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ng I rf, i ' f U' . ,LLM . xs- -,--.- w . ,.x.1g-- r "-3:1 Iggy? J-, .14,I'q:r Q 3 1 'H 1+ 1 9-N I 1 :- F... 5x 361 M 'mv 4 vamp 'P N g 4 L I ug, -X Z5 , J ' ,lf X A bl . 1 ik 'Nazi I ff' 1 U F04 'I I U9 sa Q., 5- 'f .5-' rdf' ""' 'I IQLQ Mi .fanne- , Wi., f - 1 wa: Q 1 f ll xx Wx z I 1 SI N , 5 1 -fx' , ,A - ' 'XX L 3 x , , 1 VAN E E 1 N f I A ..- mgiyxlrmnmnunnunwmunufwnnnimjgw f 5 Mn. .. L,.- f, a F 5 -m KKYw El Presentin 74a ,4mumZ Q! 7716441402 WW Solon! 1 THE UNQU MILTGN HIGH SCHOOL -f-4 M 5 R1.YAw r' ' , FEW xkf' FL i V15 V V H li 3 1 ,J H 1-V .. . .. Y .- - -', N- G54?Gf556655???G5646 MILTO , MASSACHU ETT I , ..,, ' ' Y Y YV- -it , -, -,..: , 'V P N I' ,L-ff:-c-'.5-z, 3 -ff --W -W -- - - -H V- f-.. - - BETWEEN THE COVER FACULTY For nearly ten years, the epithet Whiz Kid has been associated with Milton High School. In 1948, Carl Scrivener, a Quincy Patriot-Ledger sports writer, used it to describe the successful basketball squad. Soon, however, it was ap- plied to all varsity teams and then to the entire student body. What is a WVhiz Kid? He is a symbol of Milton High School life. A typical Whiz Kid takes an active interest in curricular and extra-curricular activities. He belongs to clubs, to musical and journalistic groups, for he realizes that through them he develops his own creative abilities and helps in fostering a better school spirit. Although he may not participate in varsity athletics, he admires good sports- manship and gives the teams his loyal support. He works conscientiously and co-operatively in all classroom projects because he values the truth of his school motto, "Knowledge Is Powerf, In this issue of "The Unquity Echof' the staff pre- sents the Whiz Kid to illustrate Milton High School life. - CLUBS CONTENTS ATHLETICS SENIORS PATRONAGE IN GUR HEARTS AND MINDS In April of 1956, we were saddened by the tragic death of William Henry Thornton of the class of 1957. We respected him in the classroom and ad- mired him as he participated in varsity sports. With athletic skill as his outstand- ing achievement, he won a permanent place in the hearts and minds not only of his teammates but of all who admired him for what he really was, a true example of American youth. To the memory of WILLIAM HENRY THORNTON we dedicate this Yearbook. TO THE GRADUATIN G CLASS The Prineipal,s Message The class of nineteen fifty-seven faces a propitious future despite political tensions and world turmoil. Apparently society is never without factions and feuds. For fifty years I can personally remember continued strife or appre- hension of strife. Research in history even prior to the dawn of nations reveals that tribes and clans preyed incessantly on one another. Nevertheless national organi- zation and global control breed certitude of peace rather than imminence of war. For three years your school has endeavored to encourage you to in- terrogate the past, to scrutinize its tenets, to question its methods, to analyze its motives, to doubt its sanctity, to learn from its lessons, to use its discoveries, and to press forward upon its time-tested truths. The present is the time to occupy completely. It is not intended that you shall live in the past, but that you shall consciously profit from the progress of past generations. At the turn of the century, an energetic United States Presi- dent advocated the strenuous life of which he was a notable exponent. Other great leaders have called for a full life, while thoughtful educators have long sought a contributing life. Your school hopes that you may have a purposeful life, the meaning of which is evident not only to you but to all with whom you associate. The present days glide by ever so swiftly, for there is nothing more fleet than time in which there is no turning back. Purposeful living is the keystone in the arch of progress, whereas progress constitutes the chief ingredient in the masonry of contentment. Hence to occupy the present to the utmost for purpose- ful living is a vital objective. To live too much in the past smacks of senility. To be occupied exclu- sively with the present is mundane. To have faith in the future is benign. Even as it is impossible to conceive of the beginning of time, so it is incredible to imagine the end of time. Your class is thereby currently precisely pivoted in the center of time with an enigmatic future fully as alluring as the unhallowed past. No one can be certain of his future role. Faith is needed. There must be trust. Life-long preparation is a solid foundation for trust. May the class of nine- teen fifty-seven continue to learn. May you vividly remember the past, wisely live in the present, and confidently look forward to the future. Qlkaf- C-WXQMJJQM. FACULTY BARBARA H. ALBRET Head of English Department Girls, League Dramatic Ad visor IULIAN S. ALEXANDER Art RICHARD C. BAILEY Aeronautics Shop Auto Mechanics CHARLOTTE M. BISSON French DORIS A. BRIDGES English 'fUnq1,iity Echov Advi.ser ARTHUR I. BRIMSTINE Vice-Principal Head of Mathematics Department Guidance GERALD T. CAMPBELL, JR. Physics Radio Cluh Adviser JOHN A. CARNIE Bookkeeping Faculty Manager of Athletics SHIRLEY CAVE English Girls' League Puhlicity Adviser DORIS H. CHADWICK Latin Girls, League Finance Adviser ALICE E. CONANT Physical Education Girls' League Athletic Adviser WILLIAM A. CREIGHTON Chemistry Biology Chess Cluh Adviser NELLIE V. DAWES Clothing Girls' League Social Adviser CATHERINE E, DELANEY Typewriting Dramatic Cluh Adviser ROSE DEPOYAN Mathematics Treasurer of Girls' League FACULTY CHARLES M. DUNBAR Driver Education Tennis Coach RUTH DYAS English Yearbook Adviser LOTTIE ELZBUT Typewriting Stenography Financial Adviser of Publications THELMA B. FOSTER U. S. History Student Council Adviser ELIZABETH J. FUREY Nurse RAYMOND A. GADAIRE U. S. History Basketball Coach A. IRENE GODDARD Head of French Department GENEROSA C. HACAN Foods Remedial Reading Girls' League Hospitality Adviser E. FRANCIS KANE Sub Master Head of Commercial Department WARREN N. LAPWORTH Physical Education Assistant Football Coach JOSEPH M. LONG Printing GERTRUDE M. MILLER Guidance Girls' League Art Adviser MARTHA R. MURDOCK Office Practice Stenography Typewriting Girls' League Director NORMAN N. NEVINS Head of History Department Golf Coach EDITH E. NEYLAN Law and Economics Latin-American Club Adviser Coaches JOHN A. SARSON, Football ARNOLD C. ADAMS, Track ROBERT N. OSBORN, Baseball FACULTY JOHN R. PEDERSEN Hygiene Hockey Coach DOROTHY E. POTTER English Scribblers' Club Adviser GEORGE F. RAMACORTI Problems of Democracy Football Coach ROBERT E. RAYMOND Director of Health, Athletics, and Physical Education PAUL J. SHUTE Mechanical Drawing HOWARD A. SMITH Head of Science Department Chemistry Club Advi.ser Photography Club Adviser C ross-C ountry Coach STANLEY F. SNELI.. Mathematics Iunior Varsity Basketball Coach NORMAN C. TARDIFF Mathematics Assistant Football Coach FRANCIS W. TATRO I I ead of Music Department FRANCIS X. TRACY English Debating Club Adviser Assistant Track Coach JANE C. WAGONER Director of Audio-Visual Education ETHEL B. WILEY Biology Financial Adviser of Publications Girls, League Civics Adviser Secretaries IDA F. BERNI LYDIE A. LIVEZEY CLUBS STUDENT COUNCIL D. Farrington. tuclent Counci and Home Room Delegation Although the Student Council and Home Room Delegation are not governing bodies, they are responsible for promoting better student relations in Milton High School. They also give suggestions as to the revisions of school rules and act as the repre- sentatives of the student body when the necessity arises. This year, as always, the annual November Harvest Dance was well attended. The proceeds of this dance, along with those of rummage and fudge sales, have been used to sponsor a scholarship award of 8250, given to some worthy senior at the gradu- ation ceremony, and to help in the entertainment of HOME ROOM DELEGATION Front row: K. Cloney, I. Jamison, H. Moran, M. Ver- rochi, S. Trussell, M. Boyle, I. Iverson, M. Smigliani, S. Gordon. Second row: B. Smith, J. Moreng, J. De- Santis, VV. Whalen, P. Quin- lan, J. Fahey, T. Adams, P. McDonald, C. Anderson, I. Cranstrom, B. Gillis. Third row: K. Hurley, E. Callanan, B. Interland, B. Croce, I. Dunphy, I. Martorano, C. Lanigan, L. VValsh. the delegates to the State Convention held in Mil- ton High School in May. Delegates have attended the Eastern Massachusetts Student Council conven- tions held in Gloucester and Saugus. The Student Council consists of four seniors, four juniors, and two sophomores, elected by the student body. The Home Room Delegation includes two members from each senior high school home room. Competent ofhcers from each group preside over the meetings under the direction of Miss Thel- ma B. Foster. Front row: P. Cote, G. Tays S. Kelley, L. Faxon, D. Dc vine, I. Meehan. Second row: J. Bonogli, J. Consolatx GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Front row: D. Etienne, I. Murray, I. Grantrom, I Jamison, P. Cote, S. Visnick a Miss Murdock. Second row: M Noris Moren D - . J- g. Blaydow, J. Zoll, K. Cloney, F. Parsons, G. Chandler. Girls' League The Girls, League, under the guidance of Miss Murdock, is designed to create an interest in school and community life. At the beginning of the school year, the League held the traditional sopho- more initiation and the candlelight ce1'emony. With the money raised from the concession at a football game and from the sale of pins and pencils, the League was able to establish the scholarship fund and to send Care packages to Hungary. In Febru- ary for the Mothers, Tea and also for the assembly, the girls presented the highly enjoyable comedy, "Shakespeare's Ladiesf, In the spring, the athletic committee directed the popular all-star game. As in previous years, the League sponsored two dances, the Christmas dance and the spring formal, both of which are among the school highlights for the year. Although all committees have been busy, special recognition should be made concerning the Nurses' Aides who have done volunteer work many afternoons at the Milton Hospital. These girls, un- der the direction of the Civics Committee, have done a commendable job. NURSES' AIDES son, M. Clancy. Front row: S. Lane, M Marad, C. Jolley, S. Trussell I. Troungo, P. Cote, D. Har vey, F. Rafuse, E. Maloney M. O'Toole. Second row L Trombley, K. Cloney, M McCloskey, C. Keith, C Young, I. Moreng, M. W1l SCHOOL PUBLIC ATIQNS Front Row: Rl. Hoyle, lf'. Dolan, K. Finney, lil. Haynes, U. Rice, J, Granstrom. F. Parsons Moreng. K. Haynes. Second Row: B. Sooner, A. YVehler, C. Lanigan, J. Dunphy, R. Grady 1- Quinlan. NV. Murdock, A. Spei-ling, D. Devine, T. Iovino, J. Brittan. Front Row: C. Jamison, N. Swartz. P. Simpson f.-xSSlSt8.l1lQ Business Managerj, J. Gallery tBusi- ness Mana.g'erJ, J. Peinert. H. Noonan. Front Row: D. Etienne, G. Collins, M. Smi5'.', D. Campbell, U. Ds-Vov, Iii. Noris. A. Kast, C. ltocssel. Se-cond Row: S. Feinstein, lil, Canon, fl. lluclcailay, T. Hagan, J. O'liea1'y, J. Bowie, R. McDonough, R. Mclnnes, A. Stearns, M. liandsnian. Two of the busiest groups in the school are the maga- zine and the yearbook staffs. These editors produce publi- cations not only for their own satisfaction but for the pleas- ure of the entire student body. The Echo, in annual competition with other maga- zines submitted to the Co- lumbia Scholastic Press As- sociation, has received in the past six years one medalist and five first-place awards. During the past year, Ultan Rice has been the editor. The Yearbook also received Hrst awards from Columbia. This staff produces the an- nual which serves as a per- manent reminder of the school year. The co-editors have been Donald Campbell and Carolyn DeVoe. These two groups depend upon the business staff Who raise money to help finance both publications. John Gal- lery has been the business managerg Patricia Simpson, the assistant. T DRAMATIC CLUB Front Row: M. Lantlsman. R. Mitsr-h, D. Harvey, J. Atsales, S. Hall. J. lloifeng. S. Trussell, J. Granstrom, D. Etienne, I. Troungo, S. Feinstein, N. Lawler. Second Row: C. Astra:-han, C. Hoes- Sel, F. Parsons. P. Cramer, J. Zoll, S. Visniek, F. Plotner, C. XYhite, L. Rudinsky, E, Maloney, E. Granluml. M. McCloskey. V. Bradbury. Fl. Bunquer. Third Row: G. Hoekaday. G. Pic-liering, R. Guarino, D. Campbell, .l. 1.'ean'ock, E. Hainclburg, '1'. Hagan, G. 'l'a,ys, XV. Nelson, P. Kerlmly, J. Cullati. Dramatics have always been very popular at Milton High School. This year be- cause of the large member- ship, the faculty adviser, Miss Catherine Delaney, sep- arated the organization into a junior and a senior club. Meetings have been held every month in the audi- torium. Each club has been divided into smaller groups, such as make-up, directing, and producing. The Senior Class Play, "Ever Since Evef, presented December 14, was the high- light of the year. The plot of this hilarious comedy in- . ..