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2 , fn, ,........1 WEEE EALQESGUDWV w............,.u..... . .- A45 ,, su . ss' The Annual published by the Arrow Staff of the Milwaukee Country Day School U Q9 5 il VOLUME TWENTY-FOUR Foreword . . . One seldom real1zes Just how qutclcly the days and years spent at Country Day pass by We of the Arrow staff hope to embody 1n th1s annual th atmosphere fme tradrtton and Splfll that make our school umque It 1n the future one merely peruses these pages and recalls the events and 1nc1dents of h1s school hte here we feel that the effort devoted rn producmq th1s l95l Arrow was well worth whrle The emphasts on the personahty and character of the student body wrll form we th1nk a clearer ptcture of one s stay at the School upon the Htll Q . .., , , . 1 . , . f 1 I Arrow Edrtors Busmess Managers PHILLIP CARL MAYER LAWRENCE REINHARDT PGLLWORTH GEORGE EDWARD WARNER PETER FREDERICK VILTER Photography Edrtor Photography Contrrbutor ALFRED UIHLEIN ELSER, IR GERALD KENNETH ELAGG M1lwaukee Country Day School Edward G rhardy R1chard S Fall' Edward G Rtclcer O W Carpenter Esther Ramaker A W1ll1am Asmuth Ir O W Carpenter Ralph Evmrude Rrchard S Falk Herman C Erentzel A W1lham Asrnuth Ir Lt IamesP Baldlnq Bnq Gen W FIIIZ Bre1dster O W Carpenter Ralph Evmrude Robert T Foote Herman C Frentzel Edwln A Gallun Iohn C Gerltuss Edward A Bacon Andrew Boyd W M Chester Rlchard S Davrs Mrs Carl W Eberbach Harold S Ealk Erederlclc D Hansen Ioseph Hell Dr A T Holbrook Alfred E Iames Charles D Iames Waldemar S Koprneler Martm Lmdsay 1950 1951 OFFICERS DIRECTORS Edwm A Gallun Edward Gerhardy Mrs Paul S Grant Leroy W Grossman Herbert C Kurth CORPORATION MEMBERS Edward Gerhardy Mrs Paul S Grant Leroy W Grossman Kenneth W Iacobs Ioseph E Koehler Irwm Maler Mrs Herman E Merker Erederlclc C M1ller K Dudley P1erson HON ORARY DIRECTORS Fraz1er D MacIver G A Monson Iohn S Owen II G Harold Ptau Mrs Cyrus L Plnlhpp Mrs E L Phllhpp I P Pulham Louls Ouarles Mrs W1nat1eId Rtchter Erederlc Sarnmond Armtn A Schlestnaer Mrs Iohn E Schro der Presldent Vzce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Assrstant Treasurer Mrs Herman F Merlcer Edward G Rlcker Ir A Gledden Santer Russell D L Wlrth loseph E U1hIe1n Ir Edward G Rlclcer Ir Ph1I1p K Robmson A Gledden Santer Enzhuqh Scott Ir Ioseph W S1mpson Ir Mrs Edward S Tallmadqe Ioseph E U1hIe1n Ir Russell D L Wlrth W W Wlnkler Eltzhuah Scott S Eltzhuqh Scott Ir Harold H Seaman Huqh Smclatr Mrs L R Smlth T H Spence T Westley Tuttle Ioseph E Ulhleln Bradlee Van Brunt C O Wanvtq W K W1nkIer Mrs Charles W Wnqht Herbert Wuesthott PRESIDENT OF MOTHERS ASSO IATION PRESIDENT OF ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Mrs Gordon Kummer W W Wmkler PRESIDENT OF ALUMNI MOTHERS ASSOCIATION Mrs A V D Clarkson 1 . ' , Ir ........ 1 Richard S. Falk Herbert Kurth Stephen Swisherl, Ir.. . ' . ' , r. ' ' 'X Ded1cat1on . . . At an institution such as Milwaukee Country Day S hool where loyalty and faithfulness to the school are strongly emphasized it is fitting that we dedicate this l95l Arrow to Bert Wheeler For twenty six years Bert has stead campus and buildings in excellent condition However not only does he faith fully accomplish th1s tremendous task but he also has been a constant friend ot all the students through his many years ot service It is hoped that th1s dedication will in some way repay Bert for the effort he has so gen rously devoted to our school I O lastly and devotedly carried out his sometimes thankless job of keeping our A GLEDDEN SANTER Headmaster MA., Cambridge University: Latin HEHMANN T PICK A B Harvard Umversrty pomted 1917 WILLIAM B CHURCH AB AM Hamllton College SCIQUCG Assoc1ate Headmaster appomted 935 German, Lating Assistant Headmasterg ap- 1 . HARVEYI RAMAKER AB Hope College V1 Albletlc Dlrector appomled 9 KENNETH G LAIRD AB Lawrence College MA Columbla Umverszly HISYOIY Coach of Football and Tenms ap pomted 1937 THOMAS E HUGHES A B MA UUIVQTSHY ol' Wlsconszn Mathemaucs Coach of Hockey and Baseball Asslstant Coach of Football appomted 1941 PAUL W WATERMAN Ph B Umverslty ol Vermont Matbemallcs, Busmess Manager, appomted 1920 l fm 1 ,, f f 1 Lilli. Q 1 ' 5 l 1 19. S ELAINE C. SCHA1-:I-'FEB i B.A., Macalester College: M.A., Umversrty of California Guldarzceg History: Erlqlishy appomled l944. DONALD C WILSON BA Mrdlarzd College MA Un1vers1ty of Nebraska Matl'1ema11cs Basketball Coaclo IV Football Coach ASSISTCIUT Coa h of Tra lc appomt Cl 944 GEORGE I DEVINE BA MA Brown UHIVGISHY Enqllsh Advisor to Publlcauons appomted 944 HERBERT W OVIATT IR Bo MA Baes Co ge 1 ., ,I . ., . ' f- f- - ' Q 1 N-f v 1 V 7 7 ' ,, .. . ., . ., r ..e frglshq Trick Cozzohg Asslstarf South of Bas- Qzetnallf azgzgmed 1944. 'I ESTHER S RAMAKER Asszstont Treo urer Appomted 1926 RICHARD B WIGHT B!-1 Yole Unlverslty French Spomsh Footbo11 Track oppomted 1949 MARIE L KUECHERER AUDREY H ARNDT BA MISSION House College Llbrorlcm oppomted 1950 Appomted 1946 Secretory 10 .YM A 1 ,ff Q ij THE CLASS OF 51 1.2 ww IAMES A GRAASKAMP Senror Class presrdent never wrth out a sultably humorous remark endowed wrth exceptronal wr1t1ng ab1l1 Ledger edltor Old Guard respons1ble as Prom Chalrman for Country Day s best prom most ob stlnate member of class frequent perpetrator of careless mlstakes par trcularly 1n Herr F1CkS Deutsch class Jomed the B team after seasonlng hls 63 frame for a year 1n Sen1or Leagues occas1onally seen throw mg dlscus around when not worlclng on the prom seldom falls to express a gr1pe rntensely 1nterested rn archl ture draws house plans on any thlng usually geometry books ways a top student possesses an astoundlnq Vocabulary class 1nd1 v1dual1st has been basso vlrtuoso ln Glee Club s1nce sophomore year contrlbuted many prctures for the Arrow boasts of huge lrsh he s caught at Darrymans thlnklng of W1l11ams a very popular and pleasant mem ber of our class . it ty... , 'W- , , One of the class outstandmg per sonahtres has that Gl1SJO1I'1lGd appearance vrce presrdent of the Senror Class affable Senlor prefect mrldly sarcastlc and satrrrcal wrt somehow manages as Ledger ed1tor to get every 1ssue out on trme almost every rssue orator old battered Ford con Vert1ble becomes so excrted dur 1ng football games that he bashes ln bystander s head abandoned hockey for the rrgors of Sen1or Leagues Ledger room rumpus ralser forced mto Mr Water PETER H SAMMOND 4 12 mans solld class by popular de mand remarkable 1m1tator of varrous faculty members ant1 homework ag1tator stellar tenor m the Garnbolrers remarkable h1gh Jumprng prowess squeezed by Herr Flck s hectrc German exams student councrl regular SIHCG hlS sophomore year extra-cur rrcular actlvltles grrls thmk mg of headmg for Wrllrams and 1lS gay college lrfe contmually 1n qu1s1t1ve m class gets a b1g lack out of faculty blunders undenla oly one of the most popular and hlghly respected members of the Senror Class l that is . . . golden-tongued Senior .I . .. i .' ' ' . IAMES F BIAGI Newest member of Senror Class C D s only post grad possess s ter r1t1c football and basketball ab1l1ty has mdoctrmated many of hrs class mates Wllh unusual Elkhom1s1ms Matooch Oh Yeah' frequent remark on recelvrng a two week test Ive been stabbed' estabhshed hlmselt at Country Day by promptly belng elected to the student councxl mathematlcally 1ncl1ned espec1ally to Pauls sol1d class capable ot pro duc1ng a contmuous patter of h1lar1ous remarks not 1mpressed Wllh Downer Gtrls many prevrous expenences rn Flkhorn only Semor not harassed by book reports before lanuary has outrageously endured the trrals and trlbulatxons of CD s educat1onal system plans to lourney to the 1vy halls of Yale next year a welcome and popular addltlon to our class R E HENRYI BLOMMER IR One of the larger members of our class always calm and collected except when conironted wrth an 1mpos1ng fac ulty member lmportant cog on the football basketball and tennrs varsr 1es culmmated h1s trve year stay here by belng elected to the stud nt councrl keeps late hours that llttle red Rambler only slrghtly tanatlcal about sk11ng well mtotmed chocolate expert gxves enl1ghten1ng speeches on thls subJect one more of the several class outdoorsmen usually has thmgs done on tlme very mdustrlous student deep bass volce has startled many an unsuspe t 1ng person possessor ot an excellent sense of humor and on of the loudest laughs ln school one ot the most well llked Semors . J - . . . 9' ' Q ,. T I ,jj A m l ,Q I' ,V 'tv ' l' . . I. ' A ' ' - L ' e ' ' . ,l .I a . . . Q V DAVID A BLUME Outstandrng as slowesteatrng Senror math and scrence brarn rn fact an all round brarn t rrrfres speedrng classmates wrth hrs black Ford never raucous but possesses amazrng latent humor astounded class by hrs sudden partralrty to the opposrte sex thrs year always ready wrth last mrnute hrstory questrons before a threatened test on of the more lenrent student councrl members srnce hrs sophomore year rmmovable defenseman on Mr Hughes hockey contrngent Fats another C D lad asprrrng to the hrgh lrfe at Yale worst srnger rn the Senror class dont see why you arent allowed to sleep rn study hall swrngs a mean tennrs racket come sprrng too lazy extra credrt problems CHARLES W BOURNE One of the hardest workers rn the Senror Class records vast tomes of notes and mrscellany expert cue man of Junror srzed pool tables gressrve guard on Ken Larrd s football team thrs year and three year regular on Country Day S hockey squad room 10 eraser thrower numerous hard to belreve frsh storres usually our classs hrghest representatrve on honor roll Glee Club crooner tor two years rts been rumored that hrs uncontrollable changrng Vorce account ed for hrs resrgnatron from thrs vocal assemblage never does thrngs the easy way varred tastes rn opposrte sex frequently contrrbutes scrntrllat rng reports of hockey games to the Ledger rather erratrc drrver of the famrly s new Burcks strongly sus pected of possessrng hrs brother s tests . . . e to attempt Mr. Church's bewildering 2. 