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Text from Pages 1 - 118 of the 1958 volume:

.Aa 5 Z1 .,-ff r . '11 EN Ti' ,, 15 5' 1 3 W ki 5 V! 95 a Q. i Y I. 32 .J W 4 . Q if ,W .5 4' ' N is 'N' UWSYF 1312 . F L .w. '1'??T?'F' f? " sm! , L!! , . g 4 -ifwba zf-:QQ v' W1 F ,ff -gr Jf',f:Qg'1' f . .. 0 . W.. ,K , ,Iii 1 W.. Af ,Hx ,.,, V, an ,V . ,J :-tx.. ,il , ' , G.. 11, . ,L '- , N. .' ,Q 1 1 . , ,V .Q .-, -.1 ,:, .f-.- wa K Q 3- i,,.. .. : V. vm Y ml' 3, 4- e-12, gif. --:W v Q, n y-www -, Xsws'--f'-. L: 4 A f M,,,-4f-H "r4,A.': on ' yi'-A'HK'? f ' :,. 'n,fu1. :,aH' , 'J' ar .wffflw-fs '4 'if 3 Z" 'N ' --' '- :gg -aff' - , 'fa ' nr D' 1 , - "Eh-r" 1f: ', w f. :'f'E?'.-' ,f , .-gf ': -ag Q 5 MX- w- -'A 3,-guuh ,Af .11 - .ull-WQEAQV- 562,17 1 . 4. in , I. ' f ,gyzkmt YL,- igdf 1: 4 Q. H :.f',,5,. -,gxg,gagg1'i: , ..g,3nA ,, ,A -. kj .N 9 V M 1, .gg gif, wp 43,45 f , Y, ,gy lx -f "yn , 2, , ',,19,41-,gg ,Q Q34--A --iv ,X 5 .A .- , qffrlu 5, -r h I Y.Yin'.f. , , 4 . 4 X .r ,. . r 7,4 , , .mf u f 1 iw L. X7 , f Fw 4 H: 5 p R . T ' ,Wig r fx -mu A 3,105 Q Wil" J gay Q ' new negg, V ' S IP FL . En: , a X Q SEQ KW Z Cable' of Krfuivufs FOREWORD DEDICATION SUPERINTENDENT'S MESSAGE PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE SCHOOL BOARD PICTURE FACULTY CLASS ADVISORS CLASS SONG-ALMA MATER PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE CLASS OFFICERS SENIORS CLASS HISTORY CLASSES and ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS FEATURES SENIOR FAVORITES ADVERTISEMENTS Wrewmf ix N E he ties of friendships and To keep ahve t d to lighten the sorrow remernbrances, an ' 'i n High, we, the Staff of parting with Mi to ' i asure these pages of 1958, p resent with P e of the ECHOES of 1958. You have reached an important educational goal by graduating from high school. I heartily congratulate you upon this achieve- ment. In your high school career you have developed many traits and characteristics which should be an asset to you in facing the complex problems in your future. To live successfully today young people need more educational background than at any time in our history. I urge all of you to continue your education after graduation so that you may enjoy a broader and fuller life. Some of you will make your homes in this area while others may travel widely throughout the world. Wherever you may be, always remember that your high school stands ready to help you and share in the pride of your achievement. Your board of education, teachers, and associates wish you suc- cess and happiness. Sincerely yours, new-an nnnnpn Superintendent 5 Message Primvjwzl is Message To the Class of 1958: May I extend to each of you my sincere congratulations on your accomplishments thus far along your journey, and wish you a most pleasant and profitable journey as you travel the road into the future. It is my hope that your school has helped you chart your journey wisely, and that as you travel the road into the future you will con- tinue to grow strong and more determined to achieve those ideals fostered in Milton Area Senior High School. Sincerely, I , Miles M. Kostenbauder Senna! Heard E. F. REESER .....,.,........... ....,....,. P rerident KENNETH P. BUTLER ,...... ,...... V ice Preridenl MRS. EDITH E. CUPP .......,............................ Secretary FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MILTON ........ Treasurer DR. ALBERT G. W. SCHLEGEL .....,...... Superintendent Franklin A. Arndt Harry P. Burns Monroe C. Cohrs George H. Cole Ralph R. Croman Clarence E. Emery Ralph H. Everitt Rev. Philip R. jones F. Parson Kepler, Sr. M. Leroy Millheim J. Lowrie Moore Charles E. Reedy Harold E. Rieder Lewis A. Rishel Emanuel P. Rohrbach Paul W. Shade William H. Showers, Sr Charles R. Wilson Myles L. Young Benfer E. Zechman MRS. MIRIAM BERKHEIMER M. MARTHA BICKEL Secretary B.A., M.A. English, French ALBERT G. W. SCHLEGEL MILES M. KOSTENBAUDER G. LAWRENCE BROWN MRS. EDITH B. BUTLER B.S. B.S., M.S. Voc. Cabinet Shop Director of Pupil Instructor Personnel Services BA., M.A., I1cl.D. B.S., Mb. 'Superintendent Principal of Schools JANE E. BOWER MRS. G. LAWRENCE BROWN B.S., M.S. B.S. Social Studies Business Education Counselor P. RICHARD FISHER JULIA C. M.A., A.B. HAGENBUCH Mathematics B.S., M.S. Business Education DALE C. COCHRAN JOSEPH C. D'AMELIO ROBERT L. IZER HENRY W. Director of Health LONGENBERGER Phys. Ed., and Recreation B.A. Business Education . X B.S., Health B.S., M.Ed. and Phys. Ed. Art Director MARLIN L. MRS. WALLACE HARTMAN HUNTER Vocational Auto Shop A.B. Instructor History, English CHARLES T. LONTZ MRS. CHARLES T B.A., M.A. LONTZ Biology, Social Studies B.A., M.A. English K. FREDERICK ROBERT A. MELLMAN MAUGER B.S. B.S., M.S. Driver Education English, Counselor of Boys ROSS J. MOORE MRS. THOMAS B.M.E. MUSSER Band, Chorus B.S., M.E.D. MAE NEUGARD B.S. Business Education MRS. PRENTISS W. OWENS B.S. Director of Cafeterias Home Economics ELMER RUTH MRS. HERMAN Vocational Machine Shop SHADE Instructor B-A., M-A. Latin, English Au. HARRY E. SWANGER RAY L. TAYLOR B.S., M.S. B.S., M.Ed. Chemistry, Physics Vocational Industrial Education PHOEBE M. NANCY ROBERTS REINHART B.S. B.A., M.A. Health, Gym Librarian CHARLES I-I. SOWERS MRS. ERIC W. SPECHT B.S., M.S. B.S. Social Studies, Math Home Economics 1 JAMES O. TULE EVAN C. WILLIAMS N., L - B.S. Vocational Electric Vocational Education Shop THOMAS L. BARTO RAYMOND E. SEIDEL janitor janitor HOMER C. STAMM Janitor ccci We, the Class of ,58, wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to you, the Faculty of Milton Senior High, for all the advice and teachings that you have given to us to grasp and use as future Citizens of America. Many of us do not realize the time and effort that is put forth to help pre- pare us for the future, but we are sure that some day, those who have not appreciated your guidance through our three years of senior high, will look back and see how fortunate we were to have a Faculty such as ours. MISS NANCY ROBERTS MR. DALE COCHRAN alll 5 Adv! I7 s We, the seniors of '58, have had to select a new advisor every year. In our sophomore year, we elected Mrs. Butler and Mr. Kearney as our advisorsg but the next year, because Mrs. Butler was elected to the Administrative Staff, she was replaced by Miss Roberts. In our senior year it was necessary to replace Mr. Kearney because he had resigned as a member of our faculty. Mr. Cochran was elected in his place. We wish to thank all the advisors who helped us with our many class projectsg and we especially want to thank Miss Roberts and Mr. Cochran for their patience and guidance during our senior year. 611155 Song TUNE.' "Now i5 the Hour" Ozzr ffhool dayf rome to an end, Twelve yearx of Jtndy hehind ur. Now df we hid them adien, Our hearty are filled with great Jadneyf. CHORUS: Now if the hour. when we znnft Jay good-hye, Soon we'll he going on our Jeparate wayx, Af we go through the yearr of life ahead, We'll ne'er forget our good old high Jrhool dayy. W'e'1'e made .rome good and true friendf, We'1te had Jozne great fan together. W'hen we are all far away, Menzoriex of them will then rome to nf. CHORUS: No more will we wander through the hallf. No more will we for fhanging flatter have to ruth. Thoughtf, then, of Jfhool, of fnarhf, tome good, Jozne had. Of work done, and 1tirtorie.r won will never fade. A Lg y S ,rf E ic: 5 N Alma ,Mater "THE ORANGE and BLACK" Altho Williafnfport haf favored The Cherry and the lWhite And the loyal hoyf of Danville For the Orange and Purple fight Still we hold our folorf' .rplendor Nor honor Jhall they larhg W'hile the athletef ftand defender! Of the Orange and the Blarh. Thru the three long year! of High Srhool Midxt the Jfenef we know .fo wellg There'f a nzyftie charm to hnowled ge We vainly Jeeh to fpellg Or we win athletir zfiftoriex On the foothall field or trachg Still we work for Milton High Srhool And the Orange and the Blaeh. When our high Jehool dayt are ozfer, And life loom! up heforeg We recall thofe day! of gladnetf That come again no more. Still we hanifh care and Jadneyf AJ we turn our fnemorief harh, And reoall thofe dayf of gladneyf 'Neath the Orange and the Black. 271' sidenf' Message After twelve years of prized memories and invaluable experience, we pause to evaluate our past and contemplate our future. We have erred, and we have failedg but our errors and failures have strengthened our faith and kindled our energy. To the faculty, we extend our praise and gratitudeg to the undergraduates, the challenge to uphold the traditions and purports of Milton High School. ONALD ROY TROUTMAN MARY LEAH MARSH President Was' President 60155 0fHccrs af I 958 Secretary Ureasurcr NANCY LEE ZECHMAN SAMUEL VERNON YOUNG MARILYN LOUISE ADAMS ..Lyn,, College Prep "lu five junior Clrzrr Pluy ,flue did exrel. Erer-yoiie tlmzkr .rbefr pretty tru'e'll." Chorus 2. 3: Echoes 43 Field Day 2, 3, 41 GAA 2, 3. 