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-R, n 1. 1 . ,, , . F A-N3iAvx"'i,.-, x A . H.. I 1 . 1 fy .' x',N' xxa K ixxxxvx' -.5,, H, 1 K ' . '., Q N y 9 1 , . Q x-Na-A 0, ' , ..,x 1 s-.N-. 1 N1 A ng- wr.,-'SX' ,uw X L . . - x X'x. .M V1 ,,. ka, x.. 4 ' 'w ,.. X x 5-wN.1x gs: 'A , X ,ry . 11' .,,. AM 4 - -,',"3? X f '-,. .,! ' Y"m .', , ".. 1 ,F y . 5. 5 ', '75 ., Z, ,-.-e ,,,. Ny ' nf-,-Q , ,f'.,,35f ' V :'Xx1',, ,FJ .q X .l Hgw XM y .rl " ,,4.. vga, ' ' TL' fa .'-'vii ' .fx . , , , t, l .,3., .:. 4, 1.1-,:,,..,.h,'y-1 V . I ,A'.,4,-J. 4. - -- r ,..,f Ang 1 F, -V., J'1..Ha-.' .-- - -- . 1 -.J,,- Y ,,l ,, ,., . Q ' "' Af ' I r -v. 1 ,:. H. 1-' 1 '. r ,X- r 5 . . -gm .Pnl , . JIM !J., 1 w,. u f Q, V ,ILL ,fd I-'M Iii. fill " ' www, .L Aki., ,',..' K ' Lv' Rf ,1,'f'. .7 f i L "'. .N , 14 ' ' rg , Y, ,Y V. ,. A - , , -'.,, ,, x lj' 444 r r ' - 'R 1 ,Nl 1'-', . 'I . 1 -X Sclyoo we 44 4 I .1 ff 4 I F Q 431 Yu' a V, 1- L .14 , . w ,.'.4,. II , . . 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I I , 4 r' .. -1- f1'- .' z' ' .jf ' '-. s ' , PT V -1 ' I - .,. V . If . I I , '- l.'f. V. 1 ' 21 - .-V" 4.- - '3'-" . 1,4,,,n I-,r - 1 1 -,I I II -' - A-aw: V f' V III .2, II . 1 II I . . ..' ngfcg' ' ' ' I 'I?.g.'.'V,I - L . .',.:I . ' v 4 ".,,2'- ' ' , 1 MI wr 'f u. 1, 1 Y, ' , ' rw ' ' -. - . hm ' ' .-gn .' 1 ff? ' '-' INN' ' 'I ' I. II ,, I - . 4 .5 . I , xg, ., . f , r.'- "I ,,II I I ,V , I -..,I I ' ' . Q VMI. . I'-, ' Q 'I' . -.II k I, II II . . I.-- x ' a I ' Af' 4- ' . ' I !V":'.'Y7 .- . . . ' STZIH ' 'vi -- f ff - .f- . 'l' -.' KX' 1 ,,.I I .- Ifafw ,-- ,If A . , ' A . u. J K- " 1' M I' V 1 ,I,'I4 I. ,. JI -. - 1 4 .,-..- 1 1 " 1 . -:I I 1. .V , r , r V. 'n . 1 ,U fs v 2. X gt 12. X- '4 w.k qw -1 Q. , ,wx ' , Ye Q 1 K N, 6: xr. x X, v. 'UQ-I" v 1 v .y 'f i 'T-3 ' -' ,.Tfi'19kg?fu A-.Qui f 1,92 ., .Af ,, 1 Hfw.1..s Y I x ,- . w J 'Q Lff1mwfaQ 'iii , L X' ,,,. 1 4 kg A 10 .IK .' at .PJ ,,..'... Q0 rv- -v 'ap 1 .. M9 ,kk ,M Kem 1 , X .1 4 Ai 1 Q i4 si Q' dvr 'FI Pav wx 52. 'R sag Milton S. Hershey 1857-1945 Founding the Hershey Industrial School in 1909 upon the same basic principles and beliefs of our national founding fathers, Milton S. Hershey began one of the greatest educational institutions of all times, the Milton Hershey School. Our Founders Passed on to Us With a spirit of dedication to their cause, men like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson led the American Revolution toward the ultimate goal of freedom for all Americans. That same spirit exists two hundred years later in many walks of life and in the hearts of millions of men and women. Milton and Catherine Hershey possessed this same desire for a better life, and that is reflected in our School today. Let us, therefore, on our two hundreth birthday, rededicate ourselves to the same cause which got this country going in the beginning. ff , 'F Ee! J f E f1'M1f"ies NN, ,ke 1 5 . X, Ak jk i 5'-7-A I, X mpg. 'em , lnxmnv Catherine Hershey 1872-1915 Catherine Hershey shared a dream which eventually brought Hershey Industrial School. It was her spark, like the spark of our American patriots, which lighted the lives of many American young men and guided their feet toward a better life. A Priceless Gift - The Excerpts from Deed of Trust ALL orphans admitted to the School shall be fed with plain, wholesome food, plainly, neatly and comfortably clothed, Without distinctive dress, and fitly lodged. Due regard shall be paid to their health, their physical training shall be attended to, and they shall have suitable and proper exercise and recreation. Each and every scholar shall be required to learn, and be thoroughly instructed in some occupation or mechanical trade, so that when he leaves the School on the completion of the period for which he is to remain, he may be able to support himself .... The School shall be non-sectarian, but the moral and religious training of the scholars shall be properly looked after and cared for by the Managers. No favoritism shall be shown by the Managers to any particular sect or creed. Each scholar shall be taught to speak the truth at all times, and each and every scholar shall be thoroughly trained to habits of economy and industry. Future A dream come true-a senior receives his diplom only HERSHEY SCHOOL Great educational institutions like Milton Hershey School could have been conceived, dedicated and brought to fruition In America Only. Our Bicentennial Year -HM., -. . r E. 'msn l 'Zz fi "Vi: F' . 'Q, 1-'1:v"'g," 1ff57" W 'Q M-'gif k fs, F5 fiff, , , - -. 4,g ',',f :4-' aj if fm! ff! K Eg ii'f HY- 1 - " , H Q f -LE!! is 1,-il' f SQ -. ' , . . 57-g LN A-h mmm- , N' , , '-5192? ' MM -gy-3 N,-qw,-v 1 . -ykggmv -ni,-Q, ,w -ffm-S W bi I ""'5fWf"fi'f ' -5 I. , -' K 3 '- ',,"fs-,M-. ,.: ' 4 Hibimcg 1 ii '- fn' .,f ' --1 ,5 Z ss, .,f .sawn ag X . 5 1- Jig' - W W ' '71?,. Q : - 'S Alf. x - 5 4 , , if - -5 1 4 - I 5 - J -'H S ,X IH ,iv ,V .SXKEQQN ., ,H .A - K! Q' N L- Q L Q. f 1- - ,W Amy, ,N K .ix f,wQgEE1igi4,kf., Jg5fEw,c,,3M,gg31i3i ,g:-ig. Qsiigmg. -W-fggiwig mf, , .15 1- W- -Qxsg--,gag--.' ,tl Wim, Q, ,-ff" ' ...lm D. A k - 'fi-h..4 .1 . EAL' M -5 vw-4 ,, .. , . W. w f - 'M-F' rswiz' 4 il' ! A R . 'gk :Irvs -Msn-3 I LK W wsrmw com L gzuwvfm mmm 'nent 'Y-f" x. M5- 'ia L TW fa , ' 5 -assi .+ Maia- W 5 qi V - W. QZNQSAK , ...x fu, , ,, , 4 - -- I J v ' u.,,ZT1, 44 .. --- - ,,,,,v-: Q , - v ' U Q Q L ,A I 2 . 4,5-u N K ,. 3,4 1 QJBPQN Urn - ' f fi 'Ni s . -lx M - -. ' ' .. .2 tif . iw viji , IQ V. 1 ,x ' '33 -M-lt' -lik., -A 9 ' 'Ll A' Mi 3 "-.WP - -A -, . - - -- - ,5 ..-'g in . Q ' 'rl 'ww f' gig ,, ,A f . 3' f, . 'J :'?',-'-:"'A1f ' J, 'L' 'e-uf. all K, , ' .. , ,f gfifnl My - -,T '7,x,..i, :gig :Crank Freedom of the Press iii Freedom of Assembly 4-fi-+543 ADMINISTRATION FACULTY AND A CURRIC ULA EQ llberty and the destiny of the re publican model of government, are justly'considered as deeply, perhaps as finally staked, on the experiment en- trusted to the hands of the American people. , a he preservation of the sacred fire' of ,' 5 , 0 1 George Washington First Inaugural Address April 30, 1789 1u-u'u..,,vl3sv-v.gul1-- ,W , . 1? .V J 4 . , x 1 Ya-K . Q ' A , .. H R - ' . I D . K . ' 1 'fd i 1 I . Q n'r . . NL. . i"': .i- gl, g?','s H U' 31-' .I , . 55.4 . X Vi ' , -n., V 1 . 'ff' ' I , 1 .I M , I , A .-.. . gtg w 4 ,V ' X . 1 1 I . , I .9 Q- --... .. .....g.A-, ... .n..-. . ... , - -,,.... LA.n.L. J, , A? A wry? S 4'-IJ' '34 The Board of Managers Guides for the Future in the Spirit of Our Founders John 0- Hershey John T. Shuey John M. Aichele '39 QChairmanJ QSecretary-Treasurerj Edward T. Book William S. Cashel Jr. William E. Dearden '40 Kenneth V. Hatt '41 Harold S. Mohler With the signing of the Deed of Trust on November 15, 1909, Milton S. Hershey and his Wife Catherine S. Hershey entrusted to the Board of Managers the care of the boys of Milton Hershey School. Major decisions pertaining to the school are made by these men, some of whom are graduates of the School. Concern and dedication to Milton Hershey boys are evident in the programs they initiate. John S. Baum Joseph S. Gumpher '35 S. A. Schreckengaust Jr 9 Mr Fisher and Mr. Stump Skillfully Administer Education at Senior Hall Carl E. Stump, assistant director of secondary education and William R. Fisher '50 director of secondary education. Two Words which would aptly describe Mr. William R. Fisher and Mr. Carl E. Stump Would be efficiency and enthusiasm. Mr. Fisher '50, Director of Secondary Education, is generally recognized as the major force behind Senior Hallis operation. He handles many of the problems which arise during the school year. Mr. Stump, Assistant Director of Secondary Education, has among his many responsibilities the not-so-pleasant job of detentions, compiling of marking period results, and orientation of new teachers. i 11 Retirees Leave Behind a True Spirit of Dedication When one reviews a list of names of great contributors to Milton Hershey School, the name of Alfred T. Gibble would appear high on that list. Mr. Gibble tirelessly devoted the past forty-three and one-half years to the School. Born in Annville, Pennsylvania, he was a graduate of Palmyra High School in 1928. After obtaining his B.S. Degree from Lebanon Valley College in 1932, Mr. Gibble began his career at Milton Hershey School in August of 1932. From 1932 thru 1934 he taught junior high in the Community Building. From 1934 thru 1951 Mr. Gibble taught physical education and began a coaching career which included varsity football, basketball, and baseball. From 1951 up to 1975 he served in administration in the roles of Director of Homelife and retired as Director of Houseparent Staff. Words cannot adequately describe the contribution Mr. Gibble has made to the School, but the many graduates who have benefitted from his guidance will testify to the fact we are saying good-bye to a great name in the history of Milton Hershey School. Alfred T. Gibble For forty-two years George F. Sandel has given dedicated service in the areas of elementary and secondary education, thirty-nine of which have been spent in enriching the lives of Milton Hershey students. Mr. Sandel was born on September 18, 1911, at Winfield, Union County, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Sunbury High School in 1928, he obtained a B.A. Degree and an M.A. Degree from Bucknell University in 1932 and 1946, respectively. In 1966 he received an M.S. Degree in library science from Drexel University. Mr. Sandel joined the School's faculty on September 1, 1937, as a teacher of sixth grade. In 1942 he moved to a position as an eighth grade English teacher and remained in that capacity until he entered the Army. In 1946 he returned to Milton Hershey and spent a total of thirty-two years in the classroom. From 1966 to the present, he has been the librarian at Catherine Hall. Among Mr. Sandel's fondest memories are the eight years spent as adviser to The Spartan, and ten very satisfying years as Catherine Hall librarian. Hall. George F. Sandel With the retirement of Eleanor Foltz Wood, Milton Hershey School loses one of its most dedicated and tireless employees. For the past fifteen years she has given devoted service to the boys as a nurse tirst at Senior Hall and then at Catherine Mrs. Wood was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, on October 7,.1911. She Eleanor F. Wood graduated from the Uniontown Hospital Training School in 1931 and subsequently spent two years as an industial nurse. On October 16, 1961, Mrs. Wood joined the staff at Senior Hall where she was a nurse for four years. In 