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Lx X v 1 fjgwiw Q QQ tw S wk 1954 BLACKHAWK L.: on 1 but Published by the Students of Milton Union High School Milton and Milton Junction, Wisconsin Q 1? X tg, .IL 'lar' 1,951 1 Q gil., U' ix .P A X ,XP " QR v-HQ Y gl 1' l l A -fggefg , , ,Q gx , 'K A M-Q 'fm A va x X " ' ' W1-"FN ke' 4 Th JW! "And, v xx' " 1. 3 . ke? if xr " .Kai 4' dkq-.,,.uu 'N TABLE OF CONTENTS Music , . . . . 29 Patrons I , 3-4 Athletics . 35 Activties ,43 School Life . . . .6I Calendar I , , 7I 'll"I' ""iittItttl 'II It ' it l1l'l it , ti I I I It I I t II l4 i2, l l! rmiitilm. Kitt . IJ! 'li l 'll I, l 4' tll I I I I Q FT SCHOOL SONG When Milton Union's brave men fall in line We'll win this game, we'll win it everytime, For Milton Union's men I yell, I yell, For red and white I yell, I yell, I yell, I yell. For then its U Rah Rah for Union High Our team is on the beam, we'lI hit the sky. Those kids from Union will uphold their name We're gonna' win this game. Page Foreword .. 4 Dedication , . . 5 School Board , . 6 New Gymnasium . 6 Faculty , . I , 7 Classes , , .Il Senior . . ,I2 Junior , I I . 22 Sophomore , . I 24 Freshman . U26 FCREWCRD The anticipation of reading and viewing the Blackhawk is equalled only by the pleasure of perusing its pages in later years. The Blackhawk presents some interesting scenes from your high school days which you will come to treasure as the years fly past. High school days are happy days. The friendships formed will be lasting and an interest in these friends will be continuously maintained. For this reason the possession of this yearbook will prove most helpful to everyone. This year's annual has many interesting pictures and written sum- maries which will cause it to be read and re-read to a very great extent. Students by means of this book may relive their high school days which are the happiest days of their lives. lt seems almost certain that you will enioy this book and will agree that it is a very good one. C.H.DORR FOUR Dedication 5 ,,:,,Y ,S W... 'mf S X Q Q-5 1, X 5 'N,l. , Arthur Arnold We declicaTe This book To ArThur Arnold, a member of The Class of 1954, who was sTricken wiTh polio in The fall of 1952. He was very acTive in school acTiviTies and was a member of The varsiTy TooTbaII Team. We, his classmates and friends, hereby dedicaTe This 1954 Blackhawk To him as a TribuTe To his courage and sporTsmanship in his fighT To recovery. FIVE School Board Wayne Davidson, Mrs. Stuart Shadel Archie Striegl, Mrs. Gilbert Birky Harold Martin All citizens of Milton and Milton Junction are proud and happy about having a new gymnasium, one of the finest in Southern Wisconsin. Such a fine building does not iust happen or spring full-grown from somewhere. Many citizens had an active part in making it a reality. A lot of hard work and plan- ning went into it. A lot of promotion, education and urging brought it into existence. Among those who did a great deal in this direction were: the members of the P.T.A. under the leadership of Prof. A, L. Loomer, the Board of Education of which Archie L. Striegl is president, and the student body. Suitable exercises accompanied the breaking of ground on March 25, 1953, with Mr. Striegl turning the first shovelful of dirt. Dedication exercises were held between games on December 3, 1953, with Supt, C. H, Dorr acting as Master of Ceremonies. A basketball tournament was held in the new building on February 22, 23, and 24 which was a big success. A Physical Education program utilizing every student in the high school was given on April 8. THE NEW GYMNASIUM Faculty C. H. Dorr FACULTY Carl F. Benrud Agriculture B.E. Platteville State Collegeg MA, University of Wisconsin Ruby A. Agnew Commercial Subiects B.E. Whitewater State Collegeg M.A. Northwestern University Roy J. Colbert, Jr. Shop and General Science B.S. Platteville State College Mrs. Dortha Grovert Physical Education for girls Biology B,A. Coe College Charles H. Dorr Graduate, Whitewater State College B.A. University ot Wisconsin Carl F. Anderson Physical Education for boys Athletic Coach! B. S, University of Illinois Calvin W. Gale Science and Mathematics M,A. University of Wisconsin Mrs. Helen Hull Librarian Milton College EIGHT B.S. University of Wisconsin QM.. . 'f N X.. 'FACULTY X ' is Ist? S tix V iv'- Donald Ladd Vocal Music BA. North Central College Naperville, Illinois Mrs. Roxa Pritchett Band Dubuque Conservatory of Music, Post-Graduate, Dubuque Conservatory of Music, Artists Graduate, Dubuque Conservatory of Music Mary Helen Juneau Art B.A, Mount Mary College, Milwaukee Mrs. Sally Natter English and Forensics B.A. Milton College Joseph F. Mongue English, French, and Forensics B.S. University of Wisconsin Edward Rood Geometry B.A. Milton College M.A. University of Colorado NINE William W, Kean History and Latin B.S. fEducationl University of Wisconsin Rollin Natter Social Studies, Basketball Coach B.S. Milton College FACULTY Margaret Weiss Home Economics B.S. North Central College Naperville, Illinois Edith Stockman English, Business Practice, and Forensics BA. Milton College Mrs. Lucille Warren Office Secretary Ruth Zerler Vocal Music B.M. University of Wisconsin if' The Custodians James Paaske Fred Carroll , ,- rr. ,lx TEN Classes Larry Brown - Shop Class L Lx Ev Donna Watson, Lelia Manogue, Eva Mae Arnold, Anthony Guernsey CLASS OF 1954 In the fall of 1950, ninety-three students enter- ed Milton Union High School. Freshman class officers were: President, Wendell Kumlien, Secretary, Betty Evans, Treasurer, Richard Lewiston. Mr. Orr and Mr. Anderson were the advisors. Lelia Manogue and John Prox represented the freshman class in the court of the Christmas Formal. When the sophomore year started, seventy-six students enrolled. The class officers were: "Jack" Goodger, "Arly" Guenther, Marlene Edwardson, and "Patty" Holliday with Mrs. Grovert and Mr. Netzel as advisors. John Olson transferred from Whitewa- ter High. Patty Gregoire and Clara Dorr were in the court of the Homecoming Dance. Beverly Schultz, sophomore class candidate, was chosen queen of the Christmas Formal, Paul Wixom was her king. The sophomore class sponsored a Saint Patrick's Dance which was a big success. ln September of 1952 the iunior class numbered sixty-seven. Class officers were: President, Kenneth Chase, Vice-President, Lelia Manogue, Secretary, Carol Brownp Treasurer, Marlene Edwardson. Miss Stockman and Mr. Kean, replacing Mr. Holten, were the class advisors. Lucille and LaVerne Staller trans- ferred from indiana. Shortly after school started, two members, Anthony Guernsey and Arthur Arnold, were stricken with polio, Getting class rings was the highlight of the iunior year. Mrs. Hotlen and Miss Stockman did a fine iob in directing the junior class play, "Good Night Ladies." Donna Decker and Roger Gottschalk reigned as queen and king of the Homecoming Dance. We sponsored the Junior- Senior Banquet and Dance, "Oriental Gardens," in May. John Orr, our social science teacher, came back to speak at the banquet. At the beginning of the 1953-1954 year, en- rollment had dropped to sixty-three. The following were chosen as class officers: President, Anthony Guernsey, Vice-President, Lelia Manogueg Secretary, Eva Mae Arnold, Treasurer, Donna Watson. Advisors were Miss Stockman and Mr. Mongue. In November Robert Gretschmann transferred from Elkhorn mak- ing sixty-four in the senior class. The senior class sponsored the Homecoming Dance, "Harvest Moon." Carol Brown was queen with Paul Wixom as king. Two bake sales, roller skating parties, three movies, a New Year's Eve Party, and a Valentine Dance were sponsored, and pop corn was sold at the basketball games to earn money. Priscilla Arnold, Eileen Geiger, and John Olson took part in forensics this year. The senior class play was directed by Mr. Mongue. Commencement exercises for the class of 1954, wearing white robes and white caps with crimson tassels to represent school colors, were the first to be held in the new gym. TWELVE CLASS OF l954 s Carol Mae Arnold F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 25 Forensics 2, 35 Photo Club 35 Crimson Flash 35 Blackhawk 45 DAR 45 National Honor Society 4. "Once in her mind, there it stays. That's why she rates so many A's". Mary Rachel Bowers "Rach" Pep Club l, 2, 35 Intramur- als I, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4. "A laugh is worth a hun- dred groans in any market". Vivian Darlene Aldermon "Vickie" Intramurals 2, 35 Crimson Flash 45 Greggites 4. "Women are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of men". l sa .5 ' . ggi Priscilla Coriene Arnold "Pris" F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2. 3, 45 Pep Band 2, 3, 45 Pho- to Club 3, Sec. 35 Pep Club 35 Forensics 45 Blackhawk 3, 4, Editor 45 Crimson Flash 35 National Honor So- ciety 4. "This ambitious lass will bring fame to her class". v 3 is Eva Mae Arnold "Eva" Intramurals lg F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 35 Pep Club 35 Crimson Flash 45 Class otiti- cer 4, Secretary 45 Black- hawk 45 A.Y. 45 Class Play 45 National Honor Society 4. "She's quiet, she's shy, but there's mischief in her eye". Carol Jeanne Brown G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Cheer- leader l, 2, 3, 45 Intramur- als 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Youth Center 35 Class Play 3, 45 Class ofticer 3, Sec. 35 Crimson Flash 4, "She's like a vitamin ad- bubbling over with vim, vigor, ancl vitality". THIRTEEN Marlene M. Ames "Susie" F.H.A. I, 2, 45 G.A,A. 25 Pep Club 3, 45 A.Y. 4. "Silence is a sweeter thing, than clever words that bite and sting". sf 5 was Y .Nw -.. . . .4 George Edward Astin, Jr. "Jiggs" Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 Foot- ball I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Baseball 3, 45 F.F.A. 45 Lettermen's Club 4. "Full of mischief, too, do- ing things he shouldn't do". CLASS OF I954 Donna Jean Chatfield "Dean" Band I, 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 2, Pres. 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Sec. 2, F.H. A, I, 2, 3, 4, Youth Center I, 2, 4, Sec. I, 2, Vice-Pres. 4, ntramurals 2, 3, 4, Class 3, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4, National Honor So- ciety 4. "All, I have heard, that blushes are not innocent". Donna Joy Decker "Dee" F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Intramurals 2, Band 3, 4, Pep Band 4, A.Y. 4. "Love stole into her heart one day, came for a visit, decided to stay". Arthur Duray Campbell "Art" Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Crimson Flash 4, Photo Club 4, Chef's Club 4. "I'm hunting for the guy who invented work". 