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THE CUMTUX 0 mhefeen smnaifzeal gdfy-deden Editor JOAN KROENING MIRIAM ABBOTT J Business Manager s X X s We 5m $id PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF MlLWAUKEE-DOWNER COLLEGE Milwaukee Wisconsin Foreword . . . We, the staff, have found inspiration for this 1947 Cumtux in the spirit of Milwaukee-Downer College and the ideals it represents. Aspiring toward dignity, beauty, and simplicity, we have tried to express these qualities through art, in order to symbolize their signifi- cance in liberal education. It is thus that we dedicate Our book to the class of 1947, honoring their leadership, enthusiasm, and achievement which have made them so much a part of our college. fihaty I'd! gkapman Memo: iqdtho'mclen and 141521;: 19,411 llall 5131 360k eamlmu and yd mmmmmmmm wwwmwg 2 .mywwwmiwwwog $1 2 0 M 2 1 .7. "m 2 1m d n d d mm W I. Met: Our college is fortunate in having a library at once functional and beautiful. Behind its planning and its organization was an inspirational force which has made it a source, not only of guidance, but also of delight for the students. Miss Maud Mitchell, for many years our chief librarian, gave of her ingenuity and interest to establish and organize the library, making her person- ality felt in countless details. We at Milwaukee-Downer will re- member Miss Mitchell for this. Many of us will remember 100, her whimsical sense of humor and her sincere interest in helping the students individually. Therefore, we render our tribute to her memory with warm appreciation of her service and devotion to the college. PRESIDENT EMERITA ELLEN C. SABIN M.A., University of Wisconsin Litt.D., Beloit College LL.D., Grinnell College PRESIDENT LUCIA RUSSELL BRIGGS BA. and M.A., Radcliffe College LL.D., Lawrence College LL.D., Miami University LL.D., Rockford College Kean! ct Tcuiteei OFFICERS Chairman . . . . Louis P. Quarles Robert W. Baird Vice Chairman Secretary . . Frances Winkler Ogden 1Mrs. Henry V. Ogden1 Treasurer . . . . . Rex R.Reeder MR. LOUIS QUARLES, Chairman Howard Greene Mrs. Henry P. Hochsfein, Jr. Ralph M. Hoyt Miss Lucia R. Briggs William W. Coleman Frances W. Dickey Robert W. Baird Mrs. Lynde Bradley Mrs. William M. Chester Mrs. James P. Conway Edmund Fitzgerald Charles F. Illsley Class of 1947 Frazier D. Maclver Mrs. John W. Mariner Class of 1948 William C. Frye William J. Grede Class of 1949 Mrs. Henry V. Ogden Albert S. Puelicher Class of 1950 Mrs. Douglas McKey George Abbot Morison Rex R. Reeder Will Ross Chester Wcmvig H. J. Hagge Robert J. Kieckhefer Mrs. Theodore Swansen Mrs. Frank E. Roberts, Jr. C. Frederic Sommond G. W. Van Derzee John C. Pritzlaff Louis P. Quarles Donald C. Slichfer DEAN MERIBETH ELLIOTT CAMERON B.A., M.A., Stanford University M.A., Radcliffe College Ph.D., Stanford University 11 7-dculty DOROTHY F. ANDERSON, Assistant Professor of Home Economics and Chemistry. B.S., Milwau- kee-Downer College; M.S., University of Wisconsin. EDNA G. ANDERSON, Assistant Professor of Home Economics. 8.5. and M.A., Columbia Univer- sity; Diploma, WoHe School of Costume Design; additional study at the United States Testing Com- pany, Hoboken, New Jersey. HANNAH SOPHIA BACKLUND, Instructor in Spanish. B.A., University of Idaho; M.A., University of Illinois; additional study at University of Washington. ETHELWYNN RICE BECKWITH Mrs. William EJ, Professor of Mathematics. Ph.B., Oberlin Col- lege; M.A., Western Reserve University; Ph.D., Radcliffe College; additional study at Bryn Mawr College; University of Goettingen, Germany. MARY S. BENSON, Assistant Professor of History and Government. B.A., Pomona College; Teach- er's Certificate, University of California; M.A., and Ph.D., Columbia University. ALEXANDER F. BICK, Special Instructor in Applied Arts. Special study at Chicago Art Institute; University of Chicago; University of Chicago; University of Wisconsin Extension Division; Milwau- kee State Teachers College. ELEANOR C. BUXTON, B.S., Purdue University; B.A.E., Art Institute of Chicago; additional study at Ohio State University. GLADYS S. CALBICK, Professor of Spanish. B.S., University of Minnesofa; Certificado, Centro de estudios historicos, Madrid; MA. and Ph.D., University of Chicago; additional study at University of Chicago; Universify of Michigan. 7aculty MARY LOUISE CAMERON, Instructor in English. 8.5. and M.A., University of Illinois; additional study at Yale University; Columbia University. MERIBETH ELLIOTT CAMERON, Dean; Professor of History. B.A., M.A., Stanford University; M.A., Radcliffe College; Ph.D., Stanford University; additional study of the University of California; Col- lege of Chinese Studies, Peiping, China. ANNE TAYLOR CASWELL, Professor of Chemistry. B.A., and M.A., Wellesley College; additional study at Cornell University; University of Chicago; Harvard Medical School; Yale University. HELEN DIEUDONNEE CHASE, Professor of History. B.A., Milwaukee-Downer College; M.A., Rad- cliffe College; additional study at the University of Chicago; Northwestern University; University of London, England. DOROTHY DART, Assistant Professor of French. B.A., Radcliffe College; M.A., Wellesley College; Ph.D., Radcliffe College; additional study at Ecole normale superieure, Sevres, France; Middle- bury Summer School. KATHERINE FIELDING GREACEN, Assistant Professor of Geography and Geology. B.A., Vassar College; Ph.D., Rutgers University. EMILY GROOM, Instructor in Painting. Diploma, Chicago Art Institute; additional study at Boston Museum School of Fine Arts; New York Art Students' League Summer School at Woodstock, New York; and with Frank Brangwyn in London. FRANCES WILLARD HADLEY, Professor of English. B.A., Mount Holyoke College; M.A. and Ph.D., University of Chicago. 13 7kculty GAIL HAMILTON, Instructor in Physical Education. B.S., University of Illinois. ELLA MAY HANAWALT, Professor of Psychology and Education. B.A., M.A., and Ph.D., Uni- versity of Michigan; additional study at Scarritt Bible Training School; University of Nanking Lan- guage School; University of Illinois; University of Michigan; University of Wisconsin; University of Minnesota. ALTHEA HEIMBACH, Director of Department of Physical Education. B.A., Oberlin College; addi- tional study of Teachers College, Columbia University; Cornell University; University of Wisconsin; University of Michigan. ESTHER LOUISE HOWE, Director of Department of Music; Assistant Professor of Music. Mus.B. and M.M., Oberlin Conservatory of Music -Frclnk H. Show; additional study at Cornell Universify- Egon Petri. WINIFRED LAWRENCE LIPSCOMB Mrs. Francis CJ, Assistant Professor of Sociology. B.$., Sim- mons College; M.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute; additional study at Duke University; University of Norfh Carolina. MARJORIE SIBYLLA LOGAN, Director of the Department of Art and Charles Farrar Professor of Art. Ph.B., University of Chicago; Diploma, Church School of Art,- additional study at Church School of Art, Chicago; Harvard University; University of Chicago; Chicago Art Institute; Cape Cod School of Art; South Bristol School of Art, Maine. HENRIETTA W. McNARY, Director of the Department of Occupational Therapy; Professor of Occu- pational Therapy. 8.5. in Arts and Diploma in Occupational Therapy, Milwaukee-Downer College; additional study at Northwestern University; Western Reserve University; Walter Reed General Hospital, Washington, D.C. MARY MEIXNER, Instructor in Art. B.A., Milwaukee-Downer College; M.A., State University of Iowa. 720a lty LUCIE SPENCE MURPHY eMrs. Harold RJ, Assistant Director of the Department of Occupational Therapy. 3.5., Northwestern University; Diploma in Occupational Therapy, Milwaukee-Downer College. MARY EDITH PINNEY, Professor of Zoology. B.A. and M.A., University of Kansas; Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College; additional study at the University of Bonn, Germany; University of Heidelberg, Germany,- Naples Zoological Station, Italy Researchh Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts Researchh Allegany School of Natural History tResearchL RUTH ELIZABETH REBER, Assistant Professor of Speech. B.A., Manchester College; M.A., North- western University; additional study at Indiana University of Wisconsin; Northwestern University. INEZ J. RICHARDS, Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology. B.A., M.A., and Ph.D., Uni- versity of Wisconsin; additional study at the University of Colorado. ELIZABETH ROSSBERG, Professor of German. B.A., M.A., and Ph.D., University of Wisconsin; ad- ditional study at University of Leipsic, Germany; University of Minnesota. LUCY HELEN STAHL, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. B.A., Cornell College; M.S., University of Iowa; additional study at University of Chicago; University of California; Iowa State College; University of Iowa; University of Colorado. HARRIET M. SWEETLAND, Instructor in English. B.A., University of North Dakota; MA. University of Wisconsin; additional study at University of Washington; Columbia University. MARY ALBERTA TINGLEY, Professor of Botany. B.S., M.S., University of New Hampshire; Ph.D., Cornell Univedsity; additional study at University of New Hampshire; Cornell University tRe- searchL 15 7;:culty SUSAN FREEMAN WEST, Director of the Department of Home Economics; Professor of Home Eco- nomics. 