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C. . . Q Q.. Q . . 0 I '-' Q 0 R . m .Q we -X 'Q'-x uw Nb, -. ' i- The odyssey through knowledge in volves delving, asking, seeking, as and pondering. 'xc ,e , . A . My Mx Q. 'L A 'U i wi xvx -vs no- 1 4 .aff . . F' 4-.4 I V Q ,fi 1 '5 il mzw' 571'-5- ,, W-M 'F' x G ,-.- --4 .- I 1 'S . 2 ii . 1 E - r 2 A I AQ A sw- ' -- i ' .5 . -5, ..M....,.,. 1 """' 'Nw A c w,....,. ., x , x A . XM ..,,:.,,,M6W'Jv w- , .x,,,, '9""' - .-.. ,..WL.M, . K . mil We, the graduating class of 1975, dedicate our yearbook to Miss ' d Ethel Wiley in recognition of her many years as teacher an adviser to the school publications "From life alone to life as one, Think not your journey done, For though your ship be sturdy, No mercy has the sea. Will you survive on the ocean of being? Corne, ancient children, hear what Isay. This is my parting counsel for you on your way. " - "Watcher of the Skies", GENESIS. 'X V 'E , , 4 W V, 11 x Y v ,,,, N i jg, 4, N 8 ! 'Q 2 S 2 I as avg' Q 2 X, ' I rf f' X 5'-ijt H rv! ,Y nfs i CW' , f , 4, , 'wr L' ' A V WW ,,.., ,. is W ,,,,. 1 W Q - P'3l'f!"3'i4" W h Z 'AAA ' ,Vg 'in--:W 5.45 - . K . , I , ,,:'M., ' M Q- ' xi 1 D" I I Ulla' - Li 1 I c 'HN' WW' AL- mz. . - lm : Q Q ' Q A -. jf -Q f ' ' Q, fc J 1 01 1ui'.+- K' 4' .,' . f-W1 3 MI wb, 2-jx Qllffhm '2,9.'3'?"f'. 55,5 'f 'f'4'f -' W Zii:::.f0 A 1 I A I tix" '55 l' 'find' K 4 t N' . . 'E . 'nl . g hi YV H ., n , , M. va 1 xx ' A au" -f 'ff-f ff, ....-M .pf N A , , - ' ' .,, 5 943-ug 4.-, X -' .84 ff, f 4' L " " 'YK ' ' If " fn ,,-uv' ' ' .. A T 1 , QQN, Qf n ff" .- 1 'V 'K if - 3 V 'W-P .J 'H Q Q d ' X, P 9 't v ' ,,., 'Y rx K 3 if . Q .WV W .K . tfjfh .. W Q , -,,.. Ag QM-V, , ' . . s , ' X V 1 jp-if urs -r - . Z Kgs .4-L.. ' ' 'A X N., '- . , .UK -dl 'N 4 UQ' fir fy, C4 4 , Kifsf- K .Aa NQ7, 'I .V -.Q Qi,- fm n if .jr . gd' "1 N 4' 1 Wiff qxf. L. Q-u. Fbm 41 L fn ' -f K ' 's A V If WM, I ww. Ik A. -W. .4 " xl ', , , I , it ' my 75, 4. F". 'R h .,. " ' Lf - N 'f f , 'A f LV- -4- V., V' 1' I 1 w .1 e- MM, if Awkk Q Q R 'J'-Q . J' ' ' ' ' i Q., ' - 4 Y K K' - . M' lk Q , . .1 'Wig "'U -sig, .L ww ajft ' K , A Y , , A A K W., A4105 A M, Y -urn.. wrath -'wa ' ,, .fy wi 3' " . 4 Af' . I 5' Q ' mm f-.AWS K i54 -v 1-5, .W ky 'M "'L""1' ,A ' N . f sfgqyw, K Q Q' 3 A' 'Y ' ' , Hr- ,J 1. '.,' f .Mm -hiv ' K ff ,"' " y 'T ' x 0' - . M 'X A . ' ' QQ Q lk , I W ' Y A K . - K, A , A , "' Q 'H , FW? 31-Wi I. - -- . ' "' .A f ' v- s ,V V' ff , . , . W '29 ffa'+za'iw - K .- 1 4 -1 ,, 'Q Va " ' 3 x"'gFgi?'- 'TSE A ,4Qf"f A J, W M - ' . - - - , f. I 'V Win aff, MsfQaA,,,,yf H AM we W I h 1 . f3?WfM,wk , we if ' , ' . D ,V ' 1' ' 'f v- ,. ' ,U . 15 ' 1, 1-av, W - V' in W " ff 'W V' , i K V - 4 My :ww Q -. " .w WW f 1 , , ,, 1 V ., , x Q 5 ' I Wu Q '., .ff :fy . ' A E- . , 1 ,L ' W' , A l ffr ' 4-M E'5'2:'5lff,,f ' K H. ' L, 33, Q A. , , x X 'bz"'ile4f3r-'fa 5. V 'W T P Q i 1 L 'z . 3 Q, I N Q, M 4 Q jf I, 'Nl 1 1, 'L W, 1 Wt:-Ns - The odyssey through music involves listening, reproducing, practicing, preciating, and innovating. 4 .R x 7- 1. . ,M Y if ...,,,-NM-M The odyssey through sports involves competing, struggling, cooperating, trying, and excelling. To the graduates of 1975: ' The hills surrounding this a.rea, which the Massachu- setts Indians called Unquity-Quisset, echo the sounds of many people who have spent some time here on their joiuney through life. Each class passing through the high school leaves its own "Echo" forever estab- lished in the hearts and minds of those who participated in its creation. The class of seventy-five's "Odyssey" through Milton High School will echo forever in the memories of your teachers, your parents, and all who have been associated with you. Your individual odyssey is just beginning. Your teach- els have worked hard to help you prepare for the jour- ney you must take to reach your goal.. Your parents have made many sacrifices to make your way as easy as possible. But you alone must walk the road to gain that success which is the product of your own effort, the reward you earn by the steps you take. I offer you congratulations at this point in your journey and hope that you will have the joy of reaching the end you have planned for yourself. May God bless you and give you the courage to follow the path you know to be right. Roger T. Connor MHS Administration xml T Q, HARRY B. MCCORMICK JOHN M. HASKELI. Superintendent Assistant Supe rinte ndent '-Q.f.a. ROBERT F. COOKE ROGER T. CONNOR Assistant Superintendent Principal , , V L., WILLIAME MULLIN JR ' . ' 'W f' 'TAM M'-Us mer-I: 2, V . m...-,, ,,,3Lw-1' . .1 r. , ,, . "---1, J-.W-...... If f 3 A I J.,-15 N, r .A , b V W, ,,,,, I l K, ' -WSI X - U I ,TNQ D. f'--X L, J ff':fiIi'J"f ' , ,I 2- .X , Q 'VY Q.. T 1 WILLIAM A. CREIGHTON Vice Ein . 1' ' THOMAS F. BRENNAN Administrative Assistant ' Clpa Assistant Principal School Committee DONALD BURGESS JOHN CROWLEY MARY FITZGERALD tg? I I DAVID JEFFRIES JAMES MULLEN DR. ARTHUR SULLIVAN 15 ,, I .. A-qll' lllnihlx uhm. N V 'll!I!illl!lllPZll u. ll , guauuxuuluaislaiiillly 1i'W"" cil'i5iii9"5"""'55ii5i " illllllilil- A--Jw 'f'5'l"!l:ll:i1'Lf V . ..i:zllil:mmu. ,iixiiiliiEiiimE5Ein.aunu 2 Wg, .si:iiiag::::::,,,,mVlll 'Vqgiiegva-sin-wgmnlunma IV- " 511 'i- h' ...lm ' . Kal ,A ' 'fl fif 'WV' 0552-' QV.-if-a:.u'ialll .llulllglllllll ll:-:H "' ' "mv n 'V I ,L ,fry gl , .-.ll . V llllllilllliilll 1 'f f'.:z,f., .f44.4f.,g........,.,Vg.g.unximm Aaaunr- V -,.... .. 4471, ',n.rlll,fQ1G2254g5,,p'!.,i 5-Q I llllmh -.. nilllllliglllal , .1531 -'Qu VWw77,He5v45vggf9fg:g.,7 .hill-llll , .,.V ilnlnzuunuui-mu - - ,ffffiifguqlqqk 20:11 .1249VM',V6Vf,v.:.G.e:ag::'s55:'4l:EE:g2!!::1: , 'lQ:,w:,i5E"a5!' V '-.23 X "QU f" 'E??"fFi2E'5i5f5:-FA! - "i"'l ' ,' sl ' 1 . - V5--M92 VV1'5Ve:F::vriXlll"'!ii5iI 5PHffV u f. 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Today is here so make the most of it. JAMES AVITABILE I hope this school is like a good wine. It improves with age. TERESA BALBONI 'IB MICHELE ARNOLD We can change the world, rearrange the world. lt's dying ju. Q - SALLY BACCI With ten miles behind me and ten thousand more to go. JOHN BARGHOUT Start out fast. pick it up in the middle, and sprint like hell at the end, I 6 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 i 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3'f.+-be-may-4 my W ,ww-.5-Q, AHL , f'W?E ,g. 5 J , "A ' ., A-W4 z .. . ,,.,k,,,,,4, 4. Q. The odyssey through art involgyggmgfeiw q1 A X ating, being, forming, changing, andi molding. KATHLEEN BARRETT "Spacey" Ambitions: happy, successful life. Interests: friends, concerts, sports. I finally found out where it's at, and somebody moved it. JAMES BAXTER "75" An excellent year. ill-'. fdqnr, THOMAS BEANE "1975" A good year. HQTX DOUGLASS BELL 75 was a very good year with many good times worth re- membering. Good Luck to all for years to come. 19 "fr--, 5 4 .'f'lw'? ff . H.-fx .I :K v,'.,' ' . . . , Y ' v',:.tSsi 4 .'.'J 5 , 1: ' 'l-Eiwfftft A. .'s vi C, of 3 MARCIA BERGER See the colors flashing like a rainbow. Drink them in until your senses overflow, and you will find that you can grow by letting go. 1 ' , 3 hi Ll I MARILYN BERNSTEIN We're free to go where we wish and to be what are. Caller- nia dreamin on such a wintefs day iaiyeggiaa' 'V f 2 CECILE BERRY Endeavor to so live that when you die even the undertake: will be sorry. 'ls ELAINE BIBINSKI Ellen, Eileen, Bibi, Bibinsk West Dennis, chamber- maid, sailing, Hobie, Mr. T. Softball, B Ball, Sully, Amazon, Red Boot, No. 43 March 3. Silhouettes U Mass4Elementary Ed 6 PAUL BINDER P l I' if ,4 . E , LAUREN BLACKER 20 We have power, you and I. What good is that now? We would build a new world, if we knew how: we find we're alone KEVIN BLAKE To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe, MARY BONNER Every individual has a place to fill in the world, and is important in some respect, whether he chooses to be so or not. MAUREEN BOWES STAND. In the end you'll still be you, one that's done all the things you set out to do, PAMELA BLAKE I PAUL BORTOLOTTI Knowing the person who is reading this, has an asset to my life. NORMAN BRATLIE 21 f4 V' . -.,. 1 MARSHA BLANKENSHIP Love is the emblem of etemity. lt confounds all notion of time, effaces all memory ofa beginning, all lear of an end. KATHLEEN BOWEN I remember the way we parted, the day and the way we met, We left, not brokenhearted, but knowing we'd never forget. LAURA BRODY Reach for the heavens and hope for the future. All that we can be, not what we are. Zim fs' A . ' -f- ' sz-is i , he MICHAEL BROWN May the land ofa friend always be near you, and God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you. DIANE BUCHBINDER If someday they say of me that in my work I contributed something to the welfare and happiness of my fellow man, I'll be satisfied. MARYANNE BURNES All ofthe timw we'd harmonize surprise parties-pow- der puff football-hanging-pictures of things we did. A JEAN BRYAN Yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow, today's dream. N I in W Q I. . iz: THOMAS BUCKLEY MARTHA CAMPBELL We may change with the seasons, but the seasons will not change us. 22 J O-ANN BRYANT Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone, NANCY BUNSON Philosophy: Light the candles, it's today. There's only 1 way to make the bubble stay. Open a new window every day! Life's a banquet! Live! 1""3" BARRY CARLE LYNNE CARRARA FORREST CARROLL There really isn't much to say in these things: but I wish everyone the best ofluck in whatever you do. 5 fi' "sz", PAUL CASEY If life was crammed into a single day, High School would be a students finest hour? ROBERT CATTEL My ambition is architecture. My hobbies are music, wat- erskiing, sailing, and scuba diving. Some high school memories are track, band and Mr. Tardiffs class. 23 MARK CAWLEY I find the great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, but in what direction we move. I1 PAULA CHOATE JOSEPH CIANO The best Pan of UU' lives we P399 in Counting On what rv To be is tn do-Sartre. To do is to be-Neitzsche. Do-be-do- Come' be-do-Sinatra z I Y, gi.. Q ,. WALTER CHICK JOAN CHIPMAN Friendship is a valued possessiong treasure it always. FRANK CIFRINO Intelligence is not the ability to memorize facts, but the ability to adapt and react to new situations. In this I pride myself. 24 i , U- N" 4 7271 .:2:5. .55 f:i?1,--'L'-f,Mif52'fTI91W ',:.:.:...f:r: .-5:"'-occ fa JAMES CLANCY Three years out of seventeen is a small rcenta e oflife. P9 E But I hope I can say I put IOOQ into three. JOSEPH COCCIMIGLIO s"-fill' JOANNE CONNAUGHTON What old people say you cannot do, you try and find that you can. Almost everything great has been done by youth. MARY BETH CLEAVES Two roads diverged in a wood, and l took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference, 'N 'FWN N-TI" . A STEPHEN COFFEY I had a pretty good time here at Milton High. I liked most of my teachers and enjoyed all the sports. ELLEN CLEVELAND ERWIN COLEMAN He who loves himself has no rivals. PAUL CONNELLY It is here we must begin to seek the wisdom of the child- ren. Ln their innocence and trusting, they will teach us to be free. 25 i P' '52 RICHARD COLOMBO My goal in life is to he a millionaire. JAMES CONNOLLY MAUREEN CONNOLLY PATRICIA COONEY DIANE CRUIC KSHANKS 'Twas brillig and the slithy loves did gyre and gimble in the wabeg All rnimsy were the borogroves andthe mome- raths outgrabe. SHARON COUGHLIN Yesterdays projection will never really know, hut tomor- row's recollection will surely show it so. DUNCAN CRUICKSHANKS All persons, living and dead, are surely coincidental, and should not be construed. 26 PHYLLIS CONTESTABLE I've been lately thinking. All the things I've done. Ican't help believing in my own mind. I know I'm gonna hate to see it end. DONALD CROSBY STEPHEN CUNNINGHAM PAULA CURRY We may well go to the moon, but that's not very far. The greatest distance we have to cover lies within us. JOHN DALY You who are on the road must have a code that you can live hy and so become yourself because the past is just a good-bye. RALPH D'ALESSANDRO PAUL DALY lt was a good time while it lasted. RUSSELL DALRYMPLE ALAN DANDROW Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty, and ends in chaos, ,nu 27 4 as 'BM CHRISTINE DATTMAN Time it was, and what a time it was. A time of innocence, a time of confidence. Preserve your memories. They're all you have. PETER DAVIDSON The first thing to do in life is to do with a p one proposes to do. M. K x. X 28 urpose what r JOHN DAVIS I have no regrets about attending Milton High. It has been a memorable experience and l've made many good friends. EARL DEAGLE Fight for what you believe. LAURA DeBAUN IfI make a mark in time l can't say the mark is mine. I'm only the underline of the word. JOSEPH DeBESSE We should all care about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there. MARY ELLEN DiBLASI My one and only ambition is to travel around the world. CHARLES DiPESA l've seen the needle and the damage done, A little part of it in everyoneg but every junkie's like a setting sun THOMAS DESMOND My tastes are simple. llike to have the best. BRIAN DEVENEY LOUIS DiBONA You will live to be in the future, so live it as you did the past. MARCI DIC KERMAN CATHERINE DOHERTY MICHAEL DOLINER Je suis fort, mais j'aime les roses, P.B.S,C. C.Y.O. trio. purple ducks l can wait for my license. 29 STEPHEN DONEGHEY My ambition is lo go on to college and get a better educa- tion for a better career, WALTER DONOVAN To have a good time you have to make that time good yourself. f'ISiJi'ffsn-F 'H i 1-f?i-gs rg 2 . LINDA DONOHOE ls that all there is. ROBERT DORES Knowledge is proud that he has leam'd so much: Wisdom is humble that he knows no more. , Y :,zw, e 4.,i32 rx LORRAINE DOWNS Haste Luego PETER DRAIN From Genesis to Revelation 30 ELIZABETH DONOVAN There are things that are known and things that are un- known. ln between are doors. .. ., . A. who 4 4:1 - s wg.. -51 u R9-Kult.. r, . 6 ug. 4 1"' . 'Ili 1 gy-1 -'53 liisfi' 'wif ' f g., W., Dj. 1 a f"f'r 1 . , ,1 , 4 yr- . ' ", A ' .A , .,,.p,.f. ::',rt.ff4f,.,.-A..- I' S' CHERYL DUBIN I will never forget the books, the studies, the laughs, the tears, but most of all, I will never forget young and old, my great friends. f' E CLARE DUFFY How come nothings like it was until it's gone? JAYNE DUGGAN BRIAN DUNN GREGORY DUNPHY Men are the sport of circumstances, when the circum- stances seem the sport of men. 31 MARY DUNN But perhaps I'll see you the next quiet placel furl my sails. . tm We -.1 'F i i Q. MICHAEL EARLS Being a member ofa class with outstanding athletes, scholars and all-a-round great kids is something to be proud of. LOUISE EGAN No one ever said it would be easy!!! MARY EMERSON All things must pass None of life's strings can last. Sol must be on my way and face another day. LEO FAHEY Roar, lion, roar. JONATHAN ELLIS It was an exceptionally fine experience: Ienjoyed all three years at Milton High. DONNA ENGLISH Be wise, look ahead, use your eyes, he said. Be straight, think right, but I might die tonight. MICHAEL FAHEY 32 LISA ELLISON Truth is beauty. We must live by truth if we are to survive. DIANE EVANS JENNIFER FAIRCHILD A long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough. Mine will be both, hopefully. DAVID FALLON My ambition is to be someone I am proud to be. I don't want a lot of money, just to be happy and good like my parents. ,,, .,,..., V, K f Q V, My I xg ' MARY FALLON lf you want enemies, excel others: if you want friends, let others excel you. . , , fs V 21 .125 MQW u li , e fe 2. DEBRA FERSON How long it's been since yesterday, and what about tomorrow? What about our dreams and all the memories we've shared? . -M 3 we X , x Q , W - W: M rf- ...,, 1 if ,V Q ' .l ft at R' 3 gfaegs may ids ... X :lib DARLENE FESTA ANNE FIDLER Remember the good times, throw away the bad times, Music is the traveler crossing our world, meeting so many look towards the future, and live life to its fullest. people crossing the seas. We're just the singers in a rock and roll band. 33 ELAINE FIDROC KI Take your time, think a lot, think of everything you've got, for you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not, KATHLEEN FINERTY Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. 