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an Suntlo Afen (£) " Thou wilt shew me the path of life, in thy presence is fullness of joy, at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore. " Ps. 16:11 Beth Janna, £diton ynUtoriK ale Wedei an CoUeqe ynUtonvale, Kan aa. one A ond ,■■ . . the wonderful mystery of life Is something the frail mind of man cannot fully comprehend. I It is the eternal gift of God to all mankind. -It is a drama that from the very ' beginning has been ;| ■unfolding in colorful episodes of human history, andwhich continues, to unfold before our very ' I eyes. It Is: something that vitally concerns each individual, because- it surrounds us a°nd Is in us. :| . We hope that this annual will bring back pleasant memories of your physical and spiritual life ' I while here at; .MiltonvaleWesleyah College. We want you to remember " how every phase of the;;-| physical llfe- cjeisses, social activities, sports; dormitory experiences— was guided and enriched ' . ' l by the:sp!ritual life received through Christ Jesus.-. It; ji; our ' sincere hope that as you. recall the happy, days- of school life, you wlllnot dwell on the past, will be made to look .■;,| . he.atd;iG..vtbai,ete:r0ai:jIj . ■,,. ,., ., ., i Oun School • • • Our pace though hurried, has thoughts and dreams. We recall the days before, a world of memories. We are today, a world of visions. We visualize the future, a gift from God, And may His blessing see us through To give that which we have gained In memory of our school — dear M. W. C. Ind Oun Xi e ' d Sf n fiination. For twenty-five years of faithful service, we express our sincere gratitude by dedicating the (960 Sun lou en to mill 3nancei Buel Whone Liie in Lived 4 in the Shadow o the Cnona. A Friend When in need, A Counselor Who patiently and prayfully guides our lives, A Teacher Who thoughtfully prepares us for the future, A Helper Who gives sympathy and understanding . . . 7fttd On Oun. LUe ' % ' . . . as 1 was with Moses, so will I be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. " Joshua 1:5 7aWc ofc Conteftti FACULTY CLASSES DEDICATED LIVES CAMPUS LIFE SPORTS LIFE ADVERTISING Siiin.ituallij, . . . ' In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. " Proverbs 3:6 " Study +0 shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. " II Timothy 2:15 Schola ticaUif. Sociallif. . . . ' A -friend lovefh a all HI! mes. Proverbs 17:17 i M»- ' Make a joyful noise unfo the Lord . . . come before His presence with singing. " Psalms 100:1,2 ItZudicaKif . " whatsoever ye do, do to the glory of God. " I Corinthians 10:3 I NL ' z L i 1 BKx - " .-.. ■ " tm JLl ind Athleticallii, 3acultu " Thou shalt guide me wifh ■l-hy counsel . . . " Psalms 73:24 11 Pnenident and allenge of Jife comes most forcefully to an or woman who is a Christian. Others feel that they are living life " to the full, " upon the authority of God ' s Word the e child of God is the only one who has a aim to that privilege. The " fulness of joy " and " pleasures forevermore " spoken of by the Psalmist (Psal ms 16:1 I) are our right- ful heritage as we permit hHim to lead us down the pathway of life. We trust that this year at M. W. C. has deepened your purpose to live this kind of life in Christ. WESLEY L. KNAPP M.S., L.L.D. His Family His Secretary, Mrs. Bessie Shaw the Adminhtnation • • • E. STANLEY BANKER, JR. M. A. in Ed., Dean of College; Principal of High School; Registrar; . Psychol- ogy; College Sponsor. Mrs. Vernon Crouch, Secretary thou art fhe guide of my youth. " Jeremiah 3:4 WARREN S. FREEBORN B.D., M.S., Director of Theological Train- ing; Philosophy; Bi- ble; Theology: The- ology III IV Spon- sor. Rel axing Sharon Schoof, Secretary 13 yined the 3acultij. tn IP T ' - " . . . . we know that thou art a teacher come from Sod. " John 3:2 TED SUFFRIDGE M.A. Mathematics, Science: H.S. Soph- omore Sponsor. 3 ' 2 years service. •fA - ' . GEORG M.A. English, wesco years s 14 J. R Educ rror ilNS, JR. ,n; Mil- •onsor. 8 FRANCES E. BUEL M.A. History, Economics; H.S. Prayer Band Sponsor. 25 years service. P. F. DAVIDSON A.B. Social Science, Bible; Dean of Students, H.S. Junior Sponsor. 2 years service. yl DUANE CAIN B.S. Biology, Health, Physical Education. I year service. EVANGELINE THOMAS B.S. Business Education, Home Economics; H.S. Freshman Sponsor. 2 years service. Pnepaninq Ui t y i Li e • • • N. ' ?UTH JOHNSON B.M. ' ano, Organ, General Mu- :; Sapphonian Sponsor. 2 I years service. IRA SHANAFELT M.A. Greelc, Religion; Christian Crusaders Club Sponsor. 1 year service. 1 %- WM. W. GOLDSMITH A.B. English, Social Sciences, Bible: Athenaeunn Sponsor. 5 years service. ELVIE TURNER M.A. Literature, Biological Science; H.5. Senior Sponsor. 13 years service. V ' urndL:-. J. EMORY HOWELL B.S. Mathematics. Physical Science: Sunflower Business Sponsor. I year service. VERNOHC. CBUCH M.A. Vocal a l Instri Kntal Mu- sic; StuBit CcHcil Spon- sor. 2 y Ks se J 15 And Wonked Hand in Hand with . . . LESTER THOMPSON HARVEY BALDERSTON Custodians li,,t-- n EMMA DURKEE Assista nt Registrar Manager of General Office MRS. LAYTON GARY Assistant MRS. WILLIAM GOLDSMITH Dietician " Thou doest faithfully whatsoever thou doest. . . . " Ill John 5a 16 MRS. WARREN FREEBORN Library Assistant MRS. PAUL DAVIDSON Business Office Secretary MRS. LUCILLE ASP Housemother of Hes+er Hall Dining room hostess the £iiicient StaH REV. and MRS. BOB GiRARC. and Christie r Field Representatives MR. and MRS. BURNELL PUDWILL with their family Houseparents of Jones Hall MISS INO SANDERS Housemother of Abbott Hall 17 . And the Ca 2a( Ie Student Council, Seated: Kenneth Dyer, Vice Pres.; Douglas Klndschi, Pres.; Beth Farra, Sec .; Mary Budensiek, Treas. Row I : Mr. Crouch Advisor: Standing, Myron Comfort, Joyce Paul, Barbara Sausoman, Tammy Higbee, Kathy Cyr, Carol Bradley, Sharon Skanadore. Row 2: Earnest Ming, Roy McGowen, Lloyd Phipps, Ralph Vreugdenhil, Gordon Hada, Dave Kellin, Dick Walquist, Francis Doty Chuck Campbell, Lyie Strope. The overall goal of the 1959-1960 Student Council could be summed up by the two words cooperation and responsibility. It has been the aim, first of all to cooperate with the entire student body In expressing their ideas. Cooperation with the faculty has produced an increased feeling of unity of purpose. Cooperation ith the town has promoted a better understanding. Responsibility has been the second