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Text from Pages 1 - 46 of the 1956 volume:

1956 V 0 oVO Published by THE SENIOR CLASS Milton High School Milton, Vermont JtrSSr ' ' Mrs. Catherine Gorman Dedication We, the class of 1956, respectfully dedicate this issue of the " Blue and Gold " to Mrs. Cath- erine Gorman in appreciation of the interest she has shown and the help she has given us through- out three of our high school years. SEATED: Dunkling, Catherine Gorman, Patricia Stanley, Wallace Mae Mellor, Forest T. Farnum, Marion Sommers, Elizabeth Edna Tatro. STA a ING: Benrand W. Chapman, Heel Parker, Paul Bouchard, Raphael J. Morris. FACULTY FOREST T. FARNUM: RAPHAEL J. MORRIS: PATRICIA STANLEY: WALLACE MAE MELLOR: CATHERINE GORMAN: MARION SOMMERS: HOEL PARKER: BERTRAND W. CHAPMAN: ELIZABETH DUNKLING: EDNA TATRO: PAUL BOUCHARD: Principal; Coach, Boys ' Varsity Basketball; Adviser to Student Council. Ass ' t. Principal; Social Studies; Driver ' s Education; Physical Education; Coach of Base- ball and Jayvee Basketball; Coach, Endman in Minstrel Show; Senior Class Adviser. Languages and Math; Adviser to Student Libra- rian and Junior Class. English; Dramatic Club; Coach, Girls ' Varsity and Jayvee Basketball. Commercial Subjects; Minstrel Show dance routines; Yearbook Adviser. Director of Band and Glee Club; Minstrel Show music; Christmas Program; Spring Concert; Music Festival. Science and Math; Adviser to Ticket Sales Committee and Freshman Class. Industrial Arts; One-Act Play. Home Economics; Fashion Show and Sophomore Class Adviser. Junior High Subjects; One-Act Play. English 9; Social Studies; Junior High Subjects; Ass ' t. Coach, Boys ' Varsity Basketball. George Gover, Treasurer; Jackie Brisson, President; Dolores Blow, Vice-President; Sheila Hussey, Secretary. HELEN ADAMS Freshman Committee, School Paper, Blue and Gold, Minstrel, Softball. RICHARD ADAMS Blue and Gold, Freshman Reception, Junior Prom, In- tramural Basketball and Volleyball. DOLORES BLOW Class Vice-Pres., Girls State, Band, Glee Club, Music Festival, Easter Pag- eant, Christmas Contata, Operetta, Minstre 1 , All State, Blue and Gold. r ELEANOR BLOW Glee Club, Band, Christmas Contata, Operetta, Student Council, School Paper, Style Show. PATRICIA BOURGEOIS Glee Club, Operetta. Christtiias Contata, Chccrlejcler, Junior Prom, Blue and Gold, Manager Basketball. JACQUELINE BRISSON Glee Club, Operetta. Christinas Contata. Min- strel, Junior Prom.l-Act PI lys. Maple Sugar fes- tival, Style Show. Class Pres., vice-pres. DONALD DEO Baseball, Operetta, School Paper. ELEANOR DUBUQUE Glee Club. Music Festi- val, Operetta. Christmas Contata. Maple Sugar Festival, Minstrel, Style Show, Easter Pageant. ARLENE ERIT Band, Glee Club, Music Festival, Style Show, Christmas Contata. GEORGE COVER Boys State, 1-Act Play. Christmas Contata. Min- strel. Basketball. Soccer, Baseball, Tumbling. %ii- rti»» ,rf» r jf ir ' SHEILA HUSSEY Good Citizenship Girl, Girls ' State, Class Pres., Class Sec, Style Show, Junior Prom, Basketball. ROBERT LACASSE Boys ' State, Glee Club, Operetta, Minstrel, Tumbling, Kake Walk. " VIRGINIA LACASSE Glee Club, Operetta, Music Festival, Christ- mas Contata, Minstrel, Dramatic Club, Style Show. ESTELL LARROW Glee Club, Band, Christ- mas Contata, 1-Act Plays, Easter Pageant, Minstrel, All State, Blue and Gold. RAYMOND LIMOGE Glee Club, Minstrel, Baseball, Soccer, Bas- ketball, School Paper. ALTON LOMBARD Band, 1-Act Play, Christmas Contata, Minstrel, Kake Walk, Basketball, Baseball, Tumbling, Soccer. JIMMY MANLEY Glee Club. Music Festi- val. Mlnsirel. 