be as good as the book? Dems vs. State of Union • " The Ford Foundation " • Gay Rights in Education • Battle of the Books • School Store • Pop Cult Education for the Handicapped • Thurs.- ABCDEGF • The Carbondale 104 • Competency Tests • Videotapes • ..■.■■■ Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence! Curriculum Half Days • Parking Permits • Mrs. Megliola Returns • 92 Credits Required to Graduate • Dress C odes v k r $ B8k T i- 9k J w F t S P v. A 1 . it: P. Polchlopek Physical Education B. Prackneck English G. Proulx Guidance Student Activity Tickets • " Yellow and Red " Ticket Procedure • Student Records Law Mr. Hofmann ' s Worm Cakes • Class Rank Revision • Split Lunch Periods • Mrs. Heiney- Dr. Heiney • Identification Cards ' why can t Johnny read? Good question. And there aren ' t any easy answers. Over the past few years, educators have noticed some alarming trends. SAT scores have been falling off. Many high school graduates are functionally illit- erate, while thousands of college freshmen are read- ing and writing at junior high school levels and lower. All over the country the educational systems seem to be under criticism and concerned parents are crying for action. While some feel that the quality of education is declining, the reasons for this decline have yet to be established. Many blame television, feeling that it cuts down on the amount of reading a child does. Others blame the current educational methods and advocate a return to " the basics " - the basic reading, writing, and mathematical skills in which they may have been educated themselves. No matter what factors or combination of factors may. have caused this controversy, the reversal of this trend will be one of the most important problems facing educators in the near future. R. Sllva Math A J. Smith Guidance it V V R. Spencer English E. Steele Home Economics M. Sitnik Home Economics Emerald Key Society • Teacher ' s Conventions • Christmas Vacation » Pilot Program • Early Graduation Robin Pry or- Shane Bond • Snow Days • Smoking Privileges • Student-Teacher Conferences • Effort Marks Never try to teach a pig to sing , it wastes your time and it annoys the pig. CMIffl SBB S MS n BSl lUMUHtfJ-.TliW. ADril Vacation SENIORS • SENIORS • SENIORS • SENIORS • SENIORS • SENIORS • SENIORS .• SENIORS • SENIOR!, What makes a senior different from other students? What makes them so special, outside of four years at Minnechaug? A senior gets extra benefits, like Open Campus, but also has more responsibilities. A senior spends a lot of time studying, partying, playing sports, and filling out college applications. Some things, like hat days, skip days, dress-up days and turkey raffles are senior class exclusives, while pep rallies and football games involve everyone at ' Chaug. At times, activities are done for an even greater goal than money or fun. The annual arrival of the Red Cross Bloodmobile is an excellent example of the senior class ' s efforts going for a more important need. The senior is also more involved with class activities, perhaps out of the realization that this is the last year of high school, and that most of one ' s classmates and friends will be off to work or college. As a result, the senior class is often more spirited, more mischievous, and yet more distinct than any other class. Yet, despite this involvement, the senior class is everchanging - just as the senior year is both a beginning and an ending, a time of parting, another phase of life. But for those who experienced it, the senior year will live on as a memory of friends, laughter and those few special moments which make it different from all other years. NDSOMEST- Mike LaChapelle PRETTIEST- P.J. Calvert • CUTEST- Tim Gillis • CUTEST- Kim Witkop • NICEST EYES- Bill Irv 1979 CUSS omcens THE 1979 CLASS OFFICERS ARE: 1. Kathy DeValle - President 2. Lynne Kissinger - Vice President 3. Cathy Megliola - Secretary 4. Robin Lis - Treasurer 5. Mr. Deely - Advisor " One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency. " - Arnold H. Glascow NICEST EYES- Sandy Gardner • NICEST HAIR- John Deput- NICEST HAIR- Bonnie Gress • LOUDEST- Neil VonFlatern MATTHEW ARDOLINO ■ Meredith Tibbetts « CLASS CLOWN- Gary King • CLASS CLOWN- Missy Moriarty • BEST DRESSED- Coreen Garve i x CHERYL AVONTI ± NANCY AXTELL LAURIE BABINEAU CHARLES BALLOU STEPHEN P. BARDWELL KIMBERLY BARRY URLIEST HAIR- Mark Nowak • CURLIEST HAIR- Lisa Brennan • CLASS ARTIST- Kevin Kilcy • CLASS ARTIST- Lynne Kissinger JENNIFER BATES ROBERT BELANGER BRUCE BERGERON DEBORAH S. BERNARDES BEATRICE ANN BERNARDO ROBIN H BISKUP MiMMfeh W «M B ai— 1 1 S — — — " mMMWMMWB KEVIN BLOMBERG JUD1 BOUCHER KAREN R. BOURCIER MARY L. BRADFORD SUSAN BRADLEY KEVIN BOGACZ TOM BOILARD BRUCE W. BONNEY ALAN W. BOUCHER One of the two ffireign students enrolled in the senior class at Minnechaug, Jette Lehrmann Madsen, has found school to be quite different here from her native Den- mark. For one thing, it ' s much harder to get a good average because the courses are more difficult, especial- ly Algebra and Chemistry. It ' s also a lot different in Denmark because teachers are addressed on a first name basis th ere, and one only has to attend nine years of school in order to graduate. Before Jette came to America, she had heard a lot about it through her mother, who has relatives in Califor- nia and Canada. When she saw a poster in her Oster- lundskolem (high school), she applied and soon began to learn the details of what her new life in America would be like. Jette likes America and feels that the lifestyle here is " very good " , although she hasn ' t become accus- tomed to American food. One place that she visited and liked very much was the giant water slide at Virginia Beach. Nonetheless, Jette is looking forward to being able to return to her home. She notes that three students from Denmark have already returned because they couldn ' t take the pressure in the United States. She also men- tions that she plans to stay and get her diploma here, despite the pressure. Her advice to other foreign stu- dents who come to stay in the United States? " Don ' t be as shy as me. " NICEST SMILE- Anne Gruszka • NICEST SMILE- John Devine • QUIETEST- Cathy Muir • QUIETEST- Jerry Chmura SCOTT BRADY DAVID C. BRAINERD LORI BRANCONNIER DOUGLAS P. BREADY " The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man ' s foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher. " Thomas Huxley (MaryBeth Guthrie) RICHARD BREADY eeseheeee LISA A. BRENNAN nam ROBERT BROUILLARD LISA L BROWN ROBERT W BROWN mmEEEEmm JANET BRYAN JUDITH BUCHHOLZ ROBYN BUDYNKIEWICZ DIANE M. BUREAU JAMES BURNS NANCY BURNS THOMAS BURNS TRACEY M. BUSHA LISA BUTLER )ST ATHLETIC- Jim Rahilly • MOST ATHLETIC- Peggy Murphy • MOST SPIRITED- Neil VonFlatern • MOST SPIRITED- Amy Griswold KELLY CAMPBELL ERIC N. CARLSON sa EsanuBSBE PHILIP CAMBO JAMES CANNAMELA DOUGLAS J CARLSON PATRICK CHAMBERS GERALD CHMURA DONNA L. CHOUINARD DEBRA CHRISTIAN TERESA CIANFLONE 3S PARTIER- Class of 79 • CLASS INDIVIDUALIST- Bill Irving • CLASS INDIVIDUALIST- Rose Garibian • BIGGEST EATER- Scott Bra M DEAN CIOCCI RANDY CORDNER .«( KJJJw jJW ' l F W J MICHAEL CORMIER MARK D. CLARK LINDA FAY CLOUTIER KAREN COLLINS SUE COOLEY CARL COTE " Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. " - Henry David Thoreau (Anne Gruszka) CATHERINE COUPE RICHARD COURTNEY DAVID E CRAWFORD KIM CROTEAU JILL DAHLKE IGGEST EATER- Lynn Whipple • MOST MISCHIEVOUS- Missy Moriarty • MOST MISCHIEVOUS- Dan Murphy • TALLEST- Dave Me ' I L " I f V 51 SANDRA DAKIS BRIAN DALLAS THOMAS D. DANGLEIS BETH ANN DANSEREAU LINDA JEAN DAVIS Wild! Dirty! Crazy! Funny! Everything you have always wanted in a movie. Animal House is one of the best movies to be released in a long time. The National Lampoon really did a good job when they came up with the basis for this movie. The story of a group of misfits from Delta House (led by John Belushi and company) and their antics on campus produces a unique form of comedy for everyone to enjoy. For instance, John Belushi ' s absurd actions while being a peeping torn at the sorority house or draining a bottle of Jack Daniels in 5 seconds help create this hilarious film. Other scenes include shooting golf balls at the ROTC commander and the portrayal of a human zit by Belushi, which make this movie disgustingly funny. The clincher of the whole flick, though, is the toga party. From this one scene, the cry TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! has been heard on college campuses all across the United States. The reason why this movie is so pop ular in ' Chaug is questionable. Maybe it gives us an idea of some of the fun we will experience in college. Maybe it helps relieve some of the anxiety or college blues of the coming year. Who knows, maybe it ' s because it ' s a tremendously perverted movie.! SUSAN DAVIS WAYNE M. DAY KAREN ANNE DELANEY JOHN H. DEPUTY NANCY DERAGON MARY DESAUTELLE KATHERINE DEVALLE JOHN WILLIAM DEVINE 10RTEST- Bea Siebert • BEST PHYSIQUE- Steve Setian • BEST FIGURE- Sue Davis DONE MOST FOR THE CLASS- Mr. Deely DEANNA DOUTHWRIGHT E MOST FOR THE CLASS- Kathy DeValle • MOST LIKELY [££•£! EED- Mike LaChapelle • MOST LI TO SUCCEED- Cathy Medio 53 DAVID MICHAEL DUBOUR DAVID MICHAEL DUKE KAREN JAYE DUFFY LORI JEANNE DUFRESNE ELLEN L. DUQUETTE JULIE M. DUQUETTE JAMES C. ELLITHORPE CAROLINE ENGEL CHRISTINE M. ENGEL iSS COUPLE- Dave Gray and Karen Sherman • LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY- Deb Messier arid Maureen Munsell • STARSKY AND HUTCH- GLENN R. ENGEL WALLACE J. FABIAN REBECCA FASTH — JEFF FERRANTI : SANDRA L. FERRIER MICHAEL FLORIO NANCY E FORTIER RUTH FORTINI NORMAN FRANCIS like Florio and Neil VonFlatern • FAVORITE FOOD- Pizza • FAVORITE SONG- Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd • FAVORITE CAR- Trans r " The great thing about being a senior is you can lose 4| your mind and no one will miss it. " - Nancy Fortier LYNN FRAME DAVID FREDERIC MICHAEL FREDERIC BARRY GAGNE LAURIE GALAVATTI MICHAEL GALLANT CHARLENE GARDELL GILBERT GARDELL SANDRA GARDNER ORITE ROCK GROUPS- Lynyrd Skynyrd, Styx, Foreigner • FAVORITE T.V. SHOW- Mork and Mindy • FAVORITE MOVIE- Animal Hous 56 ROSEMARIE GARIB1AN PATRICK GARTEN COREEN M. GARVEY SCOTT S. GATCHELL DONNA JOAN GETCHELL TIMOTHY GILLIS LYNNE GOODREAU WILLIAM GOULD LISA GOUVAN VORITE RADIO STATION- WCCC wmiumumwwswa SCHOOL LUNCH- You gotta be kidding! • FAVORITE FRUIT- A JEFFREY GOYER GREGORY GRAFF LESA GRANTHAM CHERYL GRASSETTI — N 1 ' ■« ME JfW fl 4 Hossien Amir-Arjomand is a foreign student attending Minnechaug from Tehran, Iran. Born in Washington, D.C., " Ho " lived in the United States until he was three years old. Tall and slender, with dark, curly hair, he is an individual who takes life easy. The main reason he has come to America is so that he will be able to attend college here. There are only three fine universities in Iran and they are harder to get into than Harvard or Yale. Sometimes they have to close colleges down because of political demonstrations against the Shah, so it may take a person eight years instead of four to complete college. Ho explained, " My parents thought it was better for me to come a year early, before college, to get used to the language, etc. " Hossien has been living in Wilbraham with the Wuerthele ' s and feels that this has done a lot to improve his English. Education in Iran is a lot different than it is here. All students have to take twelve courses a year and there is no distinction between honors students and slower stu- dents. All courses must be passed and kids study as many as three to four hours a day. Classes are two hours long and meet three times a week. Schools in Iran are much smaller and do not offer courses such as art, music, driver education or gym. " They don ' t have any sports in school and you must make a team on your own. These teams cannot have daily practices because of the lack of fields and facilities. " When asked how life in the United States compared to life in Iran, Ho said, " There are many differences. People are very schedule oriented here. In Iran, they don ' t know what is going to happen tomorrow. " He feels that it ' s easier to live in the U.S. because everything is more available. In Iran, " one day you have potatoes, the next day none - one day, no lights, the next day no water. " Parental discipline is not as strict over there and kids visit each other and go out more often during the week. Hos- sein feels that people have better manners in Iran and that they care more about one another. He comments that " kids here think too much of money - who will pay for this, that or whatever. " Ho ' s advice to other foreign students who would like to come to America? " Stay at home unless you really know what you want. Unless you ' re outgoing and learn fast, it ' s hard to come here. Try anything once. You only live once! " 57 DAVID M. GRAY II AMY JO GRILL AMIE JACK GRISWOLD ANNE MARIE GRUSZKA MARYBETH GUTHRIE A ORITE CANDY-M M ' s FAVORITE BEER-Heineken FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT- McDonald ' s FAVORITE COMEDIAN-Steve DAVID E. HAWLEY WW;lHJdM«l Mrf«l MMragSBl ■vi ' iiiin .i ' Uf i M ' ii .i iiaas saEgEiinaaaEBBi CHERYL HEALY KIM HEBERT MARY E. HELLYAR CAROLYN J. HESS NEIL HILT KEN HOLLIDAY JODI HOUGHTON MARILYN A. HULTSTROM STEVEN HUTCHINSON DO YOU REMEMBER: " Pot and Drinking Common at Minnechaug " • John Devine ' s ballerina costume • Whipple s bath in lane 6 JACQUELINE IELLAMO WILLIAM IRVING JEAN MARIE JONES LORRAINE A. -JORDON ANNE C. JOY BARBARA KATSANOS JOSEPHINE KAYNOR CAROLYN KEARNEV DAVID KEITH RUSSELL KEMP Calendar drive • Mr. Spencer ' s 33 1 3 specifics • Dan Murphy ' s Party • Turning class rings 79 times • Exposition SCOTT KIBBE KEVIN KILEY GARY KING JUDITH KIRK LYNNE KISSINGER MARK KOKASZYNA PAMELA KRET SHARON KUBIK TODD KUBIK ALAN KULLBERG MICHAEL LACHAPELLE NANCY LACROSS LORRAINE LAFLAMME Scott Gatchell ' s wild party • Mr. Kennedy ' s " Gigantes " • Speed Bumps • Flicking Bottle Caps • " Ban the Pyro STEVEN P. LAVALLEE MICHAEL LAVINIO STEPHEN LAW WENDY LEARD SUSAN LEARY Anne Gruszka ' s lobster • Stealing Ebenezer Scrooge from Friendly ' s • Marathon Dance • Minnechaug-Ludlow hockey games DARLENE LESNIAK JEANNE N. LEVESQUE VALERIE K. LINDSAY ROBIN LIS JANET A. LITTLE Girl s wrestling and weightlifting ' T«)lll»M .te][«r«[ , KM. a»J[ rH. lTir. Blizzard of ' 78 • No snack break 64 ± k KIM D LOFTUS BARBARA LOVELING CAROL ANN LOVELL LESLIE MACCANNELL TAMSIN MACKINTOSH JETTE MADSEN Food fight ' 78 - Caf. 2 and 3 • Pep rallies • the mad rush to buy chinos • Football s comeback under Mr. Sawyer • KERR1E L. MAHANEY MICHAEL MALZENSKI DIANE MAMMARELLI THOMAS MANZI The Springfield Civic Center is proud to present Lynyrd Skynyrd . . Styx Jethro Tull The popularity of rock concerts has skyrocketed in the last Center. At eight dollars a ticket, concerts are an expensive night out, but it is very rare to hear someone complain that it wasn ' t worth the money. Concerts bring to life the music you love. The talented artists become your idols as they jam away on stage, creating unbe- lievable sounds and a screaming frenzy of worshipping fans. Most teenagers would agree that there is no presentation which can compare to the pleasure and intensity of a rock concert. Concert going has more to it than just seeing a group per- form. There are always the before and after concert activities which seem to have become rituals. Before a concert, kids gather together to try to get psyched. Everyone listens to the group ' s albums and downs a few beers in anticipation of the time to come. Getting to the Civic Center early gives you extra time to get ROWDY!!!! Many people bring frisbees to the concerts and sooner or later everyone gets in to the action. To some people, catching a fresbee will make their night, while to others just sitting and laughing as they hit people in the backs of the heads, makes their night just as much fun. Because of this, frisbee is a major part of the concert scene. As the lights go out, the frisbees are put away and every- one lights up a match or lighter to welcome the group on stage. For the next 2 ' 2 hours everyone gets into the group ' s music, either by singing, dancing in the aisles, or just sitting back and letting the good times roll. As the curtain closes, the crowd stands eagerly awaiting the group ' s encore and the flickering lights return, as emotion reaches its climax. Even after the last encore, a few die hards remain, hoping the group will once again return. Sooner or later they all realize the show ' s over and it ' s time to hit the road. Everyone continues to feel the excitement of the concert as the craving for munchies drives them to the nearest pizza, grinder, or hamburger shop. Here, you will more likely find friends who have also been to the concert. This is a great time to reminisce about the things you ' ve done and seen that night, to think about your love of rock and roll, and to start to get psyched for your next concert. • SQUIRE AND PLUTON 65 f MICHAEL MARION SUSAN MARIE MARTIN JOHN MASON JOHN MASSIDA DANIEL MATHEWS Mr. Eakin s Choo-choo train impression • Beer Pizza at Vin Fil ' s • Home Box Office • Fake I.D. ' s 66 BUDDY MAY ROWENA J. MCCORMICK JACKIE MCDONALD KEVIN C. MCGEE " You see things as they are and ask, ' Why? ' But I dream of things that never were and ask, ' Why not? ' " . George Bernard Shaw (Jeanne Levesque) % CORINNE A. MCGUILL PATRICK K. MCMANN CATHERINE MEGLIOLA MICHAEL R MELBOURNE DAVID J MELE ■i(JH-Ukl..l..TJMtl.|.]..B.M.iM.M ■■iJ.MIl.U.l.ll.l.l.l.l.M. J.i — -. i,| .. f yjm ■.|,U).UJ.i.U!JI.