10 an QNX oss: iltb tied Oban Lanai, 1 if 34 k wife JAMES FINN I've met a lot of new people. Next year I don't know where I'll be, but I hope I will have as much fun. VVe C., I RICHARD FINN JEAN FITZMAURICE Keep your face towards the sunshine andthe shadows will fall behind you. V-,ie e MAUREEN FITZSIMONS Today is the tomorrow I dreamed about yesterday. a 'I MAUREEN FLAHERTY If nothing else was gained in my three years here, at least now I know what it is to have and be a true friend. MARIAN FOLEY We sure had a good timeg when we started way back when. ELLEN FLAHERTY Remember yesterday , . live today .. . and dream of tomorrow. ARTHUR FLAHERTY When it's time to function as a feeling human being will your bachelor of arts help you get by? uf! 3-YQ ? iff? 55 NANCY FOGG Even though I wasn't too sad about leaving Milton High I did like it. Majorettes, band, art, Spanish Club, walking the corridors, and many good friends made it enjoyable. ELIZABETH FLYNN Of all the words of mouth or pen, the saddest are these . . . It might have been. Es, - ,...--, PAUL FOLEY JULIA GALLAGHER It will feel good to be free, The only people whoever get any place are the people who get lost. PBSC, Capncci, Four Seas, and ice tea. 35 ' ,Q " 'X 1, , f4-' '. ' M I ,1 2 -5.1 be ' , A A W K , . . a k A , . M., J 3 ,V , . TE, est W'-. - . NANCY GALLANT Reach for the heavens and hope for the future, and all that we can beg not what we are. X CURT GILES For they can conquer who believe they can. I PATRICIA GARRITY Sail on by, Your time has come to shine. All your dreams are on their way. X, MICHAEL GIARUSSO We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done. J CHRISTINE GILLILAND Find that what you once thought was real is gone, and changing. -fi A- VERONICA GILLIS These are places I'll remember all my life though some have changed, some forever not for better, some have gone and some remain. DANIEL GIOIOSA SUSAN GLICK MARCIA GOLDSTEIN I Plan on college- Guerin! the 5'-if-e Police: I enivy hum' Oh YOU sor tv hfwe friends. The feelings Oh S0 SHORE You If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great inz,f00lbBl1BHd Unk- got to have friends To make your day last long . . , way, 36 I1 . s SCOTT GORDON SUSAN GORDON What ever will be will be. The future is not mine to see. STEPHEN GRANT ,, M L. , ,,,. 3 - rx wg? "ll .- .ff .. rg, xfsfwwlf ll S 'wg 1, X :',2','Ti,,QsLg,. ', ,, gd. 'yi A ya, 3553? 19, -swf 2225- Qi " i W v 4 .iggeilgfxzffzigga ,. HK...-ni 37 EMMETT GREELEY MICHAEL GUERRERA MARK HADLEY Look up and not down Look forward and not back Look out and not in Lend a hand. MARTIN HALE su- 'UQ lb' if TRACY A. HAMILTON JOHN HANAFIN JAMES HANLON Keep Smiling. 38 EDWIN HANNON I had a great three yearsg I met a lot of great people and had a lot of great times. Zero hour 7 P.M. Friday night. GRAHAM J. HAWKINS ALAN HERSHMAN Love thy neighbor as thyself, BEVERLY HAPPNIE Besides your health, to me "love" is the most important thing in my life, DANIEL HEALEY Life is too short, enjoy it to the fullest. i 39 JEFFREY HARRINGTON It's hard to leave friends. at MARGARET HERN 3,3335 MARY HOCHMAN If I am not for myself, who will be for meg if I am only for myselfwhat am I? And if not now, when? MARY LEE HODGENS Wherever you want to go is up to you. And wouldn't it be fine, following your heart, playing your own part. PAMELA HORAN The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share with him your riches, but to reveal to him his own. dgs.. fi' GAIL IN GRAM It's rough at times but to be able to live life to its fullest and to keep on smiling is what the world needs today. VIRGINIA HOGAN If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours, ELAINE M. HOUGHTON My hobbies are drawing cartoons and watching scary movies. DAVID JABLON l want to go into the medical or business fields. These will make me specialg because I don't want to be a face in the crowd. 40 RONALD A. HYMAN Everytime somebody builds a better mousetrap, the mouse gets smarter. JULIE JACKSON Am I blue? You'd be too. JEAN MARIE J ONAS Take time to work - it is the price of success, Take time to relax - it is better than pills. STEVE JOYCE El Duda. x KEVIN KEATING CYNTHIA JOYCE Moving ahead so life won't pass me by. They can change their minds, but they can't change me. I got a dream. fs, GAIL KAURANEN Life's greatest achievement is the continual remaking of yourselfso that at last you know how to live. MICHELE KEENAN I am not afraid of tomorrow because I have seen yesterday and I love today. 41 JOHN L. KELLEY JOHN J. KELLY, JR. RICHARD KENNEY When I think back on all the crap I Ienmed in high gchggl Iwould like to thank Milton for all that it has given me. lt's a wonder I can think at all . , ELLEN KERNER The end of the beginning. Favorite things: motorcycles Favorite sports: hockey and baseball, GRETC HEN KLEHM After high school I plan to become a secretary. ELLEN KOPPELMAN I any i M W, .L sf' PAMELA KRAYNACK Welive so close, but yet so far away. I shall follow the path to wherever my destiny and my DEBRA LANE It'll be good to get out of this school and into college, but while I'm still here I'll manage to stay in high spirits. mission for truth shall take me. ,L x ' 4 Q , Q-yqsr'-rpg -i K- www-.. g up if gf gfzifsz 5i9ift1'i,' Kuff ' k'Li 5 I .. V A E , ,Q it i t QQ. l V , .1 If K . ' D A V . Ii K gl5'25i5" , .rw i'f'i:'gW V K L Ai' DANIEL LANGELIER PAMELA LANGEVIN Everyone said high school was the best three years ofyour B-'1Sli9!l1Hll, 341, Bill Walton . . yellow gingham cal- life, One thing I'm sure of: it was the quickest. Culus . American Graffiti . R4F,C, hm dogg , Dartmouth Smoke on the Water . Meredith , 43 oyte, - DONALD LAKE Memory is when you look back andthe answers float into who, what, when and where. - 'lf is . W rr ,. EM, ri. .. A V'-'-'elf as-...M . .AAAQH-.ISV 'iisxw-N-A A .. . Y A A . A .4 9' - - "'fJtdnii34.f DENISE LANE Sookie Sookie now. MARCIE LAPIDO I would like to fulfill my ambition in a nursing career, To help others at a time when they cannot help themselves. LAURIE LANTZ DONALD LATO LISA LAPWORTH There are places I remember all my life. All these places have their moments, with friends I still can recall. In my life, l've loved them all. MARY LEARY We're not primarily put on this earth to see through one another, but to see one another through. RICHARD LEARY ln case you're worried about what's going to become of the younger generation, it's going to grow up and start worry- ing about the younger generation. 44 JANET LARS EN Catch as we look and use the passions that flow. As we try to continue, we receive all we venture to give. lg", -cm if . I 2 KATHLEEN LEONARD What lies in the future is a mystery to us all. No one can predict the wheel of fortune as it tums. -sw- stiff xy: , ,V 'M ...M N .455 LAURA LEONARD Though I come not within the sight of the castle of my dreams, teach me still to be thankful for life and for times of olden memories. DAVID C. LIKOS Go your way, l'll go mine, Carry on! HOWARD LEVINE Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. We're so glad you could attend, Come inside, come inside. IRENE ANN LIMA It's gonna be good to be out ofthe high school and into the world. CHRISTINE LINEHAN 45 ANNE LINNEHAN Keep smiling. It will make people wonder what you've been up to. 11 JANET LIVINGSTONE Time is too slow for those who wait. Too long for those who grieve, But for those who love, time is not. JOHN LOFTUS CATHLEEN A. LYNCH But there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them. Q H11-'fm KENNETH LLOYD The school was really boring. The kids were really great, The sports weren't had either, But I'm glad it's time to graduate! Flax? Rx -' ,'fu,lgs.G' I Y? ,o, r ' 251' ,H gif -'fx 4 Qbt- ' Q . ff I 2f'ff'I,'i1'f ..,,1:-'if"z33'n'.i5"l3 DEBORAH LOSORDO I know we've come along way, we're changing day to day. But tell me, where do the children play. JULIE LYNCH 46 GORDON C. LOBBAN Anything worth having is worth cheating for. CLIFFORD LUNDBERG For college I say meet it. As for high school I say eat it. fisfki , ,wg ERIN LYONS "Sports enthusiast," Basketball, 3 years, Softball, 2 years, Intramurals, 3 years. Physical education major. France - Florida - Falmouth. "Irish," honor roll stu- ,gk dent, "86" Milton High School. - - 4- 1 1 er wx L ru.-zf f, , 'r - 11,1 I ..v.1 -? 1' .1 A E.: i:g,,,4. ., t W . . . A - "A- M . at f-fir -41, I .,. 23- + Vw - L 'iffgl' Ji if ' 41 R K - f'f' 1 -f,- 22, -f' , U .Sf Si ir ' ' ' , X I A we , it Y . -"' -- if, if tar tar, .H+ ff k Q, Y f ' get-'Rini :gy V J, W. A ELIZABETH A. MACGILLVRAY A million tomorrows will all pass away 'ereI forget all the joys that were mine today. JEAN MACKENZIE JEANNE MAHAN ROBERT MALONEY You only go around once in life, so reach for all the gusto Reach for the heavens and hope for the future, And all Life ain't a bed of roses. you can get. that we can beg not what we are. l 47 PETER MANNING Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him. SUSAN MANNING I avoid looking forward or backward and try to keep look- ing upward. qv? 5 f, 48 JON J. MARKER My best days in high school were in shop and on work study. The rest of my days were spent watching the clock. 'Xe KATHLEEN MARTELL MARYANN MCCABE The ocean mounted as the city descended. She passed pinnacles of bank buildings. She passed crowns of courthousea. She rose above the spires of churches. '1"'? .. . PAULA MCCABE The supreme happiness of life is the conviction of being loved for yourself, or, more correctly, being loved in spite of yourself. TIMOTHY MCCARTHY "Mac" My ambitions are to be a respiration therapist or pharmacist and to meet Wolfman Jack in person. ,,,'. , DIANNE MCELROY Too often we enjoy the comfort ofopinion without the dis- comfort of thought. PATRICIA MCCARTHY The gentle mouming of the trees for their brightly colored leaves ceases when the delicate webs of white snow come to clothe their branches. DAVID MCCLAIN JANET MCDONOUGH JOHN MCGRATH PAUL M. MCGRATH Patton, The Impossible Dream. I am a winter sports fan, especially skiing. I would like to have snow all year round. I also like to raise tropical fish. 49 MEGAN MCINERNEY But now friends are acting strange. They shake their heads, they say I've changed. Something's lost, but some- thing's gained in living every day. PAUL MCKEEN It's been along but nice three years. KATHLEEN MEE Now I've been crying lately, thinking about world as it is why must we go on hating why can't we live in bliss. ff x Ht.. VIRGINIA MELCHIN "Melch," basketball, volunteers, fifth period lunch shift, selling hot dogs at football games, working in the main office. My years at M.H.S. were the best ever. ADELE MILLER Life is like a balloon: if you don't tie it to your finger it flies away. 50 -E ff is BARBARA MCLAUGHLIN To me, fair friend, you can never be old, For as you were when first your eye I eyed Such seems your beauty still. ,, 5. LUCIUS C. MIC HEL If your children ever realized how weak you really are they'd kill you i.n your sleep. 1 FRANK MILLER Oklahoma to Massachusetts to New York to Massachu' setts . . , moved around a lot, met a lot of kids, Six school systems - a Big Pain, but sorry to feel it disappear. MAUREEN MITCHELL WILLIAM MORGAN Stop and smell the roses. Count your blessings everyday. Finding your way to heaven is a rocky road, Just smell the roses along the way. 51 I5 FRED MOULTON I gained many friends at Milton High School and had some great times. Things such as the Prom, the Swanton trip, and Teddy, 1'll always remember, FRANCES MUISE Life's greatest achievement is the continual re-making of yourself so that at last you know how to live. JOSEPH J. MULLIGAN Life is fine Even with the ups and donms And you should grab a 'hold of it Else you'll find lt's passed you by. FREDERICK MUNROE My favorite sports are sailing, bowling and tennis. My favorite school subject is band. Y ' Ls: 741 7 vm? 1... . , ,.. MARLENE MURPHY HOWARD NEEDLE NANCY NERMAN DONNA NOLAN There is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. 52 STEVEN NORTON 4 it KATHRYN O'CALLAGHAN My life has been a tapestry of rich royal hue An everlast- ing vision of the changing views, A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold. JOHN NOONAN It shall be him who walks alone that shall find himselfg and he who finds himselfwill succeed. JEFFREY NUTTING THOMAS O'CONNOR My ambition in life is to make something of myself. l'd just like to be different. 53 WILLIAM NORCO I'I Cat's paw, iron claw, Neuro-surgeons scream for more. At parnnoia's poison door Twenty-first century schizoid man. RICHARD O'BRlEN My hobbies: reading, Karate and Jui-Jitsu. My ambition is to enter the U.S. Intelligence field, invest in private business and later on to enter politics. JAMES O'DEA Yesterday, and today and forever. RICHARD 0'DONNELL JOHN O'NEILL PAUL OPUDA We don't remember days, we remember moments. Q- LYDIA PALMER JUDY PARR KATHERINE PETTITI There are two paths you can go byg But in the long rung 0 world 0 life O time! On whose last steps I climb Trem- He who Smiles V-hf0l-lgh life will always find happiness There's still time to change the road you're on. bling at that where I had stood before No more - O never more! NOREEN PICCO SCOTT PICKARD 54 1 l BRIAN PIERCE ,X . we Q X Q wut 3 q, , P, JENNIFER PINKUS The time to be happy is now, The place to be hap here, The way to be happy is to make others so. 4 py is THOMAS F. PIHL To go fast you have to work hard, but some things are more enjoyable if you take your time. F' JOSEPH T. POLONSKI There's a new world coming. - Q ? 3 I 2 x Y , l s I i KATHLEEN PILGRIM Have a good day in the years to come! LAWRENCE PORTER When we look back at our years at M.H,S. we will realize how much it prepared us, and we will be thankful. 55 f A ELIZABETH POTENZA Nickname "BQ" Ooooh Nice: Honey froggieg Emerson, Lake and Palmerg Pandag Eliot Park "P.4". ANDRIENN E PRETTI In order to win you must be prepared to lose sometimes. b 56 ROY A. PROUT THOMAS PUCCI I am wealthy with friends and I hope this never changes, RONALD PURCELL KENNETH QUIGLEY E 1 f CAROL READY It is here where I have learned to be an individual for the rest of my life. DIANA REED JONATHAN B. QUINT Dawn of love sent within us colours of awakening , As the links span our endless caresses for the freedom of life everlasting. RICHARD REDPATH BRIANT REGAN When I was eleven, Iwas 5 ft. 7 with hairy legs, pimples, and a mustache . . for some strange reason they'd never let me be captain ofthe softball team. 57 JEAN RANKIN "What is the use of a book," thought Alice, "without pic- tures or conversation?" 4' Q .,V all D f E iQ,'.f-A-.LQYSJAQS ..f13.xr,a f,- l!.4.1.. .Q , BRUCE REINSTEIN Life is something which doesn't come easy. It involves not quitting when things are bad and trying to do better when things are good. JAMES REYNOLDS GAYLE M. RICHARDSON REBECCA ROBERTS Take a walk on the wild Side, My ambition: to contribute something by helping people P- IW' .af K -..., BARRY ROSSEN STEPHEN ROTA You don't possess me Don't impress me Just upset my mind Can't instruct me or conduct me Just use up my time. buff' 'fig MARIE RUTECKI MARIE RYAN Happy is the people whose God is Jehovah! don't believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation, look with your understanding, you'll see the way to fly. 58 I want to work with little kids Am, BARRY SAFFRAN DENISE SALVAGGIO You have to be open-minded and make the best of every- We're not primarily put on this earth to see through one thing. A good time is yours and only yours to make, another, but to see one another through. . :g m V . 