Milton High School - Cadet Yearbook (Milton, IA)

 - Class of 1958

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Milton High School - Cadet Yearbook (Milton, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1958 volume:

N 1 A E X ILTOX HIGH SCHOOL llton Iowd fbfxs' +60 Cadet N irx Imnmnver P 11 or AT AX Mr and Mrs McBratney Mr and Mrs Kinsinger Mr and Mrs Jannlmss TO OUR PARENTS We wish to dedicate 'our book' to those who have given us so much love and guidance thr ough our yearsof school This is only a small way in which we can show our gratitude for your patient helpful ness we think you, our parents, are the most deserving of the dedi cation of our annual The Senior Class Mr and hrs Brewer Mr and Mrs Winsell Nr and Urs Qirchmier of 58 Tr and rs Bo d r and 'rs Rachmanr Wr and Ir Knupo Knot oictur dl Com llments of Hamilton Produce Lo Inc , Bloomfield, Iowa Neiswanger's Cafe The Unusual Wore Cooklnp Gt umma, Iova L N ' A ' U 0 e e e . I I C - . e q - ' 5 e 1 . 4 Y . . O . f. I . 341 A v 3 . 5 1 W - .Q 1 c ' ' Li A XX Q I I' 'Q u y , ':. f .v, , 1 v r -. e n Q A., , A A-A g Av, , f . A 1 T7 -A 0 m . S' " 0 M A S e . L Q 1 VN ' 1 5 . g g . , 3 4 v ' ""'1.- I. L s I QPOUSOPCG bU'Coca Cola Bottling Company, Ottumwa, Iowa :cl-A' cyfi-Q ,t?LpJ9 rLjxfJ xgvvj Ijfifywwgisbklvqgw xx , 5PA pRS'?7'.iiQQEg X-QXMVJ N., L ,ww xwvv 1 ew' QQ www Wu U MQ"f,Vw- ww uUbbu J' wwf Vw George Starcevich, Supt CMLL WJVrv,,f xp of-'W Epi Q00J -,gilt I ,,A4wl H A 5, ALM 1-L"l,,g chef W Q14 MAI vnmM4 f M46 V V f f Walter Epperlv Coachf 1 04 Indzstrial Arts Com ercial Roy benor,Prin Edwin Wilcox Science Music Math 1,-f Helen Hollanu John Holland Social Studies Agriculture Home Ee o SPOHSCPSG by Milton Telephone Co., M. H. Morgan 9 L1 I .A VV wg - N - Qi a ,N-J K m , V 3 -5 A. Q Nyb l5YVa CJ qua ' X Q W-'31, Q X .A ' . 'XJ ' Q V, Q . LA SLAX, Q a me . n N L , J , QLQ, 15" C. eu N , ' 'V X Resp., Q l I , 'anvil x ' 5 X wfwln an , M Y v b fw' 9' . XP 1LwJiUp Q Q4 'l W V 'O gg JL, v f I A x X r ' Q , 5 . L A , X, I ink. 1, , fi - n 3 - , X V. 1 X iq . LS 7 J, LJ Q , , ,Je e ,JP NNN A Q ,, -F 51 4Qp n J f IIL' ' JMMAL i L' V K' ' 'M V g wQ ,U 'L' U- n f H' . Leech QQ 1' 4 I I f -,,f' 7, I J ' 4' xvv ti 4 . Z, ,bww H ,f1,gL1iu7 gf, V L, Q -47a faovf v g,L,Zk, - f,i1,,'! ff ' f J . ff Q 1 0 . . Wm VRVA y fJ,,,, VL 'S V 'si ,,,, ft'Jfkz5'f Vi ' ' f Q' f ,. 1 3 V , figs! F 435553 W N13-ff, VW- W .gn Q-sq., Compliments of Strait's Hardware R Furniture, Milton, Iowa Sittimr Wendell , and Kathy W Standing Narpe B , Ted B , Danny K , walter F Sronqor, Jerr' Sitting Sandy W , an Mary K tanding Ted B , Kath U , walter E , vendell B Compliments of Willcoxson Phillips 66 Bloomfield, Iowa va hinr Creasinp Notor Tune up Phillips Battery Tires NNU TAFF ,,, 'J I.: ' B. . B SBHQY W., Marv K., Karen M, PAPR TAFF SANDRA WILSON Sandy GiP1's Glee Club Band Teen Toppers Fixed Chorus Plays Class Officer Basketball Paper Staff Annual Staff Inst uvcntal Solo I-'bablbvbv WALTER EPPERLY SPONSOR DANIEL KNUPP Danny Plays Annual Staff MARJLHIE BIRCHDI R nNarge Band Teen Toppers Mixed Chorus Girl's Chorus Instrumental Ensemble and Solo Softball Plays Class Officer Queen Candidate Annual staff LAJMJUJLU MJD! NLM 1 '4.. i 1' A P as A L' QSQQSYWW' swmwikf I' ' I K L : sv If NLP if V X fa , W V' g V I-' F-' F-' , I II wwf 'f I-' IU FO YU N MI I I I II I DJ ' I I II I II ' -p'-53'-F-'P"'KAJ-47'-II'-f-"J-"-C' 3 L . 