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-■b f i Enid A. I Audrey Oi e Dan Huffman - — Gene Stanv aau V ;e.l.y L. KnapP Editor-i " •Cliwt Assistant Edit Busine Manasrev Assis ,tant Busines s M?v- Faculty Spon o Published l.y the Student Body of Miltonvale Wesleyan College, Miltonvale, Kansas j » K FOREWORD To bring- to you memories of College Hill and to record the places you went, the way you lived, the people you saw. the feelings you had, the way you laughed, the spiritual victories, some things you learned — some things you have forgotten are the objectives for which we hav striven in the 1950 Sunflower. CONTENT " THE HILL " CALLED HOME GUIDANCE AND GOVERNMENT THE PARCHMENT PARADE TRODDING THE WELL-TRODDEN PATH COME ALL YE FAITHFl L IN SPECIAL RECOGNITION THERE WILL BE A MEETING BED, BOARD, AND SCHOOL LIFE CHEERS AND CHALLENGES AIDS TO COLLEGE LIVING " n -r. ; iOMINIS TRATION 15uiLDING- .s tf - ' Campus Vi-ew COLL€Gt. Inn nstructors n the art of building To the fine design Of life ' s great architect Our kindly helpers were In classroom and at play. A chapel for the soul They helped us build, A place of prayer and pi ' aise, And for the mind A stately foyer make, Where Plato, Shakespeare, Bach, and Lincoln Each his place assumes. A " nock " for lighter moods We builded there. And for this all Our earthen house They helped us to prepare That He may find Fit dwelling there. Who wrought the whole design. Wayne Cooper k . W. S. FREEBORN n. llv .. A.B., M. Rel., R.D. President of C ' cilleye 10 Greetings from the President Miltonvale Wesleyaii College iiicoriiorates the geoyraiihieal area of the United States from Canada south to Mexico an d from the Mississippi River west to the Pacific Ocean. In her student body are students from eighteen staters representing eight differ- ent denominations. Miltonvale College is an institution founded and organized for the purpose of offer- ing Christian education to a worthy and deserving youth. You of this student body are those noble youth. You are important to us. Without you we could not exist. However, you have come here for a greater purpose than to make contribution to our continued existence. Y ' ou have come that we might malte contribution to your future welfare, ihrough Christian training for Christian service. Thus we enjoy mutual interests, and share in recijirocal service. In this cooperative enterprise, two sides are presented: that of the Institution and ihat of the student. It is our responsibility to present an opportunity. It is yours a) sieze upon it, improve and develop it to the full. It is our purpose to channel your opjjor- tunities int o cuUural, intellectual, and spiritual development. Our chief aim then is to offer education in such a Christian environment as to make possible the achieving of these worthy goals. To those of you who are leaving the lialls of iVI. V. ( ' .. we bid you God-speed. As you leave our campus remember you have been trained to serve God and man in the church ami Slate. We are depending upon you. WESLEY KNAPP Th.B., A.B., A.M. Dean of the Collej e History and Bible ELVIE TURNER Tli.B., A.B., AM. Englisli Science CHARLES WILSON A.B.. B.D. Dean of Men Tiiet)log ' y Greek ADMINISTRATION E. STANLEY BANKER, ,IR. A.E., B.S., A.M. Principal of the High School Mu. ' ic Education FRANCES BUEL B.S.. A.M. Social Science EDWARD ANGELL A.B.. A.M.. B.D. Theolog-y 12 ELEANOR EMRICK WEXDELL CAMPBELL MRS. WILLIAM HOTCHKL-S A.B. A.B., M.S. A.B. Spanish English Psychology Sociology Speech English AND FACULTY AUBREY E. DAVIDSON RUTH .lOHNSON LLOYD V. SNODGRASS B.S., M.S. B.M. A.B. Science Music Theory Piano Commercial Leave of Absence 1949-1950 13 JESSIE TAYLOR GLEN ROCHAT EMMA DURKEE B.M. B.S. Registrar Instruments Piano Pliysioal Education Mathematics FACULTY MRS. .MILT(.)X WIRT Commercial MILT(.)X WIRT Commercial Bookl eeper t ' , J %. MRS. EDITH GUM Cook 14 LOUISE HEDLUXD Seuretai y to President raiBERT HOLLEN Mnintenunce RAYMOND GILBERT Maintenance AND ASSISTANTS LIBRARIANS Maxine Bing-anian, Miss Frances Buel. Dale Roberts, Enid Powell, Barbara Gisselbeck. e .T CUSTODIANS Richard Brown, Charles Beshtel. Donald Olmsted, Walter Rowell, Elmer Braiinon. 15 17 SENIORS FRED BINGAMAN Miltonvale, Kansas Theology Diploma " True holiness is the most practical possession in the world. " Sapphonian. Dakota Club, Gospel Team. MAXIXE BINGAMAN Miltonvale, Kansas B. Rel. " A contented e-xperienL-e is the sweetness of ex- istence. " S.ipphonian, Dakota club, A Capella Choir, Sunflower Staff, MilWes- Co Mirror, Lilii ' arian, Gos- Ijel Team. Basketball, Softball. WILLIS CHAMBERS Miltonvale. Kansas B. Rcl. " He who is firm of will nioltls the world t,i him- self. " Sapphonian, Club, Veteran. Miltonvaio THEODORE HAUX Silesia, Montana B. Rel. " Victoiy belongs to the most persevering-. " Athenaeum, Dakota Club, Orcliestra, Gospel Team, Prayer Band Of- ficer, H o m e Visitation Crusade, Ba.seball, Vetei-- an. GENEVIEVE HENLEY Box 30.5, Carlsbad. Calif. B. Rel. " Tile soul of improve- ment is the improvement of the soul. " Transfer — Los Angeles Pacific College. Sapphon- ian, Westerners ' Club, Class Officer, Spanisli Club, Gospel Team. A Capella Choir, Basketball. DANIEL HUFFMAN 1401 Washington St. Waterloo, Iowa B. Rel. RICHARD .lAMIESON .SOI Fowler St. Waterloo. Iowa B. Rel. " He has a genial na- " His word was ever lure, and a wealth of fel- jileasant. his maimer ever lowship. " sunny. " Athenaeum. Iowa Club. Athleti; Assn., College Cjuaittt, Other Quartets, Baseball, Basketball, A Capella Choir, Religious Council, Snack .Shop Mgr., Business Mgr. — Sunflower Staff, Lit. Soc. Office), Veteran. Athenaeum, luwa Club, .A Capella Choir, Chorus. FRED KLATT i Iiltonvale, Kansas B. Rel. " True to his work, his word, and his friends. " Athenaeum. Westerners ' Club. Band, Orchestra, President Student Council, Men ' s Pra,ver Band, A Capella Choir, Gospel Team, S ' p a n i s h Club, Chorus, Veteran. 18 SENIORS -. ib iiiS li I. i i U(_)YLE LAMM Miltonv.ile. Kansas B. Rt ' l. " A man with a worthy LESTER MORGAN Oak Hill, Kansas Theology DiphiMui PAUL NOE Gray, Oklahoma B. Rfl. DONALIi li,Al l Miltonvale. Kansas B. Rel. " An honest man ' s the noblest work of God. " " The best of lifi- is to " God foibid that I purpose and a noble task. " spend it for soinethin ' .i should ylory, save in the which outlasts it. " eross. " Athenaeum, Miltonvale Sapphonian. Kansas Sapphonian, Oklahoma Club. Class Officer. Chor- Club, Student Pastor. Club, Pres. Home V ' isita- us. Chorus, Prayer B; ' nd Of- tion Crusade, Chorus, ficer. Class Office!-. Prayer Band Officer. Athenaeum, Miltonvale Cluli, Veteran. AVA ROOT 113 Richer St. Waterloo, Iowa B. Rel. " Holiness is the sym- metry of the soul. " Athenaeum, Iowa ' Mu " -, Gospel Team. Girls ' Piav- er Band. LEONARD ROOT ll:i Richer St. Waterloo, Iowa B. Rel. " Fervent in spirit. " Athenaeum, Iowa Club, Religious Council, (;o- i)el Team. Class Officer. WILBER ROTHFUSS Miltonvale, Kansas B. Rel. " Shun not the struggle, face it: it is God ' s gift. " .athenaeum, K :i n s a s Club, (Jospel Team. GERALD WOLTER Redfield, South Dakota B. Rel. " Good grades are indi- cative of a good mind; he has both. " Athenaeum. Dakota Club, Editor — UilWesCo Mirror, Ass ' t. Editor — Sunflower Staff, Editor — Suirflower Staff, Chorus, Mixeti Quartet, Gospel Tea m, Hannoneers, A Capella Choir, Art Clu ' o Instructor, Gospel Team, Home Visitation Crusade, Book Store Mgr., Choir Chalk Artist. 19 SENIORS ' «» ' ' K £ ELMER BRANNON 924 Main. Enid. OkUi. College " Systematic in his work, he has a study period once a semester. " Athenaeum, Miltonvak- Club, A Cauella Choir. Chorus. Softball, Baseball, Basketball. Sunflower Staff, Stuilent Council. INEZ HART Indeijendence, Iowa College " Winning is her way and pleasant is her smile. " Sapphonian, Iowa Club, . jianisli Clul). THELMA HOTCHKISS Miltonvale, Kansas College " I opened the door of my heai-t, and behold, there is music within. " Sapphonian, Miltonval? Club, A Capella Choir, College Tiio, Sextet, Cho- lus, Softball. Basketball, Cheei ' Lea.ler, Piano Quar- U-t. Alto Soloist. VELMA HOTCHKISS Miltonvale. Kansas College " She hides her troubles in her music and cheers the paths foi ' others. " Sapphonian, Miltonvale Club, A Capella Choir, College Trio, Sextet, Cho- rus, Softball, Basketball, Cheer Leader, Sunflower Staff, Athletic Ass ' n., Piano Quartet, MilWesCo Mirror, Soprano Soloist, HELEN KELLER Spooner, Wisconsin College " A lively girl who sees the .ioy in life. " Athenaeum, Wisconsin Club, Art Club, Home Visitation Ci-usade, Cho- rus, Sunflower Staff, Ba?- ketball. Volleyball, Soft- ball. BEATRICE PERDUE 9.