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fi 42, ,X -'H+ 1' ' J "'i55i"'af1'i1-Eif!',f-"EfiZ5755i'4EiL??L5f1F'7'H"??95i:Tfi'3?T MWU M , Q , f 'r 1- A P Ks: 1H. 'a C ff Zz!! f W YYK 5, "in --,::,1 ii ' lil? x .lm ' -- 'H !:..1:L?'? ,T-.gfi-'iI, ...Q , ,....L, f Yjj' ,,,',.. 2 ag- "iA' M Q - 'f , 3' ,:'T,,+,f::. A -rf ,,.Q. I-1,-, W ' , . -,,.,1.,. --.,....-g...-, .WK-A ,. A as ,wi-.v -. W ir :-2--imx., , .,,.--...i,,Mv-t-Q M: K v i Vi ,Q , -ff' "Il xx hN iM ' ..lJ.U... The i959 issue ot the Miltonian, the lorgest in the history of Milton High School, is indicative ot the fine cooperation of the students and sponsors who have worked dili- gently to leave it as a memorial to this year's graduating class. Many happy moments will be spent in reflecting over friendships gained, exciting moments experienced, and worthwhile activities porticipated in by those in attendance during this school term. May I express congratulations to the faculty and student body tor their continued successes and improvements in our school program. The right arm of the principal, ci helpful friend of the students, is our secretory, Mrs. Sylvia Cox, pictured on the opposite page with Mr. Cummings. Mr. Fugate, dean of boys seems ta be hearing "that same cle sar'g" from Paul Hager, a iunior, As dean, Mr. Fugate hears many sufh excuses for absence, behavior, and other problems which confront the students at Milton High School, However, the student, regardless of his problem, always finds a sym- pathetic and understanding counsellor, Mr. Fugcte. i i 1 5 Trying to work cut a successful for- mula for teaching students all phases ol science are: Miss Mileski, iunior high science, Mr. Hudgins, chemistry, and Mrs. McClung, biology teacher, Nouns, pronouns, and other parts of speech ore momentarily forgotten as Mrs. McCarty, Mrs. Sang, Miss Kline, and Mrs. Frazier concentrate on the only male member at the English cle- partment, Mr, Douglas. With the help of Mr. Adkins, Mrs. Bauer, and Miss Hayes, the junior high math teachers, will soon teach Mrs. Harshbarger, the algebra, and geom- elry teacher, the art of adding and subtracting. W . it . Mrs. Darlington, Mr. Throckmorton, and Mrs. Moffat refresh between classes with the morning coffee break. Pondering over spunik, mutnik, and lunik are Mr. Chapman, Mrs. Sullivan, Mr, Keefer, Mrs. Hall, and seated, Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Gibson. The finer aspects of our curriculum: art, music, speech, and library science, are here represented by Mr. Fred Ball, Mr. Harshbarger, Miss Dent, Mrs. France, and Milton's own contribution to the state beauty contest, Faye Mur- ray, "Miss Huntington l958." Mr. Davis, The boys' physical eClUcaTion Teacher, checks his plans Tor The baskeTball games To be played during The noon hour wirh Miss Miller, The girls' physical education Teacher. Trying To sT , epung Teacher away from The "hunt and peck" system are: Mrs. Block, shorthanclg Miss Blake, business English, and Mrs. Perry, Typing Teacher eer Mr, Allen baokke ' Spaghetti, cole slow, peaches, breod, cmd milk, one of the meals prescribed by our dietitiori, Mrs. Stewart, is served by the cooks. LEFT TO RIGHT ore Mrs, Stewart, ond cooks, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Courts, Mrs, Perry, ond Mrs. Stone. Driving through snow, sleet, roin, and fog, or bus drivers trovel eoch doy to bring Us to school Pictured LEFT TO RIGHT cure: Mr. Glover, Mr. Dovis, Mr. Dcily, Mr. Sccirberry, Mr. Templeton, ond Mr. Reynolds. Absent from picture 'ore Mr. Nichols, Mr. Keaton, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Ashworth, and Mr. Venoy. A iob wellfdone con be soid to our custodians, Our thanks to Mr. Bali, Mrs. Stcwers, cmd Mr. Templeton for keeping our school cleon. M wQ:swmAEmm 'mrH 4244iswiiffrrfsiiimsa eff, 1959 Editorial Staff SEATED L. to R. - S. Sowords, Bus. Mgr., V. Rutherford, Assoc. Ed., J. Suiter, Ed., K. Ste phens, Assoc. Ed., G. Choncey, Artist. STANDING - V. Cordwell, S, Williams, P. Corter M. Honno, R. Jorvis, Artist, ond Mrs. McCarty, advisor. My . Joyce Suiter Editor-in-chief SEATED L. to R. - C. McCormick, Mr. Douglas, G. Diomond, 'lst Row - A. Martin, J. Seeger, S. Wolloce, J. Osborne, L. Jorrell, L. Kilt, L. Huflmon, R. Nutter. 2nd ROW - J. Bledsoe, M. Crookshonks, S. Sowords, F. Burns, J. Sayre, C. Brogg, L. Hamilton, D. Moore, D. Lowe, S. Morton, A. Doddridge, ond C. Yotes. Advertising Staff Stuort Sowords Business Manager jr ,. , -f 5 --lf f , R ., V, ' I . V. -. N823 . S . hvgfm Mmwkmwk " ,. M ax 'z7., Sv 6 X ' 1 ff Q ski? ..7' Y , -H' - 4' M 'E ,s, x BARBARA ADKINS Student Council Y-Teens Glee Club MAE BLACK Pres. Student Council Sec. Senior Class Miss Greyhound DON ASHWORTH Surprise Club Radio Club PATRICIA LOU BALL Bond '56,'58 Glee Club V. Pres, Melody Club BAXEL BLACK Basketball Baseball Varsity M fb J 10 MYRNA BLACKWELL G.A.A. Jr. Red Cross Sec, Melody Club MARVIN BALL Jr. Hi Y F.F.A. Rod and Reel Club DOROTHY BARNETT Glee Club Y-Teens Bible Club ROBERT BECKETT Sec, Skefcli Club Gun Club Airplane Club NANCY JEAN BLAKE Pres. F.T.A. Bond '56-'59 Ed. Blue and Grey JERRY BLEDSOE Prop-Busrer Gun Club Corridor Club 11 CARL BRAGG Pres. Junior Class Boskeiboll '53-'59 Football '53-'59 ,f:e . JUDITH BLEDSOE Y-Teens Bus. Ed. Blue und Grey Bond '55-'59 ...,. BARBARA COOPER F4H.A, Teenage Club Jr. Red Cross JAMES BROOKS Gun Club W. Vo. Club Surprise Club . I 0,5 BARBARA ANN BURNS Bclnd '55-'59 Blue ond Grey Milfonion Stuff GARY CHAPMAN Foolbcull '55-'59 Baseball '57-'59 Vorsity M 12 MARY ANN CROOKSHANKS Honor Society F.T.A. Miltoninn Ad Stoll FRED BURNS Basketball '53-'59 Baseball '55-'59 Football '53-'59 CAROL ANN CALDWELL Y-Teens Dramatics Club F.H,A. JIMMY CAMPBELL Gun Club Surprise Club Rod 81 Reel Club EVERETT CHILDERS Mu Alpha Sigma Gun Club Sketch Club SANDRA LYNN DAVIS Glee Club Y-Teens Golf Club 13 w 3fa1Tf5:5!gQi'f, J If - C M l ts EBERT CLAGG Book Club Art Club Gun Club GYPSY DIAMOND Cheerleader "A Gilt from Uncle Henry" ART COLEMAN Football '54-'59 Track '54-'59 Vcursify M DOLLY DIAZ Y-Tc'-cms Jr. Red Cross Bible Club CLAIR DUNN Glee Club Melody Club G.G.A. PAUL "SONNY" CRAIG Glue Club Football '54-'57 Basketball '54-'57 fl- I4 MARIETTA FINLEY Glee Club Pres. Melody Club SGC, G,A,A, mm PAUL COOPER FEA. Dromcnics Club ALICE ANN DODDRIDGE F.T.A, Honor Society Bond '55-'59 CYRUS COX Gun Club DAVID ALLEN DOLIN V, P. Student Council Blue cmd Grey "A Gift from Uncle Henry" DONNA FREEMAN Jr. Red Cross Melody Club Bible Club 15 JAMES E. HAMILTON Gun Club Jr, Hi Y Moth Club Mlwfivff- .faowzni-2: H- l. B 1 SALLY GRASS Student Council Story Tellers' Club Knit-Wits LINDA HUFFMAN Maiorette '57-'59 Miss Greyhound Attendant "A Gift from Uncle Henry" LESTER HAMILTON Mountaineer Boys' State Student Council Sports Ed. Blue and Grey JOHN PAT HENDERSON Melody Club Football '55-'59 Varsity M 'T-if.z:f,.pr i -wk .-,-may, 131. my M M L if . J' 5 17 H' ff 3 16 'I z't,,F' at is ' lr ,,J L2 JO ANN GUTHRIE Y-Teens Dramatics Club Glee Club RAMONA JARVIS Honor Society F.T.A. Miltonion Artist WILLIAM DALE HARLES5 Sketch Club Mu Alpha Sigma Miltonion Artist DON JENKINS Football '54-'59 Basketball '57-'59 President of Senior Class GLADYS CARDWELL JORDAN Cheerleoder '54-'53 Honor Society Blue and Grey LINDA KINDER Jr. Red Cross Moth Club Teenage Club LARRY JENKINS Football '56-'59 Baskeiboll '57-'59 Baseball '57-'59 JOYCE JOHNSON Sec. Student Council Blue and Grey F.T.A, HOMER S. LEWIS Basketball '56-'58 Varsity M ' mnyrlm W ' 1 8 BRENDA JENKINS Honor Society Sec. Junior Class Rep. to: "Know Your Stale Gov't Day DANNY LEWIS Footboll '55-'59 Varsity M FRED LEWIS Gun Club Dromotics Club Jr. High Varsity PATRICIA ANN JOHNSON F.B.L.A. Knit-Wits Jr, Red Cross JEANETTE KAY LEGG Y-Teens Glee Club Golf Club 19 JOHNNY LEWIS Basketball '54-'57 Jr. Hi Y DAVID LOWE V. Pres. Honor Society Bosketboll '54-'59 Outstanding Citizenship of Boys' Stole '58 ,Szmfe5w Sfwf !binQiQQ1 ' 2' Maw., af PRISCILLA "PAT" LEGGE Y-Teens Sec. F.F.A, Pub. Ch. F.H.A. CORA MARGARET MCCORMICK Y-Teens Glee Club Fufure Nurses, Trees. GAIL LUNSFORD Surprise Club Dmmotics Club Gun Club VIOLET JANE MCCALLISTER Y-Teens Drcnmcxfics Club Glee Club GARY McCOMAS Art Club, Trecs. Track "55-'56 Science Fair 20 DELORES ANN MARTIN Bond H55-'59 Glee Club "A Gift from Uncle Henry" FFA Pres ,A, , 1 W3 PATRICIA ANN MCCOMAS F B LA. F r-LA. Glee Club BETTY JANE MILLER G.A.A. Knit-Wits Story Tellers' Club g 21 SERENA MITCHELL Blue and Grey F.B.L.A. Teenage Club RICHARD MIDKIFF Mgr. Football Mgr. Basketball '- ,mvff DONNA MORRISON Sec. Teenage Club Glee Club Y-Teens ROSALIE NUTTER Miltonian Ad Stott Sec. Future Nurses F.T.A. DENNY MOORE Mountaineer Boys' State Football '54-'59 "A Gift from Uncle Henry" ' 9 2- JUDIE OSBORNE Honor Society F,T.A. Miltonicm Acl Staff PERRY MORRISON Business Club Jr. Red Cross Gun Club SANDRA MULLINS Glee Club Golf Club Sophomore Play STEVE MORTON Football '54-'59 Varsity M Baseball '56-'59 BILL MURRELL Gun Club Surprise Club Dramatics Club DONNETTA PANCAKE Honor Society Blue and Grey Glee Club 23 THOMAS EDWARD NEAL F.F,A. Jr. Red Cross F.F,A. Club 1-11. WANDA POWERS Honor Society Pres. F.H.A. Pen