4 P I Q K : V 'K . C. ,, + hw : Q I . O: ' , F F' 1-T' Q I r y 1 I' fri ,ln PJH ' I I I-' I-J RJ YU IU IU IU TU I II I I I Il 15 JERRY JANNINGS Band Teen Toppers Mixed Chorus Class Plays Class Officer Class Reporter Paper Editor Annual Editor MARX KINSINGER Girl's Glee Club Instrumental Ensembles R Solos Vocal Ensembles R Solos Student Director Qu en Candidate Mixed Chorus Basketball Class Plays Class Officer Annual Staff Boys' Chorus KATHLEEN w1NsELL 'Kathy Girl's Glee Club Basketball Teen Toppers Plays Mixed Chorus Class Officer Softball Carnival Queen Paper Staff Annual Staff Vocal Ensemble Sheep Empire Queen Class Reporter I-JMJUJDJMJMJ 3 41"F'k.u-P"-F-'F'-II' l-'P-'K.sJbJUJK.aJl.u UJMJUJ P-'lT'!I'lXJ-LI' QHQJQMQMA ,W nCasey' Mixed Chorus Girl's Chorus Band Instrumental Ensembles Solos Teen Toppers Basketball Softball Plays Class Officer Annual Staff Girls' State Vocal Ensemble MUKJJLM www www LoJr'4?'-II'-Fl'x.o L! 'TJCDUJ I-'mm mmm dmv? wO'CD Wd' l-'U' I-'SD I-I I-1 FREDERICK BOYD arnival Candidate Carnival King Annual Staff Paper Staff WENDELL BACHMANN Band Basketball Baseball Mixed Chorus Class Plays Boys' Chorus Vocal Ensembles Class Officer Paper Staff Annual Staff King Candidate Instrumental Ensembles x X Ted bob-J IUUJ ce 5 'U +- H' E3 cn :S cf ID o H4 'Z cr 2:1 fr N CJ N U1 ff rn cf P- o IJ U I?-. H- 1-1 1+ o 'J 4 0 s' cw TUUJUJMQKAUJD-DDJ rn 'U o IJ m o '1 co cz. cr 14 CJ sb cr U' '4 rn 0 in H: cb D cz a+ "5 n- s- D H 0 Z SD -KT' I-'F' JI' Class Prophecy I started my journey across country early one Monday morning in 1968. I drove my red and pink sports car to San Francisco where I stopped to eat dinner at an exclusive hotel. I spotted a seat over in the corner and hurried towards it. Just as I was ready to sit down, I happened to glance behind me and my eyes flew wide open. I hoped the two gentlemen in the Air Force uniforms didn't notice my stare, but somehow I knew I had seen them before. As the Fbur Star General turned and grinned at me, I knew itwas none other than Ted Boyd and who should be sitting beside him but Danny Knupp, now a jet mechaniq who seemed quite interested in conversing with the Gen- eral their subject being the General's female cousin After having a nice chat with them, I excused myself and hurried on From there I took a plane to Boise, Idaho, and then to Tuscon, Arizona the plane flew over the city, something told me I must stop and look OV8P'uB campus of the University of Arizona I was wandering hrough the halls when I noticed a bulletin on1 e bulletin board which list ed Karen McBratney as the Fnglish and