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, ,Y .,. .t.-..--ggqw , XX X-W i , ,jf is M '- 5' 1. .L ,A V fe W V 1 75222, 1 xiixn' xv. I L'. ' , . , - -H - -Umm yy xYv.s , 'WILL qfgx flx Vx?-V. .1-3 ' N---S H514 , 'Qxfmfs 5 x x ' nf' ' F5 . F? 1 E , ...,,,., wg, xl L X 1 X X Q-is X if I , P If L 4. , ie ,4oza7baZ64 7975 Published by The Acropolis Staff Milton Hershey School Hershey, Pennsylvania l J 0 nkmdtecl 33 He Used His Opportunities to Amctss u Fortune 'Nm--' MILTON S. HERSHEY and His Fortune to Provide Opportunities for Others Opportunities for Family Style Living ' 5 Upportunities for ci High School Education and College Aid E 3 6 at 5,,E,,,5h,,!, V,,.,, , Every opportunity for a quality education is provided to enrich the minds of all students at Milton Hershey School. Experienced and dedicated teachers try to develop each student to his highest potential, using the most up-to-date facilities along with the newest methods. Any deserving senior enrolled in College Preparatory, Business, or any one of the technical training courses may secure from the school financial aid, if needed, for continuing his education. This program is designed to assist a student up to three of the four years he may spend furthering his education in either college or technical school. In addition many extra-curricular activities, clubs, and hobbies are designed to meet the interests of all students and develop Well-rounded personalities and healthy bodies. ii - , V gate ff rw tw, it if at 'Q 7' ' 1 t t Stl! X j ja 2 5 r 5 1 9 gf f f ' , 7 a , ,., aa I , 5 J X7 2, 3 we e ff H , V ,f f Z 3 . Y "7'f,7?, 3, l f 2 . ggi . ,cw Q,iqQf, views ws E 1 ,,.t ,. ,. 'H '4 W , .,,,., , , , ,,,. , 7:75 ,mmazid Upportunities for Training for ci Technical cireer S S 5 , sg ' 2 ,' - gm N H ! , Ima. . in iw if ii me if HW 4' 0, W 1 W f WM ff Qu in M ,O M M , f 5:50 V 4 ,... ,...,, ' f aw 2 f aff: ' M . i 19' w""'-vu,-,, Q , fy ,2 2 " W' ' H1 .ZZZP ,ii,.,, ,,,, L f . ff -I 'WJ E .mf 1 - E ' 1 i X ' Z 'J is f 2 i is M X is Milton Hershey's purpose in founding the School was to provide for orphan boys a home and an opportunity to acquire the necessary skills in a trade that would enable the student after graduation to earn his own livelihood. This has been the dominant purpose of Milton Hershey School for sixty-five years. Eleven technical courses are offered to meet the changing needs of a changing society. Veteran teachers in well-equipped shops supervise this practical training for two weeks of each month for the three years that the student spends learning the trade. The other two weeks of each month the student in a technical course takes instruction in related subjects. All extra-curricular activities are open to technical students, as well as financial aid to attend advanced technical schools. 'Exi t -1 '- wffs. - -1- cf s. , I 3, K. Opportunities or Develop 'ng Healthy Bodies and Sound Character it Iwi of - wi .az :QW A .Q . : 10 xi' , 6 . i - ,i ii . .X ' f V a1'-1 gy S g XE Y! a -sa "IL- N fy sg, 1 Q' V ig: if K ,e 9542 '- -if S. .wa : up A. , ., - , K1 WMMMM -' X we . 15' H as QS it p Qie Q-,5 '-1:'.:,- 5: -: . 3, W... .0 ,. .pigqu I -mx si m: " . YT?" iq X V fl' a x X My 5 K " , :SQ X . fl-iffy-Y., f5isr fx? a X K X ii X 1 Q ix 1 X be gf K 2 'gli mx 3 5 S S hiv i S, Ag 1 S I X 2 'lgifirf S S x is S i was ja gi M ,1 f WQS5. Zigi , 4 . , Y .2 X S ai? 3 J X, Q J if 1 4 N A I F W QQ L-M N as Y 'T 5 I ppl 5 I , 2:5 xi X UE 5 it S, sg? 'sw X as M 'I' . i f ,Hu , I Sag 1 'N f Q S Z 22 1 1 X .5 3 r 1 N ge Board of Managers Enlarges the Scope of pportanities BOARD OF MANAGERS-Clockwise: John T. Shuey QSecretary-Treasurerj, Joseph S. Gumpher '35, William S. Cashel Jr., John S. Baum, Edward T. Book, John M. Aichele '39, Kenneth V. Hatt '41, William E. Dearden '40, S.A. Schreckengaust Jr., Harold S. Mohler, John O. Hershey lChairmanJ. Milton S. Hershey and his Wife Catherine S. Hershey, when they founded Milton Hershey School by signing the Deed of Trust on November 15, 1909, Wisely provided for its future by placing control in a Board of Managers. These men, some of Whom are graduates of the School and all of Whom are well-known in the field of business and leaders in local civic affairs, administer the provisions of the Deed of Trust and set the guide posts for the year-to-year operation of the School. Every action taken by the Board of Managers is for the expansion of opportunities for boys enrolled in the School and for the continued improvement of the community of Hershey, in which the School is located. In the past decade, the programs and activities of the School have been extensively enriched. 11 Milton Hershey's President and Vice-Presidents Supervise All Opportunities i Dr. Richard A. Rudisill iViCe-president and headmasterb, Dr. John O. Hershey fpresidentj, John M. Aichele '39 Cvice-president and administrator of business affairsb. 1 gg.-,, gs, s ,,,. , s ,, M. was fs 5 L K Q 555 gg 3 EQ . W 5 5 53235 li 1 XWM . ' 1 1 t sf. : 1 sf' 1? i it gf s i K 4 s f iff 23 is Ei s .. X -V , x. :sl-, -429651. r rg is fs .. Qs it ,.-- - L - f- ,I is N-ff :2 1 K- L 'f -, - Q 12 ES MW' ET! vs " . f 'f new-f ' M - , --.Qfsw-.M-'2 wfzsv- .y--..,.'1.i.-'V-mf.. 1.1- .H-bg, . jg, - i , K ,ss eggs :W A Q- M. ,f sms:-e rw a-VNWSPI5 - -1':5?::!GfXFfX'M5"a9-I-likifiil :1XiEQ::fQff- --1 r:'la?1224:s'gs,.Q:i' -wi,ii,--.eg1s,e?':4,gsfy1. -Y rs es . fx ff -.--11wif:.:g,-aw--H J fegssksfsim-ffeqiwi zz- ffuf :sw-w,wm21vw 2- A sffifsfwg : fmrsvwgfezi-2' iff., ff, s sgssfmsxwimffsxs .msg ., - '- ix: rss, .... : E w is h . ,. A ' Q ,Q i -Q . 1 . .Q - A 15 X 1 X T , ' :ft ,.,2., -qg.s:- nl- : yy 3 L- V Good Supervision Encourages Good Teaching FY! k William R. Fisher, director of secondary educat education. . Stump, as Senior Hall Faculty Devoted to Widening Students' Horizons - :" . firm , W -f A Sf' if ll gigs- ii. if :gi ,li GSM ENGLISH TEACHERS-Seated: John E. Fox, Edith B, Long, Orville H. Strait, Standing: John D. Kriebel, David M. Weller, LeRoy O. Wolfe, Craig C. Tritch, George Hollich, William G. Altland. 14 FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHERS: Andrew M. Kavalecs, Dorothy K Esbenshade, A. James Jones. SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHERS-Seated: William R. Prescott, William A. Yottey, John W. Showalter, Standing: James W. Martin, John A. Storm, William E. Bitner. .LIS .,.... .LJ W M... MATH TEACHERS-Seated: Terry W. Baylor, Allen M, Hoover, Robert W. l-Iopple. Standing: James M, Lehman, William H. Snyder, Kenneth W. Sharp, James L. Butch. MA QQ SCIENCE TEACHERS-Standing: Carl F. Rhodes, Frank H. McCrca, Edward B. Ruth, Bryan M. Diehl, Robert W. Wallace, D. Willis Hartman. DRAFTING, INDUSTRIAL ARTS TEACHERS-Standing: Andrew Kovach, Richard K. Dieterle Charles A. Astfalk, Clyde P. Stacks. me T row Accourws THE2."355'5?55fi2 5m5l'?7g,'? snow me Accuuma as wp ,wma mfs: W f?W.,Nf?. V f'l,ZpE5?,l?1,' mg Cmgm 9573555 ,Wi ww FQSTEDV wxfx-sss.g. mfgivxs Us ,R . , . . xjmws 1 vu- BUSINESS EDUCATION TEACHERS-Seated: Ray A. Faidley, Audrey S. DeMuth, and Russell C. Klinger. MUSIC, HEALTH, CULTURE AND SAFETY TEACHERS-Sitting: Gerald R. Long '55, Matthew J Belicic, Virgil L. Alexander, Kenneth L. Snyder and John A. Cook. Standing: Paul E. Dronsfield Larry E. Casebeer, John H. Tellet '44, C. Thomas Schwalm and Ray B. Miller. VOCATIONAL BUILDING TEACHERS: Harold E. Hoerner '44, Robert K. Schelhorn, Harold C. Good '36, Thomas 0. Pratt, Kenneth R. Smitlcy. 18 l FOOD SERVICE, ELECTRONICS, AND AGRI-BUSINESS TEACHERS-Standing: Thomas E. Michaels, Kenneth H. Cook, Warren H. Hitz. , :J--1s:f,.. 1g gig as .5 ,E I A N PRINTING, AUTO, AND MACHINE SHOP TEACHERS-Standing: Russell Daubert, Richard O. Hugendubler, John A. Hoerner, Dale G. Aucker, Harry L. Buck. 19 We Salute Three Retirees M W Q EE ' Thural V. Brehm has brought 35 years of devoted service to i , Milton Hershey School, first as a houseparent and later as Director ' Z l , of Family School Relations. Born on August 17, 1910 in Ramona, ' 7 - N :-" : ':.v2E2fsgQs1 r' M -'f'.:f af . ' .,,,,,,...,.. H, , , . if -sill iv .,. ,A w,,,,. H U7 ,,.., M.. M Q is i. '- L WM, ,f f, - . . . .,f2fe ,,, , y yt 1 S153 4 f.m.w 4 E z 4 ,we , .f. ,,.. ,,.,. , s w - :a..z,.e.