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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1955 volume:

- 1, ' -Q11 lf . A Z"!1'ff'7f' n Wielnoriam HOMER HARRY ARNOlD Born Oct 2 1936 Dled Aprll 'I6 1955 731 P 31111 T116 L0111 Z9 1111 51101111111 1 511011 1101 1111111 e 11111146111 11112 10 1111 11011 IZ 111 0111111 1115111165 e 1611119111 me 111151111 1111 51111 Il HIEYQ 111510112111 1111 90111 e 10111119111 me 111 1110 11111115 11 r1f1111e011511es5 or 1115 111111165 5111113 1111 1110111111 1 1151115 11111111 11 1111 1111111 0 1111 51111110111 0 111211111 11111 1011 1711511171 5111 11111 601111011 me 11011 1181111651 fl 1111111 11 1111 1111 III 1111 1111511111 0 11111112 9111111105 1011 171101121681 1111 111 111 ll 1111 111 1111 C1111 1111111e111 01e1' qz11e11 Q001111e55 111111 1111111 8111111 11111111 1111 1111 1111 11111 0 1111 11 e I171F11'l1111l'11l611 111 11161101111 11 1111 L0111 101 mer .5 -11 5 H ' 1 ' 5 1 1. 1: II f 1 ' .. He: ' : II ' 5 fl, . sf ' ' . I 11'i11fe111'110 e1'i1: for 111011 1'l1'1 1111111 111115 T 7-,Y I. . 7. T1 - .1 1' 11 1- fi Y A A . 756 QCAOQS Cjkw gf 19.5.5 Wagon, Fennsymanzd will " 'w+.....,..,,.,,. "' This The place. Stand still, my sfeed, Let me review the scene, And summon from the shadowy Past The forms fhar once have been. fHENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW 0149 60014 We who have cornpaled The l955 edmon of The Echoes nn The besT Tradmon of MllTon Senior Hugh School wash To express our graTlTude To Those who exTended a helping hand In ITS publucahon and To Thank our classmaTes and faculTy for Their never end Ing Trlendluness and and durung our years an hugh school I I I iIllllllllillllilbliilllllIll!!!IBMMIMD1bl1IllIEI1ilNI1i1i . HllllllilNllllllllllElllllblbllllliliiillilm WWW n'YmgXed 'ra- 'ms ready Xehearked sup- For Ns genume 'xn- Xevesk 'm our act'w'xk'xes, cooperafxon XX xs grafxmde an Non Mak we, We dass X955 dedkcate Xhks a edmon 'v he Echoes pon Of, OU, Q jacob lam extend Xo 'Nm our Sm- C5 WSC ce e appreckafxon. our E mend an if-1 sf Wit' ff' 1 Nw 33:5 we N d admx nd who ei orks, """"' -'H' qi .S a H053 Jr! I ON 4 PEA JO yyressafe 1 gi' "iv 'HF'- wi' 1 7- IO HIS S MLTO ENNSYL ANIA Qsrefvsauosfv November 1 195 , .4-.-- oqgbatu ations o be las F LQSS I 0 'irea J -lf, Sen or- zglz Sc-hoo Han of' o d ot ofv atyo Iv .Z beco d ybu PSQllZS yu great possqb Jltle a Yo al- 25 e 1- rv mate!-zal from Ivlzl o de It syou Ivlzo hold t e ey I'l1 S le t I' t es .zncer-e y ur P6 ponsl ' .POD 'fill o to e Q' gb llit nd S nor entx 1 i tomo lted at y t uct C. la ' ens zybv SZ: ou ' soo' JbQP ety Sin AUle S 'e re and ' 6' will 1 QP self ' HJ' and hh v alvQyS and i orld ea in yolzz- ver- nner falls Mind y act Obi ion 115:01- cer edit SlJQ IL Abs tenb Sl' Quder DR A G IN SCHLEGEL MILES M KOSTENBAUDER JACOB AZAIN KERMIT R BENFER M MARTHA BICKEL rf' 5.11 DOROTHY BOYER MRS G LAWERENCE BROWN MRS MURRAY BUTLER PAUL C CONFER P RICHARD FISHER DORIS FRITZ JULIA HAGENBUCH MARLIN L HARTMAN ROBERT L IZER HENRY LONGENBERGER f i I M NY., fl if-uf' MRS CHARLEST LONTZ CHARLES T LONTZ K FRED MAUGER GEORGE MERTZ MAE NEUGARD MRS. PRENTISS W. OWENS JOHN W PETERSON PHOEBE REINHART NANCY ROBERTS ELMER RUTH Q' Ni' o-Q5 'C' 'Vx if Qu.-A 4' ,, CHARLES E sowERs iQ Pl-Q. -swag, suv' MRS. J. HERMAN SHADE HARRY E SWANGER RAY L TAYLOR JAMES O TULE JR EVAN C WILLIAMS JACK WILLIAMS is-f 'F -'SJ -on-Q -of 'P' x. if MRS EMANUEL ROHRBACH HARRY B SMITH FOR ALL WE KNOW All of the senuors look so gay For today us our happy day Oh why Oh why can t we see That days luke thus wull no more be? Why have our school days gone so fast? Why can t they forever last? Now that our days of furu are through To our school days we wull ever be true Now we wull leave Dear Multon Hugh Well have memorues of days gone by We ve had happy days and sorrows But now we ll look for brught tomorrows Chorus For all we know we may never meet agaun After we go make thus moment llve agaun We won t say goodbye untul the last munute Thus world s before us wuth our hopes and fears un We come and go luke a rupple on a stream Wuth tears un our eyes we leave dear old Multon Hugh We may never meet agaun For all we know THE ORANGE AND BLACK Altho Wulluamsport has favored The Cherry and the Whute And the loyal boys of Danvulle For the Orange and Purple fught Stull we hold our colors splendor Nor honor shall they lack Whule the athletes stand defenders Of the Orange and the Black Thru the three long years of Hugh School Mudst the scenes we know so well There s a mystuc charm to knowledge We vaunly seek to spell Or we wun athletuc vuctorues On the football fueld or track Stull we work for Multon Hugh School And the Orange and the Black When our hugh school days are over And lute looms up before We recall those days of gladness That come agaun no more Stull we banush care and sadness As we turn our memorues back And recall those days of gladness Neath the Orange and the Black I , u , 1 , . - 1 V l . . ut, For now we know this will always be a dream. , . , 5 , , CSQIQIOITS' Cfass Colors ORANGE and BLACK Y-:nf .nl- f,.-" 451, 'pair' 145-4 pn. Al" 57 y3res10Qnf7s ji-Qessaye Here we are at the end of another year of school but for the sensors of MII ton Hugh and seniors everywhere an Amerlca rt as one of the brggest years of our lives Durtng our years of traunlng we the class of 55 have not only acquired know ledge rn soclal studues and traunung tn other fuelds but a knowledge of how the publtc schools operate here an Amertca It as too bad that only now some of us see what an educatron really means It Isnt simply gotng to school for twelve years and then getting a drploma that says we have an educatron An educated person as one who has worked studred and trred to learn and never gave up or sand I cant do lt He IS the one who can move mountauns On the other hand there are those who have been wtlltng actually to float through school and throw the golden opportumty of educatuon and success out the wtndow Little clo we thunk of the pnvrlege and honor whtch IS ours to be a part of such a great country to have and whtch has been ours to keep only through the toll and bloodshed of many men Ltttle do we thunk of the prlvllege and honor whtch ns ours to attend a school such as this to be trained and gutded by such well trarned and understandrng teachers who have helped put In our hearts and mtnds the confndence and knowledge needed for success Wuth the help of God and the knowledge that Amernca and all that tt stands for rs behrnd us we will go forward and accomplish our goal , .I I . Q' ,v.,l xr! A l f 1 A K t' t , . X, , . i ,' N gg ' f ,-. 4 , 'V '11 Jr Q B vi il 4 P l 2 ' 3 X -J I - . . . , , I I I - f . . . , . . . . . g . I . I - - H 1 - H - I l ' I I I . - . . I . , . Lots E. ADAMS College As busy a girl as you can find She wlll never be left be :nd Treasurer 2 Gnrls Chorus 23 Muxed orus 23 GAA A Pess Club l Echoes Staff 4 Co Edltor Student Durector Student Councul Play 3 Follles 2 Chapel Chonr WILLIAM AIKEY Busuness Brll rs really on the ball And he s always lrked by all lntr Volleyball 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Softball 3 4 Photography I ELNOR ALBRIGHT EIHOY General Always qulet but not sad You lust can t get Elnor mad A l 2 3 A lntr Volley a 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Softball 2 A Follze HOMER ARNOLD Smokey Vocatsonal Never a dull moment when Homer: near Trrvtal things as work he does not ear lntr Volleyball 2 3 4 Basketball So 2 3 A Protect. Cu 3 -1 CHARLES BAKER Vocattonal When theres a ruckus rn the hall Chrps volce rs heard above them r Softball 2 3 A Pu Addr s Sound Commnttee 2 3 K5 Q4 F5 PATRICIA Lou BARTO a Secretarial This Trl-Hi-Y president's hard beat Well all agree shes very sweet Band l Sectuon Leader l GAA l A Secre y Tr: Vuce Presldent 3 President A Stu dent Councul Cornmnttee A Basket l Echoes 4 Sewing Club NANCY JANE BASTIAN Nancy Secretarnal Heres a grrl well known by you Lnked by all thru and thru Gurls Chorus 2 Mlxed Chorus 2 GAA l 2 3 4 Echoes A Sewmg C U l Follies 2 CHARLES BATDORF Cockey Vocatxonal A regular guy a friend What more could we want any boy to be Protection Club 2 3 lntr Softball 2 ROBERT H BEAVER JR o Vocatuonal In hrs Studebaker Bob gets around On hrs face you never see a frown Boys Chorus 4 Muxed Chorus 4 Football l 2 3 Prolectuon Club 4 Student Councll Commuttee 3 4 lnr Volleyball 2 3 4 Basket all 4 So ball 2 BARBARA BILLMEYER Barbne College A modest grrl thats mce and shy But when she starts to talk oh my ool News 2 3 4 AA l 4 mnnton 3 A Fo ne 2 Echoe vess Club 1 Sewing Club CLARE MARGARET BOGLE Clarey Secretarual Claras never quret we re sorry to sa But wed thrnk she was snck rf we found her that way A l T H nr Volleyball 2 3 4 Basketball 2 4 Badmmton 3 4 Softball3 4 Echoes 4 Follues 2 RACHEL ANN BOSTIAN Rachel College Heres a gurl whos full of pep Shell succeed were wrllmg to bet A l 2 3 4 lntr Volley a B tball 1 3 4 mton 3 4 ftball 2 Follnes 2 ALBERT J P BOTTO Albey College Tall dark handsome and clever too To hrs grrl he rs always true Boys Chorus 3 4 Mnxed Chorus 3 4 HnY 4 Student Councul Com mlttee 3 Intr Softball 3 4 Echoes HAROLD EUGENE BowER Henry College Wrth the farmers he rs best And rn band he s full of zest n I 2 3 4 Dance Band 1 3 4 Boys Chorus 4 Basketball 2 arslty 3 4 Student Councll Play 3 lntr Volley l So MARTHA BOWERSOX Mert Secretanal From the country she does hall, ln school work she wrll never fall GAA 1 3 4 Cookrng Club 2 Fol Iles 2 N-.7 We-' iq,--v 'Q vw Q... Q. if l 5, BOYD Bov E R Buzzer Vocatlorta