Dramatics teacher This immed lately rang a bell and I finally found my way to her office From our interesting conversation I found that she had been teachlng for several years and was responsible for the discovery of many new ris ing stars I could have talked all day but I knew I must catch my plane for Des Moines, Iowa From there I took a taxi to Milton,Jh , where I once again stood and gazed at those familiar walls of Milton High School and the pictures of the Glas of '58 and recalled Hrs Holland, Mr Senor, Mr Starcevich, Mr Epperly, and Mr Holland I then went downtown from the school and stopped in a grocery store to get a refreshing bottle of coke As I entered the store, someone came up and slapped me on the back I turned and there stood Jerry Jannings who introduced me to his charming wife and S little Jan ningses He is now the foreman of a construction co and is living in Milton I traveled to Indiana, and on to Ohio where I stopped overnight in Columbus I was sightseeing around the town and decided to take a cool drive into the surrounding the city I drove along reading signs and mailboxes Cas was my habitj when one name pooped out to meet my eyes The sign beside the poplar lined lane read, Wendell Bachmann Dairy Industrial Farms I stopped by and visited with Wendell and found he had graduated from Iowa State College and now operated a successful dairy business The next morn ing I again prepared to board my plane, this time for New York City As I went up the steps, I was greeted by a suddenly familiar smile I thought a moment and by the time I reached the top, I knew that the hostess was Kathy Wlnsell She told me she would be around later magazines and invlted me to the suite she shared wlth Q dra Wilson at the Plaza Hotel in New York City I accepted a 6 on the way to her home, I found she had just returned from a spec al flight to Paris France, and was finding her nhome in the sky a ve 8XClt1ng career We reached the hotel where I was greeted bw Sand , now a short story writer for many well known magazines Over a cup of tea I learned she had just comb ned all of her short tories lnto a novel called nSandra's Short Stories In her spare time she is a book crltic Her biography, just written by Carl Sandburg, is a ' 0 O . As 1 0 1 " U 0 A. Q r I O O ' 1 S J 0 v 0 1 0 4 0 V 0 0 O 1 1 O O O 0 I O I I g 1 Q , r Y f W: "' Y o , g 1 A41 h O ,J ' to talk with me. A short time after take off, she brought me some 1: ' ' San- . - . . , an, L K 1 I H I irv ' ' - v I J 'rf Q Y I 7 4 . A , . . i - s ' ll . . 1 J best seller After a wonderful evening out with the two girls, I had to once again say good by and prepare to make my trip to Europe The next morning as I was riding along New York's streets taking in all the sights, I happened to notice one building in particular the front was a sign, THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH Marjorie Birchmier, President I knew I must stop and see Marge, even if I missed my plane I learned that she was the