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1 4 X ,, .f fx.. T, .Wifi f , , i.52.v3"1 F -,, 14 '-' iff, ' ' .i 1 , Wg.yw,x',yL 1, Qfjih -V ' ',.,gw1,N -wr' uf, ', ,, fx ,, V: . ,, 4 A M xg mu rw ya ivy,-ix "wi19r34f 1 V ,. mp l , 91 , . ,..'q Q:!,5jm:"' V 'X g' -,QV ',.1 M 3'-"' . , '.-'V ', 1' f '!5'3w" Ve f' K 11623515 4353 ii' .. pg 17" 7 ' ' ' v , , ,. .5 521 15 ' X jig,-ii i ,bij V4 .wg-"j I 7 + ' N X 1 fvsi w - 1 ' ' .X H " v-"' .,,,g35y,' 11-mu, ' ' , X V ..,,lxsl:-.n, M Q , I X ' ' , hx 1 V if QS "R ..-'fr Lp!!! gnu ,, - :N . iff' a WV ' 12 AiiifQifW'? H fm., 2 ,gg . .. -171, wc.- '4 , 4 J Q ,iiif ?' .'jqfyfi1 , ' xi: I 'E ' WN wtf: N' " W' ' 1, 194 X ' Mig' , A '-FG AN F , x 1 1 aa A 4 i J i WMM!! I3lA1lIl6IXPRlIEHE1i.s!llNl Twliliwli J' zfreufrfrd The lefiers e'ar1zc'd 60011 sem-rnz by our fzflzlefes leave' been awarded on llllf' bu.s-is rj ilu' play and fc'c1nz1mrl.' dzkplflycffl. In our xclmol yc'ur.s' llzffrc' lzax bl'l'Il wrollglzf '1l"I'l'll,l'll us ilze .same spirit qf unify so clf'sw'z'z'ng Qf an JI. Um' zmzzfiecl ejbrf is made eviden? by fha gailzering Qf our fofrces fivzio Cl Iasfing record, our Yearbook. MILTU The llHUllITU ECHU H PUBLIUHTIUH of the SEHIUH CLHSS H HIGH S WILTUH, WHSSHCHUSETTS CHUUL YEAR g-- xx fax, 1 ,h...,f X ff' If I . . , g , K 'X . ' , I, .f JA X -. V, A I x V, 1' f' K XX X ' r 1 PX H if M q K ' X I f X yx 1,1 1 . I ' ' wr ,Rx xg-If 1 .xxw , X . ,- ,-.,, 'fx 1 R., 1.2 3' f L 3- H . W X. 22 Q- ilww.. . ,,,-1v.w'i'N, .5 Q-H, Su ' U15 Headmaster is' GEURGE C. IHHHSIJEH A4 essays To the Glass of '48 At commencement time high school seniors are participants in a great emerging experience which is so far flung and so deep-seated that it is well nigh universal. At. some point in our educational development the paternal protection and control of our schools must be supplanted by solicitous well-guided interest. In order to approach a stature commensurate with one's capabilities, it is fitting that self responsibility for personal development and initiative be assumed before one enters the work-a-day world. Through many generations, under diverse social, religious, and economic conditions, it has been proved that family life is one of the great boons of living. In family contacts blood ties are cemented by the give and take of daily life. Sacrifice for the younger and solicitude for the older are kin impulses. The family is the dependable stabilizing agent of a society founded upon the principle of a common welfare. Dis- integration of family life is one of the great menaces of our age. To make a true success of living one must make a success of family life. W'ithin a span of fifteen decades our own people, a disunited and weak country at its birth, has evolved into the most powerful world nation. Intellect, education, Wealth, race, tradition, and religion have not been sole determinants of our leadership in statecraft, industry, or national security. Individual worth has been valued highly. All persons have had an equitable opportunity to contribute to the public good and the national development. Sectional differences and political dogmas no longer are threatening dividing issues among our people. But the bigotry of racial heritage is a weakening scourge that needs to be removed. Although in recent decades immigration has been curtailed, there are large islands of unassimilated citizens and newcomers who endanger our society. Industrial progress has been accompanied by the alignment of labor against capital. The peaceful democratic life to which we are passively committed makes vitally impor- tant an adequate resolution of the racial and industrial differences. Ivnity of purpose may be the forgotten factor. All people have witnessed flagrant attempts to intimidate and subject by means of physical power and military might. This phenomenon is not confined to nations. It is prevalent in common day to day life. Although an elemental tendency, it is not necessarily a natural one. Might must not usurp the place of right. We, the graduates of public high schools, are expected to take a united stand and adhere tena- ciously to those institutions and principles which sustain the common good. If we tluly work for unity. we need have no apprehension of the future. ,U S' C I I N C E . 3333? En UE OO N O P1 I i " 'xi X . ..,i O.. NLG3Or" T54 l li T l ' l V L To the teachers should go a part of the credit of our success. Their patience and understanding have helped us over the difficult passages of our journey through school. They have played an important part in our lives, not only as instructors, but also as friends. Their M would be awarded for modernity of thought and sincerity of purpose. J fl X J-ff Gil x I si. 5 ..., V , 4, ,QW ig ,..,. f 3 Z1 16. Hurry B, .xIf'f'KlI'lI1il'k, l'l1y.w'r'u1 f'J4lIH'flfl-Oll, llygfffnff I7. New 0. Brown, Nr-fr11r'r, Hfnlngy 18. Ne-llie W. Dawes, Sf1m'uy,' F. fr6'I'tI'll41P Twins. Hfwuugrrzphy, Ty,11f'u'rl'h'ny 19. Martha R. Murdovk, Typf'wr1'f1'ug, Ilffzrff Pl't'1f'fl.l'H QU. Doris A, Bridges, lqllglll-YI! QI. Edith E. Neylan, Lun- QQ. Charles NI. Dunbar, H,00II1l'OI'f-'I-Ilff, AFI'0VlllIlfIAf'S Q3. Gene-rosa C. Hagan, Foofls Q-L. Ruth Dyas, En.gIz'.vl1 25. Harriet E. Staples, S1'fn.0graphy, T'ljlJP1l'I'l-ffllg 526. Frederir-k A. Svl1oenl1f-rr, Sllpcfrflrfenflfrzt Qf Shop A r'fir'1'1fy '?'7. Aaron H. XYVJITOII, l,IlvIjNIAf'lll f'J!lIH'fIfl-fill 28, Franwis WV. Tatro, l1fu.w'f 29, Robert J. N, Osborn, l'InyIf,s-If 30, Tlnelxna B. l"ostP1', llfsfnry 31, Hr-le-n M. Kansa TIzfpf'1vr1'f1'f1g,l1'11.w'nw.v.v 'D .!""' R598 cl-W ': -'J A TIN -gu1Q"""' AMEVBCP' U ln' 1-lulms oH'v1' us the opportllnity ui nwvling utlwl' HtllllPlltS with the SZIIIIP vrvsls :xml lbl'U2lfI0llillQ um' sm-opv. Tlwy llclp uw In IIIUUI llu' suvml UllllQ2l1lUllH lll our 1l.uly f'Ulll2l4'l will: ulln-l'p1-uplv. NVQ- mam! Hn-m IIIPII' M im' :nllnrellng us plc':ls:lnl :lssm-l:nllu nlf-als. me :lml 4-m1sIl'll4-livv ,,,.-1 C HFSS X CLuB N X i DRAVQAT' Irvin! Huw: C. Nlullvn, R. Nicki-rum, J. l':1l'sl1w, .L Hnylln-il, X. Hvury, ll. llrunl, l,. Wlxvlploy, F. Hcuslcy, V. liyrnf-. Ifuwlf Ihfux' J. Kilvy. -l. l"rul1gcllQ, A. Muri:4scllI', N. Wclrlr, N. Kvrr, ll. Berry, ll. Nlursc, W. Sllillllllill, J. Aglicu, ll. Hinds. Milmlrcxl Vallinplmcll .Xnnc Morissette' liubert Vmnmrs Vyntliia Mullen Juhn lfullillhlll' Ruth Nickerson .lc-am Frullgcllo .loycc P21lSl0l' liolmcrt Grant ,loan Riley Idllliflil'-III!-Illllifffi N2llIf'lX' Wm-lil, Annu- lla-nry f"1'1lr1r11'v'z1f . l!,T'l'.Wll' Y1'r'rr'lc11'1'f's . , , , . ,.' . . lXl1sslwl'll'114l0 lwlss N IFQQIIIHI liyrm- IMIS W llllllllcy l,l'fr'1'111'y .lrf1'1'.wn' N'Llll'N' Kc-rr . 1 K ' Miss llc-lmrzlli lmlelmull lfI'0ffl'lIlIll!j ldlll-fill' Allm' llf'.V'lf"' Will: grain-l'ul :mluplw-1-i:1lini1 lu .Iulm .xj.HIll'W, William Sllllllllllll, :null Duvial SVl'Al"l1' N1ll4'l . V Y ' lllftbllglfll llu- work :xml i'UOPl'l'IlllUll 1 urlis Allx-In liuy llimls nl' ilu- lm-mln-rs ul' llw stall, wc lmvc l4'nrrm1 lim-:nslvy .lulm K1'II1ll'lQ2lll pulmlislu-ll llnis Ya-:u'lumk :lx :i l'l'i'0l'll ul' nur pwnrfl li1'I'l'-Y lYilli:nm Nmmrv lmppy .Y1'2ll'SIll Millnn lligli S1-Iuml. .1 I4 1, Frou! ltnrr: lf. Finerty, R, Saumllilom, 13. llcynolfls, P. Smith, J. Kk'lTTllK'I', l'. RI1lClTUll2ll!T. liflvl' Row: ll. Lewis, VV. Bla-11: ll. Daley, J. JlU,'k5Ull, IC. Shaw. Our Milton High School Stuflenl Association enjoys the rlistinction of being one of the most progressive councils throughout the state. Wle were very pleasefl when Priscilla Smith was voterl Vice- Presirlent. of the Associate Sturlent Coun- cils of Massa.chusett,s. Wlhen school openefl, its nienilmcrs welcolnerl thc sophomores with an party. During the fall canie the Harvest Dance with one of the largest attenrlances in the Council's history. Movies were presented in orrler to obtain money for the Silver Service Funrl. Pins were solfl and the profits were usefl to make the conference rooni more a.t,tractivc. The Council floes niany little things for the betterment of iN'Iilt.on High. The II16I11lJ6I'S eittenflefl the Conven- tions at Milton Acarlemy, Hyde Park, Concorfl, and Fall River. The ideas gzithererl at these conventions are :L great, aiifl to future Stuelent. Councils. lil STUDENT CUUHCIL Front Rnu-5 R. Varlson, R. Yappi, R. Jr-nnings, R. McCarthy, E. Shaw, J. Hur-klcy, A. Morissette, M. Schurub, N. Dec, K. Nlaluncy. Nor-mul ltmc: J. Ilcnnigan. S. Juhnsrm, .L 'l'l1on1pson, V. Snell, J. Fallcy. H. Vickerson, D. Jnhnstonc, L. Dilh-n, Nl. Kinncy, J, Dragon, if Quirkc, H. Krugcr, t', Crawley, Huck Ruff: P, Mctioniglc, YY. Fox, li. U'Connell, E. Power, H. Xiimlrexw, H. Berry, li. NCWf'UIlJlJ, P. llaclluliald, J. llalcn, P. Kcnip. HUIHE HUUHI HSSEIHBLU HI.H.S. Thc Homc RHOIII Asscuilmly, an activc 0l'fI?llliZ2iti0ll hcrc at Milton High School, mccts rcgularly six times a ycar. Of cnursc wc arc always rcafly tp assist all prnjccts promotcil by thc F-tiulcnt Vpuncil, hut Ulll0l' tasks arc ours, tmp. This ycar wc sponsurcel thc Humllc llrivc. which was a huge succcss. Wc hamllc thc activity carels. which picscnt an accuratc account of thc almilitics aml intcrcsts of cach pupil. Hy chcc-king thcm carcfully whcn thcy arc rcturncml, it is pussilmlc to prcvcllt. thc mistalic uf lmcaring tum many rcsponsilmilitics ur tml fcw. Thc ufticcrs arc: l'1'1'si1lr'11l' lflizaliclli Shaw lVI.f'l'-1,I'f'Slll,l'llf llulmcrl xlL'fl2ll'lllj' Il,I'4'Ul'lll-Ilfj NI'l'l'l'flll"l1 .Xnnc Nlurisscttc flHI'l'l'SlIUIIlll.Ilfl Sl'f'1'!'fll1'.lf Juan 'l'. lluclilcy r.. I jf: ff A W3 .3354 C E ' , af K 5, NW ,Mfg .is 4 , ,va ' an 1 Z ' at 0? - f. ,Www I I Kruger. Back Raw: R. W'alsh, M. Oxner Front Row: A. Thompson, R. Randlctt, J. Grose, B. Silverman, R. Bowman, E. P. Kemp, E. Nystrom, E. Cahill. The Dramatic Vlulw is our largest and one of our most successful clubs. Under the guidance of Miss Partridge it presents a play at each of its monthly meets. The annual Christmas play, given to the assembly, was "Dream Toward Bethlehem." The Senior Cllass play will be presented in March. The officers are as follows: Prresidevzt J ufly Grose Vqfce-l"fre.s'ident Ronny Bowman Secretary Barbara Silverman Treasurer Dick Randlet l17l llHHlllHlIC CLUB 4 in hw he W . If mn! Huff: li, Wliish. P. R:n1s1'I1m'r, I", KL-mp, lf, H1uir:l,.l. Swzinsw, rn, E, Vim-rly, H. llnslc-llu. lim-L' lfmr: N. Lun1,f'.HnL-Il. .l. HFCIIIIAIII, ll. l,i'oxx1uy, S. l,XNl1llll. li. Hnlsnll. NX. bIi1mmn1,.l. 1'nIhilu:nll,.l, Agnew, N, Hurst. -I-HE U H U HU This ywu' vmllph-lm-s lhv 25th j'l'iiI' uf plilmliwitiml uf Tlzz' lrIl1llll'f'Ij1':f'lIU, whivh was first Circ-illzxtccl in April, 19255. The li HK?-19-148 staff prmhiccel 21 spa-Ciul amni- YCI'Hiil'y issuc in April. Thi' 1Il2iQ2lZill'.'N lizivv haul an varim-ml sclcctimi of snzipslmts :in Th lin fl l'2ll'iU0llS uf thv sports :incl uctiviiivs. 0 vxm-cllolli sturim-s :mal wiiiu1'i:1is cun- llvtnllplmlallhc'lliglilila-l':1l'ysiailulzirels. z1ttl':ic'livc-livss, :xml lllliliiij' of Tin' l'fc'l1u. inl ixik'lllill'l'H nl' lhc slnif :ittvmh-il lhm lfnsfml lllulw, :mil lmvv mvi with ilu- sialffs nf lhv .llrryus :mil lhv f'I'4lllff1' mm' 'Hill' of ixlliilbll .Xi-:ulviivv l,:ii1-r, in Nluvch. illl l"f'lm :nssm-iuilily wus pn-sviului lu nicirk thu lu l',if'llU -wi fH.H.S. i l'l'-Si'lllDiZlSiil' pimggraiiils spuiisuim-mi hy ihv 'l'lli'Y-iiiliil 2llllliX'i'l'SIll'j' nl' 'Hn' lvllllllfiffl l'l""lf H""'5 P- DUWHFY. E- lVlMl1r1r'll, J, Nc-vins, Nl. S4-Immh, S. liwiglit. V. S-clmwrlur, li. llukvr, li. Slmiumii, In I lfm P. Kemp, A. Mullen, S. Hell, P. l'lCI'IllIl:llI4l, ll. Watson, N. KL-rr, H. Vrmx The Press llluli is cumpuswl of ten boys and ten girls from thc Junior Vlass, who are 1'CCUlllII1L'I14l04l by tlicir English teachers. Each lmnitli om- boy mul mic girl report high scliuul activities to thc .llilion Hecorcl. 'l'l1c boys cuvc-1' llic buys' sports and the girls I'CIDUl'l Ull thc club l11Gt't.lI1gS, asseuiblics, aunl all ullicr llc-ws of interest. ll9l PRESS CLUB 1-nnfl Huw: li. Nyxlrum, H. SCllUDf', H. Eva, BI. lNlcW'illi:ilu, N. Ho-,vm-il, J, Il Th N1 nu! IfUll'.' E. Cahill, R. Nickerson, A. Thompson, P. Hzirrly, .L Blorissffllv. .l. Grease, E. Kruger, N. Blnrse, C. Hlufirutlu. urringtun, li, Duty, J. Pursluv. NI. Lewis. irrl Huw: li. Barton, Nl. fircy, li. l-limls, J. 1,lklll?lllHll, N. PiIllI1CI', J. ALUIPW, V, Gullivzin, IC. l'lllQlW, l'. Slllllll. Burk lfulvi . Hannon, L. LCSSIIIZLIIII, E. Dwight, C. Allen, D, livyuuhls, li. 'I'l1un1psun, Nl. Uxncr G CI-UB 'l'h4- lllcc Vlulr has haul si Very successful your llllflCl' lhc siipervisifm uf I w Mr. latm. v NM- all ciignw-cl ll0'il'1llg llli'IlI nu I M-coin Iwi' 1 1 I il lhm-,' szuw' i'lu'istu1us Varuls iu 19. whvu, following sf-lim lI'2UllllUII, X ,,, lhc cui'rnlm's tlmulgliuiit thc- huihliug. This your, as usual, thc c-luh will 4-uici' thc Spring Fcstivzil of Ncw lfluglauul Si'llU0lS. which wm- Thcy will prcsc-int "Sylvi:i,' :irc sure will ln- all thi-ir usuul high Sl2lll4l2ll'll Thi- c-lulm is working ou tha- swings . , . lrnui lnllwrl :iml Sullix':iu's "'lllw ll. Nl. S. ,- - 1. lumhn-4-, whivh will lu' givcu all thi uuuuul C'Ulli'l'l'l iu lhc spring. -1 zu 1- Fmnt Row: C. Isirluri, L. Hmlril. J. Swlinsun, A. Hayden. R.Wz1tson, E. Kruger. R. Grunt, 1'.Wilson. Nl. liirdsey, A fhnru sun, C. Nl!