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nal' v, vi. J 1 A.: vu f,.u Q ,nn vu, ,.,- rr up "5 A urf' ...- , rp: .pr .Q-p n rn. vw .Q ,. --an .au .-.u . rs. .os- .Q fa ,4- nr vs- ..- ,r -4.- N 4 -Q Q ... up up . -, ISD., 'rf A TLT' . .W , gflv . fn Inf g.,. , :N .fa ,B 5 4... 69' 4 ., ,. rn- ' ,. .,. .UA , .fl-. ,..-.- .--t , -'N .f N.. X ...zq .1L'-- Ml ..- 'I3 . . . ': u. -' 'if .. -f 1 .T- ,. 2.- .Mf . J. 'ark . .. .H A, 'sv '1 L.. . .W . .-,- .'r4 ,-,-- . . 9 wry' ,, . ...T . ,TL- '--P' . A '..u-f 7' ,.... . . ...f .xi - r .-z? . .-. , .+- . .-. s'r'l , . . p , .. 'fa .Tir ..- Y. P' .'l'J . , . ... 15:1 .q " ' 4 -" ,... -1- -, , .ug L. of M m r ,A . .1 ,.,., v-:J ,,. . , ,, Q ' .,,, ...mfr ... .4 ' 24.4 5' - .Zp.'1.2.:..3g::trt71213Y?'-111'gg::::.q2.-M.::.....-1'-3, bgzzzzhftm -q5:,.1S1:21q3,gggi:p:::.:.5 v3":::...!,E1I.,.::H:gzazztrtzj.-'5gg.f?gfxz:::::gQ:gznrfkrwizzaxz .W mu. -v . -- ----- . W...-1---+f.4.-s.---' r'..--1--n-"Y"...3-----v--1-'.l.lL ...,:u.Z-'f-----1.,..,.....,...-fe:f:ft.......--4--v1::1::.:...f..----':':f:!:2:'3...51. I I 1 1917 1947 cz Silvw Afro WA 199 PIIZJIISIJCKI by fbc' sfudenfs of MILWAUKEE COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN I igfiiimuzf S 4"A ff! . I f1?EL'f fl Y L 'I A' ,:' '. K3 ROBERT KIECKHEFER, JR XVILLIAM CHESTER, JR C0 Fflzfors Bzmmws Mmmgcr RICPIARD SEAMAN peeaeation "Let us now praise famous men, Even the artifieer and workmaster That passeth his time by night ...... Without these shall not a city be inhabited, Nor shall men sojourn or walk up and down therein, For these maintain the fabric of the world." The above Words from Eeclesiastieus can be Iittingly applied to those men Who gave unsparingly of their time and energy to our School. We dedicate the following pages to the present and past Presidents of the Board. f H Inu X X10 UXXx 1-11 KXRWO X 111,401 D118 md 'P 19: 11 U1 IHLQN NIQG 919g X 121614 IJ I lv SI ui Rillllilfh Hxxs If ll-+41 11-H114 fi In nur Sxwxfoxlm 1941 if DIRI CTORS OI XIILXX AUKI h COLXTRY DAY SCHOOL 4 OII ICI RS IRI III RIC SXXIXIOXIJ 1 XXIIIIAXI XI CIIISTI R wwf f IIUCII A SINCI X IITlIIUC1II SCOTT IR OTHF R XIFMBI RS I IDXX IN A GALI UV C II f-XRCUI ID PI AU IC PII I I FII XIRS CA RUS I PHIIIPP RAYII R IJ Xixc IX P PUII I RXX XIcLXIII X CIIIJIJIN SANTIX XIIxS III RXIAN XII RRI R ISR XDI PI X AN BRLNT III R151 RT XVUI STIICHI I HOYORARY DIRI LTORS OUIS XII ICDHN OXXIX III IIJXX XRD A BXC X XIRS ILXIXXUIL I. PIIIIIPP IJR C A CARHA T IOUIS QUARIIS Ilf IN A SCI ISINC CDI I SI XXI IIX IICXIXC SIAXIANI I' IICJIISRO xS IX SPI XRI I S IA U PH LII I XX XIIDI XIAR S KOPXII II R XC XIXRTIX IINI SXX V XX -XR HLR X XIcCIOCII CIxIX X XC X XIORIS I XX IXI I XSRI NU X XX C i X i A 'Y .1 ' I YA T I 9 I - 4 2 5 C 'Q Q . . I' I,rwIlw1f " . . . . . Q Q X'!f'r-I"'.'J'11 ' I . f I' Q .AII Il4l'I'tI.XIH't'I' ' '. I ' f Q , I . S 1'f' 1'uh11'X AJSIQ ' 5. 1- . . ,. R ' Q .. . I' - Q . . .I Q 'IQR KI. . .IAN Ci. n ' . . . .LNI .-. Q .1 Q. ' f .' ' il .'f. 21 III 2 'I I fi I '.' 1 4. I. f 1 .IS I . I' "if, f . .f QOQ . '. '. I .' i . . . Q. . 1 R' . f . XI. AI. CQ 1 XRY .XRNI .' . f III. I' LIQR XIRS. Cl.-XI. XV. IZISICRISQXCQII IITZIIUCQII SCTCBTT II.-XRCDIID S. I.'XI.Ii II.XR .IJ I . f .IXN IfRIiIJI-.RICQK IJ. I NSPN ' 'I' Q f C I I IDR. A. ' . . OK XII' '. I.. R. SIXIITII .-XI I5RIiIJ If. XIIQS T. H. f QXCIIQ CH: IJ. 1 XIIQS KI Sli ' I .IQIN . 2. , Q i T. If. ' DCIIQI, . .' .' .I 3. .f ' CI. O. .'X'IC.S . T ' . 12 I XI.-X Q ' 2 ' X"IiI.I.S CSIQOI QIQ .f . . .ION XX'. C. " .'CI.IfR I f ' QII .' YIQS XIRS. Cl. X'. "I'ICIIIT Headmaster A. GLEDDEN SANTER Y! '7-EMM! It was with hesitation that we began the 1942 ARROW. Priorities were already in effect and war loomed on the horizon as a very real pos- sibility. However, because it was the twenty- fifth anniversary of the school, we felt justified in producing this yearbook. fd:-an, 'Ming 'Wi THE SENIOR SCHOOL 'ia "-M on fen fi Admmnstratlon Actxvltles Classes Jumor School HISIOIY Athletxcs ADMINISTRATION ,lg I ' as u R- 55- V, X .4 My .u"K- vf,'9',, . .ann , f, -W.. N -, Lf.,.. X 'Q g Q, .Q,,?' xx. fy' ,x Ill . iii na Hi V ffi' 1 .if ,V k mm ,f'f -1. IA. 'Nl , .1 YV K , i .A M. 4 .5.. ,M 'Q A ',,,f'e"f:-",r ,Qi ., -iQ.'.ff- -1 A.. 7:2 T tax A .. 4, I ,Q M sk Q 5' F5 3 I LL Q7 , 5 , S I: A Gllnmx Sfxxxlk M A Cimbrudgc Umwr sltx I'lIlI1 I ngluslm, Hud m mul fur n.--- I-all" Ma-fl' H1 Rxiax T Ilan A B Harx ard Lmx CFSIIQ German, Latm, ASSISIHIII Hgadmastgr, appomtcd 1917 F HEATH Towns A B M1ddlebury College French Sparush B1seball Coach Faculty Alumm Representatxxe appomtecl 1919 HARVEY J RAMAKER AB I-IopeCollege Latm Athletlc Dnrector ap pomted 1919 4, PAUL W. XY'A'I'1iRxmN Pl1.B.g University of Ver- mont: Matiiematicsg Busi- ness Manager: appointed 1920. WILLIANI B. CHURQH A.B., Hamilton College Scienceg Hockey Coach appointed 1935. RONALD C. DIXON A.B., Union Collegeg M.A., Harvard 5 Englishg Publi- cations Adviserg appointed 1938. nf' 4,4 4-1 Roisix MQCOY AB MA Harmrd AB Cambridge Mathematics, Modern Languages, Ten nis Coach, appointed 1941 Rob oi Nlac the reil MeCox Countrx Dax s most brilhint linguist whether it be Iltm Greek Hebrew or Spanish the mm who understlnds and cwpluns the intr1e1e1es of the SK.l10ll tie Aptitude Tests to bewildered Seniors Direetor of Guiel mee who helps students solxe their most xexim, problem the choice of .1 eollege the photographers most elusixe subject most eonscientious in nearing his Christ mls ties Rom RT K Hui A B Lake Forwt, N1 A Harxard, NIA Cliicigo Ph D x1lC1'1lg'1I1 X11t11L mfltias, Dirnctor of Guid mu ippmntad 1941 U 48K L L HIL L11 Q 11111 st m lx vs! X a In iw p in L Lgll11L I HM L 11 mx SAMUEL A. Lwxnfa A.B., Yalcg M.A., Univer- sity of Chicago: English: appointed 1939. Now Ensign in the U. S. Navy. v KEN NETH G. LAIRD A.B., Lawrence Collegeg M.A., Columbiag Historyg Coach of Football and Basketballg appointed 1937. THOMAS E. HUGHES A.B., M.A., Wisconsing Mathematics, Biologyg As- sistant Coach of Footballg appointed 1941. Tom "Tuba" Hughes-the mainstay of that mighty aggregation, the Country Day band-a man of many moods-in this man the Senior league niet their match- eurator of the biological museum-tlisf penser of astronomical sums to recalcitrant eighth graders-coach with Mr. Wnltermgln of the local Nimrods-line-coach of the Green and Gold football team-most rec- ent father on the Country Day faculty. RALPH W. MERRILL Litt.B., Princetong Registrar: appointed 1941. "Pop,' -director of publicity-new edi- tor of parent publications-the school's Contact man with new parents. LQPX 7' HE8k SQOKJX Nliss IR1 xi Nitx xiii fri Miss Es FHER SQH NLIDER Assistant Treasurer, ap po1nted1926 Secrttarx , appointed 1940 STUDE 3, ' fa' M vf , Jw 1 5 1 ' xv Wei Q ,psunae r fa l.ufl fn rigfil-itiiurfing: Maclyer, Scannell, H. jefferson, 15. Leedom, Kleppe. johnston, McCallum, Horter, Murphy, Goodrich, Dickens, D. lfoersier, Hands, Phillip, T. jacobs, Hoff, Papenthien. Silfing: Deckert, Chester, NV. Pulliam, Hornig, Rliue, Car- penter, Schumm, K. hlacobs. Although Student Government has been a very active and vital part of Country Day for six years, this wal the first time that there was a written document as the basis for the functions of the government. Very late in the spring of 1941 a constitution defining and regulating Student Government was ratified by the school. Although the conttitution has proved successful in many ways, there are several inconsfstencies in the text that have led to misunderstandings throughout the year. The Prefects attempted to change the meth- od of elections and limit the sile of the council by passing an amendment at the early part of the year, but becau e of several complications which arose as to the method in which amendments were to be made. this particular amendment was not passed. However, as this book is going to press. the Prefects are at- tempting to add an amendment after studying the question further. During the year three elections were held by which many new members were added to the Student Coun- cil. Besides many short meetings at school, the Student Council met twice at dinner with the faculty and once with the Faculty Committee of the Board of Directors. These meetings were held to get closer cooperation between the different groups of the school. There were several meetings of the whole student body to discuss certain problems. This year the Student Government was new in one respect. All the functions of the government were concerned only with acts and problems at school or concerning the school's reputation, and it was in no way concerned with problems arising from actions of boys out of which did not involve the reputation of the school. GOVERNMENT ' ff f- ,W-'f,. ,,,,,g3y'- .,. I-if I R T PRILF ECTS XY CHESTER XY PUI I IANI I RI L JUNIOR PREFECTS N CARPEN TER VV KOCH W MLCALLUM R SEANIAN STUDENT COUNCIL IJILKIQN9 IJI C KI T IRSK NI COOIJRILII IIOII II xxns IIORXIC HQRTI R :xc OI S IXCOBS ll IIFRSON forlxsrox M P111 XIuIXIR NILRPHX I'XI'I NTIIII X PIIII 'P SC IILXINI Si AXXI II . an I ,4 f. iuf .. ' II.-iff.' ' . il 211 K, Q ,' H. It Q, Q13 1 R. IfOIfRSTIiR B, LIQIQIJONI NV. ' R 11. . , 'i II. if vat I I ' T. I- U I T. ,V A. I N Q ii. .II ls. i lm. 5 Q 'I . K-.13 11 :N 4. Qu .rv- .bw ' s 1 fl? . V ,4 9 ' A s - X. .1 -nl 1' ""Xx. w 3, 4 :is iii: f- 'ff 5 1s :Vg-12,2 an n -x f bil rn o ,,, ,L ul ,t xg ,M X I 1 ,iv ,,., .5-'ff' W 4vrl K CLASSES XVII I IAM CHLSTFR JR The President of the Senior class, Bill has undoubtedlx been its mo t vers1tile member As well IS being 1 prefeet, the highest ofhee in the school, he was eo editor of The Anon Bill s f1x orite sport is hoelxex, and xxhether it xxa, bx scoring a mueh needed point or eleaning the snoxx off the rink he proxcd .1 xaluible asset to the squad I-Ie contributed to the musieal side of sehool life as 1 mcmb r of the Gamboliers, ind as the ind his Senior xexr xx is no exeeption Ispeeixllx lnteiested in seienee Bill hu often been seen eonferrmg xxith N41 Chuieh ibout x lrious nexx theoiies on ur pressuie ind light Needless to wx, in spite of Bill s height fhe s sm feet three Mr Qhureh 1lxx xxs xx on J . . . 1 , . A 1' L 1 1- 1 'K 1 -1 ' 1 1 -1 ' 1 f- v ' ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 - 1 v 1 ' v - v ' - , ' 1 1 ' 1 - y 1 ' v f 1 1 , . . Glee Clubls leading falsctto-I mean, tenor. In his studies Bill has always ranked high, .1 1 1 ' t V' A -. -- K fl ' x- 1 V 1 -'1- 4' 1 - -1g ' ' CARL DAVIDSGN JR Dllmond Duc IS known 19 the best dressed student m school Hoxxucr he ns contmually complammg that hrs trousers are much too big ln the waxst because of that five pounds he lost rn the last few days Laugh and be fat rs Carls motto However, hrs bonsterous and cheerful nature ns sorely trxed every das at the lunch table where he 15 convinced that he ns belng gypped of an extra desert Dave has entered lnto mans sports, wmnmg a varsity letter rn football, and playmg on the hockey and golf teams A man of artrstxc nature Carl s greatest pastxme IS sketchmg hrs teachers and classmates He was also cnrculatnon manager of the ARROW this year Carl plans on gomg to lNorthu estern next wear HARRY FOERSTER Pme Lake skr enthusrast has been one of the more quxet and mdustrlous members of our class always ready to take any job and do lt well An excellent sarlor, Harry has won many cups In summer races on Pune Lake, where he lnvcs the wear round In athletxcs, Harry h1s been a mainstay for the past two vears of the J V football team, and an ardent supporter of hockev xn wxnter But Harrv has been more than an athlete He has spent the past sux years as a member of the Art Club and rs probably the Clubs oldest member In more recent years he has joxned the Auto Nlechanrcs Club and has taken several motors apart As to putting them together agam, well, that's an other storx Harry has not yet made has college choice , . ' ' V1 Yi l I ' . - l ' 1. ,, - , Y - I A student at Country Day since seventh grade, thus 3 7 . . i , . . . 