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!l"'l- ."ll-I 5' .- -.f 5 -7 ' uh ' 'P' Ir -Q --'II " I-L, - '. I I .IQI ' 'JI III -.r:'-'1- I I I L - III I. I I I ' .-I --., .i.-2' 'I .n .I . I ...a1-f.- ' . ' A -.I-.l.'.g.L .-I' -: Q 'T-mm'-.H. I- --jw ' . . -' . - 7 H P- 'If -- IIXII -I .Inu .jg I-I lg: - - III- II Gr. -II HIIIJ:-1 'II - ,p1I.,I, ,I In LI nl- -F ' I- I I -'ul lu III Il' II 'II 'n. ' '1.-1 --'-, ,ff I II ' -:qi IfI..-is ILIUI- 'I' L .-IQ.'I.4 ' 'PIII II .-'.wI"."gIIHlI fi -..+--u-,.r-- . -- - f- f lf- '-W ' w:ff..Jejm:, 'IH' 1 H if , ' fr:-Fm - f I- "I. II' IIII I: I-.- LII-FII:-I 'III -.IIL --I. ' IIE-5: II1I:II-IIIIIIII - I a.l:.I HIFL- 'TI I fA'!II,f1 - I' III -II.-!LII TQ":IIliI.' I - IIN IH -'T--H - I-I-I-I I III, lu--I-il - I . LC' 'H' 35 rf .. lu: . g Il . . -- -'fr'-14-If-,I - II 'f"'f-':I'II' 'I' - ' . a. - 9-731-I"'f'q'I,I?'I., I, "1.1 -I JL ITII I I, III L I- - I'- IL ' .r. 'P'-455' I,f:IIIIIIIg-L----- J: ...E 155- . -J r:II,l In-LIIIIII-Iri1l'I-P ,J..'IIIIIII- - EIII-:I -"II iI ,I-."'u.::I.-1 ".jHI:l :Il-'bg-III'-I'-my-. 1. ggI 4- '- "'w,I',, ' ' .I ,E-',i-"I--,jf ' I MI- mu- .I-1, ' I. " " -' -I"l ""' I '- -II..'ls - I' .' I "'.IJ1I, IW." I II.-I-FII --ii I- II-I IIIIIII F"I-1.III-!II -.- I' -'III1 II:II.I - -II-:IL-1I,I:l-ii -'II'.I f Illll I':I ,I I 4' I ' "H-"'-1. ' ,I -Q III:-.5-I EII Q IIII 15iIl",a1I..-I T . f1I.' Ie, I I .I I II' .I ,I..1.-1I. -I- ..I 'f -jf " -II ' -.1-' . 'H b' I,I.I-1 I 7- 1. 1- lu dw.. WO 14.T'JoflQ3 'aj-4' , ,L :1 4253.9 9 .-Nffifll Q 5 Q in Q -ld ' u - Q 0 The Annual of 1929 4 THF, ANNUAL OF IOZJ f CONFIIEEQLD VOR f IHNIUXP5 ISIN Q- ' Q, LOUISE MARTIN. EDlTOFx-lN- CHIEF JOHN I-IOCH. BUSINESS NHNAGBK, MISS MOLLIE D. SMITH. FACAXXLV1' P4D'II5EPx.. MR. STANFORD L. KUNKLE. W Anvlselk. 1437 I "-ix? THE ANNUAL OF 192 .11 -' i ' kfifl-5 - -1, vii 'L VD lil? 1 M78 MU M9290 Published by '7Aef Senior Qlass 0 MilTOrymgl1 School Milronjikggj fi E ANNUAL OF I9 CONTENTS Alma Mater . . Annual Staff . . Foreword . . Dedication . Facutly . . Senior . Classes Clubs . Athletics. . . Advertisements. . Jokes . . . THE ANNUAL or l929 THE ORANGE AND THE BLACK Altho Williamsport has favored The Cherry and the White. And the loyal boys of Danville For the Orange and Purple fight. Still we hold our colors' splendor Nor honor shall they lack: While the athletes stand defenders Of the Orange and the Black. Thru the four long years of High School, Midst the scenes we know so well: There's a mystic charm to knowledge We vainly seek to spell: Or we win athletic victories On the football Held or track: Still we work for Milton High School And the Orange and the Black. When our high school days are over, And life looms up before: We recall those days of gladness That come again no more. Still we banish care and sadness. As we turn our mem'ries back. And recall those days of gladness 'Neath the Orange and the Black. Rah! Rah! Rah! For Milton High School! Rah! For the Orange and the Black! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! For the Orange and the Black! 8 THE ANNUAL OF 1929 ANNUAL STAFF Editor-ln-Chief-L, Martin. Assistant Editor-M. Eisley. Senior Section--H. Harris, G. Haggy. O. Solomon, P. Csunpbell, L. Everltt, C. Wallace. Athletics-C. Gregg. M. Cooper, T. Specht. Organizations or Extra-Curricular-J. Layton, B. Manger, E, Noll, C, Enterline, B. Bill- meyer, C. Kelsey, D. Henry. General-D. Levers. D. Spltler, H. Stannert, P. Hartman. Art-John Hoch. Advertising-Paul Ware. Albright Hoch, Albert Jones, Charles Reedy, Kenneth Swartz, Edna Miller, Alice Foley- Elizaheth Herald. Walter Rien, John Koch, John Lay- ton, Harold Evans, Thelma Specht, Willlnm Moore, Grace Kaulimnn. THE ANNUAL OF 1929 9 Foreword To perpetuate some of those precious moments spent within the walls of Milton High Schoolg and to enizhrine in the hearts of every student that intangible something which spurs alike our scholar and athlete to noble achievements-the Spirit of Milton High School -is the purpose of these pages, the Annual of l929. l'D THE ANNUAL OF 1929 4 whiraiin1t 1 1 1 Mud mn mag exyress xnxx imap- nsi zqqxrnziniiun muh .xfcspnrt in une, kuhusn gxcahfst lxnpn lms clwr hum: fu nmkv jmilinn giigl: jrhnul the "if5xznb:r gHigh" mn, the Qllnss ni Qfixwy inert Qiunhxnh Qhwnfg-11i1rc, habitats ihis fuuxilx tmlukun uf ilw jnninr Qmmxnl in :miss gflqxrllic jmiilx E ANNUAL OF I9 MISS MOLLIE D. SMITH I2 THE ANNUAL OF 1929 FACULTY Center. Carl L. Mllward, Superintendent. Top row, left. Mrs. Charles T. Lomz Englishg right. Robert Smith, Science, Lower row, left to right, Ruth Propert. Mathematics: Elizabeth Keyser, English: Anna May Spem-e, French. Left side. upper, Mrs. John Smith. Algebra-Social SCiEl1CE1 lower. Helen Swartz, Latln-His- tory. Right, side. upper, Violet Moyer, Music Supcrvisorg lower, Edith Hefiel- Ilnger, Commercial. THE ANNUAL OF l929 I3 FACULTY Center, E. Collins Cupp: Principal. Top row. left, John B. Van Why, Physical Director: right, Mary Wecter, History. Lower row. left to right, Raymond F. Brandifi, Science: Mollie D. Smith. English: Mary M. Moll, Latin: Stanford L. Kunkle, Science-Mntlwnmtics. Left side, upper. Beatrice E, Snyder, Arithmetic- Henlth: lower, Harriet Arbegast. Commercial. Right side, upper, William Bush, Commercial: lower, Agnes Mayes, History. I4 THE ANNUAL OF 1929 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS CORBLY GREGG, President 0R.EN SOLOMON, V. President LOUISE EVERI'I'1', Secretary HERBERT HARRIS, Treasure: Class Adviser, Mrs. John F. Smith E ANNUAL OF I 929 I5 . A '-'.' R129-J ' 1-.. .3-.2 xl... Q-'r N I 1 ,. , u 9 ' A , x Ax Q ex' f. .- ,L 1, . mx -1 r iff s. b V Q .-Q bk ' I xi Us . xx , x R X x , I X I J , 1 ua Y 4 HuH za T E ANNUAL OF l929 MILDRED ALBERTA BATDORF, "MID" Wilfred Academy Those dark eyes-they set you woozy. Gym Exhibition 1, 2. 3, 4: Rhythmic Club 4: Dramatic Club 4: Advertising Stall' of Annual. BRUCE BILLMEYER. "BRUCE" The Beau Brllmmel of Milton High School I PHILIP A. CAMPBELL, "DIZZY" High scholastic attainment plus athletic ability-tl1at's Dizzy. Varsity Football 4: Football Manager 3: Class Backetball l. 2, 3, 4: Gym Exhibition 1, 2, 3: School News Stud 4: Annual Start 4: Class Play 4: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Class Omcer 3: Glee Club 2: Advertising Committee for A. A Play 4: Property Com- mittee for A. A. Play 4. I ISABELLE MARY CANTIN, "IZZY" Business before pleasure. Gym Exhlbltlon 3. MABEL COOPER, "SADIE" Art School. On with the dance. let come what may. Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 4: School News 3, 4: Rhythmic Club 4: Annual Stall: Class Play: French Club: Gym Exhibi- tion 2, 4: Student Librarian 4. LADYS DITZLER, "DITZ" Pennsylvania Hospital We know her merry giggle. Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Gym Exhibi- tiOn 1, 2, 3. 45 Dramatic Club l, 3: Rhythmic Club 4: Aovertlsing Committee for Annual. if HX, THE ANNUAL OF l9 MILDRED EISLEY. "MID" Bucknell. Alls volat. propriis, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3: Science Club 15 French Club 3: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, An- nual Stall: School News Stat! 3, 41 Debating 2: Glee Club 1, 25 student Librarian 4: Gym Exhibition 1, 2, 3. CHARLES DERR ENTERLINE, "CI-IARLEY" Temple Men become old, but never good. Class Basketball 3, 4: School News 43 Glee Club 31 Student Advisory Council 3, Rhyth- mic Club 4: Annual Staff 4: Gym Exhibition 1, 2, 33 Science Club lp Biology Club 2. HAROLD LEMAR EVANS, USNIBBI.-ES" Bucknell. Faint heart n'er won fair lady. Gym Exhibition 1, 2: School News 43 Or- chestra 1. 2, 3: -Band 2, 3, 41 Annual Staff: Elasketball 43 Science Club lg Dramatic LOUISE EVERITT, "SALLY LOU" State College Just an old-fashioned girl, Dramatic Club 4: Rhythmic Club 4: Class Omcer 4: School News 4: French Club 35 Annual Staff: Class Play Committee, Thrift Club. RUTH ELLEN FAIRCHILD, "RUFUS" Bloomsburg Normal. Too bright and good For human nature's daily food. class Play: Gym Exmhmon 2, ag Biology Club 2: French Club 31 Dramatic Club 4. JAMES WALTER FINCK, "JIM" None but the brave deserve the fair. Football 2, 4, Class Basketball 1. 2, 43 Gym Exhibltlon 1, 2, Dramatic Club 23 Glee Club 2: School News 1: Science Club 1. E ANNUAL OF l929 just: cncmm FOLEY, "For..EY" Honesty is a virtue worth while. Science Club 12 Biology Club 2: Rhythmic Club 41 Glee Club 4: Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3. V HETFIE EMMA GEYER, "VI" Shy little Violet Gym Exhibition l, 2, 31 Glee Club 2, 43 Rhythmic Club 43 Thrift Club 3: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2. BERNICE EMILY GOLD, "GOLDIE" Full many a flower is born to blush unseen. Gym Exhibition 1, 2: Biology Club 2. JOHN CORBLY GREGG, "CORK" Denison University 0 what may Man wlthln him hide, Though angel on the outward sldel Class Oiilcer 1, 2. 3, 4g Varsity Backetball 3. 45 School News 8, 43 Relay Team 2: A. A. Play 3. 4: Annual Stall: I-Il-Y 3, 4: Gym Ex- hlbltlon l, 2, 3: Football Manager 4. GL DYS DORUYHY HAGGY, "GLAD" A student, iirst, last, and always. Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: All High Schwl Basketball Team 41 Gym Exhibition l, 2. 3: Biology Club 25 French Club 33 Annual Staff. H. HERBERT HARRIS, "HERB" What's your idea ln bringing that up? Varsity Basketball 41 Class Basketball l, 2, 3: Class Omcer 1, 2, 4: Athletic Play 3, 4: Class Play 4: Annual Staff: Debating 23 Hi-Y 35 Gym Exhibition 1, 2: Glee Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2: Student Librarian 43 Bank- ing Representative 4: Science Club lg Biol- ogy Club 2. THE ANNUAL OF 9 PAUL HARTMAN, "SX-IEIKH Columbia University His wavy locks cause feminine hearts to throb. Class Basketball 43 Annual Stall: Student Librarian 43 Dramatic Club 4: School News 4, Hi-Y Club 33 Gym Exhibition 1, 23 Science Club 1. , DOROTHY CHRISTINE HENRY, "DOT" Geisinger Hospital Quiet and unoffending Glee Club 1, 2, 45 French Club 31 Dramatic Club 4, Athletic Play 4g Annual Staff: Gym Exhibition 1, 23 Science Club 1: Biology Club 2. ELIZABETH HERALD, "BUB" Bloomsburg State Teachers' College A true friend. Class Basketball 1, 2, 32 Dramatic Club 1. 2. 3, 43 Athletic Play 45 Annual Stahl Glee Club 1, 2: French Club 33 Candy Committee 4: Gym Exhibition 1, 23 Science Club 13 Eng- lish Club 1: Student Librarian 4. ALBRIGHT HOCH, "POKEY" L? Penn State College I-le will make some girl happy. Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 23 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 4, Science Club 1g Biology Club 23 Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2: Advertising Committee of School News 3, 4: Senior Clam,P1ayg Annual Commltteeg Ath- letic Association Play 3. JOHN AL-BRIGHT HOCH. "I-IOCHY" L! Penn State College Where Boasting endsg there Dignity begins. Class Treasurer 1: Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 33 Orchestra 2, 3, Band 2. 3, 43 Glee Club 1, Zi Debating 3, 4: Class Basketball 4: An- nual Business Mgr. 4: Science Club lp Dram- atic Club 1, 23 School News Staff Artist 2, 3, 45 Advertising Committee 33 Advertising Mgr. 4, LEE CALHOUN HOFFMAN, "PEEWEE" Beckley College Presidents often come from the country. Gymnasium Exhibition 1: Orchestra 1: Band 1. 2, 4: Science Club 1: Biology Club Z, E ANNUAL OF l929 LEON OSCAR HUFF, "HUFFY" Bucknell Always ready for a. good lime. Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2, 3: Sslence Club 1: Biology Club 2: Tumbling Team 3, WILLIAM HULSIZER., "PETE" Undecided A scrappy captain of a scrappy team. Football Team 2, 3, 4: Captain 4: Glee Club 1, 2: Class Basketball 2, 3. 