founderof the institute and was the holder of a Master of Science Degree from Iowa StateCollege,as well as having become a Major in the U S Wacs Within the next year she was planning to enjoy another trip to outer space in Spaetnik XV When I asked what she did her leisure time, she stated that between space trips and managing the institute, she owns and manages by herself a 1000 acre farm in southeastern Iowa I stayed so long that my plane schedule was completely forgotten bade Marge farewell and the next morning I managed to get a reser vation on an ocean liner to Europe, destination London, England arrived on schedule and began searching a newspaper for some sort of entertainment for the evening I hurriedly glanced at it and found an address, but paid little attention to what choir was giving the looked at my program, and to my surprise, the concert was given by the St Olaf College Choir under the direction o Mary Kinsinger Afta' it was over I found I was backstage where I enjoyed a wonderfulvisit with Mary I found she had graduated from the University of Iowa and had been directing the St Olaf Choir for M years and was also doing some editing, arranging, and composing for vocal and instrumental groups As I sat that evening in my hotel room, I recalled thsvisits with these people who were once known as the graduating classafl9f8 and I could clearly remember that night they lost their identity as the Senior Class and started out to seek their future Father Time SANDRA WILSON wills her height to Delores Conner KATHY WINSELL wills her accuracy in riflery to Gary Epperly MARJORIE BIRCHMIER wills her mathematical interest to Charlotte Hall WENDELL BACHMANN wills his study time to Dean Cundiff MARY KINSINGER wills her musical ability to Bob Wisbey JERRY JANNINGS wills his ncooln hair style to Joe Moffett TED BOYD wills his pool shooting to Kenneth Hudson KAREN McBRATNEY wills her sense of humor to Eileen Allen DANNY KNUPP wills his height, good looks, and Buick to Doug Magill CLASS FLOWER Red R036 CLASS COLOR Black and White CLASS MOTTO 'In God and ourselves, our future lies N ---on 9 ."I -- , I concert. I finally secured a ticket and waited the performance. I V 19 as W Merlin darlean Judy Joe Harryman Hudson Younker Moffett Linda Linda Sandy Kerby Luzon Loretta Meade Gilchrist Vary Hall Linda Dolores Gooden Conner Sponsored by George Bob Wehner wisbey Farmers' Merchant Bank Keosauqua, Iowa Compliments of Gambles, Milton, Iowa QNIURJ, Compliments of Pepsi Cola, nlhe light refreshment' Memphis, Mo Barbara Larry NSHCY Wayne Shirley Beckman Cook Kerby Norton Beckman Larry Patty Gary Jimmy Larry Pender Paris Epperly Roberts Downing Eileen Edwin Marlene Duane Dean Allen Burchett Johnston Bachmann Cundiff 24 Rock R Roller Rink Mr R Mrs Virgil Smithburg Milton, Iowa 1 U V' " . Q' 1 JL: I . Ray Barbara Carole Doug Moffett Kinainger Younker Magill FRE ME Carolin Wilson Deanna haymond S ndy Charlotte Hall Jiana Conner dudscn Jane Violet Jane Ann Wisbey Moffett Holt