3.5. and M.A., Columbia University; additional study at the University of California; University of Chicago. RUTH WILSON, Assistant Professor of Applied Arts. B.A., Lawrence College; Diploma in Occupa- tional Therapy, Milwaukee-Downer College; additional study at Penlcmd School of Handcrafts, North Carolina. DOROTHY SCHOONOVER ZINK Mrs. D. SJ, Instructor in Economics. B.A., M.A., The American University, Washington, DC; additional study at the University of Wisconsin; University of Cin- cinnati. 4W Wat piclaaed ELDA E. ANDERSON, Professor of Physics. B.A., Ripon College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Wis- consin; additional study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; University of Wisconsin. GARY BOUSMAN, Instructor in Biblical Literature. B.A., University of Richmond,- M.A., University of Chicago; B.D., Chicago Theological Seminary; Graduate Studies, College of William and Mary. GLORIA M. CERRATO, Instructor in Speech. B.A., American International College; M.A., Mount Holyoke College; additional study at Plymouth Drama Festival, Priscilla Beach, Massachusetts. MARY A. DAVIS, Instructor in Comparative Literature. B.A., Boston University; additional study at Sorbonne, Paris; American Academy, Rome. LOUISE SAXE EBY, Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy !Absenf on LeaveL B.A., Mount Holyoke College; B.D., Union Theological Seminary; Ph. D., University of Edinburgh, Scot- land; additional study at the University of Marburg, Germany. JEAN E. GUNDERSON, Instructor in Music. Teacher's Certificate, Carroll College; Mus.B., Ober- lin College; Master's in Mus. Ed., Northwestern University. OTTILIE R. INMAN, Instructor in Zoology. B.A., Rockford College; M.S., Brown University; Ph.D., Cornell University. MRS. MARGUERITE WATSON JESERICH, Instructor in Botany and Bacteriology. B.A., M.A., and Ph.D., University of Michigan. KATHLEEN MARIE LENZ, Instructor in Music. B.M., Oberlin Conservatory of Music; additional study at Cleveland Institute of Music. LOUISE SOBYE, Professor of Home Economics. 3.5., Milwaukee-Downer College; M.S., Columbia University; additional study at the University of Wisconsin; University of Minnesota; University of Chicago; University of Washington; Iowa State College. HELEN JUNE TARVER, Instructor in Voice and Piano. B.A., Missouri Valley College; M.A., East- man School of Music; additional study at Middlebury Italian School. RHODA GRINGS VELGUTH tMrs. Carl Velgufh, JrJ, Instructor in Fine Arts. B.A., Milwaukee- Downer College; additional study at Layton School of Art; Austin, Oak Park, and River Forest Art League; Art Students League of New York. DOROTHY EVANS WHYSOL Mrs. Harvey DJ, Assistant in Music. B.M., Lawrence Conservatory of Music; additional study at Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York. ORTHA L. WILNER, Instructor in Philosophy. B.A., Mount Holyoke College; Ph.D., University of Chicago. 17 galleye 05512221 KATHRYN JEAN FLYNN ELMA B. JOHNSON, R.N. RUTH ELIZABETH the President Nurse DAMKOEHLER Secretary to Registrar JOY SIMONS BEATH hMrs. Andrew BJ Assistant librarian JULIA PAYNE PAVLOFF hMrs. MichaeH Librarian lENORE MALUEG GERTRUDE BREITHAUPT lUCY IRENE LEE Calaloguer JUPP Cashier and Bookkeeper hMrs. Russell EJ Director of Public Relations 5w w BESSIE M. VANCE JOHN WINFRED YOUNG Assistant Librarian Assistant Treasurer and Super- intendent of Buildings and Grounds Officers No? Pictured ILMA ANTONIA BLOME, Recorder HELEN FORD HASKELL hMrs. H. FJ, Executive Secretary for Alumnae lOIS BOWERS hMrs. William AJ, Field Secre'ary ELEANOR HUBBARD, Dietitian and House Manager MARJORIE BOND CHERE IMrs. Harold lJ, Secretary for the Department ARLYNE LAWRENCE Assistant ,0 fhe Cashier of Occupational Therapy I DOROTHY BRADFORD DARLING Mrs, Richard EJ, Secretary to the Dean HORTENSE 5- TOAY tM's- "- 54' Assis'a'" House Manager KATHERINE FIELDING GREACEN, Cnrafor of the Greene Memorial HELEN Q. WELLS hMrs. Helmus WJ, Secretary for the Depariment of Museum Home Economics 18 32min.- junior.- Marcia Ruhloff, Treasurer; Sally Roney, President; Belly Jermain, Secretary; Estelle Hausmann, Vice President. 6145: Officer: Dorothy Chamberlain, Secretary; Betty Opsahl, Vice President; Belsy Grausnick, Treasurer; Elizabeth Thurmon, President. 20 jem'ou HARRIET ADASHEK Miiwaukee, Wisconsin B.S. Occupational Therapy FLORENCE ARAKAWA Haiku Maui, T.H. Diploma, Occupational Therapy MARY JEANNE BACON Barflesville, Oklahoma B.A. Sociology-Psychology 21 JANET BEE Shorewood, Wisconsin B.S. Occupational Therapy BETTY BLEYER Milwau kee, Wisconsin B.A. Chemistry-Zoology JEAN CHRISTENSEN Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.A. Literature-Language MARIAN CHRISTENSON Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3.5. Home Economics MARY LOUISE CUTLER Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.A. English MARILYN DAVIDSON Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.A. Languages 23 BETTY DOMROSE Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.A. English-German JOAN DOWNEY Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S. Occupational Therapy JEAN EBLING Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.$. Occupational Therapy ELIZABETH ECK Oshkosh, Wisconsin 3.5. Home Economics SUZANNE EHRMAN Shorewood, Wisconsin B.A. English-History MARJORIE FISCHER Shawano, Wisconsin B.A. Sociology-Psychology 25 In Isconsm ISCOnS ional Therapy ional Therapy W 8.5. Occupat I ROSEMARY FROEMMING W Milwaukee, B.$. Occupaf w I.. K N A R F B O I. Milwaukee Indianapolis, Indiana B.S. Occupational Therapy WILMA FRANZ LOTTE GARBER Mrs. Bernarm Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.A. Mathematics-French BARBARA GORMAN Muskegon, Michigan B.A. Spanish MARY GROVES Viroqua, Wisconsin B.S. Occupational Therapy 27 SALLY GRUETZMACHER Wauwatosa, Wisconsin B.A. Art JOANNE HAMBURG Minneapolis, Minnesota B.S. Occupational Therapy MARGARET HARRIS Hibbing, Minnesota B.A. English 28 HELEN HARVEY Omaha, Nebraska Diploma, Occupational Therapy ANN HATHAWAY Wauwafosa, Wisconsin B.A. Sociology ESTELLE HAUSMANN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.A. Art 29 BARBARA HOUGHTON Ionic, Michigan B.A. Art TOMIKO INOUYE Seattle, Washington B.S. Occupational Therapy SALLY JACKSON Oak Park, Illinois B.A. Psychology-Sociology 30 ELIZABETH JACOBSON 3 sage g E9 Isconsin W I Shorewood B.A. Arf 3n: 2:: m A M R E I.. H T E B A M H Isconsin Shorewood, W 3.5. Occupational Therapy BETTY KALBUS isconsin Ison, W Occupat Mod VI 0- O r e In T G n .m S B 31 MARTHA KITAOKA St. Paul, Minnesota B.S. Occupational Therapy BETTY KLINE Crawfordsville, Indiana Diploma, Occupational Therapy JOYCE KOELLNER Wauwatosa, Wisconsin B.$. Occupational Therapy 32 SALLY LANGE Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin B.A. Political Science MARY McKILLIP Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S. Occupational Therapy LILLIAN MIELKE Milwaukee, Wisconsin 8.5. in Nursing 33 CAROLINE MILLER Duluth, Minnesota B.$. Occupational Therapy DORIS NEUSWIRTH Milwaukee, Wisconsin 8.5. Home Economics LILLIAN OSIUS Mrs. E. FJ Shorewood, Wisconsin 8-5. in Nursing BETTY PANELLA Waukesha, Wisconsin B.A. Spanish, Political Science PAULINE PAUTSCH Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.A. Psychology-Sociology RITA PERSENICO Bensenville, Illinois B.A. Languages 35 CHRISTIANNA PETERS m Iscons' W ille, iensv Th German-French A B MARY ANN PFEIFER In Shorewood, Wiscons V: D. G r e In TI 0 n O .h 0 p U C C O .S. B CAROL PLOUFF In Milwaukee, Wiscons B.A. Arf MARILYN RAITHEL St. Louis, Missouri 3.5. Home Economics MARTHA RANKIN Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S. Psychology-Zoology JOYCE REED Wauwatosa, Wisconsin B.A. Art 37 MARY RITCHIE New London, Wisconsin B.A. Botany BETTY ROBERTSON Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.A. Sociology-Psychology RUTH ROCKSTEIN Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S. Occupational Therapy JANET RODGERS Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.A. English-History SALLY RONEY Bronxville, New York B.S. Occupational Therapy MARCIA RUHLOFF South Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.A. Chemistry-Zoology 39 MARTHA RUSSELL Turner Falls, Massachusetts B.S. Occupational Therapy . PATRICIA SCHAPER Milwaukee, Wisconsin 8.5. Home Economics NANCY SCHMITT Chicago, Illinois B.A. Speech 40 JEAN SNYDER Richland Center, Wisconsin B.A. Music Education AMY UCHIMOTO Westerville, Ohio B.S. Occupational Therapy CONNIE VAN ERT Milwaukee, Wisconsin , B.A. Psychology-Social Science 41 PATRICIA VOGEL Springfield, Ohio B.A. Languages RUTH VOGEL South Bend, Indiana B.S. Occupational Therapy AUDREY WACKER Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.A. Literature-Languages 42 WINIFRED WATSON Two Rivers, Wisconsin B.S. Occupational Therapy BERYL WEBB . Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S. Occupational Therapy PHYLLIS WEIKART Springfield, Ohio B.A. Modern Languages 43 LOUISE WESLE Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.A. English-German MARJORIE WILES Waukesha, Wisconsin 3.8. Home Economics LAVERNE WILL Milwaukee, Wisconsin B-S. Occupational Therapy 44 JANET WILSON Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.A. Speech MABEL WONG Honolulu, T. H. 3.5. Occupational Therapy BERNADETTE YOUNG Honolulu, T. H. 3.5. Occupational Therapy 45 PHYLLIS YOUNG Wauwatosa, Wisconsin B.S. Occupational Therapy ELAINE ZARNE Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.A. Speech 46 junior: Miriam Abbott . . . "M.E.", the dreamer-up of a mad vocabulary, including uprolly" and "odor- bell". Has a creative flare and a talent for being a wonderful person that will help her attain her star. Charlotte Aspuria . . . As a newcomer, Charlotte has entered into the Downer spirit with a winning smile and a winning way. She became a New York addict on the Christmas tour. Norma Berg . . . Her favorite sports are field hockey and basketballecould these be what put her in shape for the dash to the public library? They say she wins at all three. Marcia Bond . . . Absence makes the heart grow fonder, we found it true, and are glad to have you with us again, Marcia, but what is this domestic turn, another sign of your new i'maturity"? Beverly Bromley . . . "Bev" spends her weekends in Chicago, makes up for lost sleep in Greene. Watch her style in the swimming pool and out of it. Roxybelle Brown . . . Roxy's from Kansas, having come here in the fall. She's a girl of the Army and the Navy-to iudge from her fatigues. Nancy Bump . . . Radiance is a keynote for Nancyesparkling eyes, ready smile, and a peaches and cream complexion. Our sophomore prexy, she's next year's Holton chairman. Dorothy Chamberlain . . . Dottie is an exponent of the three V'sevim, vigor, and vitality. There's a certain spark in every- thing she does, from swimming to being our Third Hot Girl. 47 Barbara Chance . . - Our attractive blonde transfer from Chafly, with a "Vogue" look due, we have no doubt, to her flare for the artistic. Wyoma Cheney . . . She's just come to us from the Army Nurse Corps, retaining the sparkle of those silver bars in her personality. Patricia Cirves . . . She's given us ample proof that a former G.I. can make a super O.T. Margery Cobb We welcome 'lPidgy" from Smith. An equistrienne, she can lead the horse to water and make him drink! Barbara Cook . - . l'Cookie" manages more free afternoons than anyone we ever knew. The cutest smile and oh, that haircut! Mona Dizon . . . Her nonsense never fails to make a hit-she's it, our 4th Hot Girl! Shels nine triple HA" in our estimation. P.S. We have a hunch she'll succeed in anything she does. Alice Dunn . . . Quiet, but not too quieteiust about right and plenty efficient. Some people have all the luck-Alice had a cut all to herself in Anatomy! Diane Elsom . . . "Dls" friendship is your gain. We think shes solid gold and sterling silvere- us lovely as the prom of which she was the chairman. 1 Iam'ou juniou Merle Epstein . - . Her vocal facsimiles of personalities around campus are a riot. She has our vote for number one phone-call girl of 3rd floor Holton and for brunette loveliness. Rosemary Farber . . . Sparkling eyes, cute feather bob, and plenty of enthusiasm for O.T., thatis Rosemary. Betty Fuss . . . itA" is the key letter in Betty's life-A in anatomy and psychology in the same semester, and A for athletics with the emphasis on tennis. Suzanne Fisher . . . Poised Suzie of the cute haircut is clever and active with needle and brushenor do weekends find her idle. Virginia Geddes . . - Say, Ginger, we've been wondering who the- fellow is that guards the umbrella stand every noon. Don't envy you that long trip from Hartland, by the way. Corinne Gilbert . . . 'iCory' has the bluest eyes and a Winsome little-girl-look,eyet she's an important part of the Yellow crew. Elizabeth Grausnick . . . "Betsy" is serene of face and sweet as they come. We hear she's a crack physicist and know she will make the best of leaders in C.G.A. Gladys Guenther . . . Does Gladys harbor a dream of becoming a second Miss Howe? Sheis a music education maior. 49 Ruth Hallet . . . She is quietly efficient in everything she does, has a creative spark. Shirley Hart . . . If there's a play in the offering she's in it. Plays a maior role in the language department and in Yellow class activities. Dorothea Henes . . . Dodieis iust as high as your heart but her stature as hostess is plenty high. She's a fiend behind the steering wheel. Janet Huber . . . 'iJan" is new to us but shes already added a "+" quality to the Yellow class by entering in wherever neededewitness cabaret. Betty Kanouse - . . Betty's million dollar smile and her co- operation in Yellow class 'ienterprises" have made her an asset to us. Such is the stuff good "O.T.'s" are made of, too. Constance Keyes . . . Listen to her voice and look for her name in lights. In our dictionary Connie and music are synonomous. Dolores Kirschner . . . What an atomic personalityeconfoozin' but amoozin'! Interest in others we think is the secret of Dolly's success. Betty Knuesel . . . A heart to match the gold of our class. P.$. She'll make some lucky man a fine wife with her 'iHome Ec" ability- Ianiota 50 juniors Joan Kroening - . . Petite and attractive, Joan gets excited over almond bars, passages from Shakespeare, and Jerome Kern's music. We're proud of your Cumtux leadership, Joan! Bonnie Krueger . . . We'll bet the Transport Company has more of Bonnie's things than she does. How did we get along without her, when she was at "State"? Carolyn Kuny . . . Add M4 cup of common sense to 3A cup of personality, mix well and top off with blue eyes and blond haire- what a dish! Bernice larson . . . Bernie is closely knit into the pattern of the Yellow class with threads of cooperation, ingenuity and friendship. Charlotte Leland . . . She was with us but one semester, but left a lasting impression on Downerites, especially "O.T's.t Elizabeth Levy . . . Liz is an indoor-outdoor good-time girl4eserves a laurel wreath in sports and in being ever ready to do a iob well. Joan Loeb . . . "California Here I Come", fraternity pin and all. Always has a friendly smile tplus dimplet and a "Hey-lo" for you. Mary Susan McCabe . . . Her eyes re- flect the sincerity that is Mary Sue. 51 ig $$$m y Joanne Muhkorn . . . Lends bounding enthusiasm to anything she does from managing the Used Book Store to being one of the pillars of AA. Barbara Markham - . . She may sit with the Seniors in chapel, but her heart belongs to the Yellow Class. She helped us to win the cup in Cabaret, too! Claudia Marsh . . . She may greet you in any language, but she's always your pal. Ah, what lovely hair. Ruth Mehring . . . Always missing busses, but right on the dot for fun and Downer doings; Just as enthusiastic about O.T. Doris Meyer . . . Bet we'll be asking for her autograph someday. Her voice is as lovely as her shining brown eyes. Mary Minton . .- Such stuff as dreams are made of is Mary, with her voice to match. Her little kindnesses create friends. A keen First Hot Girl. Virginia Mitchell . . . A friendly smile and sparkling eyes, that's Ginny. A real asset to first floor Holton. Elizabeth Needham . . . 'tJolly" is an "artiste" in every way4even her giggle is an curt. Will Bill or Lindy call tonight? No matter, her heart belongs to Ferdinand! Iam'otd 52 Iuniou Ann Newell . . . She used to be in Navy blue, but now she's ioined our "O.T's.t We're glad you decided to come to Downer, Ann. Mary Lou Nicoll . . . Always ready to lend a hand in gold goings-on. She out-Hoagied Carmichael in Hat Hunt. We understand too, that she's a iewelry expert. Shirley Olin . . . One of the first of the Yellow class to get a sparkler. He's a fortun- ate fellow, Shirley. Your reputation as a hostess was made at the Lantern Night supper. Betty Opsahl . . . Friends, fun and efficiency are all a part of Betty's life. She's been an inspiration to the verdant frosh. Muriorie Pessin - . . She was only with us one semester, but we miss her since she's gone. Carol Peterson 7 . . As smooth on skis as she is with the knitting needle. AI- ways seems to be having a good time. Mary Louise Port . . . Sweet of face and mindeMary Lou has a knack for making loyal friends and for lending character to the iobs she does. Louise Quasi . . . Although Lou's a loyal Downer girl now, her eyes still light up whenever Carroll Col- lege is mentioned. 53 Elaine Radloff . . . Running on a ticket of smiles, friendliness and good sense in action; she is sure to win! Lois Raiski . - . Everyone's smiling but she's laughing out loud. A good cook who never eats lunch. The Raiski hospitality is traditional. Mariorie Roche . . . Without our Mariie, the weaving supplies would be in an awful mess. Jean Sauer . . . Jovial Jean has a fascination for bridge and psyche knots. She's c1 charming hostess at Sky Parlor parties. Janet Schilefer . . . Jon is an important player on the checkerboard of Downer life. Colmly and simply she does her share and more with an artistic fouch. Dolores Schalbe . - . She used to be c: quote" gal, but now she boasts of fhe Yellow. Wehre glad you came to ioin our class! Grace Siu . . . If you've seen her craft work, you know she does nothing short of perfection. Jean Skornicka . . . Knit- ting and bridge seem to be Jean's hobbies. She even looks good with her nose in 0 "Chem" book! junior: 54 junior: Roberta Sleister . . . She made a beautiful Cinderella" Queen, we all agree, and she's given of her talent in more than one Cabaret. Margaret Ann Snowden . . . Peg" of whose heart? Hard to tell. Perhaps it belongs to her handsome father only. Rosalie Sutherland .- . . A harm- ony of art and music is to be found in Rosalie. It'll be fun saying we knew her when! Florence Swoboda . . . She's our own "freckle-foce", but she's not "rusty" when it comes to O.T. Eliza- beth Thurmon . . . Our lovely Liz is a bundle of common sense tied with a ribbon of originality. Calm, collected, and quite Voguish. Mary Ann Trelhewey . . . Behind that "schemin' look" lurks cm impish "gamine," is our theory. Treth" has shown her grace and ability in dancing, skiing and golfing. Thelma Van Duzee . - . What a wonderful O.T. Thelma will make she never seems to run out of ideas. Joanne Walz . . . Have you ever seen such eyes? Brown velvet flecked with gold. Lovely! 