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V i I 5 E 3 , f . i , i 1 S : L P 2 I I n E 5 E X 7 I ! r f 5 F x E E 1 Q I K I s 5 i E I i 1 k I HI ' 4JMfWH.15?ELi Id,6'lDP01k'n+9ji7 lW1x3'M!Q71:6 5I5UX21:1E35'ZF E'f7Vf?4HbH5i H131 fill " 'v21"lft.-?Tv?E"'1127! L'.'f'pRf vw :,f:,1f3 -S" W' l"J.F"'1S 1 ' - ' ' 'Tm 1 -TC-if-1 F 1' 9 T--'3Z5'fi'?4 E-' '11-'-116:51k:TUj71x"g21Q, Qlgiiixggi-5 JAlibg12f,pg,i ,QMLQQNQMI QHMNLYS , 2 55. 14 - 1' 1 l 5 i 1 I 2 A , 5 'EQ ' 1 2- 1 51 2 I 'P 5 -- i g fs-ff iii .-...v....w.Mw..WW '11 R' 5, af 1- L V. 1 'Q M -1 slg Sie W El 4 1 V , ..,.. -f 'Q S' M: ,a+ A Q 'Vi' Q 4 'Ea 3 A5 K x B JF? fa .4 e, P 'R Q 1-Ililfiu S " vdusnsaamun-v I , ,, . ,.4NA . , .. . M i f 22. .wr . . -H-'fp-, eye, 1 L N .Q S? 2 if xx at if 'H , ew 3 , ' X egg? 1, .. 1' t + gb ff' F Y' ge ' 33 4.fawm.g.uw.waunnswW-W..-.., 9 These pages are T , ,, W 1 And windows are , i t - " 1 -A S5 . K, 4 . . Y .. " - r, ' Q' 94 : M ' 95:3 L, me-X a 1. , 9, , , 'M 7 9 aw T ,j Q ff 1i'1L?5 f my N eff , we we I Q N, A. .,.M',l 2 a- K E5 MQ. ,. ". V 4 n F 3 I r I L 5 Q 4 i E I v i Q 3 W . ' K 1 his-.f Theme Dedication 12 PrincipaI's Address 13 Administration 14 Seniors 16 Activities 70 2 Sports 106 Candids 142 Faculty 172 Advertisements 194 CIHBLE 0F CCNTENTS Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. We, the last of all, are the first of all. The oldest is always the newest. to I see nothing which I have seen before 6 A man is never lost, l he has only been mislaid. 6 Somebody said that it couldn't be done, but he with a chuckle replied that "maybe it couldn't," but he would worried he hid it. He started to sing as he tackled Don't walk in front of me. I may not follow. Don't walk behind me. I may not lead. Walk beside me and just be my friend. g. Come into the mountains, dear friend. Leave society and take no one with you But your true self. Get close to nature. Your everyday games will be insignificant. Notice the clouds spontaneously forming patterns And try to do that with your life. be one who wouIdn't say so till he'd tried. So he buckled right in the trace of a grin on his face. If he the 7 thing that couldn't be done, and he did it. Play for more than you can afford to lose, And you will learn the game. - Churchill Sm We are what we pretend to be, So we must be careful what we pretend to be. . 1f?".'iL ' VL, '?s, fi 55: 2 -A 5,,.,:R!. ugh .f ,ng . ,.., or l Marv' Somebody scoffed: "Oh, you'll never do thatg at least no one ever has done it." But he took off his coat and he took off his hat and the first thing we knew he'd begun it. With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin, without any doubting or quiddit, he stared to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn't be done, and he did it. 9 The triumph of evil requires only that good men do nothing Yhgyv The more you know, the more you know you do not know. Are you doing the right thing . .. or iust doing the thing right? The art of "being" is facing the fact that your biggest task is not to get ahead of others, but to surpass yourself. 10 There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done, there are thousands to prophesy failure, there are a grin, just take off your coat and go to it, just start to sing as l don't know what the future is holding in store. l don't know where l'm goin', I'm not sure where I've been. There's a spirit that guides me, a light that shines for me. My life is worth the livin', I don't need to see the end. . . . For afterwards a man finds pleasure in his pains, when he has suffered long and wandered far. So I will tell you what you ask and seek to know. -Homer lf you see your neighbor carrying something, help him with his load. And don't go mistaking paradise for that home across the road thousands to point out to you, one by one, the dangers that wait to assail you. But just buckle in with a bit of 11 you tackle the thing that "cannot be done," and you'll do it. CDEDICEITIQN THE SENIDR CLASS DEDICATES THIS BDOK TD MRS. ESTHER PILE FDR ALL HER YEARS OE DEDICATED SERVICE TD THE STUDENTS OF MILTON HICH. I2 M , ..7,, Q5- if ty To The Class of 1977: Every September a new class enters Milton High School. When the teachers meet the new group of students, they observe how closely this class resembles the class of young men and women who graduated the previous june. From experience, however, the teachers know that even though the similarities are strong, each class is unique, with its own spirit, enthusiasm, talent, and personality. just as each class is unique, each member of the Class OF '77 is a separate individual with unique potential. Your parents and teachers have worked hard to help you to develop your talents and to prepare you to move forward toward your goal, which can be gained only by your personal effort. Robert Kennedy in his book "To Seek A Newer WorId" said, "Today's young people appear to have chosen for their concern the dignity of the individual human being. They demand a limitation upon excessive power. They demand a political system that preserves the sense of community among men." Go forward to meet the challenges you will find. Do not be afraid to speak out for vvhat yoti beheve to be true and just VVork hard for the nght of each person to express his own individuality in a society where everyone's rights are protected. As you graduate from Milton High School, I offer you congratulations and pray that God will bless you and help you to express individuality in a world at peace. Roger T. Connor MHS ADMINISTRATIO HARRY B. MCCORMICK JOHN M. HASKELL Superintendent Assistant Superintendent ROBERT F. COOKE ROGER T. CONNOR Assistant Superintendent Principal . gf'f"7 WILLIAM E. MULLIN, IR. THOMAS F. BRENNAN Vice-Principal Assistant Principal SCHOOL COMMITTEE 137 :Q A 3fV'V N I f 5 , MARY R, FITZGERALD DAVID IEFFRIES IAMES G. MULLEN, IR WILLIAM A. EDWARDS ROBERT C. SWEENEY LEO F. DUNPHY, IR. l Y- ami! Rift ,Q 5W X ibn. 'R-9 N fykf 5 bf-1 Q S gr: , " Q. . aw? ,'7 44 5-:........w .T-Rf.. lg: . 'ad f'N f' 551 WN xx! 'Sn-5 ,Lf -.4 Ti? 3' SENIORS 'N is to achieve it. l A Q if I Nw: a R , lb . as ll si ROSAMOND ALBERTI SUSAN ALEX To everything there is a season, and a Storm the master-marathon l'll fly By time to every purpose under heaven. flash and thunder fire l'll survive . .. 22321 PHILLIP ALTSHER There is only one goal in life, MARIA ARLBORG and that Not all girls from Sweden are blonde. mfg!! . Q fr' XS' V I I W A ., gi, IANE ALEXANDER I hate quotations, tell me what you know. f init i. far 7' ' f' ' 'M 1,-4. .X-. 1, U Maki. .ag ' '4 9 I - 'K I ,gs I . X 'lk V X5 up tgp ' ,tl ,I , M, If f 1 l V ,xi . f ll AMY ARMSTRONG .1 gnu? EUPHROSINE ARVANITIS MICHAEL BAGGE DAVID BAKER I8 The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything. ig. IOANNE BALFE The happiest person is the person who thinks the most interesting thoughts. BRIAN BARANOWSKI Live each day as if your life had just begun. .W c x 1 LARRY BECHET PEGGY BELEW I am not afraid of tomorrow for I seen yesterday and I love today. have i -,,.-rf:-fl, 1 SALLY BENNETT Without hope there is nothing. Get ahead in what ever you dog always forward, never straight. 19 ROBERT BERG KATHRYN BERTRAM Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream pro' ceeds the goal. IOSEPH BIBINSKI IANE BLAKE 1 flag N V ,Lx - . ,fe2-' ,ee- ' ..f'f'f L ' A , ,lp X g xk X 'Y V as . we I 1 X E i ALEXANDER BESKROWNI KATHLEEN BOEHLER 1 SANFORD Boom STEPHEN BORDEN l've done my time and now l'm through. DONNA BORTOLOTTI .E i , Y he 4' ! ,ik CHERYL BOWES ROBERT BOWLBY CATHERINE BRENNAN Today is the end, but tomorrow is just Heard Melodies are sweet, but those The mind forgets a thousand things but the new beginning, unheard are sweeter. fKeatsJ a friend is the one exception. ANNABELLE BREYMANN Accept me as I am so I may learn what I can become. KAREN BRODERICK Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed. 21 12:5- .. X J' NANCY BRODY CAROLYN BROWN THOMAS BRYAN I drink the wind while I am young, do Be not simply good, be good for some- With all its sham, drudgery and broken all the things I've never done. thing. dreams, it is still a beautiful world, DAVID BURDETT "C-QL.. Q Firm J KATHLEEN CADIGAN 22 vm KENNETH BURGESS DAVID BUTLER lt's time to say good bye and move-on. Y137' DEBRA CAMPBELL VELMA CAMPBELL Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, Behind every wall a lonely flower and live today! grows X R -at Ae ln' ix vi-rv IOSEPH CARNEY PAUL CARR The prosperity of man is not in what he has but in what he does. I v LISA CARBONE What lies behind and before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. A -X ,W .