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' ' } iij ' i m-:. ' mmmL:Jmm • RffWSSS SEi ■ f " t»s . %F •;»-«,»-.; .A ' i_;-. ' . ' J, " wwtirftfiigtwiiiiiifiiiiiiiiii nr A «i 1 . . v ' ' ■( COLLEGE itfonvale, Kansas J -t-- 2} - « . ' - ' La-ja.c . v 4..: -V 2 " ■- _ . t X - = - i? X i=p X- i -- -i .-- y ' U,t;. pofHx . . -■■jTJ- -Li—% I , P - H .wit !:■ 1961 sunflower miltonvale wesleyan college, miltonvale, kansas .gayle hada co-editors .lois cretsinger i i I can do all things fhfough Christ . . . Philippians 4:13 foreword As our school days at Miltonvale Wesleyan College come to a close, we remember the spiritual tone of campus life . . . Sod was given first place in everything . . . faculty and fellow students helped us to know our Saviour in a richer, fuller way. Reminiscent thoughts of prayer meetings, gracious revival services, Christ-centered classes, late hours of study, dormitory life, excitement of athletic games, close bonds of friendship, and those wonderful dates . . . swirl through our minds. For safe-keeping of these and many other memories, we present the 1961 Sunflower. table of contents administration students activities sports TO E. STANLEY BANKER, JR. . . . Christian gentleman and efficient teacher . . . wise counsellor with an ear sympathetic to student prob- lems . . . masterly adminis- trator . . . skilled musician ... an understanding friend ... we dedicate the 1961 SUNFLOWER. dedication an understanding friend administration 1 fT) - ' 1 9 » ifl - " y f 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1. • - ' 1 K - r- Jk ? ?v w ' f ' Youth is characterized by AC- TION. It is understandable, there- fore, that some young people become frustrated because certain goals are not reached Immediately. If you are ever thus tempted, may I suggest that you ponder the words of Carlyle offered to a great man in an hour of test, " What you are striving for Is worth waiting for. " Be patient. God has good days ahead for you. Wesley L Knapp, M.S., L.L.D. our president E. STANLEY BANKER, JR. M.A. in Ed., Dean of Administration; Registrar; Psychology; Vocal Music; Band. WARREN S. FREEBORN B.D., M.S., Director of Theological Training; Philosophy; Bible; Theol- ogy; Theology III and IV Sponsor. MILTON WIRT Business Manager and Treasurer; College I Sponsor. OFFICE SECRETARIES Sharon Schoof, Miss Rist, Mrs. Shaw. administration w 4 " ' . " " i .ff . " v ,; ' ■ ' ■Si Miltonvale Wesleyan College is more than buildings and grounds, more than books and apparatus, more than even the faculty and students portrayed in these pages. Miltonvale is a symbol, a center of learning, a fortress of righteousness. M. W. C. stands for the hopes of dedicated supporters, the dreams of developing youth, the aspirations of a forward- looking church. Printed pages cannot ade- quately portray the spirit of a campus. Nevertheless, we, the students of Miltonvale Wes- leyan College, hope that the photos In this pictorial view of our school will convey some- thing of our enthusiasm as we laugh and play . . . our ambi- tions as we study and plan . . . our dedication and devotion as we sing and pray. Do you work here? Food, food, food! VM m k 4 jv . ' { Now you have the choice of Greek, or . . . Greek. Animal, vegetable, or mineral? A world of knowledge . Line up for lunch . . . Harvest Home. Three ' s a crowd. ii rf :S? ;.. . : . ■ Wi Bird ' s-eye view. School spirit starts here. The final touch. Oh, those seeds! Practice makes perfect. It ' s all Greek to me! . . . stars in their eyes? ' I met my Master Face to Face. The sound of music . It ' s bubbling! Life at Miltonvale is filled with activ- ity. We are not only learning to live ... we are living. Each activity on the cannpus makes its contribution. Sports — basketball, football, softball, tennis, track, volleyball — help us keep physically fit. Student organizations — Christian Crusaders; Student Council; societies; publications, MIRROR and SUNFLOWER— provide an outlet for our creative ability. Friendships are an important part of college life, too. Getting to know one another . . . sharing common interests . . . developing new appreciations, are all a part of M. W. C. Best of all, these activities are enhanced by the splendid Christian atmosphere which pervades every phase of college life. Christ Is honored in practice as well as in word. Yes, Indeed! Life is full and complete . . . with the completeness that only Christ can give. A trysting place with God. c 4 Convention time. V arcr.I.-. ' a ' vr.n g ' - ' j go b . Hay-i- fe; is -r moo = FUN! I «cw I s -r-e -cr si -aocc er - r::v« V ' . -• 1- ••vN ' . ■• ' • Jus- e «e 5i ? ■,::« T " z ' O-T cc s: Co-editors conference. . ,.j .f ' , ,.V- ' ' ) ' jfr J Charming ? yes... and efficient j,r . . .V ■ ' ■ ' " " ' i Vru r k SXUtMl Dirty dishes for Dyer ' s dishwasher. Who said we were corny? Waitresses waiting to wait. May the best man win. Ma used to yell at me when I did this on my bed. Intermission Watch those arrows! All the better to strike you out! «••„ alpha omega faculty If we work on marble, it will perish; if we work on brass, time will efface it; if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust; but if we work upon immortal souls, if we imbue them with principles, with the iust fear of the Creator and love of fellow men, we engrave on those tablets something which will brighten all eternity. LT: Frances Buel M.A., Social Science, Librarian. 26 years service faculty ' ' Duane Cain Emma Durkee B.S.. Physical Education, Biology, Assistant Registrar Athenaeum Athletic Association Sponsor, Sponsor. College II Sponsor. 14 years service 2 years service Ruth Emig William Goldsmith, J. Emory Howell B.M., Piano, Music Theory, H.S. M.A., English. Social Science, B.S. in Ed. Science, Mathemat- Sophomore Sponsor. Mirror Staff Sponsor. ics. H.S. Senior Sponsor 22 years service 6 years service 2 years service Dayton A. Manker Historical Theology 1 year service Bob Girard Field Representative 2 years service 4 sr» k George J. Robbins, Jr. M.A.. English, Education. 