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Nineteen Sixty Nine Editor-in-Chief: Judy Huston Copy Editor: Marjean Finley Business Manager: Steve Finley Layout Editors:Glenda Hatfield Norabelle Gleason Advisor: john Carey Photography Editor: BillKuecks MILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLLEGE MILTONVALE, KANSAS if Yi Q Dedicated to . Professor XVilliam Goldsmith "Once you get chalk dust in your veins, itls hard to get it out Those are the words of a dedicated teacher, friend, and companion in Christ, Admired for his charm- ing personality, refreshing wit, and sincere devo- tion. Professor Goldsmith has heconie an unforget' tahle part ot our campus and our liyes, lt is because of these qualities, Professor Cold- sniith, that xye, the 1969 Sunflower staff, dedicate this annual to you. Nlay the Lord richly bless you and your work in the years to come. - 1+ l.kffAl4 mmf 3 For sixty years, MNVC. has heen L1 lighthouse as a city set on a hilly' - an institution to give the youth of their day and our day an education with the plus factor which is Christ. aw V s Y 1 fi , ,' ,, , G ..,,l 1 i i ,K x yvwvf . is . 1, W, 1 i is W 1""'x MN 'F .asv isfgi- Today shows M.W.C. offering her students more benefits than ever before. To keep up with modern advancements, she has increased her facilities and study oppor- tunities by purchasing new equipment and adding a reading room to the library. 5 Wfho is he who Cannot sec what MNVC. is T O D A Y? g gi.-my ' ' Q 5' Q fm' W A g:fgw,,, Q . m cg' f Q-ws h m,, ' Eff- 1 . . M V k , ., nag it gi!-v. JY ' N f fm f, . ..t.,,51 .h K- 2A',5?L' 1 , , Q." 1 9' ' 2 f M 5 pg. W f QU 4 1 'N 2 A K, 1434 5 -Q f W F ! F .-if 'ir V 'H' 5 ' ! P 3, lx E ix 'I X ,b f ,P Qi. SK' ' ix! s.MfVg1,.,.: il' Alggrigf W l if W . LL: I ,Mak Q is 4 , fx D' ay 1 'KM it f 4, ix? ,gf , RX: 'W , my r 'S A ,I liz' A Q' nf ., 2 'iq'-, Wf 3' ic" 5' Q +5 hug ,iwevbg ,Q x 1 jf Mbit rl I its 5 If x ,, ,X - f f -.5 f , . - :'Xf' ??+ wif we .ff ,W fi' , :J 1-' M- WJ3 .LL wh, Q ' lm 'WMA hr 'fue , Qiyfigsg 17 ffyy ,iq ,yt jg? - K V 4, 'U' -r , 4 Vx ' 5, if J" 'uf if f .5 8. ,1.'!xArsVi b in .f fi: .,-Q56 if 3,1 aililf? , 'ff-2. l"f'f7Zf:l Q1 5' 's :fX'fff 1 lf- y t 'fini qu ' A qi, ' f' 5-ff X 71? K 1 Q, " "3 f f 'K ,. WK ,ff .V W M, 45, , ,, A ' - 'gr-J 7, ' A K 'W' wk N X. 3 P 2 S it A 1' m , 2' 1"-Viv Agn X tx v?i 'S y' A " 4 v J 1 'Q f' "' W' Aj' 1 w 1 R Y ,a i 'L,Jxxt:v,f .4 4 . ' 'sw Ls ' , Y, N . . 5' ,. f vii'-3 f' v J' h 7kX't?u Q. 'B -Z W' , . x, W ,fd Av xt k., km Ze., H 'V'- ,5-T 1' A f fy 'UQ . 'If' Y 4 L nw Q Ax, W 3 W , . 1-x 2 ..-' 'P' ff JL wi H ' - px, , V 3 --fix ff 2 , 'f-Q1"'.-'iv 'ff "' """. ,.,,ig3,i xvf-4' A , -V' I ' 1"'f!' -L. F- H' . ' xy' - :gif Q, 1,-' ,in M5 li W - ' ' xr! , V: i ?,flj:Lj.p Ahh' MA I W z.,.,"g.a "if, Ln' " ' ' 1-, D ., my Q A' W BF. 4 :AKXY1f E5 , 2 'M - " xl W Uv -,,'.":,:f1 . H 18' ' ' X5-' fefk fx ' 9' -, N. 'V' ' ' 'fqiw ,. . , ' I. ' , . E V- 3+ f., :- V .J 6? 4 Jw, K mf lx . wflfq' " x , Q V : -, 5 . , 'I if I f 1-my i .2 'f , A f ' -' ' If 'I'0morrow's challenges will he even greater than yesterdays or todayis. New demands must he met with greater facilities and more students. The banner ofu Holiness unto the Lordu must be held high ahove all. With Christ as her Captain, there shall always he Miltonvale Wfesleyan College. +255 uNTo Typ V124 ,L x-'.!LlF1f. .-.avi Frosh As Full-Fledged Eagles Buffalo stampedel Those two little words struck terror into the hearts of every heany-clad freshman for ninty-six hours during an annual ordeal called matriculations. Kangaroo Court was filled with cheers and laugh- ter as the judge made his grand entrance on the shoulder of a small but mighty freshman. Thanks must be given to the defending attorney. Some kids may have felt a little dry if it had not been for him. Bad Mouth Bertie and the jury must be com- plimented on their consistency also. The freshmen showed good sportsmanship by singing the sopho- mores' favorite song, MVVe love you sophomores." Q T Q 5 E 2 yxfl , V. if , .44- B0 MW f Our fearless leader, Boh Pudwill-A' Leader of the Pack." A classroom when transformed into a freshman nursery results in chaos, mf 'tOh, that oozy feeling," cried Tonja while Nancy Lindley 81 Keith Nash never knew that it took two to cut a piece of meat but soaking her feet in ice cold water. learned differently during matriculation. 8 i 32 4? if 3 To keep fill' sophormwrvs happy and his Qorriplcximi clear. Crvg Yan Deli ordered u mud truth. Color mt- XYETY .et N "The-rc is NO higllvf umirtlu retorted judge Richard Adarm. lfxcedriii hcaciache Xu. 262 lSamiy Xluelleri rccoixvs an- tcdotc in powdered form. .fXcc11sCci of living tht- four biggest mouths on campus. Shirley, Nlury. Harvey uncl I.uuiei1ic'wtiieir way out uf court. 968 CAMPUS QUEEN Student sen head. A Rox al C ourt Linda Chaffin Reigns as Queen An excited quiet and transcendent majesty fell on the ceremony. The sparkle ol' a crown. the velvet of a cape. the petal-soft ness of a rose and the purity of a Bible characterized a lovely lmeauty who had cap- tured the hearts of her fellow collegians - Linda Chaffin. Linda, a girl with a continuous, warm smile and a sweet spirit, is appreciated for her freshness and youthfulness among other factors. Her shining inner radiance of God and her natural communica- tion xvith others make her an irreplacahle repre- sentative of her Cod and school. 1 1 1 Q qv H., ' -Sf Q Q A ' ' Z W" :np 'Q A bb? bf ' f -' - V. if t -.53 . ., Q Hn, ' -ae ,fi,sP2': 'ru - , - W3 A 1' ,,r,!7f,?g, W .- 'ilfffei ..v'4f,.,,3,, .A the ,In ff , K Y EVA SAILER Escort: James Peterson Happiness Shines SHEILA PETERSON Escort: Dennis Wright The 1968 Campus in the Faces of "Uh DEBORAH MILLER Escort: Steven johnson Queen Candidates CAROL LUCKERT Escort: Darrell Hermann kwsg Egg 'z 13 'KI A . A vi. ,L l f,, K+ , J3if6wgN,? u W2 , 4 :mf , 5. 1" .Il '.f.. I V l -My ws., ... M ' - M Hx ,f A W ,, M M10 g'f'?4 ff C Clllbil' gmtieiitly imuits the-ir cue as Prof, l"urt11r1atoLlirr'r'ls lmml cluring thi- Nc-xx l,if4- Rally, ...w...,,,,, Furla' Out" host, Bulw Fillmore, puts his ull into thc singing. Travis gives Duvv fl few lessons on the liurrnmlicu. Qs. wi X Xliltonxulc- stuclmits, alumni. uml xisitors gutlin-r for Ll picnic 64 lowsllip after un Eagle victury. R x I F -efisizx-swf, 1,25 if . fvl- ,Y Tl M. wig L fi 'il if O f if ii i S A - . . I l Cfrucial moment in soccer game hrings a look of eager anticipa- tion upon the vieyyers. Hospitality Days Yisitors and students dril-ted across the campus Friday afternoon on Octolier l 1. seeking out the various exhila- its that campus clulms had assembled for Hospitality Days. The eleven exhibits ranged from the need in mis- sion lields to the discussion on uVVhat is your lifeiyi The evening brought more enjoyment to all through a i'New Life Rallyf' Gospel teams and individuals enter- tained with genuine talent. The youth tabernacle was packed to maximum to hear specials and participate in choruses. The near-monotone sounds of a duet, the sounds of a motorcycle, and the harmony of a quartet concluded the evening of songs and praise. A soccer victory on Saturday lirought a happy close to the 1968 Hospitality Days. 'fhf,0l1,gth1.Im,w Myyhat Is H'ol1rI.ifc'?Y'. winsfirst place in exhihit contest. Charles Xlasling poses as a XIePherson Tiger yy hile jim Peterson Homecoming spirit is released on McPherson Tiger symhol, displays the Eagle spirit. ' . 'Y f Aw -H, .. . H., an , Q 3 Y. Marlene Palmer, Nlusic Whoys Who in American Colleges And Universities 16 Richard Adams, Physics fd 's David Babcock, Missions My .AM .. i. . -6 1 Y XA N ,vA, .,.. ' M .,,....,..g 4'-f , .i tim . fm"E'f?1'6 i SX :ia-mimwwgu -KW Z . Wm M mmm- - M Rev. j. Paul Hill, evangelist. Franklin Hcvr and family. missionaries in Columbia. South America, The lyrical Laurences. Rev. Boyd Kissler, evangelist. Spec-ial Guests Enhance School Calendar Fronq HldHy'lJ0lHtS on the globe anclxvalks of hfc,cmur visitors carrie-to this Campus bringing nic-ssagcs in word andsong. Harold johnson, mission- ary in japan, Ei 5 STATE RESIDENT QCARTICT Paul Roby, violin: llornvr Dodge Caine, violing Clyde Jussi- la, viola: VVarrcn VValker, cello. . 1 1 'miiili gpf' if oqgggmji The Gibbs enjoy the evening air filled with the fragrances of heliotrope and burdock, HThis Play is Called CCur Townfw The place . . . Grover's Corners, New Hampshire, just over the line from Massachusetts. The date . . . May 7, 1901, just before dawn. This begins a day in our town. Members of the Mask and Mirror Drama Club became members of "Our Townn in a magnificent redition of Thornton Wilder's play of the same name. The last act stated emphatically that the past cannot be re-lived. People, occupied with their petty occupations and small thoughts, know little of true joy or happiness. In the words of the author, truth is to be found only in the future. Cast Stage Manager . . . ......... Mike Riley Dr. Gibbs ..... Mrs. Gibbs ... Charles Masling . . 