1966, when Catherine Hall opened, she joined the nursing staff there where she has served for the past eleven years. Among Mrs. Wood's fondest memories are the rewards of caring for the Milton Hershey boys, the growth and expansion of the School's campus, and above all, the opening of the new medical clinic at Catherine Hall in 1966. Best wishes are extended to Mrs. Wood for a happy and healthy retirement. For thirty-eight and one-half years, Robert K. Schelhorn gave dedicated service to the boys of Milton Hershey School as the Carpentry Instructor in "Shop 6" at Senior Hall. Born on April 10, 1912, in Philadelphia, Pa., his family moved later to Lansdowne, Pa., where Mr. Schelhorn attended Lansdowne High School. He was later selected for Williamson Trade School from which he is a graduate, and later he attended Penn State University and the University of Pennsylvania. Joining the faculty of Hershey Industial School on January 15, 197, Mr. Schelhorn has completed a distinguished career in which he was highly respected by all who knew him. His skills as an instructor in carpentry have benefitted the community where, for more than a decade, he participated in the evening program at Derry Township Senior High School. We take this opportunity to wish Mr. Schelhorn a happy retirement. Robert K. Schelhorn Phyllis M. Baugher retires after giving twenty-five years of teaching dedication to the boys of the Junior Division as a teacher of second and fourth grades. Mrs. Baugher was born in 1912 in Harrisonburg, Virginia. After attending Madison College in Harrisonburg, Virginia, she was a teacher in the Virginia public schools. In 1915 Mrs. Baugher brought her pedagogical skill to Milton Hershey School's Junior Division. She taught second grade for ten years and fourth grade for fifteen years with a skill and dedication which has had a profound effect on the young lives she has touched. Congratulations are extended to Mrs. Baugher on her retirement from a distinguished career. Phyllis M. Baugher l During the past thirty-one years, John E. Fox gave of himself to the boys of l Milton Hershey School as instructor first in Latin and then as a member of the Senior Hall English Department. He was born on April 1, 1913, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Educationally, Mr. Fox first attended The Harrisburg Academy and later The Berkshire School in Sheffield, Massachusetts. For his higher education, he matriculated at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts and later received his A.B. Degree from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. Mr. Fox came to Milton Hershey School in 1944 as teacher of ninth and tenth grade Latin and teacher of English to ninth grade. When Latin was taken out of the course of study at Senior Hall, he continued as an instructor of ninth grade English and has retired in that capacity. One of Mr. Fox's fondest memories concerns the many times Mr. Fisher'50, now Director of Secondary Education but a former student of Mr. Fox's, would challenge him to produce a more difficult sentence to diagram and analyze. We wish Mr. Fox many happy years of retirement. John E. Fox The Senior Hall Faculty Prepares Students With a Firm Foundation on Which to Face Life l 14 Senior Hall Faculty ff V. L. Alexander Music Activities Adviser J ff William G. Altland English if Charles A. Astfalk Drafting ff Dale G. Aucker Printing f Terry W. Baylor Mathema ics f Matthew ' ' Vocation f 1. Bellclc al Guidance , , XM Z V, f W' fimwf: -vw, . ,, WML-N -W f f H 5 f llllf ' ,jg4'g,,-W,- 1ea1: ' sW3x1gc.uw.,l l i Y 5 'l Leif., , wif- i I , age-Q-w 1 r v . f' Q L' V . QG Q M - f. A sr W, , sa I , Q .. M m g , 9 33 fa , ' f mf ff 1 6,5 21.9 1 M4 E J if - E A " " L"-' V , fil l , 1 s r,1f !4 L.,k?y X Senior Hall Faculty William E. Bitner Social Studies Harry L. Buck '43 Auto Mechanics james L. Butch Mathematics Larry E. Casebeer Physical Education Gilson G. Cash Health john A. Cook Religious Education Kenneth H. Cook Electronics Russell G. Daubert Auto Mechanics 'k ir i' 'k 'k 'k 'A' 'lr 15 x., ' 1 V Q tk- ,, K liial 1-. - -a Senior Hall Faculty ff Audrey S. DeMuth Business Education, English ff Bryan M. Diehl Science ff Richard K. Dieterle Drafting f Dorothy K. Esbenshade French 1: Ray A. Faidley Business Education w john E. Fox English f Harold C. Good Sheet Metal Welding if D. Willis Hartman Science ,S S , 2 S SWS 1 .tg f . f if . 1 . L .V -f X ,s j E .3 kk,k. ff 2 pa, x ir Silly rw is F f j . K g . . -I-,.q.:.g-5.2323 far , gig , A wie Qs , i -at K x +915 if .-' 15 'V fc. - ,..,. .. M....i't',l5q 'iff'-M I Sif w... i' l- 'L 'i f-1 fig-5 - -. f " f , - -- Senior Hall Faculty 'f Warren H. Hitz A gri- Business if Harold E. Hoerner '44 Plumbing, Heating if john A. Hoerner Machine Shop if George j. Hollich Public Speaking Humanities 1 Allen M. Hoover Mathematics ' f Robert W. Hopple Mathematics ff Richard O. Hugendubler . Offset Printing if john L. james Social Studies 17 Senior Hall Faculty if A. james jones German, French 1. Charles H. Kamp Science ff Andrew M. Kavalecs German ,, Russell C. Klinger Business Education 1. Andrew Kovach industrial Arts , j. Duncan Kriebel Engiisn , james M. Lehman Mathematics f Edith B. Long Librarian i"if-i' "f, f 1 , . ng: 'F 1 week QW" . L h - , f. ff:-..,tS.5: w2,.,wif.:' . ,iw ' csffliifzeiu 9933? ' ' ' ,:s.we-ggW'ifg,-1,715-k,5 gaze S cdlffa. -. ini Be have M 5 fir I :- Q , ff ff , W wifi' 2 Q -4 ' w , 1 ,Hg N l 1 4 ' ff My Se gh 5 ' , Yf . ' -M' 1 N 1 fm X" . . if ki s . +A V 9 3 V ,S k N 8,5 Weis-,t ' Ta to Senior Hall Faculty if james W. Martin Social Studies ff Richard A. Mattis Carpentry ff Frank H. MCCrea Science ff Frank H. Michaels Food Service ff Ray B. Miller Music if Thomas O. Pratt Electricity 1 William R. Prescott Social Studies f Carl F. Rhodes '60 Science '6 A gk- ,A Senior Hall Faculty 1. Edward B. Ruth Science ff C. Thomas Schwalm Music 1 Kenneth R. Sharp '65 Mathematics 1 Kenneth R. Smitley Building Trades ff Kenneth L. Snyder Driver Education if William H. Snyder Mathematics if Clyde P. Stacks Vocational General f Craig C. Tritch English 20 i .133 S fi- 1- Semor Hall Faculty D. Michael Weller '66 English LeRoy O. Wolfe English William A. Yottey Social Studies james R. Brandt Social Studies joseph N. Hogarth Plumbing and Heating james S. Cudworth English QNot photographed. Joined faculty January, 1976.5 M I-I E A OFFICERS Standmg David G Thompson fvlce-presidentj, A. James Jones Qtreasurerb Edxth B Long Csecretaryj Wllham R Prescott ipresidentj, Carl 21 as 4 Mr. Durand and Mr. Witman Guide Young Lives With a Sound Intermediate Program The Intermediate Division is under the supervision of Mr. M. Nelson Durand, director, and' Mr. Donald R. Witman, assistant director. Included among their responsibilities are scheduling, acquiring supplies and teaching aides, and planning the school curriculum and activities. Through their efforts, Intermediate Division students are prepared for the challenge of senior high school. M. Nelson Durand Qdirector of the Intermediate Divisionb, Donald R. Witman Qassistant directory. x Catherine Hall-Intermediate Educational Home. A 23 all ' ',,. The Catherine Hall Faculty Nurtures the Spark of Education and High Ideals 24 Catherine Hall Faculty 1 Parke E. Adams. English ff William G. Angert Industrial Arts ff john R. Bare Industrial Arts 1 josephine M. Baum English ir Harry E. Bay Remedial Reading f Samuel D. Blachly Social Studies V: Catherine Hall Faculty ff I. Robert Bortel Language Artg English ff Ethel M. Campbell Reading 1 Bonnie A. Casebeer Science if D. Rodney Chamberlain Remedial Reading 1 Wallace R. Conway Mathematics ff james C. Dearden Social Studies if Roy M. Dice Science 25 5 3? Catherine Hall Faculty 'f Ruth G. Dorman Reading if Paul E. Dronsfield Television if Richard T. Francis '68 Typing f Leroy M. Galloway English ff Donald A. Gipe Mathematics ff john H. Grab Mathematics ff William A. Grove Music if Paul D. Hansen Health, Physical Education , H ,N iQ'0 if ff fr cgi , K , 4 or -Q- t Q my . . I O 4 . Qffisila :levi V , ' 1 1'-Mft: ' - s if fig. " 8. I ,H ...Q 1 sf' si 5 , lf' u Q 0' ." at ..' i W O Q- v ,' 4 .8 E K 9 Q 5 Q Q s s x O 0 0 9 5 xg 0 0 V ' 5 ' 5 o o ol" " I 0 0 7 if 4' 1-Q X 1 ' 'J o o , . H5 , .1 . .Q O Q 0 4 v o o Q 0' - ' O 0 Q A 5 . Q g Q. c X 00 O 0 l Q 4 O 5. 4' 'X gb 9 O 0 J is . 5 O 0. Q' it x it . . . 9 Q A A S .4-2. 7' -my we -am ,,.,.M., ,,., ., , I lx Catherine' Hall Faculty ff Gary T. Hawbaker Social Studies ff Troupiere O. Hershey Social Studies ff Kenneth Nl. Kauffman Science ff Roger A. Killian English if Arthur H. Kline Remedial Mathematics f Gerald R. Long '55 Orientation if Bruce H. Moyer Social Studies Catherine Hall Faculty +1 Robert L. Oesterling Physica! Education 1 Harold E. Reichard General Music ff George F. Sandel Library 1. Robert 1. Schelhorn Art ff Robert L. Stambaugh Social Studies if Richard M. Thieler Science ff Thomas G. Welsh Mathematics if Bruce R. Wieder Social Studies Mr. Hoover and Mr. Morgan Successfully Direct Educational Beginnings r MEMORIAL HALL DIRECTORS- William A. Hoover, director: Lloyd M. Morgan '49, assistant director. Sympathetic understanding of the problems facing the young boys who are enrolled in the Junior Division of Milton Hershey School characterizes William A. Hoover, director of the Junior Division, and Lloyd M. Morgan '49, administative assistant. These men have helped many of our boys grasp the fundamentals needed in adjusting to the Intermediate Division way of life. MEMORIAL HALL- Home of the Junior Division. 29 i i I The Memorial Hall Faculty Begins the Foundations of Education 'ill ,gwlllk in gi ll ,3lQx. ...L 30 i STARS 9. 'JA 25" fi IDL w.M ,......,....,..a. ..a..a....,.a..,,. . MM 'Wav Rl .4-e"'an. Memorial Hall Faculty f Phyllis M. Baugher Fourlh Grade 'f Connie F. Beard Third Grade f Ted E. Derrick Fifth Grade ' Doris C. Grubb Library, Remedial Reading f Allen A. Hicks Fifth Grade + jeanne M. Hostetler Kinderqarleh 0-QUW' aj... . , I. A 'i if , . i ... . , Q 1 if df 2 M HH? AMW s-in Memorial Hall Faculty if Olive M. Kleinfelter Second Grade if Frances A. Reigle Fifth Grade if Mary U. Saye Fourth Grade ff Carol Schilling Fifth Grade +1 Agnes M. Souders Third Grade if Louise B. Swartzbaugh First Grade ff Lynette E. Waller Music ff Valarie K. Wolfe Fourth Grade They Help Provide A Better Understanding o Ourselves and Our Environment R. E. Mcllaughlin Richard C. Johnson Bryan P. Sccse Charles K. Francis '61 The Student Personnel Staff has many functions. Some of these are enrollment, termination, and assistance in personal problems. They are also involved with college placement and helping students find employment. They arrange College Board tests, job interviews and college visits. v --f. awww- at M 5 ,mf Q W' wygij , .. wwe-fat msgs, - - at . am ., xmfim,K-5,22 , 4, Q 4 . ' ug.'