9 years service Eleanor Salisbury B.E., M.S., Business Education, H.S, Junior Sponsor 6 years service Ira L. Shanafelt Ted SuKrldge Elvle Turner M.A., Religion, Greek. C.C.C. M.A., Chemistry. Mathematics. ■ ' - English, Biological Sci- Sponsor 4I 2 years service ences, H.S. Freshmen Sponsor 2 years service 14 years service staff and v -i Myrtle Rober+s Housemother of Gath- ers Hall ' - Lester Thompson Custodian gf Pg Emory and Lois Howell and Johnny Houseparents of Hillcrest Lucille Asp Housemother of Girls ' Dormitory, Dining room hostess Vesta Gary Assistant Cook J Ino Sanders Housemother of Abbott Hall Esther Goldsmith Dietician-Cook Deiores and Burnell Pudwill Houseparents of Jones Hall Harvey Balderston Assistant Custodian 5 .:?2C .,.-, _ -Hi-fY-ii-JiL •. 6 C .! i, ' i-iUX4! •V -vr-rYt " TP r-Yv NWYVvw -irvoNn ' -vxr n " IffV v — -j o --jtrv-voo -w jJSn o rvry graduates ■ « John Betters Oak Hill, Kansas " The greatest use of life is to spend it on something that will outlast it. ' Choir I; Class Pres. 2; Christian Crusad- ers 1 ,2: Sapphonian Proverbs 3:5,6 Elmore Blain Page, Nebraska " I am ready to go anywhere, providing it is forward. " Christian Crusaders 3,4; Athenaeum John 21:22 David Gowan Miltonvale, Kansas " Happiness Is made to be shared. " Choir 1,2; Class Pres. 2; Class Sec-Treas. 3; Society Vice Pres. I; Student Council 1,2; Student Ch aplain I; C.C.C. Vice Pres. 2; Mirror I; Basketball; Football; Volleyball; Athenaeum Jeremiah 33:3 theology seniors Gordon Hada Clay Center, Kansas " A promising minister and hard to beat, With a wife to make his life complete. " Student Council 3; Christian Crusaders 1 ,2,3; Athenaeum I Peter 5:7 Burnell Pudwill Avon, South Dakota " Good sense and good nature are ever joined together. " Supply Pastor of Presbyterian Church 4; Choir 2,3; Student Council 4; Class Vice Pres. 2; C.C.C. 1 ,2; Mirror 2; Basketball; Football; Athenaeum Romans 8:28 Ralph Vreugdenhil Brentford, South Dakota " A man with a worthy purpose noble task. " Choir 3,4; Messiah Chorus; Class Pres. 3,4; Student Chaplain 4; Student Coun- cil 3,4; C.C.C. 2,3,4; Football; Volley- ball ' Basketball; Softball; Sapphonian Psalm 19:14 THEOLOGY PRESIDENT Doris Baker Chadron, Nebraska " The more you know her, the better you like her. " Choir i,2; Messiah Chorus; Girl ' s Trio; Mirror 1,2; Student Council 2; C.C.C. 1,2; Cheerleader 1,2; Volleyball; Basket- ball; Athenaeum Luke 9:24-27 Eleanor Barnes Lynch, Nebraska " The least you can do is to do the most of which you are capable. " Wayne State Teachers College I ; Choir 2; Messiah Chorus; Class Sec. 2; C.C.C. 2; Mirror 2; Athenaeum Philippians 4: 1 3 SECRETARY college sophomores Frances Chaffin Atkinson, Nebraska " A quiet girl, but quite a gir Messiah Chorus 2; C.C.C. I ; Sapphonian Psalm 37.: Adrlenne Budensiek Zumbro Falls, Minnesota " I opened the door of my heart, and behold, there was music within. " Greenville College I ; Choir 2; Messiah Chorus; Class Vice Pres. 2; C.C.C Athenaeum Psalm 27:1 VICE PRESIDENT l ■■■■ y - Lois Jean Cre+slnger Loyalton, South Dakota " The soul that perpetually overflows wi+h kindness and sympathy will always be cheerful. " Choir 1,2; Messiah Chorus; Trio I; Student Council 2; Society Vice Pres. 2; C.C.C. 1,2; Sunflower 1,2; Volleyball: Basketball: Ping-pong; Softball; Cheer- leader I ; Sapphonian Joshua 1 :9 Alice Davis Rochester, Minnesota " Nothing great was ever achieved with- out enthusiasm. " Choir 1,2; Messiah Chorus; Trio I; Quartet 2: Student Council 2; Society Sec.-Treas. 2; C.C.C. 1,2; Cheerleader I : Sapphonian II Timothy 1:7 Sharon Deckard Albert Lea, Minnesota " Ready for anything — work or play; She ' s a jolly good scout most any day. " Choir I; Messiah Chorus; C.C.C. 1,2; Basketball; Athenaeum hlebrews 13:5 I E. LeRoy Drake Sarona, Wisconsin " We like him for what he Is. " Choir I; Messiah Chorus; Band; Var- sity Quartet 2; C.C.C. 1,2; Volleyball; Basketball; Sapphonlan Proverbs 3:5-6 Belva Emery Pasadena, California " I ' ll keep happy day after day, for music drives one ' s cares away. " Choir 1,2; Messiah Chorus; C.C.C. 1.2; Volleyball; Ping-pong; Badminton; Ath- enaeum Psalms 27:1 college natural Gayle Hada Alva, Oklahoma " It ' s nice to be naturally nice. " Messiah Chorus; C.C.C. 1,2; Sunflower Isaiah 44:3 Shelton Hornback Spencer, Nebraska " No legacy is so rich as honesty. " Messiah Chorus; C.C.C. 1,2; Mirror 1,2; Football; Basketball; Track; Volley- ball; Sapphonlan Isaiah 26:3 Wayne Huff Aitkin, Minnesota " A little nonsense now and then is often relished by the best of men. " Sunflower Business Manager I ; C.C.C. Vice Pres. I, Pres. 2; Sapphonlan Galatlons 2:20 JoDel Jerred Rapid City, South Dakota " Never too busy to lend a helping hand. " South Dakota State College I ; Messiah Chorus; Volleyball; Football; Softball: Athenaeum John 3:16 arry Johnson von, South Dakota well-liked fellow and an athletic star; e has friends both near and far. " hoir 1 ,2; Messiah Chorus; Varsity Quar- it 2; Student Council 2; C.C.C. 1,2; jnflower I; Football: Basketball; Volley- all; Softball: Track; Athenaeum ■alatians 2:20 f ' .M. ophomores Lavelle Leisher Waukomis, Oklahoma " To judge her well, you must know her. " Band 1,2; C.C.C. 1,2; Volleyball; Basket- ball: Ping-pong; Athenaeum Galatians 2:20 m tc Betty Lambert Concordia, Kansas " Real worth requires no interpreter. " Athenaeum ,h 26:3 Phyllis Lewis Longford, Kansas " hier pleasant smiles and her quiet way. Will get her through most any day. " Christian Crusaders 1,2; Athenaeum John 14:27 Dick Mason Wheat Ridge, Colorado " A true friend is forever a friend. " Choir 1,2; Messiah Chorus; Varsity Quar- tet 2: Class Pres. I st sem. I; Student Council Vice Pres. 2; Society