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JE' Q U in . ' Pwr. -5 .A 'E ' , 5531 ,A r 2 New 1 '- 'vr' leaf" P f A TSP? f fx 2 2-S51 Ken' - wif: f 1 fy: fffm ,SH W1 Lei 4 42:31 'BZ ,jfkii Kel FE wif" 'E A. 2 ,Er Vs 72" W, , ,, ?fQ V ' ' ' Q 1.5- E J-.' . fm. ,hx 1 L' 4, v Q, . , Wifi. Q4 ff. I 41, , ' gm Q I 1-' nf ., i 49 1, . tx .5 , 3? ,N iiffi' n y, 5 ASU? vw far 1 'cu '34, ful. -' if? ' 55:2 .sifi " xiii 5612 4' 'fgr Lf 'IJ -5. ,, ,Lf 95,3 Ev. ,, .Ev I 5' . H-fi E5-ET '. '-a A . A 5 3723! k im. fi J?-V N -gpg 295 'Q V' -' rw I -xv -, 'rx 3 fy A 35 9 I 4 M A f ff N 1. mmf? MILTON HIGH SEHUUL N EX K THE ECHGES l Published By The Senier Blass ofthe MILTUN HIGH SCHUUL Milton, Pennsylvania OI"elfUOI" THE FUTURE ---- This is the theme of this 1951 edition of the Eclfmesg but it also holds another meaning which seems very dim for us as young people of this twentieth century. We young folk are all striving for happiness and security in the future, and the most important part of our lives is pre- paring for this happiness in high school. Most of us have pre- pared ourselves fairly well and know what we want out of life and how best to achieve those things. But is what we are striv- ing for what we shall receive? Shall our dreams be shattered and torn apart by another World War? Shall we be able to marry and rear the coming generations, or shall we be Hghting through the dust and vapor of the Atomic Bomb to secure our happiness? THE FUTURE ----- a no sE Rs l 9 1 A all l 4 .4. ibeobcafion . . . We, the class of 1951, are very proud to dedicate our edition of the Echoes to Miss JULIA C. HAGENBUCH and Mn. IMIARRY E. SWANGER. They have ever displayed a cheerful attitude and a willingness to assist us whenever we needed them. Through their excellent guidance they have aided us in making the most of our high school days and of Hnally attaining our goal as seniors. .5. we jdaftky . . . Dn. A. G. W. SCIILECEL Superintendent of Milton Schools I IARRY E. SYVANCER Chemistry, Physics Vocational Science DCJRCJTIIX' E. BOYER Home Economics -IAMES O. TULE, IR. Vocational Education, Wood PHOEBE M. REINHART English, Journalism, Librarian ALBERT P. LYFORD Instrumental Music MRS. PRENTISS YV. QWENS Home Economics STANFORD L. KUNKLE High School Principal M. MARTHA BICKEL French, English PAUL C. CONFER U. S. History, Chorus Mas. I. HERBIAN SHADE Latin, English ELMER RUTH Vocational Education, Metal ELIZABETH E. HAWK Office Practice, Shorthand Typing ffENRY XM LONCENBERGER Entered Service September 30, 1950 342 j6LCl,l,Ag . . ROBERT L. IZER Physical Education, Basketball Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Counselor of Boys CHARLES T. LONTZ Biology MRS. W. AJIURRAY BUTLER Physical Education, Counselor of Girls JOSEPH E. IVIACALKA Vocational Education, Related Subjects HULIA C. HAGENBUCH Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Typing CHARLES A. SAVAGE Bookkeeping I, Business Law, Consumer Economics, Commercial Geography, U. S. Vocational History AIRS. E. COLLINS CUPP Secretary to the Principal MILES M. KOSTENBAUDER Director, Vocational Education HATTIE COLE FERTIG LoNTz English P. RICHARD FISHER Football Coach, Mathematics, J. V. Basketball Coach IOHN L. KOONS World History, Vocational History, Problems of Democracy EVAN C. WILLIAIXIS Vocational Education, Electricity JACOB AZAIN Entered Service with National Guards September 12, 1950 IVIARLIN HARTMAN Vocational Education, Auto Seniors 6X f xg NTRANCE- T0 THE FU TUR E Ei V575 3 5 ' P7-ggzdgnf Vice President ISAAC TRATE GLORIA BADGER Secretary Treasurer WILLIAM FORESMAN DONALD ULP 7 rediclenf A medaage . . . Realizing that we shall never again enjoy the life of high school students, we seniors turn our memories back to many happy events that will never be forgotten. We reminisce with a classmate about the experiences and fun at an assembly, a game, a dance, or in a classroom. The meeting or the smile of a classmate or teacher will linger long in our memories. We shall not remember the school as just any school, but as Milton I-ligh School, the place of a thousand memories. Although the happy days are gone, the happy days of adult life are yet to come. The future, an unknown space of time, can be foretold accurately by no one on earth, but the events of the present greatly help to determine it. The children of tomorrow, using freely the benefits of todays discoveries and inventions, will wonder how we enjoyed life without them, and we, as elders do today, will wonder if the children get as much enjoyment out of life as we did when we were children. All the inventions should help make us happy, but the lessons we have experienced through these years will greatly determine the amount of happiness and success the future holds in store both for us and for our children. I know we have learned the value of honesty and obedience, of good manners and social amenities. of tolerance and co-operation ---- values which will shape our future years. As we begin our careers, we look with appre- ciation at the lessons in "good old Milton High." I sincerely hope that those lessons will lead us through "the straight and narrow path" to the better things in life, to a life of happiness, of service, and of peace. CBLORIA R. BADGER "Gloria" Secretarial A bright eyed maiden with lots of pep: On the cheerleading squad she really is hep. Class Officer, Vice President 3-43 Echoes Staff 4: Girls' Chorus 2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Scribe 2. Secre- tary 3. Follies 3: Cheerleader 1-2- 3-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Treasurer 3, PYGSMCHC 42 Class Play. LORETTA M. BASTIAN "Win7fie" Home Economics WiHki9'S happy with that ring on her hand. If you want a friend, yo11'll find that she's grand. Echoes Staff 4: Follies 3: Jr. Drum Corps 1-2: Girls' Chorus 3: Girls' Basketball 2-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. lVlARY K. BECK "Becky" Secretarial In typing class she has the speed: As a waitress she takes the lead. Girls' Basketball 2: G. A. A. 1-2-3- 4, Follies 3. lVlARY E. BILLBIEYER "Mary Ellen" Secretarial What holds her interest at a foot- ball game Of course, it's left half back-- Dick is his name. Echoes Staff 4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3: Girls' Basketball 3-4. ROBERT B. BRITTAIN "Bob" Vocational Bob is an active hunter and scout. When he goes hunting, the bun- nies look out. Baseball Intramural 2. FLORENCE A. Coup "Flossie" Home Economics She works in the movies when the lights are dim. She goes with a guy by the name of Jim. Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-43 G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3. km .tha . . . 1951 VIOLET l. BAKER "Fwy" Home Economics Who has the personality, can't you guess? Violet, a newcomer to M. I-I. S. G. A. A. 4. ARLIE R. BATES "Arlie" Vocational Here's our good friend, Arlie Bates. Q At the ping pog table he realy rates. Basketball Intramural 3-4: Base- ball Intramural 3-4. LAWRENCE E. BERGER 'iLawrence" Vocational Tall and lanky is this lad. When he's with Nancy, he's surely Basketball Intramural 3-4: Baseball Intramural 2-3-4: Hi-Y 4. CHARLES A. BLYLER "Blyler" Vocational You will always see Charles in his beaten up car. Don't get ineit won't take you far! RAY C. BYERS "Miken Vocational Ray always has a lot to say. When it comes to basketball. he really can play. Football J. V. 1: Baseball 3-4: Bas- ketbal. Intramural 2-3. NANCY L. COUP "Blondie" General A very cute blonde and nice to know! She'll always be happy as long as there's Joe. Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3: Echoes Staif 4. SENIORS . . S'IliW'AR'l' Il. cilllll' "Stew" Vocational A orzmkstn-r ol' the tirst llcxzrve: Slow on his motorbike, you're sure to see. lloys' Chorus 2-3-4: Footlxall J. V. I-2: Ifootlrall Varsity 3-4: I51-lsketliall .l. V, 2: Iiasketliall Intramural 31 lla:-wliall Intramural 3. ll,xnoi,n ll. DEN'1'1Nc:ER "Harold" Vocational Harold is really one swell guy: Ile may look it hut. he's not very shy. lioys' Chorus 2-3: Basketball Intra- mural 3. Lois UI. DERR "Lois" Accounting and Merchandising The girl of our class who never seems sad. H1-r corny jokes 1-iren't really so had. l'I1'ho1-s Staff -1: Ilanrl 2-3-4: Ilatozi 'l'wirlc-r 2-3-4: Girls' llaskethall 1-2-3: G. A. A. 1-2-34, I"oi.ies 3: Noi-ial Uhairman 3. lhlARGllERITE ENTERLINE "Meg" Academic Excellent in her studies is Mar- zuerite, Shi-'ll get hy with her personality so sweet. School News 2-4: llanrl 1-4: Girls' l'a k'tlml li G. A. A. I-2-4: I'res, 4: Vice l'rt-4. 1-2. c'llAlll.ES Il. IZSIERBROOK "Fuzz" Scientiiic t'harli4-'s the om- who keeps the class in a roar: All of a sutlalvn. the teacher shows him the cloor. ltoys' Chorus Ti--lg Intramural Ilas- livthall 2-il. , Suuuux' .'X. I51Nc'K "Shirley" Secretarizil A secretary is what she hopes to Irv. Shirley will do well, just wait anrl QPU. Iicliosis Stall' ft: Girls' Iiasketllall fl--li tl. A. A. I-2-Il--I. Ifollil-s 32 Vhrislnms t':ir4l l'onimitin-e 4. JANE. I. CIROBIAN "Jane" Home Economics No one at all can out-talk Jane: VVhen it comes to sewing she uses her brain. Girls' Chorus 2-3: Girls' Basketball 2-3-4: G. A. A. 2-3-4, Follies 3. DRUSCILLA IXI. Demi "Drucie" General Has lots of pep and lots of vim. Drucie is one that's sure to win. Echoes Staff 4, Co-Editor 4: Girls' Chorus 4: Girls' Basketball 2-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3: Christ- mas Card Committee 3: Class Play. VVANDA DIEFFENDERFER . "Dief', Accounting and Merchandising Here is Wanda a quiet little lass. Did you just hear that lzimzle in the class? G. A. A. 1-2.a-4, Follies s. C. IEANNE EsHE1.MAN "Jeannie" General Jeanne, who used to move from town to town, Till she met Dartt and finally settled down. Echoes Stat? 4: G. A. A 3-4, Follies 3. HARNETT M. FAIRCHILD "Barney" Vocational Our Barnett is ext-eedinxrly mild: He leads a life not very wild. IoNA M. Fismin "Fish" Home Economics Iona is handy with easel and brush. When a fullow's arounml she cer- tainly won't blush. Girls' Ilasketball 1-2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. Follies 3. LEE O. FISHER "Spunky" Vocational Lee's deliprhts are girls and cars. When he's with a girl, his head's In the stars. Basketball Intramural 2-3-4: Base- ball 3-4. WILLIAM D. FORESIXIAN "Bill" Vocational Bill knows what he's doing in baseball season. He has many girl fans - that's probably the reason. Class Oflicer, Secretary 4: Echoes Staff 4: Basketbal J. V. 2: llasket- ball Varsity 3-4: Baseball Varsity 2-3-4: Class Play. Lou ANN HARRIS "Lou Ann" Home Ec. "I enjoy Sreltinxr letters from 11 certain pzuard. But making up my mind seems so very hard." Echres Staff 4: Jr. Drum Corps 2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follics 3. lVlARLIN C. HAUCK "MarleyU Vocational The Teen Canteen wouldn't be complete? Without Marlin and his dancinlr feet. Boys' Chorus 3: Baseball Intramural 2-8. GLADYS A. HEIMBACH 'Gladys' Accounting and Merchandising Gladys has such pretty black hair, A very sweet smile, and complex- ion so fair. G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3. IQAY l. HENDRICKS "Kay" Home Economics Small and mixzhty is our Kay Never unhappy but always gay. School News 1-4: Echoes Staff 4: Girls' Basketball 4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Class Play. . . . 1 9 5 1 ROBERT B. FISHER "Sonny" Vocational From West Milton comes our lad, Sonny. To him almost any joke is funny. Basketball Intramural 2-3-4: Base- ball Varsity 2. WINIFRED C. GIFT "Speed" Secretarial "Speed's" up on her work at R. 8: D.: She loves to get letters postmarked N. C. Girls' Chorus 1-2-3-4: Girls' Basket- ball 2-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3: Echoes Staff 4: Mixed Chorus 2-3-4. MARY RUTH HASSINGER "M ary Ruth" Secretarial Our horseback rider is Mary Ruth Hassinger: When she's driving a car, there's no one passing her. Class Secretary 2: Class Reporter 1: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Cass Play. HAROLD B. HAUPT "Monk" Vocational Monk is our drummer with hair dark and curly: His favorite pastime is being with Shirley. Section Leader 4: Football Manager 1: Basketball Manager 1. JUNE D. HEIAIBACH "Junie" Secretarial June's heart is with the Air Force. Does she like to skate? Of course! Echoes Statf 4: Girls' Basketball 1: gi A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3: Class lay. RALPH E. l-IENNINQER, "Ralph" Scientific Meet our boy Ralph, whose hobby is planes: When it's time to study, he takes great pains. School News 2-3: Echoes Staff 43 Basketball Intramural 2-4: Baseball Intramural 2-4. SENIORS . . . lJoNN,x UIEAN IIENRY "Donnie" General Always pri-Hy. neat and trim: Sha-'ll full of fun ritrhl. to the larim. Evllot-s Slali' 'lg Girls' liaskulliall 1- 4: Ki. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 32 Tri- Hi-Y 3--1: Floss Play. ,louN NV. I lEss "John" Vocational From New Columbia comes John lit-ss! That ht- prefers blondes is our IIKIPSS. VVAYNE W. I loEE MAN "Scooty" Vocational A smorth dancer is our buy "St'0ol.y"1 When playing basketball he does his duty. I-'ootlmll J. V. 1: Football Manasrer 3: Ilaskelhall J. V. 2: liaskellmll Varsity 3-4. j ANE1' K. llov "Janet" Secretarial A girl with a smile, is our Miss licy: To customers at R. Kr U. she h.'in gs great joy. Echoes Stull' 4: Girls' llasketlmll 2- 3-1, G. A. A. 1-2-3-1, Follies 31 l'h wr 4- .ill-2' 1: Vlass l' : J. SY Lvl A L. KEEPER "Sylvia" General Here is our Sylvia, so pert and so slick I What's on her mind? Of' course, it is Dick. School News 4: fi. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follit-s Ilp Girls' llzislieiha I l I Class Play. l.1l.l.1AN li. iilillS'l'l2I"l'Ell , "Lzl' Home Economics Lillian is lively with lots to say: Flu- ought to get far with ht-r 1111-:using way. l'lt'hoes Staff 4: Girls' llaskvthzxll 2-43 fi. A. A. Ll-Zi-l, Filllivi Il. JAMES hi. l IERALD "Jimi, Vocational Woman is truly man's destruction. Thatfs why Elaine gives the in- struetions. Echoes Staff 41 Boys' Chorus 3-4: Football J. V. 2: Football Varsity 3-4: Basketball Varsity 3--1: Basket- ball Intramural 11 Baseball Varsity 2-3-4: Hi-Y 4. iviARVlN R. l lorr MAN "Maron Scientific Marvin is quiet when girls are around: A nicer guy couldn'1. be found. Echoes Stall' 4: Basketball Intra- mural 2-3-4: liaseball Intramural 2. DONNA R. IIORROX "Red" Home Economics Donna comes from the east end Clan, You'll find she's an ardent sports' fan. Echoes Stall' 4 : Girls' Chorus 4 3 Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3: Cheerleader 1. ERLYN R. KEEPER "Keej" Scientific Erlyn is a l'hillie fnn. Il' you need advice, here's your man. Echoes Staff 4: Basketball Intra- mural 2-3-43 Baseball Intramural 2-3-4: Hi-Y fl: Key Clulu 4: Class Pl-Iv XVIILI.-XIXI E. KEISER "Pete" Vocational llill is King: Comedian of the Sen- ior Class 3 On that motorbike he really trav- els fast. Echoes Staff 4: Boys' Chorus 2-3-43 llaskeihall lntratn'ir:il 2-3-4: Hase- hall Intramural 2-3-4. DoNN.-x M. KLEES "Cupid" Home Economics Donna has pretty eyes of blue: She loves to skaie that's a fact, ioo. Echoes Stall' 4: Girls' Basketball 3-1: tl. A. A. 1-2-3--1, Follies 3. JOYCE H. KLINE "Joyce" Accounting and Merchandising She's rather quiet and acts refined. A smiling salesgirl is our Miss Kline. G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3. GOLDIE H. KRATZER "Goldie" General She is petite, talkative, and mighty. Just look for a Ford, there's Goldie and Whitey. School News 2-3-4: Echoes Staff 4: Band 1-2-3-4: Dance Band 3-4: Girls' Basketball 2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3: Class Play. ALDA H. LESHER "Shorty" Accounting and Merchandising Alda is usually seen with Bobby. Working at Nick's is her hobby. Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3. LUCILLE E. Lorm "Lucy" Secretarial This quiet student by the name of Lucille: Possesses a smile that has genuine appeal. School News 2-3-4: Band 2-3-4, First Chair 4: Echoes Staff 4: Girls' Bas- ketball 1-2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3. EIXIILY M. lVIATHIAS "Emily" Home Economics Need an usher with pretty dark hair? Go to the theater-Emily works there. G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Christmas Card Committee 4: Library Club 4. RICHARD B. lVIAUL "Dick" Accounting and Merchandising Studying shorthand is his object: But to be in the Navy is his proj- ect. . . . 1951 KENNETH L. KLINE "Ken" Vocational Ken Kline is tall and fair: He wows the girls with his blond curly hair. KENNETH B. KYLE "K K" Scientific Ken's a fellow we all admire: He's always in a splashy attire. Band First Chair 4, Section Leader 3: I-li-Y 3-4: Basketball Intramural 2-3-4: Basebal Intramural 2-3: Pru- jection Group 2-3-4: Key Club 4. B. IEANNE LEVAN "Cookie" General Jeanne is faithful to her boy friend Al : If the guards came home, it would boost her morale. Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-4: Echoes Staff 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: G. A. A. 1-2- 3-4, Follies 3: Class Play. RONALD L. MARTZ "Ronnie" Accounting and Merchandising YVith his personality he'll win the game. To own a store is Ronn1e's aim. Basketball Intramural 1-3: Basket- hall J. V. 1-2: Baseball Varsity 3: Baseball Intramural 2: Projection Group 2: Key Club 4. WILLIARI P. lVIATREY "Paul" Vocational This handsome young man loves to skate: For this pastime Paul's never late. Basketball Intramural 3-4: Football Varsity 3: Boys' Chorus 2-3-4. BEVERLY I. lVICCOLLIN "BCD" General Beverly with her cute little tricks, Has her eye on a guy named Dick. Band 2-3-4. First Chair 4: School News 4: Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3: Christ- mas Card Committee 4: C'ass Play. S E N I O R S . . CHARLES L. MECKLEY "Moses" Vocational Charlie used to be in the Jr. Drum Corps. He has the eyes which really score. Basketball Intramural 2-3-4: Base- ball Intramural 2-3-4. MARVIN NIESSINGER QSM n arv Vocational Marv comes from the country and has lots of wit. For 'most any job you'll find hc is fit. Basketball Intramural 2-35 Base- ball Intramural 2-3. VV1LL1AM R. lVl00RE "Bill" Scientific Does :all liill's schoolwork make him dizzy? Between izirls and cars he's sure'y kept busy. Class Officer, V. President 2-3: Echoes Staff 4: Hi-Y 3-4: Basket- ball Intramural 2-3-4: Baseball In- tramural 2-8-4: Boys' Chorus 2-3-45 Projection Group 2-3-4: Class Play. BETTY il. NEITZ "Janie" Home Economics Betty likes her job as usherette. ShL"s the sweetest kid we've ever met. Girls' Basketball 1-2-4: G. A. A. I-2-3-4, Follies 33 Library Club 4: Christmas Card Committee 4. Rxcrmnn W. NKJAKER "Dick" Vocational He seems rather quiet this lad, Dick. XVhen playin! center, l1e knows all the tricks. Football 1-2-3-4: Basketball J. V. 2: Basketball Intramural 3: Baseball Intramural 2-3-4. j. EUGENE PRICE "Price" Vocational He plays a sax and his name is Gene. He's seldom heard from but often seen. Band 1-2-3-4: Dance Band 3-4. Lois A. lVIECKLEY "Lois" General Lois sings with our dance hand. She sends letters all over the land. Band 1-2-3-4, Section Leader 8, Dance Band 2-3-4: Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-43 Echoes Staff 4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3: Class Play. BETrY I. METZGER UD' ,.u zse Home Economics Meet Betty, full of pep and fun. She keeps a Tiger pitcher on the run. G. A. A. 2-3, Follies 3: C'ass Play. DONNA R. MussER HD ' n onnze Secretarial Donna supports the Philly team. ln office practice she's on the beam. G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. Follies 3. JOSEPH F. NICKEY, IR. "Joe" Vocational Our football manager is a guy named Joe. ln any kind of work. he's fur from slow. Football Manager 3-4: Basketball J. V. 2: Basketball Intramural 3-4: Baseball Varsity 2-3-4: Projection Group 2-3-4. HARRY C. PHLEGER "Muscles" Scientific Harry is shy, quiet. yet funny. For him there's a future bright and sunny. Basketball Intramural 2-4: Baseball Intramural 2-3-4 5 Hi-Y 4: Projection Group 2. JAY H. RANCK "Pretty Boy" Vocational This husky tackle's name is Jay, Who with the girls surely has a way. Football J. V. 3: Football Varsity 4: Basketball Intramural 2-3, Baseball Intramural 2-3. L.EA'I'RICE L. REEDER "Letty" Secretarial A blonde majorette is Letty Lou Reeder. When Jim is around, she couIdn't be sweeter. Class Secretary-Treasllrer 3: Echoes Staff 4: Band First Chair 4, Section Leader 4. Baton Twirler 1-2-3-'lg Girls' Basketball 4: G. A. A. I-2-3-4, Follies 3: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Class Play. IJAVID L. REITMEYER "Lefty" Vocational From the auditorium comes a little toot 3 We know it's Dave playing: his Flute. Band. First Chair 1-2-3-4: Boys' Chorus 3-4: Basketball J. V. 2: Basketball Intramural 3-4: Baseball Intramural 2-3-4: Projection Group 2-3-4: Class Play. l'lARRY C. SCHELL, III "Harry" General With a wave in his hair and that gleam in his eye, Friendship with Harry is worth a try. Class President 33 Echoes Staff 3-4, Co-Editor 4: Basketball Intramural 2-3-4: Basketball Manager 3: Base- ball Intramural 2-4: Hi-Y 3-4: V. Pres. 4: Assembly Committee 3-4: Committee President 4: Class Play: Key Club 4: President 4. IXITA D. SIIELLENBERGER "Jerry" Accounting and Merchandising She's sometimes quiet and some- times merry: We know that Rita's fond of Jerry. G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3. ZONA G. SHOWERS nz n ona Accounting and Merchandising A loyal rooter for Bloomsburg State: She looks forward to that week- end date. Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-4: G. A. A. l-2-3-4, V. Pres. 3, Follies 3: Girls' Chorus 4: Band 1-2-3: Christmas Card Committee 4. BEVERLY A. SNYDER "Bev" Secretarial The Air Corps is what Bev would choose. She's usually busy---keeping up on the news. School News 4: Echoes Staff 43 G. A. A. 2-3-4, Follies 3: Christmas Card Committee 4. 1951 C. EUGENE REEDY "Gene,' Scientiic Gene, from VV1-st Milton, has mzithematical k nowie-due 2 Likes hunting and fishinxz and plans upon collexze. Intramural Basketball 3-4: Baseball Varsity 3-4: Intramural Baseball 2. GAYLE L. RUSSELL "Gail" Home Economics Here's a irirl who likes to swim. She also likes a class called Gym. Girls' Basketball 1-2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3: Tri-I'Ii-Y 4, Secre- tary 4. LLEWELLYN L. SEIBERT "Louie" Vocational Louie likes baseball, Zane Grey and electrical shop: He'll follow electricity in his trade reach the top. Baseball Intramural 2-3-4: Basket- ball Intramural 3-4. SHIRLEY lll. SHIPLEY "Shirley" Secretarial A sweet little girl with a pleasant smile I For one of them we'd walk a mile. Girls' Basketball 1: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3. LEE l. SINIITH "Lee Jay" Vocational Did you know that in the chorus Lee .lay sinirs bass: And when it comes to smiles he'll lead the race. Boys' Chorus 2-3-4: Basketball In- tramural 2-3-4: Baseball Intramural 1-2. ClENE R. SNYDER "Gene" Scientific He says he "can't make conversa- tion at all." But we still like him- he's cute and tall. School News 3-4: Echoes Staff 4: Band 1-2-3-4: Basketball Intramural 2-3 41 Hi-Y 3-4: Treasurer 4: Pro- Jection Group 2-3-43 Key Club lg Class Play. SENIORS . . Cvnus Il, SNYIJER "Cy" Vocational 'l'aIl mul active is this guy Cy, Around the uirls hc's never shy. I'ic'hm's Stall' fl: Football J. V. I-23 Football Varsity 3-4: Basketball J. V, 1-2, Iiaskvthall Varsity It-4: Itasc- Ixrill Intramural Z-4: Class l'lay. liuczsmz ll. SPECK "Gene" Vocational Now hern-'s a fun luvinu fellow unfl hm-'s really a swt-.I tikv: What just wont whizzimz by Gump on his hike. Ilaskvthall Intramural 3-4: IC:-seball Intramural 2-3-4. llonmsv S. STEESE "Rod" Vocational When at football no r:-ally shines, Iiut with the ifirls hes never he- hinrl. Football J. V. 2: Football Varsity 3-4: Basketball J. V. 2: Basketball Intramural 3. lJUll0'l'IlY IQ. STEVENSON "Dotty" Home Economics IJorothy's a drummer in the Drum Corp. When shi-'s arounrl thinszs aren't Corps. I'Ichr4-s StafI 4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies Il: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Drum Corps 2-3-4. POLLY Srumv "PoZlg,"' Home Economics Shv's always fun and full of lrlee: A number mu- pal she-'ll always hu. Iflvhm-s Staff 4: fi. A. A. I-2-3-4. Ifnlllvs 3. K,x'1'iim'N 'limivua "Kale" Secretarial Kate- with he-r long hlonrh- hair, Has a personality of whirh every- Onn- shares. School News 4: I'iChous Staff 43 G. A, A, 2-3-4, Follies 3: Christmas Car-ll Fommittvi- 1. O. BERNARD SOLOMON "Beans" Vocational Popularity and personality plus: Hc'll always be On top with us. Basketball Intramural 2-3-4: Hase- hall Intramural 2-3-4: Basketball .I. V. 22 Ifnotball J. V. 1. Isixnaliix lxIAY SPRINCER "Isie" Scientific A hard working student is Isn- hf.