1 ,Y ' , . V K f . Y v 1 . 1 ' Y X g . WILLIAM GOODRICH B111 eame to Country Day an the Fourth Grade and has been a talented and brnlhant member of the class ever smee He ns well known for hrs ready wxt and mqunsmve mmd Ever smce he won a speexal award for the boy wnth the mo t 1nqu1s1t1ve mxnd he has been askmg questnon He even braves the mv n euble Mr Church Durmg hns years at Country Das Bnll has studned piano dxllgently and has become the school s most proficxent musncxan A member of the Student Councxl for the past three year B111 has been a declded asset to that body Bull plans to con tnnue hxs work at Harvard where he wnll combnne work ln engmeermg wnth further study of musxc DANIEL GRIDLEY Although Crld onee nursed a PJSSIOHGIC desnre to b Come a Hreman his present leamngs belle the probabnllty of his ever 3Cl1lCVlDg that ambltlon Rather to the eontrars we precinct that nn a fevx years he wnll wmd up as a blg tlme banker or crnm mal lawyer In hrs early days Grid prom1sed to be one of our outstandmg football players but unfor tunately because of an operatnon on hrs arm he was unable to contmue has athletic actxvntles He dnd howeser develop mto one of the best shots on the rxfle team and has won prn7es for h1s provsess along that lme He joined the Glee Club wnth enthusiasm especxally when he heard about the Downer Concert Gnd ns one of the most persnstent students m the class always gettmg has homevlork done no matter how long nt takes hum He ought to find thls tralt a valuable asset next year at Northwestern ,wwe ya I 1 is rx f I x I I V 1 sf r 1 s' ' r 9 ,v f , - 1 . . 1 1 . ' X V 'V I . . . ... . ' a u D ' v l 5 .. - F- - U . . . J , V 'I ' ' v ,, - ' I x . . . . 1 ' " . . . I Y JI . x . 7 . - I A I ARTHUR I-IORNIG Art entered Qountrx Dax two xexrs lgo IS .1 un oi and our only regret is that he did not eome sooner His seholastle reeord is an enuable one, Ind the 11 ide scope of his ui dom has amazed mlny Art e1rned further honors as .1 eo editor of the Iufgrr, in whieh his nrtieles and editorials were famililr sights In the fall Art was .1 first Stringer on the xarsitx football team, and his efforts were rewarded with 21 letter After football he braved the wintrx blasts out on the hoel1e1 rink, while in spring he turned his atten tion to tennis fand Latin Art beelme 1 member of the Student Qouneil soon after his arrnal it Country D11 and his bass tones have enriehed the Glee Club for tvso wears 'Next xear Art will go to Harward, where he intends to earrx on the good work of his brother Don BAYARD I-IORTER, JR. If you should see a certnn fellow walking about school with a slide rule in one hind and a km eham twirlmg in the other you would know that that was Bayard lhe slide rule is his Bible and the twurling lxey ehaln his trade mark Besides doing a good job A loyll member of the Art Club for fixe years, he h1s also ventured into the held of Auto Meehanies This j0Xlll Senior hls been U1 aetlve member of the Student Couneil His mun athletle endeuors haxe been issoented with the Senior Ielgues that blood thir tx group in xxhleh men beeome monsters and onli the rugged suruxe A man of mam strokes Baxard helps out the golf telm in spring He will begin the studx of Xleehanxeal Inglneermg at Cor nell next YLIX' is f ak ' 1 ' - 1 1 , ' I ' V I ' x' - l V. 1 l ' 7. 1 1 ' fr , - 1 . ,l A 1 1 gi 1 i M --l, In . ni V. . - . X 2 A V-xv. ' ' - 1k , 1 ' ' 1 - ' 'A ' s 1 ' i i I y ' " ,' V, A - ' I x , ' , I , V . ' ' 1 ' 1- 1 ' ' ' 1' 1 V' ' I . . V X VV 1 V- . . , - 1 , ' ' Y 1- s 1 ' 1, ' ' , , . ,' , . scholastienlly, Bayard has entered into many activities. 1 K 1 ' ' 11 , 1, 'A',4. ,, ,' 11 A -'N 1 V' 1 '1 ' -1A 1' f - , , ' X . 1. , x 1 1' 11' 11 1 , ROBERT KIECKHEFER, JR. Although Bob has had to commute the many long mlles from Wlsconsxn 5 smallest vsh1stle stop he has proved hlmself a most alert student at Country D15 The Kleck has alvs axs been on hand when an 1m jugglmg the Sennor Class has been able to stay out of the red for the past two years Thms practxce proved xaluable thus year when he managed the Glee Club s successful drnve to ranse Eve hundred dollars for the Red Cross Bob has been an ardent camera fan and besxdes taklng most of the pxctures for thus book he has done much of the edntmg A scnentnst par excel lence a musnc lover and one of the Semor League s toughest members Bob has proved h1mself a versatlle fellow He plans to study engmeermg at Cal Tech nn the fall CARL KLEPPE Clrl is one of the ftvx uppercllssmtn xx ho l1aXe been atttndmg Country Dlx since kmdtrgarten As a Sennor Carl has prox ed lnmself to be 1 well rounded student perfornnng commendable school work servmg on the Student Councxl and actlvelx engagmg ln sports He has had an almost automatlc posxtlon on the Honor Roll and hls alvt ays stood ln the upper Kleppe has often lent a comlc touch to the Phy s1cs class by his stubborn attentlon to xrrelewant trnfles He earned a mmor letter nn football last fall was one of the hugh scorers ln the Semor League durlng the vsmter and loafed vuth the track team all sprmg He has also been one of Cll Cooper s rnght hand men ln Auto Mechanics Carl vull studx engmeerrng at Marquette next year N' If x I 1 Y W - ' x V Y 1 ' V . , ' ' , , . V . - 9 V K ' Q . . . , V . - . . . V . s 9 , l s Vu A n s A - . l Q' - V na V V X ' - I Q Y , ' portant job was to be done. Because of his figure- quarter of his class. A stickler for details, "Herr" 7 . , - . K , V , , . . . 3 . V V V. V V. . V . . . . , - , , L - . 7 . . . . ,, - . . V. V . . YY ' ' I Y 1 1 . ' Y V . . . DONALD LINDSAY Despite the austere ernmaee of the gentleman IDOYL Don may be classed IS exuberance plus His fame as a freshman balter and hell driver are equaled only by the Gestapo and james Lynch respectnely To begin with Don is one of Country Day s first line dating back to the early thirties Through the vears he has always displayed unusual scholastic ability and has proved himself a xersatile athlete by earning letters in both football and hockey In the litter sport he was a yirtual flying., terror scoring golls md fouls simultaneously Add Dons interest in Auto flying and the result is 42 s gift to the world He has offered his serwiees to the U S lN3N1l Aeidemy the rumored motne belm, to learn h yy I successful smoke screen XVILLIAM MURPHY 'Vlurph came to Country Day in his freshman year and has made mlm contributions to the school dur mg the past four years He has been a letter man on the yarsity football team for the last three YCIYS During the past tvxo winters he has played on the varsity basketball team and in the spring has been 1 xaluable addition to the tennis squad partieul1rly eulshed himself is in artist doing., mlny posters md decorations for sehool letiwitles He has also been I member of the Cflee Club since II mls stirted In his Senior year Bill xx as elected to the Student Coun eil On top of all this Bill has mnntimed il high scholastic axeratge and I reidx sense of humor He will attend the Whlrtcmn School of linanee next yelr 1 ' 1 1 1 y ' 11 I 1 ' - 1 - -1 V 1 ' 1 - .. . 1, 7 - 7 . . V. . 7, . .. 1, V - - r a , v ' . Y I v I v I V A V V ' . v . - 7 . 1 I f Y K . 1' ly' , ' Q k. 2 ' v 6 1 , ' ' K ' 1 Q- V. ' ' ' C r- ' ' 1 1 'L , ' 1 5 1 Mechanics, the Arrow, the I.e'e1ge'r, and his first love, in doubles. Outside of athletics Murph has distin- " - ' ' A ' ' Y i A 1 A ' L Y L ' ' ' A , , , . , , , ". , ,'e, , . l il 1. et , I., 1- V 1 A- . 1' '1k' 1 y. , - 11 A r 1' j ' o ' to ay' a ' ' i " ' ' N" 'Q . - . V ' 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 ' 1 BILL PULLIAM We pred1ct that this handsome young man wxll 1n a few years be enther Amerxcas number one matmee xdol or wnll be cultn atmg soy beans ln South Amer rea One of the Old Guard Bull has made quxte 1 name for lnmself at Country Day fand everywhere ters two nn football and two ln hoekey In spr1ng Bulls thoughts turn to track or sunbaths but then you can t be aCtlVC all the tnme Bull IS more than an athlete though As 1 Prefect and 1 L1 Jgzr edxtor Blll has been one of tht strongest fortes m shapnng school pollcy ln the last year He has also been a xaluable asset to the Glee Club to wh1ch he has lent hls power ful bass B111 wlll carry on the Country Day trad1t1on at Yale next year whlch for many years has taken some of our best all round students FRED RHUE This good lookmg young fellow rs one of the most popular boys 1n school He IS noted for h1s pegged pants hrs constant wttentnon to the fan' sex hns Indnan shoes and hrs burr hanrcut However thls strenuous program has not hxndered hns more serxous slde for Freddne has made an outstandlng record at Country Day He IS an edltor of the Lulgtr a four year Student Councxl man a promxnent member of pounds Freddles fight and w1ll to vsm earned hlm a football letter vshnch IS no mean achnevement when he had to compete agamst the beef trust of Stoltze et al Fred wants to taek an MD onto his name some day and he wall start out on a pre med course at Haverford thus summer Fred s loss vull be keenly felt by all the students who have known hum 1 X . . 7 . I ' 3 . . . . , , , , Q , , . . , . . . . 7 . . . V . . - , , , . . I .. ,, - - I . , , . , 4 t , K' ' , - . I A V . , . else among the ladiesj. He was won four major let- the Glee Club, and a prefect. Weighing but 120 7 . ' 1 V - , . . . 1 y l , . . u . . , , 7 . 1 . ' ' Y ' . D . ' . . A s s ' ' . y s ' , ' ' 1 L ' v t ' . , r. r 3 WILLIAM RILEY Bull came to Country Day from Shorewood m hns umor year and soon became known for hls qulet wlt Though sometimes ellled the quiet one, there IS always a merry twinkle ln his eye whxeh gives hum aww Bllls mam mterests are bowllng and motor boatmg Bull ns an active member of the PISHL resxstance group at the other end of the Senior table where IIS catch as eatch can 1f you wmt to elt Because of hls fog horn voncc, B111 proved a definnte asset to the Semor Class Iew Semors eould scare 1 freshman half as well Hrs rugged basketblll plus endeared hxm at onee to the denizens of the lxttle gym, otherwlse known as the Senior league Bll is not xet sure where he will be next xelr but he ha hns exe on Nluehngln State ROBERT ROGERS Bob, or better known to hns frlends as the Rog, entered Country Day nn hns jumor year He lmme dnately proved to be a great asset to the rnflc team, PllClfl2 hlgh ln the rnfle tournament Thxs year he VIFSIIX football ln hns Semor year Outslde of school, Rog mnght be found ln the fields with hls hunting dogs, donng .1 seventy two blr solo on hls drums, or euttmg a mem rug on the dmee floor Although one of the qunetest of the semor elass, Rog ns 1ts most lrdent ptter bug He ns zlso 1 skler of note and mm aged to put himself out of all class work for some weeks thas xear, when he sma hed his hand whnle executmg a turn, or perhaps execute ns not the word Rog will enjoy the hnlls around Wlllnamstown next wmter , ,,.l"'I ,L V it V , . , ' W :U - , , e A e, l ffl. sw. ew '4 K, I ' s A v ' '- N J ' . Y ' ' - - x L .. -X , ,, , . . . v . . y . - QQ ,, s s - ' K . , . . . 