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19 7 VKirVAH METHODIST C ' l-IUIKCH 1550 N. FAIri OA! 3 PASAD ' £NA. CAL ' i-ORNIA ESLE AN METHODiST CHURCH 1S50 N ' - FAirJ OAKS PASADENA. CAUFORHlA THE 1957 SUNFLOWER Miltonvale Wesleyan College Miltonvale, Kansas You did not light its glow — ■ ' Twos given you by other hands, you Know. I think it started down its pathway bright The day the Maker said: " Let there be light. " -V And He once said, who hung on Calvary ' s tree- " Ye are the light of the world. " . . .Go! . JDedtcation yniaii Clvie Uunnen To one who has strived to build better Christian citizens, who has put her faith and confidence in us, to one who unselfishly devoted much of her life to the inspiration of youth, and who will be remembered OS an expressive teacher and a patient counselor; we are pleased to dedicate this, the 1957 SUNFLOWER. pi - Local Boaid ofc Jnuateea L«»eRRM V. 3acultij ♦ Pne ident Knafip. WESLEY L. KNAPP A.B., Th. B., M.S., President, Chemistry. The writer of Proverbs tells us that " the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth m ore and more into the perfect day. " How fittingly descriptive of the nor- mal Christian. In contrast, the sacred writer continues by describing the way of the wicked as darkness. What a challenge this presents the child of God. If this darkness is to be dispelled, you and I must transmit the full radiance of God ' s love through acts of mercy and deeds of kindness to our fellowmen who hove lost their way in sin ' s night. In so doing our own lives will be made richer and fuller. This way grows progressively better until a glorious climax shall be attained at the end of life ' s road. ' ., iJic-L cA ■ Y - Lighter Moments. WENDELL CAMPBELL A.B., M.S., M.S.W., Vice-President, Dean of College, Principal of tlie High School, Director of Guidance, Registrar, Dean of Men, Co ' Jege Freshman Sponsor, Psychology, Education, Sociology. idminiattiation WARREN S. FREEBORN B. Rel., M. Rel., A.B., B.D., M.S., Sapphonian Sponsor, Theology, Social Science, Bible. DONALD ASHBY B. S. , Sponsor of Athletic Association, Director of Physical Education, Health Education, Shop. 3acultif ;; ' ? ' V ji ' il!iiifi iJ!iiiMlttu FRANCES BUEL B.S., M.A., Librarian, H.S. Sopho- more Sponsor, H.S. Prayer Band Spon- sor, Co-Sponsor of Mirror, Social Science. J WILLIAM GOLDSMITH A.B., Athenaeum Sponsor, H.S. English, H.S. Social Science. 1} ; y-mi LORENZO A. HARVEY A.B., Th. B., A.B., B.S., M.A., Chorus, Choir, Band, Theory, Voice. 8 RUTH JOHNSON B.M., College Sophomore Sponsor, General Music, Piano. EZRA MORGAN A.B.. B.D., M.S., Student Council Sponsor, Greek, Social Science. GEORGE ROBBINS, JR. B.S., M.A., Co- Sponsor of Mirror,. English, Education. ELVIE TURNER A.B. , M.A., H.S. Senior Sponsor, Dean of Women, Literature, Biolog- ical Science. ELEANOR SALISBURY B.E., H.S. Freshman Sponsor, H.S. Commerce. , f m iXigr TED SUFFRIDGE B.S., M.A., Chemistry, Math. PAUL W. SHAW B.S., M.S., Co -Sponsor of Sun- flower, Math, Physical Science, General Science. ERMAL GARINGER .A., B.S., M.A., Spanish. EMMA DURKEE Assistant Registrar, Co- Sponsor of Sunflower. StaU LORRAINE WILSON A.B., Promotional Secretary. MILTON WIRT Business Manager and Treasurer. MLRtUlTH TURNER Director of Maintenance. 10 INO SANDERS Housemother of Abbott Hall, Dinina Room Hostess. I I EUNICE SHIRBROUN Housemother of Girl ' s Dormitory. ESTHER GOLDSMITH Dietician. Claa Lea ARTHUR AUSTIN Paola, Kansas Sapphonian, Freshman Vice-President, Student Council, Intersociety Council, Basketball, Football. " A high ideal may be realized through per- sistent effort and honest endeavor. " CoUeqe BLONDEAN BLISS Osborne, Kansas .■ thenaeum. Sophomore Sec- retary-Treasurer. " A quiet girl -- at times. " VIRGINIA BUCK LaPorte City, Iowa Athenaeum, Freshman Vice- President, Homecoming Queen. " Queen rose of the rosebud garden of girls. " U J LESTER ENSIGN Miltonvale, Kansas Athenaeum, Baseball, Football. " A born athlete -- and not slow at other things either. " WESLEY CRETSINGER Redfield, South Dakota Sapphonian, College Choir, Tumbling. " No, he ' s not a ladies ' man; he ' s a lady ' s man. " . i 12 Sofihomonea WILLIAM GOLDSMITH Miltonvale, Kansas Athenaeum " My own thoughts are my companions. " LAVONNE JONES Keene, North Dakota Athenaeum Vice-President, intersociety Council Secretary, Mirror, All-School Play, Trio, Choir, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball. " Life can be a song to those who make it so. " ELLSWORTH FOWLER Sturievant, Wisconsin Sapphonian, Sophomore President, Student Coun- cil, Tumbling. " With a noble purpose, and a big aim; he never seeks popularity or fame. " MAVIS JONES Ponca City, Oklahoma Athenaeum Secretary-Treasurer, Mirror, Choir, Trio. " Talking and laughing all daylong She finds life one happy song. " (Ts ' ' 1 . .fl B ' " 4fHV - . mi EDWARD HASKELL Aberdeen, South Dakota Athenaeum, Student Council, Sunflower Assistant Editor. " Edward wants to train his mind; A better student is hard to find. " 13 MILDRED McGRAW Syracuse, New York Sa,:)phoniao, Student Council, Mirror Editor, Choir. " She is witty, clever and silly; There is none quite like our Millie. ■■ IRENE MANKER Miltonvale, Kansas Athenaeum, Sunflower, Choir, Trio Accom- panist. " With a cheerlul word and pleasant smile. She makes one know that lite ' s worthwhile. ' CoUeqe Sophomonea t w BILLY PEABODY Portland, Oregon Athenaeum President, Inter- society Council, Mirror, Band, Basketball, Baseball, Volley - jail. Football. " I ' m standing on the verge of a great career; will someone please push me off? " RUTH MAYNARD Aberdeen, South Dakota Athenaeum, Student Council, Religious Council, Cheerleader, Basketball, Volleyball. " A sunny disposition is some- thing of which one may be proud. " DELMAR ROBERSON Burr Oak, Kansas Sapphonian President, Fresh- man President, Student Coun- cil Vice-President, Athletic Council President, Band, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Volleyball. " Good-natured and sensible; He does things in a quiet way. 14 with a similar idea in mind as rhat of an earlier class for starting a school tradition, the college sophomore class of 1931, consisting of Grace Pomeroy Elder, Warren Freeborn and Anna Waters Lane, presented the " Key of Knowledge, " with their class colors tied to the bow, to the succeeding class. This key represents the key to open doors of possibilities and golden opportunities for further preparation and for service to the world. Each year the president of the college graduating class attaches their class colors and presents the " key " with fitting words of challenge to the president of the next class encouraging them to hold high the standards of M.W.C. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President E. Fowler Vice-president . . . . M. Jones Secretary-treasurer . . . B. Bliss 15 CoUeqe 3neahmen I tlLEEN ANDREWS Miltonvale, Kansas ELMORE BLAIN Page, Nebraska GLENNA CAMMACK Joliet, Montana 4 GEORGE BEALS Oak Hill, Kansas VANCE BRAUN Miltonvale, Kansas LINDA BEDIENT Darby, Montana PATSY CAMPBELL Birchwood, Wisconsin dtudij, to afifinoved RONALD BURKHALTER Garden City, South Dakota JOAN CLEMENSON Eau Claire, Wisconsin JAMES COCKROFT Kersey, Colorado 16 unto Qad . . . -f-s « J RONNIE ERNST Sloan, Iowa DOUGLAS HARMS Hitchcock, South Dakota ifsrv . VIRGIL ELSBERRY Orchard, Nebraska REX FULLER Miltonvale, Kansas i I DUANE DYER Rockford, Illinois DOROTHY FESSENDEN Miltonvale, Kansas DENNIS HANSEN Red Cloud, Nebraska Ifl life I DONALD DONALDSON Belleville, Kansas MARGARET ANN ERNST Manhattan, Kansas LOIS EL DIN Leonardville, Kansas 17 RUSSBLL HAYWARD Avon, South Dakota CoUeqe KAY LYNN HUNTER Augusta, Kansa? MARCIA NELSON Sloan, Iowa FRANCIS HUBBARD Ottawa, Kansas ■f RAYMOND LYNE Muscotah, Kansas DONNA PURINGTON Rapid City, South Dakota PAUL PANKEY Rockfotd, Illinois WILLFNE LLOYD PEGGY LOVELAND Salina, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas CHARLEY PHIPPS Atkinson, Nebraska 4 DAVID MITCHaL Dumont, Iowa 18 Jneahmen LAWRENCE ROTHFUSS Miltonvale, Kansas ROBERTA SAMPLE Miltonvale, Kansas LORENE SCHWARZ Stevens Point, Wisconsin FLOYD RUPERT Miltonvale, Kansas r VIVIAN SHAW Ponca City, Oklahoma LOIS JEAN STRONG Chambers, Nebraska MYRNA SWANK Alton, Kansas RALPH SIVERTSEN Escanaba, Michigan WESLEY WAGNER Ipswich, South Dakota PHYLLIS WESSEL Mobridge, South Dakota 1 i GARY ALLEN MiUonvale, Kansas Sapphonian, Junior Play, Chorus, Basket- ball. Baseball, Volleyball. ' Full of fun and mis- chief, too, Doing things he shouldn ' t do. Hiqh School CHARLES ANDERSON Minnesota Lake, Minnesota Sapphonian, Junior Play, Basketball. " Jolly, good-natured, happy and free. ' ANNETTE BENCH Seattle, Washington Sapphonian, Sophomore Vice- President, Senior Secretary, Junior Play, Chorus, Band, Basketball, Tumbling. Cheer- leader. " Happy and gay, all the day. f JOHN BETTERS Guide Rock, Nebraska Sapphonian, Freshman Pres- ident, Junior Treasurer, Chorus, Track. " There ' s always time to be courteous. " VENITA COMFORT Wells, Kansas Sapphonian, Chorus. " Her presence is a pleasure. She ' s good beyond all measure. 20 Seniona BERNICE DIXON Miltonvale, Kansas Sapphonian, Junior Play. " She enjoys herself in a quiet way, But never has very much 10 say. " . KENNETH GOODEN Augusta, Kansas Athenaeum, President Student Council, Chairman Inter- society Council, Chorus, Religious Council, Athletic Assn., Junior Play, Mixed Quartet, Basketball, Baseball. Volleyball. " His merits are many, his faults are few. He has ambitions to carry him through. " MARY ESTHER CRETSINGER Terry, Montana Sapphonian, Senior Treasurer, Student Council, Sunflower, Mirror, Religious Council, Junior Play, Piano Quartet, Gospel ream. Chorus, Basket- ball, Softball, Tumbling ' Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " DAVID GOWAN Custer, South Dakota Athenaeum, Junior Play, Chorus, Band, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Track. " He will always have friends wherever he goes. " VIRGINIA GILGER Lamar. Kansas Sapphonian, Religious Council, Chorus. " Life has no pleasure nobler than that of friendship. " 21 Hiah School BARBARA HALE Wichita, Kansas Sapphonian, Chorus, Basketball, Volleyball. " She hath the joy of living, a[id everlasting pep. •• JUDY HENDERSON Miltonvale, Kansas Sapphonian, Freshman Sec- retary, Chorus, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball. " Don ' t worry, I ' ll grovr up v hen there ' s nothing else to do. DON HILLEN Mitchell, South Dakota Athenaeum, Senior Vice- President, Chorus, Band, Basketball, Baseball, Track. " Every time he opens his mouth a joke leaps out. " MIRIAM HEILMAN Green, Kansas Athenaeum, Religious Council, Mirror, Junior Play, Trumpet Trio, Chorus, Bami. " The happier the time, the quicker it passes. " YVONNE HUNSINGER Oak Hill, Kansas Sapphonian, Junior Treasurer, Student Council, Mirror Staff, Junior Play, Chorus, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball. " Peaceful, thoughtful, and resigned. Always modest, sweet and kind. 22 Senionik MARVETTE JOHNSON Waterloo, Iowa Sapphonian, Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Secretary. " Her pleasant smiles and her quiet way. Will get her through most any day. " JUDY JOHNSON Wyanet, Illinois Sapphonian, Junior Play, Chorus, Band. " Full of fun and in for anything. " LeROY MING Miltonvale, Kansas Athenaeum, Freshman, Junior and Senior President, Sopho- more Treasurer, Student Council, Junior Play, Junior Quartet, Chorus, Basketball, Baseball, Football. " An athlete, ladies first, sports second, studies third. " ? ROBERT MOULTON Artesian, SoutJi Dakota Athenaeum, Student Council, Junior Play, All -School Play, Chorus, Band, Basketball, Track. " The word impossible is not in my dictionary. " DUANE McHENRY Ames, Kansas Sapphonian, Junior Play, Chorus, Basketball, Baseball, Football. " 1 know I do not talk much; 1 suppose I am shy. " 23 ANNETTE POWELL Clay Center, Kansas