4: Science Club 13 Biology Club 2: Gymnaslum Exhibition 1, 2: Play Committee 4. WILLIAM E. JARRETT. "BUD" Undecided Caesar was ambitious: so is our William. Sclence Club 1: Biology Club 2: Glee Club 4: Hl-Y: Tumbling Team 3: Basketball Mgr. 4. MARY KATHERINE JOHNSON. "KITTY" Freedmen's Hospital, Washington, D. C. Very studlous and sedate is she. Glee Club 1, 2: Dramatic Club 4: French Club 3: Captain of Class Basketball Team 4: Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: All M. H. S. Team 3: Gymnasium Exhibltlon 1, 2, 3. ALBERT THEODORE JONES, "ALBIE" ' 5 Susquehanna University fbont do today what you can do tomorrow. School News 3, 4: Annual Committee: Class Basketball 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 4: Rhythmic Club 4: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Gymnasium Exhlbltlon 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2: A. A. Play Committee 3: Hi-Y Club 3. 4. GRACE R. KAUFFMAN, "PEDRO" Bloomsburg State Teachers' College A tender reflection of the eternal Moon of Love. Science Club lg Biology Club 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 1, 2: French Club 3: Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 4: Rytnmlc Club 4: Annual Committee: Class Play. THE ANNUA CORDELIA KELSEY, Mooney" 2 Nurse She's studious, friendly, and active. Clever, pretty, and attractive. Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Gymnasium Exliibltlnn 1, 2, 3, 4: Rhythmic Club 45 Annual Stan: Dramatic Club 4, HELEN MAE KIESER, UKIESERI' Undecided Her eyes like stars of twilight fair, Like twilight, too, her dusky hair. Glee Club 1, 2, 4: Gymnasium Exhibition l. 2, 3, 42 Dramatic Club 2, 3: Rhythmic Club 41 Program Committee Senior Class Play: Class Basketball 4, MYRTLE ELIZABETH KILL-IAN, "MEET" Potts' Business College, Williamsport, Pa. Wherever you go you will find Myrtle there, With her smiling face and curly hair. Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2, 3. ELEANOR MAE KLECKNER, "NEIL" Indiana. State Teachers' College A faithful friend. Rhythmic Club 4: Gymnasium Exhibition 4. .D JOHN HERMAN KRELL, JR., "JACK" Beckley College Jovial, good natured, and full uf fun. Science Club 13 Biology Club 2: Gymnas- ium Exhibltlon 1, 2. DOROTHY R. LEVERS, "DOT" Bloomsburg State Teachers' College Beauty. truth, and vanity, Grace in all simplicity. Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Orcttory i, 41 Class Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Secretary 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 School News 3, 43 Class Playg An- nual Staff: Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 45 French Club 3: Science Club 1: Dramatic Club 1, 25 Rhythmic Club 4. LOFI9 E. ANNUAL OF l929 JOHN THOMAS LEVERS, "CLUP" Undecided The answer tn a maiden's prayer. Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2, 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Biology Club Z: Science Club 1. MBIS LEONA LONGENBERGER, "BOB" Bloomsburg State Teachers' College Watch my dust. Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: French Club 3: Glee Club 1, 2. 4: Gymnasium Ex- hibition 1, 2, 3, 4: Rhythmic Club 4. RAY DONALD MANEVAL, "MANNY" Undecided A wise man reflects before he speaks. Gymnnsium Exhibition 1, 2: Biology Club 2: Science Club 1. C. LOUISE MARTIN, "KELLY" Undecided M Such popularity must be deserved! Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Class Bas- ketball 1, 2: Dramatic Club 3, 4: Annual Committee: Glee Club 1, 2: Gymnasium Ex- hibition 1, 2, 3, 4: Rhythmic Club 4: Class Play: Candy Committee: Asst. Managing- Editor of School News 3: Managing Editor 4: Student Librarian 4. CHE I. MAUGER, "COUSIN" Undecided Men spoil all her romances by trying to .make them last forever. School News Reporter 1, 2, 3: Exchange Editor of School News 4: Dramatic Club 1, 4: Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2: Senior Class Play: Annual Committee: Chairman oi Candy Committee: Rhythmic Club.4: Science Club 1: English Club 1: S dent Librarian 4. LEROY EDWARD MERTZ, "CI-IIPPIE" Undecided He is blessed with a keen mind and the ability to think things through. Class Basketball 1, 2, Gymnasium Exhibi- tion 1, Z: Dramatic Club 2, 4: Glee Club 2: School News 1: Senior Class Play: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2. THE ANNUAL OF I9 DOROTHY MAE MILLER., "DOT" Undecided Good things come in small packages. Graduated from Montandon High School class of 1928, taking highest honors. Bloamshurg State TEBCUBIS College Quiet and studiuus-a good worker and a friend indeed. Science Club 1: Glee Club 1, 2, 4: Gymna- slum Exhibition 1. 2, 3: Biology Club 2: Uxbmatlc Club 3: Annual Committee: FFEHCII Club 3. EDNA ESTELLA MILLER, -'Enom' L ISABEL HOPE MILLICI-SAP: "IZZY" University of Pennsylvania Hospital The larger they come, the harder they fall. Class Basketball 1, 2, 3: Secretary and Treasurer at Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3 g Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4: A, A. Play 4: School News Staff 4: Candy Committee 4: Science Club 1: Glee Club 1, 2: Gymnasium Exhibition 1. 2. 3, 4: Rhythmic Club 4: English Club l. ESTHER MAE MONTZ, "S" L? Undecided Always ready for a good time, Neither absent nor hardy through her twelve years of school. Glee Club 1, 2: Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2: Science Club 1. 2 WILLIAM KENNETH MOORE, "BILL" Penn State He has that school gir1's complexion. How we'll miss his Ford Truck! Orchestra 1, 2: Glee Club 2: Dramatic Club 4: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2. l GEORGE MUSSINA. "RED" IZ Undecided An athlete worthy of the school he defended. Orchestra 1, 2, 3: Band 1, 2: Glee Club 3. 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Gymnasium Exhibi- tion 1, 2, 3: Class Basketball 1. L E. ANNUAL OF i929 HEL MAE NOLL, HECK" Bloomsburg Normal That rare combination of beauty and wisdom. Science Club l: Biology Club 2: Glee Club 1, 2, 4: Dramatic Club 4: Annual Commit- tee: Candy Committee: Gymnasium Exhibi- tion LN2. LILA MARGARET NOLL, "Sl-IORTY" Q Undecided ' And if I think, my thoughts come fast. Science Club lj Biology Club 2: Glee Club 4, 2: Gymnasium Exhibition 1. 2, 3, 4: Dram- atic Club 4: French Club 3: Rhythmic Club B OHL, "BEE" Undecided She is not of the talking sort. Her deeds speak for het. Glee Club 1, 2, 4: Student Librarian 4: Gymnasium Exhibition l, 2, 3, 4: Rhythmic Club 4: School News Stati 4: Dramatic Club 4: Class Play: Class Secretary 3: Treasurer of English Club 1., ENCE C. OTTO, "PR.0F" Undecided Milton High School will never be the same now that Clarence has graduat- ed. Ask any teacher, School News Staff 1, 2, 3: Biology Club 2: Dramatic Club 3: Debating 4: Student Lib- rarian 4. DRED IRENE PHILLIPS, "MID" Tlnclecided She's just as good as can be. Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2. MARY ANN FAUST REED, "MOL-LIE" Undecided Modest and meek. Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2: French Play 2: French Club 3. THE ANNUAL OF 1929 CHARLES REEDY, "REEDY" -Bucknell Such tenacity of purpose is bound to bring success Band 1, 2: Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2: Annual Advertising Stall' 4: Science Club 1: Class Play Advertising Stan 4. WALTER R. REIN, "KELLY" Undecided "Kelly" walks through the halls in a ze. It must be love! Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Glee Club 2, 3:'Hl-Y Club 3, 4: Basketball 4. BERNARD RIDER, "CUFF" Undecided Work is for only those who are not clever .enough to avoid it Football 3. 43 Class Basketball 2. 3, 4: Glee Club l. 2: Orchestra 1, 2, 3: Biology Club 2: Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2: Science Club 1: Rhythmic Club 4: Property Committee A. A. Play 4: Hi-Y Club 3. MARY KATHRYN ROBBINS, "ED" Undecided Q A cheerful worker and a mighty good pal Class Bhsketball 1, 2, B. 4: Biology Club Z: Soccer 4::Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2, 3: Ad- vertising Committee for Annual: Ticket Committee for Class Play. BERNICE GRACE SEALY, "BERNIE" Music at Lock Haven There are some silent people who are more interesting than the best speakers Gymnasium Exhibition 3. OREN B. SOLOMON, "SOLO" Undecided Every one's friend Debating 3, 4: School News Stad 2, 3, 4: Class Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Gymnasium Exhi- bition 2, 3, 4: Annual Committee: Class Vice President 4: Senior Class Play. E ANNLAI.. OF l929 MA ELIZABETH SPEC!-IT, "TIM" Williamsport City Hospital John-Hopkins Hospital Happy am I, from care I am free! Why aren't they all contented like me? Dramatic Club 2, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 4: Rhythmic Club 43 Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Play: Science Club 1: Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 4. 'D THY MAE SPITLER, "DOT" Bucknell A small match starts sl great tire Cvlee Club 2, 3, 45 Annual Statfg Class Play Committee, Gymnasium Exhibition 2, 35 Student Librarian 4. SARAH ETHEL SPURR, "SALLY" Nurse Still waters run deep. Gymnasium Exhibition 15 Glee Club l. 2, 4: Biology Club 2: Band 43 Orchestra. 4. HERBERT GRESH STANNERT, "HMB" Carnegie Tech An athlete, a. scholar, and a. gentleman Varsity Football 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 3, 43 A. A. Play 3, 4: Class Playg Dramatic Club gg, Annual Committee: Gynmasium Exhibi- tion 1, 2, 35 Class Basketball 15 Science Club 11 Biology Club 23 Class President 23 Class Treasurer 3. KENNETH WADEN SWARTZ, "KENNY" Bucknell His heart is large, and pure as gold Glee Club 25 Class Basketball 4: Science Club lg Biology Club 2. ,,,n MAXINE LOUISE THOMAS, "MAX" Undecided Golden hair and smiling face Is how you'1l Gnd her in her place. Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2, 3. A is Tl-Iii ANNUAL OF 9 MARY ELIZABETH TILBURG, "LIZZIE" Undecided Silence is golden Gymnasium Exhibition 3, GEORGE BRUMBACH WAGNER, "PUD" State College Keen minded and determined. Success is sure to follow Science Club 11 Biology Club 2. NTHIA E. W, K. WALLACE, "'I'EEDIE" Albright-Peabody Institute A talented musician Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 4g French Club 3, Nat'l H. S. Chorus at Chicago 3: A. A. Play 4, Qramatic Club 33 French Club 33 School News 4: Candy Committeeg Emergency Chorus 1, 2, 3: Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2. ROBERT WANDS. "SI-IR,I.MP" Undecided 1 love to play and have some fun But not until my school works done Class,Playg Science Club 13 Biology Club 21 Dramatic Club 3. 43 Glee Club 1, 2: Gym- nasium Exhibition 1, 2: Rhythmic Club 4. r5AUL L. WARE, annum" Oberlin Paul plays football and studies with the same dogged determination Basketball 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 25 'Hack 2: Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 43 Science Club 1: Biology Club 2: Annual Staff 45 Senior Class Play Committee 4. Y ELIZABETH VTELLIVER, "IB" Undecided Oh, what a pal is Mary Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2, 3. CHARLES YOCUM, "CHARLIE" Mount Alto Forestry School Bashful, shy, demure and meek, He is half afraid to speak Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Orchestha 1, 2. 