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, , -----1 --.J A-...... THE ARRUW .. .-. ,Sim fd .- . .. rs' The Annual published by the Arrow Staff of the Milwaukee Country Day School l 9 5 2 VOLUME TWENTY-FIVE Nr'-X Foreword . n splte of the handlcap of mcreased f1nanc1a1 problems, the ed1tors of the 1952 Arrow have attempted, by enlarqrnq the sechon of Camera Casuals, to create as complete an annual as possrble lt was the rnaln purpose of the echfors and the Arrow staff mn the compllatlon of the yearbook to present to the araduatmq c1ass a falthful record of Country Day school llfe, so that even a casual perusal of rts paqes rn future years w1l1 serve to reawaken memorres of the frne tradrtron and hrqh 1deals Wh1ch perrneaie the halls of the School Upon the H111 wxy, if V, J ' .Q L 'A-l'7-51" - W V C . , . . . . . fn ---ini Arrow Edltor VICTOR IRWIN MAIER IR DAVID ELSOM MOORE Senror Class Consultant Photography Eartor T'-IOMAS BARKER FITZGERALD ALFRED UIHLELJ ELSER IR Business Manager Makeup Editor IOHN WALTER GOEMANS THEODORE STEELE BOWES 'Wg rm, his 355511 tr aw iksg 'E K' 7? as fs? Dedication . . . R1qht now shes Mrs Rarnaker to several hundred alurnm shes MISS Schnelder and to her fnends and colleagues shes Esther Always helpful always cheerful smrhnq and neat rn dress thxs lady has served us for a few months over twenty frve consecutrve years Corrunq to us IH 1926 she has advanced from bookkeeper to asslstant treasurer plus cornrmssar Takmq proof buymq food arrcmqmq dtnners helplnq mothers who head comrruttees f1f1d1I1Q errors where everyone else has fa1led these phrases sum up Mrs Ramaker It IS altogether f1tt1nq that th1s our twenty tlfth Arrow should be dedrcated to so loyal a worker m the vmeyard that 1S Country Day School 1 ,,, W- ,ff Q, .5 A ' Mff'fsf 1 1 ,V 1 1 5 531' :sv 11 ., ' 1 , Q fri? w.fY"r K " U I .1 rl u fy Wilt" ,Q f Q 5 I Q Elf", via afiiw WQHJ M J 1 fs , 1 ' 'L fw,':f2w -1 'rw ' ' ' K 4237" X '1f12zvi 551 'ff -in ::, V 11-mf: , - ' 'Ar 1 , J'i'25W ' f'f41fvf fhitwb s 2 ff 5 , ' -1 1. , , .V y,,,A9:tr,.wf,,4 3 1 1 lg H I ,1 r ,, 'rt X1gg3g3,55gg -fyzum. A " 'i 1,5 i gjTj,5.tfQ,f' fag, , - ' 2 , 4-LH " 'V' 4 5 . 1 . 1 . - 1 I n I 1 - 1 1 1 - . I . . I I ' I I I I 1 , . . . . - - I ' 1 A GLEDDEN SAN TER Headmaster MA., Cambridge University: Latin HEHMANN T FICK A B Harvard Un1vers1ty pomted 1917 WILLIAM B CHURCH AB AM Hamrlton College Sclence Assoc1ate Headmaster apoomted 935 German, Latin: Assistant Headmasterp ap- ? 1 . ' 6 HARVEY 1 RAMAKER AB Hope College Lotm At1'11et1c Dxrector oppomted 1919 KENNETH G LAIRD AB Lawrence College MA Columblo Un1vers1ty Hlstory Cooch of Footbc111 cmd Termms oppomted 1937 THOMAS E HUGHES A B M A Unzverslty of W1scons1n PAUL W WATERMAN Ph B Unzverslty of Vermont Mothe 1ot1c Bdsm ss Mxmog I onpo 1 ed 1920 Mothemcmcs Coach of Hockey ond Bose bo11 Asslstont Coo 11 of Eootbcdl op pomted 1941 ELAINE C SCHAEFFER BA Macalester College MA Unrverszty of Calzlornla Guldance H1story Enghsh appom ed 944 GEORGE I DEVINE B A M A Brown Unrversrty Engl1sh Advlsor to Pubhcatrons appomt ed 1944 DONALD C WILSON BA Mzdland College MA Unrversrty ol Nebraska lvlathematlcs Basketball Coach IV Foot ball Coach ASSISIGHI Coach of Track appomted l944 HERBERT W OVIATT, IR B S, M A , Bates College Engllsh, Track Coach, ASSISIGUI Coach of Basketball, appomted 1944 . ., , . ., I I I I L . ., , . . A , I - . ' 1 I . . . ., I I - ESTHER S RAMAKER Asslstant Treasurer Appomted 1926 RICHARD B. WIGHT BA., Yale University French: Spanishg Footba1l: Track: ed 1949. appoint . 1 .yi MARIELLE E OTT A B Lawrence College Llbrarlan appomted 1951 AUDREY H ABN DT Secretary Appomted 1946 THOMAS BARKER FITZGERALD Prexy Pres1dent of class ln both Sen1or and IUDIOT years Came to Country Day from the deep South A letter Wmnmq tackle on CD s Vars1ty 1n 51 Captam ot a Semor Leaque team durlng the Wmter months headed the organrzauon Whlch pro duced C D s Greatest Prom member and treasurer ot Country request As member of Freshman Commlttee was dearly loved by all Freshmen one of the better dI1V9fS 1n the class st1ll has under ten accrdents apprecrates the work of the F1rst WISCOHSIH Natlonal Bank 1n brmqmq the monthly news to schools of Mllwaukee One of C D s best dressed unquote a class W1 consrdered one of the most popular members of h1s class 10 Day's Glee Club . . . didn't make the Gamboliers, by popular HUGH FREDRICK BILLER Hugh our classs newest arrlval Washlngtonlan 1nterest1ng accumulat1on of Washmgton stones handsome Don Iuan who has Jomed the ranks ot partxal steadles noted for h1s llne 1n temlnlne ctrcles won letter as half back on VGfS1lY thls fall sported a m1d wmter tan whlch was the envy of every stay at home Flonda not a sun lamp letter w1nn1ng guard on C D s basket ball team great baseball prospect tales of M1am1 nlghthfe an outwardly mlld mates wlth h1s vast store of humorous anec dotes greatest pool player ln class heavy better on h1s pool game respons1ble consclentlous well llked headed for Trxmty come next September RICHARD EDISON BOERKE Dlck casual about everythlng except cars and huntlng loves to travel once actu ally shot a deer hates athleucs seldom sees the locker room except to pass through 1t on way to some other place qu1te a ladles man moved to Fox Polnt recently now nearer W'h1tet1sh Bay where the one and only dwells loves to argue about h1S status ln class wlth one named Lalrd actually good natured buslness manager and adgetter for years bound to be suc cessful 1n bustness good luck Dlck . . . ' ' . . . ex- mannered boy . . . often surprises his class- l I THEODORE STEELE BOWES Ted Mr Oviatts favorite sprinter conscientious student Mr Waterman s pr1de and Joy low center of gravity not a peroxide in spite of rumors letter man on the football squad a graceful figure on the basektball court Ted has been a student council member for two years master of the most vicious collie in Fox Point a widely known expert on gentlemens fashions Salvation Armys best customer outstanding member of his driving pool boy rodent exterminator best baby sitter of the Senior class sits for hours on end Senior portrait mounter for the Arrow collector of the finer types of modern litera ture patronizes Milwaukee s public institu tions of education always eager to express September CHARLES RUTHERFORD DECKER III Duff Ffud Country Day s Senior class character has never been known to be with out his useful array of hardware spends his vacations in the north woods boy bird watcher eminent authority on our feath ered friends most likely to become a forest ranger Old Guard has been at CD since third grade least enthus1ast1c intra mural football coach stage manager for the newly formed dramatic group can often be found in the vicinity of Lake Drive and Silver Spring during his spare time cherishes fond memories of his escapades on Telemark r1p most informally attired Senior at CD has acquaintances in Green Bay author ity on station wagons Duff s friendly dis position and ready smile have won him many friends his opinions . . . 