4 if Donald Wayne Clarke ,,Don,, "Speed is a waste of mo- tion. I'm slow!" Shirley Kay Christianson ,,Kay,, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Intramur- als 3, 4, Class Play 3, Pep Club 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Greggites 4, 4, Blackhawk 4. "A girl with a smile is a girl worth while". Clara Ray Dorr "Bean" Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, G.A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Photo Club 4, Greggites 4, Pres. 4, Blackhawk 4. "Like a water faucet-al- ways running", FOURTEEN Kenneth Webb Chase "Ken" Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Capt, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Class oFfi- cer 3, Pres. 3, Photo Club 3, Blackhawk 4, Chef's Club 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Bad- ger Boy's State 3, Class Play 4, National Honor So- ciety 4. "Why are the days so long and the nights so short?" , H X Nancy Marie Davis "Nance" F.H.A. I, 2, 3, Forensics 2, Unisingers 2, Band 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, Crimson Flash 3, 4, Pep Club 3, SSC. 3, A.Y. 4, Blackhawk 4, Class Play 4. "A friend in need is a friend indeed-that's where Nancy takes the lead". , r' 7 'yi CLASS OF l954 Eileen June Geiger "Susie" lntramurals l, 2, 4, G.A.A. l, 4, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Forensics 2, 4, Stu- dent Council 3, A.Y. 4, Blackhawk 4, Class Play 4. "lf she isn't wiggling, she's giggling". Edwin Harold Green lIEdIl Band I, 2, Pep Band I, 2, F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Forensics 4, Youth Center 4, Class Play 4. "Make mine country style". Marlene A. Edwardson "Mar" F.H.A. l, 2, Intramurals l, 4, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band l, 2, 3, Class Officer 2,, 3, Sec. 2, Treas. 3, Pep .Club 3, 4, Crimson Flash 3, Blackhawk 4, Class Play 4. "Boys are a nuisance but then. . ,Everyone likes a little disturbance". John Verne Goodger IlJackII murals l, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Class officer 2, Pres. 2, Class Play 3, Lettermen's Club 4, Blackhawk 4, Class Play 4. "Form your line on the right, girls". Roger Laurence Gottschalk "Herman" Football l, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Blackhawk 3, Let- termen's Club 4, A.Y. 4. "ls he as quiet as he seems?" Patsy Louise Gregoire "Patty" F.H.A. l, 2, 4, Class officer 1, Vice-Pres. l, G.A.A. 2, Pep Club 3, Blackhawk 4. "Winning is her way, and pleasant is her smile". WTFVFFFN Football l, 2, 3, 4, lntra- Betty .Iane Extrom "Betts" Student Council l, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4. "-and did you hear this one?" Janelle Faye Gray "Jan" F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. l, 2, Crimson Flash 4, Ush- er's Club 4, Blackhawk 4. "Having fun keeps her on the run". CLASS OF I954 Loretta Alice Hahn "Lory" F.H.A. I, 2, 3, G.A.A. I, 2, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Cheerlead- er I, Pep Club 3, Greggites 3, Usher's Club 3. "Till death do us part. ., my gum and l". Orpha Mae Johnson "Ort" F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Intramur- als 2, Band 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Crimson Flash 4, National Honor Society 4. "A smile of sincerity with a gleam of fun". Robert E. Gretschmann ' "Bob" Transferred from Elkhorn High School 4. Band 4, Pep Band 4, F.F.A. 4, Intramur- als 4. "New, but he caught on fast". Patricia Ann Holliday "Patty" F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Intramur- als I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A, 2, 3, 4, Class officer 2, Treas. 2, Unisingers 2, Forensics 2, 3, Class Play 3, Pep Club 3, Band 3, 4, Pep Band 4, Student Council 3, Pres. 3, Greggites 4, Treas. 4. "Both feet planted firmly- in a cloud". Vera Jean Hartzell "Jeanie" Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, F.H. A. I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Greggites 4. "Don't mistake ing quiet". her for be- Ivtf y we ., I as I fi x . T' X E.. William Thorn Johnston "Bill" Band I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band I, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Photo Club 3, 4. "He feared the wiles of maiden's smiles". SIXTEEN Anthony Harley Guernsey "Tony" Football I, 2, 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Manager 4, Chef's Club 4, Pres. 4, Class officer 4, Pres. 4, F.F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Letterman's Club 4, Pres. 4, National Honor Society 4. "If personality b r o u g ht riches, he'd be a million- aire". x Dorothy Jean Howland "Dot" G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Class Plays 3, Greggites 4, Sec. 4, Photo Club 4. "She'll turn your frown up- side down". -I .i CLASS OF l954 2 I. John Francis Knight I "Rowdy" Baseball manager I, 2, Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Black- hawk 4, National Honor So- ciety 4. "5o much of him is bashful, but so much of him is fun". Lelia Joyce Manogue F.H.A. I, G.A.A. I, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Pres, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Pho- to Club 3, Forensics 3, Class officer 3, 4, Sec. 3, Vice- Pres. 4, A.Y. 4. "Always laughing, always fun,-she gets along with everyone". nl Marilyn Marie Kilclow "Mem" Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, G.A, A. I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Student Council I, F.H.A. l, 2, Blackhawk 4. "Batons and boys-she gives them both a whirl". Wendall Baird Kumlien, Jr. "Pete" Class oFiicer I, Pres. 'I, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Chef's Club 3, Class Play 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Letter- men's Club 4. "He laughs and we laugh with him!" ii is , Elaine Ruth Kumlien "Toots" G.A.A. I, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Band 4, Student Council 4, Pres. 4, Blackhawk 4. "Never too busy to be friendly". Leo James Manogue, Jr. "Laddie" Football I, 2, 3, Manager I, 2, Basketball 2, Manager 2, Intramurals 3, 4, Band 4, Photo Club 4, F.F.A. 4. "His eyes are those of in- nocence but his grin shows the mischief within". QEVENTEEN Carl Klemp, Jr. "Sam" Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, F.F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball man- ager 2, Class Play 3, Chef's Club 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Class Play 4. "Einstein is great-but iust give me time!" Virginia Marie link "Ginny" Band I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, F.F.A. I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 2, 3, 4, Treas, 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Blackhawk 4, Pep Club 3. "In athletics of any kind, Ginny's equal is hard to find". CLASS OF i954 f Donald Ray Olson "Ole" Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball l, 2, Baseball 3, 4, ln- tramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 4, Photo Club l, For- ensics 3, Blackhawk 4, Let- ter Club 4, Vice-Pres. 4. "Being good is awfully lonesome. - P.S. l'm not lonesome". In Roberta Ann Randolph "Bert" Intramurals l, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres, 3, 4, Pep Band l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. l, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Unisirtg- ers 2, Class Play 3, Photo Club 3, Blackhawk 4. "Cure 'em, or kill 'em, 'cause l'm going to be a nurse". Dolores Margaret Marquart One-Act Play l, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, For- ensics 2, 3, Youth Center 3, 4, Pres, 4. "Always ready for a good time". Marian Elaine Pastorius Band l, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4. "The world's fine with me. Why change it?" i John Olson Transferred from Whitewa- ter College High 2, lntra- murals 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, Forensics 3, 4, Blackhawk 4. "The world belongs to the workers. Who wants the world anyway?" .... .- . 1551 Km .f ,,,. , , Y, .- k 3, 2. F . l Jo Anne Roberts ,,-lo., lntraumurals l, 2, 3, 4, G. A.A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 'l, 2, 4, Cheerleader l, Pep Club 3. "Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you". Adeline Joan Nitz ,,Jo,, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band l, 2, 3, Intramur- als 2, Forensics 2, 3, "As an artist, she's a wo- man of skill". 4 fi John L. Prox "Curly" Photo Club l, Baseball 2, Band 2, Chef's Club 2, Stu- dent Council 2, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 4, Letter- men's Club 4. "Lead me not into tempta- tion-but show me where it is". tx -A X EIGHTEEN CLASS OF Dolores Ann Schultz "Laurie" Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Crim- son Flash 4, Greggites 4, Blackhawk 4. "True to one. . .one at a time, that is". Gwendolyn Marie Stebbins "Gwen" Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, G.A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, F.H. A. 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Student Council 3. "Why let the devil have all the fun?" I 954 Ralph Rogers "Buck" Football I, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. l, 2, 3, Sec. 3, Class Plays 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 4. "Greater men than I may have lived, but I doubt it". laverne Joseph Staller Transferred from Clinton, Indiana 3, Chef's Club 4, F.F.A. 4, Treas. 4. "Quiet and shy, a very nice guy". 1 Richard Lee Shaputis "Dick" Transferred from Clinton 2, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. 2, "You keep the girls. I'lI take the outdoors". Richard James Troon "Dick" F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Chef's Club 2, Photo Club 4. "I thought I saw him study- ing but, lo! it was a dream". NINETEEN Beverly Jean Schultz "Bev" G.A.A. 1, F.:-LA. 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Class Plays 3, Greggites 4, Crimson Flash 4, Blackhawk 4. "Sugar and spice and all that is nice". Lucille M. Staller - "Lucy" Transferred from Clinton, Indiana 3, Band 4, F.H.A. 4, Intramurals 4, Blackhawk 4. "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice". CLASS OF l954 Ralph James Wardman "Red" Intramurals 2, 3, Manager 2, 3, Class Plays 3, 4, Photo Club 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Manager 3, 4. "My theory is that women will be the last thing civi- lized by man". 4? 1 Joen Rae Trolinger ,IJOH F.H.A. I, 2, 3, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. "Carefree and gay, that's my way". Roger Williams HROQH Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chef's club 4, A.Y. 4. "My interest is in the future, because I'm going to spend the rest of my life there". Nwan-x ,S ag li' i. n-...H sf . Donna Jean Watson G.A.A. l, 2, Band 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Class Offi- cer 4, Treas. 