Not too quret not too gay He vs a good frfend every day CHARLES E BUCHER Eddy College A hard workvng student who s hard to bear To stump this guy rs qunte a eat School News l 2 Band 2 3 Hu Y I Scnence Club I Echoes Staff 3 4 JANET GALE BYERS Janet College Sports are her chref delrght Baseball mornrng noon and nrght S ool News 4 GAA 1 2 3 4 n r o eyball 2 3 n r Badminton 2 4 Intr Basketball 4 Intr Softball 2 3 4 Echoes 4 GAA Follues 2 FREDIC F CAMPBELL Fred College Heres a guy whos not so tall But strll he stars at basketball Band 2 3 4 JV Football 2 Varsuty Football 3 4 JV Basketball 2 Var stty Basketball 3 4 Key Club 2 3 4 Board of Dlrectors 3 4 H Y 2 3 4 Intr Softball 2 3 4 Honor Soclety l JUDITH ANN CAMPBELL Judy College Judy s peppy Judy s sweet She thmks the Yankees rust cant be beat School News 4 GAA I 2 3 4 :Y 4 Int Volleyball 2 3 r B ketball 1 2 Badmonton 3 4 Intr Softball 2 3 4 Follnes 2 Chapel Chow 3 Echoes GEORGE CARPENTER George Vocational George rs a very friendly guy May he succeed in all he may try Bndl 2 Si-HRLEY CATHERMAN Shirley College Shes a hard worker for the school Always do your best rs her rule School News 4 GAA I 2 3 4 lntr Baseball Echoes 4 Follies 2 ROBERT CAWLEY Bob Vocational Robert is a mce young fellow Disposition sweet and mellow lntr Volleyball 3 4 lntr Basket ball 3 4 lntr Softball 3 Baseball KENNETH CHAPPELL Skip Vocational Fond of laughter fond of fun For President he may someday run Intr. Volleyball 2- lntr, Basketball 2 3- lntr. Softball 2 3 4. NANCY CLOUSER Nancy College A farmers life is the life for me A farmers girl I want to be. GAA l 3 4- Follies 2. if v""7 Y"""P if S W' 1' of Wmma 'Q-Q if-7 E " sqm? f 'gy CHARLES E CONFER Chuck College ln winter summer fall or spring Hrs constant smile is a familiar thing ss President 3 Band 2 3 Dance Band 2 3 4 Boys Cho 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 y Club 3 4 Assembly Committee 2 3 4 HTY 4 Intr Softball 2 Echoes A Baseball 3 EDWIN RAY CONFER Vocatuonal Heres a guy we re willing to bet Will top most of the others we ve ever met Class Secretary 3 Boys Chorus 3 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Varsity Football 3 4 JV Basketball 2 Varsity Bas all 3 4 ln Softball 2 3 RICHARD Coup Alkte Vocational Black hair and rogursh eyes Kind of yourg but worldly wise Boys Chorus 4 lntr Basketball lntr Softball 2 3 4 Baseball 4 MARcuERxTE Cnorvus Margie General The kind of girl we all admire Of singing her praise well never lfe A 1, - 1 '-Y - lntr. Basketball ' r. Badminton 3 4- lntr. Softball 2 3 4- Follies 2' Echoes 4. MARLENE Lois DANOWSKY Danowsky General Marlene knows how to drive a car It s our bet that shell go far. C D- Follies a. GAA l 2 3 4- lntr. Basketball 3 4' Badminton 3 4- Softball 3, 44 Follies 2. ROBERT E DECK a College When theres lots of work to be done There lf Bob havrng fun School News l 2 3 4 Boys Chorus 2 3 4 Mnxed Chorus l 2 3 A ey u 2 3 4 re ary l nfr B et a Scrence Club l Echoes 4 as 4 Student Councr y 2 3 JOH N W DE R R John Vocatronal Whatever teachers do or say John rs smrllmg all the day RICHARD M DERR Derr Vocatuonal Hes very serrous about hrs studres About other thmgs never wornes PATRICIA DESMOND Patsy College Shy and gentle krnd and sweet The kind of glrl we lake to meet School News 4 lntr Volleyball 2 lntr Basketball 1 2 Follres 2 DOROTHY L DITZLER Weezue Secretarnal Wrth Dotty always comes a smrle She has proved herself worth while Class Vrce Presrdent I Class Secre tary 2 Gurls Chorus 2 Mixed Chorus 2, GAA 1, 2, 3, 45 Tn-Hr-Y 4, Intr. Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 2g Badminton 3, 4, Sewing Club I, Chapel Choir 2, 3, Echoes 4. ' 'Qui AvAn.AaLE ii s-x""' 1-'1-EL il 'V-""7 sa A77 'vc' tv? .Z if KENNETH DUNKLE Dunk Vocatxonal Why does he lorter On the way And come to Room 12 late each day Varsuty Football 2 lntr Volleyball B et a lntr Softball 2 3 A JOY LYNN DYE Joy Lynn General Pretty and so very sweet The krnd of girl youd lrke to meet Gurls Chorus 2 3 Mrxed Chorus 2 3 Cheerleader 3 4 GAAI 2 3 4 Publrcuty Charrman 2 Socral Charrman 3 lntr Volleyball 2 A Basketball 2 3 4 Badmnnton Softball A Echoes 4 Follres 2 ELWOOD ENGLEMAN Ossue Vocatnonal With hrs ever ready wrt He has made qurte a hit Class Tre surer 3 Football Manager Hu Y 2 lntr Volley all 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Softball 2 THOMAS R ENTERLINE Tommy College We re happy to say heres qurte a 9'-JY If he doesnt succeed we want to know why School News 3 4 Band I Ba on Twsrler 2 Boys Chorus 3 4 Mnxed Chorus 3 4 Key Club 2 Chanrman of Fmance Commnttee RAYMOND F ERB Jake Vocatlonal Sometrmes quret sometrmes gay Ray as a mce guy rn every way. RENEE ESTERBROOK en General W know her by her merry a Her gmiltng eyes her dark brown hair Irs Chorus 3 GAA l n r asketball l n r a rntnton A lntr tball Fo lies 2 CONNIE FINCK Dink Business Theres mischief danctng In her eyes A peppy cheerleader we surmise School News 4 Gnrls Chorus 2 3 Cheerleader l 2 4 GAA l In Baske a r a mtnton 3 4 Follles 2 FRED FISH ER Fred Vocational Fred may be long and lean But a better fellow is seldom seen ootball l r o ball NELSON FISHER Nellie Vocational Ahl Why should lite All labor be, SHERRY ANN FISHER Sherry General Sherry likes boys, short or tall She's like God, she loves them all. GAA I, 2, 3, 47 Follies 2. 1' Z4 qr"'Y hp 12"-'-v -oft e""7 Q-,ns 'C"" V-I 'Qi Y? '. 'bf , I 'J I K ' NANCY ANN FLOYD Peanut Secretarial Another girl with dark dark hair How al the blondes do despair A I IE r Volleyball 2 lntr Badminton A Soft n B e a IVS Chor s 2 Echoes A PATRICIA FORNWALD a College A second Ethel Barrymore IS on he way Thats why we lIke to see P In any school play School News l G A A FollIe IY 3 4 dent Council 3 Intr Volleyball 2 lntr Basketball 2 lntr Badminton A lntr Softball 2 3 Echoes SC Play 3 Sewing Club I CYNTHIA Fox Cindy Secretarial CIndy IS clever and gay She brightens up our every day A l 2 as etball 4 lntr Badminton 3 4, Echoes A Follies 2. JANET M. FREDERICK an General Never has too much to say We like her for her quiet way. A l, 2, , Ag lntr. Volleyba , gnr. setal , , 5 nr. r-ninton 3, Ag lntr, Softball 3, Ag Follies 2. FREDERICK FREY Freddie Vocational As good at shop as they will ever get, Just give him a job and he's all set. lntr. Basketball 2, lntr. Softball 2, 3, A, ELTON S GOFF College Loved by all but true to no e ThIs guy must have hIs share of un Class PresIdent 2 VIce Prestdent orus 3 4 otball 2 Va stty 3 4 Basket V A Student Councll 2 A Tre urer 4 Student Councnl Commattee Softball 2 3 ROBERT GRITTNER Bunny College A leader of great renoun Bob wIll never let us down sudent 4 Band l 2 A ec hon Leader 4 Chorus 3 4 ro tectIon group 3 A HIY Presudent 4 Boys Volleyball 3 Softball 2 3 4 FIrst Chan In Band 4 Echoes A RICHARD GUFFY Dlck Vocatuonal Although hes quret he gets some thrng done Youll fInd around DIck you can have a lot of fun JOI-I N Gu Y E R Guyer Vocatuonal To hrm srlence IS golden DONALD D. HANS Hans Vocational Not Over-sly, not over-bold, Don gets along with all the fold. Boys' softball 3, 4. -vi 4l"'!7 nn' 4"7 ft' My 'ur-'ff' ' x. Vw Qi -nv l ROBERT HARTMAN Boo VocatIonal Bob Is hardsome hes very tall We krofv hell always be lrlced by a n I Intr So ball DAvII:u HARTSOCK DavId College Threes a crowd lS hls pet hate u th very thrng seems to be hs ate n l 3 4 Boys Cho Mtxed Chorus l Basketball JV V rsIty 3 4 Protectuon Club l 3 4 Intr Volley A Softball 2 3 4 MARY E HAUPT Maggue Buslness A frrend she IS a good one too One who ll always be a help to you ool News 2 3 B n Gtrls Chorus 2 MIxed Chorus 2 A 1 2 'efball 2 3 Bas etball l 3 4 Badmnnton 3 4 Softball 2 3 4 FollIes 2 PATRICIA IRENE HAUSE a Secretanal I know that you wrll all agree Pats as nrce a gIrl as you wIll see Cl ss Secretary 4 GAA l 2 Treasurer 4 Student CouncIl 3 Secretary 3 Intr Volleyball 3 Basketball 2, 3, 4- Badminton p oftball 2, , - Follie . TI-IOM HEDENBERG Tom College Go up and ask anyone you will see, Who's the star of the class in trigonometry. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Intr. Softball 4, Echoes 4. FRANCES HARMEN Frances General Frances is a girl who can be scholastic, With vigor that may seem to be fantastic. GAA l, 2, 3, Ag GAA office-scribe 2, Girls' Volleyball 4, Basketball 2, 4, Badminton A, Sewing Club 2, Echoes 4, ROBERT HENDRICKS Kabootre Vocatuonal About Bob there is much we could sa Hes known to all for his famous Basketballl Intr Basketball 2 3 A So lball 2 3 A ROBERT HEss Bo Vocational He never does homework But he has a lot of fun lnr Basketball 3 Pubnc Address Sound System 3 A Joyce ANN HETTINGER Joyce College Joyce has beautiful long dark locks Shell always be around when op portunrty knocks nd l HTY 4 Intr Volleyball 2 Basketball 2 Follies 2 Echoes A JO ANN HILL College When there ls laughter there rs Jo At the Capitol shes on the go E oes4 GAAI 2 3 4 Intr ol ley all 2 3 4 Basketball 2 mmton 3 4 Softball 2 3 Follaes 2 'X 'sd "5--H1 ls' -n"'7 2' 'ul -Q-Q -.4 fi Qs 'J y-9 X I JAMES LEE HOFFMAN Jim College Very quiet, but on his toes, He's always a hrt wherever he goes. HI-Y 2, 3, 4 HARRY HOY Harry Vocational Thvs boy we know as Harry Hoy Hes full of pep and fun and roy Football l JV and Varsity oot bal 2 Intr Volleyball 2 Intr oft 2 FRANKLIN HUFE Frankle Vocatnonal A lovial man am I Never worry Never sigh Intr Softball 2 3 MABEL RUTH HUEF Mike Secretarlal Mable does all her school work lf shes given a task shell never shirk A1 2 3 4 Intr Volleyball B ball 2 r Badmmton 3 A Intr Softball 3 4 Echoes 4 Cooking Club 2 Follies 2 CHARLES JOHNSON