.Q,.2,fz, "' J rf: v . Q , 6 5 -5 2 J J Q v lb 4 ff? Q K, J 113 5 , - , -fav rt gf, - J Ni ' X fll- ' ' r VJ ,J .. 1 gc a 4 V. ,1,',g .ffkg,-4 'au 4 by ,R 3 if kg '.,g K ii -. f- i, 1 -, 1 M . Q i -My Q. g .i iff.. f m X ,X gms W A f -. 1. at ,..s . s. r if ' I . N. Iyi? - Srl AI.'g's.,f, 3,5 5' ,lf .gli .A vu- an I ff., 1? tv A it R ' W. Qi A i -- QS Y if gli i Nga , iq. . Q . Catherine Becker Matthew J. Belicic William l". Delriberty John R. Grimm Barbara B. Haas Gray G. Johnson John A. Storm David G. Thompson 32 , E? A3 4 ar 1+ 'ff my jg MMS' --LH. zf 'x if W gif Q2 Dr. Backenstose and Nurses-Seated: Constance L. Aungst R.N., Eleanor F. Wood R.N. Standing: Doris K. Gingrich R.N., Dr. D. Lee Backenstose M.D., Mary L. Garrison R.N., Teresa A. Mulligan R,N. Sally A. Coulter R.N. The best in medical services and care is provided for students of Milton Hershey School. There are three well-equipped medical clinics, one for each of the educational buildings, which are staffed with registered nurses. At these clinics, students may receive first aid or minor medical treatment. Student Health Services Provide Medical and Dental Care of the Highest Quality All Milton Hershey students are assured of the best in dental care at our well-equipped dental clinics. Twice a year students receive a thorough dental examination from one of our two full-time dentists, and for students in need of special attention, the school has excellent orthodontic services. DENTAL STAFF- Seated: Donald R. Price D.D.S., Edward C. Schaeffer D.D.S. Standing: Betty L. Eberly, Marilyn R. White R.D.H., Nanna M. Bettleyon, Marian Mnrkley, Jean L. Snydf-'11 33 BUSINESS AFFAIRS-William A. I-Ioutz tcomptrollerj, John M. Aichele '39 fadministrator of bus- iness affairsl . Under the supervision of Mr. John M. Aichele '39, business co- ordinator, the Department of Business Affairs provides the needs of the students by Way of food, clothing, housing, and transportation. Mr. William A. Houtz, comptroller, supervises the accounting services and the financial areas of the school. The Business Affairs Department Epitomizes the Ideal of Free Enterprise The functions of this department are to keep up the maintenance and landscaping of the school's grounds, to construct and renovate the buildings of our campus, to oversee the distributi-on of food, cloth- ing, and supplies, and to procure the equipment, transportation, and furnishings needed. BUSINESS AFFAIRS STAFF-Seated: Woodrow W. Bonney. Standing: Richard C. harm, J. H. Albrite, Dennis E. Hunter, Howard H. Baum. 34 . 3 r 1 The School Secretarial Staff Provides Professional Results FULLTIME SECRETARIAL STAFF Seated: Jannette L. Myers, Pauline R. Umlauf, Marguerite K. Hunchberger, Avis C. Kercher, Helen S. Dodge. Standing: Betty B. Filepas, Ruth A. Shope, Floy C. Jones, Iverna L. Lair, Jane K. Stacks, Marlene C. Stehman, Emilie J. Curry, Betty J. Lighty, Mildred T. Kapp, Lois M. Bretz. The Maintenance Staff Keeps Things Running MAINTENANCE SUPERVIHSORS- Richard Miller, Eden Fry, SENIOR HALL CUSTODIANS-Dave Gordon, Charles Wolf- Arthur Fausnacht, Eugene Eshbach, Paul Pollock. ersberger. Lloyd Keller, LeRoy Spafford, Chris Ungemach. 35 The Central Kitchen prepares excellen Special Services Rounds Out the Total School Program The Clothing Room keeps students we The Barber 'Shop keeps students well 36 HOMELIFI-I DIRECTORS-Seated: M. Nelson Durand, William A. Hoover, Alfred T G bbl D J h A. Brechbill, Our Homelife Directors and Staff Supply A Stimulating Homelife Program When Milton Hershey signed the Deed of Trust, he did so with the idea of providing as normal and Warm a homelife as possible for his boys. Responsibility for providing this warm, homelike atmosphere where each boy strives for personal and social maturity rests mainly in the hands of the Homelife Staff. The interviewing, procurement and training of houseparents, and the coordinating of the educational with home programs are also responsibilities of these staff members whose contributions play an important role in the program of our School. HOMELIFE STAFF-Seated: Kenneth A. Longenecker, Gary W. Copper. Standing: J b A K1 d t Lloyd M. Morgan '49. Lawerence E. Best. 38 x W ,ff ff Q? 35 - 1, M I va L .. fa- - Q., . . My , 1 , A 2 ' 59 . K .--.' 'SQ lf J ,Wx f ,Ma X0 Z' V I n I Y. F 1 . JJ ' 'MMM I. 3 'A ,rw , .5 1 The Class of '76 Wants to thank the g undersigned for 200 years of Life, Liber- V ty, and the pursuit of Happiness. , , fr a f f fa A9 favwwvn-1 ,ci.znu,.,v- A447 lux? Q Qzqjflwfyfg , f a we rf?i i g to f . ,gfiyzadfana Jig? 147, Huffman ' ffnzk 1 1074, 1 I '0214Z'.,,,fZ, avid! s, i -mv elwvjf 'ifcff AN p6n4".4f!4w-4 fiifgfy-Jwfhfibs-1 ,A 4 "7f31Mc-f7"!xq"'f" ,9f0TYW7?A'f W 6 f ' 1 lj K. iM"'L'WZirfQe9p, QQ-5?-f Mmm, ' L49""'Z7'?6 'I V, I - gif ,., - Y lg 6 Ax miami f,,,Q,,,,95 f?m t ,f,Z'f'2f4,fff,ff?'fL'L7 gfmiamf G ,ff,aZ."f"s9'Zf 4591 5 'M V?-gm ff? I f H af.:f.,f. fe-ft s 6.azlff'f37ac1"d9o .7 A , !.f,fZ4A'A fff.".JfZf'r21'.4:7bf' sw a . t l ', e hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with . certain unalienable Rights, that among f these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. a a e , i . Thomas Jefferson . Declaration of Independence - July 4, A1776 . A , A A .., lr. I F Lis , ' ' ' '25 SQ . 4.5.5 4 . L . H - ,, 0 f 1 1. VK 1 n V v xx- L .nil il:-.mvrix 1 ,minfz-fm Tin-r V, zzizwaxa-'ax' liwwxwi-4 'L . I'1w::m'f fm: licmlu' '- uw. .la . V '. 1-wfrzw' IM... WWE MWHHRW 'H MMWTEMWME... MWMDH' John E. Baer Michael T. Baer Gerald P. Ballough, Jr. Douglas J. Barskey Donald S. Benevento Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Col. Prep. Liberal Arts General Building Trades Mflihlififim iTIH....ii.Mi il Jeffrey W. Bergman Gregory W. Boake John H. Bogdan James H. Brenemzm Jesse D. Brewer Auto Mechanics Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Business Agri-Business General Building Trades Q Richard C. Brody Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Senior Class officers leave a. lasting momento. RUCTIIBY S- Bl'0WI1 Auto Mechanics 42 Mark J. Cannon James R. Carlson James IL. Chism Thomas Clingcr David W. Cochran C01. Prep. Liberal Arts Carpentry Food Service Printing Printing O9 Heasusv so 4 ZA, '70 M 5' L .Shui ,, Q l I we ' 'l'-"' A-1 qv Ill m m 'll .I I. 'karat J ,xi RLQCENTENNHP-QL Andrew P. G. Cogdell Douglas A. Connor Edward J. Crews Edwin H. Culp John A. Cygan Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Machine Shop Practice Electricity Auto Mechanics Col. Prep. Liberal Arts S 4 ,ixf ' , ! is- ,, , ., A 50.3 n X, , W Y Y + 3 A. is Kevin Cylc Elefktronics 4 Q... ,. y Giacomo M. D'Amico , Printing Michael Dove works closely with Mr. Astfalk on the school's Bicentennial Logo. 'A 43 x i -, Steven DeJesse Kevin A. DiBetta L. Michael Dove Ricardo V. Duglas James L. Dunn Sheet Metal 8c Welding Col. Prep. Liberal Ants Printing Printing Plumbing and Heating QOLUTION Q: Z m X fo G 3 gi 'Hull lllii Hlm X9 -2 '75 45 7776-1976 samuel C. Edye Christopher B. Egan Perry A. Elliott Jeffrey A. Elward Randy E. Finkey' Plumbing and Heating Electronics Auto Mechanics Electronics Electricity Robert B. Ford Machine Shop Practice 'V- Steven Frye ' The class of 1976 rings in freedom. A Electronics 44 Ronald Gentile Kenneth M. Gibson L. Steven Gaines Mark Grant- Raymond W. Gurt Printing Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Business Electricity Machine Shop Practice W MrfZMTMHMH.M... i3H....m.55 J. Michael I-lalbleib James Rall, Jr. Perry W. Hampton Mitchel L. Harris Rodney A. Harris Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Machine Shop Practice Printing Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Food Service Michael A. Harrison Electronics Seniors reflect at the School House of our founder. Emmett. Hayford Printing 45 A I 11 I -I Gerald F. Hermann Michael P. Hernandez Victor T. Hill Edwagrd J. Hiller. Jr. Keith E. Holland Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Sheet Metal 8: Welding Machine Shop Practice Machine Shop Practice Food Service MIMMRW 6tTIM....M5 M .Keith R. Hottie Randy L. Howell Steven Hsu Joseph D. Hughes Michael Ion Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Food Service Electronics Col. Prep. Liberal, Arts General Building Trades Gordon W. Jones Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Seniors awaiting that beautiful moment. Michael A. P. Julian Electricity 46 Thomas R. Kaiser Andrew C. Kemp if fi-Qifdy nf' Kern Jenchi-ey H, Klinger Robert D. Knaub, J Carpentry Electricity Electronics General Building Trades Printing Bicentennignl s F' s W I lla nu m Ill .I I. Soyourchildrenmntell theirchildmn. Peter Leary Darryl L. Lee Charles M. Lehman, Jr. Robert K. Leon Clarence V. Love, 'Jr Business Agri-Business Plumbing and Heating Business Carpentry Plumbing and Heating Pm' J- Mana-'?ha" The continental Army of 1976. Auto Mechanics , ,K f. in :- Thomas J. McCully Platrick S. McK-enn-11 Andrew J. C. Menschik John A. Miller Jeffrey R. Milne ww Agri-Business General Building Trades Business Sheet Metal 8: Welding Business ERSHEY ofx H S06 47 flih 0 pl '. . v ' - , vi' ' ' " 4 wk fy t . 5 III Ill III I . 4- Pl- ? 4 e'CsN1-ENNHP-V ' IS-lcllarli E. Mitchell Michael Morrison Randy L. Moser Brian L. Mottin John L. Muller 7777 Printing Plumbing and Heating Plumbing and Heating Printing Electricity V X M. David Mulvaney, Jr. Carpentry Pafirick F. 0'Rourke Class leaders Mike Baer and Rick Mitchell in a. rare moment of frivolity. General Building Trades v 48 Bruce P. Pascucci Stelihlan J. Pichlgri Steven J. Pinto Mark A. Pollini Auto Mechanics Carpentry Agri-Business Electronics Timothy C. Prroilitt Col. Prep. Liberal Arts W iTIMH'Hi'HZMMMn.H... ETTi...,m.55' Phillip D. Riggi Mitchel J. Roncher William A. Rowell Brian J. Russell General Building Trades Business General Building Trades General Building Trades Mr. Stacks end .Tim Carlson admire the Bicentennial Mural. Ronald M. Rutkowski Business Mark A. Seligqa Business Col. Prep. Liberal Arts 49 Larry E. Snyder Arthur W. Splece Jeffrey A. Stephens William M. Strang Michael S. Stuckey Machine Shop Practice Carpentry Carpentry Machine S1109 Pfadice Sheet Metal 32 Welding mszmmamm mxrmnmm an Eric D. Summers Daryl B. Thomson Mark S. Tomecek E. William Tm-aub, Jr. Anthony P. Veglia, Jr. Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Auto Mdchanics Carpentry Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Brian J. Vogl Machine Shop Practice - The Senior Class forms . . . . . Gregory D. Vogl Sheet Metal 8: Welding 5.0 4 Dwight D. Warfel Thomas J. VVeatherfol'd, Jr. David E. Wertz Jeffrey VV. Whitson Kenneth B. Wilder Jr. Plumbing and Heating Food Service Food Service Carpentry Col. Prep. Liberal Arts XXOLUTION if 69 Q' 0 2 0 In ff 2 Ill ' lu nl ' 9 'E' m I .I I. Cf, 5 x IZA-I 45 776-1976 James C. Will David L. Willis, Jr. C. Lee Witmer, Jr. Bruce D. Woodcraft George N. Yandlrich Electronics Agri-Business Business Col. Prep. Liberal Arts Carpentry Todd R. Zehmisch Business Bruce T- Zimmefmmm . . . . . men- own 19--V76. Auto Mechanics 51 "I I 4 KENNETH LEE ADAMCZYK Piscataway, N .J. 1968 Track PETER CRAIG ADAMCZYK Piscataway, N.J. 1968 Track Wrestling DENNIS RAY ALLEN Harrisburg, Pa, 1970 Student Home Council FLOYD DAVID ANDREWS III Hialeah, Fla. 1965 ' Wrestling National Honor Society Explorer Post Spartan Post Headmaster's Society Student Senate ALFRED DUANE ARNOLD Cleveland, OH. 1972 Football Track JOHN EDWARD BAER Medford Lakes, N.J. 1970 National Honor Society Senior Class Treasurer Senior Senate Secretary Glee Club Football Gymnastics Track , Headmaster's Society Student Seneate Fellowship of Christian Athletes Youth Forum Ccabinetl MICHAEL THOMAS BAER Medford Lakes, N.J, 1970 National Honor Society ACRROPLIS Senior Class Vice-President Student Body Vice-President Football Swimming 4 Track Student Cabinet Headmaster's Society Student Senate Fellowship of Christian Athletes Youth Forum fvice-chairpersonl GERALD PAUL BALLOUGH, JR. Daytona Beach, Fla. 1973 Drill Team Glee Club Swimming PHSSL DOUGLAS JAY BARSKEY Reading, Pa. 1968 Band Spartan Orchestra Basketball tStati.sticianJ Head.master's Society DONALD STEPHEN BENEVENTO Lewistown, Pa. 1964 Baseball Spartan Post JEFFREY WAYNE BERGMAN Pittsburgh, Pa. 1970 Football Track Wrestling Student Cabinet Headmaster's Society Student Senate Fellowship of Christian Athletes GREGORY WALDREN BOAKE Altoona, Pa. 1969 National Honor Sociiety Band Glee Club Spartan Orchestra Basketball Football Track Headmaster's Society Student Senate Fellowship of Christian Athletes JOHN HOWARD BOGDEN York, Pa, 1971 Drill Team School Bank Student Senate JAMES HAROLD BRENEMAN Gap, Pa. 1969 Track Spartan Post JESSE DAVID BREWER Philadelphia, Pa.. 1971 Basketball Football Track Spartan Post Student Senate Fellowship of Christian Athletes RICHARD CHARLES BRODY Sit. Petersburg, Fla, 1966 National Honor Society Band Glee Club Spartan Orchestra Football Gymnastics Student Senate Youth Forum Fellowship of Christian Athletes RODNEY SAYLES BROWN Harrisburg, Pa. 1970 Track Student Home Council MARK JOHN CANNON Bridgeport, Pa. 1966 Band Spartan Orchestra Student Home Council JAMES ROY CARLSON DuBois, Pa. 1971 National Honor Society ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Drill Team Spartan Post Student Senate JAMES RICHARD CHISM Darby, Pa. 1968 Student Cabinet Spartan Post THOMAS CLINGER Brookville, Pa. 1968 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Football Cross Country Track Wrestling PHSSL DAVID WALTER COCHRAN Detroit, Mich. 1968 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Drill Team Spartan Post Student Senate Fellowship of Christian Athletes EDWARD JOSEPH CREWS Pottstofwn, Pa. 1973 Wrestling Cmanagerl Student Senate Student Home Council EDWIN HENRY CULP Columbia. Pa. 1970 Basketball Student Senate Fellowship of Christian Athletes JOHN ADAM CYGAN Bethlehem, Pa, 1972 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Gymnastics KEVIN CYLC Chester, Pa, 1969 GIACOM0 IWICHAEL D'AMlC0 Lake Ariel, Pa. 1969 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Wrestling Student Senate STEVEN DEJESSE Philadelphia, Pa. 1963 Hockey Student Senate Student Home Council KEVIN ARTHUR DIBETTA Bohemia, Long Island, N.Y. 1969 ACROPOLIS Drill Team Gymnastics Post Society Post MICHAEL DOVE 1971 National Society Band Glee Club Spartan Orchestra Spartan Post Youth Forum PHSSL Fellowship of Christian Athletes RICARDO VERNON DUGLAS Philadelphia, Pa. 1971 THE SPARTAN ACROPOLIS Glee Club National Honor Society Basketball tstatisticianl Football tmanagerb Track Headmaster's Society Spartan Post PHSSL Fellowship of Christian Athletes JAMES LEROY DUNN Sharon, Pa. 1971 ' Student Home Council SAMUEL CHARLES EDYE Mount Joy, Pa. 1967 Spartan Post CHRISTOPHER BARRY EGAN Monacs, Pa, 1969 Cross Country Track Student Home Council PERRY ALEX ELLIOTT Beaver Falls, Pa. 1968 Athletic Equipment Manager Headmz-1ster's Society ANDREW PATRICK GEORGE ooo.DELL student senate Washington, D.C. 1970 National Honor Society Cross Country Fellowship of Christian Athletes DOUGLAS ANGUS CONNOR Pittsburgh, Pa. 1963 Senior Class Historian Baseball Gymnastics Student Senate JEFFREY ALLEN ELWARD West Chester, Pa. 1970 RANDY EUGENE FINKEY Carlisle, Pa, 1969 Trainer tall sports! Spartan Post ROBERT BLAIR FORD Ellwood City, Pa. 1971 Track Spartan Post 153 ,e ni. VICTOR STEVEN FRYE Severna Park, Md. 1968 Drill Team Track Wrestling Spartan Post RONALD GENTILE Philadelphia, Pa. 1962 Drill Team Wrestling Spartan Post KENNETH McCANDLESS GIBSON Columbus' OH. 1966 National Honor Society Spartan Post LAWRENCE STEVEN GOINES Philadelphia, Pa. 1971 ACROPOLIS Glee Club Gymnastics Wrestling Track Headmaster's Society Fellowship of Cluistian Athletes MARK GRANT Monongahela, Pa, 1974 Wrestling Spartan Post RAYMOND WILLIAM GURT Philadelphia, Pa. 1970 Football Tl'3CK Wrestling Spartan Post Fellowship of Christian Athletes JEROME IVIICHAEL HALBLEIB Harrisburg, Pa. 1966 Band Basketball Cross Country Track Spartan Post Student Senate Fellowship of Christian Athletes JAMES HALL, JR. Philadelphia, Pa. 1971 Spartan Orchestra Football Track Wrestling PERRY WILKENSON HAMPTON New York, N,Y. 1971 National Honor Society ACROP'OLIS SPARTAN Trainer fall sports? Headmaster's Society Spartan Post IVIITCHEL LOUIS HARRIS Pittsburgh, Pa. 1968 RODNEY ANTHONY HARRIS Philadelphia, Pa, 1970 MICHAEL ALLEN HARRISON Burlington, N.J. 1970 National Honor Society Band Glee Club Spartan Orchestra Basketball Football Track Student Cabinet Headmaster's Society Student Senate Youth Forum Fellowship of Christian Athletes EMMETT LEE HAYFORD Towanda, Pa. 1966 ACROPOLIS SPARTAN Drill Team Football Student Senate 54 GERALD FRANCIS HERMANN Wayne, N.J. 1967 National Honor Society tvice-presidentl Student Body Treasurer Football Swimming Student Cabinet Headmaster's Society tvice-president? Student Senate MICHAEL PAUL HERNANDEZ Johnstown, Pa. 1972 Football Wrestling Fellowship of Christian Athletes VICTOR TYRONE HILL Uniontown, Pa. 1971 Basketball Football Track Headmaster's Society Spartan Post Fellowship of Christian Athletes EDWARD JACOB HILLER JR. Cape May, N.J. 1971 Spartan Post KEITH EDWIN HOLLAND Altoona, Pa. 1973 Student Home Council KEITH RAYMOND HOTTLE Allentown, Pa. 1964 National Honor Society Band Spartan Orchestra Student Cabinet Headmaster's Society RANDY LEE HOWELL Oxford, Pa. 1967 Cross Country Track STEVEN HSU Toledo, OH. 1974 National Honor Society THE SPARTAN Cross Country Track Wrestling JOSEPH DONALD HUGHES Elmira, N.Y. 1962 National Honor Society Swimming Student Senate MICHAEL WILLIAM ION Lynchburg, Va. 1971 Cross Country Student Cabinet Spartan Post Student Senate GORDON WILLIAM JONES Pittston, Pa, 1968 National Honor Society ACROP'OLIS Cross Country Headmaster's Society ANDREW CORNELIUS KEMP Philadelphia, Pa. 1973 Spartan Post Fellowship of Christian Athletes RANDY DEAN KERN Slatingt-on, Pa. 1968 Band Explorer Post Spartan Post JENTHREY HAROLD KLINGER Brighton, Colo. 1965 Wrestling ROBERT DAVID KNAUB, JR. York, Pa. 1965 National Honor Society ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Band Football Headmaster's Society Student Senate Life Saving PETER LEARY Ridley Park, Pa. 1971 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Football tstatistioianl Headmaster's Society School Bank DARRYL LEON LEE Harrisburg, Pa. 1971 Glee Club Gymnastics Track CHARLES MELVIN LEHMAN, JR Auburn, Pa. 1970 Drill Team Student Home Council ROBERT KEITH LEON Baltimore, Md. 1971 Senior Class Secretary Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Spartan Post Fellowship of Christian Athletes CLARENCE VERNON LOVE, JR. Sinking Spring, Pa. 1965 Spartan Post ANDREW MAGYAR Uni-on Deposit, Pa, 1972 Baseball Student Senate PETER JOSEPH MALLAGHAN Upper Darby, Pa. 1971 Cross Country THOMAS JOSEPH MOCULLY Port Monmouth, N.J. 1967 Drill Team PHSSL PATRICK SEAN MCK'ENNA Emsworth, Pa, 1969 Cross Country Track MICHAEL ANTHONY PATRICK JULIAN ANDREW -'AN CLEMEN S MENSCHIK Baltimore, Md. 1967 ACROPOLIS Band Glee Club Spartan Orchestra Football Wreslling THOMAS ROGER KAISER Newton Falls, OH. 1967 Student Body Sergeant-at-Arms Football Track Wrestling Spartan Post Student Senate Fellowship of Christian Athletes Washington D.C. 1969 Band School Bank Studfent Senate PHSSL International Thiespfian Society JEFFREY ROBERT MILNE Irwin, Pa, 1970 THE SPARTAN Senior Class Chaplain Cross Country Swimming Student Cabinet Headmaster's Society Spartan Post Fellowship of Christian Athletes RICHARD EDWIN MITCHELL Las Vegas, Nev. 1967 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Senior Class President Student Body Sergeant-at-Arms Glee Club Football Baseball Gymnastics Student Cabinet Headmaster's Society Student Senate Youth Forum MICHAEL ROBERT MORRISON Pottsville, Pa. 1972 Drill Team Baseball fmanagerl Student Senate PHSSL International Thespian Society RANDY LEE MOSER Reading. Pa. 1965 Drill Team Glee Club Wrestling Student Senate BRIAN LLOYD MOTTIN J ohnstown, Pa. 1963 ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Baseball Cmanagerl JOHN LADISLAUS MULLER Fairfield, Conn. 1971 MATTHEW DAVID MULVANEY, JR. Pittsburgh, Pa. 1967 Baseball Spartan Post Student Senate PATRICK FRANCIS O'ROURKE Akron, OH. 1973 Student Senate BRUCE PAUL PASCUCCI Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 1970 Wrestling Student Cabinet Headmaster's Society Spartan Post Student Senate STEPHAN JOHN PICHLER Lancasier, Pa.. 1973 Student Senate STEVEN JOSEPH PINTO Philadelphia, Pa. 1965 National Honor Society Band Cross Country Track Trapping Post Student Senate TIMOTHY CHARLES PROFFITT Havre de Grace, Md. 1973 National Honor Society THE SPARTAN Announcer fthree sports? Spartan Post PHSSL International Thespian Society Fellowship of Christian Athletes PHILLIP DENNIS RIGGI Carmichaels, Pa, 1968 Drill Team Track Wres ling Student Cabinet Headmaster's Society Spartan Post Student Post Student Senate MITCHEL JOSEPH RONCHER Kittawning, Pa, 1973 Wrestling fstatisticianl 'WILLIAM ANDREW ROWELL Philadelphia, Pa. 