1 r ' ' ' 1 ' - e . ' - ' V . . - . .1 V l i . . ' L ll !! ' x, Q K U i , 5 ' t . ' , . ., became president of the "SO" club. He also played ' ' ' ' f ' V 1 . I I . i I 3 ' - , . . I I . ' . " ' . ' 1 . . ' . -, , v- V ' . . . ' I 1' g , v . . V . y .1 1- 3 A e e ' ' . I v 1 1 . v . U I ' . ' I Q Q U ' x 4 Q ' V 'A . v r 1 i I I ' x 3 . - BA I I . Y I . . r A . . . Y THOMAS SCANNELL Tex has drstmguxshed hxmself as an athlete eyer s1nce he entered our cla s at the begmmng of the un1or year In fact hls brlllxant plly rn hrs Jumor year in football earned hlm the captalncy vxhlch he held last and Gold s hardest hxttmg back for the last tvro years In Wrnter he has played basketball and h1s hard vxork earned hlm a startmg posxtlon as guard on thls year s team In sprung Tex has chosen to take rt easy but he vsorks out at tennls eyery day But Tex has been far more than an athlete He has been one of the leaders of the class slnce his first few vt eeks here HL helped get out the athletlc page of the Izdgrr thus year and proyed one of the mamstays of the paper s staff Tex wlll probably take one year of post grad uate vs ork here next year IACK TOWNE ack who us one of the more sphmx luke members of our class actually hrs been one of 1ts strong mem bers He has dlstmgunshed hnmsclf as an athlete for some years now He has played both end and tackle on varsrtx football and has been the mamstay of the pxtchmg staff for the last tvxo years In vunter he has been 1 member of tht shock troops who haye deserted his former close adherence to the bachelor state and has become one of the class s most ardent admlrers of the fanr sex H15 quxetness has proved a blessmg there for the gurls nex er knovs what s golng on bchnnd that wall of snlence It has proved to be a good lmnc lack plans to attend Wnsconsxn next fall and promises to do vxell m baseball there with has steady chuekmg has Y A X x ' 4 ' ' .l- . - . . . , , ' - , . . I I . ' Y - l Y 7 V . . J . V. VV V . V V V V V . . . V V . . . . . . V V V V V V. K ' x, , U v v A 1 . xx C I l ' 7 7 fall. Tex has backed up the line and been the Green trained in the little gym. In the past year jack has , . - Y 7 - x 1 .1 1 . . , I , . . V , V . . VV . V . V V V , . V . Y Y ' l I V I 4 . ' ' D . K 1 ' ' I I , I 41 ,pr . K W l y- , y ' V 9 . V V V V , HARVEY WEBB Bud came to Country Dav from Rrversrde Hrgh rn hrs unror year Since that time hrs ready wrt fpartr cularly rn Mr Dixons English classj has vron hrm the admiration and frrendshrp of hrs class An all round athlete Bud drags himself wearrly out to Mr Church s squad rn the fall but once there he turns into a most capable fullback In the winter he screws up his courage and goes out for Senior Leagues and rn spring he frequently breaks into the baseball line that he does not have a fair chance at the extra desserts the make up exams and the science classes but why expect the rmpos rble9 Bud vxorks hard on both his classes and hrs gum and he usually reaches hrs goal by drnt of his vrork Ht rs headed toward Wisconsin next rear FRANK WHITE Frank rs the Beau Brummel of the Semor class but he has done far more for the class than just strr the oh s and ah s of the fair sex One of our most promising athletes Frank has played one of the backfield posr tions on the football team for the last two years In basketball he has not lived up to hrs early promise from basketball In spring he rs Country Day s best all around track man performing rn everything from the sprrnts to the pole vault In fact he rs one of the ferr students who dares push himself over the high bar Frank hrs hrd a hard trrre making up hrs mrnd where to go next rear but rt now looks as rf he were going to grrct Dartmouth s classic halls Apparently brother Bob xx rs not able to sell him on the idea that Cornell rs coed 5 V Q - . . , , - - . . . , , - , . . . , . . , - - I K - i h Y p UP 119 000 Of the Ollffleld patrol- Bud always iHSi5fS primarily because too many other interests kept him . f 1 . - A ' ' 7 'I s I i ' A 1 h 's , h - I v ' ' r ' ' 4 ' I 1 ' c V I ,I I ' - i I V I . V 1 . ' 1 . . , . ' A sl lr . , I. , ' ' . , . , 'M it 'x A Us -rf . 'When We Were Very Young" Lrfl I0 riglwf-buff: mir: Maclver, Viall, Schumm, Richter, Curran, Cunningham, Hayes, McConville, McCallum, Carpenter. Miifillz' muy: j. Davidson, Mcssiiiger, Hoff, Daggett, j. Leedom, Stoltve, Smith, Lee, R. Seaman, McCord, Squier, Heil. lirouf mu: Bartlett, Lclieber, S. Meyer, Trebilcux, Treis, Koch, Ci. Kicckhcfer, Davis, Gold. fllfxrrlf: Abbott. The Junior Class first won notice in the Senior School by being the largest eighth grade in the school's history. As the years passed, the class of '43 has gained prestige because of the abilities of many of its mem- bers. Until this year the junior Class has had little representation in varsity sports, but ever since the beginning of the football season last fall the athletic abilities of the eleventh formers have been increasingly demonstrat- ed. Next yearis football team will be backed up by nine letter men from the class of '43: Davis, McCallum, Carpenter, McConville, Leedom, Maclver, Hoff, Messenger, and Captain Stoltze. Cn this year's basketball team Koch, Gold, Davis, and Smith demon- Lll1L'0?.f strated their abilities and earned letters. Other activities also had their share of our class's attention. On publications there were McCallum, Seaman, Maclver, McConville, Carpenter, LeFeber, Viall, and Sproule. The Curran-Schumm combination proved a boon to C. D.'s Rifle team with their de- pendable marksmanship. Other members of the class supported the Glee Club and the Gamboliers. The class was again under the leadership of Dave Schumm, and the Secretary-Treasurer was Norm Carpenter. In the last quarter there were not only several members on the student Council, but four members, Car- penter, McCallum, Koch, and R. Seaman were Junior Prcfects. 92 Left fo rigfaf-xlumling: Kolc, Rosenheimer, R. Riley, Huston, Lindcmann, Dickens, Papenthicn, C. Read, Bradshaw, L. Pulliam, Deckcrt, Schcinfeld, Moon, II. jclferson. Krlwlilzg: Kopmcicr, Loclfler, E. Huston, A. Meyer, Sheldon, Robinson, T. Jacobs. Silling: Bannister, Thompson, Hinc, Haessler, johnston, B. Leedom, Craig, Auer. 72 .Q-!QAOm0'ze4 This year,s Sophomore class is a very versatile group, being well represented on the athletic field, honor roll, and in the school's various extracurricular activities. The thirty boys who make this class one of the largest in the school elected John Dickens as their presi- dent and Walker Bradshaw as treasurer. In athletics there were many outstanding Sophomores, some of whom Were: Tim Jacobs, who won his varsity football letter: Tom Papenthien and Bob Riley, who starred on the basketball floor, Keith Johnston and Bob Deckert, whose abilities on skates won them starting positions on the hockey team, and Louis Auer, Bob Craig, and John Dickens, who excelled on the baseball diamond. Many other members of the class who did not have enough ability to make varsity letters showed promise for future years. Turning next to the most important aspect of school life, the academic side, one finds the Sopohomores frequently winning places on the Honor Roll, particularly Bill Thomp- son and Bob Hine. Larry Pulliam, who was the school's cheer leader, Mike Meyer, who was advertising manager of the Ledgerg and Erwin Huston, who managed the hockey team, also added lustre to the class, as did many others whom space does not permit us to mention by name. Left lo riglal--xlumfing: K. Priwlaff, D. Fitzgerald, Howell, Stark, Stone, Seidel, VV. Kieckhefer, O'Brien, Windsor, Steinman, jones. Bark rout F. O'Brien, Philipp, Boyd, Hands, xl. Sproule. Third row: Kurten, Loewi, Friend, Furrer, Tuttle. Serum! rou': D. Foerster, D. Meyer, Clarke, Miller, Vfhitcomb, Schwartz. Front rout D. Read, G. Davidson, Norris, McCumber. Abxenl: Hazelwood. A The class of '45 has rapidly assumed a strong position in school life. It has been very well represented scholastically with Tom Tuttle and Ted Hands ever present names on the Honor Roll. Frank O'Brien has not gone unnoticed as a regular on the Rifle team, nor has Ted Hands as one of the regular pucksters. As is to be expected among freshmen the gentle art of hazing has played some part ?Z.'fAl44Zl4 in our affairs especially during the fall term. The class earned the right of exemption from Freshmen rules immediately after the Thanksgiving recess, however. Of course, the Freshmen had the privilege of making the eighth graders Wise in the ways of school life, so they were not always victims. The largest class in school, the Freshmen hope that it is not only in size that the 9th Form excels. - Ja livff lu Vigfwl-.wh1mfill,q: P. Seaman, Sells, Christensen, Thorsen, li. Towne, lledding. Ramaker, Huebsch. S. ilefferson, Goltlxteirl. Tnjv mu'-.wut1'i1: F. Pritzlaff, Sammond, w'LllCFI!1.lII, St. George. Mzilillv Vnii'-wiilril: Liebert, Rosenak, Schneider, Wild. I'il'Ulll rrnizfwizliml: Kloppenburg, XV. liitvgerald, Kuehn, Andrus. A ma Qmfm The 8th Form, being new to the Senior School, took a little time in buckling down to work, but when they got under way, they made up for lost time. At the beginning of the year five new boys entered the class: Mannie Hedding, Jack Kloppenburg, Ger- ald St. George, Peter Thorsen, and Henry Wild. In athletics the class won early distinction, placing six boys on the Junior Varsity foot- ball team. Another member carried on in winning ways by making the basketball squad and getting into almost every game. Fred Schneider promises to be one of Coun- try Day's greats in basketball. In other phases of school life the class was not inactive. Three boys made the Glee Club. The class whole-heartedly supported the various campaigns and drives that were made throughout the year, and all members proved themselves valuable additions to the student body. XVitness the fact that every boy was accepted by the great Mujiii. The class made every effort to uphold the scholastic record of the school, and many of its members showed themselves very promis- ing students. ,- ,ff-' ,,-If' 'RX ,:::Sf34""' ll My 1 rv! , if i il U. 51 l V 'YL f f' fl Q?QQQQQQ5 QWEQQQEQQ? W Q H Q H H W M H M H H 3 H W Q H H W Q W M W H H Q W H H Q 22+ 5 By reproducing pages from the Arrows of past fu lt I years the editors hope to recapture sometlung of the spnrlt of the old days of the Green and Gold Arrows the streetcars the tours of Mr Rama ker s bachelorhood of Deac s spats of Herman s heyday as a tenn1s star of the countless practlcal jokes concocted by the resldents of the Dorm and of 111 the rest that made up the days that were only yesterday H Qawawmwmarmmgamxmmmamxmmiammammmmmamm A M W , . . Q W -- Q W H 63+ 9 1 1 - ' 3 , , , H H f ' ' I H H , H W - - H H ' Q H - H H ff p H H H H H H H H Q 3 H W H W Q H Q H H 3 H H H 9 Q W Q W H H H H H H H 3 H Q H a Q In Whitehsh Bay did A G S Where Pete s the Fox Point con s express Ran every single day unless There should a snowstorm be So thirty acres of muddy ground With trees and fences were girdled round And there were classrooms and a study hall A gym and tennis courts and running track And Mr Santer was the boss of all And had the Whole bunch of us at his back Eternal tutor of the student mind' Brightest in Latin Mr Fick thou aft part And can st the subject and the object find And when small boys are to thy class con signed To study Latin wich avidity PJ Thy teachings conquer their stupidity For thou art loud of and long of wind Room One' Thy blackboards are a store of in