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r PFWPEQTY OF MILTGN a-HGH SCHOOF. Llgi-RARY Miss Edith Holden DEDICATION The Senior Class of 1954 dedieates this issue of the 'fBlue and Goldl' to Miss Edith Holden in appreciation of the interest she has shown and the help she has given us during our four years at high school. We wish her good luck in the future as principal of the new elementary school. 'I ll 1 z 1 e l s l A EDITORIAL As the Senior Class of '54 leaves high school we Wish to express our thanks to our teachers, parents, advertisers, and the many others who have made possible the publication of this issue of the 'iBlue and Goldv. May this yearbook continue to be a tradition at Milton High School. ue and Golfl '3 STUIJFYT COUNCIL Sn-atm-tl-B. lionssin. l'. l'll?1lt'lll2lllIl, L. Iloleombc, J. Russell, l. Ilibburcl, S. Morwux Slill1lllDg--R. Curr, D. Tonrxille, XV. Burrows, K. DnHy Editorial Stab' of the Blue and Cold ElJI'1'f71t-IN-CIIIICE' , . . . . .... ...,. ,.,..,.. A,..A, , I . ,, ., , Sally jackson ASSIS'rAN'r EDITORS . ,. . ,. . . , .....,., Cynthia Martell and Lois Holcombe BUSINESS NTANAGERS . I .. Robert Brisson, Bernard Smith, Leon Breault NEWS EDITORS AIIT Eorron . Poigrnx' Enrroii LllRfTULA'l'ION R AC'1"IYlTIl'IS . Bow, SI-on'rS GIRLS, Svoirrs TYPISTS ,, , lANACl411lS I l Cynthia Martell, Dorothy King, Albert Parker, Bernard Lurean ,. .,.,,...... . ,. . ,James Russell . I ,, . , Ruth Costello 1 Beverly Bovat, lliclialtl Nliner, Agnes Dnnakin, Peter Caclreaet j janet Fienemann, Florence Terry, I Thelma Blow, llonalcl Bouclrean .Bernarcl Smith, Lee Patno, Alclen jones , . ., Theresa jordan, Dorothy King Sally jackson, Cynthia Nlartell, Tlieresa orclun. Lois lloleombe, llzlzel Vantine I 1 f 4 Blue and Gold 4 lass History PP 0 FRESHMEN E STARTED school as frightened, awkward Freshmen. At the beginning of of the year our class consisted of 34 members. Two weeks after school began the "Honorable Sophomoresn initiated us, "the lowly Freshmenf, lt was trying, but after the initiation we enjoyed an evening of dancing and refreshments given us by the Sophomore Class. Soon after this we had our class meeting and elected class officers to keep us under control. President ..,..s,.....,, s,,.,.l. R obert Brisson Vice-President ..... ..,..... H azel Vantine Secretary .,...,...., .,..,.......,, B arbara Harris Treasurer ..........i....,., ...Janet Fienemann Student Council . ..,.. Lois Holcombe and Anne Potuznick Next in line came the exciting Halloween Carnival. VVe enjoyed the fun as well as the work. Several members of our class took part in the competition of the one-act plays. Our class play was entitled: "To Louise From Vicf, Those participating were: Cynthia Martell, Bernard Smith, Leon Breault, Anne Potuznick, Lois Holcombe and Iames Russell. In the contest between the four one-act plays, we won the plaque for first prize. Basketball season started in November. Those from our class who played were: Dorothy King, Janet Fienemann, Agnes Dunakin, Theresa Jordan, Thelma Blow and Lois Holcombe. The boys that played baseball were: Ronald Boudreau and Alden Iones. Also there were Acrobatics directed by Mr. Sorton. The boys taking tumbling were: Lee Patno, Ronald Boudreau, Alden Jones, Albert Parker, and Bernard Lareau. To end our yearis activities many took part in the Music Festival. Those that were chosen for All-State were: Theresa Iordan, Janet F ienemann, Thelma Blow, and Lois Holcombe. CD SOPHOMORES When we came back to school in the fall we were sorry to discover that many members had left our class. The officers were elected as follows: President .. ,....., ,.,. ,.... . , Anne Potuznick Vice-President ........,... ,.,Richard Miner Secretary ............ ...,..,., B arbara Harris Lois Holcombe Treasurer .. .....,., ..,..... I anet Fienemann Student Council ,. .,.Theresa Iordan and Bernard Lareau Shortly after school began, We had the pleasure of initiating the Freshmen. After the initiation we gave a reception and brought them back into good spirits. We took part in the four one-act plays. The name of our play was "Boomerang',. Those that took part were: Cynthia Martell, Hazel Vantine, Robert Brisson, and James Russell. We again won first prize. This year at the Halloween Carnival we had two booths which both turned out very successfully. Those boys going out for Acrobatics were: Albert Parker, Alden jones, Peter Cadreact, Bernard Lareau, and Leon Breault, Several from our class participated in the Minstrel Show which was held iust before Thanksgiving vacation. The Kake Walk was held at the same time. The boys from our class taking part were: Alden Ioncs, Bernard Lareau, Albert Parker, Ronald Boudreau, and Lee Patno. Blue and Gold 5 Both the grades and the high school took part in the Christmas Program. Those going out for Basketball were: Dorothy King, Thelma Blow, Theresa Jordan, Janet Fienemann, Lois Holcombe, and Agnes Dunakin. Bernard Smith, Lee Patno, Ronnie Boudreau. For Baseball, Albert Parker, Alden Jones, Ronnie Boudreau, and Bernard Smith added to the strength of the team. The first part of May several members of our class took part in the annual Niusic Festival. The ones that were selected to go to All-State were: Theresa Jordan, Thelma Blow, Janet Fienemann, and Lois Holcombe. This ended the activities for our Sophomore year. e xv IUNIORS In September we once again returned to school: the first highlight was getting our class rings. This year Nliss Kellogg was our class sponsor and officers were as follows: President . Sarah Jackson Vice-President ,. . Hazel Vantine Secretary . . .. . . Leon Breault Treasurer . Robert Brisson Student Council , Lois Holcombe and and James Russell Those who performed in Acrobatics were: Bernard Lareau, Alden Jones, Albert Parker, Peter Cadreact, and Leon Breault. Mr. Patton took charge of the Tumbling this year. Those of our class in Kake Walk were: Albert Parker, Alden Jones, Peter Cadreact, Bernard Smith, James Russell, and Leon Breault. Those in Baseball were: Alden Jones, Ronnie Boudreau, Bernard Smith and Peter Cadreact. In November, those chosen for Basketball were: Dorothy King, Janet Fienemann, Theresa Jordan. Thelma Blow, Lois Holcombe, Ronald Boudreau. Lee Patno, Bernard Smith, and Peter Cadreact. Mr. Patton took the Sociology Class on a Field Trip to Brandon in June. The trip, especially the picnic, was greatlv appreciated bv all. Those going to Nlusic Festival and All-State were: Theresa Jordan, Thelma Blow, l.ois Holcombe, Janet Fienemann, and Albert Parker. Those chosen for Girls, State were Hazel Vantine and Agnes Dunakin, and to Boys' State went Lee Patno and James Russell. C4 s SENIORS This being our last year, we were all eager to get down to business. Acting as our sponsor was Mr. Patton, we held our first class meeting at which the class officers were elected. They were as follows: President .. . Hazel Vantine V ice-President . .,..,. . Bernard Smith Treas. and Sec'y . .... .... 1 Robert Brisson Student Council . Lois Holcombe and James Russell Our activities began full stride, first came our part in the Halloween Carnival. We had a lot of fun running the booths assigned to us and both the paddle wheel and cider mill were a success. The annual Minstrel Show and Kake Walk held on November 19-20 turned out to be very successful. The Senior Boys who acted as end men were: Peter Cadreact, James Russell, Alden Jones, Bernard Smith, Ronald Boudreau, and Robert Brisson. On the side there were: comic skits done by Thelma Blow, Albert Parker and another by Agnes Dunakin, Hazel Vantine. The high school Band and Glee Club also participated in the program. Basketball season got under way. Those from the Senior Class were: Dorothy King, Theresa Jordan, Thelma Blow, Lois Holcombe, Lee Patno, Peter Cadreact, Alden Jones, Bernard Smith, and Ronnie Boudreau. We had a some- what unsuccessful season but we can be assured that those who played really enjoyed the sport and were very sportsman like. Those taking part in Cheerleading were Agnes Dunakin, and Cynthia Martell. In late winter the mixed glee club put on the Operetta. "The Outlaw Kingw, in which many of the seniors took part. After this we began rehearsing fo our Senior three-act play. "Junior Promv. the play went off exceptionally well, and all the actors were thrilled by its success. The cast were: Cynthia Martell, Theresa Jordan. Janet Fienemann, llazel Vantine, Florence Terry, Thelma Blow, Bernard Smith, James L. 6 Blue and Gold Russell, Lee Patno, Robert Brisson, Alden jones and Ronald Boudreau. Our director and coach was Miss Holden. The most interesting thing was our New York Trip, which everyone enjoyed greatly. We saw a Musical Play 'KBy the Beautiful Sean and a Comedy, "Fifth Seasonv. We went to Radio City, took a boat tour around Manhattan Island. We saw the Circus at Madison Square Carden, went to the Statue of Liberty, China Town and the Bowery. Those who took part in the All-State Band held May 6, 7, and 8 were: Theresa jordan, Cynthia Martell, Lois Holcombe, and Peter Cadreact. Those chosen for All-State Chorus were: Albert Parker, Thelma Blow, janet F iene- mann, and Hazel Vantine. We were very disappointed