Compliments of Iowa Theatre Bloomfield. lows Robert Jackie Mike Louise larry Knupp Horner Kerby Humphrey Kenneth Steven Doris Mike Hudson Epperly Hudson Andrews Harold Glenda Lvnn Bonnie Billheimer Gooden Pender Lunsford Maxine Phyllis Stephen Organ Gi1christ Rippey SDOHSOTGG b Pu1aski's Lumber Supnlv 26 Luko Betty Paris Kenny Cook Kay Winn Pulaski, Iowa .. N y . W , l . , . -'y - ' ' .1 K, Compliments of Iona Electric Light and Power Company, Fairfield, Iowa Compliments of Harris Motor Company Memphis, Mo Keith Sand ra Bob Betty hpperson Huff Gooden Miers Calvin Lee Nalley A V Good n Nancy Byron Sandra Dwight Moffett Overstreet House Downing Compliments of The Tower, "A Good Place to Stop , Bloomfield, Iowa 4 7' Q" N Morea G R D E E E Snerry ll Memphis Implement Co. Memphis, Mo. 27 Compliments of Cook's Jerry 'Bucky' Huff Texaco Service, Milton Milton Feed k Seed Connie Mina Marcella Donna Patty Robinison Younker Pender wilson Miers Larry Dick Barbara Johnny David Garrett Clendenen Olson Rankin Short 'N Carolyn Susan Joyce Lois Pamela Vance Strait Kerb? Dowling Cone MM 0RlAM GRADE IX Dennis Georgia Jana Nancy Jim Birchmier Moffett Cutler Jennings Paris Ray Marilyn Boyd Conner Il IE Nrs Jim wilson Kay Stepher Knupp Bell Roger Narlene Bazbara Bes ie Tom y Gooden Pender Bunner Bvrn Kapfer Jeanne Dolores Bobcy bnaron Puby Eppeply Overstreet House Jennings Bvrn GAD FIVE Betty John Lee Bobby Y01-l1'1k0I' Sandy Worth Huff Steven Jimmy Connie Thomas Boggs Henderson Sheryl Mary Francis Hagler Bryns Bovd David Bruce Allen Stephen Kapfer Yolnker Roberts Holt ..4i Joyce Stookesberry U R Randy ward Doran Tisdale V s Price Q 1 Y x 1,-' ' . .lr Q Jg Do , 1 I ' Sherre Gregory Rebecca Kenneth Mary Lynn Price Conner Trachsel Epperson Magill Barbara Gooden Terry Andrews Peggy Allgn Linda LHPTY Helsel Cene Downing Janet Garrett cyntnia Hagler Kelth Muntz Gene Strait Compliments of Drs Svlvia Pitkin N Creath Linda Lunsford .. 'F YE THAI 'A' Coward's Produce, Milton. Iowa 31 5P0f1S0T'ed by Air Conditioned Open 214 hours qessiens Bus Depot Sunday Dinners 8 Dinner Parties Duck Inn Dining Room Phon, 60M Bloomfield, Iowa Danny Douglas Dehorah Cox Hall Mrs Donna divers T w 0 McClain Kinsinger Younker Byrns Hawkins Trachsel Benny Charlotte Carroll Marsha Gary BYTHS Cutler Helsel Gooden ward Connie Bill Vlcky Gary Jo Ann Wilson Conner Jannings Cox Starcevich l Danny Steven Nettie Earl Michael N GRADE Dickie Kay Janet Alan Cone Bases House Andrews Debbie Glen Lee Alan Jetty Ann Huff Smithburg Henderson Riopey Charlotte Myra Burton Jay Debbie namona Schafer Boyd Overstreet Spurgeon wellborn Vicki Joyce Michael Lillian Diane Nalley Brown Pender Harvrove Short Sponsored by Denniston Partridge M w Roberts, panhtep v11+0n Compliments of Hu1l's Hardware Pulaski, Iowa W W , c. 1 .,, KI DERGARTE Debbie Cynthia Hrs. V. Russell Roberts Pender Johnson Rippey Q l Jean Tim Bonnle Michael Becky btarcevich Sandy Cox Mathews Schafer Stephen Karen Joy Joyce Neal Cutler Kerby Randolph Hargrove Hudson Benjamin Carol Ann Lyla Donna Randy Trachsel Andrews Robinson Tisdale Mcvey Co nliments of Davis County Savings Bank, Bloomfield, Iowa Vernon L Dellinrer The houita le Life Assurance Society of the U S A x,FCompl1ments of Wheeler Typewriter Co., Ottumwa, Iowa fv WIP' ifsggi xxfwi s ig!"