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fi EDICATION THE 1949 MILTON CADET Who for Small Glory To Themselves Are Workmg for the Greater Glory of the School The Staff Z Dedicated to the Many :lion School ua ang Representlng ln B1-1ck and Steel Hopes that Chlldren of Thls Communlty A Co operatlve Venture Beyond the V1s1on Of Thelr Elders The 'vhlton School Bulldmg Constructed 1n 1929 Represents One of the Flner Structures Of the County It 15 Surrounded By a Campus Known as One of the Most Beautlful m Southern Iowa 3 I1 M' 'ld ' 0 Will Form from Life Q fa 1 , -, 'Fm L-Q ,A , N 4 swf 'i -r' - lvv' Mus, M., -T fu-vpn' r l""'lQu Ian IJ'-ke an .LY ,.' fT .fue lon .H gl: Choo! Faculty 1949 Superlntendent Wxlllam M Dennis Prmclpal B A 1937 State Unwerslty of Iowa Major Sclences M A 1947 George Washington Umverstty Washington D C Major Education Speclal Actwltxes 1n1t1ated weekly school broadcast started band attempted one of f1rst school and comrnuxnty newspaper comb1nat1ons ln Iowa Roy M Senor B A Educatlon Northeast M1ssour1 State Teachers College Additlonal work State Un1vers1ty of Iowa Iowa C1ty Iowa Teachmg expenence rural schools Boone County Mzssourl Instructor and admtmstrator H1.l.lsboro Imogene Salem Wyman and M11ton Iowa schools Specxal ACIIVIIICS Junior Class sponsor junior Senxor Class Coach Rex Gordon B A Educatwn Appalachlan State Teachers College Spec1al Act1v1t1es 1n the oplmon of other coaches of the County Mr Gordon xn the face of handlcaps caus1ng coaches to shy away from this posltlon developed teams beyond expectatwns In add1t1on he was an actwe sponsor of commumty recreatlon and school soclal functlons Mxss Bertha R Saunderson Mxss Mar Educatxon at Iowa Wesleyan College Ch1cago Un1vers1ty Umversxty of Callfornla and Inwerslty of Washlngton Inst1uctor Algebra English and B1ology y Eleanor Pmnell B A Muslc State Unwerslty of Iowa Iowa C1ty Iowa Experience 1n Denver Coloradol and Otturnwa schools Spectal Act1v1t1es vocal musxc groups mcludxng Gu-ls Sextet and G1r1s Glee Club Actwe m school presentatxons school social occasxons and w1th grade school muslc groups partxcularly the JIIHIOI' I-hgh School Glrls Glee Club 6 ol 0 1 OI I . ' I . I . 0 at I I I I OI I . . . . 3 . . . , , I I I I I I I I I I I I 0 . . . . 5 . , . - . Banquet, director Junior Class play, a D I . . . . s . . . , 0 I I ' I . , . . . I . . , . I l I . 0 o 0 . I . . I . I l . . . . . D . . . . . . . I . . . . I . I I . . . . my L lon grade c 0 Faculty 1949 Ivlrs Geraldme Wvmer F1rst and Second Grades Traxmng at I1l1no1s State Normal and Sxmpson College Indxanola Iowa Taught four years at Outvllle Ohlo three years at Gardner Illlnols one year at Morr1s Ill1no1s one year at I..ov1ll1a Iowa two years at Alb1on Iowa and at Mllton Mrs Retta Harlan Thu-d and Fourth Grades Trammng at Parsons College Fa1rf1eld Iowa Experlence has mncluded three years ln rural schools and one year 1n Mxlton Mrs Mary Ermnger Flfth and S1xth Grades Tralnlng at Iowa Wesleyan College and the State Un1vers1ty of Iowa Adchtlonal work at Western Ill1D01S Teachers College 'Vlrs Esther H Moore Seventh and Elghth Grades TTGIDIDP at Iowa State Teachers College Cedar Falls Iowa Taught four xears mn rural schools slx 'wears at Douds two years at Troy and four years at Mllton CUSTODIANS AND DRIVERS Clarence Boyd Ch1efCustod1an Lee Cundlff Custod1an Electrlclan and bus drxver Ldgar Ixoch bus driver 8 Ju., ll I Y I I l I Y 1 Y , Y I , Y I 9 . I , 5 . , . . 