because we couldn't march on Saturday. The band went to All County Festival in Enosburg Falls, May 21. Now this weekis Commencement exercises brings this Class History to an end. CYNTHIA MARTELL DoRorHY KING BERNARD LAREAU ALBERT PARKER ass Praphecy PON graduating from Milton High School, Theresa Iordan tried nurseis training. She discovered that she did not like the course. Days later, at Grand Central Station, as she was ready to leave for home she began to sing to herself. Someone heard her and she is now a popular radio-TV. singing star. Three years after graduation we find Leon Breault in the huge office of his downtown Grand Isle Super Market. He has just made the final arrangements with one of the banks to finance his next trip to Florida. It is four years after graduation, Beverly Bovat has just convinced her husband that their Vermont farm is not productive or large enough and that they should take the cow and kids and move to a new farming frontier in Utah. Florence Terry had definite plans for the future, shortly after graduation she was married. Now, several years later, they are just back from their second honeymoon. To top matters off, she has just learned that she is first prize winner of an American housewife contest on "How to make children mindf' After Cynthia Martell graduated from Milton High School, she attended Albany Business College and became a successful secretary. Four years later we learn that she has been lured away from her hum-drum existence as a secretary and is once more delighting capacity audiences with her juvenile portrayals on stage and screen. WVhen Agnes Dunakin left high school, she went down to Brattleboro to take up nurseis training. We are sorry to say that she didnlt finish the course because she decided that a certain junior boy was more important to her than nurseis training. Dorothy King while going through her first three years at high school, was seriously thinking of becoming a secretary. During her senior year she decided to take up farming, and not on her fatheris farm either. Blgue and Gold 7 When Hazel Vantine fininshed High School, she took a Home Economics Course at the University of Vermont. She had been planning to teach Home Economics in a High School, but ended up by applying the principles of Home Economics in her own home. After graduation Sally jackson became a telephone operator, but her interests were elsewhere, and at this date we hear she has made a very successful housewife for a former Airman. They now have a half interest in a silver mine in Wyoming. lncidently he discovered this when he was stationed there in 354. Ruth Costello took a trip to Maine after graduation and became very interested in the turkey business. Now, some three years later, she is taking in an old classmate, Dot King, as her partner in the thriving new business-turkey farming! Ronald Rouclreau: After Bonny graduated from High School he married Marolyn and became a partner in Branchis Store. He has expanded the business to such an extent that the "BGB" Store now occupies a large part of the east side of River Street. After james Russell graduated from school he went into partnership with his father. On the side he is drawing up plans for his future home, which he and a certain U. V. M. Home Economics Student, will occupy. After Alden jones graduated from high school he entered U. V. M. where he took up professional acrobatics. He is now one of the best acrobats in the country, and has a weekly television show sponsored by "Cheerios,'. Bernard Smith has completed his four years of Mechanical Engineering at U. V. M. He is now undecided whether he will take over Wells, Filling Station or assume management of Vantinels tourist home and camp. After completing her four vears of Home Economics at U. V. M. Lois Holcombe went on to study music at Metropolitan Music Hall and is now a famous pianist at Carnegie Ilall. However. she has not forgotten Milton and may soon take up residence here once more. Bernard Lareau graduated from M. H. S. and completed college in the amazingly short time of three years. He came back to M. H. S. and taught English and Acrobatics for eight years. Now some years later we find him in Milton on a farm where he is raising Florida dates. Eight years after graduation we find Rohert Brisson has married his high school sweetheart, and has settled down in California where he is owner of one of the largest sports ear and hot rod shops in the nation. For relaxation he often drives one of his models in the stock car races. WVe find that seine years later that Albert Parker is settled down in a mid-western city where he is making good money as a foreman in a steel mill. He is now centering his efforts upon improving the processing of steel. Richard Miner was married a year after leaving school. His father-in-law set him up in the cabin business in which he was a great success. They now have five little "miners,'. After janet Fienemann left Milton she went to Boston where she entered business college, From here she graduated with top honors. She is now secretary in a very large jewel Hrm, the Eastern Gem Co., which has its headquarters in Mecca, Arabia. After Lee Patno left high school he entered electrical school from which he graduated with honors. He is now master engineer of the St. Lawrence Seaway project in Messina, N. Y. Of course Peter Caclreact had his life pretty well planned. He bought a very large farm in Alaska and was a great success. He now has five men working for him. Last year he returned to Milton to marry a certain class mate. After Thelma Blow graduated from high school she went into nurseis training in a New York Hospital. We are sure that she would have become a successful nurse but she became more interested in one of the doctors, than in nursing. IAIXIES RUss1cLL TIIERESA IORDAN RICHARD NlINER RONALD BOUDREAU FLoRENcr: TERRY 8 Blue and Gold t its iii E E, THE seniors, with heads in the clouds, yet walking with feet firmly planted on earth, realize that our days have come to an end here at Milton High School, do hereby bequeath and bestow our earthly and ethereal possessions to all these earthlings mentioned in this last will and testament. ITEM 1: To our dear Alma Mater, we leave four years of achievement and brilliance, obtained by dreaming, blowing and chasing bubbles. ITEIVI 2: To our principal, Mr. Patton, we leave a rosy cloud with hopes that it will hover over him and bring him more sunshine than rain in his future school years. ITEM 3: To our sponsor, Miss Edith Holden, we leave our love and a ticket to rise on our flying ship wherever she would like to sail. ITEINI 4: To the junior Class, we leave a rainbow with directions how to find the pot of gold. They will need the gold in their senior year to pay their expenses! ITEM 5: To the Sophomores, we leave at least one air-castle with hopes that they can tie it down to earth to hold their treasures. ITEM 6: To the Freshmen, we leave our ship so they can sail through all their classes during the next three years. ITEINI 7: We leave the following intangible possessions to individuals: ABIAH BRIGGS: The class wills Abiah the right to have Alden over any night that she wants him to watch T.V. Remember 'cCollege means home workv. MAROLYN BRANCH: We will Marolyn the right to go out with Lawrence Waite any time she wants to next year after Ronnie leaves. CAROLYN BRANCH: We will Carolyn the honor of occupying Theresa Iordanis prize desk in the senior class. STILLMAN BURNS: To Stillman we leave this Atlas book entitled "How to gain weighty. We hope that you make good use of it in the future. FRED SWEENEY: To Fred we will Richard Miner's ability to woo all of the girls, especially a certain junior girl. VICTORIA BLOW: We will Victoria a free Air Mail stamp so that she can keep track of him while he is overseas. ALAN PIDGEON: We leave a pair of boxing gloves and Peteris right to use them any time in study hall. P.S. Don't get caught. LARRY ROY: WVe leave Bobls right to be late every morning that he wishes. LEWIE DODGE: We, the Senior class, leave all our old texts, so that he will be kept busv getting the good marks like this year's senior class. CLAIRE VILLEMAIRE: To Claire we will the privilege of going to all the movies next year. LAWRENCE WAITE: To Lawrence we leave Bob Brissonis recipe for losing weight. IEANETTE RATTE: VVe will to Jeanette, Hazelis job as manager of the girls' basketball team. P.S.