-« N. 4th Ponca City. Oklahoma College " The more you know her the lietter you like her. " Athenaeum, Oklahoma Club, A Capella Choii, College Trio, Spanish Club, Sextet, MilWe.sCo Mirror. ENID POWELL Miltonvale. Kansas College " Not merely sneet, earnest and neat, but ca- pable as w-ell. " Sapphonian, Miltonv.ile Club, A Capella Choir, Chorus, Softball, Basket- ball, Ass ' t. Editor — Sun- flower, E il i t " r — Sun- flower, Art Club, Spanish Club, Libiarian, Lit. Soc. Officer. Gospel Team. DOROTHY S ' CHALLING 245 N. 17th St. Kansas City, Kansas " Studious but full of fun. ready to help in all that ' s done. " Athenaeum. Kansas Club. Gospel Team, Sun- flower Staff, Choi-us, Art Club, Home Visitation Crusade. 20 SENIORS ELINOR TITUS 601 Gilbert St. Chailes City, Iowa College " Her ways are of pleas- ant)iess, lier paths of peace " Sapphonian, Iowa Club, Chorus, Gospel Team, A Capella Choir. RAYMOND ANDERSON Miltonvale, Kansas Academy " A man of few words. " .Atlif ' jiaeum, Kansas Club. Basketball. ■I DONNA LOU BESS 2039 N. Frankfoit Tulsa, Oklahouia Academy " She has pep enough for three; in every sport she ' s sure to be. ' ' Transfei- — Tulsa Centr.U High. Athenaeum, Okla- homa Club, Chorus, Acad- emy Choir, Triole Trio, Band, Clrchestra, Cheer Leader. iU » ♦ FRED CEARNS Atkinson, Nebraska Academy " I ' m not as bashful as I look. " Tiansfer — Atkinson High, Sapphonian, Nebras- ka Club, Chorus, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Vol- leyball. WILMA COCKRELL 219 S. 16th St. Enid, Oklahoma Academy " Bubbling over with laughter and fun. " Athenaeujn, Oklahoma Club, Chorus, MilWesCo Mirror, Sunflower Staff, Class Officer, RUTH DEBORD R. No. 1, ' . Penncraft E. Millslioro, Penna. Academy " Ready for anything vou :usk. be it fun or task. " Transfer — Brownsville Senior H i g h. Athenae- um, Gospel Team. Chorus, Softball, Easterners ' Club. LOIS DOTY Spencer, Nebraska Academy " Modest yet capable; unassuming yet persis- tent. " .Atheiiaeum, Nebraska Club, Chorus, P r a y e r Band Leader. Softball, Spanish. Club, Home Vis- itation Crusade. I i V fC V ' PHIL EDWARDS Ellsworth, Kansas Academy " He is a gentleman, a student, and a g ' od sport — a combination hard to beat. " Athenaeum, Kansas Club, Student Council, Religious Council, College Quartet, Other Quartets, Chorus, A Capella Choir, Academy Choir. 21 SENIORS : r J DORIS FAY 1301 Oakland Topeka, Kansas Academy " Always a sparkle in her eyes and a smile on her lips. " Athenaeum, K a n s a ' : Club, Chorus, Basketbal!, Softball, Athletic Ass ' n. AVA GARRISON Aurora, Kansas Academy " Even if I ' m not tall. I ' d rather be not at all. " Athenaeum, Kansas Club. liort than Chi ROBERT GIRARD Lonffview, Washington Academy " If there ' s mischief brewing- he ' s sure to be at the bottom of it. " Athenaeum, Dakota Club, Academy Choi r. Chorus, Academy Quar- tet, Religious Council, Mil- WesCo Mirror. Football, Basketball, Volleyball. DOROTHY KELLER Spooner, Wisconsin Academy " Every smile so merry, drives cares away. " Transfer — Spooner High. Athenaeum, W i s c o n sin Club, Academy Choir, Chorus, A Capella Choir, Basketball. JUNE KOLLMAN 1703 River St. Waterloo, Iowa Academy " It ' s nice to 111. ' natural wlien you ' rt- natuially nice. " Transfer— West H i g b School, Waterloo. Athenae- um, Iowa Club. aat ERMA JEAN LEYH 308 N. Lincoln .Aberdeen, South Dakota Academy " A smile is the same in all languages. " Transfer — Mom oe J.. High, Aberdeen. Athenae- um, Dakota Club, Class Officer, Chorus, C h e e i Leader. 1 ' r ' i AYLO LIPPE Miltonvale, Kansas Acailemy " Quiet, thoughtful, md sincere. " Sapphonian, K i n s a s dull, MilWesCo Mirror, Chorus. Ill • V ROBERT MACY Oak Hill, Kansas Academy " Young fellows will be young fellows. " Athenaeum, Kansas Club, Baseball, Football, Basketball, V o 1 le j ball, Softball, Chorus. U 22 SENIORS DARREL MAKTl.N Hailan. Kansas Academy " A frienilly fellow with a fiiendly way. " Transfer — Gaylord Rural Hij h. Athenaeum, Kan- sas Cluh. Band, Orchestra. Camera Club, Aeailemv Choir, Football. Baseball, Basketball. Volleyball, .MAi;iLV. .MELTON L ' .SSO S.E. iSinh St. Pojtland, Oregon .Academy " Talking- and laughing- all day Ions, Teed finds life one ha]ipy song " . " Sapphonian, We.- t. ' i ners ' Club, Basketball, Softball, CUi- ' s Officer, Spanish Club, LILA OPLIGER Munden, Kansas Academy " In hei- quietnes charm, " the Transfer — Munden Pub- lic High. Sapphonian, Kansas Club, Chorus, .JANET RICE ,Slayton, Minnesota Academy " Whether rain or shine, !hi- ' s nice all the time. " Transfer— C handler High, Athenaeum, Minne- .sota Club, Chorus, Mil- WesCo Mirror, C h e e r Leader, Softball. Basket- ball, DONNA MAE ROBERSON Burr Oak, Kansas Academy " Friendliness is sonie- tlung to lie treasured. " Sapphonian. Kansas Cluh, Academy Choi r. Chorus, Camera Club, Class Officer, MilWesC-i Mirror, BONNIE STUMP Hamlin, Kansas Academy " She is individualistic with a firm resolute (jur- I»ose. " Tiansfer— F a 1 1 s City High, . tlienaeum, Kan- sas Club, A Capella Choir, Academy Choir, Chorus, Softball, Home Visitation Crusade. MARY VERMILYEA 1920 Pershing Blvd, Dayton, Ohio Academy " She ' ll find a way. " Athenaeum, C h o r u s. Academy Choir, Eastern- ers ' Cluii. SHIRLEY WHITNEY Miltonvale, Kansas Academy " F ' ull of pep and up to the minute an thing do- ing, Shirley ' .s in it. " Sapphonian, Miltonvale Club, Triple Trio, Academy Choir, Chorus, Class Of- licer, Band. •m: 23 SENIORS KATHLEEN WINTERBERG 116 W. Pipestone Ave. Flandreau, South Dakota Academy " A sunny disposition is the foundation to success. " Transfer — Flandreau Public His ' h. Sapphonian, Dakota Club. Band. Or- chestra, Chorus, Academy Choir, Sunflower Staff. Softball, Volleyball. DAROLD WOODRUFF 443 N. Cooper Ave. Coloraelo Springs, Colo. Academy " I don ' t care what hap- pens just so that it doesn ' t happen to me. " Athenaeum, Westerners ' Club, Class Officer, A Ca- pella Choir, Academy Choir, Academy Quartet, Religious Council, Stu- dent Council, Cheej- Lead- ELLWYN YARRINGTON 1224 Hartman Ave. Waterloo, Iowa Academy " Always feeling- his best when he can be a constant pest. " Athenaeum, Iowa Club, Baseball, Football, Bas- ketball, Band, Orchestra, Academy Choir. Chorus. 24 -TB ;iill»»« ' J " ' 25 UNDERGRADUATES I ' 5 ., MB BURL BATY 102 " ) N. 41 St. Lincoln, Nt ' biaska Theology WILBER BUCKLEY Miltonvale, Kansas Theology DOROTHY DEBORD East Millsboro, Rt. No. 1. ' Penncraft. Penn. Theology LULS BATY 102.5 N. 41 St. Lincoln, Nebraska Theolos y DORIS BURGE 227 E. .3rd St. Concordia, Kansas Theology GEORGE DUREY Fayette, Iowa Theology DONALD BERRY Gdlinghani, Wis. Theology EVELYN CHAPMAN Lodgepole, S. Dak. Theology DONALD EDWARDS Miltonvale, Kansas Theology CAROL BLOMBERG Miltonvale, Kansas Theologw ALLEN CLARK Minont -, Wisconsin Theology RAYMOND EDWARDS Miltonvale, Kansas Theology RONALD BRANNON Miitonvale, Kansas Theology LEWIS CURRIE i Iiltonvale, Kansas Theology RAYMOND GILBER1 Rliltonvale, Kansas Theology 26 UNDERGRADUATES AUDREY GISSELBECK Castlewood, S. Dak. Theology BARBARA GISSELBECK Canto " . S. Dak. Tlic ' oln y EVELYN GJESDAL Rt. .5, Box 155 Salem, Oregon Tlieology MAR,IORY GJESDAL Rt. 5, Box 155 Salem, Oregon Theology LEE GOODELL 25 lUth St. SW Watertown, S. Dak. Theology LOUIS ' E HEDLUND Miltonvale, Kansas Theologv ROBERT HOLLEN ; Iiltonvaie, Kansas Theology DALE HORXBACK Chambers, Neb. Theology GEORGE HUDSON Ivjnsas City, Kans. Theology EILEEN .lAMIESON 501 Fowler Waterloo, Iowa Theology MARGARET JAMIE.SON 5U1 Fowler Waterloo, Iowa Theology DONALD JONES Keene, N. Dakota Theology DELORES JOHNSON Minong. Wisconsin Theology ORLAND JOHNSON Gillingham, Wis Theology ARNOLD LARUE Milt m -ale, Kansas Theology 27 UNDERGRADUATES A i ALVIX LEISY Miltnnvak ' , Kansas Theolog-y CHARLES MADDUX 1212 East Elm Enid, Oklahoma Theology MARGERY PAIGE ELWIN PURDY Mellette. S. Dakota Rt. 5. Waterloo. la. Theology Theology WALTEi; ROWELL Zumbruta. Minn Tlieolosy ALVIN ROYALTY .Aiunsville, Oreg-on Theology MARLYS MILLER Independence. low.i Theology IVA .lAXE RICHEY 411 Center St. Alva. Oklahoma Theology OPAL ROYALTY . umsville. Oregon Theology HARRY MOELLER MARK OPLIGER Steuben. Wisconsin Morrow ' ille, Kans. Theolo ' Theology DALE ROBERTS Hadley. Penn. Theology WALTER SCHWARZ :i(J!l West 10th Waterloo, Iowa Theology CHARLES ROWELL Zmnbrota, Minn. Theology EUGENE STANISLAUS 112.5 :5rd Ave. SE Watertown, S. D. Tlieology 28 UNDERGRADUATES MARTHA STONER DOROTHY TITUS HENRY MILTON WIRT Aiiies, Kansas fiOl (;ill L-it St. VANDERBUSH Miltonvale. Kansa I ' ht ' ology Chailes Citv. Iowa Buslinell. S. Dakota Theology Thoology TliiMiloKy MILDRED ASP HaynanI Wiscon in Colleg:e MAHLON r.KEBE Box 24C Quasqueion, Io,.a CoUegf CARMEN BOLL 