goal and has been fulfilled by this years student council assuming definite responsibility for the Friday night activities and for the management and operation of the College Inn. The organizational changes have been: increased student responsibility, more efficient operation, reorganization, and revision of the constitution. Also the Council and students built a needed side; walk in front of Abbott Hall, and furnished a student prayer room. All that was ac- complished is due to our capable President, executive council, and advisor with full co- operation of the council and student body. ClandQd " Lord, give us wisdom and Itnowledge, Quicken our minds to see Truths that are hid in our lessons, We ' re fully depending on Thee. " j o.m.s. 1 - mk : - - 9W% .m i 19 T h e o I o 9 y s e n I o r s Qo l e . . . GEORGE BEALS Longford. Kansas ir. hcllrv lo he rich In Ctinl lln ni ill ' ohl. CHrisririn Crusaders 3. Sapphonian. Roiiifn} S: ' I WESLEY WAGNER " Wes " Ipswich, South Dal ' o :! .-i }inj)j ( )}} c( ) iiu d ( .Inisliaii. Hr(i(i to do u ' lial his God ih )na)ids. Choir I .2 -i; Band i ; Varsity Quartet 4; Stuoent Counci! I .3; Studen Chaplain 3; Christian Crusaders 2,3; Mirror 3; Basketball, Footba ' l- Sap- phonian. Eplicsiaus 2:S THEOLOGY OFFICERS: D. Gowan, Sec.-Treas.: Prof. Freeborn, Sponsor; R. Vreugdenhil, Pres.; D. Keilin. V. Pres. Gordon Hada Alva Oklahoma David Kollin Stevens Point, Wisconsin Ralph Vreuaderhil Bren + :rd, Sou h LSkota T h e o I o 9 y J u n • I o r s d We Qnaduate . . . MARY 5UD£NS:EK Cedar F : I:. -.3 ■ ' rirndlw ( hccyful. i xr i ' i i i —fi Hlllr irorh—a Jilllc j hi Cn 1,2- B Dane 2: S .ce ' :ouncii TreoSijrer 2: C.C.C. 2; Re ' igicus Life 2: Mirror 2: Cnee ' -ieade i: infrarruraU: Athenaeun " .. Gafatiny}s 2:2 DONALD COPPLE ' Don ' Delphos, Kansa ' C())isl(fnr is fhr fo}iii(J(ili()}i of success. Baslcetbail. FooTball ; Athenaeum. M itlhen- 5: 7 BETH FARRA " Lizzie " LaValle. Wisconstr Su-ccf. iicucroiis, and full of huigh- Icr, Readx in do (ni thing oii ask Jirr. Chorus I; Student Council Secretary 2; C.C.C. 1.2; Sun-flower, Co-edi+or I . Editor 2; Intra murals; Athenaeum. Prnverh. ' i ,5: . 6 Sofihomonea ARD BLOMBERG Concordia, Kansas Whoever xveais a hajifn- frirr does (I sen ' ice to hunta}iif . Choir I ; Varsity Quartet I : Studen Council 1; C.C.C. 1; Society Pres ' - den - I : Athenaeum. Psahns 23 CHARLES CAMPBELL " C uck " Concordia, Kansas An rtieiiietir. niitsiral iiinii has enjoying life. Choir 1,2; Band 1.2; Varsity Quar c ' 1.2; Trumpet trio 2; Student Counct ' 1.2; Class Pres. 2; C.C.C. 2; Society Vice Pres. 2; Basketball, Foo ba ' I- Sapphonian. Roinnns .V;?,V. 39 r99 21 ,,--;» P Oun Path Waa Led BURNELL PUDWILL " Barnev " Avon Soul-h Dalcofa Shofifl ! ii)i(l. i rciif lirarf. Inir faith, rfddx luDids. Choir 1,2; Band 2: C.C.C. 1,2; Class Vice Pres. 2; M ' rrcr 1,2; Basfce+baH, Football; Athenaeurr, 22 OREN GORACKE JUDITH GOWAN " Judy " Cutter, South Dakota A siiireif wnrhrr i)i nil ahc (inc. Chclr 1.2; Chorus 1,2: C.C.C, !,2; Sunflower 2; Intramurals; Sapphonlan. CoUeqe JOHN GRIFFIN Boraboo, Wisconsin SIriiilfiisl. ol Ihnugltl. xcell imidf. Vill uTOUghf. BaslcetbalC Football. Baseball, Volley- ball; Sapohonian. Jnhu f!:l2 JOYCE HOLZ " Jo " Lynch, Nnbraska ,4 rare Coinjiounfl of ryioiisiirs ' i. frolir. niid fini. Wayne State Teachers Colleqe I ■ C.C.C. 2; Intramurals; Athenaeum. Pliililijnitin -frn to SJncneaaed Knowledqe, DOUGLAS KiNDSCHI ■■Doug " Marlon. Indiana Determj tuition is i priceless quiil- ity. Chclr 1,2; Band I: Varsity Quartet 2; Student Council President 2; Class Pres. I; C.C.C. !,2: Basketball. Football; Athenaeum, Philippians 4:B LeROY MING Concordia. Kansas A Intstuig, unselfish persojiality ; the greiitesf gift. Choir I; Student Council I; Sun- flower I ; Basketball, Football, Base- ball, Track; Athenaeum, Rowans 12: LOIS HOWELL Mil+onvale, Kansas Her contented and cheerjul heart is not her own. hut it is in good lw?ids. Marion College I; Band 2; Marion- ette I; Class Sec. I; Ath enaeum. Timothy 4:12 JANET NORGAARD " Jan ' Eau Claire. Wisconsin Short and snappy, Cjite and happy. Choir 2; Student Council I ; Class Treas. 2; C.C.C. 2: Cheerleader- 1 .2: I ntra murals; Athenaeum. Proi ' crh ' i 3:4, ' i ELEANOR HUNSINGER Ames, Kansas Ho)i( r lies in honest toil. C.C.C. I : Sec. and Treas. 2; Intra- murals; Sapphonlan, Corinthians 12:9 Sofihomone Pleasant Ynemonie , ROY McGOWEN Pasadena, California In iicltciu. faithful: in honor, clem. Pasadena College I: C.C.C. I, Pres. 2: Student Council 2; Basketball, Football: Athenaeum. Romans S:2S SHARON S ANADORE Gordon, Nebraska Oiiictlx .sill- work.s. aluuiv.s faithful to iiirh duty. Nebraska State Teachers College I ; Student Council 2; Athenaeum. Romans S:2S STEVEN TALCOTT " Steve " Fayette, Iowa Paliciici ' is a neces.utty ins redirnt of a genius. Upper Iowa University 1; Choir 1,2; Madrigal I ; Athenaeum. John 1:12 TAMRA HIGBEE " Tammy " Stillwater, Minnesota She Irifs In lio good, and do Iwr share, hut those giggles slip in ex ' erywhere. Choir 1,2; Student Council 2: Sun- flower 2: C.C.C. 1,2; Intramurals; Athenaeum. James .•. ' MAPY SHANAFELT Miltcnvale, Kansas .4 smile for all. a froxrti for ?i(ine:_ Site ' s always fieppy and full of fun. Zr cj r 2; Sports Dir. 2; Intramurals; Colleqe W 24 Rnninn. ' S:2S And Deepen Consecration. PHYLLIS TOLLE Alva, OUahoma True to her work, her word, her friends. Choir i,2; Chorus 1,2; Class Sec. 2; CQ.d. 1,2; Athenaeum. Psnims 27:14 CLASS OFFICERS: Mr Banker, adviser; C. Campbell, Pres. ' B. Pudwill, Vice Pres.; P. Telle, Se :. J. Norgaard, Treas. WARLAN WOODWORTH " Woody " Miltonvale. Kansas Lots of u ' ork. lots of fun. Whatever he does, is well done. Kansas Wesleyan University I; Sports Dir. 2; Baslcetball, Football; Athe- naeum. John hl6 WILLIAM WETMORE " Bill " Conner, Montana A ' o( too sober, not too gay. Just a real guy in every way. C.C.C. 2; Society Vice Pres Athenaeum. Philifjpinns -1:13 Sofihomone KENNETH DYER " Kenny " Rockford, Illinois .i contented experience is tlie ke to success. Choir 1,2; Band 1,2; Varsity Quartet 1,2; Student Council Vice Pres. 1.2; Student Chaplain 2; C.C.C. 1.2; Bas- ketball, Football, Baseball: Sappho- nian. Proi ' erbs .?: ' . 6 JOHN WATSON Miltonvaie, Kansas .