-lle's way, For she wants tO be a nurse some day. Girls' Basketball 1-3: G. A. A. 1-2- 3-4. Follies 3: Christmas Card Com- mittee 4. KATHRYN A. STERNER "Kathy" Secretarial A prize bookkeeping: stumle-nt is our szal Kate: On the basketball court she really rules. Girls' Basketball 3-4: G. A. A. 3-1. Foilies 3: Echoes Staff -l. F. DAI.E STRASSNER "Dale" Vocational Dale is a whiz in all his classes, And you never see him makimz eyes at our zasses. Projection Group 2. lXIARlAN hi. SYPIIER "Sleepy" Secretarial Marian docsn't ha'-'Q a worry in the world C 'Cause her long tresses are always eurled. School News 2-3-4: hand 1-2-3-'11 First Chair 3: Girls' Ihslwtball 1-2- 3-43 G. A. A. I-2-3-4. Follies 32 Christmas Card Committee 4. ISAAC FIHRATE "Ike" Scientific Ike is president of the senior class: Hs-'s not his eye on a certain lass, Class Officer, President 4: Echoes Stafl' 4: Assembly Committee 3-4: Treasurer 4 1 I'rOjvn't.ion Group 2-3-4 1 Christmas Card Committee 4: Class I'l:l.y. CHARLES E. TREIBLEY "Big Ed" Vocational On diamond. on gridiron, Ed carries a charm: The aim of his life-a wife and a farm. Football J. V. 1-2-3: Football Var- sity 4: Basketball Intramural 2-35 Baseball Intramural 2-3-4. HELEN L. TrsoN "Lou" Secretarial If you know Helen you're in for a treat, 'Cause she's a girl that's very sweet. G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3. JOHN L. VVALDRON "John" Scientiiic John is a very nice guy to know: Success is his wherever he may zo. Echoes Staff 45 Basketball Intra- mural 2-3-4: Baseball Intramural 4: Hi-Y 45 Key Club 4. LORETTA N. WALTER "Peanut" Secretarial Always srnilina is this little lass. She's really an asset to any class. Echoes Staff 45 Band 2-3-41 First Chair 3: Girls' Basketball 1-2-3--1: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3. LEWIS E. WILLIAMS "Lewie" Scientific Oh! Lou likes football, that's for Sllrei But bright red hair, that's his lure. Class Oiiicer, President 2: Football J. V. 1, Footbal Varsity 2-3-45 Basketball Manager 2-3: Basketball Intramural 2-3-4: Yaseball Intra- mural 2-3-4: Hi-Y 2-3-4: Presiaent 4: Projection Group 2-3-4: Key Clue: 4: Class Play. JAIXIES B. WISE "Jim" Vocational Our star fullback has lots of will: You'll always find Jim on " house hill." Boys' Chorus 2-3: Football Varsity 1-2-3-4: Basketball J. V. 1-2: Bas- ketball Varsity 3-4: Baseball Varsity 1-2-3: Hi-Y 25 Class Play. . . . 1951 lxiARION B. TREON "Mimi" Scientific Marion has only eyes for one, A fellow from Norry named Nelson. Echoes Staff 4: Band 2-3-4 I G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. Follies 3: Christmas Card Committee 45 Girls' liaske.baIl l- 2-3 4 DONALD M. LlLP "Duck" Vocational Don is pleasant. witty. and wise With a twinkle in his eYeS- Class Officer, Treasurer 4: Echoes Staff 4: Dance Band 4 5 Boys' Chorus 2-3-4: Basketball Intramural 2-3-4: Baseball Intramural 2-3-4: Hi-Y 45 Key Club 4: Class Play. VIRGINIA V. WALI.s "Ginny" Accounting and Merchandising From Ginny you never hear a word, But one of her smiles is more preferred. G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3. MARJ ORIE VVALTER "Margie" Academic Margie has very pretty red hair, To see her not smiling would be rare. Class Officer President 2: Band 1-2- 3-4, First Chair 4, Section Leader 4: Girls' Chorus 4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4 5 Publicity Ofhcer 2: Tri-Hi-Y 42 Assembly Committee 3-4, Secretary 45 Class Piay, Student Directox. RICHARD A. NVILSQN "Dick" Scientific And Dick can really play the clarinet, With photography he's a sure bet. Ban'i 1-2-3-4, First Chair 4, Section Leader 4 5 Basketball Manager 2-3-4 5 Basketball Intramural 2-4: Baseball Manager 2: Hi-Y 45 Assembly Com- mittee 4: Prnjection Group 2-3-4: Key Club 4: Class Play. RICHARD M. VVISE "Dick" Accounting and Merchandising Black, curly hair and a snappy look: All that Dick knows wasn't found in a book. Football J. V. 1: Basketball J. V. 2: Basketball Intramural 2-3-4: Ilas- ketball Varsity 3-4: Baseball Intra- mural 2. SENIORS . . . lXiA1u' lHosE YAGEL "Rosie" Home Economics Mary Rose is gzayffbut shy. She makes xx hit with a certain pzuy. School News 1: Girls' liusketbull 12 G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Follies 3. lDARLAS Yosr "Dusty" Secretarial Dnrlus has a personality of which she can boast. Now we can call her Mrs. Yost. G. A. A. l-2-3-4, Follies 3: Girls' Basketball 1. Seniors whose pictures do not appear in this book: iX'lARCAllET BENNETT EDXVARD WILLIANIS .20. DAv1D A. YOCUM "A.7J7Z81',' Scientific Dave drives a truck for his dad. You'll never find him lO0lClIll-'I sad. Basketball Intramural 2-3-4:.Base- bull lntramural 2-3-43 Prmection Group 2-3-4: Christmas Card Com- mittee 4: Key Club. ROBERT I. ZELLERS "Bob" Vocational "The majority of the men are perfect, Take me for example." Baseball Intramural 4. n mcognifion fo Our Kaya in fke .Szeruice To all the boys who are away protecting our freedom and liberty, we, the class of 1951, dedicate this part of our annual. We are sure they are doing their part to insure us future happiness, so let us do our part by remembering them in our prayers. We appreciate the fine job they are doing, and as defenders of peace, we shall never forget them. DAVID BAKER RICHARD DOT TS EARL FIDLER JOE MORGAN ROBERT SHARP EUGENE SNYDER LEE YOST .21. I. II. III. The 66 79 farm ang emoried Tune: "Always" Three short years we've spent, Happy and content In Milton High: Learned life's Golden Rule, While we've been in school In Milton High. Our school days soon will have passed, But our fond mem'ries will last. Games are lost and won, Studies now are done ln Milton High: Party times are o'er, Lessons by the score, In Milton High. Each one of us will look back, And our memories will n'er slack. Learning each day more Than the day before In Milton High: Teachers, kind and stern, Made us work and learn In Milton High. We love the Orange and Black: Loyalty we'll never lack. CHORUS Days that we have spent, make mem'ries: Friends that we have met, make mem'ries. All the things we've done, Shared by everyone-- Work and friends and fun, make mem'ries, mem'ries. We will always love our High School: times that we've enjoyed in High School- Parties we have had, Marks-some good, some bad- Days both glad and sad Make mem'ries. 34 41 ag ll llll nl 2 range and Altho Williamsport has favored The Cherry and the White, And the loyal boys of Danville For the Orange and Purple fight, Still we hold our colors' splendor Nor honor shall they lack: Wh'le the athletes stand defenders Of the Orange and the Black. Thru the three long years of High School Midst the scenes we know so well: There's a mystic charm to knowledge We vainly seek to spell: Or we win athletic victories On the football field or track: Still we work for Milton High School And the Orange and the Black. When our high school days are over, And life looms up before: i WVe recall those days of gladness That come again no more. Still we banish care and sadness, As we turn our memories back, And recall those days of gladness 'Neath thc Orange and the Black. CL First Row, Left to RightfCy Snyder, Harry Schell, Jim Wise, Dave Reitmeyer, Bill Moore, Gene Sny- der, Lewis Williams, Erlyn Keefer. Second Row, Left to Right-Gloria Badger. Kay Hendricks, Drucie Derr, Beverly McCollin, Janet Hoy, Betty Metzger. Mary Ruth Hassinger, Jeanne LeVan, Donna Henry. Third Row, Left to Rightf Mrs. Luntz, directorg Lois Meckley, Bill Foresman, June Heimbach, Sylvia Keefer, Lctty Lou Reeder, Goldie Kratzer, and Margie Walter, student director. SE IUH IILABS PLAY "Too many ilatesv BY MARRIJANE AND JOSEPH HAYES Directed by Mas. CHARLES T. LoNTz AND MARJORIE WALTER Louanne Miller ...... Paul Chase ..,... Mrs. Adelaide Miller Mr. Harry Miller ...... Betsy Miller ........ Eleanor Coleman Floyd Page, Jr. .. Alice Williams ...... Irvin Worthington . . . Carolyn Smith .. Howard Bowen ...... Miss Esther Jones . . . Max Davis ...... Norman Kelch . . . Mrs. Hayes .... Mr. Hayes First Girl Scout ..... Second Girl Scout Third Girl Scout .... Boy Scout ....... Harriet ......... Andy .... Ruth , . . Carl . . . Marion .. Tom . . . CAST Time: Autumn . . . . Druscilla Derr . . . . Isaac Trate . .. June Heimbach . .. Richard Wilson Gloria Badger Lois Meckley . . , Harry Schell Letty Reeder . . . Lewis Williams . . .... Janet Hoy ....... Gene Snyder Mary Ruth Hassinger James Wise . . . Erlyn Keefer . . Sylvia Keefer . . . Cyrus Snyder . . Kay Hendricks . Jeanne LeVan . Donna Jean Henry . . David Reitmeyer . . . Beverly McCo1lin . . . . Donald Ulp Goldie Kratzer . . William Foresman . . . . Betty Metzger William Moore Place: The Miller home in the residential section of a middle-sized city. .23. mu Shuxve-rx lmlulw krzulm-1 4 U1'usr'ill:l llvrr T I Inu' lmu lin-1-414-1' William Munn- 19. Kay Ih-miriclw . Julmn-4 VVisn- 10. Ilulxnn .le-:nn Ha-mx Luis Dorn' Glurizx llmlirvr 54 Echoes Staff EDITORIAL STAFF Faculty Adviser - ----- Miss M. Martha Bickel Co-editors-in-Chief ----- Druscilla Derr and Harry Schell Classes of Organizations-Donna M. Klees, Jeanne LeVan, Gloria Badger, Mary Ellen Billmeyer, Lucille Lohr, Kathryn Sternar. Sports ---- ---- B ill Foresman, Cyrus Snyder Senior Writeups-Loretta Bastian, Janet Hoy, June Heimbach, Letty Lou Reeder, Lois Derr, Donna J. Henry, Kay Hendricks, Harry Phleger, Marvin Hoifman. Arts and Photography-Gene Snyder, Iona Fisher, Loretta Walter, Kathryn Sterner, Dick Wilson. Typists-Joyce Kline, Winifred Gift, Darlas Yost, Mary Ruth Hassinger, Lois Meck- ley, Gloria Badger, Lucille Lohr. Class Songs ------ Jeanne Eshelman, Lois Meckley BUSINESS STAFF Faculty Adviser - ---- - Mr. Harry Swanger Business Managers -------- Gene Snyder, Ken Kyle Advertising Committee-Erlyn Keefer, Bill Keiser, Iona Fisher, Mary Beck, Donna Horrox, Jim Herald, Gayle Russell, Mary R. Yagel, Darlas Yost, Winifred Gift, Charles Esterbrook, John Waldron, Bill Moore, Don Ulp. Sales Committee-Nancy Coup, Betty J. Neitz, Jane Croman, Emily Mathias, Ralph Henninger, Committee Chairman. Christmas Card Committee-Isaac Trate, Isabella Springer, Kathryn Temple, Bev- erly Snyder, Beverly McCollin, Shirley Finck, Marion Treon, Marian Sypher, Zona Showers, Dave Yocum. Name Card Committee-Erlyn Keefer, Beverly McCollin, Mary R. Yagel, Marion Treon. We, the Editorial Staff and Business Staff, with the able leadership of Miss Martha Biclicl and hir. Harry Swangcr, have tried to give you a hircl's-eye View of our high school life during the three years at hlilton High. ln the future, we hope that this yearhoolt will he able to luring hack to you fond memories of your school days. .25. Junior lilass OFFICERS Presitient - - VVii,L1AM SuovuEns Vice Presirieizt - - lixxiris Siforis Secretary Y - -lOAN Kin E11 Trenszirer f - Cii.xnLoTiE iXwlAYES 'X'x'e, the class ol '52, have completed ti successful year under the sivlendicl guide zinec of Mrs. Prcntiss VV. Uwens and ixlr. Ruth. XVC are proud of our hoys who have participated in the many sports activities ol' Milton High School. ol XVe are eagerly looking forward to our next year of fun, responsibility, and honor heing ucligniliecl seniors." .27. Sophomore Class CJPFICERS l'n'xii1w1t - 'l'uoxi,-xs llo1,LENBAcll Vice Prcsiilwil - f Rlclimm STRINE Sccrutrirnm' M.-mx' Lou AIILTON 'liciisiirvr - - RooEnT Umm XVC, the class of 1953, lmving rcuchcd thc cmd of il highly SLlCCCSSi'Lll voor ol s hool studios iiml UNIl'2l'L'llITiL'lllilf activities under thc tzictliul guiclzmcc of our foci ich iscr, Hrs. Ruth Simdc. wish to thunk cx'crx'onc who helped to IIMILC our hrst N in Milton I Iiglm 'School such ii mcmornhlc one. VVL' orc L'2lgL'I'ly looking i'Ul'XY2ll'd to xt tuo yours in rho Hilton lligh School. . 28 . 1' ,Q ' XZ, f 1 X Q .2 E Slim dv X0 Q' 2 N H- I 'Ugg 5 E' First Row, Left to Right-Betty Pfleeizor, Mary Callenberger, Kay Hendricks, Mary Lou Dye, Polly Coup, Gloria Badger. Second Row ---' Left to Right--Dorothy Stevenson, Gayle Russell, Letty Lou Reeder, Donna Jean Henry, Mary Ruth Hassinger, Marjorie Walter. Charlotte Mayes. Third Row, Left to Right--Polly Wagner, Rose Ann Bottizer, Joan Kieser, Charlotte Rurnmaze, Priscilla Moore, Harriet. Heffner, Rebecca Kitchen. Tri-Hi-Y President - - C1LORIA BADGER Vice President - - CHARLOTTE RUMMAGE Secretary - - GAYLE RUSSELL Treasurer - - JOAN KIESER The Tri-Hi-Y social activities this year consisted of foocl sales, hayride, parties, the Christmas Program, and our annual camping party at the close of the year. The most important activity was the formal Christmas Dance, which is our big event each vear. We would like to thank Miss Boyer and Miss Dotts for the help and assistance they have given us in living up to the purpose of the Tri-Hi-Y Club. .30. First Row, Left to Right--Donald Byerly, Robert Derr, Jim Spotts, Harold Williams, Erlyn Keefer, John Waldron, Jim Bender, Dick Powell, Tom Dotts, Mr. Swanyrer. Second Row, Left to Right- 'Phil Bower, Leon Acor, Lewis Williams, Bill Moore, Ed Williams, Kenneth Kyle, Richard Wilson, Harry Schell. Third .R0w, Left to Rightffliob Callenlierger, Lin Davis, Tom Hullenbach, Jim Seidel, Joel Foltz Michael Vignola, Dave House, Dick Gramley tnot shownj. Fourth Row, Left to Right-Don Ulp. Jim Herald, Dick Moore, Dale Cochran, Frank Pursell, Harry Phleger, Lawrence Berger, Gene Snyder. Hi-Y President - - LEWIS WILLIAMS Vice President - - HARRY SCI-IELL Secretary - - THOMAS Dorrs Treasurer - - GENE SNYDER This year the Hi-Y has carried out a very successful program. There were thirty- scven members in the club, of whom twentv-ei0ht were new members. 4 D Our social activities began with a hayrideg and in December we had a very good attendance at the Older Boys' Conference, which was held at Wilkes-Barre. We would like to thank our advisers, Mr. Pesto and Mr. Swanger, for their splendid service to us and our club. .31. First ltnw, Imft tu liiuht Lois Derr, Mary Lnu Dye, Cliarlnlte Mayes. Carol R4-idle. S1-:mul ltmv, l,1-ft to Right Ulm-in lfzulgt-r, Mairgzuoritt- l'Intei'line, l'riseillu Moore. Nancy Limlner l'rt'siile11t Vice Presiiieizt Seeretzirj' Treriszrrer Social Clmirumiz Business illmmgcr Scribe - Pzrlzlicity llitiers M ,xiu:uEm'i'E ENTERLINE Piuscirrix Momma M.