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pike Mffmuklw MILTQN H IGH SCHGOL ELEANOR LAWHORN Rrtiring Secretary ,JJ JIMMY FUGATE Dean of Boys Athletic Director ffice miniafrafion SYLVIA COX Present Secretary 24 Wedridge fl, jig .Students ARTHUR D. BRADFORD A.B., West Virginia Institute of Technology, M.A., West Virginia University The 1956 Miltonian commemorates a most successful year despite crowded conditions and growing pains. It marks the graduation of a class of which Milton High School is, proud. More broadly, this year has vital significance in the ,academic world because it supplies solid hope for the era to come .... world peace and the brotherhood of mankind. Since the leaders of the nation, state, county, and our community in the coming era will obviously come from high school graduates, as well as college, it is our hope and faith that the senior class of 1956 will not be found wanting. It has been a pleasure to have each of you under the guid- ance of our faculty. May you ever be loyal, courageous, diligent, thankful, kind, obedient, and above all, reverent to God and those to whom respect and reverence is due. Be not false to any man. Above all, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." We possess a rich opportunity to seek God's help by prayer and service. Seek it diligently. ARTHUR D. BRADFORD Principal E31 flu, S '22, . N, 3 x' t gh ' 9 W 6 ' fr i M ww v 4 77 Q? G ' ji X Qi? - is 5, if , , . Fi ck 9 auf I 1 , W ' v-..f' 'I X? 1 1 r ,ff O mm Q -409' , . W Q. X 1, "' Q96 '32 Z' if fb 9 Q7 ,I m Eo- fo fhx . O O vnu- ? MW ' 9. 'ww if 5 Li ' 53, h aciifly First Row NELLE HAIISHBARGER - - Math PI-IYLL1s ADKINS - - Home Economics ANN JUSTICE - - - - Math HELEN BLAKE - Business Education ELIZABETH DAVIDSON - - Science Second Row EUGENIA MCCLUNG - Biology CHARLOTTE SULLIVAN - - English BETTY PECK - - - - Math ROXIE HENDERSON - - Social Siudics INES DENT - - - Librarian Third Row H. E. THROCKMORTON - - - Vo.. Ag. JOHN ALLEN - - - Social Studies and Math PAUL L. DUNKLE - - - Social Sludics HUGH LAND - - - - Science FRANK EAToN English and Latin ffl- - Sk . A,W.fWW X. 71 3 'S w x, A A yi , X fp W2 N L , .Eh ,, ,dv 2 W .1-Mwmwf A .. Y M-W. Q 4 L i 4 ., Q ,Mi 3 ii s w 1. 1 kg.. al' ,. M, v X x ,X 3. Yin.. 1 fm X .e ..q:,:' ,A F .Lx 5 Y .. ,uf M X f , Q .-if: X - QW, K RX Q 2 if 2. . ky 7, X D, X 5 Q . K Sk ,gg - QE if . X , wg 'W - fx f . ' -- X A wma iikklfy' 955' K 'gjigii ,gk' 35 2 f 'wzwfv f ' pg M -A 3S?x5l k -f X H f..W,Q 5 4!5ffj1" ' Xi . 3,M,.,..,. 1 . - .-,x N?MW,M, .,L:xX , ..,,, W.,,Mw-MQA X ..,,,WM , s:W,.w,,,,.WW Q 1 www.. Xxqfx N , 33 5 .M mx M.. E - W.w.EW..MWw.Q.. wmmqiww -4 V. A Ww ..........W ,mwgyyvk x ....... .,w.,gM,,,,,4.M.,,,a, ,. .Qi,. M .M,,iWv.A wwiwm f s W3 'S 8 LW W KAW 'Fx Q Q- A rx N 5 WWW., Q 3 X www-WNe.,MmN.Ww,,W W 1 Q .742 fy mhonian 0 First row: Mary Callaway, Karen Brown, Helen Rim- mer, Donna Colegrove, Loretta Howell, Jimmy Cum- mings, Co-editor, Henrietta Heck, Editor, David Lewis, jerry Roberts, Shirley Scott, Bill Kelley, George Taylor, Bill Dolin. ' Second row: Frank Winters, Raymond Jordon, Kermit Smith, Bill Clark, Bennie Courts, Ralph Mitchell, Carolyn Murrell, Janice Dunn, Peggy Henderson, Betty Cummings, Elaine Lane. E71 f, Q. Ki W Vw Aww asm S xx 1 M: rf QS? G41 ENN . . .1 1- 1 x xx, x 555 K ,yy -- e K X Q. W . AN' q., Q, N WX i"SS1.' Q K Q 'P 1 E 3, x .,.Xi ws fghekt , JE, .1 Wvnghy E x X-egg :rm -5,f7y,5,.X X , sg" , QM' -A ' X3 N U, xi ! 5 Q.-.X gy X- ' . , ,Q -IGEZQEQQQQ5 WX-:F ,iici 'L 'f y 'W " ' Q e-'Wil e, 5?Q5QgY:i Flew-Qi ij' fl' 'fzffi 2 1 K rd.-+11 N- .-NXa:.1SxgAixQ.fq- .. ,Qw,fAm.w 1 Ng, wx WNNNQ, ,X 1- ' . as 'A ' - ' ,I ' H ff 5, N x X 5' W, "':.'f1':'G -K-'S-:ff X. ,wwf , f 2 . ,Q is , A X g "' ' S ,-Sy, f ,z W 'fx . , v-vgq1E:1fYfNi?J'1 kg? 'h A ' A Q , 1. ,x:L , Q 1, ' A 5 , - L 53 m m , ,i -f A H, W R, . WMM, V , E553 'X -x . S L Q -2- . ? Q " ' N , . . , A i A . , ,. , vi -.5 -:, x i fi ix ' N ' i X ' ki 3 3 U M .I - X BSN' . , ,,- NWWWW siwmifgs? ' WSW mx wiv K ' Q 5 if 'X gi. fl vi" I...-4 X X -, Xi J sh. X N 'fs I ,xy -2: -"' -,,. -ui- .... . - ,, --.. 'Q ' ff Z-':L"' Z' W, E E y E5 5 1 KAREN BROWN MABEL MEADOWS Salutatorian Valedictorian Majorette Student Council Attendant to Miss Greyhound jr. Red Cross Band Future 'Teacher Jr. Play Editor of Blue BL Grey "What van my grey eycx and charming "You can count on mc." personality do for me?' JERRY ROBERTS State Boy Honorarian All State Band jr. Class Play Student Council and National Art Awards "Age of Innoccncr. 1 PHYLLIS LEGG Girl Honorarian Future Nurse Miltonian staff "Knowing not clrifling. 1 1 KERMIT SMITH Football, 'Track "O what is this power 1 have over women? PEGGY HENDERSON Majorette '54-'56 Band, Junior High Cheer- leader, Victory Queen, Attendant to Miss Fire Department "This is one rlowpoke who really gets around." BILL CONRAD "If it 1uasn'i for those cars what would this world do?" HELEN RUTH RIMMER Miltonian Staff "Helen was harhful. What happened?" E121 HENRIETTA HECK Cheerleader, Miss Fire Dept., jr. GZ Sr. Glee Club, Camp Horseshoe, Vice President Jr. Red Cross, Editor Miltonian, "Pep1Jim'ss is her best asset. She has others though? BILL SETLIFF "If he had a brain he'd have it out playing with it." MARILYN KELLY Majorette '56, jr. Play "Silence is my worst enemy." FRANKLIN SHAFFER Glee Club "Mother knows best." 9 BILL DOLIN Football, Basketball, Jr. Play "I studied once and was sick for days." JANET WELLMAN Glee' Club, A Cappella Choir "The Gayettes" "If love went around she would he dizzy." BENNIE COURTS Football "Girls! You mean I have a choice?" sue ANN MURRELL Jr. Play "I can live wilhoui poetry or walking hut who in the world can live without gig- gling?" ELAINE LANE Band '52-'56 Attendant to Miss Fire Dept. Miltonian Staff "Amcrica's best call for a dime is a lelephone call I0 Wes! Va. U." DAVID LEWIS Football, Basketball, Baseball, Jr. Play, Boy's State, Turn- abouts, Student Council President Jr. Class "He always likes Io have a good head on his shoulders." BETTY CUMMINGS Attendant to "Miss Fire De- partment, Attendant to "Miss Greyhound," Majorette MAX DUNLAP "Lady he good. His oft has burned the midnight oil, but noi in toil." - l13l MARY ROANE 'Do as I say, not as I do." NORMA BIRD "To crr is bumang to for- give is divine." JACK HATFIELD "In the spring a young man': fancy turns to green apples." SYLVXA CHAPMAN