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i 1 i fs E 1 if 1 V K- IS v Vg U 0 - 0 5 Mum wma ee 0 gi o ,o 5113 59:3 . 32 EAI? 5 Q Af faafiiixg 5 Q03 V V13 5 3 . . Q Q puziwmf 4, Me smm of mx Mum- zfnfm-,u,41,,.sczmz Eg 5 'H School Sang Fight the team across the floor Show them that Mi1ton's here Set the earth reverberating with a mighty cheer RAH! RAH! RAH! Hit them hard and see how they fall Never let that team get the ball Hail! Hail! the's all here For the glory of Milton High. 2 We, the Seniors of l945, proudly dedicate this first volume of the "Milton-Union Echo" to the graduates of M-U who are now serving in the Armed Forces. This small tribute can in no way equal the tremendous sacrifices these brave men and women are making for us. To those who have made the supreme sacrifice and who shall never read our book we stand humbly and reverently before you. g-4--K 4 me ae if xx- A-+A' Walter Anderson ...... Leonard Altic ........... Harold E. Albaugh Ned C. Altic ...... .... S. C. Anderson ..... P. N. Arnett ...... H. E. Baker .... .... R. E. Blackburn. . . Richard D. Butler .... Bruce A. Buckey.. Don Buckey ....... Elden Brinkman ...... EVETEU, D. Brown. Junior E. Brown .... J. G. Blackmore... Otho Baker ....... Allen Bare ...... T. Beck ......... Joe Carroll ..... Ted Cashner ...... James Cashner. . . . . Bill Coate ........ Ned Coate ........ Glenna K. Crew.. D. Carroll ........ Alfred Daum .... Tom Davis ..... Paul Dohner ...... Wm. R. Detrick ...., Jack Dexter ...... Robert Ditmer .... J. R. Dohner .... J. M. Elicker ...... Eugene Elifritz ..... Glen Elliott ......... Donald P. Evans .... of Milton-Zfnian in like Namecf Swudcea .........Army .....Army .....Navy .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Navy .....Army ....,Navy .....Navy .......Army ....Marines .....Army . ..... Navy .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Wacs .....Army .....Navy .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army John Farver ........ .............. Arm y Chas. D. Farver ..... ................ A rmy Don Furlong ........ .... M erchant Marine Walter M. Elliott ..... ............ A rmyf Robert D. Ganger .... Leonard Garrison ..... David Gordon ...... Marvin Gebhart ...... Edgar D. Garwood .... Bruce Green ........ . ...... Army .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army Myron E. Green .,.. ...... ........ A r my Roger E. Grise ...... ................ Ar my Nevin Grise ........... ....... .........., Arm y Clementine Gordon ..... . .... Army Nurse Corps Walter Hall ........... ................ A rmy Harold Hale ........ .............. Arm y Harry Harris ...... .Army James Harris .... .... M arines Don Harshbarger .... .... A rmy Clarence Helmick . ..... Navy Norman Heisey ........ .... A rmy Robert Hemmerick .... .............. N avy Ralph Hemmerick ..... ................ A rmy Robert Hildebrand ..... .... George Hill ....... LoDe1 Hodges ....... Fred Hood ............. Lowell Hildebrand ..... Bob Hunt ......... Wayne Hurley .... J. W. Hissong ..... D. E. Hunt. ...... Earl Hirlkle ........ .... H. E. HIIICS ........ R. L. Harshbarger ..... . Wilda Hurley ..... E. W. Iddmgs ........ Marvin E. Jacobs .... Merle Jacobs ...... Charles E. Jay ..... Malone Jones ..... Roger Klepinger .. Merchant Marines ..............Navy ..........Army ....Army ....Army .....Navy .....Navy ....,.........Navy .. ........... Army Merchant Marines ..............Navy .............Army .....Waves ......Army ....Army-Af ....Army ....Army .....Navy . ..... Navy Galen Klepinger ..... ................ A rmy Max Kelly ........ Cleon Klepinger. . . Jack Kelly ......... .... Glen Kress ...... Max Kopp ......... Robert Koogler ...... D. D. Lesher ...... Bernard L. Landis ..... Jack Longnecker ..... Lynn Longnecker .... Donald R. Lutz ...... George La P1'ade. . Max Lau' .......... Merlin L, Miller ..... Robert E. Myers ..... Henry Manning .... Kenneth Mattis ...... Robert Mitchell ....... Cletus G. Minnich ..... Doris Medley ..... James C. Manning. .... W. C. Mote ....... Robert Netzley ..... W. L. Netzley .... E. C. Netzley ..... Paul Oda .......... Patricia Owens . . . ..............Navy Merchant Marines Merchant Marines .............Army ....Army ....Army ....Navy ....Army ....Army ....Army ....Army ....Navy ......Army ....Army-A' . ...Army ....Army ....Army ....Army ....Army ....Wacs ....Army .....Navy ....Army ....Army ....Army ....Army ....Wacs Robert Puterbaugh ........ ...... ........ A r my Ned Penny ........ ..............Navy Any mistakes in the above list are unintentional. Darwin Petry ..... ................. A rmy A. G. Pearson ......... ...... M erchant Marines Dale Puterbaugh ........ ................. A rmy Ned Puterbaugh .......... ............ M armes Raymond Puterbaugh .... .... A nnY" Bernard Pfeifer ..... Vemon Pierce ...... Rodney Randall ..... Bill Relyea ....... John M. Rife ....... Norman L. Rogers.. Clifford A. Ryan ..... M. Reed ............ John Robbins ....... Arthur M. Schuman ...... Vernon A. Schuman .... Noel D. Seeker ..... Glen Shafer ........ WB.1tCT Shalll' 61' ...... Richard Shaurer . . . Harold R. Shearer ..... Dale E. Smith ........ Lee Schatzley .... . . . Richard Steiner ..... Glen Stickel ........ Paul M. Stickel ..... Ralph M. Stickel .... Blaine Stoltz ...... Howard Swartz ..... Robert P. Syler ..... Carlton Snell ..... Wm. Swift ........ Byron Stoner ..... Frank Thurman ..... J. Tucker . . ..... . . Chas. Taylor ..... . . . Raymon Thomas ..... ..... .....Army .....Army ......Navy .....Army .....Army .....Army ......Navy .....Army .......Navy .....Army-Af ......Navy ......Navy ......Navy .....Army ......Navy .....Army .....Anny .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army ......Navy ......Navy ...............Navy Merchant Marines Evans D. Tice ....... ................. N avy Kenneth E. Vore .... Duane Vore. .... .. Eugene Vore ...... Noel Vore .......... D. R. Williamson... Donald Wissinger... Vance Wissinger .... Glen D. Wood .... Richard Worley .... Ramon Whisler ..... William Wheelock.. Ned Lowry .......... if Killed in action. 'f Prisoner ......Navy .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army .....Army ......Navy .....Army .....Army .....Army I ! I 2 E 5 1 X 3 3 - f t l .' . 1 ' f 5 4 :Q ,Y i 3--1 J I 3 Eaafacfofg ' l Left to right-Emerson Swank, Robert Duncan, Harold Ditmer, Walter Steiner, Clark Mote, Howard Lair, Harris Shank R. W. Duncan ' D. A., M. A. Ohio State University Physics Superintendent Roy E. Diley B, S. Ohio State University Vocational Agriculture Senior Class Adviser aff, sczmz dew O. E. Bube University of Dayton Ohio State University B. S., M. A. Miami University Chemistry, Biology Mathematics Principal A. E. Geeting B. S. Miami University Mathematics Industrial Arts Helen Toth A. B. Mount St. Joseph College Social Studies Girls' Physical Education Doris M. Souermon B. S. Ohio State University Vocational Home Economics Cafeteria Eighth Grade Class Adviser Ruth Mock A. B. Manchester College Wittenberg College Ohio State University English Irene G. Hole Miami University Seventh and Eighth Grade Subjects Freshman Class Adviser Jeon P. Kinsey A. B. Earlham College Science, English Sophomore Class Adviser .etsczmza Jomes Jackson B. A. Cedarville Graduate Work Miami University Summer Work University of Dayton Science, Boys' Physical Education, Athletic Coach Sora Bunn B. S. Miami University Commercial Arts Junior Class Adviser Reto L. Thomas A. B. Otterbein College History Seventh Grade Class Adviser Edith Noble A. B., M. A. West Virginia University Ohio University University of Wisconsin Ohio State University English, Spanish , Bernice Kerr A. B. Ohio University M. A. Columbia University Defiance College George Peabody College for Teachers University of Indiana Mathematics, Social Studies 4 Frances Miles A. B. Earlham College Vocational Music, Band Mary Cassell Secretary L' Oneida Minnich Miami County Normal Summer Work University of Dayton B. S. Wittenberg College Miami University 5th Grade Elementary Principal F. M. Mote Valparaiso University Wittenberg College Miami Jacobs Business College National Normal University 6th Grade Margaret Lair Miami Jacobs Business College B. S. Ohio State University A. M. Columbia University Librarian B" gacullq Betty Jo Hirby Miami University 3rd Grade Mabel Helsinger Miami County Normal Miami University 4th Grade Z g . . Ruth North Wittenberg College Miami University lst Grade Dora F. Siler Miami County Normal Wittenberg College Miami University 2nd Grade Elsie Paul Ohio Northern University Manchester College Miami University 4th Grade Maude Kreger Rio Grande College Marshall College Ohio University Wilmington College Miami University 5th Grade Alma E. Gramm B. S. Beulah College lst Grade aaa, Marabelle Dickey Ohio University B. S. Wilmington College lst Grade Madge Whitman Miami University Miami County Normal Wittenberg College 2nd Grade Margaret Harshba rger Miami County Normal Wilmington College Wittenberg College University of Wisconsin Miami University 3rd Grade Margaret Aldrich Miami County Normal Defiance College Miami University 2nd and 3rd Grades Edna Tice Miami Jacobs Business College Miami University 6th Grade v EIS v EIS v E95 v me v EA v me Left to right- .eczw may Row 1--Joe Wright, Marilyn Hole, Donna Lou Netzley, Galen Minnich, Zoe Nell Wertz, Joan Hefelfinger Row 2-Audrey Pearson, Ruth Graney, Mildred Kniesly. Row 3-Dolores Alexander, Armidene Niles. Row 4-Nadine Ford, Dona Thuma. Row 5-"Peggie" Pearson, Gloria Norris, Shirley Pearson, Milton Mishler. Row 6-John Eidemiller, Perry Deeter, Lee Minich, Bill Carroll, Frank Stallsmith, Mr. Ray Diley Cadvisorb. Gordon Helsinger, Barbara Brant, Bea Criteser, Bill Siler, Not pictured-Betty Vore, Dwain Detrick. Editor-in-Chief .... Assistant ........ Business Manager .... Assistantn ...... Advertising Manager ..... Assistants ....... Circulation Manager ..... Photograph Editor ...... Assistants ......... Alumni Editor ..... Assistants ..... Art Editor ....... Assistant ...... Sports Editor ......... Assistant ........ Departmental Editor ..... Copy Editor ......... Assistants .............. Junior Class Reporter ..... Sophomore Class Reporter Freshmen Class Reporter. Eighth Grade Reporter .... Seventh Grade Reporter. . . .....Shirley Pearson . . . . .Perry Deeter . . . . . .Joe Wright Carroll QV? 3 .......................................Barbara Brant I . . . .Gordon Helsinger, .....Frank Stallsmith, Lee Minnich John Eidemiller, Dwain Detrick Siler giving ...................Nadine Ford ........................Betty Vore A .. . .Gloria Norris, Armidene Niles Graney QV? ........Bea Criteser .......Ga1en Minnich 0 .........Peggie Pearson ............Donna Lou Netzley QV? Hole ....Mildred Kniesly, Dona Thuma 13 ...............Dolores Alexander ...............Audrey Pearson QV? ..Milton Mishler .....Zoe Nell Wertz A ....Joan Hefelfinger ra A JfP'nlff'XJ4'xJ0'wNYFX-lf'xyl?'xJ4'xJ4'xJ4'xyl'F'sylFMVNxJfNx.VFxl?'xJ4WlFwiFxJ4'xyl9xlf'xslFxyl?'xyl3xJf9xI9xI0x ' 743 Seam Elan COLORS: Scarlet and Gray MOTTO: Onward ever, backward never FLOWER.: American Beauty Rose OFFICERS: President-Perry Deeter, Vice .President-Gordon Helsingerg Secretary- Dona Thuma, Lavonne Rhoades-treasurer: Class Advisor-Mr. Ray E. Diley. 8 ' Glau It was a big day in September, 1939, when eighty-one starry-eyed seventh graders entered the new school building at West Milton. Yes, this was the same group that are now Seniors. We will have to admit that there were many of us who got lost and were late for class the first few days, but after we became acquainted with this immense new building, we soon became proud of it. The Senior Class of 1945 is the first class to complete its six years in the new building. Except for an occasional party, our junior high school career was just a regular routine of studying and laboring over our books. Then in September, 1941, we came across something new. We were now freshmen in high school and could select the course which we wished to take. Some of us found high school more difficult than junior high while others thought it easier. In May, 1942, Dona Thuma, Peggie Pearson, Shirley Pearson, Donna Lou Netzley, Ned Iddings, Gordon Helsinger, Perry Deeter, Junior Seeker, were on the scholarship team that went to Miami University for scholarship tests. Our Freshmen Class officers were: Dewey Green, president, Bill Siler, vice president: Peggie Pearson, secretary, Gordon Helsinger, treasurer, and class advisor, Mrs. Riggs. In our sophomore year we found that as we entered our second year of high school, we had to assume new responsibilities and be more self-reliant. We were no longer the green horns of the high school. One or two of our boys entered the service this year. Under the leadership of: Charles Fine, president: Gene Vallieu, vice president: Barbara Brunning, secretary: Armi- dene Niles, treasurer, and Mrs. Riggs, class advisor, we feel that our sophomore year was not spent in vain. The next year we became the Jolly Juniors of Milton-Union. This was our big money-making year, as we sold candy, soft drinks and other refreshments. The Junior Class was in charge of the sale of war bonds and stamps at the school. We real- ized that we would have to start thinking seriously about fattening our bank account for the Junior-Senior Banquet and the senior trip. Several of the main events of the year were: the farewell banquet for the seniors, which was Dutch in style, fol- lowed by our Jr.