Milton High School - Panthers Paw Yearbook (Milton, FL)

 - Class of 1958

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Milton High School - Panthers Paw Yearbook (Milton, FL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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1 A. . , - " 'M . Ria" 7' . , 1 . . 'iv-133 ' ,Q ' 'L I Q 3,65 rl. 'O ' . ., 1. j. -rl . I , , ff' I 'S iv if - . if ' .'1 W ' '53 I e .-, 'i .sl 3 -.f wr f 'X "- 0 .4 lg! , -42,5 'R 1 .,f at , A. Q .- ' . Z f A 'ff 1 I 0 F 'J' I Q 4 ,fy . , M, . d ,!'f S4 'v hp,-'vig if .tw sb , gr, s, . sy.. u .v L ,tg,f'q,,. a i S ,T ' ,o a ., 'aw f' .- I We 3' Q- 3 2' 1 -and N V., 'E ' . -' 3 . "fi, 4' Ii" bl ,vp,sxX-ask, w A xinwv s'." 5 ,sf Y- '-:M ' - ' " ' A nag- 4 . r, in. A 4 1 ' ,, N. ,B V L ug.. 5.4562 Qu' ,g,, '. gg WL? Ali M '11-,V 'Q 7 :V F4 f .h 5 y 1Q",1-? np' H4 - I 'bf 4. ? 553: 'Mit' 1 'f Y ,ggrffif A' ff 3ffis4'f'3b'-"'2- 2' A -'u.':,C w' '1' .5 JV fm' W ' vi 4: s:?Q'r.r,- iQ :at 1:36-'Y lv MW Q' "ry "iv .H 'wap - 1 an - , p - 4 A- M ' .535-.u'35-29? b, 5:51. if wa 5"'fP3l- 'fa'-' -FE "X'.Z""2.-,- O. 1. 45. ' " Q W' Z' .,' 'L :Fi ., ' R., ,- 543:51 , ,, ggi? - gf! 'git - fb ' if ' f I ' ' 'qi 24' r-A ri '- yr- I" 'Pin-A ., 4-v - Wffw, - . , 9 45-Mgfx V gl. ,- 7 "' - 4 Q wi' 'Q was ' F -, p- . f.- --' rf 9' C: . ' 7592? .. . ,' vvri x qv ff "N, . f .Qu ff: tial! :Q - ,W- V' A 5322: f '42 ' . Yffw 5 M' . pk ,iff ' 1 'sg . 'Q I ' Z' ' 'W' 237.55 if - I lf. . , - 33' , f W A yt 33,55 Qvtgifx "' W iffiif "Q Ji-,i -V :tAe".4.. i :af - .f, ' 'ive . .A "FQ 411:54-i'7..4 'w I -" -tg--. . i1igL .11 ' .1 -Q , ' YQ-- 1 Q ' if -?'7'Tl'4'9f i 3' :WV 4:15 4i - Q if lf , 1- M, Z'.I.',-21-J""l gg 'gg 2 3, if f " 5, 'LZ' ' , 4- 5 H' E -+ ' WWf7j5 l1?Q-54f2 ,sg ' f , x, 21,55 , I Av f?,11,s1i 1 - 7 ...J i ,Q E 1 ,, 4,, 1 ,g po if 0 ,F LJ W A fro .Q--W - Q, Aux-I N A , 1. 'V jpll 'Vx 5 Q V, f 1 I 1 4 ' -nv-' f 2, ! J 'NN ,' h' X " , H 7 QM, X X ,AU ff W MQW iq!!! if jimi' W9571958 PANTHER s PAW W fwuurow HIGH SCHOOL Volume XIV Published by fhe BETA CLUB ,J im? WM ffyoffwl In ,ff . A f 1 ' A , f., ' - Ny ,' I I :QIJR ,N I ' H aux l, gf J IN 1 1 l 1 L i " :YA ' JA Q fu M , , ' J V 1 V -E f J x 1 I 'Y 1 , L ' X M V 70 ' I . K W F . X 1 I U- f , . Xb ff, gil! fvlwfcg 'iw' f ..f- ' -ii? ft uf ,H ',.,.: f ft V ' f ' 7 ,.,11 fl ' ft M551 ,,.f 1 f, lfvvdifi 2? W IWW 7 'V I E L1 , 11174 X31 ' K- C J 'fn ' I '17 W J XX B FOREWORD E if NK CHARACTER We of the Beta Club sincerely hope that thus 1957-1958 volume of the Panther's Paw wmll be, lu years to come, a treasure chest of pleasant memories of Milton Hlgh School, RSM P DE -'...:".."'-"-1-2-.- 1 "ii-"' 1 i 1 ' i ' I 1 IDY I 11 1-N if . X , v DEDICA TION We dedtcate thls the 1957 58 annual t Mr Creary Hamlltonwtth deep respect and ice to thls school and its students for the htgh ldeals he has set for us for the firm but gentle gutdance he has given us and for hts loyal support of our extracurncular ac ttvltres . . . - . 0 affection for his long years of untiring serv- CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOM ORES FRESHMEN JUNIOR HIGH ELEMENTARY ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS FAVORITES ADVERTISEMENTS ADMINISTRATION MR RA DFORD LOCK LIN Supermtendent MR KYLE HOLLINGSWORTH ASSISIBHI Prmclpal MR JOHN Pl'1I1C1P31 H RUSSELL TIM MELSON Eduor ID Chref NANCY HAMILTON JANET MANNING Asslstant Edttor Busmess Manager JOHANNA GIBSON Secretary MRS MARY LOCKLIN Sponsor ANNUAL STAFF Left to rrght Jimmy Wolfe, A111e Watson Rose Ella Bodxe, Barbara Hannlton, Pat Leary Nancy Harnxlton, Janet Mannmg, Nma June Kxmbro, Haywood Hanna Ianrce Carpenter Ann Jenkins, Doylce Corten Betty Jane Stewart, Laura Ch11CS J. facul MR GEORGE BATTY BME Band MRS CHARLOTTE H BOLES, B S Grade Sxx MRS La PATKA ANNE BRAND B S Phys1ca1 Educauon Guls MK BILLYI BROOME, S Grade Fxve MRS JEAN BROOME B Home Economlcs MR. W G BROWN M Soc1a1Stud1es MRS. JANET AMOS, B. S. Business Education MR. RICHARD S AMOS, JR. Soc1a1 SlUd16S MR. ELIAS ASMAR, B Mathematxcs MR RAYMONDI BARNES Grade FIVE .S. , . ,BA I l . B. . . , .S. . . , .A. MR A C CALHOUN B DCT MR. GEORGE CONOVER, M. A Grade Seven MRS DELPHA CALHOUN, B S Enghsh MRS ELOIS COWARD B A Grade S1x 'S-gf' 150' Q17 MR CREARY HAMILTON, M A Mathemaucs MRS RUTH S HILT Grade Slx MR. KYLE HOLLINGSWORTH ASSISIBDI Pnnclpal MRS OPALW HOLLINGSWORTH Grade Fxve MR ARLIEP HUGHES, Vocanonal Agnculture MR. CHARLES L JARVIS, B S Grade S1x if H . . . , .S. 0 a 1 .JUIA n . my Ky, I . , . . L q ,, If V ', -.vnff , , .',,,, 1 . . .E. ,M.A. . . ,B.S . . B.S, MRS CHLOE MCGEE, B A Social Studies MRS ALLENEP MANNING,B Mathemaucs MR. BURDELL MARTIN B S Physics and General Science MRS EMMA MARTIN B S Grade Five MR C A NORTON, M A General Science and Coach MRS ANNETTE PALMER Business Education MRS. MARY JOHNSON, B.S. Guidance and Social Studies MRS. ELEANOR W. LINN, B.A. Grade Seven MRS MARY LOC KLIN English MRS MAURINE W MCCALL, B A English and Spanish Y' 'QQ' i . , B.A.E. 5 I I .ne . . .S, , . . . , . . NJ .,., - f -1----. XJ' , V S s 1 kv F . 