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-1- 6,!y'?0 aww WM, ADQOCQ' fJM4Wfg'U!"?j,ZM" cfwfafmvjhwm, Q4PM'O?,,A,,wffQQ fa, 7 ?Wj4JMJ0mAf79f ?WAhL WWMMWWWMM ' dm! lam gym! f7j,65,,, vwDd,0f0i?. QW wl:4:fzf . ' , SL 51.1-, Qx X.f4g,l.?1i'5.QfEs, sf wa , O 71.'r-4 15.1, Ffnjff Q QV X -55253123-P--'ifii 13- -if S -3'2"i'Z':E1 ev-'Pi-5f.'-39:44-Li C 425 'P-4 'fffg-,S ?"" 4" "' 't"2i1'i'4'i'b J 1 4 ' V? -gt 'X X f I V NX 9' w I , 0,59 9 'tl .or p'2'o , n a.:.ft"'f-'W"..v1Mz' , ' 'D X 7 .-UE? jfvxg yf I ' 'X 1970 Editor: Glenda Hatfield Copy Editor: Mary McEniry Business Manager: Keith Nash Layout Editor: Norabelle Gleason Advisor: Wesley Knapp Photography: Larry Pettigrew a time for us a time for us, someday there'll be when chains are torn by courage born a time, when dreams, so long denied can flourish a time for us, at last to see a life worthwhile and with our love through tears and thorns we will endure as we pass surely through every storm. a time for us, someday there'll be a new world, a world of shining hope for you and me. MILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLLEGE MILTONVALE, KANSAS 5-at DEDICATED TO . . . mr. and mrs. martin brandt As an expression of our sincere thanks and appre- ciation for the years of outstanding service to the students of MWC, we desire to dedicate the 1970 Sunflower to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Brandt. Mr. Brandt, as business manager-treasurer of the College and Mrs. Brandt, as a member of the music staff, have each given unstintingly of their time and effort. Whether it be counselling a student on his financial problem, planning a choir tour, as- sisting with an athletic tournament, or directing the Homecoming parade, Mr. Brandt has shown an interest and an ability that has gotten the job done well. Mrs. Brandt, likewise, has demonstrated her versatility on many occasions - adding the finish- ing touches to a reception, directing a choir con- cert, preparing a student for his recital, to mention only a few. For these many services and the multitude of little things which are not so generally known, we say thank you. May Cod add his richest blessings and continue to use you in service to MWC. a time for us someday there'll be when chains are torn by courage born f when dreams . , so long denied 1 KQ ,e,h M Q 0 Q e can flourlsh fav' 'life -J! ra. ,Ns- 5 5 at last to see a life worthwhile and with our love through tears and thorns pass through every storm '7rTf.I'TL .le ',,y,f'ij.qMjA--Q to a new world . a world of shining hope for you and me. A 31 Frosh gets diapered during Sophomore fun and games. Stillness reigns, as Gwen starts to shave her waterballoon. "GETTING TO KNCWV YOU" The 1969-70 school year was ushered in by 73 bright, new faces, ready to heed the call and meet the challenge. The first days of testing were fi- nally ended by a time of meeting new friends, sharing experiences, and getting ready for the new school year. This was accomplished through a variety of well planned activities, such as the freshman-faculty banquet, and a talent night, exhibiting a variety of freshman talent. The second challenge was the return ofthe Soph- omore class. It was with their firm support that the frosh realized their place in life, especially during matriculation. It was Kangaroo Court that prepared them for their new place in campus society. I l "Man is this fun!" Karen's first letter from home. "Woo" Lowly frosh and mighty sophomore working hand in hand, Captivatingly, John sings a native Creek folk song. 9 Y Y V 1 Y K 5 1 P 1 1 W I s , L w V 1 1 w 1 k l X U The future Queen Brenda tells what the Lord means to her. Enjoying the homecoming soccer game, with her fiance, is one of Brenda's queenly joys. " 'Mi -451 ' Y ,ri ir 4 L , it - 'N -9 M1 f , in if ' " teii A M. A a time for royalty The coronation of Queen Brenda was one of the more exciting events of the year. After the en- trance of the five candidates, their testimonies were presented to the audience. This was fol- lowed by the announcing of the runners-up and finally the queen - Brenda Marah, a sophomore, majoring in music. This smiling queen was crowned by the former Campus Queen Linda Chaffin. Dr. Eva Cilger placed the royal robe upon the queen and Dr. Leo Cox presented flowers. Rev. Dale Campbell gave the queen a fitting gift, a Bible. With tears in her eyes and a smile on her face Queen Brenda gra- ciously accepted her royal responsibilities. Queen Brenda takes the long walk with her escort Dan Denison Q -- "',.. Q . 'R 3 iz, 11 OUR 1970 QUEEN CANDIDATES catherine glirm Escort: Keith Nash s J?" , r A is 4, I V , EA Q' r I ' Zigi: ai' 1 , It , 'f -V 5 fig x::w""',j'f' 5 '- ' , ' ff Q- i ff! ' 2 g 'f m if :w , tf r i ws .43 w. 1, Wir: T215 24216. -' 'l ml 'V 5': '25 fa '- . rf. Egiiffi ff sgli -' 2 f ' N E ' ' - A. 3' 9' Fw! A - z - 5 , gigs, -j il A- . H g1'aM":fr5 . gas- --r. -:Q 1 1 9f':'1"' -at . -' ga 155:44 -' -fr' I' Vs -,R A ff vgl, M r,.a,a,.,r 235, I .A ' gf I 5- he M . . - r 6 - f ff? . w,-Q: Q? " v ,wi wi f ,Pi ' :L .. . if? Q r w-, -'Mp 311, h - Fgffflf A P any ..5 k r ' . gr - ww' ' L.: ,P 1. M gayle lundock Escort: Neal Hauser ,ZQ s ' lf, Q, 'sf' 2' E jackie gruetzmacher Escort: Ron Sickmeier C 'f-3+ 'Q - X' E751 ,ii 1 .A MW 'R janet babcock Escort: Terry Bedient I Qsvlk 1 l 4 2 3 K ll WP , I-IOMECOMING 69-70 HMARCHINC- ONWARD" The crowning of Queen Brenda set the pace for an eventful and enjoyable homecoming weekend. It was during this time that Alumni and students came together, and saw the past, present and future of MWC. Activity characterized the cam- pus during the following day of classroom visita- tion, touring of dorms, and reminiscing, closed by a special Alumni program, highlighted by the speaker for the evening, Bob Cwirard. A thirty-minute parade led up to the climax of the weekend, a soccer game with Central of McPherson, Kansas. The outcome of the game being an 8-3 victory, for the Eagles. ,ski The Christian Church strives onward and upward Sophomoreg make a meal of the Tigers. PUBLIC SLAVE AUCTION CONSIGNING 50 Students - for odds and ends, chores, and slave labor of any practical use DESCRIPTION - These slaves are "jacks of all trades and masters of none". They are in excellent condition, and will work if persuaded. Proceeds from this sale will go to mis- sionary work. Special Student Project: Lois Sheridan, missionary to Sierre Leone. Sale will be held Saturda ' October 27. yi 7:30 p.m. on Bank Intersection in Miltonvale. TERMS - Cash Auctioneers: Pruitt dn Lagasse "Working isn't half as much fun as getting sold," cries Marva as she works off her debt to society. "Can I havea four . . ." 14 -. In dead Ernest, Ianet and Steve, render The Frontier Mortician. A Rosalyn Titus: "A Scream in the Dark V' A C...T...I,,.O...N-aninstantreplay. "Wet and Wild" gurgle Harvey and Gary. IN THE DARK The Freshman Class thrilled all with a ghostly Halloween party. It began with a chilling hayrack ride and wound up in the gym. The spooky activ- ities commenced with a deathly-slow football game, a spine tingling spook house, a morbid play the "Frontier Morticianf' and ended with a spirit-reviving singspiration and fellowship. rv ar 'SET ig 'lf fi H' 4 E 1 0 -Q , "MESSIAH" 110 voices joined together, under the direction of Mrs. Ruby Brandt, to present I-landel's "Mes- siah", Sunday, December 14, 1969. The partici- pants from the college and community met to- gether weekly for practice prior to the perform- ance. The "Messiah" featuring soloists - Mrs. Wilma Parsons, Sopranog Mrs. Corrine Thomp- son, Altog Mr. jerry Terrill, Tenor, and Dr. War- ren S. Freeborn, jr. Bass, was presented to an overflow crowd. 