Sapphonian, Sophomore President, Student Council, Junior Play, Chorus, Band, Sextet, Piano Quartet, Bas- ketball, Softball, Volleyball. " Her heart is light within her whatever wind doth blow. Hiqh School RUTH NOFSINGER Marble Falls, Arkansas Sapphonian, Religious Council, Student Council, Junior, Play, Chorus, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball. " So quiet that she must be wise. " dSISSSf ,1;- i:: f) • ■ - WALTER PANKEY Rocklord, Illinois Sapphonian, Junior Play, Chorus, Junior Quartet, Basket- ball, Baseball, Football, Volleyball. " If 1 will, I will, you can depend on it. If I won ' t, I won ' t, and that ' s the end of it. " DOROTHY ROBBINS Miltonvale, Kansas Athenaeum, Freshman Treas- urer, All -School Play, Junior Play, Sunflower, Chorus, Cheerleader, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball. " When her task is finished we know it ' s done right. " NITA RENO El Cajon, California Athenaeum, Chorus. " A trusting, unselfish person- ality is the greatest gift. " 24 Seniona WINSTON STEPHENS Kansas City, Kansas Athenaeum President, Sopho- more Treasurer, Junior Pres- ident, Student Council, Junior Play, All-School Play, Chorus, Basketball, Football, Track. " A good natured chap who is also a good sport. " ALICE SANDOZ EUswortti, Nebraska Sapphonian, Junior Play, All -School Play, Chorus. " A whisper and a wiggle, and then comes Alice ' s BARBARA SUTTON LuiLOln, Nebraska Sapphonian, Student Council, Girls Sextet, H.S. Trio, Chorus, Cheerleader, Basket- ball, Volleyball. " Her winning smile, her cheeks that glow. Show a mind at peace with all below. • ' ' w " f ?i ii i SHERILL TURNER Miltonvale, Kansas Sapphonian, Sunflower, Junior Play, Chorus, Mixed Quartet, Basketball, Softball, Volley- ball, Tumbling. " She ' s full of pep and is always there; Always laughing and ne ' er a care. " RAYMOND STRONG Chambers, Nebraska Athenaeum, Junior Play, Basketball, Baseball. " He had an opinion of every- thing but kept it to himself. " ► " 25 i3B?iH.vfr,?»Fri ' i- ' :7.r;r; RALPH VREUGDENHIL Breniford. South Dakota Sapphonian, Junior Play, Chorus, Band. Basketball, Football, Track. " A workman is known by his work. ' Hiqh School Senioni, ALLAN WORRELL Colorado Springs. Colorado Athenaeum, Sophomore Treasurer, All-School Play, Chorus, Band, Junior Quartet, Basketball, Base- ball, Football, Volleyball, Cheer- leader. " All good men are dead, and I ' m not feeling well. " Tradition is a part of every school and M.W.C. is no exception. Each spring a symbolic port of the high school class night program Is the presentation of the " staff " or " shepherd ' s crook " . The gradu- ating class, represented by their president, presents the staff in fitting ceremony to the junior class as an emblem of the duty and responsibility that Is being bequeathed to them of guiding and directing by word and example those who are following them into the right ways of living and keeping them from the dangerous paths. It is a symbol of help for those in trouble and guidance for all. This tradition was started by Seth Osborn, Wm . A. Smith, and D.H. Rasmussen, members of the class of 1915, hoping it would be passed on to future generations. They had a shepherd ' s crook made and tied their class colors near the head of the staff. Each succeeding class has tied their colors below the previous one with a good deal of sentiment for the ideals that are so much a part of our tradition. Now much of the shaft is covered with class colors. 26 heoloqij, union k X KENNETH TOLLEFSON Clay Center, Kansas Second Seme ten Students Ray S. Wells, Violet Redlinger, Chung Chai Chan, Darlene Stites, Frances Mason. 27 V HLLKN ABARR Laurel, Montana Hiqh School CARA LYNN BATES Salina, Kansas ir Ai CHARLOTTE BEALS Oak Hill, Kansas i ' i " i " i ' " ' " ' £ ■ t:i CHARLES CAMPBELL Concordia, Kansas ROBERT CAMPBELL Ames, Kansas leann to do well 28 MARLAN COMFORT Miltonvale, Kansas KENNETH DYER Rockford, Illinois JUDITH GOWAN Custer, South Dakota . «• ' ELEANOR HUNSINGER Oak Hill, Kansas HOWARD JOHNSON Fayette, Iowa uniona ' f : scSf ' j ' W CHARLANE REISDORPH Maquoketa, Iowa CHARLES REISDORPH Maquoketa, Iowa MARY ANN SHIRBROUN Miltonvale, Kansas DEMARIS STRONG Chambers, Nebraska ALLEN TOLL EPSON Cedar Falls, iowa BETH WHITNEY Miltonvale, Kansas RAYMOND SAMPLE Miltonvale, Kansas Special Student 29 Hiqh School % MARTHA BUTLER Topeka, Kansas EUGENE COX Rockford, Illinois ■ «it. Sr€:k GLENDAH HOERNER Manhattan, Kansas f « ' - u 30 BARBARA JACOBSEN Waterloo, Iowa •f .. :f LYLE CAMPBELL Ames, Kansas s " i CLYDE GOODEN Augusta, Kansas ' ' - ' W, I. ' :, -Jlu iA u EARL KIENTZ Manhattan, Kansas LARRY FERGUSON Clay Center, Kansas ROBERTA HOERNER Clay Center, Kansas ALEXANDER (Bill) HENDERSON Miltonvale, Kansas Sofihomon ea i - ' .-u ' . ' . . .,.. -• FLOYD ROTHFUSS Wells, Kansas LAURA MASON Miltonvale, Kansas ALICE TURNER Miltonvale, Kansas a Wide, man will hean and A Ul incneaae leanninq . . . THELMA M.ARSH Clay Center, Kansas LINDA RYSER Ames, Kansas ALICE WIRT Miltonvale, Kansas GARY LAVEAU Saiona, Wisconsin CHERYL THOMPSON Ames, Kansas CLARETA YOUNG Idana, Kansas 31 Hiqh School 3neahmen r in tfte Ueqinninq DON ALLISON Uelphos, Kansas CYNTHIA LYNN BURRIS Colorado Springs, Colorado • ' ; DAVID CAMPBELL Washington, Kansas JOHN COOK Portland, Oregon COLEEN GARY Lamar, Kansas DENNIS HUNSINGER Oak Hill, Kansas WANDA LIPPE MiUonvale, Kansas NAOMI MASON Miltonvale, Kansas- CARROL McHENRY Ames, Kansas J MERRIL McHENRY Ames, Kansas EARNEST MING Miltonvale, Kansas l S V - vH ' ' ' ' 32 CAROLYN OTT CLYDE ROTHFUSS DUANE SIMPSON DARLENE STEWARD RUTH WHITNEY Ames, Kansas Wells. Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas Scandia, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas ctimtiea " SS -. STANDING: Morgan, Purington, Maynard, Laveau, Ming, Fowler, Cammack, Haskell, Stephens, Austin, Reisdorph, Lippe, Campbell, Hunsinger, Wagner. SEATED: Phipps, Gooden. Strong, Pankey. Student Council Wherever we have groups we find that there must be someone designated to take over the responsibility of leading the group. Decisions must be made to the best advantage of the students. This is what our Student Council does. This year our very capable leaders were Kenneth Gooden, president; Paul Pankey, vice-president; Lois Jean Strong, secretary; and Charley Phipps, treasurer. Mr. Ezra Morgan served very efficiently as the sponsor. Helping the new students get acquainted at the all-school picnic was one of the first tasks of the Council. The next big item was the planning of Harvest Home Day. The parade included many colorful floats with the Student Council float winning first place. The plans of the Student Council included the erection of goal posts and bleachers, and the planting of grass. Arthur Austin was named chaplain of the student body, and was chairman of the newly-organized Religious Life Committee. We are proud of the part the Student Council has had in the development of Christian charac- ter on our campus. SJnten ocietij, Council The Intersociety Council is formed to pro- mote harmony between the two societies. They take care of questions that arise regarding membership and help to organize the Sunflower Sales Contest. Kenneth Gooden as president of the Student Council is chairman of this group. Serving with him are Lavonne Jones, Bill Peabody, Dorothy Fessenden, and Arthur Austin. 34 |«U(Mn(MM. «KW WniUUR «MW;«M W FIRST ROW: Reno, P. Campbell, Swank, Burns, N. Mason, L. Mason, Heilman, C. ReisJorpli, M. Jones, Schwarz, Buck. SECOND ROW: Simpson, Manker, Bedieni, Hunter, Bates, L. Jones. Wessel, Butler, D. Campbell, Robbins, E. Ming, Clemenson, Cook, Bliss, Maynard, Braun, Cammack, Shaw. THIRD ROW: Mr. Goldsmith, Sivertsen, Moulton, Haskell, Worrell, Hansen, Mitchell, C. Gooden, Elsberry, Kientz, Blam, L. Campbell, Stephens, Peabody, Strong, B. Goldsmith, Allison. FOURTH ROW: HiUen, Johnson, Burkhalter, Ernst, C. Reisdorph, Cockroft, Comfort, Hubbard, D. Goldsmith, K. Gooden, L. Ming, Gowan, Hayward, Ensign. Top Salesmen ' Athenaeuma " Star of Bethlehem Spirited enthusiasm prevailed among the members of the Athenaeum Literary Society during the 1956- 57 school year. This was shown in the way they en- tered into the Sunflower Sales Contest and won it again this year! The team and cheerleaders did a wonderful job at the games with the cheers and good will of their fellow Athenaeums to back them up. hiighlighting the events of the week before Christmas, the Athenaeums presented a program and play entitled " Star of Bethlehem. " Caroling in the Christmas Program w rwj, " ' ,1B , 4i W BP?- ; FIRST K.iV. : ] E. Hunsinger . Vvliitiic;.. Nchon. Sandoz, H. Wmluc... McuaU, ::. J , - ' ■, ' i., Marsh, Thompson, Wirt, Youn.n, Y. Hunsinger. SECOND ROW: Sutton, M. Cretsinger, Bench, J. Johnson, Turner, Hale, On, Lippe, Gary, Abarr, Dixon, Loveland, G. Hoerner, R. Hoerner, Nofsinger. THIRD ROW: Powell, Ernst, C. Beals, Comfort, L. Strong, Purlngton, McGraw, Jacobsen, J. Henderson, Gowan, D. Strong, Gilger, Fessenden, Hadin. Mr. Freeborn. FOURTH ROW: D. Dyer, Phipps, Ferguson, C. Campbell, D. Hunsinger, Shirbroun, L. Campbell, G. Beals, Cox, P. Pankey, Laveau, K. Dyer, C. Roihfuss, F. Rothfuss, Austin, Allen, Donaldson, A. ToUefson. FIFTH ROW: Roberson, Betters, C. McHenry, M. McHenry, B. Henderson, W. Pankey, L. Rothfuss, Vreugdenhil, Rupert, D. McHenry, Harms, Anderson, W. Cretsinger, Fuller, Fowler, Wagner. . the Sapphonians CjfV ' 4 m Sapfihoniana, Determined as Quakers Wf ' t Courageous as Pilgrims " Determined in sports, dependable in re- sponsibility, and ' de ' best in talent! " This was the slogan of the Sapphonian Literary Society of 1956-57. Another year full of activities and fun found the Sapphonians demonstrating their fine sportsmanship and pep at games, co-oper- ation while working on the Harvest Home float, and talent in a very impressive Thanksgiving pro- gram, entitled " And They Gave Thanks " . SEATED: Shaw, editor; Haskell, assistant editor; Dyer, business manager; Whitney, literary editor; Ernst, feature editor; Manker. literary editor; Cretsinger, Robbins. sales managers. Sun lowen Sta Life is made beautiful through the priv- ilege of friends. The bright sunny smile of a friend when we are feeling rather blue does much to make the day seem happier. Under the capable guidance of our spon- sors and editor, we have attempted to portray YOU and your FRIENDS in life on Miltonvale campus. The members of the Sunflower Staff have spent many long, but pleasant, hours trying to create an annual that, in the years to come, will bring back happy memories of friends met and times spent at Miltonvale Wesleyan College. To each of you, we of the Sunflower Staff wish to extend our sincere appreciation for your helpfulness and cooperation. Turner, feature edit( ,■,, ! t i Mr. Shaw, Miss Durkee, sponsors. mifin yfi Staii " Mirroring " the many phases of campus life is our school paper, the MiiWesCo Mirror. When is the next revival? Who was high- point man in the last game? What ' s the latest gossip? The MiiWesCo Mirror answered these and many other questions in a very interesting way . Virginia Buck served as editor of this year ' s paper. Working right along with Virginia were Mavis Jones, society editor; Ruth Nofsinger, interviewing editor; Allen Tollefson and Clyde Gooden, sports editors. Miss Buel and Mr. Robbins did on excellent job as sponsors of the Mirror. We wish to express our thanks for the fine paper that has been enjoyed by all . hrtrnm SEATED: Nofsinger, Buck, Jones. STANDING: Robbins, Gooden, Lyne, Gary, Hoetner, Campbell, Dixon, Tollefson. Buel. 38 Charley Phipps, Glenna Cammack, Linda Bedient, Lois Strong, Elmore Blain Lavonne Jones, Lois Hadin, Mavis Jones. James Cockroft, Ronnie Ernst, Dennis Hansen, Don Donaldson. Coileqe Choin FIRST ROW: Harvey, M. Jones, L. Jones, A. Ernst, Cammack, Purington, Nelson, Shaw, Buck. SECOND ROW; Hansen, Lloyd, Clemenson, Bedient, Strong, Fessenden, Hadin, Phipps. THIRD ROW: Lyne, Donaldson, Pankey, Blain, Wagner, Cockroft, Dyer, R. Ernst. 