- ..,, X v l l ?x99 K e f l ea W W s QM Kansas, Mr. Brehm taught school there for six years until November 15, 1939, when he came to MHS. After graduating from Lebanon Valley College where he received his bachelor of ,r" 1',, P rrrs . "': ig science degree, he later earned his master's degree from the v"'5 . - ' - - - ",,, University of Pennsylvania. Along with his work here at school, ff ,Vi,, 1-' Mr. Brehm served as scout master for thirty-two years as well as fe,'. V,,' -. csyytal president of such organizations as the Hershey C1v1c Club, Hershey T l': Optimist Club, Keystone Personnel and Guidance Association and issi sssr is - - - - - Vice President of Pennsylvania School Counselors Association. We :-- . . - - ,tt take this opportunity to thank Mr. Brehm for all his sincere efforts to help boys become young men- Thural V. Brehm John W. Showalter, born in Terre Hill, Lancaster County, was truly an attribute to the lives of many Milton Hershey boys. He attended school at the Terre Hill Boro Elementary and High School. He went on to Albright College in Reading with a baseball scholarship sponsored by "Pop" Kelchner and Branch Rickey of the St. Louis Cardinals. He received his masters degree in eduation at Temple University in Philadelphia. Before becoming a faculty member at M.H.S. he taught in the Terre Hill Boro School District. In August of 1935, Mr. Showalter entered the School as a new faculty member, where in addition to his teaching assignments, he served as baseball coach for the Spartans and a Junior Varsity Football coach for the years from 1945 through 1946. We give our many thanks to Mr. Showalter for his many years of devoted service to Milton Hershey School. John W. Showalter After thirty-two years of conscientious service to Milton Hershey School, Orville H. Strait retires at the end of the current school year. A native of Fulton County, Pennsylvania, where he received his elementary and secondary education, he attended the Pennsylvania State University for undergraduate and graduate study and began a teaching career of forty-three years. Always active in community and civic affairs, he served in scouting at Milton Hershey School and has been a teacher and administrative officer in Bethany United Methodist Church of Palmyra since 1943. Mr. Strait firmly believes that schools were primarily established as places of learning, that a teacher should be a master of his subject, and that the American competitive system is the source of America's greatness. Orville H. Strait 20 Intermediate Program Provides Opportunities for Discovery M. Nelson Durand Kdirector Interm C Catherine Hall Faculty Dedicated to Youthful Exploration W ENGLISH TEACHERS-Standing: Roger A. Killian, George F. Sandel, Ruth G. Dorman, Jo Baum, Ethel M. Campbell, Claudia K. Byers, Parke E. Adams, Gilson G. Cash. 22 i x E S 1 f Z SCIENCE PROGRAM-Standing: Richard M. Thieler, Kenneth M. Kauffman, Bonnie Casebeer, Roy M. Dice. SOCIAL STUDIES-Standing: Bruce H. Moyer, Troupiere O. Hershey, James C. Dearden, Samuel D. Blachly, Robert L. Stambaugh, Bruce R. Wieder, Gary T. Hawbaker. 23 535153 'Sd MATH TEACHERS-Seated: Thomas G. Welsh, Standing: Donald A. Gipe, Wallace R. Conway, John Grab. l s . ,ii UNGRADED TEAM-Seated: Arthur H. Kline, PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS: Paul D. Hansen and Allen A. Hicks, Harry E. Bay. Robert L. Oesterling. 24 MUSIC PROGRAM: Harold E. Reichard, William A. Grove. ART TEACHER--Robert J. Schelhorn INDUSTRIAL ARTS TEACHERS-Standing: William G. Angert, John A. Bare. TYPING TEACHER-Charles K. Francis '61 25 26 L Memorial Hall Faculty Devoted to Laying a Firm Foundation MEMORIAL HALL DIRECTORS--Lloyd M. Morgan, Assistant Directon William A. Hoover, Director. KINDERGARTEN THROUGH THIRD GRADE TEACHERS-Standing: Olive M. Kltinfelter, Louise B. Swartzbaugh, Agnes M. Souders, Jeanne M. Hostetler, Co-nnie F. Beard. FOURTH and FIFTH GRADE TEACHERS-Standing: Frances A. Reigle, Jennifer A. Groo-mes, Janice D. Boyd, Ted E. Derrick, Phyllis M. Baugher, Valerie K. Wolfe, Mary U. Saye. MUSIC TEACHER-Lynette E. Waller LIBRARIAN-Doris C. Grubb They Guide the Activities of the MHEA w 1 w M.H.E.A. OFFICERS-Standing: Allen M. Hoover Csecretaryl, William G. Angert Ctreasurerl, Ted E. Derrick fpresidentl, Bryan P. Seese Kvice-presidentl, William R, Prescott fpresident-electh. 29 Counselors lllotke Us Aware of Our Excellent Opportunities STUDENT PERSONNEL STAFF:-Dr Gene R. Layser, Bryan P. Seese, R.E. McLaughlin, Richard C. Johnson. Members of the Student Personnel Stai are involved in many phases of student life at Milton Hershey School. Their chief responsi- bilities are handling all facets of enrollment and termination and helping students adjust to their new surroundings. The staff directs family-school relationships and assists students in solving any problems that may arise. In the area of job placement the staff lends assistance to graduates in obtaining employment in their chosen fields and helps students complete their plans for enrollment in college or technical school. STUDENT COUNSELORS-Csittingb Thural V. Brehm, Barbara B. Haas, Catherine Becker. Gray G. Johnson, fstandingb David G. Thompson, William F DeLiberty, Dr, Jo-hn R. Grimm. Absent: Matthew J. Belicic. 30 1 i i Department of Business Affairs Ensures Smooth Operations Business Affairs The Department of Business Affairs, under the supervision of John M. Aichele, business coordinator, provides for the student's every need. The distribution of food, clothing, and suppliesg the maintenance and landscaping of campus grounds and roadsg the cons'truction and renovation of various buildings and pro- Business Staff BUSINESS STAFF-Seated: Howard H. Baum, Richard C. Hann, Standing: Dennis E. Hunter, James H. Albrite, Woodrow W. Bonney. BUSINESS AFFAIRS STAFF--Seated: William A. Houtz fcomp- trollerh, John M. Aichele Cadministrator of business affairsl. curement of transportation, equipment, and furnishings are the principal concerns of this department. William A. Houtz, comptroller, heads the accounting services and is in charge of the fi- nancial facets of the School. Maintenance Supervisors MAINTENANCE SUPERVISERS-Eden Frey, Richard Miller, Arthur Fausnacht, Eugene Eshbach, Paul Pollock. 31 Constant medical care, under the supervision ea of Dr. D, Lee Backenstose and his professional staff of nurses, is available on any one of the a three well-equipped clinics on the campus. For prolonged illness or for isolation with con- tagious diseases the Health Center, located on the south campus, is available. . Dental - A Our dental staff of nine professional mem- bers, Working on a twelve month basis and using the finest equipment available, including X-rays, gives regular checkups, cleans teeth, fills caries, and provides excellent services in orthodontia. Dental clinics are located in each of the three educational divisions of the School. MEDICAL STAFF-Seated: Sally A. Coulter R.N., Doris K. Gingrich R.N., Eleanor F. Wood R.N. Standing: L. Mary P. Kroeck R.N., Dr. D. Lee Backenstose M.D., Ruie R. Spangler R.N., Mary L. Garrison RMN. DENTAL STAFF-Seated: David A. Paolini D.D.S., Donald R, Price D.D.S., Edward L. Sander D.D.S. Standing: Anna E. Furst R.D.H., Marilyn R. White R.D.I-I., Betty L. Eberly, Nanna M. Bettylon, Edward C. Schaeffer D.D.S., Jean L. Snyder. 32 Mrs. Kroeck became affiliated with the School in 1959 when she was employed as a houseparent on our campus. After serving as a housemother for six years, she entered nursing at the old Hershey Hospital. There she spent the past eighteen years employing her skills in caring for the sick. The Milton Hershey School Family appreciates very much the many outstanding qualities she possesses and also appreciates her years of dedicated Work at Milton Hershey School. L. Mary P. Kroeck Ruie R. Spangler, born February 13, 1910, in Lawn, Pa., attended Lebanon High School before becoming a regis- tered nurse at Lancaster General Hospital in 1931. Mrs. Spangler was a private nurse for the late founder of our School, Milton S. Hershey. Thereafter she treated patients at the Hershey Hospital until she joined our School's Medical Stalf on October 12, 1970, to care for our medical needs. We shall miss her for the many services she has rendered to us in these past years. Ruie R. Spangler Secretarial Stay? Contributes to Efficient Operations 5? N FULL SECRETARIAL STAFF-First Row: Heather Kegerise, Tracy A. Stephens, Avis C. Kercher, Ruth A. Shope, Betty J. Lighty, Ellen J. Heckman. Second Row: Betty B. Filepas, Marguerite K. Hunchberger, Helen S. Dodge, Marlene C. Steham, Mildred T. Kapp, Emile J. Curry, Lois M. Bretz, Jannette L. Myers. Absent: Jane K. Stacks and Helen S. Evans. 33 Special Services Satisfy Students Every Needs Dorothy H. Kluck Ends 44 Years of Service Dorthy H. Kluck, born on January 8, 1912, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is retiring after forty-four years of service to our school. Before being employed by Milton Hershey School, Mrs. Kluck was a cafeteria Waitress at the Cocoa Inn Cafeteria. She began Working for our school June 1, 1930, and has since been the head of our kitchen, having the responsibility of ordering food and arranging menus and Well- balanced diets. We join together in Wishing Mrs. Kluck the best in retirement. 34 SUPPLY and MAINTENANCE SUPERVISORS-Clem Bicksler, James M. Neidigh, Carolyn O. Norris, and James H. Loser. if sZg'i Wwe 1 F 3 'U Anil? K P 5 1: U ,,,i A3 'Wg Vx li . fin 43, ,uw , wx .-ff Q i as 4 wg- ' 2 2? xklf .iz 1 S fa fu' Hy A S' . Q I 'Z gal' ip' kk,,,, , G p' U 015234 22' '5 4,3 it r'r- f . 'J Qi' If lv i'3 qw if ' zz. , wnvmwmsalvslv QM' ' ' '51 Good Homelife Supervision recites cz Homelike Atmosphere Members of the Homelife Staff have the re- sponsibility of providing a Warm, homelike atmosphere Where each boy strives for person- al, social, and emotional maturity in family- style living. The procurement of houseparents, the coordinating of educational and home pro- grams, the scheduling of privileges and vaca- I-IOMELIFE DIRECTORS-Seated: Alfred T. Gibble, William A. Hoover. Standing: M. Nelson Durand, Dr. Joseph A. Brechbill. tions, and the handling of any disciplinary measures are the principal concerns of these supervisors and staff members Whose contri- butions play a very important part in the smooth operation of the total program at Mil- ton Hershey School. 