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M -, .A -Av -P---W4- W-1 V' f f Y -' 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 112 11111111111lIlll , Q X w-. g NATTAPA 2 I 1 N 3:4-nqphsf QA? Slifb-.QL V N 17 33 oue9Tr1fev-.Ji 1 52f,, mn E In Amevnca. Kxpii il Zigi:-14? Yrjgv, 2 N CON 'non rngfuruqg Yu- A-. , 1 :T 5 Dov:k1sTvf-rnrnil' I, xg- '63 - F ,- QQ 5 ,1 DIQKA N 4,34 'gat 5 2 3 ' A VJ Q n.sTur0- 5 - - 3 'f N ISM-Thi Z E .vs I U1 Q 1 .C'AYP 2 -nmuif4"' A, N OH Tgitrev H9535 g : L Mal, U vu In ' 1 Q T ' 'Zag MQ '33'f?ff4wii ... fzwau um. f , N Z A v L SJ. ., rm ,S f 4 V . -.i ...M f qv- F U0 2 ' ' X - ' , f I ,V , D 7' - - ' ,5- N E f ,I 9 2 E ' if g Vu - - ,Q N Q 1651 E 4 N A! ,f 1 Hun I 4 QQ ,Q f .,' Z' 'life l N 1 ? ' " v N ii Q Sul, ow' Hu V" - uw? 8' 5 16 I5 -r Mwwg 1 - M 'E' N ,- if 2 , 2 'N 5 cnsuolz Clans T, 1 N f Hu? 5 I f -:, Cab-xgT Stn? M I M .',l'5 - ' SQMJ A-ua N ' x i - : GTIOT-neu Y N -' XQ T Vase g UA x 3 1 4- 'G e s 1 1 1 31-- " 1 - 2 R 5 N ' "" " X. 1 ' new 2 + 1 'M O 5 ' - f s - -?+'k:aa 'R'i',.P" A r 5 Y 9 ik 5 xc x ' .. f " X 0 X . :- 'Q O - Q35 mm " Q N 'f2:!'x D T' b O F xvrflggmugg f ZKCQA ' X 4VCvN Par 5' Ig, XQ ll' Q XUVI 4 5 0 1 N 19,65 N STM f N-fflfk SEWZSE 22 f UA 0 A X E .f 5255 ' 1 N Oo fe X111 9.5 Siam, Egwig-53? 5 I . O 'P 1 S-'GKEFESN "1 7l1!Nw is 7 Sw ' X Q1 uv, , Q x x K N 'Sf 5BLuE Nutggsg 2 1 H I f 5 QW' S5 1 'E ' iff sim , 2 + . lu - 1 f x x :X xex I - 1 N N 5 go ff, S sr, E vs: 1 1 1 'IIPHIN 4 ,- ' -r,'aa!'l!xv 301955 'gt f A - 3- 1 ug N s ll 9- 9 N ' N - Qqmwlxxb ln S N x XIII K vb ' x 27 F 5 ' STHKQ e-J Suns .V N f q Q, l 1 1 A1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I ' rl ,4 , Q I 4 4. Q.r:1u.1L .. .1.a..unu..f4Q...:.34, 1- ......, 11. , ...,...,,,-. .. . . M... ,. . ,,., , ..1.,.,...-.,-.,-,,g.,.-,,,.,. ,, , - , .....,.,,,,,,,1u,L,-. g,.-.L..- MM-1N-.A......,4-.,..,,,Q,,--.1......M.-.M M,-l1'.,mf z" O, ffxga M' Mg J -ffvfa.2,,J IlIllIII.4?ll.IlllllIlI iv Pow er' HlH'!m-123: Etktf RMS .' '-5 x-Sk ""Q3,,f,Q, - 'lf-ifs meg -fx, Q '. ,, , .. J - " 1 D I 1 4 1. m cfm--A i 1 5 HuTJnv.5o-n Lvng , s X F Q E """' M ' 11 S -Z' F-vsguuH::'Ky,1 .Y 24 XX p G 1. V. S? 1Tlw. i x 01 U ' in xx U-D 4 ' 1 '. C' g - T x , J K J: "' 5 'X 2-,auf M f 'L K E Vx' BCEKN1 X A Y. .Y A..- K . a e Y Ml , QIIGT 1-nnwlata-1 M S lc to ' .X 'f4r1T!ITkT3'f5 KK h!,. - X . Pk-.Ten uni 3 y ,Q "I . D as X 0 sfo " L. X ' w"j,J,f"L' ,QQ X ' .: ' " 1 . , gg -U""x" I if -U i-' , ' mn Fqfd CCYA Q I A facTfr, W S 'fm A as asf? f 9' A - Syvum? , A , Q' 3 ,- er ,. , 'Q T- ' ff' D , ' N xx gmt. - - "K ,1 an rv r' I , 6 SL w.+ag , .11,'s ' . V N . - I x ' ESTurJ! i C : av xN ' Tudiif! . 'X ' xv f 3-5: v- NN s x ' X x f E I -'W E ""'4"S"2w-n 5 - Jn -0, ,, W Job 1 ?E ' X 3 D , ,4 ,y Arr' L, " BK X sums 21.54 'M wg f ' 564 1,1 h a 'E44Hl4 X ,f I , f I BTd2'51v ' 6 fwl 'I vt had 'J J S " Bully 'from ' , .7 ' Th. HusTo-vvcal Nap ef' MnLTovx s Z, 0'-D null, Chlv-Affg Pbrq H,11I,xg. 1 - S' Wk? y , ' 'S Q ' fs ' 35mggx,s:5L.,T HJ! 5 ..-:. lN"xQ'lll"'x lIlIllI'lIlllll'lllllll The Llnquity Echo ANNUAL OF 796.2 MILTQN HIGH MILTGN, l i l l i 1 SCHQQL MASSACHUSETTS l., l "God has given us this peaceful place." Motto of Milton FROM England they came, and from Ireland and Scotland and France, seeking a quiet corner of the New VVorld. They built their town between a placid river that meandered seaward and a chain of low undulating hills, and they called it Milton. Their Milton was one of sun-dappled or- chards and low stone walls, one of budding cornfields and split-rail fences. While they drove their cattle homeward at twilight time, in an- other part of town, the bronzed Indian glided through the shadowy corridors of lofty pines in the Blue Hills. In time, one after another of the white men clasped in his a copper hand, and all became brothers. Thus, from its founding, Milton exuded that spirit of equality and com- radeship common to all small towns. The times changed and Milton with them. A gristmill appeared on the Neponset, and the Hanover stage clattered through East Milton on its weekly run. But these were not the only changes. For more important events were in the making. As vague murmurings of discontent filtered from Boston into this tranquil town, loyalists were regarded with suspicion and patri- otic citizens became orators in local taverns. Then, less than twelve decades after its found-- ing, Milton was swept into the current of war fever that ran through New England. The American Revolution had come. Revolutionary Milton was an exciting spotg it was here that Tories fled to protect their coun- try homes, here that patriots prepared for war and marched to join the troops at Boston, here that Paul Revere picked up the Suffolk Resolves and clattered off to Philadelphia with them. After the last battle smoke had vanished, after the last Tory had fled, Milton stood a small part of a growing nation. And she changed accordingly. The industrial boom did not leave Milton untouched. The first chocolate mill in America was built here. The first railroad stretched from East Milton to the granite quarries of Quincy. Banks and trust com- panies were established. Roads were improved. The horseless carriage came, bringing with it the age of automation. Time passed and war came. Again the little town was plunged into strife - this time with not one, but with an alliance of foreign powers. Boys from Milton went to France, to the Philip- pines, to Korea to fight so that the ideals of democracy might be preserved. Some returned, others did not. But their town went on. Today the moccasin prints have vanished from the Blue Hills, and the clatter of coaches and a famous patriotis steed no longer echo through the streets. The once-proud Tory mansions have given way to neat suburban homes, and the granite railroad has long since disappeared. The past is gone, but not forgotten. There are a few landmarks to remind us of our town's his- tory. But, perhaps more important, there live today in Milton the ideals and principles upon which the town was founded. That is why we who live here say that our town is more than a town - Milton is a way of life. Marsha Leisher, '62 WE THANK THEE, LORD FOR ALL THY GIFTS. ! de Pfzdaccgealb Wiecmge MR. E. FRANCIS KANE Salem State Teachers College, B.S. Boston College, Ed.M., L.L.B. To the Class of Nineteen Sixty-two: Your graduation from Milton High School is another experience in your life that you will share with millions of other American youths. In no other country in the world is secondary education so widespread. It is typical of America to educate all who will take advantage of the opportunities offered to each one. You are the recipi- ents of this rich heritage. Your graduation comes at a most challenging time. This year of nineteen sixty- two marks the three hundredth anniversary of the founding of the town of Milton, three hundred years of great historical significance. This is a time when society is demanding the best from all of us to cope with both national and international prob- lems. Because of the role of world leadership that has been thrust upon our government in ghese trying times, our every effort appears geared to meet succeeding emergencies an crises. In answer to our President's challenge of what one can do to help his country, he need only to consider the freedoms each individual has the right to enjoy -a free government, freedom of the individual in religion and communication, freedom from fear, freedom in any activity within the framework of the laws established to protect the liberties and freedoms of all, and finally political and economic freedom. VVhat will you contribute to maintain these freedoms while we assist our less fortunate neighbors in all parts of the world? You are fortunate to be a member of a generation that is witnessing the awe- inspiring beginnings of the exciting space age. One thrills to learn that the success of these great advances in knowledge is assessed to be the result of teamwork. In this and countless other fields of endeavor, your opportunities are limitless. We hope that you have laid the groundwork during your high school career to continue the everlasting quest for knowledge that society demands of each one of its citizens. . May each member of the Class of Nineteen Sixty-two accept his freedoms and his responsibilities with a determined resolution to contribute his talents toward a continuous growth in a free society. E. Francis Kane FACULTY I Faculty BUSINESS MISS JOSEPHINE C. DESINIOND MISS ELIZABETH M. JOHNSTON MISS LOTTIE A. ELZBUT MRS. ANNA M, SBIITH MR. JOHN A. CARNIE MR. EDYVARD W. CANNON ENGLISH MR, FRANCIS TRACY MISS BARBARA ALBRET MISS SHIRLEY CAVE MR. WVILLIAM FIDLEB MRS. BIIRIALI GOLDMAN MISS PATRICIA NELSON MRS. LYNN IACHNEY MISS RUTH DYAS FOREIGN LANGUAGES MISS SARA LEWVIN . MRS. GENEVIEVE DONALDSON MISS DORIS CHADYVICK MISS BENNETTE SHULTZ DR. JOHN' SANTOSUOSSO MR. HOWVARD CROWELL GUIDANCE MRS. CATHERINE T. HAYER MISS GERTRUDE M. IVIILLER MR. ROBERT H. ARCHIBALD MR. GEORGE F. RAINIACORTI Faculty INDUSTRIAL ARTS MRS. ELIZABETH ROLAND MISS NELLIE DAYYIES MRS. DOROTHY CALLAHAN MR. PAUL SHUTE MR. FREDERICK HOHN MR. RICHARD BAILEY MATHEMATICS MR. THOINIAS BRENNAN MISS ROSE DEPOYAN MR. STANLEY SNELL MR. VVALTER GLEASON MR. NORMAN TARDIFF PHYSICAL EDUCATION MR. XV.-XRREN LAPWORTH MISS DEBORAH WOOD MR. ROBERT E. RAYMOND SCIENCE MR. JOHN R. PEDERSEN MR. HOYVARD A. SNIITH Miss ETHEL B. VVILEY MR. LEONARD S. HAhfIILTON MR. VVILLIABI A. CREIGHTON MR. GERALD T. CAMIPBELL, JR. Faculty SOCIAL STUDIES MR. WILLIAM MULLIN MR. NORMAN NEYIINS MISS THELNIA FOSTER MR. RAYINIOND GADAIRE MR. ROBERT KENT MR. PHILIP CORP MR. ROBERT JENNINCS SPECIAL SUBIECTS MR. JULIAN S. ALEXANDER, Art MISS NANA R. BENSON, Special Class MR. ARTHUR J. BRIINISTINE, Assistant Principal MRS. ESTHER B. PILE, Library MR. FRANCIS W. TATRO, Music SCHOOL NURSE MRS. IVIILDRED DAVIS SAFETY EDUCATION MR. CHARLES DUNBAR SECRETARIES MISS LYDIE LIVEZEY MRS. EVELYN MCCUSKER AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS MISS JANE C. WAGONER XX ACTIVITIES THE ECHO STAFF YEARBOOK STAFF Front row: S. Reilly, R. Vengrow, E. Freedman, M. Leisher, M. Schneiderman, R. Rabb, P. Nelson, M. Eisenstadt, S. Stenberg. Second row: K. Smith, R. Litman, H. Lieberman, P. Mondlick, D. McNeil, R. Hogan, I. Ferren, I. Rab- inovitz, B. Goldstein, L. Jacobson, I. Tanzer. Third row: E. Baker, E. Collins, A. Smith, N. Pitnof, Chartor, R. Branting. Literar Publications The staffs of Milton High School,s two literary publications devoted many hours of planning, writ- ing, and editing to the preparation of the Yearbook and the K'Unquity Echof, The seniors of the Yearbook staff, under their adviser, Mr. Fidler, sought to present in the 1962 edition a graphic record of the personalities and activities of their class and to honor the town of Milton on the 300th anniversary of its incorporation. At general staff meetings and meetings of its various committees the Yearbook staff planned the contents of this book and submitted copy for editing and publication. The seniors and juniors of the "Unquity Echov staff, under the guidance of Miss Nelson, planned the winter and spring editions of the school maga4 zine. In addition to writing articles Of their own, staff members read and edited articles submitted by their fellow students. The themes of the two issues of the "Echo', this year were "The American Attitudev and "Teenage Contributionsf, ,In both its issues the "Unquity Echov staff sponsored literary contests judged by members of the faculty and awarded cash prizes to the winners. Besides rendering a service to the students of Milton High School, the Yearbook and "Echo', staffs gained valuable experience in journalism from their work. I. Gilman,, S. Linden, M. Brennan, M. Kirby, C. Meredith, D. Rogers, D. Delaney, E. Bello, E. Shucher. Fourth row: D. Jaspan, H. Heyman, VV. Mullen, I. Starr, S. Robbins, J. Front row: K. Quinlan, E. Hickey, C. Okstein, L. Short, H. Hackley, S. Con- solati, B. Mantica, M. Swartz. Second row: L. Lookner, A. Swett, D. Willis, E. McDonald, C. Cappers, P. Van Neste, G. Arrigo. L. Balconi. Third row: P. Cannata, I. Dolan, A. Pappas, K. Geller, F. Finizio, P. Needham, N. Colder, E. Castaldi. Fiont row: E. Dc-Mascio, P. Babcock, D. Deering, B. Tiomhley. Second row: I. Rubman, A. Coletti, M. Coadv, R. Enholrn. BUSINESS STAFF Business Staff and Collectors The "Echo" Business Staff, working with its homeroom collectors, planned and carried out the fund-raising program for the two issues of the "Unquity Echoi' magazine and for the 1962 Year- book. Under the capable guidance of Miss Wiley and Miss Elzbut the staff and collectors sold sub- scriptions and Senior Play tickets and solicited advertisers and boosters for the Yearbook. In addi- tion, they secured funds from the football conces- sions, where they added to the list of refreshments available at the games fresh popcorn made by their newly-acquired machine. VVithout the aid of the two hard-working groups pictured here this book could not have been published. YEARBOOK COLLECTORS Front row: K. Jacobsen, H Lieberman, M. Doyle, C Needham, E. Shucher. Sec ond row: R. Cullati, R Aron, L. Hardy, A. Yaffee SENIOR PLAY DRAMATIC CLUB er, B. Bush, R. Branting Dramatic Club The members of the Dramatic Club strove to achieve success in their performances and to bring enjoyment to everyone. During the year they enter- tained their audiences with several productions: the Senior Class Play, the Girls League Play, and their contribution to the Drama Festival. Often members also performed in plays produced else- where in the town. Each member did his part seriously and energeti- cally. No matter what the occasion, club members took pride in their productions and derived enjoy- ment from them during tryouts, meetings, rehearsals, and, of course, the performances themselves. With the help of Miss Cave and Mrs. Jachney the Drama- tic Club, we are sure, will continue to produce Hne performances and bring pleasure to all. Front row: H. Davidson, R Cullati, L. Lookner, K Jacobsen, W. Weddendorf, B. Bush. Second row: J Leary, D. Deering, M Leisher, P. Davis, D. De- laney, M. Leonard, E. Wal- lin, P. Benos, S. Desatnick, R. Bradshaw. Front row: I. Kenswil, S Consolati, D. Maffeo, M Sclmeiderman, P. Cannati S. Stenberg. Second row M. Leisher, M. Leonard S. Desatniclc, D. Delaney P. Benos, L. Lookner, M Swartz, E. VVallin, R. Brad Shaw, K. Jacobsen, D. Deei ing. Third row: L. Fraser N. Role, M. Cohen, E. Mc Donald, D. Rogers, L Short, R. Cullati, W. Wed dendorf, J. Leary, S. Lord I. Bossi, C. Me1'edith, E Bello, P. Davis. Fourth row P. Aiemian, I. Epro, E Connell, A. Smith, R. Ho gan, H. Davidson, R. Coup BAND Front row: V. Betts, I. Wil- son, . Tatro, H. Howes B. Palter, C. Burnett. Se-ci ond row: Mr. D'Amico, H Fineberg, K. O'Donnell, K Leach, S. Novak, M Swartz, D. Mikelson, G YVillis. Third row: VV. Kams, R. Powers, R. Bradshaw A. Nangeroni, R. Howes, R Tatro, A. Smith, N. Pitnof, C. Okstein. Band For the Hrst time since it was formed, the Milton High School Band was able to meet every day during school time. In addition to the time during school provided for practice, there have been reg- ularly scheduled ensembles and night rehearsals, and with good results. Under the directorship of Mr. Edward D'Amico, five performances, in addi- tion to pep rallies and football games, have proven the polished performance of the High School Band: a Christmas concert, two exchange concerts with the Manchester Memorial High School Band, a Spring concert, and a program at graduation. Mr. D,Amico has said, 'Kit has been diilicult for the band to get accustomed to the peculiarities of a new conductor and new music, but I feel that the members of the band have succeeded in doing sof' VVith an expected forty-five members in the band next year, Milton High School can again look for- ward to not only a fine marching band, but also to a line concert band. CHEERLEADERS Front row: L. Kullen, L. Hardy, D. Lynn. Second row: I. Gallivan, E. Kantaros, M. Lien, M. Leonard, A. Courtney, D. Roman. MAJORETTES Front row: I. Healy, D. Mello, S. Knowles, S. Moore, L. johnson. Second row: E. Cannata, J. Utley, K. Spoon, M. Coady, C. Alsen, R. Litman, I. Smith, M. Tobin. CLEE CLUB Front row: S. Consolati, D liday, I. Tatro, D. Karisky ond row: K. Phillips, D WVilliam, V. Samuelian, S Glee Club This year the Glee Club has seen many changes. The membership was increased, and three rehear- sals were held each week instead of the one in previous years. Another addition to the glee club was the a cappella choir. Composed of sixteen of the clubls members, including president Katheryn Norcott, this group met once a week for rehearsals. Under the superb direction of Mr. Francis Tatro, the two organizations have given many enjoyable performances throughout the year. With the increase of both rehearsals and membership, this year's club has rapidly improved and has done much to entertain Hernstreet, D. Deering, I Ellenwood. H. Hackley, R Travers, M. Leonard, P. Hal- E, Collins, D. Shields. Sec- McNeil, J. Hazel, D. Jas- pan, C. Coletti, K. Mac- Stenberg. Third row: E. Hogan, T. DeLor1ne, J. its audiences. JAZZ CLUB Front row: R. Cullati, R. Couper, K. MacWilliam, D McNeil, M. Lamb, G. Bloom. Second row: A. Pap- pas, K. Gustafson, N. Dre- vitch, H. Sheppard, Starr, W. Mullen. Starr, M. Swartz. Jazz Club In October, 1961, the first applications for the Jazz Club were taken. Although there was a turn- out of about 160 students, nearly one-fifth of the school, the club seemed destined for disaster. In fact, merely the mention of the club was a big joke early in the year. However, with Miss Dorner as adviser the members really enjoyed the meetings. Members brought in recordings, which were played and discussed. Since the field of jazz is so large, each week a new and interesting aspect of it was presented. The club consisted of eight seniors and four juniors, although it was formed with all three classes in mind. SENIOR HONOR ROLL Front row: S. Stenberg, M. Eisenstadt, L. Lookner, V. Samuelian, H. Lieberman, J. Tanzer, E. Baker. Second row: M. Schneiderman, E. Hickey, N. Role, R. Kast, C. Cappers, E. Bello, S. Consolati, R. Litman, E. Freedman, M. Leisher. Third row: L. Short, M. Swartz, B. Cullati, B. Sten- gel, A. Yaffee, R. Branting, D. Mikelson, D. Delaney, j. Courgas. Fourth row: J. Chartor, F. Finizio, C. Ok- stein, R. Hogan, P. Bab- cock, H. Hackley, R. Snell, I. Ellenwood, R. Bates, W. Haynes. Honor Students and National Honor Society Through our years at Milton High School we have found scholarship to be a Worthy goal. We now congratulate the seniors who have maintained honor grades during their Sophomore, junior, and senior years. Some of our students have attained even higher standards and have been recognized by member- ship in the National Honor Society. This organiza- tion stimulates desire to render service, promotes worthy leadership, and encourages the development of character. Our chapter came into being through the efforts of Mr. Kane and Mr. VVoodbury. The faculty council, under the direction of Mr. Francis X. Tracy, offers its recommendations in the choice of candidates. The qualities taken into consideration for mem- bership include scholarship, character leadership, service, and participation in extra-curricular activi- ties. A motto of the members may very well be Coethe's verse: Know is not enough, We must apply. VVilling is not enough, we must do. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First row: L. Lookner, H Lieberman, E. Hickey, B ond row: E. Baker, L, Short per. fAbsent: I. Ellenwoodl Trombley, E. Bello. Sec- B. Hogan, R. Bates, C. Cap- Nurse's Aides One of the Girls League's most outstanding func- tions is its program of Nurse's Aides, This organiza- tion, under the direction of Miss Wiley and the Civics Committee, renders a valuable community service. Members are assigned to certain days and are asked to report once every two Weeks to the Milton Hospital. The girls obtain personal satis- faction in Watching the patients respond to their efforts and kindness. The hospital staff members are quick to show their gratitude to the girls for making their hard work a little easier. At the end of the school year the hospital gives a banquet for all regular Nurse's Aides. Certificates of service are awarded to these volunteers. NURSES AIDES kins, S. Ross, M. Katz, A Dunphy. Girls League This year the girls of Milton High School have Front row: R. Aron, S. VVoolf, S. Reilly, E. VVallin, P. Halliday, I. Ferren, J. Healy, C. Menchi, E. Freedman. Second row: I. Leon, K. MacVVilliam, M. Sheehan, M. Gallagher, E. Magner, D. Travers, J. Gil- man, P. Fitz, H. Baker, E. Cone. Third row: R. Ven- grow, D. Kaufman, B. Har- Nicholas, P. Leussler, A. GIRLS LEAGUE Front row: E. WVallin, E. Bello, S. Consolati, N. Kier- nan, R. Litman, J. Gilman, E. Hickey, L. Lookner. Sec- ond rowz S. Stenberg, J. Ferren, P. Halliday, G. Meredith, I. Bossi, D. Rogers, I. Gourgas, P. Nel- SO11. enjoyed the activities and the benefits of the Girls League. Under the capable leadership of Nancy Kiernan and the members of the executive board and the friendly guidance of Miss Miller, the Girls League has arranged many activities. Some of the highlights of this year's program were the Candle- light Initiation Service, the Mothers, 'Tea with the presentation of a play, and of course the Christmas Dance. The remainder of the year was filled with various functions and activities clirnaxed by the presentation of a scholarship from funds earned by the Girls League. This organization is of great value to all the girls of Milton High School. LIBRARY CLUB Front row: E. YVallin, B. Trombley, C. Alsen, L. Bal- coni, J. Leon, S. Arquette, S. Reilly, P. Katz. Second row: D. Shields, C. Need- ham, D. Maffeo, N. Role, M. Lievi, Judy Gilman, P. Leussler, K. Phillips. Third row: E. Baker, Joyce Gil- man, C. Cappers, B. Blun- dell, D. Delaney, S. Linden, D. Kaufman, M. Eisenstadt. Library Club A Wise man by the name of Charles Kingsley once said, 'KI-Except a living man there is nothing more wonderful than a booklv This could well be the motto of Milton High School's fine Library Club. Under the keen scrutiny of Mrs. Pile, the club held its annual Book Fair, teachers, tea, and assembly program. In addition to these big projects there were book reviews, guest speakers, and numerous tasks which the club members performed to provoke further interest in books. Library Assistants Our Library Assistants are people to be praised. These students relinquish their free periods to help Mrs. Pile, the school librarian, perform such jobs as stamping and checking books, shelving them, putting up displays, and typing catalog cards. These assistants are responsible for the excellent service given to pupils and faculty and help to make the George C. Marsden Library a desirable place to study, to do research work, or to just plain browse. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Eisenstadt, M. Needel. Front row: S. Dempsey, J Kenswil, B. Trombley, H Davidson, D. Slip, S. Sten be-rg. Second row: G. Cole M. Lievi, E. Baker, N The Milton High School Student Council also i 1 STUDENT COUNCIL ley, B. Trombley. Second row: I. Plummer, B. Bello, K. O,Keefe, E. WVallin, S. Clausen. Student Council and Homeroom Delegation celebrates an anniversary this year-for twenty- five years it has been directing the social and civic projects of the student body. This year the Student Council and Homeroom Delegation, elected by the classes and the individual homeroorns respectively, have again undertaken many worthwhile projects under the capable supervision of Miss Foster. A typical project this year was the development of a library on parliamentary procedures by collecting V Front row: R. Blake, H. ' Hackley, R. Bates, S. Gree- HOMEROOM DELEGATES Front row: V. Samuelian, K. Rosenbloom, B. Mantica S. Mummey, E. Freedman I. Gallivan, J. Sooper, R. Litman, E. Kantaros. Sec- ond row: C. Arrigo, E. Bello, C. Farrington, P. Dugan, L. Johnson, J. Mur- ray, J. Tatro, L. Hardy, M. Trombley, S. Hackley, D. Rogers, I. Coleman, M. Leonard. Third row: D. Keddy, L. Lewis, P. Meyers L. Fraser, I. VVoods, K. Smith, I. Martinelli, R. Allen, W. Farrington, I. Oliva, B. Polonsky, R. Ger- maine, R. Sidman, C. Pan- zica, L. Kullen, J. Murdock, A. Courtney. Fourth row: C. Willis, S. Feldman, VV. Haynes, F. Crowley, C. Colligan, H. Tuohy, B. Merrick, F. Hammel, J. Blake, B. Ryan, R. Mac- Intyre, I. Chartor, R. Dona- bed, I. Callahan, 1. O,Neill, R. Keenan, F. Camorali. a r 1 books and pamphlets and by showing Hlms to in- terested students, Money for the projects is raised by rummage sales and candy sales. This spring the Council mem- bers attended the National, Eastern Division, and State Conventions, where they contributed ideas and learned more about fund-raising activities and social events. Indeed, we congratulate the Student Council and Homeroom Delegation members on their commend- able Work. ART CLUB Front row: P Dofle V. Berman E B1ab'1 N . y , ' , . ' C- zon, S. Hahn, G. Meredith, E. Castaldi, D Seidel, L. Balconi, K. Haley. Second row: E. Cone, S. Richards, F. Bowley, J. Bossi, J. Kennedy, M. Tobin, B. Flanagan, P Dugan, L. Jacobson, S. Lynch. Third row M. Cooper, C. Robbins, F. Ribeck, N. Glick- man, L. Lewin, A. Kaufman, V. Buckler, D Moulton, V. Mackay, T. Seserman. SCREEN GUILD First row: N. Baker, E. George, M. Lipson Second row: S. Novack, K. Allen, M. VVil- liams, Miss VVagone1', E. We-riier, C. Ok- stein, S. Desatnick, Third row: S. Germaine S. Bernstein, R. Cuarino, A. Smith, H. Gold- enfarb, L. Lewis, J. Starr, R. Le-Clair, B Bush, F. Allen, R. Peterson. Fourth row: I VVarshafsky, R. Smith, R. Howes, WV. Duzan D. Beck, D. Berry, H. Castleman. Top Cleft to rightj: Push button warfare Bzg plrns Look whos lookznl Center left to rightj: All business, Future Ernstezns duzgently at work And return at by 8 30 Bottom Cleft to rightj: Tomonou, we diss ct a fmg VVatah the copyl Sautdust madr while you wait. a FRENCH CLUB Front row: P. Nelson, P. Can- nata, C. Alsen, M. Eisenstadt, C. Needham, S. Stenberg. Sec- ond row: R. Vengrow, P. Bab- cock, D. Delaney, L. Lookner, B. Trombley, R. Litman, D. R o g e r s, L. Jacobson, M. Schneiderman, Third row: Dr. John, L. Smith, M. Bloom, K. Quinlan, D. Deering, J. Dolan, M. Swartz, E. Hickey, Miss Lewin. Fourth row: E. Shu- cher, P. Mondlick, J. Tanzer, E. Collins, A. Nicholas, J. Gil- man, E. Baker, J. Ferren, J. Rabinovitz. MATHEMATICS CLUB Front row: M. Levitt, R. Elliott, E. Hemstreet, D. Bean, M. DeMascio. Second row: M. Lipson, S. Cappers, M. Bloom, R. Shillman, P. Needham, YV. Cordon, J. Coaker, R. Binder, L. Lief, M. Wfifholm, B. Mc- Kinnon, J. Kane. VVORLD AFFAIRS CLUB Front row: M. Myatt, E. Cos- tigan, M. Schneiderman, J. Needel, N. Leisher, E. Pierce, M. McGowan, P. Myers. Sec- ond row: P. Nelson, E. Hickey, S. Parrott, P. Babcock, D. Fowler, W. Mullin, L. Short, H. Powers, J. Ryan, J. Tatro, D. Little. Third row: H. Elias, H. Tenofsky, J. Cercone, C. Barron, F.. Jones, P. Regan, L. McGowan, E. Magner, C. Simons, H. Heyman, D. Jas- pan. Fourth row: M. Swartz, M. Portney, K. Quinlan, D. Doyle, H. Davidson, D. Batch- elder, C. Okstein, D. Deering, D. Pierce, R. Branting. LATIN CLUB Front row: J. Plummer, S. Jensen, M. Eisenstadt, J. Mir- kin, D. Pitnof, P. Lieberman, R. Blacker, A. Pearlstein. Sec- ond row: E. Stengel, D. Keddy, N. Kornetsky, D. Euerle, M. Schnaper, M. Dacko, M. Lane, B. Mantica, J. Lane, V. Sam- uelian. Third row: A. Swett, E. Tollins, C. Abdelahad, D. Kaufman, C. Coletti, B. Bello, A. Donovan, L. Shapiro, M. Lievi, J. Woods, P. VanNeste. Fourth row: N. Solomon, P. Berger, J. Kennedy, K. O,Keefe, K. Geller, C. Rosenkrantz, VV. Kams, S. Feldman, L. Hardy, J. Lansky. GUIDANCE OFFICE ASSISTANTS Front row: C. Needham, E. Hickey, S. Consolati, I. Gil- man, P. Nelson, E. Wallin, M. Moriarty. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Front row: S. Cunningham, S. Clausen, E. Brandrup, C. Men- chi, M. Carty, P. Clancy, S. Lynch, S. Stenberg. Second row: D. Shields, P. Van Neste, M. Putney, D. Rogers, I. Bossi, N. Kiernan, P. Halliday, L. Palmer, C. Perdriau. FACULTY SECRETARIES Front row: H. Petry, Healy, H. Lieberman, S. MacMillan, K. Smith, E. Castaldi. Second row: P. Fitz, C. Menchi, C. Barron, B. Goldstein, R. Rabb. BLOODMOBILE ASSISTANTS Front row: R. Elliott, P. Halli- day, C. Menchi, D. Euerle, R. Reynolds. Second row: J. Ut- ley, V. Johnson, A. Donovan, C. Burnett. 1, 2, 3, Academy Awards. 4. Turn The book around. 5. Walkiiig on air. 6. 'KGOI a matchiw 7. All ears. 8. A stitch in time - 9. Ars grafia artis. 10. Me jane! 11. Now what? 12. Peter Pan! 13. VVha.tP Steak again! 14. Teachers eat? 15. Leisurely Iimchi ISPQRTS GIRLS TENNIS Front row: R. Jolley, S. Clausen, C. Need- ham, R. Reynolds, D. Keddy, R. Vengrow Second row: H. Lieberman, E. Stribley, E Brabazon, E. Coleman, I. Scheffler, I VVoods. Third row: I. Vallier, N. Solomon D. Cummings, S. Lord, B. Bello, D. Kauf- man. FIELD HOCKEY Front row: I. Bottan, J. Kantaros, C. Ab- delahad, J. Gourgas, C. Introne, E. Allison J. Marad, P. Dugan. Second row: B. Palter S. Hackley, C. Walker, H. Howes, M. Lunt, C. Farrington, M. Coyle, K. Kelly. GIRLS BASKETBALL Front row: T. Seserman, P. Fitz, M. Cooper 1. Lane, V. Samuelian, R. Litman, S. Ar- quette. Second row: B. Bello, K. Haley, C. Menchi, N. Kiernan, S. Consolati, J. Leon, M. Dwyer, I. Clasby, M. Kirby, J. Courgas, B. Blundell. Third row: K. MacWilliam, L. Kemp, V. Driscoll, J. Ferren, D. McNeill, M. Brennan, S. Cunningham, E. Stribley, C. Perdriau, L. Palmer, G. Pornpeo, P. Leussler. Fourth row: E. Freedman, J. Rotenberg, S Linden, C. Colletti, R. Aron, M. Katz, D Delaney, J. Gilman, K. Moran, P. Halliday, L. Jacobson. GIRLS SOFTBALL Front row: M. Leisher, E. Baker, I. Gourgas, V. Samuelian, I. Lane. Second row: C. Barron, E. Magner, I. Clasby, C. Coletti, E. Wallin. X s CROSS COUNTRY Front row: B. Tuohy, H Tuohy, P. Schmidt, P. Sullil van, I. Burns, J. Lohban, I Roulston, I. Callahan. Sec- E ond row: Mr. Mullin, George, P. Needham, I Leonard, D. Doyle, N Glickman, D. Campbell, C Jepson, K. Quinlan, E Hemstreet. Cross Countr The Milton High hill-and-dalers experienced their best record ever in The Bay State League, posting seven wins against only one loss, and finishing second to undefeated Needham. The co-captains were jerry Burns and Peter Sullivan. Voted most valuable was Henry Tuohy, who finished first in every meet save one, and set two course records, john Lobban was considered most improved. Al- though seven seniors will graduate, a strong nucleus of five lettermen will return next fall. Under the direction of Coach Mullin they should do well. Soccer This year's edition of our Soccer team was the defensive giant in the Bay State League. Led by Mr. Zero CGoalie Jack Ferreira, that isj and high scoring co-Captain Fran Finizio, the squad finished third in its second year of league competition. Mr. Hale is, and has every right to be, proud of his team. So, too, are all the teachers and students. Succeeding co-Captains Finizio and Dave Bums are Eddie and Jim fno relationl O'Neill. SOCCER gent, G. VVilliS. Front row: G. Cote, K. Sid man, R. Crawford, D Burns, F. Finizio, R. Carme I. Ferreira, E. O'Neill. Sec ond row: R. Branting, YV Knadler, S. Feldman, R Keith, J. O'Nei1l, Filt T. Hopkins, R. Gamer Third row: Mr. Hale, XY Duffy, K. Chute, E. Flet cher, I. Harrington, I. Eise man, M. Schwartz, YV. Nu Front row: Mr. Brennan, D. Deering, T. Lynn, F. McDonnell. J. Carota, J. Morris, P. Sobolewski, F, O'Neill, XV. Farrington, R McCormack. R. Blake, Mr. Lapworth- Second row: A. Litwak. R. Harris, D. O'Ma1ley, S. Greeley, D. Doyle. J. Kerrissey. R McHugh, M. Green. C. Murphy, T, Lowney, J. Blake. J. Mooney, R, Cacligan. J. Plotner. Third row: R. Yvard, C. Coughlin, Tortorella. G, Colligan. A. Rogers, P. Grant, J. Kelly, J. Oliva, P, Kelly, J. Mai-tinelli, A. Kelly. J. Ryan, H. Fish. Football Most Massachusetts coaches feel that the Bay State League is the most improved and best bal- anced league in the state. To finish second with a seven and two record is quite an accomplishment for a team whose record two years ago was zero and nine. A look at the record shows how close they came to an undefeated season. Two-touch- down losses to undefeated VVellesley and powerful Framingham marred their otherwise perfect record. There was a diiferent hero, it seemed, each game. Lineman Jack Oliva and Bill Farrington, and quarterback Johnny Morris were elected to the All-South Shore team, honors richly deserved. Morris and Farrington were co-winners of the Owen B. Kiernan award for their part in the 30-0 mauling of Braintree on Thanksgiving Day. Sometimes completely overlooked- usually be- cause it has no Seniors -is the Junior Varsity squad. This year we feel it should receive recognition for a job well done. Enjoying little of the limelight of their Varsity counterparts, these ready, willing, and able youngsters are the main reason why Mil- ton High School's record for 1961 reads seven wins in nine games. To the coaches, the players, the bench warmers, the managers, the students who cheered so loud and long, to all who contributed in any way to this great season-may we say, "Well done!" J. V. FOOTBALL Front row: T. Grogan, M. Gerrace, N. Baker, C. De- Grazia, I. O'Connor, R. El- well, King, E. Anton, B. Keenan, S. Hahn. Second row: P. Mitchell, I. Goff, F. Crowley, R. Cafligan, A. Hall, D. Brogna, L. Hansen, D. Sheptyck, R. Germaine, R. Corcoran, H. Nalli. Third row: Mr. Tar- diff, D. YVhite, A. Keif, P. Smith, B. Ryan, P. Maffei, J. Merrick, A. Semer, F. Iodaitis, B. LeClair, R. Mc- Intyre, Mr. Snell. Wan 7, .fact 2 -- 70eZZ Zane! Scenes from a Successful Season we Wins 4,016 Qfy rington, M. Williams, A INDOOR TRACK BASKETBALL Front row: J. O'Neill, R Bates, R. Blake, K. Rowe ham. Second row: J. Leary J. Oliva, K. Pottle, L. Gra- R. Hall, R. VVard, I. Har- Abrams. Basketball Exciting basketball was the order of the day in the Bay State League gyms this year. M.H.S. held its own with a ten-and-ten record. VVe,ll miss seniors, Bates, Elsden, McDonnell, Oliva, and Rowe. Coach Cadaire, though, optimistically looks forward to next season with the return of some promising juniors and sophomores. Indoor Track As usual, the Milton Indoor Track Squad ended its season undefeated. Not content with this, three records were shattered. In the shot-put, it was Fred Hamrnel, in the high jump, Lanny Drevitch, the team of