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1 f i 4 K .xs f2Y?tA'w ' 5 2 , xxx V 1. I KW '. K ,, ' - ., L ,. nr, , ' .. 'K ' fix - E 7,15 'K W - Lrg' D' A ,.Z:LW:ti.T :Wg A 3' -, V : wg-,, we N, KK K ,,a V JK I K . K Www.: WE- - W.. , .K-,'--Ng , ., KWH: K Kr? , K V W . ., ,VK M W ' K K , ,, K K K Y- K TWT M..,M.,..... K 1 K W M, ,4 ., wry ,QT . ,R i y 4 KN L 3-WW, Q .- - - L w - A1 i lv 11 land' -in-5 ' f J KK MM K KLKK :Mi . KKKQKKKK Km. K. KKK. iw ,,VL , , Z , 1 -np KKK K K 1 KKK .V K g . K5 K K . B K H I . -1 V K grg - -w f. ,K K f N, K Q 1K K - 2 ,. , ,. , Eg X . M, . .. ,H i , rc sa EL ...H K A K, S . . gf A . - an 1 . , K i -..V jig fl - .jg gh K , , . - K - QL. KK -.m...w. 5 WW., .., ,,......-.., L K K Kr '- 1 K K . KK vw-E ,. 3. .K K M KK K -K KKK 'K ASKK K. A K .M -.......,,vQKWK WK! . ss .13 - ,. Ng, H .1 -, 1 w,,.. . - f- ,. f., 1 , , , . "1"-Q--H' - , Ea 1.sg4..a222fiffQ ef1g f-4 . 2532 , 1 4 f EW M qw , . - 7- . i M- I Q, 5, Q, ...K fu - f- ff A . JT'-ffv ,f . ' , ,f , , f. A2 r ""9 : " -1 , Jfaffflf- 5- 4-5--5? ' , li ,W "-- -i 7 ' K " U 1 51 2,3 , ,pm-f ,wr-0 'fm'-'f cw, A,A.,, W, ,-,,..,..,-M....-. PW. . Q. 7 W-W-WM f -,,ff ,-WM---..?. Vw- l -- .. - - - rw - z 3-M-H - v -- Y 'i - - I .. Q, 1 A M 'WJ I -' - AA" "H 'N' ' 'W ' "W""M'M' iwm 'W . -'i,.g,,,,.,-,,,.,M.V . L ' ., . ' 'A'A ' 'i fl - -. , - ' , 42 fi :......-M 3: KK KK KK K KKL ., KKK , K W, ..,. . . K: .ii 3 .. . I K .L Q WR? .. , .52 , H ' , .Q 'MZw,4., .',.. X. 2-'i W-fm .Q-,z.HM'fMfI-fwwa f - 4 'V' ' . 1 , ' - . V 'Y' K Y 1, 1 Qmfwzif' ' , - K - - 1 M f . L Q.. . W- 'W ,-LWQ 1 - '- A 4 .Wiz ' .,. 4. . - - - - . 5.55 M , . . "k"V"wT.' 'We-as.pmA:,,Q:u:,g:,,n,z:z:.::z1:- -, fu , ,.,.,......-.. - ,. -' K K N"'ziiTK'i.mvWvw-.I-..k 0.1.---1-W-f"'wea.gQyf l isa'---lm..-.QQ m,:..W.wM-J IE .M V,., Q , . , . , . -. , K 2 gl - K H VK X ',.WMWfk Q ,W Avy.. ,ily ,N K . T WN My M6ew?'1'sWW1"'7?' -J -- mn -1 -'M9'?fM'TfQ'Tf5 9 4 kt' +43'3f.: 5 . m ' '.f 1 mg-1,, f ' fm fr. - A L 3.- 'L.w,5'f"-f ' 'A H .XAEQ f fx '- ' I 4' -Q , leg! ' --"A V 'H A M, ff 7 's K -A 'Q ' M ,J ,M , A ' W f ' -.L wx :kf sf Rf A ff- E 'W li " K 'F M QNQ. '- Qt ff , -2'Z:1.. .1 ww' - -W. MJ-,J ky , +fw,: Kr:z,- QQ ' Q 4- -v Q. ei? if fa I sf 2 ' Q 'W-- C. ' 17'-11 , nf-fb ,,. f' . , ,mtv-.1 . A-ri-, :gl-fx? L V 'I' ,fr'4't7Tf,"'PJ Y ,ig QM- . gy-i5TY,,, , .,, -,,,,-,1-. W g . ggsdi' . ,K , fQ'f'2Q3NL31gg.i',,, ... e- - .-vi , My. ' 4,f,QQQSSTSHk,ffw1"uf-psf'-A1- K' , ' -.,, ,,. . M , ,.-1 . .M 1,-K., 1,7-.3195 . I- . -N , ., lgpmw.. " V3 r -F V ,- 'X 'fA.,,,!3, Q, I -Luk ck, uf ,L 'L f, ,I -A ll 5 . ' ' ' A ,,,:KIlf'fi,, V T ? 1 '-'ffl' '15 - 'ff-'Q'-fy,-' W - Q -ff "Q, 5' ,. Y7 g 3,3 I, i ',,- n ,,,- -W I , -.-5 if im nw 4, f K ---2 ., Maw- . ,fffi ., 4- 's..dgz. .A 1. k A , -j, 'I f, f' --if-1' 1. x 411522: ' ' '1'7J'Y"f12f-597W ' Rf' - "F f , ff: "i .Q if ' ,-1 1 - K' "if T" 6 dvi' - Jw'---5, .b :Qi '--f-iw 'K f-xi' 6 -. 1 ' 'Q-,'5 L, 1 5 . 5 rm.. h R Rf 'FFS V , qfgifv K " a -I ' ., ,Lg ,JR A WW A -. . ff,L , , , ,N 5. QL 'fig-1, , 'gif' ' fx gg. -4 ,f ,,-L t Qe4 kfx L 1 ji., A x 1 9 41' .ati f., ,Q A 5 mmf 7f1'rS 1754 I s-. N, 4- 'Q 1 --J vl J" 2 M5 ,Qi C Q ,fl f 'i -ll 1 - ri ' 5 xii ' v .I X i. x , V "1 'il' T4 1 -If f,: f v. .'. C . 1. 1 I' -X H, ,J . JI R- , .-,SL Em.: why. ,, 1 frlgmg ,qy-L.4v-5 -.wx 1 I Q I . . if - dy 1. My-, . ' 1411-"jf-Q' - ,f'1 xr . 510, S , , .xg 1 A 'k -4 afxl A 4 Fifpi' 1- -1' my 'lv' 'E 1 Hin... . 5 -4, ' 1: .' Q .1' ', n X ,.. ,A P a , V .,,1.,' .,' ','..- 1 ai ' '. 1+ . il'. .E X X v..1A JH ..- i Q I. 1-I U. .R 4 13. : 1' , K L -M,-,1-N1 :J . .va 1,. X. ,. img, v-Hr-, w-. . , .. mug- ,- A 493' ' 'Y -:Q lk A 'F-1 . ,414 'P . A". KEY GTE Although we fully realize that our principal subject is a unique inanimate object, we feel that he is imbued With certain coveted virtues. Senior, bccause of his perseverance, obedience, patience, and service which he has dutifully rendered for over three dec- ades, has been instrumental in helping us to strive for suc- cess. Claretta Pope, a member of the class of 1918, inspired by a Red Cross drive during World War I, brought Senior into tangible form on the front board in room 208. Therefore, it is only fitting that we give special recognition to unflinching Senior, our trusting friend, whose presence, until now, has been "unwept, unhonoufd and unsung." TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration Clubs Sports Seniors Sponsors THE UNQUITY ECHO IHILTUH HIGH SCHUUL . v ' 'f . 9 " V4 15 M . . . . ' ' kwin W Q- x X ' sf N ' 5 51 gk K . , V . W f -'M A - - ,fifiw K ' 5 X X 1 H - 4' .lu 1954 IHIHUH, IHHSSHCHUSEHS GEORGE C. MAIQSDEN 2162165641 To the C ass 0 ineteen Fifty-four Born in mid-depression gloom, inducted iI'lt0 formal elementary training during World War II, exposed to secondary school environment through the Korean al'd stalemate, members of the Class of Nineteen Fifty-four are now to experience the demands of normal maturity: work and play, food, clothing, and shelter, family and civic responsibilities. The rhythm of your adulthood is expected to beat at a faster tempo than that of previous graduates. jet propulsion and atomic energy have inevitably ignited a chain of reactions which apparently makes life both sharper and broader. During your high school days you have seen these inventions evolve even though you do not know the names of the creative thinkers because so many were involved and they were so interdependent. But you do know that the end is not in sight, in fact, there can be no end. Since one new idea stems from others and leads to many more, the end must be infinity. More and more people are getting more and more education. Consequently more minds are available for constructive thinking, not merely in the area of material research, but also in human and social relations. Youeare living in an age in which social progress lags behind social vision. Whereas a few leaders manifest a high degree of maturity in social insight, the impact on the bulk of people indicates a lack of sense of fairness, tolerance, and true recogni- tion of interdependence. Likewise you are living in an age in which there is much publicity pressure against independent thinking, even nazi-type pressure for conformity. A Uncritical adherence to a doctrine or authority can be d-eadening. Our country was founded by dissenters. The liberties we prize were won because men exercised the privilege of critical examination. The American way of life cannot endure without a discriminating attitude. Constructive skepticism is an essential ingredient. To dissent is a positive duty. To be critical of ideas, interpretations, facts, and conclusions is both a. test and a tenet of your tradition. May each member of the Class of Nineteen Fifty-four accept his freedoms and responsibilities with a stead- fast resolution to keep them flexible and responsive to modern change and human progress. WWE M Ji: MAX 0. BRUNVN lfirrlrrggj JOHN A. CARNIE l3rmlflf1'1'pir1,q SHIRIIICY CAVE lfllglixll DORIS II. CIIADNVICK l.r1lin ALICE E. CONANT 1' l'l1g1.s'if'11l I'Irl11r'1llim1 NIH ,I ,Ili V. DAVVICS Clnlllillpg ROSE DEPUYAN Mr1flu'n111Iir'.s- ffIlARI.I'fS M. DUNBAR Safvly l'fzl111'r1finn RlVl'll DYAS lfnglixlz FA BARBARA H. ALBRET lingli.s'l1 RICHARD C. BAILEY rAl'l'UlIllllHl'-Y Slmp ALEXANDER C. BELL, IR. l31mkk1'r'pir1g IDA I". BERNI S1'r'l'r'l11r'y DORIS A. BRIDGES Ilmcl of Iinglislz D1'pnrlnn'nI ARTHUR J. BRIMSTINE VIIY'-Pl'flIl'f12lI1 Ilwul of Mrltl:f'1m1li1'.x' Dwpl. Q 0-Hg x LTY LOTTIE A. ELZBUT Tg1p1'zL'i'itin,c,' Sten0,L5raplzy TIIELMA B. FOSTER Ilisfory RAYMOND A. CADAIRE 1'rnl1li'ms of l7l'lIl0f'I'Ill'U :X A. IRENE CODDARD 1111111 of Frwicli DCjIKll'fIIIl'IIf CENEROSA C. HACAN Foods Il. DORA IIAMLIN Art ff? M E. FRANCIS KANE Szilmmster Head of Cmnmcrzfial D1'p11rtmr'nf I FRED L. KELLEY Physics Auto Mecliziriiay in Basic lull: JOSEPH M. LONG Printing HARRY B. MCCORMICK Physical Ediicutimi llygiene CERTRUDE M. MILLER Guidance MARTHA R. MURDOCK Office Pructi1'r' Typrfurriting NORMAN N. NEVINS Ileuzl of lIi.s-tory Dvpflrfnwnt EDITH E. NEYLAN Lau: and Ecmzoniirs INIEREDITII REED English A 6 if 4, 3 C W .ff NORMAN C. TARDIF U. S. Ilistory Mathematics FRANCIS W. TATRO SllfIl'I'Ul.S'0l" of Music EVELYN C. 0. TONDREAU Frfmcll. FRANCIS X. TRACY English IAN F. WATSON Physical Education ETIIEL B. WILEY Biology FACILTY PAUL J. SHUTE Mcclmnical Drawing HOWARD A. SMITH Hffafl nf Svivmv' IJl'1J!ll'lIIH'Ilf and STANLEY F. SNELL M atlzematicrs HABRIET E. STAPLES Stcnograpliy TU,Jl'llfI'lllll,Q 8 . N CH IAP N D ff! f X fwfz W xx lllmi ly yswcy STUDENT COUNCIL lfront Row: ll. Crzulv, S. C1-rlw, ll. Km-clnlv, A. llulillmo, D. l,unl, NV. l,lll'5l'll, NY, Uiistuisoii, CI. NVilliaunson. TUDENT COUNCIL 'l'lu- StllClL'lll Council luis cxln-i'ic-ncvcl :L vcry succc-ssi'ul yl'ill'. llclorm- tlu- shirt of scliool in Sn-pig-inlu-r, tlu- Council cnjoyc-cl two claiys ut tlu- Osgood Ilill Estutn- wlu-rv tlu- incin- lu-rs initiutvcl un orivntution progrann auul lanllsc-ml, ou-r tlu-ii' ya-:luis work. Tlu- Council ulso illll'lICll'il Slutm- znul lfustvrii Division convvn- tions ant llingluun, My-tlnu-n, auul 'Bm-lmont. Sflllll'lIf Cmmril at Osgood Ilill llu- nu-nilu-is sponsorm-nl ilu- aninuul rc-- union of llu-ir uluinni mul c-i1r1'is-cl on tlu- usuul functions, suc-li as sm-iuling czircls to ilu- sic-lx auul i'OllClllL'llllj.f ilu- aissmnlmlivs for ntlilc-tic uu'au'cls. 'l'lu- Council c-xpluilu-ml lo ilu- Pill'Cllt-'l1l'LlClH'l' Associulion lum' tlu- StlNll'Ill orgainiznlion liIlIlC- lions, Sc-vc-ml sc-liools wisliing to iniprow- ilu-ii' own councils 1-itlu-i' visitc-cl tlu- loc-all group ur wrolv lor aulvicm- auul zlssislauuw-. 'l'lu- Council gain- lor llu- sl-c-oiul yx-ui' ll scliolzusliip lo il wortliy Sllllllllll auul l'0lllllllIl'll to lvuilcl its c-iulownu-nl lvuiul. Nliss l"oslc-I' :uul Williann Pursvll, llu- ffouiu'il'g vin-1--pn-siclc-ill. will lllU'lICl llu-Nulionulffom'm-nlion41tSl. lluul, Miniu-soin, u'lu-rv our x'ic-1--pn-siclm-mit jointly willi our zulvisa-1' uill In-zul ai prolxlc-ni c-liniv. HOME ROOM This year, as in previous years, the Ilome Room Delegation proved to be an asset to Milton High School. Under the careful guid- ance of their adviser, the members of the Dele- gation have helped the Student Council by assisting in some of the Council's projects. An Stmlent Council Annual Reunion Dinner DELEGATION important hit of Work was the aiding in the Scholarship Fund and selling tickets to the Harvest Dance. Realizing the need and vast importance of a delegate at the National Convention, the Home Room Delegation and the Student Council held two other fund-raising projects that proved to he of value, sentimental and otherwise, to the Student Body, The money raised will pay in part the expenses of a Milton delegate to the National Convention to he held in Minneapolis this summer. Milton pennants were sold, and a "Courtesy Afternoon" was held. The idea of the "Courtesy Afternoonn was to impress upon the students the value of correct manners in all walks of life. By setting an example of good citizen- ship and sound judgment, the Delegation has proved to he a valuable link he-tween the Stn- dent Body and the Student Council. HOYWEROONI DELECATION l'ronl How: J. Stevenson, L. Daley. S. Kolstad, C. Forde, XV. Gustafson, Il. Mahoney, C. Donick, N. Daley. Second Row: S. Oldfield, L. van Ccstel, J. Ilill, S. Lange, XV. Kantaros, T. Carlmark, E. Seeatore, F. Courtney, I. Mvers. Third How: A. Pappas, P. Sullivan, L. XVQ-hher, R. Melielvev, C. Finertv, j. Driscoll, J. Lane, T. McCarthy. ll UNQUITY ECHO STAFF Front How: L. Stanhope, XV. Gustafson Ad. Foisie, C. Donohue, M. Edinnndson, B. Avery, N. Cordon, S. Mikulski. Second Row: 13. Ulman, A. Pappas, lt. March, Clicklnan, ll. McAuliffe, A. l"audel, K. Mullin, lt. Bradshaw, B. Ellwood, L. Masliriek. BLICATICNS For thirty years the pupils of Milton High School have enjoyed "The Unquity Echo." On these pages are the pictures of the juniors and seniors who have made such a publication possible during 1953-1954, The magazine staff published two excellent issues. The january copy, which featured travel, contained many interesting accounts ol' M.l1.S. travelers and numerous articles on far-away places. The April copy featured spring and the Easter season. These two issues compare very favorably with those which during the past two years received first rating in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. The Yearbook staff has worked since October in planning and writing this seventy-two page record of the school year. Were it not for the well-organized efforts of the business staff, however, these two publications would not be possible. By conducting a record hop, by selling tickets for the senior play, by obtaining sponsorships and selling subscriptions. the busi- ness staff has raised funds to support both the magazine and the Yearbook, "THE UNQUITY ECIIOU YEARBOOK lfrlifor - Morris Edmundson Editor - David Melley Assisnmt Editor - Charles Donohue Associate Editor - Stuart Tays Sr'crcIr1ry - Barbara Avery Secretary - Marilyn Brolin llu.sinr'ss f1'1llllllgI?I'A11iCllLll'l1 johnson 12 YEARBOOK STAFF Front Row: An. Foisie, J. Strongu, S. Tuys, D. Mellcy, M. Brolin, C. Czlnney, J. Ingrzllmnl. Second Row: S. Kolstud, K. O'Dcmnell, P. 0,Connor, R. Paltcrson, E. ROWlXDtl1i1lll, J. Crosby, j. Bender, I. lNlCG2lI'I'llllLlIl, F. Kaplan, M. lXlCNlllllilfll, B. Pearson. LTO HIGH CHQGL ECIIU BUSINESS STAFF Front Row: M. Croce, C. Cnrnmt, H. Cotz, R. -Iolmson, -I. Alfunu, j. Mya-rs. Sccmul Huw: A. Pappas, D. Bannon, K. Mullin, T. Sylvester. - 13 I'1'1111I Huw: II. I'.Ilw11111l. I'.. I.II-IAIIIKI. Cl, cIIl2lIlCIIl'I', I'. NY111'1'1'11. S. Nlikulski. II. XI111'1-I1. II, M11-111. I.. SIRIII- 111111', QI. xIl'yI'IAS, Cf. XY1'sl- I1a1x'1-1'. S1-1'11111I Ihvw: I'. C1111- Q1111, Il. I'1':1!Ii1'I1I. I'. IIj'I'lll'. II. I'1'111's1111. II. Il11w1I11II. II. I1'11i11. -I. II111-1I1-1'. I., Uslm111'11. ll. 'I'I111111ps1111. II. c:l'UXVIl'f'. Il. XViI'I111l111, 'l'. l'111'1Iy. 'I'l1i1'1I II11w: Ii. I7111111111, II. Slam- I111111-, II. II1'111IsI111w. IJ. I.llllI. I. Ii11I11s1'. KI. Il11I1a111. II lJ1'is1-ull, Il. Ifillllltlll. li. Nv- I11'1'g, S. K11IIV. C. IJXIUII. MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS CI1-11 Club 1 , 1 , I'1'1111l limx: K.. l'111'1I1'. I1 .'XV4'l'j', NI. lI1'II. IJ. I"1-II1111's I'.. l'11a11111, X. .l11II1-y. C.. Il'Il- Ill'X', K, S11IIix'a111, S. K11IsIa11I I.. Sl1111l111p1-, li. lClI1x'11111l gl'L'llllCI lI1111': II. I,1'ilI'SUll, .I I w111111-Y, .'X. l:1s1111:1I1-, C 9I1'I1Imi11s. -I. SI1'1111g1', QX11 +'11isi1', .'X1I. l"11isi1', I., Us- I111111, II. I-l'AlIlI. I. IIIIITIII, NI II 1'11Ii11, 'I. NIXl'l'S, NI. CIITI- Illl'I'. 'I'I1i1'1I limv: II. NIllI'l'Il IJ. N1'Is1111. Cf. II1'1'1'y. A 1 1lI111, A. I'12IlllIK'I, S. Fan' IJ1I I" II11wI111tl1z1111. C. C1111111'Y C.. c.lllI.lll., II. I'.1t1151111, A III I1 II11x11 I11111Il1 lll'IiI1lll'll, '. ' '. 9 " mv: S. NI1I111ISIi1, Ii. IJIIII- L'illl. -I. IIIIIAIISU, IJ. M1-IIN' AI. Cf1'11xI1y. XV. CIIISIQIIISUII, U XViIIi11111s11n S. 'I'a11's, D. Russ I7 . IIIIIII. 'I'I11' IW11 1'xL'1'II1'11t 11111si1'11I 111'g1111iza1li1111s z11'1- 11111I1'1' II11- 1Ii1'1'1'li1111 nl NI1. I'Il'illIl'IH NV. 