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I ,W x Dx " NX: 1 Xfvlzq-Q.. 5 f B xl w--'i gzg . . ss x 4 jk .. K- , - g '-X A V 2n',g,f-.-rf-V 1. . X , X1 fa ' 'N I. A -. 7 , - f - . Q' fL2"+ ?"'fs:1'F Q f ,ff 1 44A TT 5-,gtigs X 'A A :N 155' K - :jf Iii X A g . , I A ' EA. li A Es' A ,f 4 ex E 1 , 3 I , r A -sA' V 1' f t 2 N N , v. ' . ,fb ' 1' X , .' A . 4- A-515 ' ,M xx P y ,V ,-av 1 X v ' ' Q g if ,Q Y P N 1 ' A L 1 4 JV 3253! , -X 'SX 1: 1 'V -K Ax l:j,gqv,,eM,1ow A, I f 1 X . b A , ' L I-,L x .Q ,I I ' I., lx - X1 ifllff LMA. . 21 . I U l 4 1 7 . rx f 'a 1 3 V D HA 'Z 'YL , I . 1. ' I J' ' X' ' I 4 sa' W RT I W lx ' f .A xl' . V' I B. B ,-11 if 5 1 4 ,Lf f I I 1' N ',,-.l'l.Nll nv- . V 1 f,,...Lr A V 4 u 'Z r . K 1 ,I 'P 1 . i Y ' A wil x - I 4 NA I 'NX 13- .-5 E 'q ix' . ., N P. -r ICA .1 ' fs X 'ri 1 xl .' E yup,- H x 5 3 . , , . A I . 4 . 1 X 4 b - 1' -'-.---H - -U-gun' l .nal if 'XCEQW 662,41 125415-yzb Q Jf 5 ff-7 f J 47 , 1 ' s Q I ni 1 S 3 Cv 'K . ' 6 . V H I . ' I -U-J Y ' 1 ' r ZLL L... 1 Q I MJQZWJ . 1 I 1 n X, QN r 1 .' will-if " L Q aiu" 'E' W .gi ,.,4 . nr ' wiki .'-war s. :'Nt1'z"l1 " ' " fr.. " . : - '-'- 1. -.MLQA I-u. A.-:L.,h, ., ' hm.. 4-4 1ef5.m.z-f3i..:A.k. 'i,,i'g:f.v:w.:l'2:5J MIHTNIHN Y 1 7Q57 f Page Two MR. FRED PATTERSON Declicntion We, the 1951 grnciznzfilzg class of Milfon High School, dedicate this Miltonian to our friend, Mr. Fred Pafferson, who has retired from service as custodian of our school after faizfhfully serving us and the cominunity for 20 years. We sincerely hope that he enjoys a long and well-cleserved rest. JONATHAN Y. LOWE A.B. Marshall College M.A. Columbia University In 1930 Mr. Lowe came to Milton High School as assistant coach and instructor in Mathematics. ln 1933 he was appointed principal, and has continued in that capacity except for two years, 1944-1946, which he spent in the Navy. In Appreciation We wish to thank all who have made this Miltonialz possible-our boosters and aclverzfisers for fheir fll7!ll7Ci!ll help in making this hook possihleg Miss Wagrflafzd for the assistance of her typing elassesg Mr. Ball for his help ia the arf layouisg and Miss Grady for her zmeeasirzg work as Milzfoaiaa s pofzsor. Page Three BETTY LOU ERSKINE Social Studies ami English A.B., Marshall College PATTY GRADY Latin, Hisiory, Iunior Red Cross Sponsor, Miltonian Sponsor A.B., Marshall College M.A., Columbia University in Page lF0'ur HELEN BLAKE Conzmcrcinl Stuzlics and English A.B., Marshall College M.A., University of Pittsburgh LAURA NELLE KENASTON English A.B., Marshall College NELL JONES HARSHBARGER Science 9 Business Arifhmrlir' CbClflfXfl'j' nuff Pbysifx A.B., W. Va. Wfcsleyan MTLDRED Q. TAYLOR nmrirmz Hisfory uuzf Cirirs A.B., Marshall College M.A., Marshall College 0 Y M .IUANITA M. STANLEY Zlflllfbl'HIllfi!'S A.B., Marshall College H. E. THROCKMORTON Voruliomzl Agr'icn11'1zrc' F. F. A. An'1'i50l' B.S., Ohio University MIS., Cornell University MARION HOPE RUTHERFORD English, Speech spfffh Club Sponsor A.B., W'est Virginia U. DOROTHY MCGINNIS Mwxic, English, Glee Clubs A.B., University of Kentucky JAMES W. FUGATE Math and Sfience B.S., Davis and Elkins College FRED BALL Art A.B., Marshall College M.A., Marshall College A 4 Page Five fl. J! , C 'N X XY THELMXDTQNKLE, RUPE JOE AVIS J I ical Erlnfaiion Il1SfY1lllZCl1fHl Music, Buml NIarsl1all College A.B., Marshall College fx INEZ MAY DENT XVINNALEE M. . BLACKWOOD Library A.B., Marshall College Secretary Page Six WANDA BROWDER Vornliozml Home Economifs F. H. A. Slmnxor A.B., Marshall College M.A., Ohio State University CLIFTON C. COLE Iml. Arfx, Mark, Scimrf' A.B., Concord College rx ,xg v .J Q, ge f' rvlgblf ,HN 'W 'ky ilyrlx xi gd EMMAJEAN H. ALLRED Home Eronomics A.B., Marslmll College RUTH T. VVAYLAND Commerce Dean of Girls B.S., State Teachers College, Warrenmsburg, Mo. JOHN J. cox Hearl Football Coach Teacher of Driver Education A.B., Marshall College M.A., Marshall College JAMES A. CAIN Head Baxkclball Coafb Physical Ezlucafion A.B., W. Va. Wesleyan M.A., Ohio Scare University HOMER C. McCOY fznzior High School Couch Mufh, Drafting A.B., Marshall College M.A., Marshall College Page Seven l Page Eight Miltonivm Staff First row: Arlene Lane, Molly Prichard, Emma Jean Brown, Helen Kerns, Lois Dolin, Joann Roane, Janice Morris. Second row: Arlene Stowasser, Freda Gibson, Peggy Simpson, Angela Eggleston, Phyllis Mitchell, Miss Grady-Sponsor. Third row: Charles Seager, Bernard Blake, Willard Jarrell, Bobby Doddridgc, John Heck, David Meadows. Fourth row: Charles Hager, Grayson Lambert, Keith Mays, Sam Fugate, Kent Stevens. Not pictured: Nora Jean Stephens, Edna Elkins, Anna Huffman X ' ' X i f BN 4 ' A 14. ,QB ,W l 4, + ' f, ,M in 7 ' W 7 L.. x uxxxx- X- mMllk, vh 5: I! B? Xi f7 awwwao '-24..- n x n :Q H .. .4 i X Y A Q X i ', 7 I ' ' :J f f 1' K i j Q 5 i X fl! L J X f ji K I X YM Q, M ' .af f ff -4 X ffl! CCI: 5 i ff ' LgJ'IW1!,IjQqf-5M',,,f Ll x+-,- . 1 ':'lf:,NiC'b 1 .,!I, Z My 57 4ylfffUfQQ21 f Gm ............. f 1 1 ww X Z Z E mfg fljxjyfg 1 1- ...' I f 7 ? Z f , M , M vm , f Z Z Z 1 f 1 f 1 if'-'UQ 2 Z Q Z Z P Lili!- , 1 5 1 1 Q V 7 f -X - f 1 'R' I E f 7 7 Z 4 Z ' mhzwyagsc 6 Z Z g Z, fl , 7' N-xx' ,f f f 0 Q N - 1 X f qw rg!! W 42 44 5 CKL L' GY N K5 -1 - 5- -...igifgf Mila... Q 'WMQWFNK-W in - H+- ' TTTET 537 4' fx ,wfhmgbxff-N-Nbwxi. Page Nine The Class of 1951 Officers and Honor Students SPONSORS--HELEN BLAKE AND RGXIE HENDERSON v CHARLES SEAGER Valedictorian Band '45-'51 Drum Major '48-'51 All-State Band ,48-'49-'SO Band Clinic '49-'SO "The Laundry Mark" Latin Club '49-'51 President Latin Club '50 "Just Ducky" President Junior Class President, Senior Class Boys' State '50 U. S. Naval Reserve Miltonian Staff "Apple Blossom Timei' EMMA JEAN BROWN Vice-President of Class Treasurer Junior Class Home Room Chairman 'SO Band ,48-'50 Jr. High Glee Club Jr. Classical League Basketball, Volleyball Miltonian Staff HELEN KERNS DAVID MEADOWS Girl Honorarian Treasurer Sr Class Secretary Sr. Class Basketball Secretary jr. Class Football Miltonian Staff President Student Council Blue 85 Grey Miltonian Staff "just Ducky" 'ijust Ducky Shorthand Club Home Room President Jr. Classical League "Apple Blossom Time Attendant to l'Miss Greyhound" Red Cross Council Homeroom Secretary Latin Club Treasurer Candidate for "Miss Fire Chiefl' Vice-President Shorthand Club Home Room Basketball l'Apple Blossom Time" ARLENE LANE Salutatorian Vice-President of Jr. Class '49 President of Jr. Classical League '48-'50 Homeroom Secretary '48-'49 Jr. Red Cross Council Citizenship Ceremony '47-'48 Homeroom Basketball and Volleyball Miltonian Staff jr. High Glee Club Rollins Scholarship Nominee '51 "Apple Blossom Time" Page Ten RICHARD JACKSON ANGELA EGGLESTON Boy Honorarian "Miss Greyhoundv '51 Jr. High Football Jr. High Cheerleader Sr. High Football Sr. High Cheerleader Vice-Chairman ,253 Attendant to "Miss Greyhound Jr. lged Cross Cpuncil '49 .A F. A. Shi Citizenship Ceremonial '47 Student Cou cil Student Council '51 Home Room Chairman ,Sl Jr. and Sr. High Glee Club Talent Show '50 Too Much Mistletoe" Miltonian Staff 'This Night Beware' "Apple Blossom Time" i K 5 ri Bl MOLLY PRICHARD Band '46-,Sl Citizenship Ceremony '47 Jr. Classical League Jr. Red Cross Council "The Laundry Mark" Miltonian Staff KEITH NIAYS Football ,47-'51 Vo-Ag-Vice Pres. '49-'50 Miltonian staff EDNA ELKINS Miltonian Staff Glee Club Marshall College Sports Day Talent Show Maiorette '48-'51 Blue and Grey Staff Homeroom Basketball and Volleyball jr. High Glec Club Choral Festival Softball Team XVILLARD JARRELL Glee Club Latin Club Miltonian Staff Band Jr. Classical League "Laundry Mark" All State Chorus 'Sl ELEANOR MCCOMAS Miltonian Staff Blue and Grey Jr. Red Cross Council Jr. Classical League Homeroom Secretary . "Apple Blossom Time" L we . f, QIII' KENT STEVENS Miltonian Staff Band Football Jr. Red Cross Council Citizenship Ceremony Jr. High Football "Apple Blossom Time" LOIS DOLIN Majorctte '48-'Sl Band '46-'48 Jr.-Sr. Glee Club '46-'51 All-State Chorus '50-'51 Attendants to "Miss Greyhound" '49 Student Council '49 Citizenship Ceremony '47 Jr. Classical League '48-'51 "Just Ducky" jr. High Cheerleader Lions Club Leadership Camp "This Night Bewarel' "Apple Blossom Time" TODDY FUGATE Jr, High Football '46-'48 Sr. High Football '48-'51 Sr. High Basketball '48-'51 Track "Just Ducky" Miltonian Staff Jr. Olympics ANNIE HANNA Ir, Glue Club '46-'48 Jr. Classical League '48-'50 Blue and Grey Staff "Too Much Mistletoe" GRAYSON LAMBERT Glee Club '48-'51 Basketball '48-'51 Track '49-'51 F. F. A. 1947 I Miltonian Staff Page Eleven 4 ERSKINE JENKINS Jr.-Sr. Football '46-'Sl North-South Manager ,SO All-State Football '50 Shop Vo-Ag '48 Blue and Grey Staff ANNA HUFFMAN Miltonian Staff Blue and Grey Majorette '49-'51 "Just Ducky" Talent Show Choral Festival Glee Club Volleyball and Basketball Attendant "Miss Greyhound" '49 CLIFFORD SUTHERLAND Latin Club Vice-Pres. Student Council Vice-Chairman 210 "This Night Beware" NORA JEAN STEPHENS 'Jin High Cheerleader Pres. jr. High Glee Club "Fun For All', Sr. High Cheerleader-Captain Talent Show Blue and Grey 'Miss Fire Department"-Attendant Choral Festival Jr. Olympics Marshall College Sports Day Miltonian Staff "Apple Blossom Time" EARL CLAGG Speech Club "Too Much Mistletoe" "ska" National Education Work Page Twelve PEGGY SIMPSON Miltonian Staff Shorthand Club Homeroom Volleyball and Basketball Marshall College Sports Day ,SO Blue and Grey BOBBY DODDRIDGE Jr. Classical League '49-'50 "just Ducky" Student Council '48-'49 Miltonian Staff "This Night Beware" "Apple Blossom Time" INlOGENE HUGHES Home Room Chairman '49-'50 Blue and Grey Staff 'Sl Red Cross Chairman '49-'50 "Just Ducky" Teacher and Home Room Secy. 