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Scllll iiysllll li il, Q, ::'l s" II n ss I s 1 ,gs T225 , , 4 W I . . 14 -.X - 4 if X 4 X X Nl ,Sf Hg J' Q , 1 lg' gl iQ. . . . 'X , 4 J9- P ,Q lr Av bs 'W ig? iw 4 2 4? . f 1 'Q 11 a ,Q 1' LL 3, Ai.. Ira L. 1 . if x .: nm- ,gs , , - , 'X . SUNFLQWER NINETEEN SIXTY EIGHT MILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLLEGE Miltonvale, K "How beautiful are the feet ofthem that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things!" Romans 10:15 To the collegians of MWC, Rev. Dale Campbell is more than just a college pastor, he is a counselor, a teacher, a companion, and most of all a friend in Christ. Day or night regardless of a busy schedule, he is willing and eager to talk, laugh, and pray with those who have problems to share or victory to re- late. Because of his selflessness and sincere dedica- tion, he, along with his lovely wife, have truly made F. C. Hill Memorial Church the collegians church away from home. So it is to you, Pastor Dale W. Campbell, that we, the Sunflower Staff of 1968, dedicate this annual as a small token of our appreciation for your interest, concern, and vital influence in each of our lives. May God's richest blessings continue to be shed upon your life. F CONTENTS Dedication Foreword Campus Life Academics Worship Sports Organizations Advertisements Index The program at Miltonvale Wesleyan College emphasizes the Balanced Life for each student. Foremost is the spiritual aspect, and in close asso- ciation are the academic program, and the social and physical aspects. This year the Balanced Life has become a reality in the lives of many collegians. it .......--gn ' .AX ka .Mew '--f ir SPIRITUAL "But grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ." II Peter 3:18 MEX RWM iq is , 1 M MARK mg 4 ug. V 2 use 5 Qs' im W? V 1.1 ily Us? , me ikwwz- I at 1 L, 1 at N , I 1 M if Y 'if 'Y 14 , T x ia t Q 555395 ,.,.......-..w- SOCIAL "And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name ofthe Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father by him." Colossians 3:17 ,F ..f'-" Z ,.,. PHYSICAL "What'? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your Own? ICorinthians 6:19 ..Lmf..wsQmam:.vm:.wMiM,4,w,f.vw-As,A3m.A,. - i-,4.,,,,..,,,M,.mf.:un M Q-'19, :-L L mm. whvmmqmwgmfgzyirrmk M--wx H W-M - Y, 7, :KE li a E 1 CAMPUS BE UTY f A fi fx -Q 6 4 eff' Wir' A -,A 5' -'ef 0 ZA ,Q , W' ,A is w r . mn ww-W.. 2 MII Peasant Marie develops brawn to complement her beauty. On Becoming a Freshman Green-nosed peasants with pillows for security -- could freshmen really be that con fused? For three miserable days the freshmen were easily identi- fied by unkempt hair, handbooks, beanies, and unshaven faces. Upper- classmen gloated over "black lists" where each offense was carefully tal- lied. The night ofreckoning found the offenders justly tried in Kangaroo Court where punishment was meted out according to the court's pleasure. Having attained sufficient maturity, the frosh were welcomed as full- fledged collegians. Are you enjoying our open air beauty salon" Freshmen develop new taste for shaving cream. Backward freshmen strike again. Mother said there would be days like this! Please, no more pie, '11 Oh, that Hidden Magic! It's a good thing breakfast isn't required every morning! Holding the Bible presented to her at the Coronation, Queen Sue reflects the Christian ideals of Miltonvale Wesleyan College. The court watches as Sue is crowned by Student Senate President. Queen Sue Stevens and escort Steve Cummings are presented to the student body and alumni during the M. W. C. Homecoming Coronation. Eaglels Ideal Pretty, vivacious, and charming is the 1967 Home- coming Queen, Miss Sue Stevens. Queen Sue, Greely, Colo., takes active interest in Waterskiing, art, music, and has a special interest in Colorado's beautiful mountains. During her two years at MWC, Sue has been cheerleader, piano accompa- nist for gospel teams, and is Sophomore class treasurer. She is working on a Liberal Arts major. Queen Sue's ready smile and willing heart have easily earned her a place in the hearts ofthe MWC collegians. Homecoming Royalty fleft to rightj: Roger Foster, Carolyn Gross, Ray O'Neill, Joetta Holsing, Queen Sue Stevens, Steve Cummings, Jeanette Hess, James Garlow, Peggy Holsing, Dave Babcock. 'cHalls of Royaltyv A breath of suspense in the dimness beyond . . . an audience awaits . . . whispers cease, silence reigns . . , footlights catch a sparkling crown, a royal bouquet, a Bible caressed - They too wait . . . Now mingled tears of surprise and joy, hesitant happy words of gratitude . . . The old steps down, extends a hand to the new - So begins a glorious reign . . . the time so brief, the memory everlasting . . . behind follows a royal court in hushed and awed silence . . . symbolic pageantry . . . The spot- lights merge into one as they reliect the majesty of Halls of Royalty. I6 Carolyn Gross, freshman attendant, and Joetta Holsing, Hrst runnerup. X 5 3 3 lsa,afml1wMX Qr ,f--t-4.-f ,f - ., 2 The Queen's Court pause on Abbott Hall staircase. Jeanette Hess, second runnerup, and Peggy Holsing, freshman attendant. , , We 'gy Vi' ig' Eagle cheerleaders pull for Action, EAGLES IN ACTION Classes and campus organizations entered with enthusiasm into the spirit of Homecoming as they planned and prepared several lovely and cleverly designed floats. Competition ran close as the Bulldog float was judged first place winner. The freshman class and the upperclassmen tied for second and the sophomore class was awarded third place. Bulldogs take first place. Sophomores 'Drive 'em loco,. 'Mask and Mirror' in ACTion. 18 Freshmen tie for second place. 'il WSW' ' " EERE HESTER HALL DEDICATION Service of Dedication Fanfare and Prelude . . . . . . Trumpet Trio Invocation . . . ,....., . Mr. ,lack Carlson Dean ofStudent Affairs ' . . . Men's Ensemble Music .,.,,..,.... Scripture Selections . . . ,,,..... David Kaufmann President, Student Senate Review ofthe Project .... . . . Dr. Wesley L. Knapp President ofthe College .. . Mr. William Harbin Contractor Presentation of the Building ,... Ritual of Dedication ........,..... , , Rev. Wayne Caldwell Chairman ofthe Board ofTrustees Prayer of Dedication ...........,,.,., Dr, Harold K. Sheets General Superintendent. Wesleyan Methodist Church Dedicatory Address .... ...... D r. Harold K. Sheets Music ,,,.......,, ..., M en's Ensemble Benediction , . . , . ......, . Rev. Duane Seitz President, Alumni Association The completion of this men's residence hall represents the achievement ofthe second phase of development on Miltonvale Wesleyan's campus. A host of friends across the mid-west have participated in providing a part of the S200,000 cost of this project. Students and faculty members join in expressing their sincere grati- tude to all who have contributed. """"' in I wi' MM' "A Star Is Bornl' Candlelight and simulated stars provided the ex- quisite setting for the annual Christmas Banquet, courtesy of the faculty. Drawn from a reading by Tom Tindall, entertainment displayed the theme, 'LA Star is Born." Musical selections were present- ed by a men's quartet and the College Choir. Rev. Dale Campbell climaxed the memorable occasion with challenging remarks appropriate to the Ad- vent Season. 20 X 1 5 w 2 Vx X S F 1- x 3 9' if 'Y 4, ,. Q vw 5 A 5 f Q . 4 5 01 Y' is ii nf 1 2 Q I X Hr ,, 1 W I F 5 W 4 Y Q, di X.. N, 53 ne' if swf Love Makes The World Go Round it Master ofCeremonies, Tom Tindall and date, Diane Hobbie. Candlelight shadows beneath a canopy of hearts f tender smiles and precious memories f the Sweet- heart Banquet highlights the Season of Love. A thoughtful poem - a melody of romance be- neath the beloved adage, L'Love Makes the World Go Roundn e this a special honor to the Sweet- heart King and Queen. Sweetheart King, Mike Fullingim and Queen, Barb Matt Ray O'Neil enacts timid college freshman in the skit, Young Love. 3 5 s 5 K, ,ff J, VfiifllifQ54:l1f.Ef,2f 1 I , .Vw isiwiifx-' , " . 