1 5. wx ' ' - ' . . . ag- THOMAS A EVINRUDE Most coordrnated person at s hool probably the most conscrentrous and hardest worker rn the Serrror Class Moose poundrna fullback contortronrst of the bask tball floor another Old Guard takes almost everythrnq serrously pleasant rumor prefect profrcrent rn all hrs athletrc pursurts produces some of the b t ter Senror speeches softspoken qreat outdoorsmarr lona campmq trrps hrghlraht hrs summers student coun crl member srnce hrs freshman year numerous letters rn football basketball and tennrs football captarn head rnq for Dartmouth and a Job rn Evrn rude Motors one of the frrst rn our class to feel the clutches of the law possesses a mrahty physrque qurt member of the Class of Sl -'av ROBERT D FITZGERALD C D s only Confederate one of Mr Wrqht s more enlrqhtened Spanrsh stu dents The doctors sard my rn flamed rlrum was the worst case they ve seen rn years Stones vocr ferous Bear coach deserted Downer arrls for the Tosa varrety has heav ed varrous shots durrnq the sprrna unhurrred and easy qornq perpetual server at Senror table ""l rules wrrrter sports perrod study hall wrth an rron hand one of Mr Church s new struqalers somehow managed to escape two years wrthout mayor rnrury rn Senror L aques Country Club charmer durrna the summer frnally left Glee Club after three years of rm mense vocal support popular wrth all for hrs rrresrstrble humor and frrend 'rness ' ' 'e a Romeo . . . a sincere and greatly lrlced , L. v it ' ,Q . . . ' ' e ' . .. A . V GERALD K FLAGG Crazy legs sp1r1ted fullback on C D s undefeated football team th1s year not a slow drlver ot tamtly s new Pont1ac convertrble ermts strange norses whrle scarnperrng about the basketball court never lacks a comment at class meetlngs as stuck by the Cxlee Club tor tour years another one of those tanatlcal skrers yearly Jaunts to Aspen or Sun Valley the demon ot Senror Leagues seems he was lntluenced by the Globe Trotters captam ot Flagg s Flunkles unusual extra currrcular act1v1ty mountaln Cl1IT1lD1I'1Q always depart rng from school to replenrsh h1s supply ot tlash bulbs plans to attend Cor nell s School of Engrneermg steady student contrlbutes p1ctures tor the Arrow never lacks the energy to accept somethrng new EDWARD T GERHARDY C D s all round boy one of the few Old Guards of our Class a stand out 1n every one ot hrs athletrc pursults letters rn football basketball and baseball basketball captam good student wows the grrls Wllh hrs handsome physrognomy Junlor prefect drrves h1s Bermuda bell equrpped Chevvre more or less Con servatrvely stuck as class treasurer tor f1V9 years great drssenter dur 1ng Mr Ovlatt s Enghsh classes one ot our f1TSl councrl members lavorlte ot Lutheran g1rls at basketball games reluctantly ass1sts lrazzled Ledger edltors w1th artlcles for the1r br monthly popular w1th everyone tm cludlng the faculty? trve year mern ber ot the Glee Club Gamboher one of the neatest dressers 1n school truly an outstandrng member of the Sen 1or Class Agfgwffisr, . rr - wgsfjfg' V. H H . . . . , . , . f . . . . . G I M" C'- ' E I , H H m , 1 , . 1 . 16 BRUCE R GRAN Smallest member of Sentor Class not the quretest however theatrlcal connectlons enable h1m to have free access to numerous movte theaters around town famous Waterford and Oconomowoc tales golf fend after a year of pr1m1ng on the B team he has become a Semor League hot shot and captatn of Gran s Grumblers an outstandmg mrler on C D s track team determlned scholar noted for fantastlc tales of romanttc explolts a more experrenced C D drlver has eluded the long arm of the law for over two years member of the nu merous last mrnute book report clan stellar quarterback and halfback on IV backfteld attempts any krnd o athlet1c pursult one of the most harassed members of Mr Ovratts r1b poktng sesstons a lot of fun THOMAS I GUTENKUNST expert on economlcs and flnancmg ar1s1ng from the murky depths of Mr Flcks German he attamed occa slonal honor roll averages Llncoln Memor1al experlences hllarrous sense of humor poker flend voc1 ferously denles all cheatlng accusa tlons vlolent ant1 soctahst man ages to out Jab all other Sentor League stalwarts Gutle unusual hrgh Jumpmg form earned h1m a berth on Mr OV1Gll s track squad con no1sseur of f1ne women synony mous w1th a good ttrne favor1te expresston tycoon chtef 1nst1 gator of mayhem durmg Pauls geo metry class one of the most consct entrous students 1n the Sentor Class severely tempted by leopard skm vests well llked by all hts classmates Q""9" ' ' I J' B y A 4 , ,..'.f ... I Probably C.D.'s most fanatical driver ' 17 FREDERIC S LA CROIX Most srlent and unobtruslve member of Senlor Class qulte a hlstory scholar msrsts ancrent htstory beats all other subJects stubbornly refuses to be rnfluenced by the opposlte sex noted for t1n1sh1ng all h1s tests and ex ams last obJects to Senror Leagues says Powell doesnt let h1m shoot enough collects coms records and musty hrstory books really applles hrmselt to h1s school work bats tennls balls around 1n the spr1ng dormant sense of humor or1gmator ot an unusual lett handed hook shot 1n Senror Leagues that rarely h1ts the backboard unknown weekend ac t1v1t1es 1ntect1ous laugh Harvard and Yale authority Glee Club groaner The Hawk Jnterest mg drrver of hrs battle scarred Burck trtendly to all Senlor Class best host wr1tes h1la nous Spectators for desperate Ledger edltors lmbued wrth that good old CD Sp1r1t never mtsses a school tunctlon through d1nt of h1s vocal CIQ1l1lY Cnot to be confused w1th abrhtyl he assumed h1s pos1t1on m the Gam bollers th1s year thr1ll1ng deer hunt 1ng experlences great adm1rer of Weber s qu1ps excellent manager for football team lh1S year and basket ball team m h1s sophomore year an Arrow edrtor Just loves h1s prac ttcal Jokes tyrannlcal Czar ot Fresh men ln1t1at1on wh1les away the hours wlth the Ledger room gang only Jun1or takmg auto mechamcs last year pre-chapel drsc Jockey avrd skrer creator of unorthodox rattles at Semor table ii2 popular w1th everyone l L PHILLIP c. MAYER IACK F MIKKELSON The boy wrth the red harr ubrqurt ous srght around the sacred halls of Country Day competent crrcula trorr manager of the Ledger thrs year rmury rmparrs hrs partrcrpatron rn most sports played a stellar brand of tennrs on CD s successful tennrs team for three years has been at Country Day srnce frfth grade rs father s constructron company came rn handy for our Class prom televrsron aerral on hrs brown Oldsmobrle one of the gay young lads rn the Ledger balcony rarely seen wrth Downer grr s coach of Packers rntra mural football team calm and col lected at all trmes supplres rnfre quent but humorous wrttrcrsms plans to amass a fortune rn the Mrk kelson burldrng busrness a cheer ful word for everyone EDWARD P OVIATT Youngest member of Senror Class outstandrng rn athletrcs nrne letters rn football basketball and track u Mr Waterman l strll dont see why ED brsects plane m one of the better Senror orators Ledger edrtor suspected of havrng access to hrs fath er s test papers a Glee Club stand by for four years now secretary and a Gambolrer ot that organrzatron CD s sports expert par excellence rmpartral prefect hrs frantrc de fensrve manoeuvers have saved Mr Wrlsons qurntet more than once escapades wrth black Fords rn fam rly s bug always prepared wrth an approprrate qurp wrll laugh at almost anythrng occasronal honor roll scholar durrng hrs four year grrnd rn the A classes a leader rn all hrs dutres everyone s frrend 4-F'9"" wal? LAWRENCE R POLLWORTH The small lad w1th the long harr rrsked llfe and llmb 1n S nlor Leagues for three years track manager last year never worrles about car troubles he doesnt dr1ve always seen to depart mysterrously at 245 from school each day for parts un known helpful member of Ledger advertlslng department forceful coach of lntramural football team very averse to a common form of tor ture known as the book report qu1et and unassummg had own chemlstry theorxes wh1ch only recelved broken shovels sllghtly myst1f1ed by the fa1r sex however does put up wrth them at forced Downer dances very good sense of humor a cheerful smlle for everyone along w1th Vrlter com petent and dependable manager of Arrow advert1s1ng lOl-IN M POWELL Women nuts' remarkable horse nrs Glee Club member 1n freshman and Semor years spends w1nter afternoons 1ndulg1ng 1n Sen1or League basketball captam of Powells Pansles belleves anythmg you tell h1m not mclmed toward qu1etness espec1ally when obrectlng to one of Mr W1ght s famous basketball dec1 s1ons Mac Mlckey New Years Eve date d1ff1cult1es won two letters 1n football talented brg toe booted numerous extra pomts one of the members of that resplend ent octet the Gambohers th1s year enloys the great outdoors expert wood chopper noted for saymg the wrong thmgs at the rxght t1me 1mma culate dresser has enl1vened many of hrs classes wrth a few Powelhsrns , . . . S . fill: K' , l l laugh . . . received three letters in