Glickrnan, Finizio, Tuohy, and Pave set a new relay mark. We salute Coach Adams and his boys who have honored Milton High School. Front row: F. Hammel, N Drevitch, N. Pave, H. Tuohy, P. Sullivan, J. El- lenwood, J. Lobban, F. Finizio. Second row: C. Bloom, W. Nugent, I. Sac- chetti, T. Roulston, D Deering, E. Hemstreet, L. Abrams, F. Anton, J. Leon- ard, R, Morris. Third row: M. Levitt, N. Glickman, S. Scolnick, E. Lyons, J. Beck, P. Grant, P. Smith, R. Mc- Intyre, D. Doyle, D. Fresh- man. Front row: J. Tortorella, E. ONeill, R. Crawford, P. Needham, K. Quinlan, D. Marad, P. Mason, Richard Cldigan, I. Ferreira. Second row: Mr. Pedersen, B. Mc- Leod, D. lVhite, R. Leven- son, I. Mooney, Robert Cfidigan, R. Keith, J. Calla- han, D. Campbell, j'. Burns, B Tuohy. HOCKEY Hockey Although Milton High's hockey team had only Hve wins against eight losses and one tie in league competition, our pucksters had an impressive over- all record of fourteen wins, nine losses, and two ties. The squad's co-captains were Paul Needham, goalie Kevin Quinlan, and high-scorer Dave Mai-ad. Our ice squad defeated many formidable op- ponents including Hingham, VVeymouth, Boston Latin, Milton Academy, Natick, Dedham, and Thayer Academy. Wrestling The wrestling team clawed its way to a second- place finish in the State Tourney at Needham and a six-and-four record in league competition, which placed it third behind undefeated Braintree and state champion Needham. John Morris wrestled in only three meets but became the Massachusetts 138-lb. champion. Several team members advanced all the way to the finals before bowing. VVRESTLING Front row: D. Mikelson, XV. Cook, R. Keenan. Second row: F. Oliva, D. Cox, I. Kerrissey, R. Murphy, P. Kelly, T. Grogan, C. North- on. Third row: F. Sidotti, I. Sidotti, WV. Finn, P. Mitchell, S. Hahn, A. Rob- sham, P. Aiemian. Third row: N. Cannon, W. Far- rington, Kelly, C. Mur- phy, A. Rogers, I. Hankey, D. Doyle. BASEBALL Front row: L. Botman, S. Robbins, J. OiNeill, J. Carota, B. McKinnon, K. Rowe, L. Graham, R. Blake. Second row: Mr. Mullin, C. Calvin, VV. Mulligan, C1. Colli- gan, J. Mooney, A. Rogers, F. Kibble, J. Kelly, R. Lewis, J. Cassidy, S. Feldman, P. Hogan, Mr. Gadaire. TENNIS Front row: J. Burns, K. Quinlan. Second row: P. Needham, N. Pitnoff, D. Deering, R. Keenan. GOLF Front row: R. Cadigan, T. Conlin, G. Chamberlain, J. MacDonald, D. Burns, I. O'Reilly. Second row: H. Nalli, E. O'Neill, T. Lynn, C. Coughlin, R. McCormack, W. Farrington, M. Williams. OUTDOOR TRACK Front row: E. Hemstreet, T. Lowney, P. Sullivan, H. Fish, T. Delorme, H, Tuohy. Second row: F. Connell, N. Brody, L. Abrams, J. Beck, F. Finizio, C. Keenan. 1. Fun in the sun. 2. What a racket. 3. Ladies, Day. 4. Anyone got a ball? 5. Strike three! 6. Snead and Palmer. 7. Mr. Tatrcfs guitar section. 8. Yawning in unison? 9, "Make with a Swish!" 10. See Picture 13. 11. O, you Oliva! 12. Beat Braintree! 13. See Picture 10. 14. One-track minds. 15. Out by a. foot. 16. One-two-three-TVVIST! 17. Spell my name right, Coach. 18. THIS is the hall. 19. Look ma, no hands! To the Class of I962: How good you,ll make The World If you succeed! How proud the World Will be Of each great deed! What heights each deed Can reach If you but toil! Take up the Torch Of Freedom: You must not fail! 'Me 7acuZ1!g SENIORS MHS Class Officers VVILLIAM F. FARRINGTON 112. Dyer Avenue PRESIDENT Willie's service, ability, and popularity Won him the well-deserved oflfice of President of the Class of 1962 and President of the Milton Youth Club. An excellent athlete, he was co-winner of Owen B. Kiernan Award. Football 1, 2, 3, Golf 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Dele- gate 2, 3, Honor Roll three times. HERBERT F. HACKLEY 1090 Canton Avenue VICE-PRESIDENT Herb, Winner of the Harvard Prize Book, active President of M.Y.F. and capable Senior Class Vice- President . . . a natural leader, respected by all. "Unquity Ecbov 2, Editor-in-Chief 3, Student Council 1, Vice-President 2, Treasurer 3, Soccer 2, Basketball 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll seven times. ELISABETH A. WALLIN 56 Smith Road SECRETARY Our worthy Class Secretary . . . our star of the senior play . . . a peppy young lady who has taken part in countless school and community projects. Student Council 2, 8, Senior Play 3, Girls League Hospitality Comm. Chairman 3, Library Club 3, Vice-President 2, Treasurer 1, Dramatic Club 2, Secretary 3, Nurseis Aide 1, 2, 3, Office Assistant 2, 3, Tennis 1, Baclminton 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Softball 2, Honor Roll six times. W. PAUL NEEDHAM 41 Hinckley Road TREASURER Good-looking, quick-witted Paul . . . an agile athlete who enjoys sports of all kinds. His bright personality and dependability led to his election as Treasurer of the Senior Class. Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3, Hockey 1, 2, 3, "Unquity Echo" 3, Honor Roll once. ' JOHN ABDELAHAD 430 Truman Highway john, an avid sports fan, plays for a football team out- side of school . . . spends his spare time lifting weights or bowling, and belongs to clubs in both sports. LAWRENCE ABRAMS 67 Dexter Street Larry, a sports car enthusi- ast, can always be found watch- ing a hockey game or listening to Al Hirt. He hopes to attend the Air Force Academy after high school. Indoor Track 2, 3, Outdoor Track 2, 3. CHERYL N. ALSEN 90 Craig Street Sherry loves to watch our football team perform . . . is often heard saying, "It bothers me not.', Library Club 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Maiorettes 3, Honor Roll twice. GEORGE E. ALTHOUSE 36 Dyer Avenue George . . . greets everyone with a, "Hello therein . . . plans to enter the service after graduation. He will always remember his classes in print- mg. ROBERTA I. ARON 23 Lothrop Avenue Bobbie, with a friendly i'Hi,' for everyone, plans to go to nursing school after graduation. She is an active member of the B. B. G. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Yearbook Collector 3, Dramatic Club 3, Girls League Civic Comm. 3, Nurseis Aicle 2, 3, Honor Roll three times. STEPHANIE M. ARQUETTE 79 Sias Lane Our effervescent "rebel" from North Carolina . . . Stephanie, with her lovely southern drawl, has added much to M.H.S. Girls L e a g u e Hospitality Committee 1, 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Woirld Affairs Club 3, French Club 3, Tennis 1, Li- brary Club 2, 3, Glee Club 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3. PAUL A. BABCOCK Edgehill Road Activity is Paul's middle name . . . M.H.S. will miss him. Senior Play Business Manager 3, Football 1, 2, Basketball 2, "Echo', Business Staff 2, Busi- ness Manager 3, French Club 3, World Affairs Club 3, Boys, State Representative 2, Honor Roll eight times. DAVID C. BACHELDER 36 Reservation Road Dave enjoys camping out.. . will always remember popping popcorn at the football games. World Affairs Club 3, Honor Roll once. ELLEN H. BAKER 1325 Canton Avenue A member of the National Honor Society and the French Hopor Society, Ellen is a busy g1r . French Club 3, Latin Club 3, Library Club 1, 2, Secretary 3, Library Assistant 2, 3, Year- book 3, Badminton 1, 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, C0-captain 1, Softball 1, 2, 3, Honor Boll nine times. HARRIET BAKER 12. Truro Lane Harriet . . . has an easy- going manner . . . likes sewing and other crafts . . . enjoys a game of badminton . . . is ac- tive in religious affairs . . . plans to go to secretarial school, preferably Chandler. Nurse,s Aide 3, Pep Club 3. I962 CAROL ANN BARRON 69 Hurlcroft Road Fun-loving Carol . . . takes an active interest in sports, Youth Club, and church . . . enjoys all kinds of creative art . . . hopes to go to work for the government or to secretarial school. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Tennis 2, Badminton 2, Field Hockey 1, World Affairs Club 3, Honor Roll once. ROBERT O. BATES 73 Plymouth Avenue Bob . . . possesses a tremen- dous personality . . . is an in- terested student of math and science . . . enioys sports and good modern jazz. Member of National Honor Society. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, Track 2, Student Council 1, 2, President 3, Bois' State Representative 2, Studlent Gov- ernment Day Representative, Honor Roll 'nine times. JOSEPH M. BECK 105 Femcroft Road joe . . . has a casual manner and keen sense of humor . . . likes both girls and popular music . . . takes part in track . . . often remarks "How about that?" . . . hopes to attend the U. of Mass. or Northeastern. World Af-fairs Club 3, Screen Guild 1, 2, 3, Indoor Track 2, 3, Outdoor Track 2, 3, Cross Country 3, Homeroom Dele- gate 1. ELAINE BELLO 12 Concord Avenue National Honor Student and All-American Cirl. H omeroom Delegate 2, 3, Red Cross Representative 1, Latin Club 3, Screen Guild 2, 3, Girls League Finance Commit- tee 1, 2, Chairman 3, Dramatic Club 3, Yearbook 3, Maiorettes 3, Tennis 1, 2, Softball 1, 2, 3, Badminton 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Archery 2, 3, Gym Team 1, 2, 3, World Affairs Club 3, Honor Roll eight times. PAUL M. BENOS 96 Nancy Road Paul . . . with his indispensa- ble good nature and Wit . . . will never forget his role in the Senior Play . . . is active in church and Youth Club . . . is aiming for college and engi- neering. National Thespian Society 2, Treasurer 3, Photography Club 1, Glee Club 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Homeroom Delegate 2, Honor Roll three times. MH IEROLD E. BERMAN 175 Sumner Street jerry . . . an auto enthusiast . . . likes to play and Watch baseball . . . remembers his story in the 'cEcho', . . . intends to continue his education at college. Honor Roll once. LINDA S. BERMAN 30 Aberdeen Road Cheerful Linda , . . enioys Watching baseball games . . . takes part in church activities . . . likes to practice hairdress- ing when she can . . . is going to business school after gradu- ation. ROBERT BERNAT 284 Pleasant Street Bob, who has been a busi- ness maior throughout high school plans to enter the serv- ice after graduation . . . Bob's favorite sport is bowling, and his outside interest is his iob as a pizza chef. EMILY L. BINDER 70 Craig Street Poised and hap y Emmy Lou . . . likes to play basketball and Watch football . . . listens to jazz in her free time . . . hopes to be an English teacher. Library Club 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 3, French Club 2, Treas- urer 3, Basketball 3, Yearbook 3, Honor Roll four times. RICHARD A. BINDER 26 Kevin Road Dick . . . popular, Well- dressed, enioys photography and stamp collecting . . . his fondest memories are Mr. Hamilton's lab experiments . . . plans to attend college . . . an avid football fan. Outdoor Track 2, 3, Math Club 3, Honor Roll four times. BARBARA P. BLOOD 33 Prince Street Vivacious, petite B.B. always ready with a smile . . . enioys all sports, especially skiing and skating . . . never missed an M.H.S. football game . . . hopes to continue her studies at Uni- versity of Massachusetts. Latin Club 3, Ski Club 3, Archery 2, 3, Pep Club 3, Honor Roll six times. GERALD BLOOM 4 Pope Hill Road Good-natured, popular jerry wants to become a dentist. Versatile, well-dressed, he plays drums, trumpet, guitar and piano . . . loves "cool,' cars and photography . . . won a trophy for his customized '60 Chevy. Indoor Track Team manager 2, 3, Chemistry Club 2, jazz Club 3, Band 1, 2, Honor Roll four times. BARBARA BLUNDELL 464 Brook Road Barbara . . . sincere, modest, and dependable . . . loves sports sailing, basketball, and ice skat- ing . . . her quiet charm will always be remembered. Library Club 3, World Af- fairs Club 3, Dramatic Club 3. STEPHEN BONARRICO 71 Nancy Road Good-natured, fun-loving Steve . . . an avid football fan . . . will never forget pep ral- lies . . . will attend business school after graduation. JOANNE BOSSI 35 Vose Hill Road Pretty Jo used her art talents to help in the senior play and Girls League dance decora- tions . . . dependable and re- sponsible, yet full of fun . . . pans to become a hairdresser or artist. Art Club 3, Dramatic Club 3, Girls League Art Committee Co-chairman 3, Pep Club 3, Badminton 3. LAWRENCE BOTMAN 55 Norman Street Larry . . . has an avid inter- est in sports . . . intends to go to a college of accounting . . . enjoys coin collecting, ice skat- ing, and work in the summer . . . courteous in manner and loves to be with people. Baseball manager 2, 3. LINDA A. BOURQUE 43 Rowe Street Linda . . . friendly and liked by all . . . takes an interest in basketball, skating, and base- ball . . . is an active participant in C.Y.O. and Youth Club . . . hopes to go to a physical edu- cation school. Basketball 1, 2, 3. ROBERT F. BRADBURY 119 Elm Street Brad . . . an enthusiastic sports fan and ardent supporter of Youth Club and Fellowship, took the business course at M.H.S. and hopes to make use of it in business world. Dramatic Club 3. RICHARD W. BRANTINC 412 Pleasant Street 'iThe historian of M.H.Sf' is interested in athletics, especi- ally soccer, and is famous for his broad smile. Dick is a popular member of DeMolay, Fellowship, and Youth Club. Soccer 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Wo-rlcl Affairs Club 3, Honor Roll nine times. DIARY L. BRENNAN 164 Blue Hill Avenue With her cheerful smile and friendly personality, Mary will certainly make an excellent nurse. Her many activities in- clude C.Y.O., St. Ma1'y's Choir, Nurse's Aide and Youth Club. French Club 2, Basketball 3, Red Cross Representative 1, 2, Dramatic Club 3, Archery 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Honor Roll once. I962 PAUL E. BROOKS 38 State Street Redheaded HBennyv is an outdoorsman, for he enjoys hunting and fishing. He can often be seen driving to C.Y.O'. gr glouth Club in his Thunder- 1rc . JOAN C. BROWN 4 Howe Street Petite Ioan, known for her peppy personality, hopes to be- come a nurse. Even though she works and babysits, Joan has found time to become quite an equestrienne. VICTOR M. BUCKLER 24 Aberdeen Road Talented Vic has a wide ,scope of interests which include playing guitar in a combo, tak- ing art lessons, and belonging to Explorer Scouts. He will never forget Mr. Hamiltonls -chemistry classes! Art Club 3. ., BARBARA A. BUNSTEIN 201 Woodland Road Bubbles . . . plans to attend the University of New Hamp- shire . . . will never forget the Brockton Boys Glee Club As- sembly and dedication . . . likes pizza and popular music . . . belongs to Youth Club, Rain- bow, and Fellowship. Nurse's Aide 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, Basketball 2, 3, Yearbook 3, Honierooni Delegation 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 3, Badminton 2, 3, Real Cross Representative 2. DAVID F. BURNS 432 Eliot Street Dave . . . plans to further his education before entering the business world . . . is a loyal member of C.Y.O .... enjoys basketball and football. Honor Roll three times. MHSf DAVID L. BURNS 37 Huntington Road Especially enthusiastic about sports, Dave starred on our successful soccer team. Soccer 2, Co-captain 3, Track 1, 3, Golf 1, 2, 3. IEREMIAH F. BURNS 432 Eliot Street Friendly, talented Ierry is well known for his artistic ability as well as his versatility in sports. Cross Country 2, Captain 3, Hockey 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 3, Tennis 1, 2, 3. DONALD C. CAMPBELL 93 Squantum Street Personable with a ready smile, trackman Don hopes for a future in mechanics. Cross Country Manager 2, 3, Incloor Track Manager 2. JOHN W. CAMPBELL 298 Reedsale Road Since he is a member of the Braintree V-8's, it's not at all surprising that "Speeds, first love is racing. Has played on several community and church teams. He works after school and plans to become a Marine upon graduation. PATRICIA M. CANNATA 104 Audubon Road Petite Pat will be remem- bered for her long, black hair, sweet giersonality, and clever art wor . "Eclzo,' Art Staff 2, French Club 2, Baflrninton 2, Dramatic Club 2, Softball 1, Honor Roll six times. CYNTHIA P. CAPPERS 45 Frothingharn Street Ever busy, this future nurse manages honor roll rades, work at the Milton Public Li- brary, and enio s many church activities. Member of National Honor Society. "EeboU Staff 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll nine times. ROBERT J. CARITA 99 Brook Road Friendly, easy-going Bob works after school, is active in church organizations and excels in basketball, his favorite sport. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll twice. JOSEPH J. CAROTA 49 Norman Street Joe . . . capable co-captain of M.H.S.'s football team . . . active participant in C.Y.O. and Milton Youth Club . . . future plans, college. Football 2, 3, Co-captain 3, Baseball 2, 3, Wrestling 2, 3. JOHN J. CASSIDY 121 Thacher Street "Buster', enioys collecting stamps and coins. Sports of all types are played and enioyed by this loquacious fellow. ELAINE C. CASTALDI 9 Breck Street Artistic Elaine likes sewing, drawing, and painting, plans to study fashion design at the New England School of Art . . . participates in Milton Youth Club and C.Y.O. Secretary of the Art Club 3, "Echo" Art Staff 2, 3, Costume Committee, Senior Class Play 3, Badminton 2, Honor Roll four times. FRANCIS S. CELLI 109 Capen Street Frank, mechanically inclined, enjoys tinkering with car en- gines, hopes to fly high upon entering the Air Force . . . likes to watch football games and loves parties. G. JAMES CERCONE 27 Bates Road jimmy looks forward to en- tering a preparatory school after high school. His outside activi- ties include: oficer in the East Congregational P.F., member of the Milton Youth Club, player on his church basketball team, and a soda fountain worker. Gymnastics 1, World Affairs Club 3. GEORGE CHAMBERLAIN 27 Rustlewood Road C-eorge's favorite pastime is tinkering with any type of car, old or new. In sports he pre- fers to play a round of golf and to watch a football game. Spare times finds George delivering the goods for his employer. Future plans-East Coast Aero Tech. JOSEPH I. CHARTOR 396 Blue Hill Avenue Joe wishes to become a suc- cessful doctor. He enioys col- lecting stamps, is a fan of the Bruins, has a great sense of humor, and is active in the Mil- ton Senior U.S.Y. Homeroom Delegate 2, 3, French Honor Society 2, Letter of Commendation from the Na- tional Merit Founclation 3, Tennis 2, Honor Roll nine times. THOMAS F. CHRISTIANO 165 Church Street Toni, the quiet and shy type, . . . intends to enter college after high school . . . has an active interest in cameras . . . enioys hockey games. Hockey, Manager 2, 3, Foot- ball, Manager 2, 3. -----W--1 1962 PATRICIA M. CLANCY 105 Elm Street New to our school this year, Pat plans a career in business . . . enioys sporting events and dances. Office Assistant 3. IRENE M. CLASBY 235 Pleasant Street Quiet, athletic Irene is inter- ested in all sports, especially basketball . . . Her present ambition is to become a teacher. Basketball 2, Softball 2. CAROLE L. COLETTI 207 Milton Street Attractive Carole . . . her goal: college . . . her favorite pastime: music . . . her per- sonality: cheerful and friendly. Latin Club 3, Yearbook 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, A cappella Choir 3, Archery 2, Softball 2, Honor Roll four times. GEORGE A. COLLIGAN 17 Bailey Avenue Good-natured, carefree George hopes to attend an Agricultural College . . . par- ticipating in sports and fixing cars keep him occupied. ELLEN M. COLLINS 49 Westvale Road Known by her cheery smile and friendly personalit . . . active both in and out of! school -Louisettes and department store work . . . patient disposi- tion make makes Ellen well- fitted for teaching. French Club 2, 3, Girls League Social Committee 3, Dramatic Club 3, Yearbook and "Echo,' Representative 1, 2, Yearbook Staff 3, Glee Club 3, Honor Roll seven times. MH ELIZABETH S. CONE 12.2 Thacher Street Liz has enioyed art classes and hopes to further her edu- cation at The New England School of Art. Senior Play Scenery Comm, 3, Art Club 3, Pep Club 3, Nurseis Aide 3. EDWARD C. CONNELL 70 Central Avenue Ed . . . aims for Northeastern . . . plans to study engineering . . . enioys playing in the Babe Ruth baseball league. Camera Club 1, Dramatic Club 3, Track Manager 2, 3, Honor Roll once. SUE E. CONSOLATI 55 Meredith Circle Sue, talented in both art and music plans to attend the Rhode Island School of Design. Her activities include C.Y.O. Coun- cil, art school, and the Milton Youth Club. Art Editor, "Echo,' 3, "Echo', smff 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Badminton 1, 2, 3, Nursefs' Aicle 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Girls League Vice President 3, Honor Roll eight times. MIHIAM L. COOPER 19 Crown Street Petite Mimi is often heard wisely communicating with fel- low students. Her favorite com- ment, "How about thatlv She participates in a great deal of charity work which displays a warm heart. Girls League Art Commit- tee 3, Art Club 3, Archery 2, 3, Basketball 3. GERALD COTE 137 Franklin Street jerry, an enthusiastic partici- pant in sports at Milton High, will always remember our vic- tory at the thrilling Thanksgiv- ing Day game. Ierry is a col- lege aspirant. Soccer 2, 3, Indoor Track 3. ROGER D. CRAWFORD 60 Capen Street Amiable Rog is an avid sports enthusiast. In the stun- mer: swimming and water ski- ing, in the winter: skiing and hockey. He includes travel in his plans for the future. Hockey 1, 2, 3, Soccer 2, 3, Honor Roll twice. STEPHEN CROWLEY 24 Kenilworth Road Steve plans to enter the serv- ice after high school. Listening to iazz and playing football are included among his diversified interests. Afternoons Steve can be found diligently work- ing as a clerk. Honor Roll once. ROBERT E. CULLATI 136 Franklin Street Good-natured Bob was a star in the Senior Class play. As a member of the jazz Club, he "digs Frank Sinatra the mostf' Bob plans to attend college upon graduation from high school. Jazz Club 3, Honor Roll seven times. SANDRA A. CUNNINGHAM 42 Curtis Road Perky Sandy energetically includes skating, reading, ten- nis, basketball, and softball among her hobbies. Sandy's plans after high school include college and teaching. Pep Club 3, Dramatic Club 1, Girls League Social Com- mittee 3, Homeroom Delegate 2, Honor Roll three times. PETER K. CUTLER 454 Granite Avenue Peter takes the college course and enioys all outdoor sports including hunting, skating, and football. The Thanksgiving Day football game was his most remembered event at M.H.S. His outside activities include C.Y.O. and Youth Club. jazz Club 1, Homeroom Delegate 1. PAMELA A. DAVIS 554 Brook Road Pam takes the college course and plans to attend liberal arts college after high school. Her most remembered event was the Senior Class Play in which she took part. Outside of school she is active in the Rainbow Girls. Dramatic Club 3, Red Cross Representative 1, Senior Play, Honor Roll four times. ELLEN F. DAVISON 12 Virginia Street Ellen takes the business course and plans to become a secretary after high school. She enjoys football and basketball, and is active in Rainbow Girls. She has Worked part-time at Milton Hospital. DAVID N. DEERING 38 Emerson Road Dave takes the college course and enioys sports, travel, music, and movies. His favorite sport is basketball, and he is active in church activities and the Milton Youth Club. Basketball 1, 2, Football 2, Band 1, 2, Glee Club l, 2, 3, Senior Play, Iunior Red Cross 2, Frencb Club 3, "Ecb0,' Business Staff 1, 2, Assistant Manager 3. DAUNA M. DELANEY 12 Ptustlewood Road Danna . . . vitality lusl Her manners and grace have en- deared her to teachers and classmates alike. Dramatic Club 2, 3, Senior Play, French Club 2, 3, Li- brary Club 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Girls League Social Com- mittee 3, Guidance Office Assistant 2, Badminton 2, 3, Honor Roll six times. THOMAS L. DELORME 1057 Brush Hill Road Tom takes the college course and plans to work his way to Europe on a steamer this sum- mer. He is interested in weight training, and enioys track. His most remembered event was being accepted to an All- District Chorus. Glee Club 1, 2, S, All-Dis- trict Chorus 3, A cappella Choir 3, French Club 2, Honor Roll once. MW I962 WALTER DENNIS 74 Blue Hill Avenue Denny takes the college course and plans to go either to college or into the armed forces after high school. He is inter- ested in stock car racing, cars, books and records. His most remembered event was the 1 9 6 1 Thanksgiving football game. Chefs Club 1, Screen Guild 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1. STEPHEN D. DESATNICK 73 Hudson Street Desi takes the college course and plans to attend Northeastern U. College of Liberal Arts as a math maior. His most remembered event at M.H.S. was acting in the Sen- ior Class play. He enioys base- ball and is active in U.S.Y. Screen Guild 1, 2, 3, Senior Class Play! Dramatic Club 3, Honor Roll five times. RICHARD B. DeWOLFE 421 Canton Avenue Dick takes the business course and enioys art, auto- mobiles and boats. His most remembered event was winning National Essay Contest Award. His activities include Working as a service station attendant. He enjoys people and good humor. WILLIAM J. DILLON 162 Canton Avenue Bill takes the business course and plans to become a Medical Technician. Some of his activi- ties include hospital laboratory work and work as a sub-tech- nician at Carney Hospital. Photography Club 2, Chefs Club 2, Glee Club 3. THOMAS DIXON 30 Glendale Road Tom, who takes the college course, has been accepted to Northeastern University. His favorite sport is boxing. Other outside activities: membership in C.Y.O. Council, and bowl- ing. Jazz Club 35 Wrestling 2. MH JOHN M. DOLAN 198 Canton Avenue John, who plans to become a teacher, is interested in pho- tography and skiing. The Thanksgiving Day football game is his most remembered event at M.H.S. French Club 1, 25 Screen Guild 1, 2, 3, Photography Club 1, Honor Roll once. CAROLINE E. DONAHUE 33 Belvoir Road Peppy Carole . . . wishes to teach elementary school . . . enjoys Water sports, art, Watch- ing hockey games, and partici- pating in girls' sports. Maiorettes 1, Basketball 1, 3g Pe Club 35 Art Club 35 Soft- ball 1, 3, Girls League Art Committee 3. RALPH A. DOWLINC 624 Randolph Avenue Rick takes the college course and plans either to enter Bridgewater State College or the Armed Forces. His hobbies include stamp and coin collect- ing, wood carving, ceramics, and astronomy. Track lg World Affairs Club 3. DAVID F. DOYLE 15 Spruce Street David, who takes the col- lege course, is interested in bowling and stamp collecting. He participates in football, his favorite sport. Jazz Club 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Wrestlirig 2, 3, Indoor Track 1, Honor Roll twice. MARY K. DOYLE 160 Thacher Street Mary Kay, an avid sports fan, enioys swimming, skating, sailing and bowling. Her favor- ite spectator sport is football. "Echov Representative 1, 2, 35 Pep Club 1, 2, 3. PEARLENE M. DRAPER 1 Brandon Road Attractive Pearlene will al- ways remember the day she entered Milton High School in the fall of 1961. She is very active in outdoor sports, especi- ally swimming, and plans to enter business college after high school. NOLAN A. DREVITCH 160 Ferncroft Road Lanny takes the college course and plans to become a mechanical engineer. He be- longs to U.S.Y. and the National Hot Rod Association. Football 1, Indoor Track 1, 2, co-captain 3, Uutdoor track 1, 2, 3, Jazz Club 3, Screen Guild 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll once. VIRGINIA M. DRISCOLL 3 Bailey Avenue Ginny takes the business course and plans to become a legal secretary. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, Badminton 2, 3, Gym- nastics 1, 2, Girls League Athletic Committee 2, 3, Nursels Aide 1, 2, Pep Club 2, 3, Red Cross Representative 1, Dra- matic Club 3. WILLIAM F. DUFFY 51 Hollis Street Bill, who takes the college course, enjoys all kinds of sports. He partici ates in soc- cer, wrestling, and? boxing. Soccer 1, Wrestling 1. ANN M. DUNPHY 43 Beacon Circle Ann hopes to be a medical secretary after a busy high school career that has included: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Badmin- ton 2, 3, Nurse's Aide 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3, Majorette 3, Red Cross Representative 1, Softball 1, 2, 3. MARY JANE DWYER 4 Columbia Park Outgoing Janie . . . always ready with a smile . . . enioys roller skating and ice skating . . . Would like to be a secretary . . . will be missed at M.H.S. JOHN E. EGAN 110 WVood Street Johnny would like to make a career out of music, his favorite pastime. MARILYN B. EISENSTADT 105 Valentine Road Petite Marilyn's pleasant manner and scholastic ability are sure to make her an excel- lent social Worker. Her many outside activities include at- tending H.T.C. and taking an avid interest in U.S.Y. French Club 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Library Club 2, 3, Pep Club 3, Honor Roll nine times. HARVEY J. ELIAS 23 Audubon Road Quiet, unassuming H a 1' V hopes to attend Bentley School of Accounting. His hobbies in- lude collecting stamps and coins. Wo1'ld Affairs Club 3. JOHN B. ELLENWOOD 54 Elm Street This National Honor student is active in both school and community affairs. Has an en- viable school record and en- joys sports, es ecially track. Indoor Track? 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll nine times. I962 BRIAN A. ELSDEN 10 Kahler Avenue Brian enjoys sports, especial- ly basketball. Also takes ac- tive part in C.Y.O. and the Youth Club. WVould like to go into journalism after a college career. Baseball 1, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3. JEFFREY M. EPRO 258 Blue Hills Parkway Friendly and sincere, Jeff looks forward to college life. His hobbies include reading and his favorite sport is wrestling. M.H.S. wishes him well. Wrestling 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Screen Guild 1, 2, 3, Senior Class Play. JOAN P. EPSTEIN 99 Dyer Avenue Pleasant Joan enjoys bowl- ing and doing volunteer work at the Children's Hospital. She looks forward to a college edu- cation. Pep Club 3, Tennis 2, Bacl- minton 2. JOSEPH M. FERREIRA 168 Canton Avenue joe is interested in football electronics, and electricity, will never forget the 1961 Milton- Braintree football game. After graduation he wants to attend a technical institute to further his education. Honor Roll once. JACQUELINE E. FERREN 310 Eliot Street Vivacious Lyn, active in out- door sports and the Milton Youth Club, plans a career as a nurse. Home Room Delegate 1, Girls League Athletic Committee 2, Basketball 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Nurse's Aicle 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3, Badminton 2, 3, Softball 2, 3, Girls League Dramatic Committee 2, Chair- man 3, Honor Roll twice. MHS A. FRANCIS FINIZIO 546 Pleasant Street Franny . . . plans a career as a dentist . . . likes camping trips and plays soccer. He will never forget the second year French verb sheets . . . and Miss Dorner, his junior Year English teacher. Basketballl, 2, Golf 1, Home Room Delegate 2, Soccer 2, Miss Dorner, his junior year Captain 3, Outdoor Track 2, 3, Indoor Track 3, "Echo" Assist- ant Sports Eclitor 3, Honor Roll three times. HAROLD D. FISH 22 Lawnclale Road Harold, whose interests lie in sports, music, and horse racing, will attend college fol- h lowing graduation. In his spare time he likes driving at night T and being a member of the Milton Youth Club. Football 3, Outcloor Track 2, 3. PATRICIA FITZ 59 Cheever Street Cheerful Pat enjoys ice skat- ing and football games, plans to do office work after gradua- tion and is a member of C.Y.O. and the Milton Youth Club. Nurseis Aicle 3, Basketball 1, 3, Softball 3, Archery 3, Pep Club 3. JOSEPH R. FLANAGAN 27 Oak Street Good-natured Joe plans to attend college . . . enjoys sports, especially bowling . . . member of the American Bowl- ing Congress. NANCY C. FLEMING 55 VVolcott Road Nancy takes the Business Course and plans to become an IBM operator after high school. She enjoys sewing, tennis, and miniature golf, and works part- time at Milton Hospital. Her most remembered event at M.H.S. was the Senior Class Play. QQ'QfQ NANCY T. FLYNN 1036 Brook Road Nancy takes the College Course and plans to attend Childrerfs Hospital School for Nursing after high school. She enjoys tennis, golf, and basket- ball. Her most remembered event was the Girls League Play in which she took part. Honor Roll three times. ELYSE N. FREEDMAN 70 Brook Road Lee takes the Business Course and plans to go into the nursing field after high school. She enioys bowling, swimming, basketball and pep rallies. Outside of school she is active in Blnai Blrith Girls. Basketball 2, 3, Nursels Aide 2, 3, Pep Club 1, Home Room Delegate 2, Yearbook Staff 3g Faculty Secretary 3. GERALD S. FRESHMAN 14 Houston Avenue Gerry, a future teacher, is an active member of the A.Z.A. The happiest day of his life will be the last day of high school. Honor Roll three times. JAMES E. GALLAGHER 390 Adams Street VVorking in a drugstore oc- cupies some of Jimmy's time after school. On weekends he plays the guitar with a group at record hops. M. VIRGINIA GALLAGHER 293 Granite Avenue Ginny . . . loves to swim . . . spends some of her spare time sewing. Likely plans after graduation: secretarial school. S3454 JAMES M. GAMBINO 1030 Canton Avenue "HawkU . . . a textile tech- nician of the future . . . enioys sports, especially baseball . . . a great Latin scholar . . . a smile for everyone . . . liked by all. Honor Roll three times. ERNEST W. GEORGE 315 Blue Hill Avenue Ernie, whose main interest is his buff-colored sports car, plans to go to an engineering college. His interests include sports cars and skin-diving. Cross Country 2, 3, Wrestling 2, 3, Screen Guild 1, 2, 3. RUSSELL H. GILLIS 45 Frothingham Street Russ, a hi-fi enthusiast, plans to work after high school. His graduation is his most remem- bered event. Although he par- ticipates energetically in the DeMolay, Russ can always find time to watch basketball, his favorite spectator sport. JOYCE E. GILMAN 66 Essex Road Joyce, who is one of the busiest girls around, is plan- ning a teaching career. Al- though her favorite sport is basketball, she also likes swim- ming and bowling. Joyce has been in several other activities. French Club 2, 3, Library Club 2, 3, Yearbook 3, Bas- ketball 2, 3, Softball 2, 3, Honor Roll four times. JUDITH C. GILMAN 3 Avalon Road The idea of becoming an air- line stewardess intrigues Judy, but meanwhile she enjoys reading, tennis, and badminton. The 1961 Thanksgiving foot- ball game goes down as her most remembered event. Help- ful Judy has also been a Red Cross aide for three years. Library Club 3, Nursels Aicle 1. 