1-Act Play, Student Council, All State, Christmas Coniata, Baseball, Soc- cer. Basketball. SALLY MORWAY Band, Operetta. Min- strel. Blue and Gold. Christmas Contaia. Dra- matic Club, Student Council. Basketball. WILLIAM MILLS Glee Club, Minstrel, Op- eretta, Band. Baseball. Soccer, Basketball. ROGER MYOTT Glee Club, Basketball, Physical Ed. HAROLD PHELPS Glee Club, Band, All State Chorus. Operetta. Minstrel, Boys ' State, 1- Act Play, Dramatic Club, Class Officer. MARY ST. PIERRE Glee Club, Minstrel, Music Festival, Christ- mas Coniaia, Style Show, Blue and Gold. MAXINE TRAYAH Operetta, Dramatic Club, Christmas Conta- ta. Glee Club, Minstrel, 1- Ac t Play, Mana- ger Ticket Organization, manager Senior Maga- zine Sale. 4 t ll SI£ ' ' M i K 4 ' ' iwH 1 V - •; V BARBARA WELLS Minstrel, Blue and Gold, Glee Club. Christmas Contata, Maple Sugar Festival, Operetta, Ma- ple Sugar Festival, Oper- etta, Majorette, Basket- ball. BEVERLY WELLS Minstrel, Blue and Gold, Operetta, Dramatic Club, Christmas Conta- ta, Glee Club, Class Of- ficer, School Paper. EDWIN WENTWORTH Operetta, Dramatic Club, Christmas Conta- ta, Glee Club, Minstrel, School Paper, J.V. Bas- ketball, Baseball, Tum- bling. l.XllJ V. .,•. luMl A visit to our M.iic ( ipiiil priii. 1 • ■ I ' lcnicing on our trip to Brandon Spring 1955. Jo goes to Girl ' s State Living Statuary ' W Jill , | I Ai J Twenty Sleepy People Visit to Roosevelt Home The United Nations Building Class Will We, the class of 1956 of Milton High School, being of sound mind and in excellent traveling conditions, willingly make the following bequests to our beloved school, faculty and classmates. Reward 1. To our Faculty, we hereby will and bequeath all the amazing knowledge and startling in- formation that we have given them each year in our various examination papers. We also leave them our ambition, our happiness, and our courage. Reward 2. To the Junior Class, we leave our shoes of righteousness, our high grades, and our good times. We also bestow on them all oui laughs and giggles, tardy and absent marks, all the unchewed gum, all the volley ball, basketball and baseball scores, all unsharpened lead pencils, half-filled note books and all other unclaimed properties of no value whatever. Reward 3. To the Sophomore Class, we will and bequeath our ability of throwing away your gum before entering Mr. Morris ' s classes. Reward 4. To the Freshman Class, we will and bequeath all our courage and happiness so they may get along with the Seniors next year. Reward 5. To the Custodian, we will and bequeath all our pencil stubs and scraps of paper to be at his disposal forever. Reward 6. To the following we make single bequests: 1. To Giles Jackson, we will a Parakee so he may leave the Parrots alone. 2. To Penny Fienamann.we leave a ticket to Mr. Bouchard ' s night school. We hope you won ' t have to attend so much next year. 3. To Arlene Turner, we leave a book on " How To Make Up My Mind. " We know she is undecided. 4. To Janice Caswell, we leave a pound of coffee so she will be able to stay awake while driving home late at night. 5. To Judith Parrott, we leave an extra pair of glasses in case she breaks hers, playing basketball next year. 6. To Tommy Parizo, we leave Billy Mills position on the basketball team. See if you can do as good. 7. To Nancy Beaupre, we leave Alton Lombard ' s ability of meeting a certain someone in the hall. 8. To Evan Miner, we leave the right to watch T. V. on nights a certain someone plays basketball. 9. To Gladys Burns, we leave the right to sit in the front seat on Mrs. Gonyeau ' s bus, so she won ' t have to fight for it next year. 10. To Sandra Cleveland, we leave the right to go for a daily walk during Mr. Bouchard ' s study halL 11. To Mary Blatt, we leave a book on " How To Control Your Temper. " Read this when that cer- tain someone doesn ' t show up. 12. To Carolyn Bullock, we leave Eleanor Dubuque ' s place as Secretary for Mrs. Tatro. Seems she is so good in Typing. 13. To Claire Cadreact, we leave the right to get her things together a few minutes before the bus picks her up. 14. To Robert Frechette, we leave George Cover ' s basketball trunks so he will have a pair next year. 15. To Ebenezer Johnson, we leave a book on " How To Gain Weight. " 16. To Eunice Pidgeon, we, the Seniors leave her a bottle of Geritol so she won ' t be so tired after the week-end. 17. To Beverly Robar. we leave Patty Bourgeois ' s right to flirt with the boys. 18. To Anhur Pidgeon, we will and bequeath a book on " How To Treat The Girls. " Try these man- ners on Mr. King ' s bus. 19. To Dennis Roussin, Raymond Limoge leaves his seat in Typing class. We hope you will do better now that Raymond is leaving. 