-tm' Lou lDYE Gromit BADGER CiHARl.0TTE lXlAYES LOIS Dum CAROL REIDLE NANCX' LINDNER il his year. tlie Girls' Athletic Association luicl ll successful year. Our membership was as close to lOOfI as it luis ever been and our activities were well attended. Our activities lvegzm with tlme lloldo Party, zmcl inclutlecl tlle 22ml annual C htlst mas Dance, at Wlintcr Picnic, tmcl il number of dances, higlilightetl by the May llmct l XVitn tlie help of our adviser, Mrs. Murray Butler, it was one of the best xears time C. A. A. lms lmtl. First Row, Left to Right Marjorie Walter, Beverly McCollin, Kathryn Temple, Sylvia Keefer, Norma Bennett, Dotty Strine, Miss Reinhart. Second Row, Left to Right'--Kay Hendricks, Marion Treon, Margaret Bennett, Beverly Snyder, Rose Ann Bottiger, Nancy Ashby, Virginia Derr, Sandra Robinson, Goldie Kratzer. Third Row, Left to Right' Lois Derr, Marian Sypher, Barbara Chappel, Marlene Hendershot, Jackie llatdorf, Donna Wesner, Charlotte Rummage, Elaine Adams. Fourth Row, Left to Right --Tom Dotts, Gene Snyder, Ra'ph Henninger, Priscilla Moore, Harriet Helfner. Lucille Lohr. Milton School EWS The Milton High School News has completed its twenty-sixth year of publication and is now under the direction of Miss lflawk and Miss Rcinliart. VVC of Milton l ligli School would like to thank the stail' and the advisers for their excellent guidance. STAFF Miss Phoebe M. Reinhart, Miss Elizabeth E. Hawk - - - Faculty Advisers Miss Catherine B. Balliet, Miss Sarah E. Frymire, Miss Betty M. Fry, Miss Margaret C. Fairchild ------- Junior High School Advisers Margaret Bennett, '51, Lois Derr, '51, Kay Hendricks, '51, Sylvia Keefer, '51, Bev- erly McCollin, '51, Beverly Snyder, '51, Kathryn Temple, '51, Marian Treon, '51, Marjorie Walter, '51. Gene Snyder, '51, Thomas Dotts, '52 - - - Circulation Department ADVERTISING STAFF Marguerite Enterline, '51, Goldie Kratzer, '51, Ralph Henninger, '51, Marian Sypher, '51, Lucille Lohr, '51, Jacqueline Batdorf, '52, Donna Wesner, '52, Nancy Ashby, '52, Rose Ann Bottiger, '52, Gertrude Derr, '52, Norma Bennett, '52, Harriet Heffner, '52, Elaine Adams, '52, Charlotte Ruinmage, '52: Priscilla Moore, '52, Dorothy Strine, '53, Virginia Derr, '53, Sandra Robinson, '53, Barbara Chappel, '53, Marlene Hendershot, '53, Joyce Baker, '53. .33. first Row liivliarvl Gramlcy, Goldie' Kratzvr. Marian Tanner, Klum' I'1'ii'0. Dall' lVlummm-y, Ilan Fry. l'hil Iimva-r, Mary Stahl. N4-vnml Row Mamxii- Waltvr, Charlotte Rumniaxzv. Don lily, Rulwrt Callunlwrm-r, Juno Martin. Luis Mn-vklr-y. l'hir-el Rim Paint-Ia King, Lyman Milrny. Dalv l'n-tr-rsun, .Im-I Foltz. Kay limlman. Marian 'l'i1-un. XVQ arc pmucl ol' rho cluncc lmnnl .mal thc progress it has inunlc umlcr tlic clircctimm ul Mr. ,Xlln-tl ll. l.x'l'rml. XVC tliinlx it is wcll on the roacl to sllcccss aml wc lmcnx' that will or mimic to luring plcasurc to thc stuclcnt hotly in thc future. B ' E h lfirsl Row. lmft to Right Don Millvr. Marvin Mc-ssimrvr. L1-o Smith, Alson Krcamvr, linlv l':illulilu'r1:1'i', liinlvrsun llvan, .lim Spntts, Paul Cianviula, 91-1-mul Raw, I.:-ft lu Right Tum Dim-hl, Davu Rvitme-yur, Hd liaylur, Charlvs Snydvr, 'Yum Dotts. Gt-nv l'riz-s-, Jim Svicla- . l l'liir4l Row, In-ft lu Right Myron Paulimz, William lllllllhllllill, Clark Woodson, Frank l'ui's0ll, Tom Ilollm-nl1:u'li, llill Mnmrv, Jim Hvralll, llanivl Fry. "mirth Row, In-ft to Right Paul Malrvy, Marlin Hauck. Ilarnlil lh-ntingur, Donalll Ulp, VVilliam Ka-iss-r Vharlt-s lflstvrlnwmk, .lm-l Foltz, . 34 . FLUTE ' S S OBOE T Marjorie Walter David Reitmeyer Charlotte Rummage Mary Callenberger Dorothy Walter Sandra Chapin Mary Showers BASSOON Theresa Necci E-FLAT CLARINET S Loretta Walter B-FLAT CLARINET 't S Richard Wilson S 1 S S x S 'TS S Janet Steeley Gwendolyn Crossley Marion Sypher Daniel Fry Lucille Lohr Beverly McCollin Joan Sekscienski Ethel Bower Joan Johnson Barbara Bennage Nancy Lindner Lois Meckley Lois Derr Goldie Kratzer Ted Klinyz Janet Murdock Joan Stamm Iioneta Derr Donald Byerly Joan Noll Jane Noll Milton High School Hood ALTO CLARINET ' Merilyn Hoffman S Marguerite Enterline BASS CLARINET Mary Stahl Betty DeLong ALTO SAXOPI-IONE il' T S Letty Reeder Dale Mummey Dorothy Reinhard Sandra Robinson Audrey Hartzel TENOR SAXOPHONE Philip Bower Marion Tanner Dorothy Strine BARITONE SAXCPHONE S Eugene Price ICRNET ond TRUMPET " Lyman Milroy James Bender S Marion Treon Joel Foltz Charlotte Mayes Richard Hoffman Dale Peterson Kay Budman Nancy Finck Robert Bowman FRENCH HORN S Kenneth Kyle S Gene Snyder Thomas Dutts ' Betty Pfleegor .35. BARITONE Edwin Wands James Ohl TROMBON E June Martin 'V Robert Callenberpzer STRIN TUBA rx Richard Mathias Peggy Fenstermacher Robert Phillips Harold Bower G BASS Pamela King Thomas Diehl Cynthia Stump Charles Duchman Joseph Frederick Terry Zimmerman PERCUSSION ' S "f--De Richard Gramley Haro'd Haupt William VValters Georxze Ferlazzo John Seidel Earl Gardner notes Section Leader T-- -Denotes Twirler Se-Denotes Senior First Row, Left to Right Jean Flaniuan, Yvonne Foulkrod, June Clinton, Gloria Badger, Polly Coup, Nancy Ashby, Doris Mathias. Druscil.a Derr, Marjorie Walter, Donna Dewald, VVinifred Gift, Car- lene Fox, Marlene Henslershoi, Jane Croman. Rose Ann llottiyzer, Lois Emzlar, Donna Horrox, Pianist Jo Pannabaker. Sreond Row, Left to Right f-Pauline Criswell, Shirley Starks, Marrzaret Reichelderfer, Alice Williams, Priscilla Moore. Lorene Hoover, Dixie Neyhart, Jacqueline Desmond, Joanne Wilver, Caroline Sny- der, Donna Orren, Zona Showers, Elaine Adams, Pemzy Yocum. The Girls' Chorus The Cirls' Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Paul C. Confer, has had a very successful year. The Chorus is composed of thirty-five members, who have sung many times for our chapel services on Tuesday mornings. Their music has added much to our regular chapels and to special programs. XVe hope, in coming years. the Cirls' Chorus will continue its good work in hringing most enjoyahle music to us. liirsr Soprmzo Cloria liadger Nancy Ciant Pauline Crisswell ioxce lleeder Margaret Reichcldcriier Yvonne lioullarod Pauline Coup lcorie Schlegel lloris Mathias .leanne lilanigan ,lunc Clinton Nanci' Maul Yirginia lfVert Seeomi Soprano Druscilla Derr Lorene lloover ioann: XVih'er Donna Delliaid Priscilla Moore 'Carlcne lox 'il'inii'red Ciiit Uixie Lee Nevhart ,Xlicc lliiiliams iacclueline Desmond F. larlene l lcndershot Alto ,lane Croman lllaine Adams Caroline Snyder Donna llorrox Rose Ann Bottiger Lois Englar Zona Showers Donna Orren Shirley Starks Peggy Yocum flcconzpanisi - - Io Pannehaker .36. 9. Top Row Dick Wilson, Isaac Trate. Harold WvllllHh1S, Harry Schell. lfottom Row Barbara Fletcher, Marslie VValter. Assembly Committee The tlsscniblv Committee, under thc supervision of lX'lr. 'loseph hlacallia. has planned the assemblies and chapel programs for the current vear. They have tried to please the students and faculty by carefully selecting the assemblies to be presented. 'llhosc members who have taken charge of the Bible readings have been guided by Mrs. llerman Shade. The committee is headed bv these persons: president, llarrv Schell, secretary, Marjorie Wlalterg treasurer, Isaac Trate. First Row, Left to Right Dick Moore, Thornas Hollenbiieh, Earl Showers, Jerry liotish, Dave Yoenm tnot shoxvnl. Second Row, Left to Right Dongzltl llyerly, Toni Uotts. Russel Lins, lien Griffin. Tliirrl Row, Left to Right Lin Uaxis, 'l' rm Hill, liennetl. Kyle, Gene Snyder, Richard Wi :on The Projection llreup 'llie boys of the Projection Group, under the supervision of Mr. Kunltle. have done an excellent job in showing movies and setting up the stage for assemblies. lhcv ltavc also shown pictures to the service clubs of blilton and various other organizations. .37. Q Q if Edwin Treibley James Wise Rodney Steese ea Y? . 4 Cyrus Snyder Lewis Williams James Herald 0 Quan Jay Ranck Stewart CouD Richard Noaker . 38 . 411' A-rl' Q 5- .1 'G cifi- 4 . gf 4 :ll V N 1 ZX .YK . vu xr. 9. V-A px MR. FISI IER Coach MR. IZER Assistant Coach lxlilton -- -1 l,cwislJu1'g - - - Milton -- SCllllSgf0YC -- N Milton ........ Northumberland Kliltrm -- --l l3l0OlTlSbLl!'g --l PUK t Row, Left to Right--Harry Hill, Mgr.: Lloyd Snyder, Raymond Croman Dick lludman Paul Ciunciol Jim H r ld Jim Wise Di k Winter.'Bill Hess, Ste-w,Coup, Gene Muiilrani, Dfcl? bfoaker, Don.Rovx?e. Leon Acor, Mike Vignula, Mgr, lilliillillfl l 'I k5 illW TV l 0 l 0 l 7 l'ifli7l ii fl 14 liiiiiiiiil I O 0 I 0 1 i ol il 7 7 1 0 1 6 1 13 l 1 l 0 1 7 26 1 7 1 7 14 .40. lLL S d R0wACoach Fisher, Joe Nickey, Mgr.: John Keiser, Jay Ranck, ewis Williams, Bill Showers, Dick Fry, Davey House, Ed Treibley, Cy ' ' D' lt M J h G 'lzl ' Dick Strine, Lin D Mg t C h I A C h L E g yder, Dick Morrison. lc' unson, o n el em. vis, r.: Ass . zerg sst oa on enber MR. LONGENBERGER Assistant C oaclz MR. VALUNAS Assistant Coach Milton -- .... O I O 7 I 7 Lock Haven .... O I 6 O I 6 Milton .... I 0 I o 6 I 6 7 Sunbury - ...u I O I 6 0 12 lvllltotl -- .... I 14 I 0 0 I 14 Danville ....... O I 7 O I 7 lVlilton ........ I 7 I 0 0 I 13 S. Williamsport --I 0 I 0 6 I 6 .41. VARSITY MR. IZER c:0l1Cl1 Milton --- Shumoliin - lVlilton - 'I ersey Shore ..... - Milton .......... - Mt. Carmel Twp. .... --- Milton .......... - So. Williamsport Milton ........ - Northumberland Milton ........ - Bloomsburg -- Milton .... Selinsgrove --- Milton .... Sunbury -- Milton --- Trevorton -- , .tj 5 1 3 4 LJ ,K-' Fi,-St Row, Lfft to Rifrht trzifharri isudman, Jim Herald, Bill For-esman, cy,-Us snyrier, Jim vvise, sum cooper, Dick Fry. CNON LEAGLIED 4 10 6 13 -33 9 17 13 8 -48 12 15 23 28 -78 8 14 5 5 -32 9 27 8 17 -61 10 11 11 12 -44 7 11 12 5 -35 10 13 15 12 -44 LEAGUE 6 9 16 8 -39 12 9 16 12 -49 9 12 7 15 -43 17 9 19 12 -57 5 10 8 17 '40 21 16 18 12 -67 10 9 8 17 -44 10 9 17 12 -48 16 13 12 12 -54 14 14 12 10 -50 .42. ASHETHALL ond Row, Left to Right-fChurles Savage, Faculty Mgr., Richard Wilson, Mgr.: Wayne Hoffman, Tom Diehl, Dick Hutchinson, Raymon John Geiglein, Wayne Ma der, Robert Izer, Coach Milton - -- Lewisburg -- Milton --- Danville -- Milton ...... Northumberland Milton ...... Bloomsburg - Milton --- Selinsgrove Milton ..... Mifilinburg -- Milton ...... Sunbury --- Milton --- Trevorton -- Milton .... Lewisburg -- Milton --- Danville -- MR. FISHER Assistant Coach d Raven, -- 14 13 17 17 -- 12 5 13 17 -- 12 11 11 10 -- 20 17 17 24 CSECOND HALFD ---- -- 16 3 8 11 -- -- 11 7 19 9 -- 15 5 12 15 -- 13 14 15 14 -- 14 6 3 14 -- 16 12 12 13 -- 11 4 16 18 -- 8 19 15 9 -- 17 15 17 10 -- 12 13 15 15 -- 14 13 17 17 -- 12 5 13 17 -- 13 14 13 13 -- 13 13 18 14 .43. VV:xylwlIutflr1:1yn fvyrlli Snymivr Rirhxlrmi VVils I mvs II:-rzllll William l"1n'vsn1zxn Jnnlus XVi 1 .44. First Row, Left to Right-Lin Davis, Mgr.: Richard Ream, Veryl Milroy, Dick Powell, Merrill R b t D D B 1 M o er err, on yer y, gr. Second Row, Left to Right--Charles Savage, Faculty Mgr.: Kenneth Hess, Dick Strine, Dale C h Tom Hill, Norman Brown, Delbert Fisher, Richard Fisher, Coach. Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Miltoti Milton Milton Milton 1. V. BASKETBALL 1950-1951 NoN-LEAGUE -tt -Z5 Shamokin --- - -20 lersey Shore ...... - -34 Mt. Carmel Twp. - - - -52 South Williamsport - -- LEAGUE - - , -43 Northumberland - - --- -18 Bloomsburg ----- --- -35 Selinsgrove ---- - -35 Miiilinburg - --- -43 Sunbury -- - - - '40 Trevorton - - - --- -22 Lewisburg ---- - - - -23 Danville ..... -- - - - - -40 Northumberland - - - -29 Bloomsburg ...,. - - - -43 Selinsgrove - .. -- -32 Mifllinburg - - -32 Sunbury - - - - - -34 Trevorton - , - - - - -22 Lewisburg - - -0 '37 Danville -- .45. First Row, Left to Right Mary Lou Dyv, ci9l'lI'llllf' D1-rr, l'ully Coup. Czxrul Rt-idle. S1-curul Row, Left tu Right Gloria lizulm-r, Janet Huy, Audrey Humi. Juan Ku-ser. Cheerleaders Th ' cheerleaders, under the supervision of Mrs, Butler, held many enthusiastic pep meetings. They proved by their untiring efforts that they were behind our teams all the way. Baseball lfirst li-uw, 'mfs in Rifrhl .lzxy lVl:14!1-r, Caril Wziuuhcn, Hzxrrisun Nz-ulmrcl, Rivliuvml l'1m:l:u', Rill Hans. Sami Stuvsv, llulv lim-nrla-r, Tum lim-iiiivizstiyclor. Sm-mmfl Row, lim-ft lu Right .loo Nirks-y, .lim HL-rulml, Runulll lVlurtz. Jim NVise, Bill Forusnmn, Dick Wir:-, li:-ln Smlh Third Row, L1-ft to Right Riehnril Hutuhinsun, David Lilz, Dick Fry. I'u11l Ciniiciulu, William Showers, lilujrsl Snymlz-r, Hill VVzl'l1-rs, Dmiulcl Ruu'v. l"nu1'il1 limv, lie-H in Right Mr, l.ungruv1lwruv1'. Couch: Roy Hulwlc, Mgr.: lhmzilil Wilson, Mgr.: Marvin Klnmm, Tum lliuhl, llzxrnlml Williams, Gone Res-ily, Dun Miller, Mgr.: Homer Mu1n'0, Mgr.: Mr. Vzilunus, l'u:u'li, .46. IN APPHEEIATIUN he Editorial Staff of the 1951 Echoes Wishes to express its sincere appreciation to all who have participated in making our yearbook a success. The Business Staff sincerely thanks those of you who have helped make our annual possible by graciously placing your ads in it 48 Congratulations to the Class of 1951 ln whichever direction your lifetime ac- tivities may point, you have our best wishes for success as you take your places in lifc. You are the homemakers of tomorrow, a responsibility which you should accept with the realization that the home-your home-is the foundation for happy living. As your plans progress, keep your ideals high, strive for the best that life has to offer . . . never stopping until you have the priceless satisfaction of knowing that you have done your utmost con- tributing to a better way of life for all society. ik .il mulzte 2931 BROADWAY ' MILTON .49. CTOIXIPLIIXIENTS UF E. U. CLARK Your FORD Dealer Stahl's Flour and Feed ill All71'1'llftlC11lYC7'S of FLOUR AND FEED - DOG FOOD - FERTILIZERS STOCK AND POULTRY SUPPLIES 219 Lower Market St., Phone 160 MILTON, PA KEISER Russ GOOD HEALTH TO All. FROM REXALI. LT0!XlPL1lX1EN'l'S OF A F RI E N D .50. A! l HAHULU W. NAHEHUUD AT YOUR SERVICE "The Friendly Bank" Milton Book and Safe Deposit Company ESTABLISHED 1887 MlFdlR s M1oF1lDpI ppt 51 JUHN Y. BUUY EUMPANY 'HARDWARE MILTON, PENNA HUBEHT L. HHAMM Funeral Home MILTON, PA. Best Wishes T0 Class Of 1951 MINNIEH STUUIU Portraits That Live Odd Fellows Bulldlng MILTON, PA SHOWERS HHU5. cieffified T exaco service TEXACO GASOLINE GOODYEAR TIRES AND TUBES OIL-LUBRICATION WASHING AND POLISHING GENERAL REPAIRING 17 BOUND AVENUE MILTON, PA 52 Compliments of A. C. HOTTENSTEIN and Miss Marcella Hottenstein MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE Co. OF NEW YORK 330 Broadway MILTON, PA. Compliments of West Branch Creamery Manufacturers of REICHARD,S GOLDEN VELVET MILK PRODUCTS Sold in Seven Counties Compliments of ENTERLINE The Florist Compliments of J. J. Newberry 8a Co. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1951 WAGNER'S GROCERY ELM STREET MILTON 719 Compliments of Bickel's Garbage Service Office: 3 Elm St. MILTON, PA. Compliments of Sears, Roebuck and Co. Phone 500 66 Broadway MILTON, PA. Compliments of KAY' S BEAUTY SHOP 10 South Front St. MILTON, PA. Compliments of I Congratulatzons ROY E' SHIVELY FLORA ELIZABETH GROCERY SHOPPE 628 South Front Street STAMM'S DAIRY Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk and Cream Fountain Service and Lunch Broadway Road Phone 915 Compliments of HILNER'S GAS STATION Best Ufishes Class of 1951 KROMER'S GROCERY Mahoning St. MILTON, PA. CROMAN'S GARAGE Electric and Oxy-Acctylene Welding General Auto Repair POTTSGROVE , PA. BEST W1suEs CLASS OF 1951 DOWNER'S GROCERY Cold Meats-Open Sunday, Holidays Shakespeare Ave. MILTON, PA. Compliments of Gnoffo Shoe Shop 23 Elm Street MILTON CLEANING AND PRESSING CO. I-lat Cleaning and Reblocking Georges 8: Karavas, Props. 13 Broadway Compliments of RISHEL'S STORE POTTSGROVE, PA. LITTLE FLOWER KIDDIE SHOP MARGARET V. TUCKEY Specializing in Infants' Wear Ladies' Lingerie and Hosiery Compliments of GORDON 'S GARAGE WEST MILTON, PA. W. A. DeHART CANDY - WHOLESALE MILTON, PA. Compliments of McDANIEL'S Pure Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich Bar FOUNTAIN SERVICE ESCHBACH'S Jewelry Phone 855-J 52 Broadway Milton, Pa. Rieder Jewelry Store 8 N. Front St. MILTON, PA. Established 1881 W. A. REED ESTATE 167 S. Front St. MILTON. PA- Milroy's Food Market WEST MILTON, PA. Congratulations Class 1951 BATDORF'S Wall Paper Store Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH COI'YlD1iIT1eI'1ffS of Wolf Dreifuss' Store Compliments of ALBERT C. WALKER METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE Co. ROBERT TAYLOR Meats 8a Groceries Bryers Ice Cream Open Every Day 8: Evening Compliments of C. E. BYERLY West Milton, Penna. Best Wishes Class of 1951 ART'S GROCERY 312 Marr St. MILTON 311-R ARTHUR ROBENOLT, Prop. Congratulations to the Seniors A nice place to shop for Accessories MARGARET TREON Compliments of HOCH'S CAFE Compliments of SPOTTS' STORE Compliments of BOLEN 81 CO, Compliments of Milton's No. 1 Bargain Department Store SNYDER'S RESTAURANT Where quality is high and prices West Milton, pa. are low 35 South Front St. MILTON, PA. U- S- SNYDER- Pm" CQ,m,,6mmf5 fo Me Cfaaa of 1951 .22 The ELKS zk. MUNEY IN THE BANK ' Gives a Person Confidence ' Provides for Future Needs ' Promotes Peace of Mind Why Not Smrr Your