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7 ?55 76a 77Za412w7 mm., nw soma Walton, Vllama To our loyal friend, Mr' Floyd Schween, who so willingly served us and our' school, we humbly dedicate the 1955 Mustang as a-token of our admiration and respect. s ' ' ' 1.-mm, ' g.e-41 4 , 1 liffliii? ' H15 Hariri? - ga-Mm 5- , - 154 '- Mi-7 '-1 -..,P::5.v.f -.319'l.,,.rq,. AQ,-':. .x W9 nifzgg K - '-nv' A 1 Q ' - . 'Wi n .Yf' u..w' Q -in fra , 1 1- I f mm, , Z as 77femafz6cmo Karl Edwin Hum, well known and well liked alumni of Milton High School, died February 21, 1954. ,- :wap . ' ' " - 1- ' ,fn 1 ,xi J- 1' .- .-.--rf . -, -.w X - N Nl... .?f::'?:g-Qgg , , J. wig' !17: R T-ygij gif: 'K , Rizlai: 5325-'TQQ 1fYf.1ug::: 135 ggggfggs '- """'N'3 -K - 'W ' -". VK '--' '1'H. 'V+' P"" 5.9uf' -S"-'Sh' , 21wi4 "W" 3 P. find S Mr. Robert Glenn Miss Melba Lemons V. H. Voshall Ronald O Sidwell A C Holloway V T Parks Superintendent Pre ident Secretary Arthur Browning Edgar 5 Mp, Waldo Wright History Ag 1511 Mr, Robert El. Glenn 3 o Principal Math. Hist, Phys.Ed. Miss Roberta Jones Zo merce, English, Physical Ed. '7wfW Mrs.C1ara Barngrover Eng Home Ec. Science Mr. Dean Behrends General Sci. Ag.I8II 1" ,, uunffg R, 8, x""3 -if-Q-an ' MP- David Bfunberg Mrs. Jean Frank Instrumental Music Vocal Music . Mr. Randall Frank Speech Correctionest . Johnie Kern, Editorg Barbara Foreman, Assistant Editorg Leonard McEuen, Sports Editorg Lois David F. H. A. Reporterg Gene Evans, F. F. A. Reporterg Doris Norton, Senior Reporterg Janet Wheeler, Junior Reporterg Joyce Barton, Sophomore Reporterg Greta Ruble, Freshmen Re- oorterg Lois Stout, Pep Club Reporter: Jesse Smart, Projection Club Reporter. PAPER STAFF Swifw Mem Snonsor: hr. Glenn Lois David President Doris Norton Vice-President R Reporter Barbara Foreman Secretary A Treasurer Ronnie Bissell Student Council Representative Donna Mae Ranft..... ...Editor-in-Chief Jennie Lee Johnson.......Assistant Editor Ronnie Bissel1..... ...Business Manager B arbara Foreman Mary Jane Hack.... ...Snapshot Editors Leonard McEuen.... ...Sports Editor Doris Norton... ...Hall of Fame Editor JOhn1e Kernooon aocsocj-al Editor Jim Wade Lois David.... ...Class Will and Phrophecy Ml ffmzaal SW! Lois David Pep vlub 3 Secretary Reporter M Student Council M Junior Play 3 Class President M Librarian 3 Mmms2 Wusic Festival 2 Paper Staff 2, M Annual Staff M Class Will and Prophecy ueen Candidate M Donna Mae Ranft G. A. A. 1, 2 Peo Club 3, M F. H A. 1, 2, 3, M becretary 3 Treasurer 2 Program Booklets M Student Council 3, M President M Junior Play 3 Class Sec. and Librarian 3 wmmsl,2,3 Music Festival 1 Annual Staff M Editor Chief M Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, M 7 Jennie Lee Evans Johnson Program Booklets 2 Program Committee 2 1 Reporter 1 Pep Club 3 M Vice President 3 Spring Festival 3 Queen Candidate 3 Chorus 1, 2 Mu ic Festival Junior Play 3 Annual Staff M Asst Editor M Treasurer 2, 3 G. A. A. 1, 2 ' ' , M