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kv'-rv.. Qu- W xs KA 4- ' f aff- - cmf. , K.'Qj3iQQQ A ,vm ff 543539 1 52.035, , 5 ' 42. .Mn w- wa! 4,9 4 fu WH? ,Q ,QQ +32 , .vi HUWiHlSUWUH -ff ,- , a. . I .. - . ' . 'X M s . V-,. xg Q 44' G 4-1 .' it f .., 4. I' : INIOR DIN U x U mit11s1ifH1'fi 3r LAQSSSES C'1'i1x3i u32 visfr' ATH 3103 mxf1:R'f1s1 rwm:T 'Ne-W fxvlx I x ' Gpvemwzwf 12:59 fs.-fi - 'W'-' 'f1-'- af. 22 ii! 1 , , 3 '99 52 SJ Q . 1 1 f QI i fill! z nm mm nun? mm wang wa .nm I A 1 .MAA ,V 1 'N .ji- Qc' , sf 1 L' 13: SP2 sal! 52 .1 lllilg lllllg SI Illg si ig! L illllli A lf' O' r' Beard ef Directers Andrew Bcyci .... . errtee D e L,1c111Qw Ncrtr Hush A S111 tc1r Fsther SCH Q10 r A 1111611 JI Shes EdxN1 1 A 1111 FrC1z1er D r er Mercer r L ph t r T Lrcu r wcxrct Ge VC dy 1 me Q Q vJC t1 L 1 CQ eoc A 40 CQ 19-44-45 OFFICERS X 1 Pre-Q1 em Secretary Trec surer H151 Il Tren Qurer DIRFL TQR MI MBFRS Frede-r1 SQII1H1OTld A G1edder1 Sfmter F1txh11qh Scott Ir T Weettey Tutt e tosepn E U1h1e T1 Jerk r V ueethett CRDCRATV MEMBERS R M CU P111I1D K Robmecn A Gteciden Scmte M15 town E Schroeder D T V171 RONQRA? 1' ML JIBVRS I L P t JUIQ Q Q1 tee 1 Ill St e :Jer 1 Z I cnc R1 S 1 f V1 f 1 1 Q R S111 h 31511623 eer 1 J1hte111 rua Vcm B1 Jrgu 7 II1Vlg mctxv 'Vx e Q V111 1 N I X1 qt Ch Q - , Icmies ........................,...,... ......... 7 Ce- 1 dd - . S C1 ' .......................... ......,............ . .. 1 S 1 ne' Ae ...................................... AW' 'Ut ,:.. 11 S I , N " I1 I . 'Sf ter . 'C 1 ' '1 . G11 'A'1 YI . ', . ' . Mcctver ' ' , . M S. H 1:1233 1 . - A 1 Mrs. Cy L15 . tfpp . i . ' i , Ir. QE ,e 1 .7 , ,' C 1 1 - 1 ' Q. VV. Czzrpente C. . C HUIT. R. 1. S ' Q . A A - Sci ' rl II' . ' . . r Ke: Ath IUC be '. Q . R. 1 ,.. 'rth A 1 A 77. Q Allie 14 S. E11.Q1r1'1et L. 'htliptg Lf. ferr.. Eivfizfcl A B1::Q.1 I. P. P1.1lt1Q11t1 Dr, G. A. Gezrhzzrt Sf' 4 fe.: Riff, fail Zbericxcfi Qtrs. ,'."'JY1I'lC.jft6td Richter Hi1Y1.' S. Pall: .,'II' it A, c11.si11f1 Si. fi... Frederiek Q. H1.If1S9I. jr. H, ff. SCri111i1111 'fegili He1Q Rltll .1-JEL Sjeti 21. Arthxgr Hetbfcok if pit If Sec11,111i Alfred F. fairies tx '1'1:.5 Sa: 1 UTI .'.7'f,1tO9II1CIf S. Keprtiier Mrg. f... . . it vfkxr ll ifeey T. H. 'f V R. MCCC1Q111iti 1115. t ' f A:1t1111' N. MCG f- fi E the "gmt G. . tx 11153K 'ff If A Q' -1' fgzskei. Nffyi S. O. V. Q S. C '.'.' eil Ht ff 17 It- fi. Hufifa P5112 K, .uf fkler .fra 'f't11zff.-S '7. Wit it , A GLEDDEN SANTER MA Lomb 1dqe UIIIVGTSITY Lcxtm Headmaster HVBMAN T PICK AB Harvard Un vers1ty German La n Ass stant Headmaster appomt ea 1917 'i PAUL W WATERMAN Ph B Umversny of Vermont Mathe matlcs B S 1 ss anager appomt ed 1920 'WILLIAM B CHURCH AB Hamllton Co11eqe Screrxce Footba11 coach Hockey coach Base ba11 coach appomted 1935 N GEORGE I DEVINE BA MA Brown University Enq lish Ad visor to Publications appoint cl 944 HARVEY I RAMAKER AB Hope College Latin Atfiletic Director appointed l9l9 THOMAS E. HUGHES AB. M.A. University of Wis onsn- Mgthematics- Direc or of Guidance Assistan. c ach of Football' appoint- ,cl l941. MARY L BOSSORT MA Umverslty of WlSCODS1H French Sou ush cxppomted l943 1? ELAINE C SHAEFER BA MCAll1Sl9T College MA UC LA UHlV9TS1lY of Ccxllforma Be lx ley l-hstory cxppomted l944 P"---.M...... HERBERT W OVIATT IR BS MA Bates College Enqllsh Truck coach crppomted l944 ESTHER SCHNEIDER Assistant Treasurer- appointed l926. l 3 wr DONALD C WILSON BA Mldlancl Colleqe MA Um vers1ty of Nebraska Mathematlcs Basketball coach Teams coach ap pomted 1944 MRS. FRANCES BEVERSTOCK Secretary: appointed l942. XXX-gn. -T unii.ummiu ii, l in-1 i 'OVW L ...... ,,....... ,.i-. l . riligl Seated-left to right: O'Brien, Philipp, l-lands, Foerster. Student Council The present Student Council has been constantly endeavoring to improve the system of student government. One of the first forward steps was the method of holding the weekly meetings without faculty supervision. The theory behind this plan is that quite often the Council, in the presence of several masters, is hesi- tant about expressing ideas or opinions out of the regular line of thought. Also in the publishing of the notes of each meet- ing in the LEDGER, the student body is informed of what takes place during the discussions of the Council. The Prefects have established a new system of keeping demerit records. The name of each boy is placed on file, when- ever one receives a demerit, his slip and a comment on the nature of the offense, written on an index card, is placed under his name, Each boy also has a chart that lists the number of demerits received dur- ing any one week throughout the school year. The procedure of having an of- fender sign his own slip when he acknowl- edges his misdemeanor saves both the Prefects and the boy considerable time. Another innovation of this Council is the attempt to uphold the standards of Country Day both within and without the school. Since the school stresses the mold- ing of character, the members also have strived to improve this essential. Throughout the year the Prefects have met with representatives of the faculty. Complete cooperation between masters and Prefects, Prefects and Council, Coun- cil and student body has been continu- ally emphasized. There has been some feeling among the student body that election to the Council has been based on popularity rather than merit. To elimi- nate this as much as possible the Prefects have been meeting with the entire faculty to clarify the status of individual candi- dates for the Council. Much has been accomplished in this manner and the Stu- dent Council has advanced further toward the perfection of this program at Country Day. 23, a ,,. ' ,gi 8, -if is FN K, ected left to nqht GTI 1th Kurten 3 Kloppfnhurg Tuttle A cyd Tnrylfr IT7 andmg fl WIIIIVJ If iff rn Klunr N rxs W r rm n rbm mdm G f asm In Ifillk r rrcrm IH I r c prefects R Foerster F QBNQ Hamas E PhN1 V Student Council .J 1G RPN Q Boyd L,hF3QIDI F zqef C1 pcm F Gnu JI' CC Hue HDGQ 'C TQ afxr 1 -'qf p I Spruule Qrp T1 L. frr 5 ffifw 'O 'X Class of 1945 EMANUEL LORENZ Pl-HLIPP ll Entcred Krnderaarten Stt1dentCctmc1l 10 ll Prelect 12 Arrow l2 lAssoc Edltorl Ledger ll 12 Glee Club 9 ll 12 fl3'resl Baseball 9 10 ll 12C Hockey 9 11C 12C Football 10C 11C 12C lCoCaptl Band 9 10 R e 9 10T Gambcllerscl 10 ll 12 Class Pres 8 10 ll 12 Pnzes Rltle Medal Q Enhstea U S Navy Bud has the srncele respect and admrratron of h1s fellow students A frlend of all he has always done Just a lrttle more than lS requlred HIS mherent Sl1ClC101l1VGI19Sq evldent 1n all ol hrs many act1v1t1es has earned h m h1s hlah posrtron ID the class of 45 as Cf Prefect Bud has been an outstardlnq athlete He was co captam of football and co wmner of the Most Valuable Player award As aoal1e ol the hockey team he saved us many an oppo nents score Bud w1ll help Uncle Sam IH the Navy and expects to ao to Yale after war s end - ' 7 ' ' ' 9, , : 101 , .7 ' 1, I , ', ' , tocf Aill, , 1 f I I-, I, , A -I . , V, r, T EONARD CAMPBELL IR ere llth Form Gl ul' 12 Rtle 2 n s l C l2C Enllst d U S Army A1r Cor DS Bud entered school rn h1s Iunlor Year and 1named1ately lmpressed us all wlth h1s easy qo 1nq and pleasant manner Hrs wrnmnq per sonahty accompanred by a faculty for sayrnq the wrong thmq at the rrqht trme has constantly kept Bud rn the publtc eye where he tlounshes oday The halls ot Country Day Ntll no longer nnq W1th hrs savaqe cnes and remarks about hrstory but he has left hrs stamp upon the school nevertheless The Army Arr Corps Wlll consume most of hrs trrne 1n the near future and t Bud qets alonq as well 1n that orqantvahon as he ard at CD he vvrll emerge wxth tlylnq olors ANDREVV BOYD V Entered Kindergarten Student CO.lnC1l 12 L dger ll Arrow l2 Crrculatxon Min xqer L dqer 12 Auto Me h rv ub 10 F Jr nnxs Enl sted N rvy Radar Thrrteen years aqo Sandy beqan hrs career at Country Day As a roly poly lad he has always be n a Joy to hls classmates too bad the assoclatlon wlth the rest of us had to reduce the qlrthl Sandy qoes out for every th1nq rn a b1q way H1s contr1but1ons have been many and varled ranqrnq from football to warbhnq an the Glee Club He takes rt all rn strrde and has been a flne classmate to each of us Sandy spent lh1S year holdrnq down a desk on the balcony as the clrculatron mana qe for the Ledqer Where he dlstlnqurshed h1m self as the only Country Dayrte who has ever be n able to qrve hlrnselt the nlckname Blos sum and Q t away wrth 1t At th1s Wrltlnq he IS headed for the navy hav1nq passed the Eddy 'Vest for Radro Tech n1c1an tl AUC 52,4 ' . 1 ' ' 5 Q f , ll' : ' ' f 1 , e 5 c a .:" 12: Glee Cl' , ll: ootlfll ll, l2Cg Te ll, l2- i 1, . . ,, 1, . , v ' Q A A ' V I .46 l l ' . 1, ., 1 . r . ll ll I A - v I I A - 1' ' ' ' ' . , . . .1 Q - V l- , ., . . Q , C . 1 . A-I A . I , ff x I , t - -g In t I - C 1 I ""' , H' ' . I X . , , ,X , , - , ,, 4' X , H A .,A ' A -l 'X' I .,-1. ... , . int d 7 ee Cl' f 7 i l 7 Hockey ll: 'fe ni l , : fe . . ' g . I I , 1. , L . v 1 I , , , . 1. 1 . . . 4 - ' ' .I q ' .5 . ""i . D GORDEN CHAMBERS DAVIDSON Entered 6th Form Ledger 10 ll Arrow IO Glee Club 9 R e TO Footba llC 12C Tennis Track l2 Gordie originally came from the deep South and as you all know he brought a large amount of southern charm with him What would southern personality be without the fairer sex to enhance Gordies reputation? He has always loved the gridiron upon which he has spent many fall months in preparation for Varsity games For the last two years he has done a fine Job as a half back especially on this years almost undefeated football team He has also been a mainstay in the second tenor section of the Glee C ub in the last four years On the completion of his military service medical profession Good luck fella' CHARLES KEITH CLARKE, IH Entered 9th Form: Ledger lO, ll: Arrow l2y tAssociate Editorlg Glee Club 9, lU, il, l27 Gamboliers l2: Rifle 97 Football l2Mg Basketball lU, ll, l2Cp Baseball l2Cq Autc Mechanics 125 Tennis lOy Enlisted U. S. Navy. C.K. is a member of the Gamboliers and in that organization has contributed enough time and effort to merit high distinction for his sing- ing. Voted the "smoothest" by his class, he employs a suave personality in "killing" his lady-friends. C.K. has few equals on the basketball floor, and when it comes to looking good he manages to stay out in front at all times. All told, he has a mature, sensible view- point which will aid him in the Navy and later at Princeton University. We wish C.K. the best and know he will make many more friends wherever he goes JAM!! My it I 4 X . 1 ' x f" ' A W y 0. V 10,125 in 8, 9,' , ii 101 , .I ' io, 12,1 ' . . X, . I H Gordie plans to enter Yale University and the N ' ..,.. it gt., . if V-Wa 'mm-tl., l0.A-UWM. '-ttp11frLQEP RICHARD DEVEREAUX FOERSTER Fntered 6th Form Student Councll 9 lO ll Prefe t Arrow ll Edttor 12 Class Treasurer 8 Glee Club 9 l l2 Cwamborers Mmual Tratntna 8 Ta k l Ledger 9 IU Crrculatton Mgr ll Enllsted Nzvy R1 h IS lfnown by many nlcknames one of the most outstandlna of them belnq t e lrttle Napoleon H has always wrshed he mraht be Just a lrttle taller so that he could look hls fellow classmates rn the eye l-low ever rn th1s case physlcal stature means noth lnq for he IS one of the outstandmq leaders at Country Day In wtnter when Rlch has tlme on weekends he makes a dash Wllh a few of hts frrends to the Herlrqer Hueqel Skt Club to emoy the thrrlls of thts excrttnq sport Wl'-en the next school year beqtns and the new Pre fects assemble alona wtth the Glee Club and Gambohers they w1ll Search rn vam for some one to ftll Rtch s place Amherst Colleqe and Navy w1ll complete D1Ck s future schedule J DEAN DAVID FITZGERALD Entered 7th Form: Student Council 10, ll, 123 Rifle 8, 9, IO, ll, l2Ty Art 8, gf Glee Club lO: Auto Mechanics lfg Football ll l2C Basketball llC l2C TQHDIS 12 From the rollrnq htlls of Wauwatosa Dean entered Country Day 1n the Seventh Form lt IS the rnfluence of hrs aulet leadershrp 1n the class that has helped to keep our standards hrqh Always ready to help wtth hrs servrces or op1n1ons he has been a falthful and con structtve member of the Student Counctl Dean has spent a larqe part of h1s school ltfe tn Florlda but 1n sprte of thls he has done a fme Job 1n basketball football and m the R1fle Club We w1ll always remember Dean for a ready w1t and frlendly d1spos1t1on Dean expects to Jom the Navy upon qraduat1on and has not made any colleqe plans I""'h, 1 W L ' Q 'KH I I ' - - . , 1 , A : ', . , 7 .C T7- ll, 1 l' 121 I ' ' 7 1' c' fl. ' K ' . 5 ' , f . H ,A tt . . C - l , , 4 . uh V", ' V J ff . ' ,n f- ' I - V Y H 1 5 I If u VI I L 1 , . , I . I . , . . 