'K' Q . , , A I. 5 . . A , , 1 s- 95: 4' ' U' 1 'L I MR. JOHN PERRY, M.A. Driver Education MRS. JANICE PETERS, M. E. D. Home Economics MRS. THELMA M. RHODES, M.S. Grade Five MR. w. H. RHODES, M.E. Social Studies, Physical Education. uh,-1 49 'fin 6' yr, f, I :C 'L 'futu- MR. JAMES V. ROSSER, M.A. Athletic Director, Biology MR. JOHN H. RUSSELL, M.A. Principal MR. JAMES IRA SALTER, B.A Grade Seven MRS. CAROLYN SCOTT, B.A. Grade Five MR. J. ED SPRINGSTON Grade Five MR. JOHN L. STRAUGHN, B.S. Grade Nine 'T , -5 intl' MR. PHIL WOODARD, B S Physlcal Educauon and Coach MRS. DELLA NOBLES Secretary MISS BETTY STRUTH B S Enghsh and Speech MRS VERLIE THOMAS B S Llbrauan MRS FRANCESA WEST BA Grade Seven MRS LERLIE WHITMIRE M A Enghsh ui , . . A . , . . . . , . . , . . f? ' V 5 Q- . I OI' DAWN LEE ACTON Transferred from Mar Vlsta School tn Semor Year ALICE MAE ADAMS FBLA 2 Years DCT 1 Year Chorus'l Year JOHN ALLEN Band 4 Years Band Captatn 1 Year Student Counctl 1 Year H1 Y 2 Years H1 Y Master at Arms 1 Year Allred Youth 2 Years JOSEPH BABB FFA 4 Years ROSE ELLA BODIE Beta Club li Years Stu dent Counctl 3 Years Stu dent Counctl Prestdent 1 Year Student Councrl Vtce Prestdent 1 Year Delegate to Student Counctl Conven FHA Treasurer 1 Year FBLA 1 Year Band 1 Year Allred Youth 1 Year Del egate to Grrls State FTA 1 Year Ltbrary Club 4 Years Library Club Re porter and Presldent 1 Year Paper Staff Advertlsmg Manager of Panther s Tale Homecomtng Attendant 1 Year Treasurer of Junror Class Secretary of Fresh man Class Vtce President of Sophomore Class Annual Staff 1 Year LUCILLE BLACK FBLA 2 Years, FTA 1 Year Chorus 1 Year tion 1 Yearg FHA 2 Yearsg BENNY BAXLEY Presrdent of Freshman Class Football 2 Years Basket ball 2 Years Baseball 2 Years DCT 1 Year BILLY JIM BLACKMAN Key Club 4 Years Key Club Secretary 1 Year Key Club Conventron 1 Year Football 1 Year Baseball 1 Year M Club 4Years M Club Vrce Prestdent 1 Year Student Councll 1 Year Chorus 1 Year RANDALL BLANKSHIP Key Club 2 Years FFA Years Football 1 Year FFA Treasurer 1 Year MILTON BOLES Chorus 1 Year FBLA 2 Years Lrbrary Club 1 Year Lrbrary Club Treasurer 1 Year Paper Staff Busmess Manager of Panther s Tale 1 Year Student Coun crl 1 Year FHA 1 Year LAWTON BOSTIC DCT 1 Year Key Club 3 Years FFA 2 Years GERALD BOSTWICK Basketball 3 Years Base ball 3 Years Paper Staff Sports Edrtor of Panther s Tale 1 Year 4 Yearsg "M" Club 2 LINDA GRACE BROXSON FHA 2 years Paper Staff 1 vear DCT 1 year JOHN HENRY BROXSON FFA 3 years DCT 1 year BILL CALHOUN FFA 3 years Band l 112 years Lrbrary 1 year IANICE CARPENTER FHA 1 year Beta Club 3 years Annual staff 2 years FBLA 2 years FBLA Re porter Paper Staff 1 year BUSINESS Manager Los Grtanos 1 year Trl H Y LAURA CHILES Beta Club 3 years Beta Club Secretary FHA 3 years FHA Treasurer Trl H Y 2 years Student Councll 2 years FBLA 2 years FBLA Presrdent Delegate to FBLA Convenuon Los Grtanos 2 years Annual Staff 2 years Cheerleader 2 years Secretary Treasurer Senror Class Lrbrary Club 1 year Secretary Treasurer. CLIFFORD COLLIER Beta Club 1 year 2 yearsg Tri-H-Y Historian. JUNE COOKE FHA 2 years Allred Youth 1 year DOYICE COTTEN Beta Club 3 years Annua staff 1 year Paper Staff 1 year Panthers Tale Sports Edttor 1 year Elected Dele gate to Boys State l year Vice Presrdent of Sentor Class Hi Y 2 years Los Gttanos 2 years FBLA 2 years FHA 1 year Basket FTA 1 year ROGEAN CRALN FBLA 1 year FTA 1 year FHA l year Glee Club 1 year Lrbrary Club 1 year PATRICIA KAY CRUSE Student Councrl 1 year DCT Club 1 year DCT Secretary- Transferred from Salem lllt nois tn Iunror year DELOIS DAWSON Beta Club 3 years DCT 1 year FBLA l year PHILLIP DUNN Monitor Club 1 year Mon rtor Club Presrdentg l-lr Y 1 year. 5 1 ball 1 year: Baseball 4 years: DIANE DUNN DCT Club 1 yearg FHA Sec- retary, FHA 1 yearg Trans- ferred from Lake Wales High in Senior year. DOROTHY EDGE Beta Club 1 year. LARRY EMMONS Transferred from Jackson vrlle during Senxor year ROBERT FIDURNOY BILLY FRANKLIN FHA 1 year JOHANNA GIBSON Beta Club 3 years Beta Club Secretary Annual Staff 3 years Delegate to Beta Club Conventton Trl H1 Y 2 years Trl Hi Tn H1 Y Conventlon FHA 2 years FTA 1 year FTA Hlstorlan Los Gltanos 3 years Band 2 years Al lxed Youth 1 year Monrtor Club 1 year. Y President, Delegate to ANNETTE GWALTNEY Glee Club 1 year FHA 1 year Student Counctl 1 year Beta Club 3 years Tr1 H1 Y 2 years Trx Hi Y Chaplatn Los Gttanos 2 years Grrls State Delegate Business Manager of Annual BARBARA HAMILTON Band 2 years FHA 4 years Trr H1 Y 2 years Trt H1 Y Secretary Allred Youth 2 years Momtor Club 1 year Beta Club 3 years Beta Staff 2 years FTA 1 year NANCY HAMILTON FHA 2 years Trl H1 years Beta Club 3 years Beta Club Vrce Prestdent Annual Staff 2 years Ltbrary Club 1 year Student Colm cil 2 years FTA 1 year Paper Staff 1 year 4 H Club 8 years Gtrls State Alternate 1 year JERRY HARRIS Transferred from lndrana tn Semor year Chorus 1 year Chorus President Basketball 1 year JUDY HARRIS FBLA 2 years FTA l year Paper Staff 1 year CECIL HATCHER Paper Staff 1 yearg Mom tor Club 1 year. Club Convention: Annual : '- '-Y 2 IEROLD HINOTE FFA 2 years FHA 1 year Momtor Club 1 year Chorus 1 year