16 ' Q--N Hb. . A-.5 if . X 'Q 'N , 39' 'f-2'3" TOP: Mrs. Parsons, Mr. Terrill, BOTTOM Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Freeborn, PHYLLIS HOWARD Education STEVEN SORENSEN Religion KEITH NASH Engineering WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES FACULTY AND FELLOWSHIP The faculty, too, earns its time of fellowship. Once a month they try to get together for an evening of fellowship and relaxation. Following dinner, the entertainment may be provided by a speaker or slides. lt proves to be an interesting time, enjoyed by all. haf' si., fa V ' "i:' ,. .fe A ,-.r-" Love is reflected by the Campus Sweetheart, the candiates, their escourts, and Campus Queen Brenda. l l Campus Sweetheart, Saundra Engle, escourted by Mr. Keith Nash. The social was graced by two Charming servers, Lynette and Norabelle. REPLECTIONS OF LOVE The 1970 Sweetheart Banquet, was truly one that reflected love. Following the announcement of the couples, the candidates for Campus Sweetheart, Kathy Usherwood, and Cathy Ctlinn, were pre- sented. The final announcement was then made - Saundra Engle - was our 1970 Sweetheart Queen. 19 She was serenaded by Doug Peterson. The pro- gram was one that reflected love of all types and shapes and sizes. The Abbott Hall girls presented a skit "Reflections," a solo by Rosie Titus, and an ensemble number - "How about your Heart?" BARTLESVILLE WESLEYAN COLLEGE T , X, Chapel Trio Bartlesville, one of our Wesleyan Colleges, is lo- cated on a knoll overlooking the thriving city of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. This campus rests on twenty-acres of well used land that lends itself to college life. The objectives are to offer to worthy young people an experience in general education, arts and sciences, and Bible and theology. X B.W.C. Patio and Rose Gardens 1 fa.. s ,- ri . W R L ' Viliy, s ggi K ti 51 Ambassadors Quartet 5 ' Q H Jr' f am -41 X X . .JJ t, 52Zi?m?QQ f -,W f- - W0 ff' -21 :axis -M Q' , A ,E.,,MfQ.-,JM Z fl S if .1 Heffl? ' ' rc,,l1',Ai3:.b x , an 'X ll SENIOR5 DENNIS BROWN ' is - , . . l H "W , . , 'xi ' ".5'i?f. -Hi Us is -fl s 3 -Q.. i eg ,f 'K Q Sr' af A K if , H 'Y 1 - ch ,:i Mr :,Pzfs,'?' Q - .eE,fEE": :'.":'1 7 1555 -5. 'v P VW'LWi Z , 1r1.a:g,-iw ,iigfwf ,Q S' " 1 1 1 . ITQL ,V , -W-,iesgfgfis fo, sen ., . f RODNEY COLLINS STEVEN CUMMINGS HAHCI he Said unto me, My gf8CS is Sllffi- "Humble yourselves in the sight of the "Sow to yourselves in righteousness, cient for thee: for my strength iS made Lord, and he shall lift you up." James reap in mercy: break up your fallow perfect in weakness. Most gladly there- 4310, fore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me." II Corinthians 12:9. ground: for it is time to seek the Lord, till he come and rain righteousness upon you." Hosea 12:10. DANIEL DENISON MICHAEL ENGLE ROBERT FILLMORE "For God has not given us the spirit of "Ye have not chosen me, but I have cho- "For this is the day which the Lord hath fear: but of power, and of love, and of a sen you, and ordained you, that ye made: we will rejoice and be glad in it." sound mind." II Timothy 1:7. should go and bring forth fruit, and that Psalms 118:24. your fruit should remain: that whatsoev- er ye shall ask of the Father, in my name, he may give it you." John 15:16. a time for endings 22 MARVIN JOHNSON JAMES IORDON RONALD PULSCHER "Commit thy way unto the Lord: trust "I can do all things through Christ who HI kl10W thy W0fk5- Behold I have Set also in him: and he Shall bring it to stregthenth me." Philippians 4:13 pass." Psalms 37:5 before thee an open door which no man can shut." Revelations 3:8 GARY RUSSELL STEVE SHELLEY "But unto everyone of us is given grace "Save Your people and bless Your heri- according to the measure of the gift of tageg nourish and shepherd them and Christ."Ephesions 4:7 carry them for ever." Psalms 28:9 tamplifiedl GERALD WALKER heart." Psalms 37:4 Not Pictured KENNETH STONE ALAN TRIPP "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart: and lean not unto thine own understand- ing. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6 "Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine JUNIORS Bybee, Tom Cline, Joel De Bruin, Barry Marah, Brenda Olmsted, David Perry, Iames Peterson, James Shelton, Edward Vanderbush, Clifford Not Pictured Beets, Barry Officers President: Rodney Collins Vice-president: David Olmsted Sec-Treasurer: Clifford Vanderbush Sponsor: Dr. Caldwell ,-nv' P l 24 l SCJPHCMORES WAYNE ANSON RON BANDY KATHY BAUGHMAN Shun not the struggle, face The eternal murmur of the waves of the Good grades are indifafive Of a 800d it- it's God's gift. Sea cannot compete with the voice of mind? She haf' both- thee. ww 7 LINDA BERK MARTHA BAXTER ROSEMARY BERG U u Her eyes light upp a smile appearsg yes Love for someone, friendship for every People who d0n'f make much H0159 Wlll you've guessed it, John is near. one, respect for many. fool you. a time for a new beginning 25 QMMA.-,,. pn RHONDA BRANNON MARILYN BROWN HARVEY BYBEE "Sing and I'l1 sing with you, study and A wonderful gal with personality plus, "To work or not to work?" What a silly you'll study alone." she displays her musical talent for us. question V' 'f"7'T"l9 JERRY BYBEE SHARON CLARK MARLENE If fun were 3 Criminal Offenge, I'd be When in the course of human events it CUNNINGHAM jailed for lifel becomes necessary to bluff - letfs bluff. "A quiet girl, but quite a girl CAROL DITTMEYER JIM DOW DAVID DOWN In her quietness, there is charm. Although he's no surgeon, he does a Few his words, but strong. good deal of cutting up. "SN an TWV -my, SAUNDRA ENGLE MARY FARRA DIANA FLETCHER The sugar of her personality, Peaceful, thoughtful, and resigned al- She is il'1CliVidU31iSfiC with 6 firm resolute soft spoken sweetness. ways modest, sweet and kind. purpose. M """"-vm. Q- . KEN IAY FULLER FRANK GARY NORABELLE GLEASON If he's got a far away look in his eyes, The harder I try the better to be, the "It is better to be small and shine, than to he's looking at his feet. worser I am. be large and cast a shadow." Officers: President: Chuck Stair Vice-President: Keith Nash Secretary: Phyllis Howard Treasurer: Brenda Marah Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. Goodsell CAROL GLINN Life can be a song to 50. VICTOR GREEN MELVA GROSENBACH GLENDA HATFIELD I stand on the brlnk of success would Peaceful flwughfful and f95lgl'19d Al Smile lt makes P90Pl9 Wonder someone push me over? ways modest sweet and k1nd what yOu ve been up to GUY HAUCK NEAL HAUSER NOLAN HAUSER An innocent face, but you can never tell Stay cool and calm and you ll collect All great men are dylng I don t feel well VICKI HEDLUND DARRELL HERMANN PAUL HOERNER Her thoughts are centered on Ambition rules my brain, love my heart. Success is a big step, but I have long just one - still she's zealous legs. and full of fun. PHYLLIS HOWARD ROBERT HOWLETT GLENDAH HUPF A friendly girl who may be quiet, but "He looks intelligent with his glasses on, If she can't see a bright side, she polishes with half a chance she is a riot. but that's only an optical illusion." up the dull side and looks at that. E was 2 f ,. '-" ,E ,1.Q1.' 'V.. ,Em - STANLEY HUGHES SHERRY HUSTON JERRY JOHNSON, 50m9Um95 I Sit and think, The more you know her the better you l'mlittle, but watch me. sometimes I just sit. like her, .Q DORIS KASSON PATTI KINCADE Can live without study - what dgeg it The force of her own merit makes her matter? But who in the world can live OWU Way. without chatter. LOWELI. KLATT We all wonder and still wonder grows - how, when, and where he learns all he knows. LEANNE KNAPP SHIRLEY LEWELLEN GAYLE LUNDOCK Wheaties for breakfast, cheerioes Music is well said to be the speech of "Mark mY W0fd5, but d0n'f blame me if angels. MARY MC ENIRY If wise cracks were dynamite would be quite an explosion. it's wrong." ,::-. L 'S 5 -A. F h . ,. .5.., VV 3.7 K ' . 'Xf3:w Sf' . 