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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1977 volume:

MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE 1976 - 1977 SCHEDULE OF PORT VISITS 7 JULY 76 17-20 JULY 76 28-JULY 76 2-5 AUGUST 76 8 AUGUST 76 17-21 AUGUST 76 22-23 AUGUST 76 28 AUGUST 76 30 AUGUST 76 9 SEPTEMBER 76 11 SEPTEMBER 76 14 SEPTEMBER 76 15-27 SEPTEMBER 76 2 OCTOBER 76 11-13 OCTOBER 76 15-16 OCTOBER 76 20-22 OCTOBER 76 23-24 OCTOBER 76 27-29 OCTOBER 76 29 OCTOBER -10 NOVEMBER 76 15 NOVEMBER 76 17-30 NOVEMBER 76 5-7 DECEMBER 76 8 DECEMBER 76 13-16 DECEMBER 76 23 DECEMBER - 2 JANUARY 77 4-16 JANUARY 77 24-27 JANUARY 77 08 FEBRUARY 77 LEAVE, NORFOLK ROTA, SPAIN AUGUSTA BAY, SICILY ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT AUGUSTA BAY, SICILY NAPLES, ITALY AUGUSTA BAY, SICILY AUGUSTA BAY, SICILY SAN REMO, ITALY LA MADDALENA, SARDINIA GAETA, ITALY NAPLES, ITALY AUGUSTA BAY, SICILY ROTA, SPAIN LA MADDALENA, SARDINIA GAETA, ITALY KALA ' MAI, GREECE ATHENS, GREECE NAPLES, ITALY GAETA, ITALY NAPLES, ITALY TOULON, FRANCE LISBON, PORTUGAL ROTA, SPAIN AUGUSTA BAY, SICILY PALMA, MALLORCA MALAGA, SPAIN ROTA, SPAIN NORFOLK, VA. USA SHIP ' S CHARACTERISTICS Displacement, full load 40,000 tons Length : 659 feet Beam 96 feet Draft, full load 38 feet Speed 20 knots Propellers 2 Rudders 2 Boilers 3 Shaft Horsepower 32,000 Armament 4-Single 20 mm Mounts Replenishment Stations 11 Compliment 19 officers 408 enlisted Liquid Cargo Capacity 8,000,000 gallons Ordnance C argo Capacity 600 tons Provision Cargo Capacity 450 tons Helicopters 2 CAPTAIN RICHARD T. WRIGHT COMMANDING OFFICER CAPTAIN RICHARD T. WRIGHT, USN Captain Richard T. Wright, USN, was born in Hankow, China on 6 February 1932 and was commissioned following graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy in June 1953. After spending two years in the cruiser USS BALTIMORE (CA 68), he reported to the U.S. Naval Submarine School at New London, Connecticut for submarine training. He served in the diesel submarines USS ATULE (SS 403) and USS PICKEREL (SS 524) from 1956 to 1959, then reported to the pre-comissioning crew of USS PATRICK HENRY (SSBN 599), our second POLARIS submarine, for duty as Missile Officer and later Weapons Officer. While in PATRICK HENRY he participated in the nation ' s second FBM patrol which set a submerged endurance record. Following three years in the PATRICK HENRY, he spent a year on the Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff at Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Nebraska. He then underwent a year of nuclear power training and reported in 1964 to the pre-commissioning crew of USS BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (SSBN 640), the lead ship of our last class of SSBN ' s, for duty as Executive Officer. In May 1967 Captain Wright took command of USS JAMES MONROE (SSBN 622) Blue Crew. He took MONROE through her first shipyard overhaul and made patrols in both the Atlantic and Pacific before being relieved in July 1970. He then spent a tour in OPNAV on the staff of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Submarine Warfare (OP 02) as head of the POLARIS POSEIDON Branch. Prior to commanding MILWAUKEE