FTA 1 year DANNY L HOOD Transferred from Chatta nooga Tennessee tn Senror year Football 1 year HAZEL HOUSTON Beta Club 2 years FBLA 2 years FBLA Presrdent FTA 1 year Chorus 1 year Paper Staff 1 year Elected Dele gate to FBLA State Con ventron Beta Club 3 years Annual Staff 2 years Beta Club Conventton 1 year Glee Club 1 year Glee Club Secretary Glee Club Ptantst Paper staff 1 year FHA 2 years HESTER JERNIGAN FBLA 3 years FBLA Prest dent FBLA Treasurer FTA 1 year FTA Chaplam Delegate to State FBLA Conventron 2 years FHA 1 year Glee Club 1 year CHARLES KIERCE Football 2 years Key Club 1 vear ANN JENKINS MARY KATE KNOX Transferred from Chat tanooga Tennessee tn Semor Year Paper Staff l Year PAT LEARY Transferred from Jtnks Junror I-hgh School Panama Crty, Sophomore year Annual Staff 1 Year Beta Club 2 Years Student Counctl 2 Years Delegate to Student Councrl Conventron Los Gttanos 3 Years Student Councrl Secretary Tu H1 Y 2 Years V1ce Prestdent of Junror Class DOROTHY EDGE Beta Club 1 Year LINDA LOWERY FHA 2 Years FHA Htstorran FTA 1 Year FTA Presrdent Ltbrary Club 1 Year Glee Club 1 Year HJDDY MAYO Monttor Club 1 Year Key Club 2 Yeats Key Club Treasurer Hr Y Club 2 Years H1 Y Club Vtce Prestdent Beta Club 1 Year Annual Staff 1 Year Foot ball 2 Years Basketball 4 Years Band 2 Years Key Club Conveutton Co Captam of Football 1 Year Prestdent of Sentor Class CURTIS NORTON Transferred from Andalusla Alabama FBLA 2 Yearsg FHA Secretary JANET MANNING Transferred from Monroe County l-hgh School Monroevrlle Alabama ln Senlor year FHA 1 year FTA 1 year Beta Club 1 year Beta Club Treasurer Annual Staff 1 year TERRY MAUPIN Transferred from DuPont Manual Hrgh School Loulsvllle Kentucky in Junlor year Key Club 1 year M Club 1 year Student Councrl Treasurer Football 2 years Basket ball 2 years Baseball 2 years MAXINE MOODY Transferred from St hours MISSOIHI rn Senior year RONA LD MOORE ADRIENNE MOSS FHA 2 years Glee Club 1 year FTA 1 year Allred Youth 1 year DON MYRICK Key Club 2 years M Club 2 years, Football 3 years Los Grtanos 3 years , I I . I Student Council 1 year, KJD NAFTEL Key Club 4 Years H1 Y 2 Years Allied Youth 2 Years RAYMOND NIPPER DCT 2 Yeats DCT Pres xdent DCT Convenuon 1 Year GEORGE OVERBY Key Club 2 Years Foot ball 3 Years Baseball 3 Years Basketball 4 Years TOM MY PARISH 4 Years Key Club Pres 1dent and Treasurer Key Club Conveutron Basket ball 3 Years Baseball 3 Years Football Co Captarn Chorus 1 Year INEZ PETERSON DCT l Year Glee Club l Year Exchange Editor of Panther s Tale 1 Year RAY POLK Football 4 Yearsg Key Club PEGGY PRIDGEN FBLA 1 Year FHA 4 Years FTA 2 Years Glee Club 2 Years LEON PUGH FFA 3 Years FFA Senrmel 2 Years Delegate to FFA Convennon Class Presr dent 1 Year Baseball 1 Year Football 1 Year PHYLLIS REEVES Exchange Eduor of Panther s DCT Parliamentanau FBLA 1 Year FHA 1 Year Glee Club 1 Year Art Club 1 Year DAVID RILEY DCT Club 1 Year LINDA ROBERTSON FHA 2 Years Band 3 Years Llbrary Club 1 Year DCT Treasurer FHA Songleader 1 Year IEROLYN REID Transferred from Pensacola Hrgh School, FHA I Year Tale 1 Year: DCT 1 Yearg BILL SMATHERS DCT 1 Yearg Band 3 Years, KENNETH SIMPSON Transferred from Robert E, bee High School in Jackson- ville Florida, Senior Yearg Joumalism 1 Year, MARTHA SIMPSON Transferred from Oxnard Calrforma Semor Year RODNEY SMITH FFA 2 Years FBLA 2 Years Paper Staff 1 Year Chorus 1 Year TENNIE SPURLOCK FBLA 1 Year Paper staff 1 Year BETTY JANE STEWART Band 1 Year Tri Hi Y rdent Beta Club 3 Years Annual Staff 2 Years Cheer leader 2 Years FBLA 1 Year FHA 3 Years FHA Hxstonan Allred Youth 1 Year Los Grtanos 3 Years 2 Yearsg Trl-Hi-Y Pres- JEANETTE STEWART Glee Club 1 Year NORINE STEWART FHA 2 Years Paper Staff 1 Year RALPH STEWART Key Club 1 Year Football 2 Years, All-Conference 1 Year Baseball 2 Yearg M Club 2 Years Basket ball 2 Years WILLINE STOKES Glee Club 1 Year BILL STRIBLING Band 2 Years WINSTON TEMPLE . 2 . I I I .- -. l - 0 . . . DAVID VICKERS Basketball 4 Years Base ball 4 Years Football 3 Years DARRELL WATER FFA 4 Years Prestdent of FFA Tn Y 1 Year Del egate to State FFA Con ventron 1 Year O NEAL WATFORD M Club 3 Years Presr dent of M Club Sec retary Treasurer of M Club Football 1Year FFA 1 Year ALLIE WATSON Beta Club 3 Years Annual Staff2 Years Tri H1 Y urer Los Grtanos 3 Years Los Gitanos Secretary Student Council 1 Year FHA 1 Year FBLA 1 Year Assistant Edttor Panther s Tale 1 Year FTA 1 Year JO ANN WHITTLE Student Councrl 4 Years FHA 2 Years Delegate to Student Council Conventlon 2 Years FBLA 2 Years Chorus 1 Year Chorus Vtce Presrdent IEANNE W PIERCE Band 3 Years Majorette 1 Year FHA 2 Years FHA Songleader Student Coun crl 2 Years DCT Club 1 Year DCT Vrce President 2 Yearsg Tri-Hi-Y Treas- JIMMY WOLFE Beta Club 3 Years Los Gxtanos 3 Years Key Club 2 Years Football 1 Year Momtor Club 1 Year FFA 549' 1 Year 4 H Club 3 Years 'O-sv' 'f"'uu FRED MILLER Transferred from Newfound land m Senror Year Basket ball 1 Year TIM MELSON Football 4 Years Basketball 4 Years Student Coun cll A Years Key Club 1 Year M Club 4 Years M Club Presxdent 1 Year Hi Y 2 Years Hi Y Presrdent 1 Year Sophomore