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IM mialnl:kmm.1:wlA1':,xvl.L4xm3s ,la Nui:-Lien-J,,.L. 1-.zZLn5ri'U:ml .mlnimm Mill- ,, Class of 1954 MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA FOREWORD "Careers" is not only the theme of the 1954 annual, but it is really the key to what the future holds for us. Although our school days will always linger in our hearts, we must bid them adieu and with a steadfast and true spirit face the road of life. Through our high school years we have been preparing for the future ones. Some of us will continue our formal education, some will enter the armed forces, and others will immediately enter the various businesses of the community. No matter which road we choose to travel, there will be boundless opportunities for all of us. However, with these opportunities will come responsibilities, which we must be prepared to accept. Today we are faced with a troubled world, and it will be our job to aid in making it safe and secure for the future. Let us meet this challenge. 1 .f ,,l ,Ei .A,., iiilffi v 4 A all .Q ' I ' xww ww ,gk 4 K? v f "? we iff ,-Kf 1 ,, 1 - A bi if tw f M -9 '44, ug in 3 ' R, igu f Ik 231' Bjjsff. 2, ,, ,. .,,. T ff Rd? A xkgggx 4 yr , 3' f ' ,V LL ,xg L:Lx , Wfgiafrgfwf A S iii? A s f gurl, E Q 41' jg: 5, , + .QA 1 1:31 fl ,Z Q , 5, 'Y TI If Q ,Q. E A? JK M A Q. ,. mil DR. A. G. W. SCHLEGEL MILES M. JAMES O. TULE. JR. MRS- G. LAWRENCE B.A., M.A.. Ecl.D.g Superin- KOSTENBAUDER B.S,g Director of Vocational BROWN tendent of Milton Schools. BS, M.S.g High School EilUCHfi0fl- B-Sw BU5iU'355 Education- Principal. JULIA C. HAGENBUCH JOHN PETERSON M. MARTHA BICKEL HARRY E. SWANGER B.S.. MS.. Business Educa- Instrumental Music. B.A., M.A.g French, English, B,S., M.S.g Chemistry, Phys tion. ics, Vocational Science. K, FRED MAUGER CHARLES SOWERS MRS. W. MURRAY PHOEBE M. REINHART B.S.g Vocational English. B,S,, M,5,5 Algebra, Math, BUTLER B.A., M.A.g Journalism, Li B.S., M.S.g Counselor of bfafian, Girls, English. DOROTHY E. BOYER MRS. E. COLLINS CUPP PAUL W. WAGNER B.S., Ed.M.g Home Econom- Secretary to the Principal. B-5-L Vocational Math, RC- jqg, lated Drawing. 'Ax 1 P' 9 .':':fk,.' f u ' '73 32, f ' Ji, QA W K if , ,Y 2 .. 1 ,-:::!.,:: Q,: Q FA.,w?.e Yr ki. 5 hx 4 ., 5' f fs ' ,. .gl W Q Gb, gdqwl.,-I'Ee 3-.:,:'Z' 3.:,x .W, . , , E 51.1 . J rx S xy 11 S3 , 6 f 1., ,QQ 'ffffff . , 4,.Q J ,. 4 ' L K 057319 -5,1 L 'K if 'I f'-" ii il ' ' QA iii? 5 A Q., 1, : ,A ff 3' h"'3'RYW'+ X A, A L R f may , 3 Q3 M isbflrgf A Class Song TUNE "I'll See You In My Dreamf' As we leave Milton High To friends we say good-bye, v" 'f' Good times will be just memories, gg Q Q " - ---1 But ones we shall never forget,- Friends so grand and true, We'll remember you, - A ' . 'T These memories will never die When we leave Milton High. ' f s . Q K v X . Q , 1 Y X A , X 5 1 1 X XX ,l u 8 lf T , ' xi 7 5 x We hate to leave our school, ff Aj,-4' ig -O--il Dear old Milton High, '- T S' s - Q Tc: Through the halls our voices rang, ' f " 1 ' True we'll miss the fun with our gang, k ' -1 When we're on our way ji Q From the day we shall depart ,A if I t We'll always think of you. 15' Q3 4 Our school days now are done, if '-H' ' W S 11 " Favors to be won, We will look back on all our lives Seeing all our trials and strifes, Knowing we must go, into a world unknown, We'll remember Milton High, And see it in our dreams. The Orange and Black Altho Williamsport has favored The Cherry and the White, And the loyal boys of Danville For the Orange and Purple fight, ,, Still we hold our colors' splendor Q 3-nl: . X, fix or honor shall they lack,' .. H IW S CH col. O-F While the athletes stand defenders : Q Of the Orange and the Black. - I ,I f x . Thru the three long years of High School N b , F . T' . Q1 H Midst the scenes we know so well,' s T " l 5- There's a mystic charm to knowledge 'HE ' T x N T We vainly seek to spell,' U is ' Or we win athletic victories ' X - X . t,, X ' ' On the football ield or track, - N E' l Still we work for Alflilton High School L as ' And the Orange and the Black. ' 1 iq. fs When Our high school days are over, ' ,sf T.. And life looms up before, " ' ' 4 . --Q We recall those days of gladness I rl g L g g S O l S That come again no more. -l Still we banish care and sadness, As we turn our memories back, And recall those days of gladness 'Neath the Orange and the Black. ssmnogs A SENIOR KNOWS and KNOWS HE KNOWS Left to right: Dick Hoffman, President, joseph Frederick, Vice President, Edwin Wands, Treasurer, Arlene Foust, Secretary. President? Message Now that our high school days are over, we, the graduating class of 1954, are leaving behind three of the finest years of our lives. We are going to venture into the world as graduates of one of the many schools of America. The navigators in the past were trained in navigation, knot-tying, and astronomy. We, the students of '54, have been trained in social studies, character, and citizen- ship. As the navigators of the past ventured without fear into treacherous and un- known seas, we shall go forth into various careers unafraid, because of the excellent training and guidance which we have received from our teachers. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to our teachers, who by their kind co- operation and understanding helped us to attain our present goal. In closing we wish to thank God for the men who made this country great and who have given every American the opportunity for a free education. May we help to uphold these ideals and give this inspiration to free men everywhere. FREDA ALBRIGHT "Fritz" Business "In life we are rare rhe will mcceed, For Freda if alwayf in the lead." DANIEL BAKER "Dan" Vocational "I am a lorer but have not found anything to lore RICHARD L. BARTO "Dick" Vocational "A quarterback on our football team ir Dick: When it comer to girlr ufe know hir pick." EDWARD BEAVER "Sonny" Vocational "To he awake if to he alice." NEVIN BEAVER "Abe" General "Happy am I, from care I'm free! W'hy aren't they all contented like me?" Avis BENFER "Birdie" College "So dear I lore him that with him all deathr I could endure, without lore :zo life." BARBARA BENNAGE "Barbie" College "An ace in Jportr and full of fun: She'5 ready to help moft arzyonef NANCY BERMAN "Nanci" Col pege "A perfect woman, zzobly planned to warn, to comfort, and command." LEE BLYLER "Blyler" Vocational "A uforkman that needeth not he arhamedf' CLARA BOWERSOX "Clarabell" General "The thing that goer the fartheft toward making life u'orthu'hile, That conf the leart, and doe! the mort, if juxt a pleafant Jmile. MABEL B. BOWERSOX "Mabel" General "A pretty ,smile will go a long wayg Mahel if happy from day lo day." ELWOOD E. BROWN "Brownie" Vocational "One enemy ir loo much." DONALD BRUMBACH "Brushelbrum" Business "0hedienre if the hey lo erery door," JOHN JOSEPH BUEHLER "Abe" College "He .rel hir heart upon the goal, No! on lhe prize." SANDRA JEAN BURNS "Sandy" Secretarial "An ounre of mirth if worth a pound of Jorrowf' KENNETH P. BUTLER, JR. "Kenny" College "In all hir rludier he doer excel, And in the future we're Jure he'll do well." EUGENE PAUL CAICCO "Gene" General "Did nothing in parllrular, and did it very well." ANTHONY GEORGE CALLOS "Tony" College "Mini: ir the unirersal language of mankind." PAULINE A. CAMPBELL "Polly" Business "Our girl 'Polly' rarer high in .rportrg S'he'J hardly ez-'er out-of-form." DOROTHY MARY CHAPIN "Dotty" College "She if preily to walk with and willy to talk with, and pleamnt, loo, to lhinh on." SHIRLEY MARIE DERR "Sharkie" General "How do I lore him? Let me count the u'ay5." CARROLL DIEFENBACH "Carroll" Vocational "A true friend if forezfer a friend." LAURA MAE DYE "Susie" General "A lall girl and alwayr gay IJ our lan named Laura Mae." GARY WAYNE EGLI "Tex" College "Be not mirled by hir innocent appearanref' JAY ALAN EGLI "jay" Business "Tall and handsome, quick and .fpryl Lon of lurk we wirh thi! guy." RICHARD R. EINSIG "Dick" Vocational "A foolball player, Jborl and neat! Here'.r one boy who ean'l be bear." H. WENDELL CLOUSER "Hank" Vocational "BleJJed be agrirulluref' CHARLES DANOWSKY "Hob" Vocational "Charley goef by the nickname 'Hob You'll find flzir boy alufayf ou the job NANCY J. DEITRICK "Nan" General "NdHEy if from R. D. No. 1 A Jure friend of e1'eryone." BONETA JANE DERR "jane" Secretarial "A merry hear! goer all the day ii" 1- DoI.I,IE MAE EMBFCK "Emmy" College "Ar merry ar llae day ir lorzgf' BETTY IUNE ERB "Betty" Secretarial 'Vinzlviliorz lmr no ren." GALEN ERDLEY "Gale" Vocational "Our boy Galen if quite a good frierldf To all lair work be doer offend." GEORGE FERI.Azzo "Bill" College "None but lainzrelf can be lair parallel." gag-miw m M2 I NANCY LEE FINCK "Nancy Lee" College "After llJe verb 'To lore To Help If lbe mort beauli ul verb in llye world!" ROY E. FINCK "Roy" Business "A Star pilclner on our bareball leam lr Roy Anyone will fell you lae if quzfe the boy EDGAR RICHARD FISHER "Eggie" College "Laugh and :he world lang r ultlz you Weep and you weep alone GEORGE R. FISHER "Never an idle momenl but 117711-Q' and thought ul 0 "George" Business ollaerrf' LILA IRENE FISHER "Lila" Secretarial "Golden hair, like Junll her Jboulderf' NANCY FISHER MOORE "Nancy" College "Marriage if dertiny, made in heaven JOHN JOSEPH FREDERICK "Joe" General "Lori of fun and full of wil. Wiih lair clafrnzaler lae'5 cl bit." EARL GARDNER, JR. "Shoolcy" Vocational "HiI rurly loclef and lair good looks' All be kl10wJ i.fn'z found in boob." LARRY JACKSON GEARIiART "Larry" Vocational "If Jilence weve golden, we are caralr pure." BENJAMIN GRIFFIN ' 'Benn Vocational "Let early man pau hir grealeftf' SHIRLEY MAE GUFFEY "Shirley" General "Blonde and belile ufirlz eyei of blue, No one ranfind a friend more true." LARRY ALAN HAAS "Haas" Business "In lair Claezfy l2e'.r quite a uflzizz, And with tlne girlr be ir no dizz." dayr in lb MARVIN L. FORNWALT "Windy" Vocational "Tl1e only uuy lo lmre 11 friend ir zo be one." CHARLES J. FOSTER "Chum" Vocational "The man flint lover and louglaf nzuft Jurely do well ARLENE F OUST "Arlene" Secretarial "A face u'illJ gladnerr oz'e1'Jp1'ead, Sofl Jnziler, by l1u1nnn kindnerr bred." JESSE JAMES FREDERICK, JR. "Jess" Vocational "Silence ir more eloquenl llmn u'ordr." Jure, Larry ir twenty at wherein hir .rkill ir ?'?fN-zwwearf JOAN HALLOCK "Joan" General "A clever mind and full of fuzz Sl7E'.I 'mort uluwzyr on Ihe run." ROBERT HAMMOND College "A ,fciefzlifir mind hor he! ll"i1h him there',r no przrlifulm' 'Shea' " FRANK F. H1zDD1Ncss "Slim" Vocational "Azz horzerl man, rlofe-hullozzed to the rhizr. Broudrlolh zvilhozzl, and 41 uwrzz hem! u'ithin.' MARX'BELLE E. HEIJIUINGS "Sis" General "ll"he1'e fl7f?1'6".l' fun ,rhelf u,fuf1Uy there. She mker good rare of her pfetfy hrouvz hair." BETTE I. HEIMBACH "Beppie" Secretarial "A penny for your lhnughl.r." BARBARA ANN HENIJRICKS "Barbie" Secretarial "Thou who har lhe fatal gift of henulyf' SYLVIA FAYE HENIDRICKS "Sy" General "Sylvia ii' one who if quile rhorlg You'd look hard to find one of her ,ro1'1.'7 RICHARD HOFFMAN "Dick" College "P1'eJia'ent of our flaw ir friendly Dirhy For rome! rolor he'5 our pirkf' JUAN HORROX "Rick" Vocational "God helps :hem lhrzl help lhem,rel1'eJ." EDITH WINN JONIZS "Edie Winn" College HBFu'rI7't? of her dark hair, for she exfelr all uvamm in the magic of her' forex." v fl A , I . fff- r 'swag' . KENNETH R. KERSTETTER "Cannonballs" Vocational "He .rleepr by day: more lbiin iz wild nit." BETTY MAE KING "Shortie" General "Sbort and Tweet i.r our friend Beltyg W'ben afked for a faror .vbe ir aluwyr ready. MARY JANE KLEES "Janie" General "Mary jane, Jo fute and neat, A .fweet little mirr from Elm Street," LEROY T. KLING, JR. "Ted" College "A little work, a little play. to keep ur going -And .fo g0Udtda,I.f" LENA MAE KOCH "Leenie" College "Sbe if beauty, education, blood, Holdr bandr u'ilb any prinrerr of lbe world," PATRICIA KONKLE "Pat" College "Deep in ber beart tbe payriorz glouug Jbe lore! and love: forever." EDNA M. KEEPER "Edna" College "She if ti .rrlaolmt and If good one," SYLVIA LEE KEEFER "SilJby" General " 'Tir wbul I lore determine! bou' I lore." MARGARET M. KEISER "Peggy" General "TbiI blonde mirr if .Io quiet and neat, You'll look bard to find a friend df Jweetf' WILLIAM M. KEISER "Bill" Vocational "Ble.f,red be agriculture! For tbe farmerzf are lbe founder! of bunzon civilization 1.9..+p- .V And le! him be :me la le! ulhev men zben 111771 I0 Weak." RENA LosE "Rc-nie" Secretarial "I lmre ll hear! uifb morn for every jay' NED MARSCI-I "Ned Thommy" Vocational "ln look! and wil we mfe him higlag Tl9e1'e'.r ll :land of dui! when he drifei by RICHARD W. MATHIAS "Dick" General "Of our ,l'6'7lfl27' L'!LI.l'.l' he is Ibd flr1u'zz.' Dirk fuxt 1lf.'I'437' 1,l'L'c17'l L1 f1'r1z1'r1." NEVIN EIUWARI7 MIZNSCH, JR, "Nev" Vocational "He'f not jun! the flalp off the wld block: He'J ilu' old block il.fc'lVf." DAVID GEARHART MILLIER "Dave" General "Oh me, lwu' weak 41 lbizzg, lbs bear! of uoman fr' FLORENCE MARIE MILLER "Flossie" College "A .Itudiwn girl if our 'Flf1,Fl'1:t7.' Aluwyf .rweel and IIGIFI' lm.r.r-y." 1 LUCILLE KATHRYN MINIUM "Lu" General "Not muclv talk-a great Jweet Jilentef' KENNETH E. MORGAN "Ken" Vocational "In auto Jlmp be haf lair of rparkx Kenny ir urually 'Happy ar a lark. " ELETA MARLENE MOUREY "Eleta" General "The eye! of many a male Jlae doe! attrarlg SlJe'J alu'ayJ on the run and tlJat'J a fact." RANDALL NAREHOOD "Randy" General "ALE me no quenionr and I'll tell you no VIRGINIA REGENIA NECCI "Nitch" Business "jean if a rbeerleader who il full of pep, IV'l1en playing in Iportr, Jlne if quite laepf' KAY F. NEUHARD "Neuie" College "Born for rurrerr, :he .seemed With grace to win, with lneart to hold, IY'i1h Ilaining giftr that took all eyeI." lieJ." JOAN ELIZABETH MILLER "joan" Secretarial "From New Columbia hailf nm gal aan In M.H.S. .rlae is quite -well knou n LEROY MIKE MILLER "Fat Boy" College "The way to a nzan'J lzeart II tlnougb lair Itamach MERRILL D. MILLER "Merrill" Vocational "Speed: if great: but Iilenre NANCY LEE MILLER "Nance" General "All mankind l0i'e.r a lorer. I ' Good lhmgf Jomeizmef rome In Jmall purhageff' He 1115 ezery mmuze uzzh may Jerondx o work." RICHARD EUGENE REICH "Gene" Vocational "In electric Jhop zhif boy if heeng Although hif mime ii Rirhard, we call him Gene BOYD R. REICHELDERFER "Spook" Vocational "Oh, mixrhief, lhou ar! Jwift To enler in the ihoughu of men!" SHIRLEY ROYER "Shirley" College "Breathe: :here a man wiih mul .fo dead Who never to himielf hath mid, '0h, for a dale with Shirleyf " ROBERT B. SANDERS, JR. "Bob" Vocational "Tall and rule if our boy, Bohg Clan pholographer i.r hif job." RACHEL SATTESON "Rachel" General "Here if 4 girl with a very cure .rmilef For one of thexe iff uforzh a mile." FRED E. SCHNURE "Fred" Vocational "Took were made and hom were handy, Every farmer ur1derJ!andJ." GARNER D. SNUFFER "Tex" Vocational "Sing away Jorrow, fart away care." CAROLINE E. SNYDER "Snap" General "Carrie doer not live in our town, But there'.r plenty of fun when 1he'r DONALD RICHARD SNYDER "Don" General "Donald if a really nite guy, Among hi: clartrnater he rater high." ELEANOR JEAN SNYDER "Ellie" Secretarial "In friendrhip I early wa: taught to JOHN D. SNYDER "Jake" Vocational "A grin for all the world to tee- It matcher hir perronalityf' RUTH LEE SNYDER "Ruthie Lee" Secretarial "Ruth is quite a pleatant girl. In .fhorthand :lan Ihe'5 a whirl." JOHN L. SEIDEL "Red" Vocational "AJ the flight of a bird in IJ the flight of a joke." air LINDA KAY SHOWERS "Linda" College "Gentlemen prefer hlonderf' JAMES LARUE SHUCK "jim" Vocational "ln the Jhop ir Ihir guy, jim, And when he Jingr thing! really Jpinf CAROL D. SMITH "Carol" Business "Ori the gym floor the if .ture to thine And in her ftudier the doe: jurt fine." around. believe." WILLIAM H. SPRINGER "Bill" Business "Mingle a little folly with your uirdom: A little ?i'07I.l'671.fE ziou' and then ir plearantf' M. JOAN STAMM "Joanie" College "joan if lhe girl with the heautiful hair: To the Milo Venur The might well fomparef' JANET E. STRATTON "Jes" College "A 7IIdf01'ElI6 and full of fini- fer if a friend of