'I'11t1'11. TI11- I111111I, I11'si1I1-s IJIQIXIIIQ' 111 II11- I1111tI111II ga11111's a1111I 1'11II11 s. l1111I1 11.111 Ill Q111111-ys C.l11'1st11111s p111'111I1g pI11y1-1I at tI11- M111'1'I1 II1gI1 S1-I1111mI 1-1111111-rt 11111I nt II11- Ill' st1'111111111I11l 41111- in Huy. 'l'w11 I111111I 1111'111I11-rs 1'1'p1'1-S1-11t1'1I MiIt1111 ut II11- 9 Ii.INI.S.I5.,'X. IIa1111I 111 W'I1it1111111, z1111I 11111- p111'ti1'ip11t1'1I i11 tI11- AII-Siam' I3:1111I 111 YV111'1'1's1111' VIIIIK' CI11- fIIllI3 sung I111' tI111 Tl1a111ksgivi11g 11ss1'111I1Iy ZIIIKI look 111111 III II11' lI11iI1'1I N11Ii1111's Daly p1'111g1'11111 alt II11' I'i1'1'1'1- S1-I11111I. D111'i11g II11- CII11'isI111z1s 411151111 lI11'x' gawk il 11111si1'11I p1'11g1'a1111 I111' j1111i111' 11111I s1'11i111' I1igI1 a1ss1'111I1Ii11s, Ca11'11II1'1I i11 fI111I1igI1 s1'l11111I 1'111'1'i1I111's, 11111I j11i111'1I III Q11i111'y's 1'111'11I-si11gi11g p1'111111'11a11I1'. I11 tI11- spring tI11'y w1'1411 llll i111p11rI1111l part of tI11' XI1111-I1 1'11111'1'1'I, 11111I II11' s1'11i111's sung 111 g.i1'111I1111ti1111. Ni1111 l1Il'll1IJl'l'S XY1'1'1' a11'1'1'pl1'1I I11 sing III II11' AII-Sl11l1' CIIU1' CII11I1 Cf11111'1'1'l 111 April. IIRIINI 14 Radio Club l"ront Row: D. Bnonagnrio, D. Crook, R. McGrath, R. vvltlltllll, C. Finertv, W. Shinnev, J. Thornton, R. Stanley, Rudin. Second Row: C. Pickering, Faber- tv, bl. McCnsker, I. Carnie, ,l. Deering, R. Kantaros, P. Menadier, T. Pardy. Radio Club The Radio Club met this year under the direction of Mr. Fred Kelley. The club is organized to aid its members in learning of the fundamentals of electricity and radio, and to simplify their earning ol: a radio operatoris license by the practice of Morse Code. The clnbis plans for the immediate future in- elude the setting np of W-l-MHS, a radio station located in the school building and run by the clnlfs members. PRESIDENT Cary Fincrty VICE-PRESlDENT Charles Shinney SECRETARY Richard xvllllttlll 'TREASURER Robert McGrath Photography Club Under the guidance of Mr. lloward A. Smith incinbers of the Photography Club have learned cor- rect camera techniques, The art of taking pictures and later developing and enlarging them has been taught by actual practice. The darkroom with its equipment has been available to any club member. This year pictures of the track and basketball teams were sold, and other snaps appeared in the Unqnify Echo and Yearlzook. PRESIDENT Marvin Cordon VICE-PRESIDENT Richard Duncan SECRETARY Annette Foisic TREASURER Morris Edmundson Photography Club Front Row: S. Scroggs, B. Uhnan, R. Duncan, M. Ed- mundson, M. Gordon, An. Foisie, F. Mclnnis, C. Steb- bins, C. Smith. Second Row: ll. Laurie, C. Greenberg, E. Steinberg, L. Norton. N. Schwartz, R. johnson, L. Osborn, P. Dias, ll. Doherty. Third Row: R. Paterson, S. Clickinan, J. Bender, S. Tavs. L. Webber, Al. Pnrsell, R. Murch, T. Hawkins. The Scrihhlers The Scrihhlers have had a very successful year. For the most part the members themselves have taken charge of the monthly meetings, reading original stories, essays, and poems. Impromptu verses or an amusing skit often furnished a lighter touch to the program. The highlight of the year, however, was the annual writing contest, with two prizes of 353.50 each: one for the hest story and one for the hest poem. PIll'ISllJliN'l' Arthur Pappas VICE-PIilQSlDEN'1' Virginia Miglieriui SEClilC'l'APmY Katherine O'Donnell 'l'ltlCAStJIiER Judith Crunk ADVISER Miss Meredith llced Serihhlers l"ront How: M. Melnnis, K. Daly, I". Kaplan, K. Dillon- ! neil, V. Miglierini, A. lap- pas, -I. Lronk, M. jaspau, ll. Gotz. Second Row: D. Rich- mond. P. Callivan, C. Bal- ting, E. Silnon, C. 'lql1UlllSUll, D. Thomson, P. Fahey. F. Coleman, M. McNamara, j. Meyer, S. Siiuon, N. Stearns. Screen Guild Under the direction of Miss jane Wiagoner, audio-visual director of the Milton schools, incmhers of the Screen Cuild have gained experience in the handling of films, slides, and tape recordings. By repairing and servicing their own equipment and also that of the school, they have gained knowledge which will help them with hohhies or vocations. A new series of photographs, prepared hy memhers, will aid future candidates for the Screen Guild in the operation ol' specialized equipment. CHAIRMAN Daniel liuonagurio SECliETAliY liohert cilllly 'l'liEASUP1Elt Joseph DeLuca Screen Guild l"rout Row: S. Piudin, A Pappas, j. D1-Luca, Clully, J. Bender. Seconc Row: I". Coughlan, D. Ban- non, j. Cronin, P. Menadier. Chess Club l"ront liow: C. Donohue, C. Crose, YV. Keongh, S. Milcnlslti, D. Caton. Second Row: D. Bannon, A. Pas- quale, A. VV atso n, P. Keough, li. johnson. Cbess Club The Chess Club, advised by Mr, Max Brown, 1'olled up an impressive record of five wins and one tie out of eight meets. The clubls outstanding play was spearheaded by Secretary Stefan Miknlski on the lirst board and Treasurer Cordon Crose in the number two slot. Backing up this formidable first line were XVilliam Keongh, on the third board, and Donald Caton filling the Milton chair on table four. The filth board was manned by eitlier Burton Litnian or Charles Donohue. l'RESIDEN'I' VVilliam Keongh Yllfli-PIKESIDENT Cliarles Donohue SICtIliIC'I'AltY Stefan bliltnlslii Tlil'lASUlllLll Cordon Crose Debating Society During the past year the newly organized Debating Society became an important extra-cnr- ricular activity. Under the careful supervision of Mr. Francis Tracy the members have been learning the fundamentals of public speaking, oratory, and de- bating. Although the membership has been compara- tively small, the society has consisted ol' interested juniors and seniors willing to give time and energy in return for experience in speaking. PRESIDENT Charles Donohue VICE-PRESIDENT Fay Kaplan SECRETARY Stanley Clicliman TREASURER Albie llilrys Debating Soeielv Front Row: YV. Kepper, Cliclcman, C. Donohue, I". Kaplan, A. llitrvs, Mr. Tracy. Second Row: M. jaspan, S. Mikulski, D. Ban- non, D. Greenfield. A. Pap- pas, A. Potter, K. O'Donnell. LATIN-AMERICAN CLUB Latin-American Front Row: M. Croce, M Lund, E. Rowbothalu, E ' Sweeney, G. Signorine, A Watson,, K. Duggan, S Kolstad, C. Stebbins, I Alfano, K. VVard, A. Dahlbo Second Row: J. Aborn, E Dougall, C. Flynn, I Twomcv, Ccrkc, D ncy, V. Jolley, E. johnson D. Fellows, j. Sattcr, M slci, L. Osborn, C. Currant M. Cramer, B. MacDonald M. O'Donncll, I. Mclnncs don, I. llill, B. llourihan K. McDonough, R. Mackin C. Macdonald, A. Pasquale PRESIDENT Nancy Watson VICE-PRESIDENT Kathleen Duggan CORRESPONDINC SECRETARY Sonja Kolstad RECORDING SECRETARY Gloria Sigll0l'illC TREASURER Eleanor Sweeney ADVISER Miss Edith Neylan The Latin-American Club resumed its many functions after a recess of a year. This Club, open only to juniors and seniors, has met every third Tuesday in the month. At these monthly meetings there have been color slides and talks. The members not onl have become familiar with Saanish words and y . phrases, songs, and dances but also have obtalned a better understanding ot our neigh- bors in Central and South America. DRAM ATIC CLUB PRESIDENT Ann Pasquale VICE-PRESIDENT Barbara Dowdall SECRETARY Carole Macdonald TREASURER Nia Sanstrom Under the direction of M1'. Marsden, the members of the Dramatic Club have enjoyed many pleasant times rehearsing and performing. "A Stranger in Bethle- hcnf' was presented in December, and "Curses, the Villain is Foiledw in January. ln April, the Club co-operated with "The Unquity Echov and the Senior Class in presenting the senior play, "Our Miss Brooksf' for the benefit of the school magazine and yearbook, The members of the cast were as Miss Brooks ........ ..., , Jane Stronge Miss Finch Ilugo Longucre Mr. Wllclsworth Miss Audubon lzlsze , . Elaine .. ., , jane. ,, , .... Charlotte Forde , , Stuart Tays ..., Donald Caton , , Carole Macdonald Anne Pasquale Nancy Baker . Beverly Pearson follows: Sylvia Doris Marge Faith , Rhonda Ted , Stanley . Martin , Mrs. Allen ................... Barbara Ellwood Anne Dahlbo Joan Twoiney . Iudy Alfano Carole Stebbins Marilyn Bell , Kevin Mullin Stanley Gliekman Richard johnson Fusoni, C. Smith, C. Sted- man, B. Mahoney, j. Mac- Howic, j. 0'Ncill, C. Tcu- Bell. Third Row: D. Zelin- B. Huban, D. Glenn, J. Cor- Cirls' League Officers Front Row: Nancy Baker, President, Gloria Signorine, Senior Vice-President, See ond .Row: Miss Murdock Adviserg Clare Currant, See rctaryg Nancy Daley, junior Vice-President. if GIRLS' LEAGUE The Cirls' League had a very busy year with many activities. In October the sophomore candidates, after a day of initiation, took the oath at the impressive candlelight service. In December the League held a very successful Christmas dance, sent toys and gifts to the Home for Little Wanderers, and shipped a Care package of clothing to Korea. The Dramatic Committee presented the play, "The Case of the VVeird Sistersf at the valentine tea for mothers and also at a school assembly. The sue- cessful year was climaxed with the annual Girls, League Spring Dance, Some of the members of the League deserving special recognition are the junior Aides who have done volunteer work at the Milton Hospital. In their yellow and white uniforms, they are watched for eagerly by many of the patients. From half-past four until six in the afternoon they fill pitchers with ice water, serve dinner trays, give clean glasses, and help in any other way they can. Besides creating a cheerful atmos- phere, they are given a chance to learn more about the nursing profession. PRESIDENT Nancy Baker SENIOR VICE-PRESIDENT Gloria Signorine JUNIOR VICE-PRESIDENT Nancy Daley SOPIIOMORE VICE-PRESIDENT Ioan Stevenson SECRETARY Clare Currant Junior Aide Front Row: S. Oldfield, C. Smith, I. Aborn, Ad. Foisie, S. Kolstad, A. Donovan, A. Fandel, E. Fusoni. Second How:L. Osborn, I. Twoiney, E. Sweeney, C. Forde, M. Iaspan, B. Ulman, M. Bell, K. Sullivan, C. Tennev, V. Jolley. Third Row: A. Ma- thewson, C. Ward, J. Cor- don, A. Dahlbo, C. Mae- donald, A. Watson, A. Pas- quale, C. Stebbins, D. Fel- lows. Those not present when picture was taken: M. McNamara, An. Foisie, B. MacDonald R. Mackin, I. Brown, E. Laurentz, B. Pearson, C. Greenberg. 19 IIONOR ltOl.l, L. Lurrztnt. QI. Illjlltllliltll. C, Stt-hhins. I. ltuhin. I.. Stun 5. C.tu-knlaum, R. lx:-chty, K NVc'htwr, NV. Kvppcr. Nl Gordon. -I. Croslw, C. Dono xVtlIiillllNOll, lt. .IOIIIIHOIL l . Honor Roll Drlver Eclucatlon 'l'hc'rt- strc' soma' in our SttIKlt'llt hotly who Ullctcl' tht- j.ftlidtlIICg' of Mr. Dunbar, Nlitton ch-sorvc Spvciall I'i'COj.:llitiOll for thcir OtltStttIltliIlg uc- H415-Eh 5l'ltt'0l 5Utd1'llfS h'1ll'll tht- rutvs amd 1't'Q"l1'ti0"5 c-omplishmc-nts. Thcsc stuck-nts lmvc nc-hicvt-cl honor ft' flt'tV"'tl- Dtttltttl it f0t'l"tUUllfll CHlll'SL','thc jtuctvnt mmhls in tht, uW,I.nw, H,Cm.dS of thcil. Sophmnmc .md In CIVIXOI' 1-'KltlCtltlOll h'tnn5 All?Otlt tht- Cllgltli' ot at Cnr, llmim, Wvlrg flfhwugh lX,l.Ww,l.,lm,l, ,md willillglwgs tht' halslc IIIIICIQIIIIUIIHIIS ot dl'lVIlIjlf and saltvty l3t'l'CilIl- ' . . . tions. Ihcn. zlttt-r PRISSIIIQ tht- wrlttvn CXQIINIIIQIIIOII to work. tht-x' hatxx- dlStllltIlllSIlt'tI ttut-msctu-s not onh' , . I I I' I , I I , I I, N 'f on NInssuct1lm'tts laws, ht- can gvt hvhlmt thc wtlvcl "' M' 'U nfm' "L "'fL."f"'tf' "ft 'l 5.0. "ht K' K 4 f' ot' this yva1r's Ford, gain cxpt'l'it-law and confictvncv vxtm-Ql1l'r1c'uh1r 1lCflVltlt'S. lhvlr tllllhty Ill tl'tldl'lSlllp amd PMS thc mud mst. By. this mlining. Milton Iligh ms ussurvcl thmr stlcct-ss lll Milton Itlgh School. Slay 51.11001 Stmlmlts Cm, lwlp to clcclulsl. the mlmbm- of this promisc Wlttvh tht-y tmvv shown tor thc ftltttl'C 114-cictvnts amd can ht- safcr and mort' courteous hring rthout tht- rcatlizaltion ol' ttwirl1ight'st trims. chix't'rs. 20 lfront ltow: An. Ifoisic, B Aw-rv A. NYutson. S. lfnx' hopv, L. Oshorn, A. l"1lnch't Sc-cond ltow: IC. ltotvhothum Mullin, D. M1'th'y. It Hurt-h, D. Lmlt. D. Canton Att. lfoisiv, j. Strongv. 'l'lIil'll Row: M. Iimlmumtson, I, hmm l'. Sultixam. S. 'I':lys. G f f 7 J Football Team l"ront liow: Clary Finerty P. Sullivan, j. Thornton, S. Snell, R. McGrath, li. Stan- ley, j. Daley, J. Carnie, NV. Kantaros, R. Mahoney. Sec- ond Row: Coach Carnie, P. 0'Connor, W. Dohertv, D. Nelson, R. lxeddy, D. Buona- gurio, M. Williams, C. Pick- ering, R. Ceromini, K. Mad- den, J. Leary, Coach Mc- Cormick. Third Row: P. Bohrick, R. Desmond, j. Hagan, j. Fallon, H. Cra- ham, J. Morrissey, VV. Pur- sell, C. Perry, K. Maeliin- non, D. Pickering, Gilpin. Fourth Row: C. VVilliainson, D. Whitney, D. Crook, S. Svedenian, J. Crosby. A. Murphy, C. O'Connell, li. Witham, NV. Driscoll. s FOOTBALL FOOTBALL SCORES Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Natick Norwood Melrose Dedham North Quincy Needham Attleboro Braintree The football team slipped this year from its usual winning season and ended with a I3 and 5 record. The Whiz Kids, who have always been known as perennially late starters, did not get into the win column until after they had been swept off their feet by three suc- cessive losses. Then the capabilities displayed previously came to light as the "Kids," led by Co-captains Dick Stanley and Bob McGrath, made up for their mistakes with a 34-6 trouncing of Dedham. In this game, fullback Cary Finerty established a new Milton record by plow- ing his one hundred and ninety-five pounds over the goal line three times in one period. 