4 . Kathleen Baughmann George Gibbs ,... .... ,..... G a ry Sawyer Rebecca Gibbs , . , . . . Mr. Webb .... Mrs, Webb . . . Emily Webb . . . Wally Webb . . . Norabelle Gleason ...... Gary Sloan . . . Diana Fletcher . . . . Sherry Huston . . . . . Keith Nash The Wehhs inform George Gibbs he cannot see Emily before their wedding. uDo you take this woman . . fy' asks Stage Manager Mike Riley. 18 A gylhw, VAX '- "lA f .L A A social hour of gay conversation preceded the banquet. V Q V , Lovely ladies arrayed in flowing gowns HHappiness is Lovew Becomes Theme of Valentineis Banquet Blue and silver hearts created a romantic atmo- sphere for the candle-lit banquet held on the eve- ning of February 15, 1969. Blue streamers brought together by a glass heart in the center ofthe gym- nasium lowered the ceiling. After a short social time, couples were announced by the Master of Ceremonies, Bob Fillmore, Queen Linda Chaffin followed with a short welcome to all visitors, facul- ty, and students. The meal, served shortly after 6:30 PM, consisted of round steak, baked potatoes, cranberry fluff salad, french-cut green beans, and ice cream with strawberry topping, Entertainment was at its best as the Revelations Quartet sang three numbers. Darwin Moore and Becky Billings presented selected heart melodies after which Bos- ie Titus gave her rendition of the song ul Canit Say NOT A musical reading of"The Love of Codn was given by several girls of Abbott Hall. The guest speaker, Mike Riley, climaxed the program with a talk on the greatness of Godls love. Slave Auction and Slave Labor utloing once, twice, and three times, youlre gone", was heard hy many poor slayes who were already dreading the following Saturday when they would have to work out their sentences. Many of the local farmers got their money's worth in our strong husky hoysl The girls went out for domestics such ironing and cleaning. Evidently quite a few guys appreciated the talents of the femine gender, he- cause one girl sold for thirty dollars. All in all town folks and kids alike were pleased with the outcome, not to mention the Missions Club which raised a total of S700 from the project. Tonja Norris has a look of disbelief as she begins to clean her master s room. Could it he that Marys master had just taken the whip to her? Shirleyls suspense is ended w hen the last bid is made and her master revealed. Theologs Inspired PI f Halloween Two phases of Halloween were revealed on the NIXVC campus. The fun and gaiety of practical jokes and the quiet reserve of tradition were enjoyed hy all. Six senior theologs accompanied hy their advisor, Professor Mattke, visited the deprived areas ot Topeka, and Kansas City to gain new insight and practical experience. 3 I r fra. .gf Qi Af' ' ,Lai f E2 tif? ww' as 93 r 5 ,F N , t 4" fi, -..,- ,V 7, 3 Mi? 1 2,9515 1 my - T5 il E93 QL 'ki 'WEf 5 . IL isfrgstyw I' H M 'Lt Um iff, 1-X ' M fgfxrmfi.--if .,,'7" --S --i ,449 ,..--- 9 'asfii , . Panoramic Scene Science Hall A total of ten buildings compose what is known to Dedicated in 1962 to Rev. Clarence Budensiek, a us today as the M.W.C. campus. The college also former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, this owns ten acres of land given to us through an building now houses the majority ofthe classrooms inheritance, for the courses offered at M.W.C. 22 J T :K - ,Y ' .I X 4,11 A I b av 1,31 XM NJ 1 4 . K 1 x .." I Q" iwwf Administration Building Built in 1909, the Administration Building, once the center of all classrooms, is now the focal point for all administrative transactions. Gymnasium The center of sports activities, the gymnasium, built in 1951, also is an auditorium for concerts, plays and other programs. 23 LL 4, gy' ,. .fgw iff F CLASSES ,tmslfgl 6 0 CHRISTIAN X SERVICE N vwm N SX 52 'S 2' Y E A R S E of 40 Sa Seniors was-,114-11 RODNEY COLLINS "But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to Cod must heliexe thin he is, and that he is a rewiirder of them that dili- gently seek hiinf' Hehrews llzfi. CARY RUSSELL A"I'here is one hody, and one Spirit in the hond of pence . . . forthe perfee- tion of the saints. forthe work ofthe ministry. for the edifying ofthe body of Christzq' lfphesizins 414, 12. "-'wi X. . DAVE KAUFMANN 'ABut seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousnesszu Mut- thew 6:33. 'B' RICHARD MCLEAN 'Al Can do all things through Christ which strengthenetli me Notwith- standing ye have well done, that ye did communicate with my afflic- tionf' Philippians 4: 13, 14. KENNETH STONE 'Alf ye love me, keep my command- ments." john I-1:15, 26 pn DENNIS WRIGHT L'And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap hefore me ,. Ezekiel 22:30. Weeks Made Months 4+ 1 x M V-Y!-Q JUNIOR - SENIOR OFFICERS: Sec-Treus: Travis Hutchisong Pros: Dvnnis VVrightg Vice' Pros: St0x'vC11111r11irlgs. That Faded into Years TOP ROW: Dennis Brown, Steven Cum- mings, Neil Cutshallg SECOND ROW: Daniel Denison, Michael Engle, Robert Fillmore, BOT- TOM ROW: Earl Fuller, Travis Hutchison, Mar- vin johnson. "When Boh blows his horn, he H gives it ull he hasf, 'MZ' 'tsl' TOP ROVV: James Jor- dan, Ronald Pulscher, Sherrill shclleyg SEC- OND ROVV: Cary Slogan, jerry Sloan, Murl Spil- geri BO'l"l'OM RQVV: Alan Tripp, Gerald VValker. The Sloans try to entertain Hin their own weak way." " Perpetual pep and spontaneous wb--.a...,.g RICHARD ADAMS " No mun was ever wise hy Chance. :FUR W CHERYL BANDY 'Coll'-s-gs RICHARD BRUMBAUGH H Women are bad for the mind PM giggle' 'Ski DAVID BABCOCK "He may seem hushful, hut thats the way to hide the mischief in him." TIM BATHURST "A lover of sports is he, and that isnlt all you can plainly see." ""YlIh EUN ICE CALDWELL Sheis like sunshine-always welcome" 30 GLORIA BALL MNot large, not small, not short, not tullg hut u sweet mingling of them all." VEARL BEALS "I agree with no mans opinion, I have my ONVIIY- LINDA CHAFFIN U Sugar is sweet and so is she" Sophomore Officers Pres: Roger llacluq Vice Pres: David Balicocliz See: Nlurie Kaufmamig Treas' Cheryl Bancly. Class Gfficers Lead Sophomores Through A Memorable Year :lg V! LVLVV ij. ROBERT DAAKE BARRY DeBRUIN DAVID EUSTICE Ulf I Canll do great things, I'll dv Small Ulhe I.0rCl said, ' there he foolish- uschfml bfellks UP fTU'WlWll'd113'-in things in a great way." ness," and he created me, 31 N IVIARIEAN FINLEY JAMES FOOKES L'She makes frivnds hy being one." 'hjust a minute, 'til I adjust my halof 'Ti t!""'11lP N-nf GLENN CATHERS LeROY CAUB H.-XII who know him like him." 'ASO what if I aint affectionate .., Ivm cutef, iw ROGER FOSTER MA man of few words but makes each one count," Ils MARJORIE GAY 'AAIways laughing, always gay, to us shrfs great in every wayf' N?" I '-of CARULYN CROSS ROGER CROVES 'KAIways ready to smile outloudf' HI came, I saw, I graduatedf' 32 'infil- ROGER HADA K'This guy will go far, for he believes every word he says." pg 1, ,ff 5 Y QE gn ,. 3 DONALD IIERMANN ROSS HAUCK iiVVhy think twice when once is enough." N Hr' has a 6th st-nsv. a sense nl' liumur iiwisvpf fs PEC HOLSINC SHARON HOBBIE iiHer good nature is like perpetual motion . . . it never stops." is is A fi 9'-is t I i L tif i Q i'Her winning ways and smiling face x w in her friends anyplace," Class of 1969 rn? DIANE HOBBIE iiThis puppy gal is lull of cheer, she ra- diates happiness when she is near," Www?" JUDY HUSTON vill uShe's pretty to walk with, witty tn talk with and pleasant to think ahout too." Mike Simpson relaxes in a quiet setting, 'I 5354 ' Q2 an f lk if f A is s H 5, 9 a Q. 55435 , i A . . f 'I is w. H5 .F 1 if 1 Lk We xxrlv x A. E- Q 1 '1'tWH41Eiw-fwnw. ' W A, N , A A I xvllij F if L it ,,. J?-A ii S-my I LELAND JOHNSON SANDRA JONES DAVID KARCES ii I'll he hard to handle." uliifc is a symphony." iiHe's little hut heis wise, hes a terror for his size," ggaf sf """' W 'T""""1? mmf MARIE KAUFMANN ROGER KIRCHNER REBEKAH KOHLER "Happy am l, from cares I'ni free-why 'iHis favorite pastime was passing time," UShe's so quiet we-'ve been told, but as a arent all content like me?" friend she's good as gold." Kitchen help comes to Bohbfs rescue. S 0 P h 0 m o r C S 1,-,:.vm, W I ,IWW VVILLIAM KUECKS ROBERT MADDOX BRENDA MARAH "l.ilIlculcpicliirvflzilwrinc.-1 'ihlincl over inzittvr, hut yyith my mincl il "Talxc oodles of pcrsoiiulityg umlmition dnesift Inatterf' and mischief, mix WL-ll: result Brcmluf' NW 4"""'37 'S-.-an LINDA MCNANEY' MICHAEI. OAK DAVID 0I,MSTEAD "A personality' full of fun and laiiglitcrf' 'A VVhcn then-s nothing 1-lsv to dn, I ii People are funny' - llm pc-oplc-ln study xi if, -4d'!'hnv MARLENE PALMER JAMES PERRY JAMES PETERSON 'She always has a smilv to share yy ith pvo- 'il want to enjny' life and enjoy' it well." uAlyy'ay's the same yet ouch day' snrnc-thing plc from any'wliere." new." 35 'fff'f129 SHEILA PETERSON "To be good is to he happy." 'Sql ' "f'.',,... 7' EVA SAILER HPleasant to meet, pleasant to greet, al- ways happy, always sweet." he SHIRLEY POTTER 'LShe's the kind of person who puts her trollbles into a box, sits on the lid, and laughs." Q .ff "!""'P- .mg CARY SAWYER 'Singing in the rain, singing in the sun, the weather cloesn't influence this hoyls fun." 