'H M" as A 5 ' jx " 32? may 2.4 " 4 -Y Y m "Q'1?Jfi.f 'mic ' , s , .M ,-:G W . W, - W- fffsfui so A, ere . el 5 ' 1 QQ 1 , E v ,Ti , , 5 A s CAROLYN SANDS We're part of the fire that is buming And from the ashes we can build another day. MARK SARAF Life is short, enjoy it while you can! S9 REBECCA SANDER Two roads diverged in a wood, and l took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. DIANE SATURN O Kate, Susie, Barbara, Jimmy, Johng Friends are forever. FRANK SCHIFONE I like to play sports like football, baseball, wrestling, and I like to watch the Celtics. RICHARD SCHIFONE BARBARA SCOTT KATHERINE A. SCOTI' I try tg be myseli always - no matter what others may say or o. xl af y ' JANET SEMER TERO SEVON You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is The ships go on to their haveng But, for the touch of a when you give of yourself that you tmly give. vanished hand, And the sound of a voice that is still! 60 BARBARA SC HMAKEL l've a sceptre in hand I've a crown on my head , . , NANCY SHAFFER Seasons change with scenery Weaving time in a tapestry Won't you stop and remember me. n JOHN SHEA Qqgjgjwsfgisfrfr JM, lzwefzfe-f - p X. W5 my W ,. rf: : ELIZABETH SHEEHAN Now l've just gotten older, l've just gotten taller And the little ones call me a grcwnup. vu lf-U'Q5.' PAUL SHERLOCK 44' I fi 1 A . KT' xsl... DANIEL SHIBLEY STEVEN SCHNITZLER Ifeel that I have learned a lot from this high school. 61 CAROL SOYSTER Nothing in life is to be fearedg it is only to be understood. MARK STANTON Speak softly and carry a big stick. MICHEAL STANTON I want to be someone. Milton High School is the place where I learned that being someone in life is of great importance. JANET STEVENS Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and try to follow where they lead. 'I' ll I RICHARD STOVER I believe the future is only the past entered through an- other gate. MARYANN SULLIVAN A new day, a new way, And new eyes to see the dawn. Go your way, I'll go mine, And carry on. DAVID STOLLER ARTHUR SULLIVAN My future plans: to become successful, work to my full extent to help others, and to have the most fun I can. HENRY SUMNER Don't want to work away, doing just what they all sayp Work hard boy and you'll find, one day you'll have a job like mine. 63 LAWRENCE SULLIVAN I plan to become a doctor after I have graduated from col- lege. My hobbies: sports, model building and camping. MARIO SUSI My ambition in life is to be able to work successfully with both my family and friends. JOHN SYLVAN Real life is, to most men, along second best, a perpetual compromise between the Ideal and the possible. BRYAN TALANIAN Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. CLAUDIA TAFUR I will not willingly offend, Nor be easily offended: What's amiss I'll strive to mend and endure what can't be mended. MARY LEE TAYLOR Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. KATHLEEN THOMAS Quiet manner until you get to know her. Plans to study fashion design next fall and be an airline stewardess. 54 ANTHONY TAGLIAMONTE Greatness comes only to those who seek not how to avoid obstacles but to overcome them. DEBORAH TELEGAN Know that yesterday is but toduy's memory and tomor- row is today's dream, Let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing. ROBIN THORP I have leamed to be an Individualist. 4 , A wines: ' Wg? gg: W-grffzzl iz., Mm A' I at Q' J UDITH TIERNEY Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. MARJORIE TITC OMB No matter if you're bom to play the king o line is thinly drawn. , , my fantasy becomes must be what l must be and face tomorrow. r pawn, The reality and I -N, 65 KATHLEEN TOBIN Quietly she goes her way, doing her work with little to sayg Honor Roll Student: Planning a career in teaching math " l AX WL ' BARBARA TUOHEY My ambiton in life is to be successful and to meet and help a lot of people. ,."f's. ctw' 0 I4 'S DARAUS TYSON It's been fun. It's been sad. It sure was a trip, One l'll nev- er forget. Later iv 'WX C JEAN VILLARD lil 9f'5fffff7'1' -' ' 1., ,. 1, f, MARJORIE WALLACE But now it's just another show, You leave 'em laughing when you go. And if you care don't let them know. Don't give yourself away. , 1 A 355, -,Q-Wf A rw LAURIE VILLARD The flowers of tomorrow are from the seeds of today! is .... PETER WALLACE KAREN WALSH Take time to be friendly It is the road to happiness 66 l 'X ' s ilk A I - I ' S.. mes f f I+., --,,, . -2- , F Q. ' lA 1 . . if- f,f2'! .in 955 . I 5. "mil MICHAEL WARE ANDREW D. WERMAN STEPHEN WHITE Enjoys scuba diving and swimming. Ambition to be a Marine Biologist l'd rather be Gored to Death than Bored to Death. JONATHAN WEISTROP 'QW' JOANNE WHEELER May joy proceed from every pain-I shall not pass this way again. DENNIS WILKINSON Good-bye, so long, see ya later. 67 -L, ii:-S. DIANNE WELLS Keep interested in your own career. however humbleg it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time C. DAVID WHELPLEY, Jr. Whoopie Band, Gymnastics, Track Fish, Pooch, Blind Let's go eat, BRENDA WINN GARRETT WINN Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. SUSAN WII IEKIND MAUREEN WOLF How can we go forward into something we're not sure of A mln CBD fail many UXDCS, but he iSl1'l B failure until he begins to blame somebody else. 1 n '5' f Q A P -s 'Q My ,W r gli 5 11 ? M LYNN ANN YUREWICZ LINDA ZANE In order to judge the feelings ofothers, study your own, for Friendship is a coming together of hearts an exchange people in general are very much alike of joy. 68 'Q ,,,,r- ,.. - 11: , A if MARY ANN WOODS Time is a river of passing events, strong is its current sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept away PAUL ZASLAW ROCHELLE ZEPRUN Someday I'd like tu go to Cnlifomia and meet some fa- mous people, like Clint Eastwood, George Segal, Helen Hayes, and Barbara Streisand. GERALD SHULTZ I've really enjoyed Milton High for the most part and I hope other students got as much out of it as I did. SUSAN TRAPILO CHARLES COLLINS MICHAEL REGAN My ambition is to survive, Jack. .X 3?5"'W'M'ix if 69 V as if , .-,. A 11 5-Y,.'zf:.f'-1. 5 'a 1-ax W i'4iXiir1'k Elia . N Qxfsifxi ff? ' x Gsm WA xl ' 'AL W-H -rj E TT7'h. Q T r thing 's Odyssey took her to a bizarre world t turn la some- new and fantastic. This was the ele- t of surprise that is Uital to all odysseys. if I.- 5 ez' is If HEL: , I n- 0 vi' f' 5' '-fig' 7. is X .N ff: af It 1, i W I :"' .M qfif 'I.6L'A X UIQ' '1p4'1Ai.'lE' '5 A X I' !3l. I lks' ACTIVITIES ,J Ap TO KILL A TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, the drama club plav, was a smashing success. The scenery was professional and the acting superb. Paul Sullivan, who played Bob Ewell, had the audience convinced that he was a true redneck. It's hard for those who didn't Work behind the scenes to believe how much work went into this production and harder to believe the 72 -W-V -a .4 1' 5 6 I '4 x' ,..En'knH f w'f r OCKI GBIRD amount of work some special individuals contributed. Becky Sander, Mrs. and Mr Goetze and numerous drama club elves made sure that the play was really a fine production. fi 'VX I-1 73 gqgusan-an Ellen Flaherty volunteers. And so do about thirty other kids who belong to Volunteens. To call this club "active" would be an un- derstatement - these kids volunteer on a regular basis. President Mary Hochman and advisor Ar- lene Lavin have set up a program whereby each member can choose the kind of volun- teer job she likes. Whether it's talking with older people, playing with crippled children or helping someone prepare a holiday meal, Volunteens offers positive action in the community. First Row, Left to Right: J. Rankin fVice-pres. J, D. Buchb1nderfSec J B Sathan C Bornstem Second Row, Left to Right: M. Kelleher, L. Sylvester, J. Gallagher, T Lammey Third Row M Halprm M Gillis, M. Fallon, L. Yurewicz, P. Curry, K. Vey, T Stephens , YW..-....,..., mg I - sm V Without a doubt, room O20 houses more smiles than any other room in Milton High. Walk in there third period on any Tuesday or Thursday and you can See a lot of learning, a lot of love, and a lot of fun. Kids who helped. . . Ellen Flaherty, Pam Langevin, Pat Anglin, Terry Balboni, Lauren Blacker, Paula Choate, joan Chipman, Mary Beth Cleaves, Beth Donavan, Jayne Duggan, Meg Hern, Elaine Houghton, Cindy Joyce, Linda Lambert, Barbara Scott, Mary Lee Taylor, Marji Wallace, Brenda Winn, Diane Buch- M' C . ISS may binder, Mary Hochman. Read for anything The smilin duo Y S , l Z1 m w.. SS 'KVI IDHJS jane Alexander Should the U. S. change its electoral system or not? The Debate Team of MI-IS is currently involved in scrounging up pro and con evidence to form argu- ments on this vital issue. 'lv Mr. Semonian cracks the whip. ham DEB TE TE 1' ar N Jfllff fl A 1, . ,c Ely:- X ,. X Li lik ' ' X Eddie Peters and Marlene Kliman. W' ,MMM qs XF-J ,O Q r 5 f I JJ f I " . a gg K 4 1 Lf 76 1 Left to Right: S. Meek, C. Dubin, M. Hochman, P. Carr, Pres. Ron Hyman, P. Kasuba, J. Prantis. CIE CE CLUB The mad scientists of MHS do more than just conduct freaky experiments and listen to visiting speakers. They are getting ready to participate in a program called the Energy Conservation Corps. The ECC is designed to teach junior high and elementary students about possible ways to conserve energy. High school students flike our own Science clubbersb and teachers will collaborate on creative ways to approach energy conservation. But, until the ECC gets under Way, the mad scientists will return to the laboratory, and Who knows what? 77 IPM!! S. 1 I w"'S First Row, Left to Right: M. Kliman, L. Peterson, D. Ross, T. Sevon, P. Sullivan, I. Sullivan. Second Row: J. Markell, K. Fine, R. Monroe, B. Curley, F. Norton. vi., . Math League lf X2 I 3y'5, then. . . The Math league at Milton High is more than just a group of computerized minds. Kids get together to puzzle over math toughies and en- gage in mental exercises. In a recent Math meet, the MHS league competed against groups from twelve other high schools and finished in fifth place. President Te ro Sevon Chess Club The C ifrino strategy . B- , "'-'ff rn if 1- .11-FB'-5 Q H V, f Q ,J -dl D' -47" 'ff' -J' 1 ' Wqmmv Q Gotcha! 1 As. ? 'if A 79 X muff Dancing at the Whole World Celebration WHAT country did you say this was from? Frenchg panish Club Parlez - vous francais? You would if you belonged to the French Sz Spanish Club! By far one of the largest clubs at Milton High, it is also one of the most active. Participating in U. N. Day festivities, members of the club Whipped up delicious tacos and chili-con carne. President Elizabeth Blankenship and Advisors Arlene Lavin and Karen Ahearn planned an outing to the Whole World Celebration where our Milton High monsieurs and senoritas mingled with other cultures. If you ask any member of the club why they like it, he would reply "because it's fun. " Why else? First Row, Left to Right: S. Radovitch, J. Emerson, P. McGrath, A. Curtis, B. Sathin, I.. Theodos. Second Row: C. Erlich, M. Kliman, I. Tatelman, L. Debaun, R. Goober, J. Alexander. Third Row: L.Herman, E. Blankenship, K. Andon, K. Vey, C. Bomstein. Fourth Row: J. Flagg, I. Murphy, M. Kuppens, C. Shea, D. Doherty, D. Hannon, D. Debrowski, M. Kelleher, S. Doliner, A. Gormley, S. Kennedy, J. Horlink. 'Ol 'L ' Y 9 GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS: M. Manning, E. Blankenship and President jimmy O'Dea. German Club What would MHS be like without the annual Oktoberfest? Oktoberfest, the German Club's most festive event, allows everyone to get the flavor of Deutschland by sampling Wienersclinitzel, beer, Vienna torte. . . President jimmy O'Dea and advisor Mary Habosian are planning a WEIHNACHTSF EST - a Christmas party German style. And of course, there are always trips to the hofbrau. QS First Row, Left to Right: E. Blankenship, M. Manning, M. Fitzgerald. Second Row: C. Di Pesa, D. jab- lon, M. Woods, D. Norcott, L. Baker, M. Kuppens. 1 , . ,. II 3 s I 1, .4- Alone at last! Cheryl Pine checking out the overdues THE EWLIBRARY 'I'he New Library ! 82 1 so ,qi-f. - Peachy and Gregg The Certs Whoosh test. GIRL' LEAGUE Q HU! FHA INSTALLATION A11 together now. J ' ff ' "Ax k4'4 X, Q xy if fli- 4 .. DY -2 I as Wil f SOUP LLNEI cIO"IEIAHCI CVIIHO I 1 W P 86 7351 W5-. MW' 'Y' HSE? wi' Q if xv gf:- , 1 am ' nu-aa -xii q Q Front Row, Left to Right: C. Daley, M. O'Brien, L. Egan. Back Row, Lto R, Miss Karahalis, Sally Bacci, Karen Walsh, Mary Woods, Lynn Yurewicz. fnot pictured: Anne Fidler, Presidentg Diane Wellsj. Future urs es Future nurses is a club geared to those students planning a career in nursing. Trips to Various hospitals and schools are planned by President Anne Fidler and her officers Diane Wells and Karen Walsh. On their list are: Children's Hospital, the Deaconess Hospital and Boston College. By exploring the different nursing programs offered at these institutions, members gain a better understanding of their chosen career as Well as a Varied outlook on it. 88 7 'Q ' R 3 all iff? J. Mitten, Miss Zefting, D. Cruikshanks, I.. Michel, J. Horlink. 'f J , 'I 1' , 153 0' , 1 ' Z-32 5 W 3:15 V. Qi? I , H.: .f f A President Diane Cruikshanks Art Club By the end of the school year the blank walls around the library will be covered with de- corative murals painted by the Art Club. Diane Cruickshanks, President, meets with the club every Tuesday. These creative in- dividuals are currently involved in designing the murals for the school Walls. Club advisor Karen Zefting arranged for members of the club to visit B.U. School of F ine and Applied Arts and to sit in on Weekly life drawing classes. Art club members: Julie jackson, Ellen Fla- herty, Lisa Lapworth, Diane Cruikshanks, Luke Michel, Nancy Bunson, Joanne Mitten, joan Horlink, Joyce Kornetsky. Need a little insight? Only 51 a throw! It all started one day as john Kelly, kicking around the English wing, toyed with the idea of a school newspaper. As editor, john, his assistants joe Mulligan and Scott Pickard, and their advisor, Barbara Seegraber, created a new school publi- cation which brings us journalism, creativity, and wit all rolled into one. ,. ff . Advisor Barbara Seegraber Kathy reads the finished product. Assistant editors Joe Mulligan and Scott Pickard. I-1'?v-i? l' ' '.. ,Jw ' Q an .lla Proofre ading material There are certain traditions at MHS which will always remain. Among them are: red 8: white, the geopard, and Mr. Gadaire's jokes. Right up there in the top ten is the Un- quity Echo. Every year the magazine appearsg We consider this an achievement not to be slighted. Editor janet Larsen and advisor Miriam Goldman try to get everyone in on the literary scene. Art editor Ellen Flaherty spruced it all up. The Yearbook staff would like to use this space to commend EVERYONE involved with the Echo for making our school magazine very Worthwhile reading. 1' 9 , - . 