F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, M 3 2 a Secretary-Treasurer M L F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, M G. A. A. , 2 I 1 3 s 1, 2 UO' s Norte ar 2 1,2 GD l b 3 udent oun 11 2 ueer ard1 ate Paper Stal' ass Yeoovte horus l, 2, Junlor Play 3 Annual Staff M Hall of Fane EdlUOF Mary Jane Hack Project Commlttee 3 Program Booklets 2 1 Pep Club 3 Q Junior Play 3 Annual Staff M Snapshot Editor M Harvest Festival queen Barbara Foreman Parl1amentar1an 2 V109 President Pep Club 3, U Vice Presldent A Student 'ouncil l, 3 oheerleader 2, 3, L Queen Candidate 2 Paper Staff 3, M Sports EdltOP 3 Asst. Editor M Chorus 1, 2, M Musie Festival 1, 2, L Junlor Play 3 Annual Staff Q Snapshot Editor Librarlan Class President 3 Sec.-Trees. Q Treasurer 2 8 -i H A H F. 13. 1, 2, 3, L Recreation unairm , G. A. A. P A C u , L St' C 3' Q- ". C 1 .6 3 T P, m Cl 1 1 , 3 r 3 - LL Music Festival l, 2, M F' H'.A' 11 29.3: J-L S I G. A. A. , 2 is K I 'P A it P. H. A. 1, 2, 3, L1 . I- 4 G A A 1, 2 Leonard lc uen 1 a ket all g Va eball A Anrual Sta f Q Class irophecJ 111 Basketball 1, 9 3 M Baseball M l Class Presldent Anrual Staff M Sports ditor Paper Staff A Qports Reporter Student Council A Vice president Chorus 1 huSlC Festlval Class Qeporter l King Candidate M Progectlon Club 3 JOHDl6 Kern Ea ketoall 1 2 asecall l nlnv andldate M Junior Play 3 L PFOJ6CtlOD Club 3 A Pr ldent A Class Jlce presldent 2 Chorus l Music Festlval l Jolliest Junior 3 Annual Staff A SOClB1 adltor Paper Staff M Lditor n1e D1 sell Basketball l 2 3 Daseball 1 P Junior Play 3 M Progectlor Vlub 3 L Vlce president 1 Class Presldent 1 Class Reporter 3 Chorus 1 lusic restlval 1 Klnv Candidate l Student ounc11 ? A Annxal Staff M Business Tan er ,l Jin wade ,M F. F. A. , 2, 3 43. f B s b V ' .3 S e 1 f V , ' " e1y.1 pf' . Q M -Q 1 F. F. A. , 2 ' 2 E o . - , . . . 1 , ' non ' "s . . F. F. A. 1, 2, 3 s 3 J U U ' s -9 js L , . . 0 1 , L It - n 1 Y V. . Y I ' LJ o . 4 fzzf ' 77x Y . . ' A ' ,:, F. F. A. 1, 2 Q S , . 3, LL 1 ,-. ' 'U -' 9 is 3: V. H . X1 U P s 1 , ' 3 es' ' ' J 3 . . -ff i Q . W . X . ?,wv . 9 Semlafr I -V7 1 , ma., fffrrcfrff lf I I f Q I Ji' 11 1 , , 1 " ' 1 . . 5 ln the fell of 1952, fifteen green nreshmen clinbed the steps of Wilton High School. Our class sponsor was Ars. psrngrover. Eur class officers were: President, Clarence Ewing, ident, Rosemary Hung Secretary, Jheelerg Student Council Representatives. Vice-Pres- ,ande Frankling Treasurer, Janet Judy Rush and Bill Carter dur candidates for Queen HS Reporter, Anita Meek. and King were Judy Rush and Bill Carter. ',',' e were proud to have Judy ush elected Queen. 'anda .'