20. To Allison Sheltra, we will the right to go out with other boy ' s whenever she prefers. 21. To Irene Tracy, we leave Jackie Brisson ' s position as leader of the Cheerleaders. 22. To Ronald Wagner, we will Arlene Erit ' s ability to keep quiet in class. 23. To Lorraine Wagner, we leave a car so she can go and see Sonny more often. 24. To Charles Littlefield, we leave Estell Larrow ' s music books so he may cany out her singing. 25. To Larry Wilcox, we will the right to learn his alphabet before he is graduated next year. 26. To Beverly Cootware, we leave Helen Adams ' s ability to giggle whenever she feels like it. Eleanor Dubuque Helen Adams Mary St. Pierre Class Gifts M ' m-- HELEN ADAMS -- We leave you ihb ceriiflcaie lo gei a ring which a cenaln boy lost. DICK ADAMS -- We leave Dick a pair of pants to replace the one ' s he ripped playing volley ball. DOLORES BLOW -- We leave you ihts extra pair of shoes so Mr. Barrett won ' t have to detour to take you home ELEANOR BLOW -- To Eleanor we leave this license as we understand she is an old hand at driving Focd cars PATTY BOURGEOIS -- We leave you a watch that keeps correct time so you can get to classes on time JACKIE BRISSON -- To Jackie we give this tin navy man so you won ' t forget a certain boy while at college. DON DEO -- We give Don a ticket so he may sit with P. Mayo during next years ' games. ELEANOR DUBUQL ' E -- Since Eleanor is so good at breaking boys ' hearts, we leave her this heart to replace the next one she breaks ARLENE ERIT -- To Arlene we leave this horn so you can make some noise when school is out. GEORGE COVER -- To George we leave this book of girls so you can make up your mind when you get out of the Navy SHEILA HUSSEY -- Sheila, we leave you a picture of a certain Senior boy. ROBERT L CASSE -- We leave you a Jaguar so that you won ' t have to go 25 miles per hour as you have to do with the jeep VIRG1NL LACASSE -- To Ginny we leave amarriage certificate so she can be married tigtit away and move into her new home behind the Blue Moon. EST ELL LARFOW -- We leave you a little car so you can practice driving and get your license. RAY LIMOGE -- We give you this permit to sleep forty minutes each day, as you have slept through Mr. Morris ' s History Class JIM MANLEY -- To Jim we give you the right to go out with a certain Junior girl without any trouble with a certain Junior boy BILLY MILLS -- To Billy we leave a credit card to Bourgeois ' Garage so if his lights go out next Halloween he can have them fixed promptly. SALLY MORWAY -- To Sally we give the right to go to North Hero to see a certain Air Force guy. ROGER MYOTT -- To Roger we give an oil well to keep his Ford running. RAROLD PHELPS -- To Harold we give a cenificate so that he may lead the band at a certain college in New York whenever he feels the urge. KURY ST. PIERRE -- To Mary we leave this cenificate to Arthur Murray ' s Dancing School so she may Icam the latest dances. MAXINE TRAYAH -- We give you a red convertible " Chevy " to remind you of a certain soldier, aARBAR.A WELLS -- We give you this pair of sunglasses so the diamond you will soon be getting won ' t blind you. BEVERLY WELLS -- Jackie leaves you the right to put Bob in his place, whenever he gets on your nerves. EDDIE WENTWORTH -- We leave Ed the tight to cook us all a meal before he joins the Navy. ALTON LOMBARD -- To Alton we leave this book oo ' Married Life since we hear you are interested in a cenaln Milton girL MR. BOUCHARD -- We leave you this book on " Child Psychology " so that you will be able to cope with next -years ' eighth graden. MR. CHAPMAN -- To Mi. Chapman we leave a new set of tools to fix the desks that are broken. We hope you don ' t have to use them very much next year. MRS. DUNKLING -- The Senior Oass leaves you this waste paper basket to remind youof all the papers we picked up In the Senior room. MR. FARNUM -- We leave you this basketball to remind you of the good team you had. MRS. GtlRMAN -- We leave you this yearbook to remind you of the troubles you had getting It togetlier, MISS