222, 11.15 1' 1. fmisffisz-'-sag: ,fLfg5i,gs-my ,. , KVLL ' I iv QV55' S .1 lfig i p j' l h i l i Wesley L. Knapp, M.S., LL.D. President ofthe College A German philosopher is credited with the state- ment that "The person who understands the 'whyl of life, will be able to stand up to the show' of lifef' This is, basically, another way of saying that the individual who has discovered a meaning to life, will be able to adjust to the demands life will make of him. Happy is that person, who early in his career, ac- cepts the Christian viewpoint of life, for from this realization will come coordination, purpose and meaning for all that life holds. The disallusion- ment, frustration, and disorganization that charac- terizes the lives of so many people is vivid evidence that intellectualism, secularism, and materialism, in themselves, do not provide the answers to the meaning of manls existence. Miltonvale Wesleyan College is committed to the task of assisting youth in finding this central pur- pose in life. The activities portrayed in the pages of this Yearbook suggest that this quest for meaning to life can be an engaging and rewarding experi- ence. 26 The President Harold Budensiek, M.A. Dean ofCollege. Every person has an ambition. Christianity is unique in that it combines purpose with a person's ambition. As we go forth from this institution, let us share this combination, a direct result of consecrated devotion to the cause of Christ. This combination is unbeat- able as man unavoidably meets the vicissi- tudes of life. If the world receives you as His ambassadors into positions of leadership in its time of need - that is well. The world will have shown untypically good judgment. If not, be thou faithful unto death, and He will give you a crown of life. Members of the class of '68 to you is given the greatest power of all - that of transmit- ting His nature to a world of men being driv- en by Satan destroying themselves and all that is good. Esteem this a priceless privilege. Men are dying for want of that which is committed to you. Our prayers and our hopes will be with you always. Dean of Academics Martin E. Brandt, Business Manager. i W l .. , Administrative Council Regulates School Policy Jack Carlson, M.A. Dean ofStudent Affairs. John Carey, B.S. Director of Development and Public Relations. ? '-'fats Jack Carlson, M.A. George Robbins, Jr. M.A. Education More than 40 students enrolled in the teacher education program this year. Edu- cation classes taught modern techniques of teaching and provided valuable informa- tion for the future teachers. The physical education program was designed to pro- vide the physical activity necessary for the balanced life, now and in the future. Between physical education classes, Mr, Carlson takes time to lend a help- Dedicated to his profession, Mr. Robbins spends ing hand. long hours correcting papers. Physical Education Vern Goodsell M S Mr. Goodsell ponders key questions for class discussion. Social Science And Psychology The young American Collegian is conscious ofthe gf World in which he lives. He is asking s'Who am I?", "What am I here for'?", and "What is my role in society?" To these questions he attempts to formu- late reasonable answers under the suggestive guid- ance ot' instructors in psychology and social sci- ence. Also in the department, Harold Budensiek, M.A, L. Vernon Atkins, M.S. in ED. A student in need of counseling contides in Mr. Atkins. 1.41 by 5 T 4 A , . MQ. f Ernest Mikesell, M.A. Allen Gisselbeck, B.S. Merrill McHenry, M.S. On leave of absence. J. Emory Howell, M.S. On leave of absence. Mathematics And Science Science laboratories witness the initial bewilder- ment of hopeful nurses, pre-med students and teachers. Mental quickness is sharpened and think- ing processes developed as young mathematicians and engineers struggle with graphs and logarithms. Also in the department, Elvie Turner, M.A. 31 Robert Mattke, M.A. English Literature And Language Language and literature provide the basis for a humanities major and give a broader understand- ing ofthe world, past and present. During the past term, the language department was supplemented by a Spanish course, a valuable addition to the cur- riculm. K 32 Elvie Turner, M.A. Rene'Alonzo, M.A. Also in the department, George Robbins, Jr., M.A William Goldsmith, M.A. Wilford Kaufmann, M.S. Kenneth Gooden, TH.M. William Goldsmilh, M A Religion, Bible And Philosophy Christ as the center of the balanced life means that study of the Bible holds a very important place in the lives of Christian youth. At M.W.C. , profes- sors dedicated to God have the spiritual welfare of the students on their hearts, as they endeavor to encourage many to enter Christian service. Also in the department, Robert Mattke, M.A. George Robbins, Jr. , M.A. On leave of absence 33 Talented Miss Wesner shares her love for beautiful music on special occasions. Business Education Under capable and conscientious guid- ance, students in the business department acquire efficiency in office skills and man- Miss Sharon Wesner, B.A. Mrs. Ruby Brandt, M.S. Fine Arts The music department provides a basis for careers in music education and sacred music. So necessary in a balanced life is the appreciation for the beauty ofiine arts as music. Thus, the program influences many areas of campus activity. agement. Miss Daggett encourages competence, poise, and honesty in business. Miss Thelma Daggett, M. S. Staff David Matt, B.A. Field Representative. Emma Durkee Assistant to the Registrar L. Vernon Atkins, M.S. Supervisor of General Office Director of Admissions and Counseling. Frances Buel, M.A. , M.S. Librarian Mfr-In Hillsong 35 Sharon Brewster Receptionist Phyllis Tolle Secretary to the President and Dean Janette Trennepohl Secretary in General Office Staff Jeanette Mattke Secretary to Director of Development as-mm, S..-X' Huw-'W . mai--' 4 , ' was A 4 fe, 2? ff, , xi,4 N N 24 7 3 . .K xi',i 'sh A!-fig? ky .swf '-nan., Q, , , f 5 ,N Carole Carlson College Nurse Harvey Balderstom Lester Thompson Assistant Custodian Custodian 38 YH Dennis Brown A man who has answered God's call for his life, Dennis Brown has won the respect of many through his deep consecration and his sin- cere testimony. A meticulous and conscientious student, he has maintained an excellent academic record as well as serving as a speaker in Gospel Team work. His life is an example oftalents used for the glory of God in the ministry of His Word. Who s Who In American Colleges And Universities 40 Sharon Mattke Competent and resourceful, Sharon Mattke is respected by all who know her. Ready wit and clarity of expression mark her as one who knows the correct phrase at the proper moment. This talented miss has been active in the College Choir and cam- pus activities while maintaining an excep- tional scholastic average. Her radiant Christian testimony will serve her well as a mark of distinction. Mike Fullingim A man with a challenging goal and suffi- cient self-discipline and ability to reach that goal, Mike Fullingim holds a position of respect on campus. As a student leader, active in sports and music, he commands a position of regard for his fine academic achievement. His Christian testimony is vibrant and his enthusiasm contagious e he will influence many. Brewster, Gary Isaiah 43:10 Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servant whom I have choseng that ye may know and believe me, and under- stand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after. Holsing, Stuart Philippians 1:6 Being conhdent of this very thing that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Macy, Marvin Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Mudgett, Larry Psalms 40:8 I delight to do thy will, O my God yea, thy law is within my heart. Trennepohl, Doug Phillipians 1:6 Being confident of this very thing that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Stone, Kenneth John l4:l5 Ifye love me keep my commandments. 