.' Franklin represented our class as candidate for the Spring Festival. During the year we were sorry to lose Clarence gwing and Ore Ruble, but heyyy to gain Doris Helm. The highlight of the year was our Variety Show. The fall of 1953 we returned as Silly Sophomores, with an en- rollment of l3, after losing Don Howland and Harold ferry. Xe were sorry to lose Bill Carter and Herbert Buchanan, during the year. Eur class officers were, Anita Meek, President, Manda Franklin, Vice-President, Anabelle Peebles, Secretary- Treasurerg Rosemary Hum, Reporter. The members of the Student Council were Anita Week and Wanda Franklin. Anita Meek and Harold Evans were our candidates for King and Queen. Our class sponsor was Mrs. Berngrover. he returned as Jolly Juniors to Milton High School in l9bL, with an enrollnent of ten. he were sorry to lose Mary Pearson, but happy to gain Lloyd Hanson, only to lose him during sem- esters. Our class sponsor was Mrs. Earngrover, and our class ofSicers were: President, Rosemary Hum, Vice-President, Harold Evans, Secretary-Treasurer, Anabelle Peebles, Reporter, Janet Wheeler. Rosemary Hum and Lloyd Hanson were our candidates for King and Queen. Wanda Franklin represented our class as cheerleader. The highlight of' the year was our play, "Pig,talls." f ' orrlcsas I Sponsor: Mrs. Barngrover 1 Rosemary Hum President . Uarold Evans Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Anabelle Peebles Janet Wheeler Reporter Wanda Franklin student Council Representative Wanda Franklin Anita Meek Patricia Jeemer kai .IL, Charlene Sidwell f-uv Janet Wheeler fi, xc "Di 2 gr 3 qc-I M- .p V ,fit I Harold Evans I Lloyd Hanson , 'Su' Nb 1-v" v4 D f I 'Nw' K 1 IX A i 'M 'CV Quik Anabelle Peeble GA' I I Rosemary Hum Judy Rqsh 905' ggpis Helm Mary lPearsonD Sisk r.,- l-ff-31 Lois Stout President Gale Boren Vice President Joyce Barton Sec. 8 Reporter Howard Tnurmon Treastrer Jesse Smart Student Zouncil Reg Sophomore Class History In the fall of '53 the twenty-three members of our class entered V.C.H.S. as ugreenn Freshman. The Sophomores entertained us with an initiation party in September. Me were sorry to lose Dale Doyle during the first semester but were happy to gain Don Shipley. Gale Boren and Joyce Barton represented our class as Harvest Festival King and Queen candidates. we were proud to have Lois Stout elected cheerleader. Our class olfieers were Jesse Smart, Presidentg Joyce Barton,U1:e43esidentg Dale Doyle, Secretaryg Don Ranft, Treasurer. Joyce Barton and Jesse Smart represented our class as Student Council members and Lois Stout was elected Secretary and Reporter after Dale left. Miss Jones was our class sponsor. we re-entered Milton High School in September 195k as nSilly Sophomores,N with eighteen members. Delbert Ruble joined our ranks again in October. Miss Jones was our class sponsor and the following officers were elected: Lois Stout, Presidentg Gale Boren, Vice- Presidentg Joyce Barton, Secretary and Reporterg Howard Thurmon, Treasurerg Jesse Smart and Lois Stout, Student Council representatives. Howard ThurmonandAUiceEobbins were our candidates for Harvest Festival King and Queen and we were pleased to have Howard elected King. H6 were proud to have Erma Norton represent our class as cheerleader. 