ten- EDWARD A PURTELL lR One of our most casual Senlors always prepared for an approprrately humorous statement on any subnect at any t1me accumulat s tremendous prles of prnk card easrly susceptrble to the common cold after a brref two week v1s1t rn freshman year he decrded to Jorn us agarn last year staunch guard on Varsrty eleven fanatrcal outdoorsman one of the more muscular members of our class great satlor drlver of huge Ltncolns common exhorta t1on Stay cool fellows extremely resourceful rn dlggrng up a last rnrnute date from hts vast store of female ac quarntances rough and ready Senlor Leaguer for two years ardent skter consc1ent1ous ob1ector to frxed rattles at Senlor tables well llked by all hrs classmates PETER F VILTER Master mechanrc and expert on all au tomot1ve and mechanrcal problems mysterrous 1n1ury has prevented hlm from partlcrpatlng ln athletrcs Ledger balcony rnterlor decorator has made thrs once removed cubby hole a popular meetrng place frrendlrest sm1le clalms hrs farnrly owns the fastest boat on Prne Lake usually puts th1ngs off unt1l the last mmute never seen around the halls of CD after 2 45 recerves more broken shovels and srde comments on Mr Churchs physrcs test than any of the other strugglrng puprls another room 10 warrtor after a year as ad vertrslng manager for the Ledger he IS now servrng 1n the same capacrty for the Arrow trted Sentor Leagues and lmmedtately resrgned pleasant de meanor and good sense of humor ' . . . e . , S! . , - l I I I - . . . "EA" 1 1 f 1 lr ' . . If - I , . GEORGE E WARNER Never does anythlng unt1l the last mm u e has been around C D s1nce hrs freshman year unhurrled memb r of the notorrous Semor Leagues also a dabbler rn ter1n1s and football thrrd honors 1n nlnth form and sec ond honors m eleventh form has a s1ster really grlnds the gears on hrs new Plymouth Arrow edrtor banged away ln the r1fle club for two years New Years Eve drffrcultres numerous tales of experrences Up North not partlcularly mfluenced by the fa1r damsels rarely fmrshes hrs homework gruellmg all mght book report sess1ons throws erasers at Mr Church rather quret and re l1C9I'1l occaslonal sarcastlc humor plannmg to attend the Unrverslty HENRY I WEBER Butt of multltudes of Jokes all round leader culmrnated hrs football career at CD by attalnmg a berth on the All Conference Team thrs year also a standout rn S n1or Leagues Captaln of Weber s Weasels rumor prefect and student councrl regular smce h1s freshman year one of Mr Ovratts favorlte dupes thrllls h1s drrvmg pool wrth amazmg drsplays of muscular coord1nat1on honor roll averages for four years has had cons1derable d1ff1cult1es wrth women for four years has steadfastly re fused to leave the Glee Club desprte requests by envlous frrends often contrlbutes artlcles to the Ledger won Harvard Book Prrze last year frequently emlts gems of wlsdom rn h1s classes fa1thful to the school rn all respects a swell guy f . . .'- . . ' ' of Michigan next fall. PETER F. WEGMANN Firm believer in having a good time . . . seems to develop strange illnesses on book report Mondays . . . really beats up the family cars . . . probably the most widely known person in our class frequently in and out of rams has recently switched to Downer girls athlete extraordinary letters ln football hockey and baseball ig gest point getter in the Wisconsin Prep Football Conference this year also All Conference back co aptarn and and mainstay on CD s hockey team one of the best throwing arms on Hughes baseball contingent con tinual excuses when there is snow to be shoveled off the hockey rink real man of the world made life tough for the freshmen his complete supply of humor makes him a desired member of any gathering ""'!f HARRY M WIRTH Never at a loss for something to say Please Mr Hughes lll be good' extremely conscientious in his school work great borrower of other peoples hom work never allows basketball to interfere with skiing Junior prefect has valiantly tri d to auses uproars every time he an nounces he will attend a dan stag claims distinction of being only trump t blower n Senior Class best tennis player to ht CD a so 'nany lett rs in football and basketball fnghtens old ladi s with his ar horns enthusiast aboutt eve v thing has o far res1st d M Qviatt s pleas to come out for tra k Harry Macky most likely the href sum-ect of Downer gossip hounds every one has fun when he s around - -C ' ' .. . a " AQ x ,4 W. 1 ' e . . . oppose keeping peace in his classes . . . C ' . e r i ' H . . . ' ' i . ..., lc s . . . ' ic I 1 V r,- A , . .. ' s L e r, ' C . '. c ' ' p, US IN 46 Bc1ckHoW Burlmqclme Ovzott Boker Schroeder Lcrw Bourne Flaqq Mlddle Row Weqmcmn Breslcruer Boerke Gerhurdy Lo Crorx Weber Gczllun Front Row Pokrcrss Mrkkelson Krause Grucrslccrmp Wlrth Scmmond Evmrude US IN 50 Mzddle How Gutenkunst Gran Flcxqq Pollworth Ovrctt Purtell Weqmcmn Warn r Bourne Front Row M1kkelson Burlmqome Blume Moyer Lu Crorx Brumder Boerke Weber Evmrude 2-1 I I Back How: Ohlsen, Ville-r, Powell, Wirth, Gerhurdy, Fitzgerald, Scrmmond, Blommer, Grcrcrskcxmp Back Row Kurth T Fltzgerald R Gutenkunst Grossman Steelman OToole Wlndsor Snapper Elsenberg Schlpper Elser C D cker Flora Fraser Frentzel Fourth Row Morsell Ohlsen Boerke Lunney Owen Thrrd Row Duecker Goemans Froemmmg D Moore Second How S MacNe1l F Mxller Bowes D Srnclatr l Smclatr Front How W I-lardtke Shutkm Smythe Srmpson Mandel Mater lames Absent Stewart THE CLASS OF 52 Th1s year tour new members Jotned the class of 52 thus swell 1ng tts ranks to an all t1me h1gh ot thlrty seven Our new colleagues are Drck OToole Dan Sch1pper Pete Shutkrn and Dave Stewart The Juntor class began the year rtght by electlng Tom Fltzgerald dues gatherer B111 Smythe as se retary treasurer Slnce shortly after hrs electron Tom has been troubled by l1ttle votces askmg about class nngs The Iunlors were ably represented on the Stu dent Councl by Don and lan Stn cla1r B1ll Smythe Ted Bowes lohn Fraser and Tom Frentzel Lee Morsell Fred Elser Art Snap per and Fred Mtller conststently represented the class on the honor ro Thts tall Pete Duecker Mort Flora Iohn Goemans Sandy MacNe1l Fred Mrller Dtck OToole lohn Owen Dan Schrpper lan Stnclatr Don Smclatr and B1ll Smythe were members ot Coach Latrd undefeated football team whtle many mem bers ot the class played for Herr Wrlson on ,Q Z 25 the very successful IV squad Several members ot our class spent long hours devlslng plays tor the1r proteges on vartous luntor League teams When old man wlnter came rolltng down from the north Ian Sm la1r Ted W1ndsor and Doug basketball squad whtle Fred Elser lohn Fraser and Duke Grossman were members ot the B team Pete Duecker Dtck Gut enkunst Sandy MacNe1l Fred Mlller and B1ll Smythe played tor the hockey squad When sprrng arrlves Ted Bowes Fred Elser Mort Flora Fred Mtller Larry Ohlsen Iohn Owen and B1ll Smythe w1ll pound the track and throw thtngs under under the dtrectlon ot Coaches Ovtatt and Wtlson Meanwhlle Pete Duecker Iohn Goemans Iohn Fraser and Sam lames wtll be kept busy on the dtamond whtle loe Slmpson w1ll conttnue hts ex ellent work on the tennts squad The largest class at CD wtshes the Senlors the best I I - ""-V president and re-electing capable Sf9GlmCI1'1 DlClY9Cl OU the VUTSUY - 4 V- A , T . I I I . ' ' I I I - 1 i ' . . 1 1 1 Vi' . I I , ll. ' ' ' ' 's ' ' ' c ' Baci: Bow laemsch Walt n Snnh Karser McG1veran Becvneyer Brerdster Sawyer P -Cu hn C Hardtx L1tell Buetlner Thrrd Rev Pat r on l-lab rlarj Gallun odend erf r Second Ro B G bhardt Galdsrnrvr Schwa 7 Brennan front Ro Lrnd rr Klurnb Carp n alce H Flaqq B Kramnch sent C p r M THE CLASS OF 53 Wrth the addrtron of three new boys namely Ben McG1veran Dete Smrth and Hayco Iaenrsch an exchanqe student from Ger many and wrth the loss ot som of the older members the class o 53 has twenty eraht boys enrolled rn 1t thls year By electrna D1ck Kramlrch pres rdent and Btll Carpenter treasurer the sophomore class start d ott the year on the rrqht foot l-lavrna re elected Haberland and Be lcmey er the sophomores chose Brll Brerdster and Drclc Kramlrch to strenathen the student counctl Many of the sophomores were Cn varsrty teams B1ll Lrttell Brll Brerdster Bob Gebnardt and Bll Carpenter represented the class on Coach La rds undefeated eleven Moreover alrnpst all the rest of the class played IV football ln the wrnter Harry Drak T rn Sawy r Bob Cooper Brll Lrtt ll Charlre Hardtlce and Drck Kramlrch supported the varsrty basketball teams those who prac trced shovelrna on the varsrty ho key team we e Drck Gallun Bob Gebhardt Brll Car '..'::f:g penter ltm M yer and Ben Mc Grveran Sprtna found Tom Saw yer Brll Carpenter and Bob Geb hardt runnma up track pornts Brll Lrttell and Bob Coop r drsplayed therr talents on th baseball dra mond The class was also well repre sented rn the held ot a trvrtres l-larry Flaqa Carl Schwarz and Gambolrer Brerdster sana rn th alee club Some ot the boys worked tor pubhcattons St1ll more Jorned the rrtle club whlle some howed nterest rn the chess club ln the sprrna Beckrnefer and ,mp Sawyer plan to hurdle new man Brll Lrttell hopes to run and Bobby Gebhardt plans to pole vault Car penter combrn s the qu rter rnrle wrth pole Vadltrna whrl new man Peter Ku hn shows QTOYTIISQ rn both the hlqh Jumps and sprtnts Cn the whole th1s y ar was a su ess os who led the class scholastrcally were Brll Ernst rn Brerdster and hm M yer The remarnrnq two years at M CD S p om se to be brqqer suc esses for the class of 'L , . ' .': o s ' e r' B 3 e. ' w: . e' , 'I, . r., . ' wr ' e , , e ter, Br , . , . ' C' .. Ab : oo e , eyer. I 1 3 ' I I I ' - L I I I - I - . Q . D . , C l C I . 