4, Crimson Flash 4, Blackhawk 4, Na- tional Honor Society 4. "lf we can believe all that we hear, she'll make mar- riage her career". Phyllis Anne Wollinger "Phil" F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, ln- tramurals 2, 3, 4, Greggites 4. "A chuckle announces her presence". TWEN TY Ruth Marie Utzig Transferred from Janesville High School 2, F.H.A. 4, Ushers' Club 4. "Whenever I feel like work- ing, I go lie down until the feeling goes away", Paul Leo Wixom "Wix" Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 3, 4, Crimson Flash 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Blackhawk 4. "One arm around a foot ball, the other around a girl". SENIOR HONOR ROLL i 2 Carol Arnold National Honor Society D.A.R.Winner--1954 fy!! Donna Chatfield National Honor Society t fc Priscilla Arnold National Honor Society Eva Mae Arnold National Honor Society S, was M YY fa: la .Nfl "sf 5-sith: - 'il - at is ' A- 5' ,tl - . Ai - Q ' ll li T5 ' ' 5 ss., 1 J sw - f 1 c Q' f 12 1: ' f Nancy Davis National Honor Society Anthony Guernsey John Knight National Honor Society Donna Watson National Honor Society TWENTY-ONE as x it - :Q ia Kenneth Chase National Honor Society Badger Boyfl953 Orpha Johnson National Honor 50ClelY National Honor Society Janis Diftmer, Michael Myszewski, Gerald Richardson, Karen Appleby CLASS OF 1955 In September 1953, the iunior class had an en- rollment of sixty-one and a total of S150 in the treasury. Although the enrollment dropped to fifty- eight due to the loss of Jake Schock, William Alex- ander, and Richard Holiaphel, by the end of the year the treasury had expanded to meet the goal of 3500. The first meeting was devoted to electing class otlicers They were: President, Michael Myszewski, Vine President, Janis Dittmer, Secretary, Karen Ap- pleby, and Treasurer, "Jerry" Richardson Beverly Blute was elected Student Council Representative. Kathleen Manogue was in the Homecoming Court and the iunior class float received second prize in the paiade Five new students registered in the class last fall, They were Sandra Trickle from Janesville, Mae Penre from Walworth, Karen Appleby from Milwaukee, James Dawson from Rhinelarider, and Lester Henning from Watertown, As usual the class had some great ideas for mak- ing money. "Bow Week", during which time each class had a certain colored bow to wearegreen for freshmen, red for sophomores, blue for iuniors and yellow for seniors- and two profitable dances were sponsored. Charles Bauman, assisted by Linda Bing- ham and Kay Arnold, sold candy during noon hours which netted S50 for the class. ln the spring the iunior class removed the tree stumps and carried out the ashes from the rear lot on the left of the school. An odd iob service, washing windows, cars, etc, was also performed. A nice profit was reaped from the iunior class play, "Cheaper By The DOYGITH, Although there were many excellent entries from the iunior class in the forensic contest, Anne Ran' dolph was the only iunior to score an A' with her Serious declaination, "The Whole Town ls Sleeping." The Junior-Senior Banquet was held April 211, the theme being "April Showers." The Methodist Church, where the banquet was held, was decorated very beautifully. The decorations and the planning for the church were under the direction of Charles Bauman and Rose Vickerman. At the dance the pool of water, the "Italian Cafe" effect, the daffodils, and pastel clouds lent a "neva er-to-be-forgotten" atmosphere. The music, furnish- ed by Arny Johnson's band, gave the hnishing touches to the desired effect. Kathleen Manogue and Carol Frank directed the preparations for the dance. Mrs. Grovert and Mr. Gale were our helpful and very emcient class advisors, TWENTY-TWO ,Z A . , . 1 A e A -- Row I: Karen Appleby, Joan Hinkle, Karen Birky, Donald Burkett, Carol Frank, William Alexander, Eleanor Burdick. Row 2: Phebe Gray, Marilyn Hunt, Donna Bowdin, James Hare rison, Nola Gray, Judith Caple, Mary Gavigan, Patricia D'Angelo. Row 3: Kay Cashore, Kay Arnold, Janis Dittmer, Janet Drake, David Gregoire, Elnoe Campbell, Gerald Decker, Helen Holmes. Row 4: Lester Hartzell, Linda Bingham, Charles Bauman, Lester Henning, Wayland Arnold, Kenneth Guernsey, James Dawson, Willard Godfrey, Beverly Blute. CLASS OF 1955 Row 1: Donna Tcpp, Mae Pence, Pauline Krueger, Janet Soergel, Kathleen Manogue, Mary Urban. Row 2: Mr. Gale, Mary Wardman, Mildred Troon, Dolores Pieterek, Judith Manogue, Patricia Sarow, Annette Olson. Row 3: Anne Randolph, Rose Vickerman, Charles Kildovv, Jake Schock, Carleen Tyborski, Sandra Trickle. Row 4: Gerald Sarow, Howard Johnston, Michael Myszevvski, William Krueger, Kenneth Slowey, Gerald Richardson, Thomas Vogel. i 5 i O9 TWENTY-THRICE Back: Warren Bauer, Dawn Raby Front: Grace Coleman, Suzanne Goessling CLASS OF T956 The sophomore class of T953-54 has a total mem- bership of seventy-eight students, New members include Milton and Nancy Crandall from Lake Gen- eva, and David and Paul Walling from Fort Atkin- son. At the beginning of the year oFfTcers were elect- ed and they are as follows: Warren Bauer, Presi- dent, Grace Coleman, Vice-President, Suzanne Goess- ling, Secretary, Dawn Raby, Treasurer. The float the sophomore class entered in the homecoming parade was built around the theme "We're going to mow 'em down!" The class voted to pay Sl.OO dues. During the magazine campaign, Carol Powell, a member of the sophomore class, was high salesman. Frank McCulloch, Jack Ritchie, William Steitzer, and Larry Johnson were all members of the varsity basketball squad. Jean Gregoire and Judith Hall were elected A- team cheerleaders. The sophomore class was well represented in forensics this year. Five girls, Sheila Decker, Marlene Hahn, Mary Neils, Grace Coleman, and Dawn Raby participated in this activity. Grace Coleman and Dawn Raby received A' in the local contest, Grace received A' at Evansville and a B at Fort Atkinson. Both the boys and girls took an active part in the basketball class tournaments. The sophomore boys tied for fTrst place with the seniors. The girls placed second in their tournament. The Clothing Drive and March of Dimes received large contributions from members of the class. Sophomore class advisors were Miss Weiss, Miss Juneau, and Mr. Colbert, 'i W PINTY-FOUR . 2 l if Row 1: Nancy Crandall, Nancy Hulett, Richard Hitchcock, Warren Bauer, Roger Cunningham, Marlene Hahn, Judith Bessel. Row 2: Robert Barker, Mardell Cashore, Jean Gregoire, Elaine Dorn, Jeanette Babcock, Nancy Flood, Sandra Carroll, Beverly Flamingo, Sheila Decker, Miss Weiss. Row 3: Judith Hall, Lucy Gray, Beverly Anderson, James Hanaman, Gerald Fisher, Frank Jones, Ronald Alderman, Catherine Hanauska, Lou Anne Gunderson, Grace Coleman. Row 4: Larry Johnson, Donna Johnson, Charlotte Horn, Michael Ash, Peter Johnson, lfale Green, Lawrence Addie, Bergine Haakenson, Suzanne Goessling. CLASS OF 1956 Row I: Dawn Raby, Josephine Maske, Wallace LaVeen, Ann Schmeling Phillip Kasson, Mary Neils, Jacqueline Kennedy. Row 2: Mr. Colbert, Coralie McBride, Janet Powers, Rosel- la Mattingly, Hildred Moberly, Margaret Zahn, Judith Murphy. Row 3: Mr. Ladd, Richard Potter, Thomas Wardman, Eugene Wenham, Gerald Schomberg, John O'Neill, Marvin Staller, Ellen Munson, Marlene Stein. Row 4: Frank McCulloch, William Shaputis, Richard Wegner, Richard King, Richard Kumlien, Carol Powell, Donald Link, Allen Smith. Row 5: John Ritchie, Gerald Patterson, Richard Mullen, Robert Roush, Robert Rogers, James Zigler, Harold White, Elfli A TE if i 2 fi ii! TWENTY-FIVE ' ve 4 2 5 . A lllkigtiy lm", QU'- f"'3Kr4"' 3' 1 x- ' vc. 454 X ' Sally Shellestacl, Gerald Chase, Henry Lukas, Sue Shellestad CLASS OF 1957 School opened on September 8 with an enroll- ment of seventy-three in the Class of 1957. During the year, four freshmen left to go to other schools and a few came here from other schools. The following class officers were elected: Presi- dent, Gerald Chase, Vice-President, Henry Lukas, Secretary, Sue Shellestad, and Treasurer, Sally Shellestad. Miss Agnew, Mrs. Natter, and Mr. Kean are the advisors of the class. They also had the three Fresh- man homerooms. Money for the treasury was earned by the follow- ing ways: a movie, "Room for One More", in De- cember, dances after basketball games, and a bake sale in March. The freshman class was well represented in the "A" band, on the basketball and football squads, the baseball team, choir and forensics. Several fresh- men are on the "B" cheerleader team. We have all had a lot of fun during our fresh- man year and are looking forward to three more years of good times at Milton Union High School. Members of the class came from: Milton Junction and Milton Graded Schools, Rock River, Otter Creek, Newville, Burr Oak, Zion, Paul, and sever- al other rural schools. TVVENTY-SIX .1-wwwmww Row T: Janice Jessup, Mary Lindmark, Karen Hillestad, Dale Gray, Carol De Bock, Ted Bol- lerud, Judith Daniels. Row 2: Mr. Kean, Joyce Jewell, Richard Holmes, Marian Hitchcock, Sally Howland, Jean Jewell, Raymond Knott, Mrs, Natter. Row 3: Adella Klemp, Lyn Kas- son, Constance Gavigan, Neil Hesselman, Larry Brown, Heinz Jannings, Carl Fuchs, Row 4: Marsha Gandy, Joan Jirasek, Dayle Haynes, Judith Kennedy, Henry Lukas, Dean Edwardson, Melvin McCartney. Row 5: Wesley Gauss, Robert Ambrose, Gerald Johnson, Raymond Briggs, Harold Bolstad, Robert King, Gerald Chase, Charles Getchell. CLASS OF 1957 Row T: Nancy Slowey, Mary Lou Von Falkenstein, Sue Shellestad, Sally Shellestad, Laura Sayre, Yvonne Schmaling. Row 2: Miss Agnew, Lester Troon, Jane Pence, Geraldine Stock- man, Betsy Vien, James Rivers, James Schmeling, Jacqueline Vogel. Row 3: Mary Staller, Charles Whittord, Donald Manogue, Doris Tucker, Joan Prox, Atlhea Soergel, Richard Pie- terek, Row 4: Janice Smith, Sally Slowey, David Martin, Ralph Zigler, John Werfel, Jack Metcalf, Darrel Weber, Kay Wright. Row 5: Kenneth Traxler, Wesley Wegner, Warren Ran- dall, Thomas Masterson, Peter Van Horn, James Watson, Richard Stewart, Allen Tegt. S i Q l Q . .tl TWENTY-SEVEN ter! xi. 'l. Mr. Dorr 7. Advanced Shorthand Class 2. Mr. Natter's Freshman Social Science Class 8. Freshman Agriculture Class 3. Chemistry experiment 9. Junior History Class 4. Mr. Ladd 10. Mr. Kean's Study Hall 5. Library l'l. "Cheerleaders" at Varsity-Faculty Game 6. Mr. Mongue's French I Class 12. Ralph Rogers-collecting attendance slips 'FWENTY-EIGHT 6 Xxxx gi FS Y if Music ,fy Km? I B U I Twirlers C 'ZS -X Front row: Mardell Cashore, Mary Ellen Dickhoff, Jean Gregoire. Back row: Helen Holmes, Marilyn Kildow, Sandra Trickle. TWENTY-NINE i 3 Row 1: Roberta Randolph, Janet Drake, Virginia Link, Priscilla Arnold. Row 2: Marilyn Hunt, Orpha Johnson, Lucille Staller, Ellen Munson, John Goodger. Row 3: Janis Dittmer, Rose Vickerman, Sally Shellestad, Sue Shellestad, Coralie McBride. Row 4: Penelope Gustaveson, Karen Hillestad, Mary Lou von Falkenstein, Laura Sayre. Back Row Sitting: David Gregoire, Sheila Decker, Albert Astin, William Johnston, Marlene Edwardson, Dean Edwardson, Gwendolyn Stebbins, Richard Potter. Back Row Standing: James Zigler, John Prox, Nancy Davis, Gerald Chase, Michael Ash, Elnoe Campbell, Thomas Masterson, Helen Holmes, Sandra Trickle, Mary Ellen Dickhoff. BAND During the T953-511 school year, the Milton Union High School Band membership reached seventy, which was very fine. Activities got off to a roaring start by playing for all the home football games, Members were led onto the held by our drum maiorettes, Marilyn Kil- dow, Jean Gregoire, Mardell Cashore, Helen Holmes, and Mary Ellen Dickhoff. With them were the flag-bearers and color guards: Leo Manogue, James Zigler, and Wayland Arnold, The band fol- lowed and went into the formation of an "'Vl" for the home team and the letter for the visiting team, The football season was high-lighted with Home' coming, The night before the day of the game, a pep session was held in the "old gym", The Pep Band played for this event. On Homecoming after- TH IRTY noon, the band marched through Milton and Milton Junction and also at the game in the evening. Between Football and basketball season, election of ofhcers was held with the following results: Donna Chatneld, President, Roberta Randolph, Vice' President: Nancy Davis, Secretary, James Harrison, Treasurer. Next on our schedule came a most eventful bas- ketball season, The Pep Band took the lead at all home games, but the entire band in uniforms was present on the night the "new gym" was dedicated. Another memorable basketball event of the sea- son was the Varsity-Faculty game for the March of Dimes. The Faculty got the lump on the Varsity by asking the Pep Band to be the Faculty Band for that game, which they did. 