-Sr. Prom, and our class play, "Gabriel, Blow Your Horn." Both affairs turned out to be quite successful. We sponsored the first inter class dance, a "Spring Hop", in the Gym. The Junior Class officers were: Galen Minnich, president, John Thompson, vice presidentg Shirley Pearson, secretary, Ray Todd, treasurer, and Mr. Diley, class advisor. This brings us down to the present school year. The fifty-two members of our class that are left are now happy seniors. Three of our number, Bob Klepinger, Bill Waymire, and Bill Brown are now serving in the armed forces. The end of high school for us is rapidly approaching, and we realize that we must prepare ourselves for what is ahead. Our senior year has been very busy, with the publishing of Milton-Union's first annual in seventeen years, paper drives, and the presentation of our class play, "Best Foot Forward." We sponsored a Halloween masquerade and dance, which was a great success. The following members of our class were elected to lead us through this all important senior year: Perry Deeter, presidentg Gordon Helsinger, vice president, Dona Thuma, secretary: and Lavonne Rhoades, treasurer. Mr. Diley again is our class advisor. Nine members of our class started school in the first grade at West Milton and went through all twelve grades here. They are: Shirley Pearson, Armidene Niles, Nadine Ford, Lavonne Rhoades, Dona Thuma, Dwain Detrick, Carl Cummins, Letha Snyder, and Bill Hale. As we go to press we are looking forward to commencement. After that many of the boys will enter the service of our country, while the girls will embark upon their careers. The boys will have to postpone their further education or embarkment upon a career until after this great world conflict. NultladfftvfflabftnizfNdlYA0fWlYwfYwfYA0fiUfflAbfiin0fYUffWl'NdlNvflwfWlWllwfWlNWliulldffldffldli Helen Arnett' "Ai-ch" Entered Senior Year Norma Blackburn "Blackie" Chorus 1-2-3 FHA 2-3 GAA 3 Cafeteria VVork 2-3 Office VVork 4 Intramural 4 Senior Class Play Ba rba ra Brant "Bm-by" Band 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 FHA 2-3 Office VVork 3 "M" Club 4 Echo Staff Library Stuff 2-3 William Brown "Bomber" Entered U. S. Navy Dec. 8. 1944 CNot gruduatingy Carl Cummins "Doc" Basketball 1-2 Library Staff 1-2 Henry Davidson ..Hank,, Band 1-2-3 Chorus 2-3 Ooeretta Cust 3 Jr. Play Cast Library Staff 1-2 "M" Club 4 Senior Class Play Perry Deeter 1-Pete-1 Chorus 3 Football 4 Class President 4 Miami Scholarship 1 Echo Staff American Legion Essay School WVinner 3 lntramurals 4 "M" Club 4 Senior Class Play Senior Scholarship Dwaine Derrick "Dewey" Band 1-2-3 Chorus 2-3 Operetta. Cast 3 Orchestra 3-4 Basketball 4 "M" Club 4 Intramurals 4 Bernodine Donner "Berny" Chorus 1 FHA 1-2-3-4 Jr. Play Cast Cafeterial VVork 1-2-3-4 John Eidemiller "Eidie" Band 3 Chorus 1-2 FFA 1-2 Jr. Play Cast Echo Staff, Intramurals 4 "M" Club 4 Senior Class Play Bob Elifritz ..Eagle.. V Chorus 1-2 Annobel Engle "Annie" Chorus 2 FHA 1-2 Cafeteria VVork 2-3-4 John Evons "Johnny" Chorles Fine "Chuck" Basketball 2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-4 'Track 2 Class President 2 "M" Club 4 Nadine Ford "Sklpper" -- Band 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3 GAA 2-3 Jr. Play Cast Office Work 4 "M" Club 4 Echo Staff Senior Class Play Imogene Furlong "Imo" Band 2-3-4 Chorus 2-3 FHA 1-2-3-4 ' Cafeteria Wvork 2-3-4 "M" Club 4 Rozann Ga rwood .-Sisy, A FHA 1-2-3-4 GAA 2-3-4 Library Staff 1-2-3-4 "M" Club 4 Intramurals 4 Ruth Graney "Ruthie" Chorus 2-3-4 FHA 3-4 Library Staff 3-4 Echo Staff Entered Sophomore Year Senior Class Play Operetta 2-3-4 Doris Ganger MBHP- Chorus 1 Jr. Play Cast Cafeteria NVork 1-2-3-4 Gordon Helsinger "Petle" Basketball 1-2-4 Class Treasurer 1 Miami Scholarship 1 Echo Staff Vice President 4 William Hale "Bill" ' Chorus 1-3 FFA 1-2-3-4 Cafeteria WVork 2 Library Staff 1 Intramurals 4 James Helstern "Preach" Chorus 1 Manager Basketball Team 1 4 Football 1-2-3-4 Manager Baseball Team 1 2 "M" Club 4 Manager Track Team 1 Cafeteria Work 2 Intramurals 4 Senior Class Play Glenn Heisey "Mickie" Chorus 1 - 2-3 FFA 1-2 Library Staff 1-2 Senior Class Play Marilyn Hole "Holey" Hand 2-3 Chorus 1-2-3 Orchestra 1-2-3 Junior Play Cast Intramurals 4 Entered Junior Year Pcho Staff Senior Scholarship l 0 Charles Hutton "Chuck" FFA 1-2-3-4 "M" Club 4 Intramurals 4 Ned Iddings "Iddir1gs" Chorus 2-3 FFA 1-2-3-4 Miami Scholarship "M" Club 4 Intramurals 4 Senior Class Play Baseball 4 Senior Scholarship Jean Kelly "Jennie" Band 1-2-3 Chorus 1-2-3 GAA 3 FHA 4 Cheer Leader 3 Cafeteria Vlfork 3 Office Vvork 4 Library Stuff 4 Senior Class Play Levoune Kelley "Sue" FHA 1-2-3-4 Cafeteria XVork 1-2-3-4 Bob Kelley "Crash" Intramurals 4 Robe rt Kirby "Sleepy'7 Chorus 1 -2-3-4 Junior Pluy Cust Library Stuff 3-4 Intramurals 4 Mildred Kniesly "Midge" Chorus 1-2 Cafeteria XVorlc 2-3-4 Echo Staff Glenn' Minkner "1VIickey" FFA 1-2 lntramuruls 4 Goleri Minnich ..Ed,, Band 1-2-3 Chorus 1-2 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-4 Class President 3 "M" Club 4 Senior Class Play Lee Mirmich "Maha-1' ' Chorus 1-2-3 Football 1-3-4 Junior Play Cast Intramurals 4 "M" Club 4 Senior Class Play Dormo Lou Netzley crNetzn Chorus 1-2-3 Operetta Cast 2-3 GAA 2-3 Miami Scholarship 1 Library Staff 1-2-3 lntra.murals 4 Echo Staff Armidene Niles "Army" Chorus 1-2 GAA 3 Class Treasurer 2 Junior Play Cast "M" Club 4 Echo Staff lntrammurals 4 Glorio Norris "Blondie" Chorus 1-2 Echo Staff Senior Class Play Peggie Peo rson H1-,eg-y Band 1-2 Chorus 1-2 Overettzi. Cast 2 FHA 1-2-3-4 Class Secretary 1 Cafeteria Xvork 1-2-3- Echo Staff Miami Scholarship 1 Senior Scholarship Shirley Peorson "Little Doc" Library Staff 1-2-3 Intramurals 4 Chorus 1-2-3 Operetta Cust 2-3 GAA 2-3 FHA 4 Cheer Leader 1-2-3-4 Miami Scholarship 1 Office VVork 2-3-4 Echo Staff American Legion Essay 2 County Vliinner and School VVinner Class Secretary 3 "M" Club 4 Lcivonne Rhoodes "Bonnie" Chorus 1-2-3-4 Class Treasurer 4 Junior Play Cust Office XVork 2 Jesse Seeker ".lunio1"' Band 1-2-3-4 Miami Scholarship 1 Senior Class Play John Shelley "Johnny" Chorus 3 Intramurals 4 Bill Siler ..Si,, Basketball 1-2-3-4 Football 4 Echo Staff Vice President 1 "M" Club 4 Baseball 4 Letho Snyder "Leatl1le" Chorus 1-2 Annabelle Sworrz 'fAnn" FHA 1-2-3-4 Cafeteria VVork 1-2 lntrannurnls 4 Mo ry Swift "Speedie" Library Staff 1-2-3 Band 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Operetta. Cast 3 FHA 3-4 Cafeteria. 'Work 3 Office VVork 4 lntramurals 4 Helen Thompson "Pl1ebe Ann" FHA 1-2-3-4 Cafeteria VVork 1-2-3-4 Library Staff 1-2-3-4 John Thompson "Johnnie" Chorus 3 Basketball 4 Football 2-3-4 Junior Play Cast X ice President 3 "M" Club 4 Senior Class Plily Baseball 4 Phyllis Thompson "Peanut" Chorus 1-2-3-4 GAA 3 FHA 3-4 Cafeteria. 1Vork 1-2-3-4 Library Staff 2-3-4 Intramurals 4 Roy Todd "T0ddie" "M" Club 4 Chorus 1-2-3 Basketball 2-3-4 Football 2-3-4 Baseball 2-4 Track 2 Class Treasurer 3 Library Staff 1 Dono Thumo "Donjie" FHA 1-2-3-4 Class Secretary 4 Miami Scholarship 1 Cafeteria Work 1-2-3-4 Echo Stuff Library Staff 2 Betty Vore "Betz" chorus 2-3 GAA 2 Junior Play Cast Echo Staff Library Staff 2-3 Senior Class Play William Woymire "Porky" FFA 1-2 Chorus 1-2-3 Entered Merchant Marines December 6 iNet gradtmtingj Noncy Woymire "Nan" QI'res. of FHAJ FHA 1-2-3-4 President 4 Intramurals 4 Joseph Wright "Joe" Chorus 3-4 Cafeteria Vvork 1-2-3 Echo Staff Entered Junior Year Operettn. 4 Joon Rex "Tony" Band 1-2 GAA 2 Class President 2 Cheer Leader 4 "M" Club 4 Senior Scholarship Intramurals 4 ..,. - 1-'--if ' ' Lewis WMJMIMIMJMIQI9ilFxlFxJ'FxlNxJfFx-YFxlFxJMI3xlMIFxlFiIMI9xWFxIPXIFx!0xIMIFxlM Qlwu P As The Sheik of Araby sat gazing through his crystal ball he related to us the future of our fellow Seniors. These are the pre- dictions The Sheik gave to us as the Seniors will be in 1955. John Eidemiller and Henry Davidson are presenting a "know it all" program every Wednesday night over Station S M A R T. Rozann Garwood is now keeping house at Troy for Bill Myers, Sr. and Bill Myers, Jr. Joe Wright and Bob Ellfrltz are now partners in operating a theater at Third and Main in Ludlow Falls. Barbara Brant is chief operator on the switch board in Day- ton, Ohio. It keeps her pretty busy watching over the other operators and talking to the big business men. Bill Hale enlarged his chicken farm last year, and with his chicken money he has to support five little Hales. Reverend John Shelley is now preaching at the Menonite Church at Garland. You can hear him every Sunday morn- ing, and every Wednesday and Sunday nites, Nancy Waymire is married to Von Haworth. She still has trouble losing her false tooth at times. Carl Cummins is now running for mayor in West Milton. He says one way to stay out of trouble is to be the law yourself. Norma Blackburn, known as "Blackie, the Hypnotist", is taking all honors in this business. She soon shall go abroad. Betty Vore is now married to a Millionaire Merchant Marine and has thirteen maids, and is still taking life easy. You people, who listen to the Barn Dance on Saturday nite, be sure to pay special attention to the program's star attrac- tion, the yodeler. She is our own classmate, Helen Thomp- son. Ruth Graney's good nature and generosity is still with her. She is now busy giving piano lessons to everyone in town who wishes to play, also doing sketching on the side. One of her sketches will be shown at the West Milton World's Fair. Mary Swift is now the owner of a skating rink in Detroit. Bob Kelly is her skate boy and Jesse Seeker is the profes- sional bouncer. She ought to hook one of those men sooner or later. Charles Hutton has became famous since graduating from high school. He's now playing with Harry James. His spe- cialty ls "boogie Woogie". Bernadlne Dohner is now famous for her home-made candy. She gives credit to Miss Sauerman for all of her success in sweets. Lee Minnlch still thinks he has a Charles Atlas build but after five years of marriage we notice he is getting chunky in spots. Imogene Furlong is now a dressmaker. She has had the pleasure of making dresses for many famous women. Dona Thuma is now secretary to a large firm in Chicago. The experience received from being secretary to the Senior Class prompted her to take this position. Annabelle Swartz is head cook of the cafeteria at Waco. She heard about the old proverb "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Levaune Kelly is still driving a tractor on one of her hus- band's big estates, just like the old days. John Evans has just finished his fifth symphony and now ranks with Mozart and Beethoven. Bob Kirby is now the owner of a large peanut plantation in Mississippi. He and Kathleen have a busy time taking care of all the little Kirbys. g Glen Minkner is busy teaching all boys that are beginning to shave how to be successful in growing mustaches. He is now sprouting a goatee! Peggie Pearson, that great opera singer, has just returned from a successful tour in Europe. She rests up by being a nurse's aide. All the buying for the Rike-Kumler Company is now ln the hands of Shirley Pearson. She is thinking of opening a shop of her own in New York soon. Gordon Helsinger worked so hard polishing cars during his Senior year, that he now lets his wife do all the work and is taking life easy. Gloria Norris is waiting for the time when the boy from But- ler, that great athlete, moves closer to West Milton. And, oh, yes--her favorite color is Brown. Armidene Niles has her own school of cooking now and sam- ples everything that is made. Her appetite has not changed from the old school days, has it? Charles Fine, the great lover of M-U has a basket ball squad of his own, we hear. They are known as the "FIGHTING FINESJ' James Helstern is busy these days, bragging about his mas- tiff dog kennels. To date he has eighty pedigreed and regis- tered dogs, and an extra dog house, just in case Mrs. Hel- stern rebels. ' Bill Brown has his own garage and repairs all the cars that Bill Hale and Carl Cummins drive. We hear that he's get- ting more sleep than he did while going to school. Dwain Detrick has organized his own swing band and is tour- ing the country. Dwain and Hal McIntyre are running neck and neck for popularity. Ned Iddings has a dude ranch out in California. All the movie stars go there to rest up. Ned is still hatching it, as usual. The last we heard of Letha Snyder, Annabelle Engle, and Mildred Kniesly they were missionaries in China. Perry Deeter is operating a Rexall drug store on Third and Main, Potsdam, Ohio. Among other things, it has a large soda fountain with Bill Siler as chief soda jerk, and one din- ing room with Phyllis Thompson acting as head waitress. The "Three Musketeers," Johnny Thompson, Galen Minnich, and Ray Todd, are now the three famous backfield men for Ohio State. Although they got off to a bad start this year, they seem to be doing pretty well now and hope to take the Big 10 championship. Another one of our great druggists of '45, Nadine Ford, has just finished college and seems to be doing pretty well with her nursing. Specialty-Bachelors with big bank rolls. Joan Rex, our all round athlete, is now physical education teacher at Milton-Union. Donna Lou Netzley is a cadet nurse now. She is doing very well and is serving overseas. Jean Kelly is now married to a professional boxer. They are doing very nicely with their twelve little boxers. Helen Arnett is a confidential secretary to Mr. Bube, and she has been offered several important jobs but she won't accept them. Glen Heisey is ill again. We wonder if it isn't those Piqua nurses that "get him." Doris Ganger is a Home Economics teacher in "The Nar- rows," in Michigan. She says the fishing there is wonderful. Marilyn Hole won a scholarship at Ohio State University and is now practicing interior decorating. Ydfflglff SUI' NUINUIXQJWUINUINNUIKUffKgJffiUxfNdff'lUffY5JffKy1ffKUff"lUflNlgyflUfflNUff' NJA' Nyff' Nyffiyffkyffkylrtyff IFXIFNIFXIFWJFXIFXIMIFNIFiIFiIFNlFilFXInXIFxIFxJ'9lIFXlFilFiJ4'Nl9xl9NIFxJ4'iI9iJ4'X!Fx 01644 We, the Senior Class of '45, being of unsound mind and a little unbalanced in other parts of the head, do hereby will and be- queath some possessions to underclasssmen. We, the undersigned, hereby declare this our last will and testament, cancelling all others made before this time. Helen Arnett, will my quietness to Dolores Alexander. Norma Blackburn, will my boy friends to Norma Minton. Barbara Brant, will my ability to blush to Diane Durham. Bill Brown, will my sleeping ability to Austy Coate. , Carl Cummins, will my skill of driving Bill Hale's car to Jim Gartner. Henry Davidson, will my car to anyone who thinks he can drive it. Perry Deeter, will my ability to drink a gallon of cider on a, hay ride to George Mote. 1 Dwain Detrick, will my wolfing ability to Frank Stallsmith. Bernadine Dohner, will my ability to make candy to Mari- lyn Steiner. John Eidemiller, will my ability to make a touchdown to George Carpenter. Bob Elifritz, will my job at the local theater to Carl Kniesly. Annabel Engle, will my sewing ability to Phyllis Cissner. John Evans, will my symphony compositions to Eddie Nemeth. ' Charles Fine, will my