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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1959 volume:

., ..,., ,, vm I M -'-- .fn . W -fa --f-: , A. , ' . ..,.: . Jw 1 in X. A ' Gf 245452 Q -'ff 9. Q, '1 Q , WH A ini ,lr IM M , . bf Nu, f w, ' , I ,z ,,', V, gif.-, ,V , ' '17 J-W ' ' ,M 'fy ,kiupyfyf f 251 , A 'nwmvw , gf , , 1 1 A ' H ,ffzg5.w4 , - 9"f,1?7'Z,H. w M' ff . ff -1:1 1' ,'... L. 2 .Q , ' . , FT 1-f g,a4t2,ww r 1 K A M wt, if' V. - fy f . 1. W, j'.f"6:'i,' ' Egg.: I V " K ' ,f 7 J 5 3 V' A 1 , ,gf ??"":.'f2--7' 1 ' ,nw Af , . 17?2fjf:z?i-f 'K Eff' 1 '. :ix I. : 2? 5,-gi? gc. If W' yy f5'fr'aAj M , yy" "E-f-M , , , . L" 4 3 -wx 2' V'-M... 4 W. - wg , V . .-, . fgz,,:a:- iw ff " - f ' , Y fa f ,Q 1 4 ' D V 'c is 2 5 1 Y , ' ' iw? 'j " , 1, 3,4 I, ' ,, 44,1451 x 212' df 5 Q41 f. ' 1529 A ,. p ' 'g,A ! in ,. , Q-, ,1 3+ , s , SUS: ' , fm ' a. i .4 - 4 Y-rf, -Lg r ,fi x A Q-Q Ll., f", A.. Y , YQ., , ' In ' W Q, ,W-. 5 A . .ffQ,w-..x! W. Q , V gl, ff V. A , lfwx, w ,x::'+fs1 Af . ' f wfsegsgxgix . 4 'f' .Q-Q- +R.. I--v an ,. Q as 5 f U, f - 'f Xyligffiqs , s , , . w.. ...Q . .44 - a , V-. S a Q A . gpg fi. x -..,. ,,--3--i ix ff, , Cv 2' L- L iw... , A 'ne' dew-ffwi-ya 52357 , . ,, . '45 ,r X 1, Q 'H , X39-i4'., I ,""V" "' ' NA f -3 Q, ' A . H., . 1 -'f'?!MYfh gi?-R. 1 v sf 1 r ,, V F ' , ' A2y+11,""I' ' ii ,vi "' 1 -'tfs' V " l . ' N- h " i. Ja , f ,- sl I , ff 'U 'x if .vii-4, ,z A lot of words describe Tom Hughes-devoted, unselfish, exacting, thoughtful- but these are just generalities. His actions say more: assistant coach of Varsity footballg head coach of Varsity basketballp head coach of trackg chairman of the math department: organizer of school charity drives. A busy man. But he's a busy man with a difference. He's a busy man who has time: time to help a struggling math student, time for a greeting in the halls, for a pat on the back when we deserve it, for thoughtful advice when we need it. Our dedication is a book: Tom's dedication has been a life. 'fl Q.. xl A W ff. if W X ,A ff .iff gf kr, 1. , fs v it 2- 4 M at 3 1 2 o X 18 " f 1' X 4' ai-ii' . ' fe ,, 3 .47 YS A .V Wm .nv 441'-Q, V, 'will ,.-uall9"" 5 X OFFICE STAFF From left: Mrs. Horstman, Mrs. Rcmaker, Miss Arndt. K Winn Louis Jay Naterishon i'Louie" has been class President for 5 years, executing his office faithfully throughout the class's sentence in the Senior School . . . Prefect, and President of Student Council as senior . . . Council Treasurer as Junior . . . an old Cougar Club member . . . also a frustrated Chess Club member . . . lettered in football as hard charging fullback . . . won't stop bragging about his lone T.D. in Varsity action . . . retreats to Senior Leagues during winter season . . . has well-developed radar system for maybe it's just instinctj which enables him to find the basket occasionally . . . steady honor roll inhabitant . . . continually ranks in rarefied scholastic regions of the class . . . well known for his loud voice and clear, crisp enunciation . . . favorite teacher is W.B.C. and favorite class is physics . . . will probably be seen lurking about the Harvard campus in the fall , . . vocational plans undecided. Pierre Baudet Pierre, alias "the crazy Frenchman," came to C.D. his senior year as an A.F.S. student . . . home town is Toulouse, France . . . favors soccer and wrestling as sports . . . represented C.D. this winter as member of varsity wrestling squad . . . he is amazed by certain American wildlife . . . easily recognized by his Ben Franklin type spectacles , . . is also known for his quiet, suave manner of speaking . . . he prefers McCallum as a teacher, and Eng- lish as a subject . . . pet peeve: being coyly asked. "Parlay-voo Fransay?" . . . he plans attending college at the Univer- sity of Toulouse . . . is thinking of making medicine a career. Robinson Bosworth lll "Boz" or "Gus" was indoctrinated into C.D. as a Freshman . . . a Senior class brain, National Merit finalist . . . one of the charter members of club house . . . twice All-Conference guard for two years, and football captain his senior year . . . plays second base for C.D. nine . . . Prefect . . . council secretary and Cougar Club treasurer as junior . . . Cougar com- mittee chairman senior year . . . a sea- soned senior leaguer . . . a veteran beach- comber . . . the only derogatory remark that can be honestly made about Bob is that he still hasn't learned to shift his green Ford and probably never will . . . plans to attend Amherst. 