1728 Noitli 30th Kansas City, Kans. College MILDRED BRITTON 1608 Richmmd Kaii-as Citv. Kans. CUege MARK BUDENSIEK Znmfci ' ota Minn. College IRENE BURKS Jewell. Kansas College EUGENE COCKRELL 2198 South 16th Enid, Oklahoma Colk-ge PHYLLIS DONALDSON S andia, Kansas Collegre ROBERT ELLER C.dai. Kan-a; College ALLEN CJISSELBECK Castlewoiid, S. Dak Cdleife MAXINE HAN.SON Allieit Lea. Minn. Colleg, 29 UNDERGRADUATES 0 - 1 " . f ' LAMBERT HERMAN Greeley, Neb. College DUANE MAHIN Red Clou. I Neb. College ETHEL ROTHFUSS Miltonvale. Kansas; Special MARY HERMAN Greeley, Neb. College GERALDINE MORGAN .Steele City, Neb. College NAOMI ANDERSON Miltonva le, Kansas Academy Junior JANIS HILDEBRANDT 1022 South Duff Mitchell, S. Dakota College HAROLD THORPE Miltonvale, Kansas College CHARLES BEGHTEL Guthrie Center, la. Academy Junior DELBERT HILLEN HouKliton. S. Dak. College BETTY TURNER 3019 S. Branson Marion. Indiana College PAUL BRITTON 1608 Richmond Kansas City, Kans. Academy Junior JAMES MACY Oak Hill, Kansas College HAZEL BUCKLEY Miltonvale. Kansas Special GLADYS CAMPBELL Concordia, Kansas Academy Junior 30 UNDERGRADUATES KENNETH DYKHOFF Charles City, Iowa Academy Junior .MARILYN ERNST Miltonvale, Kansas Acatleniy Junior DARLENE FESSENDEX ililtonvale. Kansas Academy Junior GLENDA GARTON JULIA Re|)uWio, Kansas GILDERRLEEVE Academy Junior 1204 Lincoln Concordia, Kansas Academy Junior RUTH HEILMAN ARTHUR KATHRYN Green, Kansas HUMERICKHOUSE KINGSLIEN Academy Junior Ottawa, Kansas WAYNE .McCARTNEY FAITH NOFSINGER Academy Junioi- Watertown, S. Dak. Academy Junior 402 2nd Ave. NE .Miltonvale, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas .Academy Junior .Academy Junior IVAN REGNIER Lawrence, Kansas .Academy Junior DREXEL RICE Slayton, Minn. .Academv Junior LEONA RUPERT .Miltonvale. Kansas .Academy Junior MICHAEL RYAN Parker. Colorado Academy Junior PATRICK RYAN Paiker. Colorado . cadeniv .Junior " s t- ' ■ss K 31 UNDERGRADUATES EDWIN SHOOK (rieenou h, Mont. Academy Junior NORMA SLUSSER Clyde, Kansas Academy Junior TED SUFFRIDCE 1251 Sandusky Kansas City. Kan.s. Academy Junior MAVABELLE TOLLE 72. Clioctaw Alya, Oklahoma Academy Junior JOAN TURNER 3019 S. Branson Marion, Indiana Academy Junior ROSALIE WOELLHOF Clay Center, Kansas Academy Junior ESTHER WULFKUHLE . " il2 Louisiana Lawrence, Kansas Academy Junior WILBERT RICHARD PEGGY CLOUD BECKER BROWN 2312 Central Park Huron, S. Dakota Winterset, Iowa Toj.ieka, Kansas Academy Sophomore Academy Sophomore Academy Sophomore ELAINE ENGLE Abilene, Kansas Academy Sophomore ROBERT ENYEART 1332 Euclid Aye. Marion. Indiana Academy .Sophomoie DARLENE ROBERT NORMA HEM EN WAY HENDRICKS HICKMAN Rockypoint. Wyo. Atkinson, Neb. Miltonvale, Kansas .Academy Sophomore Academy Sophomore Academy Sophomore 32 UNDERGRADUATES ETHEL KLINE MAKY LOU LEONA MING JOAN ERMA PARSONS Hot S|jiinns. S. D. LARUE Auiora, Kansas NOFSINGER Burr Oak, Kansas Academy Sophomon 1328 W. llth St. Academy Sophomoi ' . ' Miltonvalc, Kansa-i Academy Sopliomore Hutcliinson, Kans. Academy Suphomurc Academy Sophomore MARJORIE LOLA PHILIP BEALS MARIE MARVIN PARSONS ROTHFUSS Clay Center. Kans. BOARDMAN BOARDMAN Miltonvalc, Kansas Morganville. Kans. Academy Freshman Miltonvale, Kansas Miltonvale, Kansas Academy Sophomore Academy Sophomore Academy Freshman Academy Freshman CAROLYN LAWRENCE MILDRED ERNST GLORIA FORTIER ROSE MARIE BUEL BUEL Miltonvale, Kansas .51!i Pickett HINNEN Jlclntosh, S. Dakota Mcintosh, S. Dakota Academy Freshman Dubuque, Iowa .Miltonvale, Kansas Academy Freshman Academy Freshman .Academy Freshman .Academy Freshman 33 UNDERGRADUATES Vi — 5 LARRY POWELL Miltonvalf. Kansas Academy Fieslimaii NEVA WOOLARD Concordia. Kansas Academy Freshman 1 ARLEN ROBERSON Biiir Oak. Kansas Academy Freshman MARVnX STRONG JUNE EVANGELINE Chambers, Neb. WHITNEY WOELLHOF Academy Freshman Miltonvale. Kansas Clay Center. Kans. Academy Fres hman Academy Freshman UNPHOTOGRAPHED GEORGE ADAMSON 1250 Second St., Brownsville, Pa. Theology .JUNE ADAMSON 12.50 Second St., Brownsville. Pa. Theolog-y GEORGE BARBER Miltonvale. Kansas Theolog ' MAXINE BARBER Miltonvale, Kansas Theolog-y HELEN YARROW Clay Centei ' , Kansas Theoloi y DOROTHY ANGELL Delphos, Kinsas Special EVELYN BANKER Miltonvale, Kansa.s Snecial MARCELLA DEBORD East Miilsboro, Rt. 1, ' A Penncraft, Pa. — Special PEARL FREEBORN Miltonvale, Kansas Special ,IANE GILBERT Miltonvale, Kansas Special LAONA LEIST Miltonvale, Kansas Special GLADYS REAM Miltonvale, Kansas Special JO ANNE NAGEL 1718 Twelfth Ave., Scottsbluff, Neb. Academy Junior RUTH ALLISON Miltonvale. Kansas .Academy Sophomore 34 SECOND SEMESTER FACULTY MEMBER Ml?. Woiiilfll C:inii)l)L-ll MiVfil very ca- pably as second semester instriiftui- In voice. She received liei- B.S ' . in EiUication ' t Em- poiia Ptate Teaclieis CdUene. Enipmia. Kan- MRS. WENDELL CAMI ' UKLL, U.S. Voice SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS First row: Shirley Lshmael. Bushnell. S.D.. Theology; Janice Schallingr. 245 N. 17th St.. Kansas City, Kansas, College: Wilma Landers, 2I)2S Wash. St., Des Moines, Itnva, Theoloj y; Mildred Hartman, Walker, Iowa, Academy .Junior. Second row: Mona Lee, iMU N. .Ave., Rockford. Illinois, Academy Freshman; LaRit-i Bright, Eldora, loua, Tlieolog-y; Unphotog-raphed; Verta Coffey, Scottsbluff, Neliraska, Theology; Virginia Culver, Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Theology; Dale Ball, Belleville, Kansas, Theology. 35 r V- ? :: S7 REV. AND MRS. E. A. COAXES A Message from the Pastor We give jiraise to God for Hi. Ki ' iicious i.silations in uur regular worship services and during the seasons of revival. It was a siiiritual treat to have our General Presi- dent. Dr. R. S. Nicholson and our Editoi-, Dr. O. G. Wilson, as evangelists this year. Their messages were timely, and laden with cli ine ti-uth. The anointing of the Holy Spirit was upon their ministry of teaching and appeal as they vividly set forth God ' s willingness to forgive — to cleanse — to keep — and to present one faultless before the piesence of His glory with exceeding joy. The different guest speakers that were in for services during the year brought messages of inspiration and helpfulness. The Student Body has been a s|)lendid grouji to work with, — they were eager to work, carried a burden in prayer, and have been very attentive and, on the whole, very responsive to the ministry of God ' s word. We have felt and have appreciated the fervent prayers from all over the Area that have constantly ascended to God in behalf of the work here. God knows just where credit belongs for each victory won. It was truly refreshing to see the outbreaks of revival in various chapel and prayer services. Our great burden of concern is that every one may be established in grace. We covet all our youth for Christ and His eternal Kingdom. E. A. Coates, pastor 38 Our Evangelists Our lives have been greatly enriched by the stirring messages of the spring and fall revivals. The Wesleyan Methodist College Church was hon- ored to have outstanding men of our church for evangelists. Dr. Roy S. Nicholson was the evangelist for the fall revival. Victories were won for Christ by the scriptural messages which inspired a deep- er Christian walk. The theme of the revival was " Mind God. " The Youth Week services proved to be a great blessing. A variety of services was given. Pro- fessor Wilson served as speaker on faculty night. Professor Angell brought a challenging mission- ary message which was followed by a consecra- tion of a number of students. The gospel teams and the choir, which was under the direction of Professor Banker were in charge of services. The Bible reading Marathon of the new testament was a project of Youth Week. The Rev. Claire Dunbar was the special speaker of the conclud- ing service of Youth Week. The services were sjjiritual boosts. Dr. 0. G. Wilson was engaged for the spring revival. His straight forward messages were a blessing. God graciously manifested Himself unto us. These special services have been planks for our spiritual habitation to help us prepare for the storms of life. 39 Preparing For Christian Service Miltoiivale Wesleyan College is a laboratory for preparing- youth for (. ' hristian service. The gospel teams provide an oppoitiinity for students to give service. Tlie Religious Council organized three gospel teams this year. These teams were engaged in revivals, Youth Week services, and various other types of services. The purpose of the gospel teams was to give the students experience in conducting services and to acquaint communities with the students and the aims of Miltonvale Wesleyan Col- lege. Students participating on the gospel teams came