e1'eryor1e." KENNETH E. STUMP "Kenny" General "Happy-go-lurky ir our hoy Kenny, 0f friend! you mn he :ure he haf many." RICHARD STUMP "Rich" Vocational "Thy wit ir ar quirk ay a It catcher." greyhozmd'5 rnoulhg FRANK TRATE "Frank" General "We grant, although he had much wit, He war fery Thy of wing it." VIRGINIA JEAN WALLIZE "Ginny" College "Here if a girl who'5 Iure to go farg Who rlirigr not to .rome bright Itar, But rather to reality. WILLIAM A. WALTER "Bill" General "Tall, dark, and deriliih, thal'J our Billy lVe're Jure he'll reach the lop of the hill." ROBERT EIDWIN WANDS "Eddie" College "I rounr life jurt a ftuff To try the Joul'.v ,vlrength on." FRANK D. WEAVER, JR. "Frank" College "Laugh, boy, laugh, when your work ir done Yes, here'.r our hoy Frank Jo full of fun. M. YVONNE YOST "Yvonne" Business "A nite Iuriie from affair the uny- Don'l worry fellouxr, .rbe'll decide mme day." RAYMOND N. YOST "Curly" Vocational "A lillle nwirenre neu' and lhen I5 1't'li.flJ6l1' by llae ben of men." JOANN I. YOUNG "jo" General "10Amz romef from a nearby tou'n,' Wfe nerer Jee ber will: u frown." ROBERT L. YOUNG "Bob" Business "Life i.I noi Jo Jlwrl but limi there ir aluuyr time enough for rourteryf' RICHARD C. YOUNGER "Dick" General "Whai Jlfould a man do, bu: be merry." JIM ZEIBER "Jimbo" Vocational "I would help otberi out of u fellow-feeling." MAIDELINE M. WERTZ "Mat" Business "If yozfre angry or feeling blue, HE7'E'.f cl girl u'ill1 I1 .rfnile for you. WILLIS WILLARD, III "Bill" College' "A nice boy, rery likely in .Iiifreed lI"'l1en it miner lo ribilify, be hifi zz BETTY MAE WILLOW "Betty" Business "Lore me lilile, lore me lung." THOMAS WOOIISON "Atwell" General HTU7lI!Ily parked u'illJ rim, rigor, and 101 Among lhe rlaeerleaderr, heir line only boy JACK A. ZIMMERMAN "Cooley" College "I have taken my fun ufhere I lamfe found il." ,2 7 In Appreciation We, the class of 1954, wish to express our sincere gratitude to all patrons and students who worked so diligently to make this edition of the "Ecb0eJ" a success. X R Senior Activities FREDA ALBRIGHT GAA 2-3-45 Girls' Basketball 3-45 Typing Club 25 Intramural Softball 2-3-45 Badminton 4. DANIEL BAKER JV Football 25 Varsity Football 3-45 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Baseball 2-3-45 Sound System 3-45 Student Council Play 4. RICHARD L. BARTO JV Football 25 Varsity Football 3-45 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Baseball 2-3-45 Vice President of Student Council 3. EDWARD BEAVER Intramural Basketball 2-35 Intramural Baseball 2-3. NEVIN BEAVER Vice President 25 Echoes Staff 45 Key Club 2-3-45 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Base- ball 2-3. AVIS BENFER School News 3: Band 2-3-45 Echoes Staff 45 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 25 GAA 1-2- 3-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3-45 Cooking Club 25 Press Club 35 Badminton 45 Follies 35 Intramural Volleyball 45 Student Council Play 45 Dance Band 2. BARBARA BENNAGE Echoes Staff 45 Band 1-2-3-4, First Chair 45 Girls' Basketball 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Chaplain 45 GAA 1-2- 3-45 Follies 35 Intramural Volleyball 45 Intramural Softball 2-45 Badminton 4. NANCY BERMAN School news 2-3-45 Echoes Staff Co-Editor 45 Band 2-3-4, First Chair 4, Head Majorette 45 Girls' Bas- ketball 2-3-45 Intramural Volleyball 3-45 Intramural Softball 2-35 Badminton 45 GAA 1-2-3-4, Business Manager 45 Follies 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3-45 Assembly Com- mittee 3-45 Secretary 35 Student Council 35 Cook- ing Club 25 Press Club 35 Student Council Com- mittee 2. LEE BLYLER CLARA BOWERSOX GAA 3-4. MABEL B. BOWERSOX Journalism 45 Sewing Club 25 GAA 1-2-3-4. ELWOOD E. BROWN Key Club 45 Student Council Committee 1-2. DONALD BRUMBACH School News 35 Echoes Staff 45 Boys' Chorus 2-3- 45 Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Student Council Play 4. JOHN JosEP1-1 BUEHLER Echoes Staff 45 Key Club 3-45 Intramural Basket- ball 45 Intramural Baseball 45 Hunting Club 2. SANDRA JEAN BURNS Girls' Basketball 3-45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Intramural Volleyball 3-45 Badminton 4. KENNETH P. BUTLER, JR. Echoes Staff 45 Key Club 2-3-45 Hi-Y 2-3-4, Sec- retary 3, Vice President 45 Intramural Volleyball 2-3-4. EUGENE PAUL CAICCO Hunting Club 25 Intramural Baseball 25 Intramural Basketball 25 Mixed Chorus 45 Boys' Chorus 4. ANTHONY GEORGE CALLOS Projection Group 3-45 Hi-Y 3-45 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-45 Boys' Chorus 1-2-3-45 Band 3-45 Echoes Staff 4. PAULINE A. CAMPBELL Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Volleyball 3-45 Intramural Softball 2-3-45 Badminton 45 GAA 2-3- 45 Echoes Staff 4. DOROTHY MARY CHAPIN Art Club 25 GAA 1-2-3-45 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 45 Echoes Staff 45 Student Council Play 4. H. WENDELL CLOUSER Projection Group 1-2-3-4. CHARLES DANOWSKY Intramural Baseball 45 Intramural Basketball 4. NANCY J. DEITRICK GAA 1-2-3-45 Echoes Staff 4, BONETA JANE DERR Typing Club 25 GAA 1-2-3-45 Follies 35 Girls' Bas- ketball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 25 Band 1-2-3-45 Echoes Staff 45 Intramural Volleyball 45 Badmin- ton 4. SHIRLEY MARIE DERR Typing Club 25 GAA 1-2-3-45 Follies 35 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Chorus 45 Echoes Staff 45 School News Staff 2-3-45 Intra- mural Volleyball 3-45 Intramural Softball 2-3-45 Badminton 45 Library 45 Student Council Play 4. CARROLL DIEFENBACH Intramural Baseball 1-2-3-45 Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-4. LAURA MAE DYE GAA 1-2-3-45 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Volleyball 3-4. GARY WAYNE EGLI Hunting Club 25 Intramural Baseball 2-3-45 Intra- mural Basketball 3-45 Echoes Staff 4. JAY ALAN EGLI Projection Group 2-35 Intramural Baseball 25 Var- sity Baseball 3-45 Intramural Basketball 3-45 Echoes Staff 4. RICHARD R. EINSIG Intramural Baseball 2-3-45 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 JV Football 25 Varsity Football 3-4. DOLLIE MAE EMBECK Tri-Hi-Y 3-45 Cheerleader 3-45 GAA 1-2-3-4, Presi- dent 45 Girls' Chorus 2-3, Mixed Chorus 2-35 Girls' Basketball 45 Echoes Staff 45 Intramural Volleyball 3-45 Intramural Softball 3-4 BETTY JUNE ERB Typing Club 25 GAA 1-2-3-4. GALEN ERDLEY GEORGE FERLAZZO Vice President 35 School News Staff 15 Echoes Staff 45 Band 1-2-3-45 Key Club 1-2-3-45 Intra- mural Baseball 2-3-45 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Student Council 45 Student Council Committee 25 Science Club 2. NANCY FINCK School News Staff 2-3-4, Editor-in-Chief 45 Echoes Staff 45 Band 1-2-3-45 Girls' Basketball 1-2-45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Typing Club 25 Press Club 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 2-3-45 Intramural Volleyball 45 Student Council Play 4. ROY E. FINCK Boys' Chorus 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 45 JV Basket- ball 25 Varsity Baseball 1-2-3-4. EDGAR RICHARD FISHER Echoes Staff 45 Boys' Chorus 2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 35 Varsity Basketball 3-45 JV Basketball 3-45 Var- sity Football 2-3-45 Varsity Baseball 45 Intramural Baseball 1-2-35 Hi-Y 1, President 15 Assembly Committee 3-45 Projection Group 3: Officials' Club. GEORGE R. FISHER President 25 Echoes Staff 45 Boys' Chorus 45 Key Club 2-3-45 JV Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 1-2-3-45 Projection Group 2-3-45 Student Council 2-3-4, President 4, Student Council Committee 3. LILA IRENE FISHER. Echoes Staff 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 2-3-45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Follies 35 Cheerleader 15 Cooking Club 25 Bad- minton 4. NANCY FISHER MOORE School News Staff 2-3-45 Echoes Staff 45 Girls' Bas- ketball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 2-3-45 Intramural Volleyball 45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Press Club 25 Bad- minton 4. MARVIN L. FORNWALT Hunting Club 2. CHARLES J. FOSTER JV Football 2, Varsity Football 3-4. ARLENE FOUST Class Secretary 2-45 Echoes