42 Class Officers President ..,......,,... James Garlow Vice -President ......,.. Gary Brewster Secretary-Treasurer 4 . . Richard McLean Rodney Collins . . James Garlow Dave Kaufmann Senior And Junior Theologs Richard McLean Gary Russell Dennis Wright 43 ET Sophomore Class Oflicers 2 Cleft to rightj Linda Hada, secretary, Sue Stevens, treasurer, Professor Goodsell, sponsor, Jerry Sloan, presi- dentg Denny Brown, vice-president. BURNS, RICHARD -- A man of courae is also full of faith. BUTTERMORE, DUANE -f A will- ing heart, a helping hand, always ready on demand. CALHOUN,NANCY - Happy-go- lucky, cheerful, free, nothing in the world can bother me. CHILSON, SHIRLEY f Peaceful, thoughtful, and resigned, always modest, sweet and kind. CLARK, MARY ANN K Her life is like a snowflake, it leaves its mark, but never a stain. ADEE, MARILYN - Not too sober, not too gay,just a real girl in every way. tw, if gf-fi JW BANKS, MOLLY - A girl of few words never has to take back so many. BREWER, CAROL - The sugar ofher personality --- soft-spoken sweetness. BROWN, DENNIS - When I met him, I was looking down. When I left, I was looking up. , fm . fe Elini, SOPHO ORE CLASS BYBEE, LINDA - She was made to be an angel, but somebody lost the pattern. BYBEE, TOM - Large is his wisdom, larger is his heart. 'SWK' COPELAND, ISLA She s gay, fun loving and can really singg her manner and smile can happiness bring. CUMMINGS, STEVEN f- A well- liked fellow and an athletic star, he has friends both near and far. DARTER, BETTY - With grace the gods did her endow. DENISON, DANIEL - He does his task from day to day, and meets what- ever comes his way. DONALDSON, SANDRA - lfshe can't see a bright side, she polishes up the dull side and looks at that. ELSBERRY, JAMES -- Although he is no surgeon he does a good deal of cut- ting up. FULLINGIM, MICHAEL - A prince among men -- steady, studious, stable. GARLOW, JANET - Iopened the door of my heart, and behold, there was music within. GEORGE, BARBARA 1 Shy as a fawn andjust as sweet. HARNS, LINDA - Some say she's quiet, but ifthey knew her they'd deny it. HARRIS, DAVID - A friendly guy whose smile is one that's full oflaughter, full of fun. HESS, JEANETTE Beauty is truth, truth beauty. T53? mf' wi 4",l' aff! ENGEL, SUSAN -V Her thoughts are centered on just one --- still she's zealous and full offun, ENGEL, MIKE - Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. FLETCHER, TOM - When there is mischiefbrewing, he does the stirring. GUTHRIE, ROBERT - Sometimes I sit and think, sometimes Ijust sit. HADA, ERROL - Smile, it makes people wonder what you've been up to. HADA, LINDA - A high ideal, what- ever it may be, may be, realized through persistent endeavor and honest etfort. HOLSING, JOETTA A lovable manner, a lovable smile, a lovable girl and well worthwhile. HUFFMAN, AMY - Sweet, cheerful, helpful to have her around makes life less dull. I-IUNTER,CHARLES Education begins a gentleman, conversation com- pletes him. KARGES, ESTHER f- - Charm is one of those good things that come in little packages. LOTZ, LIND - Quietly she works, always faithful to each duty. JACKSON, MARY - The wearer of the smile that spells friendship. PARKS, LINDA-A friendto all A ever ready to smile out loud. PATTERSON, SHARON - She's young, she's lovely, she's engaged. PRAY, ELIZABETH -- Bubbling over with laughter and fun. MATTKE, SHARON A leader with boundless energies, a sure success we know she'll be. MILLER, DAN - If school is liberty give me death, . 1 .iam- .,. Q gy gibyg-Qui! . .SSW " .Syl V27 Q1 CT' H5315 T KINDSCHI. BONNIE - The song she sings, the smile she wears, makes the sun shine everywhere. MARSHALL, DOROTHY A mis- chievous little girl who can blush her way out ofany situation. MATT, BARBARA - Graceful poise and sweetness void of pride. OR MORAINE, RALPH f His intelli- gence shows just about every day: his dil- igent study keeps it that way. O'NEIL, RAYMOND Blessed with a magnetic personality and a rich load ol' humor. PULSCHER RONALD s hx but one swell guy PURlNGTON,SHlRLEY Alwaysa sparkle in her eyes and a smile on her lips. RICH EY, KENNETH A calm exte- rior is a silent recommendation. RUYLE, JANICE - Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eyes, in every gesture dignity and love. SHARP, PAUL - We all wonder, and still wonder grows -- how, when, and where he learns all he knows. SHELLEY, SHERRILL - Life can be a song to those who make it so. SPILGER, MURL They are never alone who are accompanied with noble thought. STELTER, DONNA A To know her is to like her, for a faithful friend is better than pure gold. TJADEN, LINDA Her ways are pleasantnessg her paths are peace. TRIPP, ALAN - Tojudge him well, you must know him. VAN CLEAVE, KAY - She has a bril- liant future what it is, we do not know. Swv W 'ii SLOAN, GARY He looks intelligent with his glasses on, but that's only an optical illusion. SLOAN,JERRY Ararecombina- tion ofcleverness, fun, and frolic. SMITH, DONNA f- Happiness is a by- product ofmaking someone else happy. STEVENS, SUSAN - She speaks well a universal language -- that ofa smile. STROPE, DALE - Keen sense, com- lTl0l'l SCIISC, IIOIISCIISC. WALKER, GERALD - A pleasant personality with friendship in his heart. WESSEL, JOANN Softly serious . . . quietly lovely. WHITE, SHERYL Ready for any- thing you ask, be it fun or work. Freshman Class Ofhcers: fleft to rightj Brenda Marah, secretaryg Marie Kauf- mann, treasurer: Professor Mikesell sponsorg Gary Sawyer, Presidentg Roger, Hada, Vice-President. FRESHMAN CLASS Adams, Richard Babcock, David Bandy, Cheryl Bathurst, Timothy Beals, Vearl Caldwell, Eunice Chaffin, Linda Condray, Janet Copeland, Charles f Culwell, Shirley Daake, Robert Dyer, Bruce Decock, Hazel Easter, Donna Eustice, David Edgington, Stanley Finley, Marjean Foster, Roger Fookes, Jim Fowlkes, James Fry, Ruby Freeborn , Betty Garis, Sharon Gross, Carolyn Gathers, Glen Groves, Roger Hada, Roger Hauck, C. Ross Hauck, James Hermann, Donald Hayman, Carol Hersey, Ruth Hobbie, Diane Hobbie, Sharon Holsing, Johnson, Leland Peggy Huston, Sharon Johnson, Marvin Kaufmann, Marie Karges, David Kilmer, Jeanne Kohler, Rebekah Kirchner, Roger Kugler, Myron Lundock, Gayle Marah, Brenda McBride, McIntyre, D. Mike Minson, Sandra Faculty Aid in Registration Wilma McCleeary, Steven McNaney, L. Bobbie Miller, Wanda Oak, Michael Olmsted, David 55 Ilia Palmer, Marlene Parsons, Loren Peterson, James Perry, James Peterson, Sheila Riley, Mike Potter, Shirley Sailer, Eva Shelley, Nancy Sawyer, Gary Simpson, Berneice Smith, Rollin Simpson, Mike Snider, Beth Swaim, Willow Stoneberg, Terry Tasker, Alan Taylor, Geraldine f : fn agfiiiifjr was K at 1 mg f if 'X 29' 9 5 si- ,.. .,,, , , -35:5 3-L. :-isa: ,QS . if mea A M Tindall, Thomas VanArsdale, Vera Vanderbush, Cliff Wood, Michael Special Students Arvin, Jerry Jones, Charles Kottas, Bill McKain, Lois Walden, Rev. Larry Not pictured: Second Semester Students Travisflutchison Baxter, Martha Brumbaugh, Richard Gay, Marjorie Petterson, Linda Root, Connie 57 wg EE QQ-L W I .uw 'X-Y,.mM.,. wmwwfg WWW-5, ' I+, 1 51? 2 iw EM H 1 If g "' fr X1 l 1, I l ' ' ' W0 RS H I P - xc 5 ,I Q. Student chaplain, Stuart Holsing, converses with Religious Life faculty advisor, Rev. Wilford Kaufmann. RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE Sl-'A TED: Janice Ru lc , . y , ford Kaufmann, advisorg Roger Foster: Stuart Holsi Marlene Palmer, Dorothy Marshall. SYANDING: Rev, Wil- chaplaing Rodney Collinsg Charles Hunter. ng. student J 60 MISSIONS CLUB, TOP ROW: S. Holsing, A. Tripp, D, But- termore, M. McIntyre, R. Adams, D. Wright, G. Russell. SEC'ONDfRO W: M. Engle, L. Mudgett, J. Perry, C. Vander- bush, D. Babcock, J. Walker, M. Spilger, R. Pulscher, R. McLean. THIRD ROW: Rev. R. Mattke, Sponsor, S. Patter- MISSIONS CLUB OFFICERS: Dennis Wright, Presidentg Doro- thy Marshall, Vice-President, Ron Pulscher, Treasurerg Jeanette Hess, Secretary, Rev. Robert Mattke, Sponsor. 61 son, J. Huston, J. Wessel, E. Pray, J. Garlow, B. Freeborn, S. Donaldson, J. Hess, D. Stelter. FOURTH RO W: W. McBride, C. Brewer, B. McNaney, L. Lotz. L. Chaflin, P. Holsing, B. Kindschi, B. Matt, M. Banks, D. Marshall.