5 . L , t 9 ' f . - C . , . , 3 . . , 9 A - , , . , r . . , W I Q 5 - . , ' X 'K f N J , . . 1 . , C ' ' A , , - 1 - A A ' W. C , ,Qt . 1 1 1 ,tj I I V fi F A 1 , 4 4 1 V f sig . . , 9 1 l N ' 1' ' S r S . . , A Q . . ' V FN ' A . . 9, C . C CC . 2. ' 1 Q ' ml'-1 Q ' C , , C , C . . CC , . C 9 9 . I . - 4 Y' . , A ..,. g . , , , F 4 . A C , C f ' ' 53 r , , - . Z6 T Back Row Urh ern Re t r -Craem r Darlmg Stockrng arney Leep W Muler I-lunkel l Moore Thrrd Row North Brumd r Bury Pa tow Serond Row P Ma Nerl D Decker Fox front Row Kloppenhurq Dvorak Nolte Kahn McCl1y Lrndner llrcfm Absent Auclnt r Tallmadge The twenty srx members rn the photograph above comprrse the class of 54 The new members of the class are Fred Bury Ronald Darlrng Peter MacNe1l and Irm Stockrng from Fox Po nt Kem Nolte from Rrchards Brll Fox from St Roberts and Irfn Re tor from Lakewood rn Madrson Thrs fresh man class after a hard struggle was soon crossed off th bla k lrst of the Senrors Headrng the lrst rn the scholas trc freld are Harold Dvorak Ted Tallmadge Mrke Urhlern Irm Rec tor and Kern Nolte Ele ted as th 1llustr1ous presrdent of hrs class was Mrchael Urhle n and as se etary treasurer Stev North Th electr n to tne stud nt un rl also ga JG l-ldrold Dvorak and lm Moore nrernb rshrps Curr only sharpsho ter ls T d rr n N n r: C rn T a l a ge a l 4 ann ss tro s l r a LC rt a t btrtor t tl' Leager h d nous pr fr sr gr talent rn that respect 7 THE CLASS OF 54 l In fall sports most of the boys were rn the rntramural football group whrle Ie-rry Kloppenburg Drck Leep and Irm Stockrng played wtth the Tumor Varsrty Durrng the wrnter basketball was the mam sport but there was a large group of shovelers out for hockey ferry Kloppenburg dls trngurshed hlmself rn hockey by w1nn1ng hrs letter Brllv Fox played on both the B and freshman bas ketball teams hm Stockrng and D1ck Leep also played on the latter team Sprmg brought many recrurts for the three sports played durrng that season Formrng a good nucleus on the freshman track squad the ultrrrate stars of the team were lack Aucht r Drck Bury Bob Car ney Ron Darllng Brl Fox Drck Leep Peter Ma Nerl Kem Nolte mth th aseball t are were le ry Kloppen ura Dux Je l-lunkel Brll Mrll r and Dennrs Lm 'ter The tennrs cours a ra ted Brll Brurrder Dan M Clay Steve N th and Ted T ll a g Tx, ' I X, ' lf - ' 1 . hx r : . ' , cc , I e , ' , " , C , , . " , , . . ' : . r, e , , e , . . J . .C , , , . T : , . I ' i : 'ax ' ' - .e c ' ' ' . ' A , ' ' ' , ' - 1' 5 ' , . . c .e -- A ' ' t , A , Y Y I I t A i I C- KX V H . X.. rc - c , e . e ' c- c ' e co r c' ' V Y f 1 ' A Lu Q , - c .c. e ' . r tt ' - 1 1 1 f f o c " e V , f c ' , . Tallmadge, last year's second place tourna- Irrn Rector, and lim Stocking. 'Norking out t 1 Bc' ,a hey, e' Tahm dec, ' ' e lc . e c or - an' acl K l.. are the class' contrrbu' r.- L' ,, f' c V , ' .e , . V ' to the glee club. Steve No th h s Ce. ccn- Q d. c . c T t rt c ' 'rr' t . o .e ' 1 is year an s' ' - . . c , c , or cr , . or .1 ' - - . d e. Back Row O Gebhardt A Kuehn R Lrttell Madtson Perrce Boalt Beck Wzqdale Hermg Damels M1ddle Row Colman Swanstrom Btschotf Ward Rose Front Row Russell Thomas Whtte R Gran Read Steele Ausman I Purtell Schmldt Absent D Kramltch The class ot 55 began 1ts erghth grade year w1th the add1t1on of four new members lonathan Rose from the Unrversrty School Shaker Herghts Cleveland Ohro Ilm W1gdale from Shorewood lun IOI Hlgh School Bob Gran from from State Teachers When the trme to hold class electrons arnved Doug Kramllch was elected head man of the crew and Iohn Beck was chosen to take care ot any f1nanc1al prob lems that mrght arlse ln act1v1t1es the class was well represented ln rrtle club tor much of the e1ghth graders trme was spent rn the b1g gym shootrng at targets and occas1onally at the walls A few boys consumed the1r trme at the chess tables or blend lng Mr Landt s crayons and parnt brushes Terry Brschott Tom Colman and Ilm Wlg dale the long wlnded members ot the class were able to lend the1r mellow votces to those of the rest of the glee club THE CLASS OF 55 28 Athletrcally the elghth grade con tr1buted largely to B team hockey basketball and tennls Durmg the wlnter months the ICG rrnk seemed to have the most populanty Wllh Davrd Whrte Tom Colman Otto Gebhardt Ion Herlng Krt Steele ed the envrable shovel br1gade ln basketball Bob Ltttell Iohn Beck Irm Wlgdale Terry Brschott and Mark Danlels bolstered the IV and freshman squads Dur1ng the spnng track w1ll clalm Gebhardt Purtell Bose and Wh1te At thrs wrrtrng Beck B1schott and MGd1SOH are on the dlamond Showtng promlse on the courts are R Llttell Read and Wrgdale Who are Jolned by Ausman Col man R Gran A Kuehn and Schm1dt Leadtng the class scholastlcally were Ion Rose Iohn Beck Fred Mad1son and Doug Kramltch 1950 l95l has been a success for the elghth graders Heres to a successful l95l l952' nf ' " A T I XXX k ' X A I 'xl I Richards School: and Win Purtell cmd Dfmnlf Ward- These BOYS loin' Back Row I Moore Dvorak R Kramlich Haberland R ckmeyer Bowes Grossman Frentzel Front Row War ner Blume Blommer Biagi D Slnclair I Sinclair Fraser Absent Breidster Meyer Smythe STUDENT GOVERNMENT The system of student government at Country Day is based on the school s con stitution a body of laws first adopted in 1941 There are two groups of students elected by the student body whose duty it is to maintain a democratic method of self government These two groups are the pre fects and the members of the student council Members of the council are elected by their classmates in the two elections held during the school year These members serve on the council for a year unless re elected at the end of their terms With the except on of the eighth form each class elects a re quired number of representatives to the council The pre e ts who are at the head of the student council are selected from the council or from the student body by the out going prefects and must be approved by the faculty A system of demerits is used by the pre fects and council members in order to main tain discipline The main duty of the mem bers of the council IS to supervise study halls and to assign demerits to boys who have committed offenses The prefe ts have L the right to Judge whether or not the boy is guilty and to bestow demerits according to the severity of the offense The prefects also take charge of activity period study halls take part in morning chapel services and special programs and direct student council meetings ln order that the student body might more fully understand all the rules and regula tions of student government as set down in tution were printed and distributed to the student body so that each member of the student body would be informed as to the rules of pro edure and self government which it contairs Amendments to the con stitution can be made by the student body after discussion and a vote by the students There have been several amendments to the constitution in the past few years Student government serves not only as an effective and Just means of selfdiscipline of the student body but also as a method of making the students aware of the pro cedures and duties of a democratic Way of life l i - I I I ' A ' the constitution, many copies of the consti- ' ' a A - . I A c c . i .., , . . . r I . ' ' . c ' . 1 GERI-U3 3 DY VVEBVR H M W1RTI-I T A EVINRUDE P OVIATT P H SA IMOND 3:0 ARROW EDITORS LEDGER EDITORS vl yer, Vilter, Pollworth, Elser, Warne Ovicxtt, Scfmmcnd. Standmg D Moore Pollworth Mayer Boerke Vxlter Bowes Goldsmzth Szttmg Steelman Weber Snapper Elser Morsell Mlkkelson PUBLICATIONS lt IS qulte obv1ous that everyone 1n school has heard about and read our blweeklv newspaper the Ledger but 1t 1S probably safe to say that few reahze the tremendous amount of tlme and effort the varlous mem bers of the staff expend ln creatmg each 1ssue The brunt of the work falls upon the able shoulders of ed1tors Ted Ovlatt and Peter Sammond To produce an ISSUG of the Ledger the ed1tors must not only wrlte much of the make up but also attend to such de ta1ls as pastmg copy mak1ng arrangements w1th the pr1nter and proof read1ng art1cles wntten by other boys Also much credrt must be g1ven to asslstant ed1tors Fred Elser the odlous task of composmg art1cles no one else w1ll wr1te Our th1rd Senlor edltor Ilm Graaskamp who unfortunately was not able to attend school thrs year really helped out wrth hrs numerous Spectators Fmally rec ogn1t1on must be g1ven the many other members of the wr1t1ng staff Competently head1ng the fmanclal de partment IS Dave Moore Responslble fo mallmg the large number of 1ssues to sub scrrbers are Phrl Mayer and lack Mlkkel son whrle Dlck Boerke handles the adver t1s1ng department All these boys are an Important cog 1n the organrzatron that con tmually enables the school to publlsh 1ts newspaper Through the work of the entlre Ledger staff our paper has retamed 1ts hlgh level of quallty and has successfully represented school l1fe at Country Day 1n all 1ts facets However the readlng of the Ledger by the student body for sheer entertamment 15 an other 1mportant purpose of the paper Here also the staff has admlrably succeeded The other publ1cat1on of the school IS the Arrow Work on th1s annual begms early ln the school year and contmues unt1l late sprlng Handlmg the layout was