'abd :'. "" ,::,E 3 MICHAEL RILEY 'lOf all the different uorlcls, he likes his the best." Y' BERNICE SIMPSON "She may be quiet hut not overlooked." rw if MICHAEL SIMPSON ROLLIN SMITH BETH SNIDER "I love life 4 . . especially weekends." i'The wisest men are often the ones who HA spark of fun and friendliness say little," 36 TERRY STONEBERC 4-wjjfv "'3i'V 7 A 7 ',11'ff' tw .1 . WILLOW SVVAIM ALAN TASKER uHelll argue the point hig or small, he 'ABashful till you get tolinow lu-rf' 'xl am what I am .. . S0XYllLlllJH canlt let the Prof, say it all." THOMAS TINDALL "As large as life and twice as natural." N.,-at V11 MICHAEL WOOD i'Shy and thoughtful, pleasant and kind, a guy like this you'll seldom find," x VVI: V . W: ,.-1 il: 5, x EW . S , an VERA VAN ARSIJALE CLIFFORD VANDERBUSH L' Flattery gets you 1-vt-ry xx liervll' "Coal save the king, I'll Save the queenfl Sophomore-S End in Glory "What was that againiv' Y , fi. Q, if "ip, The Many Faces ofthe Freshman Class Q2 I if 3 ,, , fs? if Q... .i:f,,.5 ' A, L ' . ' Q. E tif? - . , ., 'hh x .J 1' -. I., up -fr 4 in ' .4-:-in - V , ll A K wan? -'Ulf' 6' 3, ., 1 - -...px I - -- -f ' 51, ' L 'W .5 . S . ' J ' by K r.: 1 a 4 A i A E-if ri 1 3 'lk KY qi' i 55311565 ,wg 'T T W, 'Wh FIRST RONV: XVayne Anson. joseph Bailey, Clara Baker, Ronalcl Bancly. janet Bathurst: SECOND RONV: Kathleen Baughrnan, Nlartha Baxter. Phyl- lis Bennett, Rosemary Berg, I,incla Berk: TIIIRD ROXV: Nlareia Blacl, Rhonda Brannon. Xlarilyn 39 .gas J, s 2 Q' A sqw ffvfzv Broun. Harvey Byhee. jerry Bylwe: FUl'R'I'll RUXY: Sharon tflark, Nlarlene Ciinningharn. Larry Cfyr, Daxid Donn, Stanley Fclgingtoiig Fll"'l'H RONV: Saunclra Engle, Mary Lon lfarra, Roclney Fender, Steven Finley, Diana Fletcher. FIRST ROW: james Fowlkes, Ken jay Fuller' SECOND ROXV: joseph Claris, Frank Gary THIRD ROVV: Keryl Gauger, Terry Geist FOURTH ROW: Connie Gilger, Cayla Cilgcrg FIFTH ROW: Norabelle Gleason. One ofthe many ordeals for Ron Bandy und Saundra Engle 5 X 'TQ' The Class of 1970 'B' ,-41 far -J FIRST ROW Xlarilxn Coodsell Ix.1renCrc1xos tor1.1 Heclluncl Darrell Hcrnmnn. Paul Hoerner Melxa Crosenhach Clenda Hatfield Lux Haualx THIRD ROW Phxllis Hmm ard Robert Ilowlett SEC OND ROW Neal Hauser Nolan Hauser N ic Dennis Hughes Stanlu Hughes Sherry Huston. Freshmen Officers Pres: Robby Pudwill Vice Pres: clll21l'll'S Musling Sec: Saunclru Engle Tres: Charles Stair J""x janet gets away from it ull. FIRST ROVV: Carolynn johnsong SFC- OND ROXV: jerry johnson, Steven john- song THIRD ROW: Doris Kasson, Patti Kincadeg FOURTII RUVV: Leanne Knapp, VViIIiam Knowles, Bill Kottasg FIFTH ROVV: Ginger Leonhardt, Shirley I,eweIIen, Nancy I.incIIey. 42 'Nm-4 we fe? Freshmen ,ff-1' ff! Yfrvr 'X-an.. 'sm , f A, - ,,.,. ,, .. . - S . A flsdf -, HA.-fc 5532? ' ' ,2 ,fzrem l ' - Winsffif , 1, , ' X, k . 7 4 ,, v I A . . . r . N.. '63 9-"' X ,,.v-up NW FIRST ROW: Carol Luekert, Stavros Malevris, Charles Nlusling. Roger Mut- tersg SECOND ROVY: Mary Mclflliry, Donald XlcNaney, Louis Nleriek, Dehorah hlillerg THIRD RONY: Darwin Xloore. David Mosher: FODRTII HOVV: Cary Mueller, Sandra Nluellerg lfll-'TH HUNT: Keith Nash, Mary Nord, r--nil I ll w .M llIl21'Sl'LlllglllllLll'l'll1Ul, hu! llliilkfllx.L'Llll5l'5llL'VNLlllucylxl 43 f V ' . V A ti f 'W , . E 1, 1 5 ' ' iii if - -.Q i '-.34 T, Pk . , ' --'iffng fi , f ggsffsar: I-51? wif: 'H'-'I .5 :ages Eff ' .L',311"Q2v'Z,A 'n .jinnz TOP ROVV: 'lf Norris, lt. Perry, l.. Pcttigrcu, li. Puciuiii. B. Rupp SECOND RONY: I.. Rikcr. j. Rosas, D. Scui, j. Sijllllllllli, S. Sorenson 'l'HIFiD ROW". C. Stair, I,. Stukvs VY. Stuw, R. Titus. S 'E u N fi C G W n t s 153' J- 5. 1 a BACK HOVV: R. Ostrandcr. K. Hess, D Shelton, Cf, Dittmcycr. 44 A 'O' TN? TOP ROVV: K. Usherwood, C, Van Dell, L. Yun Maaneng SECOND ROW: E. Vaughan, K, Waters, N. VVoods. " P' New and Special Studentg Cf. Ryser. Freshmen Add Life and Vitality And Learn Discipline Of Study Lora, Bev, and jerry enjoy a lazy afternoon in Miltonvale Park 45 +,,pg,M,1,fx, , .7.11-jffwmfggrsii-1, 5535 "'u15lrli1!L'Lw.T-.f v H . , L. . K 1 K xv agua V ,Af ge what may , 5 A " 5 Q 2, K ag, . x f . fs' - Y ACADEMICS Xmslm, XY CHRISTIAN X SERVICE N 1 S IWVALL N X fb 5 60 f 1' YEARS Z of 4 a XV ' ' esley I.. lxnapp. Xlh., l,I..D. President of College A review of the yearbooks and school publications ex- tending back to 1909 give an insight into the factors which have contributed to the success of MVVC. They breathe an enthusiasm and spirit of loyalty all out of preparation to the size ofthe institution either then or now. ln this our 60th year of operation, it is stimulating to sense among the students now enrolled a pride in what Miltonvale VVesleyan has become and an appreciation for those who have made this possible. We have a great Christian heritage. It is our desire through the pages of this yearbook to honor those whose prayers and support have brought us to this anniversary occasion, May Cod bless you one and all. 48 5-w-1-1"""""'r iff' Dean of Academics Dickens once wrote, Kilt was the best of timesg it was the worst of timesff His statement can be applied to our own time, for ours too is an age of contrasts. This quotation will also be true of your experiences on Mil- tonvale VVesleyan,s campus. In the future as you reflect you will realize that a year at M.W,C. is not a thing to be enclosed within the life- less covers of this yearbook. A year is a private collec- tion of ideas and feelings resulting from personal expe- rience and peculiar to each individual. Your future service to Cod and mankind will be a de- termining factor in reflection upon this past year and what it has meant to you. Yes, this year may have been Hthe best of times or the worst of times." It depends on vou. Harold Hudensiek, MA. i' +..,"'M,."N., ' Hua-gn, 49 I Y Martin E. Brandt, M.S. W Business Manager I" B ! r 4 Wilford Kaufmann, M.S. Dean of Student Affairs john Carey, B.S. Director of Development Wayne Caldwell, . ' . . Faculty Rffvfesenfafwff AdH11H1Stf3t1VC Cou ncll 50 43 an . Allen W. Gisselbeck, B.A. Science and Mathematics Figures, equations, calculations, and weird smells pour out of the math and science departments. Technical minds are trained to exacting propor- tions to fit exacting careers of the future through experienced professors. Ernest Milcesell, M.S. Also in the department, lflvie Turner, MA. Ouida Janssen, RN., B.S. Elvie Turner. M..-X. On leax e of ulmscnce. English and Language The English and language department entails a well-rounded program of general English, creative writing, journalism, and literature. The professors, interested in perfection, guide their students to a mastery of linguistic skills and appreciation. .Xlso in this clcpurtment Robert A. Nlattke. BD., NIA. ,,,--'f E X George j. Robbins, Ir., MA. YVilliam Goldsmith. NIA Wayne E. Caldwell, B.Rel,, BD., MA. Robert Mattke, B.D., M.A. H5524 VVarren S. Freeborn, M.S., Professor Emeritus Religion And Philosophy The religion and philosophy department trains young ministers and potential evangelists to meet the spiritual need of the people they will serve. It also gives other students a good background of Bi- ble knowledge. Also in this department, VVilliam Goldsmith, NIA. George -I. Robbins, Ir., NIA. Education and Business The education department prepares students to take their places on the opposite side of the desk. The husiness department develops poised and effi- cient young secretaries ready to meet the demands of the husiness world. In education department George I. Robbins. jr. NLA. ts Q , john Carey, B.A., B.S. ,..,..,..,..M Thelma Daggett, M.S. Social Science and Psychology To hclp students mect the clemuucls of the future, the department of social science und psychology Q seeks to cclucutc students about past times, people, l and evcnts and modern methods of dealing with il W- A. Kaufmann, MA' fast-moving world. Harold Budcnsick, NI.A. Gordon Verne Coodsell. NLS. .Xlso in this clcpartiucnt, Dr. Wesley L. Knapp. NLS.. I,.I,.D. L. Vernon Alkins, NLS. 1011 Suhhuticul lrzivcl 55 Y f 6 , ,A . 4 0 Q li 2 , . 's 1 X' X igg fl Ruby V. Brandt, M.S. Fine Arts and Physical Education The music department is extensive in training stu- dents for careers in music education and sacred music. The physical education department rounds out a students curriculum hy helping to build a strong, healthy person. Also in this dcpurtment Cordon Verne Coodsell, M.S. i fi Q w X Frank Fortunato, B.S. Martin E. Brandt, M.S. an fwfr' rm s wmv we '2 il 4 S In ll H IZ ii I7 ll 'll 'NB 4 X . I-gal 7 Y ,W 4 . ' ' -A - Myrtle R21YVllIl5 .Xssistunt in Mailing Department jcancttc Mattke Secretary to Director of Dm-velopnlcnt A tis 14' l Corrine Thompson Phyllis Tulle Secretary to Business Nlarmgvr and Cashier Secretary' to the Presiclent and Dean Business Personnel 57 mv' Cheryl Carey Rec-vpl ionisi Mildred Rist Cashier uncl .Xssistunt in l3ll5ll16SSc,lllCC Staff Behind the Scenes listhcr Goldsmith Secretary in General Office ,4-fw .n,. Esther Kargcs .-Xrlmissions Svvrc-tary ,, . f . , x . .J.v..hs..,4 4 . . A 1,-.....-... ,.....4....., ff" Dola Knapp. Pearl Freeborn. Ebba Robbins. Ruth Kaufmann. Assistant librarians Ye-stu Cary Dirvctor of I-'ood Ss-rx in-cs lissic King. Joanne Pullncr. Nina Beals .Xssistunts in lxitclwn M Frances Bucl. NLA.. NLS lilmruriun Axfewff ""' if as uf I. x ,def f f V, :K t E.,-1: ef' V45 '. 