1 4 HOMELIFE STAFF:-Ksittingb Jacob A. Klinedinst, Lloyd Morgan, Lawrence E. Best, istandingl Kenneth A. Longenecker, Gary W. Cooper. 35 This is the Way -xaaiafmu"""' We Work and Play ., fffi . R-A!JJy,f Juhf sy n' - A v lkvra T Vx. y ww" mr' J fiwipy xg , . -, V ,M , -' W' V, ' ,J ' i, t 'il W Rf' x ii? M' ,"' lf' if ,. liffw '-'-' ' 'Iii M fg 'A' W " ,ff W - .-,.- 2 1 -'--- ' V' - - , -'--- H -'-' rw ' ,gr .3- - - ...V -1 -,'- ...,. z ' 1-:rfgvgggm ,,, uiff ' """ ' '1 5 -' : - EE 3 2 2 1 if ..Vw 1-A- - A 3 2iff'i?N2MY'W5?W3T Wwil g fi ii " """ 2-251221 g fe 'Tp H "f ,T 1 1 - r22QffgfI5gf:, ...., 5, K E: H " .QWWK X V HW,353w2'fX 3Q1Qi ' " N 45 H .5 lg! fag,-V bm:-mMf,Qwfff: Q 3 ' V 52252 fb 'LY i Wfiflgg if if ?4 , iz 'wif ' .E '--' fl -'-- ' ---'-- 1 1 ' 4 , ., ' J " X V"- Af M 2 A J . s wiafalf ,.,. ,,,. 5.1s25f?EZ'32gE5g25.1' A X . """""' ' 1 j:g v . 1 ,.,., . wk ,5..,.M is W ----- -.'. . ..... "'-- :M .- ,,.,. , Q 4, I: , .,,,, , ...., J ,X YM If - V :M-fm p w . f'k A """' gf. i .AQ , N .- ,.M.,..M..M...M.,M -1:-g::g:w51:,,,,f , -'v- - b . b - 'f H e H ' vw aw as 'iq W ,wr , 'E5'.'f5If5I' ' f - fl' g b a, ,.,, .A-,, W f Q if '- ' "" ' ,.., 1' N We Strive Toward Getting Trophies For Intramural Activities I 2 3, 2 E 2 ' fi! f -- zz 3 .. 38 Housepurents Contribute to ci Successful School Junior Division JUNIOR DIVISION-First Row: Mr. and Mrs. Stough, Mr. amd Mrs. Price, Mrs. and Mr. Reale, Mrs. and Mr. Miller. Second Row: Mr. and Mrs. Ebberts, Mr. and Mrs. Varner, Mrs. and Mr. Simon, Mrs. and Mr. Stella. Third Row: Mr. and Mrs. Schilling, Mrs. Dronsfield, MI. and Mrs. Fink, Mrs. and Mr. Silar. Fourth Row: Mr. and MIS. Wantlz-md, Mr. and Mrs. Pearson, Mrs. and Mr. Harper. Arrowhead and Keystone Clusters ARRLOWHEAD and KEYSTONE CLUSTER-S-First Row: Mr. and Mrs. Gaiser, 1Vl?r. and Mrs. Cannon, Mrs. and Mr. Frick, Mrs. and Mr. Sinclair. Second Row: Mrf and Mrs. Akirns, Mrs. and Mr. Yetter, Mrs. and Mr. May. Third Row: Mr. and Mrs. Norton, Mr. and Mrs. Knopp, Mrs. and Mr. Rhoads. Fourth Row: Mr. and Mrs. Gearheart, Mr. and Mrs. Cook, Mrs. and Mr. Macaw, Mrs. and Mr. Reese. Absent: Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs-. Backensto. 3? N ational, Pennland and Woodland Clusters NATIONAL, PENNUAND and WOODLAND CLUSTERS-First Row: Mr. and Mrs. H. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Neimeyer, Mr. and Mrs. Lingenfelter, Mrs. and Mr. Cravener, Mrs. and Mr. L. Thomas, Mrs. and Mr. Hovel. Second Row: Mr. and Mrs. Peterman, Mr. and Mrs, Mays, Mr. and Mrs. J. Irwin, Mr. and Mrs. Harris, Mrs. and Mr. Pearson. Third Row: Mr. and Mrs. Fink, Mr. and Mrs. Carney, Mrs. and Mr. Wa1ke1', Mrs. and Mr. White, Mrs. and Mr. Tarbell. Fourth Row: Mr. and Mrs, McWilliams. Mr. Rosensteel, Mr. and Mrs. Helm, Mrs. and Mr. Ekstrom, Mrvs. and Mr, Hosey. County Line and Vian Clusters 40 VIAN and COUNTY LINE CIJUSTERS--First Row: Mr. and Mrs. Balliet, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Mr. and Mrs. Coughenour, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. Second Row: Mr. and Mrs. King, Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. and Mr. Delbridge, Mrs. and Mr. Fulton. Third Row: Mr. and Mrs. Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Parks, Mr. and Mrs Yackley. Fourth Row: Mr. and Mrs, Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. Scheller. Mr. and Mrs. Kozlowski. Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Spring Creek and Union Clusters SPRING CREEK and UNION CLUSTERS--First Row: Mrs. and Mr. Glasgow, Mrs. and Mr. Edgin, Mrs. and Mr. Edwards. Second Row: Mrs. and Mr. Stranix, Mrs. and Mr. S'trohl, Mrs. and Mr. Brennan, Mrs. and Mr. McCutcheon. Third Row: Mrs. and MT. Hildebrant, Mrs. and Mr. Gallo, Mrs. and Mr. Dechant, Mrs. and Mr. Noga. Fourth Row: Mrs. and Mr. Sto-ugh, Mrs. and Mr. Royer. Mrs. and Mr. Bczzell, Mrs. and Mr. Kelly. Derry Road and Trailway Clusters DERRY ROAD and TRAILWAY CLUSTERS-First Row: Mrs. and Mr. Loftus, Mrs. and Mr. Wortmarx, Mrs. and Mr. Tarbell. Second Row: Mrs. and Mr. Zarefoss, Mrs. and Mr. Lindenmuth, Mrs. and Mr. Szollosy. Third Row: Mrs. and Mr. Wolfe, Mrs. and Mr. Norris, Mlrs. and Mr. Halk. Fourth Row: Mrs. and Mr. Shue, Mr. Mulligan, Mr. and Mrs. Hogarth, Mr. and Mrs. Francis, Mr. and Mrs. Shriner. Absent: Mr. and Mrs. Irwin. 41 Juniors Accept Mantle of Responsibility For 1976 11-1- COLLEGE PREPARATORY First Row: fsittingl R. Smith, K. Gibson, K. DiBetta, D. Baxter, M. Harris. Second Row: fkneelingl D. Thompson, K. Wilder G. Jones, K. Hottle, G. Boake, G, Hermann, J. Hughes, W. Traub. JUNIOR AGRLBUSINESS- First Row: fsittingb J. Breneman, M. Abati, V. Yordy, D. Willis, S. Pinto, Second Row: fkneelingj D. Triglia, L. Barnhart, T. McCu11y. 42 JUNIOR BUSINESS- First Row: fkneelingd M. Seliga, C. Wit mer, A. Menschik, Second Row: fstandingb M. Roncher, J. M11 ne, T. Zehmisch. Third Row: fstandingb R. Leon, J. Bogden, 5 Goines. R. Rutkowski, 11-2- COLLEGE PREPARATORY First Row: fsittingl T. Veglia A Cogdell, J. Cygan, J. Baer, E. Summers, M. Baer, T. Proffitt. Second Row: fkneelingl B. Wood- craft, G. Ballough, R. Brody, D. Barskey, M. Cannon. JUNIOR CARPENTERS- First Row: isittingl D, Mulvaney, J. Carlson, T. Kaiser, J. Stephens, A. Spiece, S. Pichler. Second Row: fkneeling? P. Leach, C. Love, G. Yandrich, J. WVhitson. JUNIOR FOOD SERVICE- First Row: isittingl R. Howell, C. Browne, J. Chism, K. Holland, T. W'eathe-rford. Second Row: 4kneelingl F. Talbott, J. McKeefer, D. Allen, D. Wertz. JUNIOR GENERAL BUILDING TRADE- First Row: fsittingl M. Ion, P. Riggi, P. O'Rourke, S. McKenna, B. Russell. Second Row: J. Klinger, D. Benevento, W. Rowell. JUNIOR AUTO-MECHANICS- First Row: fsittingu P. Elliott, R. Puliatti, J. Bergman, B. Pascucci, D. Arnold, E. Culp. Second Row: fkneelingl W. Dennin, P. Mallag- han, R. Brown, B. Zimmermann. JUNIOR ELECTRICIANS- First Row: fkneelingj A. Kemp, E. Crews, M. Julian, M. Grant, R. Finkey, J. Muller. 43 JUNIOR PRINTERS- First Row fsittingb E. Allgood, P. Hampton, R. Duglas, B. Mottin, R. Gentile, D. Cochran. Second Row: KKneel- ing? M. Dove. T. Clinger, G. D'- Amico, R. Knaub, D. Pierce, E Hayford, W. Chambers. JUNIOR ELECTRONICS- First Row: fsiittingl J. Will, S. Frye, K. Cylc, M. Pollini, M, Harrison, J. Elward. Second Row: ikneelingi J. Tedders, C. Egan, R. Kern, S. Hsu, G. Harvey. JUNIOR PLUMBERS-First Row: fsittingl M. Molrrison, R. Moser, A. Magyar, K. Adamczyk, D. War- fel. Second Row: ikneelingj B. Smith, J. Dunn, C. Lehman, 'S Edye, D. Lee. 44 JUNIOR SHEET METAL- First Row: fsittingb S'. Delesse, G. Vogl, D, Andrews. J. Miller, M, Stuckey. Second Row: Ckneelingl R. Powell, M. Hernandez, P. Adamczyk, W. Frye. M. Riden. JUNIOR MACHINE SHOP- First Row: fsittingb R. Ford, B. Vogl, J. Wegrzyniak, E. Hiller, D. Connor, W. Strang, Second Row: fkneelingr R. Gurt, J. Clan- cy. L. Snyder, J. Hall, V. Hill, Cabinet and Sencttes Present Student Views The student cabinetis purpose is unique. Its job is to better our School through govern- ment. The members mainly try to act as repre- sentatives and pass on the opinions of the stu- dent body to the Soho-ol's administration who work on feasibilty of their proposals and recommendations. STUDENT CABINET ADVISERS-fsittingj Dr. Richard A. Rudisill, tstandingb Dr. Joseph A. Brechbill, William R. Fisher. '50, Absent: V. L. Alexander. The Senior Senate and Intermediate Senate are composed of elected members of the stu- dent body, which includes leaders of all activ- ities. These elected members provide a closer relationship and better understanding between students and administrators. Students learn leadership, responsibility and cooperation by working together. SENIOR SENATE OFFICERS- R. Sterling, K. Kurtz, P. Bulgarino, J. Segeda, J. Chappell, A. Franchak. l w l STUDENT CABINET- First Row: K. Kurtz, M. Baer, P. Bulgarino, J. Segeda, M. Hawley, T. Chambers, J. Chappell, B. Woodcraft. Second Row: J. Lucldon, J. Wilson, J. D'Amico, A. Franchak, M. Malone, R. Sterling, R. Lyons, H. Robert, J. Gates. 