3, 4: School News Staff 4: Biology Club 23 Glee Club 1, 2: Gymnasium Exhibition 1, 2, 3: Science Club 15 Annual Stfatf 4. za THE ANNUAL OF 1929 SENIOR COMMITTEES Committees for Class Play STAGE COMMITTEE Miss Propert, Miss Heffelhnger, Louise Everilt, Corbly Gregg, Ray Mancval, George Mussina. Paul Ware, Wm. Hulsizer. PROGRAM AND SALES COMMITTEE Miss Anna May Speare, Mr. S. L. Kunkle, Florence Boudman, Eleanor Kleckner, Maxine Thomas, Bernice Sealey, Dorothy Spitler, Mildred Phillips, Bess Rhoads, Florence Butler, Madeline Sesinger, Margaret I-Ieimbach, Kathryn Stannert, Lillian Rosenblum, Margaret Tomlinson, Helen Mayes, Mary Robbins, June Good, Mary Brown, June Wagner, Sarah Spurr, Gladys Dltzler, Helen Lupold, Anna Ong, Helen Godcharles, Martha Bowman, Katherine Hollerbach, Dorothy Maneval, Gertrude Young, Betty Bailey, Barbara Herald. Isabelle Mlllichap, Cynthia Wallace, Lila Noll, Ruth Fairchild, Gertrude Young, Jane Bingaman, Louise Everitt, Pauline Showers, Mary K. Moyer, Mary Brown, Betty Hill, Leon Huii, George Wagner, William Moore, Bruce Billmeyer, Ralph Clemens, Harold Evans, Charles Reedy, Walter Farley, Benton Schrader, Roland Harbeson, Rudolph Ben- nage, Tilman Foust. Gordon Diefenbach, Meredith Ebex-hart, Earl Watts, Warren Evans. Harry DeWlre, William Whitmyer, Donald Ohl, Robert Campiglio, John Layton, Paul Bly, Lorenzo Miller, Kenneth Swartz, Violet Geyer, Esther Montz, Ethel Noll, Grocc Kauflman, Paul Ware, Helen Kieser. PROPERTY COMMITTEE Mrs, Smith, William Moore, Walter Rein, Aletha, Chalfant, Mabel Cooper, Corbly Gregg. George Mussina. MUSIC COMMITTEE Mr, Smith CANDY AND CHECKING COMMITTEE Blanche Manger, Chairman: Louise Marin, Isabel Millichap, Ethel Noll, Cynthia Wal- lace, Mabel Cooper, Elizabeth Herald. THE ANNUAL OF i929 Z9 1929 CLASS HISTORY l. And now our four year cruise is o'erI We've renched our port at lastg But let us think of days gone by. Of deeds of the by-gone past. Remember tender Freshmen days. We were but cabin boys: And how the Seniors laughed at us. At our young Freshmen joys. Ah! We were young and innocent, A sight to please the eye: But now the kids are fresh and flip, A plight to make one sigh. When first we entered these great halls, We silent were and meek: They awed us: wc stood silent With the tongue stuck in the cheek. But Freshmen can't 'stay silent long, This truth is known of old: For soon we all accustomed grew, And even grew quite bold. So we at once ull got to work To boost our class a pegg We held our class elections, Our president, Corbly Gregg. We entered into high school life, All full of pep and vim: We animated all the school, We put things into trim. And then came Oratoryg We Freshies ran the race: We entered two contestants, And came out-second place. And so the year it sped nlongg Al lasl cnme 'xriniinationsi And all around the school were heard Prayers and weird lamentations. Oi course. we liked our M. I-I. S But still, 'twas good to laze, And rest, :md snooze, and laze we did Our ilrst vacation days. Il. But all things calm must have an end. This truth the wise men cluimp Our drowsing days were past-and gone, The busy school days came. As Sophomores now, how we had grown! And oh! how grand we felt! And scalps from off the Freshmen took, And stuck them in the belt. Again we held elections With minds keen and alertp And elected for class president The new-comer, Herbert Stannert. - And now all set we sailed along: Our goal was far ahead, We never let the sails slack downg But tightened them instead. We delved into athletics, And oh! How bold our feat: The girls shone bright in basketbnllg And the boys-in the track meet. And then we quite impatient grew, With all our wlles and whinisg We started something very new- We bought class rings and pins. Continued On Page Thirty 30 THE ANNUAL OF 1929 1929 CLASS HISTORY-Continued ill. And so arrived our Junior year, We found our hands were full: 'Twas far the hardest year we had: We had to pull and pull. Again we held elections And we once more selected. The leader of our Freshmen days. Whom everyone respected. And then came spooky Halloween We held our annual party: The clowns. pirates. and sailors came, The clder was-quite tarty. And then the A. A. gave a play. "Green Stockings" was the name: And. searching for a hero. To '29, they came. And so, time gally passed along: We gained in honors all: Our boys' team clearly vanquished In the game of basketball. In June of Nineteen twenty-eight The Seniors' months we fed! A picnic gay we planned for them- To Rolling Green, we sped. lV And so we breezed right well along, The home port seemed to near: We sailed the home stretch straight ahead, It was our Senior year. We held our class elections, And-the votes collected- We found that for class president Coably Gregg was re-elected, The year was far the busiest That we had ever had: We worked like regular galley-slaves, ' And sweat and sweat, egad!! Again the A. A, gave a play- I "A great success"-'twas lauded -' Andwhen the curtain fell that nlghta- Nine Seniors were applauded. And then the B. P. W's At a banquet smart and gay, Entertalned the Senior girls In a most delightful way. Next carne our snappy school dances And they 'were grand, I trow: And all the students came and tripped On the light, fantastic toe. And so our school days passed along And never, did we stall Again our boys' team conquered In the game of basketball. Then came along the Senior play 'Twas nlled with girls and "goofers": And all the multitude, lt came- To see our snappy "hoofers." On June the lifth, to Milton Hi We bade "Farewell" KO woeful day!! And with our classmates, once for all To Washington, we took our way. And so at last our log-book ends, The rest we leave to time: Our deeds are writ ln records O! the Class 01 '29. THE ANNUAL OF 1929 31 We, the members of the Senior Class of the City of Milton. Pennsylvania, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-nine, being of sound mind, do hereby make this to be our last will and testament, and we hereby bequeath to various members of the Junior Class, the faults and virtues of our worthy class members herein named: Marian Philips, Mildred Batdorf be- qneaths her lovely soprano voice. Charles Marsh, Bruce Billmeyer passes on his ability to love, To To T0 Harold Motz, John Levers passes on his knowledge of how to be happy. Sara Coates, Doris Longenberger be- stows her wlse sayings and wit. Gerald Shamp, Ray Maneval wills his Edgar Warg, Philip Campbell wills his H self-conhdence. To Jusgrgifgeigu. . , ise Martin bequeaths her Grace Allman, Mabel Cooper leaves her wonderful talent. dancing ability. T M d 11 St X Bl h M Frances Leach, Gladys Ditzler gives her n gassegeon hsxfngimplegnc e huge' mfvnnfw- To W'lll F ll , L M t Mary Maxtield, Mildred Eisley leaves her xmixityfa S emy er Z bestows his library of love stories. Louis Fitzgerald, Charles Enterllne be- queaths his apparently quiet manner Horace Seller, Harold Evans gives a port of his politeness. Florence Butler, Sara Louise Everitt wills her sweetness. Edith Krause, Ruth Fairchild passes on some of her surplus happiness. Rheta Derr. Alice Foley bequeaths her scholastic ability. Florence Boudman. Violet Geyer wills her friendly nature. Wlnifred Llns, Bernice Gold passes on her cheerful smile. Whlter Farley, Corbly Gregg wills his rosy cheeks. Helen Seksciensky, Gladys Hagel! leaves her curly hair and brown eyes. Benton Schrader, Herbert Harris wills his executive ability. Robert Hassenplug, Paul Hartman be- queaths his curly hair. Lydia Smith, Dorothy Henry wills her slenderness. Dorothy Baumer, Elizabeth Herald passes on two inches of her height, Robert Kent, Albright Hoch wllls his ability ns an actor. Glen Krause, John Hoch bequcaths his artistic ability. Philip Helsby, Lee Hoffman leaves his cheerfulness. Oliver Wetten: Leon Huff bcqueaths his geniallty. Paul Weaver. William Hulsizer wills his bashfulness. Paul Rider, William Jarrett gives his jokes. Gladys Oyster. Kathryn Johnson leaves her calmness. John Longenberger. Albert Jones passes on his common sense. Pauline Showers. Grace Kauffman con- fers her musical ability, Martha Geyer, Cordelia Kelsey trans- fers her quiet manners. Marian Bender, Helen Kieser gives her athletic ability. Ruth Buss, Myrtle Killian gives her in- dependence. Grace Harpster, Eleanor Kleclmer con- fers her high hopes. William Dye, Jack Krell leaves his ex- tra dates. Helen Mayes, Dorothy Levers wills her cuteness. To To To To To To T0 To To To To To To To To To To To To To To T0 To To To To To To Hazel Fetter, Dorothy Miller wills her gentleness. Mildred Spotts, Edna Miller leaves her angelic countenance. Elsie Housner, Isabel Milllchap be- queaths a quiet day, Marguerite Bailey, Esther Montz trans- fers her wlnsome smiles. Roland Harbeson, William Moore wills his violin. LeRoy Callaway, George Mussina passes on his "sax'.' Miriam Helfelhnger, Ethel Noll leaves her good looks. Catherine Hertz, Lila Noll gives her brightness in Solid and Trlg. Mae Shreck, Bernice Ohl leaves her dreamy eyes. George Gallagher, Clarence Otto con- fers his brilliance. Mary Amer, Mildred Phillips wills her excess knowledge. Miriam Williams. Mary Reed leaves her ability to read French. Robert Callenberger, Charles Reedy transfers his courtesy, Lee Grove. Walter Rein leaves hls abil- ity to play basketball. Ned Wilson. Bernard Rider transfers his football ability. Ida Powell. Mary Robbins bequeaths her sportsmanship. Bess Rhoads, Bernice Sealey passes on her glasses. Tilman Foust, Oren Solomon hands on his managing ability. ' Arlene Arnold, Thelma Specht wills a few giggles. Annabelle Fisher, Dorothy Spitler trans- fers her daily ticket from Allenwood. Ruth Dielfenbach, Sarah Ethel Spurr wills her ambition. Paul Bly, Herbert Stannert wills his good looks. Harold Dershem. Kenneth Swartz be- queaths his "Ford" Gwendolyn Hendricks, Maxine Thomas passes on her charms. Helen Bergenstock, Elizabeth Tilburg transfers her pleasing personality. Joseph Neuhard, George Wagner wills his Irish grin. Helen Mnbus, Cynthia Wallace passes on her dignity and poise. Lloyd Burns, Robert Wands confers his foolishness. Continued on Page Thirty-two 32 THE. ANNUAL OF I929' Station L-I-F'-E broadcasting January 1, 1949. This ' station will tell you what the members of the Class of 1929 are doing nt the present time: Mildred Batdorf-Happily married and liv- ing in Camden. N, J. Bruce Billmeyer-Rudolph Vo.lcntino's sue- cessor. Philip Campbell-A big butter and egg man from the East tendl. Mabel Cooper-In the front row of the "Follies of '49." ' Gladys Ditzler-Famous poetess. Mildred Eisley-Abroad, studying French. Charles Enterline-Manuiacturer of soft soap. Harold Evans-State cop. Sara Louise Everitt-Noted movie star. Ruth Fairchild-French instructress at Philadelphia. Alice Foley-Touring the world. Violet Geyer-Model at Gimbel Bros. Bernice Gold-School teacher at MeEwcns- ville. Corbly Gregg-Candidate . . . presidency, Gladys Haggy-Head surgeon at the Ani- mal Hospital, Trenton, N, J. Herbert Harris-Senator. Paul Hartman-Selling curling irons. Dorothy Henry-A Greenwich Village Fol- lies' girl. Elizabeth Herald-Manufacturer of chew- ing gum, Albright I-Ioch-Posing as "The American Man," for Co11iers'. John Hoch-Broadcaster for W, J. Z. Lee I-Ioiimun-Big pickle producer at Pitts- bureh. Leon Huff-Strong man in Barnum and Baileys Circus. William Hulsizer-Successor to Knute Roeknc. William Jarrett-As "Shufl1in' Sam from Alabam" in vaudeville, Kathryn Johnson-Popular elocutionlsy, in San Francisco, Albert Jones-Owner and operahor oi a. three-ring flea. circus. Grace Kauffman-Authoress of the book, "How to Drive an Essex." Cordelia Kelsey-Avatrix at Curtiss Field, L. I. Helen Kieser-Selling hot-dogs in Iceland. Myrtle Killian-Instructress in sewing de- partment nt West Milton H. S. Eleanor Kleckner-Biology teacher at Princeton. Jack Krell-Mayor of West Milton. Dorothy Levers-Physical direetress M Belleview High School, Harrisburg, Pa. John Levers-Professional dancer in a New York cabaret. Doris Longenberger-Inventress of "Whoo- pee Ice Cream." Ray Maneval-Expert Mechanic at Ford Plant, Detroit. Louise Martin-Miss America of 1949. Blanche Mauger-Beauty parlor operator. in Hollywood, Cal. Leroy Mertz.