16 S Obgeww s an A f N ,P 1115 ' as 'i . Gale Boron Alice Robins Jesse Smart ' , 1 Erma Norton Kay Landess I-'I.,'.I. Av 'QI' I. " L10 'O O 0 A hO4...' 'A .4 Donald Ranft 437 'il we-f Joyce Barton Que-up Archie Davis Bonna Fulmer -15 -ul Howard Thurmon Delbert Ruble Lois Stout Harold Ruble Marjorie Ransom Kathleen Johnson Ona Day Schleiper E, ,, MS, ' 'kj A Ralph Buchanan Gene Evans Adllllln nm Zo Ann Eatley 7 WW On September 1, 195g fifteen green freshmen climbed the stairs of Milton High School. Early in the year the following officers were elected: President, Elea- nor Daniels, Vice-President, Beth Denison, Secretary- Treasurerg Phil Hoover, Reporter, Greta Ruble, and Student Council representative was Shirley Davis. Mr. kright was our sponsor. Later intzhe year Hr. Behrends took the sponsorship. On September l3, the sophomores held initiation. That night a very nice party was held. Later in the year we were sorry to lose Bill Chaplin, Dennis Perry, and Wanda Patter- son. At the Harvest Festival Pat Smith and Bob David were our candidates for King and Queen. We were also very proud to have bob Deemer represent our class on the second team in basketball and Phil Hoover on the first five. OFFICERS Spenser: Mr. Behrends Eleanor Daniele x President ' Beth Dennison Vice-President Phil Hoover Secretary-Treasurer Greta Ruble Reporter Shirley Davie Student Council Representative 771-A OFFICERS Janet Wheeler Pres ident Earoara Foreman Vice-President Rosemary iimuu Secretary Anita Meek Treasurer Lois David Reporter Joyce Barton Parliamentarian Marjorie Ransom His torian STUDY HALL Q J A 7.7.14 Compliments of Spieth Studios Pittsfield, Illinois Z1 elm 7. 7. 4. OFFICERS Hows rd Thurmon President Don Ranft Vice-President Jesse Smart Secretary Ralph Buchanan Treasurer Gene Evans Reporter Harold Buble Sentinel Mr. Behrends Adviser Lois David handa Franklin Donna Ranft Janet Wheeler Lois Stout Doris Norton Barbara Foreman Beth Denison Ann Davis Deloris Kern Marjorie Sue Hanson Kay Landess Ona Day Schlieper Miss Jones Doris Helm Anita Meek Mary Jane Mack Charlene Sidwell Joyce Barton Jennie Johnson Rosemary Hum Zo Ann Batley Bonnie Labby Eleanor Daniels Jeanne Conkright Kathleen Johnson Patsy Deemer PROJECTION CLUB PEP GLUE OFFICERS Wanda Franklin President Barbara Foreman Vice-President Judy Rush Secretary-Treasurer Lois Stout Reporter COMPLIMENTS OF GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION Eale Boren Jesse Smart Don Ralft Harold Ruble Phil Hoover Harold Evans Gene Evans Ralph Buchanan Johnie hern Archie Davis Nr. ilenn Ron Bissell fob David Howard Thurmon Lloyd Hanson ?qe H44 New York L fe Insurance 1 Richard Y. Lee, Agent Pittsfield, Illinois ZZ EeifinBZn?S13i91S Erma Norton Judy Rush Anabelle Peebles Pat Smith-Absent LIBRARIANS COMPLIMENTS OF Fanmers State Bank Patricia Deemer Marjorie Ransom Charles Ransom Zo Ann BAtley Gale Boren and Bobby Hayden Judy Hess Judy Hack Joyce Barton Lois Stout Howard Thurmon Rodney Walker Ronald Hayden Leonard wade Jeannie Conkright President: Donna Mae Ranft Vice President: Leonard McEuen Secretary E Treasurer: Leis David Representatives: Lois Stout Eleanor Daniels Wanda Franklin Rosemary Hum Shirley Davis Jesse Smart Ronnie Bissell M mb9P F. D. I. C. Sponsopg Pittsfield, Illinois Mp, Glgnn condom NPIGTAILSU Janet Wheeler Compliments of Coultas Brothers Grain Company Florence, Illinois Z4 1 lt I HCYE EQ. I AST cu um Agriculture II Jul, , w I . My , ' HOME Bc. I1 COOKS Compliments of C'l11Plill0Dtl of Straus: U1mpy's Dr-ivo In Pizurula, 1111no1. Pittlfifld. Illinois :Z BASKFTEALL SJHEDULE 2: BASKETBALL SQUAD Milton QL Ferry 62 Seated: Archie Davisg Pnil Hooverg Ron Bissellg Milton 30 Prusselzs 52 Leonard Mchueng Johnie Kern. Milton QU Shigmen K3 Standing: Loyd Hansong Gene Evansg Bobby Deemer hilton hh Nebo Ml Donald Ranftg Jesse Smartg Gail Eoren hilton 22 Carrollton eg Howard Thurnong Harold Evansg Milton 38 rerrl 57 Coach Glenn. Milton Ml ?rig5svllle 69 hilton 39 rliasant Hill 79 Hilton M9 Erussells 66 Milton U2 Veredosia 69 Milton 33 Bluffs 61 Milton 36 Arenzville 55 Milton 38 west Pike S3 Milton M7 Hardin 78 Milton M9 Barry GM HARDIN TOURNEY Wilton Q6 Pleasant Hill YE Milton 38 Madera 72 Milton hh Nebo L6 PLEASANT HILL TOURNEY Milton M2 Eearl G6 Milton 38 Hardin 70 Hilton Q3 Shipmen 73 PIKE COUNTY REGIONAL Milton Q8 Perry 60 Milton 39 Pittsfield 73 fki. 'fry V 'X v' 'X M f 13 X1 ff? Gene Evans Donald Ranft Bobby Deemer Comoiiments of 'mio MANUFACTURING co. C0mP1im'ntS of Griggsville, Illinois Willards Superette Manufacturers of TGA STORE TV Antennas and Rotators Milton' Illinois Z8 S W 0 in . Wx , 9 K1 .QR l n,4 i m "9 Johnie Ke Co-Capta Q an egg Ronnie Bissell Co-Captain ueonard McEuen Phil Hoover Q' X T Jesse Smar Gail Boren e gg 'PY Q5 Archie Davis vD6YgQ Howard Thurmon Compliments of Com pliments of La Croggengugger Co. Town E Country Shop Pearl olllinois Hwhere High School Girls Shop ' Pittsfield, Illinois Z9 .fm ' S .1 Q 4 pa 3 , in CHEERLEADERS PEP MEETING CHEERLEADERS ...fa C' CUMPLIMENTS OF Class-Marshall Chevrolot Co. 9 Cross fB't:rdt Winchostor, Illinois Left: Erma Norton Center: Barbara Foroman Donna Mae Ranft Wanda Franklin and5"M1J t" the Mustang Right: Judy Rush COMPLLMENTS OF Den1aon's Standard Station Milton, Illinois Zcweiail 2: BASEBALL Milton gfufd SCHEDULE Brussells igi V- y 5, 5 A,-ik Q in-iQ ' 1 N . . B ' 'S Milton Eearl 20 Milton Hardin lip Milton Griggsvil Milton Barry 13 Milton Hardin lO Milton Pearl 13 QB? B111 Iftner COMPLIMENTS oF' A GOOD PI.-ALE TO D0 BUSINLSS COMPLIMENTS OF Eandess at sons am: IT IS APPRECIATED' Austin Meat Harket Pittsfield, Ill. Pittsfield, Illinois P1ttSfi8ld Ill 9335 HALL OF FAME 'FQ gk DID MOST FOR CLASSES MOST TALENTED BOY 'Q' lx: LP .Z 1v'P'f BEST DRESSILD BOY ,W 'Q""'? BEST DRESSED 601 vflxg MOS Bmsfr Looxnw BOY rf Mp nun 'UH 'ii-W' Nr Sl LOOKING GIRL IRL Mosw TALENTnD GIRL Un 1954. E 1-'L INTEL If , Hs O ZJGEW 'GG' Q 'E X,-Q' 4, OS Q15 I we B WTECLJG Sw wiv' GIRL Compllments of L. E. WILLIAMS Detroit, Illinois 32 Gov Compliments of CLARK THEATRE Pittsfield, 111111915 V Q , for wx A 4 .