-1 player unequalled, a sporlsunni complete. Chorus 2; Mirror 2; Society Athletic Rep. 2; Basketball, Football, Base- ball; Track; Athenaeum. P alm 01-2 Wi Colleqe 3neahman, We LOiS JEAN CRETSINGER Watford City Nor ' h Dalofa JACKIE COLEMAN Enid Oklahoma CLASS OFFICERS; J. Tonen, V. Pres.; D. Mason, Pres.; Pres. Knapp, Sponsor; S. Schoof, Sec: K. MJis, Treas. PRANCES CHAFFIN DORlS BAKER ° ' erre SruTh Dakota ALICE DAVIS Rochester Minnesota WESLEY BLAIN Paqe NeDraska SHARON DECKARD Albert Lea, Minnesota KAREN CAMPBELL Denver, Colorado BELVA EMERY Pasadena, California LEROY DRAKE Sarona, Wisconsin :OXIE FALLETTE Vaie Soutn Dakota RUTH SROVER Miltonvale, Kansas GEORGIA HUGHES Pierre South Dakota AARON HAYWARD JANET HINES Avon, Tuthill. SHELTON HORNBACK WAYNE HUFF Soij- ' - Dakota South Dakota Spencer Nebraska Atikin, Minnesot. DAVID GOLDSMITH Miltonvale, Kansas GAYLE HADA Alva, Oklahoma HOWARD JOHNSON La Porte City, Iowa Idi ance owand Oun QoaL CLARINDA LEIN Gordon. Nebraska LAVELLE LEISHER Waukomis Ok ' a ' -C " _ARRY JOHNSC:. Avon, South Dalco+a BETTY LAMBER " Conco ' d ' a. Kans- PHYLLIS LEWIS Lonqford, Kansas DOROTHY LEXOW DICK MASON Denvei " , Colcadc KAY MILLS " ac-d C;:y. LAMONT MILLS S ' evens Poinf. Wisconsin SHARON SCHOOF Ipswich. South Dakota SLAYNE PALMER Mansfleid South Dakota DONICE STATES Enid. Oklahoma LLOYD PHIPP5 Atkinson. Nebraska LYLE STROPE JIM TOLLEN Or chard, Nebraska Enalewood, Colo ' " ad PHILIP ROLAND Zumbro Falls. Minnesota MARY ROTH Ceda Fa " s. Iowa JERRY ROTT ;OROTHY REUGDENHIL DiCK WALQUiST B-entford. Minneapolis. ALICE WIRT S-u ' h D-lc a M - = t, " -» M:iT n..,a ' e K " V w i 27 ' vlAN " Ba ' b ■ Eisrrarck, rJcrfn Dakota A liiipp roiiibiunlion nf rliiniii and iiscfuhiexs. Bismarck High School 1,2; Sax En- semble 1,2: Band 1,2,3,4: Chorus 1.2,3,4; Studenf Council 4; Class Piay 4; Athenaeum. Puilin ' i " 1:2 yjJe Climb the Path CLASS OFFICERS: Ml ;on, Sec: E. Minq, Pre Franklin, V. Pres. " Turn er, Sponsor; L. Nel- : M. McHenry, Treas.; B. E,ARNEST MING ' Eamle " Mil+onva ' e, Kan- as ; flier) fill (rnj-io itiayi mul iiveh ' I ' lfninrr fiavc iron hun nuniy frifjid ' i. Cnorus I 3,4: S ud— C ' -j-c ' 2, 4: C.C.C. 4: C ■.■. - ' ■■ - Play 4: Bast.s- baN ' :- Foot hi ' ; Afnena ij ' ' , Drijleroiioinx " ! : " BONNIE ANDERSON Milwaukee Wisconsin Her word is (■■x ' er Ijlffisd)}! . Iiei manner d ' er sjintiy. Na hen Hale High School 1,2.3- Chorus 3; C.C.C. 4; Inframurals; Sapphonian. ]ohn I-f:H MERRILL McHENRY Ames, Kansas Patient, peaceful. lox ing. loyal. Chorus 1,3,4; Class Prfi. 1; Class Treas. 3,4; Sunflower 4; Mirror 1,2,3; School Play I; Cheerleader 3; Tumbling 2; Sapphonian. Jo ' lnia . ' ' Hiqh School to Cheni hed JUifilomaa, RICHARD GISSELBECK " DIci ' Cas+Iewood, Soufh Dakota Of rnrthly nnrls, the best ; : n nod u ' ifr (nid n finj-loTing Iirarl. Castlewood High School I 2 3- Chorus 1,2.4; Queriei 1,2; All State 2; Basketball, Baseball, Track, Foot- bail; Athenaeurn. John hl6 JUDY !:_ • Castlewood, Sou h Dakota Aiiiliilion rules iii hrnin. inid Imif inv liearl. Castlewood Hiqh School 1.2 3- Chorus 1.2,4; Band 12; Dra matics 1.2; School paper I; FHA 1.2: Class Pres. I; Sec.-Treas. 2- Cneerleader 12- Atheraeu ' . Jnini t:ir CAR ' OL McHENRr A- es, Kansas Hf ' Ipfii! inilnedicl ililr. fiiiiKllx. linii lii III till- (III nf lni ' niiii ii Lniii. hill lit) other like him. Chorus 1.2,3,4; Basketball. Baseball; Sapphonian. Miillhrw 6:n DAVID CAMPBELL ' Dave " Concordia, Kansas III his quiet u)Uif.suiiiing why. Lived Ijeside us day by day. Class Treas. I ; Basketball, Baseball. Track, Football; Anthenaeum. Jniin ?:3 DARLENE STEWARD Scand ' a Kansas Studious. Tnlriniir: never t uillx of sl igninicy, uiiliriug energy. Chorus 4; Student Council 3; C.C.C. 4; Class Play 4; Intra- murals; Sapphonian. P nlm 10:14 Seniom JANICE BUTTERMORE Scottsbluff Nebrasta liy hey life alone, giaaoits. iiuniral mul svi ' d. Tlic htitri trriy .s Slwicn. ScoHsbluff High School 1,2,3: Chorus 1,4; Girl ' s Triple Trio I; C.C.C. 4: Class Play 4; Athe- naeu . PiOfrllis 5;i-6 LORETTA NELSON Scottsbluff, Nebrasb Just sn siiiall. ct in sn sicrct ft note. It scented the niu ie melted in tlie lliioat. Scottsbluff High School 1,2,3; Chorus 1,4; C.C.C. 4; Class Sec. 4; Class Play 4; Athenaeum. Mntthezc 6:33 Qenuine WILLIAM FRANKLIN " Bill " ' Watertown. South Dakota A -trilling hea t. n iielping hand, Alzea s leady on dent and. Wa e--own H-y- C-:- 1,2,3: Chorus 1.2.3 4: E- Ensemble 3: A Cappe ' la 12:. C.C.C. 4: Class V. Pres. 4- Class Play 4; Track P-- ' 1-VI, Ath ' e ' ' : Director 4; ' eraeum Miiltlnw IS ' .IO CHARLES SUFFRIDGE " Chucl. Kansas City, K,3nsar Keen sen ie. enninioti sejise, nnn- senw. N-r-h W -- ' ,r Junior Hiah I: Wyan. do ' te 2; Class Pres. I; Class Play 4: BasLetba ' l, Track Football: Sap- D h o n i a n . I ilin 3:16 ARLENE ELDER Miltonvale, Kansas In her quietness, there is ihinin. Curtis Junior High i: C--..: 4; Glee Club I; School P,ic.- ' Treas. 1: Class Play 4 ' A- ' Psalms -li,:l Hiqh School Hiqhen Education, LeROY LILLIBRCGE Watford City. North Dakota Hiijtj mil I. frniii ciirr I ' m ficf. II7)Y nirii ' t (ill rniiloil like iiir. Mandoree H " qh School 1.2.3- Ch ' - us I- Schoo ' Annua! 3: ketball. Track, Student Manaaer 3: Athenaeurr. Inhii 1:16 «k 1 H T Miltonvale, Kansas r . 1 Main- nf the wisest llinii ill the quid pi-rsnu aiug,hl. flhls are H 1 Chorus 12 34: Class Play 4: Ir tra- murals 2 3: Sapphonlan. I J Romniis S:2S JQV-; :::,„ , ' = " - ' - = " = . liitlf ' uiiioi. iiearty laughs. Pcji nil ' ■. it . and also class. ' z ' -,■-, Jr. Hloh 1: East HIch 2: C - .-: 4: Band 1.2,3.4: Student -:--;:i 1.2.4: C.C.C. 4: Class Sec. 1: Cheerleader 3: Society Sec.-Treas. 4: Athenaeum. Proi ' rrhs 3: -6 FRANK ALLEN W h;ta Kansas NAOK I MACY Oak H;11. Kansas To jiid e her ris:lit. You must ktw,r her well. Sincerity is his mnlln. Wakefield Hlah School 1 2- Wes- Hlnh 1 2: C.C.C. 4: Ba ketbe il Chori). 1 2- Band 2- FHA 1 2- Baseball Track. Fnotball: Athenaeun . Saoohonlan. Proverbs J:i-ri h:h„ ?