Pres. 2: C.C.C. 1,2; Football: Basketball; Volley- ball; Softball: Track; Sapphonian Ephesians 3:20 LaMont A. Mills Stevens Point, Wisconsin " He does his task from day to day, and meets whatever comes his way. " and 1,2,3: C.CC. 2,3: Mirror 3: Ath- enaeum Psalm 23 vM Elayne Palmer Mansfield, South Dakota " It is better to be small and shine than to be large and cast a shadow. " Choir 1,2: Trio 2: Messiah Chorus: C.CC. 1,2; Sunflower 1,2- Volleyball: Athenaeum Proverbs 3:5,6 r - Lloyd Phipps Atkinson, Nebraska " A willing heart, a helping hand, always ready on demand. " Choir 1,2: Messiah Chorus: Band I: Stu- dent Council 1,2: Society Pres. 2: Sun- flower Business Manager 2: C.CC. Vice Pres. 2: Football: Basketball: Volley- ball: Track: Softball: Athenaeum John 3:16 college Mary Roth Cedar Falls, Iowa " Cheerfulness is an offshoot of good- ness. " Choir I : Messiah Chorus: Student Coun- cil 2: C.CC 1 ,2: Sunflower 2: Volleyball: Basketball: Ping-pong: Archery: Badmin- ton; Cheerleader I : Athenaeum Ephesians 3:20 Jerry Rott La Valle, Wisconsin " He ' s a leader, hard to beat; willing to help and attempt any feat. " Choir 1,2; Messiah Chorus: Student Council Pres. 2: C.CC I; Class Pres. 2nd sem. I; Football; Basketball: Volley- ball; Softball: Track; Sapphonian Isaiah 26:3 Sharon Schoof Ipswich, South Dakota " Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins the soul. " Choir 1,2: Messiah Chorus: Trio 2 Student Council Sec. 2; Class Sec. I C.CC 1,2; Mirror I; Cheerleader I Athenaeum Psalm 91:2 .—rry Donlce States Enid, OUahoma " A friendly girl who may be quiet, But with half a chance she Is a riot. ' ' Messiah Chorus; C.C.C. 1,2; Studa;l Chaplain of C.C.C. 2; Athe naetrm .• ' Ronnans 8:1 Lyie Strope Orchard, Nebraska i " A little mischief by the way is ftae t-- spice the passing day. " Choir 1,2; Messiah Chorus; Class Pres. 2: Student Council I; C.C.C. 2; Sun- flower I : Sapphonian Timothy 4; I 2 PRESIDENT sophomores Dorothy Vreugdenhll Brentford, South Dakota " A girl of true worth is one o character. " Messiah Chorus; Sec. 2; Basketba ' an Isaiah 40:31 f tr C.C.C, 1,2; C.C.C. Volleyball; Sapphon- Jim Tollen Englewood, Colorado " hie ' s a friend to all he meets and has a smile for all he greets. " Messiah Chorus: Class Vice Pres. I ; Class Treas. 2; C.C.C. 1,2; Sapphonian rinthians 12:9,10 URER Richard Walquist Minneapolis, Minnesota " Although he is no surgeon, he does a good deal of cutting up. " Choir 2; Messiah Chorus; Band I; Stu- dent Council I; C.C.C. I- Football; Athenaeum Phillpplans 4:4 • ' S6 ' s ' k Alice Wirt Mlltonvale, Kansas A calm exterior Is a silent recommen- dation. Christian Crusaders 1,2; Sapphonian II Corinthians 12:9 fJ € h ' TIs not in mortals to command success; but we will do more, we will deserve It. who ' s who THEOLOGY, Burnell Pudwill HIGH SCHOOL, Judy Garlow among graduates COLLEGE, Lois Jean Cre+singer These were chosen by the Stu- dent Council and the Faculty Student Affairs Committee on the basis of contribution to the school through leadership, scholarship, and character. COLLEGE, Sharon Schoof Grace Beals Mlltonvale, Kansas " The world is no better if we hurry; life ' s no longer if we worry. " Athenaeum r.1atthew 6:33 Karen Blomberg Concordia, Kansas " Don ' t judge her ability by her size. " Concordia High School 1,2,3: Class Play 4: Pingpong; Athenaeum Psalms 55:22 Crystal Bennett hHamilton, Montana " To make friends, be one. " Darby High School I ; Hamilton High School 2,3: Chorus I: Messiah Chorus; Class Sec. I: Class Play 4; C.C.C. 4; Sapphonian Romans 12:1 high school i ' li- Delores Bu+termore Miltonvale, Kansas " Sweeter also than honey and the honey comb. ' Scottsbluff High School; Chorus 4; Mes- siah Chorus; Orchestra 1,2,3: String Quartet 3: Class Sec. 4: Treas. Athletic Association 4: C.C.C. 4; Cheerleader 4; Volleyball; Ping-pong: Badminton; Bas- ketball; Athenaeum Proverbs 3:5,6 SECRETARY Jeanette Comfort Wells, Kansas " She enjoys herself in a quiet way, but never has much to say. " Chorus 1,2,3.4; Trio 2,3; C.C.C. 4- Sap- phonian Proverbs 3 :5,6 Myron Comfort Miltonvale, Kansas " Silence is more eloquent than words. " Student Council 3: Class Play 4; Athe- naeum Ecclesiastes 2:13 Susan Cooper Miitonvale, Kansas " A cheerful heart countenance. " Woodrow Wilson hllgh C.C.C.; Sapphonian Romans 8:28 maketh a cheerful School 1,2,3; Mary Cox Marion, Indiana " Beautiful music plus a beautiful song promotes harmony. " Marion hHigh School 1,2; Chorus 1,3,4: Messiah Chorus; Band 1,2,3,4; Class Sec. I; C.C.C; Mirror Staff 4; Cheer- leader 4; Ping-pong; Basketball; Volley- ball; Class Play 4; Sapphonian I Timothy 1:17 seniors Judy Garlow Ames, Kansas " Music is well said to be the speech of an angel. " Chorus 1,2,3,4; Messiah Chorus; Band 2,3; Trio 2,3; Girls Quartet I; Student Council Trees. 4; Class Pres. I ; Class Sec.-Treas. 2; Vice Pres. 3; C.C.C; Girls ' Athletic Director 3; Mirror Staff 2,3; Cheerleader 3,4; Basketball; Volleyball; aseball; Sapphonian Proverbs 3:5,6 Joy Fisher Scott City, Missouri " . . . her eyes in flood F.A. High School 1,2,3 Messiah Chorus; Class Sec. 1,2; C.C.C; Sextet 2 ' ; Glee Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Softball; Volley- ball; Basketball; Sapphonian Proverbs 3:5,6 v lth laughter. " Chorus 1,2,3,4; Play 3,4: Class John Grover Vv ' onewoc, Wisconsin " Just because I ' m little is no reason to fret; I ' ll shove my way through this world yet. " Weston High School I: Chorus 2,3,4; Messiah Chorus; Student Council 4; Class President 3; Class Treas. I; Class Play 4; C.C.C. ; Basketball: Softball; Vol- leyball; Track; Sapphonian Matthew 10:38,39 Eunice Hillen Mitchell, South Dakota " Your wit makes others witty. " Chorus 1,2,3,4; Messiah Chorus; Band 1,2,3; Student Council 4; Class Play 4; C.C.C; Cheerleader 4; Softball; Volley- ball; Badminton; Athenaeum Proverbs 3:5,6 Sandra Kaufmann