'F'-im Carl August Burglnarclt Ill "Chip," "Carl" or "Chippah" . . . a member of the old guard. . . All-Conference tackle . . . most valuable player . . . let- tered three years . . . feels no pain . . . possessed a .OOO fielding average with baseball team . . . skiing one of many favorite sports . . . Telemark snow bunny . . . plays own variety of basketball in Senior Leagues . . . possesses a small, black, noisy vehicle which he claims is a Morris . . . undoubtedly most candid member of Senior class . . . isn't afraid to tell anybody what he thinks . . . mem- ber of ARROW and LEDGER staff . . . also member of Camera Club . . . Mr. Church is his favorite teacher . . . wants to play football at Wisconsin or L.S.U. Douglas lVlcCIay Davidson Doug is a real Old Guardsman . . . is known to his friends as "the Cheese" . . . also referred to as fastest on the track and slowest off . . . tells of his glorious summer job with the horses . . . a frus- trated Memorial Drive motorcycle mad- man . . . Doug was Country Day's high- scoring All-Conference halfback . . . un- touchable once he sees that daylight . . . Captain of track squad this year . . . has five track letters . . . holds Conference 220 record and school broad jump mark . . . Prefect, erstwhile class officer and Student Council member as Freshman . . . staunch Glee Club supporter . . . can't sing, though . . .has been sneaking on to Honor Roll very cunningly of late . . . won Princeton Award as a sophomore . . . Doug envisages a career in landscape archi- tecture and will study accordingly at Michigan State, Illinois, or Oregon. Roger Allen Eckert Rog entered C.D. as a Freshman . . . is actually a genius at electronics . . . builds his own Hi Fi's . . . often seen lurk- ing about basketball games with his Rollei- flex . . . lettered in football where he was renowned for his "Tremendously Fast Charge" . . . is very photogenic, shows up well in movies of various scrimmages . . . has had occasional nocturnal ventures with hot white custom station wagon Qleaving behind a trail of crushed pumpkinsj . . . favorite class in chemistry, and favorite teacher is Church . . . plans to go to Grinnell where he will pursue an engineer- ing career. Ralph Eugene Ells "Budde," "Fuddo," or "Fuddy," as he is variously tagged, came to C.D. in third grade. Bud is known for his diligence as the LEDGER'S circulation manager. . . has won letters in both basketball and football . . . has been a member of both the Cougar and Chess clubs . . . one of the Senior class's best chess players . . . favorite course is math, favorite instruc- tors are Messrs. Hughes and Holz . . . found fame in Mr. Ramaker's Latin class by demonstrating cucumber-like coolness . . . can be readily identified about the campus by his well-modulated baritone voice or his red earmuffs . . . college choice, either Harvard or Carleton. 5-lv 'Iii Richard Sands Falk, Jr. Dick arrived at C.D. in four-year kinder- garten . . . regarded as a fixture, luckily he's not . . . "Judgie" is one of the most industrious students at C.D .... makes the honor roll with frightening regularity . . . Prefect . . . as chairman of the Serv' ice Committee, he became Country Day's Robin Hood, taking from his friends and giving to the needy . . . has really done a commendable job . . . as Chapel Com- mittee head, he was in charge of C.D.'s spiritual well-being . . . total failure . . . and old Camera, Chess and Cougar club- man . . . LEDGER editor and member of ARROW staff . . . favorite teachers, Ramaker and McCallum. Bruce Somernclike Foerster "Benny" is another member of the Old, Old Guard at C.D .... holds unofficial record for missing most days of football practice . . . nevertheless received two letters for solid end play . . . also has two basketball letters . . . picked up four letters in baseball . . . is a shortstop converted into a rifle-armed pitcher . . . co-Captain of this year's nine . . . a good student, but prefers Marquette basketball broadcasts to homework . . . died-in-the- wool Warrior fan . . .one of Lord ,-High Executioners for Freshman, accounting for the 9th Grade's awe of him . . . a charter member of the club house . . . inherited a certain rodded-up blue and white Ford . . . top college choices are Haverford and Wesleyan. Richard Mayer Fried "Rick" . . . one of the old guard . . . famous for his occasional European trips . . . always among the first down to lunch . . .thinks lunch is almost as important as mid-morning snacks during French . . . drives an ugly little Metropolitan when it rains . . . Prefect . . . long-time member of the student council where he heads constitutional committee . . . LEDGER edi- tor in Senior year . . . also helped with ARROW . . . perennially top dog on honor roll , . . possessor