'Sl Volleyball '51 JOHN HECK Sr. High Basketball Jr. High Football Track JANICE MORRIS Shorthand Club Blue and Grey Staff Jr.-Sr. Glee Club Majorette '49-'50 F. F. A. Secy. "Just Ducky" Talent Show Choral Festival Christmas Cantata Volleyball-Basketball Home Room Chairman JOHN HARSHBARGER Latin Club '49-'Sl Band '45-'51 All State Band '48-'49-'50 jr. Red Cross Council Student Council '48-'51 Reporter Student Council '51 Citizenship Ceremonial '48 Band Clinic '50 "The Laundry Mark" Assistant Drum Major '49-,Sl Highest Honors MARY ARGABRITE lr. and Sr. High Glee Club All-State Chorus 'SI-fri Speech Club A Jr. Classical League AY" Choral Festival ' Red Cross Council "Too Much Mistletoe" JACK BLACK Citizenship Ceremonial '45-'46 JOANN ROANE Sec. of Homeroom '47-'48 Latin Club '49-'51 Jr. Classical League '48-'51 Homeroom Basketball, Volleyball Shorthand Club 'SO-'51 Talent Show ,49-'50 Blue and Grey Staff Miltonian Staff Majorette '48-,SO LEXVIS BURNS Jr. High Football Jr. High Basketball Track Sr. High Football Sr. High Basketball Boys' State Camp State Track Meet 2nd All-State Team Latin Club X DELLA PERRY Shorthand Club '49-'50 Jr. Glee Club '46-'48 Volleyball '49-'50 BERNARD BLAKE Jr. Classical League '48-'51 Band '46-'SI "Too Much Mistletoe" National Book Week '48 Miltonian Staff Jr. Red Cross '49-'SO Speech Club "This Night Beware" MARY STOWASSER Miltonian Staff Editor of Blue and Grey Jr. Red Cross Council Jr. Classical League Marshall College Sports Day ,SO Treasurer of Homeroom Homeroom Basketball, Volleyball Citizenship Ceremonial Jr. High Glee Club VIRGIL CLAY Jr. Classical League '49-,50 jr. Red Cross '47-'48 Band '47-'51 Grievance Panel VVILMA JOHNSON "Kicked Out of College" Style Show Latin Club School Fair Band Basketball, Volleyball Softball Attendant to "Miss Greyhound Page Thirteen BILLY JOE STEVENS Track ARLENE STOWASSER Jr. Glee Club Sr. Glee Club Volleyball and Basketball Miltonian Staff HARRY KIRTLEY F. F. A. '47-'48 EMMA E. NICDONIE Jr. Glce Club Sr. Glec Club Choral Festival Volleyball Basketball CHARLES HAGER Football Miltonian Staff Glee Club "Just Ducky" Student Council ,47-,48 "Apple Blossom Time' "This Night Beware" Page Fourteen ,- .Vw N i Q. NJ se NJ RQ. i. li lg I ' . ,Mia ELIZ BETH ANN BALL Band 347-'51 Jr. High Glec Club '47-'48 Jr. Band '46 Citizenship Ceremonial Jr. Classical League "Laundry Mark" Blue and Gray Staff EUGENE HARSHBARGER ANNA BELL CLAGG Marshillrmggllege Sports Day 'SO Homcboih Basketball and Volleyball fJ?.CHigh Glee Club 1' ..f if- N' -5 S ,Yfci BILLY NEAL DRUZILLA HICKS Blue and Grey PHYLLIS BROWNING ERNEST NICHOLAS Football Jr. High Football Jr. High Basketball VELNIA ADKINS Jr. 86 Sr. High Glen Club Choral Festival '50-'51 SCC. F. F. A. '49-'50 ALL-State Chorus '51 BILLY CONNER V0-Ag '49-'51 Pres. of Band 'SO-'51 Drum Sergeant Jr. High Band '46-'47 Senior High Band ,47-,Sl HAZEIL HAYES Jr. High Glee Club 'W 1 AARON PEYTON Track GARNET ADKINS FREDDIE MULLINS jr. High Football Jr. High Basketball Track LAVONNE DAILEY F. F. A. Sec. ,49-'51 'Apple Blossom Time" GERALD HOLLEY Jr. Sc Sr. High Football V0-Ag '48-'so Basketball Manager North-South Manager Page Fifteen KELSIE GLENN NAOMI CLAGG DEAN HOYLMAN Football Blue SL Grey Staff BETTY HAYES Future Homemakers Volleyball Basketball Blue and Gray Staff JAMES MORRISON Football ,48 F. F. A. ,48-'49 Page Sixteen Pl-IYLLIS MITCHELL Band Glee Club Blue and Gray Miltonian Staff Talent Show Choral Festival XWILLIAM CYRUS Football F. F. A. HELEN CARTER DON LEVISAY Football '49-'51 Track '50-'51 WILMA WOODALL VADA RUTH BLACK Jr.-Sr. High Glee Club Choral Festival '49-'51 "Too Much Mistletoe" "This Night Beware" LOWELL FREEMAN Football Track Basketball Jr. High Football FREDA GIBSON Band ,46-'51 jr. Glee Club '47-'48 Basketball Team Miltonian Staff RONALD BOWLES JOE NEAL Jr. High Basketball LYNDEN MASSIE Pres. F. F. A. ,f , r 19 f F p. F fir JA, ff it JUANITA DEAN - l '- f' ff 1. lv, jr. arid LHi-gh Glee Club i fl 1" l?ariId 419-'51 Dx' ' I ggi Blue bind Grey Staff f 'r J .91 If DONALD CREMEANS LULA HATFIELD WILSON Jr. High Glee Club 5 Homcroom Basketball, Volleyball ,. J 'E 5? GERALDINE JORDAN Page Seventeen JERRY YATES F. F. A. '49-'50 Parliamentarian '50-'SI NEIL IGO , Football ALBERT HALL Page Eighteen ROY TYREE Football '47-'SI Track ,47-'51 lf, F. A. Treas. '49-,Sl "Just Ducky" GENE WALLACE Football Track Vo-Ag LEONARD CLARK Class History Well, Seniors, here We are. We have finally reached our goal of the last twelve years. It doesn't seem so very long ago though, when we started, does it? Say! Do you remember that day, back in Sep- tember of 1945 when we stood on the front steps, for the first time a part of the high school? Every- thing was big and strange and we were bewildered and awed by it all-and yea-just a little bit afraid, maybe. But then we were given a hearty welcome by Mr. Schwartz and our home room sponsors, Mr. Cummings and Mr. Ball. In December Mr. Stover replaced Mr. Schwartz. Lois Dolin and Kent Stevens attended the citi- zenship ceremony and then, almost before we real- ized it, the end of the year was there. The next year we came back to school with quite a good deal of confidence. We were no longer the babies of the school. Our sponsors this year were Mrs. Chandler and Mr. Cummings. That year Molly Prichard and Jimmy Jones attended the citizenship ceremony. A good many of our boys were on the Jr. High basketball and football teams and we began to feel more at home. The next year we were freshmen and the largest class in school. We were proud of it too. We all made new friends among the students from Ona and Culloden that joined us that year and a. good many of our fellow classmates left us. Do you remember that memorable trip that our civics class took to Charleston to visit the Capitol? Didn't we have a wonderful time? That year our sponsors were Miss Blake, Mrs. Harshbarger and Mrs. Stanley. Arlene Lane and Clifford Sutherland attended the citizenship cere- mony. Nora Jean Stephens was the ony Jr. High Cheer- leader from our class. Angela Eggleston and Nora Jean tried out for Sr. High Cheerleader and they got it too! Peggy Simpson was substitute. That year Lois Dolin and Edna Elkins were chosen as majorette and substitute respectively. Time goes on, and so it did for us. The year 1948 found us taking our place as the sophomore class of M. H. S. We were feeling rather grown-up by this time, and some of us had even snagged a "steady." Our class sponsors were Mrs. McC1ung, Mr. Throckmorton, Miss Blake, and Mrs. Taylor. The class parties we had, the Wiener roasts over at the dam, were all heaps of fun. Our representatives to the Jr. Red Cross Coun- cil, which has been active in many fields, were Lois Dolin, Jimmie Jones, Arlene Lane, Della Shaffer and Patsy Dirton. September of '49 we took the traditional seats in the front center section of the auditorium as "heighty" Juniors. This will remain one of our more memorable school years. Our great football team of that year received the "runner up" trophy for the State Championship, being defeated by Weirton High School. We will never forget the thrill-packed play-off in Parkers- burg. Janice Morris, Anna Huffman, and Joann Roane were the majorettes chosen from our class this year. The Junior Class Officers were as follows: Chair- man, Charles Seagerg Vice-Chairman, Arlene Lane, Secretary, Helen Kernsg and Treasurer, Emma Jean Brown. In the spring we all were enthused with the an- ticipation of the Junior and Senior Prom. We chose for our theme "The Midcenturyf' The banquet was held at the Justice Inn. Afterwards we met at the school gymnasium for dancing. Music was furnished by the Music Masters Orchestra and our theme was carried through in the decorations by a red, white and blue canopy overhead of all the gymnasium. The Junior Class Play was a hilarious comedy entitled, 'iJust Ducky." We,ll never forget Bobby Doddridgeis act of pretended insanity. By the fall of 1950 we had rolled around to our last year at ole M. H. S .... our last year to have fun and work together. We had gained that goal of 'fdignified seniorsf' Some of our classmates had left us by this time for various reasons, so the saying goes, "love makes 'the world go around," and some had married, others were engaged. Senior pictures were taken on January 11th. We all tried to look our best for these. Milton vs. St. Albans was our homecoming game. To the celebrations this year we added something new-a parade with each class and several clubs of the school sponsoring a float. Making the floats was a loc of fun and so was the parade around town with the floats, the band and student body. At the half-time, Angela Eggleston was presented as "Miss Greyhound." Her senior attendants were Helen Kerns and Wilma Johnson. The homecoming dance was held after the game in the gym. uMiss Grey- hound" was crowned by Charles Seager and her escort was David Meadows. Santa arrived a little late with our long awaited class rings. They finally came January 12th. On January 16th forty-five from the senior class went to Marshall College. At Marshall we were lec- tured on "Why You Should Go To College" and toured the new Science Hall. When we came back we all had a better idea of what college was like. This year the Milton Woman's Club let us use the clubhouse for dancing after the games. Many enjoyable evenings were spent here. This year the Student Council was again organ- ized. David Meadows was elected President by the student body. We have made the best of our last year at M. H. S. We are waiting anxiously for the Senior Play, the Prom and last but certainly not least-Commence- ment. Now that we have blessed this school with our presence for the last six years, we will bid you all adieu, and go forth with our diploma in one hand and the world in the other. Page Nineteen Wb0's Who iz ANNA HUFFMAN BERNARD BLAKE ERSKINE JENKINS KENT STEVENS XVILLARD JARRELL JOHN HECK MARY ARGABRITE EDNA ELKINS IMOGENE HUGHES HELEN KERNS Wittiest Most Musical Best Athletes Nearest Most Courteous KENT STEVENS DAVID MEADOWS NORA JEAN STEPHENS ANNA HUFFNIAN ELEANOR MCCOMAS ANGELA EGGLESTON JOHN HECK CHARLES HAGER Best Looking Best All Around Couple Most Carefree Best Dancers Page Twenty Did Most for M. H. S. Most Popular he Class 0f1951 LEWIS BURNS ERSKINE JENKINS CHARLES SEAGER LEWIS BURNS CHARLES SEAGER JOE NEAL DRUZILLA HICKS MOLLY PRICHARD V'ILMA JOHNSON ARLENE LANE Eats the Most Most Timid Most Likely To Succeed Most in Love Most Studious Eats the Least DAVID MEADOWS EDNA ELKINS DEAN HOYLMAN - DAVID MEADOWS WILMA JOHNSON KEITH MAYS ARLENE LANE EMMA JEAN BROWN Friendlicst Peppiest Nicest Smile Best Natured Page Twenty-one E EQ, vi 22 . 