-Head of New York police de- partment, Dorothy Miller-Kindergarten Ueacher at Pottsgrove. Edna Miller-Saleslady at Rosenblunfs gar- ment center. Isabel Millichap--Matron of Home for Gigglers. Esther Montz-Famous dancer at Roxy's Theatre, New York. William Moore-Owner of model dairy. George Mussina-Hair dye manufacturer. Ethel Noll-Playing the main part in "My Wild Irish Rose." Lila Noll-Jester for Metropolitan plays. Bernice Ohl-Governor of State, Clarence Otto-Champion glass-blower at Pittsburgh. Mildred Phillips-Employee in thc omee of S. J, Shimer and Co. Mary Reed-Teacher of etiquette at Smith College. Charles Reedy-Prominent architect. Walter Rein-Mr. I. M. Happy. Bernard Rider-Noted violinist at R.oxy's Theatre. Mary Robbins-Waitress at the Tasty Tea Shoppe. Befnifle Smiley-Music teacher at Ellms- port High School. Oren Solomon-Snappy reporter for the "New York Times." Thelgna Specht-Model Housewife, Milton, a. Dorothy Spitler-Hostess ot Roosevelt Ho- tel. New York City. Sarah Ethel Spurr-Assistant leader of Mil- ton Symphony Orchestra. Herbert Stannert-Advertising "That school girl complexion" for Palm-Olive. Kenneth Swartz-President of Milton Uni- versity. Maxine Thomas-Stenographer at Sears, Roebuck Co. Elizabeth Tilburg-Wife of prominent Montgomerian. George Wagner-Hen-peeked husband, Cynthia Wallace - Organ instructrcss at Peabody. Robert Wands-President of Bachelors' Club. Philadelphia. Paul Ware-Football coach at Yale. Mary Welliver-Caretaker of "Old Ladies' Home", Milton. Pa. Station L-I-F-E signing off. This program has been broadcasted by members of the 1929 Senior Annual Committee. CLASS WILL-Continued from Page Thirty-one To Wendell Scholl, Paul Ware bequeaths his all-round athletic ability. To Sara Lins. Mary Welliver wills her mod- esty. Witness our hand and seal this first day of May, in the year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-nine, Signed. SENIOR COMMITTI-IE. THE ANNUAL OF 1929 33 Aff' ga A le' ' . ,U Q. Q dwg, wr NE fifff. 'ffa 12 XX 'U Q ' ' :LW ' Z2 ' 'Q HQ" W E.. LL gf. gb Xfpwsf Jw Q is ellN7 ,-gl. t ' cpl' HG 73- 5 QQVKIQGPQ71 Q S 1 f 'B x 6: if Q LQQVYQ-4rff5'3'f Xafxmji' 6-it ,S KM ag 1 Z Qsrfl. A xx V? Q5 I xv l -, '7-..r XS-'C yxrqiq Qs ,fg- gg '., Q? Q H I X120 .T ' ' 2 if ., 5 , Q AWE, 'Q' 5 YT' ' QF' M64 :P 4 -X? . 6 ZX A "Vx, . A' R55 E ogon My hm'-1 . mu X1 QL 'Q E' 3 A ' xo '5- Lg' KV 5 Fiwfxf Nm' wi ' Gi' ,R 'if-Q I Q N f 'EF Q, obj: qagsav' X-Q . 'Sw-fx 6, 2nm gm asf AUTOGRAPHS , I1 ANNUAL OF l92 SNAPS .111 I 1 ls o-, 1 36 THE ANNUAL OF l929 cuss OF 1932-FRESHMEN FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President ,v...,......... ..................... G ordnn Deifenbaclx Vice President .... ,. ..,..,........................,. Mary Brown Secretary ,,,..... ........ Maude Hoover Treasurer ......... ................. B etty Bailey Class Adviser .. ...... Miss Helen Swartz THE ANNUAL or l929 37 FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL Mabel Arnold, "Boots"-Quiet and studi0US if she's not thinking of something clever. Betty Bailey, "Bets"-An unlucky member! clon't you believe it. Woodrow Baker, "Baker"-The girls just can't resist him. Thomas Barto, "Tom"-Look out SIIYSZ here JI come. Norman Baumgartner. in timv saves nine. Carrol Bender. "Shorty"-I-le'll make a good angel, Katheryn Bennett, "Kate"-She is a won- der at certain things: example, talking. Ruth Bergenstock, "Rolly"-She tumbles so gently. but we like her immensely. Dorothy Billmeyer, "Dot"-She a girl from out-of-towng A girl with a smile and never n frown. Elda Bingarnan, "Ed"-A friend to the friendlesa. Arthur Boudman, "Art"-He's there when it comes to girls. Martha Bowman, "Mart"-Smart, but loving. Mary Brown, "Browny"-Little, but mighty. Merrill Beuhler, "-Buehler"-Park Avenue "Bummy"-A stitch "shelk". Walter Bums, "Walt"-So sweet! so quiet! Oh, yes! Gertrude Byerly, "Jack"-A really, truly, good sport. Samuel Camp, "Sam"-Fast as lightning? Clliiord Cares, "Carrot"--Ancient History expert. Ralph Clemens, "Fat"-Big butter and egg man from "Newky." Leon Cramer, "General"-Not so stuck up as it sounds. Donald Criswell, "Criswell"-The boy with the loud sweater. Viola Criswell, "Vi"-KellyXRoads, or die. tDead!J - Charles Davis. "Tubie"-The boy with the winning: smile, Jack Dawson, "Piney"-Fat, but handsome. Gordon Diefenbach, "Diet"-One reason why girls leave home. Ruth Dressler. "Ruthie"-A true friend for anyone. Arthur Drum, "Drummy"-Oh! how I love tc wash dishes, Omer Enterllne,"Dutch"-Fat and pompous. Helen Everitt, "Tiny"--Valuable things come in small packages. Ulmer Faust, "Fausty"-Fair and famous. Elizabeth Feeher, "Betty"-Neither large nor very small:she's very nicetousail. Grace Fetter. "Gm"-She has a keen inter- est ln a certain Senior. We won't men- tion any names. Ralph Fetzer, "Fetz"-Member of "Shakes- peare" club. John Floyd, "Plug"-A little potato, but hard to peel. Eleanor Fox, "Renle"-Another out-ob town girl of high standard. Jonas Fox, "Foxy"-Broken arms, a spe- clalty. Robert Franquet. "Bob"--The modern Shakespeare. Dorothy Frey, "Dot"-Just another good sport. Ruth Fry. "Fredy"-Another Ruth of high standard. Ben Fryer, "Fryer"-Promising young car- toonisi. Alma F1'ymi1'e. "Ann"-To know her is to love her. Ellen Gray, "Eb"-As charming as her name. Ralph Gensel, "Gensel"-Hard as nails. Anna K. Gohrs, "Kate" - A dancing daughter. Marion Guffey, "Min"-Plump and quick. She'll get there all right. Malcolm Hater, "Helier"-Windy as March. Rhea Haggy-Just Rheag and a help to us all. Fay Hanson, "Tammy"-She knows her gum. And howl Robert Hanson, last! DiU1'a HHYDSCGI, "Dot"-She knows her de- tention. Elmer Harman, "Harman"-Yo! Ho! and a bottle of fun. Lloyd Harris, "Harris"-Quiet and sedate. Dale Hause."DiDG"-Loveslck, but recovering- Dorothy Hetielfinger, "Dot"-One of our athletic members. Meredith Helsby. "Meridy"-The boy with ' the curly hair. 4 Evelyn Hendricks, "Ebble"-A womans hair is her glory, Ella HSHFY, "Susan"-Oh, to be studlous! Barbara Herald. "Barb"-A menu in need is a friend indeed. Agatha Herman, "Sis"-I! she is not always smiling then her eyes gleam with gn expression of cheerfulness. Dorothy Hoffman, "Dot"-Happy-go-lucky as can be. Fred Hoffman, "Ted"-Our lanky center. Robert Hoffman, "Bob"-10092 farmer from Washingtonville. Walter Hoffman, "Walt"-Don't ever look twice. It lsn't a good policy. Letha Houser, "Via"-Old friends are some- times better than new. Kathryn Hollenbach. "Kitty"-A good ex- ample for Freshman girls. Mildred Hoy. "Mid"-Her auto is still large enough to carry two and who? Mauglehiioover. "Ossy"--Her weakness is 3, Harold Horrox, "Horrox"-Teacher's pet. James Hass, "Jim"-Honorable mention on the girls' basketball team. Harriet Hunt, "Hi Hi"-In working or play- ing she's just the same. Ronald Jacobs, "Ron"-Mammofs boy, Alice Jones, "Shorty"-Short, sweet and full oi fun. Earl Keiser, "Keiser"-Gimme more. Clarice Kerstetter, "Clara-Baby face, look up and smile. Frank Kish, "Kishy"-Short but snappy. Coninued on Page Thirty-eight "Bob"-Girls! Awake at 1 38 THE ANNUAL OF l929 FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL-Continued from Page Thirty-seven Fred Kramer,"Kramer''-Little. but oh! my. John Kuhn, "Kuhny"-Some bcxer. Beatrice Laldecker, "Bee"-A Iriend to those who will be a friend to her. Clair Landis, "Landie"-Freshmans 8004 little boy. Lester Leach, "Leachle"-Some stepper on the dance tloor, girls. Laurie Lite, '-Lizzie"-step right up and get acquainted. Anna Lloyd, "Ann"-Worth-while kind ls needed in evel'Y P1500- Roberig Longenberger, "Bobbie"-Tag, you're ic.. Lcster Luckenbill, "Luckle"-Look me over: will You guys? Helen Lupold, "Winnie" - OUT future Beethoven. LaRue Manning, "Dusty"-Slow' but Sure' Thompson Marsh, "Tom"-The "shoe king." Eleanor Martin, "El"- Evelyn Martin, "Ev"-They're twins so we will let it go at that. 4 Henry McGee. "Mae"-Typical I1'1shmm1v fresh from Ireland. Olan Meckley, "Meckley"-Speedball king of the diamond. Nevin Mensch, "Mensehy"-Never herv much of him, for he is so far away. James Mlnnich. "Jim"-The big tease. Ruthanna Montague, "Ann"-A basket now, or never. Joe Moore, "Joe"-Do girls prefer blondes? Florence Moser, "Flossy"-She's the kind we all like. Gone Musser. "Just Gene"-Anybody want. a. haircut? Ralph Nickey, "Nicky"-Upper end "shiek." Leo Noll, "Nolly"-Big, wild and wooly. Donald Ohl, "Don"-M. H. S. Algebra whiz. Anna Ong, "Piper"--Laugh and the world laughs with you. Lawrence Otto, "Ottle"-It runs in the family. John Parsons, "Gert,le"-Short, sweet and ohl my! girls. Elwood Phillips, "Phillips" - Nice and gentle. Lco Prcsseda, "Mosquito" - Don'L get scared, I don't bite. Thomassincs Prosseda, "Tommy"-We do ind dear little old-fashioned girls once in a while. Pauline Raback. "Pal"-Fellows! Girls! If you want your love expressed in poetry or written in fiction, sce Pal. Helen Ran:-k, "Spiny"-Gentlemen prefer blondes, "no wonder." Olan Ranck, "Specles"-Bashful, but proa gressing. Robert Ranck, "Bob"-"Robert where art thou?" Pauline Raup, "Par-A helper and n. work- er for old M. H. S. John Riech, "Johnny"-Whitest guy ln the Freshman class. Hazel Ritter, "Red"-Red hair, brown eyes. and sunny smile, thatfs Red. Alvin Roosevelt, "Al"-Too good to be true. Lillian Rosenblum, "Lilly" - Our style sweetheart of 1929. James Russel, "Jimmy"-The Freshmen simply could not do without him. Joseph Runyan,"Joe"-Shiek from R. D.2. Elmer Ruth, "Ruthie"-Not so bad at that. girls. Sarah Ellen Schnure, "Sally"-She's the Sally of our dreams. Reginald Seavey, "Reg"-Our bright light in Science. Mary Sekscienski, "Anna Lee"-Bigger things come out on top and shc's not on the bottom. Ruth Snellenburg, "Ru"-You always look tine. dearie. Leon Shepherd, "Shephard"-Marble shark. Joseph Showers, "Joe"-I like coffee, I like tea. I like the girls. and the girls like me. Martha Showers. t'Mart"-Her only weak- ness is Latin, of course. Elizabeth Sidler. "Lizzie"-If everyone were good as she M. H. S. wouldrrt need any detention. Charles Sloterbeck. "Chet"-The kind the girls like. Floyd Smith, "Smitty"-I beg your pardon, teacher. Kenneth Smith, "Tucker" - Prominent member of "Shakespeare Club." Violet Smith, "Vi"-A witty little freshman. Wm. Snyder. "Bill"-He's gone and left us. Eric Specht, "Sparky"-He can get a car, girls! Ruth Spotts, "Spotty"-The name has noth- ing to do with the girl, she has no spots. Lester Stahl, "Les"-Backward and bashlul. Pauline Stahl, "Pal"-A line candy makerg yes, we have sampled it. Florence Stevenson, "Flossy" - A spreader oi cheerfulness. Bertha Stover, "Bert"-A girl we all like to meet. especially the boys. Fenton Swartz, "Swartzie" - Promising basketball player. Margaret Tomlinson, "Peg"-A topping per- son in her way. We like her better day by day. Julia Wagner, "Shorty"-She's ambit'ous. and you don't need to say it Inst. Myrtle Walllck, "Mort"-Now or never, but reasonable. Marian Viialt-ers. "Mlm"--Her nainc is sweet, but she is more sweet. Russel Waltman, "Rut"-Smooth of voice. Evelyn Wands. "Ev"-A dandy little lassle. and she's very, very classy. Eleanor Ward, "Peg"-One of the inanl' studious students of Milton High. Earl Watts, "Fat"-The trombone artist. Pearl Weaver, "Cutie"-One of our out-ol'- town sweethearts. who has all of our hearts. William Whttmeyer, "Whitey"-I-Ie's got a way with the teachers. Francis Woodling, "Physio"-Better than his nick-name. Isbell Yocum., "Issy"-There's nothing slow about this Miss. Rebecca Young, "Becky"-It you don'th:ive her for a triend, it's your loss. THE