5-74, fl. ii ' x N f2g i If-ws, . my Lester Thompson. Cflistmiiung Leonard Parrish, Director of Ouidalanssen xillillll'IlLlIlL'l'1 Harvey Baiderslon, knot pieturecii, Assisluiit College Nurse Cliislmiizui. Duane Janssen Director of Public Reiutiuns .8-L. XZ' Emma Durkee Supervisor of General Office ., , W W,,wii7fwMw f - Qvwzwm David Matt Admissions Representative FN 1v"""'. Ni' Mary Lynn Cisselbeck Bookstore Manager Personnel: Vital for an Efficiently Run Campus ! Rev. Dale Campbell Ciulli-gc Pastor X V 3 w f. is 3 3 5 2 1 5 Z 3 3 1 E , 3 - , 2 1 i 'S u ,K I Q . 'N 2 w GRO P Xmslfg, YEARS CHRISTIAN SERVICE I Y ffplmli was wx J' 60 2 5 of 4' S .J an BACK ROVV: j. Sloan, C. Masling. C. Sloan, Peterson, Sponsor, Prof. Kaufmunng SECOND ROW: H. Bybee. T. Tindall, M. Kaufmann, K. Cravos, G. Uilger, M. Rileyg THIRD ROW: VV, Anson, M. Blad, S. Huston: FOURTH ROVV: R, Kirchner, R, Hauck, M. Cay, K, Baughman, W. Kuccksg FRONT ROW: B. DcBruin, C. Leonhardt, V. Van Arsdale, B. Rapp, D. Moore. Dramatic Arts Promoted By Mask and Mirror The Mask and Mirror Club was organized in 1964 by Prof. Vernon Atkins. This year, in his absence, Mrs. Harold Budensiek and Prof. Wilford Kaufmann sponsored the club. The object of this organization is to promote the fine art of acting and related activities at M.W.C., to increase the supply of equipment to be used and to obtain experience in leader- ship and in associated fields of speech and art. Their main project this year was the presenta- tion of Thornton Wilderis 'KOur Townfi OFFICERS Pres: Vera VanArsdaleg Vice-Pres: Mike Rileyg Sec.-Treas: Cary Sloan. 64 Sec.-Tre-as: Huston, Pres: B. Mc-Naney, Vice Pres: L. Chaffin. An Active First Year For Medical Careers Club Every other Monday, a group of medical- minded students meet in the Science Building. The purpose of this club is to present new ideas and approaches to the field of medicine. Mrs. janssen, the originator of the organiza- tion, arranged for various lectures, demonstra- tions, films and tours. Sister Leon from Mary- mount College briefed the group on the col- lege and the curriculum for pre-nursing stu- dents attending there. Mrs. Janssen demon- strated the use of medical instruments in the following session. A tour of the Clay Center Hospital also proved to be interesting. Plans for this spring include films and tours through Topekas Veterans Hospital and Menningers Mental Institute. The club has been very ac- tive and valuable in rounding out M.W.C.,s pre-nursing curriculum. vb Q . li f j 'N Hp I 1 is ' l X 5 am l iz. i BACK ROW: N. woods, R. Hauck, M. Blad, L. Mefick. FRONT ROW: B. Mcmney, o. Bail, 1.. Chaffin, c. l uckert, tS. Huston, B. Kuecks, Sponsor Mrs. O. janssen, not picturedl. Choir TOP ROW: M, Crosenlmch, j, Peterson, P. Hoerner, A. Tripp, R, Bancly, R. Smith, D. Fletcher, SECOND ROW: M. Palmer R. Hacla, R. Fillmore, R. Aclarns, S. jones, M. Finleyg THIRD ROW: L. Stokes, S. Engle, D. Down, S. Shelley, P. Helsing, E Caldwellg BOTTOM ROW: B. Snider, R. Brannon, A. Tuskcr, C, Cilgor, N. Lindley, R, Howlett. 66 Music Presents Message uSinging ithev, go along life's road, praising the Lordu . . . Miltonvale Wesleyan College Choirls pre-eminent goal is serving Christ in songs from the heart. Concerts on campus and in the surrounding area give opportuni- ties to share with all ages the joy of serving a living Christ. Their repertoire, consisting of music from various peri- ods, includes spirituals, chorales, and anthems, as well as choruses expressing testimonies. The Climatic event, the April choir tour, took them' to Iowa, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, and back to Kansas. Band in---f BACK IIONV: XI Engle, XI, Clroscnlmcll, Ii. I'ucIxxiII, CQ, Suxxyn-11 Ci Clilge-r, XI. Baxter. N. Wuocls, X,'I1l'II7Il,I'I,IILIIKIY. XI, Guy. S. I'4'tc-rx 'Y I IIIQIIU IIIUYI ROW' I7 K1 ' '11 ' 1 . umm, I5 xI1lI'2IIl.S.f.ILlI'Ii. I. Iivnm-tl, I.. IKIILIIIII. R. Bn-rg, 'If Stmlclu-1'g. Pro Musicae .ff-S rg , if .5 L, f , BAK I ROXNI N. Womb. CI. Iiuncly. S. NIH:-III-r, D. Kussun, XI. Crcm-1lIuu-I1. XI. I'uImn-rg FOl'R'I'II IIOXY: ll, Yam D1-II. T. Xurrisg I'II"'I'II I I Ixnnpp N IIIICIIQN I5 XMX mu I3 XI lmh D I-Ictchcr SIXIII ROW I 5t0nsIvcrg, X Ir pp Petr S jox ' Furll K ROW: XI. Cay. D. Dmxn, Cl. IIum'I4, NI. Oukg SECOND IIONY: .X. 'l'z1sIxcr, NI. Iiuxtvr, Ii.CI11IqIm-II. P. IIuIsing.CQ. S1lHy'l'I'l'I1I'l I f .. .. 1' N" ':"..' if ',.."i 'rson..'. les. umtu. 68 KOH IroI I Eagle Eye Informs Students of Campus Happenings Under the direction of Professor Goldsmith, the Eagle Eye Staff kept the students informed of events as they happened. The creatiye ability, which usually goes unnoticed in many students, shone through in the editing of the Eagle Eye. Each Monday night the writers devoted their time to typing up the paper. Tonja N. and Marlene C. combine fun and work as they devel- op pictures. Bill K. is hard at work finding people is hen they least expect it. Photographers Are Caught At Being Themselves EAGLE-EYE STAFF TOP HOW! S. Finley, Baileyg SECOND ROW: Prof. VV. Gold- smith, S. Cummingsg FRONT ROVV: P. llolsing, M. Finley. Larry P, is caught in a common pose while snapping someone at their best. 8 . lg A W -5 W-N Advisor john Carey looks over finances while Business Manager, Steve F., gives one of his MYou'd better get on the ball" looks. A brief pause to enjoy the funny faces of M.VV.C. Glenda and Linda work with a Sunflower Staff Captures the Many Phases of Campus Life The Sunflower Staff mirrored the many phases of the Hspiritn of MNVC. to complete the i969 an- nual. Faced with various hardships, the staff pulled through with flying colors. The success of this '69 yearbook should be accredited to the faithful and dedicated editor, judy Huston. Each Wednesday evening meant diligent work and long hours, but the humorous photos created a happy atmosphere. X9 ,xx f 'Quin' v-'war ' --L......,,, ---+..i.,,M ,,A, judy, are you sure x ou want this one in? ff Q' .9 Norabelle C., a layout editor, 'Indy H., editor, and Marjean lf., copy editor, determine position and layout of a page. Student Senate Endeavors to Achieve Harmony on Campus A vital organ in student life, the Student Sen- ate aims toward the realization of many goals. Among these are an exchange of ideas and in- terests, active participation in campus affairs, the establishment of mature prospeetives to- wards self and the world, and the development of intimate friendships. These goals are imple- mented as students work together in panels, committees, delegations, and assemblies. The Student Senate endeavors to establish links of communication between students and faculty in an effort to promote harmony and coopera- tion toward the goal of true Christian maturity. OFFICERS See: B. Marah, Vice-Pres: R. R. Foster. Adams, Treas: D, Karges, Pres Loi STANDING: B. Pudwill, D. Hermann, M. Riley, N. Lindley, Nl. Palmer, S. Peterson, K, Usherwood, B. Marah, C, I.llCliCI'l, D. NVright, R Hadz1,T. Hutchison, R. Handy, SITTING: VV. Kaufmann, Sloan, D. Brown, D. Karges, Fi. Adams, R. Foster. 72 'QL 11-ef' 'ff STANDING: D. Wright, M. johnson, A. Tripp, I. Perry, SITTING: P. Tollc, IC. Karges, B. Marah. M. Smith, D. Hobbit-, This is R.A,, Allen Tripp, in action. Brenda Marah, an RA., reminisces with Kathy and Nancy. ji bf' The Life of a Resident Assistant is Never Dull 'iPlease unlock the fire escape." "Hey, therels no pepsi in the pop machinelli uAre you going to give room checks today'?', Room checks twice a week, locking doors, filling the pop machine, and hand- ing out change for laundry and snacks are some of the routine duties of the resident assistant. Noisy hours, quiet hours, sleeping hours, well guarded and patrolled by a sometimes stern PLA., sometimes a goofy R.A., turn into weeks and months of dorm living with lasting friendships and counseling sessions. The rewards of the R.A. job far out-weigh the problems encountered. Counseling with students and listening to their problems constitutes some of the most rewarding experiences an RA. can have. PLA. - no matter what connotation it means to each student - is a job that begins to prepare one for future problems and decisions of life. Furthering the Purpose of Missions In 1963, Missions Cluh was formed with a solid foundation of prayer and work. Since that time it has hecome one of the vital organizations on cam- pus furthering the purpose of missions. lts main functions include the sponsorship of the Slave Auc- tion, the Missionary Convention, films, and monthly meetings as well as sending a student to a mission field and supporting Lois Sheridan CSierra Leoneb. In accomplishing these purposes it helps to set the spiritual tone of MVVC each year. OFFICERS: Pres. D. Babcock, Yice Pres. j. VN'allxer, Sec. M. Palmer, Treas. R. Adams, Rev. B. Mattlic, Sponsor. 15 Ag its Xxx . BACK BOVV: VI. VVallcer. P. Hoerner, I.. Stokes, S. jones, S. Huston, SECOND HOW: S. Mueller, M. Baxter, M. Crosenhach, D. Seal, S, Lcwellen, S. Engle, M. Brown. THIRD RONV: K, Lsherwood. E. Sailcr, P. Holsing, C. Luclcert. N. VVoods, M. Palmer, B. Marahg FRONT BOVV: B. McNaney, D. Kasson, A. Tripp, D. Brown. B. Adams, D. Babcock. 