-..,.......... volves the editor of a high school newspaper Uon Gangl, his assistant editor QDiane Etiennej, and a charming Southern belle fSue Hall, who captures the hearts of all the boys in the play. The success of the production was due to the efforts of Miss Delaney, the entire cast, and the many committees-stage, costume, make-up, ticket, program and poster. Front Row: .T. Gang, F. VVhile, G. Tays, J. l"e:Lr'oek. J. Cullati, P. Kefldy, S. Hall, C. Lanigan. Front Row: M. McCloskey, J. Gang, D. Etienne, I. Troungo, S. Hall, P. Keddy. is 15 Screen Guild The Screen Guild, under the direction of Miss Wagon- er, has contributed to many school functions. It has sup- plied an announcer for home games as Well as a projection- ist for classes and assemblies. It created the sound effects for the senior play and re- corded the glee club and the band concerts. One of the main functions has been the repairing, designing, and building of audio - visual equipment. Front Row: H. Grissom, D. Campbell, A. Sperling, L. For-ti. Second Row: C. Aldrich, R, Mitiguy K. Elsden, R. McMorrow, M, Dias. Front Roig: S. Roberts, D, Skinner, M. Jodaitis, U. DeVoe, A. Nast. M. Dias. Mr. Smith. Second Row: E. Ixlayman, R. Anapolsky, J. Dunphy, M. Ross, R. Dolan, T. Dunn, G. DeVoe. Front Row: C. DeVoe, R. Hesselschwerdt, R, Dolan, Mr. Tram-y, P. Ks-ddy, A. Kast, D. Harvey, C. Crowley. 16 Chemistry Club This year, the Chemistry Club has met in 204 labora- tory under the direction of Mr. Smith. The club is in ex- istence to supplement the material taught in the regular chemistry course. The mem- bers perform experiments which can't be done in class and discuss various phases of chemistry. For the student with a special interest in this field of science, the Chemis- try Club is interesting and helpful. Deb ating Club The Debating Club, under the supervision of Mr. Tracy, aims to provide the members with experience in public speaking and in debating. During each monthly meet- ing, the club members have debated among themselves and have profited by the constructive criticism of Mr. Tracy who has served as judge. The most important project for the year was the assembly program, a debate on part-time jobs. Radio Club The Radio Club, which meets every other Tuesday in 205 under the guidance of Mr. Campbell, teaches its members the fundamentals of radio and electricity. Many of these people have their own elaborate equipment at ods share their experiences and try new experiments. By the end of the year, each member hopes to achieve his goal, the acquisition of a uhainv radio operatoris license. Front Row: Mr. Campbell, A. Sperling, F. Fitzgerald, E. Levitt. Second Row: T. Feurcy, F. Roberts. Photography Clubf Advised by Mr. Smith, the members of the Photography ' Club learn the art of taking, ' developing, and enlarging pictures. The club has the use of a Speed Graphic Hash camera and a well-equipped darkroom. The climax of the year was the spring pho- tography contest. Through the club, the members learn valuable experience which will help them to enjoy more fully the interesting hobby of photography. Front Row: M. Jodaitis, J, Shiels, A. Kast, B, Jodaitis, B. Carlson. Second Row: D. Skinner, M. Dias, T. Dunn. Chess Club The Chess Club, one of the oldest extra-curricular ac- tivities in Milton High School, has been sponsored this year by Mr. Creighton. Because of the lack of experience of the club members, the activi- ties have been limited to in- tra-mural matches held dur- ing the regular club periods. The members hope, however, to resume next year their membership in the South Shore Interscholastic Chess League. Front Row: R, Ananolsky. N. Swartz, F. Roberts, J- GHNEPY- F- Pl0fH9Y'. -T- PPHCOCK- Second Row: S. Roberts, S, Cohen, L. Forti. 17 home, and during club peri- unior Red Cross The Iunior Red Cross, newly organized this year, worked hard to make the activities successful. The thirty-one representatives, two from each home room with three from 208, collected not only Christ- mas cards and stamped envelopes to be given to vet- erans in hospitals but also educational toys and small childrens items to be sent to foreign countries. In the spring this organization sponsored a first-aid course. Eighty-seven per cent of the pupils of the school joined the junior Red Cross. JUNIOR RED CROSS REPRESNTATIVES Front row: M. Mowles, M. Dacey, D. Harvey, P. Simp- son, I. Troungo, H. Rcif, bl. Maclary, B. Smith. Second row: A. Fraser, N. Lawler, C. Pihl, J. Bender, H. Trow- bridge, P. McCarthy, A. MacPherson, P. Page. Third row: R. Dillon, D. Collins, I. Mello, A. Murphy, XV. Lane, J. Celi, VV. Nelson. HOI1 Ol' Among the senior class this year are some who, for their diligence and willingness to work, de- serve special recognition. These seniors have received honor grades in the yearly averages for their sopho- more and junior years. They have obtained these honors in scholastic achievements through many hours of perseverance and hard studying. They de- serve the congratulations of the entire student body. Two not present when the picture was taken are Vilija Cepas and Robert McDonough. HONOR ROLL Front row: K. Cloney, E. Canon, S. Feinstein, M. Landsman, C. DeVoe, I. Fitz Gerald, F. Parsons, M. Haynes, B. Johanson. See- ond row: M. Noris, N. 0'Neil, P. Keddy, ml. Pardy, U. Rice, E. Leavitt, C. Lani- gan, I. Gallery, A. Kast, B. WVaterman. , A . , . DRILL TEAM - Front Row: D. Foshay, J. Carita, C. Campbell, J. Atsales, V, Bradbury, J. Bassett. CHEERLEADERS - Front Row: D. Blaydow, J. Murray, D. Etienne, J. Iverson. Second Row: M. NValla.ce, S. Kelley, P. Cramer, V. Stebbins, J. Kelley. BANNERETTES - Front Row: I. Troungo, S. Trussell, C. Jolley, E. Maloney. Second Row: li. Cloney, J. Moreng, S. Hall. MAJORETTES - Front Row: E. Dowtlall, J. Jamison, M. VVenzler. THE DRILL TEAM For the first time at Milton High School a drill team was organized. Practicing under the supervision of Captain Robert Fisher from English High School these girls formed intricate maneuvers at all the football games. Smartly uniformed in maroon kilt skirts and White blouses, tl1e team amazed and delighted all spectators by their excellent precision marching. CHEERLEADERS Dressed in the traditional maroon and white uniforms, Miltonis cheerleaders strive to help the teams to victory. Starting in the fall and continuing through the basketball season these nine girls practice faithfully. At the end of the first year of cheering each girl receives a certificate and a school letter which then becomes part of her uniform. BANNERETTES This ycar one of the innovations for the football games was the formation of the Bannerettes. Uniformed in maroon skirts and heavy White sweaters, these girls carried a display of signs bearing the inscription MILTON. They performed before each game and on Thanksgiving took part in a special between-the-halves program put on by the band. THE MAIORETTES This year as in the past, the Majorettes marched With thc band at all the football games. Attired in their colorful new uniforms of maroon and White, they were an added attraction. Practicing every Tuesday and Friday mornings with the band, these three girls Worked out with their batons intricate patterns which they demonstrated at the games. 19 SCRIBBLERS' CLUB Front row: V. Stebbins, A. Wehter, S. Gordon, B. Mil- ler, N. Wilson, S. Firth, Haynes, N. Walker. Second row: L. Trombley, P. Page, M. Smiley, R. Sample, D. Harrison, I. Schindler, M Smith, A. Smith. Third roW': B. Sooper, M. O,Neill, E. Bossi, H. Trowbridge, M. Levy, M. Weiner, J. Phillips. Scrihlnlers' Club The Scribblers' Club, composed of sopho- mores and juniors under the leadership of Miss Pot- ter, promotes an interest in writing. During the monthly meetings held in the regular club periods, various styles of creative work have been studied and then used as models. The club members have written light essays, cinquains, and even verses for greeting cards. They have submitted some of their work to the Unquity Echo and have felt rewarded when their literary efforts have appeared in print. The highlight of the year was the annual contest held in the spring. Prizes were given for the best informal essay. Bdllfl. Milton High School is proud of its band. Directed by Mr. Tatro, these members have re- hearsed every Tuesday and Friday morning before school as well as period three on Thursday. In the fall they perfected their music and drill maneuvers for the football games. During the winter and spring, they prepared for the instrumental concert held in May. This concert, which demonstrates the musical talents found in all the grades, is climaxed by the performance of the senior high school band. In ad- dition, several of the members with exceptional abili- ty were chosen to perform in either the All-State Concert or the All-Eastern Concert. BAND Front row: C. Bush, T. Dunn, T. Gallivan, E. Dow- dall, J. Jamison, M. Wenzler, B. Carlson, R. Barry, E. Cur- rant, K. Smith. Second row: G. DeVoe, S. Brayton, I. Dunphy, B. Thomson, M. Iodaitis, M. Dias, L. Norcott, B. Iodaitis, N. Hezlitt, B. Johanson. Third row: A. Ohlen, M. Murch, P. Ayles, I. Hedge, R. Moody, B. Brown, G. Mansfield, G. Chandler, G. Oxton, P. Da- vidson, L. Standing, R. Schmidt. Fourth row: I. Look, H. Kams, P. Cotte1', D. Andre, I. Iovino, B. Bradshaw, L. Dunphy, R. Stanhope, D. Skinner, K. Gustafson, C. Crowley, J. Gallery. Latirl-Anlerican Club Under the guidance of Miss Neylan, the Latin-American Club, consisting of junior and senior girls, meets once a month on Tuesday, third period. During these meetings the members watch films on foreign countries, use common Spanish expressions, or put on short musical and dramatic programs based on the Latin-American countries. In this way, they become better acquainted with their southern neigh- bors. The outstanding event of the year was a tea in honor of the exchange teacher from Argentina, Miss Samada. This afternoon meeting proved both enjoyable and educational, for it provided firsthand information about Argentina in an informal and in- teresting manner. SENIOR CLEE CLUB Front row: J. Jamison, I. Troungo, S. Trussell, I. At- sales, S. Feinstein, R. Hes- selschwcrdt, C. DeVoe, C. Collins, M. Haynes. Second row: R. Waterman, P. Cra- mer, R. Stanhope, L. Tren- holm, D. Smith, P. VVillard, A. VVoods, M. Landsman. Third row: B. Johanson, F. Rafuso, J. Fitz Gerald, C. Tays, W. Nelson, D. Harvey, I. Shiels. GIGS Every VVednesday, third period, the members of the Clee Club rehearse to accomplish their aim, blending voices into harmony. The club consists of seventy-five senior high pupils directed by Mr. Tatro. This year, besides their annual Spring Concert, the members presented a special candlelight Christmas assembly, in which "The Song of Christmasv was the outstanding number. Some were selected to repre- sent the club in the All-State Chorus. On April 5, the night of the Spring Concert, all the members, under Mr. Tatro's supervision, produced a program of musical selections, such as "Wunderbar,', "It,s a Grand Night for Singingf' A'The Lordis Prayerf' 'SLight,,' and 'KO Lord Most I-Iolyf' LATIN -AMERICAN CLUB Front Bow: E. Banquer, R. VVater1nan, I. Troungo, J. Atsales, C. Astrachan, C. jol- ley, P. Cote, D. Hansen, S. Hall, R. Mitsch. Second row: M. Arrigo, M. Marad, E. Patz, A. Stearns, E. Ma- loney, S. Visnick, N. O,Ncil, D. Foshay, M. McCloskey, F. Parsons, C. Chandler. Third row: E. Matthews, M. Clancy, B. Rabinovitz, R. Brown, L. Rudinsky, I. Zoll, S. Trussell, 1. Flaherty, F. Rafusc, A. NVoods. The nzacl clash Down the hatch The hungry horde The men Gossip at lunch Smile for the birdie Money, money Everyone clanee Time out Desertecl, girls? M ake-up artists Fill 'em up! 22 5 W n ATHLETICS Front How: G. Hauser, J. Peli, D. Smith, R, McDonnell. R. C1-nee, XV. XVhalen, T. Quinn, R. Mc- ormack. V. Graliam, D. Carnie, C. Lanigan. Second Row: Coach Ramacorti, B. XYhelp1ey, L.. Trenholm, T. flilllli'-1'Flll. P. VanNf-ste, TZ, Interland. G. Pickerinpf, XV. Pe-Ili, J. Pullati, J. Grogan G- THYS. -l. Mullin. 