3 ffififii' if DONALD MC NANEY there A sincere worker in all he does, and that includes mischief. for lunch, and pep for every game. ROBERT MADDOX Work fascinates me, I can sit and watch it for hours. wig CHARLES MASLINC DARWIN MOORE DAVID MOSHER Why make such a fuSS Over life? He'll make tomorrow as cheerful as to- He does his task from day to day, and We never get out of it alive. day with a joke and a song along the meets whatever comes his way. way. KEITH NASH RICHARD OSTRANDER LARRY PETTICREW Christopher Columbus didn't say much, He takes life serious every once in Always feeling his best when he can be a and look what he did. awhile. constant pest. BEVERLY RAPP LOWELL RIKER DONNA SEAL "I was born to giggle, so giggle I He haS three Speeds - slow, slower, and She was made to be an angel, but some- must." Stop. body lost the pattern. l IUDY SICMUND STEVEN SORENSON CHARLES STAIR 5he's young, she's lovely, she's engaged, Personality has the power to open mans "He knows his sports, he knows his les- doors, but character keeps them open. sons, he's bound to leave a good impression." wrgy' LOIS STOKES ROSALYN TITUS KATHLEEN SP93k5, b9l'laV9S and GUS just 35 She Full of fun and mischief too, doing USHERWOOD CLASS OI: 1970 things she shouldnft do. Not Pictured: JOE CARIS JIM POWLKES STEVEN JOHNSON DEBBIE MILLER IENS PEDERSON WENDY STUVE 32 Friendship to many, and goodwill to all. LORA VAN MAANEN Rather tiny from tip to toe, Lori is nice to know. PRESHMEN Mez" - il Ali' sim .:'f3'fLE"2, fe ' s Y,- Q 2 Q-.Q -filllf' ' -an I af P. A A V .rd 5' 4,-...W ,z ll' i a time to embark Atwood, Elsie Babcock, Janet Banks, Sandra Bedient, Terry Benfield, Sandra Bley, Lynetta Bortnem, Jim Broden, Philip Brown, Cynthia Buchholz, Linda Carlson, Marlene Christman, Gerald Daake, Donald Elsberry, Julia Predrickson, Nancy Gaub, Leona Groves, Charles Gruetzmacher, jackie Hartel, Patricia Hauser, Terry Heck, Betty Sue Hehn, Lynette Heltibridle, Donald Hite, Brenda Hodge, Sharon Holsing, Marva Holsing, Terry Howard, Elaine f-r Howard, Glenn Huff, Barbara Huston, Richard Officers President: Wes Mclntyre Vice-President: Terry Holsing Sec.-Treasurer: Iulie Elsberry Sponsor: Mr. Fortunato CLASS OF 1971 Irnan, John Isaacson, George Johnston, Deborah Kamphaus, Judy Klamm, Resa Klauzer, Debby Kotas, Bill Kuehn, Gwen Lange, Paula McBride, Faye McCleeary, Bob Mclntyre, Wes Marakis, John Marshall, Margery Martin, Warren Meiclinger, Marilyn Miller, Harvey Mitchell, Larry Nass, Anita Norgaard, Mark Norris, Beverly Peterson, Doug Peterson, Karen Reiswig, Barry Reitan, Rodney Reynolds, Patricia Riker, Jeannine Rothfuss, Marcia Rumbaugh, Larry Schmitt, Dean Schrecengost, Sam Shook, Bonnie Short, Pat Sickmeier, Ron Sigmund, Donald Sleichter, Steve Spicer, Linda Teare, Debbie Tjaden, Gary VanBriggle, Annette Weicht, Pamela Wiggins, Marilyn Williams, Gloria Zykan, Ierry KY L , wa xx A fgl l V 3 3' NOT PICTURED Fowlkes, Susan Marshall. Dan .rg Woellhof, Paul Not Pictured w Mikkelson, Andrea SPECIAL STUDENTS Brannon, Rosalee George, Angela Schmitt, Laureen NEW AND SPECIAL STUDENTS BACK ROW: Paul Robbins, Steve Kallenback, Bonnie Reitang FRONT ROW: Darrill Murray, Laura Hutchison, Not Pictured: Mohammad Haghi. QQ i , P www ,T I "A time for work . . . for rushing . . . a time for us for play . . . and for entertaining." for studying . . . 6, if QQ, 1 f is N ,,f 3 .5 , f L"i2?Q.5':' . ',' E Q X WW N a help to us College life can be real exciting! Gathered togeth- er on the same campus are youth from many parts of our country with varied backgrounds. But here they learn to live together, to make ad- justments, and to be informed. This experience of learning under the guidance of professional peo- ple makes a lasting impact upon college men and women. To have this educational encounter in an envi- ronment where Christ is put first and where the Bible is central makes for a unique and fuller learning process. Gaining knowledge about our world of things and ideas in circumstances where human reason stands alone, results in frustration and ultimate despair. But the same experience based on the Word of Cod and centered in Christ develops the true man prepared for his place in the world. Our Wesleyan College is committed to a Bible- centered and Christ-filled education with highest academic quality. Our past has been great and our future is challenging. PRESIDENT OP COLLEGE Leo C. Cox, Ph.D i' L4 5 S fqgf li 9 3-A Q.. . ef xii J' I :N45 - 40-4' 'SX Wesley L. Knapp, M.S., LL.D. VICE-PRESIDENT How's your perspective? The painter as he works with his materials is greatly concerned with the relationship of one object to another on his canvass. Though artists of a different sort - you and I need to be vitally concerned with "perspective" in our lives. How is what I am doing today, going to fit into the long range plan for my life? It is often difficult during the youth period of our lives to evaluate events, problems, and circum- stances properly. The present is so much with us. Today's successes and achievements, its frustra- tions and problems are so real, and oft-times overwhelming, that we cannot view them in their proper perspective. lt is therefore most essential that we learn, early in life, to establish priorities, to keep our goals in view, and not permit short-range failures to throw our long-range objectives out of focus. I am sure you have discovered, here at MWC, that the best insurance against making this mistake is to place your trust and confidence in the Lord jesus Christ, who alone can guide unerringly. May I-lis presence ever be with you. ACADEMICS DEAN Miltonvale Wesleyan College has an extremely vital role to play in the area of Christian Education. In this exciting day of advanced scholarship and ex- panding knowledge, it is our dedicated purpose to keep in step with enviable academic excellence while emphasizing the prime importance of spiritual vitality. Hundreds of students have entered these halls, walked these paths, studied in these classrooms and prayed in these chapels. These have departed to spread throughout the world to apply trained skills and dedicated purpose to the service of mankind and the building of the Eternal Kingdom. In these days of social disturbance and clamorous calls for unrestrained academic freedoms, we find in Miltonvale College an institution of quality that brings intellectual stimulus and spiritual challenge to her students students that give promise of superior performance in the fields of their chosen careers and in the areas of their specific callings. The traditions of this institution are deep. The past of this institution is rewarding. The present of this institution is productive. The commitment of this institution to the Church is total. The purpose of this institution is to produce students stamped by the impression of high ideals, marked by the indeli- ble imprint of worthy aspirations, motivated by the compulsion of comprehensive vision, and commit- ted in personal abandonment to the Master Teacher whose instruction we heed and whose commands we follow. ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL new --Q.. Iohn Wilkens, M.A. Duane Ianssen, B. Rel. Dean of Student Affairs Director of Public Relations , a 1 any , , . QEKJIIQ 'I' ' if gswwf. flfvl '1' use sul I ,,.i ,U "2: ' Wayne Caldwell, Th.D. Marlin E. Brandt, M.S. Faculty Representative Business Manager 43 l I l . Warren S. Freeborn, M.S. Wayne E. Caldwell, Th D Professor Emeritus RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY Many young ministers and evangelists receive their necessary training under the teaching of these men. Many students in other areas of study also receive much insight into the Bible through this department. All students find this knowl- edge useful in their personal lives as well as being able to help others in their spiritual needs. Also in this department, William Goldsmith, M.A.p George I. Robbins Ir., M.A. john Wilkens, M.A av-""" X iw Lies Gordon Verne Coodsell, B.S. W. A. Kaufmann, M.A. , if Eva Cilger, Ph.D. Wesley L. Knapp, M.S SGCIAL SCIENCE AND PSYCI-IOLCDGY To help students meet the demands of the future, the department of social science and psychology seeks to educate students about past times, peo- ple, and how to deal with the fast-moving world. L. Verne Atkins, M.S. lon Sabbatical Leavej 45 William Goldsmith, M.A. ENGLISH AND LANGUAGE The English and language department entails a well-rounded program of general English, crea- tive writing, journalism, and literature. The pro- fessors, interested in perfection, guide their stu- dents to a mastery of linguistic skills and appreciation. Karen Goodsell, B.S. George I. Robbins, Ir., M.A 46 Ouida, Janssen, R.N., B.S. Allen W. Gisselbeck, B.A. 47 Also in the department, Elvie Turner, M.A. SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS Figures, equations, calculations, and weird smells pour out of the math and science departments. Technical minds are trained to exacting propor- tions to fit exacting careers of the future through experienced professors. Ernest Mikesell, M.S. EDUCATION AND BUSINESS The education department prepares students to take their places on the opposite side of the desk. The business department develops poised and efficient young secretaries ready to meet the demands of the business world. Thelma Daggett, M.S. e l T R 1 in if 9,0 J 'ig 'Y George 1. Robbins, Ir., M.A. 48 58 !v'iE' I -.