'I962 HOWARD A. GOLDENFARB 1-12 Truro Lane Goldie, as Howard is com- monly known, was capable enough to win the "Echo,' Essay Contest. Although he went out for sports, Goldie still managed to save time for his hobbies: riflery, coins, and cur- rent events. Cross Country 1, World Af- fairs Club 3, Indoor Track 2, 3, Latin Club 3, Screen Guild 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll four times. BERYL L. COLDSTEIN 38 Truro Lane Beryl, far better known as Bunny, thinks swimming and water skiing are just the great- est. After high school, she en- visions college as the next rung on the education ladder. For outside activity, she belongs to the Blnai B,rith Girls. Nursels Aide 2, Yearbook 3, Honor Roll once. IOAN M. GOURGAS 37 Bryant Avenue This athletic girl likes just about every sport ever invented but sailing is the one that jo rates as really tops. Io must have a brave nature, because she was one of the few girls to take physics. Chemistry Club 2, Basketball 1, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll five times. PETER GRANT 434 Brook Road Pete, a transfer student from B.C. High, has kept busy work- ing, playing and studying. In- tends to enter the service and then college. Football 2, 3, Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3. HARVEY GUSSMAN 58 Beacon Street Circle Another of Milton Highas rac- ing car enthusiasts, Gussie plans on college, then work. Loves work, football, and most of all, Mr. Srnithls chemistry classes! MHS KATHLEEN M. HALEY 1188 Brook Road Kathy is an avid art enthusi- ast . . . also active in sports and C.Y.O. Her smile and sweet personality make her a friend to all. Basketball 2, Tennis 2, Bad- minton 2, Art Club 3. PRISCILLA A. HALLIDAY 6 Norway Road Priscilla has been active help- ing others as a Nurseis Aide . . . outstanding swimmer . . . capable, worthy Adviser of Rainbow. junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Delegate 1, 2, Of- fice Assistant 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Nursels Aide 1, 2, 3, Girls League Civics Com- mittee, Chairman 3. FBEDERIC C. HAMMEL 26 Barton's Lane Fred is interested in all sports . . . outstanding in foot- ball . . . hopes to be an engi- neer. Football 1, 2, 3, Outdoor Track 2, Indoor Track 3, Screen Guild 2, Honor Roll once. LINDA E. HARDY 50 NVendell Park Linda . . . our peppy head cheerleader . . . enioys horse- back riding, bowling, tennis. Exuberant, sparkling. Cheerleader 1, 2, Captain 3, Softball 1, Tennis 2, Badmin- ton 1, 2, Girls League Athletic Comm. 3, Latin Club 3, Home- room Delegate 1, 3, Nurse's Aide 1. BERNADETTE A. HABKINS 539 Adams Street Sincere and cooperative "Bunny" has donated much of her time to volunteer work at Milton Hospital. This admira- ble quality represents a stepping stone to success in the busi- ness world. ROBERT C. HARRIS 78 Dyer Avenue Easy-going Hacker . . . fond of water sports and sunny weather . . . enioys especially skin-diving and football . . . looks forward to furthering his education at East Coast Aero Tech. Football 3. JANE L. HAVEN 2. Columbia Park Quiet Jane . . . has achieved much popularity through work- ing in the lunchroom . . . is an avid football fan and maintains an excellent attendance record at the M.H.S. football games. Hopes to be a medical tech- nician. WILLIAM E. HAYNES 11 Marilyn Road Bill plans a career in some field of science, he is an ama- teur radio enthusiast. Utilizes his spare time by active partici- pation in community life and piano playing. Glee Club 1, 25 Chemistry Club 25 Math Club 35 Home- room Delegate 35 Honor Ro-ll nine times. MARY J. HAYWARD 69 Gerald Road Mary's main interests lie in summer sports such as swim- ming and water skiing. She aspires to be a secretary after preparation at Aquinas Secre- tarial School. JOYCE T. HAZEL 15 Orchard Road Cheerful Joyce . . . interested in choir and bowling . . . enioys football and basketball games as a spectator . . . finds time to teach Sunday School and to be a member of her church fel- lowship. Glee Club 2, 3. IUDITH A. HEALY 180 Blue Hills Parkway Judy is an enthusiastic spec- tator and participant in sports. She will never forget the 1961 Braintree-Milton game . . . plans business school after gradua- tion. Softball 15 Basketball 1, 25 Badminton 25 Girls League Hospitality Committee 25 Girls League Cioic Committee 35 Maioret-tes 2, 3. EDWARD A. HEMSTREET 75 Wendell Park Youthful-looking Ed . . . sel- dom seen without a smile . . . a good student who plans col- lege in the immediate future . . . active DeMolay member. Chemistry Club 25 Indoor Track 2, 35 Spring Track 2, 35 Cross Country 35 Math Club President 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3. HOWARD F. HEYMAN 66 Valentine Road Howard plans a college edu- cation upon graduation. He works part-time . . . and is an active member of United Syna- gogue Youth. F or relaxation he collects stamps and enjoys swimming. World Affairs Club 35 Year- book Staf 35 Honor Roll twice. ESTHER B. HICKEY 132 Cliff Road Esther . . . an excellent stu- dent who has made many fine contributions to the "Echo,, . . . her outside interests include tennis and skating . . . member of National Honor Society. French Club 2, 35 "Echov 2, 35 World Affairs Club 35 Honor Roll nine times. ROBERT E. HOGAN 56 Allen Circle Responsible Bob . . . per- forms those difficult tasks with ease . . . a capable and de- pendable leader . . . member of National Honor Society. Band 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Year- book 2, Editor-in.-Chief 35 Honor Roll nine times. I962 JOSEPH HUNT 21 Libbey Road Joe . . . quiet, but friendly . . . spends his spare time tink- ering with cars, playing bas- ketball and working part-time behind the counter in the drug store he some day hopes to own. RICHARD I. HUNT 619 Randolph Avenue Tall, dark and handsome, Rich is an active participant in the Youth Club and C.Y.O .... A skiing enthusiast . . . will never forget the Braintree- Milton game. Basketball 2. PETER B. INTERLAND 37 Dyer Avenue Happy-go-lucky "S k u n tf' whose wit and amiability are assets in any classroom. Often heard saying, MHO-ho, you Moose." Plans to attend col- lege and try his luck in the motion-picture field. Honor Roll twice. FRED C. ISBISTER 68 Guilford Road Good-natured Fred . . . plans to attend Burdett College . . . will never forget Milton Highls pep rallies. KAAREN A. JACOBSEN 217 Eliot Street Kay . . . a petite senior who has displayed her dramatic abilities in numerous school productions . . . an accom- plished seamstress . . . a grace- ful skater . . . a perfect lady. Senior Play, Dramatic Club 3. MHS LINDA C. JACOBSON 32 Westvale Road Linda . . . with her winning smile and friendly ways hopes to attend Junior College. Al- ways active, whether partici- pating in the Milton Rainbow or water-skiing. Homeroofm Delegate 2, Year- book Representative 2, French Club 2, 3, Girls League Art Committee 3, Basketball 2, 3, Archery 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Art Club 3, Honor Roll twice. DAVID H. IASPAN 25 Adanac Road Dave . . . a serious senior . . . active in the U.S.Y. . . . has a desire to travel . . . will never forget the Senior Play of '62 World Affairs Club 3, Year- book Staf 3, Glee Club 3. JOHN J. KANE 26 Mathaurs Street Quiet, dependable john has an avid interest in math . . . hopes to study astronomy in college . . . takes part in church activities. Math Club 3, Screen Guild 1, 3. ELEANOR KANTAROS 12 Vose Hill Road A v i b r a n t cheerleader, Eleanor hopes to attend teach- ers, college. Cheerleader 2, 3, Red Cross Representative 1, Girls League Athletic Committee 2, 3, Tea- nis 2, Softball 1, 2, Basketball 1, Homeroom Delegate 2, French Club 2, Worlcl Affairs Club 3. DALE A. KARISKY 71 Cheever Street Dale, a model at Marsha Iordan Council, enioys meet- ing people. She takes an active part in religious clubs. Tennis 1, 2, Glee Club 2, 3, Library Club 2, Pep Club 3. RUTH E. KAST 33 Horton Place An honor student, Ruth en- joys playing basketball . . . is active in her church . . . en- ioys writing as well as reading. Library Club 15 Office Assist- ant 25 Honor Roll eight times. MICHELE C. KATZ 116 VVarren Avenue Michele, active in much vol- unteer work, hopes to attend a junior college. Nurseis Aide 2, 35 Pep Club 35 Dramatic Club 35 Basketball 2, 35 Senior Play. PAULA F. KATZ 75 Meagher Avenue Quiet Paula is busy with vol- unteer hospital work and reli- gious activities. Her cheerful, friendly ways will be long re- membered at M.H.S. Library Club 2, 35 Honor Roll four times. DEENA KAUFMAN 20 Dyer Avenue Deena, with her pleasant personality, is sure to be a suc- cess in her chosen career of nursing. Archery 25 Basketball 2, 35 Badminton 2, 35 Library Club 35 Latin Club 35 Tennis 35 Nurseis Aicle 35 Pep Club 3. CHARLES H. KEENAN 65 Brook Hill Road Friendly, pleasant Chick can usually be found reading or tinkering with his car. His main interest besides going to col- lege is to obtain his own pri- vate pilot's license. Outdoor Track 2, 35 Foot- ball 3. IOHN H. KELLY 35 Reservation Road "Shipwreck" . . . Doesn't like small New Yearis Eve Parties . . . kept busy with state and post office work. Football 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 2, 35 Golf 15 Baseball 2, 35 Honor Roll twice. JOYCE A. KELLY 25 Hazel Street Cute and sweet . . . a bril- liant conversationalist. Enjoys skating and swimming. Ice Fol- lies, here she comes! Softball 25 Basketball 25 Nurse's Aide 25 Superintend- ent's Office Assistant 35 Honor Roll three times. PAUL J. KELLY 35 Thacher Street "Kell,' . . . l'Hey, lifeguard, Fm drowningliv . . . i'Beware of those half-Nelsons!!!" . . . At basketball games, displays great musical ability on the trumpet. Football 2, 35 Wrestling 2, Co-captain 35 Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2. LINDA J. KEMP 39 State Street "Duckie,' . . . Little girl, your knees are showing . . . Likes to read at night . . . especially at the library. Always cour- teous and co-operative. Homeroom Delegate 15 Girls League Social Committee 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Softball 2, 35 Dramatic Club 3. IEANNE M. KENNEDY 57 Elton Road Jeanne . . . energy herself . . . our girl of the courts . . . Ieanne keeps busy with C.Y.O. Youth Club, sports and art . . . liked by all . . . a great person to know. Softball 25 Basketball 25 Archery 25 Latin Club 35 Art Club 3. I962 JOSEPH B. KERRISSEY 224 Central Avenue "Little Joe" will go to any lengths for his team . . . all he Wanted for Christmas was his three front teeth . . . will never forget that North Quincy game! Football 1, 2, 3, Wrestlin.g 2, 3, Track 3, Honor Roll once. 3, Outdoor Track 3, Honor Roll once. FREDERICK I. KIBBLE 40 Lodge Street Fred . . . our great carrot- top of the courts . . . kept busy out of school scooping at Cope- land's . . . Quiet until you know him . . . capable president of his C.Y.O. Homeroom Delegate 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, NANCY KIERNAN 37 Thompson Lane Nancy . . . a rare combina- tion of charm and wit, a capa- ble and vivacious leader in many athletic and community functions. Girls League 1, Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, Nursels Aide 1, Softball 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Delegate 2, "Ecl1ov Repre- sentative 1, Honor Roll three times. EILEEN KING 197 Blue Hills Parkway "Slinky, . . friendly, de- pendable, and cheery . . . plans to attend business school after graduation . . . enioys swim- ming, skating, and dancing. Basketball 1, Nurseis Aide 1. MARGARET M. KIRBY 7 Mulberry Road Quiet, sincere Peg . . . en- thusiastic whether participating in class discussion or after- school sports . . . will never forget the thrill of returning to M.H.S. after a year at Wey- mouth . . . plans to attend col- lege after graduation. Basketball 1, 3, Archery 1, Yearbook 3. MH RICHARD L. KRASNOW 28 Aberdeen Road Called "Lucky', by his friends, Richard plans to attend business college and possibly go into partnership with his father. An avid sports fan, Richard enioys bowling and is a loyal Red Sox rooter. JUDITH A. LABDON 581 Adams Street Always ready with a cheery hello, Judy looks forward to college and then a career as a floral designer. She enjoys sew- ing, swimming, and being with friends. JUDITH A. LANE 15 Austin Street Judy . . . quietness of man- ner . . . pleasing personality . . . a ready smile . . . enioys bowling and other athletics. Latin Club 3, Red Cross Representative 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll once. JAMES F. LEARY, JR. 63 Blue Hill River Road "Scottie" . . . M.H.S.'s capa- ble basketball manager for three years . . . plans a college edu- cation . . . enioys all sports. Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, Chemistry Club 2, Dramatic Club 3, Senior Play, Screen Guilcl 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll once. MARSHA D. LEISHER 14 Grafton Avenue Sunny Marsha, a talented writer and dancer, enioys bas- ketball and her work as an assistant dancing instructor . . . plans to attend college and continue her dancing. Dramatic Club 2, 3, Senior Class Play, Latin Club 3, Pep Club 3, Girls League Athletic Comm. 2, Girls League Finance Committee 3, Year- book 3, Basketball 2, 3, Soft- ball 2, Honor Roll nine times. JUDITH LEON 711 Blue Hill Avenue Judy, able president of the Library Club and sports fan, has prepared for secretarial school by taking the business course. Basketball 1, 3, Tennis 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2, President 3, Badminton 2, 3, Nursels Aide 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross Representative 1, Pep Club 3. MARYLOU LEONARD 188 Brook Road Marylou is known for her eager enthusiasm. Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Biology Club 1, Glee Club 3, Senior Play 3, Nurse's Aide 1, World Affairs Club 3, Homeroom Delegate 3, Dramatic Club 1, 3, Softball 1, 3, Tennis 1, Girls League Social Commit- tee 1, Hospitality and Athletic Committee 2, Dramatic Com- mittee 3, Student Council 3, Honor Roll five times. PAULA B. LEUSSLER 295 Reedsdale Road Attractive Paula . . . Secre- tary of the C.Y.O. and a foot- ball fan . . . hopes to enter Aquinas Secretarial School. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Home- room Delegate 3, Gymnastics 2, 3, Field Hockey 1, Archery 2, 3, Library Club 3, Pep Club 3, Nurse's Aide 1, 2, 3, Soft- ball 2, 3. BERNICE C. LEVENBAUM 59 Armor Road Secretary of the Blnai Byrith girls, Bunny plans to enter business school. She has an ex- tensive record collection and will always remember the Thanksgiving football games. Pep Club 3, Library Club 3, Nurseis Aide 3. RALPH R. LEWIS ll Woodside Drive Ever-cheerful Ralph is a sports enthusiast and spends much of his time around his car. A member of the C.Y.O. and the Youth Club, he plans to continue school. Baseball 2, 3. BQ' HELAINE S. LIEBERMAN 89 Audubon Road Helaine will always remem- ber being elected to the Na- tional Honor Society . . . enioys dancing, bowling, and swim- ming . . . headed for the work- a-day world. Basketball 2, Tennis 2, 3, Archery 2, Badminton 2, Faculty Secretary 3, Yearbook 3, Yearbook Representative 3, Honor Roll nine times. MARTHA S. LIEN 40 Hawthorne Road Popular Martha, known for her cheering ability, loves sports of all kinds but is especially fond of track. Knitting and dancing are her hobbies. She is aiming for college. Basketball 1, 2, Softball 1, 2, World Affairs Club 3, French Club 3, Cheerleader 3. MARIE I. LIEVI 55 Valley Road Marie . . . enjoys reading good books and the Shakes- pearean theatre . . . will never forget working at the conces- sion stand during Thanksgiving Day game . . . can be foun working diligently at the Mil- ton Public Library. Library Club 2, 3, Latin Club 3, Library Assistant 2, 3, Yearbook 3, Honor Roll twice. MARJORIE A. LIEVI 38 Martin Road Cheerful Margie . . . plans to attend secretarial school . . . enjoys bowling and is an ac- tive member o C.Y.O. SUSAN B. LINDEN 51 Warren Avenue Likable, friendly Susan hopes to become an elementary school teacher . . . enioys participating in B.B.C. Basketball 2, Library Club 3, Pep Club 3, Yearbook 3. -I962 RUTH M. LITMAN 195 Blue Hill Avenue Radiant Ruthie with a friendly word for everyone . . . will never forget the victory marches after M.H.S. football games . . . an avid jazz fan who hopes to become a social worker. Homeroorn Delegate 1, 3, Student Council 2, French Club 2, Vice-President 3, Dra- matic Club 3, Maiorette 2, 3, Girls League Secretary 3, Yearbook 3, Basketball 1, Sen- ior Play Committee, Honor Roll nine times. IOHN D. LOBBAN 29 Huntington Road Friendly, dependable Jack . . . enjoys bowling and base- ball . . . is an outstanding dis- tance runner. He plans on college after high school. Cross Country 2, 3, Indoor Track 2, 3, Outdoor Track 2, 3. LAURIE T. LOOKNER 25 Audubon Road Vivacious, loquacious Laurie . . . a true asset to M.H.S. . .. headed for college upon gradu- ation. Member