Formation which the master ligulst gave Unto his pupils who resolved to Win Great honor have become terrific sharks By studying D Ooge Don t erase those marks For Mr Fick has written o er them Save' v1 - - I 1 T I it ' l l l , ,F 3 i f 5 I I I l l I l j l c . . . , l . , , A stately school building decree: For each verb thou know'st the principal , 5 ' 7 , , - , , a , - , . . . . l , , 1 5 , . . . . l g . . . , , . , n , ' l , I , . , I ' ' , If ,, o ' Y ' Can f You H1111 Thou B11111os Sf111111111111 .0 ...r ,L "Why B111 k Wfbml " T191 0111111111111 S1 bool F111 111f3 P C1111 I You H111r H11 Pon! Plan! H11111111111 Mr Towne and Mr Wfaierman when one wore vpafs and the other peg leg frousers What no 7710119 -Carter Wells Y 1 ' 1 .F , I 'I ' Q' +I as K s-v in' I . . f , . J, , . V 4- N. .. , ff ' Y, ACTIVITIES Lrf! 10 riglJ1-slam1- ing: D. Viall D. Mac- Ivcr, N. Carpenter, D. Lindsay. Silfiug: B. Chester, R. Kicck- hefer. l THE ARROW This year the Arrow staff faced many new problems in editing the yearbook. The cost of photographic supplies has gone up and many restrictions have been placed on the print- ing and engraving industries. Moreover, the staff wanted to print an Arrow which would be in keeping with the economy of the times and still one which would be worthy of an anniversary edition. With this view in mind the editors have produced this summary of the twenty-fifth year of Milwaukee Country Day School. THE STAFF EDITORS SPORTS EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITORS R. Kieckhefer, jr. D. Lindsay D. Maclver W. M. Chester, jr. D. Viall FACULTY ADVISOR JUNIOR SCHOOL EDITOR Mr. R. C. Dixon Mr. C. M. Boesel FACULTY ADVISOR DIXON Q SPORTS EDITOR LINDSAX' EDITOR BILL CHESTER EDITOR BOB KIECKI-IEI'ER Inf! lu lI.Ql1f"l'dl'k mu: NIrCiunx'ilIe, Nlaclvur, Iccdom, Carpenter, Nlcfiallum, Scannell, Hands. Mil- iffi' mu: Linduy, C. Davidson, P. Seaman, Bradshaw, D. I'ocr- srcr, Turtle, Davis. Slfflllgf XV. Pulliam, Rhue, Hornig. THE LEDGER The Ledger has just completed one of the most eventful years in its history. Shortly after the beginning of the year the paper was enlarged to a five-column publication. The back page was turned over to the Junior School, alumni and other columns were increased in size, and the general appearance of the paper was improved. Again the Ledger was under the direction of three editors, Bill Pulliam, Fred Rhue, and Art Hornig. They were ably assisted by Tex Scannell, who edited the athletic columns. The changed format met with marked approval. The Lit- erary Supplement pursued an opportunistic policy and devoted most of its pages to a review of Japanese life. FACULTY ADVISOR EDITOR EDITOR EDITOR DIXON ART I-IORNIG BILL PULI IAM FRED RHUE I5 If PN B 'CLS 'Z Left to rigbl- back row: J. Leedom, S Meyer, L. Pulliam Bradshaw, Hands Middle row: Hamil ton, Viall, Tuttle, D Foerster, Loewi, Le- Feber. Silling: A Meyer, C. Davidson Messinger, Koch. THE BUSINESS STAFFS The Business Staffs have proved a necessary evil to the editors. Invading the sanctity of the back office, they have proved a great hindrance to the efhciency of the editorial staff, but without their hard work neither of the school publica- tions could alone exist. They have provided the ads which have balanced the pub- lications, accounts. They have seen that the editors' effusions reached the reading public. After many headaches they have managed to keep the checking account straight, the bills collected, and the books balanced. Special credit should be given to Rick Seaman, who has completed two years of hard Work in a thankless job. The Arrow R. Seaman. . C. Davidson C. Messinger The Ledger R. Seaman W. Koch . A. Meyer . Business Circulation Advertising , Business Circulation Advertising Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager BUSINESS MANAGER DICK SEAMAN AUTO MECHANICS AND SHOP The Auto Mechanics Club, one of the newest and most popular clubs in the school, has just finished its fourth year. It has grown from a group of four to one of fifteen. As usual, the club's activities consisted of dismantling and attempting to reassemble old Ford engines, and then trying to make them run again after this drastic but instructive treatment. Manual Training, also under the direction of Cal Cooper, finished another successful season this year, the projects including a much need- ed tool rack for the Auto Mechanics work room. .1 Q' I INSTRUCTOR COOPER Lrf! to rigb!-bark row: Hornig, Schumm, Gridley, W. Pulliam, Cunningham. Middlf TON!! Chester, K. Jacobs, Philipp, J. O'Brien, I.. Pulliam, Hands, Murphy, McCallum, Towne, R. Seaman, T. Jacobs, Squier. Front row: Johnston, P. Seaman, Howell, Hcdding, Ramaker, G. Davidson, D. Foerster, Tuttle, Rhuc, Davis, F. O'Bricn, Dickens, Furrer. This year the Glee Club enjoyed unprecedented popularity. A very large group of boys turned out for the activity in the fall, but the membership was limited to thirty. From the very start of school Mr. Lynde started training the very inexperienced group so that by Christmas, the club was ready to give a concert. This first concert of the year was a highly successful broadcast over the Pate Oil Program on WTMJ on January 25th. After their debut over the air, the boys worked even harder for the concert with Downer in March. Other appearances of the Glee Club were made throughout the year such as the rendition of "Ballad for Americans" with Dave Cunningham taking the solo. The success of this activity is due to the hard work and patience of Mr. Lynde, who, unfortunately, left the school this spring to join the Navy. However, the Glee Club was taken over by Mr. Buettner, who we hope will keep up its good work. ASSISTANT DIRECTOR BUETTNER OFFICERS OF TI-IE CLUB DIRECTOR LYNDE P If L.,-4 1 THE DOWNER-COUNTRY DAY JOINT GLEE CLUB The annual concert with Downer Seminary was held on the 13th and 14th of March. It was a beneht concert for the Red Cross and was so successful that the goal of 5500, which looked so large when the concert was Hrst planned, was exceeded. The groups were larger this year, and a more ambitious program was attempt- ed, but under the excellent directing of Mr. Lynde and Miss Ustruck, the concert was highly successful. The enthusiastic renditions of the Gamboliers started the concert off well, and both clubs sang well and with enjoyment. The highlight of the concert, however, was the splendid singing in the joint numbers, particularly the St. Olaf's Choir arrangement of "Beautiful Saviour." The concert on Satur- day evening was followed by a dance, which to many members of both clubs was even more successful than the concert itself. THE CONCERT CONiMITTlili THE GOAL IS REACHEU Lefl lo right: "Last Straw" Chester, "Sharps'n Flats" Philipp, "Feet'n" Hands, "Pitch Pipe" Hornig, "Sore Thumb" McCallum, "Caruso" Rhue, "Profundo" Davis, "El Presidente" Jacobs, "Foul Ball" Squier. Kneeling: Coach "Jennie" Lynde. THE GAMBOLIERS The caterwauling which has filled the corridors of the junior School at periodic intervals this past year has been the outpourings of Country Day's gift to barber- shop harmony, the Gamboliers. The latest addition to our school's music program, the Gamboliers were started last fall. Nine men, picked for their sterling voices and good looks, were chosen by Mr. Lynde to labor in the fields of close harmony. Each of the members took a name descriptive of his talents, a name which will be passed on to a successor chosen from the Glee Club to fill his place when he grad- uates. The group erupted at every opportunity and produced some harmonies which seemed eminently satisfying to themselves and to some of their hearers. They completely eclipsed the Faculty Quartet, which had gone unchallenged until this year. Even Harvey J., the undisputed master of falsetto, admitted himself no match for the Gamboliers' representatives in the higher ranges. Certainly in this group we have a welcome addition to "the lighter side of school life." fi Q. -fi: 5 N515 Wifi 46353 ' 1- Q 3 , lv., 114.4 - FPL N ' ij 5 4, X 1 .V-' ff 1 s" x fig. nb., .-E S . "' 1 c Q lf? ' X ., K VIVA . - "IV 'P ' if JW ' 1-.f 3 1041 'Q 9 A 'Val 2 Q nn rel ! A lk 'M :gi m Q' fl M fx ' Nga? ,J M 59 Y :Q agfgi' 7 mffe 'fi if 2,!rf Q ii: 5: Q' Kwai , I5 Ly M g pg , R jkr 1 ,I Q MFQ Ri Ygfi 11: if A , ilifrnsqflz. ., 'Q'-SJ. ' "4j"i7 'Vi 8 X I, A ' fi, , qv ix ! Sf. ff. l -Qs IQ33- if 4 pu. 4 - ' I , , wxf 35 2,3 MLJFH 5, J - - ' ,Q ' A ii 1 ," 2-2 1 . 4 x v4? V I lg T f ,un 1 K Hw- VQ AV4 , B wifi' , A! 5 ., , - 1 ' .aw , ,. N ' , ' 1 ww, Q H l w Q I WNSM ' .fmgx .5 , C ' U 9 I 11 5' V x . 1 T2 ' ' G' 1 . S , ,W NX if' fkfifmgg rg Y K W 'f 'Q " . A , 1 , ' , f 2532, , , Y ggqff . Q .4 ag, 55 4 . Q ffm? A. ' ,J K . 9 -, W1 f QQ, ' "Q 1 1, 'f 55 if , x .PC , i X 'S if t 'W 'A '35 gi Q, ix A J , u t X :Q 1+ ' '4 2 Qggxutas K E 4 ,E J f C I I s 1 1 x -H.. xiff -, " X 3, Q 4+ ff ,f,, .,,, . , f 'xfiiirff 2 ig' ' U24 b Mfr k 2 ' -., "- - 17" , ". Lf-fl rn ri,qbl-bark row: Coach Hughes, Furrcr, Carpenter, Lindemann, J. Leedom, Richter, Schneider, McConville, Hazelwood, Coach Waterman. Swami' row: Boyd, Clarke, F. O'Brien, Scheinfeld, Craig, Rogers, Smith, Lee, Seidel, K. Pritzlaff. Third mir: G. Davidson, Philipp, Sells, Curran, Stoltze, Gridley, Trebilcox, Schumm, I.eFeber, -I. O'Brien, Stone, R. Riley. Fronl row: W. Fiugerald, Sammond, F. Pritzlaff, D. Meyer, McCumber, Friend, Windsor, Steinman, D. Read, Tuttle, Papenrhien. THE RIFLE CLUB The Rifle Club, which in the past few years has been somewhat limited in its activities, has now become a keen competitive sport. Several of the boys whose general athletic abilities are somewhat limited have had an opportunity to display their excel- lence on the range. For some years Coach Waterman has desired to have a rifle team, and this year such a team was formed. The Hrst interschool match was fired on Jan- uary 21 and saw the Green and Gold Victorious over M. U. S. Because of the national emergency rifle has received more widespread approval as an activity than it has in Insrrufwrf W arcr mln and past years. The boys themselves have come to realize the importance of their activity and have been most con- scientious in firing their National Rifle Association tar- gets. Many excellent scores have been made. For the first time letters were awarded to the ive boys who had the best general average for the year. W S, THE RIFLE TEAM . xv .. C U Q M my SPEECH CLUB Speech Club in its second year as a Country Day activity was highly successful. Under the di- rection of Mr. William Gormley, a Marquette University debater, much was accomplished. Among the various projects of the club several trips were made to debate contests held at Marquette The club learned much on these trips and enriched with experiences attempted debates of its own High points of the year Were Bill Abbott s arm waving dictatorial speeches Joe Heil s completely off the subject questions and DanMacIver smental gymnastics INSTRUCTOR GORMLEY THE ART CLUB The Art Club concentrated nts actlvxtnes th1s year more than they have 1n the past The boys worked throughout most of the year nn the cuttmg of blockprmts Most of the boys completed several blockprmts and a number pro ceeded to color prmts under the ever watchful eye of Mr Rxetveld These pr1nts were d1splayed sev eral tnmes throughout the year ln the junlor School audltorxum and have sxnce been placed on perma nent dxsplay ln the Art Room Some boys have worked on other projects however notably Carl Davndson who drd a portralt n oxls and Bull Stark who pamted a map of the Black Hawk War area INSTRUCTOR RIETVELD AT POTTERY WHEEL . -l 4-- A DAY WITH THE SENIORS The Flymg Coffin amves Blue Monday Chapel Music Responsive Reading Sfbool Store English Class Lffluft' 5 x M ff ' IJ ' ,e:e,, i 1 E , 4 r Y ' U. 5. Y W Q IWWXIA r . in VI n V ff M yy , V V 7 S e, ' ? Z , A DAY WITH THE SENIORS Crammmg for Pbysrcs Ob those Trzg formu a YV MW Szlence and study The walk to lunch Eating to live H1 ya Bud PlJySlCS Ldb In ini ff A DAY WITH THE SENIORS Real or wrtual9 Tbat old work act f,., in-,',',.a Dressing or sporls Two crackers apiece Censored W 1 uf x . ff 5 V ' f ,pr 5. Q My f wzW A , 3 we-fx M , , . Wxx fs , - - 9154: , Q-fm an x , W' ,,,w'f2,"'?ge f ,gwww W? ,ww P f ,Iwi A' 1' SM wwxw, 7' ' X152 ,1 A Wgxfm qw, . z.: v ,- 1 wwifmvz- M ' ,,,f L-.1-Nnf-QLN: Wiki? , W' Wi, W Q1 7-1 f, . M 4 T9!"554M:': ,L 1 ' 'A ,, K Q, -yi 1- . 