55 Ruth Wiener . . . What lovely black hairtand a natural curl, to boot! Corene Wilcox . . . "Corky" makes a dull party lively with her superb piano playing. Just plain fun to have around! Ann Wood . . . Soph transfer from Simmons. Her clever quips keep Johnstonites laughing- Gloria Zander . . . A straight "A" kid with personality plus. She's new this year, and we all agree she 'tcaught on" quick! Violet Zane . . . We're glad this Violet was transplanted from the Islands to the U.S.tHonolulu was the loser. Harriet Zinneman . . . "Hat" '5 really a topper in our esti- mation. Downer and New York vie for her allegiance. How we admire her wardrobe-it's Fifth Avenue! NOT PICTURED Dreher, Barbara Kitchener, Dorothy Tiegs, Dorothy Ann Fossum, Donna Meyer, Gretchen Whittet, Mary Jane Plank, Miriam junior: j A . Jean Bosshurd, treasurer; Jane Tremper, vice-president; 0F omote. Joan Alwell, president; Caryl Perschbacher, secretary. elem 05512211 4 A . Jean Wung, secretary; Ann Heckerl, vice-presidenl; 225 man. Patricia Boerner, president; Barbara Clemons, treasurer. 57 jopAomotM Third Row: Virginia Byrket, Elizabeth Black, Carol Christoffel, Martha Egan, Bobby Ann Armour, Donna Fossum, Gretchen Griswold, Joan Atwell. Second Row: Marian Gums, Jean Bosshard, Nancy Baldwin, Mary Lou Baldwin, Ruth Franz, Shirley Glaubitz, Helen Daniels. First Row: Gail Altman, Peggy Derse, Beverly Bates, George-Ann Donald, Joan Frost, Jeanne Carlsen, Charlotte Glass, Dorothy Brach. ltis not only the vividness of the purple class which makes it an outstanding group in our college, but their combination of enthusiasm, spirit, and determination is not easily surpassed. While recalling their freshman l'daze'l and the traditional events at Downer, many a soph- omore appears dewy-eyed and mellow. The immortal strains of l'Sonny Boy", "Hey Ba-ba re- bop" and the 'lCharacters Eight" will live forever in the hearts of the purple class, as will Senior Cabaret, Hat Hunt, and numerous other activities, both academic and non-academic. On occasions when that heartless and domineering attitude was necessary, the '49-ers proved that they could not only take it, but could also make the frosh quiver. An excerpt from the sophomore class song summarizes the spirit of the purple classeHGive a shout for the royal purple banner, Downer is the place for me!" 58 jopAomotM Third Row: Carol Hamann, June Kufil, Doris He", Patricia Holm, Janice Matthews, Ruth Johnson, Mae Hinkel. Second Row: Joyce Lewis, Mary Jardine, Ardith Johnson, Loraine lsbrandl, Alice Hill, Marilyn lepley. Firs! Row: Martha Hadley, Dorothy Hauck, Elaine Hirsch, June Marinelle, Dianne Henning, Myra Kingston. Third Row: Joan Raiski, Lois Rieloff, Barbara Schuerch, Dorothy SchmiH, Joyce Raasch, Mildred Rechl, Joan Schultz, BeHy Podolske. Second Row: Lenore San, Donna Muckerheide, Dolores Olson, Nancy Neumun, Betty Lou Moore, Blanche Schultz, Mary Schultz. First Row: Barbara Murphy, Jean Olsen, Caryl Perschbacher, Grace Schafer, Carla Schuh, Shirley Morse, Mariorie Melsier. 59 yOPA am 0125 NOT PICTURED Jean Hinz Suzanne Kurten Necia Patterson Kikue Kikuchi Beatrice Laev Maryon White Gail Kuckuk Vivian Lahaie Lois Wiker Eleanor Vogt Third Row: Joan Taxay, Gayle Teske, Barbara Strecker, Evelyn Wall, Gloria Underberg, Jane Tremper, Helen Stetler, Ellyn Wenger, Jane Van Houten. Second Row: Vera Hickey, Esther Villand, Helen Sawyer, Jo Ann Wright, Eileen Weir, Betty Ren Wright, Jean Stons, Carol Wolf. First Row: Dona Timme, Jerline Wulfoorl, Joan Segelbaum, Joy Sfraiton, Beverly Stuart, Ellen Weiss, Dorothy Wull- scMeger, Marilyn Stafne. 77:21Amen Third Row: Pat Boerner, Elaine Berger, Joan Call, Ruth Anderegg, Shirley Ernisse, Marilyn Fiedler, Mariorie Evert, Mar- garet Angle, Barbara Clemons. Second Row: Carol Ann Brand, Audrey Andrews, Dores Bernstein, Barbara Brellenthin, Nancy Dunton, Doris Cotter, Anne Dunst, Nancy Burlingame, Sallie Keen. First Row: Eloise Anderson, Rachelle Diamondstein, Peggy Fehleisen, Margaret Earle, Beverly Frederick, Ann Heckert, Shirley Breslow. As early as freshman days, the class of '50 realized the class spirit, the close friendship of their sister class, the proud traditions, and the prospective good times Milwaukee-Downer has to offer. The new class quicidy adapted themselves, and took advantage of every opportunity to dis- play their true red spirit. The early enthusiasm carried through the entire year. Each college event received a supporting hand from the freshmen. It is not only their big sisters who swell with pride over their achievements, but now that this first college year of theirs is nearing the end, and initiation days are over, all classes gladly embrace the freshmen to Downer's fold. 61 Third Row: Grayce Forsberg, Marilyn Hockings, Joanne Huger, Mary Ellen Hess, Patricia Hamilton, Jean Lord, Jane? Williams, Audrey Gieg, Delores Leonhardi, Marilyn Giese. Second Row: Beverly Froemming, Dorothea Gruening, Joyce Fleischman, Hope Freeman, Patricia Dunhum, Elaine Koch, Jean Jensen, Hilda Kuenzi, Dorothy Gorski, Mary Ann Gillespie. First Row: Dorothy Ann Fleichli, Marion Houlihan, Geri Lindquist, Harriet Ler, Helene Hartman, Elizabeth Loveland, Jane! Lavine, Caroline Gino, Lisbeth Kieckhefer, Vivian Jones. Third Row: Junice Michalski, Pal Potter, Ruth Wenger, Towner Wilcox, Glady Patterson, Magdalyn Prokopec, Gloria Liebner, Betty Paul, Mariorie Olson, Marilyn Rasmussen, Mariorie Wolf. Second Row: Marlyce Rich, Joan Pribnow, Margaret McElvain, Vivian McLean, Lois Winn, Mona Weisberg, Charlotte Wangensieen, Wilma Martens, Patricia Pollock, Helen Mueller. First Row: Louise Wiener, Barbara Rogoff, Delores Taylor, Doris Fischer, Marland Mack, Nancy Wolfley, Jean May, Marion Barnes, Betty Luecke, Carla Petitieun. 62 7;:215men Third Row: Lois Smart, Evelyn Sherman, Jane Rumpf, Aureila Seyfert, Irene Fischer, Margaret Bidle, Lucille Rollman, Joan Spencer, Carol Schultz, Pauline Kwapil. Second Row: Barbara Stolzaff, Elaine Schrank, Dorothy Rowe, Dorothy Thorn, Marilyn Dillon, Jean Peske, Carolyn Thorndike, Marion McQuillin, Rita Thoke. First Row: Patricia Gaike, Blaise Gagliano, BeMy Thoke, Jean Schoper, Phyllis Wagner, Lorraine Schwcrlzbeck, Arlyne Sandell, Mavis Roubal, Marilyn Vershure, Mary Wagner. NOT PICTURED Jane Barrett Marjorie Diercks ' Mrs. Ann Tillman Martha Baskin Germaine Kryson Marion Wendland Sally Brill Doris Magnusen Jean Wung Rose DeMoHo Lucretia Miller lillian Yee 63 M135 321'775' anniversary On May 7, 1946, trustees, faculty, and alumnae gathered for celebration of Miss Lucia Rus- sell Briggs' silver anniversary as president of Milwaukee-Downer College. During the past twenty- five years, Miss Briggs has given generous and devoted service to the College and has imbued in countless students her own qualities of sincerity, honor, and integrity. We at HMDC" offer Miss Briggs our heartfelt congratulations and thanks for her inspiring leadership. gentenm'al eelehdtion Milwaukee-Downer College took an active part in the Milwaukee centennial celebration in November. A booth prepared by the art department and featuring a large mural was erected at the city auditorium- The mural showed an aerial view of the college, surrounded by symbols suggesting the liberal arts. Demonstrations of plastic work were given at the booth during the two-day period. Alumnae of Milwaukee-Downer presented a clever one-act play as part of a civic pageant, ttPioneer Women of the Century." The play, HA College for WomeneHmfl," was written by Mrs. Gertrude B. Jupp and illustrated the obstactes to a college education which a young woman had to face in 1850. Pt" 'E I I V I RS 10mm M O " MILWAUKEE l846 CUKDM ' r 64 60102.4 pay The day was bright and clear as the four classes walked grandly from Albert Hall into the Horseshoe. The stately seniors in their caps and gowns led the way for the gay yellow, purple, and white of the underclassmen. After receiving their red banner from Luana Kamp, of the red class of '46, the new class of '50 broke through the solemnity of Colors Day with their high- spirited song which resounded throughout the campus. This new class felt themselves welcomed and received by the rest of the college, as the iuniors, their "big sisters", bedecked each with a red ribbon. All voices rose on high in a tribute to this new class, as their banner was raised to the top of the flagpole where it remained for the rest of the day. 60 7-0th225 ' Way For those men and women whose gifts built the foundations of Milwaukee- Downer, the fhirty-second annual Founders' Day was observed. For the honored occasion Dr. Russell J. Clinchy spoke on "Education With a Central Meaning". After the program a tea was held in Holton Hall Parlor for the faculty and students. Courtexy of Milwaukee Sentinel 67 Courtery of Milwaukee Sentinel lflixet On Mixer night, the college became co- educational for a few hours. The gym, Holton dining room, and Greene lounge were at their festive best and so were the girls. The decor- ations, planned around a music motif, added a special dash to the affair. In fact, this year's Mixer showed particularly good plan- ning along all lines. We may thank Elizabeth Thurmon and Beryl Webb for their graceful handling of this largest social event. Moan te$am41 Mountebanks have proved themselves tttroupers" in the best sense of the word. This year has proved their abilities to be ever-in- creasing along a variety of lines. The plays given were of an interesting and successful type. There was a new zest added to pub- licity campaigns and clever finishing touches evident at each performance. Courtery of Milwaukee Sentinel fdntetn