412,-H D F5 .4-4 -U wg O GM E UQ-BE ru uwogiwmg L, ffl ..D'-UAS F-4-D ao.,-1.Um"O'-Em E33 'mmm 522:55 O o QD an cu C3081 QD 6-3 Q W5 U 2 if J E so VD Q U 5 3 5 Sm W :QE afgoonggg gbgiii 5 Pm EH 2 f'4U,-4I"u'-8 :nu zocubgaii Eizwzeg zinc M535 I--1011 Ze P4 2 O 5 ID 2 wc v .CIO u EQQME Q - c ggggoo cg U5GE E223 3 mum '51 goluw Q-la-40 CID'-411.51 C3625 o ul f-I 2 -c E .E E BM A Ev, non Z-0: C1 Zieu B :af 25 ' ow: 553. afghan, .U on rn '92 E ': WO.. E E Z if Em is '25 .U 2 High, ON'-9 See Q Z'UZuV,.v, o vs M 51 ag bu"-"vang 8 iE5A'fgz U41 limo 4:51 C4 auf oar: ads-,S Ave 41 W g e Twent 37- tw 0 6 2 3-4 2 EN 23 P'4tKi E? gm 3 Oc Oc UU I-4 3 3-4 E -9. Q DO wi Q8 O2 Io U 23 jo 73:14 25 U: no -2.1: 23 S2 EE m- EE 4 I' n A -1 2. W 5 m 2 E C Ewa cu 35- E E O 65805 'E O S- ufj'-G4., '4C!On:u U04 1,5g632 mgigtg gum 'C1E5Sf'f,-7-CO B ANU "' uf-of 5491094 m 43 Q KSQO mao3mEi2 as H Hfvmgwiaa S 'ZH ,gow 2 'JQE'-49'-7uQE 'U L4 6 v1 Oz D1 ggiak O Hu: D4 :Saw AS N ZS?-E115 'T' QANVJO O1-4,340 WSSELNSQBQ U ziiisvgf E 0225835 mvbui -.,.,'.-. 1 EE? WOEQE Q 33532 55? UEMZQQQEE rn fiicgw ig3E K 3 A 1 55 Qgg in H 8 :COP va bxk ce wo,-,fu Q, -1:5 QQGESMQE Swzo E Q ISEQJGQ 50,523-ab" ag .-1 POEgEwpM-Fqo Q 1 Urn.-4 P-4 Q, I-4 G'-4 UD U SCOP-105,163 EE on SH Mvwv' U H Q 5 'SQ' E UG bo U,.q,,,. +-1 on 1: D I-1050 C-' Evo: O O EQZUU U mzm E W f 3QiEwig,wEU HEEQELEUGZ 3 3 wxEgE6Qmm pg W 23m QGEQQQQQS- 2 awe 6 Msf,mfwS G cc ,EIOUFDC Wghgw o p-owoguii Gifs? 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J-I eg Q af uw..-H Qj M :E 522 O02 O UUUJU PN. .. SAQAQ own ies E 323 -ECDL' s-4 4-4 QU3 2031?-I Q3""r:QU Guts 55 G3 fu E Q eu 2:11412 -4 S A I1 Garnet Adkins Sewing Always Secretary Jack Black "Blackjack' Gambling Old Time Religion Navy Clifford Sutherland "Buddy" The Thing Minister Frederick Mullins "Freddie" Women Shot Gun Boogie Own a Dog Kenne Ronald Bowles Driving Tennessee Waltz Navy Lewis Burns "Burnsie" Sport Remember Me Coach Ber ard Blake "Jim" Music The Place Where I Worship Businessman Lynden Massie "Lyn" Farming Hot Rod Race Electrician Lowell Freeman "Freck" Dancing Stars In My Crown Be a Rich Man Jerry Yates "Judge" 'Farming If You Got The Money Navy Phyllis Browning Write Letters Always Housewife Lula Wilson 'iLulie' Keeping House Keep Moving On Secretary 'U S OQ vu 'fl S rm 3 V9- X? VN G' fe vu vs i Page Twmfzfy-fozzr 1 5 i Page Twenty-five Senior We, the Senior Class of 1951, will our good looks, intelligence, charming personality, ability to work, and good attendance to Senior Class of 1952. This legal document is brought to you by the brains of the class, Eleanor McComas and Mary Stowasser, and sign-ed by the members of the class as being their last will and testament. I, Garnet Adkins, will my ability to make A's in Democracy to Phyllis Woodard. I, Velma Adkins, will my place in Senior Class to my sister Delores. I, Mary Argabrite, will my size to Richard Bush. I, Jack Black, will my sunny "New Milton" dis- position to Denvil Reynolds. I, Bernard Blake, will my second year Latin grade card with my name erased to Kathryn Hanna and her name typed on it. I, Earl Clagg, will my place in Physics to my sister, Mary. I, Naomi Clagg, will Janice Hinkle a piece of newspaper to wrap her gym clothes. I, Leonard Clark, will my curly hair to Mr. Lowe. I, Virgil Clay, will my ability to stay awake in class to James Harold Black. I, Billy Conner, will my walk to school with Annette and Jeanette to anybody who wants it. HI, Phyllis Browning, will my ability to get an engagement ring to Dorothy Sturm. I, Donald Cremeans, will my ability to get along with Punchy to Paul Sowards. I, Helen Carter, will my front seat on the bus to Yvonne Beckett. I, Anne Belle Clagg, will my front seat in my homeroom to Jack Hickman, if he makes it. I, Helen Kerns, will my happiness while here at MHS to Joann Martin. I, Grayson Lambert, will my excess fat to Rich- ard Bush. I, Wilma Johnson, will my blonde hair to Betty Davis and my height to Yvonne Edwards. I, Geraldine Jordon, will my ability to get along with Miss Wayland to my brother Donald. I, Janice Morris, will all the activities I'm in now to my sister Jo Ann and hope she enjoys them as much as I have. I, James Morrison, will my beard to Buddy Ferrell. Page Twenty-six C lass Will I, Fredrick Mullins, will David Lee Carroll my height, my freckles, and my ability to play bas- ketball. I, William Neal, will my seat in English to my brother David. I, Ernest Nichols, will this school to anyone that wants it. I, Aaron Peyton, will to my girl friends all my brains. I, Della Perry, will my curly hair to Walter Mounts. I, Molly Prichard, will my third year Latin book to anybody who wants it. I, Joann Roane, will my slim figure to Joyce Garrett and my big smile to Joe Avis. Smile, Joe! Smile. I, Peggy Simpson, will by ability to type well to Mary Alice Sowards and Leva Jean Thomasson. I, Nora Jean Stephens, will my position in cheer- leader to Sandra Cummings and my ability to go with David Meadows in the 9th grade to Bonnie Burton. I, Billy Stevens, will my curly hair to Clinton Jenkins and hope he likes it better than I do. I, Arlene Stowasser, will my seat in Democracy to Jane Ann Richardson and my red hair to Mr. Cox. I, Mary Stowasser, will my Senior teachers to my sister Nancy and hope she likes them as much as I have. I, Clifford Sutherland, will my latest book, "Twelve Ways To G-et Along With Miss Grady,', to Paul Thomasson. I, Roy Tyree, will my big feet to Boyce Taylor. I, Jaunita Dean, will Barbara Webb my seat on the school bus, so she won't get in trouble. I, Bobby Doddridge, will my last cent to Sue Dolin to buy a new dress. I, Vada Ruth Black, will my bleached hair to Peggy Meadows. I, Lewis Burns, will my height to Bill Camp. I, Willard Jarrell, will my ability to get along with Miss Wayland to Peggy Meadows. I, Albert Hall, will my ability to slip out of typing class to anyone that wants it. I, Erskine Jenkins, will my athletic ability to my brother Ernest. Senior Class Will K Continued Q I, Emma Erwin McDonie, will my ability to make A's in Democracy to Jane Ann Richardson. I, Eleanor McComas, will my love for Mrs. Hen- derson and Mr. Cox to Delora Hayes. I, Gene Wallace, will my ability to play football to Bernard Nicholas. I, Jerry Yates, will my ability to get along with red-heads to Roy Clagg. I, Wilma Woodall, will my seat in Democracy to Shirley Dunn. I, Lula Hatfield XVilson, will my long fingernails to Betty Hodges. I, Emma Jean Brown, will my ability to keep quiet in Study Hall to Freddie Parkins. I, Charles Seager, will my ability to play a bari- tone to Freddie Parkins. I, Don Levisay, will "The Thing" to Mr. Cox and Mr. Cain. I, Betty Ball, will my position in band to Boyce Taylor. I, Joe Neal, will my ability to just sit in class to anybody who can get by with it. I, Kent Stevens, will my good looks to anyone that wants them. I, Lois Dolin, will my happiness while here at M.H.S. to my sister, Sue, and hope she benefits by it as I have. I, Angela Eggleston, will my silly giggle to Shirley Jenkins and hope that some day I can hear her use it. I, Arlene Lane, will my A's in Latin II to Patty Clay so she won't have to study. I, Keith Mays, will my very good looks to C Boy Cupp. I, David Meadows, will myself to any good look- ing girl that will have me. I, Phyllis Mitchell, will Shirley Bias, Shirley Dunn, and Joann Fitzwater a roll of scotch tape to stick to their classes. I, William Cyrus fWild Billy will my peroxided hair to Mrs. Henderson because she likes it so well. I, Lavonne Dailey, will my pleasant disposition to my sister Emma Gene, providing she uses it as much as I have. I, Edna Elkins, will my blonde hair to Lillian Sutherland. I, Kelsie Glenn, will my driving ability to Joyce Chapman. I, Charles Hager, will my ability to get along with the teachers to Angela Moore. I, Annie Hanna, will my extra weight to Peggy Blake. I, Eugene Harshbarger, will my curly hair to Mrs. Henderson. I, Betty Hayes, will my potato chips to Eliza- beth Powers and hope she has as good a time as I did eating them 6th period. I, Hazel Hayes, will my ability to get along with Jennings Shull to Betty Hodges. I, Druzilla Hicks, will my ability to keep quiet in Study Hall to Alfa Chapman, Nancy Stowasser, Joyce Swann, they really need it. I, Dean Hoylman, will my curl to Baldy Rey- noldsg he needs it. I, Anna Huffman, will my dancing ability to Robert Gail Perry to take care of Helen Jarvis in years to come. I, Imogene Hughes, will to Angela Moore a pair of roller skates for chasing Erskine Jenkins-hoping she will do better than I have. I, Neil Igo, will my ability to get along with Mrs. Henderson to John Blake. I, Richard Jackson, will my good grades to my sister Rosemary who sure needs them. I, Lowell Freeman, will my Oklahoma Stride to Johnny Blake. I, Tyler Fugate, will my weight to Coach Cain and Coach Cox. I, Freda Gibson, will Marion and Sue Gibson of Gibson Inc. to Mrs. Rupe. I, Gerald