'lille team in turn got some of their own medicine as the outstanding team of North Quincy really laid it on with a de- cided victory, By far the best contest of the season was the game in which Coach Harry Mcfiormickis gridmen upset a highly favored At- tleboro eleven, Highlight of the hard-fought game was a touchdown circus Catch made by end Mike Williams, lf the team could have played every game the entire season as they did that I3-6 victory, they could be boasting a much better record. Thanksgiving Day proved fatal for Milton High School for the fifth straight year. Despite the fine play of end Dave Crook and tackle Arthur Murphy, the team was out- played by an undefeated Braintree squad. The team played the entire season with an away-from-homo schedule, Because of the reseeding and reconditioning of the football field, Milton rented the VVeymouth and Braintree High School stadi- ums for normal home games. flow much, if any, this unusual handicap had to do with the tcam's record, no one will ever know, Basketball Front Row: D. Ross, R. Cerolnini, C. Perry, D. Crook, I. Flaherty, G. Murphy, K. Alman, W. Mee en. Second Row: R. Stanley, J. McCusker, I. Harvey, R. Laurie, J. Daley, K. Mullin, Coach Gadaire. BA KETBALL The Milton Whiz Kids, who have had to settle for runner-up to Needham the past two years, once again took over their familiar title of Bay State League Champions. The teamis 13-2 record included two victories over Needham, two exciting games with Framingham, an upset supplied by a winless Wellesley team, and a thrilling 56-53 win over Milton Academy. It is difficult to say which game with Framingham was more exciting, the sudden-death victory away from home or the second defeat of the "Flyers," In the latter game the "Kids', were behind thirteen points at half time and then, with some spirited playing, were able to pull the game out in the last half. Mr. Cadaire, the new M.H.S. coach, proved his worth by in- troducing Miltonis most potent weapon, a "shuttle" system, With the new system Coach Cadaire concentrated on rotating the first eight men continually in and out of the game so that each player was as- sured of breath-catching rests. The depth on the bench was one reason why the well-rested hoopsters often played better against their more fatigued opponents as each game progressed. Throughout the season the team treated its ardent followers to some truly colorful basketball. The set shots and frequent drives of seniors Dave Ross, Charlie Perry, Gerry Murphy, and Captain Dave Crook combined with the lefty hooks and tricky underhand shots of center Iim Flaherty provided the crowd with many a thrill. Bill Meeken, with his unique jump shot pass, Ronnie Ceromini, Ken Al- man, and Flaherty are experienced players who will be the mainstays of next yearis team. 23 BASKETBALL SCORES Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton 41 68 49 41 68 45 48 61 38 72 58 63 56 56 56 Framingham Wellesley Needham Natick Norwood Walpole Dedham Framingham Wellesley Needham Natick Norwood Dedham Walpole Milton Acade 39 57 47 49 55 40 34 58 40 45 51 50 44 85 my 53 Golf Coach Fred L. Kelley's golf team fulfilled another phase of Milton High School sports hy end- ing the season with a commendable record. Sharp- shooting Charlie and Dave Pickering led the squad against the M.I.T. Freshmen, Wellesley, Cohasset, and other tough opponents. Even though golf is not a major sport at Milton, the enthusiastic team prac- ticed and played their home matches with much eagerness and spirit at the Wollaston Golf Course. Some new younger mcmhers promise to keep the sehool's golf standards improving. Golf Team Front Row: C. Pickering, S. Tavs, D. Pickering. Second Row: P. 0'Conuor, NV. O'Toole, NV. Kepper, P. Masterson. s i Tennis Many times a school can make up for losses suffered in one sport hy defeating the opponent in another. The tennis team over the years has had an outstanding record. The team this year played such familiar schools as North Quincy, VVellesley, Brock- ton, and Hingham. The "racket squadf' led hy co- captains Art Blackburn and Morris i'Bull Dog" Ed- mundson, was comprised almost entirely of seniors, many of whom were equal in skill. Mr. Dunlmaris experienced coaching is another reason for tht- suc- cess ol' the team, H Tennis Team Front Row: C. Donahue, A. Blaekliurn. Second liow: M. Hdniundson, D. Lunt, . Croshy, D. Melley, li. Kec- dy. .ss , .4-4-5' A .--... ,..-v- ,..-- -z....-- Baseball Team Front ltow: j. Ifahertv, lt. Mahoney, -I. NlL'flllSlit'I',, lt. Mt-Crath, lt. Stanley. Sec- ond ltow: Coach Osborn, lt. Teevcns, D. Crook, S. Svedcmau, j, 'l'horntou, XV. Kantaros. Baseball This yearis baseball team, participating in the Bay State League, proved a formidable foe to the same schools that were faced during the basketball season. From the time the indoor practices started in March, the group showed definite possibilities of a winning season, The team, lcd by infielder Dave Crook and by hurling ace Dick Teevens was under the able coaching of Mr. Osborn, an old hand at baseball. The spark and hustle displayed by catcher Dick Stanley was an example of the type of team spirit possessed by all the players. Qutcloor Traclz The defending Bay State League titlists lived up to tht- qualities set by Milton teams in the past. The team had all the trademarks of champions with the returning lettermen: fleet-footed John Carnie, 440-yard runnerg Charlie Perry and Marvin Cordon, 100-yard dash mcng Ken Forde, milcrg and Cary Fiuerty and Sherred Snell, shot-putters. By the size of the crowds that watched the dual competition, one can see how popular this interesting and exciting sport has become. Also, a great deal of credit should be given to expert coach Arnold Adams and to his assistant, Norman Nevins. Spring Track Front How: K. Forde, Craig, NV. Keough, AI. Dris- coll, G. Crosc, D. Dexter. Second Row: Coach Adams, C. lfinertv, -I. Det-ring,,M. Cordon, VV. Gustafson, S. Cohen, Il. XV:-cks, lt. Dun- can, Assistant Coach Nevins. Third Rom: QI. Clasby, Al. Carnie, l'. Sullivan, K. Niac- Kinnon, C. O'Connell, ll. llruee, C. bVllll2llllSUll. Cross-Country 'l'hc Whiz Kid cross-country tcam climaxcd a hcttcr than avcragc scason this ycar with only two Iosscs in dual compctition. Lcd hy a group ol' fivc long-windcd scniors, thu tcam was ahlc to undcrscorc Quincy, North Quincy, VVcyn1outh, and Clanton. Coach lloward Sniithis hoys had no ont- standout runncr as thcy sccnicd to talic tn1'ns placing ahcad ol' onc anothcr in the various mccts. Although Milton did not plat-c high in thc Statc and South Shorc mccts, tht- running displaycd hy tht- juniors and sophoniorcs shows cvcn a lmcttcr squad may hc cx- pcctcd in thi- Iiuturc. Indoor Track I"ront Itowz K. Ifordc, NV. j Ilinclnnan. II. Kcddv, C. I"in4-rtv, II. Ilrncc, nl. Carnic, NV. I.ucc, -I. Dm-ring, YV. ' K4-ough, II. Duncan. Scc- ' ond How: M. Iidnnindson, 3 IC. Stl'IllIN'l'IJ,', 'I'. NVilIiaunson, D. Sclnn-idcr. -I. Caniphcll, IC. Sccatorc. .l. YViIcox, II. Driscoll, D. Dcxtcr, II. Ifolcy, I". Courtncv, D. Mcck, II. Ilrcsutti. 'I'hird llowz C. Crosc, I". Itow- liotliani, C. I'iclu-ring, VV. Crccn, C. Donolinc, M. Cor- don, S. Svcrh-inan, VI. Col- lins, I'. Sullivan, CI. Wil- liamson, XV. Kantaros, S. lfoln-n, M. 'l'ollins. Cross-Country Front Row: D. Dcxlcr, K. Ifordc, II. Ilrncc, -I. Nlcilus- licr, XV. Kcongh. II. Nlnrch, AI. Avcrv. Sccond How: VV. llinclnnan, IC. Stcinlncrg, 'I' XViIIiainson. -I. Cllashy, C. Crosc, bl. Driscoll. Al. Camp- In-ll, It. Swan. II. Crowlcv, Coach Sniitll. IIICIOOI' TIBCIZ Milton High School provcd its worth in in- door track this ycar as the spccdy tcam hoastcd a four and onc rccord. Two factors spcllcd the succcss and failurv ol' tht- Whiz Kids: thc outstanding run- ning of .lack Carnic, who hrokc thc Class D 600-yarcl in tht- Statt- Mcctg tht- sprinting ol' Ilill IJIICU, who cquallcd thc Division III dual mcct 50-yarcl dash rc-cord. 'I'hc iinclcticatccl running of Kcn Fordc in the milc and tht- hurdling of Dick Bruce and Dick Dun- can wcrc tht- plus factors in thc cxccllent showings. Concord Iligh School kcpt thc tracluncn from finish- ing first in both thc Stair- Mm-ct and thc lXIc-tropolitan Iicaguc. Hockey Front How: j. Dalton, D. Tee-vens, K. Maeliinnon, R. Nlahonev, ll. Ellis, J. Gilpin, NV. Pursell, R. McAuliffe. Second How: Coach Carnie, I. Learv, B. Faxon, P. llargedon, ll. Byrne, Agnew, C. Troungo, 1. Grif- fin, ll. March, D. Murphy, M. Kirby. HOCKEY Hockey took a big step this year towards becoming a major sport at M.Il.S. In addition to participating in the South Shore Hockey League the pueksters, for the first time, were able to complete their entire schedule without fear of soft ice. They played Hingham, Quincy, Archbishop Williams, North Quincy, and Christopher Colum- bus at the Boston Arena. Besides having a definite time and place to play the League gaines, the ieemen also were allowed to practice on the Milton Academy artificial rink every Tuesday. The squad was sparked by co-captain Herb Ellis, goalie Ken MacKin- non, wing lack Griffin, and two South Shore All-Stars, Ray March and fiery eo-captain Bob Mahoney. Mr. Carnie, who has piloted the team for the past six years, spent many a night with the boys, although the record was not very impressive and the Milton spee- tators were not many, the number of returning regulars will start Miltoifs name in lioc-key on the upgrade next year. 27 CIIECIICBCIBIS The enthusiastic cheerleaders, under the di- rection of Mr. Osborn, have traveled with both the football and basketball teams to all games. Their cheering ability and pep have given the Whiz Kids spirit and backing. Along with cheering at the games, the cheerleaders under the leadership of Leah Celi have had many strenuous days of practice and two successful pep rallies. Leah Celi, the enthusiastic head, and Judy Alfano have been on the squad for three years, Sandra Gerke and Nancy Baker, also seniors, have been on for two years along with Peggy Holmes, a junior. The co-operative, new cheerleaders this year - Phyllis Manning, Martha Cadigan and subs Kathy Mc-Crath and Joanne Keith - have added to the success of the squad. NEW MILTON CHEER Fight, o' fight for dear old Milton, wt- must win today, llemember, boys, that we are with you watching every play. Lift the name oi' Milton higher, lift it to the sky, And we'll fight, fight, Hght, and win tonight, and Weill honor Milton Iligh. M-I-L-T-O-N, Milton. M-I-L-T-O-N, Milton. M-I-L-T-0-N, Milton. Team! Team! Team! Cheerleaders Front Row: L. ct-li. Second Row: K. McGrath, J. Alfano, S. Cerke, N. Baker, P. Holmes, P. Manning, M. Cadigan, 1, keith. T0 YOU, DEAR MILTON HIGH Wc'll sing to you, dear Milton High. We'll fight and win, and when we finally do, Weill lift your name and glory to the sky, To you, to yon, dear Milton High. NEW COLOR CHEER Fight, Maroon! Fight White! Come on, Milton! Fight! Fight! Make a basket. Show your vim, Come on boys, let's win. RACKI SACKI CHEER Wt-,ve got the team. We'vc got the coach. We've got the kids that yell the most. With a fully racki saeki And a two, three, four Come on, Milton, roll up the score! BASKET CHEER Basket, Basket, Basket, boys! You make the basket, we'll make the noise! Forward pass, dribble down the floor! Come on Milton, roll up the score! TACKLE CHEER Down by the goal post skit and skat. We want a touchdown push them back. Block them, tackle them, push right through. Come on, Milton, we're for you! Girls' Baskcthall Front Row: bl. Twolney, S. Fav, M. Brolin, C. Macdon- ald, E. Sweeney, J. Coles, A. Donovan, K. Duggan, j. Darcy, C. Signorine. Second Row: C. Stedman, Kol- stad. N. Lewis, C. Forde, A. Vlfatson, J. Stronge, B. Lanriat, B. Elwood, C. Ten- ney, V. jolly, L. Smnner. Third Row: A. Pasquale, K. VVard. M. Cramer, A. Dahl- ho, B. llnhan, ll. Cordon, M. 0'Donnell. C. Smith, lj. Stehhins, C. lflynn. Girls' Baslrzetlmall VVith the many new changes in thc girls, haskethall rules the championship became a chal- lenge. There were fourteen teams: three freshman teams, four sophomore teams, four junior teams, and three senior teams. The sophomore team, Utah, won first place. Tennessee, co-captained by Carole Mac- donald and ,Indy Alfano, won second place while Texas, co-eaptained hy Marilyn Brolin and Jean Coles, won third place. The basketball shields were awarded to the girls at the end of the season. Field Hoclzey With the heginning of a new school year, many girls looked forward to the first sport, field hockey. The largest and the strongest team, Texas, co-captained hy Sue Fay and ,lane Strongc, placed first in the final team standing and won all of the eight games, Texas contained many ahle players, two of whom, Anne-Marie Donovan with twenty-five goals and jane Stronge with eight goals, were the highest scorers, Sixteen of the seniors received field hockey shields as the latest addition to their collection. Field Ilockey Front Row: C. Smith, M. Brolin, C. Stedman, A. Donovan, J. Strongc, S. Fav, R. Mackin, B. Grant, C. Sig- norine. Second How: E. Sweeney, -I. Coles. Ad. Foisie, An. lfoisie, M. Cra- mer, A. Fandel, If. ltow- hothanl, A. Pasquale, C. Macdonald, B. Avery. -X Q r I' J,fvgWW , f, A i W g Hamm, .JJ i'2f-YAQSF, Na, U, In A I 9 S ' I T 1 E l .,,,,.,..,..--1 IX 5 V V1 9 V X fu KWW f 4 QSM? X Mfmgx A f W X 2N uw f W' N ig gow?- CLASS OFFICERS PRE IDE ' MESS GE Did you ever notice the look of deep thought on the face of our mascot, the dog Senior, on the board in Room 208? It is, I like to think, a look of concern for each group of graduates. Over the years he has watched thirty-six different classes RS they participated in the various school activities. Then he has seen them go out to face the problems of their day. Ile followed his first alumni into World War I and its wake. During the next few years he saw his hopefuls step into periods of great prosperity and depression, then later go into the horror of World War II and Korea. Thus Senior has followed our predecessors through their times of trouble and has been proud of the way they handled themselves. Now as we, the class of 1954, leave our high school life behind, we, too, are going into a troubled world torn by dissension and power-lnnngry factions. Because of scientific developments, we have the threat of terrible atomic and hydrogen weapons hanging over us. These great forces we can use either to destroy or to create. This is the problem we, as future citizens, face. As we have come and gone through the years, Senior undoubtedly has won- dered how we will meet these problems. We have a proud past record to equal. NVe have been given a part to play in the future of society. By playing our part well we can aid our town, our country, and the world. Let us, too, handle our problems in such a way that our mascot Senior can still be proud. George Williamson 3:2 VVILLIAM KIEOUCII ., . .. .. Vice-Presiduit LIQAII CIELI . ..,. St rctiry GEORGE WILLIAMSON , ...., President RICHARD KEDDY Trcisurer JOAN M. ABORN 53 Cedar Terrace "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." Shorty . . . is full of mischief and fun . . . is enthusiastic about eu-rything except home- work . . . likes to skate and dance . . Basketball 1, 35 Softball 35 Latin-American Club 3, Girls' League Publicity Com- mittee 3, junior Aide 3. IUDITH A. FANO 32. Edwa veinue "Popu y is gory." Ind. . . olfe of our peppy ciee it - s . . . staun'h sup- i mf oveyu . active iiri i fnt in the 'N it Club . . . utur f ienist. asketbam' 2, oftball 1, 2, 3g Chee vii 1, 2, 3, Girls, Leagu thletic Com- mittee 2, Hospitality Com- mittee 3g "Echo" Business Staff 3g Latin-American Club 3. BARBARA C. RY 91 Meag er venue "Knowledge co s. but wisdom ' gers U close frie d wl o if o know . . . conscien' is stude ith ex- cellent mar . . an active worker for 'nquity Echo" . . . a stain and guppy enthus- iast and a fine seamstress. Field Hockey 1, 25 Softball 2, 35 "Echo" Staff 2, 34 Glee Club 3, junior Aide 3g Honor Roll twelve times. NANCY M. BAKER 50 Sheldon Street "Prophet of delight and mirthf, Nancy . . . has laughing green eyes . . . sews in her spare time . . . always has a ready smile . . . likes to play basketball . . . never has a dull moment. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 34 Girls' League Fi- nance Committee 2, Presi- dent 3: Cheerleader 2, 3, Honor Roll five times. VALERIE B. BEATON 165 Atherton Street "A good laugh is sunshine in a house." Val . . . attractive with her 1aturallv curlv hair . . . friendly md bubbling over with her rippling laughter . . . one of Ials who love a telephone . . . someone who prefers St. Sebas- ian boys to those of M. H. S. ARTHUR T. BELL, JR. 39 Otis Street "What should a man do but be merry?,' Chickie . . . a lad with a sense of humor and a dislike for the last lunch shift and English classes . . . one who admits his favorite subject is gym. Baseball Ig Football 2, 35 Screen Guild 3. MARILYN E. BELL 23 Bates Road "Clear as a bell." Ding Dong . . . gets ' kick out of ,uawin d sewi . . . hu outside a tivities to ep her busy . . . intendito study iournalism. , f V ' Basketballl, 34 Softball 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club! 3gf Treasurer, Scribbleris Club f2g "Echo" Collector 2, Girls, N League Art Committee 2, 3g Junior Aide 2, 3g Latin- American Club 3, Glee Club 3. JEROME A. BENDER 45 Pond Street "Coming in on a wing and a prayer. ' 7 jevfflif' is ha - cky wgth E friegl r a . . is i . 