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X ol XX I Eclztor 111 Lhuf D Niaglx er 1943 Mllwaukee Country Day School 'whlu xukcx Vklsgonsm I FOREWOBD The product ot paste photo negat1ves advertrsmg blanks gray halrs and broken deadhnes The 1943 Arrow appears as the s1xteenth volume of the Arrow annuals Greatly changed because of the curtallments necess1tated by the war and for purposes of economy the Arrow may seem unduly strange to many readers but we feel that we have pre sented on honest v1ew of hfe at Country Day although perhaps an 1ncom plete one w w w 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 'KVM' "7 CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION WINTER TERM CLASSES SPRING TERM FALL TERM IUNIOR SCHOOL E. HEATH TOWNE, Master 1919-1943 DEDICI-YVION Altnouqh lVlr C' l-leath Towne French Master at Country Day for twenty four years passed away thts year there re matns nevertheless the never dvtnq memory of frtendly ad vtce and pleasant tssoctattons wtth Deac whose name brmqs to mtnd a battered baseball cap an over due medtcal card and a well fellow - 1 . 1... A , ,r , I , , . A . Y C Y. I , . .1 ' , ' . , S . BOARD OF DIRECTORS Presrdent V1ce Presrdent Secretary Assrst Treasurer OFFICERS Frederrck Sarnmond Herbert Wuesthoff Frtzhugh Scott Ir Hugh A S1ncla1r Esther Schnelder DIRECTORS Andrew Boyd W1ll1am M Chester E A Gallun Ioseph Herl F D Maclver C R McCallum Mrs C L Phtlrpp Harry Swrgart Herbert Wuesthoft F1tzhugh Scott I Fredenck Sarnmond Hugh A S1ncla1r Mrs Herman Merker A Gledden Santer Charles D Iarnes HONORARY DIRECTORS Louxs All1s E A Bacon G A Carhart M I Cleary Mrs C W Eberbach Harold S Falk Fredenck D Hansen A T Holbrook Alfred F Iames G Harold Ptau Mrs E E Phrlrpp Harold H Seaman lrvrng Searnan AIIHIH A Schles1nger Frtzhugh Scott Lours Quarles Charles D Iames Waldemar Kopmerer Mart1n Lrndsay Arthur N McGeoch G A Monson Haskell Noyes Iohn S Owen III Mrs L R Smrth T H Spense Ioseph U1hle1n Bradlee VanBrunt T F Vogel C O Wanvrg Mackey Wells W K Wlnkler Mrs Charles W Wrrght Treasurer ....................... ............ . ' ' ' ' , r. ,,4-n-vi' A GLEDDEN SANTEH M A Cambndge Un1vers1ty Latm French Headmaster HUWlHlSHW!UH 1 Left to nght standing Mr Luther Mr Dixon Mr Scrbby Mr Church Mr Hughes Mr Arms Seated Mr Water man Mr Ramaker M ss Benyas Mr Fzck Mr Santer THE FACULTY Not for many years has the faculty seen so many changes as lh1S year Two new masters came at the beginning of the year Mr Arms to teach English and Mr Scibby to teach math Both fitted immediately into the life of the school and the year was off to a f1ne start In extra curricular activities Mr Sclbby took over the I V s and Mr Arms assisted Mr Buettner with the Glee Club At the end of th fall term however it was known that Mr Laird would not finish out the year but would have to report to the Navy He stayed throughout the next term however and was able to finish out the basketball season even stay1ng for the faculty all star game which marks the end of winter sports He was succeeded by Mr Carl Luther who took over his classes early in April Ken will be back when 1t s all over but the faculty sustained an irreplaceable loss at the f1rst of the year Wllh the death of Deac Towne master of French for over twenty years Mrs Foster Bartlett, the wife of an Old Boy, helped out until the mid years She was the f1rst woman to teach in the Senior School, and no one could have inaugurated the change more easily When Mrs Bartlett left, the school was fortunate to get Miss Rebecca Beynas to take over the French and Spanish classes for the rema1nder of the year In spite of the many changes never has the spirit of the faculty been higher, nor the morale of the school better. The members of the Old Guard, Mr. Fick, Mr. Waterman, and Mr. Ramaker, stood firm with Mr. Santer as the heart of all that is best in Country Day. MR. ARMS came to Country Day at the beginning of the year to take the place of Sam Lynde who is now in the Navy. A graduate of Amherst and the H rvard Graduate School and with experience at Mercersburg Dick soon became a valued member of the facu'ty He has assisted with the Glee Club and this spring has served as coach of the tennls team MR SCIBBY also was a new master last fall He took over some of the work in math and Anclent Hlstory Dur1ng the fall term he coached the I V s who played some good football although they had only a moderately successful season For the remainder of the year he has helped out w1th intramurals and has won great renown for hrs rugged play n basketball MR LUTHER took over Ken La1rd s classes when Ken reported to the Navy A graduate of Marquette Law School Mr Luther had an excellent background in history and has been able to put the boys through their paces 1n grand style His qulet humor has MRS BARTLETT gradually won the close attention of even those boys whose humor IS usually of the broad axe varlety MBS BARTLETT who IS the wife of Foster Bartlett an ex Country Day boy helped the school out in a very trying per1od She took over Deac s classes for the first month after his death and d1d a splend1d Job She earned the l1k1ng and respect of the boys and faculty at once and her sound knowledge of her sublect kept the boys on their toes rn a period of letdown MISS BENYAS has taught French and Spamsh throughout the last half of the year A graduate of Lawrence College and a former student at the Umverslty of Mexlco Miss Benyas has conducted her classes most capably and has quite won the admlratlon of the boys for the ease with which she handles a language 1n whrch they speak but stum bllngly MISS BENYAS MR ARMS MR LUTHER MR SCIBBY Y ,wh , wa K m,N la Q , , Z A, X' ' 3 L- KY: 5 4 5 ,I 5 9 41 V K ,H X 'Q -' '95 sins Q.. --wg 1 , ,A ,S 1 -- Q, -- ,ll .div ..,f,4 4,453 ,,.f 'Q-M, Q. ,f ,.., ,ww.g.,1, .4 A if --.4 The Semors met m br weekly meetmgs through the year to drscuss prob lem whrch he xmmedratelv ahead of those who wrll enter the armed forces Dave Schumm presrded as the class presrdent EHMEU .4 st -e 2' Q ' Kgs, ' 7 Q. jf I 54km 55 l X " Z if .1 Y ' , mf?,4.v A 'S I - I 4 ' . WILLIAM ABBOTT B111 1S one of the school s outstandmg athletes He has been a star end 1n football a depend able basketball player and one of the rnamstays of the baseball team In other act1v1t1es he has been an artrst of some abrhty and the schools lead1ng orator w1nn1ng a pnze rn the I fferson Contest thrs year The Army w1ll be B111 s next mterest NORMAN CARPENTER One of the schools oldtrmers Norm has proved hlmself a fellow of many ab1l1t1es He has been 9d1lOI of the Ledger a football star an out standrng hockey player a member of the tenn1s team and a frne student He has a reputatron for scarlng freshmen and 1nterest1ng g1rls Carpre w1ll sh1ne wheth er he enters college or the Army DAVID CUNNINGI-IAM Dave entered Country Day 1n h1s Iunror vear He soon become a bulwark of both the Glee Club and the football team Hrs boomlng vo1ce and h1s savage play at tackle won 1mmed1ate respect No one rn school enjoyed h1s own jokes more than Dave A good student Dave left at the m1d year to enter Mar quette on one of the speeded up programs GLEN CURRAN Glen IS one of the Clf not thel quletest member of the Senror class He came to Country Day 1n h1s Sophomore year S1nce then he has bu1lt a repu tatron as a great r1fle shot and as one of the schools Don Iuans He has been aCl1V9 1n Ledger Arrow work L1ke most of the Sen1ors he IS head1ng for Uncle Sam s army IOE DAGGETT Ioe has been one of the most popular boys 1n the class s1nce Iumor School days Dag played football 1n both h1s Iunlor and Sen1or years chucked a b1t for the baseball team 1n h1s Semor year and played one of he steadrest games of all the school s golfers It now looks lrke a tossup between Carleton and the A1r Corps . . 