into a closer re- lationship with God through their in- creased prayer life and their services. Each gospel team had prayer meet- ings. The main purpose of the gos- pel teams was to spread the gospel and to see souls born into the king- dom of God. TOP Standing: Durey, A. Currie, Becker. Gisselbeck, Seated: M. Herman, E. Jamieson. Chapman. Richey, Gjesdal. CENTER Standing: Klatt. Noe, B. Baty. Seated: D. Schalling, Miss Johnson. L. Baty, Hanson. BOTTOM Standing: Jones, Huilson. I,. Root. W. Buckley. Seated: M. Debord, H. Buckley. Miss Emrick. D. Debord. Ream. 40 standing: CamijUell, B. liisselbeck, i l. Britton, G. Adamsoii. L. Kont, WoikIiuII, tiiiaid. Seated: Jloeller. Academy Choir Places High In District Contest An addition to tlie music department tliis year was the academy choir. This was very capably organized and directed by Professor Banker. It is composed of twenty-nine academy stuilents. The academy choir has contributed much in its ministry in songs. On alternate Sundays it served as the College Church choir. From the choir was selected a double-mixed quartet and an academy trio which traveled with President Freeborn. The academy choir entered a district contest in which they received a superior rating. .although just newly organized the academy choir has proved to be a blessing. First row: M. Parsons, Stump. D. Rober.son, ,J. Vliitne. . E. Parsons, Campbell. W. Cockrell, Haitman. Vermilyea, J. Turner. Second row: Hickman, Winterberg. Becker. M. Ryan, Fcssenden, Suffiidge, Shook, S. Whitney, Gil- dersleeve. Third row: P. Ryan, Martin, Girard, Dv khoff , P. Britton, P. Edwards, Yarrington. Woodruff, L, Powell. 41 A C appella Ch oir PROF. E. STANLEY BANKER Director Tlie collej e choir had a successful year spreading the gospel in song and testimony under the capable direction of Professor E. Stanley Banker. The accompanists were Mildred Britton and Velma Hotch- kiss. Autlrey Gisselbeck gave interpretive readings. The choir services were enriched by special numbers rendered by Janis Hildebrandt. violinist, and Gerald Wolter, chalk artist. Included in the services were numbers given also by small- er ensembles. The i ersonnel of the male quartet vvere Walter Rowell. first tenor; Eugene Cockrell. second tenor; Dai old Wood- ruff, first bass; and Phil Edwaids, second bass. Singing on the ladies ' sextette were Vehna Hotchkiss, Audrey Gisselbtck, Thel- ma Hotchkiss, Janis Hildebiandt, Genevieve Henley, and Be- atrice Perdue. The choir has successfully met the varying interests by offeiing a service of gospel music and transcriptions. The choir travelled extensively singing for different groups over a five state area. The Easter trip was made to Oklahoma and the spring tour was in the states of Soutii Dakota anil Nebraska. They also made a week end trip to Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas. This year the choii- enjoyed travelling in the newly pur- chased bus, which was very capably driven by Mr. Robert Hollen . New maroon robes were also purchased. Gotl has greatly blessed the ministry of the choii- as they sang for the glory of God. First row: E. Titus, Stump, V. Hotchkiss, A. GisselbeL-k, Prof. Banker, M. Britton. T. Hot-likiss, Ilililrliiandt. M. .Jamieson. D. Keller, Boll, B. Turner, Maddux, Stanislaus, Woodiuff, Henley, Perdue, D. Titu-i. E. Cockrell, O. Johnson. E. Brannon, W. Rowell, Purdy, P. Edwards, Goodell. R. Jamie- n, Wolter. Second )d Third row: 42 fe READER— All. iu ' v tli M ll.iuk -■.KXTETTE— T. Hot.hkis!-, V. Il..Uhkiss, A. Gisstlbc-ck, Htnlev, Pi-iiliu ' , Hil.lehraiuU. ' InLI IST— Jam- CHALK ARTIST— Crial.l Wolttr NEW SCHOOL BUS 45 DEDICATION To Rev. and Mi-s. E. A. Coates we sincerely dedi- cate the 1950 Sunflower in recognition of their labor and saci ' ifict ' for the school and college church, and as a token of love from those to whom they have ministered. Their ministry, words of love and counsel, and their godly lives have been an inspiration to us. We gratefully exiness our love and deep appreciation. 46 Who ' s Who at Miltonvale College Throughout this scliool yeai ' , the oajjabilities and character of these students have been noteworthy to those who live about them. This group of students has been chosen by the faculty for their scholarship, leailersliip, character, and their contributions made to the school. Havint notably served the school and the student body in the place designated for them, they have been lionored by membership in the Who ' s Who. AYLO LIPPE nONNA ROBERSON Rf ENID POWELL GERALD WOLTER 6 ' . J- 47 J yf f Wp ■■.0A ' jaaiih 49 r-,r aR STUDENT COUNCIL Stanciiii ' - ' : Ilufi ' iiKin. Mueller. E. Biannon, Britton, R. P.rannon, Wnndruff, Mahin, Soateil: Klatt. Chapman. Student Organizations Direct Activities The Student Council, chosen by the student Tile Athletic Association was oiganized and bod, , takes a very active part in solviufj- the directed by Professor Rochat. The ])urpose was proiilenis of the school. They plan the annual to draw ap rules for the awarding- of athletic C. I. F. Project, as well as some of the chapel letters, to officiate games, to organize the teams, services and the Literary programs. The Coun- and draw up tournaments, cil meets every other week under the direction of Prof. Wendell Campbell. Much was accom- It was composed of three members from each plislied by this organization with the help of literary society. Mark Opliger acted as presi- God. ' ilent. ATHLETIC AS.SOCIaTION Stunding: .J. Macy, O. .Johnson, Prof. Rochat. Seate.l: V. Hotchkiss, M. Opliger, Fay. 50 ADVANCED CHORUb Fii t rnw: E. Cocki-ell, Hoinlxick, L. Baty, E. Titut., Miss Emrick. Wultkuhle, Bess, Stoncr. D. Deboiil, M. Herman. Camytell, W. Coekie;!, E. Parsons. Gil ' lersleeve. Hickman, Hanson. B. Batv, Roberts. Second row: J. Whitney, S. Whitnev, Stump. Fessenden. ParsoTis, .J. Turner. Winterberg, Fortier, Fa.v, Vermilyea, e! Jamieson. D. Titus. T. Hotchkiss. V. Hotchkiss. Hildebrandt, H. Keller. Third I ' ow: .Aliss " Taylor. M. Ryun, L. Powell, Yairinutun, Shook, D. Roberson, H. Buckley, D. Keller, E. Poweil, B. Gisselbeck. A. Gisselbec!;. B. Turner. M. Britton. Yarrow, .A.S)), Richey, Henley, Bo:l, Perdue. W. Rowell, Berrv, Durcy, W. Buckley. Clark. Prof. Banker. Fouith row: Jones. Stanislaus, Maddox, Suffridse, Dyklioff, Enyeart, P. P. Britton, L. Herman, M. Oplisier. Schwarz. Purdy. A.Gisselbeck. WoUer, Noe, 0. Johnson. C. Roweli, Woodiuff, Girard. " The Holy City " Presented by Advanced Chorus This year the advanced chorus, directed by Professor Bankei " , was comprised of seventy members of the theological and college depart- ments, and the academy choir. Miss Jesse Tay- loi, music instructor, accompanied the chorus. An Easter Oratorio, " The Holy City, " by A. R. Gaul, was presented in the college auditorium. Soloists were: Veima Hotchkiss. soprano; The ' - ma Hotchkiss, alto; ami Darold Woodruff, bari- tone. The chorus, accompanied by the orchestra ren- dered a number for the commencement juogram. T ACADEiMY CHORUS First vow: M. Ernst, M. Ernst. J. Whitney. Bess, Tolle, F. Nofsinger, S. Whitney. W. Cockrell, Campbell, E. Parsons. Second row: Hemenway. Kline. Koilman. Woohird. C. Bnel. Winterberg. Lippe, Doty. J. Nofsinger. Engle. Fortier. Cloud, Hickman. Slusser. Gildersieeve. Heilman, N. Anderson. Third row: A. Roberson. M. Rvan. Becker, D. Roberson. Wulfkuhle. Ming. Stump. L. Rothfuss. U. Parsons, J. Turner. J. Rice. Rupert. L. Opliger, D. Kt Uei . Fessenden. Vermil. ea. Fay. lieghtel. L. Pov.ell. Beals. Fourth row: Brown. Strong, Hendricks, L. Buels. Dykhoff, McCartney, R. Macy. Enveart. P. Britton, P. Edwards, Suflricigc. Girard. Woodruff. Yarrington. Shook. P. Ryan. R. Anderson. Ofi O - flP " I 51 Sunfl ower Staff EDITORIAL STAFF Enid Powfll— Editor Auilrey Gis eib :•ck — Assistant Editor Doi ' othy Schalling — Literary Editor Htdfii Roller— Featinv Editor Waltor R(. well— Sports Editor Piof. W. L. Knajjp — Photographer ami Faculty S|jon.sor Elmer lirannon — Assistant Photogiapher Kathleen Winterlierg- — Tyjjist MiMicd A p— Typist BUSINESS STAFF Daniid Huffman — Business JVIanager Eugene Stanislaus — Assistant Business Manager Louise Hedlund — Sales Manager Mark 0}iliger — Assistant Sales Manager Wilma t. ' ockreli--Typist 6 t ' t ' DANIEL HUFFMAN Business Manager ENID POWELL Editor Standing: E. Brannon, W. Rowell. Hedlund, M. Opiiger, A. Gisselbeek. Stanislaus, Asp, D. SVlial- ling, H. Keller. Seated: E. Powell, Huffman, Winterberg. W k 52 j .1 l:r. (iPLIGER Ku iiK-iS Manager GERALD WOLTER Editor MilWesCo Mirror Staff EIUK.niAL STAFF Geijlil Wuitfi— Editor Janij Hddfbrandt — Assistant Editor Elvie Turner — Fatuity Advisor Mildred Biittor — Jlanaging Reporter Rei)oiters — Donald Jones, James Mjc-y, Duane Mahin, Donna Roberson, Paul Britton, Aylo Lippe. Phyllis Donaldson. Janet Ri;e. Larry Powell BUSLN ' ESS STAFF Mark Oplig-er — Busine.s Manager Oiland Johnson — Assistant Business Manager Beat! icx ' Perdue — Circulation Manager Wilma Ccekull — Assi ■tant Ciiculation Manager Standing: Mahin. JL Britton, J. Rice, Lippe, P. Ki ittm. J. Macy, 0. Johnson, Jon 3s, D. Roberson, Donaldson, Perdue, Miss Turner. Seated: M. Opliger, Wolter, Hildebranut. VV. Coukreil. ATHENAEUM Fiist vow: R. Anderson, Maildux. E. Cockrell. Stanislaus. Huffman, E. Biannon. Hui ' son, P. R. an. Hilk-n, P. Bi it- ton, (iiiard. Woodruff, Wolter, L. Root, Jones. Second row: M. Britton, D. Sclialling, F. Klatt, Goodell, A. C.isselbock, D, Keller, Doty, Hildebrandt, Woolard, Hemtnway, J, Rice, D. Rice, Allison, Hedlund, Paige. Richey, Boll. Third row: Stoner, H. Keller, Asp, A. Gisselbeck, D. Johnson, Ming, Stump, Vermilyea, Fay, Garrison. Leyh, Kin.uslien. W. Cockreil. Hinnon. M. Boardman, Kline, C. Buel. E. Woellhof. Tolle, Bess. Fourtli un : R. Debord, KoUnian. E. Jamieson, B. Ibeck, D. Debord, R. Woellhof, N. Andtrson, Heilnian, Giidersleeve. Wulfkuhle. Fortier, Perdue, M. Jamieson, L. Leisy. Fifth row: D. Edwards, P, Edwards, Schwarz, Olmsted, Tliorp, W. Rothfuss, Blomberg, Lamm. GillnMt. R. Bran- non, Hiillen, Humeiickhou-;e, R. Macy, Becker, R. Jamieson, A. Leisy. Sixth low: Filer, Y:urinKt " n, Dykhoff, J. Macy. W. Buckley. Sapphonians Win " Sales Contest " for Sixth Consecutive Year For the sixth consecutive year the Sapphonians again liave won the Annual Sales Contest. The Athenaeum and Sapphonians societies were quite evenly balanced ihis year, olfering close competition in baseball as well as basketball. Elmer Brannon and James Macy headed the Athenaeums with Lewis Currie and Walter Rowell presi- dents foi- tile Sapphonians. Each president served one semester. Both societies gave four liteiary |iriigrams. and a joint .Atlienaeum-Sapphonian pla.v was presented. SAPPHONLANS First low: ( ' .;mpbeil, Henley, L. Opliger, A. Robei.- on, U. Ryan, Enyeait, Beghtel, L, Powell, Bn.uii, Hendricks, .Strong, L. Herman, McCartney, M. Boardman. Moeller. Wirt. Second row: Robert;-,. E. Powell, J. Nofsinger, F. Nofsingei, E. Titus, M. Ernst, M. Einst, Lippe, D. Rolierson, Garton, Cloud, M. LaRue, L. Baty, Hanson, Morgan, Rupert, Engle, Hickman, L. Rothfuss. Third row: G. Baiber, M. Barber, Yarrow, J. Adamson, M. Parsons, Fessenden, E. Paioons, Miller, D. Titus, Win- teriierg. J. Turner, J. Whitney, Melton, B. Turner, T. Hotchkiss, V. Hotchkiss, DonaUUon, M, G.jesdal, E. Gjes- dal, M. Bingainan, F. Bingaman. Fourth row: (). Royalty. Burks, Hart. Chapman, M. Herman, Vanderbush, Purdy, Currie, W. Rowell. C. Rowell. Noe. Fifth row: Suffridge.Siiook, G. Adamson, A. LaRue, A. Royalty, Hornback, Durey, Chambers, Clark, B. Baty, O, Johnson, Ceains, L. Buel. Beals. Beebi . ■ r 54 BAND— Director, Miss Taylur First row: Campbell, Kiltie, Fessenilen, Be- s, Wolter, P. Ryan, YarriiiKtun. Second row: Wiilfkuhle. Slusier, M. Opliger, P. Brittor, Wintei l.ert;, Puidy, D. Tilii-; M. Ryan, Martin, J. Whitney. Home Visitation Crusade The Home Visitation Crusade took a veiy active part in the spiritual activities of the school. In their weekly meetings of ]trayer and testimony many victories were in. The Crusade made several out of town t ' ijjs to Homes, Hospitals, and Old Folk ' s Home. They made a sui ' vey of the town, also, as one of their projects. Go.l richlv blessed them in all their endeavors. ORCHESTRA— Accompanist, .M. Parsons. Director, Taylor. First rou ; Campbell, Enifle, Miss Emrick, Hildebrandt, Fessenden, Bess, Wolter, P. R. an. Second row: T. Hotchkiss, Winterberg, P. Britton, M. Ryan, Opliger, Martin, YariinHton. 5S MINN.-WIS. CLUB First low: B. Baty, J. Rice, O. Joimson. SLfiind row: Asp. D. Johnson. Han- s .n, H. Keller, D. Keller. V. Rice. Third row: Clark. Budensiek, C. Rowell, Moeller, W. Rowell. DAKOTA CLUB First row: HiKiehrandt. Kinji-slien. Leyh. Winterberu . Second row: C, Biiel, Miss Turner. M. Bintjaman. Third row: Paige, Chapman, A. Gisselbeck, B. Gissellieck, Beck- er, Jones. Fourth row; Haux, F. Bintianian, A. Gisselbeck, Goodell, Van- derbush, L, Buel, Wolter.-,, Stanislaus. KANSAS CLUB Fiist row: L. Oplisrer, Heilman, Fav, Garrison. Woolard, Camp- bell, Cloud, Wulfkulde, Lippe, E. Woellhof, Gildersleeve, M. LaRue. Second row: Miss Emrick, Boll, M. B r i 1 1 n, D. Schalliny, S ' toner, Burks, Kline, Engle. L. Rothfuss, Yarrow, Donald- Thii ' d row: Garton, D. Robersou. E. Parsons, Stump, Min , E. Woellhof. M. Barber. G. Bar- ber, W. Buckley, A. Roberson. Beals. Fourth row: Edwards, house, R. Edwards, J. Macy, EUei, D. Hudson, Humerick- Macy, P. Britton, P. W, Rothfuss, Suf- J ' r Hi t -.A fridge. Prof. Rochat. .■L -iKr A merica Meet OKLAHOMA First luw: Tolle. Bess, W. Cock- lell, E. Ccickifll. Seci.nd mw; Maildiix, Richey, Niie, P.-idue. EASTERNERS First n.w: T. Ri-am, Hill.-n. Sfcijiiil row: VtMinilvea, Heillunil, U. Deboul, R. Dcboril, .1, Ailani- son, G. Adainson. Thiid r(pvv: Roberts. Miss Taylor, .1. Turner, B. Turner, C Ream. MILTONVALE First row: Hijiiien, M. Boardman. J. Whitney, E. Powell, T. Hotchkiss, V. Hotehkiss. Fes- senden. M. Par.son.s, J. Nof- siiifjer. F. Nofsinji ' er, Hickman, N. Anderson. .Second row: R. Anderson. L. Powell, M. Boardman, Thorpe. Wirt, Cnrrie, Rupert, .Allison, Blomber ' . Third row: HoUen, Gilbeit. Cham- Iters, R. Brannon. Lamm. Olm- -ted, McCartney, A. LaRue. At Miltonvale College WESTERNERS ' STATE CLUB First low: Wooilruff, (iirard. Seioiiil row: M. Ryan. E. Gjesdal, Hemenway. Melton. P. Ryan. Tliiid row: A. Royalty, O. Royalty, M. Ciesdal. HtidfV Shook. NEBRASKA .STATE CLl ' B First row: M. Ernst, G. Morgan, M. Herman, L. Baty, Doty, I.. Leisy, M. Ernst. Second row: Hendricks. Hornliack, Heiniiin. C ' earns, Leisy. Brown. IOWA STATE CLUB First low: Yarrinyton. En. ' eart. Be htol. Brown. Second row: Huffman, E. Jamie- son, Kollman, M. .Jamiesoi ' , Miller. Foitier, D. Titus, E. Titus. Tliiicl low: Beeiie. Durey. SVhwarz. R. Jamieson, L. Root, Hart, Dykhoff, Purdv. _ - . ' i - .ijttl ' t -■ ' " (gir ' 13 y It- , lb r " V w li- - II 3 X -i.5 26. He took lier to tea. Wheie ' s Wilnia? Dorm i irl. ' . Rubber neck. Mother Freeborn. Piavintf and iikuininu- together. Just Dale. Hapin- trio. Not really?? Bambv. Why that dreaniv look? We hail liojii K. C. Wiiat seems to lie tlie trouble? Lemons, grajjet ' ruit, or Dykhoff. Stiong! ! ! ! ! Morons! She wins with a smile. Caper cutters. Which is Mark? ? ? Dignified even though a fiesh- man. Father-sou. Who ' s that for Gen? Bell bottom trousers. Gleesome threesome — where ' s Phil? We ' re cousins. Genius. She can rake as well as bake. Do you see what I see? He wears that analyzing look. h .j. 61 Unpredictable Dorm Life GIRLS ' DORMITORY Baik rcnv: D. Rieu. J. Ricf, Wintt-rbeig, Hililf- brandt. Gildersleeve, Hart, E. Jamieson, D. TitU3, Hanson, Kolinian, Millur, Fortier, Eng-le, Morg-an, Donaldson, Perdue. Second row; LaRue, Wulfkuhle, Garton, Camp- bell, Lippe, Heiiman, Mis,? Taylor, Miss Turner, Vermilvea, Melton, Garrison, Kingslien, Le.vli, Fay, E. Titus, R. Woell- hof. Ming. Fro)it row: Bess, Tolle, .]. Turner, W. Cockrell, Parsons, Cloud, Kiine, Henienwav, Dot , E. Woellhof. GATHERS HOUSE GIRLS Back row: Richey, M. Kritton, Yarrow, Boll, Asp. Front row: H. Keller, D. Schalling, D. Keller, Miss Emrick. JONES HOUSE BOYS Back row: Budensiek, Vandeibush, Prof. Ro- chat, L. Heinian. Second row: Eller, W. Rowell, Noc, C. Rowell. Front row: Beebe, .Jones. ABBOTT HALL BOYS Back row: Hendricks, Ceams, Dui ' ey, Becker, Dykhoff, Beglitel, M. Wilson, Enyeart, Humerickhouse, Prof, Wilson, Front low: Shock, Yairington, Brown, .Suff- vidge, P. Britton, Girard, Woodiuff, Beals. ' ) 1. Arnving. 2. Registration Day. ' i. Stiiilent Recepti tuis. 6. Using- the Libiaiy. 7. Studying- diligently. 10. October Birthday Diiinei. 11. The Harmoneers. 1 Sapphonians Present " Twenty Questions. " 16, Classroo flower Orders. 19. Paul as ' Don Quixote. 20. The Din on. 4. Harvest Home Day. 5. Pen Band and Spect;;- 8. Ghost Band at Halloween Party. 9. Fun at Halloween. 2.-13. Campus Cleanup Day. 14. Christmas Dinner. 1- " . m activity. 17. On the Bus. 18. Last-minute Sim- ing- Hall. G3 1. Little Angel. 2. Way up high. 3. Silly Millie. 4. Wisconsin, dear! .5. Jones House Beauties. 0. On your way to school. 7. Heads! s. In the dog ' house. ' . . .Mitre than one thing wrong. 1 " . Her " one ond only. " 11. Ev. 12. Boom! Boom! here we come. 13. Gathers House gal. 14. Great Brittons. 1.5, They also serve who stand and wait. Ifi, Charming ladder. 17. Pat and Mike. 18. More twins. 