1 Ll I ML N 40 ' t 1 HAROLD EDWARD HANDS 1B Entered 8th Form Student Councll 9 10 ll Prefect 12 Class Presrdent 9 T easurer 12 Ledqer 9 10 11 Arrow 9 10 11 12 fEd1torl Glee Club 9 10 11 12 Gambollers 9 10 11 12 Rrfle 8 Football ll 1-lockey8 9C 10C 11C 12C fCaptJ Baseball 11C 12C Tenms 8C 9C 10C llC CCapt1 12C fCapt1 Honorable Mentron 8 9 ll 12 S1lver Medal 10 Mathematrcs Prlze 9 10 Class Prxze l2nd1 ll Enhsted Navy Radar Thls tall lanky fellow was born wrth abrlrty ln athletlcs mathemahcs and leadershrp as well as ln several other trelds 1-le has a mrnd ot hrs own hrs thoughts are not easlly swayed Fortunately hrs thoughts turn towards ways of rmprovement Thrs rs Where hrs leadershtp 1S well clrsplayed As one ot the orrqlnal mem bers ot the Gambolrers Ted has tolled hard to keep that orqamzatron movma l-hs appolnt ments as a Pretect captaln ot both Hockey and Tennrs squads and class Treasurer prove hrs ab1l1ty and popularrty W111'1 the boys At the conclusron ot Navy Radar Ted wtll enter Yale s School ot Enqmeerxnq and follow th successful footsteps of h1s brother lohn So lonq Ted and qood luck PETER CHRISTIANSEN FRIEND Entered Kindergarten Rlfle 8 9 10 ll 12 Auto Mechanl s ll Hockey 10 11 12C Enlrsted U S Army Arr Corps Pete 1S a one tlme owner of Hunka the Model A and therefore stands hrqh ln Green and Gold tradrtlon Hrs crop of resplendent red harr may be se n afar on many a cold Wrnter rnornrnq as he partakes ot the loys of skunq for he 1S also a promrnent member of the H H Club Back at school he calmly endure classes unt1l the sports bell rmqs and then rushes outdoors Where h IS ln hrs element But thrs 1S only natural tor Pete and he has experlence rn Hockey and Football to prove lt The Frlends as a fam1ly lean toward the Army Arr Corps and postwar plans wlll probably rnclude Cornell Unlversrty Goodbye Pete and Whatever happens we can count on you to make the qrade I I J - MIA! u . haw' v1D'f' 'I Fw'1'l' 'l lf w A 1 J ' - ,WWA 'f lut' Mun" ' L Tegan sq. Q- Q-R'0oo.rAS,' in-Q I EDWARD HOWELL Entered 9th Form Ledger 0 10 11 12 12 CEd1tor1 Arro J 1 12 Adv rt1s1n Iv I1 Glee C u 11 12 Pnzes Engllsh Au ard 9 Enqllsh Afvurd 0 onorable Mentxon 12 S1 M dul 9 10 lf you turn the paqes of the years back about three or more you w1l1 rensember Eddy always lookmq at the tall fellows and saymq Some day' He has bet rrany a frtend that he wtll be SIX feet tall by qraduatlon and present measurements show that he 15 about a half an 1nch short of tt Nevertheless one w1ll concede f1nal vtctory to hlm Eddy has always shown an ab1l1ty for lettma those smooth sentences flow out and hts edttorshtp of the LEDGER has proven th1s both by h1s edttortals and news artlcles As one of the youngest members of the class Eddy can look forward to a few years at Har vard where we know he w1ll d1st1nQU1Sl1 htmself ou cz-by-Q,-, ati X. RCDBERT NICHOLS HAZELWOOD n red Sth F rm Ledger 11 12 A row 9 10 Manual Tralmnq 10 Spe ch Club 9 Glee Club 11 1 'Drcmatms 11 Commandos 10 Prwes Time Pr17e 10 Seen towerlna far above anybody else Ntck IS always eastly recoqntzed tn a crowd Nlck IS usually on hand for any d1scuss1on and one of hls characterlstlcs wh1ch w1ll help rn later years 1S h1s frankness and straxqhtforwardness Qulte an ardent muslcal fan Nlck 1S always ready wtth the latest news on recent acttvzttes amonq the country s banasmen Many a Joke can be retraced to Nlcks ready Wll or hts Grandfathers loke Book Bestdes be na a soctaltte Ntck has shown hls ab1l1ty on the basketball floor as well as on the football f1eld Wllh the IV s He 1S st1ll undecldea about the future but tt ll elther be Haverford or Navy Radar Good luck N1ck and well be seelnq you later 9 1 forff lf' ., - MS fi A- X ' r A X - Uk. s ,f A if f V - G., Cie' ' ' X ,, g W U t gi-1-W v -. E to 0 7 . . 7 1' , , 11, 12: " 7 eg 5 , 2- 1 1 " 7 1 7 ., ff '. . . . l . . Q? . . .. ft , H . . 1 . . 1 , I - 'f f"f ,- P g N . ' 5 I ,. f P l,,1 if , . 1, Z, ,' 1 I I .-' ,I I v . As, F f ' I I ,L fr' -1 ,ff f . " .. ' , 'ff Q. 1 lg . ,, 9, 10, 1 , 7 e ' ' Q lanarger 7 1 b 9, 10, 7 ' f ' 7 ' ' 17 ' 7 iver e , . 1 1 1 1 I ' ,, . H , ' A ' ' fy' Y 1 I - ' . . 1 . V 1 if LEELAND CHARLES IOHNSON Enterec llth Form Arrow ll I2 Adverttstnq Manager l2 Manual Tralmna ll Football lli, l2C, Track 12 If you see somebody roamrnq around school wrth an ARROW Ad book 1n h1s hand you lt know that rt s Lee Hrs maqnthcent Job of dornq the drrty work ana qettlnq the requrred amount of advert1sements to put the book out ts hlqhly commendable HIS enthus1asm for qetttng the Job done has rmpressed the edrtors Lee dvsplayed the same vtqorous enthusrasm on the football freld th1s fall Durlnq many a scnmmaqe the famtlrar phrase who has qot Iohnson? was heard In all phases of athletrcs Lee has won htmself the d1st1nct1on of bernq a scrapper Hts future as IS everyone s 15 quite 1ndef1n1te However f he conttnues on l'11s way wrth th1s type of attltude h1s success rn later l1fe IS assured Osho QA' C' 1 Lv., guts 19 www. VW :an TREVOR MAWDDWY IONES Entered 9th Form Ledger ll Manual Trammq IU ll 12 Rxfle l2 Musrc Appreclatron ll Prizes Improvement Pr17f The Blonde Bomber of Country Dav the Van Iohnson of MDS thats Treve When Treve came to Country Day from Normal hrs slow amrable drawl soon took a favorable hold on the class As an ardent member c Cal Coopers Manual Tratrunq Club and of the IV football squad Treve has shown a keen rnterest rn hts alma mater lons1e has also been the rnstlqator of an orqantzatton whose purpose IS to bulld a mernorral 1n d d catton to all those alumnl of the Mrlwaukee Country Day School who have arven the1r l1ves for the1r country rn t1me of war Treve plans to enter the Merchant Marrne Academy ths summer lt IS qulte probable that 1n later years Treve w1ll do forestry work 1n the Northwest I ARTHUR IAMES lASKlN Fn ered lUth Form Ledaer lO ll l2 Edltor l2 Arro 1 14 En 1Sl9d m Navy Radc. Arne s ranqe rn outs1de actrvrtres IS extremely wrde He was f1ISl made famous by hrs en trance 1nto the solo seat of the lohnny Car penter orqanrzatron Playlnq the saxophone however has not been hxs only contrrbutlon to the emoyment of hts fellow classmates hrs ever ready smrle and armtable expressxon are at hand wherever he qoes Academrcally Arte has done a bana p 1ob Hrs sense of orqanlzatlon and leadersh1p has made htm one of the most popular boys rn the class He 1S also one of those lads who have auallfled for Navy Radar Tralnma Thls 1S a frne achrevefnent rn every sense of the word All 1n all we hate to see Artle leave but we wtsh hrm all the luck rn the world throughout h1s comma career qw.. olmnvx G-mat lveol wk S4215 web. -fkg-,avr equi, L51 page-4, I EKURTEN l er 10 ll 12M Downer P ry ll Entered orm St1.QentCo Arrow 12 Club 10 Here IS one of Country Day Howev orgxhdwme lads at ooks IS not th1s boy s only achrevement He seems to be Qlft ed Wllh a beautlful sense of muslc lohn IS extremely modest about hrs new qlft but on spectal occasxons he can be persuaded to qrve hls famous rend1t1on of Deep Purple Iohn s smrlrnq face and enthusrasm has won h1m a host of frrends at school Hrs Jovlal manner also seems to be au1te popular wtth those of the OppOS1l9 sex A other trlbute that should be pald to Iohn e lob ID decoratmq the qyrn for last ears om lt was the best dance CD has e and most of the cre lt rs due to ear v rtheless fappy Qffsbpvgks Jes t declded wher he wrll be x K N' l ' . cil 1, , dq , ,121 5 I U , I I V ig S ' t - t s ' y ' ' ' rt: ' ' ' ? n . ,I Q . , , S -t , 7 , , , ' 7 v C5 C-lee Club lOy Band llg Tennis lO, ll, l2p Commandos l2. 1 l v f A I I I ' ' , L u if l I , . W 0 ls Q 5 5 I v l0fQ. 0:0 MW-.xX'To1Q,l'rCJ-Q tbl- C,-nggq '-4,1119 pr-oloklol-K 50 VVNN"fx'X H-..x, Na v Y nl Q r vi i! xiii? Qi give DONALD EDWARD MEYER Entered Kmderoarten left 7th form reentered 9th left llth r entered l2 Rifle Club 9 IUT l2T Enltsted Navy Radar When Don returned to Country Day th1s fall after a year at Culver Mrlrtary Academy h1s welcome home was lmrnedrate and srncere Don who was sorely mrssed dunnq h1s year of absence has been an asset to the class of 40 He IS one of the more quret members ot th class lt 1S characterlstlc of h1m to devote a great deal of trme to the format1on of an oprnlon but when he has made hls decrsrons they are generally sound and able to Wrth stand the most prerclnq analysrs Certarnly Worthy of casual rnentlon IS Dons ardent 1n terest ln chemrstry We have heard that echoes and reverberatlons rn the v1c1n1ty of the Meyer resldence have caused a tremendous boom 1n the Mllwaukee msurance buslness But Why belreve rn rumors? QM fp 210' Alai, Zf995OJ5' .7b 1200 RICHARD SEVIER MILLER Entered 5th Form Arrow ll l2 tAdvert1s1nq Mfrnaq rl Auto Mechanrcs lO ll l2 Entered Navy Early 1n Ianuary of thrs year D1ck left Country Day to enl1st rn the Navy At present he lS a rlosp1tal Apprentlce Second Class rn the Navy Hosp1tal Corps Although we deeply regret that Drck was unable to complete h1s Semor year at Country Day we are confrdent that Country Days loss lS the Navys qarn Dlck was partlcularly happy to be able to become a member of the Hosp1tal Corps for 1t IS hrs ambrtron to study medrclne at the conclusron of the war Early 1n March of thrs year ve were fortunate enough to see Drck on leave We hope that there wrll be many s m1lar occa s1ons 1n the near future -. . 2 1 - : : e- : , . : I ,K . . . 1 'V I . f . . 9 . . . . . I . . , . 'Hes 21 '- H 11 - ' . . ' -, Vg, I I , f D 1 : ' . ' ' 7 ff 7 T , . . , , , . . , . . 4 I qt - . . . . if . . 1 , , . . . wg i X "' Q-Qu-Q-J. FRANK IEROME O'BRlEN Entered Krndergarteny Student Council ll, Pretect lZg Ledger 9, lU, ll, Editor 125 Arrow ll, 12: Rifle Club 8, C, T, , l2T: Glee ub 9, : B n U, llp Varsit Football ll- Track lO ll l2' Honorable Mention lO' Enlrsted Navy Radar Frank better known as Deac or Fobbre rs one of the charter members of the Senror class for he entered the school rn krndergarten some thrrteen years ago Srnce that trme the subtle O Brren sense ot humor has never farled to assure hrm ot contrnued popularrty Durrng hrs stay at Country Day Fobbre has found trme for a great many extra currrcular actrvr tres he has been partrcularly actrve rn the Rrfle Club and the Ledger of Whrch he was an edrtor rn hrs Senror year Frank was also one who was honored by be ng appornted a prefect and has contrrbuted a great deal to the development of Student government at Country Day Deac plans to attend erther Prrn eton or Stanford at the conclusron of the War but has already gone off to serve hrs country rn the Navy We feel that he wrll be Well re erved at whatever school he may attend or rn Uncle Sarn s armed forces Bl O-QAA4., 9,945 DONALD EVERETT READ Lnter d Krndergarten e 8 9 12 Glee ub O l2 Art or 9 lO Track 12 Entered Navy Radar Don 1s another of Rrver l-lrlls contrrbutrons to Country Day and a worthy contrrbutron he rs Long a member of the Glee Club Don has drs trngurshed hrrnself for hrs energetrc srngrng rn th frrst bass sectron He has devoted hrmsell wrth equal vrgor to both academrc and athletrc actrvrtres of late he has been especrally actrve rn Senror League football Outsrde of school actrvrtres Donny rs gurte an angler and a nrrn rod One of hrs great handrcaps at Country Day has been the long drstance telephone rn Rrver Hrlls for occasronally Don has forgotten to record hrs darly assrgnments The expense entarled by the correctron of such errors nsusr become rather annoyrng at trmes We wrsh you the best of luck rn the future Don 910 rrr cr IO Udr y u ' 5 ' ' ' ' s .5 S l O I ' e l X 0"'g Rifl , , ror, rrrf T1 ' cr r,rr. f cry: e' I ' . ' U WILLIAM SCI-IWARTZ Entered 9th Form Class Treasurer lO II Manual Trarn rng 9 lU Il Auto Mechanrbs 9 Glee Club I2 Speecl Club 9 Rrtle 9 Commandos ll I2 Honorable Mentron Enlrstecl U S Navy Brll has been a hard workrng unassumrng commendable lad He has burlt up an rnterest rn the humanrtles and has pulled down many a 90 rn Englrsh We lllrterates have been astounded by hrs extensrve knowledge of the classrcs Another contrrbutron Brll has made toward our class has been hrs servrces as class treas urer for two consecutrve years Maybe that rs why the class of 45 has survrved the depres sron and now possesses such a vast sum of money no wonder we have reaped rn profrts on all dances' After Radar rn the Navy Brll plans to go to Harvard and to contrnue hrs excellence rn the arts LOUIS CLAUDE ROVE IR Entered llth Form Chess Club ll Track 12 Comm md s Prrze Trme nz Loure spent hrs Freshman and Sophomore years at Shorewood When he entered Country Day at the begrnnrng of hs Iunror year he raprdly readrusted hrmself to hrs new surround rngs Durrng the last two years he has been one of the most enthusrastrc members of the Commandos under the tutelage of Mess s Church Ramaker and Devrne At trmes durrng the past year we have wondered what effect Lours graduatron wrll have on the musrc pro gram customarrly played before the darly Chapel ceremonres At present Loure rs unde crded about hrs future actrvrtres but whether he enlrsts rn some branch of the servrce or at of luck ' It 11,12 as " P'e ll. ' ' I 1 -l i n fC' I - tends college in luly, we wish him the best I 4.4- 1 Z" CIJVU-1 IOHN HARRY bPROULE ere Uhlfcrn Q cl P 7-Y Y? lohn has always been a popular merrb r of hrs class Srnce he entered the Freshman Class he has contrrbuted a qood deal to school lrte ln athletrcs he has centered hrs attentron on hockey olayrnq a steady qame at rrqht wrna He has also won hrs letter rn football lohn closely connected wrth hrs red con Jertrble rs always reaay and wrllrna to h lp a trrend rn need Durrna the last three summers he has been at Culver Mrlrtary Academy where he Grad uated second rn hrs class wrth hrqh honors lohn plans to be rr the navy after qraduatrna navrnq also passed the Eddy Test for Rado T chnrcran trarnrnq FREDERICK DETER SEIDEL rid Sth Form R l u Pete has been one of the most consc entrous m mbers of thrs years araduatrnq class H was on the Varsrty Football bquad one year and has been wrth the Commandos for several seasons ln wrnter he played Senror League Basketball Academrcally he has worked drlr aently and produced qood results Pete rs a onstant source of storres concern na Alasca and hrs experrences there last sumrrer He rs also an ardent vaqabond bernq fond of lonq tramps and canoe trrps Pete has been enrolled rn the Navy Radar School srnce Aprrl YM 4- l Ente 1. : rift ffl if 9, lUg Art Club lil' Mmm ., Trzrnrrrr ll: Footzrrll II- 'morrrrrrrrrdos ll, 17- Tr:-k ll. M -9 ' ' ' . Q ,- ' 5 Y , , , A, 1 . , 04,0142 B - X, A , 'I ' ' S . 