- Miltonvale Wesleyan College operates for the dis- tinct purpose of providing a high quality college education in a spiritual atmosphere f a unique trait in higher education. To aid in maintaining this spiritual dimension of our collegians, the students elect a chaplain from its student body who they feel will provide responsible leadership in this area. As the chairman of the Religious Life Committee, the chaplain's duties range from personal counsel- ing to the larger scope of religious activities such as the mid-week vesper service. The chaplain en- deavors through these means "to encourage the students to believe in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, to accept the Bible as God's authoritative Word, and to practice the surrender and self-disci- pline necessary for discipleship." It is the desire of the chaplain, the Religious Life Committee, its faculty advisor, and the student body to continue to make Miltonvale Wesleyan College not only an institution for higher learning, but a place to become established disciples of Christ for 20th Century living. The Chaplain, Stu Holsing Dr. Warren S. Freeborn, Jr., Bass Soloist. Mrs. Wilma Parsons, Soprano Soloist. "Messiah" . . . A Work Oflnspiration And Beauty Students and members of the community, under voice chorus featured Miss Wesner and Miss Eun the competent direction of Mrs. Ruby Brandt, pre- ice Caldwell in a violin duet, and soloists, Mrs sented Handel's "Messiah," a work of inspiration Wilma Parsons, Mrs. Corrine Thompson, Mr. Jer and beauty. Accompanied by pianist Miss Sharon ry Terrill, and Dr. Warren S, Freeborn Jr. Wesner, and organist Miss Sharon Knapp, the 71 Mrs. Ruby Brandt, Director. Miss Sharon Wesner, Miss Eunice Caldwell, Miss Sharon Knapp, accompianists. 62 1111.-rqrsesmga mmuumsn-nw. Qmfllnn -- Mrs. Corrine Thompson, Alto Soloist. BACK R0 We M. Spilger, T. Bathurst, D. Denison, D. Eustioe, T. Bybee, R. Groves, R. Smith, J. Carlson, J. Elsberry, J. Gar- low, W. Guthrie, P. Woelhoff. SECOND R0 W: A. Tasker, L. Mudgett, C. Hunter, R. Foster, G. Sawyer, C. Dimond, D. But- termore, R. Adams, M. Simpson, T. Stoneberg, M. Engle. THIRD R0 W: J. Fookes, R. Kirchner, T. Tindall, N. Cal- houn, S. Hobbie, D. Easter, B. Kohler, B. Darter, S. Potter, S. Donaldson, C. Bandy, D. Strope. FOURTH R0 W: P. Tolle, L. Mr. Jerry Terrill, Tenor Soloist. Chaflin, V. Van Arsdale, E. Pray, E. Johnson, C. Carlson, K. Van Cleave, R. Fry, L. Tjaden, D. Stelter, S. Garis. FIFTH R0 W' S. Knapp, K. Dimond, L. Cox, L. Hoge, D. Smith, M. Finley, S. White, I. Copeland, S. Mattke, M. Palmer, R. Brandt. SEA TED: E. Karges, W. McBride, J. Garlow, M. Adee, J. Condray, G. Taylor, M. Banks. FRONT: R. Hersey, L. McNaney, B. Marah, A. Huffman, B. Snider, M. Kauf- mann, W. Miller. W EAGLE AIRES: Ray O'Neilg Diane Hobbieg Mike Fullingimg Barbara Mattg Sue Stevens, pianist. KEYNOTES: Stuart Holsing: Bobbie McNaney: Larry Mudg ettg Kay Van Cleaveg Brenda Marah, pianist. FOUR SHARPS: Joetta I-lolsing, pianistg Shirley Potterg Marjean Finleyg Linda Chafiing Carol Gross. s f F5 '5 5 This half-page sponsored by the California Conference. CALIFORNIA PRAYER BAND: Betty Freeborn, Ray O'Neil. IOWA-MINNESOTA PRAYER BAND: TOP R0 Wg J. Per- R0 W,' W. McBride, E. Sailer, B. Marah, C. Bandy, L. Lotz, S ry, W. Guthrie, T. Tindall, R. Daake, D. Hermann, J. Fowlkes, Childon, L. Parks, N. Calhoun, R. Kohler, B. Darter, L. Tja K. Richey, T. Stoneberg, J. Fookes, S. McCleeary. SECOND den, S- D0fl3ldS0H, M-BaUkS-FR0N71'B. Matt, A. Huffman. This half-page sponsored by the California Conference. 06 This half-page sponsored by Wisconsin Conference. WISCONSIN PRAYER BAND: S. Engel, S. Mattke, J Walker, A. Tripp, R. Kirchner, D. Olmsted, B. George, M Clark, D. Stelter. DAKOTA PRAYER BAND: TOP ROW,' L. Mudgett, G. ROW: D. Wright, C. Vanderbush, D. Eustice, M. Wood, S. Russell, R. Foster, M. Mclntyre, J. Hauck, S. Shelley, D. Holsing, J. Peterson, R. Pulscher. FOURTH ROW' R. Hersey, Brown. SECOND ROW,- D. Wright, C. Vanderbush, D. Eu- W. Miller, P. Holsing, S. Peterson, M. Palmer, L. McNaney, stioe, M. Wood, S. Holsing, J. Peterson, S. Purington. THIRD S. Minson, N. Shelley. This half-page sponsored by Dakota Conference. 67 This half page sponsored by the Kansas Conference. KANSAS PRAYER BAND: BACK: M. Engel, D. Babcock, Sq White, J. Garlow, J. Ruyle, B, Simpson, M. Adee, G. Lun L. Johnson, T. Bybee, D. Kaufmann, G. Gathers, R. Collins, R, dock, S. Stevens, C. Brewer, M. Kaufmann, Hauck, A. Tasker, R. McLean, FRONT: J. Kilmer, L. Harns, OREGON PRAYER BAN J. Sloan. ' ...J This half page sponsored bythe Oregon Conference. D: G. Sloan, S. Culwell, C. Gross This half page sponsored by the Nebraska Conference. NEBRASKA PRAYER BAND! BACK-' D- Smith, L- Chamfl, ger, D. Denison, R. Smith, D. Buttermore. D. Strope, S. Com- J. Huston, S. Potter, J. Hess, D. Marshallg FRONT: M. Spil- mings. OKLAHOMA PRAYER BAND: BA CK: R. Adams, R. L. Hada, E. Pray, S. Garis, M. Jackson, D. Easter, B. Snider Groves, M. Oak, G. Sawyer, M. Fullingim, R. Hadag FRONT: C, Haymen, This half page sponsored by the Oklahoma Conference. ,gf ii , fa 1 ,L , .55 151135 Q 1 131' f 'J .qw if . , Q in X asv Mi, ,z,-fjfyww gig: Mgiqhml Q wi , , agus? 5 ,sa 3 ii: .K yfaf. L Q? 1 4 rw' 4? deli if .A lf my iii Musik mg,,,,WL ? sg 5.3-K awww si 53' if-as-nw if 5 3 -s M f-N... ,P 1031 0 I, 3" I I 1 ' SP0 RTS ' l s Q S , ss. Q ' 'I This half-page sponsored by Turner's Market, Miltonvale, Kansas agen .mu ,pw TIN ""! -'QNK SOCCER TEAM TOP ROW: J. Elsberry, R. O'Neil, D. Bab- R. Hada, T, Bathurst, D. Herman, B. Kottas, M. Fullingum W cock R Kirchner SECOND ROW: J. Perry, G. Sawyer, J. Gar- Guthrie, E. Hadag FRONT: Coach Carlson. low R Groves R Collins, C. Hunter, L. Parsons, FIRST R0 W: Soccer Team Completes First Season FORWARDS Mike Fullingum-Captain Don Herman Bill Kotas Jim Perry Errol Hada Tim Bathurst Loren Parsons Wiley Guthrie Paul Sharp Denny Wright Steve McCleary Roger Hada HALFBACKS Roger Groves Rod Collens Gary Sawyer Jim Garlow Charles Hunter FULLBACKS Jim Elsberry Dave Babcock GOALIE Ray O'Neil Miltonvale Miltonvale Miltonvale Miltonvale Miltonvale Central 4 Friends O Central 0 St. John's 3 Friends l Mike Fullingum, Jim Perry, and Bill Kotas try for a goal 1 1 lx i ,f I ZX.. gg fgf BASKETBALL TEAM, STANDING: Dave Eusticeg Jim Per ING Jerry Sloan Roger Groves Dave Kaufman Gary Sloan ryg Dan Denisong Ray O'Neilg Jim Fookesg Rod Collins Steve Mike Riley Wiley Guthrie Cummingsg Dave Kargesg Coach Verne Goodsell. KNEEL Eagles Exhibit Teamwork Miltonvale's first year of inter-collegiate basketball can be considered both a step for- ward in the building of men's characters and a step forward in the College's progress in general. Considering the size of the school and the ability of the Prairie-.Iuco Confer- ence teams, Miltonvale began its career from the bottom. Coach Verne Goodsell was presented with eleven very ragged men at the beginning of the season and only by continuous deter- mined work were they molded into a team. Within two weeks he had prepared them for a very presentable showing in the Invitational Tournament at McPherson. The entire first semester saw Mike Maclntyre, from Billings Montana, lead scoring and rebounding for a small, unstable team. Second semester, after a long Christmas break, produced a few new prospects and a surprising amount of hustle. With the lack of experience in high school basketball, it was only this high spirit and continuous, gradual work that ended the team with a 9 losses - 6 wins overall season. FIRST SEMESTER VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Gayle Lundock, Diane Hobbie, Betty Freeborn, Jeanette Hess, Doro- thy Marshall. Cheerleaders Leading the enthusiasm for the M.W.C. Eagles were the red and white clad cheerleaders. Pom pons flying high, music swaying the gym and jumping cheerleaders marked each Eagle home basketball game. The cheerleaders held the Home- coming parade up with their Eaglette Express, a fast moving train. Pep assemblies and rallies, spon- sored by the cheerleaders, held many surprises. The M.W.C. 1967-1968 cheerleaders helped in making this year of sports a S-U-C-C-E-S-Sl SECOND SEMESTER VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: BACK: Dorothy Marshall, MIDDLE: Sheila Peterson, Je- anette Hess, FRONT: Gayle Lundock - Second Semester Head Cheerleader, As head cheerleader during first semester, Betty Freeborn did much to organize the group. 