45 Senates Provide Opportunities For Leadership Senior Senate SENIOR SENATE-First Row: B. Crawford, J. Hallman, W. Doran, T. Chambers, J. Segeda, M Hawley, A. Farkas, J. Waters, B. Knaub. Second Row: B. Baker, B. Frye, B. Smith, J. Chappell J. Chappell, S. Pinto, N. Grimes, M. Baer, M. Matier, S. Scuilli, C, Heath, B. Woodcraft, B. Wood- craft, B. Woodcraft. Third Row: B. Schroth, J. Wilson, P. Hennessy, H. Ross, J. Graff, J. Smelik J. Jubeck, P. Bulgarino, J. Gates, J. Lucidon, D. Speelman, N. Oberly, T. Dunn, K. Kurtz, D. Butler H. Roberts, B. Lawrence, IP. Kushin. Fourth Row: R. Moser, D. Mulvaney, S. Spencer, C. Cavanaugh M. Roth, A. Franchak, J. D'Amico, M. Malone, R. Lyons, S. Kennedy, R. Sterling, K, Kelly, R Blariey, D. Deeley, T. Maloney, M. Abati, K. Hunking, J. Huey, J. Rippel, R. Davey. Intermediate Senate 46 4 INTERMEDIATE SENATE-First Row: J. Zucatti, J. Kephart, T. Forman, S. Chieifo, B. Coskey, C. Barndt, D. McCammon, J. Brennan, R. Poole, A. Traub, J. Rock, D. Seesholtz, J. Kline. Second Row: M. Nelson Durand, M. Singer, T. Falco, T. Croston, M. Black, R. Drake, P. Quindleln, P. Alston, J. Segeda, P. Kennedy, T. McNavage, G. Williams, L. Hazelwood, J. Sterling, C "I-Iixenbaugh. Third Row: J. Lees, D. Pierce, L. Woodworth, R. Andrews, J. Coggins, E. Krug, W. Leach, A. Rowell, J. Vanderslice, C. Criswell, T. Evans, B. Welhoelter, J. McGuigan, K. Bergman. They aild Character and Encourage Scholarship National Honor Society NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Filrst Row: S. Ruggiero, J. Fawell, D. Speelman, J. Baer, M. Baer, M. Matier, P. Hampton, G. Hermann, J. Hallman, Brian Woodcraft. Second Row: C. Cavanaugh J. Carroll, M. Roth, R. Hissick, R. Koch, J. Hughes, R. Knaub, J. Segeda, K. Gibson, J. Rosenberry, J. Siner. Third Row: Allen M, Hoover Qadvisery, J. Wilson, J. Cannon, D. Gallant, B. Summers, Biruce Woodcraft, K. Kurtz, P. Rodgers, J. Rice, G. Bo-ake, H. Cassell, T. Dunn, G. Jones. Fourth Row: J. Will, S. Spencer, J. Trompeter, A. Fra-nchak, K. Beasley, W. Anderson, J. D'Amico, R. Membership in the National Honor Society is open to juniors and seniors who have been on the honor rolls for two consecutive grade periods, provided they meet the qualifications of character, leadership, and service. Names of active members of the Spartan Chapter are Brody, A. Veglia, N. Grimes, G. Pechin, S. Hsu. Only those students who possess high stand- ards of personal, social and emotional maturity and Whose conduct serves as an example to other students are eligbile to become members of the Headmaster's Society. Extra privileges are awarded to these members who attain displayed in the Senior Hall auditorium. this status. , HEADMASTEWS SOCIETY-First Row: C. Cavanaugh, R. Dunn, J. Bailey, J. Baer, M'. Baer, M. S Matier, J. Waters, J. Hallman, Brian Woodcraft, P. Bulgarino, J. Segeda. Second Row: P. Rodgers, R. Hissick, M. Roth, J. Carroll, R. Koch, B. Pascucci, R. Davey, W. Doran, N. Grimes, J. S ' t Rosenberry, J. Siner, G. Boughton. Third Row: G. Boake, R. Mitchell, J. Wilson, Bruce Woodcraft, y A. Franchak, K. Beasley, R. Lyons, C. Heath, S. Spencer, N. Oberly, K. Kurtz, M. Harrison. 47 The Acropolis Preserves A Record of the School Year Dr. Rudisill congratulates Mr. Strait upon retirement for the many years of service as coordinator of the ACROPOLIS. ACROPOLIS ADVISERS-Seated: Carl E. Stump, Orville H, Strait, Charles A. Astfalk, Standing: David M. Weller, Dale G. Aucker. Audrey S, DeMuth, Carl F. Rhodes, Richard O. Hugen- dubler. ACROPOLIS LETTERPRESS STAFF-Standing: R. Mora, D. Wat- son, T. Chambers, D. Speelman, R. Davey. 48 ' For nearly three quarters of a century Mil' ton Hershey School has provided unlimited opportunities for orphan boys to prepare them selves for a place in society and to grow "phys- ically strong, awake and morally straight." Having selected "Opportunites Un- limited" as the theme of our year book,We have presented a picture of the opportunities avail- able to students who Would prepare for college, business, or one of the trades of their choosing, in addition to the extra-curricular activities, that build strong bodies and pleasing person- alities. We also have the opportunity to say good- bye to Mr. Strait, who has coodinated the pro- duction of the ACROPOLIS for the past thir- teen years, We hope he has unlimited oppor- tunities to enjoy the retirement he richly de- serves after serving Milton Hershey well for thirty-two years. ACROPOLIS EDITORIAL STAFF-Sealed: J Cannon, J. Graff. M. Baer, S. Carroll. Standing: J. VVilson. M. Julian. K. Wilder, S. Spencer. ACROPOLIS OFFSET STAFF-Seated: S. Clark, D. Stewart, Standing: W. Anderson, J. Waters, J. Bykowski, J. Endres, J. D'Amico. The Spartan Provides an pportanity for Creative Writing The publication of THE SPARTAN provides a student with excellent opportunities in cre- ative Writing, organization, and effective print- ing. Under the supervision of William G. Alt.- land, this school periodical, which is produced six times during the school year, has received both first place and medalist ratings from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. SPARTAN ADVISERS-Standing: Richard O. Hugendubler, William G. Altland, Carl F. Rhodes, Dale G. Aucker. SPARTAN LETTERPRESS STAFF- R. Mora, D. Watson, R. Davey, D. Speelman, T. Chambers Absent: R. Norton. ill " QPATIIIFIAN 5 'f .lx , M n A , fig gf i W liaei lr ,I yr y? I. , SPARTAN EDITORIAL STAFF-First Row: R. Brody, J. Chappell, D. O'Shea, S. Hsu. Second Row: B. Summers, K. Wilder, N, Grimes, J. Graff, C. Cavanaugh. Third Row: C. Lynch, J. Wilson, A. Veglia, S. Spencer, B. Woodcraft. SPARTAN OFFSET STAFF-First Row: S. Clark, W. Anderson, J. Waters, D. Stewart, J. D'Amico, Second Row: J. Endres, J. Bykowski. 49 GLEE CLUB OFFICERS:-T. Veglia, M. Harrison, J. D'Amico, Sitting-J. Mills, V. L. Alexander fdirectorl, Standing-J. Willis, Virgil L, Alexander, iadviserb J. Rosenberry, R. Turner. R. Turner, N. Grimes, M. Hawley, D, Stewart, R. Sterling, P Leonard, W Anderson, J. Hallman. lee Club Brings Credit to Our School GLEE CLUB GROUP-First Row: R. Duglas, R. Duglas, M. Julian, S. Goines, R. Turner, D. Lee, D. Bair, M. Cannon, H. Stack, J. Hallman, J. Rosenberry. Second Row: K. Carter, W'A.S'terling, W. Anderson, B. Smith, J. Willis, M. Hawley, N. Grimes, T. Veglia, J. Rice, B, Russell, D. O'Shea. Third Row: D. Stewart, J. Mills, M. Dove, P. Leonard, M. Harrison, R. Sterling, R. Mitchell, G. Boake, R. Brody, J. D'Amico, Virgil L. Alexander ldirectorl. 50 5 SPARTAN ORCHESTRA-First Row: G. Boake, J. Rosenberry, J. Mills, C. Roberts, J. Anderson, William A. Grovefdirectory. Second Row: J. Hallman, J. Harris, M. Matier, M- Cannon, K. Hottle, T. Bowers, V. Lelii. Third Row: R. Turner, B. Sell, R. Mora, P. Bulgarino, M. Harrison, A. Franchak, M, Julian, K. Kurtz. Orchestra Produces Accomplished Musicians The Spartan Orchestra ranks high among' of the dedication of its membes to the perfec- the best known stage bands in the Capital tion of the music they play, which ranges from Area. dance tunes and jazz to modern to popular The sound of the orchestra is proof enough rock. I SPARTAN ,ORCHESTRA OFFICERS-K. Hottle, William A. P' Bulgarino' A' Franchak' J' Hallman' Grove fdircctorJ, M. Matier. MH Flute: R. Shaeffer Clarinets: P. Bulgarino A. Franchak P. Rogers J. Rosenberry W. Anderson J. Hallman R. Knaub T. Weatherford L. Witmer J . Low V . Lelii J. Bowen B. Baxter J. Tomecek M. LaBoy R. Oestreich L. Kimmel P. Patterson Saxophones: R. Mora M. Harrison A. Brody A. Krashesky T. Mills Horns: D. Anderson R. Kern R. Potts H. Stack 52 Band S tirs Pride Bells: J. Chappell A. Menschik Baritones: I. Folkman N. Grimes G. Bo-ako J. Rippel A. Rippel Trombones: K Kurtz R. Turner A. Hainzer D. Barsky B. Sell T. Zchmisch A. Timonte J. Reiman Tubas: K. Beasley J. Anderson I. Gaines T. Schillaci M. Vanderslice Drums: M. Hawley J. Mills J. D'Amico W. Rowell S. Pinto B. Russell S. Carroll L. Winemaim P. R. J. T. Co M. J. J. N. K. D T. K. M. M. T. J. M. P. D. K. T. D. W. G. E. R. J. A. E. M. R. Kelly Sterling Kennedy Magee rnets: Matiei' Siner Lucidon Kro mp Sipe Stewart Bowers Hottle Cannon Julian Zehmisch Harris Klinger Kushin Stewart Murdoch Crawford Ballard Boykin Fenstermak er Hughes Kerr Lego Rodgers Smith Smith White K. Kurtz. J. Rosenberry. R. Turner. D. Stewart, A. Franchak. M. Cannon. D. Stewart, J. Sirxer. M. Matier Marching Unit They Boost Uiir Spirits Colbr Guard Eizigtileaders Memorial Hall Choir The Chorus bhoir Boys I.T.S. OFFICERS and DIRECTOR-Standing: J. Rosenberry. P. Leonard, A. Menschik, George Hollich fdirectory. P.H.S.S.L. OFFICERS and DIRECTOR-Standing: A. Veglia, J. Chappell, George I-Iollich 1directorI, N. Grimes, P. Gildea. Appreciation of Drama Grows In the past few years PHSSL has attained recognition from the School by presenting plays for t.he School and community, entering talented speakers in oratorical contests, and producing various other related Works. Under the direction of George Hollich, the Inter- national Thespian Society consists of PHSSL members that have contributed at least 100 hours of work in dramatics. l 56 . ' V V- -V -' ' V. W,,, .Lf V VV . .V . 'VVVV Vyyy - V-'SVA 'GQVVA5 -I M L-V -" .f I ' V L. V V VV V . Z K V. . VVVV.'VVf-yy .QVTLVV--7 gf-VV" Q-VV 'fQVi.V-V V-4. NV-1,i3?"vb5:S?fQjVVQgJi2fJS1Z73,i'i'.19i.?Q'5f'?Vb-"TP, ?f'?6iffV?:?"' iff!" "VV -WA V7' 5' " 1' ' .VV' L Vx Q Vf . ,VV .. .. ..+V VV if VVV7..' 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V "M ' ' 7 V ' - V VV' -VeV.VVVa.,m .UVM Cross Country Upens the Program of Sports CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-First Row: A. Sinnett, R. Leon, J. Kling, B. Woodcraft, J. Will, S. Pinto, R. Howell, C. Egan, K. Rooney, T. Hissick, J. Siner. Second Row: Edward B. Ruth lcoachb, H. Stack, H"kJM'l GBl1 hJB'1 BWd ftTh'd J. Udrea. D. Moore, S. McKenna, R. issic , . ine, . a oug , . ai ey, . oo cra . ir Row: K. Mifflin, B. Schwoer, D. Anderson, M. Roth. K. Beasley, J. Challingsworth, V. Yordy, B. Rowell, M. Trivitt. Fourth Row: W. Norton, S. Hsu, S. Spencer, T. Elliot, J. Anderson, T. Mowrer. This yearis team, coached by Edward B. Ruth and sparked by co-captains Mark Roth and Bruce Woodcraft, compiled a dual meet record of 8-1 and repeated a conference meet victory. Other highlights in the season included second place in the Lebanon and Hereford fMd.J lnvitationals, first place in the Solanco Invitational and fifth place in the District III meet. Randy Howell broke Palmyra's course record and Bruce Woodcraft, who holds our school record C16:52j, shattered C. D. East's and East Pennsboro's course records also. Senior Ken Beasley became a medalist in all the big meets. Coach Ruth is optimistic about next year's team, as many talented underclassmen return. Cross Country Record MHS OPP Sept. 13 Susquehanna Twp. 15 55 17 Middletown 15 53 20 Cumberland Valley 30 27 24 Hershey 20 39 27 Palmyra 18 47 Oct. 1 Lower Dauphin 15 54 4 East Pennsboro 20 40 8 Mechanicsburg 17 50 11 Red Land 15 55 17 Conference Meet Champions! 