'l'hir1l Row: .l. Moran, Il. Hlrilrlw-y, .l. Illx-Kay, D. Iticharnls, M. Hnllan, C XVlnte, Ii. l"l0ll'll6l'. IC, I'lillllL'llIlll'H', T. IPL-ury. F1 '1 Heffernan, J. Mullin. H. Skloff. Second Row: C. Kast. G. DeVue, Ill, Pallahan, S, Brayton, J. U Leary, U. Hogan, NV. Holvertsnn, S, Iloxie, K. Kearney, 'ont Row: D. I-Zourzlon, J. Bowie. NV. Murrlovk. C. XYhite, E, Hamellsurg, 'I'. Hagan, WV. Nelson, Faster The men Football The football team, although winless, exhibited a fighting, never-say-die spirit. There were several excitingly close games, including a high- scoring loss to Needham and a last-minute defeat at the hands of Norwood. A lop- sided defeat to Natick, Class B Title contenders, shook the team's confidence, constant injuries kept the team below peak eHiciency, Despite the had breaks, the team entered each game with a determi- nation to do its best. Winter Traclz In spite of a disappointing winter season, the trackmen can be proud of such senior runners as Tom Hagan, Bill Nelson, Tom Heffernan, and such Held rnen as Charlie White and Emanuel Hamel- burg. All the meets were held at the East Newton Street Armory with the ex- ceptions of the B.A.A. and the State Meet, both of which were held at the Bos- ton Garden. The outlook for future teams is good with several prospects rapidly im- proving. Why wait? 24 Baslzetball The 1957 basketball team, led by Captain Jeff Pea- cock, provided the fans With many seat-squirming thrills. Plagued by inexperience, the Whiz Kids lost their early games but improved quickly as the season advanced. Ray- mond Gadaire returned as coach after a two-year ab- sence to find only three re- turning lettermen. Although the team had a rather unim- pressive record, it was an excellent representative of Milton High School and its fighting spirit. Hoclzey Milton High's hockey team finished their schedule with an excellent record. Only one loss enabled the pucksters to make the play-offs with ease. Their impressive season was due partly to the coaching of Mr. Pedersen and constant drills at the Milton Academy rink. Much credit, however, should go to the team. The experienced goal-tending and skillful scoring gave the Mil- ton club the aggressive, fight- ing spirit necessary to any good team. S peed Front Row: A. ClasbY. J. Coughlin. R. Caddoo. J- Peacock' J' Fahey.. A. fl'0UYl9f1'-I Sif'.'9?fl. RUW5 R. Mclnnes, R. Clayrnan, R. Cunsulati, B. Whelpley, R. Farrell, R. Felulvefei. L0-N11 1flf'1'1'ff- Front Row: L. Waxon, D, Parnie, VV. Ar011el'. P. Qllil1l21n.'E. LeBlanc, G. TayuS.'RiVlMaff'Fng' Ricllards, Second Row: Uoncli Pedersen, J. Moran, J. fell, T. Qumn, G. HHU1-91, X- 11 SUN' - Aqlgrmg, P. Gallagher, M, Kegan, M. G'AIalley, H. Jenkins. G. Hilholrn. jmnp HUCZCUG SWG-GfClL 25 Front Row: lf. Parsons, K, l'lnnc-y, J, Morenat, N. O'Neil, P. Roe-ssel, V. Bradbury, E. Banquer. .T. Znll, S. Lewis. C. Campbell. M, Lamlsman. Sec-ond Row: l. 'l'l'uungo, J, Jamison, li, Binder, C. DeVoe. V. Fannlel, M, Bla-Ulosliey. R. Hesse-lst-liwerdt, J. MacDonald, J. Gl'ilhStl'0l1l, S. Trus- sell. U. Jolley. S. Hall. E. Strauss, S. Rosenthal, J. Sliiels. 'Phil-nl Huw: B. Johanson, P. Cote, G. Keith. N. Lawler, IC. Maloney. S. Kelley, D. lfoshuy, M. Dntnli, Al. Dewey, R. Brown. J. Bas- sett, E. Granlunrl, li. Mitsr-li, Bl. Murad. M. Arririo. X . ' . Frlont Row: V. Parsons. P, Poke, M. Arrifxo. E. Granlunll, K. Finney, R. Binder, S. Visnick. P. XV1llar4l. li. l3Ili1tlll6'I', E. Paltz. Second How: N. Lawler, Ill. Dat-ey, II. lfosliay, lt. llruwn, S. Kel- IGY, J- M01'1'tu:', .l. Mat-llcmaltl, It. lllitsvli, Ill. Mvvlnslu-y. G. Keith, IE. .luliansmm All aboard for Milton! Fight! Girls' Baslzetlaall In basketball, there were more participants than in any other girls' sport. Every after- noon during January and February games were sched- uled. In all there were three senior, three junior, and four sophomore teams in the tour- nament. Oklahoma, a senior group, finished in first place. At the end of the season, twenty - six seniors were awarded shields. Tennis In the spring, girls inter- ested in tennis were divided into three groups: beginners, intermediates, and advanced. Tournaments were held with- in the groups. At the end of the 1956 season, twenty girls of the class of 1957 received their shields. For this award, they had to complete the requirements within their group and be present at prac- tice eight afternoons. Loyal rooters 26 I-'ront Itow: M. Haynes, R. Hesselseliwermlt, J. Shiels. M. l,antlsman, E. Banque-r, E. Patz, 'Il Johanson. Seeonzl Row: M, Arrigo, G. Phnndler, A. Stearns, M. Dat-ey, G. Keith. Il. Milsvll. lc- Mztttliews. Third How: J. Bassett. IS. Grunlunrl, G. Collins, D. llurrey, D. Fosliay, LT. DeVo1:, V. Bramlbury. Front Row: A. Stearns. E, Patz, V. Fandel, K. Cloney, E. Banquer, R. Mitsc-h. Kelley, S. Visnivlc. Second Row: M. .-Xrripro, ll. Binder, M. Mt-Closkey, U. Dt-Voe, M. Noris. C. Campbell, M. Lanmlsnian. 'Fhirnl How: E. Matthews, M. Marad, M. Haynes, E. Granlund, J. Bassett, J. Mac- Donald, D. Etienne, J. Sliiels. Rock 'n roll H cave! Archery During October and No- vember, ninety-seven junior and senior girls participated in archery. Twice a week each girl, equipped with bow and arrow, wrist guard, and linger guard, practised at hit- ting the bulls-eye on the target. For the tournaments there were two groups, be- ginners and second - year players. Ruth Hesselschwerdt won the senior tournament. Badminton In the early spring badmin- ton, played on courts set up in the gymnasium, is the afternoon sport for girls. The first few weeks were used for practice, but later tourna- ments were held. The win- ners for 1956 were Elinor Banquer and Kate Cloney. At the end of the season, girls who fulfilled the re- quirements were awarded shields. Swing high 27 Its a home fun Hem 115 eomesf Speacl demons Ready, set, go U psy Dazsyf F aster, fastez Tzanzpolzne bounce Front chop Chms up 98 , P ' ' 1 ' - - 1 Is it heavy? The racket squad Spring fever . ' , X 4 5 . I I ' fx 29 E IOR OFFICER DENNIS A. A. SMITH 1058 Canton Avenue PRESIDENT Denny . . . a valuable member of the football team . . . an admired and respected class president who has initiative, friendliness, and popularity. Senior Class President 3, Senior Play Ticket Commit- tee 3, Glee Club 3, Radio Club 2, Football 2, 35 Basket- ball 2, Track 2, Red Cross Representative 3. PAUL M. MCDONALD 66 Reeclsclale Road VICE PRESIDENT Mac . . . one who enjoys variety - novels by Vol- taire, music by Benny Goodman, membership in the National Ski Patrol, or a good sail of Cape Cod. Senior Class Vice-President, Home RoonI Delegation 3, Football 1, Hockey 1, 2, 3. DONNA L. BLAYDOW 583 Pleasant Street SECRETARY Donna . . . peppy and athletic . . . versatile with chief interests in art, music, and dancing. Home Room Delegation 1, 2, Secretary of Class 3, Girls, League Social Committee 1, 2, Chairman 3, Dra- matic Club lg Scribblers' Vice-President 1, Office Assist- ant 2, 3, Softball 2, 35 Badminton 2, Basketball 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, 3. ROBERT N. CLAYMAN 284 Pleasant Street TREASURER Bob . . . is interested in guns . . . d0esn't approve of neclcties . . . likes popular music, rock in roll, rhythm and blues records. Class Treasurer 3, Home Room Delegation 2, Basket- ball 1, 2, S, Baseball 1, 2, Cross-Country 3. 30 JAMES E. AGNEW 12 Hawthorne Road jim . . . the boy with two major goals' - professional ball-playing and radio-tele- vision announcing . . . a fu- ture sports commentator. Home Room Delegation 1, 2,, C-lee Club 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Hockey 1, 2, 3. FRED V. ALEXANDER 35 Orchard Road Fred . . . spends his work- ing hours afternoons and Sat- urdays at a gas station pump . . . in his leisure takes great pride in his boat and his Ford . . . may enter the Navy after graduation or work in an auto body shop. PAUL I'. ANDREWS 37 Woodchester Drive Paul . . . newcomer to Milton from Archbishop Wil- liams . . . avid football and basketball fan . . . zealous worker with a C.P.A. as his ambition . . . one who is re- served by nature and loyal in spirit. WALLACE C. ARCHER 22 Westvale Road Wally . . . sports-minded .senior whether he is swim- ming and riding the summer waves along the New Jersey coast or ice skating and ski- ing in the frosty months. Hockey 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll three times. MARGARET A. ARRIGO S1 Sassamon Avenue Peggy . . . has a ready smile for everyone . . . likes music, sewing, and reading . . . hopes to travel to far-of places. Dramatic Club 1, 35 Latin- American Club 39 Tennis 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Archery 2, 3g Badminton 2, 3, Honor Roll four times. I1 sins 7 CLAIRE F. ASTRACHAN 168 Brush Hill Road Claire . . . a future kin- dergarten teacher . . . a good sport and a dependable person. Latin-American Club 2, Cor- responding Secretary 3, Girls' League Dramatic Committee 35 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Scrib- blers' Club 2, Archery 25 Office Assistant 33 Honor Roll seven times. DAVID C. ASTROFSKY 16 Tucker Street Dave . . . enjoys rock in roll . . . collects stamps from all over the world . . . tink- ers in carpentry . . . believes that horseback riding is good for physical and mental im- provement. Lunchroom Help 3. IEANNE S. ATSALES 93 Blue Hill Avenue Ieanne . . . enjoys paint- ing, roller skating, bowling, and swimming . . . is a sea- soned traveler to the Gulf States and points between. Dramatic Club 1, 3g Latin- American Club 3g Clee Club 2, 3, Drill Team 3. ELINOR L. BANQUER 631 Blue Hills Parkway Eli . . . a smart dresser . . . an excellent camper . . . an avid swimmer . . . a friendly person . . . a future speech therapist. Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Scrib- blers' Club 25 Latin-American Club 3g Tennis 2, 3, Basketball 3, Captain 2g Archery 2, 3: Badminton 2, Sg Honor R011 twice. ALBERT S. BARNET 453 Prince Street Albie . . . takes pride in his '56 Ford . . . works for Lipson Oil five nights a week . . . enjoys all sports '. I. . hopes to study medicine, perhaps because of his favor- ite subject, biology. Chess Club 25 Honor Roll OHCG. --.A i MH JOYCE D. BASSETT 25 Hope Avenue Ioyce . . . willing to sell tickets, design posters, and make stage scenery . . . ac- tive and co-operative in church activities and club functions. Photography Club 2, Dra- matic Club Sg Basketball 2- Archery 2, 34 Badminton 22 Drill Team 3. ROBERTA D. BINDER 9 Hawthorne Road Bobbie . . . a pop music fan . . . a great traveler . . . a lover of life . . . a congenial person . . . a future Emerson student. Dramatic Club 3, Latin- American Club 2, 3, Tennis Captain 2g Softball 8g Basket- ball Sg Badminton 2, 3, Honor Roll once. GERALD E. BLAKE 36 Gulliver Street fake . . . a night custodian at Milton Hospital . . . an automobile enthusiast . . . a devil during lunch period . . . a future certified public accountant. Honor Roll four times. STEPHEN C. BOBER 42 Warren Avenue Mouse . . . a science pic- tion fan . . . a prospective traveler to such places as Las Vegas . . . a rock 'n roll ad- mirer . . . a good-natured senior with opportunities to enjoy his leisure. Chemistry Club 2. JEROME C. BONARRIGO 71 Nancy Road Irish . . . dashes from his last class to his job in a Bos- ton department store . . . likes to go hunting . . . hopes to be a Marine. JOHN H. BOWIE, JR. 18 Webster Road Ruke . . . spends his time fishing, hunting, hiking in New Hampshire . . . collects stamps . . . admits math is his favorite subfect. Yearbook S, Cross-Country Manager 2, 3, Spring and Win- ter Track 35 "Echo,' Collector lg Honor Roll four times. VIRGINIA M. BRADBURY 119 Elm Street Ginny . . . hopes to go to business school . . . likes to watch and participate in sports. ' Dramatic Club 2, 8, Senior Play Costume Committee 35 Softball 2, 3, Basketball 3, Cap- tain 2g Archery 3, Badminton 25 Drill Team 3. ROBERTA A. BROWN 328 Blue Hills Parkway Bobby . . . collects records and plays tennis . . . is al- ways calm, cool, and col- lected . . . has a pleasant disposition and rr friendly manner. Dramatic Club 15 Latin- American Club lg Badminton 24 Tennis 2, Softball 3, Basketball 3. ALICE E. BURKE 9 Chesterfield Road Alice . . . cheerful and capable in her volunteer work at Carney Hospital . . . intelligent and co-operative in class activities. Nurse's Room 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Photograph Club 2- Field Hockey 25 Basketball 2. EUGENE I. CALLANAN 16 Pillon Road Gene . . . likes to exercise on the basketball court and to swim in the quarries . . . aims for Northeastern. Home Room Delegation 8g Basketball 2, Intramural Soccer 3, Honor Roll twice. CATHERINE M. CAMPBELL 398 Reedsdale Road Friendly, good - natured Kay-Kay . . . likes to parti- cipate in sports . . . plays basketball on her church team and is treasurer of C.Y.O. Girls' League Finance Com- mittee lg Glee Club 1, Treas- urer 35 Archery 25 Softball 2, 35 Badminton 2, 35 Drill Team Captain 3. W. DONALD CAMPBELL 104 VVeudell Park Don . . . a capable an- -nouncer for two years at Mil- ton's football and basketball home games . . . an active member in Youth Fellowship at church . . . a future M.D. Yearbook 2, Co-Editor 35 Dramatic Club 2, 3, Screen Guild 1, 25 Vice-President 35 Chemistry Club 25 Honor Roll four times. THOMAS P. CAMPBELL 270 Blue Hills Parkway Tom . . . is friendly to all . . . excels in hockey . . . hopes to enter a maritime school where he can add to his wealth of knowledge con- cerning ships and the sea. "Echo" Collector 35 Football 15 Tennis 1, 25 Hockey 1, 2, 3. ELIZABETH G. CANON 5 Pagoda Street Liz . . . wants to be a good nurse . . . likes saying, "Are you kidding?" . . . works as a candy girl at the Oriental . . . enjoys sewing, cooking, and watching basketball. Yearbook 35 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Tennis 25 Basketball 25 Archery 535 Badminton 25 Honor Roll twelve times. JEAN M. CARITA 77 Valley Road jean . . . gioes evidence of her secretarial interest by as- sisting with the morning at- tendance sheets . . . dials faithfully to W.C.O.P. and thereby becomes familiar with the latest hit tunes. Class Play Ticket Committee 3: Drill Team 35 Secretary's Helper 35 Honor Roll five times. 