1 1 ' I .. - I , , , . . . .7 . Y 4 I 4, V I Y , , . ' 1 xrw L CUNW C'x.stod1ans and Janitors 'D an EWG.-XP KOCH 7 CUNNI Bas prners fs? Q-sn Q The School Representative Body THE STUDENT COUNCIL STANDING:jlmmy Wilson, Ernest Bh-chxnlsr, johnny Holland, and Rex Ove:-strut, SEIATED: joe Btbby, Jocelyn Wilson flaresldontl, R, A, Harlan QSec:rstaryl, and Bob Brady. Absent Through Illness: William Miller, THE STUDENT COUNCIL Established on 1'-he premmse that self governxnent must be as much of the school s offering as algebra the Student Councll 'LII lts first year represented the student body of the school carrled on orgamzatnon of such student socxal occaswns as the Christmas Party school dances skating partles etc ln its 1ncept1on thxs year the Council has had to conquer the popular m1sconcept1on that partxclpatxon ln the plans and policy makmg for the school 15 barred to those most concerned the student 10 I . I , . Q . . F I I 9 i I t 0 I , . . . . - . . - . D KT ni 5' 44? ROBERT BRADY JUNIOR BOYD 'Z Q' N C GARRETT 'f"1P DALE SNX DLR EILEEN Rom 13 I ' up 1 fN UNDERGRADS NANCY KATHERN ERZINGER HOULLIHAN CLARK PETERSON RALPH GLASG OW RICHARD TOHOMAS Clan o 1950 GRACE LUNSFORD REX JOHNNY ovrsnsrnr-:err JOCELYN WILSON ALFRED ELDER BILL BARNES RONNIE MCCOULLOUGH DONALD GRIM I-:VON 1-:VELYN MILLER PRICE I5 LQROY NELSON HOLLAND NED COOK .IKV ?2,,1,f,jgL,,,f,,,w , , 25 ,A- 14? ,ff 4 ' 1 'St "i 3, I Uri? Q I 5' I .--4-f ai -.A.N-- ivr aiu SHERLEEN R, A, .IINLMY ELIS EMERY DORSON I-IARLAN DORSON ANDREWS ,aug lv JOAN PHYLLIS VANCE NORTON 0pll0l1'l0l'eJ 41 CHARLOTTE BURCHETT an 3, 4.4 I? 1' 1 Ain T' GERALD INIMH CARI. PATRICIA GAFFNEX 'VILSON HARII ARD OUNKER 16 .,....J BERNIECE RUSSEL PETE VERELEE BAIRD BOYD NELSON DUNN op OIYZOPBJ PATSY JOAN HAR1. HILL GEORGE DONALD GARETT WHITE 17 4 ROBERTA DORSON W i AJA. CLAUDE ARLENE BIC KEL JENNINGS JERRY YOUNKER CHARLES BOYD GERALD HEAD GERALDENE BIC KEL DORTHY SCHULLO LEO PENDER ERNEST BIRCHNHER RONALD OVERSTREET VELMA HUNTER JERRY LEE LUNSFORD ImO7U'1'l DONNA RAE KAYSER DONALD EVANS CHARLES RITZ WILLARD RIPPY JUNI OR Housr-: L ion grade c 0 Fxrst and Second Grades Mrs Wymer First Row Jimmy Roberts Denms Newland Barbara Cook Carolyn House Dolly I-lull Larry Downlng Larry Pender Patty Parls Gary Brown Dean1e Cund1ff Junrny Kayser Second Row Harlean Hudson John Donaho Bill Ramsev Jlmmy Kxttle Sandra McFadden Jeanie Brown Bllly Nmcolx Larry Gooden Wayne Norton Dolores Conner Nelhe Ph1ll1ps Thlrd Row Dennv Hull Llnda Lou Gooden Ehleen Allen Marlene Johnson Buzzy Roberts Edw1n Burchett Bobby Smlth Larry Cook Judy Younker Ray Moffett Th1rd and Fourth Grades Mrs Harlan Flrst Row Sandra Wilson Gary Wright Jerry Jannlngs MarJor1e Blrchmxer Frederlck Boyd George Wehner Leonard Dav1s Kathyleen Wmsell