1 - 1 1 - 1 .. , . . . - 1 n C . . . , . , . Q-' I 1 I ' 1 1 I . . . . 1 . . . . 1 . . . 11 11 1 1 4 ' ' 1 . IAMES DAVIDSON-lim came to this school in the fifth form and is now almost a naturalized citizen of the school. His Scotch ancestry forbids his going too far. The great- est politician in school, lim will argue anything any time. He has been an active appreciator of music and one of the most vocal supporters of Senior Leagues. RICHARD DAVIS-Dixie is the only Senior with as many names as interests. Dick's fighting spirit has earned him six letters in football, basketball, and baseball. He has also walked off with the sprints on Field Day, sung a powerful bass in the Glee Club, and has been the Rem- brandt of the Art Club. If the Army doesn't get him, Princeton will. ANDERS FRIEND-A man of many devices, Andy has been with us, then at school in the East, and now back with us. He has been a strong member of league teams, an ardent camera fan, and a silent supporter of the scien- tific way of life. In summer Andy has been one of the i best fresh-water sailors and has walked off with many a mug. RICHARD GOLD-Dick s greatest pleasure is looking back on the hours of sweating he has given Mr Waterman with his innumerable questions Believe it or not though he usL ally understood the theory by test time Seriously his proficiency in sports and school work has made him an asset to both football and basket ball and Yale will get a good man FREDERICK HANSEN Fred has built himself a reputation as a student largely because of the ease with which he tosses off involved explanations the fruit of ceaseless study He has aimed to rouse the school through the pages cf the Ledger and has frequently succeeded A member of the Art Club and the Commandos Fred has shown himself a versatile fellow 1 gas' - , ,Ma PETER HAYES Pete says l1ttle but accompl1shes much H1s classmates th1nk of hxm as a man of deep thoughts He has been a scrapper rn both football and hockey al though never a star HIS auto maneuverabrhty has earn ed h1m the mckname of T1ger Pete hopes to go to Am herst but the Army w1ll have hrst cho1ce IH the matter IOE HEH. Ioe entered C D 1n the Sth grade and has always been an mdustrlous member of THE Sen1or class He has been the terror of one and all 1n h1S capac1ty of br1ll1ant quest1oner 1n all classes The center of most baseball conversat1ons Ioe has been able to support h1s argument w th two letters 1n baseball IOHN HOPE Bertrum the crashrng tackle of the class of 43 has probably set some k1nd of record as an 1ce hauler 1n h1s spare t1me He has been a d9C1d9d asset to the school both on the football team and on the dance floor He found hte very restful at Country Day unt1l some one told hlrn about the lVlar1nes Now Iohn 1S to be GUY KIECKHEFER Guy more commonly known Kreck 1S the class s g1ft to the bra1n trust It 1S rumored that he w1ll eventually succeed K1eran on Inforrnat1on Please He has taken Art Club MUSIC Apprec1at1on and several extra courses besldes taklng dally workouts w1th the Senlor Leagues He IS golng to Stanford next year WILLIAM KOCH B111 w1nds up an outstandmg career at Countrn Day He has been one of the stars of the basket ball team and was co captam th1s year He has won the respect of the student body as one of the hardest work 1ng of the Prefects He has also been a crack shot on the Rlfle team lncldentally h1s motto IS Women be fore Work Very t1mely' ' 1 ' . a Marine. - , as - . . t . 5 FRANK IEE Frank 1S the quretest boy who has ever been at Country Day Takmg no sports and no actrvrtres he has made l1tt1e 1mpress1on on the school Behmd h1s reserve however a few boys have found htm to be a pretty good fellow Most students have been rm pressed by h1s orod1g1ous trolley trlps He IS the prrme benefa tor of the Transport Co IAMES LEEDOM The Arrows success thrs year from a frnancral potnt of vlew IS largely due to the efforts of Irm Takmg over the dutres of advertrsrng manager dur1ng the absence of Clrff Messmger Irm dxd a frne job He has also been one of the strong men on the football and hockey teams dur1ng the last two seasons IOHN LEFEBER Iohn has been one of the busrest fellows rn the school ever s1nce he arrrved 1n the slxth grade As advertrsrng manager of the Ledger manager of base ball unoffrcral photographer and general handy man Lelfebe w1ll be sorely mrssed by the school He expects to major rn electrvcal engmeermg at Purdue DAN MACIVER As edrtor of the Arrow thrs book 1S very largely the result of Dan s labors But Dan has had many other 1r'terests He has been a football player the wlnner of a hockey award and a Prefect One of the youngest members of the class Dan has had lrttle trouble 1n w1n r11ng the hearts of the grrls and after Prrnceton resrstrble SANDY MCCALLUM Sandy has been one of the classs natural Ever s1nce frrst grade he has stood out ln the class He has won SIX varsrty letters been presxdent of the Glee Club edrtor of the Ledger and a Prefect as well as a conqueror of the hearts and slopes at Sun Valley He plans to follow rn the footsteps of h1s brother at Am herst PETER MCCONVILLE Pete or Buck has grown rapldly 1nto one of the lead1ng pos1t1ons in the class He played topnotch football on the varsity last fall and filled in well as second string center on the basketball team In the spr1ng Pete has played tennis at the number three singles spot He hopes to get 1n a few months at Yale ROBERT MCCORD A canny Scot Bob IS not g1ven to com m1tt1ng hrmself until he knows where he stands He has been a steady worker ln aCl1V1l1eS and has played IV football and league basketball and baseball Although quiet Bob knows what he believes and has earned the respect of h1s fellow students He will leave for the Army soon after graduat1on CLIFFORD MESSINGER Cliff has been one of the hard est workers ln the class He starred 1n the line in the 42 football season fought off colds all winter and came back to be one of the mamstays of the infxeld lhlS spring Arrow and has done a conscientious job STARKE MEYER A bus1ness man Without equal Starke has carr1ed the great job of c1rculat1ng the Ledgers for the last two years has sold advert1s1ng and has helped to run one of Milwaukee s greatest theaters Dur the fall he played IV football and 1n the winter he be came monarch of all he surveyed on the Sen1or League field of battle DOUGLASS RICHTER One of the Old Guard Doug has been around slnce th1rd form Doug shot up to such heights that he has had trouble controlling h1s S1Ze but he st1ll was a big help to varsity football last fall A Senior League stalwart and a fly Chaser 1n spnng Doug has never falled to keep busy He will probably enter Government service soon Besides Cliff has served as business manager of the -51 IOHN ROEMEH-Iohn came to Country Day as a Senior transferring from Whitefish Bay. He immediately proved himself the friendliest and best natured fellow in the class. In addition he delighted Ken Laird with his ex- cellent play in football, and later as one of the main- stays of the basketball team. This spring he has been playing third base for Willie Church. What a man! DAVE SCHUMM-Our perennial class president is a fellow of no mean abilities. I-le has not only proved himself the smoothest of Seniors, but he has also sparkled as one of the most shining stars of the Senior League basket- ball team. The Arrow, however, almost did not go to press because two girls claim that Dave told them they could have the