19. Kitchen crew. 20. Oh, Henry! 21. Mama and papa. 22. Before. 23. During ' . 24. After. One and One Equal ' 67 f f F f ' 1 Sapphonians Win First The 19411-50 society Itiisketball season staite.l off with ffieat en- thusiasm. Botli teams compiled and oifj-anized their potent threats and the contest beii-an. The Athenaeums, with their past championship record and theii hi.Lch aspirations to lo-ep it, vvaii ' ed the contest aj ainst a Sapjilionian team n fouy ht vith dogg ' ed dt-termination to upset thtm. Rehitively eatly in the sequence of games tlie Bulldogs secured an advantage over the Tig ' ers wliich was much iliw to their lo s of some very iiood |;la. e)s, Rolieit KUei an.! " Smiley " Mahin. In spite of theii ' losses the efficiently replaced team put up a fi ht worthy of rcco.ii-niti()ii and the g-ames were very exciting, exhibiting good, fast basketball on botii sides. Good sportsmanship was shown by both teams and basketball again contributed greatly to the sports life at Miltonvale Weslevan College. Top to Bottom Right: Mark Opliger, Capt. (center), Oilnnd Johnson, (forward). Charles Beghtel (forward), Walter Rowell (guard), Charles Rowell (guard). Tournament Since ' 46 Season s Score SAPPHONIANS ATHENAEUMS 4: 31 23 24 40 44 45 31 52 36 65 32 52 37 Total 320 Total 235 Top to Bottom Left: Ronnie Brannon (centei-), Danell Martin (foiwai cl), Haloid Thorpe (forwaid), James Macy (guaul), Elmer Brannon, Capt. (guai-d). Sapphonians Undefeated First Vdw: B. Baty, L. Herman, Budensiek, Bei ry, B.-elif. Second row: Shook, A. LaRue, Suffi ' idge, L. Powell. The Sapphonian boys " B " team was led through an undefeated season with Mark Budensiek as their captain. The games wei ' e characterized by good ball handling, and a fine spirit of coopera- tion and sportsmanship. The Athenaeums pro- vided superb opposition which aided the " fine spirit. ' i " he scores arc as follows; SAPPHONIANS ATHENAEUMS 30 IH 16 SI ■20 11 First row: Stanislaus, R. Macy, Maddux, Huffman. Second row: Yarring-ton, P. Britton, Girard. The girls basketball games were en.ioyed by themselves and also by the spectators. The com- petiti(ui was very keen consequent upon the participants interest in pla ing a clean hard fought game. The game scores are thus: SAPPHONIANS ATHENAEUMS 17 9 22 10 15 13 17 15 28 10 Total 66 Total :!!i Total 9!) Total .57 Fiist row: V. Hotchkiss, B. Turner. T. Hotchkiss. Sec-ond row: Fcssendcti. ( ' ajit., .1. Turnei ' . Melton. First row: H. Keller, Capt., Wulfkuhle, Fay. Second row: R. Woellhof, D. Keller, J. Schalling, D. Schalling. Four-Team Tournament Introduced Four baseball teams were chosen, led by their respective pitchers, Prof. Ansiell, Prof. Rochat, Don- ald Btrry and Hairy Mceller. The tournament was played round lobin style and the winner was deter- mined by the number of win.s and the number of losses. Prof. Angell ' s team was determined the win- ner although all the teams were characterized by a good spirit of sportsmanship. TOP LEFT: Fiist row: Yarrington. .Angell, Baty. Second row: C. Rowell, L. Poueil. Durey. Suffriilge, Hillen, Budensiek, Herman. TOP RIGHT: First row: Shook, Johnson, Leisy. Second row: Huflman, Prof. Wilson, Ccarns, Beebe, Hfndricks. LOWER LEFT: First row: Moeller, E. Brannon, W. Rowcll. Second row: R. Anderson, Brown, M. Bcardman, Tliorpe, L. Buel, Enyeart, Beghtel. LOWER RIGHT: Fiist row: J. JIacy, Rochat. R. Macy. Second row: Roberts, Martin, P. Edwards, M. Ryan, P. Ryan. WM iti - i tej ais .,k? SaiiiA5 ' KL 71 Sapphonian Girls Triumph - Football Shows Keen Interest SAl ' l ' lliiMAN — h ' list iiuv: ,1. Tuiivi, K. Tunii ' i-. :•:. Powell. Seeoiul vow: M. Ernst, L. Baty, T. Hutt-h- kiss, M. Hfrnuin, FL ' ssenilen, Wintt ' rbcrg ' . V. HotchUiss, M. El list, E. Cjosilal. Betty Turnur, the Sapphonian captain ami Donna Lnii Bess, the Athenaeum captain, led theii teams in the contest of the toui ' naitient. The Kames were yood with close comipetition hut jml- tint;- the BiilUlog ' s out in front. Touch fouthall was intidikicerl with a new hurst of enthusiasm this eai. Tlie Hiilhlo ' ' ATllENAKUM— I ' li t low: .J. Kice, Bess, VVulfkuhlv. Second row: Kline, R. Woellhof, B. Stump, Ming, Fortier, R. Debord. and Tiyer teams were so very closely matched that it was hard to determine the best team. They hoth won three games and tied one 0-0. The lioys all seemed to enjoy the sport and each one playeil with a spirit of zest and courage. With tile interest that is present it is felt that in future years footbull can play a major role in the sport life of M. W. C. ' s students. ig, Shook, Hendricks, Powell, Beghtel. Second row: Bud- TOP SAPPHONIANS— row: Suffridge, Brown, i-V: ensiek, C. Rowell, W. Rowell, B. Batv. BOTTOM ATHENAEUM— First row: R. Macy, Girard, P. Ryan, P. Edwards, R. Anderson, Martin, P. Britten. Second row: Woodruff. Thorpe, E. Brannon, ,1. Macy. w 1. Pre-eminence. 2. Tolle the belle. 3. GeneV gal. 4. Yea! Sapphonians. 5. All school hike. 6. Future students. T. Peepinsf. S. He ' ll challenge anyone. 9. Clta::-iiiJ day. Smiley. 10. Piotting- Athenaeums. 11. Toss up. 12. Johnson from Wisconsin. I. ' !. The Nine Old Men. 14. Our sports editor. 15. Cedar blossom. IG. Ditto. 17. Orley! at bat. IS. Sir Woiter at seven. uMdn 74 CHRIST-CENTERED EDUCATION IN THE HEART OF THE NATION MILTONVALE WESLEYAN COLLEGE Miltiinvale. Kansas Efficient Training for Effective Service DEPARTMENTS JUNIOR COLLEGE: Two years of college work accepteil ui)on appioval by state and private colleges in Kansas and other states. Sixty-hour teacher training course. THEOLOGY: For all liig-h school graJuate ; a four-y ' ar Bachelor of Reiisrion (B. Rel. ) Deifree c ' uise is offered includine: two years each of College and Theology courses. .■ three year diploma course in Theology leading to ordination in any Wesleyan Methodist Conference. Emphasis is placet! upon Chi ' istian fun iamentais and a holy life. MUSIC: Certificate and diplomti in voice and pijno. Private lessons in wimi and stringed instrumer ts. Organized Band, Orchestra. Glee Clubs, A Cappella Choir. .A( ADE.MY: Fully accredited under Kansas laws and offering the legular four-year high school courses, with one unit of Bible adtled. A Catalogue on request. W. S. Freeborn, President Miltonvale, Kansas JACK SPRAT FOODS CITIZENS STATE BANK QUALITY with ECONOMY Officers : J. N. McMichael, President C. A. Graham, Vice-President WESTERN GROCER CO. J. R. Ayres, Cashier V. }{. Rankin, Ass ' t. Cashier Manhattan. Kansas THE TELESCOPE Engraving PUBLISHING CO. In Your 1950 Sunflower Bflleville, Kansas Was Pi ' oduced by CLAY CENTER ENGRAVING CO. Printers of the 1950 Sunflower Don J. Wilson, Manager i n » W Iff Is - r ♦ 1 .» -— ' ? " v i SNACK SHOr «j»ii: VJ ' W ' JONES VARIETY STORE RtatidiKTV, Schiinl Supplies. Dry Giiods. Hardware, Notions. Candy Plione 22 -:- Miitmnale, Kansas WILLS ESTATES REAL ESTATE LXSLRANCE PALMER and PHELPS MiU in ale. ITRBAN ' S BARBER SHOl MOBILOIL C. B. Smith, IMRr. Art Lavoie, St. Ugv. Phone 99 GATHERS HARDWARE and IMPLEMENT CO. PLlMBlNt; HEATING Norge Electric and Gas Appliances B.P.S. Paints and arnishes 1 hone 69 iMiltiimalf, Kansas E. G. HALLOWELL, D.D.S. DENTIST Phone 6 Miltonvale. Kansas 1 - ' » ' (« ' ' IT - nia MILTONVALE LOCKER PLANT " Procej injr — Frozen Fiiiits :i!i.: irftables BURROUGHS CLOTHING Cami.u Ti.g Dui SiPtciaUy .Milt. ir. ah ' , Kaii-a-. MII Kl.NV ALE ( LEANER Mr ,i:,.: :.:i- Krnnr-h V::- : ' r Miialii BAILEY ' S — Groceries — Meat FESSENDEN CAFE Friendly Courteous Service " Ht LPs RE f nil PHELPS FUNERAL HOME -:- FURNITURE STORE LANGE ' S JEWELRY SHARPS SERVICE STATION Wasliinij.