74 . ,fl RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE: D. Balmcock, Garis, S. Engle, P. Holsing, Xl. Palmer, D. Broun, R. Col- lins inot picturedl, 1 E 1 i Religious Life Committee Miltonvale VVesleyan College provides a whole- some mental, social, and spiritual atmosphere which establishes many young people as responsi- hle, dedicated Christian leaders in every field of life. Under the capable guidance and consistent example of an endeared college pastor, devoted I staff of professors, and capable student leaders, M iltonvale students experienced new depths of Codls grace in a year marked hy spontaneous re- sponse to the gentle pressure of the Holy Spirit. Praise can he laid only at the feet of jesus for the spiritual achievements of this year. A God-con- sciousness pervaded the campus that revealed itself in the reactivated Amhassadorls Cluh, student-di- rected prayer meeting, Cod-honored worship serv- ices, and intensified missions activities. - In a world of douht, Miltonvale Wesleyan College i , hears a shining testimony to the realities that come Sponsor, Professor Nlattke, and student chaplain, Denny Brown, dis- cuss urecem Student Vegpvmmeting only through knowing jesus. The faculty and stu- dents continue to he true to Cod and the churchls predecessors hy seeking an enlarged vision and a deeper knowledge of scriptural holiness. The Chaplain Dennis Brown 75 KANSAS ff an M.W.C. Students Divide Into Prayer Groups Adding to the spiritual life on campus arc the weekly prayer hands. These arc organized by dis- tricts and tend to inspire loyalty and unity among students from the same areas. The students meet to have devotions and to pray for home churches, dis- tricts, and needs on campus. fig ,. -ra 'ii 532 wud ' tx ' , lil :-' mwah. B- BACK ROW: I.. johnson, D. Mosher, G, Cathers, P. Hoerncr, SECOND ROVV: D, Kaufmann, R. Hauck, A. Tasks-r, M. Baxter, T. Norris, C. Hatfield, M, Cunningham, N. Gleason, M. Blad, rl, Bathurst, S. Engle. M. Finley, M. Brown, S. Hughes, Nl. Simpson, FRONT ROW: B. Maddox, D. Babcock, R. Collins, E. Fuller, C. Hauck, R. McLean, Ni. Engle, M. Kaufmann, B. Simpson. D, Kasson. D. Fletchcr, Ci. Cilgcr, L. Knapp, M. Nord, Sponsored by Kansas District Spunsorml by c,I'l'gUll District OREGON U. Sloan. R. Titus. j. Sloan. NEBRASKA BACK ROVV: Huston, V. Hedlund, S. Potter, jordan, S. Cummings, D. Denison, FRONT ROW: W, Anson, M. Spilger, R. Smith, L, Chaffin, P. Howard, C. Leonhardt, C. Baker, M. Grosenbach. Spunsorccl t1yNvlJruSLu District i f IOWA-MINNESOTA 5 ,l S i l E X 'E 'Q li 'E i E 2 T 1 Q l A .L 5 i . Sponsored hy Wisconsiii District W l SCON SIN BACZK ROW: D, Olmsted, A. Tripp, R. Kirchner, D. Down, j, Walker, FRONT ROW: N, Woods, K Baughrnan, R. Titus, Nl, Farru, W, Stove. BACK ROW: T. Tindull, R. Matters, R, DeBruin, D. Hermann, L. Mericla, C. Yan Dell, Fookes, D. Hermann, K. Usherwood, B. Kohler, 1. Rosas, S. Clark, L. Stokes, CI. johnson, R. Berg, C. Bundy, R. Perry, FRONT ROW: S. Sorenson, L. Berk, S. Mueller, L. Yun Maancn, S. Huston, E. Sailor, S. jones, R. Daake, B. Marah, T. Stoneherg, B. Howlett, R, Bandy, L. Riker, M. McEniry, M. Cay. Sponsored by Iowa-Minnesota District Sponsored by Dakota District DA KOTA Lv-' .,:,- I fum? .V E i K 'K' 3 fi . M A BACK ROW: N. Hauser, I. Sigmund, E. Vaughan, K. C-ravos, B. Rapp, D. Hohhie, S, Ilobhie, P. Holsing. D. Wright. M. Wood, B. Kuecksg FRONT ROXV: L. Pettigrew, P. Bennett, D. Brown, S. Shelley, D. Eusticc, I., Mcfxlaney. T, Hutchison, R. Pulscher, P. Kineade, M, Palmer, C. Yanderhush, L. Cauh. R. Hada, j, Stewart, C. Masling, C. Luckert, K. Cauger, B. Snider, M, Oak, D. Miller, C. Sawyer, j, Caris, R. Groves, R. Adams, D, Seat. C. Stair, S, Lewellen, Sponsored hy Oklahoma District OKLAHOMA M.W.C. Sends Out Students to Represent the College and to Witness for Christ. f me-,Aw W fy. . l M5 SJ R it T A...-gl THE SECRETARIES TRIO: Esther Kzirges, Mariv Klltlllllilllll, Phyllis Tulle, pianist, Leannt Knapp, if f: I . THE REVELATION QUARTET: Cary Sawyer, Roger Foster, THE VERSITONES: pianist, Marilyn Brown, Shirley Potter, Thorn- Terry Stoneberg. Darn in Moore. as Tindall. Linda Chullin, Dennis Wright. I,iINlLlh1CNiiIlCy. 80 .YT Q-. THF CUUD TIDINGS Ql'ARTICT: pianist. Xlurlvm'Cfunuingliainii ClRI.'S TRIO: Carniy nn juliiismi. Sharon Clark R is 1 in jerry juliiisoii. Ntviniy Stliw. Keith Nash. Lum X gui xi1l2lIll'Il. ills. piz1nist.CI11rul Lliulwrt cy NYumls. CIRI.'S TRIO: Iliilll' ist. Tmiju Nurris. Norqiiwiit' CQiC1lSOIl. Patti Kimnidv. Nun- SPli.XKl'fli5 B Xi IK HI JXYQ jcrry XYiiiiwr jvrry Sillilll Clary Sirmn Dux ini Fmlmvucix Rmlaiiti l,lIiNL'ilt' FRONT HONY: Cliirx Sgmyvr Rmlne-3 lkvlliiix Di-miis Wriglit liiuliurcl Nlclmzxxi Happiness Is . . . Dorm Life At Abbott I fi S . , .. ,F , 3' J r 7 . , " U ' ' ' -Kp BACK ROW: E. Karges, L, McNaney, J. Huston, M. McEniry, C, Cilger, S. Potter, C. Hatfield, C, Cross, D. Seal, M. Coodsell, B. Snider, C. Bandyg Dorm Superviser, P. Tolle, j. Stewart, FRONT ROW: P. Howard, N. Lindley, N. Gleason, V. Hedlund, P, Holsing, C. Leon- hardt, S. Lewellen, M. Finley, D. Fletcher, " If U "-M. And after all is said and done, Mary agrees that theres still only One. 82 l i 4 ,952 we ei 3. ank :Vg ' fwxyxk 31,5 F? Qziyisnif X -K S , 5 . , ii , , si if X1 , Q 'S Y Q 441 5 4 . . VVEST YYINC TOP ROVV: H. SQITTPF. lf. Yaughuii. H. Kolilvr. C. Cilgm-r. N. Vlhocls. R. Borg. L. Stokvs, B. Rapp. Sigmund, M. Brown, C. johnson, K. l'sliQ-rxsoocl. I.. Ciliulling FRONT ROVV: L. B1-rlx, K. Baiuglunan, P. Kincaclc. NV. Stuvc, S. Engle, S. Clark, R. Titus, C, Luck- crt, B. Marah. V15 'Ti T 1 iq 'K I ff A ' Q if L ff' " V! Q -ix 'S 931 iii' 1,1324 FAST VVINC TOP ROVV: R. Pvrrv, M. Nord, K. Caugcr, M. Croscnliuch, M. Cay, S. Hobbie, Bathurst, Rosas, C. Baker, M, Palmer T. Norris, Nl. cllllllllllghiilll. S. Peterson, D. Hobbicg FRONT ROVV: I., Yan Maanc-n, K. Clravos. S. Huston, M. Farra, D. Miller, D. Kas- son. M. Blucl, S. Mueller. Diane uncl Lora slum' opinions and cinjny the coinics. L R e s H d ii e d s e Him' c e .3 -fm. . .kir T It A Q ' 'V K5 Am 1 1 A K N nf , . A .su T Q . . ' 'WW . A , ' ., mn fi. ' . ,... .. Daily Routine At Ladies Residence "Well!" "1 wonder . . ponders Kathy. 4. i'This is too much!" cries Sharon. 'I'll never do this again." sighs She-rrv. Ladies Residence Ifl f,f' ,I Dont worry, Sloan, it'll grow back. fp ' ' A - You say you Cant get a word in edgewisc, Lowell? FIRST FLOOR TOP ROVV: C. Stair, R. Howlett, Fowlkes, I 'lf Bathurst, VV. Kuecksg BOTTOM ROVV: D. Moore, VV. Ansc D, Hermann. Hester Hall I, lx. as . R f 3 The headless Closet Cleaner strikes again. ,. Cauh, L. Pettigrew, R. Haclu, R. Fender, R. Handy, D. Hughes, I.. Hiker Jn, D. Olmsted, johnson, A. Tripp, M. VVoocl, S. Sorenson, M. Simpson N Elf! SECOND FLOOR TOP ROW: R, Matters, K. Nash, C. Musling, R. Maddox, N. Hauser, M. Spilger, C. Russell, D. Karges, j. Perry, BOTTOM ROW: N. Hauser, S. johnson, B. Deliruin, C. Yan Dell, D. Babcock, D. Hustice, R. Adams, R, Duulxe. Steve - This better be good, jim feels it is nice to relax after a hard day of sleeping. THIRD FLOOR TOP ROW: R. Foster, Peterson, S. Shelley, T. Stoneherg, C. Sawyer, J. Foolces, C. Vanderhush, M. Oak, Sloan, C. Mueller, S. Cummings, SECOND ROW: S. Finley, M. Engle, lf. Fuller, D. Hermann, R. Collins, D. Wlflgllf, R. McLean, D. Brown, L. Meriek, BOTTOM ROW: R. Smith, D. Down, D. Denison, S. Malevris, R. Pudwill, D. MeNaney, A. Taslcer. eve-fffk ff -ff M C I1 fl Y H 0 u s e T. Tindall, R, Groves, M. Riley, j, Caris, R. Pulscher, C. Sloan. ,f tit' 0 '," ' A if 3 is-L, 'ia gil wil: 1 3, If-1 r ig w' A A- uf.. My ' - , Zig? Ar , n,lfff fi g .P ,j:2.2Jf?e, M' 'Q t -Hdf.f'm.i1,szt'f f li M1 A 1194 'fr-5 Q , 1 , ,, if " if 'A' ff- ' 1 if lf X-'Mg - Q -f A- ,s, is .gilt 1 557 n, ' ...,.i?fZtJ ' K W. f gig Q Q. rf Y 3 ' K ,tl I'- Qf 2? F f. A! kb K, , qs 'aim 5 lk kit ,ff xi Henny provides housing for six MWC students. Mike thrills Vera with an afternoon ride ' F. Ohl, R. Fillmore. A Hillcrest 1? wr 'f'-WW' V 5 l l aa , gqfsfgiw, ..n-..... J , , -1 A' g X 1 v. x .953 Qi ' U W! ...JW-15--n'.qr5 .N ir , " ,'7i-"' . w ' f ', , A .A - W .Qfw 1 -57 f rr , 4 . f. -f ' 4 K .A f ,.r ,, no M Off-Campus Students OFF-CAMPUS STUDENTS BACK ROW: C. Cathers, L. johnson, P. Hocrner, H. Bybee, K. Fuller, F. Cary, D. Mosher, S. Hughes, j. Bybee, R. Hauck, j. Walkerg FRONT HOW: 1. jordan, B, Simpson, M. Kaufmann, M, Baxter, R. Brannon, F, Bull, Y. Van Arsdale, E, Caldwell, C. Hauclc. 89 is Nwssi' -'tx X 5 if ai 4 W THLETICS Q,mslfr,,, CHRISTIAN SERVICE 4? w WVAH W QYX' J' S 60 4 2' YEARS 2 of I XSS "M-.J "L-....s..., SCO had Kilt., Apprchensively. Coach Coodsell and student manage-r. Daxe Karges, lwcp a xx atchful eye on the Eagles. Soccer Squad 5 is t . X sz f re- f I 1 3. V . it r is ig . km.. K , -if haf gtx, ' X . S lr . . 'S ai . . 13, ' .,. it ,. A , Vi -f. 'f,f3+ ua. - - . . - ff va Kr . .. 'P V in ex K ., 'P ' wif? M X .W .lags . .S 6 7 S Roger Groves spars for lmall. 