-' Karen Coodsell, B.S. FINE ARTS AND PHYSICAL EDUCATICN The fine-arts department of M.W.C. consists of a well-rounded curriculum of music and related subjects. It prepares those interested in extensive music careers, and broadens the horizons of mu- sic lovers. The physical education department rounds out the total curriculum, and seeks to develop the athletic skills of the students. Also in this department Cordon Verne Goodsell, B.S. Ruby V- Brandt, M5- Frank Fortunato, B.S. BUSINESS PERSONNEL L... Myrtle Rawlins Assistant in Mailing Department Phyllis Tolle Secretary to the President and Dean Esther G0ldSmlil'l Emma Dug-keg Secretary in General Office Supervisor of General Office 50 f,,,..-f-ff' Corrine Thompson Ioan Caldwell Secretary to Business Manager and Cashier Secretary to Director of Public Relations Mildred Rist Mary Lynn Gisselbeck Cashier and Assistant in Business Office Bookstore Manager 51 . ry! ll I VITAL PERSONNEL: Ouida Janssen Dr Warren Freeborn M D College Nurse Rev. Dale Campbell College Pastor 52 ,1- Leonard Parrish Lester Thompson Director of Maintenance Custodian Harvey Balderston Assistant Custodian KEY TO SMOOTHLY RUN CAMPUS 53 3 , 5 i I 3 Ruth Kaufmann Acting Librarian -w 1 Ebba Robbins, Pearl Freeborn, Dola Knapp, Ruth Wilkens - Assist- Vesta Gary ani I-ibfafiaf1S- Director of Food Services PEOPLE BEHIND THE SCENES 'Q-it Frances Buel, M.S., Librarian ?3'45'?"W W s-..... ton leave of absencej A ' ' 2 i 'fr i Nina Beals, Essie King, Ioann Bybee Assistants in kitchen. 54 xv-'ff Y I x1L If Q7 fig? 6 fy W a guide for us 55 MASK AND MIRRDR The object of the Mask Sa Mirror is to present the fine art of acting and related activities at M.W.C., to obtain experience in leadership, and the associated fields of speech and art. The rnain project will be to present a play in April. The club is sponsored this year by Mrs. Verne Coodsell. STANDING: I. Elsberry, I. Christman, N. Fredriekson, D. Moore, C. Maslingg SITTING: Mrs. V. Coodsell. HAPPENINGS The flag that waved above Miltonvale was a ragged one. The Student Senate realized it and took it upon themselves to aquire a new one. On February 27, 1970 a new flag, once flown over the nation's capital on july 4, 1969, began it's reign over Miltonvale Wesleyan College. The College gives a hearty thanks to the Student Senate. 56 , OFFICERS Pres: Treas: Alan Tripp jim Perry Vice-pres: Sponsor Ron Pulscher Miss Cilger Sec: Doris Kasson MISSIONS In 1963, Missions Club was formed to promote the cause of missions on the Miltonvale campus. Its main function has been to challenge students to have a world vision, through monthly meet- ings, the slave auction, and the Missionary Con- vention. Films with a missionary emphasis are also shown from time to time to encourage and inspire those who have an interest in missions. Money raised through the Slave Auction and Missionary Convention goes to the partial sup- port of Miss Lois Sheridan in Sierra Leone, Afri- ca, as well as to sending a student to a mission field during the summer. This year over ssoo was raised through the Slave Auction and another 53,000 in pledges and offering were given during the Missionary Convention. "Impression with- out expression equals depressionf' "C-o ye into all the world and preach ttellj the Gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15 CHOIR TOP ROW: M.Crosenbach, R. Huston, T. Beclient, P. Hoerner, D. Down, R. Bandy, A. Nass, SECOND ROW: D. Fletcher, I. Stokes, B. Fillmore, M. Brown, l.. Knapp, P. Lange, THIRD ROW: M. Baxter, I. Peterson, S. Shelley! F, McBride, B, Howlett, Single B, Marahg BOTTOM ROW: J. Elsberry, 1. Cruetmacher, B. Reiswi, D. Moore, R. Brannon, G. Williams, N. Fredrickson. we Q. Q i , X V A , i fa Q R . Za, lm. A ff ' " 5. " - ., . firr ,...-f at we F . . Jl..f.u,mV ,,.. ,D A W fy 7 .KK Fellowship that comes from waiting to get in. ,Q . J sa ' L 5. X 5522 -La. 58 . ws-HISSIKSNW The choir's temporary "home away from homef J if .,2lEA. . if g Sleep comes in small snatches on choir tours. Even the bus driver, Mr. Cisselbeclc, needs his nourishment! The choir, singing in their formal attire, CHRIST IN MUSIC "Singing 'they' go along life's road, praising the Lord" . . . Miltonvale Wesleyan College Choir's pre- eminent goal is serving Christ in songs from the heart. Concerts on campus and in the surrounding area give opportunities to share with all ages the joy of serving a living Christ. Their repertoire, consisting of music from various periods, includes spirituals, chorales, and anthems, as well as choruses expressing testimonies. The climactic event, the Easter Choir tour, took them to California, for the first time, with contacts enroute in Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas. il 1 .H BACK ROW: S. Sleichter, G. Tjaden, L. Klatt, T. Bedient, F. McBride, M. Baxter, A. Tripp, I. Peterson, H. Miller, B. Reiswig, F. Por- tunato. FRONT ROW: D. Fletcher, S. Benfield, D. Kasson, E. Howard, C. Huff, A. Nass, S, Clark, B. Marah, K. Peterson, G. Hauck. if . . . Good! X BAND The MWC band is a group of twenty-one ener- getic students led by Professor Frank Fortunato. At all home games they direct their energy into providing some spirit through music. They also give one public performance during the year. Alan and Martha give it all they have during a home game. 60 OFFICERS Pres: Denny Brown Vice-Pres: Dave Olmsted Sec.-Treas: Rosemary Berg and Gerry Walker AMBASSADORS CLUB BACK ROW: Dr. Caldwell, T. Bybee, G. Walker, 5, Shelley, H. Bybee, P, Hoerner, R. Collins, R. Berg, FRONT ROW: R. Huston, C. Russell, D. Marshall, B. Reiswig, D. Brown, R. Pulscher, J. Carris. 3 . i E 5 'S if . i 5 ffl- Q . ii K. 1? 3 55.3, A ' . :iw L M Q, . X, n 4 fi 3 . w H f f t A " F.:- . fs rf- ! K Yi: sf' Ji ',,...L. BACK ROW: C. Glinn, A. Tripp, M. Holsing, D. Denison, C. Glinn. SECOND ROW: Portunato, S. Sleichter, 5. Clark, R. Klamm, I. Cline. FRONT ROW: L. Hehn, N. Gleason, B. Norris. MILTONVALES MIXED ENSEMBLE Rnkx, f' . . O W Y 1. 1 rig? .fi 'K s L l Q5 L2 ' 1? P 4, K , Z,' . W if 5 'X .1 l , ly, Q !, KX.. 5 .3 f gr, 'lf .9 4 GIRLS TRIO: pianist, Bev Norris, Lynette Hehn, Marva Holsing, Norabelle Gleason. '1Gospel Teams", as they are called, are made up of groups of stu- dents that are organized by the Music Department. They go into the surrounding country about two weekends a month upon re- quest. They spread the praises of the Lord with a song in their heart, while representing MWC. 62 SPEAKERS: Mike Engle, Gerry Walker, Denny Brown, David Olmsted, Clifford Vanderbush, Ronald Pulscher. N'-sa W 'V 41, , V '11 or , i r se .. Q . if fx, X if ,i xr LADIES! TRIO: pianist, Resa Klamm, Sharon Clark, Carol Glinn, Cathy Clinn. 63 MENS QUARTET: Steve Sleichter, Dan Denison, Joel Cline Alan Tripp. ww, F2 5 is MIXED QUINTET: Pianist: Marlene Carlson, Keith Nash, Debbie Miller, Linda Buchholz, Patty Kincade, and Mike Engle. M LADIES' TRIO: Pianist: Lynetta Bley, Kathy Baughman, Phyllis Howard, and Leona Gaub 64 Religious life Committee sponsor: Professor Goldsmith, and student chaplain: Dan Denison. What is life? What does life hold for us? How can we get the most out of life? How does Christ re- late to our lives? These are just a few of the questions that have been asked by students here at MWC this year. Not only have these questions been asked, but they also have been answered. In fact all of these questions have been answered by answering the last one. Once we have allowed Christ to be the Center of our lives, the answer to all the other questions will fall right into place. We have found how Christ relates to our lives. We have found that He must be the center of our lives. We have found what it really means to be a Christian. By finding these facts, we automatical- ly have found what life really is all about. We praise God together for the ways He has been manifesting His Son to each of us, faculty and students alike, this year. Along with praising Him, we also thank Him and our prayer is that as each of us leaves MWC this spring, that we will take with us the knowledge of Christ, not only for ourselves but to pass on to others. The Chaplain, Dan Denison RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE: D. Denison, K. Usherwood, C, Stair, B. Fillmore, Rev. Campbell, W. Goldsmith, M. Engle, R. Berg, T. Bedient. 