45 Girls' Intra- murals 43 junior Class Play: Tri- Hi-Y 3, 41 Student Council Play. NORMAN MATTHEW AZINGER "Norm" College Prep "Football, btlJ'k?lblIll, .fludier too, Norm tzluuzyv manager to come tlyrouglf' 'Basketball 3, 4g Field Day 2, .3, 41 Football 3, 41 JV Basketball 21 JV Football 23 Chorus 21 junior Class Play, Key Club 2, 3, 4g Class Vice President 2. HARVEY NORRIS BAKER "Harry" Machine Shop "Good u'0rl2 on the lathe Harrey mu do. llvillfout him Machine Shop would really be blue." Band 2, 3. GEORGE WALTER BARTO "George" College Prep "Silence .fpeuleetlv truth and kind- nerr." Band 2, 3, 4g Chorus 2, 3, 4, jun- ior Class Play, Key Club 4, Student Council Play. MARLIN EUGENE BASTIAN "Bud" Cabinet Shop "SlJ0er Jbined, hair neat, Our boy Marlin :mit be beat." Field Day 3, 4. BARBARA ANN BATMAN "Bobbi" Business "Full of fuzz and pep und rim Herdr tz girl u'l20'r rzerer grim! Band 2, 3g Cheerleader 43 Echoes 4 Field Day 3, 43 GAA 2, 3, 4g Girls Intramurals 2, 3, 41 Tri-Hi-Y 4. J ROY BERTAUM BERGERSTOCK "Bergie" Cabinet Shop "A regular guy, 41 friend if he, IVIMI more could we want any boy to be?" Baseball 3, 43 Wrestling 4. FRED ARTHUR BLYLER "Derf" College Prep "Fred if aluwyr full of lung He giver joy to e1'eryone." Field Day 33 Key Club 2, 3, 4. JOHN CARROLL BOGLE "Goose" Machine Shop "Carroll can play barkelbull wry wellg All hir ffiendf lhink him really .ru'ell." Baseball 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Field Day 2, 3. LUTHER BERMAN BOOP "Luke" Vocational Auto Shop "Dorff be misled by bij innocent appem'.1m'e." NANCY LOU BOWER "Nance" College Prep "I'1'e talked and worked and had lotr of fun-A u'0marz'.r work if newer done." Chorus 2g Echoes 4g Field Day 2, 3, 43 FTA 3, 4g GAA 2, 3, 45 Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4g Junior Class Play, Junior Historian Club 2, 3, 43 Student Council 4g Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Class Historian 2, 3, Treasurerg jun- ior Historian Club 3. JOHN EVERETT BROWN "john" Machine Shop "Our boy john if quiie Ike guy, ll"e're sure fha! be'll gel by." Field Day 23 Student Council Play 4. GERALD LEE BUCK "Jerry" College Prep "Silef1re ir golden. He murl be lirrzbef' CATHERINE SOPHIE BUEHLER "Kate" Business ."Alu'ay.r quiez. bu! not rad, You jun mn'l make Callferine mad." Field Day 53 GAA 2, 3. 43 Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4g junior Historian Club 3, 4. DARLENE MAY BUFFINGTON "Dolly" Business "Darlene if a rule litlle gal, To all of uf .rl1e'.r 4 real pal." GAA 2, 3, 4g Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4- EDITH YVONNE CAMERON "Eden College Prep "Erie ir rlezfer and gay, Sbe briglflem up our every day." Assembly Committee 3, 43 Band 2, 33 Echoes 43 Girls' Intramurals 23 GAA 2, 3, 43 junior Class Play3 Junior Historian Club 3, 43 School Paper 43 Student Council Playg Chaplain History Club 3, 4. SYLVIA JEAN CLAYTON "Sylvia" Business "Sometimes rerioux, usually gay, Sbe'll be a surfers in .rome future day." Paper 43 Student Council Playg Chaplain History Club 3, 4. LINDA LEE CLEMENS "Linda" Business "A .rweeler girl y0u'll never find, Always helpful, alwayf kind." Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 43 GAA 2, 5, 4. ROBERT CLEVAN CFLEMENS "Curly" lNlaCl'1ine Shop "Here if .1 fellou' u'l10',r aluuzyr 021 the run, llvbwz driring fz mr or just laiiring fun." ' Chorus 2, 31 Echoes 4g Field Day 3: junior Class Play 23 Student Council Play 4. SUELLA CO FFEY "Sue" Col lege Prep "Kzmu',vz lo be 11 .rfudiour lan, Sue unrkr lmrd in every clan." Assembly Committee 3, 43 Echoes 4' Field Day 2, 35 FTA 3, 43 GAA 2 5, 43 junior Historian Club 3, 4g Student Council 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3 43 FTA Secretary 43 junior His- torian Club, President 3. s x a CATHERINE CECELIA CONDERN "Boots" College Prep "In all .rparlr .fha deer excel. Ar a friend .rl1e'r really .ru-ell." Band 2, 33 Echoes 43 Field Day 2, 33 GAA 2, 3, 43 Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Girls' Interscholastics 43 School Paper 4. DEBORAH JOAN DEMPSEY "Debby" College Prep "A rzeuxrpizper 7't'Al707'f?f our Debby will be. And Jl?e'll be a good one, jun lull! and ree," Camera Club 33 Echoes 43 GAA 2, 3, 4: Girls' Intramurals 2, 43 Jun- ior Class Playg Junior Historian Club 3, 43 School Paper 2, 3, 4g Student Council Play 43 President, junior Historian Club 4. RUTH ANN DERR "Ruthie" Home Economics "Slay and quiel defrriber Ruth, You can depend on her to lell Ike truth." Chorus 33 FHA 43 GAA 2, 43 Girls' Intramurals 3, 4. JACOB LEE DERSHEM "jake" Auto Shop "julie if quiet lill hir work if done, Then belr in for all kind: of fun." Football 2. LYNN MERRILL DERSHEM "Lynn" . Auto Shop "Our boy Lynn if quite a good friend, To all bi: work be doe! attend." PRISCILLA ANN DUNKLE "Sis" General "Here'r one who never weary a frown, A nicer girl could not be found. FHA 4, Field Day 35 GAA 2, 3, 43 Library Club 4. NED RALPH DYE "Ned" Auto Shop "Slow and easy going, be'll never hurry. But of lair being late ufe'll never worry." JAMES OTTO EGL1 '-cub-' Electric Shop "Very fall, bandfome, and Jby, He'll make rome girl a wonderful guy-" Baseball 3, 4. PATRICIA JANE EINSIG "Pat" Business "Whenever tbereh' mircbief, Paz if around, fun? lake a look, JlJe'.f :ure lo be found." Chorus 23 Echoes 4g FHA 4g GAA 2, 3, 43 Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4. MARJORIE KAY ENTERLINE "Mari" Business "You could pick ber out of a crowd anywhere, For you'd re- cognize ker briglal red bairf' Chorus 33 Field Day 33 GAA 2, 3, 4g Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4. HELEN YVONNE EVANS "Little One" College Prep "If all the arlirlr were lo he floured, Helen would he far from liulf' Echoes 43 GAA 2. 3, 41 Girls' Intra- murals 2, 3, 4g School Paper 2, 3, 41 GAA Secretary 33 Secretary Class 2. ROBERT WILLIAM FETZER "Bob" Cabinet Shop "Boh if the fullhoch for M.H.S., He ir one of fhe 1'ery hen." Baseball 2, 33 Basketball 23 Field Day 2, 4g Football 2, 3. 43 Wrestling 3. 4. PATRICIA LOIS FINCK "Pat" Secretarial "Put can really ,Qire fi rheer, II"herze1'e1' hw' fiirorile fflilyef in near." Band 2: Cheerleader 41 Chorus 2, 33 Echoes 41 GAA 2. 3, 4g Girls' Intra- murals 2, 3. HARRY AMMOND FISHER "Sonny" Machine Shop "At football he ir sure all right, Hir .rmile 10 girl: ii pure delight." Baseball 2g Basketball 2g Football 5. 4. MARSHA RAE FISHER "Mart" General "From New Columbia hail: lhir lou, IVe're proud lo hare her in our flaw." Chorus 31 FHA 4g Field Day 2, 3, 43 GAA 2, 3, 43 Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Library Club 4. ROBERT DOLE FISHER "Foxie" Machine Shop "In Boh you will find a rery nice guy, Although he may look it, he'J noi at all shy." Echoes 4: Projection Club 3, 4. CAROL ARELENE EULMER "Carol" General "SomelimeJ quiel, .romelimex gay,' Car0l'x real nice in every way." FHA 43 GAA 3g Girls' Intramurals 33 Library Club 5, 4. PETER HERDIC GODFREY "Dink" Machine Shop "Here"5 ez joker of very wide fame, A joke, 4 prank, lJe'.f alwayf game." Baseball 3g Basketball 45 Field Day 2. IT RONALD LEE GOODWIN "Ronnie" Machine Shop "In bi: jeep, l:1e'J quile 41 whiz, And willy the girlf, be if no dizz." JAMES BENJAMIN r GUTELIUS mm., D+ c: ,. O CII :- O ro EEE - G'- xs R :Yb- 'U- ge Bah NE SLT' Q:- Am 'QS SR Bw Rm 51' mi RRR ITE him fu-C ,f WSE Mil' Mme ' 9ffv77L ta. as. gi A x . .,M1f.f1.n Q 1 JERRY WAYNE HANS ..Jerry,, College Prep "Small but mighty if tbir lad, You'll never .ree bim looking md." junior Historian Club 5, 45 Key Club 43 Wrestling 3, 43 Vice Presi- dent History Club 3g Vice President Homeroom 4. LEROY WILBUR HAUCK "Lee" Auto Shop "How dreary and lonely tbir world would appear, If boy: like Leroy weren't any- where near." tk JUDITH EILEEN HAUSE "Judy" College Prep "lIrre'.i' .1 girl llmzlft :wry fc'lL1l1le', Tfrjr it .1 f.1rf Il1.1I',i' lH1dt'l1AJblt',n Assemhly Committee 3. 43 Band 2, 3: Chorus 31 Echoes 4, Field Day 2, 3, 4g FTA 3, 41 GAA 2, 3, 41 Girls' Intriimumls'l. 3. 4: School Paper 43 Student Council 3, 43 President FTA 3, 41 Editor-in-Chief School News 41 GAA Rep. ROBERT BRUCE HAUSE "Bohn Machine Shop "Babu ul .rboliv iviflv JU Ifn' ref! And we AL11014' hir zwork ir of fbi' fini," Bzlsehall 21 Wrestling 2, W'll,I.lAM EDWARD HECKMAN "Bill" Auto Shop Nlilrmd .md fnlridifwlv. 1474117 Uyvr of blue. Nu mia rxm find rl friend ,viore fray," Projection Cluh 5. 4. JOYCE ELAINE HENNINGER "Joyce" Business "Alu .rw in rjwrfr. .md full of fun, Sfwfi' nxldy lu belt? mor! immmx Band 2. 3: Echoes 41 Field Day 2. 3, 41 GAA 2. 3, 4: Girls' Intra- murals 2, 3. 43 Girls' Interscholustics 41 School Paper 41 Tri-HifY 5, 4, WILLIAM HAGEY HERALD "Wee Willie" College Prep "On Sulurdtry nigh! be am be ,teen Ezzfoyizzg bimfelf at lbe lew1-ciu1- fern." Bnncl 2. 4g Chorus 2, 3, 4g Boys' Intramurals 2, 3, 4. LARRY LEE HILKERT "Lnrry" Cabinet Shop "1.ilH'v1' if tl n',1ll,r Illlfi' guy, AIIIKIIIQQ lift f!.1,l'l'NIrIf8,f be 1'tlfBl'.U Projection 2. 5. 41 Sountl alntl Stage Equipment 4g XX'restling 4. BETTIE LOUISE HOFFMAN "ButChie" Home Economics "Not a flower, noi a pearl, fur! a regular all around girl." Echoes 43 GAA 2, 5, 43 Girls' intra- murals 2, 3, 43 Library Club 2, 3, 4. ROBERT WILLIAM HOMAN "Bob" Electrical Shop "Noi too rhort, not too tall, Bob, you ran be sure, ir liked by all." Sound and Stage Equipment 33 Wrestling 3. CECIL LOY HORNBECK "Cec" College Prep "Tall and lvandrome, quirk and Jpry, Loir of lurk we wish this guy'IJ JV Basketball 23 Basketball 3, 43 JV Football 2, 33 Football 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Field Day 2, 3. RUSSELL LEROY HULSIZER "Russ" Cabinet Shop "RuJJell if a very short boy, He bring: a lot of people joy." Wrestling 2. ROBERT LEROY JOE "Bob" Machine Shop "Our boy Bob is a real good guard, When be tackle: :be op- ponent, tl1ey're really jarredf' Football 3, 4. NEIDA LUCILLE KEIFER "Neida" Business "She if in our M.H.S. band, And ir alwayf lending a helping band." Band 2, 3, 4g Chorus 23 Echoes 43 GAA 2, 3, 43 Girls' Intramurals 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. NORMA LUCY KEIFER RICHARD DAVID ELLIS SYLVESTER KLINE "Norma" KLECKNER Hliudl' Business "Dick" Cabinet M.XvU!'II1.I AI1l.1yi' .1 .l!l'c':'f fltlrifiet. College Prep "7'lJl,i boy ,wear by Ike I1ll'LPIdl!ll." Tlmf ilufll .CII .f.1r, if our bw," "DH-1, if g,mui,1 Jrwmd ,he mini. Bud. llvith lfle gfrlr, fwfr rzewef' 1 Band 2, 3. 41 Chorus 2. 3. 41 Echoes Ai' .1 boy u'b0'll Izerw' le! you dud' -lg GAA 2, 3, 41 Girls' Intramurals dim-zz." Baseball 2. 23 Iri-Hi-Y 3. 4. FTA 31 Junior Historian Club 3, 4g School Paper 33 Sergeant-at-Arms junior Historian Club 3. WILLIAM MILTON KOBLE "Bill" College Prep "Of our .reniar fluff, be if llae flown. Bill fur! never' wean 4 fmu'11."' Junior Historian Club 2. OWEN RHOADES KOCH 'lHCflCl' Cabinet Shop "Owen if a really nite guy, Af L1 flltllbdll player, be raley high." Baseball 3, 4g Field Day 3, 41 Foot- ball 3, 4: Projection Club 2, 3, Pres- ident 4: Sound and Stage Equipment 4g Wrestling 3, 4, WILLIAM FRANCIS LEE "Bill" Auto Shop "Did fmtlymg in jurlfrulizr luul :lid if well." WILMER DANIEL LEINBACQH "XX'ilmer" College Prep "Tall, fzlmid, !7.lI1d,l'UIIIt', ii Il d lF!UI'L'1' Inu, ll"il111w".i tlw guy :ffm .iluxiryi mzllfai' lbmu4qb," Band 2. 