'hopes to attend Yale in I2 PETER LEE DUECKER Pete one of the best athletes rn the class ten letter wrnner has collected two letters rn football as All Conference End four letters and cocaptarn of hockey team four letters as prtcher on baseball team very quret rn school owner of the most wanted car hrs Plymouth w1ll keep up wrth any 1939 Nash often seen after school at Athletrc Club always rs awakened rn study hall by 2 30 be other address Mrlwaukee Publrc Lrbrary Student Ard Drvrsron a formrdable person rn the affarrs of love wrth hrs Downer women knows everyone rn Mrlwaukee rn teenage group late nrghts durmg week ends rn early week nrghts however eprsodes across the 35th Street Vraduct hrs unassum rng attrtude has made htm a favorrte among hrs classmates ROBERT MARTIN EISENBERG Bob much too busy for sports unquote has numerous excuses to keep hrm from actrve partrcrpatron rn sports durrng senror year coach of IL football team casual hockey manager two seasons rn mrnor leagues but suddenly swrtched to tennrs gets the Ledger out to rts vast readrng publrc won the annual rrfle champronshrp last year another of the rnrd wrnter Flonda boys beats rented cars usually selects a few women before gettrng date lrkes to let them thrnk rt over knows all the Law by frrst names cant stay seated for a mrnute was the frrst senror to be accepted by a college watches TV late at nrght has two telephone numbers hopes to be psychtatrrst we wrsh hrm the best of luck 11 rf . n 11 H n . . . . . , . . . . . 11 . , . . . . . . , . . . 11 n 11 n . . . , , . . . , 1 ALFRED UIHLEIN ELSER IR outstandrnq rn hrs scholastrc achreve ments usually captures trrst honors Ledger edrtor Arrow prcture edrtor tor the second year accomplrshed photographer wrth mrcroscoprc talents burlder of a revo lutronary erqht toot lens attachment Fred s tremendous strrde has procured for hrm several letters rn track letterman on Mr Larrds football squad hrs srx toot trve rnch heraht has also been a valuable asset to the basket ball team student councrl member tor two years Old Guard the not rntrequent recondrtronrna Jobs on hrs stalwart qray con vertrble have a detrnrte connectron wrth the present rates ot automobrle rnsurance frequent host at small weekend aatherrnqs pool player extraordrnarre respected by all hrs classmates plans to be rn the halls ot old Nassau next year IOHN BRIGGS FRASER Known as Sandy or lack to hrs sophrstrcated trrends made football varsrty and chosen most rmproved player thrs year crackerrack lrnebacker star basketball player? two letters as halt mrler on track team elected student councrl member rn Iunror year chos n as pretect rn Senror year drversrfred rnterests rn opposrte sex swrtches occasronally to publrc school lassres frustrated competrtor ot Rrch attarrs of love always attends the Better Partres always at partres has a Schmrtty equrpped convert Lrsten to that baby roar only prefect statroned at Senror tables non glee club member of Gambolrers Co Charrman on numerous commrttees always under Tom conscrous exaqqerator one of the more serrous mrnded students rn chool always popular wrth everyone , . HAHH . . . . . . - ' . . . a . i 9 . . . . . rn . . . ' , f 14 THOMAS HERMAN FRENTZEL Herrn Terrlble Tom C D s best 1m1tator of Red Skelton most 1nfluent1al and con sclentrous prefect lett r wmner IH football hockey and baseball crrculatlon manager of the Ledger keeps runnmg out of stamps spends hrs summers at Pewaukee Lake dxsplays talented sa1l1ng technlque member of the student councll for two years one of the few who mamtarned a good battlng average on Mr Hughes strugglmg baseball squad most beloved of h1s Pre fect room comrades star halfback wrth left handed dlffrcultles known for h1S sklll behmd the wheel of hrs dyna flow convert1ble scourge of all four legged anlrnals deflnrtely a ladles man prefers Downerttes seems to be headed for a successful future n the f1eld of engmeermg IACK ARTHUR FROEMMING ake came to Country Day as sophomore rmmedlately establxshed hlmself as a lmk between CD and East played 1n l1ne on IV s for three years IH the wlnter he be comes the hlgh scoring captam of the Freaks a flttzng name puts the shot durmg Sprmg season grrl consclous East var1ety over the years has become the butt of numerous Jokes no neck consldered the luckrest drlver by classmates had sl1ght trouble staylng on the road when dr1v 1ng to Flor1da last year also sl1ght trouble swlmmmg asked to retlre from Glee Club rn Iunror year Wasnt that my VOICE was bad Ma1n ambltron-drtve a cement truck to school dance hardest worker durlng summer very good humored always a word for everybody . I . . . . D . . . . . V , . 1 . . . . 1 . 1 . 1 . . 1 . H If . , ' . , - . . If I . H . . , . lOHN WALTER GOEMANS Il started hrs Dayrte career as sophomore many fabulous tales of the California way one of the more casual members of the class great admirer of Paz He won two letters rn football as an aggressive line man a member of Grossmans Quintet the Ghouls rn Senior League Driver of a number of carefully driven executive cars often se n leaving at 2 30 ad getter for Arrow plays rn outfield during Spring unless otherwise detained known also for hrs l8O degree turn took up skrrng last year wore a cast for next three months a vast store of humor makes hrm the center of many get togethers well liked by all IAN XME GHOENEVELD an came to us from Leyden Holland rn hrs Senior year displays an unusual of facts on European customs and education master of languages dispenses hrs unrdromatrc expressions frequently to the de lrght of the Ledger room clique Mr Laird s pride and Joy ayrdly rnterested rn the Ledger rooms rare collection of classic lore one of the most aggressive partrcrpants rn Senior Leagues probably has formed the wrong rdeas of th frner pornts of the aforesaid sport unenthusrastrc about Mrlwaukees inclement weather eminent connoisseur of American grrls unaffected by CD s sizable homework assrgnments has connec trons wrth Wrllre B reserved friendly and cheerful Ian will continue hrs education at the University of Leyden next year we wrsh him the best of luck . . . e ' : . . . - f mastery of the sciences . , . a fascinating source . 