Class Presrdent Jumor Class Presxdent Beta Club 3 Years Beta Club Pres Year Delegate to Student Councll Convention 1 Year Delegate to Key Club Convention 2 Years Delegate to Beta Club Conventron 1 Year Altemate to Boys State 1 Year Los Gnanos 2 Years Co-Captam of the Football Team 1 Year Juntor Marshal 1 Year SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presrdent BUDDY MAYO Vrce Prestdent DOYTCE COTTEN Secretary Treasurer LAURA CHILES CLASS FLOWER CLASS Morro CLASS COLORS Red Camatrons Not Fxrushed Just Begun Red and Whlle - ident 1 Year: Editor-in-Chief of Panther's Paw 1 i iors JULIA NELL ADAMS MARGARET JOYCE ADKINSON BUDDY ALLEN KENNETH ALLEN BETTY IDU ANDREWS VIRGINIA ATES ALVIN BABB ELIZABETH BARNES JACK BERG BETTY JEAN BERRIAN FRANCES EILEEN BLACK MARILYN BODIE ROBERT BOOTH CHESTER BRANNON TONI BRAY JERRY BRITTINGHAM PATRICIA BROXSON BOBBIE ANN ADA MS LAMAR CLEMENTS MATTIE LOU COOK HAROLD COOLEY LEROY COOPER JIMMY CRAFT DANNY COX BARBARA CRAWFORD BETTY CRUTCHFIELD JAMES DALTON CHARLES DANIELS GAYNELL DENNIS JOHN EDWARDS WAYNE EMMONS LLOYD ENFINGER GEORGE ERNST JIMMY FOSTER WILLIAM FREEMAN MYRON CALHOUN ROGER GILLMAN BROOKS GREEN JANICE GRUBBS HAYWOOD HANNA ANN HAYES GERALD HELMS CAROL HENDERSON LAMAR IVEY EUGENE JONES LINDA JONES JOHNNY JONES DAVID KELLY CORLISS KELLY JACK KEITH NINA KEMBRO LAMAR KERVIN BILLY LAND NEWMA N GEN TRY LOU LAUGHTON EDELL MADDOX ROZELLE MATTHEWS MYRNA MARTIN IOSEPHINE MATOLA SHARON MCCARY ELDON MCCORMICK ELAINE MCCURLY DONALD MCDONALD JOYCE MEALER SUSAN MELSON JAMES MELVIN WOODROW MELVIN MILDRED MEREDITH DICK MIGNARD EARNESTINE MITCHEM BETTY NORRIS EDWARD LEWIS Q 71 4? I' -uv 14, fx Ss Qi PERRY PACE ANNETTE PEADEN IUNE PEADEN DORIS PARKER IOHNNY PARKER ROBERT PENTON SUE PENNINGTON CHRISTINE REEVES PALMER ROWE JEAN ROBINSON CLARA PARKER NORRIS SIMPSON FRANCES SIMPSON BO SINGLETARY PETE SMITH STUART SPURLOCK EUGENE STEWART BILL STREET IOHNNIE LOIS STEPHENS BETTY IDU STEWART SYBLE TURNER FRANK VANLANDINGHAM CAROLYN WEEKS JERRY WEEKLY EDDIE WIGGINS EARL WILLIAMS MARTHA WILLIAMS JIMMY WORRELL GLORIA STIMMEL Boom So Th1s 15 5th PCI10617 S1c em Panthers n 1-4 Uh! He Put It Right Here' What! Us Work? '? ? .Q L, A sop TGS Linda Ackerman Richard Allen Peggy Anderson Bernard Ares Walene Anderson John Bailey Billy Barnes Ronald Barnhart Albert Baggett Jerry Barnhrll Donald Bass Ronald Bell Nina Berchey Elaine Bishop Mary Bonrfay Wayne Blocker Don Brooks Marion Bradley Charlene Broxson Martha Brown Randall Brown Barney Broxson Margie Burdick Jimmy Byrd Jerry Carroll Barbara Cassldy Robert Cassidy Ann Caudell Mary Frances Chewmng David Cluckre Robert Collette Clarrce Cook Elaine Cook Gladys Councrl George Crain Mary Chatellier Carol Deason Ray Dunlap Penton Elrod James Farrow Janice Finch Joan Folsom Carolyn Foster Johnny Franklin Ronnie Frashure Douglas Gillis Carolyn Givens Joyce Glover Fred Green Rebecca Green lavern Griffin Betty Hagar James Hangs Nancy Hangs Nan Harper Larry Harris Mary Alice Harris Jesse Hathaway Frances Hawkins Katherine Henderson B111 Hobson Glenn Holland Jean Holland Loudellra Hollingsworth James Holley Carlton Hubbard Martha Hurst Jerry Jernigan Julie Jemxgan Lamar Johnson Virginia Ruth Johnson Billy Jones Marciena Julian Darrell Kelly Barbara Kervin Clara Kxmmons Dennis King Btlly Land Lana Lewis Addxe Faye Mclnnis Iohn Mcbean Tom McNau' Ruthle Maddox Donald Manning Hubert Mason Bobby Mason Bobb1e Joe Melvm Francis Melvm Lois Mohr Mary Ruth Moon Barbara Norns Yvonne Owens Betty Melvin Charlotte Penton Mlllard Perkins Barbara Petty Carolyn Phrllrps Bobby Polk B111 Ponder Brlly Pnce Clarence Pugh Sylvia Redmond Rosalre Reed Patty Rlchardson Vernard Rrchardson Bert Rlddles Victor Rhodes Nell Nichols Vivian Robinson Ralph Roberts James Roll Tyrone Rollo Carolyn Sanders Charles Sesslons Carol Shaw Wesley Shelton Edwin Shubert Carolyn Shultz James Simmons Mlchael Simpson Gall Smith John Spurlock Larry Stanford Annette Stewart Audrey Stewart William A Stewart Brenda Stokes Lots Stokely Mattie Clair Trtce Max Varnadore Judy Wall Joseph Ware Rxchard Weekley Chuck Spicer Frank Wyvrlle Faye Wrlks Pnscrlla Wmdham Floyd Young John Teusink Thrngs are sure tuff huh Guls You must Thmk ' ' So these are our hard workmg Monrtors Work hard Teachersl E? 1' b 'A 0 Yes what can I do for you? Who s Horsmg Around ffeshmen 72 a, .f James Brookms David Boutwell Allan Brown Wmston Brown Johnny Butler Lacy Campbell Laura Jean Campbell Carol Carpenter Letne Cassrdy Llnda Chason Lmda Chaffm Joe Chancey Janet Clmard Shirley Coleman Betty Collrer Jo Ann Collmsworth Joseph Cook Rlchard Cooke Armeta Cooley Brlly Cooper Clarence Acree Delbert Adams Ons Adams Gerald Adklson Susan Allen Ted Allen James Alsrp Bobby Andrews Crafton Andrews Gene Attaway James Babb Barbara Bardm Margarette Baxley Drana Bearor Terry Bodle H S Bohannon Laura Bost1c Lrnda Braxton Jlrnmy Brewer Rufus Brewer 45 S...