1969 National Honor Society Ba-nd Spartan Orchestra Baseball Cross Country PHSSL Fellowship of Christian Athletes BRIAN JAMES RUSSELL Mechanicsburg, Pa, 1966 Band Glee club PHSSL International Thespian Society RONALD MICHAEL RUTKOWSKI Reading, Pa. 1970 Student Cabinet School Bank Student Senate MARK. ANTHONY SELIGA Hazleton, Pa. 1973 Drill Team PHSSL ROBERT SMITH Philadelphia, Pa, 1971 National Honor Society Headmaster's Society Spartan Post Student Senate LARRY EUGENE SNYDER Manchester, Pa. 1971 ARTHUR WAYNE SPIECE Palmyra, Pa. 1967 Baseball Football Student Cabinet H,eadmaster's Society Student Senate JEFFREY ANDREW STEPHENS Middle River, Md, 1972 Swimming Student Cabinet Student Senate WILLIAM PAUL STRANG Mt, Carmel, Pa, 1965 Track Spartan Post ERIC DAVID SUMMERS Troy, OH. 1973 National Honor Society Student Body President Student Cabinet DARYL BOYD THOMSON Boyertown, Pa. 1966 National Honor Society Trainer fall sports! MARK STEVEN TOMECEK McKees Rocks, Pa, 1967 Baseball Football Hoclkley Student Cabinet Spartan P'ost EDWARD WILLIAM TRAUB, JR. Baltimore, Md. 1969 Baseball fmangerb 'Student Home Council ANTHONY PATRICK VEGLIA, JR. Hazleton, Pa, 1968 National Honor Society Band Cannouncerl Glee Club Headmaster's Society Student Senate PHSSL h International Thespian Society BRIAN JOHN VOGL Baldwin, N.Y. 1971 Gymnastics Spartan P'ost Student Senate PHSSL GREGORY DAVID VOGL Baldwin. N.Y. 1971 Wrestling Equipment Manager Cheerleading Student Senate PHSSL Fellowship of Christian Athletes DWIGHT DOUGLAS WARFEL Lancaster, Pa. 1970 Drill Team . Student Senate THOMAS JUDSON WEATHERFORD Nashville, Tenn, 1973 Band Spartan Post Student Senate PHSSL DAVID EUGENE WERTZ Montgomery, Pa. 1969 Student Home Council JEFFREY WAYNE WHITSON Telford, Pa. 1964 Spartan Post Fellowship of Chsristian Athletes KENNETH BRENTLY WILDER, JR, Philadelphia, Pa. 1972 National Honor Slociety ACROPOLIS Senior Class Historian Football Track Spartan Post JAMES CHRISTOPHER WILL Allison Park, Pa. 1968 National Honor Society Cross Country , Track Headmaster's Society DAVID LAWRENCE WILLIS, JR. Upper Darby, Pa. 1962 Gymnastics Spartan Post Fellowship of Christian Athletes CLARENCE LEROY WITMER, JR. Lansdale, Pa. 1964 Band Spartan Post PHSSL International Trespian Society BRUCE DAVID WOODCRAFT Lancaster, Pa. 1972 National Honor Society ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Student Body Chaplain Cross Country Swimming Track Student Cabinet Headmaster's Society Student Senate Fellowship of Christian Athletes GEORGE NICHOLAS YANDRICK Steelton, Pa. 1964 ' National Honor Society Swimming Spartan Post TODD RAYMOND ZEHMISCH Pittsburgh, Pa, 1966 National Honor Society Band Gymnastics School Bank Student Senate BRUCE TORSTEN ZIMMERMANN Philadelphia, Pa. 1971 Wrestling Drill Team Spartan Post High towering ASE gold with grain, Homes b This is the Stout hearts God give God give J. a Am?!'1E Stout God give God f Rich fertile lest with flocks on the plain, with love, without fears, kept through the years. hold fast what IS ours, darkest hours, with thy hand, 9 the Our 3 ,.f" broad, God, free, hold is ours, darkest hours, guide with thy hand, Our homeland. Class Colors Red-White-Blue Q! ,fa ..l.l. 4 Class Motto 'ii' 35 W I C1 Fl , S ass OWBI' 'iii I euiil N da Z X f 6 if ,ie ',', " A Ps m of Life il Rose '.. ,X American Heritaghgiixs f! l X X X t' ti 5fi'1541EQ2f . who expect to reap the b freedom 'must, 11ke men, fatigue off supporting it. 5 f a Thomas A The American Crisis, no CLASS OF 1977 t AND HO USEPARENTS ' 1 fa September 12, rl ,V . ' 'fu - . 'M "." '1,X 5-1 .. fn an -1 Y' X rag f .1 . .-, ., f , yi,-v".,..gJ -. X . . .yr ' :fi-'f,f9f5,X jX".,-,W . 1-'u . -'Z '2 EX:?'Xf 1 . fl ' " 1 '1 ' -' - . x ' Y I ' I'-'T-Q f' .Q X. ,' fr X , 4 .X . . . Lehi '. f ' 1, f I ' -' A J 5 , ,, , . X , . X ,I tv ' I I . - . I 1 1 f 4 I ' s .1 - - , ' 1 -. rj , .X . . A-, . .. M f .4 ',i',- .1' . .X-. 1 '-A ' E ih 2 Q I, U.a'l'," -zzx--1 " . X. --eg- L X.. ,.,.,:l ,X . . . ' ,Z ,J . G.. .1 . ,, ' 1 - ' X -. . H. 1 ' . X X 1 K. , . X . ' Y ... X ' ' ,.-. X - s 5 - fu- ' .. 1-5 . '- 1 . . , ' ' 5 4 ' L . . . ' - . . ' - 1 . ,Ji 1 - f 4 ' ' - ,A - .., . , ,.,., . .. - ,A . , . ' . : ' I' ' X' ' . ,P , , ., , . . X. . 1 ,, - "- A . 2- " "- - ' X 1, .. K. X. X .u '- "- , : .- - u. ' 'S ',, ' , 1 5, . . . -.L' .. .I ' ,' 3 X - u X 1 -.v', .:'f "' "' ' 1 E '?."?- - ' ., X 'Z " -. , .J-A at' ff, 8-. . 'z ' -J. 1 1.- H F' , .,, r - . - ' . .- .' a' ': " 0. .X . X I I - ' 1 A 4 ,VX-4 s J, 'N " 35- '- " U -- . 'H -' . , y ., ' , . X . '.. . . V - g-. . , 'XX K. 34 - X, X,, X l. . , X . ' . ' 'ff X . . . X ' X' , X - , fe, u. . . - . .. . 1 N484 1. - 1 ,- 1- , 3, g. .. N X , .X . X X X X .Q . . X .Xi-X. I XX.. ig! ,. --X 9 1 3 ',,, , , 'ru X nf". - f..s.' .f , 1 1 I ,' .. wa. ' F, ' 3 V-:HQ - ', ' - .'I'?"q, 4 ' ,. , , ,v.. ,, A w,n..f X . X-1 ,ik X -X' .rg I - b . X 1 .2 rw Sf ,FY ,, ' . - 1' z ' " ' ' f ' - '1 . ' J I -, ' - X' X - A f 4-UU' -' . "i- -f Q -, X . . .. . . , , . u. . ..., . -,- f'-' v ' v -. , - . In -.1 '- " , I wh- . X . , . - X X - . I X. X X, X. X H, A 1 X,..,.X' X.. I LM .. , XV. ,. - 1 x l L Senior Division Mr. 8: Mrs, Myrich, Mrs. 8: Mr. Egly, Mrs. 8: Mr. Tarbell, Mrs. 8: Mr. Patton. Second Row: DERRY ROAD and TRAILWAY CLUSTERS-First Row: Mr. 8: Mrs. Shue, Mr. 8: Mrs. Irwin, Mr. 8: Mrs. Mulligan, M.r. 8: Mrs. Wortman, Mr. 8: Mrs. Szollosy, Mrs. 8: Mr. Rice, Mrs. 8: Mr. Derry Road and Loftus. Third Row: Mr. ar Mrs. Halk, Mr. ar Mrs. Wolfe, Mrs. ar Mr. slrriner, Mrs. ar Mr. Hogarzh, - Mrs. 8: Mr. Francis. Fourth Row: Mr. 8: Mrs. Norris, Mrs. 8: Mr. Lindenmuth. Trallway Houseparents Provide a Stable Homelife in Keeping with the American Tradition Senior Division Brennan, Mr. 8: Mrs. McCutcheon, Mr. 8: Mrs. Dechant. Second Row: Mr. 8: Mrs. Hildebrandt, S . Mr. 8: Mrs. Stranix, Mr. 8: Mrs. Royer, Mr. 8: Mrs. Strohl, Mr. 8: Mrs. Glasgow. Third Row: prlng Creek and Mr, sr Mrs. Bozzell, Mr. ar Mrs. smugh, Mr. ar Mrs. Gallo, Mr. sr Mrs. Noga, lvllr. ar Mrs. Kelly. Union SPRING CREEK 8: UNION CLTUSTERS-First Row: 1VLr. 8: Mrs. Edwards, Mr. 8: Mrs. Edgin, Mr. 57 ' COUNTY LINE and VIAN CLUSTERS-First Row: Mr. 8: Mrs. Balliet, Mr. 8: Mrs. Coughenour, Mr. 8: Mrs. Delbridge, Mrs. 8: Mr. Wilson, Mrs. 8: Mr. Reed. Second Row: Mr. 8: Mrs. Murray Mr. 8: Mrs. Stella, Mrs. 8: Mr. Stevens, Mrs. 8: Mr. Fulton, Mrs. 8: Mr. King. Third Row: Mr. 8: Mrs. Parks, Mrs. 8: Mr. Smith, Mrs. 8: Mr. Shaffer, Mrs. 8: Mr. Yackley. Fourth Row: Mr. 8: Mrs. Chwan, Mrs. 8: Mr. Kozlowski. Senior and Intermediate Division I-Iouseparents w-1 . I l, V, KEYSTONE and NATIONAL CLUSTERS-First Row: Mr. 8: Mrs. Yetter, Mr. 8: Mrs. Frick, Mrs. 8: Mr. Cravener, Mrs. 8: Mr. Harris. Second Row: Mr. 8: Mrs. Peterman, Mr. 8: Mrs. Cannon, Mr. Lingenfelter, Mrs. 8: Mr. Gaiser, Mrs, 8: Mr. Tarbeli. Third Row: Mr. 8: Mrs. Macaw, Mr. 8: Mrs. Norton, Mrs. 8: Mr. Akins, Mrs. 8: Mr. Cook. Fourth Row: Mrs. 8: Mr. Gearhart. 58 5 if an-' .f ,, , , V L WOODLAND and PENNLAND CLUSTERS-First Row: Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Thomas, Mr. 8: Mrs. Helm, Mis. 8: Mr. L. Thomas, Mrs. 8: Mr. Hovel. Second Row: Mr. 8: Mrs. Fink, Mr. 8: Mrs. Walker, Mrs. 8: Mr. Ekstrom, Mrs. 8: Mr. Pearson. Third Row: Mr. 8: Mrs. Mays, Mr. 8: Mrs. Rosensteel, Mrs. 8: Mr. M:Williams. Mrs. 8: Mr. White. Fourth Row: Mr. 8: Mrs. Carney, Mrs. 8: M.r. Hosey. Intermediate and Junior Division I-Iouseparents .SQ if 9 mf Y F I JL'Nl0-R DIVISION 8: AEQROWHEAD CLUSTERS- First Row: Mr. 8: Mrs Neimcyer, Mr. 8: Mrs. Stough, Mr. 8: Mrs. Realc, Mrs. 8: Mr. Price, Mrs. 8: Mr. Simon, Mrs. 8: Mr. Fink. Second Raw: Mr. 8: Mrs. Miller, Mr. 8: Mrs. Schilling, Mrs. 8: Mr. Ebberts, Mrs. 8: Mr. Varner, Mrs. 8: Mr. Pearson. Third Row: Mr. 8: Mrs. May, Mr. 8: Mrs. Wolfe, Mrs. 8: Mr. Wantland, Mrs. 8: Mr. Rhoads, Mrs. 8: Mr. Silar, Fourth Row: Mr 8: Mrs. Knopp, Mr. 8: Mrs. Harper, Mr. 8: Mrs. Reese, Mrs. 8: Mr. Sinclair. 1977 Advisers Gilson G. Cash Audrey S. DeMuth fseatedj R Potts fvicc' president! K Kennedy fpresidentl fstandingl D Schreiner fhistorianl, W. Sterling fsecretaryl, R. Cavanaugh ftreasureri N Felix fchaplainj . Juniors Prepare to Assume Leadership in 1977 11-1 6211-2 First Row: B. Bittinger, S. McC1uskey, M. Klinger, G. Halteman, R. Welsh, D. Slusser, D. Schreffler, 'D. Slusser, Rl Potts, A. Merrick, Second Row: C. Robert, H. Rinck, J. Low, C. Toczynski, R. Cava- naugh, B. Baxter, K. Kennedy, T. Swift, B. Smith, B. Burda. Absent: J. Anderson, B. Sell, D. Stewart. 60 11-3 First Row Row Row: Row: D. Horsefield, M. Ford, H. Delviarco, D. Ellison, D. Horsefield, D. O'Shea. Second S. Carifoll, H. Stack, T. Guest, K. Carter, T. Quindlcn, C. Boyer, J. Udrea. Third C. Neiderhiser, D. Glessner, C. Elliott, B. Oestireich, J. Tomecek, M. Sipe, E. Capriotti. Fourth N. Felix, R. Welsh, K. Reppert. 11-4 First Row: T. Palmieri, M. Hsu, T. Stump, J. Sypolt. Second Row: C. Lynch, J. Bacurin, T. Maloney R- Gibbons. Third Row: J. Puliatti, V, Lelii, J. Rippel. 11-5 4 First Row: C. Wilder, N. Morris, B. Morris, W. Sterling, B. Leicht. Second Row: T. Feuhrer, K- Murdoch. W- Clancy, J. Kirk. Third now: T. zehmisch, L. weinman, C. Allgood, M. DiPrinzi0. Absent: T. Chorba. 11-6 First Row: V. Cliett, E. Eldridge, K. Kelly, D. Simpson, D. McGuigan, L. Kimmel. Second Row: J. Cline, M. Seltzer, M. Slabonik, E. Pinkney, T. Crawford, M. Stuckey. Third Row: G. Beck, M. Christofic, J. Chest, A. Rye. Fourth Row: W, Smith, R. Bennett, J. Ferreira, R. Shalrp, G. Dillen. 11-7 First Row: W. Barzda, D. Butler, R. Bohr, S. Cooke, M. S'piece. Second Row: T. Savage, J. Zahn. C. Clerico, J. Keller, T. Hogg, K. Elliott. Third Row: J. Wolfe, J. Clancy, D. Rowell, R. Franchak, D, Yandrich, Fourth Row: L. Zarzecki, K. Brickner, C. Sleeburger, M. Milillo, R, Potts, G. Glatz. Absent: Durk Oberly. 11-8 First Row: R. Kaiser, P. Patterson, F. Gates, H. Ning, J. Thompson, R. Byrd, L. Weaver, D. Ricci, J. Busket, J. Kling, Second Row: D. Howell, L. Calhoun, E. Hummel, M. Gillooly. A. Skinner, B. Adamczyk, K. Mifflin, R. Schell, R. Shaeffer, E. Smith, J. Griffith, J. Kennelly. 11-9 First Row: B. Parker, M. Laboy, Drew Oberly, K. Aplis, D. Danowsky. Second Row: R. Gogol C. Koch, P. Hemmingway, F. Mootsey, B. Williammee, J. Chlubciki, L. Lundy. Third Row Joseph Baker, J. Blum, W. Schwecr, W. Dugdale, C. Forsha, B. Mowrer, Fourth Row: James Baker J. Pattay, R. Cardenas. .L,.fs,'... ,--' 'Q - 1,"" ' - ,b . ,ww .. 1 o gy 1 I I A CTI VI TIE 1 men are emp10yedg f-best eoljtentedg for on the days Woliked they were good-natured. cheerful, and, with the eonsciioL151j1ge5 having done a good day-'As tworkgzf sperid the evening jollilyg but on our daye they were mutinous and v Q1 4 .