of many scholastic awards. . .football letter winner. . . three time winner of Senior League fouling crown . . . Mr. Church is his favorite teacher . . . plans to attend Amherst College. John Gruber "Grubes" entered C.D. as a sophomore . . . possesses uncannily accurate Csome- timesj set shot . . . has played Varsity basketball for 3 years . . . famous for his loping gait down the court . . . lettered in this sport twice . . . veteran voyageur on the continent . . . just loves Spain . . . has amazingly dexterous hands . . . feared for his mighty bat in Field Day baseball . . . member of Chess Club . . . probably knows more than anyone else in the class about true championship chess . . . fa- vorite teacher, Stephens . . . and favorite class, English . . . aspires to Wisconsin where he will probably take up liberal arts. lVlurel Lewis Humphrey, Jr Humps entered C D in the seventh form has appeared steadily on the Honor Roll since then English and French his favorite subjects known for his occasional forays in Venice and Berlin winner of football and baseball letters a charter member of ill fated stamp club reverted to camera club diligent member of ARROW and LEDGER staffs frequently seen abusing some multi colored Chevy salvaged from his father s automotive empire hails from Elm Grove where he is a devoted admirer of the female inhabitants shows defi nite rustic tendencies should be very much at home at Dartmouth College Robert Cole Levis "Bob" or "Nip" came from 'Tosa in his sophomore year, following brother Bill . . . a three-letter man at quarterback in foot- ball . . . has three C's in tennis, too . . . Captain of '59 squad . . . three-time letter winer in basketball and two-time Captain of the Day five . . . schooI's high scorer for last two years . . . voted unanimous All-Conference guard this season . . . made All-Tournament twice . . . claims to be on the ARROW staff . . . considered poor credit risk at Tastee-Freeze . . . cunning chess player who hates kibitzers . . . fa- vorite class, English . . . favorite teacher, Sandy . . . one of the more well-traveled Seniors . . . a summer ditch digger . . . wants to go to Duke or Clemson. Peter Christopher Mayer "Pete" arrived on the C.D. scene in four-year old Kindergarten . . . is one of the school's most promising scientists . . . known for his persistence . . . is an experienced European traveler . . . feared by all motor scooter drivers on the Conti- nent . . . a member of the Service Club, and shrewd business manager for the LEDGER . . . stalwart member of varsity soccer . . . favorite class either chemistry or physics . . . Pete holds the distinction of being the highest official scorer in C.D.'s basketball history . . . a genius with a slide rule . . . Pete plans to pursue an engineering career at Brown. Johh Stratton McGregor "Mac's" cumulative nickname is Ches- ter Choke-up Red McSwollfur . . . took him 14 years at C.D. to acquire that handle . . . is a mathematical genius at squaring 32 . . . known for his lusty laugh . . . one of the better fSeniorJ hockey players . . . guilty of many ARROW atrocities . . . professes to be a singer . . . was a tyrant in Freshman initiation . . . just loves Downer girls . . . has won two letters in tennis as an ace doubles man . . . also won Hands Trophy for contributing the most to Country Day tennis . . . is an old soccer derelict, too . . . member of Service Club . . . sporadic Honor Roll qualifier . . . is partial to Stanford. Jeffry Alan Posner Red Pi came to C D at end of Fresh man year known for his Chicago trips rumor has it that he has worn out Green Tree Road Freshman czar this year dynamic advertising editor for LEDGER and ARROW winner of foot ball basketball and baseball letters seven altogether 59 baseball captain class officer his Junior year likes everything about CD except Freshmen favorite teachers are Messrs Honeck and Stephens aspires to Tufts or U of Miami where he will pursue law or business administration Alan Reed "Cool AI" has been at C.D. ever since second grade . . . scientific genius, but usually regards outside problems as being more important than homework . . . known as a lady-killer . . . has had many adven- tures which he enjoys relating in the Senior room . . . occasional glimpses of him are caught as he flashes by fap- proaching the speed of Iighty in hot Golden Hawk . . . screwball artist on the diamond . . . known for his free and easy style . . . hardened veteran of Senior League, bas- ketball where he occasionally reverts to tactics such as a sprawl-block . . . plans to spend this summer outfoxing local sailors in his C-boat, after which