22 C. D. East 18 48 Conference Record 8 Wins 1 loss 57 "Ami" Arnold Mike Baer "Bergy"Bergman Mike Bleiler Greg Boake "Tony" Bowers 'Cap" Capriotti mlgldalxlblzisrh Italian Stallion " Rafe Dunn Clerico FOOTBALL COACHES-First Row: Robert J. Schelhorn, William F. DeLiberty. Warren H. Hitz, Jr., Kenneth L. Snyder. Second Row: John A. E Hoerner, Robert W. Wallace, Craig C. Tritch, Kenneth W. Sharp, Gilson G. 5 Cash' Varsity Football Record MHS OPP Jamie Gates .nm Hall Sept. 6 Hershey O 29 14 Red Land 13 12 20 Mechanicsburg 15 14 28 Palmyra 12 7 Oct. 5 East Pennsboro 6 39 12 Cumberland Valley fHomecomingj 8 44 18 Lower Dauphin 7 12 26 Middletown 20 14 I Nov. 2 Susquehanna 8 7 "Hap" Harrison "Wawley" Hawley Recgrd 5 Wins 4 loses Gerry Hermann "Louis" Hernandez Vic Hill Jim Huey Bob Jones "Jack" Jubeck , -- .fi l:'f35lgSQfff'--iisizf' " zvf1sf'f.fs,,ssf ,ftsafffp ., - f W-last "Kaiser" Kaiser "Skip" Kennedy Bob Knaub "Lumps" Lombardo "Johnny" Mills "Mitch" Mitchell Coach Ken Snyder's Spartans achieved their fourth straight Winning season with a CAC record of 5-4. Coach Snyder installed a backfield of underclassmen primarily centered Bob Potts around the crafty junior running back Jim Hall, who carried the ball 139 . times for 876 yards for an amazing 6.3 yard average. p p M Q An upset Q20-141 win over Middletown, who was previously undefeated in 40 successive league games, highlighted the season. Next year's team is expected to surpass this yea.r's record and be a solid 't"t contender for the CAC crown, as a total of 16 lettermen return. Seven Vpv., offensive starters and four defensive starters will be back. C Vzjl 'ii' ' t'2:,, Q " Sav" Segeda or . A 1 . ' 2 A-fw"' sf is M vw 2... s as as w -Ms Q M-W 21 at , -Lb '-.'- I I 1-1.. .-. X - k..- 5 M is X gg, ,ss 'A krk, saffxgff-.1 4 V-1 AV f ,as A gk xf as 1 L 1. 5 5 .IWNWNIVQ fig, 2 -. 3 55- 5 g 5: 5- an fr-. E- ly , ig , A V. H 1- . ,ggi ,idk ,. if- N A e ' ut- an ' ,Skies . K "-32 W ,Q 1 tis: M-.. Sl'-1,1 my - ,- '-" - ".. V . , Q ' : s.-43's sc sp. ?'Nmg.,1 sr...,sY . ' r P is . A 5, ig. , . ..,, , 5 M A . L. , S, ,, ... ,S,, , W u i.', S - k,,,. sf ,t"' L Vh.'.. ,, . ..,, ., -5 ww. -fi 1 -5 lk: , ..-k,V:i.?i3wfk , 1 ,H L kkrf T K I A-f yg.f5.?i.g , Q L r S ' ' F' ' as .'-- " ss -7 jams - X ,5-ns, :gf ities f , wif i ! E I . .. ggw.t,N,i..wm . ' l . 2 . f , -1-K , 1 -1, Al ,,-' arm, V, ki ' . g i UM 'i "Slab" Slabomk Bernie Smith .,...,.,'-s 5 ...i - .--u 'i,- l-t- rl.u- -'.-u . 7t-. ,, ,.-- ff ,-,' K YJ :iQ-lj ,..,.-, .,.i 7 "k. I-"7" '-'iii' J knffsfilf' S xfgffi .17 gf ' , " ' .... , . .u,s 5 5-ii A 6,.j5f- mf .5 lf ' ' its '.,. .... ..-- f,-. -- "--.. ...- 1 u ,'--'- S' 5-if - if of X-s-fi - . .sr A W x A -says it if 5- 4 -,. sz ..---gf,,s, . 1 K 2 Art Spiece Bill Sterling "Mot" Swift Bill Swift Keith Tedders "Celts" Tomecek Reggie Wells ' Ken Wilder 59 JR. Varsity Football Radiates Uur Spartan Spirit - - JUNIOR vARs1'rY oFFENs1vE TEAM - First Row: J. Conochan, J. Miner, J. Bowen, c Offensive Unit Robert, M. Baer, J. Baer, c. cierioo, N. Morris, V. Leiii. Second Row: D. Simpson, M. Ford R. Franchak, C. Seeburger, D. Horsefield, B. Smith, T. Swift, D. Horsefield, R. Wetzel, R Leicht. ' ' JUNIOR VARSITY DEFENSIVE TEAM-First Row: J. Tomecek, D. Rowell, G. Glatz, H. Ning, C. Claypoole, M. Klinger, M. Spiece. Second Row: J. Manning, R. Cavanaugh, K. Kelly, M. Slabonik, M. Stuckey, T. Hogg, C. Toczynski, M. Hernandez, E. Eldridge, A. Merrick. Junior Varsity Football Record MHS OPP Sept. 1 2 Mechanicsburg 1 4 6 1 9 Red Land 38 0 26 Hershey 6 0 Oct. 3 East Pennsboro 26 0 1 0 Susquehanna 34 0 1 7 Palmyra 6 20 24 Middletown 1 2 1 4 31 Cumberland Valley 14 8 Record 6-2-0 Freshman Football Develops Spartan Character FRESHMAN OFFENSIVE TEAM-First Row: M. Vanderslice, D. Conochan, W. Moreton, J. Lister, D. Durham, P. Lister, C. Robert, J. Mulligan, T. Hamilton. Second Row: Kenneth Sharp '65 iCoachJ R. Kerr, B. Hamilton, L. Mitchell, J. Staggs, R. Lynn, B. Simms, C. Messenger. e R Bleller A Sherlock, A Simpson, B Woodcraft. Second Row. S. Barkley, R. Black, A: D f ' U 't FRESHMAN DEFENSIVE TEAM - First Row: T. Martin. K. Moore, D. Poole, R. Williams Brody, A.,Greene, A. Brown, A. Hill, Eldridge, Gilson G. Cash, CCoachJ. Freshman Football Record MHS OPP Sept. 1 8 Palmyra 20 0 25 Susquehanna Twp. 1 2 1 6 Oct. 2 Hershey 22 6 9 Middletown 8 1 2 16 Lower Dauphin 0 14 30 Linglestown 8 8 Record 2-3-1 L. ...- E 62 ynmastics Team Has atstanding Performances a VARSITY GYMNASTICS TEAM - First Row: John Connor, J. Russell, James Connor. Second Row: Hobey L. Clark Cassistant coachj, D. Connor, T. Zehmisch, D. Willis, R. Bohr, J. Fawell, E. Summers, B. Summers, R. Mitchell, D. Lee, R. Brody, Robert L. Oesterling tcoachj. Third Row: R. Schell, J. Carroll, K. DiBetta, J. Cygan, J. Baer, D. DiBetta, C. Elliott, T. Swift, N. Morris, N. Felix, T. Myers. Fourth Row: E. Hummel. M. Spiece, R. Duglas, S. Carroll. This year's Gymnastics team remained l undefeated for the third straight year with a 9-0 record, raising their overall team -record to 42-1. Capital Area Conference champions, the team centered around their team captain and graduating senior Jeff Fawell. This allga ound gymnast, Who Was undefeated all seasoni-5 dual meets and tournaments on the still rings, along with senior Bren Summers, Todd Zehmisch, and David Willis, sparked the team. The Spartans were team champions at the Central Pennsylvania Gymnastics Judges Association Tournament, as well as the Tri-County and Hempfield Optimist Annual Invitational tournaments. , Mar. 1 States 2 Wins: 9 Losses: 0 Varsity Gymnastics MHS Opp. Dec. 11 Cumberland Valley 94.99 61.64 18 Susquehanna Twp. 89.28 56.16 Jan. 4 Lower Dauphin 99.44 63.73 11 Manheim Twp. 91.18 75.32 11 Lancaster McCaskey 91.18 79.78 22 Cumberland Valley 93.28 66.10 25 Tri-County Tournament 27 Penn Manor 98.86 98.71 29 Susquehanna Twp. 98.54 69.97 Feb. 1 Chief Logan 104.94 82.68 15 Districts 22 Regionals Jeff Bailey Greg Boake Tony Bowers Dave Brewer Pete Bulgarino Tim Chambers Andy Franchak Mike Harrison Vic Hill Bernie Smith Byron Smith Reggie Wells Varsity Basketball Sqaacl Displays Covetecl Spartan Abilities The 1974-'75 Varsity Basketball team, coached by John Cook, made history this year. After a very dismal first half, in which they posted a 4-5 record, the Spartans put it all together, compiling nine straight wins for an undefeated second half. They then Went on to Win the C.A.C. crown for the first time in the history of Milton Hershey School. The team was lead by 6 ft. 3 in. captain and center Reggie Wells. This three year letterman has become the second highest scorer in M.H.S. history with 1,325 points and also holds the all time rebounding record. Helping out in the front court With Reggie Was an immensely improved Andy Franchak, who Was second in team scoring for the season. Co-captain Jeff Bailey and Tim Chambers made up the back court. Bailey's quickness enabled him to capture the school record in assists and steals. Next year's outlook can be considered good to excellent with five varsity members returning and a J.V. squad with a record of 17 Wins and 4 losses. VARSITY BASKETBALL COACH AND CAPTAINS: A. Franchak, R. Wells, John A. Cook lcoachj, J. Bailey. .N Q g I A f---WM Varsity Basketball MHS Opp. Nov. 22 Manheim Central 78 57 26 Red Lion 70 67 Dec. 3 Steelton 55 85 6 Susquehanna Twp. 54 56 10 Middletown 70 57 13 Cumberland Valley 64 66 17 Hershey 72 71 20 Palmyra 88 75 Jan. 3 Lower Dauphin 71 81 7 East Pennsboro 65 86 10 Mechanicsburg 68 44 14 Red Land 76 78 21 Susquehanna Twp. 81 51 24 Middletown 75 70 28 Cumberland Valley 80 54 31 Hershey 76 64 Feb. 4 Palmyra 88 69 7 Lower Dauphin 80 60 A 11 East Pennsboro 87 53 14 Mechanicsburg 15 14 - 18 Red Land 92 59 21 Lower Dauphin 58 55 sm' QCapita1 Area Conference Championshipj Wins: 16 Losses: 6 Varsity Hoopsters Show Their Skills 66 JV Basketball Develops Spartans for Varszty Junior V Nov. 22 26 Dec. 3 6 10 13 17 20 Jan. 3 7 10 14 21 24 28 31 Feb. 4 7 11 14 18 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Flrst Row R Potts C Wxlder K Kennedy Second Row: D. Ellxson R Glbbons D Rowell B Morrls B Burda D Mlchael Weller '66 Qcoachj Doug Horsefield DenmsHorsef1e1d W Chambers J Tomecek arsity Basketball MHS Opp Manheim Central Red Lion Steelton Susquehanna Twp Middletown Cumberland Valley Hershey Palmyra Lower Dauphin East Pennsboro Mechanicsburg Red Land Susquehanna Twp Middletown Cumberland Valley