pictures. Whew! RICHARD SEAMAN-Rick, who has been with us since kindergarten days, has distinguished himself in many ways. He played guard on the football team, defense on the hockey team, was an editor of The Ledger, and a Prefect. Before his senior year he kept the publica- tions going as Business Manager. Dangerously ill for all of the spring term, Rick's immediate future is recovery. KEN SMITH-Ken has been here but two years, but dur- ing that time he has proved himself our most versatile athlete Last fall he quarterbacked the football team until he broke his wrist he played a bang up game of basketball all winter and this spring he has played first base and pitched for the baseball team and played on the golf team He IS also a good student IOHN SQUIER Like his brother Ted before him Iohn has proved himself to be a good fellow and a great dodger of exercise Unlike Ted however Iohn s big interest 1S not books and a big vocabulary but the fairer sex Iohn has managed most of Country Day s teams at one time or another has tinkered with cars and has appeared every morning as C D s best dressed young man 3 RALPH SPROULE The owner of a red convertrble Ralph has been much pursued by the members of both sexes He has proved hlmself a very accommodatmg fellow however whether It has been gettlng ads taklng the edrtors to the press or gettmg the Downer g1rls home He has been a hard worker for the pubhcatrons and a strong Semor Leaguer FRANK STOLTZE Frank cllmaxed three years of vars1ty football last fall by leadlng the team as captaln to the best season 1n years He found h1s we1ght a httle too much to cart around the basketball floor but he saved h1s feet by gettmg a n1ce arch on hrs long shots Th1s sprmg he has sweated through callsthemcs ln gett1ng ready for the U S Army ROBERT TREBILCOX An old tlmer at Country Day Treb b1e has proved h1mself the possessor of a subtle m1nd He has Vet to W1n over Mr Church w1th h1s other meth od or speclal mterpretanon however When not en manager Out of school hours h1s curly halr and h1s dlmple have made h1m mvulnerable KENNETH TREIS Cne of the qu1etest members of a class whrch IS generally nolsy Ken has proved hxmself a good student and our best scholar of ClaSS1Ca1 mus1c 1n hxs four years on the h1ll For the past year he has wntten the Classlcal Muslc column rn The Ledger and has help ed supply the before chapel mus1c He probably w1ll at tend Stanford WILLIAM TUCKER B111 has won many fnends 1n our class although he has been here only one year Last year he graduated from a school rn Ashland but he has been do1ng postgraduate work here espec1ally w1th Mr Church 1n Phys1cs B111 has worked hard 1n classes and athletrcs Next year he plans to go to Mlnnesota al though h1S plans 11ke most of ours are st1ll 1ndef1n1te gaged in Senior Leagues, he has served as basketball E Q, Left to right Top Row standing Kartman Robinson I Huston Loettler A Meyer Hine Lindemann Thomp son Auer Dickens Iacobs Deckert Middle Row E Huston Rosenheimer Kopmeier Stvyer Craig Duden hoefer R Iordan H Iefterson Kole Bottom How Haessler Sheldon Iohnston Bannister Papenthien Riley B Leedom C Read Rice Grant Absent Moon THE l UNIOBS This year as in the past the Class of 44 has proved itself to be a very versatile group being well-represented in all of the schools extra-curricular activities as well as main- taining a consistently good scholastic record. The Iuniors were led by Keith Iohnston and Herb Lindemann who were elected President and Vice-President respectively at the beginning of the school year. Socially the Class of 44 is divided but in school it func- tions as a unit striving for the betterment of Country Day. Although the class is not outstanding in athletics it is well represented on all of the schools varsity teams. The Iuniors seem to have chosen baseball as their favorite sport however. because there are about tour Iuniors on this years starting nine. Any dee ticiency on the athletic field is made up by the class s predominence in the other phases of school life such as the publications and Student Council both of which are important in expressing the views ot the student body. In short this class seems well able to handle the job ot leading the school next year. 19 Left to rrght Back Row Serdel Hazelwood S Boyd Tuttle Kurten Foerster Hands Plulhp Stone Mrddle Row I OBr1en I Sproule F OBr1en G Davrdson R Mtller Stark D Meyer P Fnend Front Row Wmd sor Stelnman Iones Absent Clarke Fttzgerald Furrer Howell Laskm W Schwartz THE SOPHOMOBES The class of 45 has proved rtselt one ot the most versattle classes 1n school We have been not only students and athletes but also generally act1ve around school But Ph1ll1p and B111 Stark d1d themselves proud on last falls football team whrch was almost all Senlors In the wrnter Hands Ph1ll1p OBr1en and Tuttle all won letters 1n hockey whrle th1s spnng we have a strong corner on the tenn1s team plus three fellows on the baseball squad Basketball IS our only weakness We have suppl1ed large delegatrons to the Glee Club and the R1fle Club Academlcally we have had about 15 ZOQQ of the class on the Honor Roll every markmg perrod We also have brawn along w1th our brarns Ask the Freshmen whom we so eastly defeated 1n last falls tug of war Therr sp1r1ts were never qulte the same after the dampen1ng they took that day We have four aCt1Ve members of the Student COUDCII and they have proved themselves real leaders 1n student hte 20 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . . , . , . , . , . . 1 . 1 . . . - 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 . . . . . , . . . . . 1 . . ' ' 1 1 1 1 . 1.. . . . . 1 . 1 Top Row Standing Richards S Ietterson I Ramaker Gutenkunst R Waterman Schneider St George Christensen Sells Middle Row Seated Heddmq P Seaman Sammond Warren Wild C Iordan F Pntzlatt Huebsch Bottom How Seated Grrnstelder W Towne Kloppenburg Thorsen Iohn Absent McCumber THE FRESHMEN The Class of 46 increased by four new members at the beginning of the year The Freshmen were humbled in the Freshman Sophomore Pull but recovered sufficiently to conduct the Mu1111 r1tes for the Elqhth Graders At this writing we will not rnentlon the Senior hazmg' Early in the year officers were chosen to head the class Iack Kloppenburg President and Bob Waterman Secretary and Treasurer The class has representation on the Student Council We feel our class has been well represented in all school activities. There were mem- bers of the Freshman Class on the Varsity Football Basketball Tennis and Baseball Teams. The class s athletic ability was established in the fact that they won the Inter- Class Basketball Tournament and also placed two members on the All-Star Team who so gloriously defeated the Faculty. Many Glee Club Members were chosen from the Freshman ranks. The Class was also well repr-sented this year on the Honor Roll. 21 Leif to Right Top Row Wood Bischoff Gnihth Wuesthoft French L Maclver Sullrvan Merker Burlingame Bottom Row Von Wemng Heise I Meyer Braun Ilsey D Norris Usow Chester A Iames I Boyd W M11 ler Darling Absent I Schwartz Whyte THE EIGHTT-I FORM The boys from the Iunror School entered the Eighth Form with a hne group of new The class quickly won its way 1nto the Senior School We elected Dick Griffiths as President and Dick Norris as Treasurer shortly after the beginning of the year Although the smallest class 1n school we have always had several members on the Honor Roll and we are especially proud of our math wizard Dick Grlfflths and our encyclopedia Iohn Meyer Frank Darling won a place on the I V football team B111 Miller proved hrmselt to be a crack basketball player Chapman Chester showed promise in hockey and Dick Norris has been starring thrs Spflnq as number two man on the Varslty tennis team The rest of us have been busy in act1v1t1es of every sort and we s1ncere1y hope that though our numbers have been small our standards and our achrevements have been and will be high 22 members: Larry Maclver, Bill Miller, lim Schwartz, Bill Sullivan, and Gerry Bischoff. x Jillwf most successful term W1thout even a t1e to mar rts record the Varslty football team bowled over all opposrtron and estabhshed a season record that w1ll long be looked back on wrth pr1de Not to be forgotten was then' last engagement Wh1Ch at the :hmsh found the opposrtron the Downer hockey team completely amazed and thoroughly conquered Other hrghhghts of the term were the establ1shment of an Army Regulatron commando course an mcreased mterest 1n auto mechamcs and preflrght trammg and the com1ng of gas ratronmg llll WW , 1' Xdw. x 1 r , A 'SS F.. 