1, Q With much gusto and knobby knees, the "cheerleaders" yell on to Victory! Athletic Council The Athletic Council composed of six students and faculty advisor, Mr. .lack Carlson, experienced a busy schedule as they assumed responsibility in the initial year of intercollegiate sports. They controlled ticket sales at soccer and basketball home games and also scheduled intramural matches of soc- cer, basketball, volleyball, and soft- ball. In addition, the Council spon- sored a successful Play Day program for girls. Finally, the Council decides recipients of sports letters'which are awarded at the annual Sports Banquet honoring all soccer and basketball players. FIRST SEMESTER ATH- LETIC COUNCIL: BACK: Mike Mclntyreg Jack Carlson, sponsor, Roger Grovesg FRONT: Rod Collins, Diane Hobbieg Barb Mattg Steve Cummings. if '25 SECOND SEMESTER ATHLETIC COUNCIL: Judy Hustong Rod Collinsg Mike Rileyg Jack Carlson, sponsorg Roger Grovesg Steve Cum- mingsg Barb Matt. 77 J f " 'f wx , fl x 4 A Y J v W J 4, Q ,,,i. vm. Qi' ,f 3' ge" XXX? 3 99 , X 'Lg 1 , . ' fy ' X X ,fix V' to ,iv lllht elj Anticipation runs high as the time approaches for freshman induction into the two Athletic Societies. Will it be Tigers? Or perhaps it will be Bulldogs. Waiting the verdict ol' the Athlet- ic Council, the freshmen review the possibili- ties of either society. The two groups meet of- ten in competitive matches where the rivalry is keen and the spirit lively. THE TIGERS A ---uf Tiger Officers: Steve Cummings, Presidentg Sharon Mattke, Secretary Treasurerg John Carey, Sponsor. Not Pictured: James Elsberry, Vioe Pres ident. FT F3 THE BULLDOGS X l X N 'ig 1 ,.1 415521 f x lf .K Xl kv ' ' X XX fy 'lgq fw X W. X' kxgxwfk -4-Ll... 3 N f X NX l"w,,, N I K ' V . ,f w -X . I fgqv - 4 q 51, I l .Q X Slum W M Bulldog Oflioers: Mr. Atkins, sponsorg Kay Van Cleave, secretary treasurerg Rod Collins, presidentg Roger Hada, vice-president. 79 Three hands are better than none! ENCOURAGES GIRL'S SPORTS Ruth demonstrates a high catch in deck tennis. Keep your eyes on the ball, Bonnie. Judy competes in airial darts. Spike that ball to win, Kay. For the purpose of fellowship and competition with sister colleges, M.W.C. initiated a new program for girls with an active interest in sports. Following devotions, games such as badminton, table tennis, deck tennis, and volleyball were played. The highlight event of each day was fast moving girls' basketball competition. Play day encouraged sportsmanship and a friendly relationship with opponents, thus proving to be an asset to co-educational athletics. S-C-O-R-E, Jeanette! 1 4' '91 4 5 l': 1 ' ORGANIZATIONS I :hw 5 + ..- Q BACK R0 W-' T- Tindall, J- SIOHH, M- Oak, G. Sloan, R. Fos- Lotz, D. Stelter, P. Holsing, S. Peterson, C. Gross,C. Hayman, ICF. M- Johnson, K- Ridley, FRONT R0 W-' M- Kaufmann. L G. Lundock, D. Marshall, E. Sailer, Sponsor, Mr. Atkins. J. Sloan, I. Copeland. The Drama Club The Drama Club undertook a different approach to dramatic presentation with the production of three one-act plays. A farce, "The Lunatic's," de- picted the comical predicament of two normal citi- zens in an insane asylum. O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi," conveyed the heart warming message of the triumph of love over poverty. A convicted mur- derer shields from sorrow and disgrace those he secretly loves in "The Valiantf' M. Riley, E. Kargas. M. Kaufmann, G. Sloan. E. Hada R. Hauck, E. Hada, K. Richey. STUDENT SENATE - STANDING: Gary Sawyer, Stu Holsing, Steve Cummings, Gary Brewster, Jerry Sloan, Mike Fullingim, Dave Kaufmann, Ray O'Neil, Jim Garlow, Richard An achievement that has been looked forward to in the past was made a reality this year. The student leaders of Central College in McPherson met with us to exchange ideas concerning campus problems and activities. We hope this will be something that will continue in years to come. We were likewise glad to see completed the outdoor campus sign and bulletin board. It has been an attractive and useful addition to our campus. In more than these areas, as we look back through this year and see how the Lord has guided what has been done, thanks is due to everyone of you. You have made this year at M.W.C. one we can be proud of, for you have taken your opportunities as a challenge and your responsibilities with determi- nation. I want to thank each one of you for contrib- uting your part to make this year at M.W.C. the greatest. Your Student Senate President, ,Que A! Adams, Jim Peterson, Terry Stonebergg SEA TED: Jeanette Hess, Dorothy Marchall, Mr. Carlson, Sandy Minson, Joetta Holsing. OFFICERS W Jeanette Hess, Secretary, Ray O'Neil, Treasurer Dave Kaufmann, President, Mike Fullingim, Vioe President. STUDENT SENATE is Resident Assistants - Stu Holsing, Jeanette Hess, Denny Wright, Mr. Carlson, Dean of Student Aifairs, Joetta Holsing, Kay Van Cleave. RESIDENT ASSISTANTS AID DORM PARENTS ,.i .... Sharon Patterson, Errol Hada, Mary Ann Clark, Shirley Culwell, Sue Engel, Cheryl Bandy, Judy Huston, Rich Adams Donna Smith Terry Stomeberg, Dale Strope. Sunflower StaiT Strives For Big "EH With the consistent encouragement of the capable editor, the 1968 Sunflower Staff worked faithfully to produce a yearbood portraying the true M.W.C. spirit and purpose. A two-week summer workshop was awarded the new editor, Miss Betty Darter, in which she re- ceived many helpful pointers on yearbook produc- tion. Skills gained in this journalism course were shared with members of the staff, making it possi- ble for each to have a part in striving forthe Big "Ei, award, presented to staff for planning, prepa- ration and punctuality. Under a new staff policy, the associate editor will assume the responsibilities of editor-in-chief in the coming year. Mary Ann Clark, Cheryl Bandy, Shirley Culwell, Sharon Patterson, Shirley Chilson, Donna Smith. Top Saleslady - Sue Engel 5 -'- wwf f. - Judy Huston, assistant editorg Betty Darter, editorg Errol Hada, busi- ness manager. Sunflower meeting featuring John Carey ii Y Kay Van Cleave, Esther Karges, Mike Riley, Vera Van Arsdale, Beth Snider, Shirley Culwell. Students Publish "The Insidern s 2 . Q f ,SW ., ,,,,k"'- Q, M h F2 eg , ' 5.5 A , A ,, 6 -I WW, ,,.' J' P1 26 ni t' my x 'Q 4 if 2 .5 - 90 Mrs. Brandt, Director. CHOIR, BACK ROW: Alan Tripp, Roger Foster, Rollin Smith, Duane Buttermore, Richard Adams, Jim Peterson. 3rd ROW: Isla Copeland, Marlene Palmer, Jim Elsberry, Roger Hada, Jeannette Hess, Bonnie Kindschi. 