-, ' I .F ,- A- ? , , , . . 5 ., wht , v. www I aw k Rad 665 A ,V Vx,...:i ,sg IIOIIO ','Tf' X , 9 " B: I 1 ' Q 1 'f L- . U X 4 .7 ,. . A , O. 5 S . 'fl I hh N X F' l Tl ,ly A K T, Q 'xx fi KVA V , A p i QA , Q5 T M05 'bf' 'I 'SN n BL -7' ,,:T Iwdfvo ' Q I K if V rl F 2' 4' cf K 'NT - Q, I I :KX N.: ' AY Q 5 azz .IL 21 ef '1'I.'f" MOSm SOPHISCATLD SLNIOR MARRILD 2X MOST POPULAR BOY ri' ni" '70 Hfu..L OF FAME QT.,""L"5 AMW' v .V 63 ff? A M JOLLIEST JUNIOR WN Qs? C9Q'0 1 Y' MOST POPULAR GIRL 33 lf? GOING STLADY Y i S' lv' FRESHEST FRESHMAN NITTIFST SOPHUVORL COMPLIMENTS OF Prairie Farms Mt. Sterling MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED TQ 'af l " .., f ' ' W , Lf, W. , , , jj fffi , I V L - -I ,j.-N -A, 1 M if 1 - , I v , M 6' , ,f 35? L' i , . 3 f 2 H L 'rl ' 4' if . ' 7.7, .li . ga A 0 V' ,, 3 I, Q v 'QI ,X ., 1 'V :arg f I I K, l " , ' X I .-'xxx-2-v'.5:?f ,B I I' f ,"' KV X Q , C' -f Q 47 . 3 ' . O x, .Q- 1,, A ,Y , A? Iv Y. s. JI I V V C 0 'y 9' , sf' N ' A i' I f 5 . -1? T I " Q ff I Q gf. Q1 S A, 1 ' BEET 'I " M ,K 3. 'fb ' E F Qoohistlcated Seniore Dodo Our nd Assistant Ed 1 1 Harvest Queen Grade School Days Ha1'o1d's G P 3 ig Mya Sisters Juniors Sophomores COMPLIMENTS OF Hoover Brothers R C Gray Cheverolet Co John Deere Sales 8: Service "Home of Good Used Cars Phone 21411 Milton, Illinois Pittsfield, Illinois N ,..4 The Puddle-Jumper' ' Fishing C'if'1S? Y Annie Sakley 4 ., - -4 - .g l . 5 H f ti Ll, If 1 V Watch out for Debbie Initiation Day N I I 5 a J P-5 f --F., gjggh?-Q-T21 .5 X lkxm :JK mera Shy 'J S I5 ug I ., IN' ' IVA l 514 Nj, ,X F .uk ' SAK lu' 5 ::?E5ELgig!mVr' COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF A, T, Nglggn Fish Cgmpany Brewn Produce and Hatchery 214 Hour Service - ' Ph 113272 Market Phono M one Pearl, Illinois D d' Milton, Illinois 3 35 Terry Holloway v' 3? 457' he ,Y Peggy and Gail uoseline Allen Joyce Johnson Norma Renft . ,X s , uflv , " A V by J ag, X V N 'E 'z ,f1. l'!, v .oh '35, " 9 ff. f'f, f- V " A Zasjgr. ' six i?s:g'f,,l mfg .- .nn 1+ ' N " . L ' Susan Scott John Meek Berkley BaPtOH GRADE SC U O O L gggiah! -as G!! -' ' vis Q, 'iq 411- 9, 4-,QE 5 . ?1,g lf Vfgqlfl Little Angels! Quit mme ew Grader ?4?+'-JZ! Z J Quite 8 , Kid! M f'i Ealet Dancerl I? .. F -10 7 Mis Jones 3 'Biri' Sth af buh Grade 36 SCM QWFw?14 The Three Aces Blackie " Tie Four ioses xg V 'Q N " 5. ,,xf, ,M . ,MIA ,231 1' ,-f' ,ffl VM 4' C Q C, C' -1-""' Q Q , 'YL ,,nW , M 55 'IE ?K, A L 4' m 4 THE CHIEF To 2 The Crowning St. Louis Blues Guess whog aa Pointer or setter? 2 5-,f ,,fq f?y ii' 1. 0 ' h wi. ! 