'n av'. i . .. . pu in his l ' ' ti AZSIP .1 to . 1- neeri . at iv r.'V this fall. Screen Guild 2, , Treas- urer Ig Cross-Countr' Mana- ger 2, Photography Club 35 Yearbook 3. ROBERT F. BENTLEY 56 Hudson Street "Everything comes to those who wait." Dunk . . . the giant with the blue eyes and the brown hair . . . the auto mechanic who can assure himself a good job . . . a steady fan of the Whiz Kids. Honor Roll once. FRIEDA A. BERCH 50 Lafayette Street "They that govern the most make the least noise., . Toni . . . is a newcomer in her senior year . . . likes to paint in her spare time . . . en- ioys skating and tennis . . . has a quiet and pleasing manner. Basketball 3. ""1954 ARTHUR H. BLACKBURN 470 Eliot Street "Happy is he who finds pleasure in his own companyf, Buzzy . . . possesses a good tenor voice . , . is often found playing the piano at home . . . doesn't particularly like his nickname . . . likes to sail and play tennis . . . is an authority on the care of hees . . . plans to follow his father's dental profession. Tennis 1, 2, Captain 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, Honor Roll once. ff i 1 ml .i me X 0 mi w l , Og' .sthep ' rguy i 1 ' ense un r and an asy-gm ll ner la s to e. a cue- ee fter glib. M '3 Foot 'ana , ., MARILYN I. BROLIN 1078 Blue Hill Avenue "Gentle and low,-an excellent thing in women." Marilyn . . . has dancin hlnc eyes and pretty blond hair . . . likes to dance and sew . . . has interests at church . . . will make a good secretary. Softball 1, 3, Basketball 1, 3, Field Hockeu 1, 3g Speech Activities 25 Glee Club 2, 3, Girls' L e a g u e Publicity Chairman 35 Secretaru of Yearbook 3, Ilonor Boll five times. IOAN I. BROWN 2.1 Bunton Street "The way to gain a friend is to he one." Iih . . . quiet, yet has a friendly smile . . . loves to swim and play haskethall . . . is ac- tive in C.Y.O .... wants to he a kindergarten teacher. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Softball I, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 3, Latin-American Club 35 ,lun- ior Aide 3, Girls' League Fi- nance Committee 3, RICHARD C. B UC 18 Belvo' R d "Dickl in e, ' it bi Miki' d 1- ' c 1 some . . . ' a 'vigor to Har- rison. illard . . 1 rove himself a s ident i . te off ior .'i. s .' ing y funn . li p ay basketball . ell as r n. Indoor Tr Ck 1, 2, 3, Out- door Track I, 2, 3, Cross- Country 3. MW I UONAGURIO evcre Street c ly, socia le, and good si 'l Danny . . . is .' ' our stal- K l ll e I 1 ' l it 'U wart f ma 1 . . . plans to co - is sc - ing . . . is kno cverypl c . . . con- fesses z l- mys English class. Foot al ,I , 2, 3, Baseball 1, 34 Ho e Room Alternate I, 2, 3: Screen Guild 3g Radio Club 3. GERTRUDE H. CANNEY 8 Antwerp Street "Humor is the harmony of the heart." Gert . . . loves to listen to popular records . . . is full of pep and fun . . . enjoys danc- ing and travclinfr . . . is always on the eo . . . likes navy hlue. Basketball 1, 3, Glee Club I, 2, 3, Girls' League Pub- licitu Committee 3, Yearbook 3, Honor Roll four times. JOHN A. CARNIE 2.2 Culliver Street "A sportsman complete, a hard one to hcatf, 'l'hc General . . . is planning to go to Maritime Academy . . . likes to he taken seriously-at times . . . is an all-around sportsman hut likes track the hest. A Football I, 2, 3, Indoor Track I, 2, 35 Outdoor Track I, 2, 35 A. A. Collector 1: Radio Club 3. ONALD CATQN 27 Allerton lic 1 " arnest effort ca .. a man for 1' . r vim r is 1 od 1 'IS 0 K, on . . has a . for trig a nhitions a de Y ee science . . . a - na r -. g't a 1 . enjoy mnting - in the 'Iichigan i t e w Che.. .lub 34 Honor Roll twice. LEAH T. CELI I0 Brock Street "Beauty lives with kindness." Leah . . . our very capahle, good-looking class secretary and head cheerleader . . . an appreciative listener to good piano music . . . one of our most popular seniors. Cheerleader 1, 2, Head 3, Basketball 2, 3, Softball 2, 35 Girls, L e a g u 9 Nominating Committee 2, Hospitality Committee Chairman 3: Sec- retary of Senior Classg Honor Boll eight times. JEAN M. COLES 65 Oak Street "I warmed both hands before the fire of lifef' Jeannie . . . loves and enjoys life . . . has a pet peeve in self- ish people . . . is a graceful and expert ice skater . . . has no specific plans for the future. Girls' League Art Commit- tee 1, 2, 3, Speech Activities 2, Field Hockey 3, Basket- ball 3, Softball 3, JOIIN D. CRAIG 36 llortou Placc "Good humor teaches channs to lastf' Larry . . . a Hank Williams tan . . . a "crazy" swimmer and diver . . . a sportsman with a liking for hunting . . . a low point scorer in C. C. Cross-Country 2, 3, Indoor Track 2, Outdoor Track 2. MARGUERITE D. CRAMER 24 Checver Street "Amiability shines by its own light." Peggy . . . has pretty blond hair . . . is good-natured and friendly to all who know her . . . plans to continue schooling after graduation. Basketball 3, Field Hockey 3, Softball 3, Latin-American Club 3, Glee Club 2, 3, MARIE A. CROCE 452 Truman Highway "She that was ever fair and never proud." Marie . . . enioys bowling . . . likes Ralph Flanaganls band . . . has pretty brown hair and hazel eyes . . . is a member of thc Youth Club . . . always has a pleasant smile. Softball 1, 3, "Echo" Busi- ness Sta 2, 3, Latin-Ameri- can Clu 1 3, Honor Boll seven times. DAVID R. CHOOK 3 Miller Avenue "Quality not quantity is my measure." Dib . . . a good all-around athlete . . . a popular boy, quiet and liked by all for his easy-going manner . . . a lover of all sports . . . president of Milton Youth Club. Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Captain 3, Baseball 2, Co-Captain 3, Home Room Delegate 1, Dramatic Club 2, Radio Club 3, JOHN T. CROSBY ' 4675 30 Hinckle Road "The lofty oak Piom a small acorn grows." Iohn . . . is tall, quiet, and impeccably dressed . . . has a dislike for bumptious people . . . is happy at the piano . . . has plans for college. Tennis 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Stu- dent Council 2, Yearbook 3, Honor Roll four times. ROBERT D. CULLY 299 Granite Avenue "Off we go into the wild blue yonder." Bob . . . thinks he'll go to Air Force school and then to a school of business . . . likes Problems . . . is allergic to roses and other flowers . . . enjoys Eddie Fisher. Screen Guild 3. CLARE F. CURRANT 72 Decker Street "Gladness of heart is the life of all." Clare . . . always laughing . . . attends Canteen regularly . . . plans to be a secretary or to continue school. Field Hockey 1, Girls' League Athletic Committee 2, Secretary 3, Chorus 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, "Echo" Business Staff 1, 2, 3, Dra- matic Club 3, Latin-Ameri- can Club 3, Honor Roll twelve times. ANN E. D HLBO Basie Stre le is hc I eftmi 'Qin , n o die e 5 ll 1 'u f W aIl1 3 Softball D tic Club 213, I I jg' ee iillllrjp 3, Lzgfflmerican 3, Student Council 2, eeretary 3, Honor Roll six times. K n i . e. e t .,' . d W ' tan igw.. u,,,gh3if,'ig,, as ,',: , J f ' i 'i 1, ,- JOHN H. DALEY 34 Pond Street "To know him is to like him." Red . . . noted for his slow. shy smile . . . has been one of our best football plavers . . . has a pleasant word for every- one . . . loved those history classes in 212. Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Home Boom Dele- gate 3. 1954 X '11 JOHN . TON, JR. 139 Blue ill Avenue "Individuals, not stations, ornament society." jack . . . is a handsome kid with well-groomed locks and a smooth smile . . . knows cars from A to Z . . . always ready with a witty remark. Football 1, 2g Hockey 34 Radio Club 3g Dramatic Club 3. JANET E. DARCY Brockton, Mass. "But westward look, the land is bright." Ian . . . petite with a quiet manner . . . gifted with a sweet voice . . . always busy with many outside activities. Field Hockey 3g Basketball 34 Softball 3g Glee Club 3. IAMES L. DEERING 38 Emerson Road "Ah, why should life all labor bel" Jacques . . . dislikes making favorite sport . . . obtains amaz- ing history marks . . . works at ie supermarket. Indoor Track 2, 34 Outdoor Track 2, 3g Radio Club 3. g outlines . . . finds basketball his JOSEPH DELUCA, IR. 32 Wyndmere Road "Look for the silver lining." joe . . . easy-going, friendly, with a happy disposition . . . always looking at the sunny side of life . . . interested in auto mechanics . . . often seen dashing around town in his Dodge beach wagon . . . un- decided as to future plans. Photography C I u b Ig Screen Guild 3. MARY M. DICKINSON 59 Lyman Road "Pansies are for thoughts." Mary . . . attends Rainbow and Fellowship . . . hates con- ceited boys . . . is allergic to Monday mornings . . . likes to play basketball and listen to Perry Como records. Field Hockey Ig Basketball Ig Softball 1. SALLY A. DONNELLY 954 Canton Avenue "Peace is always beautiful." Sal . . . always wonders, "When do we eat?" . . . plans to attend a dental hygienist school . . . hates to be kept waiting. Girls' League Hospitality Committee 3g Latin-Ameri- can Club 35 "Echo" Collec- tor 3g Honor Roll four times. r la tl .rescent of seriousness a od iumorf' u . . lpful in any Lf . e pert at running a .emblies . . . coy the courts . . a hard or M, de- pend. e tid ' n g nr oor Track -5 ' cho' Staff 2, 3: Vice- Presiclent, Chess Club 35 Honor Roll twelve times. ANNE MARIE K. DONOVAN 109 Smith Road "Behold her, sir gle in the field." Anne . . Q'pro" in field hockey . . od friend . . . li bv! rso who will be- co an excel nurse. iel Ho y 1 2 3' Bas ketba 1 . 34 SVIIQJTISI, 3g Te is 2 'inn' ' e 1, 2, 34 G" Ath- letic Comm: tee C uu man 3g Honor Roll once. WILLIAM E. DONOVAN, IB. 109 Smith Road "Unwillingly to schoolfi Din-Din . . . always seen in a different "rod" . . . known as a landmark at M.H.S .... has ambition to be a dee sea diver . . . is extremely alllergie to police whistles from patrol cars. Football lg Home Room Delegate 14 A. A. Collector 1. KATHLEEN . D CCAN 15S A thi is red hx own cy . enio se- back ridi . . c' 1 boys who on't ' 1- . . es to watc ll g nes . . plans "Sh we r in m youth I5 po ter." to gf to lr iness school. Ras etb l 1, 3g Girls' League Athletic Committee 3j Latin-American Club 35 Ilonor Roll three times. RICHARD H. DUNCAN 127 Blue llill Avenue "A merry heart maketh a cheerful couutenanccf' Dick . . . has often sparked the M.H.S. track team to vie- tory . . . has a talent for sousa- phone playing . . . wants to study chemical engineering at Northeastern . . . can often be seen at 4:30 a.m. getting ready to go hunting. Indoor Track 1, 2, 35 Out- door Track 2, 35 Cross-Coun- try 2, 35 Photography Club 2, 35 Chorus 1, 25 Band, 1, 2, 3iGlee Club 1, 2, 3, XWRRIS F. EDMUNDSON " 797 Canton Avenue "Vieto bel ngs tonthe mo pers e g. Den f . e1i1s mild b t r ' y ay hlir task-master crpris' g editor of the " uity Eclfxk . . . an excel- . t pho apher and a barrel 1 ,fun l , with the fellows. ei . 1, 2 3DCaptain 35 Dr 1 tic 5 35 "Echo,' Str. 2,,Ec 'tl-'35 Pl toiqra- phy Club 935 A. Adgo le for 25 Mu ,lglff Inclooi5Tr 35 Honor Roll ttoisloextirrz . HERBERT A. ELLIS, IR. 188 Blue Hills Parkway "Nothing afeard of what thyself didst makef, Herb . . . likes history . . . cnioys painting as a hobby . . . plays hockey and football with iis typical zest . . . is a good- looking chap with blond hair and blue eycs. Football 1, 2, 35 Hockey 2, Co-Captain. 3- WOOD OO Dra- RICHARD W. FABIAN 40 Blue Hill Terrace "Silence is golden." Fabe . . . plans to work after completing high school . . . is a fan of auto-racing . . . favors Perry Como as a vocalist. Honor Roll once. JOHN C. FAHERTY 15 Cape Cod Lane "Capability and reasonf, Skip . . . a newcomer to M.H.S. in his junior year . . . a quick wit and a ready grin. Baseball 2, 35 Radio Club 3. ANNE M. FANDEL 165 Hinckley Road "The voice is lovely everywheref' " tiou versatile senior wl liks 0 write .' . . enjoy' baseb' . . . 1,1-is uti oice d ex- e ' e eye C lee M l b 2- lu ior ld H ey 1 Bas 1 le AQr 26 l if k i '1 3 J 1 , lt QM 35 all 35 K on ta 5 A Ol- lec 1, nis ' Girls' League 'vic Committee 2, Social Committee 35 Honor Roll six times. SUSAN E. FAY 82 Sias Lan "Better late than never." Sue . . . carefree and gay . . . admired by many because of her poise . . . attentive for hours to tiose Frankie Lane rec0rds.' Basketball 1, 2, 35 Softball 1, 2, 35 Tennis 2, 35 Field H o c lc e y 35 Seruicemen's Committee 1, 25 Dramati Club 2, 35 Scribblers 25 Chess Club 35 Latin-Ameri- can Club 35 Gl e Club 35 Honor Roll seven imes. DIANE FE QWS 17 Br oad "O itl e ance!" . . ' tite, quiet, and l md nl h 'r . . loves -c . . enj football. ra tic , 35 Bas- 1, 2, 35 oftbal , , 3, ior Aide 1, 2, 35 Glee C 1, 2, 35 Latin-American C u 9 3. at Y brown b Z1 2 C Y T. F E Y Q 45 W o t I . V. p li . . fxce tional o h ng se xl, I i I at e 1 l on 1 gr' ' I I 1 4 Q g ' 1 1 . eu ' Eg 1 ll ball p ay rs. C-C lr!!!- Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 25 Baseball 15 Indoor Track 2, 35 Outdoor Track 2, 35 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Photography Club 25 Home Room Delegate 2, Alternate 35 "Echo" Collector 35 Presi- dent, Radio Club 3. 37 '-1-1954 M H GERALD F. FINERTY 4 Dcan Road "Valor is stability of courage and the soul." Fin . . . loves to pcrfect his dream house in study periods . . . is handy with cars as well as with pencil . . . plans to enter U. S. Air Force. Basketball 1. CLAIRE E. A. FLYNN 8 Morton Terrace "Laugh, my friends." Pixie . . . likes fun and crowds . . . enjo s sports and painting . . . findfs that life is ncvcr c ull. Basketball 1, 35 Softball 1, 35 Latin-American Club 3. ' ADELAIDE H. FOISIE L0 65 I-lillsview Road "While my hair was still cut straight across my forehead." Ad . . . the well-mannered and lpoiscd "older" twin . . . an UNCC lent FTCHCII C0l'lVCl'S1lti0n' alist . . . a skiing enthusiast. Field Hockey 1, 2, 35 Soft- ball 1, 25 Tennis 2, 35 Girls' League Social Committee 1, 2, Chairman 35 Dramatic Club 1, 25 Glee Club 2, 35 junior Aille 2, 35 "Echo" Staff 35 Honor Roll twelve times. ANNETTE K OIS ' lsv' - Y K ts t ousand thing.. ' A t . . the iuni f ft I I . a n- vcrsationiilist . ' e Curie in chem r . y. Field Hockey 1, 2, 35 Soft- ball 1, 25 Tennis 2, 35 Dra- matic Club 1, 25 Girls' League Athletic Committee I, Civic Committee 2, Chair- man Dramatic Committee 35 junior Aide 2, 35 ee Club 2, 35 Secretari, Phdt graphy Club 35 Yearbook 5 Honor Roll twelvf ' es CHAR T .XFORDE G ' e lace "Tha l n musi rlot e . ery e usi- ast a a . . . ically ' clin partl larly h the a c . . . ero ith her ii 'n participati in numer- B K HC es. :all 1, 2, 35 Softball I e Room Alternate 25 A. , Collector 25 Glee Club 2, 5 Junior Aide 1, 2, 35 2, - 5 Home Room Delegation Secretary 35 Girls' League Art Committee 3. KENNETH B. FORDE 12 Babcock Street "Hitch your wagon to a star" Fordo . . . strong man on the C. C. squad . . . a familiar sight as he drives around town in his Pontiac . . . a iack of all hobbies. Indoor Track 1, 2, 35 Out- door Track 1, 2, 35 Cross- Country 1, 2, 3. ELEANO J 60 P' rc St Ct "A merry .ar docs good." F 'cb . . i' lways si ' ing as a we ime s se of or . . lik o ect rec s . . . l tes l people . . . is allerg ' to pizza . . . plans to at d secretarial school. ff ' Basketball 1, 2, 35 Tennis 35 Glee Club 35 Latin-Ameri- can Club 35 Girls' League Athletic Committee 35 Dra- matic Club 3. SANDRA P. CERKE 23 Glendale Road "And the garments that she used to wear!" Sandie . . . enthusiastic cheerleader for the Whiz Kids . . . efficient seamstress, dc- signer, of beau-ti-ful clothes . . . a future secretary. Basketball 1, 2, 35 Softball 1, 2, 35 Cheerleader 2, 35 "Echo" Collector 15 Girls' League Civic Committee 1, Vice-President 2, Chairman of Art Committee 35 Latin- American Club 3. JOHN F. LPIN 338 B v H' enu "F n ittl . 