Quiet! You .rbould know ber belief." l14J ? JOHNNY FITZWATER "Keep figbting, Iobnny, you'll make a general." DON ENSOR "A word of advice: don'l give it." DELORA HAYES "Pom'ssor of personality, ability, and tact. Sbe's engaged, How can :be help being ibut way?" JACK CHANEY "I like work. It fascinates -mc. 1 could sit and look at it for days." RALPH MITCHELL Glee Club, Football, All State Choir, Selected Best Actor of Jr. Class 'The greal' oak was ance a nut like me." LOIS ANN CLARK 'No guys around here bam' a cbance will: Lois." GEORGE TAYLOR 'irst Chair All-State Band 3, jr. Play, Turnabouts, and, President of Student Body. "His own hero." BETTY CARDWELL Life may be tough, but I'Il do all right." PATRICIAN PAULEY "Miss Greyhound," Ma- jorette '56, Attendant to "Miss Greyhound" 'S3-'55, President of Turnabouts "Look: are deceiving bu! who minds being deceived?" BILLY JOE CLARK Football, Basketball "Caesar was short, Napoleon was sborl, aml Pm not so lall myself." MARY CALLAWAY Sr. Attendant to "Miss Grey- hound," Vice-President of Senior Class, jr. Play, All- Statc Band, Tri-State Rail- road Tour. "Never speak sense when nonsense will answer as well." FRANK WINTERS Senior Class Treasurer, Football, Track "Look Officer-it was like Ibis." llfl RAYMOND JORDAN Basketball, Football "Get that chip off your shoulder." FREDA BURTON "They rome in all sizes, but we like Freda's size best." WILLARD VITITOE "One reassuring thing about modern nrt is that Ihings uren't as had as they are painted." JEAN CASEY "She likes men. Boys, you're slipping." I 16 1 CAROLYN MURRELL Glee Club "Her voice is the outlet for the -music in her soul." JACK LEWIS "If you"ue got the money, honey, I've got the cur." JOYCE BURTON "She's bubbling over with fun." ROBERT GREATHOUSE - Football "Little guy but what a -unite." 1 MOTTIE BLAKE "ldleness breed: mischief." DONNA CKEMEANS 'A little learning is a dan- geroux thing." DON MCCROSKEY Track '54, Football '55, Basketball '53-'S6 Wise men never die, so Pm lqng for ibi: world." VIRGINIA LEGG "Where ignorance is bliss, thafs wlzere she missed." MARIE CHAPMAN "Pm lure even tbougb 1 dorft tell everyone." DONALD CHAPMAN "Oh, if it 'llldiillf for than wwe clips." NELLIE MILLER "Shelf little, but .rbr'.s sweet." GARY COOPER "Is that so? Tell us more." E171 WAYNE MIDKIFF Track "Wby women leave home." GLADYS ADKINS Secretary to Mr. Throckmorton Life is easy, smoolh, and slow, so :lo what comm' and lr! the rest go by." rf MONTIE JENKINS Glee Club "Method is bis madness." RUTH BLEDSOE Band Wiusonn' ami gracious- alwuys a lady." i181 TRUDY JONES Glee Club 'Tbrre is a little bad in :very good little girl." HARVEY HAWKINS A Cappella Choir "Take off your whiskers, we know your face." DONNA BLEDSOE "Call of the Wild." DAVID JORDON "His :Indies come first." BILL KELLEY Basketball "Get your cotton picking hand: off." JANET JENKINS Glee Club "A nueel little rookie, and :be can also make them." KENNETH BIAS "Ham1xome is as handsome does." LORETTA HOWELL "Bnxins." - ,-aqlk JANET Foshan Miltonian Staff "A young lady wiib plenty of flash. She eboxe ber man from the senior class." WILLIAM COLEMAN "Time paxses on but you can't get rid of me." PAT COLLINS "A lzlusl: is beautiful, bu! sometime: inconvenient." DAVID KINDER "Time und fide 'wait for no man." f191 OLETA FLORA If silrnrz' was gold, she would hav: millions." CLARIE WILSON Turnabout Glec Club "Quik sulecl, quile nice, and qniic a girl." ROY STOWERS Basketball '52-'53 DONNA COLEG ROVE A Cappella Choir, Selected Best Actress of jr. Play, A Miltonian staff "I can loxc moxl anylbingf' RALPH MABE Basketball '55-'56 "So unlike Ihr oIl1c'r." RAY SCARBERRY F. A. '51-'56 Sentinel '55-'56 "Ray is Ibm' lifr of Ibn' F.F.A." SHIRLEY SCOTT Badminton Champion Miltonian Staff "No wonlr ran r'xpr4'ss bor in fiuilc Ialrnlsf' ELVIN CLAGG "The mn goes up, fbc sun goes flown, lifv gels monol- onous fluff! jf." LILLY WALLACE Glte Club "Nice gal, nice voice, Likes Eugene, lefs rejoice." JANET MITCHELL jr. Play "A ring on ber finger and wings on ber heart." DONNA REEVES "Birds are .ringing around my window." REVA WALLACE Glee Club "All lbat glitter: is not gold." MARY CLAGG "Life is -wonderful when you are married." ANN BURGER Glee Club "What a gril! Paul lbinkx so too." CLODENE CLARK "Wbo said :be couldn't?" YVONNE COOPER Glee Club "Yvonne now, Yvonne for- ever, Cooper now but not for long." U -+11 Q f DREW COOPER Football "Sixteen Tons," HESTER HALL 'A quiet girl am I, but Pm not shy." ROBERT MORRIS "1 came, I bluffed, I grnduaiedf' PAT HENSLEY Not Pictured E221 I 1 4 JANICE DUNN "Sugar and spin and Ianice is nice." W LEWIS RICE ' Y "A busbful boy of ilre P. F. A. He'll be n farmer some day." , i 4 BEATRICE MCALLISTER "She'll marry bim when wbiskzfs grow an the moon." an ga -Hamlin N we 52:05 2-U ago JSA an basuvm SEB .az E: is EO: MQ 21 'H QF Hgnum W0 go so OF CEPUQHOHIH m-EUPEH WO MSA 55:03 agua 033234 um oh SEED N EPO Emzdz so Magnum 1253002 :annum aan HEHHUH -Sim E82 EO -E25 EEO? N Um nudism Ag N :U we Neem wo go Huw at E839-MH oi Ngo was -Q -4 is :iwiukmm Naam: gum at um? yggum H Um OF :Z-AQ :U Noam H330-H Hg!-Om E12 Bo -E Begum ob Hugm R um OP -MEUNUH gg? Q80 N um as ,mem 8 gum 0923: is 5 OF bgagw EERE :U OF SHE :OOO DEMOEH 32. sind. 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'EM-UE 5300 UUE 3 was HH 332 um 33 NSG N355 -E? 825 -E-USM 8-SO? 305- yas H 823 :EEZ BOO: 5325 SE 3 use UH sau HA-om :UEOSEJ E-H: um 05:3 533 new 3 H H I som EU --O: SEQ wgasm Uaoagq Eh Ik 3 M: :UB 532 :Hag 2985: 8--Hoo zz-E: Smssvq ga' SSP: N556 Sag: nam 35:5 SEED 335 WO env maid. :E 3303-A N-180:00 050 is-V WO ug M-E300 H30-OAPQM mn-QHOIH wiv-you Hom m-:gsm miug--OU Egmkavah up MEMS'-H tc I? mms Omg: .U 030: wcmbzw WE-U in wsu-FF REE 232 Maia :Sim EEE? S wie? wr-Tim NEEOOU :Exam 235 3-:SUE -Q16 NCCQU-HOU 83:4 E Ham :Hom wigmcl than when 15 mum-Sm MEESMD M5905 miami EO Esau N we :Reign QE an with mai-HH :N OP ig-km 30 HHH-E FJESMQ ow EB :HO uma 302 gm OF NE!-8U 332 mania 332 :Smog S mir-gm: sim an gh U-OGEF all :GEOSS :Um :Ea CEA UFC :Em beam LBOBE: aspen .H .Q .Q tanasum EOM EE-4 Digg Ham HZOA DMHEOQ AEP O vim gsm BEF :ea ASME vm-.El E2-W om-asm 3:2 bam an-OA USMIUENNH :wiv ai SE :ESI U59 Bagh- OE rvaah uno elm 0:-RA EOE SESAM -535: umm -ima: gtifmz Naam -Eggs? SEU as-E? D3 time H-kansas? Pam .8313 EE gg-sp nu:-Hg? 6215 0980 Join-H Hag .museum SESAM RENEW ACN-uw .swim rg hmm-avm 511-Am .Sox in i:3:Um iam Haan-Od 5:2 -DENOM 5-um -SEESH ARUA JOSH ESQ 5503! NE-sum in-:Nm gm 5:0-:nz :redo 50:52 :BOM iso: gm-Q 53012 :Eh 53032 3-TZ 5:5 ETB -mia: E-NE 63832 img gm: can :AUJWOMUOE gm-:sm JSWENUUE ig- XENA Egg its gamma? has Eta has DEN-Q JSA E30 'EEE 55:2 :SUM :E EE ramp. HE-OH ?