- 7573 1 Q, Q.-. ....... i Qs, 1 , a-'ggi B, . ' , Fifi-we it-A 'Lf-F"-' 125:-if 1 Y D ,4 V 3.452 'lf iwf9,'T23cf",,, S QPQSXZ ,ty "MT 1 its 5. pk f,.. Qi1:.4 hui'-"' assi: rg ga.,yj:Q,.j'- W twQ'x'!-Haiti J TYHKQQ ft .44 u,?.4li5fW - uf?" S- -18' -.1 -:ai IILL CARLSEN Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. IND Q4 ROBERT CARROLL KATHLEEN CASEY .. I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today. X .iw . ,E LISA CHAIT Accept people for what they are, not for what they do. fn i":t ' ' Q3 1:'7 ' xl' A 1 S DEBBIE CHAMBER'-AIN KATHY CHASE NANCY CHIPMAN The wise mari ITIUSI be wise bef0f9, IIOI The rose that drops in tears today, may Red is gray and yellow is white but we after the event. rise in smiles tomorrow. decide which is right and which is an illusion. 24 KX xixg, CATHY CLEAVES The joys of this life are to be found in the making of friends. li! 1-.g pf if- LA , f' DIANE COFFEY No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark. IAMES COFFEY in .- 1-13 ' ff l, 0 ,X Y 1 in ffl ROBERT COHEN DIANE COLE IOHN COLLETT ROBERT COLLETT DENISE COLLINS One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. LAURA COLLIGAN To live in perfect happiness is to truly live. 25 LORETTA CONNOLLY If I accept the sunshine and the warmth I must also accept the thunder and the lightning. 26 v- fl, ,Q ', t 1 th t MARIANNE CONDON It is the laughter we remember when we remember the way we were. IOHN CONLIN MARY CONNOR We need to laugh more to enjoy our- selves. LAURENCE CONNORS if is ', V. A ,fx , f 5 i Z .V ' ,- 1 in In f ,P if ELLEN COONEY Yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is but today's dream. PAUL CRONI N IAMES DAMICO Don't roll the dice if you can't pay the price. 'CT' Y, IAMES COULTER PATRICIA COX MICHAEL DALY ELIZABETH DAMICO What we see mainly depends on what we look for. PAUL DANEHY IENNIFER DAUBS Each friendship is a signature in some- As we advance in life we learn the one's book of life. limits of our abilities. 27 70'- -,fv '95 ,X 'Q'-'NYVA Hswsfw , 1 Y W' ' :ar Q W 4, ,X ir ANNEMARIE DEBESSE PAUL DELANEY PETER DELANEY Success begins with a person's will - lt's all in the state of mind. law? We PATRICIA DEVINE Then turn not pale, beloved snail, but come and join the dance. SUSAN DINSMORE Laughter is like taking an instant vaca tion, 28 lf ROY DITULLIO DIANE DOBROWSKI DEIRDRE DOHERTY Happy memories make warm compan- See you 'r0und, and if I d0n't, gay ions. good-bye! GERARD DOHERTY BRIAN DOLAN SUSAN DOLINER Happiness, I have discovered, is nearly always a rebound from hard work. 'fl QW Af IOAN DONAHUE BARBARA DONEGHEY ELLEN DONOVAN You will still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not. 29 IU DITH DONOVAN STEVEN DRISCOLL MAURICE DUFFY RICHARD DUGGAN IOHN EARLS ,pm .ffgl Q X. t V s 4, . . t "... x"' f H -,'x -2121 . .. .,, . v if N555 i . MICHAEL EGGERT CHERYL ERLICH Happiness is memories of the past and expectations of the future. IOHN FEENEY ,gr -r" BRIAN ELLIS You be you, and I'll be me and togeth- er we can be friends. DONNA ENGLISH Now is the time for laughter, tears and memories. 1' 1 . I, X 4 , . .. J' 3 ,L I silk. MARYANNE FAHEY MAUREEN FALLON True friends are like diamondsp pre- cious and rareg False friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere. DAVID FERRARI STEVEN FERRIS 31 --iw . I g. A, s' , A' IOHN FERSON TIMOTHY FIDLER KENNETH FINE vi I ,sun MICHAEL FINNELL SHEILA FINNERAN BARBARA FITZGERALD There is only one successg to be able to spend life in your own way. I e AN ff X., .ff Qu' .1 K-, A X 5. IOHN FITZGERALD IOSEPH FITZGERARD PATRICK HTZPATRICK 5 it MARIE FLAHERTY TAMMY FLAHERTY r See page 21 to find out why lohn got an "A" on the test ...Aw- WALTER FLANNAGAN IOHN FORCUCCI The genius of young persons is smoth- ered under a heap of useiess knowi- edge . . . Voltaire. CATHERINE FORD Sail on byg your time has come to shineg all your dreams are on their way. f 33 KiM FORD SUSAN FORTE A moment's insight is sometimes worth Stone free to do as I please! a life's experience. GARY FRASER 34 STEVEN FREEMAN IANET GALLAGHER Time passes much too quickly when we're together laughing. IAMES GANNON STEVEN GEORGE MARY GILLIS Absence makes the heart grow fonder. A quiet boy, you may see, but hidden Seasons go round, round. Painted inside is TNT. ponies go up, down. We're captive on a carousel of time. , ,f V gm gy, . A x , Y Nw. l - 'ff ll ,fr ' yi l , A 4 " ,. ' 4 -W., in , .- - H v , .W f .i V 5 . ff, ' 'Wit " V 1 is ii' ' , iff, A 'QQ' ijlisiig I "lili- . , t wr yrs, , .it at if PETER GLANCY FRANK GLAZER MARY GLYNN Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence... gt ., - ,.. Wm- 1 KIM C0005 MAUREEN GOODMAN LORI GRAVINA You do ygur thing, If only you'd believe Live hand-in-hand VH do mine Like I believe in miracles. and together we'll stand, If by Chance We Should meet' its beau- We'll get by. On the Threshold of a Dream. Qifull Moody Blues 35 I u i i if EVA GREELEY , Friends depart and memory takes them f to her Caverns. IEAN GREENBERG The greatest feeling always shows itself in silence, Q irieymk 31, ,I ,-.6 it , ,+I TERESA GROGAN The happiest person is the person who thinks the most interesting thoughts. 36 IOANNE GUERINI CAROL HAGLUND We know what we are, but not what we may be. 1" xt MARCY HALPERN MELISSA HAMILTON MARIE HANAFIN You're a butterfly, and butterflies are Memories are for looking back because free to fly, fly away, high away, bye bye we can never go back. shag, . SUSAN HANDEL IULIE HANNON ROBERT HARRINGTON You see things as they are and ask I desire no future that will break the "Why?", but I dream things that never ties of the past. were and ask, "Why not?" M l K. XM, I , A !'4f if IEAN HARTIN DANIEL HARTMAN IANET HEALEY Drean, but don't make dreams your What we learn with pleasure we never master, forget, Think, but don't make thoughts your aim. EVA HELLSTRDM EDWARD HENDERSON Swedes have more fun! weft RUTH HERMAN H 38 SUSAN HIGGINS DIANE HODAPP I am united with my friends in heart, what matters if our place be wide apart. 99h..,,,, Wg lit! it sei wa EILEEN HOGAN Memories are mine to sort out and treasure, uncertain is my future before me. IUDI HUNT If we do meet again, we'lI smile in- deed. FRANCIS IOHNSON 3234 "'..7' ia, I gh K 1 t nfs, we ' 4: 4 w ,kt A anfliaff' ya, .. 'B IOHN HOWARD Keep your mind on it, and your hand off it, then you'lI never go wrong. MARY HUGHES INDIA HUNTER VICTORIA IEPSON Skating away on the thin ice of the new day. xx? ., ,Q 4 ga, i 4 lg IILL IOHNSON LINDA IOHNSON Memories we've shared, can't be taken away so I'Il dream of tomorrow and remember today. 39 mime 114413 -W, . 1 MARIBETH IOHNSON PETER IOYCE When all are one and one is all, To be a rock and not to roll. .qv iv fr IANET KARALEKAS Nothing is ours but time. CAROLYN KEALEY 40 ,.f"' gf ' ' , , Q,- ,? all TRICIA IOYCE Happiness sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open. lfsal e Ea j J- ,n kk Y ' Q-if :y "'- wrff., fr i 55? 'wfvv-19' PATRICIA KEATING Live while you live, die to be done with it. DEBRA KELLY 'K' PAM KELLEY We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the share. f NANCY KELLY lf there is no wind - row. ' , l ff - I - . - 'Q 'Q f5TiN5552TfF-?,'T!'q+' f l I 2 lifts? Q 5:32 . A 1 I ' - 1 4' - L A W -V . I 3em?43e4:'i2f' - i Ni r WQQQLQLV i V5 , ' fm J- 1 MICHELLE KELLIHER You've got your memories , .. SUSAN KENNEDY Adventure is not in the guidebook and Beauty is not on the map. ,. -2 ,i,,. BRIAN KINSLER MICHELLE KINSMAN IOAN KIRBY No goal is too high if we climb with care and confidence. 4'l So keep well, Keep well old friends. .