Holley, will my front tooth to George Brown. I, John Harshbarger, hereby will my beautiful wavy hair to Don Meadows, who sure needs some. I, John Heck, will my ability to get along with Gene Wallace to Annabelle Mays. We, the Seniors of the 1950 Football squad, will our new uniforms, our ability to play, our muscles, and those muddy practice duds to the squad of 1951. Page Twenty-seven Elevemlz Gwzcle t Erma Ashworth Joan Ball Lula Barnett Billy Bell Anthony Bischoff Joann Bledsoe Joh n Bl a ke Melvin Bledsoe Charles Bowyer Richard Bush Robert Carpenter Hazel Carter Billy Ca rt Ross Carter Jack Casey Joyce Chapman Wanda Chapman Delmar Clark Mary Clagg Mary Clark Niles C Yvo lark nnc Clark Patricia Clay Evelyn Collins Carl Collins Marvin Collins Phyllis Courts Curtis Cupp Betty Davis Ruby Davis Earl Davis Carolyn Diamond Yvonne Edwards Doris Eetty Eleanor Gardner Albert Hall Joyce Garrett Betty Jo Handley John Harshbarger Dolores Hughes Rose Mary Jackson Ernest Jenkins Emmogene Darrell Eug Clinton Jenkins Johnson Kennan cnc Kinnard Juanita Lewis Raymond Lewis Freddie Lunsford Joann Martin Lynden Massie Billy Meadows Peggy Meadows Russell McCallister Freddie McClung Richard McComas Angela Gla Moore dys Mount Opal Mount Walter Mount ROOM 201-MISS KENASTON President - - Vice-President - Secretary-Treasurer - Eleventh Grade Home Room Officers ROO Dorothy Queen P"f'5idf"'f ' ' b Vice-President - Ro ert G. Perry Sccrctary - - Joe Swann Treasurer ROOM 209-MISS ERSKINE i M Presidenf ----- Caroline Dir" Vine-Presia'e1zt - - John Harg Secretary - - Juanit Treasurer - - Richard M Mary K. Murrcll Irene Neal Betty Newman Alpha Newmyer Avalea Ours Frcdrick Parkins Bobby Perry Robert Gail Perry Lucy Prichard Hayson Porter Elizabeth Powers Dorothy Queen Jane Ann Richardson Virginia Roberts Barbara Schultz Frank Smith Mary Sowards Lloyd Spurlock Franklin Starkey Wayne Stone Dorothy Sturm Geraldine Sunderland Lillian Sunderland Joe Swann Boyce Taylor Lcva Thomasson Paul Thomasson Betty Turner Mary Jane Tyrce Gary Wise Billy Williams Marshall Woodard Phyllis Woodard Allen Yoho Not present: Floyd Clark and Robert McComas 211-MISS KLINE - - - Betty L. Davis - Patricia Clay - Evelyn Collins - Curtis Cupp Page Twenty-nine ROOM 2 O O Presirfcwf - 'Vice-P1'exizfe11f - Scfflrfary - Trffrmlrer - MRS. PECK - John Clfigg Robert Cameron - Sue Dolin - Linda Burns Sophomores Home R00-m Officers ROOM 212-MRS. MCCLUNG ROOM 204-MISS GRADY Pwsiffcnf - - - Elsie Roane Presirfenf - - Jimmy Hudgins Vice-Prr'sirfc'nf - Dolores Tackett Vim'-Presiz1'f11zf - Vernon Ferrell SC'Cl'C'f6l1'y - Bertha Villars Secwfary - - Joyce Harshbarger Tl'C'!lS1lI'C'l' - - Patty Woodall Tl'PH.YIll'C7' - - Annabelle Mays Bennie Ashworth Betty Lou Adkins Catherine Adkins Delores Adkins Jimmy Ball Shirley Ball Juanita Berry Keith Bias James Black Betty Blake Alerha Bowles Carl Breedlove Edwin Brown Linda Burns Robert Cameron Billy Camp Darrell Cash Ada Cart llrnesr Chapman Velman Chapman Delbert Clagg James Clagg Johnny Clagg Melvin Clagg Roy Clagg Virginia Crookshanks Isa Colegrove May Lou Collins Gladys Connrad Betty Davis Mildred Davis Ruby Davis Shirley Davis Sue Dolin Shirley Dunn Dale Edmunds Floyd Edmond Calvin Edwards Vernon Ferrell Tommy Ferguson Harvey Foster Betty Glenn Christine Glenn Marion Gibson Sue Gibson 1 Garry-Grass l Larry Grass 1 Jimmy Hayes J w Betty Hodge Joyce Harshbarger Kathryn Hanna Ruthe Hayes Jack Handley Janice Hinkle Elsie Holly Victor Harshbarger Lester Holly Troy Shirley Jenkins Holstein im my Hudgins Charles Jarrell Franklin Johnston Lowell Johnson Jerry Keeney Darrell Loonie Patsy McDonie Annabell Mays Dolores Meadows Jackie Midkiff Vada Miller Richard Mohr Joann Morris XVilliam Mohr Mary Nottingham Charles Newman Robert Nowak Gene Palmer Farlie Roy Dorothy Phelps Denvil Reynolds Mary Richardson Doloris Ronk Elsie Roane Nancy Roberts Kose May Scarberry Hugh Seager Ivan Smith Golden Smith Jean Sowards Ronclel Sowards Paul Sowarcls Mary Alice Spurloek Marvin Spurlock Donald Sturm Ronald Stone Ron del Stowers Alma Stowers Dolores Taekett Betty Templeton Bertha Villars Dorcas Vititoe Barbara Webb Shirley Wallace Donald Weaver Patricia Woodall Phyllis Woody Not present: Erie Bias, Christine Mitchell. The Student Council O F F I C E R S Presidczff - - - - DAVID MEADOWS Vice-Presidelft - CLIFFORD SUTHERLAND Secrefary - - CAROLYN DIAMOND Treaszzrer - - BETTY LOU DAVIS Reporter - JOHN I-IARSHBARGER Sponsor - - - BETTY PECK Advisor ----- JONATHAN Y. LOWE The Student Council of 1950-'51 was organized in November. The object of this organization is to assist in school problems, work for improvements, and enable students to learn by doing. David Meadows was elected president by the entire student body. Council meetings are held every Tuesday at alternate periods. Parliamentary pro- cedure is used in all meetings. During this year the Council has undertaken many projects. Some of these are: the Victory Ball, a traffic plan for the crowded halls, disposition of unclaimed articles by auction, and beautification of school grounds. First row: Mrs. Peck, Sponsor, Clifford Sutherland, Betty Davis, David Meadows, Caroline Dia- mond, John Harshbarger, Mr. Lowe, Advisor. Second row: Vernon Ferrell, Shirley Hunt, Sandra Cummings, Angela Eggleston, Patty Clay, Gene Queen, Nancy Stowasser, Doris Blake. Third row: Elsie Roane, Dolores Tackctt, Margaret Blake, Joann Fitzwater, Audrey Thomasson, Lillie Mae Adkins, Jimmy Hudgins. Fourth row: David Neal, Johnnie Clagg, George Brown, Bill Dolin, Jerry Roberts. Fifth row: Bobby Elkins, Richard Jackson, Robert Cameron. Page Tlairty-two Y X X XXGXKX X ffffhiff XQB-?ffjy xioiffg 31273 X y- , xX N9 X Q Qi' K QQ S'-' IG N5 fiRfu M 1 ' X qpff N-X I 43 3 9' X EQ , SL A , , I H4 iq Kgrmed jqi . j 7 NN ' ff ....-....... ' f ? A J E 'qe,.,eNe PgTlyh N mth Grade Home Room Officers ROOM 2-MR. THROCKMORTON ROOM 100-MRS. STANLEY Presidml - - - George Brown Pl'f'Xit1C71f ----- Bobby Joe Elkins Vice-Prffsirlmt William McDermott Vice-President - - - Doris Blake Secretary - - - Carl Childers Secretary-Treas1L1'er - Larry Wells TTUMSTITUV - Lloyd Carter ROOM 112-MISS RUTHERFORD ROOM 101--MRS TAYLOR President ----- Nancy Stowasser P1'8Si!l'671f - - - - - Shirley Hunt Vice-P1'esirfC11t - Delano Wood1rd Vice-Prrsirffvzf - - Bessie Hatfield Secwfmfy - - Joyce Swann Secretary-T1'eas1L1'c'1' - - Faye Murray Trcrzszzrw' - - Patty Roberts Page Thirty-four Ronald Adams Conrad Adkins Jimmy Alberts Billy Arthur Dixie Ball Don Ball Sue Ball Juanita Beaver Yvonne Beckett Jackie Black Joe Black Phyllis Black Phyllis Black Vernon Black Donald Blake Doris Blake Kathleen Bledsoe Tuey Bledsoe Daisy Marie Bias Billy Billups Hazel Berry Nelle Brnmmer George Brown Lawannn Bryan Bonnie Burton Delores Burks David Carroll Bruce Carter Lloyd Carter Alta Chapman l Clarence Chapman Okie Cha pman Carl Childers Doris Jean Childers Billy Clark Emory Childers Eva Clagg Dolores Collins Ada Kay Cooper Bonnie Cooper Boyd Cooper Margaret Cooper Odcy Crabtree Sandra Cummings Phillip Cyrus Emmogcne Dailey Mae Davis Gaye Davis Leonard Davis Mary ,Io Davis Stella Davis Olin Doddridge Mary Jane Dudding Namon Edmunds Forest Edwards ' Opie Edwards Harry Eg glcston ' Bobby Elkins Austin Flora Eugene Facemycr Billy Fisher Wilma Flowers Robert Foster Mary Ellen Frazier Ray Hager Marianna Fugate jimmy Glenn Betty Jo Harbour Pauline Harbour Ray Harbour Annette Harshbarger Jeanette Harshbarger Bessie Hatfield Jack Hicks Richman Hicks Patricia Hoylman Shirley Hyscll Hobart Holley Shirley Ann Hunt Pauline Jarrell Cleveland Jenkins Pris Aldine Kinder cilla Johnson Billy Keaton Marilyn Keenan Doreen Kirby Judith Kirtley Janet Layne Donald Lewis Gail Lemley intl: Gracie Page Thirty- five A y xv s ex x x Xi LL.- -,.tL.... .. l w 1 1 1 X 1 .J N mth Grade Page Thirty-six Paul Lewis Carolyn Lilly Dorothy McCallister Lillian McCallister Scotty McCormick Bill McDermott Don Meadows Paul Mohr Robert Morris Anna Ruth Morrison Marvin Morrison Donna Mullins Fay Murray Catherine Neal Doloris Neal Gary Neal Bernard Nicholas Janet Nicholas Mary Ann Nicholas Marcella Nottingham Joyce Osbourne Annabell Pauley David Perry Robert Phipps Fred Prichard Delores Pritt Patsy Ratti , David Richardson Patricia Roberts Ash Robinson Milford Rutherford Hobart Scarberry Hansford Shull Veva Shoemaker Floyd Smith Rebecca Sowards . Mary Ann Stevens Carolyn Stewart Nancy Stowasser Pauline Stowasser Norma Jean Stowers Joyce Swann Darell Templeton Bobby Thompson Carl Thompson Ronald Trippctt Melvin Vickers Shirley Vititoe Carlyle Wallace Mary Wall Lloyd Wallace Barbara Wells Larry Wells Terry Wetherholt Kenneth White Phyllis White David Wilson Delano Woodard Not Pictured-Ruby Holbrook, Lloyd Black, Darrell Chaney, Delmer Chapman, Sybillia Mor- rison, Jay Hall. Eighth Grade Home Room Officers ROOM 103-MRS. MCGINNIS ROOM 102-MR. FUGATE President - - David Neal . . P I f - - A F Vice-President - Boyd Meadows Mmm JO nn ltzwater gecrgfuyy - - Joann Morrison Vice-President - - Juanita Hall T1'6'dS111'f1' - - Marada Murrell Secy.-Trcus. - - Janet Conner Sue Adkins Lorena Angelo Cleo Arthur Marilyn Ashworth John Beckett Shirley Bias Dale Black Roy Black Verlon Black Margaret Blake Betty Bledsoe Lora Gay Bledsoe Shcrcll Bledsoe Robert Bragg Howard Brown Mary Burns Monty Byrd Grace Carter Joe Chaney Sylvia Chaney Wanda Chaney Henry Chapman Claude Clagg Janice Clark William Coleman Robert Comer Janet Conner Betty Conrad Joyce Cooper Fred Dailey Danny Dillon Melva Erwin Judith Eskew Martha Everett Kathern Facemyer James Ferrell Kermit Finley Jo Ann Fitzwater Ronald Gebhardt Wanda Mae Glover Sara Lou Grass James Greathouse ROOM 104-MR. BALL President - - - Margaret Blake Vice-President - Clarence Jenkins Secrefary - - Emma Jean Hayes Trcasurm' - - Roy Smallridge P Janice Hager Billy Hall Juanita Hall Mac Hardin Dwight Harshbarger ' Laverna Harshbarger W Page Thirty-sc van 551.2-1: W -'eil .'QSW-V-r53,:eZ'Xfw-5 ' . ,..,.. , 3' '-S ::. 