'v ' The fall term at Country Day this year could easily be tagged as the school year's A PERFECT FOOTBALL SEASON One of the best teams rn the hrstory of the school wore the Green and Gold ln the 1942 season The team went through a tough schedule unbeaten and untled thus estabhshrng a record that has been equal led only once Among the v1ct1ms of the frghtmg eleven headed by Capt Frank Stoltze was Coun try Day s trad1t1onal r1val Mrlwaukee Un1 vers1ty School whrch took a sound tnm mmg on 1lS home held Th1s was the out standrng tuumph of the year and 1t was doubly sweet because the game was play ed w1th Coach Ken La1rd absent on ac count of the death of h1s father Impress1ve as the record was 1t mlght have been even better rf Ken Srmth whose passmg was ut1l1zed 1n some of Coach La1rd s sharpest plays had not broken h1s WI1Sl 1n practlce before the Unlversrty School game However the 1942 team wul go down 1n hzstory as one of the scrapp1est most alert and best coached teams the school on the h1ll has ever had Edgewood Th1s was a mght game play ed rn Mad1son and the team was bothered by the llghts The academy also had a pretty strong outflt and 1t took a sensa t1onal f1n1sh to pull the game out of the frre The Green and Gold scored two touch downs 1n the last f1Ve mmutes both on passes The f1ISl was Smrth to McConv1lle and the second was Smrth to Abbott The score was 14 to 7 Port Wash1ngton-Country Day was rag ged 1n th1s game and the score should have been much hrgher Port Wash1ngton fall ed to show much e1ther defenslvely or of fensrvely and Coach La1rd was drsappornt ed 1n the Green and Gold s farlure to step on the gas Capt Stoltze play1ng w1th a couple of broken fmgers starred 1n the l1ne wh11e Carpenter and Scannell looked good 1n the backf1eld The score was 19 to O St Lou1s Country Day The team had the t1me of 1ts l1fe on th1s tr1p and the game was one of the smoothest of the season Everyth1ng clrcked and the St LOUIS boys were run ragged Wrth both power and 1 1 .. . . . I . I - 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 - . , .1 . . 1 . , ' 1 - 1 1 I . 1 ' 1 I . I . . , . . . , 1 1 1 l 190 260 216136 250 6 pass1ng plays the Green and Gold ran up and down the fleld Smlth was 1n keen form as the passer The f1nal score was 26 to 0 MUS The attack 1n th1s game was severely handxcapped by the loss of Smxth but the team fought 1ts heart out for Coach Lalrd who was attendmg h1s fathers fun eral and for Asst Coach Tom Hughes who was 1n charge of the squad Offens1ve ly the stars were Carpenter Roemer and Scannell Stoltze and Dav1s were credlted w1th a f1ne yob defenswely on the rxght Slde of the l1ne and Messmger was a tower of strength at Center M U S was unable to score untll the fourth quarter and Coun try Day came nght back wlth 1ts thlrd touchdown 1ust before the whlstle The score was 21 to 6 North Shore Country Day The Green and Gold played dull football agalnst th1s heavy but slow outfxt and almost tossed the game away Splegel the glant North Shore fullback scored on a g1ft play 1n eree thought the whlstle had blown Coun try day however had the dr1ve to come back after they t1ed up the ball game and the fxnal score was 13 to 6 Elgm Academy Here was another sharp game for Country Day w1th everyth1ng golng over 1n a breeze Elg1n had been touted as a fast and strong team but the v1s1tors were never 1n the runmng All the Green and Gold f1rst str1ng looked good and a number of the second stnngers d1splayed a lot of class The score was 25 to 0 and 1t mlght have been much hlgher St Iohns Cathedral The pressure was on 1n th1s game the last of the season and when St Iohn s scored f1rst on an ln tercepted pass thmgs were not too br1ght However the team agaln came through and went ahead 13 to 6 Conntry Day ran up 20 hrst downs to thelr opponents s1x Carpenter Roemer and Scannell agaxn starred for the Green and Gold wlth Scan nell scorlng both touchdowns and 1nter ceptlng a pass 1n the c1os1ng moments of the qame Stoltze and Dav1s were out standmg ln the hne llne play 4-71 ' I I 1 I I which everybody on the field but the ref- X- 3. f ' , ' X , ,, fn K ' Q Q E? f 1 an IQ M 5 .0 ... Y 1.-XEX A I u Z I .i. A 1 1.9" Q 4 f I Q 'Q , A 4 I n M ' ' C1 rc u , 3 ' '. Mr -fy" .L12"'- M.. . ,111-'44 E? fl. -. f V A vw v K 'I 6 dt - ,l , vi f'-' L. 5 ii E I 1 ' f fu M I ifkgherl U .1 A 4 A ' F M " 9 , yr V J 'rm P g v f , ,' -' ,ffz f L. '- . 5 . QU' A A ' if-451 W' f 38, . . 4 , f 1 3, " l Q X' ,, af A L I """ S-Y' ' ' ' X , E A . , QQ 5 A 'E X wx V A x W ,W int, Mgiw- faq. . ., X, , W4 glffwsgffaglgfaiQE.-ef: all-sy..i3 ?5?5ii'f 1 1.15 3' , Vt llxirsiiggv . Ek X 1 I A M in Ah 'VLA 1 , Rf E 7 X I E 1 L I N x i f I ,.,. .3 f E V , , ,k , - ' I I 1 Q Y e ,W A- , 4 1? . L . K. 594 , . 7:2 ,. 'F' , . f Q E F i I"""' wiv 'A' 0 MU, ff ' " --.. :fa 24 .Lu ' ' 1 f E J .wff -2 X 2 W . 5 5 E fm ,E -1 H' A Q fi -- ,M wy ,,,3 , 5, .V 5,2 ,K X 'H gl 'V - I E Q E if , 455, sk E J 5.9. ' 11 WE ' 'n ,N ' if f ,, M- , , , ., 3 , 1: J. kk Di, . . t Q J r , ' , H . xm x- A fZ,' Q . A 313 ,iw AQ' :Z . "H" ' ' . , BONE OF EVERY TEA fy gg .gn ,f'Q 19 , 'Wg V? X435' , rfr' WUQVJ ff '55 .f VY tv ff A 15 -9' ' 5 ' 'A ' Q,,TI.7Jl 6 . . -27 4 . ff:71 3' .A-. ,, IK 7 44' TWA XJ' . fha A NA, A "': ,..L:' If I a - A 4 - V A ..... , . fn' ' 1, fl .op f2 ' X! if I B I ! APHERS PA '1 THE COMMANDO COURSE Last fall along Wllh most of the other schools 1n the country Country Day bu1lt an obstacle course over whtch most of the boys rn school took datly workouts Mr W1ll1am B Church of the Phys1cs department took over the d1rect1on of those who trled the course and no more need be sa1d You elther made the course 1n a t1me reasonable for one wxth your ab1l1t1es or you Went over 1t agam or met Sugar Maple CSee plcture at bottom of the pagel A greater trap was never set for weak and weary muscles than the one devlsed by Fleld Marshal Church Prxme M1n1ster Ramaker and Ch1et Construc t1on Eng1neer Bltzler Mother Nature fell 1n w1th the plan and prov1ded a held covered Wllh sl1p pery grass cut by deep and marshy d1tcnes Chlef Engmeer added two hurdles a flendlshly low contrapt1on to be crawled under an elght foot wall to scale and a forty foot rope to cross hand over hand Top th1s oft w1th a few spr1nts up and down the rallroad embankment and you have a perfect ton1c for dull muscles Every afternoon started off Wllh twenty mln utes for morel of settrng up exerctses and then a sprmt or trot around the course Bear Ban mster soon startled everyone by flashmg over the course ln record tlme After he f1n1shed and took a shower he usually came back to help out the others Wllh pomters on how to get