9 . . . I l L . - . ' 16 RICHARD PARKER GROSSMAN Duke entered Country Day as a Fresh man has been very actrve 1n all extracur rlcular act1v1t1es Worked on Prom and arranglng Senlor dances Duke was the classs cho1ce for Student Councll 1n Fresh man year has held post through school IS a member of Glee Club and a Gam bol1er owner of a very very decelvrng car most outbursts rn Study Hall can be traced to Duke S seat was Sldellfled by old 1n1ury durlng football season takes to the l1ttle gym 1n wlnter IS captam of the m famous Ghouls Sprlng f1nds h1m play1ng tenn1s or runnmg around the track a very great booster of Auto Mechamcs My car doesnt even have one of those' undoubt edly class s funn1est comed1an has com plete control of laughs and fac1al expressxons always 1nnocent cant understand why? rs always fun to be W1th WALTER EDWARD HARDTKE IR Nemo opened h1s CD care r as fresh man four years on varslty baseball team often seen walkmg Pat late at nlght fmally got the farruly bomb 1n h1s sen1or year rarely seen durmg the weekend never talks to hlS brothers showed great ab1l1ty as an Enghsh scholar owner of unnamed papers has the most educated toe CD has seen IH many years re quently seen W1th the Bay boys has sev eral or1g1nal sayrngs EB poss ssor of tremendous supply of loafers gave the freshmen a rough tlme seldom gets ha1r cuts f1nds rlfle club an eluslve target often mlsses part of chapel llves two blocks from school probably headed for Tr1n1ty next year 11 11 1 . 1 . . . . , 1 . . . 11 1 11 1 . 1 1 1 , . 11 11 . . . 9 - 1 11 11 1 - . 11 11 1 . . 11 11 . f 1 11 11 Q SAMUEL DUDLEY IAMES One of the most hard workrnq members of the Senror class drsplayed unusual metrculo srty rn physrcs extra-credrt work spends the Sprrnq months behrnd the plate recerved both a letter and the most rmproved base ball award rn 51 farthful member of the hockey team valuable football player auto racrnq enthusrast makes the yearly trrp to Indranapolrs trnkers rn hrs base ment on hrs model T has unknown Week end actrvrtres not rnterested rn the farr sex has mrdnrqht escapades wrth Moose known for hrs unorthodox sense of humor and orrqrnal Jokes possrbly rnsprred by hrs vast collectron of Joke books rnterested rn all hrs studres Sam s future seems to pornt toward enqrneerrnq and we srncerely wrsh hrm the best of luck THOMAS CHRISTIAN KURTH Tom Country Days half of Mrlwaukees most platonrc couple Old Guard as been at The School Upon the Hrll srnce the fourth qrade member of last fall s Varsrty eleven an occasronal hockey player can be seen makrnq tremendous vaults for Herb rn the sprrnq passes the weary wrnter months on the skr slopes where he exhrbrts a defrnrte talent rncludes art and drawrnq rn hrs realm of pastrmes master of sophrs trcated canrne pets always a very casual dresser possess s a very quret easy qornq and frrendly personalrty whrch we srncerely belreve wrll prove to be a areat help rn future r e 11 . 11 1 1 . . . . 11 11 1 . . 1 . 1 1 . 1 11 . 11 . 1 - 1 D 1 - . . . . V , , 1 IOHN BRIAN LUNNEY Came to C D from the Bay works hours on hrs geometry always glad to dr1ve the fellows around 1n hrs 88 had trouble gettxng h1s drrvers llcense qult football because of unknown reason one of senror leagues leadmg scorers h1s backyard IS often the target of the baseball team wears hrs bucks all year round partrclpates 1n cabtn act1v1t1es seen at the P1g every weekend turned 1n many electrrcal gadgets to physrcs class charges vast sums of 1tems at W1ldes went steady for a short trme carrles prles of books to school every mornrng a great consumer of black coffee r fr1endly to all h1s classmates IONATHON CARLETON MACNEIL lR Sandy one of the Sentors most drstm gurshed clothes horses has connectrons w1th a prom1nent Mrlwaukee farm Prom com mrttee member of last year one of the de lrghted tormentors on the freshman commlttee valuable half back for two years on Ken s powerful Champlonshlp eleven star player and co-captarn of the hockey team 1 us trrous member of that select group the Gam bolrers spends hrs summers 1n Colorado Sprmgs a resort town of growmg popularrty lrkes to tlnker wrth autos hot rod enthusrast PATron1zes Downer often seen 1n the company of an exotrc young blonde runs the hundred yard dash for Herb partrctpant rn the exactlng and d1ff1 cult sport of hlgh Jumplng owner of the 'deal party1ng fac1l1t1es popular w1th all hls classmates . . . Bi . . . ' ' . . . wants to change his address to Lawrence. ' . . . 'll - 19 Hnmd' VICTOR IRWIN MAIER IR Florlda T1Juar1a or Down 1n Bermuda Boy Athlete was truly the scourge of the senlor leagues often heard to protest bo1strously the refereemg of certa1n basketball 1 s baseball? unexpla1ned evenlngs Im Just QV2 hours late the old trouble consldered the most d1gn1f1ed dr1ver IH car pool by far the best 1ntormed on current garage door DYICGS Trade mark A Sportsmans Green convertlble equ1pped w1th Bermuda bells parked 1n front ot all the fmer houses helps keep the pretects and student counc1l 1n bus1ness a vast supply ot Fort Lauderdale tales the b1ggest eater 1n the class also neatest ha1r except for Stewart almost took N R O T C phys1cal W1th Grossman and Goemans has made the sw1tch to VV'h1tet1sh Bay women Vlc ALAN KELLER MANDEL tree candy to anyone on h1s S1XlY t1tth b1rthday been 1n CD for only nrne years typ1t1es the he1ght of casualness cannot be bothered to come to the toot ball banquet to p1ck up the letter that he won as halt back hockey player and watcher won track letter as hlgh Jumper last year a true merry maker ot the old school had New Years Eve troubles very young look1ng W1ll have nothlng to do w1th Downer has sweetest Job dur1ng w1nter vacat1on t1lls envelopes w1th candy pam phlets not as easy as 1t sounds often talks about the Cornrnumst Da1l1es known for c1gars one of the most frequently prcked off boys tremendous emoyment out of h1story class a very good sense ot humor makes hlm popular W1th all h1s classmates 20 FREDERICK CHARLES MILLER IR Fred CD s most outstand1ng athlete holds a total of ten letters 1n football track and hockey voted most valuable ln foot ball and track also one of the top students of the Semor class elected to the student councrl for two years a Prefect class pres1dent as a freshman and sophomore makes the darly trek to school from Ocono mowoc a man of many cars as aff1l1at1ons w1th M1lwaukee s golden brew appomted to the freshman comm1ttee delegate to the rel1g1ous conference ln Ch1 cago spends h1S summers on Oconomowoc Lake comes from a large fam1ly popular host at summer partles followmg 1n h1s fathers footsteps one of the class leaders respected by all Fred should eventually prove to be a great asset to Notre Dame s Frghtmg Irrsh DAVID ELSOM MOORE 1ng Sen1or wrtte ups owner of C D s most popular pool room w1ll1ng to sell h1s pool table to anyone able to pay off h1s debts throws casual partles the Ledger room s most dapper occupant Scotch k1d hot prlot of a green Ford Wllh snow t1res coached a losmg mtramural football team has Mll wcrukees most mterestmg VIGW Mac and Moores least frequent customer SGHIOT Leagues most v1c1ous player carr1es on a secret affa1r w1th a Shorewood damsel ex buslness manager of the Ledger played Ray s rous1ng records at basketball games last year w1elds a wrcked pawn rn chess club holder of the Ledger room fly k1ll1ng record makes sarcastlc remarks served and frlendly plans to go to W1ll1ams next fall . . . . . . h ' ' , . . a Dinty . . . Arrow editor . . . writes most insult- . . . ' . . . re- 21 ARTHUR LEE MORSELL III ee outstandmq student usually on f1rst honors student councrl member most amb1t1ous Ledger ed1tor has a compl1 cated socral l1fe plagued by ex-qrrl frrends spends much t1me Wllh h1s bonme lass1e has a way wxth Herr F1Ck lnqenlous mechanlc occaslonally can be seen tmkerlnq wlth h1s d1ssected Model A one of the playboys of Oconomowoc Lake where he spends h1s summers sa1l1nq enthus1ast has a way w1th Dodqes beloved of h1s car pool Mr W1qhts favorlte mtramural football referee most occas1onal Seruor Leaques player ex part1c1pant 1n C D s most touchlnq love affarr has perox 1de troubles avld reader of modern class1cs has strange loyalty to the Bay best frlend of v1c1ous collle owner Lee w1ll undoubtedly be successful rn the f1eld of enqr neerlnq LORENZ DANIEL Ol-ILSEN Larry came to us from St Iohn s rn h1s sopho more year makes the long trek from S 37th St every day leaves school early to D1Ck up h1s s1ster holds two letters 1n track for h1S efforts 1n the 440 one of Country Day s representatlves 1n the Iournal relays pllots h1s Bedmob1le wrth a defmlte 1 wearer of colorful tres exerts a western 1nfluence now and then Wlth h1s cow boy boots eas1ly a dude has frlends abroad hopes to go to France th1s summer Country Days answer to Les Paul 'KIDS the l1qht fantast1c at Arthur Murrays 1nventor of modern Ind1an stor1es occas1on ally spends h1s afternoons playlnq Senlor League basketbrawl h1s good nature and frlendly d1spos1t1on most certalnly wxll be an asset rn whatever he undertakes 5k"11'... ' 22 RICHARD DENNIS OTOOLE Rrch The Oklahoma flash one of the greatest athletes 1n Oklahoma says so 1n the CIIDDIHQS he came to Country Day 1n hrs Iunlor year great outdoors man hunts from krtchen w1ndow selfappomted lady klller he was one of the three who gamed Honorable Mentlon on All State Foot ball team leads Ogres to VICIOFY dur1ng w1nter months when the tlelds dry he pltches for Varslty Nlne he IS a member ot the Glee Club keeps the smgers ln a constant uproar talked Vrc 1nto Jommg to the dehght ot Mr Morgan drrver of a beat Olds and another more d1st1nct1ve car always ofterrng cyrucal op1n1on on all women has shght trouble Wllh grammar 1n Engllsh class Well I never had th1s a Sunday poker player always well lrked IOHN SABINE OWEN III Iohnme one of the few Old Guard ln s1nce Iunlor Kmdergarten put hrs strength to use for Varsrty durmg Fall won two letters as tackle now plays Senlor League basketball after swltchrng from hockey a we1ght man on the track team gun collector and sportsman hunt1ng season trnds Iohnnle up at Lake Owen got h1s deer has one of the best record collectrons 1n class always ready to try anythrng belongs to the orrgmal car pool has a Chevy w1th an extremely small rear seat a d1ITl11'11ShIIIq supply of tequlla 1n base ment a member of both Chess and R1fle Clubs He also collects money Ipossrbly plannmg for future'7J a very slncere student and fnend plans to go to Yale startmg next a Good luck' 1 1: . u . . 1 . . . 1 n . 11 . . . n . n 11 . u u 11 1: . . n ff fl . DANIEL HERBERT SCI-IIPPER entered CD as a Iun1or m medlately proved to be an asset to varslty lme won two football letters t1red qulckly of hockey swltched to Semor Leagues the most casual player of Freaks rn Sprrng he IS found watchmg track pract1ce from shot put locat1ons favorrte pertod IS lunch followed closely by auto mechanlcs gets two ha1r-cuts a week to the d1smay of Mr F1ck emoys weekends almost as much as school almost or1g1nal Hard Guy greatest borrower of homework as1de from Iake seen only by a select group of semors over the weekends a member of rlfle club never alms for target an advocate of weekend trlp to Colorado h1S fam1l1ar gart has become a trademark at CD truly a man of few words but h1s saylngs are oft repeated he has dec1ded on Colorado PETER MICHAEL SHUTKIN Pete came to Country Day from MUS 1n h1s Jumor year hard workzng student usually on the honor roll drrves the most eye-catch1ng auto rn the Semor class often m1staken for a f1re engme lntramural football coach rall1ed h1s Bears on to an und1sputed fxrst place consc1en tlous hockey manager most graceful fly catcher on the baseball team encountered a few d1ff1cult1es 1n W1ll1e Bs phys1cs class or1g1nator of several casual GXDIGSSIODS the lowest bass on the Glee Club spends 1nterest1ng summer vacatrons rn the mldst of northern WISCOHSIHS glrls camps def1n1tely a Romeo Mac and Moore s best customer always well dressed best fnend of the Arrow edltors has a personallty well adapted to w1nn1nng many fr1ends plans to become a phys1c1an "Al"... .. ' for college . Cood luck, Al. 24 IOSEPH WARREN SIMPSON III Ioe C D s Mr Tenms Captaln of tenn1s team and four t1me letter w1nner swxtched to hockey after two years on B team won a letter 1n senror year coached a IL team durmg Fall one of the class s earlrest casualt1es to the arm of the Law They Just sneak up on you somet1mes em barrassrnq accldents after party a truly reformed drrver llterally dr1ves to school a constant worner about Faculty rneetmqs and demer1ts Much taller than Bowes at one t1me had a taste for Itahan food tells of The Regatta Oconomowoc and some one 1n Pewaukee h1s favor1te sport Poker never loses one of the most conscren trons not always the answers DONALD MCKINNON SINCLAIR Came to us from State Teachers 1n hrs fresh rnan year served on the Student Councrl for three years a Prefect eas1ly drs t1nqu1shed by h1S perpetual srn1le con stantly trymq to surpass h1s brother blows a W1Ck9d whrstle as Junror leaque football referee a letterman 1n both football and track off1c1al football announcer caslonal honor roll scholar a member of the Glee Club for three years a Gamboher for two years Senror Leaque score keeper drrvrnq pool s worst back seat dr1ver restncted to a l1m1ted dret one of the boys respons1ble for a successful Junlor prom has strange week end escapades never mrsses a Country Day event fa1thful to the chool 1n all respects everyones fr1end . . . ' .1 'H I I 1 ' tious students . . . always knows exam ques- . . . ' ' . . . oc- Q . , , 25 IAN ALEXANDER SINCLAIR After commq to CD Ian flrmly establrshed h1mself as one of the leaders of the class elected rn h1s freshman year to Student Coun c after servlnq for three years he was chosen as Prefect 1n Semor year played end on football team for two years won two letters and was elected captarn m basket ba plays smqles and doubles on tennrs team suspected of usmq h1s brothers homework dld much work on last years prom led exped1t1on that borrowed neces sary equ1pment for servmq cokes The Blue Dodge cannot f1qure out how he arrived safely tn Florlda last Sprmq was wrth two worst drlvers rn class llkes to SWIDG coconuts but drscouraqes all plans to borrow parkmq meters 1n h1s four years at Country Day has become one of the most hrqhly respected members