Charloe College Charlre drrves to school each day So everyone knows to get out of hrs way an l 3 A Dance Ba Boys Chorus 4 Mlxed Chorus 4 H Y 4 RICHARD KARCHNER Dick College ln all he does hes in the swing We know for hrm The plays the thlng ool News l 2 3 Band 2 s Chorus 1 2 4 Mlx orus l 2 3 PresIdent l Student Councnl Play 4 Intr Basketball 2 Intr ball 2 3 Echoes Photographer 4 Baseball 3 4 DONNA JEAN KERSTETTER Tmy General We ve seen lots of grrls wIth beau tlful red harr But look at Donnas hers IS most arr Scool News4 GAAI 2 3 4 Intr Softball 2 FoIlIes 2 JANE KERSTETTER Jane General On the basketball court shes her very best But when she tackles anythmg she s full of zest G Al 2 3 4 Intr Volleyball 2 s etball Intr Badmlnton 3 4 Intr Softball 2 3 4 Follues 2 JANET A KERSTETTER Tgny General She works hard and does thmgs we Shes qulet ku-Id and really swell GAA l 2 3 4 Intr Volleyball 3 ketball l 2 4 Badmunton 3 4 lntr Softball 2 3 4 Follues 2 MILES KERSTETTER Males General To be an artist IS hls arm We are sure life wIll brrng hrm fame School News 2 4 Band 3 Echoes A l 1 I 'X T55 '17 Y Y' Ne' "nv sr-'f YW BARBARA ANN KING Barb Secretarial Laughter comes so easrly from her She can laugh at anythIng that should occur Al 2 3 4 Intr Volleyba ball 2 Iles 2 BETTY LEE KLINE Betty General At hlghyumpmg she does excel As a secretary shell do most every thang well G A l 2 3 4 Intr Volleyball 2 In Bas ball 2 ntr Badmlnton 3 4 Intr Softball 2 3 4 Follnes 2 NANCY Lou KLING Nancy College As a cheerleader It does seem Nancy s really on the beam Assembly Commmee 3 4 Cheer er 3 4 GAA l 2 4 HIY 3 4 Secretary 4 Intr Volley ba 2 3 4 Intr Basketball 2 3 4 lntr Badmmton 3 4 Intr Soft ba 2 3 4 Honor SocIetyl Fol Ines 2 Echoes 4 SCOTT KOSTENBAUDER Scott Vocattonal The Pnncvpal s son he may be But hes a wrllrng worker as you can see Key Club 3 4 Prolectuon Group 3 4 Sound Sy ALICE KRATZER Kratzer Secretaraal The Ford IS Ahces favorne car It she sucks tc It we know shell go far Is Chorus l 4 Mux orus l 2 4 Intr Volley B e a Intr Badmmton 4 lntr Softball 2 A Follnes JOHN KRUPKOSKI John Busrness If theres trouble we hope he ts near For when hes around theres nothmg to fear Boys Chorus 2 3 4 Mlxed Chorus Fo V rsut etball JV 2 HIY 2 3 4 asurer 4 Baseball 1 2 EMMA LAUDENSLAGER Emma Secretarral Although shes ntce but quret too Youll frnd that she ns seldom blue Al 2 3 4 Girls Intr Vo 2 ball Softball 3 Badmrnton 3 4 Echoes 4 Follres 2 THOMAS LEWIS Loure Vocatuonal We re sure that someday you wrll see Hts name go down ln hrstory Os Chorus 3 lntr Sot b 3 4 KAY DONNA LOGAN Kay Secretarual Always smtlmg always krnd A nicer gtrl rs hard to find ScoolNewsl 2 Band12 3 4 Sectuon Leader 4 GAA I 2 3 4 HrY 3 Ch lr n r asketball 1 4 mrnton 3 4 Softball 2 3 4 Follnes 2 Echoes 4 JOHN O LOWER John Vocatuonal John has a very speedy car But dont count on rt to get you far Boys Intr Softball 2 3 4 f-sa ,-.--4 17 -.1 li' 177 Nilf 'LQ ...rv L. Ap BRUCE MANNING JR Sonny Vocatnonal lt drdnt take the coaches very long To discover at football hes mtghty strong otball JV l 3 Var Intr Softball 2 HERB MARSH Herb Busnness Go rn his homeroom and youll see Herbs rushmg around as busy as can be Football I Student Councrl Com mnttee 3 Intr Volleyball 2 Basket ball 2 Softball 3 4 JOHN MCMURTRIE Johnny College Great thmgs he rs able to achieve Thats why we hate to see htm leave Treasurer 4 School News I Boys Chorus l Mrxed Chorus I Basket ball JV 2 Varsnty 3 4 Assembly Commuttee 3 4 Prolectnon Club HIY 2 Intr Basketball 1 Echoes 4 LAR RY ME NSCH Peaches Vocatronal ,,-... He s a loker of wrde fame V f A yoke a prank hes always game BETTY MAE MIDDLESWORTH Betty Mae Busmess Not too sober but not too gay Betty s a pal rn every way GAl23 MARION V MILLER Maruon Secretarlal Gentlemen prefer Blondes IS true she knows Because boys follow her wher ever she goes A l 2 4 ltr Volle a 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 BadmInton I F leS RODERIC RAY MOORE RIC College We only WlSh that you could see Rrck conquer a problem In cnem Istry Band l PrOIectIOn Group l Echoes A Co edutor JAMES MORGAN Fuzz College About JIm much can be saId For hes known to all for hIs lam Ing head Band VIce PresIdent 3 Sectnon er 4 Dance Band 'l 2 3 Basketball Managerl 2 3 4 Key Club Dustruct LIeutenant Governor 3 HIY 2 3 4 Student Counc 3 DIstrIct Treasurer A lntr Basket ba 3 RICHARD ELLSWORTH MUFFLY Duck Vocatuonal He came to us from Watsontown At machIne shop hes gamed re FTOVVH Intr Volleyball 3 4 lntr Basketball 3 A Intr Softball 3 A BETTY Lou MUNSON Betty Lou Secretarual Betty s sometrmes quiet but always full of fun On good fortune we know shell come n l 2 4 Gurls Chorus 3 Muxed Chorus l 2 3 GAA l TrIHIY 3 Intr Volley B ball Intr Badmmton 3 4 Intr Softball Ech FolIe wot' RAYMOND MussER Ray Vocatuonal Rays at shop Wlfh all the rest But we know hIs work IS of the best lnr Basketball 2 3 4 Sot 2 BONNIE LEE NEYI-IART Bonme College A form drvrne and eyes of blue Golden haIr 'hlS gal sure wIll do G A I 2 3 4 Intr Volleyball I B Intr BadmInton 3 4 Intr Softball 3 A Echoesd Follles NANCY C NOAKER Nan Secretarnal Sweet Nancy Wlfh eyes so blue Youll wIn all those who look at you GIrls Chorus 2 3 4 Mnxed Chorus G 4 Follne PATRICIA ANN NOLL at General Pat as a classmate rs the lrkable sort Loves to roam on a basketball court A I A Intr Volley B ball 2 Ba mInton A Intr Softball 2 3 A Follues 2 Ros E RT NOL L Bob Vocatsonal To everyone he s known as Bob The man who can do most any ,ob PATRICIA A NUNN Patty College Pat has something ht cant b bought Though by everyone t s sought School News A Band 2 3 A S tion Leader A GAA A Business anager A TIHIY ntr eyball 2 3 A lntr Basket 4 lntr Baclmirit rs 3 A Ec o Follies JAMES F OHL Oleo College In his schoolwork hes good all around A better guy can not be found and l A Danc Ba Bo s Ch rus A Mix Cous3 4 KeyClub3 4 e e tary and Treasurer A Student Coun cl Play 3 WILLIAM PFLEEGOR Vocational When lookrng at the things that he s done W know that Bill lS a barrel f un MARIE RUTH PICK Marie Secretaria Mane is a quiet soul And were sure shell reach her goal Al,,,gFoIe. JOAN LUELLA RANCK Little Joan General Everyone knows that joan Ranck ls the kind of girl on whom ou can bank Girls' Chorus 2g Mixed Chorus 2g A 2, 3, Ag lntr, Volleybal , 5 rt r. s et a . , 5 n r, Badminton 3g Intr. Softball 2, 3, I Follies 25 Protection Group l xx 'C'-:r I 4:3 i Y -six 'fn-ff GND 'S Y? 'ul' 'Ns JOHN REAM Fosdick Vocational hes around and If hes near H s tellir-g tales that are lun o hear otball JV and Varsity 2 nr o eyball ntr Bas etball n r Softball EDWARD REARICK Vocational About hime nothing bad will be said Hes a funny guy by the name of .JV Football 2 GAIL MARIE REIN Gai Secretarial The things shes done we could not count Her accomplishments a of small amount Grls Chorus 2 3 Mixed Chorus Cheer ader A AA E Basketball 2 3 A lntr Badminton lntr Sof 2 3 4 Scien Club l Echoes A Honor Society Follie CAR L REISI-I Fuss College Carls the kind of boy we like An we think that hes all right MARY ANN RIDER Flora Secretarial ull un a fu pep Q' ' girl as w 'ye ever met, Girls' Chorus 2, 3g Mixed Chorus , 5 AA , , , 45 lrttr, So , Ag lntr. Volleyba Ag Echoes 5 Chapel Choir 35 Student Council Play 3q Follies 2. Dtctc M ROBENOLT Duck General For high speed he has a thrrst At the end of a race youll frnd htm first Busmess Staff 4 Boys Chorus A Bas etball 2 lntr Softball 2 3 4 Photography Club l MARLENE GRACE ROBINSON Marlene College Although she rs quret she IS sweet She wtll never meet defeat A l 2 4 Tr r Volleyball 4 lntr Basketball 4 lntr Badmunton 3 A Folltes 2 DELORES WANDA Ross Dee Secretartal Delores comes from the street named Wall Her company vs enyoyed by all Mrxed Chorus 3 lntr Volleyball A Intr Basketball A lntr Badmtnton A lntr Softball 4 Lubrary Club 2 T HnY 3 GAA 3 A JAMES JOSEPH RUNYAN lm General Youll never frnd one more bold Remnnds you of the Knlghts of old School News 4 Boys Chorus l 2 d Chorus l 2 A Football 2 Varsnty 3 4 HuY l 2 V my aseball l JV Basketball 2 Echoes A DONALD ST CLA! sz Don Vocatronal Where he gets hrs energy ls to us a mystery qw...