ability to become engaged to Jerry Ingram. Nadine Ford, will my love for men to Nancy Tice. Imogene Furlong, will my ability to call pigs to Joanne Cox. Doris Ganger, will my home-making technique to Marge Hole. Rozann Garwood, will my Troy boy friends to Betty Harshbarger. Ruth Graney, will my art of drawing to Don McWilliams. Gordon Helsinger, will my lover's ability to Kay Wertz. Bill Hale, will my driver's license to anyone who has nerve to go to Troy and get it. Jim Helstern, will my job of carrying mail to anyone who has good feet. Glenn Heisey, will my Freshman girls to next year's Senior boys. Marilyn Hole, will my scholastic ability to Lowell Bechtol. Charles Hutton, will my piano playing to Paul Van Zant. Ned Iddings, will my bashfulness to Pat Herkins. Levaune Kelley, will my ability to drive a tractor to Janet Wheelock. Jean Kelly, will. my "FLIRTY" eyes to Joan Radabaugh. Robert Kelly, will my studying ability to Robert Hicks. Bob Kirby, will myself to Kathleen Evans. Mildred Kniesly, will my shyness and sweet manner to Audrey Pearson. Lee Minnich, will my Frank Sinatra school clothes to any- one who wants to be swooned over. Galen Minnich, will my Charles Atlas build to Tad Welbaum. Glen Minkner, will my mustache to Ellis Denlinger. Donna Lou Netzley, will my green eyes to Bill Carroll. Armidene Niles, will my long hair to Virginia Pearson. Gloria Norris, will my blonde hair to Norene Harshbarger. Peggie Pearson, will my singing voice to Pat Hissong. Shirley Pearson, will my lonely hours of waiting to Miowne Puterbaugh. Joan Rex, will my ability for sports to Doris Buckalew. Lavonne Rhoades, will my job as cashier to Pat Hunt. Jesse Seeker, will my ability to come to school regularly to Bob Coate. Bill Siler, will my saddles to Esta Helmick. John Shelley, will my speedy activities to Bob Honeyman. Letha Snyder, will my ability to type fast to Bob Coate. Annabelle Swartz, will my ability to be involved in acci- dents to Juanita Rasor. Mary Swift, will my love for the skating rink to Phyllis Kessler. Helen Thompson, will my ability to milk a cow to the girl who can make cow cow boogie, Bea Criteser. John Thompson, will my jitterbugging to Gordon Jones. Phyllis Thompson, will my Sweet boy friend to anyone who can get him. Dona Thuma, will my job as secretary of the Senior Class to Amber Shelly. Ray Todd, will my smashed up nose to Jerry Karns. Bill Waymire, will my Troy girls to anyone who will have them. Nancy Lu Wayrnire, will my engagement ring to Ellen Kraus. Betty Vore, will my sweater girl figure to Shirley Allread. Joseph Wright, will my ambition to make money to the Junior Class. Signed., THE SENIOR CLASS erm sw M 4 Goodnight Wherever You Arel Farewell School We're leaving you now There's a tear in our eyes but on our lips a smile. All of our hopes and dreams have all come true And all of the best of luck We leave to you. So Farewell School Friends and teachers, too. With heads high, we leave to face the trials of today. With all our hearts We'll miss you and hope You'll miss us So to you, dear school, Farewell. wmwfrwfrwfrwfrwfrwfrwfrwmwffwfrwfrwfrwfrwfrwfrwmwfrwfrwfrwmwmwmwfrwfrwmwfrwm NAME Helen Arnett Norma Blackburn Barbara Brant Bill Brown Carl Cummins Henry Davidson Perry Deeter Dwaine Detrick Bernadine Dohner John Eidemiller Bob Elifritz Annabel Engle Charles Fine Nadine Ford Imogene Furlong Doris Ganger Rozann Garwood Ruth Graney William Hale Glenn Heisey Gordon Helsinger Jim Helstern Marilyn Hole Charles Hutton Ned Iddings Jean Kelly Levaune Kelley Bob Kelly Bob Kirby Mildred Kniesly Glen Minkner Lee Minnich Galen Minnich Donna Lou Netzley Armidene Niles Gloria Norris Peggie Pearson Shirley Pearson Joan Rex Lavonne Rhoades Jesse Seeker John Shelley Bill Siler Letha Snyder Annabelle Swartz Mary Swift Helen Thompson John Thompson Phyllis Thompson Ray Todd Dona Thuma Betty Vore Nancy Waymire Bill Waymire Joseph Wright AMBITION Stenographer Dress Designing Nurse Filling Station Attendant Bus Driver Very prominent business man. To be President Saxophone Player Farmer's Wife Have lots of money and nothing to do. Motion Picture Operator To be a good cook. Sports Nurse Receptionist Faithful Housewife Flyer Artist Farmer Football Player Ha! Ha!-Ha! Chemist Private Secretary Boogie-woogie Scientific farmer Air Hostess Seamstress Traveler Airplane pilot English teacher See the world What's Nadine's? Sailor ' Actress Vocalist New cars Journalist Buyer of sport clothes Airline Hostess To be a good cashier Raising chickens Raising cane To grow tall Piano Player To marry a sailor Trumpet Player Breaking Horses Pull a good joke Secretary College football player Fast typist Meet movie actors Good Housewife To settle down Business Executive S . WEAKNESS Putting things off till a late Army-Overcash Listening to conversations. Sleeping in classes. Skipping school. Model "A's" Politics Crazy Questions Blue Eyes Arguing with teachers. Grable Brown Eyes Mayor's daughter. Certain brunette. Chocolate Malts Convertibles Homeward bound for Troy. Drawing pictures in classes. Cars Cutting up. Chewing gum! Red-heads Ray Swing Studying Boys Food Annoying civics teacher. Flirting Talking in civics. Versailles Blue eyes and tall gals, too. Blondes, eh, Galen? Galen Senior Health Class Music Blondes Ice Cream The Army Frank Sinatra Seeking but not finding. Teasing certain girls Giggling in Civics History Laughing until she cries. Cream Puffs Eating "Hunt-ing" Sweet Phillipsburg Marilyn r date. Laughing at things that aren't funny. Giggling Von Haworth Telephone Operator-Eh, Barbara. Work HOBBIES Killing time. Writing to Bud Overcash Telephone operator. Being late. Playing hooky to go hunting Pitsburg Political speeches. Bragging Playing the accordion. Arguing Ford V-8 Reading books. Cutting up. Making excuses to get out of class Chewing gum. Writing to boys in the service Going with the boys from Troy Drawing New cars and girls. Freshman Lots of girls. Football Dancing Skipping classes. Sports Having fun. , Eating Reading comic books. Whispering Poetry To get married. Dolling up. Laura Dater Jitterbugging Combing her hair. Blalack Sewing Swing Singing Deep thinking. Jitterbug Femininity Music Playing bashful. Skating Yodeling Playing Jokes Writing "sweet" letters. Football Shorthand Writing to a certain Merchant Marme Being true to Von Understand Women Movie Projectors J e May 23, 1945 - 8200 P. M. Processional .......... . . . . . . . ........... l .... . . . ........ . ..... .................. . . .Band Invocation .................,...................................... Rev. James Stinehelfer Music CGirls' Sextetl-Nadine Ford, Jean Kelly, Armidene Niles, Gloria Norris, Mary Swift, Barbara Brant Address of Welcome ................. . .....,................................. Perry Deeter Music ................. .............. B and Valedietory Address .... ....... .......... V a ledictorlan Address .................. ........... ,.... J . B. Rosemurgy Piano Solo ......... . ...... ..................... M arilyn Hole Presentation of Diplomas .... ...... M ember of Board of Education Special Awards ............ ..... M r. Duncan, Mr. Bube, Mr. Diley Class Song ............... ........................ S enior Class Benediction... .... Rev. James Stinehelfer Jlanaa Sluclmlii The following seniors have made an average of 3.5 or better out of a possible 4.0 for four years of high school. Perry Deeter, John Evans, Ruth Graney, Marilyn Hole, Mildred Kniesly, Margaret Pearson, Shirley Pearson, and Dona Thuma. 'Eau' Qacl' 4cvuuafu!" A Comedy in Three Acts by John Cecil Holm "Best Foot Forward" produced as a musical comedy on May 11, 1945, by the Milton-Union Senior Class at the Milton-Union High School Auditorium. The cast was as follows: Dutch Miller ...... Hunk Hoyt ........ Satchel Moyer .... Chuck Green .... Dr. Reeber .... Old Grad .... Minerva ........... Ethel .............. Misss Delaware Wa The Blind Date... Bud Hooper ..... .. ter Gap ..... Professor Lloyd ..... Gale Joy ..... .... Jack Haggerty ...... Chester Billings. . . Helen Schlessinger ..... ........................ Miss Smith ............ .......................................... Director-Mr. Diley PLACE: A room in the boys' domltory at Winsocki Prep. Time: The present. Fall. SYNOPSIS ACT ONE: The afternoon of the big dance. ACT TWO: That evening. ACT THREE: A short time later. Prompters: Armidene Niles, Barbara Brant, Bernadine Dohner Properties : Mary Swift, Ray Todd, Marilyn Hole ..John Thompson .....Lee Minnich ..Henry Davidson .....Glenn Heisey . . . .James HB1StCYn ...Galen Minnich ......Betty Vore .....Nadine Ford . ...... Gloria Norris Norma Blackburn ......Ned Iddings .Jesse Seeker, Jr. . . .Peggy A Pearson . .Perry Deeter .,John Eidemiller .......Jean Kelly ....Ruth Graney Publicity: Shirley Pearson, Donna Lou Netzley, Lavonne Rhodes Stage Managers: Bill Hale, Bob Kirby, Gordon I-Ielsinger, Charles Hutton ' Q i i my - ezaa COLORS: Crimson and Silver FLOWER: Lily of the Valley OFFICERS: Jerry Ingram, Presidentg George Hodgin, Vice President, Bob Thompson, Secretary, Bill Carroll, A Treasurer, and Miss Sara Bunn, Class Advisor. angina 61644 adaiaaq In the Fall of 1942 about 55 of us came into High School for the first time- as Freshmen, of course. Although we were a bit green none of us would ad- mit it. We soon became acquainted with our classmates, teachers, and the changing of classes which was something new to us. The officers elected this year were: President, Frank Stallsmith, Vice President, George Mote, Sec- retary, Bob Thompson, Treasurer, Joy Cain, and Class Advisor, Mrs. Edith Noble. As Sophomores we had a little trouble with Geometry and World History but somehow we managed to survive. We wrote a play and presented it in chapel. We were quite proud of ourselves for this had not been done before, and everyone seemed to enjoy it very much. A few of us were in the high school operetta, "Rio Rico," and several more of us participated in the basketball and football games. We were proud to have the following officers: Joan Rex, President, Frank Stallsmith, Vice President: Pat Hunt, Secretary, Dolores Alexander, Treasurer, and Mrs. Jean Kinsey, Class Advisor. We became very industrious in our Junior year. We sponsored a "Sadie Hawkins" dance on November 17, 1944. We juniors have had a lot of worries this year presenting our class play, "Running Wild," selling candy and pop at the ball games, 'selling red and white beanies, and working on the Junior- Senior Banquet that we will give for the seniors on May 21. This is always the event of the year and we are striving hard to make it a wonderful suc- cess. We are under the guidance of Jerry Ingram, President, George Hodgin, Vice President, Bob Thompson, Secretary, Bill Carroll, Treasurer, and Miss Sara Bunn, Class Advisor, and they are carrying us through a very successful year. Oh, yes, our class rings and pins came and oh, how beautiful we think they are! my ' Glau Row Row Row Row ROW Row 1-Dolores Alexander, Lowell Bechtol, Wanda Lee Brewer, Betty Brown, Mary Brown, Howard Bucklew, Wanda Jean Byrkett, Joy Cain 2-Joyce Cain, Bill Carroll, Bob Coate, Joanne Cox, Bea Crlteser, Jay Dickey, John Drew, Inez Eikenberry 3-Jim Gartner, Verna Gebhart, Charles Gordon, Betty Harshbarger, Mary Heaton, Esta Helmick, Evelyn Hildebrand, George Hodgin 4-Pat Hunt, Jerry Ingram, Floyd Kessler, George Mote, Marlin Oda., Robert Pittinger, Don Puterbaugh, Miowne Puterbaugh. , 5-Juanita Rasor, Amber Shelley, Kathyleen Shelley, Esther Snyder, Betty Lou Spitler, Frank Stallsmith, Joe Sute, Bob Thompson 6-Nancy Tice, Patsy Waymire, Janet Wheelock, Jerry Nemeth '7he S Glau Row 1-Joan Allread, Don Altic, Dick Bashore, Robert Brown, Bob Cain, George Carpenter, Ellis Denlinger, Marilee Ditmer, Peggy Ehlers Row 2-Duaine Evans, Kathleen Evans, Treva Fetters, Mary Ella Garwood, Virginia Hicks, Miriam Hissong, Patty Hissong, Marjorie Hole, Richard Honeyman Row 3-Jimmy Howard, Phyllis Hunt, Joyce Ingram, Jerry Karns, Phyllis Kessler, Joe Kester, Ellen Kraus, Bill Krug, Betty Landis Row 4-Frances Lawrence, Kent Lowry, Jack Netzley, Martha Overla, Audrey Pearson, Douglas Pearson, Joy Ann Pearson, Virginia Pearson, Richard Penny. Row 5-Richard Petry, Grace Puterbaugh, Eugene Seman, Glen Stockslager, Irene Swartz. Betty Thompson, Jo Ann Vallieu, Paul Van Zant, Rex Warner Row 6-Don Weidner, Keith Weidner, Tad Wellbaum, Kay Wertz, Jean Willoughby, Rex Worley, Suzanne Brumbaugh. Don Kindell and Kenneth Shaw Cnot picturedh 756 4 S Glad Row ROW Row R-OW ROW Row 1-Shirley Ballinger, Ruby Boatman, Betty Botkin, Ralph Brown, Shirley Puterbaugh, Deuane Bucklew, Doris Bucklew, Donna Burnside, Phyllis Cissner, Forest Coate 2-Janice Coppock, Arlene Darst, Darlene Darst, Odyne Detrick, Everett Dohrman, Diana Durham, Florence Flora, Dean Fox, Charles Fulton, Eddie Nemeth 3-Janice Grise, Dorthy Hale, Mary Hemmerick, Patricia Herkins, Hollis Hinkle, Norma Huffman, Wanda Hunt, Bill Karns, Bud Karns, Winston Klepinger 4-Carl Kniesly, Esther Knife, Janice Kress, Dick Landis, Emmit Mattert, Betty Macwilliams, Nadine Mefford, Eddie Miller, Jannie Miller, Milton Mishler 5-Gene Norris, Geraldine Orth, Lois Paulus, Vivin Petry, Betty Purkeypile, Joan Radabuagh, Junior Randall, Judy Rex, Flora Sanders, Mark Shelley. 