--Maybe Mike could act as team mascot. DONALD TOURVILLE: To Don we leave a pound of coffee so he will be able to stay awake in New York next year. VVARREN WHITE: To Warren we will a picture of Agnes in hopes that it will help him to pass away the lonely school hours next year. Blue and Gold 9 MARILYN TOWNE: To Marilyn we leave Ruth Costellols ability to keep quiet at least once in a while. CEClLlA BAKER: To Cecilia we will our masterful senior intelligence to guide her through the tough senior trials. JACK CAMPBELL: To Jack we will two pounds of plaster to make his own cast just in case he breaks his ankle. MELVIN HUSSEY: To Mickey we will a newspaper bag. That old one must be getting pretty worn out. MARY JANE JACKSON: To Mary Jane we will Beverly Bovat's right to giggle in the senior section. ANN LOMBARD: To Ann we will Thelma Blowls position on the basketball team. We hope that she can do as well. RUTH PATNO: To Ruthie we will a car, so that at noon hour, George will be able to eat his lunch without rushing madly off to pick her up. CAROL RYAN: To Carol we will the right to go out with a certain Burlington boy. IRIS IIIBBARD: To Iris we leave Theresa Jorclanis "savoir fairev so that she can get Bernard back. DAVID SANTOR: To David we leave Ronniels position as catcher on next yearls baseball team, be sure and do as good a job as Ronnie! BEVERLY SEVARD: We leave Beverly the right to go with the Milton boys, so that a certain Shelburne boy will not have to come all the way up here. ALETHA WILCOX: To Aletha we leave a pair of artificial eyebrows in case she pulls out those few she has left. BERNARD SINIITII LEE PATNO JANET FIENEBIANN ALDEN JONES ass gi is wexe wnted long tor oui ship to come in. At last shes pulled into poi t. After four long years of studying and working and looking for our ship, shes here, laden with all the rewards and treasures we've been waiting for. There are rewards which we earned for sports and scholarship. There are some rewards which we wish to return to the school and students. Some we will take with us. T LAST our ship's come inl Classmates , J X 2 . - 1 . A, . H ' 4 -1 . s . l . Hazel Vantine- To Hazel We give this doorknob so the boys can turn it, instead of her head at the University next year, Tlzcresa jordan- To Theresa we give a Fuller Brush Book, so that she can help that certain guy to sell Fuller Brush Products. Mr. Morris- To Mr. Morris We give this kitten. Since he couldn't tame his history class, maybe he will have better luck with this kitten. Bernarcl Smith- We give Bernard this yawn. VVe want him to have a chance to open his month once in a while, when he marries llazel. ,K . 10 Blue and Gold Alden jones- We give Alden this whiskbroom so he can sweep some of those cobwebs out of his brain. We want him to make good grades at U. V. M. Richard Miner- We give this bottle of blondine to Richard so Dawn can give her hair an extra touch-up. Miss Kell- ' To Miss Kell we give this newly invented mechanism guaranteed to silence children from the ages 9 to 16. Since it doesnit work on people .over this age, we also give you this club. Lee Patno- To Lee, we give this date book, so he can have his pick of girls in the near future. Leon Breaalt- To Leon we give this picture of flamingoes so that he wonit have to go to the expense of traveling to Florida to see some. Miss Stanley- To Miss Stanley we give this little taxi, then you will always be sure of a ride to Burlington. Thelma Blow- To Thelma we give a pass to leave the mental institution after she has completed her studiesg we donit want her to be mistaken for a patient. janet F ienemann- To Ianet we give this saxophone, for at the rate she is going she will have hers all blown out in Q few years. Mrs. Gorman- To Mrs. Gorman we give this typewriter, after being around all the ones at school, we think sheid be pretty lonesome .without one this summer. Peter Cadreact- To Peter we give this picture of Dorothy so that he can at least look at her, when he can't get up to see her. Florence Terry- . To Florence we give a Cook Book, we hear she will be needing it before long. Ruth Costello- To Ruth we give a stop watch, so that she can time her dates. She may set her record in the near future. Lois Holcombe- To Lois we give this ring to take the place of the one that has gone to the briny deep. Robert Brisson- To Bobby we give this souped-up Ford, so that he can run over and see Bev. whenever he wants. Mr. Patton- To Mr. Patton we give this model T. ford so that when his wife has his car he wonit have to walk home from school. Albert Parker- To Albert we give an extra pair of pants, so that he Wonit have to run through the halls of the hotel in his shorts. Beverly Booat- To Beverly we give a book on "How To Driven, so when she drives Claude's car she wonlt be knocking down all the fence posts. Mr. Poquette- We heard Mr. Poquette likes to ski, so we give him this First-aid kit for slip-ups. Miss M eyers- To Miss Meyer we give this masking tape. so she won't have to use the Mechanical Drawing tape. james Russell- To Jimmy we give a pair of roller skates so that he wonit wear out his shoes walking up to see Lois. Cynthia Martell- To Cynthia we give this roll of adhesive tape so she can hold on to Dick B. when shc catches him. Agnes Dunakin- We give this old sweater of VVarren,s to Agnes. She wants some memory of Warren to take with her. Dorothy King- To Dorothy we give a toy Oldsmobile. to remind her of Pete when heis not around. rv Blue and Gold 13 4 .Sclml oijclivilies PP DRAMATICS - TARTING our year of ,53 in dramatics, three one-act plays were presented. The juniors put on "Rock Dust" directed by Mr. Poquette. The cast were: Victoria Blow, Marolyn Branch, john Campbell, Lewie Dodge, Larry Roy, Lawrence VVaite, and YVarren Wfhite. The Sophomores presented uThree on a Benchil directed by Miss Stanley. The cast were as follows: jackie Brisson, George Gover, Estell Larrow, james Manley. The Freshmen, the winning class, presented "Suitable for Charityll directed by Miss Meyer. The cast consisted of Penny Fienemann, Nancy Beaupre, Marcel Brisson, Giles jackson, Denis Roussin, Alison Sheltra, and Ronald XVagner. Following in line next came our Minstrel Show presented November 19 and 20. The show consisted of songs, dances, jokes, soloists, chorus, and endmen. Endmen were Alden jones, Robert Brisson, Ronald Boudreau, Peter Cadreact, james Russell, and Bernard Smith, Lee Patno was interlocutor. The last half of the program consisted of selections by the band and the 'AVValking for de Kakef, Those that participated were: Peter Cadreact and YVarren White Cwinners the first nightj, Giles jackson and Alton Lombard Cwinners the second nightj, Ronald Boudreau, Bernard Lareau, Bernard Smith, james Russell, Alden jones, and Lewie Dodge. On March 4 and 5 an Operetta uThe Outlaw Kingv was presented, with Mr. Patton as director. Leading parts were taken by Theresa jordan as Lady Marion and WVarren VVhite as Robin Hood. Ronald W'agner was Friar Tuck, james Manley, a Pilgrim, Edward VVentworth, Sheriffg Burt Sargent, Little john, janet Fiene- mann, Lady Dorothy, Florence Terry, Cynthia Martell, Hazel Vantine, and Thelma Blow were Ladies in Wlaiting. On the ninth of April the Senior Class presented a three-act play, entitled "junior N Prom". lt was directed by Miss Holden. Those in the cast were Cynthia Martell, janet Fiene- mann, Theresa jordan, Florence Terry, Thelma Blow, Hazel Vantine, Robert Brisson, Alden jones, Lee Patno, Bernard Smith, james Russell, and Ronald Boudreau. FLORENCE TERRY CJYNTHIA BTARTELL MUSIC Glee Club began the year with Miss Carney as our leader for the first half of the year, and with Mr. Patton taking over after midyears. The Glee Club made several appearances this year. The first was our Minstrel Show, November 19 and 20. The second was the Christmas Cantata. Our third appearance was the operetta which was held on March 4 and 5. Mr. Patton did a wonderful job with it. In April we put on our spring concert for the P. T. A. The biggest thing on our agenda came May S, the day of the Glee Club audition at the Music Festival. There we sang uThe Heavens Resoundw. There are about 78 in the mixed Glee Club, of these five went to All-State Chorus. They were Hazel Vantine, Thelma Blow, janet Fienemann, Albert Parker, and Harold Phelps. The Band, with Mr. Bevins asiour leader, made several appearances. The Armistice Day parade and program started this yearis activities. At the Christmas Program we played a medley of Christmas Carols. NVe played several selections for our spring concert. The Band played three selections for our audition at the Music Festival. These selections were uBusiness in B Flat", "National Capital Marchv, and "Spirit of Freedomll. Out of 55 members in the band ten went to All-State Band. They were Abiah Briggs, Delores Blow, Marolyn Branch, Carolyn Branch, Theresa jordan, Peter Cadreact, Marilyn Towne, Cynthia Martell, Lois Holcombe and Fstell Larrow. jack Campbell played in the orcliestra. jANl'f'l' FIICNICNIANN TIIELNIA BLow 14 Blue and Gold A P O R T BOYS, BASKETBALL Although we didn't experience too much success during the past season in the wins column, we did gain much respect along the lines of good sportsmanship. We always seemed to play our best against the larger schools, but coming up against those of our own size we just couldnit seem to get going. The coaching was handled by Mr. Morris. The managers were Albert Parker, Warren White and Lewie Dodge. There are five members of the team graduating this year. They are Lee Patno, Bonald Boudreau, Peter Cadreact, Alden Jones and Bernard Smith. All the players received letters for their efforts at a banquet sponsored by P. T. A. and the mothers of the players. It was greatly appreciated by all the players. Class tournaments found the seniors waltzing away with top honors this year. BOYS, BASEBALL This year the Northwestern