|.l ■ ' ■ ■ M.j.MidliWfr LISA MARIE MENARD WILLIAM D. MERRILL DONNA S. MERWIN CHERYL MESSER r- W « 1 H » • Bl -rr= k ■ ' •« Lmj CHRISTINE MESSER DEBRA J. MESSIER SUSAN E. MILLER LUCINDA MINER ANN MARIE MISIASZEK Mr. Ettcr ' s students in the Combat Zone • Winning the Battle of the Classes Dance-3 years in a rour. PAULA MOODY BETH MOORE KATHLEEN MORIARTY MELISSA A. MORIARTY ROBERT MOTLEY DAVID MOTYL t . tt flOfc k. ■a ■ . x BL jflv " ' " 1 a , B CATHY J. MUIR DENISE J. MULLEN MAUREEN MUNSELL Project Adventure • One Acts- Won three years in a row • Miss Overgaard ' s penguins • Scholarships • DANIEL MURPHY JOHN MURPHY MARGARET MURPHY STEPHEN MURPHY PAUL NEV1NS MICHAEL NIETUPSKI Kevin Kiley dressed as a plant • Square dancing- promenade, grand right left, Bow to your corner. STEVEN NOROWSK1 JOHN E. NOVAK MARK NOWAK JUDI ANN O ' BRIEN " Touch, Step, One, Two, Three, Touch, Step, One, Two, Three One of the new innovations in the Physical Education Program this year was the addition of Disco Dancing. Now, instead of square dancing or tap, all junior and senior P.E. classes take disco. The reaction among the students was varied, although many felt that " anything was better than tap. " There was also the usual collection of people who hang out at dances: those who are right at home, showing off as much as possible; those to whom it ' s just another class; those who are affixed to the wall by some invisible super glue; and then there are tho se with dual left feet, who make their ungraceful way about the gym floor to the sound of muffled curses and squeals of pain. The teachers have also reacted to disco. While most show the strain of several hours of disco music daily, they do seem to approve of it in general because it is something that the kids can use. Miss Lynch even tried to create a disco mood by flicking the lights on and off. Not only the students were learning disco, the cafeteria staff was down in the gym trying it out more than once. So if you ' re ever walking down B- Hall and happen to pass one of the classes, stop in and try it out. But bring some new records. Please! T !l i 1 I ■ - — _1 .m W V MICHAEL O ' BRIEN MITCHEL OPALINSKI MICHAEL A ORLAND BRIAN O ' SHEA BRIAN PAGE DISCO- Basic, Sweep, Snap, Boy ' s Wrap, Girl ' s Wrap, Dance Position, Pretzel Band ' s fruit sale ANITA PANAIA NICHOLAS PAPPAS SHEILA MARIE PARADIS CATHERINE M. PELLETIER RICHARD F. PERRONE JOSEPH PIAZZO GAYLE DIANE PLUGGE LEWIS J. PODGORSKI THOMAS J.R. POLLARD Band goes to Italy • SAT ' s, PSAT ' s, and Achievements • Missing deadlines • Friendly ' s Hershey Co. LISA PRATTE JULIE RACKLIFFE MICHAEL RADEMAEKER JAMES J. RAH1LLY CINDY RAP1SARDA When there was a mirror in the H-hall girls room • College applications • Flu Epidemic 73 KATHERINE RICH STEVE RICHTER SCOTT RIDDLE MATTHEW RILEY DIANE ROBINSON How many molecules in a mole-6.023 x 10-23 • College Interviews • Robyn Pryor alias Shane Bond • Lifesaving MJ RONALD RODRIGUES STEVEN ROY CHRISTOPHER RUGG KATHERYN A. RYAN MARC1A ROSINSKI JAMES ROSS , LOR1 ROSS PRISCILLA ROSS LISA SALERNO Do you remember? " Telling dirty stories in the locker room the girl ' s locker room of course. " John Devin e and Mark Kokoszyna- " two wild and crazy guys " • Senior Work Weekend • School Parking Lot Parties v _ CAREY SALLADE LINDA SANDERS KIM SANDERSON AMY L. SAZAMA Do you remember? " When John Devine slow danced with a chair at the Senior Kick-Off. " C mm H 41 MARY A. SCHNARE PAUL SCHUBERT MARTIN T. SEARLES STEVE SETIAN ANDREW SHARPE ' Be there Aloha " -A.T. • Jump rope at the Senior Kick-off • Walkie- Talkies and Hall Patrols • Fetal Pigs r r GERALD P. SHEEHAN LOR1 ANN SHEPARDSON J I ■ ' ,,M KAREN L. SHERMAN DONNA MARIE SHIRLY Do you remember? " When you could identify what was served at lunch by looking at it and tasting it, instead of having to ask? " LORETTA ANN SIDOR ELIZABETH P. SIEBERT PAUL SILVERNAIL MATTHEW J. SIMONOKO ELIZABETH SITNIK It ' s a beast " -P.L. • Open Campus-that we almost didn ' t get First beer First smoke First kiss JEFF S. SLADE PATRICIA ANNE STEEN DIANE ST. GERMAIN SCOTT J. STILES LINDA SMITH LISA M. SOUTHWORTH CHARLES STARK LINDA L. STECHER SANDRA-LEA STIRTON Valentine Day Cookies • J.C.L. ' s Catapult Contest - won three years in a row Giving blood for the Red Cross KIM SUSAN STOLARIK DAVID M. STOLPINSKI JACQUELINE ST. PIERRE EDMUND STRUZZIERO Do you remember? " When you were a freshman and you came to school to be taught. Then when you became a senior, you came to school to learn. " fe f JOHN J. SULLIVAN TERESA SULLIVAN THERESE M SULLIVAN ALAN D SUNDBERG DOUGLAS W SWAIN When lunch was 35c • When the soccer team won their division this year • The International Dinner ERIC K. TEED DUST1 THOMAS MEREDITH TIBBETTS TIM TIPPETT KURT D. TREVALLION How many times you got kicked out of the library • The Tinkham Gate-up again, down again, up again • Tap Dancing HOLLY VIALL LISA VETO PATRICA VERMETTE ELIZABETH VEIDEMAN JOEL VALENTINE Mr. Martin ' s G-Block Honors Intermediate Chemistry Class • 12:15- 12:50-No students allowed in J, K, M Hall SHARON VONFLATERN JOHN WALLACE BRIDGET WALT KIMBERLY WALTON JONATHAN P. WARK Joining the B.O.C.- Don ' t worry nobody does • The senior class mural on the Caf. 3 wall ROBIN WESTBURG JAY WILLIAMS JIM WILLIAMS CHERYL WILSON LYNN-ANN WHIPPLE KATHRYN L. WILBUR LAURIE L. WILK DEBRA WILLIAMS DEBORAH ANN WILSON Stowe for 5 days during Feb. Vacation • Forgetting the combo to your gym locker after vacation • Candy Sale ROBERT WILSON THOMAS C. WILSON TIM WILSON KIMBERLY WITKOP RICHARD WOLFORD Do you remember? . " When Robin Biskup baked her shot put in her oven to warm it up before the big track meet. " MICHAEL ALLEN PATRICK J. AUSTIN SEAN D. AYERS BEVERLY BERARD JOSEPH BOGDAHN RANDOLPH BRAY EILEEN CHAMBERS PAUL CROWLEY HERBERT DOGAN ROBERT DUBORD CORAL GATTS STEVEN GOODRICH WAYNE GREGORY BONNIE GRESS STANLEY GROCHMAL EARLE HARRIS MARK HARVARD JAMES HOERLE MICHAEL JACKSON PETER LONGO JAMES MERRILL BRIAN MURPHY MICHAEL O ' KEEFE TIM O ' NEIL COLLEEN PALMER WILFRED ROTH GREGORY ROUNDY LISA SAMPSON JULIE ANN SAVOIE TIM THALASSINOS STEPHEN UIHLEIN KEVIN WEZNIAK VAUN WHITE KAREN M. WRIGHT RICHARD WUERTHELE JOHN ZILEW1CZ Those great concerts-Tull, Foghat, Outlaws, and Yes •. When Miss Fey got a call for herself during F-Block 1975. Although that seems like a long time ago, that was the year the Class of ' 79 first entered Minnechaug as freshmen. And like all entering classes, there were some problems that first day. Like where is M-hall, or what lunch do I eat? It wasn ' t long, though, before the class had settled into what was to become their four year Minnechaug experience. There was the pool requirement, a term of dripping hair, damp towels, and cold, soggy swimsuits. Endless laps - sidestroke, breaststroke, crawl and at the end a certification that one could indeed swim. And then there was the arena - does anything more need to be said? Variously described as a hassle, a pain in the neck, or a mess, the arena is one of those institutions general- ly acknowledged to be inefficient, unsatisfactory and universally hated, but somehow no one can come up with a better system. Oh well. There were also more pleasant events, such as the " Battle of the Classes " dance contest, which the Class of ' 79 won, as they would for three consecutive years. The single most remembered event of that year was the explosion of the pipe bomb. Coming right in the middle of G-block final examinations, it was thought by many, at first, to have been just another bomb scare. The true nature of the alarm was soon known, at which time the school day ended. The bomb destroyed lock- ers and even damaged a heavy fire door. The next day, police were at the doors inspecting packages and bun- dles. Both literally and figuratively, the freshmen year ended with a bang. 1976. Sophomore year started on a grueling note with Project Adventure, that program designed to in- spire self-confidence, trust, and cooperation, modeled after a commando training course. It is hard to imagine how the knowledge of scaling a 15 foot wall, climbing ropes, and crossing a distance using two wires could come in useful, but then again, you never know. In fact, there might have been something in the program, judg- ing from the look of satisfaction found on many faces. On the practical side, lifesaving was a required pro- gram. In many ways a replay of freshmen pool (damp towels, etc.) this course taught basic lifesaving skills, including artificial respiration and survival techniques, which could be extremely important some day. There was also the candy sale, an annual sophomore class event, where hordes of students descend on Hampden and Wilbraham, an army of traveling sales- men women people?, offering to solve the problems of every person with a sweet tooth, no matter how big. " And all this for only fifty cents, one half of a dollar 1977. One ' s junior year is always busy, and it was no exception for the Class of ' 79. A large part of the class took to the road during their junior year, while the remainder seemed busily occupied accumulating those last few hours of behind the wheel training. It was the year of the PSAT ' s, that early warning system by which one can tell whether to sit back and wait for offers, or work, struggle, and study madly in preparation for the SAT ' s. It was also the year that Minnechaug experienced a rash of fires in which wastepaper baskets, lavatories, and wall posters were the victims. One poster asked, " Who is setting the fires? " Who indeed. Not only plot- ting pyromaniacs were to be found furtively scurrying through the halls of Minnechaug either. It was also the year of our undercover policewoman extraordinaire. Robin Pryor, who reported on drug and alcohol use among the students. The publicity following this under cover police work more than made up for its quiet nature, with even the Springfield Papers publishing sev - eral inflammatory articles. Finally, it was a year of ambitious fund-raising events. The calendar sale and the marathon were two major events in a series of money making gambits. The junior year was also the final year of arena (Thank goodness!) and a prelude to the fabled senior year! 1978. The senior year is always one of new rights and new responsibilities. This contrast was more marked this year than in many previous years. Open Campus was a major issue, with a great deal of reluc- tance shown by many people in granting it. This reluc- tance was well justified when one considers the actions of previous senior classes. But despite this initial set- back, Open Campus was granted, and seemed to work with a minimum of problems. But that is only half the story. There were also new restrictions, among them speed bumps and an enclosed parking lot. The one thing that has incited the most talk, speculation, griping, or whatever, is THE GATE. Never referred to as any- thing else, THE GATE seems to bring out the most vocal element of the Minnechaug community. Every- body has something to say about THE GATE. There was also the turkey raffle, the football team ' s undefeated championship, the senior kickoff, and those annoying fifteen page college applications. " Insert Form 1A in pink envelope B, form 3 in blue envelope E, and form 2C in the white envelope. Remember to insert non-frefundable check for $25. " Somehow, despite all these events, or perhaps because of them, the senior year somehow escapes like sand slipping through one ' s fingers. The tighter one clenches one ' s fists, the faster it escapes. This then was the Class of ' 79. Cap and Gown measurement Writing those tardy and dismissal notes yourself 85 In this picture there may be some familiar faces and some not so familiar, but take a good look because one of those little faces may be your own. We ' ve all changed a lot over the past twelve years, but we ' ve all remained the same in some ways. If you want to test your memory, the Yearbook is sponsoring a contest open to all seniors. You can be a winner by correctly identifying the greatest number of students in this 1967 kindergarten picture. The prize for the winner will be two free concert tickets and in case of a tie, the winner will be drawn randomly. The result of the contest will be announced at the Senior Banquet. Entries should be given to Mrs. Maloney in Y-l during homeroom or in J-4 between classes and should be written on index cards or a 3x5 sheet of paper. The deadline for submitting entries will be June 1, 1979. Please print legibly and include your name, address, and telephone number on the card. It is not necessary for you to be in this picture in order to enter the contest. So, if you have any idea who some of these students may be, enter and give it a try. You may just be a winner! ' (Yearbook editors are not eligible to participate in this contest.) The Class of ' 79 ' s school spirit • Fruit Flies • The J.C.L. movie • Those fire drills when uou never had a coat 36 Mrs. Ats ' Ancient Times ' class leaves her her chalk. Barb Berthiaume leaves her wet and dirty boots on Deb ' s chair. Robin Biskup leaves her goalie shirt to whoever is crazy enough to put it on and wear it. Judy Buchholz leaves the opportunity to stay the " Neighborhood Professional " to Mary. Diane Bureau leaves Mr. Badger and all her teachers, who were kind and understanding, to her little sister and brother, Joanne and Kenny. " Please take good care of them. Thank you. " Robyn Budynkeiwicz leaves " cough, cough " to Mike. Kathie Campbell leaves Sue Davis a lot of great times and good memories. Robin Carter leaves Cheryl Grassetti at Finast Supermarket. Karen D. reluctantly leaves Scott Gatchell her Cross pen. Mary Desautelle leaves Nancy all her " F ' s " so that she can be a well-rounded student. After a week at Stowe, Dave D. leaves Tim, Pete, Rich, Scott, Pluton, Dan, Abe, Dave, Jim and John, in church for a whole week. John D. leaves Deanna Douthwright 69 pencils, 47 pens, 4 flair tips, and one crayon. Jim D. leaves a B.O.C. memberchip card to Bill Follansbee. Dukers leaves the " Buck " with a 469 four-barrel police special in it, to all the boys who had the genuine opportunity to ride in it. Scott Gatchell leaves a manual on the aerodynamics of the bottle cap to Brenda Hnatow. Tim Gillis leaves his one-eared elephant to all the boys. Amy leaves Cory our " Best " Sophomore year, and to Beth, a lifetime of friendship. Ann Gruszka leaves to all juniors all of the joys and sorrows, laughter and tears, that made up her last year at Minnechaug. Judy Kasper leaves Sue Chapin her Primatene Mist. Carolyn Kearney leaves all her Physics books and notes to Dave Rheinhart. Steve Law leaves Mr. Eakins his machine. Jeanne L. leaves Scott and all his friends the money to pay for their ad. Carol Lovell leaves Joe Servidio a bunch of bananas. Sue Martin leaves a can of Crisco to Mr. Winston and rotten fish to Sharon Chapman. Cathy Megliola leaves Mr. Castonguay a free one-way trip to Fantasy Island. Denise Mullen leaves Dawn Ferguson a little bit of color. Paul Nevins leaves his parking spot and driving privileges to the Junior class. Judi O ' Brien leaves Janice Cerulli a red bandana and a lot of good times. Kim Ponath leaves a Friendly uniform to Amy. Mr. Ryan ' s F-Block English Lit. class leaves him Richard; Merry Christmas. Beth Sitnik leaves her eyes to Mrs. Laflamme. Joe Shmoski leaves Mr. Trimmer a Good News razor. Alan Sundberg leaves his copy folder to Mrs. Maloney, his lucky die to Steven Roy, his long lost copy of " Third Reich " to Mike Megliola, and his A.S.M.W. cards to Mr. Musselman. Valerie Sweeney, Lisa Brown, Nancy Fortier, and Mark Turley leave Mrs. Maskell her table in the library. Beth Tucker and Robin Lis leave the best of luck to the ' 79- ' 80 Ski team. Betty Ann Veideman leaves all the dumpy drosophila and DEATH SQUAD to Mr. Stern- berg. Lynn Whipple leaves her cleavege to the girl ' s Swim team. Mr. Worthley ' s C-Block men leave him a pair of steel-belted radial horse shoes. Lisa Byam leaves the captain ' s position on the Varsity Cheerleading squad to any fool or insane person who wants it. The Class of ' 79 leaves dreams of Open Campus to the Juniors. Jim Williams leaves the musical score of Andy Griffith to Mr. Amerman. Mr. TiDaldi ' s Whales • Trying to cross the school parking lot to the school without fallina • " Arlie Farkle " - D.H. 87 The Class of ' 79 leaves Gary King to Mrs. Maskell. To whoever inherits our tables, a bunch of us leave our manual on the aerodynamics of various cafeteria foods. Beth Tucker leaves a pair of water-skis to Mr. Winston. Anne Gruszka leaves all future Spanish students Mr. Kennedy ' s Gigantes and the hope that they will meet Pepe Gigante some day. Someone leaves twenty pounds of cabbage to Miss Brewer ' s chickens. Five crates full of marshmallow fluff to Jette Lehrmann Madsen. A chance to win the One Acts to all underclassman involved. Two cases of suntan lotion to Rhoda Powers. A pair of platform shoes to Mike Dickinson. A pair of swim fins . . " to go " to Jette Madsen. A dozen tomato plants to Greg Kubic, he ' ll know what to do with them. Karen leaves Jeanne a jar of Sanka, empty ash trays and an infinite amount of cakes, cookies, wheat pretzels, and expensive candies. Someone leaves the best of luck to Mr. Badger for the future and always. Robin B. leaves her hiccups to Mrs. Ats. Robyn Budynkiewicz leaves Big Sal ' s Alpo truck to Lori. Judy Buchholz leaves " Tsusa " to Jon. Carolyn Kearney leaves the chore of watching over Bill to her best friend Victor. Someone leaves Fern a new floor hockey team; one that won ' t attack her. Robin Carter leaves Ann Misiazek and Deanna Douthwright at Ponderosa with the retired minister. Dave leaves Gina for eight short months to go out west. Anne Gruszka wills all her Spanish books and old tests to Carl Boyer. Lem P. leaves G.F. 80 million omelet dinners. Jerry S. leaves his Springfield College jacket to his brother. Kim leaves great appreciation for help received from: Bet, Diane, Lynne, Lisa, Tracy, Al, Linda, and especially Mrs. M. Valerie Sweeney leaves " organization " to Mark Turley. Judy Kasper leaves Emily Plumb her handstand on the balance beam. Rich Lasonde leaves his extra x-chromosome to a deserving fruit fly. Jim Ross leaves the Green Fury stalled on Sumner Ave. Jackie S. leaves all her easy-make recipes to Mr. Eakins. Bill and Sandy leave a six-pack of Busch to Carolynne and Janet. Patty leaves her flat tire to Rick Messier. Mark Kokoszyna leaves his outstanding soccer skills to Mr. Whalen. John Wallace leaves Mary, Pat, and Judy leave Mr. Lagunowich in the care of Uncle Wolfie and Spot. Jeannie Jones and Lynn Frame leave their famous " Mortimer Snerd " nickname to: D.J., P.J., Paul, Jeff, Tim, Holy Meat, Phil, Dave, Georgie, Dennis, and Mikie. Lisa Brown leaves Joe and Frank to Nancy. Jeanne leaves Karen a cab in Boston, a bottle of Bolla, and the exact change for the trolley. The Yearbook Editors leave Mrs. Maloney ' s patience, understanding and typewriter to next year ' s editors. Karen D. leaves Pete the ' 71 Oldsmobile. The Death Squad leaves Richard Lasonde to any class that will take him. Carol Lovell leaves ten old retirement speeches to Mr. Tipaldi so he can practice up. Jeanne and Dave leave luck to next years senior editors in getting everyone to submit a class will. That first day confusion • Girl ' s Ski Team-Western Mass. Champs • The first time you got caught skipping 88 In Memory Of Arthur Forbes • • • " Even though he no longer stands beside us; he still stands within us, because the memories of him will live on forever. " -Kerri Mahaney " Whenever the song ' Only The Good Die Young ' comes to mind or is on the radio, I only think of how true it is. Arthur Forbes was my friend and neighbor for over fifteen years. We grew up together, laughed together, cried together. There is no one who can replace the caring, love, and friendship he has given me and all his companions for many year. I can remember when we were little how many fights we used to have, and how we became best friends minutes afterwards. It ' s so very hard to lose someone. So very hard. " ■Darlene Lesniak Trying to find v°ur bus on a half-day • The special teacher that became a friend • THE CLASS OF 79? 