Karen McBratney John Harward Second Row Mary K1ns1nger B1lly Prlce Kenneth McLeland Kay Atkins George Strout Jlmmy Younker Jeanette Blrchrrner Jlmmy Wehner Donald Newland Everett Phmlhps Nancy Paris Dorothy Newland Andrews Ronald Conner Joe Moffett Fmfth and Slxth Grades Mrs Erzlnger F1rst Row Mary Lou Pender Donn1e Younker Annxta Andrews Dwlght Younker Jackme Swaxn Bobby Cook Bobby Smlthburg Rosalee Conner Roger Epperly Monte Wxlson Second Row Nancy Wehner Betty Bxbby Jane Nelson Orland Dee Weathermgton Betty Jean M1ers Robert Boyd Lo1s Janmngs Th1rd Row Wayne Garrett Connxe Wilson Billy House Garnet Ritz Donna King Darrell Wheaton Wanda Hunter Darlene Humphrey Bonnle Lou Roby Beverly Bell Seventh and Exghth Grades Mrs Moore First Row Phyllls Houston Jamce Younker Vera Harrxs Shrrley Humphrey Albert Garrett Lawrence Pender Burton Burchett Larry Swaln Donna Overstreet B1l1y Cook Joan Humphrey Second Row V1rg1ma Schullo Marxon Nelson Ray McLeland Frances Zxllman Donny Perry Judy Boyd Donna Coward Vada McManus Roberta Harward Beverlv Baker Thlrd Row Robert Davxs Lowell Pender Robert Beggs Douglas Peterson Rxchard Hall Eugene Overstreet Harold Nelson Ph11l1p H ounker Jackxe Rxtz Carl Humphrey Carolee Wmsell 19 .M .I It I I I I I I . I : I I 1 I . . I I I I I I , . I : 4 I . I . I I I I I I I 0 . 1 . , . I . , . . . . , I I I I , . Z . . , . . , , . , I I I I I I I c Third Row: Jon King, Janet Peterson, Gary Gooden, Larry Oaks, Joe Winn, Charles I I I . z I - I . I . I . . I I I I I Z I . I I . I I I 0 D : I ' . I I I . I . I I I I I 0 . Z . I . , . , . I I I I I I , . 2 . . ' 1 I 9 1 . 9 , , 1 1 r . ' I ' y 1 1 n . , I I Y I I , . gr cfe4ff592 a Qradea 3 cc? 4 Q cfe47f5J8 grade! 5 89 6 ra Z fi L ton .H gh clzool a4ctuulze4 The KBIZ Broadcast Staff In 1948 M1lton Hxgh School had the opportumty to carry on tts own weekly broadcast over KBIZ of Ottumwa The program was regularly heard at 10 O0 A M every Saturday The staff mcluded Grayce Lunsford seated, Jocelyn Wllson Kathern Houhhan LaVon Mlller Joan Vance Wayne Andrews Robert Flash, Vannoy and Elhs Emery Andrews announcer Edxtor and news commentator for grade news was Gray ce Lunsford for hlgh school news Robert Vannoy for girls sports Kathern Houlmhan for boys sports Wayne Andrews Sxgnature and feature muslc for each program was provxded by Jocelyn Wilson LaVon Mlller and Joan Vance Durmg the second semester Patsy Harl was added to the staff as muszc reporter Purchase of a speclal devmce for p1ck1ng up telephone conversattons allowed the program a weekly educational news summary presented by Mr Galbreth of the Iowa State Educatxon Assocxatmon offtces 1n Des Mo1nes Each program was an on the spot wlre recordlng later sent to Ottumwa for trans crlptlon State w1de notlce of th1s program was given ln a NIIDLAND SCHOOLS artmcle of the May tssue The Girls Trxo Probably the most lmportant vocal group at least from the number of presentattons was the Gtrls Trlo composed of Joan Vance left LaVon Ivhller center and Jocelyn Wxlson rxght Besldes preparlng new materxal weekly for the broadcast thls group was called to smg for