5, lll25 J You Name xt The Nut Cluster ploydns Jewlery Coke Time Cover Girls G1obetrotters???lll Cardinal Bonded Deamonds Johnsons Texaco Statlon Hamilton-Elgin-Bulova Pitt5fi'1d Community 5316 Texaco 011 Products watches Phone M37-5 Greasing-Tires-Auto Parts Pittsfield, 1111no1s Pittsfield. Illinois Milton, 1111no1s 37 .452 FIRST E SECON GRADES seated Pleky Gres, , Qllly Lacey, Steven auntt, Terry McKenna, Karen Tohnston, Pr nces Campbell sherry Lelgh McKenna, Carolyn Due rressev, Barbara DaVld Row 2 Tandess, David Al en Buchanan, Hamman, Carroll Kevln Johnston, Paul Allen, no er Qewenram, Wayne dlenn, Dobby Omitn, A1166 Klndle, Anna Marie Conkrlght Row 3 Tommy Schlieper, Pegvv nelm, Lynne rollowa DaVld Wlllard, Rlcnard klndle, Kenneth Iarle scott Absent Sharon Kay oprlnger If PKK J Etta Chandler Compliments of Stllwell Trucklng Service Detriot and ilton, Il lHOlQ Compliments of J F Read's Son General Merchandise erry Illinois omnllments of Wheeler's Cafe Pearl, Illinois Compllments of Yeager Appliance 'Your Philco Dea er Pittsfield, Illinois 38 I 1' .v 7 :- A .. 1' -,S A ,N I' vig ' 'J 1 21 v , ' a ' N T ' V . . 5 . . . A Q , V. . 1 ' ' 1 , .n. Y g . I l C 3 , 'su Fulmer, Lawanda Gauntt, Glenna Rhae Shireman, Lyn vi . . O 2 L . . . X. afifk xx' , Q . . V fl o" 1 1313 A' A A ,af-,1 4" ' . U 4 M . 1 '- ' ' 1 A n l . P , Pnnno K1n1UTY THIRD 8 FOURTH GRADES eated J ant ook um, J3VlG 7F1Q1OI, o nrl 1 aham, Brenda ferr art a ou 0HWLeper, Preesfg, auer erolxn oalwon arw sue Fampbell Jow Fa olxn ue Juthrle, Terny wush iover ntepnenson, Donald Telm, Kenneth dess PIU ery ov Joe ucnanan, J P 1n1a req son hazel oilmon, O e 11Lar4, Pace Cempoell, fna ee Voover, n 1 J le lanoon, frerlo oackett 000 Complimente of Warshe11's Fefe Detroit, Illinois 1 M h 11 omo 1W6HtS of Sally aps a ob Hob Pafe Dittqfleld, Illlnolg uompliments of Biddle Dairy Products iixgtigiggi ggmp?ny Pittsfield' Illinois Pittsfield, Illinois 39 .U M, Q. VA 3 . 1 e Lie C r V " o '-1 v J h .'e 'Q J lb ' v, I h L 3,.-:o Gres . 1' Marv Lee E , C f ' H , N ' ' , - . L 2: ,,r J Q ' T ' H , T , r w - v ' - 1 D . A H , L J 1-HTL . , Tarolyn Coldman, Kartha Shaw, Edward Sackett, Ffs. 1' 3 . H J 32 3 l 'i 3' ' Cr , ' G. u H' ' X G A A ' . 1 L , .' Wa.v ie W, 2 u + 4 .ce ' . . 'IA' D 4 , ' Q- v ef , 0 .v , ' 5 I J , . --.---- ---- 'J . An H -L J A ' n a IN H, null '51-a-110' lnelma Tomnkins omolimpnts of ' nchester H Pmer's llevator D one 276 inch ster, Illlrois FIFTH 8 SIXTH GRADES ed P101 lu ez, 1Qrvln clmen, ce Jn snerrx 'ueeler, Qrme Fanft, susan wcott ner a Labby, Fatnleen itclell, rettx vans, O allne Allen, lan X v uch wen, fl8lP9 Flonlfer, offw POCKWJW, 111 Landess, Kax Jqxnd ow P JUQX I 'G 5 GD Janlel Hlk ste nerson 101 2 lkle bwnton, Uoln eek, bDWl e Jonnson, JLHLOT tanleg, onald lllbx lcnqll vans, 111 scnmeen, agronl Iofflt, P111 rahem, Ja lQ haw, Wavld oovel, Larry Campbell Teacher, Irs Tompkln 6 H nf? bl Compliment of Compliments of Morath's Garage Dainty Dress Shoppe and Cleaners Milton, Illifms Pitnsfleld, Illinois 40 Compliments Patterson's nveryth ng Winchester, C .,. s Ali ff. 'Q .h Y,A,.9, ' 5. I , I'l Seat : Da n J F 1we1 We f H U1 Joi Q ,L:SOn, 'Y . ff 77 , W W' s D ,N l J H , M , . 4. s , ..s , ' if 1 T " T,'I . 7 .: ','f E' K s ' U I QQ E ans, Per y Lllen, Har? 1 al, S ' , U :f Jsrol Ft lhenson, Kelvs Yee willard, Joyce Wvans, Judy Scnliupcr, Jor- ,Hj , -1 , 'Q' J ' ', , F 'sara 1, p- ' 1 . T V f: Eeq y 1,1 . 