over the wall or cross the rope The sluggards usually earned a few cracks but they were too t1red to m1nd and many gradually acqu1red a do or dte sp1r1t and filled with most startling hummocks. The 3 If THE RIFLE TEAM Rnfle whrch has always been a popular actxvtty at Country Day led all the actxvrtxes thts year m the num bers that 1t attracted The number fmally had to be llmrted to srxtyfour smce that was all that could be taken tn the four penods avaxlable Those boys how ever earned 136 Natlonal Rllle Assocratlon awards dur mg the year and hred 16 000 rounds of cartrndges A a member of the Nattonal Assoctatron the club had prxontres to obtam what cartndges were needed Every day tn the week except Wednesday srxteen boys work ed out under the drrectron ol Mr Waterman and Mr Hughes Durmg the course of the year srx matches were irred rn the Natlonal Tournament wrth over 200 mllltary and non mrlltary schools competmg At the end ol the year the school team ranked ln the hrst thtrd Thus hugh place 15 most praxseworthy especxally sxnce there ns lrttle trme allowed for practtce and almost no trme rs ava1lable for extra work wth the team members Some of the younger boys partrcularly would develop 1nto hrst rate shots 1f they could get more prachcg, 'Hoth Coach Waterman and Coach Hughes are to be com mended for therr excellent work tn thx: bnqqest of acttvrues As the year went on a team was lormed from the best shots and they hred rn several matches and the natlonal tournament Team members were S Boyd L Feber Llndemann F OBr1en C Read D Read Schumm I Sproule and Tuttle Many excellent scores were made durmg the wmter along wlth some that were not so goodfGrant startrng off the year at scratch came along rn hne style and proved hlmself an excellent shot be fore the year was out In the begmnmg the usual errors were made Probably the lunmest was the day one boy mrssed twrce by several feet and fmally con fessed that he dxd not know there was a front sxght And now we should lxke to tell you a great deal more about the Rrlle Club but smce Mr Waterman d1d not gxve us any more rnatenal we frnd that we are unable to itll cut all the lmes that our edrtor so easlly draws rn the dummy We may call your attentron to the fact that the pnctures speak for themselves somethmg whrch every Arrow edltor has saxd smce Volume l Nut sard' . . . . s 1 n ' . . , e- ? A ' 1 ,. FROSH vs. SOPHOMORES In sp1te of us1ng lerry St Georqe as one of the best anchor men 1n years the Frosh drank the waters of defeat as they were pulled through Ray Rrtzler s Nlagara by the more numerous and more powerful Sophs They already have a gleam 1n the1r eyes however as they mentally welgh some of next year s Freshmen They swear to redeem the1r honor THE NEW STUDY HALL Last summer the study hall was completely refurb1shed so that most of us d1d not recog ber The Sen1or Class of 42 the Mothers Assoc1at1on and Mr Kenneth Iacobs gave a glft to redecorate the study hall At hrst we nussed the famrhar blackboard the b1g flag and the old slgn Srlence and Study but S1 lence and Study st11l prevalled and when front every morn1ng on d1splay we came to lrke the change It 1S a better settmg for chapel exerclses and 1ts newness no longer dxsturbs us The old seats are st111 w1th us nize it when we first walked in last Septem- we saw that we could get the prefects up AUTO MECHANICS BECOMES POPULAR Some of the old activities took on added more motors, some new tools, and a rnuch interest last fall because ot the war situation. better arranged workshop, the mechanics got Rifle Club and Auto Mechanics vied in popu- off to a flying start on a very active year. As larity with the new course in Pre-Flight. With usual, motors were torn down, cleaned, re- paired, and put together again. Sometimes they actually work- ed. Billy Koch, urged on by his success in the club, purchased a jalopy which after a coat of paint on the roof and a little hammer- ing on the insides will actually run - although it does slow down to a walk coming up the hill by the Iunior School. Dan Maclver after a year's tinkering now has his car up for sale and swears that it will run, but so far there have been no takers. A nice bit of pairing off had to be arranged in the sessions this year since St. George and lor- dan took up so much room that no one else could get near the motors they were working on: but there were some lean boys in the club and Pete McConville and Bob Dudenhoefer solved the problem. Cal Cooper of course was always on hand to steer the would-be mechanics along. If there had been more room, he would have had an even larger number in the group. OUT OF GAS? The first time that the War really came home to the students here at Country Day was when gas rationing began in November. Realizing that transportation was going to be a serious problem, the Seniors rushed to have a dance on the last weekend before rationing. Actually car pools and the buses have taken care of most of the transportation problems. An empty parking lot and carefully watched tires give daily evidence that the old days are gone, but the tough times are when some of the Sophs have to bum rides for their dates with four other wolves. Q . , .win " fQ X , ' . , XX 1 X A f 2 m F V ff . , QM 3 f if ' . M ' 3 Ain lj I, s CL: 'I 2 if ' 'e ii'gEi 1 2 i 1 - . , Q , I I Q M .th -rg Q l ' in v I ' -G '- 1 I l , Qiagg?-T, Qi 'f Q Q P f ' A . 3 if -.J af- , v if J .J 1 The last wmter term was one marked by excellent morale a spotty athletlc record the estabhshment of the d ment system a successful Glee Club season and the worlds worst weather The plcture above g1ves ample evldence of the snow that confronted the hockey squad and the earners of dements LUIWHQ WMU is r . . , 9 , , . . . . Name Offense Sroned DEMERIT SLIP Date Trouble begms Studymg hard Neatness rs DEMERIT SYSTEM Th1s last fall feel1ng keenly the need for some sort of organlzed and balanced form of pumshment the Prefects w1th the a1d of a faculty comm1ttee drew up a sys tem entrrely new to the present school gov ernment namely the now efflclently func t1on1ng Demer1t System Inst1tuted ma1nly for the purposes of malntammg a fa1r and equal form of punrshment and des1gned to take a cons1derable burden off the Prefects the new system has now been glven an en thus1ast1c O K by both students and facul ty alrke The setup and functlons of the Dement System are nelther compllcated nor dlffl cult to understand For every offense there rs a correspondrng number of de mer1ts that have to be g1ven and 1n that way most of the compla1nts concernlng un falr pun1shments have been ellmmated Mmor offenses such as 1nfract1ons of study hall and lateness to classes are pun1shable lnfractrons of the same nature the de ments then begm to mult1ply on the stu dent s record When a more ser1ous crlme IS commltted one really feels the brunt of the system for often such th1ngs as leavxng school w1thout perm1ss1on smoklng on the school grounds or mdulgrng ID smutty talk or swear1ng are rewarded wtth as much as f1fteen demer1ts All the demer1ts that a student acqu1res durlng the school year are added p aga1nst a poss1ble total of f1fty whrch num ber demands faculty actron w1th probable d1sm1ssal from the school Acual pun1sh ment starts when a student has obtamed f1Ve or more demer1ts dur1ng any two week perlod he IS then requlred to come out and serve tlme on Saturday afternoons do mo odd Jobs around the school grounds under the watchful eye of the master xn charge After the boy has served the nec P I by only one demerit but, for reoccurring t . . ' ' u 34 PREFECTS STUDENT COUNCIL essary number of hours he IS no