3.5-f , J 3 Eagle Chuck Stair charges for a goal. Eagles Soar Through Season In spite of the absence of several experienced players from last year, the MWC soccer team improved its rec- ord over last year with a 4-1-2 record. The freshmen filled in the vacant spots very well, and Linder a new coach, Mr. Coodsell, the team worked hard to obtain a respectable winning season. 93 E a S l C S i n A C t i 0 n Steven johnso 1 A tense moment is captured on the faces of our Eagles as well as our opponents. BASKETBALL TEAM BACK ROW: Coach V. Goodsell, M, Riley, R. Groves, C. Sloan, L. Cauh, j. Sloan, j. Pederson, F. Cary, Student Manager D. Karges, FRONT ROW: S. johnson, S. Cummings, S. Sorenson, J. Fookcs, T. Bathurst. n Tim Bathurst LeRoy Caub Steven Cummings ,Q .. x f M X , is 1-ij i Lyllf Steve C, peers for an opening as the pressure is applied. The team springs to action as the ball is tipped to our advantage. Eagles Chalk Up A Bright Season The S68-,69 season of the M.W.C. Eagles was en- couraging. The Eagles under the direction of Coach Coodsell started off the season by winning one out of three games at the Pre-season Tourna- ment in McPherson. Preceding the Wesleyan Tournament in Marion, they continued to build up their strength. The new year was kicked off by a second-place victory and a Runners-up Trophy for the Eagles in the Marion Tournament. They con- cluded the year with an impressive showing at the Manhattan Tournament. Basketball Scores Pre-season Tournament at McPherson M.W.C. M.W.C. M.W.C. M.VV.C. M.W,C. M.VV.C. M.W.C. M.W.C. Wesleyan M.W.C. M.W.C. M.W.C. M.W.C. M.W.C. 53 ...,,.,.. Central 50 ... ... Haskell 74 ... .,. Friends 44 , . . . . . Central 74 ......... Friends 78 ...... Manhattan 52 ,....... Midwest 56 .......,. Hesston Tournament at Marion 71 ......... Owosso 78 Marion 76 . . . . . . Friends 67 ,..Hesston 62 . . . . . . Midwest M.W.C. 62 ...... Manhattan M.W.C. 70 ... ... St. johns M.W.C. 51 ......... Central Scores incomplete Jens Pederson Cary Sloan Michael Riley Roger Groves 1 : i K K JK E7 - P .-r,' 5 , .4 ty L N . , Si Q cssi' S . 5, ,.t- M., .7 f sl. x SB t fi I V - H ' Q Q' V Cheerleaders Add Spirit Cllieerleaders exist to ereate pep, enthusiasm and guard sportsmaiisliip at athletic events. and most eertaiiily our elieerleaders have done just that. Tliey are louiicl elieeririg at all liome games. They also present the lmest possible representation of XINYCI at all visiting games. Our tlianks go to tlie red and wliite elacl elieerleaders who lcd tlie XIXYC lfagles tliruiigli a woiiclrous year, Head elieerleader - Carol. Cllieerleading to Mary and Sandy isirt all wr 1 4 Delmurali Miller, Sandra Mueller, Carol Luekert, Xiary Nlelfniry, Sherry Huston. 'WN 96 A home basketball gamc draws stucicnts to cliccr the Eagles on to ii victory. Pep Club Sparks School Spirit Officers Scc-Tre-ns: Nancy Linciicy Vice Prcs: jiuncs Pcti-rsun Pres: Nanci NYomls Nttention is keen in an exciting moment of a socccr garner. 2 5 i 97 '. - V 114 N 1 IIS XS , AQ SQ 1 ' w ' xx I Y 1 y . Y N 'Q' 'xf ls: f ,ivy A. 'YL ' Wx A . 5 n .955 .Q N X Qu,"' p X A 4' 1 04 N TIGERS Officers Pres: Roger Crewes Sec-Tres: Sheila Peterson Vice Pres: Charles Stair rf"-'f 694,55 mmf? BULLDOCS Officers Pros: Mike Riley Sec-Tres: judy Huston Yice Pres: jamvs Perry fx x Who is he who cannot see what M.W.C. is TGDAY? X ll 5? 1 lan ',,i,Q ff? .K-4, Q . wi im. A . Autographs .-.-.-.-..- ,-..-.pq 3 1 K B NZ - wwfsgsi ADVERTISEMENTS XNNESLH4 2 Q01 yn li. KWSN? 103 TURNER,S SUPER MARKET Shop the Mini-Max Way Serving You Better - Saving You More Ph nc 427-4425 M lt I K s CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ,69 IT HAS BEEN OUR PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU! JONES COLLEGE SUN DRIES AN AUXILARY ENTERPRISE OF MILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLLEGE Miltonvale, Kansas CA , ev' swf f Wi' PHELP s THERS HARDWARE """ "-0 ,1 Plumbing - Heating Furniture - Appliances Best BOM - Carpet - I Nliltonvale. Kansas Paint Pulrlt v S I 1 913-427-2375 Stores Wd " t 91:3-427-2475 Firm-ml i X35 IX II 3 f i nw H M MING S BEGNGCHE OH! TEXACO i RFPAIR sHoP cl li-1. 1, ' ' J L COMPANY 1 - X, 'EC ,, .22 ' 5 I FS! 'CDG' Alignment Comp ete One Stop gf - ' 1 xyhecl Balancing Service -in J 4 Motor Overhauling, Welding D I General Mechanical VVorl4 M'lt0"W'leH kansas Miltonvale. Kansas Phone 427-2025 I,h0m,-197-2355 E GEIST CAFE PALMER AND PHELPS j ' A -nm In 7 Nliltonvalos .Zf.gZ,ff Friendly I I M Restaurant nsurance VVL' administer estates Consult us if you have a problem -- Hmm, Cooking - our food is so 1 good we eat it ourselves." Miltonvale, Kansas Phone 4212085 Miltonvale, Kansas Phone 427-2355 CITIZENS STATE A. P. LANGE, JEWELER . Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Serving the Community over 50 years Watches C Diamonds Gift Merchandise BANK N1llt0I1V2ll X ' just a g ,ameras Sh' L., Kansas ood safe pli avers Pian aee to l os Rl, Q W :msn Jankn u 'S us Q H? 9 L., 515,000 , lumvl 1 - ':.::1:1af 2 2 n nn 5 xv' 3' I Z! N 5 hun' ' 45 CHRYSLER M x1oToRs c:oRPoRA'rioN MCNEIL MOTOR COMPANY Clifton, Ks. Good Meat Good Coffee Good Food J. R. CAFE Miltonxule, Ks, Genevieve,s Sewing Shop Upholstery Drapery K' Laundri-Mati' Agent For White Sewing Machines Brothers Knitting Machines La Voie Oil Go. Nliltonx ale Ks Behind the school all the Way. Box 198 Miltonvule, Kansas 67466 BUT Holiday Kitchens, Inc. Qualify Qlesigned fm Qualify .Ezving 120 WEST ALLEN STREET RICE LAKE, WISCONSIN 54868 PHONE: CEdar4-8114 SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS M W : ATHE 6 33 BIGHTEOUSNESS AND ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU. Sales Manager: William Holmquist 7945 Sunnyside Bd. Minneapolis, Minn, 55432 Yun Can lim Bettvr in Chu IZOIIICF SKINNER CHEVROLET CO. MARSHALLIS INC. an-,,. SIEBOLD MOTOR CO. PRIMROSE MOTOR CO. MATTINCLY MOTOR CO. f:1mc:I -,1tL- fx lxxx cm. 1.1.1 'rf .1Q- klui-.114-.X f S! 5 WOHLER'S BAND BOX CLEANERS 4161 ,ill wlmciluyct f-11m efmrlz-5275 CLEANER-9 ELLIOTT,S STUDIO C AND N AUTO PARTS MILTON WIRT INSURANCE BUMSTEDIS WHOLESALE BAUERIS LAUNDRY FUNITURE CITY AND CLEANERS I. R. HATFIELD MOTOR CLINIC RON,S LIL, DUFFER TASTY PASTRY BURGER BARN MILTONVALE RECORD BIGLER,S PHILLIPS 66 MILTONVALE LOCKER WILHEM,S ELECTRIC PLANT AMERICAN FIRE EQUIPMENT CO. 325 N. 12th Street Box 993 Salina, Kansas 67401 Ph-TAS-3872 All types of Fire Equipment Sales and Service on All Types of Fire Extinguishers. IENNINCS ICA Miltonvale, Kansas HThe Scriptures give four names to Christians - Saints, for their holiness, Believers, for their faith, Brothren, for their love, Disciples, for their knowledgefi Andrew Fuller DEAN,S HEATING 81 AIR COND. Dean Yarrington 1703 VVater1oo Road Cedar Falls, Iowa ARROW PRINTING COMPANY Box sez - SALINA KANSAS fzrwi - Ac 91:1 TA 3,3932 BUD,S BARBER SHOP Why not let a good haircut go to your head! CENTRAL OFFICE SERVICE Sz SUPPLY Office Equipment and Supplies Service is our middle name." Phone ME 2-2177 423 Lincoln Clay Center, Kansas WESLEYAN PUBLISHING HOUSE Box 2000 Marion, Indiana 46952 Our task - To provide the VVes1eyan Church, and Christian homes across our land with Bihlcs, hymnals, good hooks, Sunday School materials, gifts and church supplies. Store locations: VVes1eyan Book Room 226 East Ohio St., Indianapolis Tile Book Knook 415 Nv3S111Ilgll7llSl. Marion Headquarters Book 11oom,50t1i St, 61 Rl. 37 Marion RES. M E 2-2670 DRS. HAASE . AND MORLONG Dr. M.K. Nikkei Alai cH1HoPRAc:'1'oR Optometrists urllllif Colden Rule to Coocl Healthn 434 Lincoln, Clay Center M E2-2844 OFFICE 816 5th ST. DIAL ME 2-2211 CLAY CENTER, KANSAS 503 VV. Court ME2-2325 3. Q Ill nl: Ili L J I 1,4613 f,am.,,0X KENT, s FLOWERS 'PWQQ I II 4 9 - E-' flpng I, I - ' ' 5 Cl. , C , K. , 1 A smmmu f . ay ,enter, ansas X w.,,f.f.m , ff N1E2-2290 ifugigflf Flowers For All Occasions Doyle Carnlmer 436 Lincoln Ave. Clay Center, Kansas 13241 KW W LT 5 W f f , g f ' , ,K ,, 1 of ' V U' 'S QLXQY ex Q at -W L , , 4 ll V X E. 'I f XX I Q f ' LAFLIN,S FLOWERS Clay Center, Kansas 67466 CLAY BOWL Don Frazier - Proprietor Discounts for MVVC Students ME2-5400 Clay Center, Kansas Office Equipment 55? and Supplies V' 'Q 'Service is our middle name 'mmm' R' , -- Weill Do Our Best to Serve You 'I mow Phone MP 2-211 I . . 423 Lincoln Dick and jo Schmidt is mme family Store Clay Center, Kansas lgpil 420 Lincoln, Clay Center CENTRAL OFFICE SERVICE 81 SUPPLY F' .- CLAY CENTER WESLEYAN CHURCH Corner of Court and llth Streets Clay Center, Kansas 67432 17 miles east of Miltonvale Sunday School ..... . . ..... . . . 9:45 a.m Morning Worship ........,........ 10:45 a.m Young Missionary VVorkers Band ...... 6:45 p.m Wesleyan Youth ..........,.... . . . 6:45 p.m Evening Family Hour .,,............ 7:30 p.m Mid-week Prayer Service CWed.l ...... 7:30 p.m Rev. E. K, Purcell If you are looking for a church home, come, We can help you. If you are looking for church work, come, you can help us. F. C. HILL MEMORIAL WESLEYAN METHODIST f-JH' C H U R C H Miltonvale, Kansas Supports 1 f Miltonvale Wesleyan College 1 I 00 '76 Rev. and Mrs. Dale Campbell, pastor. :f .