-tv. ag: ,im WF, ' , ,LZ rr! 4,,,1!. 4. 4 Benjarhih Fra-nlglin Autobiography ' . s V . xp .A J.- , J, x H U, ,. J - r A , . .. . P 1, 'V' . 1 5 . , f -,yr Q . ' -. . 25- 1 I - a. 1 ,..' Q , 1 ' 9 . -1.1 n "' -V Q 'L I ,ix ... -. fi ,, V . K . . v . i . 1 I, -- W e L . . I ., . .. . , , 35- - , -,,. -, lf. V' '-' - . . 4 4. 1 1 ' ' wi' .A , 1- . 13 " .. . "' ', - I . " -s - , -"' !...- . , ,.- I 1 47 . x .P '. , X 5'-, .' ' - ' a .- 1 , . . M . I x . u . . t, V ... . '10 . 'VW GV'-. v NZ?-4'i2I3:A..: -- LJ r FFL I r 'Q 7 I 'Y' '11 fr-. 1- ' ,u Q-, . .- 5 . '- - ' 1 4 , N -. , . .r V, ' ' . ... - ,fu "2 ' 4 ,, . ,-fd ,ug , ' A . .' - -'11 ' ' - Y . . . ,' 5 , Q ,. , 5 Q ,, 2 f. - - . . X ,,, f "1 - , -. I - a "-' "w -4- ,..- . - Y ... W. M. . . , I I 'I v ' is - ' A I f A 1 4 1... 1 Mfg. wtf? 11. I. . Q i ' . . . ., .v.. " w ,, '. J I' ... ,A av g: . , ,st 'J .V . tx-Y.:-.til l. 4: Xu ' ,-L1 ' ' - ' ' U '-- L"-,.f5.,.1..'.'i -+G va 1, .- --r , , --'um ,Q 154, - . , -1 ,A J, ,, , I-f-g, A - 1 1 f 4 , - ,. . , ., -, , 4 , . M-L.v, :l. - P -M Q- - I 1 I.-,, , .. '. f-5-, 5- -, - M .1 -.4 - W 'Q W- .x. .A . . If , 1-f W ,- M, -V . ' y y'-1, ' .. 14 ' ,et ' . ' , . A , V -Q y 4' 'J ,.1 Gr Z.. 4 .- :-',-.n- -, I ,. JN. +11 .U ' , -if up - SPARTAN ORCHESTRA-First Row: K, Hottle, R.Se11, J. Arnold, V. Lelii, D. Barskey, M. Hsu, J. Hall. Second Row: A. Brody, J. Anderson, A. Krashesky, C. Robert, D. Stewart, B. Sell, M. CHKIHOU, W. Boykin. Third Row: William A. Grove tdirectorl, M. Julian, J. Harris, M. Dove, M. Harrison, G. Boake, R. Brody, W. Rowell. The Spartan Orchestra Provides Opportunities for Musical Creativity Under the expert leadership of director William A. Grove, the Spartan Orchestra is unquestionably one of the finest musical organ- izations of its kind in the area. Because of their hard Work and dedication, they reach near perfection and are much sought after by other schools and organizations. Once again this year they entered the Central Pennsylvania Stage Band Competition Where, once again, they brought credit to them- selves and the School. 63 Color Guard J. McGaw, P. Hemmingway, R. Gogol, J. Chest, E. Lehman, C.1Boyeu', R. Hayes, T. Palmierri, E. Hummel, F. Ryan. Spirit is Stirred by These Groups A fx . 9151, 3. . 1 .: D. Leiss, R. Gilbert, P. Harris, D, Glessner, N. Felix, R. Ayers, W. Boykin, R. Rampolla. l Q 2 , 'fc' A f 1 E - ' . . . , . - nk 3 -e . 1 W Marching Unit 64 Kneeling: P. Riggi, R. Kirmss, F. Ryan, B. Bittinger, E. Lehman, W. McCurdy, M. Morrison, -R. Hayes, E. Hayford, L4 Lundy, G. Ballough, J. Bogden, C. Boyer, N. Felix, C. Mouery, Joseph Baker, R. Schraeder, C. Koch, D. Butler, James Baker, C. Neidetrhiselr, J. Carlson. Standing: D. Ellison, D. Cochran, R. Gi.1be'.rt, D. Wax-fel, A. Palmieri, W. Ballough, C. Lehman, G. I-Ialteman, R. London, R. Snyder, G. DeMarco, K. Brickner, B. Jackson, T. McCu11y, B. lvfnolfris, T. Daggett, W. Schwoer, M. Kramer, A. Clerico, W. Moreton, M. Myers, R. Jackson, D. Zimmel-gman, M. Stuckey, G. Beck. ' EITYCS L1 erpet Band A arsit he C 'ss 'I-1 fo cd S-4 E-4 r-I cd U 'F1 KD D cd U u-4 9-1 E fn .-E is one of the most band 3 ny school, ta A important activities. When sent out to perform a reflection is performance elsewhere, their itself. Under the direction of the School OH the band has always bandmaster Ray B. Miller, been a great representative of Milton Hershey of SUHHHQT in the begins School. Mr. Miller the remnants of the preceding each year with year's band and incorporates incoming fresh- men into the openings left by graduates. The one of band is sitive 3 our D0 result is always unit performs at This HTQH. the best in the uring football cl CS gam before cl H C H halftim and parades season. They also take part in other functions during the year. Krashesky, FICERS-Seated: K. Hottie. Standing: A, UF BAND VARSITY 3 2' su.x 'uo 'a 'Apmg 'H 'uassng 'I-10109-UPI -XBPUEXBIV "I 'A 'X!I9J 'N 'E9'iS.0 'G 5-7"!P'WlS 'SUITMU CIEITD 55'lll'3'l3l-SQIEIOI.-I:l0 H013 'm 'aauaxmeq opmesgu '-1lNl'N0lSSElS El0l.I.OVIlJ pun .xapunxalv 'lnI3 0015 f xx. SAUU 'W IHOFVW Wflild :IK-IDNIIONNV 'HISSA 'v u.1V 'f 'PIO 1I30lll9AA 'H '1PU-'UH 'D 'Ja azicuumsuag '9 'sazlng '3 tx .Max .H 'GIWAA 'H 'UDIKUH 'AA 'UQQUU 'O 'plogmexg 11, 'qaopxnw -X 'uemazg 'Q uusywuaz '.L 'r 'xaiugx 'W 'sguel-I 'H ISLEINIIOO uouueg 'W 'amog 1" 2. ,WL- 'V 5S'I'I3fI W 'xnqosua 'ml I-I ns SNIIOH .H: VIH 'IAI 'BIUUIS 'H 'UNH xo .I Ui p-4. O IB ssnq s.1ope 'cr 0?-I uam 0.15 9.112 am CL O "h 'ogpgqg 'g 'imqsog -3 'uoslivffl' 'X U7 01'-'ki IAA "I Hwua .G -u 'axlng NFIQIG 'S -M 'uafvws lassng 'g 'l E m 5 E7 YQ 3 U o c 5' 3 I-4 E. D :1 F3 Ln 5. 5 T3 EE. O Fi cx. 2 'uodxg -1- 'pxogmrug 'G '-ISJJUD 'X 'V-l5l'10IlUEI 'D 'Mail PUVWS 'IHMS 'I' '-'9S0IAl 'H 'UE'-UWH 'I' 'abpmg L4 0391 ElSl'l'9 1110 'S 'Selina opneogg krapmxg -3 :mug Qsau Qsxouop-g UWB 'selinq ouaqog 'sa 'L 'UOSJEPPUV 'I' 1SVHflJ4 'W 'aoqs,xapuuA 3I0U1S XI. 'LISUN 'd 'Ll3'?0"I 'AA 'UUWBH 'I' '.L 'qasgwqaz Auvunr 'mr 'Rvws 'xx 7SElN0iIIAl01l.I. 'a 'g 'iaismg IPS 'asafxouog 'W 'alddgg -V uap5og 'W VH 'D 7 S EINO llil UH 'olddgg 'f 'amz u. SIUIAI Uixsaqswx 'V 'r 'xauelg 'KFC-19 'V 'U05!l-IGH 'IAI 5S2lN0HJ0XVS 'xoqeq 'fl 'qnvu 'V 'r aaglsxapuejg '59l!H 'M '91'Il?.IG 'H '91-YEYIIUO 'I' uosxaneg 'd 'A0qE'1 'N 'fl UHX 'law 'H 'qogansng 'A El 'H '!Il9'I Qxe 'Ja ElNI'HV"IO SJ. um 'fr 'pwslauwam LL 2 'Jaw '-IHJJGELIS 'H 1s3.Lr1'm A! IND 'J 19 GNV8 NV.LHVdS 'HH.L :IO SHHHWHW if 4 .3 ia' G-LEE CLUB-1Baritones and Bassesl First Row: W. Lawrence, D. Lee, R. Mitchell, G. Boake, B. Russell, H. Stack J. Baer, M. Black. Second Row: C. Robert, M, Harrison, R. Brody, T. Swift. B' Sell. D- O'Shea, N. Felix, A. Krashesky, T. Veglia. The Student Cabinet Considers the Desires of the Student Body 'K-.3122 ,Q-TS NS. N. -w., STUDENT CABINET 8: ADVISERS-First Row: Cl Robert, E. Summers, Dr. Joseph A. Brechbill ladviserl, V. L. Alexander fadviserl, P. Riggi, E. Capriotti. Second Row: R. Rutkowski, M. Baer, Dr. Richard A. Rudisill tadviserl, William R. Fisher '50 ladviserh, G. Hermann, K. Hottie. Third Row: M. Harrison, R. Mitchell, J. Bergman, B. Woodcraft, A. Rowell, M. Ion. Our Senates Learn the Importance of Leadership and Cooperation Adhering t-o America's heritage, the Student Senate conveys the old ideal of equal representation in legislation. An elected representa- tive from each student home attends each meeting to search for answers to alleviate current problems and to relay ideas of students to the administrative staff. A by-product of participation by Senate members is gaining practical knowledge of the operation of our government. Senior Senate Intermediate Senate 68 l NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY- First Row: P. Hampton, J. Hughes, R.. Duglas, G. Hermann, Natignal R. smith, R. Knaub, K. Gibson, s, Pinto, s. Hsu. Second Row: J. Baer, M. Baer, B. Woodcraft, . T. Veglia, M. Dove, J. Will. G. Jones, R. Brody, G. Boake, K, Wilder. Third Row: T. Zehmisch, Hgnor Soclety D. Schreffler, D. Thomson, T. Palmieri, K. Homo, M. Kiingor, D. Bono,-, D. Slusser, J. carison, A. Cogdell. Fourth Row: D, Andrews, G. Yandrich, B. Burda. R. Ford, W.-Sterling, R. Potts, E. Culp, M. Harrison, J, Kennelly, S. McC1uskey, J. Low, R. Cavanaugh, T. Proffitt. The Spartan Chapter of the National Honor Society recognizes those young men in our school Who show the outstanding qualities of character, scholarship, leadership and service. To become a member, a unanimous vote of the faculty, houseparents and administrators must be received by a member of the senior or junior class. They Represent the Ultimate in Character, Leadership and Scholarship Our school's Headmaster's Society is composed of members who have attained extremely high standards of personal and social ma- turity. Membership is very difficult to obtain since houseparents, homelife, and a two- thirds majority vote of approval from its members are all necessary requirements. First Row: G. Hermann, J. Baer, J. Milne, B. Pascucci, R. Duaias, D. Barskey, S. Hsu, R. Knaub, K. Elliott, W. Smith. Second Row: K. Hottie, A. Spiece, P. Hamptcn, D. Andrews. B. S - Woodcraft, R. Smith, J. Will, C. Lynch, M. Baer, G. Boake. Third Row: J. Low, R. Cavanaugh, T. Swift. M. Harrison, E. Capriotti, J. Bergman, P. Elliott. P. Leary, D. O'Shea, G. Jores, A. Veglia. ' 69 A Perspective of the Year is Presented by the Acropolis Few people realize how much Work is put into the production of our Acropolis. This project actually begins at the end of the preceding school year. It is no easy task. Many teachers and students work long hours to produce this yearbook, unique in itself because it is done completely at the school with no outside help, save that of Wi1liam's Studio, which takes the senior portraits. The result of this combined effort is an overview of the entire school year. By it everyone can remember the high points of the year. In the future, it can also serve as a momento. Those involved with its production in particular can look back and re- member the amount of Work involved. 1 f 5.1: envoy 222-'za ' I obs Y lwvfouw' L! L Advisers Offset Staff Letterpress Staff Edjtgrjal ,staff 70 The Spartan Allows for Efforts in Creative I'llE Sl'All'l14lY . J... ., ..... ,, . .,...... .... .,,..-. fifxx Writing and Points of View Six times during the school year a new and interesting copy of The Spartan is published. Being totally produced by members of the student body, The Spartan has received various awards presented by the Columbia Press Asso ciation. This school magazine features not only the latest news but also a large variety of human interest stories and an up date on the latest happenings at Senior Hall. Mr Altland and his staff work diligently throughout the year to bring quality literature to the students and subscribers The Spartan is one example of the right to freedom of the press which is enjoyed in America. Editorial Staff Advisers Letterpress Staff l an Offset Staff 4 I I.T.S. OFFICERS and DIRECTOR-M. Morrison, George Hollich SPARTAN PLAYERS OFFICERS and DIRECTOR,-L. Witmer, tdirectorl, B. Russell, A. Menschik. T. Proffitt, A. Krashesky, T. Veglia, George Hollich fdirectorl. They Further America's Heritage in Dramatics 4 . This year the Spartan Chapters of the ITS and PHSSL continued to bring pride and honor to our school. They presented three plays and entered area competition with one of these. A spring tour was done with a children's theatre presentation. Many speech competitions were entered this year with the highlight of the year being the Bicentennial Youth Debates in September. The Spartan D1HyBI"s production of Poof! lt's America. 