-Grutli. N- Mflrse. Nremid Row: R. Juhnson, J. Russo, R, Wulsh, N. We-hh, J. Hzirringlun, li. Shaw, f'. I .illix H. linew, J. Blll'kl91', ll. Duty, J. Frongelln, H. Costello, Nl. Lewis, J. Sullivan. Thfrfl Rnll':H,S1'l-iupe, J. Grosse, E. Nwilrnru N- H0WHFfl. R- BGHTJPN. fx- K"llPA'- P- M41f'l7Hr1uld. E. Hurtmi, J. Dragon, P. Smith. J. Brennan, R. Hinds, J. Agnew zu- R""'-' F- BH'Hl"Y, J- GHlliV1ll1. P. Reyeroft, V. Mullen. A. Henry. l.. l.essm:inn. I-l. Dwight. li. Finerty, V. Allen. J. l fin: e -i H. Hansen, l'l. Tlmnipson. Nl. Hn,nnon. A. Pnrter, Nl. llvm-I' Le Cerele Francais is eoniposerl of :i large number of second and thirfl year French stuflents. Its plays :incl special programs help the members to unflerstunfl French correctly and speak it fluently. ln November the Vluli presenterl ei play. 'll.'Hmn1ne Qui SR-st Marie um- Feinim- lNluette," tu tlie zisseinlily. The utlieers :ire Elsie Kl'lIQl'l'. Sc-nirn' Presirlent. unfl lioliert Grunt, Senior See- retary. who In-lfl of'l'ic-e until Jzmilziry, 194-8. when Diek lYat.srm, Junior Presiflent, :xml Vzirol lYilsmi. Junior Sf'f'Tf'l2ll"V. took river their respunsilmilities. Jill FRENCH CLUB Frou! lfmr: R. Howl". ll. lilliq, ll, Noll-l. lf. 'l'l1ompsol1, H. llvrry, J. Agnvw, H. F-l1i111miI1.f'. All:-n, N. PHIIIIPF, Ser-m1rIHnn'.' 4 ,Nlr-hr:1ll1.Nl.Nl:-lormu-k,IP,Hm-rmgifm,NI.Hog:1lv.N,Welulr.Nl,HxnPr,.l. IAlI1ll5'TS,.'.fl2illlV4lT!, .l. Sullivan. H. l"rmvley, R, Hinds. H. Morgan. I?nr'l.' Hnzw: IC, Pilfkfl. V. NYilvox, J. Nl:-Ile-rnmlt. .-X. Hnrkins, H. Budd, P. Fvrmlinund, Ii. Hazfll, K. PHUTUGHHPHU CLUB The Work of the Pllotography Club is zmpprecizmtefl by all of us through the nmny pictures it contributcfl to The Year- book aml the Unquify Er-lm. Ivlllltxl' the supm-rvision of Mr. Smith, tlw ll10llllJP'l'S learn how to flvvelop nml prinf films, and to improvv tlu-ir work. Tha- oflivvrs :lrvr l,I'I'Nl.lll'Ilf John Agnew lYl.I'l'- l'1'r'.w'fl4'11i llowzlral llcrry 7'1'a'fr.s'11r'r'r' ll:lT'I'j' Sllllllllllll Nw:-rrlrnjlf lilimlwtlm 'lllrompson 1--0 L Front Row: R. Hadls-ton, J. Arthur, A. Harkins. P. Dodge, Hur-If li'nu': .l. l-lolmer, fi. Morse, W. lflmry, P. 'llI"llQF9l, Whig: This is the third year the Milton High Vhess Vlub has been a member of the Greater Boston Interseholastie Vhess League. The club is composed of a senior and a junior team Who play other teams of the League. The reeord of our senior team determines our League standing. lVlost of the members this year were nnexperieneed but they made a. fine stand- ing, beating our rival Boston Latin, 8 to Q. Our seeond team did very well, also, leaving ns with high hopes for next year's team. The oth eel s are: P1'P.Q1'rlPni .Iohn Arthur l'1'ee-P1'P.s'1'rlm1i David Hallahan Srerefury George lllorse Trfrlszzwr Arthur Harkins dl 3 CHESS CLUB J. Brennan, P. Smith, M. MeNamnra, L. YVI1elpley, A. Morissette, B, Lewis, F. Fllsden, E. Nystrom, N. Morse, M. Lewis, GIRLS' LEHGUE Hl.H.S. 124 This year the Girls' League has been especially active in aiding eharities. On October 31, in :L beautiful candlelight service, the new members were formally initia.ted into the League. In November it sponsored the "Silent Guest" and con- tributions froni lNIilton High students helped to give aid to girls of their own age in Europe. A "Silver Tear" was presented in lllarch, the proceeds of whieh were sent to the Milton Hospital Fund. P1'r'.s-1'rle'11f B2lI'l3ill'2l. Lewis Senior Vive- l,I'I'.YIill1'lll' Patsy Agnew .f'IIll'1iUI' lvl'l'f'- Pl'l".N'l.l,l'Ilf Vnrol Vrowley SU,lllUIIlUl'l' I'ir'r'-l'1'r-xirlwrli' .lean llennegnn Sf'l'l'f'fll'l'-lj .lezin Gallery l f"ronf Rn1r,'.l,Sw:1nsoI1, P. Slllllll, lf. lxrl1p.:n'r, l,, H1v:ir1l,.l. lillsso, U. Slllliiifl, N. l,11nl, li. Harrington. lfnwl' lfofrg .X II mul n N, Nlorv-, N. Wklili. li. Slum. IC. .Xrntze-wi. X. Ho-nry, l', xlllllf'l1, J. Grosv, H. Posh-llo. liurry l-lovy lulnsvnl 3, NYG arc proml of this small group of stiiflents, who, tlirougli natural zilmility plus uutiring temic-ity, have uf-liicvefl ilu- Covelefl position of honor roll stuilcnts llirougliouf tlw 10'rli ziml lltli giuulvs. Even more- iw-iiiziI'knlmlv is flu-ir sovinl uliiliiy fo lf-ml in f'llIlbS mul scrllool :nc'livilim's. Will llwcluy l'HllQ:l'illlllHll' Ilu-in on llie-ii' liigll i'e-f-owls. 'l 5 HUHUH HULL 1II1iHwH':l7 SlPYr'I1i,.l. Nl:1Qlz-r-mn,H, Hl'I'l'Y,1l. Hnl'ri1mlol1, Hnr'l.' lfmr- lxlF,BPlll14'll,R, Rnmllvll,G..lul1nsnn, H, lfisofl, lHE HHUIU ClUB A new orgall1izatirn1 in our school this your is' ihc Hamlin Ululu, which meels ouch Tucsclay from two-thi1'ty-five to four ffclock uncle-r the almlc guirlancc of llr. lVcmlcll Benm-tt of the school faculty. Howzml Bcrry was clcctell prcsillcntg .lunws Nlz1Sh-rsmm, vicc-prcsicleutg Dnrotl1y llm'ril1,93tm1, sc-c1'ct:1l'y1 mul Gcorgo John- sfm, purclmsing zngcnt. 'lllw rmlius urn- lmilf pmgrvssively frrnn crystal sci To nmrc mlvzmcccl typos. ,, . . , . llu- lbl'lllf'llJlk'S ul l'2ll'll llcw Pl'0Ill'Cl :IFC l'XplZIllll'll. 'lllu' smnllcl' sm-is 2ll'0 maulc lxy llI1llVl4lllIIlS1 ilu' l2ll'gIl'I' mms, lmy flu- QVUIID 'l'lu-1-lulmisin ils infancy Rllltl lmpcn lu 4-xpnml lu-xl yl-nr in mlmlwr :mal lmmvll-'lg-1-. Frmfi Rmw: .I. II:-nnessey, N. I.unI, .I. Hull, Ii, Kruger, A, Tlmmpwm. 12 xfullpn' R, Vmmlerlt. I". Iiemllgv. I.. Hmiige, NI. fvluek, P. Reyerrvfl, V. Iluggnll, I.. IIm1rfI. Nw-111:11 linux' P, NI4-Nzlnmrn, II. IV:1Iker, IC. f':1IniIl, .-X. Hflj'lI4'Il, I'. Ii:1usr'I1er, NI. NIM orunr-k. Il. Walsh, N. Sleml, II. N-Imupe, NI. I'In-kImm, A, NIur1sseIIe,.I. Ivrmu-, I'.. Iulsflen. XI. .XIIlwn, .I. Puriloe, I.. XVIlE'IfJI6'j', Ii. SIIX'9I'Il1:1I'I, R, Jnlmmn, H111-A' Ruff: II. Hurgan. I'f. NysIr0u1,fI. SPIITIIIII, NI. Shea, A. Kelley, I. I'I1eney, NI. Hannon. R Im-Iiery. H. BIIVI4I. II. I7uI1inn..I. l.nn1Icr-1..X. Henry.1I, fI:1IIix'nn..I. Pir-kerinu. I'l.Srins1m. P. .XQnww,Y Bvrne The I utin-American Club was started this year, and already it is one of the Iargest in the school. It is an encouraging evidence uf our interest in internz1ticmaI affairs. At each SCIIII-IIIUIIIIIIY rneetingf za, group of its members teIIs the C-Iuh nbmlt a. LEIIIII-.ATl1CT'IC'2l,Il eountry. At The f'I1ristnms meeting the officers put on il sketch, 'Il'I1rist1nas in IXIexieo," and f'IneIIy Vnntenf fIicI an South .Xmeriezm fIanee. The orlieers are: l,I'F'S7.flP7lf IIaeI1f-I Vnntent Iv?-f'P-PFP.S'I'flFllf Farron Bez1sIey IIf7I'7'6'.S'P0'II!ll.7lf1 Sefrfffrlryf f'yntI1ia. IXIuIIen Rffnrrifng Sl'f'l'f'ffI7'I7j Leona flrnitge TrPn.9urr'1' NIiIrIrerI Glur-k I 27 IHIIII-HIIIEIIIIJHII CLUB SVI- -Ai . 5 ' X 41 M u uw , i Y 7 1 Rr -,X X ff' . i,,D if " p . 5 00.10 4 - V 'Q Q itz? xx? I .W s I W ' iw- f f figs? .- 2-24 vt X W H A fy' 5 ,, j... 4. . ' , V' ' I W .vi X ft 1 J I I X 31 ,..l g." I 4-3 B 'Ruff-1 Nur.: i 119 I0 N xt 0' fi 1 XX 'x Y Thru athletics We come to know the joys of the out of doors and experience the sensation of Working with teammates toward a common goal. Athletics gives us an unexcelled physical training. The out-door life fosters the development of intelligence as Well as physical power. l + -ii lfrunl Hun' .' W. Nlnvk, R. haul-'lI1Iun1,.l. lnvlwr. ll. luv. lk Ilunplmy, J. Manning, L. U14-aury. lu. Pxlwrly, R. N'1'utnw-, R flvlllllllpfi, Nrwrml lx'mr.' 34, llxxighl. li. Nl1'f'z1rlll,v. li. M4-1'l0:lr,v, J. l,:1rm'rx'. K. llunllv, l'. llellln-ss1'.v. li.1'nmphvll.Gnlulmsfm .l, Vullills. Tllfnl lluuy' Nll'.4'nl'1li1', W.Hl'ul1l,l'. lx'l'SlIII2lIl, W. Nllllligrun, ll. lmlfgy,1.',i'uIlim, K.1,'1lI1lll'llj' Mr. Mc'L'Ql'1uiC liuwlf Ifulr: .l. Blukv, li. L'nrl1-y, J. Buvlnqllmll, C, ,luyux J. l'u5lullu. J. Kelly. Ilu .mal wllilm- trnjznns, lml by cn-Czapiznins lxlillllllllg mul ljlllllllly., lunvc givcn Nlillmm ilu- must Slll'l'l'SHflll sm-usml sm-11 in nmzmv an f . V1-ur. llwy wustvcl nu tum- lll plvznslng rry Mm-C'm'l1nick's scrappy 11-sl ilu- IIONV cfmcll xxlun lllu mcltlnux ilu firsl "1-lm-vc-ll" un Hlwlllllflf llil'Y. lYilll Ylf'lUl'N' nu llun uw llu lmm lpllllitl .1 Wllllllllgj slruank illzll lzlslml lmlil llw North flllllltj' lmlllc- wln-11 Nliliml Sllll.t'l'i'll ils hrsl. 1lc-lvul rlxlllllljjll ilu- Nurlln lQllllll"X' Ivana . . , . sluppwl ulll' lmuw ll rlnlnl Iam- lllt'III. w llll-Y won all lln- l'l'lIlSlIlllIlg,f QQIIIIUS lull llam- 2lNl zrggsnilusl l5l':1il1ll'1-1-. r w Hl.H.S. lln- lulznls XYl'I'l' H wma :mul 'J lusl. -I :so 1- mi XM ,.f.1 ,,, , ,, JI? J. HaF1'TIl'LUll, LID C. unnifun, .. 'c I5 H I, llfl I IK ll l ill I Bnglcv HI J J. Walsh, t.'VH'.'1'un-nor. li. 5l.lVl3l'IIl3iI1 Wu I p THE LOCOMOTIVE MILTON, MILTON, M I L T 0 N, llilton, Milton, lllilton, Te-ani, Tc-ann, Team, THE CONGA CHEER 1, 2, 3, Ln Conga, Milton High is stronger. NVe'vc got pep. TV6iVC got viui. clOIllQ U11 hlilton, Let's win. THE TACKLE CHEER Down by the goal post, Skit and skat, NVQ want an touchdown, ,Push 'ein back. Block lc-ni! Tackle 'L-ml Push right through! Coinc on Milton, TYc'1'e for you! my CHEEHLEHDEHS W2 floiu- ln' tlu- nu-rits of lnsl 'xx-ai's "5", ilrilmlilcil tlu-ii' way to tlu- rzmliiugf position 4-aplaillsliip of Dick Vox mul flu- 0H'ic'icliL c'ozu:l1ing ol' Nr. 'Frau-,V, llu- Milton loam: Frou! Hou-5 R. Mock. P. Donuliue. J. Lumere, R. Cox, J. Manning. J. Wlwlplcy, I., Tyrrell, R. Sunrlbloiu. Ii: Agiicw, li. Fincrty, D, Dailey, H. Dukv, Il. Vurlson, J. Voslf-llo. J. Kc-llvy, J. Blake, Mr. 'l'rau-y. BHSHETBHLL 'l'l1is ya-ur's squzul, ool. lo lu- olll- l liol' tlu- mllc-vli 'll0lll'llCy.ll l'iulci' vigorous sozwwl to ilu- lop ln-:i,vn1g.f ill its wulw rnslu-il mul lllSl'0lll'2lg4'4l UlllHJIll'lllS. lllivc- vm-lm-I'z1li plziym-i's, Vox, Nllillllllljlf, Lunu-rr-, lii'lll'.Y,il,ll1lSttllflllllllll,l'i'llll'll1'1l Lo llul court from lzisl .Yt'2l,l'lS lriiiiiipluml ti-nun, wllilc- lilzulu- :ilul llflllillllll' 1-ll'4-1-livc-ly Iillm-ml ilu' rm-insiiniiig posilioos on llu- floor. ll llils si-:isoii follows lls lor:-:islwl 1-oursv, lVl2l,I'f'll will lilul us ul. llu- "'l'w'li H H IUIIFIIUX. -1 -l :iz L if-lr Hou Frnnt Row: V. fiallivan, VV. Grunt, R. Jennings, ID. U'f'nnncll, A. Johnson, W. Vonhoy, T. U'f'onnor, R. Grant, P. Dunn J, Cffflllelly. Nrfconrl l1'n11': H. Morgan, H. Crowley, J. Donahue, J. Sullivan, VV. Kendall. P. flakes, J. llvhite, ll. he x 1 J. l"rilZ. F. Vonrad, J. Dunn l.'llf1rz0!l1'fJ. Hfielf li'n1f'.' R. Varlson, VV. Bouclrol, A. Hzirkins, li. lfllis, P. Fay, ll. lnlniffr Wuofl, D. Paterson. W. Gillis, V. Collins, I". Mullen. Tliongh the "wing-Footed" mer- curies of our infloor track team may not leave a mark of exceerling glory on any leflgerlfor track records. it. Will certainly leave a mark on a Mgoocl character" leclger. The team has had one all impor- tant hanflicap-the lack of a place to practice. This, coupled with the fact that there will he no final track meets, is ample reason for no outstanding victories. The leading men on the team are as follows: A. Johnson. li. Jennings, 'l'. 0'C7onnor, Bob and Bill Grant, P. Dunn, li. Nlcffarthy, F. Dnnphy, H. Joy. li. Perry, P. Stover, H. Crowley, Cl. Gallivan, XV. Vonhoy, D. Oyfonnell, D. Hallahan, J. Buchanan, C. Collins. B. Kelty, and J. Connelly. l 33 IHDUUR TRHCH xg..-QANQD AN N.- 5 nge' . ? 'NJHA f ,.,g,-,aux f l"mnl Hair: E. Lincoln, B. Alexanrlvr, H. Mc-Formal-k, D. Pun:-Ii, ll. Graves, M. Gluck, N. Webb, H. Mr'Donald, A. Davey, N. .xj'lWHI'll, B. Brown. V. Smith. W. Dnnovan. Svrnnrl Row: 'l'. Ste-nherg, D. Brown, P. Simmons, D. Sargent. A, Gusuni, 'l'. l'lcVketl,G.'l'rnwl1ridpZf', W. Fabian, E. Dunn, .l. Guudy, R. Sextnn. D. Knupp. lluvl' Row: R. Horses, R. Ellis, M. Dos- lLlUllfl, lv. Sllllllllllll, A. Nlcllullalcl, fl. Quirk, J. llljfllllullfl, li. Block, 'l'. lrwin, D. Shay, J. l"rGei.n:m, Tho Milton High Sclmul Band BH n U proudly rcprcsontc-rl thc sc-luml this year not only at. thc lminc ganws, lint also at ai nuinlivr of out of town QHIIICS. NYC likc to flllllli that thc lmnfl clieerctl thc tczun on to sonic of itsfvivtorivs. This yt-ar tllc lxancl luis haul il VL-ry sm-ccssflil your. 'l'lic annual spring 4-nm-ci'l was run for two lligllts, anal l'Y0l'j'Ulll' 4'll.iu.Y1'4l ilu- finc- sclvvliuii of l1llllllK'l'N XYllll'll tln' lliillll l7ltl..Vl'll. Una' of tliv most lll02lSlll'2ll1ll' vvcnts of ilu- your was tlllilllg part in tlic Stutt- Music' Fm-stivzll which was lu-lml in Huy. -1 311 1' efmr .. ,, 1 QZ LSPTOM I !y,1LT00 Wk, W WLT0 f H!-T00 W Frrml Roux' P. Dorsey, T. iN1cLaughlin, H. Morgan. D. Hallahan, ff Gallivan Cfaplafnl, F, Conrad, J. Wvhite, H. Vronl K. Maellonnld. Sevrmrl Rom: J. Homer, -l. Burl, W. Boudrot. D. Stevens, R, Nelson, D. Killilea, D. Vrrmwley, J. Snllix Bllfff HHH'-' R- CHFISUI1. V- 'l'Ul'U0r, D- Palrrson, D. Pulsiler, A. Johnson, R. Ellis, A. Hrirkins, R. Hakes. Vross Vountry had an unsuccessful season, losing a total of four meets out of seven. Two victories were taken from Braintree and one from North Quincy. Of the four meets lost two were taken by Rockland, one by Everett., and one by vVQyIIl0lltll. The reason for a poor season may have been that fiaptain Clharlie Gallivan was the only returning letternian. Thus, the team was composed largely of new, inexperienced nien. Blr. Adams may have been deflated by the four losses, but the two victories over Braintree seemed to satisfy him greatly. 13512 CROSS CUUIHHU lrunf Kult: P. Smith, J. Gallery, A. Henry, J. Hall, E. Elsden. .L Kelley, J. l Brennan, J. Parsloe, A. Hayden, L. Hournl. rrurlrl linux' P. Rauscher. J. Sullivan, A. 