3, 43 Basketball 3. 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Echoes 43 Field Day 2, 3, 43 JV Football 23 Football 3, 43 JV Basketball 2: Junior Class Play3 Key Club 2, 3. 41 Secretary Key Club 43 President Band 4. JANICE ELAINE LOGAN "Janice" Business "liz lfmki' and peiirrlmzlily ,the dow' excel. E1'erJ'w2e lilfei' her 1'e1'y well." Band 2, 3, 43 Echoes 43 Editor-in- Chief: Field Day 2, 3, 43 GAA 2, 3. 43 Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Girls' Interscholastics 43 Junior Class Play: Student Council 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Vice President Class 3. JOYCE ANN MANNING "Joycie" Business "Full of jmjf .md fm! .uid rim. fill? girl 'IKJJLY' if Izumi' 4Q1'flI1.i' Band 2, 31 Echoes 43 GAA 2. 3, 43 Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4. MAIJLIN DAVID MARKS "Skip" Auto Shop "M.n'Im ii' .1 liflle wdbmid. B141 lic- -nw i.w'l JIIJ' dmdlwi1d." MARY LEAH MARSH "Mary" College Prep "On flue gym floor Jlae doei rbiize. And in her ,iludiet .the drier fine." Band 2. 3, 43 Chorus 3. 43 Echoes 43 Field Day 2, 3, 43 FTA 3, 43 GAA 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Pres' ident 43 Band Secretary 43 Girls' Intramurals 2. 3, 43 Girls' Inter- scholastics 41 Junior Class Play3 Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4, Vice President 3. Pres- ident 4: Vice President Senior Class 4. JOHN BALLIET MATHIAS "Hound" Cabinet Shop "A grill fm ,ill 1110 zwrld In .ue Il w.1lcf1e.r fm' pei1mr1i1lily." Field Day 3. LOUISE MARLENE MATRULLA U LULIISCV' Hmm' liwiwiiiins I.ffn1,iL' fun ,lwi'iw1.1lflVi Illini. Slwi .4 f!'fc'FI!l, lo .JH of uf." JAIVIES HENRY MCDANIEL "MiL'licy" Cullcgu ljrup "Yun .l'IH'c'IV1 .ill Lima' lfvji Iwi guru! fV1'.1I1f.v'lU'.' llnlullllbl' -1011 1.1.75 fu fum. lic lui' .1 fuzzm .111.i'u'.'1'." ALICE JANE ML'DCJNALID "Alien" Civllcggc Prop Ai .1 znlffiiii .Ulm Jmi MVN. Ill jilfnwfllq flu jmzrm ifu' drum 4.x'i'ul." Chorus 3. fl: Iicliucs 41 FHA 43 GAA Edmci 4. FHA 4. GAA 3 5 4. 2, 3, 41 Girls' lI1fI'3llTlllI'1llS 2, 33 Girls, lflLl'LlINLlI'Lll9 Y4' Sfhgyoll PQIPCL Bilsclmlll 2. 5. 41 Chorus 2, 3. 41 Scluml Pape-1' 2. 5, 41 'l'i'i-Hi-Y 5, 4, , 3,4 K Y Eclwcs 41 Eicld Dlly 2, Key Club 3, -V ' Q I 41 Scliuul Paper 3. SYLVIA MAE MILDRED AMELIA JUDITH ANN MIQNSCH MCLAUGHLIN MCWILLIAMS --Mia "Silv" "Millie" Business Business General "'l'hcw'.i' zzliifliialf Lj.HlL'fIlIQ in bw f r . . . 5.11111 Lf .1 11.11 11111, gal. To i'1'i'i1iw1u ilu' If .1 ful." Band 2, 3: Chorus 33 Echoes 43 GAA 2, 3, 41 Girls Intmiuurnls 2, 3, 4. "TU ,look .Il liar' jflllid Ilviazk .if1e".i' quief. B111 lu ,iw lm' u'i1l1 friezzds ,wild .ruff deny if." FHA 4, GAA 2, 5, 41 Girls' Intra- murals 2, 3, 4: Library Club 4, Treasurer 4g FHA Song Leader 4. giui. A fujiffi lil74'UI'IL'.lLJL'I' zu' lllfllll 11 Cliiscrlciulci' 2. 5, 4L Clwrus 2, Echoes 41 GAA 2. 5. 41 Girls' Intran- murals 2. GRACE IRENE MINIUM "Gracie" General "Nami bmi' .foo wurh lo My. IVE life lm' for ber quiel way." Fchues 4: FHA 4: GAA 2, 5, 43 School Paper 4. PATRICIA ANNE MITIDIERI "Pam" Vocational Home Ec "lf fllltif? angry or feeling blue, Here! iz girl wilh iz rmile for you, Chorus 2, 3: Echoes 41 FHA 43 GAA 2, 3, 41 FHA 4, President. RICHARD WAYNE MOSER "Dick" Business "Dirk ir .1 guy who .reemr rniglaly rlajq You llllllf gel him Nlcld. no nmfter laou' bard you fry." Field Day 3, 4. CONNIE LOU NUSS "Connie" Secretarial "Connie ir one who ir quite rlaorfg Yozld look hard to find one of her fort." GAA 2, 3, 43 Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4. BARBARA LOU PARKER "Bobbie" General "Barham if 41 quiet ,roulg But we know .fl?Fll! arbiere ber goal." FHA 4, NANCY LEE PFLEEGOR "Nanc" Secretarial "Full of rim, rigor, and pep you'll find flair girl ir right ia Hep." Band 2, 3g Cheerleader 4g Chorus 2, 5, 4g Echoes 43 GAA 2, 3, 43 Girls Intramurals 2. WILLIAM RANDOLPH PHILLPS "Dulce" College Prep "All great men are dying-, I feel rick my.relf." Baseball 43 Echoes 43 Key Club 2. BONETA MAE PICK RONALD LEE POWELL "B0neta" "joey" Secretarial General "Bonela is :ure a quiet, Willa ber "A regular guy, a friend if he you can lmre a lol of fun." Ilylaaz more could we want a boy FHA 43 GAA 2, 3, 43 Girls' Intra- to be." murals 2, 3, 4. School Paper 3. EDWIN BERGER PRICE "Eddie" Electric Shop "When lbere i.r work, be's never late, lbe kind of fellow we up- prerialef' Baseball 33 Projection Club 2, 3, 43 Sound and Stage Equipment 2, 3, 43 Baseball Mana er 3' Wrestlin Man- 8 i 8 ager 3. DAVID LEE PROSEEDA "Dave" Commercial "Someday a teacher he will be, Principal af bi: school, jun wait and ree." Echoes 43 FTA 3, 43 Boys' Intra- murals 2, 3, 43 Treasurer, FTA 4g Treasurer, Homeroom 3. Y JAMES EDWIN REEDY ..Jim.. Machine Shop "lim if lmndfome, dark, and lall He'r built jun rigb! la play fool: ball," Chorus 2g Field Day 2, 3, 43 Foot- ball 2, 3, 43 Projection Club 2, 3 Treasurer of Projection Club. x 43 School Paper 23 Wrestling 33 ROBERT JOHN REICH "Bob" College Prep "Lot: of fun and full of wit, with lair cltmfnaler heir tz kit." JOHN ALDEN REICHARD JR. uBL1CkH Machine Shop "In winter, rummer, fall, or Field Day 3g Football 3, 4. rpring, bi: mnrtunt rmile ir 4 familiar flying." Field Day 2, 4. PENELOPE JANE REICHARD "Penny" College Prep "Penny workr night and day, Burily ftoring knowledge away." Echoes 4g GAA 2, 3, 43 Girls' Intra- murals 2, 3, 4. FLORENCE MAY REISH "Flo" Secretarial "Slte'1 fine, induftriotm' Jl1e'r O. K. life look for ber to gp a long way." Band 2, 3, 4g Echoes 4g GAA 2, 3, 4g Girls' Intramurals 3, 43 Tri-Hi- Y 4. ROBERT LARUE RIEHL "Bob" Auto Shop "He driver hir rar like one por- Jeued, We wonder laow he par- .red lair text." Football 2. ERNEST RUDPHOE RITTER "Rudy" Electric Shop "Rudy'r the kind of guy we like, and we think that l9e'J all right." Projection Club 2, 3, 4, Sound and Stage Equipment 2, 3, 4g Wrestling 3g Secretary, Projection Club 4. I BETTY JO ROBINSON "Betty jo" College Prep "Lovely, lively, Jweez and kind, A belief friend if hard lo find." Band 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 43 Echoes 43 GAA 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 43 Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4g junior Class Play, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Director Student Council Play 4g Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Treasurer 3. TERRY GLENN ROWE "Terry" Business "Terry is tall, laandrome, and blondg Of him, all the girlr are fond." Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 3, JV Football 23 Key Club 2, 3, 49 Class Treasurer 3. RAY WILSON RUGH "Rhuuuu" College HTf7iI boy Ray if big and tall, He ifn'l afraid of girlf at all." Baseball Manager 3, 4, Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4, Field Day 4, Foot- ball Manager 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, 45 Projection Club 3, 49 Wrestling Manager 3, 4. GEORGE NELSON SATTESON "George" Electric Shop "George if really onenfwell guy, You can be Jure bed: noi very Joy." Sound and Stage Equipment 2. JOAN ESTHER SCHRECK ..JO,, Business "Her roire ir einer Jofl, gentle, and low, an excellent thing in a woman, you know." Band 2, 3, Echoes 4, GAA 2, 3, 4g Girls' Intramurals 2. WILLIAM LYNDE SEIDEL Willy College Prep "A name lhafr alway: in romierya- lion, IJ Bill with lair hella for lranrportalionf' Chorus 2, 31 Football 23 Student Council Play 4. CAROLINE JEAN SHAFFER "Carolyn" General "Caroline reem: to enjoy her worhg She ir never one to rhirhf' Echoes 4, FHA 4g Library Club 4. ETHEL MAE SHIFFER "Ethel" Business "Ethel har a plearant Jmile, Tha! you can fee all the while." GAA 2, 3, 4g Girls' Intramurals 2, 4. ROBERT MORRIS SHIMMEL "Smily" Machine Shop "Bob ir a father quiet guy, In life we're :ure he'll get hy." Echoes 4, Football 23 Projection Club 3, 4, School Paper 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN SHIRK "Pat" College Prep "An all around girl, Jo full of joy, With perronality we all enjoy." Chorus 3, 4, Echoes 4g Field Day 2, 3, 43 GAA 2, 3, 45 Girls' Intra- murals 2, 3, Student Council 23 Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary of Tri-Hi-Y 4. WAYNE MEADITH SHIVELY "Wayne" Machine Shop "Fate will find a way for me, If I give her a day, or two, or three." Echoes 4. WILLIAM ELMER SHOWERS "April" Business "Bill': alwayr helping M.H.S., He'r rare lo heeome a surfers." Class Historian 2. IRMA LAURA SHUMAN "Irma" General "A flmrming uuy and a winning Jmile. None like il mn be found for many iz mile." FHA 43 Field Day 3, 43 GAA 2, 3, 43 Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4. GEORGE SIGMAN SLOCUM "Norton" College Prep "Heli jun lhe lype of perron everyone admirey, Porierfing all llae qualilier lin ideal boy re- quirerf' Basketball 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 4g Echoes 43 Field Day 2, 3, 4g Foot- ball 2, 3, 43 Junior Class Play, Key Club 2, 3, 43 Student Council 33 Class Treasurer 23 JV Basketball 23 President Key Club 43 Vice Pres- ident Key Club 3g Vice President JUDITI-I ANN SNYDER "Judy" College Prep "Noi loo Joiner, noi loo guy, judy'J a pal in every way." Field Day 31 GAA 2, 3, 43 Girls' Intramurals 2, 31 junior Historian Club 4. RONALD LYNN SPOTTS "Digger" Machine Shop "For high rpeed he but iz lhirfl, Al llie end of iz rare, You'll find lfim fini." Echoes 4. VIRGINIA MAE SPRINGMAN "Ginny" College Prep "In many gym rlarrer the lm: been, Il um nerer her fault if lier team didn'l win." Echoes 41 Field Day 2, 3, 43 FTA 3, 4: Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Girls' Interscholastics 41 GAA 2, 3, 43 Junior Historian Club 3, 4g Vice President FTA 4. PATRICIA ROSE STAFFORD "Pat" Business "A lull, fair, and charming lan, Pat! a wonderful member of our clan." Band 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 4: Echoes 43 Field