ANNUAL OF I929 39 CLASS OF 1931-sopnomomzs SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President .........,......,....................... Kathryn Stannert Vice President .......,.......,......,.., Mary Kathryn Moyer Secretary ........,. ........,... E dwin Parsons TYCBSI-lrer ...... ...,....... J ane Bingaman Class Adviser ,.,.. Miss Ruth Propert 40 THE ANNUAL OF l929 SOPHOMORE Constance Adams, "Connie"-Oh, ye books ol learning! Mildred Albright, "Moody"-That's 1ny business. Edna Alleman, "Tennesse"-Owner of an enchanting smile. Bertha Arner, "Angel"-She got a big kick out of the Lewisburg-Milton game. Evelyn Arndt. "E'bley"-Bucknell students? I've never been with one. Helen Arwine, "I-Iennie"-A B. U. man any day. Frank Baumgartner, "Scrub"-A whiz in basketball. Alice Beaver, "Bobble"-Our fairy and mu- sician. Ralph Belford, "Lawyer"-Methinks, it isn't always the weaker sex who craves loud colors. Pauline Bennage, "Polly"-A wee, wee girl with B big. big heart. Evelyn Bergenstock, "Ebby"-A real Sheba! Kathryn Bergenstock, "Kate"-Didn't you borrow my pencil yesterday? Beatrice Billmeyer, "Bee"-Latin amo! Jane Bingaman, "Jamey"-I always did ad- mire a good basketball player. Charlie Bucher. "Charlie"-Woman, thy name is vanity-but not always. Fred Burns-"Bumsy"-Silence-I love lt. Ralph Burns, "Dagrell"-I disagree! Virginia Calloway, "Ginny"-Our earnest friend and a pleasant companion. Genevieve Campbell, "Gene"-Our future contribution to the business world. Robert Campigilio, "Campy"-The one fly in the ointment Mary Condern. "Betty"-It pays to be good-ask Mary! Gordon Cooper, "Gordy"-Ca.n't help lovin' that man. Lule Criswell, "Lu"-Talk-talk-talk! Dorothy Criswell, "Dot"-An answer to a teacher's prayer. Phyllis Davis, "Phil"-My idea of n big evening: a big basketball game with "Bebe" on the floor. Getha Del-laven, "Peg" - Speaking of cherry cans-!! William Derr. "Bill"-Isn't he cute, girls? Harry Dewlre, "WIirey"-Music in the air. Meredith Eberhardt, "Merely" - Oh, those rosy cheeks! CLASS ROLL Robert Faust. "Bob"-Be quiet, friends- !'l! explain. Dole Fetter,-Hail!-an ideal center for any team. Charles Fitzgerald, "Fitz"-One of these hard guys and he admits it. Gmce Frey. "Gi-acey"-l'll take a Cocoa Cola, please. Lziuretta Galbraith, "Etta"-Methlnks we should call her giggles. Blanche Garrett. "Bee"'t rumble seats darling? Leon Gerhardt-He's a real good fellow. Helen Godcharles. "G0ddy"-To know her is to like her. Thurman Grone, "Shrimp"-Peck's had boy-but a real mother's joyl Helen Hartline, "Frenchy"-I've not much to say, but an Essex roadster - whoopee! Gladys Hartman, "Glady"-West Milton- forever! Thelma B. Hartman, "Blondy"-Isn't it a grand, and glorious feeling to be in love-eh? Deland Hari-lnger, "Don"-Whei:e'd ya get those eyes? Marlin Hauch, "Marry"-Otto's me pal- nuf' said! Mabel Hause, "Mabey"-Short and mighty ifunnyll Margaret I-Ieinbauch, "Margy"-A sure shot in basketball. Walter Hertz. "Jerky"-Our little camp- iire girl. Kenneth Haywood, "Ken"-Aw! I couldn't be bothered. Betty Hill, "Bet"-Everyone likes "Bet"- e. real good gal. Harry Hill. "Had"-The girls never bother me-not much! Osborne Hill, "Oh"-I'm a Republican. Goldie Hornbeck. "Goldie"-A smile you'd walk a mile to see. Charles I-Iorrox, "Charley"-M. H. Sis blg moment for varsity football. Viola Horrox. "Vi"-Always smiling. Helen Ketchen, "Kenny"-Ye old school- girl complexion. Robert Kling, "Bob"-Speaking of English stories-ever read any of mine? Edward Kirchman. "Ed"-Eddy's becoming quite popular among the fairer sex. Continued on Page Forty-one THE ANNUAL OF 1929 4I SOPIIOMORE CLASS ROLL-Continued from Page Forty Clerlce Lee, "Clary" - Fellows? Any amount of 'em. Anna May Leiser. "Ana"-Our shining star. Elwood Lllckenbill, "Lindy"-Hes a. boy who'll make his aim in life-he has high ambition, too. Dorothy Mnneval. "Dot"-She thinks a lot! Rose McBryan. "Rosey"-Sweet sixteen and-you finish lt. Lois McDaniel-"Loey"-Bring forth the golden goblet with the big "State Col- lege" written on it. Maynard Mertz, "Missy"-You'll admit it- he's lovable. Harry Mlnnloh, "Harry"-The Une M10 only one-"Lucky Strikes." Franklin Moyer, "Frankie"-I crave Aca- demic work, Mary Kathryn Moyer, "Mary"-She knows her basketball. Ida Neuer, "Tiny"-Somebody's "stenog.' Elwood Nlckles, "Ellie"-An answer to B. malden's prayer. Helen Nlckles, "Hennie"-I'll always do my best. Irma. Ohl, "Billie"-Anoter case of valuable goods coming in small packages. Edwin Parsons, "Sealey"-Just 'oodles of personality. Tilman Paul. "Tim"-Rarely found -an honor student. Bertha Pursley, i'Bix-die"-One reason why Williamsport boys leave home. Helen Rnnck, "Rancky"-Give me basket- ball any day. Earnest Reynolds, "Mike"-I'll be good- some day! Stanley Ritter, "Husky"-Suppose the Mil- ton-West Milton bridge was a toll bridge. Lillian Rovenolt, "Lil"-Short and snappy. Orlando Rovenolt, "Fatty"-Our .ideal farmer. Herman Rudlofi, "Rudy"-Herman sure can "hold his peace." Erma Ryder, "Ermy"-A sweet little Miss from over the way. Donald Schooley. "Don"-Ole ambitious- oh, yes! Harold Sessinger, "Red"-Our idea of naming youth. Leona Shadle, "Onie'LShe's quelt-but oh, my, wait till she gets started, George Showers, "Sissy"-All aboard for Centre street! Loretta. Shuman, "5human"-She sure can drive "Evangelist"-what? Never hear oi it? Well. it's the Ford. John Sloterbeck. "Lank"-The silent hero from the east end. Mary Snyder, "Mamie"-She never speaks "out of turn." Arla. Solomon, "Shorty"-Always in good company-ask George-he knows. Allen Specht. "Spaky"-My motto: Never miss a basketball game. Charles Spurr, "Spareribs"-Blue eyes got him. Kathnryn Stannert, "Kate"-She bows at the shrine of athletics. Emily Stark. "Em"-It's all the same to me. Warren Stark, "Chink"-That irresistible Cornet player. Edward Stevenson, "Ed"-A bad, little boy -but we like hlm. Martha Stockdale, "Marty"-She halls from West Milton. Ray Stone. "Stoney"-A real banjo player. Fremont Stump, "Sleepy"-Easy come - easy go! Edith Swisher, "Edie"-I like two thingg.. basketball and no!!-we wonder why? Hester Tanner, "Hassle"-A real pal. Lola. Tanner, "Lone"-Short, but mighty sweet! James Wagner, "Jim"-I'll do better the next time. Starrett Wagner, "Fat"-A scrub-bucketg rt window cleaner: Fen:-'s and oh, what 9. smile! Daniel Walker, "Danny"-A tme lover of basketball, Marian Walker, "Curly"-Always the same sweet young thing. Mildred Weaver, "Mid"-Bismarck was a.-- gee, I seem to have forgotten! Joseph Wertz, "Jerome"-If you're heard this onewtop me. Marshall Wlse. "Mush"-A typical March dayl Adam Yocum, "Bud"-Tall, clark, and handsome. Gertrude Young. "Gretie"-A real good sport. E. ANNUAL OF I9 SENIOR CLASS THE ANNUAL OF 1929 43 Class Flower--American Beauty Rose. Class Motto-Climb. Though the Rocks be Rugged. Class Colors--Cream and Cardinal. W , 40.1 44 THE ANNUAL OF 1929 CLASS OF 1930-JUNIOR JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ................................,...,......... Charles Marsh Vice President ....... .....,........ l . Edgar Warg Secretary ............ ........ R oland Harbeson Treasurer ...... Class Adviser .. ..... Robert Hassenplug .. ....... Mr. Robert Smith THE. ANNUAL OF 1929 45 JUNIOR CLASS ROLL Mary A1'ner, "Mary"-A member of West Milton's social set. Arlene Arnold, "Amy"-I like peace and quiet and not a riot. Grace Auman, "Fllghty" - Here, there. everywhere. Marguerite Bailey, "Peggy" - A willing heart, a helping hand: always ready on demand. Dorothy Baumer, "Dotty"-Valuable gifts eornc in small packages. Marian Bender, "Sis"-Mighty short but very sweet. Rudolph Bennage, "Rudy"-Little, but mls- chlevous. Helen Bergenstock, "Tulip"-Our idea of naming youth. Paul Bly, "CuHy"-A Junior contribution to a future all-American team. Florence Boudman, "F1ossle"-Our Red Mill lassie. Lloyd Burns, "Hamper"-Successful people are the quiet ones. Ruth Buss, "Bill"-Question: Why does Ruth like West Milton? Answer: We think it is her chauffeur that causes tha attraction. Florence Butler, "Babe"-Sweet, kind and jolly: never commits an act oi folly. Leroy Calloway, "Epple"-VWhat's the at- traction in Lewlsburg? Raymond Calloway, "Jack"-The world looks brighter from behind a smile, Robert Callenberger. "Bob"-Just what at- traction does the name beginning with "G" have for him? Helen Cawley, "Helen"-She never did harm anywhere. Sarah Coates. "Sally"-I'm hall!-YY. are you? Isabella Davis. quiet that one wculdn't know she was around. Ruth Deamer, 'fRuthle"-Happy Bhd shy: and watch the twinkle in her eye. Helen Derr, "Polly"-Methlnks we should call her curly. Rheta Derr, "Rheta"-I'm satished. Harold Dersham, "Dershy"-We all know his failing for section l8. Mary Dersham, "Dershy"-Let me beg I'm dreaming. Ruth Dlefenbach. "Diehe"-Keep me from talking and in an hour I'd die. William Dye, "Bill"-How could the gro- cery stcres do without him? Ettai Eschbach, "lE'.scl1y"-Watglrful wait- ng. Elwood Engleman, "Ellie"--He improves with age. Warren Evans, "Evans"-Still water runs deep. Paul Falls. "Fal1sie"-Eight balls in the side pocket. Walter Farley, "Walt"-Play, and I'll play with you: work, and you'll work alone. Hazel Fetter. "I-Iez"-She's just as good as Hood can be. Annabelle Fisher, "Babe"-One can always find her ln her place. Lewis Fitzgerald, "Fitzy"--Women spoil their romances by making them last forever. John Forsythe, "Jack"-Mechanic of the "W!'eck." ' Tllman Foust, "Til"-None but hlmsel! can be his parallel, George Gallagher, "Wax"-His bark is worse than his bite. Louise Gebhart, "Gebby"-Another one ot Lewlsburg's contributions. Martha Geyer, "Blondie"-Blue eyes and blonde hair-combine to make a girl a Frances Gold, "Goldie"-Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone. June Good, "Goody"-Watch June's face when Susquehanna University is men- tloned. Harry Gray, "Harry"-Study is my de- light. Loc Grove. "Bashful"-An unassuming quiet sort. Martha Hans, "Janez"-Great oaks from little acorns grow. Roland I-Iarbeson. "Rube" - Intelligence plus personality. Grace Harpster, "Jim"-Have you noticed how the Freshmen affect Grace? Robert Hassenplug. "Plug"-One of the Junior stars on the basketball team, Mildred Hause, "Mid"-Quiet, meek, and mild. she leads a life not at all wild. Miriam I-Iefteltlnger, "Mlm"--Watch "Mim" make the basketball score grow larger. Philip I Helsby, "Phil"-He doesn'g like g1r:. Gwendolyn Hendricks. "X-Ioneyf'-Giggles. at this. smiles at that: wins her many n friend. Continued on Page Forty-six 46 THE. ANNUAL OF l929 JUNIOR CLASS ROLL-Continued from Page Forty-live Kathryn Hertz, "Kitty"-An ideal camp- Hre guardian. - Estella High. "Stella"-Anything for 2 quiet life. Elizabeth Horrox, "Betty"-I'll take a Sophomore for mine. Elsie Housner, "Housy"4he knows ner debates. Alice Keener. "Tiny"-Let me talk, I know best. Robert Kent, "Bob"-Have you heard "Bob" play the piano? Come around it you haven't. Louise Klapp, "Klappy"-A maiden never bold, wih a heart as good as gold. Ward Kllng. "Kllngy"-One look and the Freshmen shrink. ' Louis Koch, "Kochy"LQuiet, reserved even to the point ol bashfulness. Bernadlne Kostenbauder. "Kosty"-Happy- go-lucky "Kosty." Edith Krause, "Kramsey"-The irresistible clarinet player. Glenn Krause, "Cit"-An accident going some place to happen. Frances Leach, "Freak"-Tall. dark, and what have you? Sarah Lins, "Sally"--We wonder lI"'Sally" will ever become dignified enough to be 11 Senior. Winifred Lins, "Winnie"-Methlnks "Win- nie's" middle name should be Giggles. John Longenberger, "Bally"-There's one bom every minute. Helen Mabus, "Mable"-Silence is golden. Charles Marsh, "Charlie" - "We"-my Ford and 1. Mary Maxtleld, "Peggy"-Next to drawing. I love my teachers. Helen Mayes, "Sally"-Gentle. lovable, and full of fun:-always a friend to every- one. Joe Neuhard, "G0ober"-Slow, but sure, lsometimes latel. Ralph Middleton, "Skipper"-Fresh from the farm. Lorenzo Miller, "Mullet"-Beau Brummel's greatest rival. ' Harold Matz. "Motzy"-Why hurry? Llfe's too short. Gladys Oyster, "Gladie" - Happiness is bliss. Charlotte Pardoe, "Lotty"-Glrls of few words are the best girls. Marian Phillips, "Shorty"-That school girl complexion. 