'l'l1ninps0n. S. Pelletier, J. Hennessey, M. Allisnn, B. Sawyer, D. Stinson, P. 'Sli-Naiiinru, E. Kruger, H, Yvalker, C. Duggan. Tllirrl llrmx' J. Grnse. IC. Nystrom. D. Iloiy, N. Nulet. M. flxner. J. liuekley. . v Y v A i V- I. Ifrungellu, H. I uslellu, la. C. ulnll, P. Hardy. lnwl' lfrrum' NI. Wiekluini, A. Morissette, H. Seliupe, E. Burlnn, H. Sliaiw, IC. Xrnlzen, H. Seliwzirz, C, Mullen, B. Lewis,-1. Kerwin, J. Dragon, M. Lewis. Field Hoc-key leznns, nuniefl l'nr ' states this year, were organized in Sep- telnlmer :incl en-captznns elected. C n-e:ip- tains fur the senior teams were .lean Gallery zincl Priscilla Smith for "Wynin- ing," Jnyee l'zn'slne anal .lean Brennan for "Georgia," Ann ,Kelley and Anne Henry fur "Mississippi," :incl .lziurene Hall :inil Evelyn Elsflen for " l.nnisi:inu." limi weather eunseil the pnsipuneinenl nl' iininlx' gn nies. .. l.nnisi:in:1," :i seninr lenni, seenreil llie liuinws lor firsl plnee, willi "Missis- sippi" :inil "Geui'gizl," lwn tlllll'l' senini' leziins, elnsely fnlluwiiig. r 1 llie highest iinliviilinil senrei' was Ann Kelley, with Jenn Brennan, l.e:itriee llnniwl, :nnl llelen Selinpe elnse rivals. Fm llien' slne -i :sis 14 rrly senior girls were ilWZll'll0ll lils. Front Ruzr: V. Byrne, P. Agnew, R, Johnson, R. Nickerson, A. Hayden, IJ. Stinson, V. Mr-Grath, P. Rausf-her. V. llnggan I.. YYhelpley. I.. Hozird, S. Pelletier. Sen-mul Razr: J. Hennessey, E. Kruger, E. Nystrom, J. Parsloe, A. Henry, A. Thompson A. Morissette, Bl. Uxner, N. Nolet, M. Allison, P. Reyeroft, Nl. Lewis, J. Dragon, B, Hansen. Thin! Huw: P. Xl:-Narnara. B. Silverman, J. Frongello, H. Vostello, IJ. Harrington, J. Brennan, J. Gros:-, J. Hull. H. F-ehupe, .I. l,an4lr-rg, E, Army-n, ,I, Gallery, J. Sr-hroth, K. Hannigan, H. Eva, I,. Graifge, E. Elsden, N. Morse. B. Walker, Burk Row: .l. Sullivan, R. Walsh, B. Lewis, Al. iAlf'wwllllklm. l. Vheney, ll. lloly, Al, firziy, A. Kelley, A. Porter. V. Allllll'H. l'l. 'l'Iionipson, H. Fehwurz. NI. Hannon, l'l. Piluaw. J. Harrington. H. B:1rton,J. Hnekley. Nl. JYir'khnin. Senior teams and Captains were 1 eleeterl in January. This has been one of the big years in girls' basketball. As the Yearbook goes to press the fearns are as follows: Texas-Barbara Hansen, Anne lllorissefteg lVla.ine-Joan Dragon, Alarjorie Lewis: Mississippi- Naney Nolet, Nlary Oxnerg New Yorke Marjorie Allison, Priscilla lieyeroftg Okla- holna-Anne Henry, Anne Thompson. Barbara. Silverman is high seorer np fo this point. Sixty-five senior girls rnrnefl ont, for This sea,son's games. The teams offererl many thrills alnl spills for the girls. They fonglit harcl for first plaee whieh "Texas" helfl in the SUIlllUlIlUI'i'S anrl Junior years. -1 R7 I VVe wear our M proudly because it symbolizes to us the victories we have Won for our school, our classmates, and ourselves. We can think of no better symbol of the unity for which We stand than the letter M. 'R-vim Nami ILS N F55 'FF J ., 1 3 Q ,Jag "' if ' . Ip 1- A1 : ,. , I F1 'rl L ..., ,r"' ,fa , . f J - ' auf: Q 1 '. 'ff' L Z . 1 , ' I of ...VJ . - , . -QC! Ni' - , t A , -ff ,, , . Ik '45, 'ii -1 , 1jQ"l" if rj ,,-f4' .f-" ,W gf .fM:4FAx, .,-v fur-'sv J. Frongello Mecrrlargfl, E. lfinerly iI'rPsidentJ, J. Manning lTreuxurm-J. H. Costello fVif-0 Prfavidelzil. PRESIDEHVS IHESSHGE For three years, we, the members of the Class of 1948, have rnet in classes, in clubs, and in athletics. lVe have worked and played together. Many persons have attained outstanding recognition in class, clubs, or athletics, hut it was through the united effort of all that the few were raised to the heights. The distinction that the individual gained brought honor to the class, the team, or the school. None ol' us will forget. the haskelhall tournament ol' our junior and senior years, the disappointment, we felt. at the defeat of our football lealn 2ll'l,1'l' six slraight, victoriesg or the fun we had exchanging pictures, llnily has grown from I,he ex- periences we have shared. FIOIII these common trials and victories have come friendship and a feeling of loyalty to each other and to our school. Now that we are graduating we should try to carry that loyalty with us as we take our places in the world. NYhile we should still retain our allegiance to our class and school, we should endeavor to make ourselves serve our nation by voting intelligently, holding pulslie olhce if called upon, and being ready to go to its defense either at home or abroad. .Xnd help to create a. ln'otherhood ol' nations that must eventually come il' we are to have one world. 1401 fH.H.S. John Agnew, Jr. ll-ll Brook Road A Johnny, the dashing fellow with the brown eyes, is the ace photographer ol the Senior Vlass. Veurlmol' I,h0l0gl'll1lllI'l' :fy DFIllIl!lfI'P I'lul, I, !, -L' Pllolo- yfllplly f'l11l1 2, PFI'.YI'llFlIf .iq l"renr'll Wlulz Z, -lg Glee I'l11l1 ?, ' Tennis 2: lm'usl'r'llmll I, 3, J. Patricia Agnew l2 Hawthorne Road Pat is cheerful, attractive, and well-pcised. Her sparkling eyes and impish grin bespeak a happiness that she shares with hosts of friends. Girls' l,eagur', Vi1'1'- Pl'4'.Vl.llf'lIf -f,' Latin.-Amer1'r'rzn f'lul1 .I.' Dru- matlf' f'lul1 I, 32, uf: fllIOl'I1.Y LZ, Li: Bmvlreflmll 1, 2, .Ig Baselnlll I, 2, if .elrelzery 12, .tg Hfllhlll-llfflll J. Curtis Allen Q4-7 Adams Street, 'tf'urt," a. handsome fellow, has a way with the uladiesf' He has decided dramatic' ability and participates in many Dramatic' Club plays. His hobbies are target shooting and tennis. A. rl. flON!'!'f0I' 2, .35 Press Vlzllr 2: Frfnrlz Vlul: 2, -iq Plin- fngrnplly Vluh .ig Dranzafff- I'lul1 JZ, J: Glee' fflub '?, -lf Tf'r1.n1'.v I, '?, .m',' Gross Ilflllllfflll 3. Marjorie Allison 55 Avalon Road hlargie has a keen wit and a contagious smile. She is a good athlete and one of Frankie i'arle's admirers. Girls' Leagm' Ffnuncr' Vom- Illliftff? lf: IV-Ollllillllflillg f'n1r1mff- tee, Senior f'lu.v.v J: Dffllllflllif' Club .lg Latin-.-I IIIFFI-f'fII1 Vlul: .I.' l"l'el1l H0r'l'ey J: Hrrslwflulll I, !, .!,'Bcl.sebflll I, 3, .iq .-lrr'l1f'rj1 2, ' f'll07'I,lx J, J. Barbara Jean Allison 55 Avalon Road "Barb," a. lover of phono- graph reeords, is quiet and poised. Her subtle sense of hu- mor has been enjoyed by many ol' her classmates. t'Barb's" many hobbies include roller- skating' and ice skating. I'l1nr11.v1, 3, J. 4 Elizabeth Arntzen 27 Huntington Road Betty, tall, graceful, and smooth, likes sports, Among her favorite pastimes are skat- ing, skiing, swimming, and horse- back riding. Girls' League, P'l'llfllIl'f' Vanr- mfftee .I.' Ffelfl Hof-Ivey .iq Baslcfil- lirlll 1, -ig Hoffbull -iq .-lrrllery J: Honor Roll nine flilllI".Y. John Arthur 71 Oak Street Always on thle job, "Arch" is one of our sure bets for college. f'hess and fishing rate high on his list of favorite hobbies. l'hes.s Vluh I ,' Vir'e-Pres1'- dent 2: PT6.?I'ClP7lf .lf Pepsi'-Vola Al'0I7ll-Tlflllillg F0771 mittee .iq Pho- tography Vlub 2, J: Trarlc I.' Hou- or Roll .wir f7i77lP-Y. Roderick Arthur 635 Pleasant Street 'iRoddy," a small, quiet boy, is known for his attractive dimples. His favorite hobbies are skating and bowling. Home Room .-llfernflff' l,' Plmlogrrlpliny l'lulr J: Vroxs l'oun- fry 2: Truck Q, ii. William Bailey 129 Blue Hill Parkway t'Bill," although quiet in school, is full of fun and al- ways joking with his friends. He participates in no school ae- tivities because ol' his job in Myron's Drug Store. Eleanor Barton 3 Nash Street "El" possesses pep and xi fine sense of humor. She is a good piano player and is usually seen with the gang driving her red Oldsmobile. Girls' League l':dIlPfllli071fil0IIl- llliillff' .!, Aflzlcllr flOIfllIIl'lf!'4' .75 Dflllllflflif' Vlub 1, 2, J: l'lI't'IIf'lI li'l11l1 1, 2, il: Glu' Vlulz rf, .I.' ll1l0l'IIN I, 2: Urrlzrnvtru I,' Soff- lmll I, J, .I.' Fielfl Horlrey .I.' Hiiskeflfrill 1, 3, J: .lrr-lwry J, i948 Farron Beasley 2285 Edge Hill Road Farron is one of the most interesting girls in school. Her home is in Honduras, where she goes each summer. Her hobbies are dancing and Spanish. Yearboolf Staji' J: Dramatic Vinh I, ff, J: French f'lul1 2, J: ,Jill-II-.'llI1EI'I.f'!1Il f'l11b J: Basket- ball I, J, J: Baseball 2, J,' rlrch- ery f?, J: Honor Roll sir lI.lIlf'N. Ruth Bentley 56 Hudson Street "Ruthie,'l quiet and good- natured, has a keen mind. Her interesting hobbies are playing tennis, collecting records, and making shell jewelry. She is kept busy outside of school in the Rainbow Girls and church activities. Vhorus 1, ?: French Vlub J: Baslfetball J: Badminton J. Howard Berry 785 Brook Road Howie, tall, shy and good- looking, is well known for the wonders he can do with the clarinet. His favorite hobbies include chemistry, radio, pho- tography, and music. Home Room Delegate l, Alternate J: Press l'l11b Radio Vlub, Pres1'zler1tJ,' Photography I'lnb, Vice-President J: Year- hoolr Hfajf J: Honor Roll once. Margaret Birdsey 19 Vinewood Road "Peg," known for her snap- py clothes, excels in dancing and roller skating. Her favorite hobby is collecting photographs. Vhorus I, J: Frf'n.r'h. l'l11b 2, Dramaiif' Vlul: Z, J: Photo- graphy Vinh J: Ha.vl'rIlmll I. Marguerite Bogue IHZSQ Randolph Avenue "Margie" is quietly ab- sorbed in her many hobbies. She is interested in photography and collects pictures for an album. She likes dancing and horseback riding. Photography Vinh J: I,aiin- .-l 1nr'rir'an Vlulf J: l'l1orns J: RfI.N'h'1'lllllH .'. lll.H.S. Jean Brennan Q9 Landon Road Red-headed Jean is an am- bitious student with plenty of pep and vigor. She wields a wicked tennis racket and is an enthusiastic talker. Girls' Imogiw Education. Com- rnitlve I"l1oirman.J: Echo Alumni Editor J: Senior Floss 1'llILl1ll.f'F ll0IllIIZZ.1lff'f',' Librarian J: Frenclz I'lu,l1 2, J: Press Vlub Soff- ball I, 2, J: Basketball 1, 2, J: Field Hockey 1, 22, J,'Bafln1inton 1,1?,J Kenneth Briggs Q8 Laurel Road "Briggsie," a great artist, draws cartoons as a hobby. He enjoys swimming and partici- pates very earnestly in football and baseball. Iinquity Echo J: Baseball :?, J Joan Buckley ISQ Otis Street Though "Buck" is cheerful and gay, she has her serious side. She is working hard to achieve her goal in the medical field. Home Room Assembly As- sistant Sefvefrlry J: Girls' League Pzilflidly Vozvzliiiftee J: French Vluh J: Lflllill.-:lII1!'I'1-Cdll Vlnb J: Dramatic Vlub J: Senior Nomi- llllllllg l'on1n11'Hf'e J: Field Hockey J: lhislfezflmll I, J, J: Softball I, 13, J: .4 I'f'llf'I'.Il 19. John T. Buckley 63 Huntington Road t'Powerhouse," large and good looking, has many friends. He is a member ofthe Naval Air Reserve and plans to enter the Navy alter graduation. Pho- lography, flying, hunting, and clarinet-playing are his lavorite hobbies. Hartley Budd l5fi Pleasant Street ull2ll'lj'n is tall, broad. and good-uaturcd. llis line record in 0Xll'll-t'lll'l'l0llllll' activities make hiln a valuable asset to the graduating class. l'uquity l'lcho J: Photog- Vflllllllf Vinh ,fp l.afin-,lmwican Vlulr J: 'llI'lII'h' I, J: lmloor l'l'1l1'h' J, Virginia Byrne G-l-5 Pleasant Street "Ginny," one of the most popular seniors, takes an active part at the Youth Club. This year she represented Milton High on l"ilene's High School Fashion Board. Girls' Iiftlgllf' l'i1'i1's flfllllllllif- fee I.' Yearbook Seerfftury .ig Drlzmutir' l'l11b 1, J, J,' Latin- .-imerzfeau l'lub J: Basl.'e'thr1ll I, 2, J: Baseball 1, 2, .1',' A rcllery J, -I: Vhorus I, Z. Edwina Frances Cahill 175 Williams Avenue Smart clothes and a bright smile identify Edwina. Her in- terest in acting and music will always be an outstanding asset. A. A. Volleetor 1.' Dramatic Vlub 2, f'omn11'ttee.?,' Photography Vlub i1',' Lflfl-IL-f17llE'l'1'!'Llll Club o',' Glee Club .iq Chorus 2, J: Fielrl Hockey 1, -3: Softball 1, 12, .tg Basketball 1, 2, .fy Badminton I. 13, J. Joseph Patrick Callahan Q0 Plymouth Avenue "Joe" is a kindly and sin- cere young fellow who is always ready to do his part. He is capable in art and plays the piano like a genius. Unquity Echo 12, .25 Dru- Nlllflif' Club I: Press Vluh 25 C100 Vluh 0, .lg Honor Hoff SPIWII tinzes. Helen Marcia Chagnot 10 Rockwell Place "Chag" is debby-looking and right in style with the t'New Look." Her fashion designs and other drawings have won for her an admiring appreciation from her fellow students. Irene Estelle Cheney 15 Grafton Avenue HI," the girl with the sub- tle sense of humor, loves swim- ming, dancing, and bowling. She is one of the most active members of the Nlilton Youth Canteen. Latin,-A meriean Vlub -?,' Dra- 'llldftlf Ulub rf: Field Hockey I: Baslfelhtlll I, lf: Softball I, -ff Archery J. Ml4:3l William L. Conboy, Jr. 18 Flay Street L'Bill" is a quiet fellow with a shy smile. He is a great out- door enthusiast. Among his other favorite sports are swim- ming and horseback riding. Like many of his friends, Hill plans to join the Air Vorp-. Vross Vmuztry 3. Robert Connors 84 Blartin Road "Bob" is a rather quiet boy and is always dressed neatly. His studies and work leave him little time for other activities, but his consideration and spirit of co-operation make him wel- come wherever he goes. Sports Editor of lif'llI'll00h' -1,- Rutlio Vlub 3. Ruth Constantine 9 Grafton Avenue "Ruthie," the well-known State Theatre cashier, likes to bowl, dance, and play records: and, therefore, the Vanteen is one of her favorite spots. Latin-.