he will head for Cornell. Lawrence l-larolcl Resnick Larry came to C.D. in his Freshman year . . . mostly known for his new inter pretation of the English language . . . al- ways telling of the ills his M.G. has . . . will never forget his one shot he made in Varsity basketball game . . . now a sharp shooter of the Senior Leagues . . . plans to make letter in tennis , . . good golfer and bowler . . . known for his balanced form . . . likes physics and Mr. Church . . . would like to go into medicine . . . aims for Rochester or Antioch. Timothy Laurence Rose "Tim" entered CD. in the 4th grade . . . since then has remained in scholastic upper eschelon . , . C.D.'s AFS representa- tive in '58 . . . editor of National AFS yearbook , . . lettered twice in basketball and three times in baseball . . . sought after by Coach Hughes as a half-miler, but prefers guarding first base . . . easily distinguished on the diamond by his uni' form reminiscent of the 1890's . . . has perfected his bowling form, and soon plans to start work on his average . . . whips around in beetle-like VW . . . has no fear of road-hog Buicks . . . member of ARROW staff . . . Prefect , . . in charge of assemblies at the school . . . another genius with a slide rule . . . expects to go into engineering of some form after school at Brown or Haverford. Rives-v Daniel Elliot Stocking "Dan" or "Sox" followed his two older brothers to Country Day, entering during his Freshman year . . . top-notch center on l.aird's undefeated eleven . . . voted second-string all-conference at that posi- tion . . , has earned three letters there . . . deserted Stocking basketball fold by going out for hockey. . .seasoned goal-tender. .. just loves outwitting St. John's wings to trespass in the crease . . . captained '59 squad . . . member of ARROW staff . . . makes Honor Roll occasionally . . . has droll sense of humor and likeable belly laugh . . .very gullible.. . insists he's not shy with girls . . . his collegiate objective is Carelton . . . plans to make business or law his life's work. Neil Peter Thelen "Big FeIla" was an emigrant from Nic- olet in his junior year . . . is well known at Downer as a lady killer . . . believes more people should eat "waaafles" . . . puts a lot of action into his stories in the Senior room . . . prone to sprained ankles and black eyes . . . All-Conference end in football, good basketball center, and an ace hurdler in track . . . many summer experiences at the factory and drive-in movies . . . heading toward a business school next year at Northwestern or Miami of Ohio. Gerritt Jon Van Wagenen Gerry will answer to "Gerry White" be- cause of his snow white hair . . . often mistaken for an albino . . . came to C.D. as a refugee from 'Tosa . . . can be seen driving someone's gray and white Chev to school in the morning . . . sports 8 let- ters in two years in football, basketball, tennis, and track . . . won most improved football player award in '58 and most improved basketball player award in '59 . . . enjoys English with Sandy . . . goes crazy over rock'n roll and used to over certain girl still at 'Tosa . . . aims for Princeton or Union. The young men on the preceding pages have done a lot of work and a lot of growing to get where they are this June day in 1959. Five years ago their present status probably seemed to be an unattainable goal. Now, suddenly, they've "arrived," But theirs is the glory of a moment only. Next fall they begin again at the bottom, aiming, as Freshmen, for the goal of college senior. And so before they leave, Iet's recall their growing pains by looking back over the stages they went through during the last five years. The faces on the following pages belong to the present underclassmeng the behavior patterns referred to in the comments are probably eternal. The Elghth Former mlght be 5 ll or 4 8 but he stlll hkes to roughhouse He funds It Impossible to reslst pushmg or labbmg one of has fellows ln a crowded corridor and yet he lakes too the securuty of authority and dlscuplme He as anxious to please an adult IS awed and dellghted when a Semor speaks to hum and calls hum by name There IS no sophnstlcatlon here has badge IS nalvete and he IS eager to learn ln splte of what he thmks he as stlll a httle boy who delights m makmg paper wads with has ink stained fingers ' ' I I I I I , ' . . . . . . . . . . . . I . . . . . . I . . . . . . . . . . . I . . . . ' I . . . . . . . . I' z r Q Mlm-1' QE:-.A 6. 'iQ 8.14 , ':i1HCQy'i'. di :fi . y y it-', :. 1' , G 1 Y: ., ' -gt 54 3 sz I l , .V My l 4. mf? f WW' , ,.'f. X ? f v 3 9 I 8 'cu 332 4 1' 'VK Af Wall, from Top: Wm. Mes singer, M. Ackerman, R. Con ley, D. Block, D. Hughes, C High. Second Row: H. Uihlein, J Bell, A. Hall, B. Bohrmcn. 