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Text from Pages 1 - 70 of the 1951 volume:

ff If THE 1951 CADET We tne Senlor Clasf. of Mllton H1gn School of 1951 faculty and remauung stddents who fall contuuue to make th1S a f1ne scnool aftel our departure The Staff Z . . 4' I . . . I wish to dedicate tfgis issue of the Cadet, to the . . I 5.1 . if MILTCDN PUBLIC SCHOOL Board of Educatzon Harold Epperson Presldent Paul McBratney M W Roberts Secretary Pearl Epperly E P Koch Hyle Houston Cooks Bus Drivers Custodian W. C Boyd 3 Charles Younker Henry Allen W D Sherwood Treasurer Aurthella Epperly Raymond Hulen . - 1 Q . . s K is ' J"-, fx- P - . 1 l ' A. sg, 5 2 x y , A f - If A-4 V- flff xl : fl .1 A u' V in " ' A ft ." y ,U - , K. K ' X i , ' . . - f A 4 1. N ff 1, A 4 Ar" X i 'X o n . . , . . 1 Mzlton High School Faculty 1951 Superxntendent F E Meloy SCIENCE and Engl1sh K1dder Jun1or College Kxdder M1ssour1 A A Central State Teachers College Warrensburg MISSOUII B S 1n Educatlon M1ssour1 Umversxty Columb1a MISSOUTI M E 1nAdmm1strat1on r Roy M Senor Mathemat1cs Bookkeepung and Agrxculture Northeast State Teachers College Kxrksvxlle M1ssour1 B A Add1t1onal work at State Un1vers1ty of Iowa Mr John Patrxck Coachmg Soc1alSc1ence and Snop Un1vers1ty of MISSOUTI Columbma M1ssour1 Northeast State Teachers College K1rksv1lle MISSOUYI B A 1nEducat1on Mlss Nadlne McClung Home Econorrucs Bmology Speech and Dramat1cs Majored 1n Home Econornxcs and mxnored mn Matnematxcs Mr Howard McIntosh Commerce and Soc1al Sc1ence Northwest State Teachers College Maryv1lle MISSOUTI B S IH Edu.cat1on Unzverslty of Calxforma Los Angeles Cal1forn1a Mr Bernard Onerhexm Musxc St Olaf College Nortnfxeld Mxnnesota B A Mrs Delores McMurry Seventh and Elghth Grades Northeast State Teachers College K1rkSV1lIe M1ssour1 Mrs Mary Erzxnger F1fth and S1xth Grades Iowa Wesleyan College Mount Pleasant Iowa State UI11V8rS1ty of Iowa Iowa Clty Iowa Add1t1onal work at Western Ill1no1s Teachers College Mrs LUCIIIE Meloy Th1rd and Fourth Grades Eastern Ill1no1s Teachers College Charleston Ill1no1s State Unlversrty of Iowa Iowa Czty Iowa Mrs Geraldxne Wymer Fxrst and Second Grades Ill1no1s State Normal Normal Ill1no1s S1mpson College Indxanola Iowa 5 ' . I ' f f . f l M . . 4 A - , V' ,g - i I ' . .n 4 . n T n .A .' , 5 . . f . ' . ' , 7 . , Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa, B. A. ' 4 ' Q ' 5 , . . . ' . f nt., . . K I . . , . . . I . .C . I . . . . . ' ., c . . . , MJ 'WW 5L1.4,!,JWuf 'avg-v..n4f f"f?fZ'?..2.f ' Mb.. J fha. ceo---7f 1 W-.ff W ' mm Uma.. 'wer ff7 I Basketball Cnorus Play Paper Staff JOAN HILL -I 0 SHERLEEN DORSON "Slinky" Ba sketball ....A.,. Cheerleader ...,.. Chorus . Y-Teens Plays ............. . . Paper Staff ,....,.....l-4 ,. .,....... 3-4 l-Z-4 1 .IERROLD GAFFNEY Plays Pa per Staff Vxce Pre sxdent Jerry RUSSELL BOYD Basketball Ba seball Rook CLAUDE BICKEL Ba seba ll Pa pe r Staff Plays Blckel ROBER TA DORSON Basketball Chorus Plays Y Teens Sextet Vxce Pre sldent 8 Bert PHYLLIS NORTON Phyl Basketball Z Chorus Y Teens Paper Staff .... ......4 .... ........ . ...... .4 Qmaxx. M1 '- 'F' 4. -I 1- - -, 'm X sxnx Tlx .................. ......3-4 N xxx I , . .......,............ 4 Q ................ 4 1. 'C A' 'ii V 1 'ZLL X s, , J " u H ,, ,I l .. .............. l-Z-3 ............... l-Z-3-4 ,,,,,,,,,,,,.., 1- -3,4 Y-Teens ...................... 1 Plays ........................ -3-4 Plays ...,.,. , ,,,,,,,, ,,,, , , 3-4 . ............. ........ . .... - W I .. - I. f .... ......... .........l ' ....................4 ...............l-Z-3-4 ..................1-Z-3-4 .. ..................... 3-4 - ....................... I . .... A ..........,.......... Z 7 f - ...,.......... z-3 ARLINE JENNINGS Pag Basketball Chorus Plays C heerleader Y Teens GEORGE GARRETT Basketball Z Baseball Z Chorus PE TE NELSON Pete Stage Manager Jxm Sec rehry-Treasurer Paper Staff Plays JIMMY WILSON Basketball ............... Baseball ................. - - - Plays ....................... Paper Staff-Editor ............. Pre udent ................... Student Councxl ................ Balketball................... l-Z Chorus . . . Plays .... Y-Teens . 9 .....................l PATRICIA YOUNKER Pat Basketball Z Plays Y Teens Paper Staff 4 2 MARY HYDE l-2-3-4 ... ...... . ...... 3 JOAN VANCE DONALD WHITE Basketball Band Baseball Plays C nor.1s Secretary Paper Staff CHARLOTTE BURCHETT Basketball Cnorus Plays Y Teens Pa pe r Staff Sextet Band CARL HARWARD PATSY HARL ELLIS EMERY ANDREWS Basketball Chorus Plays Paper Staff Cheerleader KBIZ President 10 l- .....l-Z-3- 2-3- l-2-3-4 ..... I-Z-3-4 .........3-4 .........3-4 ......l-Z-3 ..,.l-Z-3-4 ........3-4 Class Hzstory In the year of our Lord 1939 seventeen eager chzldren made thexr appearances before the prmmary teacher Manan Marshall Those answermg the roll were Ell1s E Andrews E1leenB1llhe1mer Russell Boyd Chrxs Cone George Garrett Junxor House Wayne Hall Mary Hyde Joe Mltchell Phyllzs Norton Darlene Scott Freda Scott Marlene Scott Verlxn Scott Ahce Thompson Donald Perry and Amta Veshlage Those start1ng at Mxlton In the f1rst grade and enterlng high school 1n tne year of 1947 were Elhs E Andrews Elleen Bmllhemrner Russell Boyd George Garrett Carl Harward Mary Hyde and Phyllls Norton Those havlng jolned us 1n the grades between fxrst and freshman years were Claude Bxckel Laqueta Bratton Charlotte Burchett Roberta Dorson Sherleen Dorson Verlee Dunn Jerold