-1 meriiean Vlub J: Dra- matic f'lub I, Z, J: Photography Vlub J, Baslretlzrill .ff Brmehull -1. Rachel Content 31 Chesterfield Road "Chelly" came to us from South America two years ago. She and Miss Neylan originated the idea of the Latin-American Club of which "Chelly" was elected president. She is cer- tainly a splendid exponent of the "Good Neighbor Policy." Latin-.-I lllt'I'I.FllIl Vlull, Presi- rlent ff. Robert Lewis Corkery 580 Adams Street Quiet and serious Bob is completely the gentleman and a loyal friend to all who know him. He is interested in pho- tography and models. Photography Vlub -fy Latin- ,fl NIPFI-f'lIlI l'lul1ff,'I'hor14.v I. 3, J. l948 Helen Costello 17 Billiton Street "Cos" has brains plus per- sonality. She possesses an apti- tude for doing well anything she attempts. A very versatile girl, "Vos" should do well in any lield. I'lo.vs V1'r-1'-P1'esiflPr1i 19, J: l'nquity Echo 2, J: Echo f'oIIer'- for -2: Dranzrzffr' filllll I, J, J: l'll'1'llf'lL 17116 12, 3: Field Hoelrey J:Sqfff1all 1, J,3,'Bc1slffflmll 1, J, J: Archery 32: State Reprrfsmilrl- fil'1',i,' Honor Roll seem: h'mP.v. Richard Cox 36 Plymouth Avenue t'Dickie's" ability in sports is by no means limited to foot- ball, for he has saved many games in basketball and base- ball. "Dick" has a gay wit. and livens up many a gathering. Home Room, .--Lvsembly 1: Football 1, 19, Ql','Bf1Sli'!'f,?!1N 1, Q, Qi,- Huselmll Z, 2, J. Myrtle Crouse Q0 Mathaurs Street "Myrt," who is ever present with a helping hand, has a per- sonality overflowing with pep and fun, Her favorite hobby is driving the family car. Sewing and cooking follow as an close second. Joseph Crowley 338 Central Avenue 'tGinger's" jokes and sense of humor have brightened many dull home room periods. He justly deserves the title "wit- liest." llis ability on the dance floor is famous. l'ros.vl'r1lllll1'4I1 .': liI'lll'lllH?A' J: lfrlml I. Kenneth L. Doane 22 W'indsor Road "Kc-n's" sober, serious :ip- pearanee belies his jovial, good- nalure. This year he was on the football lealn :ind nnide :L good showing. llonlr' Rllfllll llflfflllfl' JZ: lflello f'ollr'r'ior '?, J: l"l'l'lII'lI Vlul: I,' l'l1oloyr1lpl1y Vlnl: J, I-'.' Fool- lmll 3. J. lIl.H.S. John Donahue 10 Rockwell Avenue 'tRed,' has a keen mind coupled with a good line and a way with the girls. He is a good bowler and aggressive hockey player. "Red" is inter- ested in ships, autos, and air- planes. He served in the Mer- chant Nlarines during the war. l'PflI'lI00ili' J: Truck 2, -f. Joseph Donovan 97 Pagoda Street "Joe's" expressive eyes and ready smile prove he is not al- ways quiet. In the summer, he is usually sailing boats at Edgar- town. Most of his time is spent at his favorite hobby, photog- raphy. N0l71?AlLUfli7lg f'07lIm1.liff'P, Sen- ior f'lf1.vs J: Photography Vlub -f. Donna Lee Doty 163 VVilliams Avenue Hyde Park Although a new comer in her junior year from Ohio, Don- na has been an active member in school activities. Her keen sense ol' humor has made her many friends. lfreurlz Vlub .iq Dfllllldfl-I' f'lul1 2, J: Plzofogrnplzy Vlulz J: CIW l'lul1 J: l'l1or11s 2, J: Brislfvf- ball 2, J: Softball 2, J: Hurllnfn- ion 2, ,f:1"1'fld H0f'A'l"ll J. Joan M. Dragon 70 lVashington Street Joan has nice looks, a smooth manner and neat elothes. She is fun to be with at all times, although she conscien- tiously does her work well. flfrlx'I,eng11eE1l'l1r'nf1'on Vom- llllifffl' J, J: Home Room .lN.W'IlI- bly 32, .ig Junior l'los.v Noniinof- ing fl0llIll1I.l'f4't'f l'lI't'lIl'lI l'lul: J' 1fl'llIIIIlfI.I' Vluh I, J, J: .ll'4'lll'l'jl J:'Hmll I, '.', J,'lfo.w'ln1ll I, J, ff: l"f4'lrl Iloekey J: l'l1o1'I1.v J: Honor Roll four f1'n1e.v. Claire Duggan 64 Lodge Street Brilliant, blonde hair and personality to mnteh! 'l'hnt's t'lnire! llnneing :ind roller skailiug :ire her favorite hob- bies. Outside ol' school she is an :relive member ol' the Nlillon Youlh l':nuteeu. llonor lfoll oner. S C James Dunn 25 Vtlhitelawn Avenue ' t'Jin1mie" spi11s gaily about in search of excitement, but everyone will agree that the same little car carries him to the aid of anyone in distress. lt may be truly said of 'tJimmie" that he serves with a smile. Latin-American J. Francis Dunphy ll Rowe Street t'Dnnph" has been one ol the main supports in our hack- tield. Big, and good-natured, than has won the friendship of a . Football l, Z, J5 Basketball I, .25 Track 1, -3,' Chorus I, 2. Edmund F. Dwight 7 Rowe Street "Frap" was the able cap- tain of our tennis team. He is carefree and happy and has a keen sense of humor. A. A. Collector 15 Press Club F25 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 French Club 2, 35 Photography Club 2, Glee Club 1, 93, 35 Temils 1, 25 Captain J5 Honor ltoll three times. Kenneth Eckert 41 Saint Agatha's Road "Kenuthy" enjoys mechan- ics, and he combines business with pleasure in his work at the Pontiac Garage. Good looking and a time dancer, "Ken" hopes to enter the hlarine Air Corps after graduation. A. Evelyn Elsden 10 Kahler Avenue Charming, dainty, lady-like "Eviell is an active sports member. She has many hob- bies, swimming, dancing, skat- ing, and bowling. Girls' League Finance Com- mittee Chairman 35 Latinflrneri- can Club 35 Dramatic Club 1, 12, 3,' Basketball Z, Q, 3,' Softball 1, Q, 35 Field Hockey 1, 35 Honor Roll once. 45 Helen Eva 27 Hates Road Helen is a wonder on the trumpet and has been a great asset to the band. After school she either works at Sears or drives one of those famous 'tEva" cars around. Girls' League .lIu.vlr' Von:- Illliflff' .!: Dramatic Club f, -I5 Ulee Club 3, J,'f'l1or11.s I, !.'l1'unrl I, 25 b'a.vl.'e1bull I, !, -jg 1iu.u'eball I, 3,-15 rl relzrry -J. Robert Fabian 258 lteedsdale Road "Bob" is quiet and friendly. His work at VVhite's Cab has kept him from taking part in many school activities. Latin-A nzerlean Club -J. Charlotte Faulkner 53 lilne Hill Avenue "Chickie" is a demure girl who likes to sew and makes many of her smart clothes. Her favorite hobby is swimming. Unquity Echo I5 .firf-lzvry I. Edward J. Finerty, Jr. 45 VVood Street lt is little wonder that " ltd," our Class President, is popular. He has a keen and merry wit, and is eager to assist in any school activities. Senior I'lus.s- l'rw.vl1lenf -J: Student fl0llIlf'Iil I, J, -K: l"1'r'r'- Prexirlmzt .!.' Vnquity Echo J, -I: .ls.wz'.vlr1r1f Editor J: Frfnf-lz l'lub J, -fi l"00lbt1ll I, 2, JJ B11.s'l'1'llmll I, 2, -ig Btlsellflll l, 3, J5 llolzuf ltoll three times. John Finn 551 Washington Street llnknown to many, John, goodlooking and happy-go- lucky, is an excellent skier and an instructor at the Old Volony Ski Club. He enjoys playing basketball on the St. Agatha's C.Y.O. team. Baxlfetball 35 Trail' -J. 1948 Jean F. Frongello Q fourtland Circle 'l'here's never a dull mo- ment when "Fudge," our class secretary, is around. Quick on the pickup, shels one of our most popular seniors. Floss Secretary 3: Yearbook Staff .35 Dramatic Club l, Q, 35 French t'lub r?, -5: Echo Volleetor 2: Field Hockey 35 Basketball 1, 2, -1':Ba.veball 1, 2, 3: Archery Q5 VIZOTIIS Z, Honor Roll three times. Jean A. Gallery 45 Antwerp Street Tall, smooth Jean is a good dancer, a good conversational- ist. and a. reliable worker. She is partial to chocolate ice cream. Girls' League Secretary 35 Home Room Delegate 1: Library Attendant 35 Junior Nominating f'ommz'ttee,' Latin.-American. l'lub 35 Dramatic Club 1, Q, 3,' Chorus 3: Field Hockey 35 Softball 1, Q, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 35 Archery 525 Honor Roll four times. Charles Edward Gallivang 18 Bradford Road 'LPrexy," who is at his best on the cross-country lane, has been a running star for two years at Milton High. A very able actor in French and Dramatic Club plays, his main hobby is naval history. Glee Vlub 2, French Vlab IZ, -f,' Dramatic fllllb I, '?, Vross Voiliilry Z,-1',' Track I, 2, -if lnrloor Track J. Jeanne Gallivan Q1 Laurel Road Our Jeanne is attractive. Her charm lies in her friendli- ness and varied interests. French Vlab ff: Photography Vlub LIlll'Vl.-fl77lPT'lf'!l7l Club Ji: Basketball I, Z, .ig Baseball 32, .jg lficlrl Hockey I, KZ. John M. Gillis 4-7 flollamorc Road t'Gillie"isquietanflinnof-ent looking, but he has quite an eye for mischief. When he is not working for his father, he is in his "wheels" surrounded by his buddies. Track J. IlI.H.S. 445 1 ..t, Myrl Gleason 140 Eliot Street Blonde Myrl is a cheerful companion. Playing the piano is one of her favorite pastimes. Baby sitting, church, and Rain- bow activities take up most of her outside time. Latin-America-n l'l11b J. Leona Graitge 50 Franklin Street t'Lee" has beautiful natural- ly curly hair, the envy of many at M. H. S. A 'fsmoothiew she is kept busy with sports and the Latin-American Club. Girls' League Library Staff 35 Dramatic l'l'ub I, Q, .35 Latin.- Ameriean f'lub, Secretary J: flhoras 24: Basketball 1, 2, J: Softball 1, 2, 3,' Archery 2, J: Honor Roll three times. Robert Grant 240 Blue Hill Avenue "Rosie," who has one of the reddest blushes in the school, is famous for his "interesting" French Club reports and his new car. Home Room., Assembly I: Yearbook Staff .55 Scholarship Worn mittee o',' Frenelz Vlub J: Secr1'tary -'l,' from Country Jg Track J. William Grant 2-l-tl Blue Hill Avenue "Rosebud," quiet and shy. was a great help to our football team this year. He Hlled in ad- mirably at left halfbaek and scored several touchdowns. " Ril- ly" is also a track sta r. l"ooIl:all I, 3, -l.' 'l'rar'k I, J, -I lta.vf'lrall -lg H11.vl.'i'llmll rf. Marilyn Frances Grey Ili l'oneord .Xvenue Blonde, curly hair and a cheery smile have made for Nlarilyn many good friends. "Mal" likes to play the piano and listen to popular records. Dramatic l'luI1 J, Dramatic I'luli l'oii1inift4'i' -9: Photography Vlub ff: Gln' Vlulr 2, .ff f'lIOI'llS I, If Ifaski'Iball J, .iq Fielll lloekry fllf l2aa'minton I, 3, .ig .lI't'lIl'l'jl AJ, J. Judith Grose 99 VValdeck Road Pretty, blonde, Judy, is the able President of the Dramatic Club. Girls' League Vice-Presiflellt 1: Social Committee 2, 3: Dra- matic Club 3, President 13' ,' Press Club, Secretary 2: Freneh Club Q, J : Latin-Ameriean Club -3: Chorus 12, -5: Glee Club 2, lt: Field Hockey I, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, J: Arch- ery 2, Barlminton 1: Softball l, 2, 3: Honor Roll seven times. Barbara Gross 6-L Pagoda Circle Barbie may seem quiet to all her classmates, but actually it is because she is kept busy with her three hobbies-Photogra- phy, horseback riding, and sail- ing. She was seen at many foot- ball games dashing around taking pictures. Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3: Field Hockey Q: Basketball 1: Archery Jaurene Hall 5 Bailey Avenue Jaurene, an active member of the Theta Alpha Club, is a whiz at drawing, and likes to dance. She is a good seam- stress and makes most of her own stylish clothes. Girls' League Art Committee Photography Club 3: Dramatic Club 32, -3: Latin,-A merirfan Club J: Field Hoekey l, Basketball 1, Z, J: Softball I, IZ, J. John Hanatin 78 Dyer Avenue H Little Beaverl' is kept busy in sports and business. John is a first class bowler and hunter. He has a ready smile combined with a quick sense of humor that will help him make many new friends in Uncle Sanus Air Corps. Katheryn Hannigan 15 Crown Street "Katie," who is popular and attractive, has been a cheerlead- er for three years. Though she dashes from one excitement to the next, she still has time for a conndential chat. Dramatic Club 1, 2, ,' Cheer- leader 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 3: Softball 1, 2, 3. 47 Marie Hannon 2-L Ferncroft Road Maries witty remarks are all in the spirit of good fun. All know of her athletic ability and sense of humor, but few realize she has a pretty soprano voice. A. A. Collector J: Chorux J, 3: Glee Club 1, 2, J: Freufh Club 52, J: Dramatie Club I, 2, J: Latin-Amerir-an Club J: Basket- ball I, Z, .35 Baseball I, J, J: Archery 2, J: Honor Hall treo times. Barbara Hansen 286 Blue Hill Avenue 4'Barb'l is an essential and enthusiastic member of our class. With her warm smile and charm- ing manner, she is constantly winning new friends. Girls' League Athletic Com- mittee 3: Drarnatir- Club I, : French Club 2, 3,'Latz'r1-A meriean. Club 3: Cho-ru.v 1, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Baseball Z, 2, J: Archery Q, a',' Honor Roll once. Joan Harrington 12 Darby Road Joan, our vivacious cheer leader for three years, is noted for her beautiful clothes and charming femininity. Secretary of .lunior Class: Home Room Assembly I, 2: Girls, League Publicity Commit- tee -3: Chairman of Sponsorhv Committee J: Dirarrzatie Club I, Z, Ji: French. Club J: Glee Club 2, J: Cheer Leader I, 52, J: Basketball I, 2, lf: Baseball 1, 3, J: flrelzery ,, ,Q J, o. Dorothy Harrington 19 Holborn Road 4'Dotty's" quiet conscien- tiousness will take her into any field she chooses. She is tal- ented in needle-craft and oil painting. She also enjoys gar- dening and cooking. Radio Club .ig Seeretary pf: Photography Club J: Basketball Z, J: Barlrnirztorr Z, J: A rr-hery ft, J: Honor Roll tea times. Phyllis C. Hardy 19 Revere Street "Phyl" has a smile for everyone. She loves to drive a car, type, and play basketball. Glee Club 3: Chorus 1, 2: 1"z'elrl Howkey I, 2, J: Basketball 1, J: Softball 1. 