commumty church occaslons was an unportant part of the G1r1s Vocal Group Recltal gxven 1n the spr1ng The Tr1o depended upon the natural ab1l1ty of Joan Vance second soprano and LaVon M1ller alto to place thezr parts by ear around a melody sung by Jocelyn W1lson The Gxrls Glee Club Under the d1rect1on of Mlss Plnnell the G1r1s Glee Club developed a nurnber of very fine pleces Presentations were made at commumty functxons school re11g1ous assembhes and of course the Recital Reading from left to rlght they are Roberta Dorson Sh1rleenDorson Patsy Harl Velma Hunter Grayce Lunsford Charlotte Burchett Mlss Pmnell Nancy Erzznger Dorothy Schullo LaVon Mxller Jocelyn W11son Evelyn Prmce and Joan Vance The Gxrls Sextet Thls group was one of the first to make a communtty presentatxon as well as partlclpat mg tn early broadcasts Read1ng from left to rxght they are Joan Vance Jocelyn Wilson Patsy Harl Charlotte Burchett LaVon Miller and Roberta Dorson Z3 l Ju., . .O I . , 1.. 0 C I I I I I I K I , . I 'I ' I I I I I I . I I ' I . . . . . nfl I I I II I I I ' I I . I I I I . 'I I 0 I I I ' I ' I I I I I I I I I I , . 'I I ' I I I I I ' KBIZE J 4t5t roa ca girld , Zrio I Z4 gig: ir .4 J ee Qirla , :gexlel Z5 L lon .H gl: cfwol afciuulzes M11ton Memorandum Staff The Mxlton Memorandum represented probably one of the fxrst endeavors to combme the town and school newspapers under a school organxzation Two serlous mxstakes kept It from being successful ln the f1rst place the ab1l1ty of the town to back the paper was less than estimated Wlth a listed populahon of nearly 800 Milton was able to gwe the paper only 78 subscr1pt1ons most of these from wtthln the school This m1sJudgment of the town was based on the fact that between three or four out of every f1ve resldents 1n M1lton are elderly or ret1red persons Wh1le the paper was scaled to 1ts listed populatwn the actual actwe port1on of Mmlton would correspond roughly to a town of 360 to 400 and the Memorandum was not desxgned for a town of such s1ze Reading from Left to R1ght the staff lncluded jocelyn Wrlson Robert Brady Robert Vannoy and joan Vance mn the first row and ln the second N C Garrett stand 1n for hospltalhzed Dale Snyderl Wayne Andrews johnny Holland and Rex Overstreet Co edltors were Robert Vannoy and Robert Brady who edrted the paper on alternate weeks Advertxsmng bus1ness and cxrculahon were the responsxbxhty of johnny Holland and Rex Overstreet wh1le Wayne Andrews was sports editor Copy preparatmn was cared for by Jocelyn Wxlson and joan Vance Of the above staff Dale Snyder Robert Vannoy and junior Boyd were actwe 1n pre par1ng this annual Because the paper was a sizable project the Memorandum Staff orgamzed and carrled out a school carmval to ra1se funds for the paper and to fmance the purchase of new basketball sults Th1s money was turned over to the Board When 1t appeared that the Board had 1ts own ideas about these funds and complamts were lodged that the staff used too much tzme for the paper the Memorandum was dlscon tlnued Smce w1thdraw1 of funds could be done only with Board consent the superm tendent looked around for a less expenslve prlntlng system until such a t1me as the Board should take actxon toward refundmg surns collected The Memorandum wishes to extend partxcular thanks to Messers Morgan and Brown for carrymg out the orlgxnal drwe for advertxsmg and to Mrs Iowa Andrews who acted as commun1ty news ed1tor 26 .Mol . ..' . . . . . . . . . .. - 1 . I I .