longer held for work on them nevertheless they refnarn on the entire total Of consolat1on are the facts that workable demerlts auto matrcally cancel themselves after every vacat1on per1od and that clean records earn afternoons off every fourth week and extra days added to vacatxons Although the Demerxt System has only been 1n effect for half a year now never theless many of 1ts good and bad pornts have been recognrzed and w1th the co operatron of future student governments the system should prove to be the most effxcxent form of punrshment that can be adopted to our form of school government Esquxre drsapproves THE GO JEBNING POWERS N Carpenter W Koch D Maclver W McCallum T Scannell B Bannlster T Hands R Deckert l Hoff I Drckens T Iacobs R Foerster H Iefferson D Fltzgerald I Kloppenburg B Leedom T Papentluen E Phrhpp D Schumn AND NOW THE PAYOFF For every offense a boy must appear before the Prefects and 1S assrgned demerrts When a boy has accumulated fmve demerrts he has to report on Saturday afternoons and do some form of work around the school grounds 35 Y Rfb: .U R. Seaman I. Furrer K. Iohnston I. Sproule' . -I . I AA, - F 1 ' Q A D 1 V V '. W l ' ' l , Y HE BASKETBALL SEASON The 1942 43 basketball season was drsappornt 1ng prrncrpally because the Green and Gold tossed away one of the games that counted most Thrs was the second game wrth MUS whrch was lost by a score of 25 to 24 on the home floor The battle on the M U S floor went to C D by a score of 24 to 20 In both games the Country Day frve was far below top form In the season s schedule a number of Mllwau kee hrgh school teams were lrsted and the op pos1t1on as a result was stronger than for some years Whrle the Green and Gold falled to w1n any of these games a pretty good hght was put up agalnst such powerful outhts as Mar quette Hlgh whrch was held to a score of 35 to 27 1n the second game East D1v1s1on and Rufus Kmg were played rn the early part of the season and both proved to have too much strength for the C D team In the frrst game w1th Messmer however the team put up a good showmq and kept the flashy opponents to a score of 43 to 27 The game Wrth Elgln Academy was a close one but the Green and Gold managed to take 1t by a score of 33 to 29 1n a hard fought battle Another good game was the frrst battle wrth North Shore whrch was played on the Mllwaukee floor The LLQ , . . 1 . . ., - 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 '3 ' v1.........,.. 1 A 2 I . x : 2 Q. ' ' , ' W '.! his , A .vi -. .- - 1 - 4 1 1 ' r ,--1 I Green and Gold Team took th1s one by a score of 41 to 37 but 1n the return match m Wrnnetka the tables were turned and North Shore won easlly 59 to 43 The hrgh pornt of the season came rn the sec ond game wlth Lutheran Hlgh wh1ch was taken on the1r home floor by the margm of 50 to 27 Thrs was the only t1me all year that the team h1t the 50 mark Another good game was the second Port Wash1ngton battle played on the Port Wash1ngton floor The score 1n th1s one was 32 to 24 1n Country Day s favor Injunes and s1ckness hurt the team cons1der ably all through the season Among those who were out from t1me to t1me were Smrth Schne1 der Abbott Koch and Dav1s Coach La1rd con sequently had h1s troubles xn developmg team play but there were occaslons when the fxrst team looked to have a great deal of class Fred Schnezder Ken Smlth Tom Papentheln B111 Koch Iohnny Roemer and Bob Rexlly were 1n the startmg hneup most of the t1me and car r1ed most of the load Fred Schnexder was voted the most valuable player an honor wh1ch he clearly earned Other lettermen were Abbott and Dav1s The team won seven and lost exght games With Papenthem Rerlly and Schnerder back for the next season the nucleus of the team 15 all set There IS also much to be seen rn the fu i ture from Cralg Iefferson Kloppenburg Lee dom Iordan Banmster Auer and Rlce BRIEF INTERLUDE Such sufferrngs and agonres as the prcture below suggests were had by all that attended the annual Downer Day combxnatxon sports and danclng party that was glven by the C D Iunrors and Senlors for the Downer Iunror class 1n Ianuary . I il A YN 6 ' , ' ' l I 41. ' . . . i + M . . ' V . . ' l 1 T3 1 + e 4 ' ' 1 , . . I I I ' - , , , I 1 I I I - 0 . I ' I I I I ' l C l l l NL-... X 38 HOCKEY 1942 43 The 1943 Hockey season was not hrghly successful Two games were all that were won along wxth two tres and s1x losses Th1s was however expected for only f1V9 letter men returned and the rest of the team was mexpenenced At the start of the season the team was composed of lettermen Deck ert at the cage Leedom and Seaman at de tense Iohnston Hands and Carpenter who was 1n h1s f1ISt year at hockey at the tor ward l1ne pos1t1ons The hrst two games whlch were w1th St Francls were won w1th a marg1n of 5 0 5 2 There was also a game between these w1th Shore wood The C D sextet took the lead 1n the frrst per1od but soon learned that a second l1ne had to be developed so bad was the need for substrtutes W1th the frrst team play1ng the ent1re game they became very t1red and lost the game by a score of 7 3 1n the last peI1Od Bud Ph1l1pp took Deckert s place 1n the nets because of an mjury to Bob s h1p A second l1ne of Tom Tuttle Iohn Sproule and lack O Br1en was made Bemg 1nex per1enced and h1tt1ng the tougher games the sextet lost s1x and tred two But the came confldent at h1s pos1t1on also of con solatlon was Dan Maclver who became a very dependable defense man Next years hrst team w1ll be wrthout Carpenter Leedom Seaman Maclver and McCallum but one from the second hne Wlll f11l Carpenter s place New defense men w1ll have to be worked out Wlth a 11ttle more expenence next years team should be better At the annual banquet Carpenter was made the honorary 1943 captam Iohnston next years capta1n Hands the most valuable player and Mac Iver was awarded the Wr1ght Cottrell tro phy for the most lmproved player l x, .Q V4 A K Q , ' ' ' I C l second line soon developed and Philipp be- s.' k I " .iris C ' S. C ' - . .. ' ' ' ' ,fr ' r 1' 5 , ,S rg. Q . A I iv ky? A T 1' . Y f u, " 'trial , , , , , kt , M A a ' ' 1' - r . . 'g 5 f . r- , At the left IS a photo of Mr W B Church the hockey coach He has become noted both as a man of great patxence on the hockey rmk and as a coach who has many former cham pxon teams ln the state to hls credlt lnctdentally thxs IS a formal pose A former C D man cannot be found that does not d1st1nct1y remember the many hours spent at the most enjoyable of the hockey mterests namely the shovelmg dept The plctures on th1s page are es peclally for those whose memorles of these occasrons have somewhat dunmed through out the ages Th1s year the shovelmg dept was of spe C131 mterest as the school exper1enced one of the hardest w1nters rn 11S hlstory not so much 1n the temperature as 1n the enor mous amounts of snow whxch found then' way to the hockey rmk 44" M 39 JY THE GLEE CLUB Agam th1s year the Glee Club proved ltself to be one of the most popular act1v1t1es Over seventy students trred out for the club last fall Atfer the frnal cut some forty odd were kept who showed prom1se of developrng rnto srngers of ment In the absence of Sam Lynde Mr Buettner took over the d1rect1on of the club and he was ably assrsted by Mr Arms Many of the Fred Warxng arrangements were used thxs year and the club 11ked them and sang them well Besldes the annual concert wrth Downer the Glee Club sanq at the dlnner of the Col lege Women s Club at whlch Colonel Romulo Was the speaker They also ang wlth the Downer Club 1n two broadcasts They wound up the1r work for the year by srngmg at the annual Fathers and Sons day drnner and agarn at graduatron In the past two years Glee Club has b orne one of tl' school s most popular and most succes ful ac t1v1t1es C C .K 1 C ,5 , 5 , , ,wt Z T a l,,,--. ,,.