4 Miriam Goldman advises Editor janet Larsen 91 Our Mentor. Adele, jenny, and Luke. YEARBOOK Editor Jenny Rankin, Literary Ed. Adele Miller, and Art Ed. Luke Michel put together the 1975 yearbook. But three people do not a yearbook make. We'd like to say a sincere "thank you" to all the people who helped us put the yearbook together. Caption writers are the creators of the catchy phrases under- neath candids. -We appreciate their wit. CAPTIONS: M. Hochman S. Coffey C. Sands M. Hadley It is impossib ing typists. TYPISTQS E. Bibinski M. Bonner . B. McLaughlin End sheets an students. The ' B. Norcott D. Lato D. Tyson J. Mulligan' B. Sheehan B. McLaughlin M. Ryan B. Schmakel A w.chick , le to produce a yearbook without the aidof will- j. Pinkus A P. Largevin P. Horan D. Buchbi nder M. Sullivan d divider pages were designed by certain talented y helped make "Odyssey" what it is. ARTISTS: D. Cruikshanks M. L, Hodgens C. Michel C. Iandberg L. Michel J. jackson, Asst. Art Ed. ' 1 N , 1 V llaiogoirahy editor Maryann H John Sylvan Lisa Lapworth Paul Connelly c a e besides his photography. pictures. He also lent a hand in the writing of sports copy. Business people are the ones who ran around town getting ads. Sports editor Walter Chick YEARBOOKBU I ESS ' Yearbook Business Staff C L-R, Mr. OlNeill, B. Cattel, D. Buchbinder, P. ,Langevin Qco-editorj, L. Egan, C. Gilliland, D. Telegen, D. Ross, B. Clark, K. Blake, Missing: M. Amaru QCO-editorj, T. Desmond, R. Langevin, N. Shaffer, T. Buckley. Langevin, Bob Cattel and Mr. Joe O'Nei1l merit special thanks. Most of the pictures in this yearbook Were taken by talented and willing seniors. They are: Maryann Mc McCabe, Lisa Lapworth, Paul Connelly, Charlie Clougherty and Jeff Harrington. We'd like to specially thank John Sylvan who offered a lot of moral support Sports editor Walter Chick helped to choose and caption the sports Pam "They've got rhythm, they'Ve got music. . . " Well, We'Ve got the Stage and Dixieland bands. Who could ask for anything more? On a more serious note, this year the band finclusivej has established itself as an in- tegral part of Milton High. Whether you're sitting in a math class or eating lunch in the cafe, you can't help keeping time to "ln The Mood. " And how much more integral can they get? wmv-I 4 STAGE BAN n 3 if Q1 '5 if Seated, Left to Right: Ken Fine, Howard Hartman, Bob Bowlby, Fred Munroe. Standing, L to R: Fred Moulton, Dick Melgard, R. Hamilton, D. Cruickshanl-fs, D. Bordett, Sam Stone, R. Fripp, I. Kelly, 1. Garvin. Buddy Rich - look out! 94 Tickling the ivories. DIXIELA D BA 'm fa 42 Q 3053.1 sw .7 y aww " f '-45-...K Left to Right: K. Fine, J. Kelly, P. Tringali, B. Cattle, R. Hamilton, D. Bowlby, D. Hartman, M. Pollack, D. Whelpley, S. Stone, D. Melgaro, R. Fripp, J. Garvin, R. -Fineman, D. Cruickshanks. Front Row, Left to Right: M. Flaherty, A. Locke, J. Hartin, S. Meek, N. Byron, P. Cooney. Second Row: M. McCabe, A. Birenbaum, K. Bertram, C. Bowes, K. Parrow, L. Baker, C. Dubin, B. McLaugh- lin. Third Row: M. Kliman, D. Collett, M. McDermott, R. Amaru, V. Gillis, D. Wluelpley, J. Kelley, F. Monroe, I.. Porter, S. Duke, M. Ryan, J. Marhill, M. Gillis. Q 3, ,fi I u-I CD CD r-I CT' 'S H-'3'9"5'! X We'r e Number One! 77 vi we ' if ' J Quote Attributable To Fred Moulton, Band President "From 74 To 75, We All Showed That Our Squad Was Psyched And Alive! " Co-Captains Peachy PiCC0 2111125 Duggan on cheerleading. ' e Front, Left to Right: Patrice Manning, Karen Vey, Maureen Doherty, Cheekie Pico fmascotp, Susan Thomas, Laurie Villard. Second Row, Left to Right: Brenda Winn, Co-Capt. Peachy Picco, Co-Capt. Jayne Duggan, janet McDonough Third Row, Left to Right: Denise Jefferies, Mary Fitzgerald, Susan Smith, Mazy Costello, Ellen Donoghue. gal Q9 Wfrf, Kg, 1- '1 .J-y.Q. a R K , YN f. W if -11.52 4.13" 5' , . " " --, 1 uf: 'lilkfff '- 'SVSU , H 'L' " ""', i A Lt I, hay if sugp. r t r L , , V ,,13,,5, vip -oy ,, ,. 1 'N , A rf- uw 1. 4,-, - ,gg I X- uv, .,.. , '-f 5 11 . A W Wi Q , I 'jr M . A . k N k , Q TES ET AJOR M CO CESSIONS F37 il ZQQK SIB, as ll- BNI mg BE! my E5 :UI gi Et llq 5212 in I 55 ll E25 75152 If '-4-. Left to Right: Jo-Ann Bryant, Anne Linnehan, Mary Leary, Nancy Gallant, Virginia Melchin. is 101 Office And Guidance Assistants .mi .J OFFICE WORKERS: L. Baker, M. O'Brien, P. Langevin, V. Melchin, B. D'Amico, J. Melchin, 1. Landry, J. Bry ant, A. deBesse, J. Louis, J. Mahan, M. Titcomb, L. Bortolotti, E. Houghton, E. Stein, C. Tafur. GUIDANCE WORKERS: E. Donoghue, B. Schmakel, L. Egan, C. Scherer, K. Boehler, K. Donovan, K. Paris, S Lowe, J. Stevens, D. Brenner, E. Flaherty, F. Roderick. Mr. Mul1in's Assistants 93 Nz V, , fi' Janitorial Assistants WW :lil ..., ,r 1: " -'Nl' P"iFvj"'j""V ' Q' . mjN.,,,, 'gg ::: V Q, ,Q V A : t'k:Q51gf7TQf ' L ' 1 a. i51,,1,,,Qi-5.gihnr:1:X:Qsg,:':3 sf 'A' ' kid g, ff' A 4 103 I O, FY? mtg' W t, ,,, A IUNIORS: First Row, Left to Right: W. Feldhouse, M. Happnie, E. McDonough, C. Teed. Second Row: D. Malone, P. Cappeletti, J. Cook, G. Kelley, W. Foster, W. Devore. Third Row: D. Abruzese, M. Veneto, S Little, M. Machnig, S.Oberlander, L. Stapleton, B. Crowley. . ii 5 . 9 , . X . SENIORS: First Row, Left to Right: S. List, S. Rota, R. Maloney, C. Clougherty, C. Smith. Second Row: L. Carrara, M. Korin, K. Finerty, L. Donahoe, J. Villard, E. Donovan, B. Scott, M. Bonner, C. Laura. Third Row: K. Mee, G. Richardson, J. Taylor, M. Guerrera, A. Sullivan, D. Wilkinson, M. Taylor, J. Chipman, B. Tuohey. NATIONA HO GR OCIETY 19 4-1975 The original NHS contingent. Advisor Miss Callahan and Treasurer janet Larsen. Vice-President Pam Langevin and President Diane Buchbinder. 106 . -pw . . Left to Right: Mike Finnel, Danny Connor, Alan Thorp, Kenneth Quigley. , . Maryanne Burnes School Committee Representatives "School committee representatives are nec essary. Students should have a voice 1n run ning their school!" - Maryanne Burnes i 107 in , Semifinalists vs: 51953 Qiiggw- . .,,,. gif? Clockwise: Ron Hyman, Walter Chick, Bill Norcott, Mary Hochman, jenny Rankin, i Letters Of Commendation i 'QQ A-an i ii, i hr' git, Front Row, Left to Right: Luke Michel, julie jackson, Marie Rutecki. Back Row, L to R, jon Quint, Steve Joyce, Briant Regan, Chip Collins. fnot pictured-Diane Cruickshanksq 108 Student Council First Row, Left to Right: M. Fitzgerald, P. Garrity, E. Hannon, D. Griffiths. Second Row: D. Lake, D, Connor, P. Curry, M. Finnell. Homeroorn Representatives First Row, Left to Right: S. Kelly, D. Connor, F. Moulton, S. Dohner, M. Leary, E. Peters. Second Row: A. Fidler, M. Atkins, 1. Villard, R. Thorp, R. Leprun, L. Sylvester, N. Kelly. Third Row: K. Collatrella, D. Wolf, C. Shea, C. Gilliland, C. Sands, J. Tarpey, K. Vey, N. Joyce, C. Bowes, L. Baker, J. Alexander, H. Dinsmore, J. McLeod. President Mark Pollack Members of the Advisory Board: Bob Dumphy and Diane Buckley. JU IOR CLASS UFFICER "The junior class this year could not have been more coopera- tive or school-spirited and anything we have accomplished this year is due to that feeling of cooperation. I am proud to have been their president. " - Mark Pollack in Y. -gg! Jr. Class Advisor, Nancy Richardson, chatting with Treasurer Roseanne Am- am, Secretary Nancy Joyce and Vice- President Helen Dinsmore. ' 110 3 wk 5.4 " 'N 6 NP Treasurer Joe Ciano, President David Wood, Secretary Carol Ready and Vice-President Marybeth Cleaves. E IOR CLASS OFFICER As president of the class of '75, I have felt surrounded by respect' and friendship. This has a great deal of moral significance in light of the racist atmosphere we live in. The pressures of my responsi- bilities are expanding until I no longer feel as though I can function as a Separate unit. I feel, rather, as though we all have to combine our minds and blend our talents to produce a prosperous year. My particular vision of the presidency is to help whomever I can and provide a path in which we can all walk. - Dave Wood 112 TO THE E IOR CLASS: We, the youth of this society, have to come to face with the confusion and corruption that lie ahead of us. However, we first have to come to face with ourselves. Apathy has eaten away at our souls and at our society, a fact which has been demonstrated this past year. We grumble about our hardships and difficulties, yet we do little to alleviate them. We can alter our lives and the future by altering our attitudes. We must stop and change the questions of our lives. It is not, "How fast can I get there?", but rather, "Where am I going?" Not "How much do Ipossess'?", but "How much am Iworth'?", and not only "How will I make a living?", but "I-Iow will I make my life?" 4 ' No one can inherit or drift casually into greatness. We must remember that the per- son who wants his dreams to come true must stay awake! We officers feel that, as a class, we have learned a great deal from one another. It is best that we experience dark moments now, for wisdom is born out of experience and in meeting such dark moments, new insights, new sympathies, new powers, and new skills are born. We must now pin our faith upon the inventiveness, the resource fulness, and the initiative of every one of us. We will not fail if we cultivate the con- stant growth of our intelligence and of our ability to co-operate with one another. It is fortunate thatwe, the officers, and you, the class of '75, have had the experi- ence. We only hope that together we can mold, strengthen, correct, and perfect the years ahead. - Dave Wood Marybeth Cleaves Carol Ready Joe Ciano 113 Our Junior Year . . OR CLASS OFFICERS, Left to Righty Back Row: jean Mackenzieg Vice-President Wally Donovang President Mil ' Anglin. Front Row: Secretary jenny Pinkusg Treasurer Debbie Poulosg Marsha Blankenship. forhing with other kids, friendliness, responsibilitie. it's what being Junior Class President meant to me. " 114 MikeA Fashionable. Faster than a speecung bullet V I Rumpelstiltskin i ix "It Made MeFeel Gqodg Junior Prom Table for Ten D . Kathy Thomas It Was ExCltlng.,,, Prom Queen May 3, 1974 K ,-'.,.,-f-..,,.m..J.,. - H :wa Hwy! Q . lv 7 do ' R WALTER CHICK-Most Likely To MARY HOCHMAN- Most Likely To Succeed 1 Succeed PEACHY PICCO- GREG DUNPHY- , Best Couple KEN LLOYD-Best Personality, Best PATTY GARRITY- Most Talkative, Dressed Friendliest. Friendliest. NANCY SHAFFER-Best Dressed MARIE RYAN-Best Personality, Wittiest. 118 LUKE MICHEL-Most Artisti LISA LAPWORTH-Most Artis' Z i EDDIE HANNON-Most Talka I MARIO SUZI-Wittiest X I i v '.:,.?,. H 1 'P :Q na U ' bla i I of gym , ,Ziyi 5 NK! 3552 a s , Y mf' 4 ' 5 ,, xxx qi.-if an ' 5 'ff J , , gg. ,.f Q f., t' "ff 9' ' ' -. ' 1: f p .L A' A ' X 53' A f X A :J .M - ' ' L Q- . 0' ' , . l'9.?5Q52 f 3 - Y-.-. p .O 'Z' y qi .pl 'fry L 5, .. T ,Mai -' 'A 5-rf. . 4 . -w L'- x Q H-A -Q, 3,1 5 U :E I 'V I ,G , A' , , 4 . ' . - ,,: n.-as ' ,Q g .:g:, ' , V ,'-' 1-va go P ' uv' 'g ' ' . Q '. ' ' f 'Q 'o 1 Q fbi. . fr 4. 33- -Q. 5.8 .. '1' , A in 4 Jw . ,Q r.-fha. .Ian ' L ROY FARRELL-Best Looking DENISE SALVAGGIO-Best Looking . MARY ANN MCCABE-Most Musical N l M JAYNE DUGGAN-Most School Spirit MIKE DOLINER-Most School Spirit BILL NORCOTT- Most Musical BECKY SANDER-Most Athletic CHARLES CLOUGHERTY- Mdst MAUREEN CONNOLLY- Most Mischievous Mischievous 2 E .Y f NORMAN BRATLIE-Most Athletic MICHELE KEENAN-Best Smile DONNY LAKE-Best Smile t . 1 119 ,avi ' gig- We A 0 wg 'ada o . gh 6, 'Az bfi 2-R52 0 Q ,goxcgzt W XT 'W' 0 xf " ....-..-..-,.!Ni 1-13.--"J Huck Finn's Odyssey was one of sun- filled days and lazily gliding along the Mississippi, never knowing what he was looking for until he found it. N--' It was a season of surprises for Milton Whiz Kids' spectators. Of course, the team and loyal fans knew' all along who was the best. . . The season opened with a bang at the No. Quincy game. Wallowing in mud and - rain, the Whiz Kids led their first non-league game to come out on top, 8-6. High point of the season came with the Natick game. Fans held their breath while the Whiz Kids plowedagainst the no. l team in the league. Natick was undefeated until Milton showed them their stuff. The play of the game came when Bratlie fielded a bad snap in the end zone, shook off several defenders, and somehow managed to kick the ball 40 yards, keeping the Whiz Kids out in front. Milton prevailed 8-6. We capped off the season by swamping the Wamps 28-8 in the Thanksgiving Day game. A rather sensational end for a VERY sensational team. As Captains Frank Schifone, Steve Coffey and Daraus Tyson commented: "Every ' member of the team deserves a pat on the back!" 122 "Our Viotories Reflected Our Determination And Oui'Abi1ity." - Daraus Tyson, Co-Captain N n Oh-oh! Here they come! ' Touchdown bound 7 . vu. -' .ar 4- N' Af' Y N, K if- iw h , Q ,Q kg., - - .uf 7 -1 , , .ul b : ""Q. ,j H YY Q- PL 'gr af' . - A .4 V' x ' " ' ' 'mf K - -4 -1 . ,.... Coffey scores. ,M-f F 'QNX inny: "I had the blockers." ff ..f 'Y K . --4 R01 by is x' 1 "They Said It ,Mn-' -, ,, I 'W 'wg'-fm-A ,,', V. -,Q.,+f:s,,,,,,i,.Q.,g5gig5 -vw L Nj, ',M,4?'f"3 - .Q -X.. wow' ' L- W aa.'7W'! 'Q 1 1 1 1 I e klfiffb 51? A -- W .,., 1 I . S S.. wsu - We -'I "' L' " R X , 'S 5 Number 10 strikes again. + Cou1dn't Be Done '77 Releasing the bullet. 125 The thrill of beating the best fNatickJ. Steve Coffey On Natick Game. E' , j - by mg- rw You'11 never catch me now! I X l w Q 1 A 1 f 1 I v 4 w i Wamps! Duck gets the game going. The Head of the Family Kevin for 6 . K "Running Involves Not Z3 A ount SS l'O First Row, Left to Right: M. Stanton, S. Gordon, J. Mulligan, P. Tarpey, D. Connor, K. McCune. Second Row: B. Talanian, I. Kelley, I. Barghout fCo-captainj, J. Ciano QCO-captainj, C. Keating, P. Drain. Third Row: B. Ellis, M. Ciano, F. Mullin, S. Bennett, S. Kennedy, D. McCarthy, T. Henderson. During the hot summer months, while most of us were lolling in the sun, members of the y Milton High cross country team were sweating it out in training. Their fantastic turn around season shows what a little practice, a lot of skill, and a dash of psyche-power can do. Their exceptional record of 8-1 speaks for the team, and it's tough to say anything bet- ter. Captains joe Ciano, john Kelley and john Barghout have revealed the team's . strategy: since the lowest score wins in cross country and each place receives its equivalent in points, flst place - l point, 2nd place - 2 points, etc.J Milton attempts to clinch lst, 2nd, and 3rd places every time to insure a win. The trio of Ciano, Connor, and Kelley inevitably show up at the tape to run away with the meet. , s l 128 ' Yielding To Limztatzons Joe Leader of the Pack. G D y g P 1 ggl Oh God, there's one th:-1t's THIS BIG VARSITY, Back Row, Left to Right: Coach Duggan, Anne Gormley, Lori Anderson, Karylyn Shea, Mary Lee Hodgins, Anne Curtis, Patty Cooney. Front Row, Lauren Blacker, Eva Marie Greeley, Co-Capt. Maureen Cooney, Co-Capt. Becky Sander, Mary Stack, Susan Doliner. , -1 1' , Gir1's Field Hockey JUNIOR VARSITY, Back Row, Left- to Right, Coach Fagan, Carolyn Wright, Kate Gallagher, Eileen Mc- Mahon, Cathy Linnehan, Nancy Joyce Moira Manning. Front Row, Jane Emerson, Co-Capt. Julie Gallagher, Co-Capt. Joanne Connaughton, Mi- chelle Kelher. 130 Great idea, but . . . what's a. touchdown? Powder Puff One day a year, the Senior and Junior girls vent their hostilities in an out-and out football game. And as the saying goes, it's not who wins that counts, but how you play the game. Right, Seniors? First Row, Left to Right: M. Fallon, J. Wheeler, KS Petitti, P. Choate, L. Villaxd, M. Mclnerney, M. Blankenship, M. Hem, M. Sheridan. Second Row' M Fole M Sear ' ' yi ' yi A. Linehan, L. -Lapworth, N. Picco, J. Duggan, M. Burnes, B. Winn, J. Connaughton. Third Row: J. Gallag- her, J. Villard, A. Garrity, S. Witt e.. kind, D. Salvag io, K Thomas M. g . Hodgens, P. Anglin, M. Atkins., Hey, 'yeah, what IS a touchdown? 1. ln- I Y. ll 4 A peachy-keen play for the seniors. How did I get myself into this? Oh-oh, here we go ag'ain 1 e The great quarterback sneak. ' , . 1 Ln' Front Row, Left to Right, john O'Nei1l, Russ Dalrymple, Mike Mc- Cartin, Jose' Merlo, Don Lake, Co- Capt. Tom Buckley, Co-C pt. Paul Bortolotti, Phil Mahoney, inches Tafur. Back Row, Left to Right, W Coach Herget, Ned Hackett, Charlie Dipesa, Mike Amaru, Mike Earls, Artie Flaherty, Mark Stanton, Fred Moulton, john Loftus, Rick Connaughton. OCCER ,,, , f .