11 9335 7 SALLY A. CARLSEN 5 Tucker Street Sally . . . spends her hard- earned money for dressy shoes . . . admits she doesn't like school and would prefer to sew, listen to music, or drive a family car. Nurses' Aide S- Latin-Ameri- can Club 1, 25 Secretary's Helper 2. DONALD R. CARNIE 22 Gulliver Street Don . . . neoer fnds a dull moment whether he is in class, a DeMolay activity, a hockey game, or is working afternoons as a substitute janitor in the corridors of M.H.S. Chess Club 1, 25 Radio Club 1, 25 Home Room Delegation 1, 25 Football 1, 2, 35 Baseball 15 Hockey 1, 2, 3. WARREN W. CELLI 133 Houston Avenue Independent and indiffer- ent in attitude, a boy with capabilities and unused tal- ents . . . one who admits he often appears grouchy before ten A. M . Football 3. VILIJA M. CEPAS 411 Unquity Road Friendly Vi . . . an ac- tive leader of a Lithuanian Brownie troop . . . an experi- mental cook . . . an excel- lent dancer, seamstress, and gardener. Girls' League Finance Com- mittee 1, Secretary 35 Scrib- blers' Club 25 Glee Club 1, 25 Nurses' Aide 15 Tennis 1, 25 Secretary's Helper 35 Honor Boll twelve times. GLORIA B. CHANDLER 90 Capen Street Gloria . . . works at the Eye and Ear Inyirmary . . . is president of the Youth Fel- lowship at her church . . . transposes musical compo- sitions for her clarinet and accordion. Girls' League Music Commit- tee 2, Chairman 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 15 Latin-American Club 35 Archery 2, 35 Badmin- ton 2. MARY L. CLANCY 88 Decker Street Mary Lou . . . a ood cook with desserts ant? candie.s her specialties . . . one who is clever with the knitting needles and capable at the driverls wheel. Dramatic Club 1, Latin- American Club 2, 35 Clee Club 2, 3, Nurses' Aide 3, Secretary's Helper 2. KATHLEEN CLONEY 30 Lantern Lane Kate . . . a crack tennis player . . . one who plans for college and who knits and reads in her spare time. G. L. Athletic Committee 2, Chairman 3, Dramatic Club 2, 35 Scribblers' 1, 2, Nurses' Aide 35 Home Room Delegation 3g Tennis, Archery 2, Basketball, Badminton 2, 3, Bannercttes 3g Honor Roll eleven times. PAUL C. COAKLEY 54 Eliot Street Paul . . . an asset when- ever a hockey game is played . . . one who after a year of prep school plans to at- tend Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Track lg Hockey 1. WILLIAM M. COHAN 408 Brook Road Bill . . . has a keen sense of humor . . . enjoys reading books of non-fiction . . . dis- likes poetry, grammar, spell- ing, and especially Word Wealth . , . holds a job at Kerrigan's. FRANCIS L. I. COLLINS 3 Brook Road Frannie . . . works part time in the A sl P. . .has traveled through five prov- inces of Canada . . . enjoys hunting and water sports . . . likes to dance and do odd jobs. Honor Roll six times. MHS 34 CAIL M. COLLINS 49 Westvale Road Gail . . . prefers pizza and coke at any time . . . peruses the latest novels . . . works at Katrinals Pastry Shop . . . enjoys dancing, skating, and music of all kinds. Yearbook 3, Senior Play Tick- et Committee 35 Dramatic Club 3g Seribblers' Club 15 Clee Club 1, 2, 3, Archery 2, 3, Badmin- ton 2. FLORENCE H. CONNELLY 42 Washington Street Florence . . . is artistically inclined as evidenced by her posters in the corridors . . . is known for her enthusiasm, friendliness, and willingness . . . plans to work after graduation. 3 Girls' League Art Committee THOMAS W. COSTICAN 90 Alvin Avenue Tom . . . loves to sleep and pretend he's lazy . . . however, works after school as a floristls assistant . . . looks forward to his lunch period . . . enjoys watching sports rather than participat- ing in them. PAULINE L. COTE 137 Franklin Street Pauline with her smart coiffure and winning smile . . . sews and knits for her snappy wardrobe . . . listens to Glenn Miller and Artie Shaw. Student Council 8, Home Room Delegation 1, 2, Latin- American Club 2, Vice-Presi- dent 3, Tennis, Badminton 2, Nurses, Aide 8, Honor Roll five times. JOHN A. COUCHLIN 7 Melbourne Road Iake . . . a tall senior, at- tentive and serious in his classes . . . one who after two-thirty fools with the gang, works behind a soda fountain, bowls, or lends his time to C.Y.O. activities. Basketball 3, Golf 2, Co- Captain S, Honor Roll twice. I F i i ALLAN F. COUPER 124 Wood Street Coop . . . a good-natured collector of pop records . . . a loyal member of DeMolay and Pilgrim Fellowship . . . a hard worker at the local Stop sl Shop. Basketball 2, 35 Colt 3, Honor Roll three times. PHYLLIS J. CRAMER 24 Cheever Street Phyl . . . small, energetic leader of the cheering squad . . . a campus junior-college entrant. Girls, L e a g u e Hospitality Committee 1, 2, Social, Dra- matic Club 2, 3, Latin-Ameri- can Club 2, 3, Nurses, Aide 3, Basketball 2, Cheerleader 1, 2, Head 3. ROBERT F. CROCE 452 Truman Highway Bob . . . a physique for football . . . a seriousness for classes . . . a loyalty for his alma mater . . . a likeable personality. Home Room Delegation 3, Football 1, 2, Co-Captain 3, Track 2, Honor Roll once. JUDITH M. CRONK 63 Churchill Street Judy . . . a oery busy gal who enjoys music from Broadway plays. Dramatic Club 2, 3, Scrib- bler's Treasurer 1, President 2, Latin-American Club, Nurses' Aide 2, 3, H. B. Delegation 3, Field Hockey 2, Tennis 1, Bas- ketball 2, 3g Archery, Badmin- ton 2, Bannerettes 3, Secre- taryls Helper 2. C. ROBERT CULGIN, JR. 154 Blue Hills Parkway Cul . . . is good-natured and never bothered . . . looks forward to Uncle Sam's Navy for a life on the "rolling deepf, 35 957 JOHN F. CULLATI 136 Franklin Street John with his cheerful per- sonality and witty remarks . . . peps up any classroom . . . enjoyed last summeris job as a chefs assistant. Football 1, 3. MARY L. DACEY 27 Audubon Road Mary . . . an outdoor girl who likes to watch or to par- ticipate in sports . . . one who enjoys her Saturday night Canteen or her C.Y.O. group. Latin-American Club 25 Ten- nis 1, 2, 3, Basketball 3, Arch- ery 2, 3, Badminton 2, 3. CARCLYN A. DE VOE 25 Westvale Road Carolyn . . . M.H.S. ex- change student to Germany . . . collector of scenic post- cards . . . part-time librarian. Yearbook Co-Editor 3, Girls' League and "Echo" Collector 3, Debating Club 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Chemistry Club 3, Tennis 3, Co-Captain 2, Basketball, Archery, Badminton 2, 3, Honor Roll seven times. NATHANIEL R. DEXTER 211 Churchills Lane Laddie . . . his hobbies, hunting and collecting guns . . . his daily interests, work- ing at Hendries and toying with his car . . . his aim, the Coast Guard. Cross-Country 1, Track 1, 2, 31 Hockey 2. PHILIP E. DOLAN 198 Canton Avenue Phil . . . with his creatioe talent hopes to continue his study and make art his career . . . likes classical music oery much, particular- ly opera, ballet, and sym- phony. 2 "Echo" 2, 3, Scribblers' Club ROBERT P. DONOVAN 61 Church Street Robert . . . is a newcomer from Archbishop Williams . . . has an avid interest in photography, stamp collect- ing and the study of crime . . . plans to enter religious life after graduation. Intramural Soccer 3. MARGARET R. DOTOLI 16 Hurleroft Road Honey . . . has capability and serenity, requisites for a good medical secretary . . . enjoys bowling, skating, and watching school games. Dramatic Club 3g Basketball 2: Archery 2, 3, Drill Team 35 Secreta1'y's Helper 3. FREDERICK M. DOWLING 741 Canton Avenue Fred . . . lzas plenty of interests . . . studies the weather scientifically . . . knows New England through his traveling and his read- ing . . . finds time for fish- ing, hunting, and horseback riding. Honor Roll three times. ROY H. ELLIOTT, JR. 38 Glendale Road Mu: . . . likes to work on cars, especially his 1939 Ford which he is rebuilding for the summer drag races . . . gains mechanical ex- perience from a job at a gas station. Football 1. DIANE E. ETIENNE 53 Martin Road Diane . . . the heroine in the senior play . . . a capable artist and enthusiastic senior. G. L. Art Committee 1, 2, Chairman '35 "Echo', 2, Year- book 3, Dramatic Club, Nurses' Aide 3, Student Council 2, Softball, Basketball, Badminton 2, 34 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Secre- taryis Helper 2, Honor Roll eight times. MHS 36 VIRGINIA E. FANDEL 77 Reedsdale Road Ginny . . . is a likeable senior . . . enjoys popular music . . . admires career people. Dramatic Club 1, 3, Scrib- blers' Club 1, Treasurer 2, La- tin-American Club 3g Nurses, Aide 2, 3, Home Room Delega- tion 1, Basketball, Badminton 2, 3, Archery 2, Softball 2, 3, Secretary's Helper 2, Honor Roll four times. ROBERT E. FARRELL 369 Pleasant Street F igga . . . a friendly senior who never finds a dull mo- ment . . . a Supreme Mar- ket employee . . . a frequent visitor to Cunningham Park . . . a basketball enthusiast. Basketball 3. R. LINDWOOD FAXON 22 Greenleaf Road Linny . . . spends most of his spare time on the tram- poline, a golf course, or a ski slope . . . shows traits of leadership in church and school activities. Student Council 1, Vice- President 2, President 3, Golf 1, 2, 3, Hockey 1, 2, 3. SANDRA I. FEINSTEIN 247 Blue Hills Parkway Friendly, talkative, versa- tile Sandy . . . a "real cooli' pianist . . . a ready enter- tainer for dull moments . . . a diligent student. Girls, League Music Com- mittee 1, 2, 3, Yearbook 3, Dramatic Club, Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 1g Switchboard 2, 3, "Echo" Collector 2, Honor Roll eleven times. THEODORE V. FEUREY 133 Blue Hills Parkway Ted . . . possessor of an easy-going, friendly, happy disposition . . . faithful mem- ber of the football team . . . a prospective student at B. C. School of Education. Radio Club 2, Secretary- Treasurer 13, Football 2, 35 Track 2, 3. CYNTHIA E. FINE 94 Hudson Street Cynthia . . . is known. for her stylish clothes . . . loves sewing as well as interior decorating . . . plans to make a successful career of fash- ion designing. Glee Club 2, 3, Basketball 3, Badminton 8, Tennis 3. FREDERICK FITZGERALD 38 VVindsor Road Fred . . . possesses a care- free nature, a friendly dis- position, and a keen. sense of humor . . . enjoys all spec- tator sports, especially the B. C. and Holy Cross games . . . finds relaxation in a book of non-fiction or in gardening. Home Room Delegation 1, Radio Club 2, 3. JUDITH A. FITZ GERALD 44 Hollis Street Judy . . . a summer resi- dent of Falmouth where she sails her seventeen-foot boat . . . a hookworm on hospital stories. Girls, League Finance Com- mittee 3, Collector 3, Yearbook 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Softball 2, Basketball 2, Archery 2, "Echo" Collector 3, Nurses' Aide 3, Honor Roll six times. PAUL R. FITZGERALD 102 Decker Street Fitz. . . . likes nothing better than putting on the green or swinging a racquet on a tennis court . . . in school prefers history. Basketball 2, Tennis 1. JOAN hi. F LAHERTY 71 Nahanton Avenue Ioan . . . the girl with the fluttering hands . . . a fan of joe Smithis show and of Elvis Presley and Perry Como. Dramatic Club 3, Latin- American Club 2, 3, Tennis 3, Basketball 2, S, Badminton 2, 3. 