89 ACTIVITIES jnHi3E3iflB3Eafflni3ESBH3ESiflH 90 FALCON FOLLIES When people purchased tickets to the 1979 Falcon Follies Talent Show, sponsored by the Performing and Visual Arts Society, they had no idea what was in store for them. When the house lights dimmed and the spotlight was centered on stage, two young men clad in elegant white tuxedos stepped out of the wing. Although hosts John Devine and Dave Gray looked more like they belonged in a Lerner and Lloew musical than a high school talent show, both seniors were very comfortable as crazy " zanies " . Their hilarious antics kept the audience in stitches throughout the evening ' s lively performance. Among the many excellent acts were Meredith Tibbett ' s " Superman " , Mary Wolcott ' s " Mercedes Benz " , and Tony Falcetti ' s version of " Copacabana " on the accordian. The final act, " Freebird " by the Salty Dogs, drew a tremendous ovation and left the audience thoroughly entertained. Although a majority of the acts were vocal performances, an occasional dance number was wedged in here and there. Senior Robyn Budynkiewicz " got down " to " Boogie, Oogie, Oogie " and later appeared in " Ease on Down " with Anne Branconnier. Another fine number was " Last Dance " , performed by the Walt sisters, Becky and Belinda. The highlight of the Talent Show was a surprise guest appearance by the Blues Brothers, Elwood (Marty Searles) and Jake (Gary King). All in all, the Falcon Follies was a huge success! loafers mini bikes skating • ribbons • " Let ' s boogie! " • instamatic cameras • cassette tape recorders 91 -ALCON FOLLIES PERFORMERS: D Belli, T Bollard, A, ranconnier, R. Brooks, L. Brown, J. Buchholz, R. Budynkwiecz, . Byam, J. Cannamela, J. Caron, H. Covault, M. Desautelle, J. 3evine-Emcee, M. Drumheller, G. Emerson, T. Falcetti, P. Flod- nan, N. Fortier, S. Gardner, D. Gibb, D. Gray-Emcee, K. Hartin, T. Herrick, M. Hulstrom, D. Jones, C. Kacoyannakis, J. Kacoyanna- ds, K. Kiley, L. Kissinger, K. Ladue, L. Langone, R. Lasonde, C. ovell, P. Lovell, C. Magill, M. Megas, C. Megliola, M. Metzger, B. Newton, C. Neiski, D. Orton, L. Palmioli, N. Pappas, J. Pezza, L. ' odgorski, C. Robinson, M. Rogers, G. Roth, L. Salerno, T. Scott, I. Sitnik- director, K. Scala, T. Sparks. M. Tibbetts, B. Veideman- lirector, B. Walt, B. Walt, J. Wark, J. Welch, D. Wild, M. Wolcott. snorkel jackets ■ " Hey, I ' m flexible " • pony tails .» bermuda bags rain parkas • " Shasbot " 92 CONCERT BAND The Band had an extremely vigorous year, holding many perfor- mances and involving themselves in several projects. They sold oranges and grapefruit and held a Lasagna dinner Pops concert in order to raise funds to purchase a portable band shell. This shell would allow outdoor concerts to be held with better acoustics. Perhaps the most significant event of the year was the arrival of Alfred Reed, a respected composer specializing in band music. Mr. Reed was in the area for several days, spending most of his time here at the school. In honor of this visit, the band held a performance consisting solely of Mr. Reed ' s works. Included in this repertoire was the premiere of Mr. Reed ' s new work, written specifically for the Minnechaug Wind Ensemble. The band has obviously had a busy year, and its perfor- mance under the direction of Mr. Beeler can be considered a tribute to the school. BAND MEMBERS: K. Anderson, C. Ayers, D. Bishop, B. Brooks, L. Brown, S. Bugbee, M. Bugbee, D. Burque, D. Campbell, J. Cannamela, D. Carlson, J. Cooley, R. Demetrius, C. Dodson, M. Drumheller, A. Ecker, E. Engles, A. Falcetti, W. Figoni, B. Figoni, P. Flodman, K. Fogarty, G. Fortier, D. Gibb, J. George, E. Gerhard, D. Getchell, N. Getchell, M. Graff, J. Groth, A. Hale, S. Hilt, B. Holda, M. Hulstrom, D. Jones, T. Labine, C. Ladue, C. Magill, J. Mannix, C. Mantis, S. McEathron, M. Megas, E. Morris, B. Newton, C. Nieske, D. Norman- deau, C. O ' Connell, W. Palm, M. Parks, A. Paulhus, S. Payer, R. Phillips, E. Plumb, L. Rigney, B. Secor, B. Sharpe, T. Shaw, S. Short, M. Sitnik, T. Stevens, G. Stevens, M. Sullivan, V. Sweeney, J. Sweetman, S. Strohman, C. Tozier, C. Trombley, M. Turley, K. Turley, J. Valentine, B. Veidiman, J. Weatherbee, B. Williams, S. Williams, M. Wolcott, E. Worster. ski jackets • head phones • " T.G.I.F. " • metal belts • clock radios • satin shirts • duck shoes 93 long coats • " Oh boy! " • sweaters cowl necks T.V. Oddessy games 94 CONCERT CHOIR The Choir, with its approximately 75 members, is certainly one of the larger organizations at Minnechaug. Among these talented students are several who have qualified for district or All-state honors. One of the largest reasons for the choir ' s continued success is the many hours spent in diligent practice. To warm up, the choir vocalizes different patterns and does arpeggios, alternating thirds and triads. When they start a new piece, they sight it, going through it quickly in order to get the feel of the piece. They practice different notes and rotate sec- tions, starting with one and going on from there. All of this leads up to those nice, smooth vocal pieces you ' ll hear at graduation, among other places. So if you have some spare time and like to sing or exercise your voice, why not try the choir? CONCERT CHOIR MEMBERS: D. Beauregard, D. Beren- son, L. Bilton, M. Bish, J. Bosch, L. Branconnier, J. Bryan, J. Buchholz, R. Budynkwiecz, J. Cannamela, J. Caron, C. Clou- tier, L. Cloutier, D. Copeland, C. Erickson, J. Fife, S. Fitzger- ald, S. Gardner, L. Gouvan, J. Hale, J. Hawley, C. Healy, M. Herrick, E. Horton, M. Hulstrom, B. Hurley, W. Jones, J. Kirk, C. Levesque, C. Lovell, P. Lovell, C. Lucas, C. Magill, D. Magill, J. Marinaro, J. McGranaghan, M. Metzger, A. Moore, S. Morgan, W. Newton, C. O ' Connell, M. Orland, D. Orton, L. Palmioli, D. Pickett, L. Potter, R. Powers, C. Richter, D. Roach, M. Rogers, L. Roy, D. Russell, A. Sazama, B. Semle, S. Short, B. Sitnik-director, T. Sparks, S. Strohman, M. Suchecki, J. Teschendorf, M. Tibbetts, J. Trabulsi, S. Tychsen, J. Wark, J. Welch, D. Williams, J. Williams, B. Witkop, M. Wolcott. teardrop necklaces • plaid skirts • motorcycles • cashmere sweaters • shag haircuts • farmer jeans • GIRLS CHORUS 95 CHAMBER CHOIR The Chamber Choir is a small organization which operates within the main Chorus. It is made up of many of the stronger voices in the Choir. Because of conflicting schedules, the Chamber Choir often met to practice at 7:00 in the morning and would finally break up at 7:45- 5 minutes before homeroom. The Chamber Choir gives several concerts, to groups like the United Church ' s Woman ' s Club, the Scantic Senior Citizens Group, and the Ladies Federated Church Aid Society. An exchange Concert with Wakefield is scheduled again for this year, with members of the Choir sleeping over at students ' houses. Finally, to wind up the year, the Chamber Choir will participate in the Graduation ceremonies in what will be the final performance of the senior members of the Chamber Choir. HRLS ' CHORUS MEMBERS: A. Bond. L. Chayer, D. Drobiak. P. Getchell, C. lalgas, C. Hicks, P. Hiersche, T. Kacoyannakis, S. Lannon, G. Kubik, K. Marrett, M. layo, K. McDonald, D. Owens, J. Phaneuf, L. Sattler, T. Sebastian, C. Shaban, B. 5kipton, V. Trabulsi, M. VanAmsterdam, B. Walt, A. White fast service restaurants CHAMBER CHOIR MEMBERS: D. Berenson, J. Buchholz, J. Cannamela, J. Caron, L. Cloutier, S. Gardner, L. Gouvan, M. Hulstrom, J. Kirk, C. Magill, A. Moore, B. Newton, M. Orland, D. Pickett, R. Powers, L. Roy, D. Russell, A. Sazama, B. Sitnik, T. Sparks, J. Teschendorf, M. Tibbetts, S. Tychsen, J. Wark, D. Williams, J. Williams, M. Wolcott. contact lenses • leather coats • Kenny the Whale Student Council " Be it enacted by the officers and representatives of the Student Council assembled, that . . . " Well, maybe not quite, but the student council is in reality a miniature government. The members are involved with the improvement of different aspects of the school, its curriculum, and its various ' activities. While the Student Council was involved in several activities, including the organization of dances and " contests, one of the most significant ideas stemming from the Student Council recently was the proposal for the revisions of Grade Point average standards. The new guidelines would have given greater value to certain academic courses and in general given better academic work a greater reward. Although the proposals were not accepted, the idea and the controversy it created certainly made an impact on the school. Hopefully the Student Coucil will continue in this vein, analyzing problems around the school and making suggestions on how they might be solved. Furthermore, actions such as the town- wide safety campaign show an awareness of the role of the school in the community. The Student Council has proven itself to be a useful and viable from of government. SENIORS: SOPHOMORES A. Misiaszek B. Brainerd S. Lavallee H. Covault B. Moore L. Langone K. Loftus G. Lasonde O. Mammarelli K. Scala K. Dolecki C. Shay M. LaChapelle FRESHMEN: R. Lasonde J. Willson JUNIORS: J. Garibian L. Bissonnette M. Bugbee M. Cauley C. Garvey D. Farnham P. Scarlett B. Hnatow A. Bond S. Lavallee S. Moore B. Schnepp P. Wolfe incense • waterbeds • calculators • blazers • stuffed animals • " Oh my God! • plants • tank suits • P.A.V.A.S. 97 What exactly is PAVAS? Technically, it stands for Performing and Visual Arts Society. But that doesn ' t really mean much to the average person. Many people think of it as a group of kids that have a meeting 2very other week in H-9 and don ' t do a whole lot. Wrong. You know all those talent shows that are packed each year? Well, you can thank PAVAS for that. They also put on the Festival of the Arts and the Harvest Dance. All the money that they raise is put to good use. Some has been donated to Channel 57 and they are now in the process of buying art reproductions to hang in the radiology section at Wesson Hospital. At the end of each j ear, they contribute funds to a selected group at Minnechaug which they feel will promote the performing and visual arts around the school. PAVAS MEMBERS: L. Brown, J. Cannamela, D. Carlson, J. Caron, S. Chapman, S. Chapin, L. Cloutier, J. Dalton, S. Davis, N. Deragon, D. Farnham, P. Flodman, N. Fortier, F. Freely, L. Fusco, S. Gardner, R. Garibian, S. Gatchell, F. Grillo, A. Gruszka, D. Guarrera, D. Harasy- miw, C. Healy, B. Hnatow, W. Hodgdon, M. Hultstrom, J. Jones, M. Jones, C. Kacoyanakis, J. Kacoyanakis, K. Kiley, L. Kissinger, J. Kline, P. Kret, R. Lasonde, S. Law, J. Levesque, C. Lovell, P. Lovell, C. Magill, K. McGee, C. Megliola, D. Mele, P. Moody, C. Nieske, M. Orland, D. Orton, A. Panaia, S. Payer, J. Piazzo, K. Ponath, R. Powers, D. Robinson, A. Sazama, B. Siebert, K. Sherman, B. Sitnik, K. Smola, T. Sparks, L. Stecher, J. St. Pierre, T. Sullivan, A. Sundberg, V. Sweeney, M. Tibbetts, M. Turley, S. Tyschen, B. Veideman, J. Wark, D. Williams, J. Williams, D. Wilson, T. Wilson, B. Witkop, A. Young " Really " Bobby Sherman velour shirts mini-skirts I can relate Sylvester Stallone ONE ACTS At 7:30 p.m. Friday evening, November 17, the house lights in the auditorium dimmed. An expectant hush fell over the crowd. Suddenly, a spotlight flooded the stage, revealing a lone figure. " Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I would like to welcome you to Minnechaug Regional High School One- Act play contest. " " Nobody Sleeps " was the story of a hardworking burglar and his attempt to rob the Busby residence. " Kiss Me Quick - I ' m Double Parked " was about a harassed nervous bridegroom and his chaotic elopement. " Terror Walks Tonight! " was the result of a group of young people ' s ingenious idea to protect their dating privileges. " Whodunit? " tells of a husband ' s test to check on his wife ' s fidelity. AND THE WINNERS ARE: Best Actor Mike Rademaeker (Senior) Best Actress- Jeanmarie Jones (Senior) Best Supporting Actor- Phil Burns (Junior) Best Supporting Actress- Julie Caron (Senior) Best Play- Kiss Me Quick - I ' m Double Parked (Senior) Advisor - Miss Gagnon moustaches " it s not my job match boxes " I ' m flexible ' 99 TERROR WALKS TONIGHT! Cindy Bates Aili Bond Jim Cannamcla Debbie Duval Chris Levesque Mike Moody Debbie Owens Dave Pickett Sue Porter-Shirley Laura Sanders Eileen Voight NOBODY SLEEPS Dawn Ferguson Alesia Peck Sue Quill Linda Roy Jane Teschendorf Meredith Tibbets Erich Worster WHODUNIT? Phil Burns Michelle Graff Terri Herrick Eric Jones Richard Katsanos Thomas Sparks Sherry Tychsen Ellen Welsh Amy Young KISS ME QUICK - I ' M DOUBLE PARKED Judy Buchholz Julie Caron Cheryl Healy Jeanmarie Jones Carolyn Kearney Kevin McGee Robert Powers Michael Rademaeker ' Get my drift? " • the Bus stop • corvettes • " Sugar " • guys ' platforms Bee Gees • John Travolta 100 SMOKE SIGNAL Over the years, the Smoke Signal has undergone several changes, some of which have been quite noticeable, others of which have evolved slowly. The most obvious change was the switch to newspaper stock. Rather than those large white sheets of paper (which made great book covers), the Smoke Signal now uses the more familiar style paper. But a subtler change has also occurred. Recently the Smoke Signal has been printing articles which give students information they might not have otherwise known. For example, which depart- ments receive what percentage of the budget and a feature on the computer in the Guidance Office which can help a student make career choices. Fiction by students is also appearing in the paper, along with more sports coverage, comics, and an editorial page which often provokes some controver- sy. The paper has matured to the point where issues of importance to students are reported, providing some interesting reading to boot! SMOKE SIGNAL STAFF: Editor in Chief- C. Megliola, Managing Editor- M. Turley, News Editor- P. Flodman, Assistant- M. Megliola, Editorials Editor- J. Dalton, Assistant- D. Ferguson, Features Editor- B. Hnatow, Assistant- C. Engel, Boys Sports- K. Holiday, Assistant- J. Bargon, Girls Sports- S. Chapman, Assistant- J. Wilson, Special Features- K. McGee, Photographer- G. Crossman, Advisor- Mr. Trimmer. bean bag chairs • double pierce • " Rlaht on ' • fashion eve wear • short hair • " the P«» • John Travolta 101 David Cassidy • buffalo sandals • rugby shirts • " Hey baby " • fatigues » go go b oots » hula hoops 102 PEP BAND The Pep Band is probably one of the most mistreated groups of people in the school. If the football team plays in the rain, the pep band plays in the rain. If the football team plays in a cold brisk wind, so does the pep band. What makes it worse is that the football team at least gets to run arourid - the pep band has to sit there, while the musicians and their instruments get cold and colder and colder. Furthermore, the band members are forced to endure all sorts of personal indignities ( " Who put the balloon in my sousaphone? " ) Still, not many people seem to be anxious to leave. After all, there is much honor involved in the pep band, not to mention free admission to the games. There ' s something moving in the school song at the end of a game - in addition to a light blue balloon bouncing up and down in the sousaphone. AS SCHOOLS MATCH WITS " They are small, furry-footed mammals of circumpolar distribu- tion . . . " " Lemmings! " " You qualify. Look to the screen for the following answers . . . " So goes another half hour of " As Schools Match Wits. " While it may look simple, just sitting behind that desk and answering questions, a lot of time and effort go into preparing the team for the twenty-two minutes that they ' re on the air. The team meets weekly to practice, even if they don ' t tape until March. There are also several things that are done away from school, such as taping shows and preparing cards to study from. And then there are plot outlines. Ask any member about plot outlines. " Plot outlines? Oh, um, well, y ' see, I ' m really kind of busy right now. I ' ve been working with the cards and I still have to take a couple of shows off tape . . . " Eventually Mr. Musselman will be able to get someone to do them, but not without a fight. PEP BAND MEMBERS: K. Anderson, C. Ayers, D. Bishop, L Brown, J. Canna- mela, D. Carlson, M. Drumheller, P. Flodman, G. Fortier, E. Gerhard, D. Getchell, S. Hilt, M. Hultstrom, D. Jones. C. Ladue. C Magill, C. Mantis, S. McEathron, C. Nieske, J. Mannix. C. O ' Connell, S. Payer, B. Secor, B. Sharpe. S. Short, M. Sitnik, T. Stevens, V. Sweeney, J. Sweetman. S. Strohman, C. Tozier, M. Turley, R. Veideman, S. Williams, M. Wolcott AS SCHOOLS MATCH WITS MEMBERS: B. Bosworth, J. Kacoyannakis, P. Kiley, S. Roy, A. Sundburg, M. Turley Slap, slap, slap, slap. My rubber soled heels slap down on the pavement, while my breath comes out in ragged gasps. Sweat forms on my forehead, and slowly trickles down the sides of my face. My knees are numb from each plodding jolt, and my ankles are subjected to con- tinual shooting pains. Some- thing hurts deep in the pit of my stomach, and I wonder whether it ' s something seri- ous, or just gas. Despite the pain, on I jog, waiting for the " euphoric high " that alleged- ly comes with jogging. A dog chases me, nipping at my heels. On I jog. A car speeds by, splashing me with the wa- ter from last night ' s rain. On I jog. I ask myself why 1 put myself through this torture. Because I ' m looking for eu- phoria, for tranquility, for happiness. I have this feeling that I won ' t find it. jogging satin jackets • " hang in there " • racauetball calculators 103 PHOTO CLUB What does one do in a darkroom? That was one thing, among others, that the Photography Club learned this year. Under the guidance of their new advisor, Mr. Caron, the club members not only learned the proper ways of using the darkroom, but also obtained new equipment. The club involved itself in several projects and it has become increasingly hazardous for photo-shy people to be walking in the halls, with all these camera wielding fanatics on the loose in the building! After all, their developing facilities are as close as M-hall. CHESS TEAM The Chess Team, with its new advisor Mr. Mina, was spurred on this year by the promise of jackets they captured the division champion- ship. The Chess Team became devoted to the idea of winning the division title, and many a lonely afternoon would find them in Mr. Mina ' s room, practicing for the next meet. The cries of " check " could sometimes be heard echoing down D-hall, as a member of the team closed in for a kill, or what should be a kill. This year marked one of the strongest performances by the team in the last several years. CHESS TEAM MEMBERS: C. Burkins, J. Kone, M. Poulin, S. Roy, J. Servidio, P. Setian, S. Uihlein, J. Willey, Mr. Mina- Advisor. PHOTO CLUB MEMBERS: P. Cloutier, G. Crossman, L. Delgrego, S. Luksis, B. McCormick, G. Zorzi, Mr. Caron-Advisor Trans Ams Dyna-Mints water beds mum s the word • the great outdoors • 104 YEARBOOK The Yearbook Editors. One gets the picture of a group of somber-faced individuals huddled around a table murmuring the word " deadline " over and over again, as though it were a chant in some fantastic religious rite. Are these the same people who were standing around clapping and stamping their feet to the accompaniment of a harmonica? The very same. While Yearbook editors have a positive attitude toward relaxation and fun, they are often willing to stay up until 2 A.M. trying to decide how to crop a picture, plan a border or finish a paragraph. The Yearbook homeroom reflects this. If one had to choose a single word to describe the homeroom, the most appropriate one would probably be " chaotic " ( " O.K. you guys, listen here a minute . Could you hold it down for a second? Hello? " ). While in a small room like the Yearbook office you really get to know most of your fellow editors, it is hectic nonetheless. ( " Has anyone seen the blue homeroom book? Someone keeps taking it! " - Someone has that piece of copy because I certainly don ' t. " - Someone keeps moving the pica rulers! " - " Well, don ' t blame me! Someone told me that " ). Despite the confusion, the deadlines are met and the Yearbook goes out on an annual basis (why do you think we call it a YEARbook?). In the end it seems that all of the problems are resolved, one way ... or another. Diane Bureau Bob Crawford Karen Delaney Nancy Deragon Dave Duke Lisa Fusco Scott Leven Jeanne Levesque Sue Martin Brian McCormick Kim Ponath Linda Sanders Beth Sitnik Alan Sundberg Betty Ann Veideman Lynn Whipple Tracey Zeckhausen Mary Beth Maloney Art Tipaldi Frye boots • " Frack • clogs • elephant pants • warm ups • " Kiss my grits " • ' fros • self-improvement • footsie ' s 105 !L ™«S5 IIP 1 ' saddle shoes maxi skirts " Oh God " ■ gauchos 106 YEARBOOK STAFF A § cfS u f Rabbit ears . . grandmother ' s song arrow through the head smoking . you naive Americans . . . Every few years, a comedian hits the scene, taking people by storm. Steve Martin is one of those comedians. He was virtually unknown until a few years ago, when he made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live. A star was born. He became one of the hottest items to hit the market. He was besieged by phone calls, people asking for interviews. Fans began to follow him around. He could be seen in the company of beautiful women. Steve Martin had become a star. But, after a while, Steve became bored. He was tired of doing guest spots, and of always being a° " wild and crazy guy " . He wanted to broaden his horizons. Although few people knew it, Steve Martin could sing. And soon he would get an opportunity to prove his ability. One night, while lying in bed, a vision appeared before him. It was the Egyptian boy ruler, King Tutankhamen. Tut told Martin to " go forth and tell the world what I ' m really like. " So Martin did. He wrote a song and called it, what else but, " King Tut " . It was a smash! Ramblin ' man happy feet cat handcuffs excuse me balloons a wild and crazy guy YEARBOOK STAFF: C Andrews. S Anti. S Aykanian, N. Ber- geron, S. Gatchell, L. Getchell. B Gordon. K Halgas. J lellamo. B Insley, J. Jordon. L Jordon, B Knalow. S Lannon. R. Lasonde. D. Merwin. A. Mislaszek, L Palmioli. A Paulhus. K Read, L. Rigney. B. Secor. D Schwendenmann, P. Steen. M Tibbelts. B Veideman. marbles • " Hi there " • King Tut • finger art • " I ' m just a wild and crazy guy. 107 EMERALDS " If you ' ve written a poem or short story, submit it to Emeralds Emeralds magazine is published annually, and contains all of the best short fiction and poetry by Minnechaug students. Ms. Danthony and the Emeralds staff wade through hundreds of pieces of fiction in the search for those few which will reach print. The works are graded according to their relative value on a scale of one to five, at which point the inferior pieces are discarded. Then the better works are reanalyzed, and the Emeralds staff finally decides which ones will be published. It ' s difficult work, but the final product seems to justify the extra effort. What a gem! ENGLISH AIDES " 770136, 770124, 770142, 770112 " As the old man in the puzzle books used to say, " What ' s happening here? " No, it ' s not the desk of a demented bank teller, nor is it data flowing into the computer. It ' s the English Aides, checking the numbers on the copies of books. They also bring stacks of books to the teachers who request them, work in the storage room, bring out typewriters for those who need them, and run off dittoes for approximately twenty English teachers. Not a bad job at all, except maybe when counting 57 c opies of Hard Times and missing number 7701471. EMERALDS STAFF: C. Collins, T. Figoni. L. Fusco, S. Harvey. J. Hetrick, R. Katsanos, K. Norwood-editor, K. Norwood. D. Pederzani, J. Pezza, G. Roth, K. Smola-asst. editor, M. Wolcott, Ms. Danthony-Advisor. ENGLISH AIDES: C. Allyn, C. Arabik, C Burgess, B. lnsley, K. Keeton, S. Martii M. Parke, A. Paulhus, D. Roach, J. Valentine, Mrs. Streeter-Advisor. pet rocks down jackets " how are ya? " • alligator shirts • three piece suits • 108 FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB The Foreign Language Club is one group which makes up in energy what it lacks in tradition. In only its third year of existence, the young club has made this year the most ambitious in its brief history. At every meeting, some sort of guest lecture is held, with the speakers coming from both the faculty and the student body. In addition to the annual International Night, the club held a taco and crepe party and a " Greek Month " featuring song and dance, a guest lecture by Mr. Kay, and a trip to the Glendi, held in Springfield. The club also helped to subsidize a trip to Paris and Madrid for some its members. MODEL CONGRESS Perhaps the most commonly asked question of a Model Congress member is - " What is Model Congress? " It ' s a club which develops a bill, writes it out as standard legislation, and then prepares to present it before a Model Congress (hence the name) at A.I.C. in January. The best bills and delegates receive recognition and schol- arships. Sound simple? Well, it is, except for a few minor details, such as: researching your bill so that you can respond intelligently to any number of questions; maintaining the presence of mind not to break any rule of parliamentary procedure resulti ng in the yielding of the floor; and to have enough tact to be able to calm another delegate down when you wake him up at 1:30 A.M. in order to get his signature. These " minor details " (and a host of others) are what make Model Con- gress both challenging and a lot of fun. FOREIGN LANGUAGE MEMBERS: C. Allyn, S. Ayers, L. Bilton, J. Bosch, A. Branconnler, L. Branconnier, L. Brayton, L. Byam, L. Bynne, L. Chayer, T. Cianflone, F. Conley, C. Dubour. L. Dunsmore. C. Erickson. D. Ferguson. J. Fife, B. Figont, K. Fogarty, N. Fortier, H. Gibb. M. Graff, A. Gruszka, D Guarrera, K. Holly, C. Hicks. P. Hierche. B. Holda. K. Holden, E. Horton. T. Kacoyannakis, R Katsanos, G. Kubik, T. Lambert, S. Lannon, D. LeBeau. B. Majewaki, J. Mayer, C. Nleske. D. Owens. M. Poulin, L. Roy, L. Sattler, P. Scarlett, K. Schafer. T Sebastien, B. Sitnik, V. Sweeney, J. Sweetman, J. Trabulski. M. Trute. K. Turley, M. Turley, B. Veideman, E Voight. A. White. A. Young, T. Zeckhausen. Mrs. LaFlamme (advisor) I m crackin ' up ' MODEL CONGRESS MEMBERS: C. Kacoyannakis, A. Sundberg, P Steen, J. Ka- coyannakis, S. Roy, K. Crawford, Ms. Brewer (advisor) iunk foods • ankle bracelets • " decent " MATHLETES Silence. The sounds of scribbling echo throughout the room. Some students lean over their desks staring at their papers with blank expressions, while others move their pencils madly across the page. What are these solemn students doing? Math problems. Yes. Read it over again. Math problems. The Mathletes meet every week with their advisor, Mr. Granaudo and do for fun for fun, mind you those same problems that lesser mortals drag home each evening and stare at until the wee hours of the morning, or else shove back into their locker a fter one glance at the assignment. Besides competing in the Western Massachusetts Mathematics League, this year the Mathletes also competed in the New England Mathematics League, which allowed more of the students to become active in the matches. SCHOOL STORE " If you want to stay warm this winter, then head on down to the School Store! All coats and jackets are on sale. Don ' t miss out on a once in a lifetime chance . . . " Minnechaug ' s School Store has grown from a mediocre operation, which once sold only notebooks and paper, to a very enterprising business. Not only do they sell notebooks, paper and pencils, but also ski caps, hooded sweatshirts, gymsuits, bathing suits and socks. Not to mention the variety of candy bars, chewing gum and other assorted snacks. This year the store also sponsored their 1st Annual Halloween Costume Contest. First prize was taken by John Devine and Mark Kokoszyna as " two wild and crazy guys " , while second prize went to Kevin Kiley, cleverly disguised as a potted plant. 109 MATHLETES MEMBERS: J. Blanchard, L. Brown, B. Cooley, P. Flodman, E. Gerhard, J. Jordan, L. Jordan, A. Kullberg, D. Massida, D. Mcgill, P. Setian, M. Sullivan, J. Sweetman ' Peace " • Mir.kew Mouse • " Excuse Mc " • " Well " • Elton John • Rarhie ' s earth shoes • " Keen on truekin ' A.V. AIDES " I ' m glad you ' re here. I can ' t seem to make this film projector work, and I was wondering if you could take a look at it. " The A. V. Aides are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the different pieces of equipment, transporting them to the far ends of the building. They also help those teachers who are less than mechanically inclined. " All right, before you start it up, remember - you alway s have to plug it in. " LIBRARY AIDES " Hi, could you get me these magazines, please? " The innocent looking piece of paper suddenly unfolds, revealing a list of twenty- eight back issues of NEWSWEEK. But finding back issues is only one of the duties the Library Aides perform. They also do such things as check books in and out, return books to the shelves, and make sure that the shelves are neat and orderly. These tasks are sometimes unexciting but they are essential to the proper maintenance of the Media Center. A.V. AIDES: D Gendron. S Healy. M Hulslrom. J. Jones. J Orl. Mr Scharl. Advisor LIBRARY AIDES: K. Askins, D. Ballou, C. Brouillard, D. Desmarais, D. Gottsche. E. Hatch, B. Holda, C. Jarvis, L. Liapis, B. Libby, D. Lovell, D. Magill, K. Marrett, N. Mathieu, K. McDonald, L. McHugh, M. Melbourne, D. Owens, S. Quill, R. Richard, C. Ryan, L. Satter, T. Sleith, B. Soucy, L. Wild, L. Wilson, Mrs. Sullivan, Advisor " •1 the Fonz • Straight legs • " Stick it In your car " • • Frye boots • " swell " big shirts " 10-4 " gold chains GUIDANCE AIDES " Excuse me, where are the catalogs from U. Mass? " If you ever need help finding a catalog from the University of Timbuktoo, one of the Guidance Aides will be sure to find it for you. Not only do they help confused students, but they also process and sort all of the outgoing mail to Minnechaug students. They return college catalogs to their proper places and generally keep the guidance office look- ing neat. " You ' re looking for a catalog from where? The University of Oshkosh 111 OFFICE AIDES " Good morning. Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance , . . " How many times on a Monday morning after a long weekend have you been woken up by that dismally cheerful announcement? Well, now you know who is to blame: the Office Aides. However, they don ' t just think of ways to wake you up Monday morning. They also help out with clerical work around the office and assist the regular secretarial staff with almost anything that needs doing. This makes the office a lot more organized during those early hours. GUIDANCE AIDES: P. Burns, D. Labou, H. Leard, H. Leard, H. Leard, B. Lee, J. Mayer, R. Powers, D. Wilson, Mrs. Barrepski, Advisor ■Ml ■ OFFICE AIDES: J. Albano, K. Anderson, P. Atkinson, L. Ellard, D. Ferguson, D. Fusco, L. Hansen, M. Koleuk, H. Leard, H. Leard, C. Lucas, D. Rustin, T. Sanderson, Mrs. Wolford, Advisor " blaze " • ponchos • crazy socks • " Honey " • skateboards • " turkey " • Archie Bunker • Tic tacs 112 JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE JCL MEMBERS: K. Anderson, K. Andrews, S. Aykanian, H. Barouxis, K. Barry, D. Bef ' enson, L. Bissonnette, V. Bolduc, K. Bourcier, B. Brainerd, B. Brinn, L. Byam, B. Cooley, H. Covault, H. Covault, M. Dickson, K. Duffy, A. Ecker, D. Florian, D. Gendron, I. Goss, C. Hanson, K. Hartin, J. Hetrick, B. Hnatow, M. Jones, A. Jordan, J. Jordan, L. Jordan, L. Kochanek, D. Kroll, G. LaChapelle, M. LaChapelle, S. Landa, L. Langone, G. Lasonde, R. Lasonde, S. Lavallee, S. Law, S. Leary, K. Loftus, K. Mack, S. Martin, B. McCormick, S. McFarland, S. McGaunn, C. Megliola, M. Megliola, M. Melbourne, L. Mercure, D. Merwin, M. Metzger, A. Misiaszek, L. Munn, M. O ' Brien, B. Page, A. Peck, L. Pelletier, D. Person, B. Powers, R. Powers, G. Quirk, M. Rogers, D. Russell, D. Schwendenmann, B. Secor, K. Skala, P. Silvernail, P. Steen The Junior Classical League has been doing some interesting things this year. Of course, there is the famous (or infamous) catapult contest, where an actual wooden catapult hurls stone weights, with prizes being awarded for accuracy and distance The members of J.C.L. compete with other schools in preparing the catapult for action. J.C.L. has also entered the motion picture in- dustry. While Warner Bros, doesn ' t need to worry yet, this year ' s J.C.L. produced a re-enactment (of sorts) of the story of Pandora ' s Box . While it may not be a second " Star Wars " , it was undoubtedly a great deal of fun for all involved. Excellent ' • Donny Osmond • hip huggers Dr. Scholl ' s • the hustle • " Love ' 113 STUDENT HOSTESSES They match! The Student Hostesses match! This will probably be welcome news for those of you who have wandered around at Open House, the One Acts, et., wondering which one of all those students was a student hostess. Now they ' ll be easy to find in matching uniforms. Student Hostesses try to help bewildered parents find classes during Open House, sell food to famished fans at football games, and help everyone to get seated at various school functions. They also serve the food at the Evening of Recognition and generally help out with countless other activities. And to many confused parents and visitors, Minnechaug just wouldn ' t be the same without them. " Where did you say K-hall was? " STUDENT HOSTESSES Desautelle, S. Dunklee, J. Cianflone, J. Dalton, M. Hawley, B. Hnatow, K. K. Andrews, A. Branconnier, T. Fife, A. Gruszka, L. Hansen, J. Holden, J. Kirk, L. Kissinger, G. Kubik, A. Lindahl, C. Lucas, J. Mayer, K. Ponath, S. Quill, K. Read, A. Rivenburgh, K. Robison, D. Schwendenmann, B. Sharpe, B. Sitnik, V. Sweeney, J. Teschendorf, M. Tibbetts, K. Turley, S. Tyschen, B. Veideman, C. Wilson, T. Zeckhausen, Mrs. O ' Connor, Advisor " I ' m cool " • sand art • short hair • " gotcha " • customized vans • " gimme a break " • flip flops • " Hey " • 114 LEADER CORPS What wears yellow and prowls around the locker rooms? Athletic canaries? Wrong! Minnechaug ' s elite Leader Corps. While yellow mesh shirts might not be at the height of fashion this season, that is one of the major benefits of being in Leader Corps. You get some added responsibility and a bit of authority, all in return for putting up with the jokes of the freshmen and sophomore gym classes. Sound Fun? You also get to demonstrate how to trap a ball with your foot, do a triple flip off the diving board, and how to wrestle with some guy who ' s three times as big as yourself (very carefully). Sound