League has a new setup. It has two divisions, the Western and the Eastern. WVe will play in the Western along with St. Maryls, Cambridge, Enosburg, Bichford and Fairfax. -BOY? Mr. Morris, who is coaching the team, has the positions fairly well settled. Peter Cadreact and Alton Lombard will handle the pitching while Bonald Boudreau and David Santor will take care of the catching. jack Campbell, along with Peter Cadreact, will be at Hrst, Iames Manley and Don Tourville at second, Billy Mills at shortstop and Alton Lombard at third. The outfield has Lewie Dodge, Lee Patno, Ceorge Cover, Bernard Smith, Charles Turner, and Donald Deo working out. Alden jones will be found at just about any position except pitching. Albert Parker is seorekeeper and manager. Eddie Batte will be bat boy. In games played so far this year we have beaten St. Maryls by a score of 8-7, Cambridge 5-2, and lost to Enosburg 5-14. SOCCER VVe played seven games this year, but in most cases we were on the low score end. There were five boys from the Senior class that played. They were: Alden Jones, Lee Patno, Bernard Smith, Ronald Boudreau, and Albert Parker who was our goalie. Mr. Morris was our coach. The Senior Class would like to wish the team better luck in future games. LEE PATNO BERNARD SINIITH BASEBALL First Bow-B. Smith, P. Cadreact, L. Dodge, C. Cover, A. Lombard, D. Santor, I. Campbell TEAM 2nd Row-R. Boudreau, W. Mills, A. jones, A. Parker, Manager, L. Patno, J. Manley, E. Ratte Blue and Gold - st' 1' 17 aleliciarg Goals - IDNIGIIT the class of 195-1 become alinnni of Nlilton lligh School. YVe rnnst say farewc ll to our high school days 'rud put all except their lllClI1OI'lGS behind ns. However. their significance in our lives will not be forgotten. The things wc have learned. not only from books but also from our activities and friends, will better enable us to get along in this busy world. And just how will we enter the future? Shall we set out with big plans and ideas and then fail to fulfill a single oue? Or will we enter quietly. working honestly and steadily toward our goal of success and true life? YVe ruust make our goal character, not a large bank account. lu Luke is this advice: 'Trike lzccfl, and llercrlrc of nfl for ll urrufs life docs not consist in flze IIIJIIHIIIIIICK' of his IJUS-S'f'-S'-S' This counsel. oxer nineteen hundred vears old. lI ' Il pull: is one that will always hold. XVc rnust form high ideals and strive to reach them. One person expressed this as Ntiptoe liviugn, looking up. reaching up and lifting up-always trying to reach the ideals in our aircastles. This means setting goals beyond our grasp, goals based on a love for mankind and the sincere desire to leave the World a better place than we found it. XVe often tell ourselves that the actions of one pcrson out of many million are insignificant. Scientists estimate that man has been half a rnillion years developing the mores and manner of living he holds today. XVe must not hinder this continual growth. but aim to destroy the prejudices and hatreds that still definitely exist. Although We may not become prominent in the newspapers or make some startling discovery, we will inHnence those about us. As we go out into this big world we leave behind the protective covering our school life has had for us. Our teachers have done their part in preparing ns for this nightg the choice is now up to us. pq miam i . . 5 J 1 , ' 7 5 I 1 Z . y -..- - - - ei- I - ' ' 13 - - --- Q 18 Blue and Go ,M .. S if Ni , I' or 4 g n if fra SE 5 1 53:4 if if , 3 CMS 1754 THELMA LEE BLOVV "Thel,' COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Thelma plans to enter nurses, training at Harlem Valley Hospital, Wingdale, N. Y., this fall. VVith her pleasant smile and jolly personality, we are sure she will make a success in her career. Activities-Minstrel Show Cl, 2, 3, 415 One-Act Play C315 Senior Play5 Clee Club C1, 2, 3, 415 Band Cl, 2, 315 Music Festival Cl, 2, 3, 415 All-State Band Cl, 2, 315 All-State Chorus C415 Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 415 Operetta C25 415 Driveris Training C315 Style Show Cl, 415 Blue and Cold Staff C3, 415 Class Night Play. RONALD FRANCIS BOUDREAU "Henman GENERAL COURSE Ronnie, the smallest boy in the class, plans to go in the Coast Cuarcl Academy, if the lovebug d0esn't get him first. Activities-Basketball C2, 3, 415 Baseball C1, 2, 3, 415 Band Cl, 2, 3, 415 Clee Club C1, 215 Operetta C215 Christmas Program C215 Music Festival Cl, 2, 3, 415 Northwestern Tournament C2, 315 All-Tournament Baseball Team C115 Kake Walk C2, 415 Minstrel Show Cl, 2, 415 Tumbling Cl, 215 Soccer C3, 415 Driveris Training C415 Junior Prom Com1nittec5 Senior Play5 Class Night Play C415 Blue and Cold Staff C3, 41. BEVERLY RAE BOVAT ..BeD,, COLLEGE PREPARATOEY COURSE Beverly, whose official residence is Georgia, is one of the cheerful tlllll happy members ot our class. She plans to enter nursels training at the Mary Fletcher Hospital, and we are all sure she will be a great success. Activities-Clee Club CI, 2, 315 Music Festival C1, 2, 315 Operetta C215 Minstrel Show C1, 2, 3, 415 Christmas Cantata C315 Driver's Training C315 Style Show C115 Physical Education C115 Senior Play Committee C415 Blue and Cold Staff C415 Class Night Play. Blue and Gold LEON ARTHUR BREAULT "Dynamitev COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Leonas future is uncertain but it seems as though he will run his fatheris store for him. Maylae on one of those Florida trips heill find some one to help him run that store. Activities-Drivcris Training Cheerleading Cl55 One-Act Play Cl55 Tumhling Cl, 2, 3, 455 Glee Cluh Cl, 455 Band C3, 455 Secretary of Class C355 Minstrel Show C355 Christmas Play C255 Music Festival Soccer Physical Education Cl55 Stage Manager CSenior Play5 C455 junior Prom Committee C355 Blue and Cold Staff ROBERT A. BRISSON "Bohn COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Boh, who is well liked hy all, is the joker of the class. After school he plans to move to Saint Albans. His future plans are to he a mechanic and work for the Ford Company. Activities-Senior Playg Minstrel Show C25 3, 455 Endman C455 One-Act Play C2. 355 Baslcetluall Manager Cl, 255 Christmas Pageant Cl, 2, 3, 455 Operetta Sociology Class Play C2, 355 Manager of Magazine Sales C455 Class President Cl55 Class Treasurer C35 455 Class Secretary C455 Blue and Gold Staff C455 Class Night Play. RONALD PETER CADREACT 'Tfarlv COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Peter plans to take over the Cadreact farm after he graduates from high school. One thing is sure, the place will always be clean. Good luck on the farm and with that certain someone. Activities-Band Cl, 2, 3, 455 Glee Cluh Cl, 2, 3, 455 All State Band Cl, 2, 3, 455 Opcretta C3. 455 Christmas Program Cl, 2, S, 455 Music Festival Cl, 2, 3, 455 Minstrel Show Cl, 2, 3, 455 Endman C455 Baselaall C25 3, 455 Basketball C35 455 Soccer C35 455 Tumbling C3, 455 Physical Education Cl55 Northwestern Tournamentg Blue and Cold Stall' RUTH HELEN COSTELLO 'lllzztliiev CORIBIERTIAL COURSE Ruthie, we hear, is quite a poet, hut plans to he a secretary. VVe are sure she will make good unless a certain soldier claims her first. Activities-Clee Clulm Cl, 2, 3, 455 Operetta CZ, 455 Minstrel Show Cl, 2, 3, 455 Christmas Cantata C355 Physical Education Cl55 Style Show C l, 255 Driver's Training Senior Play Committec5 Blue and Cold Staff C455 Class Night Play. Gi 'T l l l i 1J 20 Blue and Cog AGNES LORRAINE DUNAKIN C6Agg,ieD COMMERCIAL COURSE After Agnes graduates, she plans to go into practical nursing at Brattleboro. We know that she will be successful, but we also know that a certain junior boy will be a little lonesome. Activities-Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41, Operetta 12, 41, Majorette 12, 31, Band 141, Music Festival 11, 2, 3, 41, Minstrel Show 11, 2, 3, 41, Christmas Pageant 13, 41, Basketball 11, 21, Cheerleader 13, 41, Physical Education 11, 21, Style Show 11, 21, Driverys Training 131, Junior Prom Committee 131, Green Mountain Girls' State 131, Senior Play Committee 141, Blue and Gold Staff 141, Acrobatics 12, 31, Class Night Play. JANET CAROL FIENEMANN , Kflanif COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE After school, Janet, one of the friendliest girls in the senior class, plans to enter Fisher junior College in Boston. We know she will be a success in her chosen work. Activities-Glee Club 11, 21, Operetta 12, 41, Band 11, 2, 3, 41, Music Festival 11, 2, 3, 41, All-State Band 111, All State Orchestra 12, 31, All State Chorus 141, Minstrel Show 11, 2, 3, 41, Class Treasurer 111, Style Show 111, Driver's Training 131, One-Act Play 131, Senior Play, Blue and Gold Staff 13, 41, Class Night Play, Basketball 12, 31. LOIS ANN HOLCOMBE "L0is,' COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Lois, a good student, has great musical ability which will be missed in future years at Milton High. She plans to enter U. V. M. in thc fall where she will major in Home Economics. Incidentally, later on this might be a help to a certain senior boy. Activities-Valedictorian, D. A. R. Good Citizenshi Girl, Band 11, 2, 3. 