'lf k.f'fifi:- .4,,, v - P fl ' 1 9 V Q aim 322' M An w W ' s QQ 'af t fi f-'V p-J...-..- . A , H? , 1 f Q ll 11,1 it ' 'Q J ,. tlf- . F , " Q, 'Q me p, 'i 1 45, ig 6? Y ui fx 4 F wx- M Q., in 'b"W1a '3- fz WM M A I -is -ir Q' . C ...nnmpu 9' . -1 H44 A My is U fe 'Q I .yfvv V' N I I. .if v. 4, ,Ai , . lil gi 'Wil , 1 WL.-., 'I 'is g J 'gas Bibs.-Lf Sa Q., MAS' 'QW aw 1 I ? ws fm fx du. W r .4- JU 1011 SCHOQL 4 , 1 r 1 M.. New 'AY ai QQK g 2 - R 1' wx JN L A -as : ,pfgff 4, 4 ..,.,..3' Q , ' . , ,.,,:,:. 4 I, . - 1 - .viw if Q, , ,K Q 6' f 1 , 1 4, is " ew 4' A -fr X L m 5 Agia 1 ,, W ' ' M W ll. -uv- aff .JA . we . f f,'. f 1 Lil 4 g x ,f 4,4 ' ,f S My 9g 1 ,DA , A 1 5 M, f ? 5 ,ya 3 wviwk, Z' " "11k1wmt'nzfIhufzf . 1 I ""WM I ,L f V 1 gy, 1 ' 4 ms n 3 Q" , .554 2 i ', .A 'fi -' ' ,Y ' f , K' "Lf ' ' 'J gf ' J, Z xl I .f 170' f "' K . ' XX 1 ,X xl X. . 1 ,' " , - ' -Q -nf Vt x Q 5 J Q W 3214 zf f in C-A G .7 ,,,, --.371 abr-Sf 2 x J A1 1 1 - fl 'V ,, If 7.1 - -'fx DOROTHY EDWARDS Oshkosh State Teachers College Rnpon College Second Form appomted 1927 ERNA A MILLER Mllwaukee State Teachers College Columbla Um VCFSIIY Kmdergarten p pomted 1919 GEORGE COOPER Oshkosh State Teachers College Manual Arts D1 rector of Athlctlcs pomted 1930 CHARLES M BOESEL M A UHIVCFSIKY of NY IS consm S1xth Form D1 rector of V1sual Fcluca t1on appomted 1932 Lawrence College MII waukee State Teachers College jumor Kmder garten appomted 1937 VIRGINIA KISSINGER ' B E Milwaukee State 3 - 5 . . - Q . ALFRED P BUETTNER CLARA MAYER Secretary of the umor Mdwaukee State Teachers D1v1s1on appomted 1937 College HISIOYY Dxrector of MUSIC and Dramatncs appomted 1934 FRANK NEWTON Mllwaukee State Teachers College Dlrector of In strumental Musxc ap pomted 1939 MARGARliT RAUSER A.B., Vassarg Nursery Schoolg appointed 1941. GORDON RIETVELD B.E., Milwaukee State Teachers Collegeg Geogra- phyg Director of Artg ap- pointed 1934. Nfxown BENRA1 LALK School Nurse appointed 1937 24, HOWARD STEIR DR A A HOLBROOK Cosmopolitan School of Medical Adv1ser appoint Music Chicago Piano ed 1937 appointed 1935 1.4.1 MEM nl 5 E in M f !1"4 iq 'Q -Q. Q :,.:: V A I ,Y Q 'H ,fi Q , , 4 M f .-Adi -' 4 :A ,il W Ml K KW Q . 5 H THE SEVENTH FORM As in the past, the Seventh Form elected a Student Council of six members this year. The Council assumed a more important place in school life than ever before. They checked the locker rooms, raised and lowered the flag daily, took the younger children out to the bus, served as a committee to consult with Mr. Grove on those boys whose names were suggested for ribbon awards, and performed many other useful services. The Form chose as the subject for the annual puppet show the story, Wfimzie tbe Poob. After long weeks of work the show was presented twice on March 10. In the morning it was given before the lower forms, and in the afternoon before the older boys and the parents. The morning performance was rough, but in the after- noon all the minor difficulties of the morning were eliminated. Pooh, a disjointed teddy-bear, was the hit of the show. Cn May 1 the annual Fathers' and Sons' banquet was held. After the dinner the three upper forms put on a cantata for the fathers, Paul Bunyan. All around the room were large pictures of Paul Bunyan, the famous lumberjack. The boys on the stage were seated around a log fire against a forest background. All went well, and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening very much. This evening was the high point in a very successful year for the Form and the School. CLASS LIST: Best, Boyd, Braun, Burlingame, Chester, Cushman, Darling, French, Griffith, Heise, Ilslcy, ames Merker, Meyer, Mohr, Norris, Usow, vonWening, Whyte, Wood, Wfucsthoff. Seventh Farmers View, Sixth Farmers' Model Airplane Exhibit at Hobby Sbow CLASS LIST: Top row-Noyes, Smith, F. Simons, Weigel, Toepfer, Richardson, Wyse, Espy, Cutler Boffom row -Rosenak, Wirth, Sinclair, Hanson, Howland, Lyttle, Lillydahl, A. Smith. THE SIXTH FORM The Sixth Form ran a most successful fruit store this year. During the fall they made cider which they sold at the Senior School football games together with apples, peanuts, and ice cream bars. Not only did the Form make quite a bit of money in this way, but they also learned how to keep books and to keep change correctly. Later, when it came to spending our money, the Class decided to give some of their money to the Red Cross and to the Community Fund. The remainder was divided among the boys after baseballs had been bought for spring sports. Most of the boys used their share to buy Defense Stamps. In addition to the fruit store the Form worked making splints for the Red Cross. Sixty splints were made, and they were all carefully sanded, put together, and passed upon by Mr. Cooper before they were sent to Red Cross Headquarters. The wood for the splints was donated by Mr. Steinman. One of our members had a vacation in Mexico this year, and he was able to tell us many entertaining things upon his return to school. In fact, he gave a travel lecture, which was one of the most interesting features of our year. Pirking thc' apples Making splints ,--U ll Info Ibn' prvss Mexican travvlog Mmmmmmmmflll W ff 'ffz L ,J N! ,, ! vig: THE FIFTH FORM One of the most important features of our school year was the study of South America. Early in the year We began our work with a thorough study of the geography, people, and customs of all the South American countries. We made maps of many kinds to illustrate various features of South America. Some of us made maps of the different countries which were more complete than the larger maps of the whole continent. Our form also took an active part in the musical life of the school. Several of us sang in the Cantata, Paul Bunyan, and some of us sang higher parts in the Ballad for Amrfrifans, which was sung at a special Easter service. NVith the other forms We listened to the program, "Meet the Orchestraf, We all learned a great deal about the various kinds of musical instruments, and we heard many good pieces of music. The W.P.A. orchestra came to school and gave a concert, which We enjoyed very much. CLASS LIST: Baumgartner, J. Espy, R. Frank, T. Frank, Gallun, Goodrich, C. james, Kaiser, Krueger Kuelthau, Murphy, C. Norris, Squier, Strehlow, Swigart, VanDyke. CLASS LIST: Carpenter, Cron, Huston, Lyttle, Pakenham, Patton, Schneider, Tallmadge, Ward, VanElls. THE FOURTH FORM If there is strength in numbers, the Fourth Formers should be well taught, for they are exposed to more teachers than any other class. Five teachers take care of the various academic loads in this class with Mr. Rietveld acting as their adviser as well as their Geography and Art instructor. There is a well-beaten path between the Fourth Form room and the Art room, for the class has covered this distance many times in working out correlated art and geography projects. I., Q 7, www ya A , NMA in 4 V , gkx N G, ' 6 Wm' ' V' Q ' eww , l--- AM u""N I 11 rf- 9' VEB 2 2 4 al emu W2 :W an--""'? 'W Jxgubmnnn affi 2 Q 5 'J 2 W "f"'N?W ' A 77 ,M 7 ' fl 3 b X 5 -5- .... ff .ms 1 - 4 -:- 1 .,.:.:.:.:., .:1.:.:4.!..., if: V: :lu . :,.,:- 4 ,.:.Q1s,z- s ,, -5 . ff ., .,..,., .. .. M. .... , nf ,ww2timwQrmHwwf mx ' ' Hzif' F "E f If ::. , Mei: , H , 3' i .aw .,, NA -V M f Q Q ' ,. ,V ,Sag 91 ' fm f V b W ii.1nW3 V, Q E., 4 1 ,..,t,L ,dw Q EQ Y gwf 1 n 1 . if 'I' B- 4f.M ,Aw ., Q if Q .2 f ' 'wx A gf? ay ' il ff 5 V563 '77 THE SECOND FORM CLASS LIST: Bitter, Elscr, sl. Fitch, D. james, Ott, Pabst, -I. Patton, Schoeneckcr Steclman, W. Wfuesthoff. Q IM 1 9 f t A THE FIRST FORM CLASS LIST: Brennan, Buettner, Carpenter, Cooper, R. Gallun, Gebhardt, Habcrland, Linden, Lyle, Meyer, W. Owen, F. Vogel, Walton. ,bc Qmi-is-1 ff 11' " Fa ul .r-9-5 A 'N -.ff 9,1 Qefiw of F98 " 0 fl Q nn, CD 'Wes Off' CO X. ,f if ps A A Q ,Jw I 'M in in s pis ig f E iv' wg? mfg. 1 ,: fe' K ,ff -mis 2 ff ,,, , , Z .. M ni. . Zn i w x My ,Lk ,fl C li 'f Q , , 1' Q7 WK? '1 'A X iff" , , f , W i f f b' Q 6' "fi S A Q ' X Q pf" O ga,-,L ,f Z' ' f CLASS LIST: Boescl, S. Bucttner Chase, L. Church, Duncan, Hol- brook, Rosenberg, McGregor, Scott, Sokol, Treis, Harley, Harper, Mills, McCann, Paulsen, Lappin. CLASS LIST: Brumder, Bucntncr B. Church, J. Church, Colman Dixon, O. Gcbhardt, Hering, Madi- son, Morehouse, Pickslay, S. Ott Read, Teipel, Wagner, D. Ward S. Smith, Swallow, Zinn. ilagg-fly 3 j JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN I NURSERY SCHOOL gk. 5 3 f 'S' Nllir YJ XY B fu 5 1 2 'Q I 3:1 -4 915' ,fm If ,'5i. , ',. 4, 3 .K 3, az., f 5 ff 's -,Q an , , v 5 . 'xxx S 2 ,,,, 5 M' 1 . .vi .il 7 f 6: A, 5 i '-.,, E.. , 5 hi mfg' 1- yn Wi . I, 'Q' X' xg' 1 P1 . x. 1,4 4 lm 'K -33+ .Jw-M fx' 2 - ,Sw , X.. 5 QE ... N. U A 'fi ,- Q 'Wim' kiwi 541 gl Myer- 4:5 Y 2.5 3 'flag 5 4 A 71 Aw rg Ml' 6 l Q- :Lg-Sh ,,,...,4r- .-v"""M --9--.....,,,,, 2 S 5 4 ,J gig., .2 , v,,,: ! ATHLETICS Y L Burl: mug Iigfl lo rigfrl: Asst. Coach Hughes, j. Towne, Murphy, Mcssinger, -I. Leedom, Capt. Scanncll, Carpenter, McCallum, T. jaeobs, Daggetr, Coach Laird. Mnlillv mu: McConville, Chester, Huff, Maclver, VV. Pulliam, Cunningham, Richter, Wfhite, Hayes. lfmul rout Kleppe, Rhue, Stoltle, Davis, Peregoy, Smith. l,inds:iy, Hornig, R. Seaman, RSITY FOOTBALL This year,s football season could be termed from the standpoint of wins and losses, one of the most unsuccessful in recent years. The Green and Gold won only two games and those over fairly weak teams. But, regardless of the win and loss column, the statistics show that out of four losses and one tie, only one team really outplayed Coach Laird's charges. Luck was not with the Varsity last fall, and several games were lost on what might be called the "breaks" of the game. Coach Laird had to fill several gaping holes in the line with inexperienced players, but early season practice was promising, and the boys showed up well in scrimmages. Once the season was under way, however, injuries riddled the team, and in several games key O XC H I .NIRIJ C.'Xl"l',-XIX SLANNI I.I C,'Xl"I'.