Greeley, Colorado " Studying does not take all her time. " Chorus 1,2,3,4; Messiah Chorus; Student Council 1 ,4; Vice Pres. 2; C.C.C. 4; Class Play 4; Cheerleader 4; Ping-pong; Sap- phonian II Corinthians 12:9 Richard Lauby Portland, Oregon " Teachers think I ' m so sweet, they always want me in the front seat. " Lanthrop hiigh School 1,2,3; Chorus 4; Football 4; Class Play 4; Athenaeum Psalms 19:14 Ramona Long Maple hHill, Kansas " I ' m little but watch me. " Chorus 1,2,3,4; Messiah Chorus; Band 1 ,2,3; Class Pres. 2; C.C.C. 4; Volleyball; Basketball; Baseball; Class Play 4; Sap- phonlan Proverbs 3:5,6 high school Sharon Ossman Emerson, Iowa " A merry heart goes all the day. " Redding High School I; Emerson High School 2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Messiah Chorus; Band 1,2; C.C.C; Class Play 4; Basketball; Volleyball; Softball; Ath- enaeum Proverbs 3:5,6 Lavern Phlpps Atkinson, Nebraska " A pleasant personality with friendship in his heart. " Scottsbluff High School 1,2; Atkinson High School 3; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Messiah Chorus; Student Council 3; Class Pres. 4; Treas. 3; C.C.C; Basketball; Volley- ball; Class. Play 4; Athenaeum Romans 5:1 PRESIDENT Sfephen Rist r Kansas City, Kansas " He has three speeds — slow, slower, and stop. " Wasson High School 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Messiah Chorus; C.C.C; Sapphon- Romans 8:28 Ji ' M-o ' f i : . ? o £4. Darrell Rothfuss " ' ' Junction City, Kansas ' .d t " The way to fight a woman is to grab your hat and run. " Junction City High School 1,2,3; Volley- ball; Basketball; Sapphonian Galatians 2:20 seniors t r Lynda Shanafelt Miltonvale, Kansas " A little laughter is a great force in human relationship. " Athens High School 1 ,2; Chorus 4; Mes- siah Chorus; Band 3,4; Student Council 3; Class Vice Pres. C.C.C; Ping-pong; ball; Sapphonian Philippians 4:1 3 VICE PRESIDENT 4; Class Basketball Play 4; Volley- Kenneth Shaw San Diego, California " I ' m a Senior now, I ' ve got to get dig- nified. " Cleveland High School 1,2,3; Chorus I; C.C.C; Messiah Chorus; Football; Vol- leyball; Basketball; Athenaeum Romans 15:7 Bev V irt Miltonvale, Kansas " A friendly fellow with a friendly way. " Chorus 3,4; Sunflower 3,4; Class Treas. 1,3,4; Basketball; Football; Track; Sap- phonian Romans 6:2,3 TREASURER Sleepy sneakers. Grateful graduates. graduates in the limelight Banquet boutonniere. undergraduates Janice Bu+termore David Campbell A ; H« Ruth Dit+meyer mi iM i: i M$ .1 V CLASS OFFICERS President Jerry Lindsay Vice President John Hartman Secretary Sheryl Stokes Treasurer Jack Mills Arlene Elder Donna Engel Kathryn Fisher Frank Allen William Becker Charles Bender Gordon Bennett Patricia Blanchard Roberta Boes Ronnie Brown Lloyd Budensieic college John Cummings Beth Dooley Darrel Ekiund Bill Franklin Glenda Gilger Robert Hardman Joan Hartman John Hartman r- ■■ A-J freshmen John hiedeman Lyie Helle Norman Hobbie David Howes Pat Jackson :i-f (r A fj ' y li» ' ' Ray Koster ,f. ,,l|il| ones H sl dfcnnaKerr ' f I l.t ' , f -.V) ' . ■ f V: Wanda Mikkelson Jack Mills Earnest Ming Wanda Lippe Albert Lucas Sherill Martin Harriet Mast Jerry Matson college freshmen Loretta Nelson Joyce Paul Dwayne Rothtuss Joan Sainsbury Derryl Schake Lynette Smith Sheryl Stokes Charles Suffridge David Vreugdenhil Ard Blomberg Charles Campbell Kenneth Dyer Oren Goracke theology juniors THEOLOGY CLASS OFFICERS President Ralph Vreugdenhil Vice President Eleanor Hunsinger Secretary-Treasurer Mary Shanafelt Eleanor Hunsinger Roy McGowen Williann Wetmore M ' Vj ' 1 ' " .f w ty:A f:j . p- Delores Pudwill Mary Shanafelt 1 di Or Jim Clikeman Elaine Dunbar Ardith Elder Kaye Ferguson Bill Allison Dean Allison Joanne Asp Judy Banker Sue Blaser Ronnie Fessenden David Golden Paul Hutton juniors Sharon Kemp Sharon Knapp CLASS OFFICERS President Jim Lloyd Vice President Jim Clikeman Secretary Joanne Asp Treasurer Sharon Knapp Jim Lloyd Joyce Parrish Roberta Kronwald Marilyn Peckham Franklin Shirbroun Marilyn Stoner t «§ §; Wayne Churchill pgii Eileen Comfort iCJ Larry Fessenden Bonnie Denison Charlotte Hardman » Linda Hlldebrandt Ellen Howes Linda Howes Li ida Johnson sophomores CLASS OFFICERS President Larry Fessenden Vice President David Jordan Secretary-Treasurer Paul Robblns Ed Macy Loren Marsh Paul Robblns Roger Noftsker Winnetta Parrish - " • V Charmagne Stevenson Clayburn Wirt 49 Darrell Allison Leroy Beals Sharon But+ermore Keith Churchill Elaine Gary Sally Gilbert Donald Gilger Margaret Macy V f- Carol Shanafelt John Shirbroun Freshmen Class Officers .President Elaine Gary Vice President Sally Gilbert Sec.-Treas Carol Shanafelt Patsy Whitney A ,A- second semester students Seated, I. to r.: Lois Turner, Marcia Chapman. Standing, I. to r.: John Miller. Winifred Burke, Anne Sim- mons. Not pictured: Joyce Camp- bell, James Haddon. organizations student council Another successful year for the Student Council . . . greatest objective was efficient and effective leadership of the student body . . . sponsored nnany projects, including the visit of our missionary Miss Sheridan to our cannpuf anr ' a snow-clearance project . . . Jerry Rott led the Student Council the first semester, Dick Mason the second . . . other officers included Sharon Schoof, secretary, and Judy Garlow, treasurer . . . Prof. Ted Suffridge, Sponsor. Jerry Ro+t PRESIDENT Dick Mason VICE PRESIDENT Sharon Schoof 52 SECRETARY Judy Garlow TREASURER coach athletic council L. to r., first row: J. Paul, L. Smith, M. Ro+h, D. Buttermore, L. Shana- felt. Second row: J. Cummings, D. Campbell. K. Dyer. J. Lloyd. P. Robbins. Ken Dyer athletic directors Mary Roth sunflower editorial staff Seated: Assistant Editor. H. Mast: Co-Editors, G. Hada, L. Cretsinqer. Standing: B. Franklin, J. Paul, E. Palmer, M. Roth, W. Lippe, B. Wirt. Unphotographed: President Knapp, Sponsor sunflower business staff Seated: Secretaries, W. MIkkelson, J. Buttermore, L. Nelson. Standing: Sponsor, Prof. Howell; Business Manager, L. Phipps; Sales Manager, L. Drake. mirror staff Seated: Assistant Editor, G. Gilger; Editor, D. Baker; Sponsor, Prof. Goldsmith. Standing: J. Mills, J. Asp, M. Cox, E. Hunslnger, E. Barnes. J. Sainsbury. L. Mills. — ' ■ C 54 athenaeums ii ' ■Cy officers: Vice Pres. B. Franklin, Sponsor E. Durkee, Sec.