Day 2, 3, 4g GAA 2, 3, 4g Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 43 junior Class Playg Student Council 33 Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4. JANE ARLENE STAHL "Jane" Business "She worhr hard and does lhingr wellg She'r quiet, hind, and really fwellf' Camera Club 33 Chorus 2, 33 Echoes 4g FTA 43 GAA 2, 3, 43 Junior His- torian Club 2, 3, 4. JUNE MARIE STAHL ...lumen Business "Alway.r rmiling, alwayr hind, A rzirer girl if hard I0 find." Chorus 2, 33 Echoes 43 GAA 2, 3, 43 junior Historian Club 3, 4g Sec- retary Junior Historian Club 4. BONNIE LEE STEESE "Bonnie" General "A giggle here, a giggle lhere, A good rzalure like herr if rery rare." Basketball 3, 43 Chorus 33 Echoes 43 FHA 43 GAA 3, 43 Girls' Intra- murals 3, 43 Class Historian3 'FHA 4. GLORIA ERNESTINE SWANSTON "Gloria" College Prep "W'ir and humor, laughrer and Jang-Thir ir Gloria all day long." Band 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Echoes 43 GAA 2, 3, 43 Girls' Intramurals 2, 33 School Paper 2, 3. BARBARA ANN SWINEHART "Barb" Business "Barbara with her lovely dark hair, If liked hy everyone, every- where." Chorus 2, 3, 43 Echoes 4g GAA 2, 3, 4g Girls' Intramurals 2. CAROL JUDITH SWINEHART "Carol" General "Carol haf a pleafanz smile, Tha! you can ree all lhe while." FHA 4: GAA 2, 31 Girls' Intra- murals 43 Library Club 4. KATHERINE JEAN TEMPLIN "Kate" General "To he happy .ind gay .feemx I0 .mule .1 xfrife. Bu! fo Kale, il 1967125 the nzaxt nizruml thing in life." FHA 4: Field Day 2: GAA 2, 3, 43 Girls' Intramurals 2. 3. 43 Library Club 2. 3, 4, Secretary 4. ARLENE CAROL TRATE "Lil" General "Although she ir quiet, Jhe if .l'1l'6'6'f,' She will nerer mee! de- feat." Band 2, 33 GAA 2, 3, 43 Girls' In- tramurals 2, 3, 43 Junior Historian Club 3, 4. RONALD ROY TROUTMAN "Rick" College Prep "He': quiel, he'5 .rli4diou.f, and u'orh.r with a u'ill,' Wfilh lreaxufer of Jurreff, hi.r life he will fill," Assembly Committee 3, 41 Echoes 43 Field Day 2, 3, 43 Student Council President 43 Class President 2, 3, 4. JOHN VALENTINE VARGO V... Machine Shop "j0hn'.r li lad ive know if ihy, llvilh hir ll'01'k .ill done, he aluwyr gen hy." Field Day 2, 3. 41 Student Council Play. JOSEPHINE ANN VIGNOLA NIO.. General "In all our dizyr we u'ill never find, A lruer friend with iz heart .vo hind." Echoes 4: GAA 2, 3, 4g Girls' Intra- murals 2, 3, 4, Junior Historian Club 2, 3. 4: Library Club 2, 3, 4. ROGER EARL WATTS "Volts" Machine Shop "This nmrried senior if happy in- deed, And happineif, Jeniarf, if uihnz mi1rriage,r need." ROBERT DAVID WEAVER "Bob" Auto Shop "One hoy Boh if quiet indeed, In Auto Shop he doer exceed." CHARLES MYRON WEISER "Charlie" Machine Shop "Charlie, uf far at we can ree, IJ just 515 nice af he can he." Band 2g Chorus 23 Projection Club 3, 4. PATRICIA MAE WELSH "Pat" Home Economics "Put if mreffee, happy, and gay, And Jhe stays like that throughout the day," FHA 4, Field Day 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4g Li- brary Club 3, 4g Parliamentarian of FHA 4. SHIRLEY JEAN WERT "Shirley" General "A fun-loving girl in this clan of ourf, W'herz Shirley! not around, the minuter Jeem hourff' Chorus 3, Echoes 43 FHA 43 GAA 2, 3, 4g Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 43 FHA Treasurer 4. RAYMOND LARUE WOODSON "Woody" Machine Shop "If he'5 around and if he'J near, Heff telling talei that are funny to hear." BARBARA ANN YOCUM "Barb" Home Economics " A very Jweet girl on our Senior lift, Our gal Barham if quite a min." Echoes 4, FHA 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Girls' Intramurals 3, 43 Library Club 2, 3, 45 School Paper 2, 3, 4, Library Club President 4. VIRGINIA MAE YOST "Ginger" General Hf'l.lf7f7l'. lm-ly. meet, and g.zy.' A elf-iw-'girl in erery away." Chorus 3: Echoes 41 FHA 41 Field Day 3: GAA 2. 3. 43 Girls' Intra- murals Z, 3. 43 FHA Secretary 4. EVELYN ROSE YOUNG "Red" Home Economics "Of all Ilya rlr1,f,fm.1fe.r. we lure found 117.11 Erelyzz ii flifefl fo burr tIV0lHId.H Baseball 23 Chorus 23 FHA 43 Field Day 2, 3, 43 GAA 2. 3. 41 Girls' Intramurals 2. 3, 4: Library Club 3. 4, Vice President 4. SAMUEL VERNON YOUNG "Pat Boone" Machine Shop "Our friwid Sum if full of fun llir hurl if Irue I0 only wiv." Field Day 2. 3. 4: Football 43 Stu- dent Council 33 Wrestling 3, 43 Class Treasurer 4. WILLIAM PAUL YOUNG "Wilber" Cabinet Shop "Hen-".r 4 boy u'lm'5 happy and guy. Liked by all in every way." Field Day 3, 43 Football 2. 3. ROBERT PAUL YOUNT "Bob" General "He'J lorzdr of fun in erery umzyx Knowing lvim will really pay," NANCY LEE ZECHIVIAN "Nancy" College Prep "lIere'.r a l77'UI4'2I+hdlf'63d. blue- eyed fulie. A11 all around Millar: High Srhool lfeaulyf' Cheerleader 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Echoes 43 Field Day 2, 3, 43 FTA 3g GAA 2, 3, 43 Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Girls' Interscholastics 43 Student Council 23 Tri-Hi-Y 4g GAA Treasurer 43 Class Secretary 3 4 , . JOHN WILLIAM ZEIBER "Boner" Business "A little nomenre now and lben, If relirbed by the bert of men." Basketball 2g Echoes 43 Football 23 FTA 4, Junior Class Playg junior Historian Club 3, 4, School Paper 43 Student Council 2, 4, Wrestling 33 Treasurer Junior Historian Club 4, 611155 ffisfrfry Senior Day is here once more, and we, as seniors of the Class of '58, prepare to leave the immortal halls of our dear school. Our memories now turn back to the three wonderful years we have spent here. During our 1955-56 term, our sophomore year in high school, we chose two class advisors to serve us throughout our three years in high school. They were Mrs. Butler and Mr. Kearney. The class officers for our sophomore year were: President, Ronald Troutman, Vice President, Norman Azingerg Treasurer, George Slocumg Secretary, Helen Evans, and Class Historian, Nancy Bower. In order to raise money for our class, we sold magazines. Students with the highest number of subscriptions were: jane Stahl, William Herald, George Barto, Gloria Swanston, and Florence Reish. Also in 1955 our class obtained the highest percentage of students present in school at one time. On May 25 o'f '56, we held our class picnic at Knobel's Grove with 60 people attending. The '56-57 term, our junior year in school, opened with the election of class officers and a new class advisor to fill the vacancy left by Mrs. Butler. Officers elected were: President, Ronald Troutman, Vice President, Janice Logang Treasurer, Terry Rowe, Secre- tary, Nancy Zechmang and Class Historian, Nancy Bower. Miss Roberts was elected as our new class advisor. We were mighty proud this year to be the first class to present a junior class play. Our annual class picnic was again held at Knobel's Grove. During the '57-'58 term, our senior year in high school, we elected Ronald Troutman president of our class. The other officers were Vice President, Mary Marsh, Treasurer, Sam Young, Secretary, Nancy Zechmang and Class Historian, Lee Smeltz. It was again necessary to choose another class advisor to fill the vacancy left by Mr. Kearney. Mr. Cochran was elected. Our three years in high school were marked with many activities such as G.A.A., Key Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Projectionist Club, F.H.A., F.T.A., Student Council, Intramural and Scholas- tic sports, the annual dances, and our Play Day program. Our thoughts are now focused on the great beyond and our future years. Although many of us will be separated from one another, our memories will always linger on our three happy years in Milton Area Joint Senior High School. , Q fb Q 'Xl I Q f f f Q ff jurzivr 611155 Pmiridelil , ,, JANET CUPP Vive Prefidefli , , WILLIAM SNYDER Secretary , , JUDY GODFREY Trefuifref' ,,,,, MICHAEL FOUST Hirloriiuz V,Y,V . LINDA MACK We, the Class of 1959, have completed our junior year under the able supervision of Miss Bower and Mr. Taylor, our advisors. The past year has been full of excitement and new experiences for all of us. We had included in our plans for the year the Junior Class Play. Svphomvre 611155 Pmridwif DONALD KLFCKNER Vice P7'L'3'jd6Ilf , , DONNA EARHART SL't'I't'fz1P'y KAY NEYHART 'l'r'w1,i'1zi'e1' SANDRA SCI-IELL XVC, the Class of 1960, have successfully completed our first year of high school under the guidance of Mrs. Hunter and Mr. Mauger. We Carried out 21 fruit cake sale which proved very successful. XVC are looking forward to our future years at Milton Senior High School. - 4. 4 5. fl. A. Pfeiident ,,,,,,,,..,, ,7,, , , MARY MARSH Vice President YYY,,,,. ,,........ L UCILLE LUPO Secretary ....,,,,. ,Y.,,, E LOYCE MCBRIDE Treamrer .wYwveee.eee.eVe ,.... N ANCY ZECHMAN Social Chairman 7,,,,A.., ,A..,,....,,.,,. S ANDRA NUNN Bzzrinerr Manager .,,Y.,,,,,,. BETTY JO ROBINSON Pzzblirily Chairman ..,Y......w,,,,,,,,, KAY NEYHART Scribe Viiieieieii.ei...,.. ...,, F RANCIS SCHREYER Adwfor ,iiiiei ....,V,,, M ISS ROBERTS Under the supervision of Miss Roberts, the G. A. A. has had another success- ful year, with a 90 per cent representation of the high school girls. Most of the activities at the beginning of the year had to be cancelled because of disagreeable weather. However, many activities were carried out during the year. Included in these were the collection of toys at Christmas time, which were given to the Salvation Army, a "Turn About Day and Dance" with "Sock Hop" combined, a "Sports Night," a "Tureen Supper and Backwards Party," and they joined with the Student Council in the sponsorship of the annual "Sports Dance." The year was climaxed with the annual May Dance. " 35 A f S " ggifa, h K:..x J Veg? VV It W 4 X A f i' 5511" Hg' if Xt K K 4 kz': i n-5:fz 'f fig 'X 5 f ' 1 Q.xf ,,l.,:. h k 'M , "Y: ' v 2QQQ' :h" Nsr. ' L . S3 gl ,i, 1 3' il lil Arif and Pbologmplay 9FHelen Evans Marilyn Adams Ronald Troutman Pat Shirk Ronald Spotts Bill Phillips SlDrH'f,i' "'Jerry Hans Norman Azinger Cecil Hornbeck George Slocum Owen Koch Cfzm' S 011g :lfAlice McDonald Gloria Swanston Suella Coffey Senior Acfiiiliei "'Debbie Dempsey Cecil Hornbeck George Slocum Bob Clemens Bonnie Steese Suella Coffey Schoes mff Richard Moser Virginia Springman Virginia Yost Roy Bergenstock Caroline Shaffer John Vargo Wayne Shively Copy Editorr :ffFlorence Reish Pat Finck Nancy Pfleegor Judy Mensch June Stahl Norma Keifer Neida Keifer Pat Stafford Joyce Manning Joan Schreck Barbara Swinehart Clfzri' H irlory 9FJudy l-lause Adzferlirirzg Commitlee :ffJames McDaniel Nancy Pfleegor Nancy Zechman Cfmmci am! Oriqfiuiziifjoflf Bob Rcich iklietty Jo Robinson Faculty Committee :"Marjorie Enterline Joyce Henninger Jane Stahl Barb Yocum Kate Templin Fealuref "'Nancy Lou Bower Connie Nuss Sylvia McLaughlin Richard Kleckner Larry I-Iilkert Alice McDonald Catherine Condern Josephine Vignola Senior W1'ile-Up "'Mary Marsh Wilmer Leimbach Edith Cameron Shirley Wert Barb Batman John Zeiber Bill Young Penny Reichard "'Cbairmf1zz Student Gauucil Pf'e.fic2'6f2t V,.V, ,,.V,, ,,,, S R ONALD TROUTMAN Vice President , ,,... , JANET CUPP Serrelfzry , ,Y,, , ANNE HOTTENSTEIN Trefzifzrer , ,,,, , , , DON KLECKNER Adifimm , , MR. TAYLOR, MISS NEUGARD The Student Council has had a very busy and successful year. It has spon- sored such projects as "Care,', dances after basketball games, the co-sponsored "Sports Dance," and they compiled a Student Council scrapbook. In addition to the usual work of the Council, they put on an all-school play entitled "Off the Track." Assembly Grfmmiftee The Assembly Committee made all the introductions in the assembly and chapel pro- grams. They also selected and carried out the plans for the paid assemblies for 1958-59. Prajecfionists' 611111 Prarident - Y W OWEN KOCH Sedelfzry , ,, RUDY RITTER Treaflzrer' JAMES REEDY Ad1'i.i-or , , ,, ,, MR. WILLIAMS The Projectionist Club, under the guidance of Mr. Williams, has excellently scheduled all motion pictures for classes and assemblies, cared for all visual aids equipment, and scheduled all TV programs. Uri-HP If Preyident . ,. A ,, MARY MARSH Vive Prefident ., .. A,., B ONNIE FISHER Serrefary A AA A. A A ,,,, PAT SHIRK Treamrer , A ....,.. LINDA MACK Chaplain . ,,A,,.,, .IANICE LOGAN Advifor AAAA, . AAAAAAAAA. .. AAAAAA MRS. HUNTER The Tri-Hi-Y has had a very busy and successful year. Among the activities carried out during the year were an induction service for new members, a hayride, several food sales, a cabin party, and the annual Snow Dance. The theme of the dance was "An Old-Fashioned Christmas." The club also carried out several service projects. Included among these was the distribution of baskets of food at Thanksgiving, and handkerchiefs to the Northumberland County Home at Christmas time. ff' - - 4-. - Key 61116 Prefidezzt , , , , GEORGE SLOCUM Vice Prefidezzt ,, , ,, , RONALD KEEFER Secreiary-T1'ea.rure1' . . ..,,, WILMER LEINBACH Advisof' . ,,,,,,,,, ,, MR. TULE The Key Club, a junior organization of the Kiwanis Club, had a very success- ful year. Included in their activities for the year were a hayride, the sale of programs at the basketball games and the wrestling matches, and a car wash. Also included in their plans for the year was a school project. ,R MILTON SCHOOL N EWS Milton, Pennsylvania Established 1926 Published nine times during the year by the Senior and Junior lligh Schools Yearly subscription. fifty cents Executive Board-Superintendent of the Schools. Principals of Senior and Junior High Schools and Faculty Advisers Miss Mae Neugard I . . - Miss Julia Hagenbucht ' """"""'A""'R"""' Semor Hlgh Admefii Miss Catherine B. Ballieti Miss Sarah E. Frymire L- ,,,, Junior High Advisers Mr. Edward Dobb I Judy Hause, '58 ,,,, ,, ..,, Editor-in-Chief Deborah Dempsey, '58 - ,,,,,. Assistant Edith Cameron. '58 -. , ,,., Social Editor Catherine Condern, '58 A-, N Feature Editor .Iohn Zeiber, '58 ,,.,, . ,.,.t Sports Editor .-Xlice McDonald, '58 -. ,,v..., Art Editor Joyce Henninger, '58 A -- Exchange Editor Anthony Seidel, '59 -,, U Circulation Manager Grace Minium, '58 --- , , ..,,,. ,W Assistant Joyce Henninger, '58 - . ...,. W .,t. .WW , Y,.,.,,, ,,.. P hotographer Deanna Beaver, '59 -, -,-,,,,-- ., ,, ,,,,, Y,.,, , , ,,s,,,,,, Reporter ADVERTISING STAFF: Louise Matrulla. '581 Pat Guffey, '58g Barbara Yocum. '58g Pat Greiner. 593 Judie Godfrey, '593 Susan Misavage, '59g Marcia Kessler. '59: Claudia Harbaugh, '59: Judy Foresman, 591 Jane Foust, '59g Sandra Billmeyer '60z Carolyn Knaub, '60g Nancy Piieegor, '60g Pat Pick, '60. PLATFORM The Milton School News strives to have all traces of prejudice removed from its pages, select the Hnest and most accurate news. encourage better sportsmanship. improve student and faculty co-operation, and keep the students informed of various activities in and about the school. Jlfliwd Khorus Fin! row: Second raw: Tffifd V011 Judy Butler Rosemary Uhar ":Patricia Shirk Nancy Klees Donna Earhart Nancy Pfleegor Mary Ann Hertz t"Alice Jane McDonald JN? at prerefzl when pic Xwilmer Leinbach fFGeorge Slocum "'Bill Herald 'James McDaniel tkGeorge Barto XCecil Hornbeck Lake Richart Terry Benfer Gabriel Hanover Carole Yocum Barbara Judy Cecelia Moyer Peggy Desmond Kay Neyhart Ruth Wilxfer Wilma Frederick Lucille Lupo "'Nancy Zechman Bonnie Fisher lure um taken: ,FDenoIeJ feniofr Frances Schreyer XMary Marsh Patricia Hornbeck Caroline Confer "'Gloria Swanston Judy Gray Janet Cupp Eloyce McBride Joan Shriner Patricia Gray library 61116 Prwidwzt BARBARA YOCUM Vice Prefidezll EVELYN YOUNG Secrelfzry KATHERINE TEMPLIN Trea.r1zrer , MILDRED MCWILLIAMS Adrifor , MISS REINHART The members of the Library Club have assisted in preparing books for shelving, and helped at the charging desk in the library during the past year. They had included in their plans the exchange of Christmas gifts and a picnic. Z Cul. Prefidezzl . JUDY HAUSE Vice P!'6.fIdt37Z1 , ,, VIRGINIA SPRINGMAN 'l'1'efz.r1n'er , , , DAVID PROSSEDA Hixmri izzz , , , SARAH JANE HAMMOND Adriror .. , , MISS BICKEL The "Future Teachers of America" Club had an interesting year. They presented an assembly program for the student body during American Education Week. Theyf have also heard and enjoyed several speeches by interesting speakers. T 21444. Preriderzi ,, , , , W PAT EINSIG Secretary ..... asssss V IRGINIA YOST Tfeawrer , , . s , SHIRLEY WERT Hirlwian Y ...... , , . .,, , , B O NNIE STEESE Song Leader ....., , ,,,, M ILDRED MCWILLIAMS New! Reporter .Y ,, ,.. ....,,. B ONNIE PFLEEGOR Parli,1mentarian ....w, ,A,.A, ,,,,.,,,, P AT WELSH The "Future Homemakers of America" is a new girls' organization this year. Their first year was a very successful year and included in their plans were a bake sale, a formal Initiation Service, Mother and Daughter Banquet, and a picnic. They also gave a basket of food to a needy family at Christmas time. Hisfrfry 61116 Pffffdefll , - ,, DEBORAH DEMPSEY Vice Prefident , , ,, , ,, LINDA HEIM Recording Secretary , Y,,, ,Y,,,, J UNE STAHL C orreypondin g Secrefary ,,, .A,. - ARLENE TRATE Treafurer W ,,,.. . Y,, , w , , or JOHN ZEIBER Chaplain to c, EDITH CAMERON Advimr caac eecc . ceec M I S S BOWER and forum work in addition to some projects done by the mem to discussions bers. In this, the club's second year, they confined their activities f As part of their contribution to the school, the junior His financially to the organ fund as well as created another fund for t of stage property. orians donated he maintenance "TI-IE FAMILY NOBODY WANTED" by HELEN GRIGSBY DOSS and CHRISTOPHER SERGEL Direfled by FREDERICK MAUGER CAST OF CHARACTERS Reverend Carl Dorf ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, james McDaniel Mrf. Helen Dorf ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, Judy Mensch Donny D011 ,,,,. Nan fohnfon Y, Mr. folanfon ,, Bill Tlaomaf e,e, Mrx. Parkinmn ,, ,,Y,,. ,. William Heckman Betty jo Robinson . james Egli Mrf, fobnfon ,e,.... Min Reilly ., , David Prosseda Nancy Lou Bower Virginia Springman Pat Stafford Mry. Allen S. ,.oo.oo Florence Reish Mrf. Hardy ,, .. Diane A Rnd . ,,,,,,, , Timmy ,, , Ted ,,,,, Alex , Laura Y,,,, Barbara Swinehart Marjory Enterline e,,,, Suella Coffey John Zeiber Terry Rowe Gerald Buck Pat Finck U16 Scnier qgnuuuunnl iz-ss Play COMMITTEES Burinerr-MR. DALE COCHRAN Cbairmafz, Penelope Reichardg George Slocum, Mary Marsh. Program-MISS NANCY ROBERTS Cbairmazz, Edith Cameron, Judy Hause, Joyce Henninger. Properly-MR. DALE COCHRAN Clafzirmfw, Ray Rughg George Barto, Richard Kleckner, Joyce Manning. State-MR. JAMES TULE Chairman, Marlen Bastian, Sam Young, Robert Hulsizer, Bob Fetzer, Larry Hilkert, Owen Koch. Pzzblirity-MR. K. FREDERICK MAUGER Chairman, Deborah Dempseyg Judy Hause, Joyce Henninger, June Stahl, Nancy Zech- man. Urlrveretter-MISS NANCY ROBERTS Cfmirmafz, Mary Marshg Janice Logan, Sylvia McLaughlin, Virginia Yost, Bonnie Steese, Barbara Yocum, Katherine Templin, Shirley Wert, Gloria Swanston, Marsha Fisher, Betty Hoffman, Barbara Batman. Dirertor-ROSS MOORE TROMBONE "'George Strine BARITONE 'George Barto b'fBill Herald Reba Duchman BASSES "'XVilmer Leinbach Gabriel Hanover SAXOPHONES 'Mary Marsh H"Betty jo Robinson Ann Hortenstein BASS CLARINET Judy Butler ,flflilfrfu Area Smzor PERCUSSION P'4Gloria Swanston John Meckley Virginia Reeser ALTO CLARINET Eloyce McBride BASSOON gjanice Logan TRUMPETS Sandra Nunn Lake Richart John Leeser OBOE 3"Florence Reish High School Hand FLUTE Lorna Ranck FRENCH HORNS janet Cupp Frances Schreyer COLOR GUARD "'F1orence Reish Lucille Lupo Donna Earhart Sandra Waldron Pat Hornbcck TWIRLERS Shclvie Guypr Sandra Nunn Nancy Klecs "'a'ef101e.f Jezziomf CLARINETS 3fNeida Kcifcr "Norma Kcifer Judy Gray Wiliina Frederick Linda Mack Shclvic Guyer Connie Confcr Mary Ann Hertz Peggy Desmond Nancy Simpler E FLAT CLARINET Nancy Klees "TWO DATES FOR TONIGHT" by PAUL s. MCCOY Direrted by NANCY ROBERTS and GEORGE KEARNEY CAST OF CHARACTERS Anne Mayfield . Y.O,O,,,.O,,....w...E.,E,O,.,.v, . Vera Mayfield .A..,,O, john Mayfield ..Y.,,.. .,., Freddie Buchanan .e,,ee, William Chandler .,.., Stella