40 p " _j( ' . " " ■■»-« i FIRST ROW: R. Johnson, L. Mason, C. Reisdorph, Sandoz, Thompson, Young, Wirt, Bench, Strong, Beals, Lippe, R. Whitney, Gary, Reno, Ott, Harvey. SECOND ROW: Sutton, Hale, J. Johnson, Y. Hunsinger, Nofsinger, Cretsinger, Shirbroun, Powell, GUger, Bates, J. Gowan, Henderson, Turner, Jacobsen, Robbins, G. Hoerner, Burns. THIRD ROW: D. Campbell, L. Campbell, D. Hunsinger, C. Gooden, R. Campbell, Moulton, Betters, Kientz, Pankey, Worrell, C. McHenry, M. McHenry, C. Campbell, E. Ming, B. Whitney, N. Mason. FOURTH ROW: Stephens, Rothfuss, Dyer, D. McHenry, Goldsmith, H. Johnson, K. Gooden, HiUen, D. Gowan, C. Reisdorph, Vreugdenhil, R. Hoerner. Hiqh School Chonui SEATED: Hoerner, Mason, Johnson, Dyer, C. Campbell, B. Campbell, Whitney. STANDING: Fessenden, Lloyd, Tollefson, Powell, Pankey, Worrell, Phipps, Hillen, Wagner, Moulton, Hansen, L. Campbell, Harvey, Bench. Band 41 John Betters. David Gowan, Kenneth Dyer, Charles Campbel HIGH SCHOOL BOYS ' QUARTET Sherill Turner, Nita Reno, Barbara Sutton. HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS ' TRIO Charles Campbell Winston Stephens 42 Kenneth Dyer Triple Trio Annette Powell Mary Esther Cretsinger 43 Glendah Hoerner Sfininq Recital Ronald Burkhalter Dorothy Fessenden, Annette Powell. Lois Hadin. Mary Esther Cretsinger. PIANO QUARTET 44 K STANDING: Hubbard. Wagner, Worrell, Ming, Pankey, K. Dyer, McHenry, Gooden, Co-Captain; Coach Ashby. SEATED: D. Dyer, Captain; Peabody, Co Captain; Burkhalter, Ensign, Campbell. Stephens. Ernst. Defying nature and tradition the first baseball team ever to represent Miltonvale Wesleyan College under the great coach- ing of Don Ashby played its first game on Homecoming Day against Friends Bible College of Haviland, Kansas. In spite of wind, sand, and dirt our boys came out on the top end of a close 3-2 ballgame. Coach and Captain going over the lineup before gome time. 47 Duane Dyer Co-Captain Safifihonian Kenny Dyer Beth Whitney Delmar Roberson Annette Bench 48 " B " SQUAD Dorothy Fessenden R. Vteugdenhil. D. Harms, W. Wagner. L. Campbell. G. Cox. B. Henderson. Marcia Nelson Kenny Tollefson Co-Captain 49 ... . • — 1 : » 1 ■ : m Ronnie Burkhalfer Co-Captain Francis Hubbard Athenaeums X Ruth Maynard Winston Stephens Dorothy Robbins 50 " B " SQUAD ' J% " Charlane Reisdorph LeRoy Ming Mascot J . r ' 1 ' s m n ' ' ■■ S M t._7 I FIRST ROW: C. Gooden, Moulton, Strong. Gowan. K. Gooden. SECOND ROW: Kient , Ming. Allison. Campbell. Lester Ensign ' ' i I : !!;!■»•!) vai ' " ' ' i Kenny Gooden Co-Captain «;! :i-t 51 The Athletic Association under the direction of Coach Ashby supervised and promoted all athletic events of the school year. The association is composed of three members of each society. This representative group assisted Mr. Ashby in scheduling all intra-mural games and society contests. The athletic activities have been high- lights of our school year for participants as well as for spectators. COACH ASHBY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 3. Hillen, K. Dyer. R, Burkhaltet, W. Lloyd. L. Jones. Mr. AsHby. 52 umUUn ' lumbleweed Worrell Worrell Fowler A N D S T A N D H E A D N D ARM STAND Roberson-Ashby Cockroft irii iC MONKEY ROLL Worrel I -Dyer-Beals CENTIPEDE Fowler, Goldsmith, Blaine, Ellsberry, Beals, Roberson, Ashby 53 Qinb Dn Fessenden-Ernst, Hadin-Nelson ■Action Burris-On Ernst-Fessenden G Y M C L A S 54 Uhe 3aUuloua 3ive Wolvenineo. 3 n t n a m u n a I 1 e a m Lion Pea Pickena HaxA ka Ihe 3-JD JDemoni 55 i m. WMk Ti- (1 " ■ 1 . I .1 .1 Y jjf-Y ' - Dave Tollie Jt J Qlance Millie ' n Phyllis J 1 1 " - - b i i ii " ' mi ! - 56 Ralph ' n Charlie Hold It! I Wes . v Camiiua ■X::, ' t Dayton A. Manker Pastor Colleqe Chufich The Miltonvale Wesleyan College church has made rapid strides adjusting to a new place of worship and a new pastor. A home-like atmosphere where everyone feels quite at ease has already developed, and the services are occasions of many rich blessings. We feel happy to serve in this field. It is more than a local church. Its challenge and, doubtless, its influence is more than that with- in any local conference. The responsibility is great, but greater is the available help from above! Rev. and Mrs. Manker 58 " I consider It an honor to be sup- ported by the students of Miltonvale. I appreciate your prayers and interest in the work in Sierra Leone. May God reward you each as you have shared the burden of reaching Africa ' s lost for Christ. " Instructor Solomon Kargbo and students of the new primary school at Kabgeri. Yniimionaniea Mr. Harvey Knowlton. " The field of medical missions is more challenging than ever. The patients at our Kamakwie Hospital, Sierra Leone, increase and come from more distant places all the time, thus making the Gospel available to a great many places we will never be able to reach. In order to meet the needs of the multi- tudes that come for treatment more effi- ciently, a new unit is being built for in- patients this year. Mr. Harvey Knowlton ' • is the builder whom God has sent for this task. Thank you for your continued prayerful interest in our work. " Miss Betty Nelle Freeborn. 