-:ri 'Q?aHy PETER KLEHM Your life will be judged not by what you did, but what you didn't do. STEVEN KORT tp ' . tt 1 Hg .ii A it N V 1' Q' ' .l.' uuyu Y l ' I JW XL l ' 1 L X i gmllll . will li W ' mi MICHAEL LANE To get out of school and get to work. 42 rf-1, ti 3- - K gl , t 12- at AL ' MARLENE KLIMAN GREGORY KNIGHT Beyond fathoms of mirror maze house Either do not attempt at all, or go a multifold series of empty Vanities. through with it. , sf -.q . VAN NANCY KROZY GERALDINE LACROIX Each dawn is a new beginning. Thoge were the days, x ,f +, N PAUL LANE TERESA LAMMEY Let a man keep pace to the music he It's not what you have, but how you hears however measured or far away. use it. LISA LEONARD LAURA LEVITT LEONARD LIMA The person who fulfills all of his goals too early in life, has nothing left to live for. T ..'-1-'W' 1 ffwx IANET LINNEHAN The way to live happily with people is to overlook their faults and admire the virtues. DEBBY LLOYD Time flies over us but it leaves its shad- ow behind. 43 if l -Q PW i 5. ALISON LOCKE Happiness is not having what you want, but having what you have. SUSAN LOWE PAULA LUCCIO DEBRAH LUOSEY It matters not how long we live, but Nothing in life isto be feared, how. It is only to be understood, 44 BRIAN LYNCH KATHLEEN LYNCH MAUREEN LYNCH BARRY MacDONALD I don't think of the future. It comes Accept me as I am - only then will we L00 SOOO. IOHN MaCDONALD BRIAN MACLEOD discover each other. REGINA MacDONALD SPENCER MICINNIS Affepl me 35 I am 50 l maY leam What I can't believe I was here for 3 years. I can become. f"ff's MARYELLEN MAHONY MNE MAIDEN Long life is denied us therefore let's do G0 plaqidly among the noise and haste something to Show that we have lived. and remember what peace there may bein silence . .. 45 i 5 .,,2 .. ...1 M i il' Q ,,,.,.,. 1 i 3 if lxir ly, .. ., BRIAN MANNING EUGENE MANNING IEANNE MANNING Take your time, think a lot, you may still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not. ,Q-is -ssl' X MOIRA MANNING Of what can a man be proud of if he is not proud of his friends. N QQ? WS 46 'Ss -C1 RICHARD MANNING IENNIFER MARKELL Wipe your glosses with what you know, RICHARD MARSHALL MICHAEL MCCONNELL LINDA MARRAMA Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. MICHAEL MCCARTIN Would you but a used care from this man? MARY MCCONVILLE DENNIS MARSHALL -ffl., In 2 MICHELLE McCARTlN If's lifes illusions I recall I really don't know life at all. MARK MCCUE Men of few words are the best men. 47 'Q-'Sf . i . - S FX 0""Jl eg A " nr- ' ' 7 I 3? 4 f 55 R A7 f s c 3 - A We f ff , . fs up ,. , 0 W, MARYBETH MCDERMOTT KEVIN MCCUNE IOHN McDERMOTI' 'Cami MOLLY MCDONA LD IOSEPH MCDONOUGH 48 And so it goes. ni Y' Music once admitted to the soul be- comes a sort of spirit and never dies. xwg rw, , ,N Q, A X . K I . Q .- 'V' ' . 120. if-, f gt,-,:X M - .. . --r-N 0 1 gg B? E? ' I-,.q':'Xv'5-1.9: 1 53' -"f'f'..XfQ'Qf3w' , ' Tfvfk Vg, 7-124 4 X A in , Q , M WB., . W" ' V bf af 1' . 1 If H ' s ' if 9, A 'f' f .4 f 1 , A 'f I ., fir A ,gf-s, f . 3 4' " -f .ww - A . 1 1 D44 rf A . 3 ' ,Q 4 rl W l ' , ' -. 1 I A QQ J ' MARK MCDONOUGH DAVID MCELORY f s PATRICIA MCGRATH There can be no rainbow without a 1327 f 1' MAUREEN MCDONOUGH DONALD MCDOUGALL Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. K fs? g .4,,,gg,l1.4 SHEILA MCGONAGLE EDWARD MCGOURTY The sand will slowly wash away but Life is either a daring adventure or the memory lingers on. nothing at all. KA JOHN MCHUGH STEPHEN MCHUGH How quickly good times become just cloud and 8 SIOHTL memories, 49 WILLIAM MCKENZIE t DANIEL MCNULTY IOHN MCSHARRY IANET MCLAUGH LIN A A T w' If :Q-W, :Nl lil. -M, ,t Mft S' an CIN , ffjj' . .3 4 at ' 1 I L Qtffllii. I I KEVIN MCQUAID V Em 'Nsa' KEVIN MCWILLIAMS "Townies"g they stick together. "Pretend to be good always, and even 50 God will be fooled." 4.322 ii? . , , it ts, QW 5, I I fi EQ' V . I ma, . CLAIRE MCMANUS Accept me as I am so I may learn what I can become. l ,Maia , V H '.:-Mig, . 3 D 5 MARY MEARN VIRGINIA MEE SUSAN MEEK I went looking for a perfect ending, For the too many miles and the I00 couldn't find one, so l bought a new little smiles, I still remember you. beginning. RICHARD MELGARD ANDREW MELLEN Later... much later, lv-J"' x, -Qeijff .--1 MARIA MERLO IOSEPH MESSINA Take a look back, you can see the fun and laughter that we all had together. 51 f"""r El'-EEN ME55lNGER CARLOTTA MICHAEL LORRI MILLER Do not follow where the path leads. The P0"P0'59 '5 Walling ' 800dbY9- Rather go where there is no path and leave a trail. ,sz-if STEVEN MOREAU ROBERT MORRIS FRANCES MULLEN On earth there is no heaven but there are pieces of it. ELISE MURPHY MARYANNE MURPHY MURIEL NAAS I desire no future that will break the There are two ways of spreading light. Learn from yesterday, dream for tomor- ties ofthe past. To be the candle or the mirror that row, and live fortoday. reflects it. 5 2 l ' ji , f"'5 ff PETER NANGERONI URSULA NANIA Fate makes our relatives, choice makes our friends, G ffl J Q 5 LE fr J X hx . ,-145+ CIM .Y 4, .Jig A , ,. A.,3 A W gf -.IM Egg:-A .5 1 MARK NASH 1 A' " 9 .., A I' PAULA O'BRIEN If we do meet again we'll smile indeed. ., wan, DANIEL O'CONNOR 53 THOMAS O'CONNOR MARION O'DONNELL L in V44 SUSAN O'LEARY DIANNE OLSON We've only just begun to live so many roads to choose, we start out walking and learn to run. IOHN O'MALLEY , , 4 -- . 1. . f .....w'- uf." 6 Q . , ., ua ff J.. 1, ,- f. ,' z. . f..r-'-. - 'l'.'.-'.'.e.'.'. CHRISTOPHER O'NEIL ROBERT O'NEIL Go placidly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence, BRIAN 0'SHEA PAUL O'SULLIVAN f E KEVIN OPUDA MAURA 0'TOOLE A friend is a person, who knows all about you and still likes you. .K 1, fww, 1 . .- io, ,u,w,.J . ' ' :fn 7 . ,I . , My? Qi' if--M-J . i .t IOHN PAGE ELIZABETH PANORA Good-bye Mr. Chick Q, I CATHERINE PARIS 55 K 'qi-rs IODI PARK IRIS PARKER PAM PARKER Thought I saw him walking down the street wearing someone eIse's memo- ries. 56 if P We're part of the fire that's burning . ,. from the ashes we can build another day. ,-ang. DAWN PARKS When you walk through a storm hold your head up high and don't be afraid ANN PARRELL Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is to you. KATHERINE PARROW MARK PERRONE The past is a guide, the future, a prom- Patience is a virtue of the strong, ise, the present for living. EDWARD PETERS ANNE PETITTI lf not now - when? The road is long with many a winding turn. But I'm strong enough to carry on. L NANCY PICCO MAUREEN PICKUP Do it, do what you feel, but do it in Keep your face towards the sunshine style! and the shadows will fall behind you, IULIE PEMBERTON IOHN PHELPS MERIDITH PILLA 7lf HEATHER PINKUS KATHLEEN PLANT STEPHEN PLANT Endings always come too fast. They Accept me as I am so I may learn what come too fast but they pass too slow, I can become. LAURA PLOTKIN ANNE POFCHER WALTER POLLARD Blessed is the person who can laugh at A person must have a certain amount himself - he'll never C9356 to be of intelligent ignorance to get any- amused. where. GARY POLONSKI IOHN PRANTIS RICHARD PROCTOR 58 SUSANNE RADOVICH There is nothing at all in life except what we put there. DANA RANKIN They build too low who build beneath the skies. CIW LAURA RANKIN Life can only be understood back- wards: but it must be lived forwards. K . 5... - ' it-nov Q, kb J 'Q ,li E' W4 sf' - fl? , 4' V , , Q ' A if E ff Xi? MYRNA RAVITZ ROBERT REED RICHARD REGE MICHAEL RILEY STEPHEN RILEY .f SCOTT ROBERTSON DIANE ROCK We can do anything we want to, if we stick to it long enough. 60 Tx DEBRA RODERICK 3 1 gg? ., m,. ,. 5 z . X ,Q SUSAN ROTA RICHARD SAMPSON t FRANCES RODERICK Free speech is like garlic. If you are perfectly sure of yourself, you enjoy it. BERNARD SALTALAMACCHIA A soul without discipline is like a ship without a hull. KENNETH SANDS Activity is the only road to knowledge. IONATHAN ROGERS if W iw' fm! .,5,g11' ' i . '1 , .fl DEBORAH SALTALAMACCHIA Remember yesterday, enjoy today, and Hope for tomorrow REGINA SANTA MARIA 61 5 ff f l CAROL SEIDMAN MICHAEL SHAHEEN IOHN SHERIDAN Do not go where the path leads, rather go where there is no path and leave a tra' . . , I ' ' "f'S' I,.'?..'fgfi1:z Qffzsf' " 'lY'1, ' f ' X r , V ' -4.