6-Charles Shilt, Marilyn Steiner, Mary Ann Studebaker, Jean Tevis, Jack Thompson, Maxine Thompson, Jayne Warner. Not pictured, Philip Gebhart. -me eau of 1949 Row 1-Shirley Allread, Glenna Applegate, Charlotte Beard, Reva Bowman, Kathleen Burkett, Charles Aldora, Lee Carroll, Jack Cummins Row 2-Buddy Cummins, Allen Daurn, Clarence Dearth, Bobby Ditmer, Jimmy Eidemiller, Glenna Fetters, Richard Feithans, Marilyn Fogle. Row 3-Oneida Ganger, Mary Gebhart, Wendall Hall, Duane Harshbarger, Helen Norene Harshbarger, Annabel! Helman, Robert Hicks, Ernest Hildebrand Row 4-Shirley Hissong, Stanley Hissong, Bobby Honeyman, Nancy Hurley, Gene Huston, John Hutcheson, Gene Ingram, Gordon Jones Row 5-Eugene Kauffman, Mildred Kester, Douglas Martzall, Mary Ellen Minnich, Jack Neff, Janet Norris, Clouia Poock, Merlin Puterbaugh Row 6-Joanne Rentz, Mary Alice Richardson, Lois Riedel, Norma Roetter, Beverly Seman, Nan Shaffer, Doris Jean Shank, Billy Spitler Row 'I-George Sutton, Yvenna Swank, Hazel Yount, Doris Arlene Urmey, Willa Mae Vallieu, Evelyn Van Zant, Carol Warner, Connie Weidner Row 8-Zoe Wertz, Marcia Wheelock, Bob Wheelock, Io Lee Wood, Nancy Wright, Hubert Fine, James Kelly, Charles Hershey. Dick Applegate Qnot picturedb Row Row Row Row Row 1-Kleft to right! Catherine Aldora, Jack Adams, Marcia Aldrich, Theda Ballinger, Donald Beck, Patty Brower, Caroll Brumbaugh, Roger Buegler 2-Cleft to right? Wanda Burnside, Shirley Carroll, Billy Chadwell, Carolyn Cress, Bruce Ditmer, Carolyn Ditmer, James Ditmer, Nevin Driver 3-Cleft to right? Norman Ehlers, Merle Evans, Lois 4 5 Feitshans, Harvey Fetters, Ned Fetters, Robert Fil- kins, Angenith Fogle, Marjorie Fogle. -fleft to right! Donald Fritz, Darvin Hancock, David Harshbarger, Joan Helfelfinger, Barbara Hicks, Bar- bara Honeyman, Marilyn Iddings, Marilyn Ingram -deft to rightb Dolores Jacobson, Bill Jay, Richard Jones, Jeanne Kress, Patsy Krug, Naomi Lawrence, Glenn Layer, Dick Markley 743 Glen of 1950 Row 6-tleft to right? Donald McWilliams, Vernon Mink- ner, Eugene Mote, Eli Netzley, Ruth Newman, Von Niles, Alberta Null, Phyllis Oburh Row 7-lleft to rightl Bob Cverla, MaDonna Petry, Jimmie Plummer, Charles Price, Lilian Purkeypile, Louie Rex, Dorothy Richardson, Darwin Sator Row 8-tleft to right? Dick Sease, Glenna Shilt, June Spit- Row 9 ler, Velma Spitler, Juanita Stickel, Beverly Swank, Patty Thompson, Billy Vallieu --Cleft to right! Faye Vore, Winston Vore, Phyllis Wagner, Jane Warner, Richard Weikert, Mary Jo Welbaum, Thomas Weng, Lily Whitehead Row 10-cleft to right? William Whitehead, Bob Willough- by, Robert Wright, Richard Eder Row ROW ROW Row Row va .sam glaze 1 1-Nevada Adams, Thomas Adams, Carolyn Arnold, Lilian Beeman, Jean Boatman, Joyce Botkin, Ber- nard Brown, Donald Brown 2-Neal Carroll, Peggy Coate, Bernice Desick, Charlene Diclggey, Darlene Ditrner, Dean Dohner, Donald ar Lou DeWeese Bohrman, M y . 3-Lee Ehlers, Helen Ann Elliott, Roger Fetters, Rich- ard Filkins, Dale Foster, Mary Lou Fritz, Cynthia Ganger, Nada Greenwood 4-Ronald Grice, Dinah Hall, Glenna Hall, Doris Hall, Betty Jo Harris, Marcus Harshbarger, Eleanor Hat- field, Audrey Heisey 5-Patricia Helrnan, Beatrice Helmer, Howard Hersh- berger, Roy Hollan, Barbara Hunt, Constance Johns, Max Karns, Ruth Kester Row 6-Robert Kindell, Ronald King, Marvin Koogler, Verba Krub, Katherine Layer, John Lea, Richard Macy, Geraldine Miller Row 7-David Mishler, Billy Ray Netzley, Harry Gene Niles, Doris Penny, Ranny Penny, Billy Pierce, Mara Lee Puterbaugh, Jeannine Rentz Row 8-Margaret Roetter, Raymond Schaefer, Ronald Row 9 Schaefer, Laura Sebring, Donald Shelley, Lowell Spitler, Ellen Mae Strawser, Larry Steinman -Lowell Studebaker, Leo Swartz. Joel Thompson, Dean Urmey, Clarabel Wright, Sally Rae Wright, Merlin Yount, Virginia Yount Row ROW Row Row Row 1 va 4411, glaze Dorothy Applegate, Shirley Bentley, Benita Bluemke, Helen Boatman, Clara Bowman, Dwaine Briden- baugh, Eugene Brown 2-Rosemary Brower, James Condon, Marilyn Deeter, 3 Kenneth Eikenberry, Bernard Evans, Terry Jo Evans, Phlena Fogle -David Folker, Bill Fox, Charles Fox, Delphine Ful- ton, Russell Gebhart, Joan Herkins, Mary Margaret Hinkle 4-Dale Hissong, Clarence Honeyman, Luella Hunt, Mary Ann Hurley, Roberta Ingram, Ruth Kettle- hake, James King 5-Kent Kleplnger, Diane Koogler, Eileen Lawrence, Laveda Longenecker, Fred Miller, Mary Elda Mink- ner, Ronald Mlnnlch Row Row ROW ROW Row 6-Joyce Ann Meyers, Mary Lou McCowen, Ronald McGriff, Jack Neisley, Janice Newman, Shirley Norris, Doris Oburn 7-Jack Overla, Robert Parker, John Paulus, Norma Jean Pearson, Pauline Pearson, Barbara Rhoton, Rex Saul 8-Max Saul, Gary Schmermund, Sue Smith, Richard Smith, Erroll Snyder, Ronald Spitler, Walter Stock- slager 9-Nancy Studebaker, Barbara Sutherland, Twila Swank, Anne Thompson, Jackie Thompson, Eugene Wackler, Roberta White 10-Joanne Whitman-, Ga1'y Wieser, Janet Wood, Melvin Yount, Phyllis Ycunt Row ROW Row ROW Row 1-fleft to right? Jolui Aldora, Keith Altic, Marvin Barnhart, Marlene Beeman, Glenn Bridenbaugh, Dawn Brown, Diane Brown, William Brown, Joan Botkin 2-fleft to right! Donna Mae Bucklew, Twylah Burn- side, Mary Jo Cook, Donald Cummins, Janet Engle, Kenneth Fetters, Donald Filkins, Gary Frost, Ralph Gebhart 3-fleft to right? Bobbie Hall, Donald Hall, Alan Hat- field, Enola Heaton, Jack Heisey, Virginia Hem- merick, Nancy Hissong, Dick Hughes, Carol Ingram 4-fleft to right! Jane Ingram, DeVon Jay, Von Jef- frey, Garth Jester, Sandra Jones, Teddy Karns, Ronnie Kessler, Sally Kester, Helen Kettlehake 5-Cleft to rightb James Kinnison, Lee Kreider, Zane Krug, Ivan Kunkleman, Ronald Macy, Eunice Mag- Row Row Row Row fwlfqwmda Qaacfe gert, Patricia Meadows, Jerry Miller, Barbara Minnich 6-Cleft to rightl Bruce Mote, Eugene Newman, Har- old Oda, Melvin Paulus, Robert Pearson, Shirley Penny, Nolan Petry, Paula Poling, Byron Puter- baugh 7-Lleft to right? Charles Rasor, Beverly Rentz, Robert Ressler, Dorothy Saul, Kaye Schoup, Norma Schuh, Nancy Shank, Kenneth Shilt, Jack Shuttleworth 8-fleft to rightl Marilyn Sibert, Richard Sotzing, Carol Sowey, Shirley Spitler, Linda Studebaker, Janice Swartz, Mary Helen Swartz, Jan Thompson, Vincent Todd 9-ileft to rightl Norman Van Zant, Loretta Warner, Jean Waymire, Duane Weikert, Marvin Wieser, Edward Whitehead ROW Row Row ROW Row 1 2 -Shirley Aldora, Robert Applegate, Doris Bailey, Bar- bara Brown, Calvin Brumbaugh, Herbert Brum- baugh, Shirley Byrkett, Jerry Coate, Freddie Condon -Gayle Criteser, Myrna Detrick, Edwin Ditmer, Lois Jean Earhart, Donald Ehlers, Jerry Lee Elliott, Carl , Falb, Ronald Farrenkopf, Nelson Fogle 3-Harry Lee Furlong, Nancy Gantz, Carol Gebhart, Sherynne Green, Billy Hall, Agnes Harris, Arlene Heck, Roberta Helrnan, Dickie Hemmerick 4-Audrey Herz, Johnny Hicks, Eldon Hinkle, Theresa Hinkle, Duane Holbert, Mary E. Honeyman, William Huber, Jimmy Idle 5-Phyllis Idle, Gary Iddings, Jerry Jo Karr, Shirley King, Peggy J. Koogler, Ronnie Koogler, Buddy Krug, Barbara Landis, Shirley Laughman Row 6-Joan Layer, Jimmy Lea, Nevin Longenecker, Kath- leen Meadows, Franklin Mikel, Jodell Miller, Maryln Neff, Jaye Null, Dick Overla Row 7-Marvin Paulus, Millard Paulus, Marion Pierce, Dale Row 8 Row 9 Pittenger, Jane Price, Melvin Purkeypile, Carol Rice, Janet Rudy, Juline Schellhaas -Sally Shellhaas, Jay Shoup, Janet Smith, Treva Strawser, Joe Swartz, Retta Swartz, Jimmy Teske, Jimmy Vallieu, Donna Wade -Teddy Wagner, Jimmy Wagner, Barbara Weikert, Shirley Weirner, Lawrence Westfall, Jim Wheelock, Roland Wolfe, Nancy Wooley, Barbara Wright, Allen Stout Row 1-Michael Beam, Jack Black, Jerold Brewer, Dean Brown, Janet Brown, Pauline Brown, Johnny Car- roll, Phyllis Cook, Gordon Coppock Row 2-Janice Sue Dearth, Judy Dickey, Larry Earhart, Rollin Eikenberry, Gene Fasick, Roberta Feitshans, Rickey Folker, James Flaugh, Patty Foreman , Row 3-Teddy Frantz, David Fulton, Janet Gray, Larry Gray, Joanne Hale, Ronnie Mendenhall, Bobby Harris, Darlene Hatfield, Robert Hicks. Row 4-Edward Hines, Peggy Ann Hughes, Danny Hurley, Jerry Jackson, Dale Jeffery, Janet Kendall, Edward Kester, Richard Kester, Mary Jane Kettlehake Row 5-Jerry Kinnison, Becky Kirby, Larry Krug, Duane Lochner, Mariel Macy, Owen Macy, Estill Jr. Mas- ters, Bonnie Mast, Darlene Minnich .I ------ Row 6-Donald Minnich, Inez Mote, Donna Norris, Jerry Norris, Lucille Null, Duane Oaks, Nancy Oburn, Lowell Oda, Gayle Ogan Row 7-Norman Paulus, Donald Peele, Charlene Pierce, Sally Poling, Nancy Poock, James Price, Lawrence Priest, Linda Puterbaugh, Dick Rex Row 8-Connie Rhoades, Robert Roetter, Barbara Roush, Bobby Schull, Jane Shanck, Bonnie Shelley, Paul Shilt, James Spahr, Robert Spitler Row 9-Sonia Steiner, Norman Stickel, Patricia Stock- slager, Ronald Studebaker, Martha Surber, Marvin Swank, Judy Thompson, Charlotte Wackler, Ann Warner Q Row 10-Glenna Warner, Lynn Warner, Janis Werts, Francis Wheelock, David Whitehead, Lou Ann Wilson, Nick Wright Mamie ' Row 1-Eddie Aldora, Buddy Applegate, Karen Beeman, Sandra Beetley, Shirley Blackmore, Shari Bluemke, Dale Brewer, Donald Brewer, Paul Brown, Sharon Brown Row 2-Shirley Brown. Barbara Buirley, Carol Burnside, Dick Clinefelter, Bonnie Coate, David Cress, Ronnie Darga, Patty Deeter, William Dresback, Mary Ann Duncan Row 3-Sharon Evans, Virginia Farrenkopf, William Fore- man, Gene Fourman, Dee Frantz, Irene Ganger, Doug Gibbs, Donald Hall, Gordon Hall, Junior Hall Row 4-Edith Heaton, Norma Hicks, Marcia Heisey, Penrod Helmick, Robert Herking, Harriet Hildebrand, Har- old Hill, Margaret I-lines, Edward Hinkle, Jan Hissong Row 5-Carol Hoover, Joanne Holbert, Gale Honeyman, Diane -Horner, Loreeta Hughes, Diana Hunt, Joy Hurley, Jane Kress, Patricia Krug ROW 6-Gary Kolleda, Bobby Lees, Judy Laughman, Larry Layer, Jerold Long, Donald Lochner, Adelia Lucous, Bobby Masters, Bobbie Miller, Sandra Miller Row 7-Ralph Mishler, Earl Mote, Gary Myers, Naomi Newman, Peggy Oakes, Robin Oscar, Berlin Paulus, Nancy Pearson,'Alice Penny, Ted Petry Row 8-Paul Pfeifer Jr., Janet Pierce, Elaine Oburn, Jimmy Rudy, Donald Purkeypile, Larry Puterbaugh, Mari- lyn Rice, Helen Ross, Marilyn Seeker, Barbara Sellers Row 9-Patricia Shuff, Donna Sotzing, Esther Steiner, Beverly Stocksdale, .Carol Stout, Robert Strawser, James Strohl, Alwllda Swartz, Larry Swisher, Jimmy Thompson Row 10-Barbara Thompson, Carl Teske, Beverly Warner, Marvin Weikert, Ronnie Weikert, Elaine Werts, Dee Ann Westfall, David Whitman, Granville White- head, Dale Wieser Row 11-Jeannine Wilson, Roberta Wooley, Billy Zellers Pupils not pictured-Larry Besecker, Frank Brower, Marvin Brumbaugh, Jerry Feitshans, Jimmy Harris, Joe Keller, Bobby Kress, John Mills, Jimmy Pearson, Nelson Post, Bobby Shaw, Donald Spitler, Warren Webb, Darlene Hale, Joyce Macy f?!LcgC!l00-Z0 By Morgan and Johnson CHARACTERS tAs they first appear in the story! Hans, a young Dutch Apprentice .............................. ....... J oe Wright Aunt Anna, Christina's Guardian ................. . ..... Ruth Graney Hendrick Van Ooster, Burgomaster of Osendorf .... .... D waine Evans Christina, a charming Dutch girl ................ ..... P hyllis Hunt Theophilus McSpindle, an authority of botany .... ...... B ill Karns Ned Baxter, an American college student ...... .............. . .......... K ent Lowry Katinka, a village maiden. ................................................... Pat Hlssong Dick Warren, a fellow student of Ned ....................................... Jerry Ingram Chorus of Dutch Villagers, American Students, Flower Girls, etc. SCENE: Market place in the Village of Osendorf. TIME: The present, midsummer. ACT I. A bright morning in siunmer. ACT II. Afternoon of the same day. The village, enjoying a holiday, is startled by the arrival of a party of American tourists, college students, under the leadership of Professor McSpindle, a tutor in botany, to study tulip culture. Two of the party, Ned and Dick, are much more interested in Christina and her friend, Katinka. News reaches the village that a thief has been stealing choice bulbs of prize tulips, and a handbill describes the thief and offers a reward for his capture. Ned and Dick induce McSpindle to wear certain clothing, answering the description of the tulip thief. When the Burgomaster beholds McSpindle so attired he causes his arrest. With McSpindle out of the way, Ned and Dick promote their friendship with the girls, and learn that Christinafs stock is, unknown to her, of immense value. They reveal the truth to her and thwart the Burgomaster's attempt to grow rich at her expense. With the assistance of Christina's Aunt Anna, the innocence of McSpindle is established, and the latter de- clares his affection for her: and with the prospect of a triple wedding the final curtain falls. N ex I -x 1' v w -.1 N- ca as aa as -isa .wwf awe' Dorothy .......... ............... A nn Warner Christmas Elves .... .... A llan Stout, Gary Iddings Dorothy doesn't believe in Christmas and proceeds to tell everyone about it, but the merry Christmas Elves manage to convince her of the mistake she has been making. They send the Jumping Jacks, Dolls, Poinsettas, Santa's Helpers, Mistletoe and Holly, Christmas Gifts, The Little Toy Train, Wind-Up Toys, Merchants Association and the Housewives to share with mistaken Dorothy their joy in Christmas. All ends happily as Dorothy aided by the elves wishes everybody, everywhere a "Merry, Merry Christmas? , www za Naomi ..... .... J acky Thompson Ethan ..... ..... F red Miller Benoni .... ......... J ohn Lea Joel ..... ..... J oel Thompson Amos .... .... J ames Condon Under the stars the shepherds are watching over their flocks on the hills near Bethlehem. Suddenly the angels appear and bring them the tidings of the birth of the baby Jesus. Naomi, the little blind girl, is healed of her blindness by her faith in the new baby, and his promise for the world. . . , rs is. 'P 1 V. if JfF'xsl9xJ'P'wJ'P'xslP'xJff'xIMIMIEWGIMINIMJNIOINJWNIEIMIQIMIQWMJRIMJQJQJQ September , ' Jonuory - School opened with 378 reporting in the new building and 526 in the old building, and everyone looked upon the year ahead with great enthusiasm. l?J - We find some new teachers wandering in the halls, trying to find their way around. - Girls spy all the good-looking boys and begin to choose their own, and vice-versa. - Football game with Greenville. - We students enjoyed Ruth Linrund when she played the harp and sang in assembly. - First home football game with Versailles. - 3c show, "The Gladiator", starring Joe E. Brown, was enjoyed by all. - The Tipp City football game was not nearly so en- joyable because we lost by a score of 20 to 0. October - Vandalia-Butler football game. - A typical Friday the 13th! We lose to Northridge. - Senior movie, "Once Upon a Honeymoon." - 3c movie, "The Calling of Dan Matthews." - Tipp City Football game. - Senior movie, "The Tuttles of Tahiti." - The "death certificates" Creport cardsl came out for the first time: also, the Juniors put on an excellent assembly program. A - Vandalia-Butler football game, and the Senior-Hal- loween Dance. . A - Senior movie, "The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle" was enjoyed by all who love superb dancing. November - Animal show. - Versailles football game. - P. T. A. Carnival. - Sugar beet lecture and movie. - Junior Dance. - Thanksgiving Day. - Yippee! No school! - Alumni basketball game. ' - 3c show. "Captain Fury." December ' - - Newton basketball game. , - Those report cards again! 