Pal Club CHARLES PERDUE Dromotics Club VERA FLOE RUTHERFORD Asso. Ed. Miltonion Blue 81 Grey Stuff Journalism Club MARTHA SHY G.A.A. Y-Teens Teenage Club SCOTTY RUTHERFORD Gun Club Jr. Hi Y Seomanship Club 24 KATHRYN LU STEPHENS Muiorette '56-'57 Asso. Ed. Miltoniun Miss Greyhound Attendant JIM PERRY Art Club Gun Club Dramotics Club JANET SEAGER Pres. Honor Society Band '54-'59 "A Gift from Uncle Henry" DAVID RAMEY Glee Club Band Melody Club JACK SAYRE, Jr. "A Gift from Uncle Henry" Football '56+'59 Varsity M 'smriafvl f JOYCE SUITER Ed, of Miltonian Honor Society Blue and Grey 25 CALVIN SHELTON Baseball '57-'59 Basketball '57-'59 Football '57-'59 ZELLA SUNDERLAND Trecs. Senior Class Sec. Honor Society F.T.A. EDDIE STOWERS Foofboll '54-'58 Truck '54A'57 Vorsivy M BETTY ANN TURLEY Y-Teens F.H,A. Teenage Club CAROLYN WALLACE Bond '55-'59 Dance Band Milfonian Ad Slofl I Q, . u .,,. ., BILL I. TURLEY Football '56-'59 Basketball '56-'57 Vorsify M 26 GAIL WETHERHOLT Bus. Mgr. Blue ond Grey F.B.L.A. Journalism Club GLENN TEMPLETON Gun Club Seomcnship Club Glee Club DORINDA TYREE Dance Bond Y-Teens Band '56-'59 STUART SOWARD F.T.A, Stomp Club Bus. Mgr. Miltonicm LEON WALLACE Seomcmship Club Dromufics Club Ar? Club SHERRY WILLIAMS Glee Club Pres. F.H.A. Pep Club 27 ROGER WILLARD Football '56-'59 Track '56-'59 V. Pres. Senior Class CAROL ANN YATES V. Pres. F.H.A. Glee Club Y-Teens JERRI LEE CHILDERS The cinnouncemenis for the groduoting class of '59 ure being discussed by The senior closs officers, Don Jenkins, pres,g Roger Willard, v, pres., Mae Block, seep und Zellc Sunderland, frees, Zella Sunderland Girl Honorarian Zella, a member of F.T.A,, secretary of the Honor So- ciety, and treasurer of the senior class, maintains an average of 4.35. Brenda Jenkins Valedictorian Brenda leads the senior class at Milton High School with a 4.70 average, She is a member of the Honor Society and was secretary of the iunior class. Janet Seager Salutatorian Janet, president of the Honor Society, member of the band, a iunior high cheerleader, and a member ofthe iunior class play, has an average of 4.4l. Lloyd Kiff Boy Honorarian Lloyd with an average of 4.20 is treasurer of the Honor Societyf president of Mu Alpha Sigma, lhonor- ary science fraternifyl, a member of the band, and a delegate to Boys' State. A A ms :za , 4 X. ' Q A 2. Y, x . 1-,Q we ww, - Senior Attendants Kathryn Stephens Associate Editor of the annual is only one activity that Kathryn has held, She was a maiorette, member of the Blue 81 Grey Stati, President at FB-.l..A, and attendant to Miss Greyhound in the TOM :nd llth grade ,vpn-se goals. w 6 f ' ' M Linda Huffman While maintaining the position of head malorette, Linda also manages to be a member of the F.T.A., Blue 81 Grey Staff and to participate in the Jr. Class Play. The Queen and her court at the game are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Okey Chapman, Mae Black, Bill McMullen, Linda Huffman, Don Stephens, Kathryn Stephens, Jim Hanna, Freda Dean, Matt Hanna, Margaret Hanna, Darrell Looney, and Mary Looney, Junior, Margaret Hanna Secretary of the Junior Class, Vice President U.H.S.Y.A., a member of Hbnor Society, Latin Club, and Junior High Cheerleader are some of the activities Margaret has taken part in. Sophomore Mary Looney Mary is Vice President of the Sophomore Class, Sr. High Cheerleaders, and a member ofthe Pep Club. Junior, Freda Dean Freda is ci member of the Gun Club and has been a mem ber ofthe Pep Club and G.A.A. -FILM You people should be very proud of your pretty West Virginia girls. This is a difficult decision to make as I'd like to call Them all winners. However, you make the rules and here is my choice. LINDA HUFFMAN. I'd like to congratulate all of the candidates and wish them all The luck and success in the future. Yours sincerely, Pat Boone S-it One of the most difficult iobs l have ever per- formed has been the choosing of the handsomest boy at Milton High School. Such a spot to be in! But this can't go on! I must decide . . . So, l Choose DENNY MOORE. EMF? 00 V Dorothy Jeanne Schroeder . ',' i midi mssxlsswsaw'xvasmzse'f5:ifs: .em-, 1, .aiizfvffi 5 G q mx A H sg 'QM Most Musical Best Athlete Fee Senior GYP Y D d D - Fred 1 Q B ' yZ.L f I Qi ' kvfsaj 1 F' N A , l Lindo I X Lg.. W X Jar II H '-- cg l?3 Nm 36 'Z ff tor and Actress Favorites Did Most for M if by X645 if anef ec: er X S54 H X I ' f A X5 A N 4-gli' 7 , Best Looking Neatest Denfyoore Zengunderlcind V, 1 85' f . 5 VI? V ' - V. X , m V . - f f A i is ,, X i G63 Qi o 1 if 'I . gg.-,D 4' , 'i X! 12 ' K fvvl Joy A Q 4 A xx ' ' 3 4 S I- 1 s MAX : iff., f QM I K 'ffl 1 i l ' ' , ,,,.- . f 1:8 0 er . , ff o 4' .. R gvvauofd I5 , 2 tk, -5 if X 1 X M 'QQZ' X 1 k ,iw i 1 - o vi, 1 Most Popular 1 ' . D n Lindo 37 J kins Huffm So- .BF Most Courteous Friendliest ,,--51? SSM, Senior Favorites . . . 1 , e 'K fi? f I' , f m . ' f I Richmkin I iz. 1 Rqrfgofljls x W I " v 1 ' Z iff -i,- Most Llkely to Succeed A va 1 3 e Q :: ' xx X , 1. F ,ff ' I f e3 'gf A e ' , f e' 'W .A E ' ' Av I I .Og ! If ji 'iff be 7fYf7 5- . x . Q Ab 1 ee f .QQ V! KW 1 if 'fll l u ' JA if J l Most Studious g ,fff 1 XX ' I x 1 , Lloyd. Brenda 4 X N KIH Jenk Nancy UK! D d I X Blake 'fh' L I 38 W M ww -Q 9135 1 ' 7 '1 . , Q. f '-t":'sf'f'wssvP Juniors lt took many conferences and many tardy excuses, but Brenda Blake, Margaret Hanna, Larry Kincaid, and Lewis Stowers, H- nally led the iunior class through a successful year. Alline Adkins Woodrow Adkins Beatrice Adams Billy Amburgey Leroy Angus Leona Arnold Raymond Ashworth Zenith Ashworth Dottie Ball Sammy Banks Gary Baumgardner Mary Ann Beckett Linda Bias Margaret Bias Mary Black Pamela Black Beatrice Blake Brenda Blake David Bledsoe Keith Bledsoe Loretta Boggs Helen Brown Linda Bryan Martha Byrd Jane Callaway Jerry Carpenter David Carfer Jerry Carter Phyllis Carter Gary Chancey Leslie Chaney David Chapman Gary Chapman Hicel Chapman Ola Chapman Reba Chapman Shirley Chapman Almeda Clagg Ronald Clagg Carolyn Clark Charles Conrad Cecil Courts Patricia Courts Sue Cox Dennie Dailey Roger Dailey Polly Daily John Danford Catherine Davis Freda Dean Juanita Diehl David Dillon Gary Dunlap Richard Edmonds David Elkins Peggy Ford Roy Gillenwafer Larry Glenn Barbara Green Sue Grose Paul Hager Margaret Hanna Jack Harshbarger Anthony Hatfield Gary Hicks Troy Hitchcox Shelia Halbert Ivan Holley Mariorie Holley David Honaker Linda Honaker Ann Hutchinson Harley Jackson Joe Janey James Jarvis Carol Jenkins Robert Jenkins Robert Jenkins Sadie Jenkins Janet Johnson Carolyn Johnston Larry Kincaid Richard Kinder Mary Ann King Roger Kingery Charles Krepps John Leggett Kyle Lewis Roy Lewis Ted Little James Manning Betty Markin Marilyn Massie Sharon McClung Sarah McComas Roberta Meadows Linda Meadows Karen Mitchell Glen Morris Barbara Morrison Sue Morrison Linda Morrison Sharon Murrell Joyce Nelson Shirley Newman David Nitz Patricia Patterson Patty Perdue Carolyn Perry Sally Perry William Queen Linda Reynolds Jane Rimmer Carl Rolfe Houston Roberts Judith Rule John Sevy Charlotte Shaffer Margaret Slone Roy Smith Don Smith Gary Smith Robert Smith James Sovine Betty Sowards Esther Spurloclc Stephen Spurlock . x Lewis Stowers Joyce Sunderland Larry Swan Dianne Thornton Vickie Wallace "Know Your State Government Da " Pictured at left are Brenda Blake and Lewis Stow- ers, delegates to "Know Your State Government Day," an annual all-day meeting held in Charles- ton, W. Va. to acquaint outstanding iuniors with the workings of their state government. Mr, Lewis Ball, sponsor, accompanied the delegates to the conference Q19 Q3 'T Ah2 ,S,0l0A0lfl'L ored The Big Four of the Sophomore Class For the first time in many years the sophomore class decided to organize and elect officers to help them with their many prob- lems. The alficers are Danny Chapman president, Mary Looney treasurer, Sharon Legg, secretary and Jim Bond v. president. Philip Adkins v . 'i A , ' . . I, X . i v X sa ,, .mum 2' f. -'WW r Shelia Adkins Rita Alexander Janet Arthur Phyllis Barrett Phyllis Bell Judy Birt Rodney Black Mary Blake Larry Blake William Blake Betty Bledsoe Jim Bond Ronald Bragg Norman Braley Raymond Caldwell Violet Cardwell Larry Carson Marilyn Carter Sharon Carter Jerry Casey Charles Chaney Bonnie Chapman Danny Chapman Donnie Chapman John Chapman Sandra Chapman Shirley Chapman Wade Chapman Janet Childers Lewis Childers Karen Clagg Kathryn Clagg David Clark Rosetta Clark llene Clay Dale Conrad Don Conrad Janet Conrad Clyde Cooper Keith Cooper Tommy Cooper Brenda Courts John Cox Nydia Diclcensheefs Roger Dillon Sue Dunlap Gail Dunn Carolyn Edmonds Delores Edmonds Shirley Edmonds Linda Falkner David Ferguson Harry Fisher Jimmy Fosfer Rosalee Fowble A K . ifvr 'K . fi J mf K S JMX? 5 i A l " wsmF: in Larry France Kent Gibson Sue Grimmitt Jo Ann Grose Orman Hall Wilma Hatfield James Hawkins Thelma Hayes Walter Hayes Cora Hesson Garnett Hesson Betty Hinkle Janet Hinkle Marty Hollandsworth Cecil Holley Paul Holley Shirley Holley Sharon Honaker Elmer Jorrell Carol Jenkins Jimmy Jenkins Mildred Jenkins Barbara Johnson Marsha Johnson Dewey Jordan Joyce Jordan Gordon Joyce Marsha Keeler Carol Kinnard Howard Kirtley Sharon Legg Arrninta Lewis Patty Lewis Yvonne Lewis Sherry Lewis Mike Lockhart Mary Looney Bill Lunsford Darrell McCallister Sam McClure Jerold McComas Jerry McComas Wanda McComas Loretto McDonie Patricia McKnight Edna Manning Carol Meadows Linda Meadows Jimmy Miller Wendell Morris Louise Morrison Gary Murrell Thomas Nance Donna Nicholas Charles Nimmo Barbara Nutter Veda Nutter Gary Osborne Charlotte Pancake Sherry Patterson Brenda Perdue Ethel Perry Roger Perry Carol Peyton Carolyn Ramey Ellen Ramey Ann Ray Charles Roberts Barbara Rank Fauletta Rank vt, Q 'L fl Susie Wilson Sandra Woodard N., gffx William Rose Virginia Rose Johnny Rutherford Sonia Satlifi Jo Ann Shull George Shy Dale Smith Erma Smith Herbie Smith Robert Smith Ted Smith Eddie Sowords John Stephens Shirley Sutphin Donna Swon Sharon Swan John Tackett Ann Templeton Lewis Templeton Barbara Turley Edsel Wallace Mellissa Wallace Faye Weiherholt Cora Williams Sandro Williams .