- ,ql . ga , f ', x Ai., -.1 - ,ff f' -' A 'I 'f... Lv .3-11' A 1 i, ,Y - 1 Q .,' ,g..::, , - ,,,. bf-,,,. v K5 I W " 3 A' "Za ,,1'irf", AU? 3.2 J-3.35. ', ' ' I, v- 1.15 fi f-' 'iumff gm' i' iff, we W e.,ff?w 'fig' .. 4, 'vm .f .' W af " ,'.' af, ' 5-1'-n"" 4' Hb ,V ,ow V ,wif-ff mf I '. XFN 1- vtimliti, Z'4LfffK:fi1f-f'fE2':'f' There's that ball again. . Y f-fa, V 'QQ Si ,154 . C-,I 22221, M -sg-1. viii- ig i ,, 3.91. 1 gli-'fffw af ..,,, Coach Herget, Co-Captains Tom Buckley and Paul Bortzolotti. 134 v 4 ,f Aw' .43 Q..-Q-rvv""' 0 WV V .. - 4 , - r-.+ , . , .- 2,4 .. . A vJ'ff'.-. K -. 1--.wr um. ' . - . -f " H 'fn'-ef -MQ, 2- .1 ... W-' - 7 The Highland Fling On your mark, get set Here I come to save the day. 135 "Basketball Is Based On Years Of Hard Work, Confidence In Youl Wheeling to the hoop. X . ' 5 Which one had Wheaties?!S' e N.,-f kv . XM. lf-Q Ability, And The Determination To Achieve A Zenith. " - Co-captain Daraus Tyson BASKETBALL "Basketball Combines Speed, Endurance, And Agllzty. ' - Co-captain Artie Flaherty Front Row CL to RQ: K. Stanton, P. Cleary, A. Flaherty, D. Tyson, T. Tagliamonte, J. Panora. Back Row fl. to RJ: D. Lato, W. Donovan, T. Connolly, R. Langevin, S. Cunningham, C. Fallon, Coach Fredrickson. Time out while Frederickson chats with Wally and Muss ties his hoof. 1 1 H . , r 1 1 V 1 1 l I I 4'-V I Front Row KL to RQ: P. Cooney, M. Hochman, S. Doliner, Captain B. Sander, M. Cooney, L. Blacker. Back Row: 1. McLeod, P. Langevin, C. Ready, E. Lyons, L. Peterson, M. Manning. .ir X . ' - ff Irgliff' 17212 niye Lf f 1 139 "Our Record Doesn't Accurately Show Odr Team The coach is SMILING. U MY: cs ' X1 ,. Wink! JJ Work, Enthusiasm, And Spirit! Y. I S a Nil!! A-1 -...M - s.,,,,,, 1 Pam' s famous hip- check . N. X 4 What are they doing to my offense?! 141 Captain Becky Sander Big Red is unbeatable. Our number one worker sitting down on the job. "We're Lean 1 il! Ei Front Row QL to RJ: D. Rogan, I. Gannon, M. Stanton, C. Koroufas, D. Ross, D. Griffin. Back KL to RB: Tri Capt. R. Schifone, Tri-Capt. F. Schifone, B. Clark, B. Dunphy, R. Kenny, Tri-Capt. M. Hale, CR. Dalry mple, missingj. WRE TLI I didn't MEAN to kill him! junior Dave Rogan rides his opponent. 142 And Mean! " - Tri-captains Frank And Rich Schifone And Marty Hale. The Wrestling team excel- led in the Bay State League this year. The powerful and exciting team was led by Frank Schifone, Richie Schifone, and Charlie Karoufous, all of whom were undefeated. Other outstanding performers were Marty Hale, Bobby Clark, Dave Rogan, Richie Kenney, and Dave Fallon. Tri-Captain Frank Schifone going for the pin. 'I43 "Go out Fast, Pick It p In The Middle, And INDOOR TRACK TEAM: Front Row: F. Moulton, B. Cattel, S. Grant, I. Kelley, M. Stanton, K. Blake, S. Coffey, D. jablon, M. Guerrera. Second Row: S. Freeman, I. Hogan, M. Ciano, S. Bennett, J. Daly, J. Barghout, Ciano, B. Talanian, D. Connor, J. Conolly, J. Clancy. Third Row: Assn't Coach: Mr. Robert Kent, I. c ermott, D. Melgard, M. Duffy, S. Richman, R. Morgan, B. Ellis, J. Mahan, S. Gordon, K. McWilliams, K. McCune, J. Sullivan, C. Keating, E. Henderson, Head Coach: Mr. Richard Pzitzhenry. ,z Tri-Captain , 4,1 R, t , cf., C ls 3' Q Connor and Kelley set the pace. Mike always makes it. 144 ' l Q A Sprint At The End. " h - Might makes right. I X : The Can G . . . gone. . . the way Joe knows how. ' DOORTPACKh - M:iria's hot stuff! ' Fred follows through. Guerrera wins with ease. 145 "My 3 Years On The Gym Team Have Been Both A Frustrating And Enjoyabl Experience, Which Is What Gymnastics Is All About. " - A1 Hershman. Front Row KL to Rj: C. Brennick, M. Amaru, A. Herohman, 1. McDonough, N. Bratlie, U. wne1p1ey, r. mu- 1 . B k Row: Coach Tom Fonteccio, R. Ditulio, 1. Wallace, P. Tringali, P. Foster, I. johnson, D. Baker, er ac P. Kusuba, R. Munroe, Coach Doug Tatio. Frank Miller - The Iron Cross. S0meb0dY Stole Norms' Water- 146 A1 watches Dave's back lever. "This year's gym team started off the season with the most potential ever and proved it with high point scoring, a winning season, and 4th place in the state. " -Norman Bratlie Z A1's double leg circles, Milce's developed perfect form on the parallels. 147 1st Row L-R: P. MacDonald, C. Stoller, M. Bumes, M. Hodgens, M. Bowes, D. Lombardi, A. Peters, C.Sh1 2nd Row L-R: Miss Fagan, P. Cooney, 1. johnson, N. Kelley, A. DeBesse, S. Flaherty, F. Mullen, M. Mc- Conville, P. Wolfe. 33 '.'L'l- V ' - ' '- .' ' 1 - .M , I " - . xx- I ' Maureen Bowes - leap flogging it, Jean Miller - up and over! 148 1 ' Co-Captain Mary Lee. "Due to the experience and knowl- edge of our new coach, Ann Fagan, our team has improved tremendous- ly, despite the inferior equipment and crowded conditions we have to work with. " -Mary Lee Hodgens Maryanne Burnes - s-t- r-e-t- c- h- i- n- g through, a cartwheel . Uur Team This Year Has Accomplished The Besl A 'B B ssee's ' .,,--4.Q--.M..,.c .Na -ff-wf-f-'fffflwff3l""W"7i77T7f7?'1' i r 1 I Left to Right QStandingl: Head Coach Gary Maus, j. Davis, Capt. R. Farrell, D. Lake, E. Hannon, R. Rege, B. Morgan, I. O'Neill, A. Wilke, I. Laffin, Coach Bob Banta, Trainer Mike Hoy. fKneeling L to RJ: F. Cifrino, M. Earles, D. Kelly, P. Burke, J. Loftus, P. Manning, J. Curley, S. McDonald, B. fCavemanjMacDona1d, B. Mulligan, S. MacDonald. , Y. ..,. K I U V 4 K. K ' .515 ..f.'. ,i:.,, l ' ' A 'fi 7 f r 1 ' 1 1 I 1 1 1 A Pre-game Prayer. Slicing y.1p'the ice. 150 Record In Milton High Bay State League Igoty W , - -W E X , ' Donny Lake and Roy Farrell on the attack. ' f 1: N-,k.n-i,'4gge,' ' The Kids celebrate. And if you don't quit bothering us with that camera Left to Right: B. Fineman, M. Rotman, J. Egan, D. Likos, Mr. Ajemian, D. Bell, D. Ferrari, S. Berkowitz, D. Stover. KI TEAM "We Go In,Snow!" -John Sylvan Thursday and Friday afternoons at Blue Hills Ski Area you can see enthusiastic members of the MHS Ski team zooming down the trails. Paul Aj emian, their trusty advisor, gives them tips on skiing, and once in a while the entire team takes a trip to ski areas in New Hampshire, seeking professional instruction. 153 M516 pxgg. ,' fl! ' X-14 4-hfggib . ff ' Qwy fu 1 IA. ,ffl : L ' n :ax Q2 :MMR fee! if , , f it.: W m! 'f ' , W ff H YI X! I f f KKK 'X ' 1 X AX 9 f 11.35 NQQNQQ4 ' 4 I I X f . Z ' I 1 3.' W ,X X ,Q 0 X lhjfln 1 f Z p . fl W ' lx? ' .V A ' ' mi! -Q x ,l" 5 ' A- ,A ' . MM , V, Z, ,V 4 I I U I fb X' 3 wY?L,? ' Wfyf, "'! of ,f4f'f,Qf?VV 'A V A 'W , ' if' A A f f X r,f,4fff f f XI, , ff f ,fy V , flrl i i ff U I f . ff f iw 1 X f My n m x , g , X 5 51 X , X , MWZWM in 1 f' H Q k X X WM' 7 f 1 L iwkw " l iQeo?g', I fliaf Z Xf v sy ' ' 5' Y f f ,1 1 If, I? 11,5-1-':7fZ1fgQ 2 'V V! f ' k 4 ', -IW I - 1 1, , ' f Spb!! - f ' ' A f L ,ff I 'Mix 5 7 , KM gh V: , 4? f ,A fi f fiyjiz f' ,f I -A . ggi f ,X , lj 7 f mpg, QQ' :W I I ,,,, ff, , flr, V, I , 5 y N I I ,X Ll- f if f , , I, g X' Sf1j?fQ3,:Szq'Q4, ' - S Qi ' f I f . f A ' 1 2 -44 ' Z N'2f52?g?.vsz192'.11Wi'i'XV 5 W ' 1 W W ' 2 : 'J I X47 W Lg ' D ' , . 'fZ fwf bv VU A X fp 1 I 1 r ' f 1 r ' X x 1 x ' XSS Q J X X X . X. + 4 1 v x X mwxw x . 5. : X X 1 A J W Vi x X X .f x ,ff f 4 Q, 5? f f v ff!! f , J ,?f A fqwyjf' -A W! J f V ,Q ff MW ' X Q , f. ff A ff K0 14 4 ! W K Q yff , f 4 M R M4 K , 1A f . HK, Q-,if wffx AX' "VJ X 1 -llrm, l ,,,,i X lr, 134 A :,," ng' I b'.""'j Wx' ' rx, ,fa 1 'J fd .,. V55 -...gQ" 3 4 Ooooooh, noooooo ! , . , , i"X"NX wM,w,, . J K .V H-LfEfif4'- 2 515 E K " ' ,, S9-Y, "Cheese" ! How can you do that to Michelangelo? 156 -A -11435.-1 S Future Carpenters of America. 8 A.M. Monday morning. Can I see that Playboy after you, Carolyn? 157 x 1 A , I I z 9 . s 1 2 I I I 1 X 1 2 , a 1 V I I , 1 Q i 3 i L I 'A , , Emmett' s brown-bagging it. 9 Tin fn unur nhl h-h-'lm nnnan Ak? Garrett takes careful aim 'hun n1in-H115 'Inu A1-un'ln1v " f ki f I ww f 1 f - pn f J, z . 93" 1 1, V 5 av A J QV. S as - , . , " fi X 6 ,,-:Ag Q' LL 4" :S-I ' j Get lost. Oh, my goodness, it's almost midnight! n Oh, what a headache! While she's not looking, I'11 just. . . That's DISGUSTING! 161 A- 1 :, lun. ., TVQHE3. ,iw-L 1 -"5 , . , 1 , , 'N . X - K 1 , --V. 5 5 Big Red StI'ik9S again! Just one of the guys r..ff-NX Tic tac toe. 162 ,uv- was Who's kidding who? Physics can be fun 163 B S 9111953 I Well, should I ask her? Hmmm, ,ln And my mother told me never to trust a man with a mustache ! 164 Love and kisses, PKP. 165 44xAx ......,,, S ' 1 E Q I --eww... Girls and boys get along so well here at Milton High. -LR-....... i Make yourself at home, Joe. 166 V--...... ...I Future Picassos ? K We , ..,..,. ' + D. Yi? 8 - 4Q7,.,, . 4 ' 2,5 -- r. 2 gflf-6 ' Viv lu..-J - M .P V Gail. ZZZZ . . . 167 -ll. ,nr , Kenny lends a hand. Boning up for an exam. ' What this count1'y needs is good 994: under wear ,evlfiuk I Girl talk. . Denise. ' Alright, who's the wise guy? There's water in this one. 169 . iw Let's see . .. only 138 more days Make me. 170 f' Q-A .2 - I just don't know wr Q S11 lor' ". ,M 171 inf? 'iff qw U gl B M II, 'Y 'lf x IJ USD mmm ., an 9 B gm , Q K wh mal x mfs :agua UCS' gwf-512 BBQ QHZKWL E? B Q .1 -'if3fsf,gf,,, " W if 2 , if , ,PW N in .4 .QA 1 I' -t' V LN' . QE Ag? X' ar X-.X QTY .s F H 5.-P 9 ' R M li 1 4' fkxf J la :Z a 2 ,Ann u I . 7 The Wall. 1 J L if if f .ff""'X. Man and machine . 172 N K .Q - n 4 'is ,a,, fu .77 ' t li ,nl V94 fu"---'Y k 2,41 H f""' 5 .f .L I 'V Z f - f '. K ,Z xl Sffim 1 1 I 1, , .., 93,955.3 . 534-71' 'w x33 A 5 , 'f u ,Q v xA , , Y Q fu., . Q, "1 ,,AM'r,' . ,. n -. M ' ., f + V K- ,A pq Y- ,J ' fc xr - h a Q- A 'Pi 4-', 'fr 'fr - .v jp"-,- -1 ,AM 'ga ' W.. --'Mfg iw h',x.2lV ?4,. Q KLA- A L N 3,1515 71. Q' 1 .- ,j.n'A,. H 'W + gm V, . XX 5.-. :jr Jufll 'A V i la' . I . . -, . , 4 4, W' . K '22, . . . Y- -. ,Q H . ' - L 3 14-1- JH 1 4 " Q. s u ' ' ,, 4454, - H' -' S' x f- 5' , .4 .nf f ,? ' ... fan 1... L. A.. ..ien.'-Bill afwx , Q,?k0- '.Q.",s 34" A shady character. X V 2 Machine. 173 aa., ... ,N for Ala, 'QT li A W ay... v an vim .gif s 'sf' 1 Q" ' hymn W'ho, ME? ,pli- f I N ' V 4n L I Ethan Mlascoop is bullish on America J 2 ff TQ sh' G ' 1 'N :M xg dui.,-4' He did WHA T? Women's lib hits Milton High six!-:Sv if?- fif li' .ab 'T' M 'cgi ,af YA Light of le arming. lv I ,,, ww Three's a crowd. Is she pretty, Paul? Monster from the swamps. 178 X 4 Blow in his ear and he' ll follow you aoywhere. Want to fool around? fheh, hehj - - - .fb 1 if V ,Lm V,. XJ if ' ACK. 42. K V f -is sf- .ff 4 ' Q " 1, Two points. ' 1 79 S i fn ,iw 65 1 .WI am k ..,, .K ...,, Q -.Q, X -' L 5 1' m ,U my f if .f.,.,,, I smesnn-mm Now listen, and listen good 1' 4 v X .. n fThe football team never had it so good.j , f . , QQQI jack recalls last weekend. 181 Too many tacos An "A" will cost you ten, Mr. Regan. A As I was saying . . . If you take 10 apples and 5 oranges, you get . . fruit cocktail ? 182 HUA. .. ,QT And You fake two eggs - - My God, she's faster than I am! -at 0 Can he eat another one? 183 f""n Some people will do anything for a ' You've been hiding something from us, Roy! picture. W SURPRISE! ! ! 184 V-HN, W . .,,, ,Nm X , .05 SV ,Lf . 1 Q r Q '. f I Q . I V f Q f 5 J 1 I Marty enjoys senior privilege. K EMI. gm , But I'm NOT wearing high heels! 185 Pam J Room service? Send up two sixes. . . 'ML' WW' ,Q 1 I . wx, QQS Q ' A x RX gx x , 'V , i 1 I x I 4 1 I v Y j ,f fA XX, If NY K T' M I y XX X 1 .x X W X N, . UM f If 'Q J MQ X X I, ' A ' - lf as-X. , Wy dxf ff N r 'f P 'f-4. . ! jr .N f s J IH K IIM X + X LM 'SW 'W ig I f D f ff gf, Q I IV' " 6123 '-V, W 1 1 Cgibummfp, 4.4, 5 f 'zur-i"'Pv?'P'?' ' n'.:5saf ,3m'f:f ' Z . N12 . , iff wx i ififft? f ' 4 . .Ai , -. V ff M y-5 -Q14 4 fig'a35i'1-. A 1 ' . 5 .x,Qgi1'-323' Q ' , K 3 . ' Q51 2111, 1 gr : .Q?i"i'i'.'f'-it-122. Q. 5 4 1 - 15? z 4- -1 39 -. -K , -. 1, : 4. . xg-rw 'nivw -f . fig: , , N-gaYQi.3',3 21:2 -f-as .y r . ?W5if!1.Q7 Rx 'ifff i f if ' L ,Eg 2 1 N . .Ji Qty- - ,,, h af? Ha Lungs. ag if tm A, f' ' S 25- .'-tw, if I wi A .3 f.++.1H:i Xi,-is i, ,' 1 is-I ELLEN AHEARN PAUL AIEMIAN JULIAN ALEXANDER French Mathematics Art Department - Head AQ K, QU POLLYANNA ANDEM ROBERT ARCHIBALD RANDI BACHMANN English Department - Head Guidance Director English T L ,fi 1 f -, 4 F' . I'-nf RICHARD BAILEY JAMES BALDWIN ROBERT BANTA Industrial Arts - Head Physical Education Industrial Arts 188 1 ,,,. y::g WILLIAM BELCI-IER Industrial Arts JOHN BOWES Government J JQNISV'-Q5Q4. . A r 52252 I 334 fi . '2 f ,sl'."ai il gas . If 2. ,JK Q JUNE BUCHANAN MARY CALLAI-IAN Business Mathematics 189 GERALD CAMPBELL, JR. Science Department - Head 9'-fs ' ali' fm' cfs? MARGARET CAREY Special Class if iS- POLLY CA RTER Mathem ati cs iff! V ' fr-x7 a fl- 73-3 35 CI' l . ' 4 S bf A H fl - A Q . 'W xo .Aa px l PPA A Xsf 1f'7 . T , - I . L fx ,V M 3 , I 4.1 rl - Ak -I ' J if ' ' Q 'V' if b 13 1 ' 3 A R A A ,R 5' 7- . A 1' -' 4 j 5 A f WALTER CHICK ANNE CLARK CARROLL COLBY Chemistry, Physics Office Government 190 ""'T'X fu, 'AWN Q15-2? PHILLIP COPP MORGAN COSTELLO ANGELA COVEY History, Sociology Economics, Business Law Spanish B f' if: , 3 A "5 if M is ,.. 3 I yn S , 'xg J. Q ,,s' fi , ,S ' :5s'.f,f"s' ' A V 4a . H ' ' ,, . Y' -- Us 1- 1, 4. f S 1 .W "S K A M ,sffsw ,, mf ,s,,ff: Y , "ff: im ff:,::1'm:'f5x.:,tLQ FREDRIC CRADLER DOROTHY CUNNINGI-IAM JOSEPH D'ALELIO English Art, Distributive Education Spanish v A 5 sfzimwfflw QL? QT ROBERT DEACON MURIEL DENNIS JOSEPHINE DESMOND Special C155 Guidance, Office Business 191 X JAMES DONAHUE KAREN DUGGAN LOTTIE ELZBUT Guidance Physical Education Business Department - Head ai'777'Q!'ix.f DANIEL EVANS, JR. ANNE FAGAN KAREN FALB Band Physical Education Biology iw? PATRICIA FERREN LENORE FIDLER GINO FIORE Business Data Processing Driver Education 192 ,. 5,-9, in-pi f vs 07 RAYMOND GADAIRE EILEEN GILLIS MARJORIE GOETZE HiStO1'y Re ading English RANDOLPH GOETZE Distribudve Education ""f-.N H 193 MIRIAM GOLDMAN English 'x wwf E 3 A DORIS GREEN Library Q CV? Q STANLEY GUSTAFSON Industrial Arts ua NSN 'I tt? 6 Q 5 -4 S 4. , ,f I 'lil st Q 1 will MARY I-LABOSIAN LEONARD HAMILTON DAVID HARDING German, English Chemistry Mathematics 194 . f" GERTRUDE I-IOWE KATHARINE IRWIN ROBERT IENNINGS Nurse French History A ,Wy-fri' Q,m"A ELIZABETH JOHNSTON SUSAN KARAHALIS FRANK KELLEY Business Biology Data Processing ROBERT KENT JOHN LAITENEN WARREN IAPWORTH History History Guidance 195 an hw 'I vc' .3 'Ly - , 1 s ' e ARLENE LAVIN Spanish Audio-Visual ELLIOT LEVINE WL? I? f , fm A ,IKM WILLIAM MacDONALD Graphic Arts Se K ,Ca In . L' a 3 4 JOHN MADDEN ROSE MANDELBAUM MICHAEL MAXWELL Chemistry Mathematics Spanish X2 - A PETER MCCELLEND EVELYN MCCUSKER WILLIAM MCGOLDRICK Mathematics Office Physical Education 196 ,Mgt MICHAEL MCLAUGHLIN, JR . English ' Q LEON MERIAN French FRANCES MOORE ALICE MURRAY CAROL NEWSOM Guidance English Mathematics 197 -nib ff' ,f-,A W JUN K-nw sushi? ARVID OHLEN JOSEPH O'NEILL PAMELA PEARCE Mathematics Department - Head History Biology, Physiology F5 Uk ESTHER PILE GEORGE RAMACORTI CAROLYN READ Library Guidance Mathematics if Lx,- PATRICIA REARDON Biology RONALD REED English 198 af' DAVID RICHARDS Audio-Visual-Director 200 160'-K: P01012 '10 NANCY RICHARDSON JOHN RIORDAN, IR. SYLVIA ROBBINS Child Development Physical Education Chemistry, Physiology Kr dfxx 4 ELIZABETH ROLAND SUSANNE RUICIS Foods English Cid! vlfl MARY RYAN RICHARD RYAN RICHARD SCOPA Biology Health and Physical Education Remedial and Developmental Director Reading 199 HELEN SEARS Guidance . I Q XX K Y K V 'x NR YQ V vi S. K " . " 3 - ' U! 1.4 BARBARA SEEGRABER HARRY SEMON IAN English History ROGER SHORES Chemistry, Health fl' PAUL SHUTE Technical Drawing MICHAEL SICILIANO French THOMAS J. SMIGLIANI, JR. JUSTIN SULLIVAN, IR. Social Studies - Head English 200 . n"' 'A ' 'f .,".'