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" :Pe 5 are ' PTT, "i'E"' -W. -.F E?-.. , EQ: B ,-'S V , .gg I. : C23 .Shia-" ' Q32 , gif ' 55:1 Q M441 .-15:94 .TA gnu 1 .24'.f ,P-,--1' 1.--f aff-Q' .H-1' 249 -351 ... ,, ,115 if .1-.- tgnnflx 2559. J 4' 9 ,A-45' ,.-LS an ik :Fig 2' 5 ' 4' ' u .S .-Af' -+ 37' -4 A .-sf, 'E L- , .f .F . -4.05 ,ti . wi -45.- 1 gf 4" JXP" ffffa -ag: 2 5 , -14 , ,,,... Ea? Jef' -.ef - ,A .. 4:15 ggi-- Q-Pc? Tix ' .--U9 ' ,M ., -ii. L gn-at F sf . -y 3136 ff vfr , ,g ,H '-.,?G' , , K SH: - -F914 lf? Va, ,NS 3 A 1.86. :ef ,4-if? ' .4 "Jef -1- 73,3 s W3 ,. "ff, 1: f , v A IAQYE' 4, :VS V N95 , .,., ,A . 441: ff? - -301 . 4.,,.v.. .. A: 19 ze ff' V 55-f A 55145 Q, F , .-wg and f 4' V 3- 16'-. , vii ,NV ..-...., 5 . L n S ,. Q , , L 5 :guns "M v 1-vkdifx e. 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ITIS!!! , SCC ,. ,- - As the "Gay Ninetiesu was a period in our history separating the old from the new, the past from the future, so our senior year separates our happy school days from the serious problems of life, which will shortly confront us. The "Gay Ninetiesn was the close of a period. Post-Civil War problems had been settled. However, our country was confronted by new and extremely difficult matters which required adroit handling on the part of our leaders. As the West was developed, new and added responsibilities loomed before us. You may readily see that the "Gay Ninetiesu may have had its light side, but it also had much of a serious nature. Now we are about to leave security and pleasures of our school days and to go into the mysteries and opportunities of a future. These will be filled with greater uncertainties than any previous generations ever faced and will be met with the same courage which helped our forefathers triumph over the great problems of their day. We, like them, must face new situations and make the most of opportunities as they appear. Who knows, we, too, may participate in some project of westward expansion and aid in opening for our country new areas of development. ' " " -L ,J f, ' li u., i pg Hf',.,w5?f! 1 lf. 1- QW tu' Mb-. 'fp V' - i ' t wig l,v"F3' K HN - 6' " 321' . W9 WW 'N '5--i f51:IE:'. I QN5- yr "'!v, ' Ta' 'lieiea afzgl Mgt. it W' -4' . X. EES!" 25:2 QQ my My f gr ' il , -gif-' f - ff t fd f if ' .gs W l f I f-nr-Q:-S qv' Fvlffwazfp . 2 . leckcafion To leave the halls of Milton High without acknowledging an appreciation of the work of our teachers, would be sheer thoughtlessness. At no time have they failed to respond to our needs, and their assistance has been marked with keen interest and unfailing devotion. To one in particular we wish to express our sincere gratitude. Through his ever-ready advice and guidance, he has endeared himself to all of us. His constant interest in our welfare has had a real meaning to all of us. It is with great pride and pleasure that we, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-three, dedicate our edition of the "Echoes" to MR. PAUL C. CONFER. .3. f7le 51.....l, . . . DR. A. C. W. SCHLEGEL, B.A., M.A., Ed.D. Superintendent of Milton Schools M. MARTHA BICKEL,B.A.,B1.IX. French, English CIHARLES T. LONTZ, BA., MA Biology Problems of Democracy MRS. W. MURRAY BUTLER, B.S., M.S. Counselor of Girls, English P. RICHARD FISHER, BA., M.A. Mathematics Football Coach J. V. Basketball Coach MRS. J. HERB'IAN SHADE, BA., M.A. Latin, English BTILES M. KOSTENBAUDER, B.S., M.S. High School Principal PIARRY E. SWANGER, B.S., M.S Chemistry, Physics Vocational Science MRS. CHARLES T. LONTz, BA., M.A. English, Dramatics PAUL C. CONFER, B.A., M.A. U. S. History, Chorus PHOEBE M. REINHART, B.A., M.A. English, Librarian JOHN L. KOONS, BS., M.S. World History, Vocational History, U. S. History JAINIES O. TULE, IR., BS. EVAN C. WILLIAMS ROBERT L. lzER,B.A.,Ed.M. HENRY W. LONGENBERGER Vocational Education Vocational Education Physical Education Commercial Sl.. f:1.....i, . . . JOHN STRUCK, B.S., MS. Director, Vocational Education MRS. C. LAWVRENCE BROWN, B.S. Commercial ELIXIER RUTH Vocational Education Metal DTROTHY E. BUYER, B.S., Ed.M. Home Economics lvlARLlN L. HARTMAN Vocational Education Auto CQEURGE 1X1ERTZ Janitor 12 Years of Service MRS. PRENITISS VV. OWENS Bb. Home Economics ALBERT P. LYFORD, B.S. Instrumental Music JULIA C. I-IAGENEUCH, B.S., M.S. Shorthand. Bookkeeping. Typing JACOB AZAIN, B.S. Science Vocational History KERMIT BENFER Vocational Education Wood W1LFRED I'IOT'l'ENSTElN Janitor 4 Years of Service OHN PETERSON NANCY S. ROBERTS, B.S. MRS. E. COLLINS Cum' CHARLES SOWERS B S Instrumental Music Physical Education Secretaiy to the Principal Algebra, Math Tune: "When I Grow Too Old to Dream C 6566 Ong When we leave dear Milton High We'1l have her to remember. After we have left these halls. The mem'ry will live in our hearts. We'll travel beyond But mem'ries fond Of happy days in Milton High Will ever linger on. Oft we've wandered thru her halls: Now they'll just be a mem'ry. Long we've looked upon those walls To which we'll now bid good-bye. The work we have done, The vict'ries we've won Will help us in the years to come To walk the pathways of life. Now that life looks up before, We'll have her to remember. Though our hearts shall find regret, We'll smiling look ahead. As life's DRESS turn, Rememb'ring we'l1 yearn For all our joy at Milton High Each precious year we have spent. CHORUS Good-bye, Milton High, We'll never forget. Those three short years we've left behind Will always live in our hearts. - . if Mi, A QE? we ' '--" 1 H5212 if r mwfgg. EW '5 Hx gl 'Nil :fri 5142 'fr . ff fi, .va 'liz' 5 ,Jr-" QQ! my fix? 2532 '11 , A 'Y -4 ,' '.1 l 1 . 5 U .. ,XY lff ,f W ff 7 1. . Q- ii' 1 , lull J XY' 7' ' iris wages l W xi rr: J-. 6 yy x1 i' -I Til: -1 Ai we Ofdllge and Altho Williamsport has favored The Cherry and the White, And the loyal boys of Danville For the Orange and Purple fight, Still we hold our colors' splendor Nor honor shall they lack: While the athletes stand defenders Of the Orange and the Black Thru the four long years of High School, Midst the scenes We know so wellg There's a mystic charm to knowledge We vainly seek to spell: Or we win athletic victories On the football field or track: Still we work for Milton High School And the Orange and the Black. When our high schools days are over, And life looms up beforeg We recall those days of gladness That come again no more. Still we banish care and sadness, As we turn our mem'ries back. And recall those days of gladness 'Neath the Orange and the Black. .6. Seniors , t lil f Wig f 1 ' , ,1f E N QL X Z-Y 7 D N' Kf' was I W 2 ,Sw f UMZZM' X ALI 'g',7,'v' wif. I .ul V ,I '41 'pf I 'fix ,J J f ,ISM 'U NW fu 1 ' HP HI ' sl N ,dl ,W O n WR v 35 SX was Yu: B .f+f" pq w u K' U J me ,--s 5 , WJ- F3, ' lf' X 4 .S Gb, 'r SB-' Q ' 1 N5 5 A F :yr i " V YY I 1? Left to Right-Dick Strine, President: Jacob Moser, Treasurer: Patricia Bright, Secretary: George Hower. Vice President. lgwaialenfb edriage . . . We, the graduating class of 1953, wish to thank all of our teachers for their efforts in guiding us through our education. Especially close to us will be the mem- ories of the past three years spent in our beloved Milton High. Our teams of football, basketball, and baseball have fostered well-earned records with ideals of sportsmanship and competitiveness. Many of our happy moments were spent while we were attend- ing our annual social events-the Halloween Party, the G. A. A., the Snow and May dances, and various other similar activities. Many changes have occurred in our school since the days of the Gay Nineties. From the days of the horse and buggy, when our school graduated classes of live or six, we have progressed so that our classes today consist of from one hundred thirty to one hundred sixty graduates. Our school attendance is increasing so rapidly that it is now necessary for us to construct a new school building. The Class of 1953 sends best wishes to future classes in their use of the new school building. We hope that you will cherish your school as much as we have ours. Our minds will often return to vivid scenes in the class rooms and corridors of good old M. H. S. .8. SHIRLEY AIKEY "Shirley" College Shirley knows her P's and Q's, The riirht kind of life she's sure to choose. Echoes Staff 4: Girls' Baseball 1-22 G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. SHIRLEY lXl. BENNETT "Shirley" Secretarial Blonde and charmimz. pretty too, Shi:-ll-y's one who's never blue. G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Echoes Staff 43 Press Club 3: Follies 4. KAY ANN BUDMAN "Kay" Secretarial This young: lass is full of pep: In typing! class she-'s really hep. School News I: Echoes Staff 43 Band 1-2-3--I, First Chair 3-4: Dance lfnnd 2-3-4: Gir's' Basketball 1-2- 3--'lz G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Class Secre- tary 3: Follies 4. IDONNA Bu'r1-En "Chesty" General In all sports she does excel. While as a friend, she's really swell. Echoes Stall' 4: Girls' Volleyball 4: Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-4: Girs' Base- ball 3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Science Club 3: Cookinir Club 4: Follies 4. .. . 1953 THOMAS BENDER "Tom" Vocational Small but mighty is this lad. You'll never see him looking sad. ETHEL BOVVER "Effie," College Ethel plays a sweet clarinet, That she'll go far is our bet. Echoes Staff 5: Band 1-2-3-4, First Chair 3-4: Dance Band 1-2-3-4: Girls' Volleyball 4: Girls' Basket- ball 1-2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Cook- inir Club 3-4: Mixed Chorus 4: Girls' Baseball 3-4: Follies 4. PATRICIA A. Baioirr DONALD A. BROVVN "Pat" College "Brownie" Vocational Pretty. tray. and very kind. A sweeter girl is hard to find. Echoes Staff 4: Girls' Basketball 2- 3-4: Girls' Baseball 2-3: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: Intramural Volleyball 4: Class Secretary 4: Follies 4. NORMAN A. BROWN "Norm" Vocational This football star is really jolly Everytime he thinks of Molly. J. V. Football 2: Varsity Football 3-4: J. V. Basketball 23 Varsity Basketball 3-4: Varsity Baseball 2-3-4. IVIERRILL BUEHLER, "MerrZZll' Vocational Here is another electric shop lad: A finer friend could not be had. Intramural Basketball 2-33 Intra- mural Baseball 2-3: Officials Club 3. IDUNALD A. BYERLY "Dutch'l College Always friendly and full of fun, While in the Chevy or on the run. School News 3-4: Echoes Staff 42 Band 2 3-4: Basketball Manager 2: Intramural Basketball 2-3: Intra- mural Baseball 2: Hi-Y 2-3-4, Presi- dent 4: Projection Club 2-3-4: Vol- leyball 2-3: Key Club Secretary- Treasurer 4: Christmas Card Club 4. i 3 i Tall, dark, with hair of brown, Wlterever there's mischief he's sure to be found. Echoes Staff 4: Boys' Volleyball 3. RICHARD BROWN "Chief" Vocational Shy and quiet is our boy Dick, For