'irk u ay r . mighty lai 3, Gi . . . sta s u yone in spite of ' I f 6 . always tries '. rar gg is l e gridiron . . . IS often o iv- ing an overloaded ia p coupe during the football season . . . doesn't like to do homework. Outdoor Track 15 Football 1, 2, 35 Hockey 2, 3. DOROTHY GLENN 65 Sassamon Avenue "I could be busy all the day!" Doa . . . friendly and gener- ous . . . gifted with artistic talents . . . often heard saying, "Oh, forget it!" . . . plans to do office work next fall. Latin-American Club 35 Girls' League Art Committee 3. S Y A CICMAN 7 ll r oft Road "A t . dis a stage, and a . men and women M ie ly playersf, S I an . . . a future la journalist . . . a hard r er on the "Unquity Echo" staff . . . pct problem, "VVhy am I the only one who thinks I can sing?" Dramatic Club 2, 3, Speech Activities 2, Scrib- blers 2, Debating Society Secretary 3, "Echo" Staff 3, Photography Club 3, Honor Roll ten times. JOAN T. GORDON 72 Antwerp Street "Chcerfulness is an offshoot of goodness and wisdom." Goog . . . has pretty blue eyes . . . is experienced in giv- ing parties . . . shows enthus- iasm at football games . . . hates to be kept waiting. Bas-ketball 1, 2, 3, Softball I, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3, Latin-Anierican Club 3, jun- ior Aide 3. s MARVIN O N 20. lu il 't t " hol a l.' ,f I af . . Ju iding 1 -n of Lass . . a v it :le whi it h' ory . . li is boating, trac , and -1 'm- istry . . . an avic uhotographcr. Football 1, Indoor Track 1, 2, -3, Outdoor Track 1, 2, -3, "Eclio', Staff 2, 3, Plzo- tography Club 2, President 3, Student Council 1, Honor Roll eleven times. BEVERLEY 1. GRANT 167 Blue Ilill Avenue "Words arc few and often funnyf' Bevy . . . is a versatile senior who likes to cook and who with her special interest in typing hopes to become an effi- cient secretary . . . hates to do things which require physical energy. Softball 2, 3, Field Hockey 3, Basketball 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3. FRANCIS X. GRANT 90 Grafton Avenue "Silence is a virtuef' Frau . . . plans to join the Merchant Marine . . .is now a member of Massachusetts Na- tional Cuard . . . is a fan of Peewee King and Perry Como. DAVID B. CREENFIELD 9 Sumner Street "Studies serve for . . . ability" Greeny . . . likes popular music with Guy Lombardo his favorite bandleader . . . is a strong baseball fan . . . plans to go to college. 1 Debating Club 3, Football JOHN W. GRIFFIN 37 Gulliver Street "Courage never to submit or yieldf' Jack . . . enjoys hillbilly music . . . is a likeable kid who with his mischievous nature finds himself in all kinds of predieaments. Hockey 3, WALTER GUSTAFSON, IB. 28 Coolidge Road "An artist lives everywhere" Gus . . . a tall boy with lots of personality and worth- while interests . . . exceptional ability in art and in history. Track 1, 2, Cross-Country 2, Home Room Delegate 1, 2, President 3, "Echo' Stag 2, 3, A. A. Collector 1, 2, Glee Club 3, Student Coun- cil 3. 1 Terrace reward of a thi ' I CAN, JR. o ' 0 have ' e . . ' s ,vt to ds canteen egu- rly . l. . is prejudiced against women drivers . . . does a good job in U. S. History. Football 1, 2, 3, Photogra- phy Club 2, 3. MURIEL HALL 61 Plymouth Avenue "A horse! A horsel My kingdom for a horse." Moo . . . quiet but shows sense of humor to her friends . . . spends her leisure time on horseback . . . is an enthusi- astic photography hound. MAL IIILDLN M 8 C r 1 Avrnnc l 1 ' - I "Spcccl . great, hut , silcncc is grcatcr, I' Maurv . . . thc qnict tvpc . . . plans a post-graduation irip to Swcdcn . . . prcfcrs howling for an outside activity . . . is intcrcstcd in lmnsinc-ss administration. RICHARD E. UERSEE 46 Rccdsdalc Road "ll I could sing like Bing." Dick . . . vcry likcalmlc if von oncc know him . . . can really climlm thosc ro Jes in gym . . . is a good howllcr . . . dislikcs I the slow spccd of the girls in the corridor . . . spends his sparc timc chanffcring or boat- ing . . . can he hcard ahovc all othcrs in tht- Clcc Clnh. Footlzall lg Screen Cuilll Ig Clee Clull 2, -'ig Ilonor uic'1r. l. P. IHNCIINIAN I - lfairhanks Road ' o fishing a lowcdf' why .... k o cvcry- I l that's ill ho . . likcs o pg 'h ll,. . . i' . loyal -sn tcr o 1 sch ol sports QI' . . has tic ascinatng liohlw raising tropical f" Cross-Countryl, , :Out- rloor Track 1, 2, 3g Indoor Track 2, -'35 Home Room Al- lernale 2. Cz! LB ' HIT ' ' ' c .' cc 'f V "A ga V would l ' 'lcarnf' .gLi.mi,1t- wn for hi.' iwvmrish ittrllmu fo '. Sp ' ctiuitis 2: Scrib- 0"'67rs 25 Chess Clulz 34 Treas- urer, Delzating Clulr -'3- Al . . . IS a n . GW . 'no fs l0l1.,'.IIUl.. ' I. RAYMOND A. HOLUB 36 Rccdsdalc Road "From thc llalls of Nlontczmnaf' Raymo . . . likes to plav and watch foothall . . . rcturncd to M.ll.S. altcr serving thrcc ycars as a scrgcant in thc U. S. Marine Corps. Footlzall l, 25 Track Ig A. A. Collector 1, 2. , . 41? I ' 3 Illl n tt " l - c li 1 lc l I lcv . . s ikm ovsn 4 . . . lc for 11 f a I ' - I Y We ' LY E.I1:?lrAlN 'gl ou cv s gou- tru 'A 1 r I K' ' r' - f -vi-S ' ,harlcston . . . m 1 - n Rwinhow 'md l 1 dislike for rut in thc morm rg Rr om s . m-American. lub 3. f t . .an'n ..a -V-- n 1' , , 1: 'lcef all I, 2, .' pall I, 2, min -'35 ,- , .' , DONALD L. HUNT 14 Glendale Road "llc is full so valiant." Long knccs . . . is going to ioin thc Navy . . . likcs to watch and plav football . . . works in a markct aftcr school . . . admits his pct pccvc is the short lnnch pcriod. FLORENCE lf. HUHLEY 80 Andnhon Road ullappincss is rcflcctivc, liki- thc light of hcavcnf' Flo . . . known for hcr pizza and hcr note-writing . . . spcnds aftcrnoons working . . . lovcs to dancc and attvnd partics. JOAN hi. INCRAHABI in 37 Pagoda Strcct Spccch is silvcr, silcnce is golden." loan . . . is vcry slw and qmlct lunt alwavs has a plcasant smile- . . . will make a good sccrctarv. v Girls League Collector 25 learlnoolc 34 Honor Roll nine times. BETTY A. IRWIN 12 Ilnntington Road "lt is a fricndlv hcart that has many fricndsf' Bets . . . our imprcssivc head drum-maiorcttc . . . a dcpcnda- lrlc and coopcrativc friend. Drum M aio r e I f e 1, 2, Head 3g Basketball 1, 24 Soft- ball 1, 2, 3. ts- f ' 1 4-X 1, il- RICIIARD C. JOHNSON 46 lludson Street "Gentle in manner, resolute in execution, firm of purpose." Dick . . . is the redhaircd live wire of Miss Fosters sev- enth period history class . . . raises tropical fish in his spare time , . . plans to enter Harvard to study archeology. Track 1, 2, Manager 35 Plnotograpliy Club 2, 3g A. A. Collector 24 "Echo" Business Staff 2, Manager 35 Ilonor Hall eleven. tiines. VIRGINIA M. JOLLEY 276 Blue Hills Parkway "lt's good to be honest and truef, Ginny . . . a small senior with curly hair and blue eyes who is active in C.Y.O .... plans to be a nurse . . . is still an ardent Braves fan. Softball lg Tennis 2g Bas- ketball 3g Clee Club 35 Dra- nullie Club 3g Latin-A1neri- can Club 3. FREDERICK .. KAST, IR. un 1 Pwr "An howl naw the n blcst ' I ork o 0 ." lfrr' . 4. Jle- ' ly uiet . . . spei ' I lei tin e o his ho bi-s of ani 'nd ins . . . 'es asketball ' base- l . vias :Vs '-'a interest in mf -rnment. II nor Roll t reg times. l I. X ' tl Ig DD P in 1 Mlis ief, i dig: afoot." Di ' .'. axe iss Foster's ha , . . interest win ,. . . . askethall fan . . . a l st . . . able class I' ' . l'l'. iotball I , - :dent Council 2 lseb 1 - T1 is 9 I oar Tra 3 Tw f Senior Class? II or Roll eleven. times. ELDON bl. KEITH 33 Berlin Avenue "'l'here's a Ford in vour future." Pete . . . always on the go in his faithful Ford, his pride and jov with its echo cans and white-wall tires . . . a hard worker every afternoon in the Stop and Shop . . .a whiz at mechanical drawing. ROY B. KENNEALLY 954 Canton Avenue "With hidden help and vantage." U-Boat . . . intends to no to U. Navy Submarine School in Connecticut to study Diesel Engineering . . . enjoys reading science fiction . . . has a favor- ite expression. "Whatehama- callitf, ' WII LI KEO CII lropt mp o ml tu s X 1 1 u tl ugn pos ilu s, l His ory rs l nu lit L I s rug ogo F tball 1 Oi or Traclt I Indoor '3 Clif ,gg C I7 2 Pr lun! 3 Spur,-li Aatwzt 2 Seribblf is 9' Senior Class Vice-Pr fsillfrnt. WILLLI M K PER 54 Wa 'lfug' n .' ec "There is - or spe. 'I' alll a ' e o being still." ybyep . tall, fri nd V, ' c Q ature . . . 'on ' - sted 1 in f tha l a list rv . . . Work. 1rd t thc ' ipreme rl to ., l UI 1x 9 ' 'll amn slit 1 .I il :ii i II 5 'i .1 .. .1 t'.' iis 'V - zrkgfd. - of Q , 3g nss n f2, 3g ' ' .g , f lll . "1 l, .5 , 2' M1 et terse or fx. . plans nd .eollege this fall. c ers President 24 De- bating Club 35 Honor Roll four times. J L,- SONJA E.KOLSTA ' I I 60 Sassamon ve 1 3: o fl: "'l'hat's the 1 rlend: Vivaciol . 'ntlwg to all . msn e of 'ry bbj. lo e siift' iose g s. al , f 1, , g e us 3g . ib 1, 2 irls' Lea e Vi e- Pres ent 1, Drai atie Cmn- mittee 2, Chairman Nominat- ing Committee 2, Chairman C iuic Committee 3g Yearbook 3g Student Council Alternate 35 Latin.-American Club 3- Iunior Aide 2, 3g Honor Roll tlzree times. ELLEN LAURENTZ 263 Blue Hills Parkway "Ever fair and ever young" El . . . a tall blue-eved blonde . . . a future airline stewardess . . . a whiz at tennis. Softball 1g Basketball 2, 35 Tennis 2, 3g Chess Club 3g Dramatic Club 3j L ati n- American Club 3g "Eel1o,' Collector 3g Junior Aide 2, 3. : -1954 H BARBARA J. LAURIAT 8 Vinewood Road "l,et the world slide." llarhie . . . heautiful long hair . . . quiet and attractive personality . . . a whiz in ling- ish . . . a roller skating cn- thusiast. Softball 2, 35 liasketlmll 3. ROBERT S. LAURIE 63 Blue llill Avenue "Sigh no more. ladies, A, sigh no more." PL Scott . . . that handsome guv . . . a gas station attend- ant alter school hours . . . an active participant in outside activities for young people. Football I4 Basketball I, 34 Cro.s's-Country 24 Track 3. IOIIN X. l,l'IARY I7 Parkwav Crescent "Laugh and the world laughs with von." launpa . . . was extra point specialist on the foothall team till his arm was hroken . . . has always tried his verv hest in all sports . . . likes hockey almost as well as foothall . . . attends Youth Cluh regularly. Football I, 2. 34 Hockey I, 2, Manager 3. . I, . tl ' ' 1 .' NANCY fuzwtst I - 48 'l'hacht7r Strc 'Y .3 R "Lots ofxlun and a goings friend, 'J ti 1" i X Nun . .kxglclniir cl for ,her sgxing: ahil' i' aiiclftlier mods R l kiiyg clot es . . oftei ieargg f' Y, UC' it l-'ti' Woill l li e iiuglke lip, iashjlni tlesillniitk lnext fall. , i Basketball 2, 34 Softball 2, 3. BURTON bl. LITIWAN H15 Blue llill Avenue "Great hopes make great menf' A. G .... likes howling and chess . . . plans to go to Tufts or Northeastern engineering' school . . . eniovs Watching foothall . . . likes math hetter than other suhiccts. Football 1, 2j lnzloor Track 24 Speech Activities 2g Chess Club 34 Debating Club 34 llonor Roll fine times. A IEI. C. RD, JR. 401 Ada Stre V nu 's '. true as eelf, trim cunt tru l t . . s a good sh with 2 ' -a ' 4 ointie -my . . . p o enlist in s rvice . . . ha ueen a good man in hookkei-ping. Honor Roll twice. WILLIAM B. LUCE, -IR. 52. Gerald Road "A gentleman makes no uoisef' Bill . . . quiet and good- natured . . . is one of Mr. Adams' hest dash men . . . spends most of his time getting his car to go . . . really enjoys the naval reserve cruises he- cause he misses two weeks ot' school. A, A. Collector l4 lncloor Track 2, 34 Outfloor Track 2. hlARCUERlTE li. LUNIJ 39 Franklin Street "True luunilitv, the highest virtue." Peggy' . . . is a sincere, de- pendahle, and jltitltl-llllllll't'll lriend . . . eujovs writing to pen pals . . . likes activities at church . . . plans to work and continue school. junior Airle Ig Speech Ac- tivities 24 Latin - American Club 34 Basketball 3j Soft- ball 3. DAVID VV. LUNT 255 Eliot Street "Music is the universal language of mankind." Dave . . . our dependahle president of the Student Coun- cil . . . a hard man to heat on the tennis courts . . , tops with all who know him . . . a real lover of jazz and Benny Good- man. Basketlmll I, 24 I1 om e Room. Alternate 14 Band I, 2, 34 Student Council 2, Presi- rlent 34 Cross-Country 24 Tennis 2, 34 Indoor Track 34 Glee Club 34 Ilonor Roll eight times. BARBARA A. lN1aCDO,NALD 2.2 Crown Street "Hunger is sharper than the swordll' Mac . . . one of the pizza fans . . . plays the piano well . . . is often heard saving, 'Tm hungryu . . , plans to attend business school next fall. Softball 1, 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3j Girls' League Nomi- nating Committee 2, Civic Committee 3g Latin-Amcri- can Club 3, CAROLE A. MACDONALD 172 Brush Hill Road "Where did you get those eyes so blue?" Mae . . . happy-go-lucky . . . never misses watching the Whiz Kids play . . . loves those red knee socks . . . plans to take up nursing in the fall. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, Junior Aide 2, Dramatic Club 3, Chess Club 3, Latin- Ameriean Club 3, Girls ' League Civics Committee 3. RUTH M. MACKIN 8 Cantwell Road "Better late than never, but better never latef, Rusty . . . reddish blond hair and retty hazel eyes . . . friendlly to all . . . active in Rainbow . . . a good rooter at football games. Tennis 2, Field Hockey 3, Chess Club 3, Latin-Ameri- can Club 3. WILLIAM MacPHERSON, JR. 23 Granite Place "Most like a gentlemanv Bill . . . a quiet boy with an easy-going manner . . . is al- ways ready with a helping hand . . . plans to join the Navy after school. JOHN J. MADIGAN, III Worcester, Massaclmsetts "And away we go." john . . . lived in Trieste for four years . . . traveled throughout Italy and Austria . . . plans to attend West Point . . . would have been a M.H.S. basketball star but moved again. BARBARA A. MAHONEY 61 Oak Street "Friendship is love without his - wings." Krinkles . . . blond hair and blue eyes . . . likes to dance and listen to Bing Crosby . . . enjoys collecting post cards. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, Latin-American Club 3. ROBERT P. MAHONEY 142 Warren Avenue "Clancy lowered the boom." Moe . . . lives up to his brothers' spirit and athletic ability . . . is a good football player in spite of his size . . . wants to attend Boston College next fall . . . is active in C.Y.0. and Milton Youth Club. Football 1, 2, 3, Hockey 1, 2, Co-Captain 3, Baseball 2, 3, Home Room Delegate 3, Honor Roll once, DAVID P. MANNING 15 Denmark Avenue "Faint heart never won fair lady." Dave . . . plans to be a car- penter . . . likes to watch foot- ball . . . seems to have a phobia for girls . . . works at a drug store after school. RICHARD MAZZUCOTELLI 26 Bonad Road "None but himself can be his parallel." Mazz . . . is a friendly guy . . . has a love for that first- year French class . . . is one of our workers at the Milton Ilos- pital. Dramatic Club 1, Treas- urer 2, 3, A. A. Collector 1, "Echo" Collector 1. IANQIFS' MXEUSKER ' 8 1 Cflllc . "LivL'h laugh, be' merry." jimmy . .A . a popular senior with a liking tfor batsktizball . . . many ,activities outsic of school as well as in. r ' X 1?1Qtball'1,QBasebaIf 1, 2, 3, rrdoor Track 1, 2, 3, Bas- ketball 3, Dramatic Club 2, Cross-Country 2, Co-Captain 3, Home Room Alternate 3, Radio Club 3. JOAN M. McDOUCALL 36 Concord Avenue "The only wav to have a friend is to be one." joanie . . . keeps busy col- lecting records . . . enjoys swim- ming and skating . . . is a Tony Bennett fan . . . dislikes getting up in the morning . . . hopes to work for the Telephone Com- pany. Latin-American Club 3. 43 C. 4 f MH , X X J nNaf1vi,' BRAIIAN 7 Ad' s Street L o ll If ' iv. 'ea 1, and you wi l li ea to 've." ae . . . a fiery l te guy h plc of drive a a keen 'ns nunor.. . . e who in his el: Fllfilywxllllllll0lltlfCS the ns fortunate. For fall 1, Il ocke y 3, Yearbook 3. ROBERT F. MCCRATII 252 Thaeher Street "Act well your part, there all the honour lies.', Radar . . . one of our re- speeted eo-captains in foothall . . . a good sport who laughs even when the joke is on him- self. Football 1, 2, Co-Captain 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball I, 2, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Home Room Delegate 2, Treasurer, Radio Club 3. DA T. ELLEY l'ly 1 th Avenue ' 1, men " me tongue of the 1 xnindf, Zeke . . . has :leasing sn'e or everyon . . . likes e istry . . . wa. .n outstand- ing all-ar d ior and win- ner th Yard Prize. N " 'l1o" rllector 1, Tennis - , A. Collector 2, Glee Club 2, 3, Editor-in-cliief of Yearbook 3, Ilonor Roll eigbt times. ri , 1 JM RCER Ar S e 'lt s tranqui to io ae -oi wlis i ." hyl. scu"t -tfin V t all . . is a IS ical and n is' iueli L . . . lates s ' u '1 . . . ' .' o en r rses' 1 in the fall. , 1.05 ntends in f mass tl um aturday a moons. X Band . 2 . , C ess Club 1, 2, e aru , Track 1, Orclze 2, " ciao" Staff 2, 3, M na er, Tennis 2, 3: Glee Clu 3, Debating Club 3, Honor Roll three times. STEF IKULSKI S ne Road ""i el se iae is, douh 'd in 1 -. . . c 1 ' witted ty e n al mei 1112 with an ' s et10. . . - o 'tow i a ra 'o . de a oi . . the lit e heat- lllf... fi I ffm ' f 7 . X l N D. MORRISSEY 11 G lon R 'More fun t in a l rel of N'1 o - ' Mor . . . ' i 1 humorous eonnnents and 1 'pressions . . . had to start vothall late he- eause of his toe . . . will he missed in the locker room . . . is aetive in C.Y.O. Football 1, 2, 3, Indoor Track 2, Hockey 3, Radio Club 3, r BA . U ON -.6135 War 1 e ' "- - l is au ' I Rusty iz' red hair I l maze .- . . . ' is sa es- f' ier, c ha c oesn t ' ' - ,L ing pu. around hy 1 ' ' H C. KEVIN lNlULLlN 214 Edge llill Road "Ile writes well who writes with ease." Moon . . . personality plus . . . a ready worker on any job . . . a good manager in earn- paigning or in sports . . . exeem- tionally good wielder of wortls. Manager Basketball 1, 2, 3, Manager Baseball 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Plzotogra :by Club 1, Home Room. Alter- nate 2, "Eclio,' Staff 3, Ilouor Roll twice. R . bl Washii 'tor ' eet " rat' 1- as, s lnueh he . , f si 1 o. B . . llair for photogra- mhy . . dislike for his v out . . . . . mes . . plans tor ' jllllCl'l'lllg B ll 2, 3, ' 1 ' 2, P 0 bu l u b 2 3: S n. G1 ' . 2, Staff 2, 3, Glee Clul ' r matic Cl: l , - 3, rel ha 1 J 3 Cro ountry Honor Roll eleven tunes. GERARD E. MURPHY, JR. 46 Meehanie Street "When lrish eyes are smiling." Murph . . . a handy inan with a haslcethall . . . a hard worker especially at algehra . . . a night-sehool s t u d e n t after graduation. Football 1, Basketball 1. 2, 3, Cross-Country 2 T-rack 3. MARCIA I. B. MURRAY 23 Hazel Street "A merry heart goes all the day long." Marcy . . . has pretty wavy hair and sparkling brown eyes . . . loves choral singing . . . enjoys Problems of Democracy . . . likes basketball. Girls' League Collector 1, A. A. Collector 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus 2, All-State Chorus 2, 3. JUDITH E. MYERS 7 Pagoda Street "Three silencesl there are: the lirivfirst of isp5ech."l Ill ..4.areaysmie... fa f ' hdly, word fdr,everyone . . . a dislike for shy boys . . . a goal of nursingi Basketball 1, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, junior Aide 1, Band 2, 3, Chorus 2, Home Room Delegate 2, "Echo" Collector 2, "Echo" Business Staff 3. f MD ,NELSON 4 Blu lill Pa way " r m' ' com- n 1 is vw i eep v the bovs ,ii yi . W7 1 yl .H x .U X. gdnlfdr v yone . . . an e rness for activity in sports, C.Y.O., and Youth Club Track 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3, A. A. Collector 1, Dra- matic Cl 1b 2, Glee Club 3. - LEO R. NORTON 18 Hope Affnue . ' , gl uin , generous." Leo .a er 'keable, easy- going ,A ' ays ready for a l' up as shown by the perma .pt winkle in those blue eyes . . an aviation and pho graphy enthusiast. V zotograpl Club 2, 3. ' ' ONNELL t. ia Road Tl like l 9st, who know J, er est." 1 . . . hz f retty blond hair . . . is a bakiketball enthusiast . . . likes to go horseback riding . . . hates people who are late . . . cnioys Eddie Fisher's voice. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Softball 3, Latin.-American Club 3, Girls' League Athletic Com- mittee 3. 45 EDMUND 0'LEARY 123 Elm Street "His words are few but ever worthwhile." Ed . . . likes history . . . is often seen running in his track uniform . . . does gardening for a hobby. Cross-Country 1, Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3, Indoor Track 2 3 :" LI A E. CSB i io " ue in itmg con es . f .rt." ' es an excellent iob ll . . ri ' een-Age News . . . has s ihc 'ng danc- mg re 0 ecting. 'Af oftball , ield Hockey , Basketb 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, Girls' League Education Commit- tee 1, Photography Club 2, 3, Chess Club 3, Junior Aide 3, Latin-American Club 3, Honor Roll seven. times. WILLIAM F. 0'TOOLE 35 Wood Street "I will find a way or make one" Bill . . . enjoys the Milton highways . . . likes to play hockey, pool, and golf . . . spends the third period Tues- day in Radio Club. Cross-Countru 1: Track 1, Radio Club 3, Golf 3. PHYLLIS H. PARKER 55 Marilyn Road "Little is needed to make a happy life." Peanuts . . . full of pep and fun . . . a Julius Lallosa and Glenn Miller fan. Iunior Aide 1. ANN M. PASOUALE 12 Forbes lioad "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation." Ann . . . enjoys playing the popular songs . . . keeps up with the current fashions in hair-cuts . . . loves that "Vogue Look" . . . plans to study interior decorating next fall. Dramatic Club 1, Presi- dent 3, Basketball 2, 3, Soft- ball 2, 3, Junior Aide 2, 3, Glee Club 3, Latin-American Club 3, Girls' League Nomi- nating and Dramatic Com- mittees 2, Hospitality Com- mittee 3. 195 MH ROLAND F. PATERSON 180 Church Street "What is history but a fable agreed uponf' Holly . . . a demon with his speed graphic . . . busy worker on his part-time job . . . an enthusiast in mhysics class. Plaoto fraplny Club 1, 2, 3, Clue Club 3, Yearbook 3, lion ir Roll once. 'VERLY A. PEARSON 439 Pleasant Street "Those locks from summei"s golden skiesf' Bev . . . hates learning French poems . . . has spark- ling blue eyes . . . plans to attend Bible College. Ilome Room Delegate 1, Band l, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, Scribblers 1, Girls' League Music Committee 1, Glee Club 2, 3, Clzorus 2, Year- book 3, Ilonor Roll once, CHARLES E. PERRY 24 Park Street "Never a dull momentf' Charlie . . . boisterous and full of pep . . . has lots of school spirit . . . never lets any- thing bother him . . . has a way with all the girls . . . is a good basketball player and track man in spite of his "putty legs." Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track I, 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Dra- matic Club 2, Glee Club 3, llonor Roll once. CHARLES A. PICKERINC 'O Squantn n Street ' ood um is alway 1 ss." Ita . . . a ' ound good d ith a l' - 1 per- 'i y . . an a' t golf and . on nd on h .lI.S. foot- z ' uad ergic to two- lm putts. Football , 2, 3, Golf 1, 2, .o-Captain 3, II o c lr e gf 3, A. A. Collector l, llaflio Club 3. DAVID NI. PICKERINC 90 Squanttun Street "Caiety is the soul's health." Pick . . . thc other half of the golfing Picks . . . always primed for a little horseplay . . . liked by everyone for his ready slnile and quick humor . . . deadly off the fairways. Home Room Alternate 1, Football 1, 3, Golf 1, 2, Co- Captain 3, Iloclcey 3, Rallio Club 3, Ilonor Roll twice. PATRICIA L. HAFTERY 43 Denmark Avenue "Round and round, like a dance of snowf, Pat . . . is a newcomer in her senior year . . . has pretty blue eyes . . . is a smooth dancer . . . likes Sarah Vaughn records . . . plans to be an airline host- ess. JOHN L. RAFUSE 76 Decker Street "lIark, some wild trumpeter, Some strange musician." john . . . our skilled trumpet player . . . a basketball enthus- iast . . . a sparkling personality with a cheery smile, and an easy-to-get-along-with disposi- tion. Orcbestra. 1, Banrl I, 2, 3, Glee Club 3. WILLIAM C. REYCROFT 15 Brackett Street "For every why he had a wherefore." Bill . . . likes to drive ears . . . has a good answer for everything . . . works at local supermarket. Clee Club 1, 3,-Chorus 1. ROBERT W. ROBINS 21 Trout Brook Avenue "I'm not a politician, and my other habits are good." Bob . . . another new man at M.II.S .... a "boss wrang- ler" . . . a knee socks hater . . . .1 good man at the billiard table. Dramatic Club 3. DAVID K. ROSS 16 Howe Street "Let us live while we live." Mousie . . . good all-round fel- low who enjoys sports, especi- ally basketball . . . tall and lean, with a friendly smile and a cheerful whistle. Basketball 1, 3, Baseball 1, 2. IANICE . 300 u ' ll. I 1. I . Zim' al .l 1 fi-iff". . "4 l 5 . 'I, .,l If f' I , , ylbl, 7.1 ELSIE C. ROWBOTHAM 42 Hillsview Road "Fair golden thoughts and lovely words." Else . . . a chic dresser . . . a wonderful friend . . . a con- scientious worker in everything "that should be such fun." Softball 1, 3, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, Girls' League Dramatic Committee 1, 3, Home Room Alternate 2, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Latin- American Club 3, Yearbook 3, Honor Roll ten times. IRIS T. RUBIN 37 Ferncroft Road "Cloomy cares ' be 'gh e d by 1 Iris , , , if-, da , glossy l ' and are ,f ... avid r rd - eco a d bowling fa . uture iedi l assistant alente inger with a cre- . e abilit . . . a girl with a friendly disposition. Chorus 1, 2, Glee Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3, Latin- American Club 3, Honor Roll nine times. ER ills e the speech fangel ." an qv n ' e law- Ml - . . . . loves i dlncc . . dislikes jazz and pc onle ittt ' 've too early. is' ati - erican ,u1.,Ho oce. W B ARTZ 9 er Street x ,is e harmon of the cl . . always n be c o kee class a a c . . . peanuts . . . h s a erful sense of humor . . likes photography. Photo y Club 2, 3. CHARLES E. SHINNEY 44 Hawthorne Road "The world is all before mef' Charlie . . . one of our old- timers who returned to school after a two-year break . . . works outside of school . . . likes a good football game. Football 1, 2. GLORIA C. SICNORINE 349 Thacher Street "There is flattery in friendship." Glo . . . enjoys those ten- minute periods . . . roots zeal- ously at the M.H.S. games . . . often says, "Oh, Minnie!" Softball 2, 3, Field Hockey 3, Basketball 2, 3, Latin- American Club 3, Dramatic Club 3, Girls' League Pub- licity Committee 2, Vice- President 3, Honor Roll once. CAROLE A. SMITH 56 Gulliver Street "Fate tried to conceal her by a . e . ., beaaiful brown curly hair . . . a quick smile and an eve read ' le . . . nu- 1 e c . . . active member of junior Aides. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Bas- ketball 1 , 3, Te nis 2, Softball ' y Club 1, 2, 3, Scrib lers 4 Girls' League Hospitality Commit- fee 2, Finance Committee 3, Latin-American. Club 3: Dra- matic Club 3, Chess Club 3, Honor Roll six times. KENNETH SMITH 76 Culliver Street "The deeds that men do livc after them." Ken . . . a smiling, curly- headed fellow . . . likes to play football when time permits . . . is one of the many boys cm- ployed by the Supreme Market and Milton Hospital. Indoor Track 1, 2, 3, Out- door Track 1, 2. 3, Football 1, 2, "Echo" Collector 1. ROGER H. SMITH 208 Churchill's Lane "Money is like an arm or a leg, use it or lose it." Smitty . . . a faithful member of the M.H.S. track team . . . a hard worker on his part-time iob . . . his favorite subiect? -chemistry. of course. Indoor Track 1: Outdoor Track 1, 2, Cross-Country 2, A. A, Collector I. SIIERRED F. SNELL 25 Lodge Street "Like father, like son." Sher . . . quiet but excitable . . . is secretly an avid Bruins fan . . . besides football and track plays church basketball . . . in his spare time fishes or races an outboard motor-boat. Football 1, 2, 3, Indoor Track 1, 2, 3, Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3. 1954 M H - J af OSL r- N' 1, Q M. LYNN STANHOPE 1 Edge Hill Road "Aboard at a ship's hclmf, Lynn . . . likes to sail the ocean blue, study the sciences, and listen to the Band of Amer- ica . . . is allergic to history. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Band 2, 3, Glee Club 3, Girls' League Art Committee 1, Tennis 2, Scribblers 2, "Echo', Staff 3, llonor Roll ten times. RICHARD STANLEY 9 Churchill Street "Variety is the spice of life." Stan . . . plans to he a sales- man after high school . . . plays baseball and foothall equally well . . . is a member of Mil- ton Youth Club. Football 1, 2, Co-Captain 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball Manager 3, Dramatic Club President 2, Photography Club 2, Radio Club 3, Glee Club 3. CAROLE A. STEBBINS 537 Lantern Lane "O friends, with whom mv feet have trod." Stelm . . . a popular and husv gal . . . active C.Y.O. president . . . the originator of the ex- pression, "It's the most to say the least." Tennis 2, 3: Softball I, 2, , Field Hockey I, 2, Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, Girls' League Finance Committee 1, 2, Chairman 3, Photography Club I, Secretaru 2, 3, Scrib- blers' 1, Secretary 2, Dra- matic Club I, 2, 3, Clec Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus l, 2, Latin- American Club 3, Chess Club 3: Ilonor Roll six times. CAROL M. STEDMAN 176 lligh Street "llc-r nature is essentially prac- tical and of the present." Carol . . . possesses a good nature and friendliness . . . hates to he kept waiting . . . hopes to he a nurse or to go m the service. Basketball l. 2, 3, Field llockey 3, Softball 3, l7 Bl 1 ills Parkway "Til . again with you." , . . plans to go to l 1 o uiversity, College of usim Administration . . . likes o play and watch base- hall or listen to Duke Ellington. EWlS . STRAUSS 'S K I' . C0111- Committee Yearbook 3, twelve times. KATHLEEN V. A. SULLIVAN 633A Adams Street "Good things come in small packa ges. " Kay . . . small brown-eyed senior . . . likes hospital work and minstrel shows . . . plans to enter nursing . . . loves pizza. Field Hockey 1, Basketball 1, 3, Softball 1, 3, Chorus I, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dra- matic Club 3, junior Aide 3. PAUL F. SULLIVAN 61 YVendell Park "The sea js c n on to allf, Sully . . . 