41, All-State Band 11, 2, 3, 41, Music Festival 11, 2, 3, 41, Glee Club 11, 21, Clee Club Accompanist 13, 41, Operetta 12, 41, Minstrel Show 11, 2, 3, 41, Christmas Program 11, 2, 3, 41, Style Show 11, 41, One-Act Class Play 111, Senior Play Committee 141, Physical Education 11, 21, Driver's Training 131, Basketball 11, 2. 3, 41, Class Secretary 121, Student Council 11, 3, 41, Blue and Gold Staff 141. SARAH STONE IACKSON Cfsallyii COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSE Sally is known to her classmates for her willingness to help whenever needed. Her plans for the future are somewhat indefinite, but we sort of think that there is a certain Air Force fellow included in them. Activities-Salutatorian, Glee Club 12, 31, Operetta 121, Operetta Advertising Manager 141, Christmas Program 131, Minstrel Show 12, 41, Style Show 11, 21, Driveris Training 131, junior Prom Committee 131, Senior Play Committee 141, Class President 131, Chairman of Advertising Committee 141, Blue and Gold Staff 141, Class Night Play 141. Blue and Gold '71 ALDEN WARREN JONES ajonesiev COLLEGE PREPARATORY CoUnsE Here We have one of the class comedians. He plans to enter U. V. NI. in the fall, Where he will major in Agricultural Engineering. VVe wish you the best of luck, Alden. Activities-Minstrel Show 11, 2, 3, 45, Senior Play 145, Clee Club 11, 2, Operetta 12, 45, Christmas Program 11, 2, 3, 45, Driverls Training 1:35, Junior Prom Committee 135, Tumbling Team 11, 2, 3, 45, Baseball 11, 2, 3, 45, Basketball 145, Basketball Manager 135, Soccer 13, 45, Kake 'vValk 12, 3 45, Music Festival 11, 2, 35, Blue and Cold Staff 145, Class Night Play. THEBESA ROSE JORDAN 'cTe1'rif, COBIBIERCIIAL CCJURSE - Theresa has a pleasing personality, which will help her through her future years. She plans to enter Nursels Training in the fall. She also plans to further her singing career. Activities-Clee Club 11, 2, 3. 45, Band 11, 2, 3, 45, Basketball 11, 2, 3, 45, All-State Band 11, 2, 45, Operetta 12, 45, One-Act Play 135, Senior Play, Minstrel Show 11, 2, 3, 45, Style Show 115, Christrnas Program 11, 2, 45, Driverls Training 135, junior Prom Committee 135, Class Night Play, Student Council 125, Sophomore Hop Committee, Blue and Cold Staff 145. DOROTHY ALMYRA KING "Dorf, COBIBIERCIAL COURSE Dorothy is always -easy to get along with an'l always reacly fo leufl a helping hand. VVe are sure that she will have much success in the future in whatever she undertakes. Activities-Basketball 11, 2, 3, 45, Basketball Captain 145, Clee Club 11, 2, 3, 45, Operetta 12, 45, Music Festival 11, 2, 3, 45, Christmas Program 135: Minstrel Show 11, 2, 3, 45, Style Show 11, 25, Physical Education 11, 2. 45, junior Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee, Class Night Play, Blue and Gold Staff BERNAR D .IOSEPH LA REAU "I3ernard,' COIXINIICRCIAL COURSE Bernard is one of the most outstanding coniedinns in our class llis plans for the future are all reserved, for Uncle Sain has callefl on him. Activities-Glee Club 1l, 25, Music Festival 1l. 25, Operetta 125, Minstrf l Show 11. 2. 3, 45, Kake VValk 12. 45, Christmas Program 11, 2, 35: Acrobaties 11, 2, 3, 45, Physical Education 1l, 251 ul. V. Basketball 125, Baseball 125, Soccer 135, Assistant Manager Basketball 1:25, Senior Play Stage Nlanager, Blue and Cold Stall 1-45, Class Night Play. I Blue and Go if N 2 3 R1 is CYNTHIA JOYCE MARTELL Cfcyni, COMMERCIAL COURSE Cynthia has been outstanding in class plays during her four years at high school. This fall she plans to enter Albany Business College where wc are sure she will do well. Activities-Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41, Band 12, 3, 41, Music Festival 12, 3, 41, All State Band 141, Operetta 12, 41, Christmas Program 13, 41, Style Show 111, Driver's Training 131, Cheerleading 141, Minstrel Show 11, 2, 3, 41, Onc- Act Class Plays 11, 2, 31, Senior Play, Sophomore Hop Committee 121, Bluc and Gold Staff 141. RICHARD KENNETH MINER Cfcubv GENERAL COURSE Cub is the quiet member of the class. His plans for the future arc indefinite at the time, but we are sure that with his easy going way he will be a success in whatever he undertakes. Activities-Christmas Program 11, 2, 3, 41, Vice-President 121, Physical Education 11, 21, Senior Play Committee, Class Night Play, Blue and Gold Staff 141. ALBERT ADRIAN PARKER MAF, COMMERCIAL COURSE Al is easy going and always willing to help whenever he can. His future plans are not definite, but after having seen him at the tumbling show, we think he would be an outstanding clown. Activities-Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41, Christmas Pageant 11, 2, 3, 41, Minstrel Show 11, 2, 3, 41, Gymnastics Tumbling 11, 2, 3, 41, Music Festival 13, 41, Soccer 13, 41, Baseball Manager 13, 41, Operetta 12, 41, Driver's Training 141, Baseball 121, Basketball Manager 141, Manager-Senior Play, Sophomore Hop Committee 121, Class Night Play, Blue and Cold Staff 141. LEE RONALD PATNO KCLeeP7 GENERAL COURSE Lee is an casy going fellow with a keen sense of humor. His plans. though not entirely definite, will probably include additional commercial training. Activities-Senior Play, Basketball 12, 3, 41, Captain of Basketball Team 141, Baseball 12, 41, Soccer 13, 41, Driveris Training 131, Physical Education 11, 2, 41, Christmas Pageant 131, Green Mountain Boys, State, Minstrel Show 141, Glee Club 11, 21, Kake Walk 121, Class Night Play, Blue and Gold Staif 141. Blue and Cold 93 'v JAMES EDXVAHD RUSSELL .. , ,, Izm GENEIXAL COURSE James is the actor of the class. Ile plans to enter business with his father after school. VVe also lzelieve his plans may include a certain senior girl. Activities-Clee Cluh C2,43, One-Aet Plavs Cl, 2, 33, Senior Play, Operetta C2, 43, Class Night Play, Drix'er's Training C33, Minstrel Show C3, 43, Boys' State C334 Rake Walk C3, 43, Christmas Plays Cl, 2, 3, 43, Student Conneil C3, 43, Blue and Gold Staff BERNARD IOSEPII SNHTII "Smittyv COLLEGE PREPARATORY CCJIIIXSE Bernard has heen a success throughout his tom' years of high school and we are sure he will do well in college. What made you decide to go to the University of Vermont, Bernard? Activities-Basketball C2, 3, 431 Northwest Tournament C2, 333 Baskethall Captain C33: Soccer C3, 435 Baseball C2, 3, 43, Class Play Cl3, Class Marshal Minstrel Show C2, 3, 43, Kake VValk C3, 43, Christmas Pageant Cl, 2, 331 Vice-President C43, Physical Education Cl3, Drixeris Training C33, Senior Play, Blue and Cold Staff C43. FLUHENCE EILEEN TERRY "Pee Wee', COBILIERCIAL COURSE Florence is one of the quieter memhers of our class. She plans to married soon after school is out. We are sure she will have a very happy life. Activities-Band Cl, Z, 3, 43, Clee Cluh Cl, 2, 3, 43, Musie Festival Cl, 2, 3, 43, All-State Orchestra Christmas Program Cl, 2, 3, 43, Minstrel Show Cl, 2, 3, 43, Operetta C2, 43, Senior Play, Advertising Committee C43, Driver's Training C333 Usher C33g Junior Prom Committeeg Style Show C131 Class Night Play, Blue and Cold Staff HAZEL hlAlllE VANTINE "IIuzeIv COLLEGE PR EPARATORY COURSE llazel has a very charming and eheertul personality that has Won the hearts of all of our graduating class and will make many more friends for her in the future. She plans to attend the University of Vermont this tall and major in Home Economies. Activities-Band Cl, 2, 3, 43, Clee Cluh Cl, 2, 3, 43, Music Festival Cl. 2, 3, 43, Christmas Program Cl, 2, 3, 43, Minstrel Show Cl, 2, 3, 43, All-State Chorus C435 Ulteretta C2, 43, Class Play C23g Senior Play, Style Show Cl, 431 Cirlsi Basketball Assistant Manager C33. Manager C43, Driveris Training C331 Creen Mountain Cirls' Slate, Class Viee-President C331 Class President C-13: lflne and Cold Staff 24 Blue and Gold enior ulierlalives im: QQ04 Most Optismistic ..,.,., Most Pessimistic .,A.... Best Dancer ..........,..... Most Conceited 4.,...,..A..., Most Temperamental ....... Best Looking .................... Best Athlete ,..,..,,,.,...,. Most Popular ...,... Best Student ..,.,..,. Quietest .,...o.oo.,..,,.A.... Most Dictatorial ....... Most Co-operative ..4.,. Most Punctual .....,..... Most Bashful ......,.,.,... Most School Spirit Most Intelligent ....oo. Wittiest ...,,.,..,..................... Best Dressed ......................,.... ........ Most Likely To Succeed ..,.... i,....A Laziest .A.os...A.,...,.....,............ Most Attractive ....... Best Personality ..,.... Most Graceful ,..,,..,..,,.. Most Determined ........ Best Sport ...,......... N icest Eyes ...,A,.A Nicest Teeth ...... Youngest .....,...... Nicest Figure ., ..., . Oldest ....,.,............ Dreamiest .,.....,......... 1 ,....... ..... . Most Perseoering ...............,.,..,......... Contributed Most to Sch ool First To Be Married , ..,...,..,...,.A..,... . Best Actor ...,..,,...,....,.,.,....... Class Chatterbox ........ N icest Smile ............. Happiest .....,.......,. Most Musical ....... Most C ourteous .....,. Most Ambitious ..l.... F riendliest .....l.,..... N icest Hair .s......... Class Giggler ., ...l.,... Most Changeable ,....... Best Dancer ......,..,... Most Carefree ll.,... Thelma Blow .... Dorothy King .... Theresa Jordan ., Thelma Blow ..., Beverly Bovat .,.. Janet Fienemann Theresa Jordan .. Theresa Jordan .. Lois Holcombe ,. Agnes Dunakin ,. Thelma Blow ,.,. Florence Terry ., Sally Jackson ..., Ruth Costello t.,. Sally Jackson .... Sally Jackson ..., Thelma Blow ,... Janet F ienemann Lois Holcombe .. Dorothy King ,.,. Hazel Vantine .i.i Cynthia Martell Theresa Jordan .. Lois Holcombe .. Janet F ienemann Hazel Vantine .. Janet F ienemann Lois Holcombe A. Theresa Jordan .. Agnes Dunakin ,. Sally Jackson ...... Cynthia Martell Cynthia Martell Florence Terry .. Cynthia Martell Beverly Bovat .... Hazel Vantine ,. Thelma Blow ,.., Theresa Jordan .. Florence Terry .. Cynthia Martell Sally Jackson .... Theresa Jordan ., Beverly Bovat ..,. Thelma Blow .... Janet F ienemann Ruth Costello ..,. Robert Brisson Richard Miner Lee Patno James Russell Bernard Lareau Lee Patno Alden Jones Lee Patno Bernard Smith Richard Miner Ronald Boudreau Albert Parker Alden Jones Peter Cadreact James Russell Robert Brisson Robert Brisson Richard Miner Alden Jones Leon Breault Robert Brisson Albert Parker Albert Parker Alden Jones Lee Patno Peter Cadreact Richard Miner Lee Patno Richard Miner Bernard Lareau Leon Breault Robert Brisson James Russell Richard Miner Robert Brisson Ronald Boudreau Peter Cadreact Robert Brisson Albert Parker Richard Miner Bernard Lareau Alden Jones Robert Brisson Bernard Lareau Ronald Boudreau Alden Jones Bernard Lareau ue and Gold 29 Catalogue and Prospectus flflton fb' I1 chool MILTON .. VERMONT JUNE 1.954 QQ SCHOOL ADMINISTRA T I ON BOARD OF TRUSTEES Percy Sheltra ,.,. ., ,.,.,,,.,.A.,....,..............,...,..........,....,.. Term expires Iuly 1954 Paul Towne , 4.4,.., ....,... ........ T e rm expires july 1954 Elizabeth Smith ..., . .. ...,.....e. .. ..ii. Term expires Iuly 1954 Raymond Rowley . ,...,..o,..i...,..,. .,.,,,.. T erm expires Iuly 1955 Keith O. Lombard, Chairman ........ ........ T erm expires July 1956 SUPEHINTENDENT Clinton Demeritt . . B.S., Middlebury College, M. Ed., University of Vermont FACULTY Vfilbert Patton, Principal, Science , ..,.,..,. .. B.S., M. Ed., University of Vermont Raphael Morris, Assit Prin., Social Studies B.S., M. Ed., St. Michael's College Editlv E. Holden, English and Mathematics ..........,....... B.S., University of Vermont Patricia Stanley, French, Latin, and Math Ph. B., M. Ed., University of Vermont Hiram Bevins, Music . . ,.,. ...,. B .S. fMusic Edj University of Vermont Valerie Meyer, Home Economics ...,,., B.S. fHome Ec.J University of Vermont Reginald Poquette, Mechanical Drawing Shop, B.S. University of Vermont Catherine Gorman, Commercial . . , , A.B., Bowling Green College of Commerce Roberta Kell, Iunior High , .,,.., .. ..,., , B.S. University of Vermont '-'i-1'r"v' 30 Blue and Goltl l V C A ADVANCED CLASS IN HOME MANAGEMENT ummary of Departments No attempt is made to arbitrarily divide the curriculum into "Coursesv so-called, calling one the college preparatory course, another the com- mercial, or another by some other name. On the contrary, it is our purpose to leave the pupil as unhampered as possible. Certain subjects are required of all pupils. Aside from these, pupils are given wide freedom of choice among studies called 'electivesf All students who expect to enter college, however, must make a selection from those electives which are preceded by an asterisk UQ except that for some colleges, courses in Latin are not required though it is highly desirable. Either two vears of Latin or two years of French are essential. In cases where any doubts exists in the minds of parents or pupils as to subjects to be chosen, advice should be sought from the office. When- ever it becomes evident that a pupil has made a mistake in the choice of his studies, an attempt will be made to remedy the difficulty. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT English I-Freshman English seeks to de- velop a fundamental knowledge of applied grammar and some skill in speaking and reading. English II--The aim of Sophomore English is to give the student a basic appreciation of the history and types of literature. Plays, short stories, poetry, essays and novels are analyzed for construction and appreciation. There is an emphasis upon grammar in oral and written reports. English III-The student in English Ill gains a detailed knowledge and understanding of American literature from Colonial days to the 20th Century. Writers who were merely names on a title page become a reality through a recog- nition of thc importance of historical movements upon literature. In the study of drama, poetry, .L A novel, essays, and short stories the importance of character development is stressed. Oral and Written reports are an integral part of this course of study. English IV-English literature from Chaucer to the twentieth century is studied in detail. An attempt is made to give the student a conception of the changes in literature as the result of social, economic, and political changes in the life of a people. An intensive rather than extensive course of study is emphasized. , ' ' ' "'A""""'A'''"Av''AvA'A'A-'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'-A-Av'v'-'-'v'v--.-v-.e.-.-:v-ve A,A,-,-,-,-,A,-,-,-,-,-,-vAvAv-v-v-,-,.,-,-v.v.AAA.AAv.v.v.v.v.A.v.'.v.v.v.v.vAv.v,',v,vt 1, sd , 1, Uv I 'I N I :I .. P 'P 5 P , 4, QI I 7' , ... ... P I rr r: 2 :' CF In 1 :I 2 3 -2 EL G c : .3 3 ,- . .. 'I J: In L Q E ,- LQ 7 P1 'I rx ,I -Q - :HQ :. F--4 O I cn :I 'N 4' I-sms'-as am ,.,,,:: waste .I 4: it--,ft 51.-Q, -7-Q A-7: 7 7 4: 4 C13 4e:.- -f-1 :A5,,g,-3re.I.- :ge-C-mq.:H 4 Q 4: ,.2-Q:'?g5 mm :,:-.5-.zrgcmg ,,:::':....::,gcrQ:s 4' I i'F'L-arg: E'- E'9,f:55,::5: 'EEDSSEUFV N 'I fc: f'::FrC-'L-C fr E 7'-'kifbig-1 21 ZI-4 :Dia Q 'I aaA'::-2: :I rn-cc '-'H :' A :me I--" +I N I Ii- 'P : U5 5 -' -' rr if "' I sd Q-e UXQ 'I "' I r' C I' F- -9 5' IT C C E M A Z m 'I N' ,Marne Q.-,4 m I-.7I-- I-I- yr., C N 4 P -4 It V - I-I I-4 v-I- P H LD - If- I- I. Ie 5 0 .- : 4 I I-P 7' H fl. QF C H .J -4 ft fn "1 ft V 1 E 4' ' 5 i 2 ' H: I' I-4 ' ,5 5 rs '4 'T E F F4 4' f..:1:,,:Z 2- 297' Fx-:Z 6 42 , agar? ,ya -. 15-3 :ir 4, Z N I1'4 5 - - - -' ...I-x '-' SI- 4 I 5: if C..5frE'H H H92 'TEE' Q 'I A ,., "" I-. 1.75 P' 5 H' "' 1 I 'W 'AGWEL C Eli- Lim Ns +I -,K I- m A U1 . .I r-' 4 I 555-51500 3: f- igaa QQ 4, :L I-vw.. -f A I, .: : 4 I :- A I-1 QA I-I-1 A I-' An -' .- 7- OD I I I UI pf 2 I5 I I 4 z ' ci : ,4 .I - II' :' 4 I I rn ,A I- ., A: I :I ,. QI 2 asiaea fI QA :I , 5 fr 32 F Lie. N I I :- rf ' "' I-- T' C - CB' 'I I :.:' 2 E -5 5 Iv, II . E UE 5' E- if 1 :E l ' ' 2 1 ' F Q I . I-I I-1 - , 4 I-ve Z cn "" C 1 P A F' ff 5 'P 4 ' C O IA I- 'I " f. 2. 5' E :T I I 2 G L, : I I F D' A I I 5 Q 5 N, I C F -3' 55' in H PI. 3 fc 6 ELHD F71 S Q I I : gr- o O A A 4 I I if 7+ :LE 9 Ye Ig I5 B 4, . -. ,, L A gg :I .. -- 'i"+ U V G U v -+4-'I--P G o a a u 4, I -I 5-'SEL DEE'-IUUSPOCIUZ ffrlgww-ivzafnwmw 'I ff -' V I-1 I-I gg I-I- I- .. I-. .I H I- I-1 I-...Q 4 . I-o fs Pg O , .I D -2 V ...KC 5 I I- . ., ... .... UQ W ..I I " S :DHA CI-8: 2-00:73 I-S-5cOm"5gOgFDQOQ 'I . ... , ,.. .. ... l A . I essex fwwrfvvsai Yalzivase-sa: N. II 5 '1 CD I-1 I--0.4 I- -1 O I-- . V1 I I I-1 Q sr Q- Q Uqwmw :' H mfbws-350: UQ 'I 4 :- :rece I-3 P1 'n Cru: EE1'J:sf"eI-. 'UQ X 'I ' - -' f Q- I-4 .... 'U "4 'Kg 4 4, C fc - ,'I-veg, '1 C I.5,.,f4gr cgi, I-4I-4-4 sf , 'I if P cn .. I. I In-3. gg I-1 I-L i 7 E :I E7 "" I 1, , A . F5 Qc Q Q ,.. 9, C f-,E-: 0110: Q I ,,, .. . ., I, , I 'E H mei.: E-. 03 15 si IU' is Ev ,u ffl :I A . . . I, I 2 V G 92.3 5 E 22 FE 5 a 9 7 'W -I Q gifmars 5' :Ima K5 F 'I -1 I- --- - "" ..:. 5 as : Q . 52 :I 2 3 Q Q I -14 '1 BJ N v I-- 'U I-1 ft " Up 'I 'Q QL 53.1 5 E g : :I rx- A Q C P " 2, 2. Fl' :J 5 'D E fc ' C ...A -.,., 3 EL L 5' E C E C P P P :I 'I 'IAAAAA :I O3 v - - - .-.-,-,-,-,-.-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,A:,A,.,.,.,.,.,A,.,.,.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.,,.v.v.'.A.-.A.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.AA-Ava.:v,wx,vAvAvAvA:vAvA'A'A'A'A A A A A A A A A A A A .I I- MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Algebra I-The aim of this course is to teach the language and the science of the simple equa- tion, to emphasize the importance of the equa- tion and its application through the solution of practical problems. Plane Geometry-The aims of this course are to teach the pupils to reason rather than to accept statements as true without proof, to use geometric tools accurately in simple construction and show their practical application. 32 Blue and Gold Algebra II--This is a review of elementary algebra plus a sufficient amount of advanced material to prepare the pupils for college. GENERAL MATHEMATICS The aims of this course are: ill To present mathematics as a practical subject arising from the life situations of ordinary people, Q21 To give an insight into mathematical principles necessary to understand our increasingly compli- cated environment, Q32 To provide an explora- tory course in mathematics. LANGUAGE DEPT. Students who have a fairly good average in English may elect a language course. Those who are planning to enroll in college or nurses' train- ing should take two years of one language to ful- fill the requirements of those institutions. A Latin I-It is the purpose of this course to endow the student with the following: flj The fundamentals of Latin grammar to permit the student to continue Latin II, Q21 A correspond- ing knowledge of English grammar, QSQ An acquaintance with derivatives and related Latin words, 14D Sentence writing and translation of Latin, 15D The meaning of a word in its sur- rounding contextg ffil The historical and cul- tural material available in Latin Ig and UQ An acquaintance with mythological material. 