Staff, Co-Editor 45 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 GAA 1-2-3-4, Secretary 35 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Student Council Committee 25 Typ- ing Club 25 Student Council Play. JESSE JAMES FREDERICK, JR. Boys' Chorus 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Intra- mural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Baseball 2-3-4. JOHN JOSEPH FREDERICK Class Treasurer 3, Vice President 45 Band 1-2-35 Mixed Chorus 45 JV Football 25 Varsity Football 3-45 JV Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3-45 Var- sity Baseball 2-3-45 Manager 15 Student Council 3-4, Treasurer 4. EARL GARDNER, JR. Band 2-35 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Baseball 2-3-4. LARRY JACKSON GEARHART Intramural Basketball 25 Intramural Baseball 2-3-4. BENJAMIN GRIFFIN Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Base- ball 2-3-4. SHIRLEY MAE GUFFEY Typing Club 25 GAA 2-3-4. LARRY ALAN HAAS Echoes Staff 45 Intramural Baseball 2-3-45 Intra- mural Basketball 2-3-45 Projection Club 2. JOAN HALLOCK Echoes Staff 45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Girls' Basketball 2-35 Girls' Chorus 2-3, Mixed Chorus 2-35 Typing Club 2. ROBERT HAMMOND FRANK F. HEDDINGS Intramural Baseball 2-3-4. MARYBELLE E. HEDDINGS GAA 3-4. BETTE I. HEIMBACH GAA 1-2-3-4. BARBARA ANN HENDRICKS Echoes ,Staff 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3-45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Li- brary Club 25 Student Council 35 Library 2-35 Intra- mural Volleyball 35 Girls' Basketball 25 Badminton 45 Follies 3. SYLVIA FAYE HENDRICKS GAA 1-2-3-45 Cooking Club 2. RICHARD HOFFMAN JUAN HORROX Boys' Chorus 2-3, Mixed Chorus 2-3. EDITH WINN JONES School News Staff 45 Echoes Staff 45 GAA 1-2- 3-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3-45 Typing Club 2. EDNA M. KEEPER Student Council 43 GAA 1-2-3-4. SYLVIA LEE KEEFER School News Staff 2-5-43 Echoes Staff 4g Girls' Chorus 2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 2-3-43 Girls' Basketball 2-3-41 GAA 1-2-3-43 Follies 33 Press Club 2-33 Intramural Volleyball 3-43 Intramural Softball 3-4. MARGARET M. KEISER Girls' Basketball 2-33 GAA 1-2-3-4. WILLIAM M. KEISER Sound System 4. KENNETH R. KERSTETTER BETTY MAE KING GAA 1-2-3-43 Sewing Club 2. MARY JANE KLEES Echoes Staff 43 Girls' Basketball 2-33 Intramural Volleyball 33 GAA 1'2'3'4Q Follies 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Vice President 3, Secretary 43 Badminton 4. LEROY T. KLING, JR. Echoes Staff 4g Band 1-2-3-43 Boys' Chorus 33 Key Club 3-43 Intramural Baseball 23 Projection Group. LENA MAE KOCH School News Staff 3-43 Echoes Staff 43 Band 2-3-43 Girls' Basketball 2-3-43 GAA 1-2-3-43 Tri-Hi-Y 3-43 Tri-Hi-Y President 43 Science Club 23 Press Club 52 Mixed Chorus 13 Girls' Softball 3-43 Intra- mural Volleyball 4. PATRICIA KONKLE Echoes Staff 43 Girls' Basketball 2-3-43 GAA 1-2- 3-43 Typing Club 23 Girls' Volleyball 3-43 Intra- mural Softball 3-43 Badminton 4. ROBERT LAZARUS School news Staff 3-43 Boys' Chorus 2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 2-33 JV Football 2-33 Varsity Basketball 3-43 Varsity Baseball 1-2-3-43 Hi-Y'3, President 43 Officials' Club 2-3. MARY JEAN LOCKARD School news Staff 1-2-3-43 Echoes Staff 43 Baud 43 Girls' Basketball 2-3-43 GAA 1-2-3-43 Art Club Za Press Club 2-33 Intramural Softball 3-43 Bad- minton 43 Intramural Volleyball 3-4. MARY BELLE FERTIG LONTZ Echoes Staff 43 Band Manager 2-3-43 Mixed Cho- rus 43 Girls' Basketball 2-3-43 Intramural Soft- ball 3-43 GAA 1-2-3-4, CHARLES JOSEPH LOSE Intramural Basketball 2-33 Intramural Baseball 23 Student Council Committee 2g Mixed Chorus 4. RENA LOSE School News Staff 33 Girls' Basketball 2-3-43 Intra- mural Softball 3-43 GAA 1-2-3-4. NED MARSCH Boys' Chorus 23 JV Football 23 JV Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3-43 Student Council 4. RICHARD W. MATHIAS Band 2-3-4, First Chair 4g Dance Band 23 Boys' Chorus 2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 2-3-43 Intramural Bas- ketball 23 Projection Club 33 Cooking Club 2. NEVIN EDWARD MENSCH, JR. Intramural Basketball 3-4. DAVID GEARHARD MILLER Hunting Club 23 Student Council 23 Hi-Y 2-3-4, Treasurer 4g Intramural Basketball 2-3-43 Intra- mural Volleyball 2-3-43 Echoes Staff 4. FLORENCE MARIE MILLER Tri-Hi-Y 3-43 GAA 2-3-43 Girls' Basketball 2-33 Echoes Staff 4g Intramural Volleyball 3-43 Intra- mural Softball 2-3. ' JOAN ELIZABETH MILLER Cooking Club 25 Tri-Hi-Y 45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Girls' Basketball 25 Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Girls' Chorus 2-35 Echoes Staff 4. LEROY "MIKE" MILLER Projection Group 2-3-45 Intramural Baseball 2-33 Varsity Basketball 3-45 JV Basketball 25 Varsity Footballg JV Football 25 Boys' Chorus 3-45 Echoes Staff 4. MERRILL D. MILLER Intramural Baseball 2-3-45 JV Basketball 25 Intra- mural Basketball 4, Varsity Basketball 35 JV Football 2. NANCY LEE MILLER Echoes Staff 45 Girls' Chorus 2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 2-3-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3-45 GAA 1-2-3-4. LUCILLE KATHRYN MINIUM GAA 1-2-3-4. KENNETH E. MORGAN Intramural Basketball 1-3-4. ELETA MARLENE MOUREY Girls' Basketball 25 Girls' Chorus 3, Mixed Chorus 35 Echoes Staff 45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Harmony and Theory Club 2. RANDALL NAREHOOD JV Basketball 25 Varsity Basketball 3-45 Varsity Baseball 3-45 Boys' Chorus 35 Intramural Volley- ball 25 Intramural Baseball 2. VIRGINIA REGENIA NECCI Echoes Staff 45 Girls' Chorus 35 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Follies 35 Cheerleader 3-45 Intramural Volleyball 3-45 Intramural Softball 2- 3-45 Student Council Play 45 Mixed Chorus 35 Art Club 3. KAY F. NEUHARD GAA 1-2-3-45 Cheerleader 3-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3-45Sci- ence Club 25 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 Echoes Staff 45 Intramural Volleyball 3-45 Student Council Play 4. MARLIN R. OBERLIN THEODORE PEIFER Treasurer 25 Intramural Basketball 2-35 Intramural Baseball 2-35 Mixed Chorus 45 Football Manager 2. DALE W. PETERSON Student Council Committee 2, Student Council 25 Assembly Committee 3-45 Intramural Baseball 35 Intramural Basketball 35 Dance Band 1-2, Band 1-2-3-45 Echoes Staff 4, Business Manager 45 Key Club 2-3-4, Vice President 3, President 4. CALVIN G. RANCK Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Baseball 2-3-45 Hunting Club 4. RICHARD EUGENE REICH Sound System 45 Varsity Baseball 45 Mixed Chorus 3, Boys' Chorus 3. BOYD R. REICHELDERFER Intramural Baseball 1-2-3-45 Intramural Basket- ball 1-2-3-4. SHIRLEY ROYER Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Treasurer 35 GAA 2-3-45 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 Echoes Staff 4. ROBERT B. SANDERS, JR. School News 45 Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-45 Intramural Baseball 1-2-3-45 Intramural Volley- ball 2-3-4. RACHEL SATTESON School News 45 Echoes Staff 45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Intramural Volleyball 3-45 Intramural Softball 3. FRED E. SCI-INURE Sound System 4. JOHN L. SEIDEL Band 1-2-35 Intramural Baseball 25 Student Coun- cil Committee 25 Student Council. LINDA KAY SHOWERS Echoes Staff 45 Girls' Chorus 1-2-3-4, Mixed Cho- rus 1-2-35 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Soft- ball 2-3-45 Intramural Volleyball 3-45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3-45 Student Council 3, Student Council Play 4. JAMES LARUE SHUCK Boys' Chorus 2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 JV Bas- ketball 1-25 Intramural Basketball 3: Varsity Base- ball 35 Intramural Baseball 1-25 Projection Group 2-3. CAROL D. SMITH School News 2-3-45 Echoes Staff 45 Girls' Chorus 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3-45 Art Club 25 Intramural Softball 2-3-45 Intramural Volleyball 3-45 Badmin- ton 45 Follies 3. GARNER D. SNUFFER Intramural Basketball 3. CAROLINE E. SNYDER GAA 1-2-3-45 Girls' Basketball 2-3. DONALD RICHARD SNYDER Editorial Staff 