1 of the hetter nem rx tie M.Il.S. pigskin ' . . . a rea l ia 'ng fan . . . very p nla every- one . . . qu m cla.. hut al- ways rcadv witl1,a-qtiip. Football 1, 2, 3, Indoor Track 2, 3, Outdoor Track 2, 3, Home Room Delegate 3, Sl?I'UlCl'll10lt-,S Committee 2: Ilonor Roll flue times. LORAINE E. SUNIMER 129 Thaclxer Street "We have heen friends togetherf' Lainie . . . always willing to give a ride in her '34 Chevie . . . wants to he a social worker . . . makes a good haskethall referee. Basketlzall 1, 2, 3, Softball l, 2, 3. SUMNER E. SVEDERIAN 45 Lawrence Road "Nothing endures hut personal qualities." Svcd . . . plays good foothall and basketball for M.ll.S .... coaches a church basketball team . . . has a hidden talent for playing golf right-handed . . . is rcspectcd hy all of his many friends. Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Indoor Track 3, Base- ball l, 2, 3, Honor Roll flue times. We ELEANOR T. SWEENEY 77 Church Street "More Irish than the Irish" Ellie . . . easy-going . . . loves to sing those Irish songs . . . never misses those M.H.S. frames . . . plans to work next a . Basketball 1, 2, 34 Softball 1, 2, 34 Field Hockey 3g "Echo" Collector 24 junior Aide 3g Seroicemen's Com- mittee 2g Drama ic Club 3g Latin - Ame 'can C l u b 34 Chess Club S y T It Mgfmx 4 1 tngton Rr ad f - l' '- tl , b t stl l S ' K tel ' at evel- 11 K 'in excelle ty piani A a self- taught elarinetis . a whiz at mechanical d a g . . . a good man on any o nittee. Golf 2, , Photography Club 2, 34 1 e Club 3j Year- book Ass ciate Editor 34 Honor Roll ten times. hment liealdedn A' al ,. . . I e I I RICHARD E. TEEVENS 710 Randolph Avenue "Study to be quiet." Dick . . . one of Mr. 0sbom's best pitchers . . . attends Can- teen every Saturday night . . . hates to be awakened from a sound sleep . . . is an avid en- thusiast of all sports. Football 14 Basketball 14 Baseball 1, 2, Co-Captain 3. CAROL A. TENNEY 52.0 Blue llill Avenue "Better short and sweet than long and laxf' Carol . . . soft blond hair and blue eyes . . . a sweet singing voice . . . pleasing smile and a flashing personality . . . readiness for fun . . . allergy for historv and homework. Basketball 1, 3g Field Hockey 1, 2g Softball 34 Glee Club I, 2, 3g Photography Club 2g Dramatic Club 34 Latin - American Club 3g Chorus 2, RAYMOND ll. TIIORNE 40 Church Street "llc goes his way unperturbed." Haymo . . . collects stamps as a hobby . . . plans to go on with education . . . likes to play baseball . . . prefers history to other subjects . . . bemoans the high price of candy and ice cream. Honor Roll once. JOHN J. TH 4 . E y clou has a 5 Hui g fll lc' . . i s o a for MOTI ' d can d tht ine ont idi n... is a bit of a wor . . has his own method o aying bas- ketball. Football 1, , 3g Baseball 2, 3g Home om Alternate 24 Radio Club 3g Ilonor Boll once, A . O 2 ech' e ith . ti e z y . oa . . a neat and accurate ' all she does . . . a r-. . . supporter of the M.H.S. games. Softball 1 , 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3g G ie Pub- licity Co , Civics Committe 4 Dramatic Club 3j Latin- merican. Club 3g junior Aide 3. VINCENT J. VAN NESTE 55 Governors Road "To travel than to arrive." Vin . . . the perpetual opti- mist whose main interests in life are auto mechanics and aeronautics. CATHERINE M. WARD 62. Huntington Road "Sweet girl graduates in their golden hairf, Kay . . . has pretty blond hair and blue eyes . . . plans to attend college or an airline school . , . has many outside activities including C.Y.O., sports and Youth Club. Basketball 1, 2, 3g Softball 1, 2, 3g Home Room Alter- nate 14 Girls' League Social Committee 3g In-nior Aide 34 Latin-American Club 3. ANNE L. WATSON 24 Waldo Road " ,Tis good to be merry and wise." Nancy . . . has friendly dis- position . . . loves to knit . . . is active in Youth Club . . . has pretty brown hair and blue eyes . . . plans to go to Jackson next fall. Field Hockey 1, 24 Basket- ball 1, 2, 34 Softball 1, 2, 34 Seruicemen's Committee 14 Girls, League Financial Com- mittee 34 Dramatic Club 3g Photography Club 3j Junior Aid 3g Latin-American Club 34 Honor Boll five times. W 1954 MH - ---- LAWRENCE I. WEBBER 165 Eliot Street "Old Ilow I hate to get up in the morning." Larry . . . slow and easy-go- ing . . . is amhitious to attend N. U. for a degree in engineer- ing . . . is a regular memher of thc 4:30 A.M. hunting club. Home Room Delegate 1, 2, Alternate 3g "Ecl1o', Busi- llrI?.S'S Staff 3g Photography Club .'?g Ilonor Roll fan. times. JOHN R. WEBER 1254 Brook Road "They change their clime." jack . . . the most widely traveled man at M. II. S .... will "do or die" for the Marines . . . plans to go eventually to Annapolis. IIAROLD C. WEEKS 348 Thacher Street "MV mouth is always quiet." Wecksv . . . an artist at jive talk and all other forms . . . has a happy-go-luckv nature. Football I, 24 Indoor Track I, 2g Outdoor Track I, 2g "l'f1'l1o', Cf1lll?l.'lllf 3. CLAIRE WESTHAVER 11 Stafford Road "Yet shc was kind." VV1-sty . . . copes with all problems cahnly . . . is active in Rainhow . . . has a dislike for knee-socks. Band I, 2, 3g Field Hockey lg Softball Ig Girls' LHIIQIII? M ll.S'lC CUllIll1llll'0 2, 3, DONALD R. WHITNEY 76 Waldeck Road "Earnest effort carries a man forwardf' Don . . , a popular guy with a real sense of lunnor . . . a good mechanic around a car . . . usually seen with "the hoysn . . . plans four years in college after graduation. Hask11tb11ll lg Football 2, 3. MICHAEL A. WILLIAMS 330 Blue Hills Parkway "Mark him well." Mike . . . an asset whenever a hall game is going on . . . claims he's allergic to hlondes . . . plans to go to teachers' college after graduation. Footb11ll 3. GEORGE ILLIAMSON, IR. 2? ust' 1 Street "Th mt: a s aslfastf' . . Il ' rcs ect o al 'mlme f I. I. ' ..le- s v is ac i .' is cm fi o s-hs it . . J mhke ege ' il . Senior C resiclentg For ball , g Baseball Ig Ir :rr 2, 3g Outdoor T 1' , . Student Council 3 ass R ng C ,nmiitee 2g onor Roll 'louis times. S W, V lf if R A. wn' A K 2 idmcrf oatllf e hangs he eeng in douht to det, pre-st." Xlvllll r,IfIJ6i1k . . . our most rested s nt . . . allergic to girls . mas plans for college. Football I, 2, 35 Baseball Ig Dramatic Club 2, 3g A. A. Collector 24 Sl'Cl'l?llll'lj, Radio Club -'34 Honor Roll four tim1's', DO IIY L. ZE I I 2 Vt- ve "Cnsto1 is 1 ade n lu-r ' 01 ertv- of ness.' i no an sew . ha s jazz . . en' s ' ating . . as an . eea e d mos' ' . . a gc l 'por about e ything. lor . Ig Lafi -An11'ri1'an Clu 1 3. tie . li s to 1 ltlr is l REMEMBER G 2 O 'U ' Eqmemaen '3' f T, IV M M cg' E fa ' fy UL ixlx ff XX eo 6 Q 2 XQ ,lf K V are SN X Cumby Ck cams? - A-T1 blvrz b 'I I, X SUMMER 5 LAR E W een gg VJ-K TYPlN61 It 2,933 DICK gnu 1 I Wm-K H15 wx Bw scourm , X fi A WMRM' wuo -- Douig .' 'THE 'ggbggoaum , " mama S. mu 'L . 7,71 0131? DAVE. Pscktkmc, me nu.l.Y'S X Q -Q Q L-kk ?ERxoD Swoy "Pecan, 'vim HO' WHO tn- BEST COUPLE Judy Alfano Cary Fiuerty CUTEST Nancy Baker john Gilpin FBIENDLIEST Linda Osborn John Leary MOST RESPECITED anal MOST ACTIVE Leah Celi George Williamson MOST CO-OPERATIVE Anne Dalllbo Paul Sullivan 52 BEST BALLBOOM DANCERS Sonja Kolstad Leo Norton BEST MUSICIANS Beverly Pearson john Bafuse BEST SINCEIKS Anne Fandcl Arthur Blackburn MOST UNPREDICTABLE Joan Twomey Biellard Witham MUST Dll'L.OMA'l'lC Barbara Avery Stuart Tays BEST LOOKING Ann Pasquale John Crosby IIUNCRIEST Charlotte Forde Richard Stanley MOST ENTIIUSIASTIC Nancy Baker Richard Kccldy MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED .lane Strongc Marvin Cordon BEST DIIESSED Elsie Rowbolham Kevin Mullin MOST ARTISTIC Joan Colcs NValtcr Gustafson MOST POPULAR .Indy Alfano Ccorgg Williamson MOST IIAPPY-CO-LUCKY Nancy Baker Harolcl Weeks IXIOST IIELIAIILE Marie Croce David Lunt MOST ATIILETIC Loraine Sumner David Crook BEST ACTORS Eleanor Swccncy Dick Mazzacotclli XVI'I"I'IEST Carole Macdonald Richard Witham 58 M!fQf2 015350 SE P7' E MBE IZ 0C7UBE1B . l Fx, ,J I . 1 NOVE M6516 K DECEMBER -f4!V04zQY 4ffMO!?!! 5 fs 4 -fy ,K A f4Pf'8!L MAY JUIVE The Qlcle enior's A manac For more than thirty years I have watched the students of Milton High School who, without even a thought for me, have gone about their daily tasks. Although most of my observing has been confined to study periods in 208, I have seen and heard enough to form a good idea of school life. My first glimpse of the sophomores who were to be, in three short years, the graduates of '54 was one of an old-timer looking at a bunch of confused, nervous newcomers. Would these youngsters grow up? I could see, as they settled down in the routine of school - whispering, passing notes, chewing gum, finding the best way to break rules without being caught, and occasionally studying - that they were making many new friends and developing eager enthusiasm for the football team. I can still remember the day of the Girls' League initiation. It occurred just as the boys were be- ginning to have their hopes about the possibilities of this or that sweet young thing. Their dreams were shattered by the sudden appearance of hideous painted gals wearing signs and dressed in rags that had been around longer than I have. Although this amusing but bewildering spectacle was not new to me, I still shared the relief of the girls and teachers when it was over. But such an initiation served a purpose, for the girls were at last members of that society, the Cirls' League. With the last days of fall, when the football team was winding up its sched- ule and geometry was getting harder by the day, the long-awaited Harvest Dance was announced. Between getting dates and arranging rides, the boys were worried. I guess it was all worthwhile for there were many pleased and tired faces in study the next Monday. December was a busy month. If I thought the boys were concerned about the Harvest Dance, though, I was mistaken. I didn't know what real suffering was until I saw the anguished look on the faces of the poor lasses who hadn't obtained dates for the Cirls' League Christmas Dance. They looked over every prospective male in the school. I didn't hear too much about that dance the next Monday. I guess it went just as satisfactorily as the other affairs at Milton High do, if the length of the weekly gossip column in the local paper is any indication. just before the holidays the sophomores hcard, for the first time, the Clee Club singing Christmas carols in the halls. With the end of the vacation came the new year 1952. The highlight of the winter was the thrill of watching the school make the quarter-finals of the Tech Tourney. The spring was the longest one anyone could remember, but the sting was slightly taken 56 - vi 1- WWF , . .i f A . uf Qi A wg - ' I A ' , 6 J h ,Qgwfjiii iigg S 'I gs, h , ,, E' X X nl" E 9' -,122 ' if x ' mi 47' W Xc , ,,. we P , fm Qi , ms, 5 Y.: 31:45, 6. wif: -Tr: L lp, f . X 5+-3 ai 9-. 1 Illiiutf 'ik -A 1 - N ,M 1 ., W X K Qin an M! ' x , 'xx ' iii' N, 7 . iz G e y Q H. .ww J, K s. 'Um I r . vi Sf ' 'L S lc TN S54 J' fp M! 5 Avi Q a Af- X I J in gg? Wal .iw . -1 . . 1 , 2 ,Q ,L -ii. E , : 'RFQ ., N. x .. .x . X,g,q,, .sn WM IX .N- iii 'JM k 1 3.32 ,AMQE -5 i , z.. 5, 3 , K 55 ., --'AL' f- f-w-an 'Q --P .sc :. -1, L ' 1 ff, f :.g,'12...,-e a V , ,Q .Q:4Vf5ff YQ sf:. :':i'1 L- . 1 ,. .. I 'K 12 ..,1cQ.zye-Qskfk V xsggiht 1 V, iz i' Yf.1fgw , xx 2 Av! Y- - ,Nw A . my A, , 3 Yfzgif ' 'ffl L, E A, fs L knew' . ' - ,l g -L , 3 T132 . gAgawl?swH Y ' 'fiyiffmw , -1 -If M91 Qs: gives- --W fi -W 75 ,535 -K , gtg Eyszl I 5i1i:f1a?Ii. p L' -Y, Q is' - ' x , . A . .. g Eg:-Qgggshgfigw ' ' H " ...f.,:::g,- . L. K' .MV 1-if T' A Q , ' X' V : Q in .. Q ' ' am , W ' f L 2 M Fx :AFL fx 5, ,rm 15- L X , aw f W 6 ,W ,ML :v,. ..A.. ,:,, . . . if. wg. X A 2 , ,W an x Nwnwwmmw N x out of staying in school by the enjoyment by most of the sophomores, as well as juniors and seniors, of a very successful Girls' League formal. April vacation came at the right time to enable the pupils to survive the two remaining months of baseball and review. Perhaps the longest days of the year were spent in watching the seniors prowl the cor- ridors and practice for graduation. After a long dull summer of seeing nothing but rows of empty desks and electricians installing the new fluorescent lights, I welcomed the members of the Class of '54, returning in their new and exalted roles as juniors - exalted that is, in the minds of the entering sophomores. They had somehow managed to survive the pitfalls of the previous year: initiation, strange rooms, Caesar's "Confusion in Gaul," and the ever-juicy frog dissection. Immediately they noticed the added candlepower and a new linoleum floor in the lunch room that was to receive the countless and merciless beatings of those "leaders of tomorrow" with the empty stomachs. Fellow inmates renewed old friend- ships, and the gone-but-not-forgotten days of the preceding two months were the main topics of conversation. The sobering effects of school activities, however, soon took hold of every- one. The first event was the United Nations contest which was climaxed by an evening program at the Pierce School. The lucky winner was to go to New York by plane to watch the U.N. in action. Because the Harvest Dance posters went up nearly three weeks in advance, everyone had plenty of time to get a date for the evening that no one wanted to miss. No matter how well plans were laid, there was still the last minute rush, but everything ran smoothly. There was the usual speculating on the part of the junior and senior boys who were seeing for the first time the crop of feminine sophomores decked in their party best. While the football season was at its height, the Student Council launched its first big offensive in a financial campaign. Everyone got into the swing of things and, much to the delight of the local dentists, sold enough fudge to satisfy the sweet tooth of the entire town. Before too long, the Girls' League Christmas dance was near at hand, that time of the year when the boys band together. It was every girl for herself, and by the harried expressions on some of their faces, it seemed that they might spend the evening just in that fashion. But as the laws of nature came to the rescue, there was plenty of male for everyone concemed. With the approach of vacation many spent the final week in feverishly trying to keep an "i" off the report card. There wasn't much to do in 208 the last day except daydream of Santa Claus' Christmas money and listen to Clee Club seniors interrupt classes with joyful seasonal tidings. The summer, before the Class of '54 returned as seniors, dragged, as I silently waited. The approaching year, for me as well as for them, would be the big one. The boys especially, as they were soon to find out, would require extra large rolls of the long green. The first touch was for the "Unquity Echo" and the "Yearbook" 58 - , ...WZ affffuf- 1 w , .- , ' ' ffl-wi a 1+ ' - , f X . Q12 - a f " , f K .Lp .. 