-'fe -agbwvf Iso ROW L to R.: C. Taylor, J. Stephens, T. Smith, D. Bledsoe, W. kins, E. Murrell, J. Henderson, R. Willard, C. Shelton G Chop Chapman S. Morton, J. Sayre, C. Roberts, G. Osborne. 2nd man, F. Burns. 3rd ROW: D. Jenkins, O. Hall, B Lunsford R ROW E Stowers, B. Turley, C. Rolfe, D. Moore, L. Angus, P. Ad- Morton, J. Sovine, A. Coleman, L. Jenkins, D. Lewis and D Nutz Milton started the i958 football season off with a convincing I9-6 victory over Madi- son. Gary Chapman was the leading scorer with two TD's and Carl Bragg added an- other on a pass from Gary. Powerful Montgomery dampened Milton's running attack and threw three TD passes to defeat us 25-7. Huntington Vinson came to town with a set of the fastest backs in the state. After four quarters of thrilling football, in which eight TD's were scored, Vinson emerged victorious 31-20. Hamlin became the Greyhounds' second victim of the season as we raced to a re- sounding 27-O triumph. The scoring was led by Burns K2 TD'sl, Chapman C2l and Hen- derson ill. After spotting Poca a first period TD, Milton's defense stiffened to hold the Poco Dots scoreless the rest of the game. Gary Chapman scored both of Milton's TD's and Fred Burns kicked the extra points. Ceredo-Kenova's Wayne Wonders 7-O conqueror of Huntington East scored on a desperation pass on an obvious punting situation to edge the Greyhounds l4-6. Burns suffered a separated shoulder in the fray. A half-time scoreless tie at Wayne was broken by the passing of iniured Fred Burns to Don Jenkins and John Henderson as Milton gained its fourth decision of the season. Calvin Shelton raced 88 yards on the opening kickoff to spearhead the Greyhounds to a l3-6 win over Guyan Valley. Don Jenkins was lost for the remainder of the foot- ball season because of a twisted knee suffered in the hard fought contest. Douglas played good football. Milton played poorly. Results: Douglas l2, Milton 7. The Greyhounds brought the season to a successful close by blasting Hurricane 34-26 on the Redskin's home field. A total of nine TD's were scored by the offensive minded teams. Fred Burns passed for 3 TD's and scored one himself. The other TD's were scored by Chapman l2l, Orman Hall ill, and John Henderson ll l. Don Jenkins was elected to 3rd team All State and Gary Chapman, Fred Burns, and Dan Lewis received Honorable Mention. 52 Fred Burn's "Miracle Toe" helps make that extra point. Demonstration blocking techniques are Danny Lewis, Arthur Coleman, and Larry Jenkins. Drivers' Education becomes useful to Mr. Allen, as Eddie Murrell, and Bill Lunsford push him around the field. Steve Morton tries ta tackle Gary Chapman. Greyhounds line up from L. TO R.: R. Morton, J. Henderson, D. Lewis, C. Shelton, A. Coleman, L. Jenkins, G. Chapman, S. Morton, F. Burns, C. Rolfe, and O. Hall. A-r S.. 4 i 'wwmug , Q.. V ,, NJ rv- 74. . A5 1,,L,M,,Zi, 5 71 xyjjitzy time , Q gvgfgsjiig G 5 AQAWM , ' ZZQTQMM 1 5, l Y fzgfgiy . ,,V,, 5 TNA is , MN ff f ifxifirriii Q -53,T,q3,,, .W ,rfgw Wg, ,AW . iz w , 4 . . 5 7 ' : E ', . : 2 V fi Q MA -f fm p .gg-if ,a, S 1 LQZ5' V 5 4 ,.V, M s E say ?1ma..:'i iz pzwif 5 , ,,fL,. . ids Af- 4: ,ww Q-1, sz il?sx l f L. , , "2 , 3 f .Q if -S, K. A ,: z3 +u. Q 1, - 1-Lf Aw ' i.'v 1' Q zz' 3 ,. ,CLL A. .iE,?3 '--f . F ,' 7 -av, 1 I sw '- ' '- , w A 5125? 'S 2 ,qi .-VlE,. . Q f Q 3 . ,QW f ,. ,sim k y - V 1- F f. H - .2, ggmz , 1-RWSPSI -. Y . ,,..,, H ,-fx . Y X . Q .Q .Liga ' .1 EW! VARSITY PICTURED L to R.: B. Turley, D. Moore, J. Sayre, S. Morton, J. Henderson, R. Willard, C. Shelton. 2nd ROW: E. Stowers, D. Jenkins, A. Coleman, L, Jenkins, D. Lewis, G, Chapman, and F. Burns. Coaches.. Mapping strategy in the sand are the football coaches: L. to R.: Mr. Ball, junior high, Mr. Allen, oss't, coach, and Mr. Davis, head coach. -ll- AAanagers. Unsung heroes of the sports world attended every game and were always ready with the "crying towel" for the football boys. L. to R.: John Cox, Kent Gibson, and Jerry Carter. ZH E ws I 4, ,. 7 ,Q ,K am. f K f 'W' W' . 9 4 5 4, xv , ash , V, Yr V My In ..,7 I if v,'V my H igh ' i n ' g 1 lY ' ' Sm f x, A . Q i M M' wfw' My i -mv' all 'P: ' Mg? , Sf tr! 1 QW -M '53 g 2 Q 116 23 if My f, f , , L, af ? li s A .ff 1, iv y? W, i www A X f y gf im. ww , sd' V, . LM . wr w 4 V, Qi1:1-j14',- 155 -M 5453155 , M .1 V .YW Y ' A , ,IQ if is vw ggi 3155, QQ? , .gig ,,,V . , S K wmv mf l-fn- ' fri WP Q AY . " A X .X , 4 , M uw ' ws ,M 1., , Q 5 ,K A W an V fs. A 'g -: , 'gm-N, Q Q im D 2, 4' ff ' + 5 .. Pictured from L. to R.: Leroy Angus, Boxel Block, Dovid Dillon, Don Jenkins, Jim Sovine, Fred Burns, Dovid Nitz, Dovid Lowe, Bill Turley, Bill Queen, clnd manager Eddie Murrell. Basketball '58-' The i958-1959 bosketboll secison provided plenty of excitement, thrills, ond disoppoint- ments. On the brighter side moy be counted the victories over Borboursville, Pt. Plecisont, Ceredo-Kenovo, ond offer seven strcxight defects by St. Joe, the boys finolly odded them to their list of detected foes. On the dorlcer side the Foirlond victory over Milton must be classified strictly os on upset. Three detects by our rivol, Vinson, were most emborrossing for Cooch Allen ond his boys. 58 Mr. Basketball . . . Fred Burns One ot the brightest bosketboll stors to be found in VV. Vo. is our own "Mn Bosl4etboll," Fred Burns. Fred scored 53 points ogoinst C-K tor the seoson high, vvos leoding scorer in Cobell County, ond third leading scorer in the state. He is o mem- ber ot the United Press All Stote Teorn, AA-All Stote Teom, ond truly one of the greet othletes in Milton High School's history, Q -'Q 'F' in 'H , 5 ff: ,,, Q,- .,. A ?ija3m ij 25,4 gl zz I , - , 33 S3 ' H if :',, 1 3 A gf gg , f W m. -3 -Q.-:gag A xg, 1 viii? fi -F Y L x .IM A, 59 ...,... ,. - gf bf NM WG 5. . fiislfiafm-ggsx .zuwgfqg rl ip . if Q 15 V -W f SY 9 if , Egg ii? . 1: , u x R XE d wg' J W nib , , . WZ: MS W Q W Q 6 1 HX ' l:ffg?31ggQg6y42:y 4 ' ' mi ' . Www, 511.2 ZS! 'WA ,I " mv-wr, QT ! ,,'gw,:..W,N ..,,.e W l 0 M . 1,x,.g I w -f Fx- , i f 25 1' M53 1 -W A f g S, Q99 Q32 E' i Seniors Bill Turley .5 .' 'avid Lowe Fred Burns 4 17? I x i i is Y i my is? X Bczxel Black si f . as Mr. Bull, Mr Davis Mr Allen and Mr Keefer- couches Don Jenkins Carl Bragg Seniors "B" Team Basketball Pictured FRONT ROW, from L. to R.: Gary Osborne, Larry Blake, Charles Roberts, George Shy, Wade Chap- man, and John Cox, BACK ROW: Coach Davis, Eddie Murrell manager, Bill Lunsford, Richard Morton, Or- man Hall, and Dallas Gibson, Junior High Squad 'lst ROW, L. fo R.: Ronnie Fabry, Gene Wallace, Jim Sayre, Par Powell, Donnie Stephens, Rodney Lowe, Jeff Chapman, Ronnie Syclnor, Mike Vitifoe, Bain McCracken, Doug Smith, Dwight Kirby, Meadows, Mike McCoy, and Mr. BoIl,coucl1, Bill Smith. 2nd ROW: Bob Jenkins, manager, Don Perry, Larry if i' Q H ,. . 421 + v mf 9' -s X mv: 94, iii? M 6 4 4 L 1, , ,,,, , Q e5?:ff5:fff5ff-Liv 2 Elllwn iff: . g:.-,.-Ha, 'J Q A . - " 4 ZX -f ' " .' .. I N 'V N " N ., ,-,,,,,,,- M r N? '- 57, ,, ,,,,, ,,,xw I J ff " yi' "Lv" 1 mf' ,,,', K 4 S me-I wx ww A W my M A, .f ,. uw YS f 'Win ABOVE - Baxel Black, Cobb Roberts, and Cecil Taylor ractice P running. BELOW - Coach Davis watches as Orman Hall completes the high iump. The 1959 track team participated in many track events throughout the area. Members of the squad pictured above are: lst ROW L. to R. - H. Vititoe, E. Wallace, M. Lockhart, P. Adkins, R. Nibert. 2nd ROW - Mr. Wright, C, Roberts, J. Sayre, J. Black, W. Chapman, G. Osborne, R. Black, M. McCoy, J. Chapman, J. Miller. 3rd ROW - Coach Davis, C. Taylor, D. Bledsoe, D. Gibson, L. Powell, B. Black, O. Hall, J. Jenkins, R. Mead- ows, R. Willard, H. Jackson, Mr. Lewis Ball. Absent when picture was made, C, Rolfe. lie Jackson warm up for the track meet. BELOW - Orman Hall, Baxel Black, Gary Osborne, Harlie Jackson, Jimmy Sayre, Roger Willard go for a dash down the field. 65 ABOVE - Orman Hall, Baxel Black, Roger Willard, and Har- N Baseball One of the major triumphs of the '59 team was their victory over league champs, Huntington High. Members of the squad pictured at left are: l.. TO R.: Bill Queen, Larry Blake, Jerry Carter, Bill Lunsford. 