-.7 W! hi if v"""' 49? it-9 CLARA E SANDERS Clara S cretartal At havrng fun shes the very best So full of fun and full of zest School News 2 3 4 GAA 2 3 4 lntr Volleyball 2 Basketball A Badmnnton 3 4 Softball 4 Cook :ng Club 2 Follnes 2 BENJAMIN B Sc:-4MtcK en College On Saturday nrght he can be seen Enloymg hrmself at the teen can teen nce Band l 2 3 A Band l 3 4 Boys Chorus 4 Mtxed Chorus 4 Echoes A Student Councrl Prod 2 Student Councul Play 3 JOAN SEIDEL .loan General So quret you hardly know shes arourd Her fnendshlp ts one we know rs sou d GAI 234Echoes4 JIM P SEKSINSKY rm College At football he ns sure alrrght Hrs smrle to grrls as pure delvght JV Football I 2 Varsnty Football 3 JV Basketball l 2 Key Club 3 A Vuce Prestdent 3 Presldent HIY 2 4 Student Councul 2 3 Vlce Presndent 3 Presndent 4 lntr Softball 3 4 Honor Soclety I Echoes 4 Scnence Club I DONALD SHEETS Cuffy Vocatronal If we re ahead or far behnnd ln the thrck of the battle on Sheets you wlll fund JV Football 2 Varsnty Football 3 r yball 2 r Bas etball 2 3 4 lntr Softball 2 GINNY SI-IELLIENBERGER in Secretarial As a classmate she is sweet Her good nature IS hard to beat A l Trl I lntr Volleyball A lntr Badmrnton A Echoes A Follles 2 CLARK B SHIFFER Clark Vocatlonal To you we leave thls one remark There Iust arent many as good as Clark lntr Volleyball 3 4 lntr Softball JUANITA SHIRK Teedy College At slngrng alto she IS great She IS also a very nrce classmate Grrls Chorus 2 3 A Muxed Chorus C aur 3 A Dance Band A A ln Vo r asketballl lntr a mrnton 4 tr oftball 2 Echoes 4 Follues 2 Student Coun Pays 2 NEAL R SHIRK Nea College Neal guy who seems mrghty s You cant get htm mad no matter how haro you try ey u 2 Volleyball 2 lntr Baske ball nr Softball 2 KAY N SHOWERS Kay College Kay lS a member of the Band Wlth her we wrll take our stand School News 2 3 A Band 2 A l 2 r V lleyball 2 3 lntr a Inton 3 4 Folle 2 Echoe Swtng Club l Student Councsl Play 3 'Nl V? 5--1 QQ TIP' Wh' el -cf NANCY SHOWERS DeeDee Secretarial A nice little lassie from up the way Usually has somethrng Important to sa Grrls Chorus 2 Muxed Chorus l 2 GAA l 2 lntr Badmrnton 3 4 Echoes 4 Follues 2 RSVISW of 52 NANCY ANN SHULTZ Nanny Secretarlal The malorette who IS IH the lead Shes a fnend to anyone In need Band l 2 3 4 Head Malorette 4 Malorettel 2 3 4 Cheerleaderl A l Treasurer 3 lntr Badmunton 4 Basketball 4 Student Councul Play 2 3 Follues 4 Echoes 4 JANET SI-IUTT an Secretarral A sweeter gurl youll never flnd Always helpful always klncl Glrls Chorus 2 3 Mrxed Chorus AA I Gurs o leyball 2 3 Badrmnton 3 Chapel Chorr 3 DAVID C SIX Ape College As a football player hes known far and wrde We re all very glad he IS on our slde otball l 2 J Varsuty etball JV 2 V rsuty 3 4 DAVID SMELTZ Dave General How dreary and lonely thus world would appear lf boys llke Dave were nowhere near ScoolNews3 4 HIY3 4 tr Volleyball 3 lntr Basketball 3 RICHARD D SMITH Tucker Vocattonal Slow and easy goIng hell never hurry But of hrs beIng late well never worry lntr Volleyball 2 Intr Softball 2 3 4 bound Commtttee WAYNE L SMITH ex Vocattonal When we re gone and none remarn The world wrll remember thrs guy Wayne lnr Volleyball 2 3 nr Basket 3 Intr Sof ball 2 GLENN J SNYDER, Moose Vocattonal Not a sInner nor a samt perhaps But well one of the very best of chaps Intr Volleyball 2 Intr Basketball lrtr Sottball 2 BRIAN I SPECK Chmg Chmg Vocattonal Thrs shop boy IS really dtzzy He keeps all the grrls In a trzzy JV Football 2 lntr Basketball 2 3 e ball r Softball 2 3 4 Baseball Manager Varsuty EDWARD G SPRINGER Eddent Vocatuonal Ed IS known around the town As a boy wholl never let you down JV Basketball 2 Intr Volleyball 2 ln Softball 2 3 4 1 C' fe 5-D Z' TQ Th 'Ar cms ti io' l CHARLES STAH I. Chuck Busmess Hot Rod happy IS our boy Chuck We all wIsh hIm lots of luck n I 2 A Danc d 3 4 Boys Intr Basketball 2 Sot bal 2 3 4 Baseball Manager l MAR Y STAH I. Mary Secretanal Marys the grrl wrth lots of abrlrty Over lrfe s obstacles shell step wrth agrlrty GIrls Intr Volleyball 4 Badmmtort Rovc E EDGAR STRAU B ex College When theres work hes never late The ktnd of man we apprecrate Ke Club 3 A DALE SWANGER Da e Vocattonal In any talk he wtll not faIl So If you need help lust call for Dale Vtce Presndent A MARY Lou SWANGER Mary Lou General Heres a grrl thats very relIable Thrs IS a fact thats undenrable Sc ocl News 4 GAA l 2 3 4 Gtrls Intr Volleyball 4 Badmtnton 4 Folltes 2 ROBERT HENRY TEMPLE Temp Vocattonal Around the school hes good tured we ftnd But to teachers at ttmes he was rather unktnd Bo s lntr Basketball 2 3 A Soft 2 HELEN TIFFANY tz Secretartal She ts a cheerleader at our school As Football Queen she dtd rule School News Edttornal Staff A GAA 2 3 4 Student Counctl m mt tee A Grls lntr Volleyball 2 e ball A mnton 3 A Softball 2 3 P o graphy Club l Follnes 2 SANDRA Loutse TRATE Sandy Bustness When youre tired or when youre beat Her smtle comes as a welcome treat Grls Chorus 2 3 Mnxed Chorus I nr Vo Basketball 2 A Badmtnton A Soft 2 A GAA Follles 2 Ec Staff 4 ARCHIE TROXELL Starchae Vocattonal If hes tn your home room ou can be glad For Archle wtll never make you mad s l r ohball ELLEN JOAN TRuMR Ellen College h r graduattof ll e Because shes wartcd for a Ong long ttme Gtrls Chorcs 3 Mtxed Cho us 3 GAA 2 3 A G ls lntr Bad f-ton 3 C A Fo' s 2 New Q"'y, Wg wg? Q" "N. 15 lt OU out emi . Nurs gre-., 'Tb 'Nl' 22 iv i S., MARY ANN WAHL M , College By krtowtrg Mary we have found To greater thtngs thts g rl ts bound ool News Edttor Chne rs Chorus 3 lntr O all 2 3 Badmun n tball l 3 Baske Echoes Staff 4 GAA Folltes 2 Press U J dent Counctl Play Cornmtttee GEORGIA MAE WALKER Geofgta College A umform has caught her eye Ask her and youll fmd out why Gtrls do us 3 Mtxed Chorus 3 A 2 3 A Student Counctl rs eyball 2 A all 2 A Badm n n tball 2 3 A Sctence Club vue of 52 GA F le Echoes Staff 4 THORNTON WALKER Sknp College Hes very busy too busy tt seems r hes the clu s on a the teams Sectuon Leader tn Band A Dance n 3 A orus Mnxed Chorus I 2 3 Football JV K 4 Ht Y Sc-cre dent Counctl play sound effects 4 FRANKLIN WARREN Ltghtnmg Vocattonal Although he rs the qutet sort Youll frnd that he ts a very good sport s ltr Volleyball l 3 all l JACK VVERTZ Jack Bustness If you ve met htm you know hes a guy On whose ludgement you can rely Boys lntr Volleyball 2 3 4 Soft ball 2 3 4 KATHARINE WtEANo Kate College As a student she is bright Always nice to have ID sight Al 2 3 A TriH1Y2 3 Ma zine Drlve2 VIRGINIA MAE VVILKINS Ginny College At GAA Ginny you will see And shes partial to dentrstry School News A Band 3 4 Malor ette 4 Assembly Committee 3 eerleader I GAA l 2 Vlce President 3 President 4 Trl ln Vo e ball Basketball 2 3 A Badminton 3 A So all 2 3 A Echoes A Follies 2 Photography Club l DONALD WIRTH Don Vocational Don is a very nice fellow to know We wish him the best where er he may go lntr Volleyball 3 Basketball 3 SHIRLEY WOLEE Shirley Business From Shirley you never hear a loud noise To all she represents great toys Girls Chorus 3 4 Mixed Chorus 3 G A l 2 3 A lntr Badminton 3 Vo eyball 4 Follies 2 CHARLES WOOMER Chuck Vocational This boy hails from out Shakespeare way We won't be surprised if he's Presie dent some day, Football Manager 2, 3, 42' Q-Avy l six cf' ,an TERESA ANN YAGEL Tessie Secretarial Cury hair has this cute blonde Of whom we all are very fond A l 3 A Badmvnto Echoes A Follies 2 JO ANN LUCILLE YARGER Business Cute little girl with hair of brown Where there s laughter she IS found A l 2 4 lntr Volleyba tball A mnton 3 A Softball 2 3 4 o tography Club I Follies 2 Echoes 4 Chapel Choir 3 SANDRA A Yoculvi Sandy General If you go to our school you will hear Sandy For she has that giggle which vs always handy School News 2 3 4 Girls Chorus Ml r Al 2 3 4 lntr Volleyball Basketball 1 2 3 Badmin n 4 Softball l 2 3 4 Photography u l ee u Fo ies Echoes 4 JOSEPHINE ANN YOUNG Jo Ann Secretarial ln many a gym class she has been It was never her fault if her team didnt win A I 4 lntr Volley tball 4 nton 3 4 Softball 2 3 A lies 2 TERRY ZIMMERMAN TCVVY College Here's a boy with a past With the girls hes never last. Echoes 4- Band and First Chair l , , 4, Distric Ba , 4, o and Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Foot. 2 7 . , , 4, Sectio 5 lntr. Basketball 2, Softball 2, 3, JOAN Mose R Gracie Snow EY DRUMM Sidney Vocational When the bell rings Joan is never here His quiet disposition Of Plflk lafdt' 5llP5 Pleases all who know him. Ti She has her share. GAA l, 2, 3, A. GQSJ c7ii5'f0Iy We, the class of nineteen hundred fifty-five, entered Milton High School in September of l952. Ahead lay three years of hard work, and we chose Miss Nancy Roberts and Mr. Jacob Azain as our class advisors to see us through. Our class officers that year were Sy Goff, president, Dottie Ditzler, vice presi- dent, Nancy Shultz, secretary, and Lois Adams, treasurer. The first year went swiftly and we found ourselves in the middle of summer vacation. Relaxation and free time ended abruptly, though, when we re-entered the High School as Juniors. We elected Chuck Confer, president, Sy Goff, vice president, Ed Confer, treasurer, and Elwood Engleman, secretary, as our officers. Our maga- zine drive, to help with our annual expenses, was our big project of the year. Dick Smith and Clara Sanders shone with high sales for the class. Right after our second vacation we elected Bob Grittner, president, Dale Swan- ger, vice president, Pat Hause, secretary, and John McMurtrie, treasurer, as our able leaders for the all-important senior year. Christmas Card sales were started, and the Echoes staff was organized. Along with our regular participation in school organizations, such as G.A.A., Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y, and Key Club, we decided on the dedication for the yearbook, and took part in the Student Council Production. Name cards and graduation invitations were ordered, we had assemblies and the annual Snow Dance. The Senior Class Play came next, with very rewarding work and worries. Soon after the May Dance, the yearbook was dedicated and circulated. All our activities finished, we faced a new and bigger world the day of graduation. Our forebodings upon entering M.H.S. seemed trivial. Now we pray we can meet and overcome larger obstacles, without the helpful teachers and secure walls around us. Many of us will come back to the empty halls and echoing class rooms some time in our future, but all of us will remember these three years with the wistful affection of all alumni. General Cfcfoes SIM Faculty Advisor K Fred Mauger Co Editors rn Chief Roderuc Moore Loss Adams Faculty Commrttee Bob Grnttner Bar bara Bullmeyer Nancy Bastlan Kay Showers lanet Byers Classes and Organizations Dottne Dntz Hull Gnnny Shellenberger Joan Seidel Fran ces Harmon Dave Hartsock Albert Botto Marlene Robinson Kay Logan Senior Actrvltzes Vnrglnna Wllkuns Bonnie Neyhart Teresa Yagel Shnrley Cath erman James Seksunskl Arts and Photography Pat Fornwald Duck Karchner Mules Kerstetter Mary Rlder Elton Goff Sports Duck Karchner Skip Walker Patty Nunn Betty Munson Jam Runyan Class Song Clndy Fox Sandy Yo cum Kay Logan Juanita Shark Nancy Klung Class History Elton Goff Pat Barto Sandy Trate Ben Schmlck Georgra Walker Features Margre Cromls Pat Forn wald Edward Bucher Mary Wahl Tom En terlrne James Morgan Senior Write ups John McMurtrae Mary Wahl Tom Enterllne Jlm Morgan Nan cy Shultz Nancy Klnng Ellen Hedenberg Copy Edlrors Gaul Shultz Shlrley Wolfe Mabel Trate Pat Barto Dottne Dntzler Joyce Hettlnger Connie Flnck Business Managers Terry Chuck Confer Trump Tom Rem Nancy Huff Sandy Clare Bogle Zlmmerrnan -.