-.,, ' A-'Qi-Qfggilllliisi V 2.1.13 rw .t-we l , W ,, ,.,afai,t., -ns YLTYY IAMES SHIELDS LAURA SICA The important thing: to be able to sac- rifice what we are for what we could become. ,-gps 1"'5' ' P V-es " i l - 'fikfz A 5 at MQ ELLEN SILVERMAN ROBERT SIMONELLI "School teaches, but we learn from life," Q - A K1 A L .lf f IEA ' 'Zfsf l ,W 1, ,ga .fQ,gg5P'5 lf' - 593 W , E' QL... 11 ,Aff X ,X ANTHONY SINGARELLA ': 1f,,!2?zs?'W xt i DONNA STONE DANIEL SULLIVAN Good things in life take a long time. - A Q if ' Q55 H ,.,, 5 ,L:11., if , , ,,,..,, 3, Q '-1f' sfsfti. Y' ittzlxtf-'vie fKA'A . ii.l'S-'L' IOHN SULLIVAN KATHLEEN SULLIVAN YU' 45.4 IAMES SULLIVAN KATHRYN SULLIVAN The road of life is too short to go through alone without your love. ,fm,f,f,,,,s .mrfm ' gifs MARY SULLIVAN MEREDITH SULLIVAN PAULA SULLIVAN "Be yourself. Who else is better "We may lose, or we may win, but we The Sand will Slowly wagh away, but qualified?" will FIEVEI' be here again." the memory lingers On. 64 ' -nf' 'wierd' I 'Q . Q J, I ...I ,F Y sf XI If , E' I SHEILA SULLIVAN I LORI SYLVESTER DEIRDRE TARACEVICZ Remember what the CIOOVYTIOUSS Saldi The moment may be temporary, but Take care to get what you like or you "Keep your head." the memory is forever. will be forced to like what you get ff' ' 1543 .Q PATRICIA TAROS CHRISTOPHER TARPEY l 65 H' wa? M ,A BETH THOMPSON Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or iose . .. SHEILA TOBIN Friends depart, memories take them. Teach me not to forget. ,,.- , , i TH 1 1 5 PAUL TULLY DENISE UZDAVINIS DENNIS UZDAVINIS Love is never having to say you are Now I can Rock and Roll all night and sorry. party every day . . . 66 1 DALE VARNEY IOHN WALLACE MARILYN WALSH R. DENISE WARE LINDA WATSON PAUL WATSON There can be no rainbow without a cloud and a storm .. V ,, - A A A. . 9"'a-t, A 4 LAAAW LA A A GARRY WAYNE ORALLIE WELCH GARY WERMAN Lord Grant me serenity to accept things I cannot change and courage to change things I can. 6. 'L , 2834" 67 , 1. 4 ! Af " ll y X gl I f im, i "WA Wie? f 2. 1 Vg I NANCY WHELPLEY DIANE WOLF PATRICIA WOLF We've only just begung so many roads You receive happiness from friends and Don't waik in- from of meg don't walk to chooseg so much of life ahead. mold your ways for the ones you love. behind me. just waik beside me and he my friend. v Q f 1 X ff, , ,- fi CAROLYN WRIGHT A . . And ali I ask is a tail ship and a star to steer her by M. Z 6 I ,TTL W TERESA YOUNG LINDA ZAUNERE l am if YOU are YOU, and if bY C"13nCe Don't it always seem to go that you we meet . . . lI'S beautiful. don't know what you've got till it's 68 gone. ROBERT FOSTER MARIE MARGARONE LINDA MCCLOSKEY .rf . ,-A II :N K D JJ: ,ER T: 55. A Q 4.7. ...1 SCOTI' RICHMOND EVE WILLIAMS ANDREW KRISIUKENAS 69 M M 'ish-9 SING .-nf 5.2 f N, Q Xmgsfgftfl My V i je MM A :HCTIVITIES 53 5' til 4- I, Earls, B. Simonelli, P. Lane, P. Sullivan The Senior Class Officers, President Paul Lane, Vice-President Robert Simonelli, Treasurer lack Earls, and Secretary Paula Sullivan, were pleased to serve the class of 77 in its last year at the high school. Two dances and a trip to Bermuda served to unite the class and provide revenue for the final events at the Senior Prom. SENIGR CLASS OFFICERS N. Chapman, L. Ware, P. Smith, I. Sheehan, C. Dolan, K. Langevin The junior class this year was well represented by President Chris Langevin, Vice president Ned Chapman, Secretary Lorraine Ware, Treasurer Chris Dolan, and executive board members lean Sheehan and Patty Smith. Their plans include a ski trip and the always popular donkey basketball game to bring down the cost of the junior Prom at the year's end. The class of 1978 plans to wrap up the year with a field trip to Martha's Vineyard. lUNlOR CLASS OFFICERS STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council will serve many purposes this year. lt has purchased equipment for the Science Depart- ment as well as helping to finance the copying machine in the library. The Council has also sponsored the suc- cessful Girls League Dance and hopes to serve as an effective liaison between the students and the adminis- tration. Front: D. Christodoulelis, M. McCue, I. Forcucci Second: K. Fidler, S. Gallagher, H. Pinkus Third C. Brennan, G. Daly, C. Mancini Fourth: M. Kelliher SCHOOL COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVES Milton's School Committee Representatives work hard to relate the feelings and opinions of the student body to the proper school officials. Frequent meetings are held with the Guidance Department, the faculty Advisory Committee, and the School Committee itself. This year's Representatives have worked to make changes in the present study hall system, improve the school's general appearance, and instigate a program for greater student awareness, Front P Puliafico, S. Gallagher, G, Devin Second: K. Sands, M. Mc Cue, P. Nangeroni EVVSPAPER CLUB KN.. Front P Smith, L. Carbone Second: M. DRagon, B. O'Neil, I. Markell, Miss Seegraber, B. Driscoll, P, Devine D. Cunningham, S. Kennedy E Peters, D. Donovan, I. Forcucci, T. Rankin. Missing S. Robertson Insight, MHS's bimonthly newspaper, offers students an opportunity to express themselves and inform others about their own activities. This year, under the direction of faculty advisor Miss Seegraber and editor Patricia Devine, record sales have reflected the increased quality of the newspaper. The staff has attempted to publish articles that relate closely to the student body. Insight features music reviews, sports articles, club news, ads, editorials, and behind the scenes revelations of various school and community programs. On the lighter side the newspaper usually includes a "mad-lib", crossword puzzle or word search games. This year special feature articles were written about life in Sweden by MHS's two Swedish exchange students, Maria Arlborg and Eva Hellst- rom. Insight Staff members include: associate editor, jenny Markell, Photography and Graphic Arts, Bob O'Neil and Scott Robertson, Deirdre Donovan, john Forcucci, Ed Peters, Ed Henderson, and Tom Rankin copy editors, and Business Manager Susan Kennedy. ECHO STAFF Front: K. Chase, M, Ravitz, I. Markell, M. Kliman, Second: D. Collier, P. Smith, D. Doherty, D. Donavan, l. Manning, L. Carbone This year the Unquity Echo staff plans to publish two quality magazines, one in December and the other in the Spring. The staff spent the fall semester gathering material, collecting sponsors, editing, and typing material for the first issue. In an attempt to upgrade the quality of published work, the staff was more selective than in previous years. As a result, the winter issue may be slightly shorter, but we feel it is improved. This year's co-editors are jenny Markell and Myrna Ravitz, as well as Kathy Chase fart editori and Marlene Kliman fbusiness editorj. The advisor and morale booster is Mrs. Ruicis. ix LETTERS OF CQMMENDATION Standing: S. Robertson, I. Sullivan, W. Pollard. Sealed: I. Forcucci. Missing National Merit Semi' Finalist M. Kliman CH ESS CLUB iv 78 Back row: I. Prantis, G. Cross, B. Eggert, C. Pine. Front row: A. Kaunfer, R. Wallace, M. Eggert, P. Carr MATH CLUB mfpl ' rv Back row: D, Hartman, I. Prantis, l. Sullivan, M, Kliman, E. Moriaty. Front row: A. Kaunfer, R. Wallace, D. Rosenbaum, D, Page COMPUTER CLUB Standing: I. Wallace, P. Altsher, 1. Phelps, Seated: K. Stone. , i YEARBOQK BUSINESS Third: P. Luccio, M. O'TooIe, K. Broderick, P. Nangeroni Second: C. Wright, N. Picco, D. McNulty, S. Higgins, D. Hodapp, D Ware, Front: P. Carr, B. Donehgy, M. Mahony, C. McManus, B. Thompson, E. Silverman VQLU TEENS Front: P. Carr, E. Nash, F. Thompson, S. Egan, M. Washburn Second: P. Manning, S. Gallagher, D. Hartin, B. Thompson, M. McCune Third: B. Driscoll, B. Flagg, P. Amaru, M. Dragon, I. Gannon Fourth: P. Puliafico, A. DeBesse, E. Galvin, C. Sullivan SCIENCE CLUB Front: P. Carr, 1. Hoos, R. Wallace, D. Page, S. Loring, M. Saipe Second: l. Yosovitz, D. Rosenbaum, 1. Becker, S. Katz, R LeLacheur, A. Cunfer, B. Munroe, I. Allen, E. Moriarty, S. Breen, D. Jacobs, Mrs. Ryan The Science Club meets every two weeks. President!Siobhan Breen, guided by Miss Ryan, has planned many activities for the club. Some of these are: field trips to the Science Museum, to World's End, to the Arboretum, and to many other places. Individual projects for members are planned