MELLOR -- We leave you this ted pencil to grade all those lengthy term papers. MR. .MORRIS -- To Mr. Morris we give a bib so that when he eats Ice cream it won ' t drip on his shin. MP, PAPKEP -- We leave you this free ticket so that you may attend any game you wish to next year, MISS SOSftlERS -- To Mut Sommen we leave a picture of the band and a magic wand. We hope that you will have good luck with the band again next year, MISS STANUY — To Miss Stanley we give this candy wrapper to remind you of the Juniors. MRS. TATRO -- The Senior boys leave you a face mask lo protect you ftocn the volley ball games next year, Richard Adams Jackie Brlsaon Raymood Umose II Senior Superlatives GIRL Barbara Wells Jackie Brisson Sheila Hussey Jackie Brisson Maxine Trayah Arlene Erit Sheila Hussey Sheila Hussey Sally Morway Dolores Blow Virginia Lacasse Eleanor Dubuque Eleanor Blow Mary St. Pierre Patty Bourgeois Jackie Brisson Helen Adams Estell Larrow Arlene Erit Maxine Trayah Beverly Wells Helen Adams Patty Bourgeois Most Temperamental Best Looking Best Athlete Most Popular Best Student Quietest Most Co-operative Most School Spirit Wittiest Most Attractive Best Personality Most Determined Best Sport Most Persevering Class Chatterbox Nicest Smile Happiest Most Musical Most Courteous Most Ambitious Friendliest Class Giggler Most Carefree BOY Alton Lombard George Gover Billy Mills Billy Mills Harold Phelps Roger Myott Donald Deo James Manley Raymond Limoge George Gover Billy Mills Harold Phelps James Manley George Gover Raymond Limoge Edwin Wentworth Robert Lacasse Harold Phelps Robert Lacasse Jannes Manley Richard Adams Raymond Limoge Richard Adanns Juniors The Junior class officers are: Allison Sheltra, President; Judith Parrott. Vice-President; Giles Jackson, Secretary- Claire Cadreact, Treasurer. f ' o o i ■ OP n r ( TOP ROW: Nancy Beaupre. Mary L. Blatt. Caroline Bullock. Gladys Bums. Claire Cad- react. SECOND ROW: Janice Caswell. Sandra Cleveland. Beverly Cootwarc . Penny Fienemann. Robert Frechette. THIRD ROW: Giles Jackson. Ebenc .cr Johnson, Evan Miner. Charles Littlefield. Thomas Parizo. FOURTH ROW: Judith Parrott. Arthur PSd- geon.Eunice Pidgeon. (no picture) Be ve rly Robar, Dennis Roussin. Allison Sheltra. FIFTH ROW: Irene Tracy. Arlene Turner. Lorraine Wagner. Ronald Wajyier. Larry Wil- cox. Sophomores The Sophomore Class officers are: Sally Desranleau, President; Patty Davis, Vice-president; Florence Roussin, Secretary; Calvin Morgan, Treasurer. The year ' s Activities included the reception for the Fresh- men and the Sweetheart Hop. 4 i TOP ROW: Elsie Bidwell, Albert Blatt, Leon Blow, Sherman Blow, Leo Bombardier, Randall Gary. SEC- OND ROW: Donna Cleveland, Van Czyzewski, Patty Davis, Sally Desranleau, Bernard Farnsworth, Joe Farnsworth. THIRD ROW: Joyce Frechette, Rodney Harris, Patricia Lacasse, William Labelle, Franklin Lightfoot, Elizabeth McDonald. FOURTH ROW; Calvin Morgan, Moses Lawrence, Bruce Paradee, Edwin Parker (No picture), Joanne Parker, Joyce Poquette, Marilyn Preston. FIFTH ROW; Edward Ratte, Blanch Roussin. Florence Roussin, John Roy, Marie Trayah, Armand Turner, SIXTH ROW: Donald Turner, Lil- lian Wescott, Elizabeth White, Ronald Wilcox. Freshmen The Freshmen Class Officers are: Janet Desranleau. President; Bruce Sweeney, Vice-President; Roger Dewyea, Secretary; Richard Dodge, Treasurer. af as o ( X n 51 £f ? n 1- . I " n 1 ii p. 1 • ' ' 9. TOP ROW: Henry Baker. Janet Baker, Gloria Barber, Patricia Beaupre, Mary Bergeron. Marshall Blgelow, Sylvia Blow. Jerilyn Bluto. SECOKD ROW: Marilyn Bluto, James Bushey. Shirley Button, Christena Gary. James Gary. Beverly Gostello Jane Costello, Patricia Curtu. THIRD ROW; Janet Desranleau. Roger Dewyea. Neil Dingier, Richard Dodge, Everet Dubuque. EUen Duffy, Karl Duffy, June Foran. FOURTH ROW; Sally Fuller, Carol Gordon. Robert Gordon, Stephen Gordon. Roben Hamlin. Janice Jackson. Wayne Jarvis (No picture), Roger Jones, David Lar- row FIFTH ROW: Linda Lombard. Bruce Martin, Prlscilla Mayo. Barbara Norman, James Pidgeon. Shirley Pidgeon, Winston Pidgeon, Winifred Poquette. SIXTH ROW; Marie Racine, Sandra Root, George SorreU. Joyce Steves. Bruce Sweeney. June Sweeney. Mary Tourvllle ltk picture). Laura Wcscott. Sandra Williams. SEVENTH ROW: Donald Wright. Seventh Grade FIRST ROW: Paul Turner, Nancy Root, Sandra Gordon, Lauretta Beaupre, Eleanor McDonald, Peggy Russell, James Rowlev, Sanford Bullock, Joyce Burnor, Betty Jordan, Louella Lamphere, Sandra Bessette, John Parker. SECOND ROW: Carl Bigelow, Roberta Turner, Priscilla Lamphere, Phyllis Pidgeon, Bradley Adams. Charlene Bessett, Robert North, Mrs. Tatro, Lorraine Devino, Stanley Gabree, Theresa Duffy, Beverly Hayden, David Marshall, Norman Hayes, Rita Bouchard. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Mayo, Linda Johnson, Regina Sweeney, Sylvia White, Larry Salter, Henry Marcoux, Stephen Miner, Ira Turner, Sandra Johnson, Pauline Cross, Pamela Norman, Ronald Gordon. Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Karlene Warner. Nancy Pidgeon, Pauline Lamphere, Sandra Beaupre, Ralph Hayden, Chris Rouse. Mr. Bouchard William MuUin, Sandra Blow, Mary Castello, Anna Bradley, Raymond Rowley, Larry Duffy. SECOND ROW: Marv Duffv, Maureen Morris, Madeline Bullock, Willis Gorden, Mattie Russell, Bett ' Robinson, Ila Cross. Harmon Dragon, Fred Underwood, Mary Scribner, Carol MacDonald, Margaret LeClaire. THIRD ROW: Larry Everest, Frances Houghaboom, Stanley Tracy, Larry Hatridge, Earl Trayah, Gloria Towne, Dorothy Zeno, Paul Roussin, Linda Smith. Initiating the " lowly ' Freshman M. H. S. Dance Band " Best band in the land " ' Get in step with the Majorettes " Minstrel Show Rockettes -Walkin fo de Kake ' f « l ( 75 ■ - FIRST ROW: Pa mela Norman, Bruce Sweeney, Janice Caswell, Vice-President; John Parker, Phyllis Mayo, Armand Turner, Arlene Erit, Sandra Cleveland, Randall Gary, Karl Duffy, Ronald Wagner. SECOND ROW: Sally Morway, Treasurer; Maureen Morris, Jimmy Bushey, Christina Cary, Harold Phelps, President; Jammy Montani, Janet Baker, Estell Larrow, Dolores Blow, Secretary. THIRD ROW; Chris Rouse, Eleanor Blow. Alton Lombard, Sally Desranleau, David Larrow, Larry Duffy. Band and Glee Club Our Band and Glee Club have been very busy this year under the direction of Miss Marion Sommers. Officers were elected at the beginning of the year and assumed a big share of responsibility. From the Band was organized an Or- chestra, Twilight Tones. Both the Glee Club and Orchestra made their first appearance in the Minstrel Show. The story of " Silent Night " was presented by the Glee Club at Christmas. A Band and Glee Club Concert was given in Febru- ary. Next on their program wa s the Music Festival. Janice Caswell and Harold Phelps will represent the band at All-State; Dolores Blow, Estell Larrow, James Manley, and Edwin Wentworth, the Glee Club. ii FIRST ROW: Patty Beaupre, Marilyn Preston, Virginia Lacasse, Joyce Frechette, Joyce Poquette, Edwin Wentworth, Donna Cleveland, Marie Racine, Mary St. Pierre, Beverly Wells, Dolores Blow, Arlene Erit, Sandra Root. SECOND ROW: Jerilyn Bluto, Shirley Button, Janet Baker, Henry Baker, David Larrow, Neil Dingier, Miss Sommers. Shirley Pidgeon, Carolyn Bullock, George Sorrell, Betty McDonald, Sally Fuller, Marilyn Bluto, James Bushey. THIRDROW: Sandra Cleveland, Patty Bourgeois, Estell Larrow, Joanne Parder, Elsie Bidwell, Ellen Duffy, Barbara Wells, Barbara Norman, Priscilla Mayo, Sally Morway, Randall Cary, Albert Blatt, Florence Roussin, Penny Fienemann. FOURTH ROW: Janet Desranleau, Harold Phelps, Ronald Wagner, Roger Jones, Charles Littlefield, Ebeneezer Johnson, Richard Dodge, William Mills, James Manley, Claire Cadreact. » f t Gu.;.,- _•_,.: ■■■.:.. J jump shot frotii the corner while Ebby Johnson gaards. J. V. Cheerleaders Janet Baker and Irene Tracy, kneeling. Patty Curtis, Winifred Poquette. Sylvia Blow, standing. SPORTS J. V. Basketball Squad Eddy Ratte guards as Billy Mills takes a one-hand shot. Girls ' Basketball KNEELING: Marie Racine, Janice Caswell, Sandra Cleveland, Judith Parrott, High Scorer, North- western League; Beverly Robar, Allison Sheltra, Sheila Hussey. STANDING: Patty Davis, Ass ' t. Manager; Patty Bourgeois, Manager; Sandra Root, Ellen Duffy, Janet