7, 8 - Every pupils tests. - Covington basketball game. - 3c movie, "Our Town." - Staunton basketball game. - Piqua basketball game. - Elementary Operetta. - Randolph basketball game. 23 - Good ole Christmas Vacation begins. 2 - Christmas vacation went much too fast to suit us. 4 - Movie "Charm and Personally Plus Character." 5 - Bradford basketball game. Whew! What a game! What a team! 10 - Temperance Day Program. 12 - Staunton basketball game. 16 - Senior Spelling and Ciphering Match. 17 - 3c show "Daniel Boone." 18 - -19 - We took our mid-year exams. 23 - Eaton basketball game. 24 - Report cards again! 26 - Newton basketball game. Februo ry 2 - Basketball game with Bradford. 6 - Monroe basketball game. 9 - Elizabeth basketball game. 14 - 3c movie. P 16 - Covington basketball game. 21 - The frosh put on an assembly program. 23 - Versailles basketball game. 27 - P. T. A. Play. ' Mo rch 7 - Report cards. 9 - 10 - Senior scholarships. 17 - Cornhuskers Jamboree, Nation-wide broadcast from M-U auditorium. 21 - 3c show. 23 - High School Operetta. April 4 - Sophomore Assembly. 13 - Junior Play. Moy 9 - 3c movie, "Little Men." 11 - Senior Play. 15 - Senior Assembly Program. 18 - Senior exams. 20 - Baccalaureate. 21 - Junior-Senior Banquet. 23 - Commencement. 24 - 25 - Final exams. 29 - Last Day of School! Plans are being made for a senior trip to Niagara Falls. Clk Cv v , 3 ' W3 I5 tg 0 V3 15 sf? 0 .rg 13 UR . W. CHARACTERS Carl Hammond, owner and manager of Desert Inn ..... Don Thomas, his nephew, a young writer ........... Ed Smith, Don's pal ....................... Marian Gray, Don's financee .......,......... Daphne 4"Daffy"J Hatch, Ed's girl friend .... Max Goodwin, a Hollywood film executive .......... Sherry Lee .....................................,..... who want to be movie actresses ..... Louise Latour ....................................... Jane Finch, a spinster interested in wild flowers ..... Professor Cosmo Cheever, a famous botanist ........... Victor Bunn, a salesman who wants to be a G-Man. . . . Joe Mason, the sheriff .............................. Selma Bell, the colored cook ....................... Manuel, a Mexican houseboy .... ................... SYNOPSIS ll . . . . .Frank Stallsmith . . . . . .Jerry Ingram .............Bob Coate ....Do1ores Alexander ............Pat Hunt . . . . . . .George Mote ....Janet Wheelock ........Nancy Tice . . . . .Verna Gebhart ..........Joe Sute . . . . . .Junior Kessler .....Lowel1 Bechtol .. . .Esther Snyder . . . . .Bob Thompson The action takes place in the combined lobby and lounge of Desert Inn, a small resort in Southern California, during the afternoon and evening of a day in spring. ACT I. Late afternoon. ACT II. Right after dinner. ACT III. A few minutes later. - eral na, ew: Q l Row 1-Miss Bunn fadvisorl, Verna Gebhart, Pat Hunt, Esther Snyder, Janet Wheelock, Dolores Alexander. Row 2-Bob Coate, Jerry Ingram. Row 3-George Mote, Bill Carroll, Lowell Bechtol. Row 4-Junior Kessler, Frank Stallsmith. Absent-Nancy Tice, Bob Thompson. .1 - El8h RE ' 13fh I K 09 H, bf 9 ' K33412 M3 ' ,fn 9 4 '15, 2' K My oo avi' Q 0' B SJW?-' f! ,L ' 1 xi il 1. C 15 A i l cg, 4' - x D G o 1 Ivy FH I Q if D7"'Pl0f 'ieefmq 6 til -Bu-f fm nlfrmd 1' A N N Q Lf E' Sh it b0f01n at HN of- 1:71059 gf fl: The! xeqxle' f' -+ xx ff 1 K .Mx + :iff 1 1 if 2 on QQ' iwpaf, W as I-, 7 qc i frg: 'Q pg M55 v SKK of ,pa ,J , gym Rm '. , .- ,590 G! Q0 M , I . - , D 049 f ' if fl ' x X K ' II z L VW A X 7 1, N 1 X '.l . - Q X gg V X X vm , . f V ik f' 5' ks 71 .S EJ: Q gh 1.80, n uu 9' 1 1 g Lets ave! Y '-Af J ' X JLQX ff sWhaT I Jo hgw? 0 g ::,f:J7 L a Q on f' I Si Vinh 3 ix :Aix Q 4 bgd :fs fp :T-T. ' B lib I -'33 Q' ' A if I - be' ' ff ' Il W " 1 PM 0 V 2 mf I . X: - 1 ' is W3 'Babb s k' I, V i y oe 5 our Zn if... ' 4 Fr-!HKl!.J0cK50" A . to . ' Mn,Knewn mike mare selecf gr-vvpS as 'Leo' Q A my A 6. . . Row Row Row Row Row Row Row SERS 5:55 1-Miowne Puterbaugh, Norma Blackburn, Janice Kress, Juanita Rasor, Wanda Brewer, Mary Brown. 2-Jean Tevis, Jean Kelly, Joan Allread, Bea Criteser, Joyce Ingram, Betty Spltler, Miss Toth fadvisorl. 3-Judy Rex, Mary Swift, Phyllis Kessler, Grace Puterbaugh, Kathleen Evans. 4-Janice Miller, Joan Radabaugh, Nadine Mefford, Joy Pearson. 5-Shirley Pearson, Diane Durham, Ellen Kraus, Pat Herkins, Audrey Pearson, Dolores Alexander. 6-Armidene Niles, Dorothy Hale. Marilyn Steiner, Janice Grice. 7-Inez Elkenberry, Esther Snyder. ss: Q F195 M-Glad A Row 1-fLeft to rightl D. Detrick, J. Willoughby, J. Rex, P. Hissong, I. Furlong, B. Thompson, K. Wertz, C. Fine Row 2-P. Deeter, P. Hunt, A. Pearson, S. Pearson, R. Garwood, J. Kelly, B. Siler, E. Helmick Row 3-J. Eidemiller, B. Landis, E. Snyder, M. Hissong, V. Pearson, P. Ehlers, R. Petry Row 4-J. Helstern, N. Ford, J. Ingram, K. Lowry, B. Carroll, E. Denlinger, M. Oda Row 5-D. Honeyman, J. Bechtol, D. Evans,AG. Stockslager, R. Warner, D. Kindell, F. Stallsmith 6-B. Brant, B. Hale 7-N. Iddings, R. Todd, G. Minnich. J, Thompson, L. Minnlch, D. Puterbaugh Absent-Armldene Niles Row Row .-genial: 01644 Gad! 2 71? Row 1-Glen Heisey, Jean Kelly, Norma Blackburn, Perry Deeter, Ruth Graney. Row 2-"Peggie" Pearson, John Eidemiller, Nadine Ford, Lee Minnich, Gloria Norris. Row 3-John Thompson Jim Helstern, Junior Seeker, Ned Iddings, Henry Davidson, Mr. Ray Diley Cadvlsorb . Not pictured-Betty Vore, Galen Minnich. Nil! ETB 61644 UWM 7th Grade-1st Row-fLeft to right? Beverly Swank, President: Mary Jo Wel- baum, V. Presidentg William Chadwick, Treasurerg Bob Overla, Secretary. 8th Grade-2nd Row-Bob Honeyman, Treasurer, Hubert Fine, President: Zoe Nell Wertz, V. President, Lois Reidel, Secretary. 9th Grade--3rd Row-Milton Mishler, Secretary: Janice Grlse, V. Presidentg Janice Mil1e1', Reporter: Winston Klepinger, Treasurer, Jean Tevls, President. 10th Grade-4th Row-Jean Willoughby, Secretary, Audrey Pearson, Reporter. 11th Grade--5th Row-Bea Criteser, reporter: George Hodgin, V. Presidentg Bill Carroll. Treasurerg Jerry Ingram, President: Bob Thompson, Secretary. 12th Grade-6th Row-Dona Thuma, Secretary: Lavonne Rhoades, Treasurer: Gordon Helsinger, V. President: Perry Deeter, President. Jian-Zlnzm QJWW4 Row 1-CLeft to right! L. Harshbarger, M. Thompson, J. Kress, S. Ballinger, D. Landis, S. Brumbaugh, C. Shilt, W. Klepinger, J. Randall Row 2-J. Ingram, P. Hissong, F. Flora, J. Warner, B. Landis, P. Hunt, T. Welbaum Row 3-J. Tevis, B. Criteser, R. Graney, L. Rhoades, Row 4-J. Radabaugh, D. Hale, M. Steiner, P. Herkins, A. Pearson, E. Kraus, G. Orth Row 5-M. Swift, P. Thompson, V. Pearson, P. Ehlers, K. Evans, W. Byrkett Row 6-D. Durham, G. Stocksiager, B. Karns, D. Evans Row 7-D. Bashore, J. Ingram, K. Lowry, B. Kirby, L. Bechtol Absent-Jimmy Howard, Joe Wright, Bill Karns, Inez Eikenberry, Betty Brown, Barbara Brant, Evelyn Hildebrand, Pat Hunt, Phyllis Cissner ilfan-W ' Bam! sm . is - :za a I Front Row-fLeft to right? Lavonne Rhoades, Marilyn Hole, Donna Lou Netzley Second Row-Annabel Engle, Letha Snyder, Dolores Alexander, Armldene Niles Third Row-Jean Kelly, Bernadine Dohner Sli!! S522 ma was N2 ETH Custodians-Jake Harshbarger and Harley Brumbaugh lmlwuiual Nm, Ghemzcal .faiawfamf ancf Hawaiian .Zepzi I am F2852 as zzz fre v 4 92 Wm 4,4 4,4- Row Row ROW Row Row Row F13 1-fLeft to right? Miss Sauerman, S. Ballinger, N. Waymire, O. Hunt, O. Detrick, L. Kelly, J. Rasor, W. Brewer, M. Brown, P. Thompson 2-J. Warner, A. Swartz, M. Overla, R. Graney, F. Flora, F. Sanders, K. Evans, P. Waymire, B. Harshbarger 3-M. Hissong, M. Garwood, I. Swartz, H. Thompson, M. Swift, R. Garwood, E. Kraus, B. Spitler, P. Pearson 4-S. Brumbaugh, J. Coppock, B. Botkin, B. Purkeypile, V. Hicks, S. Pearson, A. Pearson, P. Herkins 5-J. Orth, B. McWilliams, I. Furlong, D. Thuma, P. KBSS1e1', N. Blackburn, N. Mefford, J. Kel y 6-L. Harshbarger, A. Shelley, A. Darst, D. Darst, J. Cox, B. Dohner, V. Gebhart, E. Hildebrand, P. Ehlers, J. Pearson Absent-M. Puterbaugh, J. Pearson, I. Eikenberry, T. Fetters, B. Brown, K. Shelley 4 4 of Nmmica x Sli!! ETB Row 1-fLeft to right? J. Thompson. V. Petry, J. Sute, W. Klepinger Row 2-D. Honeyman, D. Petry, M. Oda, R.. Brown Row 3-R. Worley, B. Hale, C. Kniesley Row 4-J. Drew, N. Iddings, D. Kindell, B. Pittinger, D. Pearson, Mr. Diley Absent-Charles Hutton W lllltan-W ' 4 Squad Row 1-tLeft to rightl Esta Helmick, Bill Siler, Dick Landis, Bill Karns, Jerry Karns, Jay Dickey, Junior Randall, Dwaln Evans, Eugene Seaman Row 2-Dwain Detrick, John Eiderniller, Bill Carroll, Jim Helstern, John Thomp- son, Perry Deeter, Lee Minnich, Galen Minnlch, Jerry Ingram, Kay Wertz, Lowell Bechtol Row 3-Coach Jackson, Don Altic, Glen Stockslager, Ellis Denlinger, Ray Todd, West Milton West Milton West Milton West Milton West Milton West Milton West Milton West Milton plaqazd an 4 Jerry Ingram ....... Galen Minnic h .,.. Ray Todd ........ Lee Mlnnich ..... Perry Deeter . . Jim Helstern. John Thompson .... John Eidemiller .... Bill Siler ..... Rex Warner .. Bill Carroll ........ Ellis Denlinger .... Kay Wertz .... Bob Coate ......... George Carpenter .. . Howard Bucklew ..... Esta Helmick . Bill Karns ..,. Glen Stockslager ..... Dick Landis.. Don Altic ..... Jay Dickey. .. Don Puterbaugh .... Jerry Karns .............. Rex Warner, George Carpenter, Don Puterbaugh, Howard Bucklew, Bill Waymire M N I J EQOTBQLL SCORESmv mf, U M 0 ,... ..... ..........,...................... . . ..... G reenville 0 .... .. .... ..... V ersailles 0 ..., ..... B utler 0 .... ..... T ipp City 0 .... ..... N orthridge 0 .... ..... B utler 0 .... Tipp City 0 .... ..... V ersailles saw! ....Back - Captain . . . .End Captain ' .Tackle Guard Guard .Center . . . . .End . .Back . .Back . . . .Tackle . . .End . .Back . .Back Center . . .End . .Back . .Back . . .End Guard . . .End Guard . . . .Tackle . . .Back .........Tackle . .'.'.iiAbii l' Junior Randall ............................ MANAGERS: Dwain Detrlck, Eugene Seaman, Bill Way- mire, Lowell Bechtol 'K LBHGBTITIGX1 Sym new sm Wafnazfff Ba Squad Row 1-CLeft to rightl Kent Lowry, John Thompson, Ray Todd, Galen Minnich, Gordon I-Ielsinger ' Row 2-Jack Netzley, Joyce Cain, Charles Fine, Bill Siler, Joy Cain Date Nov. 24 Dec. Dec. Dec. 15 Dec. 16 Dec. 22 Jan. Jan. 12 Jan. 19 Jan. 23 Jan. 26 Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 16 Feb. 23 VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Opponent Score Milton-Union Score Alumni .... 27 ..... .... M ilton-Union Newtoni' .... 18 ..... ..... M ilton-Union Covington' .. .... 37 ..... ..... M ilton-Union Staunton' . .... 30 ..... ..... M ilton-Union Piqua ...... .... 3 8 ..... ..... M ilton-Union Randolph .... .,. . .33 ..... Milton-Union Bradfordi' . .... 32 ..... ..... M ilton-Union Staunton? . .... 25 ..... ..... M ilton-Union Tipp City ..... .... 2 0 ..... ..... M ilton-Union Eaton ...... .... 3 4 ., .... ..... M ilton-Union Newtonf' . .... 19 .... ..... M ilton-Union Bradfordf' . .... 28 ..... ..... M ilton-Union Monroe .. .... 25 ..... ..... M ilton-Union Elizabeth . . .... 26 .... ..... M ilton-Union Covingtonf' .. .... 32 ..... ..... M ilton-Union Versailles . ......31.........................Mi1t01'1 'FSti11water Valley League GSITXBS -UI110l1 R Eufzeliall Squad 1 Date Nov. 24 Dec. Dec. Dec. 15 Dec. 16 Dec. 22 Jan. Jan. 12 Jan. 19 Jan. 23 Jan. 26 Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 16 Feb. '23 22 in Row 1-tLeft to rightl Junior Randall, Bud Karns, Richard Petry, Bill Karns, Jerry Karns, Jay Dickey, Dick Landis, Ralph Brown, Jerry Ingram Row 2-Jim Helstern, Don Puterbaugh, Lowell Bechtol, Keith Weidner, George Carpenter, Douglas Pearson, Kay Wertz, Coach Jackson Opponent Alumni . . Newton . . Covington Staunton Piqua .... Randolph Bradford . . . Staunton .... Tipp City .... Eaton ...... N8Wt0Il . . Bradford . . . Monroe . . Elizabeth . . . Covington Versailles -N12 an BASKETBALL-RESERVES W Score 20 9 9 26 10 29 22 24 20 Q... ..... Milton-Union Score 3 ....Milton-Union ....33 ....Milton-Union ....35 ....Milton-Union .. ....20 ....Milton-Union .. ....13 ....Milton-Union ....17 ....Milton-Union ....26 ....Milton-Union ....26 ....Milton-Union ....12 ....Milton-Union ....30 ....Milton-Union ....30 ....Milton-Union ....20 ....Milton-Union ....26 ....Milton-Union ....Milton-Union ....Milton-Union ....Milton-Union 10 23 29 22 Left to right-Joan Rex, Shirley Pearson, Judy Rex, Audrey Pearson eafafm Jag, S22 H35 Row 1-Mrs. Flory, Mrs. Ehlers. Row 2-Mrs. Brumbaugh, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Knife. EQ MQ 5153 R3 Eudfbfulawzd, 2 E Row Row Row Row ROW 1-William Strawser, Lloyd Eshleman, Everetpte Null, Charles Wheelock, Leonard Albaugh. 2-George Blalack, Elvin Oda. 3-R. J. Williamson. 4-Kenneth Furlong, Otto Elifritz. 5-James Shoup, Laurel Overhulser, Howard Harshbarger. I l L Callie Wissinger iMrs. L. C. Evans? lr Vi 5 f 2 lomuai of fllilfan-Zfnian Class of 1883 L- Alice Hart CMrs. W. B. Metcalf? 2 Retta Kellog tMrs. R. L. Whitson? , Class of 1884 ,jf E :L " y' Dora Jones fMrs. H. D. Aldrich? DV" Class of 1885 H . Martha Keating iMrs. A. Hanson? . Sarah Aldrich CMrs. C. H. Teach? May Kessler fMrs. F. M. Townsley? . Dora Tucker 4Mrs. C. E. Vore? ' Class of 1886 , Anna Travis CMrs. John Keating? Class of 1887 .' Grace Aldrich fMrs. W. H. Lees? - Allie Coate fMrs.