Savings Account With Us Now? THE E IHST NATIONAL BANK of MILTON IU I F al 1Deposit1nsuranceC1L t Comphme ts of NAHEHUUD BEDS. ls. I. NAREHOOD, Owner Mllton R D No 2 Phone No 2411 57 E. M. BUDMAN AUTO BODY WRECKED CARS REBUILT REFINISHED BEAR FRAME AND VVHEEL ALIGNMENT Mahoning St. Phone 647 MILTON, PA DALE E. HANEH 45 N. Front S MILTON, PA. Compliments of American Car and Foundry ljnrnpany HASTINGS AND HASTINGS INSURANCE REAL ESTATE 21 ARCH ST MILTON, PA 58 i 5 Compliments of Edward J. Coup 8: Robert E. Coup Zechman's Flour Mills REALTORS ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE POTTSGROVE, PA. 49 Broadway MILTON, PA. Compliments of PAPPAS BROS. Legionaire Theatre MILTON, PENNA. Grinnell Radio Service Philco, Zenith, Motorola Service for ALL RADIOS WEST MILTON, PA. Phone - Lewisburg 15535 S. A. DEAN ER PLUMBING HEATING Phone 337-R MILTON, PA. Compliments of THE COOKIE JAR Bakery of Perfection Compliments of REGAL AND BLUM Credit jewelers Broadway MILTON, PA. Compliments of W. T. GRANT STORE Compliments of F. A. BOYER Buyer of Live Poultry Pottsgrove. Pa. LOUIS TIPLER Official Inspection General Repairs do Welding Milton R. D. :zz Compliments of CHARLES A. COOKE DeKalb Quality Hybrids Phone S65-R-1 Box 60 Pottsgrove, Pa Seidel's Turkey Restaurant A Good Place to Eat Fresh Turkey Served Every Day We serve anything you can get anywhere else. Phone 2791 WASHINGTONVILLE Compliments of SIDNEY V. MOLL CUSTOM PLANING MILL wonx Pottsgrove, Pa. Compliments of HARRY BALLIET'S LUNCH 9 Mahoning St. Limbaugh's Bakery 8z Restaurant Birthday Cakes and Wedding Cakes Our Specialty Compliments of H. D. DENTLER Electrical Appliances Raymond G. Reichard Brush or Spray Painting Box 33 POTTSGROVE, PA. Middlesworth Radio Service Complete Radfo and Washer Repair 190 So. Front St. MILTON, PA. Compliments of SHIRL'S CURL SHOP R. D. iii MILTON, PA. Shirley Frederick, Prop. Phone 748-J Res. 567 Raymond St. MAX G. YOUNG Floor Coverings - Awnings - Shades Summer Furniture 153 So. Front Street MILTON, PA. MORGAN'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER "We Try To Do The Best" Phone 9553 RACUSIN'S "Exclusive but not Expensive" 435 BROADWAY 'UMM ,QW gooJ imaged Q G2 LGYAL GRDER OF MOUSE No. 171 MILTON, P4 H. H. PULLMEH Distributor ATLANTIC OIL AND FUEL OIL, KEROSENE, MOTOR OILS Ph 600 MILTON - LEWISBURG - WATSONTOWN AN YTIME BEAIIHEL5 TAXI SERVICE ANYWHERE RADIO-DISPATCHED CABS PHONE MILTON 880 62 NEW IDEA EAIIIVI EQUIPMENT DEALERS C. D. LINDNER H. R. SHEARER DANVILLE, R. D. F1 MCEWENSVILLE Compliments of EELLEYE TEXACO SERVICE WEST MILTON, PA. Compliments of LEWIS E. WIEAND Industrial 8: Municipal Wells Drilled 55? to 24 VV ell Drilling and Plumbing Supplies Milton R. D. No. 2, Penna Phone Washingtonville 4231 A EHIEND 63 BOGLE'S "Orange 8z Black" Specializing in HOMEMADE ICE CREAM Compliments of Dixie Lee Beauty Salon BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1951 GEORGE J. YOCUM ciENEllAL IIAULING Sand Pit MILTON, PA. Compliments of FINCK'S GROCERY WEST MILTON, PA. Compliments of Compliments of CAWLEY'S The Little Downtown Home of Store GENERAL Euacrmc APPLIANCES ALL LEADING macomas C. U- SHIVELY 22 Broadway Phone 618 Grocer Smalls' Greenhouses, Inc. 251 Turbot Ave. Store: 54 Broadway CORSACES, FLOWERS, PLANTS Phones 303-J - 304-M Compliments of HERMAN STAMM ROUND 8: SQUARE GARDEN Between Pottsgrove and Milton DANCING-Wednesday and Sat. Nights SKATING-Sun., Tues., Fri. QOWEIQAHQQH fri of Fraternal Grder of EAGLES -9- VMZQM Jefze 770. 1208 Compliments of Your DRUGGIST REA S Ulgllllili, Inn. Covering Central Pennsylvania Congratulations Class 1951 HEPLEP1 BHUTHEHS THUEHING QONLHATLILATIONS XND BEST VV1s11Es 1o 'IllE CLASS or 1951 ELINGEH LUMBER EUMPANY Millwork -- Building Supplies - Paint - Hardware 304 Arch St. 'F X 4 Phone 900 ,f.,-. mai apifq ffl-lil :ll 'N X 1 llllllllll ECE Q- XRS-I s ai-,1 V Z" ' V , , pf- ,. -""-f" Til ' gl f V ,.. '4- - f. --use li 1'.:::' -" " fm' an Mft? "" s 'i " ' L32 1. V 1 l V ?:?1Q i1iT-i- F V 'x '-- ' l ' lznxgx :LV--fi" T5 5 'Z 1 S -P ,..Y A. A. Bowman 5 Son 806 N. Front St. 66 Youn HOBIE NEWSPAPER Local News-Local Features Local Pictures-PLUS Up-to-the-minute World News daily in the Milton Evening Standard Compliments of Azinger Furniture Co. Complete Home Furnishers 37 - 39 So. Front St. PHONE 911 MILTON, PA "It's Easy to Pay the Reliable Way ' Reliable Furniture Co. MILTON LEWISBURG Richart's Ladies' Specially Shop MILTON Next to Capitol Theatre Compliments of 'Phil the Plumber' Plumbing, Heating and Sheetmetal Compliments of TEEN CAN TEEN Compliments of The Idle Hour Good Luck, Seniors Community Plan Co. 68 South Front Street MILTON, PA. COI'l'l,0Al'l'lel'lf5 fo ike 64444 o 151 XQPQjCl ni MU -"Ui XXf'fk EXKNQ Tv E ' P I f 'E uf ?' ,Q 4 gl, .TNQ 'cf FG xO.f'iN 'fill MW Post No. 71 AMERICAN LEG-ION .68. COBIPLIB s OF ARTHUR Pl. ISHIGUHU PHOTOGRAPHS of Distinction nt St. MIL CONIPLIIVIENTS OF lJAlHYlVlEN'5 LEAGUE CoMPLuxuzNTs OF Milton Steel 8 Supply Eu CLYDE 5. HHEH5 NEWS - SPORTING GOODS - CIGARS O CO LESTER STAHL'S GROCERY The Friendlicst Store in Town Phone 447 220 Hepburn St. MILTON, PA. Have Your Next Suit Made to Your Measure J. F. GAUGER 8: SON Esnarrsrmn 1851 36 South Front St. MILTON, PA. Marsh's Shoe Store The Home of GOOD SHOES H. W. FRY SPORTING Goons S. Front St. MILTON, PENNA. Compliments of W. J. RAYMOND REIN FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Broadway Hardware Store Rainbow Custard Shop SANDWICHES, FRENCH Fmss AND HOMEMADE PIES Zimmerman Bros. Well Drilling Contractors WEST MILTON. PA. EULMEH MUTUB EUMPANY Headquarters for Youa ILXUTOLNIOBILE AND FARM EQUIPMENT SERVICE CHEVROLET CARS AND TRUCKS Mccomucx - DEERING - FARINIALL conmmov TIRES AND TUBES PHONE 12 N FRONT ST MILTON, PA Central Pcnnsylvamas Finest Theater The EAPITUL BUIAHDI STEEL REU TUHAEEU EU. 71 Compliments Of Compliments of Teamsters Byerly's Meat Market and Chauffers MILTON, PA. Lgcal 764 CONGRATULATIONS 1' ts f MILTON HIGH SCHOOL Compmen 0 CLASS 1951 Dunkleberger's PEoPLE's DEPT. STORE Groceries A. Berman 8: Sons, Props. Graduates of Milton High schom Arch St' MILTON' PA' Fred Kitchen General Merchandise MCEWENSVILLE, PA. Compliments of Herman Banks' Iron Yard Compliments of J. D. MAYES, Jr. Compliments of Hassinger Bros. R. R. GRGSGLEY jeweler and Watch1naker Below Center Next to Miltonian Firehouse You CAN SAVE JVIONEY AT CROSSLEY'S iFazr Trade Exceptedl Credlt If You Wish 170 S Front Si MILTON, PA HIGHLAND DRY GLEANERS 24 Houn SERVICE PHONE 1183 MILTON Congratulations Class of 1951 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pmsseda 225 Filbert St. Milton 951 GEERS RUIGR GARAGE 73 IVIILTIIN IVIUTUIIS, Inc. DODGE Sz PLYMOUTH CARS 8: TRUCKS RIVER ROAD, MILTON MILTIIN GLASS SHUP Compliments of JUI-IN L. WALDIIUN DeSOTO and PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE Phone 505 S0. Front St MILTON, PA Compliments of WEST IVIILTUN STATE BANK MEMBER FEDERAL IDEPOSIT INSURANCE Conv 74 -. Q.. s , 6. ,Y .qv 4 " 1 ,fum A' ,, V. ,Y M- 1 - ' 1 'qw . ffl" :' - Et' ' 1,425 L R, -. rf- Qw- 4' ,sift Ji-,. jd: ,, H. A yr 5.3, ..,..' f' 1 W . YW T Mr" " atgg Ldv, ,. VM, sl rw-- . ,ffl - ah, ,aj arg? Q ,. ,H . .74 . ,K . ifk.gL,'I" . 1. , A, V , F1 W . J, , ., 'fa Vi aff'-I , V., A Mg: , ..., ,. .. X ,. , ,X A,- ,T P f ix Q V .J 1 , ' 'gi Zi-1:5 -' paw - .vu . , ,A ,,.f ,ni -'YQ , H:-'2 . .1 1: Q , vw ':g,. 2 '- 11 Q JW- '- ' ,. Mb,-1, Q.. 11 f 55' 55 21:31. L - Q , wg ' ZW' I 1 V -5 -mf si? 'if , W' i-pm. . ,. -xv .Q '1 ' Q: . iv 1 L '11 ' wif :Em 'Zire ff ff' -Tm. Q ug. ,S f' 11 M " ,-y A 'L ,zq , M.. ffl S ,, 2 gf -1-T. 334 ' Q3- .1 1- 55, - mens: I N-A' 33:4 Ja. gf ' ., ww 713 'r ,lj-..5.',' -.fmjl . .4 PJ' -I Lal . Q , N 15" gngu ,Z if :ff Vi. 295' -N :sin . ,1,4 -V , gh, f , L ,.,. ,. ,... -mg r , .1 7, 511. F. T9 , .5 , .H ,V.u,,V f K Q., 4. V'-vi I-,ti ,Q 1155 ,amz .J , . fx i "L,-, 1 iq "yr T' 31- w. V-Q A ' 'ix gg . fri .. ' X: ' n ,Res e w. , A A +, . J f 1: c , . ,. w . 2 5 is F i if E 1 ,.

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