a swell pal he's our pick. Intramural Basketball 1-2: Intra- mural Baseball 1. SENIORS . . . ciWENDOLYN ANN CROSSLEY "Gwen" College Gwcn's neat, sweet and very fair, And in the band she holds first chair. Echoes Staff 4: Band 1-2-3-4. First Chair 3-4: G. A. A. 2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. BETTY JANE ljEl..ONG "Bettyjane" Secretarial Looks, laughter and song, Mixed together make Betty Jane DeLom:. Echoes Stall' 4: Band 2-3-4. First Chair 4: Girls' Basketball 1-3: Girls' Baseball 3: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Girls' Volleyball 43 Follies 4. BARBARA VIRGINIA CHAPPELL "Barb" Business A sweet little girl with hair of brown, With always a smile, but never a frown. School News 2-3-4: Echoes Staff 4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. CHARLES Coup "Coggie" Vocational A jovial youth is this lad Cogyrie: When it comes to work his mind's not foggy! Intramural Basketball 2-3-4: Intra- mural Baseball 2-3-4: Football 1. PRESTON LINDNER DAVIS "Lin" College Someday a lawyer he will be, Judfze of the Supreme Court, just wait and see. Echoes Staff 4, Co-Editor 4: Foot- ball Manager 2-3-4: Boys' Intra- mural Volleyball 3g Basketball Man- ager 2-3-4: Intramural Basketball 2-3-4: Intramural Baseball 2-3-4: Hi-Y 2-3-4, Treasurer 45 Assembly Committee 3-4, Vice President 4: Projection Group 2-3-4: Key Club 2-3-4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, President 4. ROBERT D. DERR "Pfztf' Vocational A. whiz with the girls is Bob, our bay. Driving: a car is his greatest joy. Class Treasurer 2: J. V. Football 2- 3: J. V. Basketball 2: Intramural 3-4: Varsity Baseball 2-3: Intra- mural 4. VIRGINIA LANE DERR "Ginny" College Dark complexion, lovely hair, Where there's fun, Ginny's there. School News 2-3-4: Echoes Staff 4: Girls' Chorus 1: Girls' Volleyball 4: Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: Press Club 3. GRACE EILENE DIETZ "Dietzie" Secretarial A movie fan is our gal Grace, With pretty hair and lovely face. Echoes Staff 4: Girls' Chorus 4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Sewing Club 3: In- tramural Volleyball 4: Intramural Basketball 4: Intramural Baseball 4: Follies 4. DALE COCHRAN "Dale" College Tall, dark, and handsome is this male. Dale, His football prowess we all must hail. J. V. Football 2: Varsity 3-4: Intra- mural Basketball 3: Intramural Baseball 2-3: Hi-Y 2-3-4: Vice Pres- ident 4: Key Club' 4: Intramural Volleyball 3: J. V. Basketball 2. CiHARLES COWHER "Charlie" Vocational Although this guy, Charles, seems rather shy, There's mischief twinkling in his eye. Intramural Basketball 2-3-4: Intra- mural Baseball 2-3-4: Intramural Volleyball 3-4. WILLIAAI E. DERR "BiZZ', Vocational Short and strong but courageous still: A mighty one is our lad Bill J. V. Football 2-3: Varsity 4: In- tramural liaskctball 2-3: Intramural Baseball 3. Io ALYCE DYE "Jo" Secretarial .Io Alyce is a cute little gal: To all of us she's a real pal. G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Typing: Club 3. V 1oLET lDYE "Vi" Home Economics Violet ai pretty flower. Who grows lovelier by the hour. G. A. A. I-2-3-4: Svvvingr Club 3: Follies fl, SHIRLEY ANN EISTER "ShirZ" Secretarial Very quiet. very kind, A better fri:-ntl is hartl to tinrl. Echoes Staff -1: Girls' Volleyball 4: G. A. A. l-2-Il--lg Home Econom- ivs 3. -IOEI. S. l'oI,'rz "Joel" College ln the lmntl he plays a sxvet-t Cor- nt-t. A more bantlsome lad you could not mst. Echoes Staff -I: liantl l-2-3-4: Intra- mural liasketball -1: Dance Band 1-2-il--1: Boys' Chorus 2-3--l: Intra- mural Baseball 2-3-4: Hi-Y 1-2-3-4: Senior Christmas Card Committee 4: lloys' Volleyball 3-4. S. CARLENE Fox "Carnie" Secretarial Carnit-'s lots and lots of fun: Her heart is true to only one. Echoes Stall' 4: Girls' Chorus Z: G, A.A. 1-2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 4. FR.xNk1.1N lXlONROE DYER "Frank" Vocational A good lookim: lad is our boy Frank, Amomr the best he's sure to rank. Intramural Basketball 3. Lois ANN ENCLAR "Lois" Secretarial Lois is never without a joke, Says she. "Hear this one, you'll have a stroke!" Echoes Staff 4: Girls' Chorus 2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: Follies -l. Rlclmno XV. Fousr "Dick" General Dick has personality plus, He's a friend to all of us. J. V. Football 1-2: Varsity 2-3-4: J. V. Basketball 2: Intramural Bas- ketball 1-2-3-4: Intramural Baseball 2-3-4: Boys' Chorus 4. LEo XVESLEV CiLlFFEY "Leon Vocational This fellow lives at T1 Wood Street, You'll find that he's always "nice" and "neat," Intramural Baseball 2-3: Huntim: Club 3: Boys' Volleyball 3. 1953 Su1m.Ev ELAINE liNol.Em,xN AlAIlGAllE'l' l:ENS'IiIillNAtTlllill "Evan College "Pegl' College Here is humor and fun combim-rl, l'tg:gy's so groozl natureal an.I No better ,iokester can one linrl. sweet: Givls- Vullvyban 2-3--1. Girls- HHS- Ht-r fricmlly manner is lmrtl In kt-tball 2-3--l: Girls' lla:-4-luall Zi -lg rl. lwill- A. A. l-2-3-ft: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Typinzr I'Irhoes Stulf -1: llaml 2-3-el: G. A. t'lulx Il: Echoes Stall' 4: Follies el. A. I-2-Il lg Knitting :mtl Neville- paiut Club -fl: Ifolliee -l. DE1.1zEn'l'S. IJISIIILII. bln. "Del" College 3 . , f , . I , Our boy Del is lots of fun. IJEAIRICAE IANIZ IISHER VVhen he sm-s a girl ht- dot-sn't ff U run. Bea A - , , , . Genelgl st-nmol N.--M 11 Hi-Y .11 vu-any Hevehs the 1l'll'l with the bezllltlllll Baseball 3-1: Intramural llzist-ball w hfllli' , 2: .I. V. lluskellmll 2: Varsity llas- 5hCS nffie to ev'-'ryunf' "l"fI'Y' kelball 3-4: Sturlent l'o'1nt'il 32 Wln""" Ollicials Club 3: Intramurzxl Volley- G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Girls' Baseball 3. llill 3- SENIORS . . . KENNE'l'Il G. Ilsvwoon "Tim" Vocational YoI1'll find this frlly in one of the shops 5 In our class he's one of the tops. Intramural Volleyball 3. -IOAN YVONNE l'l0FFlXlAN "Joan" General This cute lass took the commercial course : Her heart belonirs with thc U. S. Air Force. G.A.A. 1-2-3-4. HELEN LOUISE HALL "Helen" Home Economics This Hirl likes to eat in class: My, she must be a hungry lass! G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. lVlARLENE Y. I IENDERsIIoT "Mart" College Full of vim, vigor and pep, You'll find this girl is right iII step. School News 2-3-4: Echoes Stai' 4: Girls' Chorus 2-3-4: Girls' Basket- ball 2-3-45 Girls' Baseball 35 G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Follies 4. IIARRY bl. l'lILL, III "Tommy" Vocational He-'s one of the leaders in our class, And goes with a pretty little lass. Class President 3: Football Mana- fler 2 3-4: J. V. Basketball 25 Vai'- sity 3: Intramural Baseball 2-3-45 Hi-Y 35 Projection Group 2-3-45 Student Council 2-3-4, Vice Presi- nl 'nt 3, President 45 Key Club 2-3-4. Teiorms R. IIOLLENBACH "Holly, College Ile's loads of fun in every way5 Knowing: him will really pay. Class President 2: Echoes Staff 45 Boys' Chorus 2-3-4: J. V. Football 2-3: Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Intramural Baseball 2-45 Hi-Y 2-3- 4: Assembly Committee 3-45 Presi- dent 4: Projection Group 2-3-45 President 3. BARBARA JEAN HOLLOWAY "Barb" General A very sweet girl, on our Senior list. Our Barbara Jean is quite a Miss ! School News 3-45 Echoes Staff 4: Girls' Volleyball 1-2-3: Girls' Bas- ketball 1-2-3: Girls' Baseball 1-2-35 G. A. A. 1-2-3-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Typ- ing Club 35 Follies 4. PAIXIELA JANE KING "Pam" College She is in our M.H.S. band, And is always lending a helping hand. Band 1-2-3-4, First Chair 1-2-3-45 Dance Band 2-3-45 Girls' Volleyball 45 Girls' Basketball 2-3-45 Girls' Baseball 3-45 G. A. A. 1-2-3-45 Tri- Hi-Y 3-45 Science Club 35 Typing Club 3: Follies 4: Echoes Staff 4. -I Ames l'lECRERT "Jim" Vocational Out in shop he does a Izood job. His curly locks cause hearts to throb. Intramural Basketball 35 Intramu- ral Baseball 3. KENNETII IDONALD I'IEss "Ken" Vocational He's mighty tall and mighty fine. Most Irirls think, "I wish he were mine l" .I. V. Basketball 25 Varsity 3--1: lwtramural Baseball 35 Hi-Y 25 Projection Group 3. CEoRt:E P. l'lOWER "G. P." Vocational Tall and handsome. quick and SPIN. Lots of luck we wish this Huy! Intramural Baseball 4: Class Vice President 4: Echoes Staff 4: Intra- mural Basketball 4: Intramural Volleyball 3-4: Student Council 45 Projection Group 4. NORLIA KLINE "Norma" Secretarial She's a Hood worker in every way, Her aim is to be married some day. G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. RICHARD KLING "Dick" College See this lad fhis brain's not lame: He'll surely make the hall of fame. Echoes Staff 4: Intramural Basket- ball 3-4: Hi-Y 3-4: Key Club 4: Hunting: Club 3: Voleyball 3-4. A IARCAIIET Kunrz "Peg" Secretarial Our Margaret is a studious girl. And fellows never get her in a whirl. G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. CHIARLES S. lXlA'1'IIIAs "Moe" Vocational When it comes to baseball. Char- lie's a whiz - It's ont at shop that he usually is. J. V. Football 1: Intramural Bas- ketball 2-3-4: Varsity Baseball 3-4: Intramural Baseball 2: Hi-Y 2-3-4. NANCY BlAUL "Nan" Home Economics Nancy with her pretty blonde hair: ls liked by everyone, everywhere. Girls' Chorus 3: Girls' Volleyball 1-2: Girls' Basketball 2-3-4: Girls' Baseball 1-2: G. A. A. 2-3-4. ROBERT E. KREISHER "Bob" Vocational Bob's always helping M. H. S. Hr-'s sure to become a Izreat suc- cess. Intramural Baseball 3. BlAURlCE D. LEWIS "Louie" Vocational lf all the artists were to be classed, Maurice would be far from last. Echoes Staff 4. nlvancyu 1953 NANCY OELLA LINDNEI1 College Happy, lively, sweet and Izay, A clever girl in every way. C Q DORIS lVlAR1E lVlATHIAS "Mickey Home Economics Always full of pep is Doris. She's a first soprano in the Girls' Chorus. G. A. A. 1-2- SIIIRLEY ANN IVIECKLEY "Shirley" This little lass can cook and sew: In life, far she's sure to Izo. Girls' Basketball 1: G. A. A. 1-2-3- 4: Follies 4. Class Secretary 3: Echoes Staff 4: Band 1-2-3-4: Girls' Basketball 2-3- 4: Girls' Baseball 3: G. A. A. 1-2- 3-4. Publicity Chairman 2, Vice President 3: Tri-H-Y 3-4, Vice Pres- ident 3. President -I 3 Assembly Com- mittee 3-4: Student Council 3-4: Secretary 3-4: Follies 4. SARA CATHERINE lXlAcIIAAIEn "Sara" General Sara comes with a smiling face, Bewitching all with her charm and grace. Echoes Staff 4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Girls' Basketball 1-3: Girls' Base- ball 3-4: Art Club 3. Busserl. LINS "Fuss" Vocational Rrss is a boy who can croon a tune: When he starts to simz. the lrals all swoon. Boys' Chorus 3-4: J. V. Football 2. Varsity 3-4: Intramural Basketball 3-4: Intramural Baseball 3-4: Var- sity 2. .ILINE l. BlARTIN f'Ace" Business Wit and humor, lauxrhter and song-- This is June all day lonxz. Echoes Stan' 43 Band 2-3-4. First