on topics of ecology. as GUIDANCE AIDS LS Qgp-. ' , : 5 r 'l-g'. Back row: Mrs. Moore, P. Joyce, 1. Karalekas, D. Parks. Front row: M. Washburn, M. Sarafeen. '43 T. Magna, P. Pilgrim, M. Karakostas, L. Pickup, M. Fallon, M. Howard, I. Stanley, P. Luccio, N. Picco, D. Lloyd, M. O'TooIe, E Wall, D. Lyons. R. MU LLllNl'S ASSISTANTS Girl s League A 'mi' Back row: D. Baker, D. Conlin. Second row: l. loyce, M. Auril, B. Driscoll, S. Mc Hugh, P. Fitzpatrick, N. Flavin, P. Clougherty, I Connaly,1. Shields. Front row: M. Duffy, I. McDermott, I. Linskey, B. Carrol, D. McNulty, l. Fitzgerald, 1. Coffey, R. Burke. SPECIAL CLASS AND ASSISTANTS M. McCune, M. Forte, 1. Gallagher, D. Dipesa, S. Breen, I. Wirrell, B. Thompson, D. Thomas, M. Fallon, S. Gallagher, F Thompson, K. Swanton, M. McDonald, M. Fund CDNCERTA D ARCHI C- BA D Front: P. Lynes, D. Doherty, C. McCarhty, S. Breene, l. Jackson, F. Thompson, l. Macelltany, D. Rosenbaum, R. Karon, E. Moriaty P. Dodd, H. Chattillon, S. Williams, N. Tringalli, M. Karakostas, N. Whelpley, M. Peters Second: l. Alexander, R. Wallace, R Galer, N. Brody, P. Hannisian, M. Howard, D. Dobrowski, E. Sylan,, D. Parks, C. Pyne, D. Page, E. Neely, M. Pollard, F Chruickshanks, M. Lewis, N. Barcelou Third: T. Fitxgerald, l. Turok, G. Martell, W. lefferies, I. Katz, E. Pyne, M. Avril, l. Connely 1. Finerty, 1. Mirotta, R. Dittub, B. Flagg, M. Minichiello, I. Bowlby, K. Macdonald Fourth: B. Munroe, D. Burdett, R. Hamilton, D, Hartman, W. Flanagan, H. Carter, K. Fine, G. Burdett, C. Boyce, I. McGonagle, R. Bowlby, D. Varney, l. Weinstein, R. Le Lacheur BRASS CHDIR -...,--1 invite .L . A,,,,,,..,..-at -..,- Front: C. Boyce Second: 1. Weinstein, G. Burdette, D. Burdette, D. Hartman 84 I STAGE BA D mf-' if, s-ms.,-A 1-.1-" ,.. Front: 1. Bowlby, R. Galer, E. Pyne, I. Connoly, M. Minichiello, M. Pollard, F. Cruickshanks, K. Macdonald Second: T. Fitzgerald D. Burdete, D, Hartman, H. Carder, K. Fine, G. Burdette, C. Boyce, 1. Mirotta, R. Bowlby, I. Weinstein BARBER SHOP QUARTET ,I 1 , -...--I Q 1 Awe i C. Boyce, K. Fine, P. Baxter, G. Burdette DRILL TEAM Front: G, La Croix, S. Carle, D. Olson 1Captainj, I. Gallager, K. Hagerty Second: S. Egan, E. Hogan, P. Coggin, K. Manning Third A. Veneto, W. Kinsman, C. McFadden, A. Bonner, K. Carroll, D. Rees, P. Rees, E, Kussman, B. Thompson BA D BOARD Front: C. Pyne, I. Alexander, D. Dobrowski, M, Minichiello Second: K. Fine 86 MAKDRETTES ,E-...-':.': f Front: T. Austin, T. Flaherty, B. Mackenzie Second: N. Krozy, I. lohnson fCaptainl, N. Kelly lTrick Twirlerl, S. Rota fCo Captainl, B, johnson GIRL' SELECT CHCDRUS Front: I. Walsh, S, Breen, C, Rumpf, P. Amaru, M, McDermott, Second: M, Minichiello, P. Melchin, G. LaCroix, B. Hawkins , 87 B CHORUS Front: E. Livingston, P. Amaru, P. Sullivan, S. Breen, E. Dutton, P. Baxter, 1. Stallions, E. Pyne, D. Rosenbaum, M, Lewis, P, Dodd M. McDermott, R. McDonough Second: M. Parsloe, D. Dobrowski, P. O'Brien, M. Stanton, 1. Allen, G. Devin, C, Boyce, R LeLacheur, I. Mirotta, D. Lynes, C. Rumph, B. Hawkins, K. Parrow, M. Kliman Third: I. Alexander, P. Ryan, K. Hegarty, D. Parks M. Minichello, C. Sullivan, P. Melchin, H, Carder, R. Grogan, P. Taros, G. La Croix, A. Melchin, E. Langelier VVOODVVI D TRIQ M. Pollard, W. leffries, M. Minichello as , FUTURE HOMEMAKERS QF AMERICA Front: P. Luccio, N. Picco, E. Williams, D. Lloyd, 1. Moulton, H Crowley Second P Moriarity K Flanagan M Minichello K Clark, M, Washburn, M, McDonough Third: A. Bonner, T. Austin, M Fallon M Hanafin S Moriarty E Messinger B johnson The goal of the FHA is not to produce better cakes but better people. AS a national organization we try to show our members how to communicate with and work posi- tively for the home, school, and community, while in- vestigating different careers. Our annual activities such as the Parent-Daughter ln- itiation Ceremony and the Father-Daughter Sports Night give us the opportunity to learn more about the people around us. MHS'S 1976-1977 FHA officers are: President Hope Crowley, Vice-President Kathy Clarke, Recording Secre- tary janet Allen, Corresponding Secretary Terry Austin, treasurer Patty Moriarty, Historian Peggy Puliafico, and Reporter Katie Flanagan. This year Milton has the honor of having both a State officer and a National officer as members. Jennie Moul- ton is the 1976-1977 State President and Gerry La Croix is a 1976-1977 National Committee Member. UNIQR PROM T? L vi 5 ','., Q Egg' f fi 111 714 . . 'Q 5 W' if W' 5 -if 3 X ,' ' ' A, ,, 5 Q, . . Z 7 fb , FDM! MAY 7,1976 1 1 ,nw 'Wx 1. -o 1 1 s" Q iii., .5 FRENCH-SPANISH CLUB Front: P. Carr, M. Fallon, E. Walsh, L. Vey, D. Donovan Second: C. Greenfield, K. Palumbo, P. Puliafico, M. Richard, L Delaney, Ms, Habosian Third: B. Hawkins, S. Katz, P. Smith, L. Ware, J. Richer The French-Spanish Club has fun while discovering new things about Spanish and French culture. Annually, the club attends the Whole World Celebration during Thanksgiving week. The Christmas party introduces the members to various French and Spanish holiday traditions. Working with Miss Habosian, President Liz Walsh, Veep Dennis Marshall, and all the other club members have visited a myriad of places. G ERMAN GLU B Front M Livingston, W. Kinsman, K, Hagerty Second: S. Katz, M. Eggert, L. Berkovitz, K, Boudrot Ms Habosian This year, the German club, with the help of Miss Habo- sian, was involved in many interesting activities. President Wendy Kinsman, Vice President Dennis Marshall, and Secre- tary-Treasurer Kathy Hagarty planned field trips and tradi- tional German festivals with the help of and for the benefit of all the club members. During the fall, the club organized an Octoberfest and celebrated the holiday season with the annual Weihnachtfest. The Club attended the Whole World Celebration and visited a German restaurant. They have also been selling German candy. Thus, while a knowledge of the language is not necessary, members do deepen their ex- perience of German culture and tradition. ART CLUB Front M McDonald C Pyne C Rumpf A Dinsmore Second Mrs Hogan, L. Carbone, B. Fitzgerald, M. Lewis, R. Hoos, A. Bonner M Fallon S Blankhorn M Brown D Taracevicz Third D Cunningham, D. Collier, E. Taros This year the Art Club made scenery for the drama club's productions and to raise money for the julian Alexander Scholarship Fund, they once again held a craft sale. Designing and painting murals around the school also kept the art club busy. Under the direction of Mrs. Hogan, President Barbara Fit- zgerald, Vice-president Dee-Dee Taracevicz, and secretary Molly MacDonald, the Art Club was a success. DRAMA CLUB Front: M. Minichiello, D. Dobrowski, F. Thompson, D loyce R Ross M lones D Parks Second M Mahoney E Silverman B Thompson, D. Rees, P. Rees, C. Radovich, M. Duggan, K Greenin I Markell P Devine I Alexander The President of the Drama club this year was Elise Murphy, the Secretary was jennifer Markell and the Treasurer Dawn Parks. The club per- formed l. M. Barrie's Peter Pan for the winter production. The club, under the direction of Mrs. Coetze and Mr. Reed, put on a fine show. The spring production will be Bye Bye Birdie, which will be presented in cooperation with the music department. The Drama club presented a very impressive and enjoyable Peter Pan this year. Directed by student Elise Murphy and Mr. Ron Reed, cast members Maryann Connor 1Peterj, Ken Fine QHookJ, jenny Markell fWendyJ, Maryellen jones, Ed Peters, Debbie Shea, Dana Rankin, Dawn Parks, and Walter Pollard brought this charming story to vital life. 96 PETER PAN Director Elise Murphy ATIO AL HO CR SCDCIETY Mrs. Tuttle is Milton High School's 1976-1977 National Honor Society advisor. With the help of Mrs. Tuttle and the other National Honor Society officers, President john Sullivan has been holding regular meetings on the second Tuesday of every month. During the months of October and November the Milton Chapter of the National Honor Society held a very suc- cessful canned goods drive for under-privi- leged families. New members were initiated in December. The new senior members are: Eva Greeley, jill Johnson, Nancy Kelly, Paul Lane, and Eddie Peters. Congratulations to them all! Standing: D. Dobrowski, D. Doherty, l. Hannon, 1. Alexander C Erlich M Kliman P Devine P Danehy P Lane P loyce E Peters M Nash, M. Eggert, President 1. Sullivan, K. Sands, E. Greely Second Row A Breymann S Kennedy 1 Markell E Silverman M McDonough S. Doliner, M. Kelliher. Front Row: C. Brennan, M. Manning S Meek D Wolf N Kelly 1 lohnson M Sullivan S Radovlch D Hodapp L Leonard, P. Wolfe. VVORKSTU DY . A - 1 -ta ' . Front Row: M. Condon, L. Marrama, 1. Menz, 1. Galvin, B. D'Amico, L. Slyvester, P. Flibotte, R. Reed, 1. McLaughlin Second Row: M Whalen, S. Maclnnes, A. Beskrowni, Mr. Reed, B. Meeken, R. Proctor, 1. Harrington, I. Kelly, D. Wayne, Mr. Lapworth, Mr. Smigliani L !A'r.lhE'.lUW7f ' ' ' . . f fi. 3593" 2 " . 