-Treas. J. Buttermore, Pres. L. Phlpps. sapphonians Officers: Sec.-Treas. A. Davis, Sponsor 1 Sanders, Vice Pres. L. Cretslnger, Pres. D Mason. First row: Foreign missions chairman, J. Sainsbury; chaplain, D. States: vice president, L. Phipps; sponsor, Rev. Shanafelt; president. W. tHuff; secretary-treasurer, D. Vreugdenhil: home missions chairman, E. Blam. christian crusaders Christian Crusaders Club had a successfu year working under the motto of " A World to save, Our God to serve " . . . organized con- ference prayer bands . . . sent out gospel teams . . . canvass of Miltonvale . . . tract dis- tribution . . . jail services . . . sunshine visitation teams for the aged . . . new feature this year was division of the club into foreign mission and soul-winning study groups. 56 H.S. BOYS ' QUARTET S. Rist. R. Fessenden, J. Lloyd, L. Phipps. reflections of religious life OUR MISSIONARY Miss Lois Sheridan prayer meeting wf) i- ' L to r.: D. States, Sec.-Treas.- W. Mile- f K ' - ; gathers hall Officers: Vice Pres. G. Hada, Sec. R. Ditt- meyer, Pres. K. Fisher. 58 abbott Officers: Treas. J. Mills. Sec. J. Hart- man, Vice Pres. S. Hornback, Pres. R. rown. hillcrest henny house L to r., first row: J. Paul, S. Schoof. D. Engel, B. Dooley, E. Barnes, D. Baker, E. Palmer, A. Davis, Second row: R. McGowan J Butt;rmore, D. Kerr, L. Smith, A. Budensiek, S. Martin, L. Cretsinger, S, Stokes. L Strope, Th.rd row: E. Ming, D. Mason. R. Vreugdenhil, L. Drake. L. Johnson, L. Phipps, J. Lindsay, K. Dyer. a cappella choir The itinerary of the a capella choir in- cluded weekend services in Kansas and Oklahoma, an Easter tour through Ne- braska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Kansas, and various concerts were held throughout the year on campus and in neighboring communities. director, E. S. Banker 60 high school chorus band 1 s r- f - ' i The College-Community Chorus Presents " The Messiah " community chorus Dean Banker, effxient d ' rector. di-ec- s t!-.e Cncrus. SOLOISTS Mrs. Jones, Soprani; Earnest Mhg, Bass: Belva Emery, Alto. 62 • • . • activities music groups ■daaLi mUM VARSITY QUARTET L. to r.: Dick Mason, Lloyd Phipps, Larry Johnson, LeRoy Drake. LADIES QUARTET L. to r.: Adrlenne Budensiek, S h ryl Stokes, Alice Davis, Joyce Pau LADIES TRIO L. to r.: Sharon Schoof, Elayne Palmer, Doris Baker. Janice Buttermore, Pianist. TRUMPET TRIO L. to r.: Chuck Campbell, Joyce Paul, Ken Dyer. SOLOISTS L. to r.: Loretta Nelson, Earnest Ming, Belva Emery, Beth Dooley. 64 ' ' ' H. { Mu music recital The Chapel vibrated with majestic strains of music as Adrienne Budensiek gave her spring music recital on March 24 assisted by vocalist, Earne st Ming and pianist, Sharon Knapp. Adrienne Budensiek and Sharon Knapp 65 Earnest Ming, Soloist. • jv September services, Rev. Dean Wafson. fall speakers Fall revival, Rev. George Failing. Youfh week services, Rev. Dick Ernst. Spring revival. Rev. Clarence Budensiek. spring speakers 66 our pastor I,. . Rev. Dayton A. Manker co-laborers together with God W.Y. Officers: Lynda Shanafelt, Sec.-Treas.; Earnest Ming President; Frank Shirbroun, V. Pres. 67 home students jo n .S4 L 1 y :. ' . M - ■4i .%V. M H V4H 9 r U 1 p " ' " " ,j yikM| i I ' - fll HNI HI Snackarama. Munch that lunch! 68 office secretaries library assistants L. to r.: Mrs. Asp, Hostess; R. Kronwald, M. Peckham, J. Asp, M. Cox, W. Lippe, D. Vreugdenhil, J. Garlow, L. Leisher, A. Davis, C. Kronwald. S. Kaufmann. S. Oss- man. S. Deckard. L. Nelson, R. Long. book store manager Jim Tollen L. to r.: S. Deckard B. Emery S. Martin J. Butlermore A. Davis 69 working students L. to r.: E. Barnes, R. Dlttmeyer, D. Kerr, G. t ada, Miss Buel, Librarian; M. Roth, J. Sainsbury, E. Hunsinger. kitchen help J. Mills J. Jerred custodians Wirt, R. Long, D. Buttermore P S. Ossman, C. Bennett, D. Euttt, ' n-,cre, E. W rf senior play " The Family Nobody Wanted " D. Buttermore, B. Wirt, L. Phipps. • . • activities PIANO DUET Wanda Lippe Ruth Dittmeyer g What a piece of pie will do! general recital semester exams 70 From I. to r.: B. Dooley. L. Smith, C. Shaw, L. Phipps, King; J. Buttermore, Queen; D. Suffridge, D. Howell. D. Baker. coronation of sunflower royalty King Lloyd Queen Janice ATTENDANTS J. Buttermore, D. Howell 71 AHENDANTS L. Smith, L. Phipps faculty fotos 72 ' oi y . A.y WA--t - r A , t X t- t - -0 , , a ?-tj - ' Vy i ' j::4 sports sapphonians K .— COLLEGE. . to r., first row: L. Drake. K. Dyer. B. Becker. L. Budensiek. Second row: R. Vreugdenhil. D. Mason. G. Bennett, D. Vreugdenhil. C. Suffridge. volleyball HIGH SCHOOL, . to r., first row: D. Jordan, J. Grover, L. Fessenden. J. Lloyd. Second row: F. Shirbroun. R. Fessenden, J. Shirbroun. » " J y. -. ' " -i ' • ' » X. . ' j .. ' i r - W I COLLEGE, I. to r.rS. Hornback. K. Dyer. D. Mason, B. Becker, L. Drake. C. Suffridge, J. Cummings. R. Vreugdenhil. J. Tollen. HIGH SCHOOL, 1. to r.: K. Churchill. R. Nofskter. J. Shir- bourn. J. Lloyd. R. Fessenden, J. Miller. J. Clikeman F. Shirbroun, D. Jordan, J. Graver, C. Wirt. basketball 74 Since all intramural sports this year were on society basis, by the point system, the competition proved much keener. The Sapphonian Bulldogs captured the victory early in the year in foot- ball. The college teams were de- feated in volleyball and basketball, but the high school team pulled through, winning both volleyball and basketball. -s football L. to r.: J. Garlow, Vv ' . Lippe, U. Cox, H. Mast, S. Kaufmann at henaeums HIGH SCHOOL, I. to r., first row: P. HuHon, L. Phipps. Second row: K. Shaw, R. Lauby. volleyball COLLEGE, I. to r., first row: L. Hetle, L. Johnson. E. Ming. Sec- ond row: R. McGowan, D. Walquist, N. Hobbie, D. Campbell. ping-pong champs HIGH SCHOOL P. Robbins COLLEGE J. Jerred HIGH SCHOOL, 1. to r.: B. Pudwill, Coach; P. Hutton, D. Alli- son, P. Robbins. E. Macy, B. Allison, R. Lauby, K. Shaw, L. Phipps, D. Allison. basketball COLLEGE: B. Pudwill Coach; t. Ming L. Phipps, L. Johnson, N. Hobbie. D. Walquist, D. Campbell. 