-I I.l.C.T STO! TZ! XSST. 40 'K A ' . lb ' A f 4 WHITI Nil SSINQI R PLRILGOY B It men were m1ss1ng and their loss nearly always proved costly Edgcfzaoorf Opemng the season agalnst Edge wood Academy of Madlson the team got off to a slow start yleldlng 13 pomts to the oppo nents 1n the Hrst ten mmutes of play From that pomt on the team found ltself and soon after scored Although they outplayed the M3dlSOH team throughout the rest of the game they could not score agam and so went down to defeat 13 7 ThlS first game answered some very blg questnons Chff Messmger played a grand game at center and so the blg hole left by ack Heffmger was filled McCallum and Hoff played well vshlle Frank Stoltze proved to be the mam stay of the C D lnne lNec'11af9 On an extremely hot fall day the team traveled to Neenah where they played one of the outstandmg games of the season but were able to gam no more than a t1e Handlcapped by the absence of Pulham Hoff Jacobs and Hormg the team tlred badly nn the closmg mm utes and Neenah came from behmd to t1e the game Frank Whlte was back nn un1form and dld much to pull the team together Abbott and McConv1lle blossomed out as a fine pa1r of pass catchmg ends and the team seemed to be on the way towards a good season Sz' Lows After two hard games the team had a letdown They won by a 12 0 score but thelr play was very ragged and only the fact that St LOUIS had a weak team gave the locals the v1c tory Stoltze was the one defenslve standout and Whlte and Peregoy kept the team gomg offen slvely M U S Agaln the Green and Gold gave up two touchdowns 1n the Hrst quarter of the game TOW 'XII S'I Ol TZI T lzl DAVIDSON XMCOXX llll fn N1URl HY Guurl PULLlANl lim! After that the team came back and fought to a touchdown The second half was a see saw bat tle wnth ne1ther team stornng untll M U S drove over late 1n the game Stolt7e once more stood out as the key player nn the C ountry Day lme Norfb Sborc Scorlng thexr second y lctory of the season, Country Day dropped North Shore from the ranks of undefeated teams A team made up very largely of second strmgers started, and the game was very much an even battle When the rest of the regulars went ln however, they broke up the game by marchmg to two touchdowns In very short order The last half turned unto a puntmg contest and a scr1mmage to try out new plays, and the final score went up as 12 0 Flgm By losmg to Flgm the team dropped be low the S00 mark for the season Thev put up a great offensnve battle, howey er Twlce the team came from behmd to tle the score, but a blocked krck paved the way for another touchdown, and wlth It went the game Z0 13 Mcsmzer The team played very well agamst Messmer on a field that was deep w1th snow and slush A pass ln the thlrd perlod scored for Mess mer, and that one defensnve lapse cost Country Day the game So ended a dnsappomtlng season Country Country Country Country' Country' Country Country' Da' Day Day ay' Day Day Day Totals IHOOTBAI L SCORFS Edgewood Netnah St. Louis Nl.U.S. North Shore Elgin Academy' Messmer Totals SCANNI I L Bark HOTT Turk! MLCALLUM Burk Left lo rigfvl, lwrlz rout Treis, ll. Huston, -1. O'lSrien, Kloppenburg, H. jefferson, xl. Huston, St. George, Stark, Philipp, Heil, Mr. Church. Mr. Lynde. Nfitlillv mu: Kole, Craig, Dickens, gl. Sproule, Sheldon, Hands, I-urrer, Haessler, Lindemann, Schneider. Deckert. Ifrunf mu: B. Leedom, Papenthien, G. Davidson, Auer, Wild, R. Riley, Kuehn, Vfebb, H. Foerster, lxoch, Christensen. UNIOR VARSITY FUOTB LL The Vfs showed up with one of the most promising squads in some years. As a team, however, they failed to click in most games until they were behind, and then they had to make an uphill fight to get back in the game. The result was a season that was some- what disappointing. Several very promising players were developed, however, and they promise to add much to Mr. Laird's squad this next fall. In the backfield Jack O'Brien, Jack Kloppenburg, Bill Stark, and several others gave promise of developing into real stars on future Country Day varsities. Fred Schneider, Bud Philipp, and Dick Kole de- veloped into dependable linemen. In fact, the whole line played brilliantly at times and should do very well with more experi- CFICC. Indifferent play coupled with occasional bad defensive slips proved costly in many games. Usually it was a case of getting started too late. At times, however, the team showed that they had mastered the fundamentals of good football, and so their promise for the future is much greater than their poor sea- son would at first indicate. Imfl lu rlgfwl, bark mu: Nlr. Vfaternian, IJ. Pocrstcr, Friend, Rosenak, Norris, 1.oewi, Vfaternun, McCumber, Sells, Vfindsor, Liebert. Goldstein, Andrus, Coach Hall. Mliflfh' ruu: K. Prit7laH', F. O'l5rien, Kurlen, Stone, Seidel, P. Seaman. Boyd. Steinman, jones, Ramaker, D. Fitvgerald. Frm!! mir: Sammond. Schwartz, D. Nleyer, Howell, Iohnston, NY, Fiwgerald. S. jefferson. Hed- ding. Huebseh, Thorsen, F. Prirllatf. ju 1oR LE GUE FooTB LL This year the junior League had only a fair season in spite of the excellent coaching of Mr. Ramaker, Mr. Waterman, Mr. Towne, and Dr. Hall. The group was so large that A and B sections were made at the very outset of the season. For the first time both divisions had regular schedules of outside games. The A team had a four-game schedule, the first game on which they won handily by a 19-0 score. The second game, against Henry Clay, proved to be a letdown for the boys in Green and Gold. The game was a nip and tuck affair until a Henry Clay pass connect- ed deep in our territory and a line buck put the ball over for the only score of the game. The first game against Cumberland should have been an easy one for Country Day, but a bad error in signal calling gave the opponents the game when a pass was inter- cepted in the last thirty seconds of play. The last game of the season, again versus Cumberland, saw the home team victorious 13-12 although the score does not indicate the margin of superiority. The B team won two and tied one in their three-game schedule. This regular schedule of inter-school games gave the younger boys much experience that should pay off in future football seasons. 7 , 'W I 5 s .2 WWW fa- ,am ,0- JP' ,V-L ,- .X-J " J A , ,, ,-,-fx 'f HA, iz, ,fgff .,....,.vv .pa-' , an W. "' W ,- ' ' L' 5 Q 'f3gvg.,Mne1 .af I ' at 4 Hz" .Ibm- f15f ma 'VH Wm, my ,mv- Q V451 .uf un? nw ut P VARSITY HOCKEY The hockey team had a lean year for the first t1me 1n years Hard hit by graduat1on the team had few experlenced players B111 Chester from last year s second l1ne and B111 Pulham at defense were the only ones who had seen much service 1n competition Wlth each start however the team looked better Don Llndsay the R1ver Hnlls Speedster turned 1nto a fastskatmg forward who caused the opponents much trouble m Leedom developed mto a steady defense man who gave much help to the beleaguered Pul ham Bob Deckert although mexperlenced turned 1n some fine say es and filled the goalle s pos1t1on yery well. Johnston play ed forward on the first line with Chester and Lindsay and shovs ed a lot of fight and some Hne skating Ted Hands Rlck Seaman and Sandy McCallum also saw a lot of SCYVICC before the season vyas over With the exception of the St ohn s and Shorewood games when they were playing agamst teams who had too much experience the team gave a very good account of them selves and their hard flghtmg play even when outclassed made them a team of which Country Day could be proud As three of this years first team will be lost by grad uatnon next year nt will again be necessary to build an entirely new team but Deckert Hands Leedom ohnston and McCallum will be a start and this year s large squad of younger play ers should furnish sey eral as yet unsung stars. Country Day 1 Country Day 2 Country Day 3 Country Day 1 Country Day 1 Country D.1y 2 Country Day 0 ig, Country Day 0 LINDSAY, Country Day 1 Ifuruw-rl Country Day 1 Totals 12 U HOCKIZ Y SCURES -Sr. Francis . 1 -Mcssmer . . 1 -Shorewood . . , . 6 -Shorewood . . 2 -Mcssmcr . . 0 -Marquette 0 --St. tI0l1n's . , . 10 -Sr. ,Iohn's , A . 6 -Sr. Francis ..., 2 -Marquette 0 Totals 28 CI HZSTIQR, Cunlur 1'z+x1 lu-I 'P Q ,f I gy ff XY. PUIALIAIN1 Dwfrrm' ' 7 ' W'dwJ0'lf' ffviii mm , -06.1 O : ,MW 4101 iNsToN. lfo ru xml .M Q ,,,pf...,J-M.. , i. i,liL'RKfI I. 3 . u-'lf nom, UVCKERT- llrfrllu' Grmliv I' g x TW ' fl 45.5-, ,, fc'-. f , W, LQ ,.wM...,-. L+, A , , , X4 ' Y A w w . , if f , " . - Y , f ,' , J. M , , M yzgw ..,,.,.,,,,,,.1mlg 4 ,nf - h my ' "f""fAm Tffff, 'FM' ' ' U- tv, . -A , Y 4154 fir' ' A A R ., f A...2'aw'w 7, 1 ' , 'ik ,A 'if' V IA!! In l'I,Lj!lfI Mr, Church, McC..lllum, rl. lYlSl'iL'Xl, Hacsslcr, lirmdxluw, C. lhvidsmm, Tutrlc, H. Ifocrstcr, Johnston, l.inds.1y, nur, Hands, I. Lccdom, Ucckcrt, XX. Pullmm, R. Sc.xm.m, Maclvcr, Philipp, lfurrcr, Hanwiluwn, lf. Huston. THE SQUAD THE TE M 1 ACTIO 4' f I X .,4.- ands ,ww-r' P", fi? -1' ci. f ,,..-a- L lx! Ms. ,, V L U , 4 V - Q, Hliggig " ,I gl!! ., , 3 L' 'Q' W he - sslif' ip-ma-.fL.v.,w .,.,v-nan COACH LAIRD f, 31 495 Va.. K. jfxcoiss SMITH lmfl I0 riglrl, lurk row: Trebilcox, Murphy. Schneider, Hoff, Mr. Laird. Miilillf' mu. Scnnnell, Smith, Koch, K. jncobs, Pnpcnthicn. Davis. Frou! rout R. Riley, H. jefferson Craig, Gold, Bannister. VARSITY BASKETB LL Starting the season with a very promising group of players, Coach Laird looked forward to a good season, but the team failed to click until the closing games of the year when they played as good ball as Country Day has seen in some years. Ken Smith was outstanding at guard, where his steady play did much to keep the team going. He never came through with the scoring punch that he showed in practice, however. Tex Scannell was a much improved player over last year and gave Ken lots of support. Dixie Davis also looked good at guard but did not really hit his DAVIS KOCH PAPENTHIEN was lfrcd Scbncidcr. an cigbtb grader, who promises to bc onc of tbc bust ccntcrs Coun- try Day lm bad. Xlcilonvillc. Abbott. Bob Riley, Craig, and scx'c1'g1lotl1cr's 'irc going to pusb some of tbc rcgulars lmul next year, and it now looks .ls tbougb mlm- vulgxnl would be tbc Strongest in ycars. Ken .l'1COl3S is tbc only loss, and Mcfionvill: and Scbncidcr sbould bc able to take cnrc of tbc ccntcr position very cnpably. THE TEAM PLAYS fwfr lo rigbl, lmffz mu: Horter, Cunningham, Lindemann, W'hitc, Mr. Hughes. Miilillv mu: Klcppc. Heil, St. George, llamilmn, Thomp- son. lfronl ruu: L. Pulliam, C, Read, G. Davidson, Hine, G. Kicekf hefer. SENIOR-JU IOR LE GUE BASKETBALL Lrfi fu rigfrl, lurk mu': Andrus, Luewi, D. Read, Miller, Clarke, F. O'Brien, Ramaker, Seidel, Sells, Liebert, P. Seaman, Coach Hughes. Miflillv mu-: Kurren, Norris, Wild, Stone, Christensen, McCumber, jones, Windsor, Steinman, Kloppenburg. Front four: lf. Pritylntl, XV. Towne, Szimmond, Rosenak, Thorscn, Howell, Hucbsch, S. jefferson, Hcdding, NV. Fitzgerald. Sfumling, left lo rigbl: Chester, Rhue, Lindsay. Scanncll, Thompson, C. Davidson, Hands, Murphy, Carpenter, Furrer, Hornig Klcppe, Coach McCoy. Silliug: Bannister, Clarke, Andrus, Rosenak, Huebsch, Schwartz, W'aterman, Robinson, Sheldon. TENNIS The tennis team this year has been the weakest in some years. Graduation of some of the better players last year reduced the squad, which was still further cut into when Papenthien, who is one of the most promising young players in the city, decided to go out for base- ball instead of tennis. A team has been built up, how- ever, around Ted Hands, Bill Murphy, Pete McConville, and Norm Carpenter. Fred Rhue and Tex Scannell have shown improvement and have won some of the doubles for the Green and Gold. Murph has shown great im- provement over last year and displayed good steady tennis as the squad's number 2 man. Ted Hands has gained in power and conidence every time he has played and will be a steady number 1 man for the next three seasons. Several younger boys have been out for tennis and promise to develop into sound players in future years. The squad has been working under a new coach this year, Robin McCoy, a new master at Country Day this year. No match for such a powerful team as White- Hsh Bay, the tennis squad has done very well against other opponents. COACH MCCOY Bark raw, lrft Io rigbl: Coach Towne, McCallum, Craig, Smith, Auer, XVebb. Fran! run: Dickens, Davis, Deckcrt, Capt. j. Towne, Messinger. . S . 