65 a time for prayer NEBRASKA BACK ROW: V. Green, R. Ostrander, W. Anson, D. Marshall, L. Bley, V. Hedlund, P. Howard, M. Grosenbach, E. Howard, M. Mar shall, A. Van Briggle. WISCONSIN B 0 ar ,4"h':-u-aff' M. Farra, P. Weicht, A. Geore, K, Baughman, D. Omsted, G. Walker. 66 TRI-STATE is 2 2 A If V. BACK ROW: S. Benfield, C. Clinn, S. Lewellen, C. Groves, C. Stair, W. Martin, I. Zykan, C. Clinng FRONT ROW: D. Seal, C. Brown, G. Williams, P. Short. IOWA-MINNESOTA QT-31 "sk: "Nad, 'W .. ..,A I v I? . V i 3 . BACK ROW: B. Huff, S. Huston, M. McEniry, S. Banks, F. McBride, S. Clark, L. Van Maanen, I. Riker, L. Berk, D. Teare, L. Stokes R. Berg, B. Marah, A. Nass, B. Hite, K. Usherwoodg FRONT ROW: N. Hauser, B. McCleeary, N. Hauser, C. Tjaden, R. Bandy, L Riker, B. Reiswig, R. Howlett, D. Hermann, D. Schmitt. 67 KANSAS BACK ROW: G. Hauck, R. Brannon, M. Baxter, I.. Knapp, E. Atwood, C. Hatfield, M. Brown, M. Wiggins, I. Kamphaus, S. Engle, N. Gleason, B. Norris, M. Cunningham, I. Iman, FRONT ROW: K. Nash, P. Hoerner, I. Dow, D. Mosher, R. Huston, R. Collins, S. Slei- chter, K. Fuller, L. Rumbaugh, F. Gary. CQLORADC l l BACK ROW: H. Miller, H. Bybee, J. Bybee, T. Bybee, D. Kasson, J. Babcock. 68 DAKOTA V V, BACK ROW: C. Vanderbush, C. Howard, C. Christman, D. Heltibridle, M. Holsing, K. Peterson B Shook L Caub M Meidinger R. Reitan, I.. Pettigrew, SECOND ROW: I. Sigmund, C, Kuehn, I.. Buchholz, M. Carlson, B. Rapp P Kincade L Hehn P Hartel R Klamm, D. Johnston, D. Klauzer, FRONT ROW: D. McNaney, D. Sigmund, D. Brown, C. Russell S Shelley R Pulscher T Be dient, W. Mclntyre. Banding together for a time of prayer for ones district.churches, and needs, is one way of pray- ing without ceasing. One night a week these bands gather together by districts. They have a time of devotion, present special prayer requests, etc., and most important, bring these needs and prayers of thanksgiving to God. 69 a time for capturing The task facing the annual staff was one of ac- curately and yet enjoyably depicting our school year. Under the leadership of Glenda Hatfield, we hopefully attained our goal, and equalled our tasks. Through the many trials and joys, laughs and tears, this year shall go down in history as memorable. Larry calmly sizes up the situation. "Yes - I thinkllike it!" Reminiscing through old pictures is fun. H "Yep, here it is!" BACK ROW: R, Collins, T. Beclient, I. Cline, T. Bybee, W. Mclntyreg FRONT ROW: D. Iohnston, D. Seal, S. Engle, D. Kasson, S. Sorensen, I. Babcock, K. Baughman, L, Stokes, C. Stair. OFFICERS: Treas, L. Stokes, Vice-Pres., T. Bybeeg Sec., K. Baugh- man, Pres., S. Sorensen. fa- r '59 K 71 STUDENT SENATE The Student Senate combines the idealism and imagination of youth. The fourteen members of the Senate represent a cross section of the stu- dent body and are a good barometer of "what's happening" on campus. Their goal is to improve communication between students and faculty, and to promote harmony and cooperation on campus, a campus that encourages the develop- ment of Christian maturity. It seems even R.A., Dave Olmsted, finds time to enjoy himself. A CHALLENGE MET The job of Resident Assistant is never dull. Room checks twice a week, locking doors, filling the pop machine, and handing out change for laundry and snacks, are some of their routine duties. Maintaining a happy dorm, and living a consistent Christian life is no small task. But these R.A.'s are learning and have learned well, for this is a year that at least begins to prepare one for future problems and decisions of life. They have learned to appreciate and are appre- ciated by all. IOMFUHUV N... .,,. a,.,..,?4v':f ln- Some RA's dish out food as well as room checks. BACK ROW: Phyllis Tolle, Marvin johnson, Margie Smith, SECOND ROW: Steve Sorensen, David Olmsted, THIRD ROW: Kathleen Baughman, Phyllis Howard, FRONT ROW: Doris Kas- son, Brenda Marahg Not Pictured: Alan Tripp. X 'X X Tf'3Z'2?f?-f"L"' 5 ' S Q igpkffix a place for us ABBOTT 5.1 'i Ilia' :H K " Ffh" jix wir! Wg 1 . s BACK ROW: C. Kuehn, L, VanMaanen, C-. Williams, N. Cleason, B. Rapp, I. Sigmund, R. Titus, MIDDLE ROW:M. Coodsell, S. Lewellen, K. Peterson, M. Wiggins, P. Howard, M. Holsing, C. Lundock, S. Huston, FRONT ROW: C-. Hatfield, M. Mclzniry, D. Seal, B. Shook, M. Carlson, M. Cunningham, P. Kincade. QM' Three girls caught unaware at dorm prayer meeting. Sleep always makes the day go better, dreams Marilyn. 74 41" "Man does not live by study alone." 3 er, , ,gr r l it mr in 'K if k , , - .. as ff M, .- 'fifl ,,.,, H.. ' ' "5 'Hg - , , ,,5, The rare snow affords a great opportunity for . . . Rosie works at one of the more difficult types of schoolwork. 75 fr U If I "Thisl ooks like fun - but for who ?" 8 D s L . ,X ,4 ,ef fzwzgggmi if svM'g4r: - -1 --v- , . ' ' "2 z. up Q ,:..,'I,' , - K f "Mil: ff. 14, P+-" ' f f 1,5-F-Pirlf a"' :k i1- Qi ' 5 if s MJ. . . K XX, - M"'r I yklfilf -- ..l' of . 54 ' W -Mil "., Q93 Q 3, ' ,, , . X is Xyjewk if -:tr W psig! eww sg, i is i s ,WL Quigley., gr. ,M 4 ki' ll! 5. ,., '5' 1 TRQ, 4 ' ' fi ff : iff X' Q3 1 it ,- Mr . ' , F , "Oh! You wouldn't!" Cries dorm mom, Phyllis. .sf L, ww 4 H., LADIES RESIDENCE BACK ROW: P. Short, L. Buchholz, P. Weicht, C. Dittmeyer, D. Teare, I. Gruetzmacher, N. Fredrickson, I. Elsberryg MIDDLE ROW: B. Huff, I. Kamphuas, A. Vanbriggle, M. Grosenbach, E. Howard, A. Hite, A. Bley, K. Baughmann, S. Banks, D. Miller, D. Fletcher. George, B. Norris, M. Brown, FRONT ROW: D. Klauzer, B. ,,Hiff 76 ni ' S .. . .b.-. .,...,.. . . If ,',- .cg .S-.. - A ','L w . . . " what can you say with a mouth-full of toothpaste! BACK ROW: R. Klamm, D. Johnston, S. Engle, B. Heck, P. Hartel, I. Babcock, B. Marahp MIDDLE ROW: K. Usherwood, M. Mar- B shall, C. Glinn, S. Clark, S. enfield, C. Brown, W. Stuve, E. Atwood, FRONT ROW: L. Berk, L. Stokes, C. Glinn, A. Nass, S. Hodge, M. Meidinger R. Berg, M. Rothfuss. -Q-ar. a 1' fb When studying Sharon must have her comforter - her blanket. "You better watch out!" "Guess who?" a. , R C- . in 'K 4954 HESTER HALL BACK ROW: I. Bortnem, I. Marakis, B. DeBruin, C. Howard, SECOND ROW: D. Heltibriclle B. Fillmore, G. Isaacson, THIRD ROW: I. Bybee, C. Vanderbush, H. Bybee, T. Hauser FOURTH ROW: V. Green, G. Tjaden, S. Sorensen, D. Sigmund, I.. Riker, FRONT ROW: B Reiswig, C. Stair, D. Moore, C. Russell. "Don't interrupt me now, l'm busy." Bill and Iohn work on an assignment inthe dorm lobby. 78 A A em Dan tries to keep things organized in his own way. In an effort to keep 2nd floor clean, Neal Collects and disposes of empty pop bottles. .-i- A in. Y Q L ,.hr ,Wi BACK ROW: L. Rumbaugh, C. Groves, I. Christman, H. Miller, L. Pettigrew, N. Hauser, I. Zykan, I. Cline, S. Schrecengost, L. Klattg FRONT ROW: D. Marshall, N. Hauser, D. Olmsted, D. Daake, S. Sleichter, K. Nash. 79 BACK ROW: G. Walker, L. Mitchell, W. Mclntyre, D. Down, R. Bandy, S. Shelley, R. Ostrander, D. Hermann, R. McCleeary, B Howlett, T. Bedient, I. Iman, FRONT ROW: D. Brown, W. Anson, D. McNaney, R. Pulscher, M. Engle, R. Huston. NOT PIC- TURED: D. Denison, I. johnson, B. Kottas, B. Maddox, D. Peterson, I. Peterson, A. Tripp, C. Masling. . ::.-1. -- ,, K ,YB 5 N . ,, it ' xixagggi ' if K .SWE K X. xi. Denny relaxes, after a night of studying? Weight-lifting is one of Bob's more enjoyable subjects. 80 TOP ROW: F. McBride, L. Helm, D. Kasson, L. Spicerg BOTTOM ROW: 1. Riker, M. Farra, L. Gaub. A sight that is typical of a dorm prayer meeting. 81 I-IILLCREST Jeannine believes dorm life can be quietly fun. :fd O O Two Hillcrest roomates discuss the tiring process of orientation N-,N y fi 'W f H .ak . fx. off-campus students BACK ROW: P. Broden, R. Reitan, P. Hoerner, P. Gary, S. Hughes, T. Bybee, K. Fuller, SECOND ROW: E. Shelton, J. Dow, R. Collins, D. Mosher, I. Garis, G. Hauclc, FRONT ROW: G. Huff, R. Brannon, P. Lange, L. Knapp, M. Baxter, V, Hedlund. I .J 'H fx more 0 wx "You like it, it likes you." Jim may be in for a surprise! 