-OENANM aspen ESQ .Sei 29:02 .EU-EH SEM icing. SHBQA .H-atom 20:25 -KEEUHM Hgwym HGOQUMVEUHIH Kaz Cfddd .Maforg The train Time started its six-year journey in September, 1950. The starting point was the seventh grade at Milton High, the destination, graduation from Milton High. Mr. J. Y. Lowe, who was our engineer for five years, did a wonderful job of guiding us around all the dangerous curves on the trip. When we started on our trip, we were divided into four different compartments, and there was a conductor assigned to each compartment. They were Miss Browder, Miss Wayland, Mrs. Allred, and Mr. Cole. The officers of our compartments were Audry Thomasson, Bill Dolin, Lillie Adkins, and Jerry Roberts. Our medical staff, called the Junior Red Cross, was honored with the membership of four of our seventh- grade passengers: Don Ensor, Betty Cummings, Freda Burton, and Donald Chapman. One of our members, Jerry Roberts, joined the band this year. During that run we made only one emergency stop, Bill Dolin's billy goat was in the middle of the tracks. We made our first stop in May, 1951. We boarded the Time as eighth-grade passengers in September, 1951. Our con- ductors were Mr. Fugate, Mr. Ball, and Mr. Morgan, and the officers were Joe Ziegler, Frank Winters, and Betty Cummings. Our contributions to the medical staff were Freda Burton, Lillie Adkins, and Jerry Roberts. Two of our eighth-grade passengers, George Taylor and Bill Dolin, joined the band. Seven of our boys played Basketball for the junior high team, with Audry Thomasson, Beverly Holley, and Karen Brown, our junior high cheerleaders, cheering them on. We made this trip with only one mem- orable accident. One of the passengers, Bob Greathouse, was taking in the view from the caboose when he fell off. The only injury was to his trousers. Time again made a stop in May, 1952. Time pulled out again in September, 1953. This time we picked up several Pas- sengers from Ona Tech and Culloden University. The compartment officers were Karen Brown and Jimmie Ash. Our delegates to the medical staff were Ruth Bledsoe, Janice Dunn and Lee Schilling. There were six of our group joining the band that year: Freda Burton, Audry Thomasson, Betty Cummings, Beverly Holley, Elaine Lane, and Ruth Bledsoe. Another of the ninth-grade girls, Peggy Henderson, became a junior high cheerleader. Six more of our boys were on the junior high basketball team, and one of our passengers, Bill Clark, made the senior high reserve team. That was also the year Johnny Fitzwater started wearing glasses. He strained his eyes while trying to watch Marilyn Monroe on a four-inch T-V screen. Time again stopped in May, 1953. In September, 195 3, Time started on its next run. Our conductors were Miss Blake, Miss Kline and Mrs. McClung. Bill Dolin, Pat Pauley, and David Lewis were our offi- cers, and our medical staff members were Janice Dunn, Henrietta Heck and Mabel Meadows. We made two contributions to the band that year: Mary Callaway and Karen Brown. Karen was also a senior-high 'cheerleader and Beverly Holley was a majorette. Our attendant to "Miss Greyhound" was Pat Pauley and her escort was David Lewis. One of our sophomore boys, Bill Clark, was on the varsity basketball f25l squad, and seven of our passengers were on the senior high football team. Our class had the best float in the homecoming parade that year. The theme was, "I, Milton, take thee, Hurricane." The bride was Carolyn Murrell, the groom was David Lewis, and the preacher was Bill Kelley. Peggy Henderson and Henrietta Heck typified a greyhound and an Indian. Time stopped for the fourth time in May, 1954. We boarded Time in September, 1954, as junior passengers, and we were assigned conductor Hunter, Peck and Wayland. The compartment officers were Bill Dolin, Bill Kelley, and Terry Sbeltz. Our junior class officers were David Lewis, George Taylor, Mary Callaway and Betty Cummings. Peggy Henderson and Bill Kelley joined the band, and Peggy along with Betty Cummings, became a majorette that year. Two more of our passengers, Don McCroskey and Raymond Jordan, made the varsity bas- ketball squad, and we made six additions to the football team. Beverly Holley and Pat Pauley were attendants to "Miss Greyhound," and their escorts were Bill Dolin and Wayne Midkiff. We all remember very well from that year the junior play, "The Thir- teenth Day." We remember Ralph Mitchell as "Rastus Jasper Moses Bullet Jones" with his lines, "Oh Lawdy," and Donna Colegrove as "Lizzie," with her lines, 'Tm afeardf' We who were in the play remember the chair that fell down when one of the cast sat in it during the performance. The passengers on Time got off for another rest in May, 1955. When we boarded Time for the final time in September, 1955, there had been vast changes made. The biggest change was that of engineers. Mr. Lowe had been transferred to another train, and was replaced by Mr. A. D. Bradford. There had also been changes in the track, and six of our female passengers had changed their names. The conductors were Mrs. Frazier, Mrs. Henderson, and Mr. Fugate, with officers Lewis, Roberts, and Clark. The medical staff members were Pat Hensley, Elaine Lane, Joyce Burton, and Nellie Miller. The senior class officers were Bill Dolin, Mary Calla- way, Peggy Henderson, and Betty Cummings. George Taylor was president over all the passengers on the train. New majorettes from our compartments were Pat Pauley, Marilyn Kelly, and Karen Brown. Our addition to the cheerleaders was Henrietta Heck. Pat Pauley was "Miss Greyhound," with attendants Mary Callaway and Karen Brown. Their escorts were Bill Kelley, Bill Clark, and Kermit Smith. There were three new members on the varsity basketball squad: Bennie Courts, Ralph Mabe, and Bill Kelley. On the varsity football squad were Bill Dolin, Bill Clark, Bennie Courts, Kermit Smith, David Lewis, Raymond Jordan, Frank Winters, Drew Cooper, and Ralph Mitchell. Now as we are about to reach the destination of our journey, it is with mixed emotions. We are happy that we have made a safe trip on the