edrtor Phll Mayer whose or1g1nal ldeas have added held down the task of wrrtmg copy T1re less buslness managers for the Arrow were Peter Vllter and Larry Pollworth whose thankless duty IS an 1mmeasurable help ln publlshmg thrs annual The ed1tors wlsh to thank Fred Elser and lerry Flagg for the1r numerous contrlbu trons of mformal photographs to the Arrow In concluslon both the Ledger and Arrow staffs smcerely thank Mr DGVIHS the fac ulty advlsor for hrs mdefahgable efforts m ardmg and abett1ng both publlcatrons W1th hrs reassurmg presence the problems en countered seem to lose the1r s1gn1f1cance C11'1Cl L99 Morsell, Wl'1O GTG f1'9QU-91'lllY Qivefl much to this issue: while George Warner I I 1 n 32 GLEE CLUB D wn through the years one ot the rnost popular actrvttres at C untry Day has been the Clee Clulo Under the drrectton ct Mr Earl P Morgan wrth the asststance ot Mrs EUDICG Ter h'nann h1s organrzatron has en Joyed tremendous success rn the past tew years Ted Gerhardy the loulwark ot the second tenor sectton was elected presrdent at the beglnnmg of the year and Ted Ovratt was voted secretary The h1ghlxght ot the year for the group came on March l7 the date ot the rornt concert wrth Downer Sem mary Desprte a severe drop oft IH Glee Club memloershrp the concert ended very satrsta t rrly Ted Gerhardy sang a tenor solo rn the openlng number The Erre Canal Fzt de Battle of lencho respectrvey Wtth Downer the looys sang two ch ral s A M ghty Fortress ana Now Let very Tong e Adore Thee and Se Down Se Jan! w1th a rnctdental solo by D n Stnclarr An offshoot ot the Glee C .1 rs that 1 omparahle group of srngtng l9k2I1l1GS the Gamoohers an o tet chosen h the returnrng Ganoloolters and Mr Morgan Ted Gerhardy served h1s thrrd year as a n mloer ot thts group whtle Drck Grossman ompleted hrs second year Newcomers to the group were Ted Ovratt and Pete Samrnond f1fSt tenors Don Stnolatr second tenor Ph Mayer ftrst bass and Mack Powell and Brll Brerdst r se ond basses These boys lc pt up th tra at ron ot novel entran es to th con ert and rendered some old tashroned se harrrony Dreams Ezeklel Saw de Whe Roll for 'an and G aceful and Easy I Q .EH o l r . . T E' 1 uc A I r O T ,' I T' , T Fl . , T T . It b T T Tc . , T T T - c t t T T ce TT , , T f I 4 - - A - - I xl' . T co T . I T c e c This was followed by Halls ol' lvy and loshua on such songs as Lindy Lou, Ctrl of My T T T , T cl . T , T ef, ., o' - . o f ec, r ' . .X , - ' tl , , 'I 1 '-I . A ' - f Z Q f . , , Q 18, 1 :kg A Q , HX . A tx Q f 5 1 ' l I 1 r I I W 53719-1-, - - 4:4 f T , W, M TS LIBRARY Under the mdndqement of d trdmed lbrcmdr the lN1ll1Gm G Kopme1er M 'norldl llbrdry hds been completely cdtdloqued cmd Q1 CGSSIOH d lt boasts of d collechou of 2l37 books non f1ct1or cmd f1ct1or1 All boolfs are now properly labeled cmd placed m the-1r respectlve posmons ds dss1qned by tlee Dewey Dec1mdl Cldssdlcdtlon '-N., HW 8 71 el ' ' V . C ' e . , ' W I A 4 V . X W... .. - S, , M V '-svn Q "' z. bg ' Z, 5' f , 'B . S? . E ' ' 5 f 4 ,. " in if ' 3. A ' L! ,gf M , , Y I k s 1 Q w. Y f A ,,, Ax :Q , Back ROV O Gebhczrdt Kloppenburq Brennan Drake R Gebhcrrdt Durlmq Elsenberq Q hlpper Walton Mandel Cooper Hermq Mlddle Row Thomas Swonstrom Tollmodqe Ward D Krcxmlzch Read Schmldt RIFLE CLUB AUTO MECHANICS Back Row Weqmonn LcCro1x Evmrude Front R w E Purtell B Gran Powell P wcth Mxkkelson 55 Russell, lvludisonl I. Purtell, I-Icberlcmd, Reokmeyer, R. Kfcxmlich. from Row: Kuehn, Gran Back How Ass1stant Coach Hughes Ovtatt R Gebhardt E Purtell Duecker Sch1pper T Gut tenkunst Bourne W1rth Sawyer Goemans Coach Lalrd Mrddle Row Breldster I Slnclcur Owen Blommer Sammond Flora Gerhardy Weber Powell D S1ncla1r Front Row Manager Mayer W I.1tte11 S Mac Nell Smythe G Flagg Captam Evmrude Wegmann F Mxller BIGQI Carpenter Ass1stant Manager Steelman VARSITY FOOTBALL W1th the defeat of Lutheran 446 on No vember 3 Country Days Green and Gold wrapped thelr fourth stra1ght undefeated season and f1fth consecutlve WISCOHSIH Prep Conference champ1onsh1p The team also extended 11S w1nn1ng streak to 32 games ln a row s1nce our last defeat 1n 1946 at the hands of Lutheran H1gh School Dur1ng the preseason pract1ces at foot ball camp coaches La1rd and Hughes were faced w1th th d1ff1cu1t task of reorganlzlng a football team ser1ous1y weakened by the graduat1on of many of last years letter holders The backfteld posed no problem s1nce Capta1n Evmrude ably supported by Peter Wegmann Fred M111e B111 Smythe and newcomer 11m B1ag1 all were on hand to contr1bute to a really fast ground ga1n1ng potentlal The ser1ous d1ff1cu1ty howev r was the m1ddle of the lme Wtth the return of Ted G rhardy and Hank Blommer th ends were well taken care of Mac W1rth a standout from last year B111 Bre1dster and Iohn Owen were counted on to hold down the tackle pos1t1ons Ted Ov1att along w1th Mlcky Powell and Iohn Goemans handled the guard pos1t1ons Probably the most 1m med1ate problem fac1ng the coach1ng staff was a boy to f1l1 the center pos1t1on The solut1on to th1s d1ff1culty was hm Weber who ID h1s flrst year of Vars1ty play galned a berth on the All Conference team Our ftrst game w1th St LOUIS was 1nd1ca tens1on that usually tnterferes W1th any f1fS1 game of the season Fumbles by both sldes were frequent throughout the entlre game Near the end of the f1rst quarter Country Day drew f1rst blood w1th a pass from M111 r to Wegrnann and tallted aga1n at the close of the half on a one yard plunge by fullback Tom Evtnrude Thus the score stood at 12 O at the half However the sec t1ve of th - 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 - f 1 - 1 . . D X 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 - 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 ' ' I 1 ' 1 . 1 1 1 . . I Q ' C . 1 . . , 9 . , . 1 . r 1 . . 1 A1 1 . 1 - Q . C 1 1 Q . - 1 V 1 V. . 1 Q Q . - C , .., . 1 77 ond half gave the team a real scare An eager and sp1r1ted St Lou1s squad returned and kept the Day1tes on the defenstve most of the trme Nevertheless they were able to cross our goal hne only once and th score at the end of the gam stood l27 Country Day on the long end Once agam IH the followtng North Shore game Country Day fans were 1n for another ch1ller On the opentng krck off Getz of North Shore snatched the ball and sprmted 65 yards for a touchdown For a whrle thmgs appeared gloomy for Country Day as our team was aga1n consrderably hamp ered by fumbles part1cularly one deep IH North Shore terrrtory Flnally Pete Wegmann rrfled a pass to B1ll Llttell who took the ball on hrs own thrrty and went all th way to even thrngs at 6 6 The th1rd quarter aga1n saw the vrsrtors regaln the lead on a pass from the ten On top of th1s last score a Country Day fumble on North Shores 34 yard lme lost the ball and added another demorahzrng blow to the team s Splfll Then CD staged another drtve toward North Shore s goal and scored The decrsrve play Tom Evrnrude stole the ball from a North Shore pass re rver and ran for 30 yards and a TD that put Country Day ahead for the f1rst t1me We scored aga1n on a l1ne run by B1ll Smythe to end the game The type of play shown 1D th1s game demon strated the teams rndomrtable sp1r1t that lasted throughout th enttre season In our next game w1th Northwestern Preps who were conslderably hampered w1th rn Jurres we had l1ttle trouble The Gre n and Gold chalked up 45 pomts to the1r 6 on long runs and passes On of the hlghhghts of the afternoon o curred when reserve full back Gerry Flagg rntercepted a pass and sprmted 93 yards for a touchdown Others scor1ng were Mrller Wegmann Lrttell and Gerhardy Country Days brg game of th season was the MUS game The opponents were h1ghly rated and there was even talk of the1r endangerrng our 29 game wrnnmg streak However after leadmg 60 1n the fmrst auarter CD staged a s orrng spree to take a commandlng 25 0 lead at the half A spectacular 85 yard run by Hank Blomm r on a pass from Wegmann accounted for our next touchdown lmmedrately follow mg Blommer s score Brll Smyth rntercepted a pass and gave the ball to Evmrude who lncreased the fmal score to 38 l3 The defeat of the mam threat to our oe fect record caused the Country Day grtdders to have few doubts of the outcome of our next game w1th Lake Forest who were easrly downed by the MUS eleven But the spunky team from Illmols was not to be taken for granted From the moment the game began we knew we were 1n for tough opposrtton Lake Forest scored flrst on a long pass from Country Days 40 The surprlsed Day1tes however retalrated when B1ll Smythe t1 d rt all up wlth a run from the 33 yard ltne After hold1ng Lake Forest for downs CD scored aaam on a plunge by Evmrude from the erght Bent on scorlng an upset Lake Forest came back and scored on another pass to t1e the ball game l3 13 By the half Country Day had pulled out ln front 2013 but Lake Forest t1ed the score for the th1rd In the last quarter a 60 yard pass play to Blommer put C D ahead for good The f1nal score stood at 2720 Mlcky Powell havmg booted the three extra pornts ln our last game the f1fSl team scored at w1ll agamst a weak Lutheran eleven Cap tam Evmrude Hank Blommer Pete Weg mann and Mac Wrrth were among the boys on the Green and Gold to score At the end of th1s extremely successful season Gerhardy Wrrth Ov1att Weber Wegmann and Evlnrude were named for f1rst team berths on the All Conference Team Along wrth these boys Blommer Powell Mlller and Smythe were glven pos1 t1ons on the second team We may mde d feel proud of the excel lent showlng our boys have made th1s year and the precedtng four years Of course much cred1t must be grven to the two coaches Messrs Lalrd and Hughes for the Job they have don rn produc1ng outstand 1ng football teams as well as outstandrng sportsmen A . ' ' . ' c - , e ' ' , e ' ' , ' e ' e - , ' , l I I I Y'- , ' ' e , ' ' '9 of the game shortly followed this score when time that afternoon early in the third quarter. CQ' . . . l I l l l I I I I I T e ' . , ' . . . Q . . , . V , , , , . e ' ' ' - A - . 