-, ' r, Seniona fTT? s Cox eted -Ambitions, DENNIS HUNSINGER " Denny " Ames, Kansas Sriidiis. lull fini. a fellou ' luorlli liiiotciiig. Chorus 1.2,3.4; Quartette 3; Stu- dent Council 3; C.C.C. 4; Class Treas. I; Class Play 4; Basket- ball, Baseball. Track, Football; Sapphonlan. Pliiltppiiins -1:1 GORDON BENNETT " Gordle " Hamilton, Montana A fiicJidly fflloif willi u jriindh- way . Darby High School 1,2; Hamilton High School 3; Chorus 1,2,4; Sun- flower 4; C.C.C. 4; Class Play 4; Basketball, Baseball, Football; .Sap- phonlan, Psalms 110:11 COLEEN GARY Mlltonvale, Kansas Tlirre ' s a lot nf Inn beneath lici M-i ' iiihri quii ' ltii ' is. Chorus I 3 4 Mirror 2; Class V. Pres. 3; Class Play 4; Intra- rr.ur.T ' s; Sapphonian. John 3:17 CAROLYN OTT " Carrie " -Ames, Kansas As ineirx us the day is long- Chorus 1,3,4; Class V. Pres. I; Intra- murals 1,2; Sapphonian. Psalms 27:1 DUANE SIMPSON Miltonvale, Kansas ol that 1 love srhool h sSf lUit thai 1 love fini tnore. Miltonvale Rural High 3; Athenaeun Revelation 22:13 •Hiqh School 32 And a Challenqinq ?utuie. IM. WANDA LI? = E Topeka. Kansas .1 Miini disposition is sonir- lliing of ifliich to l r proud. Chorus Class Play 1,4: C.C.C. 4: S ' udenr Council I : C ' ass Sec. 2: Saoohonian. I.iike IS:2- DONALD Al:.iSON Dor Delphos. Kansas Ouietly he works au ' tix. faithful to each duty. Basketball, Basebe! ' , Tracit. Foctbali Ather.aeuT ' . John 3:16 TaROIPCRCuCH . -orrvale. Kansas One tpf ' O will accomplish much in he chosen field. S? ' " g. Kansas 1.2: Chorus 3irls Sextette 2; Band 1,2.3.4: Class " ' ay 4: Mirror 3: Kayettes Club I Sec. 2: Class Sec. 3: C.C.C. ' ■: Saochcnian. Proverbs 5. ' -6 CAROL KRONWALD Mitcheli, South Dakota .A little mischief l the way, is fine to .spice the pa.ssing day. Mitchell Senior Hian 1.2,3.: Chorus 1.2,4: C.C.C. 4: F.H.A. 2: G.A.A. I- Athenaeunn. Senion DONNA ENGLE Aberdeer. Sou ' h DaVc ' a Defjendahtlilx is a nobtv quality. Aberdeen Centra! Hiah Sc ' ncol I . 2,3: C-orus 2.3 4: Ba d: C.C.C 4: C ass Piav 4- Sapohcnian, 33 union Ylean the Qoal, DARLENE BEALS Miltonvale, Kansas GRACE BEALS Miltonvale, Kansas NANCY HERRICK Eau Claire. Wisconsin JOHN GROVER Miltonvale, Kansas 34 CLASS OFFICERS: J. Campbell, Sec; J. Sarlow, V. Pres.- J. Grover, Pre ' .: Prof. Davidson, Sponsor; B. Wirt, Treas. Sophomonei llfihold 7naditioni CLASS OFFICERS: J. Asp, V. Pres.; S. Knapp Sec.-Treas.: Prof. Suffridqe, Sponsor; R. Fessenden. Pres. WAYNE CHURCHILL Mil+onvale, Kansas kMHY CYR Miltonvale, Kansas ELAINE DUNBAP Milfonvaie, Kansa " ARDITH ELDER Miltonvale, Kansas RONNIE FESSENDEN Miltonvale, Kansas DWIGHT HIGBEE Stillwater, Minnesota LINDA HOWES Miltonvale, Kansas SHARON KNAPP Mi ' l.onvale K. nsas JOYCE PARRISH ' - - a ' e Kansas FRANK SHIRBROUN Miltonvale. Kansas MARILYN STONER Topeka, Kansas 35 ■And Ineahman £nten the Qate ofc Knoxn ledqe. EL ' Vv ' APD MACY Oak Hill, Kansas CLASS OFFICERS: L, Jc--sc- Sec. Treas : Mis ' Tnc as, Soc ' -icr: C. Wlr ' P ' GS.: L. Fessenen. V ROBERT RIDGWAY Mnnon, Indiana WINNETTA PARRISH Miltonvale. Kansas PAUL ROBBINS Mii+onvale, Kansas GINGER PHIFER Hijqo+on, Kansas CLAYBURN WIRT Miltonvale, Kansas 1 yie nighf be for Second Seme ten Students C ar ' oi a Hardman, Dwain Shorme ' Dean CreTsInoer, David Howes. " Wr • — meyer 37 Who ' a " Who lin ynq Qnaduate MOST ENTHUSIASTIC MOST COURTEOUS MOST UNPREDICTABLE C Fj ra M McHer.ry Runner ' up: M. Budensiel, K. Dyer J. Norqaard, D. Kindschi Runners up; B. Farra, W. Waqner MOST REPRESENTATIVE T. Hiqbee, D. ' Klndschi Runner:, up; C. Kronwald, C. McHenry BEST DRESSED S. Croucn, C. Campbell Runners up: J. But+ermore, K. Dye A. Elder, S. Taicott Runners-up: S. Skanadore, L. Lillibridqe B. Farra, K. Dyer Runners up: M. Budensiek, E. Minci 38 Wd uoted bij, the atudent bodij. Jbedicated Lived " Take my life, and let it be Consecrated, Lord to thee. " 39 Workers for Christ — Elmore Blaine, Leader The officers who have direded the dub this year are: President, Roy McGowen; Vice President, Wayne Huff; Secretary-Treasurer. Eleanor Hunsinger; Assistant Secretary. Phyllis Tolle. Prof. Shanafelt sponsors the club. Not pictured Visitation Secretary, Dorothy Vreug- denhll. 9 J lOd Christian Witnesses — Bill Wetmore, Leader Victory Volunteers — Ralph Vreugdenhil, Leader The motto of the Christian Crusaders Club, " A World to Save, Our God to Serve " , partly describes the two- fold objective of the organization. For those members who plan for Christian service, whether in full-time work or as consecrated laymen, this club has attempted to strengthen and establish their Christian lives and provide training and experience in actual service. Through the messages and times of devotion and Bible study of the weekly meetings, the members were chal- lenged and encouraged to a deeper, more vital Christian experience. The deepening of the inner life has found expression in outward service. The club ' s ten gospel teams have held many services for the different churches of the area, including Youth Week services, and have called in various homes. Ambassadors — Roy McGowen, Leader Action 41 7fie I Cafifiella Choin and the . . . Prof. Crouch, Director Left to right, Row I:, Karen Campbell. Sharon Schoof, Sharon Declard. Mary Budensiet, Tamra HIgbee, Mary Roth, Doris Bal- er, Alice Davis, Elayne Palmer. Belva Emery, Row 2: Mr. Crouch, Director, Jerry Rott, Burnell Pudwill, Lois Cretsinger, Judy Gow- an, Kay Mills, Kenneth Dyer, Lyie Strope. Row 3: LeRoy Drake. Wesley Wagner. Lloyd Phipps, Ralph Vreugderhil, Steven Talcc [arrv Jrhn -n Drmnlas Kindschi, Chuck Campbell. Not Pictured, Mary Shanafelt. The Coileoe-Communlty Chorus Presen+s " The Messiah " Communitij, Chonua. made Sweet yyielodiea Sj SOLOISTS Ard Blomberg Belva Emery 4 Chuc!c Campbell Sharon Schoof - ' Wesley Wagner ( 43 -« «» Iheij, made Varsity Quartette Wesley Wagner Kenneth Dyer Charles Carnpbell Douglas Kindschi Trumpet Trio C. Campbell, J. Paul, K. Dyer Senior Trio J. ButterrTiore, B. Sausoman, L. Nelson College Choir Quartette J. Rott, L. Drab, L. Johnson, S. Talcott Three J ' s J. Comfort. J. Camobeli, J, G rlov, Heavenlij. TtZudic Miss Karen Campbell K. Campbell and S. Crouch A. d Blomberq, accompanist, C. Blomberg. On May 13, I960, sweef melodious strains floated through the chapel as Miss Karen Camp- bell gave a piano recital assisted by the vocaliz- ing of Mr. Ard Blomberg. Karen played eight piano solos and was accompanied in two piano duets by Miss Sherry Crouch. Ard sang five vocal solos accompanied at the piano by his wife, Charlane. We appreciate all the work Karen and Ard have put into their recital and wish to congratu- late them on a splendid performance. 45 Ihene XUene The W. Y. services, held on Sunday evenings were Interesting as well as inspirational and helpful. College Pastor and Wife, Rev. and Mrs. D. A. Manker. Sunday School Superintendent, Arthur Mar tin. Friday noon fast and prayer service in the chapel. 