train Time, which has taken us through these years of education. We are excited because Time will now take us over new tracks that we have never been on before. Then, we are sad, because in the last six years we have grown to love this run called Milton High, including the engi- neers, the conductors, the porters, and all the passengers. We are sad to think that we may never see some of these people again. This graduating class of 1956 will always look back upon this journey on Time with fondness and happy memories, as we start out over new tracks. JANET MITCHELL I 26 J 4 el'll0l' GUOPL terl . . B Dlvld Lewis' Karen town Ralph Mitchell, Donna Colegrove But An Around Best Aclor and Adress I Montie Blake, Mabel Meadows Wayne Midkiff' Elaine Lane Maxi Shuliom Nates' l27l Lewis Rice, Ohm Flon Loretta Howell, Montie Blake Mos, mid Mos! Courteoux eni or cworiferi l Kermit Smith, Janice Dunn - Hdhrlbtta Heck, Frank Winter: Most Friendly Peppin! Frank Shaffer, janet Mitchell Wayne Midkiff, Par Pauley Prelties! Smile Best Looking jerry Roberts, Elaine Lane I 28 J Gauge Taylor' Mary Callaway Most Musical Best D""""! enior cworifea M Billy' Joe Clark. SHYICY SCO!! Marilyn Kelley, Frank Winters BCS! Afbllff-1 Most Carefree Jerry Roberts, Mabel Meadows Ralph Mitchell, Mary Callaway Maxi Ambitious Wittkst janet Foster, David Lewis Bill Dolin, Karen Brown Bill Dolin, Pat Pauley Cuffs! Couple Did Most for M. H. S. Mm! Pojmlu a .hs ' -zgg.. 52" I 4 H 'J bf R s ' f- rf W X fii NX 1 R511 '. ' ' ' 'N-jp " W'flJ""lafii'n3!'v 3 X X Qgglmluilgggniin Q N- Z s2'!,,'ffw"vi'fgg5f553li23Z? Af e j I Q Fl' A - A ' W :il ,- I . . -,iv x'55'ggH'f5if22i!iEgf'5 HR ' funufllliii-!!!ln.Q' 2 N f lf1nmH!'In.l luiii-iffz, , f N, X X "seu:fE!'1ggg55:5i:zA ,, S 1 4' A f 5 E fx . I X , if all f I A ij bb .f iff ,ss i': ? - 2 j ' Q, Q af'-'4..fIguf,:w' E 4 3 15' f 7"'?2-31.35-:,'45?:Q3 A Q f K 1. ', f I 3 li' . ' V N 'Z f ,, Y A Tl F 5 .1..vEli lg5i I X 548. "5 i A 1 f Homer Eli Alfred Frankie Jean Austin Peggy Ball Keith Barrett Charles Bias Sue Billups Garrett Black Darrell Bledsoe Jarrell Bledsoe Piney Bledsoe Linda Bowyer Jerry Brammer Cynthia Brown Violetta Burdet: Jane Burton Escella Byrd Donna Car: George Cart, Jr. Patricia Chapman Darrell Clagg David Clagg Louise Clagg Maxine Clay Yvonne Conrad Shelba Conrad If 31 l Shelia Cooper james Cummings Arlene Dailey Charles Dailey Dalvin Dailey Fred Daily Carl Davis Mildred Dean Gail Edmonds Jimmy Edmunds Wanda Edmunds Donald Elkins William Hager- Janie Hollandsworth Dixie Hutchinson Barbara Jackson Christine jenkins Danny Johnson Bobby Jones Dixie Kelley Shirley Kinder Robert Legg William Legg James Lewis john Lewis 1. 1-. L Patthena Suptin Jerry Templeton Pat Vance Mildred Wallace Patsy Wallace Shirley Wallace Donald Weatherholt Joy Weatherhol: Lola Mae Weatherholt Peggy Weatherholt Billy joe Wise Absent: Doris Ann Arthur, Wanda :lean Arthur, Kenneth Lee Bias, Paul Hatfield, Chadwick Johnson, Charles McCallister, james McDonie, Billie Williams. E341 --+vm- 4153:- Mary Adkins Clyde Albright William Amos Lewis Argabright Roger Austin Beverly Ball Libby Bell Charles Bias Don Bias Charles Billups Jane: Bird Jackie Black Wanda Black Dorothy Boggs Charles Boll Scotty Bowles Mary Bowyer Allen Brown jim Brown Patricia Brown j Q Jacqueline Browning Patricia Caldwell B Ruth Caldwell Ruth Callaway Anna Carpenter Na picture taken- James Everett Imogene Dailey Doris Spurloclr Edna Carpenter Jack Carpenter Loretta Chambers Nancey Chaney Betty Chapman Carroll Chapman David Chapman Josephine Clagg Billy Cooper Bobby Courts Tommy Cyrus Jane Dailey Ann Daly Charles Danford Pete Davis Dora Diamond W Albian Dick john Dickenshects Glm-ig Dillon Drama Dudding C3'0lYn Dunn Alvie Edwards Clinton Edwards Clark Elkins Dottie Escue Buddy Everett Dennis Facemyer Dana Foster Ed Gibson Charles- Grass Ivan Grose Barbara Handley james Hanna Harry Hatfield Rose Karen Hicks Dennis Hinkle Harold Holley Della Honaker Dorma Hutchinson Dottie Hutchinson Clora jenkins Forrest jenkins James Johnson Sue johnson Naomi Johnson Ruth Johnson Joyce Jordan Larry Jordan Ronald Keefer Eva Jane Kinder I 37 3 N 2. Jo Ann Owens Walter Patterson Berry Perry Gerald Perry Jim Perry Jane Phelps Helen Phipps Leslie Phipps Maxine Porter Larry Ramsey Norma Rowsey George Ramsey Everette Reynolds Dale Rife Harry Roberts Betty Robinson Leonard Rolfe James Rule 1 Q Barbara Sayre Carol Scarberry George Shirkey Ann Shy Barry Smith Kenneth Smith Herman Spears E391 Randall Spurlock Stella Stowasser Donald Sunderland Jack Sunderland James Swan Lee Thompson Nancy Thornton Norman Vernotler C. J. Vititoe Janice Walker Clinton Wallace Patricia Wallace George Wandling Mary Waugh Raymond Weaver Rodney Wells Ronnie White .Barbara Williams Jim Wilson Wayne Woodard .lilllice W00dY Imogene Dailey E401 'YS v nl, X 1,5 'H' b5 -M5 x Wx X -I V U? rf M., 2 W E411 9 i421 I Barbara Adkins Lowell Adkins Charles Ashworth Marvin Ball Patricia Ball Dorothy Barnett Linda Beckett Robert Beckett Betty Birch Barbara Black Baxel Black Mae Black Mary Black Myrna Blackwell Nancy Blake jerry Bledsoe Judith Bledsoe Carl Bragg Jimmy Brooks Barbara Burns Fred Burns Martha Byrd Paul Craig Carol Caldwell jimmy Campbell Gladys Cardwell Gail Carey Vernon CarPCn"" Phill? Cine' B0bbYvC454Y Betty Chapman Daniel Chapman Gary Chapman Melvin Chapman Murill Chapman Everett Childers Linda Childers Elbert Clagg Ronald Clagg Junior Coleman Shirley Collins COMM COMICS' Charlorre Conrad Lewis Conrad Barbara Cooper Paul Cooper Glenarla Castilow Cyrus Cox Mary Ann Croolrshanks Harold Crum Sandra Davis Gypsy Lee Diamond Dolly Diaz Alice Ann Doddridge David Dolin Clara Dunn Ray Edwards Jerry Escue Everett Fields Marerta Finley Cleo C. Flora Phyllis Floyd Donna Freeman John Garret: Sally Grass Jerry Greathouse Jo Ann Guthrie Paul Hager james Hamilton Lester Hamilton Woody Hanslxaw Linda Hartman john Pat Henderson Max Hesson Kenneth Hinkle Patsy Holley Linda Huffman Ima Frances Hughes Linda jarrell Ramona Jarvis Barbara jeffrie Brenda Jenkins Don jenkins Larry Jcnkinr E431 'S -1 ' 4-75- Roberc Jenkins Jerry Johnson Patricia Johnson Donnie Kelly Lloyd Kiff Charles Kinder Linda Kinder Kay Legg Homer Lewis Johnnie Lewis Danny Lewis Fred L ewis Lorena Lewis David Lowe Gail Lunsford Kenneth Lunsford Dixie Lusher Delores Martin Shirley McCallister Jane McCallister Gary McComas Patricia McComas Cora