of National Honor Society . . . had excel- lent performances in the Dra- matic Festival Play and Senior Play. French Club 2, Secretary 3, Dramatic Club 2, Vice-Presi- ,dent 3, "Echov 2, 3, Girls League Dramatic Committee Chairman 3, Badminton 1, Honor Roll nine times. THOMAS P. LOWNEY 10 Church Street Happy-go-lucky Tom, with his wonderful personality . . . will never forget the Thanks- giving Day football game of 1961 . . . He hopes to find his place in the business world after college and, with his abil- ity and winning smile, is sure to succeed. Football 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 1, Honor Roll four times. MAUREEN B. LYDON 548 Pleasant Street Sweet, dark-haired, dark-eyed Maureen plans to become a .secretary following her gradua- tion. Maureen's favorite inter- ests are reading, modeling, jazz music and attending football games. Skating and baby-sitting occupy the rest of her free time. Maureen's jovial smile and friendly manner will follow her through life. Nurse's Aicle 1, Jazz Club 1. MH SHEILA A. LYNCH 61 Crown Street Fond of fun as fond can be, friendly red-headed Sheila plans to attend art school. Her out- side activities include Church Choir, C.Y.O. Sheila also enjoys basketball and ice skating. Basketball 2, Nursejs Aide 1, Homeroom Delegate 2, Art Club 3, Office Assistant 3. TERENCE W. LYNN 22 Murray Avenue A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men, and so it is with Terry. Wliether at a C.Y.O. Council, Youth Council or any other ac- tivity, you can always be sure that when you hear the words "Are you for real?', Terry is there. He plans to attend a small college and enter the field of law or journalism. Honor Roll three times. ELLIOTT LYONS 300 Randolph Avenue Tall, blond El . . . well- known at M.H.S. for his slow, shy grin and good sportsman- ship . . . fond of activities that take him out of doors . . . favor- ite pastimes include bowling, swimming, and water-skiing . . . looks forward to attending Stockbridge College of For- estry. Indoor Track 2, 3, Cross Country 2, 3. ' BRUCE C. MacKINNON 76 Standish Road Blond-haired, blue-eyed Bruce is an athlete on the field and a sport at heart . . . enjoys hockey, baseball, skiing, swimming and being an amateur radio opera- tor. Bruce is active in Milton Civil Defense and the Milton Radio Club. His future plans include attending a dental or medical school. Math Club 3, Hockei 1, 2, Baseball 2, 3, Honor Roll three times. SANDRA L. MHCMILLAN 173 Eliot Street Vivacious, blonde - haired Sandy plans to enter the work- ing girls' world upon gradua- ting from M.H.S. Skating, swimming, dancing, and listen- ing to music make up Sandy's outside interests. She has a smile for all, a welcome glad, and a jovial winning way. Pep Club 3. KATHERINE MacWILLIAM 28 Brush Hill Road Kathy wishes to attend Bur- dett College. Always with a merry smile and a happy mood, Kathy enjoys swimming, skat- ing, basketball and any other sport. The 1961 football season is one of the fondest memories of a happy high school life. Glee Club 1, 2, 3. DIANE M. MAFFEO 37 Beacon Circle 'Number Please" will be the constant reply from Diane after she graduates from high school and becomes an employee of the telephone company. Diane enioys dancing, iazz, reading, writing, football games, and C.Y.O. Her S arkling personal- ity will sureljy be helpful in future years. Dramatic Club 3, Library Club 3. ELEANOR I. MAGNER 87 Cary Avenue Sweet and courteous but al- ways ready for fun fits Eleanor to a MTU. Eleanor's outside activities include C.Y.O., Mil- ton Youth Club, skating, and water skiing. Planning to attend state college is her hope. Whenever you hear the ex res- sion "What a Day!" you'll be sure that Eleanor is not too far away. Worlcl Affairs Club 3, Bas- ketball 3, Softball 3. STANLEY R. MALTZ 12 Warren Avenue Friendly Stanley hopes to make his mark in the business world. M.H.S. wishes him well. JOSEPH G. MANNING 316 Central Avenue Easy-going joe, interested in sports of all types, plans to fur- ther his education at business school and in the United States Marine Corps. DAVID R. MARAD 376 Brush Hill Road Likable Dave, winner of the South Shore Amateur Golf Championship, enioys sports of all kinds. A true gentleman on and off the fairways or ice. Golf 1, 2, 3, Hockey 1, 2, Captain 3. ROSEANNA MARQUIS 509 Canton Avenue Quiet Roseanna is active in numerous church functions. Her interests include basketball and roller skating. Helped greatly in the typing of the material in this book. NORMAN MARSOLINI 30 Buckingham Road Norman plans to enter the field of teaching. His many hobbies and easy-going ways will aid him. Screen Guild 1, 2, 3, Year- book Representative 2. PAUL I. MASON, JR. 33 Lawrence Road Fun-loving Paul is interested in sports cars and stock car rac- ing. He plans to enter the serv- ice upon graduation. Hockey 2, 3. RICHARD H. MCCORMACK 25 Sheldon Street Friendly and personable, 'cMacD plans to attend Boston College after graduation. Skin diving, weight lifting, and ice skating are among his many in- terests. Football 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 25 Golf 1, 2, 35 Homeroom Delegate 1, 2. I962 ROBERT M. MCDONNELL 4 Darby Road An avid participant in M.H.S. football and basketball, Bob's other interests include bowl- ing and water skiing. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3. GERABD F. MCDONOUGH 71 Blue Hill River Road Gerard e n i 0 y s football, weight lifting, and horseback riding. He plans to further his business education at college . . . belongs to the M.Y.C. and the C.Y.O. PAUL F. MCDONOUCH 159 VVarren Avenue Friendly Paul enioys watch- ing football and working on cars. Plans to further his edu- -cation at college . . . belongs to the M.Y.C. and the C.Y.O. World Afairs Club 3, Honor Roll four times. ROBERT P. McNAY 20 Spruce Street Io-Io enjoys football. Re- members the great football ral- lies at M.H.S .... plans to .attend Wentworth Institute after graduation . . . belongs to C.Y.O. bowling league. DIANE C. MCNEILL 3 Coolidge Road Red-headed Di looks forward to attending the University of Massachusetts . . . enioys sports, especially swimming and bowling. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 3, Jazz Club 3, Yearbook 3, Girls League Hospitality Com- mittee 3, Honor Roll foe times. CAROL A. MENCHI 2.3 Laurel Road Agreeable Carol hopes for a future as a medical secretary. En'oys water skiing, skating, and watching football. Carol enjoys being with people and has many friends. Dramatic Club 3, Nurse's Aide 1, 2, 3, Office Assistant 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Faculty Secretary 3, Blooclmobile As- sistant 3. GRACE L. MEREDITH 40 Hemlock Drive Fun-loving Billie has added much to our school in the past three years. We will always remember her beautiful decora- tions for the Girls League Christmas Dance. President Art Club 3, Chair- man. Girls' League Art Com- mittee 3, Dramatic Club 3, Honor Roll once. BRIAN R. MERRICK 600 Brush Hill Road Fun-loving Brian . . . an ardent Democrat . . . hopes to enter law and politics. Favorite saying 'Tarty at Merricksf' . . . President of C.Y.O. World Affairs Club 3. DAVID A. MIKELSON 338 Brush Hill Road Industrious Dave plans to at- tend a school of engineering after graduation . . . belongs to the U.S.Y. and the A.Z.A. Wrestling team 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll eight times. PAULA L. MONDLICK 160 Audubon Road Friendly Paula enioys her part-time iob as a dental assist- ant and hopes to become an elementary school teacher. Homeroom Delegate 1, Real Cross Representative 2, Year- book Staff 3, French Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Archery 1, Honor Roll twice. GEORGE C. MOORE 41 School Street All things mechanical, espe- cially old Fords, and after- school work interest George, an enthusiastic Red Sox fan, who plans to attend Wentworth In- stitute . . . will always remem- ber the M.H.S. football games. KATHLEEN MORAN 210 Brush Hill Road Kathy . . . cheerful and gay . . . enioys swimming, sewing, and riding horses . . . often says, "Let's do something" . . . likes softball . . . active in C.Y.O .... plans to work after graduation. JOANNE MORGANELLA 59 Guilford Road Lively, fun-loving Joanne a talented seamstress who en- joys designing and stitching her own clothes . . . diversified in- terests include horseback rid- ing and bowling . . . future plans: a course in hairdressing at Dale Academy. MARILYN F. MORIARTY 24 Mathaurs Street Lynn takes great pleasure in boating and water skiing. She has taken the business course at Milton High and is inter- ested in airline work after graduation. JOHN G. MORRIS 24 Pond Street Gentleman Johnny is an active member of the Milton Youth Club and C.Y.O. He will always remember football games, and beating Braintree this year. He hopes to find a career in physical education. Co-winner of Owen B. Kiernan Award. Advanced to finals of N. E. Wrestling Tourney. Football 1, 2, Co-captain 3g Wrestling 2, 3. Q'Q'QQ'Q'Q4bQ4b'Q' DONALD R. MOULTON 435 Eliot Street Don is a member of the Mil- ton DeMolay and the Milton Youth Fellowship. Milton's loss is a gain for the N. E. School of Art. Art Club 3. SUSAN K. MOWLES 60 Ridge Road Friendly Sue is always ready with a cheerful "Hill, . . . She enioys swimming, skating, and listening to iazz. Milton High football games will always be remembered. Basketball 1, Softball lg Maiorettes 1, 2, captain 3, Honor Roll once. WILLIAM S. MULLEN 64 Antwerp Street Bill is well-liked and consci- entious. He plans to go to col- lege and then enter govern- ment service. Jazz, swimming, bowling and boats are his fare and he is an avid soccer fan. Soccer 2, World Affairs Club 3, jazz Club 35 Yearbook Staff 3, Honor Roll once. ROBERT M. MURPHY 18 Gibbons Street Murph is a regular at C.Y.O. and Milton Youth Club gather- ings. He satisfies his interest in sports by bowling or playing baseball and pool. In future years he plans to attend college and enter the Air Force. Outdoor Track 2, 35 Wrest- ling 2, Co-captain 3. JUDITH M. MURRAY 23 Hazel Street Judy wins friends with her bright eyes and sweet smile. She will win success in airline work as she has in her other activities. Homeroom Delegate 2, 3, Red Cross Representative lg Basketball 2, Softball 3. 'I962 MAUREEN E. MYATT 150 Alvin Avenue Affable Maureen . . . rarely seen without her sunn smile . . . enjoys helping others by doing volunteer work . . . is an enthusiastic football fan . . . plans to enter the business world after attending secretarial school. World Ayjfairs Club 3, Girls League Art Committee 3. HENRY A. NALLI 81 Dyer Avenue Carefree Hank hopes to enter the Air Force after graduation. Enioys golf, music, and cars. Golf 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 2. AMBROSE E. NANCERONI 939 Brush Hill Road Ambitious Amby . . . scien- tiiically and musically inclined . . . aims for a career in nuclear engineering after attending col- lege . . . non-academic interests include volunteer work and buildin model railroads. Bane? 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, Honor Roll five times. CAROL ANNE NEEDHAM 41 Hinckley Road Vivacious Carol . . . enioys tennis and talking . . . future plans include college and a career in school teaching. Tennis 2, 3, Badminton 2, 3, Archery 2, 3, Library Club 3, French Club 3, K'Echov Repre- sentative 3, jr. Red Cross Representative 2, Honor Roll once. PAMELA NELSON 50 Churchill Street Pain: petite, perky, and popu- lar . . . a welcome addition from Omaha who enjoys all kinds of water sports . . . win- ner of Betty Crocker Home- maker Award . . . hopes to become a school guidance counselor. Yearbook 3, French Club 3, Guidance Office Assistant 2, 3, World Affairs Club 3, Girls League Social Committee Co- chairman 3, Pep Club 3. MHS ALICE NICHOLAS 175 Granite Avenue Bubbling, friendly Alice . . . always with a warm smile and big hello . . . takes pleasure in singing with the choir at church and attending C.O.Y.A. meet- ings . . . plans to pursue a nurs- ing career after graduating. French Club 3, Nursefs Aide 3, Dramatic Club 3, Honor Roll three times. CHARLES I. OKSTEIN 16 Craig Street Bright, dependable Charlie . . . well liked and respected by his classmates . . . if not ab- sorbed in duties as president of Milton Senior U.S.Y. and Mil- ton "Volunteens," finds time to enioy reading novels and climb- ing mountains. Tennis 1, Band 3, Pho- tography Club 1, World Ayjfairs Club 3, "Echov 2, 3, Chemis- try Club 2, Honor Boll seven times. F I JOHN F. OLIVA 62 Essex Road Jack, popular football and basketball player, hopes to further his education at college. His cheerful personality will win him friencs wherever he goes. Baseball 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football 2, 3. DAVID I. O'MALLEY 26 F rothingham Street 'KHaffer,' . . . a sports enthusi- ast . . . plans to study business administration in the future . . . right now is content to watch Milton score a 30 to 0 victory over its arch-rival. Homeroom Delegate 2. FRANK M. O,NEILL 41 Pleasant Street Frank, whose main interest is athletics, hopes to further his education by attending college. Football 1, 2, 3. ALAN E. ORANSKY 34 Pope Hill Road Happy-go-lucky Al hopes to attend Boston University. One of his many interests is work- ing on cars. He also enioys playing hockey and attending functions held by A.Z.A. WAYNE C. OVERTON 30 Parkway Crescent Quiet Wayne hopes to attend Northeastern University where he will prepare for a career as an electronics engineer. Horror Roll twice. LINDA A. PALMER 546 Eliot Street Sparkling Linda hopes to at- tend Aquinas Secretarial School. She enjoys playing basketball and singing in her church choir. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Office As- sistant 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3. JAMES F. PARKER 55 Marilyn Road Sports-minded jim hopes to further his education by attend- ing college. He enioys hunting, boating and bowling. GAIL PASQUANTONIO 42 Orchard Road Gail, quiet and well-liked, is sure to be a success in her chosen profession of nursing. She enioys all sports and espe- cially likes playing tennis. This future nurse spends much of her time reading medical books. Basketball 1, Softball 1. Q63 NORMAN C. PAVE 64 Elm Street Affable and cheerful, Nor- man hopes to enter the business world upon graduating from college. His most remembered event at M. H. S. was the track championship of 1961. World Affairs Club 3, Track 1, 2, 3. SANDRA PEARLMUTTER 54 Aberdeen Road Talented Sandy ho es to attend art school . . . likes to bowl and dance. . . active in religious activities. Art Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Basketball 1. CAIL PERDRIAU 301 Edgehill Road Gail . . . amiable . . . active . . . athletic . . . hopes to be- come a secretary . . . enioys water skiing, basketball, and riding around Milton. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Office As- sistant 2, 3. . MICHAEL A. PEREIRA 76 Howe Street An advocate of wrestling, Mike spends much of his free time weight lifting and hiking. After graduation, he will seek employment. Honor Roll once. EMOKE I. PETRY 161 Sassamon Avenue Talented Helen likes writing poetry and horseback riding. She intends to study languages after graduation. Her favorite expression is "If your life is not built on principle, it will be taken from you without inter- estf, World Affairs Club 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll once. I962 KAREN L. PHILLIPS 22 Brandon Road Karen . . . dreams of a career as a child psychologist . . . enioys singing and debating. . . remembers those Girls League dances. Dramatic Club 2, 35 Library Club 2, 35 Chemistry Club 25 Glee Club 2, 35 World Affairs Club 35 Yearbook 35 Honor Roll four times. NATHANIEL D. PITNOF 356 Blue Hills Parkway Nat . . . tennis enthusiast. . . "Volunteen" . . . musician . . . hopes to continue his studies at college. Bancl 1, 2, 35 Chemistry Club 35 Yearbook 35 Tennis 1, 2, 35 Honor Roll five times. JAMES F. PLOTNER 110 Cary Avenue jim, one of our star football players, is interested in all athletics. He is proud that he was a member of the team that won its last five games during the 1961 season. Football 2, 3. GRACE L. POMPEO 72 Allerton Road Pretty, popular Grace loves dancing, dating, and driving . . . future secretary . . . cannot for- get Problems Class with Mr. Mullin. 