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 I I I I . . . . . p s p.. 6 ' . . 1 n 1 . ' 1 I I , . . . , . . 1 I 1 ' . . . I . . . . . . . . . . . , - . . . . . I A' I - . .. . . . ' I , . . UBLXCATXON X 9 4 8 mrmou urea souoor P Aff'-1' iowa oc'ror-z-sa-1, COJLIOTX Counties C10 um 1 1, 11 Schools m TEACHERS MTVN XNSTXTXX mods for 1 e Y, 2' xx as riosui ondm. 1 rrxrhrr smsi Li, L at 0 Xt nine 0 dmis COX the new genrrai .xsser lv x Xshnrv Hope 1 NN NN kia intfoduxe 'hc te e bounxy Aim! 'xt their warious dixisions NM urn Dennis ggi new nik e ectrihed bv the i Saturdw mg urrxing K nur oi town di din t this xvers mir u 4 xx K e 'Niihon L mn io tr r e Rho opr ixuinis ior xux N Y xx em Lo the s in the mornind midrr N n the aiurnoou he ittenc Lurfk uhm' AL tix ities suiai Senor 'uuiidui Un ssions gix on b i min the nternn n disrri x i io i x KN' Rex L ion xx XSL KU, T O N , -1 O e D on ' F T Three : li K f1 . i S. x , YA. X " ' , ' , Tl' Q 1- 'hh ., 11".' "- .3 'i' .HF ins, si' o A ,1 V 1 ' " " 2 5 H' or i ' v v '23, CSN. .' ' X 1 X f 'VH Y, X". s ' '. is n- My 1 1 4, 4, m ll rr. r r Us we w -'M .g i X -fs.. ui. 2 -fair 'P X-'X . .y.. A BGL ' X Xt - P, J P A Y- . ' S "ity was given the ivofxf j V. ' f A X H ' x M . x v ,. L. A by the Roxy 'Yhsliiui' 'rx V 'Q - N - A X ' F ,ion in xhr- Szimiliziy V 1 , , x " LX Shih! proicvxiciii mi- Q A - Q ,I e ,f -vt, ing, of LMC mirixm :md mf ' ' ' c ' 'B rio? oi Khc iwciir-his Us M- , ' - I f , - -, i Q Cmnpuign. I E V V Q g ' '- y 'ME ring M the banri iok 1 A -' 4 1 LQ-X 3-' - , Q , ,Q 1 X WC Starred Ui give thx- J erm? K W huh Mum gcrous fire and rho ohi Y H . 1 ir rr x -.wr - as though to he r P " ' 3 fiiN".i4 , 'iii 'Cs oi the Chxb were on ' 5 ' 4 - 'rho Klniversixy rm the gathering, on I . hi ihe size oi the campaign and to ', ix bofini Science Q ern the dangers mhm iss Caxiieriiieihriarg actuai frrc were ro f M. , S dxS'LfiCK, ' 'V XSS vauxxdefsom ' 'onomics LXXSCLXSSK ar aw-:ntion was cahed -x rho speuhinr Y Oi the eiisting 'J' xi . she amteridcri the SO nts oi the more Qgntrai " ' - john W. W aiker, fm asked Pamcmm Mfg. Mem, if vast damage that grade teacher, 1 by an uncontrohed x d. A. . rhood oi some oi the xsflusmons m F - - - berng under Mi iriidxngs. has been k- on X 'ti - . the Schooi 590 L 2 Aff kbontinued on Vage 2 C Coke under bliwk hs! e -e dxgerem sgaoke to? Armin ' S B 3 IX C BAND NEWS Kam Yea? Miss Preston. changer this BY DW instead Oi Mrs.Erzin5 i you hear a iot oi wierd rockets at . ifomdtkffl teacher" it s of the dv-Y and night, dont be wot- edwor tant th- S iwivoon L -fi, its irrsi the members oi hlihon . . a x x mmson -I-Lrh's new band przxchriiig on their in- There Wm be 3' ago the mwah Nlfs H' .fin-'wiri'Cs MX iaidding, aside the band FULTON 'MENKORANDUNT whuh Ad -'ty "R X i ' - ,- 'dcntiiv the office. li there is ani: news gm e LAT rwpO.'n.' mrwgrr-ssing as rapuih' as van heh. - , , 1 Makin-,Cv fm , 1:-J, WL- are ah hxokiiig inrwzxrdixnim the Community' thqc XS 3 box iofmx NEW LIBRARY had the-ta 'X X. M ,.,.l1xM.' the dw W, lm, KU rwwkrhis at the ioox oi she stairs, LHXSX niso for X 4 Q Miss WJ -X pwmus fmin grimy. wc studenls mo put in news arucius undx There is going ro bf' a new Bb?