Desranleau, Barbara Nor- man, Sally Desranleau, Miss Mellor, Coach; Dolores Blow, Ass ' t. Manager. St. Anne ' s 46-44 48-36 Brigham Acade my 65-33 76-44 Enosburg Falls 73-61 53-51 Alburg 55-46 39-32 Johnson 51-42 Rlchford 44-43 Cambridge 5 ' 2-40 38-33 Swanton 6 ' 2-41 42-34 St. Mary ' s 55-33 Brigham Acade my 87-53 45-25 Fairfax 39-24 50-41 Enosburg Falls 48-42 54-42 Alburg 68-35 54-31 Richford 38-37 59-47 Cambridge 48-43 29-27 Swanton 57-45 52-35 St. Mary ' s 61-40 41-36 Fairfax 68-58 61-20 St. Anne ' s 62-46 50-29 KNEELING: Mr. Forest Famum, Coach; Alton Lombard, High Scorer; Giles Jackson, Billy Mills, George Gover, James Manley, Mr. Paul Bouchard, Ass ' t. Coach. STANDING: Eddie Ratte, Carl Duffy, Leon Blow, Robert Frechette, Ebbie Johnson, Ronnie Wagner, Thomas Parizo, Randall Gary. Boys ' Basketball 1 1 .i-.i.t 1 1 VT04 T»A $ i 1. C Cheerleaders KNEELING: Alben Blan, James Bushey, Richard Dodge. STANDING: Jackie Brlsson. Christena Gary, June Sweeney. Linda Lombard, Penny Fienemann. Baseball FIPST ROW: Ronnie Wagner, Leon Blow. Alton Lombard, Giles Jackson, George Gover. Ebbie Johnson, James ManJcy, Tommy Parizo, Randall Gary. SECOND ROW; Mr. Raphael Morris. Axmand Turner. Carl Duffy. Billy NUUi. Eddie Ratie, John Roy, Larry Duffy. AMERICAN LEGION POST A. N. DERINGER, INC. No. 57 AUXILIARY Kingman St. St Albans Offers Complete Insurance For Your ® Home-Auto-Life U. S, Customs Brokers Sponsors of Annuities Surety Bonds GIRLS ' STATE Tel. 375 • Poppy Sale for Disabled Veterans General Electric Appliance Compliments of Sales and Service LINCOLN INN ST. ALBANS ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO. Catering to BANQUETS 82 Main Street PARTIES St. Albans, Vermont ESSEX JUNCTION, VT. Phone 8-3309 CURRIER ' S SPECIALIST HATS. DRF SSES. COATS. INDKRWEIAR Aluays Something Sew Phone 2-2801 66 Church Street BLRUNGTON VERMONT HOW TO CHOOSE A DIAMOND Duiiiiond values art- in » ilfttTiniiu-d bv laral wcigljl alone. Clarity, i-utting and color are rqunlly important in choosing a beautiful dia- mond. We grade with modem scientific in- struments for your benefits. SILNEU V. TC11ES TROPHIES F. J. PRESTON SON, Inc. Kci;i l Ti-(i Jrwrlir — AimrK-.m ' .l-ui 5ociit 17 Upper Church Street Burlington, N ' ennont Student Council ■•¥ ' - " ».:. ' . ' v ' SEATED; Janice Jacioon. Mary L- biatl. i nomas rari o. Mr. rorcsl raruuiii. uouiicii Auvisei. jauicJ Mau- ley. Eleanor Blow. Joyce Frechette. STANDING: Phyllii Mayo, Van Czyzewjki. Carolyn McDonald. Bruce Martin Compliments of Frank DesLauriers Son Lincoln, Mercury Phone 570 St. Albans, Vt. BAY-HAVEN BOATS for FISHING Sales and Service Phone 23 Johnson Motors Condi Milking Machines Lyman Boats — Trojan Boats Leon Bora, Prop. South Hero, Vt. E. W. MILLER STORE Phiico Television, Radios, Ranges Refrigerators, American Central Kitchen and hardware DeLaval Milkers, Starlene Bain Equip. J. E. Wagner, Mgr. Tele. 2637 Milton, Vt. THE FLOWER POT Just across from St. Mikes FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS College Parkway Winooski, Vt. 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VERMONT F. !L Rous eau. Prop. Telephone 41- C.omplimcnt i of MERIT SHOE COMPANY, Inc. L.NUlt.ori-JCMlNbON SHOES 42 Church Street BURLINGTON VERMONT KNIGHT ' S STORE J. C. and E. K. Lane. Prop. Groceries, Confccttunertj. Gas. Oil Phone :362-M NORTH HERO BOURGEOIS TEXACO STATION Tire — Accessories — Batteries • Minor Repairs • Lubrication • Wrecker Service John Bourgeois, Prop. MILTON VERMONT Compliments of IDYL-HURST LODGE Warren B. Steadinan Telephone 272 South Hero, Vt. Permanents That Satisfy Hair Coloring Consultation Phone: 869-W ILA ' S BEAUTY SHOP lla Demingware 197 Lake Street St. Albans Vermont Specialists in Hair Cutting, Shaping, Styling and Waving Compliments of PARKER M. IRISH INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE 20 LINCOLN STREET ESSEX JUNCTION, VT. NORTH HERO, P.T.A. Meeting every second Monday of the month. Compliments of A FRIEND RALPH C. RYAN Dealer In Quality Meats and Groceries Fresh Fruits Vegetables Phone 2371 Milton, Vt. RUSSELL L. SWEENEY • KEROSENt; • FUEL OILS • BOTTLED