2nd ROW: Donna COLLEGE CHOIR TOURS 6 STATES A select group of dedicated Christian youth, the College Choir represents Miltonvale Wesleyan College, in sacred concert and enthusiastic testimo- ny. On tour through six states in the Mid-west, the choir sang before many churches and assemblies, before people of many faiths and background. A broad repertoire - majestic hymns, moving spirituals, dramatic reading and small group pres- entation - in robed dignity or crimson-and-white outfitted informality, the group uplifts the cause of Christ and the spirit of M.W.C. Smith, Euni Caldwell, Terry Stoneberg, Charlie Hunter, Shar- on Mattke, Peg Holsing, Marie Kaufman. Isl R0 W: Beth Sni- der, Amy Jo Huffman, Janet Garlow, Alan Tasker, Linda Hada, Mike Engle. W , 'PRO MUSICAE 3 BACK R0 W: Miss Wesner, Jim Peter- Kaufman, Marlene Palmer, Brenda Marah, Euni Caldwell, son, Carol Gross, Marjean Finley, Shirley Potter, Linda Chaf- Duane Buttermore. fin, Alan Tripp, Jim Elsberry. ls! R0 W: Mike Engle, Marie Students pursuing a major in music education or Sa- cred Music are encouraged to join the Music Educa- tor's National Conference. This organization empha- M.E.N.C. BACK RO W: Marlene Palmer, Mrs. Brandt, Sizes the HCCdf0flrair1Cd educators- Euni Caldwell. Ist ROW' Jim Elsberry, Marie Kaufman, Bren- da Marah, Duane Buttermore. Al iii ir- '1' STANDING: Miss Wesner, Duane Buttermore, Mike Engle, Elsberry, Roger Foster. SITTING: Brenda Marah, Marie Glenn Gathers, Alan Tripp, Richard Adams, Gary Sawyer, Jim Kaufmann, Becky Kohler, Cheryl Bandy, Jeanette Hess. Miss Sharon Wesner. PEP BAND Under the capable direction of Miss Sharon Wes- ner, the pep band creates enthusiasm at pep rallies and upholds school spirit at intercollegiate sports events. Ladies East Wing: BACK: L. Hada, J. Garlow, E. Caldwell, C. L. Tjaden, J. Kilmer, R. Hersey, M. Palmer, S. Peterson, Gross, G. Lundock, J. Wessel, J. Hess, L. Parks, S. Hobbie, E. FRONT: C. Brewer, W. Swaim, P. Holsing. DeCock, D. Stelterg MIDDLE: B. Kohler, N. Shelley, S. Garis, Cheryl finds birthdays away from home really aren't bad after all. Coeds Comprise One Happy Family Judy, Donna, Shirley and Kay discover a new way to save time on that special night. Ladies Residence Hall. irstzi-.MW Q , ,fm A: C47 1 Ladies West Wing: BACK: W. Miller, J. Huston, B. Kindschi, B. Marah, M. Finley, B. Darter, C. Bandy, D. Easter, D Smith, E. Sailer, C. Hayman, MIDDLE: K. Van Cleave, M Clark, B. Freeborn, B. McNaney, Mrs. Hughes, S. Culwell, L. Lotzg FRONT: S. Engle, S. Potter, S. Minson, L. Chaffin, E. Karges. Let's not have any secrets, Brenda! Shelia found a "new" method of dorm transportation. a, Oh, let's hope it will lit! . Q33 3 of M.. N BA CK: B. George, M. Jackson, E. Pray, L. Bybee, N. Calhoun, shallg FRONT: J. Holsing, W. McBride, P. Tolle, B. Snider, S. A. Huffman, D. Hobbie, B. Malt, S. Chilsong MIDDLE: M. Purington. Banks, L. Harns, S. Stevens. I. Copeland. J. Ruyle, D. Mar- Completion of Abbott Increases Womenls Housing Let me laugh too, girls. Abbott Hall 'E-6 j. Who is this young Abbott Beauty? Whose fault is that, Jo? Nancy finds morning a frustrating time. Dianne, when ya gonna shave? Abbott Hall girls pose with pets. LEFT T0 RIGHT: M. Jack son, E. Pray, J. Holsing, B. Snider. S. Purington. -w I PM BACK: D. Olmsted, R. Smith, J. Sloan, J. Peterson, S. Mc- Wright, FRONT' R. 0'Neil, T. Bybee, J. Arvin, R. Adams, M Cleeary, B. Dyer, R. Hada, J. Hauck, M. Kuglerg MIDDLE: L, Wo d o . Mudgett, A. Trlpp, J. Fowlkes, G. Russell, R. Guthrie, D. Hester Provides Adequate Housing for Men Students BACK: M. Spilger, D Eustice, K. Richey, R. Groves, M. John- Eflgle, C-C0PCl21Ild5FR0NT-'D- Karges, M- Simpson, R. son, T. Bathrurst, J. Walker, R. Daake, D. Browng MIDDLE' BUFDS. D. Harris, P. Sharp, D. Babcock, B. Kottas, L. Parsons, M. 1 3 i , BACK: M. McIntyre, D. Miller, R. McLean, S. Holsing, A. G. Sawyer, J. Elsberry, R. Pulscher, J. Perry, R. Kirchner, E Tasker, R. Collins, D. Hermann, S. Shelley, G. Sloan, T. Hada, D. Denisong FRONT: C. Vanderbush, T. Tindall, T Fletcher, D. Strope, C. Hunter. M. Oakg MIDDLE: J. Fookes, Stoneberg, M. Fullingim, What did you say her number was? IS this What One year Of College did for you, Dale? Not all of us are civilized!!! Freshmen find time to enjoy the new recreation room. J I X Q, ,, . AUTUGRAPHS ,U lo' 1 4" w 1'5" l':: ' ADVERTISEMENTS I 'l Hhs s 'wif' sg 5 A Q" Q F.C. HILL MEMORIAL WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Miltonvale, Kansas Supports Miltonvale Wesleyan College l00fZp Rev. and Mrs. Dale Campbell, pastor. With an interest in Christian education O,NEILL WESLEYAN ' METHODIST CHURCH l Z 3, Y.. backs "Our" school Miltonvale Wesleyan College 507 North Fifth Street O'Neill, Nebraska Rev. Roger W. Green, Pastor Phone 336-2810 PARKWAY WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH 330 Parkway Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913 Pastors, Rev. H. S. and Ila M. Bennett Phone 356-6532 VM., W fLocated 10 miles north, 3 east and l lf2 miles north of Phillipsburg, Kan- sasj Englewood, Kansas WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Martin E. Capehart Pastor WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Marshalltown, Iowa G. M. and Marie Hubby, Pastors Artist's sketch of new Marshalltown, Iowa Wesleyan Methodis Church ffirst unitj. Building to be completed April 1968. A' Iowa Conference pioneer project. FIRST WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH 1300 South Knox Court Denver, Colorado Rev. Wayne E. Caldwell, Pastor Mr. Vern L. Campbell, SS Superintendent L . Congratulations to Miltonvale Wesleyan College - to the consecrated staff and the wonderful group of young people. WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH May God bless you is our prayer Lynch, Nebraska 68746 When you take your vacation in cool, colorful Colora- do, make it complete by attending Denver First Wes- leyan! MT. PISGAH WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Ontario, Wisconsin Pastor-C harles Anderson Winning men to Christ from Wildcat State Park. MILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLLEGE IS IMPORTANT to the Youth Society of THE E.R. DODD MEMORIAL I WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH GREELEY WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Church and W.Y. local pledge our support to Emily, Minnesota P with S d I C I A' L' Nabholz' Pastor ray2TtIi Street 8a 9thAIi12erIiLTSTlreeley,Colorai.l1o n S Rolland L. Fletcher, Pastor RICHLAND WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH MOBRIDGE WESLEYAN METHODIST CH URCH "Northern Pike Capital ofThe Worldw Mobridge, South Dakota H "A Friendly Church in A Friendly Community Rev. Burnell Pudwill, Pastor Mina, South Dakota Brookings, South Dakota supports M. W. C. . --,, X Us-.Wy W mf-, wwf--,,..,,,m,wrf t ww as-was V,.. .N.w.,,., we support MW.C. SALINA WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Salina, Kansas Pastor, Rev. and Mrs. Orville Hall ANTIOCH WESLEYAN METHODIST CH U RCH Antioch, Kansas Since Christ is the answer, we strongly support Christ centered education. HALL WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Supports Miltonvale Wesleyan College Rev. Charles R. Jones Pastor Delphos, Kansas WICHITA FIRST WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH 1700 So. Market Wichita Kansas Pastor, Rev. Ronald SL Rosalee Brannon Ass't Pastor, Rev. Paul8L Kathleen Robbins "Served by M.W.C. alumni pastors for 30 out of 34 yearsf, ELI WESLEYAN METHODIST CH URCH Eli, Nebraska Backs M.W.C. Rev. Lloyd Phipps, Pastor "An Unchanging Christ Congratulations to the Class of '68 LOYALTON WESLEYAN RUDD WESLEYAN METHODIST METHODIST CHURCH CHURCH Rudd, Iowa Rev. Darrell Kenworthy, Pastor Loyalton, South Dakota for a changing world." D. J. Sausoman Pastor Supporting M.W.C. with students, finances and prayers WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH l0th and North Webster Red Cloud, Nebraska Rev. Eldred Cummings, Pastor Backing M.W.C. all the way CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '68 IT HAS BEEN OUR PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU! JONES COLLEGE SUNDRIES AN AUXILARY ENTERPRISE OF MILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLLEGE Miltonvale, Kansas PALMER AND PHELPS AGENCY Insurance We administer estates Consult us if you have a problem E GEIST CAFE ' '- f- 5 Miltonvale's ,- y A A J? 1 101- 01111 1 VA. Ylllll . -I Friendly Restaurant "Home Cooking-Our food is so good we eat it ourselves." Miltonvale, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas Phone 427-2085 Phone 427-2355 A. D. LANGE EWEL ' J ER CITIZENS STATE BANK Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Serving the Communityiover 50 years Miltonvale, Kansas "Just a good safe place to banku Watches Cameras Diamonds Shavers 59 l"f"f"Qr Gift Merchandise Pianos 5 2 xQ"unslvod'.iS 'lrfgpff' ,r jvfki , -F-iii , , GATHERS HARDWARE PHELP S i'i' ' 3 I Plumbing-Heating wild 1' - xwi Y e Best Best Furniture-APPliances Paim Paint Sold Sold Funeral H ome Miltonvale, Kansas 427-2690 Miltonvale Xmmil! MING'S REGNOCHE OIL fp Exmo Ie"i REPAIR SHOP COMPANY I T 9 aa- i Q., ' Tires Complete Qne Stop - 'lllgpgs Service 4 , Motor Overhauling, Welding