-355' Q0 airs , X M UL A EMM gwmx or-gains. rxbc used by-the High bCho0N.h wihbc in ved wx .L QM , -'K ,I g,x,A,.i'l..xi,i.f ,thc hawk oi the agacnibiy. There wihbei i s , D A ,iir ' gshr s-'-, ww xrixmii mbie-mop high for ah mei ,-fGer:d L i 'ho--ks. "hu hooks are in bmi sha - and ads 2 NEW BXCYCLE' RACK iam- , I1 11 Xu ho ruriairx-A, nuinbjg grudxgirg Xiu 1 . -A , Qs k , U X ikfllr- xwili hr' gf ...1' Q-O. in ouch one XT.',Xi1r-vii - i, K Lxb, -. -. '- ,' -' g 'o X-o mix hier ll hxrgc iXi'f3.YY,k.'5i'r11.I'1'r ' ','. ' 1 CH -Yi K1 inf pr-xppic to use iiXv'iwJkX',Q ' ' -.-1 in L2 Mc ion .H gl: School a J After a lapse of a number of years the Mxlton Hlgh School band was re actzvated m September of 1948 In order to make muslc avallable to anyone the Board purchased enough 1n struments for a baslc band and work was started pr1mar1ly 1n the lower h1gh school grades and on down through the jun1or H 1gh School lt was hoped thus traln youngsters who would be wxth the band long enough to allow 1ts full develop ment Because llttle formal muslc had been taught prev1ously except by teachers ln 1n dlvldual classes ln the grades the band started nearly from scratch Only su of the number had had any prevlous instrumental tralmng Members of the band are as follows Stand1ng Mary K1ns1nger Vlrglma Schullo Carolee W1nsel1 Vada McManus Ray McLeland Leo Pender Mr Denms Charles Davls jerry Lunsford Charles Rxtz Robert Vannoy Donald Whlte Wlllard Rlppey Charlotte Burchett Charles Boyd Carl Humphrey Betty Blbby Bmlly Cook Robert Davls Bobby Sm1thburg and Roger Epperly Seated Gerald Head Ernest B1rchm1er Velma Hunter Donna Rae Kayser Joe Bmbby Patsy Harl -Ioan Vance Dale Snyder Rlchard Hall R A Harlan Gera1d1ne Blckel jerry Younker Donald Evans Phyllls Houston and Burton Burchett Rental was charged upon the mstruments untll It looked as though regular tax funds were being used to f1nance that program Since It 15 not possible to charge for school ltems financed by taxes such as typewrlter rental or charges for typmg paper the supermtendent bllled band members but took no steps to collect fees In thxs way he cleared h1s obltgatlons wlth the Board wlthout lnvolvlng h1mself 1n somethmg that rrnght not be h1s concern The lnstruments were purchased at a sufflclent bargaxn to msure httle or no loss should they be resold The band presented mus1c at a number of games under the dlrectlon of Student Dxrector joe Blbby partlclpated ln school assembly programs and gave lts own Spring Concert near the end of the second semester Z8 ol 9 , - ! .- l , to D i ' . ' Y I I 1 I i O I I D l I D 9 D Y I I I l l 0 ' I 1 I I i D I I I n 0 I D I ! , . . J, . . , - . . I I . 