72 ! PHSSL Music is Important on the Intermediate and Junior Levels Memorial Hall Choir Choh'Boys Music Interests are Cultivated in the Junior and Intermediate Divisions Chorus 74 Brown and Gold Band Handbell Choir Athletic Competition Begins at Catherine Hall ....-lug... i anna.. football Basketball l V Wrestling 76 igxarenot Weak if we makea '-fnse of. ." those means Whichj, c his placed in ourpqivef sir, is not to -thestifi' 7 the vigilant, the active, the c , Q -1 ' . -- . "q.'.lei ' . -. ' . I' . '- . PCR Patrick Speech in Virginia ' Richmond ,March 2314 Q1 , . ,wax- ' u 1 'M' ' . . I . . y f,-v - ,. ., , it ,D ,I' - '1. , 14, mn. r .E -K fi, 4: s J .. ,.. 1 ff F -, W .pw L'-UV Cross Country Carries i Forth the School's Banner i B CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-First Row: J. Will, P. Quindlexi, A. Cogdell, S. Pinto, R. Howell, M. Halbleib, J. Tomecek, B. Woodcraft. Second Row: T. Hissick, C, Jones, T. Mills, B. Norton. T. Clinger, G. Jones, T. Elliott, K. Mifflin. Third Row: E. Wasson, C. Egan, W. Barzda,K. Rooney, T. Mowrer, J. Udrea. Fourth Row: A. Howell, D. Hooks, P. Deardorff, W. Forner. Fifth Row. D. Falco, R. Rockhill, B. Challingsworth, Edward B. Ruth. CROSS COUNTRY RECORD MI-IS.0pp. Sept. 12 Susquehanna Twp. 15 53 17 Middletown 17 38 19 Cumberland Valley 16 47 23 Hershey 17 43 26 Palmyra 15 50 30 Lower Dauphin 16 50 Oct. 3 East Pennsboro 19 39 7 Mechanicsburg 15 52 10 Red Land 15 54 16 Conference Meet Champions Again!! Conference Record 9 wins 0 losses Capital Area League Champions! Under the expert coaching of Edward B. Ruth and the strong leadership of co-captains Randy Howell and Bruce Woodcraft, this year's team outclassed the rest of the CAC with an enviable 9-0 record. Along with the already mentioned co-captains, Jeff Tomecek, John Udrea, and Carl Jones were top runners for our conference champions. Tomecek set our school and course record 615x305 as well as the Conference Meet record and course records at Hershey High, Middletown. Lower Dauphin, and Mechanicsburg: he will be back next year. Other highlights were the winning of the Conference Meet, League Duel Meet, L.V.C. Invitational, the Hereford County Invitational in which We defeated the Maryland State Champs, and the Dauphin County Championship. In addition, Jeff Tomecek qualified in the District III meet and the P.I.A.A. State Meet and finished a remarakable tenth.A1so, Randy Howell finish- ed 12th in the District III Meet. The student body and staff are proud of our Cross County Team's accomplishments. 77 Varsity Football Displays Spartan Drive and Determination Varsity Defensive Team First Row: B. Smith, M. Tcnnecek, G. Boake, C. Wilder, E Eldridge, D. Arnold, A. Spiece. J. Hermann. Second Row: K. Wilder, M Hernandez, K. Kelly, J. Bergman, G. Glatz, B. Woodcraft, E. Capriotti, C. Toczynski. Third Raw: R. Brody, V. Hill, Dennis Horsefield Now in his third year Q20-8-ll as head football coach, Ken Snyder led the Spartans to their fifth straight Winning season with an ad- mirable 7-2 record and second place in the CAC. Offensively, the Spartans were led by quarterback Bob Potts who p-assed for 780 yards including 11 touchdowns, and Jim Hall who rushed for 899 yards. There was a fine group of receivers led by Mike Baer who caught 12 passes for 297 yards and 7 touchdowns, and Dave Brewer who caught 12 passes for 222 yards and 4 touchdowns. Defensively,the team was led by Gerry Hermann who had 36 tackles and 40 assists, and Vic Hill who had 5 interceptions. Other defensive stand-outs were Duane Arnold, Greg Boake, Mike Hernandez, Art Spiece, Ken Wilder, and Marv Klinger. The highlight of the season was the total domination over Hershey in the Cocoa Bean Game. 78 Offensive Team First Row: R. Potts, J. Baer, C. Clerico, J. Hall, R. Mitchell. Second Row: K. Kennedy, N. Morris, M. Harrison, M. Ford, C. Seeburger T. Kaiser, M. Slabonik, M. Klinger. Third Row: H. DeMarco, D. Simpson, R. Cavanaugh, R. Flranchak, W. Sterling, M. Baer, D. Brewer, Douglas Horsefield. Sept. 001. Nov. Vaxrsiiy Football Record 5 Hershey 14 13 Red Land 7 20 Mechanicsburg 14 27 Palmyra 6 4 East Pennsboro 33 10 Cumberland Valley 42 18 Lower Dauphin 1Homecomingb 14 25 Middletown 8 1 Susquehanna 20 Record 7 Wins 2 Losses 0 Q Football Coaches- Kneeling: Warren H. Hitz, William F. DeLiberty, Gilson G. Cash Robert J. Schelhorn. Standing: John L. James, Kenneth W. Sharp '65, John A. Hoerner Charles H. Kamp 79 M524 faux, 2 Nd my 3,1 E55 - :' . N 'Mffw'gigii.p:Q min V 14543 A R 3 W 3 A1 42121152 Winwwww..-.4111 W Y w---q-W, as Junior Varsity Football Prepares for Future Gridiron Glory Offensive Team First Row: C. Norwood, J. Thompson, A. Hill, S. Savage. Second Row: R. Blacki, J. Lister, T. Hamilton, D.Burke, D. Poole. Third Row: L. Mitchell, R. Lynn, D. Sherlock. T. Martin. Fourth Row: C. Sceburger, J. Mulligan, Douglas Horsefield, John A. Hoerner tcoachl, Absent. A. Greene, M. Ford. Defensive Team Junior Varistiy Football Record Sept. 11 Mechanicsburg 10 18 Red Land 18 25 Hershey 14 Oct. 2 East Penusboro 26 9 Susquehanna 50 16 Palmyra 6 23 Harrisburg 23 30 Cumberland Valley 3 Record: 5 wins 3 losse First Row: Rt Bleiler, D. Durham. D. Rowell, M. Stuckey, Second Row: S. Barkley, J. Kennedy, P. Lister, G. Scgeda, Dennis Horsefield. Third Row:R. VVi1li.ams, D. Eldridge, M. Spiece, John L. James fcoachb. The junior varsity football team did very well this year, 12 achieving a winning record against some stiff competition. 0 The running attack was strong with Don Poole at quarter- 6 back and Clarence Norwood and Joe Thompson at running backs. 0 Also, there were two fine receivers in Bobby Lynn and Doug li Hoirsefield. 15 The defense was also strong with outstanding Spartans like 12 Dennis Horsefield, Joe Kennedy, Pat Lister, Joe Lister, Dan Durham, and Gene Eldridge. The highpoints of the season were the defeats of Harrisburg and Susquehanna. Coach Hoerner has produced players who will help the varsity greatly next year. L 8 1 Freshman Football Builds in a Winning Tradition ' . First Row: B. Harrison, R. Barkley, D. Baldwin, P. Kennedy, K. Ulmer, M. Black. Second Row: Offen51VC Team w. Leach, s. Wienhold, K. Bergman, R. DiBetta, R. Andrews. Third now: A. Bowen. E. Krug. Fourth Row: J. Vanderslice. D f . First Row: T. Croston, T. Brennan, L Hazelwood, K. Coskey. Second Row: J. Johnson, P. White, e R.. Beck. Third Row: J. Jordan, K. Mantzer. C. Criswell, D. King. Fourth Row: J. Blaney, J, Finkey, E. Jenkins. Freshman Football Record Sept. 17 Palmyra 8 24 Susquehanna 0 Oct. 1 Hershey 3 8 Middletown 14 15 Lower Dauphin 8 29 Linglestown 22 Record: 2 wins 3 losses 1 tie 82 The freshman football team spent a strong building year in which all games ware hotly contested and resulted in close scores in most cases. Coach Ken Sharp is sending on some very strong players for the future. The offense was led by Joe Vanderslice who is an excellent passer. Don Baldwin at tailback carried the ball for an impres- sive 4.36 per yard average, and Art Rowell, fulback, rushed for a 7.71 per yard average. Flanker Ken Bergman, right guard Gene Krug, and left tackle Ron DiBetta were also offensive stand-outs. ' On defense Larry Hazelwood, middle guard, led the Way with most sacks of the quarterback, and Eric Jenkins was strong at defensive end. ' The highlight of the season was the defeat of a strong Linglestown team 22-14 in which Vanderslice threw 7 for 8 completions and 1 touchdown. arf' 'A' 311' ' , H . M 7 '-.f5w.,1.1- 5,2TiiEf,f 'jfljjf ,1:5Qg55Q,e,L w. lf .ff Xiflv-twvw , 'If .f',f,,-X-Av, Mi... "ff J 1 5 A I ,mf ,,,f,+.,,, . Eff! ' . I' ' . - - Vw',-'f-- rl. fr ,fffi,f,.f-Lf! ' 711111, ,1 VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM-First Row: J. Hermann, M. Baer, J. Hughes. Second Row: D. Yandrich, B. Woodcraft, G. Yandrich, J. Stephens, J. Milne, G. Ballough. Third Row: James Baker, T. Zehmisch, R. Potts, R. Oestrich, T. Stump, Joseph Baker, J. Anderson, J. Sypolt, R. Leicht. Fourth Row: W. Ballough, J. Cygan, A. Magyar, D. Murphy, C. Mouery, D. Sherlock, T. Martin, T. Hissick, M. Merrick, R. Black. Fifth Row: P. White, D. Zook, M. Stauffer, K. Ulmer, D. Means, D. Kremper, J. McGuigan, R. Newton, A. Traub, M. Bogden, G. Williams, R. Baker, M. Griffith. Our Swimming Teams Drive Themselves Toward Meet Records 1 Richard M. Thieler J Head Coach . Swimming Record MHS Opp. Dec. 12 East Pennsboro 121 50 16 Red Lion 106 66 Jan. 9 Palmyra 96 76 16 Mechanicsburg 81 90 23 Hershey 100 72 27 Red Lion 97 75 30 Cumberland Valley 72 100 Feb. 6 Susquehanna 116 Wins: 6 Losses: 2 83 The Varsity Basketball Team Showcases Spartan Talent The 1975-76 Varsity Basketball Team had a difficult season. The less-than-impressive 8-13 record does not indicate such factors as a much improved team in the second half or four losses by four or less points. When the varsity had it together, they were as tough an aggregation as you could find in the Capital Area Conference. The loss of excellent seniors like Dave Brewer, Greg Boake, Vic Hill and Mike Halbleib will be heavily felt, but there are four returning starters and two returning reserves. In addition, the varsity ranks will be filled by some fine junior varsity players. Varsity Basketball MHS Opp. MHS Opp. MHS Opp Nov. 21 Manheim Central 75 63 19 Palmyra 42 51 27 Cumberland Valley 69 73 25 Red Lion 65 66 23 Lower Dauphin 82 53 30 Hershey 39 76 Dec. 2 Steelton 60 85 Jan. 6 East Pennsboro 66 81 Feb. 3 Palmyra 43 45 5 Susquehanna 63 51 9 Mechanicsburg 50 54 6 Lower Dauphin 92 75 9 Middletown 39 66 13 Red Land 51 52 10 East Pennsboro 63 69 12 Cumberland Valley 47 71 20 Susquehanna 57 48 13 Mechanicsburg 74 58 16 Hershey 70 55 23 Middletown 49 55 17 Red Land 81 56 Wins: 8 Losses: 13 84 Junior Varsity Basketballers Prepare for Future Court Competition 2 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Kneeling: A. Hill, A. Greene, D. Ellison, R. Lynn, C. Little, J. Staggs. Standing: D. Michael Weller '66 fcoachj. D. Durham, D. Poole, Dennis Horsefield, G. Parris, W. Griffin, J. McGuigan. This year's Junior Varsity Basketball Team compiled a very fine 17-4 record for a second place finish in the CAC. Under the excellent guidance of coach D. Michael Weller '66, the team reached a high degree of proficiency, and several of the players will be a great asset to the varsity next year. Junior Varsity Basketball MHS Opp. Nov. 21 Manheim Central 56 36 25 Red Lion 64 39 Dec. 2 Steelton 66 80 5 Susquehanna 90 30 9 Middletown 40 55 12 Cumberland Valley 46 34 16 Hershey 65 44 19 Palmyra 72 49 23 Lower Dauphin 63 61 Jan. 6 East Pennsboro 68 52 9 Mechanicsburg 59 44 13 Red Land 70 41 20 Susquehanna 47 40 23 Middletown 45 46 27 Cumberland Valley 35 55 30 Hershey 80 46 Feb. 3 Palmyra 51 46 6 Lower Dauphin 56 45 10 East Pennsboro 68 55 13 Mechanicsburg 66 47 17 Red Land 60 43 Wins: 17 Losses: 4 87 I Freshman Cagers Get it Together in Preparation for Spartan Supremacy Kew' tw ffl '42 Jxgkff FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM-First Row fkneelingjz H. Wertz, R. Barkley, R.. Drake, B. Hummel, P. Quindlen. Second Row tstandingj: William F. DeLiberty Ccoachl, M. Black, T. Brennan, J. Smith, K. Bergman, D. Hooks. Third Row: M. Jordan, J. Jordan, W. Leach, A. Rowell, J. Vanderslice, E. Jenkins. Under the able leadership of Coach William DeLiberty, the freshmen ended their season with an overall win-loss record of 11-5. Art R ll th owe , e captain of the team, lead in team scoring while Joe Vanderslice finished a close second. 