1 r .MN . 'M ' Front Row: A. MacNeil, K. Plant, H. Maclnnes, D. Noonan, 1. Carlson, K. Cadigan, Mr. Laitenen Second Row: Mr. McLaughlin, D. Campbell B. Ellis, W. McKenzie, B. McLeod, P. Fitzpatrick, T. Barry, T. Flaherty, V. Mee, N. Chipman Third Row: B. Morris, K. Burgess, S. Moreau, S Lowe 98 IUNIOR ORK STUDY TOP ROW: I. Rota, W. Flemming, P. Abruzzese, 1. Foian, E. Clark, D. Morrissey, J. Susi, FRONT ROW: B. Avitable, K. Maclnnis, T Menz, P. Hannisian, E. Fox, S. Lynch, M. Kaes. I A. Koffen, G. LaCroix, E. Quint 99 ' SENIOR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Mark McCue and Michelle Kelliher BEST PERSONALITY AND BEST SENSE OF HUMOR: Liz Panora and Bob Simonelli BEST SMILE: Maureen Goodman BEST SMILE: John Sheridan BEST COUPLE: Karen Broderick and Peter Nangeroni ,5UP'5-RL WFS L I 1 V1 MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: Susie Meek C-..L-.airm.Y.., my sy,,,,W,,q.g, U ph . .Jr- MOST ATHLETIC: Richard Rege MOST ATHLETIC: Susan Doliner , ' Mx 5 . QR I I ,H f, I Mig I I 'I,, f I f In Q Q 2? if . 3' -I IIN 1, fx 1 MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: Ken Fine MOST MUSICAL: lane Alexander MOST MUSlCALg Bgb Bowlby Y I V4 1'f i . N , x x ,X 1 . . R . i , X Y, 2 ,p S ' , 1 Nxf XNx51.'- 1 xgfxg- I xatwxflx , g,21, X 1 gy Etxxgixf 2 23935 ' - 2 . ' va 1 xSi2Xfw1aU?3 I TEQTEZEH 2515 ., 1 '. ' il 1 ' , A v15.g4','T.3g Zaixxiixi MMQM MOST MISCHIEVOUS: ludy Donovan MOST MISCHIEVOUS: Pat Fitzpatrick BEST DRESSEDZ Beth D'3miCQ T02 . ,V --yin. 0... fi, an T ww J 's. Q 9 2 S 3 1 I 3 1 4 1 i T T, B H f ' A ," !b'-6. ' N ' H , , X ar. 'W' MOST ARTISTIC: john Mcd BEST DRESSED: Sanford Booth Efm OU MOST ARTISTIC: Kathy Chase BEST LOOKING: Bobby Harrington BEST LOOKING Susan Radovich 103 .v..M..... . ., ,. 5 aff'-ws lk ' L- . ' . - i ' 1 Q x sq. ' rv l A . i 3 P i Y.- 2 The 1977 Echo is the product of many helpful seniors who devoted hours of their free or occupied time to put together a book for the Class of 1977. Editors Ken Sands and Susan Kennedy would like to thank Mr. justin Sullivan and Mr. joseph O'Neill, for all the time and effort and suggestions they have put in to Echo 77. Ken and Susan would also like to thank: Photography: Bob Eggert,1oe Kennedy, and Bob O'NeiIl. Layout: Dimitri Christodoulelis, Maureen Fallon, Heather Pinkus, Walter Pollard and Tom Rankin. Art: Carla Michel, Art Editor, john Forcucci and lohn Phelps Typing: Denise Collins, Cheryl Erlich, Sheila Finneran, Marie Hanafin, judy Hunt, Tricia Joyce, Theresa Lamney, Claire MacManus, Tricia Mc Grath, and Susan Meek. Humor and Comic Relief: Dimitri Christodoulelis, Mark McCue, Walter Pollard, and Scott Robertson. Special Thanks To: Mr. Paul Ajemian, Miss Patricia Ferren, Mr. David Harding, Mrs. Carol Newsom, and Mr. Ronald Reid. T04 , xl IQ Qggig Q!!! !!! ll Are you sure this game is healthy? Dennis, smelling out the trouble. 0-fu. That's my teacher. 'lp-:fb kjyt E ,nm Q-'Q ,..,W.... A. I W. V .3 lvzxifiifwmg . . 5 kv- 3, 7 if 1.,f1,.Wm gn5.3'1'i,, 1- ' . f L1 ..gggtgg, .x 'lm' Y.. :,"Qff,' 24 ' ,. mi? f ,.-- Q I k ,gffpf , Q my ff gg, I i , ,, 6. . igggeanz V ,. t . wail X - N-VWQWQ -1, J Z- xL,ziQ:gg.Q W4 9 A . I-2 h m Q1 - 'f ly 'if' M K' kwrg, , I xg .I .cnfg .N - , . I""' ' fl ft , 155155: Ki - , 1 1 1 ' 2311,-'fF"!1fW Tw? K , , 'ig' Q. 4 A ,ggtflgggf ' ' Ill IW' - 12 - , A 2 H-Qvziig' 9 1 , 1f"24" A,A1 . U , V . A .. ',j., - ff - W L' ,W.A X"' gs 'nf , , LA "K V: "y1,l'f63'E!3 guy X ' . ,, . ' ' I . x .. K si i U it ' ,Ang , AA , L, -., , 'a..s , YQ: 4.5, . 'ef -yi in Wi I A wflif ,y A -1 1 ' A.,f.:'gh:i2 fi-.-fflQ'fi"2'.'h 1 0.14 :f?L51'!lv4 'Z 1 V U, QQ '4 - rv- , g- 'yr' J cc 1- V Q 3 ' ., " 6 fwef5ff'P3f 1 v . fn aww QuQ?2f"f 5? ' Y, 5p?'?fg.:Pi5Y1 Til' 4, V. wgzgfg, -,fg4.,,.,a if - f M, 16395 k HM Fw eff! g?'f:5?""75?42 Wifi! fir x'fi?ff31'1ff 4? Y , v , 5 R aw F5 D., 1 s SPCRTS FOOTBALL Wamog 'Situ' gwxyii. 1' if as il ,J 9' V X lllfi ' BZ Sl A 7 30 'rf ,f 5 Front: 1, Earls, M. McCue, l. Collett, B. Burke, D. McNulty, S. Richman R. Carroll, I. Gannon, l. McHugh, I. Coffey, P. Ioyce, P. Lane, R. Melgard Second: F. Glazer, W. Driscoll, C. Losordo, L. Lima, S, Tuck, R. Gallgher R. Kelly, P. Harrington, I. Bowes, S. Carroll Third: Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. Shores, Mr. Riordon, S. Cercone, P. McKenzie, M. Sumner, M. Burns, B. Berry, l. Aylward, S. Lyons, P. Veneto, B. Grant, E. Tarpey, P, Cavanaugh, l. Linsky, D. Giles, l. Indelicato D. MCNulty, 5. Richman, B. Carroll Although not as successful as hoped, Milton High's 77 football Team proved to be a very ex- citing and competitive team. Led by co-captains Dan McNulty, Scott Richman, and Bob Carroll, the Whiz Kids made strong efforts against Fram- ingham South, Wellesley, and Needham, and im- proved with each outing. At the Natick game, Bob Carroll was awarded the First limmy Curley Memorial Trophy. 'l O8 'I J vin' 5 s 110 Q Q E if !f s 'X I sl x 5 N2 FIELD HOCKEY B. Flagg, M. Fallon, K. Stevens, P. Donavan, I. Sheehan, L. Ware, M. Stanton, Coach Duggan. Front row: M. McDonough, M. Manning, E. Greeley, E. Cooney, M. Glynn, S. Doliner. X, CO'CaPf3lfl Eva Gfeel9Y Co-Captain Mary Glynn Co'Caplain Ellen Cooney . E I , The 1976 Field Hockey Team finished a winning season with the record of 5-4-4. The five seniors on the team were in- strumental in gaining this success. Seven returning lettermen will insure the success of next year's team. Coached by two dedi- cated teachers, Miss Karen Duggan and Mrs. Anne Mahoney, Milton beat Braintree 3-1 in their first home game. The team then rolled up an equal number of wins, losses, and ties, but had a lot of fun and learned a lot doing it. 'l'l3 SOCCER it A ,MQ Front: M. McCartin, R. Manning, M. Carr, I. Macdonald, R, Rege, I. Griffin, N. Coughlin, M. Tarpey Second: Mr. Herget, 1. Metcalfe, T. Fitzgerald, P. Danehy, D. Christodoulelis, R. Feldhouse, M. Cleary, I. Harris ,.W'l'lQV"' . - 2 1' f . 1 ,,4, , ,-5? 4 -' ff Q ,.1- . 4 ' .. . .1 or ' l M. I if , 7 . ac ,V . .f ' ,- lwa- 4- '- W fl- 'wr '-1. Q ,, A . Seri gf, wi gjgqziif , ., vflqf' M ,Q 2 - A. .- f. xy, . .. . . K. . ,,,,..4: . it . .Sr , .. . .4 , ,x , N , 5 ,wr . . 1 f K xy . f a Co-Captains: R. Rege, l. Macdonald 114 .25 J , :,'1:'1 X ,L ii ,gn Vi ga - gk.. . ,rw V- 15 J! , Vi,-' ,5,.,. -,,.L ..4,.-,-Q, ,., ae ,T Q "FA . jg fl" ,'-an VY.. at ...,ib, 1 Abe, '571fQ.a-TMQT , , 3, of 4 1, .f V N . n L A " i4'pTxi',' ' ' ,I A, . ' if D:-i,Q!.:" N 121' , N- v, .-v gurl? L. ,if I ,Q 5 5 . ' , 1 . :V .7-,, . .-L L., zvfff ' '-v -7 ru, " ' ,' 'AHL .fm ":' ,.1 ZA' QVLP' , ,1, ','Yf,"' , " :JT . 2 3 1 f , , - W E' x. ,A ,W -EA ,Y N ,AQ , ,fvfx , x , , V, .rl S' W 1 fm- 2., , Jkgmif, A 1 K 1 .1 11, X1 ,a-. 2 , N ' ,V ,Y an Q.. VOLLEYBALL Varsity: Back row: Coach Kathie O'DonneII, S. Loring, B, Hawkins, Co-Captain I. Costello, Co- Captain 1. Byron, D. Page, Score keeper I. Balfe. Front row: D. Doherty, M. Arlborg, E. Hellstrom, I Hartin, M. Minichiello. r a I 1 i CROSS CGU TRY The 1976 Milton High School cross-country team, staggered by insufficient numbers, did what they could with what they had and, as a result, earned the respect of the teams throughout the league. This year's team was the smallest ever at Milton High, consisting of four sophomores and three seniors. One bright spot was the success of a sophomore, john Brenner, who was elected to the Bay-State League's allstar team. Brenner ran far beyond what was expected from him and became one of the league's finest runners. Leading the team were senior co-captains Ed Henderson and Gary Polonski. Other members were senior Kevin McWilliams, sophomores john Brenner, Pat Connolly, Tom Rankin and Martha Burgess. - 118 may P. Connolly, M. Burgess, 1. Brenner, G. Polonski, E. Henderson, K. McWilliams, T. Rankin BUYS' BASKETBALL 41,3 Aww 4230.3 iB Kew 5 ,yur B L guLi"Lg Front Row: D. Cavanaugh, M. Cleary, P. Danehy, I. Sheridan, R. Bomstein, P. Lane Back Row: Mr. Herget, C. Lynch, D. Burdett H. Cifrino, I. Benkis, T. Fidler, 1. Barry, A. Ross, Mr. Goodless 119 -tv 46- '. I A sl Y 9 .1 o . ,A ga, A if 'Q ,1 -Lfaf 5445, SKI TEAM M, Q, , ff Yi 22 j ff: XM XL.. b 5 in 1 Q .