2nd: Eddie Stowers, Bill Turley, Steve Morton, Fred Burns, Danny Lewis, Leroy Angus. 3rcl: Robert Jenkins, Calvin Shelton, Gary Chapman, Johnny Lewis, David Nitz, Larry Jenkins and Coach Allen. ABOVE: Larry Jenkins awaits his turn at bat as Bill Turley hits a homer. Former Varsity M pres., Butch Le99, speaks to athletes at All-Sports Award Banquet. Mike McCoy and Jeff Chapman received recognition as outstanding Jr. High athletes. Coach Allen and "bench warmers" view a fascinating play by the team. awr sr ..-ii.,-.1 .ff rganizafiond 8.66, 'S' Qs Bible Club lst ROW, Left to Right: Miss Hayes, Advisor, R. Morrison, R. Petit, B. Conner, C. Burden. 2nd ROW: J, Nottingham, R. Barnett, M. Morrison, and L. Davis. Dramatic Club LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Wolloce, R Willord, J. Perry, E. Manning, D Smith, A. Hutchinson, C. Perdue L. Blake, S. Legg, G, Shy, and Miss Murray, Advisor. Storytellers' Club LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Caldwell, .l Rimmer, A. Adkins, S. Gross, J Nelson, Miss Kline, odvisor, B Marlcin, B, Miller, .l. Diehl, S. Pat terson, ond S. Waugh. Presidents The following are presidents of clubs or organizations in school. Left to Right are: B. Burns, K. White, A, Hughes, M. Black, D. Perry, J. Sayre, J. Seager, L. Kin- nard, M. Roberts, A. Doddridge, M. Looney, M. Black, L. Stowers, B. Markin, and W. Powers. Sketch Club lst ROW, L. to R.: K. Lewis, J. Harshbarger, L. Kincaid, J. Dan- lord, G, Hall. 2nd ROW: S. Hol- bert, J. Sunderland, P. Ford, P, Patterson, T. Little, Mr. Ball. 3rd ROW: D. Harliss, R. Beckett, L. Midkifl, M. McMellon, E. Childers, B. Burns, and C. Krepps. Puzzle Club 'lst ROW, L. to R.: Mrs. M. Hall, D, McComas, M. Williams, B. Blake, P. Dean, J. Bryan, B, Mc- Comas, J. Roberts, L. Henry, M. Conrad, W. Jeffers. 2nd ROW: J. Pauley, H. Jenkins, E. Burton, l. Spurlock, P, Clagg, R. Hicks, W. Kirby. R. Jeflers, J. Spence. 3rd ROW: R. Clary, L, Jenkins, B, Sltull, W, Clmgg, J. Plumley, J. Henderson, A. Weaver, V. Courts. 4th ROW: J. Wooten, O. Clagg, F. Vittitoe, E. Shull, S. Mullins, D. Heller, R Ramsey, and R. Clark, Milton Varsity "M" STARTING AT LEFT: J. Sayre, J. Stephens, G. Osborne, C. Taylor, D. Bledsoe, L. Jenkins, R. Morton, H. Lewis, D. Dillon, D. Jenkins, C. Shelton, T. Smith, B. Queen, O. Hall, B. Lunsford, W. Chapman, C. Rolfe, C. Roberts, J. Carter, C. Murrell, J. Cox, K. Gibson, B. Turley, D. Lowe, P. Adkins, C. Bragg, J. Sovine, F. Burns, B. Black, D. Moore, S. Morton, D. Lewis, G. Chapman, L. Angus, and A, Coleman. Jr. High Varsity "M" Club lst ROW, Left to Right: E, Clagg, H. Wallace, G. Thacker, S. Sydnor, B. Sullivan, O, Kirk, P. Wallace, R, Clendin, D McCallister, J. Grass, J. Kline, D. Jackson, D. Cash, G. Wil son, L. Murrell, C, Martin. 2nd ROW: D. Carter, B. Black, V Facemeyer, J. Perry, K. Sargent, R, Legg, D. Perry, J. Sayre, M. McCoy, P. Powell, J. Chapman, D. Clagg, D. Villars, L Wooten, Mr. Keefer. 3rd ROW: Mr. Ball, D. Harshbarger, R Lowe, R. Means, L. Powell, R. Meadows, B, McCracken, D Stowasser, P, Sydnor. 4th ROW: F. Sunderland, D. Hickman P. Christian, H, Vititoe, D. Gibson, D. Stevens, and J. Block Future Teachers 'lst ROW, Left to Right: S. Morrell, A Doddridge, S Scwards, N, Blake, Z. Sunderland, M. Crookshanks, L. Huff man, and R. Nutter. 2nd ROW: L Boggs, S, Newman, P Lewis, D, Ball, J Jarvis, R, Jarvis, J, Osborne, M. Black and Mrs. Henderson, advisor. Future Nurses E. Perry, B. Bledsoe, S, Carter, E Smith, M. Blake, W. McComas, and Mrs. Perry, advisor. Business F. B. L. A. lst ROW, Seated: H, Brown, V Hayes, L. Hamilton, J. Callaway 2nd ROW, Standing: Mrs. Black advisor, L. Reynolds, P. Johnson G, Dunn, V, Wallace, V. Card well, D. Thornton, B, Nutler, V Nutter, P. McCornas, K. Mitchell. 9 SEATED: C. Perry, J. Birt, D. Ed- monds, and P. Bell. STANDING' 'Ist ROW, Left to Right: S. Bledsoe, S. Adkins, J. Conrad, J. Shull, N. Dickensheeis, D, Tyree, D. Morrison, J Chapman, J. Arthur, A. Clogg, C. Shafier, 2nd ROW: B. Cooper, B. Adams, B. Chapman, B, Legg, S. Dun lap, M. Byrd, L. McDonie, M. Hollandsworth, L. Ball, M. Slone, M. Massie. 3rd ROW: Miss Blake, advisor Z. Wyati, C. Clark, I. Clay, J. Childers, R. Clark, D. Swonn, B. Turley, J, Hinkle, W. Hatfield, D. Nicholas 4th ROW: S. Edwards, B. Purdue, L. Kinder, M. Shy, B. Hinkle, S. Mitchell, and O. Chapman. Senior High Y-Teens SEATED, Left to Right: A. Mortin, R. Chapman, S. Woodard, J. Bledsoe, L. Morrison, C, McCormick. STANDlNG: Miss Dent, advisor, J. Guthrie, J. McCallister, P. Black, L. Jarrell, M. Black, L. Woodard, B. Adkins, and C. Yates. New f FRONT ROW, left to Right: B. Green, S. Cox, M. Looney, S. Honaker, and G. Diamond. STARTING AT LEFT: B. Lunsford, C. Angus, C. Parkins, B. Morton, B. Davis, C. Pancake, A. Johnson, P. Perdue, S. Wil- liams, R. Alexander, S. Williams, P. Carter, J. Rule, K. Burns, V. Peck, S. Kincaid, A. Templeton, J. Rule, L. Bledsoe, P. Ronk, S. Birch, B, Rolfe, R. Moore, A. Sullivan, N. Murrell, N. Black, S. Purdue, S. Sloan, G. Sowards, M. Hanna, R. Ray, C. Jenkins, C. Williamson, J. Morrison, C, Lowe, S. Coin, S. Lilly, M. Mid- kiff, B. McClintock, K. Primozic, M. Black, C. Meadows, J. Nicholas, B. Sowards, P. McKnight, B. Johnson, S. Chapman, E. Romey, B. Nelson, J. Roberts, C. Stowers, S. Swann, A. Ray, S. Mitchell, L. Faulkner, and B. Ronk. Green Thumbs lst ROW, Left to Right: B. Shelton, D, Vititoe, N. Lunsford, B. Thornton, L. Hicks, C. Martin, G. Powers, K. Taylor, K. White, R. McComas. 2nd ROW: K. Rutherford, B. Wilson, Mrs. McClung, advisor, J. Cham- bers, M. Lockhart, J. McComas, J. Miller, J, Bryan, S, Mays, D. Mount, J. Courts, P. Lewis, L. Sowards, R. Sturgill, R. Courts, T. Rule, E. Murray, G. Wetherholt, and M. Beckett. "w'1w1'-'rwr' J. Bond, Mr. Throckmorton, advisor, K Lunsford, J. Cremeans, T. Hatfield, E Woodard, R. Collins, Mr. Cummings, R Gillenwater, and Donnie Chapman, citi- cers of the Future Farmers of America. LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Wallace, J. Guthrie, B. Burns, A. Doddridge, K. Stephens, V. Rutherford, and B. Cooper, secretaries of the F.F.A. Future Farmers of America 'lst ROW, Left to Right: G. Morris, L. Templeton, R. Collins, Legg, J. Bond, G. Chancey, H. Fisher, E. Stowers, M. Ball. J. Tackett, E. Woodard. 2nd ROW: Mr. Throckmorton, ad- 3rd ROW: D. Chapman, E. Pauley, R. Caldwell, J. Chapman, visor, K. Cooper, J. Creameans, D. Chapman, R, Bragg, K. G. Dunlap, ond C. Conrad. Lunsford, T. Hatfield, R. Gillenwater, T. Neal, C. Jenkins, A. ' xi- ,. Jr. F. H. A. 'lst ROW, Seated: K. Carter, J. Viti- toe, P, Hawkins, N. Ball, R. Crea- means, S. Meadows, P. Hinkle and C. Holley. 2nd ROW: S. Cooper, S. Morrison, G. Sevy, C. Courts, A. Neal, B. Carter, A. Johnson, B. Cary, and L. Kinnard. 3rd ROW, Standing: D, Hinkle, R. Queen, P. Kirtley, J. Legget, F. Neol, E. Ash- worth, Mrs. Moffat, advisor, B. Ed- words. yr ih,,5,,.5,i,.Jwrv,:ey,. .f-- . , ,.f, , .,.,y.-f.. J. 15: Row, Len to Right: B. Byrd, C. Jenkins, C. Elkins, C. Taylor, J. White, G. Rolfe, T. Grass, R. Chaney, and Mr. Throckrnorton. 2nd ROW: D. Lewis, B. Shull, D. Mullins, G. Fizer, D. Block, J. Thomp- son, R. Peyton, B. Woodard, J. Morris, 3rd ROW: W, Mor- sholl, D. Bryon, J. Polly, D. Cupp, W. Legg, D. Collins, R. Fobry, F, Sowards, R. Clogg, T. Stowosser. 'lst ROW, left to Right: R. Cooper, C. Jordan, S. Powers, P. Daily, Z. Ash- worth, B. Morrison, B. Blake. 2nd ROW: B. Powel, D. Holly, K. Burns, R. Fowble. 3rd ROW: C. Ramey, S Holly, L. Elkins, Y. Hatfield, B. Chapman, C. Jenkins. 4th ROW: Mrs. Darlington, ad- visor, W. Powers, S, Grose, C. Perry, C. Johnson, J. Rim- mer, S. Jenkins, C. Elkins, and P. Courts. A Service Club . Junior Red Cross 'lst ROW, L. to R.: L. Morrison, D. Chapman, S. So- wards, N. Chapman, T. Bexfield, L. Sowards, J. Wil- liams, W. Maddox, P. Carter, L. Reynolds, J. Bragg, J Courts, T. Moon, A. Chapman. 2nd ROW: Mrs. France, advisor, S. Mays, J. Bowyer, P. Wallace, B. Silvey, L Morrison, L. Elkins, M. Bias, V. Black, J. Bryan, J Tockett, R. Hicks, B. Perdue, and R. Courts. Junior High Y-Teens 'lst ROW, L. to R.: B. Murrell, S. Craig, J Henderson, M. Murrdll, J. Manning, M Blackwell, Miss Mileski, 2nd ROW: J. Camp- bell, G. Kinder, C, Chaney, C. Kinnard 3rd ROW: M. Finley, C, Dunn, W. Han shaw, J. Hamilton. 4th ROW: N. Brady, E Stowers, F. Lewis, G. Templeton, P. Morri son, C. Cox, D. Ferguson, and C. Mongus mtl QD. xt lst ROW, L. to R.: S. Lewis, L. Morris, B. lrvin, R Gibson, W. Bryan. 2nd ROW: T. Clagg, G, Davis, P. Bias, T. Massie, C. Beckett. 3rd ROW: B. Meadows P. Smith, C. Ronk, N. Collins, J. Taylor, N. Fowble D. Bowyer, N. McCoy, J. Clagg, D, Christian, R Johnson, B. Powers, Miss Hoke, sponsor, M. Davis 4th ROW: G. Fourth, E. Reynolds, J. Davis, S. Bex- field, C. Stone. 