59 W ' f! ' " ?! ' mR|llil| ! yusf ' ? Ml ott Hall Our ' Ma ' Sanders who lives in old Abbott had so many boys she didn ' t know what to do. So, she sent some of her flock over to Jones Hall for Mr. Ashby to come at their beck and their call. The outcomes of Friday night ad- ventures, the results of grade cards, anxiety before games, and many other activities combine to make up life in Abbott and Jones Halls. ' Ma ' Sanders is certainly a handy person to have around. There isn ' t much she won ' t tackle, whether it is to spray a throat or give some experi- enced advice. One of the most valued phases of life in the dormitories is the wonderful Christian atmosphere which is appreci- ated by all . FIRST ROW: Cook, C. Gooden, Phipps, Hansen, Donaldson. SECOND ROW: Cox, Campbell, Ernst, ' Ma ' Sanders. THIRD ROW: Cockroft, W. Pankey, Kientz, Gowan. FOURTH ROW: Elsberry, K. Dyer, Vruegdenhil. FIFTH ROW: Reisdorph, Worrell, K. Gooden, Laveau, Anderson, Hubbard. SIXTH ROW: Moulton, HiUen, Johnson, P. Pankey. OFFICERS; President . Vice-Pres Roberson, Secretary .Cockroft dents. Dyer and Ernst Treasurer Haskell One End. Who this time? the other end OFFICERS: President .Schwarz Vice-President . Johnson Secretary. Wessel Treasurer . Sandoz Heiten Hall " Sugar and spice and everything nice. " That ' s what ' Mom ' Shirbroun ' s girls are like. One of the most educational and unforgettable experiences of school days is life in the dormitories. Many exciting things occur that make living in Hester Hall enjoyable. You are apt to hear someone shout, " Run, hurry, girls. Here she comes with that sticky tube of tooth- paste! " You can usually hear a " buzz-buzz " in one of the cozy rooms where a group has gathered to eat popcorn and talk over the day ' s events and Friday night dates. Then there are the times when signs are hung on the doors which read, " Busy, Do Not Enter. " These attacks of studiousness usually come only near mid or end of semester. FIRST ROW: Burns, J. Johnson, Reno, Steward, Sandoz, Bench, Cretsinger, Sutton, E. Shirbroun, M. Johnson, Heilman, Bedient, Schwarz, Swank, Campbell, Buck, M. Jones. SECOND ROW: Gowan, Bates, Hale, Jacobsen, Abarr, Nelson, Bliss, Maynard, Clemenson, Wessel, McGraw, Purington, L. Jones, Lloyd, Ernst. THIRD ROW: M. Shirbroun, Hunter, Cammack, Hadin, Shaw. ' HSfoJ ••rr ' « ■)» s xy»; ,=r: iffiCitf(;i I : s;i " ;. Kr; ' 5. ■ mrMiaiTicraae aiiBTasijliai S SMr- 61 onea Hall SEATED: Cretsinger, Hayward, Peabody, Mitchell, Sivertsen. STANDING: Blain, Ausun, Wagner, Harms, Ashby, Haskell, Burkhalter, Roberson. Home Students FIRST ROW: L. Mason, N. Mason, Reisdorpli. B. Whitney, Wiit, Gary, R. Whitney, Ott, Lippe, Young, G. Hoerner. Manker , Andrews, Marsh, Thompson, V. Comfort. SECOND ROW: J. Henderson, Y. Hunsinger, E. Hunsinger. Robbing, Nofsinger, L. Strong, R. Strong, Braun, Turner, Powell, Fessenden, Loveland, D. Camp- bell. C. Seals. R. Hoerner, G. Beals, D. Strong, Butler, Dixon. THIRD ROW: W. Goldsmith, M. McHeniy, Dyer, C. McHeniy, Gilger. F. Rothfuss, Ferguson, Tollefson, Stephens, B. Henderson, B. Campbell, Simpson, C. Rothfuss, Fowler. L. Rothfuss. Betters. FOURTH ROW: Fuller, E. Ming, D. Hunsinger, L. Campbell, G. Allen. Allison. HFTH ROW: M. Comfort, L. Ming, Rupert, D. McHenry. Ensign, D. Goldsmith. i lHs.c ' kfv 62 Ofcfcicc SecnetanceA Nelson, Bedient, Manker, Cammack, Schwarz, Buck. LH nanif laaiatanta Cockroft, Harms, Bliss, Shaw, Wessel, Buel, Campbell, Elsberry. ■, ' A 1 ' . ( 11 " . i-A I 63 Peggotty Edward and Jane Murdstone, and Clara Copperfield Aunt Betsy and Jane The first All-School Play, " David Copperfield, " was presented October 12, 1956, climaxing the Harvest Home Activities. The play was a great success and was enjoyed by all who attended. David Copperfield was left fatherless when just a young boy. Mrs. Copperfield soon married the heartless Mr. Murdstone, who sent the boy off to work in a London shop. Things went badly for David there, and he soon ran away to his rich Aunt Betsy Trotwood ' s. There David found mystery, romance, and happiness. THE CAST OF CHARACTERS WAS AS FOLLOWS: David Copperfield. boy, Lyle Campbell, as a young man, Charles Reisdorph; Mrs. Clara Copperfield, Lorene Schwarz; Peggotty, Roberta Sample; Edward Murdstone, Paul Pankey; Jane Murdstone, Alice Turner; Wilkins Macawber, Russell Hayward; Mrs. Macawber, Lavonne Jones; Aunt Betsy Trotwood, Alice Sandoz; Mr. Dick, H.A. Worrell; Uriah Beep, David Goldsm ith; Agnes Wickfield, Beth Whitney; Jane, Dorothy Robbins; Stranger, Robert Moulton. 64 OPEN DOORS OF CHRISTIAN SERVICE AWAIT TRAINED AND CONSECRATED WESLEYAN YOUTH JESUS CHRIST NEEDS YOU Wesleyan Missionary Society Department of Home Missions (and Church Extension) Harold K. Sheets, Secretary-Treasurer 124 W. 39th Street, Marion, Indiana Ki Compliments of the WOMAN ' S MISSIONARY SOCIETY Ruby Reisdorph, President M.W.C. We have given you our best. . . Our Young People Morgan Chapel Wesleyan Methodist Church Ames, Kansas Rev. Don Rothfuss, Pastor FOREIGN DEPARTMENT building the Church overseas. . . . New Address 4800—4900 South Washington Street Marion, Indiana Wesley Press F. R. Eddy, Manager Publishers of Church Periodicals THE WESLEYAN METHODIST THE WESLEYAN YOUTH THE WESLEYAN MISSIONARY Sunday School Quarterlies and Paper All Publications Based Upon Holiness Doctrines Headquarters for Bibles, Testaments, commentaries, religious books, general church and Sunday School supplies. Why not invest in dependable annu- ities where your money will continue to serve the church after your death: Write for detailed information 330 East Onondaga Street, Syracuse 2, New York hr-., Baccalaureate Sunday Morning MARION COLLEGE Marion, Indiana " At the Crossroads of the Church " The A.B. degree in Liberal Arts The B.S. in Ed. degree in Education for both elementary and secondary teachers The A.B. degree with religion major for Christian workers The Th. B. degree for a 5th year in Religion Special opportunities in Music, Art, Speech, Home Economics New modern dormitory to house TOO men A catalogue on request Wm . F. McConn, President J WE ARE BEHIND YOU, M.W.C. Rev. Dudley O. Dorr President Rev. W. C. Brannon Vice-president " We are boosters for M.W.C. " ALVA WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH 302 Church Street Alva, Oklahoma Rev. Dudley O. Dorr, Pastor We recognize that a denomination is weak or strong depending on whether its educational institutions are weak or strong. We are pray- ing that Miltonvale Wesleyan College may be strong. . . Spiritually - Financially - Numerically. WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Third at Brookfield PONCA CITY, OKLAHOMA Rev. Marvin E . Jones, Pastor " Proclaiming the Wesleyan Message. " Sapfihonian Litenanif Societij. A GREAT CAMPMEETING (Dedication of New Tabernacle 1956. M.W.C. Ladies Quintette Singing.) CAMP MEETING CHARLES CITY, IOWA AUGUST 4-11, 1957 Dr. Myron Boyd, Evangelist Rev. Gerald Carry, Evangelist Prof. Herman Baker, Musician IOWA -MINNESOTA CONFERENCE Rev. Clarence Budensiek, President 1608 Scoggin Street Cedar Falls, Iowa A GROWING CONFERENCE ' I i-iii- nilntfr ' ' ' y ' - ' - - ' ' " • FIRST WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH South at Hammond Waterloo, Iowa Pledges its support of Miltonvale Wesleyan College through its: Pastor, Robert A. Howlett W.M.S. Pres., Mrs. Rose Janssen Senior 5. S. Supt., Howard Yarrington Junior S.S. Supt., Mrs. Mildred Jamieson Wesleyan Youth Pres., Ardyce Schake Y.M.W.B. Supt., Mrs. Virginia Akeright (Interior of t he new sanctuary). " A Friendly, Missionary -minded Church in the Great City of Lakes! " Gerald A. Woater, Faster Donald Kinde, Music Director III Wesleyan Youth and Beulah Wesleyan Methodist Church Gillingham, Wisconsin Rev. Carl Holder, Pastor WAITE PARK WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH 33rd Ave. at Lincoln St. N. E. Minneapolis, Minn. Rev. and Mrs. Oswald Zobrist and Family Our Missionaries to French West Africa FIRST WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH 1406 School Street Rockford, Illinois Dedicated to the Message of Holiness Rev. Mrs. Wm. H Dyer, Pastors THE OREGON CONFERENCE IS SUPPORTING M. W. C. Rev. D.H. Cline President R. 2, Box 296 B Aurora, Oregon Rev. Ira C. Gross Vice-president 7518 N. Chicago Portland 3, Oregon RUSSELLVILLE WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH N.E. 96th Avenue Glisan, Portland, Oregon frrrrr ' ffvTi — j Visiting Portland? Attend Russellville Church! Rev. Herman A. Smith, Pastor Greetings ! CRAWFORDSVILLE COMMUNITY CHURCH Crawforckville, Oregon John 7:37-38 Rev. Paul Turnidge, Pastor Johnson ' s Comer ' s Wesleyan Methodist Church and Wesleyan Youth " A Lighthouse on a Hill " Rev. Ellis SoUie, Pastor WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Redfleld, South Dakota Rev. W.J. Leyh, Pastor " We Believe In Our School. " MOUNT VERNON WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Mount Vernon, South Dakota Paul Faulkenberry, Pastor " Congratulations to the Class of 1957 " " Hold forth the Word of Life. " WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Almont, North Dakota Rev. Robert McCoy, Pastor LOYALTON WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Loyalton, South Dakota Rev. Walter Kemp, Pastor AVON WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Avon, South Dakota Rev. Rudy Hauck, Pastor " The Lighthouse on the Corner with the Full Gospel preached to all the world. " WATFORD CITY Our Students, Finance, and Prayers Are Backing You Miltonvale College! WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Watford City, North Dakota " A place where men come to worship and depart to serve. " Rev. P.P. Davidson, Pastor. WESLEYAN YOUTH OF FIRST WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Rapid City, South Dakota W.D. Shelor, Pastor. Los Angeles (El Sereno Dist.) WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH 3351 N. Eastern Ave. Near Huntington Drive Los Angeles, California Rev. Arthur E. Depew Rev. Esther L, Depew WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH O ' Neill, Nebraska " We ' re Backing Our School. " Duane Lauber, Pastor Colorful and World-Renowned Pasadena, California is backing Miltonvale College YOU NEED US Athletic Talented Hospitable Enthusiastic Triumphant I ngenious Genial Energetic Reliable Spiritual Noteworthy A mbitious Efficient U nequalled Masterful WE WANT YOU THE KANSAS CONFERENCE AND CAMP MEETING Eighty Seventh Annual Session 1957 August 6-10 Conference August 11-18 Camp Meeting REV. J. PAUL HILL Roanoke, Virginia Evangelist REV. H.E. ENTY Colorado Springs. Colorado Song Evangelist REV. LYNN F. DELEHOY Arkansas City, Kansas Children ' s Worker REV. N4ERVIN C. BIDVVELL Spring Arbor, Michigan Evangelist " FREE SALVATION FOR ALL MEN, FULL SALVATION FROM ALL SIN ' MILTONVALE CAMPGROUND For Further Information Write: Rev. C.W. Dunbar, Conference President, Box 536, Miltonvole, Kansas F. C. HILL MEMORIAL WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Miltonvale, Kansas Rev. D.A. Manker, Pastor HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD The F.C. Hill Memorial Church is a beautiful building and is the fulfillment of long planning and the result of much sacrifice and devotion. These investments are amply compensated for in the joy of attainment. It is good to behold students from 17 states and Korea with members of the faculty, local farmers, merchants, mechanics, school teachers and retired ministers, ail ming- ling together as one, in worship of our wonderful Lord! The new church has enlarged the field of service in the community. WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH HOLINESS UNTO THE lORD For Miltonvale Wesleyan College we ore Praying, Paying, Sending To our college we send this message of exhortation, " Contend earnestly for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints " , that we as an Area might receive in dividends, Spirit-filled, Spirit-trained ministers that are flames of fire ready to serve this generation . KANSAS CITY FIRST CHURCH 1608 Richmond Rev. R.C. Stephens, Pastor Kansas City, Kansas KANSAS WESLEYAN YOUTH UNITED FOR TRUTH Annual Conference - Youth Camp August 12-16 ' June 17-21 KANSAS WESLEYAN YOUTH: • Attend M.W.C. • Believe in M.W.C. • Support M.W.C. Donald W. Edward, Vice-president Bonnie Laflin, Secretary Ronald R. Brannon, Public Relations Alice Edwards, Treasurer Wayne E. Caldwell, President CONCORDIA WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH 7th and Washingrton Concordia, Kansas We pledge our loyal support to M. W. C. Harold B. Hotchkiss, pastor. HALL WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Delphos, Kansas