-.., I C . S , 93 . A3 S - That organ1zat1on w1th1n an orgamza t1on the Garnbohers was contmued th1s year most successfully Lovers of close harmony all the Gambollers furn1 hed one of the h1ghl1ghts of the Downer con cert Usually when they get together Iake IS th only one 1n a d1ther but from the p1ctures on th1s page one would gather that they were all pretty much gone on the nxght of the concert w1th the fa1r damsels of Downer Ths small group s1ngs on every occas1on some tlrnes even on key but they certa1nly do enjoy themselves and so everyone IS glad to put up wxth them D1stantly related to the Glee Club are he band boys who work out under Mr Newton They have made great str1des 'less see page 63 Some of the Senxor S hool members however hke on every occas on to b at 1t out The hour of seven thlrty one Qprmg morn1ng found the boys la ld ng forth 11 Study T-Iall w1th a very d rty PIBHO and a sup oosedly hot l1cor1 e sttck The D1 ture at left whxch Mr Boe 1 snapoed 1n an unguarded mo'nent sneaks for 1tse1f however ' 'Q ' 4 9 . 1 T . this year and have a real band-for wit- c , . ' i e ' . Q . U . . A 3 ' ' ': ' . 'C 1 , ' . se . A ' . , A . 1 Z ZIP"-'SUOZIUUZ Peter Pnme 31 Hamllton Iones 37 Of the many Count y Day alumm rn servlce the two Old Boys whose prctures appear above have g1ven thelr l1ves for the1r country Sergeant P1lot Peter Pnme was kxlled 1n actlon over Duesseldorf last summer and Enslgn Hamrlton Iones was lost whlle flymg 1n the West lndles th1s wlnter As has everyone else we students have become rncreas ngly aware of the nearness of the war to our hves durmg the past few months The number of names on the Alumnl Serv1ce Plaque 1S now near the two hundred mark In add1t1on several old boys school clunng the year and talked to us of thelr ex per1ences Among the old boys ln un1form was Cap ta1n Bob Wlnkler who told of the f1ght1ng 1n New Gumea NX Q, 3 I X44 U V I . . . . lfh' l ' ' I -Q fr 7 1 1 ' who have been at the fighting fronts returned to the 2 5 , ' Q ' a . ' 4 , k . l B l A Sprlno 1S always an uncerta1n season Th1s year there was no sprmg lf you are speakmg of weather but the school managed to work 1n the usual F 1eld Day to f1n1sh up the basketball season and to andwxch ln a few baseball games tenm matches and a Fathers and Sons day A vonderful season Spnng' SWING HRW FACULTY ALL STARS Whlle lt contlnued to snow ram and blow outslde as 1t always does 1n early sprlng we managed to br1ng the basketball season to a close w1th the usual faculty game Feehng very coc the faculty allowed as how the wmners of the class tournament would be too easy The result was that they played a group of all stars The results as you mlght expect the faculty was defeated for the flrst txme 1n years Even Ken La1rd s val1ant play at center was not enough Ray tr1ed hrs tnck est shots but the youngsters poured them 1n and won by a margm of two pomts One of the spectacles of the year the game brought forth the wrldest enthusrasm Prctured be low rs the faculty cheermg sec tron gomg wxld as then' cham p1ons forged mto the lead 44 Field Day this year was held on one of the few sunny days of early May The big muscle boys were out 1n force and many records fell The fight was close wnh the Green walking off with most of the field events but belng overwhelmed 1n the spr1nts and relays At the end of the mornmg the Green was in the lead although the results were close After lunch the Old Men took on the baseball team The1r batting was strong but the1r errors were many and so they lost 9 8 It was a fitting close to one of the best days of the Spring season 45 BASEBALL With nine lettermen returning from last year s outfit this year s baseball team has developed into a well balanced club. The main problem this year has been the pitching but Iohnny Dickens and Kenny Smith have come through in fine style and opposing batters have had to look at some sharp stuff The loss of Deac Towne as coach caused the outlook for the team to appear very dark for Deac had become a tra d1t1on as the pilot at Country Day How ever B111 Church stepped in to do the best he could and the results show that he has done a grand job As the season progressed so did the team In the infield Kenny Smith has held down first base when not pitching for the second year in a row and has come through with his usual outstanding job Capt B111 Abbott has performed well at second and has knocked the hide off the ball The back stop duties this year have been taken over by Ioe Heil Ioe played in the outfield last year but this season he has developed into one of the best catchers C D has ever seen Papenthien has taken over at short A V 1,5522 :fa Q .. lfsgig 1 2 . In -vii 19 ,, f t' -,wiv 1- V " .3-wifi' 1'-Ze' ,, 35 Waxman , -,. , ,V -M , M . f-ii ' j 4' 5' g 2 " if 'Ugg' as I i 9 -H3 ff? S - f K: 2221 A. 0. 'Af I ' f' .1 G 4' ' n A P 5 'o ' 'f 3 V V - bn ,,,. s gg, , I I . fa: ,iq , iv Q ' . ,J xr X -3 i 'EJ gf,-pf 5. - Lp . Qxlg J - M N V. iqgrur sv 1 F 'id-1, . . ' -.i :xi 9, .5 Juni, A N 4 . ' '. 2112- ' ' - -, ,- . , , , , - H gh K. ., - ' M lf'-N '-,..pi ' .5 ' '-'- ' '.'-f' Y' 1 Y. " BN qi-P. 4"'nsv- -4-S., eff! www 'X M WF? f -. ,M f 'Q f 5 - wif'-W y .....x. J. ,A W s xsbp rl I mx i 3 EM 3 ,Hs N N 0 .f ,H far A L ' G.. A .X 3 ' U 5 8 5 'xx Wag .gp ,K .3358-uw if ., .3 Q 17 wif ' rf as-.1-Ggff V., n.,, , . 4 ' uf. ,,,-4-F A NLM. ff ,, wwngf.,f,:x1rf4"'2www , ww X ge , v wa X f l 'Wd-svA.m.,., i I F I . fn' E S Y J A - ....,....i.....- TH e ls., TENNIS 1943 The tennrs team th1s season has had a not too successful but a prormsrng season The matches won and lost record IS not good but the many young players on the team promrse much for the future Ted Hands a Sophomore played the number one spot and Wllh another year s expenence should be one of Country Day s best tenm players 1n years D1ck1e Norrrs an erghth grader played number two and won conslstentlv Pete McConv1lle and Bob Waterman swrtched at number three The doubles teams were erratrc Mr Arms was the coach GOLF TEAM Although the regular afternoon practlce matches have been entrrely cut out of course because of the gas rat1on1ng nevertheless the golf team has been able to keep a small number of contests on th1s spr1ngs sports schedule Wlth several loans from the baseball coach the golf team has been composed pr1nc1pa11y of frve members Ioe Daggett Bob Deckert Ken Smlth Bob RICG and T1m Iacobs As the Arrow goes to press frve games have so far been played the opponents have been M U S Marquette Whrtefrsh Bay and Wash1ngton wrth two matches aga1nst Whlteflsh Bay Low scorers th1s year have been Smxth and Iacobs I F2 4- .O -' I . , . :J . , Q L 1 , 2 , . '. , . . ' g ' 1 1 ul 1 . p ' ' I I ' , 50 Persons living in the vicinity of E401 N. Santa Monica Blvd. got to know the picture to the lett as an everyday scene. when each afternoon this spring Mr. H. I. Ramaker and Mr. W. B. Church led their daily "Torture Chamber Session" The Calisthentics Peri- od. Naturally, the boys just loved it! SPRING FOOTBALL Sprrng Football an innovatlon at C D has been a very popular sport th1s year Under the coach1ng of Tom Hughes about twenty underclassmen and several seniors who acted as ass1stant coaches worked out darly 1n b1ock1ng and tackhng exercises wrth half the penod devoted to a rouah and tumble game of tag or later in the season tackle football YEAR S FND The plans for the 1943 Commence ment Day exerctses follow somewhat the same pattern as last year s shown 1n the plcture at the right Of added interest this year IS the newly rn stituted Baccalaureate Servlce held the night before Commencement which Mr Santer has added tc the graduahon act1v1t1es For the speak er the seniors and their parents have the pr1v1lege of hearlng Dr W H Lamers Assistant Superintendent of M1lwaukee Schools and former Pro- lessor of Speech at Marquette Uni verslty P if ' . fir I vp t ' 7 V' th 6 5 i X ' K X 1 . , . ., . , . . , I I I J I I I .1 ' Q I I ,Q V .