1 Ida Powell, "Diz"-I wouldn't like it if it were good. Bess Rhoads, "Gertle"-If you hear a hearty laugh. expect "Gertie." Paul Rider, "Cuff"-A willing worker. Thelma Rovenolt, "Tim"-She hears much. says little, but thinks more. Wendell Scholl, "Abbey"-My strength ls as the strength of ten. because my heart is pure. Benton Schrader, "Boob"-The answer to a maiden's prayer. Helen Sekseiensky, "Smiles"-She hun-les around from morn till night, making everything cheery and bright. Horace Seller, "Lank"-Intent upon his destined course. Madeline Seslnger, "ses"-Don't we know a good basketball captain? Ray t"Ses"l. Charles Shade, "Emond"-Come quickly, gentle lady. the nt's upon me now. Gerald Shamp, "Pee Wee"-I am always bright and cheerful. Allen Sholtz, "Pat"-Think the rain will hurt the rhubarb? Mae Shreck, "Boots"-West Milton turns out many good, quiet people. Irene Smith, "Smitty"-I keep my speech within bounds. Lydia Smith, "Lydia"-A great support to Milton High's band. Elizabeth Shoemaker, "Betty"-Even though we look the whole world round, a sweet and truer friend is ne'er to be found. Mildred Spotts, "Mid"-First she smiles, then she laughs, then she glggles. Madeline Stump, "Meddie"-Ambitious. Junior Warg, "Junny"-A great big boy with a loving heart. Elizabeth Watters, "Betty'-Mlminburg seems to have a great effect on "Betty." Paul Weaver, "Sl"-A fighter like his namesake. Oliver Wetton, "Ollie"-Perfectly sweet ln everything. Miriam Williams, "Giggles"-I'd like to steal a day and be alone with little me. Ned Wilson, "Wilson"-And when I open my HPS. let no dog bark. - Lewis Weomer, "Ape"-As good, but not as quiet as he seems. Ruth Young, "Ruthie"-You do the talk- ing. I'll listen. E ANNUAI OF I9 Z9 47 Q , V I, HQMVEI 48 THE ANNUAL OF I929 GLEE CLUB The Glee Club organized and directed by Miss Violet Moyer ls one of Milton Hlglfs active organizations, appearing annually at the spring Music concert. ORCHESTRA The orchestra under the leadership of Miss Violet Moyer, has developed a splendid spirit of cooperation, loyalty, and interest. An appreciation of and a love for the best in music. as well as skill in performing ditiicult selections, have been the goals for this year's work. They have played for the Parent-Teachers' meetings, school activities, plays, and the school concert. ' ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL Violins-Barbara. Rissel, Russ Ditzler. Robert Gift, Mildred Weaver, Alice Beaver, John Longenberger, Roland Harbeson, Thompson Marsh, Benjamin Fryer, Lester Leach, Dale House, Stanley Ritter. Clarinets-Gordan Diefenbaugh, Harry DeWire. Flute-Sarah Ethel Spurr. Saxaphoncs-Jack Dawson, LeRoy Calloway, Bass-Edgar Warg, Barl- Lone-Robert Longenberger. Trombone-Earl Watts, Warren Evans. Cornets-Charles Spurr, Warren Starks. Drums-Miles Hassenplug, Charles Yooum. Piano-Cynthia Wallace. THE ANNUAL. OF 1929 49 BAND The Mllton High School Band under the leadership of Mr. Charles W, Noll assisted by Mr. Robert Smith, has been invaluable in promoting pep and' school spirit nt, all games. PERSONNEL Corrlets-Robert Summers, Gerald Slxamp, Harold Motz, Charles Spurr, Warren Stark, Falcon Shamp. Clarinet.:-Harry DeWire, Edith Krause, Harold Evans, Gordon Diefen- bagh, Benton Schrader, Charles Sloterbeck, John Hoch, Owen Rank, Cecil Jones4 Harold Seslnger, Basses-Edgar Warg, Jr. Saxaphones-Leroy Calloway. Jack Dawson. Trombones-Albright Hoch, Earl Walt: Warren Evans. French Horns-Lydia Smith, Mr. Robert Smith, Asst. Director. Drums-Charles Yocum, Louis Fitzgeraldg Asst., Ralph Belford, Edward Parsons. Flutes-Sarah Ethel -Spurr, John DeWlre. Plccolos-Mary Maxfleld. . HI-Y Left to right: Top row: Lewis Fitzgerald. Walter Rein. Seated: Benton Shrader. Corbly Gregg. Geo, Gallagher, A. Jones. 50 THE ANNUAL OF 1929 BIOLOGY CLUB This year's Biology Club was established during the beginning of the mst semester, under the direction of Mr. Robert Smith. Besides reporting on scientilic topics, the club has been inteiested in making various models from plastaline. The club omcers are: President-Tilman Paul. Vice President-Edwin Parsons. Secretary and Treasurer-Ralph Belford, SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club of this year, under the very etlicient supervision of Mr. Raymond Brandiff, has accomplished a great many things. The club is made up of "A" and "B" students. Several meetings were held throughout the school year in which lantern slides were presented. The outstanding events of the year were the out-of-town trips which consisted of n visit tn the Lewisburg Radio Station, the Bucknell Observatory, and the Watsontown Brick company. Another interesting trip was made to Doctor Tomlinson'S odice in which X-Ray pictures were taken and explained. They also enjoyed an all day hike to the home of Joe Rnnyan. The Club officers are: President-Margaret Tomlinson. Vice President-Gordon Diefenbach. Secretary-June Wagner. Program Committee- John Parsons, Dorothy Hcficlnnger, Joe Runyan. 7 1' THE ANNUAL OF l929 SI DEBATING TEAM Duc to the able coaching of Misses Mary E. Weetcr and Bess Keyser, Milton High School boasts of one of the best debating teams it has had in years. The question for debate was resolved: "That water power projects should be owned and operated by the Federal and State Government rather than by private interests." The amrmative team lost to Williamsport and won from Shamokln. The negative team won from Miminburg and lost to Shamokin. The following members composed the teams: Amrmative Negative John I-Ioch Benton Schrader Oren Solomon Elsie Housncr Clarence Otto Kathryn Stanncrt Alternate, Tllman Paul Alternate. Roland Hnrbcson SHORTHAND CLUB ' A shorthand club, a new and interesting organization. was forma-:l this your by Miss Harriet Arbegast. The requirement for membership is the completion of n test on all word signs and phrases with eight or less errors. The object is to prepare the members for omce work in dictation and transcription. The oflicers are: President-Gladys Oyster. Vice President-Elsie Housner. Secretary and Treasurer-Marian Bender. RHYTHMIC CLUB The Rhythmic Club. organized and directed by Miss Beatrice Snyder. is n new activity in Milton High School, The club has sponsored the several enjoyable dances, held in the gymnasium after school hours, ORATORY Milton High School has participated in the Oratorlcal contest for four years. This year li was represented by Dorothy Levers, o Senior. She was the winner of the first place in the section of which Milton High was a member. She received a prize of ten dollars, and a medal, and represented Milton High ln the district contest at Susquehanna University, at Selinsgrove. 52 THE ANNUAL OF I929 SCHOOL NEXVS STAFF The "School News", has passed its fourth successful year under the capable drection of Miss Mollie D. Smith and Mr. S. L. Kunkle. This publication aims to keep the public in touch with the various activities and doings of the schools. That it is greatly appreciated is shown by its wide circulation throughout the town and by the high praise received from other high schools. Executive Board-Superintendent of Schools, Principals of all Buildings, Faculty Ad visers, Managing Editor, Editor-in-Chief and Business Manager. Miss Mollie D. Smith ........ ...,.....,...,.,.....,.,..,,..,. Mr. S. L. Kunkle ..........., Louise Martin. '29 ....... Albert Jones, '29 ,.,..... Mildred Eisley, '29 .... ,. Oren Solomon, '29 ....... Louise Everitt, '29 ........,,. Philip Campbell, '29 ...... Tilman Foust, '30 ........ Philip Heisby, '30 ..,....,..... Beriton Schrader, '30 ..... Mary Maxfield. '30 ...... Blanche Mauger. '29 ...... Isabelle Millichap, '29 .....,. Corbly Gregg. '29 .,,......,.. John Hoch, '29 ....,......,. Charles Marsh, '30 ...... Rudolph Bennage ..,..... Robert Campiglio ...,... ...,...,... .,..., ..,,,........,....,.. ............,...,.,.., Faculty Adviser Faculty Adviser Managing Editor Business Manager Editor-ln-Chief Associate Editor Associate Editor .. ,.... Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Exchange Editor , ,.,.,.,..,. ..,..,.. S ports Editor Sports Editor Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Assistant Circulation Manager Assistant Circulation Manager Assistant Advertising Managers-Mabel Cooper, '29g Dorothy Levers, '293 Paul Hartman '29: Albright I-Ioch. '29: Charles Yocum, '29: Harold Evans, '29g Kathryn Hertz. '30 Alice Lape, '30g Edith Krause, '303 Roland Harbeson, '30g Edgar Warg, '30g Gerald Shamp 30 High School Reporters-Cynthia Wallace, '29g Bernice Chl, '29p Dorothy Baumer 30 Elsie Housner. '303 Kathryn Stannert, '31, Harry Dewire, '31g Margaret Tomlinson 3 Meridith Helsby, '32. Grade Editors-Miss Elsie Schuyler, Miss Boneta Crlswell, Miss Phoebe Reinhaxt Miss Emma J, Jacoby, Mrs. Linn Noll. Grade Business Managers-Miss Sarah Bernhardt, Miss Thelma Stamm, Donald Martin Jack Williams, Jack Hlnkle. THE ANNUAL OF l929 53 1-YIHLETIE5' Q: JL-1 QV. Footbaxx , . BasKexr.- bam 2,5 - ZCJ ' Qoack Xfavxukj Capxialvx - HUEALER. Cayikam - MUSSIHQ, MANAGER' QTFNEGG . A Vlayxagev - .lawn-cT.t, 5 Z- , x Houff 9 54 THE WILLIAM BUSH who is asslstant to Mr. Van Why in coaching boys' athletics. ANNUAL OF JOHN B. VAN WHY who ls supervisor oi phy- slcal culture and head coach of boys' athletics at Milton High. BEATRICE SNYDER who is director of girls' gymnastic work and girls' basketball. 929 RAYMOND BRANDIFF who is faculty Manager of athletics. li TI-IE. ANNUAL OF l929 55 FOOTBALL SQUAD - .V xx Top row: Ass't. Coach Bush, QQschs11. Campbell, 25?-Illlq 0, Hill, Yarger, Miller, Ammerman, Hoffman, Wa fSpec t,'Mussina, Hassenplugjstannert, Asst. Coach Brandlti, Coach Van Why. X-R lddle row or kneeling: Bly, Finck, I-Iulsizer, Rider-, 6AcBrynn,N G. Showers, Wy Lcngenberger, H, Minnlch, J. Showers, Horrox, Wearyl l . .ff Front row sittlng: J. Minnlcn, Hanson, Watts, Ruth, Sloterbeck, Russell, Davis, Leech. Buehler, Reich, Musser,,Enterline, Noll. Milton High had another successful season of football under coaches Van Why and Bush, winning seven contests, losing only two and tying One. Fullhack "Ab" Scholl was the leading offensive thrust and "Bebe" Ware the star on the defense of the backfxeld, while Capt. I-Iulslzer, Mussina, and Miller were the mnlnstays in the line. The following are the results of last years contests: Muncy ............. 14-0' ' 13-6' Lew lstown ..... ........ Plcture Rocks ....... ...... 3 1-0' Danville .... 26-0' Wllllla.mspo1't .... ..,... 0- 20 Muncy ......... 27-6 "' Bl-oomsburg .....,..............,,........ ...... 1 9-'I ' Berwick .....,.,...,.. .. ..... 0-IJ 'I'revort,on ......,....,...... . .,........... .,.... 32-6' Jersey Shore 2-25 9' Games won by M. H. S. 56 THE ANNUAL OF I929 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Reading from left to right: Standing: Coach Van Why: Herbert Harris, Lorenzo Miller, Corbley Gregg Walter Rein, William Jarrett. Seated: H. Stannert, Robert Hassenplug, Oliver Wetten, George Musslna Paul Ware Paul Bly, W. Scholl. In the court game this year we did not fare so well in games won but many of the losses were tough ones to lose, the locals being nosed out by one or two points Miller wes the outstanding performer, with Capt. Musslna running him a close second The following are the results of the 1929 schedule: Bloomsburg ...,....,........ ...,...,....... Shamokln .....,.. Jersey Shure ..,., Sunbury ....,..... Williamsport .,.... Berwick ............ Bloomsburg ..... Renovo .....,........ Vililllamsporf ...... Renovo ....,..,...... Lock Haven ....... Jersey Shore ..,.... Sunbury ..,,.....,., Berwick .... Shamokin ...... Lock Haven .,...., Danville Danville .... Faculty ..,,.. Lewisburg ..... Lewlsburg ,.... 10-13 18-19 23-27 35-29 17-28 18-33 32-31 16-15 19-47 10-31 31-34 38-23 25-35 29-30 22-27 33-15 35-19 31-20 20-23 39-15 22-18 THE ANNUAL OF I9 29 57 STATISTICS OF KEYSTONE LEAGUE Williamsport Final Standing of the Teams B6I'WlCk .........,.,.... .... ,.,. Jersey Sl'lD1'C . .... .. .... .. Renova .,..,..., Sunbury .. Bloomsburg ......... ..,..... Shamokin ....,.. Milton ,.... . ,......., ...... . . Lock Haven Bly ...... .. Gregg .,......... W. 15 ..,..,...... 12 ..........,. 10 ..,.,.,...,, 8 .....,..... 8 ,........,.. 6 ............ 5 ,.,,......,. 5 ........,... L. Pc. 1 ............ .938 ,,.. . .750 6 .,....... .. .625 '7 ...... .. .. .533 8 ,.,,..,,..,. .500 10 ....,.....,. .375 10.. .......... .333 11 ,.........,. .313 14 ,..... ., .... .125 HOW THE ORANGE AND BLACK SCORED Free Throw Scorers Musslna .,.,,..,,., ......., Stannert .. .,.. .. Scholl .,..,....,, Harris ...... Ware ..,, Miller .. Miller ........, . Musslna ....... ,.... Stannert Scholl .,.,,,..... Gregg .,,.... Ware ,.., Harris .....,. Bly ......,. Hill .....,. Rein . ..... Total Scores 2 ............ Tls. Gls. PC. 5 ,,,, ,...... 4 ....,....,.. . 800 13 ..,..,...,.. 67 ......,,.... 39 56 .........,.. 63. 6 ,,.,,...,,., 27 .,.,..,...,, 'l"l ,.....,.,.,. Fls. 34 's .615 ,582 32 ,,.,......., .571 33 ...... ..... . 523 3 ..,......... .500 12 ............ .444 34 ............ .441 Gls. 39.. ......... 33 32 33 8 12,. .,....,. . 3 3 4 2 Total ............132 ....105 92 '75 28 18 17 58 THE ANNUAL OF 1929 SENIOR CLASS BASKETBALL CHAMPS Left to right: Top row: B, Rider, K. Swartz, P. Campbell. Seated: Wm. Hulsizer, O. Solomon, J. Flnck. X JUNIOR CLASS BASKETBALL CHAMPS Left Lo riglltz Top row: Ida Powell, Mary Mnxheld. Frances Leach, Helen Mayes, Winfred Lins. Seated: Ruth Dieffenhnch, Mirinn Heffeltlnger, Madeline Sessinger, Marian Bender Florence Boudman. STATISTICS OF Scores THE ANNUAL OF I9 Boys' League Senior: .. ..,.....,,....... 21 Freshmen ..,. ......,....., 1 5 Seniors ...,. ....,... 1 2 Sophomores .,...,........ 5 Seniors ..,... ........ 1 6 Junlors .......,.,..,...,..... 12 Juniors ...., ....,.,. 1 5 Sophumures ..., ..,.,., 1 7 Juniors .......,. ...,.,,. 1 4 Freshmen ........ .,.. . 4 Sophomores ......,..,.. 28 Freshmen .... ,. ..... . 8 Flnal Standing W, L. Pc. Seniors ,.......,,....,.,,.........,.....,..,.,, 3 .,...,., 0 .,.,.,.. 1.000 Eaphomores .... .,...,. 2 ..,.,.,. 1 ...,,,.. .756 Juniors .,.,.,... ,..,,,. 1 ......,. 2 ,.,..... . 333 Freslmxen ., ....., 0 ...,.... 3 ...,.,,. .000 Three Years Athletic Opponent Berwick.: ,.,. ,, Danville ...,.,.., . Williamsport ..,.,. Lewistown ....... Shamokln ...,.,...,. Jersey Shore ...... Nanticoke ..,.,.., Easton .....,,,,, Trevorton .,,.... ..... Muncy ......,,,.,...,....... Picture Rocks .,.,... Lcwlsburg ....,.....,, Football M. Opp. Z9 59 CLASS LEAGUE GAMES Scores Girls' League SeKllOl'5 ....... ........ ,,,.. Seniors ...,. Seniors ...., J unlors ..... J unlors ....... Sophomores 13 Freshmen .,...... ........,, 1 0 ...,...10 Sophomores . ...,.., 13 Juniors ...........,,..,.,.... 24 . ,...... 12 Sophomores .,...,...,.. 'I .,....,28 Freshmen 8 ,..,.....,..34 Freshmen Flnal Standing Juniors .,.,,....,.......,...,... Sophomores Senxors . ....... .. Freshmen .,..,. Resume, '27, Basketball M. opp. .,,, 21 0 ....,. .... . . 01- 3 , . ,.,, 01- 0 0 gi ll 0 Miftllnburg .,.......,.... . .,,. 1i0 ,.,, . 0 Northumberland Sunbury ...,.,..,,.,,...... Renovo .......,.,........ Lock Haven ,.,..... Bloomsburg ..,,.. Totals ......., l-3 5-1 012 0-f 2... 0i4 2-2 0-1 I 1.. D- 0., o-o 210 61 1... 21 2- 0 1.. li 1., li 11 25-20... 0, 0... W. L. Pc. 3.....,..0........1.000 .756 .333 .000 '28, '29 Total M. opp. .. .... ,...... 3 -- 3 . ........ ....... O-- 5 .. ..., .,.... l i 4 31. 1 .,,,...,.. ......, 1 1- 1 1 .......... .,..... 1 1 1 1 .,....,... ..,.,. 2 - 1 43-26 60 THE ANNUAL OF i929 THEMCLUB The following Seniors were awarded the varsity athletic emblem dining then tlnee years of eligibility: No. George Mussina .,., . ,.,. ..... 5 Philip Campbell ..,, Paul Ware ..., ,....,,.. . ........ 5 Bernard Rider Herbert Stannert ........ 4 James Finck William Hulsizer ...,,.. .,...... 3 William Jarret ...... . Corbly Gregg ....,.,,, ......... 3 Herbert Harris ..., Leon Neuhard .,,.,...,,.....,...,.,. ,,.....,,.,..........., 3 HIGHLIGHTS IN 1928-29 ATHLETICS Milton won an athletic contest from Sunbury for the first time in ten years. The football game with Danville was played on a blanket of snow, which caused frequent spills. Wendell Scholl scored over eighty points on the gridiron last season. Milton High had fewer points scored against her in basketball than any other team in thc league. Speaks well for our defense! Unique scoreboards were placed in the gym this Winter, They are the result of Mr. Van Why's nnd Mr. Coup's labor. Captain 1929 Football, Paul Bly: Football Manager, Jne Neuhard. The basketball squad had the privilege of an ever-night trip, the first one in several years. The faculty showed splendid form and steadfast stamina in their court game with the varsity. ALL HIGH GIRLS' BASKETBALL Gladys Haggy, Betty Hill, Margaret Heinbnch, Ruth Deitienbach, Madeline Sessinger, Marian Bender. THE ANNUAL OF 1929 6I GIRLS' GYM CLASS The Girls' Gym Classes, under the capable direction cf Miss Beatrice Snyder, our new physical director for girls, have had n successful year in gym work, consisting of Swedish gymnastics, dancing, tumbling, and marching. Besides their gym work, the girls have participated in basketball, soccer, and track. CHEER LEADERS Reading from left Lo right: Katharyu Stmmcrt, Douglas Pursley, Walter Hertz, Dor- othy Levers. 62 THE ANNUAL OF I929 SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Class of 1929 presented on April 11 and 12. as the annual Senior Class Play Loose Ankles." a spectacular three act comedy. Through the hearty cooperation of the cast and the committees, and the excellent coaching of Mrs. Charles Lontz, the play was a bnl llant success. THE CAST Ann Harper ........ ,... ..,......,.,... , , .. Ethel Harper Houghton, her sister ...,,... Jasper Houghton, her brother-in-law ...,..... Jessica Harper Lawton. her slster ..,......... Harvey Lawton, her brother-in-law ,....,. Sara Elllng, her aunt .,......., ,...,.....,, ..,., Katharine Elling, her aunt . ,,..... .,.. , Major Brlnsley Elllng, her uncle ..,,, .,,, Frances Drayton, her mst cousin ...,.,, Betty Brent, her fourth cousin ....... , Agnes, her maid .. .,.............................. Andy Barton ..... . ..... Terry Francis ,... ........ . .. "Hooters" Linton Hawkins ........ Gil Barry, their star boarder ,........ S. O, S. Stotes, A reporter .....,.,. .. Dorothy Levers . .,.,.. Mable Cooper .Leroy Mertz Grace Kaunman Robert Wands . ,.,. Thelma Specht ,...... Bernice Ohl . .,,. Clarence Otto Blanche Mauger ,, ,.... Louise Martin .. Ruth Fairchild Albright Hoch Herbert Harris Phillip Campbell Herbert Stannert Oren Solomon 'A Q 'O Q9 O UR ADVERTISER ffl-la ADVERTISEMENTS FOUND m THIS 1512125 HNNUBL mama.. EFRXN man wmv 64 THE ANNUAL OF l9Z9 THE MERCHANTS WHOSE BUSINESS CARDS ARE CONTAINED HEREIN, HAVE CONTRIBUTED MATERIALLY TO THE SUCCESS OF THIS VOLUME. WE BESPEAK YOUR PATRONAGE IN RETURN --- LATEST RELEASES --- Himself--lVIay I hold your hand? Herslf-It isn't heavy: I can man- age, thank you. "Why is the milk here blue?" "Because it comes from ditcon- tentecl cows." Fresh-When I come to school at 8 o'clock. I was sleepy all morning. But now I come to school at I o'clock, and--I'm sleepy all afternoon. There was once a Scotchman so tight that every time he shaved he went out on a date to powder him- self." "Do any of the debaters have an impediment in their speech?" "Yes, there are only twenty-four hours in a clay." ""I'I-ie citizens of Paris are very in- telligentf' "Even the street cleaners can speak French." "Do you think you can improve our faculty this year?" "What do you mean?" "It says here in the News that students attend college to improve faculties." A Scotchman once took his boy from school for paying attention. It was back in medieval times. "It's no fun trying to live in this coat of mail," complained one cootie. "No," agreed the second parasite, "Heaven help a fellow on knight like this." THE ANNUAL OF 1929 65 S. SI-IIIVIER 6: SONS Manufacturers of CUTTER SPECIALTIES AND SCREW MACHINE PRODUCTS MILTON PENNSYLVANIA J 66 THE ANNUAL OF 1929 Say lt With Flowers MYRON W- REED FAIRVIEW Frelgch' Dry gleaning 6: em a e 1a GREENHOUSES Y g P C Y PRESSING AND RE.PAlRlNG 224 TURBOT AVENUE We Call For and Deliver Worn I STORE 206 RIDGE AVENUE l I5 S. FRONT STREET PHONE 404 l F LASHES FROM EVERYWHERE --- Advice to Seniors-"Don't take life too seriously-you'll never get out of it alive." Housewife to garbage man-"Am I too lat for the garbage?" G. M.--"No, Ma'm, jump right . U ln. We hear that a certain brand of coffee is good to the last drop. We wonder what is wrong with the last drop. "lu she stupid?" "My dear, she thinks an octapul is an eight-legged cat." FLOOR COVERINC-S Quality Merchandise Rugs of All Sizes Moderate Prices of Linoleum Floors C. D. SUMMERS 48 s. FRONT STREET Cap. to Private-Your name? Private-jones, Sir. Cap.-Your age? j ones-Twenty-four. Cap.-Your rank? jones-I know it. "What does a clog think when a tramp throws a rock at him?" "i'll bite." "Correct." Aviator-Wanna fly? Young Thing-O o-o-oh, yethl Aviator-Wait, l'll catch one for you. BYERLY 6: SONS QUALITY HOME DRESSED WEST MILTON. PA. in Also Expert and Scientific Laying THE ANNUAL OF l9Z9 67 FRESH FRUITS WELDING BRAZING AND VEGETABLES AUTO PARTS OF ALL KINDS A. G. HERALD CLEMEN'S MACHINE SHOP PHONE 430-R MACHINE WORK ORDERS DELIVERED CYLINDER BORING Retain Your Health By EASY Using the Famous Electric Washer BATTLE CREEK BROADXXJAY FOODS HARDWARE STORE Sold Exclusively By H. P. FOLLMER I4 Broadway I6 BROADWAY. MILTON, PA. Headquarters for Building Materials BOSTIANIS Buy Your MILK and MUSIC SHOP CREAM From Weaver and York THE BUFFALO PIANOS VALLEY DAIRY BOSCI1 and MHICSUC BEST BY TEST IN TOWN RADIOS our Plant Is Always open PIANO SERVICE A SPECIALTY For Your Inspection Stamped Goods Hosiery Mrs. j. WALTER NAIL Babies Apparel Silk Underwear RIZZO 8: CIRAULS Fresh F RUITS and VEGETABLES Buttered Pop Com and Fresh Crated Cocoanut I53 S. FRONT STREET 45 BROADWAY 66 THE ANNUAL OF 1929 KATHERINE SHRINER BEAUTY SALON Standard Building MILTON, PA. All Branches of Beauty Culture t Tonic Fredericlfs Vi a Permanent Wave MARSH'S "The Home of Good Shoes" The "Old Reliable" SHOE STORE ,1,1...