11 9375 7 LAURENCE J. FORTI 80 Martin Road Laurie . . . plans to study chemical engineering and electronics . . . has interests in pyrotechny, hypnosis, and parapsychology. Screen Guild 1, 2, Chess Club 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll twice. DOROTHY A. FOSHAY 9 Magnolia Road Dorothy . . . with her nim- hle feet dances the Charles- ton, rumha, and the cha- cha . . . favors not only dances but also music from Latin-America. Latin-American Club 2, 3, Glee Club 2, Field Hockey 2, Badminton 2, 3, Archery 3, Softball 2, Tennis 2, S, Drill Team JOHN A. GALLERY 126 Elm Street john . . . ardent student of mathematics and archi- tecture . . . hopeful suhfect for M.I.T .... devotee of classical music, chess, golf, and tennis. "Echo" 2, Business Manager 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Chess Club 1, 2, 3, Chemistry Club 2, Termis 1, 2, Captain S, Honor Roll eleven times. JONATHAN W. GANG 290 Shore Street Falmouth, Mass. jon .... s howed conclu- sively his histrionic talent with the lead in the senior play . . . hopes to enter University of Massachusetts and become a landscape architect. Dramatic Club 3, Glee Club 3, Track 2, Soccer 3. STEPHEN L. GOREN 161 Blue Hill Avenue Steve . . . full of pep and fun . . . quick-witted with an answer for all . . . appre- ciative of that watch, the Walter Baker award. Baseball 1, 2, 53, Hockey 2, 3. RICHARD M. GORNSTEIN 73 Badger Circle Dick . . . a good-looking, easy-going fellow who ad- mits he is usually broke . . . the proud owner of a '29 Packard which requires both his time and his money. Radio Club 8. VINCENT J. GRAHAM 27 Rockwell Avenue Garrulous, good - natured, easy-going Slim whose nick- name belies his avoirdupois . . . a reader of suspense stories when he is not bomb- ing around town in his green Ford. Football 1, 3. ELIZABETH A. GRANLUND 52 Otis Street Betsy . . . loves to listen to modern music . . . babysits often . . . efficiently sews most of her wardrobe. Dramatic Club 3g Archery 2, 3, Badminton 2, 3, Basketball 3, Co-Captain 2, Tennis 2, 3. JANE E. GRANSTROM 3 Coolidge Road Jane . . . the girl who cooked hot dogs for the foot- ball fans . . . a future Sim- mons student. Scribblers' Club Secretary 2g Dramatic Club Secretary 3g "Eel1o', 3, Home Room Delega- tion Sg Nurses' Aide 34 Vice- President Girls' League 35 Soft- ball, Basketball, Badminton 2, 3g Archery 2, Honor Roll six times. JOHN J. GRIFFIN 46 Denmark Avenue john . . . a good Irish lad . . . an ardent college football fan . . . proud member of the Shamrocks . . . future traveler to the Emerald Isle. HUGH M. GRISSOM 22 Sias Lane Griss . . . amateur auto mechanic . . . hunting en- thusiast . . . member of Church Fellowship . . . ar- dent bowling, swimming, and soccer fan. Screen Guild 1, 3, Secretary 2. JOHN J. GROGAN 11 Cliurcli Street Punchy . . . enjoys football but seems to be accident- prone . . . works afternoons in Sherls Drug Store . . . is a cool drummer . . . has plans for the Navy. Band lg Football 2, 3. ROBERT E. GUARINO 109 Wendell Park Bob . . . a dignified father in the Senior Class Play . . . skiing, skating, swimming, and horseback riding enthu- siast . . . future engineer. Dramatic Club 3. RITA M. GUINTO 63 Dexter Street Rita . . . enthusiastic foot- ball fan . . . amateur ice skater . . . accomplished seamstress . . . one who takes aleasure in Friday and Saturdlay church dances. THOMAS J. HAGAN 7 Morton Terrace Tom . . . one of the fastest men on the cross-country and track teams . . . a principal in the Senior Class Play . . . a prep school student in 1957-1958. Dramatic Club 3, Radio Club 2, Yearbook 3g "Echo" Collec- tor 1g Cross-Country 1, 2, Co- Captain 3, Track 1, 2, Co-Cap- tain 3. CHRISTOPHER D. HALL 85 Blue Hills Parkway Chris . . . hopes for train- ing in the Medical Corps at Fort Sam Houston . . . is active in church and De- Molay . . . later expects to enter B. U. junior College. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Lunch- room 2, Secretary's Helper 2. ELISABETH R. HALL 90 Washington Street Betty . . . flashes a charm- ing smile which bespeaks her a ter-school work as a denta assistant . . . likes to strum the guitar and sing hill-billy numbers. Home Room Delegation 1, 2, "Echo" Collector 1, Band 1, Clee Club 1, 2, 3. SUE HALL 20 Austin Street Sue . . . a charming South- ern belle in i'Ever Since Even . . . a gal with long blonde hair, a sweet disposition, and - rather amazing - an in- terest in girls' track events. Dramatic Club 2, Secretary 3, Latin-American Club 2, 3, Bannerettes EMANUEL W. HAMELBURC 18 Vose Hill Road Tall, broad Manny . . . has a terrific personality . . . is found driving his Olds con- vertible . . . goes for rhythm and blues . . . intends to go to college. Dramatic Club 3, Football 3, Track 1, 2, 'ig Honor Roll three times. DIANE L. HANSEN 26 Sassamon Avenue Pretty, popular Diane . . . likes knitting . . . is known for her blonde hair and her left-handed writing . . . has no plans for the immediate future. Latin-American Club Record- ing Secretary 3. Ii eggs 7 FRANK K. HARDY 50 Wendell Park Frank . . . is employed at Roberts Supply Co .... bombs around town in his ,48 Merc convertible . . . plans to enter the Air Force. Chess Club 1, 2, Clee Club 3, Radio Club 1, Home Room Delegation 1, Baseball 1. JOHN F, HARKINS 21 Chesterfield Road Hark . . . likes to fool around with cars either as a mechanic or as a driver to interesting places like Wash- ington, D. C., New Bruns- wick, and Quebec . . . an avid reader who prefers tech- nical subjects. Cross-Country 2, Track 2. JOHN G. HARRIS S4 Dyer Avenue Good - natured, fun - loving Johnnie . . . transferred from Boston in his senior year . . . because of his natural curi- osity and his success in building an electric eye, will probably venture into the Held of engineering. DOROTHY A. HARVEY 12 Gulliver Street Dottie . . . enjoys dancing and semi-classical music . . . is an excellent swimmer . . . has a friendly manner. G. L. Civics Committee 1, 2, 3, Secretaryls Helper 2, 3, Dra- matic Club 2, 3, Debating Club, Clee Club 3, Latin-American Club 2, Nurses' Aide S, Arch- ery 2, 3, Badminton 2, Honor Roll once. MARY LOUISE T. HAYNES 11 Marilyn Road Mary Lou . . . with her ability, a Merit Scholarship Winner . . . with her charm, a delightful English teacher in the future. Debating Club 1, Scribblers' Club 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, "Echo" 2, S, Basketball 2, 3, Archery 2, 3, Badminton 2, Honor Roll nine times. THOMAS J. HEFFERNAN 1067 Brush Hill Road Tom . . . a newcomer who excels in track . . . a lzut boy for the Appalachian Moun- tain. Club . . . a devotee of lengthy canoe and bicycle trips and of mountain climb- ing. Cross-Country 3, Track 2, 3. WILLIAM HENDERSON, III 80 Whitelawn Avenue Billy . . . a transfer from Amherst Central High in New York where he took the Albany Basic Reserve Train- ing Course for CD . . . a smooth dancer with a friend- ly personality. RUTH HESSELSCHWERDT 28 Hillcrest Road Ruth Ann . . . likes music in any form, singing in. the choir or listening to classical records . . . embroiclers, makes her clothes, and works in the public library. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 35 Debating Club 35 Soft- ball 2, Archery 2, 3, "Echo,' Collector 2. GEORGE W. HOCKADAY 4 Miller Avenue George . . . an energetic chap whether he's running for track, janitoring in some school, paying bills for the Youth Fellowshi 1, or polish- ing his '51 Fordl Yearbook -3, Band 1, 2g Dm- matic Club 3, Track 2, S, Honor Roll six times. MARVIN F. HUBAN, JR. 30 Huntington Road Marv . . . is seen. driving around in his rocket Olds- mobile . . . likes jazz . . , works at Hammeris Drug Store two nights a week. Band 1: Glee Club 3, Lunch- room Ilclper 2g Football 1, 3: Basketball 2, 3, Honor Roll twicc. MHS 40 JUDITH A. IAMISON 203 Church Street Sweet and peppy Judy . . . a lover of music, sports, and knitting . . . Milt0n's answer to a capable leader. Home Room Delegation 1, 2, 34 Girls, League President S, Social Committee 2, "Echo', 2g Glee Club 1, 2, 3g Basketball lg Majorette 1, 2, Head 3, Office Helper 2, Lunchroom lg Honor Roll once. WARREN C. JANICAN 17 Centur Lane Warren . . . hlas a person- ality full of fun and humor . . . goes boating and water .skiing in the summer A. . plans a career in aeronautics. BARBARA A. IOHANSON 97 Warren Avenue Barb, her nickname . . . mathematics or science, her future major . . . tennis, her sport . . . clarinet and piano, her hobbies. G. L. Music Committee S5 "Echo,' Collector 3, Glee Club, Band 3, Scribblers', Latin- American Club 2, Tennis, Bas- ketball, Badminton 24 Archery 2, 3, Honor Roll twelve times. CAROL A. IOLLEY 276' Blue Hills Parkway Carol . . . rep, poise, and personality pus . . . speed on a tennis court . . . pleas- ure in music and dancing. Girls' League Athletic Com- mittee 1, Nurses, Aide 3, Latin- American Club 2, President 33 Dramatic Club 3g Scribblers' Club 1, Tennis 1, Co-Captain 2, Basketball 3, Banncrettes 3. ALICE C. KAST Horton Place Dependable, efficient Alice . . . evenness of disposition . . . interests especially in sports and church activities. Girls' League Collector 3, Yearbook 3g Debating Club 1, 2, 34 Chemistry Club 3, Secre- tary's Helper 39 Softball, Bas- ketball, Badminton 2, Lunch- room 1, 25 Honor Roll six times. JAMES P. KEARNEY 3 Century Lane Generous, gregarious, and genuine Karn . . . believes in having a good time while he's young . . . intends to work next year. G. PAUL KEDDY 39 Winthrop Street Milton High's debater and tennis star . . . collector of stamps and owner of model trains. Dramatic Club 3, Debating Club 1, 2, President 3, Lunch- room 2, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Track 1, Soccer 3, Honor Roll twice. DONALD M. KEITH 33 Berlin Avenue Happy-go-lucky, good- looking Don , . . is a valuable track and field man . . . hopes to become an airline pilot . . . wishes to attend Boston University. Cross-Country 1, 2, Co-Cap- tain 3, Indoor Track 1, 2, Co- glagtain 3, Outdoor Track 1, GAILA P. KEITH 62 Houston Avenue Blonde, blue-eyed, Gaila . . . an artist of excellence . . . a person of friendliness. G. L. Art Committee 35 "Echo,' 3, Dramatic Club, De- bating Club Sg Scribblers, Club, Latin-American Club 25 Nurses, Aide 3, Tennis 3, Co-Captain 2, Badminton, Basketball, Archery 2, 3, Honor Roll three times. SANDRA L. KEITH 71 Cabot Street Sandy . . . is not too fond of school but resigned to the fact that it's necessary . . . wants to become an airline hostess . . . likes steady dat- ing . . . goes in for most sports. 1 aus 7 SUSAN E. KELLEY 52 Hurlcroft Road Versatile and capable Sue . . . enjoys all activities. Student Council 2, Secretary 3, Girls' League Finance Com- mittee 2, Art Committee 3, Nurses, Aide 3, Nurse's Room 2, Secretary's Helper 3, Cheer- leader 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, Scribblers, Club 1, 2, Tennis, Basketball, Badminton 2, 3. ANN C. KING 39 Pond Street Ann . . . a ready response to questions in law class . . . a thorough delight in driver education . . . an industry in her after-school job at Lin- coln's . . . a fascination for the classics of Dumas. JOHN W. KOLSTAD 60 Sassamon Avenue john . . . although inter- ested in auto mechanics, much prefers the wide-open spaces where thereis room for skiing and skating, hunt- ing and fishing. Cross-Country 2, Honor Boll OIICC. GERALD M. KOSS 77 Crown Street Gerry . . . entered M.H.S. in November . . . often rides horseback . . . plays the piano and drums . . . enjoyed hockey and swimming at Boston Latin. Chemistry Club 3. MARSHA N. LANDSMAN 320 Blue Hills Parkway Marsha . . . has personality plus . . . talks incessantly . . . sparkles with friendliness. Yearbook 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Girls' League Publicity Committee 3, Senior Play Costume Commit- tee 3, Tennis, Basketball, Arch- ery, Badminton 2, 35 Honor Roll ten times. ROBERT I. LANDY 242 Blue Hill Avenue Oklahoma . . . enjoys be- ing different and therefore practices his hobby "Personal Psychoanalization. of People in General" . . . displays a ready smile and a big 'ihellof' WILLIAM P. LANE 15 Austin Street Ralph . . . possesses a rare sense of humor and a sin- cerity toward work and friends .... s pends his spare time reading non-potion and learning the culinary art. Home Room Delegation 15 "Echo" Collector 25 Cross- Country 2, 35 Track 1, 25 junior Red Cross Treasurer CHARLES F. LANIGAN 28 Osborne Road Charlie . . . a wonderful personality . . . a conscien- tious student . . . a future doctor. Home Room Delegation 2, 35 Dramatic Club President 35 'KEchon 2, -35 Football 2, 35 Honor Roll eleven times. PAUL F. LARRABEE 20 Harold Street Larr . . . at present has two chief interests - fishing and soda jerking . . . in the future will be a well-paid mechanic. NATALIE A. LAWLER 83 Clapp Street Nat . . . a gentle likeable disposition . . . a friendliness toward people and animals . . . an interest in outdoor activities, Dramatic Club 35 Latin- American Club 2g Red Cross Collector 35 Tennis 2, S5 Soft- ball S5 Archery 2. MHS 42 EUGENE V. LEBLANC 1387 Canton Avenue Gene . . . a true French- Canadian who retains his interest in three sports of Quebec: hunting, fshing, and skating. Baseball 1, 2, 35 Cross-Coun- try 35 Hockey 1, 2, Captain 35 Honor Roll once. EDWARD G. LEVITT 144 Audubon Road Big Ed . . . likes to bowl and play baseball . . . has a keen interest in national events, cars, and girls . . . is an avid book