- Carl Cooper Elwyn Cooper Gaynell Cooper Larry Cooper Teddy Cooper Rebecca Craft David Crain Linda Crawford Peggy Crawford James Crisco Bill Cross Donald Crow Donald Cumbie Janette Davis Gene Dees Ed Dunn Robert Dybowskr Lance Edge Charles Enfmger Erwm Ernst Jo Ann Evans Janrce Flournoy Steve Flournoy Brenda Folsom Marvm Fowler Carol Freeman Wrllxe Garrett Edward Gay George Gentry Gay Grbson Jo Ann Gillman Ralph Gxllrnan Brlly Bomrlhon Benton Gracey Don Greene Paul Green Betty Grubbs George Guffrn Raymond Guffm Jamce Hamrlton Patsy Ingram Rufus Jermgan Jerry Jern1gan Gwyndal Johnson Helen Johnson Sylvta Johnson Terry Jones Varnold Jones James Kelley Lmda Kllpatrrck Ray Kunmons Maxwell Klrkland Earl Larnhart Mary Lee Land Jeanette Lay Mar Lay Edna Lee La Rue Lee Robert Leonard Butch Lrndsay McArthur Hamm Sue Harry Linda Hatcher James Hathaway Robert Heath Lewis Hinote Billy Hobbs Kenneth Hodges James Holmes Walden Holt Peggy Hood Beverly Hoodless Charles Hoodless Josephine Hubbard e Hu es Hunt I ry Hurst Martha Hutton Charles Ingram Mrchael Ingram T Sandra Locklin Phala Long Dewane Lowery jimmy Lowery Jerry McCullar James McDaniel Frances McLean William McLean Jack McLean Sylvia Malone Cecil Martin James Martin Nancy Medley Wayne Metcalf Sue Mignard Aires M1115 Ann Mills Mary Moore Jeanette Morrell Carol Moss 5-5 5 P4 Danny Nelson Mane Nelson Betty Nicol John Norris Aaron Nowlmg Stella Oliver Shirley O Neal Charlotte Orr Lou Ann Overby Clyde Pace Clayton Pace Leonard Pace Mary Frances Pendleton Winston Penton Joe Perritt Janice Pitts Peter Preston Joy Ann Pringle Joann Pugh Mary Rafaele Wesley Ramsay Barbara Reese Patsy Reeves Barry Rhodes Carolyn Richardson Charles Richardson Linda Richardson Edward Riley Ann Riley Bobby Ripley Pat Roberts Linda Rollo Elizabeth Salter Nma Salter Vickie Sandifer Diana Schroeder Joe Schofner Jerry Sessions Glenda Shelby Richard Shelton Z .l Jim Shields Vtrgie Simmons Claudia Simpson Evelyn Smgletary Alyce Sloan Shirley Smith Kenneth Smith Sue Ann Smith Sarah Spears John Spencer Cleo Spicer Larry Stanhope Gerako Stamates Linda Stimmel Kimi Stinson Billy Ray Stokes Charlotte Stokes Janette Stokes Emmett Stokely Evelyn Stone Brlly Wrrght J 111 Young f FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Pam Street Ronnie Sutton Bill Swenson Linda Mae Taylor Martha Terrill William Tolbert hmmy Vrckers Johnny Wallace Kenneth Walters Manlyn Walther Margre Ward Wrllram Weaver Cheryl Wedner Norma Jean Weekes Tommy Weekley Amy Helms Lourse Whltfreld Jrmmy Wrllrams Edrth Wolfe Jane Worrell Presrdent BENTON GRACEY Vrce President KIMI STINSON Secretary STEVE FLOURNOY Treasurer JANE WORRELL iunior high EIGHTH GRADE EIGH TH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE 1 -. ..a"' ,sm ,wf ,ff ,A SIXTH GRADE SIXTH GRADE SIXTH GRADE if FIFTH GRADE FIFTH GRADE FIFTH GRADE r Y -up if ,organiz fons BETA CLUB seated left to rrght Janet Mannrng Trm Melson Nancy Hanulton Mrs Locklrn Standxng Tom Bray Elame McCurley Delors Dawson Janrce Grubbs Susan Melson, Watson Newman Gentry Lou Laughton Joan Folsorn Rose Ella Bodre Katherrne Hend erson Haywood Hanna Elame Bxshop Myron Calhoun Doy1ce Cotten Jlrnmy Wolfe Ann Jenkrns Ronnre Frashure Johnny Edwards Janrce Carpenter Betty Jane Stewart Frank Vanlandmgham Mary Bonrfay Buddy Mayo Laura Chrles John Barley Betty Norrrs Hazel Houston Brenda Stokes Chnstrne Reeves Nma Kembro Loudellia Hollingsworth, Dorothy Edge, Lois Mohr, Barbara Hamilton, Pat Leary, Allie D C T CLUB Fust row Lou Cook Raymond Nipper Second row Jean Pierce Kay Cruse A11ce Adams Lmda Jones Dorothy Lee Third row Lou Laughton Linda Robertson Lmda Broxson Inez Peterson Phyllis Reeves Fourth Row Davrd Riley John Broxson B111 Smathers Johnny Parker Lawton Bostlc Standing Benny Baxley Mr Calhoun Vice Presrdent JEAN PIERCE Secretary KAY CRUSE Treasurer LINDA ROBERTSON Sponsor MR. CALHOUN C C O President ----------- - RAYMOND NIPPER FBLA Seated left to rrght Betty Jane Stewart Laura Chrles Allre Watson Janrce Carpent er Charlene Broxson Judy Harrrs Hester Jernrgan Barbara Crawford Rose Ella Bodre Lucrlle Black Lmda Lowery Marrlyn Bodre Standmg Rogean Cram Sylvra Redmond Martha Srmpson Tennre Spurlock Johnny Edwards Mrlton Boles Elatne Cook Mrs Amos JoAnn Whrttle Bobbre Ann Adams President Secretary Treasurer HESTER JERNIGAN BETTY NORRIS JANICE GRUBBS fees, I O 0 Q Vice President ------- ----- N INA KEMBRO FFA i 'Ui Presrdent DARRELL WATERS Vrce President DANNY COX Secretary GERALD HELMS Treasurer BOBBY MASON Reporter DAVID KELLY Sentinel LEON PUGH Advisor MR. HUGHES A Wm.,-Q0 X . ' L 6, I I I' X QIW5 9 . 'I-' - ,ff I Q . 