- 1, fx ,1 Q, 3? g -Q1 .4 ,gm ' f f gg, am. ' ' If , J ,ggi R Ja, if .MW L .ggi . K f, -yi 2.14 'gif E :Q 'fx as sfi ik, fe w 3 J I X wg 3 Q. 5 ,mx 'Q 95. ,- wif -Q 5 AL iliahf' fu 3 S2 'KH :it 13? f J 5 , A J' , 4 ' ' , 4 x iff., 4 f if .. f J gi-11 i 345' Q? Hffu ff " . in . L - Y.. , , iw f , B u 1 ,, 4 f , ,1 wx , Q mf f-44. 1 1- I MW 1 ,L M. M Eff Sponsored by AUGSPURGER GAS SERVICE Pulaski, Iowa Maytag k Philco Appliances 3 Service and Bottle 3 Bulk I P Gas Compliments of Pete Baughman's Insurance Service, Bloomfield k Pulaski lst Row Patty M , Carolyn V , David S , Pamela C , Susan S Barbara O , Connie R , Tommy C , Bobby G , Keith E 2nd Row Mina Y , Delores O , Jana C , Stephen R , Dickie C Sandra H , Roger G , Johnnie R , Steven B , Steven E , Mike K , Doris H , Joyce K , Glenda G Carolln filson, 'be Ioffett nc Iuzon Meade : 0 0 0 0 og : 0 o 0 0 0, Standing: Barbara B., Ray B., Max1ne'M., Morea III., Mr. Wilcox Helsel Electric, Milton. Iowa Farm W Town Wiring 8 Appliance Repair 41 H395 f X 2 m ' , , 4 as-' OF CANTRIL, VILTON, AND PULASKI, IOWA S OF THE STATE SAVINGS R COMPLIM Iowa Eloomfield, Southern Iowa Electrlc Cooperative, Compliments of R.h.A. 0 fd as 9. -.fe -il R Q bd 00 f-130 SZ q+J"'J lv-4 MO' :Qc 'CD CO V P: 'S Po R ,M on -r-I Of-I EO'-I 0 APVU G25 03 HUF!! if-F-1 'K at 0.53 Q I 'HO 'H CG GJ QQ oh 511549 Qs POA CDU G0 Or-IF-1 blbg ID 'rl r-ICG Q91-v-4 Ol FEI QD Q H2 r-If-I "'2C5d S-4 OID' an S13 CD -v-4 Or-1 GJ EI ED CII G5 Q e W., Linda G. Jan ilcox, Nr. O 8 81" , Barb M 'axine W dV San E n 81' Barb B 3V R Row hth IOWA Muon, AND PUIASKI, LS SANR OF CANTFIL, SKMI T: OF THE STATT I I MIXED CHORUS lst Row Karen M Mary K Kathy W Sandy W Marjorie Linda S Maxine M Louise H 2nd Row Phyllis Jackie H Judy Y Linda K Bonnie L Barbara Jane H Violet M Carole Y Doris H Glenda G 3rd M Nllcox, L1nda G , barv F , Duane B , Wendell B , Mer11n H Terry J , Mary Lee H Loretta b lst Row Mary K Kathy W Sandy W Marnorle L1nda S Max1ne M 2nd Row Phyllls Karen M jack1e H Judy Y B G K Baroara K lane H Dorls H Glenda Kav W Iou1se H 3rd Row L nda L , L1nda K , honn1e L , Mr H1lcox, Mary Lee H Loretta b , Vlolet W Carole Y B A f Gunn' unolus . H, K8thY W. Marge B, Jerry J. sk" Nlyhty Minnie Mousie ,ace you to Pulaski Margie Einstein Sandy W j but a cooker Wendell B Little ord Fauntlerov? Spring hh hlvis, you a1n't nothln' spaniel' Danny K 1, Mr Busch from 3avar19 - Karen M Whose garters are Mary K Ummmm' Good' Ted B Nine ar-emu showing? 49 5 f I W a 1 ' e f 5 I .A ll SY, -'-tn! gr O L 'z Ah! Sweet Smell of W .