fan. Photography Club 25 Screen Guild 35 Radio Club 2, 35 Honor Roll twelve times. SANDRA E. LEWIS 78 Washington Street Sandee . . . is pert, pretty, and popular . . . plans to work in an office after gradu- ation . . . makes most of her own fashionable clothes . . . is active in Pilgrim Fel- lowship and other church activities, Basketball 3. JEANNE A. MHCDONALD 15 Kenilworth Road Jeanne . . . her job, baby- sitting . . . her hobby, traoel- ing and meeting people . . . her disposition, sparkling. Girls' League Athletic Com- mittee S5 Secretary,s Helper S5 Nurse's Room 2, 35 Tennis 25 Basketball 25 Archery 25 Bad- minton 2. RICHARD C. MACDONALD 42 Huntington Road Dick . . . radio and elec- tronics enthusiast . . . capa- ble history student . . . a good conoersationalist with both teen-agers and adults. Honor Roll once. RICHARD A. MacNEIL 251 Blue Hills Parkway Dick . . . one wlzo quotes football statistics and pre- dicts with remarkable ac- curacy game outcomes . . . a student of forest engineering. Football 2, 35 Track 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 2. M. PRISCILLA MAHONEY 61 Oak Street Cilla . . . has interests in domestic science for she bakes delicious cakes and cookies and "sews a ine seaml' . . . bowls and dances in her spare time. ELLIN F. MALONEY 236 Eliot Street Carefree, easy-going Ellin . . . writes "Teen-Age News' in local newspaper . . . has a dream to travel. Dramatic Club 2, 3, Latin- Amcrican Club 2, 3, Nurses' Aide 3, "Echo" Collector 1, Bannerettes 3, Basketball 35 Archery 3, Badminton 2, 3. MARY A. MARAD 376 Brush Hill Road Mary . . . is known for her witty remarks . . . dislikes people who imitate her . . . will never forget her sopho- more poison ivy . . . plans to attend Katharine Gibbs. Scribblers, Club 2g Dramatic Club 3, Latin-American Club 35 Nurses' Aide 3, Softball, Bas- ketball, Badminton 2, 3. THOMAS W. MASTERSON 93 Elm Street Gumps . . . humorist . . . daredevil . . . reader of sports and adventure stories . . . friendly, likeable senior. Football 2. ii one 7 ELAINE F. MATTHEWS 101 Audubon Road Elaine . . . though quiet in manner has a merry twin- kle in her eye . . . likes ac- tivity in fishing and ice skat- ing . . . hopes to work at an airport. Latin-American Club 34 Field Hockey 25 Tennis 1, 25 Archery 2, 3, Badminton 2, Honor Roll once. JOSEPH L. MCARDLE 7 Governors Road Carefree Joe . . . a mem- ber of the C.Y.O. basketball team and of the Shamrock football team . . . a follower of Izaak Walton. FRANCIS T. MCCABE 69 Harold Street Butch . . . tall and lanky, retiring and quiet . . . ener- getic as proven by his work- ing hours of one to six on a Sunday morning. Track 3, Basketball 3. MARY A. .MCCLOSKEY 99 Waldeck Road Mary . . . well-liked per- sonality . . . faithful rooter of Miltorfs teams . . . en- thusiastic music and sports fan. G. L. Collector 1, Civics Committee 2, Athletic Commit- tee 3, Dramatic Club 1, 3, Scribblers' Club 1, 2, Latin- American Club 2, 35 Nurses, Aide 31 Home Room Delegation lg Basketball 2. RICHARD C. McDONNELL 104 Thacher Street Dick . . . star halfback of this year's team . . . protege of Mr. Long . . . snappy dresser . . . strong support- er of a forty-minute lunch period. Glee Club 34 Home Room Delegation 2, Football 2, 3. ROBERT NI. MCDONOUCH 64 Elton Road Mick . . . a golf and bowl- ing enthusiast . . . a whiz in science and math . . . a fu- ture engineer. Yearbook 3, Debating Club 2g Track 25 Soccer 3, Honor Roll eleven times. GALE L. MCCOVERN 579 Pleasant Street Gale . . . talents in jour- nalism. and art, especially clay modeling . . . a consci- entiousness and loyalty to- ward all school activities. Scribblers, Club 1, 2, "Echo" 2, 35 Softball lg Basketball 1. ROBERT F. BICINNES 20 McKinnon Avenue Mac . . . likes most sports, especially basketball . . . works weekends pumping gas . . . drives around in his hot '40 Dodge . . . hopes to study engineering at Brown. Yearbook S, Soccer 3, Bas- ketball Manager 1, 2, 3g Track 2, 3, Honor Roll twice. BRENDA L. MCKINNON 79 Robbins Street Lee . . . prefers housework to homework . . . has a fondness for children and a friendliness toward all peo- ple . . . in sports enjoys horseback riding. CHRIS H. METRAKAS 378 Pleasant Street The Greek . . . a ready answer for anything . . . a liking for outdoor activi- ties, particularly baseball and hockey . . . participation in jokes and pranks. Baseball 2, 35 Intramural Soccer 3. MHS 44 CAROL G. MICHAELSON 117 Blue Hill River Road Carol . . . outside activities in C.Y.O., Youth Club . . . interests in football, basket- ball, and badminton . . . a pet lpeeve in waiting for peop e. Girls' League Hospitality Committee 3, Honor Roll once. WALTER E. MILLS 2 Riverside Avenue Walt . . . a traveler to California, Florida, and the Maritimes . . . one who may continue his education in the field of accounting before he joins Uncle Sam's Navy. M. REGINA MITSCH 10 Magnolia Road Reggie . . . an enthusiastic tennis player . . . an artist in water colors . . . one who willingly and modestly as- sumes responsibilities. Girls' League Finance Com- mittee 3, Dramatic Club 3, Latin-American Club 2, 3, Ring Committee 25 Tennis 1, 2, 3g Basketball, Archery, Badmin- ton 2, 3, Nursels Room 2. ROBERT C. MITICUY 75 Cliff Road Happy, smiling Bob . . . has a partiality for physics, rock collecting, and moun- tain climbing . . . can be found repairing cars and old clocks, or listening to mod- ern jazz. Photography Club 2, Chem- istr Club 2, Football 1g "EchoU Collector 1. JOAN B. MORENG 64 Waldeck Road Ioan . . . a ready smile . . . a cheerful co-operation. G. L. Civics Committee 2, Chairman 3, "Echo" 2, 3, Dra- matic Club 2, Treasurer 35 Scribblers 1, 2, Nurses, Aide 3, H. R. Delegation 1, 2, 8, Ten- nis, Basketball, Badminton 2, 3, Archery 2g Bannerettes 3, Sec- retary's Helper 2, 35 Honor Roll seven times. PETER F. MOTYKA, JR. 17 Eileen Road Peter . . . a former resident of Hawaii . . . an industrious employee at Hendrie's . . . a future executive in advertis- ing and salesmanship. JAMES F. MULLIN 214 Edge Hill Road Lanky, pla cid Moon, M .H.S. football manager . . . aims for Tufts after a year at prep school . . . has sports for his hobby and a Rambler for his transportation. Football 1, 2, Manager 3. WILLIAM C. MURDOCK, JR. 8 Vinewood Road Bill . . . dependable and calm . . . interested in all sports with the emphasis on track, the Braintree Rifle Club . . . aiming toward aeronautical en ineering. "Echo" 35 Indoor and Out- door Track Manager 2, 3g Honor Roll twice. ALBERT G. MURPHY, JR. 90 Houston Avenue Murph . . . an avid reader . . . an ingenious fix-it man with ability in papering and painting . . . an industrious student always prepared and ready to learn. Dramatic Club 39 Soccer 33 Lunchroom 25 Honor Roll three times. CAROL A. NAUCHTON 493 Central Avenue Red-headed Carol . . . takes an active art in sports . . . has traveledp considerably and hopes to visit all of the states . . . is fascinated by stories concerning horses and dogs. Secretaryls Helper 35 Arch- ery 2. 1 alms 7 WILLIAM P. NELSON 248 Blue Hills Parkway Bill . . . a friendly guy . . . a track and fishing enthusi- ast . . . a television and radio fan . . . one who doesn,t en- joy sleeping late. Dramatic Club 35 Clee Club 34 Football lg Track 1, 2, 3g Junior Red Cross President 3. EDWARD F. NOON 87 Brook Road Ed . . . quiet, unassuming . . . interested in aviation as shown by his flying lessons and his desire to apply for pilot,s training in the Air Force. MARY NORIS 140 Audubon Road Mary . . . quiet efficiency in all undertakings . . . capa- bility as a future secretary . . . special interest in sewing and shorthand. Girls' L e a g u e Hospitality Chairman 35 Yearbook Secretary 3g Dramatic Club 25 Badminton 25 Honor Roll twelve times. JAMES E. O,LEARY 21 Franklin Street Gentlemanly jimmy . . . at home collects stamps . . . at school works out with the gym team . . . enjoys argu- ing with teachers over poli- tics or history. Yearbook 3g "Echo" Collector 3g Photography Club 25 Intra- mural Basketball 2g Soccer 3, Tennis 2, 33 Track 3. NANCY O'NEILL 91 Allerton Road Easy-going Nance . . . an ardent participator in sports . . . a faithful fan of M.H.S. G. L. Athletic Committee 3, Nominating Committee 2g Dra- matic Club, Latin-American 2, 35 Scribblers lg Tennis 2, 34 Softball, Archery 25 Basketball 3, Captain 2g Badminton 35 Honor Roll eight times. GLENN A. OXTON 45 School Street Glenn . . . a good musician and a loyal supporter of the M.H.S. band . . . a busy boy with tivo part-time jobs and membership in De- Molay, Youth Fellowship, and Canteen. Band 1, 2, 3, Chess Club 1. IAMES A. PARDY 27 Quarry Lane jim . . . future plans, for- eign service . . . hobbies, stamp collecting and detec- tive stories . . . fob, working in Cohanls Market . . . favor- ite saying, "Oh, letis not be sickeninglv Debating Club 2, 3, Honor Roll eleven times. JAYNE V. PARSLOE 1086 Blue Hill Avenue Jayne . . . is known for her friendly "hiv and good- natured way . . . likes to travel and study ancient his- tory . . . takes pleasure in cooking, babysitting, and driving. Nurses, Aide 24 Glec Club 39 Latin-American Club 35 Soft- ball 35 Basketball 33 Honor Roll Ol1Ce. FLORENCE H. PARSONS 68 Avalon Road Flossy . . . a future Sim- mons College girl with a major in business . . . one who has traveled the United States from sea to sea. C. L. Finance Chairman 35 "Echo', Secretary 3g Dramatic Club 3, Latin-American Club 2, 3: Tennis, Archery 2, Softball 3g Basketball 2, 3, Honor Roll nine times. ELEANOR PATZ 35 Adanac Road Pitty-Patty-Pat: . . . a quiet sincere friend . . . an admirer of rock 'n roll . . . a uture secretary or hair sty ist . . . a neat dresser and a good dancer. Dramatic Club 1, 2, Latin- American Club 34 Tennis 1, 2, 3g Archery 2, 3g Badminton 2, 3, Honor Roll twice. MHS 46 JEFFREY C. PEACOCK 15 Pond Street Jeff . . . popular M.H.S. representative for Good Gov- ernment Day and capable president of the Youth Club . . . a future student in ac- counting. Home Room Dele ation 1, Treasurer 2g Chess Cllub 1, 3, Secretary 2, Glec Club 35 Bas- ketball 1, 2, Captain Sg Lunch- room 2. ROBERT H. PERDRIAU 301 Edge Hill Road Bob . . . a much-traveled senior . . . a good mechanic who aims toward industrial technology . . . one who en- joys the great outdoors - hiking, hunting, camping. E. LEANNE PEROLA 5 Adanae Road Leanne . . . peppy, blue- eyed, and friendly . . . clever at dancing both toe and tap . . . generous with her talent at benefit performances. RICHARD M. PERRY 24 Park Street Dick . . . one who is al- ways early although not anxious to be in class . . . a friendly person who is active in Youth Fellowship and Y.M.C.A .... one who likes cars whether he is the me- chanic or the traveler. Screen Guild 1, 2, 3. P. BARRY PICKERING 90 Squantum Street Barry . . . has two chief interests when he is not in school - laying asphalt side- walks and driveways, caddy- ing at the Wollaston Golf Course where he often plays himself. GEORGE A PICKERINC JR 37 Rrversrde Avenue Prc a husky good natured chap a future contractor who has shown hrs abrhty around MH S the genzal stage mana ger of the semor play Drunrtlc Club 3 Foothill 3 Coll 7 Co Clptun 3 Trlck 1 FRANKLIN A PLOTNER 110 Crry Avenue Admrral much prefers to burld hrs boat than to spell and to master Englzsh grammar plays a good chess game and enroys read rng a fast rnopzng short .story Chess Club 9 3 Track 1 PIERCE A QUINLAN 957 Blue H1115 Prrkw ly Prercc wrll never for get Mzss Fosters famous sixth period class guards the goal zn hockey works at the Mattapan Supreme Market plans to attend Boston College Echo 3 Home Room Dele lon 3 Blseblll 1 9 Hockey 1 9 Co Clptun 3 Honor Roll tune THOMAS P QUINN 44 Governors Road Lou rs a rugged senror and an asset to any football team plans to attend Boston College after a year of prep school 11136131111 3 Hockey 1 2 Foothill 1 7 Co Clptun 3 RUTH WI RABINOVITZ 16 Clp Cod Lane Ruth a quret fashron ably dressed senzor one wzth rnterestzng actrortres whether modelzng or work rng on oarrous phases of thc theater Clrls Lea ue Publlclty Com 11111166 9 Drunitlc CO111l111ttCC '3 Df'1I11ltlC Club 'S L'1t1n AI11CI'lC'll'l Club 2 'S Honor R011 OIICC rss? M FRANCES RAFUSE 76 Decker Street 1' rannze a globe trotter from Nova Scotra to South Dakota a grrl wrth per sonahty red harr charmrng smrle oroaczty G L Vrce Pres1dent 1 CIVICS Cflllllillttee 3 Dr un 1t1c Club 1 Lfrtm AIIIGIICQH Club C ee Club 7 3 Nurses Alde 3 H R Delcgltlon 1 Secretlrys Helper Nurs s Room 9 3 CAROL H REINHARDT 18 Berlin Avenue Carol expresses her en oyment of muszc bu srng rng zn Glee Club and rn a runzor chorr derrpes satrs factron rn sewzng by follow mg complrcated patterns Grrls L e 1 g u e Hospltahty Comnuttee J Glee Club 2 3 B191x6t1JI11 9 ULTAN M RICE 1185 Brook Rmd U ty the arrstocrat among us a good rrend an excellent student a capable leader one for whom we predrct a brrllrant future mg Club 7 J Scrlbblers Club 9 Honor Roll twelve tunes KENDALL RICHARDS 36 Holmes Lane Tea Bag drslrkes all homework much prefers the use of a hockey stack or a ffolf club to any assrgned class- prorect Coll J Hockey 1 9 3 JANIC1 A Rrrvo 1091 Brush H111 Rofld Ian lrkes skatrng swrrn mzng and conversmg urrll be remembered for her actmg especzally rn Why the Chrmes Hang Glrls Leaffue Dmmatlc Com nuttee 3 Drfrmntlc Club 9 3 Debatlng, Club 2 Scrlbblers Club 9 1111111 A111Cl'1C"lI'l Club 9 3 Sccrctflrys Helper 2 .' . 