1 70 X F.H.A. is Presldent Vrce Presxdent Secretary Treasurer Reporter Parhamentanan Song Leader OFFICERS JOAN FOLSOM JULIA IERNIGAN DIANE DUNN ROSE ELLA BODIE CLAUDIA SIMPSON KIMI STINSON JANE WORRELL F TA CLUB Seated left to nght Dons Parker Barbara Ham11ton Johanna Grbson Rogean Cram, Tenme Spurlock Hester Jermgan Elame Cook Judy Harms Rose Ella Bodre Lmda Lowery Ehzabeth Bames Bobble Ann Adams Standing Betty Jane Stewart Laura Chrles A111e Watson Martha Brown Mllton Boles B1l1yJ1m Blackman Faye Wrlks Jerold Hmote Elame Brshop Ann Hayes Mrs Amos Betty Ann Crutchfreld Lucille Black Jo Ann Whmle Frances Stmpson Vrce Presrdent FRANCES SIMPSON Secretary JUNE PEADEN Treasurer BOBBIE ANN ADAMS fS as X O I O ' a F.. 0 ' President -------------- LINDA LOWERY 'I 14 I'- J . c .lg 9 4 .. if CHORUS Back row left to rrght Ann Jenkms Accompamst June Peaden Annette Peaden Charlotte Penton Ralph Stewart Brlly Franklm, Tommy Parrrsh B1llyJ1.m Blackman Rodney Smxth Jerold Hmote Fred Ware Lloyd Enfmger Davrd Vrckers Mrddle row Jo Ann Whntle Janrce Fmch Barbara Casey Tom Lee Bray Peggy Grddens Lmda Lowery Addre Faye Mclnms Betty Stewart Rozelle Matthews Barbara Cassrdy Gladys Lucrlle Black Mary Bonrfay Bobble Ann Adams Pat Broxson Bobby Flournoy Phyllrs Reeves Lrnda Broxson Clara Krmmons Johnme Lors Stephens Martha Hurst Judy Hunt Marc1ena Julran Dranna Burns June Cooke Mr Batty Bw Council, Ruth Johnson, Elaine Bishop, Toni McNair, Lana Lewis. Front row: June Cooley ,J 1. ,1 Q4 1 AP HIY 'V' Seated left to rxght George Overby Terry Maupin Charles Daniels Red Stewart Ttm Melson Buddy Mayo Billy Jim Blackman Roger Grllman Newman Gentry Tommy Parish Standing left to right Bud Naftel Jtmmy Wolfe Don Myrick Mr l-lollings worth Brooks Green Frank Vanlandmgham O Neal Watford M11ton Boles Charles Kierce President TIM MELSON Vice President BUDDY MAYO Secretary Treasurer MYRON CALHOUN Sponsor MR HOLLINGSWORTH TRI-HI-Y Seated left to rtght Elame McCurley Dons Parker Laura Chrles Pat Leary Betty Jane Stewart Johanna Gtbson Barbara Hamrlton Allre Watson Bobble Ann Adams Jamce Carpenter Standmg left to nght Chnstme Reeves June Peader Susan Melson A nette Peader Betty Norms Presxdent Secretary Treasurer Sponsor TR IOHANNA GIBSON BARBARA HAMILTON ALLIE WATSON MRS JOHNSON Vice President ------- BETTY JANE STEWART ' HI LIBRARY CLUB i Seated left to rrght Martha Srmpson Rogean Cram Linda Lowery Elame McCur1ey Rose Ella Bodre June Peaden Mrlton Boles Brenda Folsom Loudelha Hollmgsworth Standrng Betty Norris Nrna Kembro Karen Harrrngton Annette Peaden Dons Parker Jo Ann Evans Linda Crawford Peggy Qawford Jerry McCu1lar B111 Swenson Slupper Holt Mary Borufay Sylvxa Redmond Betty Grubbs Gayne11Denn1s Charlotte Dunlap Charlene Broxson Presrdent ROSE ELLA BODIE V1ce Prestdent ELAINE MCCURLEY secretary JUNE PEADEN Treasurer MILTON BOLES XX 5 ., ... Q I LOS GITANOS Seated left to nght Susan Melson Brenda Stokes Loudelha Hollmgsworth Mary Chatellrer Carol Shaw Barbara Casstdy Max Varnedore Lots Mohr Vrvran Robinson, Allre Watson Johanna Grbson Barbara Hamilton Annette Gwaltney Betty Jane Ste Sue Pennmgton, Chnstme Reeves Dons Parker Lamar Clements Edwm Shubert Wes ley Shelton Jrmmy Wolfe Bud Naftel Don Mynck Jerry Barnhrll Doyrce Cotten Newman Gentry Frank Vanlandmgharn John Barley Trm Melson Dranna Burns Mrs McCall wart, Laura Chiles, Pat Leary. Standing: Joyce Mealer, Gay Gibson, Elaine McQ1rley, M CLUB Seated left to nghr Brlly Ilm Blackman Tlm Melson O Neal Watford Standmg Roger Gxllman Buddy Mayo Jerry Hams Davrd V1ckers Charles Daruels B111 Free man Benton Gracey Doug G1111s Tommy Par1sh Bud Naftel Presrdent TIM MELSON V1ce Presxdent BILLY JIM BLACKMAN Secretary Treasurer O NEAL WATFORD U if KEY CLUB I inn sl Seated left to right Charles Kierce Pete Smrth Charles Danxels Brooks Green Tommy Parlsh Newman Gentry Bxlly hm Blackman Buddy Mayo Roger Gxllman Standmg left to rxght Don Myrlck George Overby Terry Maupm Red Stewart Frank Jtmmy Wolfe Bud Naftel Trm Melson O Neal Watford Mr Hollmgs Vanlandmgham worth Prestdent Vxce Presldent Treasurer Sponsor QQEY XCLU9 TOMMY PARISH NEWMAN GEN TRY BUDDY MAYO MR HOLLINGSWORTH -- f n - 1-a n -me I A - .. Secretary -------------- -------------- - BILLY JIM BLACKMAN lf", I l f Q N11 if a F S k 4" ox , I lk,- STUDENT COUNCIL it Q.. QQ, -L., -..., - ,, .-1, Seated left to rrght Nan Harper Pat Leary Newman Gentry Rose Ella Bod1e Terry Mauptn Frank Vanlandmgham Standmg Jeanne Prerce Drck Clark Francrs Srmpson Ronme Gural Kay Cruse Lou Laughton Joan Folsom JoAnn Whrttle Charles Krerce Mrlton Boles Jlmmy Wolfe Sylvra Redmond Frances Melvm Elame Brshop Haywood Hanna Jamce Stangeland Benton Gracey Nancy Calhoun George Gentry Lana Lewts Buddy Allen Ehzabeth Barnes Presrdent ROSE ELLA BODIE Vlce Presxdem NEWMAN GENTRY Secretary Treasurer PAT LEARY fm i 4? ! H ls i' , I I : Y l I ' D . ' . . . : . ' . , . . ' ' ' I U D , I , I I I l I Y 1 . I l U I I f-' 1 H" .:7fl,l., 61,31 Ol kfrff " 1 uf" 'Il' A S' Y i if - , s f E Ti A nr Amir' 'J 4 BAND CORNET John Allen Alan Lmdsay John Spencer Alan Frasher James Kemp Mahlon McCall Tom Mattls Webb Mapoles 'I'ROMBONE Palmer Rowe SA XOPHONE Roy Pansh CLARINET Benpe Grrffm Marlon Bradley Elame Cook Martha Brown R1chard Allen Susan Allen Gall Cooke L1nda Cockroft Joetta Maupm Carole Stupka Mary Bass Mrchael Wolfe Sandra Locklm DRUM lelda Brown Ginger Hanna Blll Calhoun BASS Penton Elrod Sonny Henderson MAJORETTE Claudra Srmpson L1nda Ackerman Jane Worrell Patncla Batty GEORGE BATTY, Band master MAJORETTES CLAUDIA SIMPSON Band Sweetheart CLAUDIA SIMPSON Ma Jorette Captam Left to right: Claudia Simpson, jane Worrell, Linda Ackerman, Pat Batty DRILL TEAM Leader Frances Srmpson Members Tom McNa1r Franlue Chewnlng Judy Wall Lrnda Rrchardson Nrna Berchey Patty Rrchardson, Mary Alrce Hams Carolyn Grvens Mary Ann Rrley Carol Shaw Marcxena Julran Rosalre Reed Joan Folsom Loudellra Hollmgsworth Yvonne Owens Lana Lewrs Drana Bearor Lmda Braxton Gay G1bson Margarette Baxley Peggy Hood Carol Freeman Evelyn Srngletary Suann Smrth Betsy Knox Nancy Calhoun Jo Ann Collmgsworth Jane Sanders Martha Hutton Kay Mannrng J0hI1ny Hand Martlee Mock Judy Mulkey P I l , I D I , I I I I . I , u I . 