M?At Milmmkee Journal Photo Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow . . . Downer's Christmas spirit cannot be thwarted. A good crowd always bundles up to brave the storm on Lantern Night, making the brisk air alive with music. Rafters of hospitals and homes for the aged and orphaned ring with the old carols. In groups of two and three, the lights of swaying lanterns trace the path of the singers from door to door. There is a thrill in performing the old tradition of Lantern Night, and in seeing its results in the happy faces of the listeners. eAuBtmda earnival Step right up-and join the carnival spiritethe Christmas spirit! Christmas Carnival meant an afternoon of shopping and funevisiting the side show and Soph- omore Sallies, while munching taffy apples and pop corn. Merle Epstein and Nancy Bump combined efforts to make it a favorite event this year with a good cause in view. All profit went to charitable organizations as most of the "stock" was donated by Milwaukee stores. Camtety of Milwaukee Sentinel 69 golden llout Janet Schuefer,Corene Wilcox, Elizabeth Thurmon,Mary lou Port, Dolores Kirschner, Dorothy Chamberlain. Slanding 7A2 64m: in. Carolyn Kuny, Merle Epste Sealed Mona Dizon, Lois Raiski. Carolyn Kuny, Joan Loeb, Elizabeth Levy, Anne Needham. Slanding: Seated: 712 eommittee 70 golden 1qou'r. Queen Roberta Sleister Chairman Diane Elsom and Mr. Edward Wood and Mr. Robert Burton, Jr. When the hands of the gilded clock reached 10:30 p. m. on January 11, the golden pumpkin in the Crystal Ballroom opened and the then unknown queen and her court stepped forth. The climax to a wonderful evening came when iunior prom chairman Diane Elsom announced that Roberta Sleister would reign over the prom as queen. After the regal crown had been placed on 'tBerta's" golden tresses by her escort, Ed Wood, the honored couple resumed their place among the throng of prom- goers. Our hats are off to ttDee" Elsom and her committee for the arrangements and unusual decorations they prepared which made the Golden Hour From such a huge success. 71 Milwaukee Journal Photo 72 gtAletic Hasoctatton Third Row: Dorothy Chamberlain, Patricio Vogel, Phyllis Young, Anne Needham, Beryl Webb. Second Row: Eileen Weir, Caryl Perschbucher, Janet Bee, Joanne Mahkorn, Betty Foss. First Row: Patricia Schaper, Elizabeth Levy. SPORTS MANAGERS ArcheryePhyllis Young BowlingeAnne Needham RidingeBeryl Webb Basketball-Betty Foss HikingeJanice Matthews Rowing-Pat Vogel BikingeMartho Russell Hockey-Elizabeth Levy $oftball-Eileen Weir SwimmingeDorothy Chamberlain It has been said that good sportsmanship is essential to a happy life. We at Downer believe that this is true. Each Downer girl has an opportunity to choose whichever sport she prefers. In full there is archery, riding, rowing, and hiking. In winter, swimming, basketball, and bowling are the chief sports. Spring is truly a haven for sports enthusiasts, with golf, archery, tennis, softball, rowing, hiking, and riding. The Athletic Association provides a sports calendar filled with exciting events. This year Downer- ites participated in the riding show, swimming meet, golf tournament, and our traditional regatta. The Athletic Association recognizes skill and good sportsmanship by awarding class numerals and letters. The Blue Blazer iacket goes to the outstanding senior athlete. Officers for this year were Janet Bee, president,- Pat Schaper, vice-president; Caryl Perschchher, secretary; and Joanne Mahkorn, treasurer. Miss Heimbach and Miss Hamilton served as faculty advisors of the club. 78 Milwaukee Jourrml Photo HtcAety One of the best loved sports of both spring and fall is archery. As the archery season progresses, Downer ttRobin Hoods" become more adept at hitting the bullts eye. Their skill is seen in the annual spring tournament. Those who made the college team are Bobby Ann Armour, Mary Jeanne Bacon, Carol Christoffel, Carol Humann, Helen Harvey, Sally Jackson, Betty Jermain, and Amy Uchimoto. 79 Riding Joy Farm affords thrills to enthusiastic Downer riders. Winding trails, streams, wooded areas, and expansive fields add to riding enioyment. At the end of each season a supper ride is planned in conjunction with the competitive horse show. The highest award, the riding plaque, was awarded to Towner Wilcox. The all-college team was composed of Beryl Webb, Patricia Pollock, Margaret Ann Snow- den, Towner Wilcox, and Margery Cobb. iqockey With autumn comes hockey and many an afternoon of fun on the Downer hockey field. This year, the yellow class was undefeated hockey champion. The aIl-star blue team tied the white team in an exciting game. The all- college hockey team included Jean Schaper, Beverly Bates, Eileen Weir, Charlotte Glass, Elizabeth Levy, Betty Foss, Norma Berg, Joanne Mahkorn, Shirley Olin, Bernice Larson, and Janet Bee. Team? Another favorite spring sport is tennis. Downerites practice serves and strokes for many hours until they are ready to play on the courts. Here is Betty Foss, one of Wiscon- sin's tennis champions, during an exciting tournament game. Milwaukee Journal Pb om M Each spring Milwaukee fairways are taken over by enthusiastic Downer golfers trying to improve their last summer's scores. The girls practice their strokes on the athletic field until they are ready to play on the beautiful green carpeted course of Lake Park or Lincoln Park. The season is terminated by gn annual tour- nament. Nancy Gruenhagen and Anne Needham were elected to the college golf team. 81 Regatta With spring comes Regatta at Milwaukee-Downer. The river bank is a beautiful panorama of colorsegreen, yellow, purple, and redeeqch cheering for the crew thaf wears its hue. Last year, the iuniors were the victors; Ann Hathaway was the winning coxswain. Ellen Zeiper, Joan Kickbusch, Pat Vogel, Sally Roney, Pat Schoper, Corinne Gilbert, Helen Gedney, and Gerry Skinner won positions on the all-college crew. 82 galleye government gdaociation Second Row: Louise Wesle, Pat Boerner, Marcia Ruhloff, Sally Roney. First Row: Pat Vogel, Phyllis Weikart, Connie Van Ert, SaIly Jackson, Nancy Schmitt. Not Pictured: Marilyn Davidson, Elizabeth Thurmon, Joan Atwell, Janet Wilson. Downer students learn about the workings of democracy through the College Government Association. This association of students is the Iaw-mqking body of the school and, by permitting the girls to air their views, has been instrumental in bringing about beneficial changes. An executive council, consisting of class presidents, heads of committees, heads of halls, president of the City Students' Organization and the elected officers of C.G.A., functions as a committee to work on various proposed proiects. CONNIE VAN ERT, PRESIDENT OF C.G.A. The more radical issues are discussed by a faculty- student council before being brought before the school. The inspiring Nativity puppet play which highlighted Christmas festivities this year was brought to Downer chiefly through the efforts of this council. Smoking rules, dress rules, freshman razzing, loans to social committee to help finance dances, and the sponsorship of school and class activities, all come under the jurisdiction of C.G.A.! This governing body is a live functioning group and by watching it in action on campus, Downer Cole lege students come to realize the true meaning and application of democracy, which in itself, is one of the most important parts of a college education. 83 Third Row: Ru'h Mehring, Shirley Glaubifz, Betty Fass, Marian Chrislenson. Second Row:. Caryl Perschbacher, Anne Dunst, louise Wesle, Jean Chrislensen, Sally Gruetzmacher. Firs? Row: Shirley Olin, Shirley Hurt. Qty .Slfuclentj ' Ozgdmydtion 16lou12 3041-4 Mary Ritchie, Mabel Wong, Muriorie Wiles, Put Vogel, Sally Jackson, Connie Van Ert, Nancy Schmin, Marcia Ruhloff, Dorothy Chamberlain, Betty Panella. Standing: Mary Lou Baldwin. Second Row: Mary Minion, Estelle Hausmann, Dorothy Chamberlain, Nancy Baldwin. Firsl Row: Mary Jardine, Charlotte Glass. Not Pictured: Mona Dizon. junior goats! llat eommittee Third Row: Mary Lou Port, Miriam Abbott, Mary Minion, Belly Fuss, Dolores Kirschner. Second Row: Corene Wilcox, Betty Opsahl, Dorothy Chamberlain, Mary Ann Trethewey. Firs! Row: Joan Loeb, Janet Schaefer, Shirley Hurt, Merle Epstein. Not Pictured: Carolyn Kuny, Elizabeth Thurmon, Diane Elsom. 