3, J. l948 Alice Eleanor Hayden ltlfl t'hurch Street Although tiny, f'Al" has pep and vivaeity. She is an enthusi- astic rooter for the "Braves," " Red Sox," and our school teams. Her humor and friend- liness win her many friends. Biography Editor of Year- book J: Dramatic Club 2, J: Frenelz 1'l11b Z, J: Latin-Anlericrln Vlub J: Field Hockey 1, 2, J: Baslfdbull l, 2, J,'Softbr1ll 1, 2, J: Honor Roll vz'ghtti1nc.s. Evern W. Hazel 15 Orchard Lane "Ev" goes to and from school accompanied by a vir- tual load of pals in his Hbomberf' He usually can be seen working on his father's bakery trucks. Photography Club Q, J: Chorus J. Priscilla Heatlie 300 Blue Hill Parkway 'lPris' came to lltilton two years ago from YVeston High. Drawing is her specialty, but she likes to ride horseback, too. She is well-dressed and well- liked. Give Vlub 22. Daniel Hetiernan 178 Brush Hill Road Quiet and industrious l'Hefl"' is always plugging for the top. He's in his element when out-of-doors, but, he likes to build model airplanes, too. .loan Henncssey L25 liothrop Avenue "Joanie" is rather quiet, but a good friend. ller athletic ability keeps her team far ahead in basketball. Girls' Imllgllc ll!-IIfllII'l' Von:- rrzittee J: Junior NIJIIII-llllllillg fl0II1IIlI'llL'I',' I,TdIlIIIlIil' f'lnb I, 12, J,'Latin-.-l luerieazr Ilhll b 15' ,' Illrrrrzm 2: l"1'f'lrl Iloehey I, JZ: liuxhelball I, ,!, -1, ,Softball I, J, J. Ill.H.S. t4Sl Anne Henry 76 Wendell Park Anne, a graceful brunette, is a rabid hockey fan and never misses a f'Bruinl' game. Girls' League Social Vom- mittef' 2: Yearbook Editor J' tlnquity Echo Lzfbrariun J: Chorus 1: Dramatic fllub I, Z, J: Frcfnelz I'Iub IZ, J: Latin-A rnerican Vlub J: Prem l'l11b 32: Field Hoelrey I, J, J: Bclskctbcill I, 2, J: Bflfllllliilfflll J, J: .-irelzery LZ, J: Softball I, 3, J: Honor Hall IHIILL' linzes. Barbara Hervanen 39 Pond Street uS01'1Ily,ll with her ash blonde hair, can always be seen with her double, Peggy. We are attracted by her merry laughter and bright, clothes. Photography Vlub J: Buslret- bull 1, 32, J: Baseball 1, J, J: Archery J. Ray H. Hinds, Jr. 52 Hollis Street "Mort" is the little fellow who is always with his buddies, who know hiln as a good and true friend. He is rightly proud of his cabin in New Hampshire. l'r'urbooh J: llruzrzrztie Vlub I, Z, J: l"rcn.cIz Club 2, J: Press Hub 2: Photography Vlub J: Ifudfo Vlub .f:Gl1'r' l'Iub I, I, J: l"o0IbulI Llllllliltjfl' .': Honor Roll szfz' Il.llIl'N. Leatrice Hoard 27 Wendell Park Petite, blonde, and viva- eious "Lea" has great writing ability. She also is a very good athlete. Girls' l,l'tl!jIll' .lrf f'ou1n1lHf'4' 3: .INNI-Nfllllf Editor of t'nquity ltleho 2, Ifrlifor J: Press Club llrunmfie Vlnb I, .', A"-Ullllillllflillfl tltlllllllliffft' J: l"rrnr'l1 Vlulr .'. 'fi lillflill-.tIIl1'I'l-f'tHl Vlub J: l'lIiI'lll llIlI'b'4'!l I, J. J: Hoxl.'eIlu1lI I, .', .ig Nqfllmll I, .'. ff: -ll"'lll'l'!l 3. -fr llllllllllilllllll I, .', li Honor lfoll lzlwllv' flillII'.Y. lt. Lawrence Hoey t-25.3 lleule Street Despite the time "l.:irry" spends iu sports, he keeps his marks high. "Larry" has done a wonderful job writing up the football games in the .lfilfon Trfzlam-1'ipf. t'nquity lfleho J: 1'rex.vl'l11b .': Ifooflmll I, J, J: llonor Roll .vi.r fiulrs. Richard A. Houde 214- Brook Road .Everyone knows 'tDick." HQ IS a good piano player and engoys alll music. His interest- ing outside activities are model building, competitive swimming, and playing squash. Photography Club 35 Band 2,- Baseball Q, Basketball John E. Hourihan 52 Parkway Crescent 'KJack" keeps a sports scrap- book as a hobby. He is enthusi- astic about many sports, among them hockey and football. uJackl' enjoys playing for Saint Mary's C. Y. O. basketball and baseball teams. Nancy Howard 18 Melbourne Road Nancy's red hair is not her only asset, for her poise and wonderful voice are the envy of her many friends. Girls' League Hospitality Committee 35 A. A. Collector 35 Dramatic Club J,' French Club 35 Glee Club 35 Field Hockey 1, 2, 35 Basketball l, ff, -t5 Softball 1, Q, 3. Clarice Isidori 250 Thatcher Street Clarice is a quiet and seri- ous girl. Her bright smile and willingness to do anything asked of her, have gained her many friends. Girls' League Civics Commit- tee :ig Dramatic Club 35 Press Club Z5 French Club 1, 2, 35 Latin-American Club J. Robert L. Jennings 6 Braeburn Road 'iBobo'l is one of the boys responsible for the success of our football team. He is tall, blond, and well-dressed. Home Room Delegate 35 Senior Nominating Committee 35 Football 1, 2, 35 Track Q, 3. 49 George Johnson 168 Brook Road "Gigi," small but well built, is popular with the girls. He was one of our powerful football stars this year. He would have had an even better year, but early in the season he broke his leg. Football 1, J, J. Ruth Johnson 46 Hudson Street Although small in stature, blonde 'iRuthie" is a live wire. Her athletic ability and spark- ling personality have made her one of Miltonis popular seniors. Girls' League Junior Vice- Presirlentg Publicity Committee J5 Home Room Assembly 25 French Club -t: Latin-American Club 35 A rehery 2, -55 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball I, Q, -'t,'Badrniu- ton 15 Honor Roll three times. Anne Kelley 53 Parkway Crescent "Kell's" pep and vivacity have made her well-liked. Her remarks in history have made the past live in the present. As an athlete, "Kelll' is a worthy opponent. Home Room Delegate 15 Ring Committee Z5 Latin-Amerzl can Club 35 French Club 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3,'Field Hockey 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Softball 1, 2, 3: Archery 2, 3: Badminton 2, 35 Honor Roll tu'o times. Howard Francis Kelly 342 Blue Hill Avenue 'iKell" is a slim fellow with a bashful grin. He is a stock boy in Paineis Furniture Store. 'LKell" has many interesting hobbies which include hunting, fishing, trapping, and bowling. Echo Collector -55 Photog- raphy Club J. John J. Kendrigan, Jr. 42 Courtland Circle 'bfackf' a quiet, sincere fel- low, is interested in hunting, flying, photography, and sports. He has worked at the Post Office and as a soda jerk. 'ilaekl' is ambitious, and he is a member of our Naval Air Reserve. Yearbook Stajf 35 Honor Boll once. 1948 Lawrence Killilea 7 Rockwell Place v "Kill," who came to Nlilton lligh in his junior year, makes friends easily with both students and teachers. Ile is a very en- thusiastic member ofthe C. Y. 0. basketball team. Football J: b'asl't'tball J, J: Bcuwball J. Jeanette Kirwin 20 Lantern Lane Jeanette is a tall girl with long brown hair. She likes to attend popular stage shows and movies. Her hobbies are read- ing and collecting records. Chorus J, -f: Dramatic Club J, J:'vtball 1, J, J: Softball 1, -J. Elsie Kruger 118 Pleasant Street Charming Elsie, a brunette beauty, is well-known for her line singing. Home Room -Alternate J: Girls' League Jfnsir' Com mittee 1, 3: Glee Club 1, Z, J: Dramatic Club I, lvif'P-PVF.Sl.dL'IIl J, .Ualrr'- up Comm ittre Clzairinari J: P'I'l'll.!'l? Club J, PTE,Sl'll6IIf J: Latin- .lmeriean Club J: Field llor'.l'r'y I, J: Basketball I, J, -I: Softball 1, J, J: Honor lfoll lIl.'l'll'l' tinlvs. John E. Lamere 549 Adams Street "Jack" has a leisurely ap- pearance, hut inside he is bursting with liveliness. lle is a great basketball player and holds his own in baseball and football. Football I, J, J: l1'a.vl'1'tbnll l, J, J,'lfa.w1'bnll I, J, ff. Jean Landers 62 Avalon Road "Jeanie," a likeable, lrieinl- ly girl, hopes to go to art school. She has many hobbies which in- clude art, knitting, and boating. lVe envy .lc-an's tan, which she aequired at her summer home in llumarof-k. l,IlDlI-I' Spr'ul.'1'l1gf f'UIllllll'lll'I' I,' Ijllflllijffllllllvlj Clnb .I,' l"rr'1n'l1 Club J: Latin-.lfnf'ri1'an Club J: lm'asb'f'lln1ll I, J, -I,' lffl.Yl'lIlIH I, J, J: .lrr'llr'ry ,', J: Honor lfoll lnro linlcs-, HI.H.S. l50l Jack Lawless 14 Brookside Park .lack is a fun loving fellow, who always manages to get to school a little after classes be- gin. Weallrememberthepitter- patter in the girls' hearts when his sensational class pictures came out. Loretta Lessmann 33 Collamore Street L'Lauriel' and her merry laugh are well-known to her classmates. She is a sports en- thusiast. Girls' League lllusic Com- mittee 3: Senior Class Nominat- ing Committee 3: Pepsi Cola Committee 3: Dramatic Club 2, 3: Photography Club 3: French Club Chorus 1, Glef Club 3: Softball I,' Baslretbzzll 1, J, 3. Howard Lessoff IQ7 Audubon Road "Less" is one of our most industrious students. He is an avid coin collector and fisher- man. "Less," a member of the Senior Judea and the center Youth Club, has a Hue singing voice, which is a welcome addi- tion to the Chorus and Glee Club. Photography Club J: Radio Club J: Glec' Club J.: Chorus J: .l. rl. Collector J. Barbara E. Lewis '78 Washington Street "Barb," a smooth and at- tractive leader of the class, is a favorite of all. Sturlent Council J, J, -Secre- tary 2: Homr Room Dt-Icgafv 1: Girls' League' President J: Nom 1'- nating Conzmittcfe, Girls' Lfagnr Qffir'1'r.w 3: Junior Nonzinatiny Conzmittrr J: Clzorux J: Dramatic Club I, J, -i.'SQftl1all J, .?:Ba,vlfe't- ball I, J, J: Field Hovlvy J: .lrvllvry ,'.' Honor Roll N1'l'f'Il tizmuw. Marjorie Lewis TH lvashington Street "Marge" just sparkles--her cheeks are red und her disposi- tion is happy and gay. Girls' Lvagln- Jlusir' Com mit- trr, Clzairrnan J: Home Hoozn .lllvrnafr J: Senior Nonzinating flDIllllII'ffl't',' .l. .l. Collector 2: l,l'UIlIlIlI't' Club 1, J, J: 1'll'l'IlClI Cllllf 3. -9: I,41fI'I1-xlIl1f'!'1'f'GIl Club -f: llll0I'll.Y I,' Gln- Club J: Husker'- lulll l, J, ,ff Sqfflulll 1, J, .iq .Irf-llrry 3: l'lI'l'lfl llor'lfr'y J, llonor lfoll Illrvz' tirnrx. Jack Lieber 124 Otis Street . f'JaCk'S"l' amusing personal- ity makes him a popular member of his class. He was the very capable center on our football team this year. Football 1, Q, .3',' Basketball 35 Baseball 35 Glee Club 3. Edward Linehan 269 Granite Avenue 'fBones," who is quiet but willing to participate in pranks, is slow to anger and quick to forgive. He is a good bowler, dancer, swimmer, and claims he can sing. He hopes to enter the Navy Air Corps after gradua- tion. Harriet Loew 435 Brush Hill Road "Hutch" is a poised, re- sponsible, and likeable member of our class, Her abilities to play the piano and raise dogs prove her versatility. French Club Q, 35 Dru-matic Club 1, Q, 35 Photography Club Q, 35 Latin-American Club 35 Glee Club 9, 35 Chorus J. Nancy Lunt 255 Eliot Street Quiet and conscientious A'Nan" is one of the top-notch stenographers of the senior class. She makes many of her attractive clothes. Girls' League Education. Com- mittee 35 Unquity Echo 35 Home Room Assembly 15 Latin- American Club 3. John Lyons Q0 Antwerp Street uChoosin,l' friendly to all, is interested in cars and loves to talk about them. His work at the Laurence Pontiac Garage has kept him too busy for many school activities. Football 1 5 Baslfetball 1. if X, We ff Q, - 1, V 77.9 V' 4' 1' , ,gl 'fe f 51 Betty BIacAdam 553 Lufberry Street "Bette" carrie to Nlilton High this year from Yonkers, New York, She is an attractive, welcome addition to H. H. S, Her favorite hobbies are tennis, swimming, and sailing, Glee Club -if Chorus J Softball J,' Basketball J. Peggy MacDonald 20 Allen Circle Peggy's main charm lies in her quiet manner. She is al- ways eager to hear "you" talk. Her kind attentions make her an ideal friend. Girls, League Collector -if t'l1'z'c.s Committee 35 French Club J, J: Photography Vlub J, J5 llouor Roll tzro times. Donald Manchester 36 Quarry Lane t'Pug" is the large, quiet type with a country smile. He plans to travel over the country after graduation. "Don" is a great bowler and fine dancer. He is always first in line at the Canteen. Jean Manning 29 Hawthorne Road Jean is well-known for her ability on the basketball floor. She loves dancing and roller skating. Beside Jean's ability to dance, her friendliness and her ability to amuse her class- mates make her well thought of. A. A. Collector 3: Latin- .llIlt"I'lC'tlI1.fil7ll7 35 Basketball I, ,!, -f,'Hoftball1, J. Joseph E. Manning 2 Clark Road "Joes" likeable manners and disposition have won him high esteem, He has guided 1Iilton's football team to many victories and is considered one of the best quarterbacks in Eastern Massachusetts. "Joe" stars in basketball and baseball, too. Vlass Treasurer 12, 35 Foot- ball 1, 2, -3: Baslcetball 1, ff, J, Has-rball 1, 2, -Z. l948 Margaret Noreen Martini 283 lflliot Street "Peggy" is always the life of the party. Her wit and hu- mor are the best. She likes bowl- ing and swimming and is usually at the Canteen on Saturday night. Dranzatfc' fllllb J: Photog- raplzg f'l1lb J:'etball 1, QJ, J: Softball 1, ,!, J: rlrehery J. Gerard Mattaliano 3-L Blue Hill Terrace 'fGerry" is carefree and al- ways joking. His continual gaiety and high spirits make him popular with all who know him. Robert K. McCarthy Q78 Eliot Street Perhaps it is the calm un- ruffled manner that makes him a successful participant in ath- letic sports. llome Room. .fI.v.w'rubly ,l,' Football Z, JZ, DJ:'z'tball I, LZ, li: Track Ji, J. Marjorie McCormick 1277 Randolph Avenue "Margie" has a good sense of humor and can take a joke