9 I I I D . I I ' , . fafgf ' J fu- it mf f af Ay! CHEERLEADERS 'BAE' Left to rrght Carolyn Sanders Betty Jane Stewart Martha Stmpson Laura Chrles Sue Harry Susan Melson SENIORS Martha Sunpson Laura Chlles Betty Jane Stewart SOPHOMORES Carolyn Sanders Faye Wrlks xXxllll vw- S E S ffl 5 A A 5 'WWWQ Z f Z Xfi- l""' at- 1 IS S F S JUNIORS Susan Melson Marilyn Bod1e Betty Ann Crutchfreld FRESHMEN Sue Harry Brenda Folsom REC CLUB Standmg left to rrght Lors Mohr Judy Wall Lrnda Braxton Nell Nrchols Rebecca Greene Sue Harry Sylvra Redmond Janrce Flournoy Elaine Bishop Evelyn Srngle tary Betty Ann Crutchfreld Carolyn Phrllrps Joetta Maupm Evelyn Stone Drana Schroeder Trudy Burke Carolyn Sanders Nma Berchey Seated Nan Harper Faye Wrlks Ann Caudell Frankre Chewnrng OFFICERS Presrdent MARILYN BODIE Vrce Presrdent ANN CAUDELL Secretary FRANKIE CHEWNING Treasurer NAN HARPER MONITOR CLUB ill 'Q gg.. is Seated left to rlght Martha W1ll1ams Gladys Councll Judy Hunt Bobble Ann Adams Ehzabeth Barnes Chr1stme Reeves Nancy Hangs Manlyn Bod1e Jamce Fmch Patue Rtchardson M3IC1CH3IU113H Carol Shaw Standrng Betty Ann Crutchfleld Charlotte Penton Mrckey Ingram Martha Hutton Jerold I-Imote Evelyn Stngletary Plul Dunn Joan Folsom Johnny Edwards Benton Gracey Max Varnedore Paul Greene Mr Rhodes Presldent PHIL DUNN V1ce Presxdent BETTY CRUTCHFIELD Secretary Treasurer MARILYN BODIE J es PAPER STAFF VXI, Q Seated left to rrght Jamce Carpenter Hester Jermgan Judy Harms Allre Watson Gaynell Dennis Tenme Spurlock Marrlyn Bodre Betty Ann Crutchfreld Ann Jenkms. Standmg Mrs Palmer Gerald Bostwrck Ray Polk Clrfford Collrer Rodney Smrth Ken Sunpson Mac Melvrn Pat Broxson Jrmmy Craft Tonr Bray Joseph Babb Joseph 1ne Matola Ann Hayes Ju11e Nell Adams June Cooke Jeanette Stewart Edrtor GAYNELL DENNIS Assrstant Edrtor ALL115 WATSON Business Manager IANICE CARPENTER 4 S! T H5512 Q X s , A A x y' ' y .L-1 " 'W hi IX 1 ,I 1 Q H .. ve' ,elf s . 'if E an J g , s ,if -1 g 1' X 5 Eu L l -- 1: f -:' 'T - if 5,1 1':5?v". 2 ,gi -gf, - . CAFETERIA PERSONNEL Wy'-MM,,. Left to rrght Laura Moore Laura Levmson Came Lockett Lors Ward V1v1an Allen Mary Adams N1ona Levms Dolhe Dunlap Alma Cram Estelle Adams ,JJ ff ff You Boy s Getung A S 1-ms Su weeksu 1 u New P E Teacher ,X You oo Happy To Be Getting A Au Clear! Is Th1S Loule AlT1'1SIIOI1g9 So You Two Are Senlorsl I I z ' Lv .!l 1 1 i gi 21 We ' . A fb tkbvw 41 Q if h .A I k I, . ff , 'W . vi K Rh. H? 'lik' afhktics ff tx.. My Front row left to rrght Irmmy Byrd Francrs Melvin Randy Brown Ralph Stewart Roger Glllman Benton Gracey Doug Grlhs Charles Klerce Jrmmy Worrell Second row MICRCY Ingram Carlton Hubbard John Spurlock Trm Melson Buddy Mayo Davrd Vrckers Pete Smrth Ronme Barnhart Bobby Rrpley Jlmmy Wolfe Thtrd row H S Bohannon Charles Danrels George Overby Tommy Parlsh Terry Maupm Danny Hood B111 Freeman Bo Slngletary Raymond Grrffrn v CHAN 2 "' . 4 2 - o C? x CAPTAINS Left to nght Tommy Parrsh T1m Melson Buddy Mayo Terry Maupln COACHES Left to rrght Coaches James Rosser Clarence Norton Phll Woodard John Perry GEORGE OVERBY, End F J am BUDDY MAYO Halfback 4' S '-4-.3 ?' H 'E i g - i s CHARLES DANIELS Jud M X ah Quarterback UFOI1 X ,gffff Milton 221 N Muton 1 1' a A1:l11ron 1 ctawh llt 1 are 1 a Chee M 3 I on M IIIOD 25 C1-estv 0 IIIOQ ntur A O17 Ev Mu, 14 efgfeen roms M1 I ffl-r BILL FREEMAN, Halfback RALPH STEWART, Guard TIM MELSON Fullback Ll K ..- ,g:C5"4""" 'TFII ,- ' F :fLV':1 ' .V ."" " y ',x-.MVK 5: F , J H-,:',:,--.M lx rw K 'Mx 5 ns ,., ' X L X MM , .,:'7M' 5' T-ssxsx AUNNX EBM' 42" .- ' ' NN xx ,N W , ,qT"' rf'-" . XXX ' xx '. .f En- X - Ax J A .5141-b X X X X 2. . ' - XL ' X ML' Q 1-. x NI A , . . . x .-,. fa. - 3 . - , U1 h 7 XX ' ' A1 ik, 'i. ' x '-3, V , 3 - , Cho xv. fa,- Oll ' - ' T r 1 'F - L -, 1 :L Mi ' - ' - 2 19 FA , wk lion 9 - Wa t .11 3 b, ' - - - - 2 . -e 1. 'Ya . 1 . s 5 N , Q -2 ul 1 X 20 Ce 'W 0 ku: ' I. Milt ' . ' . y 0 312. :FLA on 6 N Q N 53 h 7 1, . I 1:4 '- Q, 5 Q C 1 R. :L . K X 1 l , e Z f. K A. L hlpley 6 14 X' I px 4' ' 4 fa , , 4 1 ? V K V Y -1,5 if vu,-j u .. 4c'543la 'Sf , r . h '14 A""1::L'4 lwlrm 45? : , ,3,, - , dk--7--1 M w I DouGG1u.1s Hanback TERRY MAUPIN End PETE Guard O TOMMY PARISH, Tackle DAVID v1cKERs, Halfback BO SINGLETARY, Tackle T JOHN SPURLOCK, Tackle BENTON GRACEY, Guard ROGER GILLMAN, Center Left to nght Jerry Harus Davrd Vrckers Larry Hams Fred Mrller Gerald Bostwlck Terry Maupm B111 Freeman George Overby Haywood Hanna Buddy Mayo Trm Melson Frank Vanlandmgham QW- 'F HAI! kr. ,U 5 . Standmg left to nght Ronald Barnhart Jerry weekley Francxs Melvm John Spurlock John Spencer -' QS Q I G B 1 1 Kenneth Walters, Benton Gracey. Kneeling: Bobby Mason, Jerry Barnhill, Paul Green, -X sr 'I BASEBALL Kneelrng left to rrght Doug G111l.S Frank Vanlandrngham Jerry Barnhrll Davld Vrck ers Benton Gracy Doylce Cotten Standrng Haywood Hanna Charles Damels Buddy Mayo Gerald Bostwrck George Overby Terry Maup1n Wesley Shelton ui-FX x x l pr 1 ' ' f M fix 4 r I 4 .