Hershey Palmyra Lower Dauphin East Pennsboro Mechanicsburg Red Land Wins: 17 Losses: 4 Freshman Basketball Lays Stress Upon Growth and Development FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM - First Row: T. Hamilton, E. Hughes, R. Bleiler, A. Greene, R. Lynn, C. Little. Second Row: D. Mason, D. Durham, D. Poole, J. McGuigan, G. Jubeck, T. Elliot, D. Sherlock, A. Hill. 68 Freshman Basketball MHS Opp Dec. 6 Lebanon Catholic 13 Steelton 17 Lebanon Catholic Jan.. 7 Hershey 10 Palmyra 14 Lower Dauphin 17 Middletown 21 Susquehanna Twp 24 Hershey 28 Palmyra 31 Lower Dauphin Feb. 4 Middletown 7 Susquehanna Twp 11 Steelton Wins: 5 Losses: 9 MHS Swimmers Strive to Set New School Records VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM-First Row: R. Potts, T. Stump, J. Reiman, M. Hill. W. Black, E. Pinkney, J. Gustitus, R. Leicht. Kenneth M. Kauffman Qcoachb. Second Row: J. Christiansen, G. Yandrich. T. Dunn, J. Milne. R. Oestreich, J. Rice, D. Yandrich. T. Zehmisch, James Baker, Joseph Baker, G. Ballough, M. Hastings, Donald A. Gipe Ccoachj. Third Row: W. Ballough, R. Newton, C. Wiseman, T. Hissick, M. Merrick, J. Sypolt, J. Anderson, Richard M. Thieler Qcoachl. Fourth Row: C. Lynch, B. Woodcraft, M. Baer, J. Stephens, G. Hermann, J. Hughes, W. Baker, D. Gallant, J. Willis, A. Bannister. Swimming Record MHS Opp. 9 Dec. 10 Cumberland Valley 95 77 13 Mechanicsburg 105 67 17 Red Lion 109 63 Jan. 7 Hershey 97 75 10 East Pennsboro 101 63 14 Susquehanna Twp. 101 65 17 Palmyra 94 72 21 Cumberland Valley 95 77 24 Mechanicsburg 98 71 28 Red Lion 95 74 31 Hershey 89 83 Feb. 4 East Pennsboro 91 66 7 Susquehanna Twp. 11 3 55 11 Palmyra 94 69 Wins: 14 Losses: 0 69 Wrestlers Grapple for ci Winning Season . .,..rf 'Q asia Ah ' ,,,,. .. M y J .gs , . . 1-is W W ' 17- l 1 .,,,1, yi Q I 35' 1. l C 5 I Carl F. Rhodes, Coach Varsity Wrestling VARSITY WRESTIQING TEAM - First Row: M. Hernandez, M. Slabonik, J. Klinger, S. Scuilli, S. Goines, R. Schmoe1,'P. Riggi, B. Pascucci, W. Smith. Second Row: C. Cavanaugh, T. Waters, J. Hall, M. Bleiler, Clinger, J. Moe, J. Hallman, M. Barzda. .....,, . 5? ,,.., J.. i V,.q, g -QA Mikyy l f' -rj, Q 33 it " . 5555 T ls. , Craig C. Tritch, Asst, Coach Junior Wrestling JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM - First Row: D. Andrews, J. Puliatti, K. Kelly, A. Palmieri, D. Schreffler, F. Gates, J. Wegrzyniak, G. Vogl, J. Brown, B. Barzda, J. Bergman. Second Row: E. Crew, T. Guest, D. Simpson, C. Boyer, R. Powell, V. Lelii, D. Butler, D. Glessner, M. Julian, M. Stuckey, B. Bittinger, K. Aplis, J. Cannon, M. Lynchard. Although this year's Wrestling team did not at 185 lbs. and Mike Bleiler at 155 lbs. post a Winning season, they placed 7th in the Next yearls team should be vastly improved, rough CAC league and had two finishers in the since some outstanding freshman will be pushing S o uth Central Regional Qualifying for varsity spots. Tournament-Round l. They were Terry Waters '70 aw We ff' . 1-wwf W f:1-mai: fill. ff as f M. V W 1, . QQ' W 1' " mf? S Wi? fifvfxff' 5'mf'U93'Ff7,? l':6vF".1 f- 'h 1 'Wvyflfff WZ1'7ffM-7"If -W"'i5""5 "Q, L.514,,.,'vf,.,v-,mgf-,,.1:1-nm avg, w WN N N , W f A"' , f' f wf Varsity Wrestling MHS Opp. J-V- WIeSl51iY1g MHS OPP Dec. 5 Hershey 20 27 Dec. 5 Hershey 10 Manheim Central 18 23 10 Manheim Central 12 Lower Dauphin 12 35 12 Lower Dauphin 19 East Pennsboro 24 28 19 East Pennsboro Jan. 2 Middletown 31 25 Jan. 2 Middletown 4 C. D. East 25 25 4 C- D- East 7 Garden Spot 19 21 7 Garden Spot 9 Cumberland Valley 3 59 9 Cumberland Valley 1 8 Central Dauphin 3 51 1 8 Central Dauphin 23 Mechanicsburg 16 23 23 Mechanicsburg 30 Red Land 14 37 30 Red Land Feb. 1 Carlisle 2 41 Feb. 1 Carlisle 6 Susquehanna Twp. 12 33 5 Susquehanna 13 Palmyra 26 18 13 Palmyra Wins: 2 Losses: 11 Tie: 1 Wins: 4 Losses: 10 Junior High Wrestlers Face Stiff Competition JUNIOR HIGH WRESTLING TEAM-First Row: K. Brown, E. Doverspike, D. Baldwin, A. Brody, B. Harris, S. Smith, G. Lee, L. Baldwin, B. Coskey, J. Forner. Second Row: M. Smith, D. Eldridge, T. Mills, L. Riegler, K. Rooney, B. Tindal, L. LaBoy, A. Brown, S. Savage, D. Clark, H. Zucatti, D. Medis, B. Woodcraft. Third Row: David G. Thompson Ccoachj, G. Segeda, G. Frank, B. Moreton, G. DeMarco, J. Lister, P. Lister, L. Holder, M. Willits, B. Hamilton, J. McGaw, J. Lowry, A. Barianos, T. Daggett, Paul D. Hansen Qcoachl, D. Zimmerman, B. Allison, J. Mulligan, J. Seiman, P. Vancise. Junior High Wrestling MHS Opp. Dec. 14 Palmyra 51 14 Jan. 11 Susquehanna 49 18 1 8 Hershey 20 46 25 Middletown 77 14 30 Carlisle 43 31 Feb. 1 Lower Dauphin 28 40 8 Conference Meet: QSix Championsj 1 5 Schuylkill Valley 1Junior High Wrestling Tournamentj 1st Place Team Record: Wins: 4 Losses: 2 72 'vow 69 3 A qv 515' vm? 'cf Baseball Highlights Spring Sports 'G' We oo 6 ofa 'Z' 4,40 4' ' 0 We Apr. May MQ NW' 'X-fi ., wsu rf" Cumberland Valley Palmyra Middletown Susquehanna Twp. Hershey Red Land Lower Dauphin Mechanicsburg Palmyra Middletown Susquehanna Twp. Hershey East Pennsboro Championship Game Giga eo! Q fb '35 Q06 e Trackmen Plan for cz Winning Season -uk SPARTANS ,af 1 -7 x ls,-""' Vg T, April 8 Susquehanna Twp. 11 Middletown 15 Cumberland Valley 18 Hershey 22 Palmyra 25 Lower Dauphin 29 East Pennsboro WN May 2 Mechanicsburg K 6 Red Land 10 Conference Meet ' 17 District Meet 5 ' fa 1 Coaches -G11son G. Cash, W5 ,, .f,fmwwm9f,,ffm prism f 1 fyy' Q. ffly 1, 'k", ,Z 2 Edward B. Rum, John A. b Hoemef- Robert J- Schelhorn, and Paul D. Hansen 2 L. ,,"" f ,,., r 'J 0K1'4mfLi7f M ' 2? - I va, ., VU ,,, ff The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is Active FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES-First Row: J. Bailey, A. Bannister, T. Bowers, R. Duglas, T. Chambers, R. Duglas, R. Whritenour, G. Boughton, F. Gates. Second Row: M. Stuckey. J. Willis, R. Knaub, J. Waters, B. Summers, J. Baer, S. Scuilli, M. Baer, M. Hawley. Third Row: John A. Cook Cadvisei-J. R. Dunn, S. Ruggiero. R. Leon, C. Cavanaugh, D. Ballard, J. Milne, C. Heath, J. Segeda, G. Boake, R. Cavanaugh. Fourth Row: B. Woodcraft, J. Bergman, J. Gates, S. Goines, R. Wells, R. Jones, S. Spencer, J. Smelik, V. Hill, T. Waters. T. Kaiser. Two years ago a new organization was born at Milton Hershey School. This organization is a combination of religious fellowship between Christian boys and physical activity. John A. Cook has done a superb job of building the foundation for the group. He has made Intermediate Students meaningful relationships between the M.H.S. and H.H.S. "Huddle Groups." The highlight of each year for the "Huddle" is a mini-conference where many of the surrounding school "Huddle Groups" meet at Hershey High for a day of Christian talk and activity, ending with a speech by a professional athlete. Are Eager fOrAll Sports The building years of Milton Hershey Sports start at the junior high level. Sports in which seventh and eighth graders may participate are junior high football, track, wrestling, gymnastics, basketball, and swimming. . Fundamentals of each sport are stessed and there is excellent coaching throughout each program. Along with modern athletic facilities these teams have been very successful. It is not only equipment that helps, but also the self-discipline practiced by these young athletes. Almost all games are played within the Capital Area Conference. 75 Catherine H all Students Are A thleticdtly Minded im , 76 .W ----.......,, KJV 9 S - .S S N SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS and ADVISER:- Michael Matierfvice-presidentj, Jeffrey Baileyfsecretaryj, Robert W. Wallacefadviserl, Peter Bulgarinoihistorianb, Michael Hawleyipresidentj, James Carroll itreasurerl . endafz 65444 of 7975 DAVID WAYNE ANDERSON College Prep. Liberal Arts Band, Cross Country, Track, Headrnaste Society, Trapping Club VVILLIAM FREDERICK ANDERSON Vocational - Printing National Honor Society, ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Band, Glee Club. JEFFREY LEN BAILEY Business Senior Class Secretary, Basketball, Cross Country, I-Ieadmastefs Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. r's , Student Senate. 