46 Souncea o( SJ niifiination and 1 m . Fail revival, Rev. James Chris- pell. Reu(Va( Sfieaken September revival, Rev. Dale Campbell. Youth Wee. -e. .= Rev. Mrs. Eunice Shii-b ' oun. Spring revival. Dr. Paul Kind- schi. Revivals come and go; speakers and nnessages are forgotten; but the transformation of the hearts and lives of individuals is lasting. The four special revival meetings were times of refreshing from the Lord and a deepening and strengthening of spiritual exper- A Friday chapel service with guest speaker. lA ' _ _ £nnichinent ion. oun W ml Livea. STUDENT PRAYER MEETING The Religious Life Committee, elected from the Student Council, contributed in a large way to the spiritual life of the campus. The responsibilities of the committee include arranging for the Tuesday evening prayer meetings, the Friday noon fast and prayer services, and sponsoring the support of our missionary on the African field. Miss Sher- idan. Members of the committee are Roy McGowen, Kenneth Dyer (Student Chaplain), Mary Buclensiek, Ralph Vreugdenhll, and Lyie Strope. STUDENT CHAPLAIN LOIS SHERIDAN. R.N. Camfiun Lihe , . Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God " . 49 We With the sincere hope that this annual has cap- tured the M.W.C. spirit of today, so that it may be recalled tomorrow, the annual staff has edited the I960 SUNFLOWER. Under the capable leadership of Beth Farra, the staff worked smoothly, with everyone contributing ideas on layouts, pictures, and copy. To lessen the strain on the entire staff and to improve ef- ficiency, the responsibility for the various phases of this book was divided among the staff as follows: Editorial Staff Editor Beth Farra Co-assistant Editors - Lois Jean Cretslnger Gayle Hada Elayne Palmer Judy Gowan Tamra Higbee Larry Johnson Literary Editor Picture Editor Layout Editor Sports Editor Artist Photographer Advisor Business Staff Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Typists Sales Manager Advisor Merril Mchlenry Beverly Wirt . Pres. Knapp Wayne Huff Gordon Bennett Alice Davis and Karen Campbell Lyie Strope Prof, hlowell 50 Sun lowen. Sta Battled JDead mei Mirroring the spiritual, academic, and socia phases of campus life is our school paper, the MilWesCo MIrrow. It is written and published each month by the students, with the help of Mr. Robbins as advisor. The staff has done a fine job of prlntinq campus news, and deserve a hearty thanks for all their effort put forth. The members of the staff are as follows: Editor Sharon Schoof Assistant Editor Doris Baker Business Manager Shel+on hlornbacic Sports Editor John Watson Reporters Roxanne Follette, Judy Garlow, Ruth Grover minnon Sta t 51 Hanve t Home The nigh,- before Harvest Home, And all through the hall, No? a creature was sleeping . . . 1 I 8 ' , 1, 1 H . As the dawn broke over Miltonvale on October 16, 1959, the cannpus was al- ready humming with life. Everyone was preparing for the activities of the annual h arvest hHome Day. Campus Life was soon in high-gear as the first of the day ' s activi- ties, that of judging the dor- mitory rooms, took place. These rooms were then open to the public all day. Later the activity centered in the gym as the hiarvest hHome program with its theme of " We are laborers together with God " was presented. After a hearty dinner served by the Kansas Missionary Ladles, a very close soft-ball game between the alumni and students was played and the students won by a score of 13-12. The day was crowned with a heart-touching revival serv- ice at the church with Rev. Chrispell as the speaker. The Lord was very near, and hHis presence seemed to seal the entire day ' s activities. Know- ing that the Lord met with us will make us look back on the 1959 hiarvest hHome Day as a complete success. Waiting lunch line " We Live At Home T ' was an hour before sunrise And all through the house Not a creature was stirring Not even a mouse, When from my alarm clock There arose such a clatter I sprang from my bed To see what was the matter. Five minutes ' til six The old clock said. How I wished I could Go back to bed. Washing and dressing And combing my hair, For a day of school I must prepare. Eating breakfast As quick as a flash We say " Good-by " And out the door dash. Into our faithful Old car we do get. Ready for the takeoff — Much like a jet. Hurrying over the miles, So we won ' t be late We reach the campus At ten ' til eight. We have all the teachers and the classes, too Just the same As the dorm students do. Dinner comes And are we glad! Our dining hall may be The grass, a car, or the Ad. Over to the snack We go for some fun ' Til the noon hour ends At fifteen after one. After school is out We often must stay Detention, Intramural sports. Senior play, Messiah practice, or C. C. C. All are things of Extra-curricular activity. So just as the sun Is sinking low We get in our car And home we go. Such is my life But I mustn ' t lament. For you see — I am A HOME STUDENT. by Eleanor Hunsinger Heiiten Hall Oun Home Awaij. Qathenii Hall vuni-j nnui.- Jnom Home oma Hall i l l ot Hall We Roomed loqethen. j -, And VJonked Uoqethen II Kitchen Helpers D. Vreugdenhll. S. Skanadore, J. Coleman. F. Doty, L. Mills, D. Mason, K. Dyer. Not piciured, R. Vreuodenhll, Snacit Worker? A. Dav;s M. Budens ek, B. Ferra, J. Norgaaro B. En- ery. Waitresses M. Cox. D. Stares. R. Follette, G. Huohes. S. Ossman R. Lc q, J. Buttermore. L Nelson, C. Bradley. Receptionists J. Paul. R. Whitney, A. Elder. E. Sau :-an, J. Campbell, K. Mills, secre+a ' . io ' Ahs Durkee. Dorm Maintenance F. ChaHin, C. K ' cnwaid, B. A ' der- son, J. Holz. Library Assistants A. Wirt. T. Hlqbee P. Lewi? Miss 3ijel, C. Lein, S. Declcard. M. Roth, D. Selce- Not oictured, L. Johnson. Bookstore Manager J. Teller f nvg;;; - if- im to victory ' - .l s m •?■::- , " .■ ' .!?■. SOCIETY OFFICERS: B. Wptmore, V. Pres.; J- Paul, Sec ' y-Treas.: Prof. Goldsmith, Sponsor; L- Minq, Pres. _■ f " T i ! " ■ ■ J -r r , J tr ' _ SOCIETY OFFICERS: C. Campbell, Vice Pres.: Dick Mason, Pres.: Miss Johnson, Sponsor. Wes Wagner and Lois Cretslnger. King and Queen of i " He Sun-flower Soles Contest, with Di clt and Judy Gisselbeclc. Athenaeum representatives. Hiqh School Chonud. Iheij. Plaiped and Sanq " rof. c. ' °uch, 0, in S A eet Hanmonij, ' ecfr Student Band Camfiun Cnthuaiaum A+ !