-.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,a,,,, ,,, . Yu-WmuH-vWn----- . I - - . -. - . . . , , , . "" I . . A , ,c,,c,, . .cc,,c , , . . , , . I I I . ,c,,-Vcc,, cc,c,,c ,,c,c,, , - . . . . Q , , , ' ler, Clarey Bogle, Renee Esterbrook, JoAnn ' ' I 1 1 ' . l ' - -ff-f---f---A------ l 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 ' I ' 1 I I I 1 ' - - --- f - l I I ' I I I I I I I . . . , . I I I . c,,cc,c,c. cccc. , I I I NAME Lous Adan s Wulluam Aukey Elnor Albrught Homer Aruoold Charles Batdorf Charles Baker Patrucua Barto Nancy Bastuan Robert Beaver Barbara Bullmeyer Clarey Bogle Rachel Bostuan Albert Botto Harold Bower Martha Bowersox Boyd Boyer Charles Bucher Janet Byers Fred Campbell Juduth Campbell George Carpenter Shurley Catherman Robert Cawley Kenneth Chappell Nancy Clouser Edwun Confer Charles Confer Marguerute Cromus Marlene Danowsky Robert Deck John Derr Ruchard Derr Patrucua Desmond Dorothy Dutzler Kenneth Dunkle Joy Lynn Dye Elwood Engleman Tommy Enterlune Raymond Erb Renee Esterbrook Connue Funck Fred Fusher Sherry Fusher Nancy Floyd Patrucna Fornwald Cynthua Fox Janet Frederuck Fred Frey Elton Goff Robert Gruttner Rtchard Guffey John Cuyer Donald Hans Fran es Harmon Robert Hartman Davud Hartsock Mary Haupt PET LIKE Housework Hot rods A certaun boy Ponues Not much of anythung Dog Stertography Havung fun Long haur Sports Football A certaun boy Accorduon Musuc and sports Money Work on car motors New York New York Yankees Norte Swummung and Yankees Motorcycle un Horses Hustory Gym Shop Out of doors Huntung gurls Watchung televusuon A certaun boy un the Navy Fords Chrysler Products Nouse Swummung A Certaun boy Women Sports Gur s Musuc Women Money Motorcycles Sharon un Fords Gee' l e A certaun fellow Good clean fun None Aurplanes Gurls Shop gurls and horses Auto shop French Nancy 123 Navy PET HATE John beung so far away School P D C ss Superculuous gurls Teachers a All boys but one Gettung up un the mornung Englush class Dushes Gettung up un the mornung Work None A slow marchurug band Cleanung my room Englush Work School Typung Gettung up early School Boredom Englush Physucs and Englush Homework Gurls fathers Not much of anythung Hotrods Htllbully musuc To be called Honey Sulence Gettung up early Cowboy druvers Mr Mauger Losung football games Teachers Lazuness Mr Mauger Beung cruel to anumals Bookkeepung Englush Dogs To lose a game Hugh places F nes Hotrods Teachers un general Greedy people Really nothung Mr Mauger Englush class Teachers Studyung Cats Couples of three Jealous people V ' . . la 4 4 C t ' F Richard Coup Ladies, tobacco, beer WOfl1 . . , , ? ' l ' F ' H T al ' u' AMBITION Homemaker Marrnes Nurstng Get the most out ot mrlutary servlce Marrled l te Hot roddung Secretary Secretary Navy Nursing Secretary Teacher Dentnst Hotel manager Secretary Auto mechanuc School teacher Nurse Dentlst Nurstng Machlrust un the Navy Beautlcuan Electrnclan 99999 Nursung Farmer To get marrled someda maybe 99999 Homemaker To learn how to druve Pharmacust Work around food Joan the Marlnes Teaching Secretary Manager of a store East Strodsburg State Teachers College Married lute To be a good band dlrector Jet pslot X Ray technncran To llve IO Ohlo Butcher Marine s vvufe To travel Graduation Secretary House vvtte Machlnnst Undecuded Avlatton Truck drtver Ransung and tratnung horses Farmrng To be happy Guutar playing Engrneer Wlfe of a satlor PROBABLE RESULTS Mrs John Boyer Parrus Island Recrult Protesslonal volleyball player Husband of ttckle female Married Marrued Prlvate secretary Marrled Anchors Avvergh Marrled Coach s vvlfe Married Medlcal student Gentleman farmer Marrued Mechanuc Travellng teacher Grant fan lt ll be a long p Nurse Machrnust mate Beautrcran Electrnclan Marrued Charnpnon steer raiser Goosetovvn resrdent TV repalrman .l J Newberry Manager Mrs Robert W Loreman Ex ltcensed drnver Danvtlle drugglst Cook Parrus Island Teacher Marrued ACME Manager Physucal Ed teacher Father Prof Shovvman Jet lockey X Ray technucuan Mrs M Butcher Mrs Funck World traveler The governor s vvnte Mrs T Pelfer Mrs R Guffey Machune shop teacher Pilot Truck drnver Owner of Calumet Farms Farm mechanrc Take Miss Btckel s place Hrllbully snnger Engnneer Marrred , i v 'D ' ull!! . yi I ' '? NAME Pat Hause Thom Hedenberg Robert Hendrtcks Robert Hess Joyce Hetttnger Jo Ann Htll Jtm Hoffman Harry Hoy Mable Huff Charles Johnson Rtchard Karchner Donna Kerstetter Jane Kerstetter Janet Kerstetter Mtles Kerstetter Barbara Ktng Betty Kltne Nancy Kltng Scott Kostenbauder Altce Kratzer John Krupkoskt Emma Laudenslager Tom Lewts Kay Logan John Lower Bruce Manntng Herb Marsh John McMurtrte Larry Mensch Betty Mtddlesworth Rodertc Moore James Morgan Rtchard Muffly Betty Munson Ray Musser Bonnte Neyhart Nancy Noaker Patrtcta Noll Robert Noll Patrtcta Nunn James Ohl Btll Pfleegor Marte Ptck Joan Ranck John Ream Edward Reartck Gall Retn Carl Retsh Mary Rtder Dt k Robenolt Marlene Robtnsort Delores Ross Jtm Runyan Donald St Clatr Clara Sanders Ben Schmtck PET LIKE Cadtllac conyerttbles Food Cats Dogs Fords Skattng The wtlderness Gtr s Navy Cars 550 Broadway To play the fteld A certatn boy A certatn boy Art class Square danctng Boys Sports Engtneertng Sweeney New York Yankees A certatn Lewtsburg boy Yankees Baseball CPhtlltes Machtne shop Gtr s Eattng Got Motorcycltng e Foodstuffs Ptnk and black Cadtllac Cars Swtmmtng Oppostte sex Mustc A certatn boy Far away gtrls Certatn New Columbta Automobtles Gtr s None Satlors Women Mr Izer Horses Hunttng Clothes Mercury converttble Worktng Skattng Martlyn Monroe Hunttng Fords Ltytng boy PET HATE Hot rods School 'P DQQOQO Cats Homework Getttng up Notsy people School Mustc lessons Homework Jealous men To be called Red P D c ss School School Getttng up School Sptders Engtneers All other boys School Shorthand Antt Yankees Yankees Teachers Teachers Busybodtes Work School School Brooklyn Dodgers Bad grades Stop stgns Boys My redheaded stster Homework None Engltsh teachers lrontng Teachers Getttng up Dotng dtshes Engltsh Mr Mauger None Phystcs Schoolwork School Getttng dressed for school Htstory Gtrls Engltsh Speedtraps None ' l 3 . . la . ' ' 9 . . I . I . ' R d Marion Miller Pizza Pie Getting up Me ' ' ' ' I P. D. ' P. D. ' ' l UQYXEZ 33 AMBITION I To learn to dr ve I Marlene Danowsky Draftsman Mechannc Hot rodlng Nursung Telephone operator Englneer Arr Force To be a WAVE Horttculturlst Bug wheel Go to Ohlo Nurslng Learn how to dnve Artlst Secretary Get marrred Gym teacher Engtneer To get marrled To go to college To get married Success ID the future To lead the Phtllles to a World sertes QQOQQQ Roofrng PROBABLE RESULTS Marned Dravvtng teacher Mechanlc Indiana speedway dnver Supervrsor at E V Hospttal Mrs Foster Builder of Northern Canaduan Roads Marrred WAVE Farmer Sandy s husband Hard to say Marrled Hot rodder 9 9 Marned Married Stroudsburg State Teachers College Englneer Marned Teacher Married Artist Minor League fan Machuntst Rooter Marned Successful businessman Making blocks Marry Bookkeeper Chemist Chemrst o Beautrcran Gun smith Nurse To be a good Amerucan crtuzen Homemaker Heavy duty truck driver Nurstng Engrneernng Gettrng marrned and rar To be a good secretary To be a housewlfe Machunlst Machlnust Secretary Carpenter Internor decorator se a famtly Make the Arr Force my llfe Nursrng Secretary To go wandering Truck driver Lady cop Veterinary Motorcycle Exhtbrtuonlst Marrued Married Chemrst Knwanls Presndent Married Beautncran Gun smuth Marrred Married Army vvlfe Truck druver Mrs Muffly Engtneer Marrued Vlarrued Navy wrfe Marrred Machlntst Successful secretary Carpenter Dress deslgner Six feet under Supervlsor at Gelslnger Sonya Herne ll Joe D1Maggvo ll Truck driver Truant offrcer Veternnary ' I'ke - ' ' ? '? . . ? ? Engineer Businessman J b ' NAME Joan Setdel Jim P Sekstnsky Donald Sheets Ginny Shellenberger Clark Shtfter Juantta Shtrk Kay Showers Nancy Showers Nancy Ann Shultz Davtd C Stx Rtchard Smtth Wayne L Smtth Glenn Snyder Brtan Speck Edward Springer Chuck Stahl Mary Louise Stahl Royce E Straub Dale Swanger Mary Lou Swanger Bob Temple Helen Tttfany Sandra Loutse Trate Archte Troxell Ellen Trump Mary Ann Wahl Georgta Walker Thornton S Walker Franklin Warren Jack Wertz Kathertne Wteand Vtrgtnta Wtlktns Donald Wtrth Shtrley Wolfe Charles Woomer Teresa Ann Yagel JoAnn L Yarger Josephine A Young Sandra Altce Yocum Terry Zimmerman Stdney Drumm Nelson Ftsher Frankltn Hutt Jane' Shutt PET LlKE Drtvtng a car Ptnk shtrts and black ttes Football Fords Gtr s Mustc Reading James Tap and ballet danctng Eattng Eattng and sleeptng Hunttng Food Women Women Gtr s Animals Frtends Hunttng Donnte Hunting gtrls Certatn boy Boys Gtrls Massachusetts A certatn oy A certatn boy Sports Cadtllacs Brunettes Cadtllacs A certatn quarterback Gtr s Antmals Food Worktng at Rea 8. Dertck s Roller skattng A certatn guy who drtves a Chevy r Park Avenue Dog Machtne shop A gtrl from Watsontown Antmals PET HATE None Typing School Getttng up Teachers Squeaky Clartnets Getttng up early All other boys Fast drtvers Getttng up My stster Engltsh Stop stgns Mr Mauger Homework Worktng None Women drtvers School School Teachers None School None Getttng up The Atr Force ldleness Engltsh School Careless drtvers Asparagus on toast Mr Mauger School Gtrls Being teased by the boys Problems of Democracy Dotng dtshes Nothtng really P D class Mathemattcs Engltsh School Cowboys ' ' I . I . David Smeltz Hunting Spending money P. D. , b . . . I . 