77 WILLIAM EDWARD BAKER Vocational - Auto Mechanics Drill Team, Swimming, Trapping Club, Spartan Post, Student Senate. ANGELO PAUL BANNISTEB Vocational - Carpentry Baseball, Swimming, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. DAVID JOEL BARTO Vocational - Agri-Business Track. THOMAS A. BOWERS, JR. Business Band, Spartan Orchestra, Basketball, Football, Track, Spartan Post, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. ROBERT JOSEPH GEORGE BOYD Vocational - General Building Trades KEVIN LEE BRIDGEMAN Vocational - Auto Mechanics Drill Team. MICHAEI WILLIAM BARZD-X Vocational - Carpentry Wrestling. KENNETH DAVID BEASLEY College Prep. Tech. - Electronics National Honor Society, Band, Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Headmastefs Society, Spartan Post. RICHARD JOSEPH BENEVENTO Vocational - General Building Trades Baseball, Student Senate. KEATI-I CHARLES BENNETCH Vocational - Food Service ROBERT LOUIS BESS Vocational - Electricity Trapping Club. JAMES HOWARD BLACK Vocational - Auto Mechanics Cheerleading, Spartan Post, Student Senate. RICHARD BLANEY, JR. Vocational - Sheet Metal and Welding Student Senate. MICHAEL CARL BLEILER Vocational - Machine Shop Practice Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Trapping Club. GERALD PAUL BOUGHTON College Prep. Tech. - Electronics Swimming, Headmaster's Society, Student Senate, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. JAMES THOMAS BYKOWSKI Vocational - Printing ACROPOLIS, THE S'PARTAN, Drill Team, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. JAMES GEORGE CANNON College Prep. Tech. - Electronics National Honor Society, ACROPOLIS, Drill Team, Wrestling iManagerl, Trapping Club, Explorer Post, Spartan Post, Student Senate. JAMES SHAWN CARROLL College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Senior Class Treasurer, Basketball, Gymnastics. TIMOTHY MICHAEL BUCK Vocational - Food Service PETER JOSEPH BULGARINO College Prep. Liberal Arts Senior Class Historian, Student Body Treasurer, Band, Spartan Orchestra, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Student Cabinet, Headmaster's Society, Student Senate. ALBERT ROGER BUTTS Business Basketball fStatisicianl, Spartan Post. JAMES ROY CARSE College Prep. Liberal Arts Wrestling, Explorer Post, Spartan Post, Student Senate. J.0N EDMUND CARSE Vocational - Plumbing and Heating Wrestling, Explorer Post, Spartan Post. HARVEY JAMES CASSELL Business National Honor Society. RICHARD CASTORE Vocational General - Carpentry Student Senate ROBERT CASTORE Vocational - Auto Mechanics Trapping Club, Spartan Post. CHARLES LEE CAVANAUGH College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, THE S'PARTAN, Football, Track, Wrestling, HeadrnaSter's Society, Student Senate, PHSSL, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. JOHN FRANCIS CHALLINGSWORTH College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Cross Country, Track. TIMOTHY PAUL CHAMBERS College Prep. Tech. - Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Basketball, Football, Track, Student Cabinet, Headmaster's Society, Student Senate, Fellowship of Christian Athletes JAMES VERNE CI-IAPPELL College Prep. Tech. - Electronics THE SPARTAN, Student Body Secretary, Band, Glee Club, Student Cabinet, Cheerleading, Explorer Post, I-leadmaster's Society, Student Senate, PHSSL, International Thespian Society. JOHN RALPH CI-IAPPELL College Prep. Tech. - Electronics THE SPARTAN, Cheerleading, Explorer Post, Trapping Club, Student Senate, PHSSL, International Thespian Society. ALBERT LEE CLEVENSTINE College Prep. Liberal Arts Explorer Post. RANDY JAY COOL College Prep. Tech. - Carpentry Trapping Club. W.-mam? WILLIAM FRANKLIN CRAWFORD Vocational - Auto Mechanics Cheerleading, Spartan Post, Student Senate, JOSEPH THOMAS DAMICO, JR. Vocational - Printing National Honor Society, ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Band, Glee Club, Student Cabinet, Headmaster's Society. Student Senate Youth Forum ROBERT SLOAN DAVEY Vocational - Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Wrestling. Explorer Post, Headmaster's Society Student Senate. DANIEL THOMAS DEELEY Business WAYNE DENNIS DIETER Vocational General - Plumbing and Heating Student Senate. GARY GERARD DIFRANCESCO Vocational - Food Service RAFE ANTHONY DUNN Vocational - General Building Trades Football, Track, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. THOMAS PATRICK DUNN College Prep. Tech. - General Building Trades National Honor Society, Drill Team. Swimming, Track, Headmaster's Society, Student Senate. JOSEPH CARL ENDRES Vocational - Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN. WILLIAM PAUL DORAN College Prep. Liberal Arts Baseball, Headmastefs Society. Student Senate. DONALD EDWARD DOYLE College Prep. Tech. - Electricity Trapping Club. DAVID ALLEN DREW Vocational - Plumbing and Heating DAVID JOSEPH GALLANT Vocational - Electricity National Honor Society, Swimming, Track, Headmaster's Society. JAMES RICHARD GATES Vocational - General Building Trades Football, Track, Student Cabinet, Student Senate, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. PATRICK HUGH GILDEA Business Drill Team, PHSSL. NATHANIEL IRA FOLKMAN College Prep Liberal Arts Band ANDREW FRANCHAK College Prep Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Student Body Vice President Band Spartan Orchestra Baseball, Basketball, Student Cabinet, I-l'eadmaster's Society, Trapping Club, Student Senate. IZIAI-I GAINES, JR. Business Band, Basketball KS'tatisticianl, Trapping Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. VVILLIAM DANIEL GORNICK Vocational - Plumbing and Heating Cross Country, Track. JONATHAN NEAL GRAFF College Prep. Liberal Arts ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN. RUSSELL ERNEST GRIESEMER JR. 4NILESy College Prep. Tech. - Electricity Wrestling, Student Senate. EUGENE AARON ENGEL Vocational General - Auto Mechanics PHSSL. ANDREW JOHN FARKAS Vocational - General Building Trades Baseball, Football, Trapping Club, Student Senate. JOSEPH EDWARD FAWELL, III Business National Honor Society, Gymnastics, Student Senate, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. DANIEL BURTON GRIBI, JR. Vocational - Sheet Metal and VVelding Glec Club, Spartan Post. NORMAN GERARD GRIMES College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, THE SPARTAN, Band, Glee Club, Basketball fStatisticianl Headrrxaster's Society, Student Senate, Youth Forum, PHSSL, International Thespian Society. BRIAN LEE HAINES Vocational - Agri-Business Cro-ss Country fManagerl CHESTER LEROY HEATH Vocational - General Building Trades Baseball, Explorer Post, Headmaster's So-ciety, Student Senate. Vocational - Auto Mechanics Track, Cheerleading, Student Senate. ROBERT HISSICK College Prep. Tech. - Electronics National Honor Society, Cross Country, Student Senate. CORNELIUS PATRICK HENNESSY, JR. Swimming, Track, Headmaster's Society, ANTHONY HAINZER College Prep. Liberal Arts Band, Spartan Post, Student Senate. JAMES EDWARD HALLMAN College Prep. Tech. - Electronics National Honor Society, Band, Glee Club, Spartan Orchestra, Cross Country, Wrestling, Headmaster's Society, Trapping Club, Student Senate, PHSSL. MICHAEL CARL HAWLEY College Prep. Liberal Arts Senior Class President, Band, Glee Club, Spartan Orchestra, Baseball, Football, Student Cabinet, Headmastefs Society, Student Senate, Youth Forum, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. THOMAS JOHN HOEFLING Vocational General - Plumbing and Drill Team. DAVID ELMER HOLLINGER Vocational - Sheet Metal and We'ding Spartan Post. MATTHEW CAIN HOLT College Prep. Tech. - Electricity JAMES WILLARD HUEY Vocational - Auto Mechanics Football, Track, Student Senate. KEITH REA HUNKING Vocational - Machine Shop Practice Drill Team, Baseball, Student Senate. DAVID PAUL JOHNS Vocational - Food Service Track, PHSSL, International Thespian Society. 82 ROBERT ODELL JONES Vocational - General Building Trades Football, Track, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. JOHN GEORGE JUBECK, JR. Vocational - Carpentry Football, Track, Student Senate. KEVIN DOUGLAS KELLY Vocational - Machine Shop Practice Student Senate. RUSTY BERT KOCH Vocational - Sheet Metal and Welding National Honor Society, Headmaster's Society. NORMAN KROMP Business Band. KEITH OLIVER KURTZ College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Student Body Assistant Secretary, Band, Spartan Orchestra, Student Cabinet, Headmaster's Society, Student Senate, Youth Forum. PHILIP KNOWLES LEONARD, JR, College Prep. Liberal Arts Glee Club, Spartan Post, PHSSL, International Thespian Society. JOSEPH LOMBARDO, III Vocational - Plumbing and Heating Football, Track, DANIEL GEORGE LONG Vocational - Agri-Business Drill Team - Manager, Trapping Post, Spartan Post, Student Senate. JEFFREY PAUL LONGENECKER Vocational - Plumbing and Heating Drill Team, Track. JOHN MATTHEW LUCIDON, JR, College Prep. Tech. - Auto Mechanics Band, Student Cabinet, Student Senate. ELMER GEORGE LYNCH, III Sheet Metal and Welding - Vocational Trapping Club. RICHARD LYONS Vocational - General Building Trades Football, Track, Student Cabinet, Headmastefs Society, Student Senate. MAURICE MAI.