- A X .af 1 1 1' ' Q J . ' GVA ' l ' .A V ,S , 4AP.5 A ' . ""'l MOST MISCHIEVOUS BIGGEST FLIRTS 52: ,Q i 5 55 X J vUTEST FUTURE BACHELOR Mos'r LIKEL TO SUCCEED BIGCES1 ODDBALLS Comn iments of Cantril Implement Co , Cantril, Iowa Dav1s Countv Sale Pomnan Bloomfield, lowa bale lverv Friday Compliments of Charles Br-adv Milton, Iowa Q M051 STUDIOUS MOST BASHFUL LAZIEST Comnlimenta of McBratney'a Grocery Milton Iowa, BEST ATHLETE3 MMM 11 FUTURE OLD MAIDS ln. CAUGHT YOU I . 1 'T f 2 Q Y ' " , ' 15 3 V L',' A ,. Q k u H' Q H A i ' 5 1 1 ! I ' I x , , .. ., 4 , ..mW"7" . V, fl rf' , , 99" . 'fu I . D N M .f . V ,y 7 Compliments of Bailev Typewrite Exchange Oftumwa OW! Sponsored by Brad1ey's Cafe, Highway 130 E 15, Memphis, Mo C'WNIVAL Klbu AED QUEFN """"-I-l-, Cfrolina Cotton Pickers! MATT and CHESTER JERRY LEWIS Ur Summers, KATE uMITF Got the I presume? papers, Lag 9 gh, my achin' Ittv bitt back! Pfor NatilAa1 Oh, Aunt Martha' Dirty bi dy 53 hx ' T. 'V 1 vw T rx. 1 6 J a., X . , . ,1 . Wax , A 1 T . , 2 E - - TN ' 0 - . - -y. n I , ' WA . ' .tk S A. ' 5 ,, . X' . - J .1 . ut ' o ' 4 Sponsored by Stookeaburv Trucking Clark Stookesburv Milton, Igwa welltorn Funeral home, Cantril E Milton Milton Full back? Pin Magic Moments www? gl" Liver lip SO19th4FF wrong with the foodo ank Aaron, Totem Pole oood ole' davs Upper nand on the teacher oomplixents of Henry's Paints R bundrles 102 hast Maln Ottumwa, Iowa e , 3 U 1 . N . , .vm , at ll llll k ,, , if 1 Q , ff Wm' 'X . 4' t rf - l Q ' Q ll H A- Pie 1,4-pf' 5 . L,-fV-k , r - ,K VM K,4-4 - r K - M-new , Q'- w -I ' f A- , ' HH I 'n K I ,, . Q 1 'N rl 1 ' . 54 nf vs' M1 .1 41 L ,r 'Sl7"A,gg2 ' ,. W ' . 'J if S 3 bg iv A5 1 ., is 15 Q "gas ' K 9 L 24 1' 0' "1 YL 511 ' A flat? Jr . 15 2' S? I ua 2? xr.. 4 'M 4 'N if " nr Q .. 17 , 1, ' k 1, , ,arf l,, .,,, in 'FEI R 45' ' f, ik .4 ,fb W v haw 1 Q 1 5 s M 5 .1 J ,-' 'is ,iff 55 8 11 P K1 , 62 ' g,9,ljlj I 4-U 1 Cvvuv., f'kfWL4.u-VM? WYKMJ LQ fknfvq-Q E 4,.g j,1.,4A w,,,Um1L LAC1bU I .. . 14 v-2-Uub ,max wnwuqff ft? Law kpwu 1 g -N . A A N L, f ' - V It Ht' 'Wi' 'W LJMWU Q1fU2-V+? di ML LQ, f-C13-.U f:.,f'c1f,, JUL Wig ,W IWJJQ, f, 1,fM.N AL 'W 7HJQL,..,,,L Bwldvw, id-'f"-"""7'-f Mwf,ZMQ1fW . .J..,:c:LUae.L 'LA3,5ti',?xH,,,,,7..,4 ,...,.,,1:..... ,,,,e.,vU.:.,.r jwwwwfjbfw Mwkzjmwafw i6,.,.,...f2pzL.,,.,...,fd.,fAWr I-41-1 1-J' JWfef"Q""'W'1""?"QE ,CC , Wf1i9?Fwwe7.,,uu5CefM1fv gwrffwamwudwywivywijjvfijfiiv WUZQ-JWQQVHWMIMMIQKI 37" ..,.L2pCr,.,-Ltd' QfjgM,fJ5,lM' MZTM my 522 fe 77-M Qwmfwmf Mgt, M671 fJ4fx?L 4dLQmJffWMj WW.M.M.,fM-..u1.:f Q ' ' . , ' u ' , Q - Arm' I 2 E ? ' ' . av - 04-iff' Z-4 - ' HH., AZ I A 61.4 4.4! ' .uf . . ' t A , . . I I , - A-vn.,' 1 3 I J J 5 ' Qu! . l,.,.,,Z ' ,Lo-' ,am A 1-1-V, W 'JW' . n - D J ' . , 44' fl-0' 30+ "Til ' H. ' 97 npr J A-vo-' ' 4. ' WU- , ' - A. . us- Cfrv , , . . L ' by gJ 1 C I . -Q K F u If . -'41 Q-M . KC ' -+14 I f' FFV :fav -.4-, ',.n 4' ' X , f .Vi 1 , ' A ,, ,J , 4' 4 1 fb 1 1, 4' 7 ' M4 I If ,' ' - 1 ' " ' " f""""W A 4' 'X , , A Y ' I I - , . f ' I 1 . 0 V I , nf .V f , I ,Il I ff- if f ,f-'J'-14 f" M' ' 6 lX'7!"'f' " T' I .g vf 1

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