1 I 1 ' ' cr sa - ' 5 7 , ' - a 9 1 ' ' 3 ff Y, ' 1 , . , , . , , 7 , ' lk 71 ' ' 7 - , Q ' ,- . . VARSITY This year one of the largest squads in the history of the school turned out to p211't1C1 pate in the great national pastime Because of the fine spr1ng weather tl'e squad started practice early with Coach Deac Towne on the job as usual gettlng the boys whipped into shape Because of the large number of boys out the team was divided 1ntO two groups at the very beginning of the season an A group under Coach Towne made L p of the more experienced players and the newcomers who showed most in the opening days of practice and a B group of young er and less experienced players The latter group has worked out under the tutelage of BASEBALL Coa h Kru e of the Junior School faculty The h1tt1ng power of the team has shown steady improvement throughout the spring The pitching staff of three members Jack Towne John Dickens and Ken Smith has shown more all around strength than in some years Captain Towne of course has borne the brunt of the pitching load Be sides the captain there has been only one letterman on the squad Bill Abbott Abbott has received good support in the infield however from Smith Davis Craig Auer Messmger and Riley Bob Deckert has stepped in behind the plate in an attempt to r1ll the big gap left by the graduation of ack Hefhnger The outheld has been well In the early season games the team has shown patrolled by those ballhawks, McCallum Hggbt and promlses to be a real team before Hell, Kloppenburg lapenthnen and Wfebb the Clos of the season I 'IOXXNY VR 'IOXXNI 1 N ax W eel N as Tues N IX Thurs N IX 1 V .lx Tues N u Thurs Vlax 1 Mas W eel Vlax Wed une Qa une BLXSLB ALL SLHUJLII North Shore St Iobns Xlessmer St Pranels North Shore Grafton Nlessmer Grafton St lobn NI ssmer Alumm W lnnetl-.ZA Dellflelel Countrx Day Country Dly Country Day Grafton Fstabrook Park Country Day Country Dav Countrv Dax Countrv Dax :plz u Crm f I f 4 R ll 0 e A 5 eg!! C nl lhlllpg R Sproule Ixmle llflllf f krux n u c ln 1 lxlmgg n ur GOLF SQUAD Lefl I0 right: Hortcr, Gridley, K. Jacobs, Hamilton, T. Jacobs, Hughes. TRACK SQUAD Slamfmg, lrfl In figllff F. O'Brien. Lind- say, R. Fuursrcr, Hoff, Maclver, Scanncll. Sifliug: S. Meyer, C. Read, Haessler, Ros- enhcimcr, Trcis. BOXING SQUAD Kmu-ling, Inf! I0 rigflf: Seidel, Lindemann. Cunningham, Hayes. Silting: Stark, H. Focrsrcr, Miller, Trcbilcox. 'N-... 'Q L4 if 3 ,Z f 1 132411, A 'iflmf QW' Af Q 1, if 7 1 A fi." a in 'nl -Z' :I-fi? Q 1 , apr. H. 4 s' 1 Q 'Q x uf 5 4 '? J'bd A 'j 1 M 59 Q 2 ' ax h A ' W - r- 3 A w.,,f THE MILWAUKEE CUUNTRY DAY SEHUUI. AN ALCREDITED SCHOOL FOR BOYS A COMPLETE COURSE PRE KINDERGARTEN TO COLLEGE GLEDDEN SANTER Headmaster A GORDON GROVE MAILING ADDRESS 6 O1 N S NTA MONICA BLVD MILWAUKEE WIS TELEPHONES IUNIOR SCHOOL EDOEWOOD o ss IOR SCHOOL EDCEWOOD 70 0 ADVERTISEMENTS N W offers from A. , Principal, junior School Leedom, 0'Conner SL Noyes Company INSURANCE COUNSELORS SAFETY and RATING ENGINEERING OUR SERVICE INCLUDES A LIFE INSURANCE DEPARTMENT The BAP BETTY BRITE HOME BAKERY PAPER SPECIALTIES SMART CONVENIENT an DELICATESSEN 5AN'TARY TINTED DOILIES AND PLACE MATS WHITE DOILIES AND PLACE MATS The Home of NAPKINS RAMEKINS THE HOME OF BAKING cuPs TRAY COVERS AND DOILIES QUALITY PRODUCTS SHELF ,Am SHELF LINING PAPER AMERICAN DRINKING CUPS OPEN AMERICAN PORCELL CUPS AMERICAN cHoP HOLDERS AND SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS SKEWERS Inslsl' o Qual ty Products' Phone EDdgewood 5340 5341 Emma AMERICAN LACE PAPER Co Whlfeflsh Bay Wlscgngln Mulwaukee W sconsnn 104 I d n A . . o Q O C O O Q C Q O O Q ' n i . 423 E. Silver Spring Drive 4425 N. Port Washinsfvn R004 ' ' ' ' ::'11.:::1f:: ' I i ' 'IT A CIHMMPIXQJELIHI CKE UNCHANBING IDEALS Ne1ther t11'I'19 or Shlftlflq economlcs and World con brmgmg you the flnest qua11ty for the money you spend Iust as your famllles through generatlons have rehed on Chapmans 1ast1ng quallty and dlS t1nct1ve styhng so too can you fmd the same f1ne ness that w11l enr1ch your way of 11fe 105 C. A Q ' C .. I Y I ditions can change our principles of honesty, of BARNES ADVERTISING AGENCY, INC. N RESULTS OF THE 1942 ARROW POLL the followlng results have been accu rately tabulated Although some of the quest1onna1res were not hlled out ser1 ously and many spaces were left blank these results wh1ch were taken only from the quest1onna1res whlch were fllled out rn all serlousness g1Ve a falrly accurate prcture of the way the school thmks For the results see page 112 MEN' Select Your Shoes from BRIIIUWER5 The Home or Research Footwear 330 West Wlsconsm Ave 7223 W Greenfneld Ave 7606 W State St ROY CURRIE F L O R I S T Chorce Flowers for A11 Occasxons PE S Bertelson Bldg 2101 N Prospect Avenue Telephone LAkesxde 4877 312 EAST WISCONSIN AVE UE M I L W A U K E E V From the poll given to the entire school ' l ' 106 pm JOYS BROTHERS COMPANY Est 1844 129 N Water Street Wh1t6f1Sh Bay Pharmacy Inc Dan Frtzgerald RPh Whltman Candles Eastman Kodaks 6, Frlms Telephone EDgewood 7680 EDqewood 7681 629 E SIIVGI Sprmg Drlve Mllwaukee WISCOHSIH Whltehsh Bay Wlsconsm ff Better Because i Peanut WAN BUTTER Peanut Butter It wont st1ck to roof of your mouth It s full of chewy blts of fresh roasted peanuts It can be used 1n a number of de hghtful ways PRGCIPS with each jarl ASK FOR PEANUT CHUNCH AT YOUR GROCERS mio' ICE CREAM THE ONLY SEALTEST ICE CREAM IN THIS COMMUNITY REID LIRLLE INN Phone Hartland 125 NASHOTAH WIS Ei 'WTP' fllrlle nm . ' ' 1. , . . Pean ut T I 3. - , T 0 41. W w ' - Y Brand . , . 3 I 1 1 ' 1 WHERE VICTURY BEGINS BEFORE you have navies or armies you need factories producing That s where Victory begins And that s the job Allis Chalmers is doing for no other company in the country is able to supply a wider variety of capital goods than Allis Chalmers Power plant equipment both steam and hydraulic Mining and steel mill machm blowers kilns compressors pulserizers screens electrical equipment Flour mill machinery saw mill machinery tractors and farm machmery oil field machmery Equipment for the Merchant Marine Aux lltary weapons for the Army Turbines and generators for the Naxy Turbo super chargers for the Air Corps These are some of the reasons why Allis Chalmers is today one of America s great A l-SGSE G llllIS ClllllIllERS MIIWMIKEE WIS Christensen Creations lmit fl-FII? lm Fine Furs fbuifchea 4 Qaacfen FLORIST and NURSERYMAN 307 E SIIVGI Spr1ng DIIVG EDgeWood 6680 81 Established 1868 M1-Xrquette 3061 DES FORC1 ES COIVIPAN Y 427 East Wisconsin Avenue tOpposite Hotel Pfisterh Standard Sets Rare Books Books of All Publishers Books for Boys and Girls French Books Stamps for Collectors Cards for Every Occasion F Ist Ed tions MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN TOWN G' COUNTRY SHOP 511 Mason Street Wedding Presents 108 11 ' . 7 ! . 7 7 Y - . , . ' n n Q 7 ' Q - ' y 7 7 . . . . : 7 ' - , . . D n 7 . ' ery, crushers, motors, pumps, drives, hoists, forces aiding our National War Effort. 1 . ' t I A" -' v' '- 'VA' I i I Y ' 1 tv H . - - ,Id-. Y, 4, Ava, 7 -Y a o - - - O T f l , i J ' Thc Connecticut Mutual Lifc Insurancc Company Est. I8 I6 KENNETH W JACOBS AND ASSOCIATFS Milwaukee G Novelty Dye BATTERIES SPARK PLUGS ROLLER SKATES k CENTRALAB RADIO PARTS Wor s J SANITONE CLEANERS 733 East Capitol Drive GLOBE UNION INC 109 Q J Q at Ebgewqqd 9400 WAUKEE WISCONSIN B ch Factories in Eight Principal Ci' i Heres your dlploma Bossy You re graduated to the classy cows chosen to supply mllk 'fo Grldley You passed the hugh bufterfat fest and health exam with flymg colors and its a pleasure fo glve you the highest mllk ment award the Grldley GOLDEN CREST Seal of EXTRA QUALITY MILK' DAIRY COMPANY Phone MArquette 7370 110 :li 1 0 f l I 11 XII 'l'l1ll' ll I' Illfl I1 l'll1 Sl lllflll I BS NEED NOT BE AN lNcoNvENlENcE IF You OBSERVE THESE REGULATIONS As a part of the Government program to con serve tures gasolune equxpment and mon power the following requlrernents are In effect ONLY ONE DELIVERY A DAY IS permntted to any one neighborhood or person Dusplay your Ice card early No call backs are permitted by vehicles on the same day NO SPECIAL DELIVERIES can be made If you want Ice cubes or crushed Ice for PARTIES or pecual occasions order a day un advance so that the :ce may be Included on the regular dolly dellvery SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS-Ice vendung ma chnnes wnll be nn operatlon every day and nlqht at our plant and the plant will be open Sundays from 8 A M to I2 o clock noon to provude any krnd of Ice needed It you wrll call for t AUXILIARY ICE CI-IESTS are avaulable for those who desure extra :ce or refrlqeratuon facul :tres We have Inexpensive chests In varlous sizes Phone for particulars or call at the plant Help us to heln Uncle Sam by remembermg these regulahons RANDOM ICE AND COAL C0 1300 E Locust Street Ebgewood 1020 Pea!! Good If Chrome! Bar Howard B Sfark Co Wkwmw Best Wishes From EASTMAN KODAK STORES NC The W S co Eve-rythmg Photographzc 745 N M1lWaUke6 Street MArquette 1478 2109 N Prospect Ave DRESSES Waterproof Watch IS Ideal lor Year Hound Wear ,acer JEWELERS AND SILVERSMITHS :rs E WISCONSIN Avcnul ' 9 A ' A 4 1 1 1 ' 1 ' A A 4 A 1 1 Y ' 1 1 E A 4 E I I - I , . . I . . . . . 1 ' ' fr---- I 5 I I I I ' 1 I , 1 ' " . . , , i Q . I 1 . . . . . I . ll ' Il Q Q . 'A' - I Mobrlgas Q. Q Q obrlor Q 0 0 AT YOUR NEARBY WADHAMS STATIO RESULTS OF THE POLL fCOHf1UU9d from page 1061 Seventy frve per cent of the boys do not lxke nut 1C9 cream but 62 are satls fred wrth the lunches Nrnetytour per cent approve of Seruor prrvrleges Al though less than 12 of the students have the1r own cars over 71 drrve The average hte span of the students trres seemed to be 14 853 159 rmles Of the armed servrces the Navy was most popular whrle the Alr Corps was a close econd Cornell seemed to be the favor rte college wrth Yale runnrng next rn l1ne F1fty four per cent do not approve of the present student government sys tern Although only 55 of the boys play football because they honestly lrke It football ranked hrgh among the favorrte sports of whrch baseball was frrst Further results of the poll w11l be found on page 120 MUTUAL BENEFIT LIFE INSURANCE CO Modern L1fe Insurance SIHCG 1845 H WINGFIELD BICHTER 208 East Wrscons n Avenue Mllrquette 2393 0 0 O . S n . . , - ll - ll I . I ' I - I 1 - - ' - I . . . - f 'I Q - . I . . 1 4 . . . . . ' i Ho mann s Pharmacy SODAS and SUNDAES Servzce Wrth a Smrle HALF HOUR DELIVERY 8 30 a rn 10 30 p m 3116 N Downer EDgewood 9877 X That are Smart and Comfortable W W f 5 JI-UIQ X SI IIU NIKTBIIEIIR CNZ45 ff5J5c5f,2fv HOTEL PFISTER BUILDING HUGH H JULIEN DEALER IN STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES HOME BAKERY LA d 4 0 084 849 220 N th F ll A ARTHUR GARFIELD RAICHE Pharmacrst PRESCRIPTIONS EXCLUSIVELY T d FI G Id th Bldg 425 E W MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN KATHERINE PRICE H A T S 2103 N Prospect Ave LAkes1de 0974 M1Iwaukee, W1s RUGGLES MARINE MART CHRIS CRAFT and THOMPSON BOATS EVINRUDE ELTO IOHNSON MOTORS MARINE SUPPLIES 1848 E Kemlworth '- fx ,.., 4 '-3 :X 1 ' . fi. E "v I-I 1 . R, 1151, N i3f'.'2i': .th Il., xx,-I3 ,, . . . ,, Town and Country Shoes - 1 . . ,fs . 