Chair 3-4: Dance Band 3: Girls' Basketball 2-3-4: Girls' Baseball 3- 4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Press Club 3: Cookiml Club 4: Follies 4. General SENIORS ROBERT lVlICIIAEL "Bob" General Halls from Scranton does this lad J A better friend could not be had. Class President 2: Band 1-2. First Chair 1-2: Dance Band 2-3: Boys' Chorus 2: Intramural Basketball 3. SHIRLEY IANE lVllDDLETON "Shirley" College I-Iere's a blonde-haired, blue-eyed cutie: A genuine Milton High School beauty. School News 4: Echoes Stadt' 4: Girls' Volleyball 2-3-4: Girls' Bas- ketball 2-3-4: Girls' Baseball 3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Typing: VEllX"I- M ILROY "Mil'roy" College On lhe football lleld our Veryl lvlays end! And all the ::irls he really does send. lflehoes Slatl' ll. Assiatant llusmm-s lVlana,L:er: liand 1: Football 1: J. V. lfooilulll 2. Varsity 3-4: J. V. llas- ketball 2, Varsity 3--I: Intramural llaseliall 2-3--l: Senior Christmas Uard Connmiltee Al: lloys' Volley- ball 3. li!i'llABlJ D. lXlOOllE 'fDick" College He drives :I DL-Solo, does this lad: He's full of fun and never sad. Echoes Slafl' 4: lloys' Volleyball 3-4: KW Club 2-3-4: lotraniural lhuket- ball 2-3--l: letra mural llaselnall 2-3- 4: Varsity liasn-ball 4: Hi Y Z 34 l'ro,ieeiion Club 2-3-1. A l,xRv Lou lVlILTON "Lou" General Mary Lou, our Southern belle: Whom everyone likes extremely well. Class Secretary 2: Vice President 3: l'Ir-hues Staff 4: Girls' Basketball 1- 2-3: Girls' liaseball 3: G. A. A. 1-2- 3-4: Chex-r'eader 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. Secretary fl: Assembly Committee 3--4: Press Club 3: Follies 4. BERIIIA A. lVlORGAN "Toots" Home Economics Bertha comes from R. D. 75522 She's a dear friend to me and you. G. A. A. 2-3-4: Senior Christmas Card Committee 4: Sewimr Club 3: Follies 4. Club 3: Follies 4. "Don" Vocational Just one look and you will see: How friendly he can really be. Intramural Basketball 2: Intra- mural Baseball 2-3. FLORENCE LAVON lVlOSER "Moosey" Home Economics A basketball "queen" in every WHY! She's sure to make the Olympics some day. Girls' Chorus 3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-4: Girls' Baseball 3-4: Follies 4. RICHARD lVlIDDLETON "Dick', Vocational As a tackle he's never at rest: This future farmer is one of the best. Echoes Staff 4: J. V. Football 2-3. Varsity Football 3-4: Intramural Basketball 3-4: Intramural Baseball 2-3-4: Key Club 4. DONNA G. lvlILLER "Donna" Business Donna's a lifeguard at the Y: ln her life's work she'll surely get by. School News 4: Echoes Staff 4: Girls' Basketball 3: G. A. A. 1-2-3- 4: Art Club 3. DONALD IXKXIORRELL JAIXIES S. lVl0RRISON "Jim" Vocational This senior lIoy's name is Jim: He's always full of pep and vim. Football 1: J. V. Football 2: Intra- mural liasketball 2-3-4: Intramural Baseball 2-3-4: Intramural Volley- ball 3-4. JACOB M. lvlOSER "Jake" Vocational Jake is our fullback for M.H.S.: He is one of the very best. J. V. Football 2: Varsity 3-4: In- tramural Basketball 3-4: Intramural Baseball 2-3-4. BLANCIIE lXlULL "Toots" Home Economics There's 11 rim: on her fimrer as you can see: Shes a little bride-to-be. Girls' Volleyball 4: Girls' Basketball 3-4: zz. A. A. 1.2-3-4: Sewing Club 3. lANET C. lXlURDOCK "Janet" College Janet is a cute little lass: She's the poet of the class. Echoes Staff 4: Band. First Chair 3: Dance Band 3: Girls' Volleyball 2- 3-4: Girls' Basketball 2-3-4: Girls' Baseball 3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Tri- Hi-Y 3-4: Typing Club 3: Art Club 3: Follies 4. DALE lVlUlXIlX1EY "Dale" College He's got a twirler on the brain: I wonder if it could be Jane. Band 1-2-3-4: Dance Band 1-2-3-4: Intramural Basketball 2-3-4: Intra- mural Baseball 2: Hi-Y 2-3-4: Pro- jection Group 3: Key Club 2-3-4: Student Council 3. THERESA lx'lARIE NECCI "Theresa" Secretarial Full of pep and fun and vim: Our Theresa is never grim. Band, First Chair 2-3-4: Dance Band 3: Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Typing Club 3: Follies 4. Rioimno A. POWELL "Dick" Vocational Our friend Dick is full of fun: His heart is true to only one. J. V. Football 2-3: Varsity Football 3: J. V. Basketball 2: Varsity Bas- ketball 3: Varsity Baseball 2: In- tramural Baseball 3-4: Hi-Y 2. IJIXIE LEE RANCK "Dixie" Vocational The pride and joy of old N.C. Is our classmate Dixie Lee. FRANK PURSELL "Frank" Secretarial Always smiling, never alum: Frank can really play the bass drum. Band 4: Boys' Chorus 2-3-4: Intra- mural Basketball 2-3-4: Intramural Baseball 2-3-4: Hi-Y 2-3-4. "Ned" Vocational Romeo Ranck from Lower Market XVRY, Goes for the szirls in a great big way. NED RANCK RALPH NICKEY "Nzck" Vocational A football player is our boy Nick: He's never found without a trick. Boys' Chorus 3-4: J. V. Football 3. Varsity 4: Intramural Basketball 3-4. lX'lIRILYN JANE NOLL "Janie" College Head Majorette in the Band is our Jane : Wth her lovable smile she's sure to win fame. Echoes Staff 4: Band 2-3-4: Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Treasurer 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: Head Majorette 4: Library Club 2-3, Pres- ident 3: Baton Twirler 2-3-4: Fol- lies 4. 1953 lX'lARLENE JOAN Nou. "Jeanie" Secretarial Sweet, petite, and never silly: Hopes some day to be Mrs. Willy. Echoes Staff 4: Band 2-3-4: Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-4: Girls' Volleyball 4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: Library 3-4: Follies 4. lo A. PANNEBAKER "Jo" College Jo drives a Ford --never szets bored : Quite a lass in Chorus class. Echoes Staff 4: Girls' Chorus 2-3-4: flccomnanist, Boys' Chorus 2-3-4: Girls' Basketball 3-4: G. A. A. 1-2- 3-4, Social Chairman 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3- 4, Treasurer 3: Senior Christmas Cfvrrl Committee Chairman 4: Mixed Chorus 2-3-4: Follies 4. SENIORS lVlARY ELIZABETH Rooms "Elie" General A Capital lass with il leailim! WHYC Shes always there for the mati- nee. Echoes Stall' 4: Girls' Basketball 1- 2: Girls' Baseball 1: G. A. A. 1-2- 3-43 Library Club 4. GERALD R. ROYER "Jerry" Vocational A name that's always in conver- sation, Is Jerry with his Ford for trans- liortntion. Intramural Basketball 1: Intramu- rul Baseball 2-3. NEVIN RANCK, IR. "Jack" Vocational Of all the classmates, we have found That Nevin is nicest to have around. Intramural Basketball 2: Intramu- ral Baseball 2-3. EDWARD REICHELDERFER "Ed" Vocational A quiet type, but full of zest- We'll remember him from all the rest. l JERROLD C. ROUSH "Jerry" Vocational "Stick-to-it" his motto is: In his shop work he's a whiz. .T V. Football 2-3: Intramural Bas- ketball 2-3-4: Intramural Baseball 2-3-43 Projection Group 2-3-4. STANLEY RUSSELL, IR. "Stan,' Vocational Here's a b-oy who's happy and gay, Liked by all in every way. Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-43 In- tramural Baseball 2-3-4. BESSIE AMANDA SANDERS "Bessie" Home Economics Bessie is a whiz at sewing: When it comes to cooking, she's in the knowing. G. A. A. 1-2-3-43 Art Club 33 Fol- lies 4. JAIXIES S. SEIDEL "Jim" College A funny clown is our boy Jim: He's always full of pep and vim. Buys' Chorus 2-3-43 Intramural Basketball 3-43 Intramural Volley- ball 3-43 Intramural Baseball 3-43 I-Ii-Y 2-3-4. DOROTHX' ANN REICHARD College nD0t-tyn An all around yrirl, so full of joy. With a personality we all enjoy. Echoes Staff 4. Co-ellitor 43 Band 1- 2-3-4. First Chair 2-3-43 Girls' Bas- ketball 1-2: G. A. A. 1-2-3-43 Tri- Hi-Y 3-4, Chaplain 43 Assembly Committee 3-4. Treasurer 43 Typing: Cl.1b 33 Science Club 33 Follies 4. SANDRA ROBINSON "Sandy" College One out of a million, one of a few. Our Sandra's the one who's never blue. School News 2-3-43 Echoes Staff 43 Band 2-3-4: Girls' Basketball 1-2- 3-4: Girls' Baseball 33 G. A. A. 1-2- 3-43 Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: Press Club 33 Girls' Volleyball 33 Follies 4. ARLENE Lois SCOWTEN "BubbZes,' College From Danville High comes this little lass: We all welcome her to our senior class. School News 2: Band. First Chair 1-2: Girls' Chorus 1-2-3: Girls' Vol- leyball 4: Girls' Basketball 4: Girls' Baseball 1-2: Intramural Basketball 1-2: G. A. A. 4. NANCY JANE SIIEARER "Nan" Secretarial Nancy is quiet till her work is done : Then she's in for all kinds of fun. G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Follies 4. llE'rIE lluTII SHOWERS "Bette Ruth" Secretarial lleltt' Ruth is short and always neat: If Om- kuzvws lu-t', it's really a trvxit. Girls' ll::.1l-:efb:Ill 3--1: Giss' Base- ball 3: G. A. A. 1-2-fl-l: Follies -1. A l I'l.Es ll. SAIELTZ "Mike" College A trustworthy friend is Our boy Myles: Wlu-In-iw-I' you sw- him. hm-'s full of smiles. l"OOtlf:Ill 1: J. Y. Fu:-t'vall 21 Intra- lnural llaskm-tball 2-3--ig Hi-Y 3--15 i'!'tl,lL'l'llUll Club Il. ROBERT STAIB "Bob" Vocational This boy Bob is biz and tall: He isn't afraid of the Izirls at all. lritramural Baseball 3-4: Projection Club 4. SIIAIIEE M. STETLER "Sh-mee" College Sharev works in the Newberry Store. Good frrades she- is always striv- ing fOr. Echoes Staff 4: Girls' Basketball 1- 2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: Typing Club 3: Follies 4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. lXlARY ELIZABETH SHOVVERS "Mary" General ln this great world the-I'e's Only one SO laugzhable. lovable. and full of fun. Band 2: Gifs' Chorus 3-43 G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. EAIEROI lIJA S MITH "Emmy" Business The thinil that 1:Oes the farthest toward making: life worth-while, That costs the least but means the most is just a pleasant smile. Girls' Basketball -1: G. A. A. 1-2- 3-42 Knitting and Needlepoint 3. CHARLES E. SNYIIEII, ln. "Charlie" College With a great big: smile Charlie can be found? He spreads happiness all around. School News 4: Echoes Staff 4: Boys' Chorus 2-3-4: Hi-Y 3: Har- mony and Theory 3: Mixed Chorus 2-3-4. lX1ARY ELIZABETH STAHL "Murph" College She plays a clarinet in the band, Everyone who knows her thinks she's grand. Echoes Staff 4: Band. First Chair 2- 3-4, Section Leader 3: Dance Band 2-3-4: Girls' Basketball 1-2-3: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Senior Christmas Card Committee 4. SHIRLEY IEAN STAIIKS "Jean" Home Economics Shirley is a whiz in gym: She has a lot of pep and vim. Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-4 1 Girls' Vaseball 35 G. A. A. 1-2-3-43 Fol- lies 4. DICK Cd0LElNIAN STIIINE "Dick" College He's just the type of person ev- eryone admires. Possessinyr all the qualities an ideal buy requires. Vice President 2: Treasurer 3: Ech- oes Staff 4: Football 1, Varsity 2-3- 41 Basketball 1, J. V. 2, Varsity 3- 4: Intramural Baseball 2-3-4: Stu- dent Council Committee 3: Student Council 4: Intramural Volleyball 3-4. ...1953 LEE l. SNYDEIT 'fDeedy" Vocational Out of Room 23 hm' rushi-sl When he secs a Izirl, he blush:-s. JEANNINE lXiARIE STAIB "Jean" Secretarial From New Columbia hails this lass: We are proud to have her in our class. Girls' Basketball 3: Girls' Baseball 3: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: l'r0jvC1i0n Club 4. SENIORS . . . I luczu M. 