-1.. .1 1,11.l1 ELIVIO NEUER s. FRONT STREET BARBER SHOP For a Good Hair Cut, let Elmo. the Up-to-date Barber, do it. Specialists in LADIES' BOBBING CANDYLAND for Refreshing Drinks, lce Cream Sodas, Sundaes . Home-rnacle CANDY Fresh Daily 54 BROADWAY 1 FAIRDALE INN One-third mile North of MILTON. PA. on theSusquehannaTrail Southern BARBECUE REFRESHMENTS GAS OIL AND GREASE ROOMS AND COTTAGES MR. MOSER, Prop. T EAT AT STAHL'S NICKELETTE LUNCH we s. FRONT, STREET Where Eats Cannot be Beat for 5c and l0c each SHOP AT THE CROWN STORE Better Goods for Less Money All Dollar Articles-Our Price 95c-2 for 331.80 PARKER PENS Pencils Desk Sets E. L. KEISER The gemltl. Drug Store Cor. Front and Mahoning Sta. THE ANNUAL OF l929 69 W. A. DEHART BYERLY BROS. WHOLESALE Q53-EY CONFECTIONER Mahoning Street Milton, Pa. Phone 306 W. RAYMOND REIN SERVE-U-RIGHT GENERAL DAIRY CONTRACTING Perfectly Pasteurizecl Sand and Gravel MILK AND CREAM phone 4-W Elm Street A 502 CLEVELAND AVENUE Phone 323 GOOD THINGS The Newest, Smartest TO EAT Green Wristlets- JuSt Arrived BLACK SHOPPE Gi'?i..TE..?32Ty 5fff?f.'il Turbot Avenue E. D, PIERCE Next to "I-Ii" The Broadway Jeweler Milton, Cleaning, R GEQ- MEASE Pressing' and Hat PLUMBING AND Cleaning Co. SPOUTING GEORGE 6: KARAVAS, Props. ALL WORK GUARANTEED WE CALL FOR and DELIVER I3 Broadway NEXT TO THE HOLLAND Phone 7 I 7 Repairing a Specialty I I6 CENTER STREET PHONE 16.1 Milton, Pa. THE ANNUAL OF l929 ICKES AND THE DOWNTOWN SHOWERS STORE Offer UPTOWN Congratulations MOYERS fo fhe COMMUNITY Class of l929 ' STORES Best Wishes to the HEDENBERG Graduating Class 61 SON H. H. HAUSE COAL COKE MEAT MARKET 1 Elm Street AND WOOD 1 P N. S-I-RINE SPENCER BATDORF THE PAPERING AND FAMILY GROCER PAINTING Elm Street 9 Elm street Milton, Penna. ' Phone 28,M J CL?-EFLIELAQNAZD Compliments of FURNISHINGS CHANDLER SALES FOR MEN, YOUNG MEN, l AND SERVICE BOYS South Front Street Milton, Pa. Next to Hotel Milton JASPER SPEESE 29 N. Front Street BELL 438-J THE ANNUAL OF 1929 7l Feed Coal EXCELLENT Lumber A CANDY SHOPPE .l- RAY KEISE-R l Soclas and Sunclaes WEST MILTON Toastwiches PENNA, Home-macle CANDIES Hardware Fresh Daily Roofing Paint Bf0adWaY FRANK M. REBER THE "K" BEAUTY ATTORNEY AT LAW SHOPPE I F ' Wilfred Preparations Milton Realty Co. Phone 292-R Building Evenings Milton, Penna. By Appointment Compclgments STRINE ANDREWS CUT 6: RATE, Inc. BURKEY The Store That Saves You Money COAL AMERICAN Best Wishes to the SHOE SHOP Quality ancl Service A. REITMEYER 57 Elm Street Class of I 929 TASTY TEA SHOPPE. 72 THE ANNUAL OF l929 Well Drilling Plumbing C. A. GROVE West Milton, Pa. 4 Pipes Exterior Hardware SEERS' BUICK i GARAGE Milton, Pa. -1-l SNAPPY JOKES il- "The general was taken sick at the banquet last night." "What from?" "Oh things in general l suppose." Mr. Newlywecl-"This blueberry pie tastes queer, dear." Mrs. Newlywed-"Oh, honey. perhaps l put too much blu'ng in ll. "That girl you picked up at the dance the other night was from lre- land. wasn't she?" ulreland? You mean lcelandf' "lsn't she a little mite?" w"lVlight nothing. She WQl11i"- Voice from the eleventh floor- "S'matter down there. have you no keys?" Noisy one on pavement-"Gotta key all-right. but would ya jussasoon throw down a few key holes?" Hey-"Aren't you wild about bathing beauties?" Hay-"l don'L know, l never bathed one." Angry Customer-- "These eggs aren't fresh." lnclignant Grocer-"Not fresh? Why the boy brought them from the country this morning." THE ANNUAL OF 1929 I3 To Secure 'gfffure HASTINGS er -Quality HASTINGS Texture INSURANCE Use Watsontown Persian ERICK Standard E Manufactured by Building WATSQNTQWN 2l Arch Street BRICK CO. Watsontown, Penna. E. H. SPOTTS GROCERIES THREE STORES: 201 Mahoning St. 724 Hepburn St. 420 Hepburn St. Best Wishes to the Class of I 929 MILTON STEEL AND SUPPLY CO. 74 TH E ANNUAL OF IOZ9 THE KELYSTONE BRICK COMPANY Watsontown, Pa. Wishes the Class of l 929 GRADUATION Thu first grr-an event in their lives- thcrc.shou1d bc a memcnto of this oc- casion. A photograph oi thc graduate. Success PHOTOGRAPHS LIVE FOREVER ISHIGURO STUDIO MILTON, PA. BOYS ' ' For Gracluation WHEN you are ready for your graduation suit, we will be glad to show you a beautiful line of suits in the new shades of tan and blue. All with two pairs of trousers at S25 S30 S335 Come in and let us prove it to you WOLF DREJFUSS lVllLTON, PA. Established l 8 78 When you are looking for your GRADUATION DRESS don't fail to see our wonderful display. We have a dress to please everyone. We also have a beautiful line of jewelry, Hand Bags and Silk Underwear suitable for graduation gifts LEWlSSON'S THE ANNUAL-OF l929 75 NOW PLL TELL ONE ! ! "What did you get on me quiz?" "Zero, but thatfs nothng for me." "What keeps the moon Irom falling?" I guess it must be the beams." "Is your friend Scotch?" "Yes, how did you know?" frgm the "He licked his spetcacles after eating his grapefruit." RELIABLE 1- "Sandy's to be buried tomorrow "I dinna ken he ha died." h l "Yes, he went. no n seven-rung cxrcus und broke his neck. She was only a pirates daughter, bug oh. boy, what zz Kidd. lst Student-"Where do you get this stuff of being a war veteran?" 2nd Student-"WIel1. you sec. I've been in -- the battle of sedan." CLYDE S. KREBS BEST WISI-IES ATHLETIC from OUTFITTER BOB SHIRT GOLF SUPPLIES COMPANY, Inc. SPALDING Shirt AGENCY Manufacturers Broadway Milton, Pa. 76 THE ANNUAL OF l929 HOCHS FlSH'S CITY CAFE oooo EATS JEWELRY IN SEASON STORE A130 Headquarters S. Front Street for Milton, Pa. DEWART Established 1881 ICE CREAM McGLYNN'S DEPARTMENT STORE SPECIALIZING IN A GOOD QUALITY SILK DRESS FOR 354.95 Home of the Dale E. Ranck Funeral Service Private Parlors 45 N. Front Street THE ANNUAL OF 1929 1 D. CLINGER'S SONS BOYS I I I 73 Years' Buy Your Service in GRADUATION SUIT LUMBER AND at BUILDING GALLAGHER MATERIALS THE TAILOR Bell 209 Popular Prices 3525.00 and up Arch Street MILTON PA VALETOR CLEANING ' AND PRESSING EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE AND STATIONERY JOHN Y. BUOY CO. Established l882 W. C. F ORTNEY COAL COKE ICE Filbert Street Milton, Pa. 78 THE ANNUAL OF 1929 E A Y 4, ,JE 1 ,IP f Y-ti Q '22 -.rf 4 ' f-1 4n x CHRVSY. 5' 'IUWN SERSN CHRYSLER "75," "65," and IMPERIAL PLYMOUTH SEDAN J. J. OBERDORF Phone 300-R MILTONIAN ENJOY PRINTING COMPANY e e ICE N. Front Street . e este ell: Milton, Pa. THE ANNUAL OF l929 AMERICAN CAR AND FOUNDRY COMPANY TANK CARS The Finest Permanent Gift A CEDAR-LINED, WALNUT CHEST WEST BRANCH NOVELTY COMPANY MILTON, PENNA. 80 THE ANNUAL OF 1929 CONDENSED STATEMENT OFTHE West Milton State Bank DECEMBER 31. 1928 Resources Liabilities Loans and Invest- Capital Stock .......... 5 47.200.00 ments ,,,,.,.,. .,,.... S 396,779.03 Surplus and Undi- Banking House and vided Profits ...... 56,785.64 Furniture ............ 9,000.00 Reserve for Depreci- Cash and Duc from ation ..,..,............ 2.000-00 Banks ,,.,,,.,.,,.,,,4,, 49,354.15 Deposits .................. 349,147.59 TOTAL .,....,....,.. 5451133.23 TOTAL ........,..... 5455133.23 COMPARATIVE TOTALS OF STATEMENT NUMBER DEPOSITS RESOURCES ACCOUNTS August 23, 1920 .,...,. ,..,.., S 30,000.00 as 49,000.00 136 December 31. 1920 ..... .. 84,000.00 115,000.00 421 December 31, 1922 ..Y.,...,..... 206,000.00 244,000.00 1089 December 31, 1924 ......,., 260,000.00 300,000.00 1355 December 31. 1926 ..,..,........ 330,000.00 390,000.00 1495 DECEMBER 31, 1920 ..... . .... 5349000.00 545500030 1752 'On the Merits of the Above Statement a Portion of Your Banking Business 15 Solicited ..-.V .. ....,-ig.. WEST MILTON STATE BANK WEST MILTON, PA. , T x BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY ' LEWISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Courses in: Libernl Arts, Biology, Education, Chemical, Civil EIectricaI and Mechanical Engineering I- and Music THE ANNUAL OF I929 BI 82 THE ANNUAL OF i929 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS NAME PAGE Andrews Cut Rate Store ..........,......,..,..... .......,-- 7 I American Car and Foundry Company ....... ....... 7 9 American Shoe Repair Shop ........,....... ..,.... 7 I Batdorf, Spencer ....,..,..,.,......... ....... 7 0 Bob Shirt Co., lnc. . .......75 Bastian, Clyde ................ .....-, 6 7 Broadway Hardware Store ....... 67 Bucknell University ...,.... ....... 8 I Buffalo Valley Dairy ...... ....... 6 7 Buoy Co., Y. ........... ....... 7 7 Byerly Bros. .... ...69 Byerly 6: Sons ...,........, ....,.. 6 6 Canclyland ...,.,,..........,.... ....... 6 5 Clemens Machine Shop ,.,,. ....... 6 7 Clinger, D. and Sons ...... ..,,... 7 7 Crown Store v.........,. ....,,. 6 B Del-lark, W. A. ..... ....... 6 9 Dreifuss, Wolf ,............... ....... 7 4 Excellent Candy Shoppe .... ......, 7 l Fairclale lnn .......,...,.....,.. ....... 6 8 Fairview Greenhouses . ....,,, 66 Fish? Jewlry Store .... ...,... 7 6 Follmer. H. P. ....... .,,.... 6 7 Fortney, W. C. ........ ..,..,, 7 7 Gallagher, Edward ..... ....,.. 7 7 George 61 Karavas ..... ......, 6 9 Grove, C. A. ............ --..... 7 2 Hastings 81 Hastings ..... ,.73 Hause, H. H. ...,....,... ....... 7 0 Hcclenbcrg Bt Son .....,. ....... 7 0 Herald, A. C. ....... ....... 6 7 Hoch, J. W, ,..... ...,... 7 6 lckes and Showers . ....... 70 lshiguro Stuclio ..... ....... 7 4 "K" Beauty Shoppe ..... ....... '7 l Keiser, E. L. ....,.,,. .,..... 6 8 Keiser, Ray .,,.,.. ...,... 7 l THE ANNUAL OF I9 29 83 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS fContinuedJ NAME. Keystone Brick Company ....... Krebs, Clyde S. ....,....-...., . Lewisson, F. H. .... ,.... . Marsh's Shoe Store ,,,..,.,.... .. McClynn Department Store ,. Mease, Geo. ..........,..,..........,.,.. .,.,.. . Milton Steel and Supply Company Miltonian Printing Company .,...., M0yer's Community Stores ......., Nail, Mrs. j. Vifalter .... Neuer, Elmo ........,.. Oberdorf, ......,......,... . Orange and Black Shoppe .,., Pierce, E. D. .........,........, . Ranck, Dale E. .... ..,.. . Reber, Frank M. ,...... . Reed, Myron ..,......,..........,. Rein, W. Raymond ...,,..,.,... Reliable Furniture Company ....,. Rizzo and Cirauls ...........,...... Shriner, Katherine .,..,. Seer's Buick Garage Serve-U-Right Dairy Sheffer's White Deer lce Cream Co Shimer, S. 8: So Shulman, Philip ....,., Spotts, E. H. .....,. , Speese, jasper ...... Stahl's Nickelette Strine, P. N. ,,.......,....... ..... ...,... . Slrine or Burkey, Coal Dealers .,.. Summers, C. D. ..........,.............. . Tasty Tea Shoppe ,..,..............,...... PAGE .,..,...74 ...,....68 ........76 ........69 .....,..73 ,.,....,7B ,.......70 ......,.67 ........68 ........78 ...,,.,.69 .......,69 ...,...,76 I ..,,,...66 ....,...69 ......,.75 ......,.67 ........68 ..,.....72 rnnany ns .. ,..,.,,...,,,..,......,.....,... .,,..... 6 5 ...... ..70 West Branch Novelty Company ...,,.. . West Milton State Bank ,........,....,.. Watsontown Brick Company ,.,. ,. ,.......73 7 ,.......68 ,.......70 ........7l ........66 .,......7I ........79 ....,,.,80 ........73 THE ANNUAL OF I929 4 2 6 lffx N u ' ENGPPNINGS V 'Q-? Pnonuclsn ln' h Cjyfll .-nf01'ff11'1'11 6,1 uym l'I'lIlf 611 Llrhuuf U11 ll 11111 ' c'171111'c.' frm Q fc nfflzfl if X 5 CO 3 fa f' Mya ' 'Q ' ' , 3 Y Q, F 1 K .0 ' , MIM g .1 Il:- 0 . Dfw' 1. Z 5 ' E- fi I , I be f , , In Wi , Q v Q X fk P , I r Q N R G, x 1 Qf n ' HW T 15 'L . 1 inns ' f'l'FmTLxll'l GCIETKVCIYGZT1. lu 36 my www 1 K af An 0 " . kc v 6 -fb - X GLIQPD ESI mae Q 1929 -Tint Haj wlicho ul Hauhmien av'X.R.b. -foolbau Guntxihs. 'l-Thankusxuugg R665 Sschmx News D4-Lui! Lv-'Pmtme oy om- siurlviti 7. Cm-Tim gbmuh-Q Lrxxq ny Numb s.G,i'vmx Swim .3-'moan' Q- Chmslm-.5 'Reg-255 10. MH-'feavvffzsamfff .J 5'- ff" . V31 -Z- ' S? 1 gr I I rlVr ,I--gf ,- E39 A V , , ff ' Z 22 ,- ff' ef f' rg' :ad a . 4 - R ,-5 l. A lo. nu isa 8,5 ff. ? ? ffii? K 5 2 I Q Q. .PP Q65 f B 535' QMUQYWN X nm mm 'ummm L usp-ZW O9 532 I YI ' un, X' , u-un .. ZT- .-Q-., alla-'1z. sa ' ' A DJ GLllg1YXf'iFQfS 'fx , me X mi ll' 'A J1.3aSYxlk-YJAXX Segmi. E K 17.-Sdxnli Dances ' H M51 ea T51 ww, -,I fu' '- " 5:1 .f .,. .:. Lx-3: yy , Q53-Ai HH: WWW ESE! .L fi ,E 11. Q- W m ' f ....Q,. M, jj F . 5 -.. 1'1- . 'U H' W W W,- .A ff-ma

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