5 Jf E 1 I' 1 , ll ,fi Emi. d Ji.. J lf Ctu en' Ccunirr 10, Ledger fl, ll, IQ :rr url Trarnrng llg Glee Club IU, Il, E27 Apric f.feth':n11's 3: fxfle lG- Poofrzull ll, 12,5 frcfkey 9, ll ll",', YC- Tenrzrs 3 lO- EYlllSf4-fi flrvy rxrdfrr. r 9 f 5 A V ' , . , r . ' , . ' 9 r rw I I . , A , I L ' A4 ' I ru, .e 4 ' ' . ' , F ' My W' View! IAMES ARTHUR STEINMAN Entered 7th Form Manual Trammq 10 R1fle 8 9 10 ll 12 Track 12 Pnzes P1erce H B1tkerfor Loyalty ll Smce 11m entered the Iun1or School he has 1mpressed h1s classmates w1th h1s unexcelled loyalty and unremrttlng consctentlousness Had the Senlor Class as a whole labored as d1l1gent1y as he over both the academ1c and ath1et1c phases of the1r school l1fe they all would have reaped genume proflt from the school You get out of sornethmg only what you put 1nto 1t th1s 1S espec1ally true of 11m As a f1tt1ng cl1max to h1s loyalty to the school he was awarded the P1erce H B1tker Cup at the end of h1s Iun1or Year, not to ment1on the re spect accorded h1m by h1s fellow classmates 11m w11l enter the Army 1n lune and has not made any part1cu1ar college plans as yet WILLIAM FREDERICK STARK Lntered 9111 Form Student Counc1l 12 Rrfle 9 Art Club 8 10 Glee Club 12 CV1 ePresl Manual Trammq 10 Foot ball 1OC 11C 12C 1CoCapta1n 121 Hockey ll Basebal ll Track 12 Enhsted Army A1 Corps B111 entered CD 1n h1s freshman year and s1nce then has become known for h1s ab111t1es at the game of football Playlng at left halt back B111 has been a ma1nstay of the team H1s efforts were rewarded th1s year when he was elected co captaln and was co wlnner of the Most Valuable Player Award In school rna1n forte B111 has the lure of the Vagabond tn h1m He has summered 1n Alaska toured the South and sa1led on the Great Lakes on an ore boat B111 1S en11sted 1n the Army A1r Corps and may be called before graduat1on AM . Y S ln X if ' A . A ' - half. '-...JAR L? - fi' . . . hx he has been a good student, h1story be1ng h1s ' v I i. . . - . V . Suu-1-2M'uJ wi' ls y,u.el""'s P' ,V ,QQT MM DAVID IOHN TOLAN ntered llth Form Ledger 12 Rrfle Club ll Chess Club ll Glee Club ll I2 Auto Mechanlcs 12 Football l2C ricsketball 12M Baseball ll I2 PIIZGS Second Honor ll onorable Me-ntlon 12 Enlrsted Navy Radar In hrs two years as a Dayrte Dave has made qwte a name or hlmself rn the flelds of aca demrc endeavor and pantomlme We have all watched wrth amazement as ethereal Dave has sewed on an rmagrnary button wrth rn vrslble needle and thread as vouched for by Mr Frck The Englrsh students and the ladres never cease to Wonder at the vast store of know ledge contalned rn the Tolan cranlum Messrs Church and Wllson have found htm a frne tackle ID football and an efflcrent mana ger of our VICIOIIOUS l945 basketball team Never fa1l1ng to comment on the quallty of noon lunches he seems to have an uncanny ab1l1ty for plclcrng the wlnnxng number of all rattles Navy Radar or Haverford College w1ll be hr future occupatron Good luck, Dave, and Mung I-lol" awe ,I 4,3 f PHILIP LOUIS STONE Y Ent rea lst Form Ledacr 9 ll I2 Edrtor' ill l4us1c Apprecratron 8 9 lO Auto lflf I 11: 8 cn os IU I7 Trac Phtl or Phrlsxe to some remarns one of the old guard at Country Day havrng spent h1s grade school years at the lower school and h1s last frve at the school upon the h1ll The arts have defrmtely taken precedence rn all that he has entered rnto on the campus The past two years saw hlm gam a co edltorshtp of the Ledger wh1ch has reflected hrs vlews on class rcal mus1c and school act vrtres throughout tlne 1944 45 season Chrysler coupe Ph1l IS consxdered gurte an authorrty on automobrles HIS trrm flqure acqurred durmg three summer months wlth the Oregon Blrster Rust Control drvlsron of the Na tronal Forestry Servrce has proved qurte an asset ln deal1ng wrth the farr sex Its elther rale Unrversxty or Navy Radar for Phll from here on dvr'-5 p.-4 -6 5 Y , ff I u . . 'I ' , V, 4 f f ,. f ,J X ' 4 " ' I 1 J - ' X fl-gfl 91' 1 , , If f"- 177 to If 2, 1 I ' ' ' , , 5 ' 31: V11 is , 5' if 1 xnund , ll, -: 'lc IZ. 1 J I I I -I If ' I ' - Famous forlhis flshpole aerial on a l939 . V - - I It U , I '1- 1' -,X - Q f .I I I I V I , 1 I - - - X J' if MANFRED ADOLPH WALLNER Entered llth Form Glee Club ll Rzfle ll Tenms Track 12 Commandos ll 12 Two short years 1S hardly enough tune wh1ch to do all one would hke to undertake Country Day, but Mann1e has taken part 1n school lrfe and also Latln 3 to boot Both Com mando and tenn1s squads saw h1m 1D actton the past few seasons Physlcs students and Professor Church are st1ll reehng from the 97 whlch he wrote durlng his last year rn the toughest of courses L1ke many of h1s classmates, Mannle spent thls summer f1ght1ng b11ster rust for the Forestry SGTVICG rn Idaho Whether tt w1ll be Radar or college upon graduatlon 1S unknown at the present, but accord1ng to predeterrnlned plans h1S destmatton w1ll be Cahfornla, where h1s parents are now restdmg THOMAS NATHANIEL TUTTLE Er d 7th Form Stud nt Counctl ll I2 Ledger 9 lU ll 12 tlggiztorl Arrow 9 10 ll Busmess Manager ll Rttle BTS LOT llT l2T Rltle Trophy ll Glee Club 9 10 ll 42 Gambohers 12 Football 126, Hockey IOC llC l2C Baseball llC 12C tCaptl Gold Medal 8 9 lO ll Stlver edal T2 Prlzes Engllsh 8 SCIENCE 8 Lattn 8 Language 9' IO xCT'ass tlstl ll Harvard Book ll Enltsted Navy Radar There are few who have not heard of the many accbmpllshrnents of our versat1le Tom Rxf e hockey baseball football and a co edltorshlp of the Ledger all have been ef flclently handled by the Jack of all trades He entered Country Day tn s venth grade and h1t hrs str1de almost mfmedtately Smce then DIIYSS letters and recognltlon of hls achtevernent have all come h1s way Nevertheless Tut seems to be lnexhaust 1ble tn energy and may be found at all school and Downer functtons accompanted by h1s rnaroor Ford sedan Few Saturday mornmgs flnd Tom at CD although even he falls prey upon occaslon to the wlles of Mr Churchs phystcs qulzzes Torn expects to attend Harvard Unlverslty th1s summer or posslbly Navy Radars camp at Great Lakes J! I -,.. . ,MAMA -,, ' Lg , ,- w 2 r ,M ' -D s , Y. I' j A L ,V '. 4 ' -J ' e '1 ff mix T5 -I -." Z' 1' -- ' . Q - . 4' V , l . M A , , , ,- . K ..,- -, ' : , . 1 7 '-Lx . ' ' ,- , , : ' : , , . , I N K -., M- N- . . , ,V , ffl? "'f 'K . - . f . I ,. ,M ' 1 K 'f ' . ' , ' , m X ' ' - - . ' uv NJN' p , , M1 . , 'Aa - AL is N'-2... ,Ni 0 X - 'Y ' ,- C I D.-., ' I I - 4 T, , . , . - ' Q C ' - 1 1 I Il VI .' , 1 ' f 1 . . C. ., . . 1 . . , . : : ' : ' 12: ' ' in - ' ' at lOHN CARPENTER WINDSOR IR n red 9th F rm Led r 9 10 ll l2 l!lanu,rlTrJ1n1 n 0 r O Honor rln entrvn ll lack Iohnnre Carpenter or Wrndy all serve as handles for thrs phenomenal musrcran Both trumpet and prano have been successfully explorted by the tormer bandleader At the onset of hrs lunror year he orqanrzed a Country Day combo whrch eventually expanded rnto l3 preces ln addrtron to musrc tennrs Senror Leagues and Commandos have all seen the determrna tron of thrs senror whrz Mr Wrndsor came to our alma mater as a freshman and has breezed throuqh hrs four hrqh school years desprte the partral snag of Latrn 3 Physrcs especrally radro has been hrs meat and has rntluenced hrrn rn decrdrng to try for Radar As to hrs future plans rt rs a toss up between Radar serv ce or Yale Unr versrty V' aff' r .X , .fv W' 7"" .X ,WJAA .Aly VM! f 139. X 1111' F1111 I 1 1 S1111 237' Wai,-X eww 111 1111111 1111111 11111141 III 1?1111111111f111A 111 11 f1l1t1lIfl,tIlX' 11011 II 1 111 fn' ,v1111."' my Y -Q.. ,1'.?Q, - .M 4 Sis. f ' ' vV4QQ.. . 'NN lm 'Vp AM .5 1 11,11 1 if W A 1 1 Q ' in A gif A ii 3 . W 111' 111d11'.' 1 mu - 1 . Q9 4 Ill dl H I C111 11 U' llf VIN I l 1' X W 'Ag--an H 1 40-A 41 ful lXSlx X11 zz Left to nght top row Prrt laff S lls Gntenkunst Schne1der Waterman Ramaker Tnorsen Howard Second row lones Iordan Heddmg Resmck Sammond Towne Hesse Ietterson Front row Nunn Klopoenburq I-luebsch Wenzel Taylor Harrer Iohn .IUIWIOTS Although th1s year s lunror Class IS th second smallest 1n school the class has showed 1ts 1rnportant,e and versatllrty 1n the three aspects ot school llfe the athletlc the scholastlc and the soclal Slnce scholarshro Q the schools prtrne obJect1ve 1t deserves frrst attentlon Many of th class members are gettrng honor grades Wlth Taylor Kloppenburg Iefferson and Pr1tzlaff agaln leadlng the group spect1vely As 1ts representatwes on the Student Councrl the class has Ramaker Heddlng Schnelder Iordan Iefferson Waterman Kloppenburg and Taylor Members of the Iunlor Class contrlbuted greatly to school ath letlcs th1s past year For therr share of a ve1y successful season tn football Kloppenburg Iefferson Taylor Sells Iordan Waterman Schneld er and Howard rece1ved letters Seven of the above formed the frst team s nucleus Durrng the wlnter months when the school was producmg two champ ronshlp teams Kloppenburg Iefferson and Schnelder were seen pacing the basketball floor whrle Waterman and Taylor were on the hockey rlnk The rest of the class was e1ther playlng basketball w1th the B team hockey or down Jn the l1ttle gym wrth the Sen1or Leagues But the year would 1ot be complete wlthout the extra act1v1t1es rn whxch so many of the boys partlcrpated Huebsch and Sammond repre sented the class on s hool publlcatlons and Rarnaker Huebsch and Waterman were members of the Gambollers Thus the year has gone by wrth 1lS ups and downs successes and hard work and we are looklng forward to a successful Senlor year ' - 2 'r -, 'ff , ' . . ' , ' , , ' , 0 . .N 1 . . 2 , V , 2 ' , N ' , ' . . .A L , , . , I . A . ' 9 . . Kloppenburg and Taylor were re-elected President and Treasurer, re' I I I I I I I I I V I Nr I I V . . , A . - I I Y I 'J I I 1 . . , . . c ' ' : , , , . ' A ' . Top row French Maclver S Seidel Wmrie Bhyan Wood Burlingame Merker Griffxth Second row W Wegmann Darling Klann W Sullivan Cahill W Miller Chapman Chester R Norrxs Front row I Schwartz Cushman Heuter Grossman I Meyei Boyd Heise Z1 mer Sup UVTIUVPS The class of 1947 which is the second largest class in the school plays a very active part in school life Early in October the boys elected Tom Grossman president and Beigh Klann treasurer The class is well rep resented in student government having seven me-mb rs on the Student Council Beigh Klann Dick Norris Dick Griffith Maurylft uter Don French, Iohn Wood and Tom Grossman. Scholastically the class ranks high led by Dick Griffith and Iohn Meyer. Iohn recently wor- first place in a state-wide history contest. On the athletic fields the Sophomores also shine. ln the fall the clas' had six members on the varsity football team. Among these were Bill Wegmann Bill Sullivan Frank Darling Maury Beuter Tom Grossman and Reigh Klann who won his letter. The winter ports program found even more Sophomores on varsity squads. On the varsity basketball team Bill Miller and Maury Beuter earned their letters Wh'le lim Boyd Frank Darling Dick Norris Reigh Klann and Lee Ziemer played consistently on the B team. Chapman Chester was the sole Sophomore letter-winner on the hock y squad. ln the spring we find Dick Norris playing numbe two man on the tennis team and Reigh Klann playing number three man. Mr. Church S baseball team is graced with the prescenc. of fnfielders Bob Chapman and Maury Reuter and outfielder Tom Grossman. Although the sophomores won the Freshman-Sophomore pull this year, they were somewhat deflated when the Freshmen soundly thrashed them in the class tournament. Nevertheless, the Sophomore class re- mains an important cog in the machinery of school life, and it looks to the future with confidence. Top row Toepfer McGu1re Sw1sher R Laskm Ilm Wrndsor Blschoff Wyse Noye Llllj dahl Second row Smrth Cutler Rove Crntenden Welgell Smclarr R Sulllvan Enser Front row Gute Howland W1ll1GmS R Klcppenburq Hanson Ovratt Bell H Huebscn l:V6Sl'1l'Tl6ll The nucleus of the present Freshman class dates back to klndergarten days w1th M1ss Mlller when Funny Noyes Black Smlth Wggl Welgell and Lrlly Doll got the1r f1rst taste of the Downer come h1ther from Iudy Ph111p Nancy Dowmng Marn1e Messenger and Mudgre Vlall 1n that memorable class Llttle by l1ttle the class grew 1D S129 from seven to twenty f1VG members our present status prev1ous etghth form year w1th rts 1n1t1at1on 1nto the upper school and the begrnnrng courses m LATIN and General Screrce Last years eghth form stuck tts neck out by g1v1ng a dance 'remember the come hrther l and by trylng vallantly to get on the student councll Thrs year all of the dances netted Mr Murphy a very large lncome from tuxedoes they bemg a new adchtlon to the freshman s clothes closet The socral hons of the class namely Swrsher and Sm1th are constantly 1mpl1cated 1n sweet and short romanc1ng Th1s preamble must not mlslead the reader 1nto bellevlng that we are a purely socrally n11ndecl group for we have among our number a Wyse guy who cont1nues to dlstlngulsh hlmself by conslstently topp1ng the Honor Roll causmg the freshman class to burst wlth prlde Th1s IS not h1s only asset, for chess and pool also put h1m rn the class of a paragon not to ment1on h1s Torto1se hke speed In sports the potentral ab l1ty of Art Toepfer Bert Ovratt and Bob Kloppenburg IS most encouraglng The wr1t1ng of thls artrcle precedes the glee club 1n Wh1ch f1ve fresh men are gomg to be seen and heard Slflglnq l1lSi1ly The year 15 two thlrds spent and we shall soon lose our 1dent1ty as freshmen only to emerge as the class of 48 . , , , . c I . The problems confronting a freshman are somewhat eased by the u I - I n I i -X . 