Chandler ,,,,,, Yi,, Betty jo Robinson Janice Logan Sally Mayfield e.e... .,,, Marilyn Adams Robert Clemens john Zelber George Barto Nancy Bower Sylvia Chandler ,,,..e ,,.,... P atricia Stafford Diana Wellr ,r,,,,, Larry Randolph . ,,,,,r. Mrx. Weftgate loner ,,o.,, Mary Marsh .. Norman Azinger Edith Cameron Bradford Carter fone: .,,o,e ...,..e,e,,. G eorge Slocum Min Gallop ..,.,e,.e,o..,e,Y ,..... Tony ,, ,.,,,, ,, ...,..,,, Deborah Dempsey . Wilmer Leinbach U16 junior 611155 Play COMMITTEES Urberetlef: I Patricia Mitidieri, Barbara Swinehart, Shirley Wert, Virginia Yost, Bonnie Steese, Mar- sha Fisher, Barbara Yocum, Ruth Ann Derr, Betty Hoffman, Judy Hause. Tirketf: James McDaniel, Nancy Zechman, Norma Keifer, William Koble, Ray Rugh, Joyce Henninger, Lee Smeltz, Patricia Shirk. Publiriiy: Helen Evans, Patricia Mitidieri, Lee Smeltz, Barbara Yocum, Neida Keifer, Ronald Troutman, Deborah Dempsey. Slate: Edward Price, Edward Drumm, Rudolph Ritter. Property Dirertor: Penelope Reichard. Student Emma!! Play "OFF THE TRACK by FELICIA METCALFE Studenl Directed by BETTY JO ROBINSON and JAMES MCDANIEL CAST OF CHARACTERS Mr. John Morgan W N ,O,Y,,,,YYY,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,., W Robert Clemens Siler Dobbim ..,,,, Y,,,,,, W illiam Seidel Flifkie Nelron ,,e,,, Marilyn Adams Belly Plaillipr .,,.. ,,,,,,, B onnie Phleegor Joan Parker ,,,,,,,,, ,,,eeee S andra Billmeyer Mfr. Gmzrino , ,, ,, E, Deborah Dempsey Antonia Gzmrifzo .,,,, , ,,,,,e E Judy Godfrey Bill Lindsay ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , or John Vargo Mr. Orrar Boyenby A,,,, ,. .,,, , George Barto Willie Woodrozz . , , ee,,,, , Lake Richart Ewlzmz Bumparr ,e,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , Mfr. Reginald Vanderventer ,, ,, M255 Pidgie McDougal . ,, . Edith Cameron Carolyn Confer Judy Sweitzer .,1.,,. '- fa: 325115 , f 1 fsaiig e 'X 5' Ig?- 7? -:S " Q :W fse-Pggqi-1 A X :i.,g1-'X' -1, K .4 A - ,-ggggfv wjiglg. N5 f 1. -3 ww, A -- .J X wi NORMAN AZINGER Bslfk ROBERT FETZER Back Ni f .,. , B!! L . M...W..-- HARRX FISHER Back CECIL HORNBECK End RQBERT JOE OWEN KOCH Guard Tackle WILMER LEINBACH Center JAMES REEDY Tackle IIN if gr' N 1 ROBERT REICH X ax 1 d En A GEORGE SLOCUM Back SAM YOUNG RAY RUGH End Manager COACH FISHER ASSISTANT COACH ASSISTANT COACH ASSISTANT COACH LONGENBERGER COCHRAN SOWERS COACH FISHER-Mr. Fisher attended Susquehanna University and graduated with the Class of '54, He began his coaching career as assistant to Coach Danks in 1934. In 1942, he went into the Naval Reserve and then continued as assistant coach until 1946 when he became head coach. His record consists of 65 Wins-43 losses, including a Susquehanna League Championship in 1956. ASSISTANT COACH LONGENBERGER-Mr. Longenberger attended Lenoir Rhyne College. He played with Milton's "Team of Destiny." He served his country both in 1943 and again in 1950. He began coaching in 1941 and has done creditably well as backfield coach. ASSISTANT COACH COCHRAN-Mr. Cochran attended Lock Haven State Teachers College and graduated with the Class of '57. He also attended M. H. S.-Class of '53. The year 1957 was his first year of coaching and having won honors as a tackle in his playing career, he is well qualified as line coach. ASSISTANT COACH SOWERS-Mr. Sowers was an end at Bloomsburg State'Teachers College and graduated with the Class of '49. He was a member of the U.S. Marines from 1944-1946. Before becoming a coach at M. H. S., he coached at the junior High School for three years. He is the Line Coach. SUMMARY OF FOOTBALL GAMES MILTON 8 SHAMOKIN 18 At the start of their first game, the Panthers out-fought and out-played Shamokin. A touchdown by Norm Azinger and a safety put Milton ahead in the first half. At half- time, the score was Milton 8-Shamokin 6, but Shamokin came back strong and scored twiceg thus handing Milton their only defeat of the season. MILTON 0 LEWISBURG 0 Though there was no score in this game, Milton came close to hitting "paydirt" several times. Once Milton's Norm Azinger carried the ball over the line, but it was called back because of a clipping penalty. This game was "hard fought" by both teams. MILTON 28 SELINSGROVE O The Black Panthers of Milton tasted their first victory of '57 at the expense of the Selinsgrove Seals. The Panthers were led by halfback, George Slocum, who ran for two touchdowns and was on the receiving end of an aerial from Norm Azinger which was good for six points. Azinger also scored a touchdown from scrimmage. Sonny Fisher converted two points after touchdowns. The starting Milton defense held the Seals scoreless through the contest and scored a safety against them. SUMMARY OF FOOTBALL GAMES MILTON 28 NORTHUMBERLAND O The Black Panther gridders continued their winning ways by romping over the Pineknotter. While the strong Milton forward wall shut Norry out, the backs enjoyed a fine evening. Slocum scored the initial touchdown on an intercepted pass. John Leeser, a reserve halfback, dashed for two scores, while Ed Harpster, Bob Fetzer, and Don Kleckner all scored single touchdowns. Harry Fisher converted three points after touch- downs. MILTON 37 BLOOMSBURG 14 The Black Panthers were paced by George Slocum and Bob Fetzer as each of them punched over double scores in each of the first three periods. Quarterback Harry Fisher hit the Bloom goal once from ten yards out. Don Kleckner, who took the signal calling chores from Fisher in the third period plunged over from the one for the final Milton touchdown. Milton at Danville Cancelled Lock Haven at Milton Cancelled MILTON 19 SUNBURY 6 The Panthers showed explosive power in their return to gridiron warfare after a three week lay-off due to the flu epidemic. The first touchdown came from George Slocum in the third play of the second quarter with a five yard smash through left tackle. Then in the third quarter Harry Fisher electrified the crowd when he broke into the clear on a quarterback sneak and galloped forty-two yards into the end zone. He then kicked the extra point. Milton's third touchdown came on a pass play covering ten yards, from Harry Fisher to John Packard. Sunbury then advanced to the Milton seventeen yard line and after two plays they scored. Thus ended the game which gave Milton the margin of victory over a Sunbury team in Milton's grid history. MILTON 14 JERSEY SHORE 12 This game was probably Milton's toughest win. The Bulldogs surprised the Black Panthers by rallying for two scores in the second half after being down by 14-0. Half- back Norm Azinger tallied both touchdowns while quarterback Sonny Fisher kicked the deciding extra points giving Milton their fifth straight win. MILTON 19 WARRIOR RUN O Milton ended the season in a brilliant fashion. This game followed a typical pattern, a neighborhood brawl. The boys from up the river put on a spirited battle but were not able to contain the Black Panthers and Speedy Norm Azinger, who tallied all three touchdowns. When the final gun sounded,' Milton had recorded their sixth straight triumph. Varsity lgaskcfball Firrt row: Norman Azinger, Peter Godfrey, George Slocum, Coach, Mr. Mellman. Second row: Richard Minnich, Cecil Hornbeck, Harry Fisher, james Zellers, Carroll Bogle. Third row: Ray Rugh, Managerg Ronald Keefer, George Strine, Ray Stamn, Wilmer Leinbach, Peter Uhl. COACH MELLMAN-Mr. Mellman graduated from East Stroudsburg State Teachers College in 1954. While attending school, he played on the basketball team and was a pitcher in baseball. He graduated from Allentown High School. After serving in the U. S. Army for two years, he began to teach here at M. H. S. He has just completed his first year as our varsity basketball coach. Milton had tough luck this season. Although most of their league games were very close, they had a hard time coming out on top. SCORES OF GAMES Milton Warrior Run Milton ,,.....,,...,.. Mifflinburg ..... Milton .....,....... , Shamokin ......, Milton ...,,,,..,,,.,, Mifflinburg ..... Milton Lewisburg ......... Milton Selinsgrove ..... Milton Trevorton ..,...,. Milton Sunbury ., .,,..e .. Milton Bloomsburg ...., Milton Northumberland Milton Danville . ,.,.. . Milton Lewisburg .....,... Milton Selinsgrove ..,.. Milton ,,,,,,,, ,, ,. Trevorton . Milton Sunbury , ...... , Milton Bloomsburg ,,,,. junior Varsity lgaskciball Fin! row: Bart Reichard, Managerg Harold Catherman, Will Bower, Michael Prosseda, Donald Kleckner Dave Wagner, Manager. Second row: Mr. Fisher, Coachg Walter Deitrick, joe Billig, John Packard, Ralph Burns, Stanley Seksinsky. COACH FISHER-Mr. Fisher has had many good teams during his tenure as J. V. basketball coach. He guided this year's team to the League Championship. He is also head football coach. The V.'s had a good season. They lost only one contest out of the leagueg and only one in the league, winning the J. V. League Championship. SCORES Milton Warrior Run .,... Milton Mifflinburg ..... Milton Shamokin rr,,r.... Milton Mifflinburg ,.... Milton ..,.,V.,,.,..i.. 62 Lewisburg ,,.. Milton Selinsgrove ,.,,.,, Milton ,..,.,,,........ Trevorton rr.,. Milton Sunbury ........... Milton Bloomsburg ,,,.. 'Milton Northumberland Milton ..i.....,,,.,,,, Danville .,......... Milton ,.,V,.,,.V,,..,. Lewisburg ...,..... Milton .,..V,,..,....., Selinsgrove .i,,,.. Milton... Trevorton Milton .............,,. Sunbury r,r,.....,. Milton ,.,.,.r,........ Bloomsburg .,.,, Milton .....,,. . Northumberland Milton ........ Danville ..,..r,,r,, X ss' 3 X X G X Q 5X NORMAN AZINGER CARROLL BOGLE .J HARRY FISHER PETER GODFREY CECIL HORNBECK WILMER LEINBACH GEORGE SLOCUM Varsity Fin! 1'01l'.' Judy Young, Penny Reichard, Janice Logan, Catherine Condern, Miss Roberts, Coach. Second faux' l7Anine Hottenstein, Rosemary Uhar, Eloyce McBride, Nancy Zechman, Josephine Vignola. T ir row: Judy Gray, Judy Barto, Mary Marsh, Joyce Henninger. COACH, MISS ROBERTS-She attended East Stroudsburg State Teachers College and graduated in 1949. She graduated from Forty Fort High School. During her school years, she played basketball. Before coming to Milton, Miss Roberts taught at Baxter Seminary in Tennessee for IVQ years. She has just completed her first year as head coach of our newly formed girls' interscholastic basketball team. SCORES Milton.. .. Mifflinburg Milton Selinsgrove . Milton Middleburg . Milton ,,r,,,.., ,,,,, L ewisburg . Milton West Snyder Milton Mifflinburg Milton Selinsgrove c Milton Middleburg This year the girls of Milton Senior High School formed their first interscholastic sport, basketball. Under the coaching of Nancy Roberts, they had a fair season. The girls thoroughly enjoyed their new sport and the fans did too. juuiar Varsif Fin! row: Miss Roberts, Coach, Judy Godfrey, Bonnie Steele, Sandra Waldron, Bonnie Stevenson, Patricia Hinish, Carol Miller, Carol Pawling, Patricia Pick, Sandra Kerstetter. Second row: Virginia Burns, Jane Iddings, Trudy Guffey, Reba Duchman, Patricia Frank, Mary Ann Hertz Kathline Yocca, Patricia Hornbeck, Barbara Frederick, Sherry Germini, Sally Hendricks. Third raw: Lucena Bower, Ann Logan, Linda Pick, Francis Schrey Donna Earhart. Milton Milton .,,,,i,.,,,i.,.. Milton Milton Milton Milton ,,,,r...,,,..... Milton Milton er, Kay Neyhart, Sandra McCormick SCORES- Mifflinburg .i... .,...... 3 9 Selinsgrove ....... .....,,, 2 7 Middleburg ol,.. ...,..,, 2 1 Lewisburg .... .,,,.Y,. 2 2 West Snyder ..... ........ 1 2 Mifflinburg .,,.. .....,.. 2 7 Selinsgrove ....... ..,.,,,, 2 1 Middleburg .,...., .. CATHERINE CONDERN JOYCE HENNINGER Forward Forward F JANICE LOGAN MARY MARSH PENNY REICHARD Forward Forward Forward NANCY ZECHMAN JOSEPHINE VIGNOLA Guard Manager W c fling Umm Fifrt row: Mr. Cochran, Coachg Robert Fetzer, Samuel Young, Robert Homan, Rudy Ritter, Robert Hause, Jerry Hans. Second row: Dave Wagner, Managerg Tom Hans, Edward Price, Manager, Ray Rugh, Managerg Owen Koch, Managerg James Stephenson, Larry McNeer. Third row: Douglas Starks, Edward Harpster, Michael Foust, John Pentycofe, James Finck, Harold Nuss, Wilbur Foust, john Bergen. Fourlb row: Victor Leuthner, Edward Wilhour, William Stump, Lake Bergenstock, james Homan. COACH COCHRAN-Mr. Cochran has just finished his first year as wrestling coach. He was a wrestler on Lock Haven State Teachers College's team. He is also an assistant football coach. The Black Panther matmen had a good season this year considering that this is only the second year for the sport. They started the season out slowly, but made a fine show at the end of the season. SCORES Milton Danville . Milton Sunbury , ,, Milton Selinsgrove .,,.,, Milton, . . Lewisburg Milton .... ,, jersey Shore .. , Milton Watsontown ,,,, Milton Montgomery .,.,.,, Milton Coal Township . Milton Central Columbia Milton Mount Carmel Milton Ralpho , , ,,.,,, H Milton West Snyder ,,,.,,. Milton Mifflinburg . , SENIORS I M05 55 ROBERT FETZER JERRY HANS ROBERT HAUSE ROBERT I-IOMAN RUDY RITTER WJ Q I s r f ,. J XE -we SAM YOUNG EDWARD PRICE OWEN KOCH Q e ,R Hhcerleudcrs The cheerleaders did an excellent job of keeping the teams in good spirit. The help they gave at the games deserves much gratitude and thanks. .1 E' I - 59 - t . xl Q X' ' 1 69A f 2f uni' 1, f-P Z :Ji l 'W fif- N. +271 Q 'F SAM G X eff l, it lg -l 6'l'll0l' A Khwrlmders BARBARA BATMAN PATTIE FINCK IUDIE MENSCH NANCY PFLEFGOR NANCY ZECHMAN r 1 3 ,K S Easaball Gum COACH MR RUTH-He is it graduate of Penn State Unixersity with thc. Chss of 48 He wxcnt to Milton High School and played football, basketball ind boiscbill He xx 18 in the U S Air lforce tor 51,5 years. He has been an assistant basebxll coath for eight COACH MR LONGIENBERGER-He has been our head baseball coach ever since 19 46 His tefuns have finished in second place three times He also serves as assistant The briscbill team had an excellent season. They came in second in league competition Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton SCORES Mitflinburg Trevorton . ,, Northumberland Selinsgrove A ,, Sunbury Y Lewisburg. ,, . Danville Y, M, Mitllinburg Trevorton ,, Y Northumberland Selinsgrove Sunbury may Day 1957 In the spring of 1956, a new athletic event was inaugurated into the school sports program. It was the annual May Day, The May Day is a track and field meet hetween the three separate classes. This event proved to be a real success in the eyes of all with the Class of '57 winning the first year and our Class of '58 winning the second year. Here is a list of the events and their winners for the 1957 season. BOYS' RUNNING 100 yd. dash 220 yd, dash A140 yd. relay 880 yd. relay 180 yd, low hurdle 120 yd. high hurdle GIRLS' RUNNING 60 yd. dash 75 yd. dash 60 yd. hurdle 220 yd, relay EVENTS NAME TIME Cecil Hornbeck 11.8 seconds Fred Yound 26.826 seconds Cecil Hornbeck Wfilmer Leinbach , 52,1 seconds Edward Harpster john Leeser Ray Miller George Strine 1.45 seconds john Leeser , , 24 seconds Fred Young , 17.2 seconds Catherine Condern , 8.6 seconds Nancy' Fisher , , 10.5 seconds Linda Heim 10.6 seconds Nancy Fisher Mary Newman Carole Glover seconds Judy smith 51.5 FIELD EVENTS Shot Put Discus Broad Jump High Jump Tug of War FIELD EVENTS Shot Put Discus High Jump Broad Jump Tug of War NAME John Hammond Garland Geary Norman Azinger Norman Azinger Stanley Phleger John Hammond Charles Dietricle Ken Noll James Ikler Don Frey Bob Barton Ronald Zearfoss David Wahl Charles Clayton Joyce Henninger u Bonnie Morehart Virginia Springman Nancy Fisher , I u Catherine Buehler Joyce Henninger Penny Reichard Pat Stafford Joan Schreck Irma Shuman Evelyn Young Judy Snyder Judy Hause DISTANCE , 40.4 103.8 19.3 5.7 25.8 59.3 4.1 12.11 aff GW! N SS Qs QQ, f' Q ,, Q i w I iff W if? ww. W . .. :SPH 1 ins i iixxs. :tf5Bfi'i15: -,fr-H-5 s ?Q'wFfeQ31f5Wfs 1,1 .1 ' we if if f ns -r if owe? s Shaw .Queen Miss janice Logan was crowned Snow Queen on December 25, 1957, by Miss Laura Rae Hoffman, who was the 1956 Snow Queen. Miss Logan's escort for the dance was George Slocum. yflllldflflg .?eHage Representative This year thc scmors sclcctcd Miss junicc l-o3g4m as Milton s wrcscntaitivc to flu- lTlLiINil1g Foliage Festival. but lnccgulsc of nllnc-ss shc was ulmblc to attend thc lfcsrivgll. it BEST LOOKING MOST STUDIOUS Girl fjudy Mensch Gif!-Penny Reichard Boy-George Slocum Boy-Ronnie Troutman MOST DIGNIFIED PEPPIEST Girl-Betty Jo Robinson Girl-Bonnie Stcese Boy-George Barto Boy-john Zeibcr BISST NATURED MOST TYPICAL Cffmf Mary Marsh Cir!---Palttic lfinck IM Owen Koch B0j'+Sam Young BEST DRESSED MOST LIKELY TO Suciclzliu Gif!-BflI'bLlI'.1 SWTI'16hflI't G'jp'f7Ng111gy' LOU Bowgf BK?j4w7TlI11Cf Lcinbach Boy-Ronnie Troutman .N Delegates GEORGE BARTO NANCY LOU BOXVER SUISLLA COFFEY PENNY REICHARD GEORGE SLOCUM These five seniors were chosen through a competitive exam to make the trip to the United Nations in New York City, This trip was from October 27 to 29. Mug and Queen of Hearts ef 1958 Miss Pattie Finck and Mr. Sam Young were chosen as the King and Queen of Hearts on February 22. 1958. They were crowned by Barbara Fredericks and John Zeiber. Last year's King and Queen were unable to be present. NAME Marilyn Adams Norman Azinger Harvey Baker George Barto Marlin Bastian Barbara Batman Roy Bergenstock Fred Blyer Carroll Bogle Luther Boop Nancy Lou Bower john Brown Gerald Buck Catherine Buehler Darlene Buffington Edith Cameron Sylvia Clayton Robert Clemens Linda Clemens Suella Coffey Catherine Condern Debbie Dempsey Ruth Ann Derr jacob Dershem Lynn Dershem Priscilla Dunkle Ned Dye jim Egli Pat Einsig Marjory Enterline Helen Evans Robert Fetzer Pat Finck Harry Fisher Marsha Fisher Robert Fisher Carol Fulmer Pete Godfrey Ronald Goodwin James Gutelius Jerry Hans Leroy Hauck Judy Hause Robert Hause PET LIKE No Homework Football Music Girls Boys One Girl CAmyj Fun Basketball Girls and Cars Friends Girls Gym Class A Watsontown Boy Working with Children Reading Girls Music Sports "Buddy" Horses Farm Work Raymond Erb Sleep Girls June 4, 1958 Food, Sports, Boys Beauty Sports Skunks Girls Mervyn Girls Horses Nat "King" Cole All animals Cars Food Girls Children Shop Senior PET HATE Not having a car Stuck-up Girls Tests Teachers jealous People English Teacher Work None Cold Weather Too much homework Elvis Cats School work Snakes None Doing Dishes Homework Hot Rods Gym Class Snakes Yankees Teacher 7:00 a.m. Teachers Fried Chicken I. L. Gossip Teachers Cats School Teachers P. D. Elvis Shaving Getting up in the morning Homework Some Teachers Snakes School Stafisfivs AMBITION join the Navy College Doctor Wood-Butcher Secretary Air Force Aeronautical Engineer Welder Millionaire Teacher Electronics Secretary Wife Philadelphia Bible Institute Secretary Upholsterer Housewife Study Music Gym Teacher Go to California Mechanic Farmer To Graduate Western TV Star Loafer Guess Artist Hillbilly Housewife Air Force Mrs. Mervyn Reedy Machinist Own Her Own Business Hobo Welder Pilot Engineer Mechanic Teacher PROBABLE RESULT Housewife Pro Football player Hot-Rodder Surgeon Carpenter Married Sailor College Prof Welder Pauper Globe-Trotter Sportscaster Marine Married to a Millionaire Secretary Church-worker Married Own his factory WAVE Music Supervisor Writer, joumalist WAC Farmer Mechanic Housewife Marine Millionaire Housewife Dancer Designer Pro Wrestler Animal Collector Marines Housewife Army Horse Trainer Executive Machinist Mechanic Cook A Hen-pecked Husband Elementary School Teacher Navy NAME William Heckman Joyce Henninger William Herald Larry Hilkert Bettie Hoffman Robert Homan Cecil Hornbeck Russell Hulsizer Robert Joe Neida Keifer Norma Keifer Richard Kleckner Ellis Kline William Koble Owen Koch William Lee Wilmer Leinbach Janice Logan Joyce Manning Marlyn Marks Mary Marsh John Mathias Louis Matrulla James McDaniel Alice McDonald Sylvia McLaughlin Mildred McWilliams Judie Mensch Grace Minuim Richard Moser Connie Nuss Barbara Parker William Phillips Nancy Pfleegor Boneta Pick Ronald Powell Edward Price David Prosseda James Reedy Robert Reich John