9 5 N Q ! g im ,vi ,fi E r . fv 5 I WMM ' JG .- 1 W fi .. 'I Q-! 4 f .W L Q .V if ' 4 , Q ,Q P X At some pomt when has elders arent lookung appar ently during has schoolboy summer the Eughth Former turns Into a Freshman Hls hands and feet are suddenly too bug for hum and although horseplay IS stall fun his earlier Innocence IS now wrapped In a vell of sophlstl cation and occasional moodmess lrresponslblllty IS stlll a part of hum but nts gradually bemg purged by strong doses of Latm with Ray or by the mmustratnons of the Sensors Hes always hungry and he seems always to be combing his halr At this polnt ln has llfe college IS lust a word he cant really belleve hell ever be as grown up as the Seniors K . . , . . . . . . . . . . . I I . . . ... . . . ., . I . . .. . ' 1 . . . . . . . . .. 1 ' 1 ,MA , W 7' 'vsggzfg vu-my AL Top Row: J. Deering, A. McGregor, G. Woodland. Second Row Kfrom walll: R. Hansen, S. Owen, W. Wigdale, C. Houghton. Third Row lon sfepsi: M. Smith, M. Trosf, T. Steinman, H. Leaclingham Fronf Row: R. Darling, C. Drum, J. Nast. 'jf Cnr f ff? gif f W ff V! If ff 1 G 4 1 f, ..-f.,f.-fu fl' ff -am. I I B By the time a boy reaches the Tenth Form Its gettmg hard to remember what he looked luke when he was m the Elghth He IS begmnmg to look more grown up and IS stralnmg for Independence from parental and teacher rule an Independence that IS achleved to some degree with the drlvers Incense Nenther the chlld of the Eighth Form nor the young adult of the Twelfth he ns neverthe less trying to be the latter but the goal of being a Senior nf all thus work as worth the effort At other tumes rever slon to Eighth Form behavuor IS not at all unusual Yet theres a growing willingness to accept responslblllty a year or two earller he would have felt uncomfortable glvmg a Christmas party for underprivileged klds now lsee opposltel he funds It a satlsfymg experience and performs It well I I - seems at times so far away that he occasionally wonders : 0 ,a n N A I ,wiv , K :K A- VA ' I f 45,442 23:3 2 lk T "I to A .MQ ' I . Ls 1 K From leff: H. Ncatenshon, W. Burke, T. Churchill, D. Joys, J. Taylor, P. Stroub, C. Rife, W Pillsbury, R. Mohnke, T. Norton, M. Holbrook, F. Brumder, S. Sims. I0 . 'lv' . . Y f'--K" ' 1 . . -' - , f - -. . , ' v 8. mf ' 5. ., r A T414 qi Ti.. :ur ' 4 A 'v f - ,., ' +1 'W 1 1.-all as .l'c'x-1 f-4 M- 39 . ' 5 55? .nw , my 1' z, 1 . , x 1-- N 'x 1 ' vj ,C '5 ' ' '6 0 I ?"'L wa -f af' Nc I 'M ,w 1' 'iififf iii A .' V rl.-4 -. 'A' X -'fi jf-ff Q ,3. , e-. , AQ, J- ,, A 'v ' 'i if-', bf 4 ,--Ajrl I 'Mr gf lk , - 1 y . J . 'L i, 3,155 , s' , . fy-5. 1 f'! ab. I .. ff' Juni' xii. 4-I ell"- ii -l J H When In has Eleventh Form year he meets a college representative for the flrst time he realizes that he s now playmg for keeps he may even wash he had worked harder the previous three years At the moment two tasks face hum one IS the demanding lob of mastering the mtrlcacles pleasant responslbullty of planning and running the Jumor Prom Toward the end of this year he takes College Board exams and has the chance to learn more about where he stands IH relation to the thousands of others In the nation who are also competing for college admlsslon But at last the goal IS In snght He wonders how hell measure up as a Senior the following year and he watches thus group to see how they handle the leadershup whrch he ll have to assume very soon . . . . , l of inorganic and organic chemistry, the other is the more a-fA Qhi!efh 54Q0as ez an s --J -.-.4-, -.J -4-.Jn -L.... vhs-.401 15111 A-...,4.: L., A . Qu- 1. H- fl 7, ,F Q45 Viv ,f ag 1 ,ff . ,AI M .A Y Q, x ,-..f.: JI:-f 475-.ayfi ,,-' l-4-Zi ,,n.,.f, I . ind-- ,V E ,-. -7.8 1,1-- 44 "--24, : -. ,,-,- , ,L 1 A., Q.. !v. f' H '-.'2,,1.l- l - -1 , "f---, ,wily .. ,QL . , L , , V. .f..,, ,f., '. ,f -.. F 4 E 1.4.4, 1 .. A . 4 vp: A -,-Af --Ns ' Z, , ,il . S' z 46' I 1 Q ,H 1 ' ' . 7 X3 Z' f 3 g Z I 'vi ,wffgig , 'L I : 1, '- 435 -., 1 QQ Q4 ' 'R lx 2 z I , gk W ' "'-a-- ,fill fr 4. W 1 4 'gzv , lm 1 at W K 'Q 9 ff' . s 472' , s I Q 1i 4,gf2QEg ? 1- asf . 'Lil H , x y . 