1 I 1 1 I 1 ' ,S - , . Q . . 58 Back How C Hardtke Brennan Kloppenburg EIS nberq Froemrnmq W Hardtke Paterson Morsell T Frtzqerald Fraser Haberland Reckmeyer Ohlsen Mrddle Row Coach Ovxatt Stockrnq Leep Snapper Kars r M Grveran Elser Beck Sm1th NIUGSOY R Gutenkunst Coach Wrlson Front Row Manager Boclendoerf r arnes B Wes Gross man B Gran Mandel Gallun Lunney Frertzel Kurth I V FOOTBALL IUNIOR LEAGUE Back Row Coach La Crolx Coach C Decker Kraemer Darllnq Walton North Bcalt Lrnd n Mal r Uzhlern VV Miller Coach R Fxtzqerald Coach Wlqht Frith Row Coach Mlkkelson Drae P Macklell B se A Kuehn Schwarz H Flaqq P Kramllch Pelrce Hunkel Coach Pollworth Thzrd Row Swarstrom l Mooe Fox Kahn I Purtell SChm1df McClay Ausman Llndner Coach Shutkln Second Row Manaqer O Gebhard Thomas Whne Dvorak B Gran Bead Urdan Nolte Russell Steele Coach Warner Frcnt Row Bector D D cxer Carney R Lntell laenrsch Damels P Kuehn W1qdale Brumder 19 Madison, Colman, D. Moore, Coach Simpson. Fourth Row: Manager Bischoff, Goldsmith, Bury, Ward, Klumb , : 5 5 I 4 T ff 5? 4J my .nf AIA MM 'Vt' 40' 'yi s , w 2 . V W4 I -1 W, .M i vw ' f E ' ,s ' , 3' ' Bi . . if :Y , R, ' gf 5 ,, n iw 'W . K , 1, X funk' in- Q 1. v-sang Back Row I Smclarr Wmdsor Coach W1lson Steelmar bawyer Front Row Ovratt Evm rude Captam Gerhardy Bragr W L1ttell Absent Blommer Wrrth BASKETBALL Thls year s basketball team fatled to lrve up to 1ts pre season expe tatxons but dur1ng the season there were tlmes when the team caught on f1re and reached 1ts peak Much hope was g1ven for an excellent season b cause the team was essent1ally the same as last years aumtet w1th the exceptron of D1ck Bourne However Country Day plac d last 1n the Conference thrs year and won of MUS and the w1nn1ng of the Wayland Tournament Consolatlon Award were the two rmportant br1ght spots of the 1950 5l season The frrst game was very grat1fy1ng to those who had h1gh hopes for the team Co.1ntry Day defeated Wmnebago Lutheran 44 30 outscormg the opponents 2412 1n the last half The next game aga1nst Lake Forest was lost 42 53 but the bucketeers regalned therr passlng and shoot1ng sklll and overcame Port Wash1ngton 38 31 CD led 23 ll at the end of the half and ma1nta1ned the lead The next encounter w1th Racme Lutheran was the f1rst conference game of the season The Dayltes were slow to start and were un able to overcome Racme s seven pomt lead at the end of the f1rst quarter Cons quently Racme trlumphed 48 40 Playmg a poor frrst quart r was also the cause of the next loss ln whlch Lake Forest Academy was vlctor w1th the score 52 33 Wayland Academy sponslble for the next defeat of the qumtet dlsgra 1ng 1t w1th a 57 27 vrctory The Day 1tes then met Racme Lutheran aga1n and th1s t1me won what turned out to be a very close overttme game w1th the score 40 39 The f1rst encounter w1th MUS greatly brlghtened a season that had begun to take on an unpropmous aspect CD estabhshed a three pomt lead at the end of the frrst quarter and 1n splte of several fearsome moments managed to frmsh the contest w1th the same lead glorlously trtumphlng w1th the s ore 40 37 I , , . , . ' Q- I . 9 , , . . , 9 I ' . , e f I l only 4 of its 16 games. The exciting defeat one of C.D. s strongest adversarles, was re- ' , ' . . . ' , I ' I I 1 ' ' , c - . 42 The elatron from th1s v1ctory was qutckly sauelched when the Green and Gold suffered a 38 43 defeat at the hands of the North western Preps begmnmg a TIVQ game losmg streak C D lost to Wayland agaln 57 to 47 then to North Shore 42 21 next to Mrlwaukee Lutheran 3321 and fmally to MUS ln a return engagement The Unlversrty School won a one srded battle by a 42 26 margrn Upon meetmg Northwestern Preps the sec ond trme 1t looked as though thrs game was gomg to go the unfavorable way of the frrst for the Preps were w1nn1r1g by fourteen pornts at the half However the Gre n and Gold staged a remarkable drrve rn the se ond half and vanqurshed the Preps w1th a Lutheran was CD s last chance to do bet ter than last place rn the conference How ever the Day1tes lost 4356 and Lutheran had held a steady lead all through the con test A game wlth North Shore was the last on the schedule and C D lost th1s one also even though frve pomts ahead at the end of the frrst quarter The flnal score was 72 41 Agarn at Wayland rt appeared as rf the team would fare poorly North Shore out classed Country Day rn the frrst game to the tun of 69 po1nts to 3l But 1n the next game wxth the Northwestern Preps C D d1splayed a slrghtly better brand of basketball and eked out a 42 4l vlctory After ga1n1ng the frnals of the consolatxon by thrs last vtc tory the Green and Gold played therr bes game of the season when they upset a pow erful St Iohns team 45 38 At the basketball dmner rn February Fred Elser recelved the trophy for the most 1m proved player of th1s season Ted G rhardy was voted most valuable and Ted Ovratt re erved an award for the hrghest p rcent age of fr e throws Other outstandmg players were Tom Evrnrude Mack Wrrth lan Sm clarr Brll L1ttell hm B1ag1 and Hank Blom mer Even though the season was rather drsappolntrng the team under Mr Wllsons drrectlon showed at tlmes br1ll1ant ball play mg and always a f1erce sp1r1t to wxn B AND FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Back Row Stockmq Shutkm Coach Ovlatt Dame-ls W Mlller Leep Middle How Coop Rector Lmdner Fox Brschoff Drake Elser Front How Beck Reckmeyer R Lrtt ll Fraser Grossman R Kramllch C Hardtke . . . , 1 ' , . . ' - ' - I . ' 4 ' . , e ' ' - ' ' C- ' , e GU-53 tally. The next game, with Milwaukee C ' ' 9 , ' ' ' ' e . ' A - 1 I I . I I r l I '- - I I I T I , I , , , .. , . V I ef Sf, 49 Buck Row Snapper T Fitzgerald Morsell T utenkunst Howell Kclser Weber Mzddle Row Froemmmq W Hcrrdtke LG Crolx G Floqq Warner Lmden Blume Ohlsen Front Row P Kuehn E Purte-11 Bowes B Gran Schwarz Bue-tmer D Moore SENIOR LEAGUE IUNIOR LEAGUE Scrnmcrro E1senbe G Pollwortfv Bock Row Urhlexr A Kuehn Hurrkel MGd1SCH Bury Rose Darlmq from Row Pelrce Kromhch McCloy Recd Nolte Ausmon -14 1 D I I Q44 Back How Coach Hughes C Decker R Gebhardt Flora McG1veran Ft Gutenkunst Mandel Manager Owen Front Row Kloppenburq S MacNe1l F Mrller Co Captaln Bourne Co Captam Weqmann Gallun Duecker Absent Carpenter Meyer Smythe HOCKEY Under Coach Hughes able d1rect1on the 1950 51 hockey season proved to be qulte successful Wlth the return of srx lettermen and some promlslng talent from the Junlor leagues the outlook from the begmnlng was brlght Although the team lost four of 1fS games only one occurred rn conference play Country Day eas1ly secured the con Our hockey squad showed rn tts many games an amazmg amount of depth Fred Mlller Sandy MacNe1l and D1ck Guten kunst shone on defense wh1le co captams Pete Wegmann and Charl1e Bourne along wtth Pete Duecker and B111 Smythe were outstandmg on offense Leadmg scorer for C D was Pet Wegmann wlth a season total of 14 po1nts closely followed by Pete Dueck er w1th 13 pomts Other h1gh scorers were Charlle Bourne w1th lO polnts B111 Smythe Wllh 9 and Sandy MacNe1l wlth 5 ltmmy Meyer played goalle ln the frrst few games and d1d well 1n measurlng 32 saves Rookte Goalle Ben McG1veran had 19 saves but most recogn1t1on must be glven to Mort Flora who complled 66 saves ln the f1fSl game the team edged out Lake Forest Academy 3 2 but showed stgns of greenness m many places Thrs game was followed by a dtsappomtlng defeat 41 at the hands of the Academy After 1ron1ng out the1r dtffrcultres the pucksters came back to overpower St Iohns twtce 73 and 74 lust when the team was r1d1ng htgh the d1SGSfTOUS northern tr1p was taken After the gruelmg week of m1dyears the squad was certa1nly not up to par for the contest and showed slgns of wearlness tn losmg to Wau sau 65 1n an overtrme However they felt 1nv1gorated for the game at Bhmelander but C D suc umbed 5 2 After returnlng to school and g ttmg the1r needed rest the squad dlsplayed tts true strength tn crush1ng St Iohns 5 3 and 6 2 and Lake Forest Academy 40 The last game of the season was not so commend able Edgewood Academy of MGdlSOH out played Country Day most of the game rack 1ng up a 3 1 vrctory SIUCG only two lett rmen wrll be lost th s Iune and srnce there are many exc llent players left on the squad next year s ho key team should have no trouble m upholdmg the fme record of the 1950 51 team F1na1ly due recognltlon must be QIVGU to Coa h Tom Hughes whose conf1dence and lnsptra 'non have made the team what 1t IS 1 ' , I A . n , ,A A m W Q 1 y tl ' , 0 . 1 l-. . I I I ' ' 1 ' ' . I I , ' ' . . I 1 I I 1 I ference championship with a 6-1 record. - - - - - I - I l 4 ' I ' , ' , ' - . . c - . I I - I 9 l l I I I I - - J. . e , ' A ' , I ' I ' l ' ' e ' 1 I ' ' ' ' e c . . . I , F r I f I I ' C 46 Back Row Swansrom Row R Gran I-lermq Whxte Steele Ward Russell Thomas Sclxmldt l Purtell Colman Nd O Gelshardt Front Row Coach Hughes I Moore Brumder C n HOCKEY WHAT NCTS IUNIOR LEAGUE xk Row P t rs n rmt mfhlppfr Tool Mal r Br nnzn Mar aqer GOldSIH1lP Row Klumlo Kurh Iames SIYHDSCH Fremzel Walton l 'xv I , . . 