McCormick Carolyn McDonnie ell Joyce McDonnie Mike McMillioh Larry Midkiff Richard Midkiff Betty Miller Serena Mitch Joann Moore Denny Moore Robert Morris Wenddl Morris Carl Morrison Perry Morrison Steve Morton Maxine Mount Sandra Mullins Bill Murrell Everet: Neal Tommy Neal l44l ...V -4 Rosalie Nutter Judy Osborne Donnetta Pancake Joe Perdue Billy Petry David Ramey Freda Ramey Janet Reynolds Scotty Rutherford Vera Lou Rutherford jack Sayre Janet Seager Calvin Shelton Ruth Short Martha Shy Gary Smith Larry Smith Stuart Sowards Kathryn Stephens Lena Stevens Eddie Stowers Zella Sunderland Glen Templeton Robert Templeton Betty Turley Dorinda Tyrec Margaret Vititoe Leon Wallace Susie Wallace Charles Washington ju Ann Watson Phillis Webb Gail Wetherholt Roger Willard Sherry William: Linda Wyant Carol Yates Absent when picture: were nude: Jerri Childers Dale Harless Anna Jarvis Buddy Smith Darrell Seward: lf45l E461 gfade Woodrow Adkins Leroy Angus Leona Arnold jane: Arthur Zenith Ashworth Donna Ball Dottie Ball Sue Ball Mary Beckett Donna Black Polly Black Beatrice Blake Brenda Blake David Bledsoe Keith Bledsoe Loretta Boggs Philip Burton Carolyn Burden Linda Burk: Helen Brown Linda Bryan jane Callaway Phyllis Carter David Carter Linda Casey Mary Chambers David Chapman Gary Chapman Ola Chapman jerry Carter Almeda Clagg Kathryn Clagg Carolyn Clark Fred Collins Ralph Collins Carolyn Conner Charles Conrad Don Conrad Clyde Cooper Cecil Courts Patricia Courts Sue Cox Joseph Cremeans Roger Dailey Johnny Danford Kathryn Davis Freda Dean David Dillion Gary Dunlap Richard Edmunds Virgil Edmunds David Elkim Peggy Ford Bennie Gill Larry Glenn Barbara Green Sue Gross Marilyn Hall Margaret Hanna Billy Hardwick Linville Harless jack Harshbarger Anthony Hatfield james Hawkins Gary Hicks Troy Hitchcock Shelia Holbert Marjorie Holley Linda Honaker Glenda Hughes James Jarvis Carol Jenkins Robert Jenkins I Sadie jenkinr Janet Johnson Marcia Johnson Larry Kincaid Richard Kinder 1471 Mary Ann King Lorena Knight Charles Krepps Dale Legg Johnny Leggett jerry Lewis Kyle Lewis Phyllis Lewis Ray Lewis Marilyn Massie David Mays Sharon McClung Sarah McComa: Corletra Meadows Linda Meadows Roberta Meadows Wilma Miller Karen Mitchell Mickey Morning Carl Morrison Linda Morrison Sur: Morrison Donald Mullens Sharon Murrell Shirley Newman Phyllis Nibert David Nicz Carolyn Perry Jill Perry Sally Perry Bill Perry Bobby Perry Wanda Powers Billy Queen Ruth Ramsey Karen Rani Linda Reynolds John Roane Houston Roberts judv Rule Pat Sargent Charles Shull I 43 J Bobby Smith Don Smith Floyd Smith Ralph Smith Betty Sowards Steve Spurlock o Sue Stewart Lewis Stowers Joyce Sunderland Shirley Sutphin Larry A. Swann Larry D. Swan johnny Tackett Dianne Thornton Lloyd Vanatter Kathryn Vickers Edsel Wallace Melva Wallace Milissa Waugh Absent when pictures were made- Allen, Howard Chapman, Jerry Dilley, joseph Nance, Thomas Spurlock, Ester Elkins, Kelsey Glover, Ronald Jenkins, Lurie Shaffer, Charlotte Starkey, Steve Jenkins, Samuel Johnson, Steve Mount, Herbert If 49 fl ellelltk QCIJQ Rita Alexander Dennis Ball Phyllis neu Judy nm ' David Buck Hmhall Black Rodney Black Mary Blake Franklin Blake Betty Bledsoe Sally Bledsoe Ronald Blagg Dexter Bryan Elma Burton Violet Cardwell Larry Carson Marilyn Carter Michael Carter jerry Casey Charles Chaney Wade Chapman Karen Clagg anny Chapman Donna Chapman Fred Chapman Sandra Chapman Ray Clagg Mary Ann Clary Wonerta Clary Dorothy Collins If so :I Dale Conrad Janet Conrad Keith Cooper Tommy Cooper John Cox, Ivan Cremean: Chubby Davis James Davis Wanda Davis Nydia Dickensheets Robert Dilley Roger Dillon Darlene Dunlap Sue Dunlap Patricia Dunn Carolyn Edmond: Delores Edmonds Shirley Edwards Linda Faulkner Harry Fisher Jimmy Foster Larry France Kent Gibson Walter Hayu Elwood Hickman Betty Lou Hinkle Janet Hinlrlc Matty Hollandsworch Shirliey Holley Buzzy Hutchinson Elmer Jarrell Carol jenkins Glenna jenkins Jimmy jenkins Mildred jenkins Barbara Johnson Dewey jordan Joyce Jordan Gordan Joyce Marsha Keefer Roy Kirby Howard Kinley Dalxon Layne Donald Lewis Sherry Lewis Yvonne Lewin Mary Looney Bill Lunsford E511 A. I 7X1 AA.. f v v ii' Ki' if f, I F 1 'S E I- 5551 1 1 2 My Q Y ' 14 , ,1"!'- - 7 .. . ,f W I ' o 1 AU-EN DAVIS DUNKLE FUGATE HW B'-'kefbau H d F 5 H Basketball A bletic Director 53 Awe: Senior Gridiron Mem CO-CAPTAINS DAVID LEWIS BILL CLARK Guard Halfback Height 5'10" Height 5'6" Weight 160 Weight 140 1 w 1 iii tri KERMIT SMITH BILL DoL1N RAYMOND JORDAN Guard End Quarterback I: 56 I Height 5'9"' Height 6'1" Height S'10" Weight 140 Weight 175 Weight 1 55 BIILOI' DREW CooPEn Tackle Height 6'1" Weight 308 FRANK WINTERS Center Height 5'10" Weight 1 5 0 lS71 griokron en BENNIE Courts Guard Height 5'7" Wdght 140 Bon GREATHOUSE Halfbaclc Height S'S " 'Weight 13 S " T47 VARSITY TEAM Front row, left to right: Manager Kermit Smirhg Gary Rowseyg Harry Robertsg Bennie Courcsg Billy Joe Clarkg Larry Jordang Maxwell Robertsg Manager George Shirkey. Back row: Manager Drew Cooperg Raymond jordang Bill Doling Butch Leggg Don Mc- Croskeyg Bill Kellyg Ralph Mabeg Coach John Allen. VB" TEAM Front row, left to right: Charles Bollg Charles Billupsg- Jack Carpenterg Bob Caseyg If 58 :I ' Bill Cooper. Back row: Coach Floyd Davisg John Dickensheetsg Arnold Persingerg Charles Danfordg Jim Ruleg Lee Thompson. I UNI OR BASKETBALL SQUAD I Left to right: Bob Greathouse, Managerg Jerry Escueg David Rameyg johnny Lewis: Baxel Blackg Larry Swanng Johnny Roaneg Roger Austin, Manager. Back raw: Coach Paul Dunkleg Danny Lewisg Paul Hagerg Homer Lewisg Mike Mac- Milliang Carl Braggg Fred Burnsg Gary Chapman. y IR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS Front: Linda Sue Casey, Sue Morrison, Gladys Beth Cardwell. Second: Jane Callaway, Janet Seager. ll 59 II 7 J----In v SENIORS ON VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD DON MCCROSKEY P601 RAY f Q QNX M ,Q N 3? . A, ' SEQ ,MM L 1555155 - A 5 -sf L A X x X N Q - ---si ? ' ' x. 'f-R V x 1.533 -ijfg - QQQEQX ."Qf M?'jx fi F' 5 - K xiii. . W -'Q K if? ' l K 1 X CHEERLEADERS Sue Billups Mary Queen Ruth Callaway Barbara Sayre Dottie Escuc I 62 1- HENRIETTA HECK z, . '5'f if 1 1 4 ffffgf " .' Si'-. s, 1 , riff,-bi A A! V' If ff E r Mi- 1 , g ' 1' . :fl " T 41, ay' I fy -' , I Ac, 0" ' 0 VJ!" hx, .1 i ff- -I'-R12 ff 55557 ' .r cf" ..A ,j. , 1' 4' Pyxpl , J4-ff-, ., 'Q-'I-l.3jf"Lfq, ' 43:35 -- . V .