1 1 p - I , . , , , , l I I I I I Top row Krueger Schwab Baumgartner Swtqart Woalleqer Sokol Second row Clough Walton Murphy C Norms R Frank Van Dyke lames Front row N Weqmann Squter 1 Frank Detfel Kalser I fror GOOdYlCh Eighth Form The Etghth Form be1ng new to the Senlor School 'ook a whrle to get settled 1n new surroundmgs but after the prellmmary stage of confusion we rolled along at a great pace Ortentatron Day found the class of 49 enlarged by three new members lerry Sokol B111 Wollaeger and Iohn Dexfel The bxggest moment of the year was the admlsslon of the whole class pleased that the whole class could be admltted In turnmg to athletrcs we frnd that although B111 Schwab was on the lun1or Varslty the class was fatrly evenly dxvrdea between the Iunlor Leagues and the Iunlor League lunlors for the fall term Wmter saw about three fourths of the class playmg basketball whrle the rest of the class flopped around on the 1ce Durlng the sprmg term the matortty of the class played hardball whtle the rest played elther tennts or softball The class was well represented rn actxvrtres Seven boys made the Glee Club and about eleven boys were IH the Rrfle Club Led by Tom Frank the class made a good stand ng on the Honor Roll Qulte a few boys were on 1t a good percentage of the t1me Early ln the fall the class elected Chuck Squ er as pres d nt Phtl Kreuger as treasurer, and Coleman Norr1 as secretary Although We are stlll new at the Seruor School we do feel that we have already galned a foothold and as the years roll by the class of 1949 w1l1 be heard from into that ancient society, The Royal Order of Mooki. We were all very v -ffl s M-du...-...gk -...W-Q I -ve' N 1, . , L Y, , A1 , t.. . 1 X A 1 . fu A " ' 1 I' 'J ' , ,,, -., av, awe, , " t ., 2 , 7 , 'N Z fa ,A X I' 3- . 'N N ,Q ,s 0 M 22 f e QE fi ma .QP " A ww s, - F 1-': F ,ff H , ,+- X. rm A "4-H-qp..5r WW Left to nqhl Foerster Mr Devme I-ands The Arrow The 1945 ARROW was begun early rn the year and under the able supervlsron of Mr Devme Faculty llterary advlsor and MISS Bossort Faculty busmess advlsor much of the last mlnute rush of previous years has been evaded The maxlmum amount of advertlsements was obtamed Just before the deadllne due to the etflcrent work ot Lee Iohnson and D1Ck Mlller By the1r work the budget has been met and for thls reason we have been able to expand to the l1m1t of O P A s requlcttlons The eclltors have helped to present an accurate p1ctor1al outllne or school lrfe at Country Day wlth an lncrease 1D wrltmq mater1al to add more contmuny to the book They have also hoped to make the book look more spaclous and at ease The mam hope of the edltors however IS to present a recollectron of the hte led by the students at Country Day The mam emphasls has been placed or the Senror School and also on the Senrors s1nce rt IS thelr last year and the book wlll always rernam as a keepsake to them Our slncere thanks are extended to Bud Ph1l1pp C K Clarke and Robby W1ll1GmS and numerous other fellows for the assrst ance they hav qlven the edltors Standmq lelt lo nqht I Sch tz oamm nd M clvcr H 71WOOd Clarke Wood Nunn Wxlhams Seated K rte R Mlller M Hu Psch Arrow Staff Edxtors Assoclate Ed1f0l'S Photography Adverusmg Managers Busmess Manager Faculty Advxsors XR1chard D Foerster lHaro1dE Hands Ir NC K Clarke lBud Phlllpp SRobert Wllhams lPh1l1p Stone KLee Iohnson IR clnard Mlller R Chard Grxfflth NMr Devme lM1ss Bossort J' '99 """x Standing left to nghi OBr1en qtone Seated Tuttle Mr Devrne A Laskm Edmu Horccll The Ledger Thls year the Ledger started out W th new faculty advrsors one of whom was also a newcomer to the school Mr Devrne replaced Mr Arms as hterary advlsor M1ss Bossort toolf over Mr Scrbby s Job of keeplng a watchful eye on the busx ness departments The task faced by the Ledger at the b grnnlng of the year was to make the system of cooperat1on between the new faculty advrsors and the edrtors effrcrent enough to produce on trme lssues of good matenal The procedure followed by the staff was that each edxtor was to be responslble for an ISSUQ He was responslble for the page plans CISSIQIHIHQ the number of words to each artlcle and drstrrbutmg the asslgnments ln th1s way the pubhcatron was carrled on by means of a rotatron system wrth each edltor takmg every frfth ISSUS The mounstay of the mechanlcal slde of the Ledger has been th1s y ar as always Ray Callan He has been most helpful rn takmg care of the slrght rrregularmes whrch were bound tg occur m the process of producrng a school paper The Ledger nas had a good year There have been the usual trrals, and the paper has had 1ts due of prarse and cr1t1 c1sm Each year the school l1Kes to feel that 1ts publ1cat1ons are constructrve rn any new departures or changes The Ledger th1s year has been most sat1sfy1ng rn th1s respect W V MV E 5 5 ,Z M, 1 1' f l ' 1 'J ,l 'Z' , 1 - V ,Q 3 ,V x 5 , x ' ' T . ..., 1 ., It 3 . f' 1 t V 1 A 1? ,V . , . R , gt IVV V, QV V V , K ' f V , 41. , M 2 V- V wk., fr wk : VF , V V4 X l pn, Q V , M..g.,f ga , 3 'f : . X 1 -k ' ft ,' W ,I ' ' , 4 90675 V V . 5 . 1 A f v I - u 1- 9 . . 1 V Q ,, Y , 9 , 1 . , . 4, ' ' 1 Standing leit to right I Schwartz lack Wmdsor Haz lwood Wat rmln Nunn Grossrn '1 Seated Sammor d Hue-bsch Ledger Staff Eduors Advertlsmg Manager Clrculatxon Manager Faculty AdV1SOIS Edward Howell Arthur Laskln 4Frank O Brlen Iphlulp Stone LThornos Tuttle Iohn Sdrnrnond Andrew Boyd NMr Devme lM1ssB ort Z l , . Business Manager ..... ......... M onte Huebsch , CSS Front row left to nght lames T Frank Van Dyke Goodr ch R Kloppenburq Clouqh I Boyd Schwab Wrllrams Gute H Huea ch it Frank Katser Cron Second row V1 Hughes Walton Cushman Krueger Eaumaartn O Rove Toept r W Vlfeqmann Noyes Chapman Grossman 1V'cGu1re Swrqart Rosenburq Harrer Werqell Cutler Mr Waterman Tlurd row Solcol lohn Swrsh r Frrend Campbell Stemman Cahrll Wyse French Heddmq Hesse W Mlller Grrtftth Klann Darlrnq Lew lohnson Top row Maclver Bach Merlcer D Meyer Rifle Club Aqarn the Rrtle Club was the most popular actlvlty rn the school The club met IU the larqe qym once a Week under the quldance ot Mr Water man Mr Hughes and Mr Wrlson There was no drttlculty thrs year 1n aettrnq cartrlclqes because the club IS a member ot the Natronal Rtfle Assocratron The club was made up of 72 members who earned 110 NRA medals ranqma from pro marksrnan to expert rrtleman As the year went by there were two teams p1cked from the best shots rn the club These two teams shot rn several matches rn the NRA tournament 1n competttron wlth 213 schools and at the end of the year the frrst team was rn the upper tenth of the qroup The members of the trrst team were Heddrnq Wyse Tuttle OBr1en Grrfflth Read W Mtller Frtzqerald D Meyer and S Boyd Durrnq the year there were many excellent scores and the hrqh rank ot the team rs especrally outstandrna srnce the members had lrttle trme rn whrch to practrce As has been the practrce rn past years the annual rrtle tournament was aqam held thrs sprrnq Everyone rn the school was el1q1ble reqard less ot Whether he 'was a member of the club or not After a qualrtymq round the top 32 boys were chosen to compete for the travelrng trophy Coaches Waterman Huqes and Wrlson are to be commended for the excellent work they have done thls year ln Quldlnq the rltle club S. Se-idel,.Sel1s, T1 lones, Miller, Hazelwood, Fthyan, si Boyd, Read, Winnie, lim 'Wlndsorl O RIHS -I-SGITIS 1944 45 First Team D F1 LJ Second Team C G V'--5 "rv - ff 'M Front row left to right Pritzlaff Winnie Read Wood Hands Hazelwood Rhyan Clarke Waterman Second row Miss Noyes Squier Walton I Schwartz Schwab Kuelthau Davidson W Schwartz Chester Cutler Ovtatt C Norrrs Murphy Mr Clayton Third row Stark Sproule Heddmq Resnick French Ramaker Howard Bischoff Sammond Kurten 'luttle Swiqart Fourth row Grossman Ros nberq M Huebsch Klann Chapman Towne Tolan Campbell Philipp Darling Noyes Foerster Weiqell lack Windsor Glee Club Rating high among the extra curricular activities at CD this year the Glee Club has proved itself a most popular and successful activity club s program this year was ot course the Downer Concert on the 16th and l7th of March A good deal ot the credit for the success of the organization goe to Mr Norman Clavton who took the reins as director this year M Clayton proved himself a man of no mean musical ability by his skillful handling of the club Bua Philipp and Bill Stark who held the respe l1V9 positions of president and vice president did a commendable Job We owe our thanks to Miss Noyes for accompanlment Thrs year s concert will be a memorable one for all Glee Club mem bers not only tor the Irishman who couldnt take it but also tor the good store of enioyment had by all participants One outstanding feature oi the years repertoire was a maiority oi light and swift moving songs The Gospel Train and Oklahoma be ing examples lt was this type of number that sold the show Shortly after the concert at Downer the combined Glee Clubs gave a program for the Women s Club ot Wisconsin in which the same numbers sung at the Downer Concert were repeated This program was received with much enthusiasm The 1944 45 season has been a most eventful and enioyable one and those boys who were members for the last time this vear can look back with great satisfaction upon their pleasant year as members ot tloe Glee Club 1 J I ig t ' I ' I l o v I 1 Some forty-seven boys joined its ranks this season. Highlighting the , , , , . . . C . V I I I . , N I v - V K ' I A I . K I ew DOVVFISI' Concert 'Y-Q my March 16th and 'l7tl'w 1945 ff' 2 www 99 Foerster Last rivmun Philipp Fe tn nds ark mark the larke T ttl urged Vv te fna't D nt Call Vic lc' C o rn llu hs h This year as in the previous three years the august group of barber shop warbler the Gamboliers made their appearance in several musical engagements The first of the e was in the Joint Seminary Country Day concert The outstanding rendition of Schneiders Band was said to have made Schneider himself turn over in his grave An Old Camp Meetin however reclaimed some of their lost harmony in spie of Foerster Lasts confusicn with his handkerchief Close Harmony and S andalize My Name were two new numbers which proved to be right up the Gamboliers alley S cl old favorites as "Mavourneen" and "Graceful and Easy" were again in demand ln September there were only three members left from last year's group f- "Feet n' l-lands", "Driveinun' Philipp" and "Broad l-luebschn. But the vacant places were soon filled by "Foerster Last", "l-lark, Hark, the Clarke", "Subtle Tuttle", "Charged Waterman", and "Don't Call me Harvey f Call me lohn Ramalzeru. The Gamboliers also sang at the combined Glee Clubs' appearance at the Woman's Club of Wisconsin in March. The boys always performed with great fun and spirit on every occasion f sometimes even on key, this last, of course, being a purely accidental concord of sweet sovnd. T at Gamboliers -pain" ,,, rntth eated Clarke lf: Coop: Sultvzn Th1s year Auto Mechamcs was well represented by a tew ol the mechanrcally mmded fellows at the upper school The Job of tacklrng a completely torn down motor and putttng tt together agarn was soon completed by the new mechamcs ol th1s class under the leader shlp ot Cal Cooper ln many cases the motors actually worked Th1s year Cal s class was an ent1rely new group ot boys Four ot the boys put therr knowledge of motors to gooa use tn home pronects They are Art Smtth Bru e Hanson and Btll and Bch Sulltvan At the beglnnrng of the year Charl1e Cahtll had never heard of a spark plug but now he has achteved a great knowledge of motors ltm Howard Dtck Resnlck Dave Tol an and Bro Nunn make up the lrst ct older boys Among th1s group ot Mechanl s also 1S Btll Wegmann The acautsltron ol a thorough knowledge of motors by the bfys can only oe attrtbuted to Cal Cooper who was always on hand to teach the boys the parts and lun ttors of a motor Auto Mechdmfs V ' lm 1 .L f , Y fmt ive M 'Llf':"r 1 L A ., -N, Q, ,w-,L 1 'xxx ' J' ,gl 5 f 45 ,A jj 'T Q A , A da MW u 5 g , f 5 K Wi ' 1 C ai 2 ,4 Q .1 I l I 1 S Standing-left to right: W. Weqmann, C rhill, Hr-snlrk, R. llrllfr, Tclun, A. Boyd, ll 'tts' S ' . S : ,, lx , e , VK. ' l' 5 . W 1 ' A t . 