'TRATE "Tete" Vocational When not in school, he'll usually be, Found ilownlown at RKzD. Intranuiral llasketball 1-2-3-4: In- tramural llaseball 3-4. VIRLJINIA NIAE VVERT "Ginny" College Here-'s a girl with that winning smile: For her. any boy woufd walk a mile. Echoes Staff 4: Girls' llasketball 2- 3-4: Girls' Chorus 2-3: Girls' Base- ball 3: G A. A. I-2-3-I: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: Mixel Chorus 2-4: Library Club 3: Typing: C'ub 3: Follies 4. DOROTHY JANE STRINE "Dottie" College Dottie with hair of red and eyes of brown. Has the sweetest disposition that can be found. School News 1-2-3-4: Echoes Staff 4: Girls' Chorus 1: Girls' Volley- ball 4: Girls' Basketball 2-3-4: G. A. A. 1 2 3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: Senior Christmas Card Committee 3: Press Club 3, President: Follies 4. IVIARION C. TANNER "Marion" College Marion is a quiet soul, But we know she'll achieve her goal. Echoes Staff 4: Band 1-2-3-4. First Chair 2-3-4: Dance Hand 2-3: Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-4: Girls' Baseball 3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: Follies 4. Donornv JEAN WALTER "D0tty" College A nice friend. likely to succeed, When it comes to ability, she has what you need. Echoes Staff 4: liand 2-3-4. Sec. 4, First Chair 2-3-4: Girls' Basketball 1-3: Girls' Baseball 3: G. A. A. 1-2- 3-4: Typing Club 3: Science Club 32 Follies 4. 'AIOLLY E. VVILSON "Molly" Secretarial Molly goes with a boy named Brown: A finer couple couldn't be found. School News 1: Echoes Staff 4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-43 Cheerleader 4: Typ- inil Club 3: Follies 3. NANCY L. VVILSON "Nan" Secretarial Did you see that usher with pretty blonde hair? Go to the movies. shi-'ll be there. School News 1: Echoes Staff 4: Girls' Volleyball 4: Girls' Basketball 1-3: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, President 1: Cheerleader 3-4: Cooking Club 3: Follies 4. EDWARD L. YORDY "Ted" College One of our seniors from West Mil- ton way. Never quiet night or day. Intramural Basketball 3 Intramural Baseball 1-2-3: Hi-Y 3-4: Key Club 4: HllHtIHE Club 3: Intramural Vol- leyball 1-3. ALICE ANN SWANGER "Alice" General Our izirl Alice is very fair: She need never worry about her hair. G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Hunting Club 3: Harmony and Theory 3: Follies 4. FREDA IXIARCUERITE TEix1m.E "Freda" Secretarial A izirl with a smile. is our Miss Temple. To customers at Stamm's, she brings ample. School News, Editor-in-Chief 41 Echoes Staff 4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Business Manager 4 : Projection Group 4: Library Club 3: Student Council 4: Follies 4. IXIARGARET LOUISE Yocu M "Peggy" Business Peggy, who is in Room 23, Always has a grixrirle for you and me. School News 4: Echoes Stall' 4: Girls' Chorus 2-3-42 Girls' Basket- ball 1-2-3-4: Girls' llaseball 3: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Mixed Chorus 2-3-4: Hunting.: Club 3: Harmony and The- ery 3: Follies 4. XAIANDA JEANNE ZIKE "Wanda" General From Indiana hails our Miss Zike. When she's not on foot, she's on a bike. Echoes Staff 4: Sec. Business Stal? 4: Girls' Chorus 1: Girls' Volleyball 1: G. A .A. 1-2-3-4. History ni the Class of 1953 Entering the Milton Area Joint Senior High School as sophomores, the Class of '53 embarked on an adventure that will long be cherished and remembered. Under the willing and able guidance of Mrs. Ruth Shade, we elected Thomas Hollenbach as president, Dick Strine as vice president, Mary Lou Milton as secretary, and Robert Derr as treasurer, to lead us through our first year of high school. The next big event was the selection of our class ring, the "Senator." Among the many activities in which we participated were the G. A. A., Hi-Y, Boys' and Girls' Choruses, Band, and intramural sports. Before we knew it our first year of high school had passed and we were starting our junior year. Under the capable leadership of Messrs. Paul Confer and Charles Savage, we elected to lead us through this second year, Harry Hill, president, Mary Lou Milton, vice president, Nancy Lindner, secretary, and Dick Strine, treasurer. Our biggest junior year event was our class trip to Harrisburg. In order to make this trip possible and also to raise some of the money needed for our senior activities, we held a magazine sale, the profits from which were most gratifying. This trip was one of the events of our high school days we will never forget, and we wish to express our deep gratitude to Mr. Confer and the other teachers who did so much to make our trip possible. "Time marches on," and here we were in our senior year. Our last year had arrived and it would soon be over. From the very first, things began to pop. After electing officers, we immediately began to work on our edition of the "Echoes" First, of course, was the sale of Christ- mas cards to aid in financing our annual. Then came the compiling and dedicating of the yearbook, a big job, but one that yields ample returns in enjoyment. Our minds turned to greener pastures, and we then selected our name cards and graduation invitations. Many assemblies and intramural sports filled our next few remaining weeks. Christmas came, highlighted by the Annual C. A. A. Snow Dance, with Nancy Lindner presiding as queen. After the Holidays the class play next took the spotlight, and we consider it our outstanding achievement. The next large item on our agenda was the May Dance, where a senior girl was chosen to reign over the court. Following the May Dance came the dedication and circulation of the annual. So, on graduation night ends our senior year at M. H. S., under the supervision of Mrs. Charles Lontz, our adviser. It is then that we leave behind all our days of public school life and head for a new realm of happiness and success. However, we shall always carry with us warm and pleasant memories of our experiences and life at Milton High School. Adieu, finis. . 19 . Wm 1. 2. IS. 4. 5. lTunna Butler Sharon' SLet'e-1' Nancy :xml Mn' l'ZlfU King: Jo Alyce Dye ly Wilson . 9 5 x .. ., IX Dolly Walter Janet Murdock Te-rl Yorrly Richard Mirllllclun Ginny De-rr .20. Nancy Linrlnvr l'm-irlly Yncum Ge-01110 Hlxwvr Tom Hill 13 11 IT la lf: lil 1-1 .,..,.,.. I Y , . w :x . Xf ..:.:..w.:s-.-.:- 553 . X. xi Ax K 'ww A x 3 wb x E X -z xkf JA X xmas Wi X ' X H .I 5 ff. ,. .f.:.--.-fs-.-.Jv- ..: ,,1 .,,:,,,,:,.,,,,-.-. -.,,,: , ,.,, Z J, ..,,3 SW . W ,, . . Palsy liriffhl 11. Ginny VVvrl Chaxrfm-s Li. Gwvn Crossley 2-1. Shirlvy Kislcl' 21. 211 25 Snyrlor 27 294 Ili! Echoes Staff We, the Editorial and Business Staffs of the 1953 'lEchoes,', with the competent leadership of Miss Martha Bickel and Mr. Harry Swanger, have compiled this memory hook of our happy years at Milton High. We hope that it will make you remember and relive these days in years to come. EDITORIAL STAFF Faculty Adviser .... ............................... lX 'Iiss Martha Bickel Co-Evlitors-in-Chief . . . .................... Dorothy Reichard and Lin Davis Faculty Committee ..,.......... Barbara Holloway, june Martin, Margaret Yocum Classes and Organizations-Shirley Middleton, Marion Tanner, Pamela King, Freda Temple, Charles Snyder. Senior lfVrite-ups-Virginia Derr, Nancy Lindner, Dorothy Strine, lane Noll, Mary Lou Milton, lanet Murdock, Shirley Middleton, Betty jane DeLong, Gwendolyn Crossley, Sharee Stetler, Virginia Wert, Pamela King. Senior Activities-Dorothy Walter, Gwendolyn Crossley, Virginia Derr, Nancy Lind- ner, Dorothy Strine, Marlene Hendershot, Sharee Stetler, Lois Englar, Doris Mathias, lane Noll, Mary Lou Milton, Mary E. Roche. Sports ........................ Dick Strine, Richard Moore, Thomas Hollenbach Arts and Photography-Maurice Lewis, Shirley Aikey, Marion Tanner, Sara Macha- mer, Nancy Wilson, Kay Budman, Donald Byerly, Barbara Holloway. Typists-Ioan Noll, Shirley Eister, Sara Machamer, Nancy Wilson, Margaret Yocum, June Martin, Kay Budman, Shirley Bennett, Freda Temple, Molly Wilson. Class Song ................................... Janet Murdock, Dorothy Walter Class History .... ..... C harles Snyder, Thomas Hollenbach, Richard Moore BUSINESS STAFF Faculty Adviser ...... ................................. IN Ir. Harry Swanger Business Manager ................................... Harry Hill, Veryl Milroy Advertising Committee-Ethel Bower, Kenneth Hess, Shirley Engleman, Donald Brown, Donna Butler, Margaret Fenstermacher. Sales Comniittee-Sandra Robinson, Dale Cochran, Grace Dietz, Richard Middleton, Richard Kling. Name Carol Coinniittee--lo Pannebaker, Donald Byerly, Bertha Morgan, Joel Foltz, Mary Stahl, Edward Yordy. Secretary .................... ..... W an la Zike SE IDR CLASS PL Y "THE DIVINE FLORAU By FLORENCE RYERSON AND COLIN CLEMENTS DIRECTED BY Mas. CHARLES LONTZ AND MARY STAHL CAST Hal . . .... . . lVinnie . . Boops ...... Stn Morgan .. Kit Olmstead ...... Etta Dean CFloraD . . . . Randy Pryor ..... . . Mr. Pryor .. Mrs. Pryor . . . . Buzz Rafferty . . Hr. Dean .. . Sharon Pryor . . Bolr ....... lVayne . . . Tex Arlen . . Polly .... Helena ..... . . Marvelle .......... Daplzne Gillford . . . . . il lr. Dugan ...... ............................. . . . . .Ioel Foltz . . .Virginia Dcrr . . .jane Noll .... .llarry Hill . . .jo Pannebaker . . . .Nancy Lindncr .Thomas Hollenbach . . . . . . .Dick Strine . .Dorothy Reichard . . . . . . .Lin Davis . .Charles Snyder . . .Janet Murdock , , .james Seidel . , . . .jacob Moser . . .Maurice Lewis . . .Dorothy Strine . . .Patricia Bright . . . .Nancy Wilson ..Mary Lou Milton . . . . .Dale Cochran Simmzer Crowd ............. Shirley Engleman, Shirley Middleton, Sharee Stetler, Donna Butler, Virginia Wert, Pamela King, Sandra Robinson, Bessie Sanders, Iune Martin, Donna Miller, Shirley Starks Time: The Present Scene: The living room of the Pryor summer cottage, Green Bay. Student Business Manager: Freda Temple First Row, Left to Riizht Shirley Starks. Ja Pannehaker, Nancy Wilson, Dick Strine, Virrrinia Wc't. Charles Snyder, Nancy Lindner, Lin Davis, Dorothy Reichard, Thomas Ho lenhach, Janet Murdock, Donna Butler. Second Row, Left to Riirht-June Martin. Bessie Sanders, Sandra Robinson, Dorothy Strine, Patricia Bright. Virginia Derr, Jane Noll, Mary Luu Milton, Mary Stahl, Student Director: Shirley Engle- man, Donna Miller. Mrs. Lontz, Director. Third Row. Left to Rifzht-'Pamela King, Sharee Stetler. Shirley Middleton, James Seidel, Dale Cochran. Harry Hill, Jacob Moser, Maurice Lewis, Joel Foltz. Class 5 and Oy 1 90HlZqfjOnS Y -,- i Zig W k 'x W w 1 I X, W K l Yo yum' Mm U Q. 