-ff is QF ap ok E'-5' GIRL'S BASKETB LL MTN! M. O'Connor, A. Mancini, A. Murphy, K, Langevin, E. Greeley, M. Manning, S. Doliner, 1. Sheehan, K, Stevens, 1. McCarthy, Coach Fontecchio. 3 E as ,Z Ns, I 4' .mil MI. .M ..,.V .e,, 124 Wx. .fig 3 -A 'A if 4 fal...:.MJ.-i . , 1 - ' ' 5 adm was 11 Aa' 1i ,. Nw ,,:, ,. i . Awww.. ,gf ,.L.,L T , --Wwmm., I ' .. ,Q -, 51, - V. wxsylw if , .i' , K 12. ,W -. M1 9 if? ' ,,,,, , ,M-,A 1 iw if 1' Q W -sw ,,5,.,g. ,A- ,,1""'5"' ,ff 126 ,, k,, , . f Ilwlf li 2 ,-snhrd 1 '1'fffAf"fQ' . '0:1IfZf, ' f' W' I' ' . , . f .5 , we i HOCKEY i V i r -nav" Front Row: M. McCartin, B. Carroll, R. Rege, 1. McHugh, 1. MacDonald Second Row: W. Lapworth, P. Daley, I. Aylward, B. Mulligan, E. McGourty, P, Jenson, B. Richardson, I. Coffey, D. McElroy, Mr. Good Third Row: B. Manning, S. Mcfionagle, 1. Linsky, B. Driscoll, M. Tarpey, C. Tarpey, B. Feldhouse M ' z......1 . . .. ' mfr 'A .4 . " I ' 'Y 127 fi 5 4 if ""' ' 4 ' S 7 I v - ., 1 "UN, . Mi N, 4, 'l Q-'Q'-4' 5 if .gh- , . .A f . 7 1 .L nf. flu J 4 4 5 ' -f Q , f 1 K x 'WM LEKWRR 9 sm ! -Adu. 5-...,,,,,,. BOY'S TRACK Back row: K. Carrol, L. Collins, C. Mc Cune, 1. Curran, P. Connelly, K. Mc Williams, S. Barber, M. Sumner, I. Rodgers, 1. Lasser Middle row: S. Cercone, 1. Brenner, T. Locke, B. Greenfield, P. McCue, B. Fedrock, M. Donahue, E. Pyne, T. Cormican. Front row: S. Tuck, E. Henderson, M. Duffy, 1. Feeney, S. Richman, 1. Prantis, E. Manning, I. lndelicato. , ,f 3, 1 1 . , X S .A -x-,,, 1 , , .nk-'V , ,KW., H' K 'I I 135 RESTLI Front Row: W. Flanagan, P. Tully, B. Macdonald ico-captainl, I. Gannon fco-caplainj, K. Opuda, G. Polonski Second Row: M. Daly, I. Balboni, 1. Hershman, I. Griffin, B. Dolan, H. Ravitz, C. Losordo, Coach jim Baldwin, M. Burnes K x P r I 137 CHEERLE DERS v-f i 1 ff, O.. . ' ,jj 'Q I :ll 'five CHEERLEADERS: Top Row: S. Williams, D. Coffey, N. Picco, S. Meek, C. Dolan. Front Row: D. Donovan, P. Purcell, M Goodman, E. Williams, K. Macdonald. Missing: P. Haddad, 1. Blake, and 1. Kelly fin" -1. jane Blake and Eve Williams Cheerleader Patty Haddad 138 EP' Q.. rf :fx cy. , MQ., "' 79179 if ' . f :V ,,.3,,'Q- gf? .., f'jfff1.,xNbx..v,,n" I 'L TS'-A "vi, -' -f lx"'..' n- "'J"'lM ' : -rf-1 - rv: . -...v-'if 5+ "Vx-fg.Q.2'ty 543 1 .fs ' , A: . 5 5 .-f,,.,'wj -. 'vi ., 5.4 1 a., ,un Mr, 1 if fu Q, -f in n J., ' Y' .kk Nasa, . ,Y 6 ga:-I' U Ln.. .M P Q51 ,N f "M ,ml 'W K W me 'm We a 140 ..,,,lA33,- Xl, , g ,A . 5, , .Q 2.,..t A -QL, S' .4 A timeless moment at table. J' bi- Intense concentration. Recognize this stance? .anpeqawwvv-M 'ing He's kidding with this test. Teaching can be fun. What, Gates angry? V' ,. x W- x 'QI T. 'HQ ,Q X. 'Nr lisa Qui 'H- grff N It-,V ?,,' iff? E ' ' Q , 1 Q- A Q 1 Q .up 1... CHNDIDS Y 'S fig. I' P5675 ' f' ' v .1- 10" fgunvn Q s -. ff' for .' , ,J ,-'fg. ,fL,YQ, 'ug J 1' wth 'half f QA a . r. ' 1 V wx f do - . W " -1 f?L5?fM1'e -Q 4.-L. Qi A . ig' , "YW o in ,fy .Q l fha ,211 Mg- joe Cool I'm faster than she, even without looking 4 ' .a M,- Qfw 'A s "- fr 1 - h 1 'V , T, ,P I fax...- ...... 146 .J- I 1 . : 51:1 , P . 4 E , ,A 1 1 ' ' -aj 1 Ng' f ' , ,n,4, F . X- .Lil Q '55-Z'W4V5, .3 1. n jing om., is M ' -. fu 'qi 3 yu . ' IN x K 1 .3 QQ .fry-N 9 ye- X Sure, y-ou were kidnapped on the way to school. 'F 'sf . L - a. - 'L d . ' "W Q L ra ' a 4 i fg v . ,I A , 4,531 'r f'ff,:gA1gf K W 1 - , .. 121, - wwf, 'L r N r 1 125 wr' 1 1 If fm' 4 ,v , Q9 1 ,Q Y I , . W.,g,,,,r Q . . . . . . Q o . , .. . +1 ::,.:g.',:5 i' Qfflwfsif I r ' , f I will never be yearbook advisor! ,..-f '-1 X F ,7,.-- ' 'k"' M if Q i xx i What we need here is another bank. l 'ff if J -v ,f I ' aff ,J I ' fm,-La ,L 4 77 A ,sr T gk: ' JA is gpg fb ,Tia WW F Q f 1 fifwi A mf,,,1,wfW,S,?'gf k. 'A ff if ai' 5 ,fr A v V f 1 i E u .qv-.. 6 B igsx nn-N eff '5- ,,, , '- p - ,L W' -. ,-' Q Q1 ,,..f"" A 1 Y E 4 N 1 1 1 w 154 lg Q Q ,,,g ,-u.-.9 . Tj 3 '36, -E l: Wir F' ' T 1 jxw-'UIQ ,V,,f ' so'-' ' J. fn-TQ. 52255352 'IE SCHUOLB US I Qfvm nr rf' ' 'I 56 Are you the manager of this restaurant ' Nwfwfff aiu ff-mv X. I H43-'1'WJfd1f'.gE1?'-3'f-,I-n-iff1'' f" - 3 ,z 'fi f?""i51i?e-fi?" ' - ii .,7,,,,: ,,,.i ., 5f,Q i ff Q ' -12-'-eff V. . i ffmm . - Q A 1, ii . . . , ' ,f im L:vw.,g4gg,.wy , ZX, ,, f Mm il ' , I'lI just drop this in his drink... 157 fi 'fx - :lit 4...-...fl iii iiii i A .VN Wu- No thinking in the library" x ,, 1 3 ' rv - -M fyvff '13, J" 11", 1 - 0 V. 1- .12 , - . r , M ' ':3?,-,A .,'Q'ig,,'rff, , - V' t w fi Q- .ta ggi . 1 Y, .:,'e,c,g.f X Li' Vg' X I gn .Akfky l S Y ' ' - U, v " 4 1 ' ' , X WM w,.w154gs4. 'fv 'Qi-K ' ww" g . A-1. -. 5 b J Mztwimwslig ' .- -W .- ,,, n, fn. sy-.,.i, ., --'bf . ' 1' Af... 4-ilxkj. ,- 'Q-3. t ' .. 1 iii? X X fl 2 5 rf Xe ' E ' X" ' ,mx 1. N .Rn au bmw it X? iris , Riu li J ,kg-R wg f In W ,AY 35" 5:1 'p .ff M ,X QM in .' ,AJQQLX--A Q ' T . tl A3 1 V, M, fx . fmwmvm, A ' 1' aww if ':Q 1 . A ."if':'f' : fs..f:.. Q 1. WW n wwe-s'fQ4Q -5+ 'I X1 .uf ' "' ' .f 'N FW: W l-9' 7 - V- ' . , 'V' A ,... 'W Startmg Early! ,v .R lr Maary Giyynrme 159 FN Straighten your tie, Mac The New lack Lalanne Quang.. W f fs Guess which girl is holding the money. X' fb xv iff'- .qi Xia' l defy you to come get dis ball. .4 ,f '1 This home work is overwhelming! gr lf' f if NJ' wi nf, ff I-nngi' The Unholy Four S ff They're going to kiss him to death! I i 2 K i K i I'm dead on my feet What did you say, wise guy? ua, .J 5, 'I 'e ' Q3 , ibavvfaw- FQ-an-ga. 1, Sx Is that Sanford cooool! ,pi -IX Y if an ' 1 The anger of a McDermott, the assurance of a Mc Donough, the secret ecstasies of Finnell. There, caught that pesky fly! , .MQ 4. I took these pictures over the weekend for the class I have a dream. ,. , --gf., +2 2' Opposing Camps: Boys on one side... 5,5-:ii f mi o o we y nun if H gn 1 Z 3 S 1 1 ...and girls on the other 170 Aw,...-,4 ,. X.- Those don't look like teachers behind me. .f f-L, . 4 f 1 9 -ew 172 ,mr Nas 2 :hw JN' bv' ,ff Ann really dances, Varying reactions Freud, from an 1893 textbook. 'is' Notice the relaxed attitude of our teachers ! 6.339 mv' fats iiksttl 35 I gms 1.- .fa 'Q ,712-':-ww m5:,.ffw1 . i if l n x,.. . mx' Q R ,Q 0 n:.0,.,. 5,-. 0 A a Q 'pl..las1f:. gh. Q ,fauna p, of. 09804200 :2soo,.,:'.2u'-3 ' e AHH ,. YM :LawriefiPFfYQWQvR.::: ifv."'iv:,5.333A!fE YO DWA9' . gb-'3 .H 3 :,f5'.fZE-' " -gs-.' 'O ,q:"z 351 '021 A,' Q '1001 QQ. DQ, Q .. -. . , Og. '00.:'0 :O Q .qi ' 7 ,,,. .t . ' ' ' .-gn-an-gs. ' Z .fa--'. 3:2125 ,g ' J 9, 0: 9 0' g 0 to , Q., ' ' Ms, fu s , . 0 ff wk 0' 1 5 ' ' 55 C O " x O? uxa xt V 1 9 1 'Ort 5 fm- ,D '.t' la! Oo 5 I . A lf, . ' .fl 1 S f ' I 0 , ' ' " G 0 o . - - v, ' l .- o ..,, .- . ' at 5 1-V. ' . Q ' 295' 0 P . I . . 0 . , .V . , 'Q 0 A ,' Y 0 0 , 0 . 4:1 Q- 9 V Q ,:'L1"' A-A 11- wa, :a.,. , ,,. ,l C '- A O V . 5 - - ," if 'z o 4 4 Q Q ' J -Ugg-'51"'.' 1, 5131 I ' 'J 'f f':gf-.- ' 25 QQ ,- ' 0" s ' .' " Wil -LL ??:-Pai'-3 ' Q Q . wk' ' I -2 " av' :i"?r'i. a 3 H ' ami ' B' .. -+ HL. - I " ' 4 Q . 1 . -- gy. ' A 1' - " 'J fu. ' 4' , v . 4, 0' L 1 fr- - A 0 O . ff 1 ,, .. .- , gr- . ., qv - , . M, f ' lx f . - . gh- ,H :V V' if ii' I . N I .V . , Va ., XL' .F . r - - f ' xf 'Eff 4 ' 1 '-"WN K ' , ,. ,Q 1,3 A . -4 ,I .. : ,:'-Vw, K- , ' r , V ' ' -2 - A fn . .6 . I Ki Af' 'if 'ff H ' . 5 ' '- rr n .fn ,M , -1354... 1. I Af' Lil t, ,V ia ,TQ-T1 jx- In Fl. -A .l nf P5 '..' . .A .r ,F 4 sl ,FJ -' 1 . J 'z 1, '! 11g.n"c ,, . , ai 5 X -AH.--:, . 1' 1 . ,. .S l . Q 5 if' , ' ,:,.1 , - , f .v 1,2 M N, A vi. F! T., , Q 1z-- "g g .J ff- - -- wi v , , , wit .I-I , I, . , - , . .I ff: ,- , " 4 ,- 1 rr. -: ' . ' QW 2 'g - . ' 1 Q JAH. .