Gaffney Joan Hxll Patsy Harl Arlme Jennxngs Pete Nelson Joan Vance O L Wheaton Donald Wh1te .hm Wxlson and Patr1c1a Younker Durlng our sophomore year we added to our class R A Harlan and Jxm Dorson We lost Mary Hyde who cont1nued her educat1on at Dowmng Mxssourm E1leen Bxllheufner who moved to Arkansas O L Wheaton who qmt school to work and Laqueta Bratton 1n a tragxc accxdent At the begxnnxng of our Junior year we ga1ned Alfred Hor'1ns and lost R A Harlan who moved to Stockport Iowa Now 1n our last year of school at Mllton I-hgh we flnd that we have mneteen havmg gamed Mary Hyde and lost Berrnece Baxrd and Verlee Dunn who took up housekeepxng Jun Dorson who moved to Elmer M1ssour1 and Al Hopkxns who went to Des Molnes to work Those enrolled all twelve years 1n Mzlton Hzgh School are Phyllxs Norton and Russell Boyd Some of our classmates have left and have returned A few of the outstandlng partlculars of the Sexuor Class are Motto The Elevator To Success Is Not Runnxng Take The Staxrs Colors Blue and Whxte Flower Red Rose ll 0 I I . . . . , . I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Z ' I I I I I I ' 5 I I I I I I I I I I I ' ' I I I ' , . I ' I I I I ' ' I . . . . . r. I ' , . I I I I I . . -.... Y. .I - ... , .... - ..- ...I . .. . ... . . - . - . .0 .. . .... .. . . .. .. .... .. . . -...- Prophecy We the Sen1or Class of 1951 have looked ten years 1nto the future and have found the members of the class perforrrung these var1ous tasks Jerry Gaffney IS teachmg h1s f1VC sons how to raxse the best Herefords 1n the Un1ted States Sherleen Dorson has her own radxo show over NBC and 1S rated top comed1enne of 1961 E1l1s Emery Andrews 15 a Methodlst m1ss1onary stat1oned somewhere 1n Ind1a Claude B1ckel 15 a master mechanlc 1n a large garage bor1ng h1S fellow workers w1th all of h1s nonsense Patr1c1a Younker 15 st1ll strugghng to atta1n her amb1t1on to become a cr1m1nal lawyer Mary Hyde 15 a pnvate secretary w1th a large f1rrn and IS draw1ng from 100 to 200 dol lars a week Joan H111 15 the happy w1fe of the manager of the Dav1dson Department Store 1n Des Mo1nes Patsy Harl 15 marrzed and l1v1ng on a farm near M11ton where she and her husband are ra1s1ng Jersey da1ry cattle Pete Nelson IS laz1ly f1sh1ng down by the r1ver rack1ng h1s bra1n for an excuse to g1Ve to h1s boss Joan Vance IS the p1an1st 1n the Waves' Orchestra wh1ch 1S overseas entertammg the serv1cemen Donald Wh1te 15 p11ot1ng h1S prwate plane over a prospect1ve pos1t1on to bu1ld h1s next l1nk 1n h1S Chaln of Texaco Gas Stat1ons Fordy Anderson Hank Iby and Ed I-hcky three top basketball coaches 1n the U S are havlng a rough t1me keep1ng the1r hxgh pos1t1ons as Russell Boyd IS g1v1ng them st1ff c0mpet1t1on as basketball coach at U C L A Roberta Dorson has her own ranch 1n Texas and 1S ra1s1ng horses cattle and k1dS Arl1ne Jennxngs 15 well on her way to atta1n1ng her secret hope of be1ng the mother of e1ght ch1ldren Charlotte Burchett 15 marr1ed to a Meadow Gold transport truck dr1ver and 15 l1v1ng 1n Bloomf1eld Jlmmy Wllson IS a promlnent college professor 1h the Un1vers1ty of Iowa Carl Harward 15 the manager of the Henry Ford Auto Assoclatzon 1n Detro1t Phylhs Norton IS at the door of her home pat1ently wa1t1ng the return of her husband from h1s work w1th the survey1ng crew George Garrett has h1S own De Luxe Cad1llac Convert1ble custom bullt 1nclud1ng the brunettes IZ 1 1 . . . . . . 1 . . . . 1 1 1 - 1 1 . . . . 1 1 - . . 1 " 1 . Sen 101' Class Wzll We the Semor Class of 1951 c1ty of M1lton state of Iowa bemg sound of mind 9 and body do hereby declare th1s to be our last W11l and Testament It IS the deceased's dymg w1sh that th1s last W1ll and Testament at th1s t1me and place be produced read and d1sposed of as seen f1t We make th1s w1ll to our lower classmen 1n the hope that they w1l1 benef1t greatly from xt Elhs Andrews W1lls h1s art of oratory to Larry Swalm Charlotte Burchett Wllls one thmrd of her excess baggage to Donna Overstreet Russell Boyd W1lls h1s basketball talent to Ray McLeland Roberta Dorson W1l1s her bru1sed knees from the basketball games to Phyll1s Houston Jerry Gaffney Wxlls h1s good looks to Hgrold Nelson Sherleen Dorson Wxlls her tumblmg act to Frances Zzhlman Claude Blckel Wxlls h1s ab1l1ty to get along wxth teachers to Larry Swalm Phyll1s Norton Wxlls her sl1mness to Beverly Baker Patsy Harl Wxlls her f1ery temper to Smrley Humphrey Joan Vance Wzlls her sweet d1spos1t1on to Vada McMan1s Donald Wh1te W1lls h1s ab1l1ty to get along wxth people to Wayne Melvm Jxmmy Wxlson W1lls h1s tugboats to Carol Jean Hzssem George Garrett Walls h1s he1ght to Carl Humphrey Arhne Jenmngs Wllls her smxle to Judy Boyd Carl Harward Wrlls h1s txmxdness on the basketball floor to Burton Burchett Mary Hyde W1lls her gmggle to Ernest Buchmxer Joan H111 W1l1s her ab1l1ty to make neat small pm curls to Geraldme Bxckel Patrxcra Younker Wllls her ab1l1ty to fl1rt to Carol Lee W1nsel1 We leave to the Jumors the t1tle of Semors all our Semor dlgxuty and our ab1l1ty to get along harrnomously wh1le produc1ng the Student's Vo1ce To the Sophomores the trtle of Jumors and the battered books they left belnnd To the Freshmen our utmost sympathy and understandxng as they undertake the road ahead of them To the Faculty our smcere thanks and gratltude for therr help and understandxng over the long road to Graduat1on Day ac4AfQ?Amafa?.7,,f .Q A7 -fag we of 4? 