- fr Q rf,-M ' A, A 'arm ,V ',gz.SQ I' I :fr 'V f . ' . I . .' . ' . , . . . . ' - ' 2 . ' . I 1 I I l I ' fig , V1 , 5 xiy, 7 a N , MR. AND MISS M. H. S. PAT ARY TIM MELSOIN MOST ATTRACTIVE MA RTHA SIMPSON Nr-4 TIM MELSON lr' FRIENDLIEST ROSE ELLA BODIE TERRY MAUPIN WITTIEST LAURA CHILES C LYDE MELVIN Wg! MOST INTELLECTUAL ANNETTE GWALTNEY TIM MELSON MOST TALENTED IOHANNA GIBSON BUD NAFTEL MOST POPULAR MARTHA SIMPSON TIM MELSON CUTEST SMILE MARTHA SIMPSON FRED MILLER MOST VERSATILE LAURA CHILES TIM MELSON MOST POLITE TIM MELSON LAURA CHILES HQEBESEIWSSEE A! 1 T S . iw tru -Ei 3 .5353 5 I 5 N N i 2 lv. CUTEST COUPLE GEORGE OVERBY d JUDY HARRIS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED ROSE ELLA BODIE TIM MELSON BEST DRESSED PAT LEARY TIM MELSON BEST FIGURE MARTHA SIMPSON BEST PHYSIQUE BILL FREEMAN FAVORITE TEACHER MRS LOCK LIN BEST ALL ROUND SENIORS TIM MELSON ROSE ELLA BODIE Cheryl Wedner HALLOWEEN PRINCE and PRINCESS Tom Ch11es and Sandra Snruth HALLOW EEN QUEEN W HOMECOMING ATTEINDANTS Laura Chrles and Lors Mohr Left to rrght Buddy Mayo, Laura Chrles Pat Leary Terry Mauprn Lo1s Mohr and Tlm Melson HOMECOMING QUEEN and ESCORT Par Leary and Terry Mauprn v 1 4.,,, .A ..-nn-1 . A I E pa - 1 1 9 y . E1v1s Presley No Less Hal Hal Ha: if The Thmker Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde Caughtll nfl 1 V' A Gosh" ev. - 54 I . f s C5 E , f W we t ie,-K I Q 'K ,, A gdverhsers E- ..,, gg-5 , FLORIDA CAFE A1r Cond1t1oned Steaks Seafood Ch1cken Dumers to Go Phone 9401 U S H1ghway 90 M11ton, F1or1da SAN TA EO SA AUTO PARTS CO Nat1ona1ly Advert1sed Lines of Auto Parts, Accessor1es and Pamts Home Owned and Operated HIRAM COOK and JOE LAMBERT M11ton, F1or1da Compl1ment s of LJ PTOVV IX! MOT OR COMPANY Your Authonzed Rambler Dealer C OMMODORE DENNIS W OODR OW WILLIAMS C omp11ment s of Zvi' W 766 Curb Serv1ce Oyster Bar West H1ghway 90 M11ton, F1or1da by I-Ii-Way 90 West Phone 2911 I ll GERALD BARNES SUPER MAR KET Air Conditioned for Your Shopping Comfort Oak and Canal Street Phone 2.491 Milton, Florida NUGRAPE BOTTLING COMPANY BUBBA ' FISHER Owner Phone 2223 Milton, Florida Come to See Us WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Home and Auto Supplies Milton, Florida Home Owned by MR. AND MRS. I. L. ENGLISH Layaway - Easy Payments I AUTO SI ORE Q uality C leaning MODEL CLEANERS Laundry Service Cleaning for Those Who Care! Phone 2461 Milton, Florida s 4 O - at Youlz HEALTH -ai C9165 Phone 23 53 fa BUSINESS RL! VVELL5 PHARMACY M1lton F1or1da yzedmmewzg GROCERY Phone 2426 North Alabama Street Dealer 1n Fert111zer and Pecans X .dl I, DCDT S FLOWERS Or1U1na1 Creat1ons for All Occas1ons Flowers by W1re D1al 2243 433 W1111ng Street MRS AVIS LEWIS Z KZQW Expert Watch Repa1r1ng M1lton F1or1da G1fts and Jewelry for All Occas1ons On Santa Rosa Street Servlng Santa Rosa County 0 T 4, G A an 1 ,U 1 ' 1 IAQ -1- A x H' ' 15 L . i I ' .o. . . S 41" ' ff l ,I ,,, X . . Large or Small We Welcome Your Account Qofwt My 1n M11ton, F1or1da Thmk F1r st of Nat1ona1 I I 37, Interest on Savings hmm amen Watchmaker Jeweler M11tOH s D1amond Merchant Bulova Elgm Longlnes Watches Chma. S1lver and Crystals Phone 2.443 M11ton Flor1da Stop Dreammg Start Bmldmg M11ton F1or1da Phones 2463 or 2711 SANTA PO S A QA? 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BYRCDM K SCDIXIS INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 5001 Phone 2423 Dodge and Plymouth Sixes Dodge Red Ram V Eights P O Box 272 Sales and Service Milton Florida Milton Florida U, S, Hi-Way 90 West Z7'5?5Zm1f FLORIST Flo ers for A11 Occas1ons Phone 2229 M11ton F1or1da. W1re Serv1ce Member of F T D 2, 7514 VJ gow? A 4,Q1Z1!lg-425507Z J TO VISIT CSENTEY FORD COMPANY The Place to Buy Your Ford Mercury Cars and Trucks Phone 2234 M11t0n F1or1da SALES SERVICE WMM DRUG 5 130k I: Phone 2216 N1ght Phone 3308 M11ton F1OT1da VVOLJ: E LEW IS Q FZZTEAL O 5 A062 Phone 2 24 3 54 Q W M11ton F1or1da H W . . 'M 6 ' . 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Suggestions in the Milton High School - Panthers Paw Yearbook (Milton, FL) collection:

Milton High School - Panthers Paw Yearbook (Milton, FL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Milton High School - Panthers Paw Yearbook (Milton, FL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Milton High School - Panthers Paw Yearbook (Milton, FL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 43

1958, pg 43

Milton High School - Panthers Paw Yearbook (Milton, FL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 14

1958, pg 14

Milton High School - Panthers Paw Yearbook (Milton, FL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 124

1958, pg 124

Milton High School - Panthers Paw Yearbook (Milton, FL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 136

1958, pg 136

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