82 XJ. If ist", 'r-5" "' ' 'N ,ff F if-rf' rf Wu fun for us 83 'lay'-1.,f,-iff ' ' f""' r-035731-f.-.,j 'wif' Xa 54 isfifa ' . , X 627 7 ' -J I X I z' X I W 0120453 bulldogs OFFICERS Pres: Clifford Vanderbush Sec.-Treas: Laura Van Maanen Vice-Pres: Barry Beets vnwnnufg jug 1- 1 ,M ww QW 1 ' fm gk an L fa, Y lk ra if Vi' if 5. qwmw 84 xg fbi M?21Q tigers OFFICERS PICS: Ioe Garis Sec -Treas: Sharon Clark Vice-Pres: Keith Nash ,vm J f Mvmk . ig. 'W K Fi MPL, 4,2 f . mf 85 4,.- , CHEERLEADERS ARE SPIRIT Our cheerleaders have been faithful in executing their duties. They have cheered the team onward through thick and thin, and aided in keeping the school spirit at a high point. They cheer at every home game and at all other games when possible. Our thanks really go out to a job well done, in school representation. Q -F fill f . -53? limi, 5 Gwen gives it all shes got as the cheerleaders cheer on our soccer team. TOP TO BOTTOM: Gwen Kuehn, Sandra Benfield, Gayle Lun: dock. and Debbie Teare. "Go .....,. V' 86 Reiswig, J, Garis, D. Peterson, C. Groves. John sets the ball up For a good kick. BACK ROW: S. johnson, T. Bedient, W. Mclntyre, I. Bortnem, R. Reitan, C. Mosher, D. Down. SECOND ROW L Mitchell F Cary, D. l-leltibridle, D. Hermann, I. Zylcan, S. Sorensen, C. Vanderbush, Coach Goodsell. FRONT ROW C Stair I Johnson B SEASON SCORES Central . . . Friends . . . Midwest . . . Concordia . Central .... Midwest . . . Sacred Heart Friends .... MWC MWC MWC MWC MWC MWC MWC M NC Chuck Stair, wing, charges onward with the ball, joe "Monster Man" Garis, forward, spars for the ball with two opponents. 88 Jerry johnson, wing: a fighter on the field. Eagle Steve Sorensen, forward, heads ball in for a goal Teaming up with Doug Peterson, Chuck Groves, halfback, heads in the ball. Terry Beclient, fullback, kicks high for distance downfield, Grabbing the ball, jerry Zykan, goalie, fulfills his duty. Coach Coodsell catches his breath during a strategic play . if jp The boys on the bench shiver and watch BASKETBALL Pre-season Tournament at McPherson Central 85 ..,.... M.W.C. 51 St. Johns 98 . . . . , M.W.C. 71 Central 69 . . . . . M.W.C. 44 Cloud County 106 . , . . . M.W.C. 61 Alumni 67 .. . . . M.W.C. 69 Friends 62. . . . . . M.W.C. 79 Midwest 48 ... .. M.W.C. 55 Hesston 90 . . . . , M.W.C. 78 Midwest 39 ... ,. M.W.C. 66 Central 88 ... .. M.W.C. 59 Friends 73 . , . . . M.W.C. 78 Scores incomplete BASKETBALL TEAM: BACK ROW: Coach V. Goodsell, D. Peterson, G. Howard, I. Zykan, T. Hauser, W. McIntyre, F. Gary, Stu- dent Managers, L. Pettigrew, J. Garis, FRONT ROW: C. Groves, S. johnson, D. Sigmund. T ' I Steve Johnson, forward. Frank Gary, forward, Don Sigmund, guard. Chuck Coves, guard. 90 1 i i Wes Mclntyre, center. N Glen Howard, guard. Y f Terry Hauser, forward. Doug Peterson, gu The team gets a few hints frm Coach Goodsell. ard. 91 The bench watches on with anxiety iii? Q3 X 'ni . if life, 2 ws .. K iff lf'- V L ' W ' ,gif ,353 , -5- 1 v'L. i.1,,-TW if ' . Sandy concentrates on serving up the next point. "Got It!" PLAYDAY On Friday afternoon, Sept. 2.6, a group of twen- ty-six girls invaded the Central, McPherson Campus, for a time of fun and fellowship. Soft- ball, volleyball, and badminton were played in competition. Miltonvale did well, taking first place in softball, badminton doubles, and in one out of two volleyball matches. All the girls, on both teams, enjoyed themselves fully, and had a great time of fellowship following the games. Fellowship is a must for good sportsmanship! "Come on girls, let's have some teamworklf' GIRLS TUMBLING The girls form a pyramid, surrounded by girls doing the splits. Marge tops off a standing pyramid, while accompanied by girls doing back bends. A Combination of headstands and cheststands is done by some tal- ented girls. 94 A series of forward rolls and backrolls, is done by the majori- ty of the class. 5 ? x 5-:.,. .gi-:,,,3ip5f,Q?' 'X - -4- ",.g:?N,- .. 5- 1411.1 K , ' ,,'3"'j-fn'Q2f' 'X LZ 1 in d?'Fr'X , T , c WK support for us THE 2700 members and 74 churches 51lpp01"fS Cbrzstzan f Qunlzty Educatzon at MWC Rev Rev Reu. Ronald R. Brannon Dist. Supt. Wayne E. Caldwell Asst. D. S. Iorren D, Elliott Treasurer Rev. Dale W. Campbell Secretary NSAS DISTRICT ' - ' 3-9 W -W-H .- +V!-hae' 1970 Camp G Conference jubf 31 August 11 Dzstrzct Grounds at Mzltonvnle, Kansas einiggf F. C. HILL MEMORIAL WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Miltonvulc, Kansas Supports M iltonvulc XVcsleyan College IOOW Wg ,iw -44 Rev. and Mrs, Dale Campbell, pastor VI' If you are looking for a church home, come, we can help you. If you are looking for church work, ETHANY CHAPEL WESLEYAN Come, you Can help us- CHURCH T CLAY CENTER WESLEYAN Clay Center, Kansas Lowell I. Cilger, Pastor HONWARD MILTONVALEH h Sl C 11t ourt, Clay Center, Kansas E. K. Purcell- Pastor DAKOTA DISTRICT OFFICERS Rev. John Hunter, Superintendent, Rev. IP. Simpson, Pres. of Philippine Mis- sions, Rev. Earl Olson, Treasurer, Rev. Darrell Wagner, Secretary, Rev. O.D. Watson, Assistant Superintendent. DAKOTA DISTRICT OF THE WESLEYAN CHURCH representing North 8: South Dakota, Montana SL Wyoming Stands solidly behind Our Christian Schools NEBRASKA DISTRICT OF THE WESLEYAN CHURCH District Board of Administration Rev. Duane Lauber, Asst. Supt. Rev. Lloyd I. Phipps, Secy. Neil Lancaster, Treas. Rev. Charley A. Phipps Oliver Brown Robert Strong Rev. Eldred E. Cummings Rev. David L. Fowler Rev. Richard E. Long District Superintendent Oshkosh, Nebraska "Congratulations to the Seniors of "7O" FIRST WESLEYAN CHURCH The Pastor and People of First Wesleyan, at Rapid City, South Dakota, congratulate Miltonvale Wesleyan on the work you are doing. We assure you of our support in every way. BECKMAN MEMORIAL CHURCH PRAIRIE CITY, S.D. Pastor - Rev. Dale Van Meter CONCORDIA WESLEYAN THE WESLEYAN CHURCH Belleville, Kansas CHU RCH Sixteenth and Cedar Streets Concordia, Kansas "The Church with a Friendly Welcomeu Rev. Dick Mason, pastor Rev. Duane C. Seitz, Pastor SUUTH TROY WESLEYAN CHURCH THE WESLEYAN CHURCH ABILENE, KANSAS REV. C. R. HOERNER, PASTOR BACKINC M.W.C. WITH PRAYER, FINANCES AND STUDENTS Zumbra Falls, Minnesota A Healthy Church in a Healthy Community Pastor David D. Howell Supports Miltonvale Wesleyan College with Students and Satisfied Alumni THE TEXAS DISTRICT A new pioneer district with a challenge for youth willing to venture and trust God! 4 A great area - 267,000 square miles A great challenge - 14 million population 90 cities over 10,000 without a Wesleyan Church " A great need - Ministers, Teachers Builders, Investors 3' A GREAT GOD - "Is there anything too hard for thee?" joe C. Sawyer, District Superintendent 1013 Maxey Road Houston, Texas 77015 FIRST WESLEYAN CHURCH 1700 South Market Wichita, Kansas C. W. Dunbar, minister We support Christian Education with our prayers, students, and finance. THE GAGE PARK WESLEYAN CHURCH TOPEKA, KANSAS corner of Eighth and Oakley "A GROWING CHURCH POR GROWING CHRISTIANS IN THE CAPITAL CITY" Supporting our school at Miltonvale for over a quarter of a century. Rev. Francis W. Hubbard, Pastor "The friendly Church on the corner" ALVA WESLEYAN CHURCH Third and Church Streets Alva, Oklahoma RICHLAND WESLEYAN CHURCH Supporting M.W.C. - With our: prayers students loyalty means nffcgg' gg "THE TRI-STATE DISTRICT IS PROUD OP OUR YOUTH AT M. W. C. " CONGRATULATIONS Seniors The Colorado District of the Wesleyan Church HALL WESLEYAN CHURCH Supports Miltonvale Wesleyan College Rev. Marvin L. Johnson, Pastor Delphos, Kansas "Ministering to the Hearts of Men . . . . . . in the Heart of Vacation Land . . . 11 WESLEYAN CHURCH Emily, Minnesota Rev. James W. Slye, Pastor "Where Visitors Are Always Welcome!" LOYALTON WESLEYAN CHURCH Loyalton, So. Dak. Loyally Supports MWC with . .. Students, Finances, and Prayers R. J. Sausoman, Pastor ANTIOCH WESLEYAN CHURCH Laboring For - CHRIST AND HIS KINGDOM Therefore We Support CHRISTIAN EDUCATION at MILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLLEGE Rev. St Mrs. Wm. A. Smith: Pastors IMMANUEL WESLEYAN CHURCH 1720 N. 46th St. Kansas City, Kansas We invite you to visit our churcn when you are in Kansas City. We are standing back of Milton- vale College 1O0'ZJ. Harold B. Hotchkiss, Pastor Phone 287-1354 TRINITY WESLEYAN CHURCH So. Main and Orchard Dr. Cedar Falls, Iowa, 50613 MILTONVALE COLLEGE . . . WE SALUTE YOU . . . AND SUPPORT YOU! 2 ikafxfl- - 'T 'I' 'ft . if? - Af. viifi, , , ffiifawz, fffi'--aff ze... , pl Il .lv ,..,LI,-. 