4'y?I'lWN3kg9j My My XX Y W QXFQWR QWW 'ffl ' . , . . D , . . C D , Pete Nelson--Wills his ability to stay away from school to Ernest Birchrnier. , QA i QX gf , . L Q r The DONALD EVANS GERALD HEAD 'if 4 -I VELMA HUNTER LEO PENDER ERNEST BIRCHMIER RONNIE OVERSTREET WAY NE MELVIN JERRY LEE LUNSFORD GERALDINE BICKEL JERRY YOUNKER CHARLES BOYD 15 V I U N I L O A R S S SHIRLEY HUMPHREY SOPHOMORES ROBERT BEGGS JANICE YOUNKER JUDY BOYD BURTON BURCHETT CAROL JEAN HISSEM LAWRENCE PENDER LOWELL PENDER ALBERT GARRETT ROBER TA HARWARD DOUGLAS PETERSON DONNA OVERSTREET I6 DONNA KNU PP FRESHMEN FRANCES ZIHLIAIAN RAY MCLELAND VADA MCMANIS LARRY SWAIN GEORGE luwssn PHYLx..1s HOUSTON PHILUP YOUNKER CAROLEE WINSELL DONNA COWARD EUGENE OVERSTREET LOUISE SNODGRASS RICHARD HALL MARION NELSON BEVERLY BAKER HAROLD NELSON We're the class of 54 We're the clans that works for more 17 JOANNE HUM PHREY 4 I N W w I Enrollment M1lton Publzc School For 1950 1951 Grade 1 Kenneth Cook M1chaelCorr Ernest Dowmng Steven Epperly Glenda Gooden Sandra House Dons Hudson Velma Humphrey M1chael Kerby Bonme Lunsford Judlth Mxller Nancy Moffett Betty Ann Pans Lynn Pender Kate Reutzel Stephen Rlppey Sklppy Roblnson Davld Wardlow Arlene Wmn Grade Z Alxce Clark Deanna Conner Lenny Fountam Charlotte Hall Jane Ann Holt Dxana Hudson Kenneth Hudson Barbara Hulen Marcxa Ka1ser Barbara Klnslnger Patrxcxa Kxttle Robert Knupp Ray Moffett Vxolet Moffett John Portz Douglas Rolnnson Raymond Sandy Carole Younker Grade 3 Ezleen Allen Gary Brown Edw1nBurchett Larry Cook Lee Cundxff John Donaho Larry Dowmng Larry Gooden Marlene Johnston James Kayser Nancy Kerby Urben Mxller Bllly Nxcolz Wayne Norton Patrzcxa Pans Larry Pender Gene Portz Jxmmy Roberts Marlon Roberts Robert Smlth Grade 4 Jean Brown Dolores Conner Barbara Cook Llnda Gooden Marylee Hall Carolyn House Harlean Hudson Phyll1s Kayser Llnda Kerby Jlmmy Kxttle Sandra McFadden Joe Moffett L1nda Sandy Judy Younker Grade 5 Marjone B1rchm1er Fredenck Boyd John Harward Beverly Hulen Jerry Janxungs Elvxn Kelsey Mary K1ns1nger Danxel Knupp Donald Lunsford Karen McBratney Judxth Meloy George Wehner Jxmmle Wehner Sandra Wllson Kathleen Wxnsell Grade 6 Charles Andrews Kay Atk1ns Jeanette B1rchm1er Ronald Conner Gary Nancy Pans Janet Peterson Bxlly Pr1ce Peggy Thomas Joe Dean Winn James Younker Grade 7 Anmta Andrews Beverly Bell Rosahe Conner Robert Cook Roger Epperly Wayne Garrett DeWayne Hall Loxs Jannmgs Patrlcza Kayser Joan Kelsey Mary Lou Pender Bonme Roby Bobby Sm1thburg Jack Swalm Orland Weathermgton Monte Wllson Donald Younker Dwlght Younker Grade 8 Robert Boyd B111 Cook Ivan Holsapple Bzlly House Wanda Hunter Eleanor McFadden Betty Mlers Jane Nelson Nancy Wehner Conme Wxlson Darrell Wheaton Grade 9 Beverly Baker Donna Coward Rxchard Hall Lee Holsapple Phyll1s Houston Joanne Humphrey George Kayser Donna Knupp Betty Mallett Ray McLeland Vada McMan1s Harold Nelson Mar1on Nelson Eugene Overstreet Lou1se Snodgrass Larry Swaxm, Carolee Wxnsell Ph1ll1p Younker Frances Z1hlman Grade 10 Robert Beggs Donald Bxckel Juha Ann Boyd Burton Burchett Albert Garrett Roberta Harward Carol Jean H1ssem Carl Humphrey Sh1rley Humphrey Donna Overstreet Lawrence Pender Lowell Pender Douglas Peterson Jamce Younker Grade ll Geraldme Bxckel Ernest Bzrchmxer Charles Boyd Donald Evans Gerald Head Bob Holsapple Velma Hunter, Jerry Lee Lunsford Wayne Melv1n Ronald Overstreet Leo Pender Wxllard Rxppey Jerry Younker Grade IZ Elhs Andrews Claude Bxckel Russell Boyd Charlotte Burchett Roberta Dorson Sherleen Dorson Jerry Gaffney George Garrett Patsy Harl Carl Harward Joan Hxll Mary Hyde Arllne Jenmngs Pete Nelson Phyll1s Norton Joan Vance Donald White Jimmy Wxlson Patr1c1a Younker 18 Gooden, Darlene Humphrey, Ronald Lunsford, Kenneth Joe McLeland, Larry Oaks, U ' I l ' I I ' Grades 1 and 2 vo- 39' .C .f H LYNN pn-' RAY PATTY LENNY F JUDITH M MICHAEL DIANA 46 Q vi- Q9 Q.,- 1' J' , DeWIGI-IT JANE ANN ROBERT K KENNETH C BARBARA NANCY M BETTY P MARCIA w-as-must! 1 wnxuvvl 5 4 as at as .avi 5 ur A Aw -- STEVEN E CHARLOTTE RUSSELL R DEANNA C STEVEN R GLENDA G RAYMOND S ALICE C mg NI' VELMA H DOUGLAS R BONNIE CAROLE Y DAVID SANDRA H VIJLEI' BARBARA Grades 3 and 4 oo we ,, 4-- 7 'T ,J f-P.. JOHN D HARLEAN H, BILLY N NLARLENE JOE M JIMMY R LINDA G LARRY P 1 our 'U' LARRY C DOLORES C URBAN M SANDRA M LEE DEAN C LINDA S GARY B BARBARA C 1. Q WAYNE N NANCY K JUDY Y EDWIN B EILEEN A PATTY P BUZZ R ROBERT S 19 Grades 3 and 4 qcmu-.....n .49' JAMES K. JEANNE B. LARRY D. MARY LEE? GENE P. CAROLYN H. Q ,,z: " ' ' A ,gd N -21? R 4-F? A 1 A ' , Q J , , .f LINDA x PHYLLIS K X Grades 5 'L' S K -4 F N 1' f 0' f dy: ary BILLY P KAREN PREDRICK JUDITH M JIMMY Y MARY K JOE M JANET P NANCY P RONNIE C DARLENE SANDRA W DONALD L DANNY K GARY G JOHN H KAY W BEVERLY CHARLES JOE W JEANETTE KAY A LARRY O GEORGE W W QF 'QW' ?'gg'E xXx JIMMIE w RONALD fw- Z0 Grades 7 8 8 A6 'V' DARRELL W PATRICIA JACK S BONNIE R BILLY NANCY W ROBERT MARY P BILLY H ANNITA A DEWAYNE ETTY M DONALD ROGER E BEVERLY B DWIGHT CONNIE W MONTE W WANDA H OBBY S LOIS J JANE N WAYNE G ELEANOR ORLAND W ROSALIE ROBERT -is PEARL, EPPERLY CLARENCE BOYD AURTHELLA EPPERLY ,. ,,.' 'CBJ' Z1 xm. I Q 1 K . . - B . . . 