45 Boys' Chorus 3-4, Mixed Chorus 35 Projection Group 2. ELEANOR JEAN SNYDER Class Secretary 35 Editorial Staff 45 Girls' Chorus 3, Mixed Chorus 35 GAA 2-3-4, Social Chairman 3, Treasurer 4. JOHN D. SNYDER Intramural Basketball 15 Sound System 4. RUTH LEE SNYDER Echies Staff 45 Band 1-2-3. First Crair 3, Section Leader 35 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 Typing Club 25 Intramural Volleyball 3-45 Intramural Softball 2- 3-45 Badminton 45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Follies 3. WILLIAM H. SPRINGER JV Basketball 1-25 Intramural Basketball 35 Intra- mural Baseball 2-3. M. JOAN STAMM School News Staff 1-3-45 Echoes Staff 45 Band 1-2-3-4, Baton Twirler 1-2-3-45 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Follies 35 Tri-Hi-Y5 Student Council Committee 2, Student Council Play5 Cook- ing Club 25 Press Club 35 Intramural Volleyball 3-45 Intramural Softball 2-3-4. JANET E. STRATTON Echoes Staff 45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Typing Club 25 Band 2-3-4, Baton Twirler 3-45 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 Student Council Play 4. KENNETH E. STUMP Intramural Baseball 35 Projection Group 2-3. RICHARD STUMP Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Baseball 2-3-45 Sound System 4. FRANK TRATE VIRGINIA JEAN WALLIZE Echoes Staff 45 Girls' Basketball 3-45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Intramural Softball 3-45 Typing Club 25 Cooking Club 35 Intramural Volleyball 3-4. WILLIAM A. WALTER Band 1-25 Boys' Chorus 3, Mixed Chorus 3-45 JV Football 35 Varsity Football 35 JV Basketball 25 Intramural Basketball 3-4. ROBERT EDWIN WANDS Band 1-2-3-4, First Chair 3-45 Boys' Chorus, Mixed Chorus 45 JV Football 3-45 Key Club 2-3-45 Hi-Y 2-3-45 Hunting Club 2. FRANK D. WEAVER, JR. Intramural Volleyball 2-35 Intramural Baseball 2-3. MADELINE WERTZ JOANN L. YOUNG Echoes Staff 45 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 GAA 1-2-3-45 Typing Club 25 Intramural Softball 2-3-45 Badminton 45 Intramural Volleyball 2-3-4. WILLIS WILLARD III Boys' Chorus 4, Mixed Chorus 4. BETTY MAE WILLOW Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Softball 2-3-45 Intramural Volleyball 2-3-45 Press Club 35 GAA 1-2-3-4. THOMAS WOODSON Echoes Staff 45 Boys' Chorus 1-2-3, Mixed Chorus 2-35 Cheerleader 1-45 Harmony and Theory 25 Boys' Cooking Club 25 Intramural Volleyball 35 Intra- mural Baseball 3. M. YVONNE YOST GAA 1-2-3-4. RAYMOND N. YOST Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Varsity Baseball 2-3-45 Projection Group 2-3-4. .J ! 312 .,-vz, I v' 1 1' 51 MPH' Tx 4 I r' GAA 1-2-3-45 Cheerleader 3-4. ROBERT L. YOUNG Boys' Chorus 4, Mixed Chorus 45 Intramural Bas- ketball 3-45 Intramural Baseball 2-3-4. RICHARD C. YOUNGER Band 1-2-3-4, Section Leader 4, First Chair 45 Boys Chorus 2-35 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramu- ral Baseball 2-3-4. JAMES ZEIBER Intramural Basketball 2-3-4, Manager 25 Intramu- ral Baseball 2-3-4. JACK ZIMMERMAN Football Manager 2-3-45 Basketball Manager 2-3-45 Hi-Y 2 5 Projection Group 2-3. x f F'X Fa I x g c fr XZX ,- I me l 3 5 A X I , History of The Class of 1954 The great doors of Milton High School were opened to us, a very eager young group standing on the threshold of something new and inviting. The new system of classes and the independence we had, pleased us very much. Under the willing guidance of Mrs. Ruth Shade, we elected George Fisher, presi- dentg Nevin Beaver, vice president, Arlene Foust, secretary, and Eleanor Snyder, treas- urer, to guide us through our Sophomore year. The next big event was the selection of our class ring, the "All Star." The activ- ities we participated in were the G.A.A., Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y, Boys' and Girls' Choruses, Band, Key Club, intramural sports, and various other clubs. Starting our junior year under the capable leadership of Mr. Paul Confer and Mr. james Tule, jr., we elected Dick Barto, president, George Ferlazzo, vice president, Eleanor Snyder, secretary, and Joe Fredrick, treasurer, to lead us through our second year. Our biggest event of the year was the magazine sale, for which we raised some of the money needed for our senior acivities. Two years had elapsed and here we were in our senior year. Our last year had come and it would soon be over. Right away things began to take place. We elected Dick Hoffman, president, joe Fredrick, vice presidentg Arlene Foust, secretary, and Eddie Wands, treasurer. After the election of officers we began to work on our edition of the "Echoes." We then had the sale of Christmas cards to help finance our annual, and after that came the dedicating of the yearbook. Our thoughts turned to brighter things, and we selected our name cards and grad- uation invitations. Many intramural sports and assemblies filled our senior year. Christmas came, bringing with it the annual Tri-Hi-Y Snow Dance, with a senior girl presiding as queen. The class play took the spotlight after the holidays. The next item on the program was the May Dance, when a senior girl from the G.A.A. was chosen the queen to reign over the court. Following the May Dance was the dedication and circulation of the annual. Thus ended our senior year at Milton High. Though we now turn our thoughts away, our high school days and "the orange and black" will always remain in our memories. ECHOES STAFF We, the Editorial and Business Staffs of the 1954 "Echoe.r," with the competent guid- ance of Miss Martha Bicl-rel and Mr. Harry Swanger, have compiled this yearbook to the best of our ability. We hope that it will recall to everyone the many happy years spent at Milton High School. EDITORIAL STAFF Faculty Adwror ,...................,...,........... Miss Martha Blckel Co-Editon-in-Chief ..,......... Nancy Berman and Arlene Foust Faculty Committee .................... Boneta Derr, Pat Konkle, Clarrer and Ofganizationr Ruth Snyder, Shirley Derr Carole Smith, Madeline Wertz, Pt-lly Campbell, Avis Benfer Fl' ning, joan Stamm, Shirley Dtrr, Virginia Wal- lize, Dollie Embeck, Boneta Derr, Edith jones, Mary jane Klees Senior Write-HPI ....... ..... A vis Benfer Fleming, Kay Neu- hard, Lila Fisher, Barbara Bennage, Joan Stamm, Vir- ginia Wallize, Dollie Embeck, Nancy Finck, Eleanor Snyder, Barbara Hendricks, Lind a Showers, Jean Necci Senior Artivitier ............ Joan Hallock, Elem Mgurey, Par Faculty Adviior ............ Burinerr Manager: ........... Advertising Committee ....... Sale.: Committee .... ..... Konkle, Sylvia Keefer, joan Miller, Lila Fisher, Barbara Bennage, Ruth Snyder, Elea- nor Snyder, Nancy Finck, Nancy Miller Sport! ............ Polly Campbell, Tom Woodson, Don Snyder Art: and Photography ............ Dorothy Chapin, Bob San- ders, Kay Neuhard, Mary Lockard, Donald Brumbach, Shirley Royer, Nancy Fisher Moore Typittt ....... ..,... R uth Snyder, Boneta Derr, Lila Fisher, Eleanor Snyder, Carol Smith, Madeline Wertz Cid!! Song ........ ..... E dith Jones, Mary jane Klees, Kay Neuhard Clair Hirtory ............ Mary Lockard, Nancy Fisher Moore, BUSINESS STAFF Mr. Harry Swanger Dale Peterson, Leroy Kling Nancy Finck, Lena Mae Koch, Mary Lockard, Nancy Fisher Moore, Dollie Mae Embeck, Mary Belle Lontz, john Buehler, George Ferlazzo Florence Miller, Eddie Wands, Richard Hoffman, Anthony Callos, Rachel Satteson, Ken- netb Tom Woodson, Don Snyder Butler, Gary Egli, Larry Haas Cbriftmax Card Committee ............ Mary Belle Lontz, Eggie Name Card Committee .. Secretary-Tfeaiurer ....... Fisher, Mike Miller, Janet Stratton, George Fisher, Lena Mae Koch, Nancy Finck, Ne- V vin Beaver Barbara Bennage, Janet Stratton, Lena Mae Koch, Kay Neuhard, Boneta Derr jay Egli V i ea B il O 3 9 U A .wi , W I ,ZZ QE ,, Q, H33 QQ- .,:, 1, H,-A 55,-ff' --.j?zz,.-2 ' Av' ,,- .gwf , i?',g,Q 'fha WW . ,www- .lwn 5531 E , w ' dxf? Mis? 'ggi yy. 391 . - .- X Qik M' g X , a +w2Qww5wMhQimmm VQ " mggi. , fQQ,.M gf . E, .. Q ww fm G, .. 'kv 1 V if " 1,-:' , W A ,R rt W X V C ..M..,..,..M...,...m gf' If .gpm .,A. 1 , , :A V-QL797' D "via: Lff- , Kai ??'Vf'W'1 ASK E, . . ,J 1 L' wwg--.". 