Reichard Penny Reichard Florence Reish Robert Riehl PET LIKE Hunting Most Anything Unattached Females Dancing, Swimming Reading The Syndicate Girls Dancing and Music Dancing St. Louis Cards and Pat Boone Dog Cars Weapons Shop Betty Jo Robinson Sports ..JOe,. Girls Sports and Animals Dog R. S. Sports Pat Boone Richard Young Purple Lincolns Boys Archery Dogs and Horses Animals and Sports Linda Millheim Cheerleading Fred Nancy English Reloading Shells Girls Having Money Sleeping Ford Cars Payday Senior PET HATE Snow Lessons Elvis Teacher Test Cops School Slow People Rats Phillies Cat Food in Cafeteria School Selfish, Stuck-up girls To be called "Janet" School Snakes Cat Third period class Lot of things Spiders Teacher Spiders Journalism Music None Homework Most other girls Tickling Gym Class Teachers Snakes School Not having money Getting up Gym Class Work tafisfics AMBITION Barber Not sure Accountant Go to California Air Force Chemical Engineer Air Force Private Secretary Secretary and Marriage Lt. in P.N.G. Baseball A success U-Boat Captain Engineman Engineering Secretary Model Mechanic Phys. Ed. Teacher Baseball, Fishing Hair Stylist College and Success Secretary Good Skater Housewife Housewife Man of the Road Secretary Travel Physicist Housewife Work in an office Family Man Teaching Machinist Paratrooper Engineer Astrophysicist Own sheep ranch Pilot PROBABLE RESULT Member of the Ski Patrol Gym Teacher Orchestra Leader Machinist Swimmer Navy Math Teacher Married Army Musician Private Secretary Pro Basketball Player Baseball Player Mechanic Marine Fireman Engineer Model Housewife Army Horse trainer Air Force Housewife Yankee Housewife Married Housewife Secretary Married Archer QChampj Animal Trainer World Traveler Beachcomber Secretary Housewife Married Electrician English Teacher Machinist Paratroopcr Navy Great Scientist Secretary Sailor NAME Rudolph Ritter Betty jo Robinson Terry Rowe Ray Rugh George Satteson Joan Schreck William Seidel Caroline Shaffer Ethel Shiffer Robert Shimmel Pat Shirk Wayne Shively William Showers Irma Shuman George Slocum Judy Snyder Ronnie Spotts Virginia Springman Pat Stafford jane Stahl june Stahl Bonnie Steese Gloria Swanston Barbara Swinehart Carol Swinehart Arlene Trate Katherine Templin Ronald Troutman John Vargo Josephine Vignola Roger Watts Robert Weaver Charles Weiser Pat Welsh Shirley Wert Raymond Woodson Barbara Yocum Virginia Yost Evelyn Young Samuel Young William Young Robert Yount Nancy Zechman john Zeiber PET LIKE Shop Sewing Steve Allen Women, Sound Equipment Shop Summer, Dogs Red Skelton J. K. Homemaking Girls Bracelets Girls Girls Bill Young Ride home with Wilmer Basketball Car and Racing Home Oysters and Pizza Cats Secretarial Work Bill Derr Wmspt. boys "Eddie" Navy H. E. N. Roller Skating Eating Girls Period 4 Study Hall Machinery All Janet Clyde Stuffed Animals Rock and Roll Purple Convertibles Sports Roller Skating Pat Dogs Skating Sports Women Senior PET HATE School Being Called Betty English Howling Women School Bookkeeping Hopped-up Bicycles A certain Class Bookkeeping Some teachers Ridiculing other people Some Teachers Car Trouble Teacher Mr. Lontz's Tests Schoolwork Student-Teacher relation TV Bookkeeping Dogs Caesar and Cleopatra Burnt Food Mathematics None Getting up None Imps Some teachers Wednesday None Snakes Report Cards Third and sixth periods Stuck-up people School Snakes, Farina Squirmy animals R. K. Girls fexceptj Snakes School Homework School Statistics AMBITION Electrician Public Accountant Sound Engineer Retailer Secretary Pass Trig. and Solid To Graduate Homemaker Machinist Registered Nurse jet Mechanic Be successful Bill's Wife Mechanical Engineer Working Different Cars Teacher Mrs. Bill Keiser Missionary Doctor's Assistant Beautician Pop Musician Secretary Married Married Be a good swimmer Engineer See the world Secretary Get ahead and stay there Famous racer Navy Officer Clyde's wife Housewife Air Force Engineer Beautician Beautician Marines Machinist Football Farmer Teacher Nothing Special PROBABLE RESULT Marine Business Woman Executive Reporter Coast Guard Housewife Executive Married Bookkeeper Marine Housewife Mechanic Mechanic Housewife Gentleman farmer Business woman Racer History Teacher Housewife Teacher Secretary Housewife Mathematician Housewife Housewife Secretary Roller Skating Champ Millionaire Navy Married Machinist Snake trainer Marine Officer Housewife Animal collector Dancer Married Housewife WAC Air Force Dog Trainer Skating Champ Gym Teacher Executive Honored Again fn QW, I 3 - L SW M 71 X and Ni MILK Sane Vofecl "Bes+ in ihe S+a1'e" I958 Pa. Farm Show at Q BOLEN 8: CO. DEPT. STORE ICE CREAM and Always ,the Bed Bargain Basemeni' in Any Tes+ J Whoever you are whatever you do From AMERICAN HOME FCGDS -99-82574 MKL f -Foun+ain Service i our Q -Drugs Aw, .., lf? 'T"""' 'EHXOIVEPENDABLE m DRUGGIST WE GIVE S8zH GREEN STAMPS REA 8: DERICK, INC. -SCH00' SUPPHQS , -Film Sfores of Service -Cosmencs Y0ui'e money -You- Q73 Buy ai' NEWBERRY'S MILTON Loose No. m LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE Besi' Wishes fo 'I'he Class of I958 Nl! 8:80. NATIONAL GIOCIRI P. O. sox J s-cmcmo oo, ILLINOIS 4501 W. 47TH ST. PHONE-Vlrglnia 7-5500 FORD-MERCU RY . Ag W J r C 35 'u .E Y .Q SPANGLER ibm ' ' E MOTORS 'R INCORPORATED U X W I x 1 .,, xzfgq I-it .1 SALES SERVICE I l l I-I , l l L .A .'. ZECHMANS FLOUR MILLS .'. 2235? POTTSGROVE I 'xy'-u-I"v3?7 l.l L Em rutulutiuus Q REEVES PARVIN 8: CO 30I W. 3rd Sf. Williamspori FUNERAL HOME i Emngruiulutlnus ' h 4 hi to t e ra u t' I g a mg cass JOHN 2 H' vw SHAW .-gg is Frgm I I ACF I 1 'IV INDUSTRIES mconr If f, ' I ' Iv! Besi' Wishes 15 C0 I . .. T. M. MILES From I OIL COMPANY I N N Disfribuiors COUNTRY CLUB Exfco PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Success fo +he Class of '58 From G. BALFCJUR COMPANY Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges AMBY NOLAN, Manager MATT J. LYNOTT MINERS NATIONAL BANK BUILDING WILKES BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone VAIIey 2-I270 THE COUP AGENCY Q Insurance Milfon Q Real Es'I'aI'e Complimenfs of H. J. JOHNSON Pork Proclucfs and Provisions NORTHUMBERLAND. PA. ,ff-C-z'2fN2z-G"K 6 0209 53? ,O OE ,S CLEMENS ,ff HRST THOUGHT MACHINE BROADWAY HARDWARE STORE SHOP Frigidaire 32-36 BROADWAY MILTON SHOE MANUFACTURING CO. 8 , , R 7ZaZzd1.'daa4 ' DAIRY PRODUCTS fo-R ...- . .:., 5 U Broadway Road num or me mamma ff 1 Evefv+hin9 for it A '1i4Q. : 12r " 1 - ' - nTAm-'suis N54 ,K , Building, Modernlzing E Ll IEEE lull BE H and 'MP P""e"s "DO-IT-YOURSELF" Youn oma Supplfg Cfmim Id T I d Ancu sneer AT Locust - Puone soo - muon ees' cos an Maferials Qfmkaf BEST O FURNITURE STORE Comgigmenis GQOPNKFOOD MERRITT-CHAPMAN S 5 Tx X T' x SCOTT CORPORATION BUFFALO VALLEY DAIRY Visif Our Dairy Siore Complimenfs of BU DMAN AUTO BODY SWEITZER STUDIO and Camera Shop 5 MILTON, PA. PHONE sza ' E Qngrutulutinus to the graduating class W I W 1 Xzgirn Besf of Luck :Tn Associate Assoc 1 Store From Stor WESTERN AUTO HARRY ALLEN. Prop. HASTINGS 81 HASTI NGS Insurance Real EsIa+e 52 BROADWAY FAYE-LIN INFANT-TO-TEEN 7I Broadway MiI+on and THE LINTHURST GIFT HOUSE Ladies' Accessories, EI'c. RD 9I5I MILTON MI METROPOLITAN Il I We PROVISION A. A. BOWMAN 81 SON MILTON- -PA. COMPANY JACK LOTZ, Proprie I' OI' RAMBLER E1-eC'E'I'iC5l, A W' , A lf Q A APPLIANCES FRONT ST. JOHN Y. Bouv MILTON. PA. HARDWARE Complimenfs of Bed Wishes From MILTON BUDWE FINE FOODS Louis Lehrman and Son Harrisburg fs, Q 1 I -u LOGAN GARAGE CNE STOP Sslzvlce OUR PATRONS GEARY'S CAR 8: HOME SUPPLIES DAIRYMEN'S LEAGUE STALH'S FLOUR 8: FEED MILLS SEER'S BUICK GARAGE HOTEL MILTON BELFORD'S ORCHARDS 81 GREENHOUSES ENTERLINE'S GREENHOUSES REED'S CLEANERS FAIRVIEW HATCHERY SMALL'S GREENHOUSES. INC. KREBS NEWSSTAND DAWSON 8: SPOTTS INSURANCE HERTZ'S LADIES SHOPPE RIEDER'S JEWELRY MARGARET TREON SPECIALTY SHOPPE LAMPRINOS TV CENTER MARKS JEWELRY STORE REGAL AND BLUM JEWELRY STORE CAWLEY'S RECORD BAR W. A. DEHART WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERIES J. D. MAYES MEMORIALS W. WALTON THOMPSON INSURANCE KIESER'S FEED 81 GRAIN MILL YOCUM'S COAL YARD DALE RANCK FUNERAL HOME WEST BRANCH MARBLE 81 GRANITE CO. MILTON GLASS SHOP YOCUM'S FARM SUPPLIES CompIimen+s X BEATTY S PLUMBING AND HEATING A x of SAIN rg : IX X . OUR PATRONS HIGHLAND CLEANERS WOLF DRIEFUSS MARSH'S SHOE STORE JOHN'S RADIO 81 TV STORE FAMOUS STORE FISH'S JEWELRY McDANIELS ICE CREAM SHOWERS GARAGE VOGELS CLEANERS ESCHBACH'S JEWELRY ELITE SHOP KEISER'S DRUG STORE BRONSTEINS RELIABLE FURNITURE CLEMENS' UPHOLSTERING BUTTER KRUST BAKING COMPANY INCORPORATED 239 NorI'I1 EIevenI'I1 Sfreei' Q Sunbury, Pennsylvania BAKERS OF XVI O Q ' 4, H1 LDV ATIan+ic 6-5845 CongraI'uIa+es 'Ihe Class of I958 wi '1 I r E E I V I I E 5 I i A I T E, 5 s l E, 'r 5 i i V K w D HI 1 ,..,, , 1.1 sg, 5. ahh .. '71 uw'5..., ,,, f wg M21 5 ,,. . X,.,.r!,,,, f'i,F1'4 -'1 - V" mn-ya uw- wa ,,5,,, Jig 93,53 1, .iw :X.'J3,,J ., -, xl .e-qu 'W 53.515 Y - v f-, ,'f"!!Q3'f , 2.3, ., ff ,A - - 'N f ,fum- 1,-"n, ' ' xx? 'S ' 11", :Q , "-715, A f f 'Nh :I ' ,. ,,. f,:! ,q, !' ,.'i?'f qs- N' 1' L. " 'I-wr 55......." ,!i.t'a.a..-.i14"K,.LLa:QIi3i5.:11u."' 'QL LL31qEii'Q f 1 Q I s 2 .,,. , lr 7' M' X sr.-. ' . Y ' I ' . .r ,I , ' - - -. 1 4- W ,Jef Af . . X - 1' A , f, M. - A 3 -V Q ,Wgm51-4.g1ffx-..-Gif---.VH11' 2 1'5"2-'ff-1w..H.fa3f- .-.L, aw fn ' - ,V - 'X , Q -"""'f U' 4. 'i ' " 'X i x ,ww .1 .,,,,, , ef-'rm vf,-pp' 77"-1' -. ' "' ' ' at 1 ' v .L -fm' H.: 1 .-W, '-git .1 Qi, 3' X Jytif ffl?-'A . ' 449 if :ff Aj g 'lifnw 34.5. if' , ' n : 'gif E? P1551 J ,wi W '1 '?'iMh'T'lP 'J 'N !4?,,f2Aig .1-- QW '- 'SF' A F' new ,H-'rv "fr g ' ' aft, . '1.l5,3,,5:" lx ,Q 15.1 F5 4115 ki fb Fw 4 , uw? "lg N4-jaii' 451: V1 MQ? Q x 94 any QQ 53. :rifqg 3.13 F tg: .1 .1 I 41, 'uf-W fifvf fi 'Q' 1' :w.,,, 512355 3? fb: 1 P fl E Q 1 ,QL 4 f. ' A JY V yn". im., 1 34, 3 .jf ' Cv L.f.,,Ie'. ,..., 5. j,,,4 'gm .,n -2:0

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