-: .,.5.g.-,.- ,L . --f " " Wrox .. - . " 59 " ui VI. I V14 H I -A ':.:4,.,:,s- h I K., , ,V A Zfffx ' V ' " ' :J 11- ' . 1 I V ' l" I D fd' J .' 3.7, V A felt- 'uufdx - X.. Zggisfvrigl-I if ' Q ma ,.g1?. . f!!QfE?!r:" ' ' E! zfslh f- " i Ei' ' ,,,.,. - -5 n. ,,,.,.,.q-:2f- ,Qn's"' s W' QV' XX QQ." X s'A f .94 NM. 'lag 4- -2"'i-'- . :fe-1'ji?m. : ' :gf 11 4 ,. -.r:3gL,. Q 4-X S' lfs ,kv 841 nf7, if!! Hg' SH 111 ". - -,F V I W, it x I ., ., '- E , -x- A...,, , , - ! " 1' H41 ff . . ff l I' A nf ' ' 1 if . 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K ,, if 2 Q KK K Q K ' 1, .www -K wa KK, K K: V gb- R3 -Q-K: ,K w QQ - :K K f A Q K K, X , K. KKWK, as .K KK K KK K .Q S K. V X . Ki' -2 :Q - T A TK ffilz wg --3-Y - ' Fi' 51 R- K ' . 2- - ' r" Q K ' K Kswi x w ' M K' .2 1319 Q ff - if if K j ,1 E ' N K , -. 2 K K K' ww: Y K Y Sr eg. H K ,K 'X 195- jQ,55'g'if9x 1 K+ x .K A ff gf . .wry MSQFQSX If 94 fqf, 2- Sew.'fMAgKS-' in-N -' X ' X- 1 K Q K, Krew CSS 1-vf ,ww-X--,Q,agK,fg--K W . 'K'-S,-xv f..K'-wfwff - - ix ,Mp 2-M KK f W' 1' ' - ,K 'K Q J-5: 1 K K E K 2 K K -' - A V -. Q ' W f -V -fi? QW: vi -K f wt - A K- Saw . . A 1 x ws? s --V KK ,K K K f-f-. 1 Q5 4, ,L 1,37 K yn f 4-gm+4 wkx ww, L Q K N? Q 5 :X 5 35. 5 2 'wx V - " W fwgx K - 5, v'2N sy. , . X M -. ,x,.. N xxk.. ., F S . 3:3 Wg! L ..s' xi 'M Sf X-fx ' K-1 f' '-fx X A XI ' f. IEJQQ' 'lx F Q " 1 X we, ' , Wx -, i ' A 5 xx I ., h wg? XL X sw, " xls ff' . L sf Q, 5 Q. Q Q L sf , 5 sfmggv- m a i: 3' K ' Q Aww 'tam wx, - Vik 2 M ' QXQ R f - '- M1XsS'i?fX , . M xg , X - f f 7 :X Q1 XXX-f fr 2.2655 1- yy ., :Q f gf, -E-nx. X 25255 ,Y?i: M . . N M :sm , 12. M5 WG? X. ' W LSEN Yffff E KX 5 1315: 1 11:21-EQ ' .wk xx ,K A we wr-2S61Ri'5G9m-1 . .. ., N "zz-2.9, V K -NNN N Nam ri' BAND . FIRST ROW: Elaine Layneg Mary Callowayg Janet Seagerg Marsha Roberts: Gypsy Diarnondg jill Perryg Linda Bowyerg Ann Matting Dora Diamondg Pat Vanceg Peggy Ballg Dorenda Tyree. . SECOND ROW: Shirley Kinder: Pauletta Mossesg Nancy Blakeg Cynthia Brown: Pat Wallaceg Barbara Burnsg Alice Doddridgeg Sally Perryg Mary Beckettg Brenda Blakey Judy Bledsoeg Ruth Ann Bledsoe. ' . THIRD ROW: Kyle Lewisg Jerry Manningg Doug Wallaceg Houston Robertsg Sue Billupsg Sue Wal- laceg jane Kinderg Beverly Ballg Parthena Sutphing Arlene Daileyg Kathryn Stephensg Norma Ramey. . FOURTH ROW: Johnny Danfordg David Doling Leroy Angusg David Dillong Charles Billupsg John McDaniels5 Charles Bollsg Don Biasg Don Sargentg Pete Davisg Bill Cooperg jerry Roberrsg joe Avis, Band Director. . FIFTH ROW: Walter Pattersong Harry Robertsg Maxwell Robertsg Charles Danfordg Buddy Everettg Jim Mohrg jack Harshbargerg Charles Markin. C MAIORETTES: Left .vide-front lollzack: Karen Browng Pat Pauleyg Dixie Kelleyg Delores Mclinightg Roger Austin, drum major. Rigb! side-front io back: Jane Hollandsworthg Stella Stowasserg Violetta Burdetteg Marilyn Kelleyg Peggy Henderson. ,Rig fi N1 X 5 ma 2115 , .xsgsvammwftf-. Q -- X -- . M Q mm x 563:35-:ik x .- ,Wfw Q- ft 12 :mf fsfx fb-5 :lf -Qi .. . ' S Y ' ffa , -W. - -:A N xv f Q X Q X 'fi- x 'Q vi S is fix X N 8 Q ...,,,. ya,-: U ' ,. Q, , N xc I X H .- lsr fa A 1 5 -X 19:1 "-5.53, -Dfw-., .1 ' SQ S :Sf wx, - x M, 3 - . ,q A. M- 4, .:1L+':wx. -by , Q2 Q 5 Ns .WV ii' S2 2 3 . NWNW , , Q- Q--'--mgaamsawcfwssmwmrimma-mwswswssfakspfmgxwasmzwcfwwxwwfwf-f . f - 14. '-1 v.. . ' Senior Majorettes IJ 1 4655 x N59 fs' X.. ,ia 0 I 5 wa r " 4 ,- ., .y-, Ni 1 'Q Ng, I 5343 115535 mir , ' .- 3: A s i ., ' . w 4 - A fl if -: XF-x f' i' : '-11 3? V. - 4:-iw N- A X5 U . Q' gk. W 1 AE ff i-ws-3 ., 45 E35 . , , Q ,f SX N " 'Qi ' i 3 jg , ' ik fr , li ' -. j 5 M , , .ci Y. W. qs . I fzff f -. , X , j ' : HX . '51 - X1- V ,- ffm ' fs.-.3-LS: MSW- X f A 'Sv' -2 " . 152 S N " ' -fgsSfs51i,Q 5 1 I qv -- '75 Q gfggg ' 'Fifa' ., -fwfr' :fi-.Q . "L ni e. wx ' s X S A I, i v iw gf, x , X . f Q wi, .Qs-Egg X ,. .-g 5 362 1, EW? 'S W1 ff5"'Wf k k ,fb - erm -,Q :M ,ff Y s,. SX, . MK k ' J vzo. fegz. ws K 1 . .1-X A x X 3 5 X' 7 I Lf- ' -' s Ha ii f wif? :fy Mg: Q' S ' fii'?15l?E'xX :YW fmiiw, , J - 5 " - 5 1 'Q WT S 'f 1 2 W .L 1 X X, ma y-S ' 1 7 ' - Lx"' -' 1 Aw- f X ,L ' xi pw . Lt -X T A ' V' A -' ' Q ' - 'if V x f .ik yi A M .. 4 if X 1 . l X .wi X Q ' fi-Q , J 1 f L ia Q f - X f Ki 'x fs-f' Q A Qiifkwk Q ,gy-. b . , , , 5, - -X, .. X ,K N. . . Lk I 1 2. .Q-NN. .UAA . D gxqkx gm- A A, Wi f fig, Q KL .r Q x f x LY, K F .x V W 2 i nz!-1 .X-gg, i E , FW W x9 A 'L - . f Q . N ,,. iv ,ga A L S 5- Tr f 4. M p Q W AW fi- , S Www X ., X 4 V2 me 935'--sw-.Lk X XS X x fag' X X X wfqm, X he 5 X SE IOR GLEE CLUB I left lo right, front row: Sue johnsong Wanda Blackg Trudy jonesg Janet Wellmang Lillie Wallaceg Barbara McGheeg Peggy Ballg Donna Cartg Henrietta Heckg Sue Murrellg Mary Lou Queeng Shelba Conradg Rose Karen Hicksg Peggy Weatherholt. . Second row: Lola Mae Weatherholtg Yvonne Conradg Joy Weatherholtg Cynthia Browng Bill Conradg Elva Edwardsg Charles Daileyg Frosty jenkinsg Don Chapmang Pauletta Mosscsg Dixie Kelleyg Arlene Dailcyg Clara Dunn, Sue Billupsg Janice Woodyg Sue Stewart. C Third row: Norma Rameyg jean Caseyg Janet Jenkinsg Jane Daileyg Frank Shaffer: Robert Morrisg Kenneth Smithg Monty jenkinsg Ralph Mitchellg Jack Hatfieldg Gary Cooperg Dixie Hutchinsong Carolyn Murrellg Anna Burgerg Yvonne Cooperg Claire Wilson. JU 1012 HIGH GLEE CLUB I Front row: Zella Sunderlandg Sandra Mullinsg Maretta Finlcyg Cora McCormickg Sponsor Mrs. Chandlerg Barbara Jefferyg Sandra Davisg Dolly Diez. . Second row: Sherry Williamsg Carolyn McDonieg Glenda Costilowg Patricia McComasg Lena Stevensg Dorothy Barnettg Zuretta Wallaceg Barbara Cooperg Brenda Jenkins. . Third row: Linda Huffmang Donetta Pancake: Mary Ann Crookshanks: Jack Sayre, jr.: Glenn Templetong Junior Colemang Lewis Argabriteg Stuart Sowardsg Kay Leggg Lou Ball: Clara Dunn. E721 ' AR STUDENT COUNCIL President of Student Council GEORGE TAYLOR Receiving The Junior Red Cross Winning Float Trophy O FRONT ROW, left to right: David Chapmang Jerry Carrerg Ray Edwardsg Perry Morrisong Ronnie Braggg Glenn Morris: Philip Carter. V O SECOND ROW: Lena Stcvensg Carolyn Wallaceg Betty Miller. . THIRD ROW: Miss Osborne, Sponsorg jack Harshbargerg Norma Birdg Judy Osborneg Dora Diamondg Eddy Murrellg Charles Cbaneyg Sue Morriscng Marilyn Hallg Karen Rottig Lloyd Kiffg Nellie Miller: Joyce Burton: Chubby Davisg Kay, Legg: Houston Roberts: Patricia McKnight. . FOURTH ROW: Elaine Layneg Bobby Jonesg Carl Bragg: Barbara Sayreg Larry jordzng Donetta Pan- cakeg Judy Bledsoe: Jack Sayreg John McDanielg Larry Swanng Carolyn Dunng Janice Walkerg Jimmy Wilson: Junior Cart: Delores McKnight. E751 Y-TEENS HI-Y i761 SE NI-O R VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Something That Could Happen Only at Milton High Something That Shonlrln't Happen to Anyone J MILTO i FFA 1956 Front row, left to right: Cyrus Cox, Kennith Lunsford, Marvin Ball, jack McClung, Don Elkins, Richard Cooper, Don Mor- rison, Jimmy Edmonds, Ray Scarberry, Joseph Moore, Thomas Neal, Paul Cooper, Harold Murrell, Max Hesson, Robert Jenkins, H. E. Throckmorton. Back row, left to right: Murrill Chapman, Dale Rife, Leon Wallace, David Chapman, David Ramey, Mack Morrison, Drew Cooper, Robert Morris, Gail Carey, Eddie Stowers, George Wandling, Clo Flora, Leonard Rolfe, Charles McCallisrer, Wayne Wwdard, Ronald Lewis, David Chapman. FUTURE HOMEMAKER? OF AMERICA Front row: Sponsor Mrs. Adkins, Gypsy Diamond, Phyllis Webb, Louise Kingery, Mary Spurlock, Donna Sunderland, Leoris Roberts, Oleta Flora, Donna Reeves, Barbara Jackson, Martha Byrd, Corletta Meadows, Reva Wallace, Beatrice Mc- Callister, Norma Byrd, Vera Rutherford. Second row: Dixie Luscher, Carol Ann Yates, Zella Sundarland, janet Seager, Jerri Childers, Nancy Blake, Donetta Pan- cake, Mary Ann Crookshanks, Judy Bledsoe, Sally Grass, Patsy Holley, Linda Hartman, Norma Porter, Donna Cre- means, Mildred Wallace, Betty Turley. i791 'Q 45'- 2. Q-Sk 5-W-1 gg Q We f - H -F ,. xg 2 -IPF' N Y, Q f H :31:::E A':' kg . J N 'f Es, 7 -, 5' I 5 fiQf5?E'?2 ' ' ., gg A-lua.M Ku 'Van--H . A W"',fr-x .. H ' -f - - 'T'T"'f' F Tw Qi, - ,N -.11 :wif " T, 1, .V,. n EL ' 7 ,wg K. N ,.-gg H nu . 4 XM EFF? .W f, ,W 11-im , w - ,gif - , QS . - Xa 'Xin--. cifff' ',,,x Sf 'mis ww S53 5 ggpgxiz j he ,F ' f f .-.W mm-M XX ee VH. aw if w. A It ,sf g nw X R - ' A ' ,-,,' ',". ' 1 Q. A ps ' 1 ic x 'X 3 S - V ig . . . h K ...s an 'TN m,,4,,,.,,!, V 11, -.W, OUR COOKS OUR CUSTODIANS Mrs. Stowards, Mr. Ball, Mr. Davis, who is not with us any more. Mr. Tackett, who is taking the place of Mr. Dawiis. lfS2fl Wed f7L Bild JPUUR No they are not international diplomats, but they were just about as, important to the 195 6 Miltonianll Henrietta Heck, Mabel Meadows, Janet Wellman, and Carolyn Mur- rell, from left, have worried, flurried, hurried, and scurried around all year getting this exceptionally fine "Miltonian" together. Not the least of their headaches were Miss Wey- land's tongue lashings! The girls have borne up under the strain remarkably well, though, and are quite recovered sufficiently to accept the school's wholehearted appreciation for their hard work. CONGRATULATIONS, girls, for a job well done! If 83 l 'A' 'A' 'k Compliments of eflefaf Qeldafthient SOP? MiI'fon's One Stop Shopping Center Phone 261 I 1lr'k'k E841 'kirir C offzvpliwzevzts of Z? fl f ' en ranL in A 5 ww! I0 Cmf .SYM-Q Milton, West Virginia Phone 8341 'kit E851 For Tl-IE lmoortont Moments ot YOUR Lite 'kukir c!oufAaf afuclio 437 Eleventh Street Huntington, West Virginia ir 'lr 'lr Your Yearbook Photographers E361 iii' C on gmtulations from BOPJQIZ ,ri MILK AND ICE CREAM CQ Huntington, W. Vo. 'kirir i871 Modern Electric Recopping CLARKT5TlRESERVlCE 2538 Eighth Avenue Huntington, West Virginio ARNOLD CLARK, Owner PHONE 23876 Furniture Styling To lvlolqe Your Home Alert to the Times From Stor STARFURNlTURECO. "Makers of Happy Homes" 839 Fourth Avenue Huntington, W. Vci. ISSJ C01fzplime1z1fs of Chapman's Hardware and Home Supply PAINTS-WALLPAPER C'Ol7lP1i77ZC'I21'S of Putnam County Bank Hurricane, West Virginia Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporato Corlzplirlzwzfs of PARK AMOCO STATION Washing and Greasing "POP" AMIC, Proprietor Phone 2472 Complimelzis of Huntington Battery and Supply Company Phone 6662 or 29280 I39-4I Fourth Avenue HUNTINGTON, W. VA. Complimemfs of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY IO34 Third Avenue HUNTINGTON, W. VA. AMSBARY 84 JOHNSON Men's Wear 3 I 2 Tenth Street Next to Frederick Hotel HUNTINGTON, W. VA. I Citizens Loan Company Lewis Arcade Building HUNTINGTON, W. VA. IS9I THE ECONOMICAL WAY TO GOOD SERVICE Southern Public Service Gas Company Chancey's Greenhouse G I FTS-FLOWERS-PLANTS FLORAL DESIGNS Floral Telegraph Delivery Phone 9922 Milton, W. Va. CAPITOL FURNITURE CO. 746 Fourth Avenue ELGIN WATCHES . . .The Beautiful Way To Tell Time JOHN E. MORRIS Watchmaker-Jeweler HUNTINGTON WATCH ES-D I AMONDS-J EWELRY ffEw,,3,,gj9i,,g for the I.I0mev I3OO Smith Street Phone 4I2I MILTON, W. VA. GUYAN CREAMERY CO. "Guarded Quality Dairy Products Including Milk and Ice Cream Delivered Five Days Weekly HUNTINGTON, W. VA. ' Phone 3347I For Better Service HECK FUNERAL HOME Phone Milton 4I4I Sincere Cofzgratulations To flac Class of 1956 PERRY BARBER SHOP Com 17li7IlC'lZIfS of SWAN'S GROCERY "Between Milton and CuIloden" Open Evenings 'til 8:00 P.M. FRESH MEATS and VEGETABLES Phone 908I Milto T1 E901 THE KENNEY MUSIC CO. 930 Third Avenue Huntington, W. Vo HOME OF HAMMOND ORGAN AND STEINWAY PIANOS Jim's Grill 84 Spaghetti House Member of National Restaurant Asociation 920 Fifth Ave. HUNTINGTON, W. VA. C. M. LOVE AND COMPANY DeLoval Dairy Supplies, Louden Barn Equipment, Lowe Bros. Paint HUNTINGTON, W. VA. Huntington Auto Supply Co. HUNTINGTON, W. VA. JOHNSON 84 LEWIS BEAUTY SHOP Milton Bank Building Phone 276i Milton, W. Va. K R E S G E' S HUNTINGTON, W. VA. Third Avenue Huntington, W. Va. Compliments of M A N G E L ' S "Fe-nzinirze Apparel" Com-plimeuts 0 f SALLlE'S TEA ROOM KATHRYNE EVERETT, Mgr. Main Street Milton, W. Va BLAC KWOOD REAL ESTATE WHY PAY RENT? OWN YOUR OWN HOME Phone: Bus. 383i-Res. 4261 Compliments of BAI LEY'S BEAUTY SHOP South Main Street Phone 2781 MILTON, W. VA. Conzplinzcnfs of LOTTlE'S WAVE SHOP LORAN'S BEAUTY SALON i344 Washington Avenue Main Street Milton, W. Va MII-TON, W- VA- Phone 2651 Phone 6166 C0"I1f'Ij,"w""S MILTON DRUG STORE 0 RICHMOND CLINIC Rphonez 2442'436' Colzgratfzlnfions I0 flu' Class of 1956 H. S. R O B E R T S RADIO REPAIR SHOP Attend Church Every Sunday BILLUPS' GROCERY MILTON, w. VA. I 91 J Ou r Sincere Corzgmfulaiions To Milton High School SCH I FPS SI-IOES Complinzclzfs of BAI I-EY'S CAFE-IERIA HUNTINGTON, w. VA. 817 Third Avenue Huntington, W. Va. Cornplimenfs