'U is UNIQV Row I: Janet Soergel, Anne Randolph, Eileen Geiger, Grace Coleman. Row 2: Sandra Car- roll, Raymond Briggs, Raymond Knott, Adeline Nitz, Suzanne Goessling, Judith Hall, Donna Chattield. Row 3: Howard Johnston, James Harrison, Susie Moberly, Peter Van Horn, Donald Olson, John O'Neill, Phyllis Wollinger. Row 4: Robert Roush, Heinz Janning, James O'Neill, James Hanaman, Donna Watson, Gerald. Decker, Robert Gretschmann. Back Row Sitting: Warren Bauer, Patricia Holliday, Frank McCulloch, Larry Johnson, Elaine Kumlien, Henry Lukas, Thomas Vogel, David Martin. Back Row Standing: Mrs. Pritchett, Mardell Cashore, Jean Gregoire, Marilyn Kildow, Wayland Arnold, Leo Manogue, Donna Decker, Loretta Hahn, Richard Wegner. BAND Meanwhile, the band was hard at work on the recording of a class B piece, Andante, by Ingalls for the University of Wisconsin Band Clinic. The band and choir presented a ioint Christmas program which was well attended and well present- ed, even though Mrs. Pritchett was braving a severely broken wrist. This was also the first public appearance in which the new tympani were used. Everyone was very enthusiastic about them, pos- sibly Clue to the fact that they raised the money for the major portion of their cost. After Christmas vacation, work began on tourna- ment pieces, "Italian in Algiers" was the Class A required number, "Bugle Boy" was the march, "Grand Festival," the selected number, and "32nd Division March" was the warm-up march. After about two months of steady rehearsals, the band appeared before the PTA, This program included the tournament pieces plus "Trumpet Pol- ka," "Bell of the Ball," and "Marching Men." The tournament was again held at Milton. Schools participating were: Clinton, Racine St. Cath- erine, Salem, Deerfield, Rock County Rural, and Milton Union. Everyone did very well on solo day, April 29, and on band and choir day, May l3. All in all, the band kept its regular rapid pace this year, Next year it will be minus more than twenty of its members, who will all be missed, but all have iust one thought regarding Milton Union's Band, which is "Thanks, Pritch!" THIRTY-ONE Row 'l: Mr. Ladd, Phebe Gray, Donna Chatfield, Patsy Gregoire, Adella Klemp, Heinz Jan ning. Row 2: Marsha Gandy, Geraldine Stockman, Nancy Davis, Orpha Johnson, Eugene Wenham. Row 3: Eva Iv' tae Arnold, Marlene Edwardson, Nola Gray, Mary Neils, Lawrence Addie, Leo Manogue. Row 4: Yvonne Schmaling, Lelia Manogue, Helen Holmes, Ann Schmel ing, William Steitzer, Rc CHOIR Last September under a new director, Mr. Donald Ladd, the T953-511 A Cappella Choir was organized on a halfecredit basis. lt met about twice a week for the first semester, but Mr. Ladd was drafted before Thanksgiving and the choir was left without a director. The Christmas season was fast approaching when Mrs. Pritchett stepped in to organize a Christmas Girls' Trio Nancy Davis, Patricia Holliday Roberta Randolph bert Grelschmann program. The choir was very grateful to her for this task particularly because she was braving a severely broken wrist, but the choir was as determined as Mrs. Pritchett was, so the ioint Christmas program was presented with the band, This was a great success and also a thrill to each member of the organization. Sophomore Girls' Quartet Lucy Gray, Nancy Hulett, Jeanette Babcock, Marlene Hahn Mgr' THIRTY-TWO Q 4 S l il 3 5 3 Row l: Charles Whitford, Lucy Gray, Jeanette Babcock, Roberta Randolph, Jacqueline Vogel, Joyce Jewell. Row 2: Donald Link, Ronald Alderman, Joan Prox, Kay Wright, Eileen Geiger, Marlene Hahn. Row 3: Ralph Ziger, Richard Wegner, Janice Jessup, Eergizwe Haakenson, Nancy Hulett, Kathleen Manogue. Row 4: James Dawson, John Goodger, Sue Shellestad, Sally Shellestad, Patricia Holliday, Janet Soergel, Charlotte Horn. CHOIR Second semester brought with it a new choir director, Miss Ruth Zerler, a graduate of the Uni- versity of Wisconsin. A few new members were added to the group and everyone began to work on the tournament pieces. New officers elected were: President-Robert Gretschmann, Vice-President-Roberta Randolph, Secretary Nola Gray. An exchange concert was given at Jefferson on Girls' Quartet Donna Chatfield, Helen Holmes, ,April 9 and a progfam was presented at the April PiA meeting on April l9. Solo and ensemble groups made excellent show- ings on Solo Day, April 29, at the tournament which was again held at Milton Union High School. On Choir and Band Day, May l3, the choir sang for its warm-up number, "O Sacred Head Now Wounded," a Bach choral, and for its required num! ber "Be Thou Not Still, O Lord." F.F.A. Quartet Heinz Janning, Eugene Wenham, Lawrence Addie, Richard Wegne: Ann Schmeling, Kathleen Manogue AQIRTY -THREE We wish to thank the following businesses for their fine support in helping to make this book possible. Harold Bauer-Builder Raby's Barber Shop R8tB Super Market R. B. Johnson-Feed Mill Rollie's Rexall Pharmacy Troon Dairy Bar Rye's Clothing Store Dr. G. H. Myers 84 Dr. Hal R. Deal Gray Funeral Home Dr. G. A. Schmutzler Milton Post Office Hutter Shoe Store Dr. H. Laurence Burdick Milton Locker Plant Olson Pharmacy Milton Oil Company Park Cafe Bank of Milton Syre Motors Shumway's Unique Cleaners Gray's Market Coffee Shop Milton 81 Milton Junction Courier Thomas M. Goodger-Builder Burdick Corporation Dr. M. D. Davis South Side Motor Sales 84 Service Holmes - GBVHSTT-MilTOI'1 Hardware Chester Strassburg's Clothing 84 Shoes Greeri's Barber Shop Hulett Insurance Company Green Lantern Lukas Hardware John Manogue Badgerland Co-op Hudson's Floral Shop Lipke Bros. Milton Lumber Company Chapman's Kasper's Eats Seated: Jacqueline Vogel, Doris Tucker, Mary Jungtign Cafe Xlardlrgan. Standing: Linda Bingham, Kay Kumlienfs Heafing Service l'l10 . Jerry's Pure Oil Station Chase Pontiac Ross E. Coon-Lumber Milton Junction Lumber Company Frank Bros. Dr. Vogel 84 Holmes THIRTY-FOUR !71e6s,s6'9e45rg39TfAafs59sss0fs39s35?-S9L40will l Row I: James Schmeling, Larry Brown, Richard Pieterek, Dean Edwardson, Thomas Ward- man, Henry Lukas, Howard Schmeling, John O'Neill, Frank Jones, Wendell Kumlien, Frank McCulloch, Larry Johnson, James Watson, James Harrison, Donald Link, Anthony Guernsey. Row 2: Mr. Anderson, Mr. Gale, Allan Tegt, Charles Whitford, Robert Ambrose, David Martin, Wallace LaVeen, John Werfel, John Knight, Donald Olson, Ralph Rogers, John Goodger, Willard Godfrey, Charles Kildow, Gerald Decker, Peter VanHorn. Row 3: Mr. Natter, Charles Getchell, Kenneth Chase. Gerald Patterson, George Astin, Thomas Masterson, Roger Gottschalk, Paul Wixom, Robert Rogers, James Dawson, Gerald Richardson, John Prox, Peter Johnson, Gerald Chase. FOOTBALL Milton Union's battling Redmen finished their second season in the Badger Conference with a record of two wins, three losses, and two ties, which placed Union in a tie for fifth place. The seasons total was three wins, three losses and two ties. Throughout the season, Union played a rugged spirited brand of football. ln three of their games they came back from behind to beat or tie their opponents. ln the final two games this was es- pecially true. In a battling game with Evansville, Union came back in the second half to tie and al- most defeat the Blues. In the final game of the season with Jefferson, the Redmen tied the game in the second quarter and then held Jefferson score- less the rest of the game. With the play calling and passing of Ken Chase, the long runs by Jack Goodger, the short timely gains of Ralph Rogers and the very helpful blocks and runs by "Howie" Schmeling and Don Olson, Union made life rugged for their opponents. A solid line which made this possible was made up of: Paul Wixom, Roger Gottschalk, Jerry Richardson, John Prox, and John Knight. For his consistent running and team play, Jack Goodger was elected most valuable player for l953. This honor he most certainly deserved. Due to the loss of eleven seniors the i954 foot- ball prospects are much hampered. The graduating seniors are: backs: Jack Goodger, Ken Chase, Ralph Rogers, Don Olson, Howard Schmeling, George As- tin, and "Pete" Kumlien, Linemen: Paul Wixom, John Knight, John Prox and Roger Gottschalk, Paul Wixom, captain and defensive field general was elected to a position on the second string of the Badger All-Conference team, Those lettermen returning are: Juniors: Jerry Richardson, Jerry Decker, Jim Dawson, Charles Kildow, and Willard Godfrey, Sophomores: Jack O'Neill, Robert Rogers and Jerry Patterson. A young and inexperienced "B" team, coached by Calvin Gale, won one and lost six games. A- mong the candidates for next year are: Jerry Chase, freshman back, and Wallace LaVeen, sophomore guard. Schedule of Games Place MU score Opponent - Score date H MU 'I2 Elkhorn 6 9-10-53 " H MU 'I3 Fort Atkinson 0 9-'I 7-53 'T MU 'I3 Monroe 32 9-25-53 'T MU 6 Middleton 27 'IO-2-53 ' H MU 'I3 Wisconsin High 27 'l0-8-53 "H MU 'I9 lake Mills 7 'I0-15-53 'T MU 13 Evansville 13 10-23-53 'H MU 13 Jefferson 'I3 10-29-53 'Conference games " ' Homecoming THIRTY-SIX SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS W gy:-2 WMM Wi WN xA ly' 3? JZ L .QA LL L I 6 VC-SA 05 ww THIRTY-SEVEN I i l z l 5 Seated: Frank McCulloch, John Prox, Kenneth Chase, Donald Burkett, Gerald Chase. Stand ing: James Watson, manager, Larry Johnson, Lester Henning, William Steitzer, John Ritchie Wendell Kumlien, Mr. Natter. VARSITY BASKETBALL This was the first year for Rollin Natter as cage coach at Milton Union. Although the team won only one game, while losing eighteen, and finished last in the Badger Conference, Coach Natter did a very good iob with the material he had. The team this year was small and inexperienced, but what they lacked in height and experience they made up in spirit and fight. With this determination they forced most of their opponents to play to their fullest ability. Milton Union's spacious new gymnasium was completed for the first home game. It was dedi- cated on December 3, after the Monroe game. Supt. Charles Wetmore, Sun Prairie, president of Wiscon- sin Interscholastic Athletic Association gave the ad- dress, and the high school band, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Roxa Pritchett, played several numbers. One of the highlights of the season was the Faculty-Varsity game. The Varsity squad whipped the Faculty Al-39 in the March of Dimes benefit game which kept a capacity crowd in an uproar all evening. Kenneth Chase, high scorer and playmaker for the team, was elected Captain at the end of the season. He was very deserving of this honor as he sparked the team throughout the season with his offensive and defensive skills. John Prox, a forward, also played some very good ball. He had a good eye for the basket and a keen defensive skill. A transfer from Watertown, Lester Henning, proved to be a good player and did some fine bas- ket shooting. The best prospect for next year's team is Jerry Chase, a freshman forward