88 Freshman Basketball MHS Opp Dec. 5 Lebanon Catholic 60 41 12 Steelton 43 57 16 Lebanon Catholic 56 46 Jan. 6 Hershey 30 45 9 Palmyra 43 39 13 Lower Dauphin 51 50 16 Middletown 42 28 20 Susquehanna 49 36 23 Hershey 29 44 27 Palmyra 35 49 30 Lower Dauphin 41 30 Feb. 3 Middletown 55 40 6 Susquehanna 49 48 10 Steelton 53 50 13 Harrisburg 27 43 17 Lower Paxton 50 39 Wins: 11 Losses: 5 Junior Varsity Wrestlers Build Muscles and Desire for Future Success JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM-First Rowfsittingj: J. Fomer. G. Lee, K. Brown, A. Barianos, T. Palmieri, J. Lister. Second Row fkneelinghz L. Kimmel, D. Glessner. J. McGaw, B. Simms. M. Stuckey, M. Sanford, B. Bittinger, M. Grant, D. Zimmerman. Third Row: R.. Dawes, M. Laboy, R. Kaiser. J. Kling, D. Medis, D. Butler, R. Stine, E. Pinkney, S. Savage, F. Gates, R. Bennett, Richard A. Mattis '63 tcoachl. Fourth Row: K. Rooney, M. Strangeway, P. Van Cise, G. Diggan, W. Allison, D. Clark, V. Lelii. ,gl r 1... K Iss-...y 7 Junior Varsity Wrestling MHS Opp Dec. 4 Hershey 15 39 11 Lower Dauphin 12 41 13 Central Dauphin E. 45 21 18 East Pennsboro 51 2 Jan. 8 Middletown 39 15 10 Cumberland Valley O 54' 17 Central Dauphin 6 46 29 Mechanicsburg 15 42 31 Carlisle 30 27 Feb. 5 Red Land 13 39 10 Manheim Central 25 23 12 Susquehanna 18 36 17 Garden Spot 27 24 19 Palmyra 28 17 Wins: 7 Losses: 7 89 Varsity Wrestlers Drive Their Opponents Down and the Spartans to Victory 5 3 2 :UH 2 VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM-First Row: fkneelingy: W. Smith, D. Baldwin, B. Pascucci, E. Doverspike, W. Barzda. P. Lister, Second Row: M. Slabonik, K. Kelly. D. Andrews, J. Puliatti, C. Forsha, Third Row: J. Bergman, P. Riggi, J. Wegzzyniak, D. Schreffler, B. Woodcraft. The Varsity Wrestling Team did not have one of its best records this year, but the team' was young and hampered by key injuries and weight problems. The return of several strong underclassmen should provide a good nucleus for a winning season next winter. 1 Varsity Wrestling MHS opp Dec. 4 Hershey 15 35 11 Lower Dauphin 5 43 13 Central Dauphin E. 18 28 18 East Pennsboro 29 13 Jan. 8 Middletown 36 22 10 Cumberland Valley 9 43 17 Central Dauphin 15 36 29 Mechanicsburg 12 39 31 Carlisle 8 36 Feb. 5 Red Land 9 42 10 Manheim Central 14 32 12 Susquehanna 6 46 17 Garden Spot 19 24 19 Palmyra 20 24 Wins: 2 Losses: 12 Q," , f as ,rw 90 Wi. H. if 14 -APP' 1 - 1- , wg Q fx , , f xx ',, 0.6 ,f Freshman Wrestlers Learn Basics and Push for Perfection FRESHMAN WTQESTLING TEAM-First Row isittingjz T. Stack, J. Johnson, L. Hazelwood, G. Vetrano, J. Quinn, A. Howell, J. Cardenas. Second Row Ckneelingjt L. Laboy. W. Coskey, T. Morley. W. Bunn. L. Boggs, D. Garde, L. Gilbert., T. Jackson. Third Row fstandingjz R. DiBetta, M. Wienhold, R. Andrews, H. Reese, W. Forner, J. Blaney. ' x fy fx' 0 1 K f . COACHES-D. Rodney Chamberlain and Paul D. Hansen. 92 Freshman Wrestling MHS Opp. Dec. 10 Mechanicsburg 30 39 13 Palmyra 42 38 17 Cumberland Valley 23 42 Jan. 10 SusquehannaTwp. 52 24 17 Hershey 29 39 24 Middletown 67 20 3 1 Lower Dauphin 26 43 Feb. 4 Carlisle 34 35 Wins: 3 Losses: 5 The Baseball Team Swings Toward Triumph VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 30 Susquehanna Twp. April 2 Lower Dauphin 6 Cumberland Valley 8 Palmyra 20 Hershey 22 Red Land ' 27 Middletown 29 Mechanicsburg May 4 Palmyra 6 Lower Dauphin 11 Susquehanna Twp. 13 Hershey 18 East Pennsboro Home Home Home Away Away Home Home Away Home Away Away Home Away BASEBALL COACHES-J. Duncan Kriebel, John R.. Bare, Warren H. Hitz. I 'xi' ,h: l,lf3gcg.,.T.,,.? 7, v, . .f ,i l f k n t 'V A . - ::':':a,4 .' A K 'U ' -2 i gwiffffi 12 - 55361 , ,1 14 1:?g1z' - 'Y1f1!ff' .4fW' a S s . "Tfe:-:A:f:e2:- --ff S W i n 9. 4' f. l any egg,-4 A . ,g ,L Ny X Q , KQMA if I if , 1 ., 1 , if' 'Y V 3 1 ri YW 1 " ' f ' w, . -2' X ,lf W! A . , 1 f "VE - -N --f l- i . , . ,, f .M , O u .. 1 . -'-F-:Ms , Q M ff. , 5. , . y .. , rife ' -A ' 1 . 1 ,f 1 , . S ' ' 4,521 , . if if - , .W af A ' ' ,. . . .i . , ff 5. ,f a.. .. .' , .. A' 13 ,' . -1- I Y f .- . we fu X2' . Q 1-5+ 3 6 ' Q ' 1 , f"" - ' -f N ' ' l I , gggplfy. if. ...A f . Y, K I ,,,. . .xhiiih K ,V 1 I -. - . . .. P - 'ia , . 4 '. KW.. . Wa, 4.,v,.-rlzgagd-w ,,'1-.'.--few f few--c-1fg:u.. 1.-+-Q.. f U S' i 4 s- I- , l 'Ai K - f 1 5 1 l A Q wiv' ' ' ' ' "tn-. N.-.1 The Track Team Strides For Spartan Success VARSITY TRACK SCHEDULE April 2 Cumberland Valley Home 6 Susquehanna Twp. Home - 8 Middletown Away 20 Palmyra Home 23 Lower Dauphin Away 27 East Pennsboro Home 30 Mechanicsburg Avsjay May 4 Red Land Away MW 6 H h A '!.:in1iAf ee 95' Way TRACK coacuas-Rohm J. Schelhorn, Edward B. Ruth, 8 Conference Meet Away John A. Hoerner, Paul D. Hansen. J. Robert Bortel. .lx I ,4 1 I ' 'li 'f x' a , a f .. A 1' . A , . - V ,Wa z. p, M . ,.... , ' ' -' ' 2 ' ' . , - , " 1 sl , . W f 0 ' 35152 2 J . - I .3 r 'l"' r i f "' 'T ' A .a ....... f " 1' 5 imal fil ' . . ' . . A ,.., . V 0 , .. H -A .,,,, A "r' ,, f --S W 1 ""' a n .... W 93 757123434 lifl. 1 4 4 i fa 5 5. .1 .......-.W f' V-W ,,x, ....4.W- "f.s.2Q.:..,W - v 'I W',' o -gi ,'g2.5J'iv:5f K L., 51,5 .' , ' ' . 2551? sf- f I . ' 7 74' gfflf-gf . ir: ' .V A L QI. 4 1 ,.V 'A '-'f . -f. 1 5. 2' 7 2 Q 'Q 7 f U . .f , ,", . V 1 X. flfi- 5 71 '1,-- 3 ' W W 5' X' 7 ' V "L' l . - E " I X I if' ' ivy .4 ' 'iii , 5 Q. . , ,.,, ig l Y. V' ' V ,V av W.. V i - ' , ig, Y. g A 7' ,. J .g. ,f' 'A .V - H n' . 3 1 I ' y-.- V ,, f' VY' , - 3 ,fel 4- " 1 1 SE I in - of As: 'W as K' q 9 .. , - - ,, Q,-f , ,Z I , 5. ,, Qi V513 V,r:E k Q34 W I , A Es' no v , ,gli 77, ,tw A V A - I K 'f I N Ar ., 7' .Alu iw' X iii Q T .K gq 7 ' ' WMM ' , ggi' V V in ng . 7 -n S Q -. Q1 Q5 ' ff 3-...f ri 9 -W - . 3 Tfi"e'-- Q A , - i 1 at 1 7. W A X M ,. fy. . H 4 I .f 9 - X f ' "K or X 1 ir 7 5' A ' ' -ea-' xii ' 9+ GYMNASTICS TEAM First Row- Qsittingbz P. Patterson, W. Lawrence, A. Brody. J. Cygan, R. Brody, J. Baer. M. Hastings. Second Row- Qkneelingjz James Connor, John Connor, R. Duglas, M. Spiece. S. Chieffo. Third Row- Cstandingbt J. Russell, R. Bohr, T. Zehmisch, D. Connor, T. Swift. S. Carroll, N. Morris, S. Goines, D. Willis. The Gymnastics Team Never Fails to Bring Honor to the Qc. ap. i 'f Spartans r fx .1 if 1- , eq W A vu., .,,,,. N :J I fr f A A pf L X ' COACHES-Robert L. Oesterling and . J C John H. Griib. I A wanna-'V 3 V 71' A 7 46 Varsity Gymnastics MHS Opp. fiwgQ5.,,,s . I 7. . .rf :J J an Dec. 10 Cumberland Valley 117 73 1 Jan. 10 Lower Dauphin 105 81 L-AA l, L My . 12 Penn Manor 103 97 A "1 " N , If 14 Lower Dauphin 102 79 21 Cumberland Valley 93 56 31 Manheim Township 1 1 5 84 Feb. 7 Chief Logan 98 76 UNDEFEATED SEASON!! C. A. C. Champions 94 1' xg .s .. W, vm. , M7 f. -RWM X -. , . . '- ' f . '.' ' , X g L, .-V .33 sys ,Q cw., ,Af ,,. sw.. 3 I s vw. hw -Jvmwd' . . ' 3 A3 1 . , , ,. -. . mul J., 3,,..K.,, ....,,.,,k.. .f M1 , . , 53.5 1... 'Q f .- ,fi f- 31' X-'M .k,.f..,-,.1..1,.f-1.-, Q, 1- 1 ll' a-Rini.-'-:ffl ,N ' 1 El'Ma.vTC.,:S.--5-.iran A K 1 -Q EfilFFful?32.iHifETf-izigffsxliiza"-91 fh"5rf' V if xg. q i K jE.?55Q253,, .Ls f. , .154 M A1f"'w'...B.fQ-.1:.7r+SQw 11.5 sf V 1 F Q 1 1 Q , 2 2 w . 95 In Memoriam Harold E. Hoerner, Plumbing msn-actor 1957-1975 Mr. Hoerner was enrolled in Milton Hershey School in 1935 and graduated in 1944. He returned to his Alma Mater as a plumbing instructor in August of 1957. Our remembrance of his years of service as a teacher and friend of the boys will long be cherished in the minds and hearts of those who worked in his shop and those who were his friends and associates. Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar, When I put out to sea, Alfred Lord Tennyson W 1 ..s. V! mu 2 Acknowledgements 1976 Coordinator ............ ......... J . Duncan Kriebel Layout Adviser ...................... .............. C harles A. Astfalk Offset Printing Adviser ............. ..... R ichard O. Hugendubler Letterpress Printing Adviser ........ ............. D ale G. Aucker Photography Coordinator ......... ......... C arl E. Stump Photography Adviser ............. ..... C arl F. Rhodes '60 Typing Adviser ............. Literary Adviser ........ Editor-in-chief ........ Junior Editor ....... Literary Editor ....... Sports Editors ........ Layout Editor ........ Business Editors ........ Associate Editor ........ Technical Editor ........... Photographic Editor ........ Student Photographers ....... Offset Foreman ...... Camera ............ Composition ....... Stripping ...... Presses ....... Letterpress Foreman ....... Presses... ..... Composition............. .. .. Audrey S. DeMuth D. Michael Weller '66 Michael T. Baer Neal C. Felix Robert F. Cavanaugh Robert Potts Bruce Woodcraft Francis T. Ryan L. Steven Goines William A. Sterling Michael A. Julian Alan D. Krashesky Kenneth B. Wilder James R. Carlson John A. Cygan Robert D. Knaub Ronald Gentile L. Michael Dove Perry W. Hampton Emmett L. Hayford Giacomo M. DlAmico David W. Cochran Ricardo V. Duglas Richard E. Mitchell Brian L. Mottin Thomas F. Clinger Professional Photography ...... ..... W illiam 's Studio The 1976 Acropolis represents the efforts and skills of the staff members and the advisers. Except for the professional photography done by William's Studio, the .content of the yearbook is a product of the .students of Milton Hershey School. ' 'Q f VV L 1 I J I ir ! I 'RF' , 5 cf X sl 1 -. V 'Rh .1 Y: ' 'Q M W f, Jfh ..:-'xiii' ..1- ,, . H . -,-02445, f 5y'??ef , 115455 , . is -I I N'-3 if ff, K. by ff . 1-F" E925 5 ' "xi 36 ,E , W 5 , 3 r Vx wx c-.' L ,-I ff!-51? fy, X H N V 'v , H x 4....,...' -P .. . ,..4u,,.a.g.. -Lg I inns-. -,e..Q. ,- , . . .an.J.

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