he served on the Joint Staff, Commander in Chief Atlantic, as Director of Strategic Operations (J34) from January 1973 until June 1975. His next assignment will be on the Staff of the Naval War College at Newport, Rhode Island. Captain Wright is married to the former Anne Ruth Talcott of Litchfield, Connecticut. They have three children, a son, Benjamin, and two daughters, Christian and Elizabeth, and reside in East Haddam, Connecticut. EXECUTIVE OFFICERS CDR DAVID L. MARTIN (PRESENT) LCDR CHARLES A. LAMPMAN JR. (FORMER) m .«., 1 : 1 i i J- ™ taJ a 4 " ' 4-! ' ' ' ' ' i - , ' - ,M«i- Places To See I ii , HIGHLIGHTS DAY AND NIGHT c) ; k AT SEA AND AT MOORING -« lC - ' Line shoot The loneliness of command UNREPING Line over And a heave ho! Pallets, pallets, pallets Pass the Ammunition lads 1 11 Rub a dub dub here comes the grub FUEL, STORES, AND MUNITIONS E G Y P T 1. The Sphinx 2. Monarchs Of The Ages 3. " Sheik " Michael 4. The Great Pyramid 5. Inside a Cairo Mosque 6. Ship Of The Desert, Underway • ■ • 7. At Anchor ' m :. GAETA, ITALY ' ■ ttitt - 1. Gaeta Bav 2. The Cathedral 3. The Castle 4. The Cathedral Facade 5. The Groto ' " " " .! ' i k? ' A delivery is made. At all hours MILWAUKEE helo lifts. . VERTREPING ATHENS, GREECE n. 1. The ACROPOLIS of Athens 2. The Propylaea, Entrance 3. The Parthenon, an Unusual view 4. The MILWAUKEE Group 5. Tourists 6. Old ATHENS Amidst the New 7. An EVZONE, ROYAL GUARD. NAPLES ITALY Bed time Preening her Wings UH-OH SOURD V M I X E D B A G Oops! Thare Ready for anything Into the Barn Off-load ammo Taking it green. The line of battle Fill ' er up Mate! Then a burst of spray NATO ALLIES HMS ANDROMEDA making her approach Sister gas stations and a customer TOULON, FRANCE 1. The Municipal Theater 2. A detail veiw 3. The Cat on the Mount 4. Square of Liberty . . . 5. At night 6. Audrey PALMA, MALAGA V 5. ' • . . V?C ?Vv 1. An old Defence, Palma 2. The Cathedral, Palma 3. A sign of History, Malaga 4. The Alcazar, Malaga 5. A tower in Malaga 6. The Roman Theater, Malaga f Tribute to an old lady Cook out at Augusta Come and get it! ■SA « a JA L m 1 Formalities Surprise! FORMALITIES INFORMALITIES The welcome Searching anticipation END OF AN EVENTFUL CRUISE THE HOME- COMING IT mtmemYrmrumm ' ' Strike up the band The sailor is home from the sea Jf Bm p F il ijfc ' y n t ) ;? i i Christmas trees Birthdays G O D Beer Busts THINGS TO SEE Last UNREPS UNREP number 144 ■if, Boatswain ' s Mate (BM) n M« LTJG Andrew F. Loomis LCDR Leo M. Pivonka 1ST DIVISION 4 . 1 1 CW02 Linwood C. Claytor James M. Anderson BMC Jerry Boyd, Jr. BMl Emory L. Flowers BM2 David E. Crandall BM3 Michael J. Sinko BM2 Ronnie D. Garrison SN Robert L. Ehrhart BM3 m Larry E. Kennerly BM3 Stephen L. McCallister BM3 Ramon J. Blanco SN Pedro J. Cintron SN ' . Roger N. Fortune SN Paul E. Juen SN Steven L. Roshto SN Doug C. Jordon SN Larry Rosenberg SN Lloyd H. Seeley SN 29 Tod R. Adams SA Richard L. Bertapelli SA Jeffery G. Clemmer SA » ' ' f -! «U ( « f _7 f IHi ' i 1 Mark A. Dodd SA David C. Farner SA Randey L. Fisher SA I " Elias C. Quintana SA Dewey D. Samis SA John A. Smigelskis SA Roy C. Reeves SA Gregory Robbins SA Gerald T. Stewart SA Douglas Savery SA Mark Stewart SA 1 BiUy L. Law