1 ' Q 1 ' A W I I I I fa .1 . I , 4 , , l 4 . r l 'C I Y . . , . J In .- f-. A F . C , , To A . O 'Y 'T' Standmg le!! to rlghl Cnttenden Hesse Burlmqame I Meyer Bell Seated Von Wenmg Mr Hughes Wyse The Chess Club IS now rn 1ts second year ,rnder the supervlsron of Mr Hughes As yet 1t lS one ofthe smallest of the clubs because ot the popular op1n1on that one must be a bra1n chlld to play che s But as several have learned th1s year anyone can enyoy chess and even b come qulte sklllful at 1t Whether he be espec1ally lntellectual or not Chess Club has met every Frrday IH the Gurdance Room and the members have prov1d ed the1r own men and boards Each Week the chessltes have palred oft d1tferently to ga1n experrenc agamst drtterent opponents Olten some of 'he masters have Come to Watch ana dlscuss knowlngly the ments ot VQFIOUS moves much to the bewllderment of these less krlful players Sc e ot the outstandlng members have been Dlck Cnttenden Vrctor Hesse and Frank Wyse Several rather comphcatea games have been played by them but no matter now clev r they may have been they 1nvar1ably have met tnelr downfall wher playlng aga nst Mr Hughes Chess Club certalnly has a Well qualltred advrsor rn Mr Hughes who pla ed thrrd ln a Clly contest He has tned to polnt out why one move 15 b tter than another and to help the varrous memb rs m the1r understandlng ot the game , Chess Club ,. ' .' ' V. ' E . Y X Q" 2 - , 'A ' mf- r V ,. 4.2, 1 'Q ff , , V M: if 1 . Qi , wr 41 V , , , WWI A -W fi I is r .C . Q 3 . i .T S - - ' : ' . , ' , . , . : ' , , . . 1 . , . . f , ff . . H , , - ,- D - , , , 9 I I ' I V . I , ' e ' . L . .. , , S X . 'Vl I I I , 1 I 'I I - - 1 Q ' ' 1 ' . - C, , . , C ' ' ' . ' ' ' e . Q , , . V . Standing lei! to nqht R Frank Ltltvdahl Merker S S tdrl lun Wmdsor Burlmq Smsher MCGUITG H915 ated R La km T ln s tlr Goo Iohn Cushmm Durma the course of th1s year the larqest group ot students s xteen dxd the loest work and lc pt the best attendance ever recorded SID e the rntroductlon of Manual tramtnq at CD n 1939 Cal Cooper the aerual lnstructor was very pleased w1th the tme results of th1s year s class Thts season the class has cons1sted of younqer boys Ot the slxteen boys there were but one S mor and two lumors However they drd theu share of the work and were respon sble for thelr share ot the mls htet Nevertheless a fe v drfttculttes have CIIISQU here and there For a mme lt was relt that e1ther Delfel would have to cut h1s table rn lnalf or CD would have to knock out a wall to qet hrs work ot art out ot school lt ts sm rely hoo d that Kloppy wtll tnlsh durlnq hls Sentor year the table h started durmq h1s Qoohomore year And there TS Iones who carrled a me e of rnyrtelwoof' two thou ard mtles .lSl to make nalf a dozen bowls Cal has ff a a b tter class s T1 the years to come rf Z MdUUdl so 'M ai 4- "X" -I-ramtrtg of ' - ' : . , 'A , , . 6' :,, ' , ' fzrrr- " , 3 ' , e. Se : . s ', , o cf., 'v, ' per, , I 1 . I I . , , I , I . Q e . ' . ' c A ' ' , ' ' . . 1 . , ' ' , - ' ' ' ' ' t . ' ' ce e ' .i ' , ' ' ' , .V 9 l ' C r , 4 I I .K I - . 1 . V A C ,Q S L I' 1 . This years production includes mirrors, tables, qun racks, and bowls galore. 'We hope " " -more e ..-ei . 1 t t I F .. , A A 1 - l -,lf ' ll-WS T' ,, ' X IQ 5 .,. .Q A, , na 'L all Q -0, ,, ' , 6, ,.g . ,K Q I nr .sl , I , , . ,- Q 0 :r'A'fi- V in vi' - EA 11 . 9 1 gf y . A- I V ,sh Nix -x...,.. f 'Xxx I ' -ff b A NJ' K 5 QA, writ mf -,F X . f I sl fl at .mm fx 4 . I CHARLES M BOESEI. It would be hard to fnd ano her man who ould fulfrll the posltlon o' Uncle Charlle Younqer lads flock about hlrn older fellows admlre hlrn and rn n hnd hlm pleasant To worlc Wllh In past years Mr B has qlven much of h1s tlrne and rnterest to the school oubl1cat1ons .As a qraduate of Country Day he has trlea to un1t all qraduat s through he Alumnr Asso c1at1o1'1 Hls Splfll and mterest 1D Country Day brought hlm the Just reward of Prmclpal of +he Iunlor D1V1Q1OI'1 l I ' 1 C 1 - , 1 9 . . 1 . I , H H . . . . 2 X . , 9 4- L - fs ,af N9- 4 ...X ,K Front row left to nqht Mrs Goodrrch Mrs lvfatosek Mr Boesel Mrss Lynch Mrs Murray Second row Nr Kruse Mrss Noyes Mrss Mrller Mrs Hesse Mrss 1-louvenaqle Mr Schwahn Top row Mrs Nelson Mr Cooper Mr Clayton Mr Landt Mrs Bennallack Faculty Junior Division 1944 1945 Charles M Boesel MA Unlversrty O1W1SCODS1H Prrncrpal of lunror Drvtston 1932 6th Form Norman B Clayton BA Carroll College 1943 7 Form George Coooer Oshkosh State Teachers College 1930 Manual Arts Dorothy Edwards O hkosh State Tea hers College 1927 2nd Form Mrs Ardyce Hesse B S Mllwaukee State Tea hers College 1944 4th Fo m Lonnte Houvenagle Iowa Sta'e Teachers Coll ge 1943 3rd crm Gerald P Lartdt B S Mllwaukee S at Teachers Colleg 1944 D1rector of Art Emma M Lynch Mrlwaukee State Teachers College Ch1cago Urnversrty Asststant Prrncrpal rn Charge of Prlrrary Department 1919 lst Form Hazel lean Matasek WISCONSIN Conservatory of Muslc Mrlwaukee State Teachers Colleg 1942 Iunror Ktndergarten Erna A Mrller Mrlwauke State Teachers College Columbla Unrversrty 1919 Vmdergarten Catherme Murray Mrlwaulce State Teachers C llege U1"lV9TSllY of Chrcago 1944 Nursery D pt Lu 1lle Nelson Mrlvvaulfee State Tea hers College 1343 Nursery Dep Margery Noyes B M Northw stern Unrversrty 1943 Drrector of MJSIC Wrlson E Schwahn Unrversrty of WISCONSIN 1944 Sth Form Allen G Kruse BS Northwestern Uruversrty 1931 B gt tar A 5' 1 1 'I I , ? I ,I ' J L, 9 , . . 1 1 ,, ' .ff 5 ' lf' an 4 fs - . ,. - 1. ,. 1 " Av -- J- ., If ' 5 ' , J " 1 -1' , . v . Taft, 0 "' Lv 1: " rw , . . --'f " 3-7 M '17 1 I "'l1 1, 1 x- ' I-, - " 17" uf x '-2:-..,, f., . 1 , ' x 7" .NA ' ' ,f - ,."',"z. , ' -4-,QV-t.",-w ' in .1 f. '7 - 1" Li X fc' - 'Q-. '. ' 1' .fer f 4 'sw :1-,eff-.1 W ---' ..--a fef't.,,1'1' 43,1 V .J :hx . 21, u ,AAJTA L -1' ffl -'t4, K XXI' x JA' I, K 51. , 1 v , A A , . , I , . 1 Q o o o . ., . ., ' . , . ., .... ......... ...... . . . , ' I' f-1 Lv, ......... , f- f- , Q 1a c, .uC........... , . ' - rn r . . .., , . ., C . .... 1, 1 1 , 1 1, fd . A D 1 Q . . 1 , . ., L.c - . 1., C... , . , A '. V , .1 . C .1 ,C 11 - .... . ..... , 1 T I I Q 1' ' V ................ . , ' ' Q . , N. . , , Q - O , , . . , 2 . V . ...... 1 .....................,... , C . . . 1- 1 C , ' .1 -, ,C.c1 . ",.....,. , t. Q ' 'I ' ' ' , . ., - . 1 ......... , . , .................. , . , . F . , . , .., 1 ', 9 SI ,UI wi ill QU ll 90 Front to back row one C Schaat T Pakenham H Ft snitlf lf' Huston D Tallmadq Second row l Patton K Carpenter P Woioen I Ward Mr Clayton Third row C Schneider G Toep er B Belau A Puchner I. North B Breslauer Fourth row A VV1nn1e E Hipke T Van Antwerpen I Horner Ft B urn G R ese Seventh Form As Nas the case with previous Seventh Forms this year s class was very busy along many lines. For instance they Wrote and acted eleven scenes from 'treasure Island as a part of their English course. Other dramatic activities of the form were important parts in the Christmas play The Gift of the Magi and in the writing producing and acting of the annual marionette show which was lack and the Beanstalk this year. This show was given as part of the annual Fathers and Sons Banquet. The class had a very successful year in its four subjects: English under the instruction of Mr. Clayton, who is generally responsible for the classy Arithmetic, taught by Mr. Boeselp History and Geography under Mr. Schwahn. ln sports, the class went through the usual round of football, basketball, and baseball. ln basketball it defeated the Eighth Form of the Senior School in two games out of three. The class continued the Seventh Form Student Council, which proved so successful in previous years. New members were elected every six weeks in order to give everyone experience. Also continued were the weekly discussion classes, conducted by Mr. Santer, which were oriQif1C1i- ed last year to give the boys experience before they enter the Senior School so that they can take an active part in class meetings. The members of the class took an active part in the building up of the Iunior School library. At the beginning of the year the most active in this task were lack Ward and Allen Winnie, whose places were then taken over by lack Horner, George Toepfer, Alfred Puchner and Dick Bourne. Next year the class will enter the Senior School, and it is hoped that it will do as excellent a job there as it has done in lunior School. .4-mg Front to back first row C Kr use I Mikie lson T Gallun I Grissk uma N Wirth Second row P Sammond T Evinrude I Smih P W an xnn Third row E Ovirt E Gernrrdy reslauer W Polar M B sl Fourth row I Burliniin I r D O trim D I. Sixth Form Because of wartime conditions this Sixth Form was made to discor tinue the traditional fruit store The class however did its share in Co tr butinq to the Community War Chest and the Red Cross In scholastic matters the most interesting work to the fcrm was th readinq of Aldrichs Story of a Bad Boy in English The class pu much effort into a play produced in mid April to encouraqe the War Bond drive I-Iurray for the Squirre l In sports the Sixth Fo m was und sputed kina in the realm of basket ball although there were no class teams as such in any sport In foot ball the Sixth Form was surpassed by the more powerful but less agile Seventh Form. It held its own in baseball. The form toolf some interest in the buildina up of the Iunior School Library which was shown when they made a sizable contribution to .t durina National Book Week. The nsost interested in the work was Wil- lard Polcrass who was made assistant librarian. The all-roundedness of this class is shown in the fact that six out of 'ne eiqhteen members have both their Gold and Green ribbons. The Sixth Form has shown that it will be able tc rneasure up to its Qreate, Hsponsibility next yea.. 1 CLASS LIST P Athey R B11 Cl M Carney C Decker S Drer A Elser T Gcodrr n A Snapper H SokoI D Steelmrn VV' Vvuesnioff 'Vecrclner Nr S hvcrhn Fifth Form Fourth Form CLASS LIST W Bre1dster I Brennan P Buettner R Cxrnry M Ccrpenicr R Ccqcr R Gollun H Gebhurdt P Hcberlcmc H Huebsgh D ilmn D Linden I Meyer W Ov en cxwyer C Schwfrr7 S Senqbusrh M Stew 1 I Wm FS khrt Irr C Iiouvencxqlo fi vial l -a ' - ff , , 'j A ' ,N 'K A I V .L . 4' ode! F I-A 5 I '34 'Dar LC . 3 .. L 2 J , 'v , .x-" -. rr H -'. , . 'k-', . , . ,.., ref, . , . "Cf D. Iames, T. Kurth, I. Mc1cNeil, A. Mandel, B. Ott, I. Owen, A, Pzlzst, I. Pfrmon, B. Skofnik, . , . ., . 1 , . I ., . . . . 7 1 . C '. ' . 7. ' ,. . ,. i ., .,f , I: . -, , 1'x, TI S , . ., . , . ,u 4711 ,- , 1' Irion, I. ur f r, 4'I"C'If1 x-Ivflss i I K. iw . I aa. A - '71 1 r Y t, ,xg . i L , 1 Q ' , Yi., CLASS LIST W Brumder D Decker Li Gooduch E Hczsselkws D Hus cn D Hum en ms I Kloppenlm r, P Mc1cNe11 D I-ACCWKIY R M Cullo h S Nfurl O F 5 T xllmldqe M UIDIGIU R Vcwber D Llwdncr Tec: ber Mrs Hfssr TH d Form SGCODCI FGVFTI SS LIST P Ay '11 I QC rr F Drake O Gehhcrdt A Kuehn F M d1SOH T P1ks1C1y I Pic 5 K R C1 Russ Q 1 ow K wallow G S J mstrom D W :rd T r s rm if -4- 'Q B-'74 Fa E1 CLASS LIST R Abbott G Anderson C Boesel R Chase L Church L Cleaver I Drsborow B Eyman W Harley I Harper R Mandl R Mc ulloch R MILIQT D M111s P pl kst 1 F Scott A Webster T Weqmann M Lmdner Teach r Mlss Lynch First Form Kindergarten CLASS LIST S Oberndorier F Boesel C Br nnan S Colman M Dumphy S Epstmn D Gebhardt V Krause W Ifummer M Kuth D Iames P Read D Rogers N Scnwrrx S S ott L Scott D Stevens F Stratton C VV ,rrann A Wlld Teagher M1ss Mlller QI 9f -.. I in '54 .+- I 2 41:9 iw Hun? CLASS LIST K Bennon C Burqhcxrdt LX Cnurch D D x14son D Dre 1 S Gern M Honey P Hennxnqsen K McGregor I Monlel I Merkfr I M1ll K Mm lc I Mo rullett M Murray Bobby Ott Blly OM T P A-wr G R l 1 II P v rn 1 h r Mrs Molasek Jun or Kindergarten Nursery School Oni row lef! lo right I Vrrn Dylcf I M Gregor S Tflffl H Il d r 1 I Ross I Edavurdb S Tor ww Back row B Colman P Chrnmberlm B Koehl r I Clayton Wuensr Gruber S U1hle1n D HJlvorsen R Dllncrn Texan rs fls lurrry Mrs Nelson Nfl l-4 F Q .4 9 5- JX 4 ,t 1 1 5' My a '1vf' !,'fx,pR,X N KX., V HM 'E 1 Front row lelt to nght Sells letferson Phlllpp Stark Jordan Howard Second row Water man Davrdson Klann Taylor Kloppenburg Tuttle Thud row Reuter Schneqder Guten kunst Ramaker Iohnson Darlmg Fourth row Tolan St George Sproule Frtzqerc ld Boyd Wegmann Fifth row Assrstant Manager Norrls Manager Clarke Ass1stantManaaer Grlfhth Grossman Sulhvan Assrstant Coach Hughes Coach Church Varsity Football Last summer when the l944 football season loomed up along wrth the thought of football came the ar1t1c1pat1on of the Weeks stay a football camp However lh1S year M1lwaukee and 1ts suburbs were strlcken Wllh an ep1dem1c of polro so the CD asplrants for the football squad were requrrecl to rernam w1th1n the l1m1ts of school property The squad reported to Messrs Church and Hughes for the flrst day of practlce early 1n September to work off a l1ttle of that surplus fat whrch comes rather easlly durmg the summer months At frrst the boys went home feelmg very st1ff but happy that football was once more under way Of the boys who reported thrs frrst day of pract1ce only flve were returmng lettermen Kloppenburg Stark Phrlrpp Country Country Country Country Country Cour-try Country Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Lake Forest St Louis U North Shore Lutheran Inst Edgewood l9 Port Waslungton Davld Left to nght Co Capt Phrllpp Capt elect Klopperrourq Co Capt btarlc r at S N , v - 9- X . x , - Q - .. 