'v l n X 4 N X MK uf Mtv X ll' , ' bv'u5jy'Q1,ff I.nQi,f,g1'.,f fs- 'U-91 5. - MI E321 Nts?-' 'Mi vw : ful' LV Y WMM Aw' Q7. A, W, 0' P V 1 4 I Y' ., "1 " Us T -'I u 'll' 'QQ H MY., 51 f,f.f'! !', I "'iY:'g'75 yeh! f' J I Pr.-' il Nts v 'I f cf . if M if ,, i x fv -V W' K ,luniur lllass ROOM 9 First Row Left to RiizhtfSylvia Hendricks, Nancy Miller, Roxie Stump, Ruth Snyder, Mary Lockard, Virginia Wal.ize, Edith Winn Jones, Joan Hallock, Linda Showers, Lila Fisher. Caroline Snyder. Second Row, Left to RigzhtfClara Bowersox. Elsie Baker, Betty Willow, Joan Stamm, Mary Jane Klees. Laura Mae Dye. Dottie Chapin, Tommy Woodson. Gene Caicco, Richard Younger, Gene Reich. Third Row, Left to Riprht--Earl Gardner, Kenneth Morizan, Ted Kline. Ted Peifer. Juan Horrox, Donald Brumbach, David Miller, Ben Griffin, Daniel Baker. Fourth Row, Left to Ri1zhtfRoy Finck, William Snrimzer. Kenneth Kerstetter. John Seidel, James Zeiher, Rob,-rt Sanders, Edwin Wands, Richard Stump. ROOM 11 First Row, Left to Riizht -Barbara Bennaize, Patricia Kline, Mabel Bowersnx, Edna Keefer. Mary Belle Lontz. Lucille Minium, Madeline Wertz, Alice Noecker, Patricia Huff, Eleanor Snyder. Second Row, Left to Right-'John liuehler, Frank Weaver, Calvin Ranck, Avis lienfer, Pat Kratzer, Jane Solomon, Nancy Fisher, Dollie Embeck. JoAnn Young, Yvonne Yost. Third Row, Left to RightfDale Shipley, Leroy Miller, William Walter, Geurire Fisher, Edgar Fisher, Randall Narehood, Sterling Zimmerman, Boyd Reichelderfer, Donald Sheets. Fourth Row, Left to Right-Fred Schnure, William Keiser, Edward Beaver, Sherman Gessner, Raymond Yost, .lim Shuck, Frank Heddimzs. Fifth Row, Left to Right-Dick Mathias, Gary Egli, Larry Gearhart, Richard Hoffman. ROOM 21 First Row, Left to Right-ffBetty Erlx, Arlene Foust, Sylvia Keefer, Marybelle Hezldings, Rena Lose, Sandra Burns, Nancy Deitrick, Lena Mae Koch. Second Row, Left to Right Kenneth Butler, Galen Erdly, Clark YValker, Dale Peterson. Carol Smith, Eleta Mourey, Nancy Berman, Kenneth Stump, Larry Haas. Third Row, Left to Riirhtf Bob Lazarus, Nevin Mensch. Charles Foster, Marvin Hoover, Lee Blyler, Robert Youmr, John Snyder, Merrill Miller. ROOM 2? First Row, Left to Riirhtf -Florence Miller, Shirley Derr, Shirley Royer, Kay Neuhard, Jean Necci, Polly Campbell, Patsy Konkle. Second Row, Left to Right--Bette Heimbach, Mar- garet Keiser, Anthony Callos, Joe Frederick. Garner Snuifer. Jay Egli, Third Row, Left to Right ACharles Danowsky, Carroll Diefenbach, Jesse Frederick, Jack Zimmerman, Robert Hammond, Charles Lose, Elwood Brown. ROOM P4 First Row, Left to Riirht Frerla Aliwriirht, Shirley Guffey, Barbara Hendricks, Beverly Irvine, Janet Stratton, Joan Bobb, Joan Miller. Nancy Finek, Freda Rinka. SvC0nfl Row, Left to Riizht Marlin Oberlin, Richard Einsig, Betty King, lioneti Derr, Raehe' Satieson, Katharine Leinliach, Ned Marseh, Franklin Trale, Third Row, Left to Rixrhtf-Marvin Fornwalt, Nevin Beaver. Richard Barloe, George Ferlazzo, llonald Snyder. Suphumnre Class ROOM 12 First Row, Left to Right Barbara Stafford, Joan Moser, Teresa Yagel. Lois Adams. Janet Kerstetter. Patsy Noll, Virginia Shellenberger, Joyce Hettimrer. Dorothy Ditzler, Ht-'en Roush. Second Row, Left to Right fCharles Confer, John Krupkoski. lienjamin Schmick. Juanita Shirk. liarbara llillmcyer, Joanne Hill, Pat I-'ornwald. Eddie liucher, Herbert Marsh, Charles Stahl. VVilliam Aikey. Third Row, Left to Right Miles Kerstetter. Donald VVirth, Robert Hartman, Paul Haines. Jim Hoffman. Richard Derr. John Ream, Terry Zimmerman, Harold Rower, Thornton Walker. Fourth Row, Left tu Right Scott Kostenbauder, Brian Speek, Kenneth Frank. lioyd Boyer. liruee Manning, Robert Temple, David Six. Edwin Confer. Fifth Row, Left to Right Edward Rearick, Riflyniond Erb, Wayne Smith. Kenneth Chappell. ROOM 14 First Row, Left to Right 'Jane Kerstetter. Elinor Albright, Marie Pick, Phyllis Smith, ltonnie Neyhart. Joy Lynn Dye. Cynthia Fox. Betty Middlesworth, Emma Laudenslager, Shirley Sprought. Second Row, Left to Right -George Carpenter, Tom Enterline, Larry Mensch. Edward Springer. Kay Showers, Judy Campbell, Clare Bogie, James Ohl, Richard Smith. Third Row, Left to Right Charles Woomer, Arthur Chappell, Fred Campbell, .lim Runyan, Dick Karchner, David Hartsock, Richard Gufley, liob Hendricks, Archie Troxell, Fourth Row, Left to Right Carl Reish, Richard Coup. Fred Frey, Elton Goff. Stanley Phleger, Elwood Engleman, Thomas Lewis. ROOM 22 First Row, Left to Right -Connie Finck, Donna Kerstetter, Nancy Floyd, Florence Miller, Martha liowersox, Nancy Bastian, Joan Ranck, Nancy Clouser, Mary Wahl. Second Row, Left to Right fJim Morgan, Donald St. Clair, Mary Stahl. Clara Sanders. Marlene Robinson, Mary Rider. Kenneth Dunkle, Jim Seksinsky. Third Row, Left to Right Harry Hall, John McMur- trie, Roderic Moore. Charles Baker. Franklin Warren, John Derr. Jack Wertz, Dale Stranger. Fourth Row, Left to Right-Charles Batdorf. John Lower, Derrill Smith, Royce Straub, William Pfieegor. Gene Koons, Nelson Fisher, Clark Shitfer. ROOM 29 First Row. Left to Right-Patsy Nunn, Betty Munson, Audrey Welliver, Nancy Showers. Nancy Shultz, Helen Derr. Marion Miller. Renee Esterbrook, Marguerite Cromis, Helen TiH'any. Second Row, Left to Right--El'en Trump, Shirley Wolfe. Jane Waughen, lietty Kline, liarbara King. Georgia Walker, Joan Seidel. Third Row, Left to Right Ginny Wilkins, Patsy Hause. Janet Ref-dy, Sandra Trate, Sherry Fisher, Janet Frederick. Shirley Catherman, Martha Shipley. Fourth Row, Left to Right Mary Haupt, Patsy Waltman, Alice Kratzer, Janet Byers, Sandra Yocum. ROOM 15 First Row, Left to Right Marlene Danoirsky, Mabel Huff, Nancy Kling, Mary Swanger, Rachel liostian, Doris Haines, Patricia Desmond, Charlene llickel, Kay Logan, Second Row, Left to Right- l'aul Showers, Homer Arnold, Donald Wesner, Gail Rein. Josephine Young. Nancy Noaker. Neal Shirk, Tom Hedenberg. Third Row, Left to Right ffRichard Robenolt, Robert Noll. Melvin Stahl, Fred Fisher, Albert Mull, Franklin Huff, Robert Bearer, Robert Grittner, Albert Butte. Fourth Row, Left to Right-Sidney Drumm, David Smeltz, William Dyer, Lee Hoffman, Robert Waltman, Ray Musser, liob Cawley. First Row, Left to Right--Harry Hill, Dick Strine, Richard Barto, Nancy Lindner, Freda Temple. Second Row, Left to Right-4Geor5zia Walker, Nancy Kline, Barbara Hendricks, Linda Showers, Nancy Berman. Third Row, Left RiLZhtfsCK1tt Kostenbauder, James Seksinsky. Cy Goff, George Hower, George Fisher, Joseph Frederick. Student Council We, as members of the Student Council, have tried to promote the feeling of student leadership and student participation in government, to unify and co-ordinate the activities of the school, and to co-operate with the faculty in all functions of the school. ln this work we have been excellently advised by Mrs. W. hiurray Butler and lVlr. James O. Tule. In the school year of 1952-1953 our activities included an all-school Halloween Party, an assembly entitled "Mind Your Manners," and a production for the public entitled "'52 in Revue." We also worked on compiling the Student Handbook for publication in the next school year. .28. Milton School N ows The Milton School News, under the direction of Miss Reinhart and Mrs. Brown, has comple'ed its twenty-seventh year of publication. We, of Milton High School, would like to thank the staff and the advisers for their excellent guidance. STAFF Miss Phoebe M. Reinhart, Mrs. C. Lawrence Brown ............. Faculty Advisers Miss Catherine Balliet, Miss Margaret C. Fairchild, Theodore Pidus .............. SclwolAdvise:'s Freda Temple, ,531 Shirley Middleton, '53, Charles Snyder, '53, Peggy Yocum, '53, Barbara Holloway, '53, Marlene Hendershot, '53, Betty Willow, '54, Nancy Miller, '54, Charles Lose, '54, Charles CEddieD Bucher, '55, Donna Miller, '53, Nancy Ber- man, '54, Avis Benfer, '54, Sylvia Keefer, '54, Kay Logan, '55, Mary VVahl. '55, Robert Deck, '54, Nancy Finck, '54, Nancy Fisher, '54, loan Stamm, '54, Richard Karchner. '55, Lena Mae Koch, '54, Mary Lockard, '54, Rena Lose. ,54, Miles Kerstc'tcr, '55, Donald Brumbach, '54. ADVERTISING STAFF Barbara Chappell, '53, Virginia Dcrr, '53, Marlene l-lendershot, '53, Sandra Robinson, '53, Dorothy Strine, '53, Nancy Berman, '54, Shirley Derr, ,5-4, Nancy Fisher, '54, Sylvia Keefer, '54, Mary Lockard, '54, Carol Smith, '54, Barbara Billmeyer, '55, Sandra Yocum, '55, Mary Haupt, '55, Clara Sanders, ,55, Kay Showers, '55. Donald Byerly, '53, Robert Lazarus, l54 .................. Circulation Department First Row, Left to Right-Donna Miller, Margaret Yocum, Sylvia Keefer, Nancy Miller, Joan Bobb, Rena Lose, Mary Haupt, Kay Logan, Freda Ripka, Freda Temple, Carol Smith. Second Row, Left to Right-Kay Showers, Barbara Billmeyer, Nancy Fisher, Nancy Finck, Joan Stamm, Avis Benfer. Virginia Derr, Dorothy Strine, Sandra Robinson. Third Row. Left to Riizht-Mary Wahl, Betty Willow, Shirley Middleton. Nancy Berman, Shirley Derr. Marlene Hendershot, Barbara Holloway, Mary Lockard, Lena Mae Koch. Fourth Row, Left to Right-Robert Lazarus, Donald Byerly, Charles Snyder, Sandra Yocum, Clara Sanders, Barbara Chappel, Charles Lose. Fifth Row, Left to Right-Albert Mull, Richard Karchner, Robert Deck, Charles fEddiel Bucher, Miles Kerstetter, Donald Brumbach. First Row, Left to Right-Virginia Derr, Sandra Robinson, Dorothy Reichard, Mary Jane Klees, Nancy Lindner, Shirley Royer, Mary Lou Milton. Dorothy Strine, Barbara Hendricks, Edith Winn Jones. Second Row. Left to Right-Kay Neuhard, Dollie Embeck, Patricia Bright, Avis Benfer, Shirley Enzleman. Shirley Middleton, Nancy Berman, Joan Stamm, Linda Showers, Jane Noll. Third Row, Left to Right-Florence Miller, Barbara Bennaxze, Gwendolyn Crossley, Betty DeLong, Katharine Leinbach, Marian Tanner, Janet Murdock, Sharee Stetler, Pamela Kinz, Carlene Fox, Fourth Row, Left to Right-Carol Smith, Nancy Miller, Freda Ripka, Lena Mae Koch, Virginia Wert, Barbara Holloway, Marlene Hendershot, Lois Englar, Joan Noll, Tri-Hi-Y Club The Tri-Hi-Y began its year with a solemn candlelight ceremony of induction for its 23 new members. Among its social activities of the year were food sales, a picnic, a hay ride, :i dance with the Hi-Y, a Sports Party, a Water Ballet, a skating party, a Mother and Daughter Banquet, a club clippings contest, and a cabin party. The main event was the Snow Dance, at which event Nancy Lindncr was crowned queen. The theme of the dance was "The North Pole." As service projects For the year, the club gave canned fruit to The Salvation Army, to be distributed to the needy at Thanksgiving, Christmas gifts to the Evan- gelical Orphansl Home at Christmas, a contribution to the Y. M. C. A. for World Service, and Easter baskets to The Salvation Army. They also sent an underprivileged child to