7 v ' 2 il 5 LJZAQYLZQ, X 'K Q 'I 3 A ff Q '5 ZX- ' -Z s - I K School Calendar September 1950 Monday 4th School opened QTroubles begm Wednesday 20th Multxple County Meetxng Ottumwa Hurrah' Vacatlonl Frlday 29th Fall Festlval Semor Float won second prxze October 1950 Tuesday 17th I-learmg and Speech Clxmc Keosauqua Saturday Zlst Dxstrlct Drxvxng Cl1n1c Mt Pleasant fDented Fenders Tuesday 31st School Carmval Clowns and fun galore' November 1950 Frmday 3rd State teachers meetlng fAnother vacatxon Frxday 10th Douds there Basketball season opens Thursday 16th 1nd1v1dual p1ctures Supreme Studlos Sm1le please Frzday 17th Keosauqua here fBasketball Tuesday Zlst Bonaparte here fBasketball Thursday 23rd Frlday 24th Tuesday Z8th Cantr1l there fBasketball December 1950 Frxday lst Pulaskx here QBasketball Tuesday 12th Bxrmmgham here Basketball Frxday ZZnd Troy there fBasketball December 22nd to January lst 1951 Chrlstmas vacat1on Thursday 28th Senxor Parents Ball Game Sore parents Oh' My achlng back' January 1951 Monday lst School resumed for the year of 1951 Tough luck Frlday 5th Stockport there Basketball Tuesday 9th Farm1ngton here Basketball Frxday 12th Selma there Basketball Tuesday 16th County Tournament at Douds Fr1day 19th Fxnals of County Tournament at Douds Tuesday 23rd Cantrxl here Basketball Thanks SIVIIIS vacatlon Tuesday 30th G1rls' Sectxonal at Farm1ngton February 1951 Thursday lst Semor Pxctures Ch1smanStud1os Beautxful pzctures Ha Ha' Frxday Znd Keosauqua there Basketball Tuesday 6th Semor Card Party Aces hxgn Frxday 16th No school xcy roads Wonderful lce Monday 19th Boys Basketball Sectxonal at Bloomheld Frxday 23rd Fmals of Boys Basketball Sect1onal Monday 26th Douds here fBasketball Tuesday 27th Ezghth Grade Play Freshmen soon Thursday lst Frmday Znd Hayloft Jamboree Swmg your partner Monday 5th lmmumzatxon Clzmc Thursday 15th Speech Plays Frxday 30th Jumor Class Play Aprxl 1951 Monday Znd lmmumzatxon Clxmc Frxday 20th Campus Capers Faxrfleld QA look at college days Friday 27th Bookxn Jewelry Dance Ottumwa fThe Semors are bxg folks now Monday 30th lmmumzatxon Clxmc May 1951 Frxday 4th Semor Class Play Frxday llth and Saturday 12th Semor Skzp Trap fwhat a wonderful week end Frxday 18th Semors dlsmxssed Lucky Semors Sunday 20th Baccalaureate Sermon Chrxstlan Church Thursday 24th Commencement Dxplomas at last' Frxday 25th Class day and school dmsxrussed Z3 -- ' 1 N . . , 1 I . I . H . I . . 5 -.. . . - . . . , ' . ,- -- ' I -1 . H . . , ' -- c 1 U . . . i . y . I , ' -- 1 -- 1 -- - 1 . 0 . J -- ' ' c 1 ' -- D . . -- ' ' Q . . ' . -- 4 1 ' -- 1 1 -- ' 1 1 ' -- C 1 ' c 1 ' Wednesday 24th--Junior Talent Show QNice going, Juniorsj U . . D . . 4 . . , ' J ' -- C 1 -- ' c ' '1 . M n . I. . . 1 -- ' 4 1 - A . .-- . . K ' , . I . . . , ' -- I . . . . ' ' . ' , . -- -- . . . - ji . U . . . K I .l J I -- 4 1 .1 ' Edxtor Busxness Manager Cxrculatzon Manager Productxon Manager Ass1stant Productxon Manager Advert1s1ng Manager Assxstant Advertxsxng Manager Soc1ety Snoops Glrls' Sports Boys' Sports Muslc News Art Editor Grade News Class News Alumm Paper Staff Z4 Jxmmy W1lson Jerrold Gaffney Carl Harward Joan Vance George Garrett Donald Wmte Sherleen Dorson El11s Andrews Phylhs Norton Claude Bzckel Patsy Harl Gerald Head Charlotte Burchett Roberta Dorson Joan H111 I -0-......-no ..-- - ..........-'-...-.... f. .. .. .. I I ' . . .. .. . .. . ..PatriciaYounker :lull an s I una u Q s can qu was Q all o unloenclcli . BACK ROW SECOND ROW FRONT ROW SECOND ROW FRONT ROW Band fLeft to Rxghtj Monty Wxlson Phyllxs Houston Jerry Lunsford Burton Burchett Ph1ll1p Younker Mar1on Nelson Connle Wllson and Mr Onerherm Mus1c Instructor Karen McBratney Bobby Smrthburg Roger Epperly Rzchard Hall Beverly Baker Junmy Younker B1lly PYICC Charles Andrews John Harward Joe W1nn Mary Kxnsxnger Gerald Head George Kayser Ray McLeland Ernest B1rchm1er Carolee Wrnsell LOUISE Snodgrass Patr1c1a KP ser Rosalre Conner Judxth Meloy M weed Chorus Donald Evans Ellxs Andre .vs B1lly Cook Burton Burchett Cnarlotte Burchett Donna Knupp Geraldxne Bxckel Vada McMan1s Judy Boyd Mr Onerhelm Mus1c Instructor Frances Zzhlman Velma Hunter Mary Hyde Patsy Harl Phylhs Norton Carol I-hssem Joanne Humphrey Joan Vance Arlme Jennmgs Sherleen Dorson Donna Coward Phylhs Houston Roberta I-larward Louxse Snodgrass Publzc Appearances The Mxlton I-hgh School Band made 1ts fxrst appearance at the Cnrxstmas program Later It performed at the e1ghth grade class play and the Spr1ng Mus1c Festrval at Douds The Mxlton I-hgh School Mlxed Chorus sang at the Chrrstmas program World Day of Prayer at the Nazarene Church and at the Sprxng Mus1c Festlval at Douds Z5 BACK ROW: flseft to Rightjz Carl Humphrey, George Kayser, Carl Harward, l - l 4 . ,o . u MHSBand Mixed Chorus Z6 Fazth Hope amd Flarzty Cast of Characters Sally Parsons Joan Vance Henry Blodgett Jimmy Wllson Mrs Ohvxa Orkney Charlotte Burchett Mamxe McCorkle Sherleen Dorson Faxth Crabbe Phyllms Norton Hope Crabbe Patsy Harl Monty Van Twzller Claude Brckel Reggze Van Twxller Carl Harward Quadlander Crabbe Ellzs Andrews Terence Flarxty Jerry Gaffney Jack Qurnlan Donald Whzte lvy Lane Joan H111 Patrxck Flarxty Pat Russell Boyd Place A suburb of a mxdwestern c1ty How to sxdestep an unwelcome marrzage planned for them by an autocrat1c father 15 the partzcular headache that upsets the tranquxlxty of the Crabbe twms Hope and Faxth One of them declares the zrascxble Ouadlander Crabbe must marry Terence Flarlty son of h1s old war buddy or be dlsxnherlted The unknown Terence IS lxkely to arr1ve any moment to make h1s choxce of a brzde In the temporary absence of thexr father and of then' chaperon Mrs Orkney who asp1res to become thexr step mother the twxns though naturally beaut1ful