3 by N 1. Y , ,A 1' o - ' Q ' Qgyrtf., , ' My gf ,, . 'r ! - I t ,,E?g,,MlM:M:Q - . '. 4, I 1 I - Y F gv . l8 M. .S. U . ....,..... O ............ 25 ' : - . " , .- ' son and Iohnson However there was much matenal whlch a coach of Mr Church s caltber could use rn the rema1n1ng posrtlons to the best advantage As the tlrst game wtth Lake Forest came nearer the Churchlrngs were tn reasmg the tempo of the1r practlces and consequently were gettlng more accompllshed Bloclcmg was tressed as the most lmperatlve of all the func t1ons 1n football but certamly the other tunda mentals recelved due attentlon On the day of the Lake Forest game CD appeared en masse to watch th1s new team put on 1lS f1fSl demonstratlon of football tactlcs 1n the new season The l1ne up whlch Coacln Church chose was composed of Tuttle and Waterman at the ends Ph1l1pp and Howard takrng tackle honors lefferson and Iordon as guards and Sells playlng hls new posltton of center In the backftelcl were the old stalwar of C D who had played varslty for two or more years Kloppenburg as quarterba lc Davtdson and Stark at the halfbaclcs Mack Taylor who had proved hrs ab1l1ty tn practlce was ID the fullbaclcs spot for the frrst tlme as a varsxty player The aforemeruoned l1ne up dtd not va1y much durtng the course of the sea on except that Klann and Taylor hanged off now and then as fullbacks and Tuttle and Water man exchanged pos t1ons vxhere Watermans educated toe was needed for the welfare ot , law X at CD Th1s IS the group of fellows who trotted out on the fleld of combat to go on to therr flrst v1ctory The game was a thrlller from the k1 koff to the fmal gun and would have re ma1necl a t1e at 66 1f Phtllpp hadnt broken through the l1ne and blocked a punt on the goal l1ne The blocked ktclc was downed for the resultlng two po nts whlch won us the flrst game 1h1s close vlctory made the squad Work all the harder for the rema1n1ng games and cer ta1nly helped 1n ra1s1ng the morale of those who thought we were to have a medlocre season At the begmnlng of the next week the players began to thlnk about thelr tr1p down to St Louls The St LOUIS Country Day School had always treated C D so well that the tr1p was antlclpated for more reasons than the football game alone However upon arr1v1ng 1n St Lou1s and f1nd1ng tt extremely hot the corps from Mllwaukee soon reallzed that they were QOIDQ to play a game under extremely adverse cond1t1ons and that 1t would behoove them to th1nk more senously 1 l' .I :'1' U . s 1, Q ' 1, : X-Q, W" fr-.y 1 A - 1 . . . . 1 . . . . . . ' ' 'C - ' ' - - ,, , - 1 C Q 1 - - . . . L' L A I V n 1 - 1--1. . '. N , . 1 ,Q . . . . LA -A A . ' A - 1 1 I ' 1 . ts 1 -ff -f .. . , 1 1 . . . . l - f- , 1 L 1 about the comlng game than erther of the two precedlng encounters of the season A 11 turned out CD played excellent football rn p1te of the lntense heat and dusty freld and went to a dance glven rn honor of the vrsrtors as the vrctors by a score of l2 to 7 When the C D troupe left St LOUIS they carrred wrth them to Mrlwaukee a memory of a happy and very profltable weekend The next game bore the frults of hard WOTK on the practlce f1eld and showed the boys what they could really do rf they wanted to play the w1nn1ng brand of football North Shore Coun try Day came up from W1HH9ll'G only to go home a thoroughly beaten team CD took them through the wrrnger to the tune of 336 and not only showed North Shore but also themselves that they could rack up the touch downs when they wanted to The followmg weekend came a t1lt Wh1ch had been eagerly antlclpated even more so because of the growrng conf1dence of the team and 1lS coach The occaslon was the classxc event of CD vs M US and CD was out for revenge agamst a team Wh1ch had beaten them last year by the scant margrn of one polnt The M U S fleld was lnvaded by Dayltes and therr fO"I'11l19S and frrends Soon after the openlng krckoff 1t became more and more apparent that C D had much to offer on both defensrve and offenslve MUS was belng decrsrvely trounced 1n every sense of the word and C D carrred home that memorable Saturday after noon a 18 U tnumph CD played host the next Saturday to the Lutheran Instltute of Chlcago and showed themselves a much lmproved team Lutheran made one touchdown and the Green and Golcl h1t the paydlrt for 53 polnts Thls was the most dec1s1ve score that the school on the hlll had run up for many years and the boys who played whlch means the entlre squad really had a f1e1d day on that Saturday The game of the season w1th Edgewood Academy was played at Madlson under the l1ghts It was the frrst trme many of the players had been under the floodllghts durlng a game The brand of football whlch Edgewood un leashed was also a new experlence However thrs one had a devastatrng effect as well as a class W1ll"1 the Green and Gold and as a result CD was beaten and very thoroughly too by the score of 250 Th1s defeat was a heart breaker for the boys who almost had an un defeated season w1th1n thelr grasp but they took the defeat for what It was and recogmzed a superror team As the season drew to a close there was yet the old r1val Port Washlngton Thrs tlme the competltlon was really st1ff and the M1 Waukee boys were lucky 1n gettlng a ew breaks that afternoon Although the score drdnt show the same results as some of the 0 ' , . s ' A , . . I s ' ' ' , f , ' ' ' ' , w . L 'I ' ' I , may . . L I . , .. E. he ' ' ' , , , ' I ' ' dazzling one. Edgewood was entirely out of . . . . . ., . . ' ' ' ' I L I l I . I I I . . , , ' - ' ' f I I ,' . ,gf I X t ti, Jigs- I ..,:. t prevrous ones 1913 was a welcome srght to the trred eyes of the Country Day eleven and they put away therr ogs wrth srx vrctorres and one defeat as a record for the year The season closed offrcrally wrth the annual football banquet whrch was eagerly awarted by all the players To the two boys who had the 44 team so close to absolute vrctory Mr Church awarded the Most Valuable Player Awards Co Captarns Bud Phrlrpp and Brll Stark These two boys played a successful and memorable season of football Bud was the best lrneman that CD has seen rn many years and Brll was a superlatrve punter and a runner whom other schools may well remem ber longer than C D because of the touchdowns he scored agarnst them To lack Kloppenburg went the honor of berng elected captarn of the 45 team Iack has played quarterback for three years on the varsrty Art Sells recerved the most rmproved player award for hrs com mendable efforts as a center Art wrll be back next year to help the rest of the team alonq the vrctorrous road Of the remarnrng letter men seven are Senrors and can no longer play football for CD Gordre Davrdson as one of the older members of the varsrty really earned hrs letter thrs year as he drd a year ago and showed hrs heels to many an opponent when he got the chance to do some broken freld run nrng Tom Tuttle lohn Sproule and Lee Iohn son drd excellent Jobs when called upon Dean Prt gerald as the only Senror guard thrs year really showed us what he could do Dean fought hard rn the lrne and we garned a con srderable respect for hrs abrlrty when we wrt nessed hrs prowess on the football freld Dave Tolan and Sandy Boyd are the remarnrng Senrors and they both played the game to the best of therr abrlrty Next year the team wrll have more men left to start than was true thrs year and rt IS hoped that a very successful season wrll be the re sult Wrth Schnerder and Waterman at ends Howard at tackle Iefferson and lordan at guards Sells at the center of the lrne and Kloppy Taylor and Klann returnrng to the backfreld the 45 team should not have any trouble repeatrng the successes of the 44 sea son Mr Church and Mr Hughes cannot be congratulated enough on therr efforts and rf a coach s reward rs rn the vrctory of hrs team Messrs Church and Hughes have had ample reward W" t' X 1.7! .i.tdm Front row left to right Coach Wrlson D Meyer W Miller B Kloppenburg Bischoff Ovxatt I-lecldinq Coach Ovratt Second row Swisher lohn D Muller Towne Chapman Friend Thxrd row French S Seldel T lones Winnie Rhyan Hazelwood Fourth row Lillydahl Noyes Mr.Gu1re Hesse Schwab 1-larrer Chester Fxfth row 1-leise I Boyd R Sullrvan Nunn Merker Junior Varsity For the first season since the present Vars1ty stronghold represented the lunior Varsity group a victory was Won 1n fact from the l1V9 games they played they won two and tied one The team was headed by two old Varslty sports prevlously These men gave the badly needed mcent1ve to the Iunior Varsity squad With the Whitehsh Bay team as the1r tlrst guinea pigs CD was whrpped 20 O The boys were very eager or the following day to find out what they had done wrong and under their coaches they showed a sl1ght lmprovement that week In the next game against Messmer a might unknown to the coaches as well as the squad was let loose when B111 Miller passed two and caught two touchdown passes with a final score ot 2519 The team stltfened in thelr next game against Whltefrsh Bay in which they were again defeated 14 O The final outside game which was aqamst Messmer arrived and due to the good running of Freshmen Bob Kloppenburg Bert Ovratt and Ierry Bischoff the team gained a 147 vlctory Terry greatly arded by excellent blocking ran forty yards over center wrthout being touched for the w1nn1ng touchdown Then came the game wh1ch was almost called off by the coaches for the lack of spirit the intra mural game aqalnst the all powerful Varsity B s This game IS hard to describe except that t can be sa1d that from the IV standpoint 1t was entlrely defenslve and exhlblted excellent defensive playrng Three t1mes the B s came w1th1n the ten yard line lut they never crossed the zero mark and this annual afta1r ended rn a scoreless t1e - tl, , , C ,,., V b 3 . ef' - if , ' ' ,. I '.aWV.0l.. -tn ' . , , ' 4 hands at coaching, since both Mr. Wilson and Mr. Oviatt had coached I ' n L L 1 I I , . . . 4 . ,IW 91 Frou! row left to nqh! Gute Dexfel Walton Wrlllams Kuelthau Howland R Fran Van Dyke Second row Sokol Cu ler Kr ucer Cnttenden Hanson N Wegmann Third row Baumqartner We1qell R Laskm Ixm Wmdsor SWIQGYY Wollaeqer Lew lohnson JUDIOT LSCBQUS Th1s year the lunlor League Football team was coached by Mr Hanke of Mllwaukee State Teachers College Mr Ranke came out to school four tlrnes a week to teach the boys the pnnclples of football The squad was mostly made up of Elghth Farmers although there were a few Freshmen on the squad Mr Ranke wanted the boys to have a real taste of competttton so re arranged several games dunng the course of the season w1th outsrde schools The squad played a couple of games W1th New Hampton Foy Potnt and a game W1th the Rlchard Street School Arnong the boys who played heads up ball all the way and showed the most Splfll were Phtl Kru ger Peter Kuelthau Danny Gute Dlck Walton and B111 Howland Although B111 was out for a whtle wtth an elbow tnlury he was sttll a mamstay on the t ann ln the lme the mam tays were B111 Van Dyke 11m Wtndsor Ned Swlgart and Carl Welgall Although the Iuntor Leaguers only won two games they progressed lmmensely durlna the season Mr Ranke taught th boys to work t gether to ta kle low na to blcclc These were he three mam ports tressed Newt year 'nost of he b ys ewpect to play luntcr Varsrty ball and we wtsh thern all the luck tn the world towards a most successful seasfn Front row left to right W Mlller Fnzqerald Ccxpt Shnelcler Clarke I Kopp nla Second row Coach Mfllson Ietferson Manager Talon Cocrch Ovmtt Varsity Basketball LEAGUE C0 CI-IAMPICDNS Q antry C Jntry CO ntry LQ ntry muy ntr J Y DGY DI Y Duv D W Wcryllnd Northwestern P Lutheran Port Wctshlnqtorm U N rt Nest rn P is Wqyt rc Nor' Le . , . , Q 'Q' Dey ........ 29 N 1 ...... . .. Q' ,....... 43 . f . reps L1 1 ........ 27 .,....,.. " 4 A ,...,... 27 ' ' .. Cc" 1 ........ 35 M. . S. .... Cap: .y Dxy ........ 31 0 e rev Cdnir Dizy ...,,.,. 53 " .Irv ...,.. :',..YLfIV' D xy .....,., 31 .h'JJESTf?II1 TIL. . f'f:JrLtry D ry ..,..... Q5 IJ. U, S. ..... . , .. Q'.,ari'zy Q :y .....,.. E2 Ncrtn Shpr- .,.... L..:1t:Q' Q gy ,.,..... in TJCLVT. Shiv- .,.... C1 ,nity Q xy .,..,.., QT Pit' .zshrn STYYL - Cgantry C113' ........ 