like even more fun? Well, there are a few drawbacks. You have to put up with the laughter from the class whenever you make a mistake on the bars (the class always seems to be waiting for just one mistake), and you always end up running back for the keys to the equipment shed which, well, somebody forgot. While the Leader Corps is not for the faint of heart, it can be a rewarding experience for anyone tired of those " ordinary " gym classes. Ask anyone you see wearing a yellow mesh shirt. GIRLS LEADER CORPS: K. Andrews. D. Belli, R. Biskup, L. Bissonnette, D. Bureau, T. Busha, S. Chapin, J. Dalton, R. Deme- trius, K. DeValle, B. Gillan, K. Hebert, E. Heffernan, L. Hemance, B. Hnatow, L. Jordan, S. Landa, R. Lis, C. Lovell, K. Loftus, C. Magill, D. Mammerelli, A. Misiaszek, D. Orton, D. Sakowski, K. Sherman, L. Stecher, S. Tychsen, B. Williams BOYS LEADER CORPS: K. Anderson, S. Bardwell, K. Bloom- berg, M. Bouillard, J. Bugbee, J. Cooley, B. Crawford, D. Duke, J. Garber, T. Garvey, K. Goodreau, J. Growder, E. Holda, K. Ingra- ham, T. Johnson, D. Jones, A. Kern, G. Kubik, M. LaChapelle, D. Normandeau, B. Page, T. Read, M. Searles, J. VanAmsterdam 115 SPORTS • SPORTS • SPORTS • SPORTS • SPORTS • SPORTS • SPORTS • SPORTS • SPORTS • SPORTS • SPORTS • SPORTS • SPORTS FOOTBALL Describe the football team in one word. Skillful, proficient, powerful, talented, excellent, intelligent, clever, resourceful, cunning, shrewd, billiant, sure- footed, accomplished, successful, able, all of the above. The choice has to be all of the above, when you ' re talking about a team that had two members gaining over a thousan d yards; went unbeaten during the regular season; were the Suburban League Champions for the second consecutive season and compiled a 21 game winning streak. The team was led on the offensive end by quarterback Neil VonFlatern, and Steve Setian and Chuck Stark compiled over 1000 yards apiece in an impressive piece of running. Carl Cote and Jim Rahilly proved to be the backbone of the defensive team, while underclassmen Greg DeValle and Tom Read also made temendous contributions. Above all, it was the impressive teamwork that allowed these players to stand out. Football ' s " Purple People Eaters " • Dr. J. • Sugar Bowl • velocity of squash ball - 100 mph • George Blanda 1970-1971 - Ned Deane, went on to be U. Mass Captain; 1972 First Championship team; 1972-1973. - Scott Porter- Quarterback - Greg Robinson - now plays for New York Jets; 1973 - Second school Championship; 1977 - Super- bowl Champs; Nish Vartanian - Diagenais winner; 1978 - Undefeated season - Superbowl champs; Jim Rahilly - Da- genais winner; Chuck Stark and Steve Setian - 1000 yards. H ' fll " i ' firiH •mmufmm.fm Fighting Irish • Yacht Courageous • Bruce Jenner • O.J. Simpson • Leon Spinks • Ultimate Frisbee • Patriots • VARSITY FOOTBALL 11-0-0 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL 8-0-0 Front Row: S. Setian, G. Engel, D. Ciocci, R. Lasonde, P. Silvernail, R. Cordner, M. Lively, D. Gray, B. Newton (capt.), J. Rahilly (capt.), C. Stark (capt.), C. Cote, N. VonFlatern, M. Florio, S. Brady, M. Riley, J. Burns, P. Read, B. Merr ill. Middle Row: J. Slade, S. Lavallee, J. Brochu, D. Florian, B. Zimmerman, T. Borkhuff, B. Schnepp, T. Read, M. Beaulieu, B. Simpson, K. Anderson, K. Dorsey, J. Cooley, G. Hagopian, D. McGuill, G. DeValle, G. Rahilly. Back Row: Coach Campbell, Coach Drowne, B. Gordon, M. Caliento, M. Libby, J. Marchesseault, B. Follansbee, T. Coville, G. Jobson, T. Stolki, D. Birkhauser, L. Bauer, J. Wawrzyk ' J. Henningsen, S. Clark, K. McCullough, G. Lasonde, G. Thomas, R. Goguen, K. McDonald, K. Moriarty, D. Papesh, Head Coach Sawyer. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL 5-2-1 Front Row: K. Tobins, K. Goodreau, J. Zephir, B. Calabro, T. Brehart, B. Roundy, T. Connors, M. Majors, B. Riddle. Back Row: Coach Lucci, R. Webber, J. Andrews, M. Theocles, T. Shaw, S. Barrett, D. Trevallion, J. Symyt, D. Person, T. Larson, Coach Winston. Speed Skater Peter Muller • Minnesota Fats • Tampa Bay 0-14 • Jenny Chandler Tonv Dorsett - Heisman CHEERLEADING ■ 4k — ' BP J ' -ft jffrff FL till M I Q i» tLcsi » i m«at V. CHEERLEADING Front Row: B. Walt, R. Guthrie, J. Hetrick, K. Manzi, S. Anti. Back Row: L. Capacci L. Podgorski, C. Goguen, L. Rigney, L. Brown J.V. CHEERLEADING Front Row: B. Walt, L. Langone, L. Salerno, K. Skala. Back Row: B. Walt, Bernardo, K. Hartin, L. Byam, H. Covault. Missing: M. Metzger. Every fall, approximately twenty girls try out for cheerleading. When the final decisions have been made, ten girls are selected for Junior Varsity and ten girls foi Varsity Cheerleading. During tryouts, the girls are taugr two cheers and they are expected to make up a cheer on their own. The girls are judged on their skills; how well they project their voices; how the cheers are performed and on the neatness of their appearance. Cheerleading lasts from the beginning of the football season to the end of the basketball season. There is also cheerleading competition to prepare for This means practicing from 2:30 until 7:30, constantly performing the same cheer over and over, until it is performed just right. Cheerleading can be exasperating and frustrating. Bui when that Gold Cup is handed over, it ' s worth it. ndo retires • the slam dunk • Cheerleaders posing for who? • Superdome • Cosell, Gifford, Meredith • Megaphones Pom-po U VARSITY SOCCER The boys ' soccer team had a strong season this year, going all the way to win the League Championship. Led by the outstanding play of Mike Gallant, John W allace, John Wolford, and Iranian student, Hossien Amir Arjomand, the Falcon booters were a force to be reckoned with in the Pioneer Valley Soccer League, which is considered by many to be the strongest in New England. Under the guidance of Coach Whalen, the team K — jT«, tied a strong Longmeadow team and went on to » M capture the Division Championship. 1974 - Division three champs; 1975 - Division three champs; 1976 - Division two champs; 1976 - Walt Silvera - All League, All W.M., All State; 1976 - Tied Ludlow 1-1; 1978 Division two champs European football • Bora beats Connors at Wimbleton • Cowens-player, coach for Celtics ■ Stick the Wick (Hartwick) • Martin Fire 122 Pele $7,000,000 • Hot Air Ballooning • Seattle Slew • 1977 • 21 NASL Teams • A.J. Foyt • Tom Ferguson rodeo • Cosm 123 VARSITY SOCCER 12-4-8 Front Row: T. McCarthy, P. Lefebvre, R. Courtney, J. Wallace (capt.), M. Gallant (capt.), S. Bardwell, S. Bugbee, A. Moore. Back Row: Coach Schubert, H. Amin Argomann, S. Wezniak, S. LaValle, M. Searles, M. Kokysyna, T. Gillis, R. Wuerthele, J. Wolford, G. Burns, T. Fuller, Coach Whalen. Missing: C. Boyer, J. Dionne. JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER 7-6-3 Front Row: S. Turner, S. MacKintosh, R. Smith (capt.), J. Garber (capt), P. Tarbell, P. Kellner, J. Bugbee, G. Wuerthele, D. Wrona, M. Maharne, D. Jones (capt.), Back Row: G. Brochu, B. Viedeman, J. O ' Shaughnessy, M. Carlson, T. Labine, P. Dunn, T.J. Samra, D. Bishop, R. Gibson, G. Moretti, J. Coletti, R. Munroe, S. Abrahamson, C. Shay, R. Messier, Coach Tipaldi. Missing: D. Vierthaler, S. Cutting. ■ r itfi1rii.n ,yl ■Hi - ■BAB n " P! ! 9 --■ l -if P? jgT jfSBBS ■ ' K . t2 L Bl T- ' -»_ SsSt 1 1 ■V ' mm H ' L u J j T 4t T P Tii u mi ' B RBf 1||m : 1 1 v tewSfl i ' .-,- at ¥ki Ite y FRESHMAN SOCCER 7-5-2 Front Row: D. Lloyd, T. Ross, T. Grise, J. Pickering, T. Messier, A. Spidle, J. Leven, P.J. Cambo, J. Rustin, J. Walton, J. McGranaghan. Middle Row: L. Lloyd, P. Servidio, S. Sutcliffe, B. Downes (capt.), M. Powell, J. George, M. Delargy, C. Mulcahy, T. Falcetti. Back Row: J. Metzger (capt.), C. Coupe, G. Quirk, P. Sullivan, M. Avery, T. Wolcott, C. Thibeault, J. Berenson, D. Ferrington. fc?5 %?ri ;$A5 SCB Dorothy Hamill • Muhammed Ali • Franz Beckenbaur Cornell-Lacrosse Kyle Rote Jr. U.S. 3rd in ' 76 Olympk Quick now, what is the most inspiring, nutritious, and invigorating food you can eat or drink before a soccer game? Ketchup. Yes, that thick, red, somewhat slimy liquid that you usually put on burgers and fries is a great quick meal before a game. This, at least, is the view of Robin Biskup, the girl ' s soccer team goalie. Perhaps this is effective, for the team played exceptionally well this year. The team started strongly and continued in their winning ways until injuries began to take their toll. Among the injured were Joanne Struzzerio with a broken leg and Diane Mammarelli with an injured knee. Nonetheless, the team still finished strongly with a 12-5-1 record. Who knows, maybe ketchup really works! Anton Tkac - Czech World Champ Cyclist • West Germany - World Cup Soccer 1974 • Surfing • Bobby Riggs and Blllle Jean King Mai 125 1970-1974 - Girls ' Soccer? Absurd!; 1975 - Girls ' Soccer club; 1976 - First varsity soccer year; 1977 - Diane Mam- marelli, Liz Brennan, Robin Biskup - All-Leaguers; 1978 - Third in League; 1978 - Went to playoffs ' Pudgy " Fisk • Liverpool Soccer • Bobty Fischer • Bobsledding • 1974-St. Louis Univ. Soccer • Robyn Smith - jockey 126 VARSITY SOCCER 12-5-1 Front Row: M. Harris, D. Littorin, J. McCarthy, J. Bureau, P. Melcher, B. Brinn, M. Sullivan. Back Row: L. Branconnier (mgr.), J. Struzziero, D. Mammarelli (capt.), S. Martin (capt.), D. Wolford, b. Perusse, S. Chapman, C. Downes, R. Biskup (capt), D. Thomas (mgr.), Coach Deely. Missing: L. Brennan, J. Brennan, D. Farnham, L. Farrar, S. LeFleur, S. Harris, J. Willson, C. Garvey. JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER 3-3-1 Front Row: D. Orton (capt.), L. George (capt.). Middle Row: K. Morehouse, S. Hesser, J. Willson, J. Moriarty, M. Gibeau, B. Schwabe. Back Row: L. Schmidt, M. Grantham, C. Garvey, N. Vermette, L. Munroe, J. Zimmerman, D. Brennan, K. Melikan, J. Duquette, S. Harris, Coach Wuerthele. John Walker - mile • Al Bob Unser • Mac Wilkins - discus 70.87 meters • Sheila Young • Tod Coffin - equestrian Gold CROSS COUNTRY. ■23 117 .» ..It . v . - -..- ' J»:.-r= a j » «- 64 , If " With age comes wisdom " and " Practice makes perfect " are true, next year ' s Cross Country team should do very well. Not that this year ' s team was bad, but what team can lose three lettermen without a few problems? The team did quite well considering that many members were underclassmen in their first year of cross country. Many team members who were athletically uninvolved before joining the team were routinely running five to seven miles by the end of the season. The real problem lies with the attrition rate of graduating students. To help circumvent this problem, Coach Bamford is considering a plan to introduce the sport to Junior High School students. This way, some entering freshmen may have become interested in the sport and will perhaps have started training. This was also the first year that a girl ran with the team. Krista Robinson, a sophomore, joined over the summer in order to build endurance for the girls ' track team. Actually, this year could be considered a building year. De- spite the loss of Captain Mike LaChapelle, next year ' s team will consist of students with a year of experience under their belts, which will (one way or another) prove the value of experience. Frank Shorter • Brine Soccer • The Kentucky Derby • Celtics • Mark " the bird " Fidrych • Sugar Ray Leonard • Red Sox 128 1970 - Eastern League Co - Champs; 1971 - Elwin Robinson sixth in W.M. Championships; 1971 - John Brennan first place in first Freshmen W.M. Cham- pionships; 1975 - Valley Wheel Team Champions; 1977 - Mike LaChapelle sixth in W.M., twenty-sev- enth in State, new school course record - 13:31; 1970 ' s - 72 wins, 33 losses. CROSS COUNTRY 4-5-0 Front Row: D. Sullivan, K. Stone, S. Mikkola, C. Babineau, T. Nestor, M. LaChapelle (Capt), D. Berenson. B. Gould, A. Ecker, K. Schafer, Back Row: Coach Barrett, C. Robison, M. Paradis, D. Russell, G. King, E. Hatch, J. Dickie, R. Pelletier, P. Schubert, K. Goodreau, P. Protheroe. Coach Bamford. Free agents galore • Jackie Stewart • Marty Liquorl • Olga Korbut • Jim Ryun • Archie Griffin - twice winner of Heisman " Old swimmers never dry, they just lose their tow- els. " Well, maybe, but one thing they don ' t lose are very many meets. Led by Captain Amy Griswold, the team won eight out of thirteen meets. Figuring largely in the Falcon ' s efforts this year were seniors Cory McGuill, Sandi Stirton, Kim Dolecki, Lucinda Miner, and Lynn Whipple. Underclassmen also contributed to the Falcon successes, particularly juniors, Cathy Ma- gill, Sue Landa and Jean Mannix, while sophomores Kristen Fegley and Linda Hermance turned in strong performances. The diving squad under Coach Lynch proved to be among the most consistent performers. Underclass- men Sue Chapin, Joy Wolcott, Emily Plumb and Sue Therrian captured many valuable points at each meet, and five members qualified for the Western Mass. All- Star Team. The excellent depth of the team was a major factor in their placing fourth in Western Mass. and seventh in State Competition. )iana Nyad — around Manhattan Babe Didrikson Zaharais Hunting Long Beach Swim Club Chuck i Fairbanks and Colorado 1970- Cindy Staeb, Sue Staeb, Bonnie Bridgeman; 1971- Pat Lasonde, Sandi Kapp, Sue Staeb, Cindy Staeb; 1972- Nancy Coffin, Sandy Kapp, Pat Lasonde, Nancy Raymond, Jane McGuill; 1973- Nancy Coffin, Sandy Kapp, Jane McGuill; 1974- Nancy Raymond, Sue Shaw, Sue Doten; 1975- Cory McGuill, Sue Shaw, Sue Doten, Lynn Whipple, Patti McLaughlin; 1976- Sue Doten, Louisa Wilson, Anne Griswold, Jill Wolcott, Amy Griswold, Lynn Whipple, Cory McGuill; 1977- Cory McGuill, Lynn Whipple, Amy Gris- wold Shirley Babashoff • Guillermo Vilas - Argentinian tennis player • Houston McTear • Olympic sprinter • Jo Harshbarger • ; ront Row: S. Landa, C. Magill, L. Whipple, K. Fegley, L. Hermance, J. Welch, C. Minei I. Barufaldi, Middle Row: S. Therrien, S. Stirton, J. Wolcott, S. Chapin, K. Dolecki, E Villiams, J. Mannix, P. Rae, C. Heffernan, A. Griswold, J. Lehrmann Madsen, C. McGuil ' . McNaughton, D. Howard, D. Collins, D. Gibb Back Row: M. O ' Hagen, Coach Lynch, E ' lumb, Coach Cascio, C. Cote, Mgr. L. Veto, Mgr., Missing: F. Freely, M. Shirly Kornelia Ender • Woody Hayes • Jean-Claude Killy • Ronate Vogel Hamiltonian • Field hockey, male sport in the Olympics FIELD HOCKEY " I play the field " read their shirts. The field hockey field, that is, and the crazy team of ' 78 played it well. The success of the team was attributed to Coach Caron, (whose vocabulary was limited to the word SPRINT!) and the team ' s enthusiasm as a whole. What other team would get psyched for a game by crashing into each other during warmups? The command of " one, two, three, CRASH! " would result in a pile of kilts, sticks, and laughing faces all rared up to win. Practices were unique also. On a good day, you might catch co-captains Peggy Murphy and Ann Misiaszek sing- ing the sound track of " Grease " or the three managers doing " Mork from Ork " imitations. The bus rides were great for coming up with nick-names such as Hyper Hassiotis, Jumpin ' Jackie and Advancing Arlene. The highlights of the after-games were socials for which Minnechaug was noted as being tops in their league. " We gave the best socials " , everyone agreed. Dark fudge, brownies, Nachos and chocolate chip cook- ies are enough to motivate any team to win. But anyone who watched the girls play knew that there was some- thing more motivating them; it was a unique closeness that made them a " special " team. jld hockey originated in 200 b.c. • Luis Tiant 76 Olympics New Zealand won gold in field hockey 1971- 13-0-2 record; 1975- Co-champs in Valley Wheel; 1978- Peggy Murphy ends with four years on Varsity VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY 6-3-4 Front Row: K. Barry (mgr.), A. Misiaszek (capt.), K. Loftus, E. Hassiotis, J. lellamo, C. Leonard, P. Murphy (capt.), D. Merwin. Back Row: L. Fusco, L. Bissonette, D. Schwendenmann (mgr.), S. Moriarty, S. Aykan- ian, B. Brainard, K. McGranaghan, B. Hnatow, L. Cantalini, R. Demetrius, A. Jordon, J. Hale, Coach Caron. JUNIOR VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY 3-3-5 Front Row: S. Shaw, A. LaFrance, V. Wild, L. Mandolini, K. Kane, M. Sitnik, C. Ferrier, M. LeBlonde, D. Swain, S. Jones, J. Tamsey, Back Row: Coach Grove, P. Gray, K. Strepka, T. Tamsey, A. Lindahl, A. Berenson, K. Read, K. Andrews, J. Tamsey, D. Nolti, S. Thorpe, K. Uihlein, D. Voorhis Field hockey-India ' s national sport • Evel Knieval-Snake River jump • Mary Jo Peppier-volleyball • Field hockey-only males in Olympics iS4 1978 FALL SPORT ' S SCORES VARSITY GIRLS SWIMMING 8-5-0 Northampton East Longmeadow Cathedral Opp. 85 39 51 Minn. 87 44 32 Northampton South Hadley Longmeadow Classical 46 50 46 ■ ■ ■ 73 37 33 37 98 Chicopee Cathedral 29 109 53 63 Longmeadow West Springfield East Longmeadow Amherst 98 22 34 38 74 60 49 45 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY 4-5-0 Chicopee Comp. Longmeadow East Longmeadow South Hadley Ludlow Amherst Agawam Southwick Monson Opp. Minn. 20 43 22 33 24 31 40 18 37 20 24 32 44 19 22 33 33 22 VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY 6-3-4 Opp. Minn. Longmeadow Southwick Agawam South Hadley East Longmeadow Ludlow Longmeadow Southwick Agawam South Hadley West Springfield East Longmeadow Ludlow VARSITY GIRLS SOCCER 12-5-1 Agawam West Springfield Ludlow Cathedral Classical Longmeadow Commerce. Chicopee East Longmeadow Agawam West Spr ingfield Ludlow Cathedral Classical Longmeadow Commerce Chicopee Comp. East Longmeadow Opp 2 5 1 3 2 2 1 4 3 3 5 1 2 Minn. 6 2 2 3 5 8 1 5 3 1 5 1 1 4 9 1 4 VARSITY FOOTBALL 10-0-0 Palmer South Hadley Ludlow Amherst Greenfield Longmeadow Northampton Holyoke Catholic East Longmeadow Classical Opp. Minn. 6 12 15 26 6 33 26 62 14 27 7 13 12 48 13 43 21 27 8 38 i VARSITY BOYS SOCCER 12-4-3 Opp. Minn. Chicopee Comp. Cathedral Classical Ludlow Holyoke Northampton Greenfield South Hadley West Springfield East Longmeadow Putnam Chicopee Westfield Tech Monson Commerce Amherst Agawam Longmeadow 1 4 4 4 2 1 2 4 1 2 1 2 2 1 2 1972 Summer Olympics- U.S. second, Winter Olympics- U.S. sixth • 1976 Summer Olympics- U.S. second, Winter