SA Myron W. Valentine SA Douglas J. Zvierko SA Richard P. Brady SR Jose M. Lopez SR Rex P. Brown SR William H. Tonge SR 19 p-w B LfF -t ■R W hh t " ' Km Richard R. Davis SR Alec A. Wilson SR : Boatswain ' s Mate (BM) LTJG Thomas P. Wall III Martin E. Anderson BMCS 2ND DIVISION Michael A. Hill BMl Hiawatha P. Clemons BM2 Kenneth P. Fitch BM2 Alan G. Davidson BM3 James F. Edwards BM3 Frank W. Taylor BMSN 35 Raymond Colon BM3 Clarence L. Baker SN Charles J. Wilkinson Scott A. Krall BM3 FRIENDS Robert R. Lilly SN Johnie L. Briggs SA Mark D. Maloney SA Thomas J. Wilson SA 36 James C. Eby SN Donald W. Frankhouse SN Michael D. Fugger SN Steven P. Norris AN John E. Olson SN Chris T. Tann SN Tony N. Tidwell SN Daniel A. Alford SA Henry E. Wooley SN Dale R. Baker SA Richard D. Darling SA Steven H. Hermanns SA Kenneth M. McKenna SA Willitim M. McBurnie SA Dan A. Pope SA Steven J. Forde SA James P. McGrudder SA Robert A. Rook SA Ronald B. Petty SR Avery V. Nauden SR Carlos G. Magos SR Joseph M. Tully SR Paul W. Hendrick SR Vincent Yovino SR - _ „.:%- WHALE BOAT TO THE RESCUE! V Gunner ' s Mate (GM) ENS. Harry Watkins Joseph J. Ominski GMGC 3RD DIVISION Raymond Peck GMG2 Joseph L. Taylor GMGl Tony B. Gourley SA Jeffery L. Wilson SN READY FOR ANYTHING LT. John D. Seibert Guy R. Milks HMC MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Quartermaster (QM) LTJG George R. Parish Harry V. Tucker QMC NA VACATION DIVISION Gregory H. White QMl Arthur F. Rich QM3 Richard M. Folino QMS Robert W. Langhans QM2 Dennis H. Langlands QMSN Paul T. McGill SN " ' m Y r ' Rickey L. Jackson QM3 Blane D. Shattuck QMS William R. Way QMS James M. Lynch QMSA Yeoman (YN) Ronald A. King YNCS William J. Lopez YNl ADMIN OFFICE James P. Norton PNC James B. Smith PNl Personnelman (PN) PERSONNEL OFFICE Master-at-Arms (MA) Oscar Staggs HTl Frank Petrucci MAC Chief Master at Arms MASTER AT ARMS Frank R. Graham QMl Alphonso Johnson GMGl Lynn D. Wilson YNl ' 52 Howard L. Thorpe SMI Douglas W. Sands DP2 Navy Counselor (NC) CAREER COUNSELOR Jerry P. Wilkins NCl i i-f fli?Fi ' t Lewis W. Mowry ETCS 3M COORDINATOR Robert G. Leiss PC2 James A. Spatz PC3 Larry E. Harris SN Postal Clerk (PC) POST OFFICE William Soto PC3 CCTV Jeffery R. Laterre JOS Journalist (JO) LCDR Frank A. Mueller Operations Officer ENS William E. Ralston CIC EMO Officer p E R A T I N S LT Randall L. Rice Communications Officer DIVISION Dan C. Anderson SMC Charles Krizan RMC 1 .. William L. Revels YN2 Michael C. Krutsch ETN2 Daniel B. Burns ETSN p s Y E O M A N E T ' S Rickie P. Bugg ETN2 Electronics Technician (ET) David W. Hall ETRSN Kevin D. Phillips ETN2 John A. Schreiber ETRSN Steven M. Blass OSl Robert M. Relph 0S3 Oron R. Griffin OSSN c I c G A N G Operations Specialist (OS) Stanley J. Wasacz OSl Richard D. Combs OSSN Curtis L. Meierstein OSSN t ' ■ ■■ ■■■■■ B Hp 1 1 i V HR H B • 31 R ' 71 IL Michael W. Blessing SN Charles L. Hughes SN Mark A. Blalock OSSN Thomas J. Mazzulla OSSA Darrell S. Scheepsma OSSR Radioman (RM) Herman T. Weber RMl Raymond E. Karns RM2 Rickey R. Goode RM3 R A D I Robert E. Bridges RM3 Kenneth P. Stewart RM3 Richard J. Doris RMSN Michael J. Kravetz RMSN Bruce A. Pugh RMSN James T. Hayes SN LCDR Henry H. Bishop Supply