4? Lgth-iran ......., . C::ntry Zip' ........ Q Nertitvesiern itll. 1 A! Cliff. ,N't'l1m'itlt'V The prospects for the l944-45 basketball season were indeed slirn when the first week of practice took place. However, under the competent tutelage of Coach Wilson the team soon snapped into a fast-playing and very potent ball club. Mr. Wilson had only the experience of Fred Schneider to lead him in his search for a complete team He found the rest of this team in the persons of Miller and Clarke as forwards and Klopp rtburq and Fitzgerald as quards Reuter and lefferson qave the starting lineup quite a bit of competi- tion in vyina for the respective positions of forward and guard. Even with the lack of experience which the team had at the advent of the season, they quickly shaped into a B edm Front row left to right Second row f ri! 1 Z , e . ll ll -I- - ' : T7-5 r E1lS"?.fff Sf .ls G Sf-i.Qt'gr.s', Thtiseri, f'.'L':'f. : f,.'.gig.f.-:I .r'g, lit '5'ttf.'5 E T 1' . K1 ::.r. f, 742' i, Lili! I, champlonshlp team The season ended Just that way w1th a co champ1onsh1p and a record of twelve V1ClOfl9S to two defeats The beg1n mng of the eason d1d not look as good as some of us had hoped The close Wayland game proved thts pornt but CD nevertheless came out wrth the long end of a 29 24 score The near defeat probably woke the squad up and from that po1nt w1th the except1on of the second MUS game they stead1ly rmproved throughout the season to f1n1sh by pollshmg off Lutheran 1n true champ1onsh1p style to the tune of 45 30 The apparent ease and confr dence w1th whlch the Green and Gold f1ve were able to go through the season perhaps helped the spectators more than the players The openlng game wlth Wayland was played away from home at Beaver Dam and the v1s1tors came away w1th a hard fought v1ctory of 29 24 The followmg week end C D played host to the Northwestern Preps and 1n sprte of the1r sharpshooters who constantly heckled our boys the fast stepomg and accurate shots of the M1lwaukee qumtet brought them out on top At the flnal whlstle the scoreboard read 43 33 1n favor of Country Day At the end of another Week of practtce Lutheran 1nvaded the school on the l-lrll and after an extremely slow uneventful match went home defeated 27 17 Thus far C D had rolled nght along the v1ctory path stralght as a d1e However a game wlth the age old r1val M U S was next on the docket Anyone seemg thts game would tell you 1t was the most thr1ll1ng and hard fought match every plax ed between the two schools The game was mp and tuck all the way through one team scortng and the other retaltatmg tmmedrately Erght seconds before the end of the contest C D was tra1l1ng 33 34 when a hrgh pass was rnter cepted from an M U S guard by Clarke who drlbbled down the court for a set up short shot The basket won the game srnce MUS dld not have enough t1me to get mto pos1t1on to score Thus thls thrrller ended wlth another v1ctory for CD and caused many happy smrles on the teams as well as the coachs faces Posslbly after such a close v1ctory over MUS the team felt rather 1nv1nc1ble and thls over confldence probably cost them the re turn game wlth Northwestern Preps at Water town The score was 32 31 and was really a heartbreaker for the undefeated qumtet For th rest of the season Wllh the exceptlon of the return engagement Wlth MUS whlch CD mendous lmprovement by knockmg over Way land agarn th1s t1me 53 32 and then North western Mllltary and Naval Academy 3125 Port Washmgton went home defeated 2718 and the followlng week the school on the h1ll ' lost by a tally of 25-39, the team showed tre- Nas host to North Shore Country Day School Thelr olfenstve d1d not prove effectlve enough o match that of CD and they were eas1ly and thoroughly trrmmed 50 35 ln the return game at North Shore Country Day really ooured on the steam deteatmg thelr opponents 07 28 The season was flnrshed IH a blaze of glory wrth the ultrmate defeat of Lutheran Wlth lh1S nnal and d9C1S1V9 vlctory of 45 30 C D be come co champs w1th M U S Letters were awarded to Capt Fred Schneld er who was also gtven the honor of leadrng h team next year C K Clarke B111 Mlller R uter and Sam Iefferson Charlte Gutenkunst won the most lmproved player award for hxs lndustrlousness and never say dte sp1r1t Fred Schne1der won the most valuable player award and rlghtly so s1nce he broke hls own scorrng record of 185 polnts of last year by h1tt1ng the basket for 225 pomts dunng the course of th1s year s season The B Team went through a 6won and Glost season a record whrch does not fully show the promlse of the younger boys and our expectat1ons for future teams Of the twenty boys on the squad lhlS year only two Wlll be graduatmg and under the tutelage of Coach Wllson the team should be good 1f not better L M . I i 7 ' -.Y , 049 9 , ' -Q 'I it W M x lack Kloppenburg, Dean Fitzgerald, Maurie than this year's co-champions. . , '11 4' ,fy I , in , yn W ,r 80 , Y I vw, NK V A 'I xc A 1? A, 5 I lg 3... ' I x Q Z i7 1 sz' Front row left to nght lack Wmdsor Darhnq Grossman Davtdson T Laskm Crtttendcn Schwab He1se Second row Chapman Iordon I Iones Cahrll L Rove Wallner Stetnman Srnclatr Stark Thlrd row French Howard Wmme Wood Hazelwood A Boyd Pntzlaff D Meyer Stone Sensor Leagues Thls last year saw the best basketball that nas been played ln the leagues for many years True a few blood ch1ll1ng screams and moans were heard durlng the season but they were not on a par wlth those ot former years Nobody received any broken bones although 1t was a common slght to see players nurslng spramed flngers and bhstered feet The players were d1v1ded 1nto four teams th1s year captaxned by Sandy Boyd N1ck Hazelwood Lee Iohnson and lack Wlndsor The teams played games every day and standlngs were posted tn the T EDCEB at t1mes Hazelwood s team nosed out Boyd s for flrst place by a half game and lohnson and W1HdSOI ended up m that order A new lnnovatron ln the league was the Senlor League All Stars cons1st1ng of forwards Davtdson Heddxng and Boyd guards Darlmg Qtark and Iohnson and center Hazelwood Three games were playea w1th the Vars1ty "Bees", and the All Stars won two, and lost one The tmal game was played as a prehrmnary before the Wayland varstty game, and the All Stars won, lU 9, 1D a defenstve battle Frank Darlmg put rn three long shots and Hazelwood upped ln two rebounds for the w1nners, wh1le Toepfer was h1gh among the "Bees" The 1nd1v1dual scorrng records were not complete, but the followtng mformatlon was gleaned from the books DaV1dson was league htgh scorer and also set the seasons record of 26 POINTS ln one game Boyd was the most accurate on free throws makmg 7406 of h1s Qlfl tosses Hazelwood had the hrghest scorlng, averaglng about l4 po1nts per game lohnson's team scored 51 pornts to w1n the "most po1nts tn one game" trtle The best defenswe players were Stone, Boyd, Howard, and lOIdUl'1 Towne had the most fouls called on hlm for the season The luckrest shots were Davldson and Howard, who poured the ball through from some of the most rmpossrble posrtxons Best all around shooter was Hesse, who by hrs prowess rn long shots managed to beat out Stark The outstand1ng rebound work was done by Boyd and Hazelwood, whlle the outstandlng long shots were sunk by Darling V -ii- tt V ' , 1 , W te Q"M?'T 2 4, ' I , , va. I . 1, ' ,TA 3 fl ve MQQ' l . as X U " I 'Thi wt ' fr ' , .S ,B 7 2 " 'Y V NL ' 3 -1- , I 5 8? ,, I X , ' Q sy ,wif ltd -. , fa 5, V? .W W gy 4, , n T T 4 T T ,gl E ' B' f 1 4 -V f 45 g V . 2 - fl , 3 x ff . I . . 1 , . , - V I , , ' I . . . . I . I f I - v A I I n 1.1 - I v I - I I ll . l ll V I 5 m I 1 I f I 1 l I . w L., , , - . - I Ill fi twain Xian 'l 1: ii ws 1 as--0 JEL? 'W F- :P"5lI-- in Q, 'Q Front row left to nqht Gute Kalser T Frank Van Dylfe Delfel lames H Hucbsph N Wegmann Second row Wxllrams Murphy Sokol Cutler Lew lohnson Krueger Bell Clough Third row Baumgartner lVlQGu1re Wyse lrm Wmdsor R Lf1Sli1Il Sw1gart Wol laeqer We-rqfll Junior Leagues The Iumor Leagues IS a group whlch meets to play basketball durrng the w1nter sports season Ordmartly con s1st1ng of about th1rty boys of the Erghth and Nrnth Forms 1t IS ably led by Mr Hughes and Mr Ramaker Thts group beglns a typlcal year by hav1ng a few days brush up on the fundamentals of basketball Then teams are chosen and regular games are played between them Many trmes these games proved to be very exc1t1ng wrth several seconds to go Sornetrme tn lanuary the Etghth Form sphts away from the Freshmen and beglns to practrce separately After some tlme has been spent practrcmg under Mr Ramakers gurdance, the Erghth Form plays the lower school and other ne1ghbor1ng schools Ray usually manages to get every boy 1nto at least one of these games The Freshman group, wtth Mr Hughes, chooses up teams every day, practrclng about frtteen mmutes before at tually begmmng the games Later rn the season, part of the hockey group roms basket ball and helps lltter the floor court The addlttonal number IS brought down to the or1g1nal group of Freshmen as soon as the class tournaments start The better players rn Iunror Leagues then may practtce for the tournaments As a whole the Iumor Leagues help prepare, through expertence, the future varslty matertal and afford relaxatlon for the student 1 ff, 65' .fl , mis' ,W ,f Left to right Coach Church Swrsher Chester Capt Hands Toylor Phrhpp Waterman Tuttle Sproule Frzend Ccxrnobell Cuff llundv 5 Varsity Hockey LEAGUE CI-IAMPIGNS Country Country Country Country Country Country Country Country Country Country Day Day Day Day Doy Day .......... Me-ssmer Marquette Shorewooo St ohns St FTGUCIS Messmer St Fmncxs Shorewood Marquette Won 6, L st 2, Tied 2 St. Iohns ............. turf: IH - Q-cv-sul l.'lIIl ur fl 1 ,' I annals' Q05 .--.'f- -1.-. 1.1- ...- '11- cf 'Y' ,""Sg, I Hockey Squad ff' ah I+ -zlxl Q53--. Kneehng lehlo nqht NfJ9UZfN amnh Lxllyd hW Hon nd M huaosgh T Icnes I S mvxriz KL-f-tr H nson Vnmr Standing Chfst r MJI Frwnd u terfnun Pmllpp Sproule p' H nds V Sullwm :usher Rhyln M Mc,rr mn Tiylo Rim :wr C m 1 '1 H Chur h N Y 'v f Q 2 . , 1,1 ,Q F , H , . B rw ' - -1 EA . 5 W x ' K v , W v'x g - Q , ' . vs. v ,- ' - ' :' , J., ' ' , ' C1 ., ' 11 , . ' -' ' , . , . C1 ' ' . '..l '.C1'.l, 1 , .. . . ' : J -9, 'C wer, 4 , 'Vs . , 1" , ' , Tuttle, C3 .. 3 , N . ' ' , S' ' , ' , ". V-" ,Z , f r, f 2' , , 1 p- .:-all, Co C. . For the f1rst t1me slnce 1941 Country Days hockey squad has come through and cllnched the Southeastern Wxsconsrn Prep Hockey League Champ1onsh1p C D held 1t from 1936 1941 when such players as the Prersons the Wnghts Lew Sherman and Don Cottrell cut up the ICG In the begmnmg of the season Coach Churchs sextet ev1dently had a fa1r clarm to the t1tle however Shorewood St Iohns M111 tary Academy and Marquette also seemed powerful The CD pucksters started out slowly but gradually ga1ned momentum to t1e St Iohns IH the Champ1onsh1p game The f1rst St Iohn s game 1n whrch C D was defeat ed 52 gave the necessary spark for the champ1onsh1p dnve and the Day1tes Went on to t1e the return game w1th St Iohn s In the1r f1rst game the Country Day hockey squad took Messmer 50 CD s attack and defense were decrdedly not up to par but due to Messmers mexpenence the outcome was never 1n doubt The Messmer goalle was brand new at the game wrth the result that Messmer was forced to play defensrvely throughout the game Hands scored on the openmg face off and later rn the game sunk two other shots Chester and Sproule also tallled for CD Marquette came out to CD for the second game and trxmmed the Day1tes 32 ln th1s game C D d1splayed some very sloppy hockey Brennan scored f1rst for Marquette but Hands retalrated for the Green and Gold Osmanskr scored a second goal for Marquette and al though Taylor t1ed up the game rn the second per1od Boness scored 1n the clos1ng m1nutes of the game to brlng v1ctory to Marquette ln the1r next game CD was t1ed by Shore wood 22 The game was a fast and hard fought contest both teams playtng well In the f1rst per1od Sproule tallled for CD but Schne1der t1ed the score for Shorewood ln the second per1od Tuttle scored another goal for CD but aga1n Hoffman t1ed up the game 1n the thlrd per1od on a penalty shot A ten mrnute overtrme per1od was played but nerther team was able to score ln the follow1ng game the powerful Cade s from St Iohns came on to Country Days 1ce and drubbed the Green and Gold sextet 52 The Dayrtes were never really 1n thrs game ln the f1fS1 two per1ods St Iohns scored frve tufnes wh1le Taylor scored a s1ngle goal for CD and 1n the frnal per1od they held CD by defens1ve tactxcs to one goal In search of a way to strengthen the team Mr Church SW1lChGd Taylor back to defense and moved Hands up to left w1ng The result was extremely grat1fy1ng for the team was greatly strengthened CD tr1mmed St Franc1s 31 rn a rather sloppy game Hands scored the f1rst goal for Country Day and 1n the second per1od Tuttle scored tw1ce wh1le the Francrscans scored only once ln the thrrd per1od the subs took over for CD In the1r slxth game the Dayltes overran Messmer 41 Tuttle scored tw1ce Waterman once and Hands once for CD Romansla 5, . 