who worked his way into the starting line-up way through the season after starting on the Bee squad. He was the third highest scorer on the team and was a fine rebounder. Other boys coming back next year are: Frank McCulloch, a guard who played fine ball all season picking up experience as the season progressed, Don Burkett, Larry Johnson, Jack Ritchie, and War- ren Bauer. The major letter winners this year were: Kenneth Chase, captain, John Prox, Pete Kumlien, Lester Henning, Don Burkett, Frank McCulloch, Jerry Chase, Larry Johnson, Jack Ritchie, Eill Steitzer, and James Watson, manager. THIRTY-EIGHT GAME ROSTER Date Where Played Opponent Home Opp 1 1-17-53 there Whitewater City 1 1-27-53 there Fort Atkinson 12- 1-53 here Elkhorn 12- 3-54 here Monroe 12-10-53 here Edgerton 12-18-53 there Stoughton 1- 7-54 here Middleton 1- 9-54 there Wis. High 1-12-54 here Whitewater City 1-15-54 there lake Mills 1-18-54 here Milton Union Fac 1-22-54 there Jefferson 1-23-54 here Evansville 1-29-54 there Edgerton 2- 8-54 here Stoughton 2-11-54 here Fort Atkinson 2-16-54 here Lake Mills 2-18-54 there Monroe 2-22-54 there Elkhorn Senior Basketball Players Kenneth Chase, Wendell Kumlien John Prox THIRTY-NINE get E Seated: Richard Pieterek, Dean Edwardson, Robert Ambrose, Warren Randall, Donald Man- ogue, Allan Tegt, James Harrison. Standing: John Werfel, manager, John O'Neill, David Martin, Richard Hitchcock, Thomas Masterson, Michael Myszewski, Gerald Patterson, Peter Van Horn, Coach Anderson. B TEAM BASKETBALL Coach Anderson's battling "B's" this past year went through the season with a won three, lost sixteen record. Union's B's started out the season on the night of November I7 at Whitewater where they were defeated 36-35. Throughout the game Union was "sparked" by two hustling sophomores, "Jack" Ritchie and "Bill" Steitzer, who because they put forth so much effort were later advanced to the varsity squad. On December 15, Union, still looking for their Grst victory, traveled to Janesville where they de- feated the Janesville freshmen team 38-32. Throughout the rest of the season Union was defeated all but twice. They defeated Lake Mills 29- 14 and Evansville 29-27. Probably one of Union's best and hardest games to lose was the one with Elkhorn on February 22. Union played very good ball and racked up Al points only to have Elkhorn come back in the fourth quarter to get 45. Sophomore forward, Jerry Patterson, led the in- dividual scoring with 104 points for the season. 'I-2-3-4 Knock! Knock! I-2-3-4 Who are we for? Team! Team! Team! 5-6-7-8 Who do we appreciate? Coach! Coach Coach inamel FORTY Knock! Knock! Who's there? Milton Union Milton Union, who? Milton Union Redmen. BASEBALL This year twenty-five candidates answered Coach Anderson's call for the 1954 baseball squad. Among these were six lettermen from last year's team. They were-Seniors: Kenneth Chase, the only pitcher with experience, "Pete" Kumlien, cacther, George Astin, infield, Donald Olson, outfielder. Jun- ior: Lester Hartzell, infielder. Sophomore: Frank Mc- Culloch, outfielder. Other candidates were: lnfielders-Larry Johnson, "Bob" Roush, Frank Jones, "Bob" Rogers, Larry Brown, "Dick" Pieterek, Dean Edwardson, Heinz GAME ROSTER Date Opponent Where Played Apr. 20 'Beloit here Apr. 22 'Edgerton here Apr. lake Mills here Apr. Jefferson here May Fort Atkinson there May Lake Mills there May Jefferson there May Fort Atkinson here May 'Johnson Creek there i League Play-off Tournaments I10I1-COl1f8I'9l1C8 QIITIBS Janning, Charles Whitford, Outfielders-Kenneth Slowey, "Jim" Dawson, "Jerry" Patterson, William Steitzer, "Dick" Mullen, Catcher-"Mike" Ash, Pitch- ers-Gerald Chase, "Bob" Ambrose, "Jack" Ritchie. This year's managers were Ralph Wardman, James Zigler, and Raymond Knott. Union opened the season April 20 with Beloit and after another warm-up game, this one with Edger- ton, they played their first league game with Lake Mills in the new Eastern Division. FORTY-ONE CHEERLEADERS Joan Jirasek, Althea Soergel, ue Shellestad, Sally Shelle- stad Kay Wright, Laura Sayre I' DIRTY-TWT! Two sophomores, Judy Hall and Jean Gregoire, were chosen in the fall to complete the cheerleading squad of six girls, two seniors, two iuniors, and two sophomores. New red gabardine skirts lined in white were purchased this year, and with the white long-sleeved blouses which had red magaphones stitched on the back of them, they made a very cute outht, Both the "A" Team and "B" Team cheerleaders did an excellent iob of "keeping up the school spirit," The "B" Team cheerleaders are all freshmen, Below are several of the cheers: We Will Win WE Will win, We WILL win, We will WIN, WIN, WIN! "A" TEAM CHEERLEADERS Karen Birky, Judith Hall, Jean Gregoire, Marilyn Kildow, Carol Brown, Helen Holmes. Cheer, Boys, Cheer Cheer, Boys, Cheer Union's got the ball, U! Rah! Rah! Dribble down the floor And when they hit that rim The ball will go right in, There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight. Cut Around the Corner Cut around the corner, Dribble down the floor, Come on Union, Raise that score. B" TEAM ,i""ii Activities lui Www 'Qui Janice Smith-"Spots Out" FORTY THREE l i Row 1: Anthony Guernsey, Michael Myszewski, Roger Gottschalk, John Goodger, LaVerne Staller. Row 2: Mr. Benrud, Carl Klemp, Kenneth Traxler, Richard Stewart, William Shaputis, John Metcalf, Dale Gray. Row 3: Lawrence Addie, Richard Hitchcock, Richard Shaputis, William Alexander, Robert Roush, Allen Smith. Row 4: George Astin, Gerald Sarow, Ken- neth Guernsey, Harold White, Robert Rogers, William Krueger, Dale Green. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Oticers of the 1953-54 Milton Future Farmers of America Chapter were elected in the spring of 1953. They took over their new offices in September. The ofticers elected were: President, Roger Gottschalk, Vice-President, Anthony Guernsey, Secretary, John Goodger, Treasurer, LaVerne Stallerg Reporter, Michael Myszewski. These omcers along with Mr. Benrud, our advisor, attended an Ofticer and Lead- ership Training School at Hartland, Wisconsin. October 4, fifteen "greenhorns" were initiated into the chapter, increasing the membership to fifty- six. One of the main field trips was attending the international Livestock Show at Chicago in Decem- ber. This trip was very interesting and was enioyed by all who attended. The F.F.A. and F.H.A. were co-sponsors of the annual Christmas Formal of which Janis Dittmer and Gerald Decker reigned as queen and king re- spectively. The gym was beautifully decorated with green boughs and snowflakes. The theme of the dance was Snowball. Some ot the ways of financing our club consisted of selling Christmas cards, selling subscriptions to the Hoard's Dairyman and Farm Quarterly maga- FORTY-FOUR Anthony Guernsey, John Goodger, and Richard Sha- 5 X 9 Row I: Marvin Staller, Richard Wegner, Charles Getchell, Edwin Green, Arthur Campbell, Wesley Gauss. Row 2: Mr. Benrud, Lester Troon, James Rivers, Heinz Janning, Darrel Weber, Neil Hesselman, Carl Fuchs, Raymond Knott. Row 3: Richard Troon, Richard Potter, Frank Jones, Gerald Fisher, Eugene Wenham, Theodore Bollerud, Row 4: Leo Manogue, Richard Mullen, Kenneth Slowey, Robert Gretschmann, Wayland Arnold, Donald Burkett, Willard Godfrey, Lester Hartzell. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA zines, and conducting a rat-killing campaign. The members are very thankful to Ross Johnson who helped with this latter proiect. quet April 7. Earl Vaudrell from Stoughton present- esl an interesting talk. Entertainment was provided by the F.F.A. Quartet. There were many awards Late in February Heinz Janning won the local given out at this banquet. F.F.A. Speaking Contest with his speech "Protecting Our Soil." The runners-up were: Frank Jones, Eu- gene Wenham, John Goodger, James Rivers, and Raymond Knott. Heinz received a second place rat- ing at the regional contest at Palmyra. Several boys participated in the dairy, meat, and son this spring. Meat iudging: Willard Godfrey, Wil' liam Krueger, and Kenneth Guernsey. Fat Stock: fat stock iudging events which were held in Madi- April I, some of the members served the dinner at the Future Homemakers of America Mother and Daughter Banquet. ln return the F.H.A. cooked and served dinner for the annual Father and Son Ban- putis. Dairy Judging: Wayland Arnold, Donald Bur- kett, Arthur Campbell, and alternate Michael Mys- zewski. Willard Godfrey placed second in the in- dividual iudging, FORTY-FIVE FFA. PROJ ECTS a X, y Q6-790 M rm 1. F.F.A, initiation istered Holsteins 5. Robert Rogers feeding his regis- 2. Roger Williams' Shropshire ewes 4. Dale Green with his registered tered Holstein heifer 3. La Verne Staller feeding his reg- Holstein heifer 6. Michael Myszewski and his reg istered Jerseys FORTY-SIX sg we sg, , Q Q , K. 'N' J' . Q xref- .Ang J N you .mf if Nw ' ff'-f' wr . :S vfkgf, px .Vw Q v Rf l FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA , P w-:Lima Row I: Miss Weiss, Grace Coleman, Priscilla Arnold, Carol Arnold, Rose Vickerman, Marilyn Hunt, Linen Munson. Row 2: Margaret Zahn, Sheila Decker, Marian Hitchcock, Janelle Gray, Lyn Kasscn, Judith Murphy, Sally Howland. Row 3: Mildred Troon, Ruth Utzig, Nancy Slowey, Jeanette Eabcock, Judith Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Sandra Carroll, Phebe Gray. Row 4: Josephine Maske, Suzanne Goessling, Dawn Raby, Nancy Hulett, Janice Smith, Yvonne Schmaling, Mary Bowers, Geraldine Stockman. Row 5: Bergine Haakenson, Nola Gray, Carol DeBock, JoAnne Roberts, Charlotte Horn, Patricia Holliday, Clara Dorr, Adeline Nitz, Judith Hall. In May l953, F.H.A. officers for the 1953- 1954 school year were elected and they are as follows: President, Carol Frank, Vice-President, -sr, Rose Vickerman, Secretary, Grace Coleman, Treasurer, Carol Arnold, Point Secretary, Janis Dittmer, Reporter, Marilyn Hunt, Historian, Priscilla Arnold, Parliamentarian, Ellen Mun- son. "We're going to sew 'em up" was the theme for the F.H.A. Homecoming float which won hrst prize. In November a bake sale was sponsored. Believe it or not every crumb was sold and showed a profit of 52432. Quite a number of girls attended the Fall Rally at Fort Atkinson, November 21. Every- body agreed that they had an enjoyable and interesting afternoon. w,,,.-aw A Judith Kennedy, Nancy Slowey, Jan- ice Jessup, Sally Howland. 7' A ' 'if 3 la, ' ,: f .iv 2 . 9' Y i FORTY-EIGHT Row 1: Kay Christianson, Beverly Schultz, Janis Dittmer, Carol Frank, Elaine Kumlien, Orpha Johnson, Miss Weiss. Row 2: Jacqueline Vogel, Patsy Gregoire, Marian Pastorius, Betsy Vien, Jean Gregoire, Mardell Cashore, Mary Wardman, Vera Hartzell. Row 3: Donna Chatfield, Roberta Randolph, Kay Cashore, Marlene Hahn, Marsha Gandy, Eileen Geiger, Dolores Pieterek, Lucille Staller. Row 4: Judith Caple, Lucy Gray, Dolores Marquart, Kay Arnold, Eva Mae Arnold, Eleanor Burdick, Joan Jirasek, Constance Gavigan. Row 5: Phyllis Wollinger, Nancy Crandall, Helen Holmes, Donna Decker, Janice Jessup, Sally Slowey, Marlene Ames, Janet Drake. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA school gymnasium April l and the F.F.A. boys Serv:-rl. The toastmistress was Priscilla Arnold. Caro' Frank gave the welcome, Eva Mae Arnold the toast to the mothers, and Mrs. Emery Dittmer, the toast to the daughters. A demonstration on floral arrange- ments was given by Mrs. George from Rathiens Florist in Janesville. General co-chairmen were Janis On December l2, the F.H.A. and F.F.A. iointly sponsored the annual Christmas Formal, The theme for the dance was "Snow Ball". To select the queen, something a little different was tried. The F.F.A. elected two iunior girls and two senior girls for queen candidates. Then a school election was held to select the queen. The results of this election were not disclosed until the queen was crowned at the dance. The three girls who did not win, plus a fresh- man and sophomore girl would make up the court. The girls would choose their own escorts. The king and queen were Gerald Decker and Janis Dittmer. Members of the court were Eva Mae Arnold, Ken- neth Chase, Lucille Staller, Anthony Guernsey, Janet Drake, Waylond Arnold, Jackie Kennedy, Richard Potter, Sue Shellestacl and Gerald Chase. "lt Happened on Fifth Avenue" was the title of the March of Dimes movie the F.H.A. sponsored January 27. Since the Home Economics kitchens were in need of silverware, a Silverware Coupon Campaign was conducted. This campaign was held during Febru- ary and March. On February 27, a Scavenger Hunt for the F.F.A. was given. This turned out to be a real success with everybody having a swell time. March 9, the district demonstration contest was held at Edgerton. Janice Smith and Carol Frank represented our chapter. Janice Smith received a Hrst and competed at the sectional tournament held here April 6. For the first time the F.H.A. sponsored a Mother and Daughter Banquet. lt was held in the high Marsha Gandy, Constance Gavigan, .loan Jirasek, Dittmer and Eva Mae Arnold. In May was the Annual Spring Style Show in which the Home Ec. girls modeled the outfits they had made, Under the capable leadership of our officers and advisor, Miss Weiss, the Future Homemakers of America have had a very successful and interesting V--V LN? ar E.. "' FORTY-NINE Row I: Kathleen Manogue, Marlene Edwardson, Mary Urban, Karen Birky, Clara Dorr, Janet Drake. Row 2: Mrs. Grovert, Adella Klemp, Jean Jewell, Janet Powers, Annette Olson, Marilyn Hunt. Row 3: Mardell Cashore, Eileen Geiger, Susie Moberly, Jane Pence. Marlene Stein, Marlene Hahn. Row 4: Kay Cashore, Eleanor Burdick, Joan Jirasek, Dorothy Howland, Phyllis Wollinger. Kay Wright, Jean Gregoire. Row 5: Janis Dittmer, Karen Appleby, Karen Hillestad, Ann Schmeling, Carol Brown, Mae Pence, Marilyn Kildow. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The beginning of the fall term found the G.A.A. ready to recruit new members and to get an early start earning points. New oFlicers had been elected last spring before school was out. They were: Pres- ident, Lelia Manoguep Vice-President, Virginia Link, Secretary, Helen Holmes, Treasurer, Patricia Sarow, and Student Council Representative, Grace Coleman. Mrs. Dortha Grovert was the advisor. Seventeen brave freshman girls were soon initia- ted into the organization. They were: Marsha Gandy, "Connie" Gavigan, Janice Jessup, Jean Jewell, Judy Kennedy, Adella Klemp, Sue Shellestad, Sally Shell- estad, Kay Wright, Mary Lindmark, Joan Jiresek, Carol De Bock, Karen Hillestad, Althea Soergel, Mary Lou von Falkenstein, Laura Sayre, and Sally Slowey. A committee of very cruel upper classmen recommended the article of clothing for the initiates to wear on this important day, Blue ieans tied above their dimpled knees and a man's shirt worn back- wards were the basis of their outfits. Boys tennis shoes fno socks, of coursei and no make-up added a great deal. This was topped off with a head sham- poo the night before-you guessed it, no pin curls, no comb, no ribbons, no nothing, Although it was horrible to observe, all had a good time. The next big event was the Homecoming Parade. The previous week was spent making enough red and white pom-poms for the band members and other students to wear during the parade and game. Although the G.A.A. fioat didn't win a prize, all had a lot of fun working on it, Additional funds were needed to finance the a- wards so a bake sale was held at Lukas Hardware in Milton Junction after Christmas vacation. The girls in the G.A.A. decided to organize a bas- ketball team and invite some neighboring towns over for a game. As luck would have it, the White- water City high girls had the same idea, so it was agreed to exchange games. Several practices were held in anticipation of the first meeting. The guards worked on a zone defense, they learned to use the three different types of zone guarding equally well, FIFTY I s S i . Row 1: Mrs. Grovert, Patricia Sarow, Lelia Manogue, Virginia Link, Helen Holmes, Grace Coleman. Row 2: Sheila Decker, Margaret Zahn, Nancy Slowey, Marsha Gandy, Gwendolyn Stebbins, Vera Hartzell. Row 3: Loretta Hahn, Judith Hall, Althea Soergel, Mary Lindmark, Constance Gavigan, Sandra Carroll, Judith Murphy. Row 4: Carol De Bock, Mary Lou von Falkenstein, Judith Kennedy, Sally Slowey, Pauline Krueger, Suzanne Goessling. Row 5. Adeline Nitz, Janice Jessup, Sue Shellestad, Sally Shellestad, Patricia Holliday, Laura Sayre, Jo Anne Roberts, Mary Bowers. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION and then went on to prove it in all of the games. The forwards were iust as aggressive during these practices, and they began practicing pivot shots, using a pivot player. They drilled again and again on pivoting, passing, and shooting and their ability to score improved a great deal. By February 9, they were ready for the first game. The girls from Whitewater City High made the trip to Milton Union to play in Union's new gym. Mil- ton's Freshman and Sophomore team won by the large majority of 41-19. Grace Coleman couldn't miss that night and piled up 25 points. lt was soon evident that the Whitewater girls could play bas- ketball, too, and they defeated the Junior and Sen- ior team 22-15. The guarding on both teams was good as was shown by the low scores. Carol Brown led in scoring with 12 points. Two nights later, the Freshman and Sophomore team played the Junior and Senior team at a 6:00 game prior to the boys league with Fort Atkinson. The Juniors and Seniors came out the victors by a score of 21-15. The return game at Whitewater was played March 9. The team plus some of the students made the trip on a school bus. At the end of the Freshman- Sophomore game the score was tied, but White- water came out victorious after a two minute over- time, 26-24. Grace Coleman scored 14 points and Sheila Decker, 7. ln the second game the luck seem- ed to be with Union and Milton's Juniors and Seniors defeated Whitewater, 21-20. Virginia Link scored 11 points and Carol Brown had 10. Members ofthe G.A.A. teams are listed below. Seniors-Clara Dorr, Dorothy Howland, Marlene Edwardson, Gwen Stebbins, Carol Brown, Eileen Geiger, Ginny Link, Jo Anne Roberts. Juniors-Pat Sarow, Mary Urban, Kay Cashore, Jane Roberts. Sophomores-Sheila Decker, Mardell Cashore, Grace Coleman, Sue Moberly, Marlene Stein, Sandy Carroll, Jackie Kennedy, Ann Schmeling. Freshmen-Carol De Bock, Judy Kennedy, Adella Klemp, Jean Jewell, Janice Jessup. FIFTY-ONE l v 1 f. r t, : Q ,753 i V F . R . K ' K 4 . J' 2 1 Y x:,g,v f A .1 7 5 Row 1: Jean Gregoire, Marilyn Kildow, Carol Brown, Helen Holmes, Karen Birky, Judith Hall. Row 2: Joan Prox, Dawn Raby, Mary Urban, Janice Smith, Mary von Falkenstein, Yvonne Schmaling, Suzanne Goessling. Row 3: Joan Jirasek, Sally Howland, Adella Klemp, Elaine Dorn, Marlene Hahn, Sheila Decker, Judith Murphy, Margaret Zahn. Row 4: Mrs. Grovert, Patricia Sarow, Kathleen Manogue, Jacqueline Kennedy, Elaine Kumlien, Kay Christiansen, Grace Coleman, Marsha Gandy, Jacqueline Vogel. Row 5: Althea Soergel, Mary Lindmark, Carol De Bock, Judith Bessel, Janice Jessup, Janet Soergel, Karen Hillestad, Mary Neils, Karen Appleby, Judith Kennedy. PEP CLUB Does Milton Union need a Pep Club? Does Milton Union want a Pep Club? These two questions were being asked by many of the girls and Mrs. Grovert. lt was decided that such a club was needed and for the second year began its organization. This club gave the girls an opportunity to get some organized school spirit and help to support the athletic teams. Rules were set up to govern the organization: l. No member could be absent more than three times for the weekly practice on Monday noons. 2. No member could miss more than three of the home basketball games. 3. Each member must wear a white blouse, with a red scarf at all games. Forty-four girls remained loyal to the Pep Club during the basketball season, and got into the spirit of things by voting on a name for the club-the "Red Peppers." Time for a large group to meet was scarce and hindered the membership, but finally Monday noon hour was chosen. The cheerleaders met with it and worked to make the old cheers more effective and to learn several new ones. The "Red Peppers" hope the classes to follow will learn them and use them in backing the future Milton Union Athletic teams. FIFTY-TWO Vx Row 'lz John Knight, Ralph Rogers, Donald Link, Anthony Guernsey, Carl Klemp, Gerald Decker, Roger Gottschalk. Row 2: John O'Neill, Charles Kildow, Kenneth Chase, Robert Rogers, Leo Manogue, Wendell Kumlien, Elnoe Campbell, Lester l-lartzell, Mr. Natter. Row 3 Frank McCulloch, John Prox, George Astin, James Dawson, Paul Wixom, Gerald Patterson Gerald Richardson. LETTERMEN'S CLUB After being inactive tor several years, the Letter- men's Club was reorganized as a club tor maior letter-winners in school sports, At the first meeting officers were elected: President, Anthony Guernsey, Vice-president, Donald Olson, Secretary-Treasurer, Carl Klemp, Jr. Mr. Natter was the advisor. At the start of the school year the club was com- posed of only twenty members. The membership was raised to thirty-one with tive new members ioining after the football season and six new mem- bers atter the basketball season, Refreshments were sold at the football and bas- ketball games and members ot the club ushered at the sub-district basketball tournament which was held in the new gymnasium. A committee was set up to look into the pros- pects ot presenting a gift to the graduating seniors. The club unanimously decided to present a cardinal pullover letter sweater to each graduating senior in good standing at the end ot the year. The club de- cided to make this the standard award to the seniors for the years to come. This year the lettermen tried to make their club desirable enough so that every letter-winner would want to take some part in its operation. A set of rules and regulations were set up to protect each member, and plans were made to insure an even better club in T954-55. A trip to the Milwaukee County Stadium was taken early in May. A lot of credit was due Mr, Natter for his ex- cellent help and advice which was very much ap- preciated. FIFTY-THREE af if fy Vw Row 1: Janis Ditlmer, Ann Randolph, Eugene Wenham, Nola Gray, Rose Vickerman, Janice Smilh, Mrs. Nalter. Row 2: Mr. Mongue, Phebe Gray, Sheila Decker, Jacqueline Vogel, Heinz Janning, Annette Olfon, Joyce Jewell, Miss Sloclcman. Row 3: Marlene Hahn, Nancy Davis, Priscilla Arnold, Shirley Krizsan, Grace Coleman, Eileen Geiger, Thelma Walling. Row 4: Karen Appleby, Mary Neils, Judith Daniels, Janet Soergel, John Olson, Edwin Green, James Dawson, Linda Bingham, FORENSICS feaiedz Shirley Krizsan, Josephine Maske, Donna Cha1field, Eugene Wenham. Standing James Schmeling, Heinz Janning, James Watson, Karen Appleby, Donna Johnson, Mr Mongue. QQ. Qs ,cv S M S f 5 5 L 5 5 S. l - 6' ' 4, gr as ca -. 