-C. W. Tucker? Lulu Cotterman fMrs. Daniel McConnell? X Bertha Hoover lMrs. A. A. Pearson? Harry P. Kriegbaum Alda Pierce fMrs. Frank Grundish? Q Alvick A. Pearson E. G. Pickering Class of 1888 Luella Cathcart fMrs. C. A. Metcalf? , Will C. Coppock L Lorin E. Coppock Q Emmor Crew Mary Keating 4Mrs. Charles Mac? Byron H. Lair ' Della Mendenhall Grace Shoe CMrs. Charles Smith? Sarah Weybright fMrs. J. W. Smithman? Bertha Wissinger fMrs. J. L. Dohner? Class of 1889 L .1 V N. G. Aldrich If S. B. Heckman V Ira Hendrickson V C. M. Jones If R. E. Keating ,V Susie Thomas CMrs. A. R. Fox? Class of 1890 VC. J. Henley M Carrie Tucker tMrs. A. B. Coate? ,f L. Aubrey Coppock A fRosa Anderson iMrs. Emmor Crew? , Bertha Baymiller CMrs. J. H. Hieneline? y F. J. Vore Class of 1891 , Mary Miller fMrs. T. B. Wilgus? , Josie Kriegbaum lMrs. Ammon Fox? .V Estella Stickel 4Mrs. Noah Rinehart? l' K If Y. X L 4 v L L. 1 I f I I lr if M, I L Frank F. Sinks Lewis Ranks Claudia Wissinger fMrs. Frank Tucker? Class of 1893 Lydia Aldrich CMrs. Frank Van Ormer? Albert Pemberton A ,P I . Q - Mathias Kern ' ' f ' Class of 1894 V ,4 Roy Hale gt ' f' ' ?CY7'U'4" Class of 1895 Kittie Duncan CMrs. Esta Hershey? Harry Emrick H. W. Kendall Ellis Kinsey Mayme Lair KMrs. J. R. Pfeifer? Minnie Mast O. H. Mote Jesse R. Pfeifer C. F. Puterbaugh Class of 1896 Mayme Frink fMrs. D. H. Sellers? J. A. Campbell Q , Rose Pemberton CMrs. B. H. Lair? T- Class of 1897 Carlyle Aldrich Huldah Bender fMrs. George Davis? Mable Coate iMrs. W. R. Smith? Alice B. Ewing KMrs. Jesse Brumbaugh? Maude Kessler tMrs. A. S. Swank? Frank Lair Anna Stickel Maude Lair fMrs. J. W. Keck? Class of 1898 Mac Harshman Margaret Campbell fMrs. W. L. Day? Mayme Coate fMrs. J. B. McKinley? Class of 1899 Fannie Mast Estella Kessler CMrs. W. C. Keck? Robert Douglas Elsie Boda fMrs. O. H. Mote? Pearl Coate fMrs. C. A. Morris? Edna Holler CMrs. A. F. Zick? Class of 1900 Grace Coate CMrs. Wilson? Mabel Haskett fMrs. Harry Hale? B. M. Hale Irvin Jay Howard Lair . Class of 1901 Mayme Cashner fM1'S. Lester Miller? ,aa saw .,!-, LLJXA Fannie Dohner CMrs. B. M. Hale? Edgar Falknor C. E. Harris Howard Miller Lova Macy fMrs. George Sollenbarger? Lee Pickering Class of 1902 Dora Cassel !Mrs. Ellis Davis? Ethel Carter tMrs. W. S. Judy? Ellis Davis Amy Eccard fMrs. Byron Hahn? Anna Miller CMrs. G. L. Compton? Ben Stump Minnie Yount CMrs. Ira Schatzley? Class of 1903 ' Chester Black Mazy Dohner iMrs. W. E. Shugg? Maurice M. Jones Russel Niles Donna Macy iMrs. O. Nieshaul? Esta Pearson Class of 1904 Eva L. Carter CMrs. Dr. Stuhlman? Vera E. Douglas fMrs. G. C. Ullery? Minnie B. Hahn fMrs. D. W. Miller? Jessie J. Haskett tMrs. E. L. Green? Madge Ireland fMrs. Dr. E. E. Furnas? Edwin Jay ' Pearl M. Miller Lela Vore CMrs. D. I. Harshbarger? Russel C. Wenger Edith Harris Class of 1905 Edna R. Cress fMrs. Earl F. Falknor? Fannie Davis CMrs. D. C. Lohman? Inez Jones fMrs. Ralph Johnson? Margaret Lair Enona Correy fMrs. Walter Weaver? Roy Dohner Anna Fouts fMrs. Tom Radabaugh? S. Albert Harris Ruby Jones CMrs. Philip Flitman? Nelle Martindale 4Mrs. Edwin Jay? Edgar Thompson Grace Harshbarger CMrs. Corwin Coate? Gladys Elleman CMrs. C. B. Wilhelmy? Class of 1906 W. R. Hatfield Roscoe Jones Amelia Kessler 4Mrs. Albert Harris? Judson Jones Sol A. Hatfield Edna Rutledge Samuel Warner . Class of 1907 Edgar Warner Roscoe Albaugh Roma Everette fMrs. Edward Falknor? Jesse Cassell Corinne Brown 6Mrs. Maurice Kessler? Ada Harris fMrs. William Miles? Fred Hale Nina Hoffman John Iddings Ray Sharp Ada Miller fMrs. Ira Barklay? Gertrude Mast CMrs. Edgar Warner? Class of 1908 Lilley Albaugh CMrs. Aubrey Furnas? Fred C. Davis Neva Eidemiller Ernest Elleman Glenn Furnas Opal Haworth rMrs. Purvis? Callie Markley fMrs. C. Stickle? Lee Roy Minnich R. E. Pearson John Pearson Merlin Sando Bryant Sando Glenn Isenbarger I Class of 1909 Harold Albaugh George Iddings Mildred Black CMrs. Harold Albaugh? Ethel Lehman' Margaret Mast Lelia Martindale Treva Mills CMrs. Herman Wick? Edna Shellhaas Coral Sharpe CMrs. Wm. Althouse? Carl Wheelock Mary Wenger cMrs. Howard Cassel? Frank Teach Harry Fox Class of 1910 Naomi Brinkman KMrs. Robert Vore? Carroll Correy Madge Craighead lMrs. Cecil Adams? Opal Gault fMrs. Claude Ditmer? Harlan Davis Claude Ditmer Nellie Elleman QMrs. Frank Mouse? Lucille Coppock CMrs. Floyd Pansing? Mary Fox lMrs. Albert Oaks? Aubrey Furnas Howard Henderson Clyde Hissong Nellie Iddings 4Mrs. Elzle Long? Ruth Kessler Elzie Long Walter McCool Max Steuer Mary Thomas CMrs. George Iddings? Glenna Miller CMrs. Perry Hoover? Class of 1911 Aaron Eidemiller Edwin Adams Algia Coate 6Mrs. G. C. Shumaker? Forest Cress Mary Cress lMrs. Aaron Eidemiller? Tom Evans Ethel Falknor Roy Furnas Sarah Hart fMrs. O. McClang? Maude Haworth fMrs. Higley? Ralph Lambert Isabel Mast Sarah Miller Rollie Mote Ward Ortman Tillie Swartz fMrs. John Gallagher? Harry Smith Isabel Wallace Class of 1912 Inez Haworth Walter Herr Robert Haskett Ralph Craighead Everett Pearson Portia Brumbaugh CMrs. Shields? Ruth Weikert Elizabeth Coppock Esther Spitler Amanda Landis Mildred Albaugh fMrs. Roscoe Albaugh? Ruth Everett fMrs. Glen Furnas? Esther Vore fMrs. John Hill? Myrtle Wertz Velma Davis fMrs. E. Z. Elleman? Mary Coate CMrs. W. R. Hatfield? Charlie Crew Earl Cecil Lee Cecil Russell Herr ' Opal Kress tMrs. Freeman Stickley? Mabel Miller CMrs. C. Herkins? George McDowell Imo Sharp CMrs. Emmit Ditmer? Mona Curtis CMrs. Harold Netzley? Treva Fouts Hazel Miller Marie Pearson fMrs. Edson Frinfrock? D. Nelson Vore Myron Pearson Class of 1913 Russel Poince Ruby Snell fMrs. R. Macy? Angie Crew Arlene Duncan fMrs. Thomas K. Hunt? Margaret Randall CMrs. Leland Aldrich? Mina Vore fMrs. George Blalack? Elizabeth Zimmerman - Gladys Clement fMrs. Snell? Damon Crist Cleo Flory Chalmer Hissong Ruth Brinkman fMrs. Bea Grove? Class of 1914 Esther Brumbaugh iMrs. Gump? Paul Elleman Della Fox fMrs. Cleo Flory? Randall Iddings Frances Kress fMrs. H. Yoke? Mum Klepinger Susanna Klepinger CMrs. Galen Gross? Mary Lees CMrs. Huffman? A Carrie Miller fMrs. E. Christian? Minnie Potasky CMrs. Ben Greenbaltt? Lova Pearson CMrs. Leland Dexter? Callie Puterbaugh fMrs. Jesse Werts? Elizabeth Randall Ruth Shellabarger fMrs. Barns? Jesse Seeker Carrie Sando fMrs. C. Swank? Samuel Wenger Lucille Wright fMrs. Leo Thomas? Ruth Wall zce Harry Willoughby Class of 1915 Earl Blessing Gladys Campbell Mary Christian fMrs. Harry Deisch? Hobart Cress Cleo Coppock fMrs. Brown? Arlyne Coppock William Duncan Riley Davis Grace Flowers CMrs. H. Brown? Russell Elliot Faye Elleman fMrs. Floyd Shroyer? Elizabeth Henderson fMrs. Paul Elleman? Mable Karns Helen Kelsey Mildred Landis fMrs. Samuel Wenger? Nellie Mote CMrs. Jesse Seeker? Naomi Wright iMrs. Ira Seeker? Esther Wheelock Lura Warner fMrs. Ralph Gordon? Helen Wertz Oneida Zink CMrs. Walter Minnich? Cuba Eidemiller 4Mrs, Roy Kester? Ralph Puterbaugh Louis Mast Class of 1916 Hugh Thomas Glenna Arnett Dewey Cress Ernest Cress Marvin Cress Cecil Coate Robert Elleman Eva Folker fMrs. Winquist? Grace FLu'nas Everett Fox Herbert Fox Howard Herr Thelma Hershey fMrs. Roy Norman? Russel Hoover Joe Iddings Chester Kreider Blanche Lees CMrs. Ray Winham? Evelyn McCorkle tMrs. Nelson Vore? Harry Miller Clarence Mishler Mildred Neil fMrs. Thos. Fogarty? Marcellus Pearson Helen Pemberton Harry Switzer Helen Vore fMrs. Sol Thomas? Marie Vore CMrs. Paul Klepinger? Class of 1917 Walter E. Wright Herbert E. Cashner Enid Correy fMrs. Ray Shipman? Myra Colville CMrs. Glen Byerly? Frances Compton lMrs. Carl Mccowen? Frances Deeter fMrs. R. A. Porter? John Elleman Goldie Engle CMrs. Goldie Myers? Harold Gordon Eldrid Haworth Erma Hissong CMrs. John Betz? Anna Johnston cMrs. Howard Dohner? John Kessler Winfred Martindale Harold Puterbaugh John Randall Truell Radabaugh 6Mrs. Archibald McKellar Elmore Smithman Garford Smithman Carmel Stukenborg Von Weaver Howard Yount Class of 1918 Eva Brumbaugh fMrs. E. J. Pearson? Richard E. Mast Emerson Sando Cleo Ditmer Margaret Hissong, tMrs. Lawrence Beery? Neva Hall fMrs. Harry Klepinger? Amos Sando , Roy Karns Regina Neil fMrs. Reginald Greenwald? Dolly Eby CMrs. Von D. Arnold? Emma Shultz - Paul Furlong Lizzie Fouts lMrs. Howard Kelley? Newton Pearson , Neva Litten CMrs. Royal Kerr? , Marie Blackburn lMrs. Walter Kress? Walter Ditmer A Viola Hall fMrs. Elliott Reid? Victoria Markley KMrs. Merlin Jones? Ralph Mishler Ernest Pearson Mary Barnes CMrs. Russell Foster? John Crew Class of 1919 Mabyl Koogler fMrs. Albert Gray? Glenna Klepinger tMrs. Glenna Crew? Juanita Elleman CMrs. Harold Klepinger? Margaret Van Kirk CMrs. Dan Shaurer? Delphia Randall CMrs. Harold Penny? Marley Karns Helen Zick CMrs. Howard Yount? Grace Hissong iMrs. Chas. E. Wagner? Helen Schmermund fMrs. Royden Bishop? Arthur Baker Henrietta Antonides CMrs. Randall Iddings? Ralph Gingrich Cena Landis Robert Lees John Koogler Miriam Gnagey iMrs. Emerson Brumbaugh? Kenneth Coppock Gertrude Schiek CMrs. Vernon Enyeart? Herbert Wissinger Portia Mote CMrs. C. M. Paulus? Arlene Vore fMrs. Homer S. Williams Jr.? Class of 1920 Mildred Pfeifer iMrs. Francis Young? Mildred Barnhart CMrs. Robert Miller? Robert Miller Naomi Smithman cMrs. Horace Stokes? Naomi Baker fMrs. Conrad Farnelius? Adelaide Boyd fMrs. Beeding? Eltha Shellabarger CMrs. Jack Horner? Helen Gordon Raymond Murray Herbert R. Dohner Ethel Wright fMrs. Huber Polen? Edith Karns fMrs. Emmitt Bartley? Margaret Honeyman iMrs. Dewey Cress? Earl Stayton - Julia Steuer CMrs. Joseph Simon? Dora Folker CMrs. Madison Siler? Grace Feeley CMrs. Jerry Fox? Frank Thomas Ralph Speuce Russell Haworth Herbert Pattson Russell Bridenbaugh Olive Wright CMrs. Otto Stockman? Phoebe Wright fMrs. Cleo Ditmer? Mabel Wissinger CMrs. Geo. Helsinger? Roy Patterson Edwin Cress Class of 1921 Marian Hale CMrs. Ray Harlacher? Florence Rice fMrs. Aaron Shearer? Ruth Pearson fMrs.,M61vin Stouffer? Arlyn Pearson CMrs. Russel Houston? Howard Puterbaugh Robert Pearson Harvey Minnich Grace Randall CMrs. Fred Shell? Helen Young Delbert Hissong Hugh Macy Miriam Elleman lMrs. Lester Bowles? Treva Johnston Sarah Wenger fMrs. Robert Jones? Nellie Klepinger tMrs. Herbert Dohner? Ruth Elleman fMrs. Chris Elleman? Margaret Iddings CMrs. G. C. Thomas? Robert L. Jones Huber Blackburn Vernon Ditmer Anna Puterbaugh CMrs. Ralph McGillary? Zelda Gnagey fMrs. Jacob Lowry? Glenna Wissinger iMrs. Glen Miller? Naomi Ditmer fMrs. Russel Siedel? Glenn Miller Barton Wilgus Class of 1922 Bernard Pfeifer Boyd Hill Howard Mishler Wayne Duncan Virginia Coate CMrs. Raymond Malkin? Mark Shellhaas Forrest Fox Alice Aldrich CMrs. B. D. Carr? Noeldred Reichard Bernard Landis Evelyn Fry tMrs. Chester Myers? Eva Cashner CMrs. William Davis? Marjorie Shafer Mildred Sarver Rhea Richardson fMrs. Karl Kruse? Marian Arnold tMrs. B. B. Ford? Hannah Saul CMrs. Delbert Forsberg? Ouida Aldrich CMrs. Howard Welbaum? Isabelle Gray Class of 1923 Herbert L. Wertz, Jr. L. E. Patterson Leonidas L. Feitshans Homer P. Henderson Wilbur B. Wood Estella Aldrich Martha Elleman 4Mrs. Philip Crew? Esther Dohner iMrs. Paul Winger? Robert O'Brien Alice Blessing CMrs. H. L. Black, Jr.? Ha1'old D. Penny Josephine Brinkman CMrs. J. Craven? Clifton Brown Faye Christian fMrs. Boyd Olinger? Ruth Miller CMrs. Elmer Heitzman? Sylvia Michael CMrs. J . L. Miller? Phoebe Patty KMrs. Dick Baker? Charlotte Randall fMrs. John Gray? Ruth Thuma fMrs. Ezra Cassell? Elizabeth Thuma Ruth Tice fMrs. Harry Vankirk? Susannah Wright iMrs. Herbert Wissinger? Virginia Pearson fMrs. F. H. Parkinson? Class of 1924 Clementine Gordon Elizabeth Randall CMrs. Willard Schulor? Mercedes Penny CMrs. Ralph Lambert? Glenna Elleman fMrs. Ivan Kingrey? Gladys Eversole Helen Gnagey CMrs. Emmert Bowman? Elsie Swanders Madge Cress KMrs. Carl Whitman? Frances Sowry IMrs. H. L. Wertz? Olive Norris fMrs. Bob Ross? Philip Crew Carl Brumbaugh Lynn Baker I. J. Karns Marvin Miller Floyd Wheelock William Davis Harold Thompson Blanche Sando Gladys Altic Roy Puterbaugh Mary Oaks CMrs. Roscoe Poince? Marjorie Thomas fMrs. Leonard Folker? Freda Ditmer CMrs. Boyd Furlo? Thomas Layer Almira Markley CMrs. Winifred Martindale? Jacob Lowry Deuane Kelly Thelma Peacemaker CMrs. Carl Earhart? Charlotte Melbaum fMrs. Joseph Gottschall? Class of 1925 Wilbur Sando Mildred Flesher tMrs. Delbert Baker? Iris Honeyman fMrs. Aaron Markleyl Esther Green fMrs. Robert Corcoran? Orville Maggert Levaune Sowry Ralph Herr Goldie Puterbaugh George Wilgus Viola Evans CMrs. Clifton Brown? Annie Gay Orval Wright Helen Hahn fMrs. D. S. Judd? Paul Koogler Susan Gnagey tMrs. Deuane Kelly? Ralph Altic Olive Antonides CMrs. Robert Younce? Robert Fourman Naomi Wood CMrs. Howard Jones? Clyde Hines Harold Shultz Carolyn Brinkman fMrs. Orville Jester? Jessie Brown CMrs. Russell Hartley? Howard Jones Charles Neer Dorothy Elleman fMrs. Delbert Hissong? Donald Kelly Thelma Carroll Orville Folker Joseph Strawser Class of 1926 Gerald Mote Ernest Beck Robert Earnest Roger Baker Phyllis Aldrich KMrs. Ralph Wright? Ned Arnold Isabelle Christian iMrs. Harley Ballinger? Esther Crew Mary Elizabeth Duncan CMrs. C. C. Whiteford? Rose Elizabeth Duncan cMrs. Smith? Ruth Earnest Kermit Feitshans Pauline Flory fMrs. Clarence Waymire? Helena Harshbarger Margaret Harshbarger Neva Lochner CMrs. Wilbur Sando? Maxine Long fMrs. Arthur Welbaum? Aaron Markley Lucille Harshbarger fMrs. Russell Lutz? Loretta Ilgen Galen Klepinger Norman Michael Lester Minnich Donna Mote CMrs. Evans? Hester Pfeifer Agatha Rogers CMrs. Orville Meigner? Naomi Rogers CMrs. Harry Sexauer? Emerson Swank Howard Tice Howard Vore Lucille Sando fMrs. Raymond Hatfield? Mary Schiek tMrs. James Bocock? Naomi Shellhaas Richard Wilgus Vance Wissinger Class of 1927 Joe Markley Helen Markley fMrs. Roger Baker? Eugene Elleman Mae I-Ioneyman Walter Shank Etoile Van Kirk fMrs. Hubert Longenecker? Cornell Furnas Elizabeth Barnhart CMrs. Walter Durham? Lloyd Garrison Naomi Norris lMrs. Ray Snyder? Ralph Harshbarger Jean Manning Carl Hughes Lois Leiter tMrs. Raymond Craig? Catherine Oburn CMrs. Jake Harshbarger? Georganna Hoke Lucile Rawlins fMrs. N. E. Welch? Esther Elleman 6Mrs. Dewey Martzell? Gladys Elleman 4Mrs. Phyillaier? Ruth Blalack fMrs. Paul Koogler? Class of 1928 Mildred Albaugh CMrs. Byron Warner? Jessie Aldrich fMrs. Everett Blackmore? Mary Louise Brewer Hilda Brinkman fMrs. Eugene Schmermund? Hildred Byrkett Lois Gunder Mary Elizabeth Harshbarger CMrs. Everett Walker? Ruth Heisey tMrs. Walter Wissinger? Glenna Hissong 1Mrs. Vernon Minnich? Edith Johns 1Mrs. Keith Swisher? Ferne Pauline Keller Anna Kennard Ruth Ellen Klepinger 4Mrs. F1'ed Burnham? Gladys Lees Pauline Lochner CMrs. Jacobson? Marian Macy Audra Michael CMrs. Kenneth Doll? - Doris Marie Moore fMrs. Orville Wright? Dorothy Odgers CMrs. Harold Reed? Donna Pearson fMrs. Denny? Elizabeth Schatzley fMrs. Russel Thompson? Dorothy Stickel fMrs. James Driver? Edith Vore tMrs. Harold Folker? Marie Wheelock CMrs. Sam Pickering? Claude Brandon Clyde Byrkett Harold Ditmer Daniel Farllng Howard Harshbarger Harold Hines Charles Mark Klepinger Joseph Lee Charles Pemberton Curtis Lee Harold Maurer Harold Rohrer Harris Shank Lowell Shellabarger Riley Strawser Russell Thompson John Tucker Thomas Melville Wright Catherine Kincaid CMrs. Elmer Shank? Lova Stickel QMrs. Dillon