as well as tell one. She spends a good deal of her time horseback riding. She enjoys any sport. I'li.otog'rapl1.y l'l11b J: lflzorus J: liatin-,fl 7Hl'I'l'l't1'Il Vlnb J: b''z'l- ball J. .lohn J. McDermott H2 lielelier Virele "Ski Ma,e,'l lumbering down the road with a sa udwieli in one hand and the driver's wheel in the other, is always out for a, good time. lle works at the lilvcrgood as a stock boy. l'lmtograpl1g Vlab J. iH.H.S. W, Margaret McDermott 300 Thacher Street "Peggy'l has mastered the art of listening and is a thor- oughly enjoyable person to talk with. Her work after school has prevented her from participat- ing in more activities. Girls, League fl7:7l7'US ffovrzmit- tee 3: Baslretball 2, -3: Field Hockey fi: Softball -3. Carolyn McGrath 84 Decker Street Carolyn is pleasant and charming. She is very active in Rainbow and in her church fellowship. Her hobbies are badminton, dancing, swimming, and piano. llnquity Echo Collector Lf: French fflub 23: Dramatic Club 3: Stage l'om'mz'ttee 3: Photography Vlub Glu? Vlub J: f'lz0ru.v .ii Basfretball 1, KZ, 3: Baseball 1: liadmintovi. Z, 12, 3,'I"1'clfl Hoelrrg 12 : Arelzery 2, 3. Kenneth J. Mclntire 85 Franklin Street " Mac" is quiet about school. He is a true friend to his many pals and buddies. He is a good athlete and participates in many sports. Home Room ,-lltcrnate J, Vross Voillltrg I. William McKeen ll-i- Audubon Road "l7icka" is a pack of dyna- mite ready to explode when mis- chief is at hand. All this, how- ever, is well under control when there is work to be done. Football I, J. Marie McNamara 204- lllue llill llarkway Marie is quiet and poised. completely the lady. llorsebaek riding and roller skating rate liigh in her list of favorite pas- limes. llirls' Lragur 1'1'r1'e.v f'llHI'I'- man iii Softball I. 9, J: Field ll4N'b':'.If .',' l1'rlsl.'c'fball I, J, J: Honor Roll fI1'0 t1'1ne.v. Patricia Ann McNamara 34 Denmark Avenue Petite "Pat" is usually sing- ing or whistling. If somebody rushed by the corridor, you know it was "Pat," A merry person who brightens up many a dull class. Latirz.-A nzerican. l'lul1 J: Dra- 'malic f'l11b 1, 2, J: Rael.-etball 12, ff: Sqffball 1, 2, J: A-lrellery J: Ffelrl Hockey J. Marion MacWilliam 4 Hawthorne Road llarion, with her sense of humor and breezy personality, is cheerful company in any crowd, and We know she hasn't got that twinkle in her eye for nothing. G1"rl.s', League Social l'om111z'l- fee lfhorus iff Glee fflub 35 Photography l'l11b J.: Dramafie Vlub .35 LCM!-II.-flmFTI'f'I1fL l'l11h ,ff Baxkeflvall 2, J,'l"1'el1l Hockey J. Clark Merrill 44 Churchill Street 'LShank" is a tall, friendly lad, who is very interested in model engines. He can always be seen in that '27 Reo. He is a very enthusiastic member ol' t.he DeMolay. Track J. Robert Francis Monahan 101 Decker Street HBob" has a likeable person- ality and a genuine smile, His hobby is mechanics, but he has time for other sports. His fa- vorite hobbies are bowling and horseback riding. "Bob" plans to enter the Army Air Vorps after graduation. William Edward Moore 14 Nlelbourne Road Good-looking uBill" is a rabid bowler and excellent hock- ey player. He has a winning way and welcoming smile. He is ex- tremely busy after school hours. and thus cannot take part in extra curricula activities. Yearbook f'om Ill iflre -f ,' Ilon- or Rollthreef1'me.w. A V I i f' , ..,, M ,, 1 45:21. Howard Leroy Morgan 1 Braeburn Road Friendly "Howie" enjoys bowling, swimming, and boating. He has worked on a construc- tion job as a bookkeeper and timekeeper. Doubtlf-ss he will become a construction engineer. Dramaffe l'l11l1 ,!,' f'ro.v.s f'o1111try 2, J: Track J, J,' Plzo- loyraphy l'l11b JJ Laffn-A Illf'l'l'f'llll fllllll J: lnrlnor Traek J, Anne Morissette 57 Fhurch Street Anne with flashing eyes and a sparkling personality is one of our most popular seniors. Home Room Asserfzbly 2, Secretary 3: Girls' League Allr- lezffe f'ommittee 2, fllldliflllflll J: Yearbook Slaf 3: Glee Flub 2, .ig l'lzoru.v 1, ,?,' Dramatic l'lul1 1, !. JJ Lat1'11-A 7I1PTZ'!'C1ll Vlub -if Fielfl Hockey .ff Basketball 1, 2, J: Softball 1, 2, ,YJ B!lf,mI'IIf0II J: A rr-lzery J, ff. George Morse 99 Maple Street "Budd tops in sociability. His hobbies are radio and wood working, and he is often seen taking the corners in his truck, Press l'l11b ff. Nancy Morse 84 Clifton Road Nancy is an excellent skier and spends much of her time in New Hampshire. Girls' League Social I'o111- mittee 3: Atlzletfe f'om1111'ffee 2: NOIl1iIlUfIiIlg fl0m7llllf6l', f'la.9s Qf7"1'eer.w 2, -2: Unquity Echo J: Plzotograplzy I'l11b J: Latin- Amerir-1111 Vlnb .lg D'7'fI7lIUfl-I' l'luI1 1, 12, -if Frenrflz l'l11l1 2, .ff fllee tllllll I, 9, J: fll107'llS I, 2: Ffelfl lloelfey I. 2: Huskeflmll I, Lf, fig Sofflmll I. 2, J: BflIll7lI.Ilf0ll I: Arr-llery 13, ,iq Honor Ifoll NI'l'I'll fIiVNl'.S. Cynthia Mullen 180 Thaeher Street Cynthia is poised and charming. Her enthusiasm in all she does is a valuable asset. Girls' League Dfdllldfl-K' l'o111- Illlilfff' -lg Yearbook Haj' .ip ,-I. rl. l'ollee1or 25 Librariarz ,lg l'l1or11.v .!,' f'lI'I'Ilf'l7 fllllll 33, fl: Latin- ,-l1111'r1'1'a11 l'l11b, Ser-refarz J,- J llflllllllllil' Vlulu 1, 2, .ig Bllllllllill- lon I, J: Ffelzl Hockey I, J, J,- lfrlxkeflulll I, 2, -lg Hofflulll I, .!. .IJ llnuor Roll efgllf f1'1111f.s-, 1948 William Mulligan 17 Harold Street ullulln, who entered Milton High in his junior year, is tall, broad, and good-looking. He has been a mainstay on the foot- ball team. "Mull" is interested in many sports besides football. Football 3: Track ff. Thomas Murphy 42 Brush Hill Road '4Tommy" is in all outward appearances a quiet student, but inwardly he is teeming with pep and fun. He has also shown a considerable amount of ability as a tackle on Milton's eleven this year. Football 1, Q, 3,'Hr1xketbr1ll 1: Baseball Q, 3. Charles Nelson 16 Denmark Avenue l'Lucifer," a good time Charlie, is a rabid golfer and bowler. Being a soda jerk has kept him from participating in school sports. His likeable dis- position and ready helping hand have been appreciated. Ruth Nickerson 8641! Brook Road A'Nicky," sparkling with personality, is one of our liveli- est seniors. Her imtations can be counted on to brighten up everything. Some of us know she's quite an actress. Girls' League A rt Committee 1, Q, 3,' Home Room Alternate I: Yearboolr dp Dramatir' Club 1, 2, Lutfrl-Arflerieau Club J,'Glrfw Club 1, 12, rf: l"1'eld Iloekwy 1, 12, Jig Basketball I, Z, -fy Softball I, Q, J. David Nolet 91 lirnerson Road Tall, slim, and handsome "Romeo Ill' has il way wit.h the girls. Dave enjoys bowling anal hunting and is good in both. Yearbook .ig Plloloyrrlphy Club J. Hl.H.S. 154 1 Nancy Nolet 91 Emerson Road Nancy's attractiveness and sense of humor have won her many friends. Always neat and well-dressed, she enjoys dancing and sports, especially basket- hall. Chorus 35 Field Hockey 3: Basketball I, 2, 3g Softball 1, 9, 3. Esther Nystrom 9 Morton Terrace Esther is calm, capable, and courteous. Her scholastic abili- ty and many activities make her an interesting conversationalist. Girls' League Publicity Com- mittee Qg Librarian 35 A. A. Col- lector 1,' Dramatic Club 1, 2, Chairman of Dramatic Commit- tee 3,' Latin-American Club 3g Press Club 3,' French Club 2, 3g Glee Club 1, QgField Hockey Q, 3,' Archery 52, 35 Honor Roll three times. David O'Connell 11 Washington Street There are very few people who have missed 'A0kie" buzz- ing around town in his bomber. He is a promising highjumper and we expect big things from him this year. Football 1: Track 2, Indoor Track 3. Thomas O'Connor -ll Ferncroft Road "Tom,,' who recently came to Milton from Boston, is small and good looking with a pleasing personality. He is fond of sports and plans to become ai track star. Travk .f. Leo O'Leary '21 Franklin Street Leo has a grin and ai cheer- fnl "hello" for everyone. He did at swell job on our winning tootlmll ti-nm this ycnr. llis speciality is records, and the Canteen is dctinitely ai part of his night life. Nornirruiing 1' o nz rn 1' I f f' 4' , l'lr1.v.v fhflll-f'f'l'N ,ig Football I, 2, S llllNh'1'lI7ll,l L',' l'l1l.w'l11lll 9, J. Jane O'Toole 35 Wood Street "Pep and vigor," that's 'tJanie's" motto. Jane works after school in Boston. Chorus 2: Softball tt: .-lrf-l1- ery lf. Mary A. Oxner 1395 Canton Avenue Mary, with her charm, gaie- ty, and blonde beauty has a flair for wearing clothes. Home Room Assembly 2: Girls' League Education Commit- tee 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Chorus Q, 3: Photography Club 3: French Club 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2, Costume Committee Chairman 3: Field Hockey 3,'Basl:etball 1, Q, 3: Softball 1, Q, 3: Archery 12, 3: Barlmintofz 3: Honor Roll once, Norman Russell Palmer Q2 Hillcrest Road "Norm" is the busy man who is a good mechanic in one of the local garages. He is a good friend to all and always dependable. Photography Club J: Chorus I, 2, 3: file? Club 1, 3, J Everett F. Parks 637 Pleasant Street "Ev" is an ardent collector, whether it be coins, stamps, or photographs. He bowls, roller- skates, and even finds time to work at the Cunningham Gym. Dfdflldfllf Club -if Photog- raphy Club 2, J. A Joyce Parsloe 1086 Blue Hill Avenue A'Liza Illl' is bright, spark- ling, and animated. She is an understanding friend and a splendid leader. . G'-irls' League ilfusfc Commit- tee 3: Yearbook' Stab' 3: Senior 1'l7l7l6l7IC'6 Co'm'mz'ttec 3: DTC1f77Z0f1'C Hub 1, Q, J: Lllll-I1-.4'Vlll?7'I-!'f1Il Club 3: Glee Club xt: Chorus I: Basketball 1, 2, ,?:Bascball1, 2, J: Baclmzfntou. 1, Q, :t,'1"1'cl1l Hockey 1, 2, 3: Honor Roll fuio times. ww AISH Marjorie F. Paul 113 Wendell Park "Margie" sparkles! Her laughter and gaiety put an end to all t'Blue Mondays." Her one great love is music, l'Nlar- gic" is an active follower of all Milton High School activities. Cborux 1, J. Shirley Pelletier 158 Blue Hill Avenue l'Shirl's" quiet outward ap- pearance belies her happy-go- lucky manner and fun-loving ways. She participates in sports and likes dancing. Dramatic Club Z: Clzorus' .?: Basketball I, 22, fl: Hnsclmll J, J: Flclrl Hocbclu -I. Barbara Jean Peterson 96 VVarren Avenue Barbara, one of the quieter members ofthe class of '48, can usually be found behind the candy counter at the Oriental Theater. She is a good dancer and swimmer and participates in school sports. Basketball 1, Softball I, Ffclrl Hockey I, 2. Jeanne Pickering 39 Franklin Street l'Pixie," a member ol' the Hpersonality plus" club, wants to take a vacation in Florida. Her hobbies are dancing and collecting records. ln Q11 it was "Jean" who worried about bus tickets, zlttendancc-, and notes. Alta Porter 36 Lothrop Avenue i'Al's" pleasing voice charms her listeners. She excels in badminton and basketball, wliere her sportsmanship and ability make her shine. fl. .l. Collector 1: Draulutfc Club I: Frcuclz Club -i: l1'usl.'ctbull f, -fi Hillllllllllfllll I. fi .irclzcrlu J. l948 Pauline Rauscher 9 89 Central Avenue L'l'auly," who has gorgeous naturally curly hair, wears her smart clothes well. She will make an able secretary. Girls' League Drarmiflf' Com- nzittre J: Echo Stall' ri: Dramatlr Club 1, 2: Illlllill-flllIC'I"I'!'lll1 Club .35 Chorus .2,'F1'el1l Hof-key 1, 2, J: Buxlfefbull I, 2, J: Softball Z, 2, ,ig .-lrelzery 2, JJ Btl!l7YlIiIIf0Il K. Audrey Redpath 85 Otis Street Audrey is a natural blonde with a warm, cheering smile. She is a good sport and a charm- ing friend. Latin-A nzerieau Club 35 Glee Club 1, 2, .lf Chorus I, Baslret- bnll Z, J. Priscilla Bennett Reycroft 15 Brackett Street Attractive "Pus," the cap- able W'orthy Adviser of Milton Rainbow, works at Sears after school. Even with this work and her many hobbies she finds the time to enter all school activities. Nomz'natz'ng Co1n.u11'ttee 35 Freueh Club 2, 3: Lfllllli-f17718T7.I'll'VL Club .95 Draanatzfe Club 1, 2: Bfwketbczll 1, 2, fl,'SQfll1Illl 1, 9, -'li A relzery 2, ff. David S. Reynolds, Jr. 14 Plymouth Avenue "Dave" is one of the most popular boys in school, and just- ly so. He is doing splendid work as president of the Student Council. lle is a good pitcher on the American Legion team. .luuior Clam PITS1-fl!'llf,' Niu- fleuf Counezil, Treasurer 52, Presl- cleuf ,ig Home Il,00IlI Delegziff' I,' llnquity Echo ff: Glee Club I, 2, :ig Chorus I,' BllS6'lIllll I, 2, ,ig Bu.vl'elbull I,' llnuor Hull .vr'1v'r:, lflurs. Elizabeth T. Ritchie '7lQ Randolph Avenue Elizabelh has a. shy, 4ll'lllIll'0 smile. She is very serious in her effort, lo lwcorm- an elfif-im-nl, secretary. I'lmlrufrupl1y Club fig Ilru- fuullr' Club .lg Chorus If l1'u.vl'1'I- hull ,ig Sqflbull '!, J, lll.H.S. 56 In Katherine Rogers Ql Pillon Road "Bette," one of our best looking seniors, has a keen sense of wit. She has a very workable knowledge of her father's print shop. Her hobby is collecting pictures. Jane Russo 88 Reedsdale Road "Janiel' is quiet and has good scholastic ability. Her main hobby is horseback riding. She is often seen riding t'Snuffy" through the Blue Hills. She hopes to own a National Cham- pion hunter. We're for you, Jane! Girls' League Finance Com- mittee Q: French Club Q, :?,' Pho- lograplzy Club 3: Honor Roll teu times. Barbara Sawyer 55 Wendell Park "Barbl' is known for her impressive, laughing, sea-green eyes. She enjoys