make themselves up as ugly as possxble mn hope that young Flarxty wxll refuse to propose Meanwhlle thelr boy fnends Monty and Reggle Van Tw1ller breeze 1n to spend the evenmg and because of a sudden v1s1t from a goss1py cousm mcknamed Poxson Ivy the g1rls frnd xt necessary to exh1b1t a chaperon They prevall upon Sally the clever and resourceful house ma1d to xmpersonate Mrs Orkney a task whzch she performs to perfecuon Thus the stage IS set for a rlotous farce when young Flar1ty appears on the scene w1th hrs pal Jack Qulnlan Inspxred by the same bnght xdea as that of the tw1ns Terence has drsguxsed hrs natural good looks by means of a hxdeous red w1g and a crop of freckles xn hope that nenther of the twms wxll accept h1m But he reckons wlthout the1r promxses to then father and to h1s consternatlon soon f1nds hlmself engaged to both of them at once To compllcate matters further the elder Flarrty arrxves bent on holdmg h1s son to the hated marnage and Quadlander Crabbe unexpectedly returns thus neces s1tatxng the sudden abandonment of both dxsguxses Upon removxng thexr ugly make up Faxth and Terence quxckly fall xn love whxle Hope and Jack Qumlan follow sunt But now tne tables are turned and the two fathers bxtterly oppose the match havmg fallen hard for the masqueradmg Sally and squabbled vlolently over her How the young people fxnally stra1ghten out thexr tangled affan' makes a f1tt1ng clxmax to th1s whxrlwmd farce F E Meloy D1rector Propertxes Pete Nelson Advertxsxng George Garrett Prompters and Stage Managers Roberta Dorson Patrxcxa Younker Mary Hyde Arhne Jenrungs Z7 , 0 . , , , ' ' C J .... . . . . . . Time--A bright, sunshiny afternoon in June. . ' . , . . . i . . ' I . . b . ' , ' ' D I . , 9 I I I I . . . . , - . , . . n . . . ' . . . . . . ' . , . . ' . . ' I D . 1 l ' . . , . 0 1 , l Mrs Case Veleta Case Berthanna Lance Case Ruddy Boles Junzor Class Play AUNTIE 'S MONEY Characters Gerald Head Velma Hunter Geraldlne Bxckel Ernest Bxrchmxer Wayne Melvm Doctor Max Jones Doctor Bert Stockton Charles Boyd Jerry Younke r Txme Forenoon Place Home of Mrs Case T1me of Play1ng Two Hours Story of the Play No doubt you have seen people who are so bllnd to sxtuatxons that you could hardly conta1n yourself well such a person xs dear old AUNTIE ' who IS deaf and temper amental and about to bestow the l1on's share of her S100 O00 00 upon Lance her favorzte nephew Because of her deafness she 1S unaware that Lance 15 a worthless scoundrel who 1S forever plannmg what he w1ll do w1th all of the money he w1ll re ce1ve on "Aunt1e's death She showers many lundnesses upon hmm lettmg the poxnt of her v1tr1ol1c tongue fall heavy upon her lovely mece Lance's cous1n Veleta who bexng a gentlewoman w1ll not betray Lance nor allow her young lawyer fxance Ruddy Boles to do so e1ther All would have gone well wxth h1m but for the t1mely arrwal of two quack doctors who w1sh1ng to separate Auntxe from some of her gold for themselves agree to cure her deafness Much to the1r surprzse and Aunt1e's too they do heal her ears by a very pecul1ar and amusxng method Lance unaware that Auntxe has recovered her hearmg talks a b1t too much and at long last Aunt1e d1S covers that she has been lav1sh1ng her attentmons on the wrong person Ruddy Boles Veleta's lawyer fxance also has a very strong part 1n the play and h1s constant work does much to clear up th1s fam1ly feud even 1f xt 15 just a wee b1t perplex1ng to the slmple mxnded housema1d Berthanna Dxrected by Roy M Senor Stage Manager Jerry Lunsford Property Manager Leo Pender Prompters Donald Evans Ronald Overstreet Z8 u . . .... . .... ... . . .. ..... ... .. .. . . . .. . . . ..... .... .. . . . . . . . . ...... ... ... .. . . . .... ... ........ . . . . .. .. . . ... ..... . . .. .. . ..... .... .. .. .... ................ ..... ....... . . -.. . -- h l -- . . . H , . -- ' - I ' I ' I . . H . . . . ' I I I I I I , . s , . , 9 ' I ' ' - Il ' rv ' - 9 ' I 0 , . ..... . .. .. . -... ... . . .. .. .. . . . ....... ........ . . .. . . .. .. . . Synops1s Mrs Ball E1s1e Walton Helen Strong Ray Forster Jerry Take A Cook Speech Clazss Plays JUST A LITTLE MISTAKE Characters Patr1c1a Younker Patsy Harl Roberta Dorson Arl1ne Jennmgs Phyllxs Norton Sherleen Dorson Mrs Ball rece1ves a cablegram from her sxster Lucy statmg that Jerry w1ll ar r1ve that day and begg1ng her to be cord1al Mrs Ball then goes out to h1re a cook 1eav1ng three young frxends to rece1ve the unknown guest The cook sent down from the agency 1n hast 15 greeted and entertamed as Jerry and when the real Jerry ar r1ves she 15 sent out to the k1tchen After cons1derable confus1on and exc1tement she 15 dxscovered to be the L1ttle M1ss Take THE TANTR UM Cha racte r s Bunny Hawthorn Tlm Cousln Geneva Paula Ryan Roger Ryan Allan Kennedy Great aunt L1nn1e Prunells Mary Ann Joan H111 Claude B1ckel Phyllxs Norton Patsy Harl Ellxs Andrews Jerry Gaffney Roberta Dorson Arl1ne Jennlngs Patr1c1a Y ounke r Scene The rna1n room of the Hawthorn summer cottage Hubert Sm1ley Mlllle Mrs Parm1nter Cousln Ronald Ol1v1a Jumor CORDIS Bert Ingraharn Bob Fuller Aunt Clara WHY HUBERT' Characters Ell1s Andrews Arl1ne Jennxngs Patsy Harl Jerry Gaffney Patr1c1a Younker Roberta Dorson Joan H111 Sherleen Dorson Claude B1ckel Phyllls Norton Scene The l1v1ng room of the Smxley resxdence at Beach Park a seasxde re sort town T1me ' ate afternoon D1rected by M1ss Nad1ne McClung Presented March 15 1951 29 Y .V . . , , . . . . , . . V . . ' , - Eddie Mintz . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sherleen Dorson Time--Late afternoon in midsurnrner. U . . . . . . - . '-A-J o D What What What What What What What What What What What What What What What What What What What What What What If Carl Harward went w1th one glrl for two weeks? Patsy would have to walk one rrnle to school? Phylhs Norton would qu.1t talkxng ln econom1cs class? Mary wouldn't have to walk to school? Stup's w1shful dream came true? Joan Vance would quxt fhrtmg? Joan H1ll would stop gonng to Des Moznes? Charlotte would stop watchlng for a Meadow Gold truck? Patrmcza Younker would get sxxty words a m1nute 1n typmg? Jerry Gaffney would qu1t actmg sllly? Claude would qu1t teaslng everybody? Ellxs Emery would wrzte true Snoops? Russell could play basketball wxthout argu1ng w1th the coach? Pete would come to school? J1mmy W1lson would have a date and make the g1rls happy? Roberta Dorson would qu1t fallxng down 1n basketball games? Sherleen would be good 1n speech class? Arhne would separate from Sherleen 1n class? George would start go1ng steady? Mr Mclntosh would show h1s econommcs class a movle? The agrlculture class would get up to date books? Thxs reflects no one's vxews as to what should happen but we wonder what would happen 1f the prevxous thxngs mentloned should come true Sen zor Tr1p On the day of May 11 1951 the Semor Class of Mmlton Hxgh arose at the early hour of 5 00 a m tumbled sleep1ly 1nto cars and left for the unexplored rnysterles of Mlssoun They went to Jefferson C1ty wh1ch xs the cap1tol of M1ssour1 where they stopped for a short t1me to go through the cap1tol bulldmg of MISSOUII After a thorough 1nspect1on they went on down 1n MISSOUTI to the Merr1mac Caverns where they spent a very enjoyable afternoon explormg the many caves After spendmg a restful? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?n1ght 1n the luxunous cabins near Sulhvan called the Sullmo Cabms they went to St Louxs to v1s1t the zoo and an amusement park that IS nearby Thxs trxp was hnanced by the Parent Basketball Game that many of you enjoyed last December the 28th and by other act1v1t1es that the Senxors spon sored The Senmors say Thank you ' to the parents who contnbuted and co op erated so splendxdly and to the teachers for thelr understanding and help mn makmg thls trzp possxble 30 if: ' ' if: ' if: . . . . . u if: . if: ' if: ' ' ' if: ' ' ' . if: ' . if: .. , . . . . if: . . . if: ' ' . if: ' ' if: ' ' ' . if: . if: ' ' ' if: - ' ' . if: ' . if: ' ' . if: ' . if: . ' ' ' . if: ' - - 4 Forward Girls' Basketball Coach - John Patrick Chaperone - Mrs. Lucille Meloy Front Row Sherleen Dorson ....... Phyllis Norton .... . . Roberta Dorson . . . . Donna Overstreet .... . Back Row Louise Snodgrass .............. Guard Roberta I-larward .... . . . Forward Shirley Humphrey . . . . .... Guard Patricia Younker ............... Guard Arline Jennings ................ Guard Phyllis Houston ..... Forward 8: Guard Score Home Games We They Troy 17 58 Keosauqua 26 49 Bonaparte 16 58 Pulaski Birmingham Farmxngton Cantril Douds County Milton Judy Boyd ........ . . . . Guard Forward . . Guard Guard Velma Hunter ..... . . . . . Games Away Douds Cantril Troy Stockport Selma Keosaqua Pulaski Tournament Douds Sectional Tournament Milton Argyle Boys Basketball Coach John Patrick Back Row Eugene Overstreet Guard Jerry Lunsford Forward Ronald Overstreet Center Douglas Peterson Guard Burton Burchett Guard Jerry Younker Student Manager Score Home Games They Troy Keosauqua Bonaparte Birmingham Farmington Cantril Douds County Milton Milton M1lton We 30 19 24 Forward Score They 31 44 29 Carl Harward Forward 8: Guard Russell Boyd Guard Jimmy Wilson Forward George Garrett Center Charles Boyd Guard Donald White Forward Games Away Douds Cantril Bloomfield Stockport Selma Ke osauqua Pulaski Tournament Douds Ke osauqua Birmingham Sectional Tournament Milton Milton Milton Troy Cantril Agency C Score They ' 19 44 28 29 ' ' 20 43 43 60 f 37 29 45 46 ' 32 51 ' 44 47 31 26 ' ........ ...... .. ........ 30 ... .......... ..... . ..... 45 ' .... ..... . . .. ...... 36 .. .. .............. ......55 1 we W 46 34 41 13 40 42 ' 38 27 27 36 ' 24 59 Pulaski 52 35 Troy 47 40 ' ' 28 57 46 59 ' 50 30 50 24 ' 29 22 29 40 41 21 ' 39 23 ' .... . .. . .......... 38 ....... . . .. . ........ ..22 ' .... .. .. . . .... . ...... 39 ... .. ...... ...........33 ' .... . . ... ............. 18 ' ' ........... .... ......39 ' ... .... ... . . ...... 51 .... . .......... ..... ....38 ' .. .... .... .... ...... 39 ' ... .. ............ .......27 ' ... ... . .. .... ..... 