5th ROW: E. Thompson, A. Hughes H. Boggs, B. Woodard, J. Spurlock, and J. Henry 1 I 1 lst ROW, L. to R.: M. King, L. Carson, M Hanna, D. Kirby, L. Meadows, T. Moon, E Walker, L. Stowers, T. Smith, H. Jenkins, B Spillers, G. Templeton, J. Sevy, S. Meadows, R. Meadows, R. Fowble, Mrs. Sang, advisor, S Wilson, S. Sutphin, W. Hutchinson, B. Wilkes, J. Silman, S. McClung, G. Hughes, S. Stowers, S, White, M, Roberts, S. Robertson, L. Carroll Latin Club I6 Saturnolial The Latin Club celebrated the Saturnalia, a Latin holiday, during the Christmas season. A party was given by Mrs. Sang, club sponsor. All members were dressed in Latin attire. Other Activities during the year included in- itiation and a slave auction. Radio Club yi AH, lst ROW, L. to R.: F. Cooper, D. Sutphin, J. Arthur, K. Howerton, R. Nichols, V. Nicholas, D. Clagg, L. Wilson. 2nd ROW: T. Black, J. Chap- man, D. Legg, C. Powers, E. Sutphin, C. Black, J. Carter, B. Bias. 3rd ROW: Mr. Chapman, advisor, R. Edmonds, A, Dailey, H. Kirtley, D. Carter, D. Keenan, R. McCallister, E. Griffith, D. Meadows, D. Nitz, D. Wallace, and Mr. Douglas, advisor. At radio: R. Markin, and at mike: D. Ashworth. 78 if Kathryn Stephens, Parliamentarian ot the U.H.S.Y.A., asks Mr. Haggerty if he plans to enter politics. ,His comment? No! Pauline Fredericks, NBC correspondent for the United Na- tions, talks with Mr. Haggerty and Professor Pitt before the press conference. James aggert Speaks at Convention At a banquet held in the Hotel Prichard, James Haggerty, Press Secretary to the President, speaks to the journalism students at the an- nual U.H,S.P, meeting. Delicious food is served at the banquet tables. Gail Wetherholt, Vera Rutherford, Janet Johnson, and Joyce Suiter, gather around Mr, Haggerty. 1 f,g?E f '-::w-w- . 7 AME: VE K -f5M:5i2'5lffS93K inf-f.:Y5'wsmf - : -ml-qiiwif-3, 51amW5cf1 f 1 . .,.Lmw. sz , 435, , ,.,, f.,.,X,.x,.L " ' Lf'f5?5lQ'1. 'Jw'iT?if5fiiii , 7 f Q Minn, ified 'i L3 ff gs Gary Templeton, Karen Clagg, Sara Mays, Jim Bond, Larry France,Dar- rell McCallister, Carolyn Peyton, Jimmy Morrison, Larry Swann, Herb Smith, Leroy Angus, Vera Peck, Patty Perdue. 2nd ROW: Charles Nimmo, Doug Smith, Mike Dailey, Suzie Wallace, Sherry Kincaid, Denny Dailey, Sammy Banks, Barbara Bledsoe, Janet Seager. The Greyhound Band Donnie Chapman, Lewis Childers, Gordon Joyce, Dan McGinnis Veda Nutter, Lloyd Kitt. .. Mm ,,,- f , f in , V K , ii, - s1m..,-.: . wisest-1, f Brenda Davis, Cheryl Angus, Lynn Carroll, Marilyn Carter, Linda Woodard, Shirley Chapman, Jo Ann Bowyer, Armenia Lewis, Phyllis Bar- ret, Linda Faulkner, Ann Martin, Alice Doddridge, Phyllis Bell, Marsha Roberts, Mary Beckett, 2nd ROW: Kay Chapman, Bonnie Burks, Billy Myers, Dorinda Tyree, Shirley Sowards, Brenda Lunsford, Sarah Perdue, Jane Nicholas, Nancy Ball, Nancy Blake. at left, is Linda Huffman and at bottom Gypsy Diamond. Both girls participated in the junior play, Gypsy attended Girls' State, and Linda was an attendant to Miss Greyhound. The wheels that keeps the activities in the school moving are the maiorettes and cheerleaders. Pictured L. TO R. maiorettes - Making their final appearance for the year, Linda Casey, Helen Brown, Marsha Roberts, Violet Cardwell, X , 3551, Linda Huffman, Jane Callaway, Sally Perry, Barbara Nutter, ' 'll R L and Thelma Hayes. Cheerleaders L. TO R. - Barbara Green, i i'lll r t. Susie Cox, Mary Ann Looney, Sharon Honaker, and Gypsy Diamond. Qi,-w Drum Majorette For the first time in the history of Milton High, a Drum Maiorette leads the band. Brenda Blake's smile and pleasing personality is a welcome change for band members. y Dance Band L. TO R.: Kay Chapman, Bonnie Burks, Brenda Blake, Shirley Chapman, Billie Myers, Mary Ann Beckett, Lewis Childers, and Gordon Joyce. STANDING: Mr. Harsh- barger, Charles Nimmo, Mike Dailey, Doug Smith, Carol Peyton, Larry Swan, Jimmy Morrison, Herb Smith, Susie Wal- lace, and Sam Banks. PICTURED L. to R.: Sue Robertson, Brenda Lunsford, Marsha Roberts, Brenda Davis, Cheryl Angus, and Sandra Lilly led the junior high in cheering for the team. fl: x , .au Ig' ft , 1 .uf L., Junior Pla l . "The Family Upstairs" PICTURED L. to R.: Houston Roberts, Poul Kay, Susie Cox, Sally Perry, Ann Hutchinson, Lewis Stowers, Mory Ann Beckett, Keith Bledsoe, Glenda Hughes, Miss Murray, instructor, ond Herb Smith. At top left ore the brots plotting o way to get the attention of their parents ond ot right Father ond Mother try to talk "Willie" into getting o iob. At bottom left the ploy cost ond ot right are the family that con't quite believe the news - Louise has o boy friendl 85 The Blue S Grey Getting out the bi- monthly publication of the Blue and Grey are LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Dot- son, Pat McKnight, Gail Wetherholt, Marty Hal- landsworth, Nancy Blake, Mrs. McCarty, Janet John- son, Linda Huffman, Ann Martin, and Mary Ann King. Weekly Publication, The Bulletin It takes much time and practice for Zella Sunderland and Donetta Pancake to get the weekly bulletin published, but patience and hard work pay oft. Journalism . . . The iournalism class works hard to get out the school paper. Nancy Blake, Ed. is explaining the use of the mimeograph machine to Veda Nutter, Joyce Sunderland, Peggy Ford, Judy Rule, Thelma Hayes, Sara McComas, Diane Thornton, Beatrice Adams and Betty Sowards. The Wonderful World of Books . . . Our courteous librarian, Miss Dent, is always ready to answer questions. Here Homer Lewis and Marshall Pate, the school spelling champ, ask for her aid. AIIP7-Onnl Two Points? We'll never know if Mike McMillan made his shot, but as always, the noon time lntramurcils provide enter- tainment for the participants and the student body. which students of the phys. ed, classes participate. Here Miss Miller watches as the girls demonstrate their ability. im: ko. mmwz'z- Isl ROW, L to R.: B. McComas, R. Moore, S. Perdue, B. Morton, C. Parkins, S. Sowards, K. Burns, A. Sullivan, J. Rimmer, M, Morrison, R. Cooper. 2nd ROW: Mrs. France, V. Peck, P. Wallace, P. Edwards, S. Bias, L. Grose, C. Jordan, B. Burks, J. Nicholas, 'M. Chapman, members of the iunior high glee club. Glee Clubs i 'lst ROW, L. io R.: L. Huffman, M. King, G. Hughes, S. Chapman, B. Johnson, S. Lewis, K. Knight, C. Clark B. Adams, S, Mullins, V. Cardwell, B. Green, S. Cox, 2nd ROW: Mrs. France, J. Seager, N. Blake, V Wallace, P. Perdue, W, McComas, S. Honaker, T. Hayes, L. Meadows, B. Ronk, P. McKnight, M. Carter K, Clagg, P. Rank, C. Ramey, L. Jarrell, C. Yates. 3rd ROW: D. Ramey, S. Spurloclc, R. Dailey, D Chapman, J. Leggett, and J. Jarvis, members of the senior high glee club. f' as Junior High 'lst ROW, L. to R.: K. Carter, S. Lilly, L. Carroll, A. Sullivan, M. Roberts, J. Edmonds, C. Courts. 2nd ROW: S. Robertson, Mrs. Sullivan, B. Wilks, M, Hanna, C. Parkins, S. Blake, R. Moore, R. Markin, B. Davis. 3rd ROW: N. Ball, G. Templeton, V. Peck, B. McComas. D. Meadows, E. Walker, and K. Chapman. Honor Societies Ist ROW, L. to R.: B. Blake, M. Crookshanks, S. Cox, D. Lowe, J. Seager, Z. Sunderland, L. Kifll, G. Jordan, J. Childers, N, Blake, M, Beckett. 2nd ROW: Mrs. Frazier, M. Holley, G. Hughes, S. Newman, P. Lewis, M. Hanna, R. Meadows, A. Doddriclge, D. Pancake, R. Jarvis, B. Jenkins, J. Suiter, 3rd ROW: J. Osborne, C. Pancake, J. Cox, J. Harshbarger, J, Danford, D. Dillon, H. Smith, L. Stowers, J, Jarvis, R. Alexander, and M. Roberts. l 1 89 Senior High The Student's Voice . . The Student Council 'lst ROW, L. to R.: Herbie, Smith Mr. Hudgins, Mae Black, Carl Rolfe, Charles Nimmo, Phillip Adkins, Keith Bledsoe, Lester Hamilton, Donna Smith, Roberta Meadows, Linda Honaker, STANDING: Joyce Johnson, and David Dolin. It is difficult to tell who is being entertained, the girls of the Y-Teens or the children at Morris Memorial Hospital. The Christmas party is an annual club proiecf. The Y-Teens . . . A Service Organization SEATED: Louise Morrison, and Ann Martin. STANDING, L, to R.: Barbara Adkins, Judy Bledsoe, Carol Yates, Reba Chapman, Mrs. Allen, RN., Miss Dent, Cora McCormick, Jo Ann Guthrie, Pat Legg, Sandra Woodard, and Jane McCalIister. ' :.ew'x x A1 Ji 1 ' f Charolette Pancake, displays her top prize trophy before her proiect on "Gibber- ellic Acid." Houston McClung proudly shows his ribbon for first place in the Regional Fair. projects. Emerson Walker, left, and Ted Smith, right are shown with their According to the NCA evalua- tion team, "Milton has one of the best Biology Departments in the state." The picture was taken after the NCA inspection. OA ww mf? We i .L...,K-A F52 Y A if -1 wh Jai? . Qs W ji 3 ma x 1 ' 4233? mf? Q Q X ' 41, ".- - a . Yi 'W' fi' '3f'W'4?' 4 K 2 , 53 Em E IQ mx. ,fm ,WT 5 S A L. v X ,L ff? V , . f' y 'N' .,,,Qg4'ff Ili' ' i Q if 15. ' eff .X 'QS k""x uf Q . .W 1 vu' KN K ,Q ' 'wr 'if " T . S ' . my A ll Y Q - E , Y gg ., i s I I X, W K . N " f i J - . ' W 'L . W Easy., Jig' L i H X' A 5 Lf: , N, :X K K at L , . i 'I H A A 1 .ZS S i .-,, 1 32,91 . 1,2 qw? 'L A AL , ,U ?gQ,.,: F f XL, sum W f,,Q,x, Q Q11 g Q' '51 ' 2 ' A m U W5 V3 Y 1 S . K - , S J .L ?' : 1 . A1 ' A A " . ,, ' I is , ' , 5 .. , ik' K f iff" .1-Q, li-f f 2. .. k 1 2, ' X 2 K. - ..,, N , , , A k'-. V1 . , Q! K I " . X ' , 5 gg, Q E f Q' -3 ,,.f"M"X I i' if gifs? gi "sag fi , f .i ,yi AVAx:g . .2 ' ,, V fmf f A , A 3 s w M M 1 T' 'fi1,1 Wf 4 W' I f , h A fki, L, iy, all g i t Q if Vji I V A t.,, ,, K 7. m-,,h.AA'i if W' L will ff .,Y,f In K .,,. '5'A .