1. . , A-, " . Q . ...H AR 's ' ' . -- .-. su' .J Q'-- inf' Q. ,lMgii.1 ,ww fii55:.5.2i,k,j ff. in if ,. i' Ill 'Ea W' 9553.-v+,2 NSMQ5. iff-f.,5,,-..'!3QiR,g.igQl .4 A7 I fvvf' ..i,.,qj,f.?Wl.1, -.1LE?,f?'.gl.J . Q-234.1 fQ'f'i 'W FF as. E 'Rf .3'i'12H:fvQ'f 1,32-'a.v' 'f f.3'I4g'C'3 I-if" "-. A - J. .. E, t' 1! ' WWI "3 ,,3,1'377'fJ' -'-...sf : Yr , -.,-- N 6 I Al-'JR-, :5'wl:fS:.g3ig - .flag 5 E.-at :hz . I ' , ,Q,,L, ff ,135 , , Q we g v ..:.5g, N- ft 'fiwilf' - 1, 2L?vQi:'qLQ:,L:wN-,F ,Sufi . , jim 1 ez 1 f :aa-z. :E-.V ,, -vgf -.42 . ,' -1, ' ez: 'iffwriigi ., T asa 1 1 ,zzigg l nom Qquqmw ,gnu nfxlgglmliimtlfllll : ' .MM I Q Ji HM . 'LULL "1 I E "'1 'flf g 1 34 11 2 lullf . 'ir .,...., I .- . f ' lifaiw mmm W' IE, --u,..,...f""f-ffrfa-14-9L?2' f- " L ' --we--Mfg? ' ...H-f Waite Park Wesleyan Church 33rd and Lincoln, N.E.-Mps., Minn. Franklin W. Hauser, Minister VISIT US ANYTIME A CHURCH FOR ALL SEASONS! IOWA DISTRICT OF THE WESLEYAN CHURCH Serving the states of Iowa and Minnesota The Iowa District supports Miltonvale Wesleyan College Donald D. Calhoun, District Superintendent Albert R. Eookes, Assistant District Superintendent Robert A. Howlett, Secretary Jerome Vonderheide, Treasurer Office: Box 485, Charles City, Iowa 50616 "California Wesleyans believe in Christian Education, Youth is our greatest asset." CALIFORNIA DISTRICT OF WESLEYAN CHURCH CRANE - COMMUNITY - CEDAR GROVE WESLEYAN CHAPEL CHURCH Austin, Minn. A GROWING CHURCH - IN X A., . 4 'ifslgi ' CHANGING TIMES MAINTAINING THE FAMILY 21 miles northwest of Alva, Oklahoma A big "Country Welcome" awaits you at this SALU-I-ES MILTONVALE WESLEYAN friendly church in the Oklahoma hills. "I will lift OLLEGE up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh C my help." Psalm 121:1 PASTOR - Joe H. Matt Pastor - Rev. Glen McMurphy ASSISTANT PASTOR t as MINISTER OF YOUTH Sumy,i,f,'T2'51j1EfggQ,31nde"'' - Dave Matt Assistant 5.5. Superintendent - Mr. Errol Hada ' I ia', . . , ii t I ' f ' A i fiif. 'O S ' f , gg " JOHNSON CORNERS Q y . Ve f 5 ' g ,I WESLEYAN CHURCH Proclaiming the Holiness Message in .,S. . 1 - A 1 rural North Dakota for over 45 years. Rev. 82 Mrs. Wetmore '- P3StOI' Enid, Oklahoma Rev. and Mrs. Ira G. Gross Pastors 1 I ' WTLKEN s DEPARTMENT ggifflx Mme s STORE REPAIR SHOP 695 eve' N S' Miltonvale, Kansas Alignnlclll .237 ' "'-,."-- I - f I M 1 Wheel Balancing Striving to serve the community Men's Clothing Gift Ideas . . Womenfs Clothing Fabrics Motor OVCfhHllllIlg, VVclcling General Mechanical VVork Miltonvalc, Kansas Phone 427-2355 CITIZENS STATE BANK Miltonvale, Kansas 'ijust a good safe place to hankn 3: fiszmodo 2 j W::::::a 1, - .:::.::f:.1 - Q gf' S 4, s 'lull' Genevieveis Sewing Shop Upholstery DFHDCFV H Laundri-Matn Miltonv ale, Kansas IVIARQUISE STUDIOS, INC. Enid, Oklahoma TASTY PASTRY Clay Center, Kansas MILTCN WIRT INSURANCE Clay Center, Kansas BUMSTED'S WHOLESALE Clay Center, Kansas TURN EPCS SUPER MARKET Shop the Mini-Max Way Serving You Better - Saving You More Wayne and Fern Turner Phone 427-4425 Miltonvale, Kansas W-3 Jfarftrfs 4 I ' z!,.!.!"'qf- --h ' ' - . ' PHELP 5 1 PALMER AND PHELPS l -f' ' AGENCY Insurance Furniture - Appliances We administer estates - Carpet - Miltnnvalc, Kansas Consult us if you have a problem 913-427-2375 stores Miltonvales KHHSHS 913-427-2475 Funeral Phone 427-2085 f 4 BEGNOCHE OIL T5 ACU COMPANY G HENRYS CAPE Complete One Stop Semce Home cooking Featuring homemade pies, rolls, maple sticks, etc. Miltonvale, Kansas Phone 427-2025 w It Q CATHERS HARDWARE J Plumbing - limiting 'Y-!9!Q E I 54 I ' Best Best ' Paint Paint Doyle Camber Sold Wd Gigliflfll,nk1lii'aS La Voie Oil Co. Miltonvale, Ks. Behind the school all the way. BUD,S BARBER SHOP Why not let a good haircut goto your head! CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ,70 IT HAS BEEN OUR PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU! JONES COLLEGE SUNDRIES AN AUXILARY ENTERPRISE OF MILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLLEGE Miltonvale, K HIISHS For the best in Bibles, Books, I-Iymnals, music and helpful supplies for the church and Christian home, you can buy with Confidence from OFFICE MACHINES, SUPPLIES Sn EQUIPMENT SERVICE - SALES - RENTALS ARTISTS SUPPLIES - OILS - ACRYLIC - WATER COLORS WESLEYQEEQELISHING CENTRAL OFFICE SERVICE at SUPPLY BOX 2000 423 Lincoln Marion, Indiana 46952 Phone 632-2177 Clay Center, Kansas I y, X J f Q? ff, fx IG ' yt ! ul , ' ,I -143 f ' T 1 ax I I LAFLIN,S FLOWERS Clay Center, Kansas 67466 "Flow-ers sent anywheren Phone 032-2335 CLAY X BOWL Lynn Nichols - Proprietor Discounts for MWC Students ME2-5400 Clay Center, Kansas A. P. LANGE, JEWELER Good Meat Good Coffee Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Gggd Fggd Serving the Community over 50 years Watches Cameras Diamonds Shavers . Gift Merchandise Pianos Mlltfmvalea K5- ggtgm WESTERN AUTO We'll Do Our Best to Serve You , , I Dickandjoschmidt WOHLER s BAND Box CLEANERS ...the family Store 416 Lincoln, Clay Center M E2-5275 'QQ 420 Lincoln, Clay Center Let U5 do Your Cleaning, Sylvania T.V. f AMANA Rclir'igt-rqxtoi' Sr lim-nut altering, and tailoring. ARROW PRINTING COMPANY 913. 823-3932 0 P, O. BOX 882 SALINA, KANSAS 67401 DIRECTORY Anson, Wayne, 642 N. Broadwell, Grand Island, Nebraska 68501 Atwood, Elsie, 11734 S.W. 89th, R.R. 9, Topeka, Kansas 66604 Babcock, Janet, 2616 15th Ave., Greeley, Colorado 80631 Bandy, Ronald, 2421-41st Street, Sioux City, Iowa 51108 Banks, Sandra, Box 151, Crosby, Minnesota 56441 Baughmann, Kathleen, R. R. 1, Bancroft, Wisconsin 54921 Baxter, Martha, R. R. 2, Green, Kansas 67447 Bedient, Terry, Box 136, Darby, Montana 59829 Beets, Berry, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Benfield, Sandra, 429 Walnut Street, Sullivan, Missouri 63080 Berg, Rosemary, 3434 68th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50322 Berk, Linda, 1465 West Avenue, Zumbrota, Minnesota 55992 Bley, Lynetta, R. R. 2, Wauneta, Nebraska 69045 Bortnem, James, 727 3rd Street, Brookings, South Dakota 57006 Brannon, Rhonda, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Brannon, Rosalee, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Broden, Philip, R.R. 2, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Brown, Cynthia, 3289 Marshall, St. Louis, Missouri 63114 Brown, Dennis, R. 2 Box 200, Hamilton, Montana 59840 Brown, Marilyn, Box 8, Paradise, Kansas 67658 Buchholz, Linda, R.R. 3, Hitchcock, South Dakota 57348 Bybee, Harvey, 4795 S. Galapago, Englewood, Colorado 80110 Bybee, Ierry, 4795 S. Galapago, Englewood, Colorado 80110 Bybee, Tom, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Carlson, Marlene, 2043 West I.aZelle, Sturgis, South Dakota 57785 Christman, Gerald, Box 410, Redfield, South Dakota 57469 Clark, Sharon, 3406 42nd Street, Sioux City, lowa 51108 Cline, Joel, 536 N.E. 96, Portland, Oregan 97220 Collins, Rodney, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Cummings, Steve, 1219 Dearney, Manhatten, Kansas 66502 Cunningham, Marlene, Box 14, Eskridge, Kansas 66423 Daake, Donald, R.R. 4, Charles City, lowa 50616 DeBruin, Barry, R.R. 2, Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577 Denison, Daniel, Box 215, Eli, Nebraska 69213 Dittmeyer, Carol, 518 S. 13th, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Dow, James, Rt. 1, Red Cloud, Nebraska 68970 Dovsm, David, 912 Second Street, Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913 Elsberry, julia, 109 Mechanic Street, Fayette, Iowa 52142 Engle, Mike, R.R. 3, Abilene, Kansas 67410 Engle, Saundra, R.R. 3, Abilene, Kansas 67410 Farra, Mary, R.R. 1, LaValle, Wisconsin 53941 Fillmore, Robert, 1039 Oregon, Waterloo, Iowa 50702 Fletcher, Diana, 2326 Sunset Lane, Greeley, Colorado 80631 Fowlkes, Iames, 1307 Maplewood, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 