sports and is very active in church clubs. Girls' League C1'z'z'c-.9 Commit- tee Dramatie Club :ig Photog- raphy Club Lat1'u-American Club :?,' Chorus I, 2, fig Field Hoelrey 3: Baslretball 1, 2, J: Arellery 2, J: Softball J. Jane F. Schroth 26 Church Street Jane has flashing brown eyes, a spontaneous laugh, and wonderful ability at the piano. Her consideration of others makes her popular with every- one. Draluulir' Club I, J: Laffu- .'lIIH'I'I-FUI! Club .43 .lrellvry J, J,- Hmwlfellulll I, Q, .ig Sqffball I, J, if Helen M. Schupe I8 Lyman lload "Sehupie" has a warm smile, and friendly, considerate ways. ller ambition is to be- come a nurse. lllrlx' l,f'ug1u' .rlllllvlle Com- ul1'Ili'r'J,' llomf' Room .iNN!'lllllljf J: Ilralllullf- Club J, ff: l"rvur'la Club J, .fp Iuifiu-.llrzerleailr Club .iq Plmlugruplzy Club .fp Glu- Club .ig lfu.vl'r'1'lu1ll J, .f,' Hflxvlulll J, :lg f"l1'lll llru'b'1'j1 I, .m',' Iltlllnl' Roll muw. Harriet M. Schwarz 6+ School Street Stately and poised "Harry" cheers many friends with her warm disposition. She has wonderful athletic ability and dances well. Dftllllflllif' l'lul1 J: Hfl.YA'l'fllllll 3, J: Baseball 12, J: .4 IY'll1'l'.Ij J, J: I'l!'4'lll Hor'l'fy J. Elizabeth Shaw 24 Grafton Avenue l'Liz," jolly and high-spirit- ed, has a kind word here and merry shout there. She dashes gaily about hut is always careful to get her work done. Girls' League Publif-1'fy Vom- llll-ffff'CllltlZ'l'771llIl J: Home Room .'1s.vz'mbly Pff'.V1.flFIll J: Dramatic fllllll 1, J, J: French lllllll J,' fJleel'lub12, J: Band I: Ba.vl'vtball 1, 2, J: Baseball I, 2, J: Ffelfl Hockey J: flrcliery 2, J: Honor Roll .Wren f1'n14's. Paula Shea 55 St. Agatha's Road Paula's visit to Honduras made her the object of envy. She is a good dancer, likes to sing, and plays the piano well. Dramatic Vlub J: Lafzirl- Anzerfcan Club J:'etball 1, 2, J: Buselmll I, 2, J:F1'f'lrl Howl'- rfzf J. Mary Alice Shea SQ lVoodchester Drive Full of fun and gaiety, lllary has made many friends in her first year at Milton High. She came to us from Dorchester. Mary enjoys skating and ball games. lrcilfn-.-lln4'r1'can Vlul: J: Dru- Illflll-I' fllllll J: flllllfllk J: Huslvff- hall J: .-l rrlwry J. Barbara Silverman 18 Mulberry Road l'Sil," a peppy cheerleader for three years, has flashing dimples and big brown eyes. "Barb" is bubbling over with energy and is noted for her beautiful clothes. Dramafir' Vlul: 1, Q, Secrefury J: Lz1l1'11-Azrlerfeali Vlub J: Baslreflmll I, 2, Haxelzall I, J, J: .slrclzery J, J: Ffelfl lloekey I: flh1't'7'lI'llIl1'I' I, 2, J: llenrl J. l57l H. William Shimmin QU Reservation Road Has your picture been snapped for the Erlzo or Year- book? It must be "Bill's" work. Photography is one of his hobbies: the other is his farm. Yerirlmok J: l'nquity I-If-lm J:Bf1111l I, 3 J: fll'f'llt'.Yf!'!l I, J, J: ljffllllflll-I' Vlulf !, J: l'lzologr11pl1y lllllll f, Trrrlsllrer J: YVVIIIIIZY I: Trrlr-lr .lffmrlger J. Dorothea Smith 43 Denmark Avenue "Smitty," quiet and inde- pendent, likes to sew. She makes some ol' her nice clothes and does very well at it. Priscilla Smith 588 Brush Hill Road Priscilla has nice looks, a radiant personality, and count- less accomplishments. Girls' League Dramatic Wom- nzlflec I: H0.s'p1'tul1'ly IlOVIlI711illf'f' 59: Art fl0IIl7l71'llFF flllfll-fflltlll J: SfIlll6'lIf fl0IlIIC'1-I I, J, Treasurer J: lvnquity Echo J: FI'EfIf'll Vlulf 2, J: Dramuflr l'lz1b I, 2, J,' Glw Vlub I, 2, J: f'l1or11.v I: Basketball I, 2, J: Haxelmll 1, 3, J:F1'r'l1l Ilorluey I J: .lrrllery 2, J: Honor Roll eleven l1'n1e.w. Norma Stead l-l- Lothrop Avenue Slim, sleek Norma dresses beautifully. She likes sports of all kinds, especially howling. Her ambition is to fly either as pilot or hostess. Girls' League li'efre.vl1menf l'ommz'ffee J: Social Uom mfffee J: Home Room Alfernufe I: A. .l. Vollecfor J: Drunzufff- Wlub J: Lrlffn-A merfeun Vlub J: .lrr-lzrry j, J: Huxlfelbull I. 2, J: Softball I, 3, J: Hazlmlnlolr Z. Dorothy Stinson 7 Horton Place Good natured 'lDot," an honor student, has the ability to do anything well. She enjoys all sports and music and takes part in numerous activities. Girls' I,euyue lIospz'tal1'f,11 f'IlIl1lHlillf't' J,' Drumuffr- Vlub 3: 1.111131-.el mvfrfr-on Vlulf J,' l'horu.v I, J: lffwlrl llorlrwy I, J, J: Soff- lmll I, 2, J: Hllxlvlllllll I, 3, J: .lrr'l1f'rl1f f, J: llmlnr Roll lfrrlrr' fl'11lf'.v. l948 Philip Stover l Elm Street "Smoky" is friendly and easy to get along with. His hobbies are riflery and hockey. Phil hopes to become a mechanic after graduation. Traclr I, 2, ,lg l'ros.v lllllllliffj l "J 1' ,v,f, Jean Ann Sullivan 1 Mathaurs Road Small and vivacious "Sully" hopes to become a nurse. With her merry disposition and good sportsmanship, she should go far in her chosen profession. Girls' League Art Committee 35 Home Room Assembly 3: Senior Finance C'om1nittcf' :iq Dramatic Club l, ,I,' French Flub Q35 Basketball 1, 2, J: Baseball 1, 2, fi: A rf-lzery Q: Field Hoclrey 3. Joan Swanson 64 Brush Hill Road Small, blond, and peppy Joan is an ideal friend. Her en- thusiasm is a wonderful asset in life. Assistant Editor, l'nquity Echo 3, Ynqity Echo Follecfor I,' French Club 2, .I,' Drarnatir- l'lub 1, Q, 35 Ci7ho'ru.w 1, Q: Baslcet- ball Q, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3: Arell- ffry 3, Honor Roll tu-el1'etz'im'.w. Anne Elizabeth Thompson 30 High Street Anne's sparkling eyes and friendliness make her popular. Home Room Assenibly, Sw'- rcflary 2, Alternate -iq Girls' League Dramatic fl0I71l7lI.ll!'I' .lg fl. A. Vollffclor I,' Glef Vlub 3,- Vhorus 125 Dramatic Fluff I, 2, llhlll-Vlllllll of Play Reading l'o1n- Illlilffff' J: French Vlub J, Latin- .Alrnerican lllub ,I,' liaslrvflmll .ly Firlfl llor-key .lg Softball 0, ,iq Harlrninlon .!, J: .Irrlwry '?, ,lg Honor lfoll onrr. Elizabeth Thompson I7 Kohler Avenue "Liz" beams at us af-ross thc- luncbroom counter. Wheth- er she's serving her 1-lassmutcs or sailing her boat, "Liz" always has time to bc- lrir-nelly, guy, :incl charming. film' l'lub 2, J: l"l'I'll!'ll Vlub .I Ijfllllllllllf' Vlnb ,lg IjllllllI!ll'lllllllIf l'lzlb 3, J: l"i1'l1l Ilru-lrry .',' li'f:slwlln1ll 2, ff: Hllllllll-llltlll 1: .ll'1'll1'ry f, 'I,' Hlifllnlll J. llI.H.S. lNl Richard Vassall 304- B,ue Hill Avenue "Rich,'l very quiet about school enjoys hunting, fishing, and trapping. He likes bowling and skating. His ambition is to own his own business. Arline Vogel 122 Johnson Street Arline, our vivacious Red Sox fan, wants to be an Airline Stewardess. Junior Nominating Com- 'mifteeg Unquity Echo Collector ,' Library 3, Dramatic Ulub 3, Uollcctor 25 Latin-American Flnb 3: Field Hockey 2, .'?,' Basketball 2, .I,' Softball 1, Z, .35 A rcliery 2, J. Betty Ann Walker l5 Horton Place t'Bet" believes in perfection in everything. She collects records, and is an ardent movie fan. Dramafir' l'Iub 2, .25 Laiin- Anzifrican Vlub .I,' llh0T1l-V I,' Basketball 2, J: Baseball 2, .I,' Field Hoclrvy I, JJ Honor Roll jirr fl-IIIFN. Ruth Walsh 416 Churchill Street Sincere and likeable, "Ruth- ie" is one of the cluss's better artists. Sho has the fortunate combination of a quick mind and artistic temperament. linquity lrlcho .fg Flaws Ring flIHIllIIllfL'f' Qi: Dranzafir' f'l1llJ 2, Publi:-ity lllllll-fllldll ,lg FI'A'lll'lI l'l1llI 3, .lf l'l1oru.v J: Hilxlwllmll I, .', .I,' Softball J, J: liailrninfon :lg .Ir1'l1:'ry ,lg Honor Roll riyllf filnrs. Nancy Webb 52 llzirton Lane Nancy, our smooth head drum inzijorctte, is the ideal i-ombinailion of brains :intl beau- lx lloinv Hoon: .l.w,w':nlily -3, l'i'arl:ool' Slajl' il: l'il'l'll1'll Vlulr U, ,lg llflllllllflll' Vlulr I, .', .ff lll'l'NN l'lulr .'.' l,llUllYt1I'tIllllIjl l'lnli ,Ig lfilslfrllnlll l, .li l"ie'lrl Hol'lr4'y I, .ll'4'lI4'l'jl .', .lg llflllll .lfll.jUl't'ff4' ,.', J, l,4'a1ln'r ,I,' Honor Hull ninr llIlll'N. Penn Westman 116 1fVarren Avenue Penn, good looking and very friendly, is ambitious. He hopes to own his own garden landscaping business next year. We all wish you luck, Penn. Home Boom Delegate I: A. A. Collector 225 Football I, 2, fi: Baseball I, Q, .tg Indoor Track .ig 7'rar'lf J. Lois Whelpley 11 Cypress Road 'lLoiel' is kind, charming, and athletic. She amazes us with her ability to do so many things well. Girls' League Hospitality ffommittee, Chairman 35 Home Room. Assembly 15 Yearbook Staj' Q35 Latin-American Club 35 Dfra- matic Club 35 Class Qfflcer Nomi- nating Committee Q, 3: Basketball 1, Q, 3,' Baseball 1, Q, 35 Field Hockey 1, Q, 3: flhorus Honor Roll five times. Larry Coles 78 Blue Hill Avenue We all admire Larry for his pluck and courage. Although sick a good deal, Larry returned and Worked hard. He has a good sense of humor and can be seen with his friends in their Model A Ford, i59l Mary Wickham 184 Reedsdale Road "YVick" is a favorite of all the gang. Her two-tone car is a familiar sight whenever a crowd gathers. Her ambition is to be the best dressed woman in the lf. 9. A. Dramatic Hub 2, Latin- American f'lub 3,' French Vlub 2, :tg Field Hockey -?,' Basketball I, 2, ,ig Softball 1, 2, 35 .-lrffhfry .S',' Honor Roll once. Charles William Wilcox 598 Pleasant Street "Bill" enjoys studying about airplanes. Radio-photography is his main hobby. His many outside activities include garden- ing and carpentry. Photography Flub J. 194 Excerpts from the Diaries nt Jean Frunqelln and Bob Hlcllarthu 1945-1946 Sept. 5, 1945-Wl1at's all this about being afraid of the high sehool. lt's just a bigger building with a few more people. But what freedom! No nrore single file or silent passing in eorridors. Got lost today, but that was because our f'entral l'buddies" gave us the wrong directions. Sept. IJ, J9,QJ7fJoinerl the Dramatic Vlub today. Sounds like fun. There are so many other activities my head is in a daze. Sept. BU, 19,145-Hea.rd about initiation today. The Juniors and Seniors are really threatening us. Our elass eleeted Eddie Finerty and Priseilla Smith as Sophomore members of the Student Vouneil. Ur-f. JI, 1945-Tlie initiation was really weird-10 pigtails around my head, dress inside out, and no Felt seared! Our boys were as bad as the Senior girls. Now. IR, 1945-Dragged a blonde to the Harvest Dance last l1ig'l1t,T'1lfld a good time. The Student Vouneil deserves mueh Credit. Dee. 5, IYLQ5-Yippee! A holiday. Merry Vhristmas! Jan. J, 1946-llly first day baek and my firm resolution to study is already weak- ening. Jan. 27, 1946-Lost our first basketball game to XVeymouth. Hope we make the Teeh Tourney. Feb. 321. l9,fd3eEiul of the third term today. Nly sophomore year is more than halt' over. I hope l survive the next four mouths. .lpril 7. 754,46-Olir Hrst. Girls' League Dauee! Sadie Hawkins' Day. at blk. H. S. The kids looked "sharp," Who'd have thought the gym eould look so gay. VOUGT FWQST Gum' Lemon IDA:-are foe' GRAPE ee- J- ' i, i f 6:51:20 -me f I I b HA L Q.. -'J' U 'ET' nl r Cx, l Em' ' H .urltl nffqm wi? E SRU if N! I R X gd 5 V , we fi 0 I Z rf u.. ' F: OI DIV 1, I4 7 g A dr R l M H 5 X I 2 missy, 7 i X' X I N 'mf A P X ,. if l 7 OA- in ' in fi I LK 1 -. l I ' UH' -I mi Is lIl.H.S. 'Reef xvn-IQ THE .1 I - ' . , , ,f . , ,A I f'N4p 1- F . 'S' G ..-. -vin ' 7 X T . 1 ggmm CLTKES' R'lN6 nw Grmug i L 9 .' I ff K ! 7 . Q Ei l "-i f - X" TU . -- 'W' 1 X 9 i- 1 -l B e f . 'F 9 ,' ' fi V 'vii f it Q R " lv: 5 f my i f :V 'Ei , D , A ,Z X f -,-K I . l 1 A llf a . W i f Aj? 5 - ni wo.,- Jlllll' 7, lftflli-Miss f'onnal's birrlwalk this morning. 5230! Too early for ine. 1 mafle it but I've been sleepy all clay. June 21, 79.10-1'n1 gonna forget there is such at thing as school for 10 whole weeks. f' 1946-1947 Sepf. ll, l!I.QlifNow that lilll a Junior, l'ye begun to feel like somebody. I ean orfler the Sophomores aionnfl but l still have to respeet the high anrl mighty seniors. Uef. 18, l!I.QIi-Our -lunior Vlass meeting today. The oflieers are Dave ltL'.VlHJlflS. Presirlentg Helen Vostello, Yiee-Presirlentg Joe Manning, Treasurerg .loan Harrington, Secretary. NW. 17, 132411-Orilererl our elass rings today, 'Hope we ean get them early so we can show them off. NW, 524, 111411-I finally marle it! 1 likerl the Harvest Dance beeause it wasn't 'lformalf' Afterwards we went to China Town! Jan, 4, IKILTP-NYo1i the first basketball game tonight against lYellesley. Were in the Bay State League this year. Three 1 61 juniors on the first, teamg Klanning anil l.EilIl6'l'C' as guards and Vox as forwarfl. ,llarelz 3, 19.17-Tlie basketball team hail a swell season winning 15 and losing 3. Now for the Tech 'l'onrney anrl Boston Latin, Mrzrrlz H, 1!!.4'7'-Playerl Boston Latin anfl lost, worse luek. Everybofly was rlisap- pointerl. but it was an honor, at least, to get into the Tourney. 