5 ' 1' ' - - . . - , I . , . . . . H . - ' ' - ' - . 4 2 1 4 4 . -g . rg . ., , ' , '. , ,- 1 A -'1'a : - ,- 1 .r, ' 1 4 'Q 1 . . ' . ,- . , , . ,, . I , -. -, . 2 , . . . , . . - . . - . Q H . . ' .- -' . . c . A. . . ,.. . . 'Q Q 1 'H 2 ' . - . r. . ... .. ' z ' a , ' 1 , ' 4 1- l l r . . , Z . I r I A I -Q Q . .. ,,. .. ,, d. I -, - Echo 2, E 1tor 35 De mt- , ' . - . - . ' s nr l , gat , .. 1 , .., 3, -, , , ..., - L . 3 -g . z. 1 , .5 , , -5 n ' z , Ze, -1 L . ' 'r f", ' l . .L a L l R S 1 L 1 t . . . , ' A.. , ' - . , 1 - .l 7 ' ' ' .' .' . ,. ' . .- . . . rc I 4 - ,7 - , , , . ,, V 4 3. . . 5 S - . rr . ' . ' . 1: v, 1 4 .r, , ' . . '. ' - ' ' .r, 4 c r 5 K -9 1 1 -4 1 - -5 .' - . ' . . - ,. ' C 1 s ..r,-, 'L . .- 1 l FREDERICK E ROBERTS 7 Umon Avenue Rocky hrs nrckname automobrle maga mes hs mam rnterest an M D hrs desrre Do you wan na bet? hrs fauorrte saymg Chess Clubl 7 3 Presrdent South Shore Chess Club Bflsketball 9 Honor Roll three tunes ARTHUR L ROBSI-IAM 89 Oak Street Artze talkatrpe and frrendly mdustrrous urrth hrs long workrng hours as a Supreme caslucr musrcal wrth hrs record collectron socrally mrnded urrth I s Galahad membcrshrp B'1se Jalll 7 3 CHRISTINE A ROESSEL 95 Antwerp Street Frrcndly good natured popular Clrrrs plans for a career nr mcdrcrne practices as a nurses aide at Carney Hosprtal G L Fmmce Committee 3 Nomm ltmg C0111lll1ttL,L 7 YL lr book 3 DFl111'1tlC Club 9 3 Tennls 3 Softb1ll7 Blslxetball 9 3 Semor Plly 3 Honor Roll seven tll'I16S SUSAN F ROSENTHAL 39 Hudson Street ue rs full of pep and personalrty lrkes to shoot and to roller skate ufrth her rnterest rn seuarng and cookrng u,rll be a good home maker TGHIIIS 3 BdCllH1I1tOIl 3 LINDA RUDINSKY 84 Elm Street Lrnda sketches urzth penczl collects record albums partrcularly those of Benny Goodman and Glenn Mrller docs well rn all she attempts DId.l1ldt1C Club 9 3 Debatlng Club 9 Scrlbblcrs Club 9 Latrn Amerrun Club 9 3 Senror Play Costume Commrttee 3 Tennls 1 Blsltetblll 9 3 Archery 2 MHS 48 RICHARD J SALETTA 71 Belvolr Road Drck always on the go rn hrs hot Ford enjoys huntrng and jishrng plays Park League football drslzkes hrstory outlmes ELIZABETH M SCALES 88 Ballou Street Betty short rn stature wrth a blonde ponytarl excellent rn athletrcs clrned toward collectrng rec ords and readzng books about teen agers Brsketball 3 MARGARET C SHEIL 57 Grove Street Margre loves musrc especrally progressrue ya z and ballet reads exten sroely partrcularly DuMau rzer and Stembeck contrrbutes generously Englrsh V Glrls L lgue Ilosprtlllty Colllllllttee 3 Dramatrc Club 1 3 Latln A'l16l'1L ln Club 9 Tennxs 7 N JEAN SHIELS 8 Emerson Road earr an outdoor grrl an anrmal lover horseback rrdrng enthusrast a busy telephone con versatronalrst Glee Club 9 3 Blsketbfxll 9 3 Archtry 9 3 BlClllllIlf0l'l JOHN F SHORT JR 34 Sheldon Street ac enjoys makrng telephone calls works at a local supermarket os sesses a contagrous smrle enroys sports but has had little trme for therr partzcr patron at school GERALD B. SKILLING 60 Antwerp Street ferry . . . has a great in- terest in cars, DeMolay, and church activities . . . hopes after joining the U. S. Army to pass the test for the Trans- portation Corps. Honor Roll three times. RONALD B. SKLOFF 6 Kevin Road Easy-going, likeable Ron- nie with his many interests: his work in a fruit store, his moving pictures taken dur- ing his travels, his acquaint- ance with Boston Symphony players, and his Chevrolet. Senior Play Ticket Commit- tee 3, Photography Club 3, Indoor Track 2, 3. HUGH E. SNOW 1257 Randolph Avenue Lou . . . works at H endrie's on the night crew . . . put- ters around cars in his spare time . . . intends to become a gas shovel operator after graduation. ARTHUR L. SPERLING 324 Blue Hills Parkway Art . . . his hobby, ham radio and photography . . . his personality, pleasant and co-operative . . . his ambi- tion, electrical engineering. "Echo" 3, Photography Club 25 Screen Guild 1, 2, 35 Chess Club 1, Radio Club 1, Vice- President 2, President 3, Honor Roll seven times. ROBERT W. STANHOPE 1 Edge Hill Road Quiet, friendly, independ- ent Bob . . . talented in music and art . . . active in swimming, sailing, skiing, and skating. Band 1, 2, President 3, "Echo" 2, 35 Orchestra 1, 2, Photography Club 2, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, Soccer 3, Honor Roll four times. 1942? ARLEEN STEARNS 15 Savin Street Leen . . . has a dual desire to attend U. of Mass .... is personable and "chuck" full of fun . . . whizzes past in her Olds. Yearbook 3, Dramatic Club 2, 35 Debating Club, Scribblers, Club 2, Latin-American Club 2, 3, Basketball 2, Archery, Badminton 2, 3, Honor Roll five times. EDITH B. STRAUSS 171 Blue Hills Parkway Edy . . . enjoys talkinv to people . . . likes reading about foreign countries . . . hopes to tour the United States some day. Dramatic Club 1, 2, 33 Latin-American Club 3g Honor Roll four times. FRANK J. SUGDEN, II 6 Highfield Circle Happy-go-lucky Sugie . . . likes all sports . . . performs on the trampoline . . . takes pride in his two '49 Fords . . . plans to further his education. Basketball 1, 2, Tennis 1, 2, 3. FREDERIC H. SULLIVAN 27 Orchard Road Fred . . . likes fast music, fast cars, and fast sports . . . finds school assignments somewhat slow and dull . . . aims toward prep school. Truck 1, 2g Lunchroom Help 2. GERALD W. TAYS 22 Webster Road Popular, able, good-looking Gerry who has learned the value of sound judgment and teamwork . . . a likely candi- date for a degree in geologi- cal engineering. Glee Club 3, Student Coun- cil 2, 35 Football 1, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Hockey 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll three times. MARLENE J. THURSTON 25 Centre Lane Marlene . . . with her yen to travel hopes to become an airline hostess . . . cheers lustily at all the high school basketball games . . , spends a summer of leisure at Mano- met. Latin-American Club 2. THOMAS M. TRACY 4 Columbia Park Elvis . . . rock 'n roll ad- dict . . . employee at Stop and Shop afternoons to ji- nance his '50 Ford . . . base- ball fan . . . one who will be glad school days are over. RICHARD H. TREHUB 23 Blue Hill Terrace Street Richie . . . one who likes to hear the purr of a smooth- running motor, converse on a timely topic, and make use of the dual speaker system which he has installed in car and home. Baseball 1. LEE R. TRENHOLM 36 Berlin Avenue Lee . . . excels on the dance floor . . . enjoys skat- ing, basketball, and music . . . intends to enter prep school next fall. Glee Club 2, 3, Football 3. INA M. TROUNGO 490 Blue Hill Avenue Ina . . . is a petite, fun- loving senior . . . enjoys dancing and music of all kinds. C. L. Civics Committee 2, Dramatic Club 35 Scribblers' 2, Latin-American Club 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3g Nurses' Aide 3, Basketball 2, 3, Archery, Bad- minton 2g Bannerettes 3, Senior Play, Red Cross Representative 3. MEHS'. - 50 SALLY A. TRUSSELL 6 Briarfield Road Sal . . . a versatile, capable leader in many activities. C. L. Vice-President 2, Dra- matic Club 2, Vice-President S, Scribblers' Vice-President 2, Latin-American Club, Cleo Club, Nurses' Aide 2, 3, Student Council 3, H. R. Delegation 1, 2, President 3, Softball 3, Bas- ketball 2, 3, Archery, Badmin- ton 2, Bannerettes 3. JANE A. TUFTS 179 Highland Street Pretty brown -eyed jane who is often called Sugar . . . lucky enough to have her own horse . . . always riding, dancing, or skating . . . con- stantly saying, "Of all the nerveli' "Echo" Collector 1, 2, S, Photography Club 2g Nurses' Aide 2. SANDRA M. VISNICK 35 Reedsdale Road Sande . . . easily mixes with people . . . ardently collects Elvis Presley articles . . . continuously proves to be a loyal friend. Girls, L c a g u e Publicity Committee 2, Chairman 3, Dra- matic Club 3, Latin-American Club 53, Tennis, Basketball, Badminton 2, Honor Roll four times. ANNA M. WALSH 16 Antwerp Street Anna with her pleasant smile and well-groomed ap- pearance . . . jinds pleasure in sewing and in playing the piano. Girls, League Collector 2, Dramatic Conunittee 2, Dra- matic Club 2, 3, Latin-Ameri- can Club 3, Tennis 3, Softball 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Badminton O- ROBERTA S. WATERMAN 10 Lothrop Avenue Bobbie . . . works hard as treasurer of her club . . . en- joys dancing and .singing . . . is a whiz in English grammar. Dramatic Club 1, 2, 39 Latin- American Club 35 Glee Club 3, Honor Roll eight times. ROBERT B. WATSON 191 Edge Hill Road Harry . . . the boy with a green thumb . . . an ardent .spectator and active partici- pant in several sports . . . a future college student. Baseball 1, 2, Sg Cross-Coun- t1'y 35 Hockey 1, 2, 3. C. WALTER WHALEN 58 Buckingham Road VV alt . . . enthusiastic skier . . . football star . . . terrific athlete. Home Room Delegation 3, Football 1, 2, Co-Captain 3, Basketball 1, 2g Track 1, 2, 3, Lunchroom Help 2. BARRY S. WHELPLEY 9 Bunton Street Barry . . . quiet in class but agile on the gridiron or the basketball floor . . . in- terested in modern music as well as that of the 30,s and 40,s. Radio Club 1, Football 35 Basketball 2, 3. CHARLES H. WHITE, IR. 521 Pleasant Street Blanco . . . an experienced odd-job man around the house . . . in addition to school sports, a member of the American Legion base- ball nine. Dramatic Club 3, Football 2, 3g Track 3, Baseball Manager 2, 3. RICHARD A. WHITNEY 76 Waldeck Road Red . . . industrious as a carpenter after the close of school . . . good-natured and affable with his many friends . . . desirous of traveling across country after gradu- ation. 51 11957 CALEN E. WIFHOLM 1421 Canton Avenue Wiff . . . hot trumpeter in the high school and the Le- ,Zion bands . . . active mem- er in the DeMolay . . . Iack-of-all-trades in his spare time. Band 1, 25 Orchestra 1, 25 Chess Club Ig Baseball 1, Man- gger 2, 34 Hockey Manager 2, M. PATRICIA WILLARD 12 Huntin ton Road Pat . . . ratio and record fan . . . dental assistant on Saturdays and after school . . . future student at Kath- arine Gibbs. Dramatic Club 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Tennis 2, Secretary's Helper 2g Nurse's Room 2g Honor Roll once. FRANCINE WINSTON 46 Ferncroft Road Fran, her nickname . . . the cha-cha, her hobby . . . piano, her greatest interest . . . college, her ambition . . . writing, her enjoyment. Glee Club 3. ALICE M. WOODS 45 Concord Avenue Woodsie . . . likes to draw as she listens to her favorite disc jockeys . . . works after school as a secretary . . . is quiet but friendly. G. L. Education and Publi- city Committees 3g Collector 3g Nurses' Aide 2, Nurseas Room 3g Glee Club 2, 33 Dramatic Club, Latin-American Club 3, Honor Roll six times. IUDITH B. ZOLL 232 Blue Hills Parkway Judy . . . is well-known for her acting ability . . . enjoys listening to the radio . . . has a friendly nature. G. L. Dramatic Committee Chairman 34 Senior Play Com- mittee 3g Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3g Latin-American Club 34 Field Hockey 25 Tennis 1, 25 Basketball 35 Honor Roll twice. 