5 Latin II--The aims set up for the first year are continued and enlarged upon, with more in- tensiied study. The studentys power to translate should become increased. There is continued opportunity to become acquainted with the history of Rome. Caesar proper is not encountered until late in the year and then in simplified form. French-A study of this language aims at giving the pupil an understanding of the French way of life and an appreciation of the contribu- tions of France to the modern world and in par- ticular to American life and culture. In the first year of study emphasis is placed on oral French along with those fundamentals of grammar which are necessary to make it possible to carry on simple conversations. An average of C must be obtained in French I to continue with French II. In the second year the main emphasis is on reading French culmin- ating in the translation of a French novel. SCIENCE DEPT. General S c i e n c e-The composition anal changes in matter, control and use of fire anzl heat, cause and prevention of disease, food, our water supply, weather, harnessing our energy, use of machines, electricity and light, methods of communication, and transportation, the heavens, the earthis surface, and plant life are topics generally studied. Biology-A course designed to give a more thorough systematic knowledge of the living things on this planet. Much emphasis is placed on the relationship between hitherto unfamiliar organisms and everyday routine of life. Physics-The course helps to develop the ability to observe facts accurately, to record in an orderly fashion the data obtained, to set up apparatus correctly and expeditiously, to make quantitive measurements, which may be used to solve a physical problem and most of all to make accurate computations and to state results in good English and in readable form. Chemistry-The science deals chiefly with the changes in the composition of matter, the practical application of chemistry to everyday life, human health, in the home, in industry, its contributions to society, to plant and animal life, all are stressed. Mathematical solutions to chem- ical problems are required. Laboratory periods for student experimentation average two periods per week. SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPT. Civics-This course deals with the meanins! of American democracy, the major problems of our government, and the obligations of the citizens. Vocations-This course is given to help young people to understand the workers of the world and the kinds of work they do. Blue and Gold When the right time comes, the pupils will need to make their own choice of work, to decide how they are going to earn their living and how they are going to prepare for success in the calling they have chosen. Sociology and Problems of American Democ- racy-Sociology concerns itself with problems of modern social living and how these problems are being solved by our democratic system of government. World History-The course attempts to give an understanding of how our present civilization developed from the past and what the different ages and peoples have contributed to the present. United States History-The objective of this course is to furnish a background of ideals, strug- gles, victories, failures, and compromises which, viewed objectively, impress our country, force- fully and favorably on each high school student. HOME ECONOMICS DEPT. Home Economics is required of all girls in grades 7 and 8. There is an advanced course which can be elected by upperclass girls. Last year, for the first time, boys could take Home Economics. This class met twice during the band period. The boys made chef's aprons, sport shirts, and learned how to care for a sew- ing machine. They proved that boys, as well as girls, can be good cooks. The Freshmen studied units on good groom- ing, getting along with others, textiles, clothing construction, nutrition, and meal planning and service. In addition to these units, the advanced class studied interior decorating and caring for children. This class was responsible for making twenty-three new choir robes for the glee club. They also rearranged the Home Economics room, so that we now have a separate kitchen and a classroom with a family living center. SENIOR PLAY CAST Scan-cl-I+'. Terry, ll. Vantinc, T. Blow, T. Jordan, Fiencmann, C. Martell Standing-Al. Russell. B. Smith, R. Brisson, H. Boudreau, L. Patno, A. jones f. L. 34 Blue and Gold COMMERCIAL DEPT. Shorthand I-Aims: to train students to read shorthand notes fluently and to transcribe them accuratelyg to develop habits which make for efficiency in taking dictation and to build up a vocabulary usable at the rate of about 80 words a minute. Bookkeeping-Aims: to teach the elementary principles of accounting and routine of book- keeping, and to develop an appreciation of busi- ness situations and problems, sole proprietorship and partnership. Typewriting I--The objective of the course is: mastery of the keyboard with the formation of correct habits and techniques which will en- able the student to type accurately at the rate of forty words per minute. The various letter forms are studied with special emphasis on attractive placement. This includes carbon copies and en- velopes. Much time is devoted to personal typing. Typewriting II-Objective: The ability to type accurately at the rate of fifty words per minute and set up attractively the following: manuscript typing, copying from rough draft, payroll, bills, invoices, statements, tabulations, and other business forms. Some time is spent in cutting stencils and instructions are given in the use of the duplication machine. Junior Business Training-The objectives of this course are: to provide a background of economic education such as should precede any vocational training and to lay a Hrm foundation for the achievement of economic security. Obfice Practice-This course provides intensive pre-employment training. The objectives are QU to aid the student in mastering office skills such as filing, duplicating, keeping payroll records, and operating calculating machines and QZJ to develop the personal qualities and traits that are essential for .success in a business office. SHOP This is a course in woodworking, using common tools, power equipment and lathe. General Information Admission - Any pupil having graduated from the eighth grade is admitted to the high school. Other pupils are admitted upon presen- tation of an officially signed statement of proof that equivalent work has been completed. Tuition-All students whose residence is out- side the School District are charged tuition of 8225.00 for year 1954-55. If a pupil lives in a Vermont town which does not maintain a high school, his home district is legally obligated to pay this fee. Marking System--The marking system is a standard one used by most high schools. A Q92-100D excellent workg B C85-925 very good work, C Q77-855 good workg D C70-77D poor work, F Qbelow 70j no re-examination iven. g Report Cards are sent home six times each year for parents' examination. While the teachers and principal appreciate the prevailing good will and cooperation of the parents, the following suggestions may help in keeping our scholarship standing high: Good attendance is fundamentally necessary for a successful school. Satisfactory work in the high school requires regular home study on the part of the average student. Parents and other adults are welcome at thc school at all times. We invite any intelligent and sympathetic criticism. CHEERLEADERS C. Martell, A. Dunakin, P. Fienemann, P. Bourgeois, J. Brisson, R. Patno 1 Blur' and Gold 35 Co11q1l1'menis of flflton Q Paren I- Teach er Associa tion , . Com ulimeuts of Compliments of I CITIZENS' ummss DeS"""eg'i Pizocff G""'9e AHEAT, LIGHT and POXVEH General Repairing Newport Vermont TfJ1CPhf"1ff 2461 Milton Vvrmont AYHA A , , - H -1--' -up - .l 4: ' gl Y. I mf I v I -I ll 36 BZ ue and Gold PICTURES IN THIS YEARBOOK NIDRRIS STUDIOS COLEBROOK, NEWV HAMPSHIRE Compliments of AMERICAN LEGION PDST NO. 57 MILTON, VERMONT III: STE R IQi'1 ll ll 'l S57 5 5 v QA: Q 4 F"69 S 0Ilu'?: ,Msg SPoNs011s OF:- Boys' State Iunim' League Bz1s0IJuII J, , ,., -,L LL 4 151110 and Gold 41 BREAUl.T'S EARL I.. BEVINS' GARAGE BEACON STORE Gem- 1'21 1 1iepiiiiiii1 MEATS - GP.oCE1i1Es GENEEA1, MERCHANDISE DODGE 1 llll 1 PLYMoUT11 suiiviu Fishing Tackle 1 soiivuiiii oi1iCi.i1 AAA .uid ALA sniiiiiii Esso SERVICE STATION Pliiiiig 2313 Milwii, vi. Pliiiiic 187 Gi-1 iiii 1 Is1e,Vt. J. A. RYAN CO. Flour. Grain and Nlill Fccd Tclcphouc 2643 Nlilton Vermont MT. VIEW DRIVE-IN THEATRE Route 2 and 7 COLCHESTER, VERMONT