85 gumtux The three l'ris" for the Cumtux staff have been 'ritin', 'rithmetic and racing deadlines. Don't think it has been hectic though. We had a grand time juggling copy, pictures, and ideas into what we hope is a yearbook of which you can be proud. Joan's literary leadership and "M.Efs" financial wizardry were more than cm asset-they were an integral part of the planning and work which brought forth the Cumtux. We can honestly say we are proud to present you with these pages. CUMTUX STAFF EDITOR, JOAN KROENING Editor-in-Chief: Joan Kroening Business Manager: Miriam Abbott Photography Editor: Nancy Bump; Assistants: Martha Hadley and Dolores Kirschner Co-Editors in Art: Mona Dizon and Anne Needham; Assistant: Marion Barnes Co-Editors in Copy: Mary Lou Port and Elaine Radloff Feature Editor and Creative Writing: Roberta Sleister; Assist- ant: Jean Olsen Class Editor: Mary Ann Trethewey; Assistant: Marthe Egan Sports Editor: Merle Epstein Clubs Editor: Betsy Grausnick; Assistant: Constance Keyes Typist: Doris Meyer Creative Writing: Betty Ren Wright Business Staff: Mary Minton, Gayle Teske, Jean Bosshcrd, Carolyn Kuny Third Row: Martha Hadley, Mary Lou Port, Betty Ren Wright, Jean Bosshurd, Gayle Teske, Mary Minton, Mona Dizon, Doris Meyer, Betsy Grausnick. Second Row: Merle Epstein, Nancy Bump, Joan Kroening, Miriam Abbott, Anne Needham. First Row: Jean Olsen, Marion Barnes, Elaine Radloff, Mary Ann Trethewey, Marthe Egan. 86 Third Row: Estelle Hausmann, Janet Schaefer, Jean Christensen, Betty Ren Wright. Second Row: Elaine Radloff, Marilyn Stafne, Betty Fass, Connie Van Ert. First Row: Shirley Hart. Kodak As in the previous fifty years of its existence, the Kodak this year had its lens focused on the best literary attempts of student writers. Four times during the school year, staff members gathered in the Kimberly office to select, edit, and proof read the contributions of fellow Kodak workers, inter- ested class mates, and students in composition classes. In addition to presenting the purely literary efforts of its contributors, Kodak has aimed at awakening an increased interest in world affairs among Downer students by presenting editorials and articles on significant world events. Working with the stuff this year were Miss Mary Louise Cameron and Miss Harriet Sweetland, faculty advisers, whose suggestions and help straightened out many of the publication problems facing the staff. Estelle Hausmann and Jane Rumpf handled the art work while Rosemary Froemming, business manager, was assisted by Jean Sauer. KODAK STAFF Editor-in-chief: Betty Fuss Business Manager: Rosemary Froemming Advertising Assistant: Jean Sauer Jean Christensen, Betty Domrose, Shirley Hart, Ruth Hallett, Estelle Hausmann, Necia Patterson, Elaine Radloff, Marilyn Stofne. Connie Van Ert, Betty Ren Wright. 87 1 EDITOR, BETTY FASS BUSINESS MANAGER, ROSEMARY FROEMMING $114,255 of Under the guidance of Delores Froemming and Charlotte Glass, ttSnapshot" has completed its fourth year as Downerts weekly news sheet. With the aid of an efficient staff and the contributions of other interested iournalists, "Snapshot" has again fulfilled its purpose of publicizing important campus events to the students and faculty and providing entertaining reading through its features. Mrs. RusseH Jupp, faculty spon- sor, offered instructive and sympathetic advice whenever it was needed. Helen Stetler and Jean Olsen were chiefly responsible for the feature material printed, while Marion Barnes and Eliza- beth Lovetand shared laurels in regard to the verse. The original cartoons of Estelle Hausmann again played an im- portant part in the papeHs make-up. The great variety of news stories and the "Under the Clock" incidents were sub- mitted by the other members of the staff. CO-EDITOR, DELORES FROEMMING SNAPSHOT STAFF Co-Editor Delores Froemming Co-Editor Charlotte Glass Liz Loveland-poetry Jean Olsene-feature writer Toni Hausmanneartist Barbara Stolzoffe-mailing REPORTERS Jane Rumpf - Helen Stetler - Marion Barnes - Jeanne Rieloff CO-EDITOR, CHARLOTTE GLASS Third Row: Jeanne Rieloff, Liz Loveland, Helen Stetler, Jean Olsen. Second Row: Marion Barnes, Charlotte Glass, Delores Froemming. First Row: Jane Rumpf, Estelle Hausmann. 88 Lefl Io Right: Marilyn Davidson, Mary Lou Baldwin, Miriam Abbott, Nancy Baldwin, Beryl Webb. facial eommittee 17;"!!! and 6011272 Standing: Charlotte Aspuria, Jean an9, Doris Fischer, Joyce Fleischman, Dolores Leonardi, Barbara Schuerch, Lucile Rollmann, Doris Magnussen, Lillian Yee, Janet Huber, Charlene Leland. Seaied: Pal Hamilton, Elaine Radloff, Irene Fischer, Marjorie Roche. 89 Mountekdnkl Third Row: Barbara Murphy, Hope Freeman, Joan Segelboum, Wini Watson, Mary Lou Baldwin, Nancy Baldwin, Dorothy Chamberlain, Louise Wiener, Martha Hadley, Shirley Breslow. Second Row: Mary Jeanne Bacon, Janet Bee, Helen Harvey, Merle Epstein, Dorothy Ann Tiegs, Beryl Webb. First Row: Betsy Grausnick, Marcia Ruhloff, Marthe Egan, Caroline Miller, Janet Levine. "The drama's laws the drama's patrons give, For we that live to please, must please to live." Dr. Johnson well expresses the sentiment of every Mountebank in this couplet. Under the inspiring leadership of Miss Ruth Reber and Miss Gloria Cerrato, whom we are happy to welcome to the Department of Speech and Drama this year, the club has worked with zest and vigor. The apprentice players demonstrated their initiative by entertaining the group with a sparkling variety show. They have also learned the 'iins and outs" associated with successful production. The enthusiastic Mountebanks under the stimulating guidance of Miss Cerrato have spent many enioyable hours working behind the scenes, as well as playing before the footlights, and have reason to be pleased with numerous accomplishments: a well-equipped scene shop, on improved costume room, green room, make-up studio, and new ticket office. 90 lfloun teh'nlj Third Row: Peggy Fehleisen, Janet Huber, Dolores Kirschner, Anne Needham, Mona Dizon, Barbara Schuerch, Jean Stofts, Elaine Berger, Mona Weisberg, Shirley Morse, Jean Olsen. Second Row: Betty Paul, Pauline Kwapil, Margaret Anne Snowden, Rachelle Diamondstein, Marion Barnes, Dianne Henning. Firsl Row: Jerline Walfoort, Shirley Hart, Eloise Anderson, Aurelia Seyfert, Geri Lindquist, Berry Knuesel. Season tickets have afforded the student body an excellent opportunity to see three outstanding and unusual productions: a group of three one-acf plays; The Contrast, an early American revival; and the classic Antigone. The Iecture-recifals under the capable direction of Miss Reber this year also provided fascinating and stimulating entertainment. Memorable were Janet Wilson's interpretation of Wilder's Skin of Our Teeth; Merle Epstein's presentation of Life Wilh Father, and Nancy SchmiH's artistic rendering of Pygmalion. Officers this year were Janet Wilson, president; Merle Epstein, secretary; and HelerbHarvey, treasurer. 91. Third Row: Hope Freeman, Vivian McLean, Jean Stons, Aurelio Seyfen, Jean Snyder, Alice Hill, Janet lavine. Second Row: Mary Lou Baldwin, Ellyn Wenger, Audrey Gilg, Helen Steller, Ruth Wenger, Doris Meyer, Mona Weisberg. First Row: Geri Lindquisl, Betty luecke, Elizabeth Loveland, Margery Cobb, Jean Wung. glee 61115 V fnsem He Left to Right: Charlene Wangensfeen, BeHy Domrose, Margaret Kimball, Ruth Vogel, Delores Taylor, Dorothy Rowe, Ruth Wiener, Mildred Recht. 92 Third Row: Barbara Slrecker, Jean Snyder, Delores Taylor, Joyce Raosch, Aurelia Seyfert, Dorolhy Rowe, Doris Meyer. Second ROW. SI "ley "0", Elizabeth Lovelandl Gladys GUel H 3': Elle" W 9'55- Firsf Row: Charlotte Leland, Merle Epslein, Mary Lou Baldwin. Keliyimw found! Lefl fo Righl: Joy Slraifon, Delores Froemming, Marcia Ruhloff, Shirley Hart, Mary Schultz, Mary Lou Nicoll. Nol Pictured: Connie Van Erl, Marthe Egan, Hope Freeman, Elaine Radloff, Lenore 50M. 93 Third Row: Betty Kline, Donna Fossum, Carol Peterson, Joan Walz, Irene Fischer, Jane Tremper, Eileen Weir, Joy Straiton. Second Row: Wilma Franz, Betty Kalbus, Dolores Schalbe, Alice Dunn, Ruth Mehring, Marilyn Hockings, Lorraine Schwartzbeck, Mary Schultz. First Row: Mary Groves, Betty Jermaine, Sally Roney, Lorraine lsbrandt, Margery Cobb. Occupational TAemlay 31115 "O.T." this year really meant Hover time" because the club instituted a Craft Seminar, wherein the undergraduates in 'iO.T.'i gained teaching experience, and the other students learned new ways to use their hands. The products of their labors were used as Christmas gifts. Dr. Studley, director of the Shorewood Hospital and Sanitarium, again honored the club with art address. At another meeting the members were shown movies of occupational therapists at work. This year's officers included Jean Ebling, president; Amy Uchimoto, vice-president; Phyllis Young, secretary; Betty Jermain, treasurer; and Ruth Mehring, publicity manager. Third Row: Janet Huber, Wini Watson, Jane! Bee, Barbara Schuerch, Beryl Webb, Dorothy Chamberlain, Florence Arakawa, Peggy Derse. Second Row: Mariorie Roche, Helen Harvey, Joan Downey, Phyllis Young, Bobby Ann Armour, Charlotte Aspuria, Ruth Wiener, Ruth Vogel. Firsl Row: Amy Uchimoto, Martha Russell, Caroline Miller, Thelma Van Duzee. Situdio flag Occupational Tketdpy 611M Third Row: Jane Rumpf, Marthe Egan, Mona Dixon, Elizabeth Black, Barbara Chance, Glady Lou Patterson, Elizabeth Jacobson. Second Row: Estelle Hausmunn, Suzanne Fischer, Joyce Reed, Anne Needham. First Row: Pat Dunhum, Dorothy Huuck, Janet Schaefer, Shirley Morse. 95 Third Row: Pat Schaper, Doris Neuswirth, Vivian McLean, Joan Call, Suzanne Fisher, Charlotte Wangensfeen, Jean Christensen, Dorothy Tiegs, Marilyn Raithel, Lois Ruiski, Lois Winn, Anne Dunst, Betty Opsahl, Joyce Fleischmann, Corene Wilcox. Second Row: Shirley Glaubitz, Mary Lou Porl, Betty Knuesel, Marjorie Wiles, Marion Christensen, Pat Hamilton. First Row: June Kutil, Dorothy Gruening, Carol Ann Brand, Marilyn Vershure, Eloise Anderson, Phyllis Wagner, Doris Magnussen. 1qome Zconomicj gItM L72 eetcle 7::ancm'5 Second Row: Joan Kroening, Doris Meyer, Barbara Sirecker. First Row: Roxybelle Brown, Phyllis Weikar', Shirley Hart, Ruth Mehring, Nancy Bump, Jane Van Houlen. g i av Yr 1 gimp Second Row: Jerline Walfoorl, Anne Dunsl, Joan Kroening, Marilyn Davidson, Barbara Slrecker, Jane Tremper, Helen Stetler, Alice Hill, Peggy Derse, Mary Lou Nicoll. Firs? Row: Helen Daniels, Lorraine lsbrandt, Merle Epstein, Jean Christensen, Phyllis Weikarl, Nancy Bump, Shirley Hart, Rila Persenico. Z! 6! 5 Z I link Wollpett Vezein u .72an Second Row: Dorothy Wullschleger, Beverly Bales, Ruth Johnson, Doris Fischer, Betty Ren Wright, Charlotte WangensIeen, Lorraine Schwartzbeck. Firsl Row: Phyllis Weikorl, Connie Von Erl, Janet Schaefer, Louise Wesle, Chris Peters, Rita Persenico, Elizabeth Jacobson, Doris Meyer. 