75 The Athenaeum Tigers showed their colors this year in the college division, win- ning both volleyball and bas- ketball. The high school teams were defeated in volleyba and basketball, and the Ti- gers lost in football to the Bulldogs. Both high school and college championships in men ' s ping pong went to the Tigers. football cheerleaders L. to r.: L. Nelson, D. Baker, Vv . Mikkelson, D. Buttermore. C. Kronwald. 77 COLLEGE. I. to r., first row: L. Smith, H. Mast, J. Salnsbury, S. Martin, Second row: G. Gllger, B. Dooley, R. Boes, D. Vreugden- hlL Third row: D. Engel, L. Cretsinger, HIGH SCHOOL. L to r., first row: R. Long, J. Fisher, M, Cox, C. Hardman. Second row: L. Shanafelt. K. Ferguson, S. Blaser. J. Banker. Third row: C. Shanafelt, E. Gary, L. Johnson. volleyball sapphonians ping-pong champs COLLEGE Donna Engel HIGH SCHOOL Kaye Ferguson basketball L. to r.: R. Long. K. Ferguson, D. Vreugdenhll, H. Mast, J. Sainsbury. D. Kerr, L. Cretsinger. J. Fisher. S. Blaser. S. Martin. 78 f V. COLLEGE, L+or., first row: W. Mikkelson, E. Palmer, J. Paul, L. Nelson. Second row: M. Shanafelt, S. Deckard, C. Kronwald, R. Dittmeyer. Third row: D. Baler, M. Roth, L. Leisher. HIGH SCHOOL, I. to r., first row: B. Dennlson, M. Macy, D. Buttermore. Second row: S. Ossman, S. Knapp. R. Kronwald. 1) ' _ii, - LJl , volleyball ». -tl f ,. AT- -t- ' ,7 J r, - athenaeums ;iLi ' cf ' ' - ' L. to r.: R. Dittmeyer, L. Nelson, D. Baker, W. Mikkelson, M. Shanafelt, L. Leisher, K. Fisher. 79 basketball J- sport snaps c A - ' ¥ Footba Basketball Tennis Aerial Darts Volleyball Baseball PLAYDAYS Haviland at M.W.C. - " ( «!•- 9 ' M.W.C. at Haviland .0 T . . J s i . x e-- - u i oM LV- Jjlt :z A --- " " ; rc;i - h ciS r O 7ZJL t Z X O ' -Xjoli. v , aavertmnff ' .JLyfr - J dJiSC 1 - - " Y - . 5 -J - :rX . --J2X_, Alma Aldinger Sierra Leone m i Betty Freeborn Sierra Leone Alice Heavilir. Puerto Rico Miltonvale Alumni serving Christ and the Church as missionaries of the t- r-v4 «if J. Franklin Heer Colombia Department of World Missions Box 2000 of the Wesleyan Methodist Church Marion, Indiana HOUGHTON YOU • Academic accreditation • Consecrated faculty • Vibrant spiritual environment be fully prepared -- a thoroughly furnished workman! train the whole personality for the whole of life! HOUGHTON COLLEGE houghton, new york U saXJH O. MjtriHU damX J ii J JiSirru qMjA Ajo ( ftJbC —K-JwJ ■jrri UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL ! ■■■■I 1 llllii ' , i m» liiP ' lillB mimm A 1 AJ io x, ' Jjl , JUuiJ Ji-t£ - loc ic 2, ' t i ' y K. i tU continues to boost Miltonvale College 9 1 5 1 N (CONFERENCE AUG. 1-5 DR. H. K. SHEETS REV. JAMES CRISPELL REV. KENNETH KNAPP REV. MRS. LYNN DELEHOY CAMP AUG. 6-13 EVANGELIST EVANGELIST SONG LEADER CHILDREN ' S WORKERS ! 1 ] k1 -i I ,4 eV. C. W. DUNBAR, CONFERENCE PRESIDENT, MILTONVALE, KANSAS O. rC V 0 F. C. Hill Memorial Church The Educational Unit Dedicated on February 26, 1961 Greeley Wesleyan Methodist . ' (Rev. Mrs. E. A. Coates, Pastors) Hall Wesleyan Methodist Church We gratefully acknowledge— the fine scholastic and spiritual train- ing that prepares the whole personality for the whole of life as given in our MILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLLEGE E. A. Coates, Pastor DelphoS, Kansas 24th St. and 9th Ave. We ' re Backing you M.W.C. With: • Prayers • Finances • Students Wilford Kaufmann, Pastor Greeley, Colorado 1 Abilene Wesleyan Methodist Church 118th N.E. 4th " Is Backing Christian Education " L-, Y.M.W.B. Members Prospective M.W.C. Students Wesley Center Church Rev. C. S. Blomberg — Pastor Rev. G. R. Hoerner, Pastor n ' First Wesleyan Methodist Church " ,i .l ' 700 ' Sb:Marklt J ,;; - i Wichita, Kansas " . ' :j k RONALD R. BRANNON, PASTOR 2052 South Market y " Served by M.W.C. alumni pastors for 23 out of 27 years. " At the " Crossroads of America " Belleville, Kansas Wesleyan Methodist Church E. E. Brannon, Pastor FIRST V. ' ESLrYAN METHOr ' ST CHLRCH 1954 Augusta 1 1 « BETHANY CHAPEL R. J. Gilbert, Pastor The church with a friendly Welcome Concordia Wesleyan Methodist Church 7th Washington, Concordia, Kansas HAROLD B. HOTCHKISS, Pastor ,. v ' • ii,?S Eskridge Wesleyan Methodist Church Extends our Best Wishes to M.W.C. EARL J. and VERNELIA CARRY, Pastors Greetings from THE SALINA WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH YOUR SPIRITUAL NUMERICAL MATERIAL Prosperity Is our concern To aid in achieving this we pledge our PRAYERS PATRONAGE POCKETBOOKS Wm. A. Smith, pastor T OFFICERS Rev. John Hunter, Pies. 1515 38th Si. Rapid City, S. Dak. Rev. Gordon Goodsell. Vice Pres. Belle Fourche, S. Dak. Rev. . . L. Cretsinger, Secy. Loyalton, S. Dak. Rev. S.J. Mclntvre, Treas. 3925 4th . ve ' . South Billings, Mont. Mr. Melvin Gibson. Clamp Treas. 