9 ,Q . .F 'V , I :- J x ' Q. ,. E, A 21 I - 61A . A 3. ,fy W 'LW X 5 ff - . - X FOOTBALL On a November afternoon in 1958 the Cougars joined the ranks of Country Day's all-time great football teams when, with a shut-out against Lake Forest, they finished the season undefeated and untied. On paper the season looks deceptively painless, and it's true that the team piled up some awesome statistics: yet there were at least two occasions in the eight game schedule when things might have turned out very differently. The first of these scares came, appropriately enough, in the first game when only a safety in the first half of the M.U.S. game saved the team from humilia- tion in a ragged contest which finally saw us on the top of an 8 to 7 score. Things looked better against St. Louis C32 to 139 and Wisconsin Lutheran Q32 to 65, but then against Wayland it again began to look as if this might become just another season. We were sitting comfortably on an 18 to O score when in the second half the Big Red exploded with 18 quick points of their own to tie up the ball game. There wasn't much time to waste, and the Days managed to grind out a 60 yard drive which was climaxed in the last few seconds by a touchdown pass from van Wagenen to Maier. People were jumping all over the place. The remainder of the season was almost an anti-climax: 34 to 12 over Racine Lutherang 40 to O over Northwestern Preps fthe Preps gained one yard on offensejg 26 to O over Milwaukee Lutheran, and the final shut-out over Lake Forest, 27 to O. Statistics? The offensive total came to 2375 yardsf521 in the air and 1854 on the ground C1854 yards is one mile plus 90 yards of a football fieldj. Leading the team was Davidson with 629 yards and 72 points: Read was second KEN LAIRD with 489 yards and 48 points. ln total scoring the team made 224 points to their opponents' 56. Top Row: Mr. Hughes, B. Foersfer, N. Thelen, D. Stocking, C. Burghardt, R. Ells, P. Maier, T. Marsh, Mr. Laird. Second Row: R. Sherman, M. Humphrey, W. Darling, P. Schnetzky, A. Asmuth, R. Levis, R. Eckert, D. Davidson, P. Boice. Third Row: H. Leadingham, F. Stoddard, W. Evans, M. Monsler, D. Joys, D. Kuehn, J. Blommer, W. Burke, S. Hall, C. Brennan. Bottom Row: J. Sensenbrenner, R. Read, A. Teipel, T. Hansen, R. Fried, Capt. Bosworth, L. Natenshon, G. Van Wagenen, J. Posner, J. Edwards. VT Leadmgham krcks off to open 5 Racrne game 'Q Walker of M.U.S. hit head-on by Posner M.U.S. runner about fo be nailed. The forward wall faces Racine. Read leads way for Whitey. Route 66 through Racine Lutheran. f , A tv,1Q,5.4, Am 1.1-W.. , mm A ., Y 1 Vg: . .wx . ,Am-f.-' -f X Alf 5 4.4041 I X Q 'E - 391 .xo ,-, mf. '-V l ' , Ill -.- -HI --I -5 i . ,1 ,f,-..,. .pw r .Z Van Wagenen returns punt against Wisconsin Luiheran. Wisconsin Lutheran stopped by Evans and Darling. Levis gets off jump-pass in M.U.S. game. S7 l J lall A2 Y JUNIOR VARSITY Top Row: R. Hardtke, T. Steinman, J. Nast, L. Greenberg, P. Schnetzky, W. Darling, C. Drum C. Houghton, W. Messinger, P. Straub, R. Darling, F. Backus, J. Stahmer, P. Grossman, Mr. Honeck Second Row: M. Knoeller, M. Holbrook, H. Leadingham, R. Hansen, W. Wright, D. Joys, W Burke, P. Boice, R. Schuster, R. Mahnke, S. Owen, J. Fisher, T. Norton, First Row: Mr. Wilke, H. Uihlein, J. Lane, A. McGregor, H. Natenshon, S. Sims, M. Trost, R Kuehn, D. Casper, L. Wiviolt, J. Wachs, W. Pillsbury. IA. N-Q f . . g fs! .. Q I yn, fl Q 1 1 ,I 5 I 6 x f' I 'Y '11 fif- In Standing: D. Kuehn, P. Bdudet, J. Nast, L. Greenberg, Mr. Rauch. Kneeling: H. Nolenshon, R. Kuehn, T, Norton. For the first time in the school's history, wrestling was introduced as a Varsity sport. Six weeks of rig- orous training under Coach John Rauch from UWM narrowed the team to seven boys whose weights ranged from 105 to 180. Lack of experience was ot course the team's biggest problem, but improvement came rapidly as the boys had the chance to scrimmage Riverside, Northwestern Preps, and lVl.U.S. High point of the season was the Quadrangle meet at Wayland in which Country Day and lVl.U.S. combined their best men into one team to wrestle Wayland, Northwestern Military and Northwestern Preps. Our representatives were Dick Kuehn, Howie Natenshon. and Doug Kuehn. Their performances showed promise. but lack of experience still was evident. It is hoped that this year's enthusiastic beginning can be ex- panded into a thriving wrestling program with many more boys next year. Nctenshon works on Kuehn. Kuehn ond Nast get untongled. n...J Nast ties up Norton. l Y -5. c . -, I-ICJCKEY A significant addition to the athletic facilities was made this year when Alumni and friends of the school planned and underwrote the rebuild- ing of the old hockey rink. Through major donations from the Wright and Pierson families the area was graded. new boards and a heated warming house were put up. and lighting for evening skating was installed Most spectacular of the changes was the installation of a series of nylon curtains, strung across the rink twelve feet above the ice. These are used to provide shade on days when the air temperature is below freezing but the tem- perature in the sun gets above 32 . Now. thanks to the devotion of a lot of peo' ple. Country Day has one of the finest natural- ice rinks in the state. i l l i X . R fi x l ' 1 Standing: D. Stocking, Wm. Messinger, F. Stoddard, D. Joys, T. Churchill, Teipel, Mr. Church. Kneeling: S. Hcill, M. Monsler, D. Richardson, D. Anderson, H. Uihlein. 