General Mechanical Work Miltonvale, Kansas Phone 427-2355 Miltonvale, Kansas Phone 427-2025 DAYLIGHT CLOTHING DUC KWALLS COMPANY Concordia, Kansas vxfggnlft C Fashion right colthing you'll find ,J 'GMJQ for the Collegians 'QL' i I I 1 'H' " ' Diigliwalls X ,J X Concordia, Kansas PAULETTE CASUAL SHOP BERTRAND AND WELLS INC Concordia, Kansas Office Supply Machines Concordia, Kansas Furniture Concordia, Kansas CLOUD COUNTY BANK Concordia, Kansas UNION STATE BANK Clay Center, Kansas ii M Ba nil' im .. t ,Q 1, If., 5 v f 5 Q i "" 4 Q - , f ir-QAM, jrli, t , Vx l Ju limi I l li "ill l U Lwknig- 5 - .1 I iii J. K 4 Y Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ELLIOTT'S STUDIO . . U . ,, FARM 8: RANCH SUPPLY Our speciality Quality Photography PortraitsiWeddingsgCommercial 422 Court Street Immediate service from ME 2-5445 Clay Center, Kansas 6, Q 712 6th Street I 1 L? .. pn. . l Clay Center, Kansas 67432 Where Your ---- 4 - ...... dollar buys i' I I moref' You Can Buy Better in Clay Center SKINNER CHEVROLET CO. MARSHALL'S INC. SIEBOLD MOTOR CO. PRIMROSE MOTOR CO. MATTINGLY MOTOR CO. Clay Center New Car and Truck Dealers CENTRAL OFFICE SERVICE 8: SUPPLY Office Equipment and Supplies "Service is our middle name." Phone ME 2-2177 423 Lincoln Clay Center, Kansas C AND N AUTO PARTS Auto and Tractor Parts, Machine Shop Clay Center, Kansas FURNITURE CITY Clay Center, Kansas FASHION CLEANERS Clay Center, Kansas BENNETT JEWELRY C. C. Logback Clay Center, Kansas SUMMERS MEN'S 8L BOY'S WEAR Clay Center, Kansas MUSIC SHOP Clay Center, Kansas You stop tem We start 'em HATFIELD MOTOR CLINIC Clay Center, Kansas PANTONS HAT AND BEAUTY SHOP Clay Center, Kansas TOBUREN IMPLEMENT COMPANY Clay Center, Kansas PEARL'S DRESS SHOP Clay Center, Kansas TASTY PAST RY Best food in town Clay Center, Kansas CEDARGROVE WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH 21 miles Northwest ofAlva, Oklahoma EXTENDS A HEARTY WELCOME TO THE STUDENTS OF MILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLLEGE Pastor, Rev. Frank Allen CONCORDIA WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Sixteenth and Cedar Streets Concordia, Kansas "The Church with a Friendly Welcome" Rev. Duane C. Seitz, Pastor FIRST WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH WATERLOO, IOWA PAUL R. DAVIS, PASTOR Supporting YOUth of M.W.C. THE WHITTIER CHURCH Whittier, California WE ARE FOR MWC! WE BELIEVE IN CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Martin W. Cox, Pastor Samuel T. Long, Assistant D. Dean Mills, Youth Director ALVA WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Alva, Oklahoma 73717 Rev. R. J. O'Conner Pastor A Friendly Welcome Awaits YOU WILLISTON WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH WE CONGRATULATE THE CLASS OF ,ss Corner of 17th St. and 6th Ave. Wiliston, North Dakota ms. x Y' Our Student at Miltonvale: JIM PETERSON MORGAN CHAPEL METHODIST CHURCH 6641 South Cockrill Hill Rd. fMethodism like Mom and Dad enjoyed years agoj Pastor John L. Newell K Phones AX8-5425 fChurchJ FR6 5078 fHomeJ Ames' was 2947 IDAHO DALLAS, TEXAS SUPPORTS M. w. C. Ralph Moraine, pastor Dallas Texas THE WESLEYAN METHODIST PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION Bibles, Books, Gifts, and Supplies For Church and Home You can buy with confidence from P.O. Box 2000 Marion, Indiana 46952 AMERICAN FIRE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 325 North l2th A Salina, Kansas Fire Extinquisher Sales, and service of all types of fire extinguishers with on-the-spot recharging and servicing. We handle everything pertaining to the fire department, and to safety. McNEIL MOTOR COMPANY CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH VALIANT 24 Hour Heavy Duty Wrecker Service CALL: 455-3712 Day or Night Clifton, Kansas 66937 FINEST ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT!!! LARGEST FRAME SELECTION!!! SENIORS OUR SPECIALTY!!! I I Srtiiiiiis fiiii I U5- 2S YEARS EXPERIENCE!!! SO Wong DEPENDABLE!!! ENID, OKLAHOMA ARROW PRINTING COMPANY BOX KR? ' SALINA. KANSAS 57401 ' AC 5713, TA fl-X932 HIDDENVALLEY HONEY CONPANY Errol, Roger, and Allen Hada Alva, Oklahoma 73717 A-SMILE A-MIN UTE PHOTO COMPANY Salina, Kansas "Everything Photographic" "PEPSI POURS IT ON" Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Salina, Inc. 604 North Ninth Street Salina, Kansas BUMSTED'S WHOLESALE 714 Sixth, On the square Clay Center, Kansas 67432 We appreciate your business URBAN BARBER SHOP Chris Urban Miltonvale, Kansas MINTONVALE RECORD Advertising Job Printing MILTONVALE LOC KER PLANT Howard and H azel H argett BUD'S BARBER SHOP "I need your head in my business." Miltonvale, Kansas MARY KAYE'S BEAUTY SHOP Miltonvale, Kansas LASSEY TOPEKA FIRST CHURCH HARDWARE AND PLUMBING BACKING MWC WITI-I STUDENTS 3L Dependable Service FUNDS. In Miltonvale Since 1910 Rev. Wm. G. Martin, PHSIOI' ALUMNI from the Cedar Falls, Iowa WESLEYAN METHODIST CH URCH Mr. and Mrs. Paul Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Doug Sharp Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shirbroun Milray Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Shelly Hornback Pfc. Paul M. Roberts fMickeyD Wm. Paul Sharp II Timothy 2:15 DENISON WESLEYAN LA PORTE CITY METHODIST CHURCH WESLEYAN METHODIST Denison, Iowa CH URCH Has 701 Bishop Avenue 5 , La Porte City, Iowa 50651 Contrnulng Interest W-lr I In the 1 mg y - Euture of I Supports Christian Educatlon Al MILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLLEGE Miltonvale Wesleyan College Rev. Paul R. Huffman Pastor Rev. Oscar Johnsong pastor WESLEYAN CHURCH South Main 8L 7th Street Charles City Iowa 50616 PRAYS FIRST WESLEYAN CHURCH SENDS Maple and E. St. Francis GIVES Rapid City, South Dakota We support M.W.C. with our prayers, students money. Rev' Howard Johnson' pastor When vacationing in the "Black Hills" come worship With us. WAITE PARK WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH 3243 Lincoln Street, NE Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418 Rev. Thomas E. Phillippe Because we are Interested in the Future ofthe Church We enthusiastically support Our school - M.W.C.! FI RST WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH 717 East 26th Street Des Moines, Iowa Pledges its support of Miltonvale Wesleyan College through its: Pastor, Robert A. Howlett Sunday School Superintendents, Harvey Gould and Mrs. Cora Lepper Wesleyan Youth Presidents, David Hodge and Joe Osborne W.M.S. President, Anna G. Gram Y.M.W.B. Superintendent, Celia Lepper Member and friends Student Director Adams, Richard, 111 E. Flynn, Alva, Oklahoma 73717 Adee, Marilyn, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Arvin, Jerry, Rt. 3, Box 94, Sherwood, Oregon 97140 Babcock, David, 2616-15th Ave., Greeley, Colorado 80631 Bandy, Cheryl, 2421-41st St., Sioux City, Iowa 51108 Banks, Molly, Box 151, Crosby, Minnesota 56441 Bathurst, Timothy, Talmage, Kansas 67482 Baxter, Martha, R.R. 2, Green, Kansas 67447 Beals, Vearl, Oak Hill, Kansas 67472 Brewer, Carol, R.R. 5, Paola, Kansas 66071 Brewster, Gary, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Brumbaugh, Richard, Oak Hill, Kansas 67472 Brown, Dennis, Rt. 2, Box 200, Hamilton, Montana 59840 Burns, Richard, 11541 Wren, Coon Rapids, Minnesota 55433 Buttermore, Duane, Box 278, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Bybee, Linda, 4795 S. Galapago, Englewood, Colorado 801 10 Bybee, Tom, 4795 S. Galapago, Englewood, Colorado 801 10 Caldwell, Eunice, 3459 W. Louisiana Ave., Denver, Colo 80219 Calhoun, Nancy, 104 Hilltop Dr., Charles City, Iowa 50616 Chaflin, Linda, Atkinson, Nebraska 68713 Chilson, Shirley, Elgin, Minnesota 55932 Clark, Mary, 116 Blake St., Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913 Collins, Rodney, 331 Fremont, Manhattan, Kansas 66502 Condray, Janet, Wells, Kansas 67488 Copeland, Charles, 2529 Fillmore, Topeka, Kansas 66611 Copeland, Isla, 2529 Fillmore, Topeka, Kansas 66611 Culwell, Shirley, 5095 Newberg Dr., Salem, Oregon 97303 Cummings, Steven, 1036 N. Elm, Red Cloud, Nebraska 68970 Daake, Robert, R. R. 4, Charles City, Iowa 50616 Darter, Betty, Box 212, Rudd, Iowa 50471 DeCock, Hazel, Box 713, Harlowton, Montana 59036 Denison, Daniel, Eli, Nebraska 69213 Donaldson, Sandra, 3106 Pierce St., Minneapolis, Minn. 55418 Dyer, Bruce, 4739-36th Ave., Omaha, Nebraska 68111 Easter, Donna, 663 Dawson Dr., Duncanville, Texas 751 16 Edgington, Stanley, P. O. Box 1851, Anchorage, Alaska 99501 Elsberry, James, Box 393, Fayette, Iowa 52142 Engel, Sue, Gordon, Wisconsin 54838 Engle, Michael, R. R. 3, Abilene, Kansas 67410 Eustice, David, 1313-9th St. N., Fargo, North Dakota 58102 Finley, Marjean, 5874 N. 83rd, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53218 Fletcher, Tom, Little Pine Rt., Aitkin, Minnesota 56431 Fookes, James, 13812 County Rd. 5, Burnsville, Minn. 55378 Foster, Roger, 3rd and River, Forsyth, Montana 59327 Fowlkes, James, 31 1 Independence, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 Freeborn, Betty, 7741 Uplands Way, Citrus Heights, Calif. 