1001 . llen .Ave. Rapid City, S. Dak. XlV- fw i vXix Uc. ' Oyyv ' ijl cn -l i.O ' C ■ U J, Sewiiq: Kfttiic wA Sooik Dotzsia. (HutioKa, lUyiwuK wui OdoJw Dakota Conference M.W.C. Students es - ! . Ok. m JfZy " Onward Miltonvale! " say Wesleyan Methodists of the " Southern Hills " and a big " Welcome " when you visit the BLACK HILLS. --■Als. ' The Hot Springs Wesleyan Methodist Church Gordon Gary, Pastor " A cliUYcli luilli a mission and a field " " The Utile While Church oil Ihe Hill " Brainerd Indian School William D. Gale, President An enterprise in Indian education and evangelism directed by the DEPARTMENT OF WORLD MISSIONS of the Wesleyan Methodist Church r New Gym — Xiiditoriinn — Shop on Brainerd Campus ' The Wesleyan Hour " -Sundays at 8:,S0 a.m. over KOBH (580 k.c.) Reverend Neal Phipps, Director i ' O .0 ,J y i ( " Avon Wesleyan Methodist Church Supporting M.W.C. Avon, So. Dakota Rudy Hauck, Pastor Richland Wesleyan Methodist Church " A Friendly Church in a Friendly Community " Rev. Dallas Wadswor+h, Pastor Mina, South Dakota Wesleyan Methodist Church of Huron, S.D. The church with a friendly welcome. With a Christ centered message, as the only hope for our day. J. E. Winterberg Pastor Wesleyan Methodist Church Billings, Montana We bid MWC Godspeed in " Carrying On ' R. J. Sausoman, Pastor Wesleyan Methodist Church Forsyth, Montana Greetings to MWC from Forsyth W.Y. and S.S. ! Darrel Martin, Pastor 9th and River Phone 250 Nebraska Supports Mihonvale Wesleyan College Rev. and Mrs. Phipps, Conference President and the Nebraska-Miltonvale students. " Our Conference on Ca mpus " We sincerely appreciate M.W.C. ' s spiritual and educational contribution to our conference. For opportunities as Ministers, Pastor ' s Assistants and Christian Laynnen, we invite M.W.C. ' ers to contact the conference President. Conference President: Rev. Clarence Budensiek 1608 Scoggin St. Cedar Falls, Iowa Conference Camp Wesleyan Methodist Campgrounds Charles City, Iowa August 6-13, 1961 Waite Park Wesleyan Methodist Church 33icl Avenue at Lincoln St. N.E. Minneapolis, Minnesota " A FRIENDLY, MISSION-MINDED CHURCH IN THE GREAT CITY OF LAKES! r " Gerald A. Wai+er, Pastor 3243 Lincoln St. N.E. Minneapolis I 8, Minn. Fayette Wesleyan Methodist Church ' Our ., ( 1 Mihonvale Congregation Supporting M.W.C. with Prayer and Finance Richard L Jamieson, Pastor Fayette, Iowa f •- ' ' WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH E. R. DODD MEMORIAL A. L Nabholz, (Pastor) 4 ■ ' ttLJ The Howardville Wesleyan Methodist Church of Floyd, Iowa ' A Friendly Country CInneli ' Mary Roth College Sophomore Girls ' Athletic Director Harriet Mast College Freshman Assistant Editor — Sunflower .X A : - 4 Frank Shirbroun iTT - V j " High School Junior , J tjr ' J Assistant Business Manager— Sunflower V l •J John Shirbroun tHigh School Freshman President — Freshman Class Mrs. W. C. Roberts Housemother — Gathers Hall Rev. Mrs. Eunice Shirbroun Evangelist Mrs. Mary Budensiek Campbell Alumni Representative " Not by might, nor by power, but by mv Spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts. " Zech. 4:6 FIRST WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Duane.H. Janssen, Pastor Cedar Falls, Iowa 4 ; - w- M, V T " — I — T " y r, s f] I Miltonvale Wesleyan College .; :£ X The Oregon Conference - ?f " . Mi . l ' fy -(i- -t ■ -c i O ' ' a Wesleyan Methodist Parsonage Alva, Oklahoma Rev. R. J. O ' Conner, Pastor SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:45 a.m. Classes for all ages. MORNING WORSHIP 10:50 a.m. A quiet atmosphere of meditation and worship. Sermon by the pastor. EVENING WORSHIP 7:30 p.m. Gospel Songs, Special Music. Practical sermon by the pastor. Pastor and family Rev. Mrs. Don Polston with children Ann Victoria and Stephen Wesleyan Methodist Church San Antonio, Texas . Valton Wesleyan Methodist Valton, Wisconsin Rev. Clarence Titus, Pastor Supporting M. W. C. With our: Prayers Students Loyalty Money y p Beiilall Wesleyan .-tVB- ? . f ev. Carl Holder, Pastor ' ' M " .( ' ,a GHIinghanTTWisconsin » .u ny AIv tli,ornas|yilie. Pastor . IJ i) ' f f v - - - P™ ' IV l : duAti ' i ' n ' on the ROCK, ; Nof on the rocks! ' X ' Gid Bless M.W.C. — - lia - -2 i- 2 C ALLEN ' S FOOD MARKET " Your Hy-KIas Stores where you save even more ' Phone HA 7-4205 Miltonvale Fresh and cured meats Fresh and frozen fruits LaVoie Oil Company Mobilgas Complete One-Stop Service nt and Seivii Ar+ La Voie Bulk Agent and Service Station Phone 7-3015 Miltonvale - i V, ' 0 v 4 S ' Miltonvale Locker Butchering and Processing Lock Service OUR SPECIALTY— CORN-FED BEEF CURED MEATS Phone 7-2175 Toys Jones Variety Store Miltonvale, Kansas Stationery School Supplies Candy Notions Dry Goods HOME? ' ' Vi -M " N A V " : i 1 f-ourtdatrOn ofvi I tiOn, School J J i W£ SUPPORT ,|HEM ' xvj ' i Mflto va4 ¥l utnber and J Phofie 4589 V .V .. Y ■J J 1 Mvltoflvai K sasV I, Plunjbing— l e ' aling i " J , Easy Washers and Dryert V ' iltonvaie t rain,N Inc. .:,S N Pai-lH y- ■ IJ ' ' . X ' i, ' ' Xli ee s . . Seeds ?t: J ' -; ■f ■ BQSt p lilt S i X, Cul onn Grinding. . . Rollthg . . . fiertll er V hone HA 9-2 1 g - J J Miltonva) Ka) as ' Agmlf l AppliaVices and; Television nI " Miltonvale,-, Kansas " i»-tf ' c-y i i Phon6J7-269 M i, ,| H- y • ' " ' » -•c . -± . Phelps ■- •rJ . , :•, ,r;»-?- ' - ' -J . r Ming Repair Shop General Mechanical Work Motor Overhauling ■ Weldinj Tires ' ' • .v-- . tubes ' Zj Jl y C-; Parts ■■ " - - - •- - ■ j--- " -:: - ' ' ■ ' - ■ Phone 7-3035 Iding Parts ' ■ . ' Miltonvale, Kansas - - FURNITURE — STORES — APPLIANCES FUNERAL HOMES ' ' " ' ' " ' " ' Mlltonvale, Kansas - ■ " - - BOOSTERS OF M.W.C. y c - yj.-JZ- Z y Miltonvale Record i I J Miltonvale Kansas yU j, -7 JOB PRINTING ■ 7 .LA ' A V r tf c , . : . y :i . ti 4:? 