Olympics- U.S. third BASKETBALL The boys ' basketball team got off to a slow start this season. So slow, that Coach Girotti decided that some drastic changes had to be made. His solution? He decided to subdivide the team into two squads, juniors and seniors, and then alternate them during the course of the game. This change seemed to have worked, as the team ' s record turned around and began to look a lot better. So much so that by the end of the season, the Falcons were compet- ing for a spot in the Valley Wheel tournament. The team was made up of seniors John Devine (Capt.), Ken Holliday, Brian Page, Herb Dogan, Pat McMann (Capt.), Scott Brady, and Neil VonFlatern. Junior team members Scott Leven, John Wolford, Glen Gibson, Jim Cooley and Dave Rheinhart also made a big contribution to the team ' s successes. Free agents • David Thompson • Gatorade • Dr. Renee Richards • Steve Cauthen • Ron LeFlore 136 1970-7 1- Valley Wheel Champs 1974-75 -3rd in Valley Wheel; participated in Division 1 Tourney 1976-77 -Valley Wheel Co-Champs, Mike McNulty - All Western Mass. 1977-78 -R. Feid, H. Lombard! - All League Nancv LoDez • Soorts Illustrated Bathina Suit Issue • Dwiaht Stone • Converse • Chris Everett-Soortswoman of the Year - 1976 • 137 VARSITY BASKETBALL 13-9-0 Front Row: P. McMann (capt.), J. Devine (capt.). Middle Row: L. Delgrego (mgr.), B. Page, S. Leven, H. Dogan, K. Holliday, J. Wolford, B. Cunningham, G. Gibson, Coach Girotti Back Row: D. Rheinhart, N. VonFlatern, S. Brady, J. Cooley, J. Kibbe JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL 14-5-0 Front Row: B. Cunningham (capt.), J. Kibbe (capt.) Middle Row: D. Dragon, T. Coville, P. Barry, D. Laware, D. Normandeau, G. Jobson, Coach Ferris Back Row: B. Crawford, K. Corser, D. Beauregard, B. Maryott Missing: D. McNaughton FRESHMAN BASKETBALL 9-12-0 Front Row: J. Berenson, B. Downes, K. Tobias, J. Pickering Back Row: L. Castonguay, B. Riddle, K. Corser, J. Leven, S. Willcut, Coach Hanscom, Missing: M. Brown, H. Barouxis, A. Vartanian Willie Mosconi Money ruining sports? Brian Piccolo NBA + ABA Merqe Violence in Hockey Hie Nastase BASKETBALL Despite the fact that the girls ' basketball team has had four different coaches during the last four years, and that this was Coach Deslauriers ' first year, they have done very well. " It was difficult in the beginning because I didn ' t know the team and they didn ' t know me, so it took us awhile to get adjust- ed, " Mr. Deslauriers said. It also must have been hard to psych up the team before the games, particularly since the coach couldn ' t enter the girls ' locker room. The team centered around Ann Misiaszek, Cory McGuill and Peggy Murphy. With the exception of these three, the other girls were " green " . They all made a lot of progress in fundamental skills and the team improved throughout the season. The team ' s biggest win was against South Hadley who had their entire team back from last year. Even though Minne- chaug didn ' t, the Falcons were able to pull together and beat them. That ' s not bad for a team with a first year coach. tft f SEs a sssm s sEs ss smsssM s m 139 1969-1970 -Valley Wheel Co-Champs 1970-1971 -West Division Champs, Valley Wheel Champs 1971-1972 -Valley Wheel Champs, 2nd in Western Mass. 1974-1975 -Valley Wheel Champs, Semi-Finals of Western Mass. 1975-1976 -Valley Wheel Co-Champs immmMsm m HHBTIEE5HSEHE55S2S!59SIE3ffi HI3SS85E tTTgVffM, 140 VARSITY BASKETBALL 8-14-0 Front Row: P. Murphy, (Capt.); A. Misiaszek, (Capt.) Back Rov M. Mercier (Mgr.); L. Bissonette, C. McGuill, A. Jordon, L. H mance, K. Uhlein, R. Demetrius, B. Williams, Coach Deslauriet Missing: P. Gray J.V. BASKETBALL 5-12-0 Front Row: J. Wilson, P. Melcher. J. Bureau, S. Flagg Back Ro Coach Spaulding, L. Nietupski, N. Silva, T. Allen, M. Gibeau Wilson, B. Libby, Coach Groves. Missing: M. Gratham, L. Simps Harlem Globetrotters • George Steinbrenner • Owner of the New York Yankees • Willie Mays • John Havlicek retires Who are those panting students running up and down the staircases after school? Who are those parka-clad people skiing swiftly down the slopes? Those two groups are one and the same - the Minnechaug Boys Ski Team. The season looked as if it might be a tough one, particularly after junior Gary Rahilly hurt his ankle during a practice. The team was able to take it in stride, however, and compile a respectable record by season ' s end, capturing second place in their division. Another factor that was worrisome to the Falcons was this year ' s poor snowfall and extremely cold weather. Fortunate- ly, the skiing at Berkshire East was usually quite good. The success of the team can be attributed to the excellent skiing of Kevin Blomberg, Jim Rahilly, Marty Searles, Tood Labine, Carl Boyer, and George Quick. Karl Schranz • King Richard Petty • Mark Spitz • Darryl Ferges-freestyle • Dorothy Hamill • John Newcombe It all began in 1970 with a handful of enthusiastic alpine skiers (9 in all) and a season ' s total of 6 wins and 6 losses. 1971 through 1975 saw an increased interest in the sport, boosting the numbers to an average of 16 participants and respective records of 5-7, 2-10, 5-7, and 4-8. 1976 was a repeat performance of 1970, as the boys finished with a 4th place and co-champs of Division II. Phil Sousa retired as Falcon coach and Dave Kosiorek stepped in for one year to pilot the ski team to a 7-5 season in 1977. During the mid-70 ' s the ski league expanded into a field of 13 teams, and competition from other schools became an enormous factor. Victories and defeats were measured in hundredths of sec- onds, providing heartbreaking moments for the alpine squad. In early 1977, Art Mina became the latest in the line of Falcon head coaches. A major upgrading of the team began. 1978 was to be the year of new ideas and promise, stepped up pre-season training, and a final record of 10 wins and 2 losses. Minnechaug was suddenly a force in Western Mass. with a 3rd place finish in the league. The year was hardly over before the future of 1979 ' s team was being written. The entire league, now consisting of 14 teams, had moved it ' s operations to Berkshire East. We began to rival World Cup racing with electronic timing and an F.I.S. points system to determine winners. After a bitter cold winter and over 3,000 miles of travel, the Falcons finished with their finest season - 2nd in the league and 2nd overall in Western Mass. Here ends an era - one of such greats as Brian Lis and Don Tucker, of Doug Orton and Doug Swain, and of Kevin Blomberg, Marty Searles and Jim Rahilly. An era of ups and downs and a time we shall all remember - all who were a part of the era. Ten years of assorted coaches, athletes, and ideas provided us all with excitement and several records to be proud of. VARSITY SKIING 100-10-0 Front Row: J. McGranaghan, C. Boyer (Capt.), K. Blomberg (Capt.), J. Rahilly (Capt.). Middle Row: C. Shay, G. Quirk. Back Row: D. Brainard, T. Labine, H. Carlson, D. Swain, C. Hughes, G. Rahilly, P. Delaney, M. Searles, J. Metzger, D. Normandeau. Billy Kidd • Coach Ed Temple - Tennessee State Tigerbelles • Howard Cosell • Steve McKinney-World Speed Skiing Record ; ■ ' «rtfMM9 ■ ■ J W L T • Sgl B Wv iH vfe; ; J SKIING All you had to do to believe the Minnechaug Girls Ski Team was the best team in Western Mass., was to watch any meet. Coaches, competitors and spectators were continually amazed at the super racers on the Minnechaug team. At each meet, the team had at least three girls finishing in the top ten out of sixty-five racers. Their success was due to the extraordinary depth of talent on the team. Four of the top racers included Kathy McGranagan, Robin Lis, Kim Loftus, and Beth Tucker. The rest of the line up included Diane Mammarelli, Debbie Orton, and Sue Porter-Shirly. Backup racers, returning for next year, are Diana Swain, Carey Garvey, and Sue and Cheryl Goguen. The spirit of the team sometimes got carried away. When going up to practice at Berkshire East, Coach Deely needed a cage to separate himself from the wild bunch. Rowdiness often overruled the girls ' minds. But they showed appropriate spirit when decorating the motor coach with ballons and streamers after winning the league. The girls feel it was not only spirit that made them a success; but also the great coaching of Mr. Deely. Annemarie Proell-over 28 World Cup victories • Virginia Wade • Ruffian • Suzie Chaffee • Francie Larrieu 144 1971- Jr. Varsity team only; 1972- 2-3-0 record; 1973- 1-6-0 record 1974- 2-5-0 record; 1975- 5-2-0 record; 1976- 6-6-0 record. Carol Tucker, Ann McGranaghan, Kim Loftus; 1977-13-1-0 record. Co- Champs with Longmeadow. Diane Mammarelli fin- ished 6th out of 64 girls; 1978- 12-2-0 record. Tri- Western Mass. Champs. Ann McGranaghan placed 2nd over all in Western Mass; 1979- 54-2-0 record. Western Mass. Champs. Robin Lis, Kim Loftus, Beth Tucker, Diane Mammarelli, Kathy McGranaghan, Deb Orton. VARSITY SKIING 54-2-0 Front Row: Coach Deely, D. Shirley (mgr), K. McGranaghan, S. Goguen. K. Leonard, S. Gogue, D. Swain, D. Garvey, S. Porter-Shirley, B. Tucker (capt.) K. Loftus, J. Willson, D. Orton, D. Atkinson. Missing: R Lis (capt.), D. Mammarelli. Robin CamDell-880vd. wiz runner • Alpine skiinq • Nordic skiinq • Freestyle • The Grand National • Fencing • GYMNASTICS I " He flys through the air with the greatest of ease, that daring young man on the flying trapeze. " The boys ' gymnastics team doesn ' t use a flying trapeze, but they do use other equally exciting imple- ments; rings, beams and vaults. Despite a trying sea- son, the team managed to stick together and give their audiences thrilling shows, filled with graceful and dar- ing performances, even when faced with the toughest competition. Jim Ross, Dave Frederic and Mike Dodd were the major contributors this year, and the team has high hopes for next year despite its problems this year. Pete Rose signs with Philadelphia • Parallel bars • Rings • Gymnastics gets started around 1848 in United States 146 1972- Steve Francis. 1975- Bruce -Wallace- 10th on side horse in states. 1976- Steve St. Germain, Scott Francis, Fred Miller- 1st on side horse in Western Mass. Ed Car detti- 2nd on high bar in Western Mass. 1977- Second in Western Mass. 1978- Dave Grassetti, Paul Lemieux, Jeff Wolcott. 1979- Jim Ross, Dave Frederic, Kurt Trevallion. Linda Fratianne-Figure skating • Fencing • New England Whalers • Gerry Cheevers 147 VARSITY GYMNASTICS 2-4-0 Front Row: J. Ross (capt.), M. Moody, J. Walton, M. Dodd. Second Row: C. Babineau, D. Frederic, J. Brochu, R. Smith, S. McCaunn. Back Row: Coach St. Germain, M. Miller, D. Jacek, K. Trevallion, D. Berenson, M. McGaunn, D. Florian, Coach Lomas. Portland Trail Blazers Billy Martin Wilt Chamberlain Jack Nicklaus New York Knickerbockers Formula One GIRLS GYMNASTICS -» The girls ' gymnastics team did well this year. Not only did they break individual records, but team re- cords as well. Sue Chapin and Kim Dolecki set new floor records with scores of 8.65. In vaulting, Michele Lemieux did very well with a score of 9.15. Sue Chapin set a new Western Mass. record on the beam with an 8.9, and Kim Dolecki set another Western Mass. record on the uneven bars with her score of 8.8. The team works very hard to achieve the perfection and grace that the audience views during a meet. Although they make it look easy, it is in fact very difficult. Dedication and patience are key factors need- ed to become a really good gymnast. Olga Korbut • Vaulting • Nadia - Perfect 10 • Side horse • Floor exercises • Kathy Rigby • Balance Beam • 149 1971- Linda Bond, Linda Stiles, Michelle Lemieux, Lynnie Shaw, Sue Fisher, Bonnie Bridgeman; 1972- Linda Stiles, Michelle Lemieux; 1973- First in league and first in Western Mass.; 1977- Sue Chapin First All-around. Team first in Western Mass. Jill Wolcott, Sue Chapin, Bea Siebert, Kim Dolecki, Judy Kasper.; 1978- First in league and Western Mass. Sue Chapin, Kim Dolecki, Judy Kasper, Priscilla Blodgett, Bea Siebert Horizontal bars • Willis Reed - New York Knicks • National Champion (Men) - 1976 - Koji Saito • Stan Smith 150 GYMNASTICS 8-2-0 Front Row L to R: A. LaFrance-Manager, Coach Lynch, L. Veto, S. Stirton, B. Siebert, K. Dolecki, J. Kasper, Coach Cascio, S. Shaw-Manager. Back Row L to R: K. Cosrello, E. Plumb, V. Hutchinson, M. Sitnik, D. Collins, S. Therrien, M. Shirly, S. Steng, S. Chapin, J. Wolcott, D. Nolte National AAU Champions (Women) - Roxanne Pierre • Unevens • Earl Monroe • Margaret Court • Marvin Barnes plays with the Celtics HOCKEY The hockey team almost didn ' t have to fight it out for the top spot in the Fay division this year. That ' s because the team almost wasn ' t in the division this season. Following last year ' s finish at the bottom of Fay division, the team was supposed to have been dropped down to Wright division. However, thanks to the intervention of Coach Kennedy, the Falcons were able to remain in the Fay division and enter a tight race for the championship. The team has been powered by the high scoring of seniors Buddy May, Tim Wilson and Winslow Reed, the aggressive play of Kevin Dorsey, Mike Kozub and Dan Sullivan, and the tough defensive hockey of Chris Lloyd, Scott McKintosh and Dan Mathews. Perhaps one of the biggest contributions to the team ' s success was the play of Steve Bardwell in goal. Most points in a season - Bhil Esposito - Boston 1971 • Maurice ' Rocket Richard led NHL in goals five times VARSITY HOCKEY 14-5-2 Front Row: C. Lloyd, B. May, D. Sullivan, G. Tancrati, S. Bardwell, W, Reed, T. Willson, D. Mathews (capt.) Back Row: Coach Kennedy, D. Vierthaler, S. Abrahamson, K. Reddington, M. Kozub, S. Mackintosh, K. Dorsey, P. Worthing- ton, D. Verani 1 % ! JOfcl f 1 m 3 If [SmBliBS s J.V. HOCKEY 11-2-2 Front Row: M. Mazur, J. May, K. McCullough, J. Zephir, S. Hesser, G. Brouchu. Back Row: Coach Kibbe, T. Snow, L. Lloyd, A. Ecker, E, Jones, D. elsh, D. Smith, B. Kasper, R. Dorsey, J. Collette, D. Boissey, R. Plugge !5 J? » ■: t • « t i 2. Bobby Orr - retired in ' 78 • Chicago Black Hawks • Phil Esposito • Philadelphia Flyers • Broad Street Bullies 1974 - Made playoffs; 1975 - Made playoffs, Todd Willey, Bob Shaw; 1976 - Made playoffs, Bob King, Steve Boyd, Jeb Balise; 1977 - Made playoffs, Tom Sweeney, Walt Si;veira, Rick Rodrigues; 1978 - Made playoffs, Jim Dor- sey, Harry Stecher; 1979 - Made playoffs, Dan Mathews, Tim Willson, Steve Bardwell, Buddy May, Winslow Red. Bruin ' s win Stanley Cub in 1970 and 1972 • Bernie Parent - Philadelphia ' s finest goal tender • Gump " No Mask Worsley SWIMMING JM H 2 The boys ' swim team was psychologically prepared for this year ' s season. Their practices consisted not only of the usual training exercises and swimming of laps, but also the loud and heavy music of Led Zeppe- lin. Around the halls of Minnechaug, swim team mem- bers could be identified by their hats, which they wore to every meet. The unity and sense of competition on the team was particularly high, especially because Coaches Miller and Kaynor were able to allow every member to participate. All of this physical and psycho- logical preparation paid off for the team, as they finished third in their division. Also, some 15 team members participated in the States competition, including Co-captains Mike La- Chapelle and Tom Pollard. The team also took third place honors during the Christmas relays at Spring- field College. ajSPe Leon Spinks takes title away • Steelers win 1979 Super Bowl • Joe Bottom - broke oldest swimming record - 100 meter butterfly t VARSITY SWIMMING 10-5-0 First Row: Coach Miller, C. Rugg, D. Robinson, G. Guiney, S. Riddle, T. Pollard, M. LaChapelle, S. Gatchell, P. Lefebvre, Coach Kaynor. Second Row: F. Grillo, S. Payor, J. Irla, K. .Mack, P. Hassiotis, K. Ingraham, B. Cooley, J. Kerr. Third Row: J. Tarbell, K. Stone, M. French, B. Flagg, J. Garber, T. McGuill, G. LaSonde, M. Megliola, J. Crowder, D. Gartner. Fourth Row: M. DeAngelo, M. Powell, S. Holbrook, F. Carlson, B. Semle, K. Goodreau, M. Wilson, D. Magill. 1970- Western Mass., State and New England Champions. Dennis Cyr, Dan Mascaro, Tim Allen, Chuck Smith; 1971- Second in Western Mass. Reed Ameden, Don Safford; 1972- Western Mass. Champions. Undefeated in duel meets. Tim Allen- All American; 1973- Western Mass. Champions. Chris Sigler, Chuck Smith, John Byrne; 1974-Scott Semle, Marc Ellington, Barry Jordon, Scott Porter; 1975- Andy Smith, Jack Sigler, Mark Officer; 1976- Mark Officer, Andy Smith, Scott Semle; 1977- Scott Goyer; 1978- Kendall McCarthy, Craig Powers; 1979- Tom Pollard. Marquette University • Stock Car Racing • Ben Crenshaw • Eric Heiden- all around speed-skating crown- 1977 1979 WINTER SPORTS SCORES Varsity Boys Basketball Varsity Girls Basketball Taconic Chicopee Comp. West Springfield Greenfield Palmer Classical Ludlow South Hadley Longmeadow East Longmeadow Putnam Agawam Amherst Ludlow South Hadley Longmeadow East Longmeadow Putnam Agawam Amherst Opp. Minn. Opp. Minn. 58 56 Cathedral 47 22 85 62 Chicopee Comp. 77 37 52 62 Classical 36 51 70 61 Chicopee 45 30 52 54 West Springfield 31 21 68 50 Cathedral 52 33 40 62 Classical 28 34 52 61 Ludlow 21 45 69 57 South Hadley 41 48 57 63 Longmeadow 49 39 89 62 East Longmeadow 43 36 56 74 Putnam 56 41 79 68 Agawam 29 22 26 53 Amherst 56 33 68 85 West Springfield 43 ■ 24 56 61 Ludlow 33 29 58 53 South Hadley 70 29 70 71 Longmeadow 48 41 54 77 East Longmeadow 44 59 75 85 Putnam 39 64 Agawam 41 47 Amherst 58 32 Varsity Girls Skiing Varsity Boys Skiing Agawam Cathedral Holyoke Longmeadow MacDuffie Northhampton West Springfield Opp. 12 34 29 50 40 11 20 Varsity Boys Gymnastics Cathedral Greenfield West Springfield South Hadley Longmeadow Holyoke Opp. 62.85 58.60 89.05 101.2 87.4 110.44 Varsity Swimming West Springfield Gardner Classical Chicopee Comp. Taconic Amherst Longmeadow South Hadley East Longmeadow Cathedral Amherst Longmeadow South ' Hadley Cathedral East Longmeadow Opp. 28 9] 41 63 35 47 50 27 27 44 25 98 38 48 39 Minn. 54 Amherst 54 Agawam 54 Chicopee 54 Chicopee Comp. 54 Cathedral 54 Holyoke 54 Holyoke Catholic Longmeadow Northhampton South Hadley Westfield West Springfield Ludlow MM Va Minn. 68.00 73.10 Cathedral 76.00 Greenfield 72.85 Classical 82.6 West Springfield 74.95 Amherst South Hadley Agawam Longmeadow Hampshire Regional Holyoke Minn. 55 Longmeadow 81 Easthampton 129 Westfield 109 Chicopee 48 Pittsfield 124 Amherst 33 Ludlow 56 East Longmeadow 56 West Springfield 39 Greenfield 57 Holyoke 74 South Hadley 45 Cathedral 35 Commerce 44 Palmer Agawam Auburn Tech. Classical Putnam St. Joseph ' s Pittsfield Opp 75 66 36 48 92 7: 18 10 54 41 29 89 ' 14 Varsity Girls Gymnastics Opp. 107.25 54.35 78.85 107.45 83.20 111.45 74.40 110.40 89.30 68.85 Varsity Ice Hockey K Opp. 2 2 3 4 1 1 2 3 2 4 1 4 1 1 2 5 5 3 3 ? Minn. 