- and Creasing T. C. KIMBLE, M.D. X-Ray Electro-Therapeutics Laboratory F ' acilities Milt iinale. Kansas CNOCHE OILCOMPtM BFGNOCHE OIL CO. Texaco Products Comp ' fle One Stop Station rhdiu ' 2 Miltiimak " . Kansas Dl TTON EXNIS 0K()( ERV ROTHFl ' SS GKCH KIO SHIKli Fresh Fiozlii Fruits aiiii o:u;al)A ' s — MeiUs McINTIRE ' S DRl G STORE MILTONVALE LUMBER and COAL CO. All Kinds of Building Material Best Grades of Coal Phone 74 Pratt and Lamberfs Paints Miltonvaie, Kansas WHITNEY CHEVROLET CO. Chevnilel — Case — Kaldwin Conibines — West inji house Appliances Complete Service Depart nient FAIRMONT FOODS CO. Quality Butter — Cheese — Eggs — Toultry Milk — Ice Cream — Frozen Foods Drink— ROYAL CROWN (OLA NEHI Flavors UPPER 10 NEHI BEVERAGE CO. iit ' liiit. Kansas BARTLEY ' S STANDARD SERVICE Miltonvale, Kansas Oliver Equipment Finest in Farm Machinery MILTONVALE IMPLEMENT CO. Miltomale. Kansas Phone 19 S. V. Wells, Manager SALINA COFFEE HOUSE Salina. Kansas F. D. TAYLOR, M.D. PHYSKIAN Dudly Bldg-. Phone i:!2 Clay Center, Kansas II. CLAY CENTER LAUNIDRV ifiL « • DRY CLEANERS P « PICKllPerOELIVEBf 5CRVICE Y_ CLEA NERS I i j COURT ST- PHOME " M Apent in Miltdiivale FESSENDEN CAFE CLAY CENTER PUBLISHING COMPANY Clav Center, Kansas The Daily Dispatch — The Weekly Times COMMERCIAL PRINTING S. A. ANDERSON, M.D. SURGEON -:- PHYSICIAN Clav Center, Kansas BENNETT JEWELRY Diamonds and Watches Our Specialty ' Where Quality Tells and Price Sells " Clav Center, K;insas For Borrowers : Modern, Low Cost Mortage Loans to tit your individual situation. For Investors: Federal Insured Accounts Readily Available Northwestern Federal Savings and Loan Association of Clay Center McCORMICK-DEERINt; FARM E(JUIPMENT International Motor Trucks Refrigeration NORQUISTS Clav Center, Kansas KENT ' S FLOWERS Flowers For All Occasions Cut Flowers, Corsages Potted Plants. Nursery Stock Flowers by Wire Anywhere in the World Phone 90 Clay Center, Kansas DR. C. R. BLATTNER and Dr. D. C. KIMBROUGH CHIROPRACTORS X-RAY Peoples Naticiiial Bank Building Clay CentiT, Kansas Phone M?. BRINER STUDIO Photographs That Live Forever Phone 294 Clay Center, Kansas CLAY CENTER AUTO PARTS 512 Lincoln Avenue Phone 540 Clay Center, Kansas DR. L. P. .lOHNSON DENTIST Peoples National Bank Buildinp Phone 343 Clay Center, Kansas G. W. BALE, M.D. SUR(iEON -:- PHYSICIAN Clay Center, Kansas BUCHMANN ' S Jewelers Since ISSO For Gifts: Taljle Silver, Fostoria Glass, Watches, Fountain Pens, Leather Goods ARNOLD HUCHMANN Jeweler and Optometrist 417 Lincoln Avenue Clay Center, Kansas When You Think of Clothing, Think of the BOSTON CLOTHING STORE Clay Center, Kansas for Price, Quality, Service (THANKS FOR READING THIS) DR. ROBERT MONTGOMERY DENTIST Phone 400 Clay Center, Kansas Next to Library W. L. HAASE, O.D. OPTOMETRIST Glasses Fitted •:- Eyes Examined Phone 412 Clay CfiiU ' r. Kansas WALTER W. MERTEN CO. HARDWARE and APPLIANCES Devoe Paints Packard Sales and Service 423 Lincoln Phone 69 Clay Center. Kansas L. and L. CAFE Home of thicken Fry Steaks East Side Square Lloyd ami Lillian Darner E. L DAVIES, M.D. Eye. Ear, Nose, Throat Specialist Clay Center, Kansas Phone 41(1 Next to Eonhani Hnti ' l If No Answer, Cull 7SI!X DR. FELIX M. VINCENT CHIROPRACTOR Complete X-Ray Laboratory 433 ' :; Lincoln Ave. Clay Center, Kansas Office Phone 277 Residence Phone 231 ALQUISrS GROCERY Clay Center, Kansas Serving This Community 48 Years. We Are Ready and Happy to Serve You. DRS. CROSON and RUFF F. R. Croson. iM.D. C. H. Ruff. M.D. PHYSICL NS and SURGEONS 801 ' -J 5th Street Phone 777 Clay Center. Kansas HOLSUM Super Enriched Uread No O ' .hcr Bread Gives . s Much Body Building Nourishment. HEATH ' S HOLSUM BAKERY Salina, Kansas OUR CHURCHES The Siiprfiin ' Objective of the Miltonvale Wesleyan CnlleKe Chmvh Is — To ix ' we pniiiei- emphasis to all the Cardinal Doctrines of (uu- (Tuirch ; To M ' ive a careful anil ready response to the leadership of the Holy Spirit in worship: To eiicouiaKe oiii- youth to a settled faith in the word nf God, and carefid walk with Him: To this end we earnestly solicit your prayer. Pastor: E. A. Coates We Appreciate the Spiritunl Influence of M.W.C. Weslevan Methodist Church L 4rM Iju- lijit ' ll, Smitli Dakota Po ' tor: Rev. DiiaMc- 11. Jan Jt-n Fir?t Scrvic- ISTO 0;ganizc(l 1881 " • ■ i ' » - rhurcli Built ISSfi ■Cluiier iltmber-ChuiLli i.f I).il;nta C.inl ' eifii.t " « er III " The Singins; Church " Pastor: Rev M.irvm E Jones UI ' SI.KVAN MKTIIDDIST ( IILUCH Just 3 Blocks West of Corn Palace " ' Mitchell. S. D. MT. VERNON WESLEYAN METHODIST CHl ' RCH Pastor: Rev. . O. Howard Mt. Vernon. S.D. ()TT. V. WESLEY. N MKTHODIST ( III Kl H 515 N Main St., Ottawa. Kansas Rev Harold B Hotthkiss, Pastor IDANA WESLEYAN CHURCH Idana, Kansas Rev. Eunice HunsiiiKer. Pastur Our Pra.vers Are With " ' ou — FIRST WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Minneapolis. Minnesota Martin W. Cox. Pastor Mil! L VESIEY. N METHODIST rHURCH Forr Blocks North of Bos Depot P.ev Melviii Grosenbach, Pastor Hockford. Illinois WESLEYAN .METHODIST CHURCH 1406 fc ' chool Stieet Daieii C. Durey. Paster We Plediie Fullest Co-opi-ration Through Each Departnient. WESLEY CH. PEL WESLEY.XN METHODIST CHURCH Pastor: Rev. C. J. Mower i Si --- " - ' - ' ' - ' ' ■■■■ " •■■ FIRST WESLEY AN METHODIST CHURCH Waterloo. Iowa Rev, Paul R. Davis, Pastor Wf Back Miltomale with Prayer, Stuileiits ami Money. . ,-Mi ' ' K Ss - ' ' ' --i- ' ltX jik- HILLINGS VESLEY. N METHODIST CHURCH Ri ' V. S. J. lU-Intyie, Pa toi :!ll(; S. 32nd Stit-et Billings, Montana WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Salem, Oregon v-m r : ' z i ' ' " .wi " ■ WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Coneorilia, Kansas Ma PALLS AVENUE WESLEYAN . lETHODIST CHURCH I Waterloo. Iowa Rtv. E. V. Perkins Pastor Crosses in Memory of Robert Perkins. Son of Rev. and " Mrs. E. V. Perkins. The Lighted Cross on the Left Was Given b.v Edison Grade School Whicli He . ' Attended. ' The Lighted Cross on the Right Side Was Given liv Rev. and Mrs. E. V. Peikins. David an.l Linda! Born .August 11, i;i:!7 Died Octolier 11. liMS HLACK ELL WESLEYAN METHODIST ( HIRCH BUukwell. Oklahoma Pastor: Rev. Jerrold Powell allcin e!?le an .Mt-lhuthsl Church Wone MK " . Wisconsin Pastor: Rev. Carl Hclder HEBER CHURCH Rev. Ronald Brannon Pastor ■ ' • ' « ' I; f ' " i RUSSELLVILLE WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH 520 X.E. 96th Avenue Portland, Oregon l _ M MANKATO WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Don Cline, Pastor Pastor: Rev. Meredith Turner ■ A ri.U k ' i WESTERNERS ' C ' LUIJ MARION COLLEGE — At Ihe crossroads of the church where north, : outh, cast and west meet with a eommon i)urpose. Senior College work in Liberal Arls, Fine Arts, Teacher Training an;l Pre-professional Courses, New Collej e Theological curricula leading to a ri i ' -year Th. B. decree lieiuK organized for next year. A cataliiKue on request. William F. IMcConn, Tresident Marion, Indiana « I GAGE PARK WESLEY AN METHODIST CHURCH Topeka, Kansas Pastor: Rev. Lowell Gilger 735 Oaklev Ave. Topeka. Kansas WESLEY AN METHODIST CHIRCH TOO South Willow Street North Platte, Nebraska Pastor: Rev. L. J. Reckard A Pioneer Pi nject if the N ' eliraska Conference Trustees: Orville Stevens Virgil Jones 0?ear Rossow Ptewaids: Alfred N ' orgaarJ Brule Carleson Orville Steven- ' -3 Virgil Jones V. Y. P. S. President BiTile Carleson Chuich Treasurer EAU CLAIRE WEiLEYAX METHODIST CHURCH aiiC ' ire. WiM:cisin • ' Rev L. ' ovd King « Virginia Clark Llovd and Josephine King Y. M. W. B. Pastors Superintendent J. Gilliert Mortinur . I. M. L. President 1 ,. . Etliel Fensonie V ' M Sunday .School Superintendent WESLEY AN METHODIST CHI RCH Corner Chauncey and Emery Eau Claire, Wisconsin -r ' l,. The future of Wesleyan Methodism dejiemls mi .i pioi crly ttalne.l miniitiy and vvnrkers till " servicu in the king doni of our Luid. i Iilt(invalc Wesleyan Colle ' e h;is pi-i)ven liurself wortln nf tiui iirayers and suiijiort. PONCA CITY WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Duillev O. Dorr, Fastur Shirley StaiiKelaiul, W. Y. P. S. President WESLEYAN METHODIST PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION F. R. Eddy, Manager Piiblisher-i of Cluiicli Periodical-: TIIK WESLEYAN METHODIST THE WESLEYAN YOl TH I ' HE WESLEYAN MISSIONARY Siimlay Scliuol Quaiteiiies and Papers All Publications Based Upon Holiness Doctrin; s Headquarters for Bibles, Testaments, coninien- taiies. leliuious books, ifeneial churcb ami Sun lav scbool suj ])lies. Why not invest in dependable annuities where your money will continue to serve the Church aftei your death? Wiite for detailed information. :!:iO East Onondaga Street. Syracuse 2. New Y. ENGLEWOOD WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH Rev. VVilliard Lloyd, Pa.stor THE YOUNG PEOPLE of the IOWA YOITH CONFERENCE Are Pledged to the Support of Our We.slevan Schools Spirituality Plus . Christ is not a stranger tii the campus of TIouKhtoii. The Teacher of Teachers i ' ; revered in her halli)wed halls. The Bible is an oiien Book. Realizing that (he diligent qujst for intellectual development may deplete the spiritual vitality of the student. Houghton College provides a balanced diet of intellectual and siiiritual emphases on the campus. Pulilic worshi|i and private devotions are )irovided for and advocated. Houghton students while gaining a knowledge of the age of rocks have seen The Rock of Ages. The degrees conferred by this college not only indicate the satisfactory completion of the prescribed courses, but also that the graduate has grown in " grace and in the knowledge of Christ. " Spirituality plus Scholarship at Houghton. HOUGHTON COLLEGE Houghton. New York A recent survey showeil that 7.5 ' ; of Houghton ' -, alumni experienced a deepening: of their siiiiitual li-e while attending the college. WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH and PARSONAGE P nifl. Oklahoma As the school di. ' i)un(ls uijon the chinch for students, so the Church depends upon the school for trained. Spirit-filled leaders. " y , , -. W Hi:V. anil MRS. VV. ( . UKANNON I ' astors YOUTH CHAPEL INDEX Adanisoii, Geoigf — 41, 54, .57. Adamson, June — 54, 57. Allison, Ruth— 54, 57. Anderson. Naomi — 30, 51, 54, 57. Anderson. Raymond — 21, 51, 54, 57. 