3. Q , A, . ' Av Ag ' I ' W. gig ig f' 75 ff f -2 ... Yi 1 zjjrfp E.. ' A K Mwifagya W K .i'Lff"2sfaf1 - 'Q li: -za.. . -mf' in f ixiiisyk' - P -, ,, 12- W UZQ-:J V -1- 7 'Ez M 7 ' A if " f 5275 F' ws 2 1 W ,W X W - - nff-1ff2?f?zsi5?s,1wFiH, 1691? i .i -Vs, igiwge 'M , Q ,V . , .. i f F - - " ' iff' .EW 'WI " "si .1 ,L .SE-fm ,L r Y ' Q ' . . Q , 2 lf nw V f I f, X, L ' L ff' ' , - ,ug M -- -- 'f A ,f? fs" r. -ww V 1 .., .. ., i :WV I ,V ,,,.-.,. A .. ,.,..v if'Fw5t',, f ff r " f K 5 ,Q wh Vik 5 L: , .- ,.,,Qi6A Z7 ., if - wfffif , X I-.I-.2 -I 'I , Y 52 I X , 5 N I unsung i M gs 3? Z,A VM I L 5 Gam if ' ' mg? ,,p-4' X, ' vii: at x ' , RQ ,E my if M? " MW..-Q,.....W, ............W.,q Www ,x f. ,ans fu- ,fwiiif M, , .WW f . T111 . . va, x , ' LM ' ' 1 "-- E xg my - . Y - . f'1 L1 .,A. 2 ww? if f, ' 1 f L wzww A. J I. , , ,.,. .. - A ' ' V ,Law 42 1 N5 I " f ' ' " QQ a ' .. " " . ,K li... 5 ,. . I A 3 ,N KL if ' , L 55 ,Hx-if ' - vm-5. -. W , Q 1,1 .- Jaw, --ML Q f if: ' 55 l K sa f QQ mg Lg, 1 E 5 3.3: .55:E,.:,.9e5, 5: -y, W W ,M,,yH 7? 'YF , QWKMPYQ ,fi ,A i ,E ,.,. , 2 gi will 'K X " "'5,.sM -5 . N S 3, sr' f me 4 4 2 1 M my -:.fq, Q .-'.,a, -- X 5 s 1 1, QQ A M J F fav 'fa TSX f ar' 17,3 ,Q ,,., S, . W. W. if if A wa I 2 9 Y Sw? ,W W . . S 1 W, x . 1, s , , W. ., AM., m...........,, 5 5 HMM5 A ' Y 2 . K if M ' M if V-M5 an """ I .f ,.W SENIOR CLASS PLAY "Andy Hardy" By AURANIA ROUVEROL Direfled by: Mrs. Charles Lontz, Mary Belle Lontz, and Sandra Burns CAST Andy Hardy ..,.... .,..,....A.... ......... E d win Wands fudge Hardy ---,-- .,.... G eorge Ferlazzo MH. Hflfdy ---..... ........ A rlene Foust Marion Hardy ....... ,,,,,,, K ay Neuhard Grandpa Hardy ........ ...... R ichard Mathias Allnl Milly ........... ..,. N ancy Berman Polly Benedir! ........ ,.,,,r, j oan Stamm Ronny Newronzb ...... ..,,,.... L eroy Miller Ley Granger .......,.., ..,....,.... E dgar Fisher Miclanel Stone ....... ...,... R ichard Hoffman M211 Mndren ......... ..... B arbara Bennage Wayne Trenton ......w ,.,..,. W illis Willard Mary Connor ........, ...... B arbara Hendricks Orrar Stublvinr .....i ....... T heodore Kling Belly Lon .....i..... ...,,.... N ancy Finck Sally Wade ......... ........ L Qnda Showers Alec Palmer ........,, ......,,.,.........,.,.,.........,....,.....,wi..i......w.,.... L eorge Fisher MH. Willozzgbby Friendr of Andy Dollie Mae Embeck janet Stratton, Lena Mae Koch, Edith jones, Boneta Derr, Lila Fisher, james Shuck, Robert Lazarus, William Walter, Larry Haas, joseph Frederick Time-Mid-summer Scene-The living room of the Hardy family Sludent Produrlion Manager!-Ruth Snyder and Dale Peterson 'U ' QQ ' 'Q 1 2? Zi W an 'Hs 1- F 5 f QQ fl ,ij :'k77 gif' 1 Q3 My 11 ,, ,. , 5 5 J . 1 ' X ,v K Y....m......- . -I ,si -V f,.Mm+q,,,Y iii pr Y! id? '? ,324 ,. :X E vs team I Sw Q lk A Q Q, - K x ' fri' wg' 4' SSES 6LA5ANlZA??6lNS UR YI E221 2 UNIOR CLASS P,-ejjdgm .,,,-,-,-,- ,Y,,,, C I-IARLES CONFER Secretary ...... ,...... E LWOOD ENGLEMAN Vjfe P,-gsfjdgm --,-. wvYAA,, ,.., ,,,, ,,,,,,,A, E L T O N GOFF TI'6d.fHf6f .. ,,........ EDWIN CONFER We. the class of '55, under the help of our class advisors,'Miss Nancy Roberts and Mr. jacob Azain, have completed our junior year with success. We have competed in many activitiesg our biggest job of the year being the magazine drive. We are all looking forward to our last year at M.H.S. with much anticipation and hopes for the future years. SL '5 S A Q: 3 5 5, 3, i i 3 gl ii' Qi 15' W - V A xi VW 4 wr ff 1 2 ,QA if S fx ' 35 1 x 134 Qi, V L ix lf 1 if n M uwhfm , E153 ? W Q 8, -5:4 M' Z X' K 12 Q 'H M 1 if M V , 3 Q N ffjv W ig, M . VL i ,..,. M , I v wa ' I f .5 i 9 f . 5 if J .. sm was -Q W. FK ,W X x W SY' K 1 Q B gw Q N if Si Q if we ig E H WWW ww 45s,,.poulnllm,x Ii. 'N N-7 A i V In ,, Ma M- M , 3 'Q 5 fig U A , ,g+w2r,,, Avis i5A 1 : U 43 "-' ' 'f: 2 1:,,, , Q. I v Q ,,.,, Lzkzy M VW f 5 yi M w QM' 'yvzq ,QA fam 'X Q5 f ., Q A 6: , i 555535539 5533? iMWg'MQQ 2 , ig JI--f-ff W , H, MM... 44,3 6 ' L V Qi ,,., 'Y - W W ' :ff ' 11. ,:. .E T- iff- k ' K' 'TZ , A. L - vw, Xi Y ,Mm M. af '- ' , ug g 1, ,J ' V- fi X- -' Q, I , ef 1. A -M 115 wr" 5 m, ,9Q,,v , yi .fri ,, W K ' L A ff -A ' ' ,,,'5Q' , ,f W K ,L Q f HEL? ' W2 w , , ,.l211iQ.f:"-fl'wf Q, ,Z , 4 jg U "+ 'F-'L L4-iLiiz"':.g2'1 N Z ' :af f 51575 V515 ' "A' HMS? 525113, "4'f1'ZfE-Q'l51'fSf'- 2-5 H QA L , M. W x M K , v V1 K M14 Y' ij, 'L jr iz 5 , .Lsffz if ' 22 ' 1 f , 1 gfgf 5325- gf, Z, , ,gg 7 'f H 15 2 - I--11 fi: 1, Jw- ,Ll .gijgig ,, v . First row, left to right: Pat Fornwald, Pat Barto, Lena Mae Koch, Betty Lou Munson, Eleta Mourey, Nancy Shultz, Nancy Miller, Edith Winn jones, Carol Smith. Second row: Kay Logan, Marguerite Cromis, Pat Nunn, Nancy Kling, Mary Jane Klees, Barbara Hendricks, joan Hallock, Arlene Foust, joan Miller. Third row: Kay Showers, Mary Rider, Mary Wahl, Florence Miller, Kay Neuhard, Shirley Royer, Helen Derr, Virginia Shellenberger. Fourth row: Barbara Bennage, Janet Stratton, Dollie Mae Embeck, Nancy Finck, Nancy Berman, joan Stamm, Linda Showers. TRI-HI-Y Prefzdenl Vice Prerident Secretary Trearurer Lena Mae Koch Pat Barto Mary jane Klees Nancy Shultz Starting the year with an impressive candlelight induction ceremony, the Tri-I-Ii-Y began a very successful year of service to the school and community. Among its activities were food sales, a picnic, a hay ride, a Sports Party, a square dance, a Mother and Daughter Banquet, and a cabin party. The main event of the year was the annual Snow Dance, at which event Edith Winn jones was crowned queen. The theme of the dance was "Blue Christmas." A few of our service projects were giving fruit and Easter baskets to the Salvation Army and presenting Christmas gifts to orphans. We would like to thank Miss Dor- othy E. Boyer and Mrs, Thomas Powell, our advisors, for their excellent guidance and co-operation. Q R 3m,Lw.'? f , Y Q LM:-w,.... ..,., N X, , G V-,4 , X A TW. ,MM L.. + 4 A ,gn SM 5 x .,,. . QW, W 5 W , K, wh, 'xi , M W.g,,f Qi? wp .s5?s?11P??QPQi. ' 4121 2g,k.gz.w " ifizfgfmif U K .. 52225111 fm, f A' '-wi ,A '34, x 13? -A ' 'wfiffi-51.7 My 5 ,f-fszesfz-w-xrhmmm Vgew ,QW ,gg A f ,mswvemf . M f ,551 3 ,iifff S is ,md ,X P, 1 x wa M 312323 . 125+ 'Vi 1 fi " . Lifiigfzjfzg. ' V EYE? ' W A ai, ,.-- , ,- 5, :QQ : .A mf., v Nwwf 41954 ,,,. . 2 , nhsygmk K ' A2 W Q-1-qty: . ia, , . A W ww NW, Front row, left to right: joy Lynn Dye, Eleanor Snyder, Virginia Wilkins, Pat Barto. Back row: Dollie Embeck, Kay Meckley, Pat Harshbarger. G.A.A. Prerideizl ........,.., ..... D ollie Mae Embeck Scribe ...,.....,r.,...,,,.,,,,.., ,,,4 P at Hafshbafgef Vice Prerident .,.... ....... V irginia Wilkins Publicity Cbizimmn ,,,,, ,,,.,,, K ay Meqkley Secretary ............ .,...r...,..... P at Barto Bzzfiizerr Mmzizger ,,,,, ,,,, N anfy Berman Treayurer ........,.,................,.............. Eleanor Snyder Social Chairman ,,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,,.v..,,,L..,v.,. J Oy Lynn Dye This year's membership drive was very successful, with nearly 100f4p of the girls joining. The year's activities began with an all-girl hobo party and closed with the most important event of the year, the May dance, at which event the May Queen was crowned. The girls of the G.A.A. feel that they have had a very worthwhile year. They are most appreciative to the help and leadership contributed by their advisor, Miss Nancy Roberts. First row, left to right: Fred Campbell, Thomas Enterline, james Morgan, Dale Peterson, Larry Hoffman, Scott' Kostenbauder, Robert Bucher, Ronald Hess, Leroy Kling, George Ferlazzo. Second row: Mr. Tule. Robert Buehler, Charles Confer, Edwin Wands, Neil Shirlc, Elwood Brown, Robert Deck, Thornton Walker. Third row: Royce Straub, George Fisher, james Ohl, Larry Davis, Nevin Beaver, Tom Poust, Kenneth Butler, Jack Seksinsky. KEY CLUB Prefidelil .... ................. D ale Peterson Vice Prefident ..r............ ...... J ames Secfetarry-T1'er1J'11rer ...... ......, R ichard Hoffman The Key Club under the direction of James O. Tule has completed another success- ful year. The club raised funds for the purchase of jackets, sponsored an assembly, and con- tributed to Milton High School at the close of the school year. Next year they hope to enjoy an equally successful year. I Seksinski N 51233 'irc Sy I' f i, m."fm ii QQ- f 5 vw V I .N 1,1 .,V. W ' SMR ,wr m- ., .. XY N lf' 5 -- uv- M 5 K' R ' - ' . fl ' Q A If x 1 i s S ,A ix W f' " . . S ' 2m,:zxmg -- , Ww- ..vf.,..,,,M,w. ..h,x,,fWL ,. , . ',,,.M,,w.i,M,, 4 ff .uw K 4,,.....W,,, ,,., ,.,, ,N Z I K ,7 I Y H? ,.,. .Z X 134 2- 'kf. , .5 Q. , V, AQ X A yfyisggzaaa , in , .3, . ,M wimf. A . , ,J 1, 0 -L? was-wmv A A is Y ,-.. 'f yt 11' Q " ' KA f 55.1, ,L XA, Mi, ,gayfl:-.g,mf,Q,wi' 35: .f in 55 is 3 W THE BAND N F., '. ' E FLUTE T S Nancy Berman S Avis Benfer Patricia Nunn Nancy Billig OBOE T Nancy Shultz BASSOON Kay Logan B-F LAT CLARINET S Barbara Bennage S Bonita Derr S Leroy Kling Thornton Walker Joyce Hettinger T S Joan Stamm T S Janet Stratton Virginia Wilkins Betty Lou Munson Kay Showers BASS CLARINET Juanita Shirk ALTO SAXOPHONE Arlin Gearhart Marilyn Marsh u I OFFICERS Prefident ........., . ......................... George Ferlazzo Vice President .,.... .,,... J ames Morgan Secretary ........... ........ B arbara Bennage Treamrer ....... .........,...... C harles Confer Librarian ....... ,,,,.,,. W illiam Hutcheson Director-john L. Peterson joan Batman Ruth Rathmell TENOR SAXOPHONE Benjamin Schmick C Yvonne Mazeall CORNET and TRUMPET S Richard Hoffman S Dale Peterson S Nancy F inck S Lena Mae Koch james Morgan Walter Porr Charles johnson William Hutcheson FRENCH HORN S Richard Younger Marvien Nielson Fay Carrington Edward Bucher MANAGER S C Mary Belle Lontz BARITONE S Edwin Wands james Ohl Charles Confer A , S - ISN. y r TROMBONE S Richard Mathias Robert Phillips Harold Bower Charles Stahl TUBA Terry Zimmerman Fred Campbell james Runyan David Hartsock S Anthony Callos PERCUSSION S George Ferlazzo Robert Grittner S Mary Lockard Miles Kerstetter STRING BASS C Nancy Bennett T-Denotes Twirler S-Denotes Senior C-Denotes Color Guard MIXED CHORUS Director-Kenneth LeFevre Aff'0W1P4'7iWff-NHHCY Billig This year the Mixed Chorus, composed of 70 boys and girls, has entertained various clubs and organizations throughout the community with their excellent performances. Q 3 Km AUTO SHOP In the Automobile Department of the Vocational Shops, Mr. Marlin Hartman is the instructor. Most of the work clone by the boys consists of repair work on cars brought in by shop students. This work deals with the disassembling of cars, replacing the worn parts with new ones, and reassembling them. ELECTRIC SHOP The instructor in the Electric Shop is Mr. E. C. Williams. The Electric Shop has many valuable pieces of modern equipment, one of the most valuable being the Distribution Control Center, which is shown in the picture with Bill Keiser operating. From this piece of equipment the instructor and the shop fore- man have complete control over all the experiments and projects. Each week a senior boy is appointed by the instructor to act as shop foreman and control panel operator. One of the many things the Electric Shop boys did was to wire and put up the Christmas scene in Lincoln Park. CABINET SHOP In the Cabinet Department of the Vocational Shop we have Mr. Kermit Benfer as an instructor. The shop is equipped to turn rough lumber into very beautiful pieces of furniture, such as, a picnic table, gun rack, a walnut dining room suite, and a Hollywood bed. The shop is provided with the most modern tools and machines. One of the newest machines is the seven-foot belt sander. From time to time we have theory in the classrooms. These classes consist of learning the parts of the machines and the methods of tearing them down and reassembling them. During the course of a year the wood shop boys repair many articles for the school and community. MACHINE SHOP The instructor in the Machine Shop is Mr. Elmer Ruth. The Machine Shop con- sists of lathes, shapers, grinders, a planer, drill presses, a milling machine, a forge, a tool crib, stock room and a welding booth. In the welding booth there are an elec- tric welder and oxygen and acetylene tanks, which are used for brazing and cutting metal. Almost anything can be made or repaired that is not too large in size. Precision worklis done mostly on the lathes and grinders. All the students learn to operate the machines and how to lay out their work. Sports x7f7f s L1 ,I vii Sywm an Q may I hmm t 5, J.. 1 K kicx .L 1 ., ., 'W Q fig hi ig, Z Q F W, ,A .,.. .yi V W ,amiga ff WW we V It W P I - Q A ,, LL,, , f , , I :VV .M ,. M W- ,:' dit.. R K Y 7 5 S I Q gq gf We .,em:.,1 , ,-Y, . my N Q cv ' xl I 1" f Football Rewew f lk gd L lp 6 ' ig V g ' gf I ' H x 9 . L ... -- , X X I I X MILTON 14 ..............,........................................,...........A.................. MIFFLINBURG 12 The team opened the season with a victory over Mifflinburg 14-12. Two touchdowns by Fred Campbell and two precious extra points by Bob Lazarus brought us the victory. MILTON 12 ,................................................................................,.....,.... LEWISBURG 3 5 The Panthers were drubbed by Lewisburg, 35-12. Jim Seksinsky tallied twice for Milton. MILTON 7 .......................................................................,.,,,....,.,.... . SELINSGROVE 14 Too little, too late was the excuse with the Panthers, when they lost to Selinsgrove. Terry Zimmerman scored for Milton, and Bob Lazarus booted the extra point. MILTON 3 ....................................................................,....... NORTHUMBERLAND 7 Milton was downed by Norry, 7-3, but it was worth the money. Bob Lazarus kicked a field goal, the first ever to be kicked on our field. MILTON 7 .,..,,,,,,..,,....,,..,.,............................................................... BLOOMSBURG 19 Milton suffered another loss to Bloom, 19-7-our fourth this season. jim Runyan scored for the Panthers, and Lazarus kicked the extra point. MILTON 7 ..,..,,,.......,.,.,...,,.,...,...................................,..... MT. CARMEL CATHOLIC 7 The Panthers tied Mt. Carmel 7-7, in a swell game. Dick Barto made the Milton TD, and Bob Lazarus racked up the extra point. MILTON 0 ........................................................................................ LOCK HAVEN 27 Aided by two towering ends, Lock Haven's speedy backs completely overcame Milton, as they again tasted bitter defeat, 27-O. MILTON 7 .................................................................................................. SUNBURY 7 Milton tied a greatly favored Sunbury, 7-7. Fred Campbell and Bob Lazarus made the Milton score. MILTON 19 ................................................................................,....... JERSEY SHORE 7 The Panthers plowed through 3 inches of snow to top jersey Shore, 19-7. Terry Zimmerman, Eggie Fisher, and joe Frederick tallied for Milton. Bob Lazarus kicked the extra point. MILTON 6 ......................,...........,.................................,,.,.,...,...,..,.,,,.,, DANVILLE 26 Milton chalked up another loss against a rambunctious Danville team. Dick Barto made the Milton score. MII-TONDO .................................................................... SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT 13 Milton High School ended the season with a 13-O loss to Southside. Milton played a strong second half, but Southside proved to be too much for the Panthers. Varsity Basketball Front row, left to right: Ned Marsch, Randall Narehood, Edgar Fisher, joseph Frederick, George Fisher, Leroy Miller, Jack Zimmerman, Manager. Back row: Robert Izer, Coachg Fred Campbell, David Hartsock, Elton Goff, Ed Confer, Harold Bower, John McMurtrie, Thornton Walker, James Morgan, Manager. Shamokin ,..... Montgomery ..... Montgomery ...,. Hughesville ....... Danville .........,. Sunbury ............., Northumberland Mifflinburg ........ Trevorton .....,... Bloomsburg ..... Lewisburg ............. Selinsgrove ............. South Williamsport FIRST HALF We .......