97 Third Row: Harriet Zinneman, Lillian Yee, Hope Freeman, Audrey Gilg, Janet Bee, Sally Roney, Mariorie Wiles, Barbara Slrecker, Ruth Vogel, Beryl Webb, Betty Ren Wright, Rulh Wiener, Charlotte Leland, Dolores Kirschner, Joan Segelbaum. Second Row: Jean Stons, Marjorie Roche, Hefen Daniels, Barbara Schuerch, Amy Uchimoto, Elaine Radloff, Betsy Grausnick, Charlotte Aspuriu, Marilyn Stafne, Mary Lou Baldwin, Marcia Ruhloff, Wini Watson. First Row: Shirley Breslow, Jane? Huber, Phyllis Weikurl, Shirley Hur1,Jean Wung, Doris Fischer, Violet Zane, Mary Groves, Caroline Miller, Jean Olsen. llatAematicg 8M5 jntetndtiondl Relation! eIuL Left to Right: Marilyn Stafne, Ruth Johnson, Joanne Mahkorn, Betsy Grausnick, Betty Foss, Charlotte Leland. pAi Kata Kappa BETTY DOMROSE RITA PERSENICO MARY RITCHIE CONNIE VAN ERT PHYLLIS WEIKART Five seniors were awarded the honor of Phi Beta Kappa membership this year. Betty Domrose, Rita Persenico, Mary Ritchie, Connie Van Ert, and Phyllis Weikart were chosen in the seventh annual election of the Delta Chapter of Wisconsin. In addition to maintaining high scholastic averages all the girls found time for many extra- curricular activities. Betty, an English-German maior, was editor of the ttKodak" in her iunior year and has taken an active part in the orchestra, glee club, 'tSnapshot," and German Club. Rita, who has maiored in languages, has been president of the orchestra and a member of Mountebanks, German Club, and Spanish Club. Botany is the maior field chosen by Mary, who has been active in French Club and an officer of McLaren Hall. Connie, a psychology-sociol science maior, has held the presidency of the College Government Association during her senior year and was editor of the Cumtux as a iunior. She has also participated in the activities of the Spanish Club, German Club, and Religious Council, and has been active on the staff of the HKodak". Phyllis, maioring in modern languages, has taken part in the activities of the German Club, Spanish Club, French Club, and International Relations Club, and has been a member of the Executive Council during her senior year. 99 Blue Blazer Girl I All-'Round Girl JANET BEE PATRICIA SCHAPER Senior Prom Queen SALLY GRUETZMACHER Today Here where the stubborn vines climb high v About the walls, where each new day Draws its deep shadows on the dial, Where silent towers streak the sky, Here dignity and wisdom stay And speak their eloquent denial Of formless fears. These are the days When terror lies upon the earth, The numbing tragedy of war, When we must search the untried ways To give the world its second birth, More pure, more fearless than before. The past repeats its warning to us now, A somber voice, beneath the hcwthornts bough. Betty Ren Wright '49 101 genie: Harriet Adashek-O.T. Club 1; Studio Club 4. Mary Jeanne Bacon4O.T. Club 3; C.S.O. 3; Class Basketball Team 3; Mountebunks 4; Arch- ery Tournament. Janet Bee-O.T. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; A.A. Board 1, 2, 3, 4 1presidenH; Lust Hunter; "Snapshot" Business Manager 3; Christmas Play 2; Sopho- more Play 2; Sophomore Sallies; Prom Publicity Committee; Junior Class President; Senior Caba- ret 2, 3, 4; May Play 2; Mountebanks 4; College Crew 2, 3; College Hockey 3, 4; Faculty4Stu- dent Council 3. Betty BIeyer-Last Hunter; Glee Club 1; Christ- mas Play 1; German Club 2; May P1ay 2; Class Archery Team 2; Class Hiking 1. Jean Christensen4-2Kodak" Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Mountebanks 1; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Last Hunter; C.S.O. Secretary 4; Home Economics Club 4; May Day Committee 2; German Club 3; Cumtux 3. Marian Christenson4Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Music Club 2; May Play 2; Missionary Fair 3, 4; Class Riding Team 2, 3; C.S.O. Board 4; A.A. 4. 1; Mary Louise Cutler4Mountebanks Senior Cabaret 3. Marilyn Davidson4-2Kodak" 1; Executive Coun- cil 2; Sophomore Sallies; French Club 2; Last Hunter; Social Committee 3, 4 1chairman1; A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Mountebanks 1; Spanish Club 3, 4; Senior Cabaret 2, 4; May Play 2; Cumtux 3; Junior Board; '1Snapshot" 3, 4; Prom Court of Honor 3; Co-Chairman of Mixer 3. Betty DOMTOSFOrCheSHG 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; C.S.O. Board 1; German Club 1, 2, 4; 1'Kodak1'5taff'1, 2, 3, 4; Ed. 2, 31; '1Snapshot" 1, 2; May Play 2; Christmas Play 1, 2. Joan Downey4O.T. Club 3, 4; C.5.0. 3; Smoker Committee 4; A.A. 3; College Hockey 4; Class Baseball 3; College Basketball 3. Jean Ebling4O.T. Club 1, 2, 3, 4 1presidenf1; C.S.O. 1, 2, 3, 4 Hreasurerh Last Hunter; 1'Kodak" 1; Sophomore Sallies; Christmas Play 2; Cafeteria Chairman 4; May Play 2; Cumlux 3. Elizabeth Eck4Home Economics Club 3, 4. Suzanne Ehrman4A.A. Riding Chairman 1, 2, 3; College Riding Team 1, 2, 3; Riding Plaque 2, 3. Hctim'ties 102 Mariorie Fischer4Mountebanks 1; A.A. 1; French Club 2; Glee Club 2, 3; German Club 4; Music Club 2, 3; Senior Cabaret 2; Christmas Play 2; May Play 2; Spring Festival 2; Last Hunter. Lois Franklin 1Mrs. Sherman Stern1 Last Hunter; O.T. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; May Play 2; Choral Reading 1. Wilma Franz4O.T. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 3; Christmas Play 2; German Club 2; May Play 2; Last Hunter. Rosemary Froemming4A.A. 1, 3; May Play 2; LasfHunter;O.T.C1ub 2, 3, 4; 11Kodak" 3 1Ad- vertising manager1;4 1Business managed. Lotte Garber4HSnapshot" 1, 2; May Play 2; German Club 1, 2, 3; Mathematics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 1president, 3, 41 Used Book Exchange 2, 3. Barbara Gorman4last Hunter, Class Archery Team 1; Class Golf Team 1, 2; Class Crew 3; Class Bowling 3; May Play 2; Senior Cabaret 1, 3; Sophomore Sallies; A.A. 1. Mary GroveFOJ. Club 2, 3, 4; German Club 2; May Play 2; Faculty Follies Committee 3; ln- ternational Relations Club 4; HSnapshot" 3; Missionary Fair 3; A.A. 3. Sally Gruetzmucher-O.T. Club 3; A.A. 3; C.S.O. Committee 3; Class and College Basketball 3; Studio Club 4; Senior Prom Queen. Joanne Hamburg4-A.A. 2; O.T. Club 2; Choral Speaking 2; Last Hunter; Cumfux 3; Vice Chair- man, Junior Board; Co-Chairman, Mixer 3; Prom Court 3. Margaret HarriFChrisfmas Play 1; French Club 1, 2; May Play 2; Glee Club 1; Senior Cabaret 2, 3, 4; Missionary Fair 4. Helen Harvey40. T. Club 1, 2; Mountebanks 1, Hreasurer12; College Archery Team 1; Bulletin Editor 2. Ann Hathaway-Mixer Committee 2; War Bond Drive 2. Estelle Hausmann-1'Kodak" 2, 3, 4; Mounte- bcmks 1, 3; Cumfux 1cm editor1 3; 1'Snapshot" 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Cabaret 1, 2, 3, 4; Studio Club 2, 3, 4; Hot Committee 2, 3, 4; Missionary Fair 2, 3; A.A. Swimming Manager 3; Smoker Com- mittee 3; Last Hunter. Barbara Houghton4Studio Club 2, 3, 4; A.A. 2, 3; Houseboard 3; Senior Cabaret 2, 3; May Play 2; Johnston Hall Officer 3. Tomiko lnouye-O.T. Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2. Sally Jackson4last Hunter; Mountebanks 1; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3; May Play Committee; German Club 3, 4; Cumfux 3; Mis- sionary Fair 3; Faculty Follies Committee 3; House Board 2, 4; Executive Council 4; Holton Hall Officer 1treasurer1; Faculty-Student Coun- cil 4; Senior Cabaret 3. Elizabeth Jacobson4Glee Club 1, 2, 3; O.T. Club 1, 2; Studio Club 2, 3, 4; 11Kodak" 2; Christmas Play 1, 2; Mountebanks 1; Last Hunter; C.S.O. Council 1, 3; German Club 3, 4. Elizabeth Jermain4May Play 2; O.T. Club 2, 3; A.A. 3, 4; Class and College Archery 2, 3; Chair- man, Lantern Night 4; Class Secretary 4; O.T. Club 1freasurer1. Betty Kalbus4O.T. Club 3, 4. Martha Kitaoka-O.T. Club 2, 3, 4. Bettie Kline-lnfernufional Town and College Club 4. Relations Club 4; Joyce Koellner4O.T. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Mounte- banks 1; German Club 1, 2; A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Christmas Play 1; May Play 2; Last Hunter; Senior Cabaret 1; College Hockey Team 2; German Christmas Play 1, 2; Glee Club 1. Sally Lunge4May Play 2; Senior Cabaret 1, 2, 4; Sophomore Sallies; Class Basketball Team 3; Razzing Chairman; College Swimming Team 1, 2; College Golf Team 1, 2; Last Hunter. Mary McKillip4O.T. Club 2, 3, 4; C.S.O. 2, 3, 4; May Play 2. Lillian Mielke4 Caroline Miller4Mountebanks 1, 2, 3, 4; O.T. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Last Hunter; International Re- lations Club 4; Christmas Play 1, 2; Choral Reading 2, 3; May Play. Doris Neuswirfh--Home Economics Club 1, 2, 4; Christmas Play 2; May Play 2; A.A. 4; Missionary Fair 3, 4; C.$.O. Cafeteria; Class Hockey 1. Betty Panella4-Mountebcmks 1; A.A. Board 3; Aeolian Club 2, 3, 4; May Play 2; Glee Club 3; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Senior Cabaret 3; House Board 4. 105 Pauline Paufsch4Transfer from University of Wisconsin. Rita Persenico40rchestra 1presidenf1 2; Mounfebanks 1; A.A. 1; May Play 2; German Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 4. Christiana PeterFGerman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; C.S.O. Council 1, 2; A.A. 1, 2, 3; May Play 2; College Swimming Team 1, 2, 3; Last Hunter. Mary Ann Pfeifer4O.T. Club 2, 3, 4; A.A. Board College Hockey 2, 3; Senior Cabaret 2; College Riding Team 2; Missionary Fair 3; Christ- mas Play 2; W.S.S.F. 4; '1Snapshot" 1co-editor1. Carol Plouff4Studio Club 1, 2, 3, 4; O.T. Club 1; May Play 2; Riding Team 1, 2, 3; Mounte- banks 2, 3; Aeolian Club 3; German Club 1, 2. Marilyn Raithel--Missionary Fair 1, 4; Social Committee 2; Last Hunter; Mounfebanks 1; Home Economics Club 4; Sophomore Sallies; College Softball Team 2. Martha Rankin--Mafhematics Club 1, 2; A.A. 1, 2, 3; 1'Kodak" 1, 2; HSnapshot" 1co-editor1 1; French Club 1, 2; Mountebanks 2, 3; Biking Manager 2; Christmas Play 2; Orchestra 4; ln- ternational Relations Club 4. Joyce Reed4Studio Club 3; May Play 2; A.A. 2, 3; C.S.O. Social Committee 4. Mary Rifchie-French Club 1, 2; Christmas Play 2; May Play 2; Officer of McLaren 4. Betty Robertson4A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; O.T. Club 1; Mountebanks 1, 2, 3, 4; Last Hunter; Cabaret 2. Ruth Rockstein4A.A. 2, 3; O.T. Club 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2; May Play 2; C.S.O. 2, 3, 4. Janet RodgerFAA. 