- - . . 1 S , . . 1 . . .. , A - Q 5- 1' , v ' '- J .. 3- . , at . FATHERS SONS DAY Fathers Sons Day has always come so late 1n the season that It has not been mcluded ln the Arrow but s1nce 1t IS one of the feature events of sprlng we have mcludecl 1t even though the prctures are a year old Thrs year a change 1n plans was necessary and the day was held at school The usual golf tennls and soft ball were the order of the day however ln addltron horseshoe p1tch1ng was an added attractron At the dmner spnng athletlc awards were made the Glee Club sang and speeches were made by Dan Maclver and Ph1l Robrnson Sandy McCallum was the very capable M C In sp1te of the war cond1t1ons a large percentage of fathers were able to be present hmstory of the school As always the day s sports produced all sorts of success Expert golf and holes 1n 10 were played Sparklmg volleys and p1t pat tennrs appeared Even a couple of dou ble r1ngers were thrown 1n horseshoes But softball produced the gems of the day No s1ngle play qu1te equalled the complete mtss seen rn last year s great struggle however Bay apparently shpped 1n awardrng the grand pr1ze 1n softball for the complete m1ss shown 1n the p1cture at the bottom of the page was the hrghlrght of many seasons 52 I I I and the day was one of the most successful in the l . JUHIUQ EEHUUL MR A GORDON GROVE Pr1nc1pa1 of the Iunzor School We ded1cate th1s Iunror School sec 1on of the 1943 Arrow to Mr A Gordon Grove a man 1n whom one has always found counsel and understandlng a man whose hte has been devoted to helplng us of the Lower School to better understand the job and customs a loyal fnend and respected master H1s classes were always somethrng to look for ward to for such was h1s humor and understandrng that we never forgot h1m Even those who have gone ahead to the Senlor School remember h1s patrent cheerful man ner Th1s man was the lumor School an ernbodrrnent of 1ts hrghest pnncxples and an example to all of us He IS a great rnan who has shown us the way to become great boys 54 ahead of us in the sacred halls of the Senior School. For eight years this man has been Back Row Mr Kruse Mr Boesel Mr Krueger Mr Stem Mnss Mayer Mr Cooper Mr Buettner Mr Schellm Flon! Row Mrs Matasek Mxss Mlller Mxss Lynch Mr Grove Mrs Edwards Mrs Ellertson Mlss Frey Mrs Olson IUNICDR SCI-ICDCDL FACULTY . . , . , . , . , , . , . , . - - I 1 , . . . . - 1 SEVENTH FORM Back How Wllhams Noyes Welgel Cutler Douglas Llllydahl Next Row Rlchardson Next Row Espy Barth A Smlt SIDCIGII' Howland Front Row F Smlth Rosenak E Lyttle SIXTH FORM Sells Schwab Walton Knox Krueger Baumgarten C. Norris Kuelthau VanDyke Swigart Kaiser R. Frank Murphy Clough N Gallun C Iames Cron C Squxer Weqmann Goodnch Y . . Wyse, Toepfer, Best, Hanson, L. Wirth. 56 ,M 0' a , QE ' -0,-gptlffvf. 'S gf i 33222 , , I Q7 9 MW V 5 5 YQ fi if ' i A QW, Elf ' ' 1 E C6 3 X S xg ' 1 I ' A -0 -.J an ff "wh f sl Y 1 Az A M1 Qygxy - - ' , 4, A it 2, I N., ,M K , AMN, ' e me V M 5 ,T 4 xii ' ,Aw Q 'S 1 4 R 1 we f ' .W A + , 5+ f Qhunfa E5 fin W A If VV .. W ,JY yt ' W 1 if Y,A,,. A A 35 if ' FIRST FORM SENIOR KINDERGARTEN der Coleman Madxson Front Row Doepke Swallow Gebhardt Walton B Church W Zmn W Ward New berry Chamberlm Smmq Kuehn 59 Al '.l-'lk dl Jdma' 'ii S Back Row: Nuesse, Bolliger, Pickslay, Dixon, G. Uihlein, I. Uihlien, I. Beck, S. Smith, F. Beck. Plous. G. Brum Class L1st Boesel Krueger Harley Lang Buettner Harper L Church V Brurnder Scheder Mrlls Chase T Scott Abert Duncan T Zxnn Brxdqes R McCu1'och Mxller McCann McGregor P Plckslay Post IUNIOR KINDERGARTEN NURSERY Class Lxst Te1pe1 Huth Read E Scott Goldstem D Gebhardt Reuter lung Curtxs Kruse Wmter L Scott Kummer Mullelt Schoemnger Davxdson Epstem Stratton Rosenburg 3,11 """ H1 fiiillflii 60 - - I . . . , . , - . . . . 1 , . . . . - A . . . . . , - Q . . , - , 1 - , , f . . , . . . . , . . - fu U .A f V f .V -.-spy... ' Q v ., ,. X, . , 9 . ' 'K 1 ,lid v ff m",-7vfiwwQa. '.- Wl'f7'W?'fxw.1,ai ,3'm,, ,bsngf ax wg- L A gg-Ag' -wg. - ,.,rI"fL Wk 1H'f"'7f:l-',irf? if 'V ' -i rf " K-J, ,TI,1:.v3rV . , Mx 4 Fall Term .gfffwf r ' - JE' 1 AY A-z, f' ' 'I f f 4-4 7 ' if ' ' 1 f ' 'Q 1, ' 1 ' 'L 1 U1 . ., 1 . . I v ., - , M , 4 .. .3-, . ,-z' . ' L., ,, v.-V ff-f 'ful WK , H W, ' ',:g,f,',k ,,,,-Q-V ,f K - " y ' ' ,V V ' . ,, , V ' ' . I , A V. ', 1 - "Q""- ,, I , V, , M ,iv 0 l, , L- 7 ,U x " ""' ' ' " ',I"' ' Q2-5'.r:"',f , 3f'A"?n , Ammfmwkm nryh f ' 1 -fs, A an . V H- ', ' M, P' I ' ' Winter Term 1 f. ,,. ,m ..-351- .. 7"' Spring Term 61 Q Q - A , 1 it xx Q!! .al an A X K J' x - Q J' V Q V 4 ,A I J- z 3 i wb t 3 , 5 'xiii i I Qfr ,X ci' f I g'zv -r. 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Insurance IVIARQUETTE 3717 '71 N MILWAUKEE STREET 93 Years of Insurance SGIVICG 4 BRADLEE VAN BRUNT IOHN E MASAK THAYER Z CLAYTON CHARLES I SCHWARTEN COMPLETE BARBERING AND MANICURING SERVICE EAST SIDE BARBER SHOP Phone BRoadway 2484 521 EAST WELLS Oppos te Old Court Ho se Sq arel ORMSBY S SHORECREST GARAGE We Do Everythmg for the Motonst 2055 N Summt LAkes de 0760 TUepfer 81 Bellack 330 E WISCUIISIII Ave Wells Blllldlllq The dzstmcuon of Toepfer 5 Bellack clothmg and fU!I11Sh1I1QS IS thelr faculty to gzve the young man clolhmg and iurmshmqs 1n the young men s manner 77 -1 . 4 4 A ' i u u NO PARKING TROUBLES 6, Y I ,NVE " ' ' . . i i KLGDE S all LIIUI ll! III! IIIIIIN Ill So Xlllu llIIxLL I cullmlu I JS III DIIDI NHOIfI'I I C O Xlllu IIIIXLL XX 18 I S ' X x X 1111 78 f ,I Im ' Ik-cor: nx 2 I C. II. Ummm-II 1 cl Q If ' ' IWW iwlrlx. 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Advert1s1ng Index Al11s Chalmers Amencan Lace Paper Aqua Terra Badger Meter Bay Home Bakery Barnes Advernsm Beaver Tarl Kennels Bradford s Br1ggs 6 Stratton Brouwer Shoe Store Call way Fuel Co T A Chapmans A I Chrlstensen Furs oCellge Athletlc Supply Co COHneCl1Cut Mutual Lrfe C B Cottrell 6: Sons Florence Danforth Des Forges Ray Deutsch Ioseph Dudenhoefer Eastman Kodak East S1de Ba ber Shop Lou1s Esser Foxs Flonst Sam Frrcano Froernrng Bros Froemmlng Bros A F Gallun Tannery Golden Guernsey Dalry George G Goetz Globe Steel Tube Co Globe Unron mc Globe Unlon Inc The Hell Co Hoffman s Pharmacy Iewett Sherman Iohnson Servrce R A Iohnston Ioys Bros Klode Furmture Carl Laabs Wm Lachenmarer Lak srde Dye Works I Laskln Sons Tnc Ins Leedom O Connor 6: Noyes Co Loeffelhol Loewl 6: Co Merchant s Towel Mrlwaukee Country Day School Mllwaukee Novelty Dye Works Mrlwaukee Western Fuel Co Hugh B Murphy Mutual Benefrt Lrfe Ins McCallum Ins Natronal Enamelrng Nordberg Manufacturmg Ott s Pharmacy Pappy s Restaurant Pate O11 Co Patek Parnt Perfex Hotel Pfrster Plankmton House Platz Camera Katherlne PIICG A G Rarche George H Russel Geo ge H Russell Ioseph A Schumacher Schwanke Kasten Schwanke Kasten Frtzhugh Scott Shorecrest Garage Smartwear Emma Lange A O Smlth Soevrg Hrscox Square D Vrctor M Stamm M1ldred Staunton H B Stark Stexnman Lumber Wm Sternmeyer Toepfer GG. Bellack Tr1dent H B Watts Wxsconsm Tree Servrce Wr1gleys Restaurant Yankee Doodle O . l n 9 ' Falk Corporation Random Ice 5: Coal 94

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