. 15 ' : u if 9-.J -Q-.Q - 'Q -9:31--F NORMAN TARDIFF FRANCIS TATRO MARYLOU TROJANO Mathematics Music Department - Head Speech, Drama 1 1511 JANET TROWBRIDGE English .-v, QV,-.--. . V . s I - "wa ff1L JUNE TUTTLE RICHARD WHITE English English 'is' - as-A x r J W , ,QQ A 'su JOAN WILDERMAN MARY WRIGHT KAREN ZEFTING Life Science Interior Design, Sewing Art 201 I 1 it I I AMARU, CHAR WNE 200 Edgehill Rde. . E.H.Af-1,2,3 Drama 2 Newspaper 2 f Volunteens 1 - 5 Drill Team 2, 3 , AMARU,-fM1cHA1iL L. 198' Highland St. , ANcL1N,:fPATR.1d1A Ms zesmmid sr. 5 Advisory Board 2 F.H.A. 3 , Powder Puff Football 2, 3 is i .. ARNOLD, MICHE E M. 464 Pleasant St. Gymnastics 1,2,3i F.H.A. 1 j ' I Quote: Crosby, Stills, Nashf S Young N li ATKINS, MARY H. . 11 Horton Place I ' Varsity Tennis 2, 3 Art Club 2 1 Homeroom Representative ' 1, 2, 3 Homeroom Assembly Secretary 2 . . Qffice Aide 1,2 X Quote: Joni Mitchell AVITABILE, JAMES R. 46 Barton Lane Quote: Original , 5 BACCI, SALLY AL 18 Reedsdale Rd. 3 Future Nurses 3 Track 2 2 i Quote: james Taylbr BAILEY, CYNTHIA Lou ' 2 Hinckley Rd. BALBONI, TERESPQ M. 7 Mulberry Rd. 1 BARGHOUT, JOHN B. 52 Whittier Rd. Q Cross Country 1, 2,3 Co-Captain Cross Country 3 Indoor Track 1, 2, 3 Outdoor Track 1,2, 3 Quote: Coach Kent BARRETT, KATHLEEN ANN 24 Kahler Ave. Work Study 3 1 BAXTER, JAMES G. 113 Thacher St. Hockey 1, ,A Baseball 1 BEANE, THOMAS-W. 475 Brook Rd. Wrestling 1,2 National Honor Society 2 BELLT DOUGLAS A.' 31 Reed St. A Cross7Country 1 lii ' Wrestling 1 2' Ski Tea 2 3 TD , K Tennis sl, 2, 35V Brac, QTANE A. 35 Greenview St. 1 , Yarsity,.Basketball1 g BERGER, MARCIA , 47 Trout Brook Ave. V :A Quote: Jesse Colin Young BERNSTEIN, MARILYN VB. 16 Dyer Ave. Drama Club 2, 3 BERRY, CECILE A . 31 Fullers Lane Gymnastics 1,2 Quote: Anonymous BIBINSKI, ELAINE M. 23 Rock View Rd.. Basketball 1 , 2, 3 ' Softball 2, 3 National Honor Society 2, 3 BLACKER, LAURENJ. 94 Ferncroft Rd. Field Iflockey,,QVj 1, 2, 3 Basketball QV, 1,2, 3 Tennis QV, 1 Softball fVj 2, 3, E,H.A. 1,2,3- BLAKE, KEVIN.-I. 100 Plymouth Afve. Footballil, 2, 3 Hockey 1 Track 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Advisory Board 3 fAlt. Q Homeroom Representa- tive 2, 3 Yearbook 3 BLAKE, PAMELA M. 53 Whitelawn Ave. BLANKENSHIP, MARSI-IA 26 The Ledgeway Ski Club 2 Future Nurses 3 Advisory Board-2 L Powder Puff 2, 3 Quote: Mme. de Stael BONNER, MARY 275 Pleasant St. Drama 1. Explorers ' Quote: Hawthorne BoRToLoTT1.g:HLPAULLRAM. 24 Lyman Rd. A ' Baseball 1,2,3 Soccer 1, 2, 3 Wrestling 1 BOWEN, ,KATHLEEN 1105 Canton Avei. 2 French Club 1,2,3 Art Club 1,2,3 f F .I-l,,A. 3 ' Newspaper 3 BOWES, MAUREEN, 31 Washington St. BRATLIE, NORMAN K. 46 Reedsdale Rd. Football 1,2,3 Gymnastics 1, 2, 3 Baseball 2,3, L BRODY, LAURA A. 112 Central Ave. Band 1, 2, 3 QSenior Rep. J Drama 2 Science Club 3 National Honor Society 2, 3 Science Club 3 Art Club 2 Yearbook 3 . Quote: John Denver BROWN, MICHAEL J. 70,2--Randolph Ave. BRYAN, JEAN M. 96 Nahaton Ave. Office Assistant 1 F . H. A . 1 BRYANT, JO ANN 229 Adams St. BUCHBINDER, DIANE R. 67 Vose Hill Rd. Volunteens 1, 2, 3 Secretary National Honor Society 2, 35 President Q Yearbook 3 . , ,i Quote: A George Westinghouse THOMAS J. BUCKLEY, JR. 17 I-IolbornjfStreeti -t-' BUNSON, NANCY 67 Revere Field, Hockey 1 Drama 1,2, 3 L , SP2-rush C1ub.,,1 Art Club 3 Nice-Presidentj, Quote: Maine L BURKE, PATRICK IGABN 5 984 Canton Ave. BURNES, MARYANNE 17 Centre Lane Gymnastics 1,2, 3 School Committee Rep. 2, 3 Homeroom Delegate 1 Drill Team 1 Tennis 1 Service League 2,3 UN Day Coordinator 3 Quote: Paul Simon CAMPBELL, MARTHA 503 Brook Rd. F.H.A. 3 Q CAPELLOS, GARY 1265 Brook Rd. A Work- Study 3 CARDILLO, NORMAN 611 Adams St. ' V? 'V Youth Advisory Corps 1 Cross Country 2 Quote: Original CARLE, BARRY LEE 380 Blue Hills Pkwy Soccer 1, 2, 3 Tennis 1 CAROLAN, ROBERT F. 299 Lyman Rd. CARP, PAUL F. 67 Badger Circle Chess Club 1,2,3 Chess Team 1,2,3 Math Club 1, 2, 3 CARRARA, 'LYNNE R. is 11 Mathaurs St. Quote: The Mother's CARROLL, FORREST W., III 403 Highland St, , Football 1,2,3 T' Indoor Track .3 i J.V. Hockey 1 ,, Band: Track'2,-3y '- Homeroorn'iRepresentati CASEY, PAULJ. ss cedar Ter se CATTEL, ROBERT F. 3 Elm Lawny . Indoor Trackiil, 2, 3 Outdoor Track 1,2, 3 Stage Band 1,2, 3 Dixieland Band 2, 3 CAWLEY, MARK J. 48 Vose Hill Rd. Wrestling 1, 3 Golf 1, 2, 3 CHICK, WALTER F. 22 fRustlewood Rd. CI-IIPMAN, JOAN E. 92 Waldeck Rd. Work Study 1 CHOATE, ,PAULA C. 11 Catherine,Rd. I Powder-flfi1fff2,3 L - F.H.iAr.t Axi' 3 if I VE cLANo, JOSEPH F., JR. 59 Old Farm Rd. Cross Country 1,2, 3 Indoor Track 1,2, 3 Outdoor Track ,1, 2, 3 Literary Magaiiifie 2 ,School Newspaper 3 :Class Treasurer 134' CLFRINO, FRANK 256 Canton Avenue CIANCY, JAMES 4:4 42 Old' Farm Road 1 Soccer 1 I Chess-Club 3 Indoor Track 3 CLANCY, ROBERT 18 Brackett Street CLEAVES, MARYBETH 20 Braeburn Road Vice President 3 Concession ' Powder Puff Quote: Robert Frost COCCIMIGLIO, JOSEPH 67 Howe Street COFFEY STEPHEN 242 Edge Hill Road Baseball 1 V Indoor Track 2,3 Outdoor Track 2,3 : Football 1,2,3 ii Homeroom Representative Minnows Club 3 COLEMAN, ERWIN ' 104 Lyman Road CoLL1Ns CHARLES 7 4 650 Pleaslant Street Ti Tennis 1 H Science Club 1 Yearbook 3 Quotei Muhammed Ali COLOMBO, RICHARD 189 Hillside Street Wrestling 1 CONNAUG1-ITON, JOANNE 390 Central-Avenue Drill Team 1 Tennis Team 1 Ski Club 2 W Field Hockey 3 FHA 3 I CONNELLY, PA?rR1c1A 22 Quentin Street: 7 I CONNELLY, PAUL 83 Reservation Road Wrestling 1 Track 2, 3 Football 1, 2 7 Homeroom Representative coNNoLLY, S JAMES 155-E1iot2Street CONNOLLY, MAUREEN 155 Eliot Street F.H.A.. 1, 2 French Club 1 CONTESTABILE, PHYLLIS 29 Thistleffkvenue Quote: John Denver COONEY, PATRICIA 202 Reedsdale Road Field Hockey 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3 : Softball 2, 3 ii 2 COUGHLIN, SHARON 485 Pleasant Street J.V. Cheerleading 1, N A Varsity Cheerleading L2 F .H.A. 1,2 I - I Volunteens 3 CROSBY, DONALD 19 Gaskins Road Chess Club 1,2 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 V V Tennis 1,2,3 2' CRUICKSHANKS, DIANE Cedar :Terrace Street Track '1' Drama ,Club 1, 2, 3 Newspaper 2, 3 Art Club 2, 3 Quote: Lewis Caroll CRUICKSHANKS, DUNCAN 57 Cedar Terrace Street Football 1 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3 Stage Band 2, 3 Dixieland Band 3 Quote: Kurt Vonnegut Jr, CUNNLNCHAM, 'STEPHEN 34 Governors Road 5 A Basketball 1,2, 3 . Baseball 1, 2, 3 Homeroom Representative 1, 3 Quote: Peter Townslend ' g CURRY, PAULA 70 Sears Road I-Iomeroom Representative 2 Student Council 3 Volunteens 3 DALESSANDRO, RALPH V 55 Meetinghouse Lane DANDROW, ALAN 43 Hills View Road DATTMAN, CHRISTINE 22 Highfield Circle Majorette 1,2, 3 Quote: Paul Simon DAVIDSON, PETER 45 Cliff Road Track 1 French-Spanish Club 2, 3 DEAGLE, EARL JR. 37 Parkway Crescent DEBAUN, LAURA 1386 Canton Avenue French Club 3 Newspaper 3 Quote: Cat Stevens DEBESSE, JOSEPH 172 Eliot Street Gymnastics 1, 3 Football 1,2 DESMOND, THOMAS 196 Pleasant Street Baseball 2, 3 Ski Club 1,3 Lunch Room Help 3 Year Book Staff 3 DIBLASI1,-A MARYELLEN 1058 Blue Hill Avenue DIBONA, LOUIS 59 Hilltop Street DICKERMAN, MARCI 44 Barbara Lane Quote: Moody Blues, DLEHL, ALBERT I I az w11dw:Qoa,:R0ad C S as S DLPESA-, CHARLES DALRYMPLE,,RU,SSELL R or 'S 1581A Cantoniiivenue Football' li ff cz. Basketball 1 Soccer 3 Wrestling 2, 3 Golf 1, 2, 3 Newspaper 3 Yearbook 3 DALY, JOHN S J 281 Reedsdal Golf 1, 2, 3 ' e Road 'D Quote: Crosby, Stills, Nash S Young 205 11 Augusta Road -: Soccer 1,2,3 I Ski Club Year Book Staff 3 Quote: Neil Young- DODUNIS, ELAINE 35 Belvoir Road DOHERTY, CATHERINE 49 Rowe Street Homeroom Representative 1 2 Field Hockey 2 Quote: Rod' Mc Kuen DOLINER, MICHAEL 56 Smith Road I DONEGHY, STEPHEN 226 Old Farm Road Work Study 1,2 DONOHOE, LINDA 338 Central Avenue Work Study 1 DONOVAN, ELIZABETH 250 Thacher Street Work Study Quote: The Doors DONOVAN, WALTER 10 Bradford Road Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Vice President 2 3 Homeroom Representative' 2 Minnows Club 3 I I DORES, ROBERT Q 70 Sumner Street i Tennis 1, 2, 3 f Science Club 3 Computer Aide 2 Quote: William Cqwper DowNEs, LORRAINE 36 Governors Roadi DRAIN, PETER 332 Blue Hills Parkway Science Club 3 Cross-Country 1, 3 Hockey 1,2 Baseball 1 Homeroom Representative 11 f y Quote: Genesis DUBIN, CHERYL 52 Hawthorn Road Glee Club 2, 3 i Unquityw Echo 2,3 i Newspaper 1 Volunteens 1 Track Team 1,2 DUFFY, CLARE 4 51 Hollis Street Ski Club 1 F ,H.A. 2 Art Club 1 2 Quote: The Beatles, DUGGAN, JAYNE 14 Sheldon Road Cheerleading 1, 2, 3 Student Council 2 Field Hockey 1 DUNN, BRIAN 111 Allerton Road DUNN, MARY C. 112 Old Farm Road Drill Team 1 Yearbook 3 Ski Club 3 Quote: David Crosby DUNPHY, GREGORY 207 Beacon Street Football 1,2,3 Homeroom Rep. 2 Wrestling 1 , EARLS, MICHAEL 20 Hope Avenue' Soccer 1, 2, 3 Hockey 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3 EGAN, ,LOUISE M. 137 Highland Street Basketball 1 Drama 3 Future Nurses 3 F.H.A. 1, 2 Yearbook Staff Quote: Schultz ELLIS., JONATHAN R. 1IClark Road . ELL1soN, L1sA I 101 Pagoda Street .1111 F.H.A. 1 f EMERSON, MARY C. 4 Coolidge Road F. H.A . 1, 2, 3 Quote: George Harrison ENGLISH, DONNA 4 Willoughby Road EVANS, DIANE E. 38 Governors Road Work Study 2 FAHEY, ,MICHAEL D. 695 Hillside street FAIRCHILD, JENNIFER -M. 50 Fullers Lane Drama 1 Drill Team 1 FALLON, DAVID J. 5 Hope Avenue FALLON, MARY E. 999 Brook Road FARRELL, ROY J. 161 Brook'Road Football 1,2,3 Hockey 1,2, 3 FERSON, DEBRA 198 Granite Avenue Volunteens 1 Work Study 3 Quote: John Denver FESTA, DARLENE M. 18 Belvoir Road FIDLER, ANNE E. 10 Rockwell Avenue Future Nurses 1, 2, 3 'Drama 1, 2 ,I-Iomeroom Rep. 2, 3 Quote: John Lodge F1DRocK1, EIAHSTE M. 71 Silver Brook Road I.V. Cheerleading 1 FINERTY, KATHLEEN 15 Rose Street J.V. Cheerleading 1 Work Study 3 Quote: John Denver FINN, JAMES F. 60 Houston Avenue Wrestling 1 Football 1,2, 3 Baseball 1,2, 3 FINN, ,RICHARD J. 72 Marilyn Road FINLEY, DAVID 4 Prince Street FITZMAURICE, JEAN P. 39 Oak Road Cheerleading 2 FITZSIMONS, MAUREEN A. 71 Ridge Road , F.H.A. 2,3 FLAHERTY, ARTHURJ 311 Thacher Street Basketball 1, 2, 3 Soccer 2, 3 Quote: Peter Cetera FLAHERTY, ELLEN M. 301 Edge Hill Road Art Club 1,2 fPres. J, 3 Volunteens 2, 3 Unquity Echo 3 fArt Ed. D FLAHERTY, MAUREEN 1096 Brook Road Work Study Chorus 1,2,3 FLIBOTTE, MICHAEL 46 Clifton Road Cross Country 1 Work Study 3 FLYNN, ELIZABETH J. 47 Churchill Street Field Hockey 1 Powder Puff 2 F.H.A. 3 Office Asst. 1 Quote: Alfred Lord Tennyson FOLEY, MARIAN T. 5 Bailey Avenue Powder Puff 3 Quote: Jim Croce FOLEY, PAUL P, 5 Bailey Avenue Work Study 2, 3 FRASER, DONALD C. 123 Indian Spring Road Ski Team 1, 2, 3 Wrestling 1, 3 GALLAGHER, JULIA 14 Governors Road Field Hockey 2, 3 Drama 1 German Club 2 Powder Puff 2, 3 Quote: Henry David Thoreau GALLANT, NANCY C. 36 Collamore Street Volunteens 1 Concessions 2, 3 Quote: John Denver GARRITY, PATRICIA A. 2A Fairlawn Avenue Student Council 2, 3 ,F.H.A. 3 Powder Puff 2, 3 Quote: Simon G Garfunkel GAUMONT, ELLEN M. 435 Beale Street GIARRUSSO, MICHAEL 68 Barbara Lane Soccer 1, 2 Quote: Longfellow GILES, CURTJQ 23 Brackett Street GILLILAND, CHRISTINE 6QLongwood Road ski Team 2 Yearbook 3 Art Club 3 Quote: Neil Young GILLIS, VERONICA A. 41 Lothrop Avenue Glee Club 1,2,3 Quote: Veronica Gillis GIOIOSA, DANIEL 11 Church Street GLICK, SUSAN 135 Truro Lane Field Hockey 1 Ski Team 3 GOLDSTEIN, MARCIA S. 99 Dyer Avenue I-lomeroom Rep. 2 GORDON, SCOTT 60 Beacon Circle Football 1 Cross Country 1 Indoor Track 1, 2, 3 Golf 2, 3 Outdoor Track 1 Spanish Clubl, Debating 1 GORDON, SUSAN H. 66 Victoria Street Quote: Original, ,J V Q GRANT, STEPHEN 336 Reedsdale Road Football 1 Track 2, 3 M J QEMMETT4, ' 149 Bradlee Road Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 3 Track 1 5. GUERRERA, MICHAEL D . 21192 Brook Road HADLEY, MARK 72. Columbine Road Football 1, 2 Yearbook 3 'Homeroom Rep. 1, 3 I-IALE, MARTIN A. 11 Clapp Street - Football 1, 2, 3' Wrestling 1, 2, 3 HAMILTON, TRACY 76 Allerton Road Track 1 J.V. Basketball 1 Drill Team 1,2 I-IANAFIN, JOHN F. 18 Lyman Rd. HANLoN,: JAMES 65 Huntington Rd. Golf 2, 3 . HANNON, fEDWIN F.L 154 Highland St. Student Council 3 Hockey 1, 2, 3 Soccer 3 V, , HAPPNIE, BEVERLY ANN 9 Morton Ter. Work Study 2, 3 H HARRINGTON, JEFFREY 5 61 Marilyn Rd. I-IAWKINS, GRA!-IAMJ. 15 Nahanton Ave. HEALEY, DANIEL M. 76 Lodge St. Soccer 2 Ski Club 1,2,3 HEALY, MATTHEW PAUL 607 Pleasant St. I-IERLIHY, JONATHAN H. 48 Windsor Rd. Hockey 1 HERN, MARGARET C. 15 Westside Rd. J.V. Cheerleader 1 Drill Team 1 F .H.A. 3 , Yearbook 3 I . Powder Puff 3' I-IERSHMAN, ALAN 17 Rose St. Gymnastics 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2 Quote: Old Testament HOCHMAN, MARY G. 510 Eliot St. Field Hockey 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Trackl Softball 2 Volunteens 1, 2, 3 Yearbook,1,3 Debating Club 1 Chess Club 1 French S Spanish Club 2 Science Club 3 Quote: Sayings of the fathers HODGENS, MARY LEE 117 Canton Ave. Gymnastics 1,2 J.V. Cheerleader 1 Field Hockey 1, 3 Homeroom Rep. 3 I-Iomeroorn Rep. 3 Pep Club 3 , V HOGAN, VIRGINIA A. lt. 17. Brookside 7Par1-c I-IORAN, PAMELA C. 1095 Canton Ave. Drill Team 1 71, Powder Puff 3 ' Quote: Leon Caridan Sueivens HOUGHTON, ELAINE M. 56 Cedar Terrace, St. Touchf Football li Basketball 1 HOY, MICHAEL M.. 34 Hoy Terrace V I-IYMAN, RONALD A. 82 Gerald Rd. Science Club 1,2, 3 ",' Chess Club Chess Teani.1,2,3'75' ' Math Tearn"1,2,3 Quote: Willie Genegridge INGRAM, GAIL M. , 75 Blue I-Ii1ls,Pkwy. ' 1 ' Drama Club: 53, Quote: Original JABLON, DAVID 54 Dyer Ave. German Club 2, 3 JACKSON, JULIE M. 658 Canton Ave. Drama Club 1 Art Club 2, 3 Year Book 3 Quote: Billie Holliday JONAS, JEAN MARIE 108 Blue Hill Ave. Quote: Anonymous JONES, AMY C. 1601 Canton Ave. g ,.,,. 1 J ' 207' Yearbook 2, 3 Newspaper 1 JOYCE, CYNTHIA 38 Truro Lane F . H . A . 3 Basketball 1 Volunteens 3 Powder Puff 2, 3 Service League 3 Trainables 2, 3 Tennis 3 V , Quote: Jim Croce ijoYcE, STEPHEN A. 43 Collamore St. Drama Club .31 A Math Club 1, I5 fi KAURANEN, GAIL 73 Sassamon Ave. Tennis Team 2, 3 Powder Puff 2 . KEATING, KEVIN G. 39 Hawthorne Rd. Football 1 Hockey 1, 2 K ',,, f, j,, T Nucntttfr. 43 Hallen Ave. F.H.A. 3 Pep Club 3 KELLEY, JOHN L. 41 Centre Lane Soccer 1, 2 Indoor Track 1, 2, 3 Outdoor Track 1,2, 3 Cross Country 3 Boys State 2 Student Government at State House Delegate 2 School Newspaper Editor.3,, Quote: Paul Simon ' KELLY, JOHN J. 42 Apple Lane KELLY, JAMES F. 8 Westbourne St. Band 1, 2, 3 Stage Band 1,2, 3 Dixieland Band 3 Chorus 3 Yearbook 3 KELLY, JOHN J. , JR. 6 Duggan Lane KEN JANE 1 1 F , . I KENNEY, RICHARD E. 33 Gibbons St. g Wrestling 1 3 Football 1, 2, 3 KERNER, ELLEN B. 9 Craig St. Spanish Club 1 V KLEHM, GRETCHEN 1141 Brook Rd. Drill Team 1,2 Q KOPPELMAN, ELLEN 60 Margaret Rd. Drama Club 2, 3 Service League 2 KRAYNACK, PAMELA R. 429 Beale St. J KRIM, MARY 81 Capen St. J Work Study E LAKE, DoNALD 1 71 Fullers Lane 1 Hockey 1,2, 3 3 Soccer 1,2, 3 A Student Council 1, 2, 3 LANE, DEBRA 211 Lyman Rd. , Work Study 2, 3 ' LANE, DENISE - 21 Grafton Ave. Work Study IANGELIER, DANIELJ. 19 Collamore St.1 Gymnastics 1 IANGEVIN, PAMELA 46 Hinckley Rd. Basketball J. V. 1. fCo-Capt.J Basketball V. 2,3 Drill Team 1,2, 3 fLieut.J Track 1 QCO-Capt.J Business Editor Yearbook 3 N.H.S. 2,3 CV.R.J LANTZ, LAURIE, 30 Squantum St. Track 1 Gymnastics 2, 3 ' LAPIDO, MARCIE 226 Blue Hill Ave. National Honor Society 2, 3 Chorus 2, 3 , Future Nurses of America 3 Powder Puff 2 J LAPWORTH, LISA A. 142 Houston Ave. 3' Arr Club 1,3 I FHA 3. 