--T. 4"172ii:'l: :'. .' T H E W E S L EYA N C H U RC H I i Q Q gg f . Q -I' OF ABILENE, KANSAS A -W B E L I EV E S I N Proposed Hall XVesleyan Church HALL WESLEYAN CHURCH Supports Miltonvale Wesleyan College Rev. Marvin L. johnson, Pastor Delphos, Kansas AND SUPPORTS M.W.C. WITH STUDENTS AND FINANCES. REV. AND MRS. C. R. HOERNER, PASTOR BETHANY CHAPEL WESLEYAN CHURCH Rev. j. j. Stoner, Pastor Congratulations on your Sixtieth Anniversary ichita First MT. PISGAH WESLEYAN esleyan supports Ontar1o,VVisconsin M-WDC. 1700 So. Market Winning men to Christ Wichita, Kansas fI'0m Wildcat Staff? Park. Rev. C. W. Dunbar, pastor Pastor Paul Robbins, assistant pastor THE WESLEYAN CHURCH The Sioux City, Iowa Wesleyan Church supports 5th Ave, and Sth gt, Miltonvale College Brookings, South Dakota Pastor: julins Strand 1968-69 Students from Soolandz Cheryl Randy Sharon Clark Our Students at M.W.C. Carolynn johnson Ron Pulscher, Mary MCEIUFY Diane Hobbie, Ronald BandY Sharon Hobbie jens Pedersen CHoliness Methodist Church South Sioux City? BUFFALO WESLEYAN CHURCH 40 N. DeSmet Buffalo, Wyoming Supporting MWC with our prayers finances, and students. Larry johnson, Pastor LOYALTON WESLEYAN CHURCH Loyalton, So. Dak. Loyally Supports MWC with . .. Students, Finances, and Prayers R. J. Sausoman, Pastor FIRST WESLEYAN CHURCH Enid, Oklahoma Rev. and Mrs. Ira C. Cross Pastors CEDAR RAPIDS WESLEYAN CHURCH Congratulates MWC on this 60th anniversary of nohle and dedicated service to higher Christian education! and Recommends Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as a good place for MWC graduates to put their knowledge into a meaningful endeavor! Crowing Church 2600 First Avenue N.W. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52405 Phone: 365-5088 Pastor: Richard Ernst In a growing community THE WESLEYAN CHURCH Belleville, Kansas i'We Support MWCH Dick Mason, Pastor QA MWC Alumnusj CONCORDIA WESLEYAN CHURCH Sixteenth and Cedar Streets Concordia, Kansas "The Church with a Friendly Welcomeu Rev. Duane C. Seitz, Pastor TRINITY WESLEYAN CHURCH So. Main and Orchard Dr. Cedar Falls, Iowa, 50613 UMinistering to the Hearts of Men . . , . . . in the Heart of Vacation Land , . . E. R. Dodd Memorial WESLEYAN CHURCH Emily, Minnesota Rev. james W. Slye, Pastor K'Where Visitors Are Always Welcome! South Troy Wesleyan Church Route fl Zumbro Falls Minnesota 'A friendly country church, in a friendly country communityf, Paul L. Davis, Pastor HOME OF: Darrell Hermann Donald Hermann Cpresent MWC studentsl Lug ' 1 f Parkway Wesleyan Church 330 Parkway, Baraboo, Wis. 53913 Phone 356-5632 Pastor - Rev. H.S. and Ila Bennett FIRST WESLEYAN CHURCH Rapid City, So. Dak. A HAS M.W.C. HELPED US? Former Pastor and Wife Present Pastor and Wife S. S. Superintendenfs Daughters Church Treasurer Church Choir Director Youth For Christ Director Ass't Church Organist Eight S. S. Teachers or Assistantls CYC Director WMS President junior Dept. Superintendent A number of other Laymen HAVE WE HELPED M.W.C'? The school records will need to answer this. Pastor - O. Dean Watson RICHLAND WESLEYAN CHURCH 'KA Friendly Church in A Friendly Communityv Rev. Burnell Pudwill, Pastor Mina, South Dakota DALLAS WESLEYAN CHURCH 6641 South Cockrill Hill Rd. Dallas Texas CMethodism like Mom and Dad enjoyed years ago? Pastor john L. Newell PIIOHGS AX 85425 CChl1fChl ALVA WESLEYAN CHURCH FR6-5078 QHomeD 2947 IDAHO DALLAS, TEXAS 302 Church Street Alva, Oklahoma 73717 Rev. R. I. O,Connor, Pastor 5 wf ELI WESLEYAN PARTNERS WITH COD. Eli, Nebraska 69213 When Cod is in it . ., E - ducation I - asts i- ndefinitely CHURCH THE RED CLOUD WESLEYAN CHURCH GRACE WESLEYAN CHURCH SBACKINCMWC. . , I . ' V Mrk 111 E. 26th Street Des Moines, Iowa Pastor, Robert A. Howlett and con- gregation pledge to M.W.C., its staff and students their loyal and continued support. THEREIS A PLACE FOR YOU I fgwfftfff p IN SAN ANTONIO! 555555555 Ex eriencez I I I X. egg ,V 13-- Wms 25 '93 15 . X . - The Hemisfair City "ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE CITIES IN AMERICA GA SICNIFICANT PART OF TIIE GREAT BOOMINC SOUTIIVVEST WCITY OF THE ALAMOI' CONTRASTINC THE ULTRA MODERN "THE EXCITINCLY ROMANTIC "CITY IN THE SUNP This Wesleyan Church QYOUILI. BE INSPIRED BY AN OPTIMUM CIIIAIIENCE "YOL"I.l, BE TIIRILLED IN AN ENTIIL'SIASTIt1MINISTRY OYOUII, BE PLEASED VVITII TIIE OPTIMISM IQYERYWIIERE THE HUB OF THE NEW TEXAS DISTRICTH For further details. contact: Rl-V VVult Rowell 910 A XYL-st AVCIIIIC San Antonio, Texas 782133 Phone All 5I2 3-I-1:6393 LA PORTE CITY WESLEYAN CHARLES CITY CHURCH WESLEYAN CHURCH 701 Bi5h0P Avenue Charles City, Iowa La Porte City, Iowa 50651 Willingly Backs Supports MILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLI I+ Glu M ILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLLEGE Rev. Paul R. Huffman Pastor Howard W. johnson - Pastor FALLS AVE. WESLEYAN CHURCH 2222 Falls Ave. Waterloo, Iowa Services Sunday Worship .... 9:00 10:30 Sunday School ...... 9:00 I0:30 Evening Worship .... 7:00 Wed. Family Night . . 7:00 HThe Life that Winsn . . . Sat. 9:30 CWeekly Broadcastj KNWS Pastor - Don H. Polston Gary D. Swenson Director of Christian Education MARSHALLTOWN WESLEYAN CHURCH Corner of South Center and Bohem St. Marshalltown, Iowa C.M. and Marie Hubby, Pastors ROSLYN PARK WESLEYAN CHURCH 5300 6th. Street N. E. Minneapolis Minnesota 55421 We are large enough to serve you and yet small enough to know you. Our Church is located near many good work opportunities and we are sur- rounded by thousands who need to hear the gospel of jesus Christ. We need you to help us win others to Christ. Rev. Gary M. Noyes, Pastor BU RNSVILLE WESLEYAN CHURCH Supports Miltonvale Wesleyan College with INTERCESSION - We Pray INVESTMENT - We Give INTEREST - We Love "A Pioneer Church with an Eye to the Futurey' Albert R. Fookes, Pastor CRANE ADDITION COMMUNITY CHURCH Austin, Minnesota From 1935-1969 HA Growing Church in Changing Times" Rev. joe H. Matt, Pastor DAKOTA DISTRICT Scrving North and South Dakota, Montana and VVyorning The DHk"W3Hn1I1 enthusiastically supports and Confercncc at Rapid City, South Dakota june 17th to 25th. Clamp W'orkcrs Ccncral Supcrintcndcnts: Dr. M. H. Snydcr Dr. R. S. Nicholson Rcv. C. Eugenc Cockrell Nliltonvalc XYcslcyan Collcgc District officers: Rcv. john Iluntcr, Dist. Supt. Rcv. C. VV. Coodscll, Asst. Supt Rcv. Cordon Cary, Sccretary Rcv. Hari D. Olson, Treasurer COMPLIN1 ENTS Ol" THE OKLAHOMA DISTRICT OF TH Ii VVESLICYAN CI IU RCH 4' Presenting an unchanging Christ for a changing world." . p gy A V --N. - 'e,.-:ag mga ' , - ,Yr ff", , .' , ..Y-f N V :Ex-' 1,9554 1- , 0 1, . f ,-rdf' VX... L iff' f,.,,x:k'g'A ' Z.,--"T" use . " MW ' , A ,M 4 ,j.-grae-1 1. Q -' mi . " ,,,K,.,1-arg-f-" -Y E 5 Wig'-UAH 'I' ' ' - CHURCH I ... ' ' V, , N ig! fem , A 'u 1 lf 1: A if I PA 3 f I ' , j f1+' ' I' DISTRICT ' THE WESLEYAN CHURCH .fvxf V, I 41.1 N, HThe California District supports Miltonvale Wesleyan College in its purpose to serve the youth of our churelifi Nlartin XV. Cox, District Superintendent George R. Harris, Assistant District Superintendent jarncs II. judy, District Secretary Tlieoclore R. Stewart, District Treasurer OFFICII'f: 3200-A EAST VIRGINIA AVICNLIIE. XVEST COYINA. CAI,II"OIINI.-X 91790 o 'l'EI,EPIIONI-1 LZISI 966-6718 THE NEBRASKA DISTRICT 2 Q Supports MWC Students of 1968-69 Charley A. Phipps, President --H - - --.6 - Student Directory Adams, Richard, 111 East Flynn, Alva, Oklahoma 73717 Anson, Wayne, 642 N. Broadwell, Grand Island, Nebr. 68801 Babcock. David, 2616 15th Avenue, Greeley, Colorado 80631 Bailey, joseph, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Baker, Clara, 406 Shelton, Chadron, Nebraska 69337 Ball, Gloria tFaithJ, Route 2, Belleville, Kansas 66935 Bandy, Cheryl 2421 41st Street, Sioux City, Iowa 51108 Bandy, Ronald 2421 41st Street, Sioux City, Iowa 51108 Bathurst, janet, Box 776, Talmage, Kansas 67482 Bathurst, Tim, Box 776, Talmage, Kansas 67482 Baughman, Kathleen, R.R. 1, Bancroft, Wisconsin 54921 Baxter, Martha, R.R. 2, Green, Kansas 67466 Beals, Vearl, Box 355, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Beets, Barry, 212 West 39th, Kansas City, Missouri 64111 Bennett, Phyllis, 300 S. Foster, Mitchell, South Dakota 57301 Berg, Rosemary, 3434 68th St., Des Moines, Iowa 50322 Berk, Linda, 1465 West Avenue, Zumbrota, Minnesota 55992 Blad, Marcia 2404'M' Street, Belleville, Kansas 66935 Brannon, Rhonda, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Brown, Dennis, R,R. 2, Box 200, Hamilton, Montana 59840 Brown, Marilyn, Box 8, Paradise, Kansas 67658 Brumbaugh, Richard, Oak Hill, Kansas 67472 Bybee, Harvey, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Bybee, jerry, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Caldwell, Eunice, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Chaffin, Linda, Atkinson, Nebraska 68713 Clark, Sharon, 3406 42nd Street, Sioux City, Iowa 51108 Collins, Rodney, 331 Fremont, Manhattan, Kansas 66502 Copeland, Mrs. Marilyn, R. 2, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Cummings, Steven, 1036 N. Elm, Red Cloud, Nebraska 68970 Cunnin fham. Marlene, Box 