574 CUTEST D TM.H Oscafs liver One artist to another Concentration on angles Eyes-on-the-copy-space No eggshells The long fifth period 54 8:40 to 2:30 Patience in physics T00 much acid Printefs ink F mnk,s bout The line to history Exact measu1'e 1n.ents 55 MOMENT TO REMEMBER September September September September October October October N ouember November N ooember December December December I fl1'l'llll1'y I fmuary 10111.10 ry Fl3D1'll!l1'y M arch April M ay M ay I une When summer was over and fall was near, The Whiz Kids started a new school year. On Miltonis Sports Night there were few empty seats, For all came to see the outstanding athletes. Although we acquired no fortune nor fame, We tried our best at the first football game. A hundred dollars from a Rummage Sale, Proved to the Council it didnit fail. The Record Hop, what a gay recollection! That it had to end was our only objection. In sneakers and bows did the sophomores appear, To show to us all Initiation was here. In a candlelight Service the Girls' League instructed All the sophomore girls, who were duly inducted. Our Senior Class officers were chosen today, With campaigns and voting the American way. The Harvest Dance was a ballroom delight, With music and fun till eleven at night. Though Braintree was victor this Thanksgiving game, Our pride in our team has remained just the same. The music and lights helped to enhance The holiday spirit at the Christmas Dance. The Senior Play actors were glad to receive Much praise for their show which was "Ever Since Evef, The Glee Club sang carols, now vacation was here, "Merry Christmasf, we called, "and Happy New Year." We sharpened our wits and did our best, For three long hours of the Aptitude Test. As we gazed at the Senior Class pictures we bought, We realized we werenit quite so cute as weid thought. The Latin-American Clubis main feature, Was a tea for Miss Samada, a South American teacher. A play was put on for the mothers to see, As part of the program at the Cirls' League Tea. The gay decorations were a wonderful sight, At the Girls, League Formal, a glorious night. After the Clee Club had rehearsed their choices, They sang at the Concert with harmonious voices. The Council's Convention in Milton this year, Pleased all those concerned, for it spread much good cheer The Senior Prom night there were tears in our eyes. As we danced to the music, we whispered good-byes. With mixed emotions of joy and regret CC s 37 s CK 3, Graduation, we said, we shall never forget. 56 PATRGNAGE S P O N S O R S - Please Patronize Our Friends - 5 l l Best Wishes to the Class of 1957 Milton High School from The Makers of l . H ICE CREAM WALTER BAKER Eliot Street - Milton 87, Mass. CHOCOLATE AND COCOA DORCHESTER, MASS. Division of General Foods Corp. "Friend of the family" Wmamaf Bos1on's Oldest Chevrolet Dealer" CHEVROLET fa, SALES SERWCE OFFICIAL CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER 1947 - 1957 John J. Delaney, lnc. 'N MATTAPAN' MASS' 669 BOYLSTON STREET Bl. -3 U 8 800 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - Please Patronize Our Friends - 58 ASSOCIATES Compliments of: Please Patronize Our Friends - CARVELLI BROS., INC. "Fancy Fruits - Baskets - Frozen Foods - S. S. Pierce Groceriesi' Bl 8-5658 Blue Hill Ave., Mattapan Square Best Wishes to the Class of 1957: BENEVOLENT AND PROTECTIVE ORDER OF ELKS, MILTON LODGE NO. 1686 William F. Dugan, Exalted Ruler 577 Adams Street East Milton 86, Mass. F in ff' Compliments of: MILTON CLEANERS 551 Adams Street East Milton, Mass. L . D. R. CAMPBELL MACHINE CO. "Modern Fasteners for Modern Industry" 55 Mildred Avenue Mattapan 26, Mass. Bl 8-2200 'E' HUNNEMAN AND CO., INC., Realtors I9 Congress Street Boston, Mass. Represented in MILTON by JOHN W. KUNHARDT 97 Adams Street Cu 6-4430 Compliments of: MILTON SPRING "Beverages and Pepsi Cola" CHARLES C. COPELAND CO., INC. ll3l Randolph Avenue Milton, Mass. Bl 8-9457 'g HENRY JENKINS TRANSPORTATION CO., INC. FRANK A. FOWLER, MGR. Representing: J. B. COLE AND GLEASON Compliments of: "Transporters of Merclianclise Since 1896, Serving New Englandi' 32 Regis Road Mattapan, Mass. LOREN MURCHISON AND CO., INC. "School and College jewelersv 27 School Street Boston, Mass. Ri 2-Ol6'l "Milton Home for Funeralsv 5 Canton Avenue at Milton Ge 6-7200 F. FRED BORTOLOTTI Contractor - Plasterer "Remodeling and Repairing Mason. and Brick Workv 733 Brook Road, Milton, Mass. Bl 8-4382 Village - Cement Please Patronize Our Friends - 59 ASSOCIATES - Please Patronize Our Friends - Compliments of: KERRIGAN'S CORNER PHARMACY, INC. 2 Reedsdale Road, Milton, Mass. Bl 8-2835 ARTHUR'S CYCLE AND MOWER SHOP "Bicycle Sales and Service, Lawnmowers and Hobby Suppliesv 558 Adams Street East Milton, Mass. Cu 6-4126 MILTON CO-OPERATIVE BANK "A Good Bank in ci Good Touml' 400 Granite Avenue East Milton, Mass. Bl 8-3071 MILTON HOME FURNISHERS, INC. "Quality Furniture" 360 Granite Avenue East Milton, Mass. Cu 6-3420 NORFOLK COUNTY TRUST CO. "A Strong Neighborhood Bank - At Your Servicel' Eliot Street Milton 87, Mass. COMMUNITY MOTOR SALES, INC. "Chrysler-Plymouthi' - Service, Parts and Accessories - Call for and delivery service 424 Adams Street Milton, Mass. Bl 8-0470 THE GRANSTROM FUNERAL SERVICE Iolin Granstrom, Prop. Funeral Home - 821 Cummins Highway Mattapan - Bl 8-2700 Residence - 3 Coolidge Road Milton - Bl 8-9062 RIVERSIDE FLOWER SHOP James O'Neil, Owner "Flowers for All Occasionsv 526 River Street Mattapan, Mass. MILTON VILLAGE BARBER SHOP Philip Zona, Prop. "At Your Servicel' 67 Adams Street Milton, Mass. ED. 0'NElLL'S JENNEY SERVICE STATlON"Tires - Lubrications - Motor Tune-up - Road Servicev 131 Brook Road Milton, Mass. Bl 8-9646 CENTRAL CLEANSERS, INC. "Cerii7Qed Cleansing' 12-14 Central Avenue Milton, Mass. L - Please Patronize Our Friends - 60 A CARLSON TIRE AND APPLIANCE CO. F. A. KING AND SONS JAMES G. GUARINO THE DIAMOND MATCH COMPANY ROBERTS SUPPLY COMPANY DE VOE MOTORS, INC. HOWARD .IOHNSON'S RESTAURANT J. CONNOLLY, REALTOR X V' .AlIl1"ll'llD.1L1l.1P k 1cIl11'Dg SSOCIATES Please Patronize Our Friends - "For Tires in Milton, see Carlson" Bl 8-8600 73 Eliot Street Milton, Mass. "Plumbing and H eatingi' 22 Wharf Street Milton Village, Mass. "Real Estate and Insurance - Representing Strong Stock and Mutual Companies" 71 Blue Hills Parkway, Milton, Mass. Cu 6-4900 "Lumber and Building Materialsl' 10 Blue Hills Parkway Milton, Mass. "DuPont and Dutch Boy Paints, Fine Wallpapersi' 1643 Blue Hill Avenue Mattapan Square Cu 6-3800 -3801 r Imperial Chrysler-Plymouth Cars "DeVoe is where to gon 17 Eastern Avenue, Dedham, Mass. De 3-4040 Mrs. P. M. Warren, Mgr. 1518 North Main Street Randolph, Mass. "Realtor - Insurance" Mortgages - Leases, Sales, Notary 514 River Street Mattapan, Mass. 584 Randolph Avenue, Milton 86, Mass. Bl 8-078l QMWW GODFREY FUEL COMPANY Compliments of: Compliments of: "Let the Red Fleet Deliver Your Heatv 64 Adams Street Milton, Mass. Bl 8-0500 LOPEZ, THE FLORIST 301 Warren Street, Roxbury, Mass. Hi 5-8801 Home: 104 Elm Street, Milton, Mass. C. K. MULLIN, INC. ' 160 North Washington Street Boston, Mass. Please Patronize Our Friends - 61 P A T R O N S - Please Patronize Our Friends - E. C. Myers, Milton, Mass. T o 1- Reed and Hurley "Travel Service" Milton, Mass. T o 7 Compliments of A Friend, Boston, Mass. 1 o 1- Hodges Drug, S. G. Ross, Mgr. Milton, Mass. 1 o 1 Compliments of Francis J. Wixted, M.D. Milton, Mass. 7 o 1 O'Neil's Delicatessen, East Milton, Mass. 1 o T Katrina's Pastry Shops, "Cakes and Pastries for All Occasions" East Milton, Mass. 1 o T Milton Assembly, No. 38 Rainbow Girls, Milton, Mass. T o 1- Milton Dental Laboratory S. Giorgio, Director East Milton, Mass. 1' o -- Compliments of Dr. Claude W. Thompson, Jr. Dorchester, Mass. - o 1 Compliments of Curtis Farms Markets Quincy and Weymouth, Mass. i o 1 American Electric Furnace, lnc. T o 1 Milton Flower Shops, East Milton, Mass. - o T M. B. Lawrence Pontiac Co., lnc. East Milton, Mass. 1 o T Pendoley Hardware Co. East Milton, Mass. 1. o 1 Jackson Radio and Television Milton, Mass. 1. o 1 Rustic Gardens Flower Shop East Milton, Mass. in o 1 Howe and French, Boston 10, Mass. Kline's Shoe Store, Mattapan, Mass. 1. o T "Canine Foods," The Complete Pet Shop William Wolf, Mgr. Mattapan, Mass. 1 o - Square Pharmacy, Mattapan, Mass. -1 o Q.. Levine's Shoe Store, Mattapan, Mass. - o -- Carroll, Perfumer, Mattapan, Mass. 1. o 1- Compliments of Joseph W. Horak, Inc., Furrier Mattapan, Mass. 1. o T Victory Shoe Service, Mattapan, Mass. 1 o 1- Archibald MacGregor Co. "Custom Upholstering and Interiors Dorchester, Mass. 1- o - McDonough Rexall Drug Dorchester Lower Mills, Mass. -1- o 1 Compliments of Dr. John F. Gallagher, Jr. Milton, Mass. -1 o 1 Compliments of Dr. Eugene F. McAuliffe Milton, Mass. 1 0 1 I. Fleisher, Inc., "Tailors and Cleansers" Milton, Mass. 1- o T Milton B'nai Brith Girls, No. 409 L o - Compliments of Mayflower Meats, Inc. Boston, Mass. - 1 o T Drever's Service Station, Gulf Products Dorchester, Mass. 1- o 1- Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Nevins Quincy, Mass. 1- o T Compliments of , Dr. Herman S. Livingstone Dorchester, Mass. - Please Patronize Our Friends - V 62 I P A T R O N S - Please Patronize Our Friends - Compliments of Dr. Roger Kenworthy Brookline, Mass. A 1 o 1 Dr. Irving G. Lunt, Optometrist Milton, Mass. 1 o 1 Milton Village Jenney Station Milton, Mass. 1 o 1 Central Avenue Food Market Louis Pappas, Owner Milton, Mass. 1 o 1 Fasch Studio, "Milton's Photographer" Milton, Mass. 1 o 1 Alson's Men's and Boys' Shop Mattapan, Mass. Milton Chapter - Order of DeMolay 1 o 1 Compliments of H. P. Hood and Sons, Inc. Boston, Mass. 1 o 1 Fairway Radio and Record Shop Mattapan, Mass. -.O1 Carl S. Aldrich, Service Station Dorchester, Mass. .101 "Fred, the Hair Stylist" East Milton, Mass. 1 o 1 Compliments of Dr. Homer L. Brayton Milton, Mass. - o - - o - Julie's Delicatessen, Inc. Murray's Department Store Mattapan, Mass. Mattapan, Mass. B O O S T E R S Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Agnew Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Kelley Mrs. Helen Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Welding Kolstad Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Astrofsky Mrs. Ethel Macdonald Mr and Mrs Arthur D. Atsales Mr and Mrs. Raymond Marad Mr and Mrs Morris Barnet Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McDonough Mr and Mrs Edwin Bassett Mr. and Mrs. Fraser Mclnnes Mr and Mrs Albert H. Blaydow Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. McKinnon Mr and Mrs. John A. Bowie Mr. W. Eric Mills Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. William C. Murdock Mr. and Mrs. William Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Naughton Mr and Mrs. John Carita Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. O'Leary Mr and Mrs Carl M. Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. O'Neill Mr and Mrs Kostas V. Cepas Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Oxton Mr and Mrs. Horace A. Chandler Mrs. G. Raymond Peacock Mr. and Mrs William Cloney Mr. and Mrs. Abraham J. Rabinovitz Mr and Mrs Ralph E. Cramer Dr. and Mrs. George William Rice Mr and Mrs. John L. Cronk Mr. and Mrs. Bruno C. Roessel Mr. and Mrs. James C. Dacey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Saletta Mr and Mrs. Robert P. Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Smith Mr and Mrs. Joseph Dotoli Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Stanhope Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Fandel Mr. and Mrs. J. Earl Tays Mr. and Mrs. John F. Fitzgerald, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Trehub Mr. and Mrs. Victor Flores Mr. and Mrs. L. I. Trenholm Mr. and Mrs. Purdy F oshay Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Tufts Mr and Mrs John E. Gallery Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Visnick Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hagan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walsh Mr. and Mrs. F. Kilby Hall Mrs. Lester D. Watson Mr. and Mrs. William V. Haynes Mr. and Mrs. G. Walter Whalen Mr. and Mrs. August L. Hesselschwerdt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Whelpley Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hockaday Mr. and Mrs. Ivar Wifholm Mr and Mrs. Edward C. Johanson Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Willard Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Kast, Sr. Mr. 'and Mrs. John O. Woods TER T H E P R I N PAUL K. BLANCHARD, INC., BOSTON, MASS. - Please Patronize Our Friends - 63 Au ifwunir With graduation, we seniors terminate our formal education in the schools of Milton, and We look back upon the achievements of twelve years. In kindergarten, we developed a physical co-ordination by playing with building blocks and stringing beads. For six years in grammar school, where we drilled in such processes as the multiplication table and the rudiments of sentence structure, we trained our minds in concentrating and remembering. In junior and senior high school, we realized the necessity for clear thinking and sound judgment. As this chapter in our lives closes, We turn the page to another which will concern our achieve- ments in the industrial, business, or professional world. Here we face 1ife's greatest tests. Let us keep before us the high educational standards and the ideals taught in Milton High School. May our lives be a credit to ourselves and to our school. We are proud of our alma mater, let us make our alma mater proud of us. p 'N I-' A E7 64 su., nrqvv- f- wmv. ' 1 .INKQWMQ ' R . QV:-v I' . ,, i . 4 . Q V, f. Q41 "'2wr1W.'v " . .li wexiip -'W' ' Q- 3,5 ' ,. "FM E 1 ,VI 'Mmm' ' 3 xv' Y , -f .QT ,Maru

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