of hrs class frrendly to all WILLIAM HARRIS LAIRD SMYTHE IR 1 one of CD s most outstandmq athletes wrnner of nlne letters 1n track football and hockey captam of last fall s VICIOIIOUS football team represented Country Day rn the Iournal Relays CD s ICIVOYIIG class treasurer currently holdmg offlce for the thrrd year student councrl member for three years a Prefect served on the Prom commlttee m h1S Jumor year accompl1shed and enthustastrc skrer spends h1s vacatlon at Aspen one of those who encountered d1ff1cult1es 1n Mr Churchs phys1cs class the prlde of Downer has a vast collectron of bow tles represented the School Upon the Hrll on an amateur dlsk Jockey show reached the frnals qave a memorable roller skatmq party an outstandmq member of our class hopes to attend Yale next year il... ' ll... ' ' B'll... ' ' ' "" 26 ARTHUR GEORGE SNAPPER Ar most errat1c member of the Ledger room chque one of the top students of CD s Senror class usually an honor roll scholar successful lntramural football coach occasronally 1ndulges 1n Semor Leagues Old Guard possesses 1lleg1ble handwrrtmg boy radlcal emmlnent authorlty on the development of the Turklsh Emp1re drsplays a most unusual taste IH tres the Senror classs most casual pool player endowed wrth a very subtle sense of humor doubtedly one of CD s more cautlous drlvers a farmlrar slght 1n h1s souped up roller skate has troubles w1th h1s chrome trlm spends h1s spare tlme rn hrs rnfamous darkroom a future magnet rn the paper rndustry always frlendly and helpful we wlsh Art the best of luck at Harvard DOUGLAS IAMES STEELMAN Doug one of the class few Old Guards gave up h1s well earned place on Mr Wrlsons basketball squad for the more dan gerous hfe of a Senlor Leaguer carrled on the carroteat1ng trad1t1on as manager of thls years successful football eleven con crentrous student env1ab1e average frequently sublect to nervous anx1ety avld sports fan falthful follower of the Brewers not rmpressed W1th the female sex week end hermlt spends h1s spare evenlng hours W1th h1s fasc1nat1ng model rarlroad most cautlous of Country Day s Sentor drlvers hlS good natured d1spos1t1on has made Doug many fr1ends plans to carry on future educatlon 1n the frozen wastes of Mrnnesota 2 , 1 I . . . UTI- 1 . . . .... ff H . . . If H 1 . I f S . . . . . . . 1 . . DAVID IENSEN STEWART Dave Joined us as a Junior from the Bay built l1ke a rock Prep All-Conference team mater1a1 first string guard on toot ball team last tall roughest person ever to play 1n Senior Leagues throws h1S weight around in the Spring for the track team was one of the first ones to look over a college f1TSl hand weekend broken desks and pltchers youngest looking senior he is so short wants to grow big and strong like Iake a serious student at all times except weekends always has the word on open houses but usually can find something better to do NROTC can d1date especially liked his trip to Chicago agreeable disposition and general good CHARLES EDWARD WINDSOR The Big T class character lanky letterrnan on the basketball team letter winner and most 1mproved on the l95l tennrs team participant in two annual Glee Club concerts awarded a letter for his assistance on Country Day s championship football eleven displays eccentric eating habits which on occasion have bordered on cannibalism most popular member ot Senior table number wo suspected ot possessing his older brothers physics tests has affiliations with Holy Angels Academy popular host at social gatherings during vacations we known by the boys in blue teller ot in credulous tales easily distinguished by h1s dapper C77 and clean-cut appearance all times displays an amiable disposition and lively sense ot humor humor make him a friend to all his classmates. t . . . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . . . ll . I . . . at 28 REMEMBER THIS IN '49? Slttmg rrcnt Frervzel Secora Fiow Left to R1q'1t Maxer D Iames D Moore Snapper Skolmk Koester W Harctk Bowes Thlrd Rox! S Iames Mcrsell A Manael Elser Flora Owen D S1r1cla1r I Smclaxr C Decker Seermam fourth Row Gutenkanst Grossman Sokal Wlndsor Due-cker Ott Vllter Fraser Eack RON Kur'h Fnzaerald Elservoerq Slmpson F Mlll r Smythe Susnar MacNe11 US IN 51 nfu ss I C15 D 1 rs f- L ff I e Q N D I1 441 as n 'a S Aosen' S :var 29 W I Q I .- I I ' , . , ' . . , I . - ' I - . I - 4 A' , t . I 5, , '- I Eatk E:'.'.': Kurth Fitzgerald Gate l. ist Grtaarxarx, Sieelrxan, Dfzzle Tfinaszr, Snapper, .. eziierg Hchpper, ise: T. Seeker, E-'ltra Frase:,Frer1tzeQ, Fcgrfh Row: Lfzrsell, Oils-en, Ezerke, Lpmney, Owen, Thzrd How: Dueffcef Gterxaf, Frzeririirxa D. Mist-. Serena HC' : I-faalvexl, F. .1111 r, DC' es, . 313.312 I. DIRCIUU- :ICII F11-.': '-V. Harifke Sh' xl 'n Smythe Sim, 5 A. Mazael Maier 'awe . ' . te' '. CLASS OF 1953 Back How, Let! to Right: Paterson, VV. Litteii, Kaiser, Sawyer, Linden, C. Hardtke, Breidster, Gailun, Third Row Lett to Right: Cooper, Schweizer, Vfaiton, MCCwiveran, Haberfand. Second Row, Lett to Right: P. Buettner, Schwarz Kiumb, Flaqq, R. Kramiich, Brennan, Rubinstein. Front Row, Lett to Right: Bodendoerfer, Carpenter, Drake, P. K-germ Fi. Gebhardt, Meyer, Reckmeyer, Smith. i CLASS OF 1954 Baer Row Lett to Right Kraemer Uihi in Leep Stocking Middle Row Lei! to High! Erarnann I Kainr N W Fox Dvorak D Lindner Bury McC1ay Front Row Left Riqrt W Miller I Moore Hunk-ei Kioppen r y Rector Darilnq Auchter Absent Paeiow 50 1 - - - V . f - . ' 'Ar . , I , E , , . , . . , . .i A, . Cl . , , 1 ,-. . , , . , , . , 5: . , . , , aura V11 ie , , ' , . : . CLASS OF 1955 Back Row, Left to Right Beck, T. Wiqdole, I. Wiqdcile, R. Lifiell, Mudiscn, Boclt, D. Decker. Third Row, Lefl to Right: Russell, Bormcxn, A. Schmidt, Bird, Purtell, Steele, MccArlhur, A. Kuehn. Second How, Left tc Right R. Fox, Gran, D. Krumlicli, Hcrmmermeister, Read, Themes, Swc1nstrom,Peirce. Front How, Left Yo Right: Celmmn, Ausmczn, Ward, Gumermcn, Herinq, O. Gebhordt, Hurd, Brumder, Rose. Absent: Bischoff. l V CLASS OF 1956 ui 33 ' s .