1- .J 1 c J. McGregor, A. 1 ui? G BASKETBALL ? Q I ' 4 "T" I 14 VARSITY SEASON Country Day Opponents Country Day Opponents Chicago Walther Lutheran Chicago Christian West Division CMilwaukeeJ Lake Forest Wayland Racine Lutheran Northwestern Preps Milwaukee Bay View Cedar Grove Wisconsin Lutheran East Division JUNIOR VARSITY Milwaukee Lutheran M.U.S. Wayland Lake Forest Racine Lutheran Northwestern Preps Rufus King Wisconsin Lutheran Milwaukee Lutheran M.U.S. Front Row: J. Lane, J. Doering, P. Grossman, T. Steinman, P. Schnetzky, W. Wright Mr Stephens. Back Row: C. High, S. Sims, R. Hardtke, W. Burke, R. Hansen, H. Leadingham. 1 l ,I ,X , f XJ 2 1-.- I XM 29' ,IZIA BASEBALL ,fr '. ff - s .... fe' ' 4 . .. , , 2 I V . ff oO at NC Kneeling: M. Ackerman, L. Greenberg, D. Joys, T. Rose, R. Bosworth, B. Foerster, W. Darling, R. Levis. Standing: Mr. Stephens, A. Bouscaren, S. Bartlett, R. Hardtke, R. Auxer, W. Burke, L. Wiviott, G. Mayer, B. Milligan, S. Holl, Mr. Honeck. W W., , -4 L, 'r"f."f'1 . -ir -. ,. ml. 41 ' Bosworth scores ogamst Chicago Chrlstlan TR CK 195 Q, r A ,u-1" y,: ,,,,..vfm 7, . 1 Q , , , W ,ff ' "Mt-41' ' in - ".-' Seafed: G. Von Wagenen, R. Recd, A. Teipel, A. Stroiher, D. Bischoff, J. Nast. ,f4' Kneeling: P. Maier, D. Kuehn, M. Monsler, J. Kosch, H. Lecdinghom, D. Dcvidson, J. Blommer, W. Burke. Sfanding: Mr. Rauch, Mr. Hughes, P. Boudef, T. Steinman, D. Teschner, T. Rose, J. Afferbury, P. Schnetzky, C. Drum, B. Foerster, Mr. Roberts, D. Stocking, C. Burghordf, N. Thelen, W. Messinger, P. Moyer, J. Sensenbrenner. Maier clears the I bar. Thelen hurls ISO discus. 11, S I .Q 'V Q' R .1 4 af-sf' 1 L. From Leff: G. van Wagenen, S. Sims, D. Richardson, F. Stoddard, R. Levis, J. McGregor, P. Grossman, J. Gruber, Mr. Laird .mf S H- 7 1'-F5 . Y .f Q , X134 C . 5?,w.i , Dont you trust me? -.I F' ftzr .Q I wish I understood this stuff. But Mr. Stephens, you said the test would be tomorrow . . . Q- . Stone-Age discipline in a cultural background You're supposed to scrape it into the pan, Trost, not eat it. Two Viceroy men trying to think. Debating student being urged to see his opponent's side of the question. 5 W ubx ry- ,. .MEX c ,lf Ahhhhhhhh . . . I just swallowed my protractor, sir. You left your German book in Fort Lauderdale?! Now that Fried's asleep we can make him chairman of the committee. -Q 72 .no,. 123 X' N ff ..?"'-1 Where have I seen your face before? But you gotta belreve me, si I t ll you the dog ate my term paper Psst' Gerry' How dya spell "Country 'P I find this makes more sense if I stick one finger in my eye. af' I'm not sure I dig this bit about FIopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail . . . and the same thing will happen to you guys -"- 3. -- 4 ... ul 4 uf "xi 'X 'in 9 'ls' Y . Jeez, I been robbed. The high temperature today will be around 65', except slightly lower near the lake. Sophomores take their final exam in Driver Education 1 9 Which one of you dunderheads did it? The getaway. - What are you doing, doing, doing? what wmeguy hooked 'he You're gonna stand out here until Bunsen burner up to the water faucet? find out which one of you guys stole Bosworth's fiimlt ef-gt I'-1,4 i f t , A A-L - a ,il -fix , i 1 A m ' ' Q . ' I. NW! sq S 1' '73 f Q-vi i'J-J I xguns' 'ga r,..,- 3 if if 2 0 . ab ra- Q 4 if Surprise! 1 -Li' X Now, when you've got Mrs. Ott's attention, l'll make my break through this ventilator here. ll Now, if the penny has been properly inserted, How could I have left those the gum ball should come out here. basketball uniforms at Wayland? Buddha dnd disciples. .2....L R. sggfikgl .4-pg if ef' W 5? X' QF , .quam gf .....w.-. vu. 9 ..-.... - ,...........!- X 2 -,, , a 3. M . A D 3,L1.FQ -s A QQ, 4 35 --,..,- , -..,J,:.R Y 1? i. . Q 4 iii , , 5 683. 1, Q hh? A .. -.k A 9. iiiff- a b TSQ M NWQ C 4 -1. 5 . 1. 1. B' fx ... l.p' . .. W ,G 12 1 15 K 5 v A 1 1 wwf iaiwrm I fr 1" ,un 3 J. ,' i fr, I if ' Foreground. B. Brodsky, J. McFadyen. Second Row: J. Rinlcle, M. Fishman, G. Heller, P. Van Antwerpen. Back Row: T. Selig, S. Shaw, J. Siegel, Mrs. Nelson. 'Q .4 ' ,4 t'v'4'- 1 I ,Z .Y From left: T. Gilboy, M. Chris- tiansen, D. Rotter, Mrs. Laird B. Bolton, M. Bremer, D. Fitz- gerald B. Trumpf, G. Speaker. I 5 NURSERY SCHOOL ........... Q F57 4 , f X..