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 Minn. 97.20 99.00 108.70 110.25 107.50 107.30 110.10 112.30 109.65 112.60 Minn. 5 10 5 2 3 4 10 6 3 3 4 9 7 17 10 2 1 3 4 12 9 3 Renaldo Nehcmiah • hurdler • Indy 500 • John McEnroe Jr. • Dave DeBusschere • Jackie Stewart » Denver Nuggets • 157 UNDERCLASSMEN 158 FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS: Diana Howard • Treasurer. Tim Rom - Vice-President, Belinda Walt - Secretary, Mike Moody - President, Miss Wlnetrout Advisor C. Butklru D Burgu. B Csl ibro D C«mpb«ll P. Cambo M C n«y J C«nn«m.l« F C«»l on C n The Rrarlu Rnnrh I. n -r, m Tk» D,.t.:J„„ C_:l.. a O I »l _ t-i- The camera fades in over a turbu- lent sea, while the now familiar theme music plays in the back ground. The person next to me grabs my wrist in what could only be described as a deathgrip. My hand begins to ache from the lack of blood. Somewhere in the audience, someone gasps with hor- ror. What is it? JAWS. The mechani- cal monstrosity so influenced audi- ences that " shark sightings " increased by over 50% in some seaside commu- nities. JAWS t-shirts, buttons, and oth- er paraphernalia littered gift shops across the nation. Eventually, the JAWS craze died down. Then came JAWS II, and " just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water 159 L. Castonguay R. Chapln L. Chayei R Collins S. Corey J. Costa ■£ . £ " ■ 4 jli M. D ' Angelo K. Coslello M. Delargy K. Donnelly C. Donoghue K °° w6 A. FalcetS T. Fentadlno D. Fenington B. Flgonl S. Flagg K. Fogarty M. Fontaine S. Forbei G. Foffler The Godfather • JAWS • The Best of My Love • The Poseidon Adventure • Love American Style • Cat s in the Cradle 160 The Odd Couple • Don ' t Stop • The Deep • Mary Tyler Moore • Dreams • Annie Hall • Dark Shadows • Emotion • Grease • 161 lligan ' s Island • Evergreen • Alice Doesn ' t Live Here Anymore Go Your Own Way 162 Trends in the seventies. Hmm, let ' s see. Well, the prn ' ajbr trends of the seventies were Watergate books, Sdisco, self-help books (you know the kind: I ' m O.K., You ' re O.K., The Joy in Self, When I Say No I Feel Guilty, etc.). But of course, the biggest trend of the seventies was the fifties revival. Perhaps out of a desire to go back to a simpler time, the fifties have made a tremendous comeback in the seventies. On television, on the radio, in the theater, wherever you turn, you can go back twenty years to the land of leather jackets, bobby sox, and greased-back hair. It ' s also ironic that those who seem to feel most " nostal- gic " for the fifties are those who were born in the sixties. Like most nostalgia trips, only the bright points of the fifties are remembered, ' while all the problems of that decade are lost in a gush of warm sentiments. J. Metzger A. Mlkiaslewicz J Picturing Happy Days • Heart of Gold • American Graffiti • Laverne and Shirley • Higher and Higher • The Graduate 163 M. Skutnlk C. Slayton orse with No Name • One Flew Over the Cuckoo ' s Nest • Three ' s Company • Hotel California • Bonnie and Clyde 164 J Wlllson Wllun J Wllion How Deep Is Your Love? • The Great Gatsby • The Wonderful World of Disney • All the President ' s Men • For Pete ' s Sake " The $20,000 Pyramid! " " The Gong Show! " " The New Dating Game! " " Wheel of Fortune! " " Family Feud! " " The Hollywood . . well, let ' s face it. Game shows are entrenched in the lifestyle of the United States, right along with baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie. They ' ve been there quite a while now, and there have been relatively few changes over the years. Mr. Average A plays against Mrs. Average B for an all expense paid trip to the Bahamas before a " live " studio audience. Over the years, game shows have found some new gimmicks, more expensive prizes, and more hours on prime-time T.V. Who know, twenty years from now: " Well Mr. Jones, which will it be, the box or the curtain? The curtain, Are you certain? Open the curtain. Ah, Mr. Jones, you lose. Don ' t be so disap- pointed. As stated in the contract, we retain your house, car, any savings, stocks, or insurance policies, 75% of your business, the custody of your children, your father-in-law ' s oil company, and the coat on your back. However, as you know, no one walks away from " You Bet Your Life " empty handed. Johnnv. tell him what he aets . " 165 J. Zephir C. Ballleul C. Bolek D. Brennan P. Drumheller R.Fernandes J. Zerooglan J. Zimmerman PHOTO SHY T. Fidalgo D. Gibb T. Grundstrom J. Lopardo A. McGee L. Ouellette L. Palmer D. Person J. Phaneuf M. Rahiml J. Rustln S. Strohman C. Trombley E. Voight F. Wood ieel of Fortune Laughter in the Rain Return of the Pink Panther Joker ' s Wild Let It be Close Encounters Jackpot 166 SOPHOMORES V i H CLASS OFFICERS: Lisa Brown-Vice President. Monica Ardollno - Secretary, Andy Moore - President Marcy Sitnlk - Treasurer, Mrs. Browne - Advisor £ S. Abrahamson R Ainsworth C Allyn D. Allyn K. Anderson C. Arablk M Ardollno K. Asklns J. Blanchard K. Bliss K. Blomberg V. Bolduc A. Booth C. Bordenuk V Bortulussl J. Bosch J Boucher A Boulanger D Bourcler C Bourgel J. Boyer B Bralnerd J, Brasserie G Brochu J Broulllard C Broullletle § Qk L Brown J Bureau H Buiha K Butler L Byrne M Callento C Canty F Canlallnt L Capaccto The Bob Newhart Show • I Just Want to be Your Evervthina • Star Wars • The Carol Burnett Show • Love is Thicker than Water I 167 D. Farell J. Fanrtngton K. Fegley D. Ferguson C. Ferrier T. Flgonl L. Fitzgerald Convoy • Family Feud • Love Will Keep Us Together • The Omen • Little House on the Prairie • Go Your Own Way, 168 V. Jackson L. Jacqulnet G. Jobson K. Johnson R. Jones A. Jordon A. Kalogeras K. Kan« " I ' m looking for my roots! " Ever since the televising of Alex Haley ' s best selling book Roots, thousands of Americans have been searching for their roots. This search has brought them to graveyards, libraries, the homes of old relatives, and sometimes even to Europe or Africa. In answer to the question of " Who are you? " , they discover who their ancestors were. A large impetus for this movement came from the Roots story and the findings of its author, Alex Haley. Haley traced his ancestors back to Kunta Kinte, a slave brought here from Africa. Now it seems that everyone is looking for his roots, except for a few who feel like Fred Allen, who said, " Don ' t have to look up my family tree, because I know that I ' m the sap. " Smokey and the Bandit • ROOTS • Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds • The Goodbye Girl • The Jeffersons • Tonight ' s the Night 169 K. McDonald K. McDonald L. McDonald S. McFarland S. McGuann T. McGcc K. McGrady K. McGrath T. McGuill Nanny and the Professor • Tryin ' to Get the Feeling Again • Dogday Afternoon • The Tonight Show • Undercover Angel 170 J Orl J 0 ' Shaughrt My P»g» L Policy Ode to Billie Joe • What ' s Happening • The One and Only • 60 Minutes • Song Sung Blue • Chinatown • Family • L. Paton L Paulhua V HH " Jfl ■felf i£ f if " I ' m addicted to soap operas! " In households all over America, this wailful cry goes up. Once strictly the domain of housewives, now businessmen, stu- dents, shut-ins, and thousands of others have become addicted to the " soaps " , suffering withdrawal symp- toms whenever they miss a few episodes. " I know, I know what time it is, but you have to tell me - what happened to Jim? He broke up with Susan? And she ' s in the hospital? And Kim is marrying Ted? Wait a minute, who ' s Ted? " Soap opera addiction has become such a widespread phenomenon that now there are even satires on the soap operas, such as " Mary Hartman - Mary Hartman " and the incredibly popular " Soap " , a wild satire that -makes the most complex soap opera appear simple and straightfor- ward. In " Soap " , the weird becomes commonplace, the bizarre passe, and the show one big series of laughs. Melodrama never looked so good! 171 D. Roach K. Roblson M. Rogers M. Romano G Roth Southern Nights One Life To Live General Hospital 172 G Thomas D Thompson S Thorp " J Tlbbctti augh-ln You Make Me Feel Like Dancing • How the West Was Won • A Horse With No Name • Butch Cassidy and the Sundanc I 173 K Ulhleln K. Vance B Veldeman D. Vetanl D. Vlerthaler C. Volflht J. Wawrzvk D. Welnaartner J Welch A. Wytas T. Zeckhauaen J. Zimmerman PHOTO SHY M Courtney J Kibbe T. Samra V. Emerson D. Lennan L Scarpelt M. Fasth J. Mason B. Specht C Govoni R Munroe M Trebbe L Hermance D. Ogoley L. Wild S. Hinch L Polley B. Kibbe C- Ryan Pepper ' s Lonely Hearts Club Band • Six Million Dollar Man • How Can You Mend A Broken Heart? • Murder on the Orient Express JUNIORS CLASS OFFICERS: Kathy Crawford - Secretary, Kay Loftus - President, Sue Goguen - Treasurer, Donna Mathews - Vice-President (missing), Mr. Kennedv - Advisor D Bromley R Brooks J. Bugbee S. Bugbee B Burgess ? f Q£fi D Carpluk M Cauley S Chaptn S Chapman R Chlchakly C Coulter The Muppcts • Crocodile Rock • Oh What a Niqht • Charlie ' s Anqels • Fun with Dick and Jane • Everything is Beautiful Earthquake! Flood! Fire! Ex- plosion! Gas! Murder! The r e- cent host of disaster movies re- minds one of an alarm system gone wild. Airliners are blown out of the sky, cruise ships are flooded by massive tidal waves and high rise apartments are threatened by raging fires. The casts of these movies get to be familiar after a while, top. One sees the same people burnt, crushed, drowned, stabbed, hung and shot time after time in movie after movie. If you ' re looking for a career filled with violence and gore, consider the movies. The only thing is, what do you do for excitement after work? 175 B. Figoni S. Fitzgerald P. Flodman D. Fountain Earthquake • Emergency! • You ' re So Vain • Towering Inferno • Police Woman • The Hustle • The Killer Bee; Barney Miller • Dancing Queen • Looking for Mr. Goodbar • Grizzly Adams • Disco Duck • The Other Side of the Mountain 177 J. MacCannell S. Mackintosh C. Maglll " A near tragedy struck yesterday. Morris the cat attempted suicide. A note was found nearby - it read: Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow . . . " " In other news, it was announced recently that convict Gary Gilmore won the Nevada State lot- tery. The prize was $50,000 a week for life " . No, this isn ' t really the 6:00 news you ' re watch- ing, It ' s the " Weekend Update " portion of Satur- day. Night Live. Every Saturday night at 11:30, you can tune in and catch Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi as the talented Blues Brothers or you can see Gilda Radner as Baba Wawa interviewing John Belushi as Henry Kissinger. Saturday Night Live has dealt with many controversial news-making topics and their cast of characters ranges from the Coneheads and Lisa Lupner to Tom Snyder and Roseanne Roseannadanna. You can always expect the unexpected on Sat- urday Night Live! javina on a Jet Plane • Animal House • Saturday Night Live • Legend in Your Own Time • Bad News Bears • Fantasy Island 178 T. O ' Donnell D. Ogonowskl K. O ' Keele J Otuulalc D. Orton K. O ' Shu B Pmuua S. P«j«nt E f ' nulhui S P«y«r ¥%W. i- w L P«ll«ll«r C P«rm«n R P.ruua D Polhul V Prouly D Quill le Loco-Motion • Silent Movie • Love Boat • He Don ' t Love You • Annie Hall le ' s Way • I ' m A Believer • The Exc 1 179 G. Tancratl P. Tarbell D. Therrten P. Tlbert P. Tomlgnant C. Tozter Blazing Saddles • Chuck Barris Rah Rah Show • The Hardy Boys - Nancy Drew Mysteries • Uncle Albert Admiral Halsey P. Wolfe W. Beck S. Bordenuk P. Brland L. Carney R. Clark M. Collins J. Crowder J. Cooke M. Curley D. Desanctts S. Dioblak F. Freeley R Gardner C. Grant G. Gulney T. Haraty N Klbbe S. Klrby S. Merrill M. Miller W Morris W. Mllbler J. Murphy D ONell R. Oulmene G Roach T. Sanderson G. Schmidt M. Sulda " Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs Paul McCartney penned those lyrics in 1975. If people reme ber the 1970 ' s, it will be partly because of the different a imaginative songs that became famous during those ten yea Love songs, protest songs; songs about " Cat Scratch Fevei " Paradise by the Dashboard Light " , " Night Moves " ; sor about " Some Girls " , " Dreams " ; songs about living " Life in t Fast Lane " , " Takin ' it Easy " , a hotel called California, anc " New Kid in Town " are only a fraction of the hundreds a hundreds of tunes that were released during the seventies. Music reflects a lot about the people and society. You lea about the latest trends and fads, the political persuasions some songwriters, and the values and attitudes of Americ youth. Boston, the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Fleetwood Mac, Aer mith, Foreigner, Donna Summer, and Billy Joel are just a few the groups and artists who became moneymakers in the mu industry of the seventies. Hits like " Stayin ' Alive " , " Boogie, oogie, oogie " and " I Can ' t Have You " were part of the disco fever that swept acr the United States. D Zcphlr L. Z«rooglAn B Zimmerman D Zurhortt New York, New York • Hee Haw • Jive Talkin ' • The Stepford Wives • Montv Python ' s Flying. Circus • Dream Weaver 181 ADS C BLOCK PRESENTS: THE BOOK OF LISTS 5 Greatest Partlera: John Mason, Robin Biskup, Cindy Miner, Shannon Leone, Brian Murphy. 5 People Not To Invite To Dinner: Cannibal Trimble, Butcher DeWolf, Meatgrinder Kiley, Knives Hawley, Heartburn Zilewicz. 2 Famous Black People In Speech: Herbie Dogan and Wally Fabian. 5 Moat Perverted: Bill Gould, Dusti Thomas, Marty Searles, Sl.erri LeFleur, Pat Read. 3 Closeat Friends: Missy Moriarty, Gayle Plugge, Beth Dansereau. World ' s Greatest Imposters: We Don ' t Know Their Names. Most Tardy: Steve Kaczenskl. Holy Ghost: Jim Williams. Biggest Eater: Bob Belanger. Real Goodness From Kentucky Fried Chicken • Westinghouse Makes It Happen • Delta Is Ready When You Are • Aqua Velva Man LIVE FROM H-3 IT ' S D BLOCK WITH Nuggie Patrol " What! No consumables? " coonftWWT ■iflft- : If The BLUES BROTHERS! " We are putting some moves on a couple of foxes. ' " I Rosanne Rosannadana Samurai English Teacher. " We ' ll give you $5 for those clothes. ' When It Says Libby ' s, Libby ' s, Libby ' s On the Label, Label, Label You Will Like It, Like It, Like It On Your Table, Table, Table ' Uh-Oh Gary! " ubraham Z rue Value J4arm ware 2701 BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM, MASSACHUSETTS 01095 FRANCIS PARENT (413) 596-8073 ' She doesn ' t know what Eastman is! ' EASTMAN MANUFACTURING 2342 BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM 596-6808 REALTORS 2701 BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM, MASS. F $pfe All you need to know in Real Estate. " As long as it ' s under three bucks! " VILLAGE STORE 462 MAIN STREET WILBRAHAM 596-3900 Buffering twice as fast as aspirin • Armstrong-Creators of the indoor world • Rice«A«Roni the San Francisco treat ARCO " Will June ever come? " HANK ' S STONY HILL ARCO 1993 BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM 543-2753 ' I can ' t take this excitement, Marty. " SALES, RENTALS, SERVICE REPAIRS Berkshire Jrailer Jales, Jnc. TENT TRAVEL TRAILERS - PICKUP CAMPERS WE SELL THE BEST SERVICE THE REST 2144 BOSTON RD.