Officer Storekeeper (SK) S 1, s u p p L Y Pacifico Gines SKC Donald L. Cowart SKI Ronald H. Allen SKCS Irineo R. Pascua SKC Data Processing Technician (DP) Cesar P. Cadapan SKI Steven L. DeVore DP2 Charles W. Jennings SK2 Jeffrey N. Petrin SK3 Joseph P. Valerio SKSN Michael Dunson SA David Baca SKSN James D. Payne SN John H. Peters SKSN Willie G. Bethume SKSN Brian L. Gillie SKSA Richard V. Wesley SKSA James P. Trzepacz SKSA William E. Sasso SKSA Darell S. Schlegel SA Alex W. Brightman SA Zema Hardeman SN Robert W. Archey SA Paul F. Timmons SR 67 ENS Timothy J. Taylor, Food Service Officer Francisco S. Cunanan MSC S-2 FOOD SERVICE Mess Management Specialist (MS) ISr 1 5P f! mjaT h 1 K ,. i Ik Hw ' w C vl ! 9 Raymond T. Gilbert MSC Frank Biro MSI Thomas Frazier MSI Rogflio G. Caja MS2 Cesar A. Pastor MSl Robert W. Cherry MS2 Felipe P. Clamor MS2 69 Vicente C. Esteban MS2 Philips Arboleda MS3 Mark F. Holubka MS3 Emil G. Gomez MS2 Alberto M. Convento MS3 Jack F. Kreger MS3 Mark S. Rabitor MS3 Edward J. Lurix MSSN Terry W. Plume MSSA Steven G. Silvera MS3 Brian P. McAvoy MSSA White or Dark? - :kl fc i :p. lo ( •; V 1 J T I Bi n M B " H Ki Jeffery P. Finch SA Jose E. Eliff SA Jeffery R. Malaby SA William Travostino SA Ralph W. Smith SA Lawrence S. McKinnon SA Leslie E. Morris SA X Ship ' s Service- man (SH) ENS. Kenneth L. Icenbice Ass ' t Supply Disb Officer Calvin G. McKinney SHI S-3 - SHIPS SERVICE Gerald E. Hume SH2 Jaime R. Concepcion ENl Raymond C. Hernandez SHSN Michael L. Neil SHSA Leo J. Severs SHSA Garciano T. Onate SN LAUNDRY 75 S s •■■ Ip y, H D I A L BL P mudM ' - ' ' S F ySv ' ' ■ ' ' H,, ,, ' s U T N llru iK t ( tiiJLSl Hi T i fe«r i l R A J HMiMflHH E I Stephen S. Wenninger SH3 N James W. Eckinger SN DISBURSING Dennis D. Mittlieder DK3 Dana C. Kohut SN Disbursing Clerk (DK) o Engineman (EN) 2 Hull Maintenance Technician (HT) LCDR Karl M. Klein, Engineer Officer LTJG Clifford G. Barnes, Damage Control Assistant A AND R DIVISION James B. Dorsett MMC Harold R. Benze HTC H 4 Fredrick Bloomfield HTl IT Donald L. Howe HT2 Carlos S. Vito-Cruz FN Stephen W. Burns MMl David Daniels HTl Robert D. Moore EN2 Ed L. Robertson HT2 James P. Anaruma HT3 Leonard Blue HT3 Kevin Martin FN Patrick W. Clark MM3 Robert C. Austin ENS James E. Cureton HT3 David J. Lindfors ENS Jerry L. Schaffer MM3 HE i s lOi J v ri H f 1 ' —m ; ■ p • » k " 4 ■ iBr Frederick R. J. Craw MMFN Robert J. Sheldon HT3 Roy E. Kneeland MMFN , B ; Lawrence L. Lucas ENFN 4 Garrett B. Zaedeny HTFN Timmy L. Coleman HTFA Timothy E. Pitts FA Carl R. Herroitt MRFA Mark C. Lettington HTFA Rudolph Sanetta MRFA James H. Giese HTFA Cecil A. Moon HTFA Dolphus M. Bice FR r- Boiler Technician (BT) LT. Robert A. Duncan Main Propulsion Assistant B DIVISION David C. Gregory BTC Henry Smith BTl Edward G. Wiswell BTl Donny Brown BT3 Henry Valesquez BT3 Clarence Seals BTl - Ronald E. Stowe BTFN James P. Bernier BT3 Vw Wk ■ li -n ir l L M 85 Keven J. Urciolo BTFN John A. Larvie BTFA Thomas J. Morel BTFA Daniel T. Hale BTFA Charles N. Manning BTFA Kenneth Stepherson BTFA 87 Daniel A. Toaso BTFA Michael L. Walton BTFA Jack L. Harris FN John F. Miller FA Kenneth Sifford FN CW03 Franklin A. Edmonds EMC RoUin E. Goheen E DIVISION temutt