-,kh I mf? I A In - X , - , I 9 Y 5 Q E M, .L 5 I K-2v 5 -57 Q-if , , blruu b X V L,iL,L , W ,, I V1-, Ai,V V ,,L, V I , Lf I ' A V, I , I , if : M M M ' " 5 ff' f 5 v X Sky W W QW 5 W NV Q? :M Q ,,,. 1' Leaving so soon? Ah, spring! and young love! AND the PROM. l'li bet this discussion isn'f about school. Oh lookl He s Tak ing our picture. A check on glamour. The boss and his wife swing out f f,,,l, Astonishing looks come from every- one cls The "Charleston" is per' formed. Together now, I-2-3- "CLlCK"! The punch is so freshing! . ,,,. ,. ,, , A ,Q I I A O msmrunu, mmums.,pnmsm:mrummmem-Q ,mmm-wma-as ,mgmusnmzx ,IQ-KQQHK' ' Ia, , , : n1- mfl i i , ' 'ti git " jf,i,gg 5 ' 1 .QTLI "- K -- ' K 'i' V Q - 333 .L K I ,, ,ff ,Iwi I -fl I K I V 5 y I f e Q i Q! gr Mrs! 5 , gal xg-'fm v4!iif ,i .A.s ' . - i 1 I ls V 4 ' mr ' - iam ' , , ,,,.. .... 135 A Cheryl Angus Joon Arnold Joyce Ashworth Betty Boll Byron Bios Sondra Bios Sharon Birch Doncld Block Jerry Block Shirley Blake Bcirboro Bledsoe Lindo Bledsoe Dexter Bryon Charlotte Burden Bonnie Burks Karen Burns William Byrd Erma Carpenter Johnny Carpenter Lynn Carroll Lyndol Carson Betty Cort Glorio Corter Ralph Chaney Anna Chopmun Bessie Chopmon Dole Chopmcin JeH Chopmcn Jimmy Chopmnn Koy Chapman Nellie Chopmon Ronnie Chupmon Roy Clogg Opal Clogg Ovol Clegg Poi Clogg Rodney Clegg Donnie Collins Philip Cooper Rosemary Cooper Sheila Cooper Dorthoa Cox Vandal Cremeans Danny Cupp Mike Dailey Edna Daly Brenda Davis Linda Davis Sandra Davis Terry Davis Roy Dean James Edmonds Phyllis Edwards Clella Elkins Clovis Elkins Lora Ann Elkins Charles Everette Ronald Fabry Gary Fizer Virginia Freeman Dallas Gibson Katheryn Gibson Terry Grass Leola Grose Jean Hatfield Yvonne Hatfield Delida Holley Diane Honaker Keith Howerton Ann Hutchinson Wanda Hutchinson Carlton Jenkins Herman Jenkins Josie Jenkins Linda Jenkins Sandra Jenkins Anna Johnson Carol Jordan Doris Jordan Sheryl Kincaid L Q As wg, H - We f' f :Y - A X. at 5 . Y, M, do s off nw J H wus 'S 5' l Ji all ig l ii ' if my if fi-gm sf.. ' 'r ff i 1 J , Q 'A fe ,,. ,Q ask . , A , 5 M, i ,erm ws.. Dorofhy Kincaid Mary Kinder Dwight Kirby Becky Legg Danny Legg Wayne Legg Jerry Lemley Dewey Lewis Sandra Lilly Rodney Lowe Brenda Lunsford Jerry MCCallis1er Roger McCallisfer Anna McComas Bonnie McComas Carolyn McComcns Mike McCoy Bane McCracken Charles Mangus Herb Mangus Ronnie Markin Ronnie Meadows Sue Meadows Tommy Moon Rose Ann Moore James Morris James Morrison Mary Ann Mo-rrisoin Brenda Morton Nancy Murrell Freda Neal Jane Nicholas Van Nicholas Carolyn Perkins Elden Pauley Jim Bill Pauley Beatrice Payton Vera Faith Peck Anita Perry Don Perry Roger Peyton Gary Porter Barbara Powell Larry Powell Sandra Powers Wilma Pridemore Judy Rimmer Marsha Roberts Sue Robertson Betty Rolfe Gary Rolfe Jimmy Sayre Franklin Shirkey Billy Shull Judy Silman Barbara Silvey Doug Smith Toby Smith Wade Smith Franklin Sowards Shirley Sowards Ola Jean Spence William Spillars Carolyn Starkey Donnie Stephens Pat Snydor Gary Swann Frank Sunderland Ann Sullivan Cecil Taylor Joyce Taylor Gary Templeton Gale Thacker Jae Thompson Loretta Turley Herman Vititoe David Wallace Emerson Walker Eugene Wallace Peggy Wallace , an K Q Q 4 E M... , , get H wi.. A i -..,,f, ie-1, sz,-L ,,,, . an zlz , iv, 4 gl W Q l ll is 2 -fi ,. v.. . ,. ,..L.. Lx,,, Buster Woodard Larry Wooten NOT PICTURED: Tommy Ball, David Black, Russell Bostic, Jerry Caudill, Donna Chapman, Ray Clagg, Donald Courts, Violet Harden, Freda Hinkle, Freddie Hinkle, Clara Lewis, William Marshall, Robert Nibert, Sarah Perdue, Dorothy Smith, Jo Ann Smith, Teddy Stowasser, Sandra Templeton. Eighth Grade R NW 5415? -1 y ,Rex 'Q 102 William Wilks Jack White Sharon White Linda Williamson Virginia Wood Evo Ashworth William Ashworth James Arthur Nancy Dee Ball Sharon Ball Mike Beckett Shelvia Bexfield Billy Black Carl Black Earl Black Natellicl Black Roger Black Teddy Black Virginia Black Woody Black Hattie Boggs Doris Bowyer JoAnn Bowyer Mike Brown Wanda Bryan Barbara Carey Betty Carter Carolyn Carter James Carter Jerry Carter Kay Carter Jullian Chambers Larry Chambers Florence Chapman James Chapman Ralph Chapman Carl Chittum Dunzil Clagg Ellis Clagg Janet Clagg Paul Clagg Robert Clark Roy Clark James Clary Danny Collins Mildred Conrad Frank Cooper Connie Courts Johnny Courts Virgil Courts Junior Cremeans Roberta Cremeans Alva Dailey Sally Davis Hazel Edmonds Judy Edmonds Mildred Edmonds Betty Edwards Vernon Facemyer Michael Forth Reda Gibson Larry Gillenwater Fredrick Greathouse Michael Greathcuse Edward Griffith ,. ' ,, .. ,. ' . . Q V nfmgji. ,sky Q, sy - V "Q, f ,,,, t,.. V. V,:V. , ..g:.. Q ,,Xlg W ,gg "Hari M ' ' V' C 'ltiifitw " C t .,.i'1 ' K 'wrt ,...,,, 1 :,Z it .Z,,. ., K , J' 1 ' V. gesgns sm- .+ies35H ,2f, ' NV sim-95 We m fi 'Q wr! Elle , - l, : ,.,. 5 4 ik 103 f el l a . ,ffespfvsgavs , if erf A ., , ,,,,,,G5,,9 ,. -:.. : i f V was -' .. ,., ,, W. ' iz: V 11 aw x S x 3 rl' are r f 3 l jim se' iii: W J.. 1,5 f V r..:. .vw , . ,. J, 5 . 3 v 5' tw? Q, r 9 , , . ,,. M I 40 . eu, Q. 15 first ':' xiii Er, - " R f Q W ? 52 f I 1 EE if V , A Vs I J we X 3 it 'ref s Q Y Q ll lx fee, .. Q, 51. -.52 -- M " fini 5231, 5.52 ' :Sz Cf SSL! --155,,f,f.s' ,. if 5,,:gf,gW,, We ,. gf rw 1 ,A- . A ,--gh, at ,V - 1.1: it-11, K . . r ,,,:,,. s V- 2555 , V.,:r4w5f- we ,, fr-V-I-Ve 4 x 4 X ff? 'Q My-, J N " 935 ffl, . Arif -wwirgr, -1 M T. 7155 S3 4 , gp r ns, ,ae , ,,.,,,,g ,J ,, ,V.,,,f,: W, rr . ,,,. , VW . -, , W g ' :Em X 1-es 'i ' Viv .5 1,,i-me-1, , we eg L f 'U' A , P i ' i , df '-f 71: 1 S Q K. H Y. . , ' . ,.,- Ml: V.,,V . .- 11 ' siileiil ' g ' 2225? ,... ' Elf! 1' 1 L- 'iiffiiiiifl 1 " -, iiifg ziiifisfeifiaii if -- ' ,jw, .i. kt,vV kkk. K 1, Win : " f we W 3 azsm.:i14,- - w as .Lf-L, . seam' iarwfifi . ,Ls,w.11i'mf Q 'Q .ftff,1QZEw , Q .bevy ififfasiefiif' H iggyggif fi' M 1414 - . 3, 2531 ,W +L 7 ,V . . is li 4 . 53? x ,..,Ww W ec ., 1, Q - :eff .ZLSTZ ' af- - 14555251 " 2 fi lm ' " I EQWYIT' 4-' "' :, D "' : ll! iwlilygsk , . - ,. . S.Qz.f.l'?: L3-lik . ,iff ir :He 4 1 ig V. Q is, W. it-K 1 hi if P5 3, ,. , Q. ui , we MA, ALLL ' L 5. 5, , K X g g lr , Q: 5 J Ii-1 '-1-1 u Noe: Mg il-x'!3T" L 9 .a in y 'QE , l 3 it A A 51. - ig. gli" L. E siihi not E fu- A R S M3453 ' i ' X f' fiil35Zl?l3liW' "Wir wi l Milli' A, fa? - 1 'ze . X, 'Q MV.. :. 'V flefii , ., , .Y gmt wi! 1 W in 435554 5 Q L mv? 5 vh W rf i J on ir 4 i si.i,,: ,W 5514, ,,- A - 1 is 144 2' V ip! girl , X' X K A ' ..: Q. .ie in D ff EQ , X -rw Eg ,4q y L, 1 l, . 6 ' ' 71.1153 .K 'L iw I J ' , . 104 WH QSM Donald Hagley Mary Hanna Judith Harless Don Harshbarger Patricia Hawkins David Heller James Hewlett Bobby Henry Larry Henry Mart Henry Ronald Hesson Diane Hinkle Paula Hinkle Carolyn Holly Ann Hughes BeTTy Hutchinson Alice Jefiers Billy Jenkins Connie Jenkins Arbria Johnson Michael Johnson Jackie Jones Jimmy Jordan Sharon Keefer Lona Kinnard Leonard Kirk Phyllis Kirfly Jimmy Kline Delano Keenan Francis Krepps Bernard Legge Janet Leggett Barbara Lewis Broddis Lane Douglas Lane Don McCallisfer Hobarf McComas Jack McComas Nancy McComas Dan McGinnis Wanda Maddox Sara Mays Betty Meadows Darrell Meadows Shirley Meadows Ralph Means Milena Midkiff Sharlene Mitchell Kenneth Morris Lloyd Morrison Robert Morrison Sheila Morrison Stephen Mullins Lowell Murrell Mike Murrell Anna Neal Brenda Nelson George Newman Ronald Nicholas Ronnie Nowlin Richard Oliver Marshall Pate Janet Payton Opal Payton Rita Payton Jim Perry John Plumley Blanche Powers Carl Powers Roberta Queen Robert Ramsey Anna Roy Sharon Reynolds Sue Rite James Roberts Joan Roberts Tommy Roberts Ronald Robinson Carol Ronk Steven Rymer r-, tggerl i,5ggf5iE:t-pm it sg A A -V J r,-1 f -wt f 3' ' f-'f::4sE:tZ ':g. ,K ,. tg .,,:f ii: ., -fi f ,Y K1 li 'Pi na Y: ' fx llmdii ii lg? ilk.. fll Q a t, .,: . 'L 6-1 rd tx J fe f' , .. me ,,,,.. .,,,.. S Q , tg, .X -:si 'Q K . , QMJ ,- -J, geese tr -tw. .Q V: ' ' ' 5: , .3 ' . X -4,2 -i P it 'fm ' ' L ' f s Sv: ,V J: 4325 , j ,e g . , -,.-4,,K,, .-H,-,3. 4 is , ,N 1 L , I 11 I ,W . . , 2 sum 1 f - ' , ,gl is ,Hs 3,0 ,t -4. - '- ,i H-sq? 92 sllprk ,i E 1, ivtwhg - ' i i ? . , ff? f:?Z5E5i"""?' f '-,Ei 4 K 11. : -. xii? K NOT PICTURED Dale Barnett Phyliss Chambers Charles Glover Horrison Jenkins Danny Kinder Basil Scarberry Roger Scarberry Phyliss Shoemaker 106 asf , , a W it S 11 ,ct fem R Y f 1 Q -QF V Egg s it X, i sm 3 y . . ...S ti 1? Y E asfrsw 11 1' f- wfe:..1g.Mwf ies, - s f ra., J ' i 5 l 3 .T :fi- t 1 L 5 ' 4 f my x ,xy 7 13559: ,Z 5 get Marshall Sargent Carolynn Sevy Larry Shelton Betty Shull Erma Shull Sharon Sloine Dennis Smith Gary Smith Patricia Smith Lou Sowards Dorlen Stowasser Sandra Suiter David Sutphin Elvin Sutphin Rodney Swan Lowell Templeton Mack Terry Elizabeth Thompson Charles Tober Ronald Vennoy David Villars Janice Vititoe Herman Wallace William Waugh Gary Wetherholt Roger White Jackie Williams Stella Williams Bill Wilson Gary Wilson Betty Arthur Naomi Arthur Tony Ashworth Eugene Bailey Ruth Barnett Clara Beckett Pamela Bias Mirian Black Billie Blake Donald Bragg James Bragg Beverly Brown Gary Bryan Janet Bryan James Bryan William Burden Sharon Cain David Cash Dale Carter Harold Chambers Aaron Chapman Alan Chapman John Chapman Drema Christian Paul Christian Elizabeth Clagg Patsy Clagg Teresa Clagg Wanda Clagg Virginia Clary Robert Clendenin Kenneth Collins Berl Conner Michael Conrad Odfrey Cooper Sandra Cooper Raymond Courts Calvin Cremeans Dale Croakshanks Charlotte Davis Q ..,, sf L T ,QQ rv 1 . 