- fi 91 Eid: :'?:".'1, Lef! to Eight: Gzrder, Sgsnzr, Clezver, B e rner, I-lczeln-1:12 Lzczs, .. y. M1:1.e Lei. rc Fzgfzff ..1i:e:t, F. Miller, Hustinfg Tl. Lixfiner, I-,nierszn Lfxgee, Gzrlitlc, flifhclszr.. Fran: Haw, Left If :'?1g:'5 Hurley Cir.: Seztt, Fc ter, Lizzie. Chain Sfhriii' Dzshrcv, I, eff. THE CLASS OF 1953 The Class of l953 IS led by Messrs Kram l1ch and Reckmeyer Totahng twenty three th1s class IS manag1ng to SUTVIVG real drud gery math chem1stry Enghsh and leftover language courses Scholast1cally Messrs Bre1dster Brennan l-laberland Meyer and Rub1nste1n appear frequently on the honor roll New members are Mr Schwe1zer a v1s1t1ng student from Stuttgart G rmany and Mr Bub1nste1n from Shorewood Our future athletes have to be here and accord THE CLASS The Class of 1954 1S the smallest of all the classes 1n the school lts off1cers are U1hle1n and Stock1ng Number1ng only twenty one the class IS headed scholast1c ally by Messrs Auchter Dvorak Fox Nolte Bector and U1hle1n Sportsw1se Bury Car ney Fox Kloppenburg Leep M1ller Bector and Stockmg uohold th Vlflle manly 1nterests of the 54 s There are brothers 1n THE CLASS The Class of l955 numbermg th1rty two boasts two W1gdales cousms a Decker brother a Fox brother a Gebhardt brother a Kramhch brother a L1ttell brother and a Schm1dt brother The way ahead leader IS Bose followed by a B ck a B1rd a L1ttell and a MGd1SOH Messrs Beck B1schoff Fox Hammerme1ster L1ttell and I W1gdale play basketball 1n vary1ng capac1t1es ln matters of arnour the class sh1nes several Bomeos THE CLASS The Class of 1956 at present IS twenty f1ve strong Headmg th1s august body s B1lly Kahn wh1le Steve C1arl1ck collects the1r dues 1D f1ne mathemat1cal fash1on The class IS well represented on numerous honor rolls the follow1ng names be1ng the most con SDICUOUS Anderson Church Cleaver DIS mg to all reports they are Certa1nly L1ttell IS all round Bre1dster when un1nJured form1dable and Cooper Drake B Crebhardt C Hardtke B Kramhch McG1veran Meyer Reckmeyer Carpenter Gallun P Kuehn Sawyer and Bub1nste1n all should sh1ne in he four sports offered Publ1cat1on ed1tors are Meyer and Sm1th Brennan 1S a bus1ness manager and student counc1l members are Bre1dster Gebhardt Gallun Krarnhch M y r and Beckmeyer OF 1954 the class I Moore brother to Sen1or D Moore W Fox brother to Freshman B Fox I Kahn brother to e1ghth grader W Kahn and D Lmdner brother to e1ghth grader M L1ndner Student counc1l people are Auchter Dvorak Moore and U1hle1n The sole new member IS Erdmann who ha1ls from Man1 towoc OF 1955 be1ng very popular among the younger set These casual Don Iuans 1nclude a Brumder a Colman a Hermg a Ltttell a MGd1SOH a P1erce a Purtell a Russell and a I W1gdale Pres1dent I W1gdale and Treasurer Purtell comb1n parhamentary procedure and f1nance respect1vely w1th amour New members th1s year are Btrd Borman Brum der Fox Gumerman Hammerme1ster Hurd Ma Arthur and T Wlgdale OF 1956 brow Foster Garhck Mandel N1cholson and Scott S12 and g1rth should make of some members worthy athletes 1n a year or two Buettner Cleaver D1sbrow and Schmldt have the h1ps to buck l1nes T1me alone w1ll settle the1r pos1t1ons on future CD l1nes . ' , . - ' 1 ' 1 1 1 13 ' 1 1 1 - I 1 1 1 11 1 . 1 1 ' - 1 - 1 1 1 11 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 . . 1 1 . . . , , . 1 . D ' . 1 V 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 - Q Q 1 1 V V1 - . . , . ' 1 - 1 - 1 . , ' . , - I - . . . , . - 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 , , 1 - 1 1 ' , I ' 1 1 - 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 . ' ' ' ' , 9 J I 1 11 1 . 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Q ' Q ' V 1 1 1 v 1 . . . . 11 11 - - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 , 1- . , C , . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 - l . 9 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 , 1 . . . . A 1 1. . , , A - . . . 1 32 STUDENT COUNCIL Slandmq Le!! to Rroht R Krcxrnhch Gollum Morsell D Moore Brerdster Rose Elser Bowes Stocklrq I Wlqdole Hoberlcmd Auchter Dvorak Seated Reckmeyer Uzhleln R Gebhcrrclt Grossman Meyer 'CZ' 's. in 77 rf 7 r Q 'x 11 " , Y I X H: A' , ' f Y, , , N Z Q it N Wmwfm, .W w l--.524 f X1 ' fi wx N ,Q , fer 1, ,' I u g-241-, wig. . -.,.,, . , ., .J , -Jgf, x Y 7 2 Q W IJF1 V1 Standzng Haberland Madxson Lunrey Boerke Wmdsor Gallun Brennan S1 mg R Kram lxch Frentzl Shutkm Cvrossmar B w s PUBLICATIONS 1952 marks the twenty srxth year of pub lrcatton of the Ledger Country Days bt weekly new paper Durtng the past school year the Ledger staff headed by tts three edttors Fred Elser Lee Morsell and Art Snapper has onttnued to produce pratse worthy records of school lrfe at Country Day Be ause of the small s1ze of the staff the greater share of the work was handled by the three edrtors and the add1t1onal tasks of wrrtmg headlmes and pastlng the copy devolved upon each of the ed1tors m turn Freds excellence rn ltterary style comb1ned w1th Arts talent tn the wr1t1ng of the ed1 torlals ana Lees fatr for subtle humor to create a more than sattsfactary result Much credtt ts also due llm GTCGSKGVUD for hrs rn sp1red Spe tators wht h have always proved to be the htghltght of each ISSJQ Asststant edttors Pete Smrth and Irm Meyer who ga1ned valuabl knowledge of the ftner pomts of Journahsm durrng the past year wtll make use of thetr expertence as next years edttors The thankless task of book keeprrtg recordtng the Ledgers expend1 tures sendmg out lenls and keepmg the paper suppl ed wtth stamps was falthfully carrted on by lohn Brennan. Re ognttton IS due Bop Eisenberg and Tom Frentzel the ctrculation managers who were responsible for rnarlmg the Ledger to the parents alumn1 and the many frtends of the school Supervtstng the l952 Arrow were co edrtors Vrc Mater and Dave Moore whose matn Jobs were the Wfllg ups o thrs years unusually large Semor class As fn the past few years ftnanctal drffrcultle have con t1nued to hamper the yearbook and place def1n1te restrt tlons on tts contert The pub l1cat1on of the Arrow therefore depends to a great extent upon the su cess f the adver t1s1ng managers whose functon 1t IS to secure the ads D1ck Boerke and lohn Goe mans by sa r1f1c1ng many o thetr free afternoons have been succesful 1n thts respect The endless task of tak ng pr tures around school was placed rn 'te caparte and expertenced hands of Frea Elser who suppl1ed last years yearbook w1th many snapshots Although the average studert probably does not realrze the great amount of ttme and work put 1nto the Ledger by rs staff the work put tnto the newspaper by the students never seems to cqual that of Mr De Jtne the facu ty adfs r ln on lusrcn t e ombtred Ledger Arrow staff w1shes to tha k sm erely Mr. Devine for his valuable ad and also to extend the next year's publgcation staff best wshes for success. BCT XX1 -N wird' Back Row Left lo Ftrqht Assrstant Manager Schwarz Mcurveran C Hardtke Fraser Kurth Frtzqerald Wmdsor Meyer KGISSI Gallun W Hardtke Manager Steelman Mzddle Row Left to Rrqht Asszstant Coach Hughes I Smclarr Elser Owen Sawyer Stewart OToole Goemans Brerdster Iames Duecker Schlpper Coach Lalrd Front Row Lett to Rrqht Blller Kloppenburq W Llttell Frentzl F Mlller Smythe Carpenter R Gebhardt MaCNe11 Bowes A Mandel Country Day Country Day Country Day Country Day VARSITY FOOTBALL 1951 Wlntefrsh Bay Country Day 40 Northwes n Preps O West Mrlwaukee 6 Country Day 35 S Country Day 33 Lake Forest Homecommq Wayland St Lours C D Country Day 23 Lutheran Most Valuable Player F Mlller Most Improved Player I. Fraser 1952 Captains: W. Carpenter, R. Gebhardt 38 I V FOOTBALL mdk Qhw left In lfjllf rxrfxqgr 0 G CI u mir uf' tfr 'm 'x vom CI fm fwfr Putfrs CIF r 'P L1 f Riu' I sem IIAI S n Q f r m rn Vufhn rxmfwy Ffzqq H rmrq frmnfi M x C Gfy' Que ffl Jw el! 0 1 wwf ffck DfGkfl Rui mstf m Q mcg mp cr' lf' fcrmf yf I fpfr If 1.1 'f -1 A D993 7' I Y i IUNIOR LEAGUES Ds ,f fs . .Ls s Hs 1 6 40 Back Ro Lett to Ft' qht Brller Sa yer C Hard ke Fraser M ddle Ro Left to FE gh! Man aqer B dend erfer R K a lcrr Vtmdsor Elser Co ye a h VVISOH W Fo Front Ho e to Rrqht a e R ckme r S Vt L1 Country Day Country Day Country Day Country Day Country Day Country Day Country Day Country Day VARSITY BASKETBALL 195152 Lake Forest Wayland Port Washrnaton Rac1ne Lutheran MUS Northwes n Preps Racme Lutheran Country Day Country Day Country Day Country Day Country Day Country Day Country Day WAYLAND TOURNAMENT Northwes n Preps 38 Country Day Country Day 32 Lake Forest Most Valuable Player T Sawyer Most Improved Player W Reckmeyer Mrlw Lutheran Wayland MUS Lake Forest Mllw Lutheran North Shore Northwes n Preps Mrlw Lutheran L ft O' :O Dr ,A er m l.. lnclalir, '.I Mei? rl we C L I l xl WI Country Day . 