1. XQ ' D. Decker, P. lQlaCNell,'Dvorak, Kraerlzer, Paetow,'Ncrih, Tallmadqe. 'ln Fronlr: H, Plqgqfl B" ' 5 'J e Q , S .' lx, he ' 2, O' e, 'e, f- , x . ' Fr I I W Af ' 3 . Back Row Coach Wlght E Purt 11 Mlkkelson Wlndscr l S1ncla1r MG1veran Front Row Slmpson Evmrude Capt Vvlflh Powell Blommer TENNIS Country Day can agarn look forward to an excellent season ID tennls th1s year Srnce SIX out of seven of last years squad are return1ng lack of expenence should not hamper th success of the team Back fo h1s fourth year on the varsrty squad 1S Captarn Macky W1rth number one srngles player In 1950 Mac boasted a record of number two srngles posrtron rs Tom Evm rude another four letter man wlth a last years record of no losses rn seventeen matches loe Slmpson the only Junror on the team IS on e agam at number three slngles Number one doubles consrsts only of veteran M1Ck6Y Powell whose runnmg mate has not yet been chosen Two add1 trcnal members of last years successful team are lack Mlkkelson and Hank Blom mer the number two doubles comb1nat1cn Other members of the squad who may see act1on are Ted Purtell 1an S1ncla1r Ted W1ndsor Harry Drake Dlck Kramhch and Ben McG1veran It rs posslble that Country Day has the toughest schedule 1n the state Besldes the usual Conference opponents outsrde matches have been arranged wrth such schools as Lawrence College frosh ln all seventeen matches are scheduled 1951 also brrngs a change rn the coach mg staff Much of th coach1ng and super v1s1ng of the squad w1ll be handled by Mr Wrght Mr La1rd who has been 111 wrll prrmarlly handle the organrzatlon and ar rangement of matches for the team All 1n all rt appears as 1f Country Day wrll uphold the success of prevrous teams rn the last few years : ' , . e , ' , ' , . ' ' , c ' . : I U I 1 U I I I I V I l U 1 1 I I 1 e . r ' ' eleven victories and two defeats. ln the Neemlhf Seeded fifSl ifl the State, Cmd The I I I I l . 1 a I I I ' . I , I 1 ' . 9 ' - , ' C ' ' ' ' -18 49 .LL 5 2-Malin Back Bow Kloppenburg Hunkel Goemans Beck Cooper W M11ler Shutkm Mgr Goldsmrth Asst Mgr Schwarz Mzddle Row Coach Hughes W I-lardtke Paterson Prentzel B Gran G Flagg lames C Hardtke Front Row Duecker Gerhardy Capt Wegmann Weber OToole BASEBALL Desprte the fact that Peter Wegmann Peter Duecker and Ted Gerhardy are the only return1ng lettermen from last y ars squad the prospects for th1s year s C D nrne have shown some remarkable ab1l1ty and 1t certalnly looks as 1f the Green and Gold has the potentral to lmprove ov r last year s respectable record of srx wrns and ftve losses The mound men thrs year seem to be stronger than ever Peter Duecker one of the regular hurlers of the 1950 season, has developed a most helpful curve ball, and D1Ck O'Toole, a newcomer to the "School Upon the H1ll," IS our fast ball arttst Bob Cooper has taken over the ever rmportant Job of rellef pltcher Blght now Sam lames, Ierry Flagg and B111 Llttell are vyrng for the honors behlnd the plate ln the 1nf1eld Capt Peter Wegmann w1ll lead h1s teammates from th shortstop D051 t1on Ted Gerhardy w1ll probably contrnue at thrrd and Irm Weber has been holdrng down the frrst base Job Erther Bruce Gran or Ierry Kloppenburg wrll be counted on to take over second The outfreld patrol w1ll conslst of Tom Prentzel Char11e Hardtke and B111 Lrttell lf he 1sn't busy behlnd the plate The non hurhng pltcher w1ll also help defend our spacious plalns The boys rn general are looktng forward to a good season, especrally srnce a baseball league has been establlsh ed by Raclne Lutheran, Mrlwaukee Lutheran, No thwestern Preps, and C D 5 Q ' f A ' 'V - A 45 I A' lt , 15 w ., Y 3 as 1 U Q ,R ,xr Q .S Q, . 'gf 1 , .' Ms at ffl 1 ' f H .Q t " 1' . .. ! It I WMM b ' 1 5 Q T' 'iw . Y VR tx .Q . Paw , ,X ,, V J U ,ii wf R 1 K 1 I f I 1 I I a . S , V I I , I I . . I ' 9 '- . , . I . . . . 9 , - - 1 . A I Y l I 1 50 M D7 9,13 W 4 Z eu, wwf wr A 5536, A-Q fag. 46 .A Back Row Whtte Nolte Bose Walton Bodendo rf r Aucht r H Flagg Darllng Lxnden O Gebhardt Bury Thrrd Row Bowes Beckmeyer Kurth T Frtzgerald Hector BIGQI P Ku hn T Gutenkunst Sch1pper Stewart Srruth Second Row Fox W l.1tte1l Brerdster Gallun Kalser Leep Owen Carney Iaenlsch B G bhardt Asst Coach Wtlson Front F w Coach Ov1att S MacNe1l Ohlsen arpenter Sammond F M1ller Capt Ov1att Smythe Saw yer Mandel Sc urtg Elser M r Flora TRACK Country Day s l95l track team has seven returnmg lettermen and what appears to be a wealth ot n w talent whrch should pro wde the school wrth another su cesstul season Captarn Ted Ovratt wrll carry a h avy assrgnment wrth the mrle 880 drscus low hurdles and relay as probable events Fred Mrller looms as another of the marnstays ot the team rn the sprrnts shot put broad Jump and relay Brll Smythe Jn the hurdles broad Jump and relay Tom Sawyer and Brll Car penter rn the mlddle drstances Pete Sam mond rn the hrgh Jump and Bob Gebhardt rn the pole vadlt complete the lrst ot l tter men hm Bragr Ted Bowes and Bob Carney should glve us the necessary strength rn the sprmts and Larry Ohlsen Fred Elser hm Rector and Drck Bury w1ll provtd the bal ance Jn the m1ddle d1stances ln early prac trce Brll Fox promlses to become an out standlng cornpetrtor rn the mrle Btll Beckmeyer and hm Stockxng have trne poss1b1l1t1es rn th low hurdles and Pele Sammond wlll Jorn them Jn g1v1ng added strength to the hrgh hurdles event The spnnters and hurdlers wrll probably take care ot the broad Jump Tom Guten Brll Carpenter grve CD unusually good pros pects rn the hrgh Jump and B1ll Carpenter Pete Smrth Pete Kuehn and Tom Kurth should provtde rmproved balance rn the pole vault hm Blagr Brll Brerdst r lohnny Owen Dan Schrpper Harry Karser and Bob Geb lsardt are makrng gratrtymg rmprovement rn the shot and Bob Gebhardt hm B1ag1 Dan Schrpper Drck Leep Pete Kuehn and Fred Elser should brlng Jn some valuable polnts tn th drscus Although the season wrll provrd a num ber ot tormrdable opponents our over all balance combmed wlth a group of unusual ly tme top performers should g1ve Country Day a team of whrch 1t can be proud J l X . V ,Off I I V , .I ly, I, C I F, I I, - V l I 'T l J' I J ' , , T cl" . , , g . . 1' I fu I . . . 9 V r I I - - -'-- kunst, Alan Mandel, Sandy MacNe1l, and I V l l I I 1 . I J Q - 1 I I 1 I . ' ' ' ' e ' . A I , , ' ' ' 9 - . ' ' ' 9 - ' . 4 I , I ' ' ' 52 55 'W' 5 4 l W here Q, QHXKY SQQQcjf-V en ID 5 4 - Qsse The Memorefresher Ie the rg, , 'Wg' N . FX 431 5 reindeer? EXOXA 1 f ,- X x . 1 MO" uqe 05 GQXKQG IK bep XX K1 I? Hem d s or falls? Yxeshmen s Yuends SQWXK O as X Football Practice xme SCX wee X Where is the W izard? The gQ'1n e of Kings Derby Day '? XIQXQ . be esx Xrluei Track O? Muni Q 1?l I "Wham You have Und dQI'1I'1 Inqgh e ich einen Punkt ll 4 September affairs Q'?? Lf ak,-xii: f' Candid Wight .nf Whitey Bllfff-I2fI11g the th eme Should-b es -Pgsed Ol 's" Extravaganza Q illff' .rust for looks Quoiugoao ads' Function!" We must have more . " cms, Duecker--f Hardtke, Goem "W os bedeutetx ' The Thinker Maqism UXOY -Wk, i , Mus, 5 C. D. Youth Conference S . S fqble The B19 T .1 . ttm dontk1'10W nu YouSe GUYS ERNA A MILLER Mrlwaukee State Teachers College Columbra Unrversrty Duector Kmderqarten and Nur ery Department appomted 1919 61 ALFRED S NICHOLSON BS Prmceton Umversrty Harvard Umverszty M A Columbra Umverslty PIIHCIDG1 of Iunlor Schoo1 Appomted 1950 GEORGE COOPER Oshkosh State Teachers College Athletlc D1f9C1OT Mar1ua1 Arts appomt C1 930 DOROTHY EDWARDS Oshkosh State Teachers College Rzpon College Second Form appomted 1927 LUCILE NELSON Mrlwaukee State Teachers College Nursery Department appomted 1943 CHARLES M BOESEL M A, UUIVGISUY of Wzsconsm Fourth Form, appomted 1932 1 . 1 CC 1 68 ALLEN G KRUSE BS Northwestern Unlverszty Ch1Cago Normal College F1lt1'1 Form Reglstrar appomted 1936 K aiu LONNIE HOUVENAGLE Iowa State Teachers College Colorado State College ol Educatzon Thud Form appolnted 1943 6 NORMAN H CLAYTON BA Carroll College MA Northwestern Un1vers1ty Seventh Form appolnted 1943 MARY GOODRICH Mlwaukee State Teacher College K1 ae gart 1' N r ery aprpo ed 1944 . ., I 1 1 - . ., ,' . ., , . W W, 1 , . 3 C' 1 . .. 1 ' .. . . .Y. n . e . .1 S , A . 