35 .... .. ...... ............47 32 Boys Basketball 33 Girls' Basketball Baseball Boys BACK ROW Left to Rlghtj Jerry Lunsford left fleld .hrnmy W1lson center held Wayne Melv1n r1ght fxeld Burton Burchett flelder FRONT ROW Mr John Patnck coach Russell Boyd p1tcher Donald Wh1te th1rd base Charles Boyd catcher Carl Harward second base George Garrett f1rst base Douglas Peterson shortstop Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT Carol Jean Hlssem Sherleen Dorson Arllne Jennlngs Gerald Head Favorzte Yell 29' Song We're loyal to you M1lton Hmgh We're the red and the black M1lton H1gh We'll back you to stand Agamst the best 1n the land For we know you have sand M1lton I-hgh RAH RAH' So toss 1n the ball M11ton Hzgh Our team IS our fame protector On boys for we expect a vzctory from you MILTON HIGH RAH RAH' ' Red Dev1ls Whether we w1n or whether we lose Thls IS the yell we always use R R E D D D D E V I I RED DEVILS" " 34 : 4 . : - . , . . h Milton High School Song: R ---- ----- - I- -L-S Cheerleaders 35 Baseball Boys Lets Laugh Rxchard S1r I want to marry your daughter Mr Burchett Have you seen my w1fe yet? Rxcnard Yes but I st1ll prefer your daughter Cop How dxd you knock th1s pedestrxan down? Claude I d1dn t Ijust pulled up to h1m stopped the car to Walt for h1m to pass and ne famted The young man had taken too many cockta1ls and suspected h1s table partner was aware of xt Wxth careful pohteness he offered an apology and an explanat1on And anyway he added though I may be sl1ghtly under tne affluence of mkanol I m not so tmnk as you drunk I am On the beach they say the lady w1ns who gets tnar fustest wxth tne leastest Judy I can t eat th1s food Call tne manager Waxter It's no use ne won't eat lt e1+her Stupe was returnxng home 1n the small hours of tne n1g'1t and found a burglar Jxmmymg the lock on h1s front door Th1nk1ng quxckly Stupe wh1spered to the prowler Clerk Are you a guest of the hotel? Phylhs No I pay to stay here Mary had a l1ttle lamb H15 ha1r was wh1te as heck And everywhere that Mary went The poor chap smgned the check Mr Meloy Donald w1ll you please g1ve tnree collectxve nouns? Donald Flypaoer wastebasket vacuum cleaner Pop dxd Ed1son 1nvent the f1rst talk1ng mach1ne'P No son God made the fxrst one What Edzson dxd was mvent one you could snut off Slgn in a cafe If you want to put your ashes and cxgarette butts 1n your cup and saucer let tne waxtress know and she w1ll serve the coffee In the Ash tray The reason why truth IS stronger than f1ct1on 15 'cause we hear so lzttle of lt Jerry Man IS the greatest 1nvent1on 1n the world Carl Yes but woman 1S an xmprovement Jerry Yeah guess that s what keeps men out late lookxng for lmprovements Patsy Don't drxve so fast around the corners It makes me nervous Tex You won t get scared mf you do as I do shut your eyes when you come to e corners 37 ! ' n ll ' ll . , . 1 ll ' Il ' ' , ll ' Il a ll ' ' ' ll Q ll ' I ' ,N ' ' ' . . , , . . . ,I ll ll 1' ' 1 ' ' I I D I ' ' Il v - 1 I .I ' . ll I ' ' 11 ' . lv 1 ' ' ' I1 . , . , ' I "I'll open the door if you'll go in first! " p ll ' II ' . lu 11 . , . Y I . ll ' 1 ' ll . . , . : rl " I I ll ,I . . . . . . ,, , . ,, . . . . , , . . . ar ' ' -- ' ' ' ' . ll - ll ' ' ' ' ll Q Il ' ' ll l . , . . nl I -- ' ' '1 . , . . ll ' ll : Il I ' -- - II BEST ATHLETE l Russell Boyd Z Jxmmxe Wxlson 3 Charles Boyd Personal 1 ty Contest GOLD MANNERS l Jxmnue Wxlson Z Ernest Bxrghmxer 3 Ronald Overstreet MOST FIMID FRIENDLIEST PERSONALITY l Ernest Bxrcnnuer l Elhs Andrews l Jnmmxe W1ls'm Z Harold Nelson Z Jxmm1eW1ls0n Z BurtonBurcnett 3 Larry Swaxm 3 Russell Boyd E xs Andrews SPOR TSMANSHIP Z Russell Boyd 3 Carl rlarward 'fbi' C UTEST Z Jerry Gaffney 3 Ronald Cverstreet MOST PODULAR I Russell Bo,d Z Ellis Andrews 3 Jlmrxue mllS0l" l Larry BEST GROCMED Z Douglas Jxmnue Wxlson 3 Burton Jerry Gaffney Gerald Head LADIES MAN l George LOXALTX l Ellis Andrews Z Jxmmxe Wllson C arles Boyd MISCHIEVOUS l Jerry Gaffney Z Burton Burchett 3 Carl Harward BIGGEST FLIRT Z Carl l George 3 Ronald 38 Z Carl 3 Burton 66 . ' , gg QQ . M 1 ' I , ,M x pl - I Q.. 8 - ' - " 3. ll' ' l. Jimmie Wilson 1 Y . U 1. ' - ' I . ' ' Z, ' V6 1 vi 3 z 'l X ' MOST POPULAR .Ioan Vance Roberta Dorson Judy Boyd 43545- "Person1al1ty Cont if PERSONALITY I Roberta Dorson Z Donna Overstreet 3 Mary Hyde SCHOLARSHIP BIGGEST BLUFF I Joan V 1 Arline J Z Donna O Z Patricia Y 3 Marion N 3 Patsy H BEST ATHLETE I Roberta Dorsor- Z Jud, Boyd 3 Velma -Iunter SPOR TSNIANSHI P R obe rta Dor son Z Donna Overstree! LOYALTY I Donna Overstreet Z Roberta Dorson 3 .IudyBold GOOD DISPOSITION I Donna Overstreet Z Roberta Dorson 3 Louise Snodgrass MOST TINIID I. Carolee Winsell Z. Francis Zihlman 3. Janice Younker 3 Judy Bo,d BIGGEST FLIRT I Carol Hissem Z Pnyllis Houston 3 Roberta Harward SCHOLARSHIP I. Jimmie Wilson Z. Ernest Birchmier 3. Ellis Andrews 39 PRETTIEST HAIR I Patsy flarl Z Crarlotte Burc et! 3 Pnyllis Norton CUTEST 1 Roberta Hai-ward 2 Pnylhs Houston 3 Carol Hissem GOOD DISPOSITION I Jimmie Wilson Z Donald White 3 Ronald Overstreet GOOD MANNERS I. Donna Overstreet Z. Joan Vance 3. Joan Hill Personalzty in MOST MASCULINE BIGGEST BLUFF Jerry I Donald Wnxte Z Jlmmxe Z Claude Bzckel 3 Douglas 3 Ra, McLeland WIT l Snerleen Z Joan MOST FEMININE FIGURE 1 Roberta harward Z Pnyllxs Norton 3 Roberta Dorson 3 Donna BEST GROOMED GIPL I Patsy Harl Z Joan Vance 3 Phyllxs Norton -HKU' 1. Sherleen Dorson Z. Carol Hlssem FRIENDLIEST GIRL l Roberta Dorson Z Louxse Snodgrass WIT 3 Phyllxs Houston I Claude Bxckel Z Jerry Gaffney 3 Donald Wmte MISCI-IIEVOUS GIRL mga, 3. Arline Jennings WORST CASE l. Jerry Younker and Veda McManis Z. Charles Boyd and Roberta Dorson 3. Carl I-Iarward and Louise Snodgrass 40 "WILD NELL" SCHOOL DANCE IN FULL SWING JUNIOR PLAY CAST NOW LOOK FOR THIS YEAR S' HIGH SC HOOL. TUMBLERS SHOW WATCH THE BIRDIE AND SMILE JUNIOR S WHO HOME TALENT ...war 1, u WHOIS LIVING SO hIGH IN THE LOOK AT THE I-'ATHERS BERT IS REALLY hIGH WINDOW 7 JUMP TI-AANKS TO SHERLEEN AND ARLENE nf' ' H W' as 4: MYSTERY PICTURE QI-'IND WATCn TnE BALL JERRY ANID DONNA RUNNING G1-:ORGEI 1-Rom rm. CAMERA 41 WATCH IT GEORGE' AW 4 ' saconn Paxzs FLOAT AT FALL FESTIVAL f' -f , I 3.