30 Port Washinaton 43 Country Day . 32 North Shore . . . 23 . . 42 . 33 t . . . 34 . . . 36 . 25 . . . . 46 ' 42 . 36 .... . 37 t 5l . 45 . . . 52 .... 36 . 24 t . . . 43 s' 32 . 48 . . . 46 ' 43 . 34 ' . 50 t . 49 . . . . . 49 42 'R SENIOR LEAGUES FRESHMEN SQUAD IUNIOR LEAGUES I Tl ci' 1 Siandmq Schwelzer McG1ve-ran Paterson Kloppenburq Gallun Carpenter Coach Hughes R Gebhardt Brennan Meyer Manager Shutkm Kneeling Iames Smythe F Mlller Duecker Slmpson A Mandel Frentzel Country Day Country Day Country Day Country Day VARSITY HOCKEY 1952 St Iohn s St Iohn s St Iohn s Lake Forest Country Day Country Day Country Day Country Day Country Day Rhmelander Most Valuable Players F Mlller P Duecker Most Improved Player: R. Gallun 1953 Captain: R. Gallun Lake Forest Marquette Marquette Wausau I V HOCKEY Bark How Left to Hugh! Russml A14 rs n Garb k gum rmrm T JV q 1 f D f N mls Mumf M Lmr nor Mc me H uv e' Io flljhf J I O G 1 Colmfln Wnd Purtell Hrrmq Cru' u Irs rn! w P U 1 VV EH R Schmxdt Scott Church Harley A Shfmd Tum MMWW L 1 1 1 l -4 Back H I arc e Q lg rm GI Umr Puetow from Fo .1 Left to F gn Frentzel ASSISYGYIT Couch De-xfel BASEBALL r PC: Us rx SCHW UQH H nk V1 m D Lmdn r M11Ci1G ow' .cmey r Go mars er k Ixlopp r mg UW! m ASS1SIGI1T Mor c r cr Hua es VV HG ke C Flax' ke O oe- V ec er m W L ff in is. W0 games Q. W ww-fi 48 'www Kneelmq Left to Ffzqhl Drake Bcrcxl I Smrlxxxr Slmpson D Smclmr Scott Vwmdsm' 49 Stondmq, Left to Hzqhtz Coach Laird, W, Kohn, Hiberlond, McGivemn, R. Kvzmlich, I. VV1Qtic1Q, Puhinstin, Read . . ... ...H , . , , V. . , ,,,, ,, , -, TRACK Back Row Left o Rlqht Auchter Dorlmq Rose Krcxemer Monoqer Floqq ASS1SlGUl Coach Wlqht Assrstcmt Coach W1lson Couch Ovrott Thlrd Row Left to Rzqht Lmclen Lllce-rt R Mrller Cooper Meyer Roy T Wrqdole Moc Arthur Gumermon O Gebhclrcll Purlell Hurd Second How ef! to Rlqht Owen Rector Bre1clsler Gollun Corney Bury Wolton beep Kurth R Lrttell Sewurt Schwerzer FI '1tFr'ow Left to Rlqht Schxpper Elser Smythe Ohlsen Fraser F Mrller Sawyer A Mandel R Gebhcxrdt Stoclcxrq 'VM Fox Carpenter an 3 ,. ji GW J WG, 50 A 1 3. W of, ' 'Q ff ,, 1 2 LMP- " A Q 6 J .- X ' 'X riff- 9 M ' A 'l sg, ig? V I eo 5. k . . 4- A 3 l ff, , , , , 55 L, . aM row K K , s 15' A. 'vu Q "' 2 i Q Q W ff Q' ,. L' I 'x ff? ' f 2 i s 1' K.,- fl ga ,A-'L ,, fi? , ' X1 ,ff A X ,..v ' ' 5 M5 'I Q if JUP3 M, 'Uhr Q D . FOISytes PGY Nice Workxlow T. Kurth cmd Frigid Friend Mother's little helper Sam sh OV e1 X dy for Oh happy day 995 W COOK numb ei Hefive ' ' Louie Blues wx MISS' P1UYinH BOY and sh :ia 1 'V A Magi ovel fha... '93- Not ln the book? Mush Slush Hash Beaunful dreamer oi an on me suck up x X, 2' 3' go' More rubblsh from Tod kk Will fer .MKS ft VVO1'1de1-land Sp ecicl reirlqerate d de1ive1'Y Brother, ccm you spare cr dime? Main Spring of 0 UpPPPP! fffffe mac hine 4 F 4 W 5 :Q J A 3' B? .L 'll q ll mv Q, in. gg ,I X X v Q - '-J dit , a fffwf-M i, 'V fi 1 Q1 ' ' , '5, " k havlt' . ' ' 'rf -f ff ,ex v yy w v .4 2 K I .ma 4 9' 3 gl I V. X 4 'M ' :xii L2 'wg T V V . T4 -1, ' 5 iff X . D Til Q- ' 'X ' V1 2 Q Nr ' f ' Q. . 1 9 V ' " ' 1 x , ,gy x VJ ' , f I EK 3 is ' -9, nw: -W ,ff my-35 541 'Qu wi , N , M 8 Z" ,f' Cf' ftmvg, I W M LMV' vig 5 .fl 'v Q , nf- . O I Jr, I 64, 4 I-af K! y 1'-fn. k M, 1' 4? 'Q gg.: ,V l Whatcha got there? A--Q-'--'fl , 4 Melee Sam Shovel is Watching you! Attentlon please That wet stuff ya, How about Ipswitch Tech? Milwaukee Country Day School Herbert C. Kurth Richard S. Falk Brrq Gen W Fr Iohn C Gerltuss Esther Ramaker A Wlllram Asn uth Ir Brrq Gen W Errtz Brerdster O W Carpenter Rrchard S Falk Herman C Frentz l A Wrllram Asmuth Ir Lt lames P Baldrna Ir Brrq Gen W Prrtz Brerdster O W Carpenter Rrchard S Falk Ropert T Foote Herman C Erentzel Edwrn A Gallun lohn C Gerltuss Edward Gerhardy Edward A Bacon Dr N Warren Bourne Andrew Boyd G orqe G Brumder Wrllram G Brumd r Wrllram M Ch st r Mrs Arthur V D Clarks Rrchard S Davrs Mrs Carl Eherpa h Ralph Evrnrud Ha o d S Falk lo ph Hell Dr Arthur T Hol ro 4 Charles E llsl J d E or C ar es D lu 1951-1952 OFFICERS . President Vice-President rtz Brerdster Secretary Treasurer Assrstant Treasurer DIRECTORS Edwrn A Gallun lohn C Gerltuss Edward Gerhardy Mrs Paul S Grant Leroy W Grossman CORPORATION MEMBERS Mrs Paul S Grant Leroy W Grossman Kenneth W Iacobs loseph E Koehler lrvrn S Kramlrch Herbert C Kurth lrwrn Marer Mrs Herman F Merker Fr derrck C Mrller K Dudley Prerson HONORARY DIRECTORS Mrs Walter V Iohnston 'Waldemar S Kopmerer Martrn Lrndsay F a re D Maclfer Arthur N McGeoch lr E Gordon M Geoch G A Monson I hn S OW n ll Fred rrck Puost G Harola Pfau Mrs Cyrus L Ph lrpp L ur Quarles Mrs 'Wrnglr ld Rrcht E a rr Samrnond A S hles ng r lohn E S hro Herbert C Kurth Mrs Herman F Meme A Gledden Santer Russell D L Wrrth loseph E Urhlern lr Edward G Rrcker Ir Phrlrp K Robrnson A Gledden Santer Frtzhuqh Scott Ir Ioseph W Srmpson lr Stephen G Swrsher Ir Edward S Tallmadae loseph E Urhlern Ir Russell D L Wrrth W W Wrnkler Dr Herman C Schumm Frtzhuqh Scott Harold H Seama lrvrnq Secvnan Hugh Srnclarr Mrs L R Smrth T H Spenc Harry M Stratton Mrs Edward S Tal T Vlfestef Tuttle Erwrn C Urhlern Bradl e Van Bru C G Vfcrnfrj W' K VV' nlcl r Mr Charl s TN W'r gh r t VIL. o PRESIDENT OF MOTHERS ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT OF ALUMNI ASSOCIATION a n Ku U ru PRESIDENT OF ALUMNI MOTHERS ASSOCIATION !IsWIfrnLs rr D . . W . . , . , I T S r . . r Z r . r ' . ' ' . e e . c . , . ' . . . O71 . . ' , , e A . ' o . e . . ' A Q ' f' 1 mf. ' V A H - . ' lA.L.XA ' e . I ' -I 1 r I . . r 1 I I ' ' Frederick D. Hansen Mrs. E. L, Phrlipp laseph E. Ulhlein SG. . C 's ' e I . nf . . ' . E3 ol . ' f 'e ' er C, , f ' 'Q T . .ei re 'e 'c , . it . e Altre . l'rrres Armrn . c or fe s. e . if t h E . fines Mrs. . . c eder He her 'esth ff lflrs. Gor To 'mater C. Russell 'fan B ni lr r . r f o a ki, CI- ERN A A MILLER Wzsconsm State College Mzlwaukee Co1umb1a Un1vers1ty Dlrector Kmderqarten and