9 FREDERICK D IVINS Dartmouth College BS Milwaukee State Teachers College Sixth Form appoint d 1945 GERALD P LANDT BS Milwaukee State Teachers College M S University of Wisconsin D1rector of Art appointed 1944 CARLA HERING B.S., University of Wisconsin Nursery Department: appointed 1947. EUNICE TEICHMANN BS Milwaukee State Teachers College Music and R cxding appointed 1947 FLORENCE WEISEL Mzlwoulcee Stole Teachers College PITS1 Form Cxppomt d 1948 MARY LA PONT Chlcoqo Umverslty Mllwoukee Stote Teachers College Iumor Kmderqorten orppomt C1 1948 IOANNE C WATERMAN BA Wellesley Nursery cxppomted 1950 EMMA LOPPNOW RN., Milwaukee General Hospital Appointed 1948. Top Row Lett to Htght Kahn Lmclner Mandel Church Susnar Laabs R Mtller D1sbrow Harl y Mtddle Row Ray Laabs Foster Cleaver Buetner Ltkert Wegmann Schmlclt Scott Ktett Bottom Row Magee Anderson E Nrcholson Garhck l-lustlng but SEVENTH FORM Twenty three boys were enrolled rn the ttctpated rn the presentatron ot D1clcens mterest m many lands ot act1v1t1es and seventh tormers many ot the student re sponstbtltttes ot th luntor School The entrre class read and studled Tom Sawyer and Treasurer lsland The boys Prerson s talks on growth and development ln the tall ot the year the class sold re treshments at the Sentor School home toot ball games They were acttve m the Stu dent Councrl promoted a school hobby presented Q play of Treasure lslfmd to show and entertalned the seventh torm gtrls the school Later they had a untt on super man found 1n th legends ot ltterature They studted the hablts and charactertsttcs ot vt 1ld ammals ot the world Each boy made a s rap book on wtld antmals The boys made dtsplays tor thetr study ot communtcatton They also made mterestmg exhrbtts tn so cal studtes ln art several murals were made to b hung tn the upper hallway ot the school Some boys made puppets tor an ortgmal play ln manual arts matvtdual wood and metal pronects were made Every boy par tr m Downer S hool The class showed a strong tnterest and obtllty tn sports The Packers won the oo all champlonshtp over the Cardtnals and Sears Th school football team defeated Fox Pomt by a score ot l4 to O ln basketball he class team lost two out ot three games the erghth torm hoopsters Many played r ckey durtng the wmter season ln sprtng all members ot the class took part m the aseball league Some also parttctpated ID the tennls and tracy program T if t l . A 4 ,tt l I 1 K il , A 1 I ' 1 Q If 4 f ef I l' S I , ' l ' I le , ' I A I , , , 3 , I , A, A ' , , I . I , 1 - 1' ' . 4 , V , I , Q I seventh torm homeroom. They showed an "Christmas Carol". The class enjoyed Dr. ' ' ' ' ' ' , as ' ' . V 1 T 1 - ' A ' o C . ' e A . . ,V , t ' f ' T ' A . t t- 3 - V A - b . e . t ' 11. 9 to ' . , yn. . Lx 1 - - . I ,V ' I 1 '2 FIFTH FORM i , J , 1 l SIXTH FORM Top Pzctutes Mf1cNexl G bhordt Rosenberg Gue'zlcoW Wmston Williams Strction Boesel Lcxppm Schwarz Botlom P1CfUI'9 HOISYXHUH Colman Le-mkuhl Mc1cNe1l Wamrr Kummer Icmes Top P1 lure Goldstnm W1 no Brems r M1ller N1Cl'1lS n Qoussy fs Mflrkar Sw Qu U n crotlwr 'ev HS 7 - J V I W f - F 5 WLM , vs C : Q, '1',, "te, ' , '.o:,. . Bottom Fzctures: Holbrook, Bc-esel, Vlfoocirzll, Grim, 'Nczrney l-lcltz, Talks' , - . , ldt, WI, 'fe , N1 ., , S. fe . ffl! t , -:gf . ", I X 1 45 J! Qi FOURTH FORM Top Row Colman Duncan Reed Rose Folk Davldson Foe-rster Burqhczrdt Filed Bottorn Row R Ot Kcxm1r Vcm Dyke W Ott McGregor Mcnuscn Ells Gollum Nctenshon Bruwd r Mxllxqcm THIRD FORM Kczslen Thomas Read Loesser lsenhcxth Apple CGC1 Brown Freedman Kcxsch Asmutlm 74 l +I 1 427 Mm 'wr SECOND FORM To P1 t res D Casper T C sper All n Full r ol Bru rsmbettcz P s ury yor Bard I S Jens Bottom Pzcture Ioys Novnoyle Holtz Lmd ner Pc sdsk Nc' nshon FIRST FORM Top Plcture Albert Clcudon McGregor F rlck Stuck: mcm Bcmom Plcfures Frank Trumer Kuo H r L st r Sastre Owen Trost Macs Thomas K s V M ssmq Br rnar' is uh npr """' K vu. T' iiiii it WC E581 say Yin 4' EO' 'La' SENIOR KINDERGARTEN Back Row Eppley Grossman Anderson Wnght Decker Black Hughes Bell M1dU16 Row Lxrdscy Iohustcn Mc m Trlmbom N1ChO1SOH May r Front Ro J Klod C U1h1e1n SH' nq Brwnder S Wesmqer Q mes 6 , I I "' 1 X L 'E 4' 'V . V ,fx 1, X 'NI f 4,1 . if 4 , , ,LL . .." Q --..-.,- -..f v- -.- -.---..-..-...V-.'---'-N-5 ii . 4 i 0 -'Q ' 5 X ,sf 4 - s K W M KA , ,ygflx , ,'f"Wfu. f 1 Q ,. . X s' 5" "1-5 ' f . .S 3 V 'ip 'Q' 'Q E? 3 f - in , i j 7 -. vw 9 3 . '. , , rt, ' , ' , e. v: ' e, . ' ', .:, . , C.. ' ,.,z . Back Flow Allen l-loclun Eakke Read Babla Martm Maqaw Ko hler Younq Front Rox A Uxhleln ralner Thomas Baum C U1l'1le1n C Colman lays Peters IUNIOR KINDERGARTEN NURSERY SCHOOL Top How lnns H Ck1n Frye Apple Macaw Lappm Mxaalle Hov l lqht P1lcer Qumn Evans F1'ontPov S vens Kramer Bartley Brennan G Itschalk Smlth Buettner Hansher n pa 1 9" 48" 1. MDM' -ww ,.,,f' 'fu v 'No MAIN ST 'u C . . , C VI. ,""" . X 'u I Y, A., ,,., a,, .1 --':::1ff' . '4 . .' .,.0.,,X!, ... vii-.' ' ,,,,3"k . . x , U. . , , . . 'N ,,,. 1 4. , L! S1 TO THE GRADUATI G S OF an 1111 .llm 1 1 LN N1- C C R SELL D L WI H 11 ,ll s Ill Ile 0111 lt IS 11111 01111 the 1111 111 i 1 s tl 1 1111 WINSTON CHURCHILL v I9 K 7f'il C . .3 C1 gal L' ' ns . . . 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Broadway Bay Vxew Oihce Kznmclcmnrc near Hussell W Nerghborly Service CITY WIDE I3 CONVENIENT FIRST WISCONSIN OFFICES Mcun Ofhce N Water and E Mason Second Ward Oifrce N Thrrd and W Krlbourn Badger Ofixce North Ave and N 2lst C1t1zens Ofirce Merchants Oifzce Mxtchell Street Ofhce Nmth Ward Ofhce North Avenue Olirce North Srde Othce Northwestern Othce Vhet Street Ofhce 3602 W Vrllard Ave N Farwell and E' North 3338 N Green Bay Mztchell and S Tenth N l2th and W Vlret W North at N 35th N 3rd at W North North and W Lrsbon W Vlret near N 27th There IS NO substitute for money IH of Milwaukee ESTABLISHED 1853 Member Federal Deposrt Insurance Corporation the bank FIRST WISCDNSIN NATIONAL BANK f fd 'S wp ,,7i'Xr'm C' 'PX NYE! Y. 51,55 ga X'1'f fi X XXX X XQ4 ...X X K IIIAPWI KN S 'WEN Q SIIIIPS Sll0W 10l HOW TO BE RIGHT WWITII 'l'll0SF IN TIIE l0I Llifnla Khlll! Wlvn Nhop i r t floor I X 2 3 xy ix liz", 1 it I' If X X . 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LISBON gXX'IiNlIIi II . --4800 IxLODE S 1111111111 D1 1 111111111 s KIII I 111111sf1f15 North Ncumnd Strmt Iwnkmr n Mu Ilklx 9 7 -H I L LY D A REALTY AND BUILDING CORPORATION IIIIXI1-XHI Brock ' X XIII xx KL I IIIXIJ lx 9 wi .L 41 Q 11 V arf" fllff 16 Auf" 11111 111 1111 NIU 13-W IN IIN ll 0 II W f x1-xluxr 1 SCHLUHHHE HHS TEH C0 Nllxcr N JEWELERS 111111 Ou Y , A ' 1 'HS 4' . . . 7 . 920-3-I . 7. IV:1tf'1' Sr. . , ', ' 'EE - at mirth I, V. 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V' s "al f 7 z ' . ' ' . . jf' ' '3 ' ' ' ,' ' 88 HOTEL PFISTER Y . . s - f. 's' s' - , . , of . . . A I ' I W. W . "' 3 v Q f Q- Lf' S 1. "" ew 3' .ig Z K Q 51 f' 'E -I- 7 2.. . " . Q 5 3 pu: 'N f F 5 ' TQ .2 5 ' V E L3 ! cn C - ,f WY -so 1 '5"'6 E 'ch l I889 I902 I925 I927 I928 I933 l940 I945 4, -, l'g.eANN1YERSARY,f' Xt man-1251 ,if N. .7 ' ' 55.-4 ' How rdeas become standards Darrnels dlfferent Ideas that are wastlw befter usualls 'rre horn through vears of toll and exhaustne research For 77 wears the A O Smlth Corporation has been known as sueh a pioneer of new ideas and rs recognized through out the engineering, world for IIS important Contrthutrons to the Consumer agrleultural and industrial fields Here are 1 few A O Smith firsts that are aeeepted standards today 5 Lightweight hollow steel blcycle frames Pressed steel automoblle and truck frames S Electnc vvelded hugh pressure vessels 5' Electrrc welded orl and gas lme prpe 5 All posrhon coated weldmg electrodes Slngle prece, glass surfaced steel brewery tanks Automatic gas water heaters wrth glass surfaced steel tanks 5 Mechanrcal bottom unloaded crop preservatron unnts Q- XR 'Sa 7 f 13' o o Factories at Milwaukee Kankakee III 'Q' WJ Houston Losltngeles Toledo Succosunna NJ 11 ' 1 Tipp City Ohio g Bldg 9 O 1 ,L . . 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Q THE MILLER BREWING COMPANY MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN 1 I 7 Work for the work's sake, then, and it may be, 72 RFAI TILF TP RRAYLO ARR NIAXIFI . IE ,XX Nom: sl 211 J H FAGAN CQMPANY Othnr I Nortl1zL Lst Rcpusentatzves or Roper Ruud Monel UIUHILQ 1 XX ltnr Hu 5 Illl Lldlllf-I N ltlonlllx Ixncmn C115 Xppllfinus 7 I 1 J 2 J fl J A ,J 39 S14 A .L , , 'lnd FII. CO. 2316 '. Q " 1 Avia. WI-lf" 3-SW yr -Q 4 x- if ' A ".AxlNCl'iC11y5l'iiI1C5Icj2lS Range' I Aut 1 " Q25 'Q ' 'atcr' fl x nz' z '-' ' N22 '. 141,11 N. XX',x'1'1a14 ST., Nlll.xx1xl'141-111, Wls. 11A1y 8-2996 BAERVYA1.U PIOFFKI.-XX bl Lo .YIll'l1lII't' I, II111t7"" " 1 "ll 'll L L UlNlJ1llllLIl1b of NAIIONIAI I IQLOR NIAR1 Con1pf1'1111'r1fs on XVINNEMU1 ALTT11 REPI..-XCENIENT 1 Y. 'A - ' 9 Avct NIi111 cc 1 om 111 fmm 11 I I Ink ana' II Ku NIXCLIRP RILD BUILLOW S 51 RX ILI XX XSHINC' C R1 -XSIXf QINIONIYINC XNADHANIS W OX 111xc1r11c Jw MMPHERSUN KAYE Flowers and Gzfts COR:-AC I s CORSAC hS CORSAGES CORSAGES Il 11177 f 1 Q N ' sr , C' 1. 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STAGE SCREEN EX I ERTAINNIEXT I S I RIVERSIDE THEATRE JXXP QI KI NIIIN X Ixl C11 1 . 1-ow-'ff A- , A 'Q' ' Auf .I11f1'l1111111'11f, lfl1'1'l1'11'11f, Cf11'11111'11f, FL. - f-0--I 873' A'. 'mlmlmm Rd- 111111 ,Il1'f11ll111'g111'11l l,l'flKlIll'f.Y ' 5 P11111-ixlx NI1"1'1f, xL I,I1f1-1 XII , ' 'ma 2, XYIS. ljftf Q- - 1,-,f A 'ffy Y ' T Y I I 4 IN f I5 A 1 Yfi X Y 744 If. Fl in sf. T115 'I'HIC SIIL ' LA 'Q if . . Vg I' I flf Ill' SENIQR PGRTRAITS Jw MASTER I PHOTOGRAPHY I I Rl DXIPXX BAC C ONIPANX xlllllllfll 11111111 xlflf 11111 ' l I BN i 0 l H'PlHml,Il'v of fffjll f'f1'1111'11lx nf . . . 1x151'1i14 li. ll.-xR11'1'1411, SR. xIHXX1lllkt't', Wvix. Sflfn' . In 1' '. . NIILX' . I' Y .X Ifsybenew 535. 'Power rahngs ora O B C Cerhfled b aka HP 4000 R P M YES yearxalnead 1n performance features fun' 25 thrxllmg horsepower wztb record hreakmg llght THESE are the ones for thrills actnon fun' And for smooth, responsnve power that never lets you down ' For slashmg speeds on able boats cwlth Bug Twm, up to 30 mxles or betterj For nlmble maneuverabllxty and finger touch handling ease' Enjoy outboard motormg s greatest features Gearshlft Roto Matlc Control Cruls a Day Tank Duo Clutch Biggest value for your dollars too' Get our trade ln prlce on your old motor' Deferred payments avaxlable weight ' Up to 30 mlles an hour on comfortable famnly boats' Throttles smoothly down to trolling speed. New handlmg ease wxth gearshxft and Roto Matlc speed control Call and see the Bxg Twm, and the complete lme of 1951 Evmrude models. 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