Com plimefzts of GAEGILL MCITORS, INC SEABQARD FINANCE CU. Dodge - PIYITIOUTII ' GUARANTEED USED CARS HUNTINGTON, w. VA. Hufficcnef W- V0- Phone 2961 Always Good! Al-ways Fresh! whoa I5 AT YOUR INDEPENDENT GROCER'S Compliwzients of C I f omp iimcnts 0 CARRGLL EQUIPMENT CO. Twenty-four Hour Service Station West Virginia Inspection Station MOCIQ Truck SGISS Kelvinator Appliances Phone 3861 I HUNTINGTON, W. VA. 1 92 1 GREEN'S MEAT MARKET HUNTlNGTON'S Milton, West Virginia Wholesale and Retail OLDEST and LARGEST ames Green Phone 543i Colizplilrzcrzts of i .k i Tl-IE STYLE Sl-lOl? "Huntington's Most Fashionable Shop" Fourth Avenue Tenth Street ANDERsoN-Newsome On Third Avenue D U N l-l l L L' S Congraf-ulafions Congrazfulatiovzs to the to the Class0f1956 D Classof 1956 'ir i' ir 'A' 'lr 'A' BLENKQ GLASS CO. Tl-lE BANK OE MILTON 'NC- The Bank of Personal Service Milton, W. Va. l 9 Best Wislaes to the Compliments Class 015,56 of HECK Cl-GTl-llNC1 STORE RGBERTS INSURANCE AGENCY S Remember, lt Costs Less To Be Well Dressed Phone 9771 -By Heck NX E R R E L L Sl l N Congrazfulatioffs l I5 S. Second Street to the CLARKSBURG, W. vo. CIHSS Of 1956 Class Rings, Announcements and Cards M I Stationers to the Class of l956 Phone 4541 MH-TON, W- VA Congmtulmfiofzs 9 flfl!LCl!lfL D fo we Class of '56 Huntingtorfs Most Complete D U D L E Y I S I I N C U Women's Apparel Shop E941 GOLD FURNITURE CO. 824 Fourth Avenue Huntington, West Virginia Roach-Ferguson Realty Co., Inc. "Complete Real Estate Sewieeu 527 Ninth Street Phone 20363 Huntington, West Virginia THE FIX-IT SHOP MAYTAG and FRIGIDAIRE SALES AND SERVICE HOWARD T. YOUNG, Owner IOIO Third Ave. Phone 20020 HUNTINGTON, W. VA. Compliments of BECKER MUSIC STORE I040 Fourth Avenue Huntington, West Virginia EVERYTHING MUSICAL "We make Old Clotlaes and New Clothes Look Like New" GEORGE'S DRY CLEANERS Phone 8I8I Compliments o f THE MERRYLAND Phone 2492 Milton, W. Va. Compliments of SEAGER'S QUALITY MEATS IOI7 Main Street Milton, West Virginia Compliments of HOLLY BROTHERS Com plimen ts of the First Huntington National Bank Huntington, West Virginia I 872- I 956 Over Three Quarters of a Century of Faithful Service Congratulations To the Class of '56 The TeIIing-If3eIIe- Vernon Co. Huntington, W. Va. "SEALTEST" I 9 S I Your First Fine jewelry Your Most Cherished Possession Your josfen Class Rin g if if af JOSTEN' S Congratulations to the Class of ' 5 6 Huntington School ot Business 1 1007 Fifth Avenue Phone 21490 CHESTER D. RILEY, Pres. JAMES W. STEAR, Mgr. 1897 . . . Our 60th Anniversary . . . 1957 CLAUDE LiNc5ER, Representativ Specialists in Business Training 6400 Pea Ridge Huntington, West Virginia if ir ir Best Wishes to the SENICJRS OF 1957 From SENIORS OF 1956 ir uk ir 1961 DILLON'S GRQCERY Compliments of MILTON, W. VA. KEYSTONE STATION MARKET ' Milton, W. Vo. Phone 2482 Milton, W. VO. Phone 4791 MAIN STREET RESTAURANT C0"'f"f"'f""s of T155 MUON' W' VA' Milton, W. VS. Phone 6224 C0lIgTdf1lldfl0l1S M I L T Q N C A B C To the Class of 1956 "Ride In Safety" ROBERT L. HOLLEY, Mayor Phone 4741 ' Milton, W. va. STEWART'S DRY CLEANING C0W'PlfW'fS "Serving the Public for 25 Years" T of Phone zS5I MILTON, W. VA. B l TMLTOS IVE l C Congmtulations to the Class of '5 6 of Milton- High School A lvl. SUMNER FURNITURE CU. FINE FURNITURE-HOME APPLIANCES Phone 484l HURRICANE, W. VA. J' 5- LATTN 'NC WEST END GROCERY SCHOOL SUPPLIES l458 Fourth Ave. Huntington, W. VCI. Route 60 MILTON' W' VA' i971 Zi QRK FROM REDDY KILOWATT, YOUR ELECTRICAL SERVANT 'A' ir it You probably won't think much about it, but Reddy help you work in a hundred different ways, every day, at the flip of a switch. Yes, Reddy has o hand in almost anything you choose to do. He does your housework, runs the factories, works on the farms and in places of business. Working twenty-four hours a day is Reddy's idea of a good time, so use him all you like. No matter what your job or surroundings, there's Reddy, friend and helper that you can rely on as close as the nearest switch, on duty twenty-four hours a day. APPALACHIAN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY E981 ,.."-- .. .-.4.. For .,., '.,.W I Lasting Egzeygylf . . . . ,, .. . Q ."' i f.- . I m liment . C0 P S Complzmemfs 0 f of I3 E I L E ' S - I-IcIppy I-IaII Lumber 313 Ninth Street I-IUNTINGTON, W. VA. ID Y MILTON HURRICANE "The Shop of Youtbf-zz-l Fashions" 9 ROSS-BURKS OPTICAL CO. DISTINCTIVE OPTICAL SERVICE Ask Your Physician About Ross-Burks Optical Co. EYEGLASS PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY FILLED 24 Fifth Avenue Phone 2299 TI-IE GUARANTY NATIONAL BANK 919 Fifth Avenue HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA Member: Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WE WELCOME SAVINGS ACCOUNTS 4 DRIVE-IN WINDOWS AND PARKING E991 X .,.A ' 'X . 'cv . . , V ' X ' A ' ,.,. f- X x' , it .r- . V., ' . .ir .x x 5 jf ' -1 ' 122 M, , 1 1 X. A ,M A .4 ,J-H7 . ,V -.X -N .V-., ,v M4 ' f -L-:L , .4 J. I.. . , .Uj , 1, iw., .., . A N V . ,J i- -. R A. .V .. 1 V, .. . d A . Y. . . . , un, N. M. ,iz i4..Ji,M,h . ' A V , 3 , A. g, . 'Q ,mfg 34 '- '44 . , A fx -'-,fn I 4 , v ' 4 1 A . 1 X .. xii! , .51-.I . -2 V42 i fa? ' "8 i ' v. . 4 A A . ' 4 if . , , ,,. , V .L , '..x 6 'rv R xi -1, 1 J I . a 1-1 1- L A A f , 1 Q , . 'z.1e,'f kg . .-,- QA , - -"Va H. V rw . b .H M: .fc-if-1: X.: ng. rj: jw - ,' ' 52:11 'V ' ' ' 6.1.54 'Y s P .- f 2:-fn A I -, x 1,24 ' .- '- . f x .wi l . . R, N N If .rwiq 1, -A, VY . , . -,iv V .d -- fs , 4- x -. L 1 .A-.1 , 1 f im ' ' 311 -5 !.,.i 'za .,, ,I , ., .-H::x,,f ' f '-- 1. I A. 1 .. Li u , ,V wl If ' 'I ,fx xx lf-35,3 .,.,' -' " . .-Q, , ,, .I , , i 4 , . 1- .. ,. ,ff - -12.35 ' ' '. 3. - K , W wg. I 'X ' X 'ax-'4-q .. .,, ' 'w ' ,if "-", - ,.,-'51 N - 1 A x x 4 , , if -, , F , -W M ll'. - ' -fx x y. 1 L , ,,..,, 1 X .G . -A , 4, ,. . -L . ,QA f -. I v . CML ' ' Q 'H ff " 5:-vi 'a , . 1-0 "ff '4 , , .,., . ,mtg , ' ..'. , 3 'gn X. v . ff. , A - - A -1' 1 , . , .gig , ,,' A '-' .4 V J 1 ,. .f'g. I. 'if'-1 . , . ., U. ,,.... - ' - L ' 'Ev ' 'wif '.' -K G-vis-H' " " 1 K ' "Fri X -, ,.. . 4 - -- I ' ag! 4 ' - ' - ' -,7 '-,jfld -' , , 4 ' ,I , 1 s t W 'fT:,1' . 1' nf" ., rmpxww yt -. K, ,.-gi, ' , , . f- J- -'- ', ' ' ' A 'x "sg ,, h C 'Af-, . V m -. -,ln 1 dj, ,' --.W.x. 1 1 .f' zhfvvtnnsfonf.-I ' .T 2 A ,. v

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