Fowlkes, Susan, 311 Independence, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 Fredrickson, Nancy, 3923 E. Funston, Wichita, Kansas 67218 Fuller, Ken jay, R.R. 2, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 O Garis, Joe, 611 W. Frantz, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Gary, Frank, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Gaub, Leona, C.B.R. Glendive, Montana 59330 George, Angela, Hancock, Wisconsin 54943 Gleason, Norabelle, 1816 "O" Street, Belleville, Kansas 66935 Glinn, Carolyn, 8307 E. 57th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64129 Glinn, Catherine, 8307 E. 57th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64129 Goodsell, Marilyn, 334 N. Euclid, Pierre, South Dakota 57740 Green, Victor, Allen, Nebraska 68710 Grosenbach, Melva, P.O. Box 168, Gordon, Nebraska 69343 Groves, Charles, 818 West Market, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Gruetzmacher, jackie, R.R., Hazelton, Iowa 50641 Haghi, Mohammad, Iran Hartel, Pat, Watford City, North Dakota 58854 Hatfield, Glenda, R. 1, Box 27, Esbon, Kansas 66941 Hauck, Guy, R. 1, Ada, Kansas 67414 Hauser, Neal, 3243 Lincoln Street N.E., Minneapolis, Minneso- sota55418 Hauser, Nolan, 3243 Lincoln Street N.E., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418 Hauser, Terry, 3243 Lincoln Street N,E., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418 Heck, Betty Sue, 1523 Roach, Salina, Kansas 67401 Hedlund, Vicki, R.R. 2, Box 71, Scottsbluff, Nebraska 69361 Hehn, Lynette, 112 Tahoe, Missoula, Montana 59801 Heltibridle, Donald, 48 Highland, Deadwood, South Dakota 57732 Hermann, Darrell, R.R. 4, Rochester, Minnesota 55901 Hite, Brenda, Little Pine R., Atkin, Minnesota 56431 Hodge, Sharon, 925 E. 25th Street Court, Des Moines, Iowa 50317 Hoerner, Paul, R. 5 Box 158, Manhattan, Kansas 66502 Holsing, Marva, Loyalton, South Dakota 57459 Holsing, Terry, Loyalton, South Dakota 57459 Howard, Elaine, Orchard, Nebraska 68764 Howard, Glenn, 2403 Hauser, Helena, Montana 59601 Howard, Phyllis, Orchard, Nebraska 68764 Howlett, Robert, 2626 Maple, Des Moines, Iowa 56317 Huff, Barb, 705 1st S.W., Austin, Minnesota 55912 Huff, Glendah, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Hughes, Stanley, R.R. 1, Box 14, Aurora, Kansas 67417 Huston, Richard, 1938 N. 44th Street, Kansas City, Kansas 66102 Huston, Sherry, R.R. 1, Box 19, Vergas, Minnesota 56587 Hutchison, Laura, Box 149, Irvington, Illinois Iman, Joh, Glade, Kansas 67639 Isaacson, George, R. 2, Eleva, Wisconsin 57438 Janssen, Robert, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 johnson, Ierry, 4421 S. Handley, Wichita, Kansas 67217 Iohnson, Marvin, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Johnson, Steve, R.R., Corsica, South Dakota 57328 Johnston, Deborah, 208 E. Custer, Rapid City, South Dakota 57701 Jordan, Jim, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Kallenback, Steve, 1310 Trusy Blvd. Eau Claire, Wisconsin Kasson, Doris, 1152 S. Patton Court, Denver, Colorado 80219 Kamphaus, Judy, R.R. 1, Idana, Kansas 67459 Kincade, Patti, R. 2, Box 11, Terry, Montana 59349 Klamm, Resa, Watford City, North Dakota 58854 Klatt, Steve, 214 N. Catalina, Los Angeles, California 9004 Klauzer, Debby, Box 704, Terry, Montana 59349 Knapp, Leanne, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Kottas, Bill, Greece, Thessalonika Kuehn, Gwen, Box 695, Terry, Montana 59349 Lange, Paula, Box 294, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Lewellen, Shirley, 407 W. Wabash, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Lundock, Gayle, Star Route, Box 91-B, Littleton, Colorado 80120 Maddox, Robert, 1605 21st Avenue, Greeley, Colorado 80631 Marah, Brenda, R.R. 3, Charles City, Iowa 50616 Marakis, John, 61 Vasilikon, Athens, Greece 203 Marshall, Daniel, 2214 Lafayette, Sioux City, Iowa 51104 Marshall, Margery, 2214 Lafayette, Sioux City, Iowa 51104 Martin, Warren, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Masling, Charles, 5931 Belcrest, Houston, Texas 77033 McBride, Faye, R. 1, Randalia, Iowa 52164 McCleeary, Robert, 3190 S.E. 72nd, R.R. 2, Runnells, Iowa 50237 McEniry, Mary, Box 353, Hinton, Iowa 51024 McIntyre, Wesley, 3620 Custer, Billings, Montana 59102 McNaney, Donald, 807 Washington, Terry, Montana 59349 Meidinger, Marilyn, R.R., Fallon, Montana 59326 Mikkelson, Andrea, Miltonvale, Kansas Miller, Debbie, 1107 W. Cherokee, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Miller, Harvey, 5503 W. Center, Denver, Colorado 80219 Mitchell, Larry, 4619 S. Fox, Englewood, Colorado 80110 Moore, Darwin, 106 Berlin, Waterloo, Iowa 50701 Mosher, David, 718 E.11th, Concordia, Kansas 66901 Murray, Darrill, 1653 Holt, Kansas City, Kansas 66102 Nash, Keith, R.F.D. 1, Enterprise, Kansas 67441 Nass, Anita, Plainview, Minnesota 55964 Norgaard, Mark, 2219 4th Street, Clay Center, Kansas 67432 Norris, Beverly, R.R., Gaylord, Kansas 67638 Olmsted, David, R. 7, Huntington, Indiana 46750 Ostrander, Richard, 1615 Jim Bridger, Casper, Wyoming 82601 Pederson, Jens, R.R. 1, Moville, Iowa 51039 Perry, Jim, 534 South Vine, West Union, Iowa 52175 Peterson, Doug, 1602 West 6th, North Platte, Nebraska 69107 Peterson, Jim, R. 1, Williston, North Dakota 58801 Peterson, Karen, P.O. Box 331, Ipswich, South Dakota 57451 Pettigrew, Larry, 3015 Morningview, Rapid City, South Dako- ta57701 Pulscher, Ronald, R. 1, Box 101, Colman, South Dakota 57017 Rapp, Beverly, R.R. 1, Fulton, South Dakota 57340 Reiswig, Barry, R.R. 2, Box 90, Austin, Minnesota 55912 Reitan, Bonnie, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 . Reitan, Rodney, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Reynolds, Patricia, R, 2, Booker, Texas 79005 Riker, Jeannine, 624 W. 8th, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 Riker, Lowell, 624 W. 8th, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 Robbins, Paul, 114 N, Clark, Salina, Kansas 67401 Rothfuss, Marcia, 920 N. Birch, Ottawa, Kansas 66067 Rumbaugh, Larry, 303 N. Webster, Junction City, Kansas 66441 Russell, Gary, Harlowton, Montana 59036 Schmitt, Dean, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Schmitt, Laureen, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Schrecengost, Sam, Patchin Road, Boston, New York 10425 Seal, Donna, 1226 S. Jefferson, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Shelley, Steve, Nye, Montana 59061 Shelton, Edward, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Shook, Bonnie, Box 594, Conner, Montana 59827 Short, Pat, 11350 Van Cleve, Overland, Missouri 63114 Sickmeier, Ronald, 3236 Highwood Drive, Indianapolis, Indi- ana46222 Sigmund, Donald, R. 2, Mount Vernon, South Dakota 57363 Sigmund, Judy, Mount Vernon, South Dakota 57363 Sleichter, Steve, 1601 N. Buckeye, Abilene, Kansas 67410 Sorenson, Steve, R.R. 2, Mason City, Iowa 50401 Spicer, Linda, R.R. 5, Hiawatha, Kansas 66343 Stair, Chuck, 1231 E. Randolph, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Stokes, Lois, 511 3rd Street S.W,, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 54204 Stone, Kenneth, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Stuve, Wendy, R.R. 3, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 54494 Teare, Debbie, 348 Butler Ave., Waterloo, Iowa 50703 Titus, Rosie, 2916-4th Ave. W., Seattle, Washington 98119 Tjaden, Gary, 406 N. Sullivan Ave. Nora Springs, Iowa 50458 Tripp, Alan, 20 Water Street, Rice Lake, Wisconsin 54868 Usherwood, Kathleen, Box 21A, Emily, Minnesota 56447 Van Briggle, Annette, 305 N. Spruce, Gordon, Nebraska 69343 Vanderbush, Clifford, R.R. 1, Bushnell, South Dakota 57011 Van Maanen, Lora, R. 5, Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577 Walker, Jerry, 1701 Van Dyke Street, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911 Weicht, Pamela, R. 2, Hancock, Wisconsin 54943 Wiggins, Marilyn 933 N. Birch, Ottawa, Kansas 66067 Williams, Gloria, 1612 Trio Lane, Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601 Woelhof, Paul, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Zykan, Jerry, 4117 Edmundson, St. Louis, Missouri 63134 uf 4 1, ,

Suggestions in the Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) collection:

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