1 L L , 'Qeel s ' L f" J ' Q A E'e 5, Q 1 f L . F' 1 ' ' ' X '4 f -I ' '1' G 1 l Y v" 3 L ' TT 0 , , P MI . 1 ' ' f' . . -e. A M 'TS i, . -I 'I X 1 I J 4 I., ' N x ' - . ' M. m ,WMM I V X 1 A 2 X , f S - A L TT ' f' - 1 'A n - I . , n 1 F . o ome Furnlshings or The Home Illlnois vomoliments of Plke County Democrat Tlmes P1ttsf1eld,Il1inois :FVENTH R PIGHTH Jcefer, Juax Q Jl g rla aol lker, lonald r F Wllla d 0 gel, Lula 5 UL ex ew n 11 e bell, vue anl , ln el GRAD Gr e a e anso , ule Q F o uen, ne , Juu iacx wr apr 1llF, ax en, meuv w 3 Laura cll bwa W k L ll, Bett Lln a ,bell Janlel, ounex dlm Iraham n e , Jonotmg renda a D eon nd a , e lSH. fbsent Merle sp Cl lfper, lrene leeler. om P dea lowa DPL a for, Don cl nton, artcs Lo. lH , Dale Compliments of eompliments of Stout's Beauty and Barber Junction Cafe and Cities Service Phone 2253 Rts.36-5h-100 Milton, Illinois nMeet At The Junction.u 41 Front Row Jimmy Graham Leonard Wade Ronnie Hayden Rodney Walker Bob Reddish Roy Parris Bob Hayden Second Row: Melvin Mciuen Javid Hoover Phil Graham Reggie Campbell Lyndell Lobby Junior Shireman Donnie Scranton Terry Holloway David Shaw Third Row: Mr. Willard Berkley Barron John Meek Pill Schween Raymond Moffit Charles Ransom Charles Johnson -r-fin BASKETBALL TEAM Y . L dented: Don Scranbun, Lgndle Labby, Reg'y Campbell, Losby Layden, Ronalo Hryden, Rodney Walker, Ho ert Reddish, Junlor Shireman, Phil lraham. Row 2: David Hoover, David Shaw, Jim lraham, Terry holloway, Charles nansom, haymond Hoffit, heonard Made, Charleo Johnson, Junior Stanley, Larry Campbell, John Neek, Be1klf1 Barton, Darrel Eulwer, Mr. Willard. CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Judy Hack Be t ty Deeme r Virginia Goldman ",' Judy Hess Compliments of Campbell Quarries The Best Since 1928 Milton, Illinois Kathleen Johnson, Bob David, Pat Smith, Leonard McEuen, Rosemary Hum, Jo Ann Foreman, Queen, Mary Jane Hack, King, Howard Thunnon John Sanderson, Johnie Kern, Lois David, Lloyd Hanson, Alice Robbins, Crown Bearer, Karen Johnson, Flower Girl, Terry McKenna, David Glenn, Crown Bearer, Flower Boy, Billy Lacey ! HARVEST FESTIVAL 'l95ll- 1955 lueen Mary Jane King Howard lbw l COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF Chanen's Auto Supply Company wid St Phone 10 Ngffgfn, Ifnngfg Pittsfield, Illinois 43 I - N ' " "L om QQ- f J . , , rf-if hx W1 , - 7 , F 1 -' wif' K I 1.-11 T i f + 3-4 +xLTO,y lggfx Q COMTLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF Pike County Coal Eldon R Atwood 8 Lumber C0 County Duper-intendent Phono 14.76 Pittsfield, I11. , Pittsfield, Ill. 44 if ,J IW XL 704, 44 W V 4 ' --.f Xp' 1 --...AW A Aff I 'Sm V 8 , ,ff l, , U ,. I ,NVW QQ A xxix A ,," V T Q K V q YA iLV 'Ex 7 H 1 5,-. BXNQ Q' 59 Ko .Q-glzgs' . ' X Q wc 'll -V, ' 1 if X2 J, . . at fy U1 4: 3' P' ia ' QI, V ,5 ,4 1+v30w5X N A'Lf o ogy' I , I wi, I I X. 4? . 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