2 - , lift 1 . . 1 . . 1 1 1 1 ' - ' -1 1 1 - . - -1 1 1 . . ' . 1 .. ' ' 1 1 1 - " ' " I I ' I . 1 1 - . . 1 1 . . ' . 1 . . ' ' ' 1 ' 1 ' ' I . I , , . 1 1 . . . I I I . . - . ., . . , . . . I I 1 1 . . , . 1 . . . , ' , . . , . . 1 1 ' - ' 1 - 1 ' - 1 1 ' 1 1 - - scored for Messmer All who dressed for the game saw actlon In thelr return wxth Shorewood the CD hockey team cleaned up Shorewood 5 l The team had been laylng for them due to the drsheartenlng t1e earlter 1n the season and the VICIOIY was the IIFSI from Shorewood rn four years In thls game the Dayltes were ln thetr top form of the season thelr passlng was cl1ck1ng and they were alert for every scorlng opportunrty throughout the game Hands scor ed f1rst on a pass fron' Sproule and a few mrnutes later Sproule put one across In the second per1od Hands scored tw1ce and Sproule scored agaln When the second l1ne was sub strtuted Chester scored a frfth goal for CD In the last perlod all the reserves were put 1n The next game whrch was played agalnst St Francxs was the klnd of a game characterrzed by h1gh scormg and not very good hockey Country Day won 7 4 The Green and Gold sextet reallzed that lf they won thelr last two games they would W1n the champlonshlp and so they put heart and oul rnto the remalnlng games C D pucksters won 63 the ftrst game whlch was opposlte Marquette The flrst few mtnutes of play were all Marquette s but the C D squad lmmedrately sped up tts offense and rn a few m1nutes Tuttle scored Later 1n the penod Tuttle and Hands both tallled Hands and Sproule scored 1n the second perrod and then Marquette began to rally They tallled tw1 e but Hands also scor ed and the game ended 6 3 Country Day The second St Iohn s game proved to be the most excltlng game of the season because the teams were qu1te evenly matched and because rt was a t1tle game The 1ce was slow and therefore passlng was restrlcted ln the ftrst perlod Country Day was playmg an enttrely defens1ve game as they contlnued to do rn the second perrod In the second pertod Cullen scored for the Cadets and a few mlnutes later Schwaba St Iohn s rlght defense scored the1r second goal on a fluke Fmally the Dayrtes began the1r brd for vlctory as Tuttle took the puck from the face off and scored Wllh St Iohn s leadrng rn the thlrd period and W1th but three mlnutes left to play Mack Taylor tted up the game by s1nk1ng a beautlful long shot from the blue l1ne Country Day real1z1ng that a t1e would QIVG them the t1tle began to play defens1vely and the game see sawed back and forth unt1l the game ended The overttme resultlng from the t1e produced no score and the game was declared a draw gtvmg CD the champlonshtp At the annual hockey banquet at the end of Waterman Taylor Fr1end and Chester were awarded letters The Wrlght Cottrell Trophy for Improvement went to Tom Tuttle Ted Hands was awarded the Most Valuable Player Trophy Waterman and Taylor were chosen as next years co captams In splte of the loss of frve lettermen Coach Church IS looklng forward to next years season . L I A I , I I ' I S , , ' ' ' , the year Capt. Hands, Tuttle, Philipp. Sproule, 1 . Qs 9 On ground left to nqht 1 S hwartz GV1 tt P K1oppenDu a Toepter M Gurre In Nunn Seated Clarke B rrraker C pt Tutt1e I Kloppenrnurg 1-1 nas Tolar' Grossman Co'rc1c Char h Varsity Baseball Coach B111 Church 1ooks to trve returnma 1ettermen to compose the nucleus ot the 1945 baseba11 squad wrth Captarn Tuttle Hands Kloppen hura Chapman and Grossman a11 reportrna out Mr Church rn the hope ot trndmq a new comhmatron rs domq qulte a brt ot chanarna rn posrtrons thrs year rn order to meet the 1onq schedu1e ahead As thrs art1c1e rs bernq wrrtten there are at 1east two competrtors tor every post tron rn the rntreld wrth the outt1e1d a1so st111 rn doubt The 1nt1e1d shovxs much rmprovernent as the days qo by before he trrst aa'ne whrch rs st11' ty o weeks otr Bert Ov1att seems to Dc a nrrqht crospect tor the catche s pos1t1on wh 1e down at trrst C1ar1ce and Hands 1 e wo 14 na out toqether Phrhpp ard Bamaker are p1ayrnq together at second wrth Tutt1e and Chapman t1111na rn betm een second and thrrd B h K1oppenhura and Toepter complete the dramond w1th Ia 14 Kroopen bura and Bamaker hannq prtchrna honors Oat ln the hay Grossrr an Tolan McGu1r and Tay'or are chasrnq t11es VV1th therr 1atent aorhtv 1nd the practrce that the squad 13 re crvma under the tlne coa h ng c V1 Church he tearr can 1oc11 forward to a successtu1 season Last yea s seasc was ansucc st,r1 becalse ot oost h 11 or and 111nesses out t rs hola d that wrth the sprru tnat the sauaa h s at he nresenr the 45 season w111 ena success1u11y - ' : 1 C 1 , 'a , 1. ' ' 1' , , c ' , 110:-.'1':nd, ' 0 V 'V fi Y f P1 Y 4 rx. fr 1 . . C , ,1 1 , 11 . , . , 11 , 1, Ch111rT11n, 1' C . . , -, , - I I .1 ' ' I 1 , I n 1 ' ' 1 1 A ' . . . . f . - A - , 1 , 1 Y . 1 1 , , . . i A 1 1 r 11 f T .F 4 ' ' ' A A I 1 Y . . , , , 'N f' Y C c C . h 1 1 . , , W , N 1 , 1 1., S . 1 , f ' cg ' ' F 4 C 1 ' Q w r 1 Y. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. ,. fm, A 1 1 fx A 1 WT f 1, H 1 9: 1 L L 101.1115 15 111-:S . , , , 1 1 1. 1 - , rf- f ' 1 , 1 We 1 1 1 1 A 1111 ' 11 - 1 ,, 1 A I C I Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Baseball Schedule Apnl 24 Aprrl 28 May May May May May May May May 26 Wednesday May 30 345 2 3 0 2 ft 42 345 20 3 20 Messrner North Shore Lutheran Northwestern St Francrs St Iohns Messrner North Shore Lutheran Northwestern St Iohns Prep Preps here there here there here there there here here here here Left to nqht Von Wenmg Klann Resnick Thorsen Waterman Capt Hands Coach Wilson Gutenkunst Huebsch R Norris Crittenden Swisher Absent Campbell Varsity Tennis At the time this article is being written Mr Wilson s hope for a success ful season for the 1945 tennis team seem to have a good chance ot belng fulfilled All but one of last seasons letter winners is back this year The card this year is filled with twelve matches two matches each with Wayland Lutheran Northwestern Preps M U S Shorewood and White fish Bay Captain Ted Hands playing his fltth year with the team will hold down the number one spot again this year Dick Norris fifteenth rank ing boy in the country again will till his position as the number two man while Reigh Klann looks like he will again take over the three hole The doubles teams have three returning lettermen from whom to find ther number one combination while out of thirty candidates for the fourth man there ought to be one man to complete the experienced team Monte Huebsch Bob Waterman and Bud Campbell all played for the Green and Gold last year and with the help of another man from the squad the team will be ready tor all opponents. A system has been arranged by Coach Wilson so that anyone with ambition to make the squad coupled with ability can have a chance to make his Way up to the team by challenging a person who is ranked anywhere up to three positions ahead of himself. By this means the squad is assured of the strongest possible combination to encounter all teams that have been scheduled to meet the CD. team this year. --nit.. -.L Tennis Schedule Fr day Aortl 27 4 00 Saturday Apnl 28 10 00 Saturday May 5 Monday May 7 Thursday May 17 Monday May 21 Thursday May 24 Saturday May 20 Monday May 28 930 345 400 330 403 930 403 Shorewood Waytand Northwestern Whttettsh Bay M U S Whttehsh Bay M U S Northwestern Prep East DIVISION there here there there there here here here er gf rv f fiuilut . 1. V5 1 , , I , Saturday, May 12 ...... 2:00 Wayland .............. there , . ...... : . ' ' ' .......... . .h e : .J ' Mt ---1 J 4- - X !, f t -if 1 . f Q ,, 11., Sli, , 41. 1 Qt. f ln' , Kneeling left to nght Klann W Mlller Towne I Boyd Heddmq Howard Front row Fhester W Sulhvan Gutenkunst W Weqmann Llllydahl Maclver Stone Stark Dav1dson Wenzel Darhnq Coach Ovlatt Sells Iohn Second row Iordan Iefferson Stemman llm Wmdsor Read Thorsen Schnerder S Sezdel L Rove Foerster Varslty Track Thrs year track has been added to the athletrc program at Country Day Vvery sprmq for a lonq t1me there has been a Group ot boys who have attempted to organize a track team Tms year therr wrshes have been tulfrlled Mr Ovratt who has coached many an Eastern prep track team to success already has begun to Coach a squad Unfortunately the school has not the proper fac1l1t1es to hold a me t on our campus but Mr Ramaker has scheduled several seml meets w1th MU S Port Washmqton Whlteflsh Bay and Messmer whlch wrll be held at these schools The coaches ot these teams have w1ll1nqly aqreed to meet us even though our team may not be complete Mr Ovratt does leel however that We have some qood prospects and possr b1lll19S Wrth fellows llke Fred Schnerder on the wetqhts B111 Mlller runmnq the hurdles Brll stark the 440 Manme Heddmq and Don Meyer runntnq the mlle and halt mrle Charlre Gutenkunst for hlqh 1ump1nq and Gordon Dav dson and hm Howard doma the sprlnts we certamly ouqh to have a comparanvely successful season Thrs artxcle rs merely a prophecy but we feel that q1ven the oppor tumty and support Mr Ov1att wrll have a pretty sound outflt representmq Country Day 1n track 1 5 1 - 1 1. 1 1 . I -1 1 - 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 . Q . ..1 . . -I . 1. A . . 1 - 1 , . ' 2. V 1 1 ' - - -1 1 1 1 . -. , . . . 1 1 ' . .1 , . . . rw 1 1 , -, .- . V ' 1 1 1. 1 1 . 1 t I . 'lf 'YQ-5 Track Schedule Wednesday May Saturday May 12 Wednesday May Monday May 21 1 43 2 OO 4 O0 4a Whlteflsh Bay Wayland M U S Port Washlnaton Tentatlve f onference Invrtatlonal Meet Tuesday May 29 there there there there Field Day A .9 1 ff, r , J' V .lg Fathefs and Sorfs Day HUVHNIEHHHHS X Cozzljnlillzwzfx of AQUA TERRA DRIISSI S X Doxxnu XL Ikkesldc 0,0 Q lg!! Q? 5 gi? H 0 mcmfn s P hafrmacy SOD!-XS and SUNDAES 3116 N Downer EDgewood 9877 96 JUIIXSHX S IilQ YIVIQ ll U . 50' li. ,Xl I C' ll I tL,X X IJ .X I. Y 31392 ' 7 I O 24522 ' N rw , 'H A Q QQ? 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XYISVHXSIX K4 1 to you Graduates, Y -' gl CONGRATULATIONS Xu-up When your school days are fm ally ended and you have advanced so far IH your chosen vocatron that you are ready to establrsh '1 home ofyour own remember that electrlc hung IU an All Electrlc home helps to make home lnfe run more smoothly and pleasantly A GOOD TIP If you pl in to attend College next fall make sure your room rs equlpped wuh the right kmd of high school graduates will rnclude their home study lamps ln the th1ng,s they take to Colle e WISCONSIN ELECTRIC POWER Co Wtdwmdee 7064 U1llfIllllItlIfX r rl lml 117 , c ,. .Y I W Q g w o 9 o N 1 KC ,, - L 1 C V 1 , . 7. . - . 2 1 lamp to provide correct light for studying. Some L . ff 1 y jj X xi, C, . 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WK Natronally Advertised fb NSSCO THREE E FLAGS of N Housewares te Cty III nos Pc dw nvggepfodflcgonf vlc1oRY s woN i I E17 mf' f ...J 55 NATIONAL ENAMELING AND STAMPING COMPANY II wld 3 Largest IIIZIIIII acturers 0 Houseuares Executive Ottnces Mllwaukeel WISCONSIN SAMPLES DISPLAYED AT 1462 Merch d se Mart 200 5th Avenue Western Merchundnse Mai nc New York r c 123 X55 3-,A 3111 A . A- ' 'A 3:3 I 9- -:l.3,4v. A I, 1 I s 1 Q ll ll Three esco's factories, Groni i , i i . , , Milwaukee: Wisconsin . . . Jacksonville, Illinois 'ou u ff a o 1 Ex ellence ' r u i . .,, ,,., , .-.,..,- ---- -sf" V ' if If I A or X IN--'----f"" I A A ,I 1' NIL" flf? , K I 1 gg- , ' I f I . I New "I I I'-'53 ' sf . - f f . : . I . . an i ' ' Ch' ago Son F on isco HI 71 N X1 XX ISCUXN C U1llf7IIIlIllIfS X11 1 ll VJ 'XY Ch f!1'111r11l,r ff I1 -,X ,' jf UI I5 ,X C2 ff O . If I' IQ 'Ii II XI .X I. 'I' I X C2 jgxf. jtif' L' H . 30, C. I'l'I"l'Sl5l'IUlll .-XYIC. KllI.XYgXL'liIfli I. 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Fight by I1is side wit EXTRA BONDS FIRST WISCONSIN NATIONAL BANK OF ILWAUKEE 'I4!lkEl" DO0DlE .qnxkgs Db-Amyroon run Amosvnm DOODLE YANKEEBURGERS DOODLE Docs FFLES CE c ,lli 127 I-7 M XP It 0 0 . DRIVE INI3 WA . . , I REAM ,tl I FINE F009 ' N. oakland at E. Capitol Dr. 2423 W, wisconsin Rve.i,: 40 XIARS IXIIIIICINY XIITAI SI RVICI X x x X x 128 Ol" I f . . if 'I f , I I I1Pi'IIIQIi N Fl4IIIfI'IIfIX Pl LXIIXXNXY ll li II I I I. XIiIxx:n11Iwv-1, XX 'ILm'InIrI!1r!h NIIIVIIVII N5flIl lXf UI I-'lx'U.X'Zlf f'Ul'l'lflx' ffl.XIf' ll.l IHXIIIII 'l'l,' f.ff.If' I X I IxIII'1,XI AXIIXKQ I NT If IQ ICSTN ILIIII XX'HlQI'S l'IJN'IiIQAXi"I'I7I' XIII XX XL'lilili. XX'ISC'lI,','IN ISU? Xl lil X Q BONDS 1 CCMIIIIXIINYS C ll ISO K ll OC FOX THEATER 129 , '. CJ 5 VXI 1111! S'l','HI1'S Ulf Y I Lf' R X I ICQ l C mlzjlfllm l1fX I Ill nf rllflflll ll C 130 of A I Xl I4'l' 'IWPILX Y IN XIXXIY .NIR Vwlxl s ec- t dl an el8fll0Wn"'9t0 Mm HummMllwaukee qmib Mvers thesis Q,i5.v3"ffv.B7 F' ab? 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Suggestions in the Milwaukee Country Day School - Arrow Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) collection:

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