Gaskill? Class of 1929 Milan Schmermund Phylis Strohm fMrs. Leonard Ganger? Harold Green Mildred Jester 4Mrs. Ray Earhart? Jean Falknor fMrs. Virgil Waymire? Elden Brinkman Helen Miller CMrs. Chas. Pemberton? Emerson Furlong Jean Pearson CMrs. Donald Kinsey? Mildred Syler Donald Kinsey Esther Knerr' 2 41 Glenn Wood Joy I-Iygema CMrs. Emerson Furlong? Roy Honeyman Margaret Buchanan CMrs. Charles Patty? Ned Wheelock Mildred Macy CMrs. Jack Evans? Lucile Anders fMrs. David Miller? Glenn Welbaum Velma Slonaker Charles Eikenberry Mildred Battson fMrs. Orville Kessler? Glenn Elliott Margaret Gnagey Boyd Iddings Mary Shilt fMrs. Wilbur Dunevant? Frances Manning George Thompson Ruth Kerr fMrs. Ralph Niles? Class of 1930 Donald Cress Jack Evans Ted Patty Eleanor Leiter Elizabeth Waymire CMrs. Marlin Penny? Paul Pfeifer Mildred Brewer CMrs. Nelson Fox? Doris Doll Alice Garrison Bertha Spitler Paul Eikenberry Carlton Snell Elmer Wood Mary Brown fMrs. Walter Steiner? Ruth Doll I.ova Heisey Francis Miles Evelyn Styles Donald Iddings Burnell Wamer Damon Peacemaker Mary Jeanette Beam fMrs. Luther Patterson? Beulah Ditmer CMrs. Ellis Williamson? Kathryn Flory CMrs. John Lutz? Bernice Hottle Ruth Rawlins Myron Hunt Elvin Phyillaier Ernest Warner Harriet Pinkerton fMrs. Bruce Downs? Genevieve Ditmer fMrs. Dorvin Fetters? Esther Fritz CMrs. Chester Sellers? Jean Klepinger CMrs. Charles Fashner? Helen Royse Kenneth Furlong Emanuel Potasky Dean Wertz v Class of 1931 Vera Ullery Loma Niles fMrs. Ralph Hehnar? Ruby Eikenberry La Ree Shaw tMrs. Harold Beeman? Georgia Vore CMrs. Robert Lyons? Roscoe Spitler Dorcas Rohrer Glenn Stickel Luella Morgan fMrs. Louis Kardos? Forest Henderson Ralph Elliott Helen Farver fMrs. Victor Hoover? Kyle Schatzley Blanche Wheelock Robert Radabaugh Dorothy Morgan Paul Welbaum Eunice Elleman fMrs. Emerald Godown? Clifford Mendleson Rowena Grise fMrs. Herman Fidler? Mary Vore !Mrs. Paul Kinnison? Dwaine Carroll Mary Thompson fMrs. Stump? George Fourman Evelyn Hall CMrs. Dean Wertz? ' Kenneth Blackburn Mary Louise Hawk Carl Huntsberger Ralph Wamer Vera Wissinger Max Kelly Pauline Stewart CMrs. Geo. Frey? Earl Mishler Kathleen Ebling CMrs. Milan Schmermund? Austin Furlong Edith Pearson CMrs. Roland McQuerer? Edith Stickel fMrs. Robert Kendig? Class of 1932 Violet Anders Howard Brewer Vivian Carroll Opal Ditmer CMrs. Herman Heisey? Katherine Frey fMrs. Orville Holbert? Gerald Howell Victoria Hurley fMrs. Eddie Yount? Donald Koogler Charles Macy Helen Mishler Nellie O'De1l CMrs. Jesse Spitler? Harry Schnek Ruby Wright Lawrence Earhart Geneva Alexander fMrs. Homer Foster? Dorothy Campbell fMrs. Walter Anderson? Ezelda Stockslager fMrs. Myron Hunt? Harold Baker Elizabeth Barkett Lois Cashner fMrs. David Mott? Mary Elleman fMrs. Robert Coate? Ruth Ilgen Glenn Kress Dale Miller Mary Oaks 4Mrs. Roscoe Poince? Arthur Phyillaier Frank Thurman Myron Green Lois Pfeifer fMrs. Leo Thompson? Class of 1933 Howard Albaugh Cletus Beam Merlin Cassell Robert Elicker Lowell Gingrich Johnnie Markley Joe Netzley Roscoe Rohr Ralph Shaffer Frances Cain Vera Coppock 4Mrs. Jas. Newton? Maxine Elleman fMrs. Granville Minnich? Kathryn Evans Dorothy Heisey KMrs. Howard Yount? Jane Hood Margaret Knerr fMrs. Ted Thompson? Marian Reed Hazel Sass tMrs. Marshall Jackson? Neva Wright fMrs. Kenneth Furlong? Rena Jacobs Leonard Garrison Harold Thompson Lydia Peacemaker tMrs. Eddie Markley? Eleanor Gallagher Howard Thompson Rachel Peacemaker Dennis Altic J. B. Campbell Richard Cress Albert Furnas Nevin Grise Eugene Netzley Ralph Reeder Roy Saul Eugene Vore Reba Coate CMrs. Paul Weimer? Kathryn Duncan Doris Elicker fMrs. Bud Thompson? Isabel Fouts fMrs. Gene Elleman? Susie Heisey Charlotte Hurley fMrs. Tom Carroll? Lucille Lambert CMrs. Orville Edwards? Ruby Sotzing Elizabeth Vore CMrs. Carl Corelli? Mahlon Wheelock Pauline Wintrow lMrs. Edward Bell? Class of 1934 Belva Beam iMrs. Glen Wilson? Helen Bell CMrs. Arnold Ogan? Charles Blackburn Almo Brubaker fMrs. Everett Macy? Elwood Byrkett Samuel Christian Ruby Coate CCMrs. Boyd Coate? Emma Cress Naomi Cummins Marjorie Alexander fMrs. Lowell Besecker? Don Carroll Helen Eliker Edward Eastridge Helen Emrick iMrs. Stump? John Farver Catherine Fellers Lillian Furlong fMrs. Harold Dresback? Roscoe Furlong Leslie Gebby Jim Grissum David Hale Celia Haines fMrs. Charles Conklin? - Alice Harshbarger CMrs. Willard Phipps? Maxine Hess fMrs. Dale Miller? Esther Hirsch fMrs. Leonard Garrison? Helen Huntsberger fMrs. Floyd Littleton? Jean Huntsberger CMrs. Gene Peele? June Iddings fMrs. Franklin Trupp? Byron Jay Edwin Jay David Jacobson Evelyn Jacobson Lenna Johnston CMrs. Emerson Brown? Paul Jones Maxine Kercher fMrs. Alfred Boicourt? Roger Klepinger Max Lair Ruth Minnich fMrs. Elmer Davis? Verda Miller fMrs. Leland Blocher? Martin Mote Virginia O'Dell Ruby Parsons Dale Puterbaugh Jack Randall Kenneth Shuff Jack Spitler Becky Shafer fMrs. Cletus Beam? Duane Vore Gladys Warner iMrs. Lloyd Lutz? Don Williamson Ned Penny Jack Niles Rose Shaner fMrs. Donald Koogler? Class of 1935 Walter Anderson Clarkson Applegate, Jr. Otho Baker Donald Cassell Bobby Humphrey Eugene Elifritz Lloyd Furlong Marvin Jacobs Walter Hall Richard Hirsch Paul H. Jones Marvin Loughman Merlin Miller Maurice Mote Miles Mote Floyd Rhoades John Rife Walter Shaurer Roger Stickel Blaine Stoltz Lawrence Toedte Fred Weaver Henry Weaver Delbert Yount Clarence Helmick Ned Miller Helen Louise Arnett CMrs. Leo Welbaum? Mary Jane Bauman CMrs. Roger Klepinger Dorothy Brandon Pauline Dearth CMrs. Herbert Hildebrand? Dorothy Finfrock Nova Grise CMrs. Chas. Gray? Vera Haworth fMrs. Edward Applegate? Margaret Kenworthy CMrs. Orville Beetley? Virginia Keplinger Frances Lair Mary Ellen Landis fMrs. Ressler? Viola Macy fMrs. Mahlon Wheelock? Faith Miller CMrs. Edward Trimble? Grace Miller fMrs. Ralph Clinefelter? Elinor Popp CMrs. Ralph Allford? Ruth Virginia Rice CMrs. Roger Stickel? Opal Schiek fMrs. Robert Shilt? Nola Shaw CMrs. Paul Marshal? Jane Spitler tMrs. Ralph Brunner? Sybil Warner iMrs. Baker? Mildred Louise Weaver Class of 1936 ' Philip Arnett Ed Brown Dick Butler Robert Hale Wilbur Heisey Noel Honeyman Donald Hunt Dick Hines Junior Hunt Max Huntsberger Mosely Korb Deo Lesher Myron Mattis John Miller Leo Netzley Fred Pensyl Carlton Shafer Don Thomas Martin Thompson Donald Wissinger Ellen Altic Alma Anderson CMrs. Chas. Farrow? Evelyn Bridenbaugh lMrs. Shirt Sease? Evelyn Cassell Margaret Coppock CMrs. David Hale? Evelyn Ditmer CMrs. Rex Sollenberger? Majean Ditmer Bette Ebling Mary Eidenberry Dorothea Harshbarger Dorothy Hays fMrs. Clyde Fisher? Esther Heisey fMrs. Henry Weaver? Miriam Hemmerick CMrs. Walter Brown? Reva Jacobs tMrs. Donald Shaffer? Ruth Jacobs fMrs. Holland? Mary Ellen Jay CMrs. Kenneth Wright? Sylvia Koogler Geraldine Kopp Bertha Maggert CMrs. Eugene Garwood? Kathryn Maurer Dorothy Miller Freda Miller Lorella Minnich fMrs. Wm. Holder? Mary Moore Edith Oakes lMrs. Galen Sotzing? Evelyn Rohrer IMrs. Elsner? Reba Seeker Madge Timmins CMrs. Weiser? Mildred Warner tMrs. Robt. E. McQuire? Mary Wheelock fMrs. Rosco Epple? Regina Wheelock lMrs. Walter Doll? Ruth Wright Class of 1937 Robert Anderson Phoebe Bauman fMrs. John Harless? Edmond Brown Faye Cain fMrs. Marvin Laughman? Mae Cain fMrs. Eugene Elifritz? Robert Coate Frances Eastridge James Elicker Merle Elliott Harold Fellers Velma Flora Loyell Flory Myron Garwood Ellen Gnagey Harold Hale Cleo Haworth Don Harshbarger James Hollopeter Fred Hood Janet Iddings lMrs. Ted Hall? Ruby Jacobson Ned Karns Henry Manning Thomas Mote Catherine Netzley fMrs. Lloyd Weaver? Mildred Ogan Harry Peters Merlin Pierce Genevieve Pfeifer CMrs. Paul Peck? John Robinson David Rogers Norman Rogers Eugene Shefbuch Pauline Sleppy 6Mrs. Kenneth Saunders? William Solomon Paul Stickel Nancy Stoltz fMrs. Charles Rasor? Howard Swartz Mary Taylor fMrs. Laurel Hines? Ruth Warner Ellsworth Routson William Wheelock Lottie Mae Weaver James Campbell Mary Ellen Randall CMrs. James Grissum? Mary Farver fMrs. Elmer Pugh? Mary Esther Shafer CMrs. Arthur Magell? Harry Eugene Reece Miriam Baker Dorothy Shellabarger lMrs. Irvin Ganger? Raymond Puterbaugh Robert Puterbaugh June Hissong fMrs. Herbert Strawser? Class of 1938 Lavera Arnett CMrs. Robert Hale? Dorothy Antonides Leonard Paul Altic Ralph Johnston Evelyn Moore CMrs. Edmond Brown? La Vonne Niles fMrs. Al Barton? Bette Rawlins fMrs. John Miller? Miriam Rohrer Lee Schatzley Byron Shearer Janice Shroyer Eileen Syler CMrs. Howard Hoke? William Morris Hill , Dortha Huntsberger lMrs. Gene Klssell? Claude Vernon Oaks Beverly Jane Swartz iMrs. Edward Kane? Dorothy Ellen Smith fMrs. Wm. Roberts? William Swift Pauline Warner fMrs. John Shane, Jr.? Grace Brumbaugh fMrs. Harold Bowman? Rhoda Warner Betty Jane Denlinger'CMrs. Whitman? Mary Catharine Fogle Mary Maxine Furlong Florence Honeyman Darrell Thayer Rebecca Ann Denllnger fMrs. Allen? Anna Louise Radabaugh fMrs. Wm. Konkle? Helen Thompson CMrs. Deo Lesher? Mary Elizabeth Procuniar lMrs. Stanley Cush? Ruby Geneva Schmermund Floyd Carl Bliss Ned Coate Veda Ditmer fMrs. Fred Hood, Jn? Verda Dohner V Lloyd Gnagey Cleo Green CMrs. Robert Whittaker? Roger Grise Lo Del Hodges Judith Ireland CMrs. Robert Kull? Class of 1939 Harold Albaugh Junior Brown Martha Brown fMrs. Joseph Dohner? Betty L. Byrkett Charles E. Cashner, Jr. Marie A. Davis CMrs. George Collins? Susan Davis Donald Evans Charles L. Farver Edgar D. Garwood . Ruth Ann Hale fMrs. Willis Wahl? Beulah F. Hall CMrs. Henry Manning? Harry Harris Glen Hart Naomi P. Heisey Lowell Hildebrand Helen Hissong CMrs. Harold Walker, Jr.? Martha J. Honeyman Herman D. Kauffman Lucile Kenworthy Dorcas Kessler fMrs. Wm. Hill? Louise Kress 4Mrs. Fair Whittaker? Doris M. Medley fMrs. Wm. Powell? Virginia Mendenhall Evelyn Miller Robert Nason Patricia Owen A. G. Pearson Esther Petry fMrs. Roger Arnold? Alberta Puterbaugh Rodney Randall Dorothy Jeanne Rawlins lMrs. Glen Hart? Wesley Rogers Clifford Ryan Lois Gene Sando Vernon Schumann Harold Ray Shearer Faye Snell fMrs, Faye Cable? Lorin Snell Lova Sowers Ralph Stickel Lucille Swift fMrs. Harry Harris? Evans Tice Marthel Waymire CMrs. Harold Fellers? Class of 1940 Joe Carroll Junior Cassell Don Coppock William Detrick Joseph Dohner Robert Etherlngton Robert Haney Ralph Hemmerick Wayne Hurley Merle Jacobs Nolan Klepinger Max Kopp George La Prade Jack Longnecker Glen Maggert Robert Netzley Paul Oda Lloyd O'Del1 Gilbert Pensyl Ned Puterbaugh Dale Smith Max Spitler Eugene Staver Mary Bucklew CMrs. Arthur Green? Rhea Coate CMrs. Robert Bums? Mary Cress Naomi Heisey fMrs. Lee Myers? Olis Hemmerick iMrs. Surber? Phyllis Iddings CMrs. Byron Stoner? Jo Ann Ireland Elaine Karns CMrs. Ralph Mote? Sara Louise Lair KMrs. Wm. Houser? Alice Mae Lehmann Frances Peacemaker Mary Slack fMrs. Dean Miller? Minnie Anna Smith fMrs. Wm. Congdon? Phyllis Snyder Maxine Spitler Isis Steiner Marie Stoner fMrs. Merle Lehman? Lova Jane Surber Maybelle Whisler CMrs. Roger Grise? Barbara Worley fMrs. George La Prade? Class of 1941 Ned Altic Russell Anderson Samuel Anderson Harold Antonides Thearen Beck Eileen Blalack fMrs. Noel Seeker? Hazel Lorena Botkin Alice Pauline Brinkman Everett Brown Bruce Bucl-:ey James Cashner Bernis Cassell Leonard Benjamin Coate Eleanor Davis Thomas Davis Jack Dexter Esther Eileen Ditmer Michael Eikenberry Irene Mae Evans Ruth Irene Farver Robert Fellers Glenna Fine CMrs. Nolan Dearth? Janice Garrison David Gordon Bruce Green Cleo John Hangen, Jr. Gerald Heck Jean Beth Hess Lavon Hissong 4Mrs. Dennis Bohlender? Gladys Marie Hoagland fMrs. Raymond Pu Wayne Iddings Charles Jay Franklin Johnston Lois Jane Kelly - Delores Klepinger fMrs. Junior Blackmore? Harold Knife Charlotte Leeth fMrs. Thearen Beck? Donald McCowen terbaugh? Calvin Manning Juanita Mendenhall Cletus Minnich, Jr. Lorain Pearson, Jr. Robert Lee Pearson Mary Elizabeth Roberts Doris Jane Saul fMrs. Landreyl Arthur Schuman Noel Seeker Muriel Fae Snyder fMrs. Roy Cool? Mornie Mae Strawser fMrs. Jas. Truettl Esther Weaver fMrs. Crabtree? Ula. May Wheelock Ramon Thomas ' Class of 1942 Ralph Blackburn Don Brown Dwaine Elliott George Hill Jim Hughes Bob Hunt Lynn Longnecker Don Lutz Bob Syler Arthur Todd Kenneth Vore Ramon Whisler Lois Brinkman Freda Coate Jeanne Cress Marcille Evans fMrs. Don Coppockl Loretta Falknor Wanda Fouts Mary Furlong CMrs. C. R. Whittedl Jean Gordon Alice Jane Hale Jean Hunt Wilda Hurley Marilyn Kams Jean Karns Marilynne Kessler Betty Koogler Thelma Mast fMrs. Chas. Spears? Dorothy Miller Onilee Niles fMrs. Robert Harshbargerl Mabel Norris Betty Oburn fMrs. Anderson? Esther Pearson fMrs. Virgil Blackmore? Ruth Peffly Lova Pierce Vivian Puterbaugh Bea Saul Joanne Shroyer Betty Sotzing Mary Stoner Patsy Shroyer Audrey Winert fMrs. Myron Mattisl Jean Zimmerman CMrs. Leonard Coatel Class of 1943 Bessie Aldrich Patricia Aldrich fMrs. Carold Brumbaughl Jane Baker Normagene Beam Ruby Brown Don Buckey Irene Burnsides Orville Cress Robert Ditmer Martha Dowler Virginia Engle Betty Furlong Robert Ganger Delores Gebhart Phyllis Gibson Evelyn Gingrich Maralee Grise Robert Griffith Feitshans James Harris Betty Hutcheson tMrs. Ferd Haworthl Rollie Helstern Phyllis Herkins iMrs. Joseph Hess? Marianna Warner Shirley Thompson Timothy Pearson Marlene Mefford Robert Hildebrand Jerry Lehmann Earl Hinkle Joan Iddings Pauline Kniesly Verda Maggert Jane Miller Marie Minnich Marion Molner Wendell Mote William Relyea Dale Rice Ramond Roberts Rachel Rohrer Glenna Royer Glen Shaffer Richard Steiner Charles Taylor Robert Todd Delores Werts Doris Wright Dale Yount Robert Miller Robert Myers Gordon Blackmore Gordon Brown Bill Coate Alfred Daum Paul Dohner Bill Doll Don Furlong Marvin Gebhart Robert Geist Norman Heisey Robert Hemmerick Wendell Hissong Don Hunt Jack Kelly Cleon Klepinger Robert Koogler Ned Lowry Robert Mitchell Darwin Petry Dean Sando Richard Shaurer Fred Van Kirk Noel Vore Allen Werts Richard Worley Carroll Hunt Betty Lou Bridenbaugh Margaret Cain Norma Cassell Jeanne Elliott lMrs. Max Shiverdeckerl Ruth Evelyn Gross Janice Hall Geraldine Hamlin Ann Harlacher Marian Harris Jean Helmick Betty Hodgin Betty LOU Honeyman Peggy Hood June Hughes Beulah Hunt Ruby McCowen Patricia Miller Marcia Mote Phyllis Puterbaugh Lois Rohrer Mary Esther Shank Elizabeth Smith Norma Werts fMrs. Junior Cassell? 