71, 72. Asp, Mildred— 29, 51, 52. 54, 56, 62, 63. Barber, George — 54, 56. Barber. Maxine — 54, 56. Baty, Burl— 26, 40, 51, 54, 55, 56, 59, 70. 71, 72. Baty, Lois— 26, 40, 51, 54, 53, 58, 63, 72. Beals, Pliilip— 33, 51, .54, 56. Becker, Wilbert— 32, 40. 41, 51. 54, 56, 62. Beebe. Mahlon— 29, 54, 58, 62, 70, 71. Beghtel, Charles— 15, 30, .t1, 54. £8. 62. C5. ■■.», 71, 72, 73. Berry. Donald— 26, 61, 70, 73. Bess, Donna Lou— 21, 51, 54, 55, 57, ,59, 62, 04, 72. Bingaman. Fred — 18, 54. 56. Bingaman, Maxine — 15. 18, 54, 56, 63. Blomberg, Carol— 26, 54. 57. Boardman. Marie — 33, .54. 57. Boardman, Marvin — 33, 64. 57, 71. Boll, Carmen— 29, 42, 51. 54, 55, 56, 62, 63. 64. Brannon, Elmer— 15. 20. 42. 50, 52, . " 4. C5. vS, 71, 72, 73. Brannon, Ronald— 26, 50. 54. 57. 68. 73. Bright, La Rita — 35. Britton, Mildred— 29. 41. 42, 51. 53, 54. 55. 5 ' , 59. 62, 63, 64, 65. Britton, Paul— 30. 41. . ' 0. 51. . " 3. 54. 55. . " 6. ' ,; ' . 62, 63. 64. 70, 72. Brown, Richard— 15, .32, 51, 54, .58, 62, 71, 72. Buckley, Hazel— 30. 40, 51, 54, 56. Buckley, Wilber— 26, 40. 51. 54, 56. Budensick, Mark— 29, 56. 59, 62. 70, 71. 72. 73. Buel, Carolyn— 33, 51, 54. 56. Buel, Lawrence — 33, 51, 54. 56, 71. Burge, Doris— 26, 63. Burks, Iren(:--29, 54. . ' 5. 56, 63. Campbell, Gladys— 30, 41, 61, 64, 55, 56. 62, 63. 65. Cearns, Fred— 21, 54, 58. 62, 71. Chambers, Willis— 18. 54, 57. Chapman, Evelyn— 26, 40, 50. . " 4. .55, if!, . " 9. 63, 65. Clark, Allen— 26. 51. 54. 56. Cloud, Peggy— .32, 51, .54, 56, 62. Cockrell, Eugene— 29. 42. 51, 54. 57. 63, 65. Cockrell, Wilma— 21. 41. 51, 53, .54. 57, 62, 64 73. Currie, Lewis— 26, 40, .54, 55, 57, 59, 63. 65. 73. Debord, Dorothy— 26, .51. 54. 55. .57. 63. Debord. Marcella — 45, 59, 64, 73. Dehord. Ruth— 21. 40. 54. 57. 72, 73. Donaldson, Phyllis— 29. 53. 54. 56. 59. 62. 63. 73. Doty, Lois— 21, 51, 54, 55, .58, 62, 66. Durey, George — 26, 51, 54, 55, 58. 62. 71. Dykhoff, Kenneth— 31, 41, 51, 54, 58, 62. Edwards, Donald — 26, 54. 56. Edwards. Phil— 21, 41, 51, .54, 56, 63. 65, 71. 72, 73. Edwarils, Ray — 26. Eller, Robert— 29, 64, 56, 59, 62, 73. Engle. Elair.« -32. 51, 54, 55, 56, 62, 63. Enyeart. Robert— 32. 61, 54, 58, 62, 71. Ernst, .Marilyn— 31, 51, 54, .55, 58, 72. Ernst. Mildreil— 33, 51, 54, 58, 62, 72. Fay, Doris— 22, 50, 51, 54, 65, 57, 65, 70. Fessenden, Darlene — 31, 41, 51, .5.5. 57. 65. 70, 72. Foitier, Gloria — 33, 51, .54, .58, 62, 72. Gariison. Ava— 22, 54, 66, 62. 64. Garton, Glenda — 31. 66, 59, 62. Gilbert, Raymond — 15, 26, .54, 57, 59, 63, 64. Gildersleeve, Juiia— 31. 41, 51. 54, 56, 62. 63. Girard, Robert— 22, 41, 51. .54, 58, 59, 62, 70, 72. Gisselbeck, Aller— 29, 40, 51, 54, 55, 66, 63, 65. Gisselbeck, ,i ud ' ey — 27. 42. 43, 51. 52. 54 55 .56, 59. 63, 65. Gisselbeck, Barbara— 16. 27, 41, 51, 55. 56, .59, 63. G,iesd3l, Evelyn — 27. 54, 55, 58. 64. 72. Gjesdal. Marjory— 27. 40, .54. .55. 58, 59. Goodell, Lee— 27. 42, 54, 56, 63, 66. Himson. Maxine — 29, 40. 51. 54, 56, .59, 62, 63. Hart. Inez— 20, 54, 58, 62, 63, 64, 64. Hartman, Mildred— .36, 41. Haux. Theodor( 18, 56. H.. dlund, Louise — 11, 15. 27, 52, 54, 57, 63. Heiiman, Ruth — 31, 51. 54. 56, 62. Henu-nway. Darlene — 32. 51, 54, 55, 58, 62. Hendricks. Robeit— 32. 61, 54, 56, 58, 62. 65, 71. Henky, Genevieve— 18. 43, 51, 54, 58, .59. HeiTinn. Lambert— 30, 51, 54. 58, 69, 62, 63, 70, 71. 73. Herman, Mary — 30, 40. 51, 54, 65, 58, 64, 72. Hickman, Norma — 32, 41, 51, 64, 57. Hildehrandt, Jani-- — 30, 42, 43, 51. 54, ,55. 56, 62, 63. Hillen, Deibert— 30, 54. 57, 59, 71. Hinren, Rose— 33. 54, 67. Hollen. Robert— 15, 27, 64. .57. Hornback. Dale — 27, 51, 54, 55, 63. Hotchkisp. Thelma— 20, 42, 43. 51. 54. 55. 57. 64. 70, 72. Hotchk ' s. Velma- 20. 42, 43, 50. 51, 54. 57, 64, ■55. 70, 72. Hudson. George — 27. 40. 54. 56. Huffman. Daniel— IS. .50. 52. .54. 58, 63, 70. 71. Humerickhouse, .Arthur — 31, 54, 66, 62. IshmacI, Shirley — 35. Jamieson, Eileen — 27. 40. 51. 54, .58, 62. Jamieson. Margaret — 27, 42, 54, 58. Jamieson, Richard — IS, 42, 54, 58, 64. INDEX Jones, Donald— 27. 40, 51. hS. .54. 5.5, 56, 02, 63, 64, 65, 73. Johnson, Delore.s 27, 54, 55, 56, 63, 73. Johnson, Orlaml— 27, 42, 50, 51, 53, 54, 50, 63, 68, 71, 73. Keller. Dorothy— 22. 42. 51. 54, 5:!, 59, 62, 0,;. 05, 70. Keller, Helen— 20, 51, 52, 54, 55, 56. 02, 63, 65, 70. King. lien, — 31, 54, 50, 59, 62, 63. Klatt, Fred— 18, 40. 50, 54, 63, 04. Kline. Ethel— 33, 51, 54, 50, 62, 72. Kollman, June— 22, 51, 54, 58, 62. Lamm, Doyle— 19, 54, 57, 63. Landers, Wilma — 35. LaRue, Arnold— 27, .54, 57, 68. LaRue, Mary Lou— 33, .54, 56, 62. Lee, Mona— 35, 04. Lelsy, Alvin— 28, ,54, 57, 02, 63, 64. Leisy, Laona — 54, 58. Leyh. Erma— 22. 54. 56. 62. 63. 64. Lippe, . ylo— 22. 47, 51, 53, 54, 56, 59, 02, 04. Macy, Jame.-:— 30, 50, 53, 54, 50, 63, 69, 71, 72, 73. Macy, Robert— 22, 51, 54, ,50, 70, 71, 72. Maddox, Charles— 28, 42, 51, 54, 57, .59, 03. 05. 70. Mahin, Duane— 30, 50, ,53, 59, 03, 73. Martin. Darrel— 22, 41, 51, 55, 63, 68, 71. 72. .McCartney. Wayne— 31, 51, 54, 57. Melton, Marilyn— 23, 54, 58, 02, 03, 04. 70. Miller. Marl.vs- 28. 54, 55, 58, 02, 03, 04, 73. Minj;, Leona— 33, 51, 54, 55, 50, 02, 72. Moeller, Harry— 28, 41, .50, 54, 56, 03, 71. Morgan, Geraldire— 30. 54. 58, 02. Morgan, Lester — 19. Rice, Janet— 22, 51, 53, 54, 50, 62, 65, 72. Richey. Iva Jane — 28. 40, 51, .54, 55, 57, 62, 65. Rober.son, Arlen— 34. 51, 54, 50. Roberson, Donna Mae— 22, 41, 47, 51, 53, 54, 50. Roberts, Dale— 15, 28, 51, 54, 57, ,59, 03, 04, 65, 71. Root, Ava— 19, 63. Root, Leonard— 19, 40, 41, 54, .58. Riithfuss, Ethel— 30. Rothfuss, Lola— 33, 51, 54, 56. Rotlifuss. Wilber— 19, 54, .56. Ro«ell, Charle.-5— 28, 51, 54, 56, 62, 68, 71, 72. Rowell. Walter— 15. 28, 42, 51, 54, 54, 56, 02. 03, 05, 08, 71, 72. 73. Ro.valty. Alvin— 28. 54. 58. Royalty. Opal— 28. 54. 58. Rupeit, Leona— 31, 51, 54, 57. Ryan. Mieheal— 31. 41. 51. 54. 55. 58. 64. 71. R.van. Patrick— 31. 41. 54. 55. .58. 64. 71, 72. Schilling, Dorothy— 20. 52, 54. 55, 56, 02, 69, 70. Sohalling, Janice— 35. 40. 59, 05, 70. Schwarz, Walter— 28, 51, 54, 58. Shook. Edwin— 32. 41, 51, 54, 58, 02, 70, 71, 72. Slusser, Nonna— 32, 51, 55, 02, 04. Stanislaus. Eugene— 28, 42, 51, 52, 54, 50, 59, 63, 05, 70. Stoner. Martha— 29. 51. 54, 56, 59, 72. Strong, Mar -in— 34, 51, 54, 58, 59. Stump. Bonnie- 22, 41. 42, 51, 54, 55, 56, 63, 72. Suffridge, Ted— 32, 41, 51, 54, 50, 02, 70, 71. 72. Thorpe. Harold— 30, 54, 57, 08, 71, 72, 73. Titus, Dorothy— 29, 42, 51, 54, 55, 58, 02, 63. Titus, Elinor— 21, 42, 51, 54, 55, 58 , 62. Telle, Mavabelle— 32, 51, 54, 57, 59, 62, 70, 72. Turner. Betty— :M, 42, 51, 54, 57, 04, 65, 70, 72. 73. Turner, Joan— 32, 41, 51, 54, 57, 59, 02, 64, 70, 72. Noe, Paul— 19, 40. 51. .54, 55, 57, 62, 03, 64, 65. Nofsinger. Faith— 31, 51, ,54, 55, 57, Nof singer, Joan — 33, 51, 54, 55, 57. Olmsted, Donald— 15, 19. .54. 57. Opliger, Lila— 22, 51, 54, 56. Opliger, Mark— 28, 50, 51, 52, .53, 55, 63, 68, 73. Paige, Margery— 28, 54, 55, 56, .59. Parsons, Erma— 33, 41, 51, 54, 56, 62, 73. Parsons, Marjorie — 33, 41, 51. .54, 55, 57, 73. Perdue, Beatrice— 20, 42. 43, 51, .53 . " 4. 57, 02, 65, 73. Powell. Enid— 15, 20, 42, 47. 51. 52. 54 57 .59. 63, 65, 72. Powell, Larry— 33, 41, 51, 54, 57, 70, 71. Purdy. Elwin— 28. 42. 51, 54, 55, 58, 03. Ream, Gladys — 40, 57. Regiiier, Ivan — 31. Rice, Drexel— 31, 54, 50, 62., Herry— 29, 54, 55, 62, 63, 64. Vermilyea. Mary— 22, 41, 51, 54, 57, 02, 03, 04. Whitney, June— 34, 41, 51, 54, 55, 57, 63, 73. Whitney, Shirley— 22, 41, 51, 54, 57, 63, 73. Winterberg. Kathleen— 23. 41. 51. 52. .=4. 55. 56. 62, 72. Wirt, Milton— 15, 29, 54, 57, 63. Woellhof, Evangeline— 34, 54, 50, 62. WoelUiof, Rosalie— 32, 54, ,56, 02, 70, 72. Wolter. Gerald— 19. 42. 43. 47, 51, 53, . ' 4. 55, 53, 59, 03, 05, 73. Woodruff, Darold— 23, 41, 42, 50, 51, 54, 58. .59. 02. 63. 05, 72. Woolard, Neva— 34, 51, 54, 56, 63. Wulfkuhle. Estlier— 32, 51, 54, 55, 56, 62, 63, 70, 72. YaiTington, Ellwvn— 23, 41, 51, .54, 55, 58, 59, 62, 63, 70, 71. Yarrow, Helen— 54, 56, 62. ■ ' :• % - ■ !«■ :1 .Mi w ■ r-

Suggestions in the Miltonvale Wesleyan College - Sunflower Yearbook (Miltonvale, KS) collection:

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