-RT. 20 WILBRAHAM. MASS. " I can fly! " JANAR GYNMASTIC CENTER 2148 BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM V L « 2200 BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM Emeraude The Emerald by Coty • Chip in the Bac ' os and see the flavor • To know you ' re the best you can be E BLOCK SA YS, " LET ' S GET SMALL! " raisin A Good Student-Teacher Relationship. Oh NO! It ' s Moby Dick ' s Ghost! " ' Let ' s get fried " S( _-j? Double Your Pleasure Greyhound ' s In Touch With America • Next Best Thing To Your Good Cooking • Snap, Crackle. Po j.pi .y. MR. AMERMAN ' S A-BLOCK •h MUSIC IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE otsie Roll Lasts A Long Time • When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best • Sears-Where America Shops • You, You ' re The Oi THINGS TO RENT FOR EVERY EVENT 7 AYLOR RENTAL 1997 BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM, MASS. TEL: 543-4255 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 79 " Here catch! " WILBRAHAM 10 PIN CENTER 2033 BOSTON RD. WILBRAHAM 543-2220 Brodsky, the Boss, whips students into shape Hi Students bring their HANG-UPS to Seminar Seminar student torn between good and evil. BRODSKY ' S INFERNO ENGLISH SEMINAR L eggs knee highs put you up to your knees in comfort • America ' s KOOLest cigarette • Carefree patterns from McCalls TO THE UNTOUCHABLES WHO DROVE US TO DRINK GO FOR THE CLOCK! WE ' VE NEVER BEEN BEAT! THIS TERM I GOTTA DO GOOD! WHO ' S GONNA BUY? ISN ' T PARTYING ON SCHOOL NIGHTS GREAT? PARTY, PARTY, PARTY TILL THE SUN COMES UP . ! AND IT HAPPENED AT . . . MURPHY ' S - TAPPED 8 A.M. GILLIS ' - 300 PEOPLE DIONNE ' S - 2 CASES LEFT GATCHELL ' S - LOOK AT THIS HOUSE POLLARD ' S - WE NEED MORE LEFEV ' S - I GET THE COUCH LAVALLEE ' S - MOM ' S HOME! BUT WE HAD A GOOD TIME ANYWAY L ' Oreal because you ' re worth it • Dry skin never had it so soft • A new kind of lipstick that ' s kind to your lips " The Nutcracker Suite? " ACADEMY OF DANCE 211 N. MAIN ST. EAST LONGMEADOW 525-4659 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 79 SULLIVAN ' S MOUNTAIN VIEW DRIVE-IN 25 ALLEN STREET HAMPDEN The Cover-up A Division of the Jean Shack, Inc. Sara Lu D. Plugge President Eastfield Mall • 1655 Boston Rd. Sprinqfield. Mass. 01129 • (413) 543-6611 Where There s Life There ' s Bud • Hey Mabel-Black Label • Let Your Fingers Do The Walking-It ' s A Snap • Love Your Hair Pick a winner , N JPALDUVQ OFFICIAL Basketball. Football. Soccer. Volleyball. Baseball. Softball. Whatever you play, wherever you play it, it ' s good to know your brand of ball sets the t standard of quality for the game. Spalding. The name the game grew up with. , A DIVISION OF OUESTOR ou ' ve Wa ited Long Enough For The Cat • I Like Chiclets • The Big Red Team • Aren ' t You Glad You Use The Uncola Cola LANDRY LYONS BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS 2040 BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM 543-6710 TELEVISION APPLIANCES MANNY ' S TV. APPLIANCES FEATURING ALL MAJOR TV APPLIANCES MANNY ROVITHIS 1872 BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM. MASS 01095 THE WILBRAHAM SHOPS W. F. LOGAN INSURANCE AGENCY WILBRAHAM GOURMET FOODS WILBRAHAM SHOPS CLEANERS TERI-MARI COIFFURES THE STITCHING POST MR. JOHN MEN ' S HAIRSTYLING CALICO CUPBOARD Mild Ivory Liquid helps hands stay young looking • Aziza by Prince -Matchabelli • Calaon baths for bodu and soul " Now who has the I.D.? " VARIETY SHOPPE 2571 BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM 596-3192 " Oops! I think I goofed! " GHASSAN ' S HAIR ' EM 123 CENTER STREET LUDLOW 583-6590 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 79 BOLDUC ' S MOBIL SELF-SERVE WHOLESALE TIRE BOLDUC ' S SERVICE CENTER $®@ 354 MAIN STREET INDIAN ORCHARD " Who said four eyes? " JILSON-THOREN OPTICIANS EASTFIELD MALL BOSTON ROAD SPRINGFIELD There s a little Eve in every woman • Medicated Dermassage for abused hands • The over forty look is over Neal Waters, Minnechaug Class of ' 78, at our watch counter. Fine Jewelers Since 1822 ERIC CARLSON MANAGER PHONE 543-4723 EASTFIELD MALL SPRINGFIELD, MASS. IREADY ' S FURNITURE BREADY ' S FURNITURE MART 2957 BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM PIZZA PUB 2391 BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM " Look Ma, NO hands! ' Ask Any Mermaid Catch A Cricket • I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner • Let there be Planters • Don t Think the Future Sears Salutes the Students of MINNECHAUG REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Today ' s Youth . . . Tomorrow ' s Leaders Different Bites For Different Likes • You ' ve got a lot to live, Pepsi ' s got a lot to give • You Deserve a Break Today • Propa P.H. PATRONS AMERICAN ASPHALT PRODUCTS INC. 2382 BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM, MASS. ANTONIO ' S SENDS BEST WISHES " TO THE CLASS OF ' 79 ATTORNEY THOMAS J. O ' CONNOR 22 OLDWOOD DRIVE TEL. 596-6330 BEST WISHES CLASS OF 79 DAVE RUSSELL FORD PALMER, MASS. COLONIAL BEAUTY SALON 470 MAIN STREET WILBRAHAM, MASS. CONGRATULATIONS! BOB PAUL ' S LITTLE WORKSHOP PERSONAL CAR REPAIRS ON WHEELS CONGRATULATIONS FALCON FOOTBALL MR. AND MRS. PATRICK J. BRADY CONGRATULATIONS 1978 GIRLS ' VARSITY SOCCER TEAM ON A GREAT SEASON! MR. MRS. T.J. BISKUP CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS R.M. SULLIVAN TRANSPORTATION INC. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM DICK MERWIN DAVE RUSSELL FORD PALMER, MASS. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 79 COMPLIMENTS OF PLYWOOD RANCH 1201 PARKER STREET SPRINGFIELD, MASS. TEL. 782-4537 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 79 QUALITY MARKET GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 79 THE DEVALLES GOOD LUCK: JUDIE, KAREN, JANICE AND FRIENDS, MR. AND MRS. O ' BRIEN GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF ' 79 IN MEMORY OF WAYNE CARLSON CLASS OF 1976 LINDA-MAY YOUR DREAMS BE FULFILLED AND YOUR FUTURE BLESSED WITH HAPPINESS. MOTHER DAD LUZI ' S WRECKING SERVICE BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM, MASS. PROFESSIONAL COIN CLEANERS COR. EAST LONGMEADOW RD. AND ALLEN STREET HAMPDEN, MASS. THE OLD GRINDSTONE 28 SOMERS ROAD HAMPDEN, MASS. TO JANICE AND JUDI: HOPING ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRU E. TO: KATHIE AND JOYCE-BEST WISHES-THE WILBRAHAM WATCH REPAIR WILBRAHAM MEDICAL ASSOCIATES, P.C. FREDERICK C. SCHWENDENMANN, M.D. ROBERT G. INSLEY, M.D. WOODLAND DELL ROAD WILBRAHAM, MASS. WILBRAHAM PHARMACY BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM, MASS. SPONSORS All the greatest luck, Sandi and buddies. Love Always. Carol Always try to fulfill every dream Amor Vincit Omnia-Dennis Ryan As far as investments go-Education yields the greatest return Bar. Your friendship has filled my life with sun-Sherri Bea, Lisa, Kathy, and Steve, Best of Luck! Love Lisa Bear- ' 77 track, the best season ever. Love, Cheryl Best of Luck to the class of ' 79. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Garvey Best of everything to Pat-From Neighbors Friends The Stearns Best of Luck to a great granddaughter Love Meniere Best of Luck to Class of ' 79. Best of Luck to Class of ' 79. Best of Luck to Senior Field Hockey players. Best of Luck to Seniors Best of Luck to the Class of ' 79-The Donoghues Best of Luck to Victor and Bill. Best Wishes All-Phil, Tim. Monique, and Tome Rogers. Bill I ' ll trade kicks with you anytime. Love Weasel. Blaze Merrill had it first-! " Bonne chance a la classe dc 1979. " Monsieu Przybylowicz Effective relief for your child ' s cough — What a relief for you • If you want to capture someone s attention whisper Close always in my heart. Thanks for the memories. Kim Community Wild Bird Medium Chick Never been a small. Congratulations Cathy, a job well done-David Phyllis Congratulations Cathy-from Leona and Hartley Grundstrom. Congratulations Sis: 1 wish for you all happiness. Love Patty. Congratulations Sue! We ' ve made it 12 years. See Ya-Kath. Congratulations to our daughter Carol Lovell on her graduation. Congratulations to the girls boys Varsity Soccer Teams. Mr. Mrs. Wuerthle. Dan-That party really was a great one!! Pluton Dave, May Russian dominance always be with you. Don ' t be in a hurry to grow up! Don ' t worry you ' ll never get out of this world alive. Flipper, We ought to get together some time. Love Wendy Freedom will come to those who give it to others. Good Luck Class of ' 79-Bill and Debbie Good Luck Class of ' 79-The McClores. Good Luck Class of ' 79-you ' re a bunch of cutiepies! Good Luck; Cory, Neil, Amy, Mike, Marty, Wayne-Love Kim. Good Luck from Connie Roberts Good Luck Jackie from Keeker. Good Luck-Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Henningsen. Good Luck Nibor ' 79 and your friends. Love Ythak ' 76 Good Luck Robert, Rhoda, and Jette. Love, " Mom " Good Luck Senior Field Hockey Players. From Betsy, Brenda Kathy Good Luck ' 79 Girls ' Soccer. " It ' ll grow back! " Love, Robin Good Luck to a great group of kids! K.C. Browne. Good Luck to all you underclassmen. Hope you make it! Good Luck to D P from A B Good Luck to everybody. See ya next summer. Terry Good Luck to my best friend, Victor. Good Luck to Nancy and class of ' 79. Love, Max. Good Luck to Pat and Class of ' 79-Mom and Dad. Good Luck to the Class of ' 79. Good Luck to the Class of ' 79. The Desautelles. Good Luck to the Class of ' 79. The Joys. Good Luck. BONUS: Which way is Lincoln facing on the penny? Greg G., Please come home soon, I love you. Sandi F. Happiness and Gaiety to all you URCHENS. Hey Cool Chick, Sussell Rage will never be the same after we get there! And remember I ' m flexible! Hey Jamie, I ' m " ?Cin ' hot! Chief-J. Popeye, Lobster, Sid Vicious. Hey MMMonkey! Brrr. Grease is the word. " Harpoon that whale. " Hey Sooz! Take Care of " ton Bossu " Love, VedaVitaVegamin Hey Stech, 7-10 and summer nights! I ' ll miss you! Beth High School is Algebra grades and car washes; Memories forever. Ho-How doing? Pear Creep and Claws-Good Luck-Ana. I still love ya Lynnie. If you hear the music join the singing. In school, security takes precedence over learning. Jill-Thanks for a fun 4 years at " Chaug " Marcia. Jim-Our love is forever. Nance. John and Nancy Bennett. Jude Mary, My other two-thirds, Chuckies Angiels. Judy, good " HASses " never die, they just forget their derivatives JU-JU-BEE; all I can say is we finally made it!! Jule-FAG, Mo-FAG, and Sue-BUNG! Good Luck-Lynsk. Julie, It ' s all yours. Good Luck! I want annual reports. Re- member " Calm " . Keep it raining! " Sis " Kelly Kris-Good Luck. Kevin- You ' re beautiful. Stay that way! Love, Mary. Kimface, Scott B. Loves you! K.P. says hi to all you athletes and scholars. Labor Omnia Vincit Mrs. Ats. Life ' s greatest victories are those that we win over ourselves. Linda, Thank you for always being a friend Nantucket Saint. Linda, Whose clothes will I wear when you leave? Laura. Lisa-Be Good, 1,2,3; Steve Lisa, " betin ' you ' ll ruin our chances " P. J. -chewing ice cubes. Lotsa Good Luck to Judi, and Mary-a fellow Musketeer. Love a Polack, you won ' t regret it. LOVE; a word when spoken but a feeling when given. Love is immortal. Hate dies every minute. Marc-eye: Be good Sis! Beth Marty, the memories we ' ve shared will be treasured always. Chris Mary, Follow your dreams forever, Nanc. Mathematics is not a spectator sport. Meilleurs souhaits et courage a une classe formidable! Mme. Laflamme Memories are the diaries we all carry with us!! Miguel, All my Love! Freebird. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Law. Mumbo: Areba, Areba, fish, fish, Kanube, From Auzka. My Brother George, We will swing tonight!! Tortik. Nance-Thanks for being you. June ' 78 was unforgetable! Love, Mary Nance-Thank you for the many cries and laughs. Saint Once a " HAS " , always a " HAS " never a " HASbeen " Only the Good die young-Sue, Mary, Kathie, Patty, and Judy. It ' s going to be Oooookkkk-spit on it-I agree. O.T.F.B.-Coral-coral-coral E.Y. (MARYANNE)-O.K. Lynnie. The Pits Our love will be with you always, Cheryl. Love, Mom and Dad Patty-attitude no aptitude determines altitude with a little fortitude. Patty- May God bless you always. Love Memere Grandpa Paul, The moments spent together, I ' ll treasure forever. Love, Lisa. Peace and Love to my Big Brother-Donna. " Peachfuzz " -Just close your eyes and I ' m with you " Biskup " Remember the great times ' 79 had and will have. Rotten-Your guitar playing leaves something to be desired strings! Squire. Sonia, Our friendship has memories and lifetimes of love. Lori Tam-O.T.F.B. much?? Everything is copasetic. Teresa, Ciao. Sono Felice di conoscerti. Love, Val. Terry It ' s been a great year! Love Always, Al Thanks for all who supported the B.O.C Founder T.G. Thanks for everything. Kevin Thanks for, 4 great years. Good Luck ' 79. Love Cori. The Best is yet to come! The Dugan family misses Wilbraham. The Joyce family. To Cathy, Congratulations! From, Mike. To Craig with love, from Robin, remember us together, forever. To Dana I leave my locker, Love ya, Ma. To my right wing; for us the sky ' s the limit. To Peter-a very special person. Love, Linda. To Sue, Mary, Patty, and Judi. Good Luck. From A.J. To the summer-Hoopers-Good Luck you ' ll need it-Sully. To Zelda and Ethel-Great Luck Always. Love, Mildred. TSUSA! Good Luck Jon and Mike Wait a while, 11 wins, 4 losses, 1 tie-not bad. Was it worth it?? Well Terri Sullivan, we finally made it! Love, Terry Sullivan WeP ' re but molecules in the leg of a dog. S.R. Castonguay. What do you mean you don ' t want the fries? George. Who loves ya? Work a little-play a little -don ' t forget to party a little. Wszyskiego Najlepszego to the kids in " Little Warsaw " , Doris. Yearbook editors, It ' s been wild crazy! Good luck, Val. Zoom, Why it ' s just like Fort Ticonderoga PJC, KC LS. Carlton: Lower than low • Silk and Silver turns gray to great • Now. The measurably longer lash: Max Factor " COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 5? " A couple of Minnechaug Seniors? " MASSACHUSETTS GROWN AND FRESH! BENNETT TURKEY FARMS WILBRAHAM tou LL U UM BOURBEAU HINCH GENERAL INSURANCE 32 SOMERS ROAD HAMPDEN ' Don ' t worry, no one will ever know that I goofed! MR. JOHN ' S BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM You ' ve Come a Long Way Baby • Brush you teeth with Colgate • Life Saversa part of living • Gerber knows how Babies grow " They weren ' t all supposed to show up at 7:00! ' GREEN VALLEY FAMILY RESTAURANT 522 MAIN STREET HAMPDEN " Hurry up girls, 1 got ' em covered! " GREEN VALLEY PHARMACY 41 SOMERS RD. HAMPDEN 566-3348 SIXTEEN ACRES GARDEN CENTER 1359 WILBRAHAM RD., SPRINGFIELD Schaefer is the one beer to have when you ' re having more than one • Feeling Free Pepsi-Cola • Kodak makes your pictures count " We can handle anything! " INDUSTRIAL COMPONENTS CORP. 2551 BOSTON ROAD WILBRAHAM 596-3854 GOOD LUCK NEXT YEAR SENIOR EDITORS! ALAN BETH BETTY ANN DAVID DIANE JEANNE KAREN KIM LINDA LYNN SUE VALERIE O ' CONNOR ' S TOWING SERVICE 2821 BOSTON RD WILBRAHAM 596-8876 " They really charge me up! " L ' Oreal colors your world • Ready when you are, and even when you aren ' t • The most fun you can eat for a nickel " That ' s where I get all my gas! " FOUR CORNERS ARCO FOUR CORNERS CAR WASH 201 N. MAIN STREET EAST LONGMEADOW FORMAL ATTIRE 510 MAIN STREET SPRINGFIELD 733-5177 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1979 AND GOOD LUCK NEXT YEAR QnfaKj. CENTURY 21 - DOUGLAS REAL ESTATE 1264 PARKER STREET When you need a helping hand • The proud smoke in two tall tastes • The big Mouth Singers electric feeding dish Hi " The Great Pumpkin strikes again. " Dorrunce T. Green Tel. 596-3016 GREEN ACRES FRUIT FARM Apples, Peaches, Plums, Grapes and Sweet Cider Controlled Atmosphere Mcintosh S(i8 Main Street Wilbrnham, M:iss. onilij " And you complained about being called four eyes! ' JOHN LAPIERRE OPTICIANS 16 ACRES CENTER 1213 PARKER STREET SPRINGFIELD " Hey Sandy wait until they come out! " CHARLES COMPANY HAIR DESIGN 2 CRANE PARK DRIVE, WILBRAHAM The dog kids love to bite • Milk is a Natural • It tastes too good to be True • Our L ' eggs Fit Your Legs • Pow Pow Powerful " Charge it to Minnechaug Regional High School. " VIN MOBIL SERVICE STATION MAIN STREET WILBRAHAM VIN TROMBOLI - OWNER gusnnm " Did the Pumpkin die? " RICES LAWNOWNER EQUIPMENT RICE FRUIT FARM 757 MAIN STREET WILBRAHAM Stationary Supplies and all your school needs. LOUIS CLARK DRUG STORES MAIN STREET WILBRAHAM " Is it a homerum? " FENWAY GOLF 112 ALLEN STREET EAST LONGMEADOW 525-4937 Pillsbury says it Best • Roto-Rooter • Sometimes you feel like a Nut-sometimes you don ' t • Buster Brown Shoes Woof-Woof STEVEN ' S PHOTOGRAPHY, INC. a 33 PROSPECT STREET EAST LONGMEADOW 5254263 YOUR CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER " CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 79 CASUAL, CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR ANY NEED-PORTRAITS, WEDDINGS, FAMILY GROUPS PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS OF AMERICA, INC. How to share any one of your pictures, with everyone • Warm up a cold little " Bunny " with hot Nestle Quick Our business is Heating Cooling your business Since 1960, our team of engineers and technicians has designed, installed and maintained systems for many leading area businesses. Our satisfied customers are our best recommendations. Consider us-the indoor climate control specialists Hurlexw, OsOavid inc 90 Fisk Ave., Springfield, MA 01107 413 732-3141 Carrier I smoke True • Weight Watchers new personal action plan • Kolestral-the true conditioning treatment for hair ' Jk z ' LE EINER PICOT ' S PLACE 548 MAIN STREET HAMPDEN ' Do I have to Ma? ' WILBRAHAM BARBER SHOP SPRINGFIELD STREET WILBRAHAM AT. SIDE ORCHARD " What an assortment of Fruits! " MOUNTAIN SIDE ORCHARDS 46 SOMERS RD. HAMPSEN " I ' m just a wild and crazy guy! " VILLAGE FOOD MART SOMERS ROAD HAMPDEN Cuz every bit o Bit-o-Honey goes a long, long way • I m Chiquita Banana • Have You tried Wheaties? • Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer r. MARY LYON NURSING HOME MARY LYON NURSING HOME 34 MAIN STREET HAMPDEN " A friendly feud? " Complete Line of Hardware and Supplies HAMPDEN PRO HARDWARE WILLIAM a RICHARD PATULLO, D.B.A. 478 MAIN STREET HAMPDEN, MASSACHUSETTS 01036 HOME 566- 3332 STORE 566-8118 MS. DANTHONY ' S E-BLOCK GOES HALLOWEENING Yum, yum Bumble Bee • It ' s the Real Thing-Coke • A Scrumpdillyishus Day • Nobody doesn ' t like Sara- Lee • Mmm, Mmm Goo Standing: Tracy Zeckhausen, Underclassmen Ed.; Linda Sanders, Copy Ed.; Brian McCormick, Photo Ed.; Scott Leven, Sports Ed.; Alan Sundberg, Copy Ed.; Bob Crawford, Sports Ed.; Lynn Whipple, Academic Ed.; Jeanne Levesque, Senior Ed.; Sue Martin, Sports Ed. Kneeling: Lisa Fusco, Underclassman Ed.; Kim Ponath, Head Ed.; Valerie Sweeney, Business Mangr.; David Duke, Senior Ed.; Diane Bureau, Activities Ed.; Karen Delaney, Head Ed.; Beth Sitnik, Ads Ed.; Betty Ann Veideman, Activities Ed. Yearbook Crisis Center " It has to be done. " " Write it down, I can ' t keep track of 15 different people. " " I ' m so paranoid . . " " Any Don Lendry questions? . . . " I ' ll kill her! " " I knew this was going to happen! " " I left a note in your drawer. " " Maybe it ' s stuck in the envelope . . . I don ' t believe it!!! " " I called him but he is not home. " " It ' s your responsibility. " We Thank You . . . Don Lendry Mr. Spencer Mr. Van West Steve Stifler Pookie ' s Patience Debbie Wilson Cindy Miner Mr. Bernstein Mr. Tipaldi MBM ' s Typewriter We give special and sincere thanks to Mrs. Maloney; for her patience, perser- verence, authoritative hand and her Steve Martin and Rosanna Rosannadana impressions. m Remember this decade- within it we have grown. " • US UUBJm r iHAM PUBLIC 792624 I

Suggestions in the Minnechaug Regional High School - Falcon Yearbook (Wilbraham, MA) collection:

Minnechaug Regional High School - Falcon Yearbook (Wilbraham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Minnechaug Regional High School - Falcon Yearbook (Wilbraham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Minnechaug Regional High School - Falcon Yearbook (Wilbraham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Minnechaug Regional High School - Falcon Yearbook (Wilbraham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


Minnechaug Regional High School - Falcon Yearbook (Wilbraham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Minnechaug Regional High School - Falcon Yearbook (Wilbraham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


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