camp in the summer time. We have had a very successful year through the fine cooperation of Miss Nancy S. Roberts and lVlrs. Thomas Powell, our advisers. .30. Hi-Y The biggest project of the lli-Y Club for this year was taking part in the district project of sponsoring a Y. M. C. A. in Cermany. Besides this project, some of the other activities were a hay ride, a cabin party, a Thanksgiving Dance held by the combined Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, movies, speak- ers, Teen Talks, and a Movie Party. The Club also held its annual Father and Son Banquet. Of the thirty-four members, twenty-one are new ones, These boys promised to live up to our club platform of "Clean Living, Clean Speech, Clean Scholarship, and Clean Sportsmanship." They also passed through a month's "trial period." They are fully aware of the fact that the purpose of our club is to "create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." The club wishes to extend its thanks to lVlr. Ralph Pesto, Mr. Harry Swanger, and Mr. Victor Michael for their line leadership and guidance. We feel that we have completed a very successful year. DLJNALD BYERLY DALE COCHRAN President Vice President KENNETH BUTLER LIN DAVIS Secretary Treasurer First Row. Left to Right-Randall Nnrehood, David Hartsock, Robert Deck, Neil Shirk, Thomas Heden- herg, Richard Karchner, Terry Zimmerman, John McMurtrie, Edwin Wands. Dale Mummey. Second Row, Left to Right-Robert Lazarus, Kenneth Butler, Donald Byerly, Dale Cochran, Lin Davis. Fred Campbell. James Runyan, Delbert Fisher, James Morgan, Skip Walker, Anthony Callus, Cy Goff, James Hoffman. Third Row. Left to Right--David Miller, Thomas Hollenbach, John Krupkoski, Frank Pursell, Robert Michael, David Six. Fourth Row, Left to Rightslidward Yordy, Richard Moore, Dale Peterson. James Seidel, Joel Foltz, Myles Smeltz. .31. Bottom Row, Left to Right--Eleanor Snyder, Doflie Embeck, Nancy Lindner, Jane Noll. Top Row, Left to Right -Joyce Hettinger, Arlene Foust, Freda Temple, Joy Lynn Dye. G. A. A. Ufficers President .... . . .NANCY LINDNER Vice President .. .... DOLLIE EINIBECK Secretary .... . . .ARLENE Fousr Treasurer ....... ....... I ANE NOLL Social Chairman . . . . . .ELEANOR SNYDER Business Manager . . . . . .FREDA TEMPLE Publicity Chairman ..... JOY LYNN DYE Scribe ............ .... I oYcE I-IETTINGER This year, the Girls' Athletic Association had a very successful year. The mem- bership drive was close to IOOW. Our activities began with a hot dog roast, and included the 23rd annual Christmas Dance, a Gym Exhibition, an all-girls' tureen supper, and concluded with the most important dance of the yer, the May Dance. With the help of our faithful adviser, Mrs. Murray Butler, the G. A. A. girls feel that they have had a most pleasant and worthwhile year. .32. he Club Climaxing another very successful year at Milton High, Key Clubbers wish to thank the faculty and the Milton Kiwanis for their cooperation during the past year. At our annual Father-Son Banquet we outlined the results of the past twelve months. The sale of sweat shirts, seat cushions, stationery, holly, and buttons, plus other things, were the sources of our Club's income. Our projects for the past year were buying Hags for the High School and sponsoring a second safety drive. Our weekly programs included movies, two banquets, and several speakers. We cooperated with the Pennsylvania District Key Club by sending delegates to the District Con- vention at Wilkes-Barre. For the coming year we have a number of projects, among which is another bicycle safety program. The Key Clubbers especially wish to thank their adviser, Mr. Tule, for without his guidance the year could not have been a success. The officers who have served this year are Lin Davis, president, Dale Peterson, vice president, and Donald Byerly, secretary-treasurer. First Row, Left to Right-Thomas Enterline, Robert Deck, James Morgan. Richard Kling, Donald Byerly, Lin Davis, Dale Peterson, Richard Moore, Edward Yordy, Neil Shirk. Second Row, Left to Right-Harry Hill, John Buehler, Fred Campbel', Dale Mummey, George Hower, George Fisher, Edwin Wands, Robert Derr, James Seksinsky, Thornton Walker. Third Row, Left to Right-Richard Hoffman, Ted Klimz, Thomas Bender, Nevin Beaver, Dale Cochran, Richard Middleton, George Ferlazzo, Kenneth Butler. .33. l l i l This year the band began a promising year under the direction of Mr. -lohn Peterson. Mr. Peterson was previously director of the juniata Valley lligh School Band. Our former director, hir. Albert P. Lyford, is now music supervisor of the Milton area schools. During football season we practiced regularly for our performance at the half- time. Some of our drills included precision marching and a novelty drill. The football season was highlighted by our trip to Sayre, a pleasant experience even though Milton lost the game. The next major event for the band was our VVinter Concert, held in February, on which occasion we played many favorite selections. With the presentation of our annual Spring Concert, we closed a very successful and enjoyable year. OFFICERS President . . . . .lDONALD BYERLY Vice President . . . . .lDOROTHY STRINE Secretary . . . . .IDOROTHY WALTER Librarian . . . . .lvlARY STAHL .34. FLUTE S Dorothy Walter T Nancy Berman Avis Benfer C Patricia Nunn OBOE T Nancy Shultz BASSOON S Theresa Necci 1' Kay Logan li-FLAT CLARINET S Ilarhara Ilennage S Ethel liowcr S Nancy Lindner S Donald Byerly Thornton Walker S Janet Murdock Tod Klint! Joyce Hettinxrer Bonita Derr Betty Lou Munson S Joan Noll 'I' .Ioan Stamm T S Jane Noll Gcorirc Carpenter T .Ianct Stratton Kay Showers ALTO CLARINET S Iietty Dm-Long . Gwendolyn Crossley Director-IOHN L. PETERSON BASS CLARINET S Mary Stahl Juanita Shirk ALTO SAXOPHONE S Dorothy Reichard S Dale Mummey S Sandra Robinson TENOR SAXOPHONE S Marion Tanner S Dorothy Strine BARITONE SAXOPHONE Benjamin B. Schmick CORNET AND TRUMPET S Kay Iiudman Richard HoH'man S Joel Foltz Dale Peterson Nancy Finck Lena Mae Koch James Morxran Charles Johnson FRENCH HORN Ruth Snyder Richard Younxlcr Edward Iiucher IIARITONIC Edwin Wands James Ohl Charles Confer .35. Peggy Fenstermacher TROMISONE S June Martin S Richard Mathias Robert Phillips Harold Bower Charles Stahl TUBA Terry Zimmerman Fred Campbell James Runyan Joseph Frederick Richard Karchner David Hartsock STRING BASS CS Pamela Kin!! PERCUSSION Gcorfze Ferlazzo John Seidel Earl Gardner Robert Grittner S Frank Purscll MANAGER Mary Belle Lontz T Denotes Twirler S Denotes Senior Color Guard Ulhciak Klub ltottom Row. L1-ft. to Rixrht -James Shock, Joel Foltz. Richard Moore, Delbert Fisher, Edgar Fisher. Dick Strine. Top Row, Left to Right Lin Davis, Robert Lazarus. Dale Cochran, Donald Byerly, Mr. Izer, Adviser. BU 9 Ehurus First Row, Left. to Right-f.Yohn Krupkoski, Ted Klimz. Frank Pursell. Richard Karehner, Thornton Walker, Terry Zimnierman. Charles Confer, Randall Narehood, Charles Snyder, Joel Foltz, Plluzene Reivh, Richard Youmrer. Second Row. Left to Right Jesse Frederivk, Dick Fuust, Robert Deek, James Runyan. Leroy Miller, lidirar Fisher. James Shuek, William Walter, lloyd Reichelderfer, Dale Shipley, Ralph Nic-key. Third Row, Left to Right., Ned Marsch. James Seidel, Thomas Hollenbach, Robert Lazarus, Robert Michael, Riehard Mathias, Donald Brun1lJach, Donald Snyder, Thomas Woodson, Anthony Callus Roy Finck, Russell Lins. .36. The Girls' lfliurus Lois Adams Barhara King Sylvia Keeler Doris hlathias l5lorenee hloser Nancy Bastian .loy Lynn Dye Connie Finch Arlene Foust Grace Dietz Dorothy Ditzler llollie Mae Einheeli Lois Englar Nancy Floyd FIRST SOPRANOS Eleta hlourey Regenia Nceci Nancy Noalier hlary Showers Eleanor Snyder SECOND SOPRANOS .loan llalloelx hlarlene Hendershot :Xliee Kratzer .loan hliller Amos hlary llaupt Katharine Leinhach loan Raneli Gail Rein luanita Shirli Shirley Starks Virginia VVert Sandra Yoeum lletty Lou hlunson Xlary llxider Sxnglra Trate Lincla Showers Nancy Showers Carol Smith Margaret Yocum flecorupmrist - lo Pannebaker i 1 f i, Bottom Row, Left to Ri1:htfMary Haunt, Margaret Yocum. Grace Dietz. Janet Reedy, Lois Enirlar, Linda Showers, Dollie Embeck, Katharine Ann Leinbach, Alice Kratzer, Nancy Bastan, Sandra Trate, Audrey Welliver, Virginia Wert, Eleanor Snyder, Shirley Starks, Doris Mathias, Florence Moser, Sylvia Keefer, Freda Ripka. Top Row. Left to Right-Carol Smith. Dorothy Ditzler, Gail Rein, Juanita Shirk, Nancy Floyd, Joan Ranck, Nancy Showers, Joy Lynn Dye, Connie Finck, Joan Miller, Joan Hallock, Arlene Foust. Mary Ann Rider, Betty Lou Munson, Mary Showers, Sandra Yocum, Nancy Noaker, Hleta Mourey, Lois Adams, Barbara King, Jean Necci. Accompanist-Jo Pannebaker. .3'7. um Shop In the Automobile Department of the Vocational Shops we have Mr. Marlin Hartman as an instructor. Most of our work consists of repair work on cars brought into the shop by students in the shop. In Auto Shop we disassemble cars, replace the worn parts with new ones, and reassemble them. We work for the most part on motors, the front end, and the brakes. Our shop is fairly well equipped, con- sidering that it is only four years old. Our newest equipment consists of a bat- tery charger, a heavy duty jack, and a lathe that was brought down from the Metal Shop. The sophomore theory consists of the study of engines, their parts, and the repairing of these parts. The juniors' theory has to do with the disassembling of transmissions, rear axles, and steering assemblies. The seniors do not have very much theory, but the major part of what they have is the taking apart of carburetors, the learning of parts. and the replacing of them so they work. They also study the electrical system of a car. Eabinei5hop In the Cabinet Department of the Voca- tional Shop we have Mr. Kermit Benfer as an instructor. The shop is equipped to turn rough lumber into very beautiful pieces of fur- niture, such as, a picnic table, gun rack, a walnut dining room suite, a cedar chest, a bookcase and chest of drawers, and a Hollywood bed. The shop is provided with the most modern tools and machines. One of the newest machines is the seven-foot belt sander. There is also a mortising drill, which will drill a square hole. From time to time we have theory in the classrooms. These theory classes consist of learning the parts of the ma- chines and the methods of tearing them down and reassembling them. Movies on the different machines, industries, and trades are shown. During the course of a year the wood shop boys repair many articles for the school and community: such as, book- cases. filing cabinets, desks, and signs for the Red Cross and Community Chest drives. llllillillll K.vra-uBx awliisllilzxi 0 QQ if xii Electric Shop The instructor in the Electric Shop is Mr. E. C. Williams. The Electric Shop has many valuable pieces of modern