Verinonfs Largest and Finest DRIVE-IN THEATRE FCiltlll'iIlg only thc best in Movie Elltertailllnent ' 4' f 42 Blue and Gold BURLINGTON BUSINESS' COLLEGE Seventy-seventh Year ' OFFERS INTENSIVE COURSES IN Accounting C Pathfinder? Shorthand QGreggj Touch Typewriting Business Mathematics Secretarial Practice Business English and allied subjects RUSSELL L. SWEENEY KEROSENE - FUE1, OILS For Prompt Service APPROVED Fon VETERANS, TRAINING Call 2771 Milton Vt. Fall Term Opens September 7 l82 Main St. Dial 2-1701 Burlington, Vt. Ask for catalog giving full information about courses, rates, ctc. . , M 6 Compliments of MILTON MILTON DRIVE-IN THEATRE CO-OP DAIRY CORP. ONE MILE NORTH OF Phone 2961 CHIMNEY CORNER ON ROUTE 7 Milton Vermont -Q Blue and Gold 43 C . , PETE'S GARAGE omplnnents ot Your Friendly R I L E Y 1 S GULF DEALER Lubrication P 110116 2931 General Repairs Milton V61-lnont Petc LaCross-ferry Lewis, the second Milton Vermont Tele1'h0He 2938 HOMER W. HURLBURT H' New York Life Insurance Co. B681 Estate B1'0k61' Life, Annuities, Accident Sickness and Group -Dealer -In- Horses, Cattle, New and Used Machinery 20 Main Street Checkerberry Corners Milton, Vt. Burlington Vermont Compliments of Compliments of R. A. DAVIS GROCEPIIES MILTON WATER CORP. Tel. Essex 8-2075 Milton Vermont Colchester Vermont Compliments of MILTON SALES 8. SERVICE co. Oliver C. Lollanger, Prop. Tel. 4361 Milton, Vermont XVOODXVORKINC SHOP 44 Blue and Gold ROUSSEAU BROS., Inc. Q Compliments ot A Community Service Center 1NTERNAT1oNAL HARVESTER PETE WHITE FARM MACHINES and REPAIRS CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH CARS Dealer in Used Cars and Auto Parts REPAIRS and LUBRICATION For a square deal, come see me. Iill use you right Grand Isle, Vt. Telephone 40 Compliments of When youjlglielcillsicgtlgiiy or sell DUFFY'S RESTAURANT Consult A N D WALTER C. MUNSON C A B I N S ' R E A L T O R Phone 2.441 Milton, Vt. Dial Essex 8-2097 Colchester, Vt. Compliments of U FlTZPATRlCK'S GARAGE GENERAL MOTORS TRUCKS and SCHOOL BUSES Car-Wood Hoists and Dumps Tel. 4-5754 98 Lakeview Terr. Burlington, Vt. MILTON TV CENTER Motorola - Zenith - CBS Columbia TV and Radio Sales and Service Ed and Ioyce Sweeney Telephone 2613 Blue and Gold 45 BOURGEOIS ASK FOR: TEXACO STATION MOTHER MOQUlN'S NIINOR REPAIRS LUBRICATION TIIICS-ACCCSSONGS-Batteries '4Tl1ey,re Made IVith A M othefs Carey John Bourgeois, Prop. Milton Vermont THE PRIDE OF VERMONT Compliments of New - Modern - Heated lst CLASS LICENSE Fishing - Swimming HONIE COOKING IJINE A,xNlJ.lJA,XNCE Nlr. and Xlrs. VVZIIICI' VillltIDC 2 NIiIcs from Chimney Corner PIIOIICI 355'II US- Route 2 on Route 2 to the IsIancIs North Hcma Vermont GEORGE J. FREMEAU PARKER'S GARAGE Jeweler CENERAL REPAIRINC IGNITION SERVICE 153 North X'Vinooski Avennc TIIRE REPAIR I5ni'Iington, Vermont Crand Isle Vermont Compliments of A FRIEND WALTER R. FANTON, Inc. Home Designing and BniIcIin1f t I tv Phone Fairfax 9-3541 F ai rfax V crmont 'P P 46 Blue and Gold I Compliments of M C A U L I F F E S BOOKS PAPER SCHOOL SUPPLIES Warren B. Steadman ART BIATEIQIALS Telephone 272 South Hero, Vt. Phone 4-4531 Burlington, Vermont Compliments of KENNETH WAGNER Workmenls Compensation Automobile -Dealer In- Pl t Cl ' BLISS MILK PRODUCTS Fi1'eaIiSu1.3ijCe Tel. St. Albans 339-M2 Miltoll VC1'1Tl011t Georgia Vermont Compliments of Compliments of Grand Isle Count Coo . Y P BRANCI-rs sToRE Creamery ASSOCIGTIOI1 South Hero Vermont Grand Isle Vermont THE JENNINGS SHOP For Homemakers I4 Church St. Burlington, Vt. Phone 4-7004 Compliments of CHIMNEY CORNERS C. and F. H. Bora, Props. CURTAINS DBAPES VENETIAN BLINDS Phone Essex Ict. 8-2162 YARD GOODS DOMESTICS .Colchester Vermont Blue and Gold 41 P H I L C O F amous for Quality Television Q Radios - Refrigerators - Ranges Complilmiuts of F REEZERS Ainerican Kitchen Sinks and Cabinets on Lake Charnplain HARDWARE and BUILDING MATERIALS Cruncl Isle Vermont E. W. MILLER STORE I. E. VVagner, Mgr. Milton, Vt. Phones 2635-2637 SHEPARD and HAMELLE Menls and Young Men's R H C. Clothing and Furnishings 32 Church St. Burlington, Vt. -Dealer In- MEATS and CROCERIES SENIOR TUMBLINC TEAM Illionc 2371 Nlilton, Vt. MM, 48 Blue and Gold Compliments of NATION-WIDE STORE Donat Danis, Owner , . - Carpenter ' Pure Vermont Honey Milton Vermont Phone 2591 Milton, Vt. BAY-HAVEN C 1. omp 1I1'l611tS of BOATS for FISHING -Dealer In- RAY AND EDYTHE COBU RN Johnson Motors Lyman Boats ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Phone 23 Leon Bora, Prop. Telephone 2831 Milton, Vt. South Hero Vermont Compliments of Phone 2932 Prompt Service MERIT SHOE COMPANY, Inc. ENDICOTT-IOHNSON SHOES 42 Church Street Burlington Vermont CLIFFOR TURNER Floor Sanding Finishing and Polishing Free Estimates Milton, Vt. Compliments of CHAMP LAIN RUSCO CO. Roger C. Bugg Phone 2141 Milton, Vt. MILTON BUS L!NE Allen Thompson, Owner Leaves Milton 9 and 1 Leaves Burlington 11 and 4:30 Milton, Vt. Telephones 2925 Milton 4-6911 Burlington Blue and Gold 49 Compliments of Compliments of HOWARD JOHNSON Meat Market Frozen Food Lockers PARENT-TEACHER ASS'N Ph 9 one -852 Milton Vermont Compliments of GENERAL TRUCKINC SHEP'S BARBER SHOP I 1 ' nd Dealer in Pulp lV0od, Logs, Im S wpal 3 Prop' Hay, Straw and Sawdust Nlilton Vermont Phono 22461 Milton, Vt. Compliments of IODINE SPRING RESTAURANT AND VIOLA F. MARTIN MOTOR COURT T C1 nk A mm , HOME CooK1NG own , ei .inc ieasuiex DANCING NIGHTLY Md lst CLASS LICENSE NlZl1'tlIllS Crocerv , ' Call 140-M for Reservations Tel.l72-XV Grand Isle, Vt. Edna and Noel Viens, Owners South Hero Vermont LINOLEUNI TILE F 1. o o 11 cg o V 15 R 1 N G s C"mPlimCutS of Sales and Installation E. N. E. Bourgeois TCl6Pll0llC 4391 Phone 2071 Milton, Vt. Bnrxnnn St. Nlilton. Vt. 1 9 50 Blue and Gold Compliments of p p Compliments of PARKER M. IRISH I Phones-Burl. 4-6884 S Milton 4132 f North llero Vermont Milton Vermont Q Compliinentslof I I G General Merclianclise Hlawisorl Fowler Meats, Groceries, Fruits South Helo Vermont Phone 4331 Milton, Vt. MILTON BOWLING ARENA Compliments of RHEO'S RESTAURANT lst and 3rd Class License Phone 2481 Hungry? Thirsty? We Have It! Milton Vermont Milton Vermont Compliments of CLIFF'S BARBER SHOP AND AVIS' BEAUTY SALON Telephone 2783 Milton Vermont SOUTH HERO GROCERY Gus Spears, Prop. Phone 290 South Hero Vermont I 4. r I I- Lg Blue and Gold 51 if Clornplirncnts ol' KENNETH MAYVILLE SOCONY SERVICE STATION RESTAURANT Telephone 2431 Nlilton, XICTIHOHI NIOBILGAS--XIOB1LOIL-NIOBII. TIRES COICIIUSICI' Vcfmollt INIOBIL BATTERIES and ACCESSORIES MOBIL LUBIIICATION NVQ Circ S. Sz II. Green Stamps H O W T 0 C H O G S E CHAMPAGNE'S STORE A D I A M O N D GENERAL GHOCERIES Phone 225W Diamond vuIucs are not dctcrlnincd In' calrut South Hero Vennout Weight a1Ionc. Clarity, cutting amd coIor nrc cquully iinportunt in choosing il ln C ll u t i I u I LIIQIIHOIHI. XVI- grade with rnoclcrn scimltific instrnnu-nts for your In-ncfits. SILVER VVATCIIES TROPHIES F. J. PRESTON 8. SON, nc. R4-gistcrecl JCVVGICI'-AlNC1'IL'ilI1 Cc-ln Society 17 Upper Church Struct Burlington, Vermont I 52 Blue and Gold Compliments of HORACE LECLAIR Bread and Pastries Dealer Shell Service Station Milton Vcmmut Tcl. 8-2326 VVcstfo1'cl, Vt. ROBINSON HARDWARE A B E R N E T H Y , -Dealer In- Inc. HH1'dW31'C, Pllllllblllg, P9-illt Vermontls Foremost Department Store Lumber and Coal South Hem Vermont Burlington, Vt. Phone 4-5701 Compliments of RED TOP CABINS A' C' HEWEY CATTLE DEALER Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Adams, Props. Phone 2939 Route 7 Phone 4215 Milton, Vt. Milton Vermont Compliments of Compliments of KENNETH R. ADAMS SPORTSMAWS ,NN CONTQQICTOR Boats Beach BUILDER Dancing Noll-Resident Fishing License Tel. 4263 Milton, Vt. Grand Isle Vermont L 1 :H 'h , , - , U- . . -.-5 'Sf-fl"-' 5"-, 'v' '-'-'--V' I'-1'-1'-W-A' '- "-- Kill -'N -w.'-'-L'.'A4'fiv.:.+- 4.1. ,'. , -.1 J,P4'w :'1.v,xAA:.:'.v---aL,.:.-41:r..2h!'f'M-1-1Q'.nn4235:-X'S'iyvfsim-Tfnb-N1L1':X,7u.n-l-'vfziLs.:.f"-4-om65:,.F-'Sf'v-'P2j Q x . f .. L . iff?" fgrf-rlzw Y gag .N gg.: 1 -. + '- n Q '-,nv Q x fi Q 7 29 x EA'-A Q -l.- ',:".tUl g X :Q 4. gg I. -.4 ,L ..,... ln 15, ,.- 1 Q' . ., 'T ,Q - - ':. 1 ' A . 1... 1,4-XXn',..v,V.,, .1 ,g,w , ,,.. '..-1' M 1 4 .-Y. 1-.A gf, :,N 55 ,J pf. rf- 5. ,:, 7.7 5" Q 5,5 I I 5:-:J,' -5-. '15 Q: .5 "., C Z1 ' :H '-. f -. 3.5, 'J' Ly lgugw' K 7, 1 --. ,. 1 ,s uf ,... -, , .,- 151, ,1- .L , - V QA - - - , . . --' ., - 1' .W -,., - .,.-, , ,. ., ,K . ..f --ev.- . .-.,.- .V .uf x ,,-A-3 ,,. .,' -g 1 .-, w-. 5 f Q. . -,, - , . L4 ,' ' V x ., -. ,if xv " - . 1 5? r ,,., A, V.A, ,.,.-.V ,L .. w-. .- M- ., :.-.--, V, I 1 -.LK 13'-' '- '. I . E- -X C K.. " A A ,I 11 v 1.-xl -' ' G -Twfv x '.' . . xv. 1 ,,' ,1,' 4 kv c ,:f'- .:, - 21. '- , ,,', H ' . ygy- 5.55 - ,VA 77, 11,-f: -, ,,-mr.: -.h lllr. x T.. .2' 9'-J ': L? x "V:-.'N-3" -cw u41...,nt','N "fi ','.'f,- -A-.. ., WA'-,KJ fs-.nav w. .. 'M ..-'Z,"w- 4' K 1, f xi .. T-',', Lv' 'Z'-,".L' fi," 'LJ-N41-I P'-nlrvf-Z' 'L 'NM1'-w'Q'..-'I--' 'H' 9, f9n'P-if A 'M . -f, TV' r: - -.. ',k':l" 1. IA - 'M JL .'

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1954, pg 28

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