'Sz now. .. :X 3 if-Ukxi x V. ' - :I . v.- 1 - .:.,,Q:fq., " X 'f2EI?2I. : iw . 'i :Sw -2: - . f ':iiai1' - A .: V. ff " 55,5162 1+-H ' -', - 5 -a:.:-:-5:2:E2 ':, - Ma. - -. .. ..xf-M., Vs- 4 5..g:g.51-gf-,,:af,., 4-., . t,.. ey- .. ' 4 .,..,e,VMw, ,Q RE -I I ......, V . . z- , f2'v'i'2s , ,Q ..,,. W - -1 - ., .- ..,.. . M . if ""'- Z.: ::f2:f-,V -..x. :5,::E Q ga-,geg21gjg,. " ' .rf Q- -V.4?.'1- ' Eighth Gmcie was Q- M- ew 9, 9 W asf a MA .Lv Q ' :. ' a. X , 3- V 5.323 -ii . .. - we 555 4 4, . V::s:a.:.- ff V .:.:: I' '1",s V-V f ,Kb 531 V . ,M a z.-but 92 Wim V, - x,3,:,,3f. V, .::'::I -' ' fe 1. - 4 .2 QQ . Q . , ,,.,.g,.:: ..,..,,,.V.,,. ,.. .ar .. .. -2933? 33 , -if s ,.,., , is ,SF 1 .V :: :aw -. .Q-I V-:gs - - H5 .-4 . ,.,.,.,., yi ' .fi W my . ,.. , f : .: .:':1:::::" 1sa-a.a:1z.a:a:aa:ses.::5::-z- . '52We-"iW:?"'7-ff"?-N7 ,' - lf?-5734 ' """' 3 "" V' gm-:-' i:s...Qi::s. :m-git , . ,. ' w.'-'Ii-.11 1- . , V - :..: " 1-'.1:...::2:s:" ,. . .:...:: -f ,- 1 . V-1 " ' ,V .' -5 'X ' f' - 1: fi , ',.fEff32' E i' '- ':' ,:f, 5. "'! ' s 'ffm - . WW if - -' V , r ,i - six " ' M V- V ,-4-.-.V--- - --VV . 1 ...: N . ,,,,., K J ..... AV 1 cf s .f .Vg .... " N 5 Q fi' 0' 'S 5 QQQQQEX y fMw,Vi',..j:"E:'S-f 0' 3' ga O - ef 5? S is ' X 2" ,Z jg .:.. 1:-M. -ff .1 A an 4 a 2,255 Q, 1- 5 fs 52:5 .: ', 'E:'E:95' 55" sk QW 52:5 Q f 0 ii ff fi ' XT? if if 32 ' Q I , 33 W2 1 V Q M-3 f '2 .Q-F' .- '- 'i . 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P ss, A Q t s Vw 3:51-'1'4:-55,155-E5EE5EjEj"1':-'- 5 - ':':'55E5E: W, 5E555E5E':3:j.f,""'j5::s5E5E:E5E4-'EE' - EiEESi: 5E.j:',j:2:" ' -455555255555 V. ,:'E5:-1:25::C.3g.5E2 " R ,gs 'Q "-fix... - j 55:3 fcw5,-'f - 2: '- ., ,..- :gat-f:5:5sis?g:.Ia5a1 iw, Y Va V 1 t' as ' Ex 1 2 ' - -s S - ' .. . -. 'S fri-N3 W Wigs 2+ Q , g? ' ""'EEi?2EEE5E-E2 22 . "" ' ff'-"E, . V. 13 "1 x '- 1 , X as if 5 ' ff L-gig f"f 1,5:5:,IE2'iEE5.eEiI '::I ' U 5:- .I-5e5E5 :11. ::5?-ik . N as X X 3 w- Vgj, 'QIFE -. ...g, ' H . sf? -2 X V f 31- s Q 1 " .... . 2 VN 'M' I I' NW 'P S 3 VV. - M- .1 Mir... - -, :...,i..V...f:V:::-- A , J .. 3 QQ sf 51' 'K 3' z-':1:- -::'5:Q:3 .- Se- .:.ssis!a2'ga5251.izfjrisi -i. s Q. X x -7 ' - .. ae' " si! N ss Vw Page Thirty-eight . ,, Richard Hatfield Emogene Hayes Sara Holley Joan Huffman Sue Huffman Helen Jarvis Clarence Jenkins Dorthy Jenkins Irwin Jenkins Ray Jenkins Donald Jordan Gary Keefer Sharon Keeney George Kinder Judith Kirby Nell Kline Charlene Layne Shirley Lewis Leon Massie Beatrice Ann McCallister Donald McComas Ronald MeComas Eloise McDoni C Julia McWliorter Boyd Meadows Ann Morrison Darrell Morrison David Morton Irene Mount Lando Mount Maradn Murrell David Neal Donald Perry Kay Perry Joella Phipps Ed Porter Jimmy Queen James Roberts Dimple Robinson Johnny Rule Gary Sargent Floyd Sca Mary Seager Jackie Sergent Jerry Shoemaker Pauline Short Shirley Shull rberry Roy Smallridge Ellis Smith Eugene Smith Christine Stanley Richard Thomas Amy Ann Thomasson Jo Ann Thompson Alberta Vititoc Ladonna Wallace Verlin Wallace Eli White X Roy Yates Not pictured: Eugene Ba Seventh Grade H ome Room Officers ROOM 110-MISS BROWDER ROOM 205-MISS WAYLAND P1'esirle11t - V ice-Presiff en 1' - Secretzzry-Treasurer ROOM 111-MRS. Presizl 011 f - - - Vice-Presidenf - Secretary-Treasurev' - Audrey Thomasson - - Janet Foster - Peggy Henderson ALLRED Lillie M. Adkins - Freda Burton Henrietta Heck President ------- Bill Dolin Vice-President - - Bill Clark Secretary-Treasurer John Fitzwater President - Vice-Prerirlenf Secretary - Treasfzrer SHOP-MR. COLE - - - - Jerry Roberts Joe Zigler - Jackie Hatfield - Jack Lewis Anna Lee Adkins 1 Z ..,,., , V V- I-illie MHC Adkins 1 '-" B f M QQ ..:f Jimmy Ash .'x-. V .... Gerald Ashworth -' --i"' R I Mildred Beckecr 'i - . - Charles Bias if me " i' V. '- Q . -v.'X'K77'f"'ffQ,S1:fvf'-5555: f: ,'.'i V." . ' ,.,: ': 'E: ' W ' f3f: 5 ' ::" Ruth Ann Bledsoe 4 H ' Q Jerry Brammer 'Mi ' ,A, z V. A, H I y Karen Brown fe .. - 'V sam Brown , - We -v-i M 1 we Betty Caldwell 3- V. af X ii ll' 9 A V3 A , ,,:fs2g:eE: ,.,,., . ..., - 3 - 9 Li ,j Leonard Casey z' ' - gig, is ji. ,L ., , SE Jack Chaney . ,. ., :: Donald Cha man , f 1 - ' U I P H . ,. ,Qu 49 is een agg 5 ,.,s - ' or Lewis Clay - ".,,-i f . :eg ,,.af- H. -- Billy Joe Clark V. V -," , ,:. ., , 5 qv Qi :-iiig? gy. yy : " Q I 'E' Louise Collins ,Q V' . 9 -.nseg -V x ,ge Q e gas. :' " ' 2' -Aw 'f f",j. Wi, .... a '. JN. BIUY Conrad " V- William Conrad M ,. gm , '- I " ' 9' X' ' ' 9 - 5, - -. :E 4 E' ' 'ya iff: ' Burman Drury Cooper ., V ,Q N"4,JN 'F ij, 5 'stiff f f M " 1' - " 5' 5 :.,, r- '- " ,Q 431: Y, 5 Gary Cooper 'Q 4 , 1 Q Z- my Yvonne Cooper I U A- , , W .. ,O W, M.: 4- Kwai , ,, - in Q.. gm , v . 9: I' W, ,f -If'-252 Bennie Courts 'A -' -V Donna Cremeans "'.:2f?3-if-f'." . S 5.-'3j'T' , 1 fS v Vlfglmll CFCIUCHHS w. 11 4 V.... - . 1 Vi 1 2-:ffie2s:z:s'fsQsaf: T' zzjzgr . :- ,. , 'R ' f H3 , f:f,f::5iE5E:fEf:g V 'N' I "" Qc N .'- ' ' L' ' 2ffff:'ff:E:ff:ff::f::1:g.-,.f:gfff:fif'g W1112 M216 Cremwns jw"'l"ifi'fr,? A 25 - 1 12- if r,., ,, , Betty Cummings ' '- , '- , ,,,,a Q, " My DOIN' f JHHICC Dunn ""' 2:1 Wf 2-f 1 , .,-,'f,fM-f-, 53 - :',:s::'f: 'fi P-Y y we wrafw 22.551 Casper Ldwards " " 1 Don Ensor . W ,,.. ":j iii, f ki J Q, ,,.,. ,, ,. I. . , .1 1 ,: Mm' Lou Fmmyer -"'f ,dy, T' -.Alf . 've-if if? vi-5159 Page Thirty-nine 1 Seventh Grade Page Forty Shirley Field Johnnie Fitzwater Zethel Flower Janet Foster Linda Fourth Robert Greathouse Jackie Hatfield Clifford Hayes Delora Hayes Henrietta Heck Peggy Henderson Glenna Hinkle Fthel Holbrook Beverly Holley Loretta Howell Janet Jenkins Monty Jenkins Blaine Johnson Evelyn Johnson Dwight Kelley David Kinder Helen Knight Phyllis Legg Virginia Legg Jackie Lewis Donna Lunsford Mabel Meadows Jackie Morrison Carolyn Morrison Sue Merrell Lillie Palmer Carolyn Perdue Jerry Roberts James Ronk Allen Saddler Darrell Sargent Shirley Ann Scott Terry Sue Sheltz Delana Smith Eva Smith Kermit Smith Pat Smith Wetzel Smith Myrza Sovine Roy Stowers Sandra Tackett Jimmy Templeton Audrey Thomasson Dolores Wall Orville Wallace Reva Wallace Janet Wellman Charles White Geraldine White Clara Wilson Daniel Yates Joe Zeigler Not pictured: Earl Burton, Rich- ard Hysell, Edward Birch, James Knight, Ralph Mahe. QC 7 M, If X A ,Q 'gl NIXJ NX X . X , 1 I ' W A I , ' f 0' , ,. IW " " 2 ' 1 7155 x J Nt M is rf 9 sf as 3 P 55 X T 1 C' ,. , C oacbes JOPIN COX JAMES CAIN HOMER MCCOY Head Football Conch Head Basketball Coach Track and Junior High Basketball Coach Page Forty-two Milton High School Greyhozmds First row, left to right: Curtis Cupp, Corky Wallace, Richard McComas, Gary Wise. Eric Bias, Keith Mays, Charles Hager, Gerald Holley, Hayson Porter, Richard Bush, Richard Jackson, Lowell Freeman, Toddy Fugate, Gene Wallace, Don Levisay, Erskine Jenkins, Lewis Burns, Mr. Cain, Coach. Second row, left to right: Ash Robinson, Russell McCallister, jimmy Black, Jack Handley, Frank Smith, Neal Igo, Roy Tyrec, Kent Stevens, John Blake, joe Swann, Dean Hoylman, Denvil Reynolds, W'illiam Cyrus, David Meadows, Ernest Jenkins, Coach McCoy, Mr. Lowe, Raymond Lewis. Third row, left to right: Head Coach John Cox, Tony Bischoff, Robert Cameron, Rondel Sowards, Gordon Chapman, Bill Camp, Darrell Looney, Harry Eggleston, Tommy Ferguson, Carl Breedlove, Earl Davis, Bernard Nicholas, Lester Conner. The Greyhounds met Huntington East in their first game and went down to defeat, 13 to 0. In the second encounter the Greyhounds looked much better and defeated Montgomery 26 to 6 with hard running Gene NVallac-e being the star of the game by scoring three of Milton's four touchdowns. The Greyhounds really seemed to be moving then by defeating Wayne by a score of 39 to 6 with Gene Wallace and Don Levisay starring. The Greyhounds then rolled over Hamlin by a score of 32-0. The Greyhounds, still moving strong, bounced Duval by an impressive margin of 40-6. X Then our warriors of the gridiron fell to defeat by a score of 18-6 before the strong Oak Hill eleven, who were runnersup for the 1950 State championship. The mighty Greyhounds then came back strong and rolled over one of our biggest rivals by smother- ing Barboursville 32-0. The powerful Greyhounds next met a strong Dunbar team on a muddy field and nipped them 13-6 with Wallace and Livesay doing the scoring. Next the Greyhounds smothered another rival by defeating Hurrican-e 35-0. In the last game of the season our mighty war- riors of the gridiron met St. Albans and trounced them by a score of 42-7. The Greyhounds finished the season with eight wins and two losses. The Greyhounds of ,SO set a new offensive and defensive record by scoring 265 points and by holding our opponents to 62 points. Page F orty-three Senior Higb ClJee1'leecle1fs Left to right: Sue Dolin, Betty Lou Davis, Nora Jean Stephens, Angela Eggleston, Patricia Woodall Dorothy Gene Queen. Basketball Scores MILTON OPPONENT MILTON OPPONENT Milton ........ 45 Milton ........ Milton ........ Milton .....-. -47 Milton ........ Milton ........ Milton ........ 48 Milton ........ Milton ........ Mil ton ........ Milton ........ Page Forty-four 45 Wayne .H... -Ceredo-Kenova -Huntington East ----44 ----46 --. E..... 39 Huntington Central ...... SS Hamlin .......... . .... 41 -Guyan Valley Logan ...... -Hamlin -- -Madison -- -Hurricane -- -Guyan Valley Milton ........ ----36 ----S6 ----30 ----51 ------34 SECTIONAL ---------46 Milton ........ Milton ........ Milton ........ Milton .......o Milton ........ Milton ........ Milton ........ Milton ........ Milton ........ Milton ........ TOURNAMENT Milton ........ REGIONAL TOURNAMENT 38-Huntington Central 53-Ceredo-Kenova 57- 41-Guyan Valley 5 8-Nitro - - 66-Ripley - - - 48-Hurricane - - - 6 8-Barboursville - - S 0-Logan .... 54- 47 52-Barboursville - Nitro ....... Madison ..... 71- Barboursville - Basketball First row: Dcnvil Reynolds, Richard Bush, Lcwis Burns, Toddy Fugate, Eric Bias, John Heck. Second row: Coach jim Cain, Curtis Cupp, Donald Weaver, Gary Wise, Richard Mc- Comas, Grayson Lambert, David Meadows, Coach John Cox. Third row: Darrell Looney, jimmy Black, Lcstcr Holley, Hason Porter, Jimmy Glenn, Lowell johnson, Manager Bob Perry. Fourth row: Billy Camp, Tommy Ferguson, Edwin Brown, Manager Gerald Holley, Bernard Nicholas, Ronald Stowcrs, Robert Cameron. First row: Coach Jim Cain, Richard McComas, Curtis Cupp, Gary Wise, David Meadows, Denvil Reynolds. Second row: Lewis Burns, Toddy Fugatc, Richard Bush, Eric Bias, Grayson Lambert. John Heck, Coach johnny Cox. I Page Forty-five junior H igb Basketball First row: Larry Wells, Odie Crabtree, Coach Homer McCoy, David Carroll, George Brown. Second row: Manager Billy Hall, Gene Ball, David Perry, Manager Don Meadows, Bill McDermott Mac Harding, Billy Keaton, Charles Childers, Manager Dwight Harshbarger. Third row: Howard Brown, Robert Bragg, George Kinder, Danny Dillon, John Rule, Eli Wl1ite Dale Black. Fourth row: Billy Billups, Bobby Elkins, Paul Mohr, Don Lewis, Scotty McCormick, Paul Lewis Monty Byrd. junior High Cbeerleacievfs Left to right: Shirley Hunt, Carolyn Sue Lilly, Marade Murrell, Sandra Cummings, Janet Nicholas. Page Forty-six x.,x'X KA -Q, FX f. Y g,Hfi w 'A HRM 6 Lf W' xiffb HI' vp f' -'J ga J B99 .auf ,X ffl V M , ffl ARMERS or Qi? 47 LTON CORN HNASKEQS FT 11411 ff 4 ' A S W ,sf 'al J Q, LX ' Q Q2 GBX fJX fl! 8303 .fx X0 junior Classical Lea gue O F F I C E R S SECTION II SECTION I President ..........-.......... Virginia Roberts Prcsiflent ...................... Dorothy Queen Vice-President ................... Charles Seager Vice-President ....................... Sue Dolin Scfcrefary .......................... Patty Clay Secretary ...................... Kathryn Hanna Treasurer ....................... Evelyn Collins T1'CLlS1lYl'l' ........................ Bertha Villars The Latin Club, by means of bi-monthly programs, attempts to increase its knowledge of the classical languages and of the life and customs of Rome. Several social events are held, including a Roman Banquet. l t l First row: Paul Thomasson, Lucy Prichard, Shirley Jenkins, Mary K. Murrell, john Harshbarger, Clifford Sutherland. Second row: Dolores Tackett, Linda Burns, Sue Dolin, Bertha Villars, Elsie Roane, Gene Queen, Kathryn Hanna, Barbara W'ebb, Ruby Davis. Third row: Miss Grady, Sponsor, Evelyn Collins, Patricia Clay, Betty Davis, Betty Turner, Virginia Roberts, Carolyn Diamond, Nancy Roberts, Mary Clark, Wanda Chapman, Mary Alice Spurlock. Fourth row: Joann Bledsoe, Angela Moore, Arlenee Lane, Molly Prichard, Helen Kerns, Lois Dolin, Joann Roane, Mary Argabritc, Anna Hanna, Boyuce Taylor. Fifth row: Vernon Farrell, David Meadows, Robert Doddridge, Willard Jarrcll, Bernard Blake, Charles Seager, Dale Edmonds, Hugh Seager. Page Forty-eight Milton High School Band First row: Janice Morris, Edna Elkins, Lois Dolin, Virginia Crookshariks, Evelyn Collins, Joann Roane. Second row: Allen Yoho, Billy Conner, Marshall Woodard, Victor Harshbarger, Hugh Seager. Third row: Freda Gibson, Shirley Davis, Betty Blake, Juanita Dean, Darrell Cash, Dorcas Vititoe, John Clagg. Fourth row: Willard Jarrell, Shirley Hysel, Bessie Hatfield, Sandra Cummings, Mary F. Richardson, John Harshbarger, Jerry Roberts, Sue Gibson, Mary Seager, Janet Nicholas, Molly Prichard, Charles Seager, Bernard Blake, Joe Avis. Fifth row: Marion Gibson, Delores Meadows, Billy Meadows, Dwight Harshbarger, Betty Ball, Patty Clay. Sixth row: Betty Handley, Betty Templeton, Boyce Taylor, Joyce Garrett, Wayne Stone, Robert Gail Perry. Seventh row: Boyd Cooper, Eli Wliite, Freddie Parkins, Benny Ashworth, Virgil Clay. Majorettes Left to right: Janice Morris, Joann Roane, Evelyn Collins, Virginia Crookshanks, Edna Elkins, Lois Dolin. Absent: Anna Huffman. Page Forty-nine Future Fmfmers 0 America OFFIC Presidwzt - Vice-President - Secretary - Trcr1x1u'cr .RC'l10l'fC'1' C lm pl aiu Pzzl'lizm1e11,fm'imz Svniincfl - Salczwzzavz Advisor - ER S Lynden Massie - Keith Mays - Lloyd Spurlock - Roy Tyree - Roy Clagg - Marvin Spurlock - Jerry Yates - Billy Bell - Charles Bowyer H. E. Throckmorton Page Fifty First row: Jimmy Black, Lloyd Spurlock, Melvin Spurlock, Charles Bowyer, Lynden Massie Rov Clagg, Jerry Yates, Bill Bell, Roy Tyree. Second row: Donald Sturm, Roy Smith, Billy Conner, Clinton Blake, Keith Mays Harry Kxrtley Jack Handley, Tony Bischoff, Bob Carpenter, Olin Doddridge, jerry Kenny, Mr. Lowe Third row: Mr. Throckmorton, John Blake, jack Casey, Lloyd Carter, Billy Fisher Milford Ruther ford, George Brown, Bill McDermott, Ronald Adams, Okey Chapman, Carl Childers Walter Mount Richard Mohr. Fourth row: Lester Hall, James Alberts, Namon Edmonds, Ronald Trippitt, Gary Neal Alston Floor, Tuey Bledsoe, Eugene Faeemyer, Tuey Weatlierholt. Fifth row: Cleveland Jenkins, Robert Morris, Harvey Foster, Carl Thomasson, Lester Holley Mar vin Morrison, Hobert Scarberry, Franklin Starkey, Fred Lunsford. Future H ome-makers 0 P rr'sirz'e111f - Vice-Presidenzf SC'Fl'f'flll'J,' - Trrasu rcr - An' LfiS0l' - America Alpha Newmyer Dolores Hughes Linda Burns Bertha Villars Wanda Browder First row: Sue Dolin, Shirley Hunt, Janet Nicholas, Mary jo Davis, Christine Mitchell, Marianna Fugate, Patty Hoylman, Joyce Osborne, Juanita Beaver, Linda Burns. Second row: Mrs. Ryan, Dolores Taekett, Faye Murray, Barbara Wells, Dorothy McCallistcr, Bessie Hatfield, Yvonne Edwards, Bonnie Burton, Betty Glenn, Bertha Villars. Third row: Patsy Roberts, Mary Ann Nicholas, Annette Harshbarger, Janette Harshbarger, Mary Jane Dudding, Velma Chapman, Pauline Jarrell. Fourth row: Mary Ellen Frazier, Ruby Davis, Alpha Newmyer, Delores Hughes, Emma Jean John- son, Kathryn Hanna, Barbara Webb, Christine Glenn. Page Fifty-one Milton High School Glee Club Ddac First row: Vada Black, Arlene Stowasscr, Angela Eggleston, Gene Queen, Eleanor Gardner, Rosa Scarberry. Second row: Mary Tyree, Patsy McDonie, Joan Ball, Lois Dolin, Mary Argabrite, Mary Collins, Shirley Ball, Betty Adkins. Third row: Mrs. McGinnis, Christine Mitchell, Betty Turner, Angela Moore, Joann Bledsoe, Juanita Berry, Phyllis Woody, Christine Glenn, Catherine Adkins. Fourth row: Bertha Villars, Linda Burns, Joann Morris, Sue Dolin, Shirley Davis, Ada Cart, Dolores Adkins. Dale Now Juan Page Fifty-iwo Fifth row: John Clagg, Betty Ball, Velma Adkins, Emma McDonie, Dorcas Vititoe, Dolores Meadows, Edmonds. Sixth row: Darrell Cash, Billy Camp, Charles Hager, Grayson Lambert, Curtis CHPP. Robert ak, Ronald Stone. Not pictured: Nora Jean Stephens, Edna Elkins, Phyllis Mitchell, Anna Huffman, Janice Morris, ita Dean and Willard Jarrell. The American junior Red Cross The Junior Red Cross had its annual membership drive in September. Among its activities this year were: A box of candy at all holidays and a Christmas basket of gifts to Prichard School, favors for the New Year's party at the Huntington Veterans' Hospital, Christmas, Valentine and Easter favors and gifts for the Huntington State Hospital, and its biggest project-a chest containing a year's supply of school materials for a devastated school in a democratic country. JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL First row: David Richardson, Don Ensor, Billy Billups, Miss Grady-Sponsor, Nancy Roberts. Second row: Don Meadows, Dwight Harshbarger, Mary Clark, La Donna Wallace, Kathryn Hanna, Betty Cummings, Doris Blake, Freda Burton. Third row: Billy McDermott, Robert Gail Perry, Richard Jackson, Grayson Lambert, Robert Nowak, Donald Chapman, Hugh Seager. Not pictured: Robert McComas and Lloyd Scarberry. Page Fifty-three junior High Glee Club First row: Dixie Ball, janet Nicholas, Mary Jo Davis, Sandra Cummings, Marianna Fugate, Pat Hoyl- man, Kathleen Bledsoe, Carolyn Lilly. Second row: Mrs. McGinnis, Sponsor, Phyllis Black, Betty Harbour, Faye Murray, Barbara Wells Shirley Vititoc, Joyce Osborne, Juanita Beaver, Ann Ruth Morrison, Bessie Hatfield. Third row: Ruby Davis, Hazel Berry, May Davis, Pauline Harbour, Faye Davis, Mary Duclding Velma Chapman, Eva Mae Clagg. Fourth row: Jackie Black, Gene Palmer, Boyd Cooper, Odie Crabtree, Paul Mohr, Don Meadows. Page Fifty-four Speech Club This club was organized this year, and presented two plays at Christmas, "Too Much Mistletoe" and "Catching Up With Christmas." Its largest undertaking was "This Night Beware," a highly successful mystery drama. OFFICERS Presizfenf - Angela Eggleston Vice-P1'c'side111f - - Lois Dolin Secretary - Mary Argabrite Trezzszzwr - Shirley Davis First row: Joann Morris, Bernard Blake, Earl Clagg, Mary Argabrite, Lois Dolin, Robert Gail Perry, Bill Williams, Miss Rutherford-Sponsor, Virginia Crookshanks. Second row: Mary Clagg, Vada Black, Linda Burns, Annie Hanna, Angela Eggleston, Shirley Davis. Page Fifiy-five Page Fifty-six We Will Our first da in school. The thrill ofy changing classes. Mrs. Cain as 7th grade science teacher. Our trip to the Stote Capitol in Civics. Skirt hems going down, pants legs going up. The sock-hop parties. Our dear old Biology teacher returning to Milton High after o long illness. Charles Seager being selected as drum major in our sophomore year. The girls who were chosen majoreftes at the end of our sophomore year. When we became fighting Juniors. Getting out of school to see "Macbeth" Decorating for Junior-Senior Prom. Thrill of serving at Junior-Senior Banquet. The Junior Play. The most glorious night of all nights, Prom night. The donce ofterwords and thrill of swing hulo dancers. Our first day as Seniors. Most wonderful football and basketball teams. Playing for state championship at Parkersburg. Open house. Our good reputation as seniors? Measuring for our class rings. Class meetings. The Roman Banquet held by the Latin Club, Always Remember The day we got out of school after an undefeated football season Learning how to play our instruments when we started in the band The songs we sang over and over in Glee Club, Cafeteria. Our last football game, St. Albans. Seniors in the band getting bouquets. Angela Eggleston crowned as "Miss Greyhound." Erskine Jenkins making the first all-state team. The night before the Dunbar game. lRain.J Father's night, St. Albans game. Charles Seager's old car iOld Faithfull. Writing Themes. Those football boys in sixth period English class. Going to Memorial Field House dedication. Talent Shows. Girls practicing for majorette. Footboll 'ockets for Senior bo s I Y - Putting out the Blue and Grey school paper in Miss Wavland's class. The day we got off from school to go to Senior Day at Marshall. Basketball tournaments. The dances at the Clubhouse. Senior Play. Maiorette Festival at Charleston Laidley Field. Minstrels. Practising for Graduation. Class night. GRADUATION!!! Page F iffy-seven Page Fifty-eight Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. April April April April April A pril May May May May May May May May May Calender 1950-1951 3-Opening of school. 