4 . Quote: Lennon and ,McCartney Ski Club 1,3 LARSEN, JANET 35 Frothingham St. Drama Club 1 Drill Team 1,2, 3 QCapt.J National Honor Society 2, QTreas. J Unquity Echo 3 fEditorJ German Club 3 Quoteg Jon Anderson LATO, DONALD T. 54 Landon Rd. Baseball 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Football 2,3 Student Council 2 LAURA, CHRISTINE M. -37 Columbine Rd. Work Study 3 LEARY, MARY 401 Pleasant' St. Concession 2, 3 Homeroom Rep. Powder Puff 3 LEARY, RICHARD K. 26 Wolcott Rd. Football 1 Track 2 Quote: Roger Allen LEONARD, KATHLEEN 1099 Brook Rd. Uniquity Echo 1 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 French S Spanish Club 3 Quote: The Carpenters LEONARD, LAURA J. 188 Brook Rd. Drill Team 1 lntermural Track 1 Quote: May Ehrmann LEVINE, HOWARD J. 75 Craig St. Soccer 1, 2 Ski Club 1,2,3 Ski Team 2, 3 Tennis 3 Wrestling 3 Quote: Emerson Lake and Palmer LEWIS, CAROLE F. 100 Valley Rd. LIKOS, DAVID C. 1006 Randolph Ave. Football 1 Ski Team 2, 3 Ski Club 2, 3 J Tennis 2 . Quote: Stephen Stills LIMA, IRENE A. 3 Warren Ave. Work Study'3 1 1 LINEHAN, CHRISTINE M. 269 Granite Ave. Homeroom Representative LINNEHAN, ANNE 641 Pleasant St. F.H.A. 1 Homeroom Representative 2, 3 Powder Puff 2,3 Q LIST, STEPHEN' M. 139 ciapp sr. Work Study 3 LIVINGSTONE, JANET 92 Brush Hill Rd. Softball 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1 LLOYD, KENNETH 71 Lafayette St. BaseballJ.V. 1V. 2,3 Football J.V. 1 V. 2, 3 Basketball J.V. 1 Intramural Basketball 2, 3 LOBBAN, GORDAN P. 29 Huntington Rd. Chess Club l Concession Stand 3 LOFTUS, JOHN T. 1254 Brook Rd. Soccer 1 Cross Country 1 Outdoor Track 1 Hockey 3 LOSORDO, DEBORAH R, 50 Alfred Rd. Newspaper 1 Tennis 2, 3 Quote: Cat Stevens LUNDBERG, CLIFFORD P. 50 Maple St. Art Club 2, 3 208 LYNCH, CATHLEEN A. 125 Reedsdale Rd. Intxamurals 1 Drill Team 2 Yearbook Staff 3 F .I-LA. 3 Quote: Jim Croce LYNCH, JULIEA. 52 Crown St. LYNCH, VICTORIA A. ' 2 Fairfax Rd. LYONS, ERIN M. 334 EliotiSt. Basketball 1 , 2, 3 Softball 2,3 MACGILLVRAY, ELIZABETH A 294 Edgehill Rd. Quote: Randy Sparks MACINNIS, JOHN P.F. 864 Brook Rd. MACKENZIE, JEAN L. 38 Centre St. Jr. Class Advisory Board 2 Homeroom Representative 3 MAHAN, JEANNE M. 7 St. Mary's Rd. Drill Team 2 Quote: John Denver MALONEY, ROBERT M. 66 Belcher Cir. MANNING, PETER J. 439 Pleasant St. Hockey 1, 2, 3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 MANNING, SUSAN E. 56 Collamore St. Visual Arts 1 Quote: Alcott MARGARONE, PAUL J. 117 Blue Hill Ave. MARKER, JON J. 51 Bassett St. Work Study 1 MARTELL, KATHLEEN M. 45 Elm St. MASCOOP, ETHAN 232 Blue Hill Ave. MCCABE, MARY ANN 574 Pleasant St. Drama Club 1,2,3 Art Club 1,2 , 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2 Quote: Ayn Rand MCCABE, PAULA M. 24. Ridge Ru. MCCARTHY, PATRICIA A. 17 Patricia Dr. Trackflntramural 1 Hnquity Echo 1 ,A 3 , ,Softball Intramural 2 , 3 Volleyballvlntramural 3 Social Service Club 2, 3 Drama Club 3, A French-Spanish Club 2 Yearbook 3 V Quote: Original MCCARTHY SHEILA 56 Crown St. MCCARTHY, TIMOTHY J. 70 Grafton Rd. Marching Band 1,2, 3 Concert Band 1, 2, 3 Golf 1,3 MCCLAIN, DAVID 38 Briarfield Rd. I Football 1, 2 , Baseball 1,2,3 p I MCDONOUGH, JANET L . i1'ZQ,MQ1't01'! Terrace Che52r1e'ading 1, 21, 3 .3f?m1iS23Q31f J Q3 1 i f i . E MCE!-Pv0Y.fD1ANNE 47fBradford-Rdf. g, A Drama Club 1, 2 , Volunteens 1,2, 3 Drill Team 2 Explorers 1, 2, 3 Quote: John F. Kennedy MCGRATH, JOHN G. 37 Cedar Terrace St. Chess Club 1 MCGRATH, PAUL M. 18 Grove St. MCINERN EY, MEGAN A. 99 Woodland Rd. Quote: Joni Mitchell . MCKEEN, PAUL M. 239 Atherton St. , Football 2 A A MCLAUGHLIN, BARBARA E. 435 Canton Ave. Q 1 Newspaper 2, 3 - F.H.A. 3 Yearbook Staff 3 Quote: William Shakespeare MCMAHON, EILEEN, ' so Quarry Ln. f MBE, KATHLEEN i 44 Pagoda Cir. 3121 . MELCHIN, VIRGINIA M 23 Andrews Rd. , Basketball 1, 2, 3 Drama 2, 3 FHA 3 ' ' Volunteens 1, 2 Concesssion Stand 2, 3 Office Ass't. 1, 2, 3 Quote: Diana Ross , MERLO, JOSE ENRIQUE 26 Temple St. Soccer 1,2, 3 MICHEL, LUCIUS C. 320 Eliot St. MILLER, ADELE 72 Hudson St. Drama Club 2, 3 National Honor Society 2, Yearbook 3 Volunteens 3 . H , I Quote 5 Original 1 ' MILLER, 46.We11de11iParkfd Q' I I I Soccer 1 ' ' ' 'E Basketball 1 Baseball 1, 2 I Gymnastics 2, 3 Track 3 Ski Team 2, 3 V MITCHELL, MAUREEN 234 Eliot St. ' Quote: Mac Davis MORGAN WILLIAM J. 25 McKinnon Ave. Hockey 1,2,3 Baseball 1 MOULTON, FREDERICK 95 Plymouth Ave. J H Q Soccer 2,3 ' I, Band 1,2,3 Stage Band 1,2,3 MUISE, FRANCES C. 87 Cheever Street .Distributive Education 2, 3 A - President MULLIGAN, JOSEPH J. -,236 Robbins Street Newspaper 2, 3 Yearbook 1 Cross Country 3 Indoor Track 1 Outdoor"Track 3 Homeroom Representative 1 Quote: David Crosby MUNROE, FREDERICK G. 11 Academy Lane Band 1,2, 3 Tennis 1, 2, 3 Stage Band 2, 3 MURPHY, BRIAN R. S6 Pierce Street MURPHY, MARLENE J. 11 Badger Circle Concession Stand 2 Powder Puff Football 2 NEEDLE, HOWARD 41 Concord Avenue Distributive Education Work Study NERMAN, NANCY K. 123 nm street NOLAN, DONNA M. 23 Berlin Avenue 4 NOONAN, JOHNIM. 18 Elm Street I NORCOTT, WILLIAM D. 400 Blue I-lill Parkway NORTON, ,STEVEN A. 540 Pleasant Street Work Study 1 Distributive Education 1 NUTTING, JEFFREY I-I. 807 Canton Avenue Football 1,2,3 O'BRIEN, RICHARD 38 Pierce Street O' CA LLAGI-LAN, KATHRYN E. 43 Howe Street Quote: Carole King -209: O'CONNOR, THOMAS P. 41 Gulliver Street Hockey 2 I O'DEA, JAMES A. 40 Rustlewood Road Baseball 1, 2, 3 , German Club 2, 3. Y A A Quote: Illiad- III - I O'DONNELL, RICHARD J, , 4 Columbia Park 1, f U Hockey ,1 I Football, 1 , 'i fl .gi ,, O-raARs5,,2 12c s51 32 Hazel .Sue ' Advocate 1 1 1 7 O'NEILL, JOHN F. 19 Huntington Road Soccer 1, 2, 3 Hockey 1,2, 3 ' OPUDA, PAUL H. 278 Eliot Street I Work Study A PALMER, LYDIA A. 218 Thacher Street F.H.A. 1,2,3 Secretary Home Room Representative 1, Quote: Led Zepplin PARR, JUDITI-I A. ' . 77 Cushing Road ' F,H.A.1,2, , 51 Softballpz ij do if 1, PETITTI, A. I 14 PatriciaDriYe Q . Z Q to Home Room Representative . PICCO, NOREEN ' 182 Granite' Avenue ' ' Cheerleading 1 , 2, 3 Captain PICKARD, SCOTT L. 44 Howe Street Newspaper 1, 3 PIERCE, BRIAN C. 64 Govemors Road Chess Club 1, 2,3 PIHL, THOMAS F . 42 Hazel Street Gymnastics 1 Max Ed. 1,2, 3 2 I PILGRIM, KATHLEEN M. 18 Eaton Street 1 F.H.A. 1 1 PINKUS, JENNIFEIHL. 218 Woodland Roa F.H.A. 3 1 Class Secretary 2 POLONSKI, JOSEPH T. 78 Fairbanks Road 1 Indoor Track 1, 2 . Tennis 1, 2, 3 Student Council 2 , Home Room Representati PORTER, ALAWR CE M. 10 Pope Hill Road Chess Club 1 2 Soccer 1 ' Glee Club 1,2,3 ve 2,3 POTENZA, ELIZABETH A. Allen Circle 1 Work Study 2 1 POULOS, DEBORA A. 213 Churchills Lane Drill Team 1 Gymnastics 1 Tennis 1 Junior Class Officer 2 F.H.A. 3 PRETTI, ADRIENNE D. '3,67'C,anton Avenue 'FHA 1, 2, 3 Gymnastics 1, 2, 3 AIT .Club 1,2, 3 French Club 1 Quote :p Van Morrison PROUT, A ROY 52 Beaconi.Stre,et 'C'rcle Soccer 1 ' ' PUCCI, THOMAS C. 56 Cabot Street Marching Band 1,2, 3 Concert Band 1, 2,3 Stage Band , Golf , PURCELL, RoNA1.1D F. 162 Edge Hill Road Football 1,2,3 PYNE, JEFFREY I. 335 Eliot Street QUIGLEY, KENNETH K. 47 Old Farm Road Football 1, 2, 3 Home Room Representative 2 3 Schbol Committee Representative QUINT, JONATI-LAN B. 7 West Street JV Basketball 1 Drama Club 3 Quote: jon Anderson RANKIN, M. 55 Ruifellflisueef Dramatifihib 1, 2,3 . Volunteens 1,2, 3. . , Fff5i?C11?iSPHHi511i 15 5 Y 5 4 Ye.2L1f5OOk CEdii?Q?:7Qf f 'Q ll l Quote: I.ewiSiQEfEf131'O.lliQ ff READY, CAROLIANNI I so Artwill sefeeggj fi Library Assistant 13 1 Color Guard 71, 2 T. I Majoretftes- 32 27 i , Class Secretary,g3 A ' Basketball 1,2, 3 REDPATH, RICHARD P. 85 Otis Street REED, DIANA L, 38 Ferncroft Road Work Study 3 Youth Committee Member 3 REGAN, ABRIANT P. 39 I-IuntingtonlRoad ' . Soccer1,2f Q if Chess Club Q1 Q A , Quote: Frank Zappa A M. REGAN, MICHAELQPQ A 73 Warren Avenuef- ' . ' HOQKQYVZ , ji if if ff t if .f REINSTEINQ5. BRUCE H. 24 Belvoir Road' Tennis 1. 2.31 A Q . REYNOLDS,f1AMES c. 10 Brookside. Park R1cHARDsoNS,lqcAYLE M. 396 Brush HilllRoad Quote: Lou Reed ' , ROBERTS, REBECCA M. 85 Cedar Terrace French S Spanish Club 1, 2 F-H-A' 11223, . . , ROSSEN, BARRY J. 495 Blue I-Iill Avenue Quote: Sinfield 210 ROTA, STEPHEN P. 306 Thacher Street Work Study 2 RUTECKI, MARIE A . 97 Nahanton Avenue , National Honor Society 2, 3 Quote: Psalms 144:15 RYAN, MARIE 16 Orono Road Glee Club 3 Powder Puff Football 2 Quote: jonathan Livingston Seagull SAFFRAN, BARRY 289 Blue Hill Ave. Chess Club 1,2, 3 Science Club 2, 3 Quote: Original SALVAGGIO, DENISE N. 76 Surfside Rd. , Scituate Powder Puff 2 Quote: Peter DeVries SANDER, REBECCA 29 No. Russell St. Drama Club 1, 2, 3 French-Spanish Club 1,2 Science Club 1,2 Volunteens 1, 2, 3 Band 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Field Hockey 2, 3 Softball 2, 3 Advocate 2, 3 German Club 3 ' National Honor Society 2, 3 Quote: Robert Frost SANDS, CAROLYN C. 187 Hinckley Rd. Band 1 Drill Team 1 Cheerleading 2 Newspaper 3 Quote: Moody Blues - SARAF, MARK 125 Nahanton Ave . SATURNO, DIANE T. Truio Lane Work Study 3 SCHERER, GERALD P. 82 Blue Hill Ave. SCHIFONE, FRANK M. 571 Canton Ave. Football 1, 2, 3 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1 SCHIFONE, RICHARD 571 Canton Ave. Football 1,2, 3 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 SCHMAKEL, BARBARA A 70 Granite Pl. Chorus 1 Drama Club 2 Newspaper 4 Youth Club 1,2, 3 Quote: Lewis Carroll STOLLER, DAVID A. 57 Trout Brook Ave. Basketball 1 Baseball 1,2, 3 STOVER, RICHARD B. 136 Audabon Road Homeroom Rep. 3 ski Club 1,2 Quote: Pinero SULLIVAN, ARTHUR 48 cary Avenue Football 2 A Indoor Track 1, 3 SULLIVAN, LAWRENCE E 72 Central Avenue Soccer 1, 2, 3 SULLIVAN, MARYANN 104 Thacher Street Drill team 2 Volunteens 3 FHA 3 Yearbook 3 Quote: Stephen Stills SULLIVAN, PAUL 40 Whitelawn Avenue Drama Club 1, 2,3 QPres. J Math Team 1,2 fSec.j Debate Team 1, 2 fTreasurer Public Speaking 1, 2, 3 Hockey 1 Unquity Echo 3 Science Club -3 SUMNER, HENRY M. 16 Grove,Street Wrestling '1 Quote : Cat' Stevens SUMNE.Rs KIRK E- 229 iE1iQF2??Y?et SUSI, MARIO 14 Susi Lane SYLVAN, JOHN E. 65 Valley Road Track 1,2 Soccer 3 Yearbook 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3 Stage Band 1,2, 3 Ski Team 2, 3 Chess Club 1, 3 Quote: Bertrand Russell TAFUR, CLAUDIA M. 77 Marilyn Road French-Spanish Club 1,2 Quote: Isaac Watts TAGLIAMONTE, ANTHONY E. 50 Frothingham St. Basketball 2, 3 Soccer 1 . TAIANIAN, BRYAN R. 54 Old Farm Road Football 1 Baseball 1,2 Soccer 2 Cross Country 3 Quote: Albert Einstein TAYLOR, JOHN 67 Oak Street TAYLOR, JOAN M. 97 Decker Street TAYLOR, MARYLEE '74 Dexter ,Street Work Study 3 Quote: Langston Hughes TELEGEN, DEBORAH A. 15, Adanac Road Future Nurses 1, 2, 3 Homeroom Representative 1 Sci-ence Club 2 Yearbook 2, 3 Quote: Kahil Gibran THOMAS, KATHLEEN B. 101 Franklin St. Homeroom Rep. 1,2 THORP, RoB1N E. 330113-lmwood Ave. Maj orette 2, 3 Homeroom Rep. 3 flioyvder Puff 3 TIERNEY, JUDITH C. 55 Canton Ave. French- Spanish Club 2, 3 TITCOMB, MARJORIE 251 Granite Ave. Volunteens 1 Track 1 Quote: Simon and Garfunkel TOBIN, KATHLEEN A. 60 Columbine Road TRAPILO, SUSAN 49 Colonial Road Work Study 2 p TUOHEY, BARBARA J. 32 Orchard Road TYSON, DARAUS B. ,gc 75 Concord Ave.. i Basketball 1,2,3 Football 1, 2, 3 Track 2, 3 VAN PUTTEN, WILLIAM F. 538 Brook Road VILLARD, JEAN Work Study Powder Puff VILLARD, IAURIE A. 60 Huntington Road Cheerleading 1,2, 3 Powder Puff 2, 3 WALLACE: MAR1oR1E E. 15 Blue Hill Terrace Quote: Joni Mitchell WALLACE, PETER J. 324 Reedsdale Road German Club 3 WALSH, KAREN 36 Coolidge Road Future Nurses 1,2, 3 Gymnastics 1 FHA 1,2 Science Club 3 WALSH, MARYANN 40 Gov. Stoughton Lane WARE, MICHAELJ. 377 Pleasant Street WEISTROP, JONATHAN S . 37 Hillsview Road Chess Club 3 B S-if 1 WELLS, DIANNE 355 Thacher Street Future Nurses 3 QSecreta.ryJ Quote: Desiderata WELLS, JAMES 31 Granite Place Homeroom Rep. 2 WERMAN, ANDREW 91 Truro Lane DE Program 2, 3 WHEELER, JOANNE M. 11 Patricia Drive Drill Team 1 National Honor Society 2 Quote: Seals and Croft WI-IELPLEY, C. DAVID, JR. 9 Cypress Road Gymnastics 1,2, 3 ' 1 Track 1,2 Band 1,2, 3 WHITE, THOMAS 555 Harland Street WILKINSON, DENNIS F. 50 Grafton Ave. Work Study 2, 3 WINN, BRENDA A. 27 Brackett Street Homeroom Rep. 1 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3 Powder Puff 2, 3 WINN, GARRETT P. 44 Churchill Street Football 1, 2, 3 Wrestling 1, 3 Senior Class Advisory Board 3 WISE, ANNE 5 Badger Circle WITTEKIND, SUSAN M. 23 Elton Road Work Study 3 Powder Puff 2, 3 Quote: John Lennon woLF, MAUREEN 18 Vinewood Road Powder Puff 3 WOOD, DAVID ALEXANDER 59 Amor Road Football 2 fManagerJ Basketball 2 fManagerJ National HonortSociety 2 ,f - Senior Class President I 7 WOODS, MARY ANN 34 Wendell Park FHA 1 German Club 1, 2, 3 Science Club 3 Future Nurses 3 YUREWICZ, LYNN ANN 401 Unquity Road Future Nurses 3 Science Club 3 French-Spanish Club 3 ZANE, LINDA 120 Robbins Street Homeroom Rep. 1, Art Club 1 Lav clubez, 3 ZASIAW, PAUL 63 Concord Ave. School Newspaper 1 Drama Club 1 ZAUNERE, ROBERT 7 Willoughby Road ZEPRUN, ROCHELLE 12 Annapolis Road Patrons The publication of the preceding pages was due in large part to our patrons. With the "fi- nancial crunch" of the past year, every little bit helps an organization which is unsubsidiz- ed by the school and operated on a non-profit basis. Once again this year, over one hun- dred parents of seniors and members of the faculty responded generously to our plea for financial assistance. With rapidly increasing costs, these people have helped keep the Yearbook on a sound financial bottom and we could not have done it without them. We would like all who read this book to know what a great assistance these people and our advertis- ers have been to us. Our heartfelt gratitude and that of the entire staff of the 1975 ODYS- SEY goes out to them. Miss Polly Andem Karen Duggan Mrs. Charles E. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Dunn Karen Bacigalupo Mr. and Mrs. Alexander G. Bell Jr. Bibinski Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Blankenship Mr. and Mrs. Oistein J. Bratlie Joseph F. Bryant Mrs. Barry Carle Phyllis K. Carrara Mr. and Mrs. James J. Cattel Miss Lottie Elzbut Mr. and Mrs. George V. English Martha Fanning Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs and Mrs .and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. .Joseph F. Fidler Jr. Gerald Finerty Raymond Gadaire .Joseph W. Gallant Salvatore Giarrusso Mr. and Mrs Edward A. Gioiosa Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Casey U Mr. and Mrs Richard E. Gordon Chipman Family Mr. and Mrs Robert C. Green Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Curry Mr. and Mrs. R. D'Alessandro Mr. and Mrs. Paul Daly Miss Josephine C. Desmond Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. DiBona Mr. and Mrs. James J. Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Julius Doliner Mr. James Donahue Hyman Dubin Mary Habosian Dave Harding Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Healy Mrs. Bernice Hershman Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Hodgens Mrs. George Howe Katherine Irwin Dr. and Mrs. David Jackson Elizabeth M. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Joyce Mr. Frank Kelley Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kenney Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klehm Dr. and Mrs. R. Eugene Langevin Mr. and Mrs. Manuel S. Lato Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Likos Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Lima Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lobban The Loftus Family Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Losordo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Jerimiah Lyons Mr. and Mrs. George C. Mac Gilvray Michael MacCabe Mr. and Mrs. Lester J. Mc Carthy Peter McClelland Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Mclnerney J.E. Manning Howard Marker Leon Merian Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Michel Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Morgan Mr. Edward Noonan Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Norcott Mrs. Francis O'Hara Arvid Ohlen Mrs. Arthur J. O'Leary Mr. Joseph O'Neill Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . John Opuda Wilson H. Pile Bernard Porter Alexander Poulos Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Pretti Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Purcell Mr. and Mrs. Sidney F. Quint Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Rankin Mr. and Mrs. John Reardon Patricia Reardon Mr. and Mrs. John F. Regan Richard J. Scopa Capt. and Mrs. William R. Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schmakel Mr. and Mrs. l. Leonard Shrago Thomas J. Smigliani Mr. and Mrs. John E. Smith Justin Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Tim Stanton Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Stover Mrs. Leo Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P.F. Taylor June D. Tuttle Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Wallace Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Walsh Rabbi Jerome and Francine Weistrop Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Whelpley George Zaslaw Karen Zefting A CHANCE TO DO THINGS YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU COULD DO. HANDLE EQUIPMENT YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU COULD HANDLE. GO PLACES YOU NEVER THOUGHT CVOUCOULD GO. AND BE PROUD A gs OFIT. A 'I i, I JOIN THE PEOPLE I I WHO VE .IOINED THE ARMY Call SSG MIKE O REILLY 773 4058 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 75 MR AND MRS HARRY TELEGEN DESIGN CENTER INC 29 Conmonwealth Ave Boston Massachusetts 021 16 Mr and Mrs RobertBlankensh1p MR AND MRS BEN LLOYD G H BENT CO For Pleasant and Randolph Ave Mllton COOKIES 698 5945 Compliments of 214 LANTANA INC. I 43 Scanlon Drive Randolph Mass INSURANCE SINCE 1934 HERBERT A DUKL IN SURANCE BROKER BAYARD T DUKE INSURANCE AGENCY INC C0mP11m6mS Of eo ADAMS STREET MILTON :vw-xss 02187 698 2228 JOHN M CORCORAN 8a CO 500 Granite Ave Mllton 696 0275 696 4490 MILTON AUT BODY SALES INC BODY REPAIR Accrdent and Collrslon Work Body and Fender Reparr Complete Auto Pamtmg Insurance Estlmates 696 2000 696 5300 BILL AHEARN VIN NELSON . L . - I . - 215 MILTON EDUCATORS ASSCCIATION Best Wishes and Congratulations to the ' Class of 1975 I A A.L. DEWOLFE 8: CO. REALTORS I "Highest Standards of Professional Service" jf A SALES qnqmessmandy -:NEw s A CONSTRUCTION CAppraisal+AMortgageJQ 5 17 Canton Ave.,'Milt0n I I 1' 7 1 31 A 696-0076 GARRITYISOILTCOMPANY MILTON AND SOUTH SHORE 657 Adams St Qumcy 471 7353 CARLETON FORD FORD PINTO THUNDERBIRD Where Your Nexghborhood Bought EAST MILTON ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE 30 CENTRAL AVE phone 698 3838 MILTON MASS 02186 E T O NEILL INSURANCE AGENCY 698 1370 me 'Laly fait fum grwuuf 0 WILLIAMJ SULLIVAN INSURANCE AGENCY 9 gr, fm, H59 5 f 6 9 rn. PAM ARNOLD DESIGNS 556 A Adams Street MILTON 696 1704 .V I I Mk youu 'coli !iI1UiE ouiaifouz xc z sa in ' pw ' kk I fy i- I l Q W, K- I 8 ' 33114145 Ili. fm-I evuy 'zoom in youz Home oz office. ' ' ...I K. LQ ji Q T' ,i I U55 fineksfilrg fgqgricicgliadsa, qfllocr.-:n rwlood anal olfamfwovgn t n' ., 8, to 1 gg T. 6 I I bidi 715, I kkkk flledpaiiss wi im: ga zica. f K I 4- 1 K. I ' fpicfuzz 'gidmikgih foz gs unuauaf in 'ca ing. as ' - - - ' vs ' ' , . 7 ' 217 COMPLIMENTS OF ROPER'S GRANITE PAINT INC 126 GRANITE AVE DORCHESTER MASS CUSTOM WINDOW SHADES AND DISTINCTIVE WALLCOVERINGS 298 9575 BROTHERS DELI RESTAURANT INC THE FINEST FOOD IN MATTAPAN SQUARE JAMES CHRISTOPHER 1038 BLUE HILL AVE MATTADAN MASS 02186 CITGO F 8c M .IENNEY CITGO SERVICE LOCATED IN MATTAPAN SQUARE ALL REPAIRS SNOW PLOWING WILLIAM MCKEEN 1590 BLUE HILL AVE OWNER MATTAPAN MASS 02126 V SMCDONOUGH DRUG INC. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS LOWER MILLS TEL. 298-0103 GRANITE STORES MILTON BROOKLINE WOLLASTON BRIGHTON HOLBROOK WHEN WORDS FAIL SEND FLOWERS 742 ADAMS ST 265 8801 DORCHESTER MASS 298-9603 218 1160 Washington St. Dorchester Ma. 02124 696-0331 298-2420 ALLBAR REALTY CORP. Best Wishes to Mi1tOn's 5 165th Graduating Class 'MULLIN S SERVICE STATION YOUR FRIENDLY MOBILE DEALER 352 GRANITE AVENUE EAST MILTON MASS 698 1630 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1975 M B LAWRENCE PONTIAC C0 OUR 36TH YEAR IN MILTON 326 Gramte Ave Mllton 02186 COMPLIMENTS OF ERIE PUB 795 ADAMS ST. I DORCI-IESTER, MASS. 698 7400 7 DAYS A WEEK 6 A M TO 1 A M MILTON CAB COMPANY INC MIIIOH s Own Taxl Company ONE ELIOT STREET MILTON MASS INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS JAMES T PHELPS 8a CO INC Estabhshed 1854 180 ADAMS STREET MILTON MASS 02186 Telephone 696 6300 1 , . TO A ' 9 ' nfl. f ,L 1 I l K K K k,,. .-.... L . ., l , . I Best WlShCS to the ANGELO S SUPERMARKET Class of 1975 362 Gramte Avenue ATTORNEY AND MRS PHILIP E LaBoNTE East Mmm CARROLL PERFUMER Mattapan Square Home of Famous Cosmetlcs CELI S OF MATTAPAN Mattapan Mass Halrstylmg for Guy and Gals Hope You Thrlve 75 SULLIVAN FLOOR COVERING 2291 Dorchester Avenue Dorchester Lower Mxlls 298 0363 Carpets 0 Rugs 0 Linoleum Compliments of SILVEY ELECTRIC CO Mattapan Mass ALSON S MEN S SHOP Mattapan Square Sportmg Center A FRIEND CYNTHIA S YARN SHOP Deslgnmg and mstructnons Needlepomt Crewel 522A Rlver Street 298 2350 Mattapan Mass 02126 JOSEPH MALONEY General Woodworkmg Alumlnum Storm Doors and Doors 698 1333 ROBERT H PIKE INSURANCE AGENCY 372 Gramte Avenue MIIIOH Mass 021861 Tel 698 7850 . , I I W , 1 3 479 River Street , I lr' f K . L 1 - , A , 220 THE CENTER 1255 Main Street I 5 S. Weymouth Rte. if 18 OPEN 7 DAYS NIOH-SHIT - 9-9 I I Sun. 9-6 I RICHARD J CLASBY ASSOCIATES INC One Ellot Street M11ton Mass 02187 Llthoma Llghtmg f617J 696 7085 H1 Tek L1ghtIng PANTIQUE So Shore Plaza Mattapan Square SCHLAGER AUTO BODY AND REPAIR SERVICE gasohne and BCCCSSOFICS 101 Wxllard Street 24 hour towmg West QuIncy 698 9546 CITGO STATION A A 59 Adams Street I r 698-9619 R. w. BALDWIN INC, I One Eliot Street ' - Milton Mass.02187 ' 1 METRAKAS 8a SONS 330 Pleasant St. M11ton Mass Best Wlshes to the Class of 75 SOUTH SHORE NATIONAL BANK 1400 Hancock Street Qumcy Ma 02169 5 I I ,Ili , . , I , 1 I I If A I :ff I tt., ,,.. I , I +1221 I I l i l - l 15:amaze:5:1111:.1:11:s:5:5:E:52:2151512122:5:5:2:s:21iz2:Eiz2222i2EEW?' I , .. , r "" l r r EZ: EY y ,.A. W A 1 gg: :,. , N H V ,,,, 5, ,... , .-,, , ,,.,. I, X ',,1 : ..-' E . .. , , ...,, , , .E WEE: D O D , ' In B A in DDU 1. UUU ""A A"" 'A I D u W i , , ,,,. , ....,., HEZZ: rr ,:,. . 4::,1.1rm.:,:.1--.P1r.,1,g--:::::1::- '.:::::::::::.24-:1--1.,r1:1gfr1Qfa:z:z:s:s.2'ff:zg'.':e1:g gt:-q,31Q2f'lzg:g: -..,. 2.1 ..,,, ' ',', :rf r522225533552525iigggiaggggfieSas5125525.5.ig.1121222323if5:5:5EEEEEEEEEEESEZEEEQK f V,.,, ,,,,,.,.' X DHGUIRBS i X -- ' ' ' ' .taeafiiiiff :'I.f:'ifi::5ff'Q --", t if5:2:1' o Now that Milton Savings 2 .1is2i55555E'5: gr. has PASSKEY 24, we're open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, And that means you can get upto S50 instant cash ..,,A , ,,..4.,.,,, ,,,,...., I ,,,,,,, A ,....,......... I ,- whenever you need it. On Saturdays. Sun- ' days, holidays, or even late at night oSince this bank is still using In fact, PASSKEY 24 lets you do SIVUOST regular bankers' hours, it's shut more than all your banking anytime, You can make urs Oueu. Su you may be Sruck rr you need UGPOSWS' Wuhdfawarlsi and paVm9m5i 190' some extra cash on Saturday afternoon to Quickly and conveniently, All you need is a Qer you through me Weekend Or if your PASSKEY 24 card to 3CIlV6I9 4OUr PASSKEY Working hours make ir hard for you ro get 24 automated teller machine installed out- to the bank before rr Closes' side our East Milton Square office, Which bank would you rather have? A bank with bankers' hours or a bank with peo- ple's hours? We thinkthe verdict is clear. lt's PASSKEY 24. No contest, Stop by either one of our convenient offices today and ask us about it. E 4 311,-w .-:cfm -: 1 :., 4"- 1 . . -...A - , , , , , , , : , . . . .,: :.::5: . O Q E . g p , ---i , 1 I - -,.. Q3-2 1 6 :21 52 r :gz2 e:f:gg:5:zggga:s' -22592 z:sg:gr5gt5gQiii5Q5iE age 1 if f t' fr: af : ' ' it if 1. 9 5, ' 4 . . . Axwvm ...., s ..,, .fr , ies asa las mu Good rn in-is 4 EHNK EUETUMEH shut out. Mil'l'OI1 SClVil1QS Bdhk 40 Adams Street - 561 Adams Street - 696-6500 6 222 JOHN B. GWYNN INC. DESIGN AND INSTALLATION ONE ADAMS ST. MILTON MASS. 02186 696-5783 SYDNEY ROSE OFFICE MANAGER of PNEUMATIC CONTROL SYSTEMS CONGRATULATIONS DAVE AND JOAN GALLERY COMPLIMENTS OF DEPENDABLE CLEANERS EAST MILTON 698 8300 MILTON SHELL SERVICE 11 BRYANT ST. MILTON, MASS. 02186 A 698-9511 5 CONGRATULATIONS 105TH GRADUATING CLASS COMPLIMENTS OF AMARU S RESTAURANT 80 BRIDGE ST DEDHAM MASS 326 9755 326 7431 22.3 1 fvfxvfp , 1 x Q- 44 ,- ma 1 fps' 5 Gy my ,.., u m S ., .Q K, .K,,,,1 L, , Q w,m?:5a"w 'Q-T' vw W' x EN we 3154 ,A N .NL s-4-enfnwwf, Q Q4 Ag W 1, :x if A-'xi ' x it Q39 5 1 , fm MA iv ,-iqgfw . 1 3 X,s,fa1,f2,,1Q, A qi, ww-iv Kg 'fl Q lffmx ' 5,3511 23 fiyfg 'i 1. ,1.1,,, ,xr .f1,1,'q ,um -jiri Y -jst,-f , a ,.. 1? ,4- 4,9 COMPLIMENTS OF DR. 81 MRS. JOHN F. GALLAGHER JR. 99 ADAMS STREET MILTON MASS 02187 COMPLIMENTS 105th GRADUATING CLASS FROM PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO OF MILTON JOIN II-IE PEPSI PEOPLE FEELIN FREE' CHARLES C COPELAND CO INC 1131 RANDOLPH AVENUE MILTON MASSACHUSETTS 696 0700 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '74 I JQEJJMILTON I-nu. RESTAURANT 36 ELIOT STREET MILTON VILLAGE 696 3034 JOHN MAZEIKA PROP J B COLE 8: GLEASON MILTON HOME FOR FUNERALS 5 CANTON AVENUE MILTON DAVID M CHAPMAN CHARLES P CHAPMAN I LLEJUNERAL DIRECTORS: 225 f 5 if 1 CONGRATULATIONS IOSTH GRA DUATING CLASS COMPLIMENTS COMPLI MENTS OF MILTON COOPERATIVE MR AND MRS BANK ROY E PROUT 420 GRANITE AVE MILTON MASS 02186 LIAM J SEXTON MILTON TRAVEL BUREAU INC 541 ADAMS ST COMPLIMENTS OF MILTON MASS COMPLETE WORLD WIDE TRAVEL SERVICE MILTON LODGE BPO ELKS NO 1686 Compliments of I 577 ADAMS ST MILTON, MASS CAPITOL ELECTRIC 160l Blue H111 Ave Matt 298 7250 298 0501 M P HORAN 81 COMPANY INC ESTABLISHED IN 1890 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION IIOW BROADWAY BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS 02187 TELEPHONE 265-432I A L POTENZA C D T CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 75 ZEPPY S BAKERY RANDOLPH MASS BREAD ROLLS PASTRY CENTRAL CLEANERS DRAPERY 8: RUG CLEANING SPECIALISTS MILTON DEDHAM NEWTON CHESTNUT HILL 244 3000 696 3000 1 , , I 227 Hendflf ICE CREAM MILTON VILLAGE HARDWARE INC 54 ADAMS ST ILTON VILLAGE MASS 02187 TOURAINE PAINTS 696 8508 RICHARD G THOMPSON Comphmems of HOLBROW S FLOWERS AUDREY L REDPATH 1135 DORCHESTER AVE DORCHESTER HOLBROW S PARKER HOUSE FLORIST PARKER HOUSE BOSTON e INCORPORATED TELEPHONE 16171536 6846 RobertJ Blankenship 29 COMMONWEALTH AvENuE f BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS 02115 698 9590 CHEZ MARIE BEAUTY SALON 75 HIGH STREET MILTON MASS 02187 Compliments of MR SL MRS ANDREWF PETITTIJR A FRIEND CENTRAL AVENUE DELI 27 CENTRAL AVENUE SPECIALIZING IN SUB 698 0718 SANDWICHES COMPLIMENTS OF I BEST WISH ES "Fact from Figures" CHARLES E. DiPESA gl C0 10 High Street M Boston, Massachusetts 02110 Charles E. DiPesa C.P.A William F. DiPesa C.P.A. Eugene F. Hickey C.P.A. John F. Oteri C.P.A. Richard H. Daley C.P.A. Fred P. Freed C.P.A. George W. Carmichael C.P.A. Alexander J. Chase C.P.A. Tel: f6l7J 423-3555 James Doogue C.P.A. Joyce M. Hickey C.P.A. Martin Keazirian C.P.A. Richard E. Magee C.P.A. James P. Milone C.P.A. Kenneth A. O,Brien C.P.A Frank J. Piccinotti C.P.A. Daniel C. Wright C.P.A. "WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH THE TOUGH GET GOING YOUR CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER THE RESPONSIBILITY ASSOCIATED WITH SUCH A TITLE IS NO SMALL TASK A SCHOOL YEARBOOK WITHOUT PHOTOGRAPHS WOULD INDEED BE DULL THEREFORE WE HAVE TRIED TO FULFILL OUR PHOTOGRAPHIC ASSIGNMENT WITH THE CAREFUL ATTENTION NECESSARY TO ASSURE YOU A PLEASANT AND LASTING MEMORY OF YOUR DAYS AT MILTON HIGH SCHOOL THE HARVARD STUDIO I947 l9708L 1974 1975 669 BOY LSTON STREET BOSTON MASS OUR BEST WISHES TO THE OPEN 'TIL MIDNIGHT CLASSOF 75 698 0721 WELLS OLDSMOBILE DOROTHY MCLAUGHLIN BRIDAL SHOP BRIDESMAIDS VEILS FORMALS 2020 CENTRE ST 56 ADAMS ST WEST ROXBURY MASS MILTON MASS 02187 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1975 VILLAGE UNION 2259 DORCHESTER AVE DORCHESTER MASS 298 4450 K , , . 230 ' COMPLIMENTS or MILTON POLICE ASSOCIATION BLUE HILL TOWING CENTRAL AVENUE GETTY 24 HOUR TOWING SL WRECKER SERVICE COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR AND SERVICE I8 CENTRAL AVE 696 6450 95 ELIOT ST 24 hours WM NAZZARO Prop MARCO S SUB SHOP 537 ADAMS ST NEXT TO FIRE STATION EAST MILTON SQUARE TEL 698 9528 I-IOURS MON TUES WED SAT 8 00 6 00 THURS FRI 8 7 COMPLIMENTS OF GRONO 8a CHRISTIE INC 536 ADAMS ST EAST MILTON MASS 02186 MEMBERAMERICANSOCIETYOFTRAVEL AGENTS AIR RAIL BUS STEAMSHIP DAVIDJ HURLEY REIDE HURLEY TRAVEL 60 ADAMS ST TELEPHONE MILTON 86 MASS OX 6 1334 I 165 Washington St Dorchester Lower Mllls Mass Weddmg Spec1.1l1stFor Lovers PAGAR STUDIOS 231 LT COL AND MRS DANIELJ REGAN ACE DISPOSAL SERVICE 22 North Maple Street Woburn Mass 01801 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1975 PAT 8a JOHN COFFEY IT S ALWAY S AN OCCASION WHEN YOU DINE AT THE y fMl Hgh G DR AND MRS WILLIAM J EGAN A RED COACH GRILLH R F A ' A I I sincemha k h , Facult 0 iton i Scho l. Successto the eraduates. , V I I Let Us Be Your Key to Beauty KEY TO BEAUTY 532A ADAMS ST EAST MILTON 698 9604 VINCENTJ PELLERITI Owner AQUINAS JUNIOR COLLEGE 303 Adams St for Women M1lton Ma Fnelds of Concentratron Secretarial Science Executrve Soc1al Servlce Legal FashxonMerchand1smg Medxcal Med1calAss1stant Recogmzed Candrdate for Accredrtatlon by New England Assocxatlon of Schools and Colleges WARM WISHES AND BEST or LUCK Best Wlshes From TO ALL M H S l975 GRADUATES TESSLER APOTHECARY N NEPONSET LINCOLN MERCURY INC Hallet St 8: Galhvan Blvd 2243 Dorchester Ave Dorchester Dorchester Lower M1lls 825 3900 Mass 02124 IV: ' , I.. i K 233 COMPLIM ENTS OF MR 8cMRS EDWARDL FITZMAURICE BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1975 FROM CURRY COLLEGE COM PLIM ENTS OF MILTON FOOD MART HIGHEST GRADE OF GROCERIES FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES COMPLIMENTS OF 52 BREWSTER sUPER MARK15T I 98 HOUSTONAVE. MILTON MASS. GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 73 LILLIAN S DRESS SHOPPE A WOMAN S WORLD OF FASHION S32 ADAMS STREET MILTON MASS 698 9761 BOWL FOR HEALTH AND FUN AT THE EAST MILTON BOW LADROME 540 A ADAMS STREET EAST MILTON MASS TEL 698 9502 8cMRS .IAMESJ CATTEL COMPLIMENTS OI- DR 81. MRS IRVING SAFFRAN I I ' 'S RCOMPLIMENTS OFM i MR. ' fl . V234 COMPLIMENTS OF L MARIO susl s. SONINC. 36 WESTWOOD STREET Al DORCHESTERJWASSACHQSETTSOMZI C A EXCAVATING CONTRACTOR C ljf COMPLIMENTS OF CYPRESS CLEANERS CENTRAL AVENUE MILTON PICKUP AND DEI-IVERIZD DISTINCTIVE IRISH IMPORTS CHARGE ACCOUNTS WELCOME ARAN KNITS ROYAL TARA CHINA BELEEK CRYSTAL FASCH STUDIO THE IRISH COTTAGE MILTON S PHOTOGRAPHERS 480 ADAMS STREET MILTON DIAL 698 3456 FOR YOUR DEDHAM MALL ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHS PU BLICITY DEDHAM PASSPORTS AND FAMILY PORTRAITS FRED THE HAIR STYLIST 555 ADAMS ST MILTON MASS OX 6 2645 OX 8 9662 7 - - --Li " 95 1.5 1 W I , 7 9 , 235 T Though we travel the world to find the beau- tiful, unless we carry it with us we will find it VLO Ralph Waldo Emerson . o 5 5 O 1' Q . .x Q 0.9. 1, .. 5, 0 C.. I ' ' .

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