-I Q S 91 CHARACTERS' FUN FOR I-'RESHMEN UNITIATIONI ROUGH ISN T IT FROSH? SURPRISED 4 1. JUST LEARNING LAST MINUTE TOUCI-IES TO THE FINAL DECISION' muumA4U PICTURE POSE INITIATION CLOWNS SENIORS FLOATING BY Best Sport-.1 42. LZIIZLZ fL.TCf'ZL1.fJH5. err WALSWORTH 'ilu um n Y un H 44 w-.f .5-,kv l--'P' -w-nv--1 A aww b. .-urn M- N . u..w.w. ln., u A Davis County Sales Co DAVIS COUNTY S ON LY COMPETITIX E MARKET SALE EVERY FRID AX S E RENO 8. SONS ALCTIONEERS PHONE 430 BLOONIFIELD IOIX AX Denmston 81 Partridge Co QUALITY LDMBER AND BLILDING NI-XTERIALS DuPont Pamts Curtlss Nllllxxork NIuleh1de Shmgles RED TOP FENCE BLOONIFIELD PLLAXSKI MILTON SEE BLD GENE RED I Q , xv , 1 1 , 7 I - Y I T - . . I , I v F v I A , . 0 0 v T . T Y , V I . - L A . - - A , - L' , I A A . . as Y uv 64 y rr 4, .. ' L w 1 A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE SM ALL ENOUGH TO BE FRIENDLY BIG ENOUGH TO MEET YOUR EVERY REQUIREMENT NIEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION State Savings Bank CANTRIL MILTON PULASKI IOWA CADWELL BLACKSMITH 8. WELDING Plow Work Dlsks Sharpened Repalr Work of All Kmds Vlllton Iowa For Good Clean Fun Plav Pool at LES RECREATION lestex XIIIIGI Nlfma Q1 MIIIOU IOVHH .' 1' Be Sure to See Me for All Repair Work Buloxa Hamllton Elg1nVlatches Keepsake Dlamonds Alva Lang 81 Son JEWELERS Guaranteed Repa1r Work All Watches Checked on XX estern Electrlc Watch T1mer On the Square South S1de Bloomfleld Iovsa Quahty lVI6I'Cl1HHCl1S6 at PFICCS You can Afford Just Try Peterson s Va rlety Nhlton s Shoppmv Center Bloomfield Kleaners Hatters and Ta11ors Off South East Corner of Square Phone 484 Jlmmy Andrews A ent at Mllton Dry Goods - Notions - Work Clothes - Shoes - Rubber Footwear l . VAUGHN MOTOR 81 IMPLEMENT CO. FORD Parts - Cars - Trucks - Tractors - Implements Phone 180 Bloomfield. Iowa Phone 450 CLARK E STOOKESBERRY Local and Lonv D1stance Hauhng Phone 49 'Nhlton Iona HERBERT TRUCK LINE Local and Long D1stance Hauhng Phone 632 Bloomflelcl Iona L G BISH TRUCK LINE Qholt and Long D1slance Hauhng Hog BLING! Phone 115 Puldslu loxxa . D , . 1 . .. xr I- . L . 7. THE EXCHANGE BANK Davls Countx s Oldest Busmess House Bl00lTlfl9ld Iowa THE SPILMAN JEWELRY Dlamonds Vt atches bllx erware Kodaks Fostorla Cambudge Glassware All Watches are T1med on the Paulson Electromc T1me O Graf Phone 00 XX est S1de of Square CROUSE FARM EQUIPMENT Inte1nat1on'1l Ham ester Internatlonal Trucks Parmall Tractors Implements lnternat1onal Refugeratlon Palts and SCTVICC Phone 188 107 E Jefferson Bl0OIllf1Gld Iowa BLOOMFIELD LOCKER Fanu Nleats and Glocerxes Phone 100 113 E Jefferson Bloomf1e1d Iowa . 7, . . - 7 - 1. I , - , , . Bloomfield, Iowa 1 A C 'my ' - 1 - L . ' ' , ' ! IOWA THEATRE B1oomf1eId Iona Perfect Sound and Projectlon A1r COITCIIIIOHGCI bv Ref11ge1at1on NIOXIGS axe You1 Cheapest Entertamment You See All the Best Nloues Here MILTON LOCKER SERVICE Custom Slaughtermff Rendermg Curlng VI e Package and Freeze fo1 Home Freezers DARNELL S GROCERY GIOCGFIGS and Meats Quahty Seruce Economx F1ne Food for Fme Folks Our Fanulw Phone 100 511111011 Ion MILTON FEED SEED 81 GRAIN Be Sure Be Safe Be Thmftx Feed Nutrena Chas Younker Manager Phone 64 Mrlton Iowa . D - . - . T . . Phone 58 Milton. Iowa I fu . I f ' . 73 FARMERS COAL 8. CREAMERY Pasteurized Dairy Products Keosauqua. Iowa LYNCH CAFE Meals Short Orders Ice Cream Candy Phone 43 Mllton Iona WAGLER FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Seruce Bloomfleld Iowa Con p un nts oi Standard Oll Dealer Comphmcnts ci ROXY THEATRE Hr 8h Mrs O 'NI Melun and VN as ne Mllton Iowa HERB MOORE KEOSAUQUA MOTOR CO Inc Chrysler Plymouth Sales and SGFVICG Keosauqua Iowa Phone 71 M ANDREWS BROTHERS Plumblng and Heatmg App11ances Surge Mllklng Machmes Sales and Seruce Mllton Iowa Complxments of JO ANN AND ELLIS CITY CAFE Excellent Food Phone 40 TRI COUNTY FARM SUPPLY J I Case Farm Machlnery Sales and Serv1ce M1lton Iowa Phone 52 M More for Your Llvestock at CLAUDE FULLER S M1lton Iowa ROBERT S FEED and PRODUCE Buyers of Poultry Cream Eggs A Complete L1ne of Gooch s Best Feeds Mllton Iowa D R OLSON 'II1Iton Iowa 1 - ., . L 7. The Morts Milton, Iowa I I ! LUNSFORD GARAGE Pluto and R3dlO Repan' Phone 823 UIIIOH IOXX3 MIDWEST RENDERING CO Bonaparte Iowa No Horse too Larffe No P1 too Small Call 300 Nhlton Ioxx fa CONOCO STATION ENGLAND CREAMERY CO Pasteurlzed Dalry Products Phone 513 Bloomfleld BURCHETT S GEORGE KYL S MEN S STORE Bloomfleld Iowa DR C D FENTON M Bloomfleld Iowa GWEN S FLOWER SHOP Flow ers for All OCcas1ons Phone 476 Bloomfxeld Iona L A T I M E R S Shoes Dry Goods Glassxx are Phone 72 BlO0Illf191d, Iona N G -- 'g - -- - ' , 1 L. L. Smith Pulaski. Iowa I I I 7 . . . , . D. I ll Y ' FF Phone 581 WHITACRE CLEANERS Glenn Lorene Bloomfleld Iowa Phone 669 SWAILES FARM SERVICE Mrnneapohs Mol1ne Bloomfleld Iowa Phone 132 KEOSAUQUA FEED 84 GRAIN Dealers 1n All Gra1n Custom M1XlHg and Gr1nd1ng Keosauqua Phone 61 J CUNDI FF Heatmg and Plumbmg Mllton Iovs a W. L ANDREWS D V M M1lton Iowa Shell Gas More Powerful Lunch Room EARL SHORT Cantrll Iowa Phone 17 HILL S GARAGE Your Motor Doctor Cantrll Iowa HARBISON FEED 8. 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Suggestions in the Milton High School - Cadet Yearbook (Milton, IA) collection:

Milton High School - Cadet Yearbook (Milton, IA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Milton High School - Cadet Yearbook (Milton, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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