14, Eskridge, Kansas 66423 Cutshall: Neil, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Cyr, Larry, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Daake, Robert L,, R.R. 4, Charles City, Iowa 50616 DeBruin. Barry, R.R. 2, Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577 DeCock, Ellen, Harlowton, Montana 59036 Denison, Daniel, Eli, Nebraska 69213 Dittmeyer, Carol, 518 S, 13th, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Dow, james, Red Cloud, Nebraska 68970 Down, David, 912 Second Street, Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913 Edgington, Stanley, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Engle, Michael, R.R. 3, Abilene, Kansas 67410 Engle, Saundra, R.R. 3, Abilene, Kansas 67410 Eustice, David, Olivet Nazarene College, Kankakee, III. 60901 Farra, Mary Lou, R.R. 1, Lavalle, Wisconsin 53941 Fender, Rodney, R,R. I, Whiting, Iowa 51063 Fillmore, Robert, 1039 Oregon, Waterloo, Iowa 50702 Finley, Marjean, 930 Court Street, Clay Center, Kansas 67432 Finley, Steven, 930 Court Street, Clay Center, Kansas 67432 Fletcher, Diana, 2326 Sunset Lane, Greeley, Colorado 80631 Fookes, james, 13812 County Road 5, Burnsville, Minn. 55378 Foster, Roger, 309 River, Forsyth, Montana 59327 Fowlkes, james, 311 Independence, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 Fuller, Earl, 522 West Broadway, Newton, Kansas 67114 Fuller, Ken, jay, R.R. 2, Miltonvale, Kansas, 67466 Garis, joseph, 611 W. Frantz, Enid Oklahoma 73701 Gary, Frank, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Gathers, Glenn, Box 218, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Gaub, LeRoy, C.B. Rt,, Glendive, Montana 59330 Gauger, Keryl, Route 1, Burbank, Oklahoma 74633 Gay, Marjorie, Route 1, Dalbo, Minnesota 55107 Geist, Terry, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 George, Angela, Hancock, Wisconsin 54943 Gilger, Connie, 1205 N. Central, Topeka, Kansas 66608 Gilger, Gayla, Broadus, Montana Gleason, Norabelle, 1816'0' Street, Belleville, Kansas 66935 Goodsell, Marilyn, 334 N. Euclid, Peirre, South Dakota 57740 Gravos, Karen, Arnegard, North Dakota 58835 Grosenbach, Melva, 208 E. 8th, Gordon, Nebraska 69343 Gross, Carolyn, 924 E. Maine, Enid, Oklahoma 73717 Groves, Roger, 818 West Market, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Hada, Roger, Rt. 9, Box 13, Alva, Oklahoma 73717 Hatfield, Glenda, Rt, 1, Box 27, Esbon, Kansas 66941 Hauck, Ross, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Hauck, Guy, R. 1, Ada, Kansas 67414 Hauser, Neal, Box 86, Bristol, South Dakota 57219 Hauser, Nolan, Box 86, Bristol, South Dakota 57219 Hedlund, Victoria, R.R. 2, Box 71, Scottsbluff, Nebr. 69361 Hermann, Darrell, R.R. 4, Rochester, Minnesota 55901 Hermann, Donald G,, Zumbro Falls, Minnesota 55991 Hess, Kenneth, R.R. 1, Gordon, Nebraska 69343 Hobbie, Diane, R.R., Flandreau, South Dakota 57028 Hobbie, Sharon, R.R. 1, Flandreau, South Dakota 57028 Hoerner, Paul, Route 5, Manhattan, Kansas 66502 Holsing, Peg y, Loyalton, South Dakota 57459 Howard, Phyglis, Orchard, Nebraska 68764 Howell, David, Box 26, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Howlett, Robert, 2626 Maple, Des Moines, Iowa 56317 Hughes, Dennis, Royal, Nebraska 68773 Hughes, Stanley, R.R. I, Box 14, Aurora, Kansas 67417 Huston, judy, R.R. 1, Box 19, Vergas, Minnesota 56587 Huston, Sherry, R.R, 1, Box 19, Vergas, Minnesota 56587 Hutchison, Travis, R.R., Presho, South Dakota 57568 johnson, Carolynn, R.R. 1, Sioux City, Iowa 51108 johnson, jerry, 4421 S, Handley, Wichita, Kansas 67217 johnson, Leland, R.R. 1, Delphos, Kansas 67436 johnson, Marvin, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 johnson, Steven, Box 4, Lake Andes, South Dakota 57356 jones, Sandra, 116 Eidene Ct., Evansdale, Iowa 50707 jordan, james, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Karges, David, Elgin, North Dakota 58533 Karges, Esther, Elgin, North Dakota 58533 Kasson, Doris, 1152 S. Patton Ct., Denver, Colorado 80219 Kaufmann, David Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Kaufmann. Marie,Miltonva1e, Kansas 67466 Kincade, Patti, Route 2, Box 11, Terry, Montana 59349 Kirchner, Roger, 2319 N. Owaissa, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911 Knapp, Leanne, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Knowles, William, 3128 Everett, Wichita, Kansas 67217 Kohler, Rebekah, R,R. 2, Rockford, Iowa 50468 Kottas, Bill, Epanomi, Thessaloniki, Greece Kuecks, William, 211 Cummings Avenue, Buffalo, Wyoming 82834 Lange, Paula, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Leonhardt, Ginger, Route 2, Box 320 A, Scottsbluff, Nebraska 73701 Lewellen, Shirley, 407 West Wabash, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Lindley, Nancy, Fallon, Montana 59326 Luekert, Carol, R,R. 1, Box 347, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Maddox, Robert, 1605 21st Avenue, Greeley, Colorado 80631 Malevris, Stavros, 18 Agnanton Street, Athens 404, Greece Marah, Brenda, R. R. 3, Charles City, Iowa 50616 Masling, Charles, 5931 Belcrest, Houston, Texas 77033 Matters, Rogers, 15 E. Elizabeth, St. Paul, Minnesota 55107 McEniry, Mary, Box 353, Hinton, Iowa 51024 McLean, Richard, R. R. 3, Burr Oak, Kansas 66936 McNaney, Donald, 807 Washington, Terry Montana 59349 McNaney, Bobbie, Box 164, Terry, Montana 59349 Merick, Louis, 75 Fifth Street N. E., Independence, Iowa 50644 Miller, Deborah, 1107 W, Cherokee, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Moore, Darwin, 106 Berlin, Waterloo, Iowa 50701 Mosher, David, 718 East 11th, Concordia, Kansas 66901 Mueller, Gary, 521 Hillcrest, Waterloo, Iowa 50701 Mueller, Sandra, 521 Hillcrest Road, Waterloo, Iowa 50701 Nash, Keith, RFD 1, Enterprise, Kansas 67441 Nord, Mary, R.R. 1, Box 86, Belleville, Kansas 66935 Norris, Tonja, Route 21, Gaylord, Kansas 67638 Oak, Michael, 2825 Elgin, Mudkogee, Oklahoma 74401 Ohl, Frank, Box 34, St. Francisville, Illinois 62460 Olmsted, David, R.R. 1, Gillingham, Wisconsin 54633 Ostrander, Richard, 1615 jim Bridger, Casper, Wyoming 82601 Padilla, jack, 725 Garfield, Clay Center, Kansas 67432 Palmer, Marlene, Mina, South Dakota 57462 Pederson, jens, R. R. 1, Moville, Iowa 51039 Perry, james, 534 South Vine, West Union, Iowa 52175 Perry, Ruth, 534 South Vine, West Union, Iowa 52175 Peterson, james, Route 1, Williston, North Dakota 58801 Peterson, Sheila, R. R. 1, Mansfield, South Dakota 57460 Pettigrew, Larry, 3015 Morningview, Rapid City, South Dakota 57701 Potter, Shirley, Bloomington, Nebraska 68929 Pudwill, Bobby, Mina, South Dakota 57462 Pulscher, Ronald, R. 1, Box 101, Colman, South Dakota 57017 Rapp, Beverly, R. R. I, Fulton, South Dakota 57340 Riker, Lowell, 624 West Sth, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 Riley, Michael, 410 N. 7th, Forsyth, Montana 59327 Rosas, Ianeen, R. 1, Lake Elmo, Minnesota 55042 Russell, Gary. Harlowton, Montana 59036 Ryser, Charles, R. 2, Haddam, Kansas 66944 Sailer, Eva, Walker, Iowa 52352 Sawyer, Gary, 715 N. 6th, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Schmitt, Dean, R. R. 1, Reinbeck, Iowa 50669 Seal, Donna, 1226 S. jefferson, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Shelley, Sherrill, Nye, Montana 59061 Shelton, Ed, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Sigmund, Judy, R. R. 2, Mt. Vernon, South Dakota 57363 Simpson, Berneice, R.R. 1, Box 62, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Simpson, Michael, R. R. 1, Abilene, Kansas 67410 Sloan, Gary, 395 16th St. Salem, Oregon 97301 Sloan, jerry, 395 16th St. S.E., Salem, Oregon 97301 Smith, Rollin, Star R. 4, Atkinson, Nebraska 68713 Snider, Beth, 2423 N.W. 40th, Oklahoma City, Okla. 73112 Sorenson, Steven, R.R. 2, Mason City, Iowa 50401 Spilger, Murl, 540 E. Capital Ave, Grand Island, Nebraska 68801 Stair, Charles, 1231 E. Randolph, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Stewart, Janelle, 313 North Sunset, Ponca City, Okla. 74601 Stokes, Lois,511 3rd St. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 54204 Stone, Kenneth, Box 337, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Stoneberg, Terry, Bristow, Iowa 50611 Stuve, Wendy, R.R. 3, Wisconsin Rapids, VVisconsin 54494 Swaim, Willow, 313 IX2 South 36th, Billings, Montana 59101 Tasker, Alan, R.R. 1, Manchester, Kansas 67463 Tindall, Thomas, R.R., Bristow, Iowa 50611 Titus, Rosalyn, 2916 4th Avenue West, Seattle, Wash. 98119 Tripp, Alan, 20 Water Street, Rice Lake, Wisconsin 54868 Usherwood, Kathleen, Box 21 A, Emily, Minnesota 56447 Vanderbush, Clifford, R.R. 1, Bushnell, South Dakota 57011 Van Maanen, Lora, Rt. 5, Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577 Vaughan, Ellen, 914 N. 5th, Miles City, Montana 59301 Walker, Gerald, 1701 Van Dyke St., Appleton, 1Visconsin 54911 Waters, Kathleen, 2627 Foote Drive, Phoenix, Arizona 85008 VVeek, Theodore, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Wood, Michael, 401 N. Central, Harlowton, Montana 59036 Woods, Nancy, R.R. 1, Ontario, Wisconsin 54651 Wright, Dennis, R.R. 2, Castlewood, South Dakota 57223 '1 - .ee 5, , 41 .V 2 I fu S .Ig 5 1 1 f Q 1 J

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