3 Dramatic Club 15 Pep Club SUSAN E. PORTER 6 West Street Smiling Sue . . . takes pride in her art work . . . plans to continue being creative after graduation by learning to ar- range coiffures at Dale Aca- demy of Hairdressing . . . finds recreation in cheering for our team at pep rallies and basket- ball games. MH MARTHA I. PUTNEY 108 Squantum Street Friendly and hardworking, Martha intends to become an office worker. Not only does she enioy watching basketball, but also plays for her own church. Tennis 25 Archery 2, 35' Nurseis Aide 1. KEVIN E. QUINLAN 257 Blue Hills Parkway Popular and athletic, Kevin takes an active part in school activities. Co-captain of the hockey team, he will always remember the many exciting games. He looks forward to col- lege life after graduation. Hockey 1, 2, 35 Cross Coun- try 1, 2, 35 Tennis 2, 35 "EchoU 2, 35 World Affairs Club 35 Baseball 15 Honor Roll six times. ROBERTA L. RABB 42 Blue Hill Terrace Bobbi's aptitude for typing won her many awards at M.H.S. Aspiring to be a legal secretary, she plans to attend Chandlerls School for Women. Pep Club 35 Yearbook 3,- Honor Roll fioe times. JOAN R. RABINOVITZ 16 Cape Cod Lane Ioanie, known for her im- peccable attire and friendly smile, enioys knitting, music, and flower arranging. She takes an active interest in both school and community activities. Plans to attend the University of Massachusetts. Yearbook Staff 35 French Club 35 Pep Club 35 Honor Roll four times. SANDRA M. REILLY 1485 Brush Hill Road Petite and sweet, Sandy is well liked by everyone. Her hobbies include piano, skiing, and horseback riding. Will at- tend college next fall. Nurseis Aide 1, 2, 35 Bad- minton l, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 25 Tennis 1, 25 Ir. Red Cross Representative 25 Library Club 2, 35 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Year- book Staff 35 Honor Roll twice. STUART ROBBINS 75 Hollingsworth Street Tall, dark Stuart, whose favorite expression is "Get me, James," enjoys playing the gui- tar and lifting weights. As short- stop of the baseball team of 162 he contributed greatly to the tearn's success. His future plans include college. Yearbook Staff 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3. CHRISTOPHER ROBERTS 27 Walcott Road Cheerful Chris, a whiz at chess and checkers, looks for- ward to his days in the busi- ness world. Indoor Track 1, World Af- fairs Club 3. DIANE M. ROGERS 418 Adams Street Vivacious Dee has a Spark- ling personality which promises success in the future. Dramatic Club 2, 3, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, Girls League Play 2, Girls League Athletic Chair- man 3, Pep Club 2, 3, Glee Club 2, Yearbook Staff 3, French Club 2, Softball 2, 3, Honor Roll once. TERRY S. ROGERS 48 Big Blue Drive Quiet and friendly, Terry is a welcome transfer to Milton High. She enioys ice skating, football and parties. She hopes to attend the University of Miami after graduation. NANCY L. ROLE 1021 Metropolitan Avenue Versatile Nancy's interests include piano, reading, skiing, and tennis. Plans to maior in math at college. Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Li- brary Club 1, 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Chemistry Club 2, "Echo,' 2, 3, Pep Club 3, Teu- nis 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll nine times. SUSAN D. ROSS 32 Hudson Street Sue . . . a peppy, friendly senior . . . adept at sewing . . . hopes to be a hairdresser. Nursels Aisle 3, Pep Club 3, Honor Roll four times. JOYCE M. ROTENBERC 60 Hudson Street Carefree, easy-going Joyce . . . enioys basketball and soft- ball . . . will study at Chandler School to be a secretary. Basketball 1, 2, 35 50ftlJl1ll 1, 2, 3. KENNETH M. ROWE 86 Belcher Circle Kenny . . . tall and wiry . . . a great sports enthusiast . . . baseball is his favorite . . . plans on a college education. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football 1. JOSEPH C. RYAN 270 Blue Hill Avenue Quiet, unassuming Joe . . .a member of our beloved Whiz Kids . . . to be an engineer is his goal. Football 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Gymnastics 1, 2, Worlcl Affairs Club 3. GARY F. SALETTA 21 Belvoir Road Quiet Gary . . . can be found after school at work at the Rexford Drug Store . . . plans on a college education. Gymnastics 2, 3, Honor Roll flue times. I962 VIVIAN A. SANIUELIAN 382 Adams Street Bright, perky Sam . . . an excellent student interested in most everything . . . a possible teaching career in the future - luckv students! Glee Club 2, 3, Latin Club 3, Pep Club 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Basketball 2, Archery 2, Softball 2, Badminton 2, Honor Boll nine times. MYRNA SCHNEIDERMAN 15 Dyer Avenue Myrnais excellent scholastic record will help her to achieve prominence in the field of medicine. A very active member in the U.S.Y. French Club 2, 3, Archery 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Year- book Staff 3, Worlcl Affairs Club 3, Girls League Art Committee 1, Honor Roll nine times. DIANA LEE SEIDEL 34 Thompson Lane 'iSeriousl thoughv is what one might hear several times a day from pert, talented Diana. Art and horseback riding are her favorites . . . Diana wishes to pursue a career in art after attending college. Art Club, co-program chair- man 3, Girls, League Art Com- mittee 3, Honor Roll once. TOBY RAE SESERMAN 55 Cheever Street Toby can always be found with pencil in hand sketching . . . Art school and then a ca- reer in the art field are her principal goals. The senior class play will long be remem- bered, by Toby for she worked so diligently designing and painting the scenery. Art Club 3. VICTOR SHACKETT 1023 Blue Hill Avenue jim . . . ardent outdoor man . . . likes to fish and hunt . . . enjoys watching and playing a fierce hockey game . . . is busy working after school . . . plans to enter the United States Navy after June graduation. MHS KAREN V. SHATZ 353 Blue Hill Parkway Horseback riding, playing badminton or sewing are iust some of the things vivacious Karen may be found doing. Going to I.B.M. School and be- coming a secretary are Karen's main ambitions for later life. Homeroom Delegate 2, Honor Roll five times. MARY M. SHEEHAN 39 Hawthorne Road Piano and accordion are the two instruments which seem to hold the interest of Mary's great musical ability . . . Mary has taken the business course throughout high school, and wishes to attend Aquinas Secre- tarial School. Church choir is Maryls chief outside activity. Nurse's Aicle 3. DOROTHY A. SHIELDS 50 Sassamon Avenue Having taken the business course through high school, Dottie plans to attend secre- tarial school and then go on to a secretarial position . . . C.Y.O. and baby-sitting are Dottieis main interests. Library Club 2, 3, Nurseis Aide 2, 3, Glee Club 3, Honor Roll once. LESLIE P. SHORT 35 Meadowview Road Leslie is a member of the National Honor Society. Bran- deis University is her goal, and folk music and the guitar, some of her hobbies. "Echov 2, Assistant Editor 3, Girls League Committee 2, 3, World Affairs Club 3, Student Exchange 2, Honor Roll nine times. ELLEN N. SI-IUCHER 24 Laurel Road Cheery, red-headed Ellen is a loyal supporter of our basket- ball team. Her keen wit has lightened many a school day. With this attribute she is sure to succeed in her career as a store buyer. Yearbook Collector 3, Year- book Staff 3, French Club 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2. ROSALYN A. SIMON 28 Sumner Street Garrulous Roz may be found at almost any time sketching a picture. Art is her favorite sub- 'ect5 drawing is her main hob- by. The great Thanksgiving Day game will remain with Roz as a most remembered event at M.H.S. Pep Club 3. GORDON D. SIMONS S3 Wendell Park "Red" is an avid supporter of both the football and the bas- ketball teams. His outside school activities include tape recording, working as a stock- boy, and being a member of the Milton Youth Club. Worlcl Afairs Club 35 Bas- ketball 1. RICHARD L. SLADE 37 Randolph Avenue Athletic Dick participates not only in baseball and foot- ball but also in wrestling and weight-lifting. During his spare time he is an enthusiastic mem- ber of the 400 Club. Dick will never forget that first day at M.H.S.l Baseball 1, 35 VVrestliug 25 Soccer 2. ALAN E. SMITH 128 Sumner Street Talented Smitty . . . excels in music and art . . . has achieved an enviable record academically and in extra- curricular activities . . . is active in U.S.Y., serving as first vice- president of the New England Region. Dramatic Club 35 Bancl 1, 2, 35 Yearbook 2, 35 Honor Roll six times. KATHLEEN M. SMITH 54 Cheever Street Piquant Kathy has made the fashion news during the past two years as a member of va- rious fashion boards. In addi- tion to modeling, Kathy enioys typing and ice skating. Girls League Hospitality Committee 25 Yearbook 35 Faculty Secretary 3. LOUISE N. SMITH 225 Lyman Road Stylish Libby enioys model- ing and water skiing among her varied interests. Once a week she is heard happily saying with a sigh of relief, "Thank Heaven it's Fridayf, We are sure Libby will never forget Mr. Creigh- tonis sand shark. F rencli Club 2, 35 Red Cross Representative 15 Honor Roll six times. MARILYN S. SMITH 37 Brook Road Marilyn plans to major in art at college. Her favorite sports are basketball and badminton. She likes small children and enioys working with them. French Club 25 Art Club 35 Basketball 25 Baflminton 25 Archery 25 Honor Roll four times. RAYMOND C. SNELL 25 Lodge Street Ray, a math whiz, plans to attend Bentley College of Ac- counting. A hockey enthusiast, he is a faithful follower of the Boston Bruins. Industrious and courteous he has been a credit to M.H.S. Basketball 15 Honor Roll six times. PAUL E. SOBOLEWSKI 5 Warren Avenue Better known as Sobo, Paul looks forward to a successful career in the business world. His favorite pastimes include hunting and fishing. Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2. JEFFREY L. STARR 10 Badger Circle Friendly Jeff plans to attend college. An Eagle Scout, he is well prepared for his chosen profession as a physician. He is active in U.S.Y. and A.Z.A. Glee Club 2, 35 French Club 25 Chemistry Club 25 Tennis 1, 2, 35 Yearbook Staf 35 Screen Guild 2, 35 jazz Club 35 Honor Roll tliree times. ees' ' i962 SUSANNE E. STENBERG 323 Central Avenue After a busy career at M.H.S., Sue is looking forward to a career in teaching. Girls League Social Com- mittee Chairman 3, French Club 2, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Archery 2, Tennis 2, Library Club 2, 3, Office Assistant 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Bancl 1, Pep Club 3, Li- brary Assistant 2, 3, Honor Roll six times. BARRY E. STENGEL 34 Annapolis Road Barry, conservative and hard- working, plans to attend college ,after graduation from M.H.S. Also a student of Hebrew Teachers College, Barry enioys basketball and stamp collect- mg. Honor Roll nine times. GEORGE F. STEPTOE 37 Meagher Avenue jeff is a welcome addition to the school this year . . . active in outside sports . . . would have been a great asset to M.H.S. teams if he were not a late transfer . . . loves to work on cars, especially old Fords . . . a great water skier. ELAINE S. STRIBLEY 739 Blue Hill Avenue Conscientious Elaine enioys working with children and plans to become an elementary school teacher. Elaine is a mem- ber of the Rainbow Girls and the Milton Youth Club. Badminton 1, 2, 3, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 3. GEORGE A. SULLIVAN 41 Lawndale Road An avid sportsman, George takes an active part in all ath- letic events. In spare time he can be found working on his car . . . lively, carefree and good-natured. "Jigger" is a welcome asset to any group. MHS PETER L. SULLIVAN 807 Canton Avenue Good humor and ready wit will make "Sully,' welcome wherever he goes . . . a fine trackman and sports enthusiast. Hockey 1, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3. SUSAN M. SULLIVAN 807 Canton Avenue Versatile Sue . . . gregarious and fun-loving . . . hopes to attend Junior College after graduation. Red Cross 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, World Affairs Club 3, Pep Club 3. MELVYN SWARTZ 1 Lothrop Avenue Mel, a real shutter-bug . . . cooperative, friendly, and un- assuming . . . he hopes to attend East Coast Aero Tech. We wish him well. MICHAEL Z. SWARTZ 15 Nancy Road Mike, whose vocation is a career in international relations, devotes most of his spare mo- ments to the theater. His en- viable records speaks for itself. Drama Club 1, 2, President 3, National Thespians 2, Presi- dent 3, "Ecbo,, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Soccer 3, Gymnastics 1, 2, Honor Roll nine times. JANIS R. TANZER 11A Parkway Crescent Janis will be remembered for her friendly and thoughtful manner. Her fine academic record will serve as a back- ground for her career in mathe- matics . . . a very cooperative member of the community. French Club 1, 2, Basketball 2, Badminton 3, Yearbook 3, Honor Roll seven times. CAROL TATE 108 Blue Hill Avenue Carefree, sweet Carol . . . always ready with a friendly smile . . . well liked and active . . . enioys singing and meeting people . . . will never forget the winter Girls League dance . . . an avid football fan . . . Church choir, C.Y.O. Honor Roll floe times. JEAN M. TATRO 195 Milton Street Industrious Jean plans to at- tend nursing school. Musically inclined, enioys success in Bos- ton Youth Symphony Orchestra, All-District Band, All-State Band and Choir . . . Fun-loving and well-liked. Library Club 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 3, A cappella Group 3, World Affairs Club 3, Homeroom Delegate 3, Red Cross 2, Soft- ball 2, 3, Basketball 3, Honor Roll three times. RICHARD B. TOLLAND 252 Thacher Street Dick . . . enioys Youth Club, C.Y.O. . . spends his time after school working at drugstore. He will be remembered as the one who was always eiecting Milton High students from K6l'flgR11,S. DONNA TRAVERS 35 Guilford Road After a school career made extra rewarding as a three-year volunteer in hospital work, Donna is ready for the world of medicine. Clee Club 1, 2, 3, Archery 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3. BARBARA JEAN TRUMBLEY 481 Eliot Street Always helpful and capable, National Honor student Bar- bara enioys swimming, sewing, skating, sailing . . . will never forget dissection of "Porky Pigf, Student Council 3, French Club 2, Pres, 3, Library Club 3, Library Assistant 1, 2, 3, Nurseis Aide 1, 2, Chemistry Club 2, Honzerooni Delegate 1, 2, Girls, State Alt. 2, Student Government Hep. 3, Yearbook Business Staff 3. ,QQQ QfQQ4b'QQQ GERALD E. TULMAN 67 Grove Street Thespian of note, car fan of repute, Bentley-bound Gerry has enioyed football, hockey, and community activities at M.H.S. Honor Roll five times. HENRY P. TUOHY 80 VVebster Road Here is another one of those hard-running seniors who put so rnuch "winl' into our top track teams, Hank is also well known for his team spirit and enthusi- asm. Track 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 1, 2, 3. BENA S. VENCROW 86 Dyer Avenue Renie. a willing volunteer at Milton Hospital, should find this experience helpful as her goal is nursing. French Club 2, 3, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Nursels Aide 3, Yearbook 3, Badminton 2, Archery 2, Honor Roll four times. ELIZABETH A. WALL 19 Cheever Street "Kelly,' has enlivened many a school event with her cheer- ful personality and contagious laughter. Office Assistant 2, 3. SYBIL C. VVALLER 85 Warren Avenue Sybil plans to attend a sec- retarial school following gradu- ation from M.H.S. She enjoys being with people and partici- pating in sports. I962 WILLIAM WEDDENDORF 43 Century Lane Bill plans to attend North- eastern University. He is inter- ested in auto racing and model building. WVe will always re- member his role as "Carlos', in the Senior Play. So will he! Biology Club 1, Chemistry Club 2, Dramatic Club 3, Senior Play, Honor Roll twice. ELAINE WEINEH 21 Lothrop Avenue Cheerful, friendly, enthusi- astic Lainy will never forget dissecting sandsharks in biology lab . . . enioys basketball, bad- minton, and swimming . . . in addition to school, works part- time and is an active member of B.B.G. French Club 2, Basketball 2, 35 Badminton 1. PAUL A. WILCOX 75 St. Agatha Road Willy . . . happiest when working with stereo and hi-fi equipment . . . will never forget the Navy Band . . . plans to do carpentry work. VIRGINIA 1. WILCOX 34 Mechanic Street Bowling and swimming are Cinger's forte. Thanks to a very successful business course ca- reer she hopes to do office work after graduation. In her quiet manner, we know she,ll do it well. Honor Rall six times. MHS MARK G. WILLIAMS 114 Elm Street Mark enjoys his position as a junior Assistant Scout Master, Gold, and is an active partici- pant in C.Y.O .... plans to go into drafting or electronics. Audio-visual 1, 2, 3, Basket- ball, Manager 2, 3, Golf, Man- ager 2, 3, Horaeroom Delegate 1, Screen Guild 1, 2, 3. RICHARD P. WOOD 40 Collamore Street Woody enioys bowling and water skiing, can never forget English class with Mr. Fidler . . . his wit and good nature should help him go far in the business world. SHARON R. WOOLF 266 Dana Avenue Sharon will always remem- ber her law class. Enjoys swimming and riding . . . is active in B.B.C. Basketball 15 Badminton 1, Narsels Aide 2, 3. ALAN R. YAFFEE 14 Capen Street Bright and witty, "Alvin" follows the Sport of Kings, works after school, and hopes to become an accountant. Honor Roll six times. 140:45 Sa 'Meg lame 962 L ,gifs 9 Aytkq' 'STUW' zu. 'rut .fuawlof cAPerenm N, w A fl A9 ' X.. A AA 'N :MAA n U' tr' . 2 f fviii A I A fX fx 'X X SENIOR5 -'AND Sl'NI0lt1'AS-' AT LASTW. - x g AKN fy CD O I' MILTON 50, Q HMM' T'8AHKS6lVlV0! lib O ROM 1.E'r': see--me SQUAQG RUOT OP 1.14 IS on UH.-w HOLIDAYSU- MID YEARS X ' ANU Dow-r LEAN dve! X 489 I Q 'THF HCT on 'rue a. SGRVG... Swow- www en.-se 8 GNN! SPRING' FE-V6-R, . . y Il MLPIDLE OU! N6W T 5 C Len.-' 0 R + 1, L f' yfff X ALMOST 1169.2 SWE Nt WOLLU IS Your. Ctvrr-AL. YALL COUNTINI' GP SKINS! YOULL 510- IN I1' CUHGT You PUT IN ITU, ENIOPX .ad.a.