-,ONE Vocational - Carpentry Track, Student Cabinet, Trapping Club, Student Senate. MICHAEL WILLIAM MATIER College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Senior Class Vice President, Band, Spartan Orchestra, Baseball, Headmaster's Society, Student Senate Youth Forum MICHAEL MCGUIGAN Collgee Prep. Liberal Arts Cross Country, Football tstatisticianl, Student Senate. ANDREW RAYMOND MILLER College Prep. Tech, - Electricity Student Senate. GARY LEE MILLER Vocational - Carpentry Student Senate. JOHN FOSTER MILLS Vocational - Machine Shop Practice Band, Glee Club, Spartan Orchestra, Football, Track, Spartan Post. DAVID CHARLES MITSOCK Vocational - Sheet Metal and Welding Spartan Po-st, Student Senate. JEFFREY GODWIN IVIOE Business THE SPARTAN, Wrestling. TIMOTHY JOSEPH ROCKEY Business Drill Team, Basketball 1ManagerJ, School Bank. JAMES PATRICK RODGERS College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Band, Track, Headmaster's Society. JOHN LEROY ROSENBERRY College Prep. Liberal Arts National Hono-r Society, Band, Glee Club, Spartan Orchestra, Track, Headmaster's Society, Spartan Post, Student Senate, PHSSL, International Thespian Society. DENNIS RICHARD MOORE Vocational General - Food Service Cross Country. RICHARD M,ORA Vocational - Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Band Glee Club, Spartan Orchestra, Spartan Post, Equipment Manager. TIMOTHY LESLIE MYERS Vocational - Machine Shop Practice Gymnastics fManagerl, Spartan Post. RODNEY IVIERLE NORTON Vocational - Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Spartan Post NEAL PETER OBERLY Vocational - General Building Trades Baseball, Headrnaster's Society, Student Senate, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. EUGENE CHARLES PEARSE' Vocational General - Food Service Spartan Post. CRAIG ANDREW REARICK Vocational - Carpentry JOHN PATRICK RICE Business National Honor Society, Glee Club, Swimming, PHSSL, International Thcspian Society. HENRY CHARLES ROBERT, JR. College Prep. Liberal Arts Baseball, Student Senate, Trapping Club, Student Cabinet. HARRY MILES ROSS Vocational - Sheet Metal and Welding Track, Trapping Club, Student Senate. MARK BRANTLY ROTH College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Cross Country, Track, Student Cabinet, Headmaster's Society, Trapping Club, Student Senate. PAUL LUTHER RUHL Vocational - Auto Mechanics KEVIN RAE SIPE Vocational - Sheet Metal and Welding Band, Trapping Club. DONALD LEEROY SIVERLING, JR. Business GERARD SMELIK Vocational - General Building Trades Football, Student Senate, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. ALEXANDER HAROLD RUSI-ITON College Prep. Tech. - Sheet Metal and Welding. JAMES WILLIAM RUSSELL College Prep. Tech. - Electronics Cheerleading, Trapping Club, Student Senate. GLENN ALLEN RUTKOWSKI Vocational - Food Service RICHARD CHARLES SCHMOEL Vocational - Carpentry Wrestling. WILLIAM LEE SCHROTH Vocational - Machine Shop Practice ' Spartan Post, Student Senate. STEPHEN SCUILLI Vocational - Plumbing and Heating Wrestling, Spartan Post, Student Senate Fellowship of Christian Athletes. JAMES STANLEY SEGEDA I U College Prep. Tech. - General Building Trades National Honor Society, Student Body Chaplin, Football. Track. Student Cabinet Headmasteids Society, Spartan Po-Sh. Student Senate, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. JOHN ROBERT SINER College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, Band, Cross Country Track, H88.dITl3StET'S Society. ALAN DEAN SINNETT I Vocational - Machine Shop Practice Cro-ss Country, Track, Trapping Club DALE ANTHONY SMOSNY Vocational Electricity THE SPARTAN Glee Club Wrestling DAVID ROBERT SPEELMAN Vocational Printing National Honor Society ACROPOLIS THE SPARTAN Student Senate STEPHEN SPENCER College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Cross Country, Track, Gymnastics fStatisticanl, Headmaster's Society, Student Senate, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. ROBERT SCOTT STERLING College Prep. Liberal Arts Student Body President, Band, Glee Club, Football, Student Cabinet, Student Senate, Youth Forum, PHS'SL, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. DAVID WILLIAM STEWART Vocational - Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Band, Glee Club, Track, S'partan Post, PHSSL, BREN ALQUIN SUMMERS College Prep. Liberal Arts National Honor Society, THE SPARTAN, Gymnastics, Track, ,Wrestling, Student Senate, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. RONALD MAX VARNER Vocational - Carpentry Drill Team, Track. JERRY WAYNE WATERS College Prep. Tech. - Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Wrestling, Headmaster's Society, S'partan Post, Student Senate, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. TERRY BLAINE WATERS Vocational - Carpentry Wrestling, Spartan Post, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. JAMES PATRICK TABOR Vocational - Agri-Business Trapping Club, Spartan Post. KEITH WADE TEDDERS College Prep. Tech. - Eleatronics Football, Track, Trapping Club. IRAN GLEN TIPPENS Vocational - Plumbing and Heating Student Senate. JOSEPH MICHAEL TROMPETER College Prep. Tech. - Electronics National Honor Society, THE SPARTAN, Cheerleading, PHSSL. DWIGHT ORLO TROWER, JR. Vocational - Auto Mechanics PHSSL. RICHARD CHARLES TURNER, JR. College Prep. Liberal Arts Band, Glee Club. Spartan Orchestra, Swimming. .. W .. NH ' ' Nr REGINALD ARNESS WELLS Vocational - Plumbing and Heating Basketball, Football, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. RONALD WILLIAM WI-IRITENOUR, JR. Vocational - Plumbing and Heating Cross Country, Track, Trapping Club, Spartan Post, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. JOHN ALBERT WILLIS Vocational - Agri-Business . ' Drill Team, Glee Club, Swimming.. A Trapping Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. DANIEL VVATSON Vocational - Printing ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Spartan Post, Equipment Manager. JOSEPH SAMUEL WEAVER, III College Prep. Liberal Arts Spartan Post. LOUIS WEGRZYNIAK Vocational - Electricity Track. Wrestling. JAMES WILSON Business National Honor Society, ACROPOLIS, THE SPARTAN, Drill Team, Student Cabinet, Headrnaster's So-ciety, School Bank, Spartan Post, Student Senate, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. BRIAN MICHAEL WOODCRAFT Vocational - Sheet Metal and Welding National Honor Society, Cross Country, Track, Headmaster's Society, Student Senate, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. THOMAS LEE ZOOK College Prep. Tech, - Electronics Wrestling, Spartan Post. Can you pick out the members of the Class of '75? These are our Memories f "Section 33,,' cheers the Spartans on to victory! "Hey, Ref, we want another ball!" Cross Country -is no hop, skip and a jump Christmas at Founders "Peeping Tom I" 88 Wally Hawley at the MIKE Taking time to catch up on the news during a time out "Of all times to take my picture! "I did.n,t take any cookies, honest! Life is one big grind stone Hey coach, you look like you could use "Don't talk to me that way!', some gatoradef' 89 7 Happily planting for the future Our Varsity Bench Warmer More memories . . a one horse open sleigh , . Changing of the guards A happy couple at the Christmas Dance Another "Big Deal!" "Hey, G'dleak!', 90 N Class Flower '1c.-ff i f . A V il-x , V 4 Miltonia Storm Orchid I u 1410405 Je Muarc -Joflfvfzossrvefemf b D b 1N'fRi1ouc1uoN Cn 13 fb C1055 O' 75 SONG' eb Eb 2995 Ab Milli JIM A XJ J -1 -ll ,ww we smwe TO 43h Eb Bb ep ob Ab 63 Eb Gb r,J.1.4!,3JJJ1.1s.P 45 Renal Trlosz oem.: me A - we-f A- Qouuo THE BEND, 77 fb Ab sl Bb 9P0b Ab Eff'-'JQKJ-1Al,1gJJE TILL we HN-LLY Fu-40 'me GOLD Seng-ine AT SEP- my Eb Bb upcb Ab me em..l4x1HJx.JJ JE p,mN-goofs Eno as ws Leave ourz sc+l00L GE- Hn-so .gb ob Ab me 6b isycm Q-7 g ibbgjl 1112 pm J JJ, EY - ER on - wmzo WE wsu STRWEITQ-loves! DERR - EK FRIENDS lvitk wbb Ab Gb wlfb em l8'Eb Bb Eb ew menu Wifi Je NE - vm fn-so -mm wilosr lN 'mc miss of se - vm - Ti wwe! Class Motto- Class Colors-Maroon and Gold Nothing ventured,nothing gainedp Don't be afraid to try, So dream big dreams, And set your standards high. -George Webster Douglas V fe in Eiiamoafy sf Q, Q 33351111313 QI- Brunsfivlh Burn Iuhg IU, 19113 1 Y Eiutereh iufn Bus? QHPLTIIIEIIDJI 19, 1971 7' E5 nezrrlg ihreluu gears uf iwhiuabeh svrhilfe 215 Igu115cfzdlge1' at gPHiIfu11 Elgerszlgug ,gnhnul have hvvn heaping zqapwriafeir bg all. ly E i l 1 5. E 5 4 1975 Acknowledgements Coordinator ............................. ............... O rville H. Strait Letterpress Printing Adviser ....... ...................... D ale G. Aucker Offset Printing Adviser ............ ........ R ichard O. Hugendubler Layout Adviser ..................... .............. C harles A. Astfalk Photography Coordinator ........ ...... Photography Adviser ....... ............Car1E. Stump Carl F. Rhodes '60 Typing Adviser .................. ....... A udrey S. DeMuth Literary Adviser ....... Editor-in-Chief ...... Executive Editor ...... Sports Editor ............ Associate Editor ....... Business Editors ....... Junior Editor .................. ......David M. Weller '66 James A. Wilson Jonathan N. Graff ......Stephen A. Spencer .......James G. Cannon L. Steven Goines Peter M. Leary Michael T. Baer Student Photographers ...... ........ K enneth B. Wilder Layout Editor ....... Technical Editor ....... Offset Foreman ........ Camera .... . ......... Composition ......... Stripping ........... Presses .................. Letterpress Foreman ...... Presses ............ . Composition ..... Kevin A. DiBetta .......Michael A. Julian ..........Shawn H. Carroll ........William F. Anderson Jerry W. Waters .......David W. Stewart .......James T. Bykowski .......Joseph T. DlAmico Joseph C. Endres .......David R. Speelman ...........Robert S. Davey Richard Mora .........Timothy P. Chambers Daniel D. Watson Rodney M. Norton Professional Photography .................................. Wi1liam's Studio The 1975 Acropolis represents the efforts and skills of the staff members and the advisers. Except for the professional photography done by William's Studio, the content of the yearbook is a product of the students of Milton Hershey School. l- fn. . . 1 5 2 I

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