95610 Fry, Ruby, 1207 Woodbury St., Miles City, Mont. 59301 Fullingim, John, 1514 E. Maine, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Garis, Sharon, 114 S. Cleveland, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Garlow, James, Ames, Kansas 66931 Garlow, Janet, R. R., Ames, Kansas 66931 Gathers, Glenn, Box 218, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Gay, Marjorie, R. 1, Dalbo, Minnesota 55017 George, Barbara, R. R. 2, Hancock, Wisconsin 54943 Gross, Carolyn, 9222 N. Windle St., Portland, Oregon 97302 Groves, Roger, 818 W. Market, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Guthrie, Robert, 913 E. 25th Ct., Des Moines, Iowa 50317 Hada, Errol, Star Rt. 9, Box 36, Alva, Oklahoma 73717 Hada, Linda, Rt. 9, Alva, Oklahoma 73717 Hada, Roger, Rt. 9, Box 36, Alva, Oklahoma 73717 Harns, Linda, 321 N. Sheridan, Colorado Springs, Colo 80909 Harris, David, Box 167, Burlingame, Kansas 66413 Hauck, Charles, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Hauck, James, 619 McDonald Ave., Terry, Montana 59349 Hayman, Carol, 3504 Frostwood, DelCity, Oklahoma 73115 Hermann, Donald, Zumbro Falls, Minnesota 55991 Hersey, Ruth, 700 E. 5th St., Mitchell, South Dakota 57301 Hess, Jeanette, Cornell St., Gordon, Nebraska 69343 Hobbie, Diane, Flandreau, South Dakota 57028 Hobbie, Sharon, R. R. 1, Flandreau, South Dakota 57028 Holsing, Joetta, Loyalton, South Dakota 57459 Holsing, Peggy, Loyalton, South Dakota 57459 Holsing, Stuart, Loyalton, South Dakota 57459 Huffman, Amy, 701 Bishop Ave., LaPorte City, Iowa 50651 Hunter, Charles, 1515-38th St., Rappid City, S. Dak. 57701 Huston, Sharon, R. R. 1, Box 19, Vergas, Minnesota 56587 Jackson, Mary, Ringwood, Oklahoma 73768 Johnson, Leland, Delphos, Kansas 67436 Johnson, Marvin, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Jones, Charles, R. R. 1, Delphos, Kansas 67436 Karges, David, Driscoll, North Dakota 58532 Karges, Esther, Driscoll, North Dakota ' 58532 Kaufmann, David, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Kaufmann, Sharon, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Kilmer, Jeanne, 4905 N. Seneca, Wichita, Kansas 67204 Kindschi, Bonnie, 310 E. 50th, Marion, Indiana 46952 Kirchner, Roger, 2319 N. Owaissa St., Appleton, Wis. 54911 Kohler, Rebekah, R. R. 2, Rockford, Iowa 50468 Kottas, Bill, Epamomi, Thessaloniki, Greece Kugler, Myron, R. R. 1, Box 5, Tryon, Nebraska 69196 Lotz, Linda, 107 W. Water St., Fayette, Iowa 52142 Lundock, Gayle, Star Rt., Box 91 B, Littleton, Colo. 80120 Macy, Marvin, Longford, Kansas 67458 Marah, Brenda, R.R. 3, Charles City, Iowa 50616 Marshall, Dorothy, 2214 Lafayette, Sioux City, Iowa 51104 Matt, Barbara, 1103-9th St., N.E., Austin, Minn. 55912 Mattke, Sharon, Box 165, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 McBride, Wilma, Randalia, Iowa 52164 McC1eeary, Steven, Route 2, Runnells, Iowa 50237 McIntyre, Donald, 306 S. 32nd, Billings, Montana 59101 McKain, Lois, Delphos, Kansas 67436 McLean, Richard, Burr Oak, Kansas 66936 McNaney, Linda, Box 164, Terry, Montana 59349 Miller, Dan, Rt. 1, Box 247, Frederic, Wisconsin 54837 Miller, Wanda, 501 Hubbel, Miles City, Montana 59301 Minson, Sandra, 1225 E. Kemp, Watertown, South Dak. 57201 Moraine, Ralph, Ames, Kansas 66931 Mudgett, Larry, Henry, South Dakota 57243 Oak, Michael, 207 S. 102 E. Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma 74128 Olmsted, David, Gillingham, Wisconsin 54633 O'Neil, Raymond, 15426 Flagstaff, LaPuente, Calif. 91744 Palmer, Marlene, Mina, South Dakota 57462 Parks, Linda, 206 Pleasant Dr., LaPorte City, Iowa 50651 Parsons, Loren, R.R. 1, Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 Patterson, Sharon, Box 402, Martin, South Dakota 57551 Perry, James, 534 S. Vine, West Union, Iowa 52175 Peterson, Linda, 126 Maple Street, Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913 Peterson, James, Rt. 1, Williston, North Dakota 58801 Peterson, Sheila, R.R. 1, Mansfield, South Dakota 57460 Potter, Shirley, Bloomington, Nebraska 68929 Pray, Elizabeth, 1405 N. 10th St., Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Pulscher, Ronald, R.R. 1, Box 101, Colman, S. Dak. 57017 Purington, Shirley, 526 Brennan Ave., Rapid City, S. Dak. 57701 Richey, Kenneth, Rogers Rt., International Falls, Minn. 56649 Riley, Mike, 410 N. 7th, Forsyth, Montana 59327 Root, Connie, 450 N. Arrowhead, Wheaton, Illinois 60187 Russell, Gary, Box 625, Harlowton, Montana 59036 Ruyle, Janice, 1832-36th Ave., Greeley, Colorado 80631 Sailer, Eva, Walker, Iowa 52352 Sawyer, Gary, 715 N. 6th, Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Sharp, Paul, R.R. 3, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 Shelley, Nancy, Watford City, North Dakota 58854 Shelley, Sherrill, Box 818, Columbus, Montana 59019 Simpson, Berneice, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Simpson, Mike, R.R. 1, Abilene, Kansas 67410 Sloan, Gary, 395-16th St. S.E., Salem, Oregon 97301 Sloan, Jerry, 395-16th St. S.E., Salem, Oregon 97301 Smith, Donna, Star Rt. 4, Atkinson, Nebraska 68713 Smith, Rollin, Star Rt. 4, Atkinson, Nebraska 68713 Snider, Beth, 2423 N.W. 40, Oklahoma City, Okla. 73112 Spilger, Murl, 540 E. Capital Ave., Grand Island, Neb. 68801 Stelter, Donna, 1900-87th St., Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140 Stevens, Susan, 1789 Havana, Aurora, Colorado 80010 Stone, Kenneth, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Stoneberg, Terry, Bristow, Iowa 50611 Stout, Donald, 73591 Sullivan Rd., 29 Palms, Calif, 92277 Strope, Dale, Orchard, Nebraska 68764 Swaim, Willow, 313 172 S. 36 St., Billings, Montana 59101 Tasker, Alan, R.R. 1, Manchester, Kansas 67463 Taylor, Geraldine, 548-53 172 Ave. N.E., Minneapolis, Minn. 55421 Tindall, Thomas, Box 64, Bristow, Iowa 50611 Tjaden, Linda, 406 N. Sullivan Ave., Nora Springs, Ia. 50458 Trennepohl, Doug, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Tripp, Alan, 20 Water St., Rice Lake, Wisconsin 54868 Van Arsdale, Vera, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Van Cleave, Kay, 704 Washington, Miles City, Montana 59301 Vanderbush, Clifford, Bushnell, South Dakota 57011 Walden, Rev, Larry, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Walker, Gerald, 1701 VanDyke Rd., Appleton, Wisconsin 5491 1 Wessel, Joann, 2808 Wisconsin, Rapid City, S. Dak. 57701 White, Sheryl, R.R. 2, Miltonvale, Kansas 67466 Wood, Michael, 401 N. Central, Harlowton, Montana 59036 Wright, Dennis, R.R. 2, Castlewood, South Dakota 57223 -7 I Haig , fer' :X xi f::::E5b, ,.. - ef! J , up i Z 2 1 llixi' N 1' 5 x.. f N' 0 ' elf x 1 1 -f,ie,g,M Y.: ,fr . -.3 .. Lil -' 1 --f h, f. - 17, f .1 1 - .. .. ...Q ., ,r , ,, , V. M, . 'I ,,.,. . v O, ' x ,, , 9 w w . as ,+..1:,e, ., 9 1'- -H 1? ff - xr' fv J. 5' ' ' -"3-'FJ -1:,,,,f4 11 S - 1 x Y " Q a U B I ' fi Iii. i Il' -mainill li. " iI" u 1 f ' In -' , , ., , N ilu-.I , ii I 'l Il' 'mf-'M

Suggestions in the Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) collection:

Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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