-e Halicv een Party Af the Senior Play. ' -- " ?II!! « At the Ba ' l Games, -: 111 • i IL ' •A Gerald Brannon Graduated 1953 Died August 1959 Life is too brief Between the budding And the falling leaf, Between the seed time And the golden sheaf For hate and spite. We have no time For malice and for greed; Therefore, with love Make beautiful the deed; Fast speeds the night. Life is too swift Between the blossom And the white snow ' s drift, Between the silence And the lark ' s uplift. For better words. In kindness and in gentleness our speech Must carry messages Of hope, and reach The sweetest chords. [Gerald Brannon used the above poem in the last bulletin he printed.) X? David Stokes Graduated 1959 Died July 1959 I ' m in hHIs hands, I ' m in His hands. What e ' erthe future holds I ' m in hHis hands. The way I cannot see hHas all been planned for me h Is way is best you see I ' m in His hands. [This is the song Dave taught the student body his last year at M.W.C.) O. G. Wilson Graduated 1916 Died June 1959 " it is today we are living. See nature ' s beauties, enjoy its loveliness, listen to its song, and speak kindly to all you meet; to win the battle today may mean the victor ' s crown for all eternity. " (Wesleyan Methodist Editorial August 6, 1958 64 of alumni who have fia aed on to thein heavenlif newand Like " . . . let us lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with pa- tience the race that is set before us. " Hebrews 12:1 65 ,ft to righ bpple, F. J olland. P. Shelton Hornback Safif: Dennis Hunsinqer, Bev Wirt, Dick Ma- son, Ralph Vreuqdenhll, Francis Doty, Chuck Campbell, Jim Tollen, Jerry Rott, Clayburn Wirt. honiani 1 ' jt V ' r- - r. -rr Ronnie Fasseden A SJ ntna-yyiunal Sfiinit SJn Intramural Basketball Champs " Johnny ' s Jolcers " PInq Pong Champs Joyce Holz Champ Donna Engle Runner-up Intramural Football Champs " H I LLTOPPERS " Boys Phys Ed Class Hiqh atrnW C Hitting the buils-eye On the " tramp " Plaif. JDaif at Haviland Athletic Council Coach Cain. Richard Walquist. Bill Franklin, John Watson, Dennis Hunsinger, Frank Shirbroun, Marlin Woodworth, Sherry Crouch, Mary Shanafelt. Judy Gar- low, Lois Cretsinger. Coach Cain Ithletic JDinectoi Hanve it Home learn Adventiiinq 7fte Kan a Con enence and Camp, Yneetinq NINTIETH ANNUAL SESSION Dr. Ralph Earle Kansas CIfy, Missouri Evangelist I960 August 2-6 August 7-14 Conference Camp Meeting Dr. R. S. Nicholson Central, South Carolina Evangelist Rev. Franlc Dennard Roanolce, Virginia Song Evangelist Rev. Lynn F. Delehoy Topeta, Kansas Children ' s Worker BACKING MILTONVALE WESLEYAN with COLLEGE OUR PRAYERS OUR STUDENTS OUR FINANCE For information write: Rev. C. W. Dunbar, Miltonvale, Kansas Oun thanka to miUC on ita contnibution to the Wiaconain Con enence Darrow Road CoWoodland Gul! Lake oHayward oS+one Lake obpooner oRIce Lake oEau Claire oStevens Point oWIsconsin Rapids oApple+on Hancock oMt. PIsgah-Oak Ridge KEY: Churches underlined are being served by alumni of MWC. Burr-Valleyo oHillsboro oValton oBaraboo oMadison oJanesville Milwaukeeo oBeulah s_ oWaukesha ) 75 . . . (ut d uioibtt ol: h lmJ HOUGHTON COLLEGE trains the w io e personally for the whole of life ' 9 Academic accreditation 9 Consecrated faculty 9 Vibrant spiritual environment be fully prepared — a thoroughly furnished workman! HOUGHTON COLLEGE HOU6HTON, NEW YORK 3. C. Hill JUcmoiial Not only a church for Miltonvale people, the College Church desires to remain of service to the entire area. 7he Ttli tofiua e Colleqe Chunck D. A. Manker, Pastor Iflani n Colleqe ITlanion, SJndiana At Denominational Headquarters Liberal Arts with good selection of majors Teacher Education for both Secondary and Eiementary teachers Instituting a new major in Business Administration this fall Both Theological and Religious Education majors Well-trained Christian Faculty Wholesome spiritual environment Good working opportunities. A catalogue on request. Wm. F. McConn President OREGON AND MONTANA SUPPORTERS 7fie Oneqon Conienence id Sufiiiontinq WtU C Rev. D. H. Cline President Rt. 2, Box 296 B Aurora, Oregon CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Rev. Ira C. Gross Vice-president 7518 N. Chicago Porl-land 3, Oregon 7fie 7onai tfi We lei an methodiat Chunch and We leifan l outh Extend heartiest greetings and most Sincere Prayers to a bigger and better MWC! Rev. Darrel Mar+in. Pas+or Phone 250 921 River Street Forsyth, Montana methodiat Chunch Billings, Montana We bid MWC Godspeed in " Carrying On " R. J. Sausoman, Pastor DAKOTA SUPPORTERS Rev. and Mrs. Wagner, Mike and Debbie 3in{it Wedeijan Yyiethodi t Chunch Rev. Darnell Wagner, Pastor Rapid City, South Dakota BcAt WiaheA to mVUC inom VUede an methodiati oi the " Southenn Hilhr On your BLACK HILLS vacation Viait Bnainend SJndian School Rev. William D. Gale, President Junior High School — Senior High School Four-year Bible Course A Wesleyan enterprise in Indian education and evangelism directed by the DEPARTMENT OF WORLD MISSIONS Nine miles southwest of Hot Springs on Highway 87. " The Little White Church on the Hill " " At the top-of the viaduct on Highway 18 " A Bralnerd Campus Scene " A Haven in the Hills " VJonahip. at the Hot Sfininqo. Wealei an YYlethodiat Chunch Gordon Gary, Pastor ' A church with a mission and a field. " ' Serving the Southern Hills and Bralnerd Indian School. " 44e nTt " T ie Wesleyan Hour " Sundays at 8:30 a.m. over KOBH (580 k.c.; " " ' Rev. Nsal Phipps, Director DAKOTA CONFERENCES I akota l outft CampA for a vacation with a purpose Red Lodge Camp August 8-12 Red Lodge, Mont. Wortinq for Miltonvale, with Mil+onvale to train Wesleyan Youth Black Hills Camp August 15-19 Rapid City, S. D. X akota Con enence l outfi Ihe X akota Conienence pledges continued support o ITliltony ale Wealeifan Colleqe with our Pnai en, inanceii. and atudenta New Conferen ce parsonage a Rev. John Hunter, President I5l5-38th Street nd offi ce Conference and Camp June 16-26, I960 Wesleyan Methodist Camp Ground Red Dale Drive Rapid City, South Dakota KANSAS SUPPORTERS Our prayers and support are back of Chunch 2121 Harrison Topeka, Kansas Rev. W. C. and Mrs. Brannon, Pastors WE ARE • Praying • Paying • Planning Toward M.W.C. Wedeiian YYlethodiat Chunch 7he Salina Weiilei an methodiiit Chunch EXPRESSES APPRECIATION for the SPIRITUAL EMPHASIS Which came from your offices during your YEAR OF JUBILEE— YOUR 50th ANNIVERSARY May this ever be the MAJOR of MILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLLEGE That she may continue to achieve the purpose for which