Our on-coming youth Are coming-on to you. Miltonvole Wesleyan College, We pledge support to you. Fred T. Klatt, Pastor THE GAGE PARK WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH EIGHTH and OAKLET St. TOPEKA, KANSAS Friendly — Missionary — Evangelistic Worship with us when in Topeka. Frank Gilger, Pastor ln M. • — mb» 1 7th N Streets 1619 I Street BELLEVILLE, KANSAS ' The Crossroads of America ' E.E. Brannon, Pastor WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH 8106 Olive Street Kansas City, Missouri Rev. Lowell Gilger, Pastor Wesleyan Methodist Church Poyntz at S. Manhattan Ave. Manhattan, Kansas E. A. Coates, Pastor WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Eskridge, Kansas We Are Backing M.W.C. Rev. Mrs. Robert T. Moore, Pastors " Hear and your soul shall live " THE FIRST WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Augusta, Kansas Pioneer church organized in June 1956 with 21 full members, 10 junior members and 1 associate member " THE FRIENDLY CHURCH with a CHRIST CENTERED MESSAGE " H.J. Rothfuss Pastor ALLEN ' S GROCERY Your Jack Sprat Store Fresh Meats and Vegetables " There is no substitute for quality " Phone 40 We Deliver Daily MILTONVALE SHOE REPAIR and UPHOLSTERY SHOP George Dixon, Propr. Miltonvale, Kansas MILTONVALE RECORD Job Printing MILTONVALE CLEANERS Cleaning — Pressing Altering Pick up and delivery at Boy ' s and Girl ' s Dormitories Mr. Mrs. K. Wiieeler, Proprietors HOME CHURCH SCHOOL The Foundation of a Nation WE SUPPORT THEM MILTONVALE LUMBER and COAL CO. Phone 74 Miltonv ale, Kansas JENNING ' S CASH STORE Groceries — Meats Fresh Fruits and Vegetables DON LAMBERT CHEVROLET COMPANY Sales General Repairing Service Wrecker Service - Body and Fender Work Phone 46 Miltonvale The Citizen ' s State Bank Miltonvale, Kansas " Just a Good Safe Place to Bank " Maximum Insurance $10,000 For Each Depositor $10,000 ' FURNITURE liia at ' PHELPS FURNITURE STORE Boosters of M.W.C. Toys Candy JONES VARIETY STORE Miltonvale, Delphos, Glasco, Kansas Stationery School Supplies Notions Dry Goods Gathers Hardware Plumbing — Heating Whirlpool Washers and Dryers Best Paint Sold Best Paint Sold Paints and Varnishes Phone 69 Miltonvale, Kansas INSLEY OIL COMPANY M. R. INSLEY Bulk Agent ART LAVOIE Service Station MILTONVALE LOCKER PLANT Miltonvale, Kansas Serving the Community PALMER PHELPS AGENCY Miltonvale, Kansas Insurance We Administer Estates Consult us if you have a problem. Raise Quality Chinchillas Chinchillas for sale at MARTIN ' S CHINCHILLA RANCH Miltonvale, Kansas VISITORS WELCOME THE KANSAS POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY AHRENDES CLOTHING Ladies ' Men ' s Ready-to-Wear SHOES FOR THE FAMILY CHILDREN ' S CLOTHING ACCESSORIES ROTHFUSS GROCERY Miltonvale Phone 55 Kansas BEGNOCHE OIL CO. TEXACO PRODUCTS Complete One Stop Station Phone 2 Miltonvale, Kansas JIM ' S SERVICE STATION Gas for Less Washing and Greasing On Highway 24 to Miltonvale A. P. LANGE JEWELRY Watches - Diamonds - Silverware Gift Items Miltonvale, Kansas LASSEY HARDWARE PLUMBING CO. MILTONVALE, KANSAS Water supplies Well drilline Plumbing Heating Electrical Urban Barber Shop Miltonvale, Kansas MING REPAIR SHOP General Mechanical Work Motor OveThauling Welding Tires Tubes Parts Phone 96 Miltonvale SMITH FEED GRAIN CO. POULTRY and LIVESTOCK FEED SEED FERTILIZER Phone 202 Miltonvale, Kansas SHARP OIL AND PROPANE CO. Washing Greasing Tires and Tubes Propane and Butane Phone 1 1 Miltonvale, Kansas rjK " . a; Powell Standard Service Clay Center, Kansas CLAY CENTER AUTO PARTS Accessories and Supplies 512 Lincoln Avenue Phone 540 Clay Center, Kansas Dr. Lloyd E. Alquist Dr. Duane E. Kolterman -Dentiste- Union State Bank Bldg. Phone 356 Clay Center, Kansas When you think of giving, think of giving your PORTRAIT The gift that ' s always timely for friends, for family—and for you. BRINERS STUDIO 430V2Lincoln Ave. Clay Center, Kansas Bauer ' s Laundry Dry Cleaners Pick-up Delivery Complete Wardrobe and Linen Service 415 Court Phone 112 Clay Center, Kansas BENNETT JEWELRY Diamonds and Watches Our Specialty! " Where Quality Tells and Price Sells " Clay Center, Kansas KENTS FLOWERS Phone 90 Clay Center, Kansas MONTGOMERY WHOLESALE " The Best Place To Trade " Clay Center, Kansas DR. FELIX M. VINCENT Chiropractor Chiropractic has helped millions. What chiropractic has done for others it may do for your friend, your loved one, or yourself. CLAY CENTER, KANSAS Res. Phone: 231 Office Phone: 277 W. L. Haase, 0. D. optometrist Glasses Fitted and Eyes Examined Phone 412 Clay Center, Kansas Clay Center Publishing Co. Clay Center, Kansas Publishers of CLAY CENTER DISPATCH An Exclusive Daily Newspaper Commercial Printing Printers For Mil-Wes-Co Mirror and Miltonvale Wesleyan College Newsletter Phone 21 Elliott Drug Co. YOUR 1 Clay Center, Kansas ROBERT W. ELLIS SHOES 519 1 2 Washington Concordia, Kansas " Your foot comfort is our concern " THE FLOWER SHOP Downtown 329 W. 6th Phone 1014 CONCORDIA, KANSAS DR. C. J. WHITNEY and DR. H. C. HATTAN Concordia, Kansas Drink C If o iv Nehi Flavors Upper 10 Beloit, Kansas Fairmont Foods Company " Quality Dairy Products " CONGRATULATIONS MILTONVALE! YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL COLLEGE CHURCH! WESTERN GROCER Manhattan, Kansas Jack Sprat Quality Foods The pews were manufactured and installed by PRAIRIE STATES WOOD ARTS REDFIELD, SOUTH DAKOTA H.W. CRETSINGER, Manager ENGLEWOOD WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH 15 1 2 miles northeast of Phillipsburg, Kansas Boosting M.W.C. with PUBLICITY FINANCES Wilford Kaufmann PRAYERS Pastor CLAY CENTER WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Corner of 8th and Lincoln WESLEYAN YOUTH BACKING OUR SCHOOL L.R. Fletcher Pastor lutoqnap.hii ' " YEARBOOKS COVFR HI MYERS

Suggestions in the Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) collection:

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