-. si' A. L 1 , ' jffg' . 1 f ' X - . -- -11, , y I. - 4 ' ., . ' Q '1 Eff fff, - f- g.. V g gs 'Q - 4 - LN , V-Hur .1175-i -V S 1-9. F 'jf : 'I ' Y r.--1 ' 9 - Et-. --'- l " is Hyip.. lv ,V.. . ,H , Q H X- I K U J , , J- .2 1 :,.,:-L- --1 .V '1Sf' .... " ' -,','?'5f ,.-yr'-5. -2A'f2'lf Q ,. w. ' f- 2 1.-.4,.'T" ' f " 1- 4- fgv""-1' r- , . " ' ' " "' '--U-1,6 , , 1-M, ,H , u ' A4 'gi?", , -' . i-'Lx'.-..-..- ' :uw - .., ,lit ll IFHCULTY Q 0 85' Ai 'O' .1 "l.s.e . as fm 6-if I A if PAUL AIEMIAN ROBERT ARCHIBALD IAMES BALDWIN Mathematics Guidance Director Physical Education CHARLES ALLEN RANDI BACHMANN ROBERT BANTA Art English Industrial Arts A "T :X , i!.,'f...b 0 . 'Q us. Q s s.,s. gx.Nlk U. ooK"' " ox ,Q o'0'5 'Cz' o x o 0.0 . 0 .Q ,O fjt' POLLYANNA ANDEM RICHARD BAILEY IOHN BOWE5 English Department- Head Industrial Arts - Head Government 'I 78 ii: K PHYLLIS BRIGGS IUNE BUCHANAN Pupil Adjustment Counselor Business EDWARD BURKE Mathematics 4 MARY CALLAHAN Mathematics f i GERALD CAMPBELL Science Department - Head 'I 79 MARGARET CAREY Special Class POLLYCARTER Mathematics, Computer Pro- gramming WALTER CHICK Chemistry, Physics 180 ANNE CLARK MORGAN COSTELLO Office Economics, Business Law . .J CARROLL COLBY ANGELA COVEY Psychology Spanish PHILLIP COPP FREDRIC CRADER History English WILLIAM CREIGHTON Science DOROTHY CUNNINGHAM Art, Creative Textiles IOSEPH D'ALELIO Spanish ROBERT DEAKIN MURIEL DENNIS Resource Teacher Guidance, Office A I I 9 Ax. R - N I K ,Aw , " .v 4,415 .. ,X f Xxx j IOSEPHINE DESMOND KAREN DUGGAN KAREN FALB Business Physical Education Biology NOREEN DIAMOND LOTTIE ELZBUT PATRICIA FERREN Music Business Department - Head Business 295 In-...Q-5 IAMES DONAHUE DANIEL EVANS IR. LENORE FIDLER Guidance Band Data Processing 182 9 GINO FIORE Driver Education kv RAYMOND GADAI RE History ,Q fi -'liar EILEEN GILLIS MAIORIE GOETZE DORIS GREEN Reading English Library STANLEY GUSTAFSON DAVID HARDING KATHERINE IRWIN Industrial Arts Mathematics French MARY HABOSIAN KAREN HOGAN ROBERT IENNINGS German Art History LEONARD HAMILTON GERTRUDE HOWE ELIZABETH IOHNSTON Science Nurse Business T84 ROBERT KENT History F3 far.. WARREN LAPWORTH Guidance MARY IO KEANY FRANK KELLY IOHN LAITINEN Home economics Guidance History 185 A5195 1' WILLIAM MacDONALD Graphic - Arts IOHN MADDEN Chemistry fW7S.N ARLENE LAVIN ELLIOT LEVINE ANNE MAHONEY Guidance Audio-Visual Physical Education I I Jw. ROSE MANDELBAUM EVELYN MCCUSKER MICHAEL MCLAUGHLIN, IR Mathematics Office English CARL MATRICARDI NANCY MCDERMOTT KRISTIN MELBY Industrial Arts Home Economics English ,tx ff I z . fd W N ,jk I J I I if I , I PETER McCLELLAND WILLIAM MCGOLDRICK LEON MERIAN Mathematics Physical Education Foreign Language - Head 187 FRANCES MOORE SUSAN MULVEY ALICE MURRAY Guidance Biology English I , --..- I Yr ..,i.,,f' B' an W ff CAROL N EWSOM Mathematics ARVID OH LEN Mathematics Department Head JOSEPH O'NEIL PATRICIA REARDON IOHN RIORDON, IR. History Biology Physical Education WMI., ESTHER PILE RONALD REED PAMELA RIORDON Librarian English Biology, Physiology CAROLYN READ DAVID RICHARDS SYLVIA ROBBINS Mathematics Audio - Visual - Directors Chemistry, Physiology ELIZABETH ROLAND Foods RICHARD RYAN RICHARD SCOPA Health and Remedial and Physical Education Director Developmental Reading SUSANNE RUICIS English I - A . 3 ' ,, 5 l Q, .5'A MARY RYAN Biology 190 Ll . M Y. , ,WW , , C'-M q X . HELEN SEARS ROGER SHORES Guidance Chemistry, Physics Q, F'- ! . 74 THOMAS SMIGILIANI Social Studies - Head BARBARA SEEGRABER PAUL SHUTE English Technical Drawing JUSTIN SULLIVAN, JR. English HARRY SEMONIAN MICHAEL SICILIANO History Spanish NORMAN TARDIFF Mathematics T91 MARYLOU TROIANO RICHARD WHITE MARY WRIGHT Speech, Drama English Interior Design, Sewing IANET TROWBRIDGE English I IUNE TUTTLE English 192 INSURANCE Bayard T 60 Adams Milton, Mass. 02187 Best Was From ii , NEPONS LINCOLN ME URY INC. H tSt 84 Gallivan Blvd. Dorchester 825 8900 5,515 D I I INSURANCE INC. Move into the commitment, and . Take with This can be a CLUB 193 IAMES Tw 480 ADAMS sr 46175 696 6300 CONGRA BARRETT AND prop SHOPPING A 6 I.. COLE 8: TGLEASON TTLMILTON Holrlflgajof FUNERALS7 T TFuneral I 5 Canton Ave David M. m I Charles P. Chapman Milton, Mass William B. Chapman I MILTON HILL TH5OUSg . lfl2STAURANT 36 ELIOT ST. MlLTON VILLAGE - IOHN MAZEIKA, PROP. L L a... 696-3034 Congratulations TCT7th Graduating, 0355 f. i. L1 COMPLIMENTS MWTON L . 420oRANITEAVI3. MILTON, MASS. COMPLIMENTSQLTII. Ml ! QUINCY 164 PARKINGWAY 540 GRANITE sr I 7QUlNCY CENTER 195 Since this bank is still using Ah 0Pen K W :lt V! K I W 5355? :f:'r:: N:-:'AemP::, Q -'--A r H -," 1 "" -- f ...V -"f11' 1 1 r 'E-:EH yii 153- E QYMBQ nAQ: 1'f"211':41"111:lf11A' '1"'n"'f':"f 2 fii f ' D D r . li V uauh Z ea nn n ' nnnn n nnn ,. by 4AAV N W bvvbh . 5. ZVZ :VIA -:aww ZZ: :IIIA .v.. qqvuq ... 1lV.:,'v. ,-: 5432215 ::,., .1::, 1 Ba I . X utiowmesl . . r i QpEN n'i:: 0 Nowthat Milton Savings ,.,'V 1 Ii' ' .. has PASSKEY 211, were open for business I :gel 24 hours a day. 7 days a week And that means you can get uo to S50 rnstant cash whenever you need it. On Saturdays, Sune ,f-- - . days, holidays, or even late at night. in tact, PASBSKEY 24 lets you do almost all your banking anytime You can make deposits, withdrawals, and payments. too. Quickly and conveniently All you need is a PASSSKEY 24 card to activate our PASSKEY 24 automated tellermachine installed out- side our East lvl-ilton Square office regular bankers' hours, it's shut more than its open So you may be stuck if you need some extra cash on Saturday afternoon to get you through the weekend Or if your Af working hours make it hard for you to get-i to the bank before it closes Which bank would you rather have? A bank vvithfbankers' hours or a bank vvith peo- ple's hours? We think the verdict is clear. lt's PASSKEY 24. No contest. Stop by either one of our convenient offices today and ask us about it. 4 Open 24 hUUl'S. ttr i ' Soyou'lI never be 4 355513213 RSX? shui' Qui, Milton Savings Bank 40 Adams Street - 561 Aueeie Street - see-6500 King and Sons Heating Contractors License 5198 698-0631 GEORGE A. SULLIVAN Dentist EAST MILTON, MA. 4M Adams St. P.O. Box 116 MILTON, MASSACHUSETTS AVE DELI Sub Sandwiches" Hair NEIGHBOR ABOUT OUR HAMBURG" I 298-9703 FLOWERS GRON0 M,,,,,,, 536 ADAMS sr 1' 3: calf .ly , . '- . - .XRS 4 nur' "Wil tfxl J' 1 'W' CARLTON FORD FORD - PINTO - Thunderbird "Where your next car will cost you less" MILTON VILLAGE INSURANCE AGENCY eo ADAMS STREET A A MILTON, MASSACHUSETTS 02187 E lohnstonFuneraI Homes A Q 'ff f fy SQ: .4 W ' .T 51521 A P so Wifi 4 fMiLToNjABiNCToN, WHITMAN phone R699-4544 I 871-0425 I "Within the Means of All" Francis G. Satterwhite Robert H. Johnston V Congratulations Dave and loan 24 Gallery 198 CO. INC RandoIph Ave, 0 MiItonA 5,g,i Ma555ChU5Giff3E4,f30f0 0 696-0700 5 5 Q . f f -W-Mwf,'f. ,- M-V 3 s 0 0 . LJ' ':1,'... :AQ ,V 4 f w 1 1 2-5' A , XZ, .4 . ,1,g, ,119 W ,. . -uw... 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Q H JJ 'nf 'x A x L' sh is MRS 84 MRS MRS THOMPSON IR M EVELYN MR 81 MRS MR IOHN G MADDEN IMARY WRIGHT 1 O MR 3. MRS HENRY YOUNG MR 84 MRS MICHAEL U 1 A 3 ,HARRY SEMONIAN Q MRS RUTH MC CUE MR 8: MRS IUSTIN SULLIVAN MR 84 MRS JOHN MC DERMOTT 84 MRS CHARLES D WH ELPLEY MR 84 MRS EDWARD PMC NULTY Y, 54 y., , 'ND 1 977 021 87 MR. 84 PAUL M. R'S Good Luckito the Seniors of 1977 Congratulationsftio the we Q5 Class of 1977 MR- 81 MRS- FORREST w. CARR ELLJR A- CARBONE E TREE WORK + soDifLAwNsl in 5 in Complete Landscape Design and Construction COLLEGE E E EEER R in for women wifniiields ofipff 7 'l i 7 i Concentration ing E , K E Secretarial Science, la 7 i R Executive, Huma nServices, 7 f riii fp d Legal, Fashion Merchandising, X ii A i 7 Medical, Medical Assistalnf C ' H A 1 Accfedifedsbv 7 4 New England 7 so PYT E E 5 M Schools and'ColIegE?5?7 V ToM'sr iANoscAPE 303 Adams St. 7 Milton 02186 , ,figs-.f,. ,. 1. sr., .. Milton, Mass. sf'598'8QZfls 211 ,gy ,f.4m, ' 'ilgigg gy -, J .AJS Q E ii - ig' . 2 Y Q la ,Ed 5 -i 2 -' 1 Q E ,, 5 5 Ya E gi E E T' UH" 3 Y-T37 , E , 1-1 Ei ' 2 ' 2 2 M 5? iii 12, I-7 fy H I , lr-

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