6 ' A t ' AMBITION Nurse Clvll engineer Tool and dye maker To travel Machlnlst Music teacher To become a nurse Housewlfe and secretary Dancer School teacher Englneer Englneerlng Carpenter Jet pilot Hot rod mechanlc To get along In life Secretary Heavy equupment operator Worklng Housewlte Secretary Make a success In lute To be somebody s wlfe Farmer Nurse Dress designer Nurslng Engineer Truck drlvxng Bachelor Cheaper by the dozen To be a dental assnstant Auto mechanlc None Englneer Owning a yellow and black Mercury Beautlclan To be marrled Muslc To get marrled Chef Be a machlnlst Protesslonal baseball player Secretary PROBABLE RESULTS OGG? Clothes shark Machlnnst World traveler Machlnlst Take Retes place Durector ot nurslng Marrled Art teacher Coach Engineer Englneer Carpenter Jet lockey lndlana speedway mechanlc Marrred Secretary to a Veterlnarlan Crane operator Marrued Married Private secretary Married Old mald teacher Farmer Nurse IO Massachusetts School teacher Mrs Speck Globe Trotter Chauffeur Father of l2 Mother of the year l965 A certatn dentist s assistant Auto mechanic Veterlnarlan Super Market manager Assistant manager at Rea 81 Denck s Roller derby queen A Mrs Art and Music Teacher Stull trylng Chet Machlnlst Marrled Pruvate secretary Live to be "99" Live to be "l OO" LUNATICS AT LARGE By James Reach Produced by Special Arrangement with Samuel French Director K Fred Mauger CAST Mr Hyde Priscilla John Alden Lady Macbeth Don Cutter Lucille Cutter Mrs Adair Doctor Janet Elaine Wing Greg Stevens Claire Stevens Amos Burke Inspector Britt James Morgan Kay Logan Terry Zimmerman Patricia Fornwald James Runyan Patricia Hause Clare Bogle Gail Rein Virginia Wilkins Richard Karchner David Smeltz JoAnn Hill Raymond Musser Herb Marsh PROGRAM COMMITTEE Miss Roberts, Advisor, Pat Barto, Chairman, Nancy Noaker Mary Ann Rider Clara Sanders. STAGE SETTING-Mr. Tule, Advisorg Scott Kostenbauder, Chairman, Richard Smith, Edward Rearick, Tom Lewis, Robert Temple. BUSINESS COMMITTEE-Mr, Azain, Advisor, Charles Confer, Chairman, David Hartsock, Nancy Kling, James Ohl, Ben Schmick, Mary Ann Wahl, Skip Walker. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE-Miss Reinhart, Advisor, Janet Byers, Chairman, Judy Campbell, Shirley Cather- man, Pat Desmond, Miles Kerstetter, Patty Nunn, Dick Robenolt, Kay Showers, Mary Lou Swanger. PROPERTY COMMITTEE-Mr. Azain, Advisor, Ed Bucher, Chairman, Tom Enterline, Cynthia Fox, Katherine Ann Wieand, Sandra Trate, Lois Adams. USHERETTE COMMITTEE-Miss Roberts, Advisor, Marlene Robinson, Nancy Bastian, Marguerite Cromis, Joy Lynn Dye, Connie Finck, Patty Nunn, Nancy Shultz, Teresa Yagel. .- A., - .x ' ,f Y 94. dh , 93" ai? -ff. '41 .. -. wg- .., soma-ll"Y -L , 1 gf at ' , .1 M A ., f ul .ff A ps. NA 1: 2 'Jay 'El' Q 1 V714 C w L c f- ,gr Kn1':L'r H' ':' Q, Q Q 1 am, SPL P bmi Rum Uv Fwx: C,1'r W 'Jan' R Lie' 5,1 p In Ju i Us 2 ' Q B Q 4 QW 14, : f 1 Ur rr, A .. T, v !,,1ylQf:i1Q,4A 'gag' , . L'-H: 1, fzf. Ki f . , . my , f .f R01 3? Q Q 5 Q W ,Jo- Cr' S Mary S-Manger Aibert Borto Bob Deck Bevy Uwe Cksses anof Oryanziafzbns ZIIYIOI' J GSS frt gg. President Kay Meckley Vice President William Burns Secretary Linda Smith Treasurer Jack Seksmsky Advzsors Mxss Hagenbuch Mr Fisher QC 'Neff' .gl UAS J Wg CSOIDA 0122 OFQ SS Presldent Garland Geary Vice President Frank Beatty Secretary Sandy Foust Treasurer John Hammond Historian Betsy Bollch Advisors Mnss Fritz Mr Longenberger I--4 It ant Cgfllfkllll C 1,0 z112C1' . :MCH Q' QCD . Lf 'N I 1 ',,if.i1r1r1r""': if ' ' .I .S.z.,'! l .. ' WT ill A-JJ " fllfun, ., 1' '- .4 M 1i"Tl'Lli A , ' S 'T' " - gghv, 1. , A , 12. Jr , no 'fl 'MVK' "' 'B 'Gigi' ' " ' v W4 Y -X ..,.,,, ,, gn- A Fw? 1 - I as rr aw-- , lf ml., . V 'rs x . QC Q0 31:- Flrst row Mrs Butler advrsor Patrrcra Barto James Morgan Elton Gott Kay Meckley James Selnsrnsky Jack Seksmsky Mr Tule advrsor Second row Kay Shatter Marlory Cupp Vrcky Wlndsor Alrce Smrth Vnvnan Barnes Thrrd row Patrncua Hause John Wrllard Robert Bucher Herbert Brtght Helen Ttttany Fourth row Garland Geary Mahlon Wuse The members of the Student Councnl have trued to promote good feelung and have urged the students partrcrpatnon rn nts government and school actuvrtres Among its many actlvrtles ot the year were the tours of the shops the play Inner Wally the open house for Service Clubs the sponsorrng of the basket ball schedules the pruzes for the talent show and the starttng of a record ltbrary The Student Counctl would luke to thank Mrs. Butler and Mr. Tule for therr excellent guidance. C3C50 of Nr? C125 neu.- + fc 1- The Milton School News, under the direction of Miss Reinhart and Mrs. Brown, has completed its twenty-ninth year of publication. We, of the Milton High School, would like to thank the staff and the advisors for their excellent guidance. MILTON SCHOOL NEWS Milton, Pennsylvania Established i926 Published nine times during the school year by the Senior and Junior High Schools. Yearly subscription, fifty cents Executive Board-Superintendent of the Schools, Principals of Senior and Junior High Schools and Faculty Advisors, Mrs, G. Lawrence Brown Miss Phoebe M. Reinhprt Miss Catherine B. Balliet Miss Sarah E. Frymire George Kearney Senior High School Advisors Edward V. Dobb Jumor Htgh School Advisors Mary Wahl, '55 Editor-in-Chief Mary Haupt, '55, Mary Lou Swanger, '55 REPOYTHS Virginia Wilkins, '55 Social Edrtor Patricia Desmond, '55, Connie rrnck, '55, Jo Ann Hill, '55, Patricia Nunn, '55, Kay Showers, '55 Reporters Judith Ann Campbell, '55 Feature Editor Janet Byers,-'55, Shirley Catherman, '55, Donna Jean Kersretter, '55, Jane Waughen, '56 Reporters James Runysn, '55 Sports Editor Dick Robenolt, '55 Reporter Miles Keutetter, '55 V Art Editor Robert Deck, '55 ,, Statf Photographer Patricia Fornwald, '55, Thomas Enterlrne, '55, Susan Bogie, '56, Fay Carrington, '56 , Columnists David Smeltz, '55 Circulation Manager William Hutcheson, '56, David Karchner, '56 ,, Assistants ADVERTISING STAFF: Barbara Billmeyer, '55, Mary Haupt ,'55, Clara Sanders, '55, Sandra Yocum, '55, Barbara Buehler, '56, Camille Crossley, '56, Marvene Zechrnan, '56, Rosalie Banks, '57, Judy Blair, '57, Bonnie Fisher, '57, Dianne Grittner, '57, Sherry Keefer, '57, Diana Kersterter, '57, Sandra Martin, '57, E Lois Jean Showers, '57, PLATFORM '55, kay showers, Neilson, '56, Ann rouse, '57, Nancy dna showers, '57: The Milton School News strives to have all traces of prejudice removed from its pages, select the finest and most accurate news, encourage better sportsmanship. improve s cooperation, and keep tha students informed of various activities in and abou tudent and faculty 1 the school. 7n: 716: ij First row left to right Miss Boyer Advisor Kay Logan Linda Smith Patricia Barto Nancy Kling Arlin Gearhart Dorothy Ditzler Mary Haupt Second row Joyce Kling Sharon Keiser Connie Krick Virginia Shellenberger Marion Miller Nancy Shultz Patricia Nunn Third row Marguerite Cromis Judy Campbell Clare Bogie Virginia Wilkins Patricia Fornwald Fourth row Joy Acor Camille Crossely Sandra Nare hood Rose Binder Fay Carrington Nancy Billig Ann Zechman Fifth row Marlene Robinson Mary Rider Mary Wahl Kay Showers Sixth row Helen Derr Emma Laudenslager Joyce Hettinger The Tri Hi Y began its year with a solemn candlelight induction ceremony for 22 new members Throughout the year the club participated in various activities including a hay ride, swimming parties, food sales a square dance, a Mother and Daughter Ban quet, and a cabin party The main event of the year for the club was the Snow Dance at which event Nancy Shultz was crowned Snow Queen The theme of the dance was Heavenly Christmas. As service proiects Christmas gifts and Easter baskets were distributed to or- phan children, and a contribution was given to the Y.M.C.A. for the World Service Program. We have had a very successful year under the excellent guidance of Miss Dor- othy Boyer. OFFICERS President ss,s s,,, P atricia Barto Vice President so , Linda Smith Secretary ,YY, , Nancy Kling Treasurer ,H Arlin Gearhart Chaplain V KBY LOQGVW 716: Q Flrst row left to rught Fred Campbell Dave Hartsock Albert Botto Jlm Morgan Elton Goff Robert Gruttner Duck Karchner Walter Porr Second row Thomas Hedenburg Charles Johnson John Krup koskn Charles Confer Terry Zlmmerman Jnm Runyan Thnrd row Bob Goff Jlm Hoffman Larry Davus Harold Bower Ben Schmlck Skup Walker Fourth row Bull Hutcheson Jam K ser Bull Burns Jam Powell Flfth row Bob Deck Dave Smeltz Davnd Sax Jam Seksnnsky Presldent Robert Grnttner Secretary Larry Davns Vice President Jlm Powell Treasurer John Krupkosku The Hu Y, under the dlrectnon of Mr Mauger, has completed a successful year The Hu Y helped The Good Wall Hose Company to ranse funds for new equnp ment ln addutlon to their programs, some of the other BCTIVITIGS are annual Hay Rlde, food sales, and contrnbutuons to World Servnce, a YMCA charlty U I I 1 I I I D I I I I I I ' : I I ' .1 I I I l - . 