9-East football game 13-O. 20-Junior Red Cross enrollment. 14-Seniors ordered class rings. 3-Latin Club party. 14-Janice got her ring. 14-Morris Harvey Choir. 17-Homecoming parade. 17--Crowning of "Miss Greyhound." 27-Charlie and Jane Ann were married. S, 6-Field House dedication. 12-County Jr. High Cheerleaders day. 14-Mr. Fugate's wedding. 15-Opening of basketball season, defeated Wayne 44-45. 15-Latin Christmas Party. 18-Speech play. 19-Out for Christmas holidays. 20-Glee Club cantata. 25-Mrs. McGinnis' wedding. 2-Back to school. 4-Football awards assembly. S-Group pictures taken. 8-Senior pictures arrived. 11-Senior class rings arrived. 12,15-Woman's Club play. 16-Orientation. 19-First semester ends. 24-Mrs. McGinnis' appendectomy. 31-March of Dimes. 8, 9-Band Concert. 8, 9-Choral Festival. 16,17-Student Council meeting at Morgan town. 28-Sectional basketball tournament. 9,10-Regional basketball tournament. 1S,16, 17-State basketball tournament. 23, 26-Easter vacation. 24-"The Thing." 30-Junior Red Cross program at State Hos pital. 30-"Big Blow Up." 4-Marshall Band Concert. 7-Freshman-Sophomore Dance. 10-"This Night Beware." 11-13-State Choral Festival. 21-Band Tryouts, Logan. 27-Red Cross ships school chest to Europe. 4, 5-Band Festival. 11-"Apple Blossom Time." 12-State track meet. 18--,Tunior-Senior Banquet. P?-Senior Day. vigil 27-Baccalaureate. 30-Decoration Day. 30-Latin Club picnic. 3 1-Commencement. Cmwvzing 0 f Miss Greybozmd First row: Robert Gail Perry, Helen Kerns, senior attendant, Patricia Wooclall, sophomore attend- ant, Tommy Ferguson. Second row: Charles Hagcrg XVilma Jollonson, senior attendant, David Meadows, QStudent Council Presidentjq Angela Eggleston, fMiss Greylaoundjg Charles Seager, Senior Class President, Betty Lou Davis, Junior Attendant, Eric Bias. CUSTODIANS MR. PARKER BALL MR. HARRY HARSHBARGER Page Fifty-nine H. C. YOUNG MR. AND MRS. HOWARD REYNOLDS ROMA MCCALLISTER, JR. SOVINE BROS. JOE N. ELKINS GEORGE CORBETT RICE EVA MCCALLISTER EARL TRACY FRIENDS MR. AND MRS. DON STEPHENS ELOISE FOUGHT ARLEY BILL BALL JIMMY FERGUSON MR. AND MRS. MATT HANNA EVERETTE CUMMINGS HAROLD JACKSON HAROLD AUSTIN PERRY OXVENS MR. AND MRS. HANSFORD COOPER LILLIAN GEBHART C. A. MITCHELL MARVIN GOOCH DON FOUGHT MR. AND MRS. RAY HARBOUR MRS. B. W. MCCOMAS MR. C. B. WINDSOR MARIAN BLAIR NICHOLAS MR. AND MRS. GENE HAGER LORNA MOORE W. C. GARRETT JOHN BLAKE MR. AND MRS. JIM BLAKE MARSHALL MILLER MR. AND MRS. CHARLES MCDANIEL, S ELIZABETH POWELL BILL SPURLOCK MR. AND MRS. CHAS. MCDANIEL, JR. MR. AND MRS. PAUL SOWARD JERRY BAILEY MR. AND MRS. ORVILLE LUNSFORD LEANOR SMITH GEORGE ALEXANDER FORD ROBERTS Page Sixty R. Boosters MR. AND MRS. CARL SEAGER CLEO STEPHENS ELIZABETH FABREY LYLE GROSE MR. AND MRS. HARRY DENNIS VENOY MRS. GOLDIE STOWASSER MRS. CAM HENDERSON KATHLEEN MCCOMAS MR. AND MRS. J. W. STEPHENS DR. O. C. CAMPBELL MISS KATHERINE KENNEDY MR. AND MRS. WOODROW ASHWORTH WINALEE M. BLACKWOOD MR. AND MRS. FRED BLAKE EVERETT VENOY MR. AND MRS. CLAYTON KERNS MRS. BERGIE BIAS MR. AND MRS. JOHN OSBORNE MRS. ANNA L. NEWMAN MR. AND MRS. FRANKLIN HUNT PETE AND BETTIE WILSON "POP" BURNSIDE MR. AND MRS. JOHN GARRETT BETTY AND JOE PECK AND FRANKIE WANDA JEAN FERRELL MR. AND MRS. ALBERT ERWIN MRS. LYNN HOY BERNARD SULLIVAN MRS. GERALD WALLACE BOBBY DODDRIDGE D. R. WILSON MR. AND MRS. CLINTON VITITOE MR. AND MRS. FRED BALL WANDA BROWDER MR. AND MRS. F. P. ALLRED MR. AND MRS. CLIFTON C. COLE BOB FUSS MR. AND MRS. JOHN J. COX MISS BLANCHE KLINE EVA MARIE MCCOY HELEN BLAKE fContinued on Page 77J OUR ADVERTISERS OFFER THE BEST . . . REMEMBER THEM WHEN YOU BUY O imbucwon cflols Q'fh1At6dfBy G 616 YB s,W'W' CQGEUNTXSGTO Page Sixty-o Compliments Of FIRST HUNTINGTON NATIONAL BANK Huntington, West Virginia 18 72-1951 Over Three-Quarters of u Century of Faithful Service ,- 1 .- N .: f , v O xv it QC gg I H is fy - PHOTOGRAPHERS on MU t , X HUNTIN , , ! ft UUIU E JZ N ailQfgT PhonE!m4YVA 51 ' i,Ai I ' Photographers to the Class of 1951 C on gwztnltttlons, Gwwlntttes 0 Sixty-two C'0lIg1'!llf1L16lfi0l7'S to the Class of 1951 Heck Funeral Home Phone 4141 Milton, West Virginia OLIVER FARM MACHINERY Sales mul Service Owens Motor Service Milton, W. Va. 'x . . C I' if Milton Transit Co., Inc. 01725772611 S Greyhound Bus Service . Blackwood Insurance Western Union Cabs-A. A. A. ASCUCY UW H. T ' A 'cl SERVICE sTAT1oN-GARAGE 6 NOW We UF CCI em Tickets Phone 4741 Phones: Bus. 58315 Res. 4261 Reach for 1:22f2ff' 5. f' . ........ . li ' W ' si . 'vesla 21' 5 'l::s': I lsi "ii i 1at tfr.talasaaAs s l-f4'f4 ' -"" T be Bread You Need for Energy MooTz's u 6 am Q ov Best Wishes mid Good Luck to the Class of 1951 from iz Friend iii H imtiii gton, West Virginia Six f To safeguard your future . . . get all the education possible . . . Estab- lish a Savings Account . . . You can Congrfztulations bank by mail. to the i Class of 1951 Guaranty Bank 81 CASE DRIVEWAY Tfw COIHPHHY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. i Huntington, West Virginia 3. of J. :.---.' -:.' T-'94 '-' :.".:. ,fi ,. 5:':j-y,3.e21i'E. ., .... ' 515555525122-E' , .. . ,4 1 ' ' ::s. ... , ff' -' MAKERS OF HAPPY HOMES Invites You To Visit Huntington? Largest Selection o f Fine Furniture 839 Fourth Avenue Huntington, West Virginia 'I' :I+ Page Sixty-five 'I' To The Best Wishes to the Good Looking Class of 351 Greyhozmcls STARR Sporting Goods 1039 Fourth Avenue Hnnnngtnn, W. Va. Colonial Motors, Inc. Your Lincoln-Mercury Dealer "For fhe Drive of Your Life Drive Mercury" 2800 Fifth Ave. Phone 56471 Huntington, W. Va. Colzgifatulazfions from The Huntington Publishing Company Publishers of The HERALD-DISPATCI-I The ADVERTISER The HERALD-ADVERTISER Page Sixty-six A. N. Summer Furniture Co. Furniture and Home Appliances Telephone 4841 Hurricane, W. Va. Chapman Grocery 81 Service Station Route 60 Phone 2422, Hurrica e GENERAL MERCHANDISE CHANCY'S GREENHOUSE GIFTS FLOWERS-PLANTS and FLQRAI. DESIGNS RFD 1, Box 49 Phone 9922 Milton, W. Va. J Congratulations to the Class of '51 SEAGERS TEA ROOM BECKER MUSIC STORE Everytlailzg Musical 1040 Fourth Ave. Huntington, W. Va. C01zgrat1llati01zs to Graduates of 1951 Harbour'S Texaco Station Milton, W. Va. MA'DEL STUDIO Portrait Photographers and Camera Supplies 1018 Third Avenue Phone 9482 Huntington, W. Va. L. W. Mitchell, Jeweler Milton, W. Va. See Us for Registered Bond Diamonds 'S' camplfmwfs Seven-Up Bottling CO. of Huntington, W. Va. HIGH SCHOOL GRILL FRESH UP with SEVEN-UP C om plimenzfs CO1,nplimc,,ZtS Of Of K U R z M A N ' S , , On Fourth Avenue Capitol Furniture CO. HUNTINGTON? MOST COMPLETE 746 Fourth Ave' WOMENS APPAREL SHOP Huntington, W- Va- The KENNEY MUSIC CO. Congralulatiolzs Established 1918 "I-Ieaclqzlartws for Everytlaing Musical" ffl flee PIANOS Class of ,51 HAMMOND ORGANS PERRY BARBER SHOP BAND INSTRUMENTS MAGNAVOX TELEVISION-RCA VICTOR PHILCO 930 Third Ave. Phones 21930, 22312 Huntington, W. Va. Page Sixty-seven 'E' 'Y' Best Wishes LL0 the Class of '51 HECK'S Clothing Store Miltoin Remember, It Costs Less To Be Well Dressed ir C07lZvPll7IZ6l7'fS Of Emmons'Hawkins Hardware Co. 2 Exclusively Wholesale Huntington, W. Va. -By Heck t ROSSBURKS james Weiler OPTICAL CO. 81501159 Inc. Distiizczfive Optical Service Ask Your Physician About Ross-Burks Optical Co. EYEGLASS PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY FILLED 924 Fifth Avenue Phone 22994 Page Sixty-eight STRUCTURAL STEEL 202-220 Elm Street Huntington, West Virginia 2. .5 ROMINE 81 RA RDIN Charles H. Ha an 8l CO Sewing Machines-Television-Home Appliances g Buy Where You Save FREE TRIALS v 'Q Plumbing-Hearing-Roofing ' 1029 Fourth Ave. Phone 24272 Sheet Metal Work 301 Fifth Avenue Phone 9123 SEXTQN QUALITY FOQDS Huntington, Va. A Favorite Everywhere With Hotels, Airlines, Clubs and Restaurants o 54 Class of 1951 ii in We Cofzgmtulafe You , Huntington Credit Service Co. S C. Phone 21117 1001 Fifth Avenue 'Z' Sfazfiozzers to the Class of 1951 Good Luck Class of 1951 Clarksburg, W. Va. DUKE RIDGLEY J .3 .5 The JOHN DEERE MODEL "M" FARM TRACTOR is a good-looking tractor and it's just as good as it looks. It's a simple, sturdy tractor with every feature you want . . . built-in Touch-O-Matic Hydraulic Controlled, air cushioned seat, adjustable steering wheel, ease of servicing, wide adaptability with speeds varying from IM to 12 M.P.H., plus a variety of "Quik-Tatch" working equipment that no other small tractor offers you. Come in and get full information. CARROLL EQUIPMENT COMPANY 4901 U. S. Route 60 HUNTINGTON, W. VA. JOHN DEERE: "The Quality N a-me in Farm Eqzzij11nc'nt" Page Sixty-nine 74 Y E A R S IN BUSINESS THE PROOF OF THE SATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMERS WITH OUR METHODS OF FAIR DEALINGS THANKS FOR YOUR PART IN HELPING TO MAKE THESE 74 YEARS SO SUCCESSFUL S. ROBERTS ESTATE STORE MILTON, WEST VIRGINIA The Sho 11 of Youthful Fashions Read 31-to-Wear COATS-SUITS DRESSES-SWEATERS SKIRTS-PLAY CLOTHES Hzmtilzgtoffs Oldest and Largest Dfpdfflllfll-f Sfore LINGERIE-HOSIERY i MILLINERY AnderSon'NeWc:0mb B E L L E ' S On Third Avenue 313 Ninth St. Huntington, NV. Va. 