her founderq sarrifired nrl labored. " Let us hear the conclusion of the whole Matter: fear God and Iteep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. " Eccl. 12:13 Wm. A. Smith, Pastor KANSAS SUPPORTERS The church with a friendly Welcome Harold B. Hotchkiss, pastor Concondia We lei an Yllethodht Chunch 7th Washington Concordia, Kansas Chunch ABILENE, KANSAS Psalms 48:14 " For this God is our God for ever and ever; He will be our guide even un+o death. " Church and People praying God ' s best for M.W.C. G. R. Hoerner, Pastor J U edlecf Centen Chunch BURR OAK, KANSAS Rev. Carroll Blomberg, Pastor KANSAS SUPPORTERS W. Y. President. Douglas Young Pastors and People " Onwand mUtonvale " PLEDGING OUR SUPPORT Clay Center, Kansas Youth President and Young People Pastor: Rev. and Mrs. M.F.Bess Lynda Johnson and the Allison boys. Our M.W.C. students Hall Wealei an methodiat Chunch We gratefully acknowledge — the fine scholastic and spiritual training that prepares the whole personality for the whole of life as given In our MILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLLEGE E. A. Coates, Pastor Delphos, Kansas i hmd I Heben " We lei an methodidt Chunch A good spiritual place to v orship on the highway. Our prayers and support are with M.W.C. Floyd M. Elder, Pastor. Caknidqe We lei an rriethodiat Chunch Extends our Best Wishes to M.W.C. Earl J. and Vernelia Carry, Pastors. KANSAS AND OKLAHOMA SUPPORTERS We ' re baclcinq M.W.C. luquita Wealeij,an methodht Chunch I 3 and Starkey Rev. Robert T. Moore — Pastor Bethanif. Chafiel Wesleyan Methodist Church Rev. R. J. Gilbert YKonqan Chafiel THethodi t, A res, Kansas " Holiness unto the Lord " Eunice Hunslnger, Pastor Chunch " Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. " — Jesus Alva, Oklahoma Ik ■ ■ ' - ' T ' ' " " (, ' Tke WexU 9s W« Vtmk " ;■ o ' ' " r OF woR . " " Church and Third Streets Rev. R. J. O ' Conner, Pastor SUNDAY SCHOOL Classes for all ages 9:45 a.m. MORNING WORSHIP 10:50 a.m. A quiet atmosphere of meditation and worship. Sermon by the pastor. EVENING WORSHIP Gospel Songs, Special Music. Practical sermon by the pastor. 7:30 p. Your missionaries, doctors, nurses, educators, constructors and typographers serving Christ in 13 countries, preaching and teaching in 16 languages. J efiantinent o Wesleyan Methodist Church Box 2000, Marion, Indiana WISCONSIN AND COLORADO SUPPORTERS methodiat Gllllngham, Wisconsin T ' nomas Bailie, Pastor " WE SUPPORT M. W. C. because M. W. C. provides Education on the ROCK, Not on the rocks! " Valton " Wealei an methodiiit Valton, Wisconsin Rev. Clarence Titus, Pastor P . ■ ir. Bill -II Supporting M. W. C. With our: Prayers Students Loyalty Money Wealeiian Wlcthodidt Chunch Hancock, Wisconsin Rev. Carl Holder, Pastor God Bless M.W.C. Qneeleij, " We lei an Ynethodi t 24th St. and 9th Ave. Greeley, Colorado We ' re Backing you M.W.C. With: • Prayers • Finances • Students 1 Wllford Kaufmann, Pastor IOWA-MINNESOTA SUPPORTERS Wisdom is Knowing What to do Next; Skill Is Knowing how to do it, and Virtue is doing it. " — David Starr Jordan 3inat Yyiethodiit Chunch Duane H. Janssen, Pastor Cedar Falls, Jo ' -- 7aifette ynethodi{it Chunch Supporting M.W.C. with Prayer and Finance Richard L. Jamieson, Pastor Fayette, Iowa yyiinne ota Con enence Looks Forward to bigger and better years with products of Mlltonvale College Conference Office Rev. Clarence Budensiek President 1608 Scoggin Street Cedar Falls, Iowa Conference Camp Charles City Campground Charles City, Iowa Auqust7-I7, I960 When vacationing in Northern Minnesota You are invited to attend 7hc £. R. Jiodd memonial 2r Wedei an YYlethodiiit Chunch Located on Hiohwav 6 EMILY, MINNESOTA A, L. Nabholz, Pastor " Waite Pank methodiat Chunch 33rd Avenue at Lincoln St. N.E. Minneapolis, Minnesota ' A FRIENDLY, MISSION-MINDED CHURCH IN THE GREAT CITY OF LAKES! " Gerald A. Wol+er, Pastor Vivian Cralcer, Parish Worlter methodiat Chunch 1700 So. Market Wichita, Kansas Ronald R. Brannon, Pastor 2052 South Market Wealeijan Yyiethodiat Chunch Wattora City, North Dakota Supporting Miltonvale College with our prayers, means, and Youth: TO MAKE CHRIST KNOWN Rev. and Mrs. A. L. Cretsinger, Pastors (This ad is sponsored by the W.Y. ) " Served by M.W.C. alumni pastors tor 23 out ot 27 years. " I960 iM I liti!«4islbi car:87T: " An open door +o +he message of Life. " MILTONVALE SUPPORTERS 7uinen Qnocenij. Shop the Mini-Max Way Serving you better — Saving you more Free delivery each day 2:30 p.m. Phone HAzel 7-4425 Waine and Fern Turner Miltc Kans IEDS Gooch ' s Best and Co-op Feeds Feed Grinding and Rolling Molasses Mixing Seed Cleaning and Treating Wire - Fertilizer - Twine B.S. B. Bins and Cribs Miltonvale Bus. HA zel 7-4025 Res. HA zel 7-3070 Unink the Liqht Re ne hment oneii. Sundnieii School Supplies Fountain Service enninqd. Qnocenij, WE DELIVER Mlltonve Kansc Phone HA 7-4440 Miltonv iUen ' a lood YTlanket " Your Hy-Klas Stores where you save even more " Phone HA 7-4205 Miltonvale Fresh and cured meats Fresh and frozen fruits Toys Vanietij. Stone Miltonvale, Kansas Stationery School Supplies Candy Notions Dry Goods MILTONVALE SUPPORTERS Beqnoche Oil Companij, Texaco Products Complete One-Stop Station Phone 7-2025 Miltonvale, Kansas FURNITURE— STORES— APPLIANCES FUNERAL HOME Miltonvale, Kansas BOOSTERS OF M.W.C. yyillton ale Recond JOB PRINTING HOME CHURCH SCHOOL The Foundation of a Nation WE SUPPORT THEM yyiUtonvale Lumben and Coal Comfianij, Phone 7-4580 Miltonvale, Kansas ITllltonvale Locken Butchering and Processing Locker Service OUR SPECIALTY— CORN-FED BEEF CURED MEATS Phone 7-2175 Valmen and Phelfi Aqencij. Miltonvale, Kansas Phone 7-2085 INSURANCE WE ADMINISTER ESTATES Consult us if you have a problem }tli tortuafc Qnain, Dnc. Feeds — Seeds Custom Grinding — Rolling — Fertilizer Insecticides Phone HA 7-2180 Miltonvale, Kansas MILTONVALE SUPPORTERS 7fic Citi en ' a State Bank Milfonvale, Kansas " Just a Good Safe Place to Bank " $10,000 Maximum Insurance For Each Depositor $10,000 yyiinq Refiain Shop. 