1 I I 1 I ' O1 it DAX, I.. .IV .D X Q' "1 lf J, ' 4-1.Q,qy1 Y ' M -Mfrfyl xx A, X O Phones kesi e hir 001' O smi ' 08 5 , , 847 K 3 ,L 0 . isconsin Avenue 1 arwe venue F 3 W KW is axyggrkfht pe 33 Q ,-, :elf- V53 "9 1' via-3 KQMM WMMMKN IIN-anim' Thrs lovely Modern Garden G1r1 Decorated Ware wlll add a captxvatrng touch of hfe and color to your k1tchen The soft lustrous pastel t1nts harmom e beauufully w1th any color scheme GIVE your k1tchen a hit wlth Modern Garden Grrl' NATIONAL ENAMELING AND STAMPING COMPANY Milwaukee Wnsconsln 114 . 'f A A V 'Q , f ,I W? , S? I A" W A . X gb , V V Ju... . I " "' ' " iffzzyr 57 :Y -, 1, ,A 5,5 lr 453-I , ,ff ,aa VM., Q '1s:fT',1Q". --Y , ,, 'I fb 'P A '-45.7.1 few. . - 3 .5 4 NAIC, 11 K - 'I 1 L 'I ,, I 5. IJ I Ig f, If 1. fx, . fs. - I I ' ,, A 7 IIA W'6"lf-Nw.. . , '98 , , Lam, , 5 E what ' I I by Q9 A 4 ,agag fy f vlbvw ' . , .7 , . . , - I Geo. H. Russell-Co. Insurance MARQUETTE 3717 471 N MILWAUKEE STREET 92 Years of Insurance SGIVICG BRADLEE VAN BRUNT THAYER Z CLAYTON 4 IOHN E MASAK CHARLES I SCHWARTEN Comphments WALTER Ml LSKI Tnepfer 81 Bellack 330 E Wlscnnsln Ave Wells Blllldlllg The d1st1nct1on of Toepfer G Bellack clothmg and furmshmgs IS thexr faculty to qzve the young man clothmg and fu mshmqs m the young men s manner A COMPLETE BAHBERING AND EAST SIDE BARBER SHOP Phone BRoad ay 2484 521 EAST WELLS Opposte Old Co t Ho se Sq a e s I' IDILSLHIJIIOYIS Our Spguulty We Delnver EDgewood 9890 9891 501 E Sllver Sprung Drive 115 4 4 of... . I I . Q on' -' MANICURING SERVICE 1 ' NO PARKING TROUBLES, -' ' ' l KLOIlE' Interror Decorators Comphments of an Furmshers North Second Street North Plankmton Avenue F R I E N D FRANK S FOOD MART ORMSBY S SHORECREST GARAGE FANCY GHOCEPLIES QUALITY MEATS We Do Everythmg for the Motonst 2563 N Downer Avenue When spend1nq the summer at the Waukesha County Lakes have us take care of your needs for Plumbmg Heatmg Electrlc Pumps and Hardware HASELOW HARDWARE CO 131 E Cap1fO1 Dr1ve A F1V9 Star Store Telephone 21 W HABTLAND WISCONSIN 116 at I I ...V- LAkeside 1600 2055 N. summit LAkeside 0760 1-3 P 3 X - 7 . xA, ' . l gf," ' " R F X-. X I ,ki L fy' ' A ff . iv. . It's a Pleasure to Use and Wear "Tops" in Athletic Equipment We Have It Ask For Outstanding Brands in Golf Tennis Baseball EULLEBE ATHLETIC SUPPLY CU 749 North Planklnton Avenue face Papery Qffhamcler REG US PAT OFF Lovely 1nexpens1ve M1lapaco Lace Paper Place Mats and Do111es lend charm and beauty to parues luncheons dlnners home decora t1ons Avallable 1n many beautlful patterns Practlcal for War tune Conservat1on too for they save your valuable lmens and save on laundermg expense See them at your favonte dealer MILWAUKEE LACE PAPER COMPANY Manufacturers of famous 1306 E Memecke Avenue d H P r 1 Mxlwaukee Wlsconsm I SC Shel! paper Estabhshed ln 1898 xxxxxxxx 'xxx.'x.'x."x. Ne- """+ 'N' '-'k"" 5 x Sea afsvsfimmwm 117 ' x 1 - 1 , 1 l l lg, , , I I I - . , . 5-53 ,....? , M -f 145. . .- -il-9 -4.-f L' ', ... ...l- 1 Q ,: V- . - -1 - . l. T l ,f , Q:-, V' 1 at aft A A E , ' - "P try 'de' . I . . ' g. L. V R , Q JI: 5? 'V 7, . . I It -,L-Q -v .- .v- : 1 s s -eg A A 5 A l--- 55' f"'f -7- 'ii fit -'ir ffl, T- - - r"-'M' ' . '-1 ' "Q"-. - 2, if ' . I 1 , , ,-I Products Known Everywhere As Leaders In Therr Fxeld ak lnggs 8: Stratton Gasol ua Motors 4Cgcla Arr oold X to6 H P ir lnggs In Stratton Power Chargers k lnggs In Stratton Automot1veLocks 81 Kegs iv Bragg: In Stratton Autumotrve Sw tches f lnggl In Stratton Industnal Arr Savers BRIGGSKSTRATTON Q' Comphments of F R I E N D Comphments of The Sche1derer Drug Co 633 E Henry Clay St ED 7675 WHITEFISH BAY You W1I1 Always MEET YOUR FRIENDS RECORD LIBRARY BRABHIRD 5 JICQA 70 Rancfall PRES 1lS NORTH BRUIDWHY SCHLUHFIHE KFISTEH C0 ALSTED KASTEN CO 331 East Wrsconsrn Avenue Mrlwaukee W1s . i I - - ' C e -'z . . A . . i - at "Mi1waukee's LARGEST and Most Comple I X Successor: lo 1 18 'R flu! ork and Save or Vwtory' of BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS 'X '-1-1 R. regularly "' FIRST WISCGNSIN fm .unluuuwx NATIONAL BANK OF MILWAUKEE Hugh B Murphy, lnc CLOTHING FURNISHING YOUNG MEN BOYS IUNIORS As usual we are CBIIYIHQ a full l1ne of PHOENIX HOSIEBY Correctly and tastefully styled 1n the Umverslty man ner SMART for Palm Beach F rmals SNAPPY for Sportswear Our new locatlon IS 1700 E CAPITOL DRIVE at Bartlett across from the Shore wood H1gh School and the Shorewood Post Olfzce ZITA 9 -Ax "' M, F 2 . f ' 0 N V , V Qty A-N: t 1 at ,L lr, k '- xo tl, sf t 51 ' fy- vm- . X it lx N . .1 W E ,j,f7v,, AH . -' X 1 WSL .- J r. W N Y fa ,Er 'H 9? g-1T,a,23,'! sa- '5, ,, 'Q , lv' , gfklnl , 2 bil ,If nzx Q 5.81111 lull '91-f'ff ,fflflSf,,:,,El. ...1-1 ' ' l until X AR' x Xxx O 0 . . 9 Compliments of . . A F R I E N D FOX'S 789 North Ietferson Street Milwaukee Fox's Flowers Are Always Seen In Good Company Charles Ray McCallum Iohn Emil Brennan McCallum Insurance Inc GENERAL INSURANCE Phone MA 7517 SOEVIG 6 HISCOX IN s U B A N c E 220 E Mason St Phone MA 0417 225 E Mlchlgan St Mrlwaukee Mllwaukee Remember IT DIDNT LOOK LIKE RAIN WHEN NOAH BUILT THE ARK Results of Arrow Poll QContmuLd rom page 112 The following are the results of the personal part of the Arrow Poll Greatest Guy Best Athlete Most Lrkely to Succeed Biggest Lady Killer Best Dressed Biggest Ioe College Most Popular Best Natured Most Personality Biggest Line Most Typical Country Day ite First Rhue White Chester Bhue Lindsay eregoy 90 Rhue L1ndsay Rhue Davidson W Pulliam Second Chester Scannell R Kleckheter K Iacobs Peregoy L1ndsay Chester Lindsay Bhue L1ndsay Third Lindsay Lindsay W Pulliam L1ndsay C Davidson Murphy K Iacobs Rhue Chester B Webb Chester Rhue 120 ' f f J Most Humorous .............. Lindsay ...... White ........ K. Iacobs . D I 7 Complzments of BADGER METER WATER GASOLINE OIL LIQUID METERS Drsplayed at GOLDEN GUERNSEY FARMS where better mr comes from better cows and rs pard For on a premrum basrs alrfen GMBEHJZQ lady CO OPERATIVE Hoplc s 5400 EWU 8z CGD 225 EAST MASON STREET M I L W A U K E E 17 co "" I and - I"7lw sen .4 Quad., Q 1 It Q f Secwwifw SOME PHILOSOPHEH HAD SAID MENTAL ATTITUDE Du IS Mon: IMPORTANT THAN Perhaps thus seems to be an overstotement yet few worth whsle things can be accomphshed wlthout the proper splrlt The spnrlt with whlch we face a task the heart we put unto It always transcends IU t the ablllty to do lt lf we all tend to our own business as It com s puttnng our hearts Into It day by day It we take the trme to plan for tomorrow then we wall wxn thus wcr and help keep our natnon on an even keel mm AND ASSOCIATES 771 Ea t Ma on Street DAIy I730 Protect Watn Safety un the Strong Northwestern Mutual Lute 179 s' so f y0 M O ll , ilt' ',llV rQ ee,e also -I to s TTSTTSTTTTT MENTAL ABILITY' I Specify Hell Automatic Heating The complete l1ne of Hell Heatxng and A11 Condltlonlng Equxpment 1nc1udes all types and s1zes to meet every lnstallatxon requlrement The latest add1t1ons to the Hell l1ne are a hlghly effxclent wmter COHd1l1OHlHg Un1t and a dependable Boller Burner Un1t prlced so low that everyone can enjoy the comfort and convemence of clean automatlc heat Free llterature and recommendatlons based on your requuements are yours for the asklng Phone Mltchell 8000 o Address MILWAUKEE H I L L SIDE WISCONSIN Q NEW JERSEY Li.. -if S al4xXkEE DOOWE -gqyxkgg FOOD FUN ATMOSPHERE DRIVE IN I6 FLAVORS OF ICE CREAM FINE F000 roar wasnmcron aanown una mas 242sw wlscousm Avi SCONS N TREE SERV CE CAV TY TR ATM NT MOV TR CABL NG LARG 41 P UN NG G PR D .I a Avenue M waukee 2335 N Mu IW lwllvlvxr E 3 , 'JW A - . SAVETTREEST Q ! .Z B' n W' llllllllllllllllmnnn I H I I 'V an ' The Plankmton House te serve xour randsons Comphments of A F IQ I E N D O XVe served your grandfathers and we expect J ' Cy . CD Steinman Lumber Co. Lumber Wood Shingles Asphalt Shrngles Roll Roofing Plywood Stained Shrngles Asbestos Siding Insulation Wall Board Frames and M1llWork Windows Garage Doors Benjamin Moore Paint and Varnish Products Etc 500 E Keefe Ave 1235 N 35th St Compliments LOEFFELHOLZ CO Compliments LATE SPORT RESULTS MCDS BASEBALL St Francls North Shore Grafton Grafton St Iohns of the TENNIS BEAVER TAIL KENNELS Wayland Lutheran M U S Lutheran Wh1lel1Sh B M U S Shorewood " - ' of " .... .8 " ..... 0 ' , ..... 3 M.C.D.S. ..... U Whitefish B. " ..... 4 ,, " ..... 5 ,, I 129 Best of Luck to The Class of '4Q NORDBERG MANUFACTURING COMPANY fx, 99 VACUUM PACKED COFFEE ROASTED AND PACKED DAILY BY O R PIEPER CO GOLF The Golf team beat Wayland Shorewood and Marquette t1ed Wlth Shorewood once and Were defeated by Wh1tef1sh Bay Nath an Hale M U S and Rufus Kmq Vrctory Course 3 to 5 Months HELP YOUR COUNTRY AND YOURSELF Busrness Industry Government Are Callmg You' Prepare for Useful SGYVICG Beglnnmg Pos1t1ons up to S1620 per year Thousa ds of yp sts Accountants Bookkeepers Stenograph ers Clencal Workers and Ottrce Machme Ope ators Are Needed No Begmmng Re xew Advanced Classes SPECIAL DEFENSE BUSINESS COURSES FOR V I C T O H Y Hours 8 AM to l PM S mmer Classes Organ zed I ne 15 Iune 22 Iune 29 and Iuly 6 Get full deta ls now W! te phone or call for FREE Bulletm zafffaify rx CULLLCJL Phone MA 0880 Spencenan Bu ldmg 606 E Wrsconsm A e Porfox Corporation 'XYI' 500 W. 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COMPLI MENTS OF FRIENDS ADVERTISF RS INDEX Allrs Chalmers Amerrcan Lace Paper Badger Meter Barnes Advertrsmg Bay Home Bakery Beaver Tall Kennels Bradford s Brouwer s Briggs G Stratton T A Chapman A J Christensen College Athlehc Supply Connectrcut Mutual Lrfe Roy Currie Florence Danforth Des Forges Dutcher s Gardens Eastman Kodak Co East Side Barber Shop Lours Esser Frrst Wlscon rn Natronal Bank Fox s Frank s Food Mart Globe Unlon Golden Guernsey Darry Grrdley Darry Haselow Hardware Hell Company Hoffman s Pharmacy Jewett It Sherman Joys Bros Hugh H Julren Klode Furnrture Leedom O Connor C7 Noyes Loeffelholz Co Loews If Co SPECIAL POLLS 0 4 0 4 06 O 0 7 09 06 0 9 2 6 09 0 6 2 07 7 04 Lulck Ice Cream Mandel Engravrng McCallum Ins Walter Mrlskr Mrlwaukee County Day School Mrlwaukee Lace Paper Milwaukee Novelty Dye Works Hugh B Murphy Mutual Benefrt Natronal Enamelrng Nordberg Mfg Ott s Pharmacy The Plankrnton House Katherine Price A G Rorche Random Ice FJ Coal Red Cnrcle lnn Ruggles Motors Scherderer Drugs Jos A Schumacher Schwanke G' Kasten Co Soevrg G' Hrscock Shorecrest Garage Vrctor M Stamm Howard B Stark Stemman Lumber Co Wm Stemmeyer Taepfer 8' Bellack Town 6' Country Shop Wadhams Whltefrsh Bay Pharmacy Wrsconsrn Tree Servrce Yankee Doodle Zrta 07 26 20 7 O9 9 2 4 26 24 07 8 20 6 22 2 08 2 7 2 9 I06 II2 20 LATE SPORT F SULTS I25 I27 7 J '- .....,.........,..... 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Suggestions in the Milwaukee Country Day School - Arrow Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) collection:

Milwaukee Country Day School - Arrow Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Milwaukee Country Day School - Arrow Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Milwaukee Country Day School - Arrow Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Milwaukee Country Day School - Arrow Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Milwaukee Country Day School - Arrow Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Milwaukee Country Day School - Arrow Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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