'S' Page Seventy MILTON DRUG STORE ir Phones 2442 and 4361 C ozzgwztulazfions from QUIZ' COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. C0,,g,,,,,,,,,,,,0,,, Park Amoco Service Station fo flyg Washing-Greasing-Oil Class of 1951 Milton Cash Grocery Phone 4541 Milton, VV. Va. Our Specialty All Guaranteed Without Question N ever G0 Wrolzg With Amoco 1504 Route 60 Phone 2472 R. F. Burdette, Mgr. Harold QRedj Martin, Att't Finest DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES CAMERAS and SUPPLIES Parker's ewelers 840 Fourth Avenue ,Cf .f , MEAT MARKET Li! Q ff J Milton, West Virginia Wholesale and Refczil Huntington, West Virginia James Green phone 5431 C 0 171 pli 111 ents of GRADUATES- K , COME TO sacljlehfvfw . , . f' Wiseman s Business School 913 Fourth Ave. Huntington, W. Va. Home of Society Brand and Varsity Town Clothes 1348 Sixth Avenue Huntington, W. Va. Page Seventy-one 'Q 4 "Join Rogers' Sterling Silver Club" C071gygfulgfi0115 and ROGERS 8: CO. n Best Wishes Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry to the National Brands of Silver Fourth Avenue at Ninth Street HUNTINGTON, W. VA. Class of 1951 BIAS ESSO STATION Co11gwztul:ztio11s C071gTdfZtI0fiO11-S to the from Class of 1951 Dr. L. C. Richmond Lora's Linen and Gift Shop Milton, W. Va. .g. ,. Stewart Dry Cleaners "Your Appedmnce Is Your First 111zp1'essio1z." Milton, West Virginia J. s. LATTA, INC. SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1458 Fourth Avenue Huntington, W. Va. P39549 Amsbary 81 johnson MEN'S WEAR 312 Tenth St. Next to Hotel Frederick Huntington, W. Va. yr-- Pagc Seventy-two Barker's Sc 8: 10C Store Milton, W. Va. 'ar 'I' 'Z' 1 , J. L. Cook Hardware Co. THIS STORE HANDLES ONLY THE BEST ROYAL CROWN COLA BOTTLIN G CO. 1045 Fourth Avenue Huntington, XV. Va. Huntington, W. Va. Comjllimenlfs of fewelerg E. 944 Fourth Avenue Phone 38436 WATCHMAKER-JEWELER HUNTINGTON, W. VA. Phone 4121 MILTON, W. VA. C011zpli1ne1zts from Co11zpli11ze1zZs of BROWN 'S APPAREL BAILEYS CAEETERIA Huntington, W. Va. Huntington, W. Va. 81 WHEN YOU WANT DRY BALDWIN PIANOS AND ORGANS MAGNAVOX RADIOS CLEANING DONE THE 1043 F01.lI'tl'1 AVCIIUC Pl'1OI1C 31347 "Let George D0 It" Better Home E ui ment Co. , q Georve S Dry Cleaners Sales and Serwce O h Telephone 2071 Milton, W. Va. P one 8181 LewiS.WilS0n Farm Machinery Cofzgmtulations, Greybozmds, 734 Third Avenue Huntington, W. Va. FOV Past and Future victories HARDWARE AND FARM SUPPLIES H Q L L Y B R Q S, . C0mj7fime1zts of A Complzments of MERRYLAND C.M.LOVE8cCO. Quality Hardware Since 1910 Pl1Ol'1C 8271 -2- Przge Se uenty-three 'E' OUR WISH EUR YGU: Graduates of 1951 That you may find life very interesting and that you continue to grow stronger as you travel its highways. We invite you to visit us at the Huntington School of Business and let us help you in planning your journey through life. PHONE 21409 CHESTER A. RILEY, President 1007 FIFTH AVENUE GARNETT M. MILLER, Manager SPECIALISTS IN BUSINESS TRAINING Your Bank for Today and Tomorrow Ik Deposits Insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Up to and Including 510,000.00 ir TI-IE TWENTIETH STREET BANK Huntington, West Virginia 'Q' Page Seventy-four Honor Graduates .Q 08. LIDGSJ HIGHEST HONORS JOHN HARSHBARGER Congratulations CHARLES SEAGER ARLENE LANE from HELEN KERNS MOLLY PRICHARD 7 HIGH HONORS B 0 R D E N S MARY STOWASSER ANNA HANNA Milk and Ice Cream CO. ANGELA EGGLESTON RICHARD JACKSON Huntington, W. Va. CLIFFORD SUTHERLAND DAVID MEADOWS C'X9Q?3 WILMA JOHNSON fi' 'I GF' 'X' '5' . CYSQZW Congratnlatzons fo we Compliments to the Class of 1951 Class o f 1951 Blenko Glass CO. The Bank of Milton INC. The Bank of Personal Service Milton, West Virginia CXSQZW Q' 'S' 41' 'E' Page Seventy-five 'X' K. 'X' 'S' 'S' 'B' Facemire General Store GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS, DRY GOODS KXQQZ5 PETER'S SHOES-Guaranteed Phone 4791 Milton, W. Va. 'go 0 J 4 Gumfciecl Qualzty SWAN'S GROCERY rc ' 1: PHONE 9081 ROUTE 60 Between Milton and Culloden Delivery By Huntington Battery and GHYQH Creamery CO CO. Phone 33471 Huntington, W. Va. Phone 6662 or 29280 139-141 Fourth Ave. HUNTINGTON, W. VA. Cxmfw sz- sf' C012 gmtulations to the Class 0 f 1951 Let electricity help you entertain. Record players, radios, television toasters, grills and coffee makers . . . all add to an eveningis fun. 'Ir APPALACHIAN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY 3 'i' 5' Page Seventy-six '5' We Compliment Milton High School On their selection of permanent steel grandstand seats for their athletic field. Safeway Construction Service, Inc. JACK DUVALL, Represefztative South Charleston, West Va. 'Z' .g. Boosters fCo1iti1iiieclj QContinued from Page 60J MR. AND MRS. VICTOR NOE ROBERT BALL PATTY GRADY MISS LOUISE ASH BILLY KEATON GENEVA PERRY MRS. WILLA MAE ROBERTS MR. AND MRS. CHARLES ENSOR HUGH WALLACE MARY LEE AND JOHN MORRIS MR. AND MRS. CARROLL DODDRIDGE MR. AND MRS. LOWELL CARTER DR. JULES MCCRACKEN KINCAID Sc SON JESSE NICHOLAS MR. AND MRS. PRESTON LINKOUS MR. AND MRS. RAYMOND JIMISON MR. AND MRS. PAUL HARBOUR MR. AND MRS. S. W. FERRELL MRS. VERGIL B. CLAY VIRGINIA HOOVER MR. AND MRS. HOBART DILLON LONNIE B. BELL MR. AND MRS. S. K. STURM F. E. LILLY MR. AND MRS. DON CUMMINGS PETE GIBSON MR. AND MRS. LEWIS BALL MR. AND MRS. OVAL JOHNSON HOWARD WILLIAMS DORIS ANN SMITH LABELLE THEATRE CLAUDE BERGER, JR. VICTORY THEATRE DON SHIELDS Page Seventy-seven if 2, WW 1 QW' Cx , ' 71-, NDI mel CQ b E fjkpilfb' C. - Q D '39 . D 1 ' L fqffvyjifli Ay hw W h 1 fpm ,,f- v,x! Y K Nj ix I V 5, X V fffjdbn S NRM! wwf 0 f- 'I S iffPjL'fv:" W W WW" ff , W9fm"M f4W 'Q 'M V 53429900 X wif K in v M 'N MLK A ' jj' iz , , ' Ap F bl-V lx ' ' jvwgii O L7 1 t XXV X 5 :M V W W Q1 'W ! J gl: by Qyig NX 727 f, 'RX 'V f f 5621 A M ' X , th 2 fs., O va 50 I I 0 "qi, 2 5 w A -5ffffM'm M W fwwd wf , 'Q i J ki Zig? W V ,X 4 f jk K,dx'l' In .U I, '1 Q ff Z 3 f ri 'Kr V h Q. 'X XgL6Jwj ! A KQ -- go 53 7 Q eK3Ql,ff AA" ' X jmxg -SFS KX fN'o 'NLM is fig R v ,- cyl? , ' RJ QX ,yi , fl 6-165 'eo , 7 MN AQ Xf' ' -' VJ Of, v':- -f V Nujf AJ ,LA A L fi? XQ2f'f33 '53 Obi .51 MWLKM' J X Y X7 Q VD i SN 1, A kgiitbij C JM V C R951 X15 Lf' 5 in N ef X ,Ci , NX df, 1 f C QAQBVJJ K hx TQ 'ij X 67, S V X FY? X Qs 33MQE V M f mlfwf' , ui f lf ,Jr f? ,. f , A A 15 J U A Z 1 ' Mffwnfwfg JCM! gf' " Al' ,f gk' ,f 1 , AHf0g1fdPhS it , 2 j X f' , ff - f ' 7,44 RX 'X C fff ZLL! 127 Zig! , 1 XJ 6 ' , v 'f V 'V ,V .f f ' 4, w x ., 5 ff-1",x - - W f uf 1 I I A f L X fx fp 'O Q N' if 3g,?m1f-fax" .1 'Q ' , K , A X ' Xu L x 1 , 41 '4'3i!L ,, , X I , f , 'V fx O 'Q A' "af ff' A N dj m K JK -- Q! 1, 1 x,. A . D Vi ' KA ff'vI'Z,, 4-K ,- " 'Q ' . - 'NN-L, L X J M fa. ' 1 xf-'V H xy rl- X 7,1 , ' ' K' V X " 'duff x X, ,Q X'- -fi '-,LXR Mk ,,-'l L Aly!! 1 ,- y if lx, ,f 1, V L " 4' ilfqf ff , V f XE K 4' 'I In N7 f fr ' J V 'Ili XX! xK-if I - ! ,I VV, 1 ,,n 9 VA 'JJ f 'V - :J X Iv, X K .. V V w L. N . f .I 3 Y ' T 6-41vf.Yix,, xi A uk :A I I s- f .. L if C5 ,A X 'Q' J I 'iff if I -S5 QA? J 5 ' xy ,wmv - : Q 'lc L ' .ri X ' ' pf: xx .5 'fx 'J' Tiff U mf , iii 5' 3 S.: 'Y il Tr: ku 6 . K- 1 E, , iN--I '92 rx rx f -5 X Q N55 1 1 Q Q , K - .NA I!! .. -fr " , ?5 L' gf ' -11 r-X 'A X' -3 , -X ll ,I "f XX 31 X ' 1 ,LV N J ,. plguf' Ky! . T F I Ai YK r 1 'il ' K J .- f' ' Y . ' Q! Yfxfbyr 'fn A fi kg 77 ' ,G .. u ,X 3-'Q K, -3 f I ' 'le 1? A KLZRWVVZQ rwfffp' f 39 4.11 I V D . 0 Q 'L Autogmphs J' ' ,,, . , .. - :. ,' Q' -'f-,F ,g xr-,uw-0.1 . z -.wiv - !,- . ka .TH ' 'H' .Sl f'.-+3 Q P 1 Alvifs A' ' , 3.3: r S ,.. 'L f , 1, 45 3 ,Y , 1 ,X Q Q b hw if pq. 1 4 ,,H ,P , 2' ff 1 ' ' 'x rv' 1 " KA' 4 1 3151411.25 -.-'34'-' "-197-Vg' ,, ,, P' , A , . - Q. , v, f+A'-L iff - . W T ? . ,lu S ,,f Li 5- ' 1 'E "La ,. . K I.. 1 . 4, xi ,1 .1 . 1 N .A V . 4 .i7'i'yv- ri' ' 'W ,ff an ,wif .1 . A . E F 1 '1 -4 fl - T 1 11? xi 5: 1 1 .'1 wi 'n 4 1 ' v .Fix - 5 1 Q S ' 1 '4 51 ' , ' F . I is -f -f vu 3 I ,1, I 'il . as , -'ax 55, Q I , 'EQ ,ll , Q,-5. 1,f Y'.,,Ii.!f5 - M , -v M- i ' ' fi Ju fl M., . f ,, 4 Y. ,NM - 2 wwf.. . L r .fa in ' A. V .. ' ,-"f 1 V Q'71w'f"x 3 . 'V . , I 55 " , ,, ' JL,1'..a,f- , P , . ' - sg, , ,,f , .ur -1.5, K ,gl is -g' ' M 1 S, 5 j,-15 gg'-", , . -P 41 , 3 . r- , , 1 X o I , . Y, ,L . ,J , , 5 v, --11-.U , -.. , . P, 3 f 1 ,, -.BL 1 Y 1 , I .' tv' 1- f -V fu H' ' - . Elf, gc' L f , 5 Q , - I ' 2 -grfjq, -, YA ,- -V'-4. . A A lv, , ,,r1,- - f,Ag,M , A. v.-,J , qw f.',i,?.f g,r5' ul . 1 V 1 1, Q f'1"E-'- ' J-1' 1" Lf , ..f' X, i ff: --XL ,, 2 .. .f.1,3 A-1.1 , 1 n - , f '- g- " bf f: 'cv f' 'f . u .L . , xr ,,'f'1.- 1, 1 ef ,LH -N ' ' r Q -' -, -1 '14 ' " 4 f-' . if". - I ft., 11- ' ' ' 5 N, 1 . 1 .4 N, ,, ,NAP IM, , 1 i w J, I 1, V . K Aw ,ff , "1-I L J ' 1- -..-17' gl ' , Z-X. Q5 fr,-4.2 fff 6. f Q . Q X, , Y ex w J, l,--X , K' 3 J ,L LH H' ' U 1. r , 'Y J g

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Milton High School - Miltonian Yearbook (Milton, WV) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


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