5 I l I -I , ' , ' . : ' , ' ei , ' f ' 971 ii uxfdlav Under the supervrslon of Mass Nancy Roberts and wlth the help of Gnnny Wxl kms President Kay Meckley Vnce Presndent Roberta Moore Secretary Pat Hause Treasurer Sandy Foust Pubncnty Chanrman Patty Nunn Business Man ager Ann Zechman Social Durector and Kathleen Flanagan Scribe the GAA held many successful partles Our actlvntles began wnth a Hobo Party and nncluded a Round and Square Dance, St Patrick Dance and the Annual May Dance, at which a queen was crowned . - A T Q S 'l 0 1' L .s V' af M ' f 1. y 5 0 s A ' - - . I ' Q I 1 l I 1 'l . uffi. :D h Q ' L 'U'Q'Q ' 'J " get I 1 - I A 5 Jn - 'l lt ll ' lc if mlb!-l' 4 , t , pu 4 Y 5 "' Q S , ca l . r l j l f S nl V Z L .I A yo, on 'C iw, .,- First row left to right Mr Tule John Schreyer Jlrn Morgan Fred Campbell Jim Seksnnsky Jim Ohl Jack Seksmsky Donald Gray Second row Robert Barton John Willard Thom Englemen Bob Deck Scott Kostenbauder Skip Walker Bob Bucher Third row Herb Bright Larry Davis Dean Share Neal Shxrk Fourth row Tommy Enterlme Royce Straub Ben Barto Dave Wahl Charles Confer Tom Poust Fifth row Bob Zimmerman Jack Zellers Larry Hoffman Ward Hoffman President Jim Sekslnsky Vice President Jack Seksinsky Secretary Treasurer Jim Ohl The Key Club and their advisor Mr. Tule have completed a very successful year. Each year the Key Club adopts a proiect to further advance the school. This year the Key Club gave to the school, fifty electric candles to be used in the school activities. frofecfzonz sf 1 U5 ana :L-I i Flrst row left to rlght Albert Golfneru James Barto Robert Grlttner Homer Arnold Robert Beaver Robert Goff Wlllnam Hutcheson Maurice Clouser advrsor Mr Taylor Second row Walter Porr Larry Hoffman Howard Woodson James Powell Frank Satteson Ronald Morehart Thurd row Edward Krumm Davud Morgan Grant Shade John Phleegor Jerry Baker Fourth row Donald Ketchem Charles Dnetruck Donald Snyder Archie Troxel Jack Smrth President Robert Grlttner Vice President Robert Bucher Secretary Treasurer Bull Hutcheson The Prolectuonnst Club under the capable supervrsnon of Mr Taylor has done an excellent rob, showing movies to many of the classes and also runnrng movles for several clvuc organuzatnons and clubs. .Q-4538122 Gommzffee Flrst row left to rught Mr J Wulllams Mnss Frntz Nancy Klnng Vnrgnnna Wllkms Mrs Lontz Charles Confer Elton Goff Mrs Shade Mrs Brown Second row John McMurtrne Larry Davus Ann Zeckman Vlvuan Barnes Lunda Smuth Nancy Bulllg Those not present Mr Confer Mr Peterson The assembly commuttee, under the supervlslon of Mrs Brown, has planned the assemblies and chapel programs for the current year They have 'med earnest to present programs of which we can be proud Mrs Shade has been In charge ofthe Buble reacllngs , , . , . . 1 ' , , , , , . : . , . . ' . ' in ' F 'avg S? 5 k 'K A' 4' f 1 .w ll l L 7 , 3 r A . , , l Z , A I S L Y . 1 Q , , J I 3 A lk f,. l 2 ll 'Lif t 2 , ' , A I ll L l I 3 :T " , . fi '- . f - qi A4 lg, I A, ' I A, Zjamf FLUTES 'S Patty Nunn Nancy Billig T Virginia Harbison Forrest Walter ALTO SAXOPHONES Arlin Gearhart Marilyn Marsh Ruth Rathmell Joan Batman BASS CLARINETS S Juanita Shirk OBOE T S Nancy Ann Shultz TENOR SAXOPHONES S Benjamin Schmick BASSOONS 'S Kay Logan Joanna Kester CLARINETS 'S Thornton Walker Betty Lou Munson T S Virginia Wilkins S Kay Showers Judith Blair Jacqueline Bruch Polly Campbell Charlotte Fry T Carole Glover Sherry Keefer Fay Schreck Lois Jean Showers John Willard FRENCH HORNS Fay Carrington Marvene Nielson Dianne Kerstetter Gail Gable CORNETS 'S James Morgan S Charles Johnson Walter Porr Grace Davis Robert Reichard Barbara Nunn Donald Gray TROMBONES S Harold Eugene Bower S Charles Stahl " Robert Phillips Robert Barton Raymond Leeser BARITONES S Charles Confer S James Ohl BASSES S Terry Zimmerman S Fred Campbell S James Runyan S David Hartsock PERCUSSION 'S Robert Grittner John Schreyer Sandra Bender Michelle Walker Charles Lentz Richard Tanner DIRECTOR John Peterson President sA,c,,ss Nancy Shultz Vice President Secretary AAY, , ,,.,,, Treasurer ccccc S Senior T Twirler " Sectional Leader Fay Carrington Robert Grittner Patty Nunn Juanlta Shurk Mnchel Walker Thornton Walker Davld Smeltz Thom Hedenberg James Ohl Helen Tnffany Mary Ann Barto Joy Lynn Dye Delores Ross Clare Bogle Carol Lee Acor Patrlcla Dlehl Beverly Keefer Shirley Oberdorf Caroltne Vugnola Sandra Trate Bonnie Neyhart Betsy Bollch Carmen Mertz Gall Rein Nancy Klnng Judy Betz Paulune Campbell Kathleen Flanlgan Rosalte Banks Rose Btnder Shirley Wolfe 7f 7I?I2Ql' 7116 Sandra Martun Sue Bogle Sandra Foust Ruchard Karchner Sharon Kelser David Wahl Patrncta Flanxgan Judy Smuth Llnda Smuth Robert Deck James Runyan Connie Fxnck Gall Gable Vtrgunna Shellenberger Patrtcra Barto Sherry Keefer Nancy Clouser Mary Rader Juanita Shnrk Jo Ann Hull Vlvlan Barnes John Schreyer Eaton Goff Benlamln Schrntck Barbara Bullrneyer James Ohl Edward Bucher Garland Geary Fay Carrington Marlone Cupp Vlrglnla Harbeson Clara Sanders Kay Showers Euleen Readle Camille Crossley Duane Kerstetter Teresa Keefer Phyllus Hoffman Sandra Yocum Rnchard Smuth Mary Wahl Margaret Oldt Joyce Klang Connie Kruck Renee Esterbroo Joy Acor Nancy Noaker Nancy Blllng Sandra Narehood Fay Carrnngton Kay Wulver Grace Davus Bonnie Fisher Dorothy Hollenbach JoAnn Dttzler Ann Zechman Kay Shaffer Ruth Oberltn Davnd Hartsock Herbert Bnght Harold Bower Joyce Hettunger Teresa Yagel Alice Srnuth Patncta Nunn Allene Bender Jacqueline Bruch Grace Mnnnum John Krupkosku Alice Kratzer Vlrgnnua Goltlen Rachel Bostuan Robert Beaver Larry Mensch Brian Speck George Carpenter Donald Ketchem Edward Rearuck John Ptleegor Charles Baker Vurgnnua Wnlksns Vlctorta Wundsor Carol Glover Cynthla Fox Rober Bucher John Seksunsky James Morgan Terry Ztmmerrnan David Karchner Kay Meckley Nancy Shulz Patrlcla Fornwald Edna Mae Showers Charlotte Fry Shlrley Catherman Mabel Hutt Walter Porr Thomas Enterlune Robert Grlttner Charles Confer Rnchard Coup Howard Woodson Rnchard Robenolt Charles Johnson Robert Barton Edwin Conter Horner Arnold Albert Botto Royce Straub jyzjrbreof Cforua Flrst row left to rnght Margaret Oldt Nancy Noaker Vnrgnnna Golfueru Bonnle Lee Fnsher Connue Fnnch Second row Mary Wahl Nancy Bennett Grace Munlum Kay Meckley Thlrd row Kathleen Flanu gat Dottne Hollenbach Aluce Kratzer Tresa Keefer Beverly Keefer Sandra Yocum Fourth row Ca Nancy Bnllng Fnfth row Walter Porr Rnchard Robenolt Robert Grnttner Royce Straub Thomas Enter lnne Harold Bower Benlaman Schmlck Snxth row Howard Woodson Charlue Johnson James Morgan Elton Goff Jam Ohl Bob Barton .seventh row Albert Botto Robert Deck Terry Znmmerman Homer Arnold Charles Confer Enghth row Rlchard Smnth Edwnn Confer John Krupkosku Jum Runyan Rnchard Karchner Thorton Walker . , . 2 I 1 . . . . .I . . I . . i : I I . . l . . Z .- I, l I I ,,,, I ' mille Crossley, JoAnn Acor, Shirley Wolfe, Juanita Shirk, Carmen Mertz, Gail Gable, Michele Walker, . . . . : r . , . I ' - . l I . . . U . : ' . I I , ' . - " 1 1 , ' t , . v , , , , , . 9216 GAWW hi -in Ah, First row left to right Mary Wahl Alice Kratzer Connie Finck Juanita Shirk Nancy Noaker Grace Minium Virginia Golfieri Carmen Mertz Second row Ann Zeckman Margaret Oldt Kathleen Flan igan Dottie Hollenbach Nancy Billig Camille Crossley JoAnn Acor Beverly Keefer Tresa Keefer Bonnie Lee Fisher Kay Meckley Third row Gail Gable Phillrs Hoffman Sandra Yocum Michele Walker Nancy Bennett Shirley Wolfe joys Gg0I'Zl.S' First rcw, left to right: Dick Robenolt, Albert Botto, James Morgan, Elton Goff, Robert Grittner, Wal- ter Porr, Second row: Homer Arnold, Robert Deck, Charles Johnson, Richard Karchner, John Krup- koski, James Ohl, Terry Zimmerman, Third row: Howard Woodson, Richard Smith, Robert Barton Harold Bower, Beniamin Schmick, Charles Confer. Fourth row: Edwin Confer, Royce Straub, Thomas Enterline, Jim Runyan, Thornton Walker. ID M...- A, ,fp I .pu-,V .Q Qsp offs Furst row left to rnght Fredrnc Campbell James Seksmsky Elton Goff Terry Znmmerrnan James Runyan Bruce Mannung Donald Sheets John Krupkoskn Edward Confer Davtd Sax Thornton Walker Second row Mnchael Frederncks manager Robert Sampsell Paul Kurtz John Schreyer Donald Purscell Benlarmn Barto Robert Hughes Mervyn Reedy Robert Bucher James Barto Herbert Braght Davrd Wahl manager Thnrd row Jack Zellers manager Charles Snyder man ' J 26 ' ' 7 ' 27 ' 7 ' J J J 6 ' J 7 ' 24 6 ' 45 13 ' o ' 20 ' JJJJ 25 JJJJ 6 ' I3 6 ' o Mtlton Mnlton Milton Mnlton Mtlton Mnlton Multon Multon Multon Mlfflunburg Lewnsburg Selunsgrove Northumberland Bloomsburg Danvnlle Lock Haven Sunbury Jersey Shore joofgaf ' 1-,' , , , 41' rf K If K-If I R1 ul, --+4 .A ' ,x, f A f - af- -1- . f wa li... . , . If fwfmm .47 fi 2579:-l'l't .5'1b'u!iQ , MSD'-'W' V' N . L' la- fi-u4Wfllv1wWf 2 M fnz. nm,- 74-.. 1611163 mf Q ,101 ' WWC! fam. ,., 5? ager, Gary Deaner, Frank Beatty, John Hammond, Donald Fry, Dean Share, Myron Brown, Fred- erick Showers, David Karchner, John Seksinsky, W. Lawrence Davis, manager. Fourth row: Henry Longenburger, assistant coach, Robert Izer, assistant coach, Robert Zimmerman, George Miller, Garland Geary, Donald Ketchem, James lddings, Kenneth Lazarus, Raymond Heim, James Tule, faculty manager, P. Richard Fisher, coach. The Black Panthers of M.A.J.S.H,S. rolled into the 1954 season .with a power- ful team. Suffering only two losses, the team made an impressive showing throughout the season. From the team, eight players were chosen for the North- umberland County team, and the Susquehanna League Team, one placed on the U.P. All State third team. Congratulations to the team and coaching staff and to the eleven Seniors who will no longer play for the Orange and Black of Mil- ton High. -..... J"--f fa' ' ' ? 