CAS For Prompt Ser ico Call 2771 MILTON. T. CoiHi liiiicut.s of F. S. LANOU AND SON HEATING AND PLUMBING 97 College Street Burlington 4-74S.3 BURLINGTON, VERMONT CENTRAL VERMOMT • C O R P O Ft A T I O N Compliments of MORRIS STUDIOS Your School Photographer Specializing in Senior Class Portraits Yearbook Group Pictures Colebrook, N.H. Main St. Barre, Vt. 24 Pearl St. C. E. BROWN n Farmoll Tractors McCormIck Farm Equipment New Holland Equipment Chain Saws Essex Junction, Vt. Phone 8-3335 as sold by ENOSBURG GRAIN CO. Dtuhy. FEEDS Enosburg Falls Vermont Compliments of MILTON PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Which Sponsors School Hot Lunch Program Basketball Banquet A Student at Girls ' State J. A. RYAN CO. • FLOUR • GRAIN and • MILL FEED Telephone 2643 MILTON VERMONT Compliments of MILTON CO-OP DAIRY CORP. Phone 2961 MILTON VERMONT BURLINGTON SAVINGS BANK BURLINGTON, VERMONT A Mutual Savwgs Bank (109 Years of Stability) MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Continue to buy and hold U. S. Treasury Bonds Build your Savings Account for ready money This Mutual Savings Bank invites you to transact business by mail. Folder " Banking by Mail " sent on request. Compliments of " )our friendly Cities Serf ice Dealer " New and used tires Complete tune up work N. E. BOURGEOIS Tel. 2071 Milton Vermont CHARLESP. SMITH, JR., Inc. I ' OHI) CAKS c THICKS A 1 I si:i) ( i;s Complete Auluinotiic Service Td. 4-9853 ST St. Paul St. BU1UJ. CT(XN Com])Umcnts of AMERICAN LEGION POST NO. 57 M I L T O . , i: R MONT - ' Sj.mxy Sponsors of: — BOYS ' STATE JUNIOR LEAGUE B. SEBALL BRODEN OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Typewriters — Portables Sold — Rented - Repaired 198 Main Street Burlington Vermont Compliments of GRAND ISLE PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION BLUE MOON RESTAURANT Specializing in Steaks and Chops Open 6:00 a.m. to 12 p.m. Dale C. Laughlin Monager and Proprietor Milton Vermont CROSS BROTHERS MARKET Largest assortment of Sporting Ammunition in the State If you think anything of your loved ones, keep your guns and amo. from small children. Keep watch of the muzzle. St. Albans Vermont ROUSSEAU BROS., INC. A Comnnmitij Service Center • INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER • FARM. MACHINES and REPAIRS • CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH CARS • REPAIRS and LUBRICATION GRAND ISLE Telephone 40 FRANKLIN COUNTY SAVINGS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY There Will Be A Brighter Future In Front Of You H You Hove A Growing Savings Account In Bock Of You Telephone 391 SAVE REGULARLY! 333311-]! St. Albons, Vermont Since 1873 W. B. FONDA CO. Lumber, Coal and Fuel Oils Planing Mill Telephone 1035 Compliments of MC GREEVY BUICK CO. UK) Main Street BURLINGTON S I y I ii Compliments of Compliments of DUFFY ' S RESTAURANT AN D TRESLER ' S ORCHARD CABINS Phone 2441 MILTON, VT. Apples, Cherries, Strawberries SOUTH HERO Tel. 156 Compliments of Compliments of THE STYLE SHOPPE Desranleau Bros. Garage STYLES OF THE HOUR • Guh Products General Repairing 28 Church Street Teleplione 2461 BURLINGTON VERMONT MILTON VERMONT Compliments of HOWARD JOHNSON • Meat Market • Frozen Food Lockers Complitnents of THE 1. G. A. STORE HARRISON FOWLER PJione 2852 MILTON VERMONT SOUTH HERO VERMONT Compliments of SHEPARD and HAMELLE VANTINE ' S Men ' s and Young Men ' s on Lake Champlain Clothing and Furnishings GRAND ISLE ERMONT 32 Church St. Burlington, Vt. C ' (nii] linuiils of RILEY ' S I ' lunio 2421 Mil ION VKHMONT Cl llipliltK l v (if ARCHAMBAULT FURNITURE STORE - o r 1(1 . 