6- ' 't 1' L ti s X i 4 xr X .. xx i, SN I I "ti ng , Row 1: Dorothy Howland, Kay Christianson, Clara Dorr, Patricia Holliday. Row 2: Dolores Schultz, Beverly Schultz, Shirley Krizsan, Judith Manogue, Vivian Alderman. Row 3: Judith Caple, Phyllis Wollinger, Janet Soergel, Kathleen Nlanogue, Kay Arnold, GREGGITES STUDENT COUNCIL Row I: Mr. Natter, Rose Vickerman, Elaine Kumlien, Virginia Link, Donald Link. Row 2: Grace Coleman, Henry Lukas, Mary Lindmark, Thomas Vogel, Jacqueline Vogel. Row 3: Robert King, James Dawson, Warren Bauer. .,.. ., Q Q i i 5 gi I William Krueger, lester Hartzell, Kenneth Guernsey, Willard Godfrey, Miss Weiss, Kenneth Chase. CHEF'S CLUB The Chef's Club was organized this year by fif- teen boys interested in cooking and baking. The meetings were held Wednesday and Thursday dur- ing the activities period. There was no credit given for this class. Planning and meal preparation was done by the boys under the direction of Miss Margaret Weiss, home economics instructor. The Wisconsin Power and Light Company sent a representative to give a demonstration on broiling meats, different fruits, and vegetables, The meat prepared that day was some of the best the boys had. In March pies were made. After the crust was mixed and thrown around the room several times, Carl Klemp, la Verne Staller, John Prox, Michael Myszewski, Anthony Guernsey. it seemed that it would never be anything but it turned out flakier than some of the home economics girls made. lce cream, candy, and a complete meal were made at other meetings. Every member in the Chef's Club enioyed the work of the club this year and learned many new methods of preparing foods. In the homecoming parade Chef's Club float won second place. Arthur Campbell, Howard Schmeling, Charles K dow, Kenneth Slowey. Officers for the year were: President-Anthony Guernsey Vice-President-Lester Hartzell Secretary-treasurer-Charles Bauman FIFTY-SIX "CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN" "Cheaper By The Dozen," the Junior Class Play, was presented December 15, 1953 in the high school gymnasium. The play was a comedy in three acts based on the book by Frank B. Gilbreth, Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey who were members of the family portrayed. This was a true story showing the laughter, joy, hardships, and sorrows of life in a large family. A special thanks to Mrs. Natter and Mr. Mongue, the directors from the cast: "Joe Scales", the cheerleader- Thomas Vogel Frank, a son .,, Ernestine, a daughter . Mr. Gilbreth, the father . Ann, the oldest daughter Martha ..,,....,. Bill , . . Lillian .. Fred , . . Jackie ..,...,... .... Dan ,.,........ ..,.. Mrs. Gilbreth, the mother Joe Scales, a cheerleader Mrs. Fitzgerald, the maid Dr. Burton .... . . . Miss Brill, a schoolteacher Larry, a boy friend . . . . James Dawson . . , . Karen Appleby . . . . . Michael Myszewski . . , . . Shirley Krizsan . .... Annette Olson . . . . James Harrison . . . Kathleen Manogue . . . , . Lester Hartzell ... Marilyn Hunt . . . . . Willard Godfrey , . , . . Janet Soergel . . . . . Thomas Vogel . . . . . . Linda Bingham , . . . Richard Wendorf ,. . , , Karen Birky . . . Gerald Decker "Miss Brill"-Ka ren Birky "Ann"-Shirley Krizsan FIFTY-SEVEN "Make-up" for the play "Ann" eats her lunch Production Crew Student Director . . . .,,. Anne Randolph Stage Manager ,. . , Gerald Richardson Prompters ,,,. . ....., Phebe Gray Carol Frank, Judith Caple Makeaup , . , . Helen Holmes Nola Gray, Dolores Pieterek Kay Cashore, Kay Arnold Programs and Publicity ...... . . Eleanor Burdick Judith Manogue, Joan Hinko Properties and Costumes . , , . Mildred Troon Mary Wardman, Mae Pence Rose Vickerman, Janet Drake Mary Gavigan, Charles Kildow Stage and Lighting ,.,,.,., , . Elnoe Campbell Donald Burkett, Lester Hartzell Wayland Arnold, David Gregoire Business Manager . , ,. Beverly Blute "FINDERS CREEPERS" "Finders Creepers," a mystery comedy by Donald Payton, was presented three times by the senior class. The matinee was given on the afternoon of May 7 and two evening presentations on May T0 and ll. Mrs, Natter and Mr. Mongue were co-di- rectors of this hilarious mystery, with Kay Christian- son as student director. The play was centered around two typical, teen- age boys, Wilber Maxwell and Hercules Nelson. The boys surprisingly find that Herc's uncle, whom they visit for a week-end, is a mortician. Not iust that, but there is a walking, talking corpse. The boys are naturally terrified, but they evolve a plan to solve the mustery. There are a few unexpected incidents when Granny and the girls, Celeste and Nina, de- cide to help them. To add a few laughs to the play, Claude, the caretaker, continually tries to pro- pose to Daphne, the maid, who is very set against marriage to him. Finally she weakens to make Claude a very happy fellow. The cast was: Production Crew Publicity: Patsy Gregoire, Patricia Holliday, Adeline Nitz, Roger Williams, Elaine Kumlien, Dorothy Howland. Tickets: Donna Decker, Donna Watson, Kay Christian- son, Priscilla Arnold, Beverly Schultz. Program: Carol Arnold, Eva Mae Arnold, Priscilla Arnold. Make-up: Joen Trolinger, Donna Decker, Dolores Schultz, Vivian Alderman, Loretta Hahn, Ruth Utzig, Elaine Kumlien, Jo Anne Roberts. Stage Props: Roger Gottschalk, Roger Williams. Ade- line Nitz, Ruth Utzig, Arthur Campbell, Leo Manogue. Promptors: Orpha Johnson, Adeline Nitz, Gwendo- lyn Stebbins. Ushers: Clara Dorr, Priscilla Arnold, Lucille Staller, Betty Extrom, Janelle Gray, Lelia Manogue, Marlene Ames Hercules Nelson Wilbur Maxwell Celeste ...... Nina . . . Granny .... Mr. Quigley . . . Aunt Mary . . . Uncle Bob . . . Dr. Brown . . . Kenneth Chase . , Wendell Kumlien Marlene Edwardson . . Eva Mae Arnold . . . Nancy Davis . . . Ralph Rogers . . , Eileen Geiger .. Edwin Green . . . . John Goodger Madeline .... .. Dolores Marquart Harry Schuster . . . .... Carl Klemp Daphne . . . .... Carol Brown Claude . . . , . Ralph Wardman Frankie . . . . . Donna Chatfield - fi i97fj9':lCxo Gy l ' FIFTY-EIGHT Seated: Donna Chatfield, Nancy Davis, Pris- cilla Arnold, Kay Christianson, Eva Mae Ar- nold. Standing: Elaine Kumlien, Marlene Ed- wardson, Janet Soergel, Eileen Geiger. BLACKHAWK STAFF The Blackhawk staff this year was composed of twenty-seven seniors, four iuniors, and several un- derclassmen. The purpose of having juniors and underclassmen on the staff was to give them a working knowledge of the problems that arise in issuing an annual. A list of the staff follows: Editor ......,. Assistant Editors . Business Managers Assistant Managers Calendar Editors . Class Editor . Music Editor .. Faculty Editor . , Activities Editors . . . Priscilla Arnold , .Kay Christianson Janet Soergel . . .Carol Arnold John Olson . . .Beverly Schultz Janelle Gray Paul Wixom John Goodger Jane Roberts Pauline Krueger . . , . ,Eileen Geiger Marlene Edwardson . Donna Chatfield .. Nancy Davis . . .Elaine Kumlien Dolores Schultz Virginia Link Boys' Intramural Editor .. . John Knight Girls' Intramural Editors Clara Dorr Lucille Staller Seated: Janelle Gray, John Olson, Carol nold, Pauline Krueger. Standing: Dolores Schultz, Paul Wixom, Virginia Link, Jane Roberts. Art Editor ......, . . .Patsy Gregoire Homeroom Editor . . . . .Eva Mae Arnold Typists .......... .... D onna Watson Marilyn Kildow Photographers . . . . . .Roberta Randolph Charles Bauman Adeline Nitz Sports Editors . . . . . .Donald Olson Kenneth Chase Besides those on the staff, several others helped greatly to make this annual. They were: Dorothy Howland, Raymond Briggs, and Carl Fuchs who helped take the pictures, and Mary Wardman, Lyn Kasson, Linda Bingham, Kay Arnold, and Doris Tucker who sold candy during the noon hour. The seniors individual pictures and the group pictures were taken by the Krueger Studio of Hart- ford, Wisconsin. These were really busy days and Seated: Clara Dorr, Marilyn Kildow, Donald Olson, John Knight. Standing: Adeline Nitz Lucille Staller, Roberta Randolph, Donna Wat son, Kenneth Chase, Charles Bauman. rather "trying" for everyone as classes were con- tinually interrupted for pictures. The informal and school life pictures were taken by the student pho- tographers. Financing the yearbook is always a big problem. ln September a magazine subscription drive was sponsored ending with Carol Powell the top sales- man. ln March, a "Courier" subscription campaign was waged. Carl Fuchs was top salesman. The busi- nessmen of Milton and Milton Junction also con- tributed generously. The editor and asistant editors met after school and nights at Miss Agnew's home to plan The Black- hawk and to "set it up." After the "dummy" was assembled and the copy typed, Miss Agnew, Priscilla Arnold, Kay Christianson and Charles Bauman took it to the Howe Printing Company in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. There they went over it page by page with the printers. The covers and binding were done by Bookcraft, Inc., Milwaukee. Working on this annual certainly benefited all of us greatly, and taught us many things which may prove to be helpful in later years, Much thanks go to all who have in any way helped to con- struct this yearbook and a special thanks to Miss Agnew for her untiring efforts in the production of the i954 Blackhawk. Carol Brown, Paul Wixom HOMECOMING "Harvest Moon" w as the theme of the Home coming Dance which was h l ed October l7, 1953. Paul Wixom th , e captain of the football team, was king and chose Carol Brown as his queen. Those in the court were: John Knight, Carol Arnold, Don Olson, Kathleen Manogue, Ralph Rogers, Orpha Johnson, Howard Schmeling, and Donna Chattield. The queen was crowned by Mr. Anderson. A realistic cornfield scene along one side of the gym was completed with corn shocks, pumpkins, and autumn leaves. Streamers of varying shades of yellow and oran e ' g were entwined to form a ceiling. SIXTY '45-. hm I t-. 