-,,,.,....- , SUPERLHTI V133 5 YAQEJBQKY QKPS ff A Joan JOHN MORKXS IVKIPRRXS mill. M-F...9."g'i D MHFNLOU LEONARD HOGHN BEST STUDE NTS NERNHN --......J viw The Lighter Side Maybe these ARE the happiest days of our lives . . . All our lives parents have drilled into us that no matter how miserable our school days have been they are the "happiest days of your life and some day youill realize itf, Let's take a peek back over the shoulder of 1962 and see how correct this statement is . . . or isnit. Well, there were the "study" periods in the cafeteria . . . And what a riot we thought Mr. Kane was when he said heid shut off the water coolers . . . They tell us that "Time won't stand stillf' Maybe so, but itis been 9:32 in 218 since 1936 . . . And we wonder why they call them LOCKers . . . And a note from a parent that said: "Please excuse my sonis absence Monday, Tuesday and WVednesday: he oversleptf, . . . . Sure gave us a chuckle to watch Mr. Dunbar return from a tour of Milton with one of his charges. Head come up the front steps, head shaking, nerves shattered, mumbling over and over: "The clutch, not the windshield wiper, you . . . ,' . . . . And, of course, the athlete who received a letter at the Award Assembly but had to have someone read it to him . . . We smiled as we passed Miss Chadwickis Latin III class and overheard "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a trotlv . . . And some of the self-portraits adorning the bulletin boards gave us a few chuckles . . . Remember the wild enthusiasm of the boys at the Pep Rallies? . . . Not to forget the remote- control history classes in 212 . . . And Mr. Archibald's being asked: "Any scholar- ships for D- students with no athletic ability?', . . . l The Class of 1962 has received so much from Milton High School that it seems only right to give something to those who have given us so much. And so we bequeath to: Miss Albret: 6,000,000 3 X 5's for writing that THING Mr. Kane: Several new combinations for the 8 period day Mr. Nevins: A cynical senior class . . . and another Dave Marad Mr. Campbell: A few basic concepts Mr. Smith: Students who can spell agassv Miss Cave: A Ph. D. in Drama . . . and one in Patience Mr. Pedersen: A Melvin for Mildred . . . and another Dave Marad Miss Dyas: A Geiger Counter to detect that last Cafeteria study hall whisper Mr. Tracy: A Santa Claus suit for his pay day rounds Mr. Hamilton: Bigger and better molecules Mr. Dunbar: More life insurance Miss Chadwick: Calix pro aqua Mr. Snell: Two sides and an included angle Dr. John: A shorter last narne Miss Foster: Our advice to stay home this summer Mrs. Iachney: A 'phone book to go with Rm. 216 Mr. Fidler: Elevator shoes . . . he can,t quite see over the building Mr. Kent: A bunch of surprise quizzes Mr. Carnie: A class that knows debits are near the window and credits are near the blackboard Miss Depoyan: An hermetically sealed room . . . in the South Pacific . . . to avoid interruptions Mr. Brimstine: A forgery a day Mrs. Pile: Ear muffs, to permit sociable chats The Class of '63: The best of everything good 'Y PATRONS S P O N S O R S - Please Patronize Our Friends - "FRlEND OF THE FAMIl.Y" f l Tiiylls, C if l R lt mx l n ll l l WALTER BAKER CHOCOLATE Jell-O Division General Foods Corp. DORCHESTER, MASS. Best' Wishes to the Class of 'I962 Milton High School "Boston's Oldest Chevrolet Dealer" it 1 fceuivkqlmlf SALES SERVICE John .l. Delaney, Inc. MATTAPAN, MASS. OX 8-3800 You're so apt to meet The Royal Electric on your very first iob! 0 1. T3"':f1f:1:':-:v:':-.-.-.-,. . ' 'i 4' 4.-l-..IQ..ifl.',X"""T1 F - iw . . ei?" A' ""' 2 ' . .4.... x, I .,.A.. . , 1' ' ,INK T U N Y " 4 Q I C TYPEWRITER , nc. rcs CREAM I 5 Maple Street I, M1 87 M QulNcY, MASS. E :ot Street V :ton , ass. Phone Gkanife 2-3656 - Please Patronize Our Friends - SPONSORS - Please Patronize Our Friends - "Save in a Savings Bank" 1 MILTON SAVINGS BANK Richard H. Schmidt, Executive Vice President 40 Adams Street Milton Village TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS 555 Adams Street East Milton Square ASSOCIATES - Please Patronize Our Friends - NORFOLK COUNTY TRUST CO. "A Strong Neighborhood Bank - At Your Seroicev Granite Avenue, East Milton 86 Eliot Street, Milton 87 HENRY JENKINS TRANSPORTATION CO., INC, X "Transporters of Merchandise Since 1896, Serving New Englandv 32 Regis Road Mattapan, Mass. CY 6-7600 CARLSON TIRE AND AP PI.lANCE CO. "For Tires, see Carlsoni' 610 Gallivan Boulevard Dorchester, Mass. TA 5-5600 BROOK ROAD JENNEY SERVICE STATION "Ask for led or Saltyv 131 Brook Road Milton, Mass. OX 8-9646 - Please Patronize Our Friends - A s s 0 C 1 A T E S - Please Patronize Our Friends - HUNNEMAN 8. CO., INC., REALTORS 19 Congress Street Boston, Mass. Represented in MILTON by JOHN W. KUNHARDT AND MRS. GEORGE OWEN, JR. 97 Adams Street Milton Village OX 6-4430 Compliments of: MILTON CLEANERS 551 Adams Street East Milton, Mass. OX 8-8300 AVENUE AUTO SCHOOL - DRIVER EDUCATION - SAVE ON YOUR INSURANCE "Over 20' Years' Driver Tminitagv Call TA 5-0749 tor Catalogue 734 Blue Hill Avenue Dorchester, Mass. Compliments of: MILTON SPRING "Beverages and Pepsi Colav CHARLES C. COPELAND CO., INC. 1131 Randolph Avenue Milton, Mass. OX 6-0700 CURTIS FARMS SUPERMARKETS "Big Enough to Serve You - Small Enough to Know Youv 362 Granite Avenue, East Milton 652 Adams Street, Quincy Route 128, South Weymouth MILTON AUTO SALES, INC. "Mercury - Comet - Meteor" Bill Ahearn Vin Nelson 95 Eliot Street Milton, Mass. OX 6-2000 CENTRAL CLEANSERS, INC. "1-Hour Cleansing and 1-Day Shirt Servicev 12-14 Central Avenue Milton, Mass. OX 6-3000 - Please Patronize Our Friends - A S S O C I A T E S Please Patronize Our Friends - MILTON VILLAGE BARBER SHOP "At Your Seruicei' Philip Zona, Prop. 60 Adams Street Room 5 Milton, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of 1962: THATCHER FARM "Dairy Productsv 267 Thatcher Street Milton, Mass. OX 6-6000 -6001 RIVERSIDE FLOWER SHOP James O'Neil, Owner "Flowers for All Occasionsv 1653 Blue Hill Avenue Mattapan, Mass. CY 6-2003 - CY 8-9768 Compliments of: MATTAPAN CO-OPERATIV 1575 Blue Hill Avenue Mattapan, Mass. Business: CY 8-2515, Home: ED 3-0179 E BANK O'NEIL INSURANCE Edward T. O'NeiI "All Forms of Insurancei' 30 Central Avenue Milton, Mass. Compliments of: F. F. BORTOLOTTI CORP. Est. i923 - Incorporated i957 i'Pla.sterer and Masonry Contractorsv 24 Lyman Road Milton 86, Mass. MILTON HOME FURNISHERS, INC. Carl A. Todan, Mgr. "Quality F urniturev 360 Granite Avenue East Milton, Mass. OX 6-3420 Please Patronize Our Friends - A S S 0 C ll A T E S - Please Patronize Our Friends - F. A. KING AND SONS H "Plumbing and Heatingi' OX 8-0631 22 Wharf Street Milton Village, Mass. J. B. COLE LAND GLEASON "Milton Home for Funeralsl' 5 Canton Avenue at Milton Village GE 6-7200 COMMUNITY MOTOR SALES, INC. "Chrysler - Plymouth - Valiant" - Serv- ice, Parts and Accessories - Call for and Delivery Service OX 8-O470 424 Adams Street Milton, Mass. ROBERT'S SUPPLY COMPANY "DuPont and Dutch Boy Paints, Fine Wallpa.pers', 1643 Blue Hill Avenue Mattapan Square OX 6-3800, 6-3801 M. B. LAWRENCE PONTIAC CO., INC. Pontiac and Tempest "Sales and Service, Free Pick-up Service" 326 Granite Avenue East Milton, Mass. OX 6-1680 WENTWORTH'S DRUG STORE "Drugs and Prescriptions for over 50 Yearsv - 1647 Blue Hill Avenue OX 8-2140 FRANK A. FOWLER, MGR. LOREN MURCHISON AND CO., INC. Representing: "School and College Iewelersv 27 School Street - Boston, Mass. Rl 2-0161 BRUSH HILL TRANSPORTATION CO., INC. , "Chartered Buses for All Occasions - Serv- ing M ilton, Canton and Stoughton" 1299 Blue Hill Avenue Mattapan, Mass. CY 8-2487 - Please Patronize Our Friends - X PATRONS Please Patronize Our Friends - J. Fleisher, Inc., "Tailors 8. Cleansers" Sanders Variety Store Milton, Mass. T o T Murray's Department Store Mattapan, Mass. TOT Bob and Oscar's Mattapan, Mass. Carl S. Aldrich Service Dorchester, Mass. T o T "Fred, the Hair Stylist" East Milton, Mass. T o L Zilen's Fashion Center Mattapan, Mass. 101 Granite 5 and 1.00 Store East Milton, Mass. 10.- "Homes by Crosby" Milton, Mass. Station Quincy, Mass. -- o T Clover Drugs Co., Saul Cohen, Owner Milton, Mass. 101 Drever's Service Station, "Gulf Products Dorchester, Mass. 101 Milton Village Jenney Service Station Milton, Mass. 101 Starlite Cleansers, "One-Hour Cleaning" Mattapan, Mass. -.o- George C. Wilson Agency "Local Insurance Agent" Central Avenue, Milton 101 Milton Flovver Shop East Milton, Mass. 1o.. AIson's Men's and Boys' Wear Mattapan, Mass. Please Patronize Our Friends - I P A T R 0 N S - Please Patronize Our Friends - Rustic Gardens Flower Shop East Milton, Mass. -.01 Miss Vaughan "Dresses" Milton, Mass. -.O1 0'Neil's Delicatessen and Restaurant East Milton, Mass. 101 Pendoley Hardware Co. East Milton, Mass. .-O- Katrina's Pastry Shops, "Cakes and Pastries for All Occasions" Carroll, Perfumer Mattapan, Mass. .-Q1 Stardust One-Hour Cleansers "Complete Zipper Repair Hospital Mattapan, Mass. 101 Charles A. Pickering and Sons "Contractors" Milton, Mass. 107 Carne's Glamorama "Styling of Distinction" Mattapan Square -o-. Dorchester and East Milton, Mass. Reid and Hurley, "Travel Service" -.oi 'Compliments of: Dr. Richard C. Gingras East Milton, Mass. Milton, Mass. ..o1 q Hanley-Fitzpatrick Pharmacy Milton, Mass. - Please Patronize Our Friends - B 0 O S T E R S - Please Patronize Our Friends - Mr. and Mrs. George Abdelahad Mrs. Katherine Althouse Mr. and Mrs. Jack I. Aron Mr. and Mrs Paul A. Babcock, Jr Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Baker Ronald I. Barron Robert O. Bates Irving Bello K. Mark Benos Max L. Berman Arthur Binder James E. Blood A. Frank Bossi Robert B. Bourque Benjamin Buckler H. G. Bunstein John I. Cassidy Barnett Chartor Paul G. Clancy Edward J. Clasby Mr. Joseph A. Crowley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Cunningham Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore I. Curley and Mrs. Norman W. Cutler and Mrs. Clifford W. Davis and Mrs. Ncel WV. Deering and Mrs. Albert Desatnick and Mrs. Richard B. DeWolfe and Mrs. Melvin E. Dolan Mrs. Elizabeth M. Doyle Mr. Richard Doyle Mr. YVilliam Duffy judge Samuel Eisenstad Mr. Harvey I. Elias Mrs. A. B. Ellenwood 1. and Mrs. Phillip I. Coacly Mr. and Mrs. Albert Coletti A Future Graduate Mr. and Mrs. Eli Epro Mr. and Mrs. William F. Farrington Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Haley Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Halliday Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hammel Mr and Mrs. Frank K. Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George E. Harkins William V. Haynes Mr. and Mrs. joseph D. Collins Mr. and Mrs. joseph F. Healy, jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Heyman - Please Patronize Our Friends BOOSTERS - Please Patroinize Our Friends Dr. and Mrs. Albert Hickey Mr. and Mrs. Ray S. Lowney Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hogan Mr. and Mrs. john F. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. joseph J. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Erick R. Jacobson Dr. and Mrs. E. E. MacKinnon Mr. and Mrs. Irving Jaspan Mr. and Mrs. Marshal MacMillan Mr. and Mrs. E. Francis Kane Mr. and Mrs. W. R. MacWilliam Mr. and Mrs. John I. Kane Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Maffeo Mrs. V. Alta Karisky Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Magner Mr. and Mrs. Simon L. Katz Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Maltz Mr. and Mrs. William Katz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Manning Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Marad Mr. Charles H. Keenan Mr. Gerard Marquis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. joseph L. Marsolini Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Paul I. Mason, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. joseph B. Kerrissey Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. McCormack Dr. and Mrs. Owen B. Kiernan Mr. and Mrs. James M. McCusker Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leon Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. McDonough Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Levenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McNay Mr. and Mrs. James J. Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. Wesley A. McNeill Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Lievi Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Menchi Mr. and Mrs. john P. Lievi Mr. and Mrs. William S. Meredith Mr. and Mrs. Chet Linden Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. Merrick Mr. and Mrs. S. Litman Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Mondlick Mr. and Mrs. john F. Lobban Mr. and Mrs, George D. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Rubin Lookner Mrs. Bernice Moriarty - Please Patronize Our Friends B 0 O S T E R S - Please Patronize Our Friends Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morris Mrs. Malcolm Y. Samuelian Mrs. Virginia Moulton Mr. and Mrs. Morris Schneiderman Mr. and Mrs. William S. Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Seserman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Shackett Mr. and Mrs. James Murray Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose B. Nangeroni Mr. and Mrs. Philip Short Mrs. Thomas H. Needham Mr. and Mrs. George Shucker Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. John Smith Mr. and Mrs. James C. Nicholas Mr. and Mrs Phillip Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert Okstein Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Snook Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Oliva Mr. and Mrs. John WI Stenberg Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. R. Stribley Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Pave Dr. and Mrs. George A. Sullivan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pearlmutter Mr. and Mrs. John B. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Irving Swartz Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Pitnof Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tanzer Mrs. Grace H. Putney Mr. and Mrs. Francis XV. Tatro Mrs. Pierce F. Quinlan Mr. and Mrs. Bernard H. Travers Mr. and M1's. Harry Rabb Mr. and Mrs Benjamin Vengrow Mr. and Mrs. Abraham J. Rabinovitz Mr. and Mrs. Morris W. Waller Mrs. Lillie Reilly Mr. and Mrs. John I. Wallin Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Louis VVeiner Mr. and Mrs. Milton Rotenberg Mrs. Frances S. VVilliams Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Saletta Mr. and Mrs. Jack Woolf Mr. and Mrs. Reuben P. Yaffee - Please Palronize Our Friends ESPEIIIHHLI FUR UUU .. 0 The making of School Yearbooks takes far longer than you think. O The co-ordination of photography, art work, engraving, printing and binding was entrusted to our skilled craftsmen who have been making fine quality Yearbooks for more than a quarter of a century. I Together with the staff who have served you so well, we too share in the satisfaction of completing this book . . . Especially For You fm! Af. fgfdilvgdldc JW. School cmd College Publications 669 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTCN, MASS S P O N S O R S - Please Patronize Our Friends - HARVARD STUDIG Official Class Photographer 1947 - 1962 669 BOYLSTON STREET Boston, Massachusetts - Please Palronize Our Friends - Epilogue In our book the futuristic is merged with the traditional. On its pages are Milton of the past and Milton of the future. May we, the future citizens of Milton, be ever mindful of both the past and the future. Let us be progressive and far-sighted in our thinking, but let us never forget that portion of the past which will remain with us - the ex- perience, the knowledge, and the wisdom we gained at Milton High School. May we, the Class of 1962, always be proud of and grateful to Milton High School. Autographs Autographs 1, , .. , , WW: , TLWY ,,,,Y...,,,,,, ,,,, A v,,,,, ,,A,,.,,,-.-,..,. Y Y, - 1' , . ll BOS, ON vnu pu. 'TIF 2 M 5 f Q ffksigfgxxm fggl Qfgj f Y li 73JX'f9ff . ' ,., Q f 5xwyfif M X ,Mai Qii QFQi ' 5 Q2 . 2 5' X f f-ff-ff 2 W L5 p, fn Z2BLf fix Qj7fQ, fxq bo l ' fi Q A? Z , , fm., my I-fam-vu4-N. . 'I K' O N.. gm in , V Z -- . N. I I Ay KY x ,- ,Q . 'F-2. Ax xx-I .x 'A L . X' YW: X N XXX X cgi ' gkigxiwgkxy X J ! , If XQQQNSQQQ- I .., X Ag 1 . is iv' h ax ' f 0' f ..., f K V. K :ff ' ' .J 665' 1 X' 'Q F ' WUI? NN E w 1 'xN g ff i?EE52mi N , vb W W f +49 . r ' xx-EX , Y' V K 'M b irrv X E 3 -1 4, x X XX' I X .Q .R V 1 ' i 'xg' 0. :BLUE HILLS REBER Q I O U Nwmwixw X unc 0 XX I N. N ' 4 D 2. XJ -zz N O TL, Nu' N H mu.. Y :SR QhgQ M v ,W .W,Aw A A n 1 H ,r .xf W- 11'--T--a"'i"-v'-3'HL""'9"1""' -f'--H w ' E515 WI 'E WH NNE I on:-gr +7 --- W --'im ap Q :wil-7, QA 522: ff S T 0 N -3, J V 'X g' 7 X ' A xks,". SRS! lgyg z I Us W J an pix .l, , k...' ll Ms ,i 1, ' girl? Ah . if y I7 I fl N S ,dl . K Q35 5-Q ' 4 ,6 Q- ' -E ,Mff.i5W'W2Q5V-EL- i. 5 QQ, Q H, W 1 O f ' C YN nf , A I ' 06 MILTCN 5 fa- I9 6 2 ..Ui. I! 1 ,-- ---- -,,1.,,.' 1 , 1 , I A., HH, ,,.fL.,. .xv .,,...: 41, J . ,A .f.,.m..,.... .L-.-' IW ' X',L.,, 1 . Ml. , Av'

Suggestions in the Milton High School - Echo Yearbook (Milton, MA) collection:

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