equipment, one of the most valuable being the Distribution Con- trol Center, from which the instructor and the shop foreman have complete con- trol over all the experiments and proj- ects, and their various voltage ranges. Safety is of the utmost importance ln any shop, and We have a student commit- tee which compiles a record of all acci- dents that occur in the shop: and the same committee makes recommenda- tions so as to minimize their recurrence. One of the many accomplishments of the Electric Shop this year was the re- building of the Ozilaid White-Print Ma- chine for the Drawing Department. This was a gift from the Sunbury Vocational School and was badly in need of major repairs. Another problem was the air compres- sor that supplies air to all of the depart- ments, located in such a remote place that at times it was forgotten and left on all evening. Ken Heywood and Merrill Buehler solved the problem by placing a pilot light at the main entrance to the wood shop, so that the instructors upon leaving must turn the compressor off in order to turn the pilot light oil. During the year the motor on the auto shop valve grinder burned up. Ken Hause and Leo Guffey completely rewired and rebuilt the motor, putting it back into service. Each week a senior boy is appointed by :he instructor to act as shop foreman and control panel operator. The senior boys are rotated between shop foreman and shop leaders on the many and varied repair jobs that are received by us throughout the year. .39. athine Shop The machine shop consists of lathes, shapers, grinders, a planer, drill presses, a milling machine, a forge, a tool crib, stock room and a Welding booth. In the welding booth there are an e1ect1'ic weld- er and oxygen and acetylene tanks, which are used for brazing and cutting metal. The shop is under the instruction of Mr. Elmer Ruth. Each student is given a ring of ten checks with his number stamped on each check. Whenever he needs any tools, he goes to the tool crib and hands a check in for the tool he wants. In order to get the metal he needs, he has to fill out a requisition slip on which is written the dimensions of the stock. the type of metal. and the student's name. Almost anything can be made or re- paired that is not too large in size. Pre- cision work is done mostly on the lathes and grinders. This work can be ma- chined down to within a thousandth of an inch. All the students learn to operate the machines and how to lay out their work. The Work done may consist of many operations. Sometimes it is done by one student, or different students may take par . ssembi Committee The various members of the Assembly Committee, under the supervision of our faculty adviser, Miss Martha Bickel, have taken charge of all assemblies presented during the year. Besides the four paid assemblies provided by the Antrim Bureau, we have had many excellent programs presented by the membe1's of our student body. With the help of Mrs. Herman Shade, our members have presided at the Chapel exercises, held once each Week. These persons have served as oflicers of the group: Thomas Hollenbach, president: Dorothy Reichard, treasurer: and Nancy Berman, secretary. Bottom Row, Left to Right-Nancy Lindner, Nancy Berman, Mary Lou Milton, Dorothy Reichard. Top Row, Left to RixzhtfThomas Hollenbach, Dale Peterson. Edgar Fisher, Lin Davis. Projeciionisi lfiuh The Projectionist Club, under the able supervision of Mr. Swanger, has com- pleted another successful year of service to the school by showing movies and slides in the class1'ooms and for assemblies. Many have gone to service clubs as projectionists. These people are the olficers of the club: president, Dick Moore: vice president, George Fisher: secretary. Dale Mummey. First Row, Left to Right-Donald Brumbach, Jay Egli, Thomas Lewis, Scott Kostenbauder, Freda Temple. Jeannine Staib, Kenneth Stump, Richard Moore. Thomas Hollenbach. Second Row, Left to Right-Eugene Caicco, Lin Davis, Donald Byerly, Larry Haas, George Hower, Charles Mathias, Delbert Fisher, Ted Kline, Leroy Miller. Third Row. Left to Right-'Donald Brown, Kenneth Hess, James Seidel, George Fisher, Edgar Fisher. Jack Zimmerman, Joseph Frederick. Fourth Row, Left to Right-Robert Staib, Albert Mull, Harry Hill, Dale Mummey. s i YV 'bfi - ..-X 'g. , .. 2' 5 1 SX ,li A- 72 f hmm .... A T .Q . Aki. .A Sports N f""3, .argl D. .5-'7 ff! gi-L 2 l ': -'- Q' xppm,ggSL, X- G: lllll llilll 'N "- ' 57? ' -V -, 9 16-gg -QA 2 ff? Nia X - Y h X in " ,a 'S ' L.: W ,.A .. - ggji Qlflllxigjg ,f 'A " A 'X 'fiazpf - SX Y Ak .A If ' ' Q'--' - -fl if ,QU ' 'T 'Ii' , , ' , 5 Y , ll. ,I ff L' ? X - ..- WI ww J" 5 V, QW ' ' I A "" -4 x ,-1, .L Y ig FUUTH I K , 1 a V 1 f V a- IYIR. FISI IER Conch ki i First Row. Left to Right--'Charles Woomer, Harry Hiil, Manzuzersq Fred Campbel Rearick, James Seksinsky. Terry Zimmerman. Richard Einsixz, Bruce Manning, Hoy, Jarnes Runynn, Rolferi Beaver. Richard Guffey, Paul Haines. Jack Zimme Manager. Second Row, Left to Right--Elwood Engle-man, Manager: Danny Baker, Richard l Joseph Frederick, Edgar Fisher, Jacob Moser. Charles Foster, Edwin Wands. R Lins, William Derr, John Ream. Ralph Nickey. Cy Goff, Inn Davis, Munzrrer. MR. VALUNAS Assistant Coach MILTON 36 ..,......................, MIFFLINBURG 13 Opening the season with an impressive victory. Milton completely overpow- ered Mifliinburg, to win 36-13. Jake Moser and Don Sheets each scored twice for Milton. MILTON 25 ...................... ,... . . LEWISBURG 0 The Panthers won their first victory in the Shikellamy League and posted their vcond victory of the season by vanquishing the Lewisburg Dragons, 25-0. Dick Einsig scored two touchdowns, and Sheets and Norm Brown each added one for the visitors. MILTON 12 .....,...................... SELINSGROVE 8 Continuing in victory, Milton played a close contest with a scrappy Selinsgrove team. Norm B1'own saved the game as he intercepted a pass late in the game and raced 97 yards to score. MILTON 0 ..............,... . NORTHUMBERLAND 13 Milton tasted defeat for the first time against a strong Norry combination. Rodkey and Ford scored for the victors. MILTON 0 ...,.... ............... .... B L OOMSBURG 12 Milton lost its second game to a highly inspired Bloomsburg team, 12-0. The Panthers' only threat was destroyed when Bloom's Crawford intercepted a pass from Dick Barto to Dale Cochran and raced 89 yards for Bloom's second touch- down. 1 MR. LONGENBERGER Assistant Coach Row, Left to Right-P. Richard Fisher, Coach: Henry Longenberger, Assistant Coach: orman Brown. Robert Lazarus, Dick Foust. Dick Strine, Dale Cochran, David Six, ichard Middleton. Donald Sheets, Thornton Walker, William Walter, Thomas Valunas, ssistant Coach: Robert Izer, Assistant Coach. MR. IZER Assistant Coach MILTON 7 .... ................ ...,..... . S AYRE 25 Sayre handed Milton their third defeat of the season, 25-7, in a game marked by long runs. Don Sheets intercepted a pass early in the game for the lone M.H.S. tally. MILTON 0 ...... .....,............... L OCK HAVEN 39 Aided by two towering ends, Lock HaVen's powerful passing team completely overcame Milton, as it again tasted defeat, 39-0. MILTON 7 ......... ............. ........ S U NBURY 33 Sunbury posted a 33-7 victory over an injury-riddled Milton. Except for a few costly mistakes in the second period, the Panthers played on even terms. MILTON 13 ,..... ................ J ERSEY SHORE 33 Again Milton fell in the second period, as Jersey Shore scored 20-0 in the first half: but the Panthers rallied and played Well, to end the game 33-13. MILTON 20 ............................... DANVILLE 20 Playing the best game of the season against a highly favored Danville eleven, Milton astonished a delighted crowd by tying 20-20. Don Sheets scored all three touchdowns, and Bob Lazarus added two important extra points. MILTON 20 ........... .. . SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT 0 The Panthers found a good combination in the attack of revitalized Jake Moser and ever faithful Don Sheets. Finishing the season in victory, the Panthers roared to a 20-0 victory over the Mountaineers. TOM HILL DALE COCHRAN NORMAN BROWN gh DICK MIDDLETON DICK FOUST JACOB MOSER DICK STRINE VERYL MILROY LIN DAVIS SENIORS - VARSITY FOOTBALL .46. w NORMAN BROWN KENNETH HESS TOM HILL Q VERYL MILROY LIN DAVIS DICK STRINE . 47 . arsit B351 E s I First Row, Left to Riyzht--Harry Hill, Veryl Milroy, Dick Strine, Kenneth Norman Brown. 1stQtr. 2nc1Qtr. 31-dQtr. 4rhQrr. Trl. S11llIT101i1l1 . . . . .12 16 22 13 63 Nlilton ....... ..... 1 0 10 1 1 15 46 'lcrscy Shore . . , ..... 16 12 14 18 60 1Wi1ton ...... . . . 5 7 24 14 50 jcrscy Shore . . . ..... 15 15 7 28 65 Milton ....... ..... 1 1 8 12 18 49 Shamokin . . ..... 19 1 1 21 13 64 1V1i1ton . . . . 9 11 11 11 42 Lcwisburg . . . 7 11 16 17 51 1X4i1ton ... ..... 10 14 12 14 50 1Xf1if11in15u1'g . ..... 11 1 1 10 13 44 1V1i1ton ... ..... 13 8 19 13 53 Sclinsgrox c. ..... 14 8 11 10 43 Milton ............ ..... 1 8 19 9 18 64 South Williamsport .... ,.... 1 7 8 16 15 56 Mi1ton ............ ..... 2 1 12 9 8 50 Sunbury . . . ..... 8 12 13 20 53 Milton . . . ..... 12 14 22 15 63 Danvi11e . . . ..... 20 11 19 16 66 1X1i1ton . . . ..... 15 19 11 9 54 Bloomsburg . . , . . 7 14 18 19 58 Milton . . . ..... 16 6 15 15 52 ll Team nd Row. Loft to Right---James Tule, Faculty Manager: Jack Zimmer Mana- 1 ' ' S , rri 'er: Randall Narchooi, George Fisher, Joe Frederick, lob Lazarus Me 11 fliller. Leroy Miller, Neal Marsch, Edgar Fisher, Lin Davis, Manayzvr R l t zer, Coach, Trevorton ..... Milton ......... Northumberland . . Milton ........ Lewisburg . . . Milton .... Mifllinburg .. Milton ...... Selinsgrovc .... Milton ........... South VVi1liamsport .... Milton .........,... Sunbury ..,. Milton .... Danville . . Milton ...... Bloomsburg .... Milton ...... Trevorton ..... Milton ......... Northumberland . . . Milton ........ . U 791' 1stQtr. 211clQt1'. 31'Cl Qtr. 4th Qtr. Trl 9 7 12 17 45 .....19 28 19 17 83 .....ll 2 8 16 37 .....10 6 10 10 36 .....l5 12 11 15 53 .....21 17 14 14 66 .....20 8 13 11 52 .....l7 18 17 18 70 .....ll 10 13 20 54 .....13 13 14 7 47 .....10 6 18 13 47 .....14 8 25 10 57 ...l7 16 16 16 65 .....16 5 17 20 58 .....12 19 16 12 59 .....22 20 15 13 70 .....13 10 25 14 62 ...9 15 9 17 50 .....12 12 14 14 52 .....12 20 21 19 72 .....18 13 15 14 60 .....11 18 19 9 57 . Basketball Team First Row, Left to Right-James Morgan, ' J H d ' k M g Richard Coup. ames en rlc s, M g David Hartsock, Fred Campb ll Richard Robenolt, and el' 3118 er. 5600598 ESX' rgiffaff' 111521532255 slE?tle'Egfl?Qltballll'lfmf:l't2Al 32131, llruallfif 'slKll31sllff,Ml1.li1fe'xrflllffifglllll P. Richard Fisher, Coach. 1X'1 OP pp Sbamokin . . . ..... 32 37 Trevorton .... . . 59 Jersey Shore . . ..... 51 35 Northumberland . 31 Jersey Shore .. ..... 