Nursery Department Appomted 1919 68 ALFRED S NICHOLSON BS Prmceton Un1vers1ty Harvard UI11V9l'S1fY M A Columbza Un1vers1ty PIIIICIDCI1 of Iumor School Appomted 1950 DOROTHY EDWARDS GEORGE COOPER Wisconsin State College, Oshkosh: Ripon College Wisconsin State College, Oshkosh Second FOYITII GPI3OiI1T9d 1927- Athletic Directory Mar1ua1 Arts: appointed 1933. ' ,flu Y 4 l CHARLES M. BoEsEL ALLEN G. KRUSE MA" University of Wisconsin B.S., Northwestern Universityq Chicago Fourth Formy appointed 1932. Normal College Fifth Form: Reqistrarg appointed 1926. LONN IE HOUVENAGLE Iowa State Teachers College: Colorado State College ol Education Third Form: appointed 1943. NORMAN R. CLAYTON BA., Carroll College: MA., Northwestern University Seventh Form: appointed 1943. MARY GOODRICH Wisconsin State College, Milwaukee Kindergarten Nursery, appointed 1944. LUCILE NELSON Wisconsin State College, Milwaukee Nursery Department: appointed 1943. GERALD P. LANDT B.S., Wisconsin State College, Milwaukee M.S., University ot Wisconsin Director of Arty appointed 1944. FREDERICK D. IVINS Dartmouth Collegef B.S., Wisconsin State College, Milwaukee Sixth Form: appointed 1945. EUNICE TEICHMAN FLORENCE WEISEL E.S., VVisconsin State College, Milwaukee Wisconsin Stole College, Milwaukee Music ond Reading, appointed 1947. First Form, appointed 1948. EMMA LOPPNOW MARY LA PONT R-Nj, Milwaukee Gel-,emi gcspm-11 Chicago University, Wisconsin Store College, MIlV1f1JlC96 Appointed 1948. fprrizr Kindergarten, appointed 1948. W I ,W iw X , f' V, ef zfwfw V1 45454, .V Azz, 1 , ,' .nv JZ- ' 'f .fifrffbfff ,, 'am 5 ,Q 9:11 , ,f Aff. LOIS I. WESLER Wisconsin Srczie Ccflege, Milwaukee, University of Vfisccnsin xsery Department, :ppcirred 1951. Mc, ,, 'MQW 6 if KATHRYN M. OSTERMEIER Secretary Appointed 1951. SEVENTH FORM The Seventh Form lunior School Class of 1952 was composed of sixteen boys. Most of the boys served on the Student Council at one time or another. The football league games were popular, with "Wisconsin" win- ing four out of six. At the end of the season C.D. lost to Fox Point, 39-12. Touchdowns were made by Bill Kummer and Ken Wil- liams. The Christmas Program was held on December 22. Dickens' Christmas Carol, with Steve Colman as Scrooge, was pre- sented by the class. On February 8, the Seventh Form held a winter sports' party for the Seventh Grade girls of Downer. The girls arrived a little early, but the boys didn't mind. Everyone had a grand time. lOnly two corn-poppers were burned.l At the close of the basketball season they lost to the Eighth Form, 51-19. ln their own tournament the "Lakers" won, taking all their games. On May 7, the Downer Seventh Grade girls invited the boys to a baseball party. They played baseball, had refreshments, and had a grand time. Fathers' and Sons' banquet was held May. 9. Murl Deusing showed one of his many good movies. The class party was held on May 23. They ate dinner and gave a puppet show for their parents. At the moment, they are looking forward IOYCE O. SCHNEIDER Wisconsin State College, La Crosse Iunior Kindergarteng appointed 1951. BETTY C. LAIRD Lawrence College Nursery Department: appointed 1951. to Field Day which will be held Iune 4. The high jumping, broad jumping, and races will be a lot of fun. They are also looking for- ward to their baseball game with Fox Point, which will be held the same day. The Seventh Form graduates will receive their diplomas at the Senior School Com- mencement exercises on Iune 14. SEVENTH FORM quill: Left to Rxqht S Colman F1Sh9f Lcxppm Kummer D Wurnpr Bc seW Schwarz Gebhcxrdt VN nston Le!! lo Rzgbt Schwarz Wxlllums Flsher MQCN 11 Stratton Icmes G bhardt Solmor Ncxrr r 3361: 11:1-.', LGI? rc 91953: ,cries TJIQCNH., '.'f1..1'1rr.s. FISH? .'TZ'.'!I HCS-EHLEZQ, DTYUYYZU, L-?fT11CLlfL.. 75 -Eff fi ITQTZZII . 'bf-SL. ".l'.LY1LI'. X11 SIXTH FORM Back Row Lei! to R1ght F Boesel Talboys Roussy Stroiher Magee M Holbrook Wesley Stevens FrcntF'ow R Ackerman Brerdster Gran Sorenson Warner Glen Me-rker ""1 Kid Back Row Left to Rlght W Casper B Nmholson Goldstein Stolclt Front Row Mzller Sorenson Buck Gran Wrttrg Glen 74 FIFTH FORM Left to Right: I. Wivioit, I. McGregor, Reed, Gcxllun, Rose, EHS. Left Io Rzght H Brumder M yer Wcccczll Mcltuscn Vcm Dyke D Dcxwdson B Foe-rster Burg hard! Mdhqan Ott 15 Left tc Exght: Czlrxzn, Ott, Fried, L. Nctenshzn, E. F:-Eisner, Vlccdcll. FOURTH FORM Left to Rlqhi Kcxsien Brown Loeser Asmuth Cecx Apple R R cd Isenhcxth Freedman Kascn Left to Rzght Kcxsch Fredmcm R Recd Thomas Brown Isenhcxth Kcsten Left to Right: Asmuth, R. Recd, Kusten, Ceci, Loeser, Apple, Fredmon, Brown, 76 THIRD FORM Left to Rlght Fuller Schnetzky Taylor Pceschke H Ncxtenshon W Stevens Bartlett P Brumder W Allen lc F ff ' s 'ff -I r Lm r IQ P1'sl:.1ry l ' r 'H l.1pp n J SECOND FORM Lei! to High! Frank T Casper R Tramer Aberi McGregor Knoeller W1V1OTt Thoma Sastre Lelt to Rxght Owen R Brennan W Kasch Lester C Messlnqer Woodland W Maas Absent H9159 78 - 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 . 1 . 1 1 A 1 1 - - FIRST FORM Qi Left to Rlqht P Anderson Kcmstemer P Mczrtm Smxth Wrlqht Madden Hughes Black Ilfessixcjer, urcssmcn, Mar: ,Rfk-EIYi'l!1, Frame. '9 5321: I?5',w', Le-it to Rzqhtg P. Lindszy, Bell, P. Nithclszn, Barnes, fren! Pow: C. Uihhx N f' Q SENIOR KINDERGARTEN 'vt Baum Harley Top How Left to Rlqht Babb G Maqaw Bottom Row Koehler R Marlm Peters Hatch M Foerster S Kasch Goodman Mclimnon 80 .. IA . .. X, Left lo Right: C. Trainer, H. Allen, Gaynon, Thomas, A. Uihlein, Bakke, T. Read, Young, C. Uihlein-, IUNIOR KINDERGARTEN Back Row Left to R1ght KUGLIH Elser W Holkrook I Brennan Lczppm Ivms Hokcmson 'WV ISYY Rubm Buettner Front Row N' Davmsor Hokcmson E Mcxgcw fe, C7 Bak F .ff Le-'P to H1qht uns e r M Jie 77 ff FIS V1 res Fr n V' 81 NURSERY L' . - . N 93' A---.DfmD Le!! to Hxqht Royce Lu Pomte W1shner L1ndemcnn Macs Soref Loorms Lmllydohl Gates Left to Rzqht Wexnshel Clark Stratton D vme P U1hle1n Block D Anderson Rosemxxum D U1H1e1n ll. 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S' 25 sg s ii 4 3 f Your Satvxfcchon Guaranteed Equally at home for dress wear or busmess Holeproofs smartly styled thuck andthun rxbns smart, unusual comfortable and long weormg Snug futtung too Your favorrte color nn short or regular lengths aaa n awarded Faxhron Academy Gold Medal , of . . . , 0 f . . . I L ' 1 4 . , s . . ., 1 A l . , ': V ' . N . . ' . v A L Y . . A vi V . P - - - v , . , . . . .A . A - " ' 11. f- .1 fi- A. . .C Lv.-. ny.. ' ' ' 1, .,.. , . 1- -45 4- f wi. 11- -V! 1'-sz .5-14,1 s1f5'74:u:f , , .-U.. .1 1, .,..m.,.s.,, .,. - . -- :-r- 2- 1 -- 1. - 'nr ' --115-1 wha:-r 'sz-:dz-1 - w r , I , v . 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Suggestions in the Milwaukee Country Day School - Arrow Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) collection:

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