-43 .......40 ......,41 .......53 .....,.51 ......,-44 .......46 ,......55 .......53 .......32 ......,52 .......45 ....,..64 Tl: e y 51 30 37 56 35 60 29 48 56 61 45 51 75 LAST HALF We They JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Front row, left to right: Robert Bucher, William Burns, james Keiser, George jones, Stanley Helwig, David Karchner, Howard Woodson. Back row: P. Richard Fisher, Coachg Larry Hoffman, Robert Rudloff, jack Seksinsky, Thomas Poust, Larry Davis, Kenneth Lazarus, Dale Moser, james Hendricks, Thomas Engleman, Manaers. Shamokin ........ Montgomery ....... Hughesville .... Danville ............. Sunbury ................. Northumberland Mifflinburg .......... Trevorton ........... Bloomsburg ...... Lewisburg ............. Selinsgrove ...........,. South Williamspon FIRST HALF We They 26 44 38 23 35 32 53 38 30 47 40 31 50 25 51 29 32 41 38 26 34 37 45 46 LAST HALF We They . 1" bud? ' 54 1 if El lg ia ls .. : -' . . qv , ,,m...w..w.1 ,Uv .-. wr- N,-at ,gy-,,-i...f.r,,,.., ., ,,.M,,--1-gr, K--V -MW ,.,fW,.wr.-WY.-nmww First row, left to rihtz Thornton Walker, Robert Lazarus, Robert Deck, Ray Yost, Charles Mathias, john Krupkoski, Dale Cochran, Russell Callenberger. Second row: Bill Hutchison, Manager, jay Egli, Richard Moore, Delbert Fisher, George Fisher, joseph Frederick, Roy Finck, Royce Straub, I-larry Hill, Manager. Third row: Henry Longenberger, Coachg james Morrison, Randall Narehood, Robert Dyer, Norman Brown, james Runyan, Elmer Ruth, Assistant Coach. BASEBALL - 1953 NON-LEAGUE Milton .,...... ....... 1 5 Millville ..... LEAGUE Milton ....... ......., 1 8 Mifflinburg .........,, .,,.,.., 1 0 Milton ,....... ..... 0 Northumberland 3 Milton ........ ....... 1 6 Trevorton ........, ,,,.. Milton ........ ..... 7 Selinsgrove .. Milt0n ........ .... 2 Sunbury .... Milton ..s...,. ..,. 0 Danville .,,,, Milton ..,.... ........ 1 0 Lewisburg ,.,,,,, ,,,,, Milwn ..,..... 10 Mifflinburg Milton ........ .... 5 Northumberland Milton ........ ....... 1 6 Trevorton ,.,..,,,,,,, ,.,,, Milf0r1 ........ ..., 5 Selins grove ..,, Milton ........ .... 3 Sunbury WF ON 'Si X X "UDLn,V sr 95 af 5: Qi sf ll 2? SE is 5 l QE l lf 55 if 5E li 5 E ft Left to right: Helen Tiffany, joy Lynn Dye, Tom Woodson, Nancy Kling, JoAnn Young, Kay Neuhard, jean Necci, Dollie Embeck. CHEERLEADERS With a peppy group of cheerleaders leading the student body throughout the year, the school spirit was really high. Pep rallies were backed by constant campaigning, let- ting the teams know that the students were always behind them. Teen Canteen Marybelle Edgar Nancy Arlene Anihony Lon+z Fisher Finclc Fous+ Callas Buffalo Valley Dairy Best Furniture Store Mr. M. V. Best Dollie Embeck Dick Hoffman H. H. Follmer Service Station George Ferlazzo Edgar Fisher Broadway Hardware Store Arlene Fousf Joan Sfamm A. A. BOWMAN 84 SON NASH GARAGE Sylvia Keefer Nanci Berman Nancy Moore With All Good Wishes LOYAL ORDER of MOOSE NO. 171 Complimenfs of THE CAPITOL CENTRAL PENNSYLVANlA'S FINEST THEATRE I Mil+on, Penna. Complimenfs of BUDMAN'S AUTO BODY Complimenis fo Ihe Class of I954 POST NO. 7I AMERICAN LEGION FULMER MOTOR CO. Headquarfers for Your I AUTOMOBILE AND FARM EQUIPMENT SERVICE I usen CARS AND TRUCKS I L ' For a Be'Her Deal See Fulmer Shop and Save BOLEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE "MiII'on's No. I Bargain SI'ore" "Where Qualify is High and Prices Are Low" MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA Showers Bros. Sales and Service TEXACO GASOLINE GOODYEAR TIRES AND TUBES Your New DeSoI'o-PIymou+h Dealer in This Area 679 SO. FRONT ST. MILTON, PA. Compliments of J. J. Newberry 81 Co. Congrafulalions and Besl' Wishes +o 'lhe Class of l954 Clinger Lumber Company MILLWORK - BUILDING SUPPLIES PAINT - HARDWARE ' 304 Arch S+. Phone 900 HASTINGS 81 HASTINGS Insurance Real Esl'al'e 56 Broadway Mlll'0ll. Pd- Complimenls of W. T. GRANT STORE Complimenls of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of MILTON I sesr wlsl-ies TO THE CLASS OF n9s4 I Complimenis of I SPCTTS ROCERY MINNICH STUDIO 20' M S+ Odd Fellows Building Millon, Pa. MILTON a onmg I PENNA STAHL S FLOUR Congrafulafions +o 'I'l1e 8' FEED MILLS I Class of I954 R. E. STAHL AND SONS, Proprieiors Manufaclurer of Hier-I GRADE FLouR AND FEED T,-i-Hi-Y Millon, Pennsylvania "THE FRIENDLY BANK" Milton Bank and Safe Deposit Co. MILTON PENNA. MCDANIEUS ice CREAM ' Made Fresh Daily So. Fron+ Sfreef Phone 4l6 Complimenfs of The Famous Department Store THE KEISER PHARMACY I99 So. Froni' S+. MILTON. PENNSYLVANIA Congrafulalions FLORA ELIZABETH SHOPPE Complimenis of W. A. Dehart WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERY Hoch's Cafe Milion, Pennsylvania Besi' Wishes Class of '54 KEY CLUB ESCHBACH'S SMALLS' GREENHOUSES, INC 25I Turbo? Ave. Sfore: 54 Broadway Phone 855-J CORSAGES, PLANTS, FLOWERS 52 Broadway Milfon. Pa. Phones 330-J - 304-M Com pIimen+s of Han's Candy Shoppe LESTER STAHL'S GROCERY The Friendliesf Sfore in Town 420 Hepburn S+. Phone 447 MILTON. PENNSYLVANIA Complimenfs of WEST BRANCH CREAMERY Manufaciurers of REICHARD'S GOLDEN VELVET MILK PRODUCTS Sold in Seven Counfies Complimenfs of Reed's Cleaners R. D. CROSSLEY JEWELER AND WATCHMAKER I70 S. Fron'I' S+. MILTON. PENNSYLVANIA BOGLE'S "ORANGE 8: BLACK" Specializing in HOMEMADE ICE CREAM Complimenfs of J. D. MAYES, JR. MILTON MOTORS. INC. River Road, MiI+on, Pa. ROBERT M. BONE Presiden+ Phone ZI9 MII-Ion - Lewisburg - Wafsonfo Congrafulafions ANYTIME Io The BEACHEUS Class of I954 TAXI SERVICE CHARLES E. WILLIAMS ANYWHERE Adverfising RADIO-DISPATCHED cAss 225 Turbo, Ave. Phone Mil+on 880 MILTON DALE E. RANCK ComP'lme"+s o Funeral Service 45 N. Froni S+. MILTON, PA. AZINGER FURNITURE CO. Complefe Home Furnishers 39 Soufh Fronf SI'reeI' one 9 I I MiII'on Complimenis of MILTON STEEL 81 SUPPLY CO. BROADWAY SERVICE CENTER Esso Producfs - Lubricaiion Inspecfion Phone 727-R HOWARD W. MINIUM Milfon, Pa. R. D. I Complimenls of C. D. Clark Youk FORD DEALER Complimenfs of ARTHUR R. ISHIGURO PHOTOGRAPHS of DlSTl'NCTlON l4l S. Fronl' Sl. Mil'I'on, Pa ROBERT L. KRAMM Funeral Home MILTON. PA. Seers Buick Garage Sand BEST WISHES CLASS OF I954 GEORGE J. YOCUM General Hauling Pil Millon. Pa. STAMM'S DAIRY Pasfeurized and Homogenized Mill: and Cream FOUNTAIN SERVICE AND LUNCH Broadway Road Phone 9I5 Complimenfs of KELLY'S TEXACO SERVICE Wesl' Millon, Pa. THE ELITE SHOPPE Wearing Apparel For Women and Girls EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I954 Complimenls of A PROFESSIONAL FRIEND Complimenls of SNYDER'S RESTAURANT Phone HIGHLAND DRY CLEANERS 24 Hour Service I l83 Millon Complimenls of Zechmon's Flour Mills POTTSGROVE, PA. SUNSERI'S FRUIT MARKET 78 Broadway Millon, Pennsylvania Congra+ulaI'ions Seniors RELIABLE FURNITURE Fron'I ancl Cenler MILTON, PA. Complimenls of C. E. Byerly WEST MILTON, PENNA. Besl Wishes Class of I954 ART'S GROCERY Marr SI. Mil'I'on 3lI R ARTHUR ROBENOLT, Prop. Complimenfs of WEST MILTON STATE BANK WEST MILTON PENNSYLVANIA Congrafulafions Seniors of '54 PEOPLE'S DEPARTMENT STORE "STYLE CENTER" Milfon Pennsylvania I ...I , ae.m.1mmM5f+1lmll4ff.mnm1- - ., ,, M-,,, mf, .,,,,,, A.-,-.,vMw'mE,nmmHn ll' w t 'H-M X . ,L 'M QW 'U U We, rm, . JW , A 5 511.111 , Q MQHWUHQ' 11 zu 3 41 mm Q "M'wwf, qwuu nfv'-2 wa N ' 'Bu "W ' ,MI ", L-LMEJ 75531 w 1 on M EW W 'LEQIQQX ,g,11.v:, flaw W " EM 45 H' :WV Null ,M M W ,WM kt Wy QWHWYQ my Am! Wx Nw H ,Ju W .3 nf A .W V. M M "F i, 4 "' EI gq ":'fi lui 'X 'i " -mu. ,.' 4 ,MA Hg: . 'WIA fl! Z:-. 'z . 1. ug '. - fx 'H qv L Ng. W fr' , ,j1 ' 14 5' Q r . 1 j' .131 1 E f '1 . ,I -J. , R Y J4- :Q s 1 -' 'fiwi 'QV H- J + , fr,-1 If J, ' , '.x -.' iw fx- all U-, yy , Nm . ,M HE ' I, IEE me if :W -1.1 , e, T ie '2-' i1 ',,'1-H4 ' az, 1: .1 Y ' 'ur Jr' Rh 1'I-,J 4 1 1: I1 Qill. ' 11 f :Apr 5 J A- -Ugg' ' x,,,. ,' N 1 '+. '19if tllllam. -- :-. Y w ' , X u ww , ,L H U-Q N 1 wi " ' JL, uwuxqpwl ww, ,, J, w "N ' 5 -w, 1 J v -F fx "HQ . A 5: , ,il . L.. -,.r-2' ' .J ,X X. gn' ph ' V. W. w i , ' T , u , 1 ly 1 1 Km X LH, H1 1 ' 1 'N H' 4-' .is"" ' .-U, ,-gm JE . ,. l .H ,L- 17, i L4 Vs Av,

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