1 think this is the start of a long line of ehampion basketball teams. .lprfl Ill, l!I.Q'7'-Girls' League Tea toflay. Hail a really l'hot" play before-l'The Taming of Sue." Horrors of XYill Shakes- peare. illlllf' IS, Ifffff-fivmt ollt of School 3 tlays early and are the Seniors mail. -lust goes to show that we're the favorites now. 1947-1948 Sept. -J, Ifllf-Nyell, now we're the "big wheels" at last, but the Sophomores have the same iclea. lYait until Initiation! NYe'll Show them who "the big girls anfl boys" are. Sept. 11, lf-147'-Tlie football team has 1 made a good start, by winning the Jam- boree and the first game with Hingham. Manning and Dunphy are captains. Ucf. 2.2, 1947-Senior meeting today. IVe decided on our class gift Cmoney toward a football scoreboardj and to raise money for the Yearbook Cmore troublc-.Q U1-I. 28, 19.47-North Quincy beat. us- again! It was our first loss against six straight wins. Nor. I7, 1947-Imagine losing our Thanks- giving game to Braintree! We now have a record of 8 wins and Q losses. It's the end of a good football season. Congratulations to Mr. lNIcCormick and the team. Dec. 19, 1947-IV:-ts in the Dramatic Club Christmas Play. "A Dream toward Beth- lehem." Boy, did I get razzed about my voice. Old shepherds do talk that Way, though. Jan. fi, 1948--'I'he basketball team got off to a good start by beating Wlalpole, 69-13. With Dickie Cox captain, we're looking forward to a good year. Jann. H, 1948-Senior pictures. Everybody came out 'llusciousf' Hope I have enough pictures to go around. Feb. 1.2, IILQH-Niiss Miller and Mr. Brim- stinc have been telling us that we arc not going to have any place to go tif we get outil if we don't get busy and send our applications in. Feb. 17, 19.48-Tryouts for the Senior Class play-"Ring Around Elizabeth." Lucky Helen Schupe got the lead. Oh, those after-school rehearsals. Feb. 120, 19.48-Milton High was certainly well represented in Good Government Day. Five of our kids were elected, but that gave Milton something of a monopoly, so Priscilla Smith, Barbara Lewis, and Carole Crowley resigned. Eddie Finerty and Helen Costello were our delegates. March 7, 1948-Another year, another argument-where are we going to have the prom: the gym or someplace outside the high school. .lprtil 9, 19.48-Girls' League Dance. Gee, what females Won't. do to get a man! Considering that it's the last League dance for us, I guess we can put up with it. May 9, 1048-The prom! I worried more about this, but I got there. The gym looked almost as gay as the kids. Next step-Class Day. vlll7II', I9.Qrff1fiI'?lillli1IlOlll I won't miss the homework. just the school and the kids. Nantasket here we come! 'A G PXLQD UA-1-10 mr. Cans y SNK - 'X YM f J I., bfi lk? DJ' 'I-r JL 2 1 lll Ililll VI 3 Wfff I X H9391 'f'q"'h '1 .awkxia "Il 'Wflw l fff '75 P 11 Q Q 1 Q 03' J iwxdw ff! X I dr fm' W f fa llh 2 WMWMMMX fy I r Ml.. A ffm lllfll lilo . 3 LISA X The Nl.. saqfgvf-I X' f I lq I lp 1 J ill. - ICC if f -f " H I I l I 7 7 ff . if . ' 'S rf" i A f .1 '4 - ff-as EX .111 W ., . A ..-if 3 .. :TD 'li f - f ff ' e M 2 7 gf' 1 f' , la I .fi t - 2? f ke . gif fig 'n f" ' ll " 1' f 1 ,ff I " " I "it . r --' 1 I ,v ' ay f f'V,Vf,!,f ' ' " , X fn- I fl ' 5 Q Wuxi ,B 57 L T hz I f , ,, , , . , V , ' . E ,'-QI' W . X , " I if s l,l,ll 5 , ill mis l'A'A ff ,I X M , if X ,X ju ' l . ' nf? ,ff ,ff f ! V! ff-7711? ,H K LII a x M i -mul I fi l ni I hd I Ill.H.S. Class ltlill 1 ln our days at Nl. ll. 5. we all growled about how much we wanted to get out, away from Milton-far away. At the time, it seemed like a jailhouse, a prison with ourselves as inmates doing three years of hard labor, homework. We looked with disgust at the graduates who seemed glad to come back to visit. Yet, strangely enough, as it grew closer to our time to leave, we began to feel a certain sadness. and we realized just how much those care-free days and that old school meant to us. For one whole year we had been seniors-mightiest. of the mighty- but we wonder if we had that year to live over again, what would we change. This then is our dreamed-up perfect senior year. We would all study harder-a debatable subject-but at least everyone would make the honor roll, without. home- work, and be admitted to any college or school of his choice. YVe would meet down in our light and spacious lunchroom during the ten- minute period to talk for a minute or two and gulp down some milk or a peanut butter sa.ndwich. We would have a. whole hour for lunch to eat leisurely, dance, and still have time to study for that history test.. No longer the old routine: gulp, cram, and run. Wed cheer our basketball team to the sky and probably knock down the new gym with all the noise. No longer would there be standing room only, nor would we be blasted from above with an elbow or a knee. The girls always wanted to play outside schoolsg so, early in the fall we would arrange for interscholastic games for their sports. We'd now have a memorable ice- hockey team playing on our new rink. ltemember Sophomore initiation? lt would last. three days with no limits and much stiffer punishments. And now to the things most common in schools: classrooms, teachers, and books, We would retain the old classics, for the dog-earred pages give us courage. Some- one else had struggled-if he could do it, so could we. We could never throw out the desks which clearly record every love affair since the school was built: and anyway, those ruts are so easy to trace with our pencils while listening in class or working in study hall. We wouldn't change the teachers because, after we've been out in the cruel world for a few years, we'd want to be able to come back and reminisce about. the happy years, sob about the cruel world, or be praised for our success. N fl az ey Webb fffnix 'X V if wifi' A .ffipgiftl 'V M lf '."5'lix My l 1- 'f c , ,gigs QEwQfrfhl , . 5 PY in X. i . . ,i K 2 -X l in3Qilk5QZ!Qi7 'glif . fl- im? i ' L fffilfflf li as egg , i M 4 fe , i f .fag if "' 1 Y W X i viii! bf, l63l SUPEHLHTIVES Nr' v .215f::'... vS 1 4.3 ' X ' il Q' i , . M P 1 of , , ost o u ar ' n 9 B J Helen Costello il Edward Finerty as B "B ' Most Naive ' Q 5 Clarice lsidori ' B Robert Grant . E641 A 9 Ui X Class Orator Leatrice Hoard Charles Gallivan Most Carefree Katherine Hannigan Leo Ollleary ,, v B t Best Natured I W Helen Custom-llo lien U'l,c:u',v P , , Cutest i B 1 .loan Dragon llolwrl. Mr-f':xl'lill.x' I I S I Class Actor J oan Swanson David O'Connell Best Looking Priscilla Smith -lack Leiber Best Dancer Marion hfICVVillia1n Joseph Crowley Best Athlete Lois Wlhelplcy Richard Cox Wittiest .loan lgllClilL'.X' Joseph l'rowlc-y Class Brain l.o:1ll'icc llozird l,:n'rv llocy f W A ' 'ff , 17,3453 ' ft . SC A ,, ? Q '35, C1 We ! y f . 1 .. Q ,:,, . .f fixes' ' is 535 l , X T334 W 2 ' 2 5 + f 15. gs. ' si ,A SUPERLHTIVES Most Likely to Succeed Priscilla Smith Edward Finerty Best Dressed Barbara Silverman Jack Lieber 1 Most Talented Elsie Kruger Joseph Callahan Most Industrious Dorothy Harrington Ray Hinds Best Couple lN1ary Oxner David Nolet Class Twins Nancy Nolet David Nolet f f X W Z 3 " an .,"4,fW Q 'w Zvi ww ..1.f :Q 4.7 1,1 ff 353 ,, , ig wa xy V f V MW-.,, , 1 A V, W ,,n, F , Class Voice f ,. ,,,,, 'VW fp vga , ' 7 YY .,.,.,, V Best Line Elsie Ixruger f A - - 'VVV" 'iir .. e " - - A , 0 - Ruth Constantine Jack Lieber F f v ' 4 ' 'O " ,f ' - . : ' M Leona Graitge a :" J ack Donahue W t vvvt ' i.r' vvvfw " B W e c 55:7 , at D Class Musicians or 4, ,,f,: Q W I if 1 . smoothest Judy owe f f A,bi K , Norma Stead Helen Eva ' 4 I J f f - 4 X i J ack Lieber Howard Berry r ,,' ,Z e W2 f r? ..... 2 1,9 Q Best Conversationalist 1 Z E I 'Gif Jean Frongello ' 'N 'f:i5fwl5,'f 1' - X, ff vffll- Edward Finerty ..., 1948 I .lml .wr in 1'I.H'!l, HYflNlll.llffIIIll lwwunn' . , " 3. Vupm-.v ..', Hf'fIl'1'H Q. ln'fjf'lu'l1'ng 5, "lJm'.v 11' iwrn? fi.Ii'f1r'.sl1jf'i f. Jlurl1r'll1 N. - N-N-:- il, .l1'I'Ullflllfl'1'N IU. Tha' "r1vf4'lfmf."' ' ff f 4, S W' 2? 1,l"r0m 208 'Z.Sf1m,s' .f.Gz1f'l.'.v 4. Who lVork.v Here? 5. ,1 Jlizfizfg Tnfrzf ur JIU! 77,11-rf 0, Down the Divma 7. Yo Old Stcmd-by S. IIl.fC'fll'llg Post U. Tlzv Gym 111.51111 If If lf! ll. Friday Night 1.2. High Sclzuol lfl'-5'C'I'UC'1S 5262 i s Q WMM' .wma R ? Class Ude OURS By Leatriee H oard Ours are the hearts both young and free Ours are the spirits gary: Ours is the vision of the years, Ours, the wide world toclziy. Ours is the hope to iinrl an way By which humanity may live: A Way of justice and of peace, Wlith purpose strong to serve and give. Ours is the faith in God and llldll To know that out of grief and pain NVill rise the world for which we strive, Where peace and love shall he the gain. Ours is the courage for to seek, That I'H,fll2-Llll goal, beyond our view, Uf lJl'othe1'hoo1l anfl unity Sought hy nmny, founil lay few. Ours is the knowledge lo rlireel Our inimls and lianrls in ways of Iighl 'l'l1a,t:1ll may see, mul :ill nlziy know The open path of pence is lmrighl. Ours is the power to lnlilrl for :rye A worlel upon that fziitli :mel trust For which men clieclg ours is the voiee Tllnl, cries, 'lWe earn, lwe will, we musl! dl as 1- v 1 ,jg M' ff! 2 ,W W is rg, f, ,W - - ,V -M -.. I 4 4. . . -- ,g, -,Q SYJINACH '-, ,, a .' IIOQD STORES. DF NTIST S1CsRES Q., V . .. SHOE Jl 1 -A ' 1 7- , Y, f f Y L ',, Wm X ff.- OYS BO Zi X, I1---IQ 6 - A e, 5f'.:2f.,', DOCTOR 5 - ' 1 is-'llH'l Qian: , O P T I C I V76 are appreciative of the 11112111 mal Suppolt of our sponsors W1thOLlt been publlshed Whose aid this Yearbook could not have SPUHSUHS Alfred M. Alexander, Furs Josiah Babcock lValter Baker Divisi rrln, Gen. Foo Dr. Francis C. Bates Dr. Arthur H. Blackburn Bloom's Dry Goods Store ds Corp. Blue Hill Bank 8: Trust Company Jean Brennan, '48 H. NV. Burke 8: Sons, Inc. Celi's Rendezvous Beauty Salon Chandler School Central Cleaners Collegiate Cap SL Gown Company Community Motor Sales, Inc. Charles C. Copeland, Inc. Curtis 81 Sons' Market D. J. Cutter 8: Company John J. Delaney, Inc. lJell's Beauty Salon Drake Bakeries, Iue. D. NY. Dunn Company, Movers Eagle Food Store Faseh Studio-l'hotopjraphs Frank J. Finerty Mr. and Mrs. Paul 141. Finn The Fisher Ser-ret.arial Seh inln l Hl.H.S. l 72 J. Fleisher Folsom's Market Frank A. Fowler A Friend Samuel A. Fryett C. C. Fulton Sz Son, Inc. Arthur L. Gaetani, NTD. Girls' League Education Committee Granite City Coal Company Granite 5 8: 10 J. J. Hammers, Inc. lVIr. and llflrs. James F. Hannon Harvard Studio Hendries Ice Cream lVIr. and Mrs. John NI. Henry John E. Hezlitt, Stationer Norman F. Hoard Hodges Drug Company A Friend Jeanne's Beauty Salon John F. Kerrigan Kline-'s Shoe Store Joseph l.areau's Barher Shop N. B. Lawrence l'onli:1e Company llenry lX'l. l.itnn1.n llr. llernmn S. laviupgslom- l SPUHSUHS Ilr. Irving G. Iiunt IT. H. hIavI7onalrl IC. E. lVIaf-Kinnon, D.lN'I.I5. lN'Ir. anrl lVIrs. Eclwarrl Marshall lVIattapan Provision Company lNIilton Auto Sales, Inv. lYIilton Cleaners lVIilton Company, Inv. lwilton Hill Beauty Shop Nlilton Hill Pharmacy lVIilton Home Furnishers INIilton hlotor lNIart, Inv. lNIilton Savings Bank lYIilton sea F fifif ls I The iVIilton Transcript lVIilton Village Barher Shop lVIilton Village .Ienney Service lYIilton Youth Cluh lVIrs. .Iohn C. iNIunro iVIurray's Department Store lVIr. ancl Mrs. William S. Nivkvrson Olrl Colony Iiaunrlries, Inv. Parkway Pharmavy Pendoley Hardware Company Peter's Delicatessen Preston, The Village Grover, Inv. Quality Bakery Us Carl II. Rausvher Ileail X White Reliahle Harrlwa re Miss Iihorla., Coisetiere Mr. anrl Mrs. C. Roflenhaven Ilohert Supply Company John H. Settles Company flerarfl F. Shaw State Theatre Stevens-Arnolrl Company, Inv. Stover Bros. Sturlent Counvil Dr. George A. Sullivan, .Ir. The Surrey Shop Dr. R. KI. Taher Thavher Farm Dr. Claufle NV. Thompson. .Ir. Triangle Fruit Company Ilr. A. B. Tromhley IYarren Press IYehster-Thomas Company N'Ir. anfl INIrs. Stephen IXI. lVelfl W'hite's Cala A. A. IVill Company Dr. fl. W. Winvhester VYo i'i4 lwar4l's Garage, Inv. I X X Wiki? Q if O W ws? NS 2 J dlydjjw 3 , VZ jenfiwf-4 . . Q W V . FWW 4 I A dfdkzgb jx K XSBQA 0M44 J'fM 4. 1 an 0 A . 4 'Q q u! ' P " -5, ""w.- A flflqfyp 'P W B 13 5 x ia S Jw zzz..-in Q ST Vw 1 L 4114 ,t X ' vfqq, f' 1,,hEx V. if ...n an l ' Ur' ' 4.1 HI H.S. W2 A n 4. A 'eg 'P K W N X. . ,V . W ,ZR lx if ggifkwgiqfrq 3 gg Q Y ....... :Qui 'I Q1 . i QW , 1 w 'w7ye'5m' wwf Mflnu qemmqmhvf is . ' AMOVX MMX of iq "V ! 44QAM"' ff aww 7 Q7 xx! . G W, Y' Q ,W 4 Cs A, M Wyg gil f " L, . Q Ni Kg ,ig if w N Q ' 1 9 5' . XX X f r 1 M 4 "',?KA,RN 1948 JJWZ -' PJ rw fplsxxi Ai :K 3 SB wt QR ' f J N ., WA . K U if 'fu W! Q ii , If M3 jf E y Q if 4' , A wg' .f3fUM W mf' C14 A F! 18 ff-figqu' Q ' 1 W-4 5 may ng AA Q dy, O as 3 N A iff' W 05 'f,l-Jpqx E XP,--c, We-Qi!-3 K 'W 'Nay ia ,Z ' Q SIX 4 is M 'QQ SW fx? Km mf! aww +- , 0'-W M575 Q V fx. S B '!7g"W'Qf 5 ff 'Q it 5 3 v' ' Haifa Q sf X N1 4 V 0 K xl M W Q I ggi .gr 'Wig Q I mwqwxir SL X21- 1 wks i -sw!! ww +1 Jwkllfw .5 I , " y- ff f ff' Ni F595 L Q-' 1r!f',"flW K N 'QQ Z: u iifi 5 ,fi 4 E-:qs , N 3 rf ,W ,W lip Y 'kr IW! gwwy .,,,-f-Argi,-x A Xirvlrd K p, T . 'yQk ,.,v- YW F V, or 'X IHHS. ,J -L 7 I I i SIZZZQZ7 Xi, ,lt"f14f,7lJ JY SW Ui 3 fb YI r fi' ' ' A N X My Z? 2 rf W My 534 Qf K Ogg 59 3 95247 , xg ze., A QF? MQ M M Wulf , 4,1 ,,j"'44.f 9,1711 fm, KZ L4m.,,,jA Qfiyfw H'-,wh 54 if 5 34331 , kk 6 A u! 3 is f -. X7 74 fill! 7 ff yd 'VA' A 5 E ff Ni Q ZBA Ex ES Jgq as Ex Qj K H554 E ' xg Mahdi? I X ' - .- ' X 7 f,,, f , K Mgy 1948 HUTUBRHPHS HUTUGHHPHS ,-',,1x.- v 1 Eff , x, V I 'f EIA - 5-W vu Q K, 'LU ,H .+A :Fil . Sl '11 .,. , , 1 Q, X LU . h I iv' A ' -, Ulf. ,X EQMQ5 , ' -i 3 HTJU' JIf",'1!'. 'F' Xi n4dl5'5'iFg'ff55:iQ'2' 2,513 ' 'f 1' .VY U.I11d'?::..! ' . '5' I -. N FE' I'A,Jfi1ff1J,w5vN X. 4: 'l"b'f1?I1iYfJi!'lR'.Il5I.RSi'!7IViR!' ' -Uhr ' ' ' ' ,Mu ,,-dh X

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