-11 1- 5- Q 9'5"-' f .fix ive? JUNICDR KINDERGARTEN First Row: S. Hughes, K. Laing, G. Teweles, K. Tuttle, J. Stack, C. Thierry, T. Friedlander, J. McCallum, E. Christiansen, T. Bolton. Second Row: W. Mautner, B. Browne, S Sullivan, N. Brumder, E. Brumder, Mrs Stockey, M. Wallace, E. Kotler, P. Downey Third Row: J. Cutler, C. Chester, A. Read J. Dickens, B. McEIligott, F. Sammond. If OC '7 1 . 'mf AH I- 1' SENIOR KINDERGARTEN Sealed on Floor: S. Howard, B. M:Fadyen, B. Allis, P. Barnes, C. Geilfuss, G. Monsler Second Row, Sealed: R. Reid, C. Cowdin, B. Kieckhefer, C. Messinger, T. Geilfuss, H Kofler, P. Fitzgerald, B. Gordon, C. Laing Sfanding: P. Wellons, J. Garvey, J. Gilboy, Mrs. Goodrich, J. Uihlein, R. Segel. f 1:1 X55 X I P X Q f .,,, 4, . Y . qw ,Li NJ 3 X Q. Q-:Q -+C' 'Nr ag, x Seated from Leff: J. Fifield, P. Gardner, B. Monsler, C. Gates S. Wright, C. Teweles, R. Kyle, H. Harnischfeger. Sianding: M. Tousmcm, J. Garvey, L. Zielsdorf, D. O'Connor B. Taylor, R. Squier. Teacher: Mrs. Tarbox. X Q 9 . x 1,- L 71: Q , 0 , so V, I First Row: B. McCollum, C. Wright, J. Rubin, W. Smart, R. Uihlein. Back Row: M. Trombettc B. Minahon, S. Cutler, G. Fifield, N. Stock, K. Sievens, R. Read, Mr. Landt. From Left: G. Foye, R. Lillie, R. Pokross, C. Kose, J. Kuehn, T. Louzecky A. Kruse, P. Pierson, R. Silberman, Mrs. Weisel, C. Wright 1 1 ",1 - f' ff wi iff H 'Q' ' A L' Q MT A 3 ,ya ' r , J ' 3 ., ,, XX ,Mgf N: Vg M0 ,X V VV.. 4 W 5 'Q ff ng1" 4Q-f?"i H ifz! hw. W" 4 'Y 1-5 ' HJ -ii-W Ja W ' VIVV If Q, 5 1 ,V - KW N Q, wg, ,H EW-, f -'Er V, J , Wu: f A 4 , . 13 rf' N 4 1 xv: 7 Br ,455 el ,SN , XR 5 ff I xxx. 1 A ? 4' , if - A , ., .,, . fy nv, X' . . 4 N 'HWQM Ev as 13 -442559 , g,A,pf1r"-D A-f 4'-f ,, 15 'alldltr' ' A , . I 'QQ ggi' 3" -x 1 'Z' ' 1 -- rm. .N 2' UN' , ,-?..f 'f "bfi -li' X 5 1 5,- 1': sl' , --i-'J' . 9 tug i I 1 5 N R lim-S 'fL"l3'7l Q , ff , ff- """ 4 ' 'We ' " x- , ' 2,51 F122 Q' . ,JY44 , X:-,ini- 74 --z..-iii ixg 'V 41 X ff -fx Q- T. Read, G. Yopock, D. Bischoff, P. Knapp, C. Uihlein, K. Shoner, D. Nczdler, A. Young. J. Kons?einer, J, Kcsch, B. Mortin, P. Recht, D, Babb, D. Wri R. Uihiein, C. Trainer, R. Koehler, i , nf . 6 v .4 Fix n uf We are lndebted to the follovvlng patrons who made thus year book possible Mr and Mrs D E3 Abert Alumni Assoclatlon Mr and Mrs Robert H Apple Arnold Shell Service Mr and Mrs A Wllllam Asmuth Jr Mrs Paul Atterberry Mr and Mrs E J Auxer Bermuda Sports Shops lnc Mr and Mrs E G Black Blommer Foundatlon I G Bohrman Mr and Mrs Hugh K Bolce Jr Mr and Mrs Roblnson Bosworth J Anthony T Bouscaren John Emll Brennan Mr and Mrs George G Brumder Dr and Mrs W T Casper Mr and Mrs W H Churchul' College Athletic Supply Co Colony Shop Dr and Mrs Sylvester J Darllng Mr and Mrs Walter C Davldson Mr and Mrs Joseph Doerlng Ralph W Ells Dr and Mrs S M Evans Everbrnte Electrlc Slgns lnc The Falk Corporation Rlchard S Falk Dan Fltzgerald Dr and Mrs Frederlck E Foerster Foxs Flovvers Mr and Mrs Kenneth I. Frank Mr and Mrs Rlchard G Frled A Frlend Stanley Glen Dr and Mrs A l Greenberg Mr and Mrs John l. Gruber Paul J Grunau Co Hall Chevrolet Co Mr and Mrs Theodore L Hansen T Hansen and Mrs Howard C High John B Hltz and Mrs Arthur A Holbrook Mr and Mrs Chas G Houghton Jr Murel L Humphrey Jacobson lnterlors Inc J Hartley Joys Klode Furnnture Co i ' - v I, r. Edvvin A. Eckert Agency Dr. . . ' Dr. . ' Dr. . . Mrs M C Klode Mr and Mrs H M Knoeller Mr and Mrs Ralph Vw Knudson Mr and Mrs Rlckard H Launtzen Harry R Leadlngham Mr and Mrs George A 'vlayer Mr and Mrs Raul G Mayer Mr and Mrs Cna les R McCallum Mac McClone A S McGregor Mr and Mrs Herman Merker Mr and Mrs W C Messlnger Mr and Mrs J B Vlllllgan Mllwaukee Country Day School Mothers Association Les Mouse Inc Hugh B Murphy Inc Dr and Mrs A L Natenshon North Amerlcan Rress Mr and Mrs John S Owen Mr and Mrs Lewls E Rlllspury Rlatz Studuos Port Silver Dlner Wallace W Rank Mr and Mrs Kenneth Read Race Rowell Inc Schwaab Stamp 84 Seal Co Fltzhugh Scott F J Sensenprenner Mrs M L Sensenbrenner Walter Sheffer Rortralts D W Sherman Ray Smith Stapelfeldts Flowers Dr and Mrs Albert H Stahmer Belle and Wes Stahmer and Mrs E R Steinman Jr and Mrs Brooks Stevens and Mrs Lewis A Stocking and Mrs F J Stoddard and Mrs Gordon A Straub Mr and Mrs David H Strother Student Transportation Co lnc Mr and Mrs James A Taylor Mr and Mrs Rlchard R Teschner Thlet Jewelers John F Trost Mrs M M van Wagenen Whlteflsh Bay State Bank Radlo Station WMIL Yellow Cab Company I . . . . I Alan Reed Mr. . . . ' , . Mr. . Mr. . ' . ' Dr. . . . Mr. . . ' f f.,M1 -:-g,-.-fw:g- -, .. M -' ,iff-af j iq gg,

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