Electrician ' s iVIate (EM) David H. Garms EMI interior Communications Electrician (IC) Wayne T. Houtler EM2 |.; fp W-s? J . J I B J 00 0$ 4 ■ H«e ■ • 1 oM Stephen J. Toth IC2 Kevin L. Vezino EM3 Noel J. Costilow EMFN Richard D. Estabrook IC3 0 % Derrol N. Carter ICFN Steven L. Covill ICFN Charles C. Griffin EMFN Opha C. Lawson EMFN Michael C. Gibson ICFA Ronald E. Hippe EMFN Edward P. Trahey ICFA Jesse L. Bautista FN ' 91 Joe W. EUzey MMC Richard H. Atkinson MMl Freddie L. Duncan MMl M-DIVISION ENGINEERING YEOMAN Timothy D. Jolly MR3 Allen J. Baldwin MM 2 Kenneth W. Farmer MM3 Robert J. Baker EMFN Gary L. Serfas FN o% Machinist ' s Mate (MM) Nial J. Hadden MMFN John G. McDonald MMFN Wyatt Wilson MMFN John R. Isaacson MMFN PhiUp C. McNamara MMFN Lawrence E. Johnson MMFA Garold D. Henninger FN Herbert E. Wilson FN Daniel J. Hill FR John W. Rogers FN James M. Miller MMFA Larry R. Ritson MMFA Daniel J. Glockner FR LTJG Charles J. Wagner Liquid Cargo Officer Charles E. Berry EMCS L. C. DIVISION Martin I. Israelson MMl Terry Wagner MMl 95 r I). Roy E. Caskey MMFA Derrick A. SeUers FN Jose S. Aguiler FR DIVISION S T R E A M Chester W. Preston EMI Dennis R. Gary IC2 William L. Baum MMFN James F. Thomas MM3 William F. Link ICFN Bernard H. Rauscher MMFN Garret B. Zsedeny SN Jerry W. Toombs EMFN Kevin J. Smith SA i LCDR John Geddie N ' ' LT. Al Coleman LTJG William Blackburn H C 6 D E T 9 LT. John Strohofer LT. John Church LTJG Mark McDermott 4 V ■ 1 Aviation Structural Mechanic (AM) Benjamin J. Tucker AMSl AIR CREW Joseph A. Aldoupolis ADJ2 Johnny J. Jones AN Richard E. Sparrow AMH3 Anthony M. King AN Osborne L. Ellerbe AE2 Robert P. Barnes AE3 Vincent W. Edwards AMS3 Aviation Electronics Technician (AT) Aviation Electrician ' s Mate (AE) Aviation Machinist ' s Mate (AD) Aviation Structural Mechanic (AM) Aviation Storekeeper (AK) Glen A. Rigney AT2 Michael R. Cohen ADJ3 Michael R. Ludwick AK3 Aviation iVIaintenance Administration- man (AZ) Bruce D. Barnett AZAN Kenneth M. Rusmisel ATS AIR GROUP, Let ' s Get Organized 103 CRUISE BOOK PREPARED BY: ENS William Ralston - Cruise Book Officer - Editor LTJG George Parish - Cruise Book Officer PC2 Robert Leiss - Photographer - Photo Editor - Layout Editor - Writer SPECIAL THANKS TO SH2 Jerry Hume EM2 Wayne Houtler PC3 James Spatz YN3 Harvey Johnson ETRSN John Schreiber PN3 Michael Morehead SR James McGroder Cheryl When I feel blue and all at sea and all my skies are gray, I think of you and then my dear the dark clouds drift away, I concentrate on you, my love when worry fills my mind, Because you never fail to bring peace of a special kind. You fill me with new hope and strength to see my troubles through. And that is why when sorrows come I concentrate on you. With you, no mountain is to high, no task is too extreme. Because with you beside me love, I have a winning team, And it will always be that way, as long as we ' er together, I ' ll navigate the sea of life and all its stormy weather. Cheryl LOGISTICS There must be great care taken to send us Munition and Victual whithersoever the enemy goeth. " Francis Drake, During operations against the Armada " (29 July 1588) m .V 4 " k imi ■- {

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