'G 2 Q5 Q16 gf 3 Q Y Z9 iff? X .ML lon .H gh clzool Sports F'1rst Page Basketball Teams Boys Basketball Ftrst Row Harward Boyd Peterson Barnes Holland Harlan Boyd fCharlesl Second Row Evans Dorson Garret Andrews Coach Boyd fRusselll W1lson Lunsford Glrls Basketball Flrst Row H111 Norton Mlller Schullo W11son Harl Second Row Harward Overstreet Younker Coach Boyd udyl Second Page Baseball and Cheerleaders Baseball Team Fxrst Row Barnes Peterson Holland Andrews Harlan Garret Evans Second Row Coach Wh1te Boyd Charles Dorson Cook Boyd fRussl Wllson Harward Lunsford Cheerleaders Ellls Emery Andrews Gerald Head Donna Rae Kayser Ehleen Roby I-hghlxghts 1n Mllton Sports Glrls softball team orgamzed New unlforms boys basketball Gold Medal Tournament held Second place Sectmonal Tournamen baske ball 31 ol 0 D V 7 Z I l ! I I D 9 . . - : . I I . 7 i l l Z I D 1 I Hunter, Dorson I : l l Q ,I I I l I . I I D . , . . D I ' t t - In 32 Q.. 'ir 1 P'-14 avi! 33 Boy s Basketball MILTON Troy Selma 'lf 3 O Ke os auqua Pu1ask1 Bonapart W44 C antr 11 Douds Hillsboro Birmingham Pulaski 442 Stockport 'lf47 Hillsbor o Farmington Troy V4 4:53 "'38 'F37 Cantril Selma Farmington Ke osauqua Sectional Tourney Selma Troy Pulaski Second Place Award MILTON a4llz ehca Baseball Cantril Cantril Selma Bloomfield C ounty Tourney Birmingham Ke osauqua 34 MILTON HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS Girls Basketball IVIILTON 417 '52 Troy Selma Ke osauqua Pulaski Bonapart Cantr 11 Birmingham Pu1ask1 Stockport A I B Douds Stockport Troy Cantrll Moulton Selma Iowa Success Farmington Keosauqua I o RECORD FOR 1949 25 Z9 9 25 26 ' ' 29 ' 31 23 52 -- ' 32 32 48 10 27:50 ' 32 22 ' ' 56 136 31 ' 40 24 ' 38 14 ' 38 Z1 ' 2 6 Douds 32 19 Douds 16 ' 38 22 ' ' 21 31 21 ' 1 ' 28 12 31 34 12 , , , ' 41 18 40 45 21 16 .. ' 13 ' 23 30 1 5 35 7 32 ' 45 24 ' 11 if 5 3 2 10 3 11 'lf 8 4 -or 7 3 0 10 XT fx MGX Flrst Page General P1CtuI6S Smde Boney Snap shooter Wh1tey and Coach Good Frxends juruor and Elleen Rook Somethmg mtereshng Bxg feed Second Page School ACt1V1t1eS Clark and Evelyn Nancy and Rex Drlvers test Donkey ball game ,Iuhus Ceasar Holland Carn1val Stupe R A Dugan Th1rd Page Sport Shots R A pushes one IH Iowa Success glrls Da Von mn actxon Fxghth grade tourney Refreshments At the score table B111 dumps one 1n Fourth Page Baseball etc Spectators joan 1j1tCl'1 to me Clark and joan R 'X pmtclunrv Casex at the bat Layv daxs io :dures Lee Red Roberts Dorothy joan H111 Shorty and joan ohnny and jocxe Rex and Charlotte Phyllis and Bert Vlr Denms Poor sled Kate and Nancy Ronme LaVon and JUDIOI' Play glrls More drivlng tests D1pp1ng ch1l1 Eating ch111 Boys basketball Katy ln the alr Free throw Refreshment booth Sleepy scorer 1n a tangle A 1 B Gmrls team Home run kmng Palred off Snaxl Carl Dog plle Baseball teanu 14373 bunch Clark fl W' 1, ' 10, 2, ll, 3, - 12, 4, ' 13, ' 5, ' 14, 6, ' ' 15, j ' 7, 16, 8. . . . 17. . 9. 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Suggestions in the Milton High School - Cadet Yearbook (Milton, IA) collection:

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