1 - f . -WI, , A . 2:15 Q 3 :my X 2 5 X 1 , Q 5 !,,. I , A 3 ' ab m 'W A ' . iQ NEW, , N -fm I ,4 li.. '31-. P u Q we f.,, ,V P Q, A' t M A 5. Lf lg.. "if Q 4 I M-. Wi. X01 wa ' W gr x i- M f M f 4.- 4 9 " 5 .uf ?I1 The football games away from home added to the financial burden, and the series of fall dances and record hops left little doubt about the necessity for a job at Christmas. The second half of the year, though, was the harder one on the billfold. The donations to the Class Gift committee and to the March of Dimes were the least of worriesg there were senior pictures and "Yearbook" signatures, prom and corsages, senior play and class day, and even a cap and gown. A highlight of the year for the Class of '54 was election time. I didnft get to see much of this affair because my face was covered by a large sign that cautioned everyone, "Don't be a fool - vote for Drool!" During the year the teams made excellent records. The football team that fall came one game short of having a winning season, and this record was balanced by the successes of the cross-country squad. The basketball team wound up on top of the Bay State League, but, in spite of their championship record and their invitation to the All-Star game, the boys were defeated in the quarter-finals of the Tech Toumey. The senior play, "Our Miss Brooks," was a big success. The cast put in long hours of practice and preparation to make the two-night performance the best in many years. Of course, the studies were not entirely neglected. Many hours were spent before school in making history outlines which were Such clever forgeries that they couldn't be detected from the originals. Another big dent in leisure time was made by source themes for English. The spring of 1954 was the big season as far as most of the seniors were eoncemed. Graduation was just around the corner, and the days before it were filled with planning for the prom, class day, and the big event itself. In back of all the gaiety of the last few days of school, I think l could detect just a hint of genuine sadness in leaving high school behind. The senior prom was, of course, an all-night affair, the effect of which was felt long after the last weary diehard had made his tired way home. All the planning and spending went into making this formal a very big and successful affair. Class night, the last gathering of the seniors before graduation, was some- thing everyone was glad he didn't miss. In spite of the sunbums acquired during the last week at numerous beaches, all the seniors had a swell time at the dinner and the party in the gym afterwards. Graduation, the event towards which everyone had been working through for twelve years of school, came after long hours of practice. The caps and gowns made the seniors look very nice indeed, and as each one rose to receive his diploma, he must have felt at least a twinge of pride in being a member of the Class of 1954. I probably will never leave Milton High, but I feel proud and even honored to be asked to tell about the Class of '54. Senior 60 X few .T l all SPONSORS ' WALTER BAKER CHOCOLATE ' ' AND COCOA 4 E V - Division of A- General Foods Corp. "Friend of the Family" DORCHESTER, MASS. JAMES G. GUARINO INSURANCE -- CU 6-4900 Representing Strong Stock and Mutual Companies Dwelling Fire 8. Windstorm Liability flncl. Dogsj Water Damage Personal Effects Fire 8. Smoke Burglary Jewelry - Fur Floater World Travel Floater Automobile Fire 8K Theft Collision Liability Property Damage LIFE - ACCIDENT - HEALTH HOSPITALIZATION "Boston's Oldest Chevrolet Dealer CHEVROLET lohn l. Delaney, Inc MATTAPAN MASS BLU 8-3800 RAYDEN xkw M WW K Soft and S L l C K E R fl STURDY Flexible -KRUGGED -K Electronically Heat Sealed K WATERPROOF X ECONOMICAL AT REMICKS QUINCY ff ' 35559 5 : SALES ssnvice 5335325525225 115252223222ga'ig5Qaiagiaisiziiiaiaiaiaifi'3525552523 A ' 55f3f?f353l 513525229 :5:5EQ:Q:f ' 52211 - , . - Please Patromze Our Friends - ASSOCIATES HOWARD JOHNSON'S RESTAURANT i MILTON AUTO SALES, INC. Q! RIVERSIDE FLOWER SHOP I' CARLSON TIRE CO., INC. BENT'S JENNEY STATION ' EAST MILTON BOWLING ALLEY MILTON HOME FURNISHERS fi! . JOHN A. GRANSTROM AND SON c. K. MuLuN, INC. 'QI Mrs. P. M. Warren, Mg. 1518 No. Main St. Randolph, Mass. "Desoto-Plymouth" 95 Eliot St. Milton, Mass. "Flowers for All Occasionsv 526 River St., Milton, Mass. Cu 6-2003 T "For Safety in. Tiresi' 73 Eliot St., Milton, Mass. Bl 8-8600 "Road Service" 598 Randolph Ave., Milton, Mass. Bl 8-9524 "Bowl for Healthi' Chick Caffey, Mgr. 540 Adams St., E. Milton, Mass. "Quality F urniturev 360 Granite Ave., Milton, Mass. 196 Warren St., Roxbury 19, Mass. 160 No. Washington St., Boston, Mass Ri 2-1232 HIIIIVIIBD STUDIO 1947 ' 1948 ' 1950 ' 1951 ' 1952 ' 1953 669 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS if A YEARBOOK dj E PRODUCTION AuI Iancban-D, ggnc. from . . . BOSTON, MASS. ' NORTH CONWAY, N. H. - Please Patronize Our Friends - 63 ASSOCIATES GODFREY FUEL CO. "Let the Red Fleet Deliver Your Heat" Milton, Mass. Bl 8-0500 ARTHUR'S CYCLE AND MOWER SHOP "Bicycle Sales and Service, Lawnmowcrs, and Hobby Supplies" 558 Adams St., E. Milton, Mass. Q!!-LX' . NORFOLK COUNTY TRUST CO. "A Strong Neiglzlzorhood Blink - At Your Service" Milton 87, Mass. FRANK A. FOWLER, MGR. "School and College lewelersv Representing: LOREN MURCHISON AND CO., INC. 27 School St., Boston, Mass. Ri 2-0161 -'cf e Nfbviw CENTRAL CLEANSERS "Certified CIemising', 12-14 Central Ave., Milton, Mass. I -,-QQQJ 6 BRUSH HILL MARKET, INC. "Groceries, Provisions and Fish" 11 Blue Hill Ave., Milton, Mass. Bl 8-6900 -6901 1 fG7' Compliments of: MILTON SPRING "Beverages and Pepsi Cola" 1131 Randolph Ave., Milton, Mass. CHARLES C. COPELAND CO., INC. Bl 8-9457 't Q! F. FRED BORTOLOTTI uRl'li10lll?lflI,Q' and Repairing" Contractor - Plasterer 733 Brook Rd., Milton, Mass. Bl 8-4382 n ! ' MILTON CO-OPERATIVE BANK "A Goocl Bank in ll Coorl Town" 400 Granite Ave., Milton, Mass. Bl 8-3071 g , 9 ARTHUR E. KING "Decorating-Prlinting-Wallpapers" 97 Adams St., Milton, Mass. fyfuyaf f f - Please Patronize Our Friends - 64 MILTON VILLAGE BARBER SHOP 'fbffif R. J. ROULSTON PRINTING CO. F. A. KING AND SONS Compliments of: HUNNEMAN AND CO., INC., Realtors QLDX MILTON MOTOR SALES, INC. ASSOCIATES Philip Zona, Mgr, 67 Adams St., Milton, Mass. "From a Business Card to a Catalogue" 68 Adams St., Milton 87, Mass. Cu 6-1252 "Plumbing and Heating" 20 Adams St., Milton, Mass. .fi JOHN F. KERRIGAN 2 Reedsdale Road Milton, Mass. 45 Milk Sf. Boston, Mass. Represented in Milton by John W. Kunhardt 60 Adams St. 7 T "Clirysler-Plymouth" 424 Adams St., Milton, Mass. f HENRY JENKINS TRANSPORTATION CO., INC. "Transporters of Merchandise Since 1896, Serving New England" 32 Regis Rd., Mattapan, Mass. 'TQQQQJ ' THE DIAMOND MATCH CO. "Lumber and Building Materials" IO Blue Hills Parkway, Milton, Mass. -'af .f'c9 Please Patronize Our Friends - 65 ASSOCIATES fb' Friends of the Class of 1954 Best Wishes to the Class of 1954 Compliments of: MILTON RECORD SHOP HENRY W. PALMER 8. CO., Realtors MR. and MRS. MORRIS J. GORDON 205 Gun Hill St., Milton, Mass. HENDRIE'S ICE CREAM Manufactured by Eliot Creamery, Inc. l3l Eliot St., Milton, Mass. I MILTON CLEANSERS 551 Adams St., E. Milton, Mass. N5 "For the Newest and Best in Recnrllsv Ernest R. Higgins, Prop. 556 Adams St., Milton, Mass. Cu 6-2120 S. "We will gladly diccuss any Real Estatv matter with you" "Serving the entire South Shore area" 62 Adams St., Milton Village Parkway Pharmacy T o T "Bough's Service today - means Savings Tomorrow," Bough Motors, Inc. Cu 6-4700 Ma 9-3225 Q! P A T R O N S E. C. Myers 1 o .- Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Pearce Duncan 1 o 1 Milton Hill Pharmacy, D. Byrnes, Mgr. - o - John H. Gutteridge, D.V.M., Veterinarian, Canton 1 o 1 Dr. Arthur H. Blackburn, D.D.S. 1- o T Murray's Department Store, Mattapan -1 o - Dr. Irving G. Lunt, Optometrist Central Avenue Food Market, Louis Pappas, Prop. 1- o 1 J. Fleisher, Inc. 1- o 1. Robert Supply Co., "Hardware Supplies" up o 1 "The Village Grocer," Preston's, Inc. 1 o 1 Jackson Radio and Television Pendoley Hallchivare Company Laurence gusts: Milton Vilngle-Jenney Station Hodge's Diug - Milton Flowgfghops "Fred, the-Hail: Stylist" Fasch Studio? 7Milton's Photographer" - o - Dr. John F. Gallagher, Jr., D.M.D. - Please Patronize Our Friends - 66 Reed and Hurley, "Travel Service" -. o - Compliments of Rustic Gardens Flower Shop -. o ..- Milton Assembly No. 38 Rainbow Girls - o -. "The Corner Variety Store," Walter Ross, Mgr. .- o .- Milton Dental Laboratory, S. Giorgio, Director - o ... H. P. Hood and Sons, "Dairy Products" - o - Canine Foods, "The Complete Pet Shop" William Wolf, Mgr. 1 o L Mr. and Mrs. William Crosby .. o - Mr. and Mrs. Glige P. Fandel ... Q ..., Greetings from C. Baker's "School of Dancing" -- o T Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Croce - o - Fairway Radio and Record Shop 1 o 1 Hope Karen Oil Co. T o 1 Westwood Furniture Co., lnc., Dedham Ralph E. Cramer 1 o - Mr. and Mrs. Morris Edmundson L o - Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Donohue - o - Barr's Diner, Granite Avenue 1 o 1. Compliments of M. Solimando L o 1- Rt. Rev. Daniel J. Donovan, St. Agatha's Parish .. Q .- "A Friend" - Whitney Bros., lnc., Boston, Mass. "American Legion Auxiliary, -o- Um' No- ll4" Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Rowbotham 1 o T C l ' S ' St I" - o -D ar son S flzlf-e a lon Mr. and Mrs. J. Earl Tays Dr. George H. Sullivan, Jr., D.M.D. - 0 ' - o - New England Stock Control Company Dr. and Mrs. John C. Faherty Representative, John P. Stedman " i1' BOOSTERSOFl954 Mr and Mrs Paul R. johnson Mrs. F. Greenfield Mr and Mrs. George Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Caton Mr and Mrs. Michael J. Mahonvy Mr, .md Mrs, Harold A. Tenncy Mr and Mrs. Edward j. Fins-rty Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stanhope Mr and Mrs. Philip Fay Mrs. A. L. Twomey Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel C. Lord Mr. and Mrs. james E. Hagan Dr. and Mrs. Philip S. Foisiv Mr. .md Mrs. Joseph A. Fnsoni Mr and Mrs. Donald E. Murc-ll Mr. .md Mrs. Frank 1. Fine-rty Mr. and Mrs Arthur Collins Mr, and Mrs. Carl D, Cf-rkc Mr and Mrs Roger Strongv Mr. and Mrs. john II. Morrissvy Mr amd Mrs. 0. J. ?fflCCil-ffilililfl Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Cramer MI' ilnll MVS. Mimi' L. Bro ln Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Avery Mr and Mrs. A. Walter Pearson Nflrg, William j, Brown Mr and Mrs. llarold F. Mac-kin Mr, ,md Mrs, T, Francis Cully MY- llllll MTS- l05l'Dll M. .l0ll1'V Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Donnelly Mi. and Nixgrs. ?illllll0g,LElllil? Mr. ,md Mrs' Everett C- Myfnrs 1 l' llnl i TS. 2l.llll'S . l'fCV f , . - . . Mr and Mrs. A. Herlx-rt BFIIUCO gllsgdglgtgkllm Mr and Mrs. Harry gliclcizian Mr' 'md N1rg'J1limxg W.-nd Mr anc Mrs. W. A. usta son " " ' " ' Mr. and Mrs. Ira W. Paterson MY- ilnil MrS. E. V.'Watson fyfr. and Mfg, John KQUUIQI1 illlll MTS. Wl'lCllUj,f lX0lSl2lCl Mr. .und Mrs. F. W. Lunt Mr. and Mrs. Ivar M. Baker - Please Patronize Our Friends - 67 kwa ppMWW,MMWj Q Wzjfgfy iw! M -5, Qi w5?f 2ff!WqWW Q " f7l.yf,'f71,,,Jwf'f mwah! My MMM ZZ , MM! WWW Y eff M 5 5 pf ,,,,,,, K, flywffwf WW? wo 3 ZW4fQMkWWMi iff i ' M MY M W M5557 wif W 3 WW i3?"5f ?5 21 Wzffw MQ V , N Q M Q5 J: awmwgwx w' fmwi Exif- ekfM5'2!XL3f Q 'fr YM? GP 5? ff H-3, WM Q7 A MM mf 4 JMWWKZWM 93,4 lj! Jw 49.23 Sb WRX? aww ima Y may Q Q ' M' "flu--1' - MM XJ 75 -ji b NX JL.. 6 -cf My X 721m-gmun Mowftil' My Q-qu e5 IW? ' lm F :H,4J,,!2""" wzfdflg 01430,-ff" M Ng! 'GMQMMW gl +7-N49 AR QQ Q2 x SOPHS 68 dim ff ff f'fHf'3ffs...,. 90,1 C8 Q A Km MQW "47"'4f"J? 5, R X qvy ,N 3 1 Y W C, IV WN-Li, M 35 cf Q My VM fnfwoyy rg D MM rx Q JWWWJ fbi Fly A K7 W,w,,., PM ,D Clvlfff fl MJ Wifi! 74,121 M Mwzfc WW Q14 yjfnw JMX yirwy, flaw! Eff' 'H L W pwifwy W' If UAV' KW my U? W Qi 2 J!! fix Jyncxgmpw MUN Www Ljfijhy UJW WVJX Jyfwb , ,YW 08, mffiyw My 7?'7fZw,,,Z, Milam? Zim, 537 HM Y xy , JUNIORS 69 f3,,, ,,Mff f?'f'W 1 , mga Q M LQ,-LA L fgfniflfffw Sw MW B gm W yy fa, Xhgfcf. Sf-was Y ' ff N 2, N! my 3 EL 3 C , ,411 ivy IMG jybji 331 . WGVQN7 Qno qgjfji QNX Aww? kc! MM xwgffx 3,04-Lai-e ' Wx! .J JV! 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Au revoir, The Yearbook Stag of '54 yxwm '. A A .A , . 1 Y, u r gui' , I .x x .r. 1 iz. ' ' ' . ,A 'L Mi. zu ff.: I a 1 ef Y L s u ...- 1d .. , ,,,,4, -hx . rc- ' I: ..1 , L il: f ,Ei '- '- X 5 . ,l g,.b.x'. 7 ll: Y I 1 .3 - ' 'E I ' Q' L1-,, lg- u L: ,W xl ig J ,.g.p- A 1 ...L .5 ,Q '+L -.ll-. ".. wg K r Fd. - 1' ' ,V V v. swf NE,-e . ,. .I , V , V ginf 'hh .A ' , 5' ' w r . 1' -1 I . T . -sig' is ' ', '?:' ,"f' ' SL, ' 53. V, 'VL ' I k!'.' 4 M 1 ,..,!.,, Ag ffftl- 1 9 13- I V : ' . . F S . x. 'T 1 Y--1. vi. Y rf, ft , avg 5,2 :ru gr-- aft," il ,I 5-" rr, -H sis f - .Q 14 V1-nf. Lv . lx n I. K h . . FFF I -rf r man... mi 4 1 W fx-.aiu 1 .J 1:--sf fd -' fi .- 3 -. . Rf 1 -gp -' - :"' - 3.52 .L I - ' - - -fo .f , NH In , qkhxjgli I . . 9. H v- '-u.....-.K J. , V 4 ' . Di . 1- 1 , L- 444 5- . .-1 yay., 1 ff x A Fw V. , K' Ms - , 'f - 1 315' 'fg' , 1 nik" ze, Q - 5' I1 17 wh., ln - 0 .1 .1--. , 'ga 44" ' , "im-A . 'If 2 -- Q. 1 Y A 4 an N.. . If, rl' 1 ai. 1 .xy -'ws ' . .Q-,v Fifa' .Q-up 5 A ,-,. 4 . K: . .4 Q x i., -2 'v Q, if . kj! LF? gr,?i51gAk?EZw9,?qX ,. M IA- L- .- ' wm-mga ngvflw.. .L!j,I'.s ngfwlq' W .MT-54. -,I-:,TL1 3, .4. D' Y-fm" +5-+fQ'.wf:: "f"ff 'fi' -'f .'f'Q'i.'fwf-.-:.', L ' .A ' ,,Qf,g,f1-k'W'Y ' QL. "" ' A 'g f 1 :J 'w . .V .., .V H .. I " 'S . . .f .. :..e ' - I . qfi - -. 1' H ' '. A H F Y Lw"a:'.L M ' 2 1 R , 1 .- - - - 3' J: ' 4' Q . 5... 0- . 1 ff' JU ,Q , X'-,Jw Qxf, L X : J A " W- ::m f'li'y 'f f K' i li? K V :yn .,...f- -- yur: ir Ai -ll' , I .. A V Ting .. gk. M , " WAQ1 M - LE,,"7l5,,T QTI'- ''j-g f M.- , . ,M , 'A K 1 -W .M ,A WW 1 'ff 7 1 W hi? fu ED, ig ggi, X ii5 g :21gj 'Ni-7kX4lw1 ,'iff'-? , ' i' ' ' fTf'NMxW, jgf w .w.ssF' . 'fm X HQ wg ' "1 'V W i- :iw WT 172 fi if if ' 4"L m Q I , V i 4 f I h -jg ',,V' f , 1 w , ,, V f L.M.w -J' ' W , 2 F I , E 'X ,A X x , Q f f M ff-W --4 -H3532 -' H, 51 W- Q fy gm 'Y' -1 fn ' ' K 5 fji' V G f " xg j Q' 1 . A 2,41 v.,,.,, , M E g , ' .Lf fn fgf ff QQ "', fwfr 'fi 11 W:'Q Suv L f FQ Q- - L5 fl Q ZTTg"Tq"3E :,' "'?if"MT':"2?"!' ""'a? Q'-iii? 3 1 ' ' f 1 9 SQ 'ww if vw ' fm M M f-- 1 gif gig ,uw Q2 , fic i H, 1. f K 'X 5 sr if , - Msiiam mais """""""""W""""" im A 4 , .. .3 A m' Ak WEN 'A"' W if far P-Nh, k,,,.,T,m.k,,.wm-Suffrf ,,,,. M... g..,., I .,. ,:,,f.,,,m-Q-0-wgwwfrm-wevmrgwfff.1,1-,Qww-eww.-rnmmxm, M-T'.,.-W v, 1g,.Y - , W 'W : ,l.A....A...:,.--WLA' W W Y fn V, ii , gw --1, , A , , ,, Q. 1' H i, W.. 5 If 3-Ygwj, H17 -N -w lk. I! . 1-Y 'V ' g x -if fk U I ' 5 w M 1 11 1 ' ' " , Q W f MA- Q .. A ,fm-V f 7-ff 1 . 411 T , 3: gig ff. Q I Lykky .. M ww. - F?":5':5Qv M XX m.M.M, M,, , .M Q N nk f K K A W vm kb., , ,..V ,..,, W nw, ,Wim , .K ww-Lg. """'M ff,,,,.,gA M M A - 6 'i,,,,m ff" 'k" 'km wwma, W-.H N-12 . www . 35- fx yyfgr Y ff- ff ,,,- A K' ,. :w.s, J. -f 1, XM x, 'JM W ""wt--Q A .L wwf. I 2 WW gg ,.-x.1.L,,,r , H . ,TQ -1 KU f Q. r ' 1 Tiff uAf??'f 1 57 N54 .vw A,

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