24 . ' P, if W 0 32 1 Q gltdiig ll l 7 gt JU L f 2 2 Q f t t X .. 1 Q i- "' - K 1 .1 :fi fi , ist, Jw In 331, ita t " 'V will? gmwfs k . rf' 1 I W X 5, 5 gt? M wat? A A 'xv' ,J fe- l, 5 91 .4 r , its 4 if . , 9-'mi I iss, K J lib 7, 'Wx sl, 1' J 'Q Q 53 Q me A X ,f ,,. , mu Sgrsffas--'. -- , ,. 4- Q J' ' A. .S ,, , N V . 3' NAAV E. ,, fi, at r ,Si ggyij. V ' UT ' ii . , 'ef it 5. ' rift ,.. . 1455 'A it 455, ies' ,te W R QC? I 'l M if ei IQ? ti Ai '55 ' J a i Q. . I s f 'ii' .1' WSW Q ,t of-fsstw i re. M y F V S . t.s4,f+t t am .V -Si, a l vi -2,- 3 4 J , N it W P' it ttf, :gg E J N539 'F l Q Q 5 H'-f lift 1 ,TEXT t fs is J A .A ig x 7 fm 5 l gmggggvw .. . . X: .. G , , 2 t if ik M .r Q J, V ' 55 skew! is , '-f ' fi ., , 5, .' 1- f i 1 az ri: -, , i A A 2 ,kwgfjg V W 3 I ggi ,V 0 mt gf we A ' ,,., , My . f . we l - K get 9, ' iz - .. K - J -' ' X Alf s Y A ' E ff? of . . is Q r enema '.sv2fQ..s.g1:, r 55,1 swag A W, 1, " " we " tg f Y ' 7 " ' K Lv G' ' ', -,. - V Iv sn, '-U. ,, 7 A ' G K2 'ffl -r X - 4' so ' -is K . - We 42 J it A :"" A . warm .Y rv r 2, 1 .1 .M 107 . ,.,. Ugg' Sr 7 'ff ,. v 5 ' ff' iz ss-.f mpvze s 'S B, i if s ,S 'A IK! ,, W' . is Q Ll X PG L . . 55g -E K .ff 5 ii, M ' . 2 W is: J, .Q ir faq. ' may wil 1 l lx Wiz 4 4 i is 4 , s ' ' 'ff J' "6 Lin- :V s E , W :X , is J , , D . A ' . hir X W nv- l J w Q 0' I P 12 32, v l ml , 4 jk' ff flu 'vi V ' ff ' 2 1 s ' ,E ,L li Q iii' J Q 3 Geraline Davis Mary Davis Shelby Davis Jeanette Davis Charles Dean Clayton Edmonds Marvin Edwards Linda Elkins Gail Fourth Nancy Fowble Joseph Grass Mary Hardin Dale Harding Raymond Harifield Forest Hayes Joe Henderson Barbara Henry Alyene Henson Thompson Hickman Linda Hicks Rita Hicks Garland Holley Joe Holley Paul Holley Boyd Huffman Barbara Irwin Edward Jackson Ruth Jeffers Wanda Jeffers Alice Jenkins Herchell Jenkins Rada Johnson Romine Johnson James Jones Linda King Wanda Kirby Russell Legg Sandra Lewis David Lilly Carolyn Lpwe Norman Lunsford Alana Lydick Mary McClintock Houston McClung Howell McClung Robert McComas Dallas McComas Roger McComas Nada McCoy John McDonie Harold Martin Thelma Massie Edith Mays Lee Morris Julia Morrison Dottie Mullins Frances Mullins Ernest Murray William Myers Roy Nibert Rosa Lee Nicely Russell Nicholas Jackie Nottingham James Pauley Bonnie Perdue Richard Petit Paul Powell Gary Powers Karen Primozic Janie Rule Tony Rule Gary Rutherford Kenneth Rutherford Donald Salmons Lorene Scorberry Shirley Short Darrell Shull Freddie Smith Joe Smith Murle Smith it we LM , ' K L L ' ' ' ffl. tt, :E -f 1 W ': X ,, Q' ,.f'1 :! b-it-M71 V lr, -me . t -rf ft-wt f -rag e gripe rf' 1 ' wr - xg L e 1 .M ey? - K , f "T t 5 .L , ' Q "Z 'I 1 V nv of , Y- f 11 .2 5 9' ' A if 1 Ji fa: tg f Q L it If f IX ' iv-" T tk:-L ' 1' ' R 'TW' ' 1 K Y so ,ea-cf? LR f' 5, X ff Qt 14' .zfff .- . 2 gl? r rw M i, W "' my ' , ww va 3 it 53-. ,V ,P V- , s 2 ,, ,X f- 7' 1.,s5:,j5g f,,..",E-, ii . 1 ' , 1 my H vfvr , V LL ... It in V .1 rv V 5, . i gl i ALVVA Q, .WAV 1' 6- at QP ' V "' I x.. ,gn it ,- mm 6 i if M in "' T .,::. . ' ,is .L z wa? 1111 5 .1 uf . -+e. l, , 334' ma- . A H a.. .i , .,5-:s- '., f' A .,.. 4, ,s X am. 5, i, f .ii fir! i i lll C y 5 it V 5, J 'fm A , i -- . ,, 'f i t Q 'if we ' f 'W . 1' 2: V' - .Tfi " i"T:, ' 'F' ' f 5, i ' :ix ' 2 gfltiiz t , 102 gi """' " ' "" 'ff' V' ' J' - ' 516 .zfiff 'iff ', :- ie, ' : Gift, 1,1 fat:-ii f, SQL- SEEK- gf. 2, ' ' 37375 Lia, I H A ,. in . f f if-1. if x-- -,:-- 55-tw Qui -1 t lgfpg. ,. 51, ' " f, ,K 111- : 53 Vlzixf if il- 'Y fi I i K ' 'hr ' ' 'Wi T it' T Q 5' - wi. C " X J x . W . 12 3, i its 2 1 2 Q eff 4 it I ir S' QQ QT if is 5 I: 1. 2. 4. '54 53-in NOT PICTURED: Douglas Mount George Stanley Connie Stone Junior High Prom Gloria Sowards Max Sowarcls Sue Sowarcls James Spence lvalene Spurlock Judy Spurlock Richard Stargill Carolyn Stowers Burr Sullivan Stephen Sydnor Charles Taylor Keith Taylor Stephen Thompson Billy Thornton Jeffery Thornton Phyllis Thornton Margaret Vickers Dale Vititoe Floyd Vititoe Paul Wallace Allan Weaver Kelley White Michael Williams Bonnie Woodard Jackie Wooten sfmuid now 5 insurance protection they FEECNC 'V ,lf , ,f It f. U: xn A 9 ' K I K1 J, ,, ' , gm - .,:,... Q 41 J! +1 Q iw 5 Aff V. . T Z L k Q I A r Z f !'.,fw,N, 'fa vrlifsswo Lcmmw 1 .' Q ,M A Q Wx 5 k .fdcluerfifiing K x , NW J' p if Compliments of International - Farm - Truck - Dealer Huntington, W. Va. P.O. Box 1156 Phone RE 6-4371 NICK'S DRIVE INN Open 16 Hours a Day "Best In Food 8. Service Manager - Martha Craft Rt. 60 East of Milton HOLLEY BRO'S. Department Store Staple and Fancy Grocers Phone SH 3-2671 Milton, W. Va. Stop at the SNAK SHAK "Finest Food By Far" Barboursville, Rt. 60 JACK DIAL'S SPORTING GOODS 1039 4th Avenue Huntington, West Virginia BECKER MUSIC COMPANY 1040 Fourth Avenue Huntington, West Virginia DUDLEY'S SPORTING GOODS CO. 948 Third Avenue Huntington, West Virginia Compliments of these stores at the GATEWAY SHOPPING CENTER A. W. Cox Department Store Gateway St. Albans, W. Va. fri. . ' I with 0 ' l i ' ls,l N f qgll i V I uk E 0? ' I UN 4 I KN I ' Q-, f gi b e cm It Compliments of THE FIRST HUNTINGTON NATIONAL BANK IIuNTINoToN, WEST VIRGINIA T872-T959 Over Three Quarters of e Century of reiihfei Service Favorite Shopping Place for more than 60 years Huntington's Oldest and Finest Department Store on Third Avenue W 'lil WI I lin l l M, 'film M it like I 5 M l M.-'If Q I N7 U NW' fffmll J Ny ill? - -S. 'Q-5 COMMENCEMENT Perhaps you have been thinking of this occasion for some time. Graduation is only the beginning of a brighter future. We hope that it is a "commencement" of greater things to come. In America we enioy the world's highest standard of living. It we are to continue to enioy these benefits, we must have better trained men and women. We need more scientistsp more trained engineersp and better qualified people in all walks of lite. lt's your future - use it wisely. APPALACHIAN Power Company Compliments Compliments of of BLAcKwoon ms. COLE PRODUCE CO. AGENCY H tington' W. Va. Phone SH 3-3831 SH 3-4261 Milton, W. Vo C0"'P'i"'e"'S of A. B. DICK PRODUCTS COMPANY 1221 Fourth Avenue 817 3 d A H tington, W. Va. Ph JA 9 1361 H tington, W. V FLORIDA ST. MARKET Phone SH 3-6193 Milton, West Virginio Mr. 8. Mrs, George Gibson TRI-STATE FIXTURE CO., INC. RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT Huntington, W. vu. cz. Waugh - President N Cloy Jessie - Representative Phone JA 2-0829 Drink ROYAL CROWN COLA 8 Ad A Hunti ngton, W. Vu. The CRAFT HOUSE Fred Boll, Proprietor Gifts and Souvenirs IN GLASS FROM WEST VIRGINIA GARDEN CENTER 2640 5th Avenue Huntington, W. Va. Phone JA 3-0632 KINCAID 81 SON ESSO Service Center SH 3-7311 Milton, W. Vo. S They're reolly worth oll 1 In 7 M 9 the 0 Fon-fore! . . Fi Dfucious , GUYAN DAIRY Gu Pnonucrs , MILTON GU STATION E. C. Wheeler Corner Smith and U. Milton, W. Va. Phone SH 3-3604 LF S. 60 Compliments of DU RA-TEC THE PERFECT ALUMINUM AWNING PHONES: Nitro PL 5-2341 Ceredo GL 3-2765 Hunt. JA 5-3821 Beckley CL 2-6401 Ash. EA 4-2525 The perfect aluminum owning First in Quality - Foirest in Price - Fastest in Service. Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN'S 5 ond 10 Cent Store Milton, West Virginia Phone SH 3-8341 Compliments of FIELD INSURANCE AGENCY Estoblished 1910 Fire - Auto - Cosuolty - Lite - Accident ond Heolth For Your Protection We Represent STOCK COMPANIES ONLY Phone SH 3-9191 or 3-8611 Milton, W. Vo. NOTHING DOES IT LIKE Compliments of the MILTON SHOPPER and CABELL RECORD HOTEL PRICHARD Finest of Banquet Facilities Huntington, West Virginia An Alsonett Hotel Cottage Room for Charcoal Steaks Leo D. McShane - Manager Compliments of CLARK'S TIRE SERVICE 2538 8th Avenue Huntington, W. Va. SUNBEAM . .. ......,.......,. 1 .-F1E1f'E'ff?15'i7'fi't'lI- "'-"V 'S-K-V:-sz-vw : - .:,, ':2ffQgQi:13'.''j5f2f'11f'5f'51 fl. ,,,' 1.21115-igfftiiiff i f 'I V '1" 1 .t,.t ' ,fi,:i-,'EQ '1'2,', af .. s' f u - P " ,Q ' 1-' ' Qgiw if fl? f 21- 45? 'li' man .- -"1.f l,-- 1 "' 1 51 ,we :UW - L ' if ' if 211251. . 9' i S gf :., :.- if I :gig .QQ1 -IAAVQ I'-, ,I Z ,vlv ' , nnllh .'