48 34 Lcwisburg .... 32 Sbamolain . . . . . .32 45 Miflbnburg . . . . 44 Lewisburg . . . ..... 36 30 Selinsgrove .,... . 38 Mifllinburg .. ...., 25 30 South VVilliamsport 45 Selinsgrove ........ ..... 3 1 48 Sunbury ......., 55 South Williamsport ........ 45 38 Danville .. 41 Sunbury ......... ..... 3 2 45 Bloomsburg .. 34 Danville . . . . .53 46 Trcvorton . . . . . 37 Bloomsburg ,. ...., 25 24 Northumberland . 27 ljheeifleaders Bottom Row. Left to Right'-'Connie Finek, Jeannie Necci, JoAnn Young, Uollie Hmheek, Top Row, Left to Riirht Mary lion Milton, Kay Neuharcl, Nancy Wilson, Molly Wilson. Scliool spirit inoyecl upward tliis past year, and one of tlie main reasons was a poppy group of cheerleaders. Wlitli only one cheerleader back from tlie preceding year, tlie entire squad clicl an excellent job. Tlirougliout tlie year tliey put on pep meetings, introducing new Clieers and songs. Constant backing of all teams gave tlie :lieerleatlcrs a very active season. . 51 . Baseball Team First Row, Left to Rightfliob Lazarus, Joseph Frederick, Delbert Fisher, Marlin Klapp, Norman Brown, George Fisher, Raymond Croman, Harold Williams, Richard Morrison. Second Row, Left to Right-Lloyd Snyder, Robert Derr, Roy Finck, Richard Munson, John Krupkoski Charles Kerstetter, Thornton Walker, James Kline. Third Row, Left to Right-Thomas Valunas, Coach: Elmer Ruth, Assistant Coach: James Bolich Manager: John Young, Manager: Charles Mathias, James Rvvnyan, Raymond Yost, Charles Stahl Manaszerg Charles Cole, Manager, Charles Savage, Faculty Manager . Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton 12 2 l l 1 5 5 8 3 0 7 . . . . .Lewisburg 7 . . . .Danville 7 . . .Selinsgrove 7 . . .Trevorton 0 . ........ Sunbury 6 . . . .Northumberland 3 . . .Lewisburg l . . .Danville l . . .Selinsgrove 0 . . .Mifllinburg 25 . . .Mil-Hinburg 3 .52. IN APPHEEIATIUN VVe, the Echoes Stall of 1953, wish to extend a note of appreciation and thanks to all who have given their support in making this yearbook possible. To our advertisers for their understanding and cooperation, we express our sincerest thanks. .53. TI-IE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OE MILTON JOI-IN Y. BUOY Hardware, Building Materials and Stationery STANDARD PRINTING CO., Inc. B. P. O. E. 913 21 North Front Street MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA WEST MILTON STATE BANK FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES AMERICAN LEGION POST I7I TI-IE MILTON BANK 81 SAFE DEPOSIT CO. "The Friendly Bank" Milton, Pennsylvania ARIEYP CLUB THE FAMOUS DEPARTMENT STORE 62 South Front Street EUSTACE MOTORS INC. DeSoto - 679 South Front Street - Plymouth MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA SHOWERS BROTHERS Texaco Service - I7 Bound Avenue MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA SPOTTS' GROCERY 2OI Mahoning Street MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA BEACH EL'S TAXI SERVICE MINNICH STUDIO "Portraits That Live" MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA BROADWAY HARDWARE STORE Frigidaire Appliances - 36 Broadway MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA BEST FURNITURE sroke MILTOSII SENTSSIJVANIA BOIARDI STEEL Lower Market Street MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA BUDMAN'S AUTO BODY muon, PENNSYLVANIA OTZINACHSON COUNTRY CLUB R. o. +2 A. A. BOWMAN Cv SON Nash Sales and Service MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA REA Cv DERICK Broadway and Front Street MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments Of BRIGHT T. BYERLY MEAT MARKET MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA 55. STAMM'S DAIRY BAR Homemade Ice Cream Broadway Road - Phone 915 MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA SINGER SEWING CENTER 112 South Front Street - Phone 1191 MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA J. D. MAYES JR. ound Avenue - Memorials - Phone MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA KREBS' 83 Broadway - Phone 55-W MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA KRAMM'S FUNERAL HOME 400 N. Front Street MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA YOCUM'S COAL YARD Phone 1349 MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA KAY'S BEAUTY SHOP I0 South Front Street MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA LESTER STAHL'S GROCERY 420 Hepburn Street - Phone 447 MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA FlNCK'S TYDOL SERVICE Earl W. Finck, Prop. MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA LITTLE FLOWER KIDDIE SHOP Infants' and ChiIdren's Wear Ladies' Lingerie, Hosiery THE KEISER PHARMACY I99 S. Front Street MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA WEST BRANCH CREAMERY 46 Prospect Avenue MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA ARTHUR R. ISHIGURO Photographer MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments Of MILROY'S MARKET WEST MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA ENTERLINE'S GREENHOUSES "Where Beauty Lives" MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA 37-J Compliments Of MILTON TEEN CANTEEN MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA RIEDER'S JEWELRY Keepsake Diamond and Hamilton and Elgin Watches 43 BROADWAY, MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA RACUSIN'S Exclusive But Not Expensive MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA MILITARY ORDER OF THE COOTIE Shikellamy Pup Tent 450 F. D. Grant, Commander MIDDLESWORTH RADIO 8I T. V. SERVICE 190 South Front Street MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA SHOWERS BROS. GARAGE 232 Mahoning Street MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA IRA B. BALDWIN POST NO. 1665, V. F. W. "Best of Luck" To the Class ot '53 ART'S GROCERY Marr Street MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA HASSINGER BROTHERS GARAGE 245 Filbert Street -- Phone 759 MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA BICKEL'S GARBAGE SERVICE Office: 3 Elm Street MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA AZINGER FURNITURE CO. 37 S. Front Street - Phone 9II MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA MARSH'S 59 South Front Street MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. 66 Broadway - Phone 500 MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA SMALLS' Phone 304-M or 303-M MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA MILTON CLEANING AND PRESSING CO I3 Broadway - Phone 9580 MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA .56. HOTEL MILTON IOI North Front Street - Phone 458 MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA W. T. GRANT CO. I7 South Front Street -- Phone 457 MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA DIXIE LEE BEAUTY SALON 25 Bousd Avenue - Phone 2IO-W MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA CAWLEY'S General Electric and Westinghouse Appliances 22 A70 S. BROADWAY, MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA HERTZ'S For Distin:tive Wom2n's Apparel MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA J. J. NEWBERRY MiIton's Big Family Store MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA MARGARET TREON Specialty Shop MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA R. D. CROSSLEY Jeweler and Watchmaker FRONT STREET, MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA McDANIEL'S ICE CREAM Made Fresh Daily S. Front Street - Phone 4I6 ESCHBACH'S JEWELRY 52 Broadway MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA DUNKELBERGER'S QUALITY GROCERY and Submarine Shop - 220 Arch Street MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA YOUR FRIENDLY JEWEL MAN "Best of Luck" Class of '53 WOLF DREIFUSS STORE 45 South Front Street - Phone 7I5 MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA BUFFALO VALLEY DAIRY 334 Hepburn Street -- Phone 256 MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA CHET ALEXANDER 43 South Front Street - Phone IO3-R MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA AMERICAN CAR 81 FOUNDRY CO. Best of Luck Class of '53 MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA BOGLE'S ORANGE 81 BLACK Specializing in Homemade Ice Cream MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA BOLEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE "MiIton's No. I Bargain Store" MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA SUNSERI'S FRUIT MARKET 78 Broadway MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA C. D. CLARK Ford Sales and Service MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA ELLEN'S PET SHOP I67 S. Front Street MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA THE ELITE SHOPPE Extends Congrztulotons to the Class of I953 FlSHER'S MARKET 4I0 Arch Street - Phone 527 Free Delivery Service MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA W. A. DEHART Wholesale Confectionery MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA MILTON YMCA NEEDS YOU You Need the YMCA Start Today DALE E. RANCK Funeral Service 45 N. FRONT STREET, MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of ROBERT TAYLOR RELIABLE FURNITURE CO. Front and Center MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA FLORA ELIZABETH SHOPPE 44 Broadway MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA HOTEL STETLER Phone 9549 MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA .57. Autographs 13 a., ,- K. , ,U w .q. 'V f W 1 if Y n , I Af Wai Zvi' flu ,H- '11 V14 If S? 1 ltr. 1 Lf 92" -Q. 3 I 3 .LN 1 .3 ' Ll '- A nl 'g Sew 1 - ,- , ,V ,-II A , I ,I , A1 . ., J I, ,,,,III,.x7 I M .- x4.- , Am, 'I A 4 Y' Q --1.-,fel I- ,. -.. -. ,r - A w. 3g4.,Y.III:II 3 L , - ,INST-I. I I 1 --If-ru -'I , ,,, . . , I .,1 ew, ,L , A '.,2'j2n1.. gl .. I "- Br, .1-'?'..fqu I .J -I 711 ' ' 'I ' l ' .q H", A 2 ' Q --rw , ., 1, ..,,. .., .. ...- , It i 4-i -va E , I . Nm W I: V .' W.. .1 9 -' .v , 1 ' 1 , - . I- VI, . -I-I. I- .VZ 1 ' lf-.-K ' 1.9 M in "+ ,, Q' l n 1 Q '1 E- ,.v Q. i 've ra: - 1, ,ld 5. if A fu, r , 1. .41 3 : ,iq 'wwza ' 4. ' 1 ,. : ,. A. H :wig A,,. V Q l.ge3iE1ff':1'5iffi:j3iu J: 3,5 5 B' f J k fvrirejgi - , 2 11'-2,331-s 5 Y, I .5- ' ':":g"'LIi 5, '41 .,Q,VZC55,,,'f:,,-1 A '. iivi .AL F ' . '- P wil 1. - ' 'V-4-1.-fic. Mlrffir' "Q M5-.QW - 'LLB Q f 25151, .4 V kwa ,115 si f jf.. if"-ig 51? 3f,A'x5I i.',Jf" -' ,V-f . gg' H r-1 ,375 f 2? -13251112 QV: ja-5 1 1 ?-.5533 '.,1..1.4:gwe,, - 11 , g -my .1 fri. - +-z- fn.. 5 A-4. -A flifii. 555 ,,. ,. fn - '. 'JEY' mf", , -ll, 1 in-.Ji ' .' a L ,.,. Fifi , I W .ff 5 W 3, 1. .f 5,2 " - 1.1 ,I . " , 'M K il T 1 571, iss 3 :iff ' I'-11 "1 1-51,91 'EM 'FN . gifl-1' .1334 - 121' -- 1 -, 'Q F21 -SM .::':f T12 53 ' '5,,.,fT1i4.E 23-1 1 f 1'-lg... -f ..'. .4 .wh gqf.-4 ., -. 5-.' ,gm ' .wid f , 1.5 . . , f. - -1. . , .. 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