1954?- Class of 1944 g CSPEQD Steiner's Washed Sand 6? Gravel Co. N Q N 2 iss fm Washed - Crushed - Graded Products K 22 SS Z! R655 E653 Plant Phone 4F2 Residence 3'I BX W S Q Wm fm WEST MILTON, OHIO ROY H. MILLER FUNERAL HOME WEST MILTON, OHIO Corner Homilton ond Main Phone 83 Resuscitator and lnhalor Invalid Coach Service Oxygen Tent Licensed Funeral Director Oxygen Equipment Licensed Embalmer Congratulations Seniors O-N .Z X.. f x ow Uv 9, , .V GSX R'-:-'D 44-"5'1':5g? , X "00i'3'5f1'S120f 7 ". Nlil ,Q . wF?"'i'V?J.a'?' 'K WERTZ VARIETY STORE WEST MILTON, OHIO VORE Cr CCMPANY J. EDWIN JAY, Prop. Plumbing and Healing Sheel Melal Work Telephone 36 11 S. Main St. West Milton, Ohio TOPPER DRESS SIIDP Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Q Junior Sports Wear Tipp City, ohio Harry Sexouer Garage 24-Hour Wrecking Service Phone 67 West Milton, Ohio S. J. RUDY 6' SONS Dealers In Grain, Flour, Feed, Seeds and Coal Custom Hammermill Grinding and Machine Mixing A Complete Line of Ingredients carried for Formula Mixing Phone 8F3 Ludlow Falls, Ohio LADY ESTHER BEAUTY SHOPPE Complete Beauty Service Phone 249 West Milton, Ohio Compliments of BOZE-PETERS A TRACTOR SALES Phone 252 West Milton, Ohio Compliments of DR. C. E. STOUT West Milton, Ohio BERNARD STOLTZ'S THRIFT "E" MARKET FOODS MEATS Phone 18 West Milton, Ohio BEARD'S MARKET Groceries and Meats Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Phone 55 West Milton, Ohio Compliments of CARL CLAWSON'S STORE Tipp City, Ohio O. P. MAGGERT J EWELER West Milton, Ohio ' Compliments A of HIMES JEWELRY GIFT sl-lor Covington, Ohio THE FARMERS STATE BANK Phone 28 Englewood, Ohio Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Resources S1,000,000.00 Compliments of LU DOLBE BEAUTY SHOPPE Make Your "Permanent" Number l West Milton, Ohio FASHIIINABLE R FURRIERS EXPERT CLEANING REMODELING - STORING HAROLD SPITLER A Stock of New Furs to Select Your New Coat-Made Ready-to-Wear to Your Order Laura ' Ohio Compliments of DR. and MRS. HARRY RONICKER MILLER BROS. EXCAVATING Q BULL DOZING Dump Truck Service COAL GRAVEL CEMENT 24 F 23 -PHONES- Dale Miller Coal Office Bill Miller 24 F 21 3 F 2 24 F 12 West Milton, Ohio MAIN OFFICE - FREDERICK, OHIO MIAMI SERVICE STATION Phone 105 ff I-X, CHRYSLER ' TIP' PLYMOUTH SALES A SERVICE WEST MILTON, OHIO B. J. FORD B. B. FORD FORD'S DRUG STORE THE REXALL STORE Established 1899 DRUGS - MEDICINES - SUNDRIES - PAINTS - WALL PAPER West Milton Phone 40 Ohio YOUR CHILDREN DESERVE THE BEST-BUY MIAMI COUNTY DAIRY PRODUCTS G. R. MINNICH, DIST. Phone 23 F 2 West Milton, Ohio KESSLER BROS. S PIT L E R ' S PLUMBING C06 GENERAL STORE PLUIVIBING, HEATING and SHEET METAL womc -at- AUTHORIZED WILLIAMSON FURNACE DEALER Forest Ave. Phone 27 W Box 124 West Milton, Ohio GROCERIES AND MEATS COMPLETE WATER SYSTEMS THE CITlZEN'S NATIONAL BANK WEST MILTON, OHIO Gas and Oil Telephone 28 N O R R I S SERVICE STATION 12 SOUTH MIAMI STREET New and Used Automobiles HAROLD NORRIS, Prop. West Milton, Ohio We offer you Savings and Service when buying quality merchondise from us. Prompt ond efficient service is our effort. E. E. GEETING Funeral Director Ambulance Service West Milton, Ohio The Laura Gravel Cr Stone Co. Producers of Limestone Products Phones: Planl - 44 I. E. Baker - 60 Roger Baker - 21 I Phillipsburg, Ohio Compliments of MONTROSS L U M B E R COMPANY Troy, Ohio Flowers For All Occasions ' JENNING'S FLOWER SHOP Phone 124 West Milton, Ohio H E. MILES JEWELER Diamonds - Watches - Silverware Southwest Corner Public Square Troy, Ohio R. W. MORRIS, MOTOR SALES OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE Phone 248 West Milton, Ohio D I C K E Y ' S RESTAURANT West Milton, Ohio WARD JONES CHEVROLET SALES AND SERVICE Phone 11 F 21 Laura, Ohio RAY WELBAUM USED FURNITURE 178 West Hayes Phone 116 M West Milton, Ohio ELMER NETZLEY Tomato Connery Ton 'O Hill Brand From Red-Ripe Tomatoes Quality Cool Phone 14 F 21 Laura, Ohio Compliments U HUUSE 0F LOWEI.L, ING., Manufacturers and Distributors MARY LUWELL, Gosmelics Tipp City, Ohio Compliments of DRS. PEARSON and PEARSON West Milton, Ohio FARM SUPPLIES HARDWARE and PAINTS West Milton Implement Co. West Milton, Ohio If your hair isn't becoming You should be coming to me Make 14R your "Permanent" No Compliments of RACHEL ANN'S BEAUTY SHOP West Milton, Ohio SUCCESS 'ro THE CLASS OF 1945 HARRIS BAKERY West Milton, Ohio Compliments of BOB KRAUS West Milton Ohio Compliments of R A I N ' S VARIETY STORE Tipp City, Ohio Compliments of L. J. POTASKY CLOTHING - SHOES - MEN'S FURNISHINGS West Milton, Ohio YOUR STYLE SHOP MRS D. J. HILL Covington, Ohio CHAS. E. CASHNER DECORATOR and CONTRACTOR Dealer in Paints and Wall Paper We Buy and Sell Antiques and Refinish Furniture West Milton Ohio Compliments MARCEL SHOPPE Iris H. Markley, Prop. West Milton Ohio "Pledged to Public Service" S. B E R G E R LUMBER CO. Englewood, Ohio HERR'S RESTAURANT Phone 109 West Milton, Ohio KLOPFER'S IIRIIIIEIIY Groceries - Meats - Vegetables Phone 72 Pleasant Hill, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF MIAMI GRILL WEST MILTON, OHIO The West Milton Lumber Co O PAINTS -- HARDWARE - FENCING Johns-Manville Building Material Curtis Millwork Phone 23 West Milton, Ohio A Safe Place for Savings A mutual Savings Association chartered and supervised by the United States Government. Membership in Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, a United States Government instrumentality, provides insurance of accounts up to 5'p5,000. Member Federal Home Loan Bank System. Milton Federal Sa-vings 699 Loan Assn. WEST MILTON, on-no IIIILE FURNITURE 00. G E M C I T Y I C E CR E A M FURNITURE FUNERAL SERVICE AMBULANCE Supgffjtj 1901 Phone 14W Dayton, West Milton, Ohio Ohio IIIIIITE'S DEPT. STIIRE Compflments DRY GOODS - NOTIONS LADIES' READY-T0-WEAR GENTS' FURNISHINGS McCALL'S PATTERNS Phone 143 West Milton, Ohio ARNOLD'S GARAGE ' 27 Years of "Service That Satisfies" WEST MILTON, OHIO COATE'SI BURIAL VAULT ssnvucs 1925 to 1945 West Milton, Ohio BIIKEIPS IIAIIIO SEIIVIGE S. Miami St. West Milton, Ohio See Us For Your Post-war RADIOS AND APPLIANCES BIIIIWN and BIIIIWII I Groceries 0 Meats Q Vegetables West Milton, Ohio Compliments of DR. J. H. IRELAND OPTOMETRIST West Milton, Ohio Compliments of WARREN STURE, ING. Covington, Ohio Compliments of ROXY THEATER West Milton, Ohio LOUIS MOORE THE SHOE REBUILDER West Milton, Ohio A. PEMBERTON GENERAL HARDWARE HEATERS and RANGES West Milton, Ohio Compliments of THE WEST MILTON RECORD West Milton, Ohio Compliments of DICKEY'S CLEANERS West Milton, Ohio Compliments of BLUE BIRD PIES DAYTON, OHIO Miller Aulhorized Ghevrolel SALES - SERVICE Motor Work of All Kind Body and Fender Work Garage 26 North St. Phone 182 West Milton, Ohio We carry a Complete Line of Genuine Chevrolet Parts and Accessories A. M. YONTZ Residence 164X Compliments of JIIIIII II. IIIILLIIGIIEII GENERAL MERCHANDISE Ludlow Falls, Ohio Phone 8 F 2 Compliments CLYDE HINES The Life Insurance Man Phone 244W 324 W. Hamilton St. West Milton, Ohio CITIZENS COAL CO. COAL - COKE and SEWER Phone 135 West Milton, Ohio Fortify Your Future Be ready to meet employment com petition-win advancement-When th d e war en s. Equip yourself for war-time service on a higher level. Day and Night Classes Write, phone or call at school for bulletin. MIAMI-JAIIIIBS IIIILLEGE Second and Ludlow Streets Dayton, Ohio AD 8265 We have taken over the place for- merly operated by Brownie. We serve meals by order. Short orders and sandwiches all times. Ice cream as soon as available. Soft Drinks, Groceries, Bread and Rolls, Candies, Accessories, Batteries, Tires on order. Car Greasing. Perry Inn Shell Sta. East Side of Laura Phone 11F2 Compliments of MIAMI MAID BREAD COMPANY DAYTON, OHIO R E N T Z ' S Life - Auto - Fire - Liability Insurance R f ' t' ' d EI t ' I e rigerckrlnigxces ec rica 0. SALES SERVICE Farm Bureau Insurance Largest Insurer of Phone I77 Automobiles in Ohio 25 SOUTH MIAMI ST. There is a reason! wasr MILTON, onlo can Phone 113 220 N. Miami sm. Compliments of Compliments of R E D WIN G RALPH E. BROWN I C E C R E A M Commissioned Truck Driver C O M P A N Y Sinclair Refining Co. Res. Phone 3F21 Troy 6556 Dayton, Ohio ' wEs'r MILTON, orno Identification of baby pictures on page 7: 1. Miss Sauerman. 2. Bea Criteser. 3. Armidene Niles. 4. Nadine Ford, Nancy Tice, Nancy Waymire, and Betty Vore. 5. Dick Shaurer and Nancy Waymire. 6. Gordon Helsinger. 7. Audrey Pearson and Nan Shafer. 8. Joe Wright. 9. Joan Radabaugh. 10. Jerry and Eddie Nemeth. 11. Marjorie and Marilyn Hole. 12. Alfred and Allen Daum. 13. Audrey and Shirley Pearson. 14. Jean Kelly. 15. Betty Vore. Identification of pictures on page 25: 1. Lucky guy! 2. Some paper drive! 3. Ray Diley. 4. Little Women. 5. ???period. 6. Esther Snyder. 7. "Hallelujah," says Jean Tevis. 8. Frances Miles. 9. Bashful, Shirley? 10. Censored! ! !! 11. Girl Scout Camp. 12. ?!!! ills that a pose?J 13. Attention! 14. Stuff? 15. Seniors. 16. Nan Shaffer. 17. Hi Chuck! 18. 3 guesses. 19. Mr. Diley and Mr. Duncan-all Wet? 20. Bill Siler. 21. My! My! Girls! 22. Pinky. 23. Marilyn Steiner, Pat Hunt-slop, slop! 24. Joy Pearson. 25, Jim Helstern- C"Fish"i. 26. Marjorie Hole and Ginger. 27. Bill Carroll-we think! 28. Joan, Shirley, and Ellen. 29. Guys and Gals. 30. "Peggie" Pearson. 31. Galen Minnich and Donna Lou Netzley. 32. Marilyn Steiner. 33. Brains? Ned Iddlngs and Perry Deeter. 34. The gang. 35. Joan Radabaugh. 36. Bathing Beauties. 37. Doris Ganger and Mary Swift. 38. Gloria Norris. HERFF-JUNES GUMPANY Designers and Manufacturers iof.. . School and College Jewelry, Graduation Announcements, Medals, Cups and Trophies Indianapolis, Ind. Congratulations and Best Wishes ' to the Class of 1945 ZERO LUUKER SERVIIIE L. W. BRUMBRUGH West Milton, Ohio MAYFLOWER SWEET' SHOP Troy, Ohio Try Our - - Home-Made Candies For the High School Miss Carole Kings and Bobby Brooks Juniors WARNEIPS HAT and DRESS SHUI' West Milton, Ohio RALPH E. LAMBERT 3 South Miami Street Phone 21 West Milton, Ohio For a Good Show Visit the MAYFLOWER THEATER Troy, Ohio INSURE and BE SURE DON F. PRIDY 17 N. Miami St. Phone 199 West Milton, Ohio Accident - Health - Auto - Fire Compliments D. 81 W. AUTO SERVIGE Auto Service and Auto Parts and Supplies Tipp City, Ohio 2XiBNi?!2XiZ5Ni22S2i25.4k'Sii25.4h'Sii22SSiiZ?5B5i2f! R65 We E655 38,58 R68 E495 E493 E633 F5598 5,5855 LAURA LUMBER COMPANY LAURA, OHIO aaeavaaszzazszzamamaszzmaaa PM its fa fn fm fm 2253393 We Identification of pictures on page 54: 1. Barbara Ann Minnich. 2. Igloo builders, David Mishler and Harry Gene Niles. 3. Lou Ann Wilson. 4. Nancy Poock. 5. Jo Dell Waymire. 6. Roberta June Helman. 7. Michael Beam. 8. Peggy Coate. 9. Ann Warner. 10. Freddie Waymire. 11. "Legs"-Donna Lou Netzley and Galen ,Minnich. 12. "'1"! 13. More "Stuffit 14. Pat Hunt and Donna Lou Netzley. 15. Eli Netzley. 16. Annabel Engle. 17. Audrey Pearson. 18. Wild Woman Hunt. 19. Strictly Cornyi ' Charlie Fine. 21. Fancy stepping! 22. Clark Kniesly. 23. Jim Helstern. 24. Pat Hissong. 25. Bill Karns. 26. Bea and Gale Criteser. 27. Mildred Kniesly. 28. Jerry Ingram. 29. Nancy Tice and Gloria Norris. 30. Annabel Engle and Imogene Furlong. 31. Henry Davidson and Nan Shaffer- nice smile, Henry! 32. Nadine Ford and Tad Welbaum-Oh! That Scotchman! 33. Audrey Galen, Joe Wright lbelieve it or notl, and "Corky" Evans. 34. Our Sinatra-Jerry Ingram. 35. After "M" Club initiation. 36. Seniors Halloween Dance. 37. Faye Vore. 39. Ray Todd and Ellis Denlinferg '40. Miss Sauerman. 41. Faye Vore and Joan Hefelfinger. 42. Victory, Victory, is our cry! 43. Halloween Dance. 44. What a formation!!! 45. Leg Arti Booooong. 46. "Man, Whatrgamsf' 47. Jean telling a big one. 48. "Pop's" legs. 49. Miss Toth. 50. F. H. A. Initiation. 51. Jumping Jacks. 52. Wall F1oWers??? Gloria, Betty, Nancy and Armidene. 53. Aren't they cute! 54. Ruth, Bea, Ellen, Joan R..,.Joan A., Jean, and Phyllis. 55. Come on, Johnny, get hot! 56. Mrs. Noble. 57. Cute hat, Donna. 58. Two glamour girlseand two glamour boys of Milton-Union. 59. Guess who-Mr. Duncan' 60. Seniors Hay Ride. 61. Under the tan-Miss Toth. COMPLIMENTS OF A. Cr P. CO. West Milton, Ohio HOBART ARC WELDING TRADE SCHOOL "It's Easy to Learn Arc Welding" Write For Free Booklet Hobart Trade School Box WM45 TROY, OHIO Wholesale Retail Phone 32 W. C. MOTE Grain - Flour - Feed - Seeds Hammer Mill Grinding Molasses and Molasses Feed Mixing Home of Laura Sweet Feeds Formula Mixing Fresh, Effective Feeds LAURA, OHIO D06 IIUUSE RESTAURNT ALWAYS GOOD EATS SPECIALIZES IN STEAKS Troy, Ohio sum ssnvlce VSTATIDN Gas - Oil - Accessories Vulcanizing E. R. BEAL Englewood, Ohio J 0 S T E N ' S . Since 1897 Creators of Fine Scholastic Jewelry and Stationery Recipient of the Army-Navy "E" for Production of Precision Instruments Representative - Les Fulton Box 192 Springfield, Ohio PEARSUIPS LAUNDRY Dry Cleaning - Rug and Carpet Cleaning - Linen Supply Troy, Ohio ED. HEMMERICK'S GARAGE General Repair Oil - Grease - Batteries 21 West North Street West Milton, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF . P. T A. .M ' AMW? Qga Buy War Bonds and Stamps for I VICTORY 7hm!14 We wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the following members of the Milton--Union Alumni for their generous contributions which helped to make this first volume of the Milton- Union Echo possible. Harry Hurley Bessie Coate Mrs. Mabel Herkins Mrs. Ralph Wright Mrs. D. A. McConnell Dr. C. A. Black Jesse Cassel - '- Mrs. Howard E. Kelley Darwin Fetters Janice E. Garrison Mrs. Sibyl Baker A. F. Eidemiller Jim Snell Mrs. Julia Simon Mrs. August Hansen Mrs. Olive Younce E. J. Pearson Mrs. Percy C. Brown Clyde Hissong .Edith V. Folker Robert L. Pearson Orville N. Folker T. R. Hodges Mrs. John R. Gallagher Paul H. Jones Mrs. lra Schatzley Eleanor Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Kinsey 'A' ir 14 Qaeal Ei? '7fzank Qian The Echo Staff extend its heartiest thanks to themembers of the Senior Class for their diligent work, to the class advisor, Mr. Diley, who has so wonderfully guided us in our senior year, to our super- intendent,' Mr. Duncan, for his effort and cooperation, to the Miami Union Publication Company, for their fine work in publish- ing the "Milton-Union Echo." H K1-f'

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