4 A 11 f 5, A-x4 ' lt- Jan is Dittmer, Gerald Decker CHRISTMAS FORMAL A new method of selecting the king and queen of the Christmas Formal was inaugurated this year. The F.F.A. selected two iunior and two senior girls from the F.H.A. and the student body voted on the queen. Janis Dittmer was elected queen and Gerald Decker her king. The other members of the court were: Eva Mae Arnold, Kenneth Chase, Lucille Staller, Anthony Guernsey, Janet Drake, Way- land Arnold, Jacqueline Kennedy, Richard Potter, Sue Shellestad and Gerald Chase. Transformed into a winter wonderland, the gym was decorated with pine boughs, snowmen, and white streamers, Paper snowflakes suspended from the ceiling completed the setting. School Life "Classes Change." SIXTY ONE Clara Dorr's championship basket- ball teams. Volleyball champions-Kay Casl1ore's team. Seniors-inter-class basketball cham- pions. GIRLS' INTRAMURALS Looking forward to a busy year in the new gymnasium, four intramural activities were offered. All intramural games were played during the noon hour and were open for participation to any girl in high school. Two iuniors, Pat Sarow and Mary Urban were selected as intramural managers. These girls spent their time getting the equipment, scorers and tim- ers in order for play. They did a fine iob and help- ed to make the noon hour program a success. Activities started with volleyball. Seventy-two girls signed up and seven teams were chosen with the juniors acting as captains. Each team played six games and Kay Cashore's team came through with- out a single defeat. Below is a list of the teams and individual scor- ing: Kay Cashore-Captain, JoAnne Roberts, Carol Brown, Janet Drake, Mae Pence, Nancy Flood, Ann Schmeling, Sally Shellestad, Betsy Vien. Pat Sarow-Captain, Clara Dorr, Elaine Kumlien, Mary Bowers Grace Coleman, Marlene Stein, Rosella Mattingly, Yvonne Schmaling, Jane Pence, Dayle Haynes, Marion Hitchcock. Annette Olson-Captain, "Ginny" Link, Jean Gre- goire, Phyllis Wollinger, Lou Anne Gunderson, Judy Murphy, Margaret Zahn, Jackie Vogel, Carol De Bock. Marilyn Hunt-Captain, Joen Trolinger, Eileen Gei- ger, Mary Urban, Karen Appleby, Lucy Gray, Sue Goessling, Kay Wright, Sally Howland, Jean Jewell, Janice Smith, Marlene Edwardson. Pauline Krueger-Captain, Marilyn Kildow, Gwen Stebbins, Jane Roberts, Mary Wardman, Judy Bessel, Sue Shellestad, Althea Soergel, Nancy Slowey, Adella Klemp, Jackie Kennedy. Karen Birky-Captain, Lucille Staller, Janis Dittmer, Mardell Cashore, Sue Moberly, Josephine Maske, Laura Sayre, Sally Slowey, Doris Tucker. Anne Randolph-Captain, Lelia Manogue, Pat Hol- liday, Sandy Carroll, Judy Hall, Elaine Dorn, Mar- lene Hahn, Marsha Gandy, Dorothy Howland, Gerry Stockman. W L Kay Cashore , , 6 O Pat Sarow . . . . 4 2 Annette Olson . . . , 4 2 Marilyn Hunt , . . .4 2 Pauline Krueger . . , . 2 4 Karen Birky ...,... .l 5 Anne Randolph ........, O 6 High Scoring-Pauline Krueger, 76, "Judy" Mur- phy, 35, "Pat" Sarow, 32, Anne Randolph, 28, "Sue" Goessling, 27, Jean Jewell, 27, Jo Anne Roberts, 26, Jean Gregoire, 26, Janice Smith, 24, Sally Shelle- stad, 24. After two weeks of Christmas vacation the bas- ketball teams were selected, The Seniors captained six teams, each consisting of eleven players. With a heavy schedule, games were played three days a week, giving two games in the new gym and one in the old gym. The spirit of the game was kept alive as the girls were participating in anticipation for the annual class tournament. Below is a list of the teams: Clara Dorr-Captain, Dorothy Howland, Grace Cole- man, Mardell Cashore, Marilyn Hunt, "Pat" Holliday, Beverly Blute, "Judy" Bessel, Laura Sayre, Janice Jessup, Marlene Hahn. Eileen Geiger-Captain, Carol Brown, "Pat" Sarow, Mary Urban, Annette Olson, "Sue" Decker, "Judy" Hall, Elaine Dorn, Althea Soergel, Janice Smith, Betsy Vien. Mary Bowers-Captain, Loretta Hahn, Kay Cashore, Donna Bowdin, Joan Prox, Eleanor Burdick, Lou Anne Gunderson, "Sandy" Carroll, "Sue" Moberly, Sue Shellestad, Jean Jewell, "Connie" Gavigan. Jo Anne Roberts-Captain, Joen Trolinger, Pauline Krueger, Helen Holmes, Janet Drake, Jean Gregoiire, "Jackie" Kennedy, Josephine Maske, "Judy" Ken- nedy, Sally Shellestad, Sally Slowey. "Ginny" Link-Captain, "Gwen" Stebbins, Jane Roberts, Karen Appleby, Mae Pence, Anne Schmel- ing, Marlene Stein, Margaret Zahn, Carol De Bock, Karen Hillestad. Marilyn Kildow-Captain, Leila Manogue, Marlene Edwardson, Janis Dittmer, Karen Birky, "Judy" Mur- phy, "Sue" Goessling, Mary Neils, Marsha Gandy, Adella Klemp. W L T Clara Dorr . . . . .5 0 l "Ginny" Link . ...3 2 1 Mary Bowers . . . . .3 2 l Jo Anne Roberts . . . .2 3 l Eileen Geiger . . , , .2 3 O Marilyn Kildow ........ O 5 O High Scoring-Grace Coleman, 49, Carol Brown, 43, "Ginny" Link, 40, Donna Bowdin, 38, Jane Roberts, 27, Joen Trolinger, 27, Jo Anne Roberts, 26, Pauline Krueger, 23. Outstanding guards-Mardelle Cashore, "Gwen" Stebbins, "Patty" Holliday, Lou Anne Gunderson, "Pat" Sarow, Mary Urban, Ann Schmeling, "Sandy" Carroll. The list of captains and their players follows: Seniors: Carol Brown, captain, Dorothy Howland, Clara Dorr, Mary Bowers, Virginia Link, "Gwen" Stebbins, Eileen Geiger, Marilyn Kildow, Jo Anne Roberts. Juniors: Mary Urban, captain, Jane Roberts, Don- na Bowdin, Pauline Krueger, Kay Cashore, Janis Dittmer, Kay Arnold, "Pat" Sarow, Janet Drake, Mari- lyn Hunt, Karen Birky, Annette Olson, Joan Hinkle, Helen Holmes. Sophomores: Mardell Cashore, captain, "Jackie" Kennedy, Marlene Stein, Jean Gregoire, Grace Cole- man, "Sue" Decker, "Judy" Bessel, Elaine Dorn, Ann Schmeling, "Sandy" Carroll, Lou Anne Gunder- son, "Sue" Moberly, "Judy" Murphy. Freshmen: Carol De Bock, captain, Adella Klemp, Kay Wright, Jean Jewell, Althea Soergel, Sue Shel- lestad, Karen Hillestad, Laura Sayre, Joan Prox, Jan- ice Jessup. The two highest scorers came from the sophomore class. They were Grace Coleman with 2'l and "Sue" Decker close behind with 18 points. Clara Dorr, Virginia Link, and Donna Bowdin each had T3 points. Carol Brown followed with 12 points. The S IXTY-THREE "Get that iumpl" Volleyball game. Patricia Sarow and Mary Urban-in- tramural managers. highest freshman scorer was Carol De Bock with ll points. The outcome of the tournament was: W L Seniors , . .... 3 O Sophomores . . .... 2 1 Juniors .... .... 1 2 Freshman . , . . .0 3 nw v" ,Ms rn f fx uf in M .....4...v-HM J' 3. 4' u- I -....' O wha? K lv -A I f. IE EK! 's Y i 2.4 af.- x KES. Q1 xx 1Q:'vf .1 O Q .- X 1 S is 'I .. ,KM .vu K . E , ? S Q 37" 'F' 'Wah-2 U I s X xmilil f Q-vu rf. fdcw-x.......,. ,,, ,. uli, A Millon Union High School Janis is crowned queen After the coronalion Queen Janis and King Gerald lead the grand march Under the arches. S S X Qs E' . ' Qi :Mi , in Z" LQ , , ,E M' Ir . ue s V , ..,,, nie" 4 f :..L"'5f g 42. S: A' r A sa, y M liii ima At the punch bowl-"PaHy", 10. Faculty Assembly at Homecom- Clara, and Patsy ing Dancing was enioyable al the ll. Mrs, Grover? "Snowball," l2. Serving-Marlene, Suzanne, and Mr. Kean Judy Mrs. Warren SIX'1'Y-EIGHT Si QS? all-'U l in-..-Q--. .-pq-......g..q 5 K ,I 9 0 as W Q. ' is b X33 N Si , A .. ffl i A . "" - , ,al if is Irxwlif ls N 9 ,N "Si grw if Mr" I. Chemistry class 2, Mrs. NaMer's sophomore English class 3. Biology class 4. Welding in agriculture class SEVENTY A lesson in good grooming Mr. Kean pushing limburger cheese at the freshman parly Mr. Kean's history class The new parking lot Tr.. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jen. CALENDAR 1953 - 1954 8, 1953 Classes began with four new teach- ers-Miss Weiss, home economics, Mrs. Rol- lin Natter, English: Mr. Rollin Natter, So- cial Science, Social Problems, and basketball coach: and Mr. Ladd, vocal music. 9: Assembly-Mr. Leon Daley, Magazine salesman, opened magazine drive. 10: Rollateers gave an assembly program. We won the football game from Elkhorn, 12-6. 17: Our Redmen won the football game from Fort Atkinson, 13-0. 21: Milton Union B team lost to Edgerton B team, 13-6. 25: Unionites lost game to Monroe played there, 32-13. 30: C. E. Jones' electronics program enioyed by all. 1: Otto Schacht lectured and sang. He closed the program by singing "The Lord's Prayer." 2: Game played at Middleton was lost 27-6. 8: F.H.A. Initiation. Football game with Wis- consin High was lost 27-13, ' 14: Homecoming pep session and snake dance held. 15: Blue Jay Singers gave an assembly pro- gram. Homecoming parade and game with Lake Mills ended in a victory for Union, 19-6. 16: First six-week period ended. 17: Homecoming Dance was a big success! King Paul Wixom and Queen Carol Brown reigned. 19-21: Mr. Krueger took pictures for the year- book. 21: Assembly-John Dallavaux talked on "Teen Agers." 23: Football game with Evansville resulted in a tie 13-13. 27-28: Mr. Krueger took senior class pictures for the Blackhawk. 5-6: Vacation days! Wisconsin Education Asso- ciation Convention held in Milwaukee. 11: Special Assembly called for the Armistice program. 25: Second six-week period expired. Redmen lost the football game with Fort Atkinson there 47-36. 1: First basketball game played in the new gym was against Elkhorn. Union lost 59-48. 3: New gym was dedicated. Unionites play- ed Monroe losing 60-46. , 10: Game with Edgerton was lost 56-29. 12: "Snowball," Christmas Formal, was spon- sored by F.H.A. and F.F.A. with Gerald Decker as King and Janis Dittmer as Queen for the evening. 18: The Redmen lost the basketball game with Stoughton there, 72-42. 21: Christmas vacation started. 7: Game with Middleton was lost 72-45. 9: Played Wisconsin High there, lost 74-26. 12: Lost another game. This time to Whitewa- ter 74-26. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May May May May June June SEVENTY-ONE 15: Played Lake Mills there: lost 58-48. 22: First semester ended. Yes, the Redmen lost the game with Jefferson there 57-35. 23: Lost game to Evansville 52-39. 25: Miss Ruth Zerler, new choir teacher, start- ed today. 29: Played Edgerton there and lost 66-38. 4: Stoughton won a basketball game from Union, 65-44. 9: G.A.A. basketball game with Whitewater. 11: Fort Atkinson won a game from the Red- men, 73-55. 16: Lost a game to Lake Mills, 45-32. 19: Southern Wisconsin Education Association had a convention. Lost game with Monroe, 79-55. 23: Played a game of basketball at Elkhorn and lost 69-39. 3: Senior Social Problems class went on a field trip to Mendota. 4: Local forensic contest held at school. 5: Fourth six-week period expired. 10: League forensic contest held at Evansville. Grace Coleman, Anne Randolph, and John Ol- son received A ratings. 12: Art class went to Milwaukee on a field trip. 15: Band concert given for P.T.A. 19: Several students and Miss Agnew attend- ed a yearbook workshop at Milwaukee State College. 23: Assembly program presented by Vincent Burns, impersonator. 30: All-Sports Banquet sponsored by Milton Junction Commercial Club was held. Joe Con- way, a Big Ten official was the speaker. 1: F.H.A. Mother and Daughter Banquet held with Priscilla Arnold as toastmistress. 7: F.F.A. Father and Son Banquet held with Roger Gottschalk as toastmaster. 8: Physical Education Classes put on demon- strations for the public. 10-18: Spring vacation. 19: Choir concert given for P.T.A. 23: Fifth six-week period expired. 24: Junior-Senior Banquet held at Milton Junc- tion Methodist Church and "April Showers" dance with Arnie Johnson's orchestra followed the banquet. 29: Band and Choir solo day. 5: Band Concert held at Milton College. 12: Mr. Struckmeyer gave State Employment tests to commercial seniors. 13: Band and choir tournament held at Milton Union. 18: Phil Berude gave an assembly program. 19: Chemistry and Physics classes went on field trip to Museum of Science and lndustry, Chicago. 31: Baccalaureate services in the old gym. 3: Commencement. 4: Last day of school with picnic at Riverside Park, Janesville. Y x R R . Q, A 'W Q i N 4 -:.-- 5 ss I :.. if 'K x R x H Vw E v 1 . .A . may vm' ami 1 +P hx' 'M K -of ,Vw N A. 'N 2 3, x Q - xii . X x Q.. Q. X 'sv Y A '44, I. :ig . -..f'd' - M-J-'f .fgfffg 1- Qi, L,- if-NN K -. .4 x :qyk 'Qin ' mv fy f Ji 'frJ:"' . x. Mi" i'...1..w-val-'-."',.9:.. ,lk is -Qfhn 'ffl' m-4- 'Q Q! mg ,velv- ,,p"b P 2 51 4 r ii an -OK Q A Q V!

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