0 csy£» ' - ' t y J . Turner Grocery i cu Palmer and Phelps Agency Miltonvale, Kansas Phone 7-2085 INSURANCE WE ADMINISTER ESTATES Consult us ii you have problem Shop the Mini-Max Way Serving you better — Saving you more Free delivery each day 2:30 p.m. Phone HAzel 7-4425 Waine and Fern Turner Miltonvale Kansas ieds Y Gooch ' s Best ' J J and Coo]3 Feeds y and lolliiit; Molasses Mixiii " Seed Cleaning and Treating Wire - Fertilizer - Twine B.S. B. Bins and Cribs Mlltonvale Bus. HAzel 7-4025 Res. HAzel 7-3070 Jones Sundries School Supplies Fountain Service . J MiltonvalejU, !l ).r jk. Oik " . x J 1 p piy ' Bergman n The Citizen ' s State Bank Mlltonvale, Kansas " Just a Good Sate Place to Bank " $10, 000 Maximum InsLiiance For Each Depositor $10,000 Comfort Cafe Eat in Comfort at COMFORTS The Home of Home-cooked Foods Phone 7-2355 Mlltonvale Miltonvale Cleaners Cleaning Pressing Altering Mr. and Mrs. K. Wheeler, Proprietors Elliot Drug Clay Center, Kansas Outfitters for Men and Boys Famous Brands Arrow, Campus, Knox, McGregor, Samsonl+e, Pendletons. Gentry Clothing Co. Clay Center, Kansas Clay Center Publishing Co. Clay Center, Kansas Publishers of Clay Center Dispatch An Exclusive Daily Newspaper Conmiercial Printing Publishers for Mil Wes Co Mirror -y " Typewriters - Adders - Furniture Office Supplies and Duplicators -3 " , Service - Sales - Rentals V , Discounts to Churches -2 Central Office Service 423 Lincoln and Supply Clay Center, Kansas ' r Phone 242 ' Clay Center Auto Parts Complete Machine Service Crank Shaft Regrinding Accessories and Supplies 527-29-31 Court Street Phone 1500 Clay Center Kansas (February features) visit of our missionary twirp week They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; Tgs as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and the) _ ,,., they shall mount up w le weary; and they shall walk, and not fai u ; u A.r - lu Mu I I a II I I . Isaiah 40:3 I c:? .: UU MILTONVALE SAPPHONIANS EAGLES ' ' -♦ ' - y x 9 - I A I -I t student register : :- Allen, Frank 1449 S. Main, Wichita I, Kansas Allison, Bill Delphos, Kansas Allison, Darnell R.R. l, Delphos, Kansas Allison, Dean Delphos, Kansas Asp, Joanne Miltonvale, Kansas Baker, Doris 406 Shelton, Chadron, Nebraska Banker, Judy Miltonvalfe, Kansas Barnes, Eleanor -. . Lynch, Nebraska Beals, Darlene Miltonvale, Kansas Beals, Grace Miltonvale, Kansas Beals, Leroy Miltonvale, Kansas Bennett, Crystal , , , R.R. 2. Box 367, hHamilton, Montana Bennett, Gordon R.R. 2, Box 367, hHamilton, Montana Blanchard, Patricia 1715 S.E. Marshall, Albert Lea, Minnesota Blaser, Sue Baker, Montana Blomberg, Ard 4441 2 ' ' 5+ Concordia, Kansas Blonnberg, Karen 440 W. I 5th, Concordia, Kansas Boes, Roberta , . . .4943 hlooker St., Denver, Colorado .Box 82, Kadoka, South Dakota Adrlenne Zumbro Falls, Minnesota Lloyd Zumbro Falls, Minnesota Orient, South Dakota Miltonvale, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas 1611 Cedar, Concordia, Kansas 1844 S. Irving, Denver 19, Colorado ... Atkinson, Nebraska Brown, Ronald Budensiek, Budensiek, Burke, Winifred ... Buttermore, Delores Buttermore, Janice. Buttermore, Sharon Campbell, Charles , Campbell, David Campbell, Joyce , . . Chaffin, Frances Chapman, Marcia E. II 6th St Churchill, Keith Churchill, Wayne Clikeman, James Colton, Delma Jean, Comfort, Eileen , . , Comfort, Jeanette, . Comfort, Myron . , . . Noblesville, Indiana . . . Miltonvale, Kansas . . Miltonvale, Kansas .717 Plain View Lane, Albert Lea, Minnesota , , Miltonvale, Kansas . . Miltonvale, Kansas Wells, Kansas , , , Miltonvale, Kansas Cooper, Susan Miltonvale, Kansas Cox, Mary 4305 So. Selby St., Marion, Indiana Cretsinger, Lois Jean Loyalton, South Dakota Cummlngs, John Box 151, Rushvllle, Nebraska Davis, Alice. . . 806 East Center, Rochester, Minnesota Deckard, Sharon 917 Plain view Lane, Albe ' rt Lea, Minnesota enison, Bonnie Box 215, Ell, Nebraska ttmeyer, Ruth 518 S. 13th, Enid, Oklahoma Dooley, Beth Scandia, Kansas ' ' i rake, LeRjjy R.R. I , Sarona, Wisconsin Dunbar, Elaine . Dyer, Kenneth Miltonvale, Kansas , Omana, Nebraska LeKpy . • ' 4739 N. 36th Ave Ekiund, Darrel Miltonvale, Kansas Elder, Ardith Miltonvale, Kansas Elder, Arlene . ..... . MjlltonvaJe, Ka saacy Emery, Belva . ..iu _j!)m U i S£telrlflvM ,mt ' Engel, Donna 1515 Dick Drive,! Aberdeen, South Dakota Ferguson, Kaye I 104 N. Brown, Abilene, Kansas Fessenden, Larry Miitonvale, Kansas Fessenden, Ronald , , Miltonvale, Kansas Fisher, Joy Box 48, Scott City, Missouri Fisher, Kathryn R.R. I , Waynoka, Oklahoma Franklin, Bill I I 6— 5th Ave., S.W. Watertown, South Dakota Garlow, Judith Ames, Kansas Gary, Coleen Miltonvale, Kansas Gary, Elaine Miltonvale, Kansas Gilbert, Sally R.R. 5, Clay Center, Kansas Gllger, Donald Miltonvale, Kansas Gilger, Glenda 735 Oakley, Topeka, Kansas Golden, David 1827 Cypress, Kansas City, Missouri Goracke, Oren Republican City, Nebraska Gowan, David. . Miltonvale, Kansas Grover, John Miltonvale, Kansas Grover, Ruth Miltonvale, Kansas hiada, Gayle Star Route 9, Alva, Oklahoma: hiada, Gordon 408 Frederick, Clay Center, Kansas hHardman, Charlotte Box 77, Miltonvale, Kansas FHardman, Robert Box 77, Miltonvale, Kansas Hartman, Joan 424 Prairie Road, Colorado Springs, Colorado hiartman, John , . , Box 712, hlot Springs, South Dakota hHayward, Aaron Avon, South Dakota Hedeman, John Institute htills, Rt. 2, Rochester, Minnesota Helle, Lyie 420 South Duff, Mitchell, South Dakota Hildebrandt, Linda 1022 South Duff, Mitchell, South Dakota Hillen, Eunice I 200 W. 7th Ave., Mitchell, South Dakota hlobbie, Norman Flandreau, South Dakota FHornback, Shelton Spencer, Nebraska hlowell, David R.R. 4, Charles City, Iowa Miltonvale, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas Little Pine Route, Aitkin, Minnesota hHunsinger Eleanor. . Ames, Kansas hHutton. faul Red Dale Drive, Rapid City, South Dakota - • (J ' FHowes, David , hHowes, Ellen , . hHowes, Linda. Huff, Wayne - •P -5?;= ?7;2? - - ' T TJn -x? i V n - ' r rj?? yz i.1. Tji- ' 7 x,«-» n.. -u ytA yt i z: yA -yt .■ - ci r t- Ji. Jackson, Patricia . Jerred, JoDel , . . Mil+onvale, Kansas Concordia, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas Box 93, Montpelier, Indiana 21 15 Elm Ave., Rapid City, South Dakota Johnson, Larry Box 302, Avon, South Dakota Johnson, Linda R.R. 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Suggestions in the Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) collection:

Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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