41" N , -4 11 Qu- FREDRIC CAMPBELL EDWIN CONFER ELTON GOFF 'DEW JOHN KRUPKOSKI OACH FISHER BRUCE MANNING Q.-lg -ffl '-if ww. Wfa. any MI :Sill .JAMES RUNYAN ...mb 4412'- 'Qrxfv ,995 ii, 'J' -6 , S, .,S5?lfgfj.,. "9- .ms DONALD SHEETS lus- L' :YK-a ,R 'X sm 9,429-v S nv- JAMES SEKSINSKY DAVID SIX THORNTON VVALKPR TERRY ZIMMERMAN 4.-Ad - , F 5.. , , , 'sf t ' . 1 , V KL' -fa I "3 A 3Q,:'.' vi: -'i-,. - fn" if A, '--ff, 2 ' ', - wa, . -- 'P . .I , ' r ' ' -Rf? E , .1 X. , I ' A ' 'ao , xx- """ ,. .. " 4 C .' ." ia X ,I . x' 7 , 1 2:F'f ' a ,321 , C A I ' U , ' ' "f ..ef- I gl- 1---.W . " . - f- fp- j 1.4-f 1 . 3 f ,, I M ILL, "24.:v-Qaida? . , 1 d, , ' f- 1 'L vm. - ' Q ,, at My :rx Q X ,JS A. I - G.. - .,,V M 1 , , f 1 , , ' I ,I . ,A A ,, 3 4-4 :lg xv. 5 . If, fl, fninsmw if ,. .il .4 N, A 1 :xfq . '-, Af K " , ' - , I - -'f W P , V - Y . - 4' ' ,, - x,3,,,-- 5' is 1 ,, ,ff '-1' 4,-245 Q... I ' . . J ,Is I "x..,.1 5.-. .. ,.,, ., ,- . . A , . . I ,Y , - n , , . . I I . ,, .. X- L, , .A 4 ..-34 . 4 i ' f 7 1' - ' V ' . ,S ' ,qw A . M 1 , ,, . I .V L ,4x..w. , LT, , , .. B .yn Q I 2'-Qi , . fif' ' ' 'H ": Q-fvizg 1 ..- nfijva-xc, JT' - , :PT - ,. ., ,-Y- " ', '- . ' .n . 4, - . A , -f-L . V , Q f . .. fj"f-"QT, b, " ' ... Nw LW ', if K :fr ?.. W... ,fq gimbg .K 'I . ,L Q ., av Lg. ,,q. 'g , fir? ' ' '1 "'.-M. ..1' V '. "" -,.. - . A . - . Zjasfefgaf VARSITY Front row, left to right: Fred Campbell, Ed Confer, John McMurtrie, Dave Hartsock Sk p Walker Harold Bower, Elton Goff. Back row: Coach lzer, Dave Karchner, Larry Hoffman, Ken Lazarus Bob Rudloft Jack Seksinsky, "Bill" Burns, Bob Bucher, Jim Morgan, labsentl Dave Six. Milton 77 740 "Shamokin 77 77 Milton 77 43 'Coal Township 7 Milton ooo, 7 r,,, 748 'Hughesville Milton 77 58 'Coal Township 7 Milton 77 44 Miftlinburg 77,o 7 Milton 77 7 53 Trevorton Milton 77 7 50 'Shamokin 7 7 Milton77 7 62 Lewisburg 7 Milton77 77 38 Sunbury 7777 777 Milton 7 77 50 Selinsgrove Milton 77 7 64 South Williamsport Milton 777. 77 74 Danville 77 Milton77 77777. 7748 Northumberland 7 Milton 777777 60 Bloomsburg 7 77 Milton 7777 7 77 54 Mifflinburg Milton 7777 77 758 Trevorton 7 Milton 7777 7 7 7777 7747 Lewisburg 7 77 Milton7 7777 42 Sunbury 7 Milton 777.7 7 77777 50 Selinsgrove 7 7 Milton 7777 77 Milton 777777777 Milton77 Milton777777 77- South Williamsport 77 - Danville 7 7777 77 - Northumberland 7 - Bloomsburg 77777 7 t'Non league jgasfefoaf JUNIOR VARSITY Front row, left to right: Terry Neuhart, Jack Zellers, Jack Fisher, Frank Beatty Ben Barto Back row Coach Fisher, Bob Sampsell, John Schreyer, "Skip" Geary, "Spike" Ketchem, George M ller John Bro n Donald Fry, Byron Brown, labsentl Herb Bright, Terry Engleman, Manager. Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton e,ee Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton 47 "Shamokin 7 77742 77747 'Hughesville 7 77 777777744 'Coal Township 7 756 Mifflinburg 77 55 Trevorton 7 18 'Shamolcin 7 7750 Lewisburg 43 Sunbury 7 53 Selinsgrove 79 South Williamsport 57 Danville 70 Northumberland 56 Bloomsburg 5l Miftlinburg 61 Trevorton 60 Lewisburg 45 Sunbury 65 Selinsgrove - South Williamsport f Danville - Northumberland - Bloomsburg 'Non league "Coal Township 77 7 First row, lett to right: Roy Finck, Joseph Frederick, Jay Egli, Robert Lazarus, George Fisher, Richard Barto, Raymond Yost, Randall Narehood. Second row: Elmer Ruth, assistant coach, Bill Burns, manager, Richard Karchner, John Krupkoski, Robert Deck, James Runyan, Thornton Walker, Robert Sampsell, James Shuck, Thomas Frederick, manager, Henry Longenberger, coach. Third row, Bill Hutcheson, man- ager, James Sheets, Royce Straub, Paul Kurtz, Russell Callenberger, Frederick Showers, David Karch ner, Ralph Snyder, Larry Hoffman, George Egli, Frederick Ripka. J asegaf- 1954 NON-LEAGUE Milton e,.,,. .u.c,. l Watsontown ..,,, ..,,, 9 Milton , e.e... l 3 Millville c,t,co,c l LEAGUE Milton ,,..,, ,e,, 8 Lewisburg ,,.. Milton ,,e... .... 3 Treverton ,c,,..,c. e,.. Milton c,..,, .,,A 7 Danville c.....,e,..,,,e. Milton e...., ....,. 9 Northumberland ,e,., Milton 7,e... ....,, l l Selinsgrove o,,e,..e, E Milton ,e,.., ...v 6 Mifflinburg .,vc ..,. Milton c,c... ,..,,. l l Lewisburg ,,,. 7 Milton e,.... .... 3 Treverton ,eA. .,., Milton ,... V A,.. 7 Danville Milton ,,.... ..v. 9 Sunbury ,..,.,a.,,. 7 Milton 7e..., v,e. 4 Sunbury .,a7ae,ee,,aa7 7 Milton .....v ,,.. 7 Northumberland ,,e. Congratulations to our baseball team of 1954! A very successful season was brought to a close with 9 wins and 3 losses. Eight members were lost through graduation, but much promise lies in the team carrying the i955 banner. Cifeefkaofem Carmen Mertz Pat Flantgan Conme F ck G tl Rem Joy Lynn Dye Nancy Klnng Helen Tuffany Ann Zechman Sandy Mart n The cheerleaders lave done an outstanding 'ob of prornotmg school spnrnt thus year Pep meetings wtth very clever skuts were presented to the student body before many of the football games by these gurls S 4.- nn uni L+ 'QW A' my fdfaiigl Ms, ir A-1 I , WI, K ' hv ffl' Tm T1 BEST FURNITURE STORE MILTCN BANK AND SAFE DEPOSIT CO Your Friendly Bank QL Mfg n"'7A Q' ' ' WW' ff Have A Sandwich A+ Mllfons Buslesi' Corner REA 8: DERRICKS il Having A PlG'S DINNER A+ BUFFALO VALLEY DAIRY 5a-:J ' Tpv-all cgftfff ZX "5- 'F"!' i,,,,-unvdlif !""" CHUCK CONFER and TERRY ZIMMERMAN Loolung over do 1+ yourself prolecfs ""'9 lu When you are downlown arrange +o meel' your friends a+ our Family Corner. You Are Always Welcome! THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MILTON Member Federal Deposil' Insurance Corporalion Member Federal Reserve Syslem I F 5 h Oh C BROADWAY HARDWARE STORE f -nr" f VOGEL S CLEANERS Complmenfs LAMPRINO S RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICE Compl men+s o ZECHMAN S FLOUR MILLS The Name BALFOUR Stands for the finest In Class mgs Commencement Announcemen s ub L G IEJLHJFGDUJHB coMPANY Taylor Made Yearbooks AMBY NOLAN MAT LYNOTT Miners Nahonal Banlc Building WILKES BARRE PENNSYLVANIA MILTON LODGE NO I7I LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE Box 405 MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA 66 99 R' , f , Cl Pins, Diplomas, Medals 8. Trophies Besi' Wishes +o +I1e Class of '55 STUDENT COUNCIL MlII'on Area Jomf Sensor Hugh School CompImen+s of THE CAPITOL CenI'raI Pennsylvanua Fmesf TI1ea'rre MILTON PENNA fCHEVROLETf FULMER MOTOR CO I"Ieadquar+ers 'For Your Aufomob Ie and Farm Equnpmenf Ser :ce USED CARS AND TRUCKS F A B H D I S F I I I . 1 I I-111 S 1 . V. OI' 9 GI' Ed Ge Umef' , . SHOWERS BROS Sales and Service ,I TEXACO GASOLINE GOODYEAR TIRES AND TUBES J J NEWBERRY T a co 679 SO FRONT ST MILTON PA G. C FINDUSTRIES INCORPORATED W T GRANT Ml+o P Complimen s of Your New DeSo'ro-Plymoufh Dealer In his Area ' Complimenfs of I n, ennsylvania I 5 C D CLARK FORD SALES AND SERVICE I 5 FREGLY PHOTO SERVICE I1 A A BOWMAN AND SON MILTON N F STEEL AND SUPPLY MILTON PENNA OO'-D Besi' of Luck Bes+ of Luck Io Ihe 'ro 'Ihe Class o '5 Class o '5 Lewisburg, Penna Nas Mdors CompIimen+s of 806 . ron+ S+. Besl' WIsI'1es Class of l955 from WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE Homeowned HARRY ALLEN AMERICAN LEGION Wallace W. Fefzer Pos+ No. 7I MILTON PENNA Compllmenfs of YOCUMS COAL YARD Race S+ and PRR Underpass PHONE 397 J Wes+ Branch Marble 8: Grande Co MONUMENTS AND MARKERS B BEIBER SCHMICK Proprlelor SOUTH FRONT STREET MILTON PA Esfm +es F sh d on Appl ca+o , . . . . ' I , . Ia urnie Iin RIEDER'S CREDIT JEWELERS 43 Broadway MILTON Complimenfs of 'rhe EMPIRE VULCANIZING CO. Your FiresI'one DeaIer +W LESTER STAHL S GROCERY MI' FLORA ELIZABETH SHOPPE THE FAMOUS DEPARTMENT STORE HAN S CANDY SHOPPE DALE E RANCK F MILTON PA WEST BRANCH CREAMERY REICHARDS GOLDEN VELVET MILK PRODUCTS SIdIS C+ Bes ishes G Congra+uIa'nons 'From I II on CompIimen+s of Complimenis of I Complimenfs of Funeral Service 45 N, 1-071+ S+, Manufac+urers of o n even oun ies IW I5 ALEXANDER S MEN S STORE 'rCIf5 CAWLEY S HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE CENTER FISH S JEWELRY STORE JOHN Y BUOY CO + CI I 5 KEPLER BROS +W I5 KEISERS REXALL DRUG STORE I 5 JOHN S RADIO 81 TV SERVICE CI f 5 DAWSON 81 SPOTTS Bes ishes Success Io CIass o '5 he ass O 5 Good Luck Bes'r of Luck Class of '55 Class of '55 Success 'ro Bes ishes he ass o '5 Class o '5 Besi' of Luck CIass o '5 Good Luck ass o '5 MECKLEYS RESTAURANT T 5 PEOPLE S DEPARTMENT STORE C MILTON PENNSYLVANIA SMALLS GREENHOUSES INC T b CORSAGES PLANTS FLOWERS McDANIEL S ICE CREAM ESCHBACH S JEWELRY 855 J 52 B M SPURGEON MARKS + bl J BROADWAY MILTON LIMBACH S BAKERY M I+ From Employees of Your A 8: P STORE FRANCIS J STREET Complimerns Congrafulafions, Seniors o '5 of ' "STyIe enTer" I I 25I ur 0+ Ave. S+ore: 54 Broadway Phones 330-J - 304-M Made Fresh Daily S. Froni' S+ree+ Phone 4l6 Complimenfs ' of Phone - dway -H P. Repu a e eweler CompIimen'rs of I Broadway I on . M 9 LESTER STAHL S GROCERY MILTON PENNSYLVANIA R D CROSSLEY . I I1 S. MILTON PENNSYLVANIA SUNSERI S FRUIT MARKET MILTON PENNSYLVANIA W A DEHART MILTON PENNSYLVANIA CHUCK CONFER A TERRY ZIMMERMAN CompIlmen'rs FRIENDS I The FriendIies+ Sfore in Town JeweIer and We C make 420 Hepburn S+. Phone 447 '70 Fm" 5+- I Wholesale Confedionery 78 Broadway I CompIimenI's ' of of an XX wade YEA RBOOK DALLAS TEXAS -If ' A W A UTHOGRAPHED - if I

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