-,I 3 1 '-,I..: 1 2 111222122: Q' " ' BONUS BREAD Energy to Go On Nutrition to Grow On! MOOTZ'S BAKERY For THE Importont Moments of YOUR Life DOUTHAT STUDIO 437 Eleventh Street HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA Your Yeorbook Photographers HUNTINGTON BARBER COLLEGE, INC. Arts ond sci ence of Bmbefang Huntington, w. vu, Sincere Congratulations to the Class of 1959 A FRIEND 750 Third Ave. Phone .lA-6311 MILTON CENTURY sci-tool. or Esso SERVICENTER COMMERCE warlord 8. Dillard Jarrett, Mgrs. Business Needs Yee! Washing - Lubh - ACC. Century College of Commerce u. s. Ri. so Milton, w. vu. HUe'l"9'e"' W' Ve' Phone SH 3-6061 Phone JA 2-6167 ' Cameras ' Diamonds , Watches , Jewelry HUNTINGTON SCHOOL ' Luggage ,affix ' Radios OF BUSINESS ,x . i Rods F' .way ' Guns 1oo7 Fifth Ave. Phone JA 2-1409 1 X ? Specialists in Business Training - 1 Easy N 1 .M 'Pg I Q ' .Xu Easy V' Credit Terms 910 3rd Avenue QUALITY STORE AND MEN'S SHOP St Albans, W. Va. Compliments of RUI.E'S RESTAURANT Main Street Milton, W. Va. GRACIE 8. SON .lames R. Gracie 1402 8th Avenue Compliments f RICHMOND CLINIC Wilson C. Chaney COMMONWEALTH INS. Phone Milton SH 3-8581 Culloden, W. Va. Compliments of DUNHILL'S, INC. 924 4th Ave. KEEN JEWELERS Huntirigton's Newest Jewelry Store 322 N th St H tington, W. Va Phone JA 9 2514 Ph. SH 3-6091 Compliments of SWANS GROCERY 'Between Milton and Culloden Open Evenings Until 8:00 P.M Except Thursdays Fresh Meats 8. Vegetables ' Milton, W. Va. Culloden, W. Va. CLAXTON F. SMITH Ready Mixed Concrete and Supplies Phone LO 2-4421 Hurricane, W. Va HUNTINGTON FEDERAL SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION Home Loans - Insured Savings 422 TENTH STREET HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA Compliments Of STAR FURNITURE CO. STEWART'S ESSO A ,, 'Makers of Happy Homes SERVICE 839 4th Avenue 901 Eighth Street Huntington, W- VC- Huntington, W. Va. Opposite Huntington High School L. H. WELLS GENERAL CONTRACTOR "Wells Built Means Well Built" Culloden, W. Va. Phone Sh 3-6151 Compliments HOME LOAN CO. of S10-S300 loans CARROLL EQUIPMENT CO. 519 8th St. Phone Ja 9-7139 24 hour Service Station Huntington, W. Va. MACK TRUCK SALES 81 SERVICE "Woody" Jefferson Phone RE 6-3413 Huntington, W. Va MILTON FOOD CENTER 1021 Main St. Phone SH 3-5431 Mrs. J. W. Green - Mr. Corl W. Seager Owners and Managers FLEEGER WITHROW 1036 3rd Ave, Huntington, W. Va. JIM'S GRILL 8. SPAGHETTI HOUSE Huntington, W. Va. ROGERS JEWELERS 4th Ave. 8E 9th St. Huntington, W. Va. FLOYD S. TAYLOR, DENTIST Huntington, W. Va. Phone JA-22583 CRANDALL INSULATING CO. PERRY'S GARAGE ci-moMALox ELECTRIC HEAT 3, CU"0de"' W- VU- WRECKER SERVICE Phone SH 34144 W. vu. Phone Sh 3-9551 DICKINSON BROS. A FRIEND FURNITURE CO. S wh S' 4th Ave. 8- 8th St. Huntington, W, Va. Milton, W. Va. JAMES B. "JIM" LEGG AUTO - FIRE -LIFE cuiioden, W. vc. Phone Sh 3-6311 Nationwide Insurance CHANCEY'S GREENHOUSE Gifts - Flowers -- Plants Floral Designs Floral Telegraph Delivery Phone Sh 3-6901 Milton Culloden, W. Va. HECK FUNERAL HOME Phone Sh 3-4141 Compliments of MILTON CASH GROC. Complete Food Market Milton, W. Va. Phone Sh 3-4541 Main St. We Deliver COAL RIVER INSURANCE CO. "The Agent of Service" M St. St. Albans, W. Va. Compliments of QUALITY PONTIAC 516 MacCorkIe Avenue St. Albans, W. Va. School Supplies J. S. LATTA, INC. 1502 Fourth Avenue Huntington, West Virginia CENTER HARDWARE St. Albans, W. Va. Compliments of PUTNAM COUNTY BANK Hurricane, West Virginia Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE GUARANTY NATIONAL BANK 919 Fifth Avenue Hunfingien, West vifganae Member: FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION We Welcome Savings Accounts Drive-In Windows and Parking "Best of Luck" from SILLING FURNITURE 81 APPLIANCES CO. 6361 u. 5. Rf. 60 Barboursville, w. ve. Phone RE 6-4441 For Fine Furniture At Low Prices BANK OF MILTON Over a Half of Century of Service Small enough to know you 510,000 Maximum Insurance For Each Depositor 510,000 Best Wishes to the Compliments Class of 1959 of HECK CLOTHING STORE ROBERTS' INSURANCE Remember, It Costs Less AGENCY To Be Well Dressed BY HECK Phone SH 3-6801 Milton, West Virginia DAN RARDIN RAMBLER GUY W""s 2442 3rd Ave, Huntington, W. Va. Phone JA 5-5146 Phone Milton SH 3-8592 or SH 3-8571 C0""Pll""'e"15 Congratulations of SOVINE'S ASHLAND SERVICE HALFWAY DRIVE INN CENTER "Good Eats" Preston Linkous Hurricane' W' Vu' HOTEL GOVERNOR CABELL PERRY GROCERY Huntington, W. Va. Roby Road Rt. 60 Huntington, W. V John Boling, Mgr. "Best in Foods" CITIZENS' LOAN CO. LlLLY'S RADIO 3: TV 3 Lewis Arcade Huntington Sales 8 Sel"VICe Phone Ja 9-7167 Phone SH 3-6136 Milton, W. V "Good Luck to Class of 1959" THE STYLE CENTER "Where Quality Costs Less" Culloden, W. Va. SH 3-6051 1 CUMMINGS SIDE STREET STEWART MUTORS MARKET Rambler Dealer Pike Street Phone SH 3-4791 Sales Service Open Friday and Saturday till Earl C. Stewart, owner 9:00 P.M. Milton, W. Vo' Hurricane, W. Vo. Congrofulcfions fo the Class of 1959 BLENKO GLASS CO. INC. Milton, W. Vo. ROSS-BURKS OPTICAL CO. Ph 2 2994 F fth A H tington, W. Vo. THE MAYFLOWER RESTAURANT wh sneer - Fourth Avenue Ph JA 2-1314 H fangfon, w. va. 324 HALL'S SHOES F r The Family N th St t H tington, W Compliments Compliments of of RIVERSIDE PAPER CO. INC. MONTGOMERY WARD 8. CO. Huntington, W. Vo. 801 ard Avenue Huntington, W. Vo. SPURI-OCK FLOWERS MAIN STREET RESTAURANT Fomous for Coffee Phone JA 9-1395 Home Cooked Food H tngton, W. Vo. Milton, W. Vo. FRANK COULTER RADIO Bw of Luck a. T.v. SERVICE SUPERETTE FOOD MARKET Self Service For the Best in Service Coll Air Conditioned SH 3-6811 Hurriocne, W. Vo. Culloden, W. Vo. StokeIy's Finest Food Distributed by DAVIS WHOLESALE CO. INC. 21st Street, 2nd Avenue Huntington, W. Vo "THE SHOP OF YOUTHFUL Your Favorite Sports Wear Center 11 Fire - Auto FASH lONS" Life - Casualty FEDERAL MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. Fred F. Mixer, Agent Culloden, W. Va. lillE'S Phone Milton SH 3-6528 Service - Savings - Security 313 NINTH ST. HUNTINGTON, W. VA. MILTON HARDWARE 8. FURNITURE W tasnr.-.iuiiqd lfnfiliy 5 Wlmcn cwMN.i 'il-Jim" fl littfwfif Congratulations from BORDEN'S I, DAIRY PRODUCTS . QM XZ Huntington, West Virginia LAWRENCE DRUGS Six Registered Pharmacists 4th Ave. 8. 9th St. Huntington Phone JA 5-8169 ELGIN WATCHES The Beautiful Way to Tell Time JOHN MORRIS WATCHES - DIAMONDS - JEWELRY 1300 Smith St. Milton, W. Va. HUNTINGTON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 1007 Fifth Ave. Phone JA 2-1409 Specialists in Business Training J. C. COOK HARDWARE CO. PAINT - SEEDS - PIPES - FITTINGS Faithfully Serving the Public Since 1875 Phone JA 2-7409 1045 4th Avenue POWERS' DRUG STORE 2075 nt Avenue Huntington, w. vu. LORAIN'S BEAUTY SALON 1344 Washington Avenue Milton, W. Va. Phone SH 3-6166 CHARLES H. HAGAN Bt CO. Plumbing, Heating, Roofing and Sheet Metal Work Compliments of THE MERRYLAND 301 Fourth Ave. Huntington, W. Va. Phone SH 3-2492 Milton, W. Va. GEM FASHIONS 825 4th Ave. Huntington, W. Va. Phone JA 5-6912 MILTON DRUG STORE Phone SH 3-2442 SH 3-4361 Compliments BAII.EY'S CAFETERIA Huntington, West Virginia Sincere Congratulations to the Class of 1959 PERRY'S BARBER SHOP AMSBARY 8t JOHNSON 321 toth st. Huntington, w. vu. Phone JA 3-6436 Always Good! THE BEAUTY CORNER SALON 1038 Pike St. Phone SH 3-9111 Owners -- Alma Lee Hitchcox I Always Fresh' Sarah Cart Adkins JOHNIE STANLEY r - A ir. BANANA co., INC. ' Z , ,5 city Market Huntington, W. Va. W H I T E B R E AD Phone JA 5-0460 JA 5-0879 MERRELLS, INC. 115 So th Seco d St t At Your U n ree Clarksburg, W. Va. Independent Grocer S Class Rings, Announcement Cards Stationers to the Class of 1959, 60, '61, and '62 Compliments of GENERAL DEPARTMENT STORE Milton's One Stop Shopping Center li if li Phone SH 3-2611 J. Compliments of SOVINE BROTHERS J. J. MOTOR COURT Phone SH 3-4771 cuii oden , West Virginia PARK AMOCO SERVICE STATION B. w. "Por" AMICK, Owner Service with e Smile Washing end Greening SchooI's Out! The end of the day comes, and we board the school bus for the ride home. Too soon for some, and not soon enough for others, comes the last ricle we will make this year on the "Little Yellow School Bus." Compliments BUCK CONARD morons, :Nc and Best Wishes SELECT AUTOMOBILES from 530 Fourth Avenue PILGRIM Launderers . . . Cleaners Phone JA 2-7388 Huntington, W. Va. Storage VIRGINIAN THEATRE Congratulations Milton, W. Va. to the George B. Lively Class of '59 .Ierri Ann Casey Elizabeth Windsor Ermal Chambers HAPPY HALL LUMBER CO. The time of separation is herep And we will be scattered for and near. All the pleasures that we have shared Are slowly fading into the past. Yes, we have to part Graduation is here at last. Throughout your life as time goes by You will have memories of Milton High. So get out your yearbook once in a while And read it through - it will make you smile. And when friends come to call, and talk is of past ages, You can relive it all in your yearbook pages. JERRY BLEDSOE ,,, ., A. -- ,-1. - -. f 1 X ,.. 3:1 f-N--fr-Q -. '1' an A U - J, A , .A .. . 5 . ,1- - Tw ' va.-1-'ze-,Xa 41:1 :gy-. 1-. -.-H ,,.'--,u-,., .g.,ym1L.--- - J - 1- -+11 x fff'----- -,f----'-,L-2 'fi 1 '----'-f' :"' : 4: - - Z 1 . , . E, .,.,. I wx Q, ' 1: EP ly' P+ 1 Bk fynr ' QE rs: - 5311 3551 2.222 afix.. if 5.1: 1 3- . 'wa 2 RZ? UI Q. iff, L... HE- Q rw, Si" 1. 54' ?f 545' Li' gi El. 'rf Q ig- "'-'-' if , FSI' I 35' ZF, ' Eff-if TQ FL ' Rf .1 -11: 15' f li' T 1 1' 4. .,. Q A, W f , I 1 3: . ,7 . D , W V ,HA,,,gH,m,,!,,,,,,M,A,,,,,k:,1,m ,mmi , - M, V A., V , '1 2 -- 'W ' A""'fT?'F5!5'5!'7-Qf7'1fL12E97fSf'fFfi3if2i7'-fxJ-Lfifg-'E :-:::iTQgi.Ef1f,.T'xgf if .'.if'.i1:,- If'-151'--liibafz'vii-'Fa 1-2:4 fl:-'ak1.-91.5.51'-12iiI4li3'2x3i5.5iji:i?2fTl7'15f'1--. -V G: 4 P '-fr l i " '--' ' Z '- ' ff w - -'- 1" " " ' "' "A --" """ " 1 ' .-1 5S2'lmw- ' '

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