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Concordia, Kansas Student Allen, Frank 1449 S. Main Wichita II, Kansas Allison, Bill Deiphos, Kansas Allison, Dean Deiphos, Kansas Allison, Don , Deiphos, Kansas Anderson, Bonnie Box 162 Big Bend, Wisconsin Asp, Joanne 3222 Johnson St. Minneapolis, Minnesota Baker, Doris 332 North Grand . Pierre, South Dakota Banker, Judy Miltonvale, Kansas Seals, Darlene Miltonvale, Kansas Beals, Grace Miltonvale, Kansas Beals, George Oak Hill, Kansas Beckman, Eunice Prairie City, South Dakota Bennett, Gordon Rt. 2 Box 367 hiamilton, Montana Betters, John Oak hHill, Kansas Bisel, Delores 3208 W. II Topeka, Kansas Blain, Elmore Miltonvale, Kansas Blain, Wesley Page, Nebraska Blonnberg, Ard 4421 2 West 15th Concordia, Kansas Bradley, Carol 4444 Sunrise Drive Kansas City, Missouri Bradley, Earl 4444 Sunrise Drive Kansas City, Missouri Budensiek, Mary 1608 Scoggin St. Cedar Falls, Iowa Burke, Winifred . Orient, South Dakota Buttermore, Janice 1318 Avenue F. Scottsbluff, Nebraska Caffrey, Robert Martin, South Dakota Cannpbell, Charles 604 East 9th St. Concordia, Kansas Campbell, David 1611 Cedar Co ncordia, Kansas Campbell. Joyce 1844 South Irving Denver 19, Colorado , Campbell, Karen 3459 W. Louisiana Denver 19, Colorado Chaffin, Frances Atkinson, Nebraska Churchill, Wayne , Miltonvale, Kansas Coleman, Jacquelyn 260 E. Columbia Enid, O ' -Iahoma Comfort, Eileen Miltonvale, Kansas Comfort, Jeannette Wells, Kansas Comfort, Myron Miltonvale, Kansas Copple, Donald Deiphos, Kansas Cox, Mary 4305 So. Selby St. Marion, Indiana Cretslnger, Dean 1401 East First Redfleld South Dakota Cretslnger. Lois Watford Cj ' ty, North Dakota Crouch, Sharon Miltonvale, Kansas Cyr, Kathleen Miltonvale, Kansas Davis, Alice 806 East Center Rochester, Minnesota Deckard, Sharon 9 I 7 Plainview Lane Albert Lea, Minnesota DIttmeyer, Loren 518 S. 13th Enid, Oklahoma Dotv, Francis Route 4 Mitchell, South Dakota Drake, LeRoy R.F.D. I Sarona, Wisconsin Dunbar. Elaine , Miltonvale, Kansas Over, Kenneth 1406 School St. Rockford, Illinois Elder, Ardlth Miltonvale, Kansas Elder Arlene . , Miltonvale, Kansas Emery, Belva 1771 N. Sierra Bonlta Pasadena, Ueqi iten 1515 Dick Drive Aberdeen, California Engie, Donna South Dakota Farra, Beth R.R. LaValle, Wisconsin Fessenden, Larry Miltonvale, Kansas Fessenden, Ronnie Miltonvale, Kansas Follette, Roxanne Vale, South Dakota Franklin, Bill I 165 Ave. S. W. Watertown, South Dakota Garlow, Judith Ames, Kansas Gary, Coleen Miltonvale, Kansas GIsselbeck, Judy Miltonvale, Kansas GIsselbeck, Dick Miltonvale, Kansas Goldsmith, David Miltonvale, Kansas Goracke, Oren Republican City, Nebraska Gowan, David Box 849 Custer, South Dakota Gowan, Judy Box 849 Custer, South Dakota Griffin, John 112 6th St. Baraboo, Wisconsin Grover, John Miltonvale, Kansas Grover, Ruth Miltonvale, Kansas hiada, Gayle Star Route 9 Alva, Oklahoma Hada, Gordon Star Route 9 Alva, Oklahoma Hayward, Aaron Box 213 . Avon, South Dakota Hardman, Charlotte Miltonvale, Kansas Herrlck, Nancy 141 I Princeton St. Eau Claire, Wisconsin Higbee, Dvvlght Route i 4 Stillwater, Minnesota HIgbee, Tamra Route : 4 Stillwater, Minnesota HInes, Janet Box 62 Tuthlll, South Dakota Holz, Joyce Lynch, Nebraska Hornback, Shelton Spencer, Nebraska Howell, Lois Miltonvale, Kansas Howes, David Miltonvale, Kansas Howes, Ellen . Miltonvale, Kansas Howes, Linda Miltonvale, Kansas Huff, Wayne Little Pine Rt. . Aitken, Minnesota Hughes, Georgia 414 No. Highland Pierre, South Dakota Hunslnger, Dennis Ames, Kansas Hunslnger, Eleanor Ames, Kansas Johnson, Howard La Porte City, Iowa Johnson, Larry Box 302 Avon, South Dakota Johnson, Linda R. R. I Delphos, Kansas Kaufmann, Sandra 2403 9th Ave. Greeley, Colorado Kellln, David 602 Welsby Ave. Stevens Point, Wisconsin KirrdschI, Douglas 4212 S. Harmon Marion, Indiana Knapp, Sharon Miltonvale, Kansas Kronwald, Carol 905 South Duff . Mitchell, South Dakota Lambert, Mrs. H. E. (Betty) 222 W. 19th St. Concordia, Kansas Lein, Clarlnda Gordon, Nebraska Leisher, Lavalle Box 102 . . , Waukomia, Oklahoma Lewis, Phyllis Longford, Kansas Lexow, Dorothy Clyde, Kansas Lillibridge, LeRoy Watford City, North Dakota LIppe, Wanda 1424 Glendale Topeka, Kansas Long, Ramona R.R. 2 Eskridge, Kansas Macy, Edward Oak Hill, Kansas Macy, Naomi Oak Hill, Kansas Mason, Richard 4565 Kipling Denver, Colorado McGowen, Roy McHenry, Carrol McHenry, Merrll Mills, Kay South Dakota Mills, LaMont Wisconsin Ming, Earnest Ming, LeRoy Nelson, Lore+ta Nebraska Norgaard, Janet Wisconsin Ossnnan, Sharon Ott, Carolyn Palmer, Elayne Parrish, Joyce Parrlsh, Winnetta Paul, Joyce Peterson, Harold Wisconsin Phifer, Virginia Box 514 26 Kansas City St. 859 Jefferson St. 442 West I 5th 1606 Ave 1221 H. Emery St 167 Mlltonvale, Kansas Ames, Kansas Ames, Kansas Rapid City, , Stevens Point, Miltonvale, Kansas Concordia, Kansas Scottsbluff, Sausoman, Barbara . . . 306 South 32nd . . Billings, Montana Schoof, Sharon Ipswich, South Dakota Shanafelt, Linda Miltonvale, Kansas Shanafelt, Mary Miltonvale, Kansas Route 5 Clay Center, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas Gordon, Nebraska 2722 West Cherokee ... Enid, Eau Claire, 934 Wabash 3150 Rocky Road 219 Kochlst R.R. 2 Box 105 Emerson, Iowa Ames, Kansas Mansfield, South Dakota Miltonvale, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas Waterloo, Iowa Stevens Point, . . . Scandia, Kansas Topeka. Kansas Orchard, Nebraska Fayette. Iowa Box 22 Alva, Oklahoma 4564 S. Cherokee . . Englewood. Hugoton, Kansas Atkinson, Nebraska Dante. South Dakota 4020IA So. Landess St. Phlpps, Lloyd Pudwill, Burnell Ridgeway, Robert Melbourne, Australia Robbins, Paul Miltonvale, Kansas Roland Philip Zumbro Falls, Minnesota Roth, Mary 1014 Franklin St. Cedar Falls, Iowa Rott, Jerry LaValle, Wisconsin Shorman, Dwain Shirbroun, Franklin Simpson, Duane Skanadore, Sharon States, Donlce Oklahoma Steward, Darlene Stoner, Marilyn Strope, Lyie Talcott, Steven Tolle, Phyllis Tollen, Jim Colorado Vreugdenhll, Dorothy Brentford, South Dakota Vreugdenhll, Ralph Brentford, South Dakota Wagner, Wesley Ipswich, South Dakota Walqulst, Richard 2818 Pierce St. Minneapolis, Minnesota Watson, John Wetmore, William Whitney, Ruth Wirt, Alice Wirt, Beverly Wirt, Clayburn Miltonvale, Kansas Woodworth, Marlln Miltonvale, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansa; Conner, Montana Miltonvale, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas Miltonvale. Kansas 7acultif 3eatune{i ithenaeuma. t competition, but striving id to follow in His footsteps. Safifihoniana. YEARBOOKS COVER BY MYERS

Suggestions in the Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) collection:

Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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