1,. .ill i,.ul w.mK •■)2. " ) I ' ppir Main St. WlNOOSkl, T. Compliments of Grand isle County Coop. Creamery Association UKANU ISLE ERMO.M ABERNETHY, CLARKSON WRIGHT, Inc. Vermont ' s Foremost Department Store nUHLl.NCro.N I ' hoiic- 4-5701 When you nt ' t-d to buy or soil Real Estate Consult WALTER C. MUNSON, H E A L T O R Dial Essex 8-2097 Colchester, t. BRANCH BROS. CiMieral .MiTclianciise Meats, Groceries, Fruits Phone 4331 MILTON, VT. Compliments of YOUNG ' S PHARMACY (.. J. Mc lun . i ' iuj)iiii..i Dial 2-19.35 IM Pearl St. BLIU.INCTON ROBINSON HARDWARE Dealer In • Hardware • Plninhinn • Paint • I.iiinlx-r • SOI III IIKUO Xr.MMOM Compliments of MORTONS Corner Clothing Store Since 1868 St. Albans Vt. A AND L AUTO PAINT SHOP BODY-FENDER REPAIR Nelson Avery, Prop. Route 2-7 Tel. 49471 WINOOSKI, VERMONT ESSEX TRUST COMPANY Essex Junction, Vt. ERNEST E. PARROTT Electrical Wiring and Repairing Tel. 3-3028 47 Gro c Street Burlington. Vt. Compliments of CHIMNEY CORNERS SERVICE STATION Charles J. and Fleda H. Bora Compliments of ETHAN BAXTER CARPENTER • Ptirc Vermont Honey Phone 2591 Milton, Vt. WALNUT LEDGE Restaurant Cottages Mr. Mrs. Robert Jimmo, Prop. Colchester Vermont FLORA E. GONYEAU Piano Lessons Phone 4391 Milton, Vt. Trlcphoi.c 291S GUY H. DINGIER Real Estate Broker Dealer in Horses, Cattle, New and Usetl Machinery Checkerberrv Comers MILTON, T. HOMER W. HURLBURT New York Life Insurance Co. Life, Annuities, Accident Sickness and Group 20 Main St. BLHLINGTON EHMOM Compliments of W. E. HUTCHINS MEATS and CUUKKHIES Friemlh Service ALBL ' RC NEHMONT JO ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE CHANl) ISLE VEHMONT E. A. BULLIS Jainesway — Einpiri ' Milker Lubricants — Barn Ecjuipment John Deere Sales Ser%ice Dealer in Livestock Freezers — Coolers — Bulk Tanks CHAM) ISLE Tel. W CONKLIN ' S SHELL SERVICE Kepairs General .Auto Repairing Compliments of KENNETH R. ADAMS CONTHACIOH and BUILDEH Tel. 4263 MI! TON. VT. Compliments of SOUTH HERO PARENT-TEACHER ASS ' N Compliments STEVE ' S SERVICE STATION of THE RED WAGON A. J. Stevens, Prop. RESTAURANT Phone 8-3387 Colchester Vermont 1 Main Street St. Albans, Vt. Compliments WM. DOOLIN CC. of The store where it is always LAKESIDE TOURIST CAMP a pleasure to shop Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Gifford St. Albans Vermont South Hero Vermont Av MILTON TV CENTER Motorola H. A. Knight VC.Xr IJ r Zenith Allis— Chalmers Spartan Tractors and Equipment TV and Radio Sales and Service North Hero, Vt. Phone 343 Telephone 4342 Ed and Joyce Sweeney Compliments SWEENY HARDWARE, INC. of kyanize Paints - arnishes - Enamels TWIGGS INC. Electrical Appliances Sporting Goods - Fishing Tackle The store that suits the Housewares well dressed man Phone 259 St. Albans Vermont St. Albans 20 South Main Street Compliments of RAY ANDEDYTHE COBURN All Kinds of Insurance Telephone 2831 Milton, Vt. Tel. Burlington 2-5535 V fc Mcrc iafits Press Printers Upper Main Street Winooski Vermont DIAMONDS . M ' ' ' iJ r L WATCHES ALLEN ' S GARAGE SOUTH HERO, VERMONT Phone 150-W 24 HR. WRECKER SERVICE TRUCKING SAND GRAVEL ELECTRIC WELDING AND CUTTING DRINKVVATER ' S JEWELRY STORE 2 No. Main Street ST. ALBANS, VERMONT Jewelry — Expert Repair Service — Gifts C. A. KELLEY. PROP. HOTEL KELLEY RESTAURANT and GRILL ON ROUTE 7 ST. ALBANS. VERMONT COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Of Qurllngton 266 Pine Street Burlington ,-» Vermont Compliments of GEORGE NAEF I.G.A. STORE EARL L. BEVINS ' GARAGE General Repairing DOIK.i " and IM.Ulon ll.Sorvice Official AA. and . L Slution TclcphoiK- -l-l CHAM) ISI.K Phone 2313 Milton, Vt. Compliments of MILTON BOWLING ARENA One of ermont ' s Finest Bowling Alle Open Week-days — 7:00 p.m. Sundays — 2:00 p.m. Douglas Lafayette, Prop. SOCONY SERVICE STATION Tires — Accessories — Batteries Minor Repairs — Lubrication Wrecker Service Raymond Peal, Prop. Milton Vermont Compliments of AVIS ' BEAUTY SALON CLIFF ' S BARBER SHOP Milton, Vt. Telephone 2783 Compliments of DAN WRIGHT Bread Milk Friendly Service LAKESIDE Home with cabins Home cooking Excellent fishing Mrs. Mor or;e Tudhope North Hero, Vt. Tel. 325-W2 ENDICOTT JOHNSON Shoes for the entire family A St. Albans Vermont 32 ■ : ' Milton Sales Service Co. Bus Phone Res. Phone OLIVER LORANGER, Prop. Milton 4361 Essex Jet. S-5762 MILTON, VERMONT Sales — Complete Tractor Repairs All Makes Service Welding — Electric and Acetrvlene Terrill Chain Saws — Sales and Service Equipment Steam Company JED ' S BARBER SHOP Home of a Fine Haircut Friendly Service Milton Vermont iV ' ;,: " v :.A ,

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