1, 2; Last Hunter; Class Bowling Team 3; Senior Cabaret 4; May Play 2. Sally Roney4O.T. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Mountebanks 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1; Christmas Play 1; Cuml'ux Staff 3; Aeolian Club 3; "Snapshot" Staff 3; A.A. 3, 4; French Club 1, 2, 3; May Play 2; Class Crew 2; Junior Board 3; Last Hunter; Class Treasurer 3; Class President 4. Marcia Ruhloff4German Club 1, 2; Mounte- bcmks 1, 2, 3, 4; Christmas Play 1, 2; Lost Hunter, Class Crew 3; Religious Council 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 4; House Board 1secretary1 4; Executive Council 4; Johnston Hall Chairman 4; International Relations Club 4; Residence Com- mittee 4. Martha Russell-4O.T. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 2; A.A. 3, 4; May Play 2; Biking Chair- man 4; Social Welfare Committee 4. Patricia Schaper4-Last Hunter; Senior Cabaret 2, 3, 4; Prom Court 3; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Board 1chairmcm1 3; A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Christmas Play 2; May Play 2; Faculty-Student Council 3; Cumtux Staff 3; Class Crew 1, 2, 3; Class Basketball 3; Class Hockey 3; College Crew 3. Nancy SchmiH4Mountebanks 1, 2, 3, 4; Stu- dent Speaker1s Bureau 3, 4; Senior Cabaret 1, 3; Cumfux 3; Junior Board 3; Prom Court 3; May Play 2; Christmas Play 1, 2; Last Hunter; McLaren Hall Chairman 4; Residence Committee 4; House Board 1presidenf1 4; Executive Council 4; Class Riding Team 1; Sophomore Sallies 2; Class Secretary 3; Aeolian Club 3. Grace Siu4Missionary Fair 3. Jean Snyder4Chrisfmas Play 1, 2; Glee Club 1 1presidenf1, 2, 3, 4; Aeolian Club 2, 3; May Play 2; Senior Cabaret 2; Last Hunter. Amy Uchimofo-O.T. Club 2, 3, 4; Class Hockey Team 3; Johnston Hall Secretary; House Board 3; Class Basketball Team 3; College Archery Team 3; International Relations Club 1secre- tary1 4. Connie Van Ert-Choral Speaking 1, 2; A.A. 1; HKodak" 1, 2, 3, 4; Last Hunter; May Play 2; Cumiux Staff 1editor1 3; Junior Board 3; Re- ligious Council 3, 4; Spanish Club 3; Prom Court 3; C.G.A. 1presidenH 4; Faculty-Studenf Council 4; House Board 4; German Club 3. Patricia Vogel4A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Last Hunter; Christmas Play 2; French Club 2, 3, 4; Sopho- more Sallies; Mounfebonks 2, 3; May Play 2; Senior Cabaret 2, 3; Class and College Crew 2, 3; Vice-presidenf, Junior Class; Prom Court 3; Junior Board; Cumiux Staff 3; Spanish Club 3, 4; German Club 3; Chairman, Holton Hall 4; Residence Committee 4; Class Riding Team 1; Faculty-Sfudent Relations Committee 3. Ruth Vogel4O.T. Club 3, 4; Orchestra 3, 4; International Relations Club 4. Audrey Wacker-4Orchestra 1secretary-treas- urer1 2, 3; Mathematics Club 2 1president1 3; Christmas Play 2; May Play 2; German Club 4. Winifred Watson-Mounfebanks 1, 2, 3, 4; O.T. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Christmas Play 1, 2; Choral Speaking 1, 2; Johnston Hall, Chairman 3; Ex- cutive Council 3; House Board 3; Cumtux Staff 3; Junior Board; Prom Court 3; Last Hunter; 104 Senior Cabaret 2; Residence Committee 3; May Play 2; International Relations Club 4. Beryl Webb4O.T. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Mountebanks 1, 2, 4; Choral Speaking 1, 2; Sophomore Sallies 2; Senior Cabaret 2, 3; HKodak" Staff 1business manager1 3; A.A. Board 3, 4; Prom Committee 3; Junior Board; College Riding Team 3, 4; Christmas Play 2; Riding Manager 3, 4; Mixer Co-chairman 4; Social Committee 4; ln- ternational Relations 4; Editor of Blue Book 3. Phyllis Weikart4Class Riding Team 1; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Sallies; Christmas Play 2; May Play 2; Spanish Club 3 1presidenf1 4; Last Hunter; Bowling Assistant 2, 3; German Club 3, 4; C.G.A. 1secretary1 4; Executive Coun- cil 4; International Relations Club 4; Class Archery Team 3. Louise Wesle-4Mountebanks 1, 2; O.T. Club 1; German Club 1, 2, 3; Senior Cabaret 2; May Play 2; C.S.O. 1president1; Spanish Club 3, 4; Last Hunter; C.S.O. Board 3; Executive Council 4. Ruth Wiener-Orchestra 3 1secretary-treasurer1 4; O.T. Club 3, 4; International Relations Club. Mariorie Wiles-Mountebanks 1, 2; Christmas Play 1; A.A. 1; Last Hunter; Choral Speaking 2; International Relations Club 4; Sophomore Class President; Senior Cabaret 2; Executive Council 2; Spanish Club 2; Cumtux 3; Missionary Fair 3, 4; House Board 4; Residence Committee 4; 11Snapshot" 1editor1 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 2, 3 1president1 4; Junior Board; Social Committee 3. La Verne Will4Lcst Hunter; German Club 2; O.T. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; May Play 2; Class Archery Team 3; Class Hiking 1. Janet Wilson-Cumtux 1business managed 3; Junior Board; Mountebanks 1, 2 1secretary1 3, 1president1 4; 1'Snapshot" Staff 3; Last Hunter; Senior Cabaret 1; Social Committee 4; Vice President, C.G.A. 4; Ruzzing Committee 2; May Play 2; Sophomore Sallies; Choral Speaking 1, 2, 3; A.A. 4; Class Hockey Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Faculty-SfudentCounci14. Mabel Wong--O.T. Club 3, 4; Missionary Fair 3; House Board 4; Secretary-Treasurer, Johnston Hall. Bernadette Young4O.T. Club 3, 4; Missionary Fair 3. Phyllis Young4O.T. Club 1, 2, 3 1secretary1 4; College Archery Team 1, 2; College Baseball Team 1, 2; A.A. 1, 2, 3 1Board1 4; Mounte- banks 1; Editor of Address Book 3. Elaine Zurne 1Mrs. David Holman1 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Mounfebanks 2, 3, 4. When Milwaukee was 7 years young! In 1853 e when the City of Milwaukee was 7 years young, with a population of about 20,000ethe Farmers' and Millers' Bonk opened for business in a small one-room office at 204 East Water Street. From that beginning has grown the First Wisconsin National Bank of today- largest bank in the state and one of the oldest e with 13 convenient offices at your service throughout the city. And today, as in the past, this outstanding bank serves not only as faithful guardian of its depositor's funds, but as an active partner in the continuing progress of the community. FIRST WISCONSIN NATIONAL BANK OF MILWAUKEE Established 1853 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOStT INSURANCE CORPORATION 106 I When You Think of F 0 O D Think of WIQIGLIEYQS DESTAUDANT 238 W. Wisconsin Ave. 2nd WDIGLEYQS egg? Uptown gkngf. 4-: i639? 11th and Wisconsin HOTEL SCHROEDER A Favorite Rendezvous for Cocktails Dining Dancing 0 CRYSTAL BALL ROOM EMPIRE ROOM PLANKINTON HOUSE MILWAUKEE RADIO IN EVERY ROOM SIX AIR-CONDITIONED DINING ROOMS 108 Seventeen meeting and private dining rooms of various sizeshto meet your various business and social requirements. Come in see! Or call MArquette 6380 RAY SMITH. President RAY SMITH, IR, Manager HOTEL PFISTER The place to go . . . for Toiletries Drugs Lunches School Supplies and to meet your friends Hoffmann,s Pharm ac y 3116 North Downer Avenue The Youghiogheny and Ohio Coal Company S 3126 North Downer 109 RECORDS . RECORDS RECORDS - RECORDS U! :U Q m DC: O O O U 31'! m U '3: W m He? zawg . GZIZKZwlfMew 2644M DOWNER 5315.0 m MILWAUKEE H, WIS. w Q m '11 O O O O DU m U m U: RECORDS - RECORDS RECORDS - RECORDS O. R. Pieper SIXTY YEARS OF SPECIALIZED FOOD SERVICE Milwaukee 2 Wisconsin m SCFITQIHHHE . hHSTETf co. m Successan lo ALSTED . KASTEN C0. 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M anufacturers of CLASS RINGS AND PINS COLLEGE FRATERNITY BADGES AND CRESTS EMBLEM RINGS DESIGNING IS OUR SPECIALTY FRED B. THELEMAN, Vice Pres. 617 N. 2nd Street Best Wishes T. M. KILEY SENIORS W.S.TRUMPF F. A. LUBER WM. STEINMEYER CO. DEALERS $3an 50,0149, Member ,0 $$$$ch 115 Cumtux Portraits 1037 W 208 EAST WISCONSIN AVENUE DALY 0632 - 3 - 4- MILWAUKEE 2, WIS. patronJ' page . . . 793 MISS LUCIA R. BRIGGS MR. WILLIAM W. COLEMAN MR. WILLIAM C. FRYE MR. HOWARD GREENE MR. H. I. HAGGE MR. CHARLES F. ILSLEY MR. ALBERT S. PUELICHER MR. LOUIS QUARLES MR. WILL - ROSS MR. CHESTER WANVIG A FRIEND 117 WE 1121'le 10 exprm our mail Jz'mere appreciation for interact and did 2'72 compiling our 472mm! to: Mr. Paul Hammersmith, Hammersmith-Kortmeyer C0. Miss Roberta Cooper, Hammersmith-Kortmeyer C0. Mr. Curtis H. Langford, Lainson Studio Mr. O. H. Otto, Lainson Studio Miss Olive Roberts, Lainson Studio Mrs. Joan Ferguson, Lainson Studio The 1947 CUMTUX Staff HAMMERSMITH-KORTMEYER CO. MILWAUKEE x ,.......$ isiuwxaxm..iw...m$1., . f, . . - V , . , . . . . l . . .. ll 6 . i 'if , , r . . . , d: sicawuig .11